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Amy Hogarth of travel management company CTI was named Sales/Business Development Manager of the Year at The People Awards 2017 Tell us a little about your career in the travel industry… After studying a degree in Geography at the University of Leeds I took a year out to travel Europe and East Africa. I joined The Savoy Hotel in London for its grand reopening in 2010. Following that, I moved into corporate travel, working for both a global corporation and a small independent agency, before finding my feet at CTI.   What do you particularly enjoy about your role and the industry as a whole? I love my job. No two of my clients are the same, and I love getting really involved with their business to ensure that CTI becomes an extension of themselves, not just a supplier. The diversity of my days is what I enjoy the most. I’ve had factory tours of aircraft tyre manufacturers, seen the production process of an Olympic ceremony stage setup, and next month I'm flying to What do you think of the People Awards Luxembourg to talk all things yoghurt! I in general? wouldn’t want to do anything else. They are a wonderful way of celebrating all   the amazing talent we have in our industry How did you feel about winning an that would otherwise be overlooked. accolade at The People Awards?   I was absolutely delighted as I think was What advice would you give to someone evident on the day. I was a little entering The People Awards? overwhelmed as I’d seen myself The same advice I gave myself: be as the underdog. I was honest and true, and don’t be honoured and very afraid to shout about yourself grateful to have been and all the great things you’ve The People Awards recognise outstanding nominated by the done. If you are passionate individuals and teams across Senior Leadership it will shine through.  all aspects of the supplier Team at CTI.   element of corporate travel   What do you think are management whose professionalism What do you the industry’s greatest and business excellence make think it will mean challenges currently? them stand out from their for your career? Attracting more young industry peers. The People Hopefully the talent, so the industry can Awards 2018 open on award demonstrates embrace and drive change. I January 1 my commitment to the fell into the industry, and I love business travel industry it – but I never would have thought and my desire to be part of the to join it during my time at university, as generation that moves the industry I didn’t know it existed! At CTI we have into the future.  engaged with local colleges to give students 20

Attracting young talent to the industry is a challenge. I never would have thought to join it during my time at university as I didn’t know it existed” a taster of what a great industry it can be, and we are recruiting passionate graduates who are excited to be part of it. Duty of care is a challenge faced by all, and one of ever-increasing importance. CTI are well-placed to assist companies who perhaps had previously left traveller safety on the table. The important thing to get across to travellers is that it’s not a rulebook for what they cannot do, but a set of guidelines for keeping them safe as well as controlling expenditure.


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