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Ebola .Ebola is a fatal and deadly virus, that attacks the blood until it finds a spot to come out of.

Description & Discovery of Ebola • An acute, infectious, viral fever. Ebola is the second member of the family Filoviridae, or “thread” viruses. It is an enveloped, single stranded, unsegmented, negative sense RNA virus. It has the characteristic filamentous structure of a thread virus. It can appear shaped like a U, or a 6 or coiled like a snail. The Ebola virus was discovered in Zaire, Africa and was named after the Ebola river. The doctor that discovered the virus was Dr. Ngoy Mushola in 1976.

Causes & Contraction of Ebola •

Ebola is caused by an infection with the Ebola virus. There are four identified subtypes of Ebola virus: Ebola-Zaire, Ebola-Sudan, Ebola-Ivory Coast, and Ebola-Reston. All but the Ebola-Reston subtype are known to have caused disease in humans. There are no other known causes of Ebola. Human-to-human transmission of Ebola occurs through direct contact with patients who have Ebola, or their body fluids, such as blood or secretions.

Contraction of Disease • They still don’t know how primates contract filoviruses in nature. The secondary cases of filovirus infection have been the result of contact with contaminated blood, organs, semen or other bodily secretions. Marburg, a filovirus closely to Ebola, can be transmitted via semen up to 12 weeks after clinical recovery.

Reproductive Cycle • Ebola goes through the lysogenic life cycle. This mean that the cycle does not immediately kill the infected host cells. The host cell can be a human cell or anything that the virus infects. The virus just invade the cells and replicates or make more copies of it self and spread to other cells and destroy the host DNA. However, the cycle can be really complex, meaning it can hide out in the DNA and attacks when it wants to, it act kind of like the herpes virus.

What can cure Ebola? • For Ebola time is the only cure. There are no Ebola treatments that can kill this virus, and there is no vaccine for this virus that can prevent this infection.

Armando's ebola virus  

Ebola virus

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