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To the Guadeloupe islands It is my pleasure to invite you on a fantastic journey to discover the islands of Guadeloupe, a unique archipelago, not as far away or as foreign as you may have thought. In the very heart of the Caribbean, a place you already know and love, there they are, the picturesque Guadeloupe Islands basking in the sun: Basse-Terre, Grande-Terre, La Désirade, Les Saintes and Marie-Galante, five islands which summarise perfectly all the diversity and natural beauty to be found in the Caribbean.


Just to whet your appetite, let me give you a quick taste of this exciting place: two large islands make up what is commonly known as “le papillon” (the butterfly). To the west is Basse-Terre, a mountainous island, covered with luxurious tropical vegetation, and home to the Guadeloupe National Park topped by La Soufrière volcano. To the east lies Grande-Terre, a vast limestone plateau bordered with magnificent white sandy beaches and fashionable tourist resorts. South of this ensemble are other Guadeloupean gems such as La Désirade, secluded and somehow immune to the passing of time, where the harmless iguana reigns superb; Les Saintes, a dainty and tiny archipelago which has one of the most beautiful bays in the world; and finally Marie-Galante boasting dazzling sandy beaches, exquisite rum and welcoming inhabitants. Apart from their breathtaking natural sites, the Guadeloupe Islands are also well known for their distinctive Créole Art de Vivre which can be observed everyday and all year round in culture, cuisine and celebrations. Decidedly French … Undeniably Caribbean! … The Guadeloupe Islands stand out from other Caribbean Isles and we would like to share them, our precious world, with you. There is so much more I could tell you, but why spoil the surprise? Enjoy reading this report and the exploits of agents who have successfully trained up on the islands and seen it for themselves on a fabulous educational trip. You’ll see just what makes the Guadeloupe Islands so special. I am sure you will find it a good source of information, answering all your questions and giving you persuasive hints to achieve better sales. Warmest regards, Louis Molinie

President the Guadeloupe Islands Tourist BoarD

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PICTURED: 1) Roger walks the treetops in Le Parc des Mamelles, Basse-Terre. 2) The beautiful L’îlet du Gosier. 3) The group cool off in La Cascade aux Ecrevisses, in BasseTerre National Park. 4) Rachel shows off the local style in a madras cotton hat. 5) A local iguana. 6) A fruit market in Sainte-Anne, Grand-Terre.

7) The beautiful Caribbean beaches of Guadeloupe are uncrowded and pristine. 8) Alfredo tries on a palm tree leaf hat. 9) The group poses on Grande Anse Beach, Basse-Terre, where Death in Paradise was being filmed. 10) The dramatic La Pointe des Châteaux, on the eastern tip of Grande-Terre. 11) Beautiful colonial

buildings in Pointe-à-Pitre, GrandTerre. 12) Michelle photographs Les Chutes du Carbet in the Basse-Terre National Park. 13) Local boys on the pier in Deshaies, Basse-Terre. 14) Gillian smiles outside the police station, on the Death in Paradise set, Deshaies. 15) Burgots or sea snails, served Caribbean-style!

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“How often do you see a place on TV or in a film and dream of visiting it? That dream became a reality for six travel agents and I this June, when we visited the Guadeloupe Islands, the setting for BBC’s ‘Death in Paradise’. “We all had preconceived ideas about what it would be like but nothing could prepare us for the tropical beauty and unashamedly French flair of these beautiful Caribbean islands. “During our week’s stay we developed a love for the local tipple - ti punch; dined on freshlycaught fish with our feet in the water; trekked through the jungle to a waterfall; and even met the star of Death In Paradise himself Kris Marshall. “We hope this fam trip report gives you a taste of everything we experienced. As you will see, Guadeloupe is truly magnifique!”

Laura Gelder Online editor Selling travel

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