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YIKES! 4 Pitfalls Home Sellers Must Avoid When Choosing a Realtor 4 PITFALL MISTAKES TO AVOID

1. Going with the agent who promises you the highest sales price, the most amount of money (even if the price seems unrealistic);

2. Choosing the agent who promises to save you money by discounting the commission rate;

3. Choosing the "nicest" agent;

4. Choosing an agent who works all by themselves, because you think they'll work a lot harder and give you more personal attention.

YIKES! 4 Pitfalls Home Sellers Must Avoid When Choosing a Realtor FREQUENT RESULTS OF THESE MISTAKES 1. The inflated list price you were quoted (in order to get your listing) results in few buyers coming to view your home (because they can get a comparable, properly priced home, for less money) and you end up having to endure a series of price reductions which result in your home finally selling for BELOW its true market value or not selling at all. 2.

A lower commission does not guarantee you will net more on your home sale. According to real estate author Bernice Ross, Phd, there is a "big lie" in real estate. It's the lie that reducing the commission always results in more money for the seller. Nothing could be further from the truth. Virtually all sellers want to obtain the highest price possible for their property. No matter what you are selling, maximum exposure to the marketplace is a critical factor in achieving the highest price possible. Companies who cut services in exchange for taking a lower commission often cost clients much more than the extra one to three percent they “save� in commission. Agents who rush to cut commission are sometimes desperate for business and will rush into any deal (regardless of how it could affect you) for the potential of getting a sale. Depending on price and/or agent inexperience, the cost can be tens of thousands of dollars.

3. Your agent may be nice, but this doesn't necessarily qualify him to do the best job of selling your home. Your agent's personality will mean very little to you if you ultimately discover that he does not have the sales expertise to market your home properly and it ends up sitting on the market and either doesn't sell, or sells for lower than market value. 4. Your agent ends up neglecting some important steps because he is so busy trying to do everything himself or too inexperienced to know he missed something vital to you and you end up with an inferior result.

12 Key Questions to Ask Yourself YOUR PERSONAL "SHORT LIST" Write in the five questions from those below that are most important to you. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

12 Key Questions to Ask Agents 1. Are you a REALTOR or just a real estate agent? 2. How long have you been an active, full-time REALTOR? Do you have other jobs besides real estate or learning the business through listing my property? 3. How do you use the internet differently to promote properties? 4. How many sellers and buyers are you currently consulting? (Note: A successful producing team may be more effective at managing many seller and buyer listings than a less experienced agent with a handful or a very experienced agent working on his/her own.)

5. The average number of sales (or transactions) real estate agents in the area have per year is between 2-4 per. Are you an average agent or do you list at least 8-10 a year? 6. How many of your past clients have recommended or referred you in the past 2-5 years? 7. What's the difference between REALTORS being #1 in town and being #1 to their clients? Why does it matter? 8. Do you have a Team? (Note: An agent who has a support Team to handle routine details can usually devote more time to the business of serving a client's highest priority needs and getting the home sold successfully.)

9. How will you attract buyers to my property? 10. How will your draw real estate agents and REALTORS to my property? 11. How will you make sure my needs are attended to?

Costs to Sell Your Home 1. Legal Costs (varies, depending on attorney and complexity of transac-

tion) $750 to $1300 for a regular sale and up to $4,000 for a short sale 2. Realty Transfer Tax (fee determined by selling price of property) http:// 3. Adjustments for Tax, Water/Sewer, Oil in tank (Either a credit or charge to adjust for payments made prior to or beyond the closing date ) 4. Certificate of Occupancy $100-$250 Smoke & carbon detectors, fire extinguisher, town inspection 5. Our Real Estate Commission 5.5% to 6.5% of sales price that’s split with buyer’s agent 6. Cost to remediate/credit Home Inspection and/or Town Inspection Issues 7. Liens a. Mortgage b. Mortgage cancellation fee c. Other liens

NOTE: 1-6 are typical Closing Costs. This is just a sample overview and may not cover all costs to sell your home.

Home Seller Net Calculation Worksheet SALES PRICE: _______________________________________________ SUBTRACT THE BELOW COSTS FROM THE SALES PRICE: 1st Mortgage Balance


2nd Mortgage Balance


Equity Advance $__________________________________________ Other Liens $__________________________________________ Estimated Closing Costs


(see 1-6 Costs to Sell Your Home on other page) Total Encumbrances & Costs




By signing below Seller (s) represents he/she is financially able to close and pay off all liens and commissions. Is Seller in bankruptcy, short sale or foreclosure proceedings?




Seller’s Signature _____________________________________ Seller’s Signature


Date _________________ Date



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4 Big Reasons You Hire the Bev & Bob Homes Team 1. We Will Sell Your Home FAST! Our team will get your home sold fast. That's not an empty promise. It is a fact. In hot markets or slow markets, in every part of town, our selling speed is as fast as you allow.

2. We Will Sell Your Home For TOP DOLLAR! There are many resources we use and reasons why our team will get you Top Dollar for your home.

3. You Will Have LESS HASSLES! We will get your home sold: every "i" dotted, every "t" crossed with the least inconvenience to you.

4. You Will Have a SAFE Home Sale! There are 117 steps where things can go wrong with a real estate transaction. With our team approach, we'll work hard to make sure mistakes and unpleasant surprises don't happen during your sale.

What To Do Next? Read this only if you are Ready to Get Moving Now! Contact us @ 201 925 8199 if... 

You are very serious about selling your home now or in the near future and you are less than 6 months from listing it.

You want a professional, objective, honest assessment of your home and its potential selling price.

You are open minded to unique and exclusive, but proven and effective means to selling homes like yours.

You understand the concept of supply and demand, and how it impacts your home sale (i.e. the agent who can create the most demand for your home will get you the highest price possible in today’s market).

You understand and accept that what you owe on your mortgage or what you paid for the home does not determine your list price or sales price.

You would like to arrange a private appointment at your home, where all your questions will be answered.

You are ready to sign the listing agreement paperwork and tentatively schedule your home sale launch.

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Home Selling Success Guide  

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