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From the Principal: Ms. Rosemary Distaso-Libbon, Principal Dear Parents,

I want to begin this letter by thanking all of you for your good wishes, your emails, your cards and notes and gifts and flowers while I was recovering from my accident. Though I kept in close touch with school and I was able to do a great deal of work from home, it was very difficult for me to be away. The outpouring of love from our faculty, staff, you, and especially from our amazing students was the best medicine I could have received. I am so very lucky— so very blessed—to be a member of such a loving community. I know, too, how lucky I am to have such talented administrators, especially Mrs. Vigon-Morffi and Mr. Steve Miller, and such a gifted faculty and staff who made sure that all was taken care of in my absence. How could I ask for more? Here we are already in December of 2016 preparing to celebrate Christmas and are on the brink of a brand new year—2017! It hardly seems possible. I love December. The holiday season here at Bishop Montgomery is always special, marked by our students’ many acts of generosity. Over and over again our students contribute to families in need and make a difference, becoming powerful witnesses of the Christmas message not only in our immediate community but to many communities outside of our own. You, their parents, have taught them well. Thank you. During this busy month our students are challenged with balancing their academic responsibilities with the expectations of the holiday—no easy task—as we so well know from our own experience. Their academic focus right now is so important since they will sit for their semester exams before they leave for Christmas break. We all want them to do their best and support them in that effort! By now, you’ve received my Queen of Angels Fund letter. Thank you to the many of you who have already responded to my appeal. As you know, this is an effort that is very, very close to to my heart—one that impacts so many of our students and families directly. Beginning the evening of the day of our school Christmas Mass through January 12th, the feast of the Baptism of Jesus, there will be lights outside my office to represent all of the donors to the fund and their intentions. My promise is that our school community will hold each one of these donors and their intentions— each signified by a light—in our prayers. This is such a small way to say thank you for each and every gift, every one of them a miracle and every one of them life-changing. When you come to school or drive by and see the lights, I hope that you will remember to say a prayer for our donors.

5430 Torrance Boulevard Torrance, California 90503 (310) 540 - 2021

BE YOU. Finally, as we all prepare during Advent for the feast of Jesus’ birth, my prayer is that we, like His mother, Mary, ready ourselves to say yes to God’s call, hear his call to holiness, open our hearts to His grace, and so become His instruments for peace and good in every area of our lives. I wish you a Merry Christmas. Know that I say this prayer—a favorite of mine—for each one of you and your families on Christmas day—and that I pray for you and your intentions every day. He who comes Comes to us now In the silence In the darkness In the confusion In the loneliness As Word and As Light As Truth and As Love Emmanuel God-With-Us Now. My prayers and my love to you,

Rosemary Libbon Principal


Guidance & Curriculum: Ms. Yvette Vigรณn-Morffi - Vice Principal - ext. 231, Mrs. Casey Dunn - Guidance/Studies Coordinator - ext. 226 ACADEMIC COUNSELING

With the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching, our seniors are nearing their application deadlines for the two state university systems. Both the University of California and California State University systems require that freshman applicants for the fall 2017 term submit no later than Wednesday, November 30. For both the UC and CSU applications, the college preparatory classes offered at Bishop Montgomery are organized by category type and simply need to be selected from a dropdown menu. Students should not underestimate the importance of a clean, accurate, and mistake-free application, regardless of the college or university they are applying to. We strongly encourage our students to bring their questions to our attention, open their applications online so we may review them, and have us read their essays before choosing a final draft. When students apply to a given school, they should not add any additional work for the review committee or make the review process more time consuming. Parents, please encourage your child to make counselor appointments or drop-in to see us before or after school. This will aid us in best serving your students and help us better carry out our responsibilities. The Cal Grant program is designed to help California high school graduates who demonstrate financial need (through the FAFSA) obtain grant (money that does not have to be repaid) funds for college. The program is not limited to four-year colleges and universities or public colleges and universities. We will submit all of the GPA verifications electronically this year for all of our students. If you do not have a social security number on file with our Registrar, Mrs. Mitchell, we will be unable to submit the Cal Grant GPA verification. Please make sure that we have a social security number on file. The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is required for students who wish to receive financial aid from a given college or university. The online applications may be accessed at Similar to the college application process, the electronic application is the preferred method of submission. Before starting the FAFSA, both you and your child will need to apply for the FSA ID, which consists of a user-created username and password. The FSA ID allows users to electronically access personal information on Federal Student Aid Web sites as well as electronically sign a FAFSA. The FSA ID may be accessed at We will host a financial aid workshop in January 2017 for all parents who are interested. As we near Christmas vacation, we are also quickly approaching the end of the first semester. Final exams will be administered during the week of December 12, 2016. As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Also, please accept our best wishes for your Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Sincerely, Casey Dunn Guidance/Studies Coordinator


Discipline: Ms. Betty Behen - Dean of Women - ext. 234, Mr. Lee Flores - Dean of Men - ext. 232 ATTENDANCE Please call the Attendance Office directly if your student is going to be tardy or absent: (310) 540-2021 ext. 233 or (310) 540-3070 in the mornings. We have 24-hour voice mail for your convenience. Please note that a phone call does not necessarily make the tardy or absence an excused one. It merely lets us know that the parent/guardian was aware of the absence or tardy. The nature of the absence or tardy (“excused” or “unexcused”) will be determined by the Deans and Attendance Office. Refer to the Parent-Student Handbook for what constitutes an “excused” absence or tardy. Phone calls must be made the morning of the absence or the absence will be noted as “unexcused.” PICKING-UP & DROPPING-OFF OFF-CAMPUS All parents should pick-up and drop-off their students on-campus. To avoid the last minute rush, we encourage you to arrive before 7:30AM. The traffic flow on Torrance Boulevard is heavier after this time and may affect how quickly you are able to exit the campus. If you decide to pick-up or drop-off your student(s) anywhere else, please refrain from doing so our neighboring businesses, apartment complex, or residential driveways as this creates an inconvenience for our neighbors. Please respect the property of our neighbors by refraining from moving trashcans, taking property, littering, or parking or pulling into our neighbors’ driveways. Also, please make sure to drop-off your student(s) in areas that are safe and legal. We have received many reports that there have been BMHS parents or carpools driving recklessly on Palos Verdes Boulevard and students are being dropped-off by their parents/carpool drivers illegally by the red curb zones, in front of fire hydrants or in the middle of the street. In the interest of safety for all pedestrians and drivers and as a courtesy to our neighbors, students should be dropped-off on campus. Students whose parents fail to comply with the pick-up and drop-off procedures will be dealt with on campus. The Torrance Police Department has also been contacted, and they have informed us that they will be citing drivers along Torrance Boulevard, Henrietta and Palos Verdes Boulevard. It is essential to give our neighbors the same respect and courtesy that we expect from each other on campus. Please Remember: Classes begin at 8:00am every day. Please plan accordingly so your student(s) arrives early. Oncoming traffic heading east on Torrance Boulevard will affect the traffic flow as you enter or leave campus, so please plan to come early to avoid the traffic. Regardless of the time you arrive on campus, in the interest of our students’ safety, your student will be expected to be dropped off at the drop-off zone only (in the East Parking Lot). Dropping off your child on campus in areas other than the designated drop-off zone or any illegal/unsafe area offcampus will result in your student receiving a disciplinary violation. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. UNIFORM Bishop Montgomery is doing all that we can to insure that ill-fitting clothes (pants too baggy or too long, shorts/skirts too short, etc.) will not be sold to students. Students will be held accountable for any ill-fitting uniform items. Be advised that parents or guardians, as primary educators and caretakers for you children, take the final responsibility. The deans will not accept “but-that’s-the-way-the-uniform-company-sold-it-to-us” as an explanation or excuse to justify ill-fitting clothing. As a reminder, black belts are optional; shirts must be tucked in at all times; hair style/color should comply with the BMHS policy. Students will be held in the Deans’ office as an unexcused absence should uniform infractions not be correctable.


COOLER WEATHER As the temperatures begin to cool, please remember that the Bishop Montgomery and Senior sweatshirts are the only sweatshirts that are acceptable. Also, school uniform jackets & sweaters are the only jackets & sweaters that are allowed (absolutely no hoods). All sweatshirts and jackets must be the appropriate size for your child. If you are a Senior, a uniform polo or senior shirt needs to still be worn underneath the Senior sweatshirt. TRIPS Bishop Montgomery does not sponsor, condone, nor accept responsibility for trips, cruises, or excursions not sanctioned by the school. There may be a current trip disguised as a BMHS Senior Trip. BMHS is not organizing, sponsoring, or chaperoning any senior trip. Students found to be distributing fliers that advertise these trips will be reprimanded. DETENTIONS Detentions are to be served by the date indicated on the violation or referral slip. It is the responsibility of the student to make alternate arrangements for transportation if a detention is to be served. Disregard for assigned detentions may result in a referral or probation. Detentions take precedence over sports practices and school activities (Parent-Student Handbook, pg. 15). NO MESSAGES The Attendance Office and the Front Office staff do not deliver messages during the day. It is both time consuming and disruptive to classes. EMERGENCY INFORMATION Does your Emergency Card need to be updated? Has there been an employment change? Address change? Telephone number change? Change in custody? Please notify the Attendance Office at (310) 540-3070. OFF-CAMPUS PARKING If your student parks on Henrietta, please remind him/her to be courteous and respectful to our neighbors. We request that your student not drive into the residential areas playing loud music or leave trash on the street. Our neighbors will welcome your student’s courtesy.

Carpools •

Carpool needed from San Pedro area. Please contact Mr. Toru Saito, 424-356-2098 or Ms. Renrong Guo, 310-418-7608. The address is 783 Gatun St. Unit 309, San Pedro CA 90731. email: grr919@126.ccom

Please send your carpool requests to and we will include it in the next parent newsletter.


The City of Torrance has asked that our students not park on the side streets near Henrietta. The residents are unable to park in front of their homes when our students park on the residential streets. Lastly, in the interest of our students’ safety, we also would like for you to remind your students to obey all traffic and pedestrian laws. Many students are crossing the street when the signal light is blinking red or are not using the appropriate crosswalks. We have received phone calls from parents, faculty, and residents concerned over our students’ safety. CELL PHONES/SMARTPHONES/SMARTWATCHES ON CAMPUS Please note that students are not permitted to have cell phones/smartphones/smartwatches in their possession during school hours. All students must turn off their cell phones and place them in their locker from the first bell of the day to the last bell of the day. Students may not use cell phones/smartphones/smartwatches during school hours. Any confiscated cell phones/smartphones/smartwatches is subject to having its contents reviewed by an administrator. Cell phones/smartphones/smartwatches kept in backpacks during the school day or used throughout the school day will be confiscated and not returned until the end of the school day after the bell has rung. In cases where a cell phone/ smartphone/smartwatch is confiscated the student will be issued a referral. It is the student’s responsibility to see the Deans to pick up the cellphone/smartphone/smartwatch & referral at the end of the day. The Deans will not call out a student to pick up the cell phone/smartphone/smartwatch. (Parent/Student handbook pg. 22) LOITERING We are asking parents to please discourage your children from loitering at Wendy’s or McDonald’s before or after school, or after any school related activities. Wendy’s and McDonald’s are places of business and should not be used as study halls. Additionally, please do not pick-up or drop-off your students at Wendy’s or McDonald’s. All students should be picked up on campus where security is available.


Activities: Mrs. Milana McDermott - Dean of Student Life - ext. 273 Happy Holidays! With the flurry of the fall activities behind us, I am happy to report the success of the following events and programs, and mention some upcoming activities. SPIRIT SQUAD, BAND AND COLOR GUARD SEE’S CANDY SALE Thank you to those who helped support our Spirit Squad and Band See’s Candy Winter fundraiser. Your candy will be delivered the week of December 5, just in time for the holidays! NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY INFORMATIONAL MEETING Bishop Montgomery invites all eligible students to apply for membership in the BMHS Chapter of the National Honor Society. An important informational meeting will be held during lunch on Wednesday, November 30. “The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students.  More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character.”  Information about Bishop Montgomery’s Chapter  -  organization, qualifications, and requirements  -  can be found on the school website. Students should listen to announcements for more details and application deadlines. SANTA’S VILLAGE AND CHRISTMAS MASS ASB will host Santa’s Village for our students during lunch on Thursday, December 8. Clubs will be invited to help with some fun, festive Christmas activities to spread some Christmas cheer! The freshman class officers are planning our Christmas Mass on Friday, December 9. Parents are invited to join us. JUNIOR RINGS AND JUNIOR RING BLESSING One of the longstanding traditions for the junior class is the junior ring blessing and mass, which will be celebrated on Tuesday, January 31. This is a special recognition of the junior class, as upperclassmen at BMHS. A representative from Jostens was on campus in September to distribute junior class ring information, and to take ring orders. Junior rings will be delivered the end of January, in plenty of time for the ring blessing. Parents of juniors are invited to attend this special Mass. If you have any questions about junior rings, please contact Jostens directly at 805-987-4147. We recognize these organizations, clubs, and individuals for the gifts and blessings that they share with BMHS. Through them, we are reminded that we have many interests and talents that come together to make up the very diverse and unique community of Bishop Montgomery. Have a very blessed Christmas season!


TUITION OFFICE FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE 2017-2018 SCHOOL YEAR Information regarding financial assistance for the 2017-2018 school year is available on the BMHS website >> Admissions >> Tuition Assistance. Please read the information on the website regarding CEF (Catholic Education Foundation) and FAST (Financial Aid for School Tuition). Applicants for CEF must adhere to the CEF income guidelines. If you do not meet the CEF income guidelines, you may apply for tuition assistance through FAST. Applications for FAST will be available on Tuesday, November 1, 2016 Please be aware that tuition assistance will be awarded based on financial need. Late applications will be placed on a wait list to be considered if and when funds are available. DEADLINES CEF Deadline

Thursday, December 1, 2016

FAST Deadline

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

YEARBOOKS A paper invoice for the yearbook (optional) will be mailed to each family in November. The cost of the yearbook is as follows: Cost Deadline $125 December 1st $150 After December 1st to February 1st $175 After Yearbook Distribution (*students are not guaranteed a yearbook) To be sure your student receives a yearbook, please return the invoice/order form no later than Feb. 1. Form may be mailed or brought/dropped off in the tuition office. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE Information regarding financial assistance for the 2017-2018 school year will be available soon. Watch for the information in your Smart Tuition email, in this newsletter, and on the BMHS website.


Athletics: Mr. Eric Wood - Athletic Director - ext. 269, Mr. Ed Hodgkiss - Assistant Athletic Director - ext. 260, Ms. Camille Buckley - Assistant Athletic Director - ext. 262 BOYS’ BASKETBALL The Bishop Montgomery Boys’ Basketball team will begin the 2016-17 season in the national rankings in several pre-season polls. USA Today has the Knights ranked #5 and BallisLife ( has BMHS ranked #7 to open the season. Additionally, several players are ranked nationally in their respective classes. Senior Ethan Thompson is the 34th ranked player in this class; senior Jordan Schakel is ranked 70th; and David Singleton ‘18 is the 15th ranked junior in the nation. FALL SPORTS Football, Girls’ Tennis, Girls’ Volleyball and Cross Country all moved onto CIF playoffs in November. Football won their third straight South Catholic League title. WINTER SPORTS Check out the BMHS website or the back of this newsletter for basketball and soccer game times. All teams are encouraged by your attendance. FALL SPORTS BANQUETS Wednesday, November 30 - Girls’ Volleyball @ 7:00pm in the Student Activity Center Monday, December 5 - Girls’ Tennis @ 6:30pm in Schneider Retreat Center Wednesday, December 7 - Football @ 7:00pm in the Student Activity Center Thursday, December 8 - Cross Country @ 6:30pm in Schneider Retreat center Go Knights!


Development: Mr. Andy Marafino - Director of Development and Alumni - ext. 246, Mrs. Amy Traxler - Assistant to the Director of Development and Public Relations - ext. 249 QUEEN OF ANGELS TUITION ASSISTANCE FUND The Queen of Angels Tuition Assistance Fund was created in 2012 in order to help current Bishop Montgomery students. Since the fund was created, close to $500,000 has been donated by Bishop Montgomery parents, past parents, alumni and friends. Once again, we are asking you, our current BMHS parents, for your support of this important fund. You should have received the Queen of Angels Tuition Assistance letter from Ms. Libbon, or you will receive it soon. We ask that you consider making a gift of $100. However, any gift that you are comfortable making is a blessing and will make an impact in the lives of our students. We thank all of you who have given to this fund in the past and we look forward to your continued support. As always, all gifts to Bishop Montgomery are tax-deductible as we are a 501 (c)(3) organization. ALUMNI PARENTS If you are receiving more than one copy of Veritas magazine (because you are on both our current parent and alumni lists) please contact the Development Office so that we may update our records. Call 540-2021 ext. 246 or e-mail: eSCRIP PROGRAM at BMHS

Supporting BMHS through escrip is easy (and free to sign up). Visit and click on “sign-up” to begin or click here for instructions. It takes only a minute to register! You can earn money for BMHS by shopping at participating merchants or shopping online at over 800 shops.  TARGET Do you have their REDcard?  Support BMHS by simply shopping at Target or and use your REDcard.  Visit and register your card and support BMHS.  The Bishop Montgomery High School code is 2783.  Through their Take Charge of Education program, Target will donate 1% of every purchase back to the school! AMAZON SMILE Who doesn’t love Now you can support Bishop Montgomery each time you shop at Amazon. Go to and login with your Amazon account information.  Type in “Bishop Montgomery High School” when prompted to select a charitable organization.  On the next page, click “select” and you are ready to shop and support BMHS.  Amazon will donate .5% of every purchase back to BMHS! OFFICIAL BISHOP MONTGOMERY APPAREL Are you looking for some cool Bishop Montgomery apparel for you or your kids? The official Bishop Montgomery online store has many great items and styles available for adults and kids. Visit and click “SHOP” on the left side of the home page. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for you and our school!

SUPPORT OUR CORPORATE SPONSORS BMHS is proud to be associated with businesses, corporations, and community members who support our school in so many ways. Information on our corporate sponsors and how to become a corporate sponsor is available at by clicking on “Support BMHS” in the upper right corner of the website. We would like to specifically thank Rob McGarry (Class of 1991) of Sotheby’s International Realty for his support of BMHS. Visit his website, for more information.


Performing Arts: Mr. Eric Hankey - Instrumental and Vocal Music Director Bishop Montgomery High School “Knight” Music Department including Knight Band and Guard, Jazz Band, Drumline, Music Ministry, Music Production, and Video Production MUSIC DEPARTMENT CHRISTMAS SEASON! You’ll have lots of opportunities to see & hear us this season: · Sunday, November 27 - 84th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade · Wednesday, November 30 - Torrance Memorial Holiday Festival · Thursday, December 1 - Riviera Village “Holiday Stroll” Parade · Saturday, December 3 - BMHS Mothers Club Luncheon · Sunday, December 4 - San Pedro Christmas Parade · Tuesday, December 6 - Barnes & Noble Bookfair Christmas Caroling · Friday, December 9 - Christmas Mass at 8:00am and our Christmas Concert at 7:00pm MUSIC DEPARTMENT TRIP TO SANTA CRUZ AND SAN FRANCISCO This year’s Spring Music Department Trip is March 16-19, 2017 and will include performances and hearing concerts at the Santa Cruz Jazz Festival. We will also visit and hear a performance at Golden Gate Park Band Shell and take tours of Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Francisco, and the Mission San Juan Battista. This tour is open to all members the Music Department, including Knight Band & Guard, Jazz Band, Music Ministry, and Music Production. KNIGHT MUSIC BOOSTER CLUB The Knight Music Booster Club represents the Band, Jazz Band, Drumline, Music Production, Video Production, and Music Ministry. Their meetings are usually on the same Monday nights as Athletic Booster Club and Mother’s Club at 6:00 pm in room 318. Additional meetings are scheduled as needed. Please join them to help keep the many projects they organize rolling. MUSIC DEPARTMENT HOURS We are always practicing, planning, and organizing school concerts, local performances, competitions, parades, tours, and lots of other important things. Come on in any day before or after school 6:30 am 3:30pm (although we’re often there earlier and later).  To get in touch with Mr. Hankey, please call the school or email him at


Campus Ministry: Dorothy Morski - Co-Campus Minister - ext. 243, Amy Hendry - Co-Campus Minister - ext. 236, Fr. Ken Deasy - Chaplain - ext. 236 CAMPUS MINISTRY As this Advent Season is upon us, we wait with joyful anticipation for the celebration of the birth of our Lord on Christmas. We also look forward to his coming again and celebrate his presence in our everyday lives. Advent teaches us that there is joy in waiting. Think of all the beautiful blessings worth waiting for in this life. May we all approach this Advent with peace and patience in our hearts. May we strive this Advent season to not take Christ out of Christmas. It is hard with the Christmas shopping and plans to remember the real guest we are preparing to have enter into our hearts and home is Christ! May we focus less on “presents” and more on Christ being “present” in our lives. RETREATS This past November 9-11, we had 55 students in the senior class go on their Kairos retreat, and it was a truly Sacred Moment.  Seniors who are interested in attending in February or March should stop by Campus Ministry and pick up a permission slip. Also, please begin praying for those attending the junior Emmaus Retreat in February as well as those seniors going on the February Kairos retreat!   SERVICE We are having a Denim Day on December 7. Students are welcome to wear denim for bringing in $2 or more to benefit a family friend of one of our sophomores. The student’s friend is a local 17 year old boy suffering from a brain tumor. Any donations are greatly appreciated. May God Bless you for your generosity.


Technology: John Hong - Technology Committee Chair - ext. 276, Brian Adams - Technology Curriculum Integration Specialist - ext. 272 The BMHS Digital Library Is Ready! Need a fiction or non-fiction required reading book for class? Want to check out the new Harry Potter? Want to listen to an audiobook of To Kill a Mockingbird instead of reading it? Need a book to cite for a paper? …. The new Bishop Montgomery High School Digital Library has you covered. BMHS is proud to invite students and teachers to access and borrow digital books from our new library service. The new digital collection is accessible on all devices, but most importantly on student Chromebooks. Chromebooks, PCs, Macs, iPads, Kindles, Nooks, and many more devices are compatible with the new BMHS Digital Library collection. Students reading books digitally can use tools to define words within text, highlight, take notes, bookmark pages, and much more. The initial additions to the digital collection have been focused on core required reading and current literature for young adults. We’ve a range of new and contemporary fiction. All fiction and non-fiction required reading books are available online to students through our new service. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, BMHS has it. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, BMHS has it. Attack on Titan, BMHS has it. Hamilton, BMHS has it. We’ve so many amazing titles now available for course work or pleasure reading, we’ve something for everyone. Students and faculty are also welcome to suggest titles through the service to be included in the collection. Students can log into the collection with the address below by using their student google account. URL: Username: Password: student#@bmhs

Check out this hilarious promo video created by talented BMHS students! For questions or more information contact Mr. Adams in the BMHS Library.

Whether you’re a NEW Bishop parent or a returning seasoned BMHS veteran, Mother’s Club is the place to be to get your PSI hours! Please attend our next meeting, January 23, 2017 at 7pm located in the Faculty Center (building next to the drop off parking lot). This is a great way to fellowship with other parents, learn about our school and most importantly, get involved in your child’s education. In addition, you have an opportunity to earn PSI HOURS while meeting new people. There are twelve (12) Mothers’ Club events during the year that offer opportunities to fulfill your hours, either by chairing and event, working at one, or set up & clean up duty. NOTE: The 2016 Annual CHRISTMAS LUNCHEON IS SAT. DEC. 3, 2016

Christmas luncheon (Hawaiian Christmas Lauau) We look forward to seeing many of you on December 3,2016 Happy Holidays to all Bishop families.

Mother’s Club is open to all parents of all students at BMHS – mothers, fathers, grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS, PLEASE LEAVE A NOTE AT THE SCHOOL OFFICE.

D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 6

Athletics Booster Club Welcome to the 2016-2017 BMHS Booster Club. The BMHS Booster club is designed to provide support for ALL BMHS athletic programs. Joining the Booster Club is easy and fun! Membership is open to all BMHS families not just those with student-athletes. Members of the Booster Club volunteer their time at many athletic functions by working in the snack stand, helping with the 50/50 raffle, selling BMHS merchandise and helping to get new members like you! They also provide great support to the athletic director, coaches and student-athletes. Whether you are a new Bishop parent or a returning seasoned one, please plan on attending our monthly meetings. Mark your calendar for our upcoming December meeting scheduled for Monday, December 5 @ 6:30 in the BMHS Library. See you there! Booster athletic gear and sport decals are available at the merchandise table at all home football games as well as at the BMHS Student Store. Get one for your favorite BMHS sport! Join in on the 50/50 Raffle. Raffle tickets are sold during home football games. The winner is announced at the beginning of the third quarter. Don’t miss out - you could be a winner!! Support the Snack Bar during Home Games. Are you going to the upcoming Mothers’ Club Christmas Luncheon on Saturday December 3? The Athletic Booster Club will have a table there for you to join in all of the Athletic Booster fun. You can sign-up in preparation for second semester hours and buy your BMHS merchandise for the perfect holiday gift!

Athletic Booster Club Board Members Co-Presidents – Scharmel Watanabe & Jeff Fraley Vice President – Susan Farr Treasurer – Gerrick Cardenas Secretary – Susie Fraley Membership – Gay DeRusha & Anne Marie Lamp-Galullo Snack Bar – Gina Cicchini & Patty Schiappa Merchandise – Susie Fraley 50/50 Coordinator – OPEN Communications – Tracey Cloud

50/50 Winner – Jenny Eubanks

Bishop Montgomery High School All-Sports Athletic Booster Club

Membership Application Form Name Address City & Zip Code Phone Email address Student's Full Name Student's Full Name Student's Full Name Student's Full Name

----------------- Grade ----------------- Grade ----------------- Grade Grade

Please check your level of involvement: 1. BMHS Individual All-Sports Pass 2. BMHS Family All-Sports Pass (please indicate

$ 75.00 $125.00 # of cards

the number of sports cards needed - limit 6)

Checks should be made payable to BMHS Booster Club and dropped off, with this form, at the school's front office or brought to the Booster Club membership table at the first few home football games.

_____________________________________________________________________ Booster Club Volunteer Form You can fulfill your Parent Student Involvement {PSI) hours commitment by volunteering through the Booster Club. Please indicate below all areas where you would like to participate Board Member Snack Bar/Bar-B-Q Sell 50/50 Raffle Tickets (football games) Merchandise Sales Special Fund Raising Events Other interests/talents? For Office Use Only:

Check# _ _ _ _

_ _ Received _ _ By: _ _ __ Date cards delivered _

# of cards delivered

_ _ _




Thu 1 p. 3 Tuition Due


11:50am dismissal 12:00pm Fac. Mtg. 3:30pm SAC closed


#3 3 Mothers’ Club Christmas luncheon 11:00am—2:00pm

SAT 6—9pm Jazz Perf. St. Lawrence

#7 10



16 11:00am Grades Due

24 Christmas Eve

Rept. Cards mailed/CIF eligibility


31 New Year’s Eve


Song Team Christmas party Retreat Ctr. 4—7pm

8:00am Christmas Mass 12:15 Dismissal Friends & Family Christmas Concert 7:00pm Gym Gym closed @ 4:00pm

9 p. 3

Drama Production

Feast of Immaculate Conception Santa’s Village @ lunch

Newsletter due 6:00pm gym closed

8 p. 4

2 p. 2

December 2016 Mon

7 p. 5


Denim Day NHS service hours due Barnes n Noble Bookfair 3— All teacher rec for Jan 1 deadline due to college 6pm Improv @ lunch Feast of St. Nicholas 2:15 Computer Contest exam

15 Grading Period Ends Knight of Honor


8:00-9:15am Per. 5 9:35-10:50am Per. 6

Christmas Vacation





Fall Sports Banquets (Ret. Ctr./SAC)


8:00-9:15am Per. 3 9:35-10:50am Per. 4

Final Exams

8:00-9:15am Per. 1 9:35-10:50am Per. 2






4 5 p. 1 San Pedro Christmas parade



25 Christmas Day

Christmas Vacation

Sun 1 Tuition Due New Year’s Day

8 TBA: - Italian field trip - Business Club to Federal Reserve with teacher approval





9 p. 5



11 p. 3



18 p. 5,6,1


13 p. 1


8:00am start/12:45 Dismiss

27 p. 6

8:00am start/12:45 Dismiss

#4 14


HSPT Make-up exam

#4 28

#4 21 SAT

Last day for class changes

Grade updates due to VP

#5 20 p. 4

Midyear repts/transcript req. due College tour payment deadline

8:00am start/12:45 Dismiss

5 p. 1 6 p. 6 #4 7 8:00am start/12:45 Dismiss 8:00am—11:15am Classes resume 8:00am 9th grade apps due High School Placement Exam

12 p. 2

Newsletter due

Jostens Jr. ring delivery

26 p. 1

CSF sign-ups

Lab Days 8:45am—2:20pm

8:00am Dept. Mtg.

#5 19 p. 2,3,4

Change from original calendar—No classes, Student holiday

Faculty Inservice 8:30am— 12:30pm


January 2017 3

#2 10 p. 4

17 p. 6



7:00pm Financial Aid wkshp. Faith Formation Day— (Sr. only Retreat Ctr.) Student holiday

24 p. 2

Sr. Valentine grams until 2/2 8:00am Curr. Comm. Mtg.

8:00am Acad. Rev. Board Denim Day Improv @ lunch NHS Apps Due

Inservice—Student Holiday 7:45 Fac. Mtg. 8:45 Start

16 Martin Luther King Jr. Day School Holiday

23 p. 3 6:00pm Band Bst. Mtg.—Rm. 316 6:30pm Ath. Bst. Mtg.—Lib.

Class Color Day 8:00am Jr. Ring Mass

31 p. 4

CSF sign-ups

7:00pm Mothers’ Club Mtg.—Fac. Ctr.

30 p. 5

6:00pm Gym closed

Catholic Schools Week / Winter Spirit Week

Parent Newsletter December 2016  

Bishop Montgomery High School Parent Newsletter December 2016

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