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REVEille caring for the veteran community | AUTUMN edition 2013

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance

RSL House

Ex-Service Organisations

106 Memorial Ave, Maroochydore Phone: 07 5443 1719 Fax: 07 5443 7551 email:

These groups meet regularly in RSL House, please feel welcome to attend.

Office Hours Monday to Thursday 9.00am - 4.00pm Friday 9.00am - 1.00pm

Museum Hours Monday to Thursday 9.00am - 2.00pm Friday 9.00am - 12.00pm

For more information about upcoming meetings refer to page 22. EDA Association - third Thursday at 9.30am Ex-Service Women’s Association - first Thursday, 10.00am chat, 10.30am meeting Legacy Laurel Club - fourth Friday at 9.00am National Service Association - second Tuesday, 9.00am chat, 10.00am meeting Naval Association - second Sunday at 10.30am

Monthly General Meetings

TPI Association - third Wednesday at 10.30am

Third Monday of the month at 2.00pm

War Widows Guild - fourth Monday at 9.00am Women’s Auxiliary - first Monday, 9.30am chat, 10.00am meeting

Letters to the Editor Letters to the Editor (preferably typed or printed and no longer than 200 words) should carry the sender’s full name, address and contact phone number, and will not necessarily express the opinion of the Editor or of this Sub Branch. The Editor reserves the right to edit or refuse to publish any submission. Email: 02 | MAROOCHY RSL - caring for the veteran community

Contents Reminder to all Sub Branch Members.........3 President’s Report........................................4 CEO’s Report...............................................5 Welfare Report..............................................6 Medical Corps to Master of Ceremonies.....8 Preserving our History..................................9

IMPORTANT Reminder to all Sub Branch Members Welcome everyone to 2013. We have had a very good flow of members renewing their subscription. If you have any difficulty in being able to pay your membership either through sickness or being unable to come into the Sub-Branch please phone us. We can make arrangements to ensure that your subscription does not lapse and you do not lose your continuity. Just a reminder that we also offer Life Subscriptions, which enable members to pay a one-off fee that covers you for life. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

History of Cotton Tree Cenotaph...............10 Women’s Auxiliary Cent Auction................12 Understanding & Accessing Aged Care Today........................................13 Care Packages for Timor Leste..................14 Kokoda Re-visited......................................15 Defence Force Recruiting..........................16 DFR Leadership.........................................17 Operation Resolute....................................18 A Soldier’s Diary.........................................20 Meetings.....................................................22 Joke............................................................23

Please be aware that if you are planning to attend the AGM in March, you need to be a current financial member in order to vote. Hope everyone has a really good year. Frith Hasler Membership Officer

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAILING LIST If you wish to receive emails about current Veteran related issues and Sub Branch League information, please subscribe through the link on our website at: Reveille AUTUMN edition 2013 | 03

President’s Report 2012 was a great year!! I’m reminded of the old adage, “If you don’t think every day is a good day, just try missing one”. (Cavett Robert, 1973) Sure there have been plenty of ups and downs and turmoil this past year but thanks to the CEO’s (Harvey’s) leadership, the Sub Branch is in a much better position than some years ago, both from a financial perspective and also the quality of our employees. The employees from the top down need to be congratulated on their efforts especially when the going was extremely trying. I’m relating to the numerous rumours and innuendos of a negative nature that abounded during the process of successfully amalgamating the Maroochydore RSL Sub-Branch and the Maroochy RSL Club to form a new Association under the RSL banner. There are still some details to be sorted including the Constitution, ongoing training for Directors and Senior Management, further building issues and the sale of the Bowls Club. An organisation of this size does require a weekly handson approach to the various committees established for good governance. These include: Compliance, League, and House and Finance and all committee members have worked hard to ensure that we are not subjected to adverse regulatory comments. As you would know institutions such as ours are always under scrutiny and this year even more money had to be allocated for increased taxes. The Board has been most supportive and I thank them for their ongoing commitment to the success of the operation. To our members, we thank you for your continued patronage and look forward to an even better 2013. Les D’Alton Maroochy RSL President

04 | MAROOCHY RSL - caring for the veteran community

CEO’s Report We commence the New Year with calm confidence. The business is stable and is trading well, January 2013 saw us back in the top three clubs for Queensland as far as revenue is concerned. We punched well above our weight. We know about hubris but we can allow ourselves a slight twinge of satisfaction over our trading performance in the last three months. The Christmas period was uneventful and RSL House staff took a well deserved break. Most of those members, who became unfinancial due to administration confusion, have been contacted and have renewed their membership. This was a poor state of affairs and we have ensured that this can’t happen again by creating checks at the end of the year. This should stop a repeat of this problem. Our Welfare system is operating effectively – we are able to take care of our Veterans and members. Arrangements for the replacement of the wreath on the Cotton Tree Park Memorial are well advanced and the matter should be resolved by ANZAC Day. In March of this year we shall have our first Annual General Meeting, at which some Board positions will be elected as we move towards a rotational election system. A notice about the procedure involved has been placed in the Reception areas of both the Sub Branch buildings. I personally thank all our fine staff for the work they do, and, the way they go about their daily tasks. This place would simply not work without them. I look forward to working with you all in the month to come. Ciao! Harvey Fewings MAICD Maroochy RSL CEO

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Welfare Report

Residents of RSL Care Tantula Rise Retirement Community in Alexandra Headland, Ron Wakefield (R) and Peg Hanna (next page) enjoy a chat with Wally Gibbons our nursing home visitor.

Although we are now heading into March, welcome to the first report of the year from the Welfare team. Our new Driver Social Support Officer, Tony Ernst is settling in well and has carried out transport and social support over the last month or so. We have a number of volunteers on board with a few on the waiting list wishing to offer their services. Thank you to all that have been in touch recently, we have not forgotten your kind offers and will be in touch when the need arises.

channels. Basically, analogue TV signals are being replaced with digital only signals. An easy way to tell if you have a digital TV is, if you can view ABC2, SBS2, 7TWO, GO or Eleven, then you have access to digital TV. Don’t worry if you do not have a compatible TV, you do not have to buy a new one, most current analogue TV’s will be able to receive digital TV by adding a set top box.

Digitial TV Switchover Many of you would have seen and heard the term ‘Digital Switchover’ in the media over the last few months. What this means is analogue TV is being turned off in May, and unless you have a TV which is digitally compatible or a set top box installed you will not be able to receive any free to air TV 06 | MAROOCHY RSL - caring for the veteran community


There is Government assistance available to help offset the cost of this transition, to find out if you are eligible for the Household Assistance Scheme, firstly you need to own a working TV and receive the full rate of one of the following payments: • Age Pension • Disability Support Pension • Carer Payment • Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Service Pension • DVA Income Support Supplement. The Household Assistance Scheme provides a complete package of support which includes the following services: installation of digital equipment, warranty and one year of aftercare support. In addition to this, if you currently have a TV which is digitally compatible but the reception is poor you may be eligible to receive assistance to upgrade this service. The Department of Human Services is currently sending out letters inviting you to contact them before 28 May 2013 to assist with your application and eligibility status. Please contact the Department of Human Services on 1800 556 443 or for further information and guidance.

Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme (PTSS) Do you need to travel to a public hospital which is at least 50 kilometres away from your local hospital, and are in need of some financial assistance? A scheme run by the Queensland Government which is administered by Queensland public hospitals called the Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme PTSS may be the answer to relieve your financial pressure. The PTSS is managed by Queensland public hospitals and they plan, approve and reimburse all approved PTSS applications. What is the Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme? The (PTSS) provides financial assistance for travel and accommodation to patients and in certain cases, their carers, to enable them to access essential specialist health services that are not available locally. The aim of the scheme is to assist patients who need to travel more than 50 kilometres from their nearest public hospital to see their specialist because their treatment is not available at their local public hospital. Each application is different and is based on a variation of needs and eligibility, for example; clinical needs, must be a Queensland resident and must have a doctors referral. Pre-approval must be sought prior to travel. Please note: it is only a subsidy scheme and is not designed to fund all of the expenses associated with the trip. For a full description of this scheme, application forms and further information please liaise with your GP, your local public hospital, phone 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) or log onto: Sharon Moore Maroochy RSL Welfare Manager Reveille AUTUMN edition 2013 | 07

Medical Corps to Master of Ceremonies Proving his dedication to service, Maroochy RSL is delighted to have John Gavin as the master of ceremonies for our ANZAC Day services each year. John joined the Citizen Military Forces, what we now know as the Army Reserves, in 1959. He was called up for National Service and completed his training within the Citizen Military Forces. “I was working for the ANZ Bank when I was first called up for National Service” John said. On the 8th January in 1959, serving in the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps, John completed a compulsory three months of full-time training and a further two years of Citizen Military Forces training. After that time John remained in the Medical Corps for 13 years, rising to the rank of Lieutenant and transferring to many towns throughout Australia. Initially, John was stationed in Townsville where he served on the 9th Field Ambulance before being transferred to Brisbane to serve in the Casualty Clearing Station for the Army. He then moved to Dalby and into Infantry, as there was no Medical Corp. It was his later move to Maroochydore with ANZ Bank, where John began his relationship with Maroochy RSL, initially being a

committee member, John then joined the Sub Branch where he later became a trustee for the RSL. After John’s retirement from ANZ Bank, he was approached by two members of the RSL to take up the position of Secretary at the Maroochydore RSL Sub Branch and he agreed, serving as Secretary from 2001-2008. In 2010, John was awarded Life Membership of the Maroochydore RSL Sub Branch for his commitment as a valued member of our Club for more than 27 years. John said he was humbled to receive the unexpected acknowledgement for work he loved to do. “I’m very honoured and I certainly didn’t know it was coming,” he said. “I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my time at the Maroochy RSL and it is very rewarding now to have the special role of Master of Ceremonies for the commemoration days.” John Gavin will assist the Club to commemorate both the dawn and main ANZAC Day services this year – we look forward to welcoming all members and guests for these important services. Refer to the back cover for more information about ANZAC Day.

08 | MAROOCHY RSL - caring for the veteran community

PRESERVING OUR HISTORY The Maroochydore Returned Soldiers Sailors and Airmen’s Imperial League of Australia Memorial Hall was officially opened by the local Parliamentarian Frank Nicklin, (later Sir Francis Nicklin Premier of Queensland) in August 1941.

Volunteer Defence Corps Maroochydore, at the Hall 1942 Do you know any of the people in this photo? If so, please contact Joe McCaffery at RSL House Museum on 5443 1719

During World War 2 the Hall was used to entertain troops stationed in the area and those visiting on leave. The Maroochydore RSSAILA Memorial Hall had another role in World War 2. From 1942 until the end of the war, it was the assembly point of the Maroochydore troopers of the 6th Battalion Volunteer Defence Corps. The Memorial Hall later developed into the Maroochydore RSL and Ex-Service Club Inc. Ref: Keeping the Faith, Lindsay Wilson MBW OAM, Maroochydore RSL Sub Branch 2003 Reveille Reveille summer AUTUMN edition edition 2012/13 2013 | 09

History of Cotton Tree Cenotaph The importance of recreating the Cotton Tree Cenotaph to replicate the original design by former ex-Navy man and Sub Branch member, Mr Hugh Anderson, means a great deal to Life Member of Maroochydore RSL Sub Branch, Laurie Drinkwater. Laurie Drinkwater has been a member of the Sub Branch for the last 36 years and says he was honoured to be a part of helping to build the original Cenotaph in 1986. Before that first Cenotaph was erected a Memorial Cairn stood in its place which was constructed in 1961 after two years of planning and fundraising. It was in 1984 that the Sub Branch decided to replace the Memorial Cairn with a more prestigious Cenotaph designed by Hugh Anderson. The design of the Cenotaph embodied four wings, supported by a central column and topped by a large concrete wreath. The four wings are dedicated to Australia’s Navy, Army, Air Force and Merchant Navy. The Cenotaph cost approximately $6,000 to erect and the funds were generated by the Sub Branch and the Women’s Auxiliary. The Cenotaph was officially dedicated by the Governor of Queensland, Commodore Sir James Ramsay KCMG KCVO CBE DSC, on Sunday 16 March 1986.

In 2004, almost 20 years later, the original Cenotaph was deemed unsafe due to salt air erosion. A survey of the Cenotaph by a team of Consultant Engineers showed that it could not be restored and had to be replaced. The Sub Branch members chose to keep the design as close to the original as possible, using materials that would better withstand the Sunshine Coast weather and ensure the Cenotaph will remain standing for decades to come. The new Cenotaph cost more than $105,500 and was erected in 2006. In 2009 the memorial wall and gardens were added to create the commemorative “Veterans’ Precinct” now on display. The 2009 upgrade cost an additional $88,000 and included five plinths, a low curving memorial wall with the words “Lest We Forget”. The Tri Service plaque is mounted on the centre plinth, the other four plinths each carry a single word Courage, Loyalty, Mateship and Sacrifice. One thing, however, was missing and a number of Sub Branch Committee members including Laurie Drinkwater were disappointed that the new design did not incorporate Hugh Anderson’s concrete wreath. In 2012, Laurie and three other Life Members of the Maroochydore RSL Sub Branch decided to submit a proposal to re-establish the wreath, in memory of Hugh.

10 | MAROOCHY RSL - caring for the veteran community

Laurie said that restoring the wreath atop the Cenotaph was important for honouring Hugh, but also acknowledged each and every Ex-Service man and woman it represented. “We made it our mission to get the wreath back up,” Laurie said. “It really is a memorial for all those lost during the war and everyone who fought for their country,” he said.

In 2012 , Laurie a nd three other Life Me mbers o Marooc f the hydore R S L Sub B decided ran to subm it a prop ch to re-es osal tablish the wre ath, in mem ory of Hugh A nderson .

“I was here and helped to build the original one and as a close friend of Hugh’s, I think it’s only fitting to see his design replaced as closely to the original as possible. It means a lot to me and is symbolic for us all.” The proposal for the wreath was approved and it is currently being commissioned by local sculptor Jan Kelder, for completion this year.

Photos taken and supplied by Shirley and Trevor McIvor.

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Women’s Auxiliary Cent Auction Monday 13th May - RSL House Doors open 9.00am Admission $3 includes: lucky door prize and morning tea

Over 100 great quality prizes! We are hosting a cent auction to raise money for Veterans and their families in our community.

Cent Auction

How it works? At the front of the cent auction display you find a series of boxes numbered to match the prizes. You purchase tickets (retain the stub to claim your prizes), and the rest of the tickets are the ‘bids’. You can place as many tickets as you want in each box, if there is one particular item that you are after you can place all your tickets in that box, or you can spread them over all the prizes.

When the auction closes, the box is removed from the cent auction display area and taken to the ‘auctioneer’ who draws a ticket from the box. The winning number is announced and the holder of that numbered stub is able to claim their prize. Cent auctions are a lot of fun that can be enjoyed by all ages.

QUEENSLAND MEDALS • Medal Mounting and Refurbishment

• Replicas and Miniatures

• Replacement of Medals

• Heritage Framing

ANZAC Day is approaching fast, if your medals need to be cleaned or mounted now is the time to call Kym Presgrave for assistance and more information (07) 5478 4830 or Mobile: 0402 04 1952 Medals can be left at the Sub Branch for Kym to pick up and then returned.

12 | MAROOCHY RSL - caring for the veteran community


Understanding & Accessing Aged Care Today The Seven Important Steps Everyone Should Know Thursday 30th May 6.00pm - 8.30pm Maroochy RSL Memorial Avenue, Maroochydore Supper Provided Speaker: Drew Dwyer – Senior Gerontologist

Attend this free community event to learn how the Aged Care System in Australia works and have all your questions answered by an industry expert. Understand the different options for care and have the information you need to make informed decisions. This event is for all community members who are interested in Aged Care including older Australians, their children and family members, as well as Care Workers. Helen Williams, Lifestyle Manager for RSL Care will share what services are available at Tantula Rise, located at Alexandra Headland. This bright and modern Residential Community offers a range of needs from low to high care, secure dementia care, as well as respite and extra service accommodation. Retirement Living with RSL Care is about feeling independent and safe to enjoy the lifestyle that’s right for you. Michael Rowland, from Whittaker Macnaught will discuss the many factors to consider before moving into residential aged care, including your eligibility, the costs involved and the effect on your finances and lifestyle. They can help ensure your assets and income are structured effectively, minimising any changes to your pension payments and ensuring you have sufficient income to support your lifestyle and care needs. To reserve your seat for this free event please call RSL House on (07) 5443 1719 and speak to Sharon or email Please RSVP by Friday 24 May Proudly sponsored by Frontline Care Solutions, RSL Care, Whittaker Macnaught and Maroochy RSL

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Care Packages for Timor Leste CAPT Steve Bennett sent the following letter to express his thanks on behalf of the ADF personnel serving in Timor Leste that received Care Packages recently. A big thank you to those involved, the Maroochydore RSL Sub Branch provided $2,000 of support.

omen am, air men and w Dear Sir / Ma’ d women and an t heartfelt en m os a m a se e soldiers, h to extend th is w of I lf 1 ha 63 F be n JT O ste with been tasked ing in Timor Le friends. I have d an rs e of be em currently serv your m get to every on ank you to all care packages e n es he th w re and sincere th rs su ing the membe sibility of mak preciation of ap lt e cu th ffi di as with the respon a sk in ful ta we are not . It is a delight ing. Although m e ar th w e our members t ar ar as he is come, eir packages me is very wel they receive th the touch of ho e, st Le or m Ti in lia. situation here nd ters in Austra e moving arou by our suppor nt se s tie ce r members ar ni ou of y an m em , e for th nsition Email, so I writ process of tra ss to Defence As we are in a ce at this time ac ly ve al ci ha w pe e and fe a lot to us, es n ea m a lot at this tim fts gi and your thoughts all when I say . as to the school tm Chris r appreciation ou leading up to nd te ex I must also ds the Care ntribute towar king the RSL, co an th ed lp am I he t ls ve Whi udent from hers that ha ey, a year 7 st or ilies and teac C m m /fa ts fro r en en tte ud st I have a le tion for the m my own pack and apprecia r tte le e any er m nc of Packages. In ol. His si is but one ek State Scho d although he an n/ g, re in ild ov Mountain Cre ch m quite thank the the ADF was ns be found to ea m e m and women of so that e, I would ask children to writ uting schools. rib nt co e th of f af st d an s familie e of the ADF here in servic , From all of us y neighbours dl and her frien lia ra st Au d an ank you all. we humbly th rds, Sincerest rega Bennett Captain Steve JTF631

Timor Leste

14 | MAROOCHY RSL - caring for the veteran community

KOKODA RE-VISITED Kerrie Phipps is an amazing young lady who accompanied her Grandfather, Garnett Tobin, to Kokoda in Papua New Guinea on the 3rd November 2012 for the 70th Anniversary of the raising of the Australian Flag on Kokoda Plateau, signifying the successful retaking of Kokoda by Australian forces from the Imperial Japanese Army on 3rd November 1942. It was also the first time, since 1942, that Garnett Tobin, who is 94 and a Veteran of the Kokoda Campaign, had been back to Kokoda. Kerrie Phipps has recorded her Kokoda experiences in print, photos and videos.

the HT Kienzle Memorial Museum. Garn made a similar speech at each informal occasion “The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels looked after our boys and you are descendants of those Fuzzy Wuzzys and you have treated us exactly as they would have, and we’re very proud of you.” Grandad and Owen enjoyed the view and chatted about their time in PNG 70 years ago and this return visit…. Owen: “Never thought I’d get back here” Garn: “It’s a lot more peaceful this time”

These are some of Kerrie’s thoughts on the trip.

Owen: (laughs) “No bang-bang! No bang-bang.”

Upon our arrival in Kokoda, at “Priscilla’s Guesthouse” we heard shouts of “ORO ORO”(sounds a little like aura aura) which is “Welcome” - we felt it, even before it was interpreted.

Their conversations were funny, fascinating, and an honour to listen to.

I wrote in my journal on the day – “Priscilla took Grandad’s hand, and then mine, and we stood as they danced towards us, beating their drums and singing in their language “Welcome our father, our grandfather, we welcome you.” Their welcome and sense of gratitude was evident; it was beautiful and a privilege. The respect, honour and gratitude they have towards our veterans is amazing. Kokoda is in the ORO province of PNG. It’s not just a word but a way of life. We spent the week with veterans Owen Baskett and Bede Tongs in and around Kokoda, visiting the school, and other places of significance such as the Mamba Estate and

We all participated in the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels’ Day, commemorating 70 years since the defeat of the Japanese and raising of the Australian Flag at Kokoda, on 3 November 1942. Finally, Garn, Bede, Owen and George were invited by Patrick Lindsay and Dr Genevieve Nelson, CEO of Kokoda Track Foundation, to ‘turn the first sod’ at the site of the Kokoda College, which is to be built in 2013 for training medical students and teachers. Garn was so happy to have made the trip, especially as this time “the only shooting was by cameras” and then he was so glad to get home to his wife, Violet, as he “missed his girl.”(His wife of 68 years.) Readers may wish to read more of Garn’s adventures in Kokoda on

Reveille AUTUMN edition 2013 | 15

Defence Force Recruiting

Maroochydore Update

It has been a very busy start to the year, with a facilities upgrade for our centre, moving from our old premises in Plaza Parade to our brand new centre at 35 - 39 Primary School Court, Maroochydore. We have around 6 times more operational space, and will now hold Your Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) sessions and Assessment days locally here at our office. We also welcome in the new Senior Military Recruiting Officer for Maroochydore, CAPT Andrew Crowe who has taken the reigns from January 2013. At the start of each year, we gear up our recruiting campaigns with year 9 - 12 students firmly in our scope. With the cancellation of the Gap Year Program last year, Army has now introduced 12 roles that only require a one year commitment. At the end of the year, it becomes the member’s choice to stay in the Army or discharge. These roles are targeted at the current generation and women in particular, which is a great way to get an introduction to ADF life. All training continuums are the same as a Soldier who signs on for 4 - 6 years, and will receive the same qualifications post Military and Employment training. Applicants must be 16.5 years old to start the application process and 17 on the day they join.

DFR recently hosted a morning tea at our new premises for our 2013 Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) appointees. During the event current ADFA Staff Cadets spoke with the next class of Cadets and their families about life at the Academy, University and the Military. For year 11 and 12 students looking for a rewarding career with a fast track to management and leadership roles, ADFA is a fantastic opportunity. Students are paid between $37,088 and $52,358 whilst studying, in addition to subsidised accommodation, food, tuition fees and text books. On completion of their degree which is awarded through the University of New South Wales, Cadets are guaranteed a job as an ADF Officer. The application process is open to applicants when they turn 16 and must be 17 on the day they join. Due to the competitive aspect of these highly sort after positions, we encourage that students begin the application process as soon as they turn 16. Our next information sessions will be held from 6 - 8pm Wednesday 13 March 2013 (General information and Australian Defence Force Academy) and Thursday 21 March (Royal Military College Duntroon). To book, contact our office at 07 5459 8700 or email us at

16 | MAROOCHY RSL - caring for the veteran community


DFR LEADERSHIP Defence Force Recruiting welcomes Captain Andrew Crowe as their new Senior Military Recruiting Officer for Maroochydore. Captain Andrew Crowe was born on 14 October 1984 in Manly, NSW. After completing his Higher School Certificate at Waverley College, he enlisted into the Australian Regular Army on 4 July 2003 and began training at the Royal Military College – Duntroon. He graduated in December 2004 and took up his initial appointment as a Ground Based Air Defence Troop Commander in the 16th Air Defence Regiment in Adelaide. Shortly after he commenced his posting at 16 AD Regiment, Captain Crowe re-aligned his career with Surveillance and Target Acquisition, serving with the 20th Surveillance and Target Acquisition Regiment in Brisbane’s Enoggera Barracks. His first posting to the Regiment in 2006 saw him fulfill the role of the first Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Troop Commander which saw him work as part of the team inserting both Skylark and ScanEagle Unmanned Aerial Vehicles into Army service. In 2007 he saw operational service in Afghanistan as the Troop Commander of the first Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Task Group working in support of the Australian Special Operations Task Group, Reconstruction Task Force and other coalition nations. In 2008 Captain Crowe served as a Recruit Training Platoon Commander at the Army Recruit Training Centre – Kapooka. He has since returned to the 20th Surveillance and Target Acquisition Regiment as the Battery Captain of 131 STA Battery. In 2010 Captain Crowe again deployed to Afghanistan with the Unmanned Aerial Group rotation 7, working primarily to assist in setting

up the joint US/Australian Headquarters in Uruzgan Province as well as working closely in the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance space with the Special Operations Task Force and Mentoring Task Force. Captain Crowe is now posted to Defence Force Recruiting, where he is the Career Promotions Team Leader for South Queensland. Captain Crowe’s honors and awards include the Australian Active Service Medal with the International Coalition Against Terror clasp, the Afghanistan Campaign Medal, the Defence Force Service Medal, the NATO International Security Assistance Force Medal for Afghanistan and the Army Combat Badge. Captain Crowe grew up in Oatley, NSW. He is a keen sportsman with his main interests being Rugby Union, Touch Football and CrossFit. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Business majoring in Leadership and Management. Reveille AUTUMN edition 2013 | 17

OPERATION RESOLUTE OP Resolute is the Australian Defence Force’s contribution to the whole-ofgovernment effort to protect Australia’s borders and offshore maritime interests. OP Resolute commenced on 17 July 2006 and is a Joint Task Force involving Navy, Army and Air Force. The security and protection of the Australia’s maritime domain under OP Resolute identifies and protects Australia from security threats such as: • Irregular maritime arrivals; • Maritime terrorism; • Piracy, robbery and violence at sea; • Compromise to bio-security; • Illegal activity in protected areas; • Illegal exploitation of natural resources (eg. Illegal fishing); • Marine pollution; and • Prohibited imports and exports.

In addition to this, the ADF personnel support the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in the establishment of temporary offshore processing facilities. The ADF resources allocated to OP Resolute comprise: • Air Force AP-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft to provide aerial surveillance of Australia’s north-west and northern approaches; • Navy Armidale Class Patrol Boats (ACPBs) operating daily throughout Australia’s northern offshore maritime areas; • Australian Army Regional Force Surveillance Unit (RFSU) patrols which conduct land based security operations; • A Transit Security Element (TSE) of approximately 36 Navy personnel who embark on the ACPBs; and • A standby Navy Major Fleet Unit (MFU) for northern waters response.

18 | MAROOCHY RSL - caring for the veteran community

Since the beginning of OP Resolute, there have been more than 1400 Armidale and Fremantle Class Patrol Boat personnel involved. The AP-3C Orion’s have flown more than 9,000 hours and in excess of 7,000 regional force surveillance man-days have been committed to the Joint Task Force. At any one time, up to 400 ADF personnel are at sea, in the air, and on the land working as part of OP Resolute to protect Australia’s borders and maritime interests.

Reveille AUTUMN edition 2013 | 19

a Soldier’s Diary Original excerpt from the diary of F.E. Favell. Frank Favell’s son, Neil Favell donated his father’s diary to the Maroochydore RSL Sub Branch Military Museum.

25-5-15 H.M.S Triumph was torpedoed this morning at 12.35pm. She was seen by us to have a good deal of a list on immediately afterwards and in 12 minutes you could only see the red keel and at 1pm she disappeared under the water. This boat has played the very deuce with the enemy and altho’ being a fairly old ship she was a serious loss to us. Periscope of submarine can be seen from 2nd Bn close into the shore and moving north at about 2 miles (enemys). Things very quiet this morning only a few rounds of shrapnel being fired. Very little rifle fire. The Triumph fired a broadside as she was going down. Was on phone from 12 - 4pm. Nothing much doing down our part of the line. Occasional showers of rain which made ground very slippery down side of hill. One has only to slip a little and unless he is very fortunate he will find himself mixed up with the mud at the foot. Issue of tobacco and cigarettes today all the boys are beginning to feel a bit lively and although some large game is bagged there is plenty more. Our casualties are very light. 26-5-15 On phone from 4 - 8am. Things are very quiet in firing line. Only usual sniping. Hardly any shrapnel today. 4th reinforcements are at A.R. at 7 o’clock. Landed todays, came on Destroyers from Lemnos. Were in Egypt for about a week. Am on phone from 8 - 12pm. Our hydro-plane dropped a couple of bombs on enemy trenches about 7pm.

Heavy enemy rifle fire at 7.40pm but otherwise all quiet. 27-5-15 Heavy artillery fire at 6am but it caused no damage. News of the loss of the H.M.S. Majestic came through to Bde Hd Qrs last night. “Of the Triumphs compliment of 750 nearly 700 were saved” came from Aust. Div for information of troops. Sniping more than usual in Monash Gully yesterday, 27 casualties. A good deal of bomb dropping was done by Japanese guns at mid-day. Hydro-plane also dropped a couple this morning and once again in the evening, but was unable to ascertain as to damage done or otherwise. Can’t make out why enemys artillery is so quiet. 28-5-15 Was on phone 4 - 8 am morning dull. Issue with a new (damp) flannel shirt which I am trying to dry. Casualties very few in our trenches. Shrapnel was very close to our posy this afternoon. Received two letters one from Mum and one from Muriel L - Our 6” Howitzers are playing rather roughly with the Turks. All sorts of tricks are played to draw the enemys fire. Last night a party of our men went in an unused trench and made a devil of a row, accompanied with a few occasional volleys, and the Turks thought we were going to attack them, and for several hours poured lead in the direction of where the noise was. Was on the phone 8 - 12pm. The report came through tonight that one of the allies submarines had

20 | MAROOCHY RSL - caring for the veteran community

penetrated the Dardanelles and had sunk 2 Turkish gun boats and 4 Turkish transports. This news was posted up in “Wireless News” on beach. Also heard of loss of 2 enemy submarines. Our sub had only taken 7 torpedos and had missed the first but made good with the (illegible) 29-5-15 Was wakened out of sleep at 3.30am by very heavy artillery fire and incessant rifle and machine gun fire. The enemy simply raked Monash Gully with their shrapnel. Early in the morning they had exploded a mine under our positions at Qrs Post and following up with bomb throwing they had taken it from our men, who however re-took the trench and three others besides. Was on phone from 12 - 4pm. Estimated casualties about 100. 30-5-15 Was on phone 4 - 8am. Was relieved from AR at 8pm and returned to BHQ. Several large shells exploded near our position but beyond breaking the trenches away did very little damage.

10-6-15 Weather very muggy and dusty. Went down to beach during afternoon with despatch. Occasional shrapnel. Was on com 11.15pm - 1.30am. 11-6-15 Mail has not arrived yet. Very dusty today. Close shrapnel today at 6.30am bursting on ridge close behind us. Flies very bad. My dug out at AR has been filled up by the continual drift of loose earth down side of ridge. On birthday canteen ship was in the cover but was unable to procure any goods as our section as usual was like cows tail. Mail went out today sent a card home. 15-6-15 There has been nothing of any note lately except occasional days of shrapnel which at times were very close. We are moving to new Bde Hd Qrs this morning. Rain during morning. Started to make dug out. Large holes all over place made by 8” shells. 16-6-15 Did a couple of trips to D HQ, a little shrapnel and broke a good deal of parapets away. Attack expected tonight.

31-5-15 Was on commentation from 1.30 - 3.45am. Went to beach about 11am. Issued with new pair of braces. Things very quiet.

17-6-15 Nothing doing. Things very quiet, went to to D HQ and seen Mr Green who is very well.

1-6-15 Was on com. from 3.45 - 6am. Went down to beach 11.30am. Had a swim. Good-o.

18-6-15 Finished dug out this morning. Was on phone from 10 - 2pm. There has been very little firing lately. Had a taste of bread last Sunday (the first for 7 weeks) and have been getting it every 3rd day since.

2-6-15 Was on com 9.00 - 1.20pm things very quiet. 6-6-15 Nothing extraordinary happened lately things very quiet. Send out to AR at 8pm. 7-6-15 Am 21 today, was relieved from AR. Williams making a mess of things again. Fancy sending a man out there for less than 24 hours, wants his brain brushed. Turks are said to be moving under our position at AR. Can be heard working. 9-6-15 Went down to beach during afternoon. Very heavy artillery duel about 6pm.

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Maroochydore RSL Sub Branch Inc RSL House 106 Memorial Ave, Maroochydore Phone: 07 5443 1719 Fax: 07 5443 7551 e-mail: Monday to Thursday 9.00am - 4.00pm Friday 9.00am - 1.00pm Museum Hours Monday to Thursday 9.00am - 2.00pm Friday 9.00am - 12.00pm 2013 General Meetings 18 March 2013 15 April 2013 20 May 2013

Naval Association of Australia

The Maroochy Waters Sub-Section Meets at RSL House, Maroochydore on the second Sunday each month at 10.30am. 2013 Meetings 10 March 2013 14 April 2013 12 May 2013 Expressions of interest and all enquiries should be directed to the Secretary at PO Box 615, Maroochydore QLD 4558 Phone: 5443 1719

QLD TPI Association

(Sunshine Coast Branch)

The Australian Federation of Totally and Permanently Incapacitated Ex-Servicemen and Women (Queensland Branch) Inc. The above organisation is a member of the State and Federal Body operating on the Sunshine Coast and meets on the third Wednesday of each month at RSL House, Maroochydore at 10.30am. 2013 Meetings 20 March 2013 17 April 2013 15 May 2013 Please feel free to come along to the meetings, Partners are most welcome. For any additional information please contact Tony Cresswick-Jackson, Secretary on 5493 4719 or 0400 576 118 e-mail:

Legacy Laurel Club


Meetings are held at RSL House, Maroochydore on the fourth Friday of each month at 9.00am. 2013 Meetings 22 March 2013 26 April 2013 24 May 2013 All eligible widows are most welcome. Sunshine Coast Legatees are always available to assist with any concerns members may have. For additional information contact: Nita on 5453 4329 or Barbara on 5445 4768

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Ex-Service Women’s Association

Our meetings are happy ones and well attended. The ‘Healthy Away’ days, the social activity that takes place between meetings, also have a good turnout at Cotton Tree and continue to be an enjoyable outing for all. New members, from all Services are always welcome. Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month.

Military Communications One reason the Services have trouble operating jointly is that they don’t appear to speak the same language. • For example, if you told Navy personnel to “secure a building,” they would turn off the lights and lock the doors.

2013 Meetings 7 March 2013 4 April 2013 2 May 2013

• Army personnel would occupy the building so no one could enter. • Marines would assault the building, capture it, and defend it with suppressive fire and close combat.

Where: RSL House, Maroochydore is still the place to be for a cuppa and a chat at 10.00am with the meeting commencing at 10.30am. Cost: $5.00 per annum. We look forward to seeing all the older members and many new.

• The Air Force, on the other hand, would take out a three-year lease with an option to buy.

Come and join us. Contact: Janice on 5444 5248 or Lorraine on 5448 6037

Women’s Auxiliary Maroochydore RSL Sub Branch

Meetings are on the first Monday each month at 9.30am for a cuppa and chat, meeting starts at 10.00am. 2013 Meetings 4 March 2013 No Meeting (Easter Monday) 6 May 2013 For more information call the Secretary, Andrena King on 5496 9081

War Widows’ Guild Maroochydore

We aim to protect the interests of all War Widows and offer a program of social activities to promote friendship. Meetings are on the forth Monday of each month. Morning Tea from 9.00am, General Meeting 10.00am. Members are invited to meet afterwards at the Club for a bite to eat and chat. 2013 Meetings 25 March 2013 15 April 2013 27 May 2013 Contact: Shirley Murphy 5437 6560

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ANZAC Day Thursday 25 April 2013

Dawn Service

Commences 4.15am at Cenotaph - The Esplanade, Cotton Tree

Morning Service

Marching Parade commences at 8.30am through Memorial Avenue and onto the Cenotaph at Cotton Tree

Entry to Club by ticket only prior to 1.00pm

This year the Maroochydore RSL Sub Branch has the pleasure of hosting our Veterans-only ANZAC Day Memorial to Ex-Service men and women, and serving men and women, plus their immediate families

Tickets go on sale Monday 25 March 2013 RSL House (During business hours) 9.00am - 4.00pm Monday to Thursday

9.00am - 1.00pm Friday (excluding Good Friday) Maroochy RSL (Evenings and Weekends) 5.00pm - 11.00pm Monday to Thursday 1.30pm - 11.00pm Friday (excluding Good Friday) 8.00am - 11.00pm Saturday 9.00am - 11.00pm Sunday Sub Branch, ex-service and current serving personnel can pre-buy tickets at RSL House. Members of the RSL Sub Branch and all serving/ex-servicemen and women must produce RSL League, service ID or proof of service.

Club opens for normal trading from 1.00pm • Evening Dress Rules apply all day

• Open to Club Members from 1.00pm • Courtesy Bus service available from 1.00pm • Two-up from 1.00pm • Live Entertainment from 6.00pm • Memberships will not be issued prior to 1.00pm • In accordance with the Liquor Act children under 18 years are not permitted during the hours of 5.00am - 5.00pm • Children under 18 years of age are welcome after 5.00pm on ANZAC Day


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Reveille Autumn 2013  

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