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Hepatitis A

Ennisha jones and mikala hicks

Disease name, discovery ,cause ,how contracted • Hepatitis • The hepatitis a virus is found mostly in the stools and blood of an infected person about 15-45 days before symptoms occur during the first week of illness • Hepatitis A(also called infections hepatitis) was identified in 1973. hepatitis a spreads through food or water that has been contaminated with infected feces • Doctor. feinstone

reproductive cycle, mode of transmission, vulnerable populations, how it effects host It produces both ways of the lytic cycle is virus being made and the lysogenetic cycle is viruses not being made. Mode of transmission- men who have sex wit men, people who travel to developing countries.

Acute ,symptoms , diagnosis ,how agent interacts with body • Symptoms- dark urine, fatigue, itching, loss of appetite • Diagnosis- pepto bismol, Tylenol, eat soup for no appetite

On history , cure or vaccine/ promise for a cure, treatment

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Ennisha and Mikala's hepatitis virus  
Ennisha and Mikala's hepatitis virus  

Hepatitis virus