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Knightlife May 18, 2017 XLXVII • ISSUE 7

Above: The prom court of Angelo Pasco, Alec Rupp, Janarie Rhambo, Kaelyn Jefferson, Brandon Johnson Bryce Matthews, Kara Montilla, Ellia Thornburg, Ray Hadnett, and Sydney Hall celebrate their senior prom.

Hollywood Royalty: Prom 2017 Written by Madison Reynolds and Harrison Cook Photographed by Simon Tran

April 28th, 2017 truly was a (k)night to remember! When the clock struck 8:00pm, the Class of 2017 traded in their infamous “Just 170 It” T-shirts for intricate gowns and classy tuxedos for Prom at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. After countless hours of preparation, pictures, and posing, the Seniors enjoyed a night filled with friends, food, and fun. The theme was “A Knight In Hollywood.” It was exhibited in the elegant centerpieces which displayed classic, movie-inspired film strip accents as well as a picture backdrop reminiscent of the red carpet at any Hollywood gala. After checking in and finding their tables, most seniors hit up the buffet line. I, Harrison, being the most thorough journal-

ist you could ask for, served myself substantial portions of each item so that I could accurately report on it to the public. Let me tell you, it far exceeded my expectations. The pasta, chicken, and dinner rolls won major points in my book for both flavor and presentation. The crowning of Ray Hadnett and Ellia Thornburg as Prom King and Queen, as well as the playing of Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the U.S.A.,” was the perfect start to an exciting night of dancing. Even chaperones, such as Mr. McGoldrick, enjoyed the night. The music was blaring, and everyone in attendance showed off their moves on the dance floor. The dense crowd made it hard to even find your date if you weren’t enclosed in the mass of people. But, if you were in the thick of it, it was a

nonstop rager of close quarters that included dance-offs and laughter. Ricky Xhu was easily visible, despite how packed the dance floor was, and it wasn’t due to his height. His contagiously excited love for dancing was shown in his moves. He said… The night ended with a remix of “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” by Green Day, which was hard to dance too, but the sentiment was appreciated. Regardless, the prom as a whole seemed to go over with good regards. After prom ended, the Senior class went on their merry ways and everyone returned to school on Monday (welcomed by a much-appreciated Late Start), feeling refreshed for their last few days of school. The good vibes and high energy from Prom night certainly set the tone for the rest of the year, making the Class of 2017 even more excited to graduate, but also sad to leave

Senior Luau Lei’d the Fun Written by Haya Rabadi and Devin Brown Photographed by Amanda Ye While the whole school decked out in their Hawaiianthemed clothing on Friday, it was the seniors who were in for a special treat after school. Once the bell rang at the end of the day, seniors began lining up outside of the gym to experience one of their senior privilegesthe Senior Luau. After checking in, the seniors were given leis by ASB and headed inside the Hawaiian-themed gym to the buffet lunch. With the food sent by King Hawaiian, the nearby Hawaiian bakery and restaurant in Torrance, it surely did not disappoint. With options such as pulled pork, grilled chicken, and the famous Hawaiian bread rolls, the seniors feasted, finishing off their meals then with one of the bakery’s popular cakes- the Paradise cake. While the seniors settled at their tables to eat and socialize

with their friends, there lied anticipation in the air for the senior slideshow. Once the tables were cleared, the slideshow began. The main gym filled with laughs and ‘awes’ as various videos and pictures relayed memories of the seniors with their classmates. From spirit games to homecoming and boys’ varsity basketball games to prom, the seniors felt sentimental remembering all these moments and how their final year at Bishop Montgomery was coming to a close. Ashley Kim, when asked about the slideshow, says, “It was nice to look back on our last year of high school with my friends.” After the slideshow ended, it was announced that Polynesian dancers would provide entertainment for the seniors. Three young women performed various, incredible dances representative of the Polynesian islands, such as

Hawaii, New Zealand, and Tahiti. In between each dance routine, the women would invite volunteers from the seniors to recreate the dance moves. Everyone laughed as they watched their classmates attempt the difficult moves, and the room was filled with light-hearted fun. Alexa Marquez recounts, “I loved the senior luau. It was a great way for the

behind the community at BMHS.

Above: Prom attendees dance the night away.

seniors to have fun, forget about stress for a bit, and be with each other before we graduate. And now some of us are professional hula dancers.” Overall, Senior Luau was another fun senior event to create memories before graduation nears.

Above: Seniors Nick Simone, David Aguilar, Nick Martinez, and Nico DiGenova attempt to hula dance at the senior luau.


Campus Life

Letter from the Editors To the students, teachers, administration, and all of our Knightlife readers, From wherever you’re reading the final Knightlife issue of the 2016-2017 school year, we would like to thank you! Knightlife has consumed such a large part of our time here at Bishop, so it’s hard to imagine no longer covering the beloved spirit weeks, athletic events, drama productions, band competitions, field trips, and so many more special occasions that fulfilled our high school experiences. We hope you enjoyed reading our pieces as much as we enjoyed brainstorming article ideas and creating them just for you. Thank you for letting us writers and photographers play a role in your time at Bishop; we enjoyed every single interview quote about current events and

picture with genuine reactions to the most recent popular movie. We proudly reflect on our time on the staff, knowing that without both the hard work from our club members and the readership of all of you, Knightlife wouldn’t be possible. This newspaper also wouldn’t be possible without the constant support of our moderator Mr. Hong, who keeps us grounded and sane and for whom we are eternally grateful. We know Knightlife will continue to grow with our new editors in chief and staff, and we encourage and welcome all of you to join the team for next year! Warm Regards, Caroline Cusolito ‘17 & Stephanie Trelease ‘17


Above: Editor-in-Chiefs, Stephanie Trelease and Caroline Cusolito worked hard on publishing the Knightlife issues.

The Class of 2017 Knights are spreading their wings far and wide! Find many of their new homes in the wordsearch below. Atlanta, Berkeley, Boston, Colorado Springs, Davis, Eugene, Fullerton, Irvine, La Jolla, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York City, Northridge, Phoenix, Portland, Providence, Pullman, Riverside, San Diego, San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Santa Monica, Thousand Oaks,Troy, Westwood

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Bishop Montgomery High School

Senior Advice

You Say Goodbye, I Say Oh NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comic by Anna Quast

Interviews by Liliana Linan

As seniors end their journey at Bishop and prepare to begin the next chapter of their lives, some of Bishop’s beloved teachers share thier college advice. Mrs. Marin: “Be open to new will grow the most when you are out of your comfort zone. Do a study abroad program. Explore everything that interests you.” Mr. Sansalone: “Make this the most enjoyable, adventurous time of your life.” Mr. Bitto: “Be open to new experiences but always put your health and your needs first.” Mr. McGoldrick “Study and do well but don’t forget to have fun.”

Seniors Rule!

As the seniors prepare to graduate, Knightlife celebrates the Class of 2017 with a senior-themed crossword puzzle! Each answer will be a member of the graduating class. There will be no spaces between first and last names. Across 5. The _______ twins are both involved in ASB and headed up north for college 8. The ______ twins are well-known for their quick banter, witty humor, and abundant pop culture knowledge

has entertained us with her laughter everyday 19. This senior is going to the United States Air Force Academy next fall 20. This homecoming prince led the volleyball team into glory this year 21. This junior year transfer wowed us all with his impressive quarterback skills 24. This USC-bound athlete represented Bishop as prom prince and in the West Torrance Lions All-Star Game

10. This November Kairos leader and Homecoming princess led us in prayer every morning 11. This ASB president reminded us all to “have a great day” on the announcements 12. This Drama Lab regular and Latin language lover is one of the co-valedictorians 14. This amazing Music Ministry singer and Homecoming princess is heading to St. John’s University 16. This Oregon State-bound athlete is reuniting with his brother next year 18. This shotput goddess turned prom princess

Down 1. This Drama Lab co-president who loves to sleep was voted Prom Queen 2. This girls’ basketball player has committed to Fresno Pacific University 3. This song team captain graced us with her awesome dance moves 4. This SDSU commit is on her way to becoming another Serena Williams 6. This homecoming prince is well-known for his talent on the baseball mound 7. This cross country star is known for her love of cacti and The Dodgers 9. This winter guard captain will be speaking at graduation as one of the co-valedictorians 13. This London-bound soccer player captured the hearts of all the seniors as Prom King 15. This USF-bound Kairos leader took the Homecoming Queen title 17. This Undergrad awards speaker led the Swaglet all year and is sure to cheer just as loud next year at UCLA 22. This yearbook photographer and Drama Lab tech aficionado was crowned Homecoming King 23. This senior class senator and flag team captain led her team to high acclaim this year 25. This February Kairos leader was honored with a Student of the Semester award in October


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Campus Life

Drama Lab New York Written by Jackie Pistole and Sarah Oppenheim Photographed by Jackie Pistole This spring break, BMHS Drama Lab experienced their passion for the arts in the theatre capital of the world--New York City. Early morning did not dampen the spirits of the eighteen students and their chaperones-Ms. Moreau, Ms. Evans, and Ms. Bagnell--as they boarded the flight bound for Newark, New Jersey. The excitement was real: while in New York, Drama Lab would see the Broadway shows “Amelie,” “The Play that Goes Wrong,” and “Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812.” They would also eat at some of New York’s most well known restaurants, attend an improv class, visit Top of the Rock, and tour Central Park, Radio City Music Hall, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Each day would feature an early start: breakfast at the hotel (Row NYC), and by 9 o’clock. Out on the busy sidewalks of Times Square, which were shadowed by New York’s towering skyscrapers of both splendid, historic architecture and modern design. The first night in New York would actually offer the group a different perspective of these towering buildings. How about from up above? Sure. Drama Lab viewed a twinkling New York City from the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center. “You could see everything from up there,” reflects Jordan Bell ‘18. “The city lights at nightime looked really cool.” It being a Drama Lab trip, many of the activities centered around the theatre arts. Amid learning the history of the grand Radio City Music Hall, the trip-goers were also given the privilege of standing on its mile-long stage, which faced its 6,000 seats. They also met one of Radio City’s famous Rockettes and were guided through the world famous Music Hall. Trip-

goer Gio Garcia ‘18 especially liked the tour. “All my musical inspirations like Elton John, Ed Sheeran, and John Mellencamp, and multiple musicians played live at Radio City. They inspire me to reach their success in music, and hopefully perform there to a sold out audience.” Other theatre-related activities for Drama Lab included the Broadway show “Amelie.” This musical centers on the eponymous young woman who seeks to improve everyone’s life around her but she’s afraid to let herself fall in love. Another Broadway show, “The Play that Goes Wrong,” centered on an English murder mystery. However, it being a comedy, the play literally goes wrong in every aspect, from sound and lighting malfunctions to the set collapsing and actors being knocked unconscious. The last night treated trip-goers with Tony awardnominated show “Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812.” Based on an excerpt of Leo Tolstoy’s “War and Peace,” this lively musical centered on a nineteenth-century Russia love story. Drama Lab students were especially exhilarated when, after the performance ended, they and other fans met cast members including singer Josh Groban. Drama Lab also experienced less-theatrical aspects of New York City. Among their destinations were Lincoln Center and the Public Library of the Arts. Students toured Central Park as well, taking in trees, hot dogs, and catchy jazz bands. Drama Lab’s last day would feature a visit to the world-famous Metropolitan Museum of Art, where a grand variety of art forms are displayed. They have it all: Picasso, Monet, Rembrandt, Chagall, you name it. From the smallest moment of eating a twodollar hotdog in Central Park to one of the trip’s

more significant experiences, like standing on Radio City Music Hall’s stage and feeling like a star, what unites these memories is that each of them was spent in the company of friends. Drama Lab experienced the trip of a lifetime in yes, the theatre capital of the world, with great food, sightseeing, and entertainment, but astounding friends. They didn’t want to leave the city, but everyone brought a piece of the city home with them. There’s a New York City in TMH, and although their performances are bright, brilliant, and amazing, they are the friendship capital of

Above: Drama Lab gathers outside of the NY theatre after enjoying the Broadway show “Amelie.” Below: Students visit Rockefeller Center and see the Easter display.

First Year Teachers Interviews by Erin Hall and Matt Alcedo Photographs ??? 1. What are your hopes and aspirations for your future at Bishop? 2. What has been your favorite memory at Bishop so far? 3. If there was one piece of advice you could tell your past self, what would it be? 4. Did you ever think teaching would be your first profession? What made you realize you want to become a teacher? Choi: 1. I want my students to understand biology, a field which is constantly changing. I hope that they will find biology interesting, and possibly pursue a career in the sciences. 2. I love my students, and they make me laugh every day. 3. Wake up earlier.

Mrs. Choi

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4. I did not think teaching would be my first job. I started working at Bishop after a move, which I only expected to be a temporary thing. I loved teaching, so once I moved back to the area, I came back to teaching at Bishop. Buckley: 1. I hope to impact the lives of my students. 2. Pre-season conditioning. 3. To stay focused on the end goal. 4. Absolutely not! After college, I wanted to become an FBI agent. I went on to play pro basketball, and eventually started coaching. Once I had, it was game over from there - I knew that I was not supposed to become a FBI agent.

Ms. Buckley

Hendry: 1. I wish to make a difference in my students and aspire to help them see their self-worth, potential, and the dignity that is within each and every single one of them. 2. Working on Kairos retreats, just seeing how much the students change over the days always moves me 3. Take a breath, smile, look up from your books to see the world and experience it 4. Honestly, yes. Working with the youth has always been a part of me ever since I started babysitting when I was younger. No matter what I could’ve done, I would always be drawn towards teaching and helping out those who need it.

Ms. Hendry

Bishop Montgomery High School

Sir Port’s Support

Dear Sir Port, I’m friends with a lot of graduating seniors, and I don’t know what to do or how to feel! On the one hand, I’m happy to see all their hard work paying off, but on the other, I don’t want them to leave. The best thing you can do is be there for them. It’s great to hear that you care so much about your friends, and I’m sure they care very much about you. Graduation can definitely be bittersweet, but in the end it's a happy day. Just don’t forget that no matter how far or how close your friends go, or how long or how short they’re gone for, you will always be with them and they will always be with you.

Dear Sir Port, I’m a graduating senior and I’m totally freaking out! I’m so happy and relieved to make it after years of hard work, but I’m also really anxious to leave all my friends behind. College and what lies ahead have me excited but scared at the same time! Keep your chin up! To every senior: you are an amazing, capable, and intelligent person. I have no doubts about your ability to lead a happy life. I know how hard it can be to say goodbye to the people you’ve known for years, so don’t. Just say “see you later!” and know that wherever you go and whatever you do, you will always have this family standing right behind you. Celebrate and be happy about your achievement. You deserve it. “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

Spring into Action with BMHS Spring Sports! Written by Skyler Lamar Photographed by Steven Alvarado Spring is in the air and so are our Bishop spring sports! Just in case you weren’t aware, the spring sports are Boys’ Volleyball, Baseball, Softball, Track & Field, Boys’ Golf, Boys’ Tennis and Swimming! Starting out with our Varsity Boys’ Volleyball, as of May 2nd and having 8 wins and 0 losses in the League, they have captured the league crown! It is their 6th League title in 10 years! In the next couple of weeks they are going into their playoffs so keep rooting for the boys! Next is Track & Field! The Boys’ Track & Field are 1-3-0 and still have more meets to come so let’s keep cheering them on! Girls’ Track & Field are currently 2-2-0 and also have more meets to come! I interviewed Hailey Rodriguez ‘19, who runs the 1, 2 mile races, about being part of Track & Field! Track & Field members are dedicated so I asked how they trained and she said, “It’s usually long distance runs (like to the beach) twice a week then go to West and do whatever workout Brian (the Track & Field coach) has in store for us the other two days out of the week. Unless it is the day before a meet then we do a ‘Bob

Miller’ which is a run to Wilderness Park and back to school. Practice is usually two hours, but it depends on how fast we can finish the workout.” Since it is no secret that the Track & Field team has a lot of members, I asked if their coach gives them each individual attention and she happily said, “Brian is really good about giving each and every person the encouragement and time they need to get better! He pushes everyone to do their best without overworking them!” And lastly, I asked her why she likes to do Track & Field and she said, “I think I like track and field because I get to increase my speed while still running the amount that I’d like. Track really pushes you to your limits and I like the challenge.” So if you’re wondering what it’s like to be on Track & Field, there is the experience in a nutshell. You’re welcome! The next spring sport is Softball! The Varsity team has an overall record of 7-10-1 and a League record of 3-7-0. The JV team is 7-3-0. The girls are always in high spirits so I also interviewed a JV softball player, Danielle Taylor ‘19, about being a part of the team! She mainly plays right or left field and I asked

Above: The softball team discusses strategy at the bottom of the 5th inning.

how their teammates motivate each other and she said, “During each game, my teammates and I say chants and different songs to motivate everyone. When we are batting, we sing a cute little jingle to help the person hit. If someone made a really nice play, they stole a base or caught a flyball, we all scream and say 'Nice job' or give that person a high five.” Since this was her first year on the team, I asked how her coaches went about teaching her and she said, “Both of my coaches helped me drastically. In the beginning, they would pull me aside and tell me, ‘You got this, it all takes practice and effort.’ My coaches kept working with me until I was comfortable and was used to the sport. Also, my teammates helped me to adapt and become comfortable. Since my coaches were teaching and inspiring me greatly, I was able to become really good at softball. I admire both of my coaches for taking the time to work with someone individually that has never played before.” So if you are interested in playing a sport but have been holding back since you don’t know how to play, still try out and try your best because Bishop coaches are willing to work with you and make you into a great athlete! Moving on, the next sport is Baseball! First off, congratulations to them for winning a tournament over our Easter break! It was very welldeserved. They have an impressive League record of 6-3-0 and an overall record of 16-8-0. Thanks for making the Knights family proud! Next is Boys’ Golf. They practiced hard and made an impressive League record of 7-2-0 and an overall record of 8-60. Good job! Boys’ tennis had a very good overall and league record of 8-2-0! Also, swimming placed well in a lot of their meets and finished their season strong.

Above: Josh Crocker ‘19 sets the ball to his teammate.

Above: Mark Ogbunamiri ‘17 runs the 100m at the CIF pre-lims.

Above: Thomas Li‘ 19 dives into the pool to start the race.

Good job Knights and keep it up! Let’s keep rooting for our spring sports teams until the end of the school year!


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Campus Life

Motherly love Written by Olivia Thompson Illustration by Cindy Peng

May 14th is a day to honor the most important women in our lives - our mothers. From giving us life to disciplining us with tough love, moms sacrifice so much to ensure we become the best people we can be. No matter where we go to college or what mistakes we may make, the endless support system we call “Mom” will always have our backs, alongside the grandmothers, sisters, and others who play the role of loving protector or substitute mother. These women all deserve the love and dedication they’ve shown us year after year, which the school celebrated on May 11th by opening its door to the many moms of Bishop Montgomery for a Mother’s Day Mass. Seniors Isabella Smit and Nathan Draves both delivered emotional speeches to show their appreciation for the strong mother figures in their lives. Meanwhile, Father Ken emphasized the day not only

commends biological parents, but also those who take on the responsibilities of motherhood without the title. Students found many ways to spoil their mothers for the special day, including senior Ariana Verduzco who reminisces ¨My dad and I worked together to surprise her with a spa trip!” Many students gave their moms flowers, jewelry, or chocolate, but the most heartwarming gifts we can give to the women who give us so much are constant reminders of our neverending respect and thanks. So remember, give your mom a hug, even when it’s not Mother’s Day!

Where in Bishop?


Photographed by Riley Parker and Erin Hall Where in Bishop were these three photos taken? The first three students who can correctly identify the classroom or area of each photo will receive a voucher to the Snack Bar for free food! Bring your answers to Mr. Hong in room 205. Be sure to search for these special objects to win Knightlife’s “Where in Bishop?”

Congrats to Margarita Herrera ‘17, Kathryn Graz ‘17, and Jackie Raetz-Vigon ‘20 who guessed correctly the locations from our last issue. The answers were: #1 Obama Poster, #2 Mary plaque in front of the chapel, #3 Greek statues in Mrs. Moreau’s classroom 306.

*Knightlife staff and faculty members are ineligible for this contest. Do not disrupt any classes to look for these items. Special thanks to Mr. McGoldrick for suggesting this contest!

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Bishop Montgomery High School

And We Have a Winner! Written by David Carroll and Nicole Barragan

On May 7th the new president of France, Emmanuel Macron was voted into office. This will have a profound impact on the geopolitics of Europe and the world for years to come. But before we get ahead of ourselves, some exposition and a recap is in order. The French system has two rounds of voting and no electoral college system as of 1962. In the first election, all of France’s various parties run against each other and the two candidates that gain the most amount of votes face off against each other in the second and final round. Emmanuel Macron’s En Marche party received 23.86%, Marine Le Pen’s National front received 21.43% of the vote, Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s La France Insoumise received 19.62% of the vote, and Benoit Hamon Socialist party received 6.35% of the vote. This narrowed the polls to Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. Emmanuel Jean-Michel Fréderic Macron, a former investment banker, is a very centrist politician who supports the EU. He is a globalist, meaning someone who is in favor of globalization, and wants France to play a greater role in global affairs. Before running for president, Macron had been appointed deputy secretary-gen-

eral under François Hollande, the president of France since 2012. He is a fairly young politician at age 39, making him the youngest since Napoleon III. According to the New York Times, Macron stated that “France itself, its values, what makes us great, what makes us France is the Francophonie, it is our diplomacy, it is the place we have in the world… We are anything but shrinking.” Macron’s opponent, Marine Le Pen, is the daughter of a past right wing politician named JeanMarie Le Pen, the founder of the French National Front party. Marine Le Pen is an ardent nationalist and is very concerned about the national sovereignty of France and the issue of immigration. Marine Le Pen challenged Macron’s support of globalization by stating “The French have a simple choice: Either we continue on the path of total deregulation, without borders and without protection, with consequences: [business] relocation, unfair international competition, mass immigration, free movement of terrorists… Or you choose France, the borders that protect our jobs our purchasing power, our security, our national identity.” Marine Le Pen also wished to have a Brexit style referendum on whether or not

to leave the European Union, and to crack down on mass immigration and institute heavier efforts to integrate refugees. However, Le Pen has also expelled members of the National Front that have been accused of racism and anti-semitism in an effort to soften the image of the party. At first, the French election looked like an exact repeat of the US election where voters protested against both candidates. Not only were there similar views coming from both candidates but, according to The Atlantic, Macaron’s campaign was hacked by unknown assailants just 48 hours before voting occurred. However, it appears the the French voter base saw what was going on and went with Macron to avoid a perceived Donald Trump like scenario. The French election is very important in global politics due to the nature of the nationalist resurgence with Trump and Brexit. This election essentially determined the state of the European Union due to France being one of the founding countries and corner stones of the EU. Had Marine Le Pen won the election, we could have seen a further deterioration of the EU with France and other states choosing to leave. Macron, on the other hand, is a very strong supporter of the status-quo which, according to CNN Money, has sent stocks soar-

ing resulting from investor enthusiasm of certainty. Others would celebrate the fall of the EU because of the overreaching bureaucracy of Brussels and over regulation of markets coupled with economic issues stemming from the single market with Greece being a prime example. Ultimately, for the rest of the world, everything more or less stays the same after this election. Macron beat Le Pen 65.8% to 34% It appears that the EU’s future is secure for now. However, the German election will occur in September where the nationalist movement may gain ground. Germany is even more intertwined with the EU than France which means that the stakes in the upcoming German election are even higher. Ultimately every election in Europe within the next few years will be part of a long political game of chess between Globalists and Nationalists were, in the case of Brexit and the US election, anything can happen. This can be for the better and for the worse. Let’s hope whichever path Europe takes, whether abandoning the EU for a more diplomatic government or keeping the status-quo, that the future of Europe is bright. *Information was obtained from the New York Times, CNN, Google.

The Season of Acronyms...SAT..AP...ACT Written by Audrey Egekeze Illustration by Shuo Quin As the school year comes closer to ending, students around the nation are gearing up for more standardized testing in preparation for college. The month of May is notorious for it's numerous AP tests, which aim to test students’ mastery of a given subject at the college level. But AP tests are not the only tests being taken this month or in the upcoming months. Many students are also preparing to take SAT Subject tests, the SAT exam, or the ACT exam. SAT Subject Tests, also known as SAT IIs, are similar to AP tests in that they test one’s knowledge of a specific subject. The options include Math, U.S. History, Literature, Physics, Biology (Ecology or Mechanics), and much, much more. Regardless of the tests one choses to take, standardized testing is very expensive and often requires a great investment of study time in order to do well on any test. The question then arises: Is excessive standardized testing worth it? And if so, how can one prepare to do well on the exams? Unfortunately, there are not many ways to avoid taking a standardized test when prepar-

ing for college admissions. Most colleges require an SAT or ACT test score as part of the application to the school. But what about AP and SAT Subject Tests, which aren't technically required at most schools? One of the benefits of taking these “extra” exams is that they offer a chance to show how much you've truly learned in your classes. Doing well on an AP exam, for example, could translate into college credit for introductory courses in a major or minor. In addition, high scores can strengthen a student’s applications for colleges and scholarships. However, as stated earlier, cost of these extra exams quickly adds up. Just taking three AP exams and two subject tests for the 2016-2017 school year costs over $350! In addition, earning low scores may prove more hurtful than helpful, especially when applying for competitive colleges. Thus, even though these extra exams may provide a great benefit in college admissions, it’s important to makes sure that you’re prepared before stepping into the exam room. The best way to prepare for any standardized exam is to start

studying early. You should plan out your studying in a way that’s efficient and gives the best practice for the exam. For example, studying for a math exam or chemistry exam will involve doing a lot of practice problems to become more familiar with the question types. For a history exam, you might need to spend time reviewing the important issues and figures of a time period. Use school breaks to your advantage and study a topic ahead of the class or review a previous topic that was challenging to understand. In addition, try to find other materials to supplement the textbook or class notes, if possible. For example, Khan Academy and many educational YouTube chan-


nels offer helpful videos on topics in math, biology, history, chemistry, and many more topics. If you’re struggling to understand a topic, try asking your teachers or a friend that’s doing well in the that subject for help. Most importantly, however, is to take care of yourself. While it’s important to study hard, it’s also important to avoid burnout by taking study breaks, getting a good night’s sleep, and remembering that a test does not determine your worth. By using these tips and tricks to study effectively, you can make the most of your AP and SAT/ACT experience and get the scores you need to be successful in college admissions. Happy studying!

pg.7 Knightlife

Campus Life

TeacheR Trivia Corner Interviews by Katie Tomanek and Riley Parker

What is your most notable memory of your freshman year of college? Ms. McDorman: “Learning to survive with a roommate that I had nothing in common with.” Mr. Fitz: “A friend and I climbed up on top of the edge of our wing at three in the morning with a fire extinguisher- we knocked on everyone’s windows and when they were opened we sprayed their rooms.” Ms. Evans: “Learning how to eat a bowl of cereal while driving on the freeway between school and my parttime job. But don't do that. It is bad. Do you have any advice for our current seniors for the next step of their lives? Ms. McDorman: “Don’t sign up for an eight am class. You think you can do it because you have been going to school at 8 am your whole life, but it is much more difficult.”

Ms. Evans: “A lot of the time when graduation comes, people focus on what you did, but look back on what you have and recognize that you have the tools to get where you need go. Also, If you tell yourself that ramen is good enough times, you'll eventually believe it. What is the oddest predicament you found yourself in due to lack of sleep during your college years? Ms. McDorman: “I once wrote a paper throughout the night and then slept through the class in which I had to turn it in.” Mr Fitz: “I slept through a final one time. It was world history freshman year, but he did let me retake it later. Yeah, we were up all night studying.” Ms. Evans: “I used to get into the shower with my socks on.”

Mr. Fitz: “It doesn't matter where you go, what matters is you. Five, ten years from now no one cares where you went to school, but what you've accomplished.”

Right: Mr. Fitz, Ms. Evans, and Mrs. McDorman

The Knightlife newspaper is published by the Knightlife club of Bishop Montgomery High School, 5430 Torrance Blvd., Torrance, CA 90503. Opinions expressed in this paper do not reflect those of Bishop Montgomery High School. Knightlife 2016-2017 Board Editors-in-Chief: Stephanie Trelease & Caroline Cusolito Vice Presidents: Jackie Pistole & Erin Hall Photography Executives: Simon Tran & Jenna Yu (art) Treasurers: Audrey Egekeze Secretary: Theresa Sitter This Issue: Staff Writers: Matt Alcedo, Steven Alvarado, Nicole Barragan, Devin Brown, David Carroll, Harrison Cook, Caroline Cusolito, Jayden Davis, Lydia Dawson Audrey Egekeze, Anjelika Esteban, Erin Hall, Lana Katnich, Caroline Kim, Skyler Lamar, Liliana Linan, Sarah Oppenheim, Riley Parker, Angelo Pasco, Camille Petroni, Jackie Pistole, Anna Quast, Haya Rabadi, Madison Reynolds, Alec Rupp, Annaliese Rupp, Theresa Sitter, Arabella Stadvec, Olivia Thompson, Katelyn Tomanek, Stephanie Trelease, Zandra Tsao, Ricky Xu Staff Photographers: Steven Alvarado, Chloe An, Johnny Brunac, David Carroll, Alexis Cervantes, Harrison Cook, Julija Garunkstis, Libby Hadnett, Jada Harris, Lana Katnich, Caroline Kim, Skyler Lamar, Liliana Linan, Brady Liu, Mariana Madrigal, Cindy Peng, Camille Petroni, Jackie Pistole, Katelyn Tomanek, Simon Tran, Zandra Tsao, Jenna Yu, Staff Advertisers: Harrison Cook, Audrey Egekeze, Ricky Xu Staff Interviewers: Devin Brown, Jayden Davis, Caroline Kim, Liliana Linan, Mariana Madrigal, Madison Reynolds, Haya Rabadi, Theresa Sitter, Katelyn Tomanek, Ricky Xu Peer Editors: Theresa Sitter (1-4), Alec Rupp (5-8) Graphic Designers: Erin Hall (1-3), Jackie Pistole (4-6), Julija Garunkstis (7-8) Advisor: Mr. Hong Proofreaders: Mr. Marafino, Ms. Vigon- Morffi Publisher: Ms. Libbon

Knightlife pg.8

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Knightlife May 2017  

Bishop Montgomery High School Knightlife Newspaper May 2017

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