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VOL . i , NO. 23

F ridDy, Janwuy 26, 1979

Federation of Longboat Key Condominiums Back Fixed Bridge The monthly meeting of the Federation of Longboat Key Condominiums mel lasl Sal. morning at Islands West and unanimously voted to support the position of Mayor Sid Ochs o n the subject of the bridge over New Pass. MayorOchs, as reported in last week's OBSERVER, favors a fixed span, two-lane bridge. as originaJly proposed by the Dept. ofTransportation. While the Mayor is not in favor of a 65' high span. this ~eight is said to be a Coast Guard requiremenl . Mayor~ h s says. he has spoke.n with US Congressman Andy Ireland to get the Coast Guard to lower Its requm:menl and IS optimistic. The Federation of Longboat Key Condominiums heard the Mayor speak and the 24 condos represented voted unanimously to support this position. The organization is composed of 28 Condominiums on Longboat Key represenling2.0CXJ living units or close t04,000 people. The Bridge controversy was an announced agenda item and most of the delegates had polled the ~ondos they represent. Those .who voted did so as individuals but all felt they did indeed represent the majority of their own condominiums . This is in direct opposition to the votes taken by the City of Sarasota and CounlY Commissions. who favor Plan D. unveiled last week by DOT. It is a 2-lane draw bridge. The Federation authorized Presidenl Howard Rumpf to direct a 1eUer to James Kennedy of the Florida Depanment of Transportation enforcing their position. The OBSERVER is pleased to print (he letter. mailed earlier (his week, in its entirety. " Mr. James G. Kennedy Project Development Engineer. DOT Dear Sir: The regular meeting of the Federation of Long~1 Key Condominiums was held on Sat., Jan . 20,1979. In accordance with the Federation's announced meeting agenda. the members of the Federation discussed the proposal made by your Department. Tues., Jan. 16, 1979 , with regard to the two-lane drawbridge across New Pass. After discussion. the Federation resolved. by motion duly made and seconded . that the writer be authorized, by resolution or otherwise, to convey to your Department the =federation's complete opposition to your new proposal and to urge your Depanment to approve only a fixed bridge across New Pass. The aforesaid motion was unanimously approved; there were no negative votes. The Federation is composed of 28 condominium

SUnsets on Longboet Key may not be the most beautiful In the world but then! lire many who feel they lire CIOH to the top. This view WIIS tllken In color by Longboat Key's postman-photogt1lphlc IIrti st Tony Aloisio.

associations on Longboat Key . comprising a minimum of 2800 living units. Each condominium association has two delegates appointed by the indiv id ual condominium association boards . There were 24 condominium associations represemed at the January meeting. 38 delegates responding. There was no question in the minds of the delegates present as to the preferences and the feelings of the majority of their owners. Accordingly. we urge you to carefully note the desires of the Federation and not approve the proposal you have just presented. Respectfully, Howard A . Rumpf President

" Mr. J . G. Kennedy Project Development Engineer, DOT Dear Mr. Ke nnedy: At a regular meeting of the Longboat Key Town Commission last evening, I was instructed by unanimous vote to request you to ho ld a meeting on Longboat Key covering your new bridge proposal which had been presented to us under the auspices of the Sarasota County Commission as an agenda That presentation was cut and dried. There was no item. opportuni ~ for the public to inspect the new proposal and ask questions of you or your staff. Even the writer was arbi~ly denied a right to speak because he had no Commission resolutio n to offer concerning a plan he had not seen before '" that meeting. and because he could not offer a unanimous action of his Commission. Nor was he pennitted to speak. even though his hand was raised seeking the floor for that purpose. Earlier this year the Longboat Key Town Commission sent to the ho useholds of this Town a questionnaire that included matters relating to the New Pass bridge and a mainland

The DOT has accepted the mVltatlon of the LBK Commissioners to appear before them and explain the plans for the New Pass Bridge, past. present and future. The date is Jan . 30. Tuesday and the time is 7: 15 pm at the Town Hall. The ground rules were the subject of discussions on Wed . with agreement finally being reached that the DOT wou ld be pleased to answer any and all questions from the LBK Commissioners and other elected representatives. but wou ld not be willing to have an open public hearing. A representative of DOT told the OBSERVER that while they wou ldn't mind the public asking the questions. many times they are repetitious and the DOT felt that the LBK Commissione rs, being divided themselves, wou.ld adequately represent both sides of the issue. Mayor Ochs said that the SpeciaJ Workshop Session of the Commissioners wou ld be for citizens of LBK primari ly. since the DOT has already appeared before the Sarasota County Commissioners.

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LBK Chamber News The Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors unanimously appointed Town Manager Wayne Allgire as liaison between the Chamber and the Town at its Board meeting last Thurs. night at the Buccaneer. Pres ident Steff Stampler also announced a Chamber sponsored V()(er registration drive in Feb. to coincide with the Town election in March . and extended an invitation to all members to attend the next Chamber breakfast at 8 am on Feb. 13th at the Town HajJ. The; Chamber is aJso looking into a membership directory and the possibi lity of publishing a map for the convenience of visitors on the Key. Another idea concerned a mini-fair to be held on Longboat, possibly the July 4th weekend . The Board will present their voter registration proposal 10 the Lo ngboat Town Commi ss ion workshop on Tues. afternoon, Jan . 30. The Chamber is enthusiastic about their program to register all Longboat eligible voters and are ' considering a north Longboat location for registrations in addition to the Town HaJl for their Feb. 13 drive. •

Zoning Amendments Now In Effect The long discussed amendments to the LBK Town Zoning Ordinance were passed unanimously Tues . aftemoon after another full day of debate. The public input phase of the amendments had ended a few . weeks ago and it was ··back 10 the drawing board" for the Commissioners after hearing the many objections from developers. businesses, residents, hotel and motel owners, and many interested citizens on both sides of the zoning issues. The end result, which is now in effect, is a compromise which the Commissioners. the Town Planning Consultants, and some of the larger and small developers and their attorneys have adopted . No one is completely happy with the amendments but a spokesman fo r the Town said that we'l1 have to wait and see if anyone feels strongly enough to take the Town 10 court. The amendments are still being typed up and are not ready for distribution, but when they are disuibuted. read. digested and discussed by the many who wi ll be affected by the zoning amendments , there may indeed be some law suits. The vote approving the amendments came after over 30 hours of discussion by the Commissioners at workshops and hundreds of hours of work by the Town Staff. Adley Associates. and lawyers for concerned developers and businesses. •

Vice Mayor Seegel Strongly Against Draw Bridge


" Mr. James G . Kennedy. Project Development Engineer. OOT Dear Mr. Kennedy: As a member of the Town Commission and Vice Mayor of the Town of Longboal Key I object 10 and strongly protest against the new alternative concept for a drawbridge span over New Pass. This present proposal violates everything • Continued on page 2

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"'HillIl::'1. urilw gnUHtf ••

!:524 Gulf Bey Roed

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every Frldey by:

LONGBOAT puaUSHING INC, !524 Gulf ~y Road

Longboat Key, FL 33548 T_phone: 383-15334 ~

& Ec:Ittor . . . . . . . . . . . . . .h S . Hunt.r


orie"eed peper drewi"g 0 " ehe t:alenee of Lo"gboat: "";denta. If you have t:he time erM:! t:he inclination, end you

a,.. inte..-.nn:ed i" hlripi"g

provide wetl wrtcctm, positive al"'ttciee 0" 1C)C8I subjects, we will be happy to review your copy

for publicet:io". When prlnced, we'll gladly give you a by-line.

Letters ... Dear Editor: Two weeks ago, LBK Commissioner Sam Seegel said that if Ihe Department of Transportalion recommended or built a low rise drawbridge over New Pass at the south end of Longboal Key. that he would purpose a ban on all new construclion upon the entire Key until a second bridge to the mainland can be built. Last week, the DOT recommended such a low rise draw bridge he built over New Pass and now we are faced with Mr. SeegeJ's going forward on his promise to ban all new conSU'UClion . A careful analysis of such a proposal will reveal it to be a disaster. Upon whal does the tax assessor base this assessment of Real Property for tax purposes? By law the assessment must be based upon fair market value. If you as a property owner cannot build anything on your vacant property until a bridge to the mainland is built some five or ten years from now, what is the fair markel value of your property today? The answer, of course. is the property would have little or no market value because no one would buy it if they could not build upon il. As a result, the tax assessor, by law, would have to drastically reduce the assessment and taxes upon every piece of vacant property upon the entire key . There are two alternative consequences to this since most of the town's revenues come from real property taxes. First, the budget for the Key would have to be drnstically cut and all services on the Key reduced. Second, real or property taxes on every existing home. condom inium , or other building upon Ihe entire Key would have to be drastically increased in order to offset the lost revenues. This is a rather cruel choice forailihose people who liveon the north end of the key and would seldom use the south bridge in the first place. The problem is nOI the people's legitimate difference of opinion . The problem is Mr. Sam SeegeJ's leadership. Richard A. Pellar

EDITOR'S NOTE: Mr. Pellar is a candidate for Ihe seal on Ihe City Commission occupied by Mr. Sam Seegel and is the loca1 attorney advancing Ihe cause of resol!Jtion"'T4.

Continued from page I bridge. The survey was made in connection with Ihe Town's Comprehensive Plan. required by law . The results showed thai 3 to I the people of Longboat Key favored a high fixed bridge over New Pass and thai about 2 to I favored a mid-island bridge to the mainland. To .this I might add that Mr. Sam Seegel, the Town's representalive to SMATS and MPO has very definilely stated that the only purpose in SMATS having included by general resolution without public input or hearing in its long term study a proposed mainland bridge (believed to be six lane) was to pennit DOT to reduce the prospective bridge across New Pass from four lanes to two lanes. At no time was anything stated that SMATS' action was intended to pennit a drawbridge across New Pass. One of your department's own engineers, Mr. William Trefz who is artached to SMATS, was present when SMATS took ils aClion and well understands the foregoing. It is also very commonly stated that DOT has indicated on many occasions that il would never build another drawbridge. Since the health , safety and welfare of the people of Longboat Key are involved in this matter, and especially in view of the said official survey made by the Town. it is believed incumbem upon yo ur department to hold a meeting on this island as requested by the Commission, at which the people may be fully infonned of this plan. may ask questions of you and you r slaff, and provide input as has heretofore been the practice of you r departmem .. As lime is of the essence, your immediate reply is essemial and that a dale for the requesled meeling be promptly set. Sincerely yours, Signey A. Ochs Mayor"

you said at lhe original public hearing on the matter held this past summer at the Exhibition Hall in Sarasota. What is now being proposed is. in my opinion . something to satisfy lhe objections of a group of residents on the west side of Lido Shores with entire disregard for the safety and welfare of 10,000 or more people of Longboat Key and. in fact, with complete disregard of their oWn best interests. The traffic situation on 789 in Longboat Key is horrendous and wilh additional developmem now underway together wilh proposed fUiure developmem, what is now proposed will be a catastrophe for both Longboat and Lido Shores. It is frightening to conlemplate what will occur with a drawbridge opening every 15 minutes; traffic will back up south into St. Annands and north well imo the extreme northern part of Longboat; residents of Lido Shores will be unable to enter or leave the driveways on streets on 789; our Town ambulance could well be caught a mile or more in traffic with a serious heart or stroke victim on the way 10 a hospital. It is also quite important thai you take due nOlice of a survey which was made recently by Longboal in conjunclion wilh the Comprehensive Plan mandated by law ; 74% of those answering indicated their preference for a high fixed bridge. How can you ignore this? I have heard of aesthetic objections 10 a high fixed bridge - when I, as a local official and also as a private citizen, w"igh Ihis type of objection against the health, safety and welfare of 10.000 or more human beings .. Ihe scale goes way down in favor of the laller. I have received n'umerous phone calls from residents of Longboal, 95% of which calls do oppose a drawbridge and favor a fixed span. I am enclosing j ust two samples of letters from town residents which, in my honest opinion , reflect lhe vast majorilY of feelings on Longboat. As you know I represent the Town of Longboat Key on SMATS and MPO. The minutes of the October 16 , 1978 meeting will ••in my opinion, reflect when on amotion of Ron Norman which stated, "I recommend that we go on record

approving the southerly location of a bridge.from Longboat Key 10 the mainland in accordance with the long range lesting which indicated it would provide the optimum traffic service and copies of everything that is done be sem to the appropriate agencies" ... that the only purpose of such was 10 enable DOT to change the design of the four lane high fixed bridge on the west side to two lanes and on that measure to reduce lhe bulk and size of same. At no time did anyone at such ~MATS meeting memion in any w~ such was to permit OOT to go to another concept of ~awbridge. I strongly resent any inference of such which was made at the lasl discussion before the Sarasota County Commission. Mr. William Trefz of your departmenl who was at such a SMATS meeting cannot honestly differ in any way with what I have... represented above. ' Also. Mr. Hiller has stated thai what SMATS did on October 16. 1978 had two results: ( I) Allows DOT 10 continue 10 work unabaled on the New Pass Bridge. (2) Insures that the design will be for a two lane bridge. Again, please note no reference atalltoa new drawbridge. r further submit that a bridge from Longboal to Ihe mainland, is at the present time only a "paper bridge" and that il cannot possibly come inlo being for twelve to Iwenly years, regardless of where il is finally decided its location will be. During all this time what is 10 happen 10 Ihe Town of Longboat Key and its present and future residents and wimer visitors and tourists? One last and important thought - If the Anny Corps of Engineers could act without undue delay and cause Big Pass to be properly cleared so Ihat it could become Ihe main waterway to and from lhe Gulf of Mexico and so appear on all navigational charts, Ihen and in that event a fixed bridge over New Pass approximately 10 feel higher, and in about the same position as the present one would once and for all solve,,: our navigalional problems as wejl as exisling traffic problems and make everyone happy. Sincerely yours, Samuel E. Seegel Vice Mayor"

Republicans Hear Pellar The recently chartered Islands Republican Club held its Jan . meeling al the home of the Femalds on Gulf of Mexico Drive last Wed . night and Ihe 35 in attendance heard Dick Pellar speak about Resolution 14. The club received its charter last summer after months of trying to decide if they should be cal led the Longboat Key Republican Club. Since the island is in two counties, this was discarded in favor of The Islands. and party faithful from Anna Maria, Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach are invited to join with the Longboat Key and S1. Annand's GOP members. Last Wed. night, the group signed Mr. Pellar's resolUlion after his talk, then heard reports on the Save Our Bays organization and ils opposition to granting the Swift Agricultural Chemical Corp. pennission to extend phosphale mining. Kit Fernald and Frieda McCartney were hostesses for the Russian Tea and dessert affair. A nominating committee was selected 10 choose a new slate of officers. Members include Homer Green of LBK Manatee County; Wills Thompson of Holmes Beach and Helene Hovey of LBK. The oUlgoing officers include Ralph B. Hunter, President; Bill MelZ. VP; William Mallen, Treas and Doris Whiteley, Sec. The next meeting of the group will be March I and the speaker scheduled is Mark Littler. retired senior partner of Arthur Andersen Inc., CPA's. His subject will be "The Paperwork Jungle". a subject he attacked as a member of a Presidential Commission of which he was Vice Chairman. For' fwther infonnation. call Kit Fernald at 383-3834. •

New Pass Bridge State Projeci Number 17030-1506 Federal Aid Project Number BRM-0951-(I) Stale Road 789 - Replacement of Existing Bridge Crossing New Pass Channel PRESENTATION TO: Sarasota County Commission Courtroom E Sarasota County. Courthouse 2000 Main Streel Sarasota, Florida Jan . 16. 1979 Proposed Bayside Bucule Alternate COncept

About the -Project The proposal , depicted on page 3. for the replacement of the 50-year-old New Pass Bridge is a bascule. or drawbridge. localed on the Bay side of, and adjacent to, the existing New Pass Bridge. This alternate concept begins with a connection 10 the exisling facility approximately 600 feel south of the southern shoreline oflhe New Pass channel . The bridge wouJd slowly rise unlil a vertical clearance of 20 feel is reached over the channel. After' reaching Longboat Key to the north. the bridge approach would immediately tie into lheexisling facility near Longboal Club Drive. Environmentally. this concept is the least disruptive of any of the concepls presented to the public . Minimal damage 10 grass beds on Ihe soulhem shore of Longboat Key is expected and only a very few mangroves are expected to be displaced in that area. Righl-of-way requirements for the proposal would vary.

Longboat High Twelve To Hear Talk on Haiti When members of the Longboat Key High Twelve Club gel together for their Feb. business meeling on Tues., Feb. 6. at the Holiday Inn on Longboat Key, Dr. Gerald A. Ewingof Sarsota wi ll be the main speaker, on the subject, "Haiti Heaven or Hell?" - an inside look atthis "Island Paradise ." Dr. Ewing is a native of Sarasota, a 1960 graduate of' Loyola Dental School of Chicago, Past Master of Cary B . ., Fish Lodge #346 of Sarasota. and a member of Scottish Rite and Egypt Temple . He and his wife, Jane, are parents of eight children and are members of Concordia Lutheran Church of Sarasota. Ewing will be introduced by High Twelve first vice· president Russ Dunbar, following Assembly at II am and luncheon at High Noon. All area Masons, visiting Masons and their male guests are cordially invited to attend. Reservations m.l!.y be made by calling Morton Jay al 383-3865 or Jim Diener. 383-3954. Members are being conlacted by lelephone for their reservalions and are reminded that their 1979 dues are payable and wi ll be col lected at the door. Personal checks for $8 made out to the Longboat Key High Twelve Club will be apprecialed. secretary Diener said.

but a minimum width of 100 feet has been established. Where the bridge crosses the New Pass Channel, the .::! minimum right-of-way widlh would be 130 feel. The Florida Department of Transportation formally invited the City Commissions of Sarasota and Longboal Key to attend this meeting of the Sarasota County Commission in order that representatives from all affected political subdivisions would be present at the explanation of this new bridge replacement altemale. Information meetings. progress repons and a public hearing - held in Sarasota on May 18. 1978- have all been a pan of the community involvement process for the New Pass projecl. Coverage in the media has been thorough and has led to heightened community interest. In order 10 continue this process with the new alternate concept presented today. the Department wishes to solicite public comment on the Bay side basC,ule. To comment on this concept, please write your opinions., crilicisms, or ideas on Ihis project to Mr. James G . Kennedy[ District Project Development Engineer, Florida Departmerit' of Transportation, Post Office Box 1249, Bart~ . Florida; . .~


Any letter postmarked before Jan. 31, 1979, thorough consideration by the Departmenl. COSTS

will be given

Construction .•.•..•.••.•.••..........$3,850,000 Right-of·Way ............... .. . ...... .... 190,000 Mai nt.l Opn. . .•.•.• •• ••.•. •••.•..••.. .•2,818,300



OISPLACEES Businesses •.••..•.••.•• ............•..• •...•. 2 Families .•.•.•.•.••.•..•.••..•................0 "All figures are .stimates



Fire and Rescue Calls Jan . 18 Rescue call 10612 Buttonwood Dr. a15 :39 pm Heart Attack . Patient was treated at scene by the LBK R~u.e Squad . Patient was taken to Sarasota M~J by Sarasota Fire Dept . Ambulance. Jan . 18 Rescue call at 6:45 pm. Patient walked in to North Fire Station, was treated by the Rescue Squad for (Bicycle Accident) and taken to Blake Hospital by

,.. private aulO. -.c Jan . 18 Public assistance 10 3440 Gulf of Mexico Drive at 8: II pm . Injured person . Patient was treated at hospital earlier. Patients' daughter needed help getting patient from car to house .

Jan . 19 Rescue call

Jan .

Jan .

Jan. Jan . _ Jan . -


Jan . 21 Rescue cal l to Cutter Lane at 5:22 pm. Injured person . patient was treated at scene by the LBK Rescue Squad and taken to Sarasota Hospital by private auto . Jan . 22 Rescue cal l to Sullon Place. Palient was taken to Dr. Caner's offi ce by LBK Rescue . Jan. 22 Fire call to Tiffany Plaza al 12:46 pm. No fire . Trouble with Alarm. Scene secured by LBK Fire Dept . Jan . 22 Rescue call to Beach Harbour C lub at 7:46 pm . Patient fe ll down stairs. Patient was trealed at scene by the LBK Rescue Squad and transported to Sarasota Hospital. Jan . 22 Rescue call to Stamplers at 9:44. Injured person . Patient was treated at scene by LBK Rescue Squad and taken to Sarasota Hospital by private auto. •

Bicycle Safari Scheduled for Feb. 3 The Gulf Shores Trai ler Park. 371OGulfof Mexico Drive. is planning a Bicycle Safari on Sat. , Feb. 3rd, with breakfast al The Schooner following at 9 am convocation at the Parle . Harry Nikias has graciously consented to open the Schooner restaurant fo r breakfast. They p lan to eat hearty for the 3 mile ride up the Key, then return to the safety of Gulf Shores . Some of the more ambitious riders may continue on but few are expected to do the "century" as the League of American Wheelmen call 100 miles in one day . Trykes are invited to participate in the ride, which is tenned more social than athletic by its organizer Elo ise Smith. and the group wishes to go o n record as commending the planners o f the bikeway as a credit to the community. Fo r further infonnation, those interested may call 383· 2254. •

3440 Gulf of Melt1cO Dr. at 2:25 pm.

Injured Person. Patient was treated on scene by the lBK Rescue Squad. Patient was cransponed to Blake Hospital by private ambulance. 19Rescue call to Tarawiu at 2: 11 pm . III person. Patient was treated at scene by the LBK Rescue Squad Manatee ambulance lraflsponed patient to Manatee Hospital. 19 Rescue call to Longboat Beach & Tennis Club at 2: 14 pm . III person. Patient was treated on scene by the LBK Rescue Squad and transported to Blake Hospital by Manatee ambulance. 19 Rescue call to L' Auberge Restaurant at 9:34 pm . III person, Patient refused treatment. 19 Rescue call to Holiday Inn at 10:28 pm . III person . Patient refused treatment. 19 Rescue call to Holiday Inn al 11:27 pm . III person . Patient was treated at scene by the LBK Rescue Squad and taken to Blake Hospital.

Cops Corner Police Briefs Police officers assisted with 8 resc ues this week . There were no fire calls. 87 traffic stops were made and 24 violation citations issued. Service calls ran the gamut with 3 burglar alarms, 2 reports of s hots heard (one of which was fuecrackers). 2 breaking and enterings. I mentally deranged person. 2 of illegal parking, 1 stolen vehicle, I investigation of issuing of a worthless document, 1 case of vandalism . 1 shoplifting and I report of missing propeny. Others involved suspic ious persons, suspicious circumstances, delivery of an e mergency message. harrassing phone calls and animal complaints . •

Weekly delivery on Longboat Key Natural Spring Water 1 to 5 gal containers plus " old fashioned " seltzer bottles in cases of 6


ANNOUNCEMENT New Pass Bridge The Florida Dept. of Transportation has scheduled a Workshop Meeting with the Town of Longboat Key Commissioners to discuss the most recently developed alternative being considered for the replacement of New Pass Bridge. The meeting will be held at the Longboat Key Town Hall on Jan. 30, 1979 at 7:30 pm . This new alternative is depicted in the drawing. It is a drawbridge span on the Bay side of the existing bridge and was first publicly presented at the Jan. 16, 1979 of the Sarasota County meeting Commissioners. The Department of Transportation has expressed a desire to receive written comments from the public concerning this new concept. The deadl i ne for those wish i ng to comment in writing on the proposal has been extended to Feb. 9, 1979.

Address all comments to: James G. Kennedy, PE District Project Development Engineer Florida Department of Transportation Post Office Box 1249



• •


~able Where Longboat Key History Began


salle a-man!fer R,mo~allp

Weare Consistently Consistent /1

by Solly


Dining at the Schooner Restaurant . OPEN -

Tues. thru Sat., Noon to 10 pm Sunday to 9 pm









~~~pS~~~~ ......... $5.95 : ~~:?c?tL ... .. ...... $7.50

$6.95 With l obster Thermidor ..• . FLOUNDER Stuffed


STUFFED UAMS . •... . .. .... .•.



CAIESAIlSALA.' HOURS: Tues., Wed., Thurs. 4-9 Fri., SlIt 4-10 SUn. Noon • 8 pm - CLOSED MONDAY



8 Daily Specials 4-6 pm

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AI . . - include SoIod BIr. _ IIIIu!d PoIItu .. Rice


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V"1IiI ... lJuIge " All Cockta ils 9Se"


Dining at the Schooner Restaurant on Longboat Key about o ne and one-half miles north o f the Longboat City Hal l complex, at 4000 Gulf of Mexico Drive on S.R . 789, is a most pleasant experience, for the food is very good, the service excellent, and the decor beautiful. Add to that the wonderful location of this fine fam ily operated restaurant , j ust across the road from the Gulf of Mexico shoreline . . That means that you enjoy some of the most fabulous sunsets in the wo rld from the windows across the Gulfside of the Schooner as you dine. What a great combinatio n! The Sc hooner, recently renovated and enlarged (there'S anothe r extra diningroom now) features a variety of seafood din ners as well as the best in steaks and chops, with only prime meat and fresh fish served . There are more than 50 choices, and prices are reasonable. Entrees start at $4.25 (for Early Bird dinne rs and Special of the Evening) and top dinners are SI0.95, but there are many sumptious complete dinners in between for $4.95 , $5 .95 , $6.95 and $7 .95 . A ll dinners include Salad Bar. choice of Potato or Rice and an individual loaf of fresh-baked warm bread. Beverages and dessens are extra. There are a number of broiled seafood d inners as well as the breaded and fried o nes. A specialty of the house is the Sc hooner Sea-Kabob, which includes shrimp , bee f fil e ts, mushrooms, pepper, to matoes and onions o n a skewer over a bed of rice (57.95) . Another specialty is the Com 'Que . . . meaty baby pork ribs in Chefs s pecial bar-b-que sauce served with a golden ear of com ($6.95). The Early Bird specials are served from 4 to 6 pm and you also have a large variety from which to choose (the same fi ne prime meats and nice large servings). I enjoyed the Country Chicken (Early Bird), which was delicious . It consists of pan-fried chicken (several large pieces , your choice of dark or light meat) lightly breaded , with choice of potato or rice. With my dinne r I ordered the baked potato, which was large and tasty . This, along with the many fresh vegetables and salads on the salad bar made up a most satisfyi ng meal. I skipped dessen (alas!) but was almost tempted to order a piece of the Schooner's Cheese Cake topped with Strawberry , an Ice Cream Sundae, a piece of yummy Pecan Pie or some Baklava , a super Greek dessen which you don't fi nd on menus everywhere. The dining rooms are decorated with very good taste and the re's a separate cocktail lounge that's a dream . Soft pipedin dinne r music and candlelight along with the magnificent view of the Gulf and the excellent food and service make the Schooner a special place to dine. Arrive early and perhaps you may be seated at one of the coveted front window tables! Open seven days a week from 4 to 7 pm, the Schooner seats up to 200 people and can accommodate panies and banquets up to60 people. All credit cards are accepted . Dress is casual ( but nOt too casual). The location of the restaurant, so near the highway, leaves little room for parking in front , but dri ve in alongside the building . . . there's ample parking in a huge lot behind the Schooner. Bon appetit !


" Dine on the Gulf on Longboat Key " 4000 Gulf of M exico Dr.

Longboat I\ey In the Four Winds 2605 GuU of MeDc!o Dr., LoDlboet Key, FI. 33548

Phone 1813) 383-5511


D ANC INC Tu~"b)·· s..nd.l~· fC , } Upm ' I , } lIpm


Friday Fish Fry F'~l h


$3 95


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~ ~A ... ~ Ll D08EACH

cJn., JIII-!'~ I!'"~',.;~. .

II.Kn.. III Brn F.anklin






Sooner or Later... Everyone will Discover

Open 5:00·10 :00 p.m.


Pattigeorge's Marina

Break f a st lun ch Oinner Cock t a il s


Take out orders

4120 Gulf of Mexico Drive

Enjoy dining in ~- comfonable ilmosphc n: of a FrelKh Counu), Inn. when: all d;nne~ .. n: penoonally prepared by lhe d>ef ownc~ . Fr.. nci~ .. nd MicheL

Reservations Suggested 383-2421

383-2500 38 3-5700




JIIlJIUUJ'26. 1979

What's Happening West Coast Parade of Prize Winners Opens at LBK Art center It would be diffic ult to find an art fonn that is not represented in the exhibit opening at the LBK Art center Jan . 28. "West Coast Parade of Prize Winners." As the name impl ies, the exhibits comm ittee has rounded up prize winning entries from over 35 juried shows held during the past year from N~les to Cedar Key. Here ¢e ~~tor . critic , student. and art lover can see the results of c arifully selected jurors working through severallhousand entries in all major art centers on the central Florida west coast. Gathered is a stunning array of paintings, drawings, graphics , batiks, sculpture, metal sm ithing , ~elry, ceramics, fibers, copper, weaving and needlework, porcelain and silver. Ballots will be avai lable during the show so that the visitor becomes a juror to select the winners of the winners . Works thus selected by popular vote will be included in a special end-of-season exhibit at the Art Center. The show opens with a reception for exhibitors and visitors at 2 pm on Sun .• Jan. 28. Heading the hostess committee is Mrs . C larence Wegman . assisted by Mrs. Muriel Berry, Mrs. Joe Cannon, Mrs . William Frank, Mrs . Jack Greedy, Mrs . R. Henderson and Mrs. J . P. Huntoon . Exhibits of oil paintings by Mary Rhoades and watercolors by Anita Goldberg will open the same day in the members gallery . These one-person shows as welt as the West Coast Parade of Prize Winners will remain on view at me LBK Art Center until Feb. 9 daily , 9:30 am to4:30 pm Mon . thru Fri., 2 to 4:30 pm on weekends. There is no admission charge at any time.


Winding up the Jan. list of art demonstrations at LBK Art Center are Russell Flory and Leona Sherwood , both painting in watercolor. OOn Sat. , the 27th, Flory' s program is "A Wann Color Landscape·' and Sherwood shows us how to " Fall in love with .watercolor" at her Wed., Jan . 3 1 demonstration. Both paint talks start at 2 pm and are open to everyone . A donation is requested.


The Downtown Beautifucation Project of Bradenton will be holding their second general membership meeting on Wed ., Jan . 3 1, 1979 at 7:30 pm in Council Chambers at the Bradenton City Hall. An update will be presented to the public on what has been accomplished thus far and the plans for future progress. All interested persons are urged to a!tend .

Conferences Colony Beach Pharmacia. Piscataway. N. J .. . .... Jan. 27 - 'Feb. 2 Chesebrough Ponds, Greenwich, Conn .... Jan . 27 .. . ... . ... . . . .. . .... . . .. .... Feb. 2 Random House. N.Y.C. . . . . .. . .. . . Jan. 28-Feb. 2 Nonhem Telecom, Quebec .. . .. . .. .. Jan. 28-Feb. I Bache. Halsey. Stuart & Shields. NYC. Jan. 28-Feb. ...................... . . .. . .. Feb. I Standard Brands. NYC. .. . ........ Feb. I-Feb. 4 Far Horizons Mutual Security Life Insurance Co., Ft. Wayne, Ind. . .Jan. 28-3 1 Hyatt House . .. Jan . 27-29 Tauck Tours , Westport , Conn. . Self-Service Storage Assoc., Nashville , Tenn .................. Jan . 27-30 National Automobile Dealers Assoc., . . .Jan. 28-3 1 Mclean, Va. Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians, Inc., Delaware Watergap. Pa. . Jan . 30-Feb. I Breeden Co., Glenview, JIl. . .Jan . 3 1-Feb. 3 Longboat Hilton Plaza T ours, National City, Calif . . .. Jan . 26-Jan . 27 Redken Laboratories. Clearwater ..... Jan . 30-Feb . I

Tropical and Exotic Plant s by the day, week, month or season For Parties, etc. Attractive containers FREE TLC by experts

The Plant Shed of St. Armands Phone: 388-1470 9 Filmore Drive

1979 V.W.

Asolo Slate . ......................... , .... 355-2771 Asolo Opera . ............................. 958-7884 FloridtJ Studio . ................. , . .. ..... .355-4096 Golden Apple Dinner Theatre , .. " .. , ....... 366-5454 The Players . ............................. 958-1577 Van Wezel .. . . .. .. . ..... . . . ........ . .... . 958-3366


The Lemon Tree Gallery original fine crafts and paintings

Tide Chart High AM Friday 26 1:27p Saturday 27 1:55p

Ph. 383~25(j 6828 G ulf of Mex~ Drillf! Whitney Bach S hopping wnter 1.onsoo.t Key

PM 10:36 11 :28 2:19 2:43 3:09 3:39

Low AM 6:22*

PM 4:30

7:04* 5:32 Sunday 28 7:45 6:33 Monday 29 12:20 8 :24' 7:33 1 :13 Tuesday 30 9:00 8 :37 Wednesday 31 2:07 9:34 10:46 *-strong tide: x-very strong tide; a-A.M. ; p-P.M .

Civic and Cultural Activities Art Center - Contact Ruth Doerfler, 383-3189. Bike & Hike Association - Conta<:t Harriet Price, 388-1767. Coast Guard Auxiliary - Contact Danlet Denham, 388-5352. Federation of lBK Condos - Contact Howard Rumpf, 383-2128. Islands Republican Club - Meets 2nd Wed., Oct. thruJune, various tocatlons, Contact Kit Fernald, 383-3834. Keys Sertoma - Meets Thurs. noon, Viking Rest., Azure Tide, Lido, Contact Edward Kirsch, 383-3564. Kiwanis Club - Meet each Thurs., 7:30 am, Shenkel's Lido, Contact Dave Gruber, 383-1700. Lido Shores Assoc, - Contact James Jones, 388-3881. Lions Club - Meets 1st & 3rd Mon., 7:30 pm, Buccaneer Inn Contact Elias Djimas, 383-3585. lBK Chamber of Commerce - Meets 3rd Thurs., 7 pm, SE Bank of St. Armands, Contact Barbara Ladley, 383-1212. LBK Youth Center - Call 383-3136. Longboat League - Meets 1st Mon., Coast Federal Bank, 9:30 am, Cootact Cal Boyd, 383-3757. North Longboat Civic Association - Contact Gene Slaterer, 383-4791. Rotary Club (Sarasota Keys) - Meets each Thurs., 12:15 pm, Holiday Inn, Lido, Cootact Jack tm!)e:ratore, Jr., 388-4488. St. Armands Merchants Assoc. - Meets 1st Tues., 5:30 pm SE Bank of St. Armands , Contact Vernon Koch, 355-7411 . St, Armand's Restaurants Assoc. - Contact Len Mazur, 388-5501. Sarasota Bike Club - ....ts 2nd Mon., Sept. thru June, 7:30 pm, various loestlons, Contact Fred Shultz



Cortez Rd.

• ••••

Florida Studio Theatre begins spring season with "Cabin Fever"; Jan . 27, Feb. 3 & 10. " When I'm 64 " will be Feb. 24, Mar. 3 & 10. Curtain 7 and 9 pm for reservations: 355-4096.



Local Theatres





eo.. Ups II1d 1Iat,Iion Tropoc Too!!"

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· :. W =



If you 're from up nonh, you already know Chuck Muer's famous seafood restaurants. If you're from the south, you'll/earn to love us .

chaRL"4'S CRab

Before or after dinner, join the fun upstain at Charley's Crabaret, the liveliest new place in town


Open For l unch and Dinner Dii l.,.



JtllllUlI'J 26, 1979


Circling St. Armands Circle George Roan, owner of Longboat Hardware and for many years (1945-195 1) Supt. of Ringling Development Company, was reminiscing with the Editor the other day and wondered whatever happened to the bronze statue of Merc ury that once g raced St. Armand 's Circle. His companion, being a newcomer asked him to e lucidate. According to George. there were three life-size statues on a marble base , the discus thrower, the javelin thrower and Mercury. Sometime around 1950, the marble base and Mercury disappeared . Have any old timers got any clues?


Janet Post of the jewelry emporium by the same name is up in snow country delivering a \cture to the General Electric Regional Con vet io n on ., Apprai sals. In vestments, Gemology and Antiques". II 's being held at the Lake Placid Club in New York State. Janet took a picture of two Labrador Retrievers on a bench in fro nt of her shop on the c ircle recently . She entitled the picture" Retired Ma and Pa" and that caption would be hard [0 improve . Here it is:

Tongue in Cheek .. . LBK Director of Public Works Al Cox has a new approach: "Let' s build a tunnel." •

The Way It Was . The reading of an old newspaper item seems to have its own special nostalgic appeal. Here's a repon of a fire on Longboat Key from the weekly "Longboat Lookout" of Fri ., August 1956, more than twenty-two years ago. It says , " Fire at Furman 's- OtlO Furman has been issued a building pennit for a SIQ,OOO ho me on Sleepy Lagoon #2 . The Furmans who are from Rochester. New York, purchased their lots a few yem ago. They are presently staying at Jane AJlen's Cottages. While he was clearing his lot to stan bui lding his new home. the rubbish fire got away from him and he called th e Fire Department. Now his lot is automatical ly cleared."

Editor's NOlt':That's one way to clear a lot - and imagine a home $ 10.000. •


Another .\\ ,~ ~ ,


Construction of a 4-mile segment of 1-75 in Charlotte County will have at least a three month delay. The cause is a trio of rare Red Cockaded Woodpeckers nesting in the path of the construction . It is thought there are only about 100 of the federall y designated endangered species in Florida. •

Pedestrian Survival Systems In the automobile·dominated society of today , 17 out of every 100 persons killed in traffic accidents throughout the Un ited States are pedestrians. Older persons and children under six years of age are the most frequent victims. In big cities . nearly half of atl pedestrian fatalitie s are men and women over 65 years of age. Injuries suffered by older persons are generally far more serious man are those of all other pedestrians involved in traffic accidents, since o lder people are more prone to broken bones. internal harm, and do not recover as fast as younger persons. There is one death , for example. for every five older adults struck in traffic . In cOnlrasl. only one out of every 37 schoolage youngsters involved in a pedestrian accident is a fatality . The hazard . therefore, is at least seven times greater for o lder persons. The results of increasing age are the natural and principal causes of pede stri an accidents among older persons. according 10 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration . Vision, for example. is often decreased for older people who al so have less accurate depth perception which affects their ability to judge the distance of approaching cars. The lateral field of vision drops steadily after age 40; this means that older people can less readily see objects 10 the side when looking suaight ahead. For the elderly, hearing is sometimes less than nonnal . and older people tend to wear dark clothes. which can't be seen too well by dri vers at night or in dim lighting. Reactions are slower. and a major cause of accidents involving older persons as pedestrians is simply the fact that many traffic signal s do not allow enough time for a slowmovi ng person to completely cross the intersection before the light changes . Here are some things tht' Natiorud Safety Council and the Amuican Auto m obil~ Association urge oldu pedestrians in both urban and rural art'as to do for their own saft'ty: • Always cross at intersections. and stay betwee n the marked lines for pedestrians. Make sure it is safe to cross even if the light is green. • Watch for turning cm . Before leaving the curb make cenain you have time to get to the other side before the light changes. •

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A~~IY ~iJlly

gener_~lj!lterest .

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ST. ARMAND'S PRESCRIPTION SHOP 24·HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE 922·6794 . 922·8766 19 North Blvd. of Presidents


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Sar.5O!a, Florida 33517


HARDWARE Lo ngboat's Oldest and Largest Hardwa re Store 4016 Gulf of Mexico Drive

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Sarasota-Manatee Headlines

Created Especially For Longboat Key Observer

A Service of WSPS, 1450, CBS For the Sun Coast

by L. James Shennan

L. James Shennan, "The Island Poet, " sa),s: Find out how you can help the Youth Center and our whole community. ,. "f!l.~ge is in the puzzle and here is the key: . 35 " ... ~I D; 23 A; 1 D; 14 A The person nalfi'ed in this puzzle is giving much of his time and talents to the Youth Center as its President. mE OBSERVER is giving its valuable space and the poet his time and talents free. ~lease call and see how you can help our Youth Center and our whole community. Let's get involved!!!


..,..---.,. . . . . . . .

The Sarasota County School Board., has adopted a hiring freeze. In addition , some personnel are probabl)' going to lose meir jobs. while others will be transferred to other jobs. The moves are to forestall what could tum out to be a milliondollar shonfall in the budg~t for the next fiscal year. Sarasota County School Board member David Olson says that if. indeed, the board is faced with a deficit for next year. the new three year teachers' contract should be re-negotiated. The Sarasota-Manatee Airpon Authority has compiled a list of six prio rities which it is sending on the F .A.A. in hopes of federal okays and funding . Heading the list is a series of safety projectS including runway lighting, ramp replacement and fire training facilitie s. Florida Power and Light has turned down the Sarasota's I

36. Another spelling for

1. Between the thorax and hips. 6. Aid 10. Don't be an - - -. Help YC. 11 . He searched for the Golden Fleece. 13. A lively song. 14. Man of the hour for the Youth Center 15. Type of records. 16. Furred. Having hair. 17; Type of motor boat. 18. There is happiness In . t h e -.on Longboat Key. 19. Metallic Element. 22. Just at that time. 23. Short tor Doctor. 24. - - helps the Youth Center. 25. Initials of Von Eagle. 26. A boundry. 28. Likewise not, and not 29. latin conjunction. 30. That which Is put In. 32. Table scrap. 33. A vessel for distilling by heat. 35. Phone him. You can


37. People of ancient Tyre. 38. Short for Federal Agents. 39. A clasp.

si te. The city wants the land for a Marine-Oriented Recreation Area. City Commissioner Ted Sperling, as a result . has urged the cit)' to move to condemnation procedings . In what may be a major break in the dual taxation impasse in Manatee County . the County Commission has ordered staff to identify dual taxation problems and then stan work on an ordinance which would create some new tax districts. 1be effect would be to lower taxes in areas already served by other fire, police and utility services, as in cities, and increase them in urban areas outside municipalities where the services of the county are more concentrated. Manatee County Sheriff Tom Bunon will go before the Bradenton C ity Countil Feb. 14 to discuss a possible takeover of policing duties in that city. The council is faced with an unionization effort on the part of its policemen. Longboat Key residents ... are faced with carry ing the burden of construction should a causeway bridge to the mainland be built . SMATS member Ron Nonnan. noting an estimated 1000m iliion dollar tab fo r the bridge. says it would have to be paid fo r by tolls, reven ue bonds and taxes on Longboat. A Florida Department of Administration report says Sarasota is the eighth most COSIly county in which to live in the state . In conlraSt, Charlotte is the 17th ... Manatee the 22nd ... and DeSOtO the 48th out of Florida's 67 counties. Monroe and the keys are the most expensive followed by Dade, Collier and Broward, in that order.

Classified Advertising



Conqueror. 2. Fatty. Of animal fat. 3. What the Doctor tends. 4. Tennis term. Place or put. 5. Chem. symb. for terbium 6. Not shut. 7. Adam. 8. Another spelling of Esther.

9. the mark. 12. Abbrev. for near. 14. No good dog. 16. Tree of the pine family. 18. Phamyx gland. 20. The part hanging over. 21 . Prlck~y ones. 24. Longboat summers


For all categories, the price Is $2.00 for the first ten words, 10, per word thereafter, ett.ctlve Immedlatety. Ad. may be taken over the phone, but peyment must be ree.lvlKi by Mon. at 5 pm to be printed In the Fri. edmon. This is a change of policy. but ell ad. pr. .ently running will be honored until expiration. To place an ad, call 383-5334.

27. Name. Elements of ownership. 28. Fruit of certain ....... 31. Short lor PreaIdont. 32. Paddles. 33. Egyptian Sun god. 34. Make youreetf a busy --'ortheYC 35. Letters of Christian YouthAuoc.

37. Chem. Symb. lor thorium.

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Vol1 #23 january 26 1979  
Vol1 #23 january 26 1979