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Ms. Rosemary Distaso-Libbon - Principal

Dear Parents, As we begin the month of October, I think it’s important to note that aside from teachers and students beginning the year’s academic endeavors in earnest, we have been busy about many other things! We’ve had Back-To-School Night, Big-Little Sister Lunch, our Welcome Frosh Family Barbeque, kicked off our only school fundraiser for the year. We also celebrated our first school Mass where we congratulated Father Ken, our Chaplain, on his 30 year anniversary in the priesthood, congratulated Mrs. Judy Kline for her 40 year anniversary at Bishop Montgomery, and congratulated Mrs. Vigon-Morffi on her 25th year at Bishop Montgomery—all eventful milestones in their lives and in the life of the school! There have been, of course, football games, volleyball, tennis and gold matches, cross country meets, retreats, and many ASB, Campus Ministry, Club, Band, Color Guard and Spirit Squad activities—and so much more. So what is ahead? Here are a few events to note in October:



Monday, October 2nd, 7:45 faculty meeting; 8:45 start


Tuesday, October 3rd, 50% day fundraiser collection


Wednesday, October 4th, Feast of St. Francis


Wednesday, October 11th, Testing grades 9-11; Senior Holiday


Tuesday, October 17th, Undergrad Awards, 10:00 a.m.


Tuesday, October 24th, Unity Mass; Spirit Week


Wednesday, Thursday, October 25th and 26th, Spirit Games


Friday, October 27th, Homecoming (8:00 Black and Gold Breakfast; 12:45 Homecoming Rally; 5:00 Homecoming Barbeque; 6:00 Homecoming Game)


Saturday, October 28th, Homecoming Dance 7:00-10:00, LAX Westin


Monday, October 30th, 100% Day


Tuesday, October 31st; Halloween

Remodel of the Library—now the Frank and Kathy Dieter Learning Center: new lights, drop ceiling, new wiring and additional outlets for the students’ Chromebooks, some new furniture, new carpet and reception desk. We still have to install double glass doors to the hall entrance and add the signage above the doors. Total Cost: $91,000 ($65,000 of that was a donation from the Frank and Kathy Dieter Foundation). The remainder was made up by the school. We still need to install a large flat screen TV as well as a mounted projector and screen for class/group presentations. Anticipated cost: $20,000.


New Admissions and Marketing Offices in the first building. Cost: $48,000. Glass doors still need to be installed on the outer doors.


New Marquee: $42,000. This was donated by a grandmother of a current student.


New scoreboard on main field: $39,000 made possible by donations from the BMHS Booster Club, Kinecta, and Absolute Signs.


New LED lights on one light pole of the football field. This is the beginning of this project. $17,500 (per pole).


New message center for drama lab. $7500


Added office in guidance center: $18,000


Re-pipe clay piping from 2nd building. $3,200.


Replaced electrical panel in the second building. $4250


Eliminated 4 diseased trees (130 tons removed). $18,000


We have also raised money to install new theatre seating. $26,500

Thank you to Mr. Steve Miller, our Assistant Principal, who as plant manager planned and coordinated all of these projects and to our maintenance staff for their work on these projects and all of the normal summer maintenance. I also have to thank Mr. Tony Echevarria, our Systems Coordinator, who managed the following projects: ••

Replaced the old 10/100 Megabit switches with new gigabit capable switches in the server room and main office: $25,398. (This is actually the first phase of replacing all of the switches. Cost of the entire project will be $65,000).


Replaced the hardware in the retreat center to support digital connections and to provide an Audio Visual upgrade: $8,674.


Purchased a new projector for room 203 and installed universal mounting kit to support new projector: $3400


Purchased ClearPass—a connection management system to manage secure wireless connection: $24,952. We will need to purchase additional licenses: $60,481.

Ms. Rosemary Distaso-Libbon - Principal



I want to thank all of you who attended the Senior Information Session and Back to School Night this September. In my address at the general session, I focused on our school budget and the projects that we completed this summer as well as the hopes we have for the coming year and would like to also share them here:


I also want to thank Mrs. Karen Bragg for the beautiful landscaping she’s done at the front of the school. Our plan is to continue to move through the buildings with flowers, etc. I know you sacrifice to send your children to Bishop Montgomery and that paying tuition is not easy—even though our tuition is far lower than most other private as well as Catholic schools. I do so appreciate all you do to make it possible for your children to attend. It is, as always, important to note that we are completely self-supporting. We do not receive any financial assistance from the Archdiocese and tuition is dedicated primarily to teacher salaries and benefits. Obviously, we rely on fundraising, grants, and donations to support all other operations and improvements. Again, thank you. I know how much you sacrifice to support your children. I want to close this letter with this excerpt from a meditation by Archbishop Oscar Romero: This is what we are about: We plant seeds that one day will grow. We water seeds already planted, knowing that they hold future promise. We lay foundations that will need further development. We provide yeast that produces effects beyond our capabilities.


We would also like to purchase and plant trees to replace the eucalyptus trees that we’ve lost, perhaps liquid ambers, install Stations of the Cross up at the retreat center ($2000) and install a statue of St. Anthony between the first and second buildings since he helped me find all of the money we needed. I have a list of 22 other projects from re-piping the entire school to building a theatre outside of the administration office but I will send that information in a later newsletter.

We cannot do everything, and there is a sense of liberation in realizing that This enables us to do something, and to do it very well. It may be incomplete, but it is a beginning, a step along the way, an opportunity for God’s grace to enter and do the rest. We may never see the end results, but that is the difference between the master builder and the worker. We are the workers, not master builders, ministers, not messiahs. We are prophets of a future not our own. Amen.”

You are in my prayers.

Rosemary Libbon Principal th



Ms. Yvette Vigón-Morffi - Vice Principal - ext. 231 Mrs. Casey Dunn - Guidance & Studies: Freshmen/Director of Admissions - ext. 226


Registration is open for the Fall SAT and ACT. If your student would like to take one or more of these standardized tests and has not yet registered, please do so as soon as possible. We encourage you to register online for the SAT at and for the ACT at www. Please note that registration for the November SAT is Thursday, October 5. For students planning to take an SAT II language test with listening, they must do so in November. Students should check with college and university admissions’ offices to inquire if testing must be completed before December. All students are encouraged to register early to ensure deadlines are met. Wednesday, October 11, is PSAT test day for freshmen, sophomores and juniors. The redesigned PSAT is excellent practice for the new SAT. The PSAT is tightly aligned with the new SAT and provides students with the opportunity to check progress. Students will need to be in their assigned classroom at 8:00am and should be dismissed no later than 11:30am. Included in this newsletter is a list of Principal’s Honor Roll, St. Anthony scholars, and George Montgomery scholars for students in grades 10-12. These honors are based on student grades for spring semester 2017. Congratulations to these students for their outstanding achievement and dedication. Students who have earned these honors will be recognized at our Undergraduate Awards ceremony on Tuesday, October 17.


On Friday, September 8 the academic counselors spent time in each senior English class. A timeline was distributed and discussed regarding test dates, registration and application deadlines, as well as other important information.

•• Keep track of the college process: build a resume, complete online surveys, and manage timelines and deadlines for making decisions about colleges and careers •• Research colleges: compare GPA, SAT scores, and other statistics to actual historical data from our school for students who have applied and been admitted in the past •• College visits: find out which colleges are visiting our school and when they will be here •• Scholarships: all scholarships that we receive in the guidance office will be posted on Family Connection.


The Academic Counseling Office has started a new academic counselor newsletter each month. The counselors will share upcoming events and information with your student(s) and with you via  emails and on the BMHS website’s Counseling Corner. Please be sure to review these emails for important information!

Ms. Yvette Vigón-Morffi - Vice Principal - ext. 231 Mrs. Casey Dunn - Guidance & Studies: Freshmen/Director of Admissions - ext. 226

Family Connection allows students to:


Naviance Family Connection is a web based application that enables our academic counseling office to offer a comprehensive website for you and your student. Family Connection is helpful when making important decisions about colleges and careers. Family Connection is linked with Naviance, which BMHS uses in house to track and analyze data regarding college and career plans.




Ms. Betty Behen - Dean of Women - ext. 234 Mr. Lee Flores - Dean of Men - ext. 232


Be sure to call in absences or “late-to-schools” directly to the Attendance Office at (310) 540-2021 ext. 233 or (310) 540-3070 in the mornings. We have 24-hour voice mail for your convenience. Also, a phone call does not automatically make the absence or tardy excused. It merely lets us know that the parent/guardian was aware of the absence or tardy. The nature of the absence or tardy (“excused” or “unexcused”) will be determined by the Deans and the Attendance Office. Please refer to the Parent-Student Handbook for what constitutes an “excused” absence or tardy. Phone calls must be made the morning of the absence or the absence will be noted as “unexcused.”


Please review pages 32-34 of the Parent-Student Handbook with your child to ensure that there is a clear understanding of the uniform policy. Students may leave the house looking one way, but appear differently when they come on campus. There is no change in any policy. Students are constantly reminded:


•• to properly hem the bottom of his/her pants so that they do not bunch up on top of the shoes. If a parent is worried that the pants will be too short as their son/daughter grows, a temporary stitched hem can still be sewn in and let down as he/she grows. •• that pants need to be worn at the natural waist, not drooping at the hips or lower. Some young men have pants drooping so low that their underwear is exposed. Many students are wearing pants that are 4” - 6” bigger in the waist than they should be. The waist needs to be taken in if the pants are large. •• that both polo shirts and oxford shirts should be tucked in all the way. Many students leave their shirts untucked and fold them under so that they only “appear” tucked in. •• that the only jackets allowed are Bishop Montgomery jackets. The only acceptable sweatshirts are official BMHS sweatshirts. •• Page 17 of the handbook clearly states that the flagrant disregard for the dress code is grounds

Please adhere to the following dress code for the Homecoming Dance. Please do not assume any liberties with these guidelines when you or an invited guest purchase dress attire for the event. All BMHS and non-BMHS guests are required to conform to these guidelines. Anyone not adhering to these guidelines will be asked to leave and will not be permitted to enter the dance. If you are asked to leave, bid money will not be refunded as well as you may leave yourself open to disciplinary action from the Deans. BMHS reserves the right to refuse admittance to any person not properly attired. GENTLEMEN •• A tuxedo or suit is required. •• Ties are required unless dress shirts with a mandarin collar are worn. •• Dress shoes are required. •• Please no earrings, sunglasses, hats, gloves, or canes. LADIES •• Two pairs of earrings may be worn in the lower lobe. Sunglasses are not permitted. •• The length of the dress should be in accordance with the stated uniform dress code guidelines for skirts and shorts as stated on page 33 of the BMHS Student Handbook. •• Dress must be solid material throughout. Dresses may not show a bare midriff or contain cutouts, which expose the torso (front or back). •• Fitted dresses may not be excessively tight. Dresses should be comfortable for dancing and sitting. •• Neither backless nor strapless dresses are permitted. The back of the dress may not fall below mid-back. •• Ladies are reminded that the display of excessive cleavage is inappropriate and unbecoming.

Ms. Betty Behen - Dean of Women - ext. 234 Mr. Lee Flores - Dean of Men - ext. 232



for a referral or more severe repercussions. The uniform policy is strictly enforced by faculty and administrators. •• that a student will be detained in the Attendance Office if the dress code infraction cannot be corrected. The Attendance Office will make an attempt to contact the parent so that the uniform item that is missing will be brought to the student before the student is allowed to return to class Parent-Student Handbook, page 13)

Just a reminder that the hotel requires that shoes remain on at all times while on the premises. Student attire should be appropriate, modest, and in good taste. Freshmen, as well as guests over the age of twenty (20) are not allowed to attend prom.


Thank you for your cooperation with the Student Drop-off and Pick-up procedures. The Traffic Division of the Torrance Police Department and Bishop Montgomery HS appreciate your efforts in keeping our students and our community safe. Please continue to pick-up and drop-off your student at the pick-up and drop-off zone located in the east parking lot adjacent to the school.


1. When making a left turn into the west entrance onto campus may drive on to the campus. 2. There is no left turn into the east parking lot. 3. Please drive onto the campus and continue driving until you have arrived at the designated drop-off point located in the east parking lot. 4. There is no student drop-off in front of the school. Please drop-off students in the designated passenger drop-off points located in the east parking lot only. Parents will enter the East Parking Lot through the northeast entrance by the marquee. 5. Our safety officer are available to direct and control traffic Parents driving east on Torrance Boulevard: 1. When driving toward the campus, please do not drive onto campus. Parents are to drive east along Torrance Boulevard and enter the east parking lot when dropping of students in the designated drop-off zone. Students are not to be dropped-off on Torrance Blvd. Please note - U-turns are not permitted. The only legal place to make a U-turn is at the intersection of Prospect Avenue and Torrance Boulevard. Exiting the east parking lot 1. The only legal exit out of the east parking lot is a right turn towards Palos Verdes Boulevard. All drivers exiting the east parking lot must make a right turn only. 2. Please do not merge to make a left on Henrietta, as attempting to do so is dangerous and causes delays for other parents attempting to exit.


DROP-OFF PROCEDURES Parents driving west on Torrance Boulevard:


All parents should pick-up and drop-off their students on-campus. To avoid the last minute rush, we encourage you to arrive before 7:30AM. The traffic flow on Torrance Boulevard is heavier after this time and may affect how quickly you are able to exit the campus. If you decide to pick-up or drop-off your student(s) anywhere else, please refrain from doing so our neighboring businesses, apartment complex, or residential driveways as this creates an inconvenience for our neighbors. Please respect the property of our neighbors by refraining from moving trashcans, taking property, littering, or parking or pulling into our neighbors’ driveways. Also, please make sure to drop-off your student(s) in areas that are safe and legal. We have received many reports that there have been BMHS parents or carpools driving recklessly on Palos Verdes Boulevard and students are being dropped-off by their parents/carpool drivers illegally by the red curb zones, in front of fire hydrants or in the middle of the street. In the interest of safety for all pedestrians and drivers and as a courtesy to our neighbors, students should be dropped-off on campus. Students whose parents fail to comply with the pick-up and drop-off procedures will be dealt with on campus. The Torrance Police Department has also been contacted, and they have informed us that they will be citing drivers along Torrance Boulevard, Henrietta and Palos Verdes Boulevard. It is essential to give our neighbors the same respect and courtesy that we expect from each other on campus.



If your student parks on Henrietta, please remind him/her to be courteous and respectful of and to our neighbors. We request that your student not drive into the residential areas playing loud music or leave trash on the street. Our neighbors will welcome your student’s courtesy. Also, the City of Torrance has asked that our students not park on the side streets near Henrietta. The residents are unable to park in front of their homes when our students park on these residential streets. Lastly, in the interest of our students’ safety, we also would like for you to remind your student(s) to obey all traffic and pedestrian laws. Many students are crossing the street when the signal light is blinking red or are not using the appropriate crosswalks. We have received phone calls from parents, faculty, and residents concerned over our students’ safety. **( Please read the attached flyer provided by the Torrance Police Department at the end of the Dean’s section of this newsletter.)


Lastly, in the interest of our students’ safety, we also would like for you to remind your student(s) to obey all traffic and pedestrian laws. Many students are crossing the street when the signal light is yellow or red and are not using the appropriate crosswalks. We have received phone calls from parents, faculty, and residents concerned over our students’ safety. Please remind them to follow all traffic and pedestrian laws and to most of all pay attention to their surroundings.


Students are required to have their school ID card with them when they are on campus or at any school related event or activity. A student’s failure to have their school ID card will result in a disciplinary violation.


Bicycle racks are provided on the east-side of campus between the Chapel and the First Building. Please remind your student(s) to secure their bicycle to the racks using a reliable bike lock and/or cable. Please have your student follow all guidelines concerning bicycle safety including using a “fastened” helmet. The “Helmet Law” is stated below for your reference. Section 21212(A) of the California Vehicle Code States: A person under 18 years of age shall not operate a bicycle, a non-motorized scooter, or a skateboard, nor shall they wear in-line or roller skates, nor ride upon a bicycle, a non-motorized scooter, or a skateboard as a passenger, upon a street, bikeway, as defined in Section 890.4 of the Streets and Highways Code, or any other public bicycle path or trail unless that person is wearing a properly fitted and fastened bicycle helmet that meets the standards of either the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) or the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), or standards subsequently established by those entities. This requirement also applies to a person who rides upon a bicycle while in a restraining seat that is attached to the bicycle or in a trailer towed by the bicycle.



CELL PHONES/SMARTPHONES/SMARTWATCHES ON CAMPUS Please note that students are not permitted to have cell phones/smartphones/smartwatches in their possession during school hours. All students must turn off their cell phones and place them in their locker from the first bell of the day to the last bell of the day. Students may not use cell phones/smartphones/smartwatches during school hours. Any confiscated cell phones/ smartphones/smartwatches is subject to having its contents reviewed by an administrator. Cell phones/smartphones/smartwatches kept in backpacks during the school day or used throughout the school day will be confiscated and not returned until the end of the school day after the bell has rung. In cases where a cell phone/smartphone/smartwatch is confiscated the student will be issued a referral. It is the student’s responsibility to see the Deans to pick up the cellphone/ smartphone/smartwatch & referral at the end of the day. The Deans will not call out a student to pick up the cell phone/smartphone/smartwatch. (Parent/Student handbook pg. 22)

CARPOOLS • Carpool needed for son after school to 1536 West 170th Street, Gardena California 90247. Please contact Deborah Felix at (310)982-9404 • Carpool needed after school to Westchester area. Mon, Wed, Fri regular time and/ or Tues, Thurs after 3:30pm. Willing to pay or exchange for driving mornings zero period. Please contact Jeannette (310)210-2701 or *Please email to add or delete a carpool request.




Mrs. Milana McDermott - Dean of Student Life - ext. 273

Hello from the Activities Office! While the school year has only just begun, there have been many activities and programs happening on campus. Outlined below are some important business reminders, as well as some information on upcoming events and activities. ASB and Class Officers have been busy planning and coordinating all of Bishop Montgomery’s activities for this year. The month of September was very busy! STUDENT IDs At this point, all students should have taken an official school photo and have their student ID for 2017-2018. However, if your student did not recieve their student ID, it is their responsibility to see Mrs. McDermott in the Activities Office as soon as possible. Each student is required to have their student ID with them at all times while on campus as well as at all BMHS events throughout the school year. If a student should lose their ID, it is their responsibility to order a replacement through the Activities Office immediately. ID replacement fee is $20. Please remind your student to “guard their card.” Students who do not have their ID with them upon faculty or staff request will risk receiving a violation.


PARKING PERMITS Parking permits have been distributed to students who purchased an on-campus parking space for the 2017-2018 school year. Permits should be displayed clearly in the car windows during the school day, as outlined in the parking regulations. Cars without permits displayed, and cars whose license plate numbers are not registered with the Activities Office, will be ticketed and fined. Please remind your student to abide by the rules they received with the parking application. Tickets are as follows: 1st violation = $10; 2nd violation = $25; 3rd violation = $50. Parking policies are enforced throughout the year in an effort to maintain a safe and secure campus.

BIG/LIL’ SIS LUNCH On Thursday, September 21 senior girls hosted lunch for their respective freshman “lil’ sister.” This event is a long-standing BMHS tradition and is held each year on the upper field. Both freshmen and seniors alike create new, lasting memories together. BIG KAHUNA HULA On Friday, September 15 BMHS held its first dance of the year - the Big Kahuna Hula. The music production students provided the sound, Improv provided entertainment, and the snack bar sold popcorn and Dippin’ Dots.

Mrs. Milana McDermott - Dean of Student Life - ext. 273

CLUBS FOR 2017-2018 Club Awareness Day was held on September 19 during lunch. This was an opportunity for students to find out more about the various clubs they might be interested in joining this school year. Students were invited to attend club meetings during Club Open House, which runs from Wednesday, September 20 through Friday, September 29. Club sign-ups are held during club meetings the last week of September. A list of BMHS clubs and their meeting dates and times are posted in the 3rd building and are available in the Activities Office. This is a great way to be involved!


ALOHA WEEK Aloha Week is a fun way to welcome everyone back to the new school year. Aloha Week welcomes students, faculty and staff with a variety of events, including Club Awareness Day and Big/Lil Sis Lunch.

OPEN CLASS MEETINGS Class officers hold open meetings inviting participation from all their classmates regarding various activities like homecoming and class masses. Encourage your student to get involved and help make their class activities successful this year! FRESHMAN OFFICER ELECTIONS Our new class officers were elected on September 26. They are in office just in time to get the class of 2021 enthused for Spirit Week in October! Students can look forward to the following upcoming activities and should listen to announcement for more details. HOMECOMING WEEK Homecoming Week (spirit week) will kick off on Monday, October 23 and will be filled with various activities for the Bishop community! Some of these activities will include the Spirit Week Kick-off during lunch, Unity Mass, class competitions, Spirit Games, Pep Rally, Homecoming Football Game, Half-time Show and Coronation, and culminate with the dance on Saturday, October 28. Thanks to all of our ASB and Spirit Squad members for all their planning and


KNIGHTS OF HONOR Knights of Honor are selected twice during the school year. Faculty members nominate a female and male student who demonstrate the idea of a Bishop Montgomery student. Knights of Honor are recognized by both students and faculty as a person of character who exhibit a generous spirit. They are dedicated to their education, committed to and involved in student life, put faith into action, and are witnesses to the message of Jesus Christ. We look forward to recognizing the efforts of our students through these programs and are excited to share them with you each grading period. Have a great month!


preparation to make this an enjoyable week for everyone.




Mr. Eric Wood - Athletic Director - ext. 269 Mr. Ed Hodgkiss - Assistant Athletic Director - ext. 260

ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME Five alumni will be inducted into the BMHS Athletic Hall of Fame on Friday, October 13 during halftime of the football game. The hall of fame class of 2017 includes Greg Collins ‘69, Sigi Schmid ‘71, Marine Cano ‘72, Tashara Carter ‘97, and Danielle Graham ‘97. DANIEL MATHENEY ’18 SELECTED FOR USA VOLLYBALL NATIONAL TEAM Bishop Montgomery senior Daniel Matheney ‘18, an All-CIF volleyball player for the Knights, has been selected to USA Volleyball’s Youth National Team. LEAGUE PLAY All fall sports teams will be moving into league play during the month of October. To find team, game/match, time and place, visit the bmhs website or click here. MANDATORY PARTICIPATION FORMS Winter sports are around the corner. Be sure you have completed all required athletic participation forms. Information can be found on the BMHS website under Athletics or by clicking here. Go Knights! th



Mr. Andy Marafino - Director of Development - ext. 246 Mrs. Amy Traxler - Events and Communications Coordinator - ext. 249


This year, we are celebrating Bishop Montgomery High School’s 60th birthday. One of the ways we are celebrating is to present BMHS By The Numbers. Each school day beginning on September 11, we are posting something about BMHS, counting from 1-60. These are posted on the home page (and alumni page) of the website and on all of our social media sites (we can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @BMHSKnights). We invite you to check it out. We hope it is something fun and educational for our entire community.


You are invited to join us for BMHS’ Athletic Hall of Fame induction on Friday, October 13. Please join us in the gym beginning at 5:00pm for an open reception honoring our inductees and their outstanding contributions to BMHS Athletics. During halftime of that evening’s varsity football game, the 2017 Hall of Fame class will be inducted: Greg Collins ‘69, Sigi Schmid ’71 (Current Head Coach of the LA Galaxy), Marine Cano ‘72, Tashara Carter ’97, and Danielle Graham ’97.


Friday, October 27 is Homecoming! Football game time is 6:00pm vs. Bosco Tech. Students, family, alumni and friends are invited to join us for the game and some of the best food trucks around: Serendoggity, BrewWings, and Beto’s Soft Serve Ice Cream. Come for the food, stay for the game! Trucks will be in the south end zone of Knight Stadium from 5:00pm - 8:00pm.   th


If you are receiving more than one copy of Veritas magazine (because you are on both our current parent and alumni lists) please contact the Development Office so that we may update our records. Call 540-2021 ext. 246 or e-mail:


Are you looking for some cool Bishop Montgomery apparel for you or your kids? The official Bishop Montgomery online store has many great items and styles available for adults and kids. Visit and click “SHOP” on the bottom of the home page.

Mr. Andy Marafino - Director of Development - ext. 246 Mrs. Amy Traxler - Events and Communications Coordinator - ext. 249

Who doesn’t love Now you can support Bishop Montgomery each time you shop at Amazon. Go to and login with your Amazon account information.  Type in “Bishop Montgomery High School” when prompted to select a charitable organization.  On the next page, click “select” and you are ready to shop and support BMHS.  Amazon will donate .5% of every purchase back to BMHS!






Dorothy Morski - Co-Campus Minister - ext. 243 Amy Hendry - Co-Campus Minister - ext. 236 Fr. Ken Deasy - Chaplain - ext. 236

“Lord, make me an instrument of your peace, where there is hatred let me sow love… for it is in giving that we receive.” -St. Francis It is truly a blessing to watch our students give so freely of their time and talents to one another. From helping the underclassman adjust to this new environment of high school, to the overwhelming sense of urgency to help those affected by the hurricanes, our students are very giving of their time, talents, and gifts. Here in Campus Ministry, we always have an open door to minister to students in whatever way possible, whether it is to listen, lend a hand, or help them find services they need, or service opportunities they might be looking for. All are welcome to stop in and say hello. PRAYERS Thank you for continued prayers for all of our students who have and will be attending retreats this school year. Our freshmen attended their on-campus retreat during the month of September, and juniors, who signed up for the Emmaus retreat, will attend on October 5-6. In addition, we pray for those signed up for Emmaus on February 8-9. There are still several spots available for the February retreat. Juniors are welcome to pick up a form in the campus ministry office. SENIORS The November Kairos retreat is full, but spots are still available for both the February and April retreats. Seniors need to turn in permission slips asap before they fill up. th

MASS We are grateful for the opportunity to come together as a school community and celebrate Mass.

Dorothy Morski - Co-Campus Minister - ext. 243 Amy Hendry - Co-Campus Minister - ext. 236 Fr. Ken Deasy - Chaplain - ext. 236

SERVICE More prayers of thanks for all of the parents, students, and faculty who donated to our most recent denim day to help those families affected by the hurricanes. More than $4,000 was raised for families and victims of these natural disasters. Â We continue to pray for recovery efforts and relief for those impacted by the devastation.


Our fist Mass of the year was our Welcome Mass in September. We look forward to our next school-wide Mass on Tuesday, October 24 at 8:00am. All parents are welcome to join the these community Masses. Also, all are welcome to attend daily Mass in the chapel beginning at 7:30am.




Mr. Eric Hankey - Instrumental and Vocal Music Director

BMHS KNIGHT MUSIC DEPARTMENT HEADED TO JAPAN! On April 2, 2018, 27 students and chaperones are off on a fantastic eight-day tour of Tokyo, Kashiwa, Toyota City, and Hiroshima! Highlights include: • • • • • •

Performance at Hibiya Park of Imperial Palace Meet with students at Kashiwa School Visit Hiroshima International Peace Memorial Tour of Toyota Automotive and Robotic Factory and Lab Kabuki Theater, Tsukiji Fish Market, Yasukuni Shrine, and more Guided and small-group tours of Tokyo and Kashiwa

If you would like more information, or are interested in joining the tour, please contact Mr. Eric Hankey at BUSY FALL SEASON FOR BMHS MUSIC DEPARTMENT In addition to school performances for pep rallies and football games, the Knight Band & Guard is keeping busy! • • • th

• •

Band Competitions at Ramona HS, West HS, Mayfair HS, Capistrano Valley HS, and Huntington Beach HS Jazz Combo performances at St. Catherine LaBoure, St. Lawrence Martyr, and the Mother’s Club Luncheon The Hollywood Christmas Parade, Riviera Village Holiday Stroll, and Grand Marian Procession parades Varsity Choir performance at the South Bay Interfaith Concert Performance at “Thunder By Knight” Reunion Dinner at DoubleTree Hotel

See’s Candy Sale Watch for more information in November! Knight Of A Thousand Talents II – Japan On Saturday, November 11 at 6:00pm, the Music Boosters are presenting a dinner, silent auction, and concert at the St. Lawrence Martyr Parish Hall. We guarantee this evening to be a lot of fun for all! •

Talent show performances - If you’re a performer, this is your chance to get on stage in front of a very appreciative, live audience - and, a professional backing band is provided! For more info, contact David Herrera at theherreras@earthlink. net Great food provided by local restaurants, and beer and wine will be available for purchase! Silent Auction with many awesome prizes!

Tickets available by contacting Mary Poprac at We look forward to seeing you there! MUSIC DEPARTMENT HOURS We are always practicing, planning, and organizing school concerts, local performances, competitions, parades, tours, and many other important things – come on in any day before or after school between 6:30 am - 3:30pm (although we’re often there earlier and later). To get in touch with Mr. Hankey, please call the school or email at ehankey@

Mr. Eric Hankey - Instrumental and Vocal Music Director

The Music Boosters are organizing two major fundraisers this fall to help support the fundraising efforts of those students attending our Japan Tour.


KNIGHT MUSIC BOOSTER CLUB The Knight Music Boosters represent the Band, Jazz Band, Drumline, Music Production, Video Production, and Music Ministry. Their meetings are usually on the same Monday nights as Athletic Booster Club and Mother’s Club at 6:00 pm in Room 318 – additional meetings are scheduled as needed.  Please join them to help keep the many projects they organize rolling.




John Hong - Technology Committee Chair - ext. 276 Brian Adams - Technology Curriculum Integration Specialist - ext. 272

NEW CHROMEBOOK CHARGING LOCKER Did your student forget to charge his or her Chromebook? The BMHS Learning Commons has a new, secure place for charging devices during the school day. Students now have access to a charging locker within the Learning Commons (library) where he or she may securely leave their device to charge. Each locker contains a 120V electrical outlet, a 5V USB outlet, and can be set with a custom PIN. Students need only remember to bring the charger or purchase an extra charger to bring to school, so they’ll never be without power!

CHROMEBOOK EXTENSION: DESTINY DISCOVER BMHS students can now incorporate library resource directly into Google search results. Student Chromebooks now have a new extension being pushed called Destiny Discover.  This extension incorporates results from the BMHS research databases, our library’s physical book collection, and our digital book collection.  Here is a video for more information: (or watch?v=mLhdd1rzuaM).


SENIOR ADS: The yearbook staff is offering an opportunity to personalize your student’s yearbook by placing Senior Ads. Look for this special info. We will be sending out a Senior ad packet to all graduating seniors in the upcoming weeks. Please follow the directions in the packet. *Senior Ads can also be ordered online at If you have any questions or concerns please email Yearbook Advisor, Mr. Hong, at PRICES/SIZES: BLACK & WHITE Black and white ads are available in the following sizes for the prices shown: EARLY PRICING REGULAR PRICING LATE PRICING Due: FRI, OCT 27 Due: FRI, NOV 3 Due: FRI, NOV 17 ¼ page: $100 ¼ page: $150 ¼ page: $250 ½ page: $150 ½ page: $200 ½ page: $300 full page: $250 full page: $300 full page: $400

John Hong - Yearbook Advisor - ext. 276


YEARBOOK PRE-ORDERS: A Yearbook Order Form (optional) has been mailed to each family. The cost of the yearbook is as follows: Cost Deadline $125 October 31st $150 After November 1st to December 31st $175 January 1st to March 31st (*students are not guaranteed a yearbook) To be sure your student receives a yearbook, please return the invoice/order form no later than Feb. 1. Form may be mailed or brought/dropped off in the tuition office. *Yearbooks can also be ordered online at

PRICES/SIZES: COLOR ADS Color ads are available in the following sizes for the prices shown: EARLY PRICING REGULAR PRICING LATE PRICING Due: FRI, OCT 27 Due: FRI, NOV 3 Due: FRI, NOV 17 ¼ page: $150 ¼ page: $200 ¼ page: $300 ½ page: $250 ½ page: $300 ½ page: $400 full page: $350 full page: $400 full page: $500

Attention Parents of Seniors!

Has your student take their senior portrait with Prestige/Lifetouch? If not, please contact Prestige/ Lifetouch at 310-542-5500 and schedule an appointment ASAP. If your student does not take a senior portrait, he/she will not be included in the yearbook! Senior portraits must be taken by October 20 to be included in the yearbook. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Hong at


Dear Parents and Students: The Torrance Police Department cares about your safety. Traffic congestion has become a concern around schools nationwide, particularly during times when parents are picking up or dropping off their children. It is our goal to make this process as safe and smooth as possible. You can help us by obeying all traffic laws and parking restrictions. Video cameras are used at all Torrance school to record violations. Parking citations will then be mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle. You can help by NOT picking up or dropping off in the following areas:

By following the suggestions above, we can work to together to provide a safe environment for students, and parking citations can be avoided. If you have any questions, please call us at (310) 618-5557. Remember to wear your seatbelt and have a safe school year. Don’t be a star on our camera!

Lieutenant Jeremiah Hart Torrance Police Department Traffic & Special Events Division

Heidi Ann Ashcraft Tim Goodrich Mike Griffiths City Clerk Rebecca Poirier

City Council Mayor Patrick J. Furey

City Manager LeRoy J. Jackson

Milton Herring Geoff Rizzo Kurt Weideman City Treasurer Dana Cortez


To support and enhance the activities and spirit of Bishop Montgomery High School, being mindful of the special enrichment that Bishop Montgomery provides for our students and our community.


Join us from 10:30 AM – 2:00 PM for our Christmas Luncheon. Our #1 fundraiser event where you will experience uniquely decorated tables hosted by BMHS parents & alumni. You can also visit vendor booths to get you in the spirit and find gift ideas. This year’s theme: "Peppermint Kisses & Christmas Wishes."


Don’t miss out on showing your Knight Pride! Contact Gina Paredes at for more information.


To be sure you are included in the Mothers’ Club parent directory, please send in your contact information to your class representatives by Sunday, October 1.


Please join us Monday, October 23 2017 at 6:30pm in the Faculty Center located on the east side of campus by the faculty parking lot. Our junior class parents are providing snacks and refreshments. We will have guest speaker from “Shamrock Tutoring” joining us to provide information. Here are our event volunteer opportunities during the meeting: v 8th Grade Open House – Saturday, December 2 from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM o Board in Charge – Carmen Fraga o 4 volunteers for approximately 3 PSI hours each v Christmas Luncheon Set-up – Friday, December 8 from 3:30 – 8:00 PM o 10 volunteers for general set-up activities (including 5 male volunteers) v Christmas Luncheon Event – Saturday, December 9 from 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM o Event Chair opportunities for 10 PSI Hours o 40 Volunteers needed for different event activities o HOST a Table of 10 people $300 ($30/person and decorate) for 10 PSI Hours Ø Submit your reservations between October 2 through November 3 o

VENDOR Booths $75 for 1 table plus $25 value raffle item as giveaway Ø Submit your reservations between October 2 through November 3

IMPORTANT NOTE: Table Host and Vendor Booths reservation will be confirmed by “First-Paid, First-Served” basis. Please send your reservations early before we sell out! If you are unable to attend on Monday, October 23, be sure to join us for our November meeting on Monday, November 20. Like us on Facebook - BMHS Mothers Club – to find all our latest info. Questions? Email us at


10/23, 11/20, 1/22, 2/26, 3/26, 4/23

2017 – 2018 INSTALLATION DINNER 5/14/2018

Class Representatives Class of 2018 Sophia Kall Ingrid Sharpe Class of 2019 Neelita Bali Bernadette Clemente Class of 2020 Carmen Alvarado Catherine Keller Class of 2021 Rosie Dominguez Sandra Fitts


Athletics Booster Club

Congratulation to our first 50/50 winner of the year! Freshman parent Claudette Andrade won the drawing at the first home football game of the year vs. Lynwood. Pictured below is Claudette with Co-Presidents Tracey Cloud and Jeff Fraley. Congratulations to the Andrade Family!

Congratulations to Nicole Miller '18 and Justin Baldwin '20, the Damion Mendoza Scholarship winners for 2017. Nicole & Justin will each receive one month's tuition. Congratulations to you both! For more information on how to apply for the 2018 scholarship, please click here. Athletic Boosters is also excited to announce its $10,000 donation to the acquisition & installation of the new scoreboard on the football field! Thank you to all of you who supported the Booster Club through the 50-50 raffles, purchasing BMHS merchandise, and by dining at the snack bar. In aggregate Athletic Boosters donated $20,927 last year. Our goal is to surpass that this year with even both more members and more involvement. Feel free to contact us at or simply stop by the Athletic Boosters’ table at any home football game. Whether you are a new Bishop parent or a returning, seasoned one, please join us at our monthly meetings. Our next meeting is Monday, October 23 in the newly remodeled Learning Commons (aka the Library) at 6:30pm.

Board Members

Co-Presidents: Jeff Fraley and Tracey Cloud Vice President: Diane Krause Treasurer: Gerrick Cardenas Secretary: Susie Fraley Membership: Gay DeRusha & Anne Marie Lamp-Galullo Snack Bar: Gina Cicchini & Patty Schiappa Merchandise: OPEN 50/50 Coordinator: OPEN Athletic Director: Eric Wood

Sun 1 Tuition Due Cal State Filing Open





2 p. 2


Wed Denim Day

11 8:00am—11:45am PSAT 8/9 PSAT/NMSQT 10/11


12 p. 1

Thu 6 p. 4

Jr. Retreat Emmaus

13 p. 6





Mayfair Band Competition


#4 14

Capistrano Valley Band

#4 21

Grade updates due to VP Practice HSPT 8:00am— Deadline to request letters for early 11:00am action/decision apps 5:00pm Athletic Hall of Fame (Gym)

Homecoming Bid sales end

#5 20 p. 2

Columbus Day—Regular School Day

Newsletter due

8:00am Dept. Mtg.

26 p. 4

Spirit Games

Practice HSPT 8:00am— 11:00am

8:00am Black/Gold Breakfast 12:45pm Homecoming Rally/Fund.Draw 5:00pm - 8:00pm Homecoming BBQ 6:00pm Homecoming game vs Bosco 7—10pm ACT Tech

#6 27 8:45—2:10pm spec. sched. 2:10 gym closed Homecoming rehearsal

Spirit Week—Canned Food Drive

p. 3 28 Homecoming Dance LAX Westin

Homecoming Sig. Clear Deadline 1:45 Teacher vs. Student Improv match Competition Homecoming King/Queen vote

#5 19 p. 6, 1, 2

Test (9th—11th Mandatory)

Senior Holiday

18 p. 3, 4, 5

8:00am Curr. Comm. Mtg. 8:00am College Essay Wkshp

25 p. 5

Spirit Games

Lab Days 8:45am—2:20pm/Naviance reg. 10th Rel.

Improv @ lunch

5 p. 5

October 2017 Tue


Homecoming bid sales begin Spirit Game tryouts 9th/11th

#2 3 p. 1 #3 4 p. 6 50% Day Fundraiser Feast of St. Francis

7:45 Fac. Mtg. 8:45 Start Color guard info mtg @ lunch

10 p. 2 Club t-shirt orders due

Homecoming Sig Clearance begins

Collection 11:50 dismissal Club t-shirt orders begin—student for 50% fund. students ONLY store Spirit Game tryouts 10th/12th 9 p. 3 Color Guard app due. 7:00pm Financial Aid Wkshp (Sr. only Retreat Ctr)

College tour #1 to USD, SDSU, UCSD—6:00am

Undergrad Awards p. 6, 1

24 p. 6

Spirit Squad candy sales begin

16 p. 5 17 p. 4 Fundraiser Collection

23 p. 1

Gym closed at 6:00pm

Fundraiser Collection Deadline—All Money

31 p. 2 Halloween

6:00pm Band Bst. Mtg.—Rm. 316 Due 8:00am 6:30pm Ath. Bst. Mtg.—Lib. 8:00am Unity Mass Class Color Day 6:30pm Mothers’ Club Mtg.—Fac. Ctr.

30 100% Day

Parent Newsletter October 2017  

Bishop Montgomery High School Parent Newsletter October 2017

Parent Newsletter October 2017  

Bishop Montgomery High School Parent Newsletter October 2017