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Spring 2011

Mingo Media New Client Proposal Brandon Mingo - CEO

To our potential client: Mingo Media is an independent entertainment media promotions company. We have been in operation since 2007 when our first promotion job for Britney Spears Blackout album released in October of that year. It became her highest selling minimally promoted album. We produced one television commercial and performance prior to the release of the album and were met with impressive sale.1 Since then we have moved from Los Angeles to our office headquarters which is now located in Las Vegas’ Aria building in the brand new City Center complex. We now specialize in celebrity appearances, endorsements, promotions as well as fashion editorial writing. We have compiled this document to showcase some of our recent workings in the business. Some works include celebrity appearances. (Lindsay Lohan and her weekend in Seattle, WA)Also featured are fashion magazine articles our freelance journalists created for industry publications. We hope that after reviewing the work our company provides, you will also become a valued client in all your media outreach needs. Thank You,

Brandon J. Mingo CEO Mingo Media

17301 Las Vegas Blvd. S. Las Vegas, NV 89109 (800).863.6558

1 Phone: (800).863.6558

From Harvard to Milan Fresh out of Milan Fashion week, D&G by Dolce & Gabbana once again impressed spectators with their casual line of men’s fashion. The models were great, the best looking guys of the class, a definite ode to the frat-rat look in colleges across the country, only here with hair that was washed and groomed. In true fraternity fashion, there was no shortage of brand-whoring and logo display all over the preppy sweaters, jackets, and high water pants. D&G seemingly wants to promote what people see as American, such as Coca-Cola, Mickey Mouse, and college in the fall. This was the point exactly, a tribute to the lost icon of the all-American frat boy of the 1950’s. D&G captured that image with each model that came down the runway styled in a completely different way anyone else ever could. The outfits—all the way to the accessories—were full of color and vibrancy that left not one look unnoticed. From Harvard

-Brandon Mingo (Freelance Fashion Writer) Milan Fashion Week Article GQ Magazine Spring 2011

Phone: (800).863.6558

Press Release Contact: Brandon J. Mingo Phone: (800).863.6558 Address: 17301 Las Vegas Blvd. S. Las Vegas, NV 89109

LINDSAY LOHAN APPEARANCE AT SEATTLE NORDSTROM Celebrity icon Lindsay Lohan will be making an appearance at the downtown Seattle Nordstrom store for the release of her new line of 6126 Leggings and self tanning products, Sevin Nyne. She will sit at a signing table on the second floor in Women’s Wear to sign merchandise and meet and greet with her fans. Table will be set up around 12pm and Lohan will come through the back entrance door to arrive at her seat around 1pm. She will be available for autographs on purchased merchandise and other items fans may bring into the store until around 3pm, at that time Lohan will leave back through the entrance in which she arrived and catch her flight back to Los Angeles. Lohan’s appearance will attract many people off the streets to come into the store, fan or not. An increase in foot traffic to see the celebrity will build store image and boost sales for the business day. 

Who: Lindsay Lohan

What: Product Signing/Meet & Greet

When: Friday July 15th 2011 – 1-3PM

Where: Downtown Nordstrom Flagship/Women’s Wear Dept.

Why: Boost Sales/Fan Interaction

How: Back entrance arrival/departure along with security detail

Phone: (800).863.6558

Elaboration for Lindsay Lohan Seattle Weekend: All three ideas presented to Lohan’s agent, all three were enacted. 1. Since she is promoting her self-tan product, Sevin Nyne, which she helped develop and sell, I think it would be a great idea to send the Downtown Seattle store a ton of free small samples of the Sevin Nyne aerosol can spray tan. They could hand them out in promotional bags with pamphlets on the product line itself. This way fans and consumers make the connection between Lindsay and the product and increase sales over time. Also the fans could get their bottle of Sevin Nyne or product pamphlet signed by Lindsay, who is known for that infamous tan. 2. I think Lindsay, good or bad, is known for being a party girl. I think the night of her appearance at Nordstrom, or even the night prior to build excitement, she should frequent Seattle’s nightlife. I think it would be smart for her to appear around the Capitol Hill neighborhood and spin as a DJ for a club. She is known to be an amateur DJ and her exgirlfriend Samantha Ronson is as well, an appearance with Samantha would be great too. I think Capitol Hill is a good area because the gays love her and she would be well accepted by everyone at a nightclub in this area of Seattle. 3. Similar to the self-tan giveaway that I had mentioned earlier, another product line Lindsay has developed and helped to promote and sell is her line of leggings called 6126. It would be a great way to bring the leggings to mainstream consumers by Nordstrom adopting the line to be carried at their stores in Washington the day she comes to visit. I think that a lot of people have yet to hear about or even know Lindsay has a line of leggings. If she wore a pair herself and had some sort of a mini fashion show in the Women’s department, similar to a live trunk show I think it would create a selling frenzy; people could purchase the leggings and once again have them signed by Lindsay herself.

Phone: (800).863.6558

Catalogue Spread done for Glamour Magazine Summer 2010:

Hot, casual, easy, and fun, perfect style words for Miami this summer. Look sexy wherever you end up, at lunch, out with friends, or meeting up with someone you met online. Be the hot bitch you know you want to be!

The hottest chick in Miami called, she wants her top back! (Express-$65) The staple, every girl has a pair, and you should too, Dior bug-eye stunners. (Dior-$350)

Cuffs were meant to be gaudy and extravagant, like you.

Shiny, croc, black, gold

Religious or not, even

embellishments, done deal.

God approves!




Paris, Lindsay, Britney, Nicole, Kim, Jennifer, and need I say more? (American Eagle-$35)

Throw on this strappy pump with heels higher than the eyebrows you’ll raise. (Runway Shoes-$80)

Phone: (800).863.6558

Fashion Haus de Bland Beige, beige, and then a pop of beige: This was the theme holding together Valentino’s Spring 2011 collection shown in Paris this year. Valentino, a designer known for the women’s dresses he does best at red carpet premieres, disappointed the crowd, confined in an all too small warehouse complete with an old wooden runway reminiscent of ancestors past. The feel of prairie life and the Oregon Trail crossing could have been a point to be made, but it came across more dull than innovative. Before spectators could appreciate the pieces in the collection, they were struck by the lackluster hair and makeup each model wore. Skin was so fair it was nearly translucent, while the tight and braided hair pulled back into an Amish bun did nothing but complement the walking-dead persona that consumed every model. Each dress coming down the saloon-style walkway looked more and more like the one before. The consistent beige each time a gown appeared only displayed minor changes in the construction and details on the dress itself. Shoulder prints and embellishments looked more functioned for life on the prairie than form for a fashion runway. Before completely tuning out the show all together, Valentino gave the audience a sigh of relief, sending out a parade of Valentino red dresses, yet in the same cut as their beige counterparts. In the end, the only thing that fashion devotes could take away from this collection was the winner of the show: a white, halter-top, full length gown ready for any premiere around the world. (Shown: Bottom Photo)

-Brandon Mingo (Freelance Writer/CEO) Milan Fashion Week Article Vogue Magazine Spring 2011

Phone: (800).863.6558

A little bit about me‌

My name is Brandon Mingo and I am the CEO of Mingo Media. I have been operating my company since early 2007 and after much success with Britney Spears album release that year, I have been working with celebrities and fashion industry professionals ever since. Born and raised in the Seattle Metro Area I attended the Art Institute of Seattle for a B.A. in Fashion Marketing & Management. After I graduated in I relocated to Los Angeles for more opportunities in my career field and not to mention sunshine. I always knew that I wanted to serve in this industry with all the marketing needs people may need. I ended up in Las Vegas for job relocation and started my own media business in 2007 with my sister, Carly Mingo, who received her Journalism B.A. from Arizona State. Now with much success and doing what I truly love I look forward to always bringing new clients to my business. Helping anyone with promotional needs for their careers or publication is something all of the people I employ at my office and I love to do. I hope to meet many new faces in 2011 and assist in making sure that all of my clients, celebrities, publications, event productions and so forth are well taken care of and experience the best media promotions that one can have.

Phone: (800).863.6558

Making it perfect

Every woman wants their wedding gown perfect and to look amazing in it. No matter how beautiful the dress of the rack falls on your body most women will seek the work of a seamstress to make the dress a perfect match to their body. Famous local seamstress Jeanette Mingo was doing exactly this in the busiest time in her career in the 80’s and 90’s. Fashion Marketer Brandon Mingo sat down with the local celebrity to get a little dish on what she’s all about… Brandon Mingo: So, what exactly was your title? Jeanette Mingo: I was a seamstress, specializing in wedding gown alterations and embellishments. I would tailor the dress to fit the bride perfectly and also did embellishments like adding beading, ruffles, hems and so on. I also know how to sew off of clothing patterns as well so I would make my family and I garments as also. BM: Where did you learn your talent? Don’t tell me self taught… JM: Pretty much self taught, obviously I watched my mother as I was growing up and leaned it from here then I perfected it on my own. Back then most women knew how to sew, it was like any other housework chore, and you knew how to sew because it helped the family and saved money on clothing. BM: Did you have a business? When did you start that? JM: I was a stay at home mother, typical for the times when I was raising my family in the 1960’s and 1970’s. While I was at home I thought I might as well make some money and a business from a talent I already use personally so I started to work out of my home and made up some business cards to display in local bridal shops for alterations and embellishments. It was easy when I did it to have business cards made and simply ask to have them out at local bridal shops for brides who were looking for a seamstress; I always had them in local type shops, not the corporate locations, although there weren’t many corporate bridal places when I was in my prime BM: When and where was your “prime”? JM: I was at my prime during the 1980’s and 1990’s in Bellevue, WA. I always had a dress I was working on it seemed like. Plus many friends, family, and clients would refer my name to brides. Word of mouth is the best way to be noticed. BM: What was it like back then to be a local seamstress? JM: A lot easier and less competitive to be a local seamstress I feel like. Even though I have not done it in years I would assume that it is not as easy now. A lot of places in Bellevue I believe are

Phone: (800).863.6558

corporate like David’s Bridal or what have you. I think Seattle is more into the local shops and has a select few boutiques I am aware of. BM: Did you like to sew outside of your job projects? JM: Yes I did actually, but it was always for something I needed, so even though I liked it I would say it was for fun but necessary. I either did it to sew a new garment for myself or family. I also make home interior textiles like blankets, pillow coverings, and bedding. BM: Did you make most of your textiles back then? JM: Yes of course, especially before the 1970’s and so on. When my children were little it was cost effective to sew your own garments for yourself and family, then I think I noticed in the 1970’s and so on mass production of clothing and home textiles allowed items in the stores to be as cheap if not cheaper to buy instead of having to make your own things. BM: Then why did you continue to sew until now, your still sewing? JM: Yes I am. I did it more so for the customization of clothing. I would make my husband jacket and ties that fit his body type better or tailor clothing to fit my frame better. It would be cost effective again when a friend of family member would give me a nice jacket and I could take it in to fit me perfectly. BM: What do you like to sew now? JM: Really I don’t do too much anymore, but I like to make my own pants because I hate the ones in stores. I do not like denim or jeans really and most pants have a crotch that it so tight to your body it feels really uncomfortable all day. So if I am making myself a garment it would be pants. BM: I have to ask it, any advice to young designers, tailors, people looking into seaming for wedding gowns? JM: Obviously love that you do it, pay attention to details in your works, don’t get sloppy in stitching or embellishing and make sure you have a quality machine to work with. You can be the best seamstress in the world and a poor machine will reflect in your work. The same goes vice versa; you can have the best equipment but if you’re not passionate or pay attention it will not turn out great.

-Brandon Mingo (Freelance writer/CEO) Bridal Designer Interview Seattle Bride Magazine 2010

Phone: (800).863.6558

Thank You We hope to hear from you soon

Phone: (800).863.6558

Media Kit  

Proposed media plan for concept Ad Agency.

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