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7 7. Souq Waqif Wander the bustling alleyways of the traditional-style souq for an authentic taste of Arab street life. Shops and stalls selling spices, antiques, perfumes, textiles and traditional crafts are great for trying out your haggling skills. For the ultimate experience, head to Souq Waqif after sunset, where there is great dining, people-watching and entertainment.

8. Camel Racing


6 5. Al Thakira Mangroves

In striking contrast to the surrounding desert, this large expanse of natural greenery lies north of the city of Al Khor and attracts a wide variety of birdlife including herons and flamingos. You can explore by kayak on a guided tour.

6. Museum of Islamic Art Open daily, this spectacular building houses priceless artworks from a host of countries around the Islamic world, from medieval Spain to Mughal India and Central Asia. Galleries display ivory, ceramics, manuscripts, jewellery, glass, and woodwork. Part of the top floor is given over to fine dining restaurant Idam by acclaimed chef Alain Ducasse.

Witness the thrilling and unusual spectacle of remote-controlled toddlersized robot jockeys in colourful racing silks speed their camels across the sands at the Al Shahaniya track. Domestic and international tournaments take place on Fridays from November to February.

9. Arab Museum of Modern Art Visit this unique world-class collection of modern and contemporary art from the Arab world. Qatar has some great public art too. Don’t miss Richard Serra’s EastWest/West-East sculpture in Brouq nature reserve, and his SERRA 7 sculpture in MIA Park.

10. Al Zubarah Located on Qatar’s north-west coast, this perfectly restored 18th century fort and archaeological ruins are a UNESCO World Heritage site. The fort and museum of Al Zubarah offer an insight into how life once was in Qatar. Preserved palaces, mosques, streets and houses, are now being uncovered by experts.


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Visit Qatar  
Visit Qatar  

Firmly fixated on the future, and with centuries of fascinating culture to celebrate, Qatar is an exciting, must-see destination