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Closer to the market Marketing and booking management right down to the very last detail

More presence for more bookings The internet as the success factor for city & business hotels If you want to stand out in today’s market and outsmart your competition, i.e. other city hotels or hotel chains, here is the most important thing you will need: a clearly defined hotel profile designed to be easily published across all available sales channels. In short, in order to generate more bookings you need to be visible. Our products

We offer an efficient Central Reservation System (CRS), a modular Content Management System (CMS) tailor-made to your hotel‘s profile and an authentic website design that is geared towards your requirements and the requirements of your guests. Just think about the iPhone and other mobile applications. These are major keys to increasing visibility and consequently more bookings, regardless of the location of your customer.

Your success

Ask the experts! As your competent partner, we provide you with all the modules needed for a successful and cost-conscious marketing on the web.

The right products and services for your hotel: Central Reservation System (CRS) Global Distribution Systems (GDS Content Management System (CMS) Advanced Distribution Manager (ADM) Web design for your website Internet Booking Engine (IBE) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Social Media Optimization (SMO) Newsletter Web 2.0 tools Mobile websites & booking engine

We recommend all hoteliers interested in drastically improving their electronic sales, to consider using the Advanced Distribution Manager (ADM) - the ideal solution for your sales activities, integrated with hotelwebservice CRS and the capability to ‌ upload pricing and availability

Simply up-to-date, simply flexible eMarketing and booking management made easy For city and business hotels in particular, the basis for an efficient electronic marketing is a reliable CRS; a system which is easy to understand, offering you the capability of linking your hotel from one single, easy-to-use interface to all major electronic sales channels such as GDS, IDS and your IBE. Our modular CMS also offers a solution for your website allowing you to make numerous template-based additions without having an extensive technical know-how. You simply use the modules that are relevant for your hotel, e.g. the conference hotel module loaded with conference rates and room inventory, combined with the conference planner 2.0 for your website. Offering different rate types such as standard rates, special rates, packages or corporate rates will increase the probability of potential hotel guests to make a booking. Rates are easily updated using the linked rate model, making your hotel attractive for various target groups. hotelwebservice 2.0 Meet your guests on the internet in their favourite meeting places: in online communities and social media networks! By using our consulting services we can support your efficient usage of buisiness portals such as XING or LinkedIn. Use our know-how for your communication!

to all relevant channels featuring your hotel on more

than 500 internet portals of your choice providing a transparent presen-

tation of your current offers on the market automatically reaching your

target groups and booking portals directly adjusting changes in

availability or pricing and reconciling availably in all


It even retrieves bookings made in external channels – and, if you like, places them right in your PMS via a corresponding licensed interface!

Minimum effort for your maximum appearance. It just takes a few clicks to stay attractive and up-to-date

Do you want to improve your hotel‘s presence on the internet? Are you looking for a simple technical solution while still preserving the identity of individual hotels? We offer you a competent, reliable solution for this approach! hotelwebservice also offers further advantages: All applications are easy to use and can be updated in a few simple steps. All solutions come from a single source and are managed via one single platform. The products come with intensive training and require little technical know-how. You will need only minutes for the maintenance of your website. You present your hotel‘s individual personality 1:1 on the web.

Contact us today for an offer tailor-made to your specific needs! ph +49 (0) 201 8 20 20 60 f +49 (0) 201 8 20 20 44

Broschüre Stadthotels Englisch  

Broschüre Stadthotels Englisch

Broschüre Stadthotels Englisch  

Broschüre Stadthotels Englisch