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INTRODUCING BM SILOFABRIK BM Silofabrik was founded in 1965 by Bent Martinsen, to make wooden silos and dryers for agriculture. Later, production went over from wood to steel and the product range was extended. In 1987 the company was restructured after a decision to concentrate on developing and producing a standard range of steel silos and screw conveyors for agriculture and industry. The company is now in the hands of the second generation, after Claus Martinsen took over BM Silofabrik in 1996.

A WEALTH OF EXPERIENCE BM Silofabrik has been a partner for agriculture and industry for more than 40 years, through a period of rapid developments that led to changed production methods and placed ever-increasing demands on quality, product development, hygiene and pricing policy. We have taken part throughout, and from the solid experience we have built up, we feel confident in advising customers on future investments that will last, in terms of durability and reliability in operation, because we are totally committed to quality in our products.

Owner of BM Silofabrik, Claus Martinsen

SALES DEPARTMENT All our products are sold exclusively through dealers in Denmark and throughout the world. Naturally, much of our work in Sales consists of giving advice on our products, in response to requests from customers on the phone, by e-mail or at trade exhibitions, because our aim is always to give our customers the best possible information. About half our production is exported mainly within Europe, and the rest is sold in Denmark.

TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT All our products are designed using computer programs linked to the production facilities to ensure precision in punching, die-cutting and folding every time. Total precision at this stage is very important, so that end users can assemble and operate the products without difficulty.

The technical department designs all products using computer programs directly connected to CNC machines in the production area.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Over the years, BM Silofabrik has attached great importance to product development, and now we manufacture a wide standard range of silos of different types, but all based on the principle of steel sheets machined on high-tech equipment. All our silos are produced in modular systems, so that transport to the erection site is simple and problem-free. Once there, the modules can easily be fitted together with nuts and bolts. 3D drawing of agro silo

LEAN PRODUCTION For many years, BM Silofabrik has operated with LEAN production so that the processes are rational and simple, and in the end the customer benefits from good quality at the right price. Almost all our products are in sheet steel machined on CNC machines which ensure precise die-cutting, punching and folding. Currently, all silos are produced in galvanized or stainless steel.

PRACTICAL KNOW-HOW We know from long experience how complicated it is for industry and agriculture to assemble large installations involving products of many different types, and always take into account the demands our products will meet when they are used in a complex installation.

The revolving punch has a vital function in our production, and is used for almost all die-cutting

All silos are packed in separate parts on wooden pallets for maximum ease of transport.

SAFE AND RELIABLE TRANSPORT AND DELIVERY… …are key points for us. That is why our products are constructed for maximum ease of transport. All BM products are designed and made to be packed almost flat on wooden pallets. Transport is then cheap and easy, since each product occupies a minimum of space in the lorry.

Loading of BM Silofabrik products – efficiently and securely

PACKAGING As an example of a “flat-packed” silo: a type 200 modular silo with 60° bottom slope, 12.11m3/7.9 ton capacity only takes up 2.16 x 1.09 x 0.55 metres fully packed in a wooden case. We always sell ex Works, but we are glad to help find the best transport solution for each customer, and if required we send goods direct to the end user to avoid unnecessary expense in transport via a dealer.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Making use of the knowledge we have acquired over the years and of new technology has always been one of our most important aims in the continuous development of our products. It is therefore especially important to listen to our customers’ experience so that we can always manufacture up-to-date products that are functional in day-to-day use and entirely reliable.

BM products are used for conveying and storing a variety of materials such as grain, powders, coffee, plastic granules, pellets, flour and wood chips

BM mobile hopper for the plastic industry

BM conventional screw conveyors ‌ long-range transport

NOT JUST SILOS… …complete facilities too – for drying, conveying, and storing dry materials. We provide a wide range that covers all of these products: modular silos, industrial silos, material supply wagons, glass fibre silos, outdoor modular silos, floor silos, hoppers, trough augers, conventional screw conveyors and mobile hoppers. Of course we can also offer a wide variety of suction boxes, links, pipes and motors, so that all the products can be assembled into a functional and reliable installation. It is almost always possible to match a previous installation of another make with one or more of BM’s products, because our range is so broad and allows plenty of options. It is also possible to add one or more sections above an existing BM Modular Silo or to replace worn parts in screws or augers, because they are all bolted together and so can easily be dismantled and reassembBM industrial silo without interior reinforcements and bolts

BM fibreglass silo

BM catwalk and guardrail

led. For each product there is a special brochure giving its specific technical information and details – so feel free to ask for any brochures you need from us or your local dealer.

BM SILOFABRIK AND THE FUTURE… … a natural association, because we always aim to develop and manufacture products that live up to our customers’ needs in

every way, providing good quality at the right price. BM Silofabrik actively keeps up with developments in modern agriculture and industry, and is determined to maintain a good dialogue with customers. In the future too, we will continue to adapt and meet demands for quality products which do their job effectively over a long life.

BM auger discharge silos at a production site

DEALERS BM Silofabrik products are sold only through dealers such as machinery suppliers, foundries and the like. We will be glad to direct you to the nearest dealer who can meet your requirements. BM auger discharge silo with agitator

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BM flexible augers – for conveying dry materials over long distances

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