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West Nile Virus The west Nile virus is a disease that was originated from west Africa its carry is a mosquito. If infected by the west Nile virus it is usually not fatal

Where was it discovered, cause, and how contracted? • The west Nile virus was discovered in 1937 uganda,east Africa. • The causes are birds and how contracted is by mosquitos.

What is the reproductive cycle, mode of transmission, vulnerable population, and how it effects the host?

• It is the lytic cycle reproduction. The mode of transmission is first the mosquito bites the infected bird then then mosquito bite us or other mammals • Young and Elderly people are the vulnerable one to this virus, also people of Uganda are affected. The people the host usually has mild or no symptoms.

Explain either chronic or acute, symptoms, diagnosis ,how agent interacts with the body

• Chronic . Body aches, skin rash, or swollen lymph glands.

Describes impact on history, cure or vaccine/ promise for a cure, treatments it doesn’t impact a lot just those who are elderly and have a severe infection. There are no cures or treatments just avoid mosquito bites by using mosquito repellent

References • • By Xavier Castillo and Cristian Rodriguez

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Xavior's and Christian's project  

West nile virus