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Thursday, May 8, 2003


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Durante claims right to site BY SHAY SULLIVAN City Editor

Eggsactly on time An expectant swan has picked a visible area on the Harbourside golf course to lay her eggs. Each day motorists, walkers and golfers pass by within a few feet, but she ignores them and never leaves the nest. On round-the-clock guard duty is her mate, whose post is a short distance away. Maybe the eggs will hatch in time for Mother’s Day.

Is there a choice about where to build the community center the town is pursuing? James P. Durante, the benefactor whose donations made Joan M. Durante Park possible, does not think so. He believes the town is obligated to put any community center that is created into his park. But there is a conflict, because the petition that launched the latest efforts to create a community center specifically mentions Bayfront Park as the site. Corinne Silver Ragheb, who helped gather

720 signatures for the petition, said, “Everybody who signed it signed because it was on Bayfront Park.” Durante said anyone who suggests the community center be built outside of Joan M. Durante Park, including members of the committee being formed to explore the issue, is liable to be sued for inducing a breach of contract. “The committee members, whoever they are, are not that stupid,” Durante said. “No one can violate the contract between the town and the benefactor. Maybe the God Almighty could.” The town entered into a six-page agreement with Durante in 1993, when he committed


Norman Jones, longtime bartender at Pattigeorge’s will hang up his martini shaker May 10. He’ll be in his usual spot nightly until then if you want to drop in and say goodbye.

“The report of my death was greatly exaggerated.” — Mark Twain

Deputy chief is victim After more than two decades with the Longboat Key Police Department, Deputy Chief Martin Sharkey is no stranger to crime, but it normally doesn’t happen to him. Sharkey recently parked his brand new Yukon at a hardware store on State Road 70 in Bradenton and spent about 10 minutes in the store. When he came outside, he found that someone tried to pry open the driver’s side door with a crowbar. When that failed, the would-be thief smashed a rear window on the vehicle out of frustration. To add injury to insult, while Sharkey was poking out the remaining shards of glass, a sharp piece fell and sliced open the knuckles of his right hand. Sharkey is right-handed and the injury requires him to wear bandages and a brace.

A big thank you


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Observer letter published as obituary

Another good-bye

Displayed with pride in the front lobby of the Longboat Key Fire Station #1 is a big thank you card made by youngsters of The Learning Tree. Youngsters visited the station to get a

funds for the park’s creation. Subsequent amendments changed Durante’s donations from $500,000 over four years to $1 million over 18 years. His contributions to date amount to $600,000. The words “cultural community center” appear in five parts of the agreement. The agreement states: “If the town develops a cultural community center, it shall be known as the Joan M. Durante Cultural Community Center.” Durante said fitness facilities such as the pool

Dora Walters

Longboat Key resident Teresa Knab is the winner of the 2003 turtle-season poster contest sponsored by the Longboat Key Turtle Watch Inc. Knab’s entry was chosen as the best artistic depiction of the sea turtle’s plight while nesting and the need for lights out. Turtle nesting season extends to Nov. 1. Knab donated her $50 prize back to the group. Turtle Watch posters, T-shirts and visors are available for purchase. Call 705-1588 for locations.

Robert Keller of Longboat Key couldn’t believe his eyes when he picked up last week’s edition of The Longboat Observer. Scanning the obituaries, he came upon his sister’s obituary. It was a bit unexpected — Keller’s sister, Pat Keller, is alive and well in Seattle — perhaps a bit sleepless in Seattle after she reads her issue of The Longboat Observer, which she has mailed to her each week. Keller immediately called The Longboat Observer. He announced he had just had a heart attack. Asked if he were OK, Keller said he was physically fine, but told the editor about his startling discovery. While we were listening, a large lump lodged firmly in our throat, Mark Twain’s famous quote came to mind: “The report of my death was greatly exaggerated.” How could something like this occur? It started out with a simple letter to the editor written by Keller (see page 5A). Keller was trying to pass along a compliment to The Longboat Observer about its far-reaching effects. Ending the letter, Keller asked to brag about his sister, Pat, whose illustrious biography was included in the book, “Foremost Women of the Twentieth Century.” Keller attached a small photocopied clipping from his sister’s entry in the book (see below). The Longboat Observer’s editor for letters and obituaries noted the letter and clipping. It is a fairly common occurrence to receive such clippings for obituaries. The editor mistook the list-

Committee created BY SHAY SULLIVAN City Editor

The Town Commission picked seven citizens at the May 5 meeting and tasked them with developing a plan for a new community center. Commissioner Jeremy Whatmough asked Town Manager Bruce St. Denis to read aloud the work plan St. Denis wrote for the committee, so it would be clear what is expected of them. Tasks for the committee include choosing the components for a facility, exploring ways to fund it and reviewing how an architect conceptualizes the project. Whatmough noted that the committee will

not have a say in which architect is picked for the project. St. Denis said choosing an architect involves more than just admiring their designs. And St. Denis said that, because his staff may be working with whomever is chosen for years and responsible for the outcome, the decision should be made by staff. Vice Mayor Ron Johnson pointed out that the work plan for the new committee does not mention making do with, or making modifications to, existing facilities as an option for a community center. CONTINUED ON PAGE 4A

This clipping was mistaken for an obituary. CONTINUED ON PAGE 5A




our TOWN

Lots of memories May 3 was a nostalgic evening for Edith Barr Dunn. She had dinner with several friends at the Poseidon on its closing night. Dunn and her son, Kenny, had operated the restaurant as Shenkels’ from1968 to 1994, when it a leased by Vincent Guifre and partners. The property is apparently headed for residential development. —Compiled by Dora Walters

In Dunn’s party at the Poseidon were, seated, Sylvia Babineau, Joan Stiefel and Beverly Rayfield. Standing are Dunn and Karen Harding.

Photos by Dora Walters

close-up look at those big fire engines. Longboat Key’s engines aren’t red but that didn’t matter to the kids. Maybe there is a future firefighter in the group?

Fifteen years ago Annette and Tom Sousa were married and had their wedding reception at Lynches Landing. They were among the many who turned out on May 3 to bid a fond farewell to the popular restaurant and pub.

It was one last dance to the music of Patsy and Majella at Lynches Landing for Jeanne Auten, leading sister, Jo Ann Frye. They were among the many regulars on closing night May 3. The popular restaurant and pub opened in 1986. Owners Chris and Ethna Lynch are now doing business on St. Armands Circle as Lynches Pub & Grub.


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LBK Club scales back building plans BY SHAY SULLIVAN City Editor

The latest development plan for the Longboat Key Club taken to the town by the Shannon Resort Group President Shane Eagan and Vice President Tom Rasmussen calls for half the units originally proposed to replace the tennis courts on Longboat Club Road. The first plans filed with the town showed 50 living units in three buildings of up to nine stories. During the latest round of

talks with Planning Zoning and Building Director Jill Jeglie, Eagan and Rasmussen discussed a 22-unit development that would be more like a series of townhouses than a high rise, she said. And they made no mention of the 50 boat slips that appeared on the original plans, she said. “They are reducing the density, trying to address concerns we raised,” said Jeglie. “It was very preliminary and something that they may be considering.” Jeglie said Eagan and Rasmussen did not leave copies of any

Town briefs State slows dredging

Dora Walters

Vince LaPorta, of the Operations Division of Florida Vacation Connection, was honored with The Shining Star Award presented by the Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce on May 6 at the Tri-Chamber Luncheon at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites-Longboat Key. LaPorta was lauded for his high level of service,“going above and beyond expectations.” Small Business Week will be observed May 12 to 17 with daily programs. The annual Small Business of the Year Awards Breakfast will be held Thursday, May 15.

The canal dredging on the south end is being delayed because the Florida Department of Environmental Protection ruled that the dredging crew does not have permission to use polymers to dewater spoil from the canals. The polymers adhere to silt and quickly make it settle to the bottom of the spoil collection site at Overlook Park. The state agency decided the town’s permit does not allow this dewatering technique. Dredging is continuing, but it takes longer without using the polymers, because the spoil site can only handle so much material at one time. Project supervisor James Linkogle said the contractor is currently seeking permission to use the polymers again, but until the state makes a final decision it is unclear how the overall dredging schedule will be impacted. Dredging in the Yawl Lane/Schooner Lane canal is expected to commence May 12. And on the north end, dredging should begin in the Marbury Lane/Penfield Street canal May 12.

new plans with her, nor did they schedule another meeting with the town. “So it’s doubtful we would see anything this summer,” Jeglie said. The other five projects proposed to the town for the Longboat Key Club, including a new spa and new townhouses in Harbourside, did not get discussed during the informal talks April 17, Jeglie said. Neither Rasmussen nor Eagan was available for comment. ❑

You’ve got e-mail The Town Commissioners have newly assigned e-mail addresses to receive comments from the public. Commissioners recognized the need for modern mailing addresses after receiving several e-mails on their personal computers regarding the Vladimir Einsiman zoning hearing. The commissioners’ new addresses are:;;;;;; and All mail to the town is available to the public.

Gil Waters

Agenda There will be a meeting of the Zoning Board of Adjustment at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, May 14, in Town Hall, 501 Bay Isles Road. Items on the agenda include: • An appeal of a staff decision by Zachary P. Abuza, regarding the rules applicable to 450 Northshore Road. • A town request for a special exception for new tennis courts on Bay Isles Road. • An appeal of a staff decision concerning the definition of tourism use at 415 L’Ambiance Drive.

Town seeks better cell service BY SHAY SULLIVAN City Editor

There are many benefits to living on Longboat Key, but good cellular phone service is not one of them. The town, private companies and condominium owners are all maneuvering to improve the situation. But for now, residents describe their cellular service using adjectives such as “awful,” “terrible,” and “horrible.” Doris Bushman, who uses AT&T Wireless, said making calls is frustrating: “You almost have to go outside and stand on your head.” Bushman is one of 56 people who responded to an informal survey of cellular phone service conducted by The Longboat Observer. Eight callers praised their various service providers, while the other 48 complained about the service. One man managed to say he uses Sprint PCS before his call was cut off in mid-sentence. Part of the problem is that all of the cellular antenna on the island are concentrated on the roofs of two condos at mid-Key in the 4400 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive, according to town building permits. These five antenna receive and transmit radio waves, which can be blocked by buildings or foliage. Calls can be dropped when the waves are blocked, or when the antenna fails to pass the call on to another site. The weather and the quality of the cellular phone are also factors in call failures, according to the Federal Communications Commission. Cellular service is also limited inside buildings and several callers complained about having to go outside to use their cellular phone. There are special devices that can be installed in buildings to enhance cellular service. Nextel provided one in the new Town Hall free of charge for its 55 town customers.

Many of the people who responded to the survey called for a tower on Longboat to improve service. But the existing town rules are designed to discourage towers. To build a tower, a company must supply millions of dollars worth of insurance coverage, conceal the structure with foliage that could interfere with the signal and find a location that is at least 250 feet away from residences. Finally, the company would have to prove that there is no roof in the area that could be used instead. Planning Director Jill Jeglie said the town can relax restrictions on towers to attract wireless companies. But that is risky, because there is no way to guarantee that the rules would apply to only one location. Therefore, changing the rules could lead to 10 towers rather than just one, she warned. “I think there’s an advantage to having better service, but also there’s the disadvantage of putting a tower adjacent to residential area,” said Jeglie. “To put up a big tower, it’s going to be adjacent to somebody.” Mounting an antenna on the roof of a tall building can work just as well as a tower, said Fritz Eickemeyer, vice president of operations for Southeastern Communication Service. Eickemeyer’s company served as the contractor to install an antenna on the roof of the ArborMar, 4485 Gulf of Mexico Drive. The arrangement works well because it provides a continuous source of revenue for the condominium, he explained. The same is true a few doors down at Longboat Harbor Towers, 4401 Gulf of Mexico Drive, where several rooftop antenna generate income from the 11th story. “It’s very popular because it keeps us from

Bridge Tender

having (budget) reserves,” said manager Paul Catt. A third condo is planning to follow suit. Islander Club Manager Russ Johansen said his association approved of hiring a firm to negotiate a deal for installation of an antennae. Johansen said there is no timeframe for finalizing a deal, but the antenna would provide service from 12 stories up in the 2200 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive. Having a tower on the roof does not appeal to everyone. Water Club resident Seymour Rudges said his condo explored the possibility of installing a cellular facility two years ago. But nothing happened because residents in the penthouse objected, fearing that the tower could cause brain cancer. “I think it’s an irrational fear, but there was no overcoming it,” Rudges said. Rudges’ condo is one of 33 buildings on Longboat Key tall enough to serve as antenna sites. The town compiled a list of the buildings, along with contact information and Global Positioning Satellite coordinates, the last time cellular service became a town issue in 2001. But wireless companies have not contacted the town with new plans in the two years since, said Jeglie. Now, improvement of cellular phone service is once again on the town agenda, because the Town Commission selected it as a top goal for the coming year. Town Manager Bruce St. Denis said his response will be to contact people in the wireless industry and explain the opportunities for bettering service on the Key. Mayor John Redgrave suggested one solution is to offer incentives to companies seeking to expand cellular coverage on Longboat. One funding source would be $472,200 the town receives via the communications tax. ❑

Crews are beginning to pave the approaches to the bridge.

Coming attractions (May 12 to 16) • Crews will erect bridge segments over the navigational channel and boats with masts higher than 65 feet can no longer pass.

Traffic impacts • The nighttime closings of the navigational channel are scheduled to end May 9.

Cell survey Editor’s Note — Here are the results of The Longboat Observer’s cellular service survey: • Sprint PCS — Louis Auerbach said her phone works “terribly” on the Key and she is often cutoff, especially near Publix. However, Ed Strickland uses the same service from the north end of the island and reported no problems calling anywhere, including Texas and Tennessee. Sprint received two positive reviews and ten negative reviews. • Verizon Wireless — Nancy Bremble said her service works fairly well, with very little roaming, even from within her home. Tom Elliot of Harbourside Drive would not agree: “I have Verizon and I can’t get long distance to any area code in Florida, let alone the rest of the U.S.” Verizon received three positive reviews and 10 negative reviews. • AT&T Wireless — AT&T user Bill Bishop said “The service on the Key is absolutely the worst, it’s horrible.” Nobody called in a good review for AT&T and 14 customers reported problems. • T-Mobile — One caller reported having to go outside to use the phone, while another found the service worked well everywhere except near Publix. T-Mobile received one complimentary review and two negative reviews. • Cingular Wireless — “I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone,” said Bill Green. Cingular received no positive reviews and eight negative comments. • AllTel — Richard Hall said: “It’s very poor out here. I have AllTel and I have none, one or two cells showing.” But Craig Abbott, a Realtor with Michael Saunders & Company, said his AllTel service consistently works well on Longboat Key. His was the only good review, compared to four bad reviews.




CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1A mentioned in the petition would not fit his definition of culture and could be built elsewhere. But a facility for the Longboat Key Historical Society or for bridge players would qualify as cultural, he said. “They belong in the Joan M. Durante Park, because the town is contracted for it,” Durante said. “It’s not a matter of choice.” Town Attorney David Persson does not agree: “The town has a free hand to determine whether it needs one (a community center) and if it needs one, where to put it.” Persson helped to research the feasibility of locating a community center in Joan M. Durante Park the last time it

5570 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, Fla. 34228 Phone: 941/383-5509 Fax: 941/383-7193 Founders / Ralph and Claire Hunter (1978-1995) Chairman / David Beliles Editor and Publisher / Matt Walsh Associate Publisher/Executive Editor / Lisa Walsh Senior Editor / Dora Walters / City Editor / Shay Sullivan / Black Tie Editor / Emily Walsh / Arts & Entertainment Writer / Marty Fugate Staff Writer / Lusya Sullivan / Layout Editor / Dana Pritts / General news / Letters to the Editor / Chief Financial Officer / Leo A. Russo / Advertising & Production Manager / Candy Morton Senior Advertising Executive / Wendi Simons Advertising Executives / Laura Ritter, Jill Stabler Classified Advertising Manager Maureen Hird / Graphic Designers / Jim Knake, Shawna Polana, Sherrie McKinley

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1A St. Denis said the committee is not precluded from reaching such a conclusion, either. Commissioner Joan Webster expressed concern about gathering input from the public, because the committee is being formed at the start of the summer season, when fewer people are around. St. Denis said the public will have a chance to comment on whatever plan is developed several times, before both the committee and the Town Commission. And the process will likely stretch into next season, he said. The commission picked among 16 applicants to form the seven-member Community Center Advisory Committee. After another two runoff votes, commissioners appointed Corrine Silver Ragheb, Ralph Hunter, Walter Hackett Jr., James L. Brown, Barbara Kerwin, James P. Durante and Andrea Frank. Ragheb is an artist with a master’s degree in fine arts. Hunter is the founder of The Longboat Observer and president of the Longboat Key Historical Society. Hackett is a real estate developer who is president of the Friends of Tennis and is a director for the Public Interest Committee. Brown is a practicing architect with 30 years of experience with commercial and public

Circulation Manager / Irv Clements

SUBSCRIPTION RATES: FIRST CLASS One year / $140 Six months / $85 Three months / $45

became an issue in 1997. A donation of $500,000 to the Longboat Key Center for the Arts spurred on a drive to construct a 27,500-squarefoot community facility on 4.6 acres of the 19.5 acres in Joan M. Durante Park at a cost of about $3.5 million. In an opinion dated March 13, 1997, Persson and town planning staff concluded that several rule changes would be required to do this, because the park is presently zoned as open space. The land would have to be rezoned as institutional; the town’s comprehensive plan and zoning code would need to be amended; the site plan for the park would have to be amended; and the Water Club development agreement, which conveyed the land to the town, would also have to be amended. The issue became moot five days later,


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because two-thirds of the voters in a nonbinding referendum March 18, 1997, cast ballots against the idea. The referendum polled everyone on the island, not just the registered voters. Marge Sagman, who served on the Town Commission when the town entered into the agreement with Durante in 1993, said her understanding is that Joan M. Durante Park is a nature preserve. She said it would be unfair to the people who bought property near the park to change the character of the land now. But Bob Drohlich, who sat on the commission with Sagman, said he favored the idea of a cultural center in the park in 1997 and still does today. Mayor John Redgrave said he thought the idea of putting a facility in Joan M. Durante Park died with the failed referendum in 1997. ❑

projects. Kerwin is a retired teacher, president of the Longboat Key Garden Club and is married to Commissioner John Kerwin, who did not vote for her. Durante is a retired member of the New York Bar who pledged $1 million to the town for the creation of Joan M. Durante Park. Frank is active with the Longboat Key Center for the Arts and the Sunday Concert in the Park committee. In other business, the Town Commission: • Decided to invite Dennis Daughters, the director of engineering for the city of Sarasota to the May workshop to discuss the plan to put new signs and road striping on St. Armands Circle. Daughters wrote a letter to the town seeking comment on the plan, which includes new stop signs that impact Longboat residents coming through the Circle from Sarasota. There will also be two new 42-inch-high green signs directing traffic into certain lanes based on destination. Commissioner Hal Lenobel noted that there are no plans to control pedestrians on the Circle. • Appointed Carol Rickard, Patricia Zunz and incumbent C. Edward Blair to the Zoning Board of Adjustment. • Appointed H.M. “Sandy” Gilbert, George Spoll and incumbent Lee Rothenberg to the Planning and Zoning Board. • Appointed Dr. George Noble and incumbents Thomas Fuorry and Martin Taylor to the Code Enforcement Board. ❑

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Letter CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1A ing of Pat Keller’s achievements for an obituary. Keller, who was gracious in his acceptance of our apology, said he needed to make some urgent phone calls to other relatives, who also have subscriptions to The Longboat Observer. Like his sister, his relatives “read every line,” Keller said. The following is Keller’s letter: Dear Editor: Gail and I returned from Seattle yesterday. We were out in Seattle as we have a loved one who lives in the Northwest. We call her Pat. Pat has her Ph.D. in biochemistry. Washington University (in St. Louis) has missed her, now that retirement has come along. Students of years gone by remember her. Gail and I go West every 6 to 8 weeks as situations keep coming up that need a personal hand. But she (Pat) is worth every mile it takes. I call it payback time. We bring The Longboat Observer with us every time. Pat and all the ladies at Kirkland Lodge, where Pat stays, read every line. As I step through the entrance, there are the rocking chairs all in line with men and women who have made this country the hope of the world. I did talk to a gentleman, perhaps in his late 80s. He wanted more information on a car advertisement. We went to the phone in his suite and called the number from The Observer. Seeing that our Longboat Observer is read in faraway places should make what we pay for advertising very reasonable. I call it the best damn free paper in the world. Just before I mail this to you, allow me to brag about my beloved sister, Pat. Pat has her memories of years of hard work that she enjoyed so much. Pat has been named as one of 100 noted women in the book, “Foremost Women of the Twentieth Century.” Robert Keller Longboat Key



Committee dives into water issue BY SHAY SULLIVAN City Editor

During the first meeting of the Water Advisory Committee April 30, Town Manager Bruce St. Denis explained how he is dealing with a new water problem in addition to poor well water — less potable water. The town’s daily allocation of potable water is based on a peak population of 20,000 people and does not account for the off-season months when the population is lower. As a result, the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) may require the town to use less water before it renews a Longboat Key water-use permit that expires in September. “We’ve been put on notice,” St. Denis said. The reduction would come at a time when the town is already seeking an alternative source of water to make up for salty well water that is harming plants. Water committee members asked St. Denis to research how much water is being allocated to other communities to determine whether Longboat Key is using a reasonable amount. And committee member John Tait asked for a thorough explanation of how exactly water is allocated. “If population is dictating use, we’re at the bottom of the pole,” said committee member William Roth. The town of Longboat Key’s full-time population is 7,603 residents. Some socioeconomic factors are used to determine water allocation, said SWFWMD representative Steve Minnis. But basically the process boils down to each community justifying the amount of water it uses, he said. Committee member Beth Callans asked whether getting a new well permit is a possibility. “We’ll never tell you no,” Minnis said. “We’ll never tell you yes. It’s a maybe.”

Shay Sullivan

Beth Callans, Virginia Sanders, Richard Schaeffer, William Roth, Vince DeLisi, Ronald Mario and John Tait The seven-member committee selected Richard Schaeffer as chairman and Roth as vice-chairman. Tait declined a nomination to chair the committee. The committee experienced its first rift in voting on how often to meet. Roth suggested meeting weekly. But Schaeffer polled the group and realized the full-committee could not attend every meeting. Committee member Ronald Mario said it might be better to meet less often and have everyone attend, even if the meetings last six hours. “Is that all?” asked Tait. “I’ll meet for eight hours, if I have to,” Mario replied. Five committee members voted to meet weekly for the next five weeks and Schaeffer and Mario dissented. But Shaeffer pressed the issue in a memo he submitted two days after the meeting and succeeded in convincing the committee members to change their minds.

So there will not be another meeting until May 21, when everyone is available. Town Clerk said it would have been more proper to wait until the next meeting to contradict an official committee vote. Also during the April 30 meeting, Schaeffer suggested that SWFWMD is responsible for water resources and should be tapped to find a solution for Longboat. Longboat Key taxpayers provided $2.3 million in funding for SWFWMD this year. Minnis said his organization develops general plans for water use, but does not solve problems for individual municipalities. Throughout the three-hour meeting, water consultant Laura Andrews sat quietly in the audience. Her services cost the town $145 an hour. The committee questioned the need for having a consultant present. Committee member Vincent DeLisi said St. Denis knows enough to answer questions at this point. St. Denis said the committee is already asking technical questions beyond his knowledge and he prefers to have an expert on hand. Tait emphasized the importance of educating and communicating with the public about the committee’s work. “We jumped clear ahead to how we’re going to present this to the community and we don’t even know what we’re going to present,” said Roth. The committee needs direction, Roth suggested. DeLisi said the committee already has an outline of tasks to perform, starting with answering the question “Is there a problem?” St. Denis drafted the document. Committee members decided they would each come to the next meeting with waterrelated issues and questions for discussion. “Why hurry? We’re not going thirsty,” concluded Schaeffer. ❑




Sea grapes come up short LB Harbour owners honor Hulyk BY SHAY SULLIVAN City Editor

Turtle season is under way and the majority of sea grapes are not as high as they are supposed to be to protect turtles in the open stretch of beach near Bayport. The town installed 28 stakes along the stretch to mark the 48-inch height set for sea grapes to prevent light on the road from disturbing turtles. As of May 5, the sea grapes reached the chosen height at seven stakes, while the vegetation is not high enough at the remaining 21 stakes. And a letter from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission shows there is more at stake in turtle protection this year than usual, because the town is seeking an environmental permit for a $21million, beach-renourishment project. Bayport is one of several sites, identified by the conservation commission, where lighting is problematic for turtles. The agency requested a plan from the town as to how the problems will be addressed. The letter, written by biological administrator Robbin N. Trindell, also questions how the new sand itself will impact nesting turtles. “As I recall, sea turtle hatchlings might have had difficulty exiting the nest after the last beach renourishment,” Trindell wrote. Town Manager Bruce St. Denis said he does not know how much of a factor turtle protection will be in obtaining a permit. He said he will know more about how environmental issues will affect the project’s schedule after an upcoming meeting with state officials in Tallahassee.


Public Works Director Juan Florensa said he does not think the town will be in trouble for not having high enough sea grapes, because of all the work being done to encourage the vegetation to grow. In addition to enacting legislation to protect the sea grapes, the town installed a makeshift irrigation system at the south end of the open stretch to water the newest and smallest sea grapes. An underground water line is unavailable in the area, so the town is periodically parking a water truck on the roadside and funneling water for the sea grapes directly into a plastic pipe. The town’s efforts pass muster with Jerris Foote, the state permit holder for the area who is also in charge of the turtle program at Mote Marine Laboratory. “We are definitely feeling good about what the town is doing there,” Foote said. Bayport manager Jim Wolf said the protesting at his condo, which was triggered last year when the town decided the sea grapes needed to be higher to protect turtles, has died down now. In March, the condo tried to have the town promise to keep the sea grapes at 40 inches or lower, but St. Denis replied: “The maximum height of the sea grapes will be whatever it takes to stop the light from going out and down the beach.” Now the concern for Bayport residents is what the town will do when turtlenesting season is over in the fall, Wolf said. The condo requested the vegetation be trimmed down to 24 inches in November. St. Denis responded that the sea grapes will only be cut down that far if he sees they are growing back fast enough, but for now they will be cut down to 36 inches after turtle season. ❑


Barbara Hulyk was recognized by the Longboat Harbour Owners Association for her work with the group during the annual owners party held April 15 at the clubhouse. A past president of the Association, Hulyk currently represents the association at the Federation of Longboat Key Condominiums. Party guests enjoyed a Hawaiian buffet prepared by Ato’s, and the evening closed with dancing at poolside. Warren Conrad, entertainment chairman, was in charge of arrangements. ❑

Photos by Dora Walters

Warren Conrad and Barbara Hulyk

Marion Dange and Muriel Meyers

Pat Young and Barbara Cassel

Mary Stutson and Carol Williams




Find out next week in the premiere issue of The Longboat Observer’s Black Tie Season – the Standouts Issue.




Town fetes board volunteers with luncheon BY DORA WALTERS Senior Editor

Helen Holt and Dutch Arends

Photos by Dora Walters

Carol Rickard with Martin and Jean Taylor

Walter Serwatka and Connie Holcomb

Herb Kellner and Margaret Angel

David Moreland

Carl Karsh

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Harmony and goodwill were the key words at the town of Longboat Key’s annual Town Appreciation Luncheon held April 29 at the Hilton Beachfront Resort on Longboat Key. The event, held under a tent on the resort grounds, is hosted by the town to publicly recognize the dedication and service of the board and committee members who volunteer their time for the sole purpose of the betterment of the community. Expressing thanks and appreciation for their services were Mayor John Redgrave and Town Manager Bruce St. Denis. Plaques of appreciation were awarded three volunteers who are retiring. Carl Karsh was honored for 12 years of service on the Planning and Zoning Board. Prior to that he had served on numerous committees for several years. Retiring from the General Employees Pension Board with four years of service was Dave Moreland. When presenting a plaque to Richard Webster, a member of the Zoning Board of Adjustment for five months, Redgrave quipped, “He got fired because his wife got hired.” Webster is the wife of newly elected Town Commissioner Joan Webster and chose to resign when she took office. ❑

Frances and Lee Rothenberg





Our View

Hall of honor Few people in the history of Longboat Key hold the stature and admiration of the residents here more than the late Lt. Gen. James V. Edmundson. He spent 28 years as a resident of Longboat Key, having spent 36 years as a career military man. Retiring as a threestar general in the U.S. Army Air Corps and Air Force, Edmundson flew 181 combat missions in three wars. He survived 107 combat missions in World War II, 32 missions in the Korean War and 42 in the Vietnam War. He survived Pearl Harbor, the Battle of Midway and Guadalcanal. He earned three Distinguished Service Medals, seven Distinguished Flying Crosses, eight Air Medals, three Legions of Merit, the Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart. On Longboat Key, he served as town commissioner, vice mayor and mayor. Last week, the Longboat Key Town Commission declined to erect a plaque in his honor at Town Hall. Said Town Commissioner John Kerwin, who expressed respect for the late general but opposed the plaque: “Where do you stop? Whose plaque do you put up next?” Alas, even the simple things turn out to be complicated. This was a no-brainer. But it turned out to be a missed opportunity. The seven Longboat commissioners could have elevated their own stature had they embraced the Edmundson plaque and followed up with the suggestion that a Hall of Honor be established inside Town Hall for all of Longboat’s outstanding contributors. Instead, we get the usual — no, no, no. There’s still an opportunity. Mayor John Redgrave should take the lead and ask his commission colleagues to suggest at an upcoming meeting how to create a Hall of Honor inside Town Hall and how to select the honorees. Think about it: Every sport and entertainment category in America has some type of Hall of Fame. Every state capitol in America is lined with portraits of honored statesmen from throughout the ages. Surely Longboat Key can do the same. And one of the first inductees, if not the first, should be the late Gen. James V. Edmundson. ❑❑❑

Community center to make a hot summer Uh-oh. It appears evident the town’s newly formed community center committee will begin with a confrontation — where the community center or cultural community center should be built. Committee member Corrine Silver

‘SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT’ The following landed in our e-mail box last week under the subject line: “Something to think about.” — Editor BY DRJWAT@AOL.COM I want to tell you of an experience I had flying home from Atlanta. The pilot came on the intercom and went through the usual announcements telling us that “we’re just east of Montgomery cruising at 28,000 feet” and “you’ve picked a beautiful night for flying, just look at the gorgeous Southern sunset out of the right side of the plane.” He then, however, said this: “Please bear with me as I deviate from the script, but I want you all to know that simply by coincidence you have been granted both the privilege and honor of escorting the body of Army PFC Howard Johnson Jr. home tonight. PFC Johnson was killed in Iraq defending the freedoms we all enjoy and fighting to extend those freedoms to the people of Iraq. We are also accompanied by PFC Johnson’s cousin, Marine Maj. Talley, who has been chosen by the family to escort PFC Johnson home. Semper Fi.” The plane quickly became very quiet but soon erupted in thunderous applause that lasted for several min-

Ragheb has 700 signatures of residents who want a center at Bayfront Park. But committee member James Durante has a 1993 contract stating: “If the town develops a cultural community center, it shall be known as the Joan M. Durante Cultural Community Center” — and be constructed in the Joan M. Durante Park. Durante, a retired trial lawyer whose nickname in court was “the Slasher,” will not give in without a fight, perhaps even in court (see pages 1A and 9A). Look into your crystal ball. It’s going to be a hot summer. ❑❑❑

Thanks for the memories Now what are we going to do for entertainment? The Lynch sisters are gone. To be sure, life on the Key just won’t be as fun, as inter-

utes. It was quite moving to say the least. As I sat there thinking about what the pilot had said, and visualizing PFC Johnson’s dead body riding below me in the belly of that plane, I noticed a couple of things. Two rows in front of me sat a father holding his daughter, an infant, and they were practicing “ma-ma,” and in the row behind me was another young boy, probably 2 or so, learning to count to 10. Now obviously both were too young to realize we’re at war or that one of our dead was with us, but it made me think: These warriors, mostly young, all volunteers, everyday are prepared to give their lives for our future, for a safer, more secure future for people they don’t even know, all based on the principle that fighting and dying for this country is worth it. Most of us take our freedom for granted, including myself. But in one defining moment in my life, that all changed permanently. By the way, the flight ended with all of us deplaning only to line the windows of the gate house to watch PFC Johnson’s body, draped in the American flag, be rolled out of the plane and into a waiting hearse that was surrounded by his family members, most of them in tears.

esting nor as beautiful. Say this about Lynches Landing: The two Irish proprietors never won a coveted Florida Trend Golden Spoon for their cuisine, but if judged on their restaurant’s friendliness, hospitality and its stunning view of the Gulf of Mexico, the Lynch sisters were golden. Ornery? Sometimes, yes. And rightfully so. But we needed someone here with the guts to stand up for what’s right. We’ll miss their feisty Irish spunk. With the closing of Lynches and the Poseidon Restaurant, which also shuttered last week, Longboat has lost some of the character that made it the tropical paradise that it is. We’ll survive, to be sure. And, sadly, we’ll also grow accustomed to the disappearance of the Lynches’ sawed-off shamrock once it is removed. Life will go on. For many of us, though, we’ll be able to find comfort in this: We’ll have great memories. To the Poseidon and Lynches Landing: Thanks for the memories.

Dividing the spoils

Most important minority is forgotten in Iraq Having been forced to recognize that our soldiers won a brilliant military victory in Iraq, media commentators are trying to minimize that achievement by proclaiming how much more difficult it will be to “win the peace” by establishing a stable and benevolent new government in Iraq. But the greatest threat to this goal is not the existing divisions and hatreds among different Iraqi factions. The problem is the advice these same commentators are giving about how to deal with those divisions: that the key to the political reconstruction of Iraq is to ensure the right political balance of different ethnic and religious groups. The proper ratio of political jobs and positions of authority, we are told, must be handed out to Shiites, Christians, “Marsh Arabs,” Kurds and every other minority faction in Robert the country. This is supposed to be TRACINSKI the only way to keep Iraq from collapsing into chaos and falling under the sway of a new strong-arm leader. But merely “balancing” tribal and religious pressure groups will not solve the problem. Indeed, an approach that focuses on representation quotas for Iraq’s minorities will merely encourage endless power struggles as each pressure group schemes for a bigger share of political patronage. What Iraq needs is a much more radical reform: not the

sharing of political power but the limiting of political power — a focus, not on the prerogatives of ethnic groups, but on the rights of the individual. The greatest threat to good government in Iraq is precisely that each tribal and religious faction will demand special favors, that the Shiites in the south will want a Khomeini-style theocracy or that the Kurds will make a grab for control of the northern oil fields. This kind of political gang warfare is inevitable — so long as the government has the power to dispense such privileges. That is why it is crucial that the new Iraqi government enforce, not a balance of power between Sunnis and Shiites, but a separation of church and state. Religion must be made into a private matter, with Shiites, Sunnis, Christians and secular Iraqis left free to follow their own individual judgment in spiritual matters. In the Middle East, where religious fanaticism is far more prevalent than in the West — and in Iraq, which has a history of conflict between Sunnis and Shiites — anything less than a complete separation of church and state is an invitation to civil war. Just as Iraq must separate church and state, so it must also separate the state from economics. The most important step is to privatize Iraq’s oil industry. The Bush administration has stated repeatedly that Iraq’s oil “belongs to the Iraqi people.” Yet state ownership of oil reserves has had a profoundly evil effect on every country in the Middle East. In a free society, wealth is generated by the productive

activities of millions of private individuals running private businesses. In such a system, most individuals support themselves through their own endeavors — which makes them independent of the state and gives them less incentive to resort to pressure-group tactics to grab a share of government largesse. Yet when the state takes control of vast oil reserves, the structure of a society is turned upside-down. When the government controls the nation’s largest source of wealth, individuals conclude that the road to prosperity is not through independent, private endeavor. Instead, they decide that the way to get ahead is to join together into political gangs to get their cut of the government’s loot. Privatizing Iraq’s oil resources and production facilities would take that wealth out of the reach of a political spoils system and put it into the hands of individuals: the nation’s most capable businessmen, professionals and investors. Why are our commentators so focused, instead, on a balance of ethnic representation? The intellectual and political trend of the last century has been to elevate “group rights” over individual rights. Intellectuals tell us that we are only free if our particular race, class and gender group has clout in the government. This approach has been balkanizing America. The same advice will push Iraq over a precipice. Only one oppressed minority desperately needs representation in Iraq’s new government: the individual. Only by protecting the liberty and independence of the individual — not by keeping Iraqis ganged together into warring clans — can “Operation Iraqi Freedom” succeed.




My view

Why a theater at Joan M. Durante Park? BY JAMES P. DURANTE Guest Writer

There are six written contracts between the town of Longboat Key and the benefactor, all in harmony and supplementing each other, at the Joan M. Durante Park. The benefactor is required to make certain pecuniary payments annually. No claim of a default in such promises ever has been made. In return, what is the town compelled to do? Reference is made only to the contract of Dec. 30, 1993. All of the documents, however, were written by the town’s able counsel and are well drafted. But if one believes that there is an ambiguity, then it is a matter of unassailable law that the question must be resolved against the drafter in favor of the other party. Here is what the town must do and what is prescribed: 1. “ ... afford its residents ... cultural opportunities ... ” 2. “The benefactor is desirous of improving the quality of life for the town’s residents.” 3. “The town shall improve the real property at 5450-5490 Gulf of Mexico Drive ... ” 4. “The funds donated shall be utilized for improvements of the property for purposes of establishing ... other improvements, including suitable building.” 5. “Any funds remaining from the improvements ... are to be held in trust by the town for purposes of providing capital improvements to the park that shall include ... a cultural com-

munity center.” 6. “The welcome center shall ... be a facility ... to superior architectural standards.” 7. “A cultural community center is ... a building for the purposes of enhancing the quality of life of the citizens ... ” 8. “The definition is intended ... to meet the needs and wants of the community. It is the spirit of this document that the Joan M. Durante Community Park will include some structural activities, which will add to the ... cultural activities ... and will be of the highest-quality architectural standards.” It is obvious that those obligations have not been fulfilled and that there have been egregious defaults, even though the town has received $1,000 every week for nearly the past decade for the stated purposes. Recently, there has surfaced a campaign for a named community center, containing a swimming pool, theater and fitness center at Bayfront Park Recreation Center. There may not be objection to the last item for that defines the differences between the park and Bayfront: park: cerebral, beauty, entertainment; Bayfront: physical, fitness, exercise. Although no opposition is raised per se to a fitness center, the cost thereof and who will pay for same must be considered. Presumably, the fine town manager will gather the salient facts and disseminate same. But there is an insurmountable legal barrier now to the

Letters to


If you would like to send us your comments, please write, e-mail or fax one of the following addresses: Box 8100, Longboat Key, FL 34228; e-mail:; fax: 3837193. Please include your name and phone number. The Longboat Observer will print all letters to the editor if it feels they are of general interest, but only if the letter is signed and the author’s street address and phone number are given. The editor reserves the right to condense letters.

Free newspaper, free advice Dear Editor: As an alumnus of Longboat Key, I occasionally pick up The Longboat Observer — after all, the price is right. Obviously the neighborhood feud on St. Judes Drive described on pages 1 and 5 of your April 17 issue is a serious matter and should not be trivialized, but if the article had appeared in your April Fools’ issue, one would have to wonder ... One of the parties to the feud lives in a property appraised at $850,000 and has to “ ... live with a renter” (gasp) “from New Jersey” (double gasp). Which sin is worse? She found a friendly judge who thought either transgression was worthy of commitment to a mental institution. On the subject of April Fools’ issues, I believe your first such issue was published Thursday, April 1, 1999. Why not give a break to the folks who get so exercised over these annual spoofs? Just publish an April Fools’ issue when April Fools’ Day falls on a publication day — Thursday. Yes, you have to do one next year but then you can give us all a break until April 1, 2010. The charge for the advice is the same as the cost of your great newspaper. Bill Forester Sarasota

Great tennis facilities Dear Editor: Too often letters are written to newspapers to protest, vent anger or express frustration. This letter, however, is written to commend your public tennis facility and specifically to acknowledge John Mrachek, club manager, and Dick Schlorf, active tennis member. Their courtesies to visitors, participating in running weekly programs and maintaining your tennis facility are exemplary. I know that you are contemplating increasing the number of public courts, and the economics of that undertaking are of great con-

cern. I sincerely hope that the public officials involved in that decision will consider the fact that the ability to use the public tennis facility is a significant reason why my wife and I will again be returning to Longboat Key next year for an extended stay. I am certain that we are only two of many snowbirds who come to your wonderful town and happily spend our hardearned dollars in no small measure due to the public tennis court programs. We look forward to using the fine public tennis facilities and programs that you currently have and hopefully the expanded facility that will be there next year and for many years to come. Bob and Renee Ross Northbrook, Ill.

Calling all veterans Dear Editor: The officers and members of the newly founded Veterans Committee of Windward Bay are very appreciative of the writeup in the recent issue of your fine publication. We commend Dora Walters, your splendid journalism and your editor. We are working with the Library of Congress and the American Folklife Center, making audio and videotaped oral hisoties of American’s war heroes and of those civilians who served in support of those unsung heroes of World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam and the Persian Gulf War. The Veterans History Project includes all participating in those conflicts, men and women, civilian and military. It documents the contributions of civilian volunteers, support staff and war industry workers as well as the experiences of military personnel from all ranks and all branches of service. The Air Force, Army, Marine Corps and the Navy, as well as the Coast Guard and the Merchant Marine. Who doesn’t remember Rosie the Riveter? Knowing that this and future generations of Americans have much to learn from those that served, is the reason for this dedicated effort on

thought of constructing a community center at Bayfront Park. The town has contracted previously, for fair consideration, for that facility to be structured for the park. It is emphasized that as a matter of law, any interference with those agreements between the town and the benefactor, recited above, would constitute grievous tortuous conduct. Seeking any action that induces breaches of the lawful contracts subjects those persons to personal liability because their wrongful behavior is done with full knowledge of the above agreements. Three additional caveats are offered: 1.) Because the behavior would be deliberate, the wrongdoers are exposed to punitive as well as compensatory damages. 2.) There is no insurance protection to any person or position for intentional tortuous acts. 3.) Because the town is a party to the contracts and will be the recipient of all of the financial recovery from the wrongdoers, the town facilities and its counsel are barred from rendering assistance to the wrongdoers. Taxpayers do not pay for wrongs. In summary, the commission may vote for a physical fitness center at Bayfront. But it must not infringe on the town’s solemn, moral and legal obligations for a community center at the Joan M. Durante Park with a theater and appendages or satellites for the Gen. Jim Edmundson, Historical Society and social rooms. James Durante, a Longboat Key resident, is a retired member of the New York Bar. ❑

the part of the American Folklife Center. We are the Windward Bay Veterans Committee sincerely hope others will partake of this effort to make the Veterans Oral History Project a resounding success. Let me remind you, we are losing 1,500 veterans a day. Co-chairmen Allen J. Gerber and Thomas McAuliff

Circle needs restroom Dear Editor: When visiting Longboat Key and shopping recently at St. Armands Circle, I was appalled to find no public restroom. Every store I went into and asked if they had a restroom, the response was, “Go to a restaurant.” If I owned a restaurant in this area, I would resent this comment. And I resented looking for a restaurant to use a toilet. My request and accommodation was kindly met by Olaf Ice Cream Creamery store. As a kindness to him, I said I would complain to the city about no public restroom. I also sent a letter to the Sarasota city manager. I hope the next visit to this area, there is a public restroom available. Elaine Bath Ames, Iowa

Consider buying course Dear Editor: I feel that Commissioner Hal Lenobel’s idea of purchasing the Harbourside Golf Course may have some merit. From what I understand, the maintenance of this course has been troublesome and keeping it up to par, no pun intended, with the Islandside Course has been a problem. Again, if I am not mistaken, much of the problem has been with the quality of the water supply to the course. Because of these maintenance problems, the Shannon Resort Group may be willing to sell this course which has upset some of its members. Contrary to the editorial in The Longboat Observer, many municipal courses do very well and supply a service to the community, which a private course cannot. The service to which I am referring is golf for more members of the community at an affordable price. Many municipal courses are not only self-sustaining but actually make a profit. I don’t know how much work or money would be needed at Harbourside to bring it up to the condition of the best courses in the area, but in its present condition, it is in much better shape than many. If it was a municipal course, instead of a private course, it would surely rank with most of the best municipal courses anywhere. Therefore, if we were just able to maintain the status quo, we could have a beautiful course and very possibly one that is profitable. There are many questions that will have to be answered. Will the quality of the water at

Harbourside continue to deteriorate? Will the Shannon Group want to sell the course, and if they are willing to sell, will the price be acceptable? Will the course pay for itself or, as The Longboat Observer points out, will the taxpayers have to foot the bill? These questions and more will have to be answered, but I feel that they are worth looking into. The Longboat Observer states, “Give Shannon President Shane Eagan whatever permits he needs to develop his proposed condominiums on the Key Club property.” I’m sure that this is a wonderful idea, and Mr. Eagan will take all his profits from the sale of these condos and sink it into fixing up Harbourside. Then after he does this, all the Longboat Key Club members will be happy, all our property will become infinitely more valuable, and everyone will live happily ever after. Albert Fischbein Longboat Key

There is a time and a place ... Dear Editor: After reading your article in the April 24 issue concerning the city’s workshop on the Downtown Sarasota Mobility Study, which includes proposed alternatives to improve pedestrian access to the Sarasota bayfront, I felt compelled to write. Your readers deserve to know that architect Brent Parker was asked to leave the meeting not because he came up with an alternative idea, but because the workshop was not the appropriate venue in which to present it. There are specific procedures for submitting such suggestions, beginning with presentation to designated city/FDOT staff. We have set a meeting with Mr. Parker for such. Valid ideas are ultimately channeled to the public, the City Commission and any other appropriate audience. While Mr. Parker’s creativity is laudable, I must point out that public meeting agendas are designed to try and make the most of citizens’ valuable time. Allowing anyone who wishes to walk in and disrupt the set agenda does no service to the public. Finally, I find it ironic that the workshop article appears almost adjacent to your item featuring Gillian Busard’s apparently wellreceived suggestions for slowing vehicular traffic on Gulf of Mexico Drive. Are Longboat Key residents who have heatedly opposed downsizing U.S. 41 really going to support slower speeds and crosswalks on Gulf of Mexico Drive while criticizing traffic calming strategies in Sarasota? Or could it be that both communities would benefit from improved pedestrian access to the waterfront and safer vehicle speeds? Dennis Daughters, PE City Engineer/Director of Engineering City of Sarasota

10A THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003



THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003 11A

Thousands of Homes

One Address: Michael Saunders

SPECTACULAR BAYFRONT VIEW Three BR with expansive bay frontage, this attractive ranch open plan boasts a boat dock, beach access & caged pool overlooking water. $2,150,000. Patricia Taylor, 383-7591 or 921-6075. #232104

WATERFRONT RESIDENCE IN THE PHOENIX Exquisitely furnished with 3,785 sq. ft. & fabulous bay views. A Sotheby's listing. $1,800,000. Jennifer Kolar, 951-6660 or 374-0969. #232701

LIDO SHORES Updated 3BR Paul Rudolph home, close to deeded beach access, with soaring ceilings, slate floors, separate office & large lanai with pool & spa. $995,000. Dede Curran, 388-4447 or 365-3341. #236063

– LONGBOAT, LIDO & BIRD KEY – THE ULTIMATE WATERFRONT LIFESTYLE Relax & enjoy the mesmerizing Gulf & bay views from this exquisite, decorator furnished & appointed 5BR estate with vanishing-edge pool & dock. $5,750,000. Marcia Salkin & Paulene Soublis, 388-4447 or 356-0203. #231664 ST. ARMANDS BAYFRONT Warm, elegant & dramatic traditional European-style with beautiful detailing. A Sotheby's listing. $4,200,000. Barbara C. Dumbaugh, 388-4447 or 350-3743. #217393 GULF FRONT BEACH HOME on one of Longboat Key's most beautiful estate lots. Spacious rooms, separate guest suites, 5BRs & Gulf side pool on wide sandy beach. $3,500,000. Ann Martin, 388-4447 or 953-7717. #226734 BEACHFRONT JEWEL Six BRs & over 6,600 sq. ft. with sweeping beach & Gulf views. Volume ceilings, granite counters, separate guest apartment & fully equipped workout room. $3,360,000. Jo Ann Thorpe, 388-4447 or 349-7583. #226239 ISLAND HOME on wide, sandy beach. Casual elegance with a tropical flair personifies this relaxed 4BR home with Gulf & sunset views. A Sotheby's listing. $3,000,000. Bobbie Banan & Linda Roe Dickinson, 388-4447 or 356-2659. #233235 BEAUTIFUL BIRD KEY BAYFRONT Excellent value for smart investors on Bird Key bayfront. City views over wide bay waters in this stylish transformation with 4 bedrooms. $2,775,000. Judy & Bill Nimz, 951-6660 or 374-0196. #228127 BAY ISLES FINEST Priced below appraisal. Gorgeous Mediterranean with contemporary flair. Four en suite BRs, wine cellar, extensive marble deck, pool & 50' dock. $2,495,000. Jenifer Schwell, 388-4447 or 383-3209. #210360 NEW & FABULOUS MEDITERRANEAN on Longboat boating water is masterfully constructed with character and quality. This 5BR home has views of the bay and deeded beach access. $2,495,000. Annette Rogers, 383-7591 or 387-0800. #237659 PERFECT BEACH GETAWAY Breathtaking views of the Gulf from this 2-story home with all new furnishings, new carpet & numerous upgrades. Spectacular beachfront heated pool & sundeck. $2,400,000. Saint Cacchiotti & Gail Wittig, 383-7591 or 387-0533. #220722 DIRECT BAYFRONT Magnificent views from this custom home with volume ceilings, marble & wood floors. Fabulous lighting, stained & etched glass & gourmet kitchen. A Sotheby's listing. $2,200,000. Jim Hanrahan & Carole & Bill Salmon, 383-7591 or 383-5753. #225812 PANORAMIC WATER VIEWS, great boating & close to Lido Beach & St. Armands Circle. Mediterranean pool home with over 4,900 sq. ft., 5BRs, expansive terraces & fine finishes. $2,195,000. Annette Rogers, 383-7591 or 387-0800. #225595 SECLUDED HOME WITH FANTASTIC VIEWS Contemporary, spacious 2story home features luxurious amenities, tile & carpet, gourmet kitchen, expansive pool area & boat dock. Offered furnished. $2,150,000. Derrick Bhayat, 388-4447 or 284-4447. #216389 LAS CASITAS Charming Mediterranean with wide water views & private dock on Lido, just steps to beach & St. Armands. Super quality, style & design. $1,999,000. Linda Roe Dickinson, 388-4447 or 350-3304. #237776 PRESTIGIOUS WATERFRONT HOME located in the Bay Isles section, offers wonderful water view & 200' seawall. Four BR home was completely renovated & remodeled in 1997. $1,995,000. Klaus Lang, 383-7591 or 320-1223. #216507 SANCTUARY Longboat Key's most prestigious address, the very best C plan is simply beautiful. Luxurious interior with built-ins, gourmet kitchen & spectacular views. $1,595,000. Anna Kaminski, 388-4447 or 374-3200. #237357 BIRD KEY ELEGANCE with partial bay views. Spacious home was built for leisure & privacy with large pool, dock & davits. $1,399,000. Jack & Jo James, 388-4447 or 928-3175. #230597 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES Newer Rutenberg home with southern exposure, custom dock, sailboat water & no bridges to bay. Features 4BRs, eat-in kitchen, caged pool & deeded beach access. $1,395,000. Monica Slater, 951-6660 or 302-0011. #232209 CLASSIC MODERN DESIGN ON ST. ARMANDS built in 2000, featuring the ultimate interior graced with artistic detail. Excellent bay views from top floors, tropical gardens & pool. $1,249,000. Donald Geikie, 951-6660 or 921-3962. #236193 BAY ISLES BAYOU Situated on one of the best lots in the Bayou, this stunning and private home provides tranquil views across the golf course to the lake. $1,249,000. Annette Rogers, 383-7591 or 387-0800. #231142 BAY ISLES Exceptional 3BR maintenance-free home in Weston Pointe. Many extras, open floor plan, intimate courtyard pool & assigned boat dock. $1,090,000. Karen Kunz, 388-4447 or 954-3656. #232751 BEAUTIFUL BAYFRONT Four BR home at Harbour Court section of the Longboat Key Club offers spectacular bay views to the city skyline. Private community pool/spa & boat dock. $985,000. Craig and Steve Abbott, 383-7591 or 302-0686. #228918 SPECTACULAR WATER VIEWS Second from the bay on protected sailboat water. A flawless cottage on a fabulous site awaits your pleasure. $949,000. Donna Maloof, 383-7591. #232121 VILLAGE OF LONG BEACH Key West-style home with view of Intracoastal Waterway, large custom pool with waterfall & 6-car garage. Cottage on property is an excellent guest suite. $948,000. Bob Burnett, 383-7591 or 356-1277. #222905 LONGBOAT KEY Canal front home with partial bay views, updated interiors, heated pool & boatlift. This lovely 2-story property has it all. $759,000. Mirta Matheu Klauber, 383-7591 or 266-6060. #227193 PALMS BY THE BEACH A recently constructed, tropical seaside oasis on a lushly landscaped double lot. Ideal investment property or beach retreat. Immaculate perfection. $750,000. Steve Magner, 383-7591 or 376-8559. #237068



LA BELLASARA Return to splendor and enjoy exciting Sarasota Bay and downtown views. Special attention is evident in the spectacular floor plans for these 29 luxurious condominium residences set on the widest waterfront site on Golden Gate Point. Priced from the $1,000,000's. Nell Leffel, (941) 330-2122.

SOMERSET CAY - MODEL NOW OPEN Elegant waterfront lifestyle with poolside cabanas & boat slips. Only 17 luxury condominium residences with outstanding floor plans of up to 2,558 square feet with semi-private elevators. Preview our Robb & Stucky model featuring fine furnishings from The Tommy Bahama Collection. From the $700,000s. Bette Runnette and Sarena Irwin, (941) 312-0146. IDEAL FOR BOATERS Three BR canal front home with an excellent floor plan and impeccable maintenance is surrounded by fine residences. $749,500. Donna Maloof, 383-7591. #236022 DELIGHTFUL FLORIDA HOME Private retreat on lush double lot, just steps to St. Armands, Lido Beach, shopping & dining. Three BRs, fireplace & pool/spa. $695,000. Julia McClung, 388-4447 or 356-6499. #237367 HANDSOME NEW RENOVATION on beautiful Lido Key overlooking the brilliant lights of the city & St. Armands Circle. Marble floors, granite counters & stainless steel appliances. $649,000. Susan McLeod, 388-4447 or 951-2541. #237785 EMERALD POINTE SOUTH last of the new construction behind the gates of the Longboat Key Club. Two-story 3BR pool home with lake & golf course views. $639,000. Saint Cacchiotti & Gail Wittig, 383-7591 or 387-0533. #202275 LIDO BEACH CLUB Located next to the Ritz-Carlton Beach Club, this spacious 2BR split plan has over 1,400 sq. ft., on-site management, pool, sauna, exercise room & beautiful beach. $469,000. Karin Stephan, 383-7591 or 504-4435. #237257 SEAPLACE Breathtaking direct Gulf views from this turnkey furnished 2BR condominium with rental history. $445,000. Judi Summers, 951-6660 or 302-3238. #237408 LIDO SURF & SAND Turnkey furnished, Gulf front, 2BR unit with spectacular Gulf, bay & lagoon views. Close to shops & eateries. $429,900. Pam DeMarie and Connie Lyke, 951-6660 or 350-9371. #237362 OLD FLORIDA CHARM in Sleepy Lagoon Park, restored 3BR split plan home on a private lot is located on canal with beach access nearby. $399,000. Chad Roffers, 951-6660 or 376-0188. #229947 INN ON THE BEACH Direct beachfront club suite with private balcony overlooking pool & white, sandy beach. Investment opportunity with revenue of $46,000 in 2000. $329,000. Saint Cacchiotti & Gail Wittig, 383-7591 or 387-0533. #212506 LONGBOAT KEY - income-producing efficiency. Enjoy your vacation in fourstar luxury & collect income while you are away. Outstanding mgmt. & income. $253,000. Ann Martin, 388-4447 or 953-7717. #151385 DELUXE BEACH RESORT unit with lagoon views and awesome amenities. Investment opportunity with great rental history. $239,000. Annette Rogers, 383-7591 or 387-0800. #237523 TENNIS MAGAZINE RATED #1 RESORT Owners may stay 30 days per year & have use of tennis courts, fitness center, salon & spa, & water sports rental equipment. $230,000. Susan & Jonathan Fox, 383-3759 or 364-4838. #212674 – SARASOTA MAINLAND – MAGNIFICENT ITALIAN VILLA-STYLE Panoramic bay views of Longboat Key & Ca'd'Zan. High ceilings, gourmet kitchen & 2,200 sq. ft. master suite. Private boat dock. A Sotheby's listing. $5,750,000. Mel and Jan Goldsmith, 388-4447 or 383-6673. #220067

GRAND TWO-STORY PENTHOUSE with 7,200 sq. ft. and 360 degree views over Sarasota Bay and city below. Sweeping staircase to 2nd floor suites and rooftop terrace. $3,950,000. Susan & Jonathan Fox, 383-3759 or 364-4838. #218028 OVER ONE ACRE directly on the bay, provides marvelous sunsets and the perfect spot to build a grand estate. $1,595,000. Annette Rogers, 383-7591 or 387-0800. #235501 AMBROSIA MODEL New construction by Whitehall Quality Homes defines dramatic interior with superb materials & workmanship. Spectacular lot with lake & golf course views. $1,550,000. Terri Derr & Ken Torrington, 383-7591 or 356-6694. #227641 THE TOWER RESIDENCES AT THE RITZ-CARLTON Seventh floor unit with western exposure and almost 3,000 sq. ft. of luxury, currently under construction. $1,550,000. Kim & Michael Ogilvie, 951-6660 or 923-0373. #236253 SECLUDED BAYFRONT ESTATE with excellent privacy & sophistication. Enter through an enchanting courtyard & leave the world behind. Offers dock with boatlift plus heated pool/spa. $1,250,000. Annette and Albert Ayers, 9668000 or 966-6440. #236987 GORGEOUS BAYFRONT VIEWS with deepwater dock & lift. Four BR pool home in sought after Southpointe Shores. $1,195,000. Tracy DeRamo, 3493444 or 266-3004. #236755 SOUTHERN LIVING AT ITS FINEST The ultimate West of the Trail address, with sweeping staircase, 2 fireplaces, French doors, screened verandahs, flowered breezeway & open pool. $990,000. Susan Mitchell, 951-6660 or 780-5085. #236617 WATERFRONT MARINA SUITE TOWNHOUSE 2nd unit in from bay & across from the Ritz-Carlton. Deeded deepwater dock with lift. Two swimming pools & tennis courts. $950,000. Suzan Cromwell, 388-4447 or 376-7766. #212253 NEW MEDITERRANEAN BEAUTY features 5BRs plus bonus room, exquisite detailing, quality finishes, porte-cochere & caged pool/spa. $899,000. Dorothy and Mike McKendry - Team Mac, 966-8000 or 586-5007. #236714 FABULOUSLY RENOVATED This 4BR home has wood floors, newer kitchen, den/game room & pool. Stately situated on walled corner lot in most popular neighborhood, close to downtown. $739,000. Kim & Michael Ogilvie, 951-6660 or 923-0373. #233230 OYSTER BAY Newly renovated & exquisitely detailed, this 4BR light & bright open plan home with morning room, leisure & exercise rooms, & 3-car garage, has a regal setting. $667,766. Diane Gregory, 388-4447 or 504-2993. #236969 TIMELESS STYLING IN DEER CREEK Impeccably maintained pool home on preserve lot. Stunning, light & bright floor plan with neutral tones throughout. $599,999. Susan Mitchell, 951-6660 or 780-5085. #237400 PRIVACY AND NATURE CLOSE IN Furnished, immaculate 3BR home with wood floors, heated pool/spa & much more. $529,000. Lee Byron and Susan Keal, 371-2549 or 925-8253. #235527 OYSTER BAY Private setting with bamboo, mature trees and flowers galore, this home boasts high ceilings, renovated kitchen with custom cabinetry & spacious master suite with walk-in closets. $499,900. Chad Roffers, 951-6660 or 376-0188. #236163 SOUTHPOINTE SHORES Mature trees, lush landscaping & partial bay views provide the perfect backdrop for this renovated, upgraded, 3BR home. $489,900. Chad Roffers, 951-6660 or 376-0188. #237731 ENCHANTING VIEW OF ISLAND BIRD SANCTUARY across expansive lake. Immaculately maintained Lee Wetherington home with plantation shutters, surround sound, oversized kitchen & garden setting. $464,000. Barbara C. Dumbaugh, 388-4447 or 350-3743. #237762 HARBOR ACRES Great location in a private setting with beautiful landscaping. Solid 4BR home with pool is great for entertaining, in an exceptional school district. $425,000. Raul Elizalde, 349-3444 or 350-7904. #235726 WEST OF THE TRAIL Adorable 4BR home is recently remodeled with new kitchen, carpet & tile, located in a picturesque oak-treed setting. $419,000. Kim & Michael Ogilvie, 951-6660 or 923-0373. #236854 WEST OF THE TRAIL Completely renovated 3BR home has new kitchen with granite counters, wood cabinets & stainless steel appliances, tile in living areas, & 2-car garage. $399,000. Tammy Garner, 388-4447 or 374-4161. #236805 HIDDEN OAKS NORTH Rarely available home in a private, desirable neighborhood. Boasts an eat-in kitchen, wood-burning fireplace, large master suite & his & her offices. $389,700. Judy Nimz and Denby Smothers, 951-6660 or 807-1129. #236934 AMBERLEA Three BR plus den Rutenberg home is open & spacious with fireplace, large lanai & 3-car garage. Located in a great neighborhood. $369,000. Judy & Bill Nimz, 951-6660 or 374-0196. #237046 – SIESTA KEY – SANDERLING CLUB BEACHFRONT Private estate from Gulf to lagoon with 1.8 acres of privacy in a lush setting. $4,400,000. Sue Broughton & Valerie Woodger, 951-6660 or 356-6490. #230559 CHARMING RESTORATION of this wonderful family compound makes this a unique opportunity. Main home and 2 guest apartments are close to beach & Village. New pool & spa. $1,350,000. Wellington Chen & Karen Chandler and Bill Hackett, 349-3444 or 366-7107. #237307 ISLAND LIVING AT ITS BEST Wonderful, open, sunny 4BR home on 1/2acre of canal front. Large, tropically landscaped pool with tiki bar & boat lift. $799,000. Christina Ashley, 383-7591 or 780-0291. #234000

LUSHLY WOODED MAGNIFICENT BAYFRONT ESTATE Private and secluded, opens directly to sunrise. Over 400' in depth with majestic oaks, tropical vegetation, private beach. $1,950,000. Susan McLeod, 388-4447 or 951-2541. #235219

LIDO SHORES New construction in Sarasota School of Architecture design. Three BR home with walls of glass overlooking striking lanai & lap pool. $995,000. Bitsy Robertson and Steve Spraker, 951-6660 or 377-0098. #227443

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES Three BR canal front home offers island living at its best. Updated kitchen, wonderful family room, large caged lanai/pool area, boat dock & beach access. $645,000. Kathy Simonds, 383-7591 or 350-5292. #234671

Do You Know? We offer over 1,700 financial products and can customize a loan for every situation through MSC Mortgage. For more information, contact MSC Mortgage at (941) 308-2222. CHARMING COUNTRY CLUB SHORES Redecorated 3BR canal front home, features remodeled kitchen, 2 master suites with water views, lush landscaping, bay view from pool & new boat dock. $793,000. Joan Boltax, 388-4447 or 350-6390. #232557

Type the property number for an Instant Internet Property Search on our website at

HOLMES BEACH Sailboat water, 2 davits & large lot in Bimini Bay. Private fenced yard with a pristine, large pool. Includes 27' Carver. $795,000. Karin Stephan, 383-7591 or 504-4435. #237188

ST. ARMANDS 388-4447 • MID LONGBOAT KEY 383-5502 / 383-3759 • SOUTH LONGBOAT KEY 383-7591 • MAIN 951-6660 • PALMER RANCH 966-8000 • SIESTA KEY 349-3444 WEEKEND HOURS: 9 AM TO 4 PM

12A THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003



If you were the judge

Just what is the Constitution of the United States? state to the party to whom such services or labour may be due.” And that applied even if slavery itself was unlawful within the state to which the slave had managed to escape. There is this shocking provision. Article 1, Section 2 (3) states that a state’s allotment of seats in the House of Representatives was determined by counting not only “free” persons but also “three-fifths of all other persons,” i.e. slaves were counted as a fraction of a person. Of course, the slavery provisions in the Constitution were eliminated by the Thirteenth Amendment, abolishing slavery. The Fourteenth Amendment granted “equal protection of the laws” to all, and the Fifteenth Amendment completed the trifecta by guaranteeing the right to vote regardless of “race, color or previous condition of servitude.” In 1860, prior to the Civil War, there were 4 million slaves, one-eighth of the population. But the passage of the above three amendments did not eliminate discrimination, until a century later, when not Congress, but the U.S. Supreme Court in the monumental historic case of Brown vs. Board of Education did. Surprisingly, Congress never intended to grant the court the power to overturn acts of Congress. But under the brilliant guidance of then Chief Justice John Marshall, the power was seized and never challenged. Although the nation’s democracy is defined frequently as containing a “balance of power,” among the three branches, executive, legislative and judicial, it is the Supreme Court that is supreme, for it can declare acts of the president and Congress to be unconstitutional and void. James Madison, one of the architects of the




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James Durante, a Longboat Key resident, is a retired member of the New York Bar. ❑

Shopping and eating are usually the two favorites pastimes for visitors to St. Armands Circle, but May 3 was an exception. With approximately 200 sleek and colorful Corvettes on display in the Circle, all eyes were focused on them. The classic Corvette show was the sixth annual presented by the Skyway Corvette Club in conjunction with Keels and Wheels and the St. Armands Association.



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the U.S. Constitution. The enlightened ones have avoided the few flaws mentioned above. The paucity of errors in the Constitution do not diminish the love and patriotism that Americans hold for it. They share the view of William Ewart Gladstone: “I have always regarded that Constitution as the most remarkable mark ... to have been produced by the human intellect.” (Source: The New Yorker, July 29, 2002.)

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Constitution, disliked majorities and political parties. However, he wrote that parties are unavoidable “but their dangers can be overcome ... by making one party a check on the other. Political parties are a natural offspring of freedom.” Later he added, “A Republican government, in which the majority rules the minority, is the least unperfect of all governments.” He concluded, “The vital principle of republican government is the lex majoris parties, the will of the majority.” America has been the inspiration to people struggling for democracy and many have copied

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Yes, the Constitution should be venerated. It should be preserved, protected and defended as the president swears by God to do. Constantly, nice persons in somber black judicial robes interpret the document, broadly or narrowly, and sometimes in between. Blasphemy is charged to anyone who attacks the revered instrument, because the Constitution is inviolate, sacrosanct and indelibly enshrined in the hearts, minds and souls of mortals. Yet reading its seven pages, in addition to the same number for the 27 amendments to the Constitution, does reveal flaws and several and serious imperfections. Still, it is recognized nearly universally as ne plus ultra (highest excellence), with dozens of countries copying or adopting it for their governance. The honored paper was written nearly twoand-a-quarter centuries ago. The wise men (no women) could not have envisioned the world of today with electricity, computers, motor vehicles, etc. Thus, their outlook was circumscribed. And there were limitations by the political necessities of the times. Compromise was much in order. Probably the most blatant undemocratic feature of the Constitution was not only the acceptance, but the endorsement of slavery. Article 1, Section 9(1) forbade Congress to prevent the slave trade. It reads, “The migration or importation of such persons (slaves) in any of the states now existing shall think proper to admit shall not be prohibited by Congress ... ” In 1808, 20 years later, Article IV, Section 2, made citizens of the “free” states complicit in the crime by obliging them to return any runaway. “Persons held to service or labour in one


THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003 13A

Cops’ Corner The following reports are actual reports compiled by the Longboat Key Police Department. They are all answered and dealt with by members of the department or referred to others for action.

April 19 2:08 p.m. — 100 block North Shore Road. Code enforcement. Police warned three subjects for having dogs on beach. 2:31 p.m. — 700 block Lands End Drive. Boat accident. Subject lost control of 18-foot boat and crashed into a docked boat. He was transported to the hospital for his injuries. 3:41 p.m. — Gulf of Mexico Drive (GMD) at North Shore Road. Dog nuisance. Subject did not heed warning to remove dog from beach and was given notice to appear in court. 4:28 p.m. — 500 block Bay Isles Parkway. Traffic accident. Subject stopped to let car back out of parking space and got hit by a car, causing $1,000 worth of damage. 4:44 p.m. — 500 block Tarawitt Drive. Public service. Police called in Public Works crew to repair water leak. 6:20 p.m. — 0 block Lighthouse Point. Disturbance. One boater roughly pulled subject’s girlfriend’s ponytail. Subject asked boater what he was doing and boater responded by swearing and lunging at subject. A brawl consisting of nine people erupted. When police arrived to break it up, two men fled. Police found and arrested the pair. 9:47 p.m. — 0 block Lighthouse Point. Subject said boaters were trespassing on his property. But boaters were below the mean water line, so they were not technically on private property. 10:21 p.m. — Jewfish Key. Trespassing. Police removed 26 would-be campers and one keg of Budweiser from the island. 11:56 p.m. — 2800 block Harbourside Drive. Disturbance. Intoxicated subject hit husband in chest to wake him up to settle an argument. He raised his arm to defend himself. She told police she didn’t want him arrested, she just wanted him to apologize, which he did.

April 20 11:15 a.m. — 6100 block GMD. Traffic violation. Subject arrested for giving police false name to conceal fact that his license is sus-




pended. 4:20 a.m. — 6000 block GMD. Security check. Police found hose leaking and shut it off. 12:58 p.m. — 5600 block GMD. Traffic violation. Subject arrested for driving without first getting a license. 3:06 p.m. — 3600 block Fair Oaks Place. Fire. Fire department secured leaking gas pipe. 3:38 p.m. — GMD at North Shore Road. Code enforcement. Two subjects warned for having dogs on beach. 4:59 p.m. — 4000 block GMD. Traffic violation. Subject cited for using another car’s tag. 5 p.m. — 4000 block GMD. Traffic violation. Subject given notice to appear in court for driving without first getting a license. 5:43 p.m. — 400 block GMD. Traffic accident. Subject in Mustang crashed into a Thunderbird and drove away. Thunderbird owner got the license plate number. Police later found the Mustang abandoned in Sarasota and the license plate, which belonged on a Lincoln, floating in the water.

April 21 12:02 a.m. — 5300 block GMD. Traffic violation. Subject cited for driving with suspended license. 9:30 a.m. — 600 block Weston Pointe Court. Property lost. Subject is missing golf bag, golf clubs and golf balls worth a total of $2,500. 11:10 a.m. — 2200 block GMD. Property lost. Subject lost purse with $100 at a bench in Sarasota. 11:29 a.m. — 3800 block GMD. Suspicious person. Subject is missing three electronic gaming devices. 1:39 p.m. — 5000 block GMD. Traffic violation. Subject drove off-road while passing police cruiser on the right. Police stopped subject and found her license to be suspended. Cited. 1:58 p.m. — Sarasota Bay. Public service. Police towed subject and his broken jet ski to shore. 2:04 p.m. — 4500 block GMD. Property lost. Subject’s package of books taken from mail bin. Packages are delivered to bin in condo accessible to all residents and this is not the first disappearance of mail order books. 4:28 p.m. — 5700 block GMD. Suspicious circumstance. Subject’s door lock was glued shut. Subject said condo is experiencing internal problems and the president has resigned. 8:44 p.m. — 300 block North Shore Road. Rescue. Police found subject in “altered state” and believe it may involve depression medication subject is taking. Subject was transported




Cops’ Corner Scorecard Noises Construction Parties Strange Fireworks

Vandalism Warrant arrests

5 0 3 4

Vehicular Occurrences Auto/bike accidents Crashes DUI Fender benders Hit and run Traffic violations

Critters Barking dogs Mangled peacocks Loose dogs Dog attacks Bees’ nests Frantic squirrels Dog poisoning

2 0 2 1 0 0 0

2 28 5 23 2 60

Missing Items Cell phones Children Jewelry/watches Purses/wallets Hearing Aids Boats Rolls Royce hubcap

High Crimes Burglaries Drug arrests Larceny Trespassing

4 3

7 7 13 9

to hospital. 10:29 p.m. — 6000 block GMD. Suspicious circumstance. Police stopped subject for driving into marina at night and read him his rights. Subject and his family were just trying to rent a cottage across from the marina.

April 22 11:57 a.m. — 1500 block GMD. Traffic accident. Subject grazed another car’s bumper, causing $500 worth of damage. 1:02 p.m. — 300 block Longboat Club Road. Traffic accident. Subject hit car while entering road, causing $1,900 worth of damage. 4:07 p.m. — GMD at Longboat Club Road. Traffic accident. Subject slowed for traffic and was struck by a car from behind, resulting in $1,000 worth of damages. 8:29 p.m. — 6300 block GMD. Fire. A palm frond was scorched by a power line.

April 23 1:43 a.m. — 3000 block Grand Bay

Come Visit


3 0 5 13 0 1 1

Only on Longboat Jacuzzi near-drowning 0 Lost and found people 1 Code violations 17 Personality conflict 33 Nipple Pinching 0 Picture window shows 1 Elvis sightings 0 Explicit Speedos 1 Anthrax anxieties 0 Realtor rage 1 Cutter Lane crises 4 Classmate clobbering 0 Lewd love letters 1 Flashers 1 Lost causes on St. Judes 2 Statistics represent the reports published in Cops’ Corner year-to-date. They are not the official number of calls handled by the police.

Boulevard. Suspicious vehicle. Subject was stopped and warned for squealing the tires of his “low rider.” 8:17 a.m. — 2600 block GMD. Property lost. Cellular phone is missing. 2:43 p.m. — 200 block GMD. Property lost. Subject lost cellular phone in parking lot. 3:05 p.m. — 4400 block GMD. Property damage. Sun in subject’s eyes caused him to drive into pipe for solar water heater. 3:53 p.m. — 500 Bay Isles Road. Traffic accident. Subjects backed into each other in parking lot, causing $2,000 worth of damage. 4 p.m. — 5400 block GMD. Burglary. Detective tracked stolen credit card purchases to stores and got copies of videotapes, from which she obtained photos of thieves for distribution to local law enforcement. 10:47 p.m. — 600 block St. Judes Drive. Dog nuisance. Subject issued written warning for barking dogs. It was the second time in less than a year. ❑

Country Club with

History & Tradition. This Donald Ross course was built in 1926 and is kept in pristine condition. Our many features include… ♦ Convenient to Longboat Key, nine minutes from downtown.


♦ Tee times available on short notice. ♦ Rounds less than four hours.


♦ Walking permitted ♦ Caddies available on weekends ♦ Member-owned, not a public or resort course. ♦ Social, executive and corporate memberships available. ♦ New special initiation program through May 31, 2003. Call 355-7658 for details.

CANNONS COUNTS David Miller, Jack Bergbom, Tom Tomao, Benny Parrish

ON THESE GUYS You can count on these guys, too. Dave, Jack, Tom and Benny have an aggregate of more than 100 years experience – at Cannons alone. You can count on the rest of the Cannons family, too. Since 1955, they’ve been there, for you, every single day. Count yourself among the Cannons family, and enjoy the very best in boating.


♦ Newly renovated Clubhouse. ♦ Great dining and social programs.

Sara Bay Country Club


Sarasota & Manatee County’s best kept secret 5083

6040 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key Open 7 Days a Week • 941-383-1311

♦ Easy to find a game and meet members.

7011 Willow St., Sarasota ♦ 355-7658

14A THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003


Villagers go international BY DORA WALTERS Senior Editor

Ann Roth, Maggie Noble and Laurie Jones

The Longboat Key Center for the Arts Sculpture Garden was the perfect setting for the Longbeach Association’s International potluck buffet April 26. Choices on the buffet table ranged from Moroccan stew to Chinese coleslaw. The dessert choices included Mexican Tres Leche cake and Florida Key lime pie. Among the residents attending was 104-year-old Ralph Thayer and his wife, Muriel, and longtime Village artist Fifi Rowan, who just turned 95. The association will close its season’s activities with a beach bash in June. ❑

Photos by Dora Walters

In recognition of his Dutch heritage, Dutch Arends chose Indonesian attire for the international event.

Mimi Siekmann with her brother-inlaw, John Siekmann

Ralph Thayer and Jeff Carmen

Bill Roth and Fifi Rowan

Marion Stuart, Brian Day and Pat Arends enjoy the informal gathering. Arends also wore a traditional Indonesian headband.

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5362 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach 5083

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THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003 15A

Mote Marine honors its many volunteers

Bob Lyons, Ron Johnson, Betty Dimick and Brenda Bolay




Photos by Dora Walters

Dorothy and Bud Goldblatt with Manny and Marcia Kurzberg


no maintenance fee

BY DORA WALTERS Senior Editor 2412 Cortez Road, West Bradenton, FL 34207

7051 Manatee Avenue, West Bradenton, FL 34209

5390 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key, FL 34228

Coming soon . . . another Coast Bank location 9819 Cortez Road, West Bradenton, FL 34210

Ed and Barbara Hulyk


Florida Banking for Your Florida Lifestyle 5083

“The value of a volunteer is priceless,” said Mote Marine Laboratory Director Kumar Mahadevan, at the annual volunteer awards program held April 24. But, Mahadevan did have some figures: “Mote has 1,592 volunteers who donated 192,000 hours of service over the past year. This is the equivalent of 100 full-time employees. The estimated monetary value of their services is $3 million.” Taking part in the awards presentation were Ron Johnson, serving his second term as president of the board of volunteers, and Andrea Davis, volunteer coordinator. An informal buffet was held in the courtyard after the ceremony in the Education Center. ❑

no transaction limit

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Stephanie and Milton Kruk

FREE SEMINAR FROM THE FINANCIAL PLANNING PROFESSIONAL “How To Thrive In Any Economy” Through Kelly G.Curtis’ years of valuable experience managing financial portfolios, you’ll gain insights into:

Kelly G.Curtis, the income tax & financial planning specialist for people 55 and older

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Priced at par. Yield to maturity 5.25%. Final maturity 5/15/2028. Callable starting 5/15/2008 at par. Rated: Moody’s AAA, Standard & Poor’s AAA. Estate Put Feature. For more information or for reservations to our free luncheon, call John Price, Senior Vice President – Branch Manager, or Rick Tuberosa, Senior Vice President – Investments, at 813-633-9407 or 800-386-9786.

Kelly G. Curtis, Managing Partner PINNACLE TAXX Advisors, LLC 605 Sarasota Quay, Sarasota, FL 34236

Call 941-953-6602 Dinner will be served and reservations are required -

1647 Sun City Center Plaza Sun City Center, FL 33573

identification will be required for check-in

Uncommon Wisdom


First run date 4/14/03

Monday, May 12

Wednesday, May 14

2:45 pm Ruth’s Chris Steak House 6700 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota

6:15 pm Ruth’s Chris Steak House 6700 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota

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16A THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003



Aerobic Grandma

A win-win Sarasota Saturday for women only Not too long ago, a good friend called me all excited about an announcement for Speaking of Women’s Health, which takes place from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Saturday, May 10, at The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota. It is a benefit for WEDU, the area’s PBS station, an organization I like to support. The subject is obviously interesting to me, both personally and professionally. So without giving it much thought, I just told her, “Sign me up.” Now I have received the full story on what promises to be an unusually interesting program and if you act quickly, there’s still time for you to sign up, too. Speaking of Women’s Health is a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to educating women to make informed decisions about their health, wellbeing and personal safety. It was founded by Diane Dunkelman in 1995 as a fund-raiser for public television in Cincinnati, and has staged conferences in more than three dozen cities nationwide. This weekend’s event will be the first in Sarasota. What is very smart about this conference is that it is not just a traveling road show. It is different in every market. The beneficiary, in our case WEDU-TV, forms a steering committee to plan the conference. The Sarasota committee includes Andrea Bennett, Veronica Brady, Eileen Curd, Julie Delaney and Tana Sandefur, women who know the market well and from a variety of different perspectives. The day they have planned kicks off with a keynote speaker, followed by an interesting and relevant selection of breakout sessions and wrapping up with a luncheon honoring Sarasotan Phyllis J. Cobb.

The keynote speaker is Fawn Germer, whose presentation is “Take a Risk and Fly with It.” Germer is the author of “Hard Won Wisdom,” which made the bestseller list shortly after its release in 2001. Germer is a four-time Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist who has worked as a Fawn Germer Florida correspondent for The Washington Post and U.S. News and World Report. Conference attendees get to choose two of the following eight break-out sessions, each 45 minutes in length, roughly two-thirds presentation and one-third question and answer. • “Forkwise: The Connection between Diet and Disease Prevention” looks at nutrients and non-nutrients in our food that are currently becoming agents for disease prevention and may be used as complementary nutritional therapies. This is the topic of Nagi B. Kumar, Ph.D., R.D., FADA, director, Department of Nutrition and Investigator, Cancer Control Program at H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Institute. • “Art and Soul: The Healing Process” explores the importance of spiritual issues in medicine, including what prayer research tells us. It will be presented by Lodovico Balducci, M.D., and Carol Shore, M.A., C.E.T., also from Moffitt. • “Staying Strong and Vital in your 50s and 60s and Beyond” is about beating osteo-



porosis. Presenters are J. Desmond O’Duffy, M.D., and Joe T. Kelley III, M.D., both affiliated with the Intercoastal Medical Group and Sarasota Memorial Hospital. • “Healthy Heart” addresses heart disease, which is the country’s number one cause of death in women. Presenter is cardiologist Emmy Satya, M.D., also affiliated with Sarasota Memorial. • “Caught in the Family Web” will be presented by Michael Barnes, Ph.D., L.M.H.C., and director of Clinical Services at the Bayside Center for Behavioral Health. He will speak to the challenges and conflicts of the sandwich generation, caring for parents and children at the same time. • “HRT: What Every Woman Needs to Know” is an informative update on the hormone replacement therapy controversy. The presenters are John H. Hoertz, M.D., First Physicians Group and Sarasota Memorial Hospital, and James V. Florida, M.D., chief of Gynecology Service and program leader of the Gynecologic Oncology Program at Moffitt. • Dale Boettcher, regional vice president, Morgan Stanley Investment Management, is offering a session on “Your Financial Health: What Every Woman Should Know about Investing.” • “Saving Your Skin/Put a Fresh Face On It” addresses prevention and treatment of skin cancer and the effects of plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Presenters are Adam Riker, M.D., assistant professor of surgery, Department of Interdisciplinary Oncology, Cutaneous Oncology Program at Moffitt, and John Strausser, M.D., senior active surgeon and chief of staff at Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

of Dentistry

Adult & Pediatric Care

A Step Above....

Acne • Moles • Skin Cancer

Mohs Micrographic Surgery

CALL FOR YOUR CONSULTATION • Cosmetic • Reconstruction • Implants • Comprehensive General 9052 5083

595 Bay Isles Rd.

Molly Schechter is an ACE-certified personal trainer with a specialty in older adult fitness. She teaches classes at the Bayfront Park Recreation Center and the Colony. E-mail her at ❑

University Park Dermatology

• Quality Care • Personal Attention • Creating Beautiful Smiles


Speaking of Women’s Health wraps up with the luncheon honoring Phyllis J. Cobb for her contributions to the health and wellbeing of the women of Sarasota. Cobb is a 21-year cancer survivor and a tireless volunteer for various nonprofit organizations in Sarasota County and Phyllis J. Cobb beyond. Here’s why I think this program is a win-win. The program is clearly a win for women and at $40 a person, including a continental breakfast, the general and break-out sessions and the lunch, it is a Sarasota rarity — a bargain. The second winner is WEDU-TV, the wonderful public television station that so many of us rely on. It gets all the conference receipts; costs are underwritten by sponsors including presenting sponsors H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute and Sarasota Memorial Health Care System. Speaking of Women’s Health is this Saturday, May 10. So move quickly to reserve one of the few remaining spots. Call WEDU at 1-800-354-9338, Ext. 2298. They’d like you to call by close of business on Thursday, May 8. My hunch is you could squeak by until noon on Friday. Tell them the Aerobic Grandma sent you. And I’ll see you Saturday.



Cosmetic Skin Rejuvenation Botox Injection • Chemical Peels Photofacials & IPL Hair Removal Microdermabrasion

SARASOTA 3313 S.Osprey Ave 5083

Do you wish that you could fall asleep and wake up with the

Board Certified American Board of Dermatology

Bringing the house call to Longboat Key Medical care for you and your children right at home.

Sedation D entistry S eminar F riday, May 9 t h @ 2 p m

A doctor who listens... spends time... smiles...

To give you the personalized care that you deserve, seating is limited. Call 792-2766 or visit for a reservation today. Refreshments served.

June 20: Cosmetic Dentistry


and sits in your waiting room...

Andrea L. Brand, M.D. Board Certified Family Physician



Bradenton, FL 34209

Accepting New Patients • Medicare Assignments & Most Insurance Accepted

Have you had bad dental experiences? Are your teeth sensitive? Are you embarrassed about your smile? Plan on attending an informative seminar:

Upcoming Seminar:


David S. Sax, M.D.

smile of your dreams?

2103 59th Street West

2401 University Pkwy, Bldg 2, Suite 205

504-2725 “Doctor Brand at your Door”


THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003 17A


Health Happenings On the Key CPR, AED, Fire Extinguisher Classes — are offered to residents, condos and businesses of Longboat Key by the Longboat Key Fire/Rescue. Free. Schedule, 316-1944. The Education Center — is located at 5370 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Spring season has ended. Call the office at 383-8811 and leave your away address — that’s where new brochures will be delivered in September. ••••••• Bradenton Arthritis Walk — Bob and Bennie Dods of Longboat Key will be the team captains for the walk which will be held in cooperation with the Get Down Downtown at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, May 15. The Dodses are putting together a Longboat Key team, which has a goal of $50,000. To participate, register by calling the Arthritis Foundation office at 794-1400. Telephone Reassurance Program for Senior Citizens — several openings are available. This free program provides persons living alone with a daily phone contact from a concerned and friendly volunteer, assuring that the individual is well and not in need of special assistance. If the individual has a problem or fails to be reached, appropriate assis-

tance is immediately arranged. Mae Yeomans, 758-9969.

“Beating Heart Disease” Courses — are now forming and will be held in a variety of locations in Sarasota County. Contact Cindy at The Heart Wellness Center, 488-1877; Second SMH Physicians’ Golf Tournament — will be hosted by the Healthcare Foundation at 11:30 a.m. Friday, May 9, at Laurel Oak Country Club. Cost is $150 and proceeds will benefit the foundation’s Physicians’ Endowment. Details, 917-1286. Introduction to Wellness Community Program — will be held from 10 a.m. Tuesday and at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, May 10, at the community, 3900 Clark Road, building P3, Sarasota. Learn about the free programs offered to cancer patients and their caregivers. Details, 921-5539. CRP Classes — are held from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Tuesdays at the Nursing Resources offices, Medical Complex, 3650 Bahia Vista St., Suite 301, Sarasota. Fee is $15. Register, 366-0866. Mood/Depression Screenings — are available through Senior Friendship Centers Inc. in Sarasota and Venice. Free. For appointments,

call Pat Riley 556-3242.

Pet Therapy — volunteer teams are provided by The Humane Society of Sarasota County Inc. (HSSC) free of charge to area nursing homes, hospices, assisted-living facilities and social service agencies. HSSC certifies pet therapy teams each month at the shelter. Its programs include dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, llamas and rabbits. Contact Kate Franklin for details at 955-4131, Ext. 309. The Year of the “Can-Do Woman” — will be hosted by Speaking of Women’s Health from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, May 10, at The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota. Phyllis J. Cobb will be honored and Fawn Germer will be the key speaker. Honorary chairs are Veronica Brady, Eileen Curd, Julie Delaney and Tana Sandefur. A $40 ticket includes eight health and wellbeing breakout sessions, continental breakfast, formal Luncheon, door Prizes and gift bag valued at more than $100. WEDU, 1-800-3549338, Ext. 2298. Wellness Seminar for Smoking Cessation — will be held from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, May 10, at Doctors Hospital of Sarasota. The first 45 minutes are free and if the participant feels comfortable with the program, there is a one-time fee of $59. Details, 1-800-848-2822.

Wellness Seminar for Weight Reduction — will be held from 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday, May 10, at Doctors Hospital of Sarasota. The first 45 minutes are free and if the participant feels comfortable with the program, there is a onetime fee of $59. Details, 1-800-848-2822. Memory Screenings — courtesy of Sarasota Memorial Hospital Memory Disorder Clinic, will be conducted Monday, May 12, at Sarasota Center for Healthy Aging, 1900 Brother Geenen Way. Appointments, 917-7197. Alzheimer’s Meeting — will be hosted by Alterra Claire Bridge of Sarasota from 4 to 5 p.m. Tuesday, May 13, at 8450 McIntosh Road, Sarasota. RSVP, 927-7600. Women’s Health Symposium: “Creating Harmonies with Health Strategies” — will be held noon to 4 p.m. Saturday, May 17, in studio A of the Frank G. Berlin Sr. branch of YMCA, 1075 S. Euclid Ave., Sarasota. Cost is $29 and includes materials and catered lunch. Gwen or Ramona, 371-8440. Diabetes Educational Classes — for adults with new onset of long-standing diabetes are held in the Education Complex of Manatee Memorial Hospital. For details, call 745-7570. ❑

Bye Bye Snowbirds... See you in the Fall All ages, infants to seniors (medicare accepted) tourists, snowbirds, full-time residents  Worker’s compensation - drug screens, injuries 



• LAB • Minor surgery • XRAY • Complete physicals • EKG • Primary Care gyne • Coumadin Clinic (Wed am) • Significant RX savings. Appointments preferred. Walk-ins welcome.

HEARING CLINIC • Complete Evaluations for All Ages • Sales and Service of All Brands • Digital & Programmable Hearing Aids including Widex, Senso and Diva Clinical Audiologists Providing Services in Sarasota for Over 20 Years




AUD., C.C.C.-A, Doctor of Audiology




2650 S.Tamiami Trail

8410 S.Tamiami Trail

1/2 mile south of Sarasota Memorial Hospital

just south of Sarasota Square Mall

Centre Shops Family Practice & Urgent Care 5083

providing personal care for all your hearing needs

Dr. Pamela J. Letts Board Certified Family Physician

5370 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 205 Mon.,Tue.,Thu., 9a.m. to 5p.m. • Wed. 9a.m. to noon (941)


If you have a cataract, see the “Doctor’s Doctor.” Each year, thousands of leading medical specialists are surveyed – What doctors would be their personal choices for treatment in their specialty? More than one million individual evaluations of doctors, by doctors, are processed for the annual list of Best Doctors in America.

Show her your love on

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Dr. Grabow has been listed in Best Doctors in America since 1994. If you have a cataract, plan to see the doctor’s doctor, Dr. Harry B. Grabow. Please call or visit our web site,, to schedule an appointment.

Harry B. Grabow, M.D., P.A.

941-921-7744 3920 Bee Ridge Road • Bldg. F, Ste. A • Sarasota (Corner of Bee Ridge & Sawyer)

Mother/Daughter Collections in Colorful Cotton Knits! 4103

#5 AVENUE OF THE FLOWERS • LONGBOAT KEY • 383-0965 (between Publix and Eckerd)

HARRY B. GRABOW, M.D. Clinical Assistant Professor, USF Tampa Named on the list “Best Doctors In America” since 1994 Named in the book “How to Find the Best Doctors: Florida 2000”

w w w. s a r a s o t a c a t a r a c t . c o m

18A THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003



From the pulpit


Bugs prevent holy hugs A few years ago a California congressman proposed a law that would ban clerks at grocery stores from moistening their fingers to open those obnoxious little plastic bags used to hold fresh vegetables. I don’t know if the law passed, but it comes as a result of our almost compulsive attention to the spreading and passing of germs and diseases. After my accident I was reminded by one of our retired docs to take care in my weakened state to avoid exposure to viruses. “Wash your hands thoroughly,” the good doctor reminded me, as hand-to-hand contact is the easiest way to pick up something you may not want to get. It was a good reminder for someone who shakes several hundred hands on any given Sunday. I have to say that I almost feel a little guilty about taking such precautions. After all, extending a hand of fellowship to my brothers and sisters in the faith is a real joy and privilege and one that I approach enthusiastically. The reality is, however, that in light of all current knowledge, it is only common sense to comply with certain hygienic guidelines. The epidemic of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) has reinforced this reality, even in churches. In light of SARS, the churches in Canada have forbidden kissing the crucifix, the enclosed confessional, the communal cup and shaking hands and the passing of the peace. No, not even God may prevent the passing of this fatal virus if congregants flagrantly disregard good judgment and drink

Kathryn Brickner Weiller Kathryn Brickner Weiller of Lido Key, also known as “Babe,” died May 1. She was 96. “Babe lived life to its fullest and will be remembered for a lifetime of achievements and her amazing impact on all those with whom she has had contact,” said her son Ted Weiller of Bird Key. A 1928 Smith College graduate, she was an organizer of the Sarasota Smith Club and scholarship pecan fund-raiser, where she was lovingly known as “the nut lady.” Having moved here with her hus- Kathryn Weiller band, Ned, more than 40 years ago from Connecticut, she became a pillar of the Sarasota community as well. In 1992, she was honored by President George H. Bush as the 998th Point of Light; named Sarasota Woman of the Year by the Woman’s Resource Center; inducted into the Sarasota Community Video Archives; designated First Citizen of the Year by the Sarasota YMCA; and received The Service To Youth Award by The Boys and Girls Club of Sarasota. “Babe was a warm, gentle, soul who taught yoga with lessons of spirituality and life. She had the vitality of a woman 30 years her junior and the wisdom of a sage,” said Ted Weiller. Her survivors include her sons and their wives, Ted and Jean and Peter and Linda; grandchildren Jeff, Bruce, Wendy, Douglas and Donna; great-grandchildren Andy, Leslie, Jenna, Ross, Ben, Sam, Alexander and Charles; goddaughter Shelly Longmuir Feld; and nieces and nephews. A memorial service was held Tuesday. The Babe Weiller Memorial Fund for the YMCA has been established at the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, P.O. Box 49587, Sarasota, FL 34230.

their communion wine out of the same cup. In the Church of God (Anderson, Ind.), there was once a tradition of greeting one another with “a holy kiss.” Yes, this is a biblical injunction and is still practiced on a religious and secular level in many cultures. For the time being, however, if we suspend such practices or are a little more reserved with our physical contact, let this not be a sign of our disaffection of one another. God’s people are still God’s family, the one body, the one “loaf” which is bound together in the unity of love. If nothing else, we can all use the “holy hug,” which to this point none of our doctors has told me is a dangerous thing (unless it might be hugging someone else’s wife in a dark corner of the vestibule). Sadly, there are not a lot of places in our world where people can experience human touch in a safe and loving environment. One of our members, who is a massage therapist, says she is thinking about naming her business “Under the Palms.” (Get it?) We, who are members of Longboat Island Chapel, stand “under the cross” and in that place find a place of warmth and acceptance where our lives can be touched by kindred spirits and where we can be embraced and accepted for who we are, even bringing all of the “bugs” and baggage that are a part of us.

by the Rev. Kenneth GILL

The Rev. Kenneth Gill is the senior minister at Longboat Island Chapel. ❑

Services All Angels by the Sea Episcopal Church, 563 Bay Isles Road, will offer Holy Eucharist at 8 and 10 a.m. Sunday. Holy Eucharist and Healing or Morning Prayer also will be offered at 10 a.m. Wednesday. The Rev. Downs Spitler, interim rector, will officiate. 383-8161 St. Armands Key Lutheran Church, 40 N. Adams Drive, will hold a contemporary worship service at 9 a.m. (nursery available) and a traditional service at 11 a.m. Sunday. Youth and adult Sunday school is at 10 a.m. The Rev. Eric P. Wogen will officiate. 388-1234. St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church, 4280 Gulf of Mexico Drive, will hold Saturday Masses at 5 p.m. and Sunday Masses at 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. Daily Masses are held

at 9 a.m. Monday through Friday. The Rev. Edward Pick is the pastor of the church. 383-1255. Temple Beth Israel, 567 Bay Isles Road. The Yom Haatzma-ut-Israel Independence Day-Shabbat Service will be held at 8 p.m. May 9. Saturday’s Shabbat Service begins at 10 a.m., followed by a Kiddush. Rabbi Michael Eisenstat will officiate at both services, assisted by Joseph Spinella, cantorial soloist/music director, and on Friday night by the Temple Beth Israel Choir. 383-3428. The Longboat Island Chapel, 6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Worship services are at 8:30 and 10 a.m. Sundays (nursery available during the 10-a.m. service). The Rev. Kenneth Gill, senior minister, will officiate. 383-6491.

Gene Levy Gene Levy, 76, of Longboat Key, died May 1. He was born July 23, 1926, in Sanford, Fla., and came here in 1996 from Oakdale, N.Y. He retired as an owner of Gene Levy Trucking Inc. He was a veteran of the Army’s 102nd Airborne Division during World War II. He was a charter member and retired president of the Lions Club of Oakdale. His survivors include his wife of 48 years, Dolores; two daughters, Lynn (John) Carson of Longboat Key and Karen Kersten of Long Island, N.Y; a son, Bruce (Lila) of Sarasota; and two granddaughters. A memorial service will be private. The Good Earth Crematory, Bradenton, is in charge of the arrangements. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to Alzheimer's Association, Manatee/Sarasota Chapter, 1230 S. Tuttle Ave., Sarasota, FL 34239; or to Hospice of Southwest Florida, 5955 Rand Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34238.

St. Mary Star of the Sea CATHOLIC CHURCH

Episcopal Church on Longboat Key

Summer Mass Schedule

Holy Eucharist Sunday....8:00 a.m. Sunday....10:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist & Healing Wednesday...10:00 a.m.

Saturday: 5:00 p.m. Sunday: 8:30 & 10:30 a.m.

383-1255 Daily Mass — Mon. through Fri. 9:00 a.m. Confession before all weekend Masses

8:30 & 10:00 am Worship Services

The Reverend Downs Spitler, Interim Rector 563 Bay Isles Road 383-8161

Your Dental Health

Nursery Provided During 10 am Service



Longboat Cardiology

by Robert W. Gordon, D.D.S.

6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key, Florida 34228 383-6491

Visit our website:


COLLEEN M. HEALY, M.D. Cardiac Consultation  30-Day Event Monitoring EKG  Carotid Ultrasound  Echocardiography  Abdominal Ultrasound  Pacemaker/Defibrillator Clinic  Renal Ultrasound  24 Hour Holter Monitoring  Lower Extremity Ultrasound  Coumadin Clinic  Cardiolite & Treadmill Stress Testing  Vascular Ultrasound Clinic by Hector Arias, C.V.T., C.P.T., C.P.F.T 

The area’s leading assisted living residence • Independent Living • Personal Care • Alzheimer’s Care • Respite Care

Medicare Accepted


(Formerly with the Heart Center of Sarasota for 11 years)

5650 Gulf of Mexico Drive • Longboat Key 5083


Choose a dentist who is upto-date with the latest techniques and who takes a sincere interest in the general health of his or her patients as well as their oral health. This column has been presented in the interest of better dental health. Our office is located at 7000 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key (383-1776). Hours: 5 days 85 or by appointment. We use only the latest in dental technology for your care and comfort.

(941) 383-7300


The traditional method of probing teeth to find decay is limited by the size of the probe head, as well as by cavities’ proclivity to hide along fissure lines or inside biting or occlusal surfaces and remain undetected. Now there is a better way to detect decay. DIAGNOdent technology employs a laser to inspect teeth for decay by comparing reflection wavelength against a healthy baseline wavelength. Once the laser is used to gain a benchmark reading of healthy enamel, it is then directed at enamel elsewhere to find surfaces that have less than a healthy baseline value. This allows the dentist to find areas of decay more precisely and sooner than would be otherwise possible.

Home of the Shepherding Program A program that provides one-on-one Christian caregiving



4280 Gulf of Mexico Drive

An Interfaith Community Church Rev. Kenneth Gill, Senior Minister

941-751-7200 ALF #0007239

3409 26th St. W., Bradenton, Florida



THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003 19A





Artist’s conceptual rendering.

Introducing La Bellasara A Collection of Twenty-Nine Classically Inspired Bayfront Condominium Residences On The City Side of The Bay at Golden Gate Point




Two, Three and Four-Bedroom Condominium Residences from $1.1 Million to over $2 Million. Penthouse Residences: $3.9 Million and $4.2 Million.

FOR INQUIRIES, 941.330.2122 FAX 941.330.2024 Sales Gallery: 331 South Pineapple Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34236 Open Monday-Saturday from 10 am-5pm, Sunday from 12pm-5pm Developed by LaBellasara, L.L.C. Michael Saunders & Co. , Licensed Real Estate Broker Oral representations cannot be relied upon as correctly stating the representations of the developer. For correct representation, reference should be made to the documents required by section 718.503, Florida Statutes to be furnished by a developer to a buyer or lessee. This offering is made only by the prospectus for the condominium and no statement should be relied upon if not made in the prospectus. This is not an offer to sell or solicitation of offers to buy, the condominium units in states where such offer or solicitation cannot be made. Prices subject to change without notice.

20A THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003

RIVIERA $369,000 Come see this lovely end-unit. Treat yourself to luxury in this impressive two bedroom, two bath unit. Community swimming pool. LO#228249 LOUISE TESSIER 941-924-9000 BIRD/LIDO KEY $359,900 Beach front high rise on the white sand of Lido Beach. Around the corner from St. Armands and Ritz Carlton. LO#235764 JACLYN SMITH & MICHAEL BAYER 941-924-9000

Longboat Key LONGBOAT KEY $4,250,000 360ยบ Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Spectacular PH; one of a kind design. You will be awed by the interior and dazzled by unsurpassed panoramic views. LO#233057 JOYCE HUBER/MARK HUBER 941-924-9000



13.4 Billion

A full 54% of all million-dollar plus properties sold in the United States are handled by a Coldwell Banker professional.

10 8.5 Billion


HARBOUR OAKS $465,000 The feel of a large home with advantages of easy condo living. New paint, French doors, tray ceilings. Private pool. LO#237780 BETH LANCASTER 941-924-9000

6 4

SEAPLACE $389,000 360ยบ Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Beach condo. Clubhouse, community swimming pool. A desirable locale underscores this condo. Two bedrooms. LO#232988 THE KOY GROUP 941-924-9000

3.1 Billion

2 0




GRAND BAY $1,385,000 300 degree Bay panorama from the wraparound balcony of this spacious Antigua corner unit. Three bedroom, three and one-half bath. Immaculate. LO#236562 GLORIA T. GREGORY 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT KEY $275,000 Terrific & affordable canal front lot ready for building your dream home. Sought after area of Longboat Key. LO#228317 JOE BOGUSZEWSKI, PA 941-924-9000

BIRD KEY $3,390,000 Elegant estate living. Enjoy life on an upscale note in this three bedroom, four plus bath Bayview split-plan. 5,674 SF. LO#228776 DYRK DAHL 941-924-9000 213021

VIZCAYA AT LONGBOAT KEY $2,549,000 360ยบ Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Magnificence at Vizcaya! spacious,luxurious condo w/feel of single family home. Furnished. Stunning views of Gulf LO#213021 BRUCE MYER 941-924-9000 233264

THE RITZ $1,190,000 Exquisite 2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath Ritz-Carlton condo with spectacular Bay and city views! Enjoy all the amenities of the Ritz-Carlton hotel from your magnificent private residence. LO#232763 CHERYL TIMMINS 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT KEY $929,000 11th floor, sunrise, sunset, Gulf and Bay views! Furnished, 2 bedrooms, behind the gates of the Longboat Key Club. LO#235630 JUDY KEPECZ-HAYS 941-924-9000

ISLANDS WEST $769,000 Spectacular Gulf views from all major rooms in this totally redone, 5th floor tastefully furnished home. Immaculate! LO#236518 BRUCE MYER 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT KEY $2,450,000 Two-story, three bedroom, four & one-half bath penthouse. Marble, granite, floor to ceiling windows and designer window treatments. LO#233264 BARBARA ACKERMAN 941-924-9000

SANCTUARY $2,199,000 360ยบ Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Direct Gulf corner residence finished with marble floors, 9 foot ceilings, 800 SF wrap terrace overlooks pool & beach. LO#237165 ROGER PETTINGELL 941-924-9000



UNIVERSITY PARK $895,000 Elegant 4BR/3.5BA home with magnificent lake & golf course view. Exceptional lay-out & upgrades, private setting. LO#236003 A. BOAKES/B. TIPTON 941-924-9000

UNIVERSITY PARK $726,000 Univ. Park CC home. Dynamic open floor plan overlooks custom pool and lanai. Oversized garage with room for golf cart. LO#236383 LOUIS WERY 941-924-9000

QUEENS HARBOR $1,275,000 Club LBK, southern exposure furnished 3BR/den/loft. Designer built-ins, crown moldings, marble, pool and deeded beach. LO#233590 JUDY KEPECZ-HAYS 941-924-9000

THE PROMENADE $875,000 360ยบ Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Beautiful three bedroom, three bath condo! Light, bright, views of the Gulf, City & tennis courts. Marble in entry, marble baths. LO#237551 BOB & TAUBE LEVITT 941-924-9000



EMBASSY $489,000 Spectacular Bay views!!! 9th Floor 2BR/2BA Embassy House. Expanded, spacious. Downtown Sarasota. Immed. Occ. $499,000. LO#230461 LYNN ROBBINS 941-924-9000 TURTLE CREEK $359,900 Four bedrooms, office, family room with fireplace, large deck & screened pool area. New carpet, towering oaks in well-tended 1 acre garden paradise LO#234847 CAROLYN DONNELLY 941-924-9000 DOWNTOWN $299,000 Bright, open unit close to all downtown amenities. Bay views from most rooms. Large glassed lanai, covered garage. LO#236566 ANGIE CAMPBELL 941-924-9000

TANGERINE BAY $749,000 Overlooks Sarasota Bay. Tommy Bahama decor with bamboo floors, gourmet kitchen, vaulted ceilings, 2-car garage. LO#230949 LINDA & EMMETT WEBER 941-924-9000

BANYAN BAY $618,000 Incredible full Bay views from this three bedroom, three bath plus den Multi-level end unit. Totally remodeled & upgraded. LO#226269 DAVID/WENDY LEVENTHAL 941-924-9000

GOLDEN GATE POINT $899,900 Top of the town. $899,000 to $1,800,000 elegant high rise Condo's. Three bedroom, three bath, plus den and two-car garage. LO#228735 LYNN ROBBINS 941-924-9000

TURTLE ROCK $839,900 360ยบ Virtual Virtual Tour Tour One of a kind, custom designed home. Five bedrooms, six baths, impressive foyer, elegant staircase to 2nd floor. On lake & preserve. LO#235451 INGER LILL/ANN JIGANTI 941-924-9000

FAIRWAY BAY - THE ATRIUM $749,900 Two bedrooms, two baths/den PH W/Bay views. Granite Kit, built-ins, tile floors, window treatments, carpets & plantation shutters. LO#232755 BARBARA ACKERMAN 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT KEY CLUB $649,000 New 3BR/3.5BA bath maintenance free villa. Many upgrades, ceramic floors, pool, spa, granite kitchen, Beach Club Membership. LO#217004 LINDA & EMMETT WEBER 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT HARBOUR $194,500 360ยบ Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Here's a nice condo lifestyle. You'll feel right at home in this rewarding condo with a serene water view. LO#227658 THE KOY GROUP 941-924-9000


LIDO KEY $849,000 Featured in May issue of Sarasota Magazine. Unparalleled views of beautiful beach. One-of-akind. Renovated 2000. LO#235008 TERRY GOODMAN 941-924-9000 TANGERINE BAY $779,000 360ยบ Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Tangerine Bay residence with 2 full bedroom suites, den or possible 3rd bedroom & 2-car garage. Terrace overlooks pool & water. LO#236268 ROGER PETTINGELL 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT KEY $234,900 2nd floor end unit. Turnkey furnished. Private beach, dock, pool. Getaway or long term rental. Immediate occupancy. LO#230905 GEOFFREY CROSS 941-924-9000

RITZ CARLTON RESIDENCES $1,699,000 Tantalizing and tasteful. Almost-new 2BR/2 plus BA condo. 2,800 SF. Community swimming pool. LO#218498 DYRK DAHL 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT KEY $1,150,000 Four bedroom, four bath home with protected deep water dock. Private beautiful tropical courtyard and natural Bayou. LO#228753 JULIA MCRAE 941-924-9000 SANCTUARY $949,900 360ยบ Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Beautifully Maint. 2/3BR condo in small 20 unit building. TKF for Immed. Occpy. Gulf & Bay views, Pvt beach. LO#225775 JOYCE HUBER/MARK HUBER 941-924-9000

BEACH HARBOR CLUB $350,000 Two bedrooms, two baths, beautifully furnished. Bay view. New appliances, updated kitchen & baths. Murphy bed. Plantation shutters. LO#237276 VICKI LONBORG 941-924-9000 SEAPLACE $342,000 Very well maintained 2BR/1BA condo. Beautiful sunset views from this 4th floor location. Perfect weekend getaway. LO#219035 MAGGIE HICKS 941-924-9000


VILLA DI LANCIA $1,700,000 360ยบ Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Best unit in small complex! Private elevator, gas fireplace, 10 foot ceilings, privacy views from interior & Balc! LO#225601 JOYCE HUBER/MARK HUBER 941-924-9000 SLEEPY LAGOON $1,599,000 Best Bay & city views on LBK from this lush tropical lot with manatees and dolphins. Three bedroom home. LO#232917 GABE BUKY 941-924-9000

AQUARIUS $499,000 Turnkey furnished Aquarius residence, 2BR/2BA. Sunset side of the building. Enjoy The Colony restaurants next door. LO#234255 ROGER PETTINGELL 941-924-9000 HARBOURSIDE $499,000 Two bedroom, two & one-half bath townhouse with boat slip, screened lanai, fireplace, garage and water views behind the gates of the LBK Club. LO#234506 BARBARA ACKERMAN 941-924-9000


BAY FRONT $2,399,000 360ยบ Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Panoramic Bay views,custom one of a kind maintenance free 4BR home. High ceilings, marble, stone. LO#220558 LINDA & EMMETT WEBER 941-924-9000 BAY ISLES $1,895,000 Custom designed home. Light, bright, white tile throughout. Deep water, 196' of seawall & dock with room for 3 boats. LO#236537 BRUCE MYER 941-924-9000

AQUARIUS $529,000 Beautiful building on south end of LBK. Almost new appliances, carpet, split plan, tennis, pool, fitness facilities. LO#234364 JUDY KEPECZ-HAYS 941-924-9000


Bird/Lido Key LIDO BEACH $750,000 Three bedroom, two bath, 2/attached garage, Penthouse with glassed in wrap around balcony. Views of beach, Bay & city. Clubhouse amenities. LO#230443 VIOLET L. MILETIC 941-924-9000


COUNTRY CLUB SHORES $709,000 Two bedroom, two bath Mediterranean villa with barrel tile roof. Private dock, heated pool, lanai, split plan, many extras. LO#234892 THOMAS FYNES 941-924-9000 237504

LONGBOAT KEY $699,000 360ยบ Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Endless views from the main living area to the golf course and lake behind this charming villa. Furnished home. LO#237504 STEVEN C. KEPECZ 941-924-9000

201 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 1 ~ Longboat Key 941-383-6411 16 Avenue of the Flowers ~ Longboat Key 941-383-8657 423 St. Armands Circle ~ St. Armands 941-388-3966 330 John Ringling Boulevard ~ St. Armands Key 941-388-4433 100 North Tamiami Trail ~ Sarasota Downtown 941-366-8070 ยฉ2003 Coldwell Banker Corporation. An EqualOpportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned and Operated by NRT Incorporated.

PALM AIRE $146,000 Hidden Treasure! Extra large unit. View of golf course & brook. Two bedroom with den or can be three bedroom. LO#225654 KEVIN VALE 941-924-9000

Siesta Key SIESTA HARBOR $385,000 See this stand-out condo. Beautiful 2BR/2BA unit. Style & unbeatable value! LO#230540 LOIS BENNETT 941-924-9000

Inside Section B Social Calendar Derby Day Where the boys are

4B 8B 10B

M AY 8 , 2 0 0 3


BlackTie BY EMILY WALSH Black Tie Editor

Holy cow ... Residents on Mistletoe Lane in Harbourside were transported to a country

Betsy Garner Wyant and her son, Rob, Dottie, Allison and Bob Garner pasture with a herd of cows grazing on Bob and Dottie Garner’s front yard. Next door neighbors, Chuck and Mary George Smith, rushed out of their house to snap some pictures of the cattle corral. How and why was the Garners’ yard turned into a feed farm? Well, the Garners’ daughter, Betsy Wyant, and grandson, Rob, planned the cow surprise in honor of Dottie’s 70th birthday. Later that evening, more than 100 of Dottie’s “intimate” friends and family gathered at G.WIZ to celebrate Dottie’s birthday and to view the dedication of the Garners’ Sarasota Season of Sculpture cow, created by artist, Steve McCallum, to G.WIZ in memory of their late son, Rob. It truly was a cowabunga good time! Moody move ... Neil Moody definitely doesn’t have the “moody blues.” Moody is the incumbent president of the Family Counseling Center Foundation. Moody will take the place of the outgoing president, Sara Bagley. Bagley was recently moved to tears at the “Unveiling a Family Portrait” reception hosted by Tom McGuire, M.D., and the FCC Foundation Board. The reception unveiled the FCC’s new brochure created by Ringling School of Art and Design students, Adam Carlson, Sean Harris and Heather Hickman. During the initial stages of planning the brochure, Bagley told the students to “make me cry.” Mission accomplished! Leggy legacy ... Betty Schoenbaum has certainly done the legwork on creating a legacy in our community. But do you know about her “leggy” legacy? Schoenbaum was one of Radio City Music Hall’s famous Rockettes! And BT’s sources say that she was quite the dancer and a beautiful model. Schoenbaum will give a sneak peak of her leggy legacy when she models at the Designing Women Boutique’s Annual Spring Fashion Show and Luncheon on Friday, May 9, at Roy and Susan Palmer’s estate.

Eileen Wallace and Pam Gross

Babe Weiller

Photos by Dora Walters

Model perfect

at the Colony


An enthusiastic crowd offered non-stop applause as lithe and curvaceous models and handsome men sashayed about in a tropical setting at the Monkey Room of the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort for “Still Life in Motion” May 1. “Seasons of Change” was the theme of the innovative fast-paced fashion show created by the Colony’s Retail Director and Buyer Debbi Densmore. The theatrical production featured colorful and exciting fashions from the Colony’s Le Tennique. Show-stoppers were Willow Alexander, 5, and Isabella Gomez, 4, who at times were startled by the tumultuous applause. In addition to an exciting fashion show, guests feasted on a lavish buffet and food stations set around the pool and sampled The Colony’s exotic drinks. The excitement climaxed with a conga-line (with guests joining models) winding its way around the Monkey Room. The event benefited Safe Place Rape Crisis Center (SPARCC), a non-profit agency that assists victims of rape and domestic violence in Sarasota and DeSoto counties. Guests had been asked to bring clothing items destined for SPARCC’s resale shop, The Treasure Chest.

Photos continued on page 3B

Do you standout? ... It’s hard to believe that the 2002-2003 black-tie season is winding to a close. (The last Black Tie of the season is next week!) But before you pack up to go away for the summer, find out what stood out this season in The Longboat Observer’s premiere issue of “Black Tie SEASON — The Standouts Issue” appearing in next week’s edition. Appearing in the glossy magazine are the fashions, invitations, events and scenes that stood out this season and caught Black Tie’s attention. Be sure to pick one up to see if you stood out this season! In loving memory ... of a beautiful babe — Kathryn “Babe” Weiller, 1907 — 2003.

Janet Walter, Kerry Frishman, Stacey Siegal and Chris McKee

Tavis Morabia and Wendy Resnick

Bountiful buffet

Barbara Pappas and Cathy Biselhof

Natalie modeled Le Tennique’s unique fashions.




SAVE THE YEAR! The Longboat Observer and Black Tie, Saks Fifth Avenue and the Gulf Coast Connoisseur Club invite you to join them for the third annual Save the Year breakfast Thursday, July 24, at Saks Fifth Avenue for the release for the 2003-2004 Social Calendar. But first, we need the dates of your events. Please fax us this form at 383-7193 or e-mail us at

Name of event: ______________________________________________________________ Name of group hosting event: __________________________________________________ Name of group event benefits: ________________________________________________ Date and time of event: ______________________________________________________ Location of event:____________________________________________________________ Name of committee chairs: ____________________________________________________ Name of contact person: ______________________________________________________ Phone number and e-mail address: ____________________________________________

Any Questions? Call Emily Walsh at 383-5509, Ext. 25



John Cannon. The first and last name in luxury custom homes is rebuilding the face of Sarasota and Manatee counties by transforming the area’s most prized waterfront homesites into your vision of how life should be.

CGCA 18551


7077 S. Tamiami Trail • Sarasota, FL 34231 941-924-5935 • Fax 941-924-4129 E-mail









“Still Life in Motion” continued from page 1B

10 1 2

Pretty pose Jan and Dennis Holly, Lynn Koy and Jack Harwood 3 Isabella Gomez and Willow Alexander 4 Elegant hors d’ouevres 5 Molly Schechter and Loris Birnkrant 6 Models Mary, Lee and Sonya relax. 7 Tim and Lynn Morris 8 Pam Eatrides and Susan Dockery 9 Edina Jennison, Sally Wright and Erlane Tait 10 Katie Moulton and Lisa Brown



6 8






CALENDAR Swimwear Capital of the Keys...and so much more!

SPRING SALE 30% to 50% OFF Selected Groups CAROL CMC ANDERSON Gerties

MAY 10 Evening Under the Stars ‘A Night at the Oscars’ Benefiting: Manatee Community College Foundation Inc. When: 6 p.m. Where: Legacy Golf Club at Lakewood Ranch Contact: Jaime Brown, 752-5390 Price: advance, $15; at the door, $20 Speaking of Women’s Health — Honoring Phyllis Cobb Hosted by: WEDU — Florida West Coast Public Broadcasting Inc. When: 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Where: The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota Honorary Chairs: Veronica Brady, Eileen Curd, Julie Delaney and Tana Sandefur Contact: Peggy Olsen, 330-0716 Price: $40



All New Swimwear with matching cover-ups

Buttonwood Plaza 3170 Gulf of Mexico Drive Mon. - Sat. 9:30 - 5:30 Sunday 10 - 5 • 383-2288

14 Comedy at the Opera House Hosted by: Sarasota Comedy Festival Benefiting: Child Protection Center When: 8 p.m. Where: Sarasota Opera House Contact: Comedy Fest hotline, 362-3972 Price: $20



*Serving the Island since 1966

Keep your lifestyle with Dattoli Cancer Center.

Comedy at the Opera House Hosted by: Sarasota Comedy Festival Benefiting: Child Protection Center When: 8 p.m. Where: Sarasota Opera House Contact: Comedy Fest hotline, 362-3972 Price: $20

International Women’s Day Breakfast Benefiting: Gulf Coast Chapter — UNIFEM/USA When: 11:30 a.m. Where: Michael’s On East Contact: Fay Murphy, 758-5140 Comedy at the Opera House Hosted by: Sarasota Comedy Festival Benefiting: Child Protection Center When: 8 p.m. Where: Sarasota Opera House Contact: Comedy Fest hotline, 362-3972 Price $20

and her staff of swimwear specialists

Prostate Cancer Treatment.



Stop In and See Jill Davis

Golf, Biking, Sailing

Child Protection Center When: 11:30 a.m. Where: Michael’s On East Chair: Alexia Pepper Contact: Comedy Fest hotline, 362-3972 Price: $50

High Hopes Gala Benefiting: Mental Health Community Centers and United Way Where: The Country Club of Sarasota Chairs: Dr. Myra Rakoff and Nick Drizos Contact: Ed Eagen, 953-3477 Price: $100 and up Comedy Film Showcase Hosted by: Sarasota Comedy Festival Benefiting: Child Protection Center When: 5 p.m. Where: Burns Court Cinema Contact: Comedy Fest hotline, 362-3972 Price: $25 ‘An Affaire to Remember 2003’ Benefiting: Anna Maria Island Community Center When: 5 p.m. Where: St. Bernard’s Grande Ballroom, Holmes Beach Chair: Trudy Moon Contact: Pierrette Kelly, 778-1908 Price: $100

Chicago’s ‘Second City’ Hosted by: Sarasota Comedy Festival Benefiting: Child Protection Center When: 7 and 10 p.m. Where: Sarasota Opera House Contact: Comedy Fest hotline, 362-3972 Price: general, $40; VIP, $75 The Pajama Party Benefiting: United Cerebral Palsy When: 9 p.m. Where: Michael’s On East Contact: United Cerebral Palsy, 957-3599 Price: advance, $25; at the door, $30 19th Hole Gala Hosted by: The Meadows Cup Charity Golf Classic Benefiting: Easter Seals Southwest Florida When: 6 p.m. Where: Meadows Country Club Chairs: Bob and Billie Delaney Contact: Camille Berry, 355-7637, Ext. 468 Price: $125 and up

12 Funny Bones Luncheon Hosted by: Sarasota Comedy Festival Benefiting:



Thousands of men have trusted more than their lives to Team Dattoli. They have put the quality of their lives in the hands of these experts. After being diagnosed with prostate cancer they have come to Dattoli for care that preserves their potency, protects their continence, and produces an outstanding cure rate.


2803 Fruitville Road • Sarasota, FL 34237 • (941)957-4926 • (877) DATTOLI

Annual Spring Fashion Show and Luncheon What: A fashion show and luncheon hosted by Designing Women Boutique that benefits arts, endowment and special community projects. When: 11:30 a.m. Where: The home of Roy and Susan Palmer Contact: Susan Dunbar, 366-5293 Price: Items of clothing, jewelry or accessories to be donated to the store (seating is limited). Bobbi Brown Masterclass What: Learn the secrets and techniques of

makeup maven, Bobbi Brown, in this masterclass/demonstration. Where: Saks Beauty Place, Saks Fifth Avenue Contact: Appointments, 3645374

14 ‘Open Your mind, Open Your Heart — It’s Fashionable to Care’ What: The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill of Sarasota County’s (NAMI-SC) fifth annual south county fashion show featuring fashions by La Casa Del Quetzal of Venice. Where: Plantation Golf and Country Club Contact: Mary Jeffrey, 493-4077




Make-A-Wish Starfest Celebration 2003


Place: Chelsea Center Date: Friday, May 2 Chairs: Beth Malden, Laura Leeming and Brenda Johnson, with Honorary Chair Phil Mancini Benefiting: Make-A-Wish® Foundation of Sarasota/Tampa Bay Inc.

YES! I would like to tee it up for kids THE FIRST TEE PARTNER CARD $50.00 (tax deductible) Please make checks payable to The First Tee


Golfers will Receive:

FIRST TEE PARTNER CARD 2003 Benefits Golfers & Kids Year Round!




• Reduced greens fees at The Legacy Golf Club at Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota Golf Club, Sunrise Golf Club, Rolling Green Golf Club, Foxfire Golf Club, Village Green Golf Club, Bobby Jones Golf Complex, Peridia Golf & Country Club, and selected outing days at TPC at Prestancia. • Discounts at Pro Golf Discount Superstores • Discounts at area restaurants and select area retail locations

Name_________________________________________________________________________________ Address_______________________________________________________________________________ City_______________________________________________ State _______________ Zip ___________ E-Mail____________________________________________ Phone______________________________ 5083

The First Tee Sarasota Manatee • 890 Central Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34236 • Phone (941) 373-7370 Fax (941) 373-7374


Professional Theatre at its Finest! NOW PLAYING!


by Allan Knee




Kraig Swartz and Pamela Bob in Syncopation, photo by Frank Atura

Photos by Emily Walsh

A Moving New Dance Comedy

THE CORN IS GREEN by Emlyn Williams

A Story to Make Your Spirits Soar

FILUMENA by Eduardo de Filippo translated by Timberlake Wertenbaker

A Lusty Italian Comedy


Charming. Witty. Hilarious. An American Classic


- 3 PLAYS FOR $60

BEST AVAILABLE SEATING - A SAVINGS OF UP TO 50% Box Office 941-351-8000 or 800-361-8388 5555 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, 34243 or order online at

1 Randi Schlanger, Joanne Bloom and Co-chair Beth Malden 2 Marty and Iris Rappaport 3 Annette Scherman and Dick Angelotti 4 Marilyn Meyers, Stephanie Andrews and Dave Handing 5 Kathleen Ingalsbe and Richard Maher 6 Jori Kloosterman and Claire Archer 7 Richard Shea and Judy Cory



Have a Happy Mother’s Day


The Largest Selection on the Keys Right Here on St. Armands 5083

357 St. Armands Circle

(941) (941) 388•4515 388•4515







Custom built 2 story Contractors own home with 4860 square feet of living area. Magnificent view of Manatee River. Pool, dock, exercise room, home theatre, gourmet kitchen. #222439. Call Dorothy Cook at 383-5577.

Charm of the Mediterranean. Inspired by the sun-kissed palette of Italy, San Marco presents bay views from trellised terraces streaming with bougainvillea, a sparkling pool deck w/fitness center & sauna. 23 spacious 3 and 4BR/2.5 to 3.5BA condo residences Call Ellen Ross at: 362-7005

Incredible price for this beautiful maintenance-free lakefront villa overlooking the LBK golf course. 3BR/2.5BA, family room & new kitchen w/granite counters & Stainless steel appliances. 2,500 sq. ft. A/C. In move-in condition. Absolutely meticulous. Call Marlene or Hal Liberman 387-1759. Just reduced to:


From the mid



Wagner Realty, Inc.

Partners Realty of Sarasota

Prudential Palms Realty




True old style Florida living at its best. Protected dock, very secluded on almost 1 acre. 4BR/4BA Home w/newer barrel tile roof, new A/C unit, updated kitchen w/skylight, Sub Zero & Corian. Caged, solar heated pool. Minutes to the bay & gulf! Don’t miss this one. Call Julia McRae: 586-6599.

Spectacular model home, in unique family comm. next to beach & nature preserve. 4BR/3.5BA, office/study. Cathedral ceiling, elevator, fireplace, entertainment system & more. 3,500 sq. ft. A/C w/numerous porches & decks; community pool & Gulf views from roof terrace. Call Frank Folsom Smith at 387-9595.

2,200 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 3 bath “gutted to the studs” - Brand new interior, 2 large patios. Small Boutique complex. Beautiful, serene, gulf front setting with whispering pines and a long walking beach. Furnished. Call Ilene Mirman at: 349-8987 or 544-4900.




Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate

Conrad Beach

Ilene Mirman Realty, Inc.



Commands breathtaking unobstructed panoramic views of Bay, Keys, Gulf & beautiful downtown Sarasota. 1 block from exciting Main Street. Roof terrace, 3BR/3.5BA, 2 story w/elevator 7250 sq. ft. (5470 under air). Concierge & 24-hr. guard/valet. Nothing to compare in the city! Call 366-5000.

Contemporary model home, Gulfside North LBK in award winning community. 3 bedroom 3 bath plus family room. Screened porch and 3 decks. Community pool. Walk to the beach & shops. Includes furnishings by Frank Folsom Smith, FAIA Call Conrad Beach Sales at 387-9595.



Florida Sun Realty Corp.

Conrad Beach




GRAND OPENING MAY 9-11, 2003 Join us to preview our newest “Renaissance” The












that celebrates the rebirth of city living. Beautiful residences surrounded by a wealth of recreational and cultural opportunities. Visionary.

Poolside Cabanas • Guest Suites • Multi-Media Center • Fitness Facility • Grand Lobby • Business Center • Loft & Penthouse Roof Terraces • Loft Residences • Two-Story Penthouses • Concierge

Pre-Construction Pricing from the $250’s Occupancy 2004-2005

941.955.2955 Oral representation cannot be relied upon as correctly stating representations of the developer. For correct representations, make reference to this advertisement and to the documents required by section 718.503, Florida Statutes, to be furnished by a developer to a buyer or lessee.





We’re celebrating


Take an Extra


20 OFF

All Previously Reduced Merchandise...

Mom’s gonna love it!

s ’ g n i l b i r t S n a Sus

Derby Day 2003 ‘Run for the Roses’ Place: Michael’s On East Date: Friday, May 2 Chairs: Mary Nastan and Penny Dell’Armi Benefiting: The Smith Center for Therapeutic Riding






MON.-SAT. 9:30-6:00 SUN. 10:00-5:00

Endless Horizons. . . . Camera


Photos by Emily Walsh


O A K S C LU B M E M B E R S H I P I N C LU D E D !*

Meridian Towers at The OAKS Preserve has

everything you want most in a Florida home --



outstanding water views, together with a private country club and golf lifestyle. Join those who

have already discovered Sarasota’s most elegant and carefree lifestyle at The OAKS Preserve. Two decorated models open daily.

Prices from the

upper $300's to over $1 million. Take US 41 one mile south of Sarasota Square Mall to The OAKS Preserve. *Club Membership included for Tower II only.

(941) 918-1977 TOLL FREE (888) 717-2844 • e-mail:






Join the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens November 8-16, 2003


AMAZON VOYAGE Come explore with us the most biologically diverse ecosystem on Earth, the Amazon rainforest. Our boats are the finest found plying the entire 4,200 miles of the Amazon, and our guides, the most skilled and knowledgeable in the region. FOR A DETAILED BROCHURE CONTACT


941-377-0017 OR email:


MAY 17th - 31st



15 -50 %








1 Mary Hasselbring, Ed and Carol Massey and Millie Mills 2 Best buddies and Riders of the Year, Brandon Gerzeny and Austin Osbourn, go for a friendly kiss. 3 Chet and Betty Braun 4 Co-chair Penny Dell’Armi and Smith Center Executive Director Donna Blem 5 Co-chair Mary Nastan with her daughter, Stacey, and husband, Richard 6 Flags signaled that Michael’s On East was the race track of Derby Day 2003. 7 Barbara and Dennis McSweeney 8 Susan MacRae and her daughter, Sarah 9 Kristy and David Aylward with Dennese Hitt 10 Bill Bates, Cindy Musgrove, Paul Lewis and Jane Shannon 11 Kathy Roediger and Chris McGee



10B THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003





Where the Boys Are

a Cre

te y

own our


rm Cha


t cele


Place: South Florida Museum Date: Friday, May 2 Chair: Pat Pickelsimer Benefiting: South Florida Museum, Bradenton


Interchangeable alphabet & charm links let you create your own personal one-of-a-kind stretch bracelet. $7-$10 Bracelet • $10-$26 Charms 18K Gold and Stainless Steel • Made in Italy


1829 Osprey Ave., Sarasota • Southside Village • 941/366-6871

ST. ARMANDS SECOND FRIDAY WALK “Sunset Stroll on the Circle”





Friday, May 9 • 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Enjoy a relaxing stroll around the Circle while enjoying all that the wonderful shops & restaurants of St. Armands have to offer. For more information contact us at: 388-1554 • Woodworks • Boris • Shad Weigand • Smooth sounds of Sophisticated entertainment Classical Guitarist with a twist the jazz saxophone • Easystreet • • “Swinging Bridge” • • Wilson • Bluegrass, Folk, Traditional & Contemporary Dancesport Int’l Easy Listening Blue Grass Music Dance exhibition EVENT MEDIA SPONSORS:


“Get out of the Box. Get in to the Circle!”


1 Debra Haslam poses for her caricature by Michael Johnson. 2 Chair Pat Pickelsimer and Faye Tully 3 Karen Malesky, Stan Mettlin and Gudrun and Peter Bennett 4 Melanie and Troy Williams with Tamara Venditti 5 Tara Gitt, Kimberly and Jonathan Greenlaw and Amanda Edge 6 Kathy Pinto and Rose Palmer

Photos by Lusya Sullivan


THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003 11B

ONLY 24 RESIDENCES. ONLY PALM AVENUE. ONLY THE SAVOY. PA L M A V E N U E ’ S M O S T FA S H I O N A B L E N E W B O U T I Q U E A D D R E S S I S H E R E discreetly indulgent services. Only 24 residences share spectacular Bay and City views along with luxuriant living amidst a tropical poolside oasis, social lounge, wine bar, library, health spa, guest suite and rooftop sunset terrace overlooking Sarasota Bay. The wait is over. Palm Avenue living has just begun. Make it uniquely yours, now.

There is a sophisticated new address in downtown. The Savoy on Palm. Outside, the contemporary building offers hints of Art Deco design to create a unique and artfully elegant addition to the splendor of Palm Avenue. Inside, a stunningly sophisticated décor casts the chic ambiance of a New York-style boutique hotel, complete with pampered privileges and

Priced from $1 million. Broker participation welcomed.


Call 941-366-5757 for an appointment or visit our new sales center at 303 South Palm Avenue at the corner of Ringling Blvd.









Marina Jack









Island Park

Sales by Montage Group, Inc., Licensed Real Estate Broker Preview Center: 303 South Palm Avenue ■ Sarasota, FL 34236 941.366.5757 ■ 800.390.6835 ■ Fax 941.952.9172 ■ Prices & features subject to change without notice. Offer void where prohibited by law. ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS REFERENCE SHOULD BE MADE TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE.

12B THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003


Exquisite Residences from $987,000 Extraordinary Penthouses with Spectacular Panoramic Views from $4.5 Million

OrchidBeach Club LIDO KEY


Enchantment at Play

Introducing Orchid Beach Club, an island oasis of tropical enchantment and laid-back charm on the white sands beach of Lido Key. Only 54 exquisite new beach residences ranging from 2,936 to over 6,000 square feet. Brought to you by the developers of en Provence and Beau Ciel. Tucked behind lushly landscaped gates, Orchid Beach Club features infinitely beautiful views of gulf and bay and a private beachfront club of social, fitness and spa privileges, served with a touch of perfection.

Pre-construction pricing now available. Call 941-388-2050 for an appointment.

P.O. Box 3349 • Sarasota, FL 34230-3349 • 2050 Benjamin Franklin Dr. 941-388-2050 • 941-388-2080 Fax • 877-388-2050 Toll-Free • Prices & features subject to change without notice. Offer void where prohibited by law. Broker cooperation welcomed ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS, MAKE REFERENCE TO THIS ADVERTISEMENT AND TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE.



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VILLAGE of the arts It’s a beautiful day in the artists’ neighborhood ...

wife of Herbie Rose. You feel a sense of peace the minute you walk in the doors here — it’s like instant meditation. Giles-Rose is clearly in love with nature; it shines all around you in watercolors obviously made on the spot, the artist soaking in the changes of light and color. One series is titled “A Homage to Henry David Thoreau” — and it fits. He’d feel right at home here.

Joan Peters Studio and Gallery •741-8056 Peters’ watercolors and monoprints have a supple, fluid quality that reminds me of the Fauves. There’s delight and a sense of play in her work — a bright inventiveness you see in the liquid line of a bicycle or the way she’ll actually paint on crackled paper. It’s impossible to leave this place and not be in a good mood.

Copper Moon Studio and Galleries • 747-8783 The Village of the Arts’ unofficial village square

Photos by Marty Fugate

This is a sensual, funky, little cottage filled with sounds, textures and bright things that

It’s only a Copper Moon ... weird clocks out of an absinthe-inspired art nouveau dream. Annie Russini owns the place. She’s also one of the movers and shakers at the Artists’ Guild who got the Village going — an artist who empowers other artists, as you might expect.

Valeri Rose Studios • 748-8671 Rose is on the edge of the Village in more ways than one. Her art is political, but not in a heavy-handed way. It’s the kind of thing that sticks with you — then an hour or so later you find yourself going, “Now I see what she’s say-

BY MARTY FUGATE Arts and Entertainment Writer

Want to improve a neighborhood? Get a bunch of artists to live there. They’re an energetic, creative bunch who tend to improve their surroundings — like the artists and visionaries who transformed Sarasota’s Towles Court in the mid-1990s. Working artists in Bradenton at The Artist Guild of Manatee Inc. are repeating that success. Thanks to their vision and sweat, a once down-and-out neighborhood off 12th street in downtown Bradenton is now bright, beautiful and back on its feet. Village of the Arts is what they call it. The place feels like a village. Thirty artists and counting have now made their homes here. (You can tell right away they’re owned by artists, because their homes are bright purple, robin’s egg blue or the yellow of a Crayola crayon.) Were there ink enough and time, I’d do justice to all of them, but there isn’t. (My apologies to Peter Gedeon, Karen Klosky, and everybody else I don’t mention.) As usual, the best way to experience the place is to see it for yourself — and then see it again. Like most of these places, The Village holds an art walk for just that purpose; it takes place on the first Friday and Saturday of the month. Go, and you’ll want to go again. For now, here’s a quick walk-through of the mind ...

Kaos Gallery South •747-0823 Husband and wife artists Miki Boni and Thomas Paulsin greet you with, “Welcome to Kaos!” when you walk in the door, but it’s hardly threatening. You see Boni’s skewed images of animals and people making faces, or scenes from George Bieber’s scenes of human comedy — a former cop who was actually raised by clowns. This may be chaos, but I like it.

At rest but never motionless — Joan Peters’ “Bicycle” achieves a Fauvist velocity.

Feeling the squeeze — Miki Bonni’s “Misfit”

The Herbie Rose Studio • 7464469 This showcases Rose’s lush, vivid watercolors of everything from architectural vistas to a banana plantation in his native Jamaica. One image is an aerial perspective of the Village of the Arts. Rose painted it before the place really existed; his vision helped sell the idea.

Graciela Giles Studio •7464469 This is owned by Graciela Giles-Rose — the

flash at you out of the corner of your eye. Barbara Gabbe-Harris features 20 artists here; I suspect they’re all related to Dali. Not that their work is overtly surreal. It’s just on the edge of strangeness — a glimpse of normal reality the second before it starts to turn into something else, Dali’s watch just before it starts melting.

The Village Veranda •741-4970 This place is like a cross between Dr. Who’s time traveling police call box and Dickens’ old curiosity shop. Anything you can imagine is here, from stunning nature photography to the couplings of angular cubist couples to

ing.” Did I forget to mention it’s also beautiful?

Bonni Bakes Edible Art • 7466647 The artists all told me Bonni Lee Brown was a very friendly person and I had to go see her before I left. They were right. She offered me a free Coke before she even knew I was a reporter. (I paid for it, but it’s the thought that counts.) The edible art turns out to be personalized art cookies you can create with, get this, edible markers. Plush figures of Opus the Penguin and Maurice Sendak’s Wild Thing look out at a wall filled with color photocopies of her pizzas. What’s not to like? ❑


On the HORIZON If you’re a member of the Sarasota County Arts Council or want to become one, this is your chance. The Sarasota County Arts Council’s annual Members Meeting, set for 5 p.m. Monday, May 12, at the FSU/Asolo Center for the Performing Arts, provides the big picture on the Arts Council’s activities. There’s also a performance by the West Coast Black Theatre Troupe. Please RSVP to 3655118, Ext. 300.

the fabulous ’70s, when we first started remembering the fabulous ’50s? Return to those thrilling days again with this smash hit musical about the kids at Rydell High, at 8 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday, May 28 and 29, at Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall. Danny Zuko almost loses his cool — and his summer love, Sandy Dumbrowski — forever. But love, rock ‘n’ roll and Brylcreme conquer all. Tickets are from $40 through $55. Call 953-3368 or 1-800-826-9303.

‘Saturday Night Fever’

Sarasota Music Festival

Arts Council Members Meeting

Remember the fabulous ’50s? Remember




Now in its 39th season, this internationally-

recognized chamber music festival features education for the music students and entertainment to area audiences, from Monday, June 2 through June 21. Six “Festival Concerts” by the festival orchestra will be held on Friday and Saturday evenings at the historic Sarasota Opera House. There will also be three “Artist Showcase” concerts on Thursday afternoons in Holley Hall, and six free “Student Concerts” throughout the festival. To properly introduce the festival, an “Opening Act” is planned for 8 p.m. Saturday, May 31, at Barnes & Noble Booksellers in Sarasota. This includes sample performances by faculty and student musicians, and a panel discussion led by June LeBell, The Longboat Observer’s music critic and a former announcer for WQXR in New York City. Call 953-3434 for details. ❑

Steve Meltzer

Practicing perfectly at The Sarasota Music Festival






Beau Ciel Sales & Design Centers


Now rising between the downtown marina skyline and the open bay waters, Beau Ciel is fast becoming a reality. Construction is underway on the exclusive address featuring only 44 residences of luxurious design, spectacular views and a private club lifestyle. It’s not too late to live in the most unique residences on Sarasota’s Bayfront. Inquire soon for fall occupancy. A limited number remain.




Priced from the low $1 millions to $5 million. Sales by U.S. Assets Realty Group, Inc. Licensed Real Estate Broker






Diamond Stud Earrings (2ct. total wt.) Because she is so very special. Visit the only ZODIAC on Longboat Key at #9 Ave of the Flowers We carry a wide assortment of SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL

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To include your arts and entertainment event in our A&E calendar, please send it to A&E Calendar via fax: 3837193; by mail: 5570 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228; or by e-mail:

For Mother’s Day A Very Special Value...

#9 Avenue of the Flowers Longboat Key 387-8997

Best bets In tune for Mother’s Day

Whose soliloquy is it anyway?



Paige Davis — in a different space


Florida West Coast Symphony — “A Stirring String Finale.” The Florida String Quartet performs pieces by Turina, Shostakovich, and Beethoven, at 4 p.m. Sunday, May 11, at Holley Hall. Tickets: $15 and $20. 953-3434. Players Theatre — “Beausoleil avec Michael Doucet.” The Cajun combo performs at 8 p.m. Thursday, May 8.



We’ve got it, and it’s Most Extremely Wonderful! Stop in for a sample - see you soon.



27 North Blvd. of the Presidents • St. Armands • 388.5035

Gallery Sculpture Garden


Asolo Theatre — “The Philadelphia Story” probes love, marriage and money through May 25; “Filumena” celebrates marriage Italian-style through May 24; “The Corn is Green” explores a teacher’s struggles with a promising protégé in Wales through May 24; “Syncopation” follows the beat of Allan Knee’s new dance comedy through May 25. 3518000 or 800-361-8388. Florida Studio Theatre — “The Next Marilyn.” Shakespearean substance duels with Hollywood fakery through June 7. 366-9000. FST Cabaret Club — “A Vaudeville Cabaret.” Vaudeville’s alive and kicking through May 31. 366-9000. Theatre Works — “Cotton Club Cabaret II.” West Coast Black Theatre Troupe celebrates the legendary nightclub through May 25. 952-9170. Golden Apple Dinner Theatre — “No, No, Nanette.” It’s mistaken identity, flappers, and jazz-age jive through June 29. 366-5454 or 1-800-652-0920. Manatee Players Riverfront Theatre — “Ten Little Indians.” Agatha Christie’s mystery is through May 18. 748-5875.

Fine contemporary sculpture, crafts and art for home, garden and commercial environments.

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Circle Books — Marguerite Loucks Dye signs her kids’ book, “If I Were ... ,” at 1 p.m. Friday, May 9; Gregg Turner signs his “Short History of Florida Railroads” at 3 p.m. Saturday, May 10; John Garzone signs his crime drama, “Crowd Control,” at 1 p.m. Sunday, May 11. 388-2850. Sarasota News & Books — Catherine Hosmer signs her tragic account of her murdered daughter’s last year, “Conversations With Jean,” from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday, May 8. 365-6215. ❑

1219 First Street 941-373-0767

218 Newbury Street 617-927-4400



With its unflinchingly funny human insights, Eve Ensler’s play, “The Vagina Monologues,” has taken the nation by storm. It’ll be coming to our area, with a lead role by Paige Davis of “Trading Spaces,” at 8 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, May 13 to 16; 5 and 8 p.m. Saturday, May 17; and 2 and 7 p.m. Sunday, May 18, at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall. Tickets are from $25 to $40. 953-3368 or 1-800-826-9303.

“Sunset Stroll on St. Armands” — the Circle is not for squares from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, May 9. 388-1554. “The Sarasota Comedy Festival” — runs from Saturday, May 10 through 17, at various locations. 362-3972.

Reserved Seats are $20. 365-2494. Van Wezel — “Kiltie Spring Concert.” Riverview High School’s worldclass band performs at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, May 8. Tickets are $10. 953-3368 or 1-800-826-9303. “A Night at the Oscars” — Florida West Coast Symphony performs scores of film scores at 8:15 p.m. Saturday, May 10, at Legacy Golf Club at Lakewood Ranch. Tickets are $15 in advance, $10 at the gate. 752-5390.


Marie Selby Botanical Gardens’ musical Mother’s Day features folksinger Mindy Simmons, from 1 to 3 p.m. Sunday, May 11. Moms get in free if accompanied by dads or offspring. Non-maternal admission is $10 for adults, $5 for children. Call 366-5731.

Michael Doucet and Beausoleil — Garrison Keillor’s favorite Cajun musicians talented volunteers through Aug. 31, in the Glen Gallery; “A Toast to the Future” toasts art’s next generation through July 31, at the Joan M. Durante Pavilion. 383-2345. Artists Guild of Anna Maria Island — “Marilyn Cassidy.” Her many visions are on display in May. 778-6694. Island Branch Library — Featuring Churchill Mallison, Claudia Deschu, and Marissa O’Brien in May. 778-6341. Sonnet Gallery — “Cultura.” Adrian Serrano makes a post-impressionist impression through June 5. 955-6443. L’Attitude Gallery — “Form and Function.” Following each other beautifully through May. 373-0767. Center for Arts and Humanity — “Insights and Impressions.” Featuring the Women Contemporary Artists (WCA), through June 5. 365-5118. Museum of Asian Art — “Focus: Asia.” Rare Asian photography is the focus through Sept. 5. 954-7117. Marie Selby Botanical Gardens — “22nd Annual Juried Photographic Exhibition.” Showcasing America’s top nature photographers through May 31. 366-5731. Galleria Silecchia — featuring work by Glenna Goodacre and other noted artists. 365-7414. Kaos Gallery South — “The Wacky World of George Bieber.” Sculpture satirizes through May 25. 747-0823. The Plum Door Gallery — “Capturing Captiva.” Patricia Gawle captures scenes of the historic island through May 15. 362-0960.

ic al Memor

DeSoto Square Mall Bradenton 746-2644

Just in - Captain Rodney’s Caribbean Salsa, Mango Fire, Lime Ginger-Pepper Glaze, Boucan Sauce and much more. Need some Lemon Curd, Coco Mocha or Spice Tea?


Art Center Sarasota — “An Evening at the Turner.” This traveling exhibit recreates the intimate evenings of art, dining and music of Denver’s famous museum, from 5 to 7 p.m. through May 15. $100 per couple. 365-2032. South Florida Museum — “Paul Rudolph: The Florida Houses.” Recognizing a fountainhead of architectural genius with a champagne reception and lecture from 5 to 7 p.m. Friday, May 9, and an ongoing exhibit through Aug. 31. 746-4131. John and Mable Ringling Museum — “Cà d’Zan.” This celebration of Florida preservation and restoration is from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Thursday, May 8, at the Cà d’Zan. 359-5700. Katharine Butler Gallery — “Master Class.” Art by exceptional art teachers is featured through May 31. An artists’ reception takes place from 6 to 10 p.m. Friday, May 16. 955-4546. King Hale Gallery — “Work by Sergei Shillabeer.” The artist’s reception is from 5 to 7 p.m. Friday, May 9; the art is on display in May. 955-2393. The Longboat Key Center for the Arts — “The Volunteer Show” showcases






St. Armands Location Only

“The Diamond Alternative” 24 N. Blvd. of Presidents Sarasota





Key notes

Symphony struggles to get attention of 9-year-olds Last week, I was the fortunate recipient of a phone call from Cindy, a fourth grader, who lives across the street from me and attends Ashton Elementary. She asked if I’d like to “chaperone” her class at a Young Peoples’ Concert at the Van Wezel. Always eager to introduce a new set of fresh ears to great music, I agreed to go and on the appointed day was duly driven to Ashton by Cindy’s mother, Christina. Ashton is very different from P.S. 9, my elementary alma mater in Manhattan. About the only thing the two schools have in common is the fact that they’re both public schools. Unlike my fourth grade class, Cindy’s is obedient, sharp, inquisitive and eager to please. Unlike even Madelaine, they walk everywhere in single file. They’re good kids but still thrilled to be getting out of school — even for a classical concert. Before leaving, their teacher prepped them on proper concert protocol: how and when to applaud (“No whistling, cat calls or cheers, please!”), how to sit, and a reminder to be respectful of other schools and teachers. Although I was assured that their music teacher had prepared them for the program, nothing was mentioned about the music in my presence. The Florida West Coast Symphony, under the direction of Andrew Lane, played beautifully. Maestro Lane had a pleasant manner. The program (excerpts from works by Rossini,

by June LEBELL


MERCEDES BENZ, BMW, AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN For advice, service & repair you can trust. SERVING SARASOTA SINCE 1979

2099 16th St. Call for appointment.


955-1972 FL Reg# mv-03675

The Florida West Coast Symphony hatches interest with kids with a little help from Modest Mussorgsky. Corelli, Mussorgsky, Respighi and Copland, along with a bit of movie music from “Lord of the Rings”) was nicely balanced and Lane did his best to introduce each melody and the instrument that played it in a respectable fashion. There was, in fact, nothing wrong. But a fourth grader’s attention span is only a little longer than a poodle’s. To keep kids interested, you have to do something brilliant. (Remember Leonard Bernstein? He was interactive before the word was invented!) Lane tried to talk about colors in music. But so much of the program was slow and drab, many of the children fell asleep. Two excerpts from Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition” almost worked. The section depicting the unhatched chicks was a hit because it’s chirpy, bouncy, funny music. But “The Old Castle” nearly crumbled. How do you relate to 9-year-olds? Invite them into the music. Ask them questions. Talk over the music and explain what’s going on while it’s happening. Keep it fast paced. Add some video, especially when talking about color in music. Be enthusiastic and sound unscripted. Some years ago, a consultant tried to tell classical-music radio stations they should omit all slow movements from concertos and symphonies. It’s a terrible idea for us grownups, but not so far-fetched if you’re playing to 9-year-olds. Make them laugh. Draw them in by being interactive. Make them tap their feet and clap their hands. Send them out singing Mozart. Let them have a good time and they’ll want to come back for more.

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Maurice Chevalier thanked heaven “for little girls: they grow up in the most delightful way.” Nine-year-olds may have a short attention span but add a mere five years to their lives and suddenly they’re young adults in high school. The excellently trained choirs of the Sarasota Christian School, Booker and Riverview high schools joined with the professional Florida Voices last week for an inspiring and inspired concert at First United Methodist Church on Pineapple. Some of the high points: Booker High’s “Belle Musique,” a small, conductorless ensemble of treble voices, sang an adorable arrangement of Three Blind Mice (“The Mouse Madrigal”); Riverview High’s A Cappella Choir’s rendition of John Rutter’s difficult and syncopated, “Sing a Song of Sixpence;” and the joined forces of The Florida Voices and Riverview High’s Chamber Choir in a simply gorgeous setting by David Dickau of “If Music be the Food of Love,” beautifully conducted by Riverview’s Betty Mullett. The second-half of the program was devoted entirely to John Rutter’s “Magnificat,” performed by the enormous mixed forces under the direction of Gregory Chestnut. Even the solos were spread among the ranks of choirs — professional and high school, both. This was a daunting program, difficult and, in no way, condescending to youth. Everyone came through, and the results were a magnificent “Magnificat” and a magical musical moment that, at the least, will inspire those young people to be the audience of the 21st century. June LeBell is best known as the first female announcer for the classical radio station WQXR in New York. LeBell was also the host, writer and producer of numerous programs and series such as "Today in New York," "Salute to the Arts" and "The Sound of Broadway."❑

Tina’s Beauty Salon

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M-S 9:30 - 4:30 • Sun 9:30 - 1:30

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383-5877 Open Mon. - Sat. 8 am - 5 pm

Whitney Beach Plaza • 6842 Gulf of Mexico Drive 5083


5620 Gulf of Mexico Dr. 5083





383-0040 Open Tues.- Fri. 8 - 5 Sat. 8 - 4 5620 Gulf of Mexico Dr.

See Manny & Ray at The Island’s One & Only Traditional Barber Shop

Manny’s Barber Shop

The Ultimate Driving Machine



May 9, 2003 • 7-9p • Wine and Cheese 1536 Main Street • Sarasota, FL 955-2393 •

$16 $68


M O T O R C A R S 5151 Clark Road



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Let’s dance for fear your grace should fall ... 176 steps to happiness BY MARTY FUGATE Arts and Entertainment Writer

I know what you’re thinking: “Oh no. Not another play about two aspiring hoofers who fall in love ...” Well, yes. And no. Allan Knee’s play is set in New York City in 1911. Somewhere on the Lower East Side, there’s a lowly meat-packer named Henry Riblow (Kraig Swartz) with life-long dreams of being a ballroom dancer. At 38, he Theater finally decides to “Syncopation” do something Asolo Conservatory about it. He puts Reviewed May 2 an ad in the newspaper for a dance partner (“to dance before royalty!”) and rents a battered, walk-up studio. Anna Bianchi (Pamela Bob) ascends the 176 steps leading up to his studio and suddenly enters his life. He’s Jewish; she’s Italian. He’s driven, curt and abrasive; she’s drifting, timid and shy. All they have in common is a desire to dance — that, and sexual repression. Henry still lives with his mother, and you get the feeling that she’s stunted him emotionally. (There’s a running gag that Mom’s kept him on a short leash with threats that she might die at any moment.) Anna’s been brought up under the strict regime of church and tradition and is now headed for an arranged marriage. Anna’s like a terrified animal at first. She’s stiff, overly modest, dressed in ridiculously long skirts and afraid of being touched. She voices her suspicions that the whole “dance partner” thing may be a ruse to take advantage of an unsuspecting young woman. The truth is that’s what she secretly wants — one last dance, one last act of mad individuality. (Anna’s been trained to hide her individuality from childhood. She makes flamboyantly artistic beaded stockings for herself — a self-expression the world never sees, thanks to those long, long skirts.) There’s something in her that wants to

Frank Atura

Kraig Swartz and Pamela Bob in an upbeat moment The characters do — and they’re also presented in an innovative way. It’s a two-person play, in which the actors mime their various fights, dances and encounters with every other off-stage character — and fill in the emotional gaps with past-tense narrative interspersed with present-tense action. The characters are not

est” B e e th t of agazin s e B M ed “ ota Vot Saras by


bust loose — and it’s that, not Harry, that she’s really afraid of. Her fear is the fear of what she might do. But Harry just wants to dance. So they dance. At first it’s a joke. He’s proficient, she’s awkward, and they spend a lot of time stepping on each other’s toes and bumping into each other. He berates her — a dance fascist who’s constantly accusing her of not being passionate enough. (Is he ever wrong.) She is passionate, she gets better, and after awhile they get better. Gradually, they get in synch, anticipating each other’s moves, dancing closer and closer together. It’s clear she wants another kind of closeness. She throws herself at him but he doesn’t respond. “It’s not sexual, it’s partners,” he tells her. “There’s nothing sexual about dance partners.” (He doesn’t know his partner.) Anna finally rejects him because he rejects her. Dancing has given her self-confidence. The repressed submissive woman is now a free thinker, hanging out with suffragettes, socialists and a bohemian in a cape named Theo. But the bohemian treats her badly, and she goes running back to her arranged marriage. So much for self-confidence. Harry, meanwhile, tries to find another dance partner. (He’s slowly realizing he was an idiot for not seeing that Anna was something more than that.) He holds try-outs for various women — tall, short, Irish, Latin American. Some are awkward, some incredibly good — but he isn’t in synch with any of them. He thinks he’s lost everything. He’s ready to pack it in. Then guess who shows up in her wedding dress because she couldn’t quite bring herself to say, “I do”? OK, so it’s a predictable ending. Boiled down, the play really is a tale of two aspiring hoofers who fall in love. But it’s also something more. Knee’s play is character centered, and doesn’t obsess (like most dance dramas) about the mechanics of dance steps and contest rules. That’s all background — and Gus Kaikkonen’s direction wisely keeps it that way. While Jim Hoskins’ choreography is excellent, it never takes center stage.

merely revealed in all this — they change. You wouldn’t think so, but that’s also rare. In most plays, the characters are as fixed as the inhabitants of Gilligan’s Island. They are what they are and they stay that way. Not here. Swartz and Bob are excellent. Their dialect never seems stagy, and they dance beautifully (with the added level of difficulty of making mistakes on purpose for a bit of physical comedy). Physicalization aside, they both also convey a sense of inner life and personal history. Each has a private self, a self they want to be, a self that doesn’t jibe with what the world sees. That’s what their dancing is really for; they’re getting their moves right. Dance as a two-step metaphor for self-actualization is the ultimate cliché, but again the play has some fresh moves. Knee gives us dance as a metaphor for getting into the perfect groove with the love of your life. Once more, you wouldn’t think that would be so unusual — but what you usually get are two narcissists who’ve learned how not to step on each other’s toes. Here, they really are two aspiring hoofers who fall in love. It’s a sweet, funny play. Radically original? Of course not. Hey, Knee could’ve truly surprised us and had Harry jump out a window and Anna spend the rest of her life in quiet desperation — but if you want to get depressed there’s always CNN. ❑

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Barnacle Bill’s Seafood on North Trail - 355-7700 Barnacle Bill’s Seafood on Main, Downtown - 365-6800 Barnacle Bill’s Seafood on Webber & Beneva - 923-5800

Dinner on Sarasota Bay

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Located at the east end of Cortez Bridge (first left on 127th street)





Dining out

Main Street Bistro offers unique dining areas The Main Street Bistro is a delicious and pleasurable addition to downtown Sarasota. But before getting into the culinary aspects of the bistro, a tour of the restaurant is in order. The restaurant’s design is unique and offers a seating arrangement for everyone. There is seating on the Main Street sidewalk for the adventurous souls who like to see and be seen. Moving in a bit farther from the sidewalk, you discover the second seating location is an alcove, with part of the building providing overhead coverage. At one end is a fountain with a never-ending cascade of gently falling water. To the left is the main entrance. You step into a sophisticated dining room with square, granite-top tables and a small stage for musicians or other entertainment. You can also peek into a semi-open kitchen. A padded seat bench extends the length of the dining area parallel to a colorful abstract mural. For large groups, tables can be moved together with seats already in place on one side. Tiny-twinkling, soft-pink ceiling lights complement the modern décor. On the other side of the main dining area is a more intimate area with wooden tables and rattan chairs and muted lighting. But we’re not finished with the tour yet. Make a left turn and you are in the bar where there are some additional small tables. Surely there’s an appealing spot in the Main Street for you.

Main Street Bistro 1345 Main St. Sarasota • 362-4427 Cuisine: American with a difference. Recommended: Chicken fricassee, sea scallops, any pizza or dessert. Price ranges: Luncheon: $8 to $14; starters, $4 to $10; entrées, $15 to $24; encore menu, $4 to $18. Service: Good. Hours: Lunch, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily; encore menu, 3 to 5 p. m. and 11 p. m. to 1 a.m. daily; dinner, 5 to 11 p.m. daily. Reservations suggested. Credit cards: All major cards. Parking: Adjacent and on the street. Handicapped access: Excellent.


The eye-catching, bright-red logo marks the restaurant entrance.

Eat In or Take Out

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Any Size Pizza!

St. Armands




& ITALIAN RESTAURANT Specializing in Veal Chicken • Fish • Pasta Maker of the World’s Largest Pizza

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Open 7 days • 11AM to Midnight 201 N. Gulf Dr., Bradenton Beach 778-0771 or 778-0772

Café Don Giovanni


388-1675 OR 388-3104


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Casual Italian Restaurant

Before we get to the menu, let us mention that reservations would be a good idea. We arrived early on a weeknight without reservations, but a steady stream of arrivals quickly diminished available seats. Seated at our table in the main dining area, we were promptly served a basket of fresh-baked bread and some wonderful herb olive-oil dip by our waiter. Because we planned a leisurely dining adventure, we checked the starters. Onion soup, braised mussels and grilled prawns were appealing, but the country paté was our choice to split. Its tasteappeal proved to be as great as its eye-appealing presentation. The generous portion of paté had a wonderful heartiness, not overly spiced, with whole-grain mustard, tiny, sour pickles and figs, creating an exciting contrast of flavors. Selecting an entrée was time-consuming. The variety of complementary side dishes was extraordinary — mushroom ragout, Yukon mashed potatoes, mushroom risotto, vegetable brunoise, ratatouille and truffled macaroni and cheese, just to name a few. Entrée choices also vary. Pan-roasted lamb rack with borolo sauce and Maytag bleu gratin and grilled duck breast with orange gastrique and the truffled macaroni and cheese were tempting. But, we wondered what the Main Street Bistro’s version of

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Beer Wine & d e rv Se

TeaParties & Luncheons

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OPEN 7 DAYS Dinner 4:30 - 10:00 Sunday Breakfast 9:00 - 1:30pm

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Take-out available

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A perfect setting for a gathering awaits you at the Harrington House Beachfront Bed and Breakfast...Tea Parties, Bridal Luncheons, Club Luncheons, a Gathering with the Girls, etc.

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5610 Gulf of Mexico Drive

Let us do the work so you can relax and enjoy your guests!

(One mile North of Holiday Inn)

Bridge Tender Inn

The best little restaurant in Florida! 5083

And Dockside Bar

778-5444 888 828-5566

Where The View is Free

Fresh Seafood Excellent Steaks Fantastic View Entertainment Nightly Serving Lunch & Dinner Full Bar Reservations Suggested

ZAGAT: Best Food on the Gulf Coast FLORIDA TREND: Seven Golden Spoons WINE SPECTATOR: Award of Excellence

Early Bird Specials & Late Nite Menu Entertainment by John G. Hamilton Happy Hour Every Day 4-7 pm Wed Thurs 5-8pm (Full Liquor Bar)  &

Lunch • Dinner • Spirits 135 Bridge Street • 778-4849 • Bradenton Beach One Block East of Trolley Stop #43




Surfside Anna Maria Island 778-6444 •

Casual Waterfront Dining Lunch & Dinner Daily  383-7699 6 814 G u l f o f M e x i c o D r i v e Whitney Beach Plaza


chicken fricassee would be and ordered it. I found the seafood menu especially interesting. My favorite salmon was there, as was a boullibaisse bowl with clams, shrimp, mussels and grouper. Grilled sea scallops, another favorite which I hadn’t had for some time, was my choice. I think my curiosity about the sweetonion-caper chutney was the deciding factor. Sweet biscuits, strawberries The chicken fricassee was and ice cream equal a served in a large plate/bowl, delectable dessert. which overflowed with mushrooms, potatoes and what appeared to be small onions. Rechecking the menu, it read cipollini. New to me, I learned that cipollini are the bittersweet bulbs of the grape hyacinth which taste and look like onions. Buried beneath the mound of vegetables were three pieces of tender and juicy chicken. My sea scallops were nestled on a very generous serving of mashed and so-creamy Yukon potatoes. The sweet-onion-caper chutney was a taste-bud adventure. The mild flavor of the sea scallops was a perfect foil for the chutney. Both entrées were well executed both in culinary preparation and presentation. A pasta and pizza section is also included on the Main Street Bistro menu. I watched a waiter serving a pizza, which looked and smelled great. I think it was the veal sausage pizza. Although we were a bit full for dessert, we couldn’t resist and ordered the sweet biscuits with ice cream and macerated strawberries. How did they create a dessert, which included three of my favorite foods? They topped it with whipped cream, that’s how! Cups of rich, dark coffee were the finishing touches to our meal. In addition to serving lunch and dinner daily, the Main Street Bistro has an encore menu served until 1 a.m. And, guests can enjoy live music with their dinners Wednesday through Sunday.




Photos by Dora Walters

Outdoor dining is a popular option at the Main Street Bistro.

Happify Yourself with Cucina Festa, The Besta, with The Zesta at


Friday Night Is Lobster Night Lobster Tails... 3-4oz. Maine Lobster Tails Carribean or Traditional $24.00 Topped with Lump Crab Meat $27.00 Open for the summer.. true



Copper River Salmon season is on its way!

Relaxed Dining in a Spectacular Setting • Bistro Quality • Pier Prices • Our own Unique Atmosphere

Open Daily 5:30 - 10:00 PM


Catering & Take Out Available




Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner 7 Days

(941) 779-0220 or (941) 779-0221 5702 Marina Drive • Holmes Beach, FL


Seafood is Our Specialty!

One of Florida’s “Top 400” Restaurants… Florida Trend voted Best Italian Restaurant in Reader’s Choice two years in a row

11:00-4:30 4:30-9:00

778-1515 111 Bay Boulevard South • Anna Maria (Opposite City Pier) 5083

Great Food • Island Appeal

Stone Crab S ’ E R Restaurant MOO If our crabs were any fresher they would pinch you!


in a casual atmosphere



a cool cocktail


All You Can Eat House Stone Crab Dinner While it Lasts!

appealing appetizers, enticing entrees & delectable desserts

through May 15th Mon. thru Thurs. Only No Carry Out STILL HONORING SUNSET SPECIALS DAILY 4:30-6 PM

Taste Crispers today… and SAVE $3.00! If you haven’t treated yourself to the gourmet taste of Crispers, why not do it now…when you can SAVE $3.00 on one of our hearty stacked sandwiches or garden-fresh gourmet salads. Bring in the coupon, and SAVE $3.00 on any menu item priced over $4.00. Crispers is your quick, delicious alternative to fast food, and everything on our menu is available for takeout.Visit us in Sarasota today, and bring in the coupon for your big $3.00 discount!

1991 MAIN STREET Next to the Hollywood 20 Theaters Phone 941-953-7007 Fax 941-953-7006

SAVE $3.00! SAVE $3.00 on any hearty stacked sandwich or garden-fresh gourmet salad priced over $4.00.

Starting May 5th New Summer Hours M-F 4:30pm-9:30pm • Sat. & Sun. 11:30am-9:30pm 5083


388.3948 St. Armands Circle 325 John Ringling Boulevard


One coupon per customer, please. EXPIRES 5-31-03



M o th er’s Da y Restaurant Fredy Mayer


Formerly of: Longboat Key Club The Manor, West Orange, NJ

The Sandy Lane Hotel, Barbados


Please Join Us For Mother’s Day 3-8p.m.


! y a D s ’ r e h Mot

Open Tuesday - Sunday, 4:30-9:30

3809 S. Tuttle Ave. Sarasota 5083


May 11

Serving our full award winning dinner menu plus Tantalizing Chef’s Specials from 4:00 to 9:00 pm RESERVATIONS



THE BIJOU CAFE 1287 First St (corner of Pineapple & 1st)


$16.95 10am - 2pm




Treat Mom to the Ultimate Breakfast Buffet

She’s Been Waiting All Year...

Full American breakfast, waffles, pancakes, French toast, raw bar with peel & eat shrimp, smoked nova scotia, salmon, raw oysters, carved ham, carved roast beef, chefs dessert table! Take Mom to Dinner for

Al Hixon and That Jazz Band

Mother’s Day


Every Monday 7pm - 10pm

Big Mama! Every Friday 7pm - 10pm 4033

Seven Days a Week for Lunch & Dinner Children’s Menu & Full Beverage Service Lunch 11:30-5:00; Dinner 5:00-10:00

Reservations suggested 4711 Gulf of Mexico Dr • Longboat Key 5083

383 - 2451 ext. 2633

760 Broadway Street • Channel Marker 39 call for preferred seating 383-2391



Din in g om’s M APPRECIATION DAY... Mother’s Day Sunday, May 11 Brunch!

Treat her to a sampling of our new Early Bird Menu all day night.

Sunday, May 11th • 10:00am-2:00pm Dinner 5:00pm

• Grilled Mahi Mahi • Grilled Salmon • Grilled Sirloin Steak • Shrimp Pasta your choice $ 95

~ Fresh Fruit ~ Cheese Blintzes ~ Breakfast Breads ~ Rice Pilaf ~ Smoked Salmon ~ Chicken Stir Fry ~ Bagels ~ Carved Turkey ~ Breakfast Potatoes ~ Carved Rib Eye ~ Bacon & Sausage ~ Salads ~ Eggs Benedict ~ Desserts ~ Complimentary Mimosa

12. 12.95


Live Music by


Reservations Recommended

21.95 Adults - 9.00 Children


“Gypsy Jazz”




20 South Adams Dr. • St. Armands • For reservations: 941.388.5400

For Everything You Are and Mean To Us

THANKS, MOM! The Café Invites you to celebrate that truly special gal on her truly special day. Join us for a special Mother’s Day Brunch 9:00 am til 2:00 pm... $25.95 per person. Regular dinner served from 4:30 - 8:00

383-0440 5083

2630 Harborside Drive Longboat Key, FL • ICW Marker 15

located in the

Longboat Key Moorings

10C THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003



Someone’s in the kitchen with Dora

Dailey likes to use all the pots and pans LAMB SHANKS Ingredients: 4 lamb shanks 1 carrot 1 onion 1 head of garlic

1 cup red wine 1 cut white wine 2 cups broth 3 tablespoons tomato paste

• Put everything together in oven roasting pan. • Slow cook for 3 1/2 hours at 325 degrees. • Can be prepared a day ahead and reheated.

Casual Italian Cuisine • Italian Specialties & Gourmet Pizza

ITALIA Dinner Daily 4:30 - 10:00 Located in Mid-Longboat Key in the Centre Shops 5370 Gulf of Mexico Dr. • 1/2 mile north of Holiday Inn Beer & Wine


Take Out Available





•Brown shanks. Set aside. • Sauté carrot, onion and whole head of garlic. • Stir in red and white wines, broth and tomato paste. Mix well. • Add bay leaf, thyme, peppercorns and anchovy fillets.

Bay leaf Thyme 3 anchovy fillets 6 whole peppercorns

Mary Dailey loves to cook — stews or slow-cooking dishes are her favorites. Dailey didn’t begin cooking until she was married and husband, John Clay, gave her a Cuisinart and two of Julia Childs’ cookbooks. It worked. She admits there were a couple disasters: “I cooked pork chops one time and turned them into leather.” Baking is not her forté. Dailey explains, “In baking, you have to measure everything and I don’t like to measure.” So, dessert at Dailey’s dinners is usually fruit or ice cream. As much as possible, Dailey uses only fresh ingredients. “I think they taste better,” she says. Dailey prefers entertaining at small, sitdown dinners but she also likes brunches. “Quiche, fruit salad, plus a pretty table are simple and leaves time for enjoying guests,” Dailey says. “Don’t get too complicated when you entertain — your guests are what is important, not the food.” The table and presentation of the food plus color is very important to Dailey. “I think I learned this from my grandmother. Even though there were four of us kids under 6, she set the table with china, crystal, and in the center with was always a dish of pastel afterdinner mints.” This year Dailey had a neighborhood Super Bowl party for 20. “I made a big pot of jambalaya and we all had a great time,” she says. Herbs are a big part of her cooking. Cilantro is a favorite. “I have been trying to grow some herbs in

Dora Walters

Mary Dailey is a cook who enjoys experimenting in the kitchen. pots but haven’t been too successful,” she says, and adds, “I’m going to keep trying.” While Dailey may begin with a basic recipe, she likes to experiment. “Sometimes I have a problem duplicating a dish. I can’t remember what I put into it,” she laughs. Her advice to cooks is to not to be afraid to experiment: “Put your own mark on it. Make it your own.” Her enthusiasm for cooking creates a messy kitchen. “I use every pot in the place and the dishwasher is full before I’m done,” Dailey says. Since coming to Longboat Key two years ago, Dailey has been taking pottery classes at the Longboat Key Center for the Arts. “To me, pottery and cooking are both creative and satisfying,” she says. ❑


M o th er’s Da y Din in g Sand Dollar Rooftop Restaurant Make Your Reservations NOW for

Mother’s Day Brunch Daily Features Sunset Specials • Mon. - Thurs. 5-7pm priced under -$1495 $ 95 All You Can Eat Prime Rib • Thurs. from 5pm 15 $ 95 Snow Crab (all you can eat) • Fri. & Sat. from 5pm 24 $ 95 Sunday Brunch • 10am - 2pm 14

The SunRestaurant House FLORIBBEAN CUISINE You’re Gonna L u v I t !

Mother’s Day 12:00pm - 8:00pm *Baked Ham $14.95 * Roasted Leg of Lamb $16.95 Floribbean Cuisine

Favorites starting at $9.95 *While supplies last


Yellow Building at the Corner of Gulf Drive & Bridge Street Bradenton Beach • Trolley Stop 6 & 73 Call for Reservations • 7 8 2 - 1 1 2 2 Non-smoking Establishment


& Bar

Lido Beach 233 Ben Franklin Dr., Sarasota, FL



her her p p o o t s t ’ hris hris er ’s her s ’ C h p C r p o e ist ’s isto ’s r ’s oph r r r t e e h s e Chr h i h C h top Chr top er ’s stop s s i s i ’ h i r r r r p h h C Ch phe isto ’s C r o ’s Mother’s Day t r h s r s ’ e i e C her oph $28.00 ’s Chr oph Entertainer t p s r t ’ s o s e i r i t r h phe er ’ Chr John Rinell hris $15.00 her ’s top is highly Ch o s h C Children i t p r s p i o regarded Ch as one of isto rist Chr r h r ’s h Sarasota’s mosthesought afterer ’s C C oph er ’s top dynamictoph performers.isHis t h s i r p is voice captivates audiences Ch Chr isto er ’s s r i ChrJohn h h r p wherever he performs. h C isto ’sC ’sperform love r r will songs, r s h Ch e ’ e h r C h s e p ’ p oldies, disco, country and h r o o t e t p hris isto Sinatra. er ’s hris his specialty, oph r ’s t r C s e h i h r C h r ’s Ch top op e t s i h s s i r ’ p Ch her r ’s Chr isto s e r p ’ h r o h t e C stop Regular ’s to 8:00 hris oph ’s r t Dinner Res. 6:00 C r s e i e h Chr top oph er ’s er ’s t s h i h s s i r ’ p p Reservations Ch her Call 941-388-5608 Chr isto isto r r p ’s h r o h t e 700 Ben Franklin Drive Sarasota Just South of Lido Public Beach C C is ph ph Chr isto isto h stop


M o t h e r ’s D a y B u f f e t B r u n c h

Brunch Res. 11:00 to 3:00



THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003 11C

LIVE LUXURIOUSLY LARGE DOWNTOWN. Where a fortunate few are just steps away from restaurants, the bay, theaters, shops and a full medley of entertainment. Where the only thing between you and downtown Sarasota is your balcony. Where luxury resides in an expansive neoclassic hi-rise. Plaza Residences from 1,588 to 2,300 square feet of living area priced from the $500s. Penthouse retreats of more than 3,500 to 4,500 square feet from $1.6 million. For more information call 941-365-6101. 330 South Pineapple Avenue, Suite 105, Sarasota, FL 34236 • A neoclassic hi-rise is coming to downtown Sarasota.

Make a grand entrance at the plaza. five points

Walk to the theater, opera & cafes.

The rhythm of living downtown.

25$/ 5(35(6(17$7,216 &$1127 %( 5(/,(' 8321 $6 &255(&7/< 67$7,1* 5(35(6(17$7,216 2) 7+( '(9(/23(5)25&255(&7 5(35(6(17$7,216 0$.(5()(5(1&(727+,6$'9(57,6(0(17 $1' 72 7+( '2&80(176 5(48,5(' %< 6(&7,21)/25,'$ 67$78(672%( )851,6+('%< $ '(9(/23(572$ %8<(525/(66((


12C THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003


f ine home s internat ional

Prudential performance, Sarasota style.

BAY ISLES - HARBORSIDE - A double cul-de-sac lot with 400 feet of sea wall and protected dockage. Dramatic open bay views. Quality construction in this stunning California contemporary home. An enormous entertainment deck with 50x20 heated pool adjoining a 50 x 6 lap pool. A stunning estate of unparalleled quality. $4,995,000. MARLENE AND HAL LIBERMAN 387-1759 FAIRWAY BAY - Gorgeous Bay views can be seen from most rooms in this wonderful turnkey furnished condo. Located behind the gates with membership to the Bay Isles Beach Club. Visit for a virtual tour. $365,000. HANNERLE MOORE 387-8136

GRANDE RIVIERA - Private enclave of 13 luxurious residences on the tip of Golden Gate Point! Unparalleled panoramic views and private boat docks available. 2,651 - 5,837 square feet. Visit for a virtual tour Priced from: $1,525,000 to $4,300,000. CHERYL M. LOEFFLER 387-1707 WATER CLUB w/FULL GULF VIEWS - This is a 3,000 + sq. ft. true 3BR, LBK condo with absolutely stunning gulf, bay and sunset views. This location in the building is one of the best w/2 deeded parking spaces included. Fabulous world-class amenities & clubhouse, security & concierge. Visit for a virtual tour. $1,650,000. HANNERLE MOORE 387-8136

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES - Wonderful Mediterranean home with glorious views of Sarasota Bay and located on a deep water channel that can accommodate a 50 ft. boat. Some of the gorgeous amenities include 2 fabulous master suites, state of the art gourmet kitchen and a disappearing edge pool with spa. Visit for a virtual tour. $2,595,000. HANNERLE MOORE 387-8136 THE BEST OF SIESTA - Great boating waters, dock with boat lift. Pristine home with 3,000+ sq.ft. of living on fabulous treed lot in one of Sarasota’s finest neighborhoods. $1,490,000. SYLVIA ZIMMERMAN 552-3950

COREY’S LANDING - Perfectly situated Bay front home with Bay views and privacy. Meticulous elegance in this garden villa with 4 bedrooms including complete guest suite with sitting room and private balcony on the second floor. Graciously furnished for immediate enjoyment (all rugs & art excluded). Visit for virtual tour. $1,550,000. CHERYL M. LOEFFLER 387-1707

L’AMBIANCE - Casual elegance in beach front residence with private stairs to the beach and pool area – open design and many unique architectural features. Visit for virtual tour. $3,450,000. CHERYL M. LOEFFLER 387-1707 BEACHPLACE - Direct beach front building with wonderful gulf views. Striking black tile flooring in liv rm, din rm and foyer. Not to be missed for those who appreciate CA. décor. Secure complex with great amenities and rental potential. Under building parking space. $720,000. CHERYL LOEFFLER 387-1707

SLEEPY LAGOON - Fabulous 3BR canal front island home. Lush tropical landscaped lot, flowers cascade over the trellis entry, all tiled floors, French doors to screened pool and lanai. New dock on sailboat water! Minutes to ICW and Gulf. Virtual tour $749,000. JERRY THOMPSON 552-3966 INN ON THE BEACH - Never in rental program, totally renovated and beautifully remodeled. Two bedrooms, two baths with fabulous beach views. A truly exceptional opportunity to own at the key’s finest resort. $1,100,000. CHERYL M. LOEFFLER 387-1707

BIRD KEY - Spacious garden home, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths with family room, workshop and bonus room. Large pool area and beautifully landscaped. Close to downtown and “the circle”. $685,000. HOYT BEATY/MARTY BENSON 552-3989

RITZ CARLTON RESIDENCES - Situated on the 18th floor, this magnificent “Penthouse” crowns the spectacular tower, the “Beausoleil” unit with 4,965 sq ft living area envelopes two terraces overlooking the marina, features 3 bedrooms, den, library and 3-1/2 baths. Residents may take advantage of the impeccable personal “round-the-clock” professional hotel staff. Visit for a virtual tour. $5,500,000. CHERYL M. LOEFFLER 387-1707 PROMENADE - Stunning City skyline and Bay to Gulf views! This southwest 5th floor, double entry doors, split two-bedroom is turnkey furnished. Gated beachfront with every imaginable amenity…fitness center, tennis, pool, clubrooms, concierge, large pool. Virtual tour $749,000. JERRY THOMPSON 552-3966

UNOBSTRUCTED BAY VIEWS - This wonderful Queens Harbour home has gorgeous views of Sarasota Bay from the master, living and dining rooms. Worldclass amenities include 14 foot ceilings, dock and lift, pool, outdoor kitchen, separate guest cabana and marble and wood floors throughout. All located behind the gates of the famous Longboat Key Club which includes membership to the Bay Isles Beach Club. Visit for a virtual tour. $1,850,000 HANNERLE MOORE 387-8136 THE LANDINGS - Convenient to all of Sarasota. Split plan with three bedrooms plus den. Great curb appeal with private pool/lanai setting. $549,900 SYLVIA ZIMMERMAN 552-3950

LAKEWOOD RANCH - Designer furnished courtyard home with an endless list of upgrades!! Beautiful pool plus paver patio. Guest house with pool bath makes having company a pleasure. Golf Course view and more! $689,900 SYLVIA ZIMMERMAN 552-3950 LONGBEACH VILLAGE - Great corner unit only used by owners. Superb ocean views - perfect sun angle. Sprinklers, remodeled kitchen and office/den, newer appliances & A/C. A true value in today’s market. $469,000. WADE HAWLEY 552-3988

WINDING OAKS - Water views! Positioned on a wide part of the lake, this lovely villa is beautifully appointed, 3 bedrooms, many builts ins, 2 car garage, expanded wrap-around deck, community pool & Bay Isles Beach Club! $699,999 JERRY THOMPSON 552-3966


• 595 Bay Isles Rd, Mediterranean Plaza, Longboat Key • 8830 S. Tamiami Trail • 8447 S. Tamiami Trail • 130 N. Tamiami Trail • 438 St. Armands Circle • 2863 University Pkwy • 10 South Adams Drive 4103

• 8801 Stoneybrook Boulevard

An independently owned and operated member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

Inside Section D Key Real Estate Store At the net

3D 5D 8D

M AY 8 , 2 0 0 3

Longboat Key Garden Club President Barbara Kerwin

The natural beauty of the Key is enhanced by homeowners and their garden creations.

Geraniums bloom at the Bishop home in the Village. Ann Wisnom and Natalie Buchman were participants in the club’s annual Home and Garden Tour.




Bicentennial Park was the ideal setting April 22 for the Longboat Key Garden Club’s traditional end-of-the-season luncheon. One of the highlights is the presentation of awards to homeowners participating in the club’s annual Home and Garden Tour. Recipients this year were: Wendy and Todd Hand, 701 Broadway; Rosann Morrison and Jim Hicks, 6541 Gulfside; Natalie Buchman, 3527 Fair Oak Lane; and Ann and Tom Wisnom, 2067 Harbor Links Drive. The town of Longboat Key was also recognized for opening its new Town Hall for the tour. The club also presents its annual Beautification Awards. Water use and color are criteria in the judging. This year all the homes named have xeriscaped grounds. Receiving Beautification Awards were: Sandra and Paul

Bishop, 611 Linley St.; Carol Lee and Daniel Woodley, 6517 Gulfside Road; Pamela and James Eatrides, 652 Lyons Lane; Douglas Andrew Baker, 673 Dream Island Road; Kathleen and Scott Hase, 5120 Gulf of Mexico Drive; and Deborah and Joseph Lattuga, 8 Winslow Place. Outgoing President Gillian Busard recognized Virginia Sanders for serving as Home and Garden Tour chairman for four years. The event closed with the election of officers. Barbara Kerwin was elected president. Other officers are Judy Williams, first vice president; Kathy Simonds, third vice president; Cathy Wilson, treasurer; Lynne Hayden, recording secretary; and Pat Loy, corresponding secretary. The position of second vice president, Ways and Means, remains open. Hostesses for the event were Judy Williams and Evelyn Twist. ❑

Photos by Dora Walters

The Bishop home at 611 Linley St., won a Beautification Award.

Above: 5120 Gulf of Mexico Drive; right: 6517 Gulfside Road A Beautification Award was presented to Pamela Eatrides for her home at 652 Lyons Lane.

Douglas Andrew Baker was a Beautification Award recipient.







Hannerle is ranked among the top


2003 sales year-to-date

GRAND BAY Private corner in the newest Grand Bay building. Panoramic vistas of the bay, marina and preserve. Wrap around terraces. $1,049,000. Exquisite Biscayne with tiled floor, wooden shutters & decorator detailed for a move-in resort home. Condo complex has all the amenities. $999,000 COREY’S LANDING Bay front home w/ views, privacy. & meticulous elegance. 4BR with guest suite, private balcony on 2nd fl. Furnished. $1,550,000. BEACHPLACE Direct view of the Gulf. Florida Living... California style... Have it all in the fabulous 2BR/2BA residence w/approx. 1,400 sq. ft. of luxury. $720,000.

LD O S Emerald Harbor

LD O S $752,250

LD SO Sunset Beach

Grand Bay


On the 18th floor, this magnificant “Penthouse” Residence is one of the most desirable. The spectacular tower, the “Beausoleil” residence has 4,965 sq. ft. living area plus two terraces overlooking the marina & city. $5,500,000. Beautiful Northern Bay views from every room. 2 bedrooms and den. Enjoy world class amenities atop the Ritz. Monte Carlo $1,390,000. WATER CLUB Breathtaking views of the gulf, Sarasota Bay, and the skyline from this 9th floor Dover plan, The best of the best on the desirable south side of Water Club II $2,790,000.

Sunset Beach




Queens Harbor


Lakewood Ranch $2,400,000

LD SO $980,000

Whitney Beach


LD SO $1,025,000


Lands End



$430,000* Longboat Key Estates $625,000*


EN PROVENCE Exclusive paradise community of only 21 beach front residences. 3BR/3BA with direct gulf view. $2,695,000.

Emerald Harbor

Country Club Shores $812,000



LD SO Fairway Bay




VIZCAYA Perfectly decorated & appointed penthouse. Maximized views in an elegant enclave of 31 residences. 2-car garage. $2,695,900. INN ON THE BEACH Wonderful Gulf-front, gorgeous, totally redone condominium w/views right up the beach. $1,100,000.

Emerald Harbor




RITZ CARLTON TOWER Breathtaking views, fabulous floorplan and full concierge services. This residence features a private elevator lobby, grand foyer, luxurious master suite and spacious terrace. Includes a membership to the Members Club at The Ritz Carlton proposed Beach/Spa Club. $1,465,000.

o f R e a l t o r s Wo r l d w i d e

Mo re homes are sold.


L’AMBIANCE 360˚ Virtual View Casual elegance in beach front residence w/private stairs to the beach & pool area - open design & many unique architectural features. $3,450,000.

1 2%

Winding Oaks




GRANDE RIVIERA ON THE TIP OF GOLDEN GATE POINT Striking architectural style offering a private enclave of only 13 luxurious residences. Unparalleled panoramic views and a marina with limited boat slips. 5th Floor


n $1,655,000

n $2,459,000

4th Floor

5th Floor

n $1,595,000

Approx. 2,600 sq. ft.

Approx. 3,900 sq. ft.

3rd Floor

Approx. 2,650 sq. ft.

n $2,395,000

n $1,995,000

4th Floor

2nd Floor


Approx. 3,550 sq. ft.

Chairman’s Circle Diamond Award

941-387-1707 MOBILE 941-302-9674

Fine Homes International

Mediterranean Plaza 595 Bay Isles Rd Ste 115 Longboat Key, FL 34228




Go to for a virtual tour of all my listings.




Emerald Harbor

Country Club Shores, Mediterranean Style, Bayfront Home with glorious views of Sarasota Bay and located on a deep-water channel that can accommodate a 50 ft. boat. Some of the gorgeous amenities include two fabulous master suites, state-of-the art gourmet kitchen and a disappearing edge pool with spa. $2,595,000 Virtual Tour Water Club Condominium with Full Gulf Views This is a 3,000+ sq.ft., true 3BR condo with stunning Gulf, Bay and Sunset views. This location in the building is one of the best. Fabulous world-class amenities. $1,650,000. Virtual Tour Wonderful Winding Oaks Villa W/Gorgeous Views Located in one of the best locations within Winding Oaks, this 2,600+ sq. ft. villa is very private with serene lake and golf course views. $669,000 Virtual Tour Queens Harbour Home with Gorgeous Views of the Bay from master, living and dining rooms. Beautifully furnished, 4BR home with wide open Bay view. Dock and lift, pool and outdoor kitchen. $1,850,000 Virtual Tour Marina Bay with Gorgeous Bay & City Views This 3BR, 3382 sq. ft. condo that has been beautifully maintained, lives like a home with private elevator lobby, his & her master bath & wonderful floor plan. $1,295,000 Virtual Tour Southern Facing Promenade Condominium W/Fabulous Gulf Views This 2 bedroom split plan condo has views of the gulf, beautiful flowers, gazebo and downtown Sarasota. Top-of-the-line amenities and security. $649,000 Virtual Tour Wonderful Promenade Condominium with Full Gulf Views This largest 2 bedroom, split plan condominium is in one of the best locations within the Promenade and located on the sunset side of the building. $759,000 Virtual Tour Longboat Key Canal Home with Beautiful Views This home has beautiful canal & bay views, great boating water and is situated four in from the bay, which makes it a wonderful find. $699,000 Virtual Tour Two Wonderful Fairway Bay Condominiums These condominiums are turnkey furnished, and all have gorgeous views of the Bay and access to the pretty grounds and walkways of Fairway Bay. $365,000 - $379,000. Virtual Tour

Approx. 2,650 sq. ft.

Approx. 5,500 sq. ft.


Fabulous opportunities still available.

n $1,715,000

n $3,850,000

Approx. 3,800 sq. ft.


Hannerle Moore | Prudential Palms Realty | Fine Homes International Mediterranean Plaza | 595 Bay Isles Road, Suite 115 | Longboat Key, FL 34228 PH 941.387.8136 | FX 941.387.8155 *Sale Pending |




Key real estate

Alomar and Pierce sell their Bird Key home Major-league second baseman Roberto Alomar and worldclass tennis star Mary Pierce sold their Bird Key home in April for $2.495 million, or $545,000 more than they paid for it nearly three years ago. The 35-year-old Baltimore Oriole second baseman Alomar, who began his 16th big-league season last month boasting a .304 lifetime batting average, and Pierce sold their three-bedroom and five-bath home with a swimming pool at 119 N. Warbler Lane to Joann E. and Steven B. Stein. Alomar and Pierce bought the home in August 2000 for $1.95 million. Alomar is not the first major leaguer to own a home on Bird Key. Back during the early 1960s, Hall of Fame shortstop and former American League President Joe Cronin was one of the first homeowners on Bird Key. Due to spring training, the area has proved popular with major league players. At least two former major leaguers owned condominiums on Longboat Key. They were Detroit Tiger outfielder Charlie “Paw Paw” Maxwell and fourtime National League batting champion Bill Madlock.

Sanctuary I, IV Susan Bayer of New York City sold her apartment B-403 at Sanctuary I to Norma J. Savage and First Kentucky Trust Co. of Louisville, Ky., for $915,000. Savage obtained 90% interest in the condominium while First Kentucky Trust acquired the remaining 10% as successor trustee of the Thomas T. Savage Trust. The threebedroom and three-bath apartment at 585 Sanctuary Drive was built in 1990 by Yale Properties of Boca Raton. At Sanctuary IV, Sunset Properties, a limited liability company of 621 Yardarm Lane, purchased apartment A-102 from Thomas J. Shapiro, 5024 Coco Plum Blvd., Sarasota, for $740,000. The three-bedroom and three-bath condominium was also built in 1990.


Bird Key In addition to the Pierce/Alomar-Stein sale, there were two other million-dollar-plus transactions on Bird Key for the week of April 10 to 16. In the largest, Norma L. and Robert W. Rahe purchased their home at 667 Mourning Dove Drive from Cascade Holdings Ltd. Inc. for $2.837 million. Cascade Holdings Ltd., a Bahamas company headed by Norman C. Harrington, acquired the four-bedroom and three-bath home with a swimming pool for $1.1 million in October 1996. Elaine Rothenberg, 1299 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, sold her Bird Key home at 433 Meadow Lark Drive to Craig Adams for $1.95 million. The four-bedroom and four-bath home has a swimming pool and was built in 1984. There was just one non-million dollar sale on Bird Key. John Torpy purchased the 38-year-old, three-bedroom and two-bath home at 547 Blue Jay Place from Ronald V. Lucchino of Santa Fe, N.M., for $430,000.

Country Club Shores In the largest Longboat Key transaction, Harrington’s Cascade Holdings had another seven-figure sale. The Unit II Country Club Shores home at 609 Cutter Lane was purchased by Solent Inc., 667 Mourning Dove Drive, for $2.65 million. The three-bedroom and three-bath home with a swimming pool was built in 1973 and last sold for $775,000 in March 1997 for an apparent gross profit of $1.875 million in six years. James David Gibbs from West Hartford, Conn., bought the Country Club Shores Unit IV home at 1010 Bogey Lane from Cynthia A. and John W. Hittle, 1281 South Bay Drive, Osprey, for $372,900. The two-bedroom and two-bath home was built in 1965 and last sold for $170,000 back in December 1994.

ums, 2525 Gulf of Mexico Drive, from William G. Mattsen of Clearwater for $555,000. The two-bedroom and two-bath condo was built in 1972.

Corey’s Landing Sybil and Stanley D. Siskind of Boca Raton sold their Corey’s Landing home at 3499 Byron Lane to Carole T. Klionsky from Vestal, N.Y., for $545,000. The three-bedroom and two-bath residence was built in 1991 and last sold for $320,000 in 1997.

Harbour Oaks Diana S. and Samuel V. Neely, 2191 Harbourside Drive, bought unit 405 in building 4 of the 56-unit Harbour Oaks from Anne M. and William J. Flinter, 3270 Bayou Sound, for $450,000. The three-bedroom and three-bath apartment was constructed in 1984 and sold new that year for $258,000.

Islander Club

Queens Harbour Patricia A. and William A. Rottman of Crested Butte, Colo., sold their Queens Harbour home at 3600 Fair Oaks Lane to Maureen Goree for $980,000. The three-bedroom and threebath home was built in 1995 and includes a swimming pool. The home sold previously for $774,500.

Carolyn J. Cline of San Francisco sold her unit 83-N at the 140-unit Islander Club, 2295 Gulf of Mexico Drive, to Aziza K. Karmi from Buffalo, N.Y., for $665,000. The sale price was more than double the $280,000 Cline paid for the 33-year-old, twobedroom and two-bath condominium in August 1999.

Fairway Bay

Longboat Arms

Robert N. Twigg and his wife, Betty J. Webb, from Leesburg, Va., bought apartment unit 1204 in building 12 at Fairway Bay from Kathleen H. and Dick Lamb of Virginia Beach, Va., for $395,000.

Margaret A. and William A. Soderberg from South Bend, Ind., bought unit 303-D at the 45-unit Longboat Arms, 3330 Gulf of Mexico Drive, from Mary A. Nelli of Weston, Ontario, Canada, for $279,900.

Inn on Beach

Beachplace I

Donna Maria and Stephen Patrick Mawer of Wichita, Kan., sold their unit 1405 at Inn on the Beach (Resort at the Longboat Key Club) for $755,000 to Barbara and Kevin Mulshine from Boulder, Colo. The condominium was built in 1982.

Privateer North Ashridge Holding Limited Inc., a Bahamian corporation with a local address of 1835 Ringing Blvd., purchased apartment 303 at Privateer North from Mina and Irwin M. Leibowitz, 1050 Longboat Club Road, for $385,000.

Sunset Beach Alix L. Ritchie of Provincetown, Mass., sold his unit 2402 in building 2 of the 65-unit Sunset Beach on Longboat Key to Meryl A. and Mathew W. Hormann from Cutchogue, N.Y., for $630,000. The two-bedroom and two-bath apartment was constructed in 1984 and last sold for $315,000 in September 1998.

Islands West

The Arvida-built Beachplace, Longboat Key’s second largest condominium complex with 336-units, recorded one sale in its first phase. Muriel N. and Herbert Mann sold their unit 601 in building 3 at 1125 Gulf of Mexico Drive to James W. Miller and Daniel J. Miller of St. Cloud, Minn., for $615,000. The twobedroom and two-bath unit was constructed in 1979 and last sold for $195,000 16 years ago.

Longboat Harbour Mildred and William Hartman from Great Neck, Long Island, N.Y., purchased unit 302 in building J at Longboat Harbour from Diane L. and Anthony R. Shaw Jr., of Pembroke, Mass., for $265,000. Jean Wassmansdorf, Longboat Harbour resident, informs us that the 150-unit First Longboat Harbour and 150-unit Second Longboat Harbour have been merged. Also, there are two-basic types of apartments in Longboat Harbour, the onebedroom/one-bath and the two-bedroom/two-bath, and there are no three bedroom or one-bath condos as previously reported.

Hemali J. and Ashish S. Shah of Winter Haven purchased apartment 6-C at the 15-story, 89-unit Island West condomini-

Elegant Island Properties KAREN’S CURRENT LISTINGS


presented by

Karin Stephan Realtor ®


OWN YOUR OWN CASTLE ON THE RHINE Currently MARTINIQUE (HOLMES BEACH) SOLD a small hotel with 5 guest suites, 3 elegant restaurants & con- SUN PLAZA WEST SOLD ference rooms. Unbelievable @ $2,300,000 (USD) RIVER WILDERNESS SOLD RITZ CARLTON TOWER Residence on the 11th floor SOLD with unbelievable views. 3 bedroom/ 3 bath $1,690,000. KEY TOWER SOUTH LIDO BEACH CLUB UNIT 909 with great gulf and bay LIDO BEACH CLUB views from the 9th floor, turnkey furnished unit. Exercise UNIT 302 LISTED & SOLD room, heated pool, sauna, all amenities. Tenant in place 6 UNIT 1102 LISTED & SOLD months during season. $595,000. LISTED & SOLD UNIT 408 - Great views & fantastic value for only $469,900. UNIT 502 SOLD UNIT 303 - 2 BR/2BA, turnkey furnished, next to Ritz, ocean UNIT 602 (2 DAYS ON MARKET) for full asking price view. $469,000. SOLD PRIVATEER ANNA MARIA ISLAND LAUREL OAKS LISTED & SOLD KEY WEST STYLE HOME on large canal lot, boatdock, SOLD pristine pool, large sundeck, open flr plan. 3BR/3BA, split, INN ON THE BEACH TKF, tiles & carpet throughout. 2 car garage, hurricane shut- GULF BEACH PLACE SOLD ters, new paint. Included is VW Convertible. $799,000. PALMETTO HOME SOLD SAILBOAT WATER IN BIMINI BAY Very private fenced SALE PENDING in yard with a pristine, large pool, fruit trees, 2 car garage, 2 SANDHAM davits. Included is a 27” Carver, 2 eng. 190hp.

$799,000. Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker

Chairman’s Circle 5083

Ich Spreche Deutsch

941-383-7591 or 941-504-4435 440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228 •





Manatee County Public Works Department makes a commitment daily to provide the highest quality drinking water to the residents of Manatee County, Sarasota County and cities served. This report reflects on that commitment and represents a summary of the drinking water quality during 2002. * TOWN OF LONGBOAT KEY SAMPLING RESULTS The Town of Longboat Key purchases its potable water from Manatee County where it is treated and made safe for consumption before delivery to the Town.The report provided by Manatee County Government identifies the sources of the potable water supply, treatment/purification methods, and water quality test results. Manatee County and Longboat Key follow strict rules and guidelines enacted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure that your drinking water is safe and free from contaminants and certain compounds. Manatee County follows a vigorous testing program in order to comply with E.P.A’s rules and regulations. In addition to the tests performed by Manatee County on the potable water, the Town of Longboat Key performs additional testing as described below.The Town of Longboat Key is proud to report that our water meets or exceeds standards under the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act.


The following details the additional tests and results of the Town’s water sampling testing program: • Bacteriological Analysis: The Town collected 132 water samples throughout the Town in 2002, all of which were absent of bacteria. • Lead and Copper:The Town’s last sample period was in the Spring of 2002, when 20 samples were collected from several locations. The results are as follows: The maximum allowable limits for Lead is .015 mg/L and Copper 1.3 mg/L. Based on the 90 percentile level, our samples for both were below the allowable levels set forth by the EPA. The Town of Longboat Key has a 1.5 million gallon storage facility located at 4250 Gulf of Mexico Drive and a 1 million gallon storage facility at 280 Gulf of Mexico Drive where the water is chlorinated to ensure a constant residual.

If there are any questions about the Town’s water supply, please call the Longboat Key Public Works Department at 316-1988.


Drinking water for the customers of Manatee County Public Works Department is a As water travels over or through the land, it dissolves naturally-occurring minerals and, in some cases, radioactive material. Substances resulting from the presence of aniblend of purified ground water and surface water. In 2002, an average of 13.0 million gallons mals or from human activity may also be transported. Contaminants that may be present per day of deep ground water and 29.8 million gallons per day of surface water was used. in source water include: The ground water is pumped from the Floridan Aquifer from six, 1200 foot deep wells A. Microbial contaminants, such as viruses and bacteria, which may come from sewage located within Duette Park in eastern Manatee County. This water is pumped through a 36 treatment plants, septic systems, agricultural livestock operations, and wildlife. inch pipe approximately 13 miles to the Purification Plant. Surface water is taken from the B. Inorganic contaminants, such as salts and metals, which can be naturally-occurring or Lake Manatee Reservoir also located in eastern Manatee County. This Reservoir was conresult from urban stormwater runoff, industrial or domestic wastewater dis-charges, structed in 1965 through 1967 by placing a dam on the Manatee River. oil and gas production, mining, or farming. The County has taken C. Pesticides and herbicides, which may come from a variety of sources such as agriculstringent measures to protect ture, urban stormwater runoff, and residential uses. these water sources. In the D. Organic chemical contaminants, including synthetic and volatile organic chemicals, late 1980s Manatee County which are by-products of industrial processes and petroleum production, and can also voters approved the purchase come from gas stations, urban stormwater runoff, and septic systems. of 20,500 acres of the 82,000 The E. Radioactive contaminants, which can be naturally-occurring or be the result of oil acre watershed area, which Manatee and gas production and mining activities. drains into and includes County Water the Reservoir and Wellfield. Purification Plant, Drinking water, including bottled water, may reasonably be expected to contain at least small County and State agencies located on the shore amounts of some contaminants.The presence of contaminants does not necessarily indicate that water have continued to purchase of Lake Manatee, purifies poses a health risk. More information about contaminants and potential health effects can be obtained additional watershed acreage, both ground water and surface by calling the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Safe Drinking Water Hotline (800-426-4791). and today approximately water. The ground water is purified In order to ensure that tap water is safe to drink, EPA prescribes regulations which limit the amount 33,000 acres are in public by aeration, lime-softening and filtration. of certain contaminants in water provided by public water systems.The Food and Drug Administration ownership. This ownership (FDA) regulations establish limits for contaminants in bottled water which must provide the same protecThese processes remove odor, a portion of the insures that activities detrition for public health. hardness and undesirable elements such as susmental to water quality or pended matter and microbiological organisms. quantity will not occur on these public lands. The surface water is purified by carbon adsorption, coagulation, sedimentation and filtration.These processes remove odor, color, and undesirable elements such as suspended matter and microbiological organisms.The filtered water from the two sources Detected Compounds MCLG MCL Max. Value Range Major Source Violation is then combined. MICROBIOLOGICAL The combined water is further enhanced before leaving the plant.The N/A TT 1 97.8%A Soil Runoff and Filter turbidity (NTU) NO water is disinfected to destroy microbes and provide protection against treatment processes microbial regrowth in the distribution system and your plumbing. The 0 <5% 0.6% 0.0% - 0.6% Naturally Present Total coliform bacteria NO water is also made less corrosive, thus prolonging your home plumbing in the environment and fixtures. Natural fluoride levels are slightly increased to optimal 4.0 3.68 3.36 - 3.68 Additive for Chloramine residual (mg/L)c N/A NO disinfection levels as a public health measure to help develop decay resistant teeth and strong bones. INORGANIC NO Water additive which proFluoride (mg/L) 4 4 0.80 0.68 - 0.80 The purification plant is staffed with dedicated, professionally motes strong teeth trained, State certified operational, laboratory and mainteNitrate (mg/L) 10 10 0.15 0.06 - 0.15 Runoff from fertilizer use and NO nance personnel. This staff operates and maintains erosion of natural deposits Copper (mg/L) 1.3 AL=1.3 0.17D Zero samples NO Corrosion of household the advanced water purification facility as well >AL *Copper(mg/L) 1.3 AL=1.3 0.29D plumbing systems as monitors and researches water D 1 sample Lead (ug/L) 0 AL=15 ND NO Corrosion of household quality issues. >AL 2BRO samples plumbing systems *Lead (ml/L) 0.002D 0 AL=15




Sodium (mg/L)

The following table lists additional regulated and non-regulated parameters. The MCLs listed below were established for aesthetic-related purposes and not for health reasons. Note that all values are below the MCLs.

Total trihalomethanes (ug/L) 0 Haloacetic acids (ug/L) 0 Total organic carbon N/A




10.8 - 15.0

Erosion of natural deposits; saltwater intrusion


100 60 TT

36.2C 7.8E 74.2F

18.2 - 21.4 ND - 18.2 68.7% - 84.8%

Disinfection by-product Disinfection by-product Naturally present


20.8E 6.6 2.2 0.64 93.8 0.53 9

16.1 - 25.6 5.8 - 7.2 1.6 - 2.9 0.5 - 0.9 70 - 232 ND - 0.8 7 - 10.9

Disinfection by-product Disinfection by-product Disinfection by-product Disinfection by-product Disinfection by-product Disinfection by-product Disinfection by-product


ORGANIC (Average)

ICR (Information Collection Rule)

Additional Parameters


Sulfate (mg/L) 250 Zinc (ug/L) 5,000 Color (units) 15 pH (units) 6.5 - 8.5 Total dissolved solids (mg/L) 500 Chloride (mg/L) 250 Fluoride (mg/L) 2 Total hardness (mg/L as CAC03) NR Total alkalinity (mg/L as CAC03) NR Calcium (mg/L) NR Foaming Agents (ug/l) 500 Manganese (ug/L) 50

Average Value 81 152 1 7.5 209 16.1 0.75 122 28.6 31.6 12 5

Range 58 -98 123 - 230 ND - 5 7.4 - 7.6 166 - 231 10.7 - 19.4 0.68 - 0.80 105 - 145 22.0 - 38.7 22.3 - 40.7 ND-28 ND-20

Haloacetic acids (ug/L) Haloacetonitriles (ug/L) Haloketones (ug/L) Chloral hydrate (ug/L) Total organic halides (ug/L) Chloropicin (ug/L) Cyanogen chloride (ug/L)



TABLE KEY & DEFINITIONS NR: not regulated. NTU: nephelometric turbidity units. AL: Action Level. ug/L: micrograms per liter or parts per billion. NA: not applicable.

TT: Treatment Technique. MCLG: Maximum Contaminant Level Goal. mg/L: milligram per liter or parts per million. BDL: below detection limits. MCL: Maximum Contaminant Level.

the value in the “range” column represents the month with the lowest percentage of turbidity values meeting the goal. total coliform detections must not exceed 5% of all monthly samples. C the maximum value for the copper and lead results represents the 90th percentile level (90% of the results are below this concentration) from 51 homes collected in June of 2001. D the value given in the “average” column is the highest moving annual average computed quarterly from distribution samples. E the values in the “average” column for the ICR compounds are the average value of all samples from 1998. IMMUNOCOMPROMISED INDIVIDUALS Maximum Contaminant Level Goal or MCLG: The level of a con- Total trihalomethanes: Disinfection by-products expressed as the sum Some people may be more vulnerable to contaminants in drinking water than the general population. Immunocompromised persons such as persons with taminant in drinking water below which there is no known or expect- of chloroform, dibromochloromethane, bromodichloromethane and tribromomethane. ed risk to health. MCLGs allow for a margin of safety. cancer undergoing chemotherapy, persons who have undergone organ transMaximum Contaminant Level or MCL: The highest level of a con- ICR Contaminants: Information Collection Rule compounds repreplants, people with HIV/AIDS or other immune system disorders, some elderly, taminant that is allowed in drinking water. MCLs are set as close to sent disinfection by-products collected quarterly in 1998 as part of and infants can be particularly at risk from infections. These people should seek the MCLGs as feasible using the best available treatment technology. national effort to determine the occurrence of these contaminants. advice about drinking water from their health care providers. EPA/ CDC guidelines on appropriate means to lessen the risk of infec- Treatment Technique or TT: A required process intended to reduce The health effects of these compounds are largely unknown. Haloacetic acids: Disinfection by-products expressed as the sum of tion by Cryptosporidium and other microbial contaminants are available from the the level of a contaminant in drinking water. mono-, di- ,and trichloroacetic acid; mono- and di- bromoacetic acid; Action Level or AL: The concentration of a contaminant which, if Safe Drinking Water Hotline (800-426-4791). These precautions apply to publicly supplied water, bottled water, private well water or water from home treatexceeded, triggers treatment or other requirements which a water sys- bromochloroacetic acid. ment devices. Haloacetonitrilies: Disinfection by-products expressed as the sum of tem must follow. Filter Turbidity (NTU): Filter turbidity or water clarity has no health di- and trichloracetonitrile, bromochloracetonitrile and dibromoaceFIND OUT THE FACTS effects. However, turbidity can interfere with disinfection and provide tonitrile. Concerns about drinking water quality have caused many residents to use a medium for microbial growth. Turbidity may indicate the presence Haloketones: Disinfection by-products expressed as the sum of bottled water or to install home treatment devices. Be sure to learn about the quality of the alternate water or the expected water quality from home treatment of disease-causing organisms. These organisms include bacteria, virus- 1,1-dichloropropanone and 1,1,1,-trichloropropanone. es, and parasites that can cause symptoms such as nausea, cramps, devices. If you need help in understanding water quality issues, have questions diarrhea, and associated headaches. about this report or have a water quality concern, please give us a call at THIS REPORT WILL NOT BE (941)746-3020. Additional information can also be found on the Public Works MAILED TO LONGBOAT KEY Internet site at: RESIDENTS. YOU MAY PICK UP A COPY AT THE FOLLOWING TOWN OFFICES: 501 BAY ISLES ROAD & 600 GENERAL HARRIS ST. ALSO Yes. Your drinking water is of much higher quality than required by all state and federal standards. Manatee County Water Purification Plant uses what is known as the multiple VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT WWW.LONGBOATKEY.ORG barrier approach to insure the safety of the water.This approach includes source protection, optimized particle removal at the purification plant and appropriate disinfection. A B




BUSINESS Store around the corner

Key Real Estate

the little salon


Banyan Bay Club Trustee George V. Famiglio Jr. sold unit 203 at the 44-unit Banyan Bay Club, 5250 Gulf of Mexico Drive, to Paul V. Holland of Maitland for $585,000.

4134 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 209 Longboat Key • 383-8699/Fax: 387-7774

Cedars West

Owner: Renée and Urs Wunderli. Year established: “There was a salon here, but we completely gutted it and remodeled it so it doesn’t look the same,” says Renée Wunderli. The little salon opened Oct. 1. Hours: It is open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Type of salon: “It is a full-service salon,” says Wunderli. Services include hair cutting and coloring, nail and skincare treatments, waxing and massages. Why open this kind of a store? “I had four salons in southwestern Michigan and I had been out of the business for a few years and just felt the desire to do it again,” she says. Wunderli has been a hairstylist since 1969, holding licenses in Michigan, New York and Florida. Prior to opening four salons in southwest Michigan, she worked at the Antoine Salon, Saks Fifth Avenue, New York City. Price range: From $10 for waxing and up. Wunderli says that her nail-care prices are a bit higher compared to other salons, because the salon provides

Sandra W. and Richard E. Mahrenholtz of Evansville, Ind., purchased unit 204 in building D at the 56-unit Cedars West, 5661 Gulf of Mexico Drive, from three Evansville couples for $196,500. The Mahrenholtzes paid $65,500 each to Rebecca L. and Randall K. Craig, Pam S. and John S. Guthrie and Mary M. and David L. Clark.

L’Elegance on Lido Beach Mark T. Ulanov of Northbrook, Ill., sold his unit B1010 at L’Elegance on Lido Beach to Nancy K. B. Moore, W. Lafayette, Ind., for $900,000. The two-bedroom and two-bath apartment was built by Yale Properties of Boca Raton in 1996.

Bay Harbour update Due to an error at the Sarasota Property Appraiser’s Web site, we reported an incorrect previous sale price for unit B-306 at Bay Harbour Apartments. Virginia and Otis A. Maxfield (not Maxwell) of Boothbay Harbor, Maine, purchased the apartment from Suzanne and Roy Wilson for $305,000. The property previously sold for $125,000 in 1993, not $314,000 in October of 2002, as posted by the Property Appraiser. Thus, instead of the apartment selling for $9,000 less than the previous sale, it actually sold for $180,000 more than the last sale 10 years ago. Kent Chetlain is a veteran Florida journalist and historian, a former Manatee County commissioner and a holder of a Florida real estate license. He has chronicled real estate activity in this area since 1957. ❑

each client with a personalized kit. “It is hygienically better than using the same tools on everyone,” she says. Unique service: Wunderli says that the individualized attention makes the salon unique. “And not only is it relaxing, but we serve the best espresso on the island,” she adds. Most popular item, service: She says that they seem to attract people for cutting and coloring. What is the most challenging part of running this business? Although the little salon hasn’t yet lived through slow Longboat Key summers, Wunderli believes that they are going to be challenging. Best business advice ever received: “My philosophy is that your focus has to be on your client. When somebody’s sitting in my chair, they are my most important person at that moment,” she says. Hobbies: “My husband and I row, that’s one of the things we do,” she says. Favorite book: “Actually, the most recent book was ‘Undaunted Courage,’”


From the Garden State to the Sunshine State

with Annette Rogers


BUILDING GOOD COMMUNICATION Good communication will enable you to get the best service from the Realtor who is helping you to buy or sell a home in the Longboat Key area. If you have any concerns, make them known not just to your spouse, your mother and your co-workers, but to the person who can do something about it – your agent! Real estate sales are extremely complex transactions which involve large sums of money and the largest single asset most individuals will ever own. Since the possibilities for misunderstandings are great, professional

Realtors work hard to ensure that the transaction will go smoothly. This requires clear communication between the buyers and sellers and other Realtors. Most of the breakdowns in real estate transactions result from vague or inadequate communication prior to the signing of the contract. Express any concerns that you may have and ask about anything you don’t understand – the only foolish question is the one that isn’t asked! For professional advice on all aspects of buying or selling real estate, please phone…

Call Direct: 941-504-0601 584 GUNWALE LANE - Panoramic Views From Almost Every Room of Bay & City, Lots of Upgrades Including Master Bath, New Tile Throughout, New Eurotech Kitchen, Serious Boating Water w/Private Dock & Lift, Fruit Trees & More. $2,315,000 NEW LISTING - HALYARD - Beautiful 2BR/2BA Completely Updated & Furnished. See it to Believe it. Only $709,000

Annette Rogers at Michael Saunders & Co.


941-387-0800 or 800-209-0330 • Website:

You can view all the Sarasota active listings on my website. • 5083 11142


Michael Saunders & Company, Licensed Real Estate Broker, 440 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Longboat Key, FL

The Chart House Centre • 201 Gulf of Mexico Dr. • Longboat Key • 941-383-6411

Yo u r Flor ida


V acation Connection

• Home with spacious 2,750 sq. ft. Needs TLC. Bring offer $537,500. • Build your dream home in growing upscale neighborhood. Choice of two canal fronts. $275,000 & $277,500. • All properties with deeded beach access.

Great Selection of Vacation Rental Properties. Jan Jordan & Michele Knuese, Principals

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Call JOE BOGUSZEWSKI, Realtor Coldwell Banker 323 St. Armands Circle Sarasota, FL 34236 Office: (941) 388-3966 Cell: (941) 302-0732



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Lusya Sullivan

Jo Lundquist and Renée Wunderli she says. “I like that because my husband and I actually rode the Upper Missouri River Breaks that was part of the Louis and Clark Trail.” Favorite movie: “Daughters of the Dust” is her favorite movie. What you like best about Longboat Key? “Of course, we like the weather, the ability to be outside a lot because we enjoy watersports,” she shares. Is there something you would add to or change about it? She’s happy with the Key the way it is. If you could reincarnate, who or what would you be? “I’ve always thought it’d be nice to be a cat,” she says. ❑






ommunity C

Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota. U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris will be the honored guest. To receive a medallion, bring your DD-214. Kimberly Brenner, 747-9081


If your organization would like to have meetings or events publicized, mail or fax the information at least one week in advance to The Longboat Observer, Box 8100, Longboat Key 34228; fax: 383-7193. All announcements must be typed, include hour and date of meeting, complete address of meeting place and a telephone reference number. To ensure accuracy, no telephone calls. Deadline is the previous Tuesday, 5 p.m.

on the Key

Second Friday “Sunset Stroll on the Circle” — will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, May 9, on St. Armands Circle. Details, 388-1554. Letter Carrier Food Drive — Sponsored by the National Association of Letter Carriers and benefiting All Faiths Food Bank, will be held Saturday, May 10. Canned and nonperishable items should be out by the mailboxes by 10 a.m. Food will be accepted before May 10 at the Longboat Key post office. Details, 383-4499. Pelican Man’s Bird Sanctuary Raffle — will be held at 3 p.m. Sunday, May 11, at the sanctuary’s Gift Shop. A 14-karat gold pelican charm with chain valued at $100, which also can be worn as a bracelet, will be raffled off. Tickets are $5 each or three for $10. Winners need not be present. Details, 388-4444. “How To Work A Room” — Small Business Week seminar will be held from 8 to 9:30 a.m. Monday, May 12, at Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites-Longboat Key. Andrew Vac will speak. RSVP, 387-9519. “Expectations, Economics & Emotions” — Small Business Week seminar will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday, May 12, at Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites-Longboat Key. Speakers will include Jeff Vollmer, Ben Cooper, Ralph Warfel and Mike Siegel.

RSVP, 387-9519.

Chamber Showcase — aka Table Tops, will be held by Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 13, on Avenue of the Flowers. Details, 387-9519. Longboat Key Democratic Club — will meet at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, May 13, at the Hilton Longboat Key Beachfront Resort. Barbara A. Zdravecky, president and chief executive officer or Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida, will speak on “President George W. Bush’s War Against Women.” Cost is $18. RSVP by May 9, 387-7199. “Identity Theft” — Small Business Week seminar will be held from noon to 1 p.m. Tuesday, May 13, at Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce, 6854 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Susie Kruse, vice president of Republic Bank, will speak. RSVP, 387-9519. “How To Promote Your Business And Get In The News” — Small Business Week seminar will be held from 8 to 10 a.m. Wednesday, May 14, at Holiday Inn Hotel & SuitesLongboat Key. Speakers will include Kay Miller, Matt Walsh and Jim Shurtleff. RSVP, 387-9519. “Working On Your Business — Not In It” — Small Business Week seminar will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday, May 14, at Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites-Longboat Key. Laura Plum will be the speaker. RSVP, 387-9519. Small Business Person of the Year Awards Breakfast — will be held by Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce at 7:30 a.m. Thursday, May 15, at Holiday Inn Hotel & SuitesLongboat Key, 4949 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Cost is $18. RSVP by May 12, 387-9519. The Education Center — is located at 5370 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Spring season has

Happy Mother’s Day!

The Pelican Man’s Bird Sanctuary will hold its annual Baby Bird Shower May 18. 388-4444. ended. Call the office at 383-8811 and leave your away address — that’s where new brochures will be delivered in September. Mote Marine Laboratory — located at 1600 Ken Thompson on City Island, is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Mothers will be admitted free on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 11, if accompanied by a child. Regular admission is $12 for adults, $8 for children ages 4 to 12 and free for members. It is free to members and one guest, and $5 for nonmembers but children younger than 4 are admitted free. Details, 388-4441, Ext. 229. Rotary Club of Longboat Key — meets for lunch at 12:15 p.m. Fridays at Hilton Longboat Key Beachfront Resort. Joe Pine, Metro Crime Prevention of Florida, will speak May 9. Cost for visiting Rotarians and guests is $12. Marilyn Bezner, 387-0706. The Selby Public Library Bookmobile — will be at the Longboat Library, located at 555 Bay Isles Road, from 1:15 to 2 p.m. every Monday. Mote Marine General Volunteer Meeting — will be held at 9 a.m. Thursday, May 8, in Martin-Selby Education Center. Details, 388-4441.

Lido Beach Potluck and Sunset Beach Walk — will be sponsored by the Manatee-Sarasota Sierra Club at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, May 17. RSVP by May 15 with Marge, 753-9709. Cost is a donation of $5 for conservation.

public events 50th Anniversary of the Korean War — The public is invited to attend the presentation of The Freedom Medallion by Chin Yu and the people of Korea to honor U.S. veterans of the Korean War at 10 a.m. Friday, May 9, at Disabled American Veterans Hall, 7177

Korean War Veterans Eighth Annual State Convention — will be held Thursday through Saturday, May 15 to 17, at Holiday Inn Riverfront, Bradenton. Director of the Department of Defense 50th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration Committee Nels Running, U.S. Air Force, retired major general, will be the keynote speaker. Details, 722-7183. Pizza Hut & Great Kids ‘Fun’D Raiser Night — Pizza Hut, located at 2901 N. Tamiami Trail, will donate 20% of its sales to Great Kids! Inc. from 5 to 9 p.m. through May. Customers will need coupons, which can be obtained by calling Great Kids’ development office at 952-1821. “Historic Preservation Day in Old Miakka” — will be celebrated by Crowley Museum and Nature Center in honor of the 32nd Annual National Historic Preservation Week from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, May 10, at 16405 Myakka Road, Sarasota. Admission is $5 for adult and children ages 5 to 12. Details, 322-1000. Summer Sunset Stroll — will be held from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 14, at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. Cost is $10 for members and $15 for nonmembers. Preregister with Marty Rein, 366-5731, Ext. 239. “Men Who Cook” — will be held at 6 p.m. Saturday, May 10, at Bradenton Municipal Auditorium, 1005 Barcarrota Blvd., Bradenton. Patrick, 746-7470. Cultural Arts Series — Martha Forman and Ruth Richmond will sponsor Shoula RomanoHoring’s appearance at 8 p.m. Saturday, May 15, at Temple Emanu-El, 151 S. McIntosh Road, Sarasota. It will be followed by a dessert reception. An attorney, radio host, opinion columnist and national public speaker, she will speak on Western media inaccuracies, distortion. Cost is $30. Details, 377-4999. Mother’s Day — moms are admitted free of charge to Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Sunday, May 11, when they are accompanied by family members. Folksinger Mindy Simmons will perform from 1 to 3 p.m. at part of the Sunday Afternoon Outdoor Garden Music Series. Regular admission to the Gardens, located at 811 S. Palm Ave., Sarasota, is $10 for adults, $5 for ages 6 to 11, and free for members and children 5 and younger. Details, 366-5731. ❑

Pat, Tom & Spencer Hanly

Selling Sarasota Successfully!


Islandside w/in LBK Club. Open views to beach & city skyline. Southern exposure, tastefully appointed. Over 3,500 sf.,3BR/3.5BA. 2-car garage. $3,500,000 TREYMORE OF PALM AIRE Endearingly OR different 3BR/2BA split plan. Enticing custom built EADYEFRS R home accented by cathedral ceilings. Relaxing pool. OFF Lake views, family room. Screened pool, Turnkey furnished. @ $399,900 ISLANDSIDE INN ON THE BEACH World class beach resort at your doorstep, largest 2BR in rental program. 2001 revenue $97,700+. Rarely available. $719,500 PENDING

BAYOU BAY ISLES Behind the gates of the LBK Club, you’ll find

this home with European architecture design. Elegant living & entertaining; 2-story estate 4BR +den, 5BA. Hardwood floors, large living room w/fireplace, security system, gourmet kitchen & lavish master bath. Grand living room & family room, music room/ library, wet bar, spiral staircase, stone flooring & elevator. WATERFRONT, CALL FOR DETAILS

BAYOU BAY ISLES Stately columns enhance the entrance of this SINGLE LEVEL home. Huge family room adjoined by open, airy kitchen. Granite counter-tops, wood and stone flooring, carpet in the BR. Tranquil views of lake and woods. Oversized garage and plenty of storage. $1,500,000

ICE T PR NT S E A LOW ERFRO 2 BR/2Bnd a T s n A e W or ow

WINDING OAKS Endless views from main living to golf course and the lake behind this charming

villa. Appointments through-out this furnished home. Private hot tub on the deck. Community pool and a fitness trail. Enjoy the lifestyle behind the gates of the LBK Bay Isles Club. $699,000 MAINLAND Brand new waterfront home just moments off the intracostal water way. Located in the Buccaneer Bay community this lovely 3BR + den/2.5BA home is ready for occupancy. Ceramic tile and carpet are used for the flooring with many other fine touches added. Pool/spa and large patio are perfect for entertaining or peace and quiet. Close to the amenities of Sarasota. $605,000

TES asis o E GA

H an ND T tyard homsetory great I H BE ub cour BA, 2- , eat-in it. l


room mer k KC BR/4 of LBrivacy. 3 al diningai w/sum t. Only a m p n of d la , for m retre room. Screene n island A y n l e . n kitch ted pool www.ha Hea 49,900 $8

Interactive Website: Email:

388-2331 5083

2063 5083

330 John Ringling Blvd. Sarasota, FL 376-6411 ~ Direct Line 388-4433 - office • 924-9000 ~ showing inquiries

b Sh ,000 ear d y Clu odel or t e. $595 r t n u in Co y for remream hom read your d anlyhom build www.h

TOLL FREE • 877-589-7979 e-mail



Good works

She teaches English and American way of life

Lusya Sullivan

Originally from Maryland, Janet Levsky has been a Longboat Key resident for five years. Janet Levsky is more than a tutor — she is a cultural guide. “All of my life I had a feeling that I wanted to teach reading to adults,” says Levsky, who has been involved with Literacy Council of Sarasota Inc. for 1 1/2 years. She thinks that her background has influenced her desire to volunteer there. “I’m a first-generation American on my father’s side. My mother was the first generation born in America,” she explains. For the past year, Levsky has been tutoring a woman from Argentina. When they started, the student hardly knew a word of English. Levksy, who doesn’t speak Spanish, says that they initially communicated through body language and pictures. She completely immersed her student in English. “Now, because she was able to speak a little bit of English, she was able to get another

job where most of the people speak English,” says Levsky. “And that gives me such a sense of accomplishment.” Levsky doesn’t just teach English. She says that the role of the tutors is to “introduce and aid them (immigrants) in the American way of life.” That includes going to the bank and opening an account, going grocery shopping and going to see a doctor. The Literacy Council trains the tutors and the program is almost free for the students. The students pay only a $5-application fee. “This way the students feel there is intrinsic value to the program,” explains Levy. The first book is free, but as studies progress, there are small fees for advanced books. But it hasn’t been easy for the council to absorb most of the cost lately. Donations to the council are down this year, Levsky says, and the organization could use more tutors. But if that’s not a possibility, the council’s office could use help. “They are so overburdened,” says Levksy. “There’s one lady in that office who’s employed — Roselyn Leon — she’s amazing. She’s so overburdened.” When Levksy is not volunteering, she helps her periodontist husband, Stanley S. Levsky, as his dental assistant. She also likes to knit and read. Her love of historical novels, biographies and autobiographies ties in perfectly with her next project. “I’ll be taking oral histories at The Kobernick House and Anchin Pavilion,” she shares. She will interview the residents “to get their histories down on paper for their families and for the archives,” she says. “These people had such phenomenal lives.”


Volunteer opportunities: • Literacy Council of Sarasota Inc.: 9550421. • American Red Cross, Manatee County Chapter: 792-8686.

FEATURED HOMES OF THE WEEK NEW CONSTRUCTION DOWNTOWN - Majestic Bay, only 6 remain in this intimate setting on Golden Gate Point. Construction to begin in this month. All have 3BR plus den and garage. Only 5 boat docks. Hurry! $1,175,000 - $1,999,000.

Tom & Andy



Because it’s all about trust two generations worth.

C ALL T HE C AILS (941) 954-5454 or (941) 387-7833


Licensed Real Estate Broker

LONGBOAT KEY - BAY ISLES QUEENS HARBOUR Courtyard home 3BR/3BA. Great family room & detached cabana guest suite. Pool and private beach club. $895,000. Courtyard home designed by artist owner. 3BR/3BA, pool & spa, surround sound, guest cabana. Private beach club. $862,500. THE BAYOU BOATING HAVEN for sizeable yacht. Light and bright home with marble floors, sweeping staircase, 4BR and huge bonus area, parking for 4 cars. Private beach club. $1,735,000. WHEN ONLY THE BEST WILL DO & details are essential, then this is the home for you. An “on golden pond” setting w/east exposure, pool, spa, summer kitchen, French doors, living room w/fireplace, surround sound, master suite beyond the imagination. 4BR, 3 full & 3 half baths. A one of a kind offering $1,225,000.

• Boys and Girls Clubs of Manatee County: 761-2582 • Camelot Community Care Inc.: 7089764. • Caregiver Time Out: 366-2224. • Cat Woman’s Shelter: 953-2280.

•Brand New with Sweeping Bay Views! In a sought after downtown location w/6,827SF, 5-6BR, 5 full & 3 half baths, faux & artisan finishes, intricate wrought iron railings, crown moldings, detailed ceilings, custom columns, 6CG, pool & dock, plus Robb & Stucky furniture equaling $130,000 INCLUDED. Will consider an exchange........................................$5,900,000. •Wide Open Bay Front Views! - A 1.5 acre estate with 8,767 SF, 7BR/7.5BA, double oak staircase, elevator, stone floors, stepped ceilings, built-ins, 2 fireplaces, wet bar with U-Line, gourmet kitchen with granite, Asko & Sub-Zero, 2 master suites, pool & 25 car garage...............................................$4,900,000. •A Gated Estate With 165 Feet On The Bay! - Deep water dock, brand new landscaping, open-air pool, updated kitchen with granite, marble and wood floors, built-ins, mahogany wet bar, fresh faux paint, 3 fireplaces, 2 family rooms plus a game room and an executive office.............................$3,950,000 •Prime 100’ Bay Views! A brand new 4,684 SF residence being built by Vision Homes with impeccable attention to details, furniture quality cabinetry, granite & more, formal living and dining, family room, kitchen w/breakfast nook, library, bonus room w/wet bar, pool, dock and 3 car garage............$3,100,000 •Gulf, Beach, Golf Course & Bay Views! Have it all in this 3,375 SF residence w/a private keyed elevator, 8’ wood doors, 10’ ceilings, tile, marble & wood floors, crown moldings, granite, brass hardware, Jacuzzi tub & bidet in MBr plus 2 garaged parking spaces...........................................................$2,995,000 •Wide Open Deep Sailboat Water! Oversized lot, 4BR/3BA. 4,613 SF with fabulous upgrades, miles of tile, crown moldings, vaulted ceilings, solid oak cabinets, new A/C, formal and informal dining, family room with home theater, granite and wood floors in the kitchen, sitting area with views of the poolside fountains, 60 foot deck, dock, paver drive and 2+ car garage....$1,599,000. •3.5 Acres With Bay Access! Own a piece of Sarasota’s history. Restored 4BR/3.5BA, 3,400 SF, wood floors, fireplace, new plumbing, windows and zoned A/C. Brand new kitchen with Corian and new floors, separate guest suite, pool and 3 car garage, in town.................................................$1,500,000. •Bayou Water With Dock & Lift! 3,258 SF, 3BR/5BA, library, office, family, game & exercise rooms, soaring ceilings, Corian, granite, Baldwin brass, tile & wood floors, plantation shutters, built-ins, faux paint, French doors, balcony with water views, pool, new landscaping & 3-4 car garage.............$1,100,000. •Unparalleled Quality! Custom decorated by Gwen Sears with Churchill’s Furniture (negotiable) 4BR/4BA, 3,510 SF with brand new tile and carpet, fresh paint, crown moldings, French doors, marble fireplace, granite, wood cabinetry, 2 car garage and pool in a sought after location. Furniture and financing available! Ask for Sasha! ....................................................$989,000. •Downtown Bay Front Penthouse! Next to The Ritz with a 32-foot living area, hidden wet bar, crown moldings, 2 tiled convertible balconies with sweeping bay views plus a 3rd balcony with city views & 2 covered parking spaces..................................................................................................$799,000. •Long Bay Views! 2,178 SF with 3BR/2.5BA, recessed lights, fresh paint, new carpet, diagonal tile, vaulted ceilings,, skylights, decorative mirrors, stained glass windows, fireplace, plant shelves, wood cabinets, glass enclosed breakfast nook, 2 balconies, wood deck with bay views, private laundry and 1 car garage in gated community..................................................................$550,000. •Tremendous Views! Downtown bay front with 1,688 SF, 2BR/2BA, 15 ft tiled balcony, neutral interior, crisp ceramic tile, fresh paint, decorative mirrors, recessed lights & built-ins, in a full service building with concierge & valet services, assigned garage parking & more!.........................................$549,000. •Large Corner Lot on Siesta Key! 3BR/3BA with 2,827 SF, generous space, vaulted ceilings, open stairwell, new double pane windows, custom window treatments, new side porch, intercom & security systems, new zoned A/C, brand new “Key West” style galvanized aluminum roof & 2 car garage. Room for a pool.............................................................................................$519,000. •Downtown RENTAL! 1284 SF 2BR/2BA tastefully updated w/ wood & tile floors, newer appliances, great views, parking & amenities......$1,600 p/month •RENTAL with Water Views! Downtown, 1150 SF, 2BR/2BA, fresh paint, stone-like tile and newer appliances.........................................$1,200 p/month

HAVE IT ALL! - This gracious family home has all the most wanted features. The floor plan works for a couple and for a crowd, for long term guests or grandchildren on vacation. 4BR/3.5BA, private pool area and beach club. $995,000.


GRAND BAY THE ULTIMATE interpretation of understated elegance. Top of the world feeling w/views from Sarasota skyline to end of LBK, from Gulf to Bay. Anne Folsom Smith’s talent has been combined w/owners’ innate good taste to bring this “Cayman” to new heights of quality, luxury & beauty. Offered furnished at $1,385,000. WINDWARD BAY PENTHOUSE - Direct Bay front corner unit with 2BR/2BA, updated kitchen, lanai has been converted for year round use, new windows, light & appealing decor. Community pools, clubhouse. Tennis courts, boat docks & beach access. $399,000.

(941) 954-9000 100 N. Washington Blvd., Suite 102 • Sarasota • FAX (941)955-7169 on the internet: • email:


RE/MAX Properties

ON THE BEACH - Positano, on the site of Longboat Key’s Holiday Inn. Incredible location with over 9 acres as a setting for 5 three story buildings. Twenty nine luxury residences in all, 3BR plus den, some private pools. $1,750,000 - over 3 million.

• Animal Rescue Coalition: 957-1955, Ext. 7. • Arthritis Foundation: 794-1400. • Asolo Theatre Festival: 351-9010, Ext. 3000 • Auxiliary of Doctors Hospital: 921-7199.



SPORTS At the net

Add a shot to your game

LBK Public Tennis Center: 590 Bay Isles Road, 316-TEN-S (8367) Schedule — 7 Days/Week Open play: Mornings: 8, 9:30 and 11; Afternoons: 3:30, 5 and 6:30

Daily Round Robins at 3:30 p.m.: • Men: Tues., Thurs., Sat. • Women: Mon., Wed., Fri. • Mixed: 3:30 p.m. Sun.

Special events: • Who’s B.O.B.: Men’s Singles, 2 p.m. Tues. • Where’s the B.O.S.S.: (3.0 to 3.75 level of play), 11 a.m. Mon.

Reservations suggested.

Bayfront Park Recreation Center: 4052 Gulf of Mexico Drive, (941) 316-1980

Ongoing classes May 7 to 13 Sports/Fitness classes: • Aerobics, (low-impact): 8 a.m. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday • Young at Heart: 9:30 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday • Muscles & More (weight-bearing): 8 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday • Weight Watchers: Weigh-in is at 11:30 a.m. and meeting is at noon Monday. Passive Programs: • Duplicate Bridge: 1 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday News and notes: • Summer Day Camp (ages 5 to 12): 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. June 2 through Aug. 8.

Insights: It looks like it’s that time of year again. This year’s season is just about over. How was your game this year? Is there any room for improvement? Whether you are heading back North or settling in here for the summer, now is the time to work on your game. It’s the off season and what better time than now to improve your game for next season? You have four or five months to work on it, so make a commitment to do it. What are you going to do to improve your game and how are you going to get there? Why not add a new shot to your game? Don’t just settle on improving your ability to watch the ball or bend your knees or to get ready earlier. Add something all new to your game. And what shot should you add? Can you hit a spin serve, a top-spin lob, a two-handed backhand, a drop shot, a half volley or any one of a number of other shots? What shot did you always want to be able to hit? Was it a slice backhand, a running forehand, an angled overhead, a high backhand volley? Still wondering? If all these shots are in your repertoire, ask your pro about some others. Now pick one. How will you be able to add this shot to your game? You really need professional help here. Just because your partner can hit the shot, it doesn’t mean that you should learn it from him or her. So, ask your pro to show you how. Take a lesson and learn the fundamentals of the shot; from the grip, to the preparation, to the contact point and follow through. Get it all right, from the beginning. Then, practice it — over and over. Make sure you carve out one or two practice sessions every week. Devote it to your new shot only. Set up a practice session with your doubles partner or a ball machine. If you’re working on a serve, get an empty court and a bucket of balls. If no one’s available, don’t forget about using a backboard (there are three or four on the island). An hour or even a half-hour of earnest practice at a time is sufficient. When you are practicing, don’t forget to aim. You should have targets on the court. Make them big enough that you can hit them. Keep track of your hit ratio. Work on improv-

ing it each time. Take breaks throughout the practice session to evaluate your status. After a few weeks, check back with your teaching professional. Take a half-hour lesson to brush up on your technique and then head back to your practice sessions. You should repeat this cycle several times throughout the summer. Once you have gained some confidence in your shot, begin using it in a game atmosphere. Start by playing points with your practice partner. Don’t worry about keeping score. Simply concentrate on using the shot. Then, play some games, but do not worry about who wins the games. Just practice that shot. Finally, when playing a match, work it into the game every chance you get. By the end of the summer, you should have a new shot to show off to your returning friends. Remember, you made a commitment to get it in your game this summer. So, do it.

JOHN Mrachek

What’s happened: The Suncoast Senior Championships were hosted by the Courtside Tennis Club on the last weekend of April in Venice. Local players had a great showing. Dave Rothgaber won the Men’s Singles 70s Division; Donald Semisch was the Men’s Singles 65s Finalist; Andy Gladsden was the Men’s Singles 60s Finalist; and Jay Parker was the Men’s Singles 55’s Finalist. In Doubles, Larry Greenspon and his partner captured the Men’s Doubles 55s title. On the ladies side, Donna Schlorf won the Ladies Singles 70s title. Congratulations to all. Two local USTA teams will be representing our district at the Section/State Championships being held the last weekend in May at the new National USTA Tennis Center in Daytona Beach. They include the 4.0 Super Senior Men’s team, captained by Jack Daly of Longboat Key, and the 4.0 Super Senior Ladies’ team captained by Donna Schlorf of Longboat Key. Good luck and well done. John Mrachek is the manager of the Longboat Key Public Tennis Center. He is also the 2000 club champion in open singles, doubles and mixed doubles at the Longboat Key Club. ❑


it’s all in the details The Renaissance of Sarasota offers luxurious living at an exceptional price. Set in the heart of Sarasota’s cultural district, you can walk to the Van Wezel, stroll to your favorite café or shop in some of the finest stores. With pristine bay and gulf views you can enjoy unmatched amenities including a pool with cabana and poolside grill, a fully-appointed health club, aerobic center, sauna and masseuse. Entertain guests in the multi-media theatre or plan a party in the two-story grand clubroom. Offering one, two and three bedroom condominiums from the $200’s. Come discover The Renaissance of Sarasota before it’s too late. One, Two & Three bedroom condos

From the

Immediate Move-in Available


Sales Information & Appointments call

Decorated Models Open Daily


750 North Tamiami Trail • Sarasota, Florida 34236 Oral representations cannot be relied upon as correctly stating representations of the developer. For correct representations, make reference to this advertisement and to the documents required by section 718.503, Florida Statutes, to be furnished by a developer to a buyer or lessee.


PLAYER OF THE WEEK How many years have you played golf? “I have played golf for many years, but on Longboat Key, I started playing in 1981,” Langton says. A native of Great Britain, Langton was an occasional visitor to the Key since 1979 and in 1996 became a permanent resident. “Golf and the symphony are my passions and I play golf four times a week,” he adds. Langton serves on the Florida West Coast Symphony board. What is your best score? “For the first time ever I broke 80 with a 79 and it was two weeks ago while playing at Islandside course,” he smiles. “I was just having a great golfing day.” What kind of clubs do you use? Langton uses King Cobra clubs and Calloway irons. What is the highlight of your golfing career? “I remember it well,” Langton says. “It was in February last year when I got a hole in one at hole #3 on the Red Course at Harbourside.” And, Langton adds, “I had a tingle of excitement the first time I was invited to play at Augusta. I have played there six times and I was so excited, it took me three times to get a par.” Is there anything you would like to improve in your game? “In golf, there is always room for improvement. What I really need to do is straighten out my drives and be consistent,” Langton says, and he adds, “My partners call me the Banana King, because my drives curve so much.” What is your favorite part of the game? “I enjoy the challenge of putting. I think I am reasonably good at it,” he says. What is your funniest flub up? Langton recalls, “It was real flub-up and a very embarrassing one. Playing at the Legacy Club, I hit a ball into the water. My partner and I went into the water to find it, when suddenly the cart rolled into the water between us. It took a wrecker to get the cart


Bryan Langton Longboat Key Club Men’s Golf Association back on dry land.” What golfer do you most admire? “It has to be Tiger Woods,” Langton says. “He is an absolutely incredible golfer and has such tenacity and assuredness.” What is your advice to other golfers? Langton says, “Come out and have a good time. Enjoy yourself. And, if you want to really improve your game, spend some time practicing.” What do you like best about golfing on Longboat Key? “The golfing friends I made in 1981, I still have today and still play with them,” Langton says. “In addition, I continue to make new friends. It’s wonderful.” —Dora Walters




First Class Mail: ❑ 3 Months $25.00

❑ One Year $140.00

❑ 6 Months $85.00

❑ 3 Months $45.00

Call for Canadian and European rates.


Name _____________________________________________________________________________ Address _____________________________________________________________________________ City State Zip Visa/MC/AmEx #_____________________________________Exp. Date___/___/____

5570 Gulf of Mexico Dr. P.O. Box 8100, Longboat Key, Florida 34228 • Ph: (941) 383-5509 • Fax: (941) 383-7193


— April 29 Shirley Levine Elaine Lewin Rosalie Krone Lillian Meckler Jackie Allen Phyllis Bushnell Barbara Marcouiller Charlotte Laven

Liberty1 Mortgage st

5.625% - 30 Year 5.750% - Jumbo 30YR $100,000 - $322,700 – 5.722 APR

$322,701 - $650,000 – 5.841 APR

0 Points

0 Points 5083

4030 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Longboat Key 383-1313

❑ 6 Months $35.00

Event: Low Net Class A 39 40 40 Class B 35 40 Class C 38 42 42

GREAT RATES • GREAT SERVICE 713 S. Orange Avenue, Sarasota • 941- 957-4486 The Gulf Coast Business Review Invites you to join us as we salute the area’s leading entrepreneurs at the

Michael’s On East Ballroom, 1212 East Avenue South, Sarasota, FL

Longboat Ace Hardware

❑ One Year $45.00

Women’s Golf Association 18 Hole

Friday, May 16, 2003 Registration: 11:30 am • Luncheon: Noon – 1:30


Bulk Mail:

Event: 1BB — April 29 Gross 1st 70 Barbara Brizdle, Chris Hersberger, Sherri Lublin, Barbara Kiefer 2nd 77 Margaret Lachmann, Joann Stein, Jan Van Iten, Penny Wolf Net 1st 54 Judy Sande, Pat Heffron, Sandy Day, Rochelle McKinney 2nd 57 tie


Garbage Bags Tall Kitchen 13gal., 90 ct.; 33gal., 40 ct.; Lawn & Leaf 39gal., 30 ct.; 45gal. 24 ct.; 55gal., 20 ct.

I would like to subscribe to

Event: Scramble — Rally For A Cure April 22 1st 45 Pauline Burns, Phyllis Bushnell, Joan Stewart, Gloria Kleven 45 Jackie Allen, Shirley Levine, Alexandra Ziegler, Mary Lou Redding 2nd 47 Marie Barr, Sally Bunnell, Hope Weatherby, Betty Van Noorden

Event: Nassau — April 22 front, back, overall Flight 1 Sue Olin, Penny Wolf, Sue Olin Flight 2 Jean Tarsey (tie), Linda Burke Flight 3 Barb Hostetter, Edna Fussner, Edna Fussner

Dora Walters

Kathryn Walkertie, Martha Malone

Longboat Key 18 Hole Association

Longboat Key Niners

While Supplies Last During May!


Flight 4

Longboat Key Club

Conveniently located in mid-Longboat Key!




Primary Sponsor: NORTHERN TRUST BANK Co-Sponsors: Walters, Levine, Brown, Klingensmith & Thomison, P.A. CPA Associates Vengroff, Williams & Associates Start-Up Florida University of South Florida, Sarasota/Manatee FCCI Fax this form to: 362-4808 ❐ Table of 8 - $240 ❐ Please reserve _____seats at $30 each Name ______________________________________________________________ Company __________________________________ Phone ________________ E-Mail ______________________________________________________________ Names of guests with me ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ❐ Check Enclosed (Payable to Gulf Coast Business Review) Charge my ❐ Visa ❐ MasterCard Exp Date __________________________ Card Number________________________________________________________ Cardholders Name (please print) ______________________________________ Mail to: Gulf Coast Business Review Entrepreneur of the Year 2003 650 Central Avenue Suite #5, Sarasota, FL 34236

Call 362-4848 for more information Reservation Deadline: Friday, April 18

10D THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003


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Luxury presents


on the

INCREDIBLE - desirable location. Custom home on deep water with bay views. Ultimate lifestyle. Walled and private. Gorgeous! $3,350,000 BAYFRONT - wide open direct bay views. Deep water lot Best on the Bay! $2,200,000 GULFFRONT - behind the gates - 8th floor, custom decor - beauty! Sunsets - Right on the beach. $689,000 BAYFRONT - DOWNTOWN -TESSERA - Very private. Only two residences per floor featuring no common walls. Luxurious 6th floor. Upgraded, magnificent kitchen. Wrap around bayfront terraces w/gorgeous gulf to bay views + city. $1,495,000

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Call John McCormick or Cathy Meldahl for an appointment. Wagner Realty 941-383-5577 or 800-352-0367. Since 1939 Since 1939

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Roberts Point Rd. The Landings Osprey Lakewood Ranch Commercial Opportunity


$1,490,000 $574,900 $385,000 $689,000 $2,600,000

Sylvia Zimmerman

Direct 941.552.3950 Cell 941.350.5022 e-mail: 595 Bay Isles Rd. Ste. 115 • Longboat Key, FL

Classifieds Work! Just Call Maureen 383-5509

Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker 440 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Longboat Key, Fl. 941-383-7591


at The Centre Shops


DIRECT GULF FRONT Fully furnished 2BR/2BA direct gulf front condo with fabulous Gulf and sunset views. Open floor plan with large gulfside porch. Dave Moynihan. 778-2246. #91225. #234712.................................$574,500

Longboat Key - Grand Bay - Exceptional value, incredible views. Exquisitely turnkey furnished with custom stone flooring & artistic murals. A must see unit with wrap-around terrace & 2 parking spaces. Offered @ $935,000 Lakewood Ranch - Pristine 2BR/2BA home with den/office located in gated, maintenance-free lakefront community. Loads of upgrades including wood floors, hot tub, outdoor kitchen. Shows like a model. Offered @ $259,950 Longboat Key - Bayfront Lot - This direct waterfront lot with 132 ft. of bayfront and 138 ft. of canal front presents a priceless view. SALE PENDING @ $2,295,000

ST ARMANDS TREASURE Beautifully landscaped 3BR/3BA home with recently updated kitchen, bath & more. Warm tropical feel of "Old" FL on quiet side of circle. Spacious great room. Duane Henderson. 727-2800. #89041........................................$549,000 BEAUTIFUL WATERVIEW Walk out to pool, tastefully decorated and TKF, glass enclosed lanai, private beach with storage and cabana, boat docks. Dorothy Cook. 383-5577. #230973.......$195,000

Call the Seigel Team Today Suzette & Jay Seigel, Esq.



941.228.5298 5083


Email: Website: 5360 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key (941) 383-5577 • Toll Free (800) 352-0367 MLS

From the Gulf Beaches to the Golf Courses...


Expansive Penthouse with magnificent vistas of the beach and the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Five bedrooms, Four full baths. Guest casita has private entry and private balcony. Expansive terrace with summer kitchen. Private elevator directly to this very special home and separate two car garage with lots of storage area. Elegant estate enclave of only 31 residences. $4,200,000.


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Developers Realty Corp. Lic. R.E. Broker 1819 Main Street, Suite 200, Sarasota, FL

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ENJOY THE TOWER RESIDENCE RITZ CARLTON - Split bedroom floor plan. Spacious w/all rooms opening to the tremendous terrace. Western exposure 2BR/3BA plus den. $1,695,000 ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS - ground floor walk-out plus private patio with great Gulf and sunset views. Totally redone - a masterpiece! Furnished $755,000 LONGBOAT KEY CLUB INN ON THE BEACH Fantastic club amenities - golf, tennis, fitness center, fine dining, heated pool, plus gorgeous Gulf beach. 2BR/2BA - Direct Beach and Sunsets - largest floor plan end unit with extra large terraces $800,000 OUTSTANDING VIEWS - and value! Direct beachfront club suite. $340,000 CLUB SUITE - with enchanting lagoon and city views. Turnkey furnished. $245,000

(941) 232-3304 (941) 383-4276 A/H



THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003 11D


$490,000,000 IN SALES

loria regory G G

A Certified International Property Specialist

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COUNTRY CLUB SHORES 561 HALYARD LANE - Beautiful 2BR/2BA Completely Updated & Furnished. See it to Believe it. Only $709,000 584 GUNWALE LANE- Point lot, panoramic views from almost every room of Bay & City, lots of upgrades, new tile, new Eurotech kitchen, boating water w/private dock & Lift,“VIRTUAL TOUR” $2,315,000 572 YAWL LANE - 2nd lot in from bay w/gorgeous views from 2 master suites. 5BR/4.5BA. 2 story Mediterranean custom updated w/volume ceilings & grand staircase. 2-car attached garage w/paver drive. No bridges to intracoastal waterway & Sarasota Bay. Lushly landscaped, caged, heated pool. “VIRTUAL TOUR” $ 1 , 6 9 5 , 0 0 0

RENTALS AVAILABLE FANTASTIC - 130 Ft "T" Dock available for that special yacht June 1, 2003 Call 203-288-6312 SINGLE FAMILY HOME - Everything in this Country Club Shores 2/BD/2BA home is BRAND NEW. Available NOW!! CALL TOM FOR HIS OTHER LISTINGS

SELLER MOTIVATED! Lovely 3BR/2BA canal home, w/oversized lot. Golf course, canal and partial bay view. Enclosed lanai, dock. $599,000


course & water views. Beautiful 2 story, 4 BR/4.5BA custom home in gated community. Separate cabana overlooking pool/spa. Virtual Tour $1,900,000



Team Buky Gabe

New behind the gates at LBK Club. Villa offers views of lake and golf course, swimming pool/spa. 2 car garage. Also available for rental. $649,000.

WESTCHESTER... Gorgeous 2 bedroom/2 bath 5th floor corner unit. ING Beautifully remodeled direct beach view offered for ND PEwith $675,000. Virtual Tour

CASEY KEY - This Carl Abbott 4BR/4.5BA boasts fabulous 360° gulf & Bay views. Numerous upgrades. Private beach, pool, detached guest suite. Virtual tour. $3,500,000


GRAND BAY - Fabulous 300 degree bay panorama from the wraparound balcony of this immaculate, 6th floor Antigua corner unit. All the amenities! $1,385,000 Updated kitchen and baths.

E-mail Tour Tom’s Listings



COUNTRY CLUB SHORES Well maintained home.

Direct to Tom 941-387-1875 or 941-504-9282

941-383-6411 Office

Fourth from the bay, this 3BR/3BA home is meticulously maintained. Canal front, 10,000 lb boat lift, heated pool, screened lanai. Offered for $1,099,000.


LAWRENCE POINT 97 SUNSET DRIVE, #302. 2BR/2BA spectacular full unobstructed bay view in gated Ritz Carlton subdivision in outstanding downtown, near St. Armands & beaches. HURRY. “VIRTUAL TOUR” $495,000

Maggie Hicks


The market is showing significant signs of increased activity once again. Please allow me to show you you how I can assist with your Real Estate needs. It’s what I love to do!

Charming 2 bedroom 2 bath second floor unit featuring views of the beautifully manicured grounds and reflection pond. Great rental opportunity. Available furnished. $515,000.

SEAPLACE... 4th floor unit offers 2 bedroom 1 bath and wonderful gulf and sunset views. A wonderful weekend getaway or great rental opportunity. Offered for $342,000.

FAIRWAY BAY... Beautifully updated 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom. Sunny location, very light and bright, garage parking wonderful amenities. Available furnished for $399,000.

Louis Wery (941) 232-3001 Search for all properties on Award-Winning Website

Presidents Elite top 4% worldwide

Charles Richmond Park at University Park

INVESTORS Island duplex FAIRWAY BAY Townhouse close to beach. Great rental with boat dock and water$649,900 history. $414,900 views

Luxurious privacy. 3 or 4BR/3BA. Custom 3tier pool/spa. 2+ car garage. More! $726,000.

2 OPEN HOUSES SUNDAY 1-4 PM 3351 Bayou Sound LBK Club BOATER’S DELIGHT 3800 sq ft 3BR /5BA with water views from all rooms. $1,279,000. 3532 Mistletoe LBK Club BAYFRONT w/boat dock 4/5 BR, media room. Open plan, lots of glass. $1,499,000.

Three Oaks Preserve KEY TOWER SOUTH BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Large 2BR/2BA, 6th floor, large PostNet at Ave of the Flowers terrace, incredible beach shopping center. $159,000 views. $639,900

Custom 3 or 4BR/3BA home with caged pool & spa. Many designer upgrades. $399,500.

Oak Ford Golf Club LONGBOAT HARBOUR LONGBOAT KEY Direct D lights. Panoramic bay views, close to Bayfront home, UCEcity D E R pool, boat docks, deeded Sailboat water. $1,599,000 beach access. $239,900

3 or 4BR/3BA on about an acre overlooking golf course. Air-conditioned 2+car carage. Master with 3 walk-in closets. Upgrades. $339,500.

Speaks English, French, Spanish, Portuguese & Italian


PRIVATEER Total renoLIDO SURF & SAND Gulf vation & incredible ED gulf Cbeach D buildviews, on the and and bay view, nicest U D CEin E behindR the gates! Just ing, furnished, REDUsteps to white $569,000 reduced to $599,000 sand beach! LIDO BEACH 44 condos from $150,000 to $4,460,000 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES 38 homes from $349,000 to $4,850,000 GOLDEN GATE POINT - Pre-Construction

(941) 387-1864

International President’s Elite Top 4% of Agents Worldwide Certified International Property Specialist Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist Accredited Buyer’s Representative Elite Previews® Property Specialist

3161 Bayou Sound 4BR/4BA + den & FR, 3800 SF. Open plan, caged pool & spa. Spacious kit., cer. flrs, marble mast. BA & outdoor cook center. $1,449,000. SPECTACULAR BAY VIEWS - 5000 SF. bayfront maintenance free home in Queens Harbor. Quality abounds with marble and granite surfaces, 20’ ceilings, gourmet kitchen, sumptuous master suite, dock for 2 boats. $2,399,000. BAY ISLES - Pristine 3BR home w/high ceilings, ceramic floors, bonus 1st level for a car collector, hobbiest, rec room. Walking distance to golf, beach & marina. $699,000. TANGERINE BAY - Updated in “Tommy Bahama” fashion 2BR +den w/beautiful Sarasota Bay views. Features include bamboo flrs, gourmet kit. lg master suite, 2 car gar., outdoor patio for grilling. $749,000. NEW VILLA- LBK CLUB - Just completed, 3BR/3.5BA. w/pool & spa. Very bright open floor plan, ceramic floors, granite kit, high ceilings, 2 car gar. Reduced $649,000. BOAT SLIPS - LBK MOORINGS MARINA 60’ - $212,000 45’ - $160,000

Office: - 387-1863 Res: - 383-2025 View virtual tours of these listings at: www.LONGBOATWATERFRONT.COM

201 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 1 • Longboat Key, FL 34228

12D THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003



THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003 13D

Four Outstanding Agents with Over 75 Years of Experience VÉÄwãxÄÄ UtÇ~xÜ cÜxä|xãá \ÇàxÜÇtà|ÉÇtÄ






Joyce Huber Mark Huber


ST. ARMANDS WATERFRONT...A landmark home on St. Armand’s Key, a one-of-a-kind property. Two-lot waterfront estate is walled and landscaped. Inside is a comfortable Florida-style home, the focus of outside beauty is brought inside through generous use of glass. $2,995,000

L’AMBIANCE...Over 4,890 square feet of living space in this magnificent, one-of-a-kind residence with spacious terraces on both sides overlooking the Gulf, the Bay, the golf course and the city skyline. Superb designer features in every room from custom wall coverings to comfortable, yet elegant furniture; gourmet kitchen; and spectacular marble and mosaic tile flooring. $5,999,000

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES POINT...Completely renovated gated estate home on the end of Ketch Lane. This wonderful point lot home has over 4,000 square feet of inviting space which includes three bedrooms plus office, gourmet kitchen and bar. Room for 3 boats and 2, two-car garages. $2,995,000 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES POINT...This spectacular property is located on the “point” with over 163’ of Bay frontage and 120’ of protected deepwater canal. The views are endless; downtown Sarasota, John Ringling Mansion and panoramic views of Sarasota Bay. The perfect location for your dream home! $1,849,000 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES...Lowest price waterfront house by $100,000! Three bedroom home on the west end of Ketch Lane. Has been partially remodeled and is ready for occupancy or further renovation. $499,000 BAYOU HAMMOCK...Situated on over 1.5 acres on the north end of Longboat Key, this 4,200 square foot home is a true delight. In a Selby gardens-like setting, you are surrounded by over 340 feet of water frontage that includes three docks. Inside are three bedrooms and a pecky cypress designed office as well as vaulted ceiling in family room, living and dining space. $2,595,000 THE OAKS...Simply spectacular. Over 7,500 square feet of authentic country French living. This home has been completely rebuilt with love and superior quality. Four or five bedrooms in the main house plus a mother-in-law guest house attached by a breezeway. Built on two lots with over 350’ of estate frontage; the backyard overlooks an impressive lawn and lake. A truly one-of-a-kind residence in Oaks I. $2,199,000 REDUCED! THE SANCTUARY...Wonderful 7th floor, direct gulf large corner residence, beautifully finished. Sumptuous master suite, guest suite, den/3rd BR plus kids’ retreat. Furnished. $2,199,000 THE SANCTUARY...Located in the Sanctuary’s prime direct Gulf building. This popular floor plan offers both direct Gulf and Bay and city views. Many upgrades are included, such as generous use of tile, wet bar, built-ins and, two storage and two parking spaces. $1,549,000 WATER CLUB...Beautiful Cambridge residence in the southern building. Sunset Gulf views as well as views over Sarasota Bay. 6th floor height means 10’ ceilings. Tastefully furnished. Den can be used as a third bedroom. May be purchased furnished. $1,249,000 TANGERINE BAY...Properly priced and ready to move in, wonderful views across the resort-like pool of Tangerine Bay to Sarasota Bay. The interior is well appointed, with oversized eat-in kitchen, gas fireplace and sumptuous master suite. Also a full two-car garage. $779,000 AQUARIUS...This south end, Longboat Key beach residence is ready to move into. Northwest exposure for beautiful sunsets. Ideally located in walking distance of Publix and the Colony, this is one of your last chances to live in a 2/2 for only $499,000

roger c. pettingell luxury waterfront specialist



Roger has listed and sold over $275,000,000 in luxury and waterfront homes.


Selected by

“REALTOR” Magazine as one of the Top 100 Sales People in the country for 2002

For Great Results Call Barbara Top MLS Sales Volume For 2003

Bruce has been charting the course in residential real estate for over 22 years! The only time in life it doesn’t cost more to hire the best. L’AMBIANCE PENTHOUSE


5200 sq. ft. directly on the beach w/2400 sq. ft. of wrap-around terraces. Fabulous views of Gulf, Golf course, Bay & Sarasota. 4BR plus den, office, game room, 7BA en suite. Private elevator, under cover parking, extra storage & wine lockers. $6,995,000. BAYOU HAMMOCK

Enclave of 13 luxurious residences on Golden Gate Point! Unparalleled panoramic views, private boat docks avail. 2,651 -5,837 sq. ft. Priced from $1,525,000 to $4,300,000. BIRD KEY


REGENT PLACE PENTHOUSE! Imagine the perfect view, the perfect floor plan, & the perfect location. Here it is!! Walls of glass bring the entire Gulf, Sarasota Bay, Downtown, distant islands & Islandside Golf into your world in the sky. Exquisite detail with 12’ ceilings, 8’ solid oak doors & trim, luxurious master suite, 2 en-suite bedrooms, plus office & den, private elevator & 2 huge terraces. $4,250,000. WHAT IS YOUR “WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY?” - Owners will accept $2,250,000 firm until June 7, 2003 for this perfect gem at Regent Place. Act now and live on the beach in total privacy. Sparkling water, white powder sand, & sunsets 365 days a year. No peer anywhere the sun shines. $2,250,000. A RARE OPPORTUNITY - New bayfront custom estate home on St. Armands Key w/180° views of Sarasota Bay, Mote Marine Bird Sanctuary & the city skyline. A 5-BR, 5400 sq. ft. masterpiece w/highest quality construction, architectural detail & elegant finishes. Unparalleled waterside ambiance w/sophisticated modern amenities. Dock w/16,000 lb. & 10,000 lb. lift. The large lanai overlooks the 35’ swimming pool & spa. DRASTICALLY REDUCED! $3,350,000. VILLA DI LANCIA - Privacy & gulf front panorama end unit penthouse. Volume ceilings, huge terrace, wood floors, fireplace, gourmet kitchen, private elevator & all amenities. PRICE REDUCED. $1,700,000. SANCTUARY - Corner unit w/wrap around views of golf and gulf. 2BD, den 2.5BA turnkey furnished. Expansive beach, sensational amenities in secure, environment. $949,000. ATRIUM - Rarely available “Banyan” floor plan, in direct bayfront end unit. Over 2,600 sq. ft., eat-in-kitchen, huge great room, 3 BR/2.5BA, 3 balconies, wonderful amenities. $879,000. FAIRWAY BAY - Direct bay front, 2BR/2BA, end unit. Beautifully decorated in one of LBK’s nicest communities. Amenities galore. $459,900. CASA DEL MAR - Fabulous rental complex on beach. Low maintenance fee & great on-site rental program. Beautifully redecorated & updated. $399,900. HARBOUR OAKS - Maintenance free home. 3BR/2.5BA + den. Large great room w/vaulted ceilings, tile floors, & designer touches. Huge screened back deck, 2 car garage, new roof, paver brick drive & entry walkway. $459,900. ISLANDS WEST - Direct gulf front 2BR/2BA w/panoramic views of Gulf, Bay & Downtown. Exceptional building, sensational amenities. Priced to sell quickly w/furnishings. PRICE REDUCED. $609,000. BEACHES OF LONGBOAT KEY - CONTRACT PENDING $695,000. ★ ★ ★ ★ INN ON THE BEACH ★ ★ ★ ★ Superb 1st level 2BR/2BA walk-out to pool and beach $795,000.

First level, 2BR/2BA. Fabulous resort pool and wide beach. $695,000. See Virtual Tour at: JOYCE HOME 383-2440 MARK HOME 383-6739 387-1822 (Office Direct) • 800-365-8492

2254 Harbour Court Drive - LISTED IT & PENDING 1241 GMD Water Club Unit 705, Longboat Key - LISTED IT 2120 Harbourside Drive, Atrium Unit 655, Longboat Key - SOLD IT 5263 Heron Way 104, The Landings - LISTED IT 3553 Fair Oaks Lane, Queens Harbor, Longboat Key - LISTED IT 1241 GMD Water Club, Unit 305, Longboat Key - LISTED IT & PENDING 1241 GMD Unit 105, Water Club, Longboat Key - LISTED & SOLD IT 565 Sanctuary Drive Unit 602, Longboat Key - SOLD IT 340 South Palm Ave. Sarabande Unit 10 - SOLD IT & PENDING 4502 Woodside Road, Siesta Key - SOLD IT 5310 Hidden Harbor Road, Siesta Key - SOLD IT 5182 Sandy Beach Road, Siesta Key - SOLD IT 565 Sanctuary Drive Unit 504, Longboat Key - SOLD IT 37 Osprey Point Drive, The Oaks - SOLD IT 1241 GMD Water Club Unit 603, Longboat Key - LISTED & SOLD IT 1441 Landings Circle, The Landings - SOLD IT 529 Putter Lane, Queens Harbor, Longboat Key - LISTED & SOLD IT 1211 GMD, Promenade Unit 1002 - LISTED IT 545 Sanctuary Drive Unit 201, Longboat Key - LISTED & SOLD IT 545 Sanctuary Drive B Unit 606, Longboat Key - LISTED & SOLD IT 675 Longboat Club Road, PH 2 Regent Place, LBK - LISTED & SOLD IT 2165 GMD Water Club Unit 133, Longboat Key - LISTED IT & PENDING Warwick Gardens Lot 8, University Park - SOLD IT 5729 Modena Place, Village Walk - SOLD IT

Estate sized property, tropically landscaped with 345’ water frontage on 1.5 acres +/-. Well designed, custom home with over 4,000 Sq. ft. plus a 4-car garage. 2 docks on deep water. $2,595,000 WATERFRONT LOT

Build your dream home lot w/over 125 feet directly on New Pass! May be purchased w/adjoining lots for family compound. $2,595,000. VIZCAYA


RITZ CARLTON World class amenities. 4734 sq. ft. residence with 2 master suites. $3,450,000. PROMENADE - PENTHOUSE 2 story direct Gulf front views from everyroom, 3BR/4.5BA $2,450,000. FAIRWAY BAY ATRIUM PENTHOUSE Available for annual lease. 2BR/2BA plus den, penthouse open Bay views. $749,000. 3500 BAYOU LOUISE LANE Views of the Gulf, Bay and city. Palm Beach inspired elegance with all the bells and whistles. Pool, spa and boat dock. Brand new! $4,995,000. FAIRWAY BAY - WATERFRONT TOWNHOUSE 2BR/2BA, boat slip and water views all for one price. $499,000. SARABANDE Spellbinding views 10th floor, 3BR plus media room and family room. Professionally designed. Great amenities and walk to fine restaurants, theater. $2,495,000. LIGHTHOUSE POINT - AUTHENTIC TUSCANY Beachfront estate, 7200 s.f. of style & quality. Covered terraces, gourmet kitchen, 3 fireplaces & boat dock. $8,000,000.

NORTHWEST BRADENTON – Waterfront estate, newly created Old Florida Victorian design on Tampa Bay with views of the Skyway Bridge and Tampa. Beautiful pivate driveway. Features a grand foyer, gracious stairway. $4,950,000. CASEY KEY BAYFRONT 3/4 acre gated tropical estate with beach access. Pool and patios overlooking the bay, dock. $1,995,000. LONGBOAT KEY – Residential lot on Gulf side with wide Gulf views. Just steps away to miles of pristine beach. Tropical & mature landscaping creates privacy on 100x175’ lot. $1,100,000. SIESTA KEY - SIESTA COVE 35BR/3.5BA all recently renovated. Decks abound for outdoor entertaining. Close to Siesta Key’s famous beach. Ultimate in tropical living. $599,000. SIESTA KEY - SANDY COVE Wonderful 2BR/2BA corner unit with large terraces overlooking tropical paradise. Shows like a model. Fishing pier and clubhouse guest suite. $389,000. WATER CLUB - GULF FRONT 3BR/5BA, 7th floor with views from 3 terraces. Furnishings are professionally designed. $3,200,000. LBK - BAY FRONT ESTATE Boater’s paradise 4BR/4BA, pool, space & dockage for multiple boats. $2,995,000.

Call on Barbara’s other Waterfront Properties: 941-780-6045 941-924-9000 • Email - Take a virtual tour of these properties at:

Spacious, luxurious condominium with feel of home. Exquisitely furnished with a private pool. Stunning views of the gulf, 2-car garage. $2,549,000. SANCTUARY Direct beach front! Popular & private “Carlyle” floor plan in Building II w/2 parking spaces. $1,549,000. THE PIERRE Bright, sunny, south corner apartment brings the outside in w/panoramic views of gulf, garden, golf course & city skyline. Spacious & open with 3BR-3.5BA & 2 expansive terraces. Full service building with concierge & 2 hospitality suites. $915,000. MARINA BAY Bay & gulf view complement N ING appointed E thisDgraciously Psquare LE residence with over 3,000 feet. $899,000. SA GRAND BAY

Sweeping views of the Bay, city skyline & golf course from this Penthouse! “Bimini” floorplan with 9’ ceilings, hardwood floors & wrap around terrace. 2 side by side parking spaces, full amenities. $619,000. FAIRWAY BAY Corner 3BR/3BA townhouse! Approx. 2,100 SF under air w/soaring ceilings, fireplace, loft/office, 3 terraces & large garage! $449,000. SABAL COVE 2 desirable lots in area of $1,000,000 homes. Greenbelt views. $349,000 & $399,000. FAIRWAY BAY Gorgeous bayfront views of downtown. Behind the gates of the LBK Club. Sold turnkey furnished. $379,000.

One of the best lots in Sarasota w/spectacular bay & city views. Home is just as outstanding. 4BR/4BA, pool, sailboat water. Available decorator furnished by Robb & Stucky. $3,675,000. WATER CLUB

Exquisitely appointed, spacious beachfront residence w/3 large terraces! Popular “Arlington” plan w/beautiful upgrades throughout! 2 covered parking spaces. $2,475,000. Sophisticated “Cambridge” floor plan tastefully appointed throughout! 2 bedrooms, gourmet kitchen with granite, extra storage & 2 covered parking spaces. $1,249,000. BAY ISLES HARBOR SECTION Over 6,000 SF of luxury! 5BR suites, office, outside bar summer kitchen & deep water dockage with 200 ft. of seawall! 2,800 bottle wine cellar, 3 car garage, elevator, pool, separate spa area. $3,150,000. One of the best lots with approximately 246 feet of water frontage w/ Southern exposure. Great floor plan with a dramatic flair $1,995,000. Magnificently designed, custom home. Light, bright, split floor plan, vaulted ceilings & white tile throughout. Deep water channel boasting 196’ seawall, dock accommodates 3 boats. $1,895,000. ISLANDS WEST Spectacular gulf views from all major rooms in this totally redone, beautifully appointed & furnished 5th floor residence. Full range of amenities, 2 small pets welcome. Walk to local shops. $769,000. THE ATRIUM Popular “Mangrove” floor plan, 2105 sq ft with 3 bedrooms, beautiful views of the bay and the pool! A great value on the south end of Longboat Key! $629,000. SEAGATE CLUB Panoramic gulf & sunset views from this upper floor corner residence! 2BR/2BA, tile floors, large balcony, views from every room! Walk to shopping, restaurants & banks. $649,000. BEACH HARBOR CLUB 3rd floor unit w/ a peek at the gulf. Clubhouse, heated pool, boat dock & fishing pier. Furnished $259,900. • 941-387-1859 • E-mail:

All Four Agents Located at The Chart House Centre • 201 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 1 • Longboat Key, FL 34228

14D THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003

Let Saint & Gail Open the Door... to Your Place in Paradise UNIVERSITY PARK Custom 4 bedroom with 2 offices, large pool and spa on pristine lake. Countless upgrades, 3car garage, fireplace and much more! $849,000 WATERFRONT TREASURE 255’ on New Pass with views to the south end of Longboat Key. Gated estate with approximately 12,500 sq. ft. and is ideal to renovate or build one or two new homes. $5,695,000 PRIVATE BEACH HOUSE 100 ft of beach, 2 story residence, expansive views, privacy abound, htd beach front pool, excellent rental potential, furnished. $2,400,000



s e c u d o r Int

Mrs. Rogers’ Neighborhoods

If You’re Looking for Waterfront ~ Start with the Best

C. Steven Abbott Craig W. Abbott Longboat Longboat Key Key Yacht Yacht && Tennis Tennis

• SPARKLING GULF WATERS beach, pool, tennis and boat dockage await you. Almost 1,300 square feet, 2 bedroom, 2 bath in gulf front building. Turnkey furnished. $439,000.

Grand Bay

A UNIQUE & GRACIOUS ESTATE 100 ft of beach, over 3300 sq. ft. in main house & separate 3BR guest cottage, heated pool, furnished. $4,499,000

• DIRECT BAY FRONT luxury with gorgeous unobstructed views from every room. 2BR/2BA condo w/beautiful designer touches. Custom built-ins in kitchen, living room, dining room, den and master bedroom. Large extended wraparound terrace. This light, bright condo shows like a model. World-class amenities and beach club membership. Private parking garage. $639,000. Click on MLS#230539 @ for VIRTUAL TOUR. Longboat Key Moorings boat slip also available.

Harbour Court

VILLA DI LANCIA Beach front penthouse with a 2,000 sq. ft. terrace which provides breathtaking Gulf and Bay views. Well designed 3BR w/many fine appointments, built-ins, great amenities in gated community. $1,995,000


in sales for 2002!

HARBOR ACRES BAY VIEWS & GREAT BOATING!-$2,895,000. Gorgeous, furnished, almost-new home with extraordinary detailing. 4,200 sq. ft. with 4BR/4BA, 4 car garage & elevator. ARCHITECTURAL STATEMENT ON THE WIDE OPEN BAY $4,850,000 Over 6,000 sq. ft. Volume ceilings, gorgeous views, wraparound teak decking, mahogany and slate floors, vanishing edge pool, deluxe master suite and gourmet kitchen. INCREDIBLE NEW WATERFRONT HOME ON LONGBOAT KEY - $2,495,000 This 5BR/4BA Mediterranean displays ultimate quality as well as all the “bells and whistles.” Deluxe master suite, fantastic kitchen, volume ceilings, separate guest area, heated pool, dock and deeded beach access.

STUNNING AND PRIVATE HOME IN BAY ISLES $1,249,000. BELOW RECENT APPRAISAL! Cul-desac w/gorgeous lake & golf course views. Immaculate 3 or 4 BR w/tasteful upgrades and lovely pool area. WATER CLUB DIRECT GULF! - $2,495,000. “Arlington” plan w/ 3BR/5BA, wood floors, fabulous upgrades & finishes... plus 2 parking spaces, (one is a separate garage!) DOUBLE PENTHOUSE D O W N T O W N BAYFRONT - $895,000. Over 3300 sq. ft., 4BR/4BA, fabulous views and next door to The Ritz!


TOWER RESIDENCES AT THE RITZ CARLTON The ultimate lifestyle is found in downtown Sarasota. Penthouse w/over 4600 sf & 15th floor residence w/over 3700 sf. Ultra exclusive residences w/stunning water views, soaring ceilings, private elevator & unsurpassed detail throughout. $3,300,000 to $4,800,000


PANORAMIC WATER VIEWS FROM ST. ARMANDS MEDITERRANEAN $2,195,000. Spacious 4 or 5BR home. Over 4,900 sq. ft., volume ceilings, 2 fireplaces, elevator & docking for 40’ boat.

BEACHFRONT PARADISE 150’ of beach, gated estate with over 5500 square feet, private tennis courts, beachfront heated pool, exquisite, lush tropical landscaping. $5,990,000 HARBOUR OAKS Lovely end unit, 2 BR + den, private pool and oversized courtyard, wood burning fireplace, skylights, atriums, 2 car garage. $459,000 PINE RUN Totally charming 2BR with minutes to Casey Key beach, private setting, new built-ins, tile,vaulted ceilings and more! $139,000 QUEENS HARBOUR Customized 3BR+den w/views of golf course. Elegant interior, marble floors, heated pool in gated & maintenance free community. $899,000

annette rogers

• BEAUTIFUL BAYFRONT maintenance-free community behind the gates of the LBK Club. Spectacular bay views to Sarasota skyline. 3,000 sq. ft. 4BR/4BA, kitchen/family room, living room w/fireplace open to lanai areas right over the water. Formal dining room. Community pool w/spa, 2 Har-Tru tennis courts, private boat dock, (20 ft. from lanai) 2 car garage. $985,000. Click on MLS#228918 @ for VIRTUAL TOUR.

Longboat Harbour

DESIGNER PERFECT CONDO ON THE BEACH! $1,795,000. - 9th floor Brighton at Waterclub w/over 3000 sq. ft. of gorgeous, TKF floorplan. Views of Gulf & Bay. MUSEUM AREA BAYFRONT - ONE ACRE - $1,595,000 Fabulous location, 138’ of waterfront w/splendid views of LBK & sunsets. Cute, livable home, but value is in land.


SEA GATE CLUB Direct beachfront with panoramic Gulf and sunset views can be seen from each room. Recently updated with fine appointments, walk to shops in secured building. $599,000 INN ON THE BEACH - CLUB SUITES 2202A Gross Inc. ‘01 $58,100+ $329,000 2204A Gross Inc. ‘01 $56,900+ $329,000 4105A Gross Inc. ‘01 $55,000+ $362,000 7103A Gross Inc. ‘01 $43,300+ $268,000 OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 1-4 1910 HARBOUR LINKS EMERALD POINT SOUTH Brand new 3 bedroom with lovely lake and golf course views. $639,000 .VT


Saint Cacchiotti & Gail Wittig Twice the effort...Twice the results

941.387.0533 • 800.581.3444 Espanol • Deutsche • Italiano • Francais

• DIRECT BAY FRONT 2BR/2BA ground floor condo. New kitchen, bathrooms, new tile throughout, appliances, new furnishings included. SALE PENDING $349,000

THE VIEWS WILL TRULY AMAZE YOU $2,444,000. Ritz Tower Residence 14th fl. faces west for finest vistas of Bay & Gulf. Almost 3,000 sq. ft. of fabulous finishes & upgrades. 3BR + family room. REGENT PLACE! $2,395,000. - Spacious “B” plan in so. bldg. The most fabulous views of gulf, bay & city. Over 3,200 sq. ft. of PIZAZZ! GORGEOUS FURNISHED PENTHOUSE AT THE RENAISSANCE - $695,000. - Huge bay views, Saturina Marble floors, 10’ ceilings, 2BR+den & 2 parking spaces.

Inn on the Beach • AT THE LONGBOAT KEY CLUB A room with a view and what a view it is! Gulf front club suite at a world class resort in desirable building #1. Great privacy with southern exposure overlooking New Pass and the gulf. Income ‘02 $48,366 $339,000. • CLUB SUITE, with golf course view. $195,000 SOLD


• GREAT 1BR LOFT UNIT. Building G-1 is Gulf front. Screened lanai views greenbelt area. 1.5 baths, turnkey furnished. All the Seaplace amenities at a great price. SALE PENDING $275,000

Longboat Beach House

• 2ND FLOOR SOUTH END CORNER UNIT. 1,500 sq. ft, 2BR/2BA, furnished condo home. Tile floors and newer appliances. Heated pool and just steps to the beach. SOLD $495,000

After Hours: (941) 383-1990 (941) 383-7591 or 1-800-887-2968



Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker

ESTATE SIZE PARCEL ON LONGBOAT KEY WITH BOATING WATER $1,900,000 Over 2.5 acres of prime land... cleared and ready to build a dream home or subdivide into 4 parcels. INN ON THE BEACH - $239,000. - Club suite with lagoon views and awesome amenities. Great rental history... great investment!

ask for annette Bus. (941) 387-0800 Eve. (941) 387-0900 (800) 209-0330 e-mail:

440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228


THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003 15D


Marine Scene

What do you know about horseshoe crabs? Horseshoe crabs are not really crabs, although a long time ago people thought so, hence the name. Like the true crabs, shrimps and lobsters, they are arthropods — animals with joined legs.

They’re a lot like crabs ... Their closest living relatives are spiders and scorpions, and their extinct relatives can be traced back more than 500 million years as fossils found in shale. Nevertheless, horseshoe crabs do share some common features with crabs and other crustaceans. They periodically shed their shells to allow for growth; however, they crawl forward out of the split shell rather than

back out, as do the crabs. Also, like crustaceans and most mollusks, their blood is transparent, turning bluish in air because it is based on copper, in contrast to the blood of higher animals that gets its red color from iron. Horseshoe crabs have gills, too, albeit of another design. They are found on the underside of the articulated abdominal section of the shell (the other part being the combined head-thorax), organized in six parts of gill books. Like crabs, they have five pairs of legs, but here the similarity ends. Four of the pairs end in a kind of pincer-claw, not strong enough to hurt you but useful in picking up worms and small mollusks, on which

Dwight F. DAVIS

horseshoe crabs typically feed. As they move along, they grind food between the legs and pass it to the centrally-located mouth at the base of the legs. The fifth pair is used primarily for locomotion.

... yet different from crabs There are still other notable differences between true crabs and horseshoe crabs. Only the horseshoe crabs have long telsons, or tails, which are in no way weapons, offensive or defensive, but serve only to right the animals when they are flipped over in the often rough, shallow waters they frequent. The eyes are another example of difference. Instead of two, there are 10, counting both photoreceptors and rudimentary eyes. Despite this apparent advantage, horseshoe crabs cannot see as

clearly as true crabs, and in fact, cannot form images. No matter, they find food by feel and males and females find each other quite successfully, especially after dark, when vision is enhanced manifold. Sexual maturity arrives late, between 9 and 12 years of age, and reproduction takes place on protected beaches in the spring and summer, during especially high tides. Males and females pair up in the shallows and the males hook on to the larger females (up to 24 inches long) who drag them up onto the sand. There, the females scoop out nests and lay from 2,000 to more than 30,000 rather large eggs, which he fertilizes. When they hatch, again during a high spring tide, the baby horseshoe crabs, barely 1 centimeter long, will enter the water on receding waves. ❑

WEATHER STATISTICS AND TIDES Sun., April 27 Mon., April 28 Tues., April 29 Wed., April 30 Thurs., May 1 Fri., May 2 Sat., May 3

High Temp. 81 84 83 82 82 84 84

Low Temp. 68 69 71 73 70 74 70

Record High 94 (1997) 92 (1995) 92 (1986) 92 (1986) 93 (1991) 95 (1990) 94 (1991)

Record Low 45 (1996) 50 (1998) 60 (1998) 59 (1998) 56 (1998) 51 (1998) 51 (1998)

Humidity 65% 82% 73% 64% 79% 74% 71%

Rainfall 0.00 0.00 0.00 Trace 0.48 0.00 0.00

Thurs., May 8 Fri., May 9 Sat., May 10 Sun., May 11 Mon., May 12 Tues., May 13 Wed., May 14

Morning Tides High Low (none) 1:29 10:28 2:31 10:27 3:27 10:38 4:16 10:53 4:59 11:11 5:35 12:16 6:07

Evening Tides High Low 5:11 (none) 6:39 1:07 8:15 3:13 9:45 4:30 11:04 5:31 (none) 6:25 11:34 7:16

From The Longboat Observer weather station

Rainfall: Year-to-date 2003 2002 11.54 8.92 in.

Month-to-date Average Water 2003 2002 Temp.: 77 0.48 0.00 in.

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May 23

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May 1/31

Since 1939

(941) 447-6808


Wagner Realty at the Centre Shops welcomes Cathy as Branch Manager of the Longboat Key office. Cathy brings 25 years of real estate experience on Longboat Key to Wagner’s. Give Cathy a call for your real estate needs.


8319 Market Street Lakewood Ranch, Fl. 34202 MLS

May 16

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Michael & Linda Hudson


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Your Lakewood Ranch and East County Specialists Give us a morning or afternoon and we’ll show you a new world.


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Club Bamboo



THE PENNEY TEAM ISLAND PARADISE! Every conceivable amenity including private elevator, in stunning 3/level Bayfront condo. Spectacular views of Sarasota Bay. $475,000

Direct Gulffront and Poolside Condos priced from $285,000-$335,000



BEACH TO BAY! JUST REDUCED Gorgeous private beach and boat docks on the bayside! Completely renovated 2BR/2BA, ceramic tile floors, Corian countertops, tastefully decorated. Just bring your sailboat and move in! $309,000

Central Park Realty MAY 15

Dennis Girard 941-809-0041




Re/Max Gulfstream Barbara Stonyanoff-Penney Broker-Salesman Direct line - 941-737-9937

16D THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003


BRIDGE Deal us in

Dealer: South Vulnerable: East-West

A sacrifice slam President’s Circle

WINDWARD BAY - 2BR/2BA penthouse with direct bay views and a peek at the gulf................................................................$335,000. CEDARS WEST - Direct first floor gulf front. Recently renovated and beautifully furnished. Two week rental program makes for year round income.....................................$690,000. ADORABLE VILLA-Recently renovated, newly decorated, glassed in lanai with a peek at the Bay. Pools tennis, boat docks, beach. Turnkey furnished...........................................$215,000. RIVER CLUB-Gorgeous 4 BD courtyard home w/ heated spa & pool. Tile floors, corian kitchen & numerous upgrades. $475,000. FAIRWAY BAY-Great bayviews from this 1st floor unit. Freshly painted, newly tiled, TKF. Pools, tennis, beach club. $378,500. A DREAM COME TRUE - TKF corner unit w/unobstructed bay views. Meticulously maintained, tastefully decorated and furnished. Great amenities. 2 pools, boat docks, tennis, beach...............$375,000. BEAUTIFUL LOT in LBK maintenance free community. Deep water boat dock, 2 minute walk to great beach..$275,000. BUILD - a romantic getaway with tropical ambiance on this acre barrier island lot.......................................................................$310,000. SPANISH STYLE HOME - w/spacious courtyard entrance on extra large lot in a very privatePENDING location. 3BR/3BA, pool, solarSALE ium, canal...................................................................$690,000. EMERALD POINTE SOUTH - 3BR/3.5BA home w/caged, heated pool and double garage. Beautiful tile floors, spacious kitchen with stainless steel appliances.......................$625,000. GULF FRONT - 4 Bedroom home with library on Longboat’s best beach. Designer-decorated and furnished with casual elegance. Furnished.....................................................$3,000,000. ISLAND RETREAT The ultimate in privacy & tranquility. The Polynesian style home SOLD is designed in pods. 4 BR, 4.5 baths. Bayfront location. Boat dock. Price includes a Carolina skiff. Furnished....................................................................$950,000. St. Armands Circle, Sarasota, Florida (941) 388-4447 FAX (941) 388-3041


BOBBIE BANAN, REALTOR® 356-2659 • 383-2659

Michael Saunders & Company


Licensed Real Estate Broker Affiliated with Leading Estates of the World & Sotheby’s International Realty

This hand was played in 1932 when bidding conventions were very different. With today’s bidding, South would pass but would open with a weak three-spade bid. As this hand was played, there were three passes to East, who opened the bidding six hearts. South, giving his hand a second thought, bid six spades. West, having confidence in his partner, bid seven hearts. North, with his void in hearts, bid seven spades thinking that it was a sacrifice bid. East doubled and west led the three of hearts. Declarer trumped in the dummy and came to his hand in trump and led the jack of diamonds for a finesse. South’s plan was to finesse West for both the queen and 10 of diamonds, if necessary. When the 10 of diamonds fell on the first trick, declarer claimed his sacrifice slam. If West, somehow, had led a club, the sacrifice slam would be set but probably still be a good sacrifice. Seven hearts can make if a diamond is not led. Of course, six hearts is cold. When West apologized for the result, East said, “No problem. It was my fault. I should have passed the hand out.”

West ♠ 10 7 ♥Q93 ♦Q872 ♣ J 10 7 3

West — Pass 7♥

North — Pass 7♠

East — 6♥ Double

South Pass 6♠ (All Pass)

Opening lead: 3♥ 1. Lilo and Harry Hutzler 2. Dorrie and Lee Rosenberg 3. Robert Hazelwood and Wolfgang Wostl East-West 1. Joan Sinder and Lorraine Ageloff 2. Ida Rosenblum and Polly Kaatz 3. Judy and gene Krasnow (tie) Lou Ann Miller and Clayton Rose

Donna Swan is a resident of Longboat Key, an ardent bridge player and an American Contract Bridge League certified director who plays “for the fun of it.” ❑


Jerry Thompson

South ♠AKQ8542 ♥74 ♦J54 ♣5

East ♠— ♥ A K J 10 8 6 5 2 ♦ 10 ♣AKQ9

The Bidding:

by Donna SWAN

LONGBOAT KEY DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB All Angels by the Sea Episcopal Church — April 1 Section A, North-South 1. Marlene Mather and Barbara Thoman (tie) Fran Mann and Mel Weisel 2. Margery and Irwin Becker East-West 1. Jayne Forstenzer and Cele Schwartz 2. Roy Melvin and Bob Wachs 3. Jim Brown and Brian Howard Section B, North-South

North ♠J963 ♥— ♦AK963 ♣8642

Merrill Duplicate Bridge Club Bayfront Park Recreation Center — April 3 North-South 1. Ann and Leo Newcombe 2. Marty Huheey and Barbara Thoman 3. Judy and Arthur Coren Bridge games are held at 1 p.m. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at Bayfront Park Recreation Center. Call Larry Auerbach, 758-2017. ❑




Waterviews! On the big lake, 3 bedroom villa beautifully appointed and in mint condition. Fireplace, eat-in kitchen, vaulted ceilings. 2-car attached garage. Virtual Tour. Call for your private viewing. $699,900.




A proven professional you can count on for all your real estate needs.

Attention investors! Need an exchange! Take a look at this 3BR canal front home, turnkey furnished, private dock, open pool and spa. Virtual Tour A good investment at $749,000.

Specializing in:


Longboat Key and local area waterfront and boating properties

Stunning city skyline & bay to gulf views! This southwest 5th floor, double entry doors, split 2BR is TKF. Gated beachfront w/every amenity. Fitness center, tennis, pool, club rooms, concierge, large pool. Virtual Tour $749,000.

(941) 387-0048 5083

SAILBOAT WATER 652 Lyons Lane Fabulous 3BR island home on lush tropical landscaped lot, brick paver circular drive, trellis entry, all tiled floors, French doors to screened pool and lanai. New dock, sailboat water just minutes to ICW & gulf. Virtual Tour $749,000. Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker

440 Gulf of Mexico Drive • Longboat, FL • (941) 383-7591

COUNTRY ELEGANCE 281 Oak Ford Road Equestrian country estate on 5 fenced acres with a 3 stall barn, large stocked pond and miles of saddle trails. Like new 3BR with 2,665 sq. ft. of well designed space. Columned foyer entry, open kitchen with breakfast bar, family room, fireplace and spacious verandah with serene pond and pasture views. Virtual Tour $364,900.

NORTH SIESTA KEY 3471 Flamingo Ave.

Bob & Taube

Charming 2BR home in private setting on street of million dollar homes. All new windows, French doors, new roof & A/C. This bright & open home has a screened free-form pool/spa. Attached 2 car garage. Virtual Tour $375,000.

L ev i t t


Jerry Thompson, GRI, CRS Service • Expertise • Integrity Longboat Key Realtor® Since 1974 Visit my Website for Virtual Tours 941.552.3966 • 866.799.9400

Remodeled 2 story townhouse near village. 3BR, tiled floor, vaulted beam ceilings, most rooms open to sun decks or lush flowering atrium overlooking large lake, steps to private beach & fishing pier. Garage, pet friendly. Virtual Tour $574,000.

Selling Sarasota’s Select Properties For More Than 25 Years! NEW TO MARKET! PROMENADE #102 - Three bedroom, three bath




corner condo has views of city lights, tennis courts and Gulf of Mexico. Furnished. $875,000

PROMENADE ...Sold To Date 5083

Sweeping views, from top floor #4601 and 4602, unique “lock out” 2BR plan. Rent one or both, or use as your own personal 2BR luxury condo. Virtual Tour $850,000. Beachfront Club Suite #3204 in the rental program with over. SALE PENDING $380,000. OFFICE TOLL FREE Ideal tranquil private setting overlooking the waterway to the city #7105. Virtual Tour $239,900. Beachfront Club Suite #2503, high floor with fabulous views. Virtual Tour $349,900. Prudential Palms Realty • Fine Homes International 5307 Opportunity to own largest 2BR, corner suite. 595 Bay Isles Rd. • Ste. 115 • Longboat Key, FL 34228 Furnished. Virtual Tour $499,000.

#207, 302, 402, 503, 707 & 811 423 St. Armands Circle • 349-6778 w w w. S a r a s o t a Re a l E s t a t e F i n d . c o m


THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003 17D

OBSERVER CLASSIFIEDS Classified Lines: •$10.50 for the first 15 words •20¢ each additional word Classified Display: •$22.00 (per week) - 15 words, 5 lines, bold border. •$38 - 30 words • $54 - 50-45 words •Extra words may be purchased for 50¢ per word Service Directory: 4 week min. run •Business Card Size • $150/4 weeks •1/2 Business Card Size • $84.00/4 wks

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Auto Sales & Service 1995 MERCEDES SL320 convertible. Smoke/silver, new brown soft top, hardtop, CD, records, garaged, 51K/miles. Like new! $29,995. 387-7068. 1999 SEBRING convertible, 6/cylinder, leather, 20K/mi., garage kept, excellent cond. $17,000. 504-2241.

❈ The total value of articles for sale must not exceed $200 and each article must be priced.

2002 MERCEDES Benz CLK 320 Coupe. Silver, 2,311 miles, 2/year warranty left. $37,000. 383-1431.

❈ Free-Bee ads must be placed in person, mailed, or faxed by individuals with private addresses and phone numbers. (Sorry, no commercial advertising in the Free-Bee section.)

2000 BUICK Le Sabre. Blue, leather interior, under 12000/mi., perfect condition, garage kept. $15,000. 387-9082.

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Caregiver/Companion 1997 JAGUAR XJ6. Excellent condition, factory warranty, low miles, $19,500. CAREGIVER/COMPANION. DEPENDABLE 941-924-2609. and trustworthy. Honest. Reliable. 15/Yrs. Experience. Licensed. Excellent References. Call 371-7742 or 726-7742. Auto Transport

EXPERIENCED HOME HEALTH Aid/Companion with local references available. Call Tracy at 544-0653.

RETIRED LONGBOAT KEY police officer. CARING PROFESSIONAL. Capable and Drive your car to the North and back. personable. Mature lady now accepting new References. 941-778-5381 clients for home care. Loves to cook. Good driving record. Bonded. Excellent local SUSAN SHAUGHNESSY, R.N. PRIVATE references. 371-6919. Boat Charter DUTY NURSING. 1:1 Care in home and hospital. Also: Home Care Planning CHITWOOD CHARTERS, Grand Banks/ NEED IN-HOME Health Care but tired +Coordinating +Monitoring; scheduled phone Selene Yachts. Luxury Cruises, Sunsets, of agencies, high fees, red tape, checks & visits; consulting with family and Cocktails, Special Occasions. Half day inconsistencies and attitudes? Call us! We’ll physicians. Local references. 761-2656. to weekly. Bare boat available. Need a give your loved ones the special attention new hobby? Learn to pilot a yacht. they deserve. 8-24/hr. care. Excellent LOVING CAREGIVER in our home w/class references. Reasonable rates. 941-426-1291 Capt. Chitwood. 941-957-1530. for the elderly. Excellent home cooking and or 941-492-7176. references. 926-2934. LPN/COMPANION OFFERING live-in FT/PT home visits or my licensed home. Bonded & Insured. Call 7/days a week, 941-365-6008. GENTLE TOUCH HOME HEALTH CARE has expanded to Sarasota area. Special rates for new clients. Ask for Joann, 941-587-6194 or Judy, 727-432-5679. PRIVATE DUTY CNA/Companion will travel or assist in home. References and clean background check. 941-773-8641.

Boat Rentals CANNONS MARINA 6040 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Half-day and Full-day rentals 14’-24’ Skiffs /Runabouts /Deckboats Ride in Style in our Grady-White & Scout boats. All powered by YAMAHA outboards. 383-1311

The Longboat Observer to meet all applicable legal requirements in connection with the ad such as compliance with town codes in first obtaining an occupational license for a business, permitted home occupation, or residential rental property.

Catering SINCE 1979 Harry’s Continental Kitchen has been making party memories from the casual to black tie affair. Specializing in small dinner parties. 383-0777.

Cleaning Services RUFFALO ENTERPRISES. Residential, Commercial Cleaning, Maintenance & Landscaping. Honest/Reliable Service. House Checks. 266-6786, 266-5250. A-1 CLEANING SERVICE. I can make your home sparkle! Weekly. Biweekly. Monthly. Personalized Service. Insured. 587-5418. CLEAN WINDOWS, wouldn’t that be nice! I’ll make your glass gleam! Local, license, insured. CHRIS’S WINDOW CLEANING. (941) 724-0221. 100% AMERICAN, only thing European is my shampoo! Great references. Reasonable rates. Call Cindy, 232-8988. TAYLOR MADE CLEANING SERVICES. Professional Residential Cleaning. Island References. Weekly-Biweekly. Best rate on Island. Call 779-0184 and ask for Jennifer. LONGBOAT CLEANING Co. Servicing LBK & surrounding area, 20/yrs. Longtime Island Resident. Special Off Season prices available! Call us for estimate on windows. 388-0338.

Computer Services LEARN TO USE your computer as easy as your telephone. Master Computer Teacher. Repairs. 383-5372. IN HOME computer services. Senior friendly, training, installation, trouble shooting. Jules Porchey, The Computer Man. 927-1428. COMPUTER OBEDIENCE Training. Is your computer misbehaving? Will train your computer to listen to you! Special $25/hour. FREE ADVICE. 545-7508.

Child Care

EXPERT TECHNICAL Assistance. Need EXPERIENCED MOM seeks PT/FT nanny help with hardware, software, networks or position. Has own transportation, CPR/First wireless? Call Alan anytime: 941-364-5858. Aide certified. Excellent references. Call 320-4299.

Crushed Shell




Boat Sales, Service & Storage CQR ANCHOR, 35lbs. w/chain, $300. Achilles LSI88, 8’8” inflatable dinghy, 3.3/HP Mariner outboard, $1500. Misc. boating items. 383-6146.

☛ ☛ SMALL BOAT/TRAILER STORAGE. Vacation or long term. On trailer or in-water. Private launch ramp. Fresh water wash. Minutes to LBK, Gulf, gas, bait, restaurants. Also, bottom painting. Capt. John’s Marina. 941-792-2620.

GILLIS & GILLIS ENTERPRISES. Crushed, washed shell, top soil, landscaping service.  AMERICAN CLEANING SERVICES. We install shell driveways. Serving Sarasota Vacation Rentals, Residential & Commercial. & The Keys since 1978. Fully licensed & Dependable & Reasonable. 795-2782. insured. 941-376-2954.

Cleaning Services


Fishing Charters DEEP SEA FISHING - 4, 6, 9 & 12 hour trips, up to six passengers aboard 34/ft. USCG Licensed Crusader with experienced Charter Captain/Fishing Guide. Climate controlled cabin, all new equipment & Top-of-the-line fishing electronics. Ice/bait & tackle provided starting at $400. For information and reservations, call Captain Brandon today. 778-5455.

Boat Slips for Rent/Sale SUPERB BOAT Slip for rent in high & dry indoor marina. In & out boat storage at its finest. Excellent south Longboat location, easy access to Bay and Gulf. Up to 30’ Call 371-1866.

HOUSE CLEANING and window cleaning. Reliable Brazilian couple. Free estimates! Good references. Call us! Neto, Karyna 316-0834/928-1935.

Answers for this week’s crossword

LONGBOAT KEY Moorings, 60/ft. boat slip. DAZZLE CLEANING, “personalized houseSeasonal, $18.00 per foot. Monthly $22.00 keeping, general cleaning and house checks per foot. Yearly $16.00 per foot, plus to meet your needs. Lic./Ins. 379-6582. electricity and sales tax. 383-2025/504-1232. CONTEMPORARY CLEANING. Meticulous 45/FT. BOAT SLIP at Longboat Key to detail! Professional. Free Estimates. Moorings. Bay view, investment potential. Bonded. Insured. References. Homes, apartments, offices. Sherry Myers. $165,000 o/b/o. 941-387-0942. 778-3164.


 MRS. MAIDS. Want a clean house? Call Mari. Competitive prices. References. Bonded and Insured. 371-3175.


18D THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003




Help Wanted

Items Under $200

ART ON FURNITURE. Custom finishes, restorations, exclusive designs, fine hand painting. 360-2061.

ISLAND JUICE AND JAVA DELI CAFE. Counter/prep person needed, 10:00-2:00/daily. Nice environment, good pay. Call Tony Jones, 387-8783.

RARE POKE’MON card collection and wooden Thomas The Train collection including wooden map board, $200 o/b/o. Sold separately or together. 383-3064.

Home Security

4.5/HP SELF-PROPELLED Lawn Boy mower, $100. 10” Makita chop saw, $50. 383-6352.

LOW PRICED for quick sale! Bedroom, dining room, etageres, rugs, china, etc. 383-4585. DISPLAYED, BUT never used, Model home furniture: 4-piece bedroom suite, $259; sofa & love seat, $399; queen bed set, $199; full bed set, $159; twin bed set, $129; daybed complete w/pop-up trundle & 2 mattresses, $285; Futon and frame, $199. Delivery available. Builders, 753-7118.

CALL A COP To Watch Your Home. Weekly Inspection By Retired LBK Officer. Wayne 351-3794

FUTON. ALL oak, honey finish, no metal, mission frame. 9/Layer foam mattress. Still in box. Cost, $525. Sell, $325. Can deliver. 941-761-2344.

Chicken Soup Extra!

MOUNTAIN BIKE, boy’s 21/speed TREK 220, 24” wheels. Cost $190 new. Great cond. First reasonable offer takes it home. Lee, 365-8477.

Mindy Weinberger 941-504-2170

Painting & Wallpapering


ESTABLISHED LOCAL INVESTOR looking to borrow funds. Above market rates. Secured by 1st mortgage on local real estate. 379-6928.

$$LEARN TO EARN$$ Around your Landscaping schedule. Free Booklet. Full Training. Home- BUTLER & MAID House Sitting Service: based Business. Semi-retired professional couple, mid 50’s, & Lawn Services 888-796-4981. will pamper your beachfront condo/residence FREE SNOW REMOVAL, and when its not this summer while you are away. snowing, I specialize in installing CRUSHED OFFICE GIRL for small condo. Flexible 813-835-4044. SHELL and ROCK yards, driveways and hours. 383-3187. walkways. Rip Rap, sand and mulch also $$$ FROM HOME. Your Own Business! delivered and spread. Hauling available. Items For Sale Mail-order/Internet. Full Training and KENMORE W/D, super capacity, 1.5/yr. old, Please call DAVID BANNIGAN at 794-6971 Support. Free Info. 888-453-6945 side-by-side. New, $1100. Sell, $500/firm. or cell at 504-7045. Call 941-355-7757, eves. PALM LADY, specializing in palm trimming, DRIVERS P/T for Longboat Key Resort. THE LORD’S WAREHOUSE Resale Shop. fertilizing, grooming and other gardening Transporting guests locally including Chrysler Fifth Ave., $799.00 o/b/o. We needs. Call Deborah, 387-0884. Sarasota and Tampa airports. Must have can furnish your home & enhance your valid license and good driving record. Call wardrobe. 6140 Gulf of Mexico, Longboat. CONNIE’S LANDSCAPING & LAWN 383-6464 ext./2551 or apply to 1620 Gulf of Open in May, Mon., Wed. & Sat., MAINTENANCE expanding into Longboat Mexico Dr. 9a.m.-3p.m. June & July, Sat. 9a.m.-1p.m. Key. All your lawn maintenance needs! Clean-ups, fertilization, mulching, hauling, 383-4738. sprinkler repair, ponds and water gardens. Bulk shell and mulch delivered and Items Under $200 spread. Specializing in native plants and Don’t Forget!! Island Resident 25/yrs. SOFA/LOVESEAT, GOOD cond. Blue Xeriscaping. 778-5294. peach, beige pattern, $199. 778-9215. DEADLINE

➷➷➷➷➷➷➷➷➷➷ for Classifieds is NOON ON MONDAY

Massage in your Home $60 AN HOUR Relaxation, Neuromuscular, Sports, Medical Licensed RN/LMT MA35228 Longboat Key MD Recommended

2/MAN INFLATABLE kayak +2/oars and pump, $50. 383-7502.

Investment Opportunities HOUSESITTING FROM June to November. Many reliable references. 371-4459 or 923-3887. Homeowner, 30/yrs. experience.

Help Wanted


2/TWIN BED sets w/frames, plush top mattresses. Ex. cond., $199. 383-7588.


COMPLETE MAC computer system with printer, $100. 383-5372.

SPECIALIZING IN quality custom stone work, brick, pavers, and general masonry repairs. References avail. 941-922-0402.

✦ GRIFFITHS' ISLAND PAINT & PAPER SERVICES. Int./ext. painting, pressure washing, wallpaper & faux painting. We spray wicker. Prompt, reliable service at reasonable rates! Lic./Ins. Call Kevin. Cell 704-7115 or 792-1646. PAINTING & GENERAL SERVICES CO. Father & Son Team. Handyman repairs, pressure washing, professional quality work. All phases interior/exterior. Call Dan, 954-2158. BRILLIANT PAINTING & HOME REPAIR. Interior & Exterior work. Professional & affordable. Lic./Ins. 587-6945. PASTEL PAINTING. Interior/exterior, neat, reasonable. Wallpaper/wallpaper removal. Supplying LBK clients w/over 12 years experience & customer service. Insured. Paul Passanant. 366-9434.


S E RV I C E D I R E C T O RY Landscapes in Paradise Complete Lawn & Landscape Maintenance


Nails By Bethaney 9 years experience

780-1269 God Bless our troops around the world fighting to keep America and the world free!

Salon Services in the Convenience and Comfort of Your Home. • Acrylic Enhancements • Silk & Fiberglass Enhancements • Manicures & Pedicures Available for Parties - Gift Certificates Available Salon Services Available - Hair Unlimited 3900 Clark Road, Suite K, Sarasota

MAKE A LIST, INC. Your Handyman Services Company


martin’s moving

Design & Installation Free Consultation 924-8937 REBECCA BLOCK

Free Estimates

J. PHILLIPS FINE PAINTING Interior/Exterior/Wallpapering Reliable • 25 Years Experience Insured & Lic. • FREE Estimates Tel: 927-6127 Cell: 504-8594

ISLAND MAINTENANCE Property Maintenance • Interior/Exterior Residential & Commercial • FREE ESTIMATES • Registered & Insured Mark S. George, Owner/Operator


* Round Trip discounts * Fully Licensed & Insured * 35 years experience * Sarasota owned & operated * Door to door service



(941) 812-2485

Call 941-351-1333 24/7 For a free quote on shipping your car anywhere in the USA

Moving people in the West Coast of Florida Fax 941-761-1135


Commercial •Residential • Vacation Rentals 25 Years Call Joy or Laura experience

Florida Carz Auto Transportation

Dependable Reasonable Rates Insured & Bonded Nursing Home Specials No Job Too Big or Too Small.

Sturdy and speedy moving


1886 University Parkway Sarasota, FL 34243



Carpet Cleaning • Furniture Cleaning Fire/Water Damage Cleanup

Call Maureen for more information about The Longboat Observer Service Directory!

ServiceMaster of NW Sarasota & The Meadows, Bill & Fonda Davies, Owners

Phone: 383-5509 or Fax: 383-7193

ServiceMASTER 927-2128


THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003 19D

CLASSIFIEDS Remodeling & Home Improvements

Painting & Wallpapering

PAINTING/WALLPAPERING BY MICHAEL. Free Estimates. References. 378-4529. MIGHTY MIKE’S Paint and Small Repairs. Free Estimate. No job too small. CARLO DATTILO PAINTING. Licensed & A Christian Island Worker. 941-794-0617 or insured. Interior/exterior painting including 941-730-0895. drywall repair and retexturing. Wallpaper removal, pressure washing. Residential and ☛ BILL GAREAU Building & Remodeling. commercial, condos. Honest & reliable. Free All phases of home improvement. License estimates. (941) 744-1020. 30+years exp. #RBC0067087. Insured. 685-2244.



ROOFING REPAIR, soffit and fascia. Rescreening. 941-266-7257.

CAT WOMAN’S Shelter needs volunteers! Cat Woman’s Shelter, Sarasota’s first non-profit, no-kill and cageless animal shelter, is seeking volunteers to help care for our over 350 residents. Cat Woman’s Shelter takes in stray, abandoned, and injured animals, rehabilitates them, and places them for adoption or houses them for their lifetime. We also provide the only 24-hour rescue service in the area. We are looking for people with a strong animal passion to help care for the animals. We are seeking Kennel help, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Computer help, Quickbooks Data Entry, Telephone relief, and Adoption Counseling. Our most urgent need at the present time is kennel help every day starting at 8a.m. The Shelter is located at 2120 Princeton St., off U.S. 301. We are also desperately seeking ROOFERS, DRYWALLERS, PLUMBERS, and CARPENTERS for interior repairs and to complete our 800 square foot screened addition. Please call the Shelter at 941-953-2280, or call Bev at 941-923-1561 for more info. Donations can be sent to: Cat Woman’s Shelter, P.O. Box 15604, Sarasota, FL 34277.

STATE CERTIFIED Roofing & General Contractor, FL. Professional Engineer, Roofing (all types), Remodeling, Repairs. Call DON for immediate response. 720-0794. Lic. CC-CO57977, CG-CO61519, PE20374. VISA/MC.

JOE UNGVARSKY Construction. RemodelTaxi Service ing contractors. In-house plan design. PERSONALIZED, LOVING in-home pet and State licensed and insured. #CRC035261. TAXI - On the Islands - $1.50 to get in, $1.50/per mile. None of the extras you pay property services. Insured & Bonded. Many island references. 778-2993. the “guys in town”. Serving all of Sarasota Purrs n’ Paws Pet Care. 941-224-3664. ♦ ♦ ♦ CUSTOM RENOVATIONS. 25/years and Manatee Counties as well as flat experience as a highly skilled, dependable, rates to most airports. Cheerful, clean Power Washing restoration/renovation expert, carpenter service 7a.m.-3a.m., 7/days, INCLUDING & fine finishing contractor. Kitchen and HOLIDAYS. ISLAND TRANSPORTATION, THE POWER PRO. Don’t’ go North without bathroom specialist. Repairs & Painting. 779-2520. Spring Cleaning your house! Pressure wash Paul Beauregard, 779-2294. roofs, clean gutters, decks and pool cages. Tile Installation Serving Longboat since 1988. Mention this ALL AROUND MR. FIX ALL. 15/Yrs. Exp. ad and get 25% off. 362-3908. MORENO MARBLE & TILE. Installation Spackling, moldings, painting, hanging & Restoration. Quality work. Over 20/yrs. pictures, home theater hookup, install Remodeling shades/blinds/faucets/fixtures/fans. No job experience. Insured. Call Javier, Cell: & Home Improvements too small! Indoor/Outdoor. Very dependable. 685-5163 or 795-6615.

Pet Services

GERMAN HANDYMAN. Tiles, wood flooring, painting and all other home repair you may need help for. High quality, reasonable prices. No job too small!! Licensed and insured. Visa & M/C accepted. 539-7937.


Free estimates. Call Brian @ 737-0835.


All Variations of Ceramic Tile Supplied & Installed. Floors a Specialty. Large Longboat Key Portfolio. Free Estimates & Custom Designs.




ARTISAN TILE (941) 383-2659

ROBERT HELD’S HANDYMAN & MORE! Improvements, Repairs, Installs, Tile, Vinyl, Decks, Drywall, Rescreen & Window Cleaning. Dependable, friendly service. Call Monday thru Friday, 9a.m.-6p.m. for appointment. 758-8044.

STEVE ALLEN Floorcovering. Professional Ceramic Tile Installation. Many Longboat references. 20/yrs. experience. Chamber member. 383-5381, 726-1802. Also, carpet & wood supplied, installed. Lic./Ins.

Dirty grout? Give us a shout! Grout cleaning & restoration services available. Call Neil Halfacre (941) 726-3077 LIC.


Now you can E-mail your classified advertisement. Send your ad to: Include your name and telephone number with your ad. We’ll take care of the rest.

Commercial Rentals & Sales LONGBOAT KEY Mixed-Use Building: Luxury 3BR/2BA apt. & 5/offices on +/-1/3 acre. $1.4/million. Jewelry, Fine Gifts and outstanding collectibles at top location. Price, inventory negotiable. BRADENTON HISTORIC DISTRICT Adjoining Mixed-Use Buildings, 32/car lot for image-conscious investor/user. $1.75/mil. N.W. BRADENTON Restaurant: Italian/pizza, beer/wine, 30 seats. Good lease, easy to expand. $55K. Coin Laundry: Fairway Center retail condo unit, all equipment included. $140K. LONGVIEW REALTY - 383-6112 Richard Estrin Licensed R.E. Broker



Property Care and Handyman Co. Ken Wells and Associates LLC A Business Development Company with a record of many years in Business. Graduate Engineer, BSME. Trusted and Insured

One stop service. Our inspectors are Handymen OUR MARKETS


24/HR WATER REMOVAL Jim and Sandee Davis Owners Same owners since 1979

Phone 906-8554 • Cell 284-1777 Over 30 Years engineering & construction experience. Longboat Key

• Renovations


PH: 941-316-9360

Starting at 79¢ - Great Selection Over 89% in STOCK!



Specializing in GROUT & TILE Cleaning & Sealing Carpet & Upholstrey

(941) 379-3135

Revolutionary “Viper Turbo” Steam Cleaning System



for 1st time customers Call for Senior Citizen Discount

mirrors and 2 fans




up to 24 standard windows




FREE Weather



A professional home-watching service


•Ceramic •Porcelain •Marble/Stone •Decorative Pieces

FREE Estimate

PHONE: 9 4 1 •7 8 0 •1 5 3 2

are FW


“Making an Impression That Lasts a Lifetime”

S 00 9,0




e ov


R a y ’ s Painting & Pressure Cleaning Service Office: 355-2746 • Cell: 266-8389



“We want to keep your windows clean” Service includes: Inside and Outside of all Window, Screens, Tracks and Sliding Doors. Insured Quality Work

• Interior/Exterior House Painting • Deck/Garage Floor Painting • Driveways • Patio Furniture • Pool Cages • Fungicides • High & Low Pressure

Residential & Commercial • Restoration Projects • Design Consulting



941.484.6616 or 941.232.6876

Residential & Commercial


Cell 737-4835 Office 758-6640

General Maintenance, Detail, Dive Services



LBKC Member SCT Member

Captain Steve’s Marine Services



Bradenton (941) 746-6306 Sarasota (941) 922-1615

Home Owners Special Watch Plan $50/Mo or Quote Condo Owners Special Watch Plan $50/Mo or Quote Commercial Property, Bankers & Mortgage Brokers, Realtors, and Builders are all Quoted

HOME-ALONE? The leading home-watching service providing the widest array of services.

We’ll watch your home when you leave it behind!

387-7886 Weekly Inspections • Monthly Reports Bonded • Insured


Call Maureen for more information about The Longboat Observer Service Directory! Phone: 383-5509 or Fax: 383-7193

20D THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003


Commercial Rentals & Sales   PRIME RETAIL SPACE AVAIL. Avenue of The Flowers Shopping Center. 1270sq.ft.+/-. 3/mos. Free Base Rent. Sign now! T. Mannausa & Co., AMO, Realtor. 365-1511, ext. 115. ☛ PRIME RETAIL AND OFFICE space available at the Centre Shops, Longboat Key. Call 387-3135.

Condos & Homes For Sale

SEE AT OR CALL 779-2217

Condos & Homes For Sale


MAGNIFICENT BAYFRONT VIEWS. Canal frontage w/boat dock. Beach access. Charming, very open floor plan, 3BR/3BA. Bay views from almost every room. Tremendous potential on this site. $2,150,000. Patricia Taylor, 921-6075. Michael Saunders & Company.



Condos & Homes For Sale

DEEDED BEACH access on LBK. Top floor Bayside, 2BR/2BA condo overlooking wide canal and boat slips. $299,900. Sharon Freeman (941) 321-0249 Michael Saunders & Company, Lic. R.E. Broker.

BAYFRONT DOWNTOWN condo, 2BR/2BA. Pool w/gorgeous oak on bay. Bay and Longboat sunsets every room. private location. $359,000 by owner. 941-545-6116.

BY OWNER/AGENT. Beach getaway house, 2BR/2BA, landscaped yard, brand new interior, nicely furnished fun house, deeded beach access. $349,000. 955-4100 or 914-6347.


 $2,279,000. Water Club, Dover Unit, N/W Gulf views, 3BR, 3200/sq.ft. Beautifully appointed. Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp. 941-809-0041.


$335,000 LONGBOAT KEY, Townhouse. Bay views, 2BR/2BA, garage. Fantastic condition. Great rental program. Built 1990. Tennis Resort. Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp., 941-809-0041.

$435,000 FOR Sale By Owner, 3BR/2BA, pool, community dock. Principals Only. Realtor/Owner. Call Ramona Glanz, RE/MAX Excellence, 383-9700.


SPANISH MAIN VILLA. Beautiful lake view from new Florida room. 2BR/1BA, custom furnished, new A/C. Community Club, heated pool, boat docks. $264,900. REDUCED $20,000 for Quick Sale! Was $429,000. Now $409,000. Remodeled 2BR 941-751-5614. plus den, 2.5/BA, caged pool home in the North End Village of Longboat Key.  BRADENTON BEACH. Direct Gulf historic Call for appointment, look and make offer. Front Hotel being changed to CONDOS. Exclusive with Fred Flis, Real Estate Mart, Prices from $285,000-$335,000. (941) 756-1090. Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp. 941-809-0041. WINDING OAKS Dr. Lovely villa, 3BR/3BA, large lanai overlooking lake & golf course on extra wide lot. $699,000. 383-3245. SPARKLING BAY VIEWS ARE EXTENUATED BY INCREDIBLE  $399,900 BAYPORT on Longboat Key, USE OF CURVILINEAR SPACES, 2BR/2BA upper level villa. Furnished. Can CLEAN LINES AND BOLD COLOR rent 12/times a year. Peek of Gulf. Tennis and pool. Central Park Realty Corp. IN THIS REDESIGNED 1700/S.F., 941-809-0041. 15TH FLOOR, DOWNTOWN CONDO W/2 CAR GARAGE. PARKING AND HUGE EXTERIOR STORAGE ROOM. CANAL FRONT HOME CALL DIANE GREGORY: 504-2993 MICHAEL SAUNDERS & COMPANY $647,746


ON THE GULF. Convenient 1st floor, 2BR/2BA condo. LR, DR, eat-in kitchen and study. Walk 100/ft. to beach, pool, tennis. All year sunsets and good rental program MARINA TOWER, downtown Townhouse. available. Call Bob at 269-629-2201. One-of-a-kind w/magnificent unobstructed views of Marina, Bay and Keys. One block BEST BUY on Longboat! 2BR/2BA garden from all the excitement of Main Street, condo. Immaculate condition, private beach, 3BR/3.5BA, 3980/sq.ft. Master suite one boat dock, heated pool, club house. whole floor. Concierge and 24/hr. guard/valet $299,000. 387-7049. services. Must see! MLS# 224445. $1,780,000.00. Exclusive Agents of Florida FAIRWAY BAY - Atrium Direct Bay View. Sun Realty Corp. 366-5000. Unit #538, 4th level, 3BR/2.5BA, 2616/sq.ft. w/3 balconies and 2/under building parking Lots & Acreage For Sale spaces. Priced at $875,000. BANYAN BAY - Unit #401, 1300/sq.ft., LONGBOAT KEY 3/LOTS; C-1 zoning. 2BR/2BA, recently updated, screened lanai. $400,000 each. General Harris St. Longview Realty, Richard Estrin Lic. R.E. Broker. Priced at $379,000. ST. ARMANDS. Walk to Circle & Lido 383-6112. Beach, 2BR/2BA, 1425/sq.ft. on a 60x150 lot, w/extra building used as office or artist's LBK, NORTH End canal front lot for sale by owner. 5/Min. walk to Gulf, new 50/ft. dock, studio. Priced at $450,000. GRAND BAY, direct bay view. Unit #113, sewer and water. 383-8710. 2nd level, 3BR/3.5BA, 2550/sq.ft. Cayman 2/ACRES, SPRING HILL AREA. 2/Blocks model, turnkey furnished, w/2 balconies and off County Line Rd. Newer fence, cleared, under building parking. Priced at $1,150,000. paved cul-de-sac, oaks, near Spring Hill PRIVATEER, direct Gulf front. Unit #505S, Hospital. $22,000/each. Ready to build. 5th level, 2BR/2BA, 1290/sq.ft. w/2 balconies Beautiful! Owner/352-684-2754, message. overlooking beach, pool & tennis. Priced at $439,000. CEDARS EAST. Unit #529, 1500/sq.ft., Open House 2BR/2.5BA, townhouse, w/2 car garage, SECLUDED 150/FT. WATERFRONT turnkey furnished for sale for $259,000 and PARADISE. LBK. 6551 Bayou Hammock also for rent, seasonally or annually. Rd. $1,195,000. 4BR/3BA wooded acre. FAIRWAY BAY, 1626/sq.ft. townhouse, Available for showing Sunday, 1-4p.m. 2BR/2.5BA, w/huge parking garage. Priced Call Owner/agent, M. Namack, Ilene Mirman at $434,500. Realty 941-730-6812 or 941-378-3582. CANAL FRONT, 623 Marbury Lane, north end, 2800/sq.ft., tri-level pool home, w/boat dock, only 10/yrs. old, turnkey furnished. NORTH LONGBOAT KEY, Beachside Rents for $4000 a month all year long. Community, 322 Firehouse Lane. 3BR/3BA, Priced at $699,000. family room, screened porch, 3/decks, DIRECT BEACH front condo. For rent, community pool, walk to beach, fully furn. 1532/sq.ft. condo on the beach, at Lido $995,000 Conrad Beach Open Sunday: BY OWNER, UNIVERSITY PARK Beach Club. Call for details. REDUCED TO $339,900 11-4. 387-9595 BUTTONWOOD HARBOUR. Listed below BUTTONWOOD HARBOR, 610 Buttonwood appraisal. 3BR/2BA, 2200/sq.ft., caged pool, Drive, mid-key, 2200/sq.ft. pool home, 2BR/2BA +DEN/OFFICE, YOUR OPEN HOUSE $450,000. Ramona Glanz, 383-9700. 4BR/2BA, on huge lot, w/marina and boat 2/CAR GARAGE, ALL NEUTRAL DECOR. dock for only $300 a year. Priced at RE/MAX Excellence. AD HERE! READY TO MOVE IN, SPACIOUS $450,000 and also for rent annually. CALL AND BEAUTIFUL. 180’ DIRECT Bay View, 6643 Renssalaer LONGBOAT KEY Drive, 4300/sq.ft. pool home, 5BR/4.5BA, on PRINCIPALS ONLY. HARBOUR VILLA CLUB two lots with 250’ of seawall, no boat 927-1221 dockage. Priced at $925,000. TAKE ADVANTAGE!!! Andrew Vac UNOBSTRUCTED BAY VIEW RE/MAX Excellence WITH DEEDED BOAT DOCK AND LIDO BEACH, 1BR/1.5BA, furnished, tenant 10% DISCOUNT 941-383-9700 through 9//30/03. $229,900. King & Co., OUTSTANDING AMENITIES. George Peter Ryan, 388-2040. SPACIOUS 2BR/2BA BRADENTON, DIRECT waterfront condo, OFF ADS RUNNING FOR 4 TURNKEY FURNISHED VILLA. 2BR/2BA, new kitchen, tile and windows, CONSECUTIVE WEEKS  $459,900 TOTALLY RENOVATED, $159,000. Owner, 383-0034. MARY LOUISE NUGENT, BROKER Downtown Bayfront high rise, end unit, best BOOK YOUR AD FOR 941-383-9544 EXT. 120 views. Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty FAIRWAY BAY, LBK. Largest end unit 4 WEEKS Corp., 941-809-0041. w/fabulous bay views, 2BR/2BA, extra large OR 941-780-0496 balcony, new appliances, tile, carpet and SHOWN BY APPT. ONLY. 383-5509 OR FAX 24 HOURS SPANISH MAIN, LBK 2BR/2BA villa. Low paint in neutral colors. $519,000. Mel & Jan BROKERS PROTECTED. TO: 383-7193 fees! Pool and marina, deeded beach Goldsmith, Michael Saunders & Co. access. $255,000. 383-8860. Owner/Realtor. 941-383-6673 or 941-356-6673.

$429,900 LONGBOAT KEY, Townhouse. Fully furnished, fireplace, WIDE AND Wonderful Bay views from Anna 3000/sq.ft., elevator. Great rental program. Maria to Sarasota skyline. Custom Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp., 4944/sf. free-standing condominium 941-809-0041. residence in gated community. $1,395,000. Sharon Freeman (941) 321-0249. QUIET GROUND floor LBK condo, 2BR/2BA, study, eat-in kitchen, private Michael Saunders & Company, Lic. R.E. fenced backyard, low maintenance fees, steps to beach and shopping. $243,000. Broker. Owner, 383-8022. LBK, BEACHFRONT. Spacious and beautiful, 2BR/2BA among multi-million $ GRAND BAY, 2BR/2BA, Bay sunset views. homes and condos. Heated pool, exercise Pool, tennis, gymnasium. $575,000. Call facility and tennis. Offered at $479,900. 383-4476, Peter. Call 374-3200. LONGBOAT KEY beachfront. Glorious Gulf Mexico, Beach, and City Skyline views!  $589,900 LONGBOAT KEY, Seagate. of 2BR/2BA condo. Granite countertop. Heated Direct Gulf 2BR/2BA, new granite kitchen, pool, tennis courts and exercise facility. newly renovated. Must sell. Dennis Girard, Southern exposure. Offered at $529,900. Central Park Realty Corp. (941) 809-0041. Call 941-400-8877. SHOW YOUR home or business on the Internet with a 360 degree Virtual Tour. BIRD KEY For more info, visit: GARDEN HOME, PRISTINE CONDITION or call 941-778-4759. FURNISHED/UNFURNISHED W/CAGED POOL AND LANAI, 3BR/2BA. BY OWNER $519,000 RITZ TOWER RESIDENCE REALTORS WELCOME 366-7113 FOR APPT. 2BR+DEN/BEDROOM, 3BA, RITZ CARLTON MEMBERS CLUB INCLUDED.  JUST LISTED on Longboat Key. EXCEPTIONAL AMENITIES Imagine a small complex on the Gulf. ONLY AND FEATURES! 11 units. Lushly landscaped, pool, choice of PRINCIPALS ONLY either 2 bedrooms or 1 bedroom. From PRICED TO SELL $299,900-$599,900 including dockage facilities. Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp. 941-809-0041. CALL 320-7604 FOR MORE INFORMATION


Open House




BRAND NEW WITH LAKE VIEW 3BR/2.5BA+office, 2500/sq.ft., 2/car garage, pool & spa, 2002 new. Loaded w/upgrades. $439,500 FORMER MODEL WITH PRIVATE SETTING 3BR/2BA, pool & spa. $379,900 SNOWBIRD’S DELIGHT SOUTHERLY EXPOSURE OF #2 GREEN 2BR/2BA+den $237,900 TURNKEY WATERFRONT PATIO HOME WITH SOUTHERN EXPOSURE 2BR/2BA+den, cul-de-sac location $245,000 WONDERFULLY WOODED & PRIVATE LOCATION 2BR/2BA+den Patio home w/pool $264,900 PRIVACY, SUNSHINE AND LAKE VIEW NEW COURTYARD PLAN Separate suite w/kitchenette 3BR/3.5BA, pool & spa, loaded with upgrades. $439,000 PANORAMIC GOLF & LAKE VISTA STERLING II 3BR/3BA +den, 3/car garage Upgrades Galore!!! $559,900


 Out-Of-State Property TENNESSEE. MODERN mountain home w/14 acres, 2BR/loft, central heat/air, ceramic tile floors and carpeting. Great vacation/hunter’s getaway. Reduced to $89,900 o/b/o. 941-359-1612. LAKE HARTWELL LOTS, S.C. Restricted, city water, boat ramp, wooded, wild life and peaceful. 941-756-7860.

Rentals: Annual LIDO BEACH. Efficiencies, 1BR available starting from $600 per month. 941-388-2590. DUPLEX, WATERFRONT Bradenton Beach. Large 2BR/1BA on intercoastal. Dock, davits, steps to beach, carport, W/D. Pets OK. Available immediately. $900/mo. 1-727-784-3679. LONGBOAT KEY, Islander Club, rare 9th floor, 2BR/2BA, amenities, covered parking, pool, on beach. May 1st. $1800/mo. No pets. 941-485-1630. BEACHPLACE, 2BR/2BA, unfurnished, Southern exposure, covered parking. Wonderful amenities, $2100/mo. Call Maggie Hicks, 383-6411. LBK, BEACH HARBOUR CLUB, furnished (and upgraded) Penthouse. 3BR/2BA, W/D, covered parking, deeded beach, boat dock, great pool, and more! 1400sq.ft. under air +900sq.ft. private porches. Also available seasonally. Call 360-8966.

CLASSIFIEDS Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

Rentals: Annual

LBK, BAY view, canal front Hemingway style home, 3BR/1BA. Gorgeous! $1800/mo. LBK, BAY ISLES, Harbour Oaks. 941-350-8048. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. Move right in to this furnished, newly decorated villa. COUNTRY CLUB SHORES, LBK. Hardwood floors, new carpet/appliances, Furnished or unfurnished 3BR/2BA, 2/car, spacious family room w/island kitchen, heated pool, dock, boat lift, private beach 2500/sq.ft., 3BR/2.5BA, 2/car garage, huge access. Pets OK. $1995/mo. 727-848-4100. lanai overlooking lagoon. Nearby marina, LIDO, NICE 2BR/2BA and 1BR/1BA furn. restaurants, shopping, golf course, and apartments with quiet mature neighbors. private beach club. Month-to-month or annual lease avail. By owner 941-366-0908. Across from beach. 302-0732. ON THE Beach with views of the waves. Tennis Court, Jacuzzi, pool, underground parking all behind the gates of Longboat Key Club. This 2BR/2BA condo offers a contemporary, casual decor with modern LBK, BAY ISLES, Harbour Oaks. luxury ambiance. Avail. April through ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. Move right in to November $3000/mo. Ninety day minimum. this furnished, newly decorated villa. Inquire for 2004 Season. (941)320-6527. Hardwood floors, new carpet/appliances, spacious family room w/island kitchen, AVAILABLE JULY & August. Pets 2500/sq.ft., 3BR/2.5BA, 2/car garage, huge welcome! Newly remodeled canal front lanai overlooking lagoon. Nearby marina, home, 3BR/2BA. Designer furnished, fenced restaurants, shopping, golf course, and yard, private beach access. For rates private beach club. Month-to-month or and photos go to website: annual lease avail. By owner 941-366-0908. or call 941-360-0700. N.W. BRADENTON, 3BR/2BA, $1000/mo. PARKWAY VILLA 55+. 2BR/2BA, $575/mo. LUXURY CONDO. Fairway Bay, 2BR/2BA, Real Estate Mart, 941-756-1090 unobstructed bay view and downtown Sarasota. $1800/mo. Contact Dennis, BUTTONWOOD HARBOR, 3BR/2BA, family 800-808-6550. room, caged pool, 2/car garage, $2500/mo. Call Ramona Glanz, RE/MAX Excellence, BEACHPLACE, BUILDING 6. Updated 383-9700. 2BR/2BA. Monthly rental. 412-835-7308. LBK STUDIO and 1BR apts. Furnished, located on bay, walk to beach. $600-$650/annual. Call Resort Properties, 941-388-3177 or 941-724-5203.

SANDS POINT, LBK’s finest Gulf front location, behind the gates of LBK Club. Unfurnished, 1BR/1.5BA, 1400/sq.ft. Private first floor patio overlooking New Pass w/Gulf views. Great pool, fishing pier, and the best of the beach. Kitchen appliances included. Non-smoker, no pets. Annual lease, $1800 monthly. You’ve got to see this one. Kim at 941-383-3702.

RENTALS AVAILABLE - On the Keys & from Bradenton to Venice. Pat Passeri, Rental Agent, Re/Max Excellence, 800-708-5994, 941-387-2927 or 383-9700.

LBK, 1BR/1BA cottage in the Village. Screened porch, hardwood floors, furnished or unfurnished. Available now, $950/mo. WHITNEY BEACH, spacious 2BR/2BA condo. Nice water view, 2nd floor, private beach, pool, tennis, W/D, water/cable/pest control included. Unfurnished, no pets, vacant, $1800/mo. SUNCOAST REAL ESTATE, 779-0202

BANYAN BAY, 2BR/2BA, 1st. floor, W/D, pool, clubhouse, tennis, fishing dock, steps to beach. Available monthly or seasonal. Non-smoking unit. (203) 481-2748.

LONGBOAT KEY, 2BR, first floor condo. Tennis, pool. $600/week or $1800/mo. Available May 1. Also available annually. 847-735-1764.

THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003 21D Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

CASA DEL MAR RESORT CONDOMINIUM WEEKLY RENTALS GULF FRONT/GULF VIEW Reservations: 941-383-5549 Visa/MC Fax: 941-383-7925 Office Open 7 Days, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 4621 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key 34228 LARGE HEATED POOL (25/ft.x60ft.) GULFSIDE “85% Repeat Guests” “INTENTIONALLY BETTER”

VACATION RENTALS Longboat Key & Anna Maria Seasonal & Annual Call Wedebrock Rental Office 941-383-5886 or 800-486-5886 For a complete list, go to:

THE “LEMON TREE COTTAGE”. Adorable SEAPLACE. BEAUTIFUL Gulf view 2BR/1BA, across from golf course. Available weekly @ $500 or monthly @ $1500. penthouse unit, 2BR/2BA. Reserve now, 941-351-2211. won’t last! $3800/mo. 407-629-6295.


LIDO BEACH vacation paradise. 1 & 2 LBK, TWIN SHORES, 1BR, turnkey, 55+, IT’S RARELY available! Prefer professional bedroom condos overlooking beautiful Lido private beach. $625/mo. annually or couple. Longboat Key Towers, 1BR ocean Beach. Weekly rates. Lido Dorset. Rental front, 11th floor, 2/balconies, lovely furniture $725/mo. May through Nov. 371-3290. condo. 388-1404. and art work in hall and apt. 3/mo. min. until SOUTHGATE CLASSIC gem. Terrazo, August. $4500/mo. Must be approved by open, Florida room, fenced tropical yard, Association. Call Jim Dubois, manager, WINDWARD BAY large 2BR, lots of closets, immaculate 941-383-8110. condition. $1150-$950. 365-8417. Gorgeous Sarasota Bay view, GRAND BAY, 2BR/2BA, Bay sunset views. beautifully furnished, large 2BR/2BA LBK, WATERFRONT, 1/BR apartment. Pool, tennis, gymnasium. Available min. corner unit, third floor Bldg. F, Quiet setting, $695/mo. Boating & beach. 3/mo., Jan./April. $6700/mo. Call 383-4476, washer/dryer, enclosed lanai, 941-387-0990. Peter. 329-2005, Debbie. beach access, tennis, heated pools, LONGBOAT KEY, SEA GATE. Direct BEST DEAL on Longboat, 2BR/2BA, ground covered parking. Gulffront w/fabulous beach & Gulf views floor, screened porch, private rear sun deck from every room. 2BR/2BA w/large double and garden, steps to beach and shopping. May through Nov., 2003 - $2000/mo. balcony, newly furnished. $4000/mo. Summer prices: $325/week, $1200/mo. 1/month minimum 847-821-7700. 941-383-5914. 387-7676 HOLMES BEACH, 2BR/1.5BA townhouse, LIDO BEACH. Modern 2BR with patio, steps to Gulf. Sun deck/Gulf views, W/D. laundry, completely furnished, walk to beach. $795/mo. 941-758-1899, 203-417-2331. Reasonable. Available now. 383-2566. WHITNEY BEACH, LBK, beautiful UNIVERSITY AREA. New home, adult LONGBOAT HARBOR, 2BR/2BA, bay/canal 2BR/2BA. Immaculate, fully furnished poolcommunity. All amenities, 2/master suites. views, furnished, pools, tennis, beach house. side garden villa, 1st floor, bayside. Steps to Near everything. $1800/mo. Call owner, Nov., Dec., 2003 ($2200/mo.). Jan., Feb., private beach and tennis. Available monthly May 1, 2003 through March 30, 2004. Call 941-388-5281. 2004 ($2800/mo.). 315-676-2652. (810) 636-7345 or mail to: CHC Condo, Box #126, Goodrich, MI 48438. LBK, GRAND BAY. Premiere community, LONGBOAT KEY, Seagate. On the beach, w/world class amenities, beach club, Gulf views, 4th floor, 2BR/2BA, 2/terraces, MOUNTAIN APARTMENT. Cashiers/ 2BR/2BA penthouse, furnished w/wrap new kitchen and furnishings, TV’s, VCR, Sapphire Valley, N.C. Almost new around terrace. Spectacular views of computer printer, W/D, stereos, heated pool, w/awesome mountain views, 2BR/1BA, Sarasota Bay and skyline. 2/Garage parking, tennis court, exercise room, assigned family room/kitchenette & large deck. 24/hr. security, $2500/mo. (941) 387-1336. parking. 3/mo. minimum. $5000/mo. Longer Country Club amenities, $365/week. stays available. 212-787-9337. 941-359-6868.  DOWNTOWN, CENTRAL PARK II. Elegant, secure, 2BR/2.5BA, decorator LBK, SEA PINES, 1st. floor, on the Gulf BEACH PLACE, 2BR/2BA. Monthly rental. furnished, W/D, pool, fitness, tennis, day w/pool, 2BR/2BA. Available monthly or May (941)918-8658 dock. $1300/mo.. 941-544-4509. through Oct. 941-383-5282. ST. ARMANDS, 2BR/2BA, all new beds, SPANISH MAIN, LBK 2BR/2BA villa. ST. ARMANDS. Exquisite turnkey furnished linens, cookware. Pool, full bay view w/dock, Pool and marina, deeded beach access. 2BR/2BA cottage, pool, +screened lanai, walk to beach, shops, dining. $2500/mo. in Annual or Seasonal. 383-8860. walk beach/Circle. June 15 through Oct. 30. season. Details, 651-653-6956. (941) 388-2524. BAYFRONT THEATER district, 2BR/2BA, secluded mainland. Romantic bayfront pool, bay sunsets & serene park views every ISLANDER’S CLUB room. Furnished, 1200+/sq.ft. $1800/mo. for Don’t Forget!! 6/mos., $1600/mo. annual. 941-747-7411. 2BR/2BA, OUTSTANDING AMENITIES, 11TH FLOOR VIEW OF GULF, BAY AND  CITY LIGHTS. LBK, 3 or 4BR/3.5BA house. Canal front JANUARY THROUGH MARCH, 2004. for Classifieds is w/view of Sarasota Bay. Deep water dock. $5500/MO. Beach access. $1800/mo. unfurnished. NOON ON MONDAY 941-387-2106 $2250/mo. furnished. 730-2790. Email:

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22D THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003



Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

Time Share LBK,





★ PELICAN HARBOUR, 3BR/2BA, LBK. LONGBOAT HARBOUR, 2BR/2BA w/bay LBK, 2BR/2BA furnished private home. Foreclosures/Owner Resales, 3/Resorts, 1 & Panoramic Bay View, Beautifully Furnished 2/Balconies, Private Beach, Pool, Tennis, Dock. 513-608-4320, 513-871-4333. E-mail: LBK, CEDARS COURT, 2BR/2.5BA townhouse w/garage. Nicely furnished. Available Nov. through March, 04. Rental includes tennis membership. Nov.-Dec. $2000/mo., Jan. $3000/mo. Feb.-March $3800/mo. Call 011-44-29-20796014 or e-mail:

view, nicely furnished, Building L, 2nd floor, Family room, large pool & spa, beach enclosed lanai. 3/mo. minimum. Call access. $1750/mo. until November. Includes 631-586-8580. pool & lawn care. 383-6844. VACATION RENTALS AVAILABLE! Longboat Key, Lido Key, Siesta Key. Experience the elegant lifestyle of The Residence at The Ritz Carlton. Jennette & Rossi, Inc. Real Estate Management 941-953-6000

LONGBOAT KEY. Beautiful Gulf front condo, pool, beach, 1BR/1BA, sleeps 4. WHITE SANDS of Longboat. Timeshares From $770/week. 617-328-7145. available, for sale by owner: Priced to sell LBK. CANAL front pool home. Billiards at $3,000 each or $4500 for both. First room, 2BR/3BA. Private beach. $3000/mo. and Second weeks (49 and 50) of December. Use or trade around the 941-350-8048. world with Interval International. LONGBOAT KEY. The best of all worlds in 802-384-2285 or this direct Gulf front beach condo, next to or world famous Colony Beach Tennis Club, 2BR/2BA, LR, DR, kitchen. 6/mo. rental LONGBOAT BAY CLUB, Red Wk 38, luxurious. $3,000 deeded. @ $6000/mo. Owner/Realtor. E-mail: 2BR/2BA, 941-374-1407. Fax: 914-238-4384.

LONGBOAT HARBOR, 2BR/2BA, bay/canal views, nicely furnished, 4/pools, tennis, beach house, exercise room. Also, available annually. 383-8566.


SEAPLACE G2, 2BR/2BA. Nov./Dec. 2003 & March/April, 2004. 2/mo. min. Well furnished; non-smokers only. Wilkinson UK 011 44 1202 762071. E-mail or May 1st.-14th, 941-383-4173.

BEHIND GATES of Longboat Key Club, every room direct Gulf front, incredible sunsets, hear and see the waves from 3/large bedrooms, 3/full baths, 3/balconies, corner unit. 2-3/mo. rental. Special summer rates. 631-287-1934.

LIDO BEACH. Large 1BR condo, open balcony w/Gulf view. Pool directly on the beach, secure parking garage. Call 504-0398.

LBK, NORTHSHORE Rd., 1BR/1BA condo. VILLAGE cottage, 2BR/1BA, Updated, W/D, walk to beach, fishing, dock. LBK, $1500/mo. Season 4/mos. $1800/mo. Off-Season N.W. BRADENTON, 3BR/2BA/2, $1000/mo. $1200/mo. 941-383-6485. PALMA SOLA Townhouse, 2BR/2BA, LBK. PRIVATE home, 3BR/2BA, deep $750/week. Real Estate Mart, 941-756-1090 water, beach access, pool, newly furnished. Weekly or seasonal rentals. Pets OK. PLAN FOR 2004! 2BR/2BA Longboat or 770-840-0028. Harbour, nicely furnished w/a view. Call CUTCHOGUE, LONG Island, NY. Sandy 251-342-7339 or 251-342-7344. beach front house, 4BR/2BA, decks, A/C. PALM AIRE. 1BR/1.5BA, on the lake and July & August. 631-734-6377. the golf course. Quiet setting, beautifully N. FORK, L.I., NY. Spacious 3BR/2BA furnished community pool, electric and home, A/C, gourmet kitchen, dock, private phone included. Maid service. Available until beach, bus to NYC. Pictures available. 12/1. 359-3637, leave message. July and August. 631-734-4260.

ON THE Gulf w/pool. 1BR condo, sleeps 4. Nicely furnished, cable, phone, full kitchen, living, dining area, W/D in building. Monthly or May through Jan. $1400/mo. 351-5101. UNIQUE BEACH access at Seaplace. 2BR/2BA. 2/mo. min. First floor walkout, 50/ft. to ocean beach, garden view, fully furnished, non-smoking. Tennis courts and 2/pools. Available: May-Nov. $1250/mo. Dec. $2500, Jan.-March $3500, April $2500. 706-746-3799 or

2 Bedroom, Red Weeks, $2000 to $14000. Cunningham Property Management, Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker, 387-9191, 800-201-9983,

SEAPLACE, AVAILABLE DEC., 2003 to May, 2004. 2BR/2BA, nearly new Robb & Stucky furniture. Bldg. M-2, under bldg. parking, N.W. view of Gulf, non-smoking. New air cond. w/ultra violet protection. All appliances & washer/dryer. Call (888) 570-1977.

LIDO SHORES, furnished 3BR/2BA, pool, spa & private beach access. Call for rates & LBK, WHITNEY BEACH - casual elegance. availability. Romona Glanz, 383-9700. 2BR/2BA, W/D, turnkey. Water views of Bayou. Newly renovated. Tennis, heated Re/Max Excellence. pool, boat slip. Steps to Gulf & Beach. LONGBOAT KEY condo, direct Gulf view, May-Sept. $1900/mo., Oct.-Dec. $2500/mo., 2BR/2BA, beautiful. May, June, August, Jan.-April, $3400/mo. No pets/smokers. $1500/mo. Sept. $2000/mo. (949) 212-2968. Contact:





CALL: 383-5509

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Last Week’s Cryptograms 1. Sometimes the only way to a man’s heart is a lonely one-way street. 2. That hundred-pound sailfish we caught last summer was an incredible fighter and, though inedible, made an indelible impression.




Vivian O. Collins, Leesburg, GA











“QXE, AMVNTWZQ, NZF GY YOWPD.” Harry B. Schultheis, Las Vegas, NV


THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003 23D

There are places money can’t buy... For all others, Contact Klaus Lang

Judy Kepecz- Hays

KLAUS LANG R 941 383-7591 EALTOR®

Secluded contemporary BAYFRONT ESTATE, close to downtown, lushly landscaped with fabulous Bay and Sunset views. Imported European kitchen to meet chef standards. Tennis court installed by makers of Bollettieri Academy. 2 boat docks & lifts. $5,975,000 Fabulous Five Star RITZ CARLTON Lifestyle. THE 18th Floor PENTHOUSE. High over Sarasota bay, bathed in a breathtaking panorama, 3 sides, 4 balconies, full bay & city views, sunrise and sunset. In Sarasota, the Cultural Capital of Florida. $5,750,000 Prestigious gated community of SANDERLING CLUB. Direct Gulf front w/200’ of private, protected, pristine beach w/dramatic sunsets. On over an Acre, offering opportunity to purchase a prime beachfront on Siesta Key with possibilities ranging from renovation to using site for new construction. $5,500,000 Spectacular Waterfront Home available 20% below appraisal with a price reduction of $500,000. Completely renovated and remodeled. This prestigious home, located in the HARBOR ISLES section of BAY ISLES, offers 4bedroom/4bath with 200-foot seawall & a wonderful view over canal intersection towards the bay. $1,995,000 Endless views on LONGBOAT KEY. The lowest priced BEACHFRONT home on the Key. Built to enjoy the relaxing beach lifestyle. The 2/3BR home recently updated & well maintained, with an above average appreciation potential. $1,690,000

941•387•1825 Sarasota’s International Realtors We Feature Several Referral Offices in Europe. Wir Sprechen Deutsch • Beszelunk Magyarul Nous parlons un peux Français

Over $31 million in sales in December 2002!

$1,000,000 per day!

$5,500,000 G N I ND E P


Mediterranean sailboat waterfront home. 3BR, totally redesigned and upgraded with marble baths, Mexican tile floors, granite counters, Xeriscape landscaping, large pool with spa, 2 car garage. Beautiful! $949,000.



living area w/fireplace, bamboo and marble ➣ floors, marble baths, granite kitchen, superb architectural design, stately wood library/office, music area, 3 car garage, beautiful pool & spa, private boat dock. $2,299,000.

LAUREL OAK ESTATES. Enjoy the private, tropical setting of this desirable golf community. This home has it all, with tile and carpet throughout, beautiful landscaping, an oversized two-car garage and a caged, newly marcited pool. Conveniently located, yet situated in a quiet, pristine golf community. A great opportunity at this price. $499,000

Grand 2 story


gates, southern exposure, den/library with built-ins plus loft, 3 en-suite bedrooms, crown moldings, marble, tastefully furnished, custom pool. $1,275,000.


Magnificent custom home behind the gates of the Longboat Key Club. Four bedrooms, very private waterfall pool, gourmet granite kitchen, crown moldings, deeded beach access. $1,295,000.

LIDO BEACH CLUB and rarely available. This 12th floor 1bedroom unit has direct gulf and bay views, southern exposure, overlooking the Ritz Carlton Beach Club. $375,000 5083

Michael Saunders & Co.



- Gorgeous intracoastal views, updated with granite kitchen, fantastic master bedroom, private guest quarters, fireplace, bayfront pool, spa, private dock. $1,899,000.

For virtual tours, or to view our area’s Multiple Listing Service, log on to

Licensed Real Estate Broker

440 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Longboat Key, FL 34228 RITZ CARLTON Fabulous custom features & breathtaking bay & marina views will dazzle you in this one-ofa-kind, custom 15th floor residence. Custom cherry kitchen, granite counters, marble baths, 3BR + den. Very open floor plan, 2 parking, 2 storage. $2,590,000. RITZ CARLTON - Spectacular water views everywhere! “Tommy Bahama” style designer atmosphere. Custom cherry cabinets, granite counters, marble baths, 2BR +den. Private beach club, state of the art fitness center, full time concierge, plus the Ritz Carlton hotel services. $1,269,000. RITZ TOWERS RESIDENCE - Penthouse with unparalleled views of the bay and marina. 3BR plus den with fireplace, 5,275 sq. ft., lofty ceilings, large terraces, granite kitchen w/custom cabinetry, wet bar, wine cooler, private 2 car garage, unique recreation level, private beach club, Ritz Carlton Hotel amenities. $4,300,000. AQUARIUS - Split floor plan, partially furnished, two bedrooms, all new sliding doors and windows. Gulf views, heated pool and Har-tru tennis. $529,000. ➣ INN ON THE BEACH


Full Gulf views, 2BR, 7th floor C+ corner unit with all of ➣ the LBK Club amenities. Excellent income! $699,900.

SPANISH MAIN - Bayfront community, bright, sunny, attached villa with southern exposure. 2BR + den/office area, lovely, very private back yard, marina, deeded beach access, pool. $225,000. SANCTUARY - Breathtaking model, views of the gulf & bay & sunsets. Direct beachfront building behind the gates of the LBK Club. Two bedrooms plus den, designer furnishings. $1,395,000. LIDO BEACH - KEY TOWERS SOUTH Full gulf views, designer furnished penthouse. Gourmet kitchen, granite, marble, wet bar, split ➣ plan w/2 master suites. On-site manager, social room, beautiful pool, white sand beach. $799,000. Magnificent bay and city skyline views, 10th floor luxury ➣ residence. Marble floors, chef’s kitchen, granite, wine cooler, custom cabinetry, designer furnished. $749,000. ISLANDER CLUB - Totally updated 2BR/2BA gulf front condo. Granite counters, new appliances, wood cabinets, fabulous light fixtures, plantation shutters. Olympic sized pool. $449,900. LONGBOAT KEY TOWER -11th floor - breathtaking views of beach, bay and sunsets. Oversized balcony, behind the gates. $929,000. ESSEX HOUSE - Excellent location! 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, exciting bay view, indoor parking, heated pool, 2nd floor.


GULF FRONT - Small, exclusive enclave tucked into almost an acre with spectacular views of Gulf, Big Pass, South Lido, the bayou & sunsets.

1•800•910•8728 5083 4243

201 Gulf of Mexico Dr. • Longboat Key


24D THURSDAY MAY 8, 2003



Years of Distinctive Service Residential Sales ◆ ◆ ◆

Vacation Rentals ◆ ◆ ◆

Property Management ◆ ◆ ◆

Commercial Division

“Personalized Not Franchised”

Bridget Spiess Buying or Selling, Call Today!

Call or visit one of our convenient locations N. Longboat Key S. Longboat Key


Holmes Beach

6350 Gulf of Mexico Dr. 26 Avenue of Flowers 3224 East Bay Dr. 383-5543 383-5544 778-0700 1-800-335-5543 1-800-950-3450 1-800-615-9930

Bridget Spiess (941)720-6304

Mike Migone (941)812-7437 PENTHOUSE AT THE POPULAR GRANDE CONDOMINIUM Features include 3BR/4.5BA, 2 master suites. Sweeping gulf and bay views. Private 2 car garage, marble & granite throughout. $1,899,000. Mike Nink 383-5543

FABULOUS FIVE STAR RITZ CARLTON lifestyle, Spa, Beach Club, Inpeccable pampering from an award winning hotel staff. Decorator furnished "Beausoleil" w/4,965 sq. ft. living area plus two terraces overlooking marina and city. $5,900,000. MLS#237425 Bridget Spiess 720-6304

BOATERS PARADISE Key West style home on lg private lot. Water views, high ceilings, open floor plan, 40x20 covered slip and 3+ deep water slips able to handle large sailboats. $1,400,000 John Hines 383-5543


Tina Rudek (941)795-5950 CONDOS GULF FRONT INVESTMENT Rarely available, turnkey furnished in newly renovated eight unit complex. Gorgeous beach and heated pool just outside your door. Excellent income property with bookings in place. $549,000 THE ARBOMAR Fabulous sunsets, gulf and bay views highlight this tastefully decorated and updated end unit that shows like a model. $489,000 LONGBEACH CONDO Exceptional direct gulf views over LBK’s finest beaches. 2BR/2BA with den and large lanai. Great income possibilities. $439,000

CHARMING VILLA IN BOATING COUNTRY Tastefully remodeled & decorated. 2BR/2BA condo with over 1000sf. TKF, heated pool, deeded beach access & protected sailboat docks. Water views from large lanai. $280,000 John Hines 383-5543

SPACIOUS GULFSIDE HOME Spectacular gulf & sunset views, sounds of the ocean & white sugar sand right at your doorstep. Inviting 5BR/3BA home on 100x180 lot w/excellent income revenue. $2,795,000 Tina Rudek or Mike Migone 383-5543

HOMES SPACIOUS GULFSIDE HOME Spectacular gulf and sunsets views, sounds of the ocean and white sugar sand right at your doorstep. Inviting 5BR/3BA home on 100x180 lot with excellent income revenue. $2,795,000 PALMA SOLA BAYFRONT 4 acre +/- property with protected 370 foot deep canal & spacious ranch home with spectacular water views surrounded by complete tranquility and privacy. Keep as huge private estate or develop. Endless possibilities. $1,249,000

GULF FRONT CONDO in pristine condition. Two heated pools, clubhouse, tennis court, citrus grove on beautiful seven acres. $629,000 MLS# 235367 Call Bridget for Directions 720-6304

GULF FRONT LONGBOAT KEY Totally updated Sunset Beach condo. Turnkey furnished, gourmet kitchen, all new appliances, and crown molding. End unit with 2 balconies, plantation shutters, and updated tile throughout. A must see! $695,000 Marc Turner 778-0700

MID KEY TOWN HOME TKF, 3BR/2.5BA w/attached garage, screened lanai & private patio. Sail in deep water or fish from community boat dock. Numerous amenities on gorgeous grounds w/2 pools, exercise, clubhouse & beautiful beaches. $295,000 Tina Rudek or Mike Migone 383-5543

KEY TOWERS SOUTH Very desirable building. Direct Gulf front 12th floor unit. Superb views. Split floor plan. Immaculate condition. $649,000 MLS#235818 Bridget Spiess 720-6304

ESCAPE ... TO HIDEAWAY BAY Enchanting unspoiled beauty surrounds this immaculate 4BR/4BA custom home. Completely private water and pool views, soaring ceilings, spacious and bright interior. Steps to beach, dock and tennis. $1,125,000 “THE AVALON” at Laguna Yacht Village. Brand new quality built 4BR/3BA home with soaring ceilings and open concept. Warm wood flooring, stainless steel, granite tops & much more. Only steps to your own deep water boat dock, sparkling community pool and beach access. $739,000 BAYOU HOME Immaculate and inviting home on protected bayou off Manatee River in NW Bradenton. Quiet location with great views, lap pool and numerous improvements. $499,000

HOMESITES THE ARBOMAR Fabulous sunsets, gulf & bay views highlight this tastefully decorated & updated end unit that shows like a model. $489,000 Tina Rudek or Mike Migone 383-5543 SARASOTA HARBOR EAST The perfect location in town, walk to fine restaurants and shopping. Clubhouse, heated pool, bay walking path and includes a boat dock that will accommodate a 30ft yacht! Just two blocks from St. Armands Circle. $285,000 MLS#237473 Bridget Spiess 720-6304

FAIRWAY BAY First floor unit, designer decorated with all new furnishings, kitchen cabinets and counters. New appliances, fresh paint, extra large terrace. $399,900 MLS#233945 Bridget Spiess or Caroline Worley 383-5544

South Longboat


BEACH FRONT CONDO! Spacious 3BR in a private, nine-unit building directly on the beach. Enjoy your own piece of the beach and sunsets. Pool, tennis, and garage add to this fully remodeled piece of heaven. $749,900 Karen Ankerstar 383-5544

LAGUNA YACHT VILLAGE Don't miss your opportunity to own a new quality built home in this maintenance free waterfront community. Short walk to sugar sand beaches and your own deep water dock. Only 3 Homesites left. Starting at $240,000



LONGBOAT KEY ESTATES 4BR/3BA newly renovated and furnished pool home on canal w/ beach access. Close to Publix and Longboat Key Club. Call for rates!

BAYOU SOUND Large 3+bedroom, 3 bath pool home behind the gates of the LB Key Club. Canal home w/boat docks & private beach access. Available now & next season. Call for rates!

For more distinctive rentals, please visit our website For a complete list of properties & virtual tours visit our website or e-mail us at

MODEL OPEN – Daily 1-5, 6330 Laguna Drive. BRAND NEW HOMES under construction due for completion this summer. Three bedroom, two bath floor plan with over 2,100 square feet of luxurious living. Maintenance free community with deep water boat dock and heated pool & spa. Across the street from the beach and close to shopping. Starting at $663,500

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North Longboat

May 8 2003  
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