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Tracking The Train Journey

A delighted Adrian Angol-Henry (left) receiving applause for his winning composition The Train Journey performed at CYM on 5 March 2016. Last year, CYM student Adrian Angol-Henry was given the award of ‘ESTA Young Composer 2015 - Junior’ for his composition The Train Journey. He was invited to the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama in Cardiff where the awards were presented and the winning compositions performed. This year fellow CYM students were able to perform Adrian’s composition in a lunchtime concert, to great acclaim. Congratulations Adrian! The competition adjudicators said: The Train Journey is a terrific piece. A really enjoyable and descriptive piece, with good use of tempo, rhythm, and interesting sound effects. We were particularly impressed by the way you have transferred the sounds from your imagination to the score, and the way you gauged how long this needs to be to sound and feel ‘just right’.

Adrian (composer) with CYM students Sebastian Brooks (violin), Hassan Horack (viola) and Brianna Ste-Croix (cello).

Sorana Santos – Back from the USA Celebrating 40 years of Joni Mitchell’s Hejira There is so much I cannot put in writing yet as I am waiting for the requisite permissions for all the media I’ve acquired. However, there are a few things I can touch on from the self-imposed exile I New Orleans Street Band have placed myself in while I try to turn my creative ideas into tangible works while still fresh in my mind: The hard facts: I drove 4200 miles across several climates and four time zones, met over forty new people and musicians, and while it was definitely rewarding, it was also deeply mentally, and emotionally exhausting. I recreated a few of the scenes in Hejira: visited the now-closed Mandolin Brothers’ Staten Island; looked

for the either-long-gone-or-entirely-fictional Cactus Tree Motel; and saw a gypsy on Bleecker Street for a tarot reading who told me I would come into a lot of money this year (which I look forward to as she cost rather more than the ‘eighteen bucks’ Mitchell paid). I even unintentionally took a photo that echoed the original album artwork: The next journey lies in completing and releasing my re-imaginings of Hejira for release in the not-too-distant future, in writing the new songs from the journey itself for yet another album, and in sharing the footage and media Black and white photo I gained on the trip with my of Sorana in Atlanta singer-songwriting group. I look forward to sharing these journeys with you too. celebrating-40-years-of-joni-mitchells-hejira UPBEAT Summer 2016


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Upbeat issue 74 ebook