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New Year. New Campaign.

Make 2014 your year of successful campaigning Tuesday 28th JANUARY 2014

ABOUT THE COURSE Whether you are brand new to campaigning, or a seasoned activist, our full day training programme, with expert speakers, workshops and a take away toolkit will equip you with everything you need to run an effective and successful campaign. Whether it’s a small community movement, to a national online campaign, this programme is your key to unlocking your organisations engagement potential.

At the training you will benefit from:  Inspirational keynote speakers with extensive knowledge and experience.  Practical solutions and advice from expert-led workshops.  Unrivalled networking opportunities to share experiences, and learn from sector colleagues.  Educational campaigning tool kit, to take away.

Aims:  Enable you to gain a shared understanding of the role campaigns can play in delivering your organisation’s objectives.  Enable you and in turn your organisations to campaign more effectively.  Enable you to gain an understanding of the role of media and social networking in managing a successful campaign.

Outcomes:  Develop your practical skills and provide you with tips and tools to be used when planning and delivering campaigns for

your organisation.

 Understand and assess the key issues relating to audience analysis and segmentation.  Understand and utilise the concepts of framing and messaging, and how they relate to advocacy, the media, lobbying

and campaigning.

 Understand the theory and practice of campaigning and apply it to strategy.

FURTHER INFORMATION For further information or to book online, please visit our eventsbrite page at

WORKSHOPS “Vision without action is just a dream, action without vision just passes the time, vision with action can change the world” - Nelson Mandela Our expert led workshop sessions are a means to learn new skill sets so you can turn vision in to action. They are set up so you are able to benefit from the trainer in a smaller, more personal setting. The aim is to leave each workshop with new ideas and feeling enthused to take your idea forward. We are very excited to have speakers with such experience and knowledge to benefit from. The workshops will cover a wide range of topics covering:  Lobbying power  Using the social media  Effective campaigns  Building alliances & relationship building  Mobilisation, developing a mass audience  and many more. The workshops will take place in the morning and the afternoon. Our expert trainers will take the same workshop in both sessions. So, not to worry! If you can’t decide which one to go to in the morning due to the sheer brilliance of the topics, then you can go to your preference workshop in the morning session and the other one you wanted to attend in the afternoon workshop session. Feel free to brings lots of paper to make notes, pens and any questions you may want answers to.

Speakers In 2005 the London Financial Times awarded Ambassador Rasool the Foreign Direct Investment Africa Personality of the Year Award. Mr Rasool is also the recipient of the Nelson Mandela Award for Health and Human Rights presented to him by the Kaiser Family Foundation in 1998;

H.E. Ebrahim Rasool

and Indonesian Diaspora of 2012 Award.

Ambassador and Former Advisor to Nelson Mandela Founder of the World for All Foundation, Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool is South Africa’s Ambassador to the United

Rasool is is active in rethinking the intellectual tools

States of America. Before joining the Embassy, his most

for co-operative relations between faiths, cultures and

recent positions have included Member of Parliament in the

communities at a global level. Ambassador Rasool is

National Assembly, Special Advisor to the State President

dedicated to overcoming the potential for conflict in

of the Republic of South Africa and Premier (governor of the

the World. He received a Bachelor of Arts and a Higher

Western Cape Province).

Diploma in Education from the University of Cape Town.

He has a long history of involvement in the anti-apartheid struggle starting at High School and including leadership in the United Democratic Front (UDF)and the African National Congress (ANC). He has had to make sacrifices like spending time in prison and being under house arrest. His social and political involvement has consistently been faith-driven, through involvement in both the Islamic

Jim Dickinson

Movement (and was a founder of The Call of Islam) as well

Chief Executive, UEA Students’ Union

as the Interfaith Movement, and has mobilised Muslims and the broader faith communities to develop deeper

Jim Dickinson is a senior manager, a provocative speaker,

understandings of Islam and faith under the prevailing

doting father and an optimistic cynic. Having worked at

conditions of globalisation in the world today.

NUS for a decade, Jim now runs a Students’ Union in Norwich, but is neither Alan Partridge nor Malcolm Tucker.

Ebrahim Rasool has built up extensive experience of Government having led various Departments like Health,

Jim’s work has encompassed a breadth of functions-

Welfare, Finance and Economic Development, and

working with, supporting and inspiring students at all levels

was instrumental in, amongst others, attracting foreign

to take ownership of their education, their future and their

investment into the Province worth R8 billion (approximately

world through training, campaigns, working groups and

$1 billion) having the highest provincial economic growth

elected positions.

rate, and making significant strides towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s).

His areas of focus include political apathy, group leadership, organizational change and reinvigorating

For his contribution to South Africa Ambassador Rasool

democracy in membership organisations. He is also an

has been the recipient of a number of leadership awards.

obsessive fan of the Eurovision Song Contest.

In 2008 he was awarded the Visionary Leadership and Public Good Award from the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists, and the Award for Commitment and Leadership in Fight Against Crime from Business Against Crime.

Sophie Stephens

Jean McLean

Lead Organiser, North London Citizens

Head of Mobilisation, Save the Children

Sophie Stephens is a Senior Organiser with North London

Jean is Head of Mobilisation at Save the Children, were

Citizens, organising in the borough of Haringey. She has

her efforts have contributed to over half a million people

worked with South London Citizens in Wandsworth and

engaging David Cameron to tackle hunger, resulting in the

Citizens for Sanctuary which included working with teams

pledging of £2.7bn for nutrition interventions for 1.7 million

of leaders around the country to improve the immigration

children. She leads the strategic audience approach and

system. In 2010, Sophie was seconded to deliver the

encourages people to get involved in a number of high

Movement for Change which included training 1,000

profile issues relating to child survival and protection.

people during the Labour Party leadership election. Sophie

At the National Union of Students she mobilised 52,000

grew up in south Wales and studied History at Oxford

people to participate in the biggest student demonstration

University. Having spent time working in Uganda on water

in 30 years. She developed the campaign strategy to

sanitation projects she went on to complete a Masters in

reverse a decision by HSBC bank to charge graduates

Development and Globalisation.

interest on their ’interest free’ accounts. This saved graduates over £20 million in the first year.

Abdulrahman Belhaj Senior financial architect, Bank of New York Mellon

NABILA PATHAN Founder and Chair of The Full Picture Club

Graduated in BSc business economics at the Manchester Metropolitan University. Started active work at the age of

Founder and Chair of The Full Picture Club, a weekly news

16 focusing on the Libyan issue creating the first online

club where women gather to discuss the issues making

Libyan youth forum. Then with a team of exiled journalists

headlines on a national and global scale. She is also on the

created what became the largest online Libyan news

board of trustees at Muslim Youth Helpline and has recently

agency and the number one Libyan news website. During

joined the board of Directors of Rooms of Our Own, a social

the Arab spring Abdulrahman had another chance to make

enterprise in London aimed at providing space for women’s

a change and help his home country again by creating

businesses and campaigning groups. Through her roles

with many of the Libyan youths based here in Manchester

above Nabila has extensive experience of campaigning and

a youth based news agency that became one of the very

lobbying for women’s rights issues, locally, regionally and

trusted sources of Libyan news and the face of the Libyan

nationally. She has previously hosted Press TV’s flagship

revolution to Aljazeera, BBC, CNN and the general public

discussion series Women’s Voice; and has presented on

on Twitter and Facebook, before actually travelling to the

community radio series Talk Back, championing Muslim

Libyan deserts and meeting the replies just days before the

female role models in Britain. She also contributes articles

reclaim of Tripoli and the end of the Al-Gadhafi Regime.

to several publications, including emel, International Woman Month, Huffington Post and also edits the blog Word Play.

PROGRAMME Tuesday 28th JANUARY 2014 8.45 am Registration - Refreshments And Networking 9.30 Am Welcome - Jim Dickinson 9.45 Am Keynote: ‘The Long Campaign To Freedom’ - H.E Ebrahim Rasool 10.15 Am Food For Thought - Taking The Lead 10.30 Am Effective Campaigning - ‘The Living Wage Campaign’ - Sophie Stephens 10.45 Am Break - Refreshments And Networking 11.00 Am Morning Workshops 12.05 Pm Effective Campaigns - ‘The Power Of Personal Relationships’ - Nabila Pathan 12.20 Pm Food For Thought - Building Alliances 12.40 Pm Break - Lunch, Refreshments And Networking 1.30 Pm Keynote: If You Don’t Like Change... 2.00 Pm Effective Campaigns - ‘Mobilising The Masses’ - Jean Mclean 2.15 Pm Afternoon Workshops 3.15 Pm Break - Refreshments And Networking 3.30 Pm Food For Thought – Putting Theory Into Practice 4.15 Pm Effective Campaigning - ‘The Arab Spring And Social Media Action’ - Abdulrahman Belhaj 4.30 Pm Panel Discussion 5.20 Pm Food For Thought - Conclusions 5.30 Pm Conference Close Please note that exact times are subject to change.

BOOKING FORM Conference bookings include access to all plenary sessions, your choice of workshops, lunch, refreshments, and delegate pack.

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Cancellations 50% of the delegate fee will be refunded for cancellations received by Friday 10th January, 2014. After this no fees are refundable for cancellation or non-attendance.


New Year. New Campaign.  

Make 2014 your year of successful campaigning

New Year. New Campaign.  

Make 2014 your year of successful campaigning