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The Way It Was "New Pass" "The 1848 hurricane (was) d escribed by pioneers as the 'granddaddy of all hurricanes.' The Storm began Saturday, September 22. This time the wind came with destructive force from the southwest. pushing the water of the Gulf toward land. All the keys along the coast were inundated. Ships were washed ashore and sma shed to pieces by the angry waves. The &wly built lighthouse on Egmont Key was blown down . "(Bill) Whitaker's cabin, which fa ced the open bay, felt the full forc e of the roaring winds. He later told his children: ' I didn't believe I would live through the night. The logs in the wall groaned as though they were in agony . Every minute I thought they would tumble down upon me . But the cabin stood . Only the roof was damaged, and I repaired that easily. "However, the storm cOSt Whitaker heavily. Out on Longboat he had left many of his net s on a sa ndy beach. Next morning, after the wind had subsided, Whitaker looked out across the bay' to see whether his nets were safe. Not a tra~ of t em could be seen. They---;'e;e ~ever found and Whitake r had to make new ones, a I&'ng , tedious and expensive task. " The sandy beach where Whitaker had kept hi s nets disappeared in the hurricane. At that SpOt there wa s now open water. A new pass through the key had bee n formed and that's what Whitake r named it- New Pass. It has borne that name ever since . "A S450,000 bond issue to construct a bridge connecting Lido and Longboat Keys at New Pass was overwhelmingly approved , 526 to 8, on Tuesday, April 6, 1927. A hard·surfaced road was constructed on the Manatee County end of Longboat during 1928. The New Pass bridge was completed in April, 1929 . Now, for the fir st time, motorists could drive on a loop highway over the keys from Sarasota to Bradenton, via the Ringling Causeway, the New Pa ss Bridge, and the Anna Maria Bridge, over Longboat Inlet. (This last bridge was destroyed in 1932 during ' a very high tide and heavy winds , and not rebuilt until 195 1.)"

Last Minute EIlOOION ia the current iasue in the Town Cormdsaionls serut1..n;:y or A.rrtda 1 e Beachplace plans (develo_nt i. to be 1.Jmnediate17 north of Privateer on gul!.ide of GMD), An April S1ll"Ie7 b7 Arvida showed area to be 31 acree, and Arvida'e 'Plans call for ma.x:1rIlum. n'tDllber of UD1. ta allowable for that acreage: 340, Town etatt (Director of Public Works and Utilities AI Cox in partiCular, it vas reported) f'eels beach has eroded, perhaps cuttiDg acreage total, and Planning and Zoning Board pa.sed along that opinion to tbe Commission with recommendation that the situation be explored. At the Tuesday work seSSion, the Town Commission asked John Siegel of Arvida whether be would be willing to rml a new surrey on the property. Siegel said be would -- but only i f town could shoy him such a surrey would be justified. He was concerned about (1) precedence such a survey might set, and (2) coat, he indicated. Some sort of' prel1m:1nary survey by' the town might be in order, he felt. After much talk, Mayor Sid Oehs finally asked Town Manager Wayne A1~1re to find out the cost of a survey adequate to answer the erosion question. (On Wednesday evening, believing that any excuse for a beacn walk is adequate, we took a look at that We completely disclaim. any surveying expertise, but can report that at some time in recent history there has been enough sand washout to create a 3- to hfoot bluff along the edge of the vegetation line. Whether this existed when the April survey was made, or whether it happened more recently, or whether' it means any change in overall acreage, we havel!< no i dEdei"t' Bu)t it was a pleasant va • -or.


First Look At The Budget In a special workshop on Tuesday morning, probably the first of several, the Town Commission started studying details of the proposed 1978· 1979 budget. At first glance, the budget show s little change from last year's in many areas. Salaries got the closest scrutiny by the commissione rs at this session. In a discussion of administrative personnel salaries, Town Manager Wayne Allgire was asked whether the salary increases shown in the budget (of between 5 and 8 percent) were of the type . He said no, and explained that town policy is to base personnel raises on merit. He said he felt , and the commissioners appe ared to agree, that reward· ing employee s according to the caliber of their work has proved to be a fair and equitable way of attracting and keeping good personnel. A discussion of police salaries found the co mmissioners in less ag r eement among themselves .- Sam Seegel-suggested-that-the-6 to 7 percent increases in police department See"lUDGn w, pilI!! 4

Golf Course Explosion

Ju st how and why a pre ssurized water tank exploded July 31st at the LBK Golf Course is still being investigated but there are some preliminary findings, T~rry Conover, LBK fire inspector, told the OBSERVER. 'IEMPEST IN TEAPOT department: Yes, t IE - The tank had been installed 18 months ACLU was at the commissioner work session ago, and an internal rupture had been repaired on Tuesday, to protest a LM ordinance just about a year ago. about signs. It was a yard-long, foot-The tank burst at about 80 psi, although it and-a-half' high political sign on top of had been te sted safe at up to 300 psi , were the democrat Sal Chiefari I s car that started the fuss earlier this week. Scmeone findings of the metallurgist who is now objected, citing the ordinance. Cbiefari studying the tank remains . Such a low pressure rebutted, citing constitutional rights. explosion is "inte resting", said Conover. The coJl'ltlissioners said the ordinance W8.e The explosion tore the tank into three pieces enacted to try to pr?tect the key from the and £lung them as far as 570 feet. The largest litter of' roadside bl.llboards and -postera piece weighing half a ton "took off like a that tends to erupt during an election . .. . • d d . f year. I f itts tD'lconstitutional it'll have rocket, said Conover, and Ian e 170 eet Reprinted, with permission, from : to go, they agreed. But there -.a al80 away. "The Story of Sarasota," by agreement that any pro1..iferation or signa Right now , the water pump is being operated Karl H . Grismer. on the key would be a great pity. Further manually and the golf course is being irrigated discusion ne:xt week. as usual.



THE LONGBOA:r OBSERVER 524 G;'lf Bay Rd. LongSoat Key, Fla. 33548 Published every Friday by: LONGBOAT PUBLISHING INC. 524 Gulf Bay Rd. Longboat Key , FL 33548 Telephone: 383-5334 Publisher ...... . .... .- .. . .... Ralph B. Hunter Sales Manager ...... ... ..... .Janet E. Hunter Editor ..... . ...... .. ..... Catherine P. Spun

Letters To The Editor Congrats! At last, a newspaper for Longboat Key and the South Islands. A long time in coming and dearly needed. It will be a pleasure to get some factual news now. Good luck. Tony Aloisio and the Longboat Letter Carriers C-4892 Shenkel's Restaurant and Talk of the Town Beauty Salon wish to extend to you their heartiest best wishes for the success of your new publication, THE LONGBOAT OBSERVER. Edith M. Dunn

Fireline The Longboat Key Fire Department and Rescue Squad presently consists of 18 people. They are: the chief, one fire inspector / investigator, one assistant inspector (paid by CETA), two residential safety inspecto~s (paid by the Senior Employment Service), o~e full-time secretary and one part-time secretary, ten firefighters / EMTs , and one firefighter ' S aide (paid by CETA's Summer Youth Training Program.) The paid staff is backed by 13 dedicated volunteers who respond to emergency calls whenever they are available . We now hav~ two stations, one at the north end of the key and one at the south end. Our 10 firefighters are divided into three shifts, which involve a 56-hour work week (24 hours on duty, 48 hours off) . During two of the shifts three trained firefighters are on duty. During the . third shift four are on duty. These three (or sometimes four) firefighters are responsible' for responding to all fire, rescue, and public assist calls received during their shift , as well as maintaing the station, the nine fire department vehicles, teaching CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) surveying buildings for fire prevention plans , tabng blood pressures upon request, and many other vital and necessary fire department functions . And these are just some of the duties and activities of your firefighters. Next week we'll discuss how the Fire Prevention Bureau operates. Fire department activity, 812-8/8 : In addition to the usual daily activities and duties the department responded to two fire calls (one a gas spill and one a transformer fire, and six rescue calls (two falls, one heart attack, one abdominal pain, and two miscellaneous.)


Ask The Skipper Cop's Corner this week. shines the spotlight on the Police Department Administrative section. These are people who handle the multitude of paper work that even a small department generates. For instance. our personnel have a total of seventy-two different forms that need to be made out for a variety of reasons; mostly to meet the requirements of County, State and Federal agencies. The senior person in the section is Mrs. Margaret (Mag) Carroll. She has been with the Police Department for over nine years and remembers when she was a combination secretary/clerk/ dispatcher/ matron and girl of all work. She now serves as Secretary to the Chief and is in charge of the Records Section. Bill (BePo) Podewitz, a five year member of the department is the Property and Evidence clerk and also serves as a Relief Dispatcher. Bill started work in the Communication Section but was moved to his present postion about three years ago . He keeps track of all department property, maintains the chain of custody of all evidence, and is involved in the purchase of equipment and supplies. Probably his biggest evidence item was three tons of marijuana confiscated in a drug arrest last year. Miss B. Jean (Willy) Wiley is the final member of the tea"m. She serves as a Court Clerk/ Typist and has the responsibility of recording all traffic tickets, parking tickets , bonds, subpoenas, depositions and other paper work associtated with traffic and criminal arrests. Miss Wiley has been with the department for a year and is the only Floridian, hailing from the fishing community of Cortez. These are the people that keep the department running smoothly and they deserve more credit than they get .

HIGH P.M. A.M. LOW A.M. P.M. Fri .. Aug . 11 8:00 6:28 1:45 Sal.. Aug. 12 10:15 7:22 12:30 3:15 1:15 4:38 Suasota Sun . . Aug. 13 8:25 2:18 5:47 Bay Mon .. Aug. 14 9:34a 12:15 3:48 6:42 Tues .. Aug. 15 1O:43a 1:14 5:06 7:28 Wed . . Aug. 16 11 :45a 1:49 "'6: 10 8: 11Thurs .. Aug. 17 12:41 2: t7 Police activity, August 1-7: A total of 63 NOTICE TO ms FRIENDS: Major Peter Ferret-Faucett , the general calls were answered , including 1 European ferret who went wandering , has returned home . .;He accident investigation, 4 alarms, 1 burglary, 1 arrived late on the same day last week's paper was released. He larceny,S rescues, 1 fire, and 50 miscellaneous . said he had been on an Outward Bound experiment , but that his There were a total of 85 traffic stops, resulting tent had sprung a leak and he had grown very tired of survival food. " Roughing it ," he added. as he sank his teeth into a in 38 citations and 19 warnings. The citations chunk of fresh beef. "is not for a civilized ferret. "


Under 40's


Although the majority of LBK residents are in their mid-sixties , there is also a strong contingent of "under 40s" out here . The under 40s have special concerns and frustrations caused by living in what is basically a retirement / resort area. It's beautiful, they agree, but what can you do? Where can you go? Where is the action, if indeed there is any? You may have to step off the Key a bit to the Stot ~~r",,.. 4




Beer and Sandwiches on the Bay! 410 GULF OF MEXK:O DRIVE




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5S4O Gulf of Me.ico Drive Longboal K\lV. Aorida J3S48




included 14 for speeding, 4 for hazardous driving, and 19 for miscellaneous reasons. No arrests were made.



Q. Recentlv. off Lido Beach in the Gulf. six young people were apparently ignored by assin boats when the si naled for assistance a ter t e engine e and their batteries went dead. How could people be so thoughtless? .,--_ The great majority of boaters in\..... ~ area do lend a hand when they see a fellmf ~boater in trouble, but as in everything else. there's usually a schmuck or two in every crowd! The six people you refer to spent 24 hours in an open boat without food or water and with veq little protection from the rain that pelted them off and on. After they were reported overdue by friends and family, a Coast Guard Auxiliary vessel from Longboat'S Flotilla 82 picked up the six during a search directed by U.S. Coast Guard Station at Cortez. All safe boaters know that you shouldn't go into the Gulf (or any large b9dy of water) without a radio""':"'preferably a VHF, flares, and other distress signalling means. The Coast Guard has published a new booklet, "A Pocket Guide For Visual Distress Signals," and if you would like to have a copy, send 25c for postage and handling to this newspaper and we will mail one to you. It could save you some anxious moments or, as in the case mentioned above, some agonizing hours. Boats are very difficult to see in large bodieJ of water, night or day, but if you do see a boater slowly waving his arms, or flying the American flag upside down, or waving a red-orange flag , or if you spot a flare or flashing light, lend a hand immediately. It is yOUI: duty to do so. Although you may not be able to handle the rescue yourself, you can get things started.



11, l~/H

Longboat Larder: Summer Oysters THOSE OF YOU who still think that "oyster" can only be spelled "Cotuit" or "Blue

HEADING FOR THE fhlEN ROAD? Jdn The M()ve l()

N T.


215-15X I-~=_ 225-15X 230-15X




Conferences, August 14-20

Point" or "Chincoteaque" are missing some very good Florida eating. It's the same oyster from Cape Cod to Texas: the Virginia or Eastern oy~ter (Crassostrea virginica). The differences in the waters in which the oysters grow are what give each area' s yield its distinctive taste. True , once in a while you'll be offered a close cousin called the coon oyster or mangrove oyster (because coons love them , because they grow clustered around mangrove roots) , but they're seldom available commercially. The key to the taste of the Florida oyster is to think sweet. There's little salty taste, no coppery taste. Instead , Florida oysters give you what could b e called the sweet hean of oys ter flavor s. Try Florida oysters raw, with the usual condiments. Try them fried (and since they' re likely to be small, dip them into the batter in clusters , not singly). Try a pan roast: drained, seasoned, and put in the pan with plenty of melted butter to cook gently for just a few minutes. Or try this variation of a classic salad: Salad Nicoise with Oysters Season one pint of oysters with s alt and pepper. Cook the oysters in their own liquid gently and briefly until they plump up and their gills curl. Di:>n 't overcook, it toughens them. Drain and chill. Prepare a b ed of lettuce greens. On it place the prepared oysters, and surround the oysters with tomato wedges , quartered hard boiled eggs, raw onion rings, ripe olives, and a small tin's worth of anchovy fillet s . Serve with a vinaig rette dressing (tarragon vineg ar is a good choice). Add hot rolls, and it's a fine summer lunch or supper. One warning: don 't harves t the yourself, not from around here . Instead, get them fre s hly shucked (and absolutely fresh) from a good fish market . They' re reasonable in price and s afe in

COLONY BEACH AND TENNIS··Aorida Editorial Writers, Altemonte Tennis Group, Sunshine State Systems (Regional Meeting). Fleischmann's Distillers (Regional Meeting). HOUDAY INN, LBK··Wickes Lumber, Gulf Coast Concrete, Sarasota High School Class of 1968 Reunion , IBM. HYATI' HOUSE-·Fiber Form Boats (National 1978 Dealer Meeting), Ironworkers International (State Board., Teleflex Marine, Inc., of Limerick , Pa.. InterCity Bndge Tournament. HILTON LONGBOAT KEY.. Opening Luncheon, St. Mary 's of the Sea and St. Bernard's Churches.

FAR HORlZONS .. MJC Dept. of Nursing Workshop.

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With those In favor of consol idalion gover· nmem ift5IHd of HOME RULE gover-








fa vor REDUC ING


Six years as Commissioner. Vice Mayo r . Mayor of Longboat Key; Director . Save Our Bays Assn.: Pasl Vice President. Sarasota League of Cities; Retired Manu· Pal!! lor by A.G. McGregor . Camplign Treasurer

Delightful Lunches to Sunday Brunches You re,nv,led to Sunday Brunch al SataSOla·s leading Country Club Come Feast uPOt'O magnificent Bruncheon delights artlulty prepareo and dFsplayeo by 0Uf ou tstand,ng Chel and his talenteo stall

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Under 40's

First Look At The Budget

north or south , but here are a few ideas really good pizza to go that won't get stone cold by the time you get it home has always reported to the LONGBOAT OBSERVER: been a problem . The Wreck, across the street Dancing: The Patio at the Columbia from "Patio North", has the best tasting pizza Restaurant, St. Armands Circle ("Patio around, we think. but now our very own South"). Omni plays some of the best popular Longboat Holiday Inn has started making pizzas dancing music around, their full sound and to go until 10 p.m. every evening . versatility ranging easily from Santana to George Benson to current disco hits . Cozy and "Smart Clothes for I~.'," picturesque decor. Crowded on weekends. By Small dance floor. Nice dress. Pubbing : "Patio North" at the south end of Harbor House Restaurant in Bradenton Beach offers a taSte of old time Florida beachfront in a 6844 Gulf of M .. ico Cri... casual beer drinking place overlooking the Gulf. Lonebo.t K.y, Florid. 33548 Shorts and swimwear are ok, inexpensive food is available, and music is often provided in the Telephone evenings accoustic singles or duos. ED So NEDRA WEBER (8131 383·4004 Pizza: and a

From Page I salaries suggested in the budget be raised to 10 percent or more. The higher amounts, he felt, would make unionization less attractive to LBK municipal emp loyees. The rest of the commissioners were almost united in their disagreement. Mayor Oehs pointed out that the salaries were in accordance with an overall plan worked out three years ago, and Town Manager Wayne AUgiTe said that the p lan took into con sideration the pay offered in other areas and in neighboring communities.

Ken McCall felt that a fair pay scale in comparison with other areas was the important criterium, and said that he had no particular worries about dealing with a municipal union if it should come. .. All we want [Q be sure is that we're being fair to our personnel," he said. Harold Jenkins agreed, and added t h at no amount of raise would be any insurance a gains"i unionization m any case. Howard Ri dyar d pointed out that boosting salaries higher than the recommended amount might JUSt be anot h er way of adding to inflation. In the end, however, AUgire agreed to fa k e

before the c.areful budget look cameatbefore Commission one more all thethesalary igures in formal session. At next week's budget workshop , the Fire Department's request for additonai emergency technicians to man its rescue vehicles will be discussed. ~~~~~~~~~~

{I {I

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u. nol an inlntupti.on o{ OUt wOtk-po ..1. o{ it .


"udomn den .. u .. a {a<Jot whl.n hI.

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"u"tomn iJ. a pad o{ OUt

bU"inus __ not an ouhi.Jn .


ell " udomn

i .. nol iUJ.t

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i .. a


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those who BLOCKED











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"From P-2"

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