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V O L U ME 1 I S S U E 5 O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other.... (Quran 49:13)

April 2013 Featured  British Deputy PM Nick Clegg Visit  House of Lords Dinner  Malaysian High Commissioners Visit  Commonwealth Leaders’ Visit  Diabetes and Ramadan Forum  Radio Hajj Volunteers Dinner  Champ of the Pad  The Friday Project Forthcoming Events  20th April: Heritage Women Project  27th & 28th April: Islam, Science and Scientism Conference

Deputy Prime Minister, Baroness Warsi, Don Foster, MP meeting the community.

Nick Clegg Acknowledges Importance of Muslim Community British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg met members of Manchester’s Muslim community at the BMHC and voiced his concern over hate crimes Muslims face in the th United Kingdom. Accompanying him on the 8 of November 2012 were Baroness Sayeeda Warsi and Lib Dem Communities Minister Don Foster, MP. The main purpose of the visit was to launch a new initiative called ‘TELL MAMA’ which is a new public service for measuring and monitoring anti-Muslim crimes. The ‘TELL MAMA’ project is inspired by the need expressed by Muslim communities in the United Kingdom. One of the major aims of the project is to support victims of anti-Muslim crimes with the collection and mapping of date relating to all anti-Muslim crimes in the United Kingdom. During the visit the guests hosted a Faith Matters meeting. Faith Matters is an organisation founded in 2005 which works to reduce extremism and inter-faith tensions. It develops platforms for discourse and interaction between the Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Jewish communities across the globe.

 1 & 2 June: EAQS Seminar  15 June: Hepatitis C Awareness Day  Launch of Heritage Matrimonial Services  Eid Festival

Deputy Prime Minister and Baroness Warsi signing the BMHC guest book. Registered Charity No. 1110104



HOUSE OF LORDS DINNER Through our Patron Lord Sheikh, we organised a dinner at the House of Lords on Monday 10th December 2012. The main aim of the dinner was to celebrate the work of The British Muslim Heritage Centre and to share with everyone our future plans. On the night, we also launched two websites on Muslim Heritage and History. The guests included representatives from the House of Commons, The House of Lords, High Commissioners and Ambassadors from various countries, dignitaries from all over the world, local Councillors and local community leaders. Key invitees, who could not attend on the night, such as HRH Prince Charles, Prime Mister David Cameron, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and the leader of the Opposition Ed Miliband, MP sent their best wishes and written statements of support.

Lord Sheikh welcoming the guests.

Sir Gerald Kaufman, MP addressing the guests.

Mr Nasar Mahmood, Co-Chairman BMHC.

Some of the key dignitaries and guests.

Launch of monthly seminars – Saturday 26th January 2013. The British Muslim Heritage Centre launched a series of monthly seminars with a full-day seminar titled ‘Essential Parenting’ delivered by Dr Mohammed Abdul Bari. This was an interactive Parenting Programme. Some of the topics covered were:     

Concept of positive & lifelong parenting. Tools for confident relationship with your child. Skills of assertive discipline. Confidence in creating a tension-free environment. Dealing with adolescent children.

Registered Charity No. 1110104



H.E. High Commissioner of Malaysia visits the BMHC

H.E. High Commissioner of Malaysia Dato’ Seri Zakaria Sulong at the BMHC.

H.E. meeting the Malaysian Community.

The BMHC hosted H.E. High Commissioner of Malaysia on Friday 1st March 2012. H.E. visited two local Muslim High Schools in Manchester. In the evening H.E. met with the local Malaysian community which included Malaysian students who are studying at the various Universities in Greater Manchester. During his visit H.E also met the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of the City of Manchester at the Town Hall. H.E at the Town Hall with the Lord Mayor, Cllr A Khan, CBE and Mr N Mahmood, Co-Chairman, BMHC.

Egypt: The Bastion of Islamic Civilisation-11th November The fourth instalment of our series of lectures: Journey Through Muslim Lands was a success. Dr Salah Djazairi enthused and stimulated the audience with his thorough, concise and serial account of the history of Muslim Egypt through the various ages. He highlighted the lessons that can be learnt from the history of Egypt. The event was an enlightening experience for the entire family to get together and enjoy. The dining hall and coffee lounge were full of various stalls selling clothes, perfume, food and etc.

Art Exhibition Visit Students from KD Grammar School took time out from their busy school curriculum to visit the “File Not Found “art exhibition every day for a whole week in November. The exhibition ran from 6th October 2012 till 25th November 2012. Amongst other Schools, students from Dar Al Hadith Latifia Islamic High School for Boys Oldham also visited the BMHC on 19th December 2012.

Registered Charity No. 1110104



The Diabetes Education Study Group (DESG) in collaboration with Diabetes UK and the Gulf Group for the study of Diabetes (GGSD) organised the very first International Forum ‘Diabetes and Ramadan’ on the 12 th March 2013 at the BMHC. The purpose of the forum was to discuss how people with diabetes can best manage their condition during the month of Ramadan. The BMHC was very proud to host experts in the field of diabetes from many countries including Egypt, France, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Turkey, UAE, UK and USA. The faculty for the meeting included: 

Sir Michael Hirst, IDF President.

Prof Andrew Boulton, EASD President.

Dr Line Klinebreil.

Prof Adel El-Sayed, UDF—MENA Chair.

The guests enjoying lunch at the BMHC.

BMHC Publications:

BMHC Staff presenting Sir Michael Hirst and Dr M Hassanein with gifts from the BMHC.

Arabia: Cradle of Civilisation By Dr S Al-Djazairi

Turkey: History, Culture and Civilisation Doctors from all over the world pose for a picture at the main entrance of the BMHC.

By Dr S Al-Djazairi Registered Charity No. 1110104



Mrs S. Alvi, Trustee, BMHC, Mr N. Mahmood , Co-Chairman, BMHC and Cllr A Khan, CBE with some of the key guests.

The BMHC hosted a group of very senior Commonwealth leaders on the 21st of March 2013 . They were part of a group who were in the United Kingdom for the CSC Leaders annual conference in partnership with HRH The Duke of Edinburgh’s Commonwealth Study Conferences. CSC Leaders is an annual conference for 100 exceptional and experienced individuals from across the Commonwealth. The theme of the conference was: “How do people from communities which have spread across the world become the bridge-makers in the global networks for the future?”

To mark 10 years since the start of the Iraq war, the BMHC in partnership with Islamic Relief screened ‘Turtles Can Fly’. A percentage of the income generated from ticket sales was donated to Islamic Relief’s Orphan program in Iraq. ‘Turtles Can Fly’ is written and directed by Mr Bahman Ghobadi. It is set in a Kurdish refugee camp on the Iraqi-Turkish border on the eve of the US invasion of Iraq. Tension mounts as the village waits to hear when the U.S. will invade and how it will affect their future.

Registered Charity No. 1110104



Youths battle it out for Champ of the Pad

Sheikh Fahim addressing the participants of the tournament.

The British Muslim Heritage Centre launched a Youth Club which aims to provide a secure and safe environment for youth of 11 to 18 years of age to socialise and to participate in activities. The project was launched with a computer games tournament titled ‘FIFA 13: Where Champions are made 2012’. The tournament was attended by over 70 local youths from the ages of 11 to 18. After three hours of intense gaming on the five separate computer games stations that were set up for the night, two youngsters battled their way into the final which then went on to penalties. The two seasoned gamers were relentless in their hunt for victory such that the only way to have a decider was the penalty shoot-out which saw the very first Al-Islah Youth Initiative – BMHC Computer games tournament 2012 winner.

Youth battling it out to become the winner .

Mr N. Mahmood, Co-Chairman, BMHC and Mr Abdul Qayyum Akhter, presenting trophies to the winner and runners up.

Registered Charity No. 1110104



The Friday Night Project on a Tuesday Night

Wajahat Ali captivating the audience with his wit and humour.

The British Muslim Heritage Centre held its first session of ‘The Friday Project’ on Tuesday 15th January 2013 in the main hall of the Centre. The Friday Night Project is an initiative to bring the wider Muslim community of Manchester together with the purpose of debating, discussing and engaging issues affecting the Muslim community and in essence is a community mobilisation initiative. The pilot session was graced by renowned American narrator Wajahat Ali, who is also a playwright, attorney, essayist, consultant and researcher. His award winning play, The Domestic Crusaders, was published by McSweeney’s. He is the lead author of the investigative report Fear Inc. : The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America published by the Centre for American Progress. The discussion, aptly titled “The Power of Narratives”, was about the portrayal of Muslims living in a post 9/11 America and was well attended by a diverse section of the local community. The discussion pointed out how American Muslims were taking control of their own story and defending their identity in an environment where Islam and Muslims are constantly under the microscope and judged in a negative aspect collectively. Wajahat Ali answering questions from the audience. Wajahat Ali captivated his audience with a flow of three narratives laced with wit and humour that gave a glimpse of his own life from his childhood to life after the devastating events of September 11th. His narratives mirrored what millions of Muslims in the USA had to endure and try to change to paint a true picture of their beliefs. The moral of his narratives was to encourage Muslims to become protagonists of their own stories and endorse the value of their own religion, identity and customs.

The Friday Night Project seeks to address the prejudice that Islam currently faces in the West. It aims to cultivate a feeling of trust and mutual understanding and cohesion with other societies in the UK through active interaction. The overall objective is to empower the Muslim community through thought provocation rather than sitting back and complaining about issues affecting Muslims in the UK. Wajahat Ali ended the discussion with a Q & A session with the audience.

The Friday Project – Friday 15th February 2013 Brotherly Love: Disagreeing without being disagreeable by Ajmal Masoor. We can’t always agree, but how should we disagree? Ajmal Masroor explored the importance of discussion and debate within the Muslim community and suggests how we can handle our disagreements in a constructive manner. A packed audience enjoyed a captivating and at times a controversial evening.

Ajmal Masoor enchanting the audience with his charisma. Registered Charity No. 1110104



'Words and Wisdom' was the first event of this kind to be organised by the British Muslim Heritage Centre. The main aim of the project is to promote self expression and to be a platform for creative dialogue. The idea is to host members of the local community in order to develop community relations and community cohesion by providing a safe space for free expression. The volunteers involved in organising this regular monthly event want to present 'Spoken Word' as a tool that can aid people’s personal well being and also bridge gaps in communication between members of the community.

The crowd sit and listen attentively as performer after performer stand to face the open mic.

Radio Hajj Volunteers Dinner Radio Hajj was a community project which brought together a section of young people to do something new and fresh. Radio Hajj created a vibrant and unique environment for over local 100 volunteers and provided youngsters with a platform to discuss their concerns and express their views towards improvements within the community freely. The BMHC hosted a dinner on 7th November 2012 for all the volunteers and their families to celebrate their achievements. The evening included an award ceremony for various aspects of running the radio station for a month.

Appreciation Dinner for Radio Hajj Volunteers and families.

Radio Hajj Team.

Registered Charity No. 1110104



Regular Youth and Fitness Activities at the BMHC

Girls Weekly Youth Club Aspire: Striving for better. A weekly get together to relax, have some fun, and aspire to do higher. The BMHC has dedicated two permanent rooms for youth activities with a wide range of facilities such as two pool tables, table tennis, computer game stations and etc. Girls 11 -18 years old, Every Friday 7.00pm - 9.00pm

Boys Weekly Youth Club Boys 11 –18 years old, Every Saturday 6.30pm –8.30pm Registered Charity No. 1110104



6-week Volunteering stint at the BMHC – By Shariff Munshi The several hours it took me to get to BMHC in Manchester all the way from a tiny island in Southeast Asia, Singapore, was definitely worth it. I am Shariff Munshi, a twenty-one year old from a sunny and bustling city called Singapore. I had recently completed my 2 year mandatory National Service to my country, in which time I served in both the Army and the Police Force. Currently, I am awaiting the commencement of my University course in Accountancy in the National University of Singapore, which begins in August 2013. Thus, what better way to make use of my time now by coming here to Manchester to volunteer at the BMHC. In the past 6 weeks, I must say every single day was an extremely eventful day. Whenever possible, I would offer help to everyone to the best of my ability. I have done some administrative tasks related to the centre, prepared the BMHC’s portfolios, as well as design this newsletter. In addition, I have also set up for numerous events like the DAR International Conference, Malaysian High Commissioner Visit and of course, Jummah. Selling Biryanis, Baguettes and Drinks after Jummah was also a good experience! I’ve come to learn over the past six weeks that there is so much more to BMHC other than staging events. I have literally seen and met thousands of people from different ethnic, religious and social backgrounds who walked through the gates of the BMHC. From youth attending Youth Clubs at the Centre to Dignitaries and Doctors who come from all over the world, they have all added value to my experience after meeting them. I have even lived in my apartment alongside Doctors and Professors! All of this that I have witnessed is definitely in line with the BMHC vision of inspiring all communities to embrace diversity and shape a cohesive society. Indeed, BMHC is on its way to become a centre of excellence. BMHC has really impressed me especially by the efficiency of staging major events as well as small community-based activities. Also, BMHC’s initiatives to promote the rich and diverse Muslim Heritage and making it accessible to everyone is indeed evident with several new publications and Islamic website. The potential for further development in activities is amazing and I do pray for BMHC to grow even further. I hope more people continue to support the good cause years down the road. I definitely hope to come back soon to this blessed place. Thank you so much to everyone in BMHC and in Manchester as for making me feel at home. This experience will be one of the most unforgettable moments in my life. Take care all !

Registered Charity No. 1110104



BMHC Strategy Our Offer Our Vision for BMHC

Our Mission

Our aspiration is of a Centre “celebrating Islam's rich and diverse heritage, inspiring all communities to embrace diversity and be instrumental in the shaping of a cohesive society”.

Be our friend

We remain committed to the following principles:

Invitation to become a member of the Friends of BMHC Scheme.

1. The BMHC will be a centre for all communities – Muslims and non-Muslims. 1. We will strive to provide a welcoming environment for all and work in partnership for the common good. 1. In focusing on Muslim heritage we mean: Muslim history, people and contribution to human civilisation.

How you can help the BMHC The BMHC will only achieve these aspirations with your help through the following:

 We invite you to become a member of the Friends of BMHC scheme.

 You can donate to the ongoing work directly to the BMHC bank account.

 We are always looking for dedicated volunteers. Royal Bank of Scotland

A/C No.:10088053

Manchester Withington Branch

Sort Code: 16-34-27

467 Wilmslow Road,




Manchester M20 9AP

This is an opportunity for you to help achieve the vision for BMHC and be part of an inspiring and unique project which aims to enrich, bring together and benefit all members of the community. Through a monthly subscription of a minimum of £10.00 per month. The scheme aims to: 

Raise the profile of BMHC

Raise much needed revenue to run activities

Offer exclusive benefits to members including: - Priority booking for BMHC events - Annual Friends Dinner - Exclusive preview of exhibitions, book launches and other similar events - Regular email newsletter of BMHC developments.

Send us the following details and we will do the rest:

Name: ……………………………………………………………………………….. Address: ……………………………………………………………………………. ……………………..………………………………………………….……………….. …………………………………………………………………………………………..

Tel: ……….……………...……….……………………….……….……….………. Email: ……………….………..……………………………………………………..

Registered Charity No. 1110104



BMHC Facilities for Hire The BMHC is a Grade II* listed building located in the heart of the dynamic city of Manchester and situated in eight acres of greenery. For further information please contact Ms Sairah Zafar, the Events Manager on 0161 881 8062 or by email on Among the facilities we can provide are the following:  Large conference, meeting and banqueting hall capable of accommodating up to 200 people.  Two large meeting rooms capable of accommodating up to 100 people.  Four meeting rooms capable of accommodating up to 40 people.  A board room capable of accommodating 14 people.  A fully equipped kitchen and servery.  On-site free car parking for up to 250 vehicles.  8 acres of green space capable of hosting many and varied outdoor events.

Islam, Science and Scientism 2-Day International Conference.

27th and 28th April 2013 Registration is free at: Tel: 0161 881 8062 , Email:

Islam, Science and Scientism

The British Muslim Heritage Centre (BMHC) in partnership with the University of Chester is pleased to announce the organisation of an International Conference on Islam, Science and Scientism. This conference is the first of many scholarly events which will be organised by BMHC, which aims to offer a better appreciation of Islamic culture and civilisation and the Muslim contribution to modern science and civilisation, aspects which are little appreciated or totally misunderstood today. This event is also intended to bring a better understanding of the interactions and exchanges, which have taken place between various faiths and cultures in enriching our common heritage. It will involve the participation of scholars and audiences of all faiths and backgrounds.

Islamic Astrolabe Workshop

Saturday 27TH April: First session: 11.00am-12.30am and Second session: 3pm-4.30pm. Sunday 28TH April: Third session: 11.00am-12.30am and Fourth session: 3pm-4.30pm. This is a workshop on the astrolabe, the most widely used astronomical instrument of the Middle Ages. An estimated one thousand medieval Islamic astrolabes are known to have survived and many of them are currently exhibited in museums of Islamic art.

Registered Charity No. 1110104

BMHC - Newsletter April 2013  
BMHC - Newsletter April 2013