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Thursday, October 10, 2002


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Reclaimed sign-ups start soon BY SHAY SULLIVAN City Editor

When asked to update the commission on the reclaimed water project at the Oct. 7 meeting, Town Manager Bruce St. Denis said he plans to start signing up customers in December or January. Also, St. Denis and engineers for the city of Sarasota are discussing locating a piece of the town’s system on the mainland. “So we’re looking to do the sign-up during season and we’re

still in negotiations,” said St. Denis. Aquifer storage and recovery (ASR), a method for storing reclaimed water underground, would be the piece of the town’s system located in Sarasota. ASR is used to manage water demand. When it rains, people do not use as much reclaimed water on their lawns. But the water is still produced and can be wasted if there is no way to store it. If the extra reclaimed water

were injected underground, it could be withdrawn during dry months, instead of flushed into Sarasota Bay as it is now. So the city of Sarasota is interested in having an ASR system. And St. Denis has suggested the city work with Longboat Key to develop it. St. Denis submitted a chart to the city showing the peak demands on Longboat Key, which he would hope to meet by using ASR. According to the chart, Longboat residents use as

many as 3.61 million gallons of water a day for irrigation in May. The rest of the year, the water use is lower, but never drops below 2.5 million gallons a day. The town is only seeking 2.5 million gallons a day of reclaimed water. The commission did not press St. Denis for further details. Asked about the chart, St. Denis said he did not want to negotiate in the newspaper. “I don’t want to comment on negoCONTINUED ON PAGE 4A

JAG NOIR Stone Crab season opens For stone crab claw lovers, the season can’t come too soon. Stone crab season begins Tuesday, Oct. 15 and runs through May 15. These succulent crabs are found in waters along Florida’s coast from Sarasota to Fort Lauderdale. Only its claws are harvested and after they are removed, the crab is returned to the water and new claws will regenerate within a year. The claws are cooked immediately after harvesting to prevent the meat from sticking to the sides of the shell.

Birthday celebration A group of Longboat ladies who celebrate birthdays together met on Oct. 5 at the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort to honor Claire Love. She designated her birthday year as “49.” In lieu of gifts, the guests bring cards. Love’s collection included one featuring a forthright photo of three rather heavyweight ladies with this message: “Inside we’re still wearing bikinis.” Ladies at the lunch included Bea Friedman, Roddy Samuels, Renée Sheade, Molly Schechter and Doris Kaplan, who just returned after spending the summer in St. Louis.

New residents Laura and Frank Taubes, founders of The Education Center in 1985, are once again residents of Longboat Key. In the past few years they have lived CONTINUED ON PAGE 2A

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Dora Walters

It was an car-connoisseur’s dream with more than 40 Jaguars, vintage to 2002, on display at the Dan Ligas Memorial Jag-Fest held on St. Armands Circle Oct. 6. Attracting the close attention of Todd Jonathan was a 1953 XK. The show was presented by the Sun Coast Jaguar Club of Florida in conjunction with the St. Armands Circle Association.

Inn to convert to condos Tom Hires, owner of the shuttered Buccaneer Inn restaurant and marina on Dream Island Road, has entered a partnership with a group from Chicago to convert his two-acre property into 14 luxury condominiums. Hires has teamed up with five businessmen, including architect and winter Longboat Key visitor, Sherwin Braun, in a venture dubbed Dream Island LLC. Also involved in the development, to be known as the Grand Mariner, is the Sarasota-based real estate firm of Michael Saunders & Co. It will be the exclusive sales broker. “I searched and searched and searched for the right people who had the vision and the want to do this,” Hires says. “The goal was to find quality people with the same ideals. The reason they’re part of the deal is they agree with the vision, the concept, the size, the units, the marina.” Hires’ partners have had extensive experi-

ence developing commercial and residential projects primarily in Chicago but also in Tampa, where they developed a high-rise office on West Shore, and in Fort Myers, where they developed a mall. In Chicago, the group has just completed an 80-unit upscale condo and a 90-unit project in Chicago’s West Loop that includes a Starbucks and Blockbuster on the ground floor. “I’ve been to Chicago several times,” Hires says, “to see their projects, their models and open houses and to get to know and see them.” Likewise, Braun says he and his partners were careful in becoming involved in the Buccaneer project. Says Braun: “Tom and I dated for close to a year until both of us were comfortable that we could do what we said we could do.” CONTINUED ON PAGE 4A

Dora Walters

Buccaneer Inn owner Tom Hires plans to convert his property to 14 luxury condos.




Photos by Dora Walters

Tracy Voth, chairman of the 22nd annual St. Jude Gourmet Luncheon and Bike-A-Thon recently presented a plaque of appreciation to Temple Beth Israel for its past and ongoing participation in the event. The Gourmet Luncheon has been held on the temple’s parking area grounds since1989. Prior to this the event was held on the Town Hall grounds. This year’s luncheon is noon to 2 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 9. From left, Fred Taich, Temple House Committee chairman, Voth and Rabbi Michael Eisenstat. The presentation took place Oct. 4 at an informal luncheon at Harry’s Continental Kitchens. Anyone who has ever undertaken a redecorating project can empathize with this frazzled lady. The poster expresses the sentiments of Joan Weissman of La Dee Da as she revamps her shop in the Centre Shops for the upcoming season. on Lido Key and also in Sarasota and on the Key. They also have a residence in Connecticut.

Off the Key Perry and Betty Monroe, longtime residents of Longboat Key, have recently moved to Plymouth Harbor. The residence is now home to several former Longboat Key residents.

Welcome back Maureen’s Palm Grille, at the Centre Shops, reopens for the season on Thursday, Oct.10. Call 383-7774 for hours. Regulars look forward to weekend breakfasts on Maureen’s lovely patio area.

First grandchild Longboat Key resident Suzi Simon is wearing a big smile these days. Her first granddaughter, Isabella Rose, was born Oct. 3 in Azusa, Calif. The parents are Simon’s son, Gary Sheppard and his wife, Eileen. The couple just returned from a three-year tour of duty in

Estonia. Sheppard is with the State Department and was head of security for the U.S. Embassy there.

Back home Margaret Rubinow, jewelry design instructor at the Longboat Key Center for the Arts, returned to the Key this week after spending September at the John Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, N.C. This is the seventh year Rubinow has taught a jewelry design class at the school. This year she became at student, too, enrolling in a blacksmithing class. Her comment: “It was a very interesting class.”

Recuperating Former Longboater Gabriel Alexander, who recently celebrated his 92nd birthday and now resides in Sarasota, is recuperating from cancer surgery at Sarasota Memorial. Surgeon Issam D. Soussou says Alexander should have clear sailing and his primary-care physician, David Stutz, says he’s on his way “back to the bridge table.” Friends can send get-well wishes to Alexander at 2196 Bahia Vista, 3328, Sarasota, FL 34239. Alexander is the father of Molly Schechter of Longboat Key. ❑

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New rule addresses confusion on Bay Isles BY SHAY SULLIVAN City Editor

Planning Zoning and Building Director Jill Jeglie penned a new ordinance to prevent the kind of confusion spawned by a request in June to build condos on Bay Isles property. In June, Dr. Vladimir Einisman asked the town for permission to change his property from commercial to residential, so he can construct 12 condos on the vacant lot behind Publix. Town rules allow 3.26 residential units per acre in Bay Isles, which is 730 acres. But in reality, there are only 1.73 units per acre — 1,240 residences where there is the potential for 2,380.

Bridge concrete cracks

So there is a concern that allowing Einisman to build three units per acre would set the precedent for a round of redevelopment, resulting in increased density for parts of Bay Isles. “I promise you, the golf club is just salivating over this,” Al Green told the Planning Board in June. The board postponed the hearing until Oct. 15, hoping that by then seasonal residents would be available to participate. Over the summer, Jeglie rifled through five boxes of material concerning the Bay Isles development. She concluded that her predecessor, Marty Black, erred in 1999 by finding that Einisman is eligible to “transfer” density from the unused pool of density — 1,140 units

— within the development. Transfers are specifically prohibited, Jeglie believes. But to make sure there is no further confusion, she is recommending the new ordinance. The rule states that once a structure is built, whether it be a business or residence, that use will become permanent for the property. For example, under the rule, Publix and the rest of the commercial space in Town Plaza could not be demolished to make room for new condos. Because the property is being used commercially, a change would be considered a “transfer” of density, which is not allowed. “You have to show an excellent reason why that should be modified,” said Town

Creature comfort

Board accused of violating law BY SHAY SULLIVAN City Editor

The latest arguments in a lawsuit against the Zoning Board of Adjustment allege board members violated the Florida Sunshine Law and failed “to adhere to the standards of basic fairness,” when they voted against granting a variance for a tennis court. Attorney Michael Furen, whose client seeks to build the tennis court on his estate at 6061 Gulf of Mexico Drive, said several private conversations took place at the Zoning Board hearing July 11. “This included a private discussion between board members Bezner and Robinson, both of whom ultimately changed their original June 13 votes in support of the petition for variance to votes in opposition,” Furen argued. Town Attorney David Persson said the exchange was inaudible because a typist had difficulties during the hearing. To suggest there was a Sunshine Law violation or that board members formed a “secret plan,” would be disingenuous, he said. The fact is “no one other than the individual board members know what was discussed during these private conversations,” Furen wrote. So the basis for the board’s decision remains unknown, he contends. The town has procured the services of another attorney, William R. Pomeroy, to assist with the court case. Pomeroy has argued on the town’s behalf in the past, most recently during a land dispute in the Village. Persson said he expects the whole process to cost the town $10,000 or less. The town will not be able to recoup the costs, even if the board’s decision is upheld. A court date is not yet set. ❑


Plans are in place to deal with hairline cracks that formed in the concrete of the new Ringling Causeway Bridge recently. Project Manager Patrick Malone said cracks formed, because during construction the bridge pieces are slightly out of balance until they are fused together into a single span. Although small, the cracks could allow water to seep into the structure, reducing its lifespan. The new bridge is meant to last 75 years. Erection of the segments was discontinued until Malone’s company, PCL Civil Constructors, came up with a solution. Malone said he plans to have a final plan submitted to the state by the end of the week. He said workers will cement the pieces together as they go, eliminating the cracking problem. The cracks could be fixed as they emerge, but that would be more expensive than preventing them altogether, Malone explained. The hold up should not cause the bridge to be opened late, Malone said. The plan is still to have the bridge completed by July 2003, he said. Of course PCL would prefer to be done earlier, because there is a $10,000 a day bonus for early completion. Malone said the cracks are just one of several challenges in the construction project. He has also dealt with a superintendent who quit and malfunctioning cranes. “These are all things that are falling into the big picture of construction,” said Malone. ❑


City Editor

Police reported that a man who is in jail for trying to rob a bank in Sarasota received $2,000 for a paint job on Longboat Key he never completed. Longboat Key resident Aleksander Lampkoalski told police he gave Randy J. Simoneau a check for $2,000 Sept. 10 to perform the paint job. An unidentified woman came over to remove Lampkoalski’s wallpaper, but no further work was ever done, he

Bridge Tender

Senior Editor

The south lawn of St. Armands Key Lutheran Church was the setting Oct. 6 for a noisy blessing ceremony. It was the annual Blessing of the Animals and more than 30 canines and a couple of cats took part. All were on their best behavior and there were no altercations, although one Husky was very interested in the cats. He was quickly restrained by his owner. After Photos by Dora Walters each animal was blessed by the Rev. Eric Top, Debbie Imhulse watches as the Rev. Eric Wogen, refreshments were served — cake Wogen blesses Sally Cat. Above, Lulu and pal and punch for the humans and a special treat for the dogs and cats. Rosko wait patiently for their blessings.

Crime doesn’t pay, but painting does BY SHAY SULLIVAN

Attorney David Persson. Jeglie said most of the 30 acres of commercial property in the Bay Isles planned development is already in use. The Einisman property would be an exception, because its commercial designation was never realized. Einisman’s agents have argued that a commercial venture would not work on his property. Whether 12 condos will work will be a decision for the Planning Board, which will discuss the matter at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 15, at SunTrust, 510 Bay Isles Road. If approved, the matter will go to the Town Commission for a final decision. ❑

told police. Then, on Oct. 3, Lampkoalski saw on the news that Simoneau is in jail for robbery. Police believe Simoneau tried to rob the Bank of America on Clarke Road by passing the teller a note. He allegedly left when the teller would not give him the money. Simoneau was arrested after a manhunt Oct. 3. According to reports, he kicked at a police dog and was struck by an officer before being detained.

Simoneau is in jail on charges of grand theft, resisting arrest and attempted robbery, which comes with a bond of $100,000. Lampkoalski received the following advice from Longboat Key Police officer George Brown: “I advised Mr. Lampkowski that if Simoneau was robbing banks that it was doubtful that he was going to get his money back.” Lampkowski filed fraud charges to add to Simoneau’s list. ❑

Gil Waters

A view eastward on the future 10-foot sidewalk shows the current drawbridge open.

Coming Attractions (Oct. 13 to Oct. 19) • The columns will be completed with the installation of the eighth pier cap. • There will be 356 segments of the bridge completed, leaving 124 more to go. • The formwork and reinforcing steel are being installed for one of the pier segments, of which there are three more that need to be constructed.

Traffic impacts • Boaters are advised to observe the no-wake zone near the project, because barges are very close to the channel at this time. • Traffic speeds continue to be 30 mph within the project limits, which are from Bird Key Drive to Gulfstream Avenue at Sunset Drive.




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Water CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1A tiations. It’s so fluid.” In other business, the Town Commission: • Gave St. Denis a raise. He asked for a 2.5% boost in salary, which is the minimum increase granted to other town employees. That brings his salary to $117,238. For his pension, taxpayers will put an additional sum of $32,826 into an account this year. Health insurance for St. Denis costs $11,320. And the town’s share of his taxes is $8,968. All together, St. Denis will cost tax-

Buccaneer CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1A Braun described the Grand Mariner as “a dream-come-true type of thing for an architect. I fell in love with the location. You can’t ask for much more if you’re a boater.” The Dream Island group will present its site plan for approval to the Longboat Key Planning and Zoning Board in early November. Hires said in an interview Sept. 30 he and his partners have not decided on exact specifications for the 14 units, nor on the price range. “This is going to be a yachtsman’s community,” Hires said. “It’s going to be a place where you can have a sizable vessel and your condominium together. You’ll be able to walk out on your lanai and look at your boat. Everything is going to come from the thinking of ‘What would a yachtsman want?’” Hires embarked on converting the former restaurant and marina to a residential development after spending six

payers $172,000 this year. He also received two other perks from the commission. He asked for a year’s salary for severance pay. Previously he would have received nine months’ pay. And in the event he should die, St. Denis’ estate would receive a full year’s pay, in addition to life insurance, for a total of $234,476. Commissioners voted unanimously to grant St. Denis’ requests. • Conducted a typical Florida election. The election for appointment to the Citizens Tax Oversight Committee was postponed, because of confusion as to which candidates were eligible for what seats. “I can’t keep it straight,” said Mayor

John Redgrave. “I apologize for the confusion on this,” said St. Denis. The commission will try again during a special meeting after the Oct. 17 workshop. The commission did make appointments to the three town pension boards. Although St. Denis marked down Commissioner Jim Patterson’s vote before it was cast. “That’s stuffing the ballot,” said Commissioner Hal Lenobel. • Voted to allow off-site signs for town events in three locations. But first, the commission voted to reduce the maximum size of the signs from 32 square feet to 18 square feet. ❑

years struggling to revive the Buccaneer Inn, once one of Longboat’s most popular dining and entertainment establishments. Hires, his wife, Ceia, and his sister and brother-in-law purchased the Buccaneer Inn in 1995. At the time, the restaurant and marina were closed, the result of its former owners being unable to keep it profitable and out of foreclosure. Hires, previously a marketing executive for Tampa-based Jim Walter Corp., took over shortly after the acquisition as the hands-on owner/operator of the restaurant and marina. It was a 25hour-a-day challenge. “The learning curve was huge,” Hires said. For six year years, he worked day and night to make the restaurant profitable. But he encountered every Longboat restaurateur’s challenge: the seasonality of Longboat, with its slow summer months and wait-staff turnover. After six years of the entrepreneurial wars, Hires said, “I looked at the numbers, and none of it made sense.” In early May 2001, he shuttered the restaurant.

But the longer Hires operated the Buccaneer, the more he dreamed of another vision for the two-acre waterfront property. To convert the Buccaneer to a residential development, Hires first had to secure that he had the legal right to do so. In November 2001, the town reaffirmed a court ruling under the previous Buccaneer owners that the land was zoned for residential. “Longboat Key is going to be the winner,” Hires says of the Grand Mariner. No longer will his property generate constant auto traffic and truck deliveries. The project will increase the current level of landscaping by 230%. “We’ll be decreasing the sewer and water usage and increasing the tax base,” Hires says. If the project’s site plan is approved, Hires expects to begin marketing the units this winter. Hires says he plans to donate some of the Buccaneer memorabilia to the Longboat Key Historical Society, sell some of it and keep some as mementos. ❑

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Board plans commercial future BY SHAY SULLIVAN City Editor

Dora Walters

Village President Dutch Arends reports to members about the board summer activities.

Village Association plans year’s events BY DORA WALTERS

The future look of Longboat Key is at stake as the Planning and Zoning Board prepares to finalize a proposal for new commercial property options Oct. 15. The process started because the look of commercial properties is not keeping pace with the affluent feel of the rest of Longboat Key. So the town searched for a way to trigger a round of redevelopment in the island’s business areas. As a result, in September 2000, a consultant identified several problems faced by commercial property owners. Two years later, the Planning and Zoning Board is finishing up what is being touted as the solution. Two new sets of rules, “revitalization” provisions for existing buildings and a mixed-use zone for future projects, are in their final stages.

Senior Editor

Mixed-use zone

Although it was the first meeting of the season, Longbeach Village Association President Dutch Arends said board members had been busy over the summer months. Covening Oct. 2 at the Longboat Key Center for The Arts, Arends introduced new officers, Vice President Bill Hayden and his wife, Lynn, who is serving as secretary. Plans were announced for a Halloween potluck and costume party Saturday, Nov. 2, at the home of Cathy and Craig Meldahl. Co-chairman are Nora Vermeren and Lynn Hayden. A Village clean-up, with Michael Drake as chairman, is scheduled at 8:30 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 9. A Village-wide super garage sale is being considered for Jan.18. Plans are under way for a dog show on March 15. Arends said the show will be limited to the first 50 entries and “only fourlegged dogs” are eligible. Chairman for the event is Sharon Oper. ❑

Here are the original problems cited by the RMPK Group and how they would be addressed by the mixed use zone: • Requiring 45-foot setbacks on Gulf of Mexico Drive generates nice landscaping but forces businesses to put parking out front. The new mixed-use zone would allow newly built businesses and residences to be only 20 feet from Gulf of Mexico Drive, as long as all parking were in the side or rear of the building. • Mandatory buffers and setbacks divide properties. Properties combined under the mixed-use zone would only need buffers and setbacks around the perimeter. • Most Longboat Key commercial properties are small. Meeting current landscaping and storm water retention regulations is virtually impossible on most commercial lots. Requiring larger lots for commercial uses would encourage unified development. Most lots will not qualify for the new mixed-use zone, because they must be one acre or larger. Thus properties will have to unite to take

Lusya Sullivan

The new mixed-use zone is meant to create pleasant atmospheres, featuring fountains and walkways such as this one at the Centre Shops. advantage of the new rules. • Small lots each have their own access to Gulf of Mexico Drive, creating an unnecessary amount of turning traffic, as well as a safety risk. The hope is that properties will unite and share access points. • The small commercial lots are under separate ownership. Only through difficult negotiations can these lots be assembled into viable parcels. The mixed-use zone is an incentive. • Current codes allow architectural requirements to be interpreted broadly. If continuity and quality are desired, minimum architectural guidelines are necessary. Consultant Pam Truitt said originally the mixed-use zone set out specific architectural guidelines. So now the mixed use zone contains rules that deal more with the site than the structure. For example, the zone requires walls next to

walkways be 65% windows and doors. It does not say what kind of windows or doors. Originally, there was a guideline for how high off the ground a window should be. • Current rules push buildings into the middle of the lot. This makes it difficult to take advantage of the pedestrians and bicyclists on Gulf of Mexico Drive. Walkways within the property would be required to connect to Gulf of Mexico Drive. Also, buildings’ setbacks can be 10 feet closer to side streets, if there is no parking on that side. • A one-size-fits-all plan is counterproductive. Each commercial site should receive its own review and a preferred site plan. Truitt said creating a plan for each site would be extremely expensive. For example, the Moore’s Stone Crab Restaurant and Marina property might be worth much more as a residential lot. And it may even make sense to change it to residential. “But where do you stop?” Truitt said. All commercial properties might be converted, she said, leaving the island without the business services it needs.

Revitalization The revitalization rules would be another option for commercial property owners. Those who wish to continue doing business in existing buildings would be encouraged to make improvements with tax breaks and the relaxation of certain regulations. Commercial property owners would not have to pay town taxes for up to five years. If the business closed, or if the property owner chose to take the mixed-use route, the tax relief would end. The other aspect of revitalization deals with the many non-conforming commercial properties. The revitalization rules would give some flexibility to these properties when it comes time to meet parking, landscaping and building coverage requirements. ❑


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This is flexibility? Two weeks ago, when this page characterized the summerlong work of the Longboat Key Planning and Zoning Board Commercial Zoning Committee as “meddlezone” and “busy work,” committee members reacted with umbrage. They felt attacked, belittled and demeaned. And so they struck back at their meeting last week. Committee member Robert Drohlich, the former Longboat mayor, said: “I thought we had a productive summer until I read The (Longboat) Observer … I don’t think this (the editorial) is a slur on the subcommittee, but on all who work on the zoning that makes this a beautiful community.” Said member Robert Diamant: “I was equally perturbed by the article. (The) judgment was that we get an “A” for effort and an “F” for accomplishment. I think these cheap shots are very unfortunate. I hope the same gentleman will read the final report carefully, instead of concentrating on peripheral issues.” Added committee member Ray Metz, former longtime town commissioner: “I sort of expect that sort of thing from the, I hesitate to say, liberal press.” And then they proceeded with the business at hand — reviewing 23 pages of details showing how the committee wants to change the town’s commercial zoning code. A few hours later, with that done, members of the Longboat Key Planning and Zoning Board instructed the town attorney to prepare the new document in the form an ordinance. The planning board had decided it was ready to propose its summer work to the Town Commission as law. This is pretty amazing, although not surprising. The fact the board is leaping to codifying its work demonstrates the gulf that exists between the board and the people who will be affected by their decisions and how much of a one-way street Longboat government sometimes becomes. In fact, keep the following in mind; it shows how things work here: Throughout the summer meetings, various commercial property owners made comments to the committee. The members listened. Rarely, however, did they ask property owners whether the committee’s proposals would work. Note this, too: Not one commercial property owner sat on the special committee. They are all residents. What’s more, talk to Alan Moore, proprietor of Moore’s Stonecrab Restaurant, who attended all but one of the summer meetings. Moore offered comments several times to the committee. “They were more than willing to listen,” he said. “But they seemed to be on the path that (consultant) Pam Truitt was leading them.” Indeed. Truitt is not to be criticized here, nor committee members. Truitt did what she thought was right. Likewise, committee members always had the good of Longboat Key in mind. But in the process of immersing themselves in the details, a few key points seemed to vanish from the mission. At this point, it’s worth recounting a little history. Two years ago, when the town staff hired a consultant to review the town’s commercial zoning codes, he wrote and recommended, among other things the following: “The largest deterrent to quality redevelopment of the existing commercial centers is the size of the platted lots. Most of the existing lots are small and have irregular dimensions. It is difficult to creatively develop these small lots with the current regulations. This is clearly a disincentive to change the current building type and use … “To attempt to guide the redevelopment of all these sites with one uniform code is impossible, if not counter-productive. It is our recommendation that the town create an overlay district for each of the commercial sites. Each of the sites within this overlay district should have a ‘preferred site plan’ created.” Then, on Sept. 17, 2001, a commercial zoning committee of the Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce presented its recommendations to the Town Commission. Among them, it urged the Town Commission: • “Flexibility and choices are essential. We urge you, the planning board, business owners and residents at large to devise a framework that gives commercial property owners choices — overlay districts; the ability to convert to residential use; or the option to combine residential and commercial.” • “We would urge you to consider a house-cleaning of the town zoning codes.”

EXCERPTS FROM THE NEW CODE Windows a. A minimum 65% of first-floor commercial walls adjacent to pedestrian walkways shall be dedicated to windows and doors. Mirrored or reflective glass is not permitted on any windows or doors in the commercial or residential portions of a MX-O. Additional windows may be required if buildings are not oriented toward a public or private street or alley. b. Vacant commercial windows shall not be allowed in the MXO district. In the case of a vacant store, all windows shall be dressed using the following guidelines: i. White (or other light color) background set back from the window a minimum of two (2) feet; ii. Displays announcing Town business or non-profit groups; iii. Displays incorporating potted plants, art or other creative materials, including clothing and/or food items for a business located within the approved development, subject to one small sign no larger than eight and one-half by eleven (81/2 x 11) inches with the business name and location. iv. Windows shall not be covered with blank paper of any kind or color. v. Window dressing shall be in pace within thirty (30) days of the CO issuance.

Parking agreements Shared parking is permitted in all of the commercial, office and marina zones, subject to an agreement that addresses the following: right of enforcement by the Town of Longboat Key; the agreement is valid only as long as the conditions described in the application for the shared parking exist; and, the agreement must be in the form of a reciprocal agreement acceptable to the Town Attorney and shall be recorded with the Clerk of the Circuit Court. A copy of the recorded agreement shall be submitted to the Town Attorney and the Planning and Zoning Official within ten (10) days of recording.

Buffer requirements (1) Berm locations are limited to the perimeter of an aggregated site, but never in the front or side yards or within the development. (2) Trees provided in buffer areas shall be a minimum of two (2) inch caliper and ten (10) feet in height at time of planting. (3) The landscaped buffer shall achieve 60% opacity within 12 months from date the Certificate of Occupancy is issued. (4) Plant material within buffer shall be staggered and include a combination of ground cover, bushes/shrubs and trees for the entire length of the buffer. (5) Minimum buffer width shall be five (5) feet.

• “Appoint a blue-ribbon committee to update the zoning the code the way the Charter Review Committee suggested changes to the town charter.” • “We endorse Russell Moore’s recommendation to create overlay zones for every commercial property on the Key … Important to the success of these overlay districts would be performance standards for the town’s protection but flexibility for the property owner.” • “We urge you to give strong consideration to a temporary moratorium — say, two years — on the town’s filing fees for new commercial construction projects.” • “We urge the Town Commission to review the town’s commercial and residential density and its density codes. Determine: a) Whether commercial property owners can and should have the right and/or ability to convert their properties to residential use; b) whether additional residential density would benefit the town; c) if yes, how that can be accomplished.” ❑❑❑ Is this what the Planning and Zoning Board committee accomplished? Yes and no. Here’s the checklist: • Optional overlay districts for each commercial site. The committee did not create overlay districts for each site. It created two overlay districts, one for mixed-use (commercial and residential) properties of one acre or larger; the second it called a revitalization overlay district. The latter would give some flexibility to existing properties “to make small alterations” that, according to the proposed new codes “will result in the conversion of the structures into an increasing level of conformity with current codes.” Question: Then how flexible is it? • A framework that gives choices to property owners. Yes and no. The committee created overlay districts. It did

not give most small commercial owners the opportunity to convert their properties to residential. But it did give those with one acre or more (there are few of those properties) the opportunity to add residential to their commercial. • House-cleaning of commercial zoning codes. Not addressed. • Blue-ribbon committee. The committee may be blueribbon in its makeup, but it consisted only of Longboat Planning and Zoning Board members. • “Performance standards for the town’s protection but flexibility for the property owner.” Read the document. The town will be protected all right; flexibility for the property owner is difficult to discern. Consider, for example, Moore’s Restaurant. The Moore family sits on one of the choicest pieces of residential real estate on the Key. Yet the property is zoned commercial. Under the committee’s proposed overlay codes, the Moore family could not convert its property to residential or mixed use. Reason: It’s less than an acre in size. This is flexibility? Or look at the performance standards for a mixed-use project. It prescribes where berms can and cannot be placed, the diameter of trees to be planted, where trees must be planted on parking islands, the hours during which an observation deck can be used. It even requires that the town attorney and clerk of courts validate reciprocal parking arrangements between neighboring commercial property owners. This is flexibility? • Moratorium on filing fees. Rejected. Instead, the committee wants to provide commercial property owners with a five-year dispensation from property taxes. The funny thing about that is the committee has examples showing how property owners can save thousands of dollars. But the examples are based on the value of commercial property rising 10% a year, when, in fact, the report says commercial values are rising only 1% a year. In other words, this is no incentive. • Review residential density codes. The committee partially addressed this. Based on the new mixed-use overlay district it wants to create, commercial properties of one acre or more on the Key would be allowed to build six residential units per acre — assuming Longboat voters approve this in a referendum. Based on the limited number of properties to which this would apply, the entire Key possibly could see an increase of 230 residential units on top of commercial properties. ❑❑❑ At 2 p.m. Oct. 15, Longboat’s Planning and Zoning Board will conduct a public hearing on its commercial zoning code proposals. The members of the board are all smart and have the best interests of Longboat Key at the top of their agenda. They will listen politely. But we would urge them to listen closely and think. We would urge them to step back from the details of the Pam Truitt document and put themselves into the shoes of the commercial property owners. These owners are no different from the residents of the Key. They pay taxes, too. What’s more, they contribute positively to the quality of life on Longboat Key. How will these proposals affect each and every commercial property owner? Did the committee and consultant really create a flexible framework? Or is the Truitt document merely a clip-and-paste of what worked in Naples applied to Longboat Key? Ask why? Why should setbacks be dictated? Why must open space be 50% of a commercial property? Why must 65% of commercial walls next to sidewalks be dedicated to windows or doors? Why must awnings be prohibited from extending beyond balcony railings? Why should the Truitt plan be rushed to referendum? Why can’t there be better give and take between the property owners and planning board? At the outset of this process, the chamber committee said it had a mission: “To develop … a framework that will allow commercial property owners to develop and redevelop their properties in a manner that is economically viable and that is consistent with and enhances the quality of life on Longboat Key. “In short,” the committee told the Town Commission, “we think we want what you want. We want Longboat Key to be the best it can be.” Look again at the Truitt plan. Is it the best it can be?




Laugh Lines

Last one out, blow out the candle! Today’s college freshmen do not remember the Cold War. They were children (preteens) when the Soviet Union broke up. They do not remember the Cuban crisis and few could tell you who Krushchev was. Names like Gorbachov and Yeltsin mean nothing. With the disappearance of American and world history courses from our schools and colleges, Russia is no longer a “mystery wrapped in an enigma,” as Churchill (who?) said. Russia is now terra incognita (huh?). But Russia still exists. It is a major nation with a rich history of great music, art and literature. It also has a treasury of humor. Russian humor is more embittered because of the long history of oppression by rulers with great power and little compassion. Much of it is relevant to daily frustrations. It is voluminous. I found enough for a book or two. Russians, before and after the collapse of the USSR, have had to deal with chronic shortages of food and with scarce, overcrowded living quarters. Many jokes are based on these frustrations.

A: “Yes, if you wrap a length of heavy metal in it.” Pharmacist: “To buy arsenic you must have a legal prescription. The photo of your mother-in-law is not enough!” “I have always had problems trying to take a woman to my flat. First it was my parents who objected. Now it’s my wife.” ••• A visiting American business tycoon was being shown a busy Soviet factory where everyone was hard at work. The production line moved without pause, trucks hauled in raw materials and departed fully-loaded. “What do you produce?” asked the visitor. “Signs,” was the answer. “What do the signs say?” he asked. “There is no meat,” was the answer.

George W. ALBEE

Q: What is 150 yards long and lives on potatoes? A: A Moscow queue waiting to buy meat. A Muscovite housewife asks her butcher for beef and he tells her there is none to be had. She says she will take chicken. There is none. Lamb? None. Pork? None. Veal? None. Sausage? None. She leaves. The butcher says to his assistant: “What a great memory!” It is said that every Russian family somewhere has a secret plot to grow potatoes and beets. These, along with cabbage, are the basis of borscht, which, with dark bread, is the staple common food. A customer in a Russian restaurant asks the waitress: “What is that floating in my borscht?” She answers: “I’m a waitress, not an entomologist.” ••• Because of the chronic shortage of housing, a newly-married Russian couple must almost always move in with the parents of one — with all the ensuring frustrations of overcrowding, lack of privacy and resentment of supervision. As a result, mother-in-law jokes are perhaps the most common. (Another consequence: the world’s lowest birthrate and highest divorce rate). Sign in window: “Married princess seeks frog.” Q: “ Is it possible to kill your mother-in-law with a newspaper?”

A Soviet architect visiting an American architect was shown a model American house. The American architect pointed out the living room, dining room, kitchen, playroom, bedrooms, baths, study and storage areas. The Russian said: “Ours are just the same — but without partitions.” Q: “What did the Soviet people use to light their flats before they started to use candles? A: Electricity. ••• Many Russian Jews sought permission to migrate to Israel, often waiting for years for official approval. The Russian official asks an applicant, a distinguished professor: “Why are you asking to go to Israel?” He answers, “My wife gives me no peace. My daughters constantly plead to go. And my in-laws want to go.” “Well, let them go,” the official replies. “You stay.” “But I am the only Jew in the family!” ••• Premier Andropov was relaxing with his paramour. “I will grant you one wish,” he said to her. “Oh, Andy,” she exclaimed. “Open all the borders for just one day.” “Why?” he asked. “I want to be alone with you,” she confided. ••• The Soviets had excellent science, but sometimes Soviet technology lacked precision. A tourist stopped a Russian in Red Square and asked him the time. The Russian put down the two suitcases he was carrying and looked at his watch. “It is 13:09 in the sixth

Letters to


If you would like to send us your comments, please write, e-mail or fax one of the following addresses: Box 8100, Longboat Key, FL 34228; e-mail:; fax: 3837193. Please include your name and phone number. The Longboat Observer will print all letters to the editor if it feels they are of general interest, but only if the letter is signed and the author’s street address and phone number are given. The editor reserves the right to condense letters.

Germans aren’t ingrates Dear Editor: I take exception to the following statement printed in The Longboat Observer Sept. 26, page 6A: “Our German ‘friends’ Here’s how the United States ought to deal with Germany and its ingrates, including reelected Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder: Withdraw our military might and forces from Germany. Who needs friends like them?” While I disagree with Schroeder’s attitude on Iraq, I don’t see how that makes him an ingrate, let alone all Germans. For the last 55 years the Germans have supported our foreign policy more than most of our allies. Do you think they owe us blind obedience? You want to “withdraw our military might and forces from Germany.” The Germans

don’t need these forces and bases, but we do, especially Rhein-Main. Bear in mind that some 45% of Americans are also opposed to military intervention in Iraq, including many Democratic congressional leaders, plus George Bush Sr., Colin Powell and Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf. You wouldn’t want to argue they are all dummkopfs and ingrates. Rudy Mueller Longboat Key

Bizarre fines for paradise Dear Editor: That $13,000 grass-cutting fine reminded me of good old Vermont where the state environmental board made it a practice to bankrupt going concerns with $10,000-aday fines. I suspect the Libertarian Party

month of the year 1968. It is 18 degrees Celsius. We are at 38 degrees north and 47 degrees east.” “Wow,” said the tourist. “That’s a remarkable watch!” “Yes,” said the Russian. “If they could just reduce the weight of these batteries,” as he lifted the suitcases. Brezhnev called his senior scientists together. “The Americans have landed on the moon,” he said. “I want to land a Soviet spaceship on the sun!” Nervously the senior scientist said: “Comrade Leader, the ship would burn up from the sun’s heat.” “Stupid,” says Brezhnev, “Land at night!” ••• Brezhnev’s worst nightmare: A huge mob of people in Czech uniforms sitting in Red Square eating matzohs with chopsticks. ••• With the collapse of the Soviet regime, Premier Gorbachov tried to raise industrial production by reducing the supply of vodka so that workers could not drink on the job or suffer from hangovers. There was a long line waiting outside one of the few remaining vodka stores. Finally, in exasperation, one man said “Enough! I’m going to shoot Gorbachov!” He returned to the vodka line an hour later. “Well?” asked a friend. “That line was longer than this one,” was the answer. ••• Some current jokes: Q: “Which do you prefer: Russian radio or Russian newspaper?” A: “The paper. You can’t wrap herring in a radio.” A man is being shaved in a Moscow barber shop. The barber’s cat carefully watches every move. “I see you have an educated cat,” says the customer. “No, not really. She is just waiting for an ear.” Q: How many Russians does it take to run the second richest country in the world? A: One, if he speaks fluent Japanese. Russia is a land rich in resources, inhabited by a capable, intelligent people who have been long subjected to incredible hardships. One day they will be a rich and important nation. George W. Albee is a retired professor living on Longboat Key. He often visits his daughter, granddaughter and their relatives who live in Russia. He still pitches batting practice for his grandchildren. ❑

might suggest that if the Code Enforcement Board’s objective is to get your lawns cut, rather than raise funds for the town, why not pay someone double the going rate to mow the lawn and send your violators the bill like normal Florida communities do? Keep levying such bizarre fines and see how many folks want to come live on your “island paradise.” Peter Baker Bradenton

Vittles vs. victuals Dear Editor: Your dining critic writes the nonstandard or dialectic word “vittles” instead of the proper word “victuals” in her column on page 6B of the Sept. 19 issue. This might be acceptable among hillbillies, but on Longboat Key? Frank Sturtevant Siesta Key

Draft would cure woes Dear Editor: If the United States of America had a mandatory draft like Germany has, even in peace time, what little support the American right wing “Republican Guard” has currently for war in Iraq, would be all but nonexistent. Post World War II “nation building” created (now again one) a Germany with a population not too eager to get involved in war. After all, that was the plan now, wasn’t it? The Longboat Observer demonstrates

clearly the lack of depth, understanding and intellect, so often the hallmark of American journalism, which leaves it unable to know who America’s friends really are. And the whole world is watching. The Bush “boys” ought to grow up. You too. Al Janssens, Longboat Key and Berlin

Don’t be pigheaded Dear Editor: You have missed the mark on your evaluation of Amendment No. 10. This amendment should get a “yes” vote so that we will not have factory pig farms in the state of Florida. Thousands of pigs maybe confined on a factory farm, creating misery for the pigs while putrefying the air, contaminating ground water and threatening the health of people, fish and wildlife. We don’t want Florida to follow North Carolina’s experience, where millions of pigs have suffered, water has been polluted, air and water has been putrefied and property values have gone through the floor. In North Carolina, one particular pig farm spilled 25 million gallons of feces and urine, killing almost all life in the 17-mile stretch of a local river. This toxic discharge was larger than the Exxon Valley oil spill. So, voting “yes” on Amendment No. 10 can prevent similar disasters from happening here. Virginia Sanders Longboat Key


Cops’ Corner The following reports are actual reports compiled by the Longboat Key Police Department. They are all answered and dealt with by members of the department or referred to others for action.

Sept. 21 10:38 a.m. — 500 block Harbor Gate Way. Disturbance. Wife argued with husband because he stayed out all night. Husband threatened to slash her tires. Wife threw his false teeth across the room, breaking them. Police did not see any injuries and decided not to file a domestic violence charge, because it wouldn’t have any teeth.

Sept. 22 3:18 p.m. — 2400 block Gulf of Mexico Drive (GMD). Traffic violation. Subject arrested for driving with suspended learner’s permit. 5:47 p.m. — 5600 block GMD. Traffic violation. Subject arrested for driving with suspended license.

Sept. 23 1:07 a.m. — 400 block Firehouse Court. Fire. Power company dealt with arcing power lines. 7:55 p.m. — Sarasota County. Traffic violation. Police found woman wanted for grand theft. But the community where the warrant was issued would not extradite the woman, so she was set free.


NEWS 10:08 p.m. — New Pass Bridge. Public service. Subject said he and his girlfriend were nearly hit by a fishing line cast from below while he was fishing from bridge. Police did not witness a crime.

Sept. 24 1:42 p.m. — 2100 block GMD. Death. Police determined Uwe J. Juergensen, 73, died of natural causes. 8:35 p.m. — 6600 block GMD. Fire. Fire department dealt with wires caught in tree limb.

Sept. 25 9:49 a.m. — 700 block Marbury Lane. Property damage. Truck delivering construction supplies backed into pillar, causing $1,500 worth of damage. 9:58 a.m. — 1900 block Harbour Links Circle. Larceny. Subject is missing $250 worth of plants. 3:14 p.m. — 2000 block Harbour Links Drive. Code enforcement. Subject was warned for after-hours construction activity.

Sept. 27 3:32 p.m. — 1200 block GMD. Warrants. Man who was trying to pick up paycheck was not wanted on condo property. Police came, discovered man was wanted for aggravated battery and arrested him. 6:57 p.m. — 1 GMD. Animal cruelty. Police charged man for cruelty to an animal after he was seen throwing a rock at a heron. Man said bird tried to take his fish, so he made throwing gestures to scare it off. He said the bird was then caught in a fence and injured. Bird was transported to bird sanctuary for treatment.

10:31 p.m. — Bradenton Beach. Assist. Longboat Key Police responded to back up Bradenton Beach officers dealing with a man who waved gun around in parking lot.

Sept. 28 10:09 a.m. — 4100 block GMD. Rescue. Two juveniles caught in undertow rescued by adults. Paramedics made sure everyone was OK.

Sept. 29 1:50 a.m. — 3800 block GMD. Suspicious person. Police approached four men in truck on private property and learned they were looking for a place to smoke cigarettes. The men were told to leave. 1:10 p.m. — 800 block Binnacle Point Drive. Code enforcement. Subject told to stop using chainsaw on Sunday and not to cut mangroves without permit.

Sept. 30 11:52 a.m. — 100 block North Shore Road. Suspicious circumstance. Subject said while he was on the beach his ex-girlfriend tried to sell him LSD. Police could not locate woman. 10:07 p.m. — 6700 block GMD. Suspicious circumstance. Police extensively investigated a report of “a boat in the water.” No boat found. 9:49 p.m. — GMD at Broadway. Warrants. Subject arrested on warrant for operating mobile home dealership without a license. 10:33 a.m. — 600 block St. Judes Drive. Disturbance. Subject warned not to drive

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Oct. 1 9:17 a.m. — 4600 block GMD. Traffic violation. Subject gave police his brother’s name, because subject thought himself to be wanted by the law. Turns out subject was not wanted, but his brother was. Police figured out who subject was and cited him for providing false information. 9:25 a.m. — 600 block Ranger Lane. Animal nuisance. Officer “terminated” a raccoon in distress. 9:43 a.m. — 700 block Jungle Queen Way. Public service. Police could not verify report of construction workers parking improperly. 10:05 a.m. — 3500 block Fair Oaks Court. Suspicious circumstance. Subject though someone removed the tabs from his outdoor light timer. Police thought the tabs fell off. 11:43 a.m. — 600 block St. Judes Drive. Public service. Subject went to his mother for help due to hard financial times. Subject took a butcher knife in both hands and threatened to kill himself. Subject has not been taking his medication. Subject deemed a threat to himself and/or others and taken to the hospital. ❑

Cops’ Corner Scorecard Noises


recklessly. 3:11 p.m. — 500 block Bay Isles Parkway. Traffic accident. Subject cited for backing out of parking spot into car. 10:17 p.m. — 500 block Bay Isles Road. Rescue. Police found stairs, from which subject fell and hurt head, to be dry and in good repair.

Vehicular Occurrences

Construction Parties Strange Fireworks

11 7 4 0



Barking dogs Dead turtles Loose dogs Dog attack Bees’ nest


High Crimes

5 1 14 3 1

Burglaries Drug arrests Larceny Trespassing Vandalism Warrant arrests


14 14 27 21 16 18


Auto/bike accidents Crashes DUI Fender benders Hit and run Traffic violations

Lost and found people 0 Beach nudity 0 Code violations 113 Personality conflict 39 Superglued doors 1 Nipple Pinching 2 Picking toenails 0 Elvis sightings 0 Explicit Speedos 2 Anthrax anxieties 4 Pet peeves 0 Crossdresser crossing 1 Soda overdose 1 False teeth flinging 1

7 45 25 27 1 115

Missing Items Cell phones Children Jewelry/watches Purses/wallets Hearing Aids Boats Mailboxes

6 1 13 18 1 3 1

*Statistics represent the reports published in Cops’ Corner yearto-date. They are not the official number of calls handled by the police.

Only on Longboat Jacuzzi near-drowning 1







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If you were the judge


Is it illegal to choke a deer? the buck into his van. There were no witnesses to any of the above events. Gutowski reported the killing to the State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in Michigan. That is where the law entered the picture. The matter was assigned to Field Officer Carla Soper who met with Gutowski. She saw the dead animal. He showed the officer the many scrapes and bruises on his body to support the facts of his adventure. Her reaction was not what Gutowski anticipated. She conceded to him that he had every right to defend himself, but that there was no legal right for him to keep the dead creature. She explained to him that Michigan laws provide for seasons for killing deer and further she stated that such killings could only be done legally with guns or bow and arrows (yes, bow and arrows). She concluded by advising Gutowski that there is no authorized killing of a deer by the means of bare hands used in choking the creature to death. “There is no season for garroting.” Unhappily for Gutowski, the officer hauled the carcass away. Veterinarian O’Brien was called into the picture. His examination resulted in the opinion that the deer would have died from the injures sustained to its hind quarters in the struggle with the painter and it would have been in great pain. Lt. Molnar, the decision maker, con-


6.92%** Taxable Equivalent Rated: AAA Moody AAA S&P Insured by: MBIA

cluded that Gutowski’s story was “essentially true,” but he doubted that the deer could have charged. “Maybe it felt like it was cornered and maybe it fell in trying to defend itself. It may have stepped towards him.” Gutowski answered that he did not take advantage of the wounded animal: “That deer kicked the crap out of me. He threw me around like I weigh 5 pounds.” Molnar made a judicial determination. He issued a “highway kill” to Gutowski, awarding the carcass to him. With pride, Gutowski plans to have the antlers mounted on a plaque with the belt attached. Maybe Gutowski had in mind the words of Shakespeare: “Why let the stricken deer go weeping ... ” (Source: The Wall Street Journal, Dec. 5, 2001.)

Hillsborough County, Florida School Board Certificates of Participation Florida Master Lease Program Call: John Hayes Second Vice President–Investments (941) 364-7485 2 N. Tamiami Trail, Suite 1100 Sarasota, FL 34236-5574 Coupon 4.50%. *Yield to Maturity. Maturity 07/01/28, Callable 07/01/12 @ 100. Interest on the bonds is exempt from Federal income tax. Yields will fluctuate if sold prior to maturity. Subject to availability and price change. **Assuming a 35% Federal Income tax rate for 2002.


David Gutowski killed a six-point buck with his bare hands and a brown leather belt. Therein he’s a tale and here it is. Playing hooky from his painting job, Gutowski went looking for stray fishing lures along the shore of Manistee Lake, Mich. He heard stirring along the bank and saw a buck staring at him. It was huge. Gutowski tried to scare it away by rearing, stomping his feet and shouting. The deer responded by lowering its head and charged towards him. The painter caught the deer by its antlers and he then drove it into the lake. He hung on in desperation to avoid being gored. The deer fell and Gutowski scissored it between his legs. It squealed and snorted loudly while Gutowski whacked it with chunks of driftwood and gouged its eye with a branch. Gutowski them removed his belt, looped it around the animal’s neck and pulled and pulled. With exhaustion, he said to the creature: “You’re mine.” But the animal was not dead. The creature again charged towards him with the belt flapping at its throat. Gutowski snatched the belt, forced the deer down and yanked the belt so hard that the buckle broke. He then found a pair of two-by-fours. With all of his strength, he swung at the mammal’s head as he would use an ax. “I don’t know how many times I hit him,” but when it stopped breathing, he loaded


Salomon Smith Barney is a registered service mark of Salomon Smith Barney Inc. “SEE HOW WE EARN IT” is a service mark of Salomon Smith Barney Inc. © 2002 Salomon Smith Barney Inc. Member SIPC

James Durante, a Longboat Key resident, is a retired member of the New York Bar. ❑

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ELEGANCE & SOPHISTICATION ABOUNDS in this furnished Bird Key bayfront home. Entry foyer, living, dining & family rooms. Main BR opens to pool, bay & city views. $3,400,000. Derrick Bhayat, 388-4447 or 504-9785. #223553

LONGBOAT KEY'S NEWEST SHOWPLACE just completed in Bay Isles Harbor. Stunning Mediterranean with 6,000+ sq. ft. stainless kitchen with butler's pantry, 4BR suites, vanishing edge pool, & deepwater dock. A Sotheby's listing. $3,500,000. Jenifer Schwell, 388-4447 or 383-3209. #213131

A VIRTUAL PARADISE surrounded on 3 sides by TPC golf course. Over 12,000 sq. ft. of elegant design. Exquisitely crafted with quality materials, incorporating state-of-the-art technologies. A Sotheby's listing. $3,000,000. Suzan Cromwell, 388-4447 or 376-7766. #202503

BEACHFRONT JEWEL Six BRs & over 6,600 sq. ft. with sweeping beach & Gulf views. Volume ceilings, granite counters & separate guest apartment. $3,360,000. Jo Ann Thorpe, 388-4447 or 349-7583. #22623 INCREDIBLE BAY VIEWS 4,900 sq. ft., custom 5BR bayfront home with fireplace, state-of-the-art kitchen, 3-car garage, boat dock, tennis court & heated pool & spa. $2,295,000. Thomas Heimann, 383-7591 or 447-7338. #226132 LAS CASITAS Charming Mediterranean with wide water views & private dock on Lido, just steps to beach & St. Armands. Super quality, style & design. $1,999,000. Linda Roe Dickinson, 388-4447 or 350-3304. #226326 FABULOUS FULL BAY VIEWS of Sarasota from this award-winning & architecturally unique, multi-level bayfront home. Four decks, 40' lap pool, boat dock & lift. $1,195,000. John Zisman, 383-7591 or 504-2393. #217855 SPACIOUS COURTYARD HOME with lovely views of bay & golf course. Customized & decorated to perfection. Very private with gourmet kitchen, lush landscaping, pool, tennis & private beach. $1,095,000. Annette Rogers, 383-7591 or 387-0800. #209747 VILLAGE OF LONG BEACH Key West-style home with view of Intracoastal Waterway, large custom pool with waterfall and 6-car garage. Cottage on property is an excellent rental. $986,000. Bob Burnett, 383-7591 or 356-1277. #222905 UNIQUE POLYNESIAN-STYLE HOME Escape to the ultimate island retreat. Accessible only by boat, this refuge features 3 separate pods. A Sotheby's listing. $950,000. Bobbie Banan, 388-4447 or 356-2659. #226035 CHEERFULLY BRIGHT & OPEN to sunny south Longboat beach & Gulf views. Immaculate, turnkey furnished 2BR + den of almost 2,500 sq. ft. & garage parking. Pool, tennis & more. $930,000. Marilyn S. Brown, 388-4447 or 377-6215. #215075 DIRECT BEACH FRONT with unobstructed views from every room. Located behind the gates of the Longboat Key Club. $925,000. Saint Cacchiotti & Gail Wittig, 383-7591 or 387-0533. #225922 LUXURIOUS PENTHOUSES at Tangerine Bay offer 2,900+/- sq. ft. of living space. Directly on bay with wide open views. $895,000. Craig and Steve Abbott, 383-7591 or 302-0686. #216393 SPECTACULAR GULF VIEWS A magical window to the Gulf & bay from this 8th floor condo. Glamorous turnkey furnished 2BR features generous use of granite & tile. All rooms open to 40 ft. balcony. Walk to St. Armands Circle. $649,900. Phyllis DiBlasi, 388-4447 or 351-1514. #223465 DRAMATIC BAY VIEWS Two BR penthouse with high ceilings, Corian counters, & living & dining wood flooring. Clubhouse including sauna, exercise & large pool area. $649,000. Tom R. Delaney, 388-4447 or 387-3990. #225605 FABULOUS LOCATION ON EMERALD HARBOR featuring a wide deepwater canal with 25 ft. boat dock. New barrel tile roof and a newer heating system. Just off deeded Gulf beach access. $629,000. The August Team, 388-4447 or 373-0038. #219569 ENJOY LONGBOAT KEY Gulf view from this completely updated 3BR unit in 8-unit Seascape. Heated pool & 2 parking spaces. Great rental unit. $625,000. Mary Hellhake, 748-6300 or 544-0763. #84800 BEHIND THE GATES overlooking the fairway of Longboat Key's Harbourside golf course. This home features an open floor plan, gourmet kitchen & screened porch. $599,000. Maruta Miluns, 383-7591 or 374-9702. #226022 GORGEOUS SUNSET AND PANORAMIC VIEWS of Gulf and Lido Beach. Small complex, 3BRs and 2-car garage. $575,000. Jack & Jo James, 388-4447 or 928-3175. #213213 GRAND BIRD KEY HOME Large rooms, including gracious dining room & master with sitting room. Lap pool with spa, pristine landscaping & more. $550,000. Jane Mooney, 388-4447 or 416-3354. #221657 BAY HARBOUR Seldom available, spacious ground floor end unit overlooks boat basin & Sarasota Bay. Conveniently located on South Longboat. Extensively renovated. $550,000. Jennifer Pecora, 951-6660 or 780-1925. #226347 UNIQUE LOT WITH BAY VIEW at the front & sailboat canal at the rear. No homes can be built opposite, so the view is forever. $495,000. Jo Ellen Burnham, 383-3759. #224049 EXCEPTIONALLY CLEAN & ATTRACTIVE on one of Longboat Key's premier sites with Gulf front pool & clubhouse. Impeccable grounds, tennis & beach. Walk to shopping & restaurants. $415,000. Donna Maloof, 383-7591. #226185 CASA DEL MAR Largest unit available with extended living room & screened lanai. Year round short-term rentals make this a great investment opportunity. $399,900. Richard B. Perlman, 383-7591 or 387-8880. #225254 STUNNING HARBOURSIDE GOLF COURSE VIEWS Spacious single family home with condominium convenience. Golf course and sunset vistas, vaulted ceilings and skylights. Located in a gated community. $399,000. Hanrahan - Salmon Group, 383-7591 or 800-231-1280. #221054 EXCEPTIONAL BUY ON LONGBOAT KEY Two BRs plus den, turnkey furnished, 2 screened lanais, heated pool, tennis & private beach. $329,000. Richard B. Perlman, 383-7591 or 387-8880. #226294

– SIESTA KEY – YACHTING RETREAT ON NORTH SIESTA Lovely, long bay views are yours from every major room of this stunning classically modern home with high ceilings, coral stone fireplace and glamorous courtyard entry with fountain. $3,750,000. Linda Roe Dickinson, 388-4447 or 350-3304. #224010 TROPICAL ESTATE on the bay. New 5,200 sq. ft. home built by Gulfside Homes has it all. Soaring ceilings, gourmet kitchen & lavish master suite. $3,500,000. Karen Chandler and Bill Hackett, 349-3444 or 366-7107. #225442 AN ACRE OVERLOOKING THE GULF True Siesta Key-style, this wonderfully renovated, 4,000 sq. ft. home sits on a magnificent treed lot with beautiful Gulf views. $3,280,000. Marcia Salkin & Paulene Soublis, 388-4447 or 356-0203. #226187



Ritz Carlton THE TOWER RESIDENCES AT THE RITZ-CARLTON, SARASOTA Experience the old-world grandeur & legendary service of The RitzCarlton. 80 residences of luxurious living ranging from 2,800 square feet to 5,300 for a glorious penthouse. Priced from $1,000,000+. Debbie Bahr & Joan Dickinson, 364-8884 & 951-6650. STUNNING NEW BAYFRONT CONTEMPORARY by award-winning Tony Ngai, AIA. Panoramic open bay & partial Gulf views, state-of-the-art appliances, elevator, lap pool & deepwater boat dock. $2,180,000. Julie Jordan, 951-6660 or 923-0598. #223714 SPECTACULAR BAYFRONT PENTHOUSE Three BR, 3,500 +/- sq. ft. unit with sweeping views of the Intracoastal in desirable Siesta Key location. Sailboat dockage available, deeded beach access. $875,000. John T. McMahon, 951-6660 or 953-3393. #223929 SOMERSET CAY - MODEL NOW OPEN Elegant waterfront lifestyle with poolside cabanas & boat slips. Only 17 luxury condominium residences with outstanding floor plans of up to 2,558 square feet with semi-private elevators. Preview our Robb & Stucky Model featuring fine furnishings from The Tommy Bahama Collection. From the $800,000s. Jeff Granston and Patricia Landsberg, 312-0146 or 312-9242. SPECTACULAR VIEW OF LITTLE SARASOTA BAY Designer decorated model with extensive tile & granite is fabulously furnished. Tennis, pool, clubhouse & docks. $725,000. Jan Bradley, 951-6660. #226069 CAPTURE THE AMBIENCE of old Florida in Hidden Harbor. Nestled among tropical flora of ferns, palms & majestic oaks, this Key West-style features 4BRs, spacious decks & hot tub. $559,000. Linda Driggs, 951-6660 or 922-1459. #223398 BAY ISLAND Buildable lot on prestigious Norsota Way is across the street from the bay. $460,000. Christina Ashley, 383-7591 or 780-0291. #226422 GREAT BEACH COTTAGE on north Siesta. Light & open with 2 screened lanais, skylights, ceramic tile in living & dining rooms. Great price for Siesta Key. $345,000. Gene Cooke, 388-4447 or 780-0964. #217911

– MAINLAND – FABULOUS BAYFRONT ESTATE 6,969 sq. ft., 4/5BR home under construction with 4-car garage & all luxury upgrades on 1.44 acres with 165' of prime bayfront. $4,900,000. Tracy DeRamo, 349-3444 or 266-3004. #225904 FABULOUS SAILBOAT WATER Views of bay & Selby Gardens from landscaped backyard. Peaceful master suite has bamboo floors & teak office. Kitchen undergoing remodeling. $2,200,000. Barbara C. Dumbaugh, 388-4447 or 350-3743. #223586 VISTA BAY POINT Enjoy glorious sunsets over the bay on Golden Gate Point. 17 exclusive residences, one per floor, 3,000 and 3,317 square feet, feature 3 bedroom suites plus den and expansive entertaining deck with aboveground pool. $870,000 to $1,850,000. $1,850,000. Carolyn Cowgill, 302-8000. OYSTER BAY Elegant old world style 2-story home on lake. Large open pool, 1/2 +/- acre with trees & privacy. A Sotheby's listing. $1,650,000. Laura Hansen, 383-7591 or 374-7622. #219945 IMMACULATE FORMER MODEL in the Oaks. A perfect blend of formal elegance and family comfort combines crystal chandeliers with a fragrant rose garden overlooking lake and golf course. $899,000. Carol-Ann Warr, 388-4447 or 780-0665. #222522 BEAU CIEL AT BOULEVARD OF THE ARTS delights the senses with dramatic views of Sarasota Bay and the city lights. 44 luxurious residences of 2,300 to 4,600 square feet, Beau Ciel resides in the heart of Sarasota's cultural arts district. Priced from the $800,000s. Nancy Betty & Nell Leffel, 955-3034 & 866-442-6636. WEST OF THE TRAIL Old Florida styling with contemporary features in this 3BR pool home with fireplace, guest apartment & 2-car garage in a private setting. $690,000. Stan Haidl and Peter Salefsky, 383-7591 or 724-3000. #226288 SPECTACULAR VIEWS from this 5th floor Rembrandt floor plan. Beautiful, open space with full bay view. Downtown near the new RitzCarlton. $629,000. Brigitte Von Kessel, 383-3759 or 383-6182. #221822 LEASE BACK AVAILABLE Beautifully updated with Corian, ceramics, built-ins & great room in a split plan. Private lot overlooking 7th fairway. Separate guest apartment. $599,000. Dennis Beauchamp, 383-7591 or 266-5333. #220126

PRESTANCIA MEDITERRANEAN-STYLE pool home has 3BRs plus den on large private lot with sweeping lake & TPC golf course views. High ceilings, Corian, plantation shutters, Mexican tile & French doors. $589,000. Wayne and Penny Sanders, 966-8000 or 923-5895. #223878 LARGE 2BR CORNER UNIT on 4th floor with views of bay, Lido & Longboat Keys. Clubhouse, sauna, tennis courts & community boat docks. $495,000. Karin Stephan, 383-7591 or 504-4435. #218649 TOWLES COURT Commercial live/work opportunity. Open studio/gallery over 2,200 sq. ft. is perfect for professionals, artists, interior designers & more. $469,000. Kim & Michael Ogilvie, 951-6660 or 923-0373. #223622 BEST VIEWS IN TOWN Beautifully updated, 8th floor, direct bayfront 2BR unit with docks, tennis, pools & more. $449,000. Joan Boltax, 388-4447 or 350-6390. #226202 TURTLE ROCK TREASURE Enter through etched glass doors to beautifully decorated home with gourmet kitchen & family room overlooking lanai & pool area. $415,000. Judy Schomaker, 966-8000 or 928-9572. #225326 NEARLY NEW model perfect home in gated community West of the Trail. Beautifully appointed finishes & private lanai overlooking fabulous grounds. $399,000. Mary Ann Pipes, Jeff Granston and Patricia Landsberg, 383-7591 or 756-5234. #222328 OUTSTANDING VIEWS OF BAY and yacht harbor plus city lights from this 2BR downtown wraparound end unit condo with balcony. $397,000. Valerie Woodger, 951-6660 or 376-6076. #226156 ROYAL ST. ANDREW Three BR corner condominium located in a well-maintained downtown bayfront building with sunset views overlooking the bay. $395,000. Michael Moulton, 383-7591 or 928-3559. #222270 FULL BAY VIEWS from 7th floor of this 1BR plus den in the highly desirable Renaissance condominium. State-of-the-art amenities in the heart of downtown. $350,000. Derrick Bhayat, 388-4447 or 504-9785. #225529 BEAUTIFUL FAMILY HOME Four BR beauty in Longwood Run with many upgrades including custom decorating, wood & ceramic floors and heated, caged pool. $349,900. Bitsy Robertson and Steve Spraker, 951-6660 or 377-0098. #219538 NEW CONSTRUCTION BY LEE WETHERINGTON Due for completion by the end of the summer. Three BR plus den with numerous upgrades. $325,000. Barbara Brady & Kay Barberio, 951-6660 or 921-7872. #221206 NEWLY COMPLETED HOME IN TURTLE ROCK Maintenance-free Lee Wetheringon home. Three BR plus den, crown moulding, paver drive and Corian counters. $309,000. Susan Mitchell, 951-6660. #221466 CARLYLE AT PALM-AIRE Brand new 4/3BR home on lakefront lot with family room, breakfast area, large lanai & 3-car garage. $295,000. Mary Ann Dabney, 388-4447 or 350-9806. #225703 LAUREL PARK AREA Two-story, 3BR bungalow with wood floors & front porch in treasured downtown location. Great potential. $264,900. Phyllis Garfinkel & Sara Copelan Chester, 951-6660 or 302-6400. #223629 GULFSTREAM TOWERS New kitchen cabinets, carpet & doors. Sparkling clean with neutral decor is walking distance to theatres, art galleries, restaurants & Bayfront Park. $224,900. Susan McLeod, 388-4447 or 951-2541. #224288 THE RENAISSANCE OF SARASOTA. City living, Sarasota style, with all the amenities. Walk to the Van Wezel and downtown. Enjoy bay and city views. Decorated 1, 2 & 3 bedroom models open daily. $160,000s to $500,000s+. Karen Wall, Martina Coppenrath & Eric Massey, 951-6660 & 955-2955.

HARBOR ACRES BAYFRONT ESTATE The biggest bay views from this family home that lives casually, yet entertains grandly. Expansive lawns, majestic oaks, rare quality & value. $4,295,000. Linda Roe Dickinson, 388-4447 or 350-3304. #226252

TIMELESS ELEGANCE ON SIESTA KEY The pinnacle of custom construction on a special double-sided waterfront lot awaits. Open Sarasota Bay views & protected deep boating water. $5,500,000. Marcia Salkin & Paulene Soublis, 388-4447 or 356-0203. #225313

– CASEY KEY – 200' OF CASEY KEY BEACHFRONT Classic, modern gem on over 1 acre, designed by renowned architect Carl Abbott. Over 6,000 sq. ft. main residence & separate guesthouse. $5,500,000. Tom Stone, 349-3444 or 356-1700. #215560 GULF TO BAY with 180' on the bay, new dock & seawall. Cabana on the beach side. Come & build your dream home in paradise. $2,950,000. Annette and Albert Ayers, 966-8000 or 966-6440. #225992 CUSTOM KEY WEST-STYLE on coveted Casey Key. Totally updated 3BR with fabulous water views is a boater's dream with large dock, deeded beach access, summer kitchen & heated pool. $1,300,000. Pam DeMarie & Connie Lyke, 951-6660. #223954 KEY WEST-STYLE HOME on Casey Key with Gulf & bay views. Contemporary design features 4BR suites, tile & hardwood floors, & cathedral & vaulted ceilings. $1,199,900. Mark P. Riley, 951-6660 or 350-2700. #206664

PRESTIGIOUS WATERFRONT HOME located in the Bay Isles section, offers wonderful water view & 200' seawall. Four BR home was completely renovated & remodeled in 1997. $2,495,000. Klaus Lang, 383-7591 or 320-1223. #216507

– BRADENTON – PLANTER'S MANOR IN GREENFIELD PLANTATION Bruce Williams built, 4BR plus den home complete with tile, crown moulding, Corian & pool in a golf course community. Reduced to $320,000. Rose Wright, 388-4447 or 284-7572. #85922

– EAST COUNTY – FRIENDLY EQUESTRIAN AREA Timeless details in marble & wood throughout this nearly new 4,200+ sq. ft. home on 20 acres. Surrounded by woods, pasture, pond & outbuildings. $1,699,000. Lee Byron and Susan Keal, 3712549 or 925-8253. #226049 WONDERFUL RANCH HOME on 7+ acres boasts large rooms throughout & is in pristine condition. Four-five BRs, den, game room, pool & outbuildings. $659,000. Susan Holderman, 951-6660 or 377-4105. #218632

Do You Know? We offer over 1,700 financial products and can customize a loan for every situation through MSC Mortgage. For more information, contact MSC Mortgage at (941) 308-2222. THE PALAIS at The Residences at The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota with nearly 5,000 sq. ft. of unparalleled luxury. Superbly furnished west corner penthouse affords breathtaking panorama. $7,950,000. Terri Derr & Ken Torrington, 383-7591 or 356-6694. #217571 10032

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ULTIMATE PRIVACY & CASUAL ELEGANCE Two-acre Gulf to bay estate with 4 exquisite interconnected living pavilions surrounding the pool/courtyard. A truly tropical paradise with all the amenities. $6,500,000. Terri Healy & T.J. Rosenblatt, 966-8000 or 320-0389.

ST. ARMANDS 388-4447 • MID LONGBOAT KEY 383-5502 / 383-3759 • SOUTH LONGBOAT KEY 383-7591 • MAIN 951-6660 • PALMER RANCH 966-8000 • SIESTA KEY 349-3444 WEEKEND HOURS: 9 AM TO 4 PM



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Ask Beatty

You, not the media, should set standards During the past 30 years of being a therapist, the numberone complaint that women have (when they are not complaining about their boyfriends or husbands) is about their own physicality. The majority of women, whether they be 16 or 60-plus, continually spend considerable time and energy putting themselves down. Some of the most beautiful women that I have treated, including models and cover girls, see themselves as one major imperfection. They truly believe that they are either too fat or too busty or too hippy or too flatchested. It is the rare woman who is truly satisfied with her looks and who does not spend hours in front of the mirror, critiquing every inch of her face and body and negatively comparing herself to the almost perfect-looking cover girls who grace the many beauty and fashion magazine covers throughout the world. We are continually told if we use this brand of bleach and hair color and that brand of moisturizer, foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, night cream and so on, that we, too, can look like the fashion models and movie stars that so many girls and women yearn to emulate. However, the reality is that the cover girls themselves, without the proper lighting, touch-ups, make-up artists, Botox, plastic surgeons, personal trainers and cooks, would not look too different from you and me. This revelation came to me when I landed my first TV on-air job as ABC’s resident psychotherapist in Providence, R.I. No one had given me any guidance regarding my wardrobe, makeup, hair color, jewelry and voice modulation. I was so green in the beginning, I wasn’t sure at what which camera I should be looking. So naturally, like the novice I was, I made every conceivable cosmetic faux pas. My hair was too red, my powder too pasty, my earrings too big and my necklace too shiny. It wasn’t until I began to critique my tapes that I began to see my mistakes and made the decision to seek the services of a professional image consultant. I wanted to get it right. And believe it or not last year I was “rejected” member-

ship in an exclusive women’s group because several of the women felt that I dressed too provocatively. So you see, that even after all of my effort, I discovered that I still couldn’t please everyone. And fortunately for me, it really didn’t matter. So perhaps we cannot all look like movie queens. And maybe we will never learn to play tennis like Venus or Serena Williams or play golf like Tiger Woods, nor sing like Barbra Streisand or write like Stephen King or make money like Ted Turner. But why is attempting to maximize our potential across the board, including looking as good as we can, so long as it does not become an obsession, considered to be copping out? I know for a fact that I never would have achieved the kind of success in my career (despite my degrees and credentials) if I had never taken the Dale Carnegie course, participated in many on-camera courses and learned which colors and clothes best suit my skin and body type. I still make mistakes. But the fact that I chose to do my homework and learn about things that I had no previous knowledge, has given me opportunities I never would have dreamed possible. It is often easier to make excuses or blame others for why our relationships fail, or why we can’t lose that unwanted weight or improve that serve or swing. And is it not easier to blame the media and its unrealistic standards of beauty for why so many women feel so badly about the way they look? So while our standard for ourselves should not be dictated by the media or the modeling industry, I believe that each of us has a personal responsibility to set our own high standards so that we truly can be the best we can be. Many women may say that I was guilty of buying into the

stereotype of the media model. However, my view was and is that whether one needs to improve one’s intellect, communication skills, relationship skills, body, diet, makeup application or golf or tennis game, we have a personal responsibility to ourselves to do it because we deserve to be the best we can be. Beatty Cohan is a nationally recognized psychotherapist, who is in private practice in Sarasota, with post-graduate specialization training in family and marital therapy and sexual dysfunction. ❑

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Beatty COHAN

On the Key Flu Shots — will be available from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 15, from noon to 4 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 16, and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 23, at The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy (Centre Shops), 5380 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Cost is $18 and free to Medicare Part B cardholders. Appointments, 387-9880. CPR, AED, Fire Extinguisher Classes — are offered to residents, condos and businesses of Longboat Key by the Longboat Key Fire/Rescue. Free. Schedule, 316-1944. The Education Center — offers health and wellness programs at 5370 Gulf of Mexico Drive. The new schedule brochures are available for pick up. Details, 383-8811.

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Prosthodontists Fellowship Trained Specialists… Aesthetic, Implant and Full Mouth Reconstructive Dentistry.

After all… there is more to it than JUST a pretty smile. COLLEEN M. HEALY, M.D. 10102

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Stuart and I wanted you to know how thrilled we are with our new home. We are glad that you had already remodeled one home for us, so we are quite sure you would be the right person to call when we decided to build our first new house. This was especially important since we were going to be doing the beginning construction from long distance. From your recommendation of our architect, who was easy to work with, and of all the contractors we met the following year, it was an overall pleasant experience.

Your Dental Health by Robert W. Gordon, D.D.S.


If we should ever do this again,You are the first person we will call. J. Stuart & Patricia B. Johnson

A regular visit to your dentist is important for your oral health no matter what your age. Here at 7000 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key 9383-1776), we offer the professional services you demand, including implants. These also include instruction for the home care routines that will make a difference in your total dental health. Hours: 5 days 8-5 or by appointment. Remember, a beautiful smile is now accessible to nearly everyone.

When we first decided on this extensive remodeling project of our home on Longboat Key, we were very fearful of a complicated long distance construction project.You came highly recommended to us,and we are so grateful we made you our choice. Your honesty and professionalism in finding the solution to the most difficult details as well as your efficiency in completing the smallest request was amazing. Your ideas improved on what we wanted tremendously.Your subcontractors and decorators were superb.We have remodeled a house and built a professional park in the past, but none with such ease. We will gladly recommend you to any future clients!

R USTY C HINNIS Custom Homes 10102


Because dental implants are solidly anchored in the jawbone, they can secure artificial teeth that may look, feel and function more like natural teeth. Full restoration with implants usually takes several months, although there are new methods for placing implants and a permanent denture device on the same day. With traditional implants, one or more threaded cylinders are placed in the jawbone beneath the gum tissue. While the gums are allowed to heal, a 3 to 6 month process of natural bone growth around the implant (osseointegration) anchors them solidly in the jaw. Following healing of the implants to the bone, an impression is made of the implants, which is used to make the replacement teeth.


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3 5 0Mexico G u l f oDrive, f M e x i c#201A o D r i v•e ,Longboat # 2 0 1 A • Key, L o n g bFL o a t• 941-383-2900 K e y , F L 3 4 2 2 8 •• 941-383-2900 5350 Gulf5 of


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Wild Bird Food For one year-round feeding. 22 lbs.

Wild Bird Food

While Supplies Last During October!


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Foods provide natural defense against disease More and more we learn from the media that certain foods, in addition to being nutritious, may be potent disease fighters, help boost immunity and promote longevity. One of the best things we can do to stay healthy, the experts say, is to eat these superfoods on a regular basis. Here’s a list of some of the top disease-fighting foods culled from numerous research reports and nutrition articles. (On a personal note ... by making a conscientious effort to add these foods to my daily intake over the past six months, I have lost 20 pounds! I simply didn’t have the time or the appetite to eat my favorite fattening foods. In addition to feeling better and fitting into clothes I haven’t worn in a couple of years, losing weight substantially lowered my cholesterol.)

Americans only eat sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving.

Blueberries A powerful source of antioxidants, blueberries are thought to protect the body against gastrointestinal cancers. Blueberries contain a good amount of the soluble fiber pectin, which helps lower cholesterol and is beneficial to the digestive system. Similar to cranberries, blueberries have shown promise in helping to prevent urinary tract infections. They may also help in preventing the formation of blood clots that cause heart attacks. Blueberries are a great snack food — only 81 calories per cup-and their high fiber content makes them very satisfying.

SUSAN Goldfarb



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These are one of the most nutritious foods in the vegetable kingdom. Sweet potatoes are loaded with cancer-fighting antioxidants. One potato supplies 100% of the daily requirement of beta-carotene in addition to other carotenoids, vitamin E (25% of the RDA) and vitamin C. Their spectacular nutritional profile also includes handsome amounts of B6, potassium, iron and fiber. And this all-star contains only 143 calories per medium potato! Unfortunately, in the past 20 years, the per capita consumption of sweet potatoes has gone down instead of up, according to Wellness Foods A-Z, edited and published by The University of California, Berkley Wellness Letter, 2002. It seems many


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FREEMASONRY REUNION at Sahib Shrine Center • 600 N. Beneva Road • Sarasota, Florida All Master Masons Welcome Requires 2002 Dues Card 8th Annual Rusty Mason Class Instruction and Fellowship without Embarrassment All attendees will receive a visitor’s pass to all Florida District #27 Masonic Lodges Phone: (941)366-4449 • Fax (941)366-8578 Email: • http://sahibshrine,org 10102





Wednesday • October 16, 2002 • 7:00 p.m.

St. Armands Medical Center 500 John Ringling Blvd.


A quarter of a cantaloupe supplies almost as much beta carotene and vitamin C most people need in an entire day. Research shows this antioxidant superstar helps prevent lung cancer.

Attorney at Law

595 Bay Isles Road • Suite 100 Longboat Key, Florida Mediterranean Plaza - Behind Publix

medical center


Jay Hill



Numerous studies have linked cruciferous vegetables, loaded with vitamin C, carotenoids, and fiber, with boosting the body’s ability to defuse cancer-causing substances known as carcinogens. Crucifers include broccoli, kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and turnips. Research also shows that the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin found in kale and broccoli may reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration as well as cataracts.


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Cruciferous vegetables

Sweet potatoes

SARASOTA 3313 S.Osprey Ave


We Will Take Your Project from Conception to Completion From Moving Your Furniture . . . to the Last Picture Back on the Wall . . . • Wall to Wall Remodels • Kitchens • Baths • Flooring • Built-Ins • Re-Designs • Closet Organizers • Specialty Lighting • Much More

Done Right . . . On Time With Integrity . . . For a Fair Price

Condominium Renovations Company Free Estimates A Division of Tesar Homes, Inc. Building and Improving Sarasota Since 1975

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Recipes: Killer tomatoes

A perfect choice for weight control, the cantaloupe is high in water content and low in calories and also a good source of B6 and potassium.

Tomatoes Several recent studies have linked high intake of lycopene (antioxidant) from tomatoes and tomato products with reduced risk of prostate, colon, bladder and other cancers. Ounce for ounce, processed tomato products (sauce, puree, juice, even ketchup) or cooked tomatoes contain two to eight times as much available lycopene as raw tomatoes. Tomatoes are also rich in vitamin C. Other sources of lycopene include apricots, pink grapefruit and watermelon.

Dr. Letts is pleased to announce her association with Dr. Sherri Jonas-Lazin at…

Easy and delicious sweet potatoes Here’s a great, simple recipe for sweet potatoes. • Slice two to three sweet potatoes in onehalf-inch-thick circles. • Spray a cookie sheet with Pam. (I prefer the olive oil spray.) • Place the potatoes on the pan as if they were chocolate chip cookies (believe me, they taste almost as good) and lightly brush them with olive oil, a dollop of maple syrup, salt and freshly ground pepper. Leave the skins on (lots of nutrients and fiber). • Roast at 350 degrees for 30 to 40 minutes, turning once. The maple syrup caramelizes and produces an amazingly yummy result.

Dr. Pamela J. Letts Board Certified Family Physician

Tuesday and Friday 9am - 5pm

Salmon or other fatty fish Strong evidence links fish with reduced risk of sudden-death heart attacks, especially fatty fresh fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, swordfish, tuna, mackerel and rainbow trout. Nutritionists recommend eating fish twice a week for optimal disease fighting benefits.


Garlic and onions Studies have linked high intake of garlic (not garlic pills) and onions with lowering cholesterol, thinning blood and reducing blood pressure.

Dried beans

Four large observational studies, including Nurses’ Health Study and Physicians’ Health Study (Consumer Reports on Health), have linked the consumption of nuts with reduced coronary risk. Health experts are recommending that Americans add walnuts, peanuts or almonds to their diets in moderation (a small handful every other day — they are high in calories) to replace fatty meat or full-fat dairy foods as a

Rich in soluble fiber, beans are thought to help reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. Beans are also inexpensive, low in fat, and rich in protein, iron and folic acid. Choose garbanzo, pinto, black, navy, kidney or lentils.

Other days by special arrangement - 400-8660

We invite you to Experience a

source of protein and to help lower cholesterol.


1921 Waldemere St. Suite 509 Sarasota • 917-4620

Call between 9am and 4pm to make an appointment. 10102

This is so easy it’s unbelievable. Plan to use this recipe when you don’t mind having your oven on for more than an hour. • Simply slice a dozen plum tomatoes in half lengthwise. • Cover a cookie sheet with aluminum foil. • Place the tomatoes on the sheet face up. • Season with salt and pepper and drizzle with olive oil. • Roast in the oven at 350 degrees for one to one-and-a-half hours or until the tomatoes become desiccated. Voila! Your own homemade sun-dried tomatoes ready to put in a salad. * Serve as an appetizer with goat cheese, put on a pizza or as an accompaniment with a protein entrée. Or, best of all, you can add crushed garlic and turn into a deli-

cious tomato sauce for pasta or green beans.

by nationally recognized cosmetic dentist

Susan Goldfarb is a freelance writer and certified yoga instructor who teaches at The Education Center on Longboat Key. ❑

Dr. Jill Morris Clinical faculty member of the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies

Cruise with...

Tuesday, October 15, 2002 From 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

HCPTC #231

at The Hyatt of Sarasota, Blvd. of the Arts Convention Center


On the Interstate... On the Intracoastal... On the Internet...

1-800-525-4661 (941)


Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry has combined art and science to create a world of possibilites to enhance your life. Dr. Morris can create a true masterpiece of form and function to slightly enhance your natural look, or completely change it.

Looking for Federally Ta x - F r e e I n c o m e ? Consider New Jersey Municipal Bonds NJ Econ. Dev. Authority Rev. School Const. Bonds Priced at 100. 4.5%,

Event Particulars

MTY 6/15/27, Priced at 100. 4.5%, MTY 6/15/27, YTM 4.6%

To create a more intimate and personalized experience, seating is limited. Please call 941-954-0044 today for your reservation. Complimentary valet parking, refreshments and special giveaways.

Callable 8/12 at 100, yield to call 4.5% Rated AAA/AAA by S&P and Moodies

Now Yielding

Which Equals



Yield to maturity

From a taxable investment


* Assuming a federal tax rate of 35%, the taxable-equivalent is the yield you would have to earn on a taxable investment to equal the tax-free yield. Municipal bonds may be subject to state, local or the alternative minimum tax. Commissions and fees are included. For those bonds that are insured, no representation is made as to he insurer’s ability to meet its commitments. The insurance does not remove the market risk of the bonds. Any bond called prior to maturity results in reinvestment risk for the owner of the bond. Yield and market value will fluctuate if bonds are sold before maturity. Subject to prior sale or change in price.

Call Steve Ryon at 388-5075 FINANCIAL

400 Madison Drive • St. Armands Key Member SIPC [22852-v5] BM-28-0603




Dr. Jill Morris, DMD State of the Art Dentistry 601 Sarasota Quay Sarasota, FL



RESEARCH INTERVIEWERS FALL TRAINING SESSIONS AFTERNOONS/EVENINGS/WEEKENDS WESTAT, a social science survey research corporation headquartered in Rockville, MD has a telephone-interviewing center in Sarasota. We conduct nationwide telephone surveys on subjects including education, health, transportation and environmental issues. We are recruiting now for a study on the incidence of smoking among teens and adults in California. Hours available are afternoons, evenings, late evenings and weekends. If you have a clear speaking voice, an interest in research and can work a minimum of 16 hours per week, please call 1(800) 288-9738, for more information.


WE OFFER: • $8.25 per hour weekdays before 10:00 p.m. • $10.25 per hour Saturday and Sunday and any hours after 10:00 p.m. Monday through Friday • Professional Environment • Paid Training • Bilingual Premiums • Bonus Programs Absolutely no quotas, no selling or setting appointments for sales calls.


New to the

area? Now that you’ve moved, isn’t it time to find a new home for your financial accounts? Call today to learn how easy it is to transfer your current accounts to an experienced Financial Advisor with Prudential Securities.


ommunity C


If your organization would like to have meetings or events publicized, mail or fax the information at least one week in advance to The Longboat Observer, Box 8100, Longboat Key 34228; fax: 383-7193. All announcements must be typed, include hour and date of meeting, complete address of meeting place and a telephone reference number. To ensure accuracy, no telephone calls. Deadline is the previous Tuesday, 5 p.m.

Special Olympics Sailing Regatta — will be held from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 13, at the Sarasota Sailing

Squadron. Details, 379-9300.

“Sunset Stroll On The Circle” — St. Armands second Friday walk, featuring musical entertainment, will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, Oct. 11. Details, 388-1554. Lord’s Warehouse Grand Reopening — will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 12, at 6140 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Most items will be 50% off. Details, 383-4738. Rotary Club of Longboat Key — will meet for lunch at 12:15 p.m. Friday, Oct. 12, at Hilton Longboat Key Beachfront Resort. Cost for visiting Rotarians and guests is $12. Marilyn Bezner, 387-0706. 14th annual St. Armands Art Festival — will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 12 and 13,

Women Owner’s Network Inc. — will meet at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 14, at the Holiday Inn-Lido Beach, 233 Ben Franklin Drive. Lynn Burgess, MBA, and mater yoga teacher, will speak on “Yoga From the Heart.” Cost is $20 for members and $25 for guests. RSVP, 329-6556. The Selby Public Library Bookmobile — will be at the Longboat Library, located at 555 Bay Isles Road, from 1:15 to 2 p.m. Monday, Oct. 14. Longboat Key Democratic Club Luncheon — featuring Jan Schneider, Dec. candidate for Congress, and a film on 2000 election. will be held at noon Tuesday, Oct. 15 at Holiday Inn. Cost is $18. RSVP: Lynne Koy, 955-0208. Nooner Luncheon — Longboat Key of Chamber Commerce event will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 16, at Chart House Restaurant. Cost is $15 and $20. RSVP, 387-9519. 21st annual St. Jude Luncheon and Bike-a-thon — meeting will be held at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 16, at SunTrust Bank. Tracy Voth, 951-3241. Ribbon Cutting — for A&A Baby & Toddler Rentals will be held at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 17, at 3214 E. Bay



on the Key


William J. Sanders Vice President-Investments Prudential Securities Incorporated 1515 Ringling Boulevard, Suite 600 Sarasota, FL 34236 941-951-7073 800-237-9400 10102

240 N. Washington Blvd. 5th Floor Sarasota, Fl. 34236

• Dental • Co-Pays • Vision • Not an HMO • Prescriptions • Portable • No Pre-authorization needed • Your Choice of Drs. & Hospitals • 24 Hr. Worldwide Coverage • Cannot be Singled out for Rate Increases or Cancellations • Supplemental Cancer Policies Underwritten by Mid-West National Life. Call Agent for details AM Best Excellent Rating

The area’s leading assisted living residence • Independent Living • Personal Care • Alzheimer’s Care • Respite Care

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©10/02 Securities products and services are offered by Prudential Securities Incorporated, member SIPC, a Prudential company. Prudential Financial is a service mark of The Prudential Insurance Company of America, Newark NJ and its affiliates.

on St. Armands Circle. More than $15 million worth of artwork will be featured. Details, 1-813-9620388, 1-954-472-3755.

ALF #0007239

3409 26th St. W., Bradenton, Florida

Coast Bank now provides 7 more reasons to enjoy Florida banking for your Florida lifestyle. . . Bottom row, L-R: Linda Braithwaite, branch manager; Cheryl Gemmill, teller Top row, L-R: Darlene Sarmiento, account executive; Jami Tucker, teller; Sharon Charron, account executive; Jessica Zambello, head teller; Jeneen Thorp, assistant branch manager

. . .experience with more convenience. Visit our new office at

7051 Manatee Ave. W. 792-9086

Other locations: 2412 Cortez Rd. W., Bradenton, 752-5900 5390 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Longboat Key, 345-1500 Remote ATM: 101 S. Bay Blvd., Anna Maria On the Web:

“Redefining Personalized Banking” Member FDIC


THURSDAY OCTOBER 10, 2002 17A Sarasota Municipal Auditorium, 801 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. Admission is $4. Details, 954-4165.

Courtesy photo

People shop at the 13th annual St. Armands Art Festival last year. This year’s festival will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 12 and 13, on St. Armands Circle. More than $15 million worth of artwork will be featured. Details, 1-813-962-0388, 1-954-472-3755. Drive. Details, 387-9519.

Florida Association of Science Teachers annual Conference — will be held Oct. 17 to 19 at Mote Marine Laboratory. Details, Strategic Planning for Small Business — Longboat Key of Chamber Commerce event presented by Coaching Vision will be held from 8 to 9:30 a.m. Thursdays, Oct. 17 and 24, at Chamber Office. RSVP, 387-9519. Kiwanis Club of Longboat Key — will meet for a breakfast meeting at 7:30 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 17, at the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort. Details, 383-5050. The Education Center — located at 5370 Gulf of Mexico Drive, offers a variety of classes. Schedule brochures are available for pick up. Cost varies. Details, 383-8811.

Columbus Day Picnic — will be hosted by Bradenton Order Sons of Italy in America from noon to dusk Saturday, Oct. 12, at Coquina Beach Gulfside Pavilion. Bring food. Details, 756-0067. Seventh annual Fall Vegetarian & Compassionate Living Festival — hosted by Sarasota In Defense of Animals will be held from noon to 3 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 13, at Phillippi Estate Mansion. Ticket are $5. Details, 924-2505. 42nd annual Barely Blemished Sale — will be hosted by the Junior League of Sarasota Inc. from 4:30 to 8 p.m. Friday, Oct. 11, and from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 12, at Sarasota County Fairgrounds, gate 2, The Downs Building, 3000 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota. Admission is $3 for Friday and $1 Saturday. Marcia Goldstein, 809-1109. Paul Todd Concert — will be held at 4 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 13, at St. Bernard’s Catholic Church, Holmes Beach. Tickets are $10. Details, 778-4769. “Pieces for Peace” — a community quilt-making project sponsored by Rising Tide International showing support for the Peacemakers Community in Jerusalem will com-


Candidate Forum — candidates for state Senate and Congress are invited to appear from 9 to 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 11, at The Fountains at Lake Pointe Woods, 7979 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. Admission is a donation of $3. RSVP, 929-2444. Gem-Jewelry-Bead Show & Sale — will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday through Sunday, Oct. 11 to 13, at

Enhance your evening at home with dinners from Harry’s Deli

Bonnie Lassies of St. Andrew Society Luncheon — will be held Thursday, Oct. 17, at Café Baci, 4000 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. Details, 907-9649, 925-1587. Political Forum — all candidates schedule for the general election are invited to be scheduled to speak at the forum held at 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 17, at Cortez Community Center, 4500 block of 123 St. Court W. Mary, 795-7121. “Unprecedented: The 2000 Election” Screening and Brown Bag Lunch — will be held at 12:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 17, at the Selby Public Library, 1331 First St., Sarasota. Cost is $5. RSVP with Betsy, 922-9518. Pet Adoptions — through Sarasota in Defense of Animals will be held Sunday, Oct. 13, at the PetSmart Luv-A-Pet Center, at the Landings in Sarasota. Details, 925-8388. Photography Exhibition — presented by Suncoast Camera Club of Bradenton, is featured from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday through Oct. 23 at the Senior Friendship Center, 1888 Brother Geenen Way. Free. Details, 955-2122. ❑


public events

Gourmet Take-Out At Its Best

mence at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 14, and continue Mondays through November, at Rising Tide International. All are welcome. Raphaella, 929-9413.

Coast Cadillac

2200 Bee Ridge Road • 922-1571

Brand New 2002 Cadillac Sedan Deville Clearance Priced $

10,000 OFF


MSRP $44,815




525 St Judes Dr. 5600 Block of Gulf of Mexico Dr. 383-0777 • 11 AM-7 PM • Closed Monday

167 Over 180 Available CARLYLE One Piece Toilet has the powerful G-Max flushing system and Sana Gloss ceramic glaze to help keep the bowl clean with every flush.

Cadillac has asked Coast Cadillac to sell ALL incoming and additional shipments

NOW! Hurry In to Coast Cadillac for Best Selection. This event will end 10/31/02.

LIC. # CFC057548 10102



5362 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach

Price includes all rebates, incentives finance and owner loyalty offers.



From the pulpit

Labyrinth encourages lessons in traveler What appeared at first to be rather mundane, quickly evolved into a fascinating and even memorable experience. The moments to which I refer happened not too long ago, while I was attending our synod’s annual Conference on Ministry at the United Methodist Life Enrichment Center in Leesberg. Located on the grounds of that beautiful bucolic facility is something called the St. Michael’s Labyrinth. I encountered this unique creation one early morning during a pre-breakfast stroll. Intrigued by the course’s challenge, I decided to give it at try. Far from demanding, the labyrinth offers one an opportunity to meander along a continuous, boxwood-lined path which leads eventually to an attractive mosaic in the heart

of the maze. The path does so, however, by first heading in a variety of unexpected directions that appear to be going anywhere other than to the center. Cleverly arranged, the path was far from predictable. Just when it appeared you would soon be walking on the pathway adjacent to where you were, an unexpected diversion would lead elsewhere. Time after time, I found myself wondering, “How and when will I get to this spot or that one?” Along the path were places of rest, areas designed to provide opportunity for reflection and prayer. Benches, often inscribed with biblical verses, resided peacefully at each resting place. They offered encouragement to the labyrinth traveler. As I walked the pathway, I sensed an encounter with the spiritual in a


renewing way and felt very much connected to our creator. I also became aware of how similar the labyrinth was to life. How frequently we find ourselves moving along life’s roads, concerned about how we can possibly get over there to where we want to be or would like to be. Just how can we get to the center, our ultimate goal? How can a path that appears to be leading us in an opposite direction, away from where we seek to be, possibly take us to our desired destination? The labyrinth forced me to deal with my tendency toward being too impatient, too pre-

by the Rev. Eric P. WOGEN

occupied with concerns that time will handle more effectively than unnecessary worry, too unwilling to wait upon the Lord. As I stood in the center of the St. Michael Labyrinth, having traversed the carefully laidout path that led me there, I looked again at the course I had completed. Recalling those brief moments when it felt as if the center was terribly elusive and the path was going nowhere, I concluded that the maze had some lessons to offer me and, perhaps, to you, as well. I would like to share them. 1. Set goals in life. Without them, we will go in circles and get nowhere — fast. 2. Keep focused on those goals. Distractions will do nothing but discourage and confuse. 3. Stay the course. Persevere, even when uncertain. That’s the only way to get where we want to be. 4. Don’t be tempted by the shortcuts. We


exploring An Independently Owned and Operated Franchise

Set Sail Jan. 21st


2 for 1 l a n a aC m a n Pa

Please Note: Our New Hours Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM Saturday 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Additional dates available call for details

In The Centre Shops 5380 Gulf of Mexico Drive 10102


Janice Bergbom, CTC VIP World Travel 4971 Ringwood Meadow Sarasota, FL 377-0017

383-8989 • FAX 383-8534


Great Golf • Friendly Neighbors • Exceptional Value The Longboat Observer presents…

The Sound of Broadway on Longboat Key Hosted by June LeBelle

Our Grass is Greener If waiting in line isn’t your game, live at Rosedale, a small neighborly community on the quiet side of the bay. Enjoy great golf on a breathtaking course, friendly neighbors & country club amenities for a fraction of the cost!

June LeBell is the music critic for The Longboat Observer and the first female announcer for the classical radio station WQXR in New York City. Her "Sound of Broadway" series has been a sold-out staple at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for the past four years.

Join June LeBell as she takes it on the road for a special "Off Fifth Avenue" presentation on Longboat Key. "America on Stage and Screen" This series presents the music of patriotism and Americana with live performances by guest artists. • George Gershwin - 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 30

Exceptional homes with splendid features. Maintenance Free Homes from the $200’s; Single-Family Homes from $225,000.


Information Center hours: Daily 9-5:30 Sunday 11-5:30 941-751-9070 800-881-9080 Located 1/2 mile east of I-75 (exit 41) on State Road 70


• Irving Berlin - 2:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 14 • Leonard Bernstein - 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 22 • George M. Cohan, Cole Porter and Jerome Kern - 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 19 The series will be held at Stella Maris Hall, behind St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church, 4280 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key.

Individual tickets are $10 per presentation, or $35 for a series subscription. Tickets are on sale at The Longboat Observer, 5570 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key; or by telephone using a credit card, 383-5509. Tickets will also be on sale the day of the presentation at Stella Maris Hall.




may miss important and meaningful parts of the journey. 5. Enjoy the trip. Arriving too soon may not be what is best. 6. Keep the faith. What matters will last; what doesn’t is not worth pursuing. 7. Remember, we do not travel alone. The Lord God Almighty has promised to journey with us always, not on occasion. There you have it — some lessons from the labyrinth. I thank God for each of them.

Obituaries Uwe Johannes Jurgensen Uwe Johannes Jurgensen, 73, of Longboat Key, died Sept. 24. He was born Feb. 20, 1929, in Husum, Germany, and came here seven years ago from New York. He was an operations manager for Air France for 31 years and a Realtor at Century 21 on Longboat Key. His survivors include his wife, Kathy; a daughter, Pamela of Tampa; two sons, Uwe of Munich, Germany, and Marcus of Portland, Maine; a sister, Renate Johnk of Husum; two brothers, Momme and Friedrich, both of Husum; and a granddaughter. A service was held Sept. 27 at Toale Brothers Funeral Home, Colonial Chapel.

The Rev. Eric P. Wogen is a pastor at St. Armands Key Lutheran Church. ❑

Services All Angels by the Sea Episcopal Church, 563 Bay Isles Road, will offer Holy Eucharist at 9 a.m. Sunday. Holy Eucharist and Healing or Morning Prayer also will be offered at 10 a.m. Wednesday. The Rev. Downs Spitler, interim rector, will officiate. 383-8161. St. Armands Key Lutheran Church, 40 N. Adams Drive, will hold a contemporary worship service at 9 a.m. and a traditional service at 11 a.m. Sunday. Youth and adult Sunday school is at 10 a.m. Sunday. The Rev. Eric P. Wogen will officiate. 388-1234. St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church, 4280 Gulf of Mexico Drive, will hold a Saturday Mass at 5 p.m. and Sunday Masses at 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. Daily Masses are held at 9 a.m. Monday through Friday. The Rev. Edward Pick is the pastor of the church. 383-1255.

Alan M. Finder Sr. Alan M. Finder Sr., 78, of Longboat Key, died Oct. 3. He was born May 22, 1924, in Chicago, and moved here in 1974 from there. He was a paper products manufacturer. He served in the U.S. Army Air Corps and was a member of Temple Beth Israel. He was Jewish. His survivors include two daughters, Lynda of Sarasota and Peggy of Chicago; a son, Alan Jr. of Chicago; and two grandchildren. A memorial service will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 10, Temple Beth Israel. Toale Brothers Funeral

Temple Beth Israel, 567 Bay Isles Road. Friday Shabbat Service is at 8 p.m., followed by an Oneg Shabbat. Saturday Shabbat Service begins at 10 a.m. Rabbi Michael Eisenstat will officiate at both services, assisted by Joseph Spinella, cantorial soloist/music director, and on Friday night by the Temple Beth Israel Choir. 383-3428. The Longboat Island Chapel, 6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Worship services are at 10:00 a.m. Sundays (nursery available). The Rev. Jim Marsh, interim minister, will officiate. Adult study classes with the Rev. Charles Shook are at 8:30 a.m. Sundays. 383-6491.

Home, Colonial Chapel, is in charge. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Hospice of Southwest Florida, 5955 Rand Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34238.

John G. Esposito John G. Esposito, 70, of Longboat Key, died Oct. 5. He was born Oct. 22, 1931, in Naples, Italy, and came here in 1995 from New York. He retired as a school teacher. His survivors include two daughters, Tecla and Fabiana, both of New York; two sons, Vincent of New York and Giancarlo of Ridgefield, Conn.; and three grandchildren. Private services will be he held in New York. The Good Earth Crematory, Bradenton, is in charge. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to World Cultural Center, 73-01 41st Ave., Suite 3C, Woodside, NY 11377.

Martin William Gillman Martin William Gillman, 74, of Sarasota, died Sept. 26. He was born April 9, 1928, in Baltimore and came to Sarasota in 1997 from there. He was an advertising executive. He graduated from Loyola University and from the University of Maryland with a master’s degree. He was Jewish. His survivors include his wife, Sibyl L.; three daughters, Margery Mayock of Sarasota, Stacey of Longboat Key


Episcopal Church on Longboat Key

Summer Mass Schedule

Holy Eucharist

Home of the Shepherding Program A program that provides one-on-one Christian caregiving

Saturday: 5:00 p.m. Sunday: 8:30 & 10:30 a.m.

Sunday...9:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist and Healing Or Morning Prayer Wednesday...... 10:00 a.m.

10:00 AM Worship Service Nursery Provided

(941) 383-8699

on longboat key Now Open and Welcoming New Clients


During the month of October, each client will receive a little salon tote, a personal nail kit, token “little dollars” to use for a personal treat on any of our services, as well as enjoying the little salon’s beautiful environment and BIG hospitality.

Daily Mass — Mon. through Fri. 9:00 a.m. Confession before all weekend Masses

4280 Gulf of Mexico Drive


Phone Orders and Same Day Delivery

SINCE 1973


FREE delivery & removal of old bedding. Posturepedic® Support Only From Sealy


Located Mid-Longboat Key • Harbour Sq. 4134 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Ste. 209

383-1255 10102

The Reverend Downs Spitler, Interim Rector 563 Bay Isles Road 383-8161 cut + color + condition +more

the little salon



Visit our website:

Frank B. Myer Jr. Frank B. Myer Jr., 82, of Sarasota, died Sept. 18. He was born Oct. 18, 1919, in Terre Haute, Ind., and came to Sarasota in 1951 from Danville, Ill. He was a press room mechanic for Sarasota-Herald Tribune from 1970 to 1982. He also had been a truck driver for Pepsi Cola for many years. He was a member of Elks Club and First Christian Church. His survivors include two daughters, Marilynn Criso of Longboat Key and Marlene Reid of Gainsville; five grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. Visitations were held Sept. 22 and service was held Sept. 23 at Hawkins Funeral Home. Burial followed in Sarasota Memorial Park. Memorial donations may be made to First Christian Church Building Fund, 7601 Clark Road, Sarasota, FL 34241.

St. Mary Star of the Sea

An Interfaith Community Church Rev. Kenneth Gill, Senior Minister Dr. Susan Fryback, Director of Program Ministries

6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key, Florida 34228 383-6491

and Ronnie of Annapolis, Md.; a son, Jordon of Longboat Key; a sister, Harriett Goverman of Baltimore; and five grandchildren. A graveside service was held Sept. 29 in Palms Memorial Park. Toale Brothers Funeral Home, Colonial Chapel, was in charge. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to Hospice of Southwest Florida, 5955 Rand Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34238.

Longboat Key Resident, Larry Cohen, Owner



1901 Hansen St.

You Deserve A Stearns & Foster


Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. till 7 p.m. • Saturday 8:30-6 p.m. • Sunday 12-5 p.m. (One block south of Bee Ridge, off US41) Turn at Village Inn




941-351-8880 10102

1920 Northgate Blvd. / Sarasota



Special Feature Listings of the Week 220286a

WHITFIELD ESTATES $2,950,000 360º Virtual Virtual View View Panoramic Bay views, Includes LBK & Ca d'Zan. Magnificent Mediterranean 3BR/2.5BA home, gourmet kitchen & granite countertops, situated on one acre estate with guest house. LO#220286 PAT GILLUM 941-924-9000

BAY ISLES $2,395,000 One of the best lots in the Harbor section! 246' plus of water frontage with southern exposure. Great floor plan with a dramatic flair! Extremely spacious home with wonderful pool area! LO#224560 BRUCE MYER 941-924-9000

HARBOR ACRES $1,599,000 360º Virtual Virtual View View Waterfront home with wood floors, updated kitchen, granite counters, cook island, stainless steel appliances, morning room, etched glass doors, modern bath with Roman shower. LO#226041 TAMMY GARNER 941-924-9000

GRAND BAY $929,000 This is the one! Lowest priced Cayman model at Grand Bay, chock full of upgrades with widest balconies both front & back for the most discriminating buyer who loves to entertain. LO#226464 KENT PETERSON 941-924-9000

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES $819,000 Excellent condition. Three bedrooms, two baths. New roof. 16,000 lb boat lift. Split plan, den and office. Gas stove, heated pool. Private pool. Walk to deeded beach. LO#219657 MARK HILL 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT KEY $795,000 Largest two bedroom, split plan promenade condominium on the sunset side of the building with gorgeous gulf views. this exclusive building provides top-of-the-line amenities LO#225869 HANNERLE MOORE 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT KEY ESTATES $749,900 Located on one of the most private streets on Longboat Key(across from a wide greenbelt area) and only four houses from the Bay with unobstructed views. Large room sizes, two screened lanais. LO#226279 CHERYL TIMMINS 941-924-9000

BEACH PLACE $539,000 Reflecting your love of style. Entertain smartly! Inspired two bedroom, two bath condo. Excellent unit boasting a community swimming pool, foyer. Spacious open-plan. Simply superb! LO#223223 CHERYL LOEFFLER 941-924-9000

Bird/Lido Key LIDO BEACH $1,250,000 Two bedroom, three bath waterfront home. Spacious lot and a half on wide canal. Cross the street to the beach. Add on or up. LO#215908 CONNIE BELMONT 941-924-9000 BIRD KEY $1,195,000 Great four bedroom, four bath plus den canal-front home. Spacious pool area, sailboat water, private dock and boat lift. Large lot nice landscape, circle drive, kitchen and baths recently updated. LO#221681 MARTY BENSON/HOYT BEATY 941-924-9000

WATER CLUB $2,695,000 360º Virtual Virtual View View Exquisitely appointed, beachfront residence with three large terraces! Popular "Arlington" plan with marble floors, crown moldings, beautiful upgrades throughout! Spectacular sunsets. LO#219307 BRUCE MYER 941-924-9000 QUEENS HARBOR $2,499,000 360º Virtual Virtual View View Panoramic Bay views, custom one of a kind Maint. free home. Enter into the grand foyer & gallery W/20'ceilings,a 400 gallon. Aquarium & floor to ceiling windows, boat dock. LO#220558 LINDA & EMMETT WEBER 941-924-9000

GRAND BAY $1,095,000 360º Virtual Virtual View View Popular "Cayman" floor plan in building 4 with sweeping views of the Bay, marina & city skyline. Tastefully decorated, two spacious balconies provide total privacy. LO#226482 BRUCE MYER 941-924-9000 LONGBOAT KEY $975,000 360º Virtual Virtual View View Capture sunrises and sunsets, Gulf, Bay, skyline and golf course vistas from this spectacular 5th floor home. Light, bright airy in this 2BR plus den plan. Lots of amenities. LO#211417 JUDY KEPECZ 941-924-9000

SABAL COVE $349,000 360º Virtual Virtual View View Build your dream home on one of the biggest lots in Sabal Cove! Survey, site plan & architectural planning criteria available. LO#209825 BRUCE MYER 941-924-9000 LONGBOAT HARBOUR $309,000 360º Virtual Virtual View View Gorgeous 2BR/2BA renovated corner unit, wet bar, baths W/Corian/marble. Kitchen W/granite counter, plantation shutters, carpet, marble, ceramic flooring. Beautiful canal views. LO#226509 THE KOY GROUP 941-924-9000 BAYS BLUFF $198,500 Bay front condo, downtown close to everything. Delightful 1st floor end unit with 2 bedrooms. Airy screened porch, pool & next to park! LO#212129 GABE BUKY 941-924-9000

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES $2,299,000 Spectacular Bay & downtown city views from this homesite on the end point of Yawl Lane. 163 feet of direct Bayfront and 120 feet of canal. Premiere location!! LO#213456 ROGER PETTINGELL 941-924-9000

COREY'S LANDING $969,000 360º Virtual Virtual View View Fabulous home, soaring ceilings, lovely built-ins, Corian counters, marble baths, great room + family room, 3BR, 3.5BA. Private screened, heated pool w/spa. Deeded beach access. LO#225165 JUDY KEPECZ 941-924-9000

L'AMBIANCE $2,150,000 Rarely available,most popular floor plan. Awesome direct Gulf front views, Bay views, golf course views & Sarasota skyline. Exquisite furnishings make this a turnkey dream home. LO#225193 MICHAEL GRANSTON 941-924-9000

HARBOUR COURT $955,000 With a scenic bay view. Enjoy the high-style lifestyle! Savor star quality in this 3BR/2+BA waterfront Villa. Golf course, tennis privileges. Community swimming pool. LO#223314 CHERYL LOEFFLER 941-924-9000

RITZ CARLTON $3,450,000 360º Virtual Virtual View View Downtown Sarasota-be on top of the world in this private penthouse condo in the world renowned Ritz Carlton & enjoy all the world class amenities of the hotel. Sparkling views! LO#216200 BARBARA ACKERMAN 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT KEY $1,995,000 Direct Gulf views, graceful Mediterranean architecture, condo community with only 38 luxurious beachfront residences. Upgraded & tastefully furnished for the most discerning buyer. LO#223511 CHERYL LOEFFLER 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT KEY $899,000 Third in from the bay.on deep-water canal. Private dock with 16,000lb. boat lift and lift for two wave runners. 3/3 Open plan with eat-in-kitchen. Furniture is negotiable. LO#225839 MARY, H. BERNAS 941-924-9000

GOLDEN GATE POINT $825,000 $825,000 -$1,800.000 Ten residences on prestigious Golden Gate Point. Within walking distance to theatres, dining & Ritz-Carlton. Approximately 2130 SF plus 28" balcony. LO#219140 LYNN ROBBINS 941-924-9000

QUEENS HARBOR $1,895,000 360º Virtual Virtual View View Unobstructed Bay views, new deep water Pvt dock W/lift. Boaters dream!! 20' ceilings, custom granite kitchen, opening to family room. Curved staircase to 2nd level. LO#226470 LINDA & EMMETT WEBER 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT KEY $819,900 360º Virtual Virtual View View Largest two bedroom, split plan Promenade condominium on the sunset side of the building with gorgeous views. This exclusive building provides top-of-the-line amenities LO#225635 HANNERLE MOORE 941-924-9000

PINE SHORE ESTATES $595,000 Brand new rarely available two-story duplex W/spacious living area & open floor plan. Three-car garage and pool. Excellent investment opportunity projected completion end of July. LO#220407 JOE BOGUSZEWSKI, PA 941-924-9000

WATER CLUB $1,695,000 360º Virtual Virtual View View Unbelievable apartment. Shows better than any Cambridge model, 3rd BR area behind magnificent glass doors. Marble bar, great soffit lighting, great taste in every detail plus TKF. LO#213386 BARBARA ACKERMAN 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT KEY TOWERS $749,000 360º Virtual Virtual View View Fabulous direct gulf views from this spacious two bedroom, two bath end unit. Bright & cheery throughout with beautiful marble floors, lots of glass, and a bonus second parking place. LO#221059 JOYCE HUBER/MARK HUBER 941-924-9000

SARASOTA $475,000 Life's a treat in this custom-built 4BR/3BA split-plan. Spacious styling. Foyer, family room, cathedral ceilings. Walk-in closets, pantry. LO#223082 BARBARA K. ROTHSTEIN 941-924-9000

COREY'S LANDING $1,549,000 360º Virtual Virtual View View Panoramic Bay views plus protected boat dock. Spacious Villa W/room for the entire family. Features Incl. ceramic floors, high ceilings, Lg master suite overlooking the Bay. LO#226392 LINDA & EMMETT WEBER 941-924-9000

ISLANDS WEST $649,000 360º Virtual Virtual View View Beautifully updated unit with great gulf views and nice Bay views. Bright & cheery throughout. A pleasure to show! Great location with its own stop light! Walk to shopping. LO#219592 JOYCE HUBER/MARK HUBER 941-924-9000

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES $2,900,000 Country Club Shores Bayfront-Breathtaking masterpiece on the drawing board! Still possible to make changes to your dream home. Approx. 5000 SF. LO#214636 JUDY KEPECZ 941-924-9000

PROMENADE $1,495,000 Views of Gulf, Bay & city from this picture perfect 3BR/3.5BA Penthouse. Every upgrade, paneled library, crown moldings, marble floors, granite tops 2 parking spaces, concierge services. LO#220748 BARBARA ACKERMAN 941-924-9000

CASTILLIAN $575,000 360º Virtual Virtual View View Drop dead gorgeous! Direct Gulf views! Condo was totally renovated in 1994, new kitchen, flooring, furnishings, garage parking, tennis, pool and white sandy beach furnished. LO#226441 THE KOY GROUP 941-924-9000

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES $2,700,000 Five bedroom, four bath single family waterfront home. Custom designed bathrooms & gourmet kitchen. Waterfront canal leading to Sarasota Bay. LO#216378 MARK HILL 941-924-9000

FAIRWAY BAY-ATRIUM $1,100,000 Gorgeous atrium plan with Bay views from the 68' wrap-around balcony & the large open rooms. Largest unit in building. Totally renovated, new everything! Private & easy to care for. LO#224984 LOIS BENNETT 941-924-9000

FAIRWAY BAY $449,000 Fairway Bay condominium located in the desirable Longboat Key Club. The largest, 2BR style floor plan has 2 balconies, Bay views beautiful grounds & walkways. LO#225469 HANNERLE MOORE 941-924-9000

LIDO BEACH $879,000 Four 2 bedroom, 2 bath units one block from Lido Beach and near St. Armands Circle shopping district. Units have been redone. Tropical landscaping and room for pool. Bring offers! LO#222828 STEVEN C. KEPECZ 941-924-9000 ST. ARMANDS TOWERS NORTH $429,000 Directly across from beautiful Lido Beach & 1 block to St. Armands Circle. Spacious two bedroom, turnkey furnished unit in highly desirable condo! Entire unit has been totally & beautifully updated. LO#223614 KATHIE SRUR 941-924-9000 LIDO KEY $395,000 Touch the sky in your seldom available Penthouse in beachfront highrise with full Gulf view. Elegant lobby, heated pool, fitness & party rooms, on-site management & security. LO#223879 RICHARD A. GREENE 941-924-9000

Longboat Key L'AMBIANCE $6,895,000 Most extraordinary penthouse on Longboat Key! Magnificent 4,890 SF L'Ambiance residence W/custom features throughout, unique furnishings, spacious terraces, Gulf & City views. LO#222097 ROGER PETTINGELL 941-924-9000 VIZCAYA AT LONGBOAT KEY $2,999,000 360º V irtual V iew The ultimate at Vizcaya! Perfectly decorated and appointed penthouse condo - maximized views in an elegant estate enclave of only thirty-one residences. Two-car garage. LO#212067 CHERYL LOEFFLER 941-924-9000


BAY HAVEN $425,000 Beautiful 2BR/2BA stucco home with tile roof. Charming, contemporary kitchenette. Private entrance. Extra bonus sleeping loft. LO#219570 BARBARA K. ROTHSTEIN 941-924-9000 RENAISSANCE $395,500 Follow your heart to this exceptional 2BR/2BA hi-rise condo. A status-style home! LO#225302 ELLEN ORLOP 941-924-9000 RIVENDELL $290,000 Custom distinction. You'll love the feel of this 2BR/2BA, den, great room plan W/family room, walkin closets. Fantastic front porch. LO#224568 KATHY MC NEARY 941-924-9000 PALM AIRE $154,000 Hidden Treasure!This extra large unit is a wonderful surprise, W/a beautiful view of golf course & brook, 2BR W/den or can be 3BR. This Palm Aire condo has lots of amenities. LO#225654 KEVIN VALE 941-924-9000

We Are Florida 201 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 1 ~ Longboat Key 941-383-6411 • 423 St. Armands Circle ~ St. Armands 941-388-3966 330 John Ringling Boulevard ~ St. Armands Key 941-388-4433 • 100 North Tamiami Trail ~ Sarasota Downtown 941-366-8070 ©2002 Coldwell Banker Corporation. An EqualOpportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned and Operated by NRT Incorporated.

Inside Section B Arts & Entertainment A&E Calendar Dining out

7B 6B 12B

OCTOBER 10, 2002


BlackTie BY EMILY WALSH Black Tie Editor

ChipenDale ... Chris Voelker, co-chair of the O2 - The Oxygen Ball, was talking about how she had found two baby squirrels that had fallen out of their nest. Taking them into her care, Voelker contacted the Pelican Man’s Bird Sanctuary to find out what was the best approach to nursing them back to health. Not wanting to leave the squirrels she named Sancho and Panza when she and her husband Dr. Kirk went out to dinner and a movie, she decided to bring them along inside her bra. She explained that this wasn’t a new breast enhancement tactic ... just a way to keep them warm and close to her heart. Kidnapping caper ... Kacy Carla Bennington kidnapped her husband, Jack, Friday, Sept. 27 and kept him hostage at The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota for a fun and romantic weekend to celebrate his 47th birthday. About 60 of his friends surprised Jack in the Cà d’Zan bar on Friday night to help kick off the birthday weekend festivities. Wonder how much the ransom was ... Blossoming brides ... While the town of Longboat Key struggles with its beach wedding rules, book your wedding at Marie Selby Garden’s new wedding pavilion. The Stephen and Rosalba Schimmel wedding pavilion is set to be completed in December, 25 years after the first wedding at the Gardens. Ilene Denton, director of visitor services at Selby Gardens, mentioned that upon completion the gardens will hold a silver anniversary party inviting every couple that has been married at Selby Gardens. Denton will also be a part of the 25th anniversary party, because she was married at the Gardens on May 28, 1978. Fashion Forward Foxy Lady ... Wendy Mann Resnick took to the catwalk and wore our Black Tie Look of the week (see page 5B) to UCP’s Starfest Kickoff at The Longboat Key Club’s Harbourside Dining Room hosted by Shane and Sheila Eagan, where her hand-beaded dress sparkled like a star.

Gail Yonov and Kathryn Carr

Anthony and Blanca DiCecco

Bill Hirons with Helene and Bill Myers

Hallelujah! BY EMILY WALSH Black Tie Editor

Above: The Rev. Edward Pick, Karen Katzman and Carole and Bill Salmon; left: Chair Beth Cannata

To celebrate the completion of construction and the opening of the new Bishop Nevins Academy, the Dedication Ball was held Saturday, Oct. 5 in St. Anne’s Hall, the elegant and spacious atrium of the new school. Young students greeted guests at the door and diligently sold raffle tickets during the ball. Morton’s Epicurean Life catered the dinner and music by the Anthony DeLeon Orchestra brought guests to their feet. More amazing than the ball itself was the completed Bishop Nevins Academy. Clusters of dome-like buildings stand prominently on Fruitville Road. With the atrium filled with jubilant families and supporters, the Dedication Ball, chaired by Beth Cannata, seemed to embody the spirit of the new school. ❑

Brad or Bill? ... Sporting a Brad Pitt-like haircut is Bill McComb, but McComb is not trying to be a fashion icon. Supposedly he was kicked out of Supercuts for talking too much on his cell phone. His wife, Elle, tried to get Supercuts to take him back but to no avail. So Bill’s locks are in lock-down and he needs a new salon to put up bail. Big Apple buyers ... Geoffrey and Brenda Michel of The Met and Tina Little of Queen’s Wreath Jewels were up in New York City for Fashion Week, checking out the Spring/Summer 2002 collections. Finally finalized ... The UnGala Afterparty 2002 will be held from 11:57 p.m. to 2:53 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 19 at The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota. A bountiful breakfast and “lusty libations” will be served while a DJ spins techno music and a live band performs. Tickets are $50 and benefit the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art. Tickets are limited and RSVP required. For more information and reservations call 349-1700. No need for a late-night limo either ... The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota is offering special UnGala room rates for $149. Call 3092000 for reservations.

Justin and Jane Tracy with Larry and Barbara Breen

Julie and John Flaherty, Maria DeSanto and the Rev. Fausto Stampiglia

Wendy and Bob Dawson




Black Tie

Black Tie



For a mystical evening full of voodoo, attire for Oceanic Evening’s “Blue Bayou” is black tie. Brenda Michel of The Met created a look that is in the spirit of Carlos Santana’s song, “Black Magic Woman.” The look is a simple black, but elegant evening gown that will have you singing “Don’t put your spell on me, baby...”

Oceanic Evening “Blue Bayou” When: 6:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 26 Where: Mote Aquarium Courtyard

The event

Emily Walsh

Beth Waskom, a spellbinder on the Mote Marine Oceanic Evening “Blue Bayou” committee, hypnotizes and mesmerizes in an Elie Tahari black evening gown, $358; worn with the DeMerini guarded heart pendant, $2,700; on a DeMerini double-sided chain, $2,975; and carries a Marg of Pepper Pike small evening bag with a white gardenia, $110; all available at The Met, 388-3991. Hair by Scott Bell and makeup by Debby Russek of the The Met Day Spa and Salon. For appointments, call 388-3991.

The rhythms of the African drums echo from the Blue Bayou as multitudes of dancers twirl around and around. The mysterious Marie Leveau, voodoo queen of the French Quarter in New Orleans, is in the center of this ancient voodoo ritual with her large snake, Zombi, wrapped around her as she dances and chants. Voodoo worshipers drink the blood of a rooster and worship Leveau’s magical god-like powers. A combination of black (negative) and white (positive) magic called gris-gris (grey) is the essential element of Leveau’s magic. Gris-gris charms used for good or evil are passed out among the worshippers as Leveau begins her magic spell, “Patrons, patrons welcome to the Blue Bayou where you will experience a magical oceanic evening of pure voodoo, so laissez les bon temps roulez, cher!” Well ... almost. At 6:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 26, Mote Marine Aquarium’s courtyard will become a Spanish moss covered swamp, exuding mist from a magical and mystical bayou called Sarasota Bay. These supernatural and swampy effects will be performed by New Atmosphere and hexed by Voodoo Queen Marie Leveau. But Leveau will be in good spirits on this night. Instead of distributing gris-gris or mojo (black magic) bags, she will hand out juju


e d Si

e l a S k l a w

bags to guests, which will emit positive energy throughout the evening. The voodoo ritual during the cocktail hour will include visiting the open bar and oyster bars while boogieing on the bayou to the blues of Smokin’ Bones, a band that is a cross between Dr. John and B.B. King. Later on the voodoo queen, herself, will join Smokin’ Bones and offer her voice to the loas (voodoo spirits). Several mysterious and magical events will occur throughout the evening, in addition to the fortune tellers and tarot card readers who will be in attendance to predict guests’ future. Also a special one-time-only Marie Leveau Award will be presented to an unknown recipient who will remain unknown to all until the presentation ... unless, of course, psychic powers are present. A seated New Orleans French Quarter themed dinner catered by Michael’s On East will be served at 8 p.m. Shrimp remoulade salad precedes a special recipe of bayou-fried catfish from the famed Commander’s Palace in New Orleans. Also on the menu is seared beef tenderloin and flaming bananas Foster as the finale. Perhaps the biggest magic trick of the evening is the fact that there will be no auction, no raffle and no speakers. The Blue Bayou host committee, comprised of two voodoo queens and a group of spellbinders, emphasize

that their purpose is to have people come to enjoy a wonderful party, not to pick pockets. The Advisory Council of Mote Marine Laboratory sponsors and hosts this event. Call Mote’s Special Events Office for more information at 388-4441 by Oct. 19. Tickets are $200 ($75 tax deductible); sponsorships are still available. All proceeds benefit Mote Marine Laboratory’s Endowment Fund.

The committee The voodoo queens of the Oceanic Evening’s “Blue Bayou” committee are Sandy Buchanan and Mollie Nelson. Spellbinders include JoAnn Belack, Jaymie Carter, Shannon Ciaravella, Joan Galvin, Judy Graham, Jane Graham Hyslop, Glenda Miller, Beth Waskom and Vicki Wiese.

The organization Mote Marine Laboratory is an independent, research organization dedicated to excellence in marine and environmental sciences. The laboratory’s mission is the pursuit of excellence in scientific research and the exchange of information to the scientific community as well as to the general public. Public outreach is accomplished through the Mote Aquarium, an educational museum providing marine programs for all ages. ❑

Sarasota Ballet Presents...


Atlanta Ballet

Sat., Oct. 12 & Sun., Oct. 13

One of the top ten dance companies in the United States

A Weekend of

Fabulous Bargains! Friday, October 18 • 8 pm Saturday, October 19 • 2 pm & 8 pm Sunday, October 20 • 2 pm & 8 pm

Enjoy this once-a-year event at Sarasota’s premier shopping destination –

FSU Center for the Performing Arts 5555 North Tamiami Trail • Sarasota

St. Armands Circle All your favorite stores will be participating… don’t miss it.

Live Music

For More Information Call

For more information call

(941) 351-8000 or 1-800-361-8388



Photography by KIM KINNEY

ROBERT DE WARREN Artistic Director/CEO



Seventies Dance Party


Place: Powel Crosley Mansion Date: Friday, Oct. 4 Benefiting: Meals on Wheels PLUS

1 5







Doug Holder, Jennifer Saba, Mike and Esther Phippen, Michele and Doug Hall and Valerie and Jay Grubbs


Kevin and Crystal Boyer


Sharon Jacobson and Darrell Turner


Bill and Jill Rex with Jeanne and Charlie Luce


Gary and Brenda Knoflick


Art Skeirik and Phyllis Cobb


Katie Marousis and co-chair Rachel Hautamaki


Dr. David Yamada, Dr. Greg Towsley, Co-chair Dr. Dean Hautamaki and Dr. Michael Lepore


Bob Mitchell tries out the oxygen bar.


Jane Thompson and Ninette Jackson


Co-chair Chris Voelker

O2 - The Oxygen Ball Place: The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota Date: Friday, Oct. 4 Chairs: Dr. Kirk and Chris Voelker, Dr. Dean and Rachel Hautamaki and Dr. Richard and Julie Aranibar Benefiting: American Lung Association

1 6


3 5




ST. ARMANDS SECOND FRIDAY WALK “Sunset Stroll on the Circle” Friday, October 11th • 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Enjoy a relaxing stroll around the Circle while enjoying all that the wonderful shops & restaurants of St. Armands have to offer. For more information contact us at: 388-1554 • Boris Smooth sounds of the jazz saxophone

• Rex Willis Classical guitar

• Woodworks Sophisticated entertainment with a twist

• Reflections a la Carte Classical & Jazz Brass Quartet EVENT MEDIA SPONSORS:


CALENDAR OCTOBER 12 Bites and Bids - Lunch and Auction Hosted by: Florida West Coast Symphony Benefiting: Florida West Coast Symphony Youth Orchestras When: 11:30 a.m. Where: Beatrice Friedman Symphony Center Contact: FWCS, 953-4252, Ext. 5 Price: $17.50 An Evening with David Brenner Hosted by: Jewish Housing Council Guild Benefiting: Kobernick House and Anchin Pavilion When: 6:30 p.m. Where: McCurdy’s Comedy Club Contact: Rhoda Albert, 363-9600 Price: $75 “Scary Saturday Night Out 2” Hosted by: Saturday Night Out Inc. Benefiting: Humane Society of Manatee County and Ballet Repertory When: 5:30 p.m. Where: Bradenton Municipal Auditorium Chair: Donna Riggs Contact: 747-3440 Price: $75 Fall Fling “The Beach Ball” Benefiting: Junior League of Manatee County When: 7 p.m. Where: Sandbar Restaurant, Anna Maria Island Chairs: Jayne Kocker and Chonda Kaklis Contact: Tracy Acquaro Price: $25

13 Brunch on the Bay 2002 Benefiting: USF Sarasota/Manatee When: 11:30 a.m. Where: USF Sarasota/Manatee’s College Hall Bayfront Chairs: Vernon DeSear and Mike McCoy Contact: USF Office, 359-4694 Price: $75


“Get out of the Box. Get in to the Circle!”

10 South Palm Ave. Downtown Sarasota 953-4400 Home Decor & Accessories

2002 Chef of the Year Dinner Hosted by: The Sarasota Bay Chapter of the American Culinary Federation When: 6 p.m. Where: Longboat Key Club Harbourside Dining Room Contact: Russell Bradshaw, 387-1624 Price: $85


An Evening with King Neptune Hosted by: Sarasota Ballet Association Benefiting: Sarasota Ballet of Florida When: 6:30 p.m. Where: Chelsea Center Chairs: Alicia LeVine and Pat Talbott Contact: Alicia LeVine, 383-4269 Price: $75

17th annual Freedom Awards Banquet — “One People, One Challenge, One Goal” Hosted by: NAACP, Sarasota Branch Benefiting: NAACP, Sarasota Branch When: 6:30 p.m. Where: Hyatt Sarasota Contact: Dr. Willie J. Holley, 3658326, or Cynthia Howard, 351-8155 Price: $65

18 NAMI-SC 20 Years Celebration Benefiting: The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill of Sarasota County When: 6 p.m. Where: Stoneybrook Country Club Chair: Dale Lux Contact: NAMI, 921-6212, or Stephanie Elliott, 752-9144 Price: $50 "Country Night 2002" Hosted by: Manatee Children Services Benefiting: Manatee Children Services When: 6:30 p.m. Where: Bradenton Municipal Auditorium Chair: Donnas Arrasmith Contact: 3451200 Price: $50.

19 UnGala Gala Hosted by: The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art Benefiting: The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art When: 6 p.m. Where: The Ringling Museum of Art Courtyard Chairs: Sally Schule and Eric Cross Contact: Peggy Olsen, 359-5837 Price: $225

14 Kickoff Dinner for the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the City of Sarasota Hosted by: The city of Sarasota and Sarasota Sister Cities Association When: 6 p.m. Where: Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall Chair: Hope Byrnes Co-chair: Hon. Bob Johnson Contact: Hope Byrnes, 377-8181 Price: $125

16 Sarasota/Manatee Moffitt Breast Cancer Awareness Luncheon Hosted by: Sarasota/Manatee Moffitt Cancer Center Benefiting: H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute When: 11 a.m. Where: Michael’s On East Chairs: Veronica Brady and Eileen Curd Contact: Lisa Lill, 361-2210 Price: $50

UnGala Afterparty 2002 Hosted by: The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art Benefiting: The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art When: 11:57 p.m. Where: The RitzCarlton, Sarasota Contact: UGA Hotline, 349-1700 Price: $50

20 Scarecrows at Sunset Benefiting: Historic Spanish Point When: 4 p.m. Where: Historic Spanish Point Chairs: Julie Pinkerton and Margaret Daut Contact: Historic Spanish Point, 966-5214, Ext. 240 Price: $75

For the complete 2002-2003 social season, visit our Web site at



Order your Holiday Gifts, Florals and Accessories NOW!

Book us early for your Christmas Home Decorations! ................................... New Furniture and Accessories arriving daily. As always, bring in your favorite vase for a custom arrangement done just for you (never a design charge)

Hours: Mon.-Thur. 10-7, Fri.-Sat. 10-9, Sun 12-5 10102

Free Parking-corner of Palm & Main

12 ABWA Fashion Show What: “Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Lifestyles For Women” Luncheon and Fashion Show featuring Chico’s Travelers Collection Benefiting: ABWA Scholarship Fund When: 9 a.m. Where: Holiday Inn Airport. Price: $20 Contact: 7524430


UnGala Gala Makeovers What: Cosmetic makeovers before the UnGala Gala Where: Saks Fifth Avenue Contact: 3645300

21 to Nov. 1 Chanel Retro Exhibit What: An exhibit of vintage Chanel advertisements through the store Where: Saks Fifth Avenue Contact: 364-5374

14 to 15


Bill Hamilton Collection What: A trunk show featuring the designer collection of Bill Hamilton Where: Saks Fifth Avenue Contact: 364-5311

Seiden Gang Trunk Show What: A trunk show featuring the designer jewelry of Seiden Gang Where: Saks Fifth Avenue Contact: 364-5318 ❑




Come Visit


Country Club with


History & Tradition.

Starfest Campaign 2003 Kickoff Party

This Donald Ross course was built in 1926 and is kept in pristine condition. Our many features include… ♦ Convenient to Longboat Key, nine minutes from downtown.

Place: The Dining Room at Harbourside, Longboat Key Club Date: Wednesday, Oct. 2 Chairs: Shane and Sheila Eagan Benefiting: United Cerebral Palsy

♦ Tee times available on short notice. ♦ Rounds less than four hours. ♦ Member-owned, not a public or resort course. ♦ Social and junior memberships available.


1 1

Myrna and David Band


Wendy Mann Resnick, Mark Resnick and Tavis Morabia


♦ Special initiation program through November 30, 2002. Call 355-7658 for details. ♦ Easy to find a game and meet members.


♦ Newly renovated Clubhouse. ♦ Great dining and social programs.

Sara Bay Country Club

Marion Lieb and Sheila Eagan

Sarasota & Manatee County’s best kept secret 10102

7011 Willow St., Sarasota ♦ 355-7658

Place: Saks Fifth Avenue Date: Thursday, Oct. 3 Chair: Iris Starr Benefiting: The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art

UnParty SOCIAL CALENDAR 2002-2003 sday Wedne



JANUAR y Monda


Israel ple Beth TBI - Tem bration Annual Cele




Mother and daughter duo, Brianne and Terri Saba Shivan Sarna and Tami Hillier Renee Phinney and Michelle Schweber exclaim over items at Saks.



East Gala LR - Outr Designe ASID - ASID Opening Gala use Showho er Event Life Dinn FHM - To Gala Black Tie


orrow” ars of Tom efit Brunch BOG -“St Opera Ben Sarasota orrow” rs of Tom cert BOG - “Sta ra Benefit Con Ope Bay Sarasota at Tampa Matinee JHCG - the “Lion King” g Featurin Sarasota ARTS - y Fair Art Fanc

igner Sho

2HC5 College - Hunter

MSG Expeditions Gardens


27 26




VWF fonte Harry Bela Wine Art and RSAD -

23- Bishop’s Garnet Ball


24CA - Fashion Show


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SATURDAYS, 7:00 AM ’TIL NOON Rain or Shine Lemon Avenue Between Main and First St. Announce a birth • Remember your parents • Show off

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The Longboat Key Center for the Arts — “Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society Exhibition” continues through Oct. 30. 383-2345. Art Center Sarasota — “Open Photography Show” and “Open to All Show.” Both run from Friday, Oct. 11, to Nov. 9. 365-2032. St. Armands Art Festival — from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 12 and Sunday, Oct. 13. 388-1554. Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art / Mira Mar Gallery — “Paintings by Bianca Pratorius.” Pratorius’ architectonic art stands through Oct. 25. 366-2093. Selby Gallery at the Ringling School of Art and Design — “Annual Faculty Exhibition: Part I.” Work by instructors in fine arts, computer animation and interior design is on display through Oct. 12. 359-7563. Anna Maria Island Art League — “Faculty Exhibit.” This show continues through Oct. 31. 778-2099. Art League of Manatee County — “On the Table — An Artist Statement.” ARTarget makes a statement with cutting-edge work through Nov. 4. 746-2862. Gallerie des Artes — “Decadence Redux.” This exhibit proves decadence never really goes out of style through Oct. 31. 954-5475. Graciela Giles Studio — “2002 Women Contemporary Artists Annual Show.” This multi-media exhibit opens from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 12, and continues through Oct. 26. 746-4469. Center for Arts and Humanity — “Field of Vision.” The Sarasota County Arts Council hosts another Women Contemporary Artists exhibition through Oct. 31. 365-5118. Women’s Resource Center — “Marti Grinberg’s One-Woman Show.” Grinberg’s expressive art shines brightly through Nov. 27. 366-1700. Marie Selby Botanical Gardens — “The Healing Power of Plants” features fine photos of medicinal flora through Nov. 30. 366-5731. Cobblestone Gallery & Tea Room — “Jean W. Morey: Easy Lifestyle of the Tropics.” Morey’s art takes it easy through Oct. 25. 954-4494. Beverly Fleming Gallery — “United We Stand.” Copans’ bold depiction of the American flag is on display through Oct. 17. 365-8683. Corbino Galleries — featuring rotating exhibitions of contemporary work by such American and Latin American artists as Mario Bencomo, Ramon Carulla and Leonel Matheu. 387-0822. Galleria Silecchia — featuring William Berra’s Impressionist oil

landscapes of Italy and France through Nov. 30. 365-7414. Art Center Sarasota — “Open Photography Show.” This opens from 5 to 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 11, and runs through Nov. 9. 365-2032. Gold Fish Galleries — “Fall Group Show.” An ongoing exhibit of work by international artists. 366-0088.

Katharine Butler Gallery — “Tropics.” Butler’s vibrant acrylics, watercolors and prints are featured through Oct. 12. 955-4546. L’Attitude Gallery — “Outdoor Show.” Work by Erickson, Fox and Kimber and others is featured in the gallery’s sculpture garden through Oct. 31. 373-0767. The Palm Avenue Gallery — “Stoneware and Raku.” Work by potter Don Michael Williams is on display through Oct. 31. 953-5757. Paradise Gallery — “Café Scenes.” Jill Stasium’s whimsical takes on the café society set are on display through Oct. 15. 366-7155. Island Gallery West — “Festive Fall Colors.” Fall is on the wall at this artists’ cooperative gallery through Nov 30. 778-6648. Sonnet Gallery — “Time & Space.” Jonas Gerard’s paintings and wall sculptures take their time through Oct. 31. 955-6443. Unitarian Universalist Church — “Creatures Great and Small.” George Prout’s artistic menagerie runs free through Oct. 13. 371-4974. The Avenue Art Shop — “Sport & Games.” Nike Parton, Julee Docking and John Barends are in the game with their watercolors, oils and pastels through October. 955-4763.

Rosalie Silver Gallery — an ongoing exhibit of Rosalie Silver’s work in watercolor and ink and Ruth Höök Colby’s pastels. 330-9817. Santa Fe Trails Gallery — featuring Andrea Ponzini’s watercolors, jewelry and ceramics through October. 954-1972. South Florida Museum — “Natural Florida: Paintings from the Debbie Geiger and George Percy Collection.” Ongoing through Jan. 12. 746-4131.


Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall — The Four Tops and the Temptations turn back time to the soulful ’60s at 8 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 13. Tickets are $59 and $50; “Celebrate Sarasota” honors Sarasota’s centennial at 8 p.m. Monday, Oct. 14. Tickets are $25, $22 and $18. Call 1-800-826-9303. Florida West Coast Symphony — “Salon Series: Wind Wizardry.” The Florida Wind Quintet performs Bozza’s Scherzo, Op. 48, Harbison’s Quintet for Winds, and Reicha’s Quintet No. 2 in F, Op. 99, at 4 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 13. Tickets are $15 and $20. Call 953-3434.


Venice Little Theatre — “Animal Crackers.” George Kaufman’s play comes to life with a cast of Marx Brothers look-alikes through Oct. 20. Call 488-1115. Florida Studio Theatre — “Olympus on My Mind.” Zeus is on this loose in this update of the “Amphitryon” from Thursday, Oct. 10 through Dec. 7. Call 366-9000. Golden Apple Dinner Theatre — "Suds." This rocking '60s musical soap opera continues through Nov. 10. Call 366-5454. Theatre Works — “Eubie.” Eubie Blake, that is — songwriter, pianist, and ragtime pioneer. His story is told and his songs are sung through Oct. 21. Call 952-9170.



Circle Books — Les Standiford, author of “Last Train to Paradise,” the historical account of Henry Flagler’s railroad to Key West, will appear at 1 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 12. Call 3882850.

just for fun

Rodin’s “The Thinker.”

‘Rodin’ hits Sarasota “Rodin: A Magnificent Obsession” presents more than 70 objects by the noted French sculptor on loan from the Cantor Foundation — including the rarely-loaned bronze studies for three of Rodin’s epic monuments: “Balzac,” “The Burghers of Calais,” and “The Gates of Hell.” It opens Saturday, Oct. 12 and runs through Jan. 5, at the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art. Tickets are $15 for adults, $12 for seniors, free for children 12 and younger. Call 359-5700.

McCurdy’s Comedy Theater — David Brenner will be performing through Sunday, Oct. 13. Call 925-3869. Van Wezel — “The Potato People.” Bring the tater tots to see a family of spuds come to life at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 12. Tickets are $7. Call 953-3368 or 1-800-826-9303.


The Education Center on Longboat Key — now accepting registrations for its fall classes in art, yoga, leisure activities and more. Classes begin Nov. 4 and are filling up fast. 383-8811. Longboat Key Center for the Arts — accepting ongoing enrollments for its fall adult art classes. 383-2345.



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The way of the

watercolor Watercolor artists make music with color and form.

Artefacts A home of its own Ever since September of last year, the Sarasota County Arts Council has been operating rent free in a space in Bob Roskamp’s Center for Arts and Humanity building on the north Trail. It recently purchased that office — with the help of a $200,000 donation from Roskamp. Patricia Caswell, the arts council’s executive director, notes, “It had always been our intent to own our own space.”

Happy trails

Eleanor Merrill’s “Jug of Flowers.” BY MARTY FUGATE Arts and Entertainment Writer

Watercolor is a beautiful, if sometimes treacherous, medium. Nothing better captures the liquid quality of light on the shifting surfaces of the world. Nothing is quite so hard to master. It takes a painter with a Taoist attitude — someone who doesn’t control the painting so much as allow it to spontaneously happen. The way of the watercolor is on display in The Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society’s current exhibition at the Longboat Key Center of the Arts. Fortyeight paintings comprise this juried show — with an additional untitled painting on display by the juror, Maxine Masterfield. Bill Buchman’s “Sphere Music” is the first place winner — a sidereal meditation, juxtaposing harsh geometrical forms against the gestural chaos of a starfield. Buchman returns to the infinite spaces with his “Eternal Quest.” Here, he places both a human figure and disconnected signifiers of human rationality against a swirl of stars and nebulae.

Anne Abgott’s “White Doves at Spanish Fountain.” Joseph’s Melancon’s “Flag & Trumpet” is the second-prize winner. It’s a haunting composition showing the shadow of a child looking down at an array of toy soldiers, a toy artillery piece and scattered marbles. Despite its celebratory title, the painting exudes a sense of loss. Pat Cook’s third-prize winning, “Seeing the Oneness,” at first glance could be taken for mosaic tilework. Her world is a kind of flatland. There’s a lot going on in that world, but it’s all been squished down into the flatness of the picture plane with nothing to say what’s foreground or background. She teases the eye with birds, dancing figures, and seemingly infinite detail. The painting forces you to look at it for a long, long time before it yields its secrets. It’s worth it. Anne Abgott’s “White Doves at Spanish Fountain” was an interesting, broken horizontal composition with the figures of doves at random intervals on a detail of a much larger structure, obviously the fountain — a nice contrast between rounded organic form and human angularity.


In “Palmetto Palm,” Ceci Kueltzo evokes rich visual music from fairly simple subject matter — the form of a palmetto frond against a backdrop of darker vegetation. The linear form of the frond makes a nice contrast to the swirling leaves. The frond is portrayed in hot, radiant colors, turning to swirls of dappled shadow and darker green. It’s a nice study in layers and surprises. Eleanor Merrill’s “Jug of Flowers” dances joyfully at the boundaries of the painterly and the photographic. It’s clearly a study. There’s a crisp sense of light and contour — but not so tightly observed that it doesn’t feel like a painting. Merrill not only understands light, she clearly loves it. There isn’t room to list all the fine work on display here; it’s definitely all worth seeing. The Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society has been raising both funds and awareness for the Susan Koman Foundation, an organization seeking to end breast cancer. Organizers no doubt figure once your eyes are opened your heart will be too, and appreciate anything you care to give. ❑

Bicyclists across the nation have nicknamed Sarasota “Sorry-sota” for its high ratio of crowded roads and impatient drivers to bike paths and vulnerable bicyclists. But there’s good news for folks on foot or self-powered wheels — its new “Circus Multi-Use Trail” is now open for business. Running from the corner of Fruitville and Beneva to Circus Boulevard, it’s open to bicyclists, in-line skaters, joggers and walkers. Sorry, no clown cars.

Last call .... Tuesday, Oct. 15, is the deadline for artists wishing to submit to the upcoming “Toast to the Past” exhibition sponsored by Northern Trust Bank at the Longboat Key Center for the Arts. The show opens with a gala reception at 5 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 9. It’s open to artists who’ve previously won awards at the Arts Center. Artists — you know who you are. Submit! Call 383-2345 for details.

Can’t we all just get along? Nicholas Gilstrap, a consulting firm from Phoenix, is currently doing a study of the tourist industry in Sarasota county. In the course of conducting that study, consultants were surprised at the level of internal competition for tourist development funds by cultural organizations in the beautiful arts community by the bay. CEO Greg Gilstrap noted, “I have never seen it more intense than in Sarasota.” Apparently there are communities in our country where arts organizations actually work together ... Or, at the very least, play nice. — Marty Fugate

Photos by Dora Walters

The formal opening of the Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society Invitational at the Longboat Key Center for the Arts was held Oct. 5. More than 100 paintings are on exhibit. Among the exhibitors attending the opening were Joseph Melancon, secondplace winner, and Bill Buchman, first-place winner. Buchman is an instructor at the Arts Center. Top right: Laurie Cadillac and Rosalie Silver look at a painting; bottom right: Nancy Sullivan and Anne Abgott. The show will continue through Oct. 30.

Michelangelo’s “David” in a fighting mood.




Key notes

Spinella infuses slapstick into guild show As we said last week, Sarasota is a multi-talented community with an amazing array of performers — past, present and future. The greatest shows on earth, however, are those that give you the works. Opera, for example, is the plural of opus. And, because opus means “work,” I like to think of opera as “the works”! A couple of weeks ago, opera and ballet got together with Broadway and we had the works at a Sarasota Ballet Association luncheon. Lee Dougherty Ross, an amazing pianist and singer, was the shining force at the keyboard, playing excerpts from an assortment of Broadway shows with such ease that she called little attention to herself and put the spotlight right where it belongs in this kind of an entertainment — on the singers. Tenor Joe Spinella and mezzo soprano Ruth Ann Millikin are more than just singers. Spinella, who studied in New York with Franco Corelli, has the sound of a young Richard Tuck — focused, bright and resonant. His voice has that real tenor “ping” that everyone looks for when they go to the opera. (Without the ping, there just ain’t no ring!) Ruth Ann Millikin is a charming lady who can put across a song with grace and pizzazz. From the comedy of “Hello Dolly” and “Honey Bun,” from “South Pacific,” to the nostalgia of “Sunrise, Sunset” in “Fiddler on the Roof,” she has the rich, earthy tone of voice and slinky chorus girl demeanor that puts an audience at ease and makes you sit back and soak up the show. Spinella, the music director and cantorial soloist at a Temple Beth Israel on Longboat Key, can certainly heft his voice into the stratosphere without too much spread on the top and a lot of that ping. But he’s more than just another singer. His voice may be reminiscent of Tucker’s but his demeanor is all Jerry Lewis. This tenor has both brains and resonance. And, when his slapstick is com-

bined with Millikin’s stylishness, you have one rip-roaringly funny show. Spinella is not content to sing tenor solo. He has a dummy doll named Chester as a mute musical sidekick who nearly steals the show. He also works with props from clever signs he holds while he’s singing, to a side-splitting routine in which he disappears beneath a massive cape worn by Millikin and lets his hands do the speaking through the mezzo’s machinations in “Wouldn’t it be Loverly.” (You have to see it to believe it.) Remember, this was the luncheon entertainment for the Sarasota Ballet Association. (I told you to get involved in the guilds!) For a measly $15, payable at the door after making a reservation, we had lunch, laughter and camaraderie. And it all went to benefit the Sarasota Ballet. Astounding talents can be found in this community. One of them came in the form of the young, dazzlingly endowed Ellie Rinchich. She played Polly Peacham in The Players’ production of “The Three Penny Opera.” This amazing talent is, off stage, a mere freshman at Booker High School’s Visual and Performing Arts Program. She has, as Henry Higgins would say in “My Fair Lady,” “a voice that shatters glass.” It is a voice that seems to be able to do anything from a high, lyric soprano to an Ethel Merman belt. She far out-acts her age and one can only hope that she, her family and her teachers will have the good sense to shepherd her performances, repertoire and resources so she doesn’t blow it all before she’s 20.

by June LEBELL

June LeBell

Joe Spinella and Ruth Ann Millikin — more than just singers.

DELCRAFT ACRYLICS Visit Our Sarasota Showroom

June LeBell is best known as the first female announcer for the classical radio station WQXR in New York. LeBell was also the host, writer and producer of numerous programs and series such as "Today in New York," "Salute to the Arts" and "The Sound of Broadway." ❑

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Last Train to Paradise Sat., Oct. 12-1:00 PM “The remarkable true-life chronicle of one of America’s greatest engineering achievements, and how it was blown to bits in a few hellish hours.” Carl Hiaasen “Nonfiction as exciting and finely written as a first-rate hell of a spectacular book.” James W. Hall

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On the HORIZON ‘Sarasota Pops at Sunset’ A picnic under the trees, a glorious sunset and Leif Bjaland leading the Florida West Coast Symphony in concert. What more could you want? This civilized soiree takes place at 4 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 20, at Phillippi Estate Park. Proceeds will benefit the Youth Orchestra program. Tickets are $12 at the gate, $10 in advance. Call 953-3434.

‘Mendelssohn Marathon’ For years its been Mozart this and Mozart that. “Mostly Mozart.” All Mozart. Mozart, Mozart, Mozart. When does Mendelssohn get his chance? The time has come. The Florida West Coast Symphony Chamber Orchestra will present its “Mendelssohn Marathon” later this month — a series of three concerts conducted by Leif Bjaland, at the Sarasota Opera House. “Mendelssohn Marathon 1” is set for 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 23. It includes performances by guest pianist Hsing-ay Hsu of the composer’s “Scottish” Symphony No. 3. “Mendelssohn Marathon 2” happens 7:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 25. Renowned violinist Vadim Gluzman and his wife, Angela Yoffe, will perform the seldom-heard Concerto for Violin, Piano and String Orchestra. “Mendelssohn Marathon 3” finishes the course at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 27. Highlights include “Fingal’s Cave” from the Hebrides Overture and the Violin Concerto in E, (featuring a reprise performance by Gluzman). Tickets for each concert are from $25 to $40. Call 953-3434. ❑

courtesy photo

Leif Bjaland, Florida West Coast Symphony’s artistic director and conductor, at last year’s “Sarasota Pops” concert.

TOWN OF LONGBOAT KEY NOTICE OF CHANGE OF PERMITTED USE PUBLIC HEARING - OCTOBER 15, 2002 - 9:00 AM Please take notice that a public hearing will be held at the request of Dr. Vladimir Einisman, property owner, and Prime Commercial Development, LLC, contract purchaser, to consider an amendment to the Bay Isles Outline Development Plan (ODP) to change the land use designation from Commercial, which allows up to 28,000 square feet of commercial uses, to Residential to allow construction of twelve (12) residential units in three buildings of four (4) units each over parking garages for property located at Bay Isles Unit 11, Parcel B-1 South.

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A Public Hearing before the Planning and Zoning Board on the amendment will be held on October 15, 2002 at 9:00 a.m., or as soon thereafter as may be heard, at the Sun Trust Bank Second Floor Meeting Room, 510 Bay Isles Road, Longboat Key, Florida. This hearing will be held in accordance with established quasijudicial procedures.

Call for Details! Let us do the work so you can relax and enjoy your guests!

All interested persons may appear and be heard with respect to the proposed amendment. Copies of the proposed amendment and related material may be viewed at the Planning, Zoning & Building Department, 561 Bay Isles Road, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Questions may be directed to the Planning, Zoning & Building Department at 316-1966. The proposed amendment will affect property within the corporate boundaries of the Town of Longboat Key as shown on the map appearing at the bottom of this advertisement.

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If any person decides to appeal any decision made by the Board with respect to any matter considered at this meeting, a record of the proceedings will be needed. For such purpose that person may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based.

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Jerry Lee, Chairman Planning and Zoning Board Published 10/10/02

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Eubie or not Eubie … BY MARTY FUGATE Arts and Entertainment Writer

Eubie Blake had a knack for the piano. In his teens, he made a good living playing in dives and houses of ill fame. He grew up to be one of the godfathers of Ragtime. Teaming up with lyricist Noble Sissle, he also created the first all-black musical in 1921 without the patronizing trappings of the “minstrel show.” Born in 1883, he lived until 1983. Hardly a health-food fanatic, his meals generally consisted of Theater donuts and 7-Up “Eubie!” — and he smoked Theatre Works two packs of cigaReviewed Oct. 4 rettes a day. “If I knew I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself,” he once said. He’s the kind of composer/performer that fanatical collectors of old records like R. Crumb would like and almost everybody else largely forgot. Blake got noticed again back in the 1970s when the Scott Joplin soundtrack to “The Sting” caused a miniRagtime revival. He had a few good years of renewed fame before the end — and in 1993 they put him on a stamp. Part of that renewed attention was a toetapping revue called “Eubie!” It included his most popular standards, ranging from “I’m Just Wild About Harry,” to “In Honeysuckle Time.” Originally a Broadway musical, the Westcoast Black Theater Troupe has revived it for the current production at Theatre Works. “Eubie!” is a revue and nothing but. Oddly enough, that makes it a tad unusual. These days, most revues are offered up as revues plus something else — revues plus stand-up comedy, revues plus biographical

Eubie Blake — helping the ’20s to roar with music that still roars today. sketches of the artist, revues plus social commentary, etc. A revue and nothing but? Well, not quite. It’s a revue plus comedy skits — but comedy skits that grow organically out of the songs themselves. The singers sing and interpret what they sing with dancing and acting — it’s a lot like the goings-on you see in “Cabaret.” What kind of comedy? Well, it’s the best kind of comedy — the kind you rarely see when it’s all mixed up with somebody’s music — namely comedy that’s actually funny. More on that later … For now, lets talk about the music. These cats and kittens could actually sing. (Again, you figure that’d be a given in performances of this nature, though it isn’t.) What was really impressive — they’re not all miked up. No cunning little lapel mikes. No crackling, popping, amplified, unnatural voices. Just the sound of well-trained, powerful, unaltered human voice-boxes bouncing out at you. Theatre Works must be a particularly friendly acoustic environment. Its walls don’t suck up the sound. The singers don’t sound like they’re singing into a shoebox either. Nice. Also nice, the band,

in addition to being very good at what they do, had sense enough not to overpower the singers on stage. But just to say “they could really sing” doesn’t say enough. Each performer has his or her own unique strength. Some can sing the blues and do it right; some can sing torch songs; some can sing gospel — you name it. Whatever you get, it’s always notefor-note perfect, never inadequate, never off and always strong. Combined, it gets even better. They’ve got what it takes to provide real power to gospel songs like “Roll Jordan.” Not only strong, they’re able to really harmonize and combine their vocal talents into something greater. The fine singing went along with some fine comedy — comedy that didn’t come across as window dressing, as it flowed out of the content of the songs. Seeing as how the songs themselves can get down and dirty, much eye-rolling, vamping, and pratfalls is what you get. In “My Handyman Ain’t Handy No More,” a woman complains about her not-so-helpful helpmate with obvious double meaning while the guy seems ready to melt off his chair like a limp amoeba. Broad physical comedy, but it

works. Too broad and it would’ve been corny, too subtle and it would’ve been a yawn. The jokes strike the right balance, which is why it all works. There are even a couple of nice bits that the performers feel confident enough to screw up on purpose, for laughs. In “Oriental Blues,” the female singers pass around a bunch of Japanese umbrellas to one poor woman who gets stuck with them all. “I’m Craving for that Kind of Love” is supposedly a duet — but one of the singers starts hogging the stage doing a torch song while the other stands there exasperated. Funny. While the tone is mostly light-hearted, it isn’t all comedy. Along with the sex-starved wives and boastful blimps, there are broken hearts and pain as well. There is also, in songs like “Roll Jordan,” some genuine religious feeling. But the mood is never heavyhanded. This is a fine musical evening for folks who don’t necessarily like musicals. It passed the “Oh, when’s it going to be over?” test. The pacing is fast and furious. “Eubie!” zips along seamlessly from spirituals to ragtime, to jazz, to something else again. It moved. Thanks to Nate Jacobs’ crisp direction, the young troupe successfully communicated its infectious energy to the audience. Folks were clapping along, getting into it. It made you want to get up and dance — even if you hadn’t done so in years. It’s a timeless show full of great music that never goes out of style. “Eubie” recreated both a slice of the black experience and also a slice of universal human experience. Eubie Blake looked down at the performance from a large silk-screen poster in back of the stage. I’m pretty sure he was smiling. ❑

Start your Wednesday mornings with The Longboat Observer! Join us from 9 to 10 a.m. each Wednesday on the front porch of The Longboat Observer for complimentary coffee, pastries and a hot-off-the-press edition of The Longboat Observer. Be the first to know the news. Make new friends. Chat with old friends. 10102

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‘Red Dragon’ serves up a feast of fear Enter the “Dragon” ... exit sweet dreams. BY PAM NADON Movie Critic

Edward Norton and Sir Anthony Hopkins discuss their dinner arrangements in Brett Ratner’s “Red Dragon.” “Manhunter”). “Red Dragon” is a complete surprise from Director Brett Ratner whose previous works (the “Rush Hour” movies, “Money Talks,” “Family Man”) do not quite measure up to those of his predecessors. But in this film, Ratner’s directorial skills are very much on a par with Demme’s treatment, considered the best in the trilogy. Perhaps his teaming up with Ted Tally, the screenwriter who scripted “Lambs,” and cinematographer Dante Spinotti, the genius behind the gripping visuals in “Manhunter,” had something to do with it. This film excels on all levels. The methodically paced and haunting score immediately draws one into its fearful subject matter, while the visuals are so captivating that one can’t help but watch the unwatchable. Did I mention the incomparable Philip Seymour Hoffman (“The Talented Mr. Ripley,” “Almost Famous”) plays a trashy, tabloid tattletale reporter who gets crazy-glued to a chair while the Tooth Fairy performs oral surgery? I smell Oscars for “Red Dragon,” though not on the mega-scale of “Silence of the Lambs.” So far it’s the best film I’ve seen this year. It captures you in the opening frame and doesn’t let loose until you think it’s over. It’s a shock to the sensibilities and a delicious feast for the senses. Sleep well ... and sweet dreams. ❑




3 8 3 •9 2 1 5 10102

Lock your windows and bolt the doors. Hannibal Lecter’s back in town. And this time, he plays mentor to an even scarier guy than in “Silence of the Lambs.” Be prepared for severe nightmares if you can muster the courage to see the latest installment of Lecter’s taste for the exotic in “Red Dragon.” This is one movie definitely not recommended for the faint-hearted or queasy-stomached. But it’s probably the best assemblage of actors since “The Godfather.” Sir Anthony Hopkins is back as prisoner #B1329-0, aka Hannibal Lecter, the infamous psycho psychiatrist. This time, we’re privy to his original capture by super sleuth FBI profiler, Will Graham, perfectly underplayed by Edward Norton (“Primal Fear,” “Fight Club”). Will has reluctantly agreed to assist FBI Director Jack Crawford (Harvey Keitel, “Reservoir Dogs,” “The Piano”) in hunting down a maniacal serial killer nicknamed “The Tooth Fairy” — I’ll leave that to your imagination. Tooth Fairy is brilliantly portrayed by the totally buff Ralph Fiennes, who manages to come off as even more diabolical than the odious Amon Goeth he played in “Schindler’s List.” Emily Watson (“Angela’s Ashes,” “Breaking the Waves”) is the blind girl who manages to see the softer side of the guy who shoves mirror shards into the eyes of his slaughtered victims. As the film opens, a much younger pony-tailed Dr. Lecter is having a few socialites over (not) for dinner. (Of course, they don’t realize his latest victim is on the menu.) Later that night Will Graham stops by to consult with Lecter, concerning a case they’ve been attempting to solve — then it suddenly dawns on Will that Lecter is his man. Lecter simultaneously realizes that Will has found him out and all hell breaks loose. (Hint: lots of stabbing.) But he’s captured in the end. “Red Dragon” is a prequel to “Silence of the Lambs” and “Hannibal” — interestingly enough, it’s also a remake of the exceptional (for 1986) film “Manhunter.” All three prior Lecter films were made by distinguished directors (Jonathan Demme on “Silence of the Lambs,” Ridley Scott on “Hannibal,” and Michael Mann on


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Dining out

Morel features Oktoberfest menu The temperature and humidity may still be hovering in the high 80s, but regardless, it is October and time for Octoberfests. There’s no better way to welcome in the fall season than dinner at Morel. One can always count on Chef Fredy Mayer, owner of Morel with his wife, Paula, for an authentic and delicious dish. (Longboaters will remember Mayer as the former executive chef at the Longboat Key Club.) We discovered on the night we dined that the Mayers had just returned from a month-long vacation. They spent most of the month traveling in Europe, with visits to Munich and Salzburg, Austria, among the trip’s highlights. Mayer says they ate well on their trip and he will definitely be introducing some new menu items from his food experiences on the trip. Our waiter smilingly said he might be a bit rusty, because it was his first night back — but he wasn’t. He was courteous and helpful, anticipating our needs. As we browsed the menu, he brought us a basket of crusty bread, obviously freshly baked, whipped butter and an attractive bottle of rosemary olive oil. The Octoberfest specials for the evening (they vary each night), were veal shanks and a mixed sausage platter. Red cabbage, spaetzle or noodles were included. The other spe-

cial of the evening was halibut with shrimp and cream sauce. Other items on the Morel menu are pork tenderloin, grilled filet mignon, Atlantic salmon, penne pasta and rack of lamb. The latter is herb and Dijon crusted and served with a mushroom demi-glace. I have had this on a previous occasion and it was a dining experience to remember. We selected our entrées from the specials’ list. In recognition of Octoberfest, I selected the sausage platter. My companion loves seafood and the halibut and shrimp was her choice. I also decided to try the squash soup, another special that evening. Served steaming hot in an equally hot bowl, the soup was definitely comfort food. It had a rich base, perhaps a beef broth. Soft yellow in color, small chunks of squash, what I call winter squash, floated in the bowl. The density of the soup gave it a sense of heartiness and overall satisfaction. A big bowl of it would make a perfect light supper on a cool evening. As we waited for our entrées, we admired the décor of the dining room. Dark woods were complemented by numerous floral bouquets. The subdued lighting created an atmosphere of intimacy and table candles flickered in small crystal holders. The dining area has a low room divider, creating privacy


Photos by Dora Walters

A colorful awning marks the entrance to Morel.

LBK Chamber “Rookie 2002” Winner

Gourmet Breakfast!

EXPIRES: 10-24-02


Perfectfor a specialday or anytim e you need pam pering - a gourm etbreakfastatthe H arrington H ouse BeachfrontBed and Breakfast!Bring your sw eetheartor your bestgirlfriends!

All Airports: Tampa • St. Pete • Sarasota


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• Tuesday, October 22nd 6-8 PM • $15.00 per person. Taste 8 small vineyard wines with complimentary hors d’oeuvres from Simply Gourmet


Drink Specials! Food Specials! Dan Crawford & Moving Target Sun., Oct. 13nd, Sun., Oct. 27th The Marvins Sun., Oct. 20th

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4711 Gulf of Mexico Dr • Longboat Key 10102

Surfside Anna Maria Island 778-6444 •

Wed.-Thurs.-Fri. 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. 10102

Thurs., Oct. 10, Fri., Oct. 11 Thurs., Oct. 17, Fri., Oct. 18 7pm - 10pm

383 - 2451 ext. 2633

Call 782-1120 to reserve your seat 110 Bridge Street • Bradenton Beach

Sat.-Mon.-Tues. 8 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Sun. 8:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. 23 Ave. of the Flowers (behind Publix)

Longboat Key





for diners. It was good thing I was hungry, because my sausage platter was heaped high. There were at least four varieties of sausage, which I confess I can’t name. All were mildly spiced and each had a different blend of spices. Mashed potatoes, spaetzle and sautéd cabbage were part of my platter. The presentation of the halibut entrée was excellent. The pink shrimp surrounded the halibut and a medley of vegetables, including carrots and asparagus, complemented it. The halibut was as good as it looked. I tried a forkful. It was flaky and flavorful and the shrimp was succulent. Expecting dessert to be as good our entrées, we checked the list. It included a classic creme brulée, warm Challah bread pudding and a warm apple tart. The evening special was a poached pear with chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream and topped with roasted sliced almonds. Comfortably full, we decided to share this dessert. It was almost too pretty to eat. Set in a shallow glass dish, rivulets of dark chocolate flowed down the sides of the pear. At first bite, the tang of the bitter chocolate was a

startling surprise. On second bite, it was a perfect complement to the mild flavor of the pear, and with a bit of vanilla ice cream, it was terrific. Some coffee, a bit more conversation and we concluded our evening. It was a most pleasurable dining-out experience. ❑

Morel 3809 S. Tuttle Ave., Sarasota 927-8716 Cuisine: European/American. Recommended: Check out the Octoberfest and nightly specials, the rack of lamb and any of the homemade soups. Desserts are exceptional. Price ranges: Entrées, $18 to $26; prix fixe, inquire if available. Service: Courteous and attentive. Hours: Currently, 4:30 to 9:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Hours change during season. Credit Cards: All major cards. Parking: Adjacent and adequate.

Above: The cozy atmosphere at Morel is an inviting setting for an intimate dinner. Left: An evening special was grilled halibut with shrimp.

CUSTOMER APPRECIATION MENU (or Thank You for Waiting ’til Summer)

Thank you for your patience during our rebuild and our busiest winter season ever! As a token of our appreciation we invite you to enjoy a…

E-mailed to Maureen “We can’t wait to get back to

3 course “Bijou Experience” dinner for only $34.95 per person

Longboat Key to enjoy Steve’s osso buco and boullabaisse.

including a complimentary bottle of wine for two or one cocktail each.

Whenever we come to your restaurant, it always feels like

L u n c h M o n . - S a t . 11 : 3 0 - 2 Dinner Nightly from 5 p.m.

we’re coming home.”


Irwin & Susan Singer 10102



LBK and Maine

12 8 7 F i r s t S t r e e t , S a r a s o t a w w w. b i j o u c a f e . n e t

3 6 6 - 8111 •

A Fine Casual Restaurant

Enjoy A Ne w Dining Experience

IT’S LOBSTER SEASON FRESH FLORIDA LOBSTER SPECIAL $12.99 NOW THRU OCT. 13 Full retail seafood market Fresh seafood to prepare at home

Casual indoor and outdoor dining with one of Longboat’s most scenic views.

Islamorada Chichen Grouper Oscar

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Tucked away in the village of Longboat Key 760 Broadway Street By the Bay . . . Channel Marker 39

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Lunch 11:30 - 4:00 Dinner 4:00 - 10:00 (Fri. & Sat. til 11:00) 325 John Ringling Blvd. on Beautiful St. Armands Circle 388.3948




Chefs create culinary classics BY DORA WALTERS Senior Editor

With four of the area’s best chefs participating, guests at the Flanzer Jewish Community Center’s annual Culinary Classic, held Oct. 6 at The Poseidon on Longboat Key, had high expectations. Those expectations were surpassed as Chefs Tommy Klauber of Pattigeorge’s Restaurant, Michael Ostermann of The Bijou Café, Joey Norombaba of The Michael’s Gourmet Group, and host chef, David Shiplett of The Poseidon, created spectacular gourmet dishes. Complementary wines were served by the National Distributing Company. The first course was a tuna spring roll with an edamame coulis created by Klauber. He noted edamame, a soy bean, is growing in popularity and can now be found in the supermarket produce section. A Moroccan salad, prepared by Ostermann, was very simple. Orange and grapefruit sections, whole dates, shredded apples and slivered almonds were arranged on a bed of lettuce. It was served with a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing. The entrée was wood-grilled salmon with cucumber gravlax salad prepared by Shiplett. Ella Faust and Laura Dukes check out the auction items. The luncheon finale was Norombaba’s Chocolate Decadence with raspberry chocolate ganache and halva pistachio nut roll. A silent auction was an added feature of the event. ❑

Photos by Dora Walters

Three chefs: Michael Ostermann of The Bijou Cafe, Dave Shiplett of The Poseidon and Tommy Klauber of Pattigeorge’s Restaurant

Harry’s Restaurant


Fall Menu

5 Course PrixFixe Dinner Menu $2900 New Selections Weekly!

Lunch (Fri., Sat. & Sun. only) CLOSED MONDAY



5600 Block of Gulf of Mexico Dr. 525 St Judes Drive Longboat Key, FL 34228



Chef Klauber’s tuna spring roll with edamame coulis.


Sharon Katzman and other guests enjoy the gourmet lunch.


Eat In or Take Out

Redeem this coupon for $5.00 off each of your dinner entrees in our upstairs Bay Front Room only. Exp. 10/31/02

Fine Italian Dining on St. Armands Open Daily 11:30 to Midnight

Every Friday Night • 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Every Saturday • 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. 10102

10102 MARINA PLAZA • SARASOTA • 365-4232

OMA PIZZA & ITALIAN RESTAURANT Specializing in Veal Chicken • Fish • Pasta Maker of the World’s Largest Pizza

Specializing in Wine by the Bottle or Glass. Purchase your selection from our package area to enjoy here or at home.

Joey Lavelle


Any Size Pizza!

Lunch ~ Dinner ~ Bar Menu 941-388-1555

“Jazz On The Bay”



Open 7 days • 11AM to Midnight 201 N. Gulf Dr., Bradenton Beach 778-0771 or 778-0772

St. Armands Circle ~ 1550 Blvd. of Presidents 10102


SPECTACULAR SUNSETS ur y Ho p p a M H :30 P ‘Til 6 ily! Da

Over 150 Fresh


Har Guin p & n On T ess ap

reasons to dine at Barnacle Bill’s....our Menu!


No Waterfront ..No View


“Absolutely exquisite ...the very best”

Wed. 7:30 P.M. MIKE MORAN’S DIXIELAND JAZZ BAND Friday & Saturday Live Maine LOBSTER DINNER $19.95

Fabulous Dinner For 2 Includes bottle $ 95 of wine.


Bon Appetit Magazine

• Salmon • Grouper • Snapper • Sea Bass • Flounder • Haddock • Tuna • Swordfish • Ipswich Clams and more! We now have certified Oysters on the Half Shell

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Enjoy dancing to


5:30-10:00 pm Reservations Suggested


(941) 779-0220 or (941) 779-0221 5702 Marina Drive • Holmes Beach, FL



Mon.-Sat. • 11:30 A.M. - 11P.M. • CLOSED SUNDAYS 4000 Gulf of Mexico Dr. • Longboat Key • 383-0791

Just great resort style food at neighborhood prices!

Early Bird Menu 11:30 to 5:30 Daily

Barnacle Bill’s Seafood locations: 5050 North Trail • 355-7700 Main, Downtown • 365-6800 Webber & Beneva • 923-5800




LONGBOAT KEY CAFE ON THE BAY Nestled between the Gulf of Mexico and Sarasota Bay, Cafe on the Bay offers diners views of the marina and bay in an elegant yet casual setting. The extensive menu has something for everyone. We are the sister restaurant of the world class Cafe L’Europe. 2630 Harborside Dr. Hours: Lunch 11:30-3; Dinner 5:30-9 Sun. — Thurs; 5:30-10 Fri. & Sat,; Sunday Brunch from 9-1 $16.95. 383-0440.

f o r

T h o u g h t . . .

THE MONKEY ROOM The Colony’s newest venue, The Monkey Room, with a choice of indoor and outdoor seating, features flavorful dishes from Indonesia, Florence, Havana and Paris. Just perfect for parties of all ages and sizes. Breakfast Mon. — Sat. 7 a.m. — 10:30 a.m. All Day Dining available 11:30 a.m. — 11:30 p.m. Adjacent to The Monkey Room is the all new Monkey Room Bar, one of the most comfortable lounges in town and definitely the place to be and be seen. Live entertainment nightly. Open daily at 11:30 a.m. 1620 Gulf of Mexico Drive 383-5558.

ST. ARMANDS THE HUNGRY FOX The Hungry Fox is the neighborhood restaurant on St. Armands Circle. Casual dining featuring chef quality food reasonably priced. Serving you breakfast, lunch and dinner, pleasing local appetites for over 19 years with all of your favorites. Children and families welcome. Dine inside or on our garden patio overlooking the Circle. Open: Monday — Saturday 8 a.m. — 9 p.m. and Sunday 8 a.m. — 2:30 p.m. 388-2222

CIAO! ITALIA A real trattoria on Longboat Key, the best homemade Italian food you ever tasted! From linguine with fresh clam sauce to veal scaloppine marsala. The most delicious antipasto you’ve ever had, plus succulent brick oven pizza. Try Ciao’s in the Centre Shops, you’ll not be disappointed. Hours: 11:30-3, 4:30-10p.m. 3830010. THE COLONY DINING ROOM This classic award-winning restaurant with floor to ceiling windows offers Florida’s finest view of the Gulf of Mexico. The Colony Dining Room cuisine could be described as Contemporary Continental. You’ll also enjoy one of this nation’s finest wine lists. Reservations strongly suggested. Dinner from 6 p.m. nightly. Sunday Brunch: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 1620 Gulf of Mexico Drive, 383-5558. EUPHEMIA HAYE An eclectic atmosphere of art & antiques creates the setting for award-winning cuisine; classic preparations of roast duckling, steak au poivre, Caesar salad, gulffresh seafood and homemade pasta. Upstairs, the HayeLoft Lounge & Dessert Room touts top-shelf spirits & cordials, appetizers, an outrageous dessert display & live entertainment. Dinner nightly. Late night gourmet pizza & desserts. 383-3633. HARRY’S CONTINENTAL KITCHENS Harry’s is a cozy restaurant serving Continental classics and inventive seafood. Lunch Fri. & Sat. 11:30am2:30pm. Sun. 10:00am-2:30pm, Dinner Tues.-Sun. 5:30pm-9:00pm. The adjacent gourmet deli offers dinners, sandwiches, salads and party specialties to takeout. The deli has fine wines, gift baskets and has done catering since 1979. 525 St. Judes Drive, 5600 block Gulf of Mexico Dr. 383-0777. Deli Hours: Tues.-Sun. 11:00 am — 7:00 pm ISLAND JUICE & JAVA Winner “Rookie” Small Business of 2001. “Experience the taste of Longboat” at this charming gourmet deli/coffee shoppe/ice cream parlor. Health-conscious dieters as well as decadent dessert lovers will delight in a large selection of breakfast, lunch, snack and dessert items. Eat in, take out, and catering. Open 7 days a week 7am — 5pm. 3174 Gulf of Mexico Drive (next to Sea Stable) 387-8783. LYNCHES LANDING BAR AND GRILL Sisters Ethna and Chris Lynch have captivated the true spirit of Ireland. Famous for Cork Cottage Pie, Corned Beef & Cabbage, Irish smoked Salmon, fresh seafood and great burgers. Enjoy spectacular sunsets and our live music. 4000 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Hours: 11:30 a.m.11p.m. 383-0791. MAR VISTA Come by land or sea to Mar Vista’s Dockside Restaurant and discover Longboat Key’s favorite restaurant for fresh seafood and steaks. Enjoy lunch or dinner on our deck or in our old-Florida-style dining room. Kids’ menu. 760 Broadway. 383-2391. SUNSET BAR & GRILL At the Hilton Longboat Key. Great “Island Style” dining overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. 4711 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Happy hour daily 5 - 7 p.m. Hours: 7 a.m. -10 p.m. 383-2451.





Award winning surfside dining. Zagat Guide “the best food on the Gulf Coast”. Recipient of the “Golden Spoon Award” bestowed on the Top Twenty restaurants in the State of Florida. Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. Hours: 5:00p.m. — 10:00p.m. Beach Bistro, 6600 Gulf Drive. Anna Maria Island. 778-6444.

No waterfront, no view, just great resort style food at neighborhood prices. Sarasota’s finest fresh seafood, specializing in the freshest local and northern seafood in the market. Old world and contemporary preparations with showcase quality seafood in the restaurant. (3 locations) Barnacle Bill’s Seafood on Main, 365-6800, Barnacle Bill’s Seafood on Webber, 923-5800., Barnacle Bill’s 5050 N. Tamiami Trail 355-7700.



Beach Bistro’s more casual cousin. Selected one of Florida’s “Top 200” restaurants by Florida Trend, praised by Zagat Guide and voted Best Overall Restaurant by locals. “Gulf Coast Cookery” with an emphasis on fresh seafood. Jazz piano on weekends. Hours: 5:00p.m. — 10:00p.m. Bistro at Island’s End, 10101 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria Island 779-2444.

Setting the standard for fine Continental dining in Sarasota since 1986, The Bijou Cafe is located in the Theatre and Arts District. Zagat Survey gives the Bijou it’s highest score for food and service and says “this Continental-New American “favorite” “never disappoints” thanks to chef-owner Jean-Pierre Knaggs’ “outstanding” menu of “divine” “classics” and the pampering of his “caring staff”. We offer an outstanding award winning wine list or as Wine Spectacular magazine calls it “among the best restaurants in the world for wine lovers”. Lunch and dinner reservations 366-8111.

BRIDGE TENDER INN & DOCKSIDE BAR Specializing in fresh seafood, outstanding steaks and barbecue ribs; open 7 days. Live entertainment every evening, also Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Lively happy hour 3 — 6 p.m. in the bar. Sailboat dockage west via Marker 49. Casual/fine dining. Enjoy the best of both worlds. Hours: 11:30 a.m. — 2:00 a.m. 778-4849. DA GIORGIO RISTORANTE Offers authentic Italian cuisine. A big selection of wines from around the world will most certainly enhance your meal. Live entertainment with Luigi Toth, Tuesday through Saturday, contributes to the already pleasant atmosphere. Gift certificates available. Open Tue. - Sat. from 5-10p.m. 779-0220. THE WATERFRONT RESTAURANT Enjoy the biggest & most interesting breakfasts, lunches covering everything from mouthwatering seafood, salads to burgers, sandwiches of all kinds & sophisticated great value dinners. Dine outside on our deck overlooking Tampa Bay or our 1920’s Florida cottage dining room w/fireplace. 7 days a week 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. 111 South Bay Blvd. Anna Maria Island (opposite City Pier) 778-1515

BRADENTON JONATHAN’S Welcome to ambience! Jazz music, creative continental cuisine, daily specials, fresh fish, crisp linens, fresh flowers and candlelight all make for an unforgettable, intense dining experience. Menu offers a blend of French, Creole and Italian dishes. Full bar, excellent wine list and decadent desserts. 677 Manatee Ave., West (in the Northwest Promenade). Open Tues. — Fri. 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday brunch 10 a.m. — 2 p.m. 761-1177

DA RU MA Enter the exciting, fascinating and delicious world of Da Ru Ma, where expertly trained chefs perform feats of classic Teppan style cooking at your table. Along with traditional favorites, innovative combinations featuring sauteed shrimp, teriyaki steak, seafood, tempura, sushi and much more. Enjoy sunset specials with a breathtaking view of the bay. Open daily 5-10. At the Sarasota Quay, U.S. 41 and Fruitville Road. 951-2440. MARINA JACK Enjoy dining with spectacular views of Sarasota Bay! Our casual fine dining restaurant located on the second level features an award-winning menu prepared by Executive Chef Woody Levy featuring fresh gulf seafood, chargrilled steaks & pasta specials. From Oct. 18 thru Nov. 30 we will be featuring our Florida Stone Crab promotion. Beginning Nov. 3, we start our Fabulous Sunday Brunch 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. For more informtion call 3654232 or visit us at MOREL RESTAURANT Enjoy sophisticated cuisine in one of Sarasota’s finest restaurants. A pleasant dining experience awaits you at Morel, where the cuisine is tantalizing and the service and atmosphere is warm and inviting. Well worth the trip! Centrally located with ample parking. Reservations suggested. Hours: Tues.-Sat. 4:30-9:30 p.m. 3809 S. Tuttle Ave., 927-8716. MUNROE’S For those beyond trends and power dining, Munroe’s is Sarasota’s mainstay. Enjoy sophisticated regional American cuisine, a global wine list and friendly, attentive service in a historic urban atmosphere. The upstairs jazz tavern offers live entertainment, late night appetizers and desserts, happy hour and full dinner menu. Chef-owned and operated. Valet parking. Hours: Dinner Mon.-Thur. 5:30-9 p.m.; Fri.-Sat. 5:30-10 p.m. Closed Sundays. Catering available. 316-0609.



BUSINESS Key real estate

September slump hits Key Number One... Again! Two Years in a Row Top Sales Associate Coldwell Banker for ALL OF SARASOTA Central & West Coast Florida


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LONGBOAT KEY – WATERCLUB I –Enjoy the comforts of a beach house lifestyle in this 2585 sq ft airconditioned plaza level residence. Ideal for entertaining is an 18x40 tiled terrace, plus a 13x25 master suite private patio. With 10’ ceilings and marble floors, this 2BR plus study, 2.5BA is beautifully detailed with designer built-ins, window, wall treatments and lots of extra closets. Super value for elegant living at................$989,000 LONGBOAT KEY –LOT- Unusual opportunity to build a Gulf side residence. Beautifully situated to capture wide Gulf views with private access just steps away to miles of pristine sandy beach. magnificent perimeter tropical and mature landscaping creates privacy on this 100x175’ lot. Incredible at ..............................$1,250,000


Inn on the Beach In one of the highest prices paid for an apartment in the 221-unit Inn on the Beach, McNeill Management Limited Partnership of 620 Bowsprit Lane, Country Club Shores, paid $700,000 to Edward W. Andrews Jr. of Skillman, N.J., for his unit 3807 at 230 Sands Point Drive. The condominium was built in 1982 by Arvida and last sold for $510,000 in April 1998.

Fairway Bay II In March 1997, Joan K. and Phillip Carskaddan, together with Palmyra M. Carskaddan of Borrego Springs, Calif., bought unit 336 in building M-3 at Fairway Bay II, 2016 Harbourside Drive, for $235,000. Five years later they have now sold the 18-year-old, two-bedroom and two-bath apartment for $637,000 to KDM Investments, L.L.C., 590 Golden Gate Point, Sarasota. Like Inn on the Beach, the 288-unit Fairway Bay was developed by Arvida in the early 1980s.


Country Club Shores A 36-year-old, four-bedroom and three-bath home at 590 Wedge Lane in the fifth unit of Country Club Shores has been sold for $1,100,000. Martha A. and Frank G. Gilfeather, 4784 Sweet Meadow Circle, Osprey, sold the home to Hogan Real Estate, a limited liability company based in Louisville, Ky. The Gilfeathers bought the home for $514,000 in September 1995.

T HE A BBOTT G ROUP Michael Saunders & Company

Longboat Key Towers A Springfield, Ohio, couple — Patricia A. and Alfred R. Alteslane — acquired condominium S-302 in the 12story, 88-unit Longboat Key Towers, 601 Longboat Club Road, from Dorothy K. and Paul B. Rubenstein, Sarasota Bay Club, for $585,000. The Rubensteins bought the now 32-year-old, three-bedroom and three-bath apartment in February 1995 for $315,000.

C.Steven Abbott Craig W. Abbott




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Longboat Key and local area waterfront and boating properties

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LONGBOAT KEY – SANCTUARY –Direct gulf front large corner 3BR/3.5BA in desirable Building III. Totally furnished w/quality & attention to detail in soft, neutral tones. Upgraded kitchen, 9’ ceilings & wrap around terrace overlook pool & pristine beach................$2,195,000 QUEENS HARBOR – Opportunity! Picturesque views over 2 lakes to golf course from 4BR, maintenance free home behind gates of the LBK Club. Includes etched glass doors, granite, tiled floors, home theatre, study w/2 computer centers. Heated pool & spa, summer kitchen. Seller motivated!......... $997,000 PROMENADE – Outstanding penthouse w/sweeping views of city & Gulf. 3BR/3.5 BA residence w/10’ ceilings, raised panel walls & doors, crown molding, wood & marble floors, wrap around terrace, + all the amenities & 2 pkg spaces. Concierge, 24 hr. security......$1,495,000 WATER CLUB I – 7th floor unbelievable south views of Gulf and City from this 3BR/3BA set to go showplace. Perfection in every detail. Furnished..$1,695,000 ESTATE LOT – Over and E onIN Sarasota G Bay with 119 ND P acre LEbay.................................$1,890,000 SA& feet of new seawall LONGBOAT KEY – SANCTUARY – Enjoy spectacular city, bay, golf & gulf views from this 6th floor corner 3BR beachfront residence behind gates of the LBK Club. Wood floors, crown moldings, soffit lighting, built-ins & storm shutters. All amenities plus 2 garage spaces.......$1,195,000 PENTHOUSE AT THE SANCTUARY – spectacuG SALE PENDIN lar views....................................................$1,450,000

While summer real estate sales on Longboat Key and neighboring offshore Keys started off fairly strong for the normally slow, late summer off-season, recorded sales tailed off the second and third weeks in September. There were 18 sales recorded at the County Clerk’s offices in Bradenton and Sarasota the first week of September, but the second week transactions filings slipped to 16 and abruptly dropped down to just seven the third week. Many are the reasons — depressed stock market, reluctance of some to fly since Sept. 11 and the almost “flat” national economy coupled with the uncertainty of war with Iraq. Oldtimers also remind us of the normal seasonal summer slump at this time of the year, preceding the annual upturn in activity with the beginning of another winter season when seasonal residents and tourist return. Like everything else, time will tell. Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker

440 Gulf of Mexico Drive • Longboat, FL • (941) 383-7591


CASEY KEY BAYFRONT – Fabulous 3/4 acre gated estate w/beach access. 2 story unique home w/quality & flair. Large pool & patios overlook the bay and tropical gardens. Featured in national publications, casual and open.......................................................$1,995,000


Tangerine Bay


SIESTA KEY – Key West Contemporary architectural DING PEN SALE setting........................... design, private tropical $625,000 NORTH SIESTAKEY- SIESTACOVE – Sailboat water, 2 D story Key West updated home. 2 boat lifts $1,639,000 SOL20’dock,

• FURNISHED PENTHOUSE #535 overlooks the bay to

Wagner Realty at the Centre Shops welcomes Cathy as Branch Manager of the Longboat Key office. Cathy brings 25 years of real estate experience on Longboat Key to Wagner’s. Give Cathy a call for your real estate needs.

Sarasota. 3 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths, huge loft with additional sleeping area & family room, mahogany interior doors and marble floors. Your own 2 car parking garage. A SOTHEBY’S LISTING $895,000.


Buttonwood Harbour •

2200 SQ. FT. RANCH Features include updated kitchen, family room area, artist studio or office, 3 bedooms, workshop, 2 car garage, boat dockage, private wooded view form pool and lanai. $450,000.

Buttonwood Harbour Tangerine Bay

$785,000. $895,000.


Promenade SOLD Harbour Court SOLD Inn on the Beach SOLD Bayou Sound Rd. SOLD Sea Place SOLD Sea Place SOLD Water Club II SOLD Bay View Rd. SOLD Buttonwood Cove SOLD Cedars East SOLD Inn on the Beach SOLD Sea Place SOLD Longboat Harbour SOLD Beach Place SOLD

Yo u r

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PALMER RANCH – Lowest priced home in Prestancia. Two large master suites, 2 guest rooms & study. New tiled floors, carpeting & A/C........$495,000 MAINLAND – ASHLEY – Enjoy a magnificent golf course view from spacious 4BR/4BA. Featuring wood floors, French doors & gourmet kitchen detailed w/granite & wood opening to a family room w/fireplace. Master suite w/sitting area & 2 walk-in closets. 3-car garage.. $789,000 THE OAKS PRESERVE – Sunrise and Sunsets on Sarasota Bay! 5th floor 3 BR / 3 Bath condo 2 private elevators. Beautiful tile floors and spacious screed terrace. Shiny white kitchen, 9ft. ceilings. Championship golf, tennis and fine dining.............................$459,000 RITZ CARLTON PENTHOUSE – Be on top of the world in this private penthouse condominium and enjoy the world class amenities of the Ritz. Sparkling bay views from every room of this 4734 sq ft private residence including two master suites, guest and leisure room with wet bar all marble floors. Magnificently furnished at...........$3,450,000 MUSUEM AREA – Historical designated Bayfront gated estate built in 1926 on 1.8 acres. Georgian style home, 3 BR, study, sunroom, 9 ft. ceilings. Dock & seawall, gazebo and guest house..............................$3,900,00 MOTE RANCH – Lakefront location on large lot with magnificent views. Model like home with high ceilings, crown moldings. Great community w/boat docks Braden River, pool and tennis courts...............................$425,000

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Longboat Key, FL 34228 Local: 941-387-9709 Fax: 941-383-3798


While summer real estate sales on Longboat Key and neighboring offshore Keys started off fairly strong for the normally slow, late summer off-season, recorded sales tailed off the second and third weeks in September. There were 18 sales recorded at the County Clerk’s offices in Bradenton and Sarasota the first week of September, but the second week transactions filings slipped to 16 and abruptly dropped down to just seven the third week. Many are the reasons — depressed stock market, reluctance of some to fly since Sept. 11 and the almost “flat” national economy coupled with the uncertainty of war with Iraq. Oldtimers also remind us of the normal seasonal summer slump at this time of the year, preceding the annual upturn in activity with the beginning of another winter season when seasonal residents and tourist return. Like everything else, time will tell.



annette rogers s

R. Alteslane — acquired condominium S-302 in the 12story, 88-unit Longboat Key Towers, 601 Longboat Club Road, from Dorothy K. and Paul B. Rubenstein, Sarasota Bay Club, for $585,000. The Rubensteins bought the now 32-year-old, three-bedroom and three-bath apartment in February 1995 for $315,000.

ce u d o r t In

Bayport Beach & Tennis Club Mary Ann Picard, a Nashua, N.H., investor who sold a number Longboat Key properties in the last year, purchased apartment 605 in building 3-B at the 136-unit Bayport Beach & Tennis Club from C. & P. Associates of Sarasota Inc., based in Poole, England, for $330,000. The two-bedroom and two-bath condominium was built in 1980 and last sold for $260,000 in June 2000.

Mrs. Rogers’ Neighborhoods

RESIDENTIAL HOMES HARBOR ACRES BAY VIEWS AND GREAT BOATING! - $2,895,000. Gorgeous, furnished, almost-new home with extraordinary detailing. 4,200 sq. ft. with 4BR/4BA, 4 car garage & elevator. SENSATIONAL SUNSETS - $2,475,000. from this fantastic Bird Key home. Smashing Mediterranean w/all the “appropriate touches”. Great boating! In-law suite possible. Priced below appraisal! PANORAMIC WATER VIEWS FROM ST. ARMANDS MEDITERRANEAN - $2,395,000. Spacious 4 or 5 bedroom home with over 4,900 sq. ft., volume ceilings, dramatic extras, 2 fireplaces, elevator and docking for a 40’ boat. ONE ACRE ON THE BAY - $1,995,000. Amazing views, incredible landscaping and supreme privacy. Fabulous 75’ lap pool. Beach access. LARGE FAMILY HOME AT THE BEACH! $1,250,000. Key West style home with multiple decks for viewing. Brand new and beautiful! PRIVATE HOME IN THE BAYOU - $659,000. - Lovingly maintained 3 or 4BR on quiet cul-desac. Heated pool, new roof, A/C and new paver driveway.


Country Club Shores

3531 Bayou Point

A 36-year-old, four-bedroom and three-bath home at 590 Wedge Lane in the fifth unit of Country Club Shores has been sold for $1,100,000. Martha A. and Frank G. Gilfeather, 4784 Sweet Meadow Circle, Osprey, sold the home to Hogan Real Estate, a limited liability company based in Louisville, Ky. The Gilfeathers bought the home for $514,000 in September 1995.

Sunday Oct. 13 1-4pm

OPEN BAYFRONT 5 bedroom home behind the gates of Longboat Key Club. Reduced to $2,495,000

Inn on the Beach

KEPECZ Steven • 330 John Ringling Blvd. Sarasota, FL 376-6411 ~Direct Line 388-4433 - office 924-9000 ~ showing inquiries


In one of the highest prices paid for an apartment in the 221-unit Inn on the Beach, McNeill Management Limited Partnership of 620 Bowsprit Lane, Country Club Shores, paid $700,000 to Edward W. Andrews Jr. of Skillman, N.J., for his unit 3807 at 230 Sands Point Drive. The condominium was built in 1982 by Arvida and last sold for $510,000 in April 1998.

Fairway Bay II In March 1997, Joan K. and Phillip Carskaddan, together with Palmyra M. Carskaddan of Borrego Springs, Calif., bought unit 336 in building M-3 at Fairway Bay II, 2016 Harbourside Drive, for $235,000. Five years later they have now sold the 18-year-old, two-bedroom and two-bath apartment for $637,000 to KDM Investments, L.L.C., 590 Golden Gate Point, Sarasota. Like Inn on the Beach, the 288-unit Fairway Bay was developed by Arvida in the early 1980s.


Longboat Key Towers

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A Springfield, Ohio, couple — Patricia A. and Alfred

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TERRIFIC BIRD KEY LOCATION! “Cute as a button” is this 3BR/2BA home! Recently renovated! Newer kitchen and baths, wood plank flooring, gas range. Beautiful lot has huge trees!$479,000 MLS#226698

REALTORS 5910 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach, FL 34217 941-778-0777 • 778-0770 • 800-741-3772


DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS! Completely renovated 2BR/2BA at Castillian has fabulous beach views! Baths, kitchen, flooring, furnishings - everything redone! Garage parking, electric storm shutters. Only the best! $575,000 MLS#226441

1/1 CONDO. Sutton Place. On the bay. 1 block to the beaches. Longboat Key 3/2 HOUSE. One block to the beaches. Open, heated pool. Washer/dryer. Holmes Beach 3/2 CONDO. On the beach. 2nd floor. Private elevator. Holmes Beach

DREAMS FOR SAIL! Beautiful 2BR/2BA at Longboat Harbour offers the very finest in upgrades! “Wow” kitchen with granite counters, marble vanities in baths, plantation shutters and wet bar! Gorgeous views of canal and yacht basin! Deeded beach access, tennis, 4 pools! $309,000 MLS#226509

3/2 HOUSE. On deep canal. Caged, heated pool. 2 car garage. Washer/dryer. Holmes Beach

SERENE VIEWS! Fabulous views of reflecting pond and a “peek” of the Gulf! Largest 2BR/2BA at Beachplace has wonderful “beach cottage” feeling. $529,000 MLS#226215

2/2 HOUSE. On deep canal. Washer/dryer. North of Anna Maria


3/2 HOUSE. On deep canal. Washer/dryer. North of Anna Maria

ask for annette Bus. (941) 387-0800 Eve. (941) 387-0900 (800) 209-0330

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GORGEOUS BAY VIEWS! This 2BR/2BA “Monet” floor plan at Condo on the Bay awaits a new artist! Price reflects owner’s motivation. Convenient downtown location! Visit art galleries, restaurants and theaters! Won’t last at this price!$359,000 MLS#226701

REGENT PLACE! - $2,700,000. - spacious “B” plan in south building w/the most fabulous views of gulf bay and city. Over 3,200 sq. ft. of PIZAZZ! DESIGNER PERFECTION ON THE BEACH! $1,895,000. - 9th floor Waterclub unit with gorgeous gulf and bay views. Loads of special features and upgrades. SMACK DAB ON THE GULF! - $1,695,000. Immaculate Villa Di Lancia penthouse. Huge terrace, high ceilings, great amenities! LUXURIATE ON LIDO! - $899,000. - 3BR/3BA condo home in L’Elegance. Views of both gulf & bay. Corner unit w/generous wrap-around balconies. SANCTUARY-BEACH “WALK-DOWN” $899,000. - 2 or 3 bedroom with gorgeous wood floors, great built-ins and perfect location. HUGE BAY VIEWS - $629,000. - Sought after corner unit at Grand Bay. Gigantic terrace, designer turnkey furnished, loads of extras and 2 parking spaces. COREYS LANDING VILLA - $499,000. Immaculate, open, bright and provides super views of lake and golf course. 3BR/2BA, vaulted ceilings & new appliances. SPACIOUS TOWNHOME IN FAIRWAY BAY$325,000. - Corner unit with fireplace, skylights and volume ceilings. Great amenities. FAIRWAY BAY WALKDOWN - $299,900. Lush greenbelt views from this 2 bedroom. Tennis, pool and deeded beach access. Small pet okay. BENT TREE FAMILY HOME - $215,000. Private home on cul-de-sac w/ 3BR/2BA, pool, 2 car garage and large lanai.

Licensed Real Estate Broker 440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228


While summer real estate sales on Longboat Key and neighboring offshore Keys started off fairly strong for the normally slow, late summer off-season, recorded sales tailed off the second and third weeks in September. There were 18 sales recorded at the County Clerk’s offices in Bradenton and Sarasota the first week of September, but the second week transactions filings slipped to 16 and abruptly dropped down to just seven the third week. Many are the reasons — depressed stock market, reluctance of some to fly since Sept. 11 and the almost “flat” national economy coupled with the uncertainty of war with Iraq. Oldtimers also remind us of the normal seasonal summer slump at this time of the year, preceding the annual upturn in activity with the beginning of another winter season when seasonal residents and tourist return. Like everything else, time will tell.



annette rogers s

R. Alteslane — acquired condominium S-302 in the 12story, 88-unit Longboat Key Towers, 601 Longboat Club Road, from Dorothy K. and Paul B. Rubenstein, Sarasota Bay Club, for $585,000. The Rubensteins bought the now 32-year-old, three-bedroom and three-bath apartment in February 1995 for $315,000.

ce u d o r t In

Bayport Beach & Tennis Club Mary Ann Picard, a Nashua, N.H., investor who sold a number Longboat Key properties in the last year, purchased apartment 605 in building 3-B at the 136-unit Bayport Beach & Tennis Club from C. & P. Associates of Sarasota Inc., based in Poole, England, for $330,000. The two-bedroom and two-bath condominium was built in 1980 and last sold for $260,000 in June 2000.

Mrs. Rogers’ Neighborhoods

RESIDENTIAL HOMES HARBOR ACRES BAY VIEWS AND GREAT BOATING! - $2,895,000. Gorgeous, furnished, almost-new home with extraordinary detailing. 4,200 sq. ft. with 4BR/4BA, 4 car garage & elevator. SENSATIONAL SUNSETS - $2,475,000. from this fantastic Bird Key home. Smashing Mediterranean w/all the “appropriate touches”. Great boating! In-law suite possible. Priced below appraisal! PANORAMIC WATER VIEWS FROM ST. ARMANDS MEDITERRANEAN - $2,395,000. Spacious 4 or 5 bedroom home with over 4,900 sq. ft., volume ceilings, dramatic extras, 2 fireplaces, elevator and docking for a 40’ boat. ONE ACRE ON THE BAY - $1,995,000. Amazing views, incredible landscaping and supreme privacy. Fabulous 75’ lap pool. Beach access. LARGE FAMILY HOME AT THE BEACH! $1,250,000. Key West style home with multiple decks for viewing. Brand new and beautiful! PRIVATE HOME IN THE BAYOU - $659,000. - Lovingly maintained 3 or 4BR on quiet cul-desac. Heated pool, new roof, A/C and new paver driveway.


Country Club Shores

3531 Bayou Point

A 36-year-old, four-bedroom and three-bath home at 590 Wedge Lane in the fifth unit of Country Club Shores has been sold for $1,100,000. Martha A. and Frank G. Gilfeather, 4784 Sweet Meadow Circle, Osprey, sold the home to Hogan Real Estate, a limited liability company based in Louisville, Ky. The Gilfeathers bought the home for $514,000 in September 1995.

Sunday Oct. 13 1-4pm

OPEN BAYFRONT 5 bedroom home behind the gates of Longboat Key Club. Reduced to $2,495,000

Inn on the Beach

KEPECZ Steven • 330 John Ringling Blvd. Sarasota, FL 376-6411 ~Direct Line 388-4433 - office 924-9000 ~ showing inquiries


In one of the highest prices paid for an apartment in the 221-unit Inn on the Beach, McNeill Management Limited Partnership of 620 Bowsprit Lane, Country Club Shores, paid $700,000 to Edward W. Andrews Jr. of Skillman, N.J., for his unit 3807 at 230 Sands Point Drive. The condominium was built in 1982 by Arvida and last sold for $510,000 in April 1998.

Fairway Bay II In March 1997, Joan K. and Phillip Carskaddan, together with Palmyra M. Carskaddan of Borrego Springs, Calif., bought unit 336 in building M-3 at Fairway Bay II, 2016 Harbourside Drive, for $235,000. Five years later they have now sold the 18-year-old, two-bedroom and two-bath apartment for $637,000 to KDM Investments, L.L.C., 590 Golden Gate Point, Sarasota. Like Inn on the Beach, the 288-unit Fairway Bay was developed by Arvida in the early 1980s.


Longboat Key Towers

Experience…The Difference

A Springfield, Ohio, couple — Patricia A. and Alfred

Certified Previews ® Property Specialist

TERRIFIC BIRD KEY LOCATION! “Cute as a button” is this 3BR/2BA home! Recently renovated! Newer kitchen and baths, wood plank flooring, gas range. Beautiful lot has huge trees!$479,000 MLS#226698

REALTORS 5910 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach, FL 34217 941-778-0777 • 778-0770 • 800-741-3772


DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS! Completely renovated 2BR/2BA at Castillian has fabulous beach views! Baths, kitchen, flooring, furnishings - everything redone! Garage parking, electric storm shutters. Only the best! $575,000 MLS#226441

1/1 CONDO. Sutton Place. On the bay. 1 block to the beaches. Longboat Key 3/2 HOUSE. One block to the beaches. Open, heated pool. Washer/dryer. Holmes Beach 3/2 CONDO. On the beach. 2nd floor. Private elevator. Holmes Beach

DREAMS FOR SAIL! Beautiful 2BR/2BA at Longboat Harbour offers the very finest in upgrades! “Wow” kitchen with granite counters, marble vanities in baths, plantation shutters and wet bar! Gorgeous views of canal and yacht basin! Deeded beach access, tennis, 4 pools! $309,000 MLS#226509

3/2 HOUSE. On deep canal. Caged, heated pool. 2 car garage. Washer/dryer. Holmes Beach

SERENE VIEWS! Fabulous views of reflecting pond and a “peek” of the Gulf! Largest 2BR/2BA at Beachplace has wonderful “beach cottage” feeling. $529,000 MLS#226215

2/2 HOUSE. On deep canal. Washer/dryer. North of Anna Maria


3/2 HOUSE. On deep canal. Washer/dryer. North of Anna Maria

ask for annette Bus. (941) 387-0800 Eve. (941) 387-0900 (800) 209-0330

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GORGEOUS BAY VIEWS! This 2BR/2BA “Monet” floor plan at Condo on the Bay awaits a new artist! Price reflects owner’s motivation. Convenient downtown location! Visit art galleries, restaurants and theaters! Won’t last at this price!$359,000 MLS#226701

REGENT PLACE! - $2,700,000. - spacious “B” plan in south building w/the most fabulous views of gulf bay and city. Over 3,200 sq. ft. of PIZAZZ! DESIGNER PERFECTION ON THE BEACH! $1,895,000. - 9th floor Waterclub unit with gorgeous gulf and bay views. Loads of special features and upgrades. SMACK DAB ON THE GULF! - $1,695,000. Immaculate Villa Di Lancia penthouse. Huge terrace, high ceilings, great amenities! LUXURIATE ON LIDO! - $899,000. - 3BR/3BA condo home in L’Elegance. Views of both gulf & bay. Corner unit w/generous wrap-around balconies. SANCTUARY-BEACH “WALK-DOWN” $899,000. - 2 or 3 bedroom with gorgeous wood floors, great built-ins and perfect location. HUGE BAY VIEWS - $629,000. - Sought after corner unit at Grand Bay. Gigantic terrace, designer turnkey furnished, loads of extras and 2 parking spaces. COREYS LANDING VILLA - $499,000. Immaculate, open, bright and provides super views of lake and golf course. 3BR/2BA, vaulted ceilings & new appliances. SPACIOUS TOWNHOME IN FAIRWAY BAY$325,000. - Corner unit with fireplace, skylights and volume ceilings. Great amenities. FAIRWAY BAY WALKDOWN - $299,900. Lush greenbelt views from this 2 bedroom. Tennis, pool and deeded beach access. Small pet okay. BENT TREE FAMILY HOME - $215,000. Private home on cul-de-sac w/ 3BR/2BA, pool, 2 car garage and large lanai.

Licensed Real Estate Broker 440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228



BUSINESS Real estate reports

A Collection of Fine Homes

GRAND BAY - LONGBOAT KEY Gorgeous bayfront. Beautiful views of Sarasota bay and skyline. Luxuriously appointed, shows like a model. Tennis, pool, private beach, clubhouse m& state-of-the-art fitness center. $999,000. Jerry Thompson 552-3966

CLUB LONGBOAT Popular tennis & beach community newly renovated. Light ,bright and sunny w/two large terraces overlooking tennis & peaks of the gulf. 8 Har-Tru courts, 2 pools & spa plus friendly social clubhouse & fitness center. $449,000 SJerry Thompson 552-3966

SANDY COVE - SIESTA KEY Beautifully remodeled two story condo within walking distance to The Village. Spiral staircase to the master suite with “roof top” garden sun deck. Private beach, fishing pier. Owner/Associate. $589,000. Jerry Thompson 552-3966

SAPPHIRE SHORES BAYFRONT-With protected sailboat water. Large waterfront lot, perfect for upscale construction with view of Bay, Longboat, Ca d’Zan or enjoy updated family pool home with 4BR, 2.5BA and 2 fireplaces. $1,400,000. David Jennings 6507354

Michael Saunders & Company — Jim Warburton has joined the Longboat Key South office. He specializes in the marketing and selling of unique waterfront properties. He has more than 13 years of real estate experience. Previously, Warburton owned a brokerage on the southern coast of Massachusetts. He is a member of the National and Sarasota Association of Realtors. Before his real estate career, Warburton was a building industry consultant and manager with a major communications corporation. He has a bachelor of science degree in civil and structural engineering from the Worcester Jim Warburton Polytechnic Institute. The nearby Siesta Key office also has a new addition. Gloria TottiCervoni, specializing in residential, waterfront and marina properties. She brings more than 10 years of Realtor experience to the company. A member of the Sarasota Association and Manatee Board of Realtors, she has a bachelor of arts degree and participates in a school board mentoring program. Originally from Puerto Rico, she is a former member of the San Juan Board of Realtors. The company’s Palmer Ranch office also welcomes a new face — Tak Konstantinou. He is a native Sarasotan and specializes in residential property sales. Before delving into the real estate business, he worked as a photographer and videographer in places like Red Sea, Papua and New Guinea. He is the son of Dr. Eugenie Clark, worldrenowned shark expert, author and founding director of Mote Marine Laboratory. He studied at Western Carolina University and is a graduate of Andy Gray School of Real Estate. RE/MAX Excellence — Ramona Glanz and Andrew Vac, brokers for the company’s

SIESTA KEY TREASURE REDUCED Developers * Investors * or Beach Home…. this unique property just seconds to the beach could be the gem you have been looking for. So much potential. Zoning RMF-3. $2,500,000. #221609 Angela Wicks 266-0488

THE OAKS - BAYSIDE New Construction. Magnificent residence overlooking Little Sarasota Bay. Over 7,000 sq. ft., 5BR/5.5BA with magnificent details. Architects and design team available for consultation on plan changes. $3,000,000. #207363 Maureen Harrison 926-2606

Specializing in: • Jumbo markets • Self-employed borrowers • No income verification • Mortgages nationwide • Second mortgages/equity lines

An independently owned and operated member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

Penny Hill



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Michael Moulton Brings People and Properties Together VILLA DI LANCIA - Longboat direct gulf front three bedroom condominium beautifully decorated with many built-ins and beautiful finishes throughout. Large terrace with the desirable southwest exposure. Offered at $1,850,000. “888” - Bay front 16th floor. Two condos combined into a unique four bedroom, four bath home with separate service quarters and a caterer’s kitchen. Three screened terraces. Offered at $1,250,000. BAY PLAZA - Fully remodeled 10th story two bedroom condominium overlooking bay and gulf. Steps to downtown. Offered at $469,000. ROYAL ST. ANDREW - Large three bedroom corner condominium located in a well-maintained downtown Sarasota Building. Offered at $395,000.

Visit These Web Sites: or

Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker

440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228 10102


8830 S. Tamiami Trail 8447 S. Tamiami Trail 6360 S. Tamiami Trail 438 St Armands Circle 5899 Whitfield Avenue 240 S. Pineapple Avenue 8801 Stoneybrook Boulevard 595 Bay Isles Rd, Mediterranean Plaza • Coming Soon!

The Encore — Sarasota’s newest downtown development had its groundbreaking last month and its homes are available for purchase. The Encore offers 15 Mediterranean-inspired luxury homes and is just steps away from street-side cafes, eateries, businesses, park and arts and theater district. Owners can choose from three distinctive floor plants with prices starting in the high $300s. Each home offers a private garage and private front- and rear-door entrances. The Encore is located at the northwest corner of Fruitville Road and Cocoanut Avenue, one block east of U.S. 41 and South Tamiami Trail. It is sold and managed by Hembree & Associates which was established in 1985. — Lusya Sullivan

The Penny Hill Group

941.926.7000 • • • • • • • •

Longboat Key and St. Armands Circle branches, participated with friends and staff in the “Race For The Cure” for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation held recently in St. Petersburg. RE/MAX Excellence is a cosponsor of the National Series Breast Cancer Survivor Recognition Program at Komen “Race For The Cure” events. It contributes “I’m a Survivor” pink T-shirts, caps, “In Honor Of” and “In Memory Of” back-signs and program banners for the racers. St. Armands Circle will host the Susan G. Komen “Circle of Hope” Saturday, Oct. 19, and many of the local business will donate a percentage of the day’s receipts to the foundation.



FINE FLORIDA LIVING - Spacious 4BR, 4BA home features large master suite with jacuzzi tub & separate shower. Aquarium windows bring the outdoors into the large family room and adjoining tile kitchen. Beautiful lawn with oversized pool & spa overlooks a serene lake and golf course view. $659,900. #226270 Jeff Carter 321-5294. KEY WEST MASTERPIECE IN THE OAKS - This multi-level 4BR/4.5BA w/unique architectural design situated on one of The Oaks most pvt. settings. Marble, stone & wood highlight this 5,575 sq. ft. floor plan. The wrap-around balcony views the twinkling lights of the barrier islands, Little Sarasota Bay & Preserve. $2,995,000. Maureen Harrison 926-2606. THE PHOENIX - Elegant bayfront condo with luxurious custom decor and direct bay views located in the heart of Sarasota! Exquisitely appointed 3,800 sq. ft. residence with expansive exterior terrace, pvt. elevator & lavish gourmet kitchen. Furniture package available separately. $1,489,000 #223603. Jim Soda 266-5678 FABULOUS NEW CONSTRUCTION - By John Cannon. West of Trail, Red Rock area. 3,800 sq.ft. of architectural elegance, 5BR, 5BA, bonus room with balcony. 3 side entry garage. Gourmet kitchen w/granite counters, stainless appliances. Incredible pool & spa area w/outdoor kitchen. $925,000. #224596. Michael & Cynthia Bowers 966-0499. LIDO CONDO - The perfect getaway! Close to the beach and St. Armands Circle. 1BR/1BA, 657 sq. ft. Tastefully updated w/tile, carpet & furnishings. $179,000. #207300. carol Palmeri 966-7003. WEST OF THE TRAIL - Historic Dutch Colonial from the 1920s. 3BR, 2BA evokes charm and character. Wood floors, all new kitchen, updated baths. Fireplace in family room. Screened lanai and pool. Pool/bath house can double as in-law suite. Situated on 2 lots. $525,000. #223760. Jim Soda 266-5678. TROPICAL ISLAND HIDEAWAY - A bountiful boater’s paradise! Private Siesta Key home on corner lot in lush tropical setting. A protected boat basin, 3 boat docks on deep sailboat water & a 235 ft. seawall. Secluded 2 story custom designed residence only 3 homes in from the Intracoastal. $1,100,000. #221918 Lyle Stanek 918-1400. THE ENCLAVE - In Prestancia. Beautifully updated 2-story home. 4,100 + sq. ft., open plan. 3-4BR/3.5BA, soaring ceilings, plantation shutters, tile & wood floors. $500,000. #207248. maureen harrison 926-7000. TRITON COVE Key West style home on Longboat Key. Across from direct beach access. Gulf views from the main living area and master suite. 3,000 sq.ft. with heated pool & 8 ft. hot tub. 3BR, 3BA. $999,900. #224047 Jim Soda 266-5678

Longboat Key and St. Armands Circle teams of the RE/MAX Excellence raced for the cure.

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Premier Properties VILLA D’LANCIA



Reach for the stars from the expansive terrace of this elegant gulf front condo. Over 2400 sq. ft. of living area. 10’ ceilings, solid 8’ doors throughout, ceramic & marble floors, granite countertops, top of the line appliances, bahama shutters & numerous upgrades. Call Paul Collins anytime 928-4062.

Custom built 2-story contractor’s own home with 4,860 square feet of living area. Magnificent view of Manatee River. Pool, dock, exercise room, home theater, gourmet kitchen. #222439 Call Dorothy Cook. 383-5577.

5BR/6.5B 2.36 acre gated estate! Elegant Grand foyer, gourmet kitchen, master suite with fireplace, wet bar & sitting room. Great room has granite bar and fireplace. Fabulous 4 tier media room. Dramatic views from overlooking pool and open bay waters. Alan Galletto or Frank Davis: 778-6066.



Sarabay Real Estate


Wagner Realty, Inc.

Island Real Estate




Breathtaking bay & Skyway views from this totally updated 3BR/3B home in beautiful Key Royale. Situated on large lot with heated pool, everything takes maximum advantage of open water views. New kitchen, baths, flooring, roof, pool, seawall cap and dock. Call Alan Galletto or Frank Davis: 778-6066.

Grand 10,500-sq-ft Siesta Key estate on deep protected boating water with 80 foot dockage, panoramic water views, 216 ft. seawall, almost 1 acre of privacy, 4 bedroom suites, 2 pools, home theater, marble floors, snooker room, guest wing. Truly spectacular! Call Betsy de Manio or Kate Tyler at 924-9000.

This magnificent, gated estate home on Bird Key offers you billion dollar views, soaring ceilings, marble floors, 4-5BR/5BA, separate guest suite with morning kitchen, family room with media center, gazebo, infinity edge pool, spa, outdoor kitchen, boat dock and much more. Call Carol Trigg at 349-4478.

$1,199,000 Island Real Estate



Coldwell Banker Residential R.E.

Century 21 Advantage



Enchanting, unspoiled & natural beauty surround this immaculate 4BR/4BA custom home. Soaring 17’ ceilings, large windows & French doors to enjoy completely private water & pool views. Short walk to boat dock, beaches & steps to private tennis courts. Call Mike Migone or Tina Rudek: 383-5543

Build your dream home on almost 2 acres of pristine beachfront property along Siesta Key’s world renowned Crescent Beach. Unmatched natural beauty and expansive views from this Gulf-front sanctuary with 160 feet of sugar white beach. Great investment potential! Call Betsy de Manio at 924-9000.

$1,195,000 Wedebrock Real Estate

$3,875,000 Coldwell Banker Residential R.E.




Panoramic views at Sarasota's greatest water attraction The Carlyle: DiVosta delivers relaxed comfort in a model that has evolved to excellence The charm of an elegant Cape Cod cottage greets visitors to the Carlyle model by DiVosta Homes. From the first glimpse of this single-family home, visitors know there is something special about it. The Carlyle’s front veranda and French windows give an impression of warmth and invitation. This is not a run-of-the-

mill Florida house slapped together by a builder anxious to “get ‘em up and sold as fast and cheaply as possible.” This is a quality home built with care and pride. This is a DiVosta Built-Solid home. The Carlyle and the DiVosta building system have evolved to its present state-of-the-art since 1985. Improvements have been built in after

suggestions from customers, architects, industry experts, DiVosta customer service and construction pros, and Carlyle owners. The Carlyle is a home for all seasons of life. For the growing family, its 2,503 square feet of air-condition-ed living space (3,377 total square feet) is perfect. The DiVosta Carlyle is available in four or

living room, an open kitchen with service counter and sunny breakfast nook, and you’ll soon see that this is a home designed for comfortable living. When the kids move out, the Carlyle becomes a perfect home for entertaining both formally and informally. The bedrooms become guest rooms with plenty of room for both short and long visits by family

five-bedroom, three-bath models with a two-car garage. Those of you with children can appreciate the importance of having separate bathrooms for the boys and girls. Plus, mom and dad have a his-and-hers bathroom area divided by an adjoining shower. Add the huge great room with 12-foot volume ceiling, formal dining room, an intimate

Resort-style, waterfront view living on your own village peninsula from the $200’s to the $300’s

and friends. For a retirement or second home, the single-story Carlyle includes a central vacuum system, built-in security system, an optional fireplace in the living room, and an optional home media center in the great room. When you add the fact that Carlyle homes are located in a master-planned community, where bicycles and golf carts are the preferred mode of transportation, it’s easy to see why living in a Carlyle is the perfect way to lead a lifestyle reminiscent of a kinder, gentler time.

Additional upgraded features that are included throughout the Carlyle at no additional cost are Schlage® locks, carpet and pad and 17” by 17” ceramic tile, decorative baseboard and Canterbury door trim, rounded wall corners and counter tops, Lennox® central heating and air conditioning, smoke detectors and fire extinguisher, pre-wired telephone jacks and cable television outlets, pre-wired switched electrical outlet in ceiling, paver driveway, a sizeable homesite and landscape that is maintained by the homeowners association, and exterior front and rear lighting.

A dramatic and gated entry, surrounded by water and featuring unique bridges, presents the VillageWalk community to residents and visitors. Pedestrian bridges provide easy access to the Town Center and lakefront neighborhoods of this tropical paradise. Heated pools, tennis, fitness center, post office, and marketplace with café, are just several of the exciting amenities that will be available here. Pool and Clocktower photos courtesy of IslandWalk in Naples. Amenities subject to change.

The planned Town Center will have year-round activities for residents and a full-time leisure services director to create special programs and events at VillageWalk for everyone to enjoy. There is no membership fee to experience resort-style living at VillageWalk. Directions: I-75, Exit #205 Clark Road, and go west to Honore Ave. Turn left (south) and travel past the corner of Honore and the Palmer Ranch Parkway. The Sales Center is appx. 1 mile south of the Palmer Ranch Parkway. If traveling from U.S. 41, follow to Central 75 41 Sarasota Parkway to Honore Avenue and turn left (north). Just minutes to Gulf beaches. (VillageWalk is a community with lakes and is not on the Gulf.) ST.














The end result of these features and the Built-Solid construction system is a home of exceptional quality, constructed to exacting standards, in less than half the time of conventionally built houses. Add standard features that other builders charge premium prices for, the convenience and comfort of a preplanned community, and you have a truly luxurious home at an outstanding value. A DiVosta Carlyle home will last a long, long time.





(941) 926-3933



Models / Sales Information Centers open daily 9 to 6

at VillageWalk of Wellington OR $100,000 towards any DiVosta home*

IN THE ARC’S 12TH ANNUAL (formerly the Association for Retarded Citizens)

Broker participation invited.

FANTASY HOUSE GIVEAWAY Visit any DiVosta Sales Center for details.


Quality homes for over 42 years

Represented by DiVosta Homes, Inc., licensed Real Estate Broker. Oral representations cannot be relied upon as correctly stating the representation of the developer. DiVosta and Company, Inc. may license the use of the DiVosta Building System to selected licensees for the actual construction of homes. Refer to the contract and other homeowner documents for correct representations. Prices subject to change. CB-CO17129. Participation in the Fantasy House Giveaway will involve a $100 voluntary donation to the Arc of Palm Beach County. Please refer to the Arc flyer for details, available at all DiVosta Sales Centers

To visit VillageWalk of Sarasota, take I-75 to exit #205 Clark Road, and go west to Honore Ave. Turn left (south) and travel past the corner of Honore and the Palmer Ranch Parkway. The Information Center is appx. 1 mile south of the Palmer Ranch Parkway. If traveling from U.S. 41, follow to Central Sarasota Parkway to Honore Avenue and turn left (north). Just minutes from Gulf beaches. For more information about Village-Walk of Sarasota, please call (941) 926-3933 or visit the website:




Store around the corner

Panaché Beauty Salon & Spa 22 Avenue of the Flowers Longboat Key

Lusya Sullivan

Laktayaphorn Phromkaeo, left, pampers Rose Higley’s hands. Owners: It is owned by Laktayaphorn Phromkaeo and Steven David Anderson. Year Established: The salon has been around for 20 years, but it has been under new ownership since July 1. But Phromkaeo is not a new face at the establishment — she has been working there since last fall. An official grand opening will be held next month — just in time for returning snowbirds. Hours: The salon is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Employees: Longboaters will be happy to learn that hairstylists Linda and Margaret, who used to work for the salon in the past, are returning to the salon. Other stylists include Margaret, Jon and Renaté. Type of store: It is a full beauty salon and spa (which should be ready in November), specializing in hair and nails, facials and waxing, braiding, as well as highlights and chemical. In the future, the salon also will offer permanent makeup. “It’s not easy because you can turn someone a different color,” says Phromkaeo. She comes from a family of beauticians in Thailand and has practiced it for many years. “I guess I got some genes,” she says. Work ethic: “They tell me, ‘Oh, you’re so lucky to have your husband support you.’ Luck comes to someone who works very hard — I don’t believe in luck. I worked very hard for it.” Although the salon is closed on Sundays, Phromkaeo

is there cleaning the place. “I like to do it because I’m very picky,” she says. Most expensive service: That will have to be the “Day of Beauty” where one will be “pampered from head to toe,” says Phromkaeo. It will be complete with lunch and champagne and “I hope everyone will enjoy it. It’s something new for us and it’s gonna be a lot of fun.” Least costly service: Brows can be waxed for $8. Best business advice ever received: “First of all, you have to see the location. Second, you have to know how good the people are who work with you,” she says, adding that appearance is also very important. What is the most challenging part of running this business?: She points out two things: You can’t satisfy everyone all the time and you “have to be strong for the business” as far as gossip in this business. Favorite book: Phromkaeo likes to read “fashion magazines about my career.” But that’s not all she reads. “I also like to read cookbooks because I like to cook.” Favorite movie: “I don’t really have time (for movies) but I like romantic movies,” she says. And although “Matrix” is not a romantic movie, it is one of her favorites. What you like best about this area?: “I like customers here — they are really sweet, older, more experienced ... we talk,” says Phromkaeo. What you like least?: Traffic is not something she’s looking forward to. If you could reincarnate, what would you be?: “I’d like to be myself. I have a good family,” she says. “I have a good life.” — Lusya Sullivan

place. Designer decorated unit boasts gulf frontage, 24-hour security. Tiled foyer, airy interior, light and airy spirit. Rec room, very nice custom blinds, spacious bedrooms, Extra-large closets, 2 BR/2 baths. Washer/dryer. Clubhouse, community swimming pool/spa, turnkey. Covered under building parking. REDUCED $615,000

Bay views & boat dock A small enclave of five homes. One of a kind on the whitest sand known to us here in Florida. Large living area with 3BR/2 baths with extended balcony and spiral staircase to pool area. Filtered views to the bay and clear view of the pool and recreation area. Deeded beach access. $947,000

INVEST MENT PRO P ON LIDO BEAC H Completely Renovated! Four 2 bedroom, 2 bath units located on Lido Beach. Steps to the white sugar sand and walking distance to St. Armands Circle. Could be rented weekly during season or yearly with tenants in place. Coin-op washer and dryer available for the tenants. Room for a pool. Please call for futher details. Available for $879,000


Fabulous home with soaring ceilings, beautiful built-ins, many upgrades including Corian counters, marble baths, great room, family room, 3BR/3.5BA, very private screened, heated pool with Jacuzzi. Deeded beach access. $969,000.


– Almost new, fabulous waterfront location. Grand living room with soaring ceilings and designer built-ins, 4 bedrooms, including grand master. $1,649,000.

G N I D N PE Judy Kepecz 800.910.8728 (941)387.1825


GULF FRONT- Small exclusive enclave tucked into almost an acre with spectacular views of the Gulf, Big Pass, South Lido, the bayou and sunsets. $1,995,000. BAYFRONT - S. LBK - Dock your boat at home when

you build on this sailboat deep waterfront lot with unparalleled views. $1,499,000.


$249,900 - LONGBOAT KEY - DON’T RENT - Have your own paradise in this warm community with marina, clubhouse, pool and deeded beach access. Furnished 2 bedroom villa with screened lanai overlooking preserve. Flat tile roof. Boat dock.

ISLANDER CLUB Fabulous southwest beach views from this updated 2BR/2BA condo. Very private, open floor plan, great building, Olympic sized pool. $575,000. This first floor condo like a beach house! Directly on the Gulf. 2 bedrooms. Furnished. $499,000. Totally updated 2BR/2BA gulf front condo. Granite counters, new appliances, wood cabinets, faux finishes, fabulous light fixtures, plantation shutters. Olympic sized pool. $499,000.

SEA GATE – Spectacular southwest corner - sunrise to sun-

set views - see city lights, dolphins in the Gulf, 180˚ view of everything! 2 bedrooms, furnished, large balcony. Close to shopping, restaurants. $699,000.

GRAND BAY - Decorator furnished Biscayne with breathtaking views of the bay and city skyline! Two bedrooms plus den with every amenity including fitness center, fabulous pool, clubhouse, gated community and private beach club. $899,000. GULF FRONT - Sunrises and sunsets, gulf, bay, skyline

and golf course views. Southwest exposure, light, bright and airy, this unit boasts 2BR + den, 2 balconies, plantation shutters, garage parking, many amenities including pool, tennis, fitness center, etc. $975,000.

LONGBOAT KEY CLUB - Gorgeous bay, city skyline

and gulf views from this designer finished, lovely, large, 3BR/3.5BA beachfront condo behind the gates of the Longboat Key Club. Many amenities including tennis, fitness center, beautiful beachfront pool. $1,275,000.


Magnificent, 3 bed plus den custom south corner penthouse w/spectacular panoramic views of Gulf & Bay. Most sought after floor plan w/Saturnia floors, marble baths, granite kitchen. Private elevator. Private 2 car garage. $2,700,000.


Virtual Tour go to:

330 John Ringling Blvd. Sarasota, FL 376-6411 ~Direct Line 388-4433 - office 924-9000 ~ showing inquiries




TOLL FREE • 877-589-7979


RITZ CARLTON - The many fabulous custom features and breathtaking bay and marina views will dazzle you in this one-of-a-kind, custom 15th floor residence at the Ritz. Custom cherry kitchen, granite counters, marble baths, 3BR+den. Very open floor plan, 2 parking, 2 storage. $2,590,000.





Plush beachside condo with pride of

Team in Florida! in 2000!

w w w. t h e k e p e c z t e a m . c o m

Waterfront 5 bedroom home behind the gates of Longboat Key Club. Reduced to $2,495,000

We Have Sold 5 Country Club Shores Homes This Summer.





Pat & Tom Hanly

SOLD in 2000 & 2001!

LOOKING TO SELL YOUR HOME? Please call me for an evaluation.

Selling Sarasota Successfully!

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES - Brand New 4BR -4.5BA, elevator, leisure + den, pool, spa, 2nd from the bay. $2,775,000 BIRD KEY - Just finished 4BR/3.5BA, 3,700 sq. ft. of first floor living. Outside kitchen, pool, spa, dock. $2,195,000 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES - Under construction 3BR Suites, 3.5BA, elevator, family/media room. Unique design, pool, spa, dock. 4 car garage. $2,295,000 BIRD KEY - 2 story, floating staircase, 5BR/5.5BA, family room. Home theater, pool, spa, dock. $2,875,000 BEHIND THE GATES - of the Longboat Key Club home sits on protected boat basin with a 175’ of seawall featuring 4BR/4BA, huge kitchen, screened lanai, pool and spa which make the perfect home for entertaining. $1,725,000 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES - Bayfront lot 20,000+ sq ft. Build your dream house. $2,195,000 BIRD KEY - New garden home - 3-4BR/3BA, pool & spa. Outside kitchen. Fantastic open design. $1,195,000 BIRD KEY - Extrodinary sunset views enjoyed from almost every room of the Mediterranean 4BR/5BA residence. Cover lanai lead to heated pool, spa and docks directly on the bay. $3,195,000 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES - 3rd in from bay Deep water, 3BR/2BA, Immaculate condition, beautifully maintained & updated. $885,000 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES- New construction 2nd in from bay 4BR/5.5BA open kit & family room on 1.5 lots with 180’ of seawall. $2,750,000

63 Million


201 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite #1 Longboat, Key FL 34228







Unmatched Service. Unrivaled Experience. NEW LISTING COUNTRY CLUB SHORES VERY BEST BUY! Don’t miss this house. One home from Sarasota Bay on a great street. Large lot and home for remodel or build your dream castle. Boater’s paradise. This one will not last long at this bargain price. $785,000.


5.750 / 0.00 5.750 / 0.00 No Quote 5.750 / 0.00 5.875 / 0.00 5.375 / 2.35 6.125 / 0.00 6.000 / 0.00 5.750 / 0.00 5.875 / 0.00 5.500 / 2.00 No Quote No Quote 6.250 / 0.00 5.750 / 1.50 6.000 / 0.00 No Quote No Quote No Quote 5.750 / 0.00 5.750 / 0.00 6.000 / 0.00 5.875 / 0.00 5.875 / 0.00 5.875 / 0.00 5.750 / 0.00 5.750 / 0.38 5.750 / 0.00 6.000 / 0.00 5.625 / 0.75 5.750 / 0.00 5.375 / 3.00 5.500 / 2.00 No Quote 5.750 / 0.00 5.750 / 0.00 No Quote 5.500 / 3.00 5.875 / 0.00 5.750 / 0.00 5.750 / 0.00 5.875 / 0.00 6.000 / 0.00 6.000 / 0.00


(941) 761-9808 or (800) 559-8025.



President’s Circle

NEW CONSTRUCTION 5400 + sq. ft., 5BR home with den, kitchen-family, living, dining & game rooms, 3 car garage and magnificent views of skyline. Walk to St. Armands. $4,000,000.

Dramatic Bay Views Two bedroom penthouse unit boasts wide, open bay views spanning the city lights from the wraparound terrace. Offered at $649,000

EMERALD POINTE SOUTH - 3BR/3.5BA home with caged, heated pool and double garage. Beautiful tile floors, spacious kitchen with stainless steel appliances............$649,000. GULF FRONT - 4 Bedroom home with library on Longboat’s best beach. Designer decorated and furnished with casual elegance. Furnished.....................................................$3,000,000. SUNRISE/SUNSET - Enjoy them both from this 8th floor corner 3 bedroom home (Antigua model) at Grand Bay. Beautiful custom built-ins, imported tile floors, 2 upper level parking spaces, direct bayfront location.................$1,550,000. ISLAND RETREAT The ultimate in privacy and tranquility. The Polynesian style home is designed in pods. 4 BR, 4.5 baths. Bayfront location. Boat dock. Price includes a Carolina skiff and a landside docking space. Furnished...................$950,000. WEST OF THE TRAIL - Building lot across from a county park with a water access..............................................$65,500. DOWNTOWN - 2 bedroom, 1 bath, walk to everything....... ....................................................$750 mo.,.first, last, security. SEE ALL THESE PROPERTIES AT

BOBBIE BANAN, REALTOR® 356-2659 • 383-2659

Michael Saunders & Company

Tom R. Delaney

Licensed Real Estate Broker Affiliated with Leading Estates of the World & Sotheby’s International Realty

(941) 387-3990


Toll Free: 800-730-0304 “00”

St. Armands Circle, Sarasota, Florida (941) 388-4447 FAX (941) 388-3041

Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker

St. Armands Circle, Sarasota (941) 388-4447 10102



2.75 2.75 2.88 2.88 2.88 2.88 2.88 2.75 2.75 2.75 2.75 2.75 2.75 2.75 2.88 2.88 2.88 2.75 2.75 2.88 2.88 2.88 2.75 3.25 2.75 2.75 2.75 2.75 2.88


LONGBOAT KEY TOWERS End unit with direct gulf views, larger 2BR plan. Open kitchen, marble floors. Islandside gated community on South LBK. $749,000.

See Virtual Tour at: 201 Gulf of Mexico Drive • Longboat Key, FL 34228

2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 1/4 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6


EMERALD POINTE...New construction behind the gates at Longboat Key Club. This 3 bedroom villa offers views of the lake and golf course, private swimming pool/spa, two car garage, neutral colors throughout. Offered for $700,000. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••• SEAPLACE...Located in the midrise building, this 4th floor unit offers 2br/1ba and wonderful gulf and sunset views. A wonderful weekend getaway or great rental opportunity. Offered for $345,000. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Breathtaking vistas of the gulf, bay and downtown. Beautifully turnkey furnished, huge 1BR with den/2nd BR. Very special bldg. with tennis, sensational clubhouse, gulf front pool, stop light for easy access. $465,000.

3.375 / 1.00 5.750 / 0.00 No Quote 4.250 / 0.00 No Quote 4.500 / 1.00 No Quote 4.000 / 0.00 No Quote 4.500 / 0.50 4.000 / 1.00 No Quote No Quote 3.625 / 1.00 4.250 / 1.00 4.500 / 0.00 No Quote No Quote No Quote 4.250 / 0.00 4.500 / 0.00 4.500 / 0.00 3.500 / 0.00 4.875 / 1.00 No Quote 4.625 / 0.00 4.000 / 1.00 No Quote 3.125 / 2.00 3.875 / 1.00 No Quote No Quote No Quote No Quote 3.750 / 0.00 No Quote No Quote 3.250 / 0.00 No Quote 4.250 / 1.00 4.500 / 0.00 No Quote No Quote 3.500 / 1.00

hen you choose Chase you are guaranteed by a variety of products offered by one of the nation’s top mortgage lenders. Plus, the knowledge of loan officers like Ron Hayes who are familiar with, and dedicated to, your local community. So, whatever your mortgage needs –– fixedrate, adjustable-rate, jumbo, government, call Ron locally for a free consultation at

201 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Suite 1 Longboat Key, FL 34228

Absolute privacy and gulf front panorama in an end unit penthouse. Volume ceilings, huge terrace, wood floors, fireplace, gourmet kitchen, private elevator and all amenities. $1,950,000.

HARBOUR CIRCLE Absolutely beautiful villa within the gated Harbourside community.

6.125 / 0.00 6.250 / 0.00 No Quote 6.000 / 0.00 6.250 / 0.00 5.625 / 1.75 6.625 / 0.00 6.375 / 0.00 6.000 / 0.00 6.250 / 0.00 6.000 / 1.00 No Quote No Quote 6.375 / 0.00 5.875 / 3.00 6.125 / 0.00 No Quote No Quote No Quote 6.125 / 0.00 6.250 / 0.00 6.250 / 0.00 6.250 / 0.00 6.250 / 0.00 6.250 / 0.00 6.000 / 0.00 5.875 / 1.25 6.250 / 0.00 6.500 / 0.00 5.750 / 1.00 6.250 / 0.00 5.500 / 3.00 6.125 / 0.00 No Quote 6.125 / 0.00 6.125 / 0.00 No Quote 6.125 / 1.00 6.250 / 0.00 6.000 / 1.00 6.125 / 0.00 No Quote 6.125 / 0.00 6.250 / 0.00

One of the biggest names in mortgages is right in your own backyard.

941-383-6411 Office 941-795-1519 A/H


MARINA BAY Exceptional bay front value in Bay Isles. Large 3BR/2.5BA with huge eat-in kitchen, family room, screened bay view terrace, separate dining room and closets galore. Feels like a private home. $825,000.

5.250 / 0.00 5.250 / 0.00 No Quote 5.125 / 0.00 5.250 / 0.00 5.000 / 1.00 5.625 / 0.00 5.375 / 0.00 5.250 / 0.00 5.250 / 0.00 5.000 / 1.00 No Quote No Quote 5.750 / 0.00 5.250 / 1.25 5.500 / 0.00 No Quote No Quote No Quote 5.000 / 0.50 5.250 / 0.00 5.375 / 0.00 5.250 / 0.00 5.250 / 0.00 5.250 / 0.00 5.250 / 0.00 4.875 / 1.63 5.250 / 0.00 5.375 / 0.00 5.125 / 0.75 5.250 / 0.00 4.750 / 3.00 5.000 / 1.25 No Quote 5.250 / 0.00 5.250 / 0.00 No Quote 5.000 / 2.50 5.250 / 0.00 4.750 / 2.00 5.125 / 0.00 5.250 / 0.00 5.375 / 0.00 5.375 / 0.00

Maggie Hicks

SANCTUARY Corner unit with wrap around views of golf and gulf. 2BR + den/2BA nicely turnkey furnished. Enjoy expansive beach and sensational amenities in this secure and private environment. Affordably priced at $965,000.


(866) 291-7653 (877) 257-6678 (800) 571-2492 (941) 761-8800 (800) 833-1050 (800) 344-2739 (800) 280-3919 (888) 822-1940 (800) 566-8470 (800) 713-8189 (800) 709-9951 (866) 376-8037 (866) 865-6986 (888) 256-6986 (800) 393-7538 (866) 257-7744 (800) 748-6105 (800) 231-8826 (941) 761-9808 (941) 482-6561 (800) 834-7188 (877) 937-4887 (800) 559-0924 (800) 887-9106 (888) 881-9900 (888) 825-6300 (800) 991-9922 (800) 220-7334 (800) 358-5626 (888) 760-6006 (888) 303-1098 (800) 784-1331 (800) 626-3746 (800) 750-9444 (800) 419-9903 (800) 291-7900 (800) 394-0602 (800) 533-0728 (888) 909-9383 (888) 531-5990 (800) 996-7283 (888) 310-6767 (800) 907-9992 (941) 952-5808

Rates are compiled by National Financial News Services. Rates valid as of October 4, 2002. Index type on adjustable rate mortgages (ARM's) is Index "A". Rates may be for new applications only; information on terms, fees, and APR’s may be obtained by calling the lender directly. Lenders call (610) 344-7380 to participate. Consumers with questions or complaints concerning a listed lender may call The Department of Banking & Finance's Regulatory hotline at (800) 848-3792. For additional information on mortgages, go to: ©1997 NFNS

Fabulous rental complex on the beach. Low maintenance fee and great on-site rental program for optimum owner income. Beautifully redecorated and updated. $465,000.

Unimaginable views! Sensational location! You can see forever from this 2BR penthouse level condo. Enjoy higher ceilings, open floor plan, and move-in condition. $719,000. Beautifully updated condo with fabulous gulf views in a meticulously maintained complex. So many amenities to enjoy. A must “see” for “sea” lovers. $629,000.


A Loan Guy A.L.S. Mortgage AAA Access Mortgage AAA Action Home Financing AAble Mortgage Aapex Discount Mortgage ACI Mortgage American Home Finance American Residential Mortgage America’s Best Mortgage America’s Mortgage Express Apple Mortgage Approved Mortgage Consultants Atmor Mortgage Corp. Brad Langdon Mortgage Carteret Mortgage Celebration Mortgage Centennial Mortgage Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp CMB Corp. Direct Funding, Inc. E Source Mortgage EZ Savings Mortgage First Rate Mortgages Group Florida Mortgage Connection Florida Mortgage Corp. Golden Rule Mortgage Hamilton Residential Mortgage Home Finance of America Homestead Mortgage Lewin & Associates Lighthouse Mortgage Mandarin Mortgage Mortgage Depot Mortgage Financial Net. National Future Mortgage Palm State Mortgage Peach State Mortgage Premier Mortgage Group Republic Trust & Mortgage Sovereign Mortgage The MoneyTree Lending Group Treinor Mortgage Company USA Mortgage Corp.

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At the net

Playing with three can be fun and good for your game INSIGHTS: In case you left for the summer, welcome back! While not everyone has returned, players are beginning to trickle back for the season. Members of your regular group may not all be here yet, but they’re on the way. So what do you do when you find your doubles match ends up one player short (you forgot to call someone, told them the wrong place or time or they just didn’t show)? You scurry around trying to find someone, anyone, but to no avail. So, now what? Doesn’t sound like you’re going to have much fun. But, you do have some options. And they can be both fun and good for your game. First, of course, the natural thing to do is play two against one. You and your partner play against the other player. Your team covers the doubles court and your opponent covers the singles court. Sounds fair but you soon find out it’s hardly fair at all. The singles player really doesn’t have much of a chance. After all, the singles player has almost twice the area of court to cover. The fix for this is simple, a variation of the shadows-doubles theme can be played. What’s that? In shadows doubles, whether

two or three are playing, each player plays (covers) only his half of the court (i.e., the deuce or ad court only). Balls that hit wide, long or into the open half of the court are out. The open half of the court is the area the other side of an imaginary line drawn from the center line in the service box back to the baseline. So, if you’re the singles player, you need merely cover only the current half of the court (you rotate from deuce to ad court in the normal progression) for each point played. This really evens things out. Finally, if you have an hour and a half to play, play abbreviated sets so each player has a chance at the singles (shadow) side and each player plays the doubles side twice. Try no-ad scoring, play first team to 5, best of seven games or just play super tie breakers (first to 10 points by 2). Don’t like that? This next version is great for competition lovers and helps you improve on your returning skills and team spirit at the same time. One player, who will be the returner, goes to the opposite side of the court, called the “returner’s”

JOHN Mrachek

Kids’ Soccer Games

Team 16 plays team 18 (Island Pest Control) Thursday, Oct. 17.

Anna Maria Island Community Center. 778-1908

Division II (ages 10 to 11):

Instructional League (ages 5 to 7): Team 3 (The Longboat Observer) plays team 5 (Anna Maria Island Sun) at 6 p.m. and team 6 (West Coast Surf Shop) plays team 4 (Morgan Stanley) at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 15. Team 1 (Animal Island Clinic) plays team 5 at 6 p.m. and team 2 (Galati Marine) plays team 4 at 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 17.

Team 12 (Harry’s Continental Kitchens) plays team 15 (Air America) at 7:15 p.m. Friday, Oct. 11. Team 14 (Island Real Estate) plays team 15 at 6 p.m. and team 12 plays team 13 (Mr. Bones) Monday, Oct. 14.

Division III (ages 8 to 9) games at 6 p.m.: Team 10 (Jessie’s Island Store) plays team 9 (Air & Energy) Friday, Oct. 11. Team 7 (The Bistro’s) plays team 8 (Gateway Solutions) Tuesday, Oct. 15. Team 9 plays team 11 (Danzinger Allergy & Sinus) Wednesday, Oct. 16. Team 11 plays team 10 Thursday, Oct. 17.

Division I (ages 12 to 14) games at 7:15 p.m.: Team 16 (LaPensee Plumbing) plays team 17 (West Coast Refrigeration) Thursday, Oct. 15.

When Every Move is Critical Leave Nothing to Chance RITZ CARLTON PALAIS PENTHOUSE Embracing nearly 5000SF of breathtaking panorama, this superbly embellished residence atop the RITZ CARLTON offers a pampered lifestyle like no other. Enjoy the pleasures of world-class amenities and legendary service every day of your life. Virtual tour available. ML217571 $7,950,000 NEW HOME - OAKS CLUBSIDE Under construction with November or December occupancy expected. Splendid “Ambrosia” model by Whitehall Quality Homes. Over 4,100 Square feet of dramatic interior deatil, columns, vaulting, arches, crown moldings 10 foot to 14 foot ceilings, state-ofthe-art kitchen. All of this on one of the most coveted lots remaining in Oaks II, with breathtaking lake and golf course views. ML217796 $1,900,000

WHAT’S HAPPENED: This summer the USTA held a grand opening for the new Florida Tennis Center, a $3-million facility with 24 clay courts and open to the public. Located in Daytona Beach, the new facility will also serve as the headquarters for USTA-Florida.

WHAT’S UP: Our local tournament season begins soon. One of the most widely attended events is the upcoming Courtside Tournament held at its namesake in Venice. This year’s tournament will be held from Wednesday, Oct. 30 to Sunday, Nov. 3, and includes both men’s and women’s singles and doubles in age groups from 55 to 80. Call 941-485-2000. ••• From Thursday through Sunday, Nov. 7 to 10, Englewood Tennis Center will host the Senior Clay Court Classic for men (55, 65 and 75) and women (45, 55 and 65) in both singles and doubles. For more information, call 941-475-3386. ••• And don’t forget one of the most crowdpleasing tournaments in the area, the National USTA Father/Son Tournament held Thursday through Sunday, Nov. 7 to 10, at the Meadows Racquet Club. Call Bob at 924-1641 for more information. John Mrachek is the manager of the Longboat Key Public Tennis Center. He is also the 2000 club champion in open singles, doubles and mixed doubles at the Longboat Key Club. ❑

Bridget Spiess An Outstanding Agent Excellence Each office independently owned and operated

TANGERINE BAY CLUB - Spectacular Bayfront community, 3BR/2.5BA,

$795,500. Beautiful wood floors, spacious rooms, fireplace, many extras EnProvence- Penthouse - Glorious Gulf Views. Newly constructed fea$7,600,000. turing 6,000 sq. ft. of finest craftsmanship and finishes. EnProvence - Spectacular Sunsets! Surf, sand, superb living - all the $2,770,000. amenities! 3BR/3.5BA, 4,000 sq. ft. EnProvence - Architectural elegance! Sweeping terrace views overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, 3BR/3.5BA, 4,000 sq. ft. $2,755,000. DEVELOPERS/INVESTORS - Potential for 15/20 condos with retail shops & parking. Directly across front gulf - a prime location. $6,000,000. VIZCAYA- This magnificent property offers Mediterranean elegance with European ambiance and panoramic views of the Gulf. Master craftsmanship $3,675,000. and quality abound. 3BR/2.5BA. LAGUNA YACHT CLUB- Immaculate 3BR/3BA with 2,400+ sq. ft., vaulted ceilings, sun deck, boat dock & near beach. $559,000. TWIN SHORES DUPLEX- Direct Gulf views, side by side duplex, $537,500. with private beach & bay rights, community dock. FOREST LAKE COUNTRY CLUB- 3BR/3BA on golf course w/pool, gazebos, pond & waterfall, built-ins, 3 walk-in closets in master $449,500. BR. double kitchen, wet sanna & more. HERITAGE VILLAGE- Nice condo in Bradenton 55+ communi$91,000. ty. 2BR, ground floor unit. TWIN SHORES- Longboat Key for under $100,000? 55+Mobile $98,500. home community, investment potential. Great location. TWIN SHORES- Longboat Key 55+ mobile home community with beach access and boat dock when available. 1BR, turnkey furnished. $72,500. $698,500. COUNTRY CLUB SHORES - 3BR/3BA home $359,900. PELICAN HARBOR - 2BR/2BA direct bayfront $539,000. BAY PLAZA - Fabulous bay, gulf & city views SARASOTA HARBOR - 2BR/1.5BA direct bayfront$247,500.



design with most desired features including separate his and her den/offices plus 4BR, pool and summer kitchen. Impeccable interior details. Virtual tour available. ML219900 $895,000

View Bridget’s website for virtual tour: e-mail: 10102

THE OAKS - CLUBSIDE Sweeping vistas over lake and Heron Course from 3900SF expanded Rutenburg

side (preferably the sunny side). The other two players, who will be the servers, stay on the “server’s” side. Play begins by deciding which server will go first. That server will play 2 points, serving once on the deuce side and once on the ad side (while the other server waits his turn and picks up the stray balls). The servers rotate serving, 2 points each until one side wins 7 points (by a margin of 2, i.e., 7-5). Once 7 points have been reached (the end of the game), one server rotates to the returner’s side and another game is played. This continues until each player has played the returner’s side at least once or twice or until your court time is up. Keep track of who can beat the servers and how often. You’ll be surprised at how focused you become on your return of serve (and on winning). Got another version you like to play? Let me know and have fun!


383-6304 • (941) 720-6304 • (941) 388-9702 24 North Blvd. of Presidents, St. Armands Circle



Terri Derr & Ken Torrington

Michael Licensed Saunders & Company Real Estate Broker (941) 387-9780 or 800-209-0330

440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228

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How many years have you played tennis? “I started playing tennis when I was 35 and now I’m 79 — so 44 years,” says Newfield. What is your best swing — serve, backhand, etc.? Newfield replies, “My best stroke is my serve and my crosscourt forehand and I’m left-handed so I have an advantage.” What is your specialty? Singles? Doubles? “I play doubles,” remarks Newfield. “As you get older there are very few people who want to play singles every day. So I mostly play doubles, but I also play singles occasionally.” What kind of racket do you use? “I use a new racket every year and this year I’m using a Prince Sovereign strung with babolat natural gut at 60 pounds tension,” Newfield replies. “The combination of the flexibility of the racket and the stringing of the racket is what gives it power.”

Arthur Newfield Cedars 70 and Cedars 75 league teams Emily Walsh

One thing you’d like to improve? “My disposition and my portfolio,” chuckles Newfield. “I’m so good what do I have to improve? Joking aside, I have a passive, one-hand backhand and I’d like to make it more forceful.” What is your most glorious moment in a match? “I’ve won and lost so many matches that I can’t single out any one glorious moment,” recalls Newfield. “But I used to play with Dan Goldie, who eventually went on the tour. We won the McClain Swim and Tennis Club doubles championship together — Goldie was 13 years old and I was 45.” Who is the person you’d most like to meet on the court? “Winston Churchill,” answers Newfield. “Because he has been dead for a number of years and it would be my most glorious moment in tennis if I could meet him on the court. I’d like to meet him in heaven, but I’m scared of dying.”

Bruce has been charting the course in residential real estate for over 22 years!

Any advice or tips for other players? “Use a top-notch racket and get it restrung often. Be sure and ask your tennis professional what string tension you should be playing with, and if you can afford it, use natural gut string. Always use new tennis balls because they’re easier on your arm. Lastly, if you play often, five or six times a week, play on clay or Har-true courts,” advises Newfield.

The only time in life it doesn’t cost more to hire the best.

LISTINGS New Construction on Golden Gate Point!

◆ Marina Bay....Elegance & sophistication define this 3BR, 3BA residence with bay views! Almost 3,400 sq ft. Quality appointments throughout. Spacious family room & kitchen, separate dining room, ◆ Grand Riviera... Private enclave of 10 luxurious residences on $879,000. the tip of Golden Gate Point! Unparalleled panoramic views, private & 2 terraces. boat docks (subject to final approval) 2,860 - 5,582 sq ft. ◆ Seagate Club...Panoramic gulf & sunset views from this upper Priced from $1,300,000 to $3,700,000. floor corner residence! 2BR/2BA, tile floors, large balcony, views from every room! Walk to shopping, restaurants & banks. $669,000.

What do you like most about playing tennis on Longboat Key? “It doesn’t matter where the courts are as long as the courts are good. Here at Cedars the courts are always maintained and in top-notch condition,” says Newfield. — Emily Walsh

Tom & Andy



◆ Lido Shores Gulf Front Lot! Approximately 2 acres in prime ◆ Players Club.... Gulf views from this furnished 2 bedroom, 2 bath ! NGthis NDIwithin Sarasota location surrounded by multi-million dollar homes. Plans furnished condominium...rarely active tennis SALE PEavailable have been approved for a single family residence. $5,985,000. community. Under building parking included. $599,000. ◆ Sabal Cove... Choose from 2 desirable lots in an area of million $ homes. Greenbelt views. $399,000 & $349,000. ◆ Bay Front Estate...A true estate feel, lushly landscaped with seclusion and privacy on the open bay. One of a kind property with ◆ L’Ambiance Penthouse... The ultimate in luxury & sophistication! approx. 1.5 acres comprised of 2 lots on boating water. $2,875,000. Sweeping views of the gulf, Islandside golf course & Sarasota bay! 5,200 square feet with 14’ ceilings, enormous wraparound terrace & ◆ Bay Isles Harbor Section...One of the best lots with approx. 246’ three covered parking spaces! Offered unfurnished for $6,995,000. of water frontage with Southern exposure. Great floor plan with a $2,395,000. ◆ Water Club...Exquisitely appointed, spacious beachfront resi- dramatic flair!.



Residential Homes

Because it’s all about trust two generations worth.



NEW LISTING - Splendid, designer’s pool home on lake with soft palette. The “Ashford” model. $905,000 NEW LISTING - Courtyard, “Bristol” model. Exciting decor. $899,500 LAKEFRONT - “Essex” model with detached cabana and guest s uit e. $975,000 GOLF COURSE AND LAKE “Essex” courtyard with cabana and guest suite. $1,195,000

dence w/3 large terraces! Popular “Arlington” plan w/beautiful ◆ Royal Palm Harbor/Siesta Key...Terrific location! Sailboat $985,000. upgrades throughout! 2 covered parking spaces. $2,695,000. Water, 3rd house from bay, walk to beach!

◆ Vizcaya...Spacious, luxurious condo with the feel of a single fam- ◆ Emerald Point South...Brand new and ready to move in! Gorgeous. ily home. Exquisitely furnished & appointed with a private pool & Private community of only 16 custom luxury homes. $699,000. stunning views of the gulf. $2,649,000. ◆ Corey’s Landing...Light, bright & spacious 3 bedroom home with ◆ Water Club...Sophisticated “Cambridge” floor plan tastefully volume ceilings, custom built-ins, family room & 2 car garage. appointed throughout! 2 bedrooms, gourmet kitchen with granite, Views of the golf course & lake from the expanded lanai. $575,000. extra storage & 2 covered parking spaces $1,249,000. ◆ The Village...Old Florida charm! Totally renovated beach cottage ◆ Grand Bay...Popular “Cayman” floor plan in desirable building 4 on Longboat’s north end. Mexican tile throughout, new appliances, w/sweeping views of the bay, marina & city skyline! Tastefully dec- caged pool, screened lanai, Florida room & just 1/2 block from the orated, 2 balconies provide total privacy. Fabulous amenities & community boat dock & fishing pier! $437,500. Deeded beach access too! $1,095,000. ◆ Marina Bay...Bay & gulf view compliment this graciously appointed residence with over 3,000 squre feet. Well designed with ◆ Gulf Front Motel...P&L statement available or consider this as a family room, 2 terraces. 2nd covered parking space available for an building opportunity. $1,995,000. additional $30,000. $998,000.

BAY ISLES, BAYOU CIRCLE - 100 ft. of boat dockage. Marble floors, grand oak staircase. $1,895,000 PRIVATEER - Outstanding turnkey furnished, direct Gulf front. Designer/owner. $635,000

Investment Opportunity



953-6601 (Home Office)


See virtual tours of all my listings at E-mail:

(941) 954-5454 or (941) 387-7833 10102


201 Gulf Of Mexico Dr. • Longboat Key • FL, 34228

RE/MAX Properties Licensed Real Estate Broker


Sportscards Longboat Key Tennis Center Fall Men’s Singles — Tuesday, Sept. 24 Quarters: Gil Faccio def. Tim Fitzpatrick, 6-3. Dick Schlorf def. Steve Johnson, 6-4. John Mrachek def. Tony Appel, 6-3. Imric Pcola def. Dan Miller, 6-2. Semis: Gil Faccio def. Dick Schlorf, 6-4. Imric Pcola def. John Mrachek, 6-3.



Finals: Gil Faccio def. Imric Pcola, 6-3. 3rd Place: John Mrachek def. Dick Schlorf, 6-4.

Longboat Key Club Men’s Golf Association Partners Total Points — Wednesday, Sept. 25 1st Joe Curl and Bill Steele 44 2nd Tom Finnegan and Kurt Wilkening 41 3rd Mike Goodfriend and Bernard Chalphin 38 (tie) Jerry Johnson and Joe Iaria 38

Longboat Key Tennis Center Fall Men’s Singles — Tuesday, Oct 1 Quarters: Gil Faccio def. Nelson Goldner, 6-2. Tim Fitzpatrick def. David Brenner, 6-4. John Beeman def. Jim Brown, 6-3. Steve Johnson def. Dan Miller, 6-3. Semis: Gil Faccio def. Tim Fitzpatrick, 6-3. Steve Johnson def. John Beeman, 6-4. Finals:

Gil Faccio def. Steve Johnson, 7-5. 3rd Place: John Beeman def. Tim Fitzpatrick, 6-4.

Longboat Key Club Men’s Golf Association Partners Better Ball — Wednesday, Oct. 2 1st 62 Gil Illch and Bernard Anthone 2nd 64 Adolph Shapiro and Robert Chalphin (tie) Howard Cobin and Mike Goodfriend (tie) Bob McCarthy and Fred Smith



Real Estate Agent for Sales Volume on LBK in 2000 & 2001!

TOP 1% IN FLORIDA VILLA DI LANCIA Direct gulf views, graceful Mediterranean architecture, condo community with only 38 luxurious beachfront residences. Extensive builder upgrades & tastefully furnished .$1,995,000. En PROVENCE Most exclusive enchanting paradise reflecting the romance of French Mediterranean. Intimate villa with private pool...........$4,190,000.


GRAND RIVIERA Private enclave of 10 luxurious residences on the tip of Golden Gate Point! Unparalleled panoramic views, private boat docks (subject to final approval) 2,984-5,659 sf. Priced from...................$1,300,000 to $3,700,000.

Rates Are At All Time Lows! $ ACT NOW $ 30 Yr. Fixed Rate - 6%, 0 pts. (6.058 APR)


Jumbo Loans $ 30 Yr. Fixed Rate 6.25, 0 pts.

LONGBOAT KEY Private estate with 180-

(6.308 APR) Rates & Terms subject to change

degree, views of Sarasota Bay. Serenity & style in fabulous 4400 sq. ft. home.............$3,250,000.

Purchase, Refinance, No Income, Foreign Nationals

Free Appraisal on All Closed Loans! Guaranteed Closing Cost! 3947 Clark Road Sarasota, FL 34233 10102

(941) 951-1480

Laura D. Hansen, GRI 35 Year Resident of Longboat Key


QUEENS HARBOR - BAY FRONT 5000 sq. ft. custom designed maintenance free home with panoramic bay views. Upon entering the foyer & gallery with 19’ ceilings you immediately feel the eloquance and sophistication of design and detail. Features incl. patio & pool w/summer kitchen overlooking a dock for 2 boats. $2,499,000.

BAY FRONT - COREY’S LANDING Open bay view from this 3750 sq. ft. villa behind the LBK Club gates. Master bedroom w/bay view plus 2 guest rooms are on the 1st level, 2nd level includes media room, office & 2 bedrooms. Private boat dock. $1,549,000. or

OYSTER BAY LAKEFRONT- 1/2 acre of privacy. Old world style 4BR/4.5BA, large pool, family room and office. Formal living and dining rooms. Storage galore. The essence of quality throughout. $1,650,000 ST. ARMANDS, WASHINGTON DR. - 2 lots plus large architect designed home near beach, fine restaurants and shops. Call for survey. $1,000,000 10103 5022

Michael Saunders & Company

Licensed Real Estate Broker

440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, 941-383-7591

BAY ISLES - DEEP WATER DOCK 4BR/4BA plus den & family room, 3800 sq. ft. Features include very open plan w/high ceilings, caged pool & spa. Quality, spacious kitchen, ceramic floors, marble master bath & outdoor cook center. $1,449,000.

BOATER’S DELIGHT - BAY ISLES Over 4000 sq. ft. on deep water canal overlooking Cranes Bayou. 3BR/5.5BA, plus wine cellar and hobby room. Features include granite kitchen, marble baths, high ceilings, elevator, private patio/pool area and oversized garage. $1,329,000.

LBK CLUB - PANORAMIC BAY VIEW On the water in Queens Harbor w/boat dock, 3800 sq. ft. 2 story maintenance free home. Features include 1st level master bedroom, Travertine floors, 20’ ceilings, granite kitchen, marble bath, built-in office, large pool & spa. $1,895,000. Inc. Lic. R.E. Broker

Larry Shapiro Barbara Shapiro 3640 WINDING OAKS - Rarely available 3BR/3BA villa overlooking lake with Southwest exposure. Garden entry courtyard and large deck with electric roll out awnings. Behind the gates of The Longboat Key Club with private beach club. $629,900. UNIVERSITY PARK - Custom built (1998) home with over 3,000 sq ft. 3BR/3BA tile roof, ceramic tile throughout, Heated lap pool and spa. Many more upgrades.Private setting. $579,000. Beautiful 3BR/BA, tile roof, private setting, Corian counter tops. Pristine condition. $279,000.

BOATING WATER LBK CLUB 3BR/2BA, 60 ft. dock w/2 lifts overlooks waterway & preserve. Updated kitchen opens to family room and pool area. 1st level bonus room & storage. $879,900.

NEW VILLA - LONGBOAT KEY CLUB Under construction, one of a kind villa, 3BR/3.5BA, with panoramic golf course lake views.Many upgrades including pool & spa, granite kitchen & ceramic floors. $799,000.

BAY ISLES BAYOU - REDUCED Single story, custom home with high ceilings, open floor plan, 3BR/3.5BA, spacious kitchen, caged pool & lanai in a private setting. $749,000. $659,000.

FAIRWAY BAY GARDEN APT. 2BR/2BA, just completed beautiful modern renovation w/granite counters, new appliances, ceramic floors, plantation shutters plus internal stairs to 6 car garage that doubles the space. $449,000.

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES South side of the street splendor... An elegant home with Mediterranean-inspired detailing and superb finishes. Perfection beyond the expected!.......$1,695,000.

GRAND BAY Private corner in the newest Grand Bay building. Panoramic vistas of the bay, marina and preserve. Wrap around terraces..$1,149,000. Exquisite Biscayne with tiled floor, wooden shutters & decorator detailed for a move-in resort home. Condo complex has all the amenities....$999,000.

HARBOUR COURT Behind gates of the LBK Club w/Har-Tru tennis courts, beach access, water views w/a large dock on deep water......$955,000.

INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY LBK Gulf front property. P&L statement avail. or as a building opportunity..................................$1,995,000.


Perfectly decorated and appointed penthouse. Maximized views in an elegant enclave of 31 residences. 2-car garage.............$2,999,900. Luxurious direct gulf front condo with southern exposure and magnificent views! 4BR/4.5BA. Summer kitchen, guest suite, private elevator & 2-car garage. Enclave of only 31 residences!...........$3,950,000.

THE RITZ Old world grandeur with timeless grace. World class residences. The best amenities. Never occupied modified Monte Carlo........$1,399,000. COREY’S LANDING Bay front home w/views, privacy. & meticulous elegance. 4BR w/guest suite, private balcony on 2nd fl. Furn........$1,550,000. L’AMBIANCE Casual beachfront elegance with private stairs to beach & pool. Open design. $3,450,000.

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES Great location, just 5 lots in from the Bay!! Light, bright and sunny. Southern exposure perfect for the large open pool & spa. Private boat dock & large landscaped lot..............$749,000. BEACHPLACE Perfect opportunity to purchase resort or investment property instead of watching a portfolio diminish. Condo community with all the amenities. 2BR/2BA..........................$539,000. Direct gulf front condo with walk down to the beach. The feel of a private villa at the beach. 2BR/2BA $749,000.

VIEW Thousands of Homes one Web Address: Now you can log onto to search the entire Sarasota MLS (Multiple Listing Service)




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Garden Gloves

Beach morning glory shines on Key Early mornings on the beach reward early birds on many levels. The most surprising can be the long-reaching tendrils of the beach morning glory (Ipomoea pes-caprae/imperati). In the wintertime, the sight of the flowerless vine brings back memories of hardy crab grass tendrils and difficult summer gardening tasks recently forgiven by the winter weather. Per Cathie Katz of Florida Plants online: “The beach morning glory is a hardy creeping vine, like the bay bean, but this one stretches far down onto the beach away from the dunes. It is one of the two most important dune vines because it extends its long trailing stems perpendicular to the dunes, daring to grow where no other plants will go. It can tolerate the intense heat from the beach sand,

stabilizing the fragile lower area of the dunes.” As the springtime nears, these leggy vines bloom the loveliest soft blossom of pink on Longboat Key. The blooms continue to show spring, summer and fall. The sight is always a welcome contrast to the barren, sandy nature of the beach shoreline strewn with bones of fish, fowl and sea shells. It is a wonder that anything can grow on the sandy shoreline! The leggy tendrils cross perpendicular to the water and actually assist in holding down our precious white sands against the winds and tides of the Gulf. The tendrils themselves are “nailed” down with little root systems and appear to be simply sun lovers by the sea versus the hard-working darlings that are tena-

Gillian BUSARD


Twice The Effort, Twice The Results!

Lusya Sullivan

Many parts of Longboat Key beaches are adorned with morning glory’s green vines and pink blooms. cious in their endeavor of maintaining the beaches. A recent visit in north Florida revealed a morning glory on the beach with a lovely, pale-yellow bloom. I plucked a bit and am now waiting to see if any growth will occur to complement our pinks. Additionally, I found a pansy-type beach vine, which was a more delicate version with similar duties. I also await it to see if it will grow in my yard. One thing I notice about the northern beach area is it has a hardy, pointed cactuslike plant that surely discourages trespassing

UNRIVALED PENTHOUSE with 5,000 sq. ft., landscaped, wraparound terrace at the Sanctuary. Captivating interiors offer three bedroom suites, media room, den, and gourmet kitchen. Magnificent Gulf to Bay views from this unique Longboat Key Club residence. $4,900,000 PRIVATE BEACH HOUSEIncredible panoramic views from this charming 2 story gulf front retreat with 3 bedrooms, large windows complements the expansive water view, open gulf side pool and sundeck. Excellent investment opportunity to own a vacation home while earning rental income. Unfurnished. $2,300,000

by humans and any animals, but what a cruel stabbing experience! The shard is spiked so that removal is painful to your fingers as well as the foot. Lucky for us, the spiked plants do not thrive on our lovely Longboat Key beaches, and the morning glory vines do not harbor spikes — instead they offer soft, lovely blooms that bring a smile to the early morning discoveries of shoreline living. Gillian Busard is a Longboat Key resident; president of the Longboat Key Garden Club. ❑


Gail Wittig and Cynthia “Saint” Cacchiotti


LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION - Walk to the beach or world renowned St. Armands Circle’s fine shops and restaurants. 4 spacious bedrooms, canal front with boat dock and davits, caged heated pool and excellent rental history. $1,450,000 PRESTANCIA All the elements for a perfect lifestyle from this impressive lakefront home. Well designed 4BR split plan, four baths, formal living and dining room, family room and chef’s kitchen. Captivating exterior with a large sparkling pool and spa with waterfall overlooking lake and fairway, three car garage all within the TPC golf course. $769,900 EMERALD POINTE SOUTH - Maintenance free villa with lovely lake and golf course views. 3BR, two story, caged pool & spa and loads of upgrades! Last new construction nestled in the LBK Club Harbourside. Estimated completion date late summer 2002. $699,000 UNIVERSITY PARK Former model, 3BR + den/office, with countless upgrades such as granite countertops, crown moldings, tray ceilings, decorator finished walls, columns and fireplace, split plan with enchanting outdoor heated pool and spa with view of lush landscaping and privacy abounds. $559,000 FAIRWAY BAY Rarely available tri-level townhouse with private boat dock to accommodate approx. a 50 ft. +/- boat on deep water. Tastefully updated, tiled floors, countless skylights, fireplace, screened lanai and two spacious bedrooms with a possible 3rd bedroom by converting den. Steps to pool or private beach club in the gated Harbourside section of the Longboat Key Club. Unfurnished. $590,000

Gorgeous Gulf & Bay views from the area’s finest condominiums & homes. From Gulf front units with private beaches to downtown units & homes with city night lights! •Key West Style Estate! - Approx. 1/ 2acres on the Bay with 7BR/7.5BA, 8,000+ SF, 35’ ceilings, double oak staircase, Acanthus moldings, stepped ceilings, Artisan finishes, gourmet kitchen, utility craft room, executive office, paver brick, elevator, 25 car garage, pool & dock.......................................$5,495,000. •Stunning Views of the Caribbean Blue Waters! 3,375 square foot residence with a custom designed interior, 10 foot ceilings, marble and wood floors, exquisitely appointed built-ins, and a gourmet kitchen with Sub-Zero and granite. For exchange or sale!...................................................................$3,200,000. •Must Sell Now! Deep water and wide open bay views, designer transformed 4,000 square feet, 3 bedroom suites, exercise room, colossal closet and storage, vaulted ceilings, built-ins, elevator, granite in the foyer, bar and kitchen with breakfast room, 42’ lanai, 34’ pool, 3 car garage and private beach club in gated bay isles. Furniture available..............................................................$1,399,000. •Enchanting 180-Degree Sunsets on the Bay! Direct Bay Front 2BR+den/2.5BA PENTHOUSE, 3,000+/-SF, crown moldings, neutral carpeting, 2 convertible balconies, master suite w/private balcony & builtins..........................................................................................................$799,000. •Maintenance-Free Golfing & Boating! Turnkey furnished 3BR/2.5BA, 2,867 sq. ft. with columned entry, custom ceilings, clerestory windows, streamline kitchen with Corian, family room with built-ins, master suite with aquarium glass, private pool, peek of the lake and 2 car garage in an extremely secure community............................................................................................$899,000. •Breathtaking Bay Views! 2,000+ sq. ft., 3BR/2.5BA with marble floors, crown moldings, deep baseboards, 2 tiled balconies, solid wood doors, eat-in kitchen, newer water heater and A/C unit, secure guard gated with 2 tennis courts, 2 pools and boat docks available..............................................................$699,000. •Mesmerizing Bay & Marina Views! Premier downtown building with pool, hot tub, security, concierge & valet services! 2BR/2BA with 1,843 sq. ft., redesigned floor plan with serving bar, marble floors, built-ins, hurricane shutters, 2 balconies and garaged parking....................................................$475,000. 1


(941) 387-0533 • (800) 581-3444 Visit our website for a virtual tour of our properties!

Michael Saunders & Company 440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key “Worldwide networking and a full time multi-lingual professional staff” Espanol • Deutsche • Italiano • Francais website address:


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Garden Calendar “Orchids 101” Class — will be held from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, Oct. 12, at Palma Sola Botanical Park, 9800 17th Ave. N.W., Bradenton. Cost is $8 and $10. Details, 761-2866. Manasota Chapter of the North American Butterfly Association — will meet at 2 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 13, at two members’ butterfly gardens in Palmetto. Fay, 758-5740; Joan, 792-4652. “Plants That Attract Hummingbirds” — will be the topic of Lynn Chiller, Native Plant Nursery, at a Sarasota Audubon Society meeting held at 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 14, at First Congregational Church, Fellowship Hall, 1031 S. Euclid Ave., Sarasota. Details, 377-3977, 342-9778. JCC’s Gardening Club — will meet from 2 to 3:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 14, at the Flanzer Jewish Community Center, 582 S. McIntosh Road, Sarasota. Cost is $2.

Audra Martin, 378-5569, Ext. 219.

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Programs — will be held at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. Orchid Workshop: 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 15; $40 and $50. “Feng Shui Your Garden” Class: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 17; $25 and $35. “Pond Design and Construction” Class: 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 19; $25 and $35, plus $10 fee for materials. “Urban Tree Care” Class: 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 22; $15 and $20. “EZ Orchids II” Class: 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 23; $40 and $50. “Got Gourds?” Class: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 23; $30 and $40, plus $10 fee for materials. “Correct Landscaping for Condos” Class: 8:30 a.m. to noon Saturday, Oct. 26; $25 and $35. A Walk With The Medicine Woman with Dr. Meg Lowman: 10 a.m. to noon Tuesday, Nov. 5; $15 and $20. Connie Taylor, 366-5731, Ext. 239.

Orchid Show & Sale — will be held from noon to 6 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 19, and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 20, at Sarasota Municipal Auditorium. Details, 954-4165.

Longboat Key Garden Club — will meet at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 29, at Bayfront Park Recreation Center. Annemarie Post of Sarasota Cooperative Extension with speak on “Right Plant, Right Place.” Contact Barbara Kerwin for additional information, 383-0772. “Sex In The Garden” Program — learn about plant reproduction from 1 to 2 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 30, at Florida House Learning Center, 4600 Beneva Road, Sarasota. Free. RSVP, 316-1200. Sho Fu Bonsai Society — will meet at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 7, at Waterside Retirement Center, 4540 Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota. Details, 359-1205. "Stained Glass Stepping Stones" Class — will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, Nov. 8, and from 10 to 11:30 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 9, at Palma Sola Botanical Park, 9800 17th Ave. N.W., Bradenton. Make beautiful and functional garden ornament. Cost is $40. Details, 761-2866. ❑

“Landscaping With Native Plants” Class — will be held from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, Oct. 19, at Palma Sola Botanical Park, 9800 17th Ave. N.W., Bradenton. Cost is $8 and $10. Details, 761-2866. 37th annual Hibiscus Show — will be held from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 20, at Venice Community Center, 326 S. Nokomis Ave., Venice. Hybrid plant sale opens at 9:30 a.m. Bring a hibiscus bloom to be judged from 9 to 11:30 a.m. Karen V. Courtright, 480-9859. Garden Party — featuring dinner, dancing and a silent auction will be held from 6 to 11 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 26, at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Richard Conrad in Bradenton. Tickets are $50. RSVP with Palma Sola Botanical Park, 761-2866.

WEATHER STATISTICS AND TIDES Sun., Sept. 29 Mon., Sept. 30 Tues., Oct. 1 Wed., Oct. 2 Thurs., Oct. 3 Fri., Oct. 4 Sat., Oct. 5

High Temp. 92 91 92 90 90 88 91

Low Temp. 79 78 78 77 76 74 75

Record High 99 (1988) 95 (1996) 98 (1996) 93 (1998) 93 (1985) 96 (1996) 96 (1996)

Record Low 66 (1993) 63 (1984) 70 (1982) 60 (1987) 61 (1986) 63 (1992) 60 (1984)

Humidity 60% 60% 57% 58% 67% 66% 51%

Rainfall TRACE 0.03 0.20 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

Thurs., Oct. 10 Fri., Oct. 11 Sat., Oct. 12 Sun., Oct. 13 Mon., Oct. 14 Tues., Oct. 15 Wed., Oct. 16

Morning Tides High Low 2:45 11:13 3:24 (none) 4:13 (none) 5:18 (none) 6:48 (none) 8:37 3:01 10:03 4:32

Evening Tides High Low 6:17 9:24 (none) 12:22 (none) 1:38 (none) 3:07 11:48 4:19 11:57 5:14 (none) 5:52

From The Longboat Observer weather station

Rainfall: Year-to-date 2002 2001 39.35 in. 55.23 in.

Month-to-date Average Water 2002 2001 Temp.: 83 0.20 0.00 in.

EMERALD HARBOR “Priced To SellBelow R ecentAppraisal”

Moon phases: First Qtr. Oct. 12


Last Qtr.

Oct. 21

Oct. 28


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Nov. 4


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Lovely 3BR/2BA home in immaculate condition Pool, 40’ dock - easy access to bay/gulf. Short walk to deeded beach access & beautiful Gulf beach. Don’t miss this one. $684,500.

FOREVER VIEWS AT L’AMBIANCE Only “Sabal” plan listed at L’Ambiance, 7th floor, direct gulf front plus panoramic views of golf, bay and Sarasota. Exquisitely turnkey furnished. Every possible amenity. 2 garage spaces. $2,150,000


Call Jack McCormick/Broker Wagner Realty • 383-5577






150 ft. of seawall with new dock and 2 jet ski hoists. Completely renovated with luxurious finishes. 3 bedrooms/3.5 baths. 4 car garage plus enormous a/c “storage” space. $2,395,000




The Village Holmes Beach

2nd living level, bright and airy end unit with fabulous views of the bay. 3 bedrooms/2.5 baths, designer decorated, ready to move into. Tennis, resort style pool, fishing pier, visiting dock, exercise room, 2 car private garage, beach club membership. $849,000

Luxury Condo Townhomes E L I LY O D DA M N E OP

Please call Michael

Granston 941-504-8018


direct line

IT’S EASY and IT’S FUN… • 3BR/2BA • 1,700 sq. ft. Living Area • Heated Pool • Large Private Garage

You can search the ENTIRE SARASOTA MLS… Click on to

• Elevator Available • Steps to Beach & Shopping • Starting at $375,000




Call Jon Tipton, 941-779-9464

201 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key, Florida



It’s read everywhere The Longboat Observer is a welltraveled companion. Here it is pictured with Judy and Michael Klauber near the Leaning Tower of Pisa on their recent anniversary trip to Europe. Another issue of The Longboat Observer joined more than 10,000 investors who gathered to hear advice from America’s most respected investment experts at the Intershow/ Money Show held in May in Las Vegas. Pictured below are Harber Hall, left, Intershow/Money Show Chairman Charles Githler and Herb Grant.


annerle grew up on the island. She knows all the best neighborhoods as only a native can. In fact, over 90% of her career sales have been right here on the key. But best of all, Hannerle is more than happy to share her in-depth knowledge of neighborhood pricing and the secrets of negotiating from a well-educated position of strength. What’s more, you’ll receive valuable insider intelligence from her highly informative web site and complimentary monthly newsletter. All of which are part of her award winning Relationship Marketing program that has placed her among the top ½% worldwide with Coldwell Banker Previews International. So, whether you’re interested in buying, selling or you simply want to tap into the latest native intelligence on exceptional Longboat Keys properties, call Hannerle Moore today.

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES JEWEL Located in the Country Club Shores boating community on the southernmost shores of Longboat Key with a dock and lift. Elegantly designed, this home includes a great room design with expansive views of the caged pool plus the canal. Go to for a virtual tour. $849,000

WONDERFUL LONGBOAT HOME This 2300+ sf. 3BR home is located on Longboat’s tranquil north end. Terrific split bedroom plan w/very large master bath. Beautiful grounds & located on a shallow canal for easy canoeing or kayaking. Go to for a virtual tour. $595,000.

➣ ➣

PROMENADE WITH GULF VIEWS Largest 2 bedroom, split plan condominium on the sunset side of the building with absolutely gorgeous Gulf views. The location within the building is one of the best, almost direct beachfront. This exclusive complex provides exercise & clubrooms, Har-Tru tennis, great security & concierge. Go to www for a virtual tour. $819,900.

FAIRWAY BAY WITH BAY VIEWS Located in the desirable Longboat Key Club this largest, two bedroom style floor plan condominium has two balconies, views of the Bay and the beautiful grounds and walk ways of Fairway Bay. Go to for a virtual tour. $449,000. WHITNEY BEACH CONDOMINIUM This condo is located on Longboat Key’s tranquil north end with deeded access to a gorgeous white sand beach right across the street. Boat dockage available. Go to for photos. $190,000.

WONDERFUL KEY WEST HOME Situated on Anna Maria Island is this island home with its own boat dock and lift in the backyard and located 1½ blocks from a gorgeous white sand beach. Go to for a virtual tour. SALE PENDING $839,000.

FABULOUS BAY FRONT HOME Direct Bay front home w/gorgeous Bay views & a terrific location within walking distance to St. Armands Circle and the beach. Go to for a virtual tour. SALE PENDING $2,495,000.

PROMENADE WITH GORGEOUS VIEWS Largest 2BR split plan condo w/stunning gulf & pool views. Located on the sunset side of the building and in one of the best locations. This exclusive complex provides exercise & clubrooms, Har-Tru tennis, great security & concierge. Go to for a virtual tour. $795,000.

5.875% - 30 Year 5.125% - 7/23 Fixed $100,000 - $300,700 – 5.274 APR

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GREAT RATES • GREAT SERVICE 713 S. Orange Avenue, Sarasota • 941- 957-4486

WAGNER REALTY Rental Division

Weekly Rentals Available Gulf Front: Sea Club III Sea Oats Longboat Harbour Tower Seasonal Rentals Available Bay Side: Gulf Front: Longboat Harbour Sea Club III Fairway Bay Westchester Windward Bay Longboat Terrace Whitney Beach Covert III

VIEW Thousands of Homes one Web Address: Now you can log onto to search the entire Sarasota MLS (Multiple Listing Service) for yourself

Call Hannerle at: (941)387-1862 10102


Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, Inc. - Previews 201 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Suite 1 • Longboat Key, FL 34228 •

$100,000 - $300,700 – 5.964 APR

w w w . L i b e r t y 1s t . c o m 10102

DIRECT BAYFRONT LUXURY AT GRAND BAY This wonderful 2 bedroom condominium is beautifully put together, has gorgeous unobstructed bay views. Located on the private side of building #5, this condo also comes with 2 parking spaces. Go to for a virtual tour. $599,000. LONGBEACH WITH GULF VIEWS This two bedroom condominium is located on Longboat Key’s tranquil north end and has a full Gulf view. Totally updated and beautifully furnished, this condo is not to be missed. Go to for a virtual tour. $475,000.


Longboat Key and Anna Maria Island • 941-383-6127 Toll Free: 800-352-0367




Deal us in

Listen to the bidding

Estate Sale

Fri. Oct. 11 th 10am-3pm 319 Bob White Way

North ♠ K 10 6 ♥632 ♦K9 ♣AKJ94

West ♠QJ ♥AKJ87 ♦Q8 ♣8753

Bird Key; before 9am pickup #’s from Bill at Ringling Causeway in park by the Bird Key traffic light; note 10am opening; Sterling & plated sets, tea set, hollow ware & more; Yamaha clavinova, 2 sofas, sofa bed, teak buffet, 2 TV’s nice chairs, tables, lamps, linens, dinette, chests, twin beds, art supplies, books, & much more; Sale by Julie McClure.

East ♠A8543 ♥4 ♦ J 10 5 4 2 ♣ 10 2

South ♠972 ♥ Q 10 9 5 ♦A763 ♣Q6

(941) 746-2100

The Bidding:

by Donna SWAN

South 2NT All Pass

West 1♥ Pass

North 2♣ 3NT

East Pass All Pass


One of the major mistakes that all bridge players sometimes make is not listening to the bidding auction. This hand was sent to me by Polly Perry of Boynton Beach, who asks: “If someone gave you the West hand and asked you what to lead against a three-notrump contract, what would you answer? Would it be the king of hearts or would you ask for a review of the bidding?” The bidding often changes our lead choices, especially when deciding on an opening lead. “Trusting that South might hold a heart stopper, my partner led the queen of spades,” Perry continues. “Declarer covered with the king and I won the ace and returned a heart. That was a quick, five tricks, setting the contract down one.” It is interesting to see that the opening lead of the heart king can also defeat the contract. Suppose West shifts to a club at trick two. Declarer wins in the South and leads a spade to the queen, king and ace. East must return a spade. If East does not return a spade, South can cash the minor suits and lead a spade, forcing West to break hearts for his ninth trick. The best time to think is before playing a bridge hand either as declarer or defender.


Dealer: West Vulnerable: North-South

Bob & Taube

Opening lead: Q♠

L ev i t t

Donna Swan is a resident of Longboat Key, an ardent bridge player and an American Contract Bridge League certified director who plays “for the fun of it.” ❑

Selling Sarasota’s Select Properties For More Than 25 Years!

TANGERINE BAY CLUB...Building 370. This luxurious condo feels like a home.Views of theG bay & pool N I D N E area. This 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2 car garage is . P E L A S Offered at $700,000. LONGBOAT HARBOUR TOWERS...#303. This lovely direct gulf front, 1 bedroom, 1 bath condominium is a fabulous getaway. Turnkey furnished. $329,900. Summer Reduction $315,900. PROMENADE...Sold To Date #207, 302, 402, 503, 707, & 811

Selby Gardens receives awards, sells calendars The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens and its executive director, Dr. Margaret D. Lowman, are the recipients of two national awards. The Gardens received the 2002 Award for Program Excellence from the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta for its innovative leadership in creating the canopy walkway at Myakka River State Park and the ADA-accessible “Walker’s Walk” canopy walkway on the grounds of the Gardens.

Member of Appraisers Association of America

The Ecological Society of America has awarded its 2002 Eugene P. Odum Award for Excellence in Ecology Education to Lowman at a ceremony held in August in Tuscon, Ariz. Also, the 2003 Selby Gardens calendars are for sale for $12.95. Titled “Secret Of The Garden,” each features 13 color photographs of various Selby Gardens locales, created by former global education intern Thomas Balay. For additional information, call the Gardens at 366-5731. 10102



4 1 3 4 G u l f o f M e x i c o D r i ve • L o n g b o a t Key

Absolutely Stunning! Corporate Penthouse Office Complex • Over 4,000 Square Feet Gorgeous Bay and Gulf Views Covered Parking • Private Lock-out Elevator

Available Soon! Only $6,750.00 plus tax

boat slips and other executive office space also available 10102


Call Oscar R. Parsons 388.5118 or 388.2121 cell (941) 374.1082

WAGNER REALTY at The Centre Shops

Since 1939

EMERALD HARBOR HAS IT ALL One of LBK's most sought after locations on LBK's widest canals. 3BR 2BA home in immaculate condition. Pool, deep water, 40ft dock, deeded beach access & more! Call John McCormick. 383-5577. #222942..........................................$684,500 BAY VIEWS ALMOST TOUCH IT Longboat Village 2BR plus den, Family room & tile floors. Approximately 1800sf, 2 car garage & extra outbuilding. New sprinkler system and freshly painted. Reduced. Mary Wickersham or Cindy English. 383-5577. #221046 .............$540,000 HOLMES BEACH RESIDENCE Custom built in 1998 w/3BR/2BA, open floor plan, large porch & patio & short walk to beach. REDUCED PRICE. Call Dave Moynihan. 778-2246. #85718..$299,500

A NN MARTIN For knowledgeable & experienced Real Estate Services Call Ann at 388-4447

BAY ISLES HARBOR - Charming Mediterranean style newly renovated home. Wide water view, dock and lift. Split plan. Caged pool and outdoor kitchen. Gracious living in an incomparable location. $2,249,000. Furnished DOWNTOWN BAY VIEWS - Everything is here. Gracious amenities. Guest suites on site, media center, spa, pool and health center. Grand entertaining area and private dining or meeting room. Plus, your own one bedroom condominium home overlooking Sarasota Bay. $235,000. THE RESORT AT LONGBOAT KEY CLUB - Great income producing club suite. End unit with extra large deck. Enjoy a personal vacation in a 4 star luxury resort and leave your property to outstanding management while you are away. $209,000. LAKEWOOD RANCH - Have it all with this big family home. Breathtaking golf course and water views. Gated community. Five bedroom plus hobby or play room. Three car garage. Pool, spa, neutral decor and quality upgrades. $735,000. GATED LANDMARK ISLAND ESTATE Spectacular vistas of sparkling azure waters of Sarasota Bay. Beautifully appointed residence offers master suite with fireplace, study and gym. Three guest suites. Four car garage. Terraced bay side disappearing edge pool with cabana and kitchen. Protected Dockage. $3,200,000. LONGBOAT KEY CLUB - Regent Place desirable “A” plan. Beach front corner with wrap around terraces. Views of the gulf, sunset, sunrise, bay and golf course. Three bedrooms plus office. Luxurious community amenities. Space and privacy of a single family home. $2,995,000.

Michael Saunders & Company 10102


Email: Website: 5360 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key (941) 383-5577 • Toll Free (800) 352-0367 MLS

423 St. Armands Circle • 388-3966 w w w. S a r a s o t a Re a l E s t a t e F i n d . c o m

Licensed Real Estate Broker 61 S. Blvd. of Presidents • Sarasota, FL • (941) 388-4447



OBSERVER CLASSIFIEDS Classified Lines: •$10.00 for the first 15 words •20¢ each additional word Classified Display: •$20.00 (per week) - 15 words, 5 lines, bold border. •$36 - 30 words • $52 - 50-45 words •Extra words may be purchased for 50¢ per word

•A 10% Discount will be given on ads that run same copy for at least 4 consecutive weeks. •A 20% discount will be given on ads that run a minimum of 6 months. For Information

Call 941-383-5509 Fax 941-383-7193

❈ Free-Bee ads will only be accepted for the items-under-$200 classification and may run for two weeks maximum for each ad. (One Free-Bee ad per month) ❈ The total value of articles for sale must not exceed $200 and each article must be priced. ❈ Free-Bee ads must be placed in person, mailed, or faxed by individuals with private addresses and phone numbers. (Sorry, no commercial advertising in the Free-Bee section.)

Call (941) 383-5509 To Place Your Ad

Deadline: Monday, Noon


Alterations/Upholstery ZYBS UPHOLSTERY. Sofas, boat cushions, corner borders. chairs and slip covers. Free estimates. Free pick-up and delivery. (941) 924-6949. ISLAND UPHOLSTERY. Furniture, cushions, etc. Repair and restoring antiques. 121 Bridge St. Free estimates! 778-4335.

Appliance Repair

Auto Sales & Service


A CLASSIC CAR for a classic person. 1978 Rolls Royce, Silver Shadow II, 4/door, black, carnelian interior. $18,000. 373-0499/ daytime and 755-6088/eves./weekends.


Aluminum ☛ ☛

HOME CARE SERVICE CENTER. Screen room/rescreening, pool enclosures, concrete, siding, soffit/fascia, painting, sunrooms. Same day service available. Free Estimates. Contact Thomas or Joseph. 941-587-9301.




PRIVATE CONTINUING CARE. Centrally located. Experience with late stage Alzheimers. Complete references. Call Paul Fitzpatrick, M.A. 756-5084.



HELPING HANDS and loving heart. Providing care for one elderly person in my exclusive private home. For appointment, call Lisa 348-8390.

ALTERATIONS. WE are proud to provide the BEST alteration service in the Manatee and Sarasota area. We deliver the highest quality of work. PARADISE COIN LAUNDRY, 7466 Cortez Road West, 795-1657.


RETIRED LONGBOAT KEY police officer. Drive your car to the North and back. References. 941-778-5381.

CLASSIFIEDS WORK Auto Sales & Service 2000 CHEVROLET Impala. Low mileage, all maintenance receipts. Asking $12,000. 383-2730.

CHITWOOD CHARTERS, Grand Banks/ Selene Yachts. Luxury Cruises, Sunsets, Cocktails, Special Occasions. Half day to weekly. Bare boat available. Need a new hobby? Learn to pilot a yacht. Capt. Chitwood. 941-957-1530.

JAGUAR 2001 XK8 Convertible. Black/black “The Babe”. She’s gorgeous w/all options. Wife says must go. 1,300/miles, $63,500. 941-650-0429.



Auto Transport AUTO TRANSPORT state to state. Insured, professional, N/S driver w/clean record. Reasonable rates. References available. (941) 545-5325.

Boat Charter


Adult Care

The Longboat Observer to meet all applicable legal requirements in connection with the ad such as compliance with town codes in first obtaining an occupational license for a business, permitted home occupation, or residential rental property.

Payment by Cash, Check or Visa/Mastercard

Hours: Monday-Friday • 8:30am-5pm

Service Directory: 4 week min. run •Business Card Size • $132/4 weeks •1/2 Business Card Size • $78.00/4 wks

❈ The Longboat Observer is offering free advertising space in the classifieds.

The Longboat Observer reserves the right to classify and edit copy, or to reject or cancel any advertisement at any time. Corrections after first insertion only. *All ads are subject to the approval of the Publisher. * It is the responsibility of the party placing any ad for publication in


HONDA S2000, 2001, 5K/mi. Like new! Honda car cover included. Gorgeous, must sell. $28,995. 720-2081 or 750-9111. 2001 DODGE Durango SLT. Platinum color exterior, leather interior, 3rd row seating, excellent condition, 35K/mi. Asking $22,000. 794-2439, leave message. ANTIQUE 1957 Chevy Bel-Aire, 283/, 43,000 original miles. Excellent condition. Must see! All original w/cover. Asking $24,999 o/b/o. 383-2699.


Boat Rentals CANNONS MARINA 6040 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Half-day and Full-day rentals 14’-24’ Skiffs /Runabouts /Deckboats Ride in Style in our Grady-White & Scout boats. All powered by YAMAHA outboards. 383-1311

S E RV I C E D I R E C T O RY Gary Begin Photography Specializing in Hotels & Gated Communities

Capture the ones you love on Florida’s beautiful beaches.

CALL NOW! Half Off Session Fee Through October 16th 941 749-7085

Window Fashions by Nelly

CBC 059525 CRC 057343

H.I.P.P Industries, Inc. Licensed, Insured and Bonded

941-365-8877 New Construction • Additions, Remodeling Restoration • Water proofing

Custom: Curtains, Draperies, Valances, Cornices, Swags, Cascades, Pillows

Painting • Carpentry • Sheet Rock • Doors & Windows Stucco • Concrete Flooring • etc

Free Estimates 1209 Beneva Rd, Sarasota, FL 34232 (941) 953-7977



Call Maureen for more information about The Longboat Observer Service Directory! Phone: 383-5509 or Fax: 383-7193

Wholesale to the public $55 a square foot Cut & Installed

Massage Therapy Marty Roca, LMT

Sun Set Screens & more 4 years local experience Island work

For your convenience, I come to you! Chair massage also available

Owner - 720-2742 Manager - 720-1063 Lic.# 105367

Insured Free Estimates

941-412-1152 PAUL RITCHIE JIM MILLER 1-888-898-4357

Licensed Bonded Insured

License# MA32116

(941) 587-9690

Reasonable Rates



Boat Sales, Service & Storage

Cleaning Services

Boat Slips for Rent/Sale


Crushed Shell

EXPERT HOUSECLEANING by Brazilian SMALL BOAT/TRAILER STORAGE. ladies. Reliable. Excellent references. Vacation or long term. On trailer or in-water. Please call 351-5950 or 504-5309. Private launch ramp. Fresh water wash. Minutes to LBK, Gulf, gas, bait, restaurants. ORA Also, bottom painting. Capt. John’s Marina. PROFESSIONAL 941-792-2620.



SUPERB BOAT Slip for rent in high & dry indoor marina. In & out boat storage at its 321-4261 ✦ 953-3144 finest. Excellent south Longboat location, easy access to Bay and Gulf. Up to 30’ Call 371-1866. RESPONSIBLE FEMALE is avail. Monday, Wednesday or Friday to clean your home. References. $15/hr. 941-739-1095. YOUR YACHT IS BEAUTIFUL! DOESN’T IT DESERVE A ✓ CLEANING SERVICE. Offices, residents BEAUTIFUL HOME? & yards. Responsible work guaranteed.


GILLIS & GILLIS ENTERPRISES. Crushed, GOLF LESSONS, by USGTF professional. washed shell, top soil, landscaping service. Call Carol, 941-779-2429. We install shell driveways. Serving Sarasota & The Keys since 1978. Fully licensed & Health Services insured. 941-753-2954. FITNESS! DO you need help reaching your fitness goals? Will train in your home. Call Caroline @ 383-6269 for free fitness evaluation.

➷➷➷➷➷➷➷➷➷➷ Don’t Forget!!


Help Wanted

for Classifieds is

MONDAY @ NOON ➷➷➷➷➷➷➷➷➷➷

✦ OFFICE RESERVATIONIST. Reliable person for Longboat Key resort. Five years experience. 9a.m. to 5p.m. Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. $12/per hour. Phone 383-5549 and ask for appointment.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Join a special team of people who make a difference in the lives of the elderly. We provide non-medical Excellent references. Clarice & Gomes, Furniture companionship and help in their homes. SECURE, DEEPWATER BOAT SLIPS 927-8339 or 747-8521. Flexible day, evening and weekend shifts IN A PROTECTED, GARDEN SETTING BRAND NEW King mattress, Simmons available. Home Instead Senior Care. Call: NEAR LONGBOAT’S NORTH END.  HELPING HANDS  Cook, cleaner, Beauty Rest, in plastic. Must sell! $250. 951-2242. errands, delivery and elder care. Reliable & 941-232-2880. AVAILABLE NOW FOR BOATS TO 60’. trustworthy. 941-650-3083. (1) BRAND NEW QUEEN PILLOW TOP HARBOUR VILLA CLUB MOORINGS CLEANING TEAM. Reliable. Reasonable. mattress set. Still in plastic, $150. Can (941) 383-9544 Dependable. 20/yrs. in business. We DO deliver. 232-2544. know what we are doing! 761-2932. BRAND NAME, brand new Queen Pillowtop LONGBOAT KEY Moorings, 60/ft. boat slip. DAZZLE CLEANING, “personalized house- orthopedic mattress w/springs. Still in Seasonal, $19.00 per foot. Monthly $23.00 keeping, general cleaning and house checks plastic, $125. King set available, $175. per foot. Yearly $16.50 per foot, plus to meet your needs. Lic./Ins. 379-6582. 941-232-2880. electricity and sales tax. 383-2025/504-1232. SCHEDULE (1) BRAND NEW FULL ORTHOPEDIC LONGBOAT KEY Moorings, 60/ft. boat slip,  MRS. MAIDS. Want a clean house? mattress set. Still in plastic, $130. Can YOUR AD FOR K-5. Best location, open views, extra large Call Mari. Competitive prices. References. deliver. 232-2544. pier area. Available now. 312-860-3700 or Bonded and Insured. 371-3175. 4 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS ALL oak, honey finish, no metal, AND RECEIVE 10% OFF  HOUSECLEANER. RELIABLE, mature, FUTON. mission frame. 9/Layer foam mattress. Still in TOTAL COST! responsible experienced and w/great box. Cost, $525. Sell, $325. Can deliver. Caregiver/Companion references. Cell: (941) 587-5899, Rosalie. 941-761-2344. ASSISTANCE WITH/ERRANDS, personal appointments, banking/bills & computer KIM’S HOUSE Cleaning. Crystal clean from work. Caring, professional and bonded. Call top to bottom. Reasonable rates. 927-6262 SOLID WOOD; chest, 9/drawers, $200. Dining table, folding, seats 6, $200. Cocktail 927-4783. or 379-8206. RETIRED & BORED? Do you love helping table, glass/chrome, $100. 371-4352. people? Why not invest a few hours/(PT/FT) HOME HEALTH Aide. Worked 10/years seniors AND getting paid? w/agencies. Dependable and Honest. Please HOUSE CLEANING by experienced Brazil- BRAND NAME, brand new. Queen helping ian ladies. Good references. Free estimates. orthopedic mattress set still in plastic. Companions/Homemakers for meals, light call Fran, 321-7340. Please call Kiara 342-4243. housekeeping, transportation and friendship. Warranty. $110. Can deliver. 941-232-2880. ♥ ♥ CHEERFUL, LOVING CARE, highly Superb agency. Call now, 921-4747. experienced. Errands, shopping, paperwork. NEED TO be clean? Will clean house, DISPLAYED, but never used, MODEL shopping, laundry. Island resident 20/years. HOME FURNITURE: 4-piece bedroom suite, 383-5646. Call Trish, 751-2673. $259; sofa & love seat, $399; queen bed CNA WILL care for your loved ones. set, $199; full bed set, $159; twin bed set, CARRIER OPPORTUNITIES 8-24/hrs. per day, 25/yrs. experience. Also, $129; daybed complete w/pop-up trundle & 2 Computer Services housekeeping. 753-1825. mattresses, $285; Futon and frame, $199. The Longboat Observer Delivery available. Builders, 753-7118. CNA, CAREGIVER/COMPANION. P/T or COMPUTER OBEDIENCE Training. Is your and F/T. Available 24/hours a day, 7/days a computer misbehaving? Will train your (1) BRAND NEW QUEEN ORTHOPEDIC The East County Observer computer to listen to you! Special $20/hour. week. 366-2709. plush mattress set. Still in plastic, $120. Can FREE ADVICE. 545-7508. deliver. 232-2544. Openings available for home delivery EUROPEAN LADY available P/T-F/T for carriers requiring one or two days a LEARN TO operate your computer private care, cooking and cleaning. Home week. No experience necessary. as easy as your telephone. BRAND NAME, brand new. Full orthopedic Health Aide Certified. Cheerful, loving, mattress set. Still in plastic. Warranty. $100. Require conscientious and 383-5372. intelligent & reliable. References. 923-0115 Can deliver. 941-232-2880. reliable people. or 545-4766. IN HOME computer services. Senior friendly, For more information call: training, installation, trouble shooting. Jules DAYBED, WHITE/BRASS. Complete w/2 Porchey, The Computer Man. 927-1428. mattresses, trundle. New in boxes. Sell Catering The Longboat Observer $250. 941-232-2880. SINCE 1979 Harry’s Continental Kitchen has ✦ ✦ ✦ COMPUTER COACH. I will teach 383-5509 been making party memories from the you in your own home & at your own (1) BRAND NEW KING PILLOW TOP casual to black tie affair. Specializing in pace. Please call Elinor. 951-6145. mattress set. Still in plastic, $250. Can small dinner parties. 383-0777. deliver. 232-2544.




Leslie Smukler

L.M.T Nationally Certified #MA 36024


Deep Tissue • Sports • Swedish • out calls • chair massage

Berkeley (510) 755-0233 Longboat Key (941) 383-8801







927-2128 Carpet Cleaning • Furniture Cleaning Fire/Water Damage Cleanup ServiceMaster of NW Sarasota & The Meadows, Bill & Fonda Davies, Owners

Jim and Sandee Davis Owners

Bradenton (941) 746-6306 Sarasota (941) 922-1615

Same owners since 1979

LBKC Member SCT Member

MAKE A LIST, INC. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


SUSAN P. SHAUGHNESSY, R.N. Private Duty Nursing One to One Care, Experienced Massachusetts & Florida R.N. Licensed

941-704-2190 •

PROTECT YOUR WOOD DOORS! If your wood doors don’t look new please call me -

Steven Cyr 725-3139 Building installating & maintaining wood doors since 1993

32B THURSDAY OCTOBER 10, 2002 Help Wanted



MATTRESS/BOX SPRING, double bed. Like POOL REMODELING, Waterfalls, Pool new, includes bed frame and mattress pad, Decks, Pavers, Specialty Lighting, Outdoor $175. 778-3320. Kitchens and Tikibars. Licensed and Insured. Over 20/years experience. 504-2476 or WEDDING DRESS, size 8, above knee, off 929-7507. Tropical Dreams, Inc. the shoulder cut. Asking $100 o/b/o. Call Sally 779-0876.


FREE SNOW REMOVAL, and when its not ✓ COUPLE AVAILABLE for house sitting/ snowing, I specialize in installing CRUSHED caretaking. Impeccable local references. SHELL and ROCK yards, driveways and walkways. Rip Rap, sand and mulch also 929-9139. delivered and spread. Hauling available. Please call DAVID BANNIGAN at 794-6971 Instruction or cell at 504-7045. LEARN FRENCH. Fall session starting. ACTION LANDSCAPING. Residential and Small group, adult classes, all levels. Commercial. Mowing, Edging, Pruning, Marie-Christine Rouffiac, Director. Call Landscaping, Clean-Ups. Licensed & 927-2814. Insured. 941-400-8059.


IACOCCA E-BIKE, 2/years old, perfect WASH N’FOLD, IRONING, ALTERATIONS. condition. 1/2 Retail price, $750. 360-9283. Comforters/$12. Linen Service. Self-Service. ONE/EACH GIANT man’s and woman’s Clean and attended. Open 7/days. bicycles, like new, less 1/yr. old, $300/each Drop-off/pick-up and delivery. Residential & Commercial.PARADISE COIN LAUNDRY, o/b/o. 387-9806. 7466 Cortez Road West, 795-1657. LORD’S WAREHOUSE RESALE SHOP. GRAND REOPENING Saturday, October 12. Masonry 50% off everything (some exclusions). Sale MASON, 27/YRS. experience. Glass block continues Monday, Wednesday & Saturday, work, window sills, pavers, cinder block, October 19. Hours: 9a.m.-3p.m., 6140 Gulf brick and tile. Walls built and repaired. of Mexico Dr., Longboat. 383-4738. Fireplaces. Licensed & Insured. 795-3034.

WOOD SHIP MODELS. Handmade, museum quality, $750 & up. Commissions accepted. 377-5626.

MAKE-UP, SKIN Care and Spa products for 30% off. Call Sally for BEAUTI-CONTROL. 779-0876. UNIFORMS; LT. Commander dress blue. Also, Bridge Coat, trench coats, size 38, excellent. $295/for all. 941-794-1660.


A FRIENDLY EAR TO TALK WITH: Complete privacy. Call Gene now for a free ROOF REPAIRS - all types. Reasonable rates! 955-2964 or 747-0934. chat and rates. 941-518-6906. ROY’S CAR SERVICE LUXURY NON -SMOKING CARS AVAILABLE PRICES FROM LONGBOAT KEY TO: TAMPA AIRPORT, $70 SARASOTA AIRPORT, $25




 CERAMIC TILE Supplied and Installed

MICROWAVE, KENMORE, top-of-the-line, spotless, works perfectly, $50. Range, G.E., almond, self-cleaning, works perfectly, very clean, $150 o/b/o. 924-8477. Call anytime! KEYBOARD W/STAND, excellent cond., $125. Call 955-8956 after 4p.m. WURLITZER FUNMAKER organ. Very good condition, $100. 941-360-9053.

Best pricing on all brand name CARPETING & LAMINATES. “Why pay retail” 10 Years Island Resident CHAMBER MEMBER “We take care of our neighbors”

MASSAGE A HEALING TOUCH Deeply Relaxing Swedish Neuromuscular REIKI Office or House Calls Available New Client Special! $45 (Reg. $60) PAMELA MILLER, LMT License #MA34776 920-0010

BIKE, MAN’S 26” Giant Cruiser, 8/mos. old, alloy frame, rims. A-1 condition. $120. 941-761-1415.

Painting & Wallpapering STUDENT DESK, chair, double dresser w/bookshelves, corner unit w/bookshelves. PASTEL PAINTING. Interior/exterior, neat, reasonable. Wallpaper/wallpaper removal. White laminate. $50 for all. 383-5209. Supplying LBK clients w/over 12 years ENTERTAINMENT CENTER, accommo- experience & customer service. Insured. dates up to 32” TV, w/drawers for CD’s & Paul Passanant. 366-9434. electronic cabinet, teak finish, $100. Two blinds, wooden teak finish, horizontal ✦ GRIFFITHS' ISLAND PAINT & PAPER style: sizes (1) 51.5”Wx37.25”H, (1) 51.5” SERVICES. Int./ext. painting, pressure Wx49.75”H, $20/each. All items like new. washing, wallpaper & faux painting. We spray wicker. Prompt, reliable service at 387-0517. reasonable rates! Lic./Ins. Call Kevin. Cell ELECTRO LUX professional shampooer, 704-7115 or 792-1646. 1/yr. old, $150 o/b/o. 387-2021. PAINTING & GENERAL SERVICES CO. LIKE NEW! 2/table lamps, 19” TV, wicker Father & Son Team. Handyman repairs, rocker w/blue cushion. $200/for all items or pressure washing, professional quality work. All phases interior/exterior. Call Dan, will sell separately. 387-7049. 954-2158. ANDREW WYETH 1st edition, large folio book, $150 o/b/o. Eddie Cantor’s autograph Personal Services and picture, $15. Reuge Bach music box, ENGLISH LADY available for housesitting, $35 o/b/o. 924-5093. personal shopping, laundry, companion/baby LIGHTING FIXTURES - 2/overhead direct sitting, cleaning. No task too small/big. wire, double florescents w/bulbs, 6ft.x8ft., References. 941-928-3314. $20/ea. 780-3547. Positions Wanted

Screen Repair

☛ ☛ HOME CARE SERVICE CENTER. Screen room/rescreening, pool enclosures, concrete, siding, soffit/fascia, painting, sunrooms. Same day service available. EXPERIENCED HANDYMAN: Repairs, Free Estimates. Contact Thomas or Joseph. painting, landscaping, tile, carpentry, 941-587-9301. screening, fences, drywall, etc. Licensed. Insured. Free estimates. Edson Bessa. Commercial Rentals & Sales 941-730-6838. RETAIL/OFFICE for rent in strip, directly on Gulf of Mexico Dr., 418/sq.ft. Please call Remodeling 383-0883, 778-7987. & Home Improvements

MASSAGE THERAPY Marty Roca (941) 587-9690 Lic. #MA32116

STATE CERTIFIED Roofing & General Contractor, FL. Professional Engineer, Roofing (all types), Remodeling, Repairs. Call DON for immediate response. 720-0794. Lic. CC-CO57977, CG-CO61519, PE20374. VISA/MC.

(941) 383-6642 (941) 366-7131

Items Under $200

ROUND TABLE top, thick beveled edge, $80. 388-2297.

ROBERT HELD’S HANDYMAN & MORE! Repairs, Installs, Tile, Vinyl, Improvements, Window Cleaning & Rescreen. Dependable, friendly service. Call Monday thru Friday, 9a.m.-6p.m. for appointment. 758-8044.


For your convenience, I come to you! DINETTE. UNUSUAL marble and glass top table w/four upholstered chairs, $200. 387-3325.

Remodeling & Home Improvements

Professional Services

Landscaping & Lawn Services

Items For Sale

Pools & Spas

Longboat Key Mixed-Use Building: Luxury 3BR/2BA apt. & 5 offices. $1.5 million. Sarasota Beef O’Brady’s family sports bar & grill. Great location, lease, profits! $179,000. N.W. Bradenton Coin Laundry: Buy Fairway Center retail condo unit, all equipment for $145K. Restaurant: Italian/beer/wine/pizza, good mall lease. 30/Seats, easy to expand. $69K. Bradenton Financial District Breakfast/Lunch, takeout,delivery, catering, 5-day week, 86 seats, good lease. $180/K. Confidential Area Jewelry, Fine Gifts: Well-located business. $55K +value of merchandise. LONGVIEW REALTY 383-6112

STEVE ALLEN FLOOR COVERING 383-5381 726-1802 Lic./Ins.

  PRIME RETAIL/OFFICE LOCATION, Avenue of The Flowers, 1270/sq.ft.+/at $16/per square foot plus CAM. T. Mannausa & Co., Realtor. 365-1511, ext. 115. OFFICE SPACE, 6400 Gulf of Mexico Dr., 457/sq.ft. available. Please call 383-3844. ST. ARMANDS. For lease, 2400/sq.ft. +/-.

♦ ♦ ♦ CUSTOM RENOVATIONS. 25/years Will divide. Office, therapy, fitness... Must experience as a highly skilled, dependable, restoration/renovation expert, carpenter & fine finishing contractor. Kitchen and bathroom specialist. Repairs & Painting. Paul Beauregard, 779-2294.


☛ PRIME RETAIL AND OFFICE space available at the Centre Shops, Longboat Key. Call 387-3135.

Condos & Homes For Sale

All Variations of Ceramic Tile Supplied & Installed. Floors a Specialty. Large Longboat Key Portfolio. Free Estimates & Custom Designs. Dirty grout? Give us a shout! Grout cleaning & restoration services available.

 $849,900. DIRECT GULF FRONT, behind the gates of Longboat Key Club. Top of the line renovations and furnishings. Absolutely nothing to do! Stunning just doesn’t describe. Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp. 941-809-0041.  $279,900 LONGBOAT KEY value. Townhouse, 2BR/2.5BA, furnished, 1500/sq.ft. Shows great, lots of rental income. Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp. 941-809-0041.

Call Neil Halfacre (941) 726-3077 LIC.

see! Open views of Circle and treed neighborhood. $14/sq.ft. +CAM. Please call 349-9900.


☛ ☛ HOME CARE SERVICE CENTER. Screen room/rescreening, pool enclosures, concrete, siding, soffit/fascia, painting, sunrooms. Same day service available. Free Estimates. Contact Thomas or Joseph. 941-587-9301.


EXERCISE EQUIPMENT: Sears Treadmill PARALEGAL/LEGAL SECRETARY will do Lifestyler 2808, $100. Stepper, Tunturi, $50. various computer typing, my home/your ☛ BILL GAREAU Building & Remodeling. Both like new. 383-5987. office. Manuscripts, resumes, term papers, All phases of home improvement. License G.E. 8/CYCLE 2/speed electric washer. letters, legal documents, etc. Call 727-1309. #RBC0067087. Insured. 685-2244. Heavy duty, extra large capacity. 1/yr. old. HANDYMAN. OVER 20/yrs. experience in PLACE YOUR POSITIONS WANTED AD Like new! $200. 941-921-1283. remodeling, painting, faux finishing, doors, HERE, AND GET RESULTS ! windows, tile, landscaping, interior/exterior, TO ADVERTISE CALL BEIGE VELVET queen size sleeper sofa, all general repairs. Free estimates. Call $185. Bedspread, king size, $14. 351-6098. 383-5509. Dean 929-7507 or 284-1303.



Condos & Homes For Sale

$649,900 LONGBOAT KEY, direct Gulf front, 2BR/2BA, over 1,500/sq.ft. New kitchen, paint, ceramic and carpets. Huge balcony to enjoy those sunsets. Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp., (941) 809-0041.


 $224,900 SPANISH Villa on Longboat. Have your own boat slip, 2BR/2BA, low condo fees. Exterior is maintenance free, even your lawn. Deeded beach access. Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp., 941-809-0041. LONGBOAT WATERFRONT, $495.00. Beautiful old Florida 3BR/3BA house on deep water canal w/deeded beach access, furnished. Available immediately. Possible lease w/option to buy. 388-1888. LONGBOAT KEY. Immaculate Gulf front condo. Rare 3BR/2BA w/covered 2/car parking. Great investment at $625,000. Mary Hellhake, 544-0763. Michael Saunders & Co.


Condos & Homes For Sale

Condos & Homes For Sale

$695,000 NEW PENTHOUSE unit. Turnkey furnished, fantastic bay views. Amenities second to none! Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp., 941-809-0041. LONGBOAT KEY, Seagate Club. For sale by Owner Gulf front penthouse completely furnished 2BR/2BA, split design Spectacular views of Gulf from every room. On-site management. $669,000. No Brokers. (248) 642-4421. SPANISH MAIN Yacht Club, free standing 2BR/2BA villa. Enclosed lanai, beach & bay access, community pool & docks, $255,000. 383-8860. Owner/Realtor. Will pay commissions to realtor.


941-383-0198 DOLPHIN TOWERS, panoramic Bay view, 2BR/2BA. Private balcony, secured building and parking, pool. Centrally located, minutes away from cultural activities.  $299,900 CANAL FRONT. Yes this is Owner financing. (508) 548-8685; FAX: not a typo. Longboat Key freestanding villa, (508) 457-1687. 2BR/2BA, boat docks. Freshly painted, new Kelly Belisle, Central Park Realty  $399,900 TOWNHOUSE on Longboat. ceramic. Corp., 941-809-0036. Totally renovated, 1,500/sq.ft. Some bay views. Garage, loads of tennis. OWNER WANTS OFFER! Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp., 941-809-0041. 2BR/2BA, BAY VIEW, SPLIT PLAN REDUCED! NEXT TO RITZ  $519,900 DOWNTOWN BAY FRONT, direct bay views on 15th floor, totally redone. KING & COMPANY Seeing is believing! Dennis Girard, Central (Your Real Estate Connection Park Realty Corp., 941-809-0041. to Key West) BY OWNER. Behind the gates of Longboat CLO-ANN GARRISON Key Club. Exquisite custom built 4BR/3BA 388-1288 OR 266-1078 home. Granite counter tops, marble floors, crown molding. Awesome entertainment unit in great room with soaring ceilings. Outside Lots & Acreage For Sale kitchen and bar. Dock with lift on good boating water. Offered at $1,199,000. Call LONGBOAT KEY. Building Lot, Longbeach 383-2699 for appointment. Principals only... Sub-Division. Just steps to the beach. This lot is ready for building. Excellent location. DUPLEX - Holmes Beach, 2BR/2BA each Won't last long. Must see! Asking $229,000. side, $399,500. All the tax benefits of income Bill Franca, 951-2000. #LB223960. property without the headaches. Current ERA Mount Vernon owner will lease/back long term. Just kick Realty Co, Inc. back and let this island property appreciate. SARASOTA RANCH CLUB. Beautiful Call Tom @ 779-2217 or 10 acre lot in privately gated equestrian community. $215,000. 387-1442. FREE VIEW! BY OWNER 2BR/2BA +DEN, TENNIS COURT, POOL, BOAT DOCK, COVERED PARKING FOR 2, TOP FLOOR, SPECTACULAR, UNLIMITED BAY VIEW. $450K PRINCIPALS ONLY (941) 383-6278







SEAPLACE, $359,000, 4th floor, 2BR/2BA, good Gulf views. Bright, sunny, immaculate. Tennis, pools, gym, clubhouse. No brokers. ☛ SANCTUARY, RARELY AVAILABLE. 387-9751. Spectacular direct Gulf front corner unit with panoramic views of Gulf, golf course and CANAL FRONT, 3BR/2BA. Screened pool, bay. Completely furnished 2BR/2.5BA +den. boat dock, fireplace. Partial Bay A must see! $1,299,000. Call Marilyn view. $389,000. Owner/Realtor. Vincent, Duncan, Coldwell Banker, 1-800-404-0117. 383-8860. A. Paradise Realty.  $479,900, LONGBOAT KEY, 3000/sq.ft. Elevator, furnished, double garage, 3  $299,900 2BR/2BA. Lido, stand alone villa, fireplace, your own back yard. Low bedrooms. Great rental program in place. fees, great rental. Dennis Girard, Central Pool and tennis. Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp., 941-809-0041. Park Realty, 941-809-0041.

Mobile Homes

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OAKS HAMMOCK lot on Little Sarasota Bay in gated Oaks Country Club with first class golf, dining, tennis facilities. Unique homesite with all the Country Club benefits. $500,000. MLS# 210158. Dorothy Roetelle, 918-1944. LONGBOAT KEY. Do not miss this unique opportunity. Build your dream home behind the gates of The Longboat Key Club. $385,000. 941-387-7065, 813-973-4813.



Rentals: Annual GOLDEN GATE POINT. Studios & 1BR apartments, some w/bay views. Recently remodeled. From $650/mo. Angela Wicks, 371-4438. ENJOY THE BAY SUNSETS in this sleekly furn. 2BR/2BA luxury penthouse next to the Ritz. 914-1055. GOLDEN BAY POINT, 3BR/3BA, brand new Mediterranean bayfront condo w/pool, dock and fabulous views! Annual rent, $3500/mo. ST. ARMANDS TOWER NORTH, 2BR/2BA condo w/Gulf views, spacious lanai, secure entry, elevator and pool. Close to St. Armands Circle! $2000/mo. LIDO SHORES, 2BR/2BA condo on Lido, newly remodeled, furnished. $1500/mo. LIDO HARBOUR SOUTH, 1BR/1.5BA condo w/pool, in Gulfront complex, $1200/mo. Wedebrock Real Estate Company Cristin Curl 383-4747 or 800-950-3450

☛ ☛LONGBOAT KEY, 801 Broadway, 2BR/1.5BA. $1250/mo. +utilities. Horizon Realty. 778-0426.




383-5509 OR FAX 24 HOURS TO 383-7193

➤ LONGBOAT KEY. Tiffany Plaza, fully unit, 2BR/2BA, w/full Gulf view, designer LONGBOAT KEY 3/LOTS; C-1 zoning. furnished condo (815) 562-2156.



$475,000. decorated. Turnkey furnished. $649,000. $400,000 each. General Harris St. Longview Realty, Richard Estrin. 383-6112. (727)937-3488.

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34B THURSDAY OCTOBER 10, 2002 Rentals: Annual


Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

EN PROVENCE, 3BR +family room. Fabu- ✓ LIDO BEACH CLUB condo. Premiere lous views in premiere condo community. location, 2BR/2BA. Avail. October, 2002. LONGBOAT KEY. Sutton Place, 3BR/2.5BA Call Cheryl Loeffler, Coldwell Banker Unfurnished. $1200/mo. (941) 342-6271. furnished townhouse condo. Beach access Previews. 383-5000. directly across Gulf Dr. 2/Swimming pools, great view! Reasonable rent. Available 3BR/1BA CANAL FRONT. Bring your boat! Jan. through March, 2003 and 1/month in LYONS LANE Short stroll to powdery white beaches and 2002. Call Ruth Ann, (502) 955-6169 or 3BR/2BA, canal front home w/boat dock, beautiful Joan Durante Park. Annual (502) 239-8498, leave message. cathedral ceilings, skylights, $1650/mo. Available now. 725-2826. totally updated, screened porch. LONGBOAT HARBOUR, 2BR/2BA. First Must see! LIDO AMBASSADOR, 1BR/1.5BA, $1050. floor end unit, nicely furnished. Canal view, $2100/mo. LIDO HARBOUR, 2BR/2BA, $1050/mo. two steps to pool, tennis, and private beach. LIDO HARBOUR, 2BR/2BA, $1200/mo. Available December through March or BAY VIEW DRIVE MEADOWS, 2BR/2BA, $1250/mo. January through April. (941) 387-1300 or 3BR/2BA updated pool home w/beautiful 501 DENARVAEZ, 3BR/2BA, $2000/mo. (610) 469-6900. views of the bay, 2/car garage, tile floors. $2200/mo. COLDWELL BANKER WINDWARD BAY, 1BR/1BA corner villa LISA SNOW 388-5532

3BR/2.5BA CONDO, unfurn. Harborside Dr. Large rooms, screened lanai, golf course view, 2/car garage. $2000/mo. Call Sharon Catt, Realtor. Wagner Realty, 383-5577. BAY VIEW, 2BR/2BA. One Watergate, unfurnished, steps to the Ritz. $1400/mo. No pets. 373-0302. SARABAY COUNTRY CLUB, 6th green, 3BR/2BA, 2/car garage. Includes lawn care. Lease option possible. $1275/mo. 941-351-2211. DOWNTOWN, RINGLING Park, 4BR/2BA. Includes in-law suite. Renovated, old Sarasota charm. Live/work, shop close by. Fireplace, W/D. $1400/mo. 941-316-0169. TOWN HOME ON Ritz Carlton Marina, 2BR/3.5BA +den, +1/BR apartment, large dock. Annual $2600/mo. Seasonal $5300/mo. 941-914-5541.

 DOWNTOWN BAYFRONT, 2BR/2BA. Immediate availability. $1850/mo. annual. Call 914-1136 or 914-5541.

SEAPLACE LOFT, 1BR/1.5BA. Available Nov., Dec., April, May & June. Lowest competitive rate. Owner, 941-383-2589.


SANDS POINT - Inside Gates of Longboat Key Club. Spacious 1500/sq.ft. newly renovated, 1.5BR/1.5BA apartment on Gulf. 3/mo. min. 2003 Season, $3500/mo. (516) 922-6033, (941) 383-9368 after October 16th.


SPANISH MAIN Yacht Club, 2BR/2BA, turnkey furnished, beach & bay access, community pool. Also available seasonally. Owner/Realtor. 383-8860.

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ON THE Gulf w/pool. 1BR condo, sleeps 4. Nicely furnished, cable, phone, full kitchen, living, dining area, W/D in building. Monthly or May through Jan. $1200/mo. 351-5101. LIDO BEACH CLUB. Spacious 1/bedroom, Gulf front/Bay views. Furnished. No smoking/pets. Seasonal or annual. 248-375-9027. LONGBOAT KEY - Buttonwood Cove, Building B. 2BR furnished condo, good view, flexible period 2002/2003 season. Reasonable rent, call Victor, 703-759-6323.

SEAPLACE, 2BR/1BA, fully equipped, all across from beach. Well equipped, 2/pools, amenities. Available March 1st. Owner, LONGBOAT VILLAGE 2/Marinas, tennis, exercise room. Season (770) 509-7419. 3BR/1BA, furn. annual rental 2002-03, $2200/mo. 514-484-8668, $1200/mo. LONGBOAT HARBOR, 2BR/2BA, 2nd floor. Nicely furnished, canal view, few steps to Wedebrock Real Estate Company ☛ PLAYERS CLUB, 2BR/2.5BA, Gulf view. pool, tennis and private beach. Available 383-5886 November & December or January thru Available Dec.-May, 4/mo. minimum, April. 941-360-8153. or $5500/mo. Non-smoking. No pets. 800-486-5886 (314)725-7420. AVAILABLE BY the month, 2BR/2BA condo overlooking bay. Steps from beach. Avail. KEY. Newly decorated Nov., Dec., Jan. 1-941-383-1930. GULFSTREAM/PALM AVE. Beautifully LONGBOAT renovated, unfurnished condo, 2BR/2BA, 2BR/1.5BA townhouse w/garage at Sutton pool, cable, water, W/D. $1750/mo. Will Place. Private beach, 2/pools. $3200/mo. SARASOTA, FLORIDA January through March. Minimum 2/mo. consider option to buy. 366-1062. 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Condominiums, $6,500 to 908-245-9558. $10,000 per month. Rentals: BAYPORT, 2BR/2BA. TKF, across street THE RESIDENCE at the RITZ-CARLTON Seasonal & Vacation from Gulf. 1/mo. min. Avail.: June 1-Nov. 30, Furnished & unfurnished condominiums. Single family homes Bird Key. $1900/mo.; Dec. $3400. 770-671-0338. Downtown Bay Front, Golf Course. VACATION RENTALS LUXURY CUSTOM, fully furnished 2BR, Beach Front & Main Land Seasonal Fairway Bay Townhouse. One floor living, Rentals Available. Call 941-953-6000. Call Wedebrock Rental Office overlooking garden/pool, 2/car garage & Seasonal or Annual WWW.LEASINGSARASOTA.COM elevator. Monthly or yearly rental. 203-322-2138. 941-383-5886 or 800-486-5886 JENNETTE & ROSSI, INC. For Complete List, Go To: REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT

LONGBOAT HARBOR, 2BR/2BA. Bay view, ➤ LONGBOAT, GULF FRONT, 1BR/1BA, nicely furn. Many amenities. Non-smokers. 2BR/2.5BA & 3BR/3.5BA from $750-$975 Available May. $1300/mo. 239-540-4274. weekly. 383-3187 or 383-3844.


Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

WINDWARD BAY, 1BR/1BA, $2200/mo. LIDO HARBOUR, 2BR/2BA, $2500/mo. **Many quality seasonal rentals available!

CASA DEL MAR RESORT CONDOMINIUM WEEKLY RENTALS GULF FRONT/GULF VIEW Reservations: 941-383-5549 Visa/MC Fax: 941-383-7925 Office Open 7 Days, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 4621 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key 34228 “85% Repeat Guests”



LONGBOAT HARBOR, 2BR/2BA, canal, Gulf view. Available December through April. Nicely furnished. 251-342-7339, LONGBOAT KEY, Beachplace, 3BR/2BA. 251-342-7344, 251-510-8822. Walk down unit, beautiful view. Available Dec., 2002, Jan. 2003. Call Bridgette at SEAPLACE, 2-3BR/2BA. Newly decorated 989-239-6733.or 989-797-4644. & updated ground floor unit w/large patio. Available immediately. 941-366-0030. BEAUTIFUL SEA PINES. LBK, 2BR/2BA, 1st floor, Gulfside, on the beach. Excellent condition! Avail. Oct. thru Dec., $3000/mo. Jan., $4000/mo. Non-smokers. No pets. 941-925-3027. LONGBOAT HARBOUR, 2BR/2BA. Harbor view, pool, beach, fully equipped. 1-3/mos., $2500/mo. 12/15. $3500/mo. after. Contact:


SEAPLACE, AVAILABLE DEC., 2002 to May, 2003. 2BR/2BA, new Robb & Stucky furniture. Bldg. M-2, under bldg. parking,  LBK, FAIRWAY BAY. Town home, N.W. view of Gulf, non-smoking. New air 2BR/2.5BA, beach access. Available starting cond. w/ultra violet protection, washer/dryer. now through Season 2003. Long or short Call (888) 570-1977. term. 941-383-3583. COUNTRY CLUB SHORES, LBK. 3BR/2BA,  DOWNTOWN BAYFRONT, 2BR/2BA. 2/car, heated pool, deep canal, dock, boat Garage parking. Minimum 3/mos. $2950/mo. lift, private beach access. 727-848-4100. Call 914-5541 or 914-1136. CANADIAN OWNER offers super top floor apartment at Portobello. Gulf and bay views, 2/balconies. Available Oct. 15-Dec. 15 or 1/month during this period. Call 506-546-2312, e-mail:

WATER VIEW! Perico Bay Club, 2BR/2BA, gated community, luxury condo. Turnkey, pool, tennis. Sept. thru Dec., 2002 & April, 2003. 1/mo. minimum. $2600/mo. Non-smoking. 778-3320.

LONGBOAT HARBOR Towers, 2BR/2BA, full Gulf view. Non-smoking. $4000/mo. Call Marty, (312) 362-0708. BEHIND THE Gates at The Longboat Key Club. Exquisitely decorated and fully renovated 2BR/2BA condo. Beautiful sunsets from every room, huge heated pool, exercise, sauna and tennis. 3/mo. minimum or annually. Available immediately. 387-1778. GORGEOUS 2BR/2BA condo in Woodland Grove at the Meadows Country Club. Turnkey. Avail. Jan. Feb. and March 2003. 941-685-8553. LIDO BEACH, 3BR/2BA. Living room, family room, screened lanai & hot tub. Furnished house, 1/2 block to Lido Beach, 2/blocks to St. Armands Circle. 815-877-3332, Fax: 815-877-3309. PELICAN HARBOUR, LBK. 2BR/2BA, panoramic bay view. Private beach, beautifully furnished. Jan., Feb., March $3700/mo. 3/mo. minimum. 941-387-7989. LIDO BEACH. Luxury Condo on beach, 3BR/2.5BA, huge terrace, pool/spa, gym, tennis courts, security gate, breathtaking bay & city view! Flexible availability. Also available annually. (941) 388-3598. BANYON BAY Club, 2BR/2BA, 1st. floor unit. Heated pool, tennis, fishing dock, steps to beach. Available monthly, seasonal or annual. (203) 481-0000.

QUEENS HARBOUR Outstanding/Immaculate million dollar 4BR/4BA home including separate guest suite. Private courtyard entry w/heated pool. Private golf and Lake views. Exquisite furnishings, private beach access. Three month minimum. For the discriminating tenant. Contact Kelly at (603) 756-4199

 LBK, BEACHPLACE condo, 1st. floor, 2BR/2BA. Oct., Nov., Dec. 2002 only and LIDO BEACH, 3BR/2BA, newly remodeled & furnished home. Peek-a-boo view of Gulf,  LONGBEACH CONDOMINIUM winter May, 2003. Covered parking, Olympic pool, walk to St. Armands. 955-0110 or rental. 2BR/2BA, Gulf view, pool/tennis, fitness center, spa. Non-smokers. By owner. (941) 383-1884. $4000/mo. Call 847-234-1334.



Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation LONGBOAT KEY, 1BR/1BA, cozy cottage, on the Gulf, private beach, furnished, washer and dryer included. 941-915-8619. LONGBOAT KEY, 2BR/2BA. Beautifully renovated w/granite. On the beach! Available November & December. 859-441-6896. 2BR/2BA CONDO on bay, 1st floor, many amenities. No smokers. $2700/mo. 914-591-6114. SOUTH LONGBOAT Key, 1BR/1BA, W/D, furnished, screened lanai. $1000/mo. 387-3825, E-mail: LIDO VACATION RENTALS. One and two bedroom units available. Furnished apartments across from beach and 1/block from St. Armands Circle, $800-$1400/mo. Call 266-4775. LONGBOAT HARBOUR condo. Bay and canal views, bldg. B, 2BR/2BA, nicely furnished. Available Jan., Feb., March. 802-496-2850. SEAPLACE, 2BR/2BA, steps to beach and pool. Available November & December, 2002, January, 2003, $3000/mo. Available February and March, 2003, $3200/mo. April & May, 2003, $3000/mo. Call Linda Paskovich, 941-504-0601.

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation


BUTTONWOOD COVE, 2BR/2BA, bayside condo. Great complex, pool, club house and boat dock. Long or short term rental. 708-452-8934.


WALK TO Beach & Bay from this 2BR Longboat Village cottage. Avail. June-Dec. $1000/mo. 356-2659.


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LONGBOAT KEY, 5/★ 2BR/2BA, pool, LIDO BEACH vacation paradise. 1 & 2 LONGBOAT KEY CLUB. Behind the gates, beach. October 19 through 26th. Unit 109. bedroom condos overlooking beautiful Lido every room direct Gulf front, incredible Reduced! 800-230-2428. Beach. Weekly rates. Lido Dorset. Rental sunsets, hear and see the waves from 3/large bedrooms, 3/full baths, 3/balconies, condo. 388-1404. ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆ corner unit. 2-3/mo. minimum. Winter, ISLANDER CLUB/LBK, 2BR/2BA, tennis $4900/mo. Flexible off-season rates! How Convenient! courts/pool/exercise facility. It’s the people 631-287-1934. that makes THE CLUB the best! Available December/January/February. 1/month min. IMMACULATE 3BR/3BA, custom built home. Longboat Key, Country Club Shores. (989) 790-5911, evenings (989) 781-4466. Click on Classifieds! Newly redecorated, completely furnished including many extras. Deep water canal, NLBK. Canal ranch, Gulf access, heated It’s that easy! pool, 3BR/2BA, garage. Dec./$1400. dock, heated pool, close beach access. $4000/mo., including utilities, pool $7900, January, February, March. service, lawn service, etc. 3/mo. min. Fran 1-800-821-5073/989-7504. or Frank Frasier. 941-383-2991. Waterfront Property BEACH HARBOR CLUB. Nicely furnished 2BR/2BA, private beach, swimming pool, ✓ DELUXE CONDO, Bradenton Beach, DEEP WATER canal front. Pool, 40/ft. dock. active clubhouse. Available 3-5/mos. Rental 2BR/1BA, 1/block to beautiful beach, pool. Below appraisal. Must sell!! Below appraisal. $650/wk.+tax and cleaning. Avail. Jan./Feb. Terms or trade. 302-3840. $2600/mo. 815-758-2617. $2100/mo. +tax. Non-smoking. 778-3320. LONGBOAT HARBOR, 2BR/2BA. Bay view, 2BR, DIRECT beach, furnished, all amenities, pool, tennis. North end of LBK. BANYAN BAY, 2BR/2BA. First floor, nicely furnished. Watch dolphins and Available monthly. See virtual tour beautifully furnished, bay view condo with manatees. Available January thru March. at: Sylvia W/D. Tennis, pool, clubhouse, beach $2700/mo. 239-540-4274. access. Call for availability. Non-smoking Babineau, My Realty Company. 504-0551. unit. 859-441-3110.


DROP DEAD gorgeous, 2BR/2BA, completely renovated, new kitchen, baths and LBK, ISLANDER Club. Spacious 2BR/2BA furnishings. Available Oct. & Nov. at Gulfside condo. Beach, pool, tennis, $2500/mo. or Dec. $3300/mo. Call for virtual exercise room, turnkey furnished. Partial tour, Lynne @ 388-1262. Gulf views from roof deck. Available TOWN HOME ON Ritz Carlton Marina, Dec.-April. 3/mo. minimum. $3500/mo. 2BR/3.5BA +den, +1/BR apartment, large (860) 429-6679. dock. Annual $2600/mo. Seasonal $5300/mo. 941-914-5541. LONGBOAT KEY, beachfront. Sands Point, 3BR, pool, clubhouse, 3rd floor, 2000/sq.ft. COTTAGE, SO. LONGBOAT, 2BR/1BA. $4500/mo. 2/mo. minimum. 716-759-6029. Month of November, $1600. 941-351-2211. LONGBOAT KEY. Water Club, 3BR/4BA, gorgeous views of the Gulf. Tennis, pool, LIDO BEACH, studio and 2BR in garden private beach. Rental Jan. 1-March 31 setting. Fully furnished, close to beach and minimum. Please call Diane (973) 377-2315. park. 383-2566.

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The Longboat OBSERVER Crossword Edited by Wayne Robert Williams

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Last Week’s Cryptograms 1. According to our records, my great-grandfather left home to sell some mules and promptly disappeared. 2. Prudent city planners wisely planted popular poplar trees in precise rows in sparsely populated areas.

Vivian O. Collins, Leesburg, GA












Harry B. Schultheis, Las Vegas, NV



53 YEARS OF DISTINCTIVE ISLAND SERVICE • Residential Sales and Vacation Rentals • Property Management • Commercial Division For a complete list of properties visit us at or email us at

LARGEST SELECTION OF SALES AND VACATION RENTALS S. Longboat Key 26 Avenue of Flowers 383-5544 1-800-950-3450

N. Longboat Key 6350 Gulf of Mexico Dr. 383-5543 1-800-335-5543


Holmes Beach 3224 East Bay Dr. 778-0700 1-800-615-9930


& One Terrific Team MIKE TINA

ARBOR OAKS GEM Immaculate 3BR/2BA custom home has it all. Wood floors, cathedral ceilings, fireplace, French doors, gorgeous master suite. Nestled under stately oaks in maintenance free comm. $214,900 Tina Rudek or Mike Migone 383-5543

ONE OF A KIND Beautiful bayfront lot on Bird Key. One of the largest properties that includes it’s own 150’ lushly landscaped private beach, w/new dock on sailboat water. Close to St. Armands & downtown. $1,299,000 Courtney Cambell 383-5544


WORK PULLS OWNER FROM DREAM HOUSE Renovated from top to bottom: Tile floor, crown molding, central vac & new appliances. Tropical setting accents 40’ lap pool w/turbo cleaner. $269,000 Tim Strzelczyk or Marla Scmandt 383-5544

SPACIOUS GULFSIDE HOME. Spectacular gulf and sunset views, sounds of the ocean and white sugar sand right at your doorstep. 5BR/3BA home on 100x180 lot w/excellent income revenue. $2,795,000 Tina Rudek or Mike Migone 383-5543

BRADENTON WATERFRONT beautiful house with boat lift located on Manatee River. Boat dock & 10,000 + lift. Pool overlooks river and river island. Peaceful & scenic. $399,000 Lowell Shoaf 383-5544

CONDOS LONGBEACH CONDO. Exceptional direct gulf views over LBK’s finest beaches. 2BR/2BA with den and large lanai. Great income possibilities. $439,000.



RARELY AVAILABLE ON WEST SIDE GMD Peek of gulf from living area and balcony. Elevated 2BR/2BA on large private 18,500 s.f. lot. 2 car under building parking. Lots of room for expansion and pool. $499,000 John Hines 724-7199

BOATERS DREAM HOME Key West home on lg private lot. Water views, high ceilings, open floor plan, 40x20 covered slip and 3+ deep water slips able to handle large sailboats. $1,750,000 John Hines 383-5543

PENTHOUSE AT THE POPULAR GRANDE CONDOMINIUM Features include 3BR/4.5BA, 2 master suites. Sweeping gulf and bay views. Private 2 car garage, marble & granite throughout $1,899,000. Mike Nink 383-5543

DIRECT GULF FRONT! Gorgeous bay views! 3BR, TKF Pelican Harbor condo that offers privacy and casual elegance. A perfect mid-key location holds this small mid-rise w/loads to offer. $729,000 Karen Ankerstar 383-5544

ARBOR OAKS CUSTOM HOME Immaculate 3BR/2BA has it all. Warm wood floors, cathedral ceilings, fireplace, French doors, gorgeous master suite. Nestled under stately oaks in a maintenance free community in the heart of West Bradenton. $214,000. “THE AVALON” AT LAGUNA YACHT VILLAGE. MODEL OPEN DAILY 1-5, 6330 LAGUNA DRIVE. Brand new quality built 4BR/3BA home with soaring ceilings and open concept. Warm wood flooring, stainless steel, granite tops & much more. Only steps to your own deep water boat dock, sparkling community pool and beach access. $739,000. LONGBOAT BEACHSIDE COTTAGE Elevated 3BR/2BA surrounded by lush tropical foliage 1 lot away from gulf with ocean peaks. 30’ screened lanai, woodburning fireplace and deeded 15’ beach access.$899,000. ESCAPE…TO HIDEAWAY BAY Enchanting unspoiled beauty surround this immaculate 4BR/4BA custom home. Completely private water & pool views, soaring ceilings, spacious & bright interior. Steps to beach, dock & tennis court. $1,195,000. SABAL COVE GEM Gorgeous 4BR/4BA custom home with contemporary flair. Over 4,000 sq, ft. of exquisite design with distinctive details. Completely private & parklike setting with sparkling pool & oversized spa with swimjet. $1,399,000. SPACIOUS GULFSIDE HOME. Spectacular gulf and sunsets views, sounds of the ocean and white sugar sand right at your doorstep. Inviting 5BR/3BA home on 100 x 180 lot with excellent income revenue. $2,795,000.


BEACH HARBOR CLUB Much desired penthouse w/wonderful gulf & bay views from inside or out on the 2 patios. 3BR/3BA make this a desirable place to live. Private beach and docks. $395,000. Doug Bruce 383-5543

SABAL COVE GEM Gorgeous 4BR/4BA custom home w/contemporary flair. Over 4,000 s.f. of exquisite design w/distinctive details. Completely private in park-like setting. $1,399.000 Tina Rudek or Mike Migone 383-5543

LAUREL OAK PARK New executive 4BR/3BA pool home on private culdel-sac/lakefront location. 12 ft. ceilings. A must see! $357,363 Becky Smith and Elfi Starrett 778-0700

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES 3BR/2BA canal front home w/direct access to Sarasota Bay. Beautiful golf course views from yard. Open plan, vaulted ceilings, corner lot w/circular brick drive. $669,000 Tim Strzelczyk or Marla Scmandt 383-5544

LAGUNA YACHT VILLAGE. MODEL OPEN DAILY 1-5,6330 LAGUNA DRIVE. Don't miss your opportunity to own a new quality built home in this maintenance free waterfront community. Short walk to sugar sand beaches and your own deep water dock. Only 6 Homesites left. Starting at $240,000. REMODELED CANALFRONT STEPS FROM THE BEACH New baths, kitchen, appliances, 2 a/c units and new landscaping. Fireplace and room for 500 s.f. dock. Large wooden deck & private backyard. $415,000 John Hines 383-5543

LONGBOAT BEACH COTTAGE Elevated 3BR/2BA surrounded by lush tropical foliage 1 lot away from gulf w/ocean peaks. 30’ screened lanai, wood-burning fireplace & deeded 15’ beach access. $899,000. Mike Migone or Tina Rudek 383-5543



SAILOR’S DELIGHT Spacious & bright ranch in popular boating community near deeded beach access. Expansive lanai with gorgeous pool/spa surrounded by lush gardens & tranquil fountains. Moor your large boat on one of Longboat’s deepest canals. $214,000.

One Call, Double The Action Please visit our website to view these, and our other listings at Daytime (941) 383-5543 Evenings (941) 794-1388 or (941) 795-5950

Tina Rudek & Mike Migone LIDO HARBOUR SOUTH Walk to popular St. Armands Circle from this gulf front complex w/all the amenities of home. 1 and 2BR units to choose from.

SEAPLACE CONDO Relax on the sugar sand beach or by the pool at this 2BR/2BA condo w/tennis and more. Several units still available. Monthly rental.


PRIVATEER SOUTH Breathtaking views from this elegant gulf front condo. Located behind the gates of the LBK Club. Offering security, covered parking & pool.

6350 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key Wir Sprechen Deutsch

October 10 2002  
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