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KNIGHTLIFE November 21, 2017 XLIX • ISSUE 1


Above: Fletcher Tynen ‘18 and friends tear up the dance floor at the Homecoming Dance.

Interviews by Lydia Dawson

How long did it take to get ready? It took me two hours to get ready for homecoming! - Mary Nguyen ‘18 It took me like three hours to get ready. - Hailey Sparrow ‘20 I’m quite picky and I take a while to get ready so I would say it took me two hours! - Micah Finley ‘18 It took me about 3 hours to get ready. - Emily Morales ‘18 It took me 2 hours to get dressed, but I got my nails done before, so it took me 3 hours to get completely ready! - Hannah Tiedemann ‘19 Where did you go to take pictures? I went to Manhattan Beach Pier to take my pictures. I had to walk all the way down the pier and almost fell in my heels a couple times but it was worth it! - Mary Nguyen ‘18 I took pictures at my house. - Hailey Sparrow ‘20 I went to my lovely friend Riley Parker’s house in Torrance. - Micah Finley ‘18 I went to Pollywog Park with some of my best friends to take pictures! - Hannah Tiedemann ‘19 What was your favorite song played at Hoco? My favorite song played at Homecoming was All My Life byK-Ci & JoJo. They played this as the

last song for our slow dance and it was the perfect song to end an amazing night. - Mary Nguyen ‘18 My favorite song at Hoco was the cupid shuffle! That is just a really good dance where everyone seems to have fun and come together! - Micah Finley ‘18: My favorite song played at homecoming was El Caballo Dorado because I found it a bit funny to see the puzzled looks on people’s faces and the struggle they had to follow the dance moves. - Emily Morales ‘18 If you could change anything about Hoco, what would it be and why? If I could change anything, it would be that it lasted longer because Homecoming was a lot of fun and I didn’t want it to end. t was over before I knew it. - Mary Nguyen ‘18 I would definitely change the music playlist. - Hailey Sparrow ‘20 I WOULD CHANGE THE LOCATION! I would change the location to a place where there was FREE parking for the the dance! - Micah Finley ‘18 I can honestly say I wouldn’t change anything if I were able to because everything worked out well for me and I had a blast. Emily Morales ‘18 I would definitely want to make the dance longer because it seemed as if most of the time

Above: William Crawford ‘19, Amanda Gonzalez ‘19, and Mackenzie Tabaldo ‘19 enjoy the food, friends, and good times at the Homecoming Dance. was spent at dinner rather than dancing. - Hannah Tiedemann ‘19 Looking back, what was your favorite part of homecoming/ homecoming week? My favorite part of Homecoming was dressing up in fancy dresses and taking pictures with my friends because this was my first and last Homecoming, and it was fun making memories. - Mary Nguyen ‘18 My favorite part of hoco week was the pep rally! I loved performing with my amazing song team! - Hailey Sparrow ‘20 My favorite part of homecoming weekend was being on Home-


coming Court and getting to do my skirt and death drop for everyone. - Micah Finley ‘18 My favorite part of homecoming week was the dance because I was able to let loose and eat delicious food with the people I’m lucky to call my friends. - Emily Morales ‘18 My favorite part of homecoming was getting dressed up and taking pictures with my friends! It made us all feel so special! - Hannah Tiedemann ‘19


Chinese Moon Festival Illustration by Cindy Peng

Translation: Happy Chinese Moon Festival!

Emmaus: Opening Up Written by Gabriella Mata

Junior year is filled with new and lasting memories. One of the highlights of junior year is the Emmaus retreat. Emmaus is an opportunity to meet Jesus Christ in a new way as God’s grace and love is revealed to you through other people. A wide variety of junior Bishop students attended the Fall Emmaus retreat. The students spent two days at St. Andrew’s Benedictine Monastery. The theme of this retreat is the Emmaus story in Luke 24. This resurrection story focuses on the good news that throughout our life journey, through the ups and downs of life, Christ will always be with us. When interviewing some of the students about the retreat, many of them said the same thing. All said that the retreat was

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fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable. Some said that the people in charge were compassionate and very relatable, even when it came time for the students to share their own personal stories. Others found that the stories shared were comforting and relatable. Even though the retreat focuses mainly on the bonds between the student and their peers, many found themselves growing closer to their fellow teachers. For example, Ms. Hicks and Ms. Hendry were not afraid to showcase their hidden talent of lip syncing The Backstreet Boys’ infamous song “I Want It That Way.” Jason Hillard ‘19 said that the experience was “eye-opening and would really recommend it to anyone.” And when asked about what they got out of the retreat Christian Ruiz (11th) said that

he learned “to not be so quick to judge another person, because everyone is going through something.” A handful of the students said that they made a lot of transformative memories. Whether it be getting to know fellow peers, who they know they probably wouldn’t even talk to outside of school, to hearing about personal

and conflicting stories even their closest friends didn’t even know about each other. Emmaus is a time to open up about who you are and not be afraid to ask for help. The environment is nothing but positive and accepting and for future juniors it's an experience that you will never forget.

Above: Juniors participate in a trust activity while on the Emmaus retreat.


Artist of the Month: Cindy Peng Interview by Joie Littleton Artwork by Cindy Peng

How do you get inspired to draw? When I was around three years old, I began to watch cartoons and I was really inspired by the characters. I asked my mom to teach me how to draw. The first thing I tried to draw was a cup. For a while that was all I could draw (laughs), but after a lot of practice, I realized that I didn’t want to just draw cups. Over time, I started to draw more things. I decided to focus on drawing people instead so I bought a sketch book and read about the history of different princesses. I was fascinated by the stories and the way each character was portrayed. I believe that’s why I started drawing in general. It’s a way to help you relax. When I feel sad or happy or confused, I express that in my drawings.

What type of art is your favorite? Japanese animation is my favorite type of art because I love the style and stories that are told. What themes of art do you pursue? I mostly focus on people. When I try to create a character, it’s as if they are me and they’re emotions and characteristics relate in some way to me. So when I’m drawing a character who is smiling, I will smile, and it’s the same for when they are sad. I will put my full attention into drawing that character. It will be really hard for someone to interrupt me (laughs). What is your favorite art piece that you’ve completed and why? My favorite drawing that I’ve done is called Tranquility. I love this

drawing because I spent a really long long time drawing it (laughs). I put my emotions and my heart into it. Name 2-3 artists that inspire you? There’s a famous Japanese artist named Miyazaki Hayao who is most notable for Spirited Away which is my favorite animation. His stories really inspire and there’s many things that you can obtain from his art, not only how to improve your artwork, but also a good outlook on life. Another artist is Hongbin Zhou, he works for a very popular Chinese comic. Most chinese students should be familiar with his art. His art skills are very professional and I try to improve my work by learning from his techniques.

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Athletes of the Month: Alexander Lehr and Alexis Martinez Written by Hailey Rodriguez Photographed by Cortland Foster & Bessy Zhou

Two student-athletes proved to be of outstanding character and determination as they led their teams to success this season. Who are these people? None other than the one and only Alexander Lehr and Alexis Martinez. If you know either, you know they are both hardworking and dedicated cross country runners. In their cases, hard work paid off as Knightlife recognizes them as the Athletes of the Month of October. Alexander Lehr: Alexander, also known as “Mayo,” led the boys’ cross country team to a competitive season as he fought his way to be the leading contender for boys varsity. As a freshman he proved himself to be more than just the underdog as his times began to prove his determination. My first impression of Alex- and I’m sure

many others-was that he had an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm (in the best way) and had by far the best running playlists. Entering cross country Alex admits he never thought he would be one of Bishop’s top runners. Alex attended the annual summer Big Bear Trip and revealed this was his all-time favorite part of cross country, especially the 16 mile run and paddle boarding. As cross country slowly comes to an end, Alex finished on a good note as his fastest three mile run was 18:00. This is about the equivalent of running down to the beach and back three times consecutively; how many of you think you could do that in 18 minutes, and most importantly in the heat? See, all runners hit a point where running just becomes a chore, but this was not the vibe I got from Alex. When

Above: Alexis Martinez ‘18 sprints to the finishline.

Above: Alexander Lehr ‘21 paces himself to finish strong.

I asked him what his biggest challenge this season, he took more of an optimistic approach as he said “ Staying consistent was my biggest challenge. I was able to overcome it though with more running.” Clearly he is a devoted runner because not just anyone pushes to be their best when it comes to running; it’s more or less an I’m either good or I’m not. Alex is a dedicated runner, but he is also able to manage his grades. Like any curious student, I asked him what his secrets to success were and he simply replied with “I do a lot of homework as well as catching up on homework on the bus. It’s a lifesaver.” He does believe that learning to balance school and sports is well worth it because he urges people to join cross country. Alexis Martinez: I‘ve known Alexis practically all my life and I always figured that she had the potential to be something great. She has always excelled in school, been a great runner, and just all around a genuine person. She will never cease to amaze me with her accomplishments. That being said, Alexis made huge efforts this season as she was able to achieve numerous personal goals. She decided that one of her biggest achievements was running up Agony Hill. She described this experience with “The name ‘Agony’ pretty much sums up the entire run, and this huge hill was what I was going to have to run up to get to the top. I think that since I conquered the hill it showed me that if I can run up this monstrous course, I can pretty much run up anything.” Agony Hill led her to sweep her competition at

Mt. Sac as she finished in 3rd place for JV girls. She conveyed her persistent character during the last stretch as she “Had to sprint [her] heart out to keep 3rd since there was a runner behind [her] who was also fighting for the position.” Cross country is a very competitive and physically demanding sport; which is why Alexis said that her favorite part about it was that “Everyone suffers together and no matter if you’re the fastest or the slowest, we always have each other’s backs and will cheer you on to finish the race.” Alexis also recalled her favorite memory as celebrating the first Cross Country Senior Day last year. It was a time where she would be able to show appreciation for the seniors who mentored her throughout the vigourous season. With cross country occupying the mind of Alexis, just as it does Alex, she had to find a balance between school and her sports (she also does track and soccer). She maintained four AP’s this semester because she is able to alternate mindsets for school and her extracurriculars. She argues that “Running is a chance to get away from school and forget about any problems you encountered that day.” This branches to the reason as to why she believes people should join cross country. Whether it be to stay in shape or just for fun she believes it’s more about the feeling of accomplishment after a long run, when you surprise yourself with completion.

Spirited Lady Knights Written by Julia Hadnett Photographed by Libby Hadnett It came to a shock over the summer to all of our BMHS Song leaders when not one, but both of the Song Team coaches moved on, taking other jobs and two new coaches were hired: Miss Amber and Miss Michelle. Previous coach Ms. Felicia had coached at Bishop for 10+ years. Mrs. Kanisha had been the JV coach for three years. Their new coaches have focused practice on religion and working as a team, and praying before each and every practice. The girls also spend a lot of time focusing on their well-being, like making sure their grades are being held up during the middle of the season and making sure they don’t hurt themselves while vigorously dancing and stretching. The

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out for Song Team this year because they’re on the up-and-up!

first practice with the new coaches was one week before the first game of football season and they jumped in and caught on without any hesitation, making the Song Team look great at their first performance. Both coaches brought new styles of dance and new music in with them, exciting many girls on the team, including varsity captains Libby Hadnett and Hailey Sparrow. During last week’s win against St. Bernard’s, the Varsity Song Team performed a hip-hop routine to 50 Cent’s Candy Shop and claim to have a dance ready to Fergie’s London Bridge, which they will debut during basketball season. The girls are very excited and seem to be gelling very well Above: The song team performs at the Homecoming Pep Rally. with their new coaches. Watch

5 Question Scoop: Girls’ Volleyball Edition Interviews by Anjelika Esteban Photographed by Ariana Vargas & Markus Trotter

During homecoming week, I interviewed Tina LeVine and Maddy Cardenas, both Class of ‘19 players on Bishop’s girls’ varsity volleyball team. Even though we may know Tina and Maddy already, we probably don’t know why they’re interested in volleyball. It’s nice to recognize the students who recognize our school in sports and in general!

and I just fell in love with the sport even more.”

What's your favorite memory of being on the school team? Tina: “Definitely our first tournament this year. We were all laughing and having such a good time and we ended up winning the tournament. Also, our outside hitter gave a girl a facial, and it was TOO GOOD.” What inspired you to play vol- Maddy: “I remember last year we leyball? had a tournament in San Diego, Tina: “I was inspired to play vol- and we all got to share a hotel leyball by my cousins. We would room with 3 or 4 other girls. That all play beach volleyball together night was really fun for me beduring the summers and I was still cause I got to spend time bonding really little so I didn't get to play as with my team doing stupid things much, but I really wanted to. So I like dancing and singing loud. started playing and fell in love with That is one of my favorite memoit!” ries because I felt super close to Maddy: “I used to play with my my favorite girls!” dad at the beach just for fun when I realized how much I loved [vol- Who's your favorite professionleyball], and I decided to try out al volleyball player? for a club team. I made the team, Tina: “Kerri Walsh Jennings.”

Above: The girls’ varsity volleyball team huddles together after getting sideout.

Maddy: “My favorite professional volleyball player is Kerri Walsh. Most volleyball players would pick her, but I really admire her determination. After having three kids and five or six surgeries, she still is aspiring to play. I hope that someday I can be driven and in love with the sport as she is.”

and just try to hammer!”

Do you have an essential item that you bring to practice? Tina: “I have lucky socks. I obviously wash them all the time, but I always wear them on game day.” Maddy: “I don’t have a physical item that I bring to practice, but there are some things that you What do you think is your great- have to bring everyday. Everyone est volleyball skill? (spiking, has to bring their ‘A game’ every serving, etc.) day, and we all have to be ready Tina: “Setting.” to work as hard as we can. We Maddy: “I think that my strongest also try to make sure we bring skill in the sport is hitting. I really our team chemistry into the gym want to work on my passing and every day because our connecdefense so that I can be more con- tion is very important to our work fident about [them], but hitting is ethic and our communication. And definitely my strongest skill. When make sure to have a hair band! I see a great set and one block or We run out of those a lot.” no blockers up, I get really excited

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SPOOKY SIGHTS... Photographed by Erin Hall, Lydia Dawson, Digital Art by Dylan Ding

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Illustrated by Alyssa Accinelli

Punkins Illustrated by Anna Quast

Fall Room Decor Written & Photographed by Liliana LInan

Fall is the time of the year for orange leaves, cold weather - well, perhaps not in California and pumpkin flavored everything. It is also the time for festive decorations. Fall decor begins with Halloween, moves to Day of the Dead, and ends with Thanksgiving. Here are a few ways to spice up your home during the festivities of autumn. Witch’s Wall of Potion Ingredients: Buy clear jars and fill them with different foods to create a pantry made for a witch! You can fill jars with marshmallows, nuts, candies, and green beans in vinegar.

Dead Room: To add halloween cheer to your living room: add decorative pillows to a couch. You can even print out creepy pictures and place them on walls, or tables. Halloween Lights: Before hanging up Christmas lights three months early, add Halloween lights to your roof or in the garden. Purple, orange, black, silver, and white all work well. Dia de los Muertos: Only two days after the beloved American holiday, lands Dia de Los Muertos on November 2nd. It

is a holiday originating from Mexico that is dedicated to remembering and praying for friends and family who have passed on to the next life. It is customary to build altars where one can showcase their loved ones who have passed. It is usually adorned with photographs, skulls (ceramic or sugar), candles, flowers (real or fake but specifically marigolds; which are the flowers of the dead), favorite foods of the deceased, and crosses or other religious items.

from the Halloween season to the Thanksgiving season is fairly easy; you can keep the pumpkins from Halloween, but just store away the spooky ornaments. Add pinecones and leaves to make simple yet elegant tables centers for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving: The special holiday also deserves beautiful decor. The transition

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Dia de Los Muertos Written & Photographed by Natalia Cortes

Have you ever been to a fun party, full of music and laughter and dancing? Have you ever been to one of these parties for someone who has died? This party is mostly celebrated on a day known as Dia de los Muertos. It is celebrated in Latin countries, but is mostly associated with Mexico. This holiday started there, and it has both Aztec and Catholic roots. The Aztecs were an indigenous group of people native to the region of central Mexico, and this holiday was originally celebrated at the end of their harvest. The Catholicism roots came from the Spanish conquistadors and Dia de los Muertos is celebrated on the same days as All Saints Day and All Souls Day. This year, Dia de los muertos begins on October 31 and ends on November 2. On October 31, the day is reserved for angelitos, children who had passed away. November 1 is the day for adults, and these days are a celebration of the lives the dead. It is believed that the dead would be insulted if their passing was celebrated in mourning or sadness. Instead, they spend it in hosting parades and visiting the graves of their loved ones. It is celebrated in two parts, the first day is celebrated for

children that have passed, their names are angelitos. The second day is celebrated for the adults. They visit the dead´s graves, there they leave behinds gifts like calaveras, the sugar skull that is an iconic representation of Dia de los Muertos. They also leave behind alcohol like shots of mezcal, or food for the adults, and toys for the children. They build beautiful ofrendas, which is an altar for the dead, where they leave behind all of these gifts. Another symbol of Dia de los Muertos are cempasúchil, wild marigold flowers, and pan de muerto: bread of the dead. There is a lot of money and planning that goes into it, and they truly believe that the dead are there enjoying the gifts. The people who celebrate this believe Dia de los Muertos believe that by going through all of this elaborate planning and honoring this holiday, it will keep the spirits happy, and bring protection for them. It´s also a way to keep the village close, because the entire village goes to the graveyard on November 2, and there they reminisce about their dead loved ones, listen to the village band and just spend time together. On upcoming days leading up to Dia de los Muertos, if you visit the common outside

markets, there will be selling of marigolds, and calaveras and little carved statues of skeletons. There are also ingredients for the traditional food like tamales to feed the villagers in the graveyard, and for the elaborate ofrendas. El Dia de los Muertos is a celebration of life for the dead. It is a vibrant festival, full of life, dancing, food and music. There are sugar skulls called calaveras, and pan de muerto, signature symbols of this holiday. It is a

grand holiday, because they do not pass the days in sadness, but in happiness.

Above: The Spanish classes created an altar with Dia de los Muertos decorations.

Band Member of the Month: Angelina Herrera Written by Nicole Barragan and Sean Calub Photographed by Sean Calub There are plenty of talented performers in every part of band, but this month we’re highlighting one in particular. Angelina Herrera ‘19 plays the flute and has been a part of band since her freshman year along with being a Drama Lab officer and regularly performing for the Improv team. Although she “finds it hard to balance with other extra-curriculars, I’m not the only one running around among the arts programs.” Nearly every day she attends zero period at 6:45 in the morning for practice. Along with that, she performs at competitions at high schools around southern California as well as “football games, pep rallies, lunchtimes, parades, and concerts in the winter and spring,” often times with the Color Guard “to make our performances look as cool as we sound.” Angelina initially joined the band because her sister, Margarita Herrera ‘17, joined the

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band in her sophomore year, and she intends to remain playing throughout her senior year. Both of them were interested in the trips the band takes each year; so far the band has been to places such as London and Italy, and they will be traveling to Japan this spring. Angelina chose the flute as the instrument she would learn because it seemed like “the easiest to play and to transport; it’s one of the few instruments that you can fit in a school locker.” As an added bonus, she wanted to learn how to play “My Heart Will Go On” and the Spongebob theme song (she can now play both). When she’s actually performing at events, Angelina’s favorite songs to play with the band are “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy and “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz. “Centuries” was the first song she learned to play, and they “play it at the beginning of football games when the Bishop team runs onto the field, so it’s just a really cool

moment that never gets old.” She also likes “Dynamite” because “the whole band dances as we play it,” making it fun to perform. Angelina’s dedication to what she does is clear, but her dedication to the band at Bishop as well as her fellow band members is especially clear when she attends practice every morning, plays at every event, and juggles it all while performing for Drama and doing well in her classes.

Above: Angelina Herrera ‘19 plays the xylophone during a band performance of songs by Queen.

Rockin’ Out at Concerts

Entertaintment/pop Culture

Written by Sarah Oppenheim

There are two different kinds of concerts, big concerts and small concerts, and they are both interesting in different ways. Big concerts are fun because there are many people with you. There are large scale light productions, pyrotechnics, video screens, confetti, and all sorts of ways to get people excited. The size of the venues is in itself a spectacle. It is amazing to see so many fans all cheering for their favorite band. One well-known band that will have an upcoming concert is Fall Out Boy in November. They are also releasing a new album called “MANIA.” Taylor Swift is also releasing her new album “Reputation” in December. However smaller concerts are fascinating as well. For one, you can be much closer to the singer and there are only hundreds of people as opposed to thousands, so the people who are there are

Going Bananas for the Arctic Monkeys Written by Liliana LInan

often superfans. The energy throughout the concert is much more intimate and exciting. The cost for these concerts is often cheaper than larger concerts. Sometimes, you can even meet the artists and get autographs if you wait outside the venue long enough. Some lesser-known bands that have upcoming concerts are The Wrecks and Saint Motel. Regardless of the size of the concert, talking to people at the same concert as you is great because you immediately have something to bond over: music. People are usually very nice and it’s fun to make temporary friends while bonding over music.

Arctic Monkeys fans rejoice! After what seems like a decade wait, Arctic Monkeys is finally releasing a new album. The popular British rock band won their stardom in the U.S. when their fifth studio album AM (2013) earned No.6 on the Billboard 200 chart, and the song “Do I Wanna Know?” debuted No.1 on Billboard’s Alternative Song chart. Lead singer and guitarist Alex Turner is also apart of The Last Shadow Puppets, alongside Miles Kane, James Ford, and Zach Dawes. Although the group formed in 2008, their 2016 album, “Everything You’ve Come to Expect” took the blame for the delayed production of the Arctic Monkeys 6th album. Rumors have been spreading since this past summer, as anxious fans saw band members posting pictures of themselves in LA surrounded by recording and musi-

cal equipment. In an interview with “For the Ride” (a motorcycle magazine) bassist Nick O’Malley revealed the Arctic Monkeys are currently working on their new album in a secret location. It is expected to release next year (2018), and O’Malley says, “if it isn’t, we’ve got problems.”

Getting to Know Green Team Written by Olivia Thompson & Julia Keller Photographed by Darcy Campos

Considering the damage humans have done to the Earth, especially over the last two hundred and fifty years, it’s very important to question how we can treat the planet better. Bishop’s environmental awareness club, Green Team, is on it! Green Team, founded by senior Sophie Shapiro and mentored by Ms. Meehan, is the ideal example of a club that seeks to find ways to conserve resources and better the condition of the planet in our local community. Green Team informs other Bishop Montgomery students on ecological problems like national park preservation and climate change, as well as ways that they can respond to these problems in the local environment. The club works hard to educate students on how to have a more positive impact on the environment because they believe that every student can make a difference if they know

how. Green Team is changing the world by changing how people treat the planet in their local community. Green Team’s main focus revolves around informing their peers on major ecological problems. As the founder puts it, “Our purpose is to educate the student body about recycling and important environmental issues we are facing today.” The club urges the student body to consider how the choice to take a shorter shower or recycle their water bottles can make a lasting impact on the environment. National park preservation presents an important mission for Green Team in the 2017-2018 year. For example, several Californian national parks have been jeopardized due to a recent executive order, such as the Giant Sequoia forest less than 200 miles from Bishop Montgomery. The club hopes that by educating the school community,

Above: The Green Team helps Bishop Montgomery to be more eco friendly and to help save our planet. students will be better able to make a difference in a very real way. Green Team offers many opportunities to its members to get out and have fun while helping the environment. Shapiro explains how, “We organize monthly beach cleanups and other events to promote our cause and get students involved.” Beach cleanups give the Bishop community a wonderful chance to spend time with friends and make a positive change all at once. Another

activity within Green Team was the Litter Competition, which asked members to keep track of how many pieces of trash they picked up around campus and offered a prize, a Hydroflask, for the student who picked up the most. Through engaging, simple projects like these, Green Team has made a world of difference in making Bishop Montgomery a cleaner, more environmentallyfriendly place. Remember: don’t be mean, be green!

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Homecoming Week Madness!

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