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Friday, January 5, 1979



convenience of the entire community. We would also urge the FOOT to espouse no plan which is obviously inadequate for the future, or which is contingent upon some doubtful eventually.



~ ~



Tne New Pass Bridge on the southern end of Longboat Key was built. in 1928 and everyone seems to agree that it

must be replaced soon or it could endanger the lives of those who cross over it. Studies have been made regarding a full scale repair job on me bridge, but authorities agree that the under-pinnings are too far gone to make that feasible. So we are faced with the fact that the bridge must be replaced. The questions now before the house are: what kind of a bridge would be best, where should it be located, and what would be the best a" around approach to the bridge from the north and south? In July . 1978 a study was released by the Aorida Depl of Transportation (ooT) which gave three altemalive locations ". focthe bridge (Sec Map) all within a few hundred feet afme

present bridge . At the same time. studies were made which indicated that if a bridge were65' high, men 98%ofthe boats would be able to pass under it, !hus CUlling down the traffic jams due to open bridges as is often the case of the Ringling Causeway Bridge and most other bridges in the area. Along with this problem, taxpayers and 'government employees at all levels have been made aware of the advantages and disadvantages of a bridge linking Longboat Key to !he mainland. Again, it's aquestion of where it should be located: mid Longboat Key or southern end of the west, and 10th or 17th streets in Sarasota. - The controversy over ... propoMd '' ' ' ' Pue ~c:ondnuM, - - - - - - ~ . '"~.--"~ ~-- ·~-- ---State Rep- Pat· Neal of Bradenton spoke to the problem-at In Juty 1978, the Florida Dept. of Transportation reluMd a report which declared the new bridge woukS not nava aignlflcm1t adverse . f . .. effects u the uallty 01 the human or natural environment. This report dlscuuecllhrM attemate bridge designs It, B" C shown the last m~etm.g 0 the Sarasot~ Manate:' Area Transportation bo pon q Study . HIS pOints were so logical that It seemed superfluous e " • A'l ternate A"IS adra b "d ge WI"th 25'ee I boaI c Iearance I0 Th e FOOT J u Iy report rna de a fiInn recommen dallOn " ' or to . bring. them before the SMATS group. "Build a high rise wn . . . f h Id b 'd Th' I Id It . Allemate B. bridge With the straightest posstble approaches which ~ he west 0 t ~ 0 n ge . IS pan wou resu In an disturbs the least number of homes, and when it's started, Impr~ve~ent In the dangerous ~urve on Hwy . 789 at Obviously no plan will suit everyone . and Alternate B is consider the mainland bridge." ~oml~gslde Dr. and WOUld. also Imp.rove the sharp curve no exception. In July, the affected people on the west side of This was the plan the DOT recommended in July but nOw Immediately ahead of the bndge on Lido Key . Four homes Lido Shores went to work to save the two houses which THE OBSERVER learns that the DOT is about to reverse would be lost. Traffic stoppage on the quarter hour would would be lost. They were politically effective and were able, . If occur for drawbridge operation . through their Lido Shores Property Owner's Assoc . and their Itse.. . . " fi d " "Ih 65'ee I boaI c Iearance on This IS purely rumor, but at the Jan. 16th meellng of The attorney , ormer State Se nator Tam G aII en 0 f Bra denlon 10 Al lo rnate B. IS a Ixe. .span WI .. . Sarasota County Commission, (10 am Room C, Sarasota the western sld~, obVIating the need for a draw~rtdge . This get attention shifted to Plan C on the east side ~ until the County Court House), the DOT will unveil its plan for the plan, representing the shonest path through LIdo Shores, people on the east side of Lido Shores pointed o ut that s i x . ... . . .. " " h dan M " "d d h db " Id be I b h I Th bridge that would In lIS opmlon be most In the pubJtc mterest: Id I gerou~ ~ urve at orn~ngsl.e an omes an two uSlnesses wou ost y t at pan . e a small drawbridge with curved approaches . wou e.lmlnate t e proceed 10 a gradual curve to reJoin Gulf of Mextco drive on result was opposition to both plans by the Lido Shores Assoc. C " d P 2 " "d ontmue on age Longboat Key adjacent to the Longboat Key Clb u tenms anh t e request to FDOT that yet another plan be developed. couns . Two homes and one business office would be lost. The FOOT has complied and will make a presentation of Alternate C is a fixed span with 65 feet clearance on the the new plan at 10:00 am in Room C, Sarasota County At Deadline ... eastern side. This plan would improve but not eliinate the Courthouse on Tuesday, Jan . 16. 1979. Commissioners' Tempers Short curve at Morningside; it would also mitigate the approach to Traffic will conceivably be backed up through St. At Mention of New Pass Bridge the bridge by arching the bridge to the east in a long sweeping Armand's circle and for miles on Longboat. An Arvida tenThe agenda for Wed. meeti ng of lhe LBK Commissioners looked curve to Longboat Key. Six homes would be lost and two story hotel, on which the building permit has been requested, innocuous enough, but within minules Mayor Oelu and Harold Jenkins were businesses. All residents on the east side of Lido Shores is a funher complication and this paper feels that projeclS of shouting at each orner, Clair Bell and Sam Secgal were inlemlpting each other: and the remaining commissiol"lClS were wailing for the fireworXs 10 would be forced to use a new and special access road which this magnitude must be he ld in abeyance until a satisfactory pass so the agenda items could be disposed of. would pass under the southern part of the bridge . This would solution to the New Pass bridge problem is achieved . We are Subje<::t of the heated discussion was New Pass Bridge. ils local ion and establish a heavier traffic pattern through the western pan of not naive; development will not stop on Longboat, but we type . Mayor Oehs wanted the Commissi()IICrs 10 invile D.C.T . 10 hold a Lido Shores, including all Mote Marine and City Island Park must insist on the highway syslem 10 support it. public hearing in the LBK Town Hall following the Jan. IOlh meeling in Sansou. (Meeling is scheduled to hear a repon by OOT which allegedly traffic. This plan would inconvenience both East and West We would urge our friends on Lido Shores 10 reconsider recommends a draw bridge.) The Mayor thinks the meeling will be clo:;ed Lido Shores. to Alternate B in the interest ofthe

The New Pass Bridge Fixed or Bascule?

and Sansou County Commission Chairperson Beve rly Clay will not pcnnit







him to speak. Harold Jenkins and Clair Bell are against the idea. Sam Seegel, the Town 's rep. on SMATS asked thai by the Feb. meeting, he be adyised how the Commissionc~ felt aboUI the bridge. The Mayorsaid he wanted to make sure the opinions of the Townspeople were heard. Town Manager Allgire said he felt the survey made in thespring of 1978 by lhe Town was as ac<:urate as possible . Ctaire Bell disagreed. (The survey asked what type of bridge should be buill. 74% wanled a high fiKed bridge; 26% wanled a low drawbridge.) Sam Seege l fe ll a low drawbridge wou ld be a disaster!n light of the future popu lation ofLBK and the possibilily that it be opened every 15 min . Clair Bell said "a 65' bridge oyer a narrow span creates pollution. noise and a disaster area on either side oflhe bridge and approacllCs.·· She also fell the survey was not reprcsenlillive of feelings of the majority. a stalemcnl Allgire deeply rescnled. Once tempe~ had cooled. the Mayor said he was go ing 10 speak 31 the DOT prcsent.ation Jan . loth . tf nol pennilled 10 speak by Chainnan Ms. Beyerly Clay. he would inyile the DOT 10 yisit LBK Town Hall. Manager Atlgire stated the Town Commissioners should take a siand on lhe location of !he bridge and Iypc. or in his words "we'lI have to lake whal SMATS, the Counly and the Florida DOT give us". In olher business, Commissioners approved on lSI Reading new rules for conducting Town meetings (4 pages) and thei r schedu li ng. Wortshos» 2nd and 4th Tues. afternoons; Reg ular Meetings lSI Wed . nighl. plus anicles on decorum, age nda and lK){ices of meetings. Also approved was the budget prov iding for a tempornry fire st.alion. and postponed was the resolution lI1Insferring the LBK Police Depi. to Rcgi0f1 8 until Town Counsel can sludy the matter further. 1l1cy al!iO POSlponed oonsidcralion of variances from selback lines umil "criteria" could bc.~tab.lishe~ with~n lhe amend~enlS zoning ordinances. Meetings on this

........... .1 ..... ''''-'


Cops Corner

The Longboat Observer 524 Gulf Say Road


The Week's Service reports included vandalism, larceny. prowlers, property damage. downed power lines, trespassers. missing property. domestic problems and missing persons . There were JO rescue runs, 5 fire calls, 4 marine problems, 2 burglar alanns. 2 emergency messages delive red and 3 animal complaints. Patrolling officers logged 57 traffic Stops. wrote 17 citations and investigated 4 accidems .

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PARTY TRAYS. HOSPITALITY BASKETS THE LONGBOAT OBSERVER is. communrtyoriented p.per drawins on the t.l.nta of Longboat residents. If you have the t ime and . the inclir1lltion, lind you are int:ereet:ed In helping provide well written, poartiva articles on local s ubjects, we will be happy to review your copy for publication. When printed. we ' ll gt.dly give you a by-lina.


s,-' '. 4-&:lO pm ]15 ...... _ _

8 Daly



AI . - include SIIod a., fnIsh IIabd Pa1ato ... Rioo



There are some who claim that the DOT doesn't really believe this. but that some person or persons has persuaded them to change its mind . Assuming such a possibility to be true. who would be inlerested in a drawbridge rather than a high rise bridge'? There are some, THE OBSERVER is told who live in The Lido Shores Area who feel that their view of the Gulf might be impeeded if a high rise bridge were built. and these are said to be influential people . Could it be that these few people could innuence the mighty DOr? THE OBSERVER feels that this is unlikely,

bUI a possibility. T o make sure your opinion is considered by the DOT, why

nOI do something about it? Whatever your opinions. write them clearly on a piece of paper. make 2 carbon copies and send the original 10 Mr. C. W. Monts d'Oca, District Engineer, Florida DOT. PO Box 1249, Banow , FL. 33830. Keep one copy for your own files and mail the other to THE OBSERVER. We'll be pleased 10 consider publishing the opinions and to keep score, with all names withheld upon request. Perhaps it"s time an aroused citizenry made its feelings public so that the greatest good might be done for the greatest • number.


I Prime RiI ~ 6" I


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Letters Dear Editor: Please tell the people of Longboat Key to let me finish a sentence. I came here from Chicago for a vacation and went 10 dinner panies and cocktail hours. Everyplace I went I'd be cut off shon without finishing what I had to say because someone butted in . This is awful. It frustrates people. We should ailleam that a complete though t is a group of words called a sentence. and if a sentence can't be finished. everyone is dealing in half· thoughts. Maybe that's why the world is so muddled. People in Chicago also cut you off in the middle of your speech. but not as much as here where retired people talk so much and maybe like to hear their own voices. Please let me finish a sente . . Sincerely, G.M.G.

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Fireline . Fire in Your Home, - Will You ·Be Prepared ? Curren! statistics clearly indicate that the living room and kitchen are the staning poi nts for most dwelling fi res . Therefore . at least one fi re extinguisher should be located where il can be quickly reached for both of these rooms. II is best to locate extinguishers in Ihe path o f exit travel. so that if you cannot readily conlrOl the fire with your extinguisher. there is a g~ape route out of the house. In bedroom areas , the exti',jler should be located in a handy closet or

OPENING ON LONGBOAT KEY Now interviewing lor new Long bo at Ke y office in F ebruary 1979. We are taking aplPlica,i"ns for Bra nch Office Manager and Realtor associates. All interviews confidential. Calt Wylene Lamb , Howard Lamb Realty, Inc ., Realtor, 366-8922 for app,oinlmelnl.

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cabinet, again. preferably along the route of exit travel. It is extremely imponant that each member o f your family know the location and proper operation of all ext inguishers in your home . The fire ex tinguishers recommended for home use are 2 ~ or 2¥.a pound ABC dry chemical extingu ishers. Remember. extinguishers for the home are not wonhwhile unless the home owner is willing teassume the responsibility of learning to use and care for the device properly.

Fire and Rescue Calls Dec . 26 Fire call at 10:32 am on Firehouse Road - Electrical wires sparki ng in trees. Florida Power and Light was notified of s ituation . Dec. 26 Rescue call al 10:43 am at Colony Beach . Dislocation of the knee . PI was transpon ed 10 SMH by SFD . Dec. 26 Rescue call at I :46 pm to the 3000 block of Gulf of Mex. Dr. - unconcious person. transpon ed to SMH . Dec. 26 Rescue catt at 3:54 pm to the 7000 block ofG MD. Minor motorcycle accident . Patie nt lreated on the scene by LKFD and released. Dec. 26 Rescue ca ll at 7:29 pm to Mal yard Lane . R('spiratory diffi culties . Patient was treated on the scene by Longboat Fire/ Rescue. Dec . 27 Rescue call at 3: 10 am to Ranger Lane. Heart attack . Patient stabilized by Longboat Fire/ Rescue and U"anspon ed to SMH by SFD. Dec . 27 Rescue call at 8: 14 pm to the 3000 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive child with high fever treated on the scene by LF/R and taken to SMH by pri vate auto . Dec. 28 Rescue call at 9: [5 pm to Bayview Dr. Diabetic . Pt . was transp. to SMH by LK F/ R. Dec . 28 Fire call at 1[:33 pm to Seaplace . Malfunctioning trouble alann . Reset by LFF. Dec . 29 Rescue call at I : 13 pm to GulfShores Tri . Park . Hip inj ury . Transponed to SMH by private ambu lance . Dec. 29 Rescue call at 7:29 pm to CUller Lane . Abdominal pain . Patient transponed to SM H by SFD. Dec . 30 Rescue call at 6:54 at 6000 block GMD. Heart attach . Patient stabilized and transported by LKF/R. Dec . 30 Fire call at 12 :00 noon to Nonhshore Dr. Power lines sparking in trees . Smoldering fire extinguished by LK FD . FPL notified. Dec . 3 1 Rescue call at 4:52 pm to help fi nd a 8 yr old chi ld lost on the beach . Child fou nd by LKFF.

Filing Deadline Past ... Five Candidates Runn ing

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Alien Address Reporting Program The Main Post Office. 1661 Ringling Blvd. and the South Gale office. 2055 Siesta Dri ve . will cooperate in the annual Alien Address Reponing Program during the mo nth o f Jan ., the U.S. Postal Service announced . The Immigrat ion and Nationality Act o f 1952 requires Aliens residing in the U.S . to repon their addresses to the Immigration and Naturalization Service each Jan . As in the past. the post office wilt participate in the program to the extent of distributing address reponing cards (Fo rm I-5 3) to all aliens . T he form - s imilar to the one used for 1978 alien reponing - wi ll be avai lable for d istribution o n the first busi ness day of Jan . 1979. Completed fonns must be mailed before the end of Jan. They may. when affixed with 1 0~ postage, be dropped in the nearest mail box . _

The no vel experimment o f a Trolley without tracks which includes St. Annands and Lido Beach on its schedule . rece ived final approval this week . T he Sarasota City Commission gave its okay for a trial run of six months. Earl ier the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce voted in favor of the project. The gas-operated vehicl eco ~ vened to rese~ble a: miniature trolley holds 45 passengers . Tickets for the ride are available from panic ipating merchants in SI. Armand's and other points along the route. All trips will originate and tenninate at Sarasota Hyatt House and will commence in mid-January for the six months trial on a tentative schedule , Mon. through Sat . from 10 am to 6 pm. The Chamber of Commerce. merchants and innkeepers of down town Saraota, SI. Annands circle and Lido Beach combined their effons in the experiment to stimulate customer interest.

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Legal Marijuana? Mrs. Thelma Randa ll, manager of a LBK beauty salon (. 'Talk of the Town") is [he mother of Roben Randall who has been taking mario juana in a treatme nt for glaucoma. The disease results in blindness. Randall says he is conv inced the drug . procured legally from an opthlamologist has kept him from going blind . He has appe ared on many televis ion programs.

A Service of WSPB, 14 50, CBS For t he Sun Coas t The Sarasota City Commission has given approval to the Sat. closing of a one· block stretch of Lemon Avenue between Main and First for the operation of a Fanner's Market . The Sarasota County Commission has sent back to the drawing boards a proposed stronger bui lding code. A group of construction indu stry fig ures blasted a proposed requirement fo r new fi re equipment installation in new construction as inflationary and unnecessary . The Sarasota County School Board (by a 3-2 vote) has denied the appeal of Gu lf Gate Woods area parents to reinstate school busing in that area to the Gulf Gate Woods E lementary School. The paren ts say the route is too dangerous . C hri s-Craft Industries is all set to close on a piece of propen y in Manatee County on which they plan to start construction o f boats by this spring. 35-year old Mark Prais (Prays) of Sarasota died last Friday night when his car went through a bridge rail ing and into the bay on John Ringling Causeway . 7-year-o ld Toby Dean Roe of Bradenton was killed by a hit-and-run driver last Thursday on 26th Street Wesl near Conez Road when he slipped and fell on a rain-slick road.

Circling St. Armand 's Circle

Another name emerged this week among the list of candidates for office in the Longboat Key Administration election of Mar. 20. Gene Bossen has announced his intention of runn ing for the post of commissioner-at- Iarge on the Town Commission . Another candidate for the at-large post is Tac Riter. Meantime. Commissioner Ken McCall is unopposed for the commissioner's spot in District 4 . Last week 's politica l news was high lighted by the announceme nt by Longboat Key attorney Richard Pellar of his intention to oppose incumbent Town Commissioner Sam Seegel in District 2. Pe llar is the energetic proponent of Resolution 14 which advocates a balanced budget in the Federal government and a phased reduction of the national debt mandated by law .

The temporary fi re station on the south end of LBK will be located on the nonh side of Bay Isles Rd . Approx. 200 ft . east o f the L BK Library . It wi ll consist of a metal garage attached to a doublew ide mobile home and house a fire truck and mob ile intens ive care unit manned by a firefighter/ EMT and a firefighte r/ paramedic. This s tation will have primary responsibility for providing fire / ambulance protection for the Sarasota County end of LBK . Tentati ve completion date is Feb . I .

Sarasota-Manatee Headlines




FREEZER BEEF SlOE .. .. . ... .....•. 1. HINOQUARTER . ...• 1.49 FRONT ...•...... . .. .. 99 CU T A ND WR APPED - FREE

a .......

THE WNGBOAt .OBSERVER feel on the tenor. His clarinet tour starts in New Orleans and arrives at the blues with a stop off in Chicago . Steve Struthers on the lead guitar is very. very good . His solos point in the direction that the more imaginative roc k musicians seem to be going. The versatility of the group provides a tasty smorgasboard of sounds and feel for listening and dancing. The mood o f the room was relaxed and friendly. All in all , its a great additio n to the live musical scene. With such an outstanding musical presentation its rather strange that they opened witho ut much no tice or memion by the magic mo ment.

Our New Year Wishes

Two Live Musical Groups Open in Sarasota (A Rovlew by Woody) For lovers of Jazz . e specially when performed live. Sarasota received two holiday season gifts . The Golden Apple Theater unwrapped ttie first package wnen they inaugurated a policy of live jazz on Monday nignts for both listening and dancing. An added attraction was a repeat of excerpts fro m tneir very successful production "By Suouse " The combo, called the ·· AppleJacks" includes Bob Doran on tenor sax, Morry Styles o n vibes. Dave Vosnall on uumpet. Ed Gigoli on clarinet, Ed Owens on piano, Smiley Trefethen o n bass and Gary Pike on drums. 1be band go( off to a somewhat tentative start; obviously strung tight for opening night. After a few numbers they began to loosen up and get things moving . '[be sell out crowd of approximately 250 began wanning up and was soon responding eagerly. All in aU opening night turned into an evening of good listening and dancing to a swi nging sound . Especially well received was the re nor sax work of Bob Doran . His style has a considel'2ble amount of the sound and feel of the progressive Dizzy Gillespie - Charles Parker School. When he drove into " Body and Soul" he opened the band up to a genuine swinging feel that set the tone for the balance of the evening. Morry Stiles on the vibes came on very well and was a major factor in driving the group. His solo work brought an enthusiaslic response from the crowd and a positive mlJSical reaction from the rest of the band . The second package of the season was un wrapped by the Magic Moment Lounge on Siesta Key . Jerry Jerome. one of the better teno r sax and clarinets anywhere opened with a quanet of young rock musicians . The idea is unusual. Jerry. who played with such greats as Benny Goodman , Anie Shaw and Glen Miller of the big band era in combination with upfront roc k musicians playing e lectronic sounds, has intriguing possib ilities. Just a fe w numbers of the band proved that really good musicians can think together and swing together. The numbers ran the gamit from big band hits through rock and o n to disco . No matter what your taste in popular music you ' lI hear it. Jerry plays the old standards with a big sound and sensitive

Once each year, WSPB AM & FM gives anew year' s wish to some o f o ur e lected, appointed and business leaders . It·s done with humor as a caricature of some events of the past year. We wish, , , • To President Caner . . . a grandson christened by a CatboDe rabbi in a Moslem mosque on Chinese New

Year's, • To Governor-elect Graham . . . the oame of a good DO booze

bartender for the Governor's Mansion , , , and served under eigbt years of ace.

• To State Representative Ted Ewing . .. a new fourth quarter for the Notre DaJDe.USC pme. • To Commissioner John Saba & County Attorney Dick Nelson ... fast complet.ioa of 1-7S to Fort Myers so they cao Cd there fISta' to administer the Sortasou trust, • To Commissio ner Andrew Sandegren ... • free lifetime pass Oft Sarasota's bases, providiaa _ sib in the back. • To Commissioner Beverly C lay ... ....\dueI aphed copy olthe record "Geae, Ge., Roees Are Red. .. • To Jeanne McElmurray . . . a DeW airport mar V wbose Itead. shakes up aad down in an atIlrmatJve


• To Tax Assessor John Mikos ... the

_roIoe his ..........y.

richt of ('iti.",. to

• To City Commissioner Ted Sperling .. . his "ft"Y own partdaa ~ at _ Jock. • • To ex-UF coach Doug Dickey ... tbepmet.Utromthe F1oricIa·TenoefS!! pine, pn:seDted bylbe alumniofbodl

xbooIs. • Tooutgoing Chamber of Commerce president Larry Strom · .. his "er)' own sbut-otl' valve towt oII'tbe water to our county commkdonen, • To Anita Bryant ... bere's bopinayour kids tum out aU right. • To drug magnate Jack Eckerd ... a brokeD record tIuIt plays 1'[ wiD not run again . .. again, " again,. ,apia." • To Paula Hawkins ... a recorded masagefrom Geoeral Telephone Company that repeats "Ooo't call us. We'U call you," • To o ur Canad ian fri ends ... the right to say scbedule instea d of shedule, or to be consistent and send tbeir children to shoo!. • To our to urists ... a car that drives only in the righthand lane,

January 5 . 1979

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• To weathenne n everywhere ... the righ t to put a ground hog in the weather satellite, • To spons fan s ... a case oflaryngltis for Howard CoseU. Good wishes from WSPB . •

Botanical Gardens in Sarasota Named World Bromeliad Center Sarasota's Marie Selby Botanical Gardens has been designated the international center fo r bromeliad identification according to an announcement by the Gardens' director, Dr. Calaway Dodson. The center at the Gardens will be officially titled the " Mulford B. Foster.Bromeliad Identification Center". The announcement was made fo llowing a letter from Elmer J . Lorenz . president of the Los Angeles based International Bromeliad Society . The letter confirmed the designation after it had been unanimolJSly approved by the Society's board of directors. The Bromeliad Center represents the second international status for Selby Gardefts . already headquarters for the world's largest gesneriad collection as well as having me national status of the Orchid Identification Center of the American Orchid Society . In charge of organizing and overseeing the new center. which will begin operations in January. is Joseph Halton, Selby Gardens bromeliad expert and manager of the Display Greenhouse. It will be directed by Harry Luther, bromeliad taxonomist ofSt. Petersburg who. preparatory to its opening. will spend two weeks at the Smithsonian Institution working with Dr. Lyman B. Smith . the recognized world authority on the Bromeliaceae. WGrting as consultants with Halton and Luther will be Ervin Wurthman . Tampa Bromeliad specialist. and Nat De Leon of Miami 's Parrot Jungle - both members of the International Bromeliad Society board of directors . Originally the Society had selected a California location for the new center. Befo re the final decision on the site. Victo ria Padilla, a founding member in 1950 and edito r of the Bro meliad Journal. to ured the country to visit botanical gardens . Wurthman escorted her to Sarasota to introduce her to Selby Gardens and the scientific staff. Convinced ~t Selby Gardens co mprised the desired scientific realm. she returned to Californ ia and , in tum . convinced the board of directors to establish the identification and research program at the Sarasota botanical institution . Negotiatio ns with Selby Gardens were begun and the mo tion for the California center was rescinded last May.

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Vol 1 #20 jan 5 1979  
Vol 1 #20 jan 5 1979