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BMLA Landscape Architecture was established in 1987 to create landscapes that build lasting community. Our studio atmosphere promotes open communication and a flow of creativity throughout our team. Our designoriented professionals display exceptional individual talents and a relentless commitment to providing outstanding services. The design team honors the needs of our clients by conducting extensive research and developing designs that translate our clients visions into realities. Our process builds relationships and as a result produces a commitment to execute our client’s vision on time and on budget, driving higher levels of quality in our industry. BMLA has an extensive portfolio of public and private projects. Our portfolio includes residential master plans and guidelines, community recreation centers, streetscapes, model complexes, community and pocket parks, urban in-fills, urban design, resorts and hospitality. The following pages are an assortment of projects that represent our strengths and the services BMLA can provide.

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications


Listening to our clients is our first priority. We are committed to creating design solutions that bring new perspectives to the client’s vision. Our goal, as design professionals, is to respond to individual client needs, provide outstanding services, and set a high industry standards. As a full service landscape architecture firm, BMLA provides a depth of experience not only in traditional Landscape Architecture, but Planning/Site Planning and Design Guideline services. We approach each project with a fresh creativity and a pragmatic understanding that protects our client’s investments, allows flexibility for the future, and meets agency and client expectations. Design services include: n Specific Plans / Design Guidelines n Master Planning n Parks Master Planning n Streetscapes n Model Complex n Fuel Modification Plans and slopes

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications


BMLA offers Asset Database Management in an effort to increase the maintenance efficiency of landscape assets for public and private agencies. We map metadata for every tree, irrigation component, and amenity on the client’s site. Maintenance teams then have more information about the site and can arrive with all the right parts for the service they conduct.


Locating the best parcel of land for a park, housing tract, or commercial center requires a great deal of due diligence. BMLA uses the power of GIS to provide our clients with analysis mapping that pinpoints a parcel of land for development according to the client’s specific needs.


BMLA can review and evaluate your existing landscape project in terms of the current construction costs in order to identify savings or potential budget busters. We also provide constructability reviews of landscape projects in light of California Landscape Water Conservation laws, the American Disabilities Act and California Green Building Codes.


BMLA can prepare plans, specifications and details for scopes of work allowable under the Landscape Architects Licensing Act. As a result of being the prime consultant on many large scale recreation projects, we have professionals who can provide the architectural, engineering and environmental services that may be needed for most projects. We can package a team upon request.


BMLA can provide construction support in the areas of on-site landscape inspection, facilitating contract grow programs and nursery based plant material approval.

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications


At BMLA, we provide clients with the necessary imagery to envision their projects becoming a reality. We use a combination of hand graphics, multimedia rendering, AutoCAD and 3D computer modeling. We also offer a full range of support services to help facilitate agency approvals, construction and marketing needs. The creative design process at BMLA hinges upon collaboration and takes advantage of the synergy created from it. Services Include: n Bid and Agency Processing Assistance n Specification Writing n Construction Administration n Irrigation Auditing n Computer-Generated 3D Modeling n Presentation Graphics n Illustrative Renderings n Sales/Marketing Brochure Line Art Graphics/Exhibits

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications

WATER CONSERVATION The water shortage in California has a direct impact on all of its inhabitant’s lives. Southern California in its natural state cannot support the water demands its citizens place on it. As a result we are becoming increasingly aware of our water usage and its impact on our environment. While there are numerous avenues being taken to combat the drought, realizing that some plants require more water and care than others, and then choosing what is appropriate given our climate can have a massive impact when one takes into account the amount of irrigated landscape found in Southern California. A transformation is necessary to adopt landscapes that minimize water use while retaining their purpose, attractiveness, and cultural value. Substituting lower water using, California-friendly plant material rather than traditional high demand turf is necessary in order to transform our region into a more responsible, ecologically driven one. One that can respond to and reform in response to the water crisis so that we can prevent future ones before they take place.

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications

BMLA integrates water conservation principles into every project we design. From demonstration gardens that provide examples of Californiafriendly plants to residential design that minimizes water use, our attention to detail integrates water conservation as an important layer of our landscape design. Our expert use of site appropriate plant material, irrigation technologies and complementary hardscape elements combine to create landscapes with identity and purpose, all while conserving our valued water resource. Our staff has years of experience with water-conserving irrigation including smart controllers and point-source drip application. Our horticultural expertise spans from coastal climates to the inland empire to the high and low deserts. Our staff collaborates with clients to create sustainable landscapes that are easily maintainable, functional and enjoyable.

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications

EL CERRITO SPORTS PARK - CORONA, CA CLIENT: County of Riverside Economic Development Agency

El Cerrito Sports Park is a joint venture between Riverside County and the City of Corona. Completed in 2010, it has become Corona National Little League’s official home and a premier sports facility for South Corona. Along with four baseball/softball fields, the $13.5 million park offers three soccer/football fields, two basketball and tennis courts, and a tot lot. The design intent was to encourage passive recreation, and provide competition-level sporting facilities that will fulfill the county’s and city’s needs for the future.

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications


Originally conceived as a municipal sports facility, the city of Fontana began by locating an appropriate site in their northern region. Early in the process of programming and conceptualizing the park, community leaders and citizens brought to the planning table the idea of bringing to life a culture of community health through activity.

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications

Ultimately, what developed was the Jesse Turner Health and Wellness Center at Fontana Park. The campus of public buildings include the Community Center which houses indoor basketball, gymnastics, and aerobic facilities, a computer and learning lab, community gathering rooms, and public classrooms. The surrounding park areas are an extension of the Jesse Turner community center and include the aquatic center, skate park, roller hockey rink, dog park, children’s creative play space, and a community promenade. The community reaction to the park has been enthusiastic and supportive. The park received 30,000 visitors on the opening day, and maintains high volumes of daily use. After a year of operation, the park provides access to community programs, a setting for community events, and a place for all ages to come together and play. AWARDS • League of Cities Helen Putnam Award • 2009 American Public Works Association Project of the Year • 2008 California Parks and Recreation Society Award of Excellence for Community Park Planning • 2008 California Parks and Recreation Society Award of Excellence for Extreme Sports Facilities • 2008 California Parks and Recreation Society Award of Excellence for Community Centers • 2008 California Parks and Recreation Society Honor Award for Aquatics Facilities

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications

BUTTERFIELD COMMUNITY CENTER - Lake Elsinore CLIENT: Riverside County Regional Park and Open-Space District

The former Butterfield Elementary School was purchased by the Riverside County Regional Park and Open-Space District with the intent of transforming the space into a community center. The District hired us to prepare a Needs Assessment report to assist them in determining how best to develop programs and facilities on the property. Our team conducted an on-site assessment of the property, hosted a community workshop and administered an online survey to get community feedback. After completing our information gathering efforts a website was created to keep the community apprised of developments. A comprehensive Needs Assessment Report was presented to District staff and the Lakeland Village Community Advisory Council.

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications


Clean and uncomplicated in its intent, the City of Corona Veterans Memorial in the southern courtyard of the City Hall provides recognition to the service and sacrifice of those men and women who have faithfully served our nation. The five-sided, polished black granite monolith features custom bronze medallions set into the face depicting each of the five branches of the military, placed in chronological order of their creation. Concrete scoring and dark granite pavers radiate out from the central feature and surrounding fountain, while a ring of trees bring the scale down to something a bit more intimate, lending the entire space a sense of serene solitude and quiet introspection.

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications



CLIENT: City of Corona BMLA was engaged to redesign the City Hall public courtyards based on the need to create a water conservation demonstration garden as a part of a public education program. The project is a part of the 20% by 2020 goals for water use reduction. The Civic Center was chosen as the site for this series of gardens because it is the most frequented public facility in the community. Each courtyard has a horticultural theme and plants are locally available at retailers.

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications


As part of an ongoing effort to retrofit existing turf areas to a more water conscious palatte, BMLA was tasked with this turf removal/city rebate project for Downs Energy. It consisted of field investigation aimed at identifying the landscape areas being retrofitted and the development of a plant palette to compliment a dry riverbed that would take up 1/3 of the landscape area. The plant material consisted mostly of native plants and was irrigated by converting the existing traditional pop-up sprays to dripline sourced at the root in order to eliminate runoff. Another important challenge was the need to incorporate a switch from potable water to reclaimed water.

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications


BMLA was engaged to design the landscape surrounding the BJ’s restaurant at the Menifee Marketplace Shopping Center. The Existing shopping center surrounding the new restaurant had a mature established landscape and it was BMLA’s task to create a design that would tie seamlessly into the lush landscape scene.

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications


BMLA took Tuscan styling cues from the architectural elevations in this model complex by specifying cypress, stack stone walls, and by featuring an interesting use of pottery. We worked with the grade change in the front yard to create a separation between the house and the street, which adds an element of privacy to the home.

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications


BMLA was charged with doing a set of three models in Riverside, CA for William Lyon Homes’ Skyridge Development. The homes ranged in size from 3,250 square feet to 4,520 square feet with Architectural Styles of Spanish, Tuscan, and Monterey. We use a medium to low water use palette for all four lots, taking special care to tailor plant palettes for the individual models according to their unique character and theme. The end result was a successful set of models that were each their own unique project, separating themselves from one another through the use of trees, shrubs, paving, colors, materials, and finishes.

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications


TRI Pointe Homes enlisted BMLA to create a set of three Model Homes in the Inland Empire community of Park Place. Ranging in size from 3,080 square feet to 3,415 square feet and featuring Architectural Styles ranging from Spanish to Cottage to Andalusian, BMLA used diverse and attractive medium and low water use plant palettes, ensuring each palette represented the unique character and theme of each style. The end result was a highly successful set of diverse and attractive Model Homes with wide ranging features that included a putting green, outdoor barbeques and fire pits, multiple large water features, and rich hardscape materials. The end product was a striking set of Model Homes in Ontario’s attractive new community.

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications


BMLA had many considerations to take into account for designing this recreation center in order to be a successful project. With just a bit over a half acre we had to design for a community of 255 homes in mind. We had to work around a recreation center building of 1,890 sf. and also allocate parking stalls for the center. In creating a program matrix we were able to comfortably and aesthetically propose a 1,550 sf. pool, a 490 sf. waddle pool, 3 overhead wood structures, 3 barbecue’s, and a playground. In addition, the recreation center planting plan consists of low and moderate water use plant material, and is irrigated with reclaimed water. The irrigation system was designed to minimize water runoff and water the plant material closer to the root source by using dripline and a weather based controller.

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications


BMLA was charged with doing a set of four Model Homes in the Orange County Great Park community of Beacon Park for K. Hovnanian Homes. Ranging in size from 2,750 square feet to 4,000 square feet and featuring the diverse Architectural Styles of Traditional, Monterey, Craftsman, and Santa Barbara, BMLA used diverse and attractive medium and low water use plant palettes for all five lots that were a part of the project, taking special care to tailor plant palettes for the individual models according to their unique character and theme in order to separate one from the other visually. The end result was a highly successful set of diverse and attractive Model Homes with wide ranging features that included an outdoor kitchen, a tiled pool, multiple fireplaces and barbeques, large water features, and rich hardscape materials. The end product was a striking set of Model Homes in one of Southern California’s highest profile new communities.

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications


REGISTRATION Registered Landscape Architect #2136, California EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, 1978 California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo EXPERIENCE Baxter Miller is responsible for the overall operation and design direction of BMLA Landscape Architecture, which he established in 1987. He has led a wide variety of projects from parks and streetscapes to national memorials and downtown redevelopment. Baxter has 30 years of practical knowledge in design which helps him to work with developers, cities, and agencies to create a unique vision that translates into real world projects. He works extensively with the American Society of Landscape Architects as an Executive Board Member to promote the technical advancement and public prominence of the profession. Baxter is moving the office to integrate new forms of technology like Geographic Information System (GIS) and SketchUp to help inform every aspect of the design process. AFFILIATIONS Southern California Chapter of ASLA, Past President California Council of ASLA, Past President Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Landscape Architecture Department Advisory Council Cal Poly Pomona, Landscape Architecture Professional Advisory Board Cal Poly Pomona, Partners Circle Building Industry Association Riverside National Cemetery Monuments & Memorial Committee, Chairman California Park and Recreation Society Corona Partners for Parks Urban Land Institute Place Making Initiative Council California Board of Landscape Architects, Member of the Examination Committee City of Corona Planning Commissioner, 1985-88 CORONA DOWNTOWN REDEVELOPMENT SPECIFIC PLAN – CORONA, CA BMLA developed plans for a 9.1 acre Demonstration Garden which surrounds the Beaumont groundwater recharge facility. The project has over 45 species of drought tolerant plants that grow and flourish in the Beaumont Cherry Valley area. These plants are identified by common and botanical names, and provide visitors with landscaping ideas for their own yards and gardens. These plants, once established, require only infrequent watering. To conserve fresh water, the district will be irrigating the garden with recycled water. Solar powered irrigation timers and controllers are used. Onsite water is captured in a seasonal stream bed and diverted into the recharge ponds. FONTANA CITY-WIDE LANDSCAPE AREA GIS MAPPING – FONTANA, CA Baxter is leading this project and providing overall planning direction. He developed the protocol to map and assess Fontana’s publicly maintained landscape areas and implement the protocol with BMLA staff to digitally map plants, trees, irrigation, and site amenities through GIS. By digitizing institutional knowledge, Fontana can have precise information to budget for maintenance of public facilities.

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications

STEVE SHIRREL, RLA, ASLA Vice President of Operations

REGISTRATION Registered Landscape Architect #5062, California EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, 1995 California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo EXPERIENCE Steve Shirrel is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the office, including developing marketing strategies, project contracting, establishing and maintaining budgets, scheduling, and internal work flow. He oversees the design and production teams to make sure they deliver the highest level of service to their clients. Steve has over 25 years of experience working within the Northern California and Southern California markets and has designed a wide variety of projects including parks, streetscapes, urban infill, commercial developments and multi-family and single family housing projects. He is a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects and the Building Industry Association of Southern California. CANOPY AT ESENCIA - RANCHO MISSION VIEJO, CA Canopy is a paseo based, single family project in the PA 2.2 Rancho Mission Viejo community. This is the second community within the RMV community that Steve has worked with Warmington Residential. Canopy is inspired by the Villages of Escencia in RMV and is a collection of Farmhouse style residences that are designed to have paseos for the main house entrance with shared alleys and a number of themed pocket parks. AUDIE MURPHY RANCH, NORTH - MENIFEE, CA Steve is leading this project and providing overall design and production direction for the expansion of the Audie Murphy Ranch Master Planned Community in Menifee, CA. The project has multiple tracts, paseos, a linear park, a direct interface with Salt Creek and a 5-acre city park. The City and the Eastern Municipal Water District have very influential roles within the project and Steve is helping the design team navigate through the various departments to make sure there is a seamless transition from the client’s scope to design solutions and construction drawings for a timely approval process from both agencies. U-HAUL RANCHO CORDOVA and TEMECULA, CA Steve is overseeing the design and development of the new U-Haul locations and expansions. These specific locations are existing facilities that require landscape enhancements as well as modifications of the plant palette and irrigation system to meet the local water ordinances and the specific plan for the industrial park.

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications

SHANNON KARLSON, RLA Director of Production

REGISTRATION Registered Landscape Architect #6070, California EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, 1996 California Polytechnic State University, Pomona EXPERIENCE Shannon Karlson has been with BMLA since 1998 and is currently the Director of Production managing and overseeing the majority of projects at BMLA. Along with directing duties Mr. Karlson is responsible for the preparation of contracts and budgets, coordination with project consultants, construction document oversight and delivery of product to clients as well as client relations. Shannon’s interest and expertise in native and California-friendly plant material and water conserving irrigation methodologies has led to the implementation of sustainable design practices in all of the projects he has worked on. These projects demonstrate that ‘green’ designs can be aesthetically pleasing, functional, educational and can have long term savings in water use and costs. CITRUS PARK SPLASH PARK – CORONA, CA An 18,000 square foot recirculating splash pad with a construction budget of $750,000, this project was completed in the summer of 2008. This improvement was added to an existing park and had to take into consideration existing irrigation, planting and utilities in the design and construction. Shannon was responsible for the conceptual design, construction documents, cost estimating and construction management with the City of Corona. CANYON HEIGHTS – CANYON HEIGHTS, CA Project Manager responsible for landscape construction documents for a 450 unit residential housing subdivision in Riverside County, CA. This project includes a Park with amenities, a custom monument sign, private/HOA slopes, LMD streetscape, fencing, models, typical front yard landscaping, fuel modification and a native riparian habitat restoration. Other services provided for this project include cost estimation, construction submittals approval, site inspections and DRE landscape exhibits for County approval. SIERRA PEAK – CORONA, CA Project Manager responsible for landscape construction documents for a 95 unit high-end residential subdivision in the Sierra Del Oro specific plan adjacent to the Cleveland National Forest in Corona, CA. Shannon designed and produced cost estimates, construction documents and provided construction support for models, typical front yards, private/HOA slopes, fuel modification, custom monument sign/entry gates, fencing, cost estimation and site inspections. Because the HOA slopes required the planting of over 2500 oaks as a part of the mitigation for the project, the plant palette was designed around a Coast Live Oak plant association that reintroduces a drought tolerant, seasonal landscape of over 2.5 acres of native oak woodland that blends naturally into the surrounding landscape, while also providing irrigation cost savings to the homeowners. EASTERN MUNICIPAL WATER DISTRICT HEADQUARTERS – MENIFEE, CA BMLA worked with the Eastern Municipal Water District in this project to analyze existing site conditions and provide a solution that provides significant water savings. The final design incorporates drought tolerant plant material that can withstand the high salinity and alkalinity of reclaimed water and is appropriate to the climate zone for Perris, CA. Turf was completely replaced with a variety of groundcovers, hardscape areas and small areas of synthetic turf. Water savings are estimated at 70%.

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications

ANDREW NEUBAUER Director of Design

EDUCATION Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, 2004 California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo EXPERIENCE Andrew Neubauer possesses broad experiences over a wide variety of projects, both locally and internationally. This experience provides Andrew a well-rounded and creative design perspective that he can, in turn, deliver to BMLA’s clients in shaping the look and feel of a particular project. By excelling in creating attractive landscape designs he directly reacts to each unique project, working with the client’s vision and budget to delve into the full range of possibilities. Through interesting detail work, cutting edge planting design, and a constantly evolving sense of aesthetic, scale, and form, Andrew can respond to any design problem creatively and quickly. He is skilled at concept creation and graphics both hand drawn and digitally, making him particularly suited in guiding our clients through the many levels of design. His experience on the production and construction side of the field also affords him the ability to respond to the realities a site can impose. THE VILLAGE AT OXNARD – OXNARD, CA A multitude of types of high density construction alongside retail space, park space, public and private courtyards, and a trail system combines to become a complicated project with a historic past and a rich aesthetic meant to encapsulate both the site’s history and future in one. Andrew helped spearhead a team developing each individual site to be an attractive portion of a greater whole using rich materials and planting to seamlessly integrate the design through the conceptual phase and forward into eventual construction. BELLA STRADA – FONTANA, CA Working from Specific Plan through to the completion of construction of the Rec Center and Model Homes, Andrew was an integral part leading and consulting through every phase to bring the project to completion. Bella Strada is a detached residential community with a sizable park and Rec Center at its core. SILVERMIST AND ROSEMONT - BEACON PARK – GREAT PARK, IRVINE, CA As lead designer and project manager for two of the housing developments being brought to the new Great Park master planned community of Beacon Park, Andrew coordinated heavily with the client, his coworkers, and consultants to develop a high-end set of homes that would provide cutting edge design and living spaces while also blending with the overall character of the larger community. MONTECITO AT DOS LAGOS – CORONA, CA Located directly adjacent to the lakes at Dos Lagos this gated apartment community features luxury accommodations including a high end recreation and fitness center complete with resort pool, spa, outdoor lounge, cabanas, barbeques, and an indoor game room. Following the project from inception through completion, Andrew crafted the project’s character through design, materials, and plant material. FONTANA SPORTS PARK – CITY OF FONTANA, CA Highly customized, competitive softball complex that includes batting cages, a large play area, warm up fields, gathering spaces, a restaurant, and separate public park. Responsible for designing the public park, children’s play area, and project entry plaza. Assisted in design development, visualization, and the production of graphics and submittals. VAN BUREN BLVD VETERANS MEMORIAL HIGHWAY MONUMENTS – RIVERSIDE, CA Conceptual design and coordination for a group of large, granite-clad monuments designed to be seen at high speeds to mark Van Buren Blvd as Veterans Memorial Highway.

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications


REGISTRATION Registered Landscape Architect #5601, California EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, 2006 California Polytechnic State University, Pomona Associate of Arts in Math/Science, 2002 Mt. San Jacinto College Associate of Arts in Humanities, 2002 Mt. San Jacinto College EXPERIENCE Samantha Ferguson is responsible for the production of a variety of projects ranging from large-scale residential to medium scale public works. She has gained experience working on park projects with clients stretching from developers through county agencies. Samantha’s curiosity for the built environment has given her a wide range of skills allowing her to be involved with many of these projects from the concept phase through construction administration. VILLAGES OF TERRASSA – CORONA, CA The project consists of both detached single family homes as well as attached condos. Samantha began work on this project as the planting designer involved in in-depth research to address the large keystone type planted retaining walls. Her responsibilities grew until eventually she coordinated the approval of the project through the plan check phase. FOUR SEASONS BEAUMONT – BEAUMONT, CA Samantha has been involved in the development of multiple tracts through out the master planned active senior community. She has been able to effectively address many of the unique concerns posed by the established home owners association and is actively working to ensure the continued installation of a pleasing, functional environment. MC LAUGHLIN VILLAGE - MENIFEE, CA Samantha jumped at the chance to make a lasting mark on her hometown of Menifee, CA. The development in question was a rarity for the city, a medium to high density single family community. She utilized a myriad of different strategies to help enhance the elevations of the residences and provide an energetic streetscene that would be both pleasing to the residents of the community as well as provide an incentive for outdoor activities. MALIBU FIRE STATION 71 – MALIBU, CA Samantha spearheaded the successful approval and installation of a complex project in which several overseeing jurisdictions had a stake. The projects success is apparent in the way it blends seamlessly with the surrounding community while at the same time providing a resource of fresh fruits to the men and women working at the facility. MARTIN TUDOR SPLASH PARK – FONTANA, CA Samantha was the lead on the Martin Tudor Splash Park project. The project provides a much needed update to an existing South Fontana park. The aquatic facilities offer the community a place of respite and retreat, a way to “beat the heat” and a place to take an afternoon vacation to the hillsides of Southern Fontana. Revitalization included interactive splash pad designed to accommodate a range of ages, shaded seating, picnic areas, new fencing, and new equipment facilities.

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications

JEFF TROJANOWSKI, RLA, ASLA, ISA Project Manager / Landscape Architect

REGISTRATION Registered Landscape Architect #5785, California Certified Arborist WE-9665A, International Society of Arboriculture EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, 2002 California State Polytechnic University, Pomona EXPERIENCE Jeff Trojanowski comes to BMLA with 15 years of experience in the profession. He brings with him significant knowledge and insight as a Certified Arborist and Registered Landscape Architect. With his vast experience and knowledge, Jeff is invaluable when involved in a project. He is an asset as a part of the design team, as well as aiding the production side in all our current and future projects. NEXUS TOWNHOMES – EASTVALE, CA This is a 220 unit townhome project built by William Lyon Homes in the City of Eastvale, CA. Jeff was tasked with running the project from the initiation of Construction Documents, including managing work loads and final detail design to Construction Administration duties, to create a cohesive design and final product. TERRAMOR – COUNTY OF RIVERSIDE, CA Jeff worked on Phase 1 of this master planned development with 7 housing tracts totaling 598 single family lots and two parks, built by Foremost Companies in the Temescal Valley corridor. The project included coordinating with the Civil Engineers, Lighting and Sign consultants to create an inviting “natural” landscape intermingled within a master planned development of this size. SILVERMIST & ROSEMONT – IRVINE, CA These are two Model Home Complexes in the Beacon Park Neighborhood of the Great Park in Irvine, CA, built by K. Hovnanian Homes. It was Jeff’s responsibility to design all the built structures including fireplaces, fountains, and overheads. He was then charged with producing and managing the Construction Documents for bid, including the coordination with the Civil and Structural Engineers, to have a complete buildable package. WAGON WHEEL JUNCTION – OXNARD, CA This is a five story wrap apartment complex in “The Village” Specific Plan in Oxnard, CA, built by Oakwood Development. It was Jeff’s responsibility to spearhead the coordination effort, creating a cohesive design within the limitations of a demanding small project site where everyone is competing for space. He managed the Construction Documentation phase creating a final design that is to the utmost standard of BMLA.

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications

BRETT MILLER Landscape Designer

EDUCATION Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, 2009 Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana EXPERIENCE Brett’s extensive experience in both public and private projects allows him to take on any challenge. His project experience includes all phases of projects, from conceptual and schematic, to construction documentation, to construction administration. His previous professional experience working as a landscape contractor, with land surveyors, and experience working with architecture firms bring a unique value to the team at BMLA. MENIFEE TOWN CENTER MASTER PLAN – MENIFEE, CA BMLA was hired to prepare a master plan graphic to illustrate the vision of Menifee Town Center. This effort involved anticipating the client’s needs and wants, as well as coordination with the civil engineer and the architects for the project. AUDIE MURPHY RANCH PARK AND PASEO – MENIFEE, CA Brett was involved in the conceptual design of the park and paseo system in Audie Murphy Ranch North. This effort involved coordinating a list of program elements from the client, screening and promoting views, and ensuring that the plant material and irrigation requirements stayed in line with the new restrictions from the State of California by only allowing turf in functional, high active areas. ARBOR VISTA – TEMECULA, CA BMLA’s relationship with a previous developer created new work in the City of Temecula with the development of conceptual drawings for walls, fences, landscape, and a park. After the acceptance of these documents, Brett led the team to put together construction documents for the same site. Our success in turn around time and with only one plan check before approval, the builder has sought a proposal for us to continue with the next phase of the project. BOGART PARK SITE ASSESSMENT – COUNTY OF RIVERSIDE In a request from the county to assess a deteriorating park, Brett led the effort on the physical site assessment of Bogart Park in Cherry Valley. This process included meetings with the County of Riverside parks department, community outreach, an online survey, physical site assessment and finally a report delivered to the County of Riverside on the in depth analysis conducted on Bogart Park. OAKWOOD MULTI PURPOSE TRAIL – OXNARD, CA To create a unified trail system throughout the Wagon Wheel development in Oxnard, Brett designed the trail and included amenities and site themes that created a consistent style and constant activity throughout the trail. DOWNTOWN CORONA RE-ENVISIONING – CORONA, CA In an effort with the City of Corona’s ‘NextGen’ team, Brett assisted in a site analysis and rendering of the city’s vision for Downtown Corona. Updates to existing streets and infrastructure, the inclusion of signage, themes, and artwork, as well as the construction of a new parking garage were created through rendered perspectives.

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications

YORVIN MORENO Landscape Designer

EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, 2012 Minor in Landscape Irrigation Science - California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, California EXPERIENCE Yorvin’s well-rounded perspective on projects comes from his experience in small-scale project management and first hand field work. This gives him the ability to see all aspects of a project from design to construction. His roles have allowed him to create budgets, project designs, construction documents, and manage entire projects while creating unique relationships with his clients. BELLA STRADA – FONTANA, CA Yorvin was involved in this 300 plus single family residential housing project that also included typical front yards, CFD, and a recreational center. His responsibilities ranged from working on the planting and irrigation plans for the typical front yards, CFD, and recreational center to getting all the plans approved through the City of Fontana. He coordinated with the civil engineer to prevent interference between the planting and irrigation to and the underground ecorain tanks and CMP infiltration systems. Yorvin met the client’s demands in helping with the entry enhancements and pedestrian archway monuments and construction details for the three wood overhead structures for the recreational center. Yorvin became a significant asset in submitting plans and helping the client get the plans approved through the city. MR18 – RANCHO MISSION VIEJO, CA Yorvin was the irrigation designer for a 92-unit housing development. He was responsible for creating a master irrigation plan for city approval prior to beginning irrigation plans. He designed the irrigation system and coordinated with the planting scheme and Rancho Mission Viejo’s design guidelines. He designed with water conservation in mind, using weather-based irrigation controllers with flow sensors and master valves, dripline, and bubblers all while separating hydrozones according to plant material water requirements. Highgrove Tract 32291-69 – Riverside, CA Yorvin has a solid foundation in regards to County of Riverside standards and was able to coordinate and create a CSA landscape package for submittal to the county. From beginning to end, Yorvin was designing the irrigation and at the same time making sure the planting and all necessary materials were in accordance to county standards. The streetscape (offsite) project incorporated point-to-point irrigation to target each individual shrub and also differentiating each hydrozone per the planting plan. Miguel’s Jr. – Redlands, CA Yorvin’s experience has led the Miguel’s Jr. project located in Redlands, CA which was approved in the first submittal process, saving the client money and time. Yorvin understood the importance of site analysis regarding this project in order to cohesively integrate the new development with the surrounding shopping centers. His plant palette approach incorporated similar plantings to the vicinity all while keeping the water use to a minimum in order to create a seemingless transition between the existing and new. Also, the irrigation was developed in accordance to plant water requirements and soil conditions, creating a state of the art irrigation system; using dripline and bubblers to target the plant material at the root source and avoiding unnecessary runoff. The irrigation system incorporates ET management and flow sensing equipment to better manage water control and ultimately saving the client high water cost due to unnecessary watering and or pipe breaks.

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications

JEFF BENSON Landscape Designer

EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, 2012 California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, California EXPERIENCE Jeff’s experience extends from commercial development to residential and public works projects. He also has project management experience developed though his time in the United States Marine Corps. He has a keen eye for structural order which makes him valuable in the construction documents process, and the ability to come up with systematic solutions to project issues. SIERRA BELLA – CORONA, CA Jeff was responsible for producing the Planting Plans for the entire site including: Slopes, LMD Areas, Parks, Streetscape and Entries. He was also responsible for managing and making all Plan Check Corrections as well as getting through the City of Corona’s submittal process. He coordinated with the project’s Civil, Structural, and Electrical Engineers to resolve plan check comments and updates to plans. NEXUS TOWNHOMES – EASTVALE, CA Jeff was involved in all aspects of the Construction Document Phase, including: planting design, hardscape layout and materials, and irrigation design. He worked alongside the project manager, coordinating with city officials and the other disciplines associated with the project to ensure a cohesive design within a strict timeline. MIGUEL’S JR. – RIVERSIDE, CA Jeff was responsible for the entire Construction Document Set including Planting and Irrigation Plans. He worked with the project’s Civil Engineer and Architect to ensure that the Landscape Submittal was well-planned and correlated with the other disciplines’ plans to provide the client with an exemplary submittal set.

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications

SARA SELLERS Landscape Designer

EDUCATION Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, 2014 Minor in Geography University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon EXPERIENCE: Sara has a diversity of interests that help craft her particular design style. Her interest in ecological design prompted her free lance work to include habitat formation, native plant palettes, edible gardens, and small-scale water elements featuring biological filtration systems. Sara’s studies in Eco-Districts and urban agriculture have also guided her design philosophy, allowing insight into onsite water management, passive solar energy, local food production, and social involvement. Her experience at BMLA has involved many aspects of landscape architecture including site analysis, conceptual design work, renovation projects, and complete construction document packages as well as GIS work. OAKWOOD STREETSCAPE – OXNARD, CA Sara was involved in the development of the construction documents and was the lead planting designer on the major spine road that runs through the Oxnard Village. The plant palette was developed by merging an existing streetscape palette and utilizing Oxnard’s Specific Plan to make sure there was a seamless transition between the two projects. OAKWOOD PA 18 – OXNARD, CA Sara was responsible in compiling the construction document package which included layout and dimensioning, construction detailing and planting design. She developed Sketchup visualization studies for each of the four courtyards to better understand the massing relationship between the 4-story apartment building and the landscape amenities within each courtyard. WOODGLEN APARTMENTS – SANTEE, CA Sara was involved in a HUD housing project where the client and the local water agency requested a minimum 50% reduction of turf area and a complete renovation of the irrigation system to maximize the project’s water savings. A mix of cobble creekbeds, decomposed granite and low water plant material was used to both conserve water and increase the curb appeal of the site. SHEA MODEL HOMES – CHULA VISTA, CA Sara was responsible for the creation of planting plans on multiple Shea Homes model home projects. Her tasks involved creating unique plant palettes for each model that would showcase the architectural style of the homes while being cognizant of water use. The majority of plant material was chosen for its aesthetic quality, low water use needs, and it’s ability to thrive and create an instant impact. CORONA LMD-2 Zone 20 ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION – CORONA, CA Sara’s knowledge of GIS allowed her to take the lead on this project. She managed the production of a complex GIS database that analyzed the landscape maintenance district 2, zone 20 and employed it in the formation of a comprehensive analysis and recommendation document. The project consisted of on foot site assessments in which she and her team members located and analyzed irrigation systems, soil stability, and vegetation. Data was gathered and rated under the GIS platform which was then utilized to identify priority level areas for renovation. NEIGHBORHOOD PARK IMPROVEMENT PLAN – LAKE FOREST, CA Sara managed the data collection team for this project and created a new set of protocols and GIS geodatabase unique for the city of Lake Forest. She was responsible for organizing the team and bringing them up to speed with surveying devices and the GIS protocol. Together, she and the team assessed the condition of ten parks and cataloged all information through the GIS platform and photographic documentation. Sara was also responsible for the graphic design of community workshop posters as well as the community workshops themselves.

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications

PABLO CORTEZ Landscape Designer

EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, 2007 California Polytechnic State University, Pomona, Ca. EXPERIENCE A landscape designer with 10 years of experience, Pablo has designed and implemented a variety of projects ranging from schools, medical campuses, streetscapes, parks, commercial, retail, single and multi-family residential. He has take projects from schematic and conceptual through construction documentation and administration. He brings a varied set of talents that include AutoCAD, Photoshop and 3D rendering software, as well as sketching and drafting/designing by hand. Coordinating with architects, civil engineers and product representatives he has quickly taken project lead duties at BMLA overseeing and implementing our clients visions. CFD AND LMD TURF REPLACEMENT – CORONA, CA The turf replacement project consists of 20 zoned turf parkway areas throughout the city of Corona slated to be replaced with California-friendly, drought tolerant plants and low water use drip irrigation systems. Pablo was tasked with coordinating the project from site data collection to preparing Construction Documents while working with city staff to finalize drawings for each zone. MAINTENANCE MANUAL – CORONA, CA With the move to water saving centric city wide landscape initiative came the need for new guidelines for maintaining the newly introduced plant material. Pablo was tasked with researching and compiling the appropriate maintenance methods and schedules for each tree, shrub and vine that will be planted in place of the removed turf. The document produced will be used by the city to educate and inform maintenance crews on all future projects on how and when to properly prune and clean the specific plant material for that area. BUENA VISTA PARK – SANTA MARIA, CA Pablo worked on an illustrative plan for review by city staff that has been well received and approved for further development into the construction phase. He completed the plan well ahead of schedule and was able to provide our client with expedited and comprehensive service. CATAWBA INDUSTRIAL – FONTANA, CA Pablo was tasked with creating a planting and irrigation package for a small commercial building in Fontana. He has coordinated with the Architect and Civil Engineer as well as the client to finalize the construction documents for processing with the city for approval. His continued work on this project will help to move the project ahead into construction and meet the client’s schedule.

BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications





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BMLA, Inc. Statement of Qualifications

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