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Bridgid McCarren ITGM 705 David Meyers Project 1 Interactive Digital Application Concept Draft


Are you a talented designer looking for opportunities to deliver great work to new clients? Tired of spending hours sorting through postings on job boards and websites? iFreelance provides a quick and easy way to find quality job opportunities by sending them directly to your phone. Then you can easily reply with your contact information, resume, and portfolio all with the click of a button.

iFreelance exhibits all four characteristics of the digital medium, as defined by Janet Murray: it is procedural, in that it follows preferences set up by the user as well as the programs inherent capabilities; it is participatory, in that the user can change their profile and preferences to receive more or less specific opportunities; it is spatial, because it creates a virtual "job board" and “profile”; and finally, it is encyclopedic, for it stores and organizes your personal profile and portfolio samples that the user can modify, rearrange and send to perspective clients. Simply download the app to your phone and set up your profile or visit to get started. Once there you can create a business card and mini-portfolio. On the “portfolio” page you can post images, resume and any other relevant files or links for clients to download or view. Then go to your preferences and answer a series of questions that will help iFreelance know what type of opportunities you are looking for so that it can generate the best possible matches. For example, you can add your zip code and request only local opportunities are sent to you. Or you can determine that you are only interested in working on logo designs and branding or only interactive projects. You can set parameters for minimum pay requirements or length of time required for project. Potential clients will log-on to iFreelance and post their job opportunities and answer a series of profile questions about the job posting, such as location, pay scale, expected time required and type of services. From there the new job will enter a database and be matched against the existing designer profiles. When a job matches your set preferences, it will automatically send a message to your phone. Then iFreelance app icon will add a small number to the upper right corner of the icon so that you are aware of the new opportunity. When you tap the icon the newest opportunity will open up automatically displaying the most immediate, important information about the job. At the bottom of the screen you have two options. You can select the “I’m interested” button or the “keep looking” button. If you select “I’m interested’ you will be directed to a screen that gives you the option of “applying” simply select any images from your “portfolio” by double clicking the image thumbnail. Once you have selected your images press the “hire me” button at the bottom

of the page. iFreelance will join your business card with your selected images and send it to the owner of the job. Once your information has been sent, the owner of the job has the opportunity to either reply with his business card, which you can then file in your “rolodex” or use to contact the client or they can choose to not accept, in which case, you will be notified with a brief, encouraging note from iFreelance. From there it is up to you to make the necessary contact and fulfill the job for the client. Once the job is compete you can send a note to your past clients through iFreelance requesting that they fill out a brief survey of your performance. Each time you receive survey results or comments from a client survey they will be added to your “references” page for future, potential clients to review. If you are a freelancer, iFreelance is the perfect way to gain new clients and help your freelance contacts grow. It also helps you to send the perfect package of quick information and portfolio samples to the client while everyone else is still searching for the post online. And if you are the employer, no longer will you have to wait days or weeks for professional, quality candidates to contact you or sift through stacks of resumes and interview every creative to see their portfolio. iFreelance will deliver all the contact information and portfolio samples that you are looking for saving you time and allowing you to meet the designer, illustrator or writer you need.

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