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Aloha! Thanks for your interest in learning about the Hawaiian Islands. We aim to give you everything you need to know and to help you create unforgettable dream holidays for your clients with a range of useful tools and sales tips. The Hawaiian Islands truly are one of the world’s most unique destinations, with an unsurpassed variety of experiences. Here's just a few to get you started:

Kaua‘i • Picnic along the rim of Waimea Canyon and watch its radiant colours change. • Be sure to see Kaua‘i’s famed Nāpali Coast, a 17-mile miracle of emerald cliffs, narrow valleys and waterfalls.

O‘ahu • Explore surf culture landmarks like Sunset Beach and ‘Ehukai Beach at O‘ahu’s famous North Shore.

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• Enjoy the island’s vibrant art culture in Downtown Honolulu on the first Friday of every month when local artists, artisans and musicians share their work.

Maui • Take the 52-mile iconic drive on the Road to Hāna which unveils one natural wonder after another. • End the day on Haleakalā and witness a spectacular sunset.

Hawai‘i Island • Get a taste of Hawai‘i Island when you tour one of its many coffee plantations.

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With six distinctly different Islands to explore, your clients can experience incredible adventures both on and off the beaten path.

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4 • kaua‘i





Escape to the pure tranquillity of Kaua‘i. With its endless shades of green, calming rivers and awe-inspiring waterfalls, this Island is the perfect location to experience the ultimate relaxation of mind and body. Immerse yourself in the flawless beauty of Kaua‘i – embark on an enchanting river tour or explore intrepid trails along breathtaking cliffs. KAULU PAOA HEIAU


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Nāpali Coast Once home to early ocean voyagers from Polynesia, Kaua‘i’s Nāpali Coast still has agricultural terracing as evidence of the early residents’ sophisticated irrigation systems and traditional culture of fishing, growing taro and trading by foot trail and canoe. Today, its isolation and peacefulness provide a true escape. Its vividly-coloured foliage and waters, flawless, white-sand inlets and dramatic valley depths evoke pure wonder.

There are several angles from which to enjoy the splendour of the Nāpali Coast – air, sea or land. Take an air tour (helicopter or fixed-wing) and observe otherwise unseen valleys that cut into the mountainsides. Survey the vast peaks of the Nāpali Coast from Pacific waters and get a glimpse of what early Hawaiians felt as their canoes reached the island and paddle with a guided kayak tour in the summer. You can also access the coast

through the difficult 16km trail crossing the five valleys. Be warned, it is one of the most dangerous trails in the world.

Fern Grotto Once an exclusive destination for Hawaiian royalty, this natural lava rock grotto on the island’s east side is a special and intimate place. Like a natural amphitheatre fringed with hanging ferns, this lush geological wonder is a unique romantic wedding venue. Openair boats offer guided tours.

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Kalapakī Beach Do more than just swim and tan at the beach! With gentle waves and soft sand, Kalapakī Beach offers a variety of ocean activities, including surf lessons, catamaran rides, stand-up paddle boarding, beach volleyball and sailing boat rentals. If you prefer to relax on the shore, that’s fine too – you’re in peaceful Kaua‘i, after all.

Hanalei Venture to the peaceful town of Hanalei for colourful shops, restaurants, art galleries and the beautiful Wai‘oli Hui‘ia Church, where melodious Hawaiian hymns can be heard every Sunday. Then head to Hanalei Bay, named America’s Best Beach, and spend a leisurely day at this tropical paradise with a picnic lunch. Unwind watching the beautiful Kaua‘i sunset and relish the relaxed pace of Hanalei.

Po‘ipū Beach Park Play in the inviting waters of Po‘ipū Beach Park and keep a look out for humpback whales (from December to May) spouting offshore or endangered Hawaiian monk seals sunbathing on the sand. Escape to this crescentshaped beach and find a spot to relax in the sun.


BONUS: Po‘ipū has a lifeguard on

duty seven days a week!

Waimea Canyon Waimea Canyon plummets over 1200m and stretches 20km long. Explore its 64km of hiking trails or its several sightseeing lookouts by car. Also view Waimea Canyon from lookouts along Waimea Canyon Drive, ending in the cool forests of Kōke‘e State Park – 1600 hectares of dense forestry on a high plateau. Stay in the Lodge at Kōke‘e and visit the Kōke‘e Natural History Museum for exhibits on unique flora and maps of hiking trails.

Waterfalls of Kaua‘i

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‘ŌPAEKA’A FALLS Stop at a convenient roadside lookout off Kuamo‘o Road (Route 580) for an amazing photo opportunity of this waterfall that flows into a hidden pool.

WAIPO‘O FALLS Fully experience this waterfall after a hike through Kōke‘e State Park, passing serene pools and lush forests while breathing in the fragrant scent of ginger.

WAILUA FALLS Drop by this majestic waterfall in the morning for the best chance of catching a rainbow through its silver waters.

MANAWAIOPUNA FALLS This gigantic cascade of water has been in many films and is nicknamed Jurassic Park Falls. Admire its greatness only by air.

Spouting Horn Spouting Horn blowhole is a spectacular natural lava tube that releases huge sprays of water during large swells. Hawaiians believed this site was once guarded by a giant mo‘o (lizard) that would eat anyone fishing or swimming nearby. According to the story, a young boy named Liko fought the mo‘o in the ocean and escaped through a small hole in a lava rock shelf, in which the mo‘o got stuck. Today, as the sea spouts through the rock, you can hear the mo‘o hiss and roar.

Botanical Gardens With three lush gardens the National Tropical Botanical Garden (NTBG) offers an immersive experience. Begin at NTBG headquarters, the McBryde Garden in Lāwa‘i Valley – a whopping 104 hectares that boasts the world’s largest collection of Native Hawaiian plants. Allerton Garden is 32 hectares of vegetation including the towering Moreton Bay Fig trees featured in Jurassic Park. The Limahuli Garden and Preserve on Kaua‘i’s North Shore offers a selfguided tour exploring Hawaiian culture, endangered native plants and traditional Hawaiian agricultural terraces. •

 Local tip

KAUA‘I MADE Support local shops by purchasing gifts made in Kaua‘i! Items range from food and apparel to music and jewellery. Look for the “Kaua‘i Made” logo to guarantee your items were locally made with aloha.

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6 • o‘ahu





For a Hawai‘i vacation bursting with memories, the vitality of O‘ahu won’t fail to impress you. Pristine beaches, unrivalled waves and majestic forests are only a sample of the Island’s variety. You can also experience luxury shopping, mouth-watering farm-to-table cuisine and exhilarating nightlife in iconic Waikīkī and lively Honolulu. Alongside Hawai‘i’s renown natural beauty and culture. USS ARIZONA MEMORIAL

Discover Hawai‘i’s vivid history, culture and art at museums and historic sites. Witness the force of seven to ten metre waves during winter months at the fabled North Shore, where the world’s best surfers gather for premier surfing competitions. The ultimate blend of urban and tropical awaits you on vibrant O‘ahu - the heart of Hawai‘i.

North Shore Surf ’s up! The iconic North Shore, with its 10km of flawless

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beaches featured in many films and television shows, is truly where you can spot the perfect wave. In the winter months, you can watch big-wave surfing with swells up to 10m tall, along with the world’s best surfing competitions, including the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing in winter months. For beginners, surfing, swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing are perfect from May to September. You can even take surfing lessons and say that you’ve ridden an actual North

Shore wave! Alternatively you could also explore the North Shore from an air perspective by sky diving or in a glider plane. Also be sure to stop in Hale‘iwa


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 Local tip

CHOOSE THE RIGHT DOOR! Look out for the words wahine (woman ) and kāne (man)— we promise it will make restroom trips much easier!

Town to try a local favourite, ‘shave ice’, which comes in any flavour you can imagine. Hale‘iwa has a rustic atmosphere, making it a laid-back getaway away from the excitement of Waikīkī. Check out this historic surf town’s quaint shops, understated restaurants and charming art galleries for an authentic memory you will take with you forever. Enjoy Waimea Valley, a sacred place for more than 700 years of Native Hawaiian history. The valley hosts 78 ancient archaeological and historical sites which uncovers Hawaiian culture as well as the valley’s 45-foot Waihi Waterfall. Don’t forget to visit the Polynesian Culture Centre, a unique attraction created to experience the cultures, diversity and spirit of the nations of Polynesia. Participate in immersive and authentic activities to get the best sense of Polynesian cultures.


6-8 O’ahu.indd 7

We guarantee that the picturesque trail up unique Lē‘ahi (Diamond Head) is more breathtaking than a treadmill session set on ‘incline’. Enjoy O‘ahu’s natural beauty at the pinnacle of this walk, with a panoramic view that extends along the south shore of the Island.

mouth-watering local flavours at Roy’s Waikīkī. And just because the sun is sleeping that doesn’t mean you have to! O‘ahu has a vibrant and dynamic nightlife in areas like Waikīkī and Downtown Honolulu, including the first Friday of every month where Downtown is transformed into a hot club scene.

Dining and Nightlife


O‘ahu is home to a myriad of ethnic flavours, authentic Hawaiian food as well as local farm-to-table cuisine and world class chefs. Kick back at Duke’s Waikīkī where, on Sundays from 4 pm to 6 pm you can relax to the music of local icon Henry Kapono while sipping an exotic island cocktail with the quintessential Hawai‘i sunset as your backdrop. Cruise the restaurants of Waikīkī Beach Walk where, among others, you can try

Waikīkī presents metropolitan pleasures and local relaxation. World-class hotels, exhilarating nightlife, great shopping and dining can all be found in this vivacious resort. Take to the calm Hawaiian waters on a catamaran to view the island at sea level. Or explore beneath the ocean’s surface in an Atlantis Submarine to see sunken ships, aircraft and reef structures with colourful fish and other marine life. Want a surfing lesson at the birthplace of surfing? >

Explore Hawai‘i’s culture HONOLULU MUSEUM OF ART Recognised for its vast collections of Asian, American and European art, the Honolulu Museum of Art has six garden courtyards surrounding the Academy’s 30 galleries. HAWAI‘I STATE ART MUSEUM A combination of Hawaiian ethnic and cultural art along with modern pieces by local artists, this is Honolulu’s newest museum. BYODO-IN TEMPLE, VALLEY OF THE TEMPLES At the base of the 700m Ko‘olau Range, a replica of a 900-year-old Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Japan, was built in memory of the first Japanese immigrants who came to O‘ahu to work in the sugar plantations.

‘IOLANI PALACE Discover Hawai‘i’s unique history where Hawaiian culture meets British heritage. Relive the triumphs and tragedies of King Kalākaua and Queen Lili‘uokalani as you wander around their American Florentine-style Palace. WAIMEA VALLEY Check out the natural diversity of O‘ahu by exploring Waimea Valley, a 720-hectare rainforest and botanical garden culminating in a majestic waterfall. BISHOP MUSEUM Learn about the natural and cultural history of the Pacific Islands as you explore the centuryold museum’s 30 interactive exhibits, including a man-made, walk-in erupting volcano.

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8 • o‘ahu

wounded, and drove the US into WWII. Immerse yourself in a significant piece of American history by visiting this National Historic Landmark, a vivid memorial to the events of December 7, 1941. Visit the USS Arizona, USS Bowfin, the Battleship Missouri and the Pacific Aviation Museum.

Ko Olina Resort


> Sure! Rather watch from a towel

laid out on a pristine beach? That’s fine, too. With so many activities to try here, we know you won’t want to leave.

Lū‘au Are you going to visit Hawai‘i and not go to a lū‘au? Expect a lively celebration of food, entertainment and a lesson about Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures. Open your eyes, ears and stomach to all that Hawai‘i has to share!

Pearl Harbor

 Local tip

SHAKA A shaka is a local hand gesture used as a greeting. Sometimes known as ‘Hang loose’ or ‘Hang 10’, the shaka is created by making a fist with your hand, then releasing your thumb and little finger outwards.

Take a break from the hustle of Waikīkī and head west to Ko Olina Resort. Golfers, sun-tanners and paddlers alike can appreciate this tranquil relaxing oasis. Are you a fan of boats? Sail on over to the Ko Olina Marina! Prefer to be in the water? Try snorkelling or stand-up paddling. With deluxe resorts, golf courses and friendly waters, we guarantee you won’t run out of choices here.

mountains on one side and the tranquil Pacific on the other, you are guaranteed a special experience in nature. Visit the Ranch for fun and great activities such as horseback and buggy riding. SEA LIFE PARK: Penguins in Hawai‘i? Enjoy amazing aquatic animals and more at this entertaining, educational and completely interactive playground. HONOLULU ZOO: Located at the edge of Waikīkī, the zoo is home to 905 different animals from the tropics, including komodo dragons, giraffes, tigers, elephants and orang-utans. FIREWORKS SHOW: Catch this spectacular free event every Friday night from the beach at Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikīkī Beach Resort.

Fun for all the family DOLE PLANTATION: Dole Plantation

was originally operated as a fruit stand beginning in 1950. It is definitely a stop to “enjoy all things pineapple” with a must try being the Dole Whip (Pineapple ice cream). KUALOA: With majestic



O‘ahu Island is steeped in international history. The aerial attack on Pearl Harbor, home base of the US Pacific Fleet, left thousands dead and hundreds

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SURFING Surfing is believed to have originated long ago in ancient Hawai‘i. It was once a sport reserved for the Hawaiian Royalty or Ali‘i. However, in the early 1900s, surfing was revitalized on WaikĪkĪ Beach by Duke Kahanamoku, who grew up surfing the south shore waves and taught visitors how to surf and canoe. He became known as the “father of modern surfing,” spreading the popularity of the sport to mainland US and Australia.

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The intimacy of Maui lends itself to endless opportunities for romance while you discover spur-of-the-moment fun in the island’s charming small towns and serene beaches. From luxury resorts and fusion cuisine to the glorious dormant volcano Haleakalā, Maui provides all the elements for a vacation of relaxing mornings, active afternoons and spontaneous exploration. Find out what adventure feels like to you on the beautiful, scenic Island of Maui. Lāhainā The small town of Lāhainā overflows with charm, charisma and history. Its harbour offers activities from whale-watching excursions to snorkelling, sailing trips and sightseeing cruises. If you’re in the mood to explore, take a day trip to Lāna‘i or Moloka‘i from Lāhainā Harbor. As the previous capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Lāhainā is the perfect place to absorb

9-11 Mau'i.indd 9

culture. Explore the Lāhainā Historic Trail on a self-guided tour to see the sights and learn about the area’s rich whaling and plantation history. With over 40 galleries there’s no question how Lāhainā gained its reputation as a world-class art market. You can find lots of unique pieces here, from ceramics, scrimshaw and handcrafted woodwork to engravings and jewellery. Join Art Night festivities every

Friday evening when galleries on Front Street open their doors and invite the public to chat with artists and view their work. For a change of pace, the Lāhainā Jodo Mission is a replica of an authentic Japanese Buddhist Temple. This attraction feels more like Japan than Maui, but it is beautifully set against the mountains of West Maui as a picturesque reminder that you’re still in paradise. >



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10 • maui

 Local tip

ROAD TRIP Make sure you’ve got a full tank of fuel before your road trip. Petrol stations may not be as frequent as you’re used to! Don’t forget to load up on snacks, water and some local Hawaiian music for your travels!


> Kīhei The allure of Kīhei is immediately apparent from its farmers’ market and one-of-a-kind shops that cater to both residents and visitors. It’s a classic small town that provides great spots to beachcomb, snorkel, kayak and whale watch. Charter a fishing excursion or snorkel trip to Molokini from Mā‘alaea Bay or visit the Maui Ocean

GOLF With crashing waves and soaring hillsides around you, golf on Maui is unlike anywhere else. The island’s many courses, full of tropical landscaping and stunning views, will satisfy even the most demanding golfer.

Center. With a collection of affordable accommodation – from condominiums to small hotels and cottages – Kīhei’s also got good nightlife, with great karaoke spots, dance clubs and sports bars.

‘Īao Valley State Park Peaceful and lush, ‘Īao Valley State Park offers rich foliage and scenic mountain views. The park is centred around Kūkaemoku, or ‘Īao Needle – an astonishing rock pinnacle 400m high. Have an adventurous afternoon starting with lunch at the picnic area, surrounded by tropical gardens, followed by some spontaneous exploration of the park’s trails and natural pools. In 1790, ‘Īao Valley State Park was the site of the Battle of Kepaniwai, where King Kamehameha I defeated Maui’s army to unite the Hawaiian Islands. A tumultuous past belies the tranquillity of this place.

Kā‘anapali and Kapalua Once recreational grounds for Hawaiian royalty, Kā‘anapali is known for championship golf and beautiful white-sand beaches perfect for swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing.

9-11 Mau'i.indd 10

Near the middle of Kā‘anapali Beachwalk, seek refuge from the sun at Whalers’ Village, where you can immerse yourself in local history and culture at the whaling museum or art galleries. Find even more golf, shopping, restaurants and beaches at the resort community of Kapalua. If you’re visiting in June, don’t miss delicious dishes and drinks at the Kapalua Wine and Food Festival. Snorkel at Kapalua Beach and look out for Hawai‘i’s state fish, humuhumunukunukuāpua‘a.

Molokini If you’ve ever imagined snorkelling or diving in the crater of an extinct volcano, a half- or full-day trip to Molokini will excite and amaze. Protected from rough waters, tiny ecosystems can be seen with startling clarity in the open ocean. It’s only 3km off Maui’s southern coast, but feels a world away.

Hāna Those who say ‘the journey is the destination’ are talking about the Road to Hāna. With over 600 hairpin turns and 54 narrow bridges, this famous three-hour drive boasts scenery from plunging seaside cliffs to

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lush rain forests. The epic drive to Hāna, however, doesn’t at all detract from the small town’s charm. Enjoy peace and isolation on the area’s serene beaches and dramatic coastal hikes. Stop by the town’s delightful Hasegawa General Store, a fixture in Hāna since 1910, and meet the town’s gentle, friendly people. For an afternoon of adventure, consider hang gliding high above the town or exploring an underground cave. No matter where your whim takes you, you’ll take home rewarding memories from Hāna.


Mākena Looking to avoid the crowd? Mākena, a spacious area with great golf, tennis, pools and dining, is home of one of Maui’s best beaches, with pristine waters and warm, inviting sand. For an exciting change of pace, take to the rock-paved hiking trail.

Wailea Relax at this beautifully landscaped resort community and book some tee times to play the most stunning golf courses in the country. Take advantage of the perfect Wailea weather sunny days and clear evenings - and spend a day on the sands of its idyllic beaches. Wailea also has luxury condominiums, award-winning hotels, restaurants and deluxe shops.



Fall in love with Maui Let Maui capture your heart by creating moments of romance that will last forever. Write the perfect proposal story by popping the question after a spontaneous afternoon exploring the Island’s lush rainforests and dramatic waterfalls. Use Maui’s charming gardens and parks as a backdrop for an amazingly romantic photoshoot to frame your affection for years to come. Have an

intimate barefoot ceremony on a secluded beach to the soundtrack of lapping waves. Or choose an elegant formal affair at one of the Island’s private estates, tropical chapels or hotels. Then, stick around! You’re already at the ultimate honeymoon destination. Already hitched? Take to the gorgeous Pacific on a charming boat and renew your vows or celebrate your anniversary. The Island of Maui is the ultimate romantic destination. •

Haleakalā Just because this dormant volcano isn’t erupting doesn’t mean there is no excitement here! Whatever your ideal vacation, there are lots of ways for everyone to enjoy Haleakalā National Park.

9-11 Mau'i.indd 11

FOR EARLY BIRDS Meaning ‘House of the Sun’, Haleakalā is the ideal pinnacle from which to greet the morning. Experience true beauty as it lights the sky with new shades of colour each dawn.

FOR NATURE ENTHUSIASTS To observe unique flora and fauna, take a guided hike along Haleakalā’s protected trails. See rare ‘āhinahina (silversword) plants along the volcanic rock or maybe even an endangered nēnē (Hawaiian goose), Hawai‘i’s state bird.

On a clear day, look out for the neighbouring Islands of Hawai‘i, Lāna‘i, Moloka‘i, O‘ahu and Kaho‘olawe for an unforgettable Maui memory.

FOR THRILL-SEEKERS At 2200m, descend from the summit on a mountain bike for 32km of electrifying and scenic excitement. Heads up - you will go very fast!

FOR THE ROMANTICS The sunset on top of Haleakalā exudes romance as night arrives through an epic display of hues and shadows. The moon and stars light the clear sky, unclouded by city lights. FOR ADVENTURERS Don’t forget to explore the base of the park, in the Kīpahulu area, on horseback. Arrange a camping trip so you don’t miss out on any of what the ‘House of the Sun’ has to offer.

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12 • moloka‘i





Take a deep breath of fresh, island air and discover the ease of Moloka‘i. Physically protected by 45km of fringed reef on the southern shore and four kilometres of white sand on the western shore, Moloka‘i has preserved its natural culture of ‘old-style Hawai‘i’. Hiking, mule riding, kayaking and snorkelling are the activities to enjoy here: simple, uncomplicated, like the beauty of the Island’s 76m jungle waterfall and majestic sea cliffs. Learn why heritage and tradition thrive on the pristine island of Moloka‘i.

Kalaupapa National Historic Park


12-13 Moloka’i.indd 12

The peaceful Kalaupapa Peninsula is a place of preservation and education. Here you can learn about Saint Damien, the Belgian priest who courageously served the colony. Or consider a Kalaupapa Guided Mule Tour and cross 26 different switchbacks or

hike down the scenic trail with Damien Tours. This stunning park is accessible from Monday to Saturday (by appointment only) so be sure to call ahead. Smile! Life is simple when a friendly, big-eared mule accompanies you along the stunning trail of Kalaupapa National Historic Park.


Hālawa Valley Discover hidden heiau (places of worship) along this spectacular trail and let the double-tiered 76m Mo‘oula Falls take your breath away. As the trail crosses private property, a guide is required to explore the area. Take water, mosquito repellent and walking shoes – this hike is fairly rigorous!

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Kaunakakai Kaunakakai’s long wharf forms the Island’s main harbour, where you’ll find charter boats for fishing, snorkelling and whale watching in the season (from December to May). The town, while unassuming, does have a little bit of everything, including groceries, hardware, a pharmacy, gourmet wine and spirits shop, art gallery and gift shop. True to its island heritage, Kaunakakai has an ‘oldstyle Hawai‘i’ feel, so don’t expect to see any brand name stores!

Two of Saint Damien’s churches remain on the Island – St Joseph of Kamalō and Our Lady of Seven Sorrows of Kalua‘aha, which hosts popular weekly Sunday services.

Things to know Moloka‘i is the one for those who want to be far from the madding crowd and off the beaten track. 2 Often called the ‘Friendly island’ Moloka‘i is a popular 1


 Local tip

DRINK UP! Running water can only be found at two beaches on Moloka‘i Island, so be sure to bring lots of water to stay hydrated!

day-trip excursion from neighbouring Maui. 3 Although it has some of Hawai‘i’s best beaches it remains the least developed and touristy of all the islands. 4 There is no public transport on the island. 5 Moloka‘i is home to the highest sea cliffs in the world along its northeast coast (1,100-1,200 metres) and Hawai‘i’s longest continuous fringing reef (45 kilometres) off its southern coast. •

Saint Damien An important man in Moloka‘i’s history, Father Damien dedicated himself to the Hansen’s disease (leprosy) patients who were quarantined for life in Kalaupapa. In 2009, Father Damien was elevated to sainthood by Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican, and Saint Damien’s Feast Day is celebrated worldwide by Catholic Churches on May 10.

12-13 Moloka’i.indd 13

PĀPŌHAKU BEACH PARK Want more space for your beach towel? Moloka‘i’s Pāpōhaku Beach is one of Hawai‘i’s largest white-sand beaches, so there’s plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the sun, sand and waves. There’s also a grassy park for picnicking and camping!

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14 • lana‘i





The solitude of Lāna‘i enables exploration in its simplest form. Discover serenity in the absence of traffic lights and crowds and wallow in the luxury of this tropical paradise. Adventure is easy to find among stunning forests and trails, ethereal ancient rock sculptures and dramatic waters cascading over island cliffs. Stunningly unique and truly restorative, a luxurious vacation to Lāna‘i is one you will never forget. THE EXPERIENCE AT KOELE

Hulopo‘e Bay


14-15 Lana’i.indd 14

The natural atmosphere of Lāna‘i is ever-apparent in this quintessential bay. Home to colourful, native fish and sea life, sheltered Hulopo‘e Bay is often the best spot for snorkelling, swimming, body boarding and exploring tide pools. Spend a day with the family here – it has picnic tables, barbecue grills, restrooms and showers. As this is a protected

site, visitors are asked to leave every stone and shell in its place to preserve the bay. In the winter months, be careful of the rough ocean conditions when splashing about in the water.

Keahiakawelo For an unusual and unique experience, visit Keahiakawelo, popularly known as Garden of the Gods. Lacking vegetation

and wildlife, the site hosts only ancient boulders and mysterious little piles of rock, which are most enchanting at dusk. Catch the warm orange glow on the rock sculptures cast by the sunset, illuminating red and purple hues. Visitors are asked to kindly respect the site by not moving the stones or building rock cairns. Access Keahiakawelo by hiking

3/30/16 03:04 PM • 15

there or by taking a four-wheel drive vehicle to the end of Polihua Road.

Kaiolohia Like a prop from a pirate movie, off the shore of Kaiolohia (Shipwreck Beach) rests a World War II Liberty Ship, marooned on the reef. View this amazing site while hiking or beach-combing along the 12km stretch of shore - but we don’t recommend swimming!


Lāna‘i City Visiting Lāna‘i City is like going back in time. With no traffic lights or traffic jams, this town exists just as it did almost a century ago. Browse shops, art galleries and restaurants around the town square and be sure to visit the Lāna‘i Culture and Heritage Center. If you’re there on a Saturday, get up early so as not to miss the Farmers’ Market, held in the square from 08.00 to noon.

Munro Trail Get ready for a special adventure at Munro Trail. Whether you choose to hike, mountain bike or ride a quad-bike on this rustic


trail, you are guaranteed to enjoy the 11km of one-lane dirt road surrounded by dense forest and clear sky. Observe the plentiful, majestic Cook pine trees introduced to the island by George Munro, the trail’s namesake. Pack your camera to snap photos of beautiful ‘ōhi‘a lehua, ironwood, eucalyptus and pine trees, and don’t forget some water, food and a light jacket! Check ahead for weather conditions to help plan the best possible experience.


Pu‘u Pehe Watch the sea cascade from levels of rock at this dramatic natural wonder. Pu‘u Pehe (Sweetheart Rock) is 50m offshore between Mānele Bay and Hulopo‘e Bay on the island's southern coast. Admire it from the cliffs overlooking Pu‘u Pehe for a spectacular photo opportunity! To get to Pu‘u Pehe you can take a short hike from the Four Seasons Resort Lāna‘i, past Hulopo‘e Bay and the rocky tide pools. Hike the path up the rocky cliffs for 20 minutes. •

 Local Tip

LOCAL DELICACIES Tuck into local cuisine such as Malasadas, a deep-fried doughnut covered in sugar; Manapua, a meat-filled bun inspired by Chinese dim sum; and Loco Moco, a comfort dish consisting of a hamburger on rice, topped with eggs and gravy.


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16 • hawai‘i






Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park Feel the presence of the volcano goddess, Pele, at Halema‘uma‘u Crater in Kīlauea Caldera. Start at the Kīlauea Visitor Center where you can talk to rangers about the park’s hikes and learn why UNESCO named this place one of only 21 natural World Heritage sites in the United States.

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Infinite thrills lie dormant on the Island of Hawai‘i, waiting for your curiosity to wake them. Molten magma erupts from the earth’s core, creating the most intriguing of natural art and igniting your sense of adventure. On Hawai‘i Island, the entirety of space is yours to explore from world-class observatories on top of iconic Maunakea. Or take to the sea, where manta rays drift gracefully in the Island’s waters. Live the uniquely active experience only found on the island of Hawai‘i. Investigate the Thurston Lava Tube – a 500-year old lava cave culminating in a lush, tropical rainforest. And visit the Thomas A. Jagger Museum to view geological displays, maps and videos all about volcanoes. Celebrating its 100th year in 2016, a visit to Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park is a must for all visitors.

Pu‘uhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park Kapu, or sacred laws, were of utmost importance in the Hawaiian culture. To survive, kapu (taboo) breakers would flee to a pu‘uhonua (place of refuge), to complete a ceremony of absolution. This restored compound on the Kona Coast served as the last place of refuge for kapu breakers.


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Explore the Great Wall, a 6m thick barrier, and Hale o Keawe Heiau, a sacred temple guarded by fierce ki‘i, wooden images of gods. Let your curiosity take you to the nearby Royal Grounds, sacred home of ali‘i (chiefs).

‘Akaka Falls State Park One hike, two waterfalls. At ‘Akaka Falls State Park, a pleasant, 600m circular trail reveals the beautiful diversity of Hawai‘i Island with a lush rainforest filled with tropical flowers, bamboo groves and draping ferns. The stunning Kahuna Falls cascades 30m from the top of the ravine while ‘Akaka Falls dramatically plunges 150m from the towering cliffs, painting a spectacular picture.

Pu‘ukoholā Heiau National Historic Site King Kamehameha I built this heiau (temple) around 1790 as an offering to Kūka‘ilimoku, the war god, asking for success in his campaign to unite the Hawaiian Islands. The largest restored heiau on the Island, this massive stone temple is believed to be one of the last structures built before western influence.

Hāmākua Heritage Corridor

see the beauty of lush tropical rainforests, deep water-carved gulches, valleys thick with tropical foliage, cascading waterfalls and lovely seaside views. Stop at small, quaint towns like Honoka‘a for local shops and boutiques and visit the island’s many gardens full of exotic plants and orchids. What road trip is complete without music? Buy a Hawaiian music CD to play along the way to add a local soundtrack to your drive!

Local tip

HAWAI‘I ISLAND SECRETS Above the pastures of Waimea, look out for the majestic pueo, Hawaiian owl, which is uniquely active in the daytime.

Hulihe‘e Palace

Take a scenic road trip along Hāmākua Coast Drive and

The pueo is one of

Once a summer vacation home for Hawaiian royalty, >

several bird species native to Hawai‘i.

Stargazing on Hawai‘i Island Take a guided tour to glimpse into boundless space atop Maunakea. The clear air on the tallest sea mountain in the world creates ideal conditions to view stunning sunsets above the clouds, glittering stars and the vast reaches of space. UNCONSTRAINED EXPLORATION For independent travellers who want to venture on their own, a four-wheel drive vehicle is recommended as two-wheel drive vehicles can only drive up to the 2860m level (at the Onizuka Center for International Astronomy Visitor Information Station).

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EFFORTLESS ADVENTURE Offering transportation, warm parkas, dinner, access to the mountain summit, detailed narratives about the history and cultural significance of Maunakea and night viewings; guided stargazing tours are a great way to access the stars.

VIRTUAL VOYAGE The ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawai‘i in Hilo allows you to study the stars from sea level. View an incredible IMAX-style movie in the large planetarium that makes the audience feel like they’re flying through space.

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WAIPI‘O VALLEY OVERLOOK Once an important centre for political and religious life, Waipi‘o Valley is now home to less than 100 residents who live and work amongst kalo (taro) fields and the backdrop of Hawai‘i Island’s tallest waterfall, Hi‘ilawe Falls, which cascades down 400m of rock. Witness the majesty of this lush valley at the Overlook at the end of the Hāmākua Heritage Corridor Drive. Or take a guided van tour, hike or horseback ride to survey Waipi‘o Valley from within.

 Local tip

HILO FARMERS MARKET ‘Ono (delicious) local food is only one of many

> Hulihe‘e Palace is located in the heart of Kailua Village and features beautiful koa wood furniture, ornaments and artifacts from Hawai‘i’s royal past. Also visit Hawai‘i’s Mokuaikaua Church, the island’s earliest Christian Church, built in 1820.

Waimea Put on your boots and venture to the upland town of Waimea, paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) country. Saddle up and ride through wide-open spaces with guided tours of pastures with spectacular views of the coastline and peaks. Enjoy premier performances by renowned musicians, dancers and artists at the nearby Kahilu Theater.

Swimming with Manta Rays Try swimming with manta rays – don’t worry, they feed on


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plankton, not people, and can’t sting you! Kona Coast is your best bet for seeing manta rays, and spotlights are used at nighttime to attract feeding mantas. A night boat tour will leave at sunset and set up bright lights on the ocean. View these majestic creatures, with wingspans of up to 6m or more in length, as a diver from the ocean floor or as a snorkeller on the surface. Let a manta ray swim within inches of you – it’s a very unique and special experience you will always remember.

Kailua Village Once a sleepy fishing village and retreat for Hawaiian royalty, Kailua Village is now a diverse seaside town with plenty of different activities to try. ena Heiau, a Ahu‘ena reconstructed temple that was restored by King Kamehameha I, is on the register of National Historic Landmarks. Also, consider venturing to Kailua Pier to watch the sunset and, if visiting in October, see the start and finish of the Ironman World Championship! Enjoy nightlife, island style,

in Kailua Village. Put your feet up and listen to live, local music as your thoughts drift away.

Lyman Museum and Mission House The restored home of missionaries David and Sarah Lyman contains a fascinating collection of Hawaiian artifacts and fine art. View interactive exhibits introducing you to the ways of early missionary life and Hawai‘i’s natural history, as well as various art exhibits. Built in 1839 the Lyman House is one of the oldest wood-frame structures on Hawai‘i island. •

things you’ll find at the Hilo Farmers Market. Arrive early at this open market to purchase great gifts: made-in-Hawai‘i crafts, aloha wear and handmade jewellery.


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Essential Hawai‘i TIME ZONE: Hawai‘i Standard Time is GMT-10 (Pacific Standard Time -2, Eastern Standard Time -5). Since Hawai‘i doesn’t observe daylight savings time, add one hour to the time difference when in effect (March through early November). CLIMATE: It is generally drier on the leeward sides of the islands, wetter windward. Generally speaking, there are two seasons. Winter (November through April), when temperatures typically range in the low-70sF to mid-80sF and summer when the high can run into the low-90sF. Trade winds keep you comfortable year-round. FLIGHTS: Honolulu International Airport (HNL) is Hawai‘i’s major airport, serving as the entry point for most of the islands’ visitors. There are some direct flights to Maui, Kaua‘i and Hawai‘i Island, via mainland U.S however, all major domestic carriers and 15 international carriers serve O‘ahu, so you can get here from just about anywhere. Honolulu International Airport is also Hawai‘i’s main hub for inter-island flights.

GETTING AROUND: Rental cars are the most popular option and they are available at all airports plus some hotels and off-airport locations. On most islands, there are some resort and destination airport shuttles, shopping express shuttles, taxis and public transport. Rental bikes, motorcycles and mopeds are also available. AREA CODE: The area code for the entire state is 808. For long distance calls between islands, dial 1-808 and then the number. When placing calls to the U.S. Mainland and Canada from Hawai‘i, dial 1, the area code and the number. All calls within an island are local. Many of Hawai‘i’s larger hotels and condominium resorts have highspeed internet, including wireless in some public areas. DRESS CODE: Attire is “resort wear” even at the most luxurious resorts and restaurants. There’s no need for a coat or tie unless visitors want to dress up. Dress for comfort. Temperatures are cooler in the evening. It is a custom in Hawai‘i to slip off your shoes when entering a home.

SUN SENSE: It’s usually hottest between 11.00 and 14.00. ENVIRONMENT: Before landing in Hawai‘i, visitors are asked to declare any organic items. When departing, luggage must pass a pre-flight check at the airport to ensure that no plant insects or diseases are hitching a ride back. Visitors are however welcome to take inspected fresh flowers and fruits home. Many items purchased at the airport or mailed home from local vendors are already inspected. For more information, visit SAFETY: Offshore winds and currents can be powerful and change suddenly. That means it's best to stay close to shore and avoid kayaks, windsurfs or sailing if warning signs are posted or if conditions warrant caution. Lifeguards can advise those who are unsure and beach safety information is available at: Those wilderness hiking should sign out with park rangers (if possible) and observe all warning signs.

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 Did you know

IT'S GOOD TO TALK Hawai‘i has two official languages, Hawaiian and English. There are 13 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet!

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Thanks for your interest in learning about the Hawaiian Islands. We aim to give you everything you need to know and to help you create unfor...

Hawaiian Islands 2015  

Thanks for your interest in learning about the Hawaiian Islands. We aim to give you everything you need to know and to help you create unfor...