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1. Maunawili Falls Trail 2. Kuli`ou`ou Ridge Trail 3. Stairway to Heaven 4. Lanikai Pillboxes

5. Kahana Valley 6. Manoa Falls 7. Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail 8. Pu’u Manamana Trail (Crouching Lion) 9. Pu’u O Mahuka Trail 10. Koko Head Crater Trail


Maunawili Falls Trail 3.2 Miles/5.2 Km.

Maunawili Falls is one of the most fulfilling hikes that I have been on this island. As I mentioned it is about 3.2 miles of lucious greenery. It is mostly shadey but, a word of caution, do not do this hike if it has been raining. It gets extremely muddy and there are tons of roots in the ground from all the beautiful trees. When one thinks they can’t go any further, they see this beautiful waterfall. there are three ledges that one can jump off of. The first is about 12 feet, the second is about 25 feet, and the third is about 50 feet. Enjoy a cool swim before one heads back down the mountain side.

Kuli `ou `ou Ridge Trail 6.0 Miles/9.7 Km.


The Kuli`ou`ou Ridge Trail hike is one to remember. One starts out in a neighborhood which eventually leads oneself to the start of the trail. The scenery is absolutely stunning. Once starting the hike there are these tall pine trees and there are pine needles everywhere. But soon as one gets out of the pine needles, it turns to a dirt trail. About two miles in there is a rest stop to enjoy the view of the green mountains. Hiking a little further there is another stop to enjoy the nature.

The nature starts to change and there are these massive boulders that are very colorful which leads one to a couple sets of stairs. If one can’t take the stairs anymore, they are at the top of the sumit overlooking pretty much half of the island of Oahu. One is able to see the Moku’lua Islands, to Koko Head, to Diamond Head. It is a sight to see.


to Heaven


2.8 Miles/4.5 Km.

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Lanakai Pillboxes 0.7 Miles/1.1 Km.

The Lanakai Pillboxes Hike is a short but worth while one. At the begining of the hike it is pretty steep with some rope rails to guide oneself. One would have to climb over some boulders but overall one has the opportunity to be enriched by these old War War II Pillboxes. As I mentioned there are two Pillboxes, one comes to the first Pillbox and if one walks for another five minutes there is a second Pillbox. Many have tagged these boxes but it’s really interesting to see them inside and out. Plus one can’t beat this gorgeous view of the Moku’lua Islands and beyond.


Kahana Valley 5.4 Miles/6.6 Km.

Kahana Valley is a fun hike that anyone can enjoy. The perks of this hike is that one is able to cross a bridge and there is a swimming pond to swim in. There is a bamboo forest that one has to go through to get to the pond. On this particular hike one might even see a boar or where a boar wallows. There are tons of masquitoes so make sure to lather on masquito repellent. Have fun!




Manoa Falls is one of the most beautiful trails. Some famous movies and T.V. shows were fillmed at this particular site, like Jurrasic Park and also the show LOST. It is so fun to know that one is at the place where they filmed these things. A great thing about this hike is that at the end one sees a waterfall.

0.9 Miles/1.4 Km.

Makapu`u Point


Lighthouse Trail

2.5 Miles/ 4.0 Km.

The Makapu`u Point Lighthouse Trail Is a lovely hike. Most of the hike is paved so it is very keiki friendly. There are a few stops to take pictures on the way up towards the light house. There are plaques along the way describing the hike and also during the winter season this area becomes a whale sanctuary. One is lucky to see whales during that time. It’s such a fun hike to do with anyone. It’s a breath taking view all the way up and down the hike.


Pu’u Manamana Trail (Crouching Lion) 4.4 Miles/ 7.1 Km.

The Crouching Lion trail is a pretty exhilarating hike. It gets steep at parts and one can come to really tight spaces hugging the ledge. This hike is all about the views. It is amazing once you get to the top and realize what one has done to get themselves to the top. Overall it is challenging but, one should feel awesome to have accomplished this hike.


Pu’u O Mahuka Trail .05 Miles/.08 Km.

The Pu’u O Mahuka Trail is a quick hike. One starts off at the top of Pupukea and the trailhead starts. There is a historical Heiau which one can observe and read about on certain plaques that surround it. As one starts the hike there is high grass, and trees that surround oneself. At the end of the hike there is a platform which overlooks Waimea Valley. It’s definitely a sight to see.


Koko Head Crater Trail

0.7 Miles/ 1.1 Km.

The Koko Head Crater Trail is another stair hike but not as intense as Stairway to Heaven. This hike is less than a mile but it will give oneself a great work out. It’s so interesting that this Crater used to be an active Volcano but now it’s a hike that everyone can enjoy. The view is so wonderful that one is surrounded by all the greenery. Overall I thought this Hike was worth my time and one can’t beat the amazing view of Honolulu at the top.

Hele Wawae Mamao  

10 Hikes Through The Island of Oahu.

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