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Dear Friends of Bishop Montgomery, Welcome to this newest edition of Veritas magazine. Included is the annual report, our yearly opportunity for us to thank all of you who have made a financial commitment to Bishop Montgomery. With your support we are able to continue to grow—to provide the students with the facilities, equipment, and programs that help us fulfill our mission to produce graduates who are Christ-centered, academically dedicated, physically knowledgeable, and socially responsible. When the development staff sits down to plan each issue of Veritas, we are proud of the fact that there are so many stories to tell. This issue focuses on Christian Service—particularly our denim days—and also gives wonderful examples of our alumnae’s continued commitment to living their faith in action. I have asked our students to consider this statement: “What you love you will become.” This statement is all about choice. I remind them that the ability for each individual to choose is powerful. Each choice is not only a choice for that moment and speaks about who we are now, but also speaks to what kind of person we are each working to become. “What you love is what you will become.” We work to challenge our students to realize that the ordinary living that they do each day—through their tasks, their encounters with others—become an act of praise and thanksgiving. We work to challenge our students to realize that the ordinary living that they do each day—through their tasks and their encounters with others become an expression of “love thy neighbor as thyself.” “What you love is what you will become.” We work to challenge our students to make choices, no matter how small they seem, that proclaim that God is love and that our reflection of that truth in how we care for others has the power to create a widening light—the light that comes from faith, and hope, and as St. Paul says, the greatest of all these—love. I think you will see wonderful examples of that light and that love in the following pages. We are blessed with your generosity, your commitment, and your care. We ask for your prayers. You can be certain that you are in ours. Sincerely,

Rosemary Libbon Principal




Fall/Winter 2010-2011

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Thank you for sharing [the Haiti story] - several people have already asked how they can get involved. I really like the focus you are taking on those serving in the military - having my sister in Iraq and knowing some of what went on that is not covered in the news really brought it home that most Americans go on with life not really thinking of those serving (and the family members home worrying) in truly frightening conditions. BMHS fosters the importance of going beyond yourself to places that are uncomfortable to help those in need. Laura Valleni-Basile ‘87 As the mother of a current Marine (Bobby Jakucs ‘04), I appreciate your latest issue of Veritas honoring active duty military members and veterans, as they give so much to serve our great nation and work diligently to keep us safe. They greatly appreciate their service being remembered by individuals and the community as a whole. Warm regards. Mrs. Carole Canitia-Jakucs

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The Latin word Veritas is defined “truth.” In Roman mythology, Veritas was the goddess of truth, a daughter of Saturn and the mother of Virtue. Veritas is also the name given to the Roman virtue of truthfulness, which was considered one of the many virtues any good Roman should have possessed. “Veritas” is included in many university mottos as well, including Yale University’s Lux et Veritas (Light and Truth). Veritas is also the motto of Harvard University, and the Dominican Order of the Roman Catholic Church. The BMHS motto is “justice, truth, honor” and the case can be made that all pursuits, if they are valid, must first be rooted in truth. We, as a school community, certainly strive to achieve that goal. VERITAS magazine is published two times a year by the Development Office of Bishop Montgomery High School. For more information or to send comments or suggestions, please contact: Andy Marafino Director of Marketing & Public Relations Bishop Montgomery High School 5430 Torrance Boulevard Torrance, California 90503 (310) 540-2021 ext. 246 Publisher:

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V ERITAS The Magazine of Bishop Montgomery High School





t is no secret that Bishop Montgomery students, faculty and staff donate thousands of dollars and volunteer thousands of hours each year in service to others. Christian service is part of what makes the atmosphere on campus one of generosity, caring, and community. This willingness to help others is carried over into the lives of many BMHS graduates long after they leave campus and provides inspiration to both current and future students. Perhaps the most visible way the BMHS community serves others is through the bi-monthly “denim days” held on campus. In the late 1990’s Lee Jeans launched a campaign to raise money for breast cancer research through the Susan G. Komen Foundation. At their businesses, people donated $2 and wore denim in a show of support. Then Activities Director, and current Assistant Director of Development, Dione Dierks thought bringing the Lee National Denim Day to campus would be a great way to get the students and faculty involved in this worthy cause. Dierks received a denim day kit from Lee and BMHS was off and running; actually, sprinting would be a better word. “Lee sent us 300 plastic pink ribbons, but we had over 1,000 students and faculty participate,” explains Dierks. “We had to run all over town to buy ribbons for everyone.” With that, the denim phenomenon was born at Bishop.

In the 2003-2004 school year, ASB president Jonathon Meyer ‘04 was looking for ways the students could help more people and suggested to Campus Ministry that denim days be instituted on a monthly basis. After gaining approval from the administration, Meyer, who is currently studying to be a priest at St. John’s Seminary in Camarillo, and his classmates went to work finding people to help and projects to support. Each year, students, faculty and staff submit denim day proposals to the Campus Ministry class. With guidance from BMHS Campus Minister Dorothy Morski, ideas are discussed and projects are chosen. On the selected days, members of Campus Ministry collect $2 from students and faculty, who are then permitted to wear denim. “One of the problems we have,” explains Morski, “is the Campus Ministry students want to help everybody.” With that in mind, denim day became a bimonthly event on campus in order to reach out to more people. Since 2003-2004, students, faculty, and staff have donated over $109,000 through denim day collections...a truly astounding figure. Many new projects are brought before Campus Ministry each year, but there are several denim day projects that have become staples at Bishop Montgomery. Each October, a collection is earmarked for the Komen


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COVER STORY Foundation. This year, over $300 was raised for the cause. November collections are reserved for the annual Thanksgiving dinner drive through All Life Charities at St. Elizabeth’s Outreach Center in Wilmington. This Thanksgiving was one of the most successful drives to date, with over $2,000 rasied to feed 100 families. This Christmas, students, faculty and staff “adopted” 35 families. Through this collection, homerooms are assigned a family through All Life Charities and are given an index card with the names, ages, clothes and shoe sizes, and interests of each member. Each homeroom purchases gifts, wraps them, and pre-

pares them for delivery to the families. “The out-pouring of support was trememdous this year,” explains Morski. “Many teachers and students wanted to know very specific information about their adopted family so that they could buy them exactly what they wanted.” Already this school year, denim day collections have benefited many other people and organizations. On the following pages are a few more examples of how BMHS denim days have made an impact on the lives of our students, faculty, staff, alumni and the world around us.

Helping Young Families Two first semester denim days were dedicated to helping families with young children who experienced recent suffering. When senior Brynne Moeller ‘11 came to Mrs. Morski with news that the 7-year old son of some close family friends was diagnosed with a brain tumor, the first denim day of the school year was dedicated to helping with the medical expenses. BMHS students, faculty and staff raised $300 for Emmett O’Brien, the son of Patrick and Katy O’Brien. In November, Mrs. Morski spoke to her Campus Ministry class about a newly married Temecula couple who were the parents of twin six-month old girls. One day, the father, who worked two jobs, was feeling very ill and called work to tell them he was unable to come in that day. When his bosses informed him that he had to come in, he got in his car and headed for work. While driving, he lost consciousness, crashed and later died. Soon after, a foundation was set up to help pay for his girls’ education and the BMHS denim day raised $500 for the fund.

ABOVE: “Team Emily” gathers together prior to the Las Vegas VisionWalk.

Las Vegas VisionWalk When longtime BMHS attendance office clerk Maggie Wilbanks approached Campus Ministry with a request to support her three year-old granddaughter, Emily, who has a blinding retinal degenerative disease, a November denim day was quickly placed on the calendar. Wilbanks, along with friends and family members, including Emily’s parents Gary and Yvonne, were raising money for the Foundation Fighting Blindness’ 3rd Annual Las Vegas VisionWalk in November. Through the BMHS denim day collection, $300 was donated to “Team Emily.” The Wilbanks clan was a part of 400 walkers who participated in the event held on the campus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. To date, the Las Vegas VisionWalk has raised over $55,000 for vital retinal research and over $15 million has been raised through VisionWalks held nationwide. For more information about retinal diseases, the Foundation Fighting Blindness or a VisionWalk in your area, go to or



Maggie Wilbanks




ABOVE: BMHS Friendship Circle members (l to r) Lizette Cabrera ‘13, Danielle Dan Hadley ‘11, and Jenny Weigley ‘13 at the Pier-to-Pier Walk in October.

Friendship Circle Attends to Special Needs The Friendship Circle, a Bishop Montgomery club started last year as a way to promote interest in the larger, national Friendship Circle organization, is invloved in many activities that help young people with special needs such as autism and Down Syndrome. Many of the activities involve teaching basic skills such as making monetary transactions, communicating with unfamiliar faces, and functioning in public places. Most importantly, however, Friendship Circle provides time and companionship to those in need. “The kids that we work with crave friendship,” explains club president Danielle Hadley ‘11.

One of those occasions to donate time was on October 26, 2010 at the Friendship Circle’s 2nd Annual Pier-to-Pier Walk sponsored by SKECHERS. The 3.4-mile walk from the Manhattan Beach Pier to the Hermosa Beach Pier and back helps raise money for organization programs, but it also raises awareness that children with special needs require individualized attention. Not only did Bishop dedicate an October denim day to help support the walk, but club moderator Ms. Molly Posedel and Hadley organized a team from BMHS to participate in the walk. The event was attended by over 4,000 participants, including the Bishop Montgomery team and one of the event’s special guests, fitness icon and BMHS graduate Denise Austin (Denise Katnich ‘75).

While Hadley was a student at American Martyrs, a Friendship Circle branch was organized on campus and it sparked an interThe Bishop Montgomery denim day raised est to get involved. “I have a 5-year old cousin $300 for the pier-to-pier walk. In all, the event with special needs and I thought it would be raised over $380,000 for local schools and the great to help out in any way I could,” explains South Bay’s chapter of Friendship Circle. Hadley. As a founding member of the Bishop For Hadley and the other Bishop students, Montgomery chapter, Hadley and the others in paticipating in the walk and working with the club discuss ways they can volunteer their young people with special needs is a learning time, as well as opportunities to work with ABOVE: experience. “The most important thing I have Friendship Circle chapters at schools like Mira Danielle Hadley ‘11, center. and Akemi Inugay ‘11, right, learned,” says Hadley, “is patience.” enjoy the pier-to-pier walk. Costa, Redondo and West. “What is important is not donating money; it is donating time to For more information about Friendship Circle and its south Bay chapthese kids,” explains Hadley. “They want people to talk to, people to do ter, visit things with, people to spend time with.”


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1983 Graduates Come to the Aid of Classmate In August 2010, a devastating car crash outside of Bishop, California took the lives of three people and injured 15 others, some seriously. One of those critically injured was Derek Thomas, a 2010 graduate of Cathedral Catholic High School in San Diego and the son of Paula HayThomas ‘83. Thomas was set to attend Occidental College to play football and rugby before the accident occured. The accident involved two cross-country teams traveling in opposite directions on Highway 395 five miles south of Bishop. Thomas suffered burns over 85% of his body, and one of the three people killed was his girlfriend, Amanda Post, also a 2010 graduate of Cathedral Catholic.

Following the accident, Post’s family set up a recovery fund for Derek and a memorial scholarship fund for Amanda (pictured above). The medical costs for Thomas are estimated to be over $6 million. Despite the fact that insurance and the state will take care of a large portion of the costs, the family will still be responsible for close to $500,000 in medical bills. To help raise money for Thomas, members of the Class of 1983 participated in a 5K run for the Derek Thomas Recovery Fund on October 23, 2010 at Lake Murray in San Diego. BMHS classmates of HayThomas have also participated in blood drives and contributed financially to the fund. “[The 5k] was truly an inspiring event,” said Cathie Hines-Ireland ‘83. “[Paula] is the embodiment of grace under pressure. The family was so grateful for everyone’s support and the [Cathedral] kids were amazing with their dedication to their fellow classmates. The love in the air was palpable.” BMHS students and faculty jumped at the chance to help and dedicated two of their January “Denim Days” to raise money for the recovery fund. A total of $2,000 was raised for the fund. To make a contribution directly to the Derek Thomas Recovery Fund, send checks, made out to FBO Derek Thomas Fund, to: San Diego Trust Bank, Attn: Mary Purviance, Sr. Vice President, 781 Garden View Ct., Suite 100, Encinitas, CA 92024 or call 760-479-4344

ABOVE: Members of the Class of 1983 participate in The Derek Thomas Recovery Fund 5K. L to R are Kim Spagnoli ‘83, Cathie Hines-Ireland ‘83, Mike Fay ‘83, and Paula Hay-Thomas ‘83.





Students Today Leaders Forever is Brainchild of ‘03 Graduate From the time she stepped foot on campus as a freshman in 2000, Irene Fernando ‘03 was a leader. As a member of student government and Campus Ministry, she played a vital role in organizing and leading many activities, Christian service projects, and classmates during her four years at Bishop Montgomery. It is no surprise, then, that Fernando works for an organization with the word ‘leadership’ in its title. Following graduation from BMHS, Fernando attended the University of Minnesota, where she earned her degree in marketing from the Carlson School of Management. One night during freshman year, Fernando and three friends were up late discussing how they might make an impact on campus; more specifically, they were dreaming. Soon, the organization Students Today Leaders Forever (STLF) was founded and a career was born for Fernando. Today, Fernando serves as the Co-Executive Director of STLF and is pursuing a masters degree in education from the University of Minnesota’s Youth Development Leadership Program. The mission of STLF is “to reveal leadership through actions,” explains Fernando. “We believe that leadership is already within every young person and we provide experiences that will help to draw this out.” Perhaps the most visible way STLF does this is through their “Pay It Forward Tours.” These tours involve busloads of students traveling to different states ,working on service projects in the communities they visit. These projects range from helping to clean and paint youth centers to visiting the elderly in nursing homes (and everything in between). They are truly experiences that focus on service, education and reflection. In addition to the Pay It Forward Tours, STLF facilitates high school leadership camps throughout the country. Through these camps, students receive a “focused and intensive leadership experience through which [they can] build lasting relationships and discover personal and transferable skills and leadership.”

Perhaps what is most impressive about STLF is the growth of the organization since that fateful night when Fernando was a college freshman. The first Pay It Forward Tour originated out of the University of Minnesota when approxiamtely 40 students spent their spring break traveling the country in service to others. Since then, STLF has organized 240 tours involving almost 9,500 students serving over 115,000 volunteer hours. The impact of STLF has reached well beyond the borders of Minnesota. Pay It Forward Tours now originate out of college, high school and middle school campuses in 13 states.

ABOVE: STLF Co-Founder Irene Fernando ‘03, black shirt, at a Pay It Forward tour stop at Shattuck-St. Mary’s School in Minnesota Minnesota.

In November, Fernando was back in California for a visit to Bishop Montgomery and to speak to the students in Campus Ministry. Her message to the BMHS students was a call to action. “I wanted them to know that young people are part of a very purposeful movement in our country,” explains Fernando. “It is important for the students to reflect on their own personal leadership; what it is they want to contribute to their personal lives, their communities and the world around them.”

ABOVE: Irene Fernando ‘03, bottom, with fellow STLF co-founders.

A November denim day was dedicated to STLF and Fernando was pleasantly surprised to receive a check for $500 from BMHS. “When I got the envelope, I was overwhelmed by the generosity,” explains Fernando, who said that the funds will be used for leadership training and financial aid for young people to go on Pay It Forward Tours. For more information about Students Today Leaders Forever, visit


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David Price ‘73

Alumni in the Military: An Update Editor’s Note: We received an overwhelming response to our last issue of Veritas and the cover story about our alumni who have served or are still serving in the military. On the following pages are some of the updates we received following the publication of the last issue. A complete list of alumni in the military can be found at

Col. David Price ‘73 - United States Army (Retired) Army Col. (Retired) David Price ‘73 comes from a long line of BMHS graduates. He was preceded at BMHS by siblings Stephen ‘64, Margaret ‘65, Cathy ‘67 and Michael ‘71 and followed by brothers Vincent ‘75, John ‘78 and Tim ‘85, and niece, Elizabeth ‘97. He graduated from the University of San Francisco in 1977 and was commissioned through ROTC as an Infantry Second Lieutenant. After completing Infantry officer schooling at Ft Benning, Georgia, he served as a Company Executive Officer in 1-31st Infantry (Mechanized) in the 2nd Infantry Division at Camp Howze, Korea. He then served as a Rifle Platoon Leader in 2-9th Infantry at Camp Greaves, Korea. That battalion redeployed to Ft Riley, Kansas, where it was re-designated as 2-16th Infantry (Mech) in the 1st Infantry Division. Lieutenant, and then, Captain Price served in the Big Red One as a Mechanized Rifle Platoon Leader, Anti-Tank Platoon Leader, Battalion Motor Officer and S-3 Air Operations Officer, with two REFORGER deployments to Germany. After completing the Infantry Officer Advanced Course at Ft Benning, Price returned to Korea and commanded C Company, 117th Infantry (Mech), 2 ID at Camp Casey from 1982-83. He next commanded a recruiting comapny in Maine from 1983-85, where he met his wife, Susan. His next assignment was as an Operations Officer at



the Field Artillery School, Ft Sill, Oklahoma, where his son, Nathan, was born. He left active duty and assumed his third company command of B Company, 1-361st Infantry in Chico, California. Promoted to Major, he joined the 91st USA Maneuver Training Command at Camp Parks, Dublin, CA, serving as an ARTEP Observer/ Controller on the Armor Team and Training Officer for the Combat Support Exercise Division. The 91st MTC re-organized as 1st Bde (Battle Command Staff Training), 91st Div (Training Support), and LTC and then COL Price served from 1993-2003 in a variety of staff and command positions to include Battalion Command. In support of Operation Enduring Freedom in 2003, he served on a variety of missions in Washington and Texas for units deploying to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Guantanamo. Price deployed to Iraq where he planned and implemented training for the Iraqi Army in Baghdad. He also served as a member of the initial Iraqi Police Working Group formed when the U.S. assumed the mission of training Iraqi Police. Upon returning to the U.S., he was the Chief of Staff of the 5th Army Tactical Command Post at Ft Bliss, TX. He next headed to Saudi Arabia to serve as Senior Observer Trainer for the 4th Saudi Royal Land Forces Armored Brigade. He also served as the mobilized 1/91st Brigade Chief of Staff, and as a Senior Observer and Excercise Director in the re-designated 5th Bde, 75th Division.



Alicia Valleni-Matteson ‘89

Johanna & Jason Miyoshi ‘04 Gregory Dillon ‘03

Price retired in 2007 after 30 years of service and returned to his civilian job as a police detective for the city of Anderson, CA. He is a graduate of the Army Command and General Staff College and his awards include the Legion of Merit, Meritorious Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Reserve Components Achievement Medal, National Defense Medal, Iraq Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Korea Defense Service Medal, Armed Forces Reserve Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon, Expert Infantry Badge and Parachutist Badge. Cpt. Tim McAllister ‘63 served as a dentist in the US Army dental corps at Fort Dix, New Jersey from July 1971 to July 1973. James Freed ‘66 served in the Air Force from 1967-1971. He served four years of active duty, but retired in 2007 as an Air Force program manager with 33 years of combined service. During his civil service career, he held many positions, including maintenance mechanic crew chief on KC-135, C-5A, F-4, F-16, and A-10 aircrafts; business development for Hill AFB in Utah; support equipment expert on the F-35 at Hill AFB; financial program manager, special ops at Hurlbert Field, Florida; and program manager of avionics, F-4 at Drones Hill AFB, Utah. He is the treasurer for the non-profit group Veterans for Human Rights ( in Portland, OR.

Francis Santarina ‘91 is on active duty with the United States Navy. He has served in Iraq twice, 2003 and 2005, and in Kuwait in 2010. He returned from Kuwait in July and is now stationed in San Diego. Sgt. Gregory Dillon ‘03 is on active duty in the United States Marines. This summer he deployed as part of the 26th MEU aboard the USS Kearsarge. His unit’s mission is to “sail” to Pakistan to provide humanitarian assistance for all flooding and civil unrest. After his 9month deployment, his unit will patrol middle eastern waters. Lt. Bobby Jakucs ‘04 is a combat engineer officer with the United States Marines. He is currently serving in Afghanistan and he is based out of Camp Lejeune, NC. Lt. Junior Grade Jason Miyoshi ‘04 completed his advanced naval flight training and received his “Wings of Gold” in July 2010 in Florida at Naval Air Station Whiting Field. He is a helicopter pilot for the United States Navy and is currently stationed in Mayport, Florida. On August 28, 2010, Jason married Johanna Morales-Miyoshi ‘04 at Saint Margaret Mary Church. Air Force Airman 1st Class Paul Nuno ‘04 recently graduated with honors from basic military training at Lackland AFB in San Antonio. Andrea Braasch ‘07 is a corpsman in the United States Navy,

Alicia Valleni-Matteson ‘89 has served in the United States Air Force since 1990 when she attended the Air Force Academy after graduating from BMHS. She is a clinical psychologist in the Air Force and recently served a 6-month tour in Iraq. She is stationed in Germany.

Chris Dippel ‘07 will graduate in May from the Naval Academy. Following graduation he will report to Georgia and join the Marines. Joshua Selfridge ‘09, United States Navy, is stationed in Florida.


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Eco Club Brings New Recycling Program to Campus A newly formed club on campus is the Eco Club. Led by moderator Mr. Meyette and co-Presidents Karly Goins ‘11 and Lauren O’Connor ‘11, the club’s mission is to inform students about environmental issues and to promote stewardship of the planet through service. When Assistant Principal Steve Miller was looking for ways to help reduce the cost of trash removal, he approached the Eco Club about bringing a more organized recycling program to campus. “In our meetings, we have been discussing ways that we can become a more environmentally-friendly campus,” explains Goins. “We thought having more recycling bins on campus was a great place to start.”

ABOVE: Members of the Eco Club accept recycling bins from AAA Rubish representatives Mattew Kotanjian (far left) and Donny Beal (far right).

On January 10, a new recycling program became a reality on campus when Donny Beal and Matthew Kotanjian of AAA Rubish, Inc., delivered recycling bins to campus. The bins, generously donated by AAA Rubish, where immediately placed around campus and the program was under way.

Friendship Circle Helps Children and Local Elementary School On December 7, 2010 Barnes & Noble in Torrance, in conjunction with the BMHS Friendship Circle club, hosted a book fair, in part to help support a local elementary school. Members of the club, led by President Danielle Hadley ‘11, read Christmas books to shoppers and kids, and did a simple Christmas craft with children from the Friendship Circle. A portion of all sales helped purchase books for Our Lady of the Rosary School in Paramount. The mission of the Friendship Circle is to extend a helping hand to families who have children with special needs and involve them in a full range of social experiences. The Circle’s unique formula introduces teenage volunteers to the children, and through shared experiences, both are enriched.


Senior Jack Lowery ‘11 reads to children at the Barnes & Noble Book Fair in December.

Drama Lab Productions Appeal to a Wide Audience Drama Lab at Bishop Montgomery has always been known for putting on productions that are original, humorous, and a little quirky. This year, however, Drama Lab took a new, and a bit more serious, approach to its first play of the year; nonetheless, it continued to bring great entertainment to the school community. The 2010-2011 schedule began with an unforgettable performance of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. The actors put on fantastic and chilling performances that left the audience in silence. It was incredible to watch the students articulate such demanding lines and fully grasp the show’s dark undertone and allegory to McCarthyism. Of course, the show could not have happened without the wonderful direction and inspiration of the directors, Ms. Rudder and Ms. Moreau, who kept the show true to its original play and remained adamant about costumes being realistic to the time period. The show gave Drama Lab the opportunity to prove just how much talent is at BMHS. Not only did Drama Lab put on another great show after The Crucible - performing the children’s favorite The Twits by Roald Dahl - they branched out into the theatre and improv community. Drama Lab provided a generous donation to the Shakespeare Church in England. The improv team has been preparing for their Longforn show, where the team will compete in an act to improvise an entire play. Upcoming events to look out for include performances of Everyman, the friends and family improv game, and the highly anticipated spring musical, Guys & Dolls on March 2-5. Story by Helen Ray ‘11





Thank You.

HONOR ROLL OF DONORS Each year, alumni, parents, past parents, and friends support Bishop Montgomery High School by contributing to BMHS’ fundraising efforts. The Knight Pride program and our other fundraising programs allow us to continue to make BMHS an outstanding school. Our sincerest appreciation goes to all those listed below for their meaningful endorsement of the mission of Bishop Montgomery High School. The list of donors below encompasses the fiscal year July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010. In reports of this nature, mistakes are inevitable. If your gift was omitted or improperly noted, please accept our apology. If you have noticed such an error, please notify the Development Office at 310-540-2021 ext. 246, so we can correct our records. Bishop George Montgomery Gold Club ($10,000 +) Anonymous Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation Catholic Education Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Mark Martis George H. Mayr Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Richard Meehan Palos Verdes Resale Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ruggera George & Virginia Schneider Charitable Foundation

Bishop George Montgomery Associate ($5,000 +) Anonymous Anonymous BMHS Athletic Booster Club BMHS Mothers’ Club Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Morton The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Los Angeles Mr. Jason Vivas ‘96 Black and Gold Circle ($2,000 +) Mr. Michael Abbate Mr. & Mrs. Dave Alvarez Mr. Lawrence Bower Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dippel Ms. Vanessa Fishman Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fitzsimons Mr. & Mrs. Don Hinshilwood Mr. & Mrs. Edward Miranda Mr. & Mrs. John Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Scott Salisbury ‘71 (Anne Corso ’72) Mr. & Mrs. Scott Smith St. Catherine Laboure Carnival St. James Church St. James School St. Margaret Mary Holy Name Society St. Margaret Mary School St. Philomena School Mr. Martin von Kanel ‘80 Knight Club ($1,000 - $1,999) Mr. & Mrs. Glen Bordenave




Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Campbell (Teresa Fernandez ’78) Mr. & Mrs. Michael Daly Ms. Beverly Granados Mr. Patrick Greene ‘63 Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Grove ’82 (Kerry Bateman ’82) Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Hickerson Mr. Fredrick Horn ‘68 Ms. Danielle Kithcart Knights of Columbus – 4567 Mr. James MacLeod Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Manalansan Ms. Sable Manson ‘03 Ms. Cynthia Marriott Ms. Jean Marzolino Mr. & Mrs. Tim McOsker ’80 (Connie Tamburri ’81) Mr. & Mrs. Leo Montegrande Nativity Catholic School Mr. & Mrs. Russ Pittelkau St. John Fisher School

Excalibur Club ($500 +) Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Bell California Community Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Calloway Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Carleo (Donna Di Maria ’76) Chevron Mr. & Mrs. Walter Gonzalez Mr. & Mrs. Greg Jaquez Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kelly Ms. Jamey McElroy Mr. Dave Naramore Mr. Ross O’Brien ‘76 Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Quintana (Yolanda Heredia ’75) Mr. & Mrs. Louis Rich Mr. Joe Rumsey ‘83 Mr. Chris Schneider ‘73 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Smith ‘81 St. Catherine Laboure Holy Names Society St. Margaret Mary Women’s Society

Donor of Bishop Montgomery ($100 +) Mr. & Mrs. Rommel Abraham Mr. & Mrs. Paul Aguilar ‘79 Anonymous ‘85

Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Antista Ms. Carmen Arias ‘81 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Arnett Mr. & Mrs. Reilly Atkinson Mr. & Mrs. William Balcer Mr. & Mrs. Tom Baumgartner Mr. William Bedsworth ‘65 Dr. Teresa Benton Mr. & Mrs. Gary Berouty Mr. Oscar Bojorquez ‘05 Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Brown Mr. & Mrs. Jim Burschinger ‘73 Mr. & Mrs. Orlando Cabanday The Cafaro Family Mr. Mark Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Javier Cano Ms. Cristina Ceballos ‘99 Ms. Karen Cherry Ms. Tammy Cuza-Orozco ‘88 Mr. & Mrs. Elizardo De Guzman Mr. Chuck Desiderio ‘67 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Dieter Mr. & Mrs. Frank Distaso Dr. & Mrs. Patrick Dowling Ms. Brenda Dulay Mr. Donald English ‘71 Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Enriquez Mr. Mike Fay ‘83 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Fay Mr. & Mrs. Andre Ficklin Mr. & Mrs. Darren Forsee Mr. & Mrs. Jose Franco Mr. & Mrs. Yuki Fujita Mr. & Mrs. Brian Garbe ‘84 (Sue Reinbold ’85) Ms. Sharon Garvey-Silengo ‘72 Mr. & Mrs. Bill Gilles ‘68 (Eileen Hohn ’69) Girard Glass Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Peter Gregoris Mr. & Mrs. Charles Grove Mr. & Mrs. Simeon Gumacal Mr. & Mrs. Bret Hadley Mr. & Mrs. Randall Halle Mr. & Mrs. Alejandro Haro Mr. & Mrs. Les Hashimoto Mr. & Mrs. Maurice HerbelinFarrar ‘90 Ms. Jocelyn Hillard ‘81 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hindman (Linda Ambrosi ‘72) Mr. & Mrs. John Horejsi Ms. Emily Howard


Mr. & Mrs. Marcos Idang The Italian Catholic Federation Mr. Marc June ‘73 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Jusko The Leonard Kaemmerer Family Mr. & Mrs. Steve Kaemmerer Mr. & Mrs. Mike Kamp Ms. Sue Keith Knights of Columbus Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kuriki Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Lane Mr. & Mrs. Kirby Larson Mr. Gregory Laurinat ‘78 Mr. & Mrs. Kazue Le Dr. & Mrs. Kerry Lee ‘81 Mr. & Mrs. Bill Legler Mr. Newton Lesh ‘61 Mr. & Mrs. Bill Lippert ’66 Mr. & Mrs. Robert London Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Mack Ms. Lisa Mahowald & Family Mr. & Mrs. Hong Mai Mr. & Mrs. Andy Marafino (Kathy Baumgartner ’85) Ms. Jeannette Martinez-Gonzalez Mr. & Mrs. Daniel McCall Ms. Sharon McCool ‘73 Mr. Emmett McOsker ‘07 Ms. Margot Melville-Hume ‘64 Mr. David Mexico ‘71 Mr. Gary Meyer ‘73 Ms. Ida Nazon ‘61 Mr. & Mrs. Alan Nelson Ms. Brigid O’Brien ‘86 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Oishi Ms. Leticia Orozco Mr. Doug Pfaff ‘85 Mr. & Mrs. Roberto Rabot Mr. & Mrs. Jon Rager Mr. & Mrs. Mark Ramirez Ms. Linda Reano Mr. Rick Rhillinger ‘80 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Rumsey ‘73 Mr. Patrick Rumsey ‘77 Mr. & Mrs. William Sablan Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sansbury Mr. Todd Schafer Mr. & Mrs. Chris Schiller Ms. Anne Schneider-Cronin ‘69 Mr. Richard Simonson ‘66 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Skelley Ms. Susan Strauss Dr. Linda Swanson Target Take Charge of Education

HONOR ROLL OF DONORS Mr. & Mrs. Ed Tobias Mr. & Mrs. Mike Truelsen Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Vega Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Velez Mr. & Mrs. Robert Vezzuto Mr. & Mrs. Nick Villa Rev. Ricky Viveros ‘97 Ms. Betty Wall Washington-Mutual Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Watkins Mr. & Mrs. Eugene West Mr. & Mrs. Tony Yanko Ms. Pam York-Altobelli ‘73 Ms. Marlene Young

Patron of Bishop Montgomery ($10 +) Mr. & Mrs. William Alexander & Family Mr. & Mrs. Cosmo Ali Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Mike Baaden ‘82 (Diane Dieter ’88) Mr. Raymond Beeman ‘69 Mr. William Bender ‘61 Mr. Daniel Blake ‘88 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Botello Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Bretney Mr. Jack Bungarden Mr. & Mrs. Donald Burt Mrs. Mary Jo Butier-Rios ‘96 Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Butterfield Ms. Jasmin Camarena ‘07 Ms. Rosemary Catena-Trez ‘70 Mr. James Ciampa ‘83 Mr. & Mrs. John Covington Ms. Marianne D’Alesio-Welsh ‘61 Mr. & Mrs. Jack Decker Mr. & Mrs. Juan Espindola Ms. Irene Fernando ‘03 Mr. & Mrs. Steve Finton Mr. Mike Fish ‘80 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Flanagan Good Search Ms. Julie Hast Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hebson The Holm Family Ms. Diana Homesly-Murphy ‘70 Mr. & Mrs. Tim Hugo Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ireland (Cathy Hines ’83) Ms. Julie Jacks Ms. Suzanne Johnston Mr. & Mrs. Louis Jones Ms. Jamie Kamiya-Haagsma ‘00 Ms. Lisa Kido Ms. Laura Koerting-Hole ‘68 Mr. & Mrs. Peter Kohly Ms. Sammye Lacy ‘71 Mr. & Mrs. David Leach Ms. Jean Lee Mr. Jerry Leininger ‘64

Mr. & Mrs. Brad Lomas Mr. Mike Lorden ‘73 Ms. Kathy Luhman Ms. Lisa Lundgren Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Marafino Ms. Jeanne McCusker-Whetsell ‘72 Ms. Marie Mendiondo Mr. & Mrs. William Mona Ms. Lisa Morgan-Olson Mr. Paul Nazon ‘68 Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Ness Mr. Albert Nguyen ‘00 Mr. & Mrs. Sonny Nguyen Ms. Marilyn O’Connor Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Pascual Mr. & Mrs. Keith Pittluck Mr. & Mrs. David Podzimek ‘98 The Pohley Family (Teresa Stark ’75) Mr. Ruben Presiado ‘69 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Quintiliani Ms. April Ricardo ‘05 Mr. & Mrs. Tom Roach Mr. & Mrs. Albert Schiele Ms. Jan Schubert-Glusac ‘80 Ms. Gina Semenza ‘99 Mr. & Mrs. Dick Shiller (Barbara Fox ’66) Ms. Laura Simpson Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sisson ‘73 Mr. Kevin Slattery ‘85 Ms. Mione Joy Smith Ms. Kim Spagnoli ‘83 Ms. Nancy Spinelli Mr. & Mrs. Richard Stark ‘70 Mr. & Mrs. Tom Stark ‘84 Mr. & Mrs. Matt Starkey ‘83 (Michele Benson ’85) St. Catherine Laboure School

ABOVE: Spirit Squad member Kristina Debelak ‘13 watches a home football game at Knights Stadium.

Ms. Cherie Stehula-Lonjers ‘75 Mr. & Mrs. Brian Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Jim Sweeney Mr. Christopher Tiu Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Villa

Matching Gift Donors The following companies supported BMHS through their corporate and foundation matching gift programs. We thank each donor for taking the initiative to ensure this added benefit for Bishop Montgomery. American Honda Motor Corp., Inc. Bank of America Boeing California Community Foundation ChevronTexaco Foundation Edison International Mattel Children’s Foundation Nissan North America, Inc. Northrop Grumman Foundation Raytheon Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. Union Bank of California Wells Fargo Foundation

Ms. Diane Waldron Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wells ’73 (Patty Stacey ’73) Ms. Tanya Wofford Mr. Robert Zeimet ‘73 Ms. Arlene Zobrist

United Way Donors Through the United Way campaign at their place of employment, individuals are able to designate BMHS as the recipient of their donation. The following companies made contributions on behalf of their employees. We thank each donor for their generous consideration. The Aerospace Corporation AT & T Edison International Employees Contributions Employees Charity Organization (ECHO) Gardena Association of Reliable Donors Honeywell Wells Fargo Community Support


/ 15

HONOR ROLL OF DONORS Mission Statement The mission of Bishop Montgomery High School is to provide quality Catholic education primarily to college bound students of varied academic abilities from the South Bay area. We serve the needs of the Church and the larger community by providing intellectually mature persons who have learned to integrate world knowledge with Catholic beliefs and values. Our mission is accomplished through the cooperative efforts of parents, students, and staff by providing a rigorous curriculum and a positive discipline program that challenges all students to reach their potential. The mission is realized in a community that nourishes the faith life of the parents, students, and staff through prayer, worship, and service to others. The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, racial or ethnic origin in administration or its education policies, admission policies, scholarships and loan program, and athletic or other school administered programs.

Gifts in memory of: Mike Antista By Mr. Fredrick Horn ‘68 Sumer Alvarez ‘03 By Mr. & Mrs. Dave Alvarez Mr. & Mrs. John Murphy

Marguerite Marafino By Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Marafino Joseph & Margaret McCool By Ms. Sharon McCool ‘73

Alex Bender & Alex Bender, Jr. ‘64 By Mr. William Bender ‘61

Morgan Miranda ‘00 By Mr. & Mrs. Edward Miranda

Catherine Cafaro-Busse ‘80 By The Cafaro Family

Mike Murphy By Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Antista Mr. & Mrs. Frank Dieter

Catherine Cardosa By Dr. & Mrs. Patrick Dowling Richard & Sarah Cherry By Ms. Karen Cherry Mr. and Mrs. Earl Grove By Mr. & Mrs. Charles Grove

Josephine Presiado By Mr. Ruben Presiado ‘69 Michael B. Ruggera, Jr. ‘69 By Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ruggera

Kathryn Kelly ‘91 By Ms. Mary Jo Butier-Rios ‘96 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kelly

John Scanlin ‘71 By Mr. & Mrs. Paul Aguilar Ms. Carmen Arias ‘81 Mr. Mike Fish ‘80 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ireland (Cathy Hines ’83) Ms. Sammye Lacy ‘71 Mr. Rick Rhilinger ‘80 Ms. Jan Schubert-Glusac ‘80 Mr. & Michael Smith ‘81

Val Manalansan ‘97 By Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Manalansan

Heidi Sentef ‘86 By Ms. Brigid O’Brien ‘86

Chad Keller ‘89 By Mr. & Mrs. Jon Rager


Elise C. Manson By Ms. Sable Manson ‘03



Susan Stark-Meyer ‘73 By Mr. & Mrs. William Alexander & Family Mr. & Mrs. Cosmo Ali Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Arnett Mr. & Mrs. Michael Botello Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Bretney Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Brown Mr. Jack Bungarden Mr. & Mrs. Jim Burschinger ‘73 Mr. & Mrs. Donald Burt Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Butterfield Mr. & Mrs. Mark Comon ‘78 Mr. & Mrs. Jon Covington Mr. & Mrs. Jack Decker Mr. & Mrs. Frank Dieter Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Enriquez Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fitzsimons Mr. & Mrs. Darren Forsee Girard Glass Corporation Mr. Patrick Greene ‘63 Mr. & Mrs. Randall Halle Ms. Julie Hast Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hebson The Holm Family Ms. Suzanne Johnston Mr. & Mrs. Louis Jones Mr. Marc June ‘73 The Leonard Kaemmerer Family Mr. & Mrs. Steve Kaemmerer Mr. & Mrs. Mike Kamp Ms. Sue Keith Ms. Lisa Kido Knights of Columbus Mr. & Mrs. Kirby Larson Mr. & Mrs. David Leach Ms. Jean Lee Ms. Kathy Luhman Ms. Lisa Mahowald & Family Ms. Marie Mendiondo Mr. Gary Meyer ‘73 Mr. & Mrs. William Mona Ms. Lisa Morgan-Olson Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Ness Mr. & Mrs. Keith Pittluck The Pohley Family (Teresa Stark ’75) Mr & Mrs. Daniel Quintiliani Mr. & Mrs. Tom Roach Mr. Todd Schafer Mr. & Mrs. Albert Schiele Mr. & Mrs. Chris Schiller Ms. Laura Simpson Ms. Mione Joy Smith Mr. & Mrs. Scott Smith Mr. & Mrs. Richard Stark ‘70 Mr. & Mrs. Tom Stark ‘84 Ms. Cherie Stehula-Lonjers ‘75 St. James Church Mr. & Mrs. Brian Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Mike Truelsen Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Villa Fr. Ricky Viveros ‘97


Ms. Diane Waldron Ms. Arlene Zobrist Mr. Chuck Vogler By Ms. Gina Semenza ‘99 Mr. William Wolfenbarger By Mr. & Mrs. Frank Dieter Mr. & Mrs. David Podzimek ‘98 Kaye Wood ‘64 By Ms. Margot Melville-Hume ‘64

Gifts in Honor of: The Class of 1961 By Ms. Ida Nazon ‘61 The Class of 1969 By Mr. Raymond Beeman ‘69 The Class of 1972 By Ms. Sharon Garvey-Silengo ‘72 The Class of 2011 By Ms. Tanya Wofford Sean ’02, Laura ’04, Francesca ’09, Kieran ’10 Flanagan By Mr. & Mrs. Michael Flanagan Ryan Hadley ‘09 By Mr. & Mrs. Bret Hadley Whitney Jacks ‘07 By Ms. Julie Jacks Alexander Kavanaugh ‘11 By Ms. Nancy Spinelli The Koerting Family By Ms. Laura Koerting-Hole ‘68 Emmett McOsker ‘07 By Emmett McOsker ‘07 Michele Morton ‘89 By Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Morton Ginnie Schneider By Ms. Anne Schneider-Cronin ‘69

Gifts-in-Kind Mr. & Mrs. Howard Elexis (Noeline Hayward ’69)

HONOR ROLL OF DONORS Alumni Gifts by Class Year Class of 1961 William Bender Marianne D’Alesio-Welsh Newton Lesh Ida Nazon

Joseph Wells Pam York-Altobelli Robert Zeimet

Class of 1975

Pat Greene

Yolanda Heredia-Quintana Cherie Stehula-Lonjers Teresa Stark-Pohley

Class of 1964

Class of 1976

Class of 1963

Jerry Leininger Margot Melville-Hume

Donna Di Maria-Carleo Ross O’Brien

Class of 1965

Class of 1977

Bill Bedsworth

Patrick Rumsey

Class of 1966

Class of 1978

Bill Lippert Richard Simonson

Class of 1968 Chuck Desiderio Bill Gilles Fredrick Horn Laura Koerting-Hole Paul Nazon

Class of 1969 Raymond Beeman Noeline Hayward-Elexis Eileen Hohn-Gilles Ruben Presiado Anne Schneider-Cronin

Class of 1970 Rosemary Catena-Trez Diana Homesly-Murphy Richard Stark

Class of 1971

Angela Cafaro-Biscan Mark Comon Teresa Fernandez-Campbell Gregory Laurinat

Class of 1980 Mike Fish Tim McOsker Rick Rhilinger Jan Schubert-Glusac Martin von Kanel Carmen Arias Maria Cafaro-Fattal Jocelyn Hillard Kerry Lee Michael Smith Connie Tamburri-McOsker

Class of 1972

Class of 1983

Anonymous Anonymous Jim Burschinger Marc June Mike Lorden Sharon McCool Gary Meyer Edward Rumsey Chris Schneider Michael Sisson Patty Stacey-Wells

Sue Reinbold-Garbe Kevin Slattery

Class of 1981

Class of 1982

Class of 1973

Michele Benson-Starkey ‘85 and Kathy Baumgartner-Marafino ‘85 enjoy their 25th Reunion held at BMHS.

Paul Aguilar

Donald English Sammye Lacy David Mexico Scott Salisbury Linda Ambrosi-Hindman Anne Corso-Salisbury Sharon Garvey-Silengo Jeanne McCusker-Whetsell


Class of 1979

Class of 1986

Class of 2003

Class of 1988

Irene Fernando Sable Manson

Daniel Blake Tammy Cuza-Orozco Diane Dieter-Baaden Rosanne Cafaro-Paul Maurice Herbelin-Farrar

Class of 1996 Mary Jo Butier-Rios Jason Vivas

Diana Cafaro-Homeier James Ciampa Mike Fay Cathy Hines-Ireland Joe Rumsey Kim Spagnoli Matt Starkey

Jamie Kamiya-Haagsma Albert Nguyen

Brigid O’Brien

Class of 1990

Mike Baaden Kerry Bateman-Grove Andrew Grove

Class of 2000

Class of 2005 Oscar Bojorquez April Ricardo

Class of 2007 Jasmin Camarena Emmett McOsker

Class of 2010 Vincent Alvarez

Class of 1997 Ricky Viveros

Class of 1998 David Podzimek

Class of 1999

Class of 1984

Cristina Ceballos Gina Semenza Christopher Tiu

Brian Garbe Tom Stark

Class of 1985 Anonymous Kathy Baumgartner-Marafino Michele Benson-Starkey Elaine Cafaro-Sansbury Doug Pfaff


/ 17

HONOR ROLL OF DONORS Black & Gold Gala Each spring, Bishop Montgomery hosts its biggest fundraiser of the year, the Black & Gold Gala. The event is attended by current and past parents, alumni, friends, faculty, and staff who join together to enjoy the event’s silent and live auctions, dinner, dancing, and Hall of Fame induction ceremoy. We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to all those who attended the 10th Annual Black & Gold Gala in 2010 and to all those who supported this fundraising event.

Patrons Ms. Celeste Adams Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Albert Ms. Teresa Aliotta Mr. & Mrs. Art Alonzo Ms. Pam Altobelli Mr. Matt Bagdasarian Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bain Mr. Ryan Bain Mr. & Mrs. Bill Balcer Mr. & Mrs. Steve Balderas Mr. & Mrs. John Ballister Mr. & Mrs. Allen Batty Mr. & Mrs. Everett Bender Ms. Susan Bernard Ms. Terri Berry Mr. & Mrs. Robert Blee Mr. & Mrs. Justin Bower Ms. Danielle Branconier Ms. Bryn Britton Mr. & Mrs. Derek Brown Mr. & Mrs. Abad Cabrera Mr. Tony Camello Mr. & Mrs. Mark Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cannata Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Carleo Ms. Laura Carver Sr. Lana Chang Ms. Karen Cherry Mr. & Mrs. Les Chikami Mr. & Mrs. Tim Corbett Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Cunningham Mr. Tony Echevarria Mr. & Mrs. Rick Egan Mr. & Mrs. Pablo Fabbri

Ms. Cathy Farfan Mr. & Mrs. Dietmar Farkas Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Farrell Mr. Tom Fitzpatrick Mr. & Mrs. Casey Fitzpatrick Mr. & Mrs. Tim Fitzpatrick Mr. & Mrs. Terry Fitzpatrick Ms. Bridget Fitzpatrick Mr. & Mrs. Tom Fitzpatrick Mr. John Fitzsimons Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Fleming Mr. & Mrs. Lee Flores Mr. & Mrs. Tim Frei Ms. Dulce Galdamez Mr. & Mrs. Brian Garbe Ms. Liana Garrett Ms. DonnaMarie Gibbons Ms. Mary Gilker Mr. & Mrs. Tony Gonzalez Mr. & Mrs. Peter Gregoris Mr. & Mrs. Andy Grove Mr. & Mrs. James Gryder Mr. & Mrs. Bret Hadley Ms. Ann Hagins Mr. & Mrs. Greg Hambly Mr. & Mrs. Ron Hammerle Mr. Will Hastings Ms. Christina Hawkins Mr. & Mrs. Don Hinshilwood Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Huben Mr. & Mrs. Greg Jaquez Mr. Paul Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Joe Khoury Fr. Gary Klauer

ABOVE: Fred Martinez, Tom Fitzpatrick ‘91 and Terese McMullen enjoy a moment together at the Black & Gold Gala.




Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Kobayashi Mr. & Mrs. Peter Kohly Sr. Mary Margaret Kreuper Ms. Adrienne Lau Ms. Rosemary Libbon Mr. & Mrs. Bill Lippert Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Loehr Mr. & Mrs. Brad Lomas Mr. & Mrs. Bob London Mr. & Mrs. Matt Lyman Ms. Pat MacAulay Ms. Kathy Marafino Mr. & Mrs. Fred Martinez Mr. & Mrs. Mark Martis Mr. & Mrs. Joe McDorman Ms. Jamey McElroy Ms. Terese McMullen Ms. Amy Meehan Mr. & Mrs. Chris Mehl Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Migliorini Mr. & Mrs. Steve Miller Ms. Diane Miller Mr. & Mrs. Chris Miller Mr. & Mrs. Ed Miranda Mr. & Mrs. Mike Molina Mr. Rene Morffi Mr. & Mrs. Mark Morski Mr. & Mrs. Greg Morton Mr. & Mrs. Paul Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Ed Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Roger Murphy Mr. Wesley Nakashima Mr. Ken Ness Mr. & Mrs. Al Ng Mr. & Mrs. Robert O’Connor Ms. Nancy Piechocki Ms. Barbara Pudewa Ms. Caroline Quijano Mr. & Mrs. Mark Ramirez Mr. & Mrs. Mike Randazzo Ms. Linda Reano Mr. & Mrs. Matt Riddle Ms. Jamie Robison Mr. & Mrs. Leon Rodriguez Ms. Teresita Roldan Ms. Megan Rooks Mr. & Mrs. Junior Sablan Mr. John Sansalone Mr. & Mrs. Dan Shanahan Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Shimizu Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Shinn Mr. & Mrs. Al Simone Mr. & Mrs. Mike Sisson Mr. & Mrs. Pat Skelley Ms. Maria Spinello Mr. & Mrs. Vince Spinello


Mr. Shawn Stiles Mr. & Mrs. Ed Tobias Mr. & Mrs. Joe Toia Mr. & Mrs. Brent Toland Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Tong Mr. & Mrs. John Traxler Ms. Jeannie Tressert Mr. & Mrs. Charles Tripp Mr. & Mrs. Charles Vegher Ms. Yvette Vigon Mr. & Mrs. Mark Waronek Mr. & Mrs. Bill Wilbanks Mr. & Mrs. Dan Wilbanks Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Wilbanks Ms. Stacy Wilbanks Ms. Robin Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Rich Windisch Mr. Jim Zalabsky

Event Sponsors American Martyrs Catholic Church The Areyan Family The Arnett Family The Bender Family The Berry Family Bishop Joseph Sartoris Ms. Julie Blumfield BMHS Cross Country Team The Campbell Family The Carver Family Del Amo Construction The Diab Family Mr. & Mrs. Frank Distaso Mr. & Mrs. Frank Dieter The Forney Family The Hammerle Family Head to Toe Physical Therapy The Hinshilwood Family Mr. John Hong Josten’s Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kidwell Mrs. Irene Kosidlak The Lau Family Ms. Pamela Light Mr. Rob McGarry Plaza Del Amo Animal Hospital The Randazzo Family The Salisbury Family The Scott Family Shanahan Printing & Graphics, Inc. The Spain Family St. James Church St. Joseph High School St. Lawrence Martyr Church Ms. Lori Toia The Traxler Family

HONOR ROLL OF DONORS The Vegher Family The Vezzuto Family Vincent’s Painting Co. The Yanko Family Mr. & Mrs. John Zavala

Auction Donors Fassil Abebe Ace Party Rents Amuse Music Anaheim Marriott Aquarium of the Pacific Mark & Lisa Athan BeachSports Surf and Beach Camps PCH SK8 Camps Behind the Wheel Driving School Benedetti Family BMHS BMHS Boosters Boulevard Wholesale Florist The Bower Family Sonya Broom-Wimbish Derek & Terri Brown Budding Artistes Burger King The Burschinger Family Javier Cano Capellino Family Captain’s Treasure Chest Jewelry Capulong Family Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert Civic Light Opera of South Bay Cities Hermosa Beach Playhouse CKE Restaurants, Inc. CMS Design Portraitures Cop-A-Tan Creative Cakery Crowne Plaza Hotel De Guzman Family Dermalogica Discipulo Family Don Wilson Builders/Susan Raya Doubletree Hotel South Bay/Torrance Dream Dinners DreamWorks Animation Driskill Family Emerald Transportation & Limousine EXXonMobil Corporation Fabbri Family Fisher Family Ford Theatre Foundation Friar Tux Friends of Bishop Montgomery Gable House Bowl - Laser Storm Michael & Elizabeth Galindo Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp. Billy & Teresita Garfield Virginia Gonzales Good Stuff Restaurants Grad Images Griss Family

ABOVE: Barbara Farkas, Jan Fitzpatrick, and Dietmar Farkas (l to r) celebrate at the Black & Gold Gala.

Charles & Christina Grove Guiliano’s Delicatessan Jerry & Cathy Hall Greg & Ann Hambly Hatley Hennessy’s Tavern Hof’s Hut Holiday Inn - Torrance Michael Hopkins, DDS Hugo Family The Huntington Library Lilibeth Ilar In-N-Out Burger Ireland Family Island’s - Manhattan Beach Greg & Angelica Jaquez Joey Ikemoto Photography Kim Johnson-Woods Josten’s Kincaid’s Danielle Kithcart La Palma Skin & Body Care Dale & Marie Larson Laugh Factory Lifetouch Prestige Portraiture Lomeli’s Restaurant Los Angeles Dodgers Los Angeles Kings Los Angeles Lakers Regina Lozano Lumens Flashlights Magalona Family Manhattan Beach Marriott Mary M Photography Peter Mazzella, DDS Rob & Erin McGarry Mercado Family Doris & Greg Morton Murad Museum of Tolerance Anita Neumann-Kavanaugh Nordstrom

Norris Community Theater Victor Nunez Pacific Park Paintball USA Palacios Family Paradise Restaurant Pasadena Playhouse Paul Henry Family AON Risk Services Paul’s Photo Peet’s Coffee & Tea Platinum El Paseo Portofino Hotel & Yacht Club QT Technology, Inc. Quest College Counseling Debby Rhilinger Riviera Fitness Club Roclord Studio Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation Round Table Pizza Ruby’s Diner Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza San Diego Zoo Santa Monica Playhouse Sea World Shade Hotel Shamrock Tutoring Sizzler Forbco Management Tangee Smith-Hill Sony Pictures Studio Tour South Bay Galleria St. James School Starbucks Stenzel Family Sweet Serenity Day Spa The Comedy & Magic Club The Lakes at El Segundo The Original Red Onion Toia Family Torrance Costco Torrance Marriott

Ultra Lux Salon and Lounge Universal Studios Haley Van de Mark Villafana Family Villa Hermosa Plant Shop Wild Rivers Water Park Diane Wise-West Wofford-Rizzo Family Melia Womack Zoological Society of San Diego

Event Volunteers Mr. & Mrs. Dale Abrahams Ms. Suzanne Anderson Ms. Georgina Baquet Mr. Doug Bell Ms. Eveline Cabrera Ms. Kristin Callaghan Ms. Christine Collette Ms. Christina Grove Ms. Sandra Gryder Mr. & Mrs. Brad Hagmaier Mr. Alex Haro Ms. Cheryl Hugo Ms. Almaz Legesse Mr. & Mrs. Freddie Linayao Ms. Cathy Magula Ms. Pamela Martis Ms. Amy Meyer Ms. Jo Montoya Ms. Lynn Norton Ms. Elizabeth Penazola Ms. Megan Pollard Mr. Steve Rios Ms. Lauren Sablan Ms. Linda Schwarzkopf Ms. Samishai Scott Ms. Colleen Shinn Ms. Mary Simon Ms. Eileen Sisson Ms. Sheri Underwood ANNUAL REPORT

/ 19

HONOR ROLL OF DONORS Golf Tournament The 8th Annual Bishop Montgomery/Morgan Miranda ‘00 Memorial Golf Tournament was a tremendous day for all involved - golfers, dinner guests, volunteers, and the committee. Once again, the tournament raised money for the tuition assistance scholarship in Morgan Miranda’s name. One of the highlights of the day was the recognition of the annual award recipients. The Linda Award was presented to Elaine Schiller. The Nelson Award was presented to Mr. and Mrs. Jim Rhodes and their family. The Spirit Award was presented to Andy Marafino and Steve Miller. We thank all those who made this a special day, especially Ed, Linda and Nelson Miranda. George Adkins Gilbert Alonso Kris Barr-Colin ‘83 Destry Bell ‘83 B. Bieski Andy Burschinger ‘12 Jim Burschinger ‘73 Geoff Caesar Mike Carroll ‘83 Nate Chittick David Davis ‘98 Michael Debelak ‘06 Matt Elias ‘00 Wayne Elias Mike Fay ‘83 Eric Fuller ‘94 Vincent Guerrera Ed Hodgkiss Damian Holman ‘00 Lauren Holman ‘00 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Holman Chris Keldorff Ed Kerr Yong Kim ‘94 Charlie Kobayashi Audrey LaBenz

Dane Larsen Paul Leach ‘00 Bobby Lepore Andy Marafino David Martinez ‘94 Jason May ‘00 Joel Mendoza Ricky Mendoza Mr. & Mrs. Rod Mendoza Jake Miller Laura Miller Steve Miller Ed Miranda Linda Miranda Nelson Miranda ‘04 Brian Monreal Clayton Munoz David Munoz Drake Munoz ‘07 JR Munoz Marcos Munoz Al Nahamura Ozzie Ordaz Red Paterson Rich Petroshanoff Chris Pichardo

ABOVE: (l to r) David Martinez ‘94, Yong Kim ‘94, Ricky Mendoza, and Jason May ‘00 prepare to tee off on the first hole of the BMHS/Morgan Miranda Memorial Golf Tournament.





Ed Pieces Sam Prouty ‘00 Mr. & Mrs. Jim Rhodes Ryan Rhodes Rob Ringus James Romero Joe Rumsey ‘83 Dave Schiller Elaine Schiller Pete Schiller Roger Shaulis Tim Smith ‘73 Jon Southern Alex Tanase Mr. & Mrs. George Taylor Adam Tyler ‘14 Cameron Tyler ‘12 Paula Tyler Fernando Ura Rachel Valadez ‘00 Juan Vega Lenny Wagner Dave Woods Mark Woods ‘00 Amy Yacorzynski

HONOR ROLL OF DONORS Endowed and Annual Scholarships In the past thirteen years, the scholarship program at Bishop Montgomery High School has grown from one scholarship to over twentyfive. The tremendous growth of the program is due in large part because of the generosity of so many parents, alumni and friends who have chosen to create a lasting gift to BMHS. Endowed and annual scholarship funds are essential to ensuring an economically diverse school community, and are a critical component in BMHS’ tradition of supporting financially needy students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend the school.

Endowed • Mayr-Leahy Scholarship • The Palos Verdes Resale Endowment

in Honor of Fran Donohoe Pitts • Robert Roach Memorial Scholarship • The Michael B. Ruggera, Jr. Memorial Scholarship • The George and Virginia Schneider Endowment • William Wolfenbarger Scholarship Endowment

Annual • Sumer Nicole Alvarez Scholarship • Mike Antista Memorial Scholarship • BMHS Queen of Angels Scholarship • Fred Brierley Memorial Scholarship • Jimmy Clarke Scholarship • Doheny High School Scholarship Program • Adam Guymon Memorial Scholarship • Kathryn Kelly Scholarship • Joshua Lopez Scholarship • Jeffrey J. Mahowald Memorial Scholarship • Val Manalansan Memorial Scholarship • George H. Mayr Scholarship • Damion Mendoza Scholarship • Morgan E. Miranda Memorial Scholarship • Jean Miyoshi Scholarship • Mike Murphy Memorial Scholarship • Piechocki Scholarship • Bishop Joseph Sartoris Excellence Scholarship • John Scanlin Memorial Scholarship • Susan Stark Meyer Memorial Scholarship

1996 Alumnus Begins Scholarship at BMHS


hen 1996 alumnus Jason Vivas was a student at Bishop Montgomery, he excelled in everything he did. He was a captain on the football team and was an outstanding lineman. He served as the ASB Vice-President as a senior and was always active in community service. On top of all this, he was a top student (graduating 6th in his class) who went on to get both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree from MIT. One of the things he is most thankful for is the support he received from Bishop Joseph Sartoris, who Vivas says is partly responsible for why he came to Bishop Montgomery. As a way to give back to BMHS, and to honor “Bishop Joe,” Vivas decided to create and finance the Bishop Joseph Sartoris Excellence Scholarship. The scholarship provides tuition assistance to a well-rounded student who shows great potential in the areas of spirituality, academics and athletics. “When Jason called our office to discuss establishing this scholarship, I was deeply moved,” says Andy Marafino, Director of Development. “It is very clear that Jason loves Bishop Montgomery and Bishop Joe. People like Jason make me proud to be a part of this school.”


/ 21


BMHS Senior Wins Public Speaking Awards


aron Dotson ’11 truly has made Bishop Montgomery proud by using his many gifts and talents around campus and in the community. In January 2010, Aaron began participating in public speech competitions through the Lions Club of America and this was the first time he competed outside of the field of music. Seeing great potential, Mrs. DeLay, Aaron’s former U.S. History teacher, suggested that he give speaking a chance. In 2010, the Lions’ Student Speaker topic was “Universal Healthcare-How Will It Affect Us?” “My first competition was a little nerve racking.” explains Aaron when asked how he felt about speaking after his first competition. “The anticipation before delivering my speech only heightened my anxiety, but I felt more excited than scared. When I spoke in front of the audience for my first competition, I felt confident in my speech and all of my nerves and anxieties went away.” Aaron not only won his first speaking competition, but several others after that, in turn gaining more confidence in his writing, his speaking

abilities, and himself. Overall, Aaron was awarded over $4,800 in scholarship funds for participating in the 2010 competition and he acknowledges that he could not have done it alone. He gives thanks to Mr. Masters, Mr. Bruner, Mrs. DeLay, Mrs. Rudder, Mrs. Bagnell, Ms. Gilker, Ms. Libbon, his parents, Anthony and Darlene Dotson, and everyone else who supported him through his journey. Aaron is back speaking once again in the student speakers contest for the Lions Club in 2011. On January 22, he competed against students from area high schools and won the first round of the competition speaking on the topic: “Enforcing Our Borders: State vs. Federal Rights.” Aaron says, “For this year, I just want to do the best that I can and improve on my speaking skills and abilities.” Aaron truly has excelled and the BMHS community is supporting him 100% through his next competitions! Congratulations Aaron and best of luck! Story submitted by Aaron Dotson ‘11

Congratulations to... Tim Parr ‘11 of Boy Scout Troop 716 in Westchester, who received the Ad Altare Dei Emblem at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in August. The award culminated a yearlong program that helps Catholic scouts develop a fully Christian way of life and helps each scout grow in his spiritual experience and with his relationship to God and the church. Ad Altare Dei, which means “to the altar of God” is a one-year program that requires monthly meetings, discussion and interviews. Each scout, upon fulfilling his requirements, goes before a Board of Review as the final piece. “The most interesting part of the program,” Parr stated, “was studying how the scout oath is modeled after the oath that priests take and that married couples take. It is all about making a commitment and that is important.” In addition to being active in scouting, Parr volunteers at Visitation Church and is on the cross-country and volleyball teams at BMHS. He is currently working on obtaining his Eagle rank in scouting. •

BMHS’ Drama Lab, led by president Katie Laner ‘11, for making a monetary donation to the Shakespeare Church in England to help pay for new windows. •



Sophomore Amira Gregory ‘13, who attended a People to People Leadership Summit at Stanford University in the fall. The weeklong program focused on the role of young people as leaders in their own community and in the world, helping them discover their own potential. •

The Spring 2009-2010 Students-of-theSemester who were announced in the fall at the Undergraduate Awards Ceremony. Class of 2011: Akemi Inugay and Brendon Villalobos. Class of 2012: Miranda Davies and Cazimir Park. Class of 2013: Lauren Hugo and Stephan Misak. •

• BMHS religion teacher Alex Angel and his wife, Katie, on the birth of their daughter, Maria Guadalupe, on November 5, 2010. • BMHS math teacher Eric Pringle and his wife, Michelle, on the birth of their son, Nicholas Charles, on November 24, 2010.

BMHS English teacher Teresa McDorman and her husband, Joe, on the birth of their daughter, Sarah Kathleen, on November 12, 2010. •

All the fall sports scholar-athletes. Of the 220 athletes who competed on a fall sport (football, boys’ and girls’ cross country, girls’ golf, girls’ tennis and girls’ volleyball), 69 received GPA’s of 4.0 or higher and were named “scholar-athletes.” •

• Five staff members who, in 2010-2011, are celebrating over 30 years of service to the school: Bookkeeper Barbara Pudewa (36 years), teacher Dietmar Farkas (35), Custodian Frank Hernandez (34), teacher Judy Kline (33) and teacher Christine Collette (31). Together they have combined to work at BMHS for almost 170 years! • BMHS religion teacher Bernadette St. James, who is pursuing a doctorate degree from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in West LA. • Joseph Garalde ‘12 and Imani McMillan ‘13, who were selected to participate in the 2011 Asomugha College Tour for Scholars program in New Orleans from April 6 - 10. They will be touring New Orleans area colleges with NFL star and former BMHS student Nnamdi Asomugha.



Homecoming Extra Special in 2010


omecoming is always an exciting and energetic time on the BMHS campus, but September 24, 2010 proved to be even more special for several reasons: the Homecoming Barbeque, provided by In-n-Out this year, was attended by over 500 people; the seniors were the overall winners of the spirit week festivities; and, seniors Aaron Dotson ‘11 and Kristen Ale ‘11 were named Homecoming King and Queen, respectively. The football game was a huge success for the Knights from the opening kickoff. The Knights scored early and often en route to a 48-18 win over Laguna Beach. Nolan Plummer ‘11 led the way for BMHS with 150 yards rushing and 2 TD’s. Kevin Paredes ‘11 had a touchdown catch and returned a kickoff for a score. It was the first homecoming win for BMHS since 2006. In attendance was a special guest of BMHS, Cardinal Roger Mahony, who was on hand to watch the game and visit the campus. At right, Cardinal Mahony is flanked by Rev. Msgr Marc Trudeau of St. Margaret Mary Church and BMHS Principal Rosemary Libbon.

Groups Raise Awareness and Funds for Breast Cancer Research October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but that doesn’t stop BMHS from joining the fight throughout the year. One of the campus’ bimonthly “Denim Day” collections in October raised $500 for Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Several athletic programs at BMHS have also been very active in raising awareness. Beach volleyball star and U.S. Olympian Nicole Branagh, who is sponsored by Under Armour, donated pink jerseys to the girls’ volleyball program. The Lady Knights wore the jerseys for all home matches during the month of October. For the last three years, the baseball program has been active in raising money for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. To date, they have raised over $2,500. This year, the team is selling t-shirts with “Knights” in pink. Once again, proceeds will benefit the V Foundation. To purchase a shirt, email Sizes and quantities are limited.

BMHS Food Bank A few years ago, BMHS established a food bank on campus in response to the turbulent effects of the economy and its impact on those in the school community. The annual canned food drive during Spirit Week continues to be vital to the food bank. However, there is a need throughout the year to keep the food bank properly stocked so that the needs of the students’ families and loved ones are met. Through their religion classes and Campus Mininstry, students are encouraged to bring in foods that they would eat themselves, not cans that have been sitting around for a long time. For information on how you can contribute cans to the food bank, or if you know of a family or organization in need, call Campus Ministry at 310540-2021 ext. 243.

Members of the Students for Animals Club visited the Marine Mammal Care Center in San Pedro in December and presented Pat Merwin, left, with a check for $500.


• 23


Nolan Plummer ‘11 (#21) & Michael Galindo ‘11 (#77)

Danielle Shanahan ‘13

BOYS’ CROSS COUNTRY The boys’ cross country team, coached by John Haberstroh ‘07, had a rebuilding year in 2010 after the graduation of their top four runners from last year. However, the fall laid the groundwork for what should be a good season in 2011 as many young runners gained valuable experience. The Knights’ top runner was Tim Parr ‘11, who ran a personal best 16:09 at League Duals at Griffith Park. Also turning in fine performances were fellow seniors Tyler Driskill ‘11 and Alex Hernandez ‘11. Sophomores Robert Sonoda ‘13 and Michael Hadley ‘13 and freshman Gregory Baldo ‘14 also ran well.

GIRLS’ CROSS COUNTRY 2010 was another banner year for the girls’ cross country team under head coach Shannon Williams ‘01. As a team, the girls won the program’s first league title since 1990 and made it back to the CIF Finals where they finished 9th overall in Division IV. Although they did not qualify for state finals as a team, there were many outstanding individual performances. For the second censecutive



year, a BMHS runner won the Del Rey League individual championship. Sophomore Danielle Shanahan ‘13 took the league title with a time of 18:01 over the three mile course, making her the league MVP. Last year’s league champion, junior Annie Grove ‘12, finished in 2nd place in a time of 18:04 and was named first team All-Del Rey League. Junior Nicole Sroczynski ‘12 and freshman Kylie Prentice ‘14 were also named 1st team All-Del Rey League. At the CIF finals, both Shanahan and Grove turned in outstanding performances on a rain-soaked course, both qualifying for the state finals in Fresno. Shanahan finished 7th with a time of 19:28 while Grove finished 8th (19:29). The state finals also proved to be successful for both Shanahan and Grove. Shanahan finished in 9th place with a time of 18:41. Grove finished 21st in 19:14.

FOOTBALL The 2010 football season was historic in many ways. As a team, the Knights, who finished 9-2 overall and had a perfect 6-0 record in the Del Rey League, recorded its most wins since the 1983 season. BMHS also earned its first outright league title since 1983. BISHOP MONTGOMERY HIGH SCHOOL

Under new head coach Ed Hodgkiss, the Knights scored more than 40 points in a game six times, including a school-record 65 in the regular season-finale against St. Bernard. In fact, the Knights never scored fewer than 33 points in a game (BMHS did record a 2-0 win when Salesian had to forfeit their victory due to an ineligible player). The most exciting game of the year came in their league win at home against Cantwell-Sacred Heart. After Cantwell tied the score with less than a minute to play, the Knights drove down the field to set up a 32 yard field goal as time expired, giving BMHS the 33-30 victory. On November 19, the Knights hosted the first CIF playoff game since 1983. Unfortunately, BMHS came up short to a tough Templeton HS team, 43-33. Individually, there were many outstandnig performances on the field. Running back Nolan Plummer ‘11 was named both Del Rey League MVP and Offensive Player of the Year after setting school records in several categories. Plummer set single season school records for rushing attempts (247), yards (2,241), and touchdowns (26) and tied the single game record for rushing touchdowns when he scored 5 times against St. Bernard.


Peyton Porsche ‘11 Sionan Barrett ‘12 & Nicole Caluag ‘11

Bria Green ‘13

Two other players found their way into the record books as well. Wideout Pierre Wise ‘11, a 1st team All Del Rey League selection, set new school receiving records in a season with 13 touchdowns and 978 yards. 2nd Team All-Del Rey League pick Mark Nguyen ‘11 tied Bryan Bero ‘84 for the most touchdown passes in a season with 22. Overall, BMHS placed seven players on the All-Del Rey League 1st Team: DE Evan Budrovich ‘11, DE Christian Holloway ‘11, LB Cameron Johnese ‘11, K/P Jonathan Kim ‘13, WR/DB Kevin Paredes ‘11, Plummer, and Wise. Five players were named 2nd Team AllDel Rey: S Tyler Galea’i ‘12, OL Mike Galindo ‘11, OL Alex Meza ‘11, Nguyen, and DT/FB Javan Siliga ‘12. The accolades for the football team continued as two players were named to the Daily Breeze All-Area team. Plummer was named 1st Team Offense and Holloway was named 2nd Team Defense. The most impressive accolades came in January when five players were named All-CIF Northwest Division. Plummer, Meza, and Wise were named to the offensive team and Paredes and Holloway were named to the All-CIF defensive team.

Alex Hernandez ‘11

Girls’ golf, under the direction of head coach Ed Miranda, continued to make significant improvements throughout the year. The team was led by a quartet of golfers who were named to the AllCamino Real 2nd Team: Alison Glasco ‘11, Peyton Porche ‘11, Siena Rizzo ‘11, and Celeste Porche ‘14. The elder Porche was the top finisher at the league tournament, coming in 8th place.

All-League. In the CIF Individual tournament, both Scott and Judan lost in the opening round. BMHS’ top doubles team of Sionan Barrett ‘12 and Nicole Caluag ‘11 finished in second place in the league tournament, earning 1st Team All-Del Rey League honors, and qualifting for the CIF doubles tournament. Barrett and Caluag won their first round match against Whittier Christian before falling in the second round of the CIF doubles tournament.



The girls’ tennis team (14-3) won their fifth straight Del Rey League team title with a perfect 8-0 record in league matches. Under the guidance of head coach Alex Angel, the Lady Knights advanced to the second round of the CIF Division IV playoffs where they lost a heartbreaking match to El Segundo that took two days to complete. The Lady Knights had several athletes advance to the CIF individual tournament with their showing at league finals. Melanie Scott ‘11 won the Del Rey League singles title, beating teammate Samantha Judan ‘12 in the finals. Scott was named Del Rey League MVP and Judan was named 1st Team

A young girls’ volleyball team (11-11) battled to a second place finish in the Del Rey League and advanced to the CIF playoffs for the 29th consecutive season. The Lady Knights, led by head coach Carrie Rey, advanced to the second round of the playoffs before falling to top-ranked La Canada. The team was led by setter Hannah Castillo ‘12 and hitter Bria Green ‘13, both of whom made the All-Del Rey League 1st Team. Other all league selections were Katie Brown ‘12, Juliette McCall ‘13 and Ashley Murray ‘14, all of whom were named 2nd All-Del Rey League.



• 25



Student-Athletes Sign Letters-of-Intent

BMHS Alumni Athletes: Where Are They Now?

our student-athletes made their college commitments official when they signed their letters-of-intent with their respective schools. In November, Kristen Ale ‘11, below left, of the girls’s basketball team, signed with Cal Poly SLO. Softball player Chelsea Espinosa ‘11, below right, signed with Simpson College. In February, boys’ soccer player Justin Kim ‘11 received an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point where he will join his brother, Michael ‘08. Christian Holloway ‘11 signed to play football at Southern Methodist.

BMHS Senior Wins Three State Baton Twirling Titles


MHS Baton Twirler Michelle Glymph ‘11 competed in the California State Baton Twirling Championships in Long Beach in November and came away with three titles. Competing in the highest division (Advanced Senior, age 16+), Glymph won state titles in all three disciplines: Solo Baton, 2-Baton Twirling, and Strutting (dance and gymnastic choreography with baton). Glymph now advances to the National Championships in Indiana in July; the winners will advance to the World Championships in Switzerland in 2012. Glymph won a silver medal at the World Championships in Holland in 2006.

Michael Kim ‘08, a sophomore midfielder on the soccer team at the United States Military Academy, West Point, started all 17 games for the Black Knights in 2010.

Sigi Schmid ‘71, above, the head coach of the Seattle Sounders FC of the MLS, led the team to the Western Conference Semi-finals in 2010. Kit Schwartzman-Vela ‘86, the Head Women’s Soccer Coach at the University of New Mexico, was named the Mountain West Conference Coach of the Year after leading the school to its first ever NCAA appearance. She guided the Lobos to a 12-3-5 record. Former BMHS soccer standout Shelbie Luna ‘09 is a member of the UNM Soccer team. Stanley Wilson ‘00, former BMHS, Stanford and Detroit Lions football standout, is attending medical school at Columbia University in New York. Jaclyn White ‘07, a senior accounting major at the University of Nebraska, was named to the First Team Academic All-Big 12 Soccer Team.

Maiya Cooper ‘09, a sophomore on the soccer team at Southeastern Louisiana University, was named to the All-Southland Conference First Team. She led the team with 11 goals.

Chandler Jones ‘09, above, a freshman wide receiver at San Jose State, had 54 receptions for 474 yards and 1 TD in 2010. His touchdown reception came against the University of Wisconsin. McKenzie McGoldrick ‘09, a freshman at Rio Hondo College, will continue her collegiate soccer career at the University of Hawaii in 2011.

Athletic Hall of Fame Nominations Accepted Nominations are now being accepted for the first BMHS Athletic Hall of Fame class, to be inducted in the fall. Nominees may be former athletes, coaches, teams, members of the athletic staff or supporters of BMHS athletics. A complete list of criteria and nomination forms can be found at The deadline for nominations is April 15, 2011.



Rheina Ale ‘08, above, a junior guard on the University of San Francisco women’s basketball team, has been named to the 2010 All-West Coast Conference Preseason Team.


Taylor Nieman ‘09, above, a sophomore defensive specialist on the volleyball team at Cornell University, finished second on her team in digs with 280 this season.


Dear Friends of Bishop Montgomery, Once again, it is our pleasure to bring you another edition of Veritas magazine. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy telling you about all the great things that are happening at Bishop Montgomery. This Annual Report edition is, as always, one of the ways that we can say “Thank You” to the members of the Bishop Montgomery community - alumni, current and past parents, faculty and staff, and friends - who have have made generous contributions, both financially and otherwise, to the school. Afterall, Bishop Montgomery High School belongs to everyone in our community. We are proud of our students, but we are equally proud of our alumni, our parents and all members of our community. The lists compiled in the “Annual Report” section of the magazine acknowledge all those who made a financial donation to BMHS during the 2009-2010 fiscal year. Without the financial support of our community, we would not be able to provide the students with the quality education that has been a hallmark of BMHS since 1957. There are, however, so many other people we want to thank for sharing their time and effort to helping the school. Without the support of volunteers, we would surely fail to exist. We are blessed to have so many people who truly love Bishop Montgomery.

“Thank you” to all our parent volunteers, many of whom serve more hours than are required. You are a blessing to your children and to Bishop Montgomery. Our alumni are a big part of who we are, and many continue to support BMHS in a variety of ways. “Thank you” to all the alumni who choose to send their children to BMHS. Our students are our greatest gift. “Thank you” to our BMHS alumni class representatives who help spread news to their classmates and help keep the school informed of class notes. “Thank you” to alumni like Bob Jamison ‘68, who serve on BMHS committees and who are great ambassadors for the school. “Thank you” to the alumni who step forward and organize class reunions. These events are important in continuing lifelong friendships that were forged at BMHS. “Thank you” to Carmelita Jeter ‘98 and Mike Zuanich ‘04, who took time out of their schedules to speak to the 8th graders at December’s Open House. “Thank you” to the alumni who come to the aid of classmates in need. An endless number of stories abound about classmates helping each other and their families. You are fantastic examples for our current students to follow. Finally, “thank you” to all our readers. You are an important part of Bishop Montgomery and we appreciate the support of everyone in our community. We are all truly blessed.

The cover story of this issue tells of the wonderful ways that our current students and faculty support the many causes through “Denim Day” collections. “Thank you” to all our students and faculty who donate $2 to the cause, wear their denim, and support the mission of BMHS and its spirit of serving others. “Thank you” to the students of ASB and the BMHS Ambassadors for their leadership and service to their school. These students help with admissions, Back-to-School night and Open House long after regular school hours.


Andy Marafino Director of Development

BMHS Partners with GVC This fall, BMHS began a partnership with Global Village Concerns on a new branding and marketing campaign for the school. GVC works with schools on creating and branding new school logos and helps in creating fashion gear and merchandise for the community. GVC also assists schools with their fundraising efforts through alumni giving. In the coming months, will have a new “Knights” logo and BMHS apparel and merchandise through our new “GVC” online stores. We will have a link to these stores on the BMHS website as soon as they are ready to launch. Merchandise and apparel will be available to the entire BMHS community!


• 27

CLASS NOTES Send us your news and photos for publication in VERITAS E-mail Development Office, 5430 Torrance Boulevard, Torrance, CA 90503 1964 MELANIE TRAINER-BAXTER ’64 lives on a tennis resort in Palm Desert with her husband of 43 years. They have two children and two grandchildren. She enjoys homemaking, organizing and writing. 1966 ALICIA WILLIAMS-KIDWELL is the mother of five incredible adult children, four boys and one girl. She is also the proud grandmother of three grandchildren. In June 2010, she moved back to Minnesota. 1971 TERRI PROUTY-ROBERTS works for Akaku: Maui Community Television, Maui’s only public access television station. She also works with flowers that are grown locally on the Hawaiian islands. 1972 SHARON GARVEY-SILENGO works at the State Historical Society of North Dakota as a photo archivist (still working in photography after all these years). She is also the administrator for the BMHS Class of 1972 Facebook page. 1974 PHIL SERPICO is a published author of many books on railroad history in southern California. His most recent book is titled Jawbone: Sunset on the Lone Pine, and examines the history of the Southern Pacific railroad running north and east from Mojave to Owens Valley to facilitate the Los Angeles Aqueduct project. Serpico’s books can be found at Omni Publications www. 1987 SGT. VINCE OSORIO of the Gardena Police Department was awarded the 2010 United States Outstanding Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Instructor Hall of Fame Award by the International Martial Arts Council of America. 1991 DR. JAMES YANES is an Infectious Diseases Specialist in Arizona. He received his medical degree from the University of Arizona College of Medicine.



1998 Matt Cheung ‘98, an English professor at El Caminio College, spoke at Youth Build USA’s Postsecondary Education Initiative Conference in Boston in October 2010. Matt, and two of his colleagues, were asked to share about ECC’s First Year Experience Program and discuss methods to increase retention of first year college students. While in Boston, he visited with 1998 classmate Elisa Maldonado ‘98, who is working on a research fellowship at Harvard University. He received a tour of of the school and discussed the work Elisa does for the engineering department. Matt and Elisa are pictured on the campus of Harvard.

1995 JEFF KELLEY is a Supervisory IT Specialist for the Executive Office of the President. He and his wife, MANDY ROGERS-KELLEY ‘95, live in Maryland. 1996 ALVIN DUNN and his wife, Casey, welcomed their second child, daughter Brooklynn Drew, on October 23, 2010. 1997 DR. RAQUEL FERNANDEZ is a pediatrician at Children’s Medical Group in Torrance. At her current job, she has the extreme pleasure of taking care of several children whose parents attended BMHS with her. EDDIE KAULUKUKUI works at Disneyland as an entertainer in three shows: High School Musical, the Celebrate Parade, and the Electronica show. He can also be seen in several television shows. His latest TV credits include CBS’ “Hawaii 5-0” and ABC’s “Off The Map.” He also auditions for commercials and, in November, shot a Honda Christmas commercial and an Old Navy spot. Eddie also has a CD out which is available on iTunes. NICOLE PRADO received her JD last year from Southwestern Law

School and was admitted to the California bar in June. She also recently passed the New York State bar exam. 1999 ALISSA HOGABOAM is working as a dispatcher for the City of Torrance Police Department.

2000 KEVIN ALTOBELLI and his wife, Sally, welcomed son Matthew Rocky, above, on September 30, 2010. JAMES RUIZ and his wife, Mersedeh, welcomed daughter Asalah on October 16, 2010.



HELP WANTED: CLASS REPS In an effort to reach as many graduates as possible, we are looking for alumni to be representatives for their class. The job entails communicating, generally electronically, with your classmates about class news, reunions, and other special events and activities at BMHS. It is our goal to have at least one representative for each class, but more are welcome. If you are interested, contact Andy Marafino at 310-540-2021 ext. 246 or Our current list of class representatives can be found on the Alumni/Development pages at 2001 MARION SAPIN-SCHUGT and CHRIS SCHUGT ‘01, above, were married on April 10, 2010 in Lomita. 2002 RENEE SCACHETTI has played five seasons for semi-professional soccer teams; 2 with the Fort Collins Force in Colorado and 3 with Ajax America in Palos Verdes. She is a physical education teacher at a small, private, independent school in Los Angeles and she is pursuing her Master’s at CSULB in Pedagogy for Kinesiology. She recently received a scholarship to study abroad in Brazil next semester to continue her Master’s classes, participate in an obesity study, intern with a local men’s professional soccer team, and volunteer in the local schools. In addition, she coaches youth soccer for Fram Soccer Club in Palos Verdes.

Follow BMHS and get up-to-date scores and news on TWITTER

Join the ‘Bishop Montgomery High School Alumni” group on FACEBOOK

2003 Many members of the class of 2003 are finishing or have finished advanced degrees: GAIL BERNSTEIN is pursuing a Master’s in Nursing from Long Beach State; KELI BORBA is pursuing a Master’s in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at CSU Fullerton; IRENE FERNANDO is pursuing a Master’s in Education at Minnesota; JOSH FOURNIER is pursuing a JD at Chapman; ANDREW FYNAARDT finished his Master’s in Engineering from USC; ELIZABETH KIM is pursuing a Master’s in Education at Bank Street College of Education in New York; CHRISTINA KINANE finished her Master’s in Public Administration from LSE in London; ROY KOUCHAKGI plans on pursuing a Master’s in TESOL next fall at CSU Fullerton; EDDY PARK is pursuing a JD at UC Berkeley; LESSA PELAYO finished a Master’s in Library Science from UCLA. 2005 HALEY LARSON, who graduated Summa Cum Laude from Loyola Marymount in 2009, obtained her real estate license and earned herself a position in the prestigious REMAX 100% Club, selling over $7 million in real estate. Haley and her father, Kirby, cover the residential market, investment properties and short sales. Haley can be reached at 2006 ANDREAS KIDANE is pursuing an M.A./PhD in political science at the University of Stockholm in Stockholm, Sweden. PATRICK MODROVSKY is currently producing the “DQ Big Game of the Week” on Fox Sports Southwest,” which covers a high school football match-up, from the pep rally to the game to the post-game

interviews, in Texas. He produced “DFW Sports Beat,” a bi-weekly show on Fox Sports and has covered the first ever regular season game at Cowboys Stadium, the implosion of the old Texas Stadium, the 2010 MLB All-Star Game and the 2010 HP Byron Nelson Championship. 2008 ANDREW BERTUCCI is a junior communication major at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Oahu. He is active on three councils on campus; Activities Council, Resident Advisor Council, and Broadcast Communications Authority Council. He is also a Resident Advisor (RA) for oncampus housing. By the end of this year, he will be a Naval Officer in the United States Navy with the Baccalaureate Degree Completion Program. MOLLY OGALDEZ is working in a marine mammel training internship at the Vancouver Aquarium in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The internship will run from January 2011 through April 2011. PILAR SMYTH was accepted as a student to the Centre for Medieval & Renaissance Studies in England. 2010 Two members of the Class of 2010 received Recognition Awards from the Arts Council of Torrance at a banquet in June. CERISE CARLEO received the award for Graphic Arts and MATTHEW REYES, above, won the award for poetry. ADDISON ECTOR is pursuing a dance career at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in New York. FALL/WINTER 2010-11

• 29

In Memoriam Bishop Montgomery extends its prayers to the families of members of our community who have passed away:

Mr. Thomas Roach Mr. Thomas Roach, a parent of ten BMHS graduates (Tom ‘66, Jim ‘68, Katie ‘68, Charlie ‘71, Steve ‘73, Marion ‘74, Kevin ‘77, Tim ‘78, Patty ‘79, and Bob ‘82) passed away on September 8, 2010 at his home in Redondo Beach at the age of 85. He is survived by his wife of 63 years, Doris, and 9 children. He is preceded in death by his youngest son, Bob. Mr. Roach dedicated half of his life to BMHS. For 20 years (19621982), he was “The Voice of the Knights,” announcing all BMHS football and basketball games. He was also an active member of the athletic booster club for 25 years, serving such roles as president and vice-president and organizing fiestas, dinners, letterman banquets, and fireworks sales at BMHS. Seven of his sons played football at BMHS (two received Division I scholarships), one son was a captain of the 1967-68 CIF championship basketball team, and a daughter was a member of the 1977 CIF championship tennis team. After his children graduated, Mr. Roach continued to support Bishop Montgomery. Following the death of Bob, the Roach family established the Robert Roach Memorial Endowment Scholarship Fund to provide deserving students with tuition assistance. He was also a regular at many school athletic and fundraising events. In February 2011, Mr. and Mrs. Roach will be inducted into the BMHS Hall of Fame.

JoAnne Mohrfeld, mother of Todd Mohrfeld ‘72, Cindy Mohrfeld ‘74, Jeff Mohrfeld ‘77 and Lynn Mohrfeld ‘79. Dr. Robert Norcross, father of Cathy NorcrossHess ‘91, Tim Norcross ‘93, Paul Norcross, and James Norcross. Frank O’Neill, Lakers trainer from 1960-1974 and father of Frank O’Neill, Jr. ‘70, Patricia O’Neill-Gallagher ‘71, Michael O’Neill ‘73, and Mark O’Neill ‘74. Joseph Sablan, father of Junior Sablan ‘98, Joselyn Sablan, Marcel Sablan. Joy Strickfaden, mother of Shelley StrickfadenRowell ‘75, Tom Strickfaden ‘76, and Tracy Strickfaden ‘79. Carlos Vigon, father of Yvette Vigon ‘87.

Current Families Milo Buckingham, father of Taylor-Jade Buckingham ‘11. Thu Nguyen, mother of Hanh Nguyen ‘11.

Alumni Peter Trocchiano ‘66, of Palm Desert, passed away on January 7, 2011 of liver cancer. Susan Mulligan-Lawson ‘80 passed away on June 4, 2010. Carol Kristufek-Salmans ‘67 passed away on January 26, 2011 in Fountain Valley. She is survived by her husband, Bill, daughter, Jessica, brother Bill Kristufek ‘66, and sisters Ruth Kristufek ‘69 and Clare Kristufek. Gerard Villarreal ‘81 of Hemet, passed away on November 15, 2010. He is survived by his brother, David Villarreal, and sisters Cecilia Villarreal-Tobin ‘77 and Lourdes Villarreal.

his wife, Tyhesha, and his children, step-daughter LyShyra, 15, and son, Tysen, 3. Destry is also survived by his father, Peter Bell, and his sister, Africa Renee Bell ‘89. Plans are being made to start a scholarship in Destry’s name at BMHS. More information will follow at a later date.

Alumni Families Joseph Aubele, father of Norah Aubele-DeBellis ‘84, Ray Aubele ‘84 and Jennifer Aubele ‘92. Fayette Baird, mother of Holly Baird ‘97. William Bedsworth, Sr., father of William Bedsworth ‘65. Mary Carol Carmichael, mother of John Carmichael ‘88. Larry Carnahan, father of Kathy CarnahanAyala ‘81, Charlene Carnahan-Migliorini ‘82, and John Carnahan ‘85. Ciro Ferrigno, husband of Tina Silva-Ferrigno ‘83.

Destry Bell ‘83, above right, of Alta Loma, passed away in his sleep on November 21, 2010. He is pictured above with Kenny Marshall ‘83 (left) and Mike Fay ‘83 (middle) on graduation day. Destry was a sergeant for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. He is survived by



Faculty & Staff Patricia Dunigan, who worked in office positions at BMHS for 31 years from 1976 until 2007, passed away on November 2, 2010 at her home in Torrance. She is survived by her six daughters, all of whom graduated from BMHS: Debbie Dunigan-Fraker ‘73, Kellee Dunigan ‘79, Sharon Dunigan-Onorati ‘80, Vicki Dunigan ‘81, Jacki Dunigan-Gafford ‘85 and Susan Dunigan-Henderson ‘88. Rev. Aloysius Romanowski, O.F.M., BMHS Principal from 1969-1971, passed away on June 3, 2010 at St. Mary’s Home, Little Sisters of the Poor in Chicago. Prior to being named principal, Father Al served as Vice-Principal of Boys from 1965-1969 and also taught religion, French and was the student council moderator in 1965. He was ordained on December 21, 1957 in Rome. His first assignment was at BMHS. After leaving BMHS, Father Al served as pastor of parishes in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Raymond Krank, father of Kenneth Krank ‘83, Jennifer Krank-Bilbrey ‘84, Debbie Krank ‘85, Laura Krank-Lackey ‘85, Stephanie Krank and Briana Krank. Bill McMahon and Grace McMahon, parents of Susan McMahon-Castillo ‘80. BISHOP MONTGOMERY HIGH SCHOOL

Correction In the last issue of Veritas, we reported that Susan Yoklavich-Dugan ‘67 passed away. We omitted the name of her brother, Michael Yoklavich ‘72 in her list of siblings. We apologize for this omission.

REUNIONS & EVENTS Recent Reunions & Events Class of 1970 (40th Reunion) The class of 1970 held their 40th reunion on September 25, 2010 at St. Lawrence Martyr Church. The day included a picnic lunch in the afternoon and a dinner in the parish hall in the evening. The event was organized by Dennis McGoldrick ‘70.

Class of 1980 (30th Reunion) The class of 1980 held their 30th reunion on October 16, 2010 at Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge at Del Amo Fashion Center. The evening, organized by Jan Schubert-Glusac ‘80, Walt Hodgson ‘80 and Tim McOsker ‘80, included a night of dinner, bowling, pool and catching up with classmates. Pictured at left are (l to r): Pete Stefanelli ‘80, Greg Gomez ‘80, Vicki Leach-Gomez ‘80 and Alice Woodward-Forney ‘80. Below are excerpts from a reflection written by class of 1980 graduate Fr. Peter Mallin ‘80.

Reflection for BMHS Class 1980 Reunion “Our graduation date was 6 June 1980. Since that day, much of the world as we know it has changed... When we graduated from high school, it was before the space shuttle made its maiden flight into space, before the invention of the CD, most of us had neither a cell phone nor a personal computer, and likewise probably never heard of the Internet... The sports event of the year was the ‘Miracle on Ice’... On TV, people watched ‘Dallas’ to find out who shot JR. At the movies, people went to ‘The Empire Strikes Back’... The Berlin Wall was still up... The worlds’ ‘Bad Guys’ were Ayatollah Khomeini and Momamar Khadafi. The ‘Good Guys’ were Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa... Notable deaths in 1980: Olympic star Jesse Owens, ex-Beetle John Lennon, British actor Peter Sellers, Archbishop Oscar Romero and four American Catholic nuns working in El Salvador lost their lives in the cause of justice. As we gather for this thirtieth reunion, we are preparing to cross the half-century mark of our lives. We are the last of the ‘Baby-Boom’ generation... Many of us have celebrated 25 years of marriage, have children already in college and high school... There have also been changes in careers and losses of friends and relatives. As the book of Ecclesiastes tells us: “There is an appointed time for everything, and a time for every affair under the sun (Eccl. 3:1). The one thing that is constant in our lives is the presence of God. We lift up to our Heavenly creator the lives and achievements that we have made in the last thirty years, and ask God to continue to watch over us as we move forward in hope and confidence to a future that is in God’s hands. We lift up the memories of our departed classmates: Cathy Bednorz, Catherine Cafaro-Busse, Victor Castro, Jeanne Potchka, and Susan Mulligan. May they enjoy forever the eternal presence of a loving God. We ask this and all things through Christ our Lord. Amen.” Fr. Peter Mallin ‘80

Class of 2000 (10th Reunion) The class of 2000 held their 10th reunion on November 27, 2010 at Samba Brazilian Restaurant in Redondo Beach. Pictured at right are (l to r): Jennifer Gonzalez-Perreira ‘00, Ian Salisbury ‘00, Jamie Kamiya-Haagsma ‘00, Christina Morones-Salisbury ‘00 and Naomi Jones ‘00.

BMHS Alumni Football Game On November 13, 2010, alumni football players from BMHS took on the alumni from Mary Star in a game played at Daniels Field in San Pedro. More pictures and information can be found on Facebook.

Upcoming Reunions & Events Class of 1961 (50th Reunion) • October 22, 2011 / Ports O’ Call Restaurant, San Pedro • Contact: Mary Ann Frisino-Hunter ‘61 /

Class of 1971 (40th Reunion) • July 16, 2011 / BMHS Gymnasium • Contact: Mary Pat Smith ‘71 / Joan Griffith ‘71 /

Class of 1981 (30th Reunion) • July 16, 2011 / Hacienda Hotel • Contact: Noreen Garin-Helvie ‘81 /

Class of 1991 (20th Reunion) • Contact:

Denise Fernandez-Spencer ‘91 /

Class of 2001 (10th Reunion) • Contact:

Tyre Sperling ‘01 /



Bishop Montgomery High School 5430 Torrance Boulevard Torrance, California 90503 310-540-2021

PAID Torrance, CA Permit No. 317

SAVE THE DATE BMHS/Morgan Miranda Memorial Golf Tournament

June 17, 2011

June 18, 2010

Includes: • 18 holes of Golf/w cart • Dinner • Prizes • Goodie Bag

Lakewood Golf Course Entry Fee $130 First 80 golfers

First Tee Time 10:30am

Dinner Only $40

Format: 4-Man scramble With Handicap

Lakewood Golf Course • Format: 4-man scramble with handicap

• All proceeds go to the tuition assistance scholarship in Morgan Miranda’s name.

For more information please call Ed Miranda @ (H)310-675-8957 email:

Dinner will be at the course: Lakewood Dinner starts at 6:30pm

Entry Deadline is June 05, 2009

• Sponsorship opportunities available

Make check payable to Ed Miranda

Or Dane Larsen Send your Entry to: Ed Miranda Email: 15139 Florwood Ave.; Lawndale, Ca. 90260 A. Marafino 310-540-2021 X-246 email: “All donations will go to the Morgan Miranda scholarship at Bishop Montgomery High School” $130 Per Golfer

Family and Friends Sponsorship of a Hole Donation $50

More information on the Alumni/Development pages at $470 Corporate Sponsorship Foursomeor call 310-540-2021 ext. 246

Corporate Sponsorship of a Hole – Donation $150

Dinner Only $40 Name:

E-Mail or Phone No.


E Mail or EPhone No.

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