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February 28, 2013 • volume XLV • issue 5

On The Campaign Trail

Unsure whom to vote for in the upcoming ASB elections? Read on, and get a closer look at each of the candidates. Best of luck to all! Written by Mary Grace Costa, Shannon LIpp, Lourdes Lidzbarski, and Kassandra Madrigal. Photographed by Arionne Thomas. The Associated Student Body (ASB) is dedicated to the planning, executing, and sponsoring of various events and activities throughout the school year. This year’s candidates will run for positions ranging from ASB President to Commissioner of Spirit for the opportunity to polish their leadership skills and serve the school community. Read on to meet the Spring Election candidates and decide for yourself which of these talented and dedicated students will Speak Truth, Seek Justice, and Serve with Honor. ASB President Matthew Kurata ‘14: I am organized, reliable, and determined. Whenever I am involved with something I commit to it whole-heartedly and work to the best of my ability. Also, I have ASB experience in being a part of ASB since I was a freshman. I hope to help lead the school to a successful and smooth-running year. ASB Vice-President Gabriella Podegracz ‘14: I am running for vice president because I have been on ASB for 3 years and I have really loved being a part of it, and I want to just continue to make Bishop better. I hope to accomplish new ideas for the Bishop community and keep ASB well organized. Secretary Rizza Biscocho ‘14: I’m an organized person, and think I can do a good job in this position. I’m currently on ASB so I’m experienced, and I’m dedicated in everything I do. I love doing stuff for school, like making posters and bulletin boards, and I have great school spirit. Sean De La Pena ‘15: “Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.”- Paulo Coelho. I know that an efficient secretary writes detailed notes at meetings. I will do more than that and come up with great ideas for all to enjoy. Next year, you won’t yawn if you end up voting for Sean! I believe myself to be the underdog and being the underdog in this election won’t stop me from running for a position that I know I will succeed in. Treasurer Kyle Cabahug ‘14: I feel like I am very responsible and reliable. I have been on ASB for 3 years, and I’m a very good leader. To any possible voters, a vote for Kyle is a smart vote because I am perfect for the job. Commissioner of Activities Austin Garbe ‘15: I want to run for commissioner of activities because I like to be involved with the school and want to bring some of my ideas to ASB. I am hardworking and dedicated, and love being involved with the school. Vote for me because I will do everything I can to make sure that the next year is full of fun and memorable activities. Jazmin Guardado ‘14: I really like planning and organizing events and making sure they turn out great! I also enjoy working with other people and being Commissioner of Activities entails working with other members of ASB and coordinating many events at Bishop! I want to make sure everything runs smoothly so that everyone at Bishop can enjoy the event! Elliot Pyon ‘14: I want to run for Commissioner of Activities because I want to contribute to the school through student government activities. I haven’t been on ASB yet and I want to show my potential in a student government position. Commissioner of Athletics Justin Arevalo ‘14: I’ve been playing sports since I was young and I enjoy representing Bishop on and off the field. I would be a good candidate for ASB because I have been a member of ASB for two years, and I have played football, basketball, and volleyball, and I am familiar with Bishop’s athletic program. I hope to keep you updated and provide you with the statistics of all the sports teams. Keilani Calinao ‘15: I’m running for this position


PG. 3

because I really enjoy playing sports here at Bishop and would love to be more involved in a greater part of the Bishop community. I think it’s a really great opportunity to run, and you get to interact, meet a lot of new people, and take on great responsibilities. To all the voters, I’ll definitely put in a lot of time and effort into my position if elected, and I think I’m very well fit for the job. So don’t forget Keilani Calinao for Athletics! Courtney Keaton ‘14: I am running because I love, love, love sports and being a part of what I love and being a leader at the same time is a wonderful feeling. I think I would be a good candidate for ASB because I can use what I know and new things I learn to make the school year fun and memorable for the whole student body. My message is that a girl like me doesn’t come around often. I am very determined and will do anything in my power to keep the sport spirit alive! Eric Robinson ‘14: What sets me apart from the other candidates is that I am reliable and will always get the job done. If I am elected, I will try my best to announce every sports’ scores for every game of the season, and I will make the morning sports’ announcements fun and exciting. I will also help with all ASB events, not just those pertaining to my position. Every game, every sport, every season, you’ll know the score. Vote for me, Eric Robinson. Tatiana Zuvic ‘14: I’m running because first off I love sports, and I have been on varsity soccer ever since I was a freshman. I’m interested in every sport at Bishop, and I think it would be fun to inform everyone about our sports and their goals. I’m loud and energetic. I make everything fun and exciting. I would encourage students to attend sporting events and games and also collaborate with other ASB members to coordinate other events. Commissioner of Community Service Justina Breen ‘15: I am running for this position because I love giving back to others in the community. I’m a friendly, outgoing, and hardworking person who is up for the challenge! I have had three years of experience on ASB in middle school, as well as participating in ASB this past year at Bishop as a Sophomore Senator. You won’t regret voting for me. Nathan Smith ‘14: Although others may see it as an easy job that can be done by anyone, I think this is a position on ASB that takes someone who has good people skills is able to reach out to people or groups in the community and help plan events to help these groups. My message to any possible voters would be to vote for someone who is deserving of the position, someone who will work their hardest to better the community, and don’t vote for someone who is the most popular or the most good looking but for someone who would do the best job. Corrine Tumanjan ‘14: I enjoy bringing people together in order to help others in need in our communities. I am very organized and dedicated to my work. Apart from the other candidates, I am one of the founders of HIS club and I am also involved in other service clubs at Bishop. Good luck to everyone running! Lilian Urquizo ‘14: I enjoy volunteering and want to present new volunteering opportunities to Bishop. I am organized and enjoy being a leader, and I am determined to help make Bishop the best it can be. I hope to accomplish helping students volunteer and take part in causes that interest them. Commissioner of Religious Affairs Cassandra McGilll ‘15: I’m running for Religious Affairs because I have been active in my church since freshman year, working with pre-teens and now my fellow teens in my church’s LifeTeen program, and I’d love to help out with our school’s religious events. I


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Above: Matt Kurata ‘14, Gabby Podegracz ‘14, and Kyle Cabahug ‘14, current members of ASB, explain the many ASB positions and various campaigning rules for this Spring Election. hope to accomplish some new service projects and getting more of the student body involved with new fun ideas. I really appreciate your support! Remember: Keep it Classy, Vote for Cassie! Philippians 4:13 Kristen McGlorie ‘14: I think this position will bring me closer to God. I attend church regularly and have strong faith in Him. I’m different from other candidates because I am diverse and involved in a lot of things at school and outside of school. I hope to help others enjoy prayer like I do! Alyssa Tassone ‘14: I am running for Religious Affairs because I have a very strong faith in God and I believe that I will be able to make meaningful prayers every morning. I think I would be a good candidate because I would be friendly and open to anyone who had a special intention or prayer request. I hope to accomplish brightening at least one person’s day each morning with my prayers and to be an efficient leader in ASB. Ryan Torres ‘14: I want to run for Religious Affairs because I love God and want to try to involve him more in the everyday life of the student body. I also want to help the student body become more familiar with God, especially those who do not know him or who do not usually open up to him to see he is our best friend, and he is always here to help us through everything. I also want to teach the student body that we must never give up on ourselves or on God at any anytime in our lives, if times get tough we must simply remember to F.R.O.G.! Fully Rely On God! I am kind, trustworthy, outgoing, and a go to guy for anyone who needs to talk about anything, whether in need of help, or just needs to talk. Commissioner of Elections Paulette Casillas ‘14: I think I am a good candidate for ASB because I am organized and punctual. I am also reliable and open minded, and I think that those are really important qualities that an ASB officer has to have. I enjoy listening to other people and their different ideas and styles. I think that diversity is what makes ASB so special and it’s what keeps us going, honestly. My message to all the voters is to pick the people that YOU think will represent your student body the best. Commissioner of Clubs Kira Iwai ‘15: I decided to run because I like doing announcements on the PA. If elected, this will be my 3rd year on ASB. I feel like a pretty good leader that’s easy to talk to! I hope to get all the clubs more organized, to make all the club president’s jobs’ easier, and to bring and put new ideas into ASB in general. I


PG. 6

will always listen to all your suggestions, I’m easy to talk to, and I will try to make our school more exciting and enjoyable. Commissioner of Publicity Dallas Jones ‘15: I want to make a difference in the school and at least be a type of facilitator/catalyst for change. I am creative, enthusiastic, very social, and willing to try new ideas! I hope to be able to keep Bishop well informed on the school events coming up / going on and also to be able to participate / help school events be the best they could be through my ideas / participation. Madison Miller ‘14: I am running for Publicity because I think it’s really important to make sure that everyone outside of the BMHS community knows how amazing our school is. I would be the best person for this position because I have previous ASB experience, I am very organized, and I take pride in getting things done by their deadlines. If I could tell voters one thing, I would say that their vote would be best spent on me because I can get the job done! William Pratcher ‘15: I want to run for Publicity because I want to be part of my Bishop community. I am a well-detailed, hardworking, and trustful person. I hope to spread word of all Bishop events and information that will better our community. My message to the voters would be to have faith and be humble to all people Commissioner of Spirit Micah Burog ‘14: I want to spread my enthusiasm for our school and encourage school spirit among the student body. I have been on ASB for two years now, and I enjoy preparing and planning behind the scenes for school events. I love being involved and working to make things enjoyable for my peers. I feel that with my experience and positive attitude I am set apart from the other candidates. I want voters to know that I will give my all into this position and do my best to satisfy their requests because it’s their school and their high school experience so they should celebrate it their way. Robynne Tong ‘14: I am running for Commissioner of Spirit because I have the potential, drive, and spirit to fulfill the duties of this position. I think I would be a great candidate for ASB because I am creative, determined, and responsible. I have been an active member of the Bishop Shortflags Team which comes hand in hand with being Commissioner of Spirit. You should vote for me because I am friendly, openminded, and ready to take on the responsibilities of an ASB officer!





Having a Ball!

From the shiny basketball court to the grassy soccer field, our sports teams make us proud fighting their way into the playoffs. Written by Alex Rodriguez. Photographed by Yearbook and Samantha Nishimura. lost at home to Laverne Lutheran in a In this hectic, sports-filled very close heartbreaker, 63-59, finishmonth of February, Bishop Montgoming their season 29-1; however, the ery’s very own Varsity Boys’ and Girls Boys team will still compete in State Basketball teams along with the VarPlayoffs. Larry Taylor’13 remarks “I sity Boys’ Soccer teams competed in this year’s 2013 CIF-Southern Section enjoyed that my team stayed together through the tough times when we Division IV-AA playoffs, facing many could’ve gone our separate ways. I tough teams across Southern Califorwas really surprised that we went the nia. whole regular season undefeated, The Varsity Boys’ Basketball which I didn’t expect coming into the team went into the playoffs with a season.” Niko Flipovich ’13, one of remarkable undefeated victory streak of 26 wins to 0 losses while the Varsity Knightlife’s featured Winter Athletes in November’s issue, adds that he Basketball Lady Knights went into the enjoyed “the atmosphere of our crowd playoffs with a 20-7 record. The Boys and the emotional plays and moopened the playoffs against Whittier ments. I definitely wasn’t surprised Christian on February 13th, where the by our victory streak because I knew Knights won a lopsided victory of a whopping 103 points against Whittier’s that we were capable of doing great things and going undefeated definitely 35 points. The Girls also won at their game at Templeton against Templeton wasn’t one of our goals, but it did give us strength, but at the same time it put High School, 78-45. With both teams a lot of pressure on us.” Varsity player advancing to the next rounds, the competition was bound to get tougher, Dani Lee ’13, who often led the Lady Knights in points, also states, “I’m acbut the Boys pulled another great tually really proud of the way my team victory versus Twentynine Palms with performed throughout playoffs, and a total 86 points to 45 points while I couldn’t have asked for more from the Girls also won another game for them. Being a senior, I will definitely the Knights, 57-42 against Harvardmiss my entire team when I graduate! Westlake, thus advancing both teams We’re honestly like a family, we are to the CIF Quarterfinals. Afterwards, so close and I’ll miss that bond we all the Boys Varsity moved on to the shared.” CIF Semifinals with their win against Along with the Boys’ and Girls’ Harvard-Westlake, 78-58 while the Varsity Basketball teams, our Boys’ Lady Knights lost a very close game Soccer team made a splash into the to JSerra 61-58 in the Quarterfinals playoffs, which was sadly cut short at home, finishing their season 22-8. with their close loss in the first round The Boys’ Varsity Basketball team, to South Torrance, 2-1, finishing their despite their victorious streak, also

Club Corner

Above top: Varsity Boys’ Basketball exciting game against Laverne Lutheran. Above bottom left: Christine Delapina ‘15 of the Varsity Girls’ Basketball Team. Above bottom right: Varsity Boys’ Soccer player, Jonathan Kim ‘13. season 10-10-3. Ryan Torres ’14 remarks, “Honestly, there wasn’t much to improve on, we gave it all we had, and sadly we came up a goal short. We gave it all we had.” Whether or not our teams made it to the finals, semifinals, or playoffs at all, however, does not

matter because we are very proud of our hardworking athletes who gave it their all and served Bishop with honor. Congratulations to all our sports team for their great seasons!

Written by Yidan Yuan and Natalie Pistole. Photographed by Yidan Yuan and Caroline Glymph

Above: Bishop Bibliophile members during one of their Monday meetings in the middle of reading and an exciting discussion. They often break into small groups like this in order to discuss a certain topic more closely.

Bishop Bibliophiles Co-presidents: Samantha Nishimura ‘15 and Claire Thatcher ‘14 Meeting location: Room 300 Meeting days: 1st and 3rd Mondays Moderator: Mr. Franklin Do you like reading, thinking, and learning from books? Then come join Bishop Bibliophiles, which is a collection of Bishop Montgomery’s book-lovers. Bishop Bibliophiles hopes to introduce the beauty and enjoyment of reading and literature to all students and tries to provide a welcoming environment to discuss and enjoy a common hobby. Indispensably, reading a select novel chosen by the club never fails to be the top stuff of their plan list. Bibliophiles love books, but not only books— they love the inevitable dis-

cussion and even debates that arise. In this way, Bibliophiles attain much more than the bare facts of a book when they read; they learn to share that experience with others. As Bishop Bibliophiles is a new club this school year, they hope that in the future, many different activities such as volunteer work in the library, fundraiser book drives, and even fun events such as going out to see a movie based on a book will be made possible. All members of Bibliophiles want to invite more and more members into their club, especially for the upcoming school year. The meetings are always very casual and easy-going, and they hope that one of these days you’ll stop in and join them!

Above left: Breana Lewis ‘14 (left) and Jasmine Reynoso‘14 (right) sort out donated jeans. Above right: Vivian Vu ‘15 and Ms. Walle staying organized and efficient, as they await the jean donations.

Habitat for Humanity Co-presidents: Alden Flores ‘14 and Breana Lewis ‘14 Meeting location: Room 103 Meeting days: Every Thursday Moderator: Mrs. Walle Try to let this sink in: 1.7 million teens are homeless in the United States. During winter Spirit Week, Bishop helped bring those teens a little bit of joy with jeans. Our school service club, Habitat for Humanity, sponsored the event “Teens for Jeans” with the help of teacher Lisa Walle on January 30-31 and was able to collect a total of 299 pairs. Co-president Alden Flores ’14 states, “I’m so proud that our school showed concern for the homeless teens, and I want to say thank you to all who participated.” The senior class won the competition of

bringing in the most jeans, but what really matters most is that the entire Bishop community worked together to help fellow teens. The jeans were taken to the Aeropostale store at the South Bay Galleria, where they were sent out to homeless shelters all over the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The “Teens for Jeans” campaign has collected over 2.5 million pairs of jeans since 2007! Over the years, stars like Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Jay Sean, and Ellen Degeneres have shown their support for the “Teens for Jeans” movement. Co-president Breana Lewis ’14 says, “All it takes is for one person to become concerned about the homeless problem, and once they spread the word, change begins.”



Free Spirits

Our talented Shortflags and Song Teams regularly compete and show off their skills Written by Manaka Sato. Photographed by Song Team Coach, Coach Vann. Have you seen how talented our BMHS Shortflags team is? They test their talent against other shortflag teams at nine to ten competitions every year. When they place in the top three, they earn great recognition from the shortflags community. In fact, they are currently ranked among the top teams! Every year, the team and their coach try to create innovative routines and stunts and develop the motivation it takes to let the judges know that they work hard. Senior Paul Siaki says, “We mean business when we step up on the floor.” Of course, they need to prepare before they win all of these awards. Before every competition, they practice for about four hours for five days during the competition week. On Friday night, they sleep over at a team member’s house to get their hair curled. In the morning, they are all there to start on makeup when they wake up. Competition is usually far away, like Fontana, so the team carpools together and prepares to compete. At the competition location, they do some last minute touch-ups on their routine, hair, and makeup.

Then, they put on their super cute uniforms and get ready to impress the judges! The BMHS Song team also shows the judges what they’ve got at competition, usually about three times a year. So far they have earned first and second place at competition. They represent Bishop well within the dance community and show many dance studios the talent we hold at Bishop. Their coach creates a routine every year to show the technique and skill that each dancer possesses. In fact, in Song’s latest competition, they received an award for best choreography. This year, Song was given the opportunity to have soloists (Kayla Imperial ’16, Maya Mimura ’16, Alyssa Tassone ’14, and Jennifer Weigley ’13) and a trio (Stephanie Durbano ’15, Manaka Sato ’15, and Kayla Whitney ’15). Sophomore Stephanie Durbano says, “Competition is an amazing experience! It’s inspiring to watch all the dancers, and of course, it’s fun!” However, with all this fun comes hard work. Song practices their competition routine constantly

Above: The Spirit Squad and Shortflags teams looking sharp as they proudly present their awards at the Golden State Championships, February 9. and even has other dance instructors along with their coach to clean their routine. Getting ready to perform is always fun. Junior Alyssa Tassone says, “Doing each other’s hair and makeup

is honestly so fun! We bond together every moment we are together and I absolutely love it.” This really helps Song to show their full potential to the judges.

Out For Blood

Key Club holds annual blood drive, Eco Club looks ahead to Earth Week, and Science Club competes in Science Olympiad. Written by Ariana Rupp, Samantha Nishimura, and Peter Mitchell. Photographed by Kayla Wilkins and Ms. Debellis.

Above left: Khristine Vrana ‘13 and Lisa Bell ‘13 recycle their bottles for the Eco Club. Above middle: The Science Club, left to right: Claire Park ‘13, Shannon Lipp ‘13, Leah Munoz ‘14, Nia Liggins ‘15, Hye Yoon Seo ‘15, Sojung Kim ‘13, Paige Tripp ‘13, Josh Jo ‘14, and Tony Lee ‘15, pose in front of the BMHS tent, smiles all around. Above right: Nikko Linayao ‘13 and Arianna Atienza ‘13 holding up their blood drive t-shirts, after a long day spent volunteering at the event. Key Club Key Club, one of Bishop’s well-known service clubs, annually organizes a blood drive at Bishop, and this year was no different. A week before the actual blood drive, which took place on February 25, Key Club board members made sure to advertise by posting flyers in the hallways and classrooms to inform students. Key Club set up a table in the senior lunch area to hand out permission slips and to give more information to interested students. Only those 17 years or older were allowed to participate in the blood drive. Sure enough, many willing students signed up to give blood and help save a life. When February 25 rolled around, Key Club and the blooddonating participants were ready. Key Club board members manned the stations at the SAC, and they spent the day signing in and directing students and providing snacks for the donors. Overall, it was a very successful event, as many students chose to donate blood or give their time as

volunteers. This blood drive is one of the first of Key Club’s focuses for the spring semester, and a lot of hard work and time goes into coordinating a school-wide event such as this. The students’ dedication and willingness to participate never fails to impress everyone involved. Eco Club Pollution affects every corner of the earth, but that doesn’t stop organizations all over the planet from “going green!” Bishop’s very own Eco Club has taken charge with this cause, encouraging recycling around the school with bins placed in both lunch areas. Last semester, the Green Raffle succeeded in getting the school in the habit of recycling. Mr. Meyette, the club’s moderator, stated, “Recycling is way up this year compared to last year. The students have been doing a great job.” Eco club has many possible plans for this year’s Earth week in April, such as a zero waste lunch day, where students are encouraged to

pack a reusable or recyclable lunch, and eco tips/fun facts announced every day during the morning announcements. The club also plans on joining in the Costal Clean-Up day in April, so listen closely: you don’t have to be a club member to participate! Recycling is Eco Club’s main focus, so the next time you have a water bottle, use the blue bin. It’s just a small step you can take to make a big difference in the world! Science Club On February 23, members of the Bishop Montgomery science club participated in the Science Olympiad. The Olympiad is a national competition for elementary through high school students, who compete in various scientific activities. The activities involve scientific subjects from biology to astronomy, and chemistry to engineering. The Olympiad was an all-day event that took place at Occidental College. Bishop Montgomery’s Olympiad team consisted of Shannon Lipp

‘13, Leah Munoz ‘14, Khristine Vrana ‘13, Lisa Bell ‘13, Sojung Kim ‘13, Tony Lee ‘15, Josh Jo ‘14, Nia Liggins ‘15, Hye Yoon Seo ‘15, Paige Tripp ‘13, and club president Claire Park ‘13. Claire said that the team “participated in events including forensics, forestry, rocks and minerals, disease detectives, anatomy & physiology, designer genes, chemistry lab, experimental design, and dynamic planet.” Claire said that “in each individual event, two people went as a pair and either engaged in testing, identifying and labeling given materials, designing an experiment based off given materials, or building something innovative given the materials.” Shannon Lipp and Tony Lee both came in 6th place for forensics, and everybody who participated was awarded a medal. Although it was a competition, the Olympiad was an enjoyable event for all the participants. According to Claire Park, “It was a fun-filled while also laid-back day.”



Super Sunday

The Ravens say “nevermore” to the 49ers, and Beyonce delivers a sensational halftime performance. Written by Jesse Seale. Photographed by Kayla Wilkins. From commercials to halftime shows, the annual Superbowl was the game everyone was waiting for. Fans of the 49ers and the Ravens had their eyes glued to the TV, hoping and crossing their fingers that their team would bring home the victory. Before the game began, students of the Sandy Hook Elementary School sang “America the Beautiful,” and Alicia Keys sang the “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Alicia Keys’ rendition broke a Superbowl record: at a stunning 156 seconds, hers was the longest rendition in Superbowl history. After these first two moving performances, the game began! Both teams struggled to gain the lead, and the Ravens ended the first-half ahead, with a score of 216. During halftime, the nation watched

the TV eagerly to catch the performance of a lifetime from Beyoncé and the reunion of Destiny’s Child. The second-half started with the 49ers coming back to even the score, but the Ravens kept their defense going without giving up. For the first time in Super Bowl history, half of the stadium surprisingly went pitchblack for a half an hour. While waiting for the lights to come back on, both teams decided to practice and continue on their strategy to victory. In the end, however, the Ravens defeated the 49ers 34-31, leaving 49ers fans upset, heart-broken, and disappointed. Ravens fans rejoiced to watch their favorite team take home the Super Bowl trophy.

Above: Terri Doby ‘15 (left) and Russell Chang ‘15 (right) endorsing their favored team.

Love to Death Knightlife reviews Warm Bodies, a new take on the classic zombie flick. Written and phtographed by Shannon Lipp.

Above: Zachary Lipp ‘16, just before a showing of Warm Bodies, as he hopes that this zombie movie does not disappoint.

Love is in the Air...

Artistically Crafted by Kira Coyne and Jackie Nkansah

With shows such as The Walking Dead and movies such as Zombieland and Dawn of the Dead following the lives of human survivors of a zombie apocalypse, it’s very rare that an audience gets to see the zombie’s point of view on the situation. The new movie, Warm Bodies, follows the undead teenager, R, who is like every other teenager living today, just without a pulse. The film takes an interesting stance on why the living dead feast on human flesh and gives the zombies human characteristics. The movie presents another interesting feature, two classifications of zombies: Corpses (the zombies we all know and love) and Bonies (the undead who have been around the block for a while and prove that zombies do continue to decay once reanimated). However, the film isn’t all about how zombies still have thoughts and feelings. The story revolves around the forbidden love of a human, teenage girl and a new version of the

classic movie monster boy who has been a teenager for an unsaid number of years: a brand new concept that is sure to spark the interest of 12 yearold girls everywhere. Claire Thatcher ‘14 remarks, “The most enjoyable aspects were probably the humor in it and the music. I laughed out loud, and all of the songs throughout truly helped set the mood and really contributed to the film. I would rank it very highly, because it was definitely unique. There was basically a zombie apocalypse within the zombie apocalypse, and the way that each zombie still had a part of them human and still remembered love was different and interesting.” The movie has its share of good writing and a terrific soundtrack, but because of its focus on the cheesy romance rather than on character development, the movie will probably turn some moviegoers away. Overall, the movie was entertaining but could have been much improved.



And the Award Goes To... Written by Alex Rodriguez. Photographed by Maddie Cano and Ari Thomas.

On the cool Sunday night of February 10th, the biggest stars in the music industry graced the Red Carpet in some very expensive fabric by people with fancy names. Thereafter, they flocked into Staples Center along awaiting exciting performances and who receives which award, for the 55th Annual Grammy Awards. Country-pop singer Taylor Swift kicked off the night with an over-the-top, Alice-in-Wonderland-esque yet poorlysung performance of, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” Other acts that sang on the Staples stage included The Lumineers, fun., Justin Timberlake, Frank Ocean, Mumford and Sons, Carrie Underwood, and Kelly Clarkson. There were also a few collaborations at the Grammys between Ed Sheeran and Elton John, Marron 5 and Alicia Keys, Miguel and Wiz Khalifa, and Bruno Mars, Sting, and Rihanna with Damian and Ziggy Marley, paying an entertaining, fun tribute to the late Bob Marley. Rihanna, performing her ballad, “Stay,” stole the show with her simple performance and unprecedentedly heard vocal range, which was the most tweeted performance on Twitter that night. Amongst the many snubs, the artists and bands who truly worked hard this year and released meaningful, enjoyable music were recognized unlike other years. Rock band The Black Keys led the pack with four Grammys, including Best Rock Song and Rock Album while Jay-Z and Kanye West, as a duo, won three Grammys. Indie-folk band Mumford and Sons took home two awards including the

coveted Album of the Year along with fun., Gotye, and Kelly Clarkson each taking home two awards. The ceremony concluded with a finale from rap veterans Ice Cube and LL Cool J with the latter making the Grammys overall awkward with his blatant narcissism and continuous mention of his twitter. On another Sunday night, two weeks after the Grammys, the biggest stars in the movie industry attended the 85th Annual Academy Awards, or Oscars, along with the big-time directors, producers, and, of course, the fans with host Seth MacFarlane. The ceremony kicked off with a big, dance-filled musical number with appearances from actors like Channing Tatum and Daniel Radcliffe. Other highlights of the night included the video message from William Shatner acting as Captain Kirk of Star Trek, a tribute to James Bond featuring singer Shirley Bassey, a performance by Catherine Zeta-Jones paying tribute to musicals, and powerful performances from the cast of Les Misérables, Adele, and Jennifer Hudson. In regards to awards, Lincoln, which led with a whopping twelve nominations, left the Kodak Theater with only two Oscars while novel-turned-movie Life of Pi went home with the most Oscars with four wins, including Best Director and Cinematography. Les Misérables and Argo followed after Life of Pi with three Oscars each and Skyfall following with two wins. Notable winners include Jennifer Lawrence, who won the Oscar Best Actress in a Leading Role for Silver Linings Playbook and memorably tripped, but took it like

a champ and laughed it off, on her way to give her acceptance speech. Adele, the Grammy-winning, Golden Globe-winning, and now Oscar-winning songstress, adds to her massive collection of awards her first Oscar for Skyfall from the movie of the same name. Argo, against tough competition like Life of Pi and Zero Dark Thirty, won Best Picture, one of the most highly prized categories. The awards ceremony went swimmingly with no real shockers, on and off-stage, and the true cinematic masterpieces were rewarded for their great cinematography.

Above: Teen-pop sensation Cody Simpson gets interviewed at the Grammys Pre-Party.

Above (left): Annabelle Bertucci’15 strikes her best “Taylor Swift Surprised Look” with her own mini-Oscar. Above (right): Publicists and bodyguards prepare for the celebrities to start gracing the Red Carpet as fans wait eagerly at Staples Center.



Table Tennis, Tape, and ATV

Written by Sojung Kim and Claire Park. Bishop has many students who engage in many extracurricular activities and unique hobbies. One of these unique students is senior Jill Marzolino ’13, who has dedicated her time to crafting duct tape clothing and products. She first started this hobby when she saw a book on duct tape crafts at a bookstore and was fascinated by this interesting and unusual activity. Marzolino relishes in its malleability and enjoys crafting bags out of plain colors as a base, and other decorated tape as the layers. She states, “I enjoy making messenger bags especially because they’re something I love to use that poses an interesting challenge in making, since you have to balance how stiff to make it.” Jill enjoys this activity because it gives her a sense of creativity and freedom. Junior James Marquez ’14 enjoys playing table tennis as a hobby. Although others view the activity not as a sport, but as a backyard family game, it is in actuality an Olympic competitive sport. Marquez started playing in the sixth grade, a time when he would go to the round robin tournaments at a local club in Torrance every Tuesday and Thursday. He enjoys playing because it is a fun way to exercise and let his competi-

tive side out. Currently, he participates with a team named “The Invincibles” in an all Los Angeles table tennis league, and he hopes to win a trophy this season. Having been to many table tennis tournaments in Mexico, he states, “Because of my double nationality I would be able play for the state of Chihuahua and I would travel with the state team to tournaments in other states with all expenses paid (hotel, food, and transportation!).” The US ranks players according to a rating system, with the best players own rating of about 2600. Marquez currently has a rating of 1755 which is that of an intermediate tournament level player. Senior Melissa Villalon ’13 enjoys spending her leisure time riding ATV’s (All-terrain vehicle), which is known for its strength and ability to handle a wider variety of terrain than most other vehicles. She says this hobby gives her an adrenaline rush because riding ATV’s is that much fun and thrilling to her. She started her experience with ATV’s when her cousin put her on the front of his motorcycle when she was seven years old. She absolutely loved it and she has been riding dirt bikes ever since. She says she goes to various deserts with her dad and her brother. They ride dirt bikes and ATV’s for hours on

Above: Melissa Villalon ‘13 on a joy ride on her ATV through the desert. the trails which eventually lead them to the hills and gullies. She enjoys the ride in particular because she also gets to see animals like rattlesnakes and jackrabbits. She was also able to share her memorable moments; she recalls “One time I fell in ravine and there were some bushes nearby. My dirt bike turned off, and I heard a rattle. To my luck, I landed right next to a very irritated rattlesnake. I never ran so fast in my life.”

Above: Junior James Marquez ‘14 returns a serve in a close and intense match of table tennis.

Above: Jill Marzolino’13 smiles alongside one of her prized duct-tape crafts.

Singing Your Praises Written by Sojung Kim. Photographed by Yearbook. es. She also shares “The best part of Monthly mass is an integral directing the choir is working with the part of the Bishop Montgomery comstudents. We try to have fun and the munity and one of the crucial compostudents learn the songs very quickly nents of this mass would be BMHS’ so we are able to sing many songs in choir. BMHS’ choir is a campus music parts and use more difficult arrangeministry in which choir members perments. I work with the suggestions for form at every school mass and other songs of the classes in charge of the school-related events such as the masses and try to choose songs that Mothers’ Club Christmas Luncheon fit the theme of the mass. The ideal is and the April Arts Fest. Also, choir to have everyone participate in the remembers get to improve their music sponses and singing. That is why Mrs. and singing skills by having rehearsKline creates a Power Point presentaals around twice of every other week. tion for each mass.” One of the choir BMHS choir has Mrs. Svarda as a dimembers in charge of the alto section, rector; she has a BA degree in music Richelle Caampued ’15 says the best and had several years of experience as an assistant choir director. She part of being choir is “when we laugh, helps choir members to have posismile, and talk to each other while tive attitudes about serving the school singing together at our practices.” She community and God by participating also shares “The most memorable in mass, leading the student body in moment for me was when the choir song, and striving to inspire and deep- sang at the Baccalaureate Mass last en faith experiences at school massyear. Since it was my first time be-

Above: The BMHS Choir performs and sings beautifully during the Junior Ring Mass. ing inside such a fancy church, I was amazed and fascinated throughout the whole mass.” The only guy member in the choir, Manny Calderon ’15, also states that “singing for the two custodians with Spanish music” was the most memorable moment for him. As seen

above this campus music ministry is full of happy vibes and fun memories so as a whole school, we should keep supporting the ministry and encourage it to keep on trying its best to make every mass beautiful and meaningful.

Bands from Bishop: Colorblind Written by Rose Park.

Above: The members of Colorblind rock out on stage at a gig at the House of Blues!

The band that started in Mr. Hankey’s music class is now playing at the House of Blues. Colorblind, made up of Cameron Olsen ’15 on lead vocals and guitar, Taylor Reyes (’15) on drums, and Michael Hagmaier (’15) on bass, was just a garage band in Bishop’s own classes. Starting in May with a different member, the band “jammed” and practiced together, and wrote their own music. In October they asked Hagmaier to join them and formed the band we know today. Currently, Colorblind performs about twice a month. The band started small, playing at the Manhattan Beach Battle of the Bands and the Saint Margaret Mary Parish Fair. They most recently played at the House of Blues and the Lighthouse Café. Colorblind even had their first single, “Waste of Time” recorded. The members enjoy being on stage and

performing. “Being able to do what I love is the best part of performing.” says Cameron. Be sure to like their Facebook page for more information on gigs, music, and videos! The band can see themselves playing music professionally. Maybe we’ll see Bishop’s own Colorblind playing at Coachella one year!





Students vs. Teachers

Written by Drew Beimel and Samantha Nishimura. Photographed by Drew Beimel. The Students versus Teachers volleyball game, one of Bishop’s fun traditions, was held on February 1 to end Winter Spirit Week. The Teachers Team, led by Mr. Flores, included Ms. Britton, Mr. Skelley, Mr. Nguyen, Mr. Sansalone, Ms. Meehan, and Ms. Walle. These good-natured teachers went up against these tough, individually chosen students: Taylor Rudeen, Juliette McCall, Denice Belandres, Bria Green, Ashley Murray, Bianca Khoury, Ryan Garcia, Cameron Moeller, Eddie Specht, Aisha King, and Justin Arevalo. Not surprisingly, the students dominated the first game, with a score of 25-9. Drew Deason, a spectator, remarks, “We all knew the students were going to win! My best friend Taylor Rudeen was playing on the student side, so I had to root for her. She’s

Above: The Student’s powerful Volleyball team huddles up to talk their strategy to beat the Teachers. such an amazing athlete, works hard, and always lives up to her reputation on the court.” For the next game, the

Knights of Honor

players mixed up their teams, which served to even out the score. In the end, players and spectators alike

Above: Mr. Sansalone does a daring dive to save the volleyball, hoping to score a point for the Faculty. demonstrate their true Bishop spirit, through their enthusiasm and energy for the game.

Rewritten by Aimee Myers and Rachael Wecker. Photographed by Mr. Hong.

Alyssa Tassone ‘14 Junior Alyssa Tassone was born on April 5. Serving as a member of ASB since her sophomore year, she currently holds the position of Commissioner of Spirit. She spends her time as Commissioner by planning the spirit weeks and dances. Alyssa is captain of the BMHS Song Team and a member of the Core Leadership Team where she teaches middle school kids the basics of being a leader. She is a continual member of CSF and on the Honor Roll. Her role models are her brother David, and Micah Burog. She says they both demonstrate strong virtues and happiness wherever they go. Congratulations to Knight of Honor, Alyssa Tassone!

Kendra Athan ‘13 Senior Kendra Athan, born on March 23, has always been an example of leadership to her community. She has been recognized on the Principal’s Honor Roll and has received the highest grade in American Literature, Introduction to Calculus, and United States History. Invited to join Campus Ministry, she is preparing to lead the Senior Kairos Retreat and led the Junior Emmaus retreat. Kendra is heavily involved with her church and teaches Sunday School. She also volunteers at Torrance Memorial Hospital. Kendra says her role model is her father by the way he respects her mother and does his job as a Torrance Police Officer. Congratulations to Knight of Honor, Kendra Athan!

Question Corner

What did you do this past Valentine’s Day?

Kenneth Tyler Villafana ‘14 Born on February 23, junior Knight of Honor Kenneth Tyler Villafana is recognized as a Scholar Athlete and is on the Honor Roll consistently. As a member of both the Varsity Football and Baseball teams, his teammates would describe him as an athletic star who works hard on and off the field. Known to his friends as Kenny, he is also a member of the Harbor Interfaith Service Club where he volunteers with the club and its members. Kenny’s friends describe him as “a loyal friend, hilarious jokester, and an honorable young man who acts as Christ would to everyone he meets.’ Kenny credits his character to his grandfather who has been his role model for his entire life. Congratulations to Knight of Honor, Kenneth Villafana!

Kyle Kutler ‘13 Senior Kyle Kutler was born on June 28. As a continual Scholar Athlete and member of the Honor Roll, he displays his academic perseverance. Picked as captain of the Varsity Football team, he helped lead his team through an excellent season. He holds himself to high standards off and on the field as a member of the Varsity Baseball team which he has been a member of for three years. Kyle was also a member of Campus Ministry and led both a Junior Emmaus and freshman retreat. He enjoys playing soccer, football, and baseball to the kids in his community. Kyle’s friends describe him as selfless and committed to those around him. His parents are his role models because he has learned to try hard in everything that he does and treat people with respect. In the future he wants to be like his dad working hard in life. Congratulations to Knight of Honor, Kyle Kutler!

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I studied for my calculus test at Starbucks with a man dressed in a gorilla suit. Lora Spielman ‘13

My valentine took me to the backyard which was decorated with candles and had a seafood dinner waiting. Vanessa Corral ‘13

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I was stuck on a bus with my team for 4 hours going to my CIF basketball game. Quinci Keaton ‘13

I bought myself a bar of chocolate. Hayden Biernat ‘16

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