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Longboat Key Fire Department Celebrates 25th Anniversary The Longboat Key Fire Department has come a long way since iit was organized after the Sleepy Lagoon Fire of 1953. In those early days, the Longboat Civic Club ran the island , and after one meeting at the old schoolhouse where chairman Guy Paschal proposed a volunteer fire department, his motion was voted down emphatically . Then came the fire! It started at 2:30 am in one of the COllages owned by Col. Joe Harris. The Sarasota Fire Department was called, and while they were on their way (it reportedly took them an hour), spectators used fire hoses. Col. Harris took a look at the fire , and had a heart seizure . The manager of the S leepy Lagoon Club looked at it, and he too had a heart seizure. Once the fire department arrived , the one fireman and a reserve policeman helped string a heavy hose into the bay, and the policeman collapsed from exhaustion. By that time the clubhouse had been saved. but fourconages had been destroyed . Right on the spot, Guy Paschal called a meeting at the Peppermint Stick Ice Cream Emporium " (later the C hanticleer, now the L' Auberge) and the volunteer fire department was born. Organizing a department was still difficult, Paschal said, until he bought a firt: engine. He heard of one for sale in Clearwater. so he negotiated a purchase for $75 and drove' 'The Red Maria" back to Longboat Key in a driving rainstorm . The engine was a 1923 Broc kway Torpedo and Guy says he'll never forget the drive back . .. with brakes on just two wheels, it took a long while to 'l - bring the engi ne to a stop when you reached top speed of 40 miles per hour. ~ Once back at the Mara Vista Bar (across from the Town Pier at the end of Lindley St.) he cranked the siren, rang the bel l and took the boys around the block on the engine . " I signed up 21 on the spot," Paschal added, "and never had any trouble gelling volunteers afler that. ·· The days of fighting fires with Hale pumps from the back of a Model A Ford, with the aid of back-packed Indian pumps wert: gone. With the fire engine fully equipped and painted , and the men lrained by The Florida Stale Fire College. the company waited on tenderhooks LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Hewitt· Asststant Chief; Cecil Schomeld • Secretary of the rlJ'e for the first fire. It came in a small pile of leaves on a local lawn and three of the firemen 's Dept.; Willie Hager - Treasurer of tbe Fire Dept; Ansel McMichen - C hief; O.D. wives put it out with their brooms, and thought nothing of it. McMichen - Fireman; Bob Hoga n - Fireman; Francis Dorsey - Fireman ; Gib The brigade's public relations officer saw a chance for publicity and released the story thai Herringshaw - Chief, Volunteer Fire Department and "The Red Maria. " Ihe women had beaten the men 10 the first fire. The wire services picked il up from the local papers and spread it across the country as a human interest story. The men were not pleased, il said . This was an unaerstate ment. The National Broadcasting Company read of it and sent a cameraman to make a movie of the event which was then acted out, with the ladies apparently driving the fire engine and putting out a bonfire (specially made by the firemen) . This was broadcast nation-wide over television by NBC, and the Fire Department was famous . At least irs' ladies were. and they In Celebration of formed The Ladies Auxi liary whose activities have supplied much needed fu nds to the Twenty-five years of Service Department. Since then the men have successfully fought many fires . On one occasion they to the Citizens of longboat Key extinguished a brush fire threatening the Sarasota Yacht C lub on St . Armands Key, which is You are cordia lly invited in the City of Sarasota, and they had it under control before to be our guest at the the Sarasota Firt: Department arrived . Openhouse and 25th Anniversary Celebration Starting at 10:30 AM and running until 7:30 PM , In those days. the fire depanment was a community of the demonSlrations of fire equipment will be held every hour project, wi th The Auxiliary pitching in with fish fries, LONGBOAT KEY VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPT. on the half hour. These will include an automobile fire, spaghetti dinners and other fund raisi ng activities to help to be held at "repelling from the 55' ladder on the telesquirt pumper" finance mosquito control under Sue Chapman, and to do after the North Fire Station and use by the public of the I Y.z" fire hose. and du ring hurricane clean-up worle Ansel McMichen and 7 100 Firehouse Road, Longboat Key On the hour the following events are scheduled: his wife Hazel always stayed on the island during the storms. Saturday, October 14th, 1978 10:00 AM Folk Singing by "Betsy" but they think they ' lI leave before the next one. from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 11:00 "The Two of Us" , Duet w/g uitar In the early days before town water, everyone with a well Many programs and festivities of interest 12:00 Noon - Sarasota Jungle Garden Repti le Show was urged to use three inch fittings so that the firedepanment to all family members a re planned 1:00 Karate Exhibition could use them too. Most people did. FREE: refreshments, blood pressure checks, 2:00 " Hot SlUfP ' Rock and Roll Group, Former Chief Ansel McMichen told the Observer that in live e nterta inme nt, featuring music of the 50's those days. they really couldn't put a fi re out, they could just Fire a nd Rescue Tec hnique d e monstrations, 3:00 " Magic Plus", 3 man magic show keep it from spreading if they were lucky . One of the most Door Prizes and Special Cuests 4:00 " Hot Stuff' important events in the life of the fire department was when a re just a few of the many exciting things planned 5:00 "The Two of Us", Duet with guiw Cont'd on pagt' 2 for our celebratio n. 6:00 Fran Colwell, singing your favorites He lp us make it a da y to remember 7:00 " Jokers Wild" Barbershop Quartet by joining us in the FUN Throughout the day, the Open House will also present free blood pressure checks, free door prizes every hour, free hot dogs , cold drinks and desserts, and free firehats The LBK Town Commission meeting Wednesday night and coloring books for the kids . had 14 items on the agenda, but the di scussion of the size of the proposed Publix store in the Arvida complex took up most of the evening. After one motion died for want of a second and another was defeated, the Commission voted 4· 2 (Sam Seegal was on vacation) to limit the size of the actual store to 30.000 square fee t as they did in July, but that Arvida be permitted to build a store of approximately 36,000 square feet, but not use the remaining 6000 square feet , so as to achieve "an attractive parking area". Some Commissioners thought this even more imponam than the size of the store . In o the r action. the Commission approved all 3 site plans presemed , ok'd the purchase of a motorcycle for the Police Dept . , increased the P & Z Board from 7 to 9 members. and approved the paving of the entranceway of Country Club S hores, North Shore Road and Firehouse Coun . The motorcycle contract was a problem . The Department wanted to buy American if possible, but the Kawasaki was the lowest bid so they settled on it. Come to find out , the American one is reportedly made in Italy and the Kawasaki made in the US . Town Counsel reponed that North Longboat resident Sal Chiefari had been granted permission to erect a sign on his own property pending a senlement of the case in the courts.


25th Birthday









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longboat Key Town Directory The Town Offices are located in the Municipal Complex near the center of the Key_ While longboat Key is in Sarasota County (south half), and Manatee County (north half), it has its own town government, and its own Post Office (zip 335 48) located on the north end of the island on Cedar Street. The Post master is Helen Holt. Telephone 383 ·2101.

Police Rescue fire

Emergency 383 · 3727 383-3727 383-3727


383-3738 383-1592 383-1592

TOWN ADMINISTRATION Information: 383-372 1 Town Manager .•............... G. Wayne Allgire Town Clerk .• . _.............William M. Hager III Bldg. Insp ........ _ . •. ......... . .. Herbert Lovett Town Attny ...... .. • •• ... _ .... 1. W. Whitesell, Jr. Fin. Dir • ..........•........... . .. Robert Bublitz Dir. Pub. Wks......•....... .. ..... Albert A. Cox Police Chief .......... • .. . .Wayne C. McCammon Fire Chief .... .................... Robert Bullard TOWN COMMISSIONERS (Meet every Tuesday at 2 p.m. for work session, and the first and third Wednesday nights of each month at 8:00 p.m.) Disl. 1 C laire C. Bell Disl. 2 Vice Mayor Samuel E. Seegel Disl. 3 Mayor Sidney A. Ochs Disl. 4 J. Kennedy McCall Dist. 5 Howard A. Ridyard At 19. - Theodore l. Sedwick Harold O. jenkins

Mayor Lucille Lundblan got them a private telephone line to replace the eight party one they had been using. In 1956 the town was started with Wi lfred A. LePage as the first Mayor. The fire station was then in Gordon Whitney's garage. but moved to its present location where it would rent out the garage for town meetings. Later the depanment borrowed 55500 10 put up the auditorium and the town kept meeting there. One of the most popular fund raising Stunts was for the men of the town to offer their services at auction in a group, so that you cou ld have a builder, an electrician, a plumber, and a mason descend on your house one day to build an addition or whatever. One 97-year old resident bought their services one day. the story goes, but insisted she have one man for ten days, not ten men in one day. In 1954, the fire depanment purchased a 1941 GMC 350 gallon pumper from the City of West Palm Beach. Cec il Scholfield drove this one back to Longboat Key. Three years later, the de panment bought its first brand new engi ne, a 1957 Peter Pursch Ford Pumper with a 500 gallon capacity. In 1965, an Americana La France 750 gallon pumper was bought to protect the south end of the key , and in 1968. an Atlantic 750 gallon pumper was added. T oday the de partment is one of the most modem in the state, boasting equipment now o n display . Ansel McMichen was Chief for ten years, from 1953-1 963 and talked about big fi res on the key . One was the Sleepy Lagoon Fire wh ich led to the organization of the department another ws the Cabana Club fi re. across from the present Beach Can. A thi rd was the Colony Beach Club , when it was owned by Herb Field. Things have changed a 101. according to Fonner Chief McMichen, now a veteran bui lde r on Longboat. He speaks lovingly of Millie and Gene Johnson's Restaurant on the site of the new condo left of the Longboat Bridge; of Helen Holt and her grandmo ther: of Willie Hager and his grandmother; of Gordon Whitney , Bud Rai ns. Lou Gorman . Guy Paschal, Mildred Ashcrafl. Jack Kahn, Herb Fields and many others. But he also remembers how the auxiliary worked JUSt as hard as the vo lunteer firemen, raising money to make the department better. And after any of those parties. everyone would repair to the local pub, someone would bring out a keg and after a few hours . the vol un teer police department would g uide the more vocal ones home. Almost everyone agrees fhat things are muc h bellertoday, but there are sti ll a few who aren 't quife sure .. . and no one seems tl) know whate ver happened to the " Red Maria". (ED ITOR'S NOT E: Since the history of the fire department has been reconstructed through talks with those whose memories may differ. readers are asked to help us set the record straight and write the Observer if your recol lection of evenls is not the same.)

George Goodrich Wilbur Mullin W . J. Moffett

Representative Pat Neal is offering a first to Manatee County's island residents. In a move to bring improved access to those who live on the beaches, the Democratic candidate for state Senate, District 24 is promising to open a legislative office on Longboat Key following his election. .. As far as I can de termine, there has never been a person from Longboat Key . Anna Maria Island or Lido Key in the legislature . so this office will be the first on the island ," Neal said. -- It will be set up in addition 10 my office in downtown Bradenton and another one in an interior county in our district . ..



)"hn I!. lngh"~ Bhd . P""n~:

.IMM·.wS I


Rental of ~ Sarasota R

" The BICycle ReP<lIr Spe<Oilh~I~"

Bicycle Repairs & Service Free Pickup & Delivery


6th Year Welcoming Old & New Friends Open 5:00- 10:00 p.m.

Legislative Office for Longboat Key


PLANNING & ZONING BOARD Thomas H. jones, Chrmn. George P. Stelzer james Rimier john R. fay

Over 200 people joined Neal CommWlities president, Representative Pat Neal; his wife Chartene , Manatee County's Hernando DeSoto Earl Lucas and DeSoto Queen Jennifer Todd for the ground breaking of the newest oUhe Neal CommWlitie$, The Villas at Wild Oak Bay recently. Other Neal Com munit ies include Tanglewood Patio Homes, Valencia Golf Front Garden Condominiums, Wildewood Springs and Westbay Point and Moorings, as well as the "sold out" communities of Whitne-,;.> Beach , Westbay Co~e and West bay CO~'e South.

Call 365-2320





Gulf of Mexico Longboat Key

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henke/' A MUST

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Happy Birthday longboat Vol. Fire Dept.

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GULF FRONT CONDOMINIUM - We have just listed two beautiful apartments, each having 2 br., 2 ba. Completely furnished. Priced at $76,900 and $81 ,500. Telephone 748·7363.

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longboat Kev

October 13. 1978

Longboat Chamber to Elect Board

Circing St. Armands Circle The parking problem continues to loom in the background on S1. Armands C ircle . This summer and early September there was no problem. but now that the season is starting. i f~ the same o ld problem; employees parking on Ihe Circle. and liule room for shoppers. Perhaps Ihe new park ing garage wil l help . but unli l employers crack down on their employees . (h~w do they do that?) to park off the circle . the problemwill

_ l~- ·



confe;::A with city officials. T HE OBSERVER was told that the ~ce will tow a car away when iI's a menace {oJ safety, but that overparking. even if it's habilUal. does nOI endanger anything or anybody except the economy of St. Armands. TH E OBSERVER suspects that the problem will ease up ".,he n employees park elsewhere. leaving space for shoppers. But where do the y park? The police do their job in wri ting tickets. . they even know who the habitual scofflaws are . Perhaps if THE OBSERVER printed their names, which we are told. is public in formlion it might help. but in the long run would it? Maybe it' s time for a little consideration by all concerned. If shoppers can' t parle they' ll go elsewhere to buy. Isn ·1 that enough incentive for employees to park offlhe Circle. ride a bike. a moped. be driven to work. or walk? LeI'S not call in the government to solve a problem that could be solved by those involved . Surely American ingenuity can come up with a solution. THE OBSERVER will gladly print any that are submitted. Let' s face it, there is a way to please the shoppers. the employees and the employers - we 've j ust gOt 10 find it. or suffer the consequences that the free enterprise alternative of shopping e lsewhere offers. ' ,,1

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...: Longboat Key Fire Department Rescue and Fire Calls for the Week Oct. 4 - Heart Attack, 2CKXJ Block of Gulf of Mexico Dr. , at 4:46 p .m. Patient was stabilized by the Lo ngboat Key Rescue personnel and transponed to Sarasota Memoria[ by Sarasota Fire Dept. Oct. 4 - Heart Anack, Aquarius Club at II pm . Patient was stabilized by Lo ngboat Key Rescue personnel and transponed to Sarasota Memorial by Sarasota Fire Depanment. Oct . 5 - FireCaU . Repon ed as a tree down in power li nes o n Neptune St. Upon arrival. firefighters found the tree to be on phone lines. Call came in at 2:09 pm . Oct. 7 - Back injury and respiratory difficulties, 5CKXJ block of Gulf of Mexico Dr.. at 8:52 pm.., PatienJ, stabilized by Longboat Key Rescue personnel and tra nsported by Manatee A mbulance to ..... Blake Hospital. Oct. 7 - Fire Cal l. Responded to a fire alarm at Seaplace at 9:50 pm. Firefighters found the cause of the alarm to be a malfunction in the alarm system. Oct. 8 - Ill ness at Whitney Beach. 7:51 pm. Palien! stabil ized by Longboat Key Rescue personnel and transported to Blake by Manatee Ambulance .

Conferences October 13 thru October 20 Colony Beach & Tennis Flo rida Land Title ....... ............... Oct. 12- 14 GTE Credit Union . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .... Oct. 12-15 Flo rida College of Physicians . . . . . ... Oct. 14-18 . .. Oct. 15-17 Federated Foods ............ American College of Physicians . . . ...... Oct. 15-18 Hillside Racquet Club of On!ario .......... Oct. 18-24 Salt Water & Kidney Group .............. Oct . 18-2~ . .Oct. 18-22 T ampa Alumn i Association . . . . . . . . . Hyau House Mental Health Associ ation of Florida . ... OCI. 11-14 John· s EliSlern Co .. Mgt . Meeting . . . .... 0<:1. 11-15 US Tennis Assoc. Tournamen! (Sarasola 1.:1.. ?1 Bath and Racquet Club) Dun & Bradstreet Regional Dis!. Mgrs . Mig ...... . .OCI. 15- 17 .OCI. 15 - ~5 Snell ing & Snelling ....... . .Oct. 15-21 Academy t,>f American Exchangers . . Loeb. Rhodes. Hornblower & Co . . SE & SW ConI". ............. . .OCI. 18-n Rotary International Disl. 696 Ann ual ConI'. ............ . . ....... Oct. 19-21 Holiday Inn, Longboat Key University Women ........... . . .OCI. 13-15 Papa Bear Tours ................... Ocl. 15·Nov . 19 Far Horizons Meredith Corporation. Des Moines. Iowa ... OcL 15-18 Longboat Hilton Hobie Cat Sai ling Group from SI. PI!II! ..... . .. OcL 14 Chicago Bears Fan Club . ...... . .. Oct. 19-22 Wedding Recl!plion & Dinner Wadrick-Pulikowskl .. . .... DCL 20

Bits & Pieces "A Little Some thing" is the new name for the fonner " Lawson's Gifts" that had been a landmark on St . Annand 's for 22 years. Buck and Vicki are the new owners of the store at 3 19 John Ringling. Buc k is one of the newer members of the Sarasota Keys Rotary C lub. The Sc hoone r Restaura nt is going thru a com plete renovatio n inside, according to owner Harry Nikias. We stopped in the o ther afternoon while they were closed. and found it a bee hive, with workmen all over the place. And a check a few days later reinforced the oft told tale about how to j udge a restaurant: if the owner is there most o f the time . it's a good place to eat ... and Harry never seems to leave! If you've wondered where THE OBSERVER has been since our last issue on Sept. 8th , we've been on vacation too! We're back to stay now and look forw ard to a successful season .

Stampler's Longboat K"ey


James E. Foster, Sales Mgr.· Eves. 747·729!J

That's why Ellis Longboat Key Bank is situated in the Town Hall Complex . the heart of the Key. Convenience and satisfied customers are so mething we know all about!


6814 Gulf of Mexico Dr. 383-3708


is the Key ....,v/.-·_

The Stamplerburger a bunch to munch for lunch


Lovely 2 bedroom 1 bath home on large lot overlooking wide canal. Has dining room , fireplace , large lanai and boat dock with direct access to open water. A super buy at 63,900.

The Ann ual Meeting of the Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce General Membership wi ll be held on Thursday. Oclober 19. [978 at the Holiday Inn Longboal Ke y at 7 pm . Immediately after the votes are counted . the Directors will elect Officers for 1979. The Annual Membership Di nner & Installation of Officers will be back Wednesday. November 8. 1978 at The Colony Beach & Tennis Reson . Five directors are to be e lected for a three year term from among the fo llowing: Charles P. Aron. General Manager for Far Horizons si nce early 1978. Dr. William D. Carter - A practicing physic ian on Longboat Key for the past 16 months. A resident of the Key for two years. Currently is President of the Longboat Key Culture & Recreation Center (youth center). Donald H. Du ncan - Ass istant Vice Pn~ side nt and Office Manager for Freedom Federal Savi ngs & Loan Association. Lo ngboat Key Office for the past year. New ly elected T reasurer fo r the Sarasota Keys Kiwanis Club. Mel Hardin - Realtor Associate with Michael Saunders & Company on 51. Armands Ci rcle . Members of the Sarasota Board of Realtors. Resident of Longboat Key . Paul H. Mercier - New owner o f the Starfish Motel & Beach Apts. on Longboat Key. Paul Normandin· Owner and operator of the Si lver Beac h Reson on Longboat Key since early 1978. Barbara A. Rodocker - President of the Longboat Key Chamber for 1978. Owner and operator of the Si lver Sands Motel Apts. o n Longboat Key. Donald Wedebrock - A businessman on the Ke y si nce [952 and a Broker w ith Wedebrock. Inc. Realtors. One of the first Directors for the chamber who has served as Presidenl and T reasu rer in past years.


Four Wind" 2605 (;1I1f ur ~1t'xit·() Ilr .• Suru"utu. Flu. 33577 I'hunt' (81 :JI 3H:J-5.=i 11 lilt"

Ellis Longboat Key Bank Ph .... • 3.3. 311 1

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Associate· Eves. 383-1657

Happy Birthday !""'~"H'I'


\U"~'W''''''\\\''W'· ''" , '\I''''''''''

Longboat Vol. Fire Dept.

,. . ,

NEIL LeFEVRE Investment Broker 423 Harding Circle qesidence: St. Armands Key ... "' Sarasota, FL 33sn 5970 ~ald Harbor Drive (813) 388-3951

& ' ONECR~

1Stp m:rabti

~~~=~1J~nr. _---. Travel" " Your Key To The World of



COX CHEVROLET 1103 Third Avenue West Bradenton - 748-1707

Longboat Key Youth Center Shifts Emphasis to Community Center

Backgammon Anyone?

The Longboat Key Youth Center, organized in 1948 as "The Longboat Key Youth Group Inc .:' has recently been

If yo u live on Lo ngboat Ke y and enjoy play ing backgammon. we can fonn a group without fee s or dues to have lunch and play backgammon for the afternoon . If you are interested write " BACKGAMMON " clo this paper or write or cal l Mortimer Ede lstein. 388- 157 1. 1000 Longboat Key C lub Drive. Longboat Key 33548. Wep la'lto start around the m iddle of Octobe r.

reorgan ized in light o f its ullimale purpose and also in terms of personnel and officers 10 guide it.

Gone is the.emphasis on YOUlh alone . according to recently elected preside nt William D . Carter. M. D . Instead. according to Dr. Caner. the club's new working title will be " The Longboat Key Center for Culture and Recreation." To reach the goal of servi ng all the residems of Longboat regardless o f age o r interests. Dr. Caner says he has mel with civic and town leaders and with most o flhe organizations on

Classified Advertising

the Key. and has received what he calls enthusiastic


s uppon ... The Longboat Cen ter now o wns a total of two acres. but is

working with the town nnd private interests for a plot of land closer to eight acres. U ltimately, Dr. Carter hopes that it will be able to offer the residents acommunity center complete with swimming pool. gym nas iu m. tenni s couns , stage for dramatic and other communi ty productions . health club. ball fields and facilities for lectures. card and other social tournaments , ans and crafts - all direc ted by professional personnel. To reac h such a goal. the ne w president is looking forward to a fu nd rai sing drive of one million dollars, with the entire community taking pan , He especially dec ries the lack of a location on Longboat where we can have a locally produced stage show, an is land- wide table tennis or bridge tourname nt , and also a location where the island can have a fancy dressball o nce a year , with a live orchestra and adequate faci lities. The new president is ac ti vely seeking people who can assist him in the various areas o f fu nd raising. planning. accounting, legal. arch itectural and operation of s uch a fac ility and hopes that experienced retired persons might be interested in such a projec t. Dr. Carter asks that you call him at 383-213 I if yo u would cons ide r he :ping. o r an e nd a board mee ting the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7:30 at Coast Federal Bank in the Town Hall Complex. To support the ne w Community Center idea. Shenkel's Restaurant is donating all proceeds on November 4th from 8:30- 11 am , provided all guests buy a $3 ticket from one of the members of the Youth Gro up . Tickets are being printed up now. and those who buy one will be able to have breakfast with Shenke l' s donating their faci lities. their staff, and the food. When someone knocks or calls, buy a lot for your fri ends too.

Fo r all categories except items for sale. the price is Hk a word, with a minimum ofS 1.50. All ads must be typew riue:n and submitted by Tuesday noon . In order to preve nt errors, nothi ng over the phone, please . We feel our readers are trustworthy. so our items-for-sale ads will be on the ho nor system : Pay us nothing until your item is sold. and then pay us a commiss ion . We won ' t send yo u a bill : we' ll re ly on yo u to send us a check. The conditions: Limit of 25 words. free for three weeks . When the ite m is sold. you mail us a chec k for a ponion of (he advertised price:


Promotes Jeannie Neal Communities. Inc .. announced the appointment of Jeannie Thayer as sales manager of its single famil y home community. Tanglewood Patio Homes. A Registered Real Estate Saleswoman associated with Neal & Neal Realtors. and fonner Social Direc to r of Longboat Harbor . Jeann ie Thayer was promoted to Tanglewood sales manager followi ng a one year period when she completed sales o f over S3.8 million of residences at the various Neal Communities and of some single family homes.

Tide Chart

Sarasota Bay Fri. , Oct. 13 Sat. , Oct. 14 Sun. , Oct. 15 Mon., Oct. 16 Tues., Oct. 17 Wed. , Oct. 18 Thurs., Oct. 19

Price $ 1·25: 52 .00 525-49: 53 .00

$100-500: 55.00 over S500: 1%

S50-99: 54 .00


bedroom house or apartment on north Longboat for mature lady on retirement budget. Call 778-3415. Nov. 1 occupancy desired. FOR SALE: Almost new double bed, box spring and mattress. Antique white headboard. $100. Call 383-

6514. FOR SALE: 4 Piece Bedroom Suite - EXCELLEK-r CONDITION . Mattress & Boxspring included. Must sell - moving. $300 or best offer. Call 957-0019 after

HIGH AM 12 :03 12:29 12 :51 1 :13 1 :34

2:00 2:29

PM 12:02 12:58 1 :51 2:40 3:27 4:12 5:01

LOW AM PM 5:52 6 :41 7:23 8:02 8:40 9:19


4pm. FOR RENT : Longboat Key, 2·BR, 2-B, side-by-side

6 :19 6 :53 7 :21

condo duplex, furnished, complete to every detail, walk to beach , available Nov. 1, monthly or by season. 366-3116 or 488-8389.

7:47 8:09

FOR SAIL : 14 ft. Glastron Sigma sailboat, main with jib, adjustable centerboard , forward st orage, custom canvas, terriffic family sailer with trailer. $1 ,250. Call 488-8389 after 5 pm and Saturdays.

8:30 8:59

Happy 25th Birthday Longboat Key Volunteer Fire Department You can count on them!

Southeast Bank of St. Armands You can count on us.



Longboat's O ldest and Largest Hardwa re Sto re 4016 Gulf of Mexico Drive

Church Services Lo ngboat Isla nd C ha pel (lnlen..knomi nalional) 6.:!OO Gulf uf Mnico Drivc Longboat 5crvil'c: Suml<lY'. 10 am For inforlTlathm : .'1':;\-2 120

SI. Arm a nds Key Lut hera n 40 North Adarn~ Dri\c 51. A rma nd~ Service :


Sf . .\I a ry, Sta r of the Sea ( ]{\H11.1I1

Cathlllic )

-eXI) Gulf of



Enjo) dinin~ IIllh..: l'U'ntun~bl..: ~Imu'rh~r~ ul ~ Frend\ Coumry Inn. where all dinncrl> arc pcrl>un~lI~ prepared b~ (h~ ~I\cf 0" ncr>. Fr,ln..", anJ ~1""h..: 1.

LOI1~ho;l t ," l a~,~·~: SunJ;I~.

SatunJa). 5 pm 1'::.'0 and I(UO am


longboat Ke.,

CPau~ CR. ~beht

R~E~G_._R~EA_L~E~S~T_A~T~E~B_R~O_'~ER_--, MI,$ MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. BOX 197 I nAlr- Dn .. ......" "


...... .





Th e Lem on Tree Gallery original fine crafts and paintings



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Mon. Ihru Sal. 5:00-10:00 P. i\·1.

OFFIce. t8131 366·8676 AFTER HOURS: 383·4630 Condor:lini ums Our Speciar il~'



Nonh End uf L 'S' K .700.\ Gulf 01

IO:.'U am


.'Cil R JJ'CI'tTJJ t:I

Phone 383-1313

Ph. 383~2S6 6828 Gulf of Mexieo Dri~-e Whitney Bueh Shopping Ce nter wngboat Key

180 N. E. Shopping Plaza Venice Branch Office


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366-8922: 484-7166

Vol1#8 october 13 1978  
Vol1#8 october 13 1978