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Viola Day

Gill Tarlton conducting the combined forces of CYM viola players to perform Fanfare by Michael Rose

Nichola Blakey BIOGRAPHY

Nichola is a professional viola player living in North London. Since graduating from the Royal Academy of Music she has enjoyed a busy freelance career playing all sorts of music, and teaching violists and violinists of all ages. She especially loves playing chamber music as part of the Kruger Quartet. Nichola is also a certified Alexander Technique teacher, and finds it influences her teaching and playing.

The visit in February by violist Nichola Blakey was a success on many levels. Firstly Nichola gave a recital . She performed movements from the Bach Cello Suites on a Baroque viola and then moved to her modern instrument for the Allegro Moderato from Schubert’s Arpeggione Sonata and Morpheus by Rebecca Clarke. Mark Kinkaid was her pianist. The mellow tones of the viola were beautifully projected by Nichola. The concert ended with a performance of a striking Fanfare by Michael Rose performed by eighteen CYM viola players. During the ensuing masterclass she talked about the physicality of playing – how to centre one’s body to support the instrument and to allow the full resonance to be projected. Nichola worked with CYM students Jamie Jones, Danielle Lee, Nolitha Olusanya, Hannah Allen, Hassan Horack and Joscelyn Hilder. Each violist received gentle encouragement resulting in playing which was always more relaxed and open. Nichola's comments included “allow more space for the music” “release the chin” “leave room for your arms” “don’t disturb the position of your head” Throughout the afternoon Nichola demonstrated perfect posture and calmness. The session on viola playing for violinists revealed a good deal of potential and some violinists have started to play viola in their quartets. A wonderful day for everyone!


Principal Trumpet in BBC Concert Orchestra All visitors welcome UPBEAT Spring 2016


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