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VOL I. NO. 25

Friday, February 16, 1979

DOT Favors Draw Bridge Mayor Ochs To Fight The \:ontro\'..:~y ov~r v. hal :>.on of bridge v. ill be buil! where: (torcp[ar.:e [he o[d Nev. Pa~s bridge) ~eem:>. aboul o\c!r. T he ne ..... bridge ..... ill be a drJ.v. bridge, aboul 25 ft. hi~h v. hen d o~ed. and will built ea!>1 of the prCsent bridge. Or wi[llt ·.' All of thi!> is contingl:nt upun the DOT getting apprl)\al from thl! Federal Hig h..... a) Depanllleni. as the) did lor Plan B . thl: li ,\:ed !>pan bridg..:. but appro\al i~ cxper.:ted ..... ithin a l"ev. \\.;..:b, perhaps !>ouner. T HE OBSERVER ~pt)\..e ..... ith Jame" Kenned) eartier th i, v. ec\.. and ..... a!> 1011.1 that v. llr\.. ..... III stan a~ !>oun a~ appro\ al ha!> b(l!n r..:r.:l!i\eJ. pending no unfllrsl:en d,,:,elopmenb . Th..: briug..: rcf..:rrl!d [ll is the un..: h.: talked aboul al thl' hl:aring bt'fore th..: LBK COllllllissiuner., thl! e,ening lIfJan . 30th , AI thai tillie, KcnncJ~ ~Ialcd [he ar.:tion of S~vl ATS to ClIl1Iinul:d llO pagl! .~


Commission Workshop Highlights ...

candidates night at the Fi,. Hou.., sponsored by the North ~ Clvtc L.e.gue. ShOwn '-ft to right CommlMion Candidates Gene Bossert, Dick ~I.r. T.c Riter and Sam Seege4. Margftet cttletarl of the lMgue Is on the righl - Photo by Jim Slaughter

Four Candidates Square Off At Firehouse The opening round of publ ic appearances for (,:andid a(e~ for [he IWO seats on the Longboat Commission started

Tuesday when all four candidates made 2. The tirs( was a closed half-hour before the directors oflhe SarasOla Board of Realtors . It is rumored thai later the

Dire!;lOrs wi ll endorse their choices amI make a wntribution. The second appearance was a public 4ueslion and answer e ncounter sponsored by the North Longboat Civic League and was held al the F i rehou~ T uesday night. Owr 100 interesled cilizens tumed Ou l to hear the cam.lidales answer 4lleslions. and also to hear them make o~ning

and dosing remarks , At no time Wen! the y permitted to direl:tl), addn:ss eal:h othc:r, butthc:y lOot thdr dilOS in as the ..:\ening went on. Gene Bossert and Tal: Riter are lighting for one seat on the Town Commission and Dick Pel lar and inl'umbent Sam S..:cgd for the other. After opening remarb by each candidate, League Presidenl and Moo..:rJ.tor Gene Schl<llterer opened the meeting to question". each of which was to be answered b) thc candidates. Time limited the numbe r of l/uestion:-;, but the issues were quid I} lkvc:loped. The reside nls wanted to know how the I.:andida[es stood on a buildi ng moralorium. the mainland bridge:, impal.:t fee for new re~idenb, a":l/uisition of



undeve loped land, polil.:y regarding variancc" to l'oastal setback lines, the New Pass Bridge, and the traffic problem on Gulf of Mexico Dri ve. Throughout the e ve ning, Sam Scegel "tressed he v.u., running on his record a" Commi:>."ion":r and adhered 10 his stril:t pt)[icy of holding the line on varianr.:es wi thout a hardsh ip, of advoca ting a building moratorium unlil the Key I:oul d deal with existing I.:ondit ions in [ermsofwater, sewage a nu trartil', of his plan tlll.:ontinue lighting DOT on the draw bridge sinl.:e the " paper"' bridge to the mainland would not built fur L!-~O ) car.- and his de!>in: f()!-.Ce a mUl'h highcr impact fee !ornew residems to help pay lo r water. sewage and other [0 ..... n sen ices, Gl!nl! Bossert ag rel!d v. ith mO.'t of Mr. Seeger s :>.tands but felt four lani ng Gulf of Ml!xil'o Drive was a must tll e:ase [ra nk now. and d idn ' t like impar.:l fces or a continuatiun of the fight for the t1xed span bridge. Dick Pdlar and Tal.: Riter agrel:d un mlh t i:>.sues put [ll them, but with diffen:nt emphasis. Pd lar rCit man) ufthe ilb of the Town couhJ be blamed on thl: prest:nt leadership and Riler pointcd to the ma ny Mjuabbles at Commission meetings that he felt were a disgral"t! , Pellar kit that lij!:h[inj!: DOT un thl! draw bridge was fut ik even though he favun::d a tixed bridge. Riter thought it didn'l reaJly mailer whal kind of Cuntinueu on page _,







The TO\\n Cutlltllissiu ner~ met for t\\O huurs at thl!ir regular T ue~da) af[crnoon worbhop . Ma)OT Or.:hs had Itl lea\l: carl} fllr Tallahassee and a ~l' hedukd \;sit l.I.ith [hl: Go\crnm . and Vi.;..' Ma)or Sccgd tOil\.. \11l:r. Thl! COllllllis!>iunen. hea rd a rel/u.:,,1 from north LBK rcsident and Bradl!ntl)O Bcar.:h R.:allllr As"ociate MI\..e H <.)d.g..:~ for a To ..... n ptllic) l"\l\enng beach erosion and n:builu ing and the (>lJ!>~ibi l i t~ of ha\ ing a jel1) built into the Gu lf on [h..: nllrt h end Ilf Ihe Ke) . ACCllrding to Mr. Hodge:>.. a jett) ..... ould Tl:SUIt in Ie:>." Cflbion un thl: Longboat gulf bcal.:h. The l:ntin: subjel:t \\ ill d i~'u~!>ed again next v. ..-..:\.. anu Mr. HoJge!> ask ...d III CUIlll: up v.ilh spel"ifil: r":l.:ummendatiutls anll polir.:;es , Tuv. n Manager Allgirl! agrl!ed v. ith mall) ufHudges' sugge~ t i \ln!> and added that in his re".:aTl·h il uppears the tidal al·tiun ":Tl/des ~Julh lIf an) CUlltinued on pagl' J


Commissioners Inspect Undeveloped Land I[

..... as almosl like a naturl: ..... al\.. lo r Ihe LBK lasl Frida) a" they Irudg..:J OVcf the AnM:1 propert y on the east and wes t side of Gulf of Mexir.:o Drivc. tlunh and soulh o f Gulf Sa) Road, nl:ar Ihe Li'[ Gl:neral

Ct m lllll:>.!>ioner~

John Murrill, a Biologi!>[ fTllm Ne:v. Cullej!:c. led thc tuur and pointed out the !lorJ. anJ fauna that the almu:>.1 wild ~tatl: o f the lund pnl\'iJ ed . Sume per.-on!> un the i~land want the Town Cummi!>siun III purl.:ha!>e much of the: lanu as a Park so that it may be left in its na tu ralslUtl! fur all [ll enjl)) , b utlllhe r~ menlion thal lhe pricl: uf sUl'h a plan ..... lJu ld I.:OIlll: \ery high as land owners woukt hale III be n:imbursed at taxpa)er.- expcnse. Again thl:n: un: IV.O .\ ides to the l/ue~t ion but the Commi:>."ioner.- a~rl!ed that the tour was not onl y most intl!re:>.ling. but the) saw !>ul'h thing:-- a~ ye llow spongc!> and other f(lmb I)t" marine lift: thl:} had not nOliced bl!lore . Pre\ lO usl)' the,janu had bel:n in!>pectl:d b)" Beverl y Bu rki tt of the Dcpl. uf Environmental Regula tilln alung with Hl!rb Lml:u. Tuwn Bldg . In!>p. 01' th..: .ru acrcs in l/ue:>.lion of ..... hkh ::!~ acn:s i!> zonl:d residl:ntiul. Ms, Burkiu dedurl:d 7.5 une:>. tit" :>.alt O1ar!>h and mangr\l\e s wamps as " unbuildab"' " anu . ' nllt tu lx' dislurbed" . If th..: entin: ~o acres ..... ere Il) bl! purchaM:d b) the Tov.n, the: pnr.:e pe r a..: r..: o.:ould onl)" be e.,limaled, but at .':>50.UUU per aae. thi~ ..... uuld come til .':>2.o0U.uOU, The Cummissiuners ar..: not expected It I make • rl:r.:ommcnuations to the To ..... n al prcst:nl .

PropOSition 14 Receives National Notoriety D id PCllar. h.:ad uf tho.: Clul\ll\iuee [0 support Rl::-.oluliun l~, luld THE OBSERVER thaI \,un! tra\eh fur and fa,,1. He recc i\cd a l'alt frum a man naml:d Larf) FI }nn in Jal'\"',oll\ilk n:gurdi ng the Con"titutional AmendmentllJ prohlbi[ dclil'il ~pcndill~ and mandale a balancl:l1 t"eJerul budgl!t. Ii seems that Fl} nn \\ anted 10 suppon Ihe· ..:ampaign in hi~ area , When Did as\...:u him h,m h~' l'ame to r.:all. FI) nn tolJ him that a r..:ccnt Tim..: r\'la~a/ in..: anid..: had mem ioneJ Orl!~on ~ tat l! S.:n . Bo.:. :>.0 he l'alteJ him, and the S.:nalOr ~al": him Dil.:\.. Pdlar's name . None of the m..:n ha\ l! l:\ er Illet. Dic\.. Peltar is up(>lJ~ing Sail! S..:.:gd lor a seal un th..: LBK CUllllllissilIO. •


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Longboat r esid e nts. If you h ave the time Bnd t h e inclination, a nd y ou are i nterested in helpi ng pro v ide well written , pos itive ~ I"'t icle!!l on local subjects, we w ill b e happy to r e view youI"' copy fol"' publication. When print: e d . we ' ll gladly give you a by-line.

EDITORIAL Th.: DOT ha:- ..' \ lu.:ml~ u,,:\.·iJ..:u Ihal a ba!>..·uk bridE": v. III b..: bui It to r.:pl;ll·': Ih.: N.:\.I P;l~.\ BnJg.:. ;lnU \.I urI-. v. ill ~ I an a.\ ~OOIl a~ th..: n..:.:.:.,~al') F..:u ..'ral apprmal L\ r":l·..:i\..:u. \\'hik Ih":f": af": ll1all~ \.I ho ui~agr":l' \.I ilh Ih.: u":l:i~Hm anJ kd 11 I~ (oolharu) . r..:..:l-.k~~. Ull":l'onolllical auu nol r..:pr":~":n1all\": III Ih..: I..:ding~ of th..: maJorlt) . Iher.: ar..: (){her~ \.Inn il i~ a ..·n1l1prlllnl~e th;,tle\o.!r}llne e;,tn li\e \.IlIh . THE U BSERVER bdl ..'\e~ In the auage th;,tt pulilll:~ I~ Ihe ;,t11 01 I:olllpmtl\i~..:, ;,tnJ here L,;,t perf":':1 ..:x ampk . No one. 111l! e\en th..: DOT. I.' I:I~l1l pklel ) l);,tpP} \.I It II th.: u":l'i~ll)n but th..: ..:nu r..:~ull \.I III n..: a bnug.: hlgh..:r. \\ lu.:r ;,tnu much h.:tler than v.h;,tl v...: h;,t\": . If Ih..: DOT U":':I~I!Hl ..·;,tn h.: r":\o.!f,eu. fin..:. bUI \\..: ullun, II. \\'h;,tl i~ n..:..:u.:d l'\OW I' tn ~I an pl;,tlh 1m Ih.: S;,tr..NllaLllIlgbnal K..:) nndg..:. ;,t~ ,ugg..:~t..:u Jan . JUlh b) LBK C. ltl\mi~~ion..:r ~kC;,t11. II 1\ wl-...:.' I~ )..:af~. kl'~ gel ~t;,tn..:d 110\.1, lor Longboal K..:) i~ Ih..: on I) 1~1;.lflJ In Ih..: .:h;,tln from Allna ~bl'i ;,t tll Si\!., ta K..:} v. ithllUI ;,t dlt"!l:t ,,·ulule ..·tion IlIlh..: Ill;,tlllianu. Ku n..:..:U 1\1 m..:nlilln Ihat IlU !>I;,tt ..' UI' ..eJ..:r;,t1 monh:~ ;,tr..: "'urr":nll) a\;,tlfabk. nllr Ihal th..: ~ubJe"' 1 ha~ b..:l:n ~ lud i.:J In tI,,:plh I'm O\..:r t..:n )":;,tr:- but n..:\o.!r prolllllh!u b) pre\IIIU~ Tnv.n, Cil~ and Count) Comml .'~lImcr~ ;,tntl ta.'1-. I"m:.:~ . Thc 11m..: for b;,t ..·1-. i" pa~~..:J. ClImmi~.,io n .:r M cCaJf'~ wgg.:~tlt!ll. al.,o !1I..:ntion..:J b) S;,tra~ll t ;,t M;,t)lu' Bcrl-...:1. i~ an iu<:;,t \.Iho.,e tim..: h;,t.\ ,,'0111<: . LI!I' ~ g":l on \\ ilh il ;,tnu yui,,·I-.I) . THE OBSERVER ~ugg..:~t~ thai lalb ~I an imm<:Jiald~, anJ that LBK Commi~!\ion..:r:­ l;,tl-...: th..: I..:atl..:r:-hip \.I ith t\k MI:Call a~ ~·lIoruin;,tltlr. H..: I~ runnlllg unoppu~u anJ ha~ b..:..:n " Illlkkral":" on th..: N<:\.I P;,t.,~ Briug<: . Th..: lim..: fIll' h;,tnu-\\ ringing i~ pa~l. L..:t · ~ g":l going. _

are ~o critical o f.~ Your sole basi~ for Propo~ al D , a bal>cule briuge. ~em~ to be Ihe 4ue~lionable SMATS recummend-'u lon o(a brIdge to Ihe Sara~ol a mainland at Ihe lo .... er end or lhe Kc) . SMATS ' ~ I udi..:~ are di rected 10 a )t:ar 2000 bridge . 1 b.:lic\e Ihal SMATS' aclion .... a~ taken b) only Ihre..: m..:mben. of the authoril) and \.I ithoul an)' public hea ring or inpul. I parti..:ularly l:aJl your attention 10 Sen. Pal I\· e;,tt·~ ~uppon of;,t fix<:d bridge ;,tnd e~p..:ciillly Plan B, and 10 hi!\ ~tal<:ment~ lhat there are no (unJ.\ a\;,tilable for a bridge 10 the mainland . It v.ould b..: ludkrou!> to belie\e thallolb from Ihe people 0" Longboat Ke) t'ould p<l) l'or ~uch a bridge, ..::-.pct-iall) \.I'ilh a free.: bridge al each end of Ihe bland . 1 .... uuld al~o call) OUf attention 10 the following hard fach : The waler in Nc\.l Pa ~~ b con~iuered fa!>t and for Ihat rea~on an) dra\\ bridge i~ r,,:,-!uired 10 op..:n on d<:mand four lime~ ..:a~·h hour. The av..:rage daily count of\ehkle~ al Ne\\ Pa~~ i~ ~ub.,tantiall} in ..:x.:e!>!> of I U,OOO \ ehicic~ . Thi:-. Irank counl \.I ill malCflall) in.:r..:a!>e thi!> )ear and in Ihe ne.'\1 tv.o )can. ;,tnd Ih..:r..:;,tft..:r. Ar\id<l ' ~ Seapla.:e u..:\dopment of M'\cr,J1 hundred unib I.' nov. ;,tbout ..:omplele . Approved are An id<l'~ Beachplat''': complex of 3·10 u nit~, Hunt'~ Baypone devdopm..:nt 1)( 12Y unil!> . T he Ca~lilian. 6U unib. the V..:inle . 21 unlt~. Longboal Sandpiper. IU unil~, Bunon\.luod eO\e, 50 unil:-., W)nu\.lard Pine~, 15 unil~ and Gulf Fronl.1i unib . AdJ 10 Ihe:-e Ihe planned Beache~ of Longboilt J2U unih, Lungboat CO\":.I}') unib. Beach\.looU, 251 Until>, Th..: Dun..:~, 5 unil~ ;,tnu Ih..: An il.b 27U unn re!>on hotd anJ Ih..: man~ ~ingk f;,tmil) hom.:~ in Ba) bk:-. and you ha\..: oln indi"'ation Ihal \.I": mu~t antit' ipal": an incre a ~ed \'ehide count ;,tt lh..: Nc\\ Pa.,~ of o\..:r 2UUU \ehi.:Jc.\ in the imm..:diat..: future from Ihc~..: ~our..·c~ ;,ttone ,'vlor..:o\er. Arvida v. ill hav..:;,t lar),!..: m;,trina in ib Ba) I:.k:- de\dopm..:nt and;,t 15U~lip martna in Ih\.! propl.)~":u r..:~un hOlcl. The~ \.I III mal..:riaJl) inr.:rea:...: the boat If;,t(IIC th mugh Ne\.l Pa!>~ in both Jire~'lion~ anJ will IIlcrea~..: gr..:atly th..: b;,t":l-.up uf tratli.: on Gu lf of Mexko Dri\..: ;,tnd Ihrough Lido Shore!> in re.\pon ~e 10 bridge IIp..:ning~ . By in~j~ ting upon ;,t drawbridg..: of 20 foot d":;,tranl:":. )tlU IIlU~1 an tit'ipate a ...:onJilion Jal1g..:rou~ to all ,,·I)Il,,·..:r·n.:d . Th.: hadup~ \.I ill be horrenJou~ anJ \.I ill au\..:r:-d) ;,tn......·1 btllh Lllngbl.l;,tl Ke) ;,tnd LiJo Shor..:~ . The prin.:ipk uppmllion 1\1 a fixed briJge ha., b..:..:n Ihe alkg..:ll 65 flkJt d..:ar;,tn.:e r":4uir..:mem of Ihe Coa:.t Guard . Sinc..: v. h..:n i~ thi~ 6:'i foolligur..: .:a~1 in ~lOne? Ifthe.:re were a cont'ert..:d ..:ffort mau..: by all. I am ~u rc a much luwer d..:ar;,tnt·e. b.:tw..:..:n 35 to 45 feel. I!ould bl;: oblaineJ . C..:rt;,tinl) il I!> v.dl I-.nuwn th;,tl Ihe dl!plh of the New Pa~~ \.Ial..:r:- i~ n\)t \.·(mduciv.: to the pa!>!>;,tge of l;,trge I:omm..:rdal ve:-.~eb and !>Iuuie!> heretofore maJe of Ne.:w Pa~~ tmflk anu )()Uf ov.n \.·han~ :.ugg..::-t Ihal up to IiUf'~ of all boatl> I:lluld ckar al a 35 lu 45 1'001 h..:ighl. You indi ..·ate that lim..: i~ of Ihe ..:~~..:n.:c. I ;,tgrec . L..:t 111': now , however. po int oul lhal ..... e hav..: ;,tlre;,tdy lo~t M month., III th..: m anipulation~ Ihat have gon..: on ~in.:e.: Florid;,t lXp;,tnmenl of Tran~ponalion'~ publk Jeci~ion to pro..:ee:u v. ith Plan B. Clc;,trl) some: funh<r uclay i~ preferable l'or Ihe pU'l'0~e of oblaining a pracli..:al .wlution Ihan wailing until th..: )..:ar:!UlXJ to !>t;,tn a mythical bridge 10 Ihe mainland . Buth S..:n. N":;,tl anu I h;,t vc ;,tJready ~ taned m ove~ for a lower bridgc h..:ighl. J .,in..:ercJ) hupe Ih;,tl you woulu make sUl'h cfron~ al~tI .

Letter to the Editor: Gentlemen: I ~houlJ iiI-...: 10 \.·all )UUf ;J1I.:1lI 11m hi Ih..: ";,t ..'1 thai Ihc uv. n..:r~ of th..: SCHOONER RESTA URANT ;,tb:-.lrb..:J th..: ..:mire ..'O!\t of Ih..: lun..:heon ~ whil:h v...:1''': ~":f\eu to th..: !.!UC~b 11 1· lh..: LONGBOAT KEY YOUTH CENTER un F..:bruaf) IU . Th..: unh..:mlu..:u "':llIllributiun Ill' th..: r':~ I :l ul';J1lI11IIhi~ \.:r\ \Iun hv.hik .:i\i\.· ..:nu..:aHlur J..:~..:n..:~. in Ill) opininn', :-uflil,:ic.:m publi..: ad,nuv.I..:Jg<:lll..:nt v.hi..:h lila) en.:uur,J!.!e oth<:r~ III r,JlI) hi th..: 11<:.:J., Ill' th..: Youlh C..:nt..:r. [ ;,till ., orl) thai I un nlll know .... ho Ih..: 11\\ no.!f~ Ill' Ih..: SC HOO ~E R RESTAU RANT ;,tr..:. bUI I am I:enain thai }IlU t..!o ;,tnJ v.hcn )UU ..·un la..:1 thelll. a~ I hilI''': )IIU wil [. )OU ilia ) inform th..:m Ihal nUl unl) v.;,t~ th..: lunch..:un ..:x..:elkm. bUI Ihat Ihe ir ..·onlrtbution pmmpt..:u Ill..: til fnllo .... ~uit. Cordl;,tll) )uun., M . J. Kra .... ill I KOTE: H;,tpp> til Ilblig..:, ;,tnu th..: 0\.1 nc r, H;,trr} Nicl-.ia.\ , i., I11mt appr..:..:ialh..: . )

Mayor Ochs Says Thank You , But " Mr.


G . Kcnncu) Project Devc!opmenl Engine..:r D..:panment of Tran~pon;,tlion P.O. Box 124Y Bartov.. Florid;,t J3liJU Dear J im : On b.:half of Ih..: Tov. n Cummi~~ltln I .... ant 10 Ihanl-. )ou and) uur Swff for Ihe pre.,.:ntatilln of PTtlpo~,:t.! PI;,tn 0 al our :-,p":l:ial work~hop !\e~~ion Tue.:~. night. I appr':~'i;,tt..:J 100 }our palil!nl:l! <lnt.! \.I illingnc!\~ 10 fetn;Jin Ihroughout the ml!l!ting. I beli..:w th;,tl the prOle.\ b ..:xpr..:~.,eJ at thl! m..:eting mal-.e il abunt.!anll) dear that Ih..: majmil) III' p..:opic of Longboat K..:y de~ire a iixed brid:;c . I funh..:r beli..:\..: Ih;Jt th..: many ~ Iat ement~ mad..: b) them l'on li nll th..: re~uh~ of Ihe ollicial ~un..: y taken la.\ t )..:ar in .:unnel:tion wllh oUfComp l'ehcn~ivc Plan which indicated Ihat 3 10 I Ihe people Je~ired a fixed bridge. I bdie\e )OU abo haY": rel:..:iv<:d many I": ll cr~ ~upponing th h. :-.Ianc..: of our peopk v. hkh wa~ al.,o DOT'!> p!.),~i l ion when it made publi.: on July 12, IY71i ill> deci~ion with Ihe approval of the FeJeral Go\·..:mment to t-on~trUI:I a four lane. :-.ixty-Ihe 1'001 high bridg..: ( Propo~al BJ . Th i!> brin:;~ up the yue:-.tion. v.h) a change no .... to a two Ian.: Iwenty loot Jrol .... bridg..:. a cun~truclion v.'hil:h

PrillI' 10 th..: Illc":ling Tu..:!>da) night. I ui!>l:u~~u th..: mailer III' briJg..: hcigh l ~ with )tlu. I unueNoou Ihat a dr;,twbriJg..: .... oulu nlll r..:yuil'l.' Cua~t Guard approval a!> ttl he.:i:;hl and )OU prollli~..:u to go b;,t\.'k Itl Ihe.: Jr.awing board to re!>lud) thc fat:lOr of h..:ighl. If Mr. H i ller '~ daims Ihat hi~ ~I udy of Ne\.l Pa~~ btlal traffil' ;,t li:w )..:ar:- agl) indi..:at..:d IhailiO to 1i5'A of Ih..: btla l ~ ..:uuld p;,t:.:- \.I ithout opening Ihc Jrtlw. ifth e:rc \\'a., a J:'i 1'0111 d":;,tml1l'': . it m ~ w m..: thaI )UU could de~ign a ri .\ ed or ..: \\.'n;,t tlra\.lbl'iJg..: wilh th;,tl ~po.:,,· ifil:alion . I would r..:mind )tlU Ih;J1 ;,tl lh..: publi..: hearing la~t May you pre ~e.:nle d an illiernali\e ·'C··. ;,t b5 fl . l'our lane bridge: 10 the e:a~1 of lhe pr.::-..:nt bridg..: . Th i~ prupo!\al had b..:en ;,tpproved b) rCl>ulu tion III' th..: Sara~\lIa County COl11ll1b~ion until that btJJ~ !\hifl":u til )uur impos~ible "do nothing" propo!>aL If :-u ..'h a bridg..: wa~ a pr;,tclit·;,tble solulion then, ~urdy a 35·45 hlt)1 brillg.:. prd.:rabl) ;,t fixeJ one, ought 10 be a I!in.:h to u..::.ign~ I belie\e ..:\..:n the uppunents Ill' the.: 65 loot briuge .... ou ld ;,tcc..:pt :-,ut'h a cornproml~e . However. if in )our rl'appr;,ti~;,tl )OU onl) imenJ to IouI-. l'or ;,tn In ..'rca~ in heighl in Plan D th;,tl v. ill produce a l..:m df":cl on LiJo Shore~ r..:!\iu..: nll;,tl ;,tre;,t, Ih ... n )OU arc t:ompkld) ignori n:; Ihe nl~d~ and \.I clf;,tr..• III' Ih..: people of Longboal Key. Any project or plan of thi~ kinu i~ bound to OI lle":l ~ome people.:. It b r..:grellabl..: bUI ne~e~~;,tl) . It .... ould :-.:elll thallhe for..:going b a po!\~ibiliIY wilhout d":~lro) ing home:. and I hope you will mal-.o: a ~i n Co.!re dron 1\1 re\i~..: )our pr":M'ntalion. The.: forefoing:.o: l fonh my pcn.onal view:. in this mailer and I v. ill conlinu..: wright )our Propo.,;,tl D unlil a :.ati~fal:tOI) plan for Ihl! p..:opk o f Llmgbo;,tt KC) i~ develop..:d ;,tnd ;,tpprO\.:u if il t·;,tnnot b..: propo~d PI;,tn B. K inJe~1 po.! r~unal reg;,tru!>. Sinl'erd) . Sldne.:), A . Ckh~, Ma)or" _

More Letters Regarding Bridge " Mr. Jam..:s Kcnnedy, P.E. Fturiu;,t Oepanmem o f Tran"ptlnalion PO Box 1~4Y Bano ....-. Florida JJli30 SUbj: Fair Solulion 10 Nev. Pa~~ Bridge Problem Dear Mr. K..:nnedy: M;,ty I make a ~U:;Ec~ l ion'! If DOT \.Iould follow Ihi~ plan, I would b.: happy and cont... nt. AnJ!\O v.ould an Qverv.hcJming majorilY of other... Here: it i~ : Som<: Sunda) !>oon bc.:tween b am and b pm and unannounced, each car r.:ros!\ing New Pa~!> and a~k Ih..: driver Only for hi!> prefcrence of eilher Ihc lif! bridge: or Ihe fixed one . C..:nainly hc'~ enlilicd 10 a vOle each time he

r.:ros~el> becau~e

afte r all. he '~ u~ing the bridge for Ihe for which it wa:. buil t - cro~~ing the Pa:.~ . Al:.o. canva~~ all tho~e in the bridge neighborhood who re~ide wilhin actual C) e~igh l contact of the ~Iruclurc for Iheir choice . Then tally Ihe \ote~ . The nexi Slep would be 10 immedialely land alrcad) belaledly, begin con~truclion of the ~t ru clUrc winning the tall). In all hone~t), ~ince Ihe bridge i~ built lor Ihe exclu~ive purpo~e of offering a ~afe and <ndurin}! mean:. of going from one :.ide of Ne\.l Pa~l> to Ihe Other. o~o~e v.ho·d U)C il ~hould have any ~a) regarding ib ~t} I~ ,.;fftld Ihi~ nOI be the democratic wa) to resolve th i~ ,-!ue)lion'! A~ ~ome concerned re~idenl wrole ~onl e week~ ago. "One lift bridge i~ enough". ['d ~ay Ihal "One b 100 many" Let') do il right Ihi ~ time . Thank you for 1i~lenin:; . Sinct:rd) . Vi rgil H. S.:hrolud..e " purpo~e

.. D":ilr Mr. Kenned). While 1'01 ;,t\.lar..: thai Ihe deaJ line for uflici al ...:u rre~pondcnc..: un the' ·Ne .... Pa~~ Bridge Replilce:mem" ha~ p;,t~!>ed. bUI I ha\c de.:ided to \\ rit.: thi~ tener \.I ilh hope:-. )UU ..:an !\till t'I) Ihl~ imponant 1~!>ue . Ju!>t la:-.I \.led. anothcr ~eriou~ accidenl happeneu un Ihe !\Oulhern cur\..: of John Ringling BI\u . JU!>I behind m) hou~c 1m 451 Buv. dum Circle, Liuo Shor.:~ . Th;!> I!Uf\ e, a~ r III ~ure )UU mU~1 ~no\.l. i~ \I!r) d;,tngl!rou~ a:. Jocumented b} Ihe nunl(!rou~ <I':l:ld.:nl:. that h;,tppen there. Man) of Ih..:~e a..:t'ident~ re:.ull in bodi ly injur) tu bolh drivc.:r~ anu pa!>!>enger!> Ilflh..: \ehick:- Ih;,tl arc in\ol\ed, not 10 m..:n1ion an ;,tIIllU~1 :-wnd~\lJI in IT;,tffil' 1101'. Juring Iheir cleanup. M) poml for bringing Ihi~ up i!> ~imple . B ecau~e Ihe replacement til' the N..:\.I P;,t~!> Bnuge i!\ ~I.)on 10 b..:gin. il \\ouJd :-.:elll rea~onabk 10 a:-~um..: il \.Iou lJ b..: a ~llOd lime 10 con:.iJt:r the .' Iraightening OUI of I hi~ \er) dang..:ruu~ I:u rw. -. The timing i~ po.:rfc..:t. Both my nc i ghbor~. Mr. and Mh. Gr..:aux, of 4~ I BU\.Iduin Cirde. and mpelf arc \\ illing 10 mO\e . In fa..:t. \\e h;,t\..: btllh been o:un~id.:ring a mu\..: l"lr yuite ;,t\.lhik . Th..: ind..:n~i\..:n..::-:- abt~ullh\.'.:ompktion ufth..: nev. bridge . has all but maue Ih;,tl 010\": Illlptl.'~lble. ho\ .. ..:\ er. Th.: ~Irai:;ht.:ning oflhi~ ,,·un..: v.ould abo rel>ult in a safer and bella Ilow of lraffic \0 and from Lilngboal Key. which is on.: major l'Ilnsidewtion 1.11' the rc~id..:nts 01' Longboat. The propcn) ov.ned b} both Ihc Greaux's and m)!>dt' i~ ample enuugh IU!\Urc!) allow thet·urv..: 10 be ~traighleneu and ~till mainwin Ih..: pea.:e anu tranyutfil) for tho~e hOUM'l> Ihat rema in , La ~l. bUI nOI ka:-I, Ih.: uwpian iu.:a o( road replao:ement Ilr ill1pr~J\elllent i!\ III creale ;,tn impro\'..:J ~) ~Iem Ihal i!> Ih..: lea!>t ui~rupli\..: 10 th.: I:Ommunity;,tt hand. The ~h..:er (acllh;,tl both Ih..: Greau x ' ~ anu I ar..: v. illing 10 move ",oulu mean Ihe: D..:panm<:n l uf Tr;,t n~pt)n;,tli un anu/or Saf;,[loota Cllunty .... uuld nOI ha\-I! 10 mu\..: po.!llpk from their hllmes al a lala date 10 ;,t~hie\..: Ihi~ ne..:d..:u ~mtlothing lIt' a \.:r) dangerou:. curvc on Jllhu Ringling Buuk\aru of Liuu Shllres , I ;Jill im..:rc~t<:J m he;,tring )our thought.~ un Ihi~ mailer. Sincere!) , Chri~toph..: r C. Murgan"

Manatee Chamber News The Manatee Chamber of Clmmlef..:e recer::ly mailed i l ~ n.:wly publi sh.:J " IY7Y Prl.lEr;,tm of Wllrk " to all 1,5OU m..:mbl.!r.\. R c~ipienl~ ar..: reyue~l..:d III lotud) the 16-page booklel, inuit'ale Iheir choi..:e 0" ..:o01mill":": a:-.~ignllle ni in Je.::-l'enJing o rder of preference o n an end u~eu re~pon!>C card andyuid: ly return Ihe ..:anh to the Chamb..:r o fli.:e . W. Sluan Gregory, Pre~. leml..:J Ih..: " IY7Y Program of Work" . . " P..:rh;,tps Ihe mO!>1 amb i l iou~ unuenak ing ever em barkeJ upon in the hislory of lhe Chamb..:r. ·· Donald -R . Bu:.e) , Exe.:c . VP and Direl'torofthe Chamber, Slated , " Th i~ document repr':M: m ~ more input. hunJred~ of hour:. ~f r.:~.:arl·h. b) mor<.' pcople. me.:mben.hip, D i rc.:c tor~ and ~ta tl, IOward more local, Siale anu Nalion;,tl goal al!hievement than ha~ e\er b.:.:n autlre~l>eJ by Ihl' Manatee Chamber Commef..:e, -


Copies of THE OBSERVER may be picked up at

the following locations: Longboat Key L'Auberge Moore's Stone Crab Longboat Pharmacy Foooway Neal & Neal Lemon Tree Jo s Beauty Shop Buccaneer Inn Cannon ·s Manna U I General Holiday Inn Longboat Hilton Panigeorge's Longboat Hardware Shenkel's Coast Federal Bank Far Horizon's Colony Beach Arvida Schooner Restaurant Buttonwood Shop. Ctr. Ellis LongbOat Bank Slampler's Longboat Golf & Tennis

Bird Key Guard House

St. Ar mands Buttery 51. Armand's Bakery Janel Post Jewelry SoutheastBank Key Tra\--___---". House of Sflt~lIs The Hawaiian Shop ProHitt and Shoemaker

Sarasota Chamber of Commerce Howard Lamb Realty

Bradenton Cox Chevrolet Miller's Furniture

\"omm15510n VVOrK.Snop .. ..L"on(d lrom p , pass to the Gulf and builds up the shore line on Ihe north siue. Also to be discussed is a suggestion that the G ul fs hore lint! be s lraigh lcncd from thc north e nd down 10 an area near Holiday Inn . Placed on Ihl! agenda for the next regular Commissioners meet ing M arch 7th is the rC4uest fo r a drive-i n bank facility at Seaview Shopping Center. and a variance under subdi vision regulations for property abutti ng the present Youth Center. To be further i1 i~usse d at next wed's workshop i~ the cnep'y conser~- " ordinance which Build ing Inspector ' H\,!rbe Lovell tell his o" lTice could administer. and the mailer o f the proposed Manatee County sewe r hookup moratorium . At present. the facilities at the Cortez Road Sewage Trcalmcni Plant are al full capacily tnus no additional muhifa;:lil)' unil s may be nooke:d up. Ho we ve r. sinn: tnen: were man } legal aSpC!I;"'s to the problem. few officials wan t to be I.juot..:u on spe~:i tic I.jue~t io n s suc h as can IWo family u" cJling~ naw their own system . anu if so. must Ihcy conncct to thc county syslcm oncc thc moratorium is lifted? As it n{IW slanus. {In I} tnose ha vi ng Sl!wer pcmlits may hook up . Tnc moralorium is ..:xpt!cled to last fwm 1-J )'car~ unkss amcnucu . Later in Ih..: mccling . Milford Howard of Spanish Main suggcslcd l"\lI1n":clilln fees for sewage anu waler bc raised 10 a ti gurc comparable 10 those of othcr communi l ic~. H..: s ugges leu al leasl ~ 1000 so thai monies would be available for ex pansion o f facilities. This idea will bc di sc us~ed nex t week alsu . Com m . Seuwick submillcd a letter which he kit s hould be s..:nt to Phil Da\ is 01 the Manatee Mass T r.tnsit regarding suggesteu cunail ment of bu s servicc to Longboat Kcy . Seuwid·~ scntimcnts were shared b} all Commi ss io ners. He said in thcse daIs o f energy conser,"alion. the: bus ser,"ice should be promoted not cunailed. Auing Ma yo r Seegel ~uggest..:d Ih..:} usc VW Bu s..:~ since so few people see m 10 be ill\{)h ed . Tov.n Manag..:r Wa)'nc Allgire v. as dirccl..:d 10 write the ktts:r and sce if thc bus might continue on to the nev. shopping c..:nter i.ln!..! also to 51. Amland ~ Circle. Comm. HI!" ar!..! Ridyar!..! poi nted o ut Lungboat Ke) is luck}" to havc Ma nalce buss<..'s go as for·inlo Sarasota Count y as thc) do. an!..! v. ish..:!..! Sara~ota Count) "ou ld b<: as l"Ooperative . Mr. Sccgcl agr..:..:d 10 bring Ihc matter up at the ne:xt S MATS lIIceting March 5th. In Ih..: last oru<..'r of busine~s Ih..: aCl ing Ma:rur wanted tht: o lhcr Co m mi~~ion<..' rs 10 l"\msider gi\ ing the Zoning Board of A!..! jUslm<..'nt f>l w. er to granl \ arianccs "hich arc now handled b~ th..: Comnllssion<..'rs. [f authorized. many hours of Commission mcclings might b<: a H)ided. The mallcr IS <..' .\pecte!..!10 be on the next "orbhop agenda.


Can~idates .. . Continued from page I brid!!..: Is built at Ne" Pass. since th..: rca! solution in a Ba\ ~bri!..!!!e and [hOl[ "or\.. shou ld Slim im medial<!l) on it. gr;nting \arianc<.'~ [0 ,-·oasIOlI set back !incl>. Pdlar \.\.a~ OPiJllS..:d III grOlnting \ i.lrian,-·es on the nonh end \.\ here he said bea,-·h erosion "as a big problcm . Ril<:r felt [he Commi~~ion l>huuld granl \ ariances o nce l>pecilk guidelines and criteria ha\ <.' be..:n estabJil>h..:d . pro\ ided il "ould not ad\·ersel) affec t Ih<..' nl<.lslline . Throughout Ihe e\ening on..: man l>at comlonably in the rear \.\ ilh a slight smilc. He \.\al> Ken McCall - ru nning unllppos..:d lor hi .~ Commil>sion l>eat. •


Asolo and FSU To Hold Open House

Open 5:00·10:00 p.m.

The completion of more than a ljuaner-ul-a-million dollars ' renovaliun of the FS U· Asolo Frankel Bu ilding . located at the S arasola/ Brad..:nton Airport o n U.S. 301. will be celebrated wit h an Opcn House there: o n Friday murning. Feb. [6 . l>larting al 10:OOam. Members of Asolo Angels and members of the gen":r.l.1 public arc invited to jo in the fes tivities. The Asolo Stale T heaLCr found what seemed to be th..: perfeci behind-thc-scenes hOllle for it.~ many activitics in late 1'::172 and ~igned a lease for the Mercury Motors bui lding when the plant was mowd awa y from Sarasola . On [he nighl of the Asolo-·n Opcning Nighl Gala. promine:nt Asolo Angel anu forme:r Asolo Stale Theater. Inc. president. Joseph Penner. agreed to buy the building and rent it tn Asolo. In late 1'::175. the Florida Statc Universi ty Foundation bought the building !"r{lm Penner and agre:ed to maintain it for th..: FSU S<..'hool nf Thcalre progmms conducted Ihere primarily the FSU-Asuln Conservator> of Profel>l>ional Actor Traini ng . In January. 1'::1 76 . the building wa~ namcd 1m and dedil·atcu 10 the memur} o f Ihe ta[e Adolph · "Chick·· Frankd. whose leadcrship as head of Ihe Asolo Theater F.:s tival Associ alion from 1'::16'::1 to 1'::175 literally savt:d Asoill from eXlinl·tion . For th..: lir.;1 lime in ill> se ve n- year lenanC) of the Frankd Bu ilding:. the Al>olo Stalc Thealer will be able to usc all oflhe 13.000-s4uare- ket of space Ihe building contOlins . Thc entire structur..: has bc<..'rl air·l·onditioned and an elevator installed . The g mund l100r boasts entrance~. restroollls. dressing moms. work spal·e for 11\0,"I;"l1\cl1l. \oice. and acting c lal>l>es . as well a~ fo r v.urkshop production. Light refres hments will be ser\ed al the Frankel Opcn House. and g uidcd tours of the building. including observations of Conservator} classes in prog r..:~s . will be held . The Opcn House follows th..: gala opening of thc ASllio State Thealer ·~ 20lh Anniversar) Sca~on at tne Ringling MUl>cuml> · l·ourt pla:rhlluse Ihe pr..:v iou.~ evening. ,-·ause fo r a uoubk celebration b} the Siale Theater and its s upponers .e

Pattigeorge's Marina


Take out orders


4120 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key, Florida

Conferences Colony Beach American Adwnisin!! Federa[ion . Calverl Disl iller~ ...~... .

. . . .. Feb . 2 1-24 . . .. Feb . 2 1-24

Hyatt House Florida Chiropractil' AS~lIciati{)n. Inc . . .. .... .... Feb . lo-IK Lakdand lnternatillnal Union of Ek\ator Construl."lors. Columbia. Md . .. . .... ......... . Feb. 16-21:1 Tauck T uurs. W..:stport. Conn ... . .. ....... Feb. 17- 11} Lincoln National Lire Insurance Co .. rt. Wa yne. Ind . . . .. ............. Feb . I l:k~1 Mas lcr~. MOlles and PilOis Plans. NyC .. .. . Feb . 1 1S·~ 4 National Forest Producb Asociatinn. Washington. D . C . . .. ........ Feb . 11}-2J E . I. DuPont ue Ne n1Uur~ & Co. Toronto. Ontario. Canada. . ... Feb. 20-2J Barb<:cue Indust!) Ass{k:iation . Oakbrook. Ill. ...... Feb. ~U - Mar. 2 Salvatori Ophthalmics. Inc .. Sarasota ...... Feb . 2U-26

Longboat Hilton Anheuser- Busch. St. Louis. Mo.

.Feb. 1'::1-22

Exclusive Single Family Patio Homes With Maintenance Free Living. Bay Bridge s hould be a dilly.

DOT Favors Draw Bridge ... Com 'dfmmpl locate the proposed Key BOlY Bridge at the southern end of the Ke) "al> a major factor in DOTl> deci~io n .

\V hiJc aJllhi~ l>eCI1ll> definite. there arc mo re than a few "ho kclthe decision ·is a poor one lor all concerned and Ihat a draw bri!..!ge is not tht' answer. T hil> group i~ lead b:r LBK MOl yur Sid Oc hs. whose leiter 10 1\l1r. Kenned ) is printed on page 2. Spt:ak ing wilh Mr. Ol·hs . THE OBSER VER was told. ··We· 11 keep lighting for v.hat "e believe is in the be\t inlcfests of the majority of!!boat residents.·· -=: A"nd so. what ma) be cOIIl>idered b) l>ome Ol foregone conclusion is l·onsid":f..:d by other.; jUl>t Ihe start of another round. Ma)orOchl> sayl> [hal if a Bay bridge il> ever built. ht: might go along wilh a draw bridgt:. bullhal any rderence to Ihe proposed Bay bridgt: connecting Lo ngboat to Ihe ma inland is morc lictiona l than act ual. Commissioner Sam S..:cgcJ agrees wi th him . The other LBK Commi ssioners e ither disagree wi th him or arc no n-~.:o mmillal. The Mayo r to ld the OBSER VER what he wants il> a fixed span bridge of Icsl> than 65 fl. hopcfu lly over 35 but under 50. to be located in exactly Ihe l>ame place DOT proposed to build the 65 1"1. bridge. The n he wants planni ng 10 stan immediately on the Bay bridge . He also saYl> he is nol worried abou t evacuating Ihe il>land, as had been reported elsewhere. bUI is worried about massive traffic jams in lighl of the increasing development plan ned . The bailie li nes arc being: drawn . The Sarasota County and City Commissioner.; are in favor of Ihe dmw bridge. So afe most of the ci tizens of Lido Shores and many citizens of Lon!!boa t ._ ~ ·- ·, . ._ In- favo r or :.i lixt:d l>pan are the Federation of Longboat Condominiums. the Longboat Civic Le ague·s Board of Di recto rs. the LBK Chamber of Comme rce. Senator Pat Nea l. and. of cour.;e. Mayo r Sid Ochs. most LBK residents and l>ome from Lido Shorel>. On only one l>ubject ll> Iht:re unanim ity. Almos[ everyone ll> in fa\o r of phmning a Sara~ola- LB K Bay bridge i l1ll1ledi<llcl~ . Then more con trO\ers~ . as l>ome favor a ter111 inUl> on the southern end of Long boa I. others Ihe middle. Regarding: [hc mainland. l>ome \.\<In! 10th Street as a tcml in ul>. uthcrl> fa\or 17th Sireci Still olher.-. "ant i[ to go n~'Olr the airport . . If Ihe New Pasl> Bridge repl acement Wal> a do nn ybrook. Ihe Bay Bridge shou ld be a dill y .

live A Maintenance Free lifestyle

At Tanglewood Patio Homes. you·" exper~ence all the advantages of a single fa mily home Without worrying abo ut mowing your front yard. or carefully Cultivat ing the beautiful combination of trop~cal landscaping and giant oak Irees.

An Exclusive Co mmunity .

There w ill only be 76 homes In the Tanglewood commUnity. Over 30 of these homes have already been sold . When the remaining 46 ho mes are gone. there jusl won·t be any more In Ihls private commUnity. This limited edition of e llc lusive homes offers a lifestyle of privacy with amenities including lennl S and a prlvale com mu ni ty SWimming pool.

Fanta st ic New Home Designs .

The homes at Tan91ewood are tucked away from Ihe ci ty noises In a quiet oak forest that is, surprisingly, riQht in the center of West Bradenton. Featuring two and three bedroom plans wi th two car garages. you simply won·1 find anything like Tanglewood a nywhere around

Ba cked by Th e Quality Reputa ti on of Neal Communities .

Designed by the area·s premier builder. the homes of Tanglewood a re built to last and carefully crafted to meet your h'9hest s tandards The ··Built to live In It ourselves· phllosphy of the budder. speaks fo r the pride of workmanship on these homes where one ollhe owners 01 Neal Communities actually lives

Exclusive Homes In A Private Oak Fo rest.

To add the final touch. your home IS rlgh l In the middle 01 a quiet oak foresl where you can rela ll and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of your Single fam ily home . But , th is oa k for est IS just minutes away Irom shopping. schools. churches beaches. recreatron. and all the att ra ctions you enJoy Ihe mOSI . You can stili live in a n unspoiled. natural sellu"lg WIth a fresh·water lake . woods. and wlldlile but only at Tang lewood Patio Homes.

Visitlhe beautiful model homes and s ee the s pac ious rooms des igned lor functional "vlng and made even mo re sensational by soaring ceilings. french doors opening on to your ow n private pat io and sunshinY Windows. Man y other custom options. such as fireplaces . a nd splash pools are available .



2401 59th St reet West. Bradenton, Florida 33505 The natu re of Neaf Communities

.,;("'- BRADE NTON ,£ .~"'.1' I I _ i. 'ilrrH:d:~, --


rcs,,· • .


P,oeO"O I""" In e UPPI!' S60s Mooe' h(>mes Open Da,,!"

10 00·600

Bro ke' Coooe,at lon Financing Available .\Ilod el' decof~ l ed by Maas Brothe' s. Downtown Sarasota

" neaL






Where Longhoat Key History Began

February 16, 1979

salle . aman!fer hy S,ll y

Tues. thru Sat., Noon to 10 pm Sunday to 9 pm







G'UUCd O~eMUcgf EARLY BIRD SPEOALS • . • .. • .... • .. Baked Stuffed CLAMS ..... •• .... . .. • Broiled Stuffed FLOUNDER ••.• . .• .... Sea Farer COMBINATION . • •• • ; ..

S3.25 ,' S3.95 : S4.95 : S4.95 ·


Inolu.. ln. CAESAII SALA.' HOURS: Tues., Wed., Thurs. 4·9 FrI., Sat. 4-10, Sun. Noon·S pm - CLOSED MONDA Y -

• PHONE 755·1667· , 5831 • 15th SI. E., Bradenton '" "'-, ' U.S. 301 & 57th Ave. E.

, 7:/>C'/" __ )0'. ;( ~








Frid,,), G Saturd ay -

" DIN E DIRECTL Y ON THE GULF" 700 Gulf Or. N., Bradenton Beach

R'm,~allp t

Dining At The Holiday Inn, Longboat Key .. .



There are numerous di ning and banquet rooms in the beautiful Holiday Inn on longboat Key at 4949 Gulf of Mexico Drive, bu t the main dining room which is open to the public from 5:30 to 10 pm . every day for dinner is the attractive Toreador Room, which is decorated in Spanish style, as the name suggests . Ii you've always had the idea that the Toreador Room is higfl-priced, you're wrong. You may take your choice. order from the menu, on which entrees start at $5.95, or enjoy the lavish buffet, which w il l cost you just $5.95 for all you can eat, including Prime Rib, on Friday and Satu rday, or $4.94 during the other week nights, including Roast Si rloin of Beef. When my companion and I dined in the Toreador Room Friday evening, we chose to try the buffet and found that was an excellent choice. Starting with a tossed salad which we made ourselves from the wide selection of crisp garden-fresh vegetables, greens and fresh fruits, we went on to the many hot vegetables, and the meats, which included chicken, lamb, sluffed double pork chops, very good Prime Rib and fish ... a meal iit for a king and very satisfying. Coffee and dessert are extra, but what desserts! I enjoyed some oi the best fresh strawberries imaginable with whipped cream ... what a delight ... and I didn' t dare to look 100 long at the ma ny olher goodies in the dessert corner ... strawberr y cheese cake and many other luscious desserts according to the season. The Toreador Room is so relax ing and the Spanish decor with its laceli ke iron chandel iers, softly lighted, the high-backed leather cha irs, the V~(y private and oh-socomiortable booths, combined with an old brick wa ll, the typically Spanish archways, murals and other authentic touches, adds so much to your evening of dining out that you'll never forget it. An extra you' ll like very much, too, is the soft piano music oi talented Sammy l ane, blind musician who plays a repertoire of classical, show tunes and favorites from !{aSI eras, adding so much toyourenjoyment when you dine at the Holiday Inn, longboat Key. Take a good look at the other tables, 100, whi le you're there. You are very apt to see a wel lknown or even famous person, or several such personages, dini ng in the quiet seclusion oi this high class di ning room. For instance, General Montgomery dined there last week. And almost every week you'll see important people in the Toreador Room . Ii you choose to order irom the menu, instead of going to the buffet, you'll have a choice of such entrees as Filet Mignon Bordelaise, Broiled New York Strip Steak, Broiled Filet oi Grouper Almondine, Fried Golden Gul i Shrimp, Broiled Red Snapper, Boneless Breast of Chicken Supreme or Fried Filet of Flounder. My companion and I enjoyed our dinner in Ihe Toreador Room very much, and I think you will like it, too. Service is excellent, personnel is friendly, food superior and the music and decor lovely. Try it soon, and tell them Sally sent you. You won't be di sappointed .


t t t t t t



Al l YOU CAN EAT 10:30 am _ 2 pm

Oysters on the Y:z Shell Shrimp Steamed in Beer

$4 ,25

EARLY BIRD SPECIALS Daily - 4-6 pm Su nday - 2-5 pm

$4.25 Full Course, Incl uding Appetizer No Reserv4tions On E4rfy Birds



4 Daily Luncheon Specials 11 am to 3:45 pm Da ily Except Sunday $1.85

DINNER ENTREES 4 pm - 10 pm Mon. - Sal. 2 - 9 pm Sun. $4.75 and up

Open 7 Days a Week -

Phone 788-2275

No Credit cards with Early Bird Dinners

Plus -

In Our Wheelhouse Lounge

6 Nights a Week Tues. ttlru Sun.



Organ Complex


* Bill Ashley the Percussionist

After an exquisite gourmet dinner. enjoy

dancing tothe sounds of the Ed Williams Trio from 9:30011 closing.

f]) WILL~ Tuesday thl\J Saturday - For your dining pleasure. Ed Williams

at the guitar 7 pm 7.~ 'O~9~""c-;p~m='I~~""::;

JtAMU 1\Jl)1\ Sunday & Monday

DANUNG . s"",Ia)- lI, j" I'm-

make dining a pleasurable experimce ...,;th

evening music by James Kirk 81'\he harp.

Patio Luncheons served daily. Fllr Horizons is the perfect spot for your next party or banquet, for reservlltions lind arrllngements. phone 38),2441 .

ar li

Beach Resort


~ Enjoy uining In lhe cumfunable alm,,"pherc uf a French Cuunlry Inn .....·here all o..Iinne .. are pcn.unaliy preparco..l by Ihe c'hcf ,,"'ncr... FranCiS and Michel . .


Friday Fish Fry Ra,,« Oil'l'od G,,!' F, ~ .h


1Ir~ ..1 &

~:AT $3.95


'1'.h~n<h "., s.u.~. G,I. 51",·. h it>. Sal . d. Butt«.

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Mitchell Stern To Appear With Local Symphony Mitchell Stem. violinist. wi ll appear wi th the Florida Wesl Coas t Symphony in its third pair of s ubscription concerts on Feb . 16 and 17. The you ng violinist will play "Concerto in 0 Major. Opus 77"' by Br.thms . In the upcoming programs. Friday nighl at Neel Auditorium in Bradenton and Saturday night at Van WelCI. the Flo rida West Coast Symphony will play "Symphony No. I in F minor. Opus 10" by Shostakovich and " The Marriage of Figaro"' by Malan. Both pt!rfomlances are at~: 15 pm. Some! tkkets are! still avai lable and may be obtained by calling the Symphony office! (95)-4252) o r at the tic ket office. 709 North Tamiami Trail (Da\'id Cohen Hall l.

!- _/

Asolo Needs Ushers The Lt, Governor Of New Orlean, (Haydn Jones) propoen marrhtge to the winsome Lizene (Robin Allison) as his aide (KM\ Watson) tries vainly to keep the Governor cool in the Players of Sarasota', production of " Naughty Ma rietta" opening on February 16 and running through Februa ry 28. Reservations are available a t the box office, 365-2494, -Photo Cour1esy Players of Sarasota.

Players Present " Naughty Marietta" "Naught y Marietta", Victor Herben's musical tale of romance in colonial New Orleans will be the next presentation of The Players ofSantl>Ota opening on Fri. , Feb . 16. The qpeR:tta. written in 1910. features l>Ome of Herben'lo mos t memorable compositions including "' Ah. Sweet M Ylo t~ry of Life", '"The Italian Street Song'", "Tramp: Tramp. Tramp" and " I'm Falling In Love With Someone." DirecteLl by Robena Mao.:Donald. thi~ production is being o.: ho reographed by Betty Sieben with musical direction by Trudy Si lve!r. Mark Kiel y stars as the dashing frontiersman. Captain Dick Warrington. Marietta is played by Sharon Daniloff and the Lt. Govemor i ~ ponrayed by Hadyn Jones. and hilo tre!ache roulo son, Etienne! (Chri lo Calowell), Captain Dick getlo help, however. fro m Jake Kawats ki illo h'is faithful servant amI James Lamerson as hi:-. loidekick. Sir Harry Blake . Also appearing in majo r roles are Allen Grol>S as Rudolpho. the maste r of marionettes. Robin Allison a~ Li le tle. a caS4uette girl newly arrived in Louisi ana in search of a h u~banLl. Ke n Watson as the Lt. Governo r's secretary anLl Eleanor Hase nbe!in a~ Adah. mistress uf Etienne. '"Naught y Marietta" will play for eleven perfonnances wilh cunain time TUe!lo. through Sat. at ~ : )O pm anLl Sun. matineel> at 1 :30 pm. Rese!rvationlo may be madl! by calling 365-14\}4 or at the box office. Ninth Street and U.S. 41 (North Trail ). oJ>l!n 10 am to 4 pm wl!l!kdays. •

What's Happening ...

Voluntee!rs for ushaing dutit's are! nee!ded by the Asolo Slate! Theater for its 1979 ~ason uf profe!ssional rotati ng repertory at the Ringling Museumlo' court playho use . Anyone from high·school age! to acti vl;! sc=nior citiZl!n is wekomt': . Ushe!rs set up thdr own time schedules anLl ne!l!d "work" only once! a Wl!e!k if so de:-.i re!d . Thl! Asolo 1979 season runs from Fe!b . 15 through Sept. 2. All Asolo ushers se!e the plays at which they usher at no cost. To volu n!e!e!r. o.:alJ Tracy She!phc!rd Ne!wsome!. Asolo HOUSe! Manager. at J65-0J15 in Sarasota. Give yo ur name. aLldre!ss. phone! number anLl the hou~ you are avai labk for ushering. You will be! contao.:ted regarLling the liml! you loho ulLl oc at Ihe the!ale!r anLl wh:.u L1utielo are invoh'e!d in ulo hering .


• ••••

Prize-winning: photog:r.tpher and popular Long:OOat mail carrier. Ton) Aloisio. will be gi ving a n exhibit of photo:. and dil>CUl>~ion of ne!w phow technic..lue~on Mon .. Feb. 26 at!:! pm at Longboat Harbour South. Aloiloill'lo ocautiful lou nset phow appeared in the Jan. 26 i~~ue of THE OBSERVER.


Mr. Walte:r Enge:l of Longboat Key wililohow some ofhi~ old time: movie:lo' at Longboat Island Chapel. Sun" Feb . Ht 7 pm in th e: Sanctuary . The ~e film~ arc rare anLl highly entenaining. Mr. Engel promil>l!lo n~w laughter anLl enienainmcni at t hi~ third 'old time movi~lo' night. The public i~ invited. The! ChaJ>l!I ilo located at b200Gulfof M ~x ico Drive.:. Longboat Ke) .



Gulf Coast Chapter of the FluriLla Planning and Zoning Alolooc . will hold a meeting Fri .. Feb. 16 at 12 noon. The place i~ the Rain Fore~t Dining Room of the Forest Lakes Country Club. 2401 Beneva Road. Sar.tloOta. The speaker will be DavidGood. Exec . VPofUnited First Feder.!.t and hilo l>ubject. " Proje!ctions for 1979 regarding Construction. Development and the Mone!Y Marke t. "

. ')

Asolo Has Openings For Apprentices

In the Four Winds

Phon e 18(3) 383-5511


. .. Announces its "Johnny Come Early "

Dinner Special

Asalo State .. 355-277 1 Florida Studio

T heatre .366-5454

The Players . .958- 1577 Van Wezel ... 958-3366



Tho: Asolo S tate Theater ha:. oP'=ning~ for sever.ll appren ticcl> in the:atrit."al lighting . Small ~ tipcnd~. rigid training and lung hourlo are! o ffe red re:cen l high ~c hl)ol graLluate:~ who ha\c not yel made a career L1cci~ion and are intere ... teLl in learning the tco.:hnicall>ide of pmfe!lo ... ional theato:r. Apprentio.:e:.hiplo ~tart imme:L1iald) anLl ..:ontinue through the! firlot \\o:ek in September. Appli..::anb> hould calt Asolo lighting de!l>igne!r Man in Petlock bl!tween 5 and 7 pm at 355-4767 for inte rview ' •

W ch~A~~~r~S CRab

Asolo Opera .. 958-7884

....... 355-4096 Golden Apple Dinner

" Same Size Circus: Drawing~ by Alan E. Cober" will be at the Ringl ing Mu ~eum of the C in: ulo Feb . 15 through Apr. I. With line! line! and L1dio.:ate hue. Alan Coocrdelves beneath Ihe clown'~ hu mor to create poig.nant and revealing ponrclits of the L1eni Ze!n~ of the l·in.·u~ . Ringmaste! r Harold Ronk. Boss Clown S te!ve! LaPone . and Ruth Chaddack. a rare woma n clown . an: along the Ringling Bros. P'=rfonners he began to L1raw in 1974. Cobe!r ~ee!~ the: cin:u:. a:. an offbeat mkrocos m of the external society th rough whio.:h it 110w:.. o.:ompo~ed of proud. hardworking. re~pon:.i ve pe!opk from many different ~ hll w n

cin:u... i:. "~ame: :.i..:e:" be!cau~e! some of the in thi~ exhibit inn arc actually liti! loize. from the ve ne:rabk Lou Jacob:-. to .U-int."h Mic hu . the! ~mal lest man o n eanh . For A lan Cobcr. L1r...wing i:. an act of communication. WhcreV!!r he goc~. hi:-. :-.ketchbook enabks him to meet P'=ople. from Yugu ... lavia to the New York subway:;. The ~ke: to.:hbook break~ thmugh language barrier... a facade of privacy. or. a ... \\ ith the o.:luwn .... enabk:. him to pierce t11e ... ei l Ill' illus ion. Cobe!r talb to hi:. ~ubject~ t."on:.tant ly a ... he sketches. ~o me!tinle~ ino.:luding a~ pari of the: L1rawing a pcninent fac t or two that he: kam~ while working . "A ll ani ...b relopond to the drcul>." .-.tate::-. Cobe!r. "'All that color. tha t tmdition. those tre:mendou:-. pc..·1.lple! E.'pecially the: people . Who are they behind their glitte!ri ng face~'! What L10 the!Y think"! What do they care abou t'! How L1oe ... the! circu~ function ~ a society of people . . " .. Another grou p of Cobl!'- ... ur.lwing ... I,:ompriloe The Forgutten Socie!ty. a book lo howing the mentally retarded. the ageLl. anLl the: i mpri ~oneLl . The exhibition of these drawingsl has be!en tra veling to Illu:-.eum:-.. college!'" anLl universi ties throug:hout the Unite!L1 Statelo and in Canada :.ince 1975 . Cobcr'~ wor).: ha~ appeared in Life!. Esttuire . Time . Ncw:.we.:e!k. Spon ~ I lIu~tr.lte.:L1. anLl the New York Times. He ha~ illCJ ~t ratcLl more than 10 children'lo boob and special eLlition~ of Poe. JU)cc. and Vonnegul. •

2605 Gu lr or Mexico Dr" Longboat Key, FI. 33548

Local Theatres

News frol:l1 Ringling Museums ...


Staiiipler's Longboat K"ey


In the lo pirit of the Duches~ of Duke! Street. the Southwe~t Branch of the Engli~h Speaking Union b holding an at"l~rnoon t~a part) as if in the g round~ of the Royal Yao.:ht S4uaLlron . I n~tead of Cowe!~. 1~1e of Wight. the pany will be .held at the Far H orizon~. Longboat Ke), at 4 pm Mon .. Feb . 26. During tea. the! pany will be e nte na ine.:d by the artistry of Bill S I. Clair a t the piano. Following tea. the peripatetic Roger Moore will present tl lmlo of a ~pedaJl y de~igned tour of the Britil>h hie:. . To enhance the: atmolophere. ge!ntlemen are a~ke!d to appear in yacllLirlg attire : ladiel> in hats and glovelo. Room pcnni~ non-memberl> are abo welcome. For relocrvations. call Mimsie Morgan. Secretary. aftemoon~ at .17 1·4475 . (Editorl> NOie - What if it'~ a chi lly night"!)

Prince Paut from the " Size Cifcus: 0. . . . . . by Atan E. Cober" exhibition at the Ringling Museum of the Circus, Sarasota, Feb. 15 through Apri l 1. - Photo Cour1esy Ringling Museums.

L1raw ing~

.Yi c.



We are Consistently Consistent

The Gul f $ hrinl! Club Lad ies Night and Past Prl!sidents Pany will be! TUI!l> .. Feb. 27. at Tr...der Jack ·s. So.:ial hour 6 pm. dinne:r 7 pm . Thl! menu will be! a Hawaiian Fealot Buffet . Fo r rese:r"at ion~. call Noble Jo~ph Eichholtz. 77~-49bb .

V · .../

• • • • •

Monday - Saturday from (4:30PM · 6 :30PM) Sunday (5 - 6:30 PMI Broiled Fresh Fish • N.Y. Sirloi n Strip Scallop & Shrimp Kabob de Jonghe • Oyster/ Scallop Provencale Broiled Beef Kabob with Rice Pil af • Sauteed Rainbow Trout • Boston Schrod with Seafood Pan Roast Crabmeat Stuffing Scallops

All dinners include: a Pot of Famous Charley 's Chowder, Crunchy Cole Slaw or Tossed Salad , Hot Cracked Wheat Bread, Vegetable or Potato


For Reservations:

r age 0


Energy Conservation And The Government The subject of Energy Codes is the title of a memorandum sent to all City and County Administrators in the State by the State Energy Ollice of the Department of Administration , Depending on which side you're on, this is another case of the government meddling in the private sector or else iI's a case of much needed refoml in energy kgislation, Here 's how the leltc=r reads: "As you know. most buildings for which construction permits are granted atkr March 16. 1979. must meet certain minimum standards with regard to energy conservatio n. I have spoken with many bui lding. ofticials. local government officials. and ot her professionals throughout the State on the anticipated increased burden on building departments in having: to enforce the energy requirements . It is like ly that at least o ne additional inspection per site will be required . It has been ind icated that a fewofthe larger jurisdictions in Florida may need to hire an additional mechanical engineer (or plans checking purposes. While we do ex.pect an impact on you r building depanment. we cannot accurately predict its scope . If your building onidal i) typical of the great majority I have talked to re("ently. he i" wdl aware of the silUalion. Please solicit and "'un,,ider hi" recommendations in your budgetary and planning activitie) . To those jurisdictions which have not yet adopted an energy code and which are considering adopting the State of Florida Modd Energy Efficiency Building Code. I suggest that the ordinance )"ou write adoptir:'g the code contain language which allow1o amenome!nts to be approved easily. We expect some re!\'i"ions 10 be offered during the first year of its use . Forexample. our consultants are now working on a simplified de!sign approach for re si dence~ similar to the various home de~ign progr..lms of sever.!1 of the utility companies. Thi~ will greatl y facilitate tr..lde-otls between the components uf the huuse. such a., allow ing more glass while at the same time incn=asing the! attic insulat ion or improving the efficie!ncy uf the! heat pump. When this section of the code is completed. many local governments will wish to add it to their urdinan,,·es . If you haVe! any qUe!stion:. concerning the State laws mandating e!nergy codes or ene!rgy codes in general. pka.~c: call (9W/ ..U!M-2·HSI or write me or Barbar.! Fay and we will . we can . 10 :.Issist

ANDRE F. KIAI, Associate hours: 922-5132)

World Wide Promoter of Florida Real Estate When you wish to sell. remember: • Written commitment • Exclusive guaranteed services • Local advertising • National and international promotion • Investors/ buyers from U.S. and abroad


LUl~tlJIIVtl l


VJII"r..Il." r..A

Fireline Deaths or injurie!s due to fires are tragic and senseless. Especially since most tires could be prevented by common sense. and observing simple tire prevention practices. One of the highest risk situations is one called the " fatal triangle'·. The! triangle consists of ( I ) a cigarelle smoked in an (1) overstuffed c hair. couch or bed. by a person who is ei ther (.1) tired. under stress. or under the influence of alcohol or medications. The likelihood of ade!adly lire in this situation is obvious . If j ust one of the!se eleme!nts is removed the! risk is dr.tstically reduced . The LBK Fire Depl. urge!S you 10 use common sense and don·t become victim of the deadly lriangle. We ~ very proud of the fact thai Longboat Ke y has one of the lowest fire death and injury rates in the nation - Please help us keep it that way~

Rescue and Fire Calls Feb. 6 Rescue Call to Seagate at II :35 pm. III person . Patient refused treatment. Fe!b . 7 Rescue Call to Islands West at ~ : 15 pm. Injured person Was treated at scene! by the LBK ReSCUe! S'luad and taken to Sarasota Memorial by private auto . Feb . 7 Rescue Call to the 11.XXJ bluck ofGMD aI5:(¥} pm. Patient was treated at scene by the! LBK Rescue Sl.juad and tr.!nsported to Sarasota Memorial . Feb . 7 Rescue Call tu .wo block o f GMD at 5:54 pm. Patient waS treate!d at scene by the! LBK Rescue Sl.juad . Manate!e ambu lance transported patient to Sar..lsota Me!morial Feb. 7 Fi re Call 10 Bradenton at 10:50 pm . Mutual Aid . AUlo Accide!nt. When LBK Fire Depanmenl arrived o n scene tire Was under control. Feb. M ReS(..·ue Call to 11.XXJ block of GMD at 1:39 pm . Pat ient was treate!d on scene by the LBK rescue Sl.juad . Fcb. M Rescue Call to Seapines Condominium at 6:30 am . Hean attack palie!nt was trealed at scene and transpone!d to Sarasota Memorial by the LBK Re!scue! Squad . . Feb. Y Fire Call to Emerald Harbuur at 6 :03 pm. Power wires in tree!s . no fire . St.:ene secured by the LBK Fire Depanment. feb . Y Rescue Call to Moore'~ Restaurant at 7:35 pm . Patient treated at sCe!ne by the LBK Reso.:ue! S'luad . Feb. 9 Rescue Call to 6000 biOI.:!... of GMD at Y:UO pm . Injured persun was treate!d at scene by the LBK Re!scue! Squad . Manatee Ambulance transporte!d palient tu Sarasota Memoria l. Feb . Y Re~cueCall tn The We~tchest e!r at 10 :50 pm . Palient was treate!d un sc\!ne by the LBK Rescue Sl.juarJ . Manatee Ambulam:e transported patie!ntto Sarasota Me!morial. Feb . Y ReSt'ue Call 10 Dream Island Rd . at II :05 pm . Injured person treated at St'ene by the LBK Rescue Squad . Manatee Ambulan,,·e Imnsported patient to Blake! Memorial. Feb . 10 Rescue Call to Gene!ral Harri,. at Y:44 pm. Injured perslln was trcaterJ at ~cene by the LBK Reseue Sl.juarJ . Manatec Ambulanl'e transported patient 10 Sarasota Memurial. feb. I I Rescue Call III SI. Judes Dr. at.1: II am . Palienl wa.... treated at "cene by the! LBK Rescue S\.juad and taken to Manatee! Hospital' by Pri vale! Autu . Feb . II Rcscue Call to Putting Green Lane at I :08 am . Patient wa~ treated at scene and transported to Sarasota Memorial by LBK Rescue Squad. Feb . II Rcscue Call III ~0lKJ bluck of GMD at 7:31 am . Patient trealed 0.11 scene and tra n~pone!d 10 Blake Meliturial h} LBK Rescue Sl.juad . Feb . II ReSl.·ue C all tn Seahorse at M:20 am . Palient ..... as trealed al Sl·en...' b} the! LBK Re!~cue Sl.juad. Feb . II Rescue Call to Seaplace at 10 : ~o pm. Patient ..... as treated at scene and trans~)nerJ to Sarasota Me!nlllrial t"ly the LBK Rescue Sl.juad. Feb. II Rescue Call to 4000 bluck uf GMD at 11:39 pm . Patient .... a~ treated at scene by LBK Rescue . Manalee Amt"lolan"'e IrJnspuned patienllo Sar-dsota Memllrial. Feb. II Rescue Call til Sutton Place at8:J7 pm . Patient was treated at sce!ne and tmnsported to Sarasota Memoria l t"I) LBK Reso.:ue Sl.j uad . Fe!b. 11 Fire Call tl) Keto.:h Lane at 2:.10 pm . No tire. strong smell of smoke . Scene secured by the LBK Fire [kpartlllcnt. -

If you would like to subscribe to THE OBSERVER lor one lull year, just 1111 in the lollowing and mail it to us with a check lor $12. Name _________________________ Address'___ __ _ _ _ _ _ __


Cop's Corner Police Briefs Patrol Officers made 95 tmftic slops th is week and issued citations . We were ke!pt busy on re scu~ls over the weekend. assisting on a 10lal of 17 . There ~t - :lire calls. 2 burglar alamls. J disabled vehicle! assists. a'i'ii:f'"4 accidents . Among othe!r se!rvice! calls were! 4 invol\>ing animals. 1 noiSC! complaints . I disturbance and I hardssment . One violation of ordinance- dumping of trash on right of way. oneca.~of vandalism and 1 breaking and e ntering. Chid" Mc.:Cammon attended a mid-winter ,,"onference of the State Chids of Pol ice Association in Lakeland . Amo ng the many subjects discussed were changes in law enforcement salary incentive tr.tiningcourses and the need to legislale a new statute covering the! possession of stolen propeny. In 197H the Lxgislature inad vertently removed the .. Possession·' Statule on ordinary offenses while strengthen ing the laWS and penalties agai nt the crimi nal receivers . the ··fe!nce!s" . (H

Tide Chart Sarasota Bay Friday Satu rday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

16 17 18 19 20 21 22

High AM PM 3 ,08

3,58 5,04 6 ,39

3 ,43 4: 16 4 :55 5,44 6 ,41 7:48 8 ,57

Low AM PM 9,21 10:02 9 ,47 11,04 10:1 5 12:20 10:47a 1,43 3,09 4,14

SEAPLACE LONGBOAT KEY MOV ING TOTHE ISLAND'.' LUXURY UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS WITH GULF VIEW ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR ANNUAL LEASE. J bcdn)llnl/:! bath from::) IlX.IO month .:! bl..-droom/:! bath from ~50-S750 month t t". drollm{1 bath plu) den ~ month Sho.... n b) appointm..:nt onl) . 9-5 Monday through Frida) . As!'" Mrs. Hagcr.

ARVIDA REALTY SALES, INC. REALTORS 1101 Gu lfofMexicuDr. 383-3735

BIGHICKORY DADDY'S SMOKED PIT BAR-B-Q 2620 9th St. West - 746-8701 Featuring: Tender Tasty Bar-B-O Ribs, Pork, Beef and Chicken. Also fine steaks and seafood

Thursday nite - Feb. 22nd 4-9 pm


$5.95 includes salad bar Daily Breakf ast and Lunch Specials Mon- Thurs - 6am-9pm Fri-Sat - 6am-10pm Sunday - 9am-4pm NOW OPEN SUNDAYS - 9am-4pm Sun Special Free Coffee. Cake and Apple Raisin Coffee Cake with breakfast order 9·12 only.

Mon & Tue - Free Beverage with Dinner 4:30-9pm


THE CARPET DOCTOR i- . CARPET CLEANING -' We use a 2-step process

Shampoo and Steam Extraction to deep clean your carpet_

Mail to:

24 hr.l 7 day service





Mit & IW,Any Size

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Senior Citizens Discount - 100Al

Educational exhibib and dt'mori:.tralion:. will be featured at Exten:.ion Expo '79. a ~peei a l pre:.entatilln of the Sara~llta Counl y Exte n:. io n 5e:rvice ~l·h.:duled for Sam:.ola Square M all on Sal.. F&!b. 2 ~ and Sun .. Feb . 25 . The Iheme 01 th i:. year s Expo I:. ··Ded~ion:. for DoJla~· ·. and more than 50 exhibib and demon)tr;Jlion:. fOl:u~ upon wa):::. in which consumer:: . can be:lIer managt' Ihl:il' mont'). A ll Ext(:n~. areas arc covered. including agril'ullurt' and horticulturC~ )me economic!'>. -l-H a~li\itie:.. an imal and marine re:.OIi tee~. energ) I.:on:.l!r. at ion pmctice:.. and communit) re:.ource de\dopme nt. County Exten:.ion per:.onnel from Pinella). Pasco. H illsboroug h. Manalc:e and Si:lra~ola ~ounl ie~ will all pankipate in Expo '79. which will ha'e been vie" cd b) thou:.and:. of peuple 10 C1earwaler. Tampa and Bradt'nton b..:tore l'oming to Sara:.ota. Thi) b Ihe ~econd annual Expo. and t hl! EXI!:n:.ion per:.onnd imoh..:d hope I,hal il will de\dop inlo a long running :.crie:. . The progr..tnl ~~ h.:duk is a:. fu llow :.: Saturday. February 24 11 am "Citrus Fru il:. in the Lambl·apc ". by Luther Ruzar, SUr.I!>ota Count) Exten:.ion Directur. 12 noon --Beatin\! the Dollar Crunl'h". by Jean Mt'adov.-~. SaTa:o.ola County Exten~i n AgentHome E(.:onomic:o.. . 'Coping with Creep) Cra\\ leh· ·. by Jo Nt'\ ill. lpm SaraMlta County Ext.;n:.iun Agenl- Li,<::.tud and Pe:o.l Management. .. Al'ce:o.:.or!e:, from )our S..: ..... ing Mal·hine ··. b) lpm NanC) Whilham, Pinell;i:-' County Exten:o.ion Agent- Home E~onom in. ··4· H Amba!>1>adOh··. b) EI~a Farrell. Sara:.ota 3 pm Count) Exten:o.iun Agent - 4-H and 4-H Count} Coun(.: il. -- Lawn Ma inh::nan(.:('--. b) Larr) Rabinov-ilz. 4 pm CounlY EXlen:o.ion Agent· Sara:.ola Ornamentab . -- PUlling Food By " b) Laura Hdfrid... Sara~ol a 7pm CuUnt) Extension Program Assistanl-Home El.:onomi(.::o. . --4 -H Demon:.tral i on~", b) Elva Farrell. S pm Sara!>ola C\IUnl) Exten!'>ion Agent 4-H and -I.-H Count) Council. Sunday, Fe bruary 25 I pm " Tree~ lor Sara!>ola Count)". by Lall) Rabino .... itl, Saroi:::.Ola Count> Extension AgentOmamenlah. . 2 pill -- Quilts · Pall'hc ~ of History". by Jean M e adow~. SOlra:.ota Cuunt) EXlen~ion Agent· Home Econo mic:. . . ] pm "Spring Vegetable Ganknin{ ·. by Luth!:r Rozar. Sar-,J.~Ola Count) Extension DireCIUr. -I pm "-I-H Demon:o.tration!'>". b) El va Farrell. Saro!:.ola Count) EXlen:.ion Agent -l· H and 4-H Count) Coun~il. Sarasola S4uar\! Mall i~ IlXaled on U.S. -ll al Beneva Road in Sa ra~o ta . All cxhib i t ~ will be un di~play buth Feb. ]:-l and :!5 during regular mall hOUflo, from 10 am 10 \} pm on Sat. and from 11 ;30 pm 10 5:.\U pm o n Sun . The exhibib and demonstration:. are open to the publ ic wit hout charge . For add it io nal infunnation Idephone Ihe SarasOla COUnl) EXlension Servke at !S I 3fl}55-61J\}. •

Voter Registration

Total Over $29.2-Million

The Lom.:boat K ~) C h;.lmber ui Commerce Februaf) Cuffee meeting .... ;.1:0. held 011 Town Hall on Tuesday morning anJ their ~ampaign 10 regi:.ter \ote~ .... as a huge success. Sara:.ota and Manatee Count) Supen isors o f Election JoAnne Kessler and H . Jeromt' Davis we re in attendance along v. ith their ke) slaff members - all read} to spend a dOl} at Town Hall and the Fire Statiun al Ihe north end regislering \Ole r. B) da):. end. 5J pe0pk had been registered and numerou:. other:. dropped in for coffee and cookies suppli.::d b) Ihe C hamber and 10 \ i~il wilh candidales. Steff Siampler. Chamlxr Pr.:sid.::nt. intrwuced the tv. n Ekct ion SUPCf\ i~ur.-.. Ma)m SidO~h:o.. COnlnl. Ted Sed .... iel-, and Comm . ~and idate :.Salll 5eegel {UP for re-de~liun). Did, Pellar. hi :o. \Ippo n..:n!. and Tax Rider. al so running for a ~al on Ih~ TO\~ n COlllm ission. T(Iv. n Ckrk Jant' Puol ab(l spoke . All of Ihem p ra i~.::d the ~ampaign 10 register \·oters. and Ma)0f Oeh!'> hoped it .... \Iuld be an annual affa ir. Jerome Da\i s ga\e an impa~~i(lO~d pka tore\ery ~itizen 10 lake h i~ vuting pri\ ikgt' !>eriu u ~l} bU I Janc Pool mighl ha ve u n~red a prolou nd trul h when ~he said Ihal whik Ihe 50 p~NIO S a:.:.embkd v. ere a dear indkatillO thai inlerest v.a~ high. thc \Ulcr re!!1slro!tion ~ampah!n .... a~ r.:all) di re~led al thm.: pers0n:o. ~'h\l did nut ~hov. ~up. . . Barbara Lad le\. Ex.:~ . Du·. \)1 Ih..- Chamber. cl}o,lrd mateJ Ihc: affa ir. a.nd r~fre~hm..-nt~ v..:r.: prm ided b) Stampkr:o.. Culon) Beach, LBK G\llf and T.:nnb Club. Cua~t Fel.kroil. LBK Ho liuay Inn and LBK HilhlO. Wa)ne Allgire Tov.n Mana!!er and Fire Chi..:f Bob Bu llard v. ere ,:xlremel) h..:lpful in pro~' iuing a~si~tan(.:e according til M i~~ Ladle). v. hile Jane Peteflo. Ttlv. n Hall :-""I:relar). a~~ i~lt'd v. ith Sl.'ning Ihe cofk.: . Of the 53 new \"\lleTS r..:gi~ tercd belween g am and ~ pm ..n we re Manatt!eans, 16 Sa r:.tsul a n~ and -l in th..- u ffi~es of Town Hall. Addint: III the festi\c almo~ph..:re . Cork~) Whilc of 51..} Ad ... .:rtising pull.:d a banner Ixhind hi~ airplane which ~aid. "L BK Chamber Say., R eg l ~ h.:r TOlJa) - To .... n Halt" . It v.a~ in full vieW of Ihe cntire Ke) in 11'1.:: ..:arly aft.::rnoon . President Stampler and M i~~ Ladk) v..:re pmuu of the C hamber :o. fi~ t re!!istr,Jlilin dri\e, gi\ing ~redit ttl "Im:o. of cooperat ion fro m ~ e\..:ryb..~)" and " a real ~ommu nilY dfort·· . Coffe.: and cookie!> we rc ~e r\'.: d all da y OIl Town Halt and Ihe Fire Statinn. prm ided b) Elainc Mt'rcier fro m Starfish MUte!. Joanne Normandin o f Silver Bt'ach R..:~o n . Ur..ula Weinrekh of Sea:o.ide Apanm..: nt~. Treva Sttlner ffllm Se ahor~e Beal:h Re ~on. Be ... ..:rly Tillman from Sea Bird Beac h. Cass He nde n;on fmm Coasl Fedt'r.l1. Julie Peloquin from Outrigger Apanmenl~. and Jen Arnold from While Sands. •

Local builder. Neal Communities. Inc .. has announced )eaf-end !>ales for 1l) 7~. IOlaling over S29.2 million in new home sale!'> . The dollar figure represents sales o f 504 new homes al fi\e Neal Communilic:. including Weslbay Point and Moorings. Wild O.:.k Bay. Wildewood Springs, Tanglewood Patio Homes. and Valencia Gol f Front Garden Condominiums. Huwaru S . Adam~. S.;:n;oT Vke Pre:.ident o f Neal Communilie!'>. ln~ . . auributes Ihe inl'rea!>C of over $13. 1 million from Ihe pre\ i\lu~ year-cnd ti gun! 10. " a posilive re!> ponse from bolh 101:al and !'>easonal markets. We also belieVe the a\ailabilil) ofpr.::-arranged li na ndng at all of our I.:ummu nilic~ i~ a \ el) de ~i rablc fealure for buyers ;n today' s markel-pIa..·.::.· . During 1~ 7S. N.::al Communilie:. ~ompJc:lel)' sold out Vakncia Glllf Fron! Card.::n cundominium:.. approximately tv.\) \.::ar~ ahead of s(.:h.::du le . Additionally. Neal Cllmtl;un i t ic~ intmd u~ed IV.O nev. ..·lImmunitie:. to the loc~1 ma rket -pIa..·.:: . , T an!!kv. \khl POll io H Ullle~ fealur..:~ :o.i ngle famil y delac hed hum.;~~ in a ~lmdl)miniu m communit) . T he Villa~ At Wild Oak Ba) are a uni4ue hum.:: ~ t ) Ie ~on~i~ling of IWO villa h ll me~ per ~i n gk ~ "'II) bu ild;ng loealed in Ihe EI C(10 4 ui~1ildm C(lUntl) Club I:(lllllllu ni ty. The b rca~uul \I f !>a ll.'~ 1:» inui\ iJual . . \lmmunity is led by Wilde .... o\~ Spring~ v.ilh a tula l l)f I\}4 hllme:. :.old for ~IO. 90t\ . OOU. fnllo\4ed b} Vakncia Gulf Front Garden Condllllliniu lll ~ \4hi~h ~old IJJ humc~ during Ihe year 1lllali n!! ~7.555.')95 . We~lba y Puilll and Moorings lisled :o.ak~ tf!!urc~ al S6. 1-ll) .OOO for 11'1..' lUg hom..:.' :.old in 197t\. Th.: ~\4\) n..:v.e~1 N.:al CUlllnlunit;6. Tangkwood Patio H \lIl1I.'~ r..:ach.:d ~a k~ of J ~ h OIl1':~ fnr a Inial dll llar figure of ~2.07l),5 Xb and The Villa~ AI Wild Oal.. Ba) ~old 37 homes I,) ;.Idu thc final ~]:.5Jb.XlX) t\1 thc IIllal )I.'ar·..:nd figu re of ~2~. ~1~ ,.l~I . •

Sarasota-Manatee Headlines A Serv ic e of W5PB, 1450, CBS For the Sun Coast Sh.m!r

CiJb l ~


SiJ ) 'S il

is going to cut


wi thi n


City of SaraSOl <.I as a result of the ucnit::d ratt:: hike ro:l.jue stiasl wed.: by Ihl! C it) Commission. The fi rm says it pl ans to climinatc al!:.atdJite ~r\lkt:: inskl.! the cily. n>lnlely c hannel 17 from Atlanla and thl! Mad ison Sljuare Gardt::n Eve nls . Engin..:cr:. hilW warno,!u the! Sarasota County Commission tha t unless new walCt sourt::t::s af!! found lju ickl y. 40-

thuusand housc:holds .... ill run soon of walLr in the no nhl'a.o;t area of the count> by Iyg ~ .

Popular Medieval Fair Returns

Sarasota Count) t::omm issiunl.'fSrccc ivcu J,!ood ncws in the form of the Pri!;l' . WalcrhuuSl! Rt::po n ~ aying dual laxat ion Nearl) a thou:-.and costu med perwns now maKe up Ihe C<bt dn.::. exist. but I:' being r.Jpidly redw.:ed and i~ nOI as bad a., lo r Ihe upcoming Ringli ng Mu:.eum:./ New College Medieval ~ ount ) nlu n i ~i palit ll:~ ..:laim . Fair :.cheduled fo r March 3 & ~ . Deput) Clerk of Court Sheila M ikoda ~ay~ Sara:.ota . The Fourth Annual Med ie val Fair 10 be held on the Counl Y i~ going 10 ~()ntinue ~olle~ting the s ur~harge on ground~ of the two inslitution:. will cover about 60 acre:. and traftk fin e~ until. ordered otherw ise by Ihe Stale: the pra(.:ti(.:e Ilank the Saroi~ola bayfront for a ljuaner mile. Wa., rukd illegal by Ihe Stale Supreme Court yes terday . Jousting hor:.emen ~om b i ned wi lh marJuding foot Sarasola Memorial Hospital and Ihe CilY of Sarasota are :.oldier... madrigal ~inger:., IUle player:., puppeteer.., ~a id to be ready 10 sign an agret' me nt allowing the hospilal lU trade~ men offering aUlhenti(.: Mt'die val food and ware:. and a handle a major expan ~ion . inl:luding a nonh building. City li ve (.:he~:::. malch will keep vi:.iton. croining their head:::. att at:ret'nl<!nt ..... as (,;Titi~al because uf ~ontro versy over who weekend . A 101011 of :.ix ptrfomling area:. will Ix pro viding ,,"'o uld pay for a ~ ri e:o. u fmode:mizations to various roads and :.;mullaneo u:: . emertainment from 1-5:30 pm each day . In the dosi ng o f Haw thume St. addition. wandering juggler:::.. jes te~. wizard:.. begg a ~ and The S:lra~ota-Manalee Airport AUlhorily narrowt'd Ihe S\:oundrd:. will be :'Irolling Ihrough Ihe (.: row<1:. . tklu uf tH appJicant~ for Airport Manager 10 Ihrt'e linalisls . Ft'slivi ties begin al II am each day wilh a One from SI. Luui:o., one from Philaddphia. and one from processional weaving its way over Ihe entire fa irgrounds al Vermont. A ll im..:rviews witt be hdd in Mar(.: h. are seek ing 10 noon . All fa ir parti(.: ipanb and vi:.itor:. are invited to lake pan repla(.:e Diek Wulfe. Jet go by the Board in December in thi :. eXlremdy colorful event. Heading the n will folJuwing a long-sim mering feud . be the Med ieval d epham:.. which may aClually be ridden by GU-Icrnor Bo b Graham has named Sara:.otans. Mary vi~i t o~ fur a piltan(.:e later in thc day. Kum pe and Juhn Buckle) 10 a Resource Management Task All "' i!>i to~ to the Fair are encouraged to wear co:.tume:. Force . Thc gruup wa!> fomlt'd 10 study s uccesse~ and failure:o. and enter the daily co~tu me conte:.!:::.. for cash prize:. . There o f 11'1..: Slalc'!> en .. ironm\!ntal rules and programs and are four categories in the adult eoslume eompetilio n and IwO abo make re~lJmmenJatiuns for their beth::mlenl. in Ihe children'!> category. Samsota County Area Direclor Jim Schm idt ~ay:. All vi:.i lo~ 10 Ihe Fair are cn(.:ouroiged to wear co~t ume:. there (.:ould be a delay in the stan-up of SCAT on March 5 . and enter the daily co:.tumc COnte::'b. Judgi ng I:::' from 3 104 One of Ihe pwblem:o. i!> federal autho rity to actually spend pm each afternoon, wilh the winner:. announced 011 5 ~ m . money in I,:ertai'n area!'>. Dday in delive:ry of buse!'> and Ihe Admis:.ion 10 the Fair thi ~ year will be SI ea(.:h day lor all fal'l Ihc bu:o. J;arage i:o. slill inwmplt'lt' arc other factors. persot'l......... ~r 12 years of age. • Three li \e:o. ha ve: be:en daimed in Ihe fi ery coll ision of a ~ '!. lanker truck and a compa(.:t slation wagon on hw y 30 1 in ~~:I~:I~:COO",~~;l====Q==~ ~!\ Imnhern Brade nton . Traftk was detoured for six houn; , ga~ tan k~ un nearb y l'aflo ex ploded. and ga~ runn ing inlo seweflo Phone; bla~led manhole ~over:o. into the night :.kie:s. area 8 13/ 388·3979 Manatee CuunlY Commi:.s i onc~ have re~i nded their §s move of a week ago <lnu ha~'e: now de~ided 10 remai n in the S Ci t ~ Courthouse Complex. They are renewing Iheir requt'sl 19 N Blvd. of Presidents lo r a special exception to build a jail on county-ow ned land S SI. A rrnands Key adja(.:enl to the Cuunh\lu!>e . Sarasota, Florida 33577 T he Pri~e. Walerhuu:.e report on dual taxation (or SaraMlta Ss Count y SlaleS Ihe ci tit's of Sarasota Count y are exaggeraling Iheir claims o f dual laxation and the problem i!'> undergoing a Appraisals Antiq ues cu n ~ tant b!>eni ng. T he only mun ici pality with strong


Vernet New SCORE Chmn. Herbert A. Vcrnl.'t. Jr. wa~ ;nstalkd a~ 11.)71.) chrmn. o f the Manatee/SamS\lla chapler uf SCORE at thc urganizalion's annuallun..:heon . O lh..:rllfiic.:TS :-ening will be : S . S. Rosenbaum. I ~ I V Chml n.: G..:nrgl.' Halkn . ~nd V Chrmn.: Eugene Boss.:r!. S~..:-T rl.' as . and William Cuop..:r. Asst . Se(.:.-Treas. Manasllta Soue M retired bu~ines:o. anJ professional ..:xel·uti ... es dl.'vm ing thcl1l~el veloo lOll no (.:harge Ilu counseling small bu:o. i n..:~smen and i~ s[)(m~ured b) Ihe SBA .

Congressman Crane Addresses Lincoln Day Dinner by Sally Remaley A contin!!enl from Longboal Ke y was presenl al the 5aras\)ta C\;u my Lin~lll n Day Dinncr at the Hyau House Mlmday ~ vc ning. Feb. I:! . when th.: Hun . Ph il ip M . enlOe. U.S. Conl!r'::o.sman f(\)ln lII i n ui~. ga\e th.: main addr.:ss. A llooo \lIl th': progralll were Dr. Rubert E. Windom. master Ilf cerenmni.:s: ~olui~1 Ellen Gray. acwmpan i.:d by Beverl y Cummi n ~. who sang lho.: ': Lo rd '~ Pra)'e r" and in the li nale " The Bauk H)-llIn uf 11'1..' Repub l i~": LI. General Ronald H..:i s..:r . who kd the Plcdge uf Alkg;ancc 10 Ihe Flag: Harold F. Miller. Jr.. who i ntn~u~ed and r":l:og niled the dinner ~o mm i u e': (.:hainnen: Charlon..: Knox. State Committ..:eWtilllan : Slat..: Senalllr Warrcn Henderson. Republi(.:an Siale Commiueernan . .... 1'10 rc~ogni zed and intnhluc..:d ~pe(.:ial guests: and in a show of afle r-campaign friendship and pany loge lhern .:s~, Cungr.:~~man Lou Frey Jr. . whll intrnd ul:ed forlller gubernalorial candidate Jack E~ kerd . wh\) thcn int n~ u ~·..-:J Cong r..:~!> man Crane . Among the ~ veral hundr..:d per..on~ ..... 1'10 au..:nded what is always \Inc of Ih..: mo:o.t important albir~ of Ihe year in Ihe Republ ican part} th..: follo\4 ing m..-mbers of the Sara~ota Cou nt) GOP Ex..:culi\e Cummiu..-..:: John Blair. BCII) T err) . Lois and H..-rlxrt L.:hman. Linda LindSilY. Gary Gruv.~how!>ki, Rog..:r Brown . Rob.:n Rigb)'. Annam"e Sandcgren. Eug.:n..: Clay . Nurnlan Schernlan. HamId Miller Jr. and RUlh K. Dan iel~. Mayon. Elmer Berkel o f Sara:.ola and HalT) E. Cas.: of V..:ni~e we re al so pre ~e nt . along wi lh Tom Danson. Ted Ewing. John Miko!>. B.:vcrl y Clay and many other (.:ounty ~ :o.tat.: and loealllffi ..·iais . RUlh Edcrd v.a:o. alS\1 pr.;:sc:nl wi" hcr husband . I ~al"o!~.~ta Cuunt) Ynung Repu ~lic an :o. .w\!re represented bj Ihelr \l1lKe rs: Larry M..:rcer. Linda L1nJ~a) . Jan Cuhen, Carol)n Coll ier. Jo hn Bridgford and 5 le \e Hal ..·h . ' During hi s (alk . Cungressman Cran.:: re\ iev...:d Presiden.t Caner's ternl in office to date and dc!(.:ri.::J v. hal he called the " prt'~ident':o. break ing uf hi:o. "'ampaign pmm b e:o." and his policy on C hina. Ta iwan and Iran. -

The S C H O.M.-'!I


$4_25 reg. . menu AI'indudoiIa'. r..... BIIced _ plus



S 8


Potato ... Rice

IPrime Rib 'to:' 6" I

N ylliit 1M IAIu1go E .. All Cocktails 9Se" RESTAURANT 4-6 pm



8 Daily Specials 4-6 pm

"Dine on the Gulf on Longboat Key"


J a>~'~'h~"~':,,~po::rt~.~i:'~'~h"~'~T~o:'~'n~o~"~L~o:n~g~bo~a'~K~'~Y~, ~·~ ~~~lX.,~oc<>,~.c«.........,,,c<"",,,... ~_~'~'~'~'~'~'~'~.~'~"' "" ~"~~"~OO ' ~oo~",, ~~oo~o~o'~'~'~'~"~J~'~'~"~"" ~"' ~~,,~.~.~.~,,~-~~~,'~a~in~,~,~.~,~ __

4000 Gulf of Mexico Dr .




Classified Advertising For aU categories, tile price is $2.00 for the first ten words, HIe per word thereafter, effective immediately. Ads may be taken over the phone, but payment must be

Banking at Southeast just became six times better. For you.

received by Mon. at 5 pm to be printed In the Fri. edition. This

is 8 change of policy. To place an ad, call 383-5334. WANTED: Protected Slip or Mooring on LB'K 'or sloop 21 ft . long, 3 ft. draft, 3/ 1179 to 5/ 1179. Responsible party. Possible

. .

longer !enn. 383-6501.

2/ 9/ 16


Now, the fi ve Southeast Banks in Sarasota County have ju st merged into one bank with six convenient banking centers. Thi s means that you can cash a check at the handiest Southeast banking center, no matter which one you normally bank at. You ca n also make deposits, payments and even apply for a loan at any location. You' ll gain the ben efit of a larger lending limit, wh il e the c redit dec isions are still made at each banking center. And you can st ill coun t on the sa me fri endl y people to be there to help you with all your banking need s. Come in and make yourse lf at home at any of our six Sarasota County locations.

. "U", .

~J~::r,~ Sout '/n\\

heast Ban k ®

You can count on us.

RELIABLE COUPLE for regular survedlanq ~ur home while you are absent. Cleaning if necess8~stworthy . Aeferences. Rea sonabl e. 355-0842. 16123 New to longboat Key? Call WEL.COME WAGON - Norma Berns - 953·2696 or 383-3102. 16/23/ 2 SONY STEREO - Two speakers, one yr. old, HSTSO, S175.OO; two golf carts, S10 each; one goll bag, S25. Call 383·3924. 116

LONGBOAT HARSOUR NORTH CONDOMINIUM. Magnificent view of Sarasota Say Irom living room, both bedrooms and glassed/ screened terrace of 2 bdnn, two bath ~nthouse apartment. Load s of closet and storage space. Covered parking under building. Located on Say side with all amenities ' deeded beach access, 2 pools, 2 lighted tennis courts 2' marinas, rec, hall. Very spacious grounds. Realistically priced to sell quickly at $84,500. You won 't want to miss seeing this one, Listed exclusively with ,I SLAND SOUND REALTY CORPORATION, Realtor, 3800 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 33579, office 366-36~9, after hours, 383·3942, / 16

Downtown/ Eas t Main/51. Armands Siesta Key/Village Plaza/Venice Members FD IC.

Ci littl.

e SO

'IlJeth ·

530 So. Washington Drive

Watch for OUf opening of our office on Longboat Key, 4052 Gulf of Mexico Drive 180 N. E. Shopping Plaza Venice Branch Office


366·8922 484-7166


am b


LONGBOAT HARDWARE Longboat's Oldest and Largest Hardware Store 4016 Gulf of Mexico Drive Phone 383·1313



on St. Armands

319 John Ringling Blvd .

gifts with a touch

or whimsey









1979 V.W.




Weekly delivery on Longboat Key Natural Spring Water 1 to 5 gal containers plus " old fashioned " seltzer bottles in cases of 6


Shop Women', fashions don. in the


ineompa • •I. Polynesian man.


Bob Dockety MIKE OR FRED

Cortez Rd. 755-1571


• Periu me$ from the IsI.nOs.


• Ex quisite Acc.nori-.. • Uniq .... Island foot ......, from Honolulu.

While You Watch!



SM-.ota, Fl •.

6¢ State Street Sarasota 366-1567

Tropical and Exotic Plants by the day, week, month or season

each 3916 -14th 51. W. Bradenton 755·7936

For Parties, etc. Attractive containers FREE TlC by experts

Prompt Free Pick Up & Delivery


BOB CICORA Dial 388-3604

Talk of the Town

19 North Blvd. of Presidents St, Armand 's Key Sarasota, Florida 33Sn

Extensive Bre~kf~st Menu i-"" Lunch i-"" Dinner i-"" Cockt~i1s


The Plant Shed of St. Armands

Open d~ily induding Sund~rs


Phone : 388·1470

ST. ARt.4ANDS KEY SAR.ASOTA. FlA. 3)577 813-368-4212 9528 HARDING AVE.. , SURFSIDE, FLA. lllS4 305--165·0104

9 Filmore Orive

Soon To Be in Bradenton at 5603 . . M.matee Ave. W .

Phone: 383·5985 Private Booth

tor Manicures &. Pedicures Next to the Beach Cort Longboat Key,

9·2, S:JO·{

Vol1 #25a feb 16 1979  
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