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Ms. Rosemary Distaso-Libbon - Principal

Dear Parents, Thank you for your generous participation in our fall fundraiser—our one mandatory all school fundraiser for the year. As you know, the proceeds from this fundraiser go directly toward this year’s school operations. I also want to say thank you to our teachers and students for their efforts, the parent volunteers who assisted with the sorting of the tickets as well as the counting and balancing of the money and a special thanks to Mrs. Yvette Vigon-Morffi, our Vice-Principal, who managed this effort so well. Again, thank you, parents. I also want to thank Mrs. Milana McDermott, Dean of Student Life, Carolyn Vaimoso, ASB President, Frankie Gregoris, ASB Vice President, and all of the members of ASB for a wonderful homecoming week! Congratulations to all of our students who were invited to the Undergraduate Awards Ceremony to honor them for their academic achievements during the 2016-2017 spring semester. Sophie Shapiro was the featured speaker and the following students were honored as Students of the Semester: Class of 2020 Robbie Vezzuto and Nathalie Denis th

Class of 2019 Quinn Henry, Marykate Abad and Katie Shanahan

Though this is the November Newsletter, I do want to remind you that the Mothers’ Club Luncheon is scheduled for Saturday, December 9th. I hope that you will attend this special event. Many thanks to Abby Wagner and Regina Berdiel, Co-Presidents, and all of the members for their work on the luncheon. As we approach Thanksgiving, my prayer is that you enjoy the beauty of the fall season and that we remember to pray for all of those who are suffering from grief and loss, any kind of violence— the violence of war, of poverty, of natural disasters, and any need—spiritual, emotional, or physical. Our common prayer is so powerful. I pray, too, that during this lovely holiday, you each have the opportunity to renew your commitment to your faith, your family and your friends. We have so very much to be thankful for. I certainly give thanks for you and for your children and pray for you and for each of them every day. I want to close with a favorite prayer of mine by Dorothy Day that I have used as grace before a meal on a special occasion. I hope it will be a prayer that will be meaningful to you too. “We cannot love God unless we love each other, and to love each other, we must know each other in the breaking of the bread and know that we are not alone anymore. Heaven is a banquet and life is a banquet, too, where there is companionship. Remember that love comes with community.” Yes, love only comes with community. Happy Thanksgiving!

Rosemary Libbon Principal

Ms. Rosemary Distaso-Libbon - Principal

Daniel Kwon and Nicole Miller


Class of 2018




Ms. Yvette VigĂłn-Morffi - Vice Principal - ext. 231 Mrs. Casey Dunn - Guidance & Studies: Freshmen/Director of Admissions - ext. 226


With the month of November quickly approaching, the college admissions cycle has begun in earnest for the class of 2018. The California State University (CSU) filing period began on Sunday, October 1 and the University of California (UC) filing period begins Wednesday, November 1. CSU applications must now be filed through Both, state and UC, systems require that applications be submitted by Thursday, November 30. Please encourage your student to apply early.


For UC and private school applications, great care should be taken with the written response portions. Starting to work on the personal statement, essay question(s), and/or short answer statements should begin well before the application due date. Please encourage your student to have a teacher or counselor proofread his or her rough draft before a final copy is submitted. These writing samples reveal pertinent information regarding an applicant’s academic intent, personal talents and strengths, and ability to succeed as a college freshman. A rushed writing sample, one that includes grammatical and usage errors, is a poor reflection on the applicant and indicative of not approaching the process with a mature, comprehensive attitude. For universities that ask for letters of recommendation, students are to request both transcripts and letters by Friday, November 3. Be sure your student knows the deadlines for each school for which they intend to apply.


If a student misses more than three consecutive school days, he or she should contact his or her respective teachers electronically (email access is available through the BMHS website) and request missing assignments.



Ms. Betty Behen - Dean of Women - ext. 234 Mr. Lee Flores - Dean of Men - ext. 232


Be sure to call in absences or “late-to-schools” directly to the Attendance Office at (310) 540-2021 ext. 233 or (310) 540-3070 in the mornings. We have 24-hour voice mail for your convenience. Also, a phone call does not automatically make the absence or tardy excused. It merely lets us know that the parent/guardian was aware of the absence or tardy. The nature of the absence or tardy (“excused” or “unexcused”) will be determined by the Deans and the Attendance Office. Please refer to the Parent-Student Handbook for what constitutes an “excused” absence or tardy. Phone calls must be made the morning of the absence or the absence will be noted as “unexcused.” Please remember that classes begin at 8:00am every day (except for lab days). Oncoming traffic heading east on Torrance Boulevard does affect traffic flow entering and leaving campus, so please do try to arrive early and avoid the traffic. In the interest of student safety and regardless of the time you arrive on campus, your student is expected to be dropped off in the student drop-off zone only (in the east parking lot). Dropping off your student on campus in areas other than the designated drop-off zone or other illegal/unsafe area off-campus, will result in your student receiving a disciplinary violation. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. COOLER WEATHER As the temperatures begin to cool, please remember that the Bishop Montgomery (Norman’s, team, or senior) sweatshirts are the only uniform sweatshirts permitted during the school day. Also, school uniform jackets and sweaters are the only jackets and sweaters permitted. All sweatshirts and jackets should be the appropriate size for your student. If your student is a senior, a uniform polo or senior t-shirt is expected to be worn underneath the senior sweatshirt. th

TRIPS Bishop Montgomery does not sponsor, condone, nor accept responsibility for trips, cruises, or excursions not sanctioned by the school. There may be a current trip disguised as a BMHS Senior Trip. BMHS is not organizing, sponsoring, or chaperoning any senior trip. Students found to be distributing fliers that advertise these trips will be reprimanded.

NO SMOKING AREA Our football stadium Knight Stadium has been designated as a No Smoking area by the Torrance Fire Department. This ban applies to all extra-curricular activities including football games and graduation exercises. ATHLETIC EVENTS & SCHOOL DANCES Please be aware that students will not be allowed to congregate outside the gates during events nor in the parking lot areas. Remember that your student should be dressed modestly and appropriately when attending athletic games and school dances (Parent/Student Handbook pgs 32-34). Bare midriffs, excessively tight, or excessive short clothing is not acceptable. Also, please pick-up students immediately following school events as the school is not responsible for students who do not have a ride home. Students are not permitted to leave home football games before the end of the third quarter.

Ms. Betty Behen - Dean of Women - ext. 234 Mr. Lee Flores - Dean of Men - ext. 232

MESSAGES The Attendance Office and the Front Office staff do not deliver messages during the day. It is both time consuming and disruptive to classes.


DETENTIONS Detentions are to be served by the date indicated on the violation or referral slip. It is the responsibility of the student to make alternate arrangements for transportation if a detention need be served. Disregard for assigned detentions may result in a referral or probation. Detentions take precedence over sports practices and school activities (Parent-Student Handbook, pg 15).

EMERGENCY INFORMATION Does your BMHS emergency card need to be updated? Have you had and address, telephone or employment change? Has there been a dhange in custody? Please notify the Attendance Office at (310) 540-3070. MEDICAL INFORMATION Please be advised that any student with a pre-existing medical condition needs to inform the attendance office in writing of his or her condition. A note from the student’s doctor is required. If your child requires medication or medical attention of any kind, it is important for you to communicate with the Deans’ office to establish a medical protocol for your child. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. DANCES Students are not admitted to any school dance without his/her current student ID (Parent-Student Handbook, pgs 10-11). Guest/date applications are available for various school dances, and the deans must approve all guests prior to the dance. Guests must also present a current photo ID for admittance to a BMHS dance. VISITOR CHECK-IN If you are planning on visiting campus, be sure to obtain a name badge from the safety officer when you arrive on campus during the school day. It is important for all parents and visitors to check-in prior to visiting the campus.


Thank you for your cooperation with the Student Drop-off and Pick-up procedures. The Traffic Division of the Torrance Police Department and Bishop Montgomery HS appreciate your efforts in keeping our students and our community safe. Please continue to pick-up and drop-off your student at the pick-up and drop-off zone located in the east parking lot adjacent to the school. DROP-OFF PROCEDURES Parents driving west on Torrance Boulevard: 1. When making a left turn into the west entrance onto campus may drive on to the campus. 2. There is no left turn into the east parking lot. 3. Please drive onto the campus and continue driving until you have arrived at the designated drop-off point located in the east parking lot. 4. There is no student drop-off in front of the school. Please drop-off students in the designated passenger drop-off points located in the east parking lot only. Parents will enter the East Parking Lot through the northeast entrance by the marquee. 5. Our safety officer are available to direct and control traffic Parents driving east on Torrance Boulevard: 1. When driving toward the campus, please do not drive onto campus. Parents are to drive east along Torrance Boulevard and enter the east parking lot when dropping of students in the designated drop-off zone. Students are not to be dropped-off on Torrance Blvd. Please note - U-turns are not permitted. The only legal place to make a U-turn is at the intersection of Prospect Avenue and Torrance Boulevard. Exiting the east parking lot 1. The only legal exit out of the east parking lot is a right turn towards Palos Verdes Boulevard. All drivers exiting the east parking lot must make a right turn only. 2. Please do not merge to make a left on Henrietta, as attempting to do so is dangerous and causes delays for other parents attempting to exit.




All parents should pick-up and drop-off their students on-campus. To avoid the last minute rush, we encourage you to arrive before 7:30AM. The traffic flow on Torrance Boulevard is heavier after this time and may affect how quickly you are able to exit the campus. If you decide to pick-up or drop-off your student(s) anywhere else, please refrain from doing so our neighboring businesses, apartment complex, or residential driveways as this creates an inconvenience for our neighbors. Please respect the property of our neighbors by refraining from moving trashcans, taking property, littering, or parking or pulling into our neighbors’ driveways. Also, please make sure to drop-off your student(s) in areas that are safe and legal. We have received many reports that there have been BMHS parents or carpools driving recklessly on Palos Verdes Boulevard and students are being dropped-off by their parents/carpool drivers illegally by the red curb zones, in front of fire hydrants or in the middle of the street. In the interest of safety for all pedestrians and drivers and as a courtesy to our neighbors, students should be dropped-off on campus. Students whose parents fail to comply with the pick-up and drop-off procedures will be dealt with on campus. The Torrance Police Department has also been contacted, and they have informed us that they will be citing


Lastly, in the interest of our students’ safety, we also would like for you to remind your student(s) to obey all traffic and pedestrian laws. Many students are crossing the street when the signal light is yellow or red and are not using the appropriate crosswalks. We have received phone calls from parents, faculty, and residents concerned over our students’ safety. Please remind them to follow all traffic and pedestrian laws and to most of all pay attention to their surroundings.


If your student parks on Henrietta, please remind him/her to be courteous and respectful of and to our neighbors. We request that your student not drive into the residential areas playing loud music or leave trash on the street. Our neighbors will welcome your student’s courtesy. Also, the City of Torrance has asked that our students not park on the side streets near Henrietta. The residents are unable to park in front of their homes when our students park on these residential streets. Lastly, in the interest of our students’ safety, we also would like for you to remind your student(s) to obey all traffic and pedestrian laws. Many students are crossing the street when the signal light is blinking red or are not using the appropriate crosswalks. We have received phone calls from parents, faculty, and residents concerned over our students’ safety.

Tips on Internet Safety

Parents, please take the time to review the school’s internet policy in the Parent/Student Handbook (pgs. 22-25). As a school, we are concerned over your student’s welfare and safety while using the Internet. The concern stems primarily from student use of social networking websites such as Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Kik, and YouTube in the privacy of your home. Using these apps and websites, students are able to create their own profiles, post pictures and communicate with anyone in the world who has access to the Internet. It is important to note that on these sites there are no filters, no protections, and no monitoring. Students can post anything on their site, whether appropriate or not. Often, students post messages that are inappropriate, offensive, or sexual in nature, and they mainly post this material anonymously. More alarming is that anyone can pose as a high school student and gain access to your student’s information; it is at this point when your son or daughter may be the most vulnerable. Sexual predators and pedophiles alike may have access to your children, especially if your child is unsupervised.


drivers along Torrance Boulevard, Henrietta and Palos Verdes Boulevard. It is essential to give our neighbors the same respect and courtesy that we expect from each other on campus.

Please be aware that it is not the school’s position or responsibility to monitor these sites for content. We encourage you, their parent(s), to be proactive in regards to your son’s or daughter’s internet use. However, if information is given to the school that your son or daughter is posting inappropriate or offensive messages, the school may take disciplinary action since your son or daughter is a representative of Bishop Montgomery High School. Again, we encourage you to monitor your son or daughter’s internet use. Here are a few tips to help keep your children safe: `````````````` 1. Become educated on the matter. There are several sites available online that provide general information and guidance about children’s internet use such as:


“A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety”

“Internet Safety Awareness”

2. Get rid of email accounts for your elementary and middle school children. Limit personal email accounts to high school or later. Allow younger students to use your family email address only to talk with relatives and approved friends. 3. Put passwords on all of your computers and change them frequently. 4. Make sure you have firewalls and software loaded to restrict the sites your child can visit on the computer. Information about internet filtering and monitoring software is available at 5. Monitor the sites your child has visited. You can click on the “History” icon when you are online to monitor the sites that your child has visited. You can also check the sites that your child has been on by doing the following: • Click on “My Computer” • Click on “Local Disk (C:)” • Click on the “Documents and Settings” folder • Click on the folder for the user or the holder of the account, i.e. johnsmith • Click on the “Cookies” folder At this point you should be able to see all the sites that have been visited using the account. You can also check the emails that your child has sent or received by checking the Recycle Bin on your hard drive or checking the “Deleted Items” or “Sent Items” folders on your email program. 6. Put the computer in a room where it is in plain sight of all adults. 7. Do a Google search. Go to, type in your child’s name and click on “Search.” If your child has a webpage or if your child’s name is on the internet you will find it. If you want to know if your child has a site on you can go to, and do a search by entering your child’s email address or by going to “groups” and conducting a search by name of the school or any other organization that your child may belong.


“Kidz Privacy”

Please take the time to read the enclosed materials. If you have any questions about the Bishop Montgomery HS policy on Internet use or about this letter, please feel free to call Mr. Flores at (310) 540-2021, X232 or Ms. Behen at (310) 540-2021, X234. You may also find additional resources on the Health and Safety section on the BMHS website.

CARPOOLS • Carpool needed for son after school to 1536 West 170th Street, Gardena California 90247. Please contact Deborah Felix at (310)982-9404 • Carpool needed after school to Westchester area. Mon, Wed, Fri regular time and/ or Tues, Thurs after 3:30pm. Willing to pay or exchange for driving mornings zero period. Please contact Jeannette (310)210-2701 or th

*Please email to add or delete a carpool request.



Mrs. Milana McDermott - Dean of Student Life - ext. 273


Special thanks go out to all students and faculty who put so much time and energy into making Homecoming Week a success. So many of our students, faculty, and staff were involved with this week of fun, enthusiasm, and energy. Thanks for showing your Knight Spirit! Congratulations to our 2017 Homecoming Court. Detriana Bodden & JaShaun Diggs Nikala Cunningham & Bobby Eubanks Emi Doyle & Micah Finley Frankie Gregoris & David Flores Caylea Lidy & Nick Fraley Maggie Mao & Conner Hess Emily Morales & Jerrod Lababit Sophie Shapiro & Kevin O’Donnell Carolyn Vaimoso & Markus Raad Julia Yaccarino & David Singleton th


Jostens has been to campus over the past couple of months distributing class ring information and taking ring orders. The Junior Ring Mass will be Tuesday, January 30. Along with the blessing

The BMHS Spirit Squad, Band & Color Guard are selling See’s Candy just in time for the holidays! This fundraiser helps off-set some expenses for the year and is a wonderful opportunity to start your Christmas shopping. Sales begin October 17 and end November 9.


The senior panoramic picture will be taken Thursday, November 16. All members of the senior class need to be in the gym no later than 8:00am. This class photo will appear in the yearbook, so be sure your senior is on time! Seniors should wear their senior t-shirts and will have an opportunity to purchase a keepsake copy. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY

Bishop Montgomery proudly announced its own chapter of the National Honor Society a few years ago. Students are encouraged to apply for membership in this prestigious organization. Applications are due in January. “The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character.” Information about our BMHS Chapter  -  organization, qualifications, and requirements  -  can be found on the BMHS website. An informational meeting for students will be held during lunch on Wednesday, November 29. Students should listen to morning announcements for details.

Mrs. Milana McDermott - Dean of Student Life - ext. 273



of rings, BMHS will officially welcome the junior class into the ranks of upperclassmen at Bishop Montgomery. Parents of juniors are welcome to join us for this celebration.

Thanks to all for your continued support of student life at BMHS. Your involvement is appreciated.




Mr. Eric Wood - Athletic Director - ext. 269 Mr. Ed Hodgkiss - Assistant Athletic Director - ext. 260

WINTER SPORT ATHLETES All student-athletes and their parents must complete all steps of athletic clearance at Please note that this process must be completed on each year of participation. All athletes must complete this online clearance process, turn in a signed confirmation page, physical exam form, along with a copy of both the front & back of medical insurance card. An email will be sent once the athlete is cleared to participate.   ATHLETIC BOOSTER CLUB Parents, are you looking for a way to have fun, assist in BMHS athletics, and earn PSI? The Booster Club is a great way to get involved. The BMHS Booster Club is designed to provide support for all BMHS athletic programs. Members of Athletic Boosters volunteer their time at various athletic events and provide support to the athletic director, coaches, and student-athletes. This is a great way to complete PSI hours and meet other parents. Each year, Athletic Boosters sponsor the Damion Mendoza Scholarship, which provides tuition assistance to one male and one female student-athlete at BMHS.


For more information, including how to become an Athletic Booster, visit the BMHS website Athletics>>Booster Club. under Athletics/Booster Club, or feel free to contact them directly at

Mr. Eric Wood - Athletic Director - ext. 269 Mr. Ed Hodgkiss - Assistant Athletic Director - ext. 260

Go Knights!


PLAYOFFS Be sure to come out and support our Knights in the playoffs. Fall sports begin CIF playoffs in November.




Mr. Andy Marafino - Director of Development - ext. 246 Mrs. Amy Traxler - Events and Communications Coordinator - ext. 249


Friday, October 27 is Homecoming! Football game time is 6:00pm vs. Bosco Tech. Students, family, alumni and friends are invited to join us for the game and some of the best food trucks around: Serendoggity, BrewWings, and Beto’s Soft Serve Ice Cream. Come for the food, stay for the game! Trucks will be in the south end zone of Knight Stadium from 5:00pm - 8:00pm.  


On Saturday, November 18, help celebrate BMHS’ 60th Birthday at our Casino Night held at Brookdale South Bay (across the street from campus). Great music, heavy hors d’oeuvres, hosted bar, and play money for casino games. The UCLA vs. USC game will be shown as well. The event is from 5:30 - 9:30pm and is only $30 per person pre-sale. Complete information available here. 


In the coming weeks, each of you will receive Ms. Libbon’s Annual Giving / Queen of Angels Fund Letter. This fund, established in February 2012, has helped BMHS provide tuition assistance to many students here at school. Please take a moment to read Ms. Libbon’s letter and consider making a gift to this important fund, or you can give to any other area of your choice. All gifts to Bishop Montgomery are tax-deductible.

’57 CLUB th

Inside the annual giving letter, we have included information about the newly established ’57 Club. This club is a monthly giving program which provides added benefits to both BMHS and you, our donors. There are three levels from which to choose and you can have your gifts directed to any area of your choice (scholarships, music, technology, an athletic program, etc.). See the card that will arrive in the mail or visit


Who doesn’t love Now you can support Bishop Montgomery each time you shop at Amazon. Go to and login with your Amazon account information.  Type in “Bishop Montgomery High School” when prompted to select a charitable organization.  On the next page, click “select” and you are ready to shop and support BMHS.  Amazon will donate .5% of every purchase back to BMHS!


Are you looking for some cool Bishop Montgomery apparel for you or your kids? The official Bishop Montgomery online store has many great items and styles available for adults and kids. Visit and click “SHOP” on the bottom of the home page.

Mr. Andy Marafino - Director of Development - ext. 246 Mrs. Amy Traxler - Events and Communications Coordinator - ext. 249

This year, we are celebrating Bishop Montgomery High School’s 60th birthday. One of the ways we are celebrating is to present BMHS By The Numbers. Each school day beginning on September 11, we are posting something about BMHS, counting from 1-60. These are posted on the home page (and alumni page) of the website and on all of our social media sites (we can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @BMHSKnights). We invite you to check it out. We hope it is something fun and educational for our entire community.






Dorothy Morski - Co-Campus Minister - ext. 243 Amy Hendry - Co-Campus Minister - ext. 236 Fr. Ken Deasy - Chaplain - ext. 236


Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7 This November, amidst all of the natural disasters and violence that has been occurring, it is hard to see where goodness is. Can we pause, though, take a look around us and ask do we see God in one another? Do we notice the kindness of strangers or the love of our family and friends? This Thanksgiving let us try to remember the holy around us as well as in ourselves. God does not want our hearts to be troubled. He wants us to bring our hardships and worries to Him. We continue to encourage our students to reach out and talk if they need any help with any of their stresses or worries. The BMHS Choices Office with professional counselors, our campus ministers, and Fr. Ken are always available with open doors to hear any concerns or joys of our students.


Thank you for your ongoing prayers for all of our students who have and will be attending retreats. The juniors had a very meaningful time on their Emmaus retreats and spots are still open for the February retreat. Our first group of seniors will be going on Kairos in November. Please begin writing letters and deliver them to school before Wednesday, November 8.


The November Kairos is full, but spots are still available for the February retreat, so please sign up as soon as possible. th

We are grateful to be able to come together as a school and celebrate our Thanksgiving Mass this month, which will be celebrated by individual classes.


More prayers of thanks for all of the parents, students, and faculty who donated on our school Denim days. We are blessed to have raised 5,000 dollars to help our brothers and sisters in need. Â God bless you all, and thank you for your continued support.

Dorothy Morski - Co-Campus Minister - ext. 243 Amy Hendry - Co-Campus Minister - ext. 236 Fr. Ken Deasy - Chaplain - ext. 236





Mr. Eric Hankey - Instrumental and Vocal Music Director

Knight Of A Thousand Talents II – Japan On Saturday, November 11 at 6:00pm, the Music Boosters are presenting a dinner, silent auction, and concert at the St. Lawrence Martyr Parish Hall. We guarantee this evening to be a lot of fun for all! • Talent show performances - If you’re a performer, this is your chance to get on stage in front of a very appreciative, live audience - and, a professional backing band is provided! For more info, contact David Herrera at • Great food provided by local restaurants, and beer and wine will be available for purchase! • Silent Auction with many awesome prizes! Tickets available by contacting Mary Poprac at We look forward to seeing you there!


BMHS KNIGHT MUSIC DEPARTMENT HEADED TO JAPAN! On April 2, 2018, 27 students and chaperones are off on a fantastic eight-day tour of Tokyo, Kashiwa, Toyota City, and Hiroshima! Highlights include: • Performance at Hibiya Park of Imperial Palace • Meet with students at Kashiwa School • Visit Hiroshima International Peace Memorial • Tour of Toyota Automotive and Robotic Factory and Lab • Kabuki Theater, Tsukiji Fish Market, Yasukuni Shrine, and more • Guided and small-group tours of Tokyo and Kashiwa If you would like more information, or are interested in joining the tour, please contact Mr. Eric Hankey at

KNIGHT MUSIC BOOSTER CLUB The Knight Music Boosters represent the Band, Jazz Band, Drumline, Music Production, Video Production, and Music Ministry. Their meetings are usually on the same Monday nights as Athletic Booster Club and Mother’s Club at 6:00 pm in Room 318 – additional meetings are scheduled as needed.  Please join them to help keep the many projects they organize rolling. The Music Boosters are organizing two major fundraisers this fall to help support the fundraising efforts of those students attending our Japan Tour. See’s Candy Sale Get your See’s Candy from any Music Department student through November 9!atch for more information in November 9! MUSIC DEPARTMENT HOURS We are always practicing, planning, and organizing school concerts, local performances, competitions, parades, tours, and many other important things – come on in any day before or after school between 6:30 am - 3:30pm (although we’re often there earlier and later).  To get in touch with Mr. Hankey, please call the school or email at

Mr. Eric Hankey - Instrumental and Vocal Music Director

• Band Competitions at Ramona HS, West HS, Mayfair HS, Capistrano Valley HS, and Huntington Beach HS • Jazz Combo performances at St. Catherine LaBoure, St. Lawrence Martyr, and the Mother’s Club Luncheon • The Hollywood Christmas Parade, Riviera Village Holiday Stroll, and Grand Marian Procession parades • Varsity Choir performance at the South Bay Interfaith Concert • Performance at “Thunder By Knight” Reunion Dinner at DoubleTree Hotel


BUSY FALL SEASON FOR BMHS MUSIC DEPARTMENT In addition to school performances for pep rallies and football games, the Knight Band & Guard is keeping busy!




John Hong - Technology Committee Chair - ext. 276 Brian Adams - Technology Curriculum Integration Specialist - ext. 272


BMHS was happy to participate in Google’s new educational pilot program Google Expeditions AR (Augmented Reality). Students were able to experience AR used in an educational setting.  With Expeditions AR, teachers and students map the physical classroom and place 3D objects like one of Michelangelo’s statues on students’ desks so that everyone was able to examine the statue together at the same time. Anything from a strand of DNA to a whirling tornado can be brought into the classroom. Students used devices to get up close to see detail; step back to get a sense of scale; and point out new discoveries together.


SENIOR ADS: The yearbook staff is offering an opportunity to personalize your student’s yearbook by placing Senior Ads. Look for this special info. We will be sending out a Senior ad packet to all graduating seniors in the upcoming weeks. Please follow the directions in the packet. *Senior Ads can also be ordered online at If you have any questions or concerns please email Yearbook Advisor, Mr. Hong, at PRICES/SIZES: BLACK & WHITE Black and white ads are available in the following sizes for the prices shown: EARLY PRICING REGULAR PRICING LATE PRICING Due: FRI, OCT 27 Due: FRI, NOV 3 Due: FRI, NOV 17 ¼ page: $100 ¼ page: $150 ¼ page: $250 ½ page: $150 ½ page: $200 ½ page: $300 full page: $250 full page: $300 full page: $400

John Hong - Yearbook Advisor - ext. 276


YEARBOOK PRE-ORDERS: A Yearbook Order Form (optional) has been mailed to each family. The cost of the yearbook is as follows: Cost Deadline $125 October 31st $150 After November 1st to December 31st $175 January 1st to March 31st (*students are not guaranteed a yearbook) To be sure your student receives a yearbook, please return the invoice/order form no later than Feb. 1. Form may be mailed or brought/dropped off in the tuition office. *Yearbooks can also be ordered online at

PRICES/SIZES: COLOR ADS Color ads are available in the following sizes for the prices shown: EARLY PRICING REGULAR PRICING LATE PRICING Due: FRI, OCT 27 Due: FRI, NOV 3 Due: FRI, NOV 17 ¼ page: $150 ¼ page: $200 ¼ page: $300 ½ page: $250 ½ page: $300 ½ page: $400 full page: $350 full page: $400 full page: $500



Join us from 10:30 AM – 2:00 PM for our Christmas Luncheon. Our #1 fundraiser event where you will experience uniquely decorated tables hosted by BMHS parents & alumni. You can also visit vendor booths to get you in the spirit and find gift ideas. This year’s theme: "Peppermint Kisses & Christmas Wishes." IMPORTANT NOTE Table host and vendor booths reservation will be confirmed on a first-come, firstServed basis. Send your reservations early before we sell out!


Don’t miss out on showing your Knight Pride! Contact Gina Paredes at for more information.


10/23, 11/20, 1/22, 2/26, 3/26, 4/23

2017 – 2018 INSTALLATION DINNER 5/14/2018

Class Representatives Class of 2018


Please join us Monday, October 23 2017 at 6:30pm in the Faculty Center located on the east side of campus by the faculty parking lot. Our junior class parents are providing snacks and refreshments. We will have guest speaker from Shamrock Tutoring joining us. Here are our event volunteer opportunities during the meeting: v 8th Grade Open House - Saturday, December 2 from 9:00am-12:00pm o Board member in charge – Carmen Fraga o 4 volunteers for 3 PSI hours each v Spring Undergrad Awards - Wednesday, February 8 from 8:30am-11:30am o Board member in charge – Cindy Quinones o 1 volunteer for event chairperson = 10 PSI hours o 10 volunteers for 3 PSI hours each v Freshman Registration – Monday, March 19 from 3:00pm - 6:00pm o Board member in charge – Cheryl Marino-Drews o 4 volunteers for 3 PSI hours Like us on Facebook… “BMHS Mothers Club” – to find all our latest info.

Sophia Kall Ingrid Sharpe Class of 2019 Neelita Bali Bernadette Clemente Class of 2020 Carmen Alvarado Catherine Keller Class of 2021 Rosie Dominguez Sandra Fitts

Athletics Booster Club Congratulation to our most recent 50/50 winner! Parent & BMHS aluma Sharri Hall won the drawing at the football game vs. St. Anthony. Pictured below is Sharri with Co-President Tracey Cloud.

Congratulations to the Hall Family!

Thank you to all of you who have and continue to support Athletic Boosters through the 50-50 raffles, purchasing BMHS merchandise & by dining at the Snack Bar! In aggregate Athletic Boosters donated $20,927 last year. Our goal is to surpass that this year with even both more members and more involvement. Feel free to contact us at or simply stop by the Athletic Boosters’ table at any home football game. Whether you are a new Bishop parent or a returning, seasoned one, please join us at our monthly meetings. Our November meeting is Monday, November 20 in the newly remodeled Learning Commons (aka the Library) at 6:30pm.

Board Members

Co-Presidents: Jeff Fraley and Tracey Cloud Vice President: Diane Krause Treasurer: Gerrick Cardenas Secretary: Susie Fraley Membership: Gay DeRusha & Anne Marie Lamp-Galullo Snack Bar: Gina Cicchini & Patty Schiappa Merchandise: OPEN 50/50 Coordinator: OPEN Athletic Director: Eric Wood


S 1 8 15 22 29

T 3 10 17 24 31


M 2 9 16 23 30

Oct 2017 W 4 11 18 25

XC-Cross Country

GVB-Girls Volleyball

GTen- Girls Tennis

GBB-Girls Basketball


Daylight Savings Time Ends




T 5 12 19 26

F 6 13 20 27





S 7 14 21 28


M 5 12 19 26


F 1 8 15 22 29

Tues day

7 14 21 28

S 2 9 16 23 30

November 2017







GVB-CIF 2nd round


GTEN- CIF 1st round

GBB@Battle of the Beaches

BSoc vs. Gardena 3:30/5pm








GVB- Regionals

GBB @Battle of the Beaches


XC- League Finals


BMHS Athletics Monthly Planner(Check Monthly Newsletter for Updated Schedules)

6 13 20 27

Dec 2017 W T

S 4 11 18 25

BSOC @Crossroads



Election Day





3 10 17 24 31

GTEN-Quarters CIF

GTEN-CIF Individuals

GBB @Battle of the Beaches

GBB @Battle of the Beaches GTEN-CIF Individual Finals






FB @ CSHM 7pm

GTEN-2nd round CIF



GVB- Quarters CIF

CIF Prelims- XC



CIF FB- 1st round



GBB@Westchester 4/5:30pm


CIF Finals- XC

Veterans Day



CIF FB- 2nd round

CIF FB-Semifinals

GVB- Regionals



Daylight Savings Time Ends




LACSB in Hollywood Christmas Parade

14 p. 6

21 p. 2


Wed 1 p. 1 All Saints’ Day Tuition Due Denim Day

2 p. 6

Thu 3 p. 5


Grading period ends


#4 4 SAT Class of 2007 reunion

Deadline for letters of rec/ transcript req. for apps due Jan. 1

Knight Of A Thousand Talents fundraiser @ St. Lawrence Martyr

10 11 Veterans’ Day Veterans’ Day Holiday CA State Band Championship Semifinal School Holiday

Drama Production

All Souls’ Day Rel. of World Fld trip

9 p. 2

Newsletter due Spirit Squad candy sales end

Rept. Cards mailed/CIF eligibility

Sr. Retreat Kairos

16 p. 2,3,4

24 School Holiday

9—3pm LACSB Rehearsal


#5 17 p. 4 #4 18 Grade updates due to VP 7:00am gym closed for prep 8:00am Dept. Mtg. 8:00am Sr. Panoramic Pict (gym) Doors closed at 7:45am for senior panoramic

30 p. 4

UC/CSU app deadline Jostens Grad orders due Riviera Village Holiday Stroll NHS info mtg. @ lunch Torrance Memorial Festival of Parade @ 6pm Trees—Jazz Combo @6pm

29 p. 5

22 p. 1 #7 23 8:00am Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Day Mass School Holiday 12:15 Dismissal

Lab Days 8:45am—2:20pm

Final Exams due to copy center


Band apps distr. @ lunch Final Exams due to Dept. Chair

Improv @ lunch

15 p. 5,6,1

#2 8 p. 3

28 p. 6 Angeleno Studies Fld trip to Olvera St.

Gym closed at 6:00pm

College tour #2 to UCSB & 8:00am Curr. Comm. Mtg. CSU Channel Islands 6:30am 7:30—8:30am Band Clinic

7:45 Fac. Mtg. 8:45 Start

7 p. 4

November 2017 Mon

6 Faculty Inservice Student Holiday 11:59pm Grades Due 13 p. 1 Band apps due

20 p. 3

Jostens Sr. Grad order info(Rel)

6:00pm Band Bst. Mtg.—Rm. 316 6:30pm Ath. Bst. Mtg.—Lib. 6:30pm Mothers’ Club Mtg.—Fac. Ctr.

27 Bishops’ Holiday No Classes—school holiday

Parent Newsletter November 2017  

Bishop Montgomery High School Parent Newsletter November 2017

Parent Newsletter November 2017  

Bishop Montgomery High School Parent Newsletter November 2017