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From hectic Club Awareness Day to the traditional Big Sis / Lil Sis Lunch, Bishop celebrates the return to school with annual Aloha Week, organized by ASB.

Written by Briana Tucker, Kassandra Madrigal, Lourdes Lidzbarski, and Nathan Trelease. Photographed by Lourdes Lidzbarksi, Yasmin Aubry, and Yearbook. The fun-filled Aloha Week always kicks off with a spirited Lunchapalooza on the Lower Field on Monday. There, students enjoyed music and Hawaiian-themed activities to ease into the hectic schedule of the week. On Tuesday, September 10, Bishop Montgomery celebrated the beginning of a new school year with the annual Welcome Back Mass. Bishop Oscar Solis led the ceremony and focused his homily on God’s equal love and respect for all people, while Mrs. Svarda directed the choir, which included members of Campus Ministry. God’s love was particularly displayed by the returning students during the mass, showing Bishop Montgomery’s new students how accepting the community is. “I loved how welcoming everyone was,” said freshman Stephanie Trelease, “Everyone hugged during the Sign of Peace.” At the conclusion of the mass, Bishop Solis granted Bishop Montgomery one day without classes as a reward for the students’ enthusiasm and active participation; this day falls on the Monday following Thanksgiving. As a whole, the Welcome Back Mass was appreciated by new and returning students alike and set the tone for a wonderful school year! Big Sis/Lil Sis Lunch, which took place on Thursday, allows senior girls to bond with their freshmen “little sisters.” Senior Stephany Garcia says, “It’s a day to spoil your little sister to make her feel comfortable here at Bishop.” Several steps of preparation are needed to plan such a big event, including freshmen sisters completing a questionnaire and the distribution of baskets for seniors to stock with gifts. “We went to the store, made their signs, decorated, made the food, and tried to include everything they wanted. We wanted everything to be special for them,” remarked seniors Jazmin Guardado and Alex Zamora. The day began with the senior sisters meeting their sisters in the morning to give them multiple gifts to carry throughout the day, including animal ears, flower crowns, feather boas, large signs, and fairy wings. As the day went on, anticipation built for the special lunch. When the extended lunch period finally came, both seniors and freshmen rushed to the upper field to be greeted by senior boys in bright pink shirts in order to begin the festivities. Many sisters joined with other pairs to form larger groups, and the senior sisters often coordinated with one another to organize a pot-


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Above left: An overview of the Upper Field on Thursday, capturing the excitement and cheerfulness of the Big Sis / Lil Sis Lunch. Above right: Jamie Figueroa ‘17, Alexis Mendoza ‘17, and Rhianna DiGiaimo ‘17 show off their decorative apparel and fun gifts from their Senior Big Sisters.

Above left: Cassandra McGill ‘ 15 promotes Science Club on Club Awareness Day. Above right: Students of all grades rock out to the music and socialize during the Big Kahuna Hula Friday night. luck with a variety of foods. When the ten minute bell rang, all participating students were sad to leave, but took many pictures to record the memories. Numerous sisters said that their favorite part was the decorations and accessories, but freshman Alexis Mendoza said, “My favorite part was the lunch because it was really awesome to see that they brought us our favorite foods and drinks! It was nice to really get to know our senior sisters and talk about what we should expect later on.” On Friday to close the week, the freshman family barbeque was a fun-filled night where families gathered on the upper baseball field, mingling with old friends and making new ones. The BMHS song team performed for the guests while the family members got a chance to socialize and play games to get to know one another better. These games easily facilitated new friendships and interactions with other students and parents who shared common interests. “The fresh-


PG. 4

man family barbeque was an amazing experience. My parents and I both met lots of new parents and students, and it was a great way to make new friends. It was a very fun way to start off my first year of high school,” said freshman Justin Torres. After the family barbeque, students from all grades gathered with their Hawaiian gear to attend the Big Kahuna Hula. “Going to my first high school dance was overwhelming at first, but in the end I had lots of fun. Everyone’s different personalities made the night hilarious and the dance was truly unforgettable,” remarked freshman Alexa Roberts. BMHS’s own music production provided the music, while ASB coordinated getting the Lobos food truck, a photo booth, and an outdoor dance floor. “The Lobos food truck had the best fries in the world. Anything covered in bacon is delicious, but I can’t stop thinking about those fries! Even now, my mouth is still watering!” said junior Camille Lara.


PG. 5

The area behind the gym turned into a fun and festive night full of singing, dancing, and eating while everyone cherished every moment, meeting new people and hanging out with friends. All in all, it was a great evening full of memories, while also giving freshmen the opportunity to assimilate into Bishop. “At first I had my doubts about going to the dance because I was really nervous, but I ended up having a great time. I could really feel the spirit of community here at Bishop, and I feel like I am part of the Bishop Ohana, or family. Whoever did not go really missed out on a great evening. It was a great way to start off my journey here at Bishop!” commented Junior Emily Duran. A special thanks to all the faculty and staff who made the event possible and also a special thanks to Mrs. McDermott, the BMHS Mother’s Club, the Athletic Booster Club, the Band Booster Club, ASB, and the BMHS Maintenance crew for all your help and support.


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Friday Knight Lights

Our sports teams are already off to a great start, kicking off our school’s athletic year and bringing home victories! Written by Rose Park and Zeina Awad. Photographed by Yearbook.

Above: Robbie Hou ‘14 rushes for another first down against Desert Mirage.

Above: Tessa Allen ‘15 bumps the ball against Redondo.

School has started, and the Knights’ competitive spirit has been rekindled! The girls’ volleyball team is starting strong this year, winning overall in their last match against Notre Dame Academy on the 17th of September. In addition, the girls’ tennis team has completed four pre-season practice matches against Redondo, West, South and El Segundo High School. The tennis team’s first league match was this Thursday, September 26 against La Salle, and the girls say they’re feeling pretty confident for the rest of the season. The Lady Knights are showing definite sportsmanship skills that foreshadow what looks like a great year ahead. The Knights’ football teams are ready for a great season this year as well! The varsity team

started the season off with a bang in their opening game against Desert Mirage with a winning score of 48-6, with Junior Varsity following suit with a score of 36-6. In their second game against Contreras, Varsity took the win with a score of 25-0 and Junior Varsity as well with a score of 42-22. Looks like this year the boys are ready to rumble! In addition, the boys’ and girls’ cross country teams ran in the Don Bosco Tech Invitational—their first race of the year. However, the temperature got too high during the races and the last race had to be cancelled due to health risks. Undaunted, the cross country team soldiered on and ran at the Camino Real League Invitational this Wednesday, September 25.

Fame and Glory

Bishop athletes past and present represent our school with pride and demonstrate that strong sense of Bishop community. Written by Nia Liggins and Jasmine Shin. Photographed by Yearbook.

Above left: The inductees and family members line up on the football field at halftime. Above right: Carmelita Jeter speaks at the Induction Ceremony. One of the many ways Bishop Montgomery High School honors its accomplished alumni athletes is by inducting them in the Athletic Hall of Fame. The alumni honored this year were Carmelita Jeter ’98, Irl Davis ’66, Mike Gonzales ’82, Noelle Quinn ’03, and Forrest Hunt ’61. In her high school career, Carmelita Jeter participated in track and field and was later named an All American Athlete at California State University at Dominguez Hills. She also participated in the 2012 London Olympics, winning three medals: one bronze, one silver, and one gold. After playing baseball

at BMHS, Irl Davis went on to be the first alumnus to be drafted by Major League Baseball. Mike Gonzalez played football and track and later became an All-American decathlete at USC, participating in Olympic competition for both the United States and Puerto Rico. Despite playing both volleyball and basketball, Noelle Quinn is credited as one of the best girls’ basketball players in our school history. Later at UCLA, she became an All-American basketball player and now plays for the Seattle Storm in the WNBA. Forrest Hunt was a first “star” knight athlete, earning nine varsity let-

ters in five different sports, and he has been coaching in the Torrance Unified School District for 38 years. In addition, Dr. Rodney Stetson, who was not an alumnus of BMHS, was honored posthumously for his work with the athletic department as Bishop’s team doctor from 1959-1976. His children Mike ’63, Patty ‘63, Dan ’71, Jim ’72, Ed ’76, and Bill attended the event to accept the honor on his behalf. Before a fierce football game against Contreras High School, there was a gathering in the gym where people could meet the inductees. During half-time of the football game,

BMHS’s band and color guard lined up on the field, standing at attention and officially beginning the second half of the ceremony. Near the sideline, BMHS’s song team and short flags assembled, waiting to walk each inductee up to the area where he/she could receive his/her award. Stephanie Durbano ’15, a member of song team, was asked about the entire experience walking with the inductees and seeing such accomplished alumni in person. She replied, “I felt that I can do anything they can do. They inspired me to be a better person and to be my best.”



CLUB CORNER High Tech Helpers: JSA, Robotics, Eco Club

Written by Emily Blair and Lourdes LIdzbarkski. Photographed by Ari Thomas

There are many unique clubs here at Bishop Montgomery that do interesting and rewarding activities. They each have their own qualities that add to the school atmosphere and differentiate themselves from other groups.

Robotics Club

Above: JSA member Katelyn Taira is debating with another member, Jillian Gearin ‘14.

A fascinating club that Bishop offers is the Robotics club, moderated by Mr. Sansalone, which meets in the convent almost every Tuesday and Wednesday after school. The club welcomes all students who want to learn about the club positions, but head programmer senior Tim O’Dell says, “A sophomore who can carry the experiences they learn over the next three years would be best.” On Saturday, September 7th, the team participated in a kickoff event with other high school Robotics teams where they placed second. Mr. Sansalone commented, “After the kickoff, we all felt excited for the upcoming year.” This year’s robot’s challenge is to place small cubes into a basket. All of the members of the team will combine their specific job to create a robot that is able to thoroughly complete the task at a quick pace. Good luck, RoboKnights!

ECO Club

Above: The Robotics Club makes some minor adjustments before the competition.

On September 21st 2013, the Eco Club participated in Heal the Bay, an event where groups gather to work as a team and clean up our city’s beaches. Bishop Montgomery’s Eco Club focused on Redondo Beach where they picked up trash for two rewarding hours. When asked why she wanted to get involved with Heal the Bay, Jazmine Franco’15 stated, “We wanted to expand our services and projects, not just work within the school.” Annaliza Balila’16, a member of the Eco Club,

said her favorite part of the day was, “The fact that I know I can help my community and marine wild life by simply picking up trash.” Eco Club meets every other Thursday in room 302, and allows the students to have an opportunity to become eco-friendly and change the world little by little. The club constantly looks for new and helpful students to partake in their activities Moderator and fellow activist, Mr. `Meyette, states, “I’m looking for committed students, students who are passionate about recycling, and students who are passionate about doing something positive for the earth.”


Another interesting club on campus, Junior State of America (JSA), moderated by Mrs. Delay, debated singer Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance in TMH on Thursday, September 19th. Katelyn Taira ‘14, who opposed the performance, began the event by arguing that Cyrus’ presentation was inappropriate for minors, it is wrong to profit from suggestive behavior, her dancing with an older man was unacceptable, and it set a standard allowing women to be viewed as objects. On the other hand, senior Jillian Gearin defended Miley, saying that the station on which the performance aired is not directed for children, current media and society revolves around sexuality, she is attempting to move past her Disney persona, and it is a business technique to ignite conversation and promotion. JSA meets every Thursday at lunch in Room 206. When asked about plans for the future, Katelyn Taira said, “We’re going to try to get more people here, create better topics that people are interested in, make a Facebook group for suggestions, and fundraise for conventions.”

CLUB FLYER - Check with Your Favorite Club By Kira Iwai

Name of Club

Student Representative



Lunch Open Meetings

Bishop Bibliophiles

Samantha Nishimura, Claire Thatcher


To provide a place where people who enjoy literature can discuss, debate, and share their interest with others.

Rm: 300; 1st and 3rd Mondays

Campus Crafts

Sarah Dargen


To learn how to crochet and make blankets that will be donated to charities.

Rm: 307


Robyn Tong, Thinh Luu


Service projects such as providing for orphanage children

Rm: 111; Thursdays

Drama Lab

Vincent Miramontes


Participate in school plays and learn the fundamentals of acting.


Dumbledore’s Army

Natalie Pistole; Matthew Cusolito


To allow fans of the Harry Potter books/movies to get together to share and discuss

Rm: 315; 1st and 3rd Thursdays

Eco Club

James Marquez


Learn to care about our environment

Rm: 302

Gardening Club

Jasmine Shin, Nia Liggins, Jessica Quenda

St. James

Gardening activities to help beautify our school campus

Rm: 211; Meet twice a month on second and fourth week of every month

Habitat For Humanity

Breana Lewis; Alden Flores; Zachary Hayes


Build houses for the poor

Rm: 103

H.I.S. Club (Harbor Inter Service)

Corrine Tumanjan; Matt Kurata


Feed the needy in South Bay area

Rm: 108

The Happy Tones

Alexis Fillingames


Singing Club; Choir



Alden Flores; Nathan Trelease


Comedy, Acting, Improvisation


International Club

Josh-Jo; Sharon Chang; Lianne Quirong


Learn about different cultures

Rm: 314; Meetings every other Tuesday


Katelyn Taira


Learn debate skills and discuss current events

Rm: 206 Every thursday

Key Club

AJ Cainglet; Sammie Tran


Service projects including on campus blood drive

Rm: 318; Meets Every Wednesday


Samantha Nishimura Alexander Rodriguez


Write articles and much more for the official school newspaper

Rm: 205 Meetings Every Tuesday

Latin Club

Samantha Nishimura


Enhance your knowledge on this wonderful language and culture

TBA (for enrolled Latin class students only)

Science Club

Tony Lee; Cassandra McGill


Explore our unknown world and universe

Rm: 105

Students for Animals

Jessica Griggs


Service and care for animals

Rm: 107; Every other Tuesday

Surf Club

Natalie Di Angelo


Learn to surf and compete against other schools

Rm: 315

Through The Lens Photography Club

Christine Peterson; Emily Blair


Help students develop skills by participating in themed monthly projects

Rm: 205; Meetings 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month

Y.E.A. (Youth Elderly Alliance)

Leah Muñoz

St. James

Volunteer to work with the elderly




Popcorn Talk A Quick Movie and Music Review of this Fantastic Summer

Written by Carlissia Winston and Matthew Cusolito. Photographed by Ari Thomas

Adios to last summer’s movies, we’re moving on to bigger and better! This is the End kicked off the summer with a funny twist to the end of the world. For the superman fans, Henry Cavalli had an amazing breakout performance in Man of Steel. Along with this action came Brad Pitt fighting off thousands of zombies in the intense thriller World War Z. On to Pixar, we were taken way back into our childhood with a brand new Monsters, Inc. film called Monsters University, where Sulley and Mike invited us along for their fun experiences in college. This was just the beginning of the fun as Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy showed a lot of girl power as FBI’s in The Heat. Later, the heat was turned all the way up as Jamie Foxx, president of the United States, tried to save the White House with Channing Tatum in White House Down. This was definitely a summer for returns as the popular animation Despicable Me 2 hit theatres again. For those who heart Kevin Hart’s comedy Laugh at my Pain, he added Let Me Explain to his collection. The comedian didn’t disappoint with his highly opinionated views on relationships. To add to the jokes, Grown Ups 2 came funnier than ever with a hilarious police officer role played by Shaquille O’Neal. I guess he can

add actor to his resume! Another genre that owned the spotlight was horror, with the release of The Conjuring. The film based on a true story had people leaving the theatre in fear of going home. Viewers had the complete opposite reaction when our favorite little blue people arrived, in hopes of defeating the evil Gargamel again in Smurfs 2. Toward the end of the summer, fans of comedy and road trips to Mexico were left with a memorable impression by We’re the Millers. For those who saw it, we’re still laughing whenever we hear TLC’S hit song “Waterfalls.” The end of summer was sad, but even more films brought inspiration and motivations with several real-life stories in The Butler and Jobs. Unfortunately, the male leads of these films weren’t exciting at all. This end to the summer had teenage girls all around the world going crazy for the UK band, One Direction in their concert film, One Direction: This Is Us. There’s a whole new bunch of anthems for the summer of 2013! Bruno Mars, the new Super Bowl Halftime performer, started off the summer with his throwback to the Jackson Five, “Treasure.” Along with the theme of funky hypno beats, Daft Punk made their awaited return along with Pharrell on their song “Get Lucky.” Pharrell also

To the Moon The VMA’s Showcase Music’s Biggest Stars!

collaborated on Robin Thicke’s controversial yet catchy tune “Blurred Lines,” which was stated as one of the most popular songs of the year. For any alternative rock fans, Imagine Dragon’s popular song “Radioactive” quickly rose on the charts against its electro-pop peers. Move over Disney Channel, these princesses are all grown up! Teenage darling Selena Gomez released her new mature and well produced song, “Come and Get It,” proving much like Britney Spears did in the 2000s that she is an adult now. Speaking of a new image, the currently infamous Miley Cyrus, with her new fashion and haircut, released her song “We Can’t Stop.” Her new style and album

can either leave fans speechless in loving her or haters hating on her “swag.” Near of the end of the summer, two of the biggest pop stars released their first singles in over two years on the same day. Katy Perry, promising a darker image, released her radio friendly song, “Roar,” off her new album Prism, however leaving some unsatisfied with her usual style. On the other hand, little monsters rejoiced as Mother Monster, Lady Gaga herself, came out with her new tune, “Applause.” This clear cut and well produced electro-hit is the first artistic masterpiece off of her new album and multi experience app called ‘ARTPOP’ available November 11.

Above: Sisters, Miranda Reynolds ‘14 and Madison Reynolds ‘17, are the biggest One Direction fans.

Written by Alex Rodriguez and Aimee Myers. Photographed by Ari Thomas

Above: Chelsea Alvarez ‘17 shows off her VMA Moonman award.

On August 25th, hundreds of musicians and fans alike gathered in Brooklyn’s famous Barclays Center to celebrate MTV’s thirtieth annual Video Music Awards. To kick off the show’s festivities was none other than Lady Gaga, performing her new hit single, “Applause”, accompanied by a multitude of leotardclad dancers and, in typical Gaga fashion made the night even more exciting. The award ceremony included Kanye West’s hauntingly wild performance of “Blood on the Leaves” from a dimly-lit stage, Drake’s hit “Started From the Bottom” turning the stadium into an enormous dance party, an inspiring performance of Katy Perry’s empowering new single “Roar”, and even an *NSYNC reunion. However, the one performance that became the talk of the nation for days after the program’s airing was Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke’s medley of “We Can’t Stop” and “Blurred Lines.” Of course, an awards show is not complete without performances or the actual awards. All eyes were on Justin

Freshmen Problems

Artistically Crafted by Kira Coyne and Jackie Nkansah

Timberlake, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and Bruno Mars, not just for their spectacular performances, but for the number of MTV Moonmen they picked up! Timberlake picked up three awards for Video of the Year and Best Editing for “Mirrors” and Best Direction for “Suit & Tie.” Meanwhile, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, the first time VMA-nominees also won three Moonmen for “Same Love” (Best Video with a Social Message) and “Can’t Hold Us” (Best HipHop Video and Best Cinematography). Mars, with his video “Treasure,” winning Best Choreography, and “Locked Out of Heaven,” winning Best Male Video, left the VMAs with two Moonmen. The VMAs also introduced two new awards this year with the fan-voted categories of Best Song of the Summer and Artist to Watch. Both Moonmen went to teen pop sensations One Direction (“Best Song Ever”) and Austin Mahone, respectively, probably winning because of their massive, young fanbase with way too much access to the Internet. And that was the VMAs – a messy show

with some awards, performances, and twerking – too much of that last one. But other than bringing an always memorable awards show, the VMAs also ring in a new era of music for the fall! First off, we have some pop stars making their comeback this autumn. In addition to the pop world, we have Justin Timberlake ushering in his smooth, throwback R&B jams into mainstream radio with new track “TKO” off his continuation of “The 20/20 Experience.” Rappers making their comeback this season include Drake with soulful “Hold on, We’re Going Home” and Eminem with the cacophonous yet stomping “Berzerk.” And there’s Arcade Fire, Pearl Jam, Kings of Leon, and many, many more acts too releasing new material! Hopefully the new music does not fall down the chart too quickly this autumn!



Hey JSA! What’s Your Say?

This is the first installment of the new “Hey JSA! What’s Your Say?” corner in which one or more members of the Junior State of America will present a debate about a noncontroversial, interesting topic that leaves us asking, “Hey, what do I say?”

This issue’s topic - The Historical Accuracy of Films like The Butler

Written by Katelyn Taira. Photographed by Ari Thomas.

Above: Seniors and current JSA chairpersons Claire Thatcher (left) and Roy Lyle (right) openly debate about the historical accuracy of films, with both referring to a textbook to back up their own side. What side are you on?

With the release of popular movies such as Zero Dark Thirty, Argo, Lincoln, and Django Unchained, critics have called into question the historical accuracy of such films. Ben Affleck, the director of Argo, admitted that while the movie is based off of the 1979 Iran hostage crisis, the events, particularly the high-stress car chase and uncertainty at the airport, were fabricated. Critics hold that in order to create a meaningful work, directors must accurately portray the social conditions that reflect the attitudes of the time period. They claim that many movies based on history twist events to appeal to Hollywood’s standards of glamour and enthrallment, thereby compromising the impact of the film. In Django Unchained, for example, director Quentin Tarantino makes multiple references to the KKK with the film beginning in 1858, although the KKK was not formed until after the Civil War ends in 1865. The film’s opening also states that the setting is two years prior to the start of the Civil War, when the Civil War actually began in 1861, three years after the opening scenes. Django Unchained is abundant in violence

and unreserved in its depictions of slavery and Southern cruelty, but some critics argue that these additions please audiences more than abide to history. They hold that in order to create a meaningful work, directors must accurately portray social conditions that reflect attitudes of the time period. However, proponents of such films claim that they are just that—films. Produced by Hollywood and for Hollywood, these films are not self-declared accurate historical accounts. Rather, these movies are meant to entertain, earn profit, and provide thematic insight into their respective time periods. While some aspects may be distorted, they contribute to the fact that the Iran hostage crisis was tense and shocking, in the case of Argo, or that slavery was vindictive, evil, and a stain in American history, in the case of Django Unchained. Therefore, these films reveal a more covert truth in their depictions, rather than a recitation of historical facts. Details may be altered in order to appeal to the target audience, and films are subjective, tending to reflect the opinions of the director and screenwriters. What’s YOUR say?





Summertime Sadness Happiness! Written by Natale Pistole and Ariana Rupp.

Ah, summer. A time for relaxing, well-deserved sleep, and vacations! At the beginning of August, with summer gradually coming to an end, freshman Cristina Gee visited Nevada’s most populous city: Las Vegas! Joined by her family and two of her closest friends, the group explored the city’s internationally renowned gambling, shopping, fine dining, and nightlife. They visited many tourist attractions such as the M&M’s store and the Coca Cola Factory, where they sampled a variety of sodas from all around the world. During their stay, the group also visited several famous hotels located along the Las Vegas Strip, such as The Mirage and Caesar’s Palace. When asked about her trip, Cristina said, “It was really hot, so we visited the pool quite often.” Overall, she, her family, and friends loved their trip and would like to visit the city again sometime soon. After all, Las Vegas is one of the top tourist destinations in the world for a reason! Venturing outside American borders, sophomore Jiu Jung had the opportunity to visit her family in Korea. Just a week after school ended, she departed for the bright city of Seoul, the capital of South Korea. She stayed there for about two months, keeping busy with fun activities, such as enjoying the beautiful beaches of the East China Sea, jet-skiing, zip-lining, and shopping. Seoul is famous for its delicious cuisine, so naturally Jiu had to try the exciting desserts the city had to offer, like patbingsu, a popular shaved ice treat topped with ice cream, condensed milk, and fruit! Jiu reveals “My favorite part of Korea is probably shopping in their shopping centers because they have so many cute things there!” Seoul is the home of the largest market in South Korea, the Dongdaemun Market, and Jiu couldn’t resist buying her

Above: Cristina Gee’17 with family and friends in Las Vegas.

Above: (Left) Kienan Tawiel’15 in St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna. (Right) Jiu Jung’16 enjoys the beautiful South Korean landscape. favorite type of clothes: dresses and his time there, he saw many famous tops. However, she did not forget to historical sites inside the Vatican, such buy presents for her friends and family as the celebrated painting The School back in California. of Athens, the Sistine Chapel, and La While Jiu was enjoying Korea, Pietà. He also visited the Coliseum, the junior Kienan Tawiel was on the other Pantheon, St. Paul’s Basilica, the Trevi side of the world, exploring the beautifountain, and the Basilica of Santa ful continent of Europe! During the Maria Maggiore. When asked about twenty-five days which he spent there, Vienna, Keinan says, “Vienna has the he visited Austria, Hungary, and Italy. best and most convenient public metro. In Austria, he visited St. Stephen’s caI was able to get around the whole city thedral in Vienna, and Carnuntum, the using it in a short amount of time.” He Roman ruins outside of the city. He vis- also commented on the fantastic food ited the Schallaburg Castle, built during throughout Austria, Hungary, and Italy, the Renaissance, and made time for specifically the great coffees and desthe beautiful Benedictine Abbey as well erts, such as gelato. as the Melk Abbey, one of the world’s Senior Kyle Cabahug, our ASB most famous monastic sites. He also Treasurer, took part in a very rewarding visited Salzburg, the fourth largest experience this summer at the Youth city of Austria, known for its baroque Citizenship Seminar (YCS). Located architecture and scenic Alpine backat Pepperdine University in Malibu, drop, as well as Wachau Valley along and lasting for five days, YCS elected the Danube River. In Hungary, he 275 high school students to particivisited his family in the city of Mochas. pate. Kyle had the chance to listen to For two days, he stayed in Italy. During inspirational speakers, participate in

Above: Kyle Cabahug’14 (second to right) with fellow YCS leaders. team-building exercises, and work on his leadership and communication skills through various workshops and activities. Kyle also learned to be more grateful, understanding, and kind as a leader. “I met many of the most genuine individuals at YCS. All of them had plenty of potential and helped me realize that I too, have lots of potential myself,” says Kyle. “I learned that the only thing that could stop you from being who you want to be, or going where you want to go, is you.” He strongly recommends attending any form of leadership camp because “it really helps you as an individual.” Congratulations to Kyle for dedicating part of his summer to YCS, and for growing in such a positive way.

Fresh Faces on Campus

Get to know the latest additions to the Bishop Faculty Family! (Continued on Back Page!) Interviews by Kira Coyne, Ana Higueros, and Jackie Nkansah. Photographed by Drew Beimel, Sabrina Supapkooha, and Yearbook.

Mr. Bitto

Q: What classes do you teach? Can you teach any other classes? A: English 9 and Honors English II. I have taught freshman, sophomore, and junior English classes. I have taught ELL (English Language Learners) which I will be teaching next year, for students who learn English as their second or third language. I taught at a school in Chicago where about 30% of the kids were direct immigrants from different countries, and a bunch of them were refugees from Catholic Charities. My English class had kids from Iraq who spoke Arabic and kids from Nepal who spoke Bhutanese. Q: How do you like Bishop so far as a new teacher? A: I really like the students here, it has been really fun. It has been a tough transition to come to a new school and teach new classes, but I like it here! Q: What are your goals for this year? A: To feel situated.

Mme. Mortazavian

Q: What classes do you teach? Can you teach other classes as well? I teach Spanish I this year. I can also teach higher levels of Spanish, as well as French at all levels, which I did for nearly twenty years. Q: Although you were a teacher here as a sub last year, how does it feel to be an official teacher now full-time? There is a significant difference between being a substitute teacher and a full-time teacher at a school. Teaching full-time means belonging to the school community. It is gratifying to have full responsibility for one’s classes. BMHS is a great school and I am very happy and fortunate to be a member of such a great community, What are your goals for this year? My goals this year are to help my students build a solid foundation in their linguistic studies, and to make a real contribution to our World Languages Department.

Ms. Featherstone

Q: What classes do you teach? Can you teach any other classes? A: Geometry, Algebra I, and Pre-Aglebra. Yes, any math class. I have taught middle school science, health, accounting, and PE before. Q: You are also a coach. For what sport? What experience do you have? A: Girls volleyball coach. I’ve been coaching for over 10 years: club girls and club boys, Frosh at Mira Costa (my alma mater), and privates. My boys 13’s took silver at Nationals in 2010. I played 4 years at Mira Costa, was a 4-year starter at UC Irvine, and played several years as a pro-beach player. Q: What are your goals for this year? A:For the volleyball team, our goal is to hang a banner (win CIF and state).



Fresh Faces on Campus continued Interviews by Kira Coyne, Ana Higueros, and Jackie Nkansah. Photographed by Drew Beimel, Sabrina Supapkooha, and Yearbook.

Ms. Reyes

Q: You are also a coach. For what sport? What experience do you have? A: I coach Girls’ Varsity Basketball. As for experience I played college basketball and overseas, and prior to coming to Bishop, I was an assistant coach for college basketball. Q: How do you like Bishop so far as a new teacher? A: The community here at Bishop is amazing! The staff and students are very friendly and welcoming and that really stood out to me Q: What are your goals for this year? A: For the sophomores in my World History class, I hope to help them transition well into junior year. As for the basketball team, we’re shooting to be top 2 in our league and win CIF.

Mr. Vucajnk

Q: What classes do you teach? Can you teach other classes as well? Honors Intro to Calculus, AP Calculus AB - BC Q. What do you think of the students? They’re awesome. Q: How do you feel about coming back to Bishop? It’s great. What is your favorite class to teach and why? They’re all my favorite classes to teach because all the students are AWESOME.

Question Corner

What was your most embarrassing freshman moment? Interviews and Photography done by Manaka Sato

Ms. Montes

Q: How does it feel to be a new teacher here in Bishop? A: I’m so happy to be here at Bishop. It feels like heaven because the students here are great! I love how they are so open into learning. It excites me to see students that are so into studying. Q: What made you want to teach this subject? A: Spanish is my native language, I love to teach it. I am in love with the culture and the literature of the language. I cannot picture myself teaching another subject - just the thought upsets me. Q: What do you like the most about Bishop? A: The students would have to be it. They encourage me to actually want to keep teaching Spanish. Q: What/Who inspired you to become a teacher? A: My high school teacher had to be the one who inspired me. The way she taught and explained Spanish made me feel like I was closer to the language. The books that she would choose for us would make me very excited to learn. I still remember my favorite authors at that time - Marquez and Neruda.

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Ephram West’15 I walked into my first day of football practice in a blue and orange jumpsuit shirt that I thought was cool.

Mr. Bitto “When I was a freshman in high school I had this really cheesy leather jacket. I wanted it to be punk, but it was definitely more Fonzy. I went to a school where there were small hallways polluted with people. I started wearing knockoff ray bans and putting them on inside. As I was leaving school, some girl said ‘You look cool!’ and right there, I bit it and fell to the floor in that congested hall.”

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Logan Lampkin ‘17 On the 1st day of school, I went to the wrong locker. I was about 100 numbers off! Then I had to stop random people to help me open my actual locker.

Bronwyn Wedig ‘17 On the 1st day of school, I went to the wrong class for 6th period. They started calling roll and I asked what class it was.

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