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Last Minute

Full Ambulance Service For Longboat

TUESDAY_WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 22 .. 23 4:25 pm: Steve Critzer and John Waugh,

both walkouts from a Washington State prison work release program, checked in at LBK I s Holiday Inn with a l 5- year- old girl. 9:45 pm: Holiday bartender Denny Warne saw Critzer in the bar wi til what l ooked

The Longboat Town Commission approved the budget additions needed to give Longboat an efficient emergence service set-up at a special

Tuesday meeting. The core of the money will be spent to pay the salaric;s of six additional firefighters / EMTs. The funds for a new ambulance were approved earlier, and the like a concealed weapon. He asked off-duty ambulance is due to arrive in a few weeks. detective Tan Coons to check. Coons found The commissioners had been discussing these the man outside, asked permission to search budget additions, called the "betterments" him, and fOU"'ld no wea,?on. It was just section of the budget at earlier work sessions a.f(;er this that Waugh, probabl y fright.",d b had h d ' h d· .' ,.",. th 1· tte t· t k th . ut ope to approve t e expen ltures m ...,~ e po 1ce a n 10n, 00 e car 1n d I h h . which he and Critzer had arrived and left. gra ua stages. T en t e Sarasota City 1 0:15 pm: Critzer, now without a car and commissioners withdrew ambulance back-up probably increasingly nervous, allegedlJr support as of October 1st, and the Longboat retrieved t he gun and moved along the be&eh cOnmUssioners had no choice. They strongly collecting IIhostages. n When he reached 17- recommended that the taxpayers of Longboat year-old Edward McWilliams, a guest at the hotel, McWilliams didn't take him seriously •• and said, "If I don't come, what are you going to do, ahoot me?1I Critzer said "yes,'* and fired the .410 Shotgun into McWilliams IS neck. The hostages ran. Critzer fired Here's the status of the four major building another shot, hitting a lS~ear-old girlo projects now working their way through the 10:U2 pm: from the Fire~scue Depart.- Town' s checking system: meat log: "Responded to report of gunshot BEACHPLACE (Arvida), 340 units on 31 wou.nd-at-Holidaf-:lnn~ Al!ri..:vad at 10 :41-. acres just north of The- Privateer- on tne GUlf. Contacted Blake Hospl.tal by telemetryo Involv es 12 five-and s ix-story buildings unable to revive victimo" T . k f h Co· . . --- PoI ice Ch1e · f Wayne Mc Ca.'Ilmon organJ.. Z ed a entatlve 0 rom t e . town . tnmlSSIOn, . . search, calling in helicopters and dogso pendmg report on poSSible erOSIOn (.which Around 11:00 pn: Critzer tried to enter repor~, the OBSER~rER has heard, Wlll be an apartment at Lo ngboat Beach and Tennis negative, thus cleanng the way for work to Club, aiming a shotgun at lS-year-old begin on the project). Karol Hurst. Her stepmother, Ruby BA YPORT {Canadian-based Bennet-Hunt McMullin, knocked it away. ~ritzer fled. Corp.}: 136 units on 37 acres just south of the 2:30 am : Search called off, trailer park. To contain one-and twO-Story but watches left at bridges. b ·Id· PI h b h k d d 8:00 am: Officer Jim McBlain, new to UI l~gsl· k adns . have een c .e c e an the department, re sponded to a call from tentative y 0 e ,Wlt some a lteratlOns rec~mLongboat Harbour and found a man with a mended by the Town staff and the Pianrung shotgw1 in one of the boats. Man fled. and Zoning Board. Next, they go to the Town 9:00 am: Sergeant Lanny Tolly on top Commission. of Pattigeor ge I s saw suspect moVing along BUITONWOOD COVE {Ansell}: 56 units on the shoreline •. After an attempt to. corner seven acres JUSt north of Shenkel's. Four the sU3pect, Ch1ef McCammon called 1.n three-story buildings (with parking underneath Sarasota and Manatee SWAT teams to help. maki h If · . ' .,,) 10:30 am: Sarasota SWAT team member ng t em real your stones) to Wlnd around spotted Critzer in underbrush and he ld a Buttonwood Bayou. Same status as Bayport. THE BEACHES (Canadian-based Bennetgun on him. until a second SWAT team member arrived to help handcuff him. Hunt Corp.): 316 units on just over 19 and a half acres just south. of The Privateer on the Gulf. Four 1O~story build~ngs and four smaller ~uildings. Being studied by the Town staff.

Buddzng Plans In The Works

1""-------------------------------., KEY







approve the "betterments" section of the budget needed to give adequate emergency service. This commission decision w~s made by only three commissioners: Claire Bell, Harold Jenkins, and Samuel Seegel. Howard Ridyard was unavailable. Mayor Sid Ochs had left town the day before, believing the matter settled. Ken McCall had gone on vacation two weeks ago, at the beginning of the budget work sessions. Ted Sedwick has been on vaction for some rime. WHA T'S NEEDED. Chief Bob Bullard requested six additional firefighters / EMTs. plus some emergency equipment. The six men. he said, will enable him to have a minimum of three paid professionals on duty per shift, instead of the present two on duty on most shifts. Since ambulance transport usually takes two men off the Key for a period of time , the increase in Department strength will permit leaving at least one man on duty when this occurs, something that has not always been possible in the pa~t. Funds for housing the new ambulance were also included, although Where the ambulance will be housed has not yet been decided. Bullard emphasized that it's important to have emrgency vehicles at both ends of the island, but point~d out that the south end is the more vulnerable. Although Sarasota will no longer provide back-up service for the south half of the Key, Manatee has assured Longboat it will continue to provide back-up for the:: north half. See" Ambulance" Page 3

Youth Center Fall Program: Something For All Ages From Pee Wee Football to Belly Dancing, that's the scope of the classes to be offered by the Longboat Key Youth Center this fall. The schedule of classes begins on September 25. For information about any of the following, call the Center at 383-3136. (If a small child answers, keep trying--or Stop by with your request.) BEGINNING TENNIS, S30 for 10 lessons, M-WF, 10 a.m.-ll a.m. Instructor: Barry Fasold. INTERMEDIATE TENNIS, S30 for 10 lessons, M-W-F , 11 a.m.-12 noon . Instructor: Barry Fasold. BELLY DANCE: 320 for 10 lessons. Instructor: Candy Carlson. SLIMNASTICS: S15 for 8 classes. Instructory: Willia Scott. KARATE (continuing). Instructor: Mike Hancock SELF DEFENSE, 120 for 10 classes. Instructo" Mike Hancock. See " Youth Center" Page 4




THE LONGBOAT OBSERVER 524 Gulf Bay Rd. Longboat Key, Fla. 33548 Published every Friday by: LONGBOAT PUBLISHING INC. 524 Gulf Bay Rd . Longboat Key, FL 33548 Telephone: 383-5334 Publisher .......... . ........ Ralph B. Humer Sales Manager ............ . .. Janet E . Hunter Editor ................... Catherine P. Spurr

The Way It Was: Fireline •'The Longboat Key Volwlteer Fire Department was started in September 1953 after a serious fire at Sleepy Lagoon. Although the Department is now capable of fast, efficient service, with fine equipment and a trained, experienced crew, it was not treated too seriously in its early period of organization. EMERGENCY


Police 383-3727 383-3758 Rescue 383-3727 383-1592 383-3727 Fire 383-1592 - - - - - -L-OC - A - L-T-H-E-A - T- R -E -S ----Asolo State ......... . ...... . ..... .. 355-277 1 Asolo Opera ............. .......... 958-7884 Fla. Studio .... . .. , , , • .•••••••• ... . . 355-4096 Golden Apple ... . .. . .. . . •. ... . ... .. 366-5454 The Players .. . ...... , ..•.•......... 958- 1577 Van Wezel ........ . .... • . .... . .... . 959·6611

is the Key....,:;~:.~.

That's why Ellis Longboat Key Bank is situated in the Town Hall Complex .. . the heart of the Key. Convenience and satisfied customers are something we kno w all about!

Police Activity R eport August 16-22 (not including the Holiday Inn murder, which occured the evening of the 22nd), A total of 63 complaints investigated (53 miscellaneous, 2 accidents. 1 alarm, 1 burglary, 1 larceny, 4 rescue calls, 1 fire call)_ There were 99 traffic stopS, which resulted in 54 citations (19 for speeding, 6 for hazardous driving, 29 for miscellaneous violation), 26 warnings. There were three arrests (one for driving with a suspended license, two juveniles with drugs) . "In the first place, there was for many years considerable resistance to having a fire department on the Key at all. Finally a small group set out to look for a serviceable fire engine at a reasonable price. The going was slow and one of their number in desperation picked up a 1923 model for S75 to start things off. The results were explosive. Not only were active recruits drilling within a few days, but the fire engine, now christened " Red Maria" , turned out to be quite a serviceable piece of equipment, and money contributions poured in to equip her properly. With the fire engine fully equipped and painted and the men trained by the Florida State Fire College. the company waited on tenterhooks for the first fire . "I . mall il f I I al 1 t Cald\:rn a Sf h Pfi eo eaves on a oc awn, an t ee 0 t e lremen' s wives put it out with their brooms and thought nothing of it. " The brigade's public relations officer saw a chance for publicity and released the story that the women has beaten the men to the ftrst rIte . The wire services picked it up from the local papers and spread it across the country as a human interest story. The men were not pleased, it said. This was an understatement. "The National Broadcasting Company read of it and sent a cameraman to niake- a movie of the event which was then acted out, with the ladies apparently driving the rIte engine and putting out a bonfire (specially made by the frremen) . This was broadcast nationwide over television by NOC, and the Fire Department was famous . At least, its ladies were .... . " Reprinted, with pennission, from: Keynotes, H

REALTY, I"'c. S540 Gulf of Me_ico Drive longboll Key , Aorida 33548

Ellis Longboat Key Bank ~h . ..

, ':1 1 :1 -:1711

Specilllizing in Sales, Rental and Management of Residential & Commerical Property

1.1::, .' .'!I.\j, REAl. TOR 5540 Gulf of Mexico Dr. 383-SSn 1\£1"1.\ '

Turtle Update Two more loggerhead runle nests produced this past week. In one, 138 curries hatched, leaving nine unfertile eggs. In the other, only 30 live babies appeared, and the nest contained 50 unfertile eggs. That makes a , 'l!al of 211 baby loggerheads which have ha~!a successfully on longboat so far this season.

ACITVlTY REPORT, Augusr 16 rhru Aug. 22: Aug. 16, 6:40 p.m. Heart attack at Sea Gate. patient ttansported to Sarasota Memorial by Sarasota Fire Dept. Aug. 17, 10:45 a .m . Fire alarm at Sea Place. Set off accidentally. 10:40 p.m. Fire in laundry room of Hilton. Minor damage. Put out by ftrefighters. Aug 18, 7,45 p .m. Accidental head injury on Broadway. Patient transported to Blake in private auto. Aug. 19, 7:30 p.m. Overheated auto at Emerald Harbor was dieseling. Firemen disconnected fueJ line. No damage ;;. Aug. 20, 6,16 p.m . Medical emergency at Col ony Beach. Patient to Memorial Hospital by private auto. 8 :49 p.m. Dumpster fire at Silver Beach. Balze put out by ftrefighters and dumpster coiled by booster line. Aug. 21, 4:10 p.m . TV antenna at private home fell into trees near power line. Firefighters removed it from trees. Aug. 22, Call to Edlee Lane for medical emergency. Patient released from custody of rescue squad. C=::::J


n U -

n 1.1




Mon.-Fri. 9-5

Sat. 9-1 Whitney Seaview Plaza

U 6826 Gulf of MexIco Dr. ' ~O~'~~~MI~~~~'~I~~~~~~~~~~~


Renta.1of ~ Sarasota BiCYCle


~ "The Bicycle Repair SpecialistS-

Rentalse SaleseService

Bicycle Repairs & Service Free Pickup & Delivery


Call 365-2320

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---- - . ~-~

The L em on Tree Gallery Ph. 383-6256 6828 Gulf of Mexico Drillf! Whihley &.tich Shopping W ll fer

Longboat Key




I DISAGREE With those IN FAVOR of REDUCING Com· missionel's salaries

those who OPPOSED full financial disclosure by elec· ted government officials. With have


Gulf of Mexico Longboat Key

J. PETRICK Sill: years as Commissioner, Vice Mayor. Mayor of I n n g M~'


t\i,.....-tn,. " m..... O .. r R m" .. " .... n • P ..... Vl ....

C250 .... ,00T... Regularly .,..11 C250 .... 250T. Relju (arly 13..11 C500 .... ,00T_ Reljul.ny 12..11

NOW$l .ot NOW$Ut NOW$1."

C500-.250T_ l'Iegularly l5.89 Cl0001lllg.10DT_


NOW $4.111 NOW»."

H....... '*-"'-'tie.tI Cooponollon




Along The Beach Let's hear it for the Australian Pine! It deserves considerably more credit that it gets. There are complaints about the way it crowds out native flora in some areas, about the way it keeps littering the ground with needles, and about tt· rapidity with which it grows and spreads.U11 are legitimate complaints, but there 's another side to the story. The Austrailian pine is an , import from Australia, but it isn' t a pine. It's a casuarina . (named after the cassowary bird of Australia). What we call needles are really slender branches on which there are leaves and tiny scales. There are two kinds in Florida, the more abundant kind being the casuarina eqwsetifolia

m __•

OFFICE: 18131 36&8676 AFTE R HOURS: J83.463O


- lAngboat Key Condomin1wiiSOu:r-Speclality


CPauQ CR . .8bekt

' -___ R'_G_._R_'A_"_'_S_T_AT_'_'_R _O_K_'R__-',..,~ In ~dlmenl5-U( h lnltS-Condominiums.A(rnRt



(which means its "leaves" look like horses' tails). Australian pine does a superb job of holding sand and soil firm on the shores of tropical seas around the world··including here. It thrives in all kinds of soil, including sand and shell, and sends its rOOtS down deep and wide. Its rapid growth makes it valuable in landscaping. For instance, a row of young trees can be trimmed and maintained as a handsome dense hedge. Left to. grow tall, it can reach up 100 or even 150 feet, the only trees that can do that on our sandy soil. Although the Australian pines are not protected in our building ordinances, planners might consider how gracefully some big Australian pines can soften the parsh lines of a tall condo.

"Ambulance" COST. The price tag for the additional Fire/ Rescue Department men and equipment will be around S96,OOO a year, Town Manager Wayne AUgire estimated. He said this would add around 0.282 to Longboaters' tax bills or about S14 a year, for a home appraised at S50,000. On the other hand it was felt that improvement of the Town's Fire/ Rescue Department should improve the Town's official -rating for insurance purposes. At present, Longboat is rated "8" on a one to 10 scale (one being the tOp). Bullard hopes this beefing up of the Department will bring the Town's rating to a six or maybe even a five , with eventual savings in insurance costs for home-owners. OTHER BETTERMENTS. The commissioners also voted to approve other expenditures to improve town service. The Town will get a second fire inspector-very important, said Chief Bullard, because the single fire inspector the Town now has, has to


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spend all of his time checking building project plans. He has no time to inspect existing buildings. There will also be money to promote three firemen/ EMTs to supervisory levels, so that there will be an official supervisor available for each work shift. The Police Depanmem is being given funds, if the budget receives approval, to hire an additional patrolman, purchase scuba equipment for investigation purposes, and buy a motorcycle with radar for traffic control. These additional bettennents will add another 0.119 mills to the tax bill (or an additional $6 or SO for the taxpayer who owns a home appraised at S50,000. These " bettennents" requests, said Town Manager Wayne Allgire, are the minimum needed by the Town. He said that Longboat taxpayers pay low taxes for services received in comparison with other cities of similar size.

The Australian pine is sometimes called ironwood or beefwood. The wood is red, dense, and heavy when fresh, and can be cut relatively easily. When it dries out, it is gray and hard. If used in a fireplace, if burns with a slow intense heat and does not spit, since it isn't a true pine. The Australian pine may be a problem in some areas, but it is a graceful and welcome part of the flora on islands like ours.

Pedal Power Since our beautiful bicycle path is used by walkers and joggers as well as bicycle riders, problems can result if people aren't willing to share. Here are a few suggestions to prevent accidents and irritations: "Bicycle riders should have bells or horns on their bicycles. This is a Longboat bike path ordinance. When approaching a pedestrian from behind, use your bell or hor well in advance. Startling someone can often be as dangerous as hitting them. *If passing from behind, pass on the left. Walkers and joggers being overtaken should move to their right and off the path if possible. Try to avoid riding off the path yourself; it can result in a bad fall. "'The rule for encounters of the face-to-face kind is to stay to the right. "'The most important thing is to be courteous. Say hello and smile. You may be surprised at the results. --Jerome Miller

Longboat Key.


ellOlic tfopfcai drinks

Pool Patio Of it1 the Raft _'-'.•,.: ~,,~.;.. Imaginative gourmet dinnftfs $9 .50.


Beer and Sandwiches on the Bay! OFRCE ADDRESS: '306 MAIN STREET S4RAS0TA. R. 33571




(813)388-5066 r~IA8INlHl'IIII , MU.'B(1t~N(W YO~ ~

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Inveslment Broker

Grant's Amoco Service

4Zl M.o.RDIN!O CIRC~[ ST • .o.ItIo4.o.NOS K[Y s .o.It.o.,oT.o.. FLOItID.o. 13577

ItU,OUIC( : :183_1$(135

400 Gulf of Mexico Dr.

~ 910

(113) 388_USI


Longboat Key, Fla .


Talk of the Town

Rent A Car

FAMILY Lot Us 'ob c... of '"' GNml

luxurious Gulf Front Apartments Full Kitchen and Patio

of Mexico Dri"




Delightful Lunches to Sunday Brunches


You're InVIted \0 Sunday Brunch al Sarasola·s leading Country Club Come Feast upon magnificent 8runcheon delights artfully Pfepared and displayed by 0I.If outstanchng Chel and ,",,15 Ialented slaft

Phone: 383·5985 For Appointment Precision Hair Cutting Haute Styling using the Latest Techniques and finest Products for women and men. Manicures & Pedicures Buttonwood Plaza (Nex t to the Beach Cart) longboat Key, Sarasota, Fla. 33577

{I {I {I SARASOTA·lRADENTON {I {I AIRPORT {I 355-8848 {I .1-800-654-313.1 {I


Come lor luncheon . 100 In.... le some '''ends 10 a IelSUfely Iu1ch III our e ~cluSove


Daily except Monday

Mud for a nne Yell r! We a~ d0st4 for Tacalio n from Ju ly 31 10 August 30, and .~ looklnl fOr'll'ard 10 Krvi ng you .g.ln bqlnnlng Augusc31st. Madeline, Judy , Fnlnds and Mkhel

I9NGBOAT KEY ___ r r .. 0





.. Youth Center"

TIDE C HART Sarasota Bay HIGH p.m. a.m. 6:25 8:56 1:21 10:48 8:40 9:'4 12:38 10:54a 1:04 11:.2a 1:27 12:24

F rom P age 1

TOT TIME: (ages: up to S) Wednesday, 10 a.m. KID'S ART CLASS (ages 6 and 7): S20 for 10 -12 noon. Chairman: Linda Weiss. classes. Instructor; Lea Jackson. BALLROOM DANCE CLASS : 520 fot 10 classes PEE WEE FOOTBALL (ages 6 through 10): Mter school daily. Coacnes: Barry Fasold and Saturday, 8 p.m.-l1 p.m. Instructors: Charles and Delma Sero. William Scott . SAILING: 520 for 10 classes. Instructor: Don ADULT FOOT BALL LEAGUE: Contact Center Malven.

p.m. 2:06 ) :)2

12:30 1:39 3:08 4:22 5:18 6:01


. :46 5:44 6:21 1:05


ca,ego~~~:p~~t~!~2 ~e~~ce

wanted at a price


Price $1·25: 52.00 526·49: 53.00 550·99: 54.00 5100·500: S5.00 over 5500: I OJ.

The car you've always

~~~:~~b~ee~n~w~a~it~in~g~~ advenised price:




Real practical 20th century savings on graceful 18th century deSigns! Here are motifs reminiscent of furniture's golden days . in richly-grained solid cherr y superbly-crafted (and most sensib lypriced!) for a collection sure to be a family heirloom.

LOW a.m.

FOI all is 10e a word, with a minimum of 51.50. All ads must be typew ritten and submitted by Tuesday noon . In orde r to prevent errors. nothing over the phone. please. We feel our readers are trustworthy. so our items·for.salt. ads will be on the honor system: Pay us nothing until you r' item is sold. and the n pay us a commission . We won't send you a bill : we'n rel y on you to send us a check. The conditions: limit of 25 words. fre e for th ree weeks. When the hem is sold. you mail us a check for a ponion of the

Kling Summer Sale

15 % to 20 % Savings Living room , Din ing room & Bedroo m ( A ll Solid Wood) Ch erry · Pine· Oak or Maple .

Fri., Aug. 25 Fri., Aug. 25 Sat., Aug. 26 Sun., Aug. 21 Mon .• Aug. 28 Tues.• Aug. 29 Wed .• Aug. 30 Thu rs .• Aug. 31


Sooner or Later.•.

R eg. '769


Everyone will Discover




1103 Third ,h enue. Wesl

Bradenton. Florida Breakfast l un ch Dinner

Cockta il s

Phone :

383-2500 383-5700 3454 Gu lf of Mexico Dr. -longboat Key


A d vertise in the Long boat

With all of thOSe who

favo r



elimination of DOUBLE TAXATiON.


With those who FAVOR CON-










COUNTY COMMISSIONER Six yea rs as Commissioner. Vice Longboat Ke y; Director. Save Our President. Sarasota League of fact urer. Pail:! lor II G



Lo ngboat's O ldest and La rgest Ha rdwa re Store 4016 Gulf of M exico Drive

If you would like to subscribe to THE OBSERVER, just fill in the fo ll owing I and mail it to us with a check for 51O.

NAME _____________________ ADDRESS ____________________


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COME BY LAND OR SEA! ... OPEN YEAR 'ROUND! Luncheon _ Cocktails . Dinner _ Entertainmenl Fine Food and Grog Excellent Docking Facililies • Private Party Rooms 15 Year Winner Travel.Holiday Magazine Dining Award. 1978 Uniled Airl ines Mainliner Dining Award . • WATERFRONT ACCOMMODATIONS


B~~ SLEEPY LAGOON YACHT HARBOUR LONGBOAT KEY For Res. Call [Restauran t] 8)3·383·1101 [Motel] 813·1201

Vol1#5 aug 25 1978  
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