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Thursday, May 29, 2003


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Water conservation views mixed BY SHAY SULLIVAN City Editor

The Longboat Key Water Advisory Committee voted unanimously to find ways to conserve water May 21, one day before the majority of the Town Commission favored increased irrigation. “It’s really hard to maintain a lawn of any quality with one watering a week,” said Vice Mayor Ron Johnson, who put the issue on the agenda for the commission’s May 22 meeting. Johnson recommended allowing each property two watering days a week in the dry season from December to April, with once a week watering the rest of the time. “I think we need it now,” said Commissioner Director Robert Falls and his son, Declan

Joan Webster. The Southwest Florida Water Management District currently allows two weekly water days and the town should take advantage of that, Webster said. Commissioner John Kerwin said he is opposed the idea, because there is a water shortage problem in this area and statewide. “I don’t think some people realize that,” Kerwin said. Town Manager Bruce St. Denis said the extra watering day will probably result in more water use. That comes at a time when the town is likely to receive a lower permitted water allocation from SWFWMD, because previous population estimates for Longboat Key were


Longboat Key retailer Art Falls has a date at 8 p.m. Sunday, June 8, with a television set and a group of friends. They’ll be watching the CBS broadcast of the Tony Awards. Falls’ son, Robert, the artistic director of Chicago’s Goodman Theatre, has been nominated for Best Director of a Play. He has been nominated for the revival of Eugene O’Neill’s “Long Day’s Journey into Night.” Falls won a Tony in 1999 for directing the revival of Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman.” “Long Day’s Journey into Night” has been nominated for Best Revival of a Play. Falls is among seven nominees from the play. Also nominated are: Brian Denehy, Best Actor; Vanessa Redgrave, Best Actress; Philip Seymour Hoffman, Best Featured Actor, Robert Sean Leonard, Best Featured Actor; Santo Loquasto, Best Scenic Design. The play opened on Broadway in May and will run through August only. Denehy and Redgrave have other commitments. Other interested Longboaters watching the Tony Awards are Ron and Carolyn Vioni, parents of Lisa Vioni, a producer of “Long Day’s Journey into Night.” Should the play win Best Revival, Vioni will also receive a Tony.


Turtles are a-coming Penny Rosenthal of the Longboat Key Turtle Watch reports the season was off to a slow start but is now making up for it. CONTINUED ON PAGE 2A

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The Longboat-Broadway winning connection

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overblown. Mayor John Redgrave said the spike in water use on a single irrigation day stresses the town’s storage system and he believes it will be beneficial to spread use out over two days. “We talk about conservation, conservation, conservation and then we go ahead and increase the usage of water,” said Commissioner Hal Lenobel. But only Lenobel and Kerwin disapproved, so a resolution allowing two watering days will be brought to the June 2 meeting for a vote. Meanwhile, town staff will develop recommendations for water conservation.

It’s a sure sign that summer is on its way to Longboat Key, when the royal poinciana trees burst forth in brilliant red and orange blooms. The breathtaking tropical trees can be seen all over the island. Some fortunate homeowners have them in their backyards. A word of advice: Enjoy them while you can; they don’t last long.

Town Attorney David Persson told the Longboat Key Town Commission he is working on an amendment to the town’s legal agreement with James P. Durante that will settle the issue of whether a community center must be located in Joan M. Durante Park. Persson said he met with Durante to discuss the issue and they believe it can be resolved. Persson declined to comment on what the solution will be, saying only that it is very simple. Durante did not attend the May 22 workshop and could not be reached for comment. Commissioner Ken Legler asked what Durante meant when he suggested that “third parties” might sue if a community center were to be located outside of the park Durante funded in honor of his late wife. Persson said Durante himself did not plan to sue anyone. But he was thinking that whoever might handle his estate in the event of his death might perceive the funding agreement differently, because the document makes reference to a cultural community center. Persson said he believes the issue will be resolved by an amendment he will present at the June 2 Town Commission meeting. The threat of a lawsuit over the issue caused Community Center Advisory Committee member Andrea Frank to resign. After Durante decided to resign instead, Frank sought reappointment. Six commissioners voted to reappoint Frank. Only Commissioner Hal Lenobel did not vote to reinstate her as a committee member. To fill the second vacancy, commissioners chose Ed Sherman, who is familiar with the community center issue. In 1995, as president of the Longboat Key Center for the Arts, Sherman put together a committee to study the creation of a community center. He worked on the plan to locate a community center in Joan M. Durante Park. “I remained deeply involved in the project until its demise as a result of a referendum several years later. The reason for the defeat was not the concept, but the proposed location in Durante Park,” Sherman wrote to the commission. “Because of my extensive involvement in a prior effort to bring a community center into being, I feel I have some special expertise to bring CONTINUED ON PAGE 5A

2A THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003

“We found three nests on three consecutive day this week,” Rosenthal reported. Six have been found to date. Three nests were found seaward of the escarpment on the beach near the Whitney Beach complex and had to be relocated. Rosenthal said, “The turtles came ashore but couldn’t make it over the escarpment. The nests were in danger of being washed away unless we moved them. The moved nests had 141, 143 and 154 eggs respectively.

sent back to Cuba. Chris Harrington, manager of Coldwell Banker’s Previews office, says Smith is moving permanently to the Sarasota area and wants to live on Longboat Key. He says Smith is temporarily residing with his wife in the Palmer Ranch area. Prior to being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1984, Smith previously owned his own real estate company in New Hampshire. In that capacity and during his time in Washington, Smith got to know the senior executives of NRT Inc., the holding company that owns Sarasota-based Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate Inc.

Mr. Smith goes to Longboat

Last chance

Former U.S. Sen. Bob Smith, R-N.H., has joined the Coldwell Banker International Previews office on Longboat Key as a sales assciate. Smith, who lost his primary re-election bid in 2002 to New Hampshire Congressman John Sununu, was regarded as one of the staunchest conservatives during his 18 years in the U.S. House and Senate. At one point in 1999, Smith briefly withdrew from the Bob Smith Republican Party and considered an independent bid for the presidency. Smith was disappointed in the Republican Party at the time because, as national columnist Cal Thomas wrote then, the party leadership was “not ideologically pure enough” for Smith and hadn’t fought hard enough on such issues as the unborn’s right to life and tax relief. Smith consistently ranked among the top percentile of U.S. senators for fiscal conservativism, and during the Elian Gonzalez controversy in Miami, Smith was regarded as the lone U.S. senator who argued that young Gonzalez should remain in the United States and not be

It’s time for the final sale of “Just Delicious Real Food,” the cookbook published by the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. It is not a cookbook of recipes for diabetics but each recipe does have a nutritional breakdown. Cost of the cookbook is $20. All proceeds go to the local Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. On Longboat Key, the cookbooks are available at Euphemia Haye restaurant, 5540 Gulf of Mexico Drive. The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation office at 3333 Clark Road, Sarasota, has cookbooks, which can be ordered and mailed by calling 929-0621. Should there be any books remaining, JDA volunteers will be selling the books on June 22, at area Publix stores.

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NEWS weather report. The temperature was a torrid 118 degrees. Beagle is a military police investigator and will be working with U.S. Customs agents. Beagle expects to be overseas at least 10 months. Beagle had been a student at Manatee Community College, majoring in pre-law.

Close call Last year when the St. Armands Association held its annual meeting at the Sunset Room of the Radisson Lido Beach Resort, members were treated to a spectacular sunset. As they met again this year at the Radisson on May 20, members didn’t see a sunset but instead spotted a funnel cloud out in the Gulf. They watched closely as it moved then dissipated. Photos by Dora Walters


Lois and Russell Smith pose with “their” sign. they saw a “sign” that made them feel it was their destiny to move here. While driving in the Village, Sue saw a street sign at the intersection of Lois and Russell Streets. Her parents’ names are Lois and Russell Smith. When the Smiths recently came to Longboat Key, their daughter took them to see “their” sign.


Overseas call Leann Sapuppo, receptionist/tourist information at the Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce was thrilled May 22 to answer the phone and hear the voice of James Beagle, her boyfriend. Beagle, in the U.S. Army Reserve, had been called up on March 14. He spent two months in Georgia, then was deployed to Kuwait, arriving on May 19. With limited phone time, Beagle had just long enough to say hello and give Sapuppo a

When Pat McCarthy decides it is time for a little exercise, she walks the dog but she adds a twist. While Bacchus walks, she rides a bike. If she gets tired, she coasts and lets Bacchus do the work. “We both get a workout,” McCarthry said with a laugh.


Inclement weather on Friday, May 22 forced the cancellation of Smooth Jazz on St. Armands Circle. It has been rescheduled for Friday, June 27.

Clarification Our geography is a bit askew. The flag picture on our front page in the May 22 edition, is across from Twin Shores at 3740 Gulf of Mexico Drive and is atop one of the tiki huts on the beach.

When Sue and Ron Ribnik of New Jersey were shopping for a condo on Longboat Key,

—Compiled by Dora Walters


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THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003 3A


Town’s pension payments increase BY SHAY SULLIVAN City Editor

Since 2000, the total cost of providing all town employees with a pension rose by 144%, from just under $8 million to $19.5 million. Part of the problem is that earnings on investments dropped by 15% in 2001 and again by 12% last year. But employee contributions remain fixed, so the town is responsible for making up the difference. “We’re losing money like everyone else is right now,” said Town Manager Bruce St. Denis. To keep the three separate pension funds for police, firefighters and general employees afloat last year, the town contributed a total of $1.4 million, which was nearly three times the amount provided by employees — $444,051. Employees contribute up to 10% of their salaries for pension benefits, depending on their job.

The town paid $850,000 more for pensions last year than in 2000, and Finance Director Terry Sullivan braced the Town Commission for another increase in this year’s budget. St. Denis said he is not considering asking employees to contribute more money for pension plans, “Our employees are already contributing more than most employees.” Conversely, the town is planning to increase the amount employees contribute for health insurance by 25% in the upcoming budget year. St. Denis said health insurance is different because it is a year-to-year cost, whereas pension plans can span decades. There are bound to be some good years and some bad years, he said. Sullivan said the three boards responsible for managing pension funds are taking steps to deal with the issue. For example, the board in charge of firefighters’ pension replaced both its former investment manager and attorney.

The board also diversified its investment plan and hired four more money managers. The boards will all be meeting May 28. One topic for discussion is reuniting the three boards. Meanwhile, the Town Commission forwarded two improvements to the pension plan for firefighters to the June 2 meeting for a vote. The first change is a provision to allow firefighters with ten years on the job to retire early at age 50. Currently, the town allows early retirement at age 45, with 15 years of service. The retirement option is required and funded by the state. Secondly, the commission will consider whether to allow firefighters to get credit for up to five years of past service in either the military or another fire department. To do so, the firefighters would be responsible for paying in advance what the added service will cost the pension plan when they retire. ❑

Town briefs

Signing off Lynches Landing’s infamous shamrock sign is gone. It will become a work of art to be hung in its new quarters, Lynches Pub & Grub on St Armands Circle. When Longboat Key town officials found the sign in violation after initial adjustments were made, the Lynch sisters, Ethna and Chris, responded by sawing off the offending portion of the sign. This portion eventually became the base of the new sign. When the sign removal workers offered to cut bolts which held the sign, the sisters responded with the last word, “Don’t. Leave it as ugly as hell.”

Red tide retreat Water samples taken by Mote Marine Laboratory show the levels of red tide have diminished. Samples are showing either low levels of the harmful algae known as red tide, or nothing at all. There were also fewer complaints of dead fish or breathing difficulty last week, according to one of the laboratory’s scientists, Dr. Richard Pierce. Commissioner Jeremy Whatmough, who is also president of Solutions To Avoid Red Tide, concurred. He walked the beach and could not find a single dead fish. Whatmough said on his trek he ran into a town cleaning crew which was also having a hard time finding a dead fish to collect.

Repairs divert traffic

Dora Walters


Town prepares for the worst BY SHAY SULLIVAN City Editor

In preparation for what is expected to be a busy hurricane season, Fire Chief Julius Halas briefed town employees on how to deal with disaster May 22. Halas explained how when Hurricane Andrew devastated the Miami area in August 1992, help started pouring into the area from other parts of the state. But there was no method for allocating the manpower and equipment that arrived and the local emergency officials were overwhelmed. As a result there is now a comprehensive strategy for establishing command of all resources and documenting the costs so the town can be reimbursed later, Halas explained. And there is a better-than-average chance that such a system will be needed during the 2003 hurricane season, which runs from June 1 to Nov. 30. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting there will be up to 15 tropical storms in the Atlantic, which is above normal. Of those storms, up to nine are expected to become hurricanes, with as many as four reaching the status of a major hurricane, which is classified as a storm with sustained winds moving faster than 111 mph. In addition to fierce winds, hurricanes can also cause storm surge, which is of particular concern to barrier island residents. The passing storm can cause the Gulf to rise suddenly, flooding the island. Last year, there were 12 named storms and

four hurricanes, none of which struck Longboat Key directly. Residents are advised to prepare a disaster supply kit including food, water, a flashlight and a radio. The Federal Emergency Management Agency also encourages hurricane-prone residents to plan out an evacuation route and practice driving it in advance. A wealth of hurricane information, including up-to-date satellite imagery, is available at The town of Longboat Key hurricane preparedness program features an annual hurricane seminar. This year the Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce is handling the program in an attempt to boost attendance. The event is being billed as a “Hurricane Party” and will be held from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on June 19 at the Hilton Longboat Key Beachfront Resort, 4711 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Meanwhile, the company that is supposed to provide the heavy equipment necessary to clean up after a major storm, Grubbs Emergency Services LLC, is involved with bankruptcy proceedings. The company’s assistant vice president Brian Thomason, assured Town Manager Bruce St. Denis that the bankruptcy only involves the asphalt and general contractor divisions of the company. He offered to reassure St. Denis that his company is still able to perform disaster recovery services. But St. Denis said the topic did not get raised during a meeting with Thomason a few

weeks earlier. St. Denis said he will have to follow up and review the company’s status. ❑

What’s in a name? The practice of naming storms came about in 1941, because it is easier than identifying a storm by latitude and longitude, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Storms were exclusively given feminine names until 1978. The Tropical Prediction Center in Miami Florida is in charge of deciding when a storm gets a name. Once a storm system with a counterclockwise circulation and wind speeds of 39 mph or more is identified, the center names it. Names starting with the letters Q, U, X, Y and Z are not included simply because there are few such names. And names of storms that caused a significant amount of death and damage are retired from the list. The list of names for 2003 is as follows: Ana Bill Claudette Danny Erika Fabian Grace Henri Isabel Juan Kate

A sanitary sewer repair at the intersection of South Warbler Lane and Bird Key Drive in Sarasota is expected to divert traffic in the area for about one week. Construction crews will be repairing a broken 8-inch clay sanitary sewer pipe under the southbound lane of Bird Key Drive. The project is expected to be complete by May 30. Bird Key Drive will be reduced to one lane. A temporary access road will enable motorists to reach South Warbler Lane.

Larry Mindy Nicholas Odette Peter Rose Sam Teresa Victor Wanda

• There will be a meeting of the Town Commission at 7 p.m. Monday, June 2, at Town Hall, 501 Bay Isles Road. • There will be a budget workshop held at 10 a.m. Tuesday, June 3, at Town Hall, 501 Bay Isles Road.

Bridge Tender Coming Attractions (June 2 to 6) • Bridge segments for the three piers being constructed in the middle of the bridge continue to be ferried to the project site by barge. • Crews continue to work toward completion of bridge erection by the end of June. Striping and installation of hand railings will follow.

Traffic impacts • Traffic speeds remain 30 mph for safety and boaters should pass the project with no wake.

Gil Waters

Above is a kayak view of the headwall supporting the fill for the western approach to the new Ringling Causeway Bridge.

4A THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003


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Water use by community

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1A The assignment came from the water committee after a four-hour meeting at which the committee members learned about the poor quality of well water on Longboat Key and the constraints on the town’s fresh water system. Chairman Richard Shaefer offered this statement: “Based on the fact that potable water usage on Longboat Key exceeds the average usage of other communities and total usage exceeds our contract amount and allocation, a motion is proposed as follows: “Request town staff to report back to the Water Advisory Committee at its next scheduled meeting with an outline of steps to be taken to enter into a community-wide conservation program. This should include an implementation schedule.” St. Denis said the town already employs some types of conservation, such as a water rate that increases from $1.18 to $1.86 when a resident uses more than 7,000 gallons of water per month. But he indicated conservation may not be enough to handle the town’s water problems. St. Denis likened it to someone who is short $100,000 trying to make up for it by turning out lights around the house to save money. Committee member William Roth said, “I just don’t think we’re ready to get into specific things, as important as I think conservation is.” Committee member Ronald Mario suggested being against conservation is like being against motherhood, but he also feels that he is not an expert on water issues after only two meetings. Committee member John Tait asked Roth if he favors conservation and Roth said he did.

The town’s water consultant researched the amount of water used by other communities, so the Water Advisory Committee could see how Longboat Key compares. At issue is the fact that the per-capita use for Longboat Key is based on a year-round population of 20,783 in a town with only 7,603 full-time residents. Although this population figure keeps the town’s water use within the limit, when the town’s water use permit expires in September, the new calculations are likely to be based on an average population of 16,000 — making the town’s per capita use 147 gallons a day.

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Permitted water use*

Actual water use*

Siesta Key Anna Maria Island Bradenton Palmetto Sarasota Venice North Port Englewood Manatee County Sarasota County Longboat Key

N/A 12,941 49,958 12,571 70,569 22,090 25,950 47,600 244,524 197,636 20,783

79 110 120 N/A 109 101 98 70 110 79 113

101 119 113 112 102 101 69 54 119 87 113

“Then why not get on with it,” said Tait. One hard part about conservation on Longboat Key is that many people are not deterred by financial penalties, Tait cautioned, so monetary measures might not work. The committee agreed to have staff bring conservation recommendations back to the next meeting, June 24. The committee also voted to set an October deadline for dealing with the first three questions asked by the Town Commission: Does Longboat Key have a water problem and whose problem is it? What are the components of the problem? How far should the town go to




*Average gallons per day per person

2.43 Carat $


solve the problem? Tait suggested everyone look at the meeting schedule adopted by the committee before making such a commitment. The schedule calls for two meetings before October, with nothing scheduled for July or August. Schaefer referred to the list of tasks presented to the committee and said it is merely a recommendation on how to proceed, “Is this the Bible? I don’t think so.” “If it’s not the Bible, we better go back and talk to Moses,” Tait said. Tait alone voted against committing to an October deadline for accomplishing the three tasks. ❑


THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003 5A



Firefighters’ pay


The Town Commission is considering an increase in pay for the Fire/Rescue Department to attract new employees and retain the existing staff. Here is how the town’s pay range currently stacks up against other communities:

to the new effort ... ” A date for the first meeting of the community center committee is not yet set. In other business, the Town Commission: • Reviewed a plan to change the way traffic flows through St. Armands Circle, by directing traffic to the inner or outer lane, based on destination. Sarasota City Commissioner Mary Anne Servian attended the meeting and heard Lenobel reiterate his insistence that pedestrian management is the only way to improve the flow of traffic through the Circle. Servian said she agrees, but does not know how to accomplish the goal, which is why the two cities’ leaders should meet to discuss the issue. The commissioners later discussed how to go about meeting with the city. Lee Rothenberg said he participates in several Sarasota committees: “I am absolutely appalled by the level of antagonism that comes across about Longboat Key.” Rothenberg said he attended a meeting at which Sarasota City Engineer Dennis Daughters mentioned a new bridge to Longboat Key. “He might have thought it was cute, but it’s twisting the knife,” Rothenberg said. The town should ask the city to collaborate on a traffic study to see where cars are actually coming from, Rothenberg suggested. Town Manager Bruce St. Denis said a formal meeting with so many participants might be unwieldy and that an informal gathering would allow more opportunity for dialogue. The commission agreed to invite the Sarasota City Commission to an informal lunch meeting. • Witnessed a spat between Redgrave and Commissioner Jeremy Whatmough during a debate about whether to dredge near Beer Can Island. Dr. Cliff Truitt explained that the dredging would be difficult and costly. In addition, the


Longboat Key (Current) Longboat Key (Proposed) Hillsborough County St. Petersburg Sanibel Island Sarasota County City of Clearwater St. Pete Beach Pinellas Park Tarpon Springs Manatee County Temple Terrace

Minimum Hourly Pay

Maximum Hourly Pay

% of salary contributed for pension

$11.93 $13.43 $14.20 $13.08 $13.04 $12.58 $12.57 $12.42 $12.29 $12.14 $10.56 $10.53

$18.48 $20.06 $20.27 $20.45 $18.78 $20.98 $18.68 $17.56 $18.72 $17.90 $15.84 $15.80

10% 10% 0% 0% 5% 0% 8% 10.3% 2% 5.45% 0% 6%

dynamic nature of the area makes the outcome unpredictable. Whatmough said, “Beach renourishment suffers from nature and we do that because we want the beaches. I think we have a responsibility to the citizens of this town to maintain their property by doing the dredging.” Truitt said it would cost up to $70,000 just to perform the engineering, let alone the actual dredging. Redgrave said he could not support the project. Whatmough started to protest, when Redgrave cut him off: “You’ve given your speech once or twice already.” “I don’t appreciate being told what I can and cannot do,” said Whatmough. “You can do anything you want, besides tie up the meeting endlessly,” replied Redgrave. • Learned about preventing sediment from entering canals via the town’s drainage system as a way to negate the need for canal dredging. Engineer Michael Hanson explained that nature is mostly to blame for canals becoming

shallow. When the tide rises, sediment comes with it and does not leave when the tide goes out, he said. This process causes between 50% to 90% of the sedimentation, he said. Installing a device to trap debris in storm water runoff before it gets in the canal could cost millions of dollars and provide minimal results, Hanson explained. The commission left it at that. • Forwarded for a vote an ordinance that will limit boat speeds to about 7 mph in the area between the Village, Jewfish Key and Longboat Pass. • Considered a plan for increasing firefighter’s pay to fill vacancies in the department and retain current employees. The proposal would also give existing members of the department instant pay raises of up to 20%. It is expected to cost $196,000 in the first fiscal year of implementation. For a look at how Longboat Key’s pay plan for firefighter/emergency medical technicians compares to other departments, see chart above. ❑





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Courts offer mixed ruling on Village beach BY SHAY SULLIVAN City Editor

The latest court ruling regarding the beach on Bayside Drive across from Dr. Ingeborg Krieger’s home creates a no man’s land, or in this case, no woman’s land. After Circuit Court Judge Janette Dunnigan ruled that the beach belonged to the public in February 2002, Krieger filed an appeal that she wrote herself with the Second District Court of Appeal of Florida. She got mixed results in the court opinion filed May 14. “We agree with Krieger that the town failed to prove a valid dedication,” wrote the panel of three judges. The judges found that the beach was indeed dedicated to the public in 1914, but the law at the time required that somebody accept the dedication, which no one did. Thus, the appeals court overturned Dunnigan’s finding that the beach belongs to the town. “This holding may be of cold comfort to Krieger,” wrote the panel. For although the beach across the street from Krieger did not officially get dedicated to the public, neither did it get included in the description of her property, according to the judges. As a result, the court upheld Dunnigan’s finding that Krieger does not have the right to build a dock on the land. But the appeals court stopped short of ruling on who does have the right to the land. “Since land does not disappear overnight, it is obvious the last word has not been said in this matter,” said Krieger. “I guess the only thing we know from the appellate decision is that Dr. Krieger doesn’t own it,” said Town Attorney David Persson.❑

6A THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003




Our View

Which is better for the future?

The proposed 10-unit La Firenza Naples developer James Hammar is so enthusiastic about his project — the 10unit La Firenza, which is slated to replace the Silver Beach Resort, 4131 Gulf of Mexico Drive — that he says La Firenza will be the most beautiful condominium of its kind on Longboat Key. All of Longboat will be proud of it, he says. Take a look at the rendering above. Indeed, La Firenza will be a handsome replacement for the Silver Beach Resort, a structure whose design dates back to a time and the market desires of nearly 40 years ago. It was built in 1965. Yet, the way at least three members of the Longboat Key Planning and Zoning Board — as well as one of Longboat’s punThe existing 50-unit Silver Beach Resort dits — see it, Hammar’s project, as proposed, is too bulky, too big for the lot. Said between the project’s three buildings be less than is normalplanning board member Bob Diamant, an architect, at last ly allowed. La Firenza attorney Mike Furen also made note week’s planning board meeting: “Visually, I see five floors that while his client sought four exceptions to the rules, the with bulk that is substantial.” Added board member Ray existing structure Silver Beach Resort violated 18 of the Metz: “The existing property needs renovation, but I’m still town’s current zoning rules. reluctant to approve something this massive appearing.” All that obviously didn’t sway planning board members; Had the board voted whether to approve La Firenza last they didn’t agree with the town planning staff. What they week, it’s probably safe to say the board members would really balked at was La Firenza’s “bulk” — that the structures have rejected it. Instead, the board sent Hammar home on the Silver Beach lot would increase from two to five stowith the request he create a three-dimensional rendering so ries tall. board members can see clearly at their June meeting how Five stories? Allow the buildings closer to Gulf of Mexico the project will look in relation to its neighbors. Drive than normal? Gasp. Shock. Awe. Hammar took the request in stride. He told us late last But what does it matter? What would be the regrettable week that in his experience as a developer he expects such consequences of approving La Firenza as is? That other things. “It’s part of the process,” he says. Hammar no doubt resorts would seek the same when they converted? That knows how this process often ends up: Approval comes after Longboat would be transformed from an island of 30- and a series of tradeoffs and, ultimately, depends on whether the 40-year-old, outmoded structures at mid-Key to a look that project meets the personal tastes and predilections of the is more fitting with the times, market and real estate values? members of the planning boards and town commissions. What is so wrong with that? Nothing. All of which illustrates the flawed nature of zoning. Rather than look first for reasons to say “no,” we would Indeed, on the one hand, municipal lawyers argue in urge planning board members and town commissioners to favor of zoning codes so everyone’s project is judged equally begin embracing a new posture. A new generation of conand according to a set of standards. On the other hand, dos and other structures is upon us. It would be refreshing however, those who support zoning laws also will admit and beneficial to the town to see the planning board and project approvals often hinge not on the letter of an ordi- town commissioners look first for ways to say “yes.” Protect nance but on the judgment of whichever side happens to be Longboaters from harm, but embrace creativity and new in the majority. Votes are often based on philosophical investment with enthusiasm. It’s depressing to always live in predilections or personal tastes. this region’s pervasive culture of “no.” Take La Firenza. Hammar and his partners have spent several hundred thousand dollars drawing up architectural ❑❑❑ and engineering plans for the project. And over the past 10 months, Hammar has worked closely with the town’s pro- Holding Sarasota for ransom fessional planning staff to try to design a set of plans for “Go ahead, Florida West Coast Symphony, take the free which the town staff — presumably the most knowledge- land and money and move to Lakewood Ranch. We’d love able people with respect to the town’s codes — would rec- to see you stay downtown, and we’ll be sorry to see you go. ommend approval. Indeed, you would think that receiving We wish you well. But it’s not in the taxpayers’ best interan imprimatur from the code enforcers themselves would be ests to be held for ransom. The precedent would be too sufficient for your project’s approval. onerous. We wish you the best, because we’re sure you In this case, the town’s planning staff did recommend understand, your move to Lakewood Ranch is at your own approval of La Firenza. And included in the staff’s recom- peril.” mendation was approval of a few tradeoffs. In exchange for That’s the so-called dialogue the city of Sarasota should reducing the density from the 14 allowable units to 10, the be having with the Florida West Coast Symphony’s board of developer asked that his project be allowed nearer to Gulf directors. A one-way dialogue. of Mexico Drive than is allowed in the codes; that the floor Why is the symphony’s facility needs the city of Sarasota’s area of the units be larger than is allowed; and the distance problem to solve? It’s not.

To be sure, the home of the Florida West Coast Symphony is a serious matter in the scheme of Sarasota’s arts organizations. It makes sense to be part of the downtown cultural core. But as we watch the issue unfold from this side of the bay, we can’t help but remark that the whole matter is somewhat amusing, especially when you frame the issue in its rightful context: The symphony board has become Sarasota’s version of the overbearing, over-demanding Major League Baseball or National Football League team owners who have held their cities for ransom until they extracted their oversized, taxpayer-subsidized stadiums. This is no different. Likewise, there is no justification — economic or otherwise — for the city to give the symphony anything. Certainly it should not give the symphony the 4 free acres and $7 million parking garage that it has requested. No matter what the economic effects may be of the symphony, or any organization for that matter, they never justify taking money from one group for the benefit of another. This instance would be particularly dubious. It would require subsidies from Sarasota’s average taxpayers for the benefit primarily of the well-to-do who attend the symphony. What’s more, if the city acquiesces, just imagine the lines outside of City Hall seeking the same benefits. If the symphony is intent on staying downtown, the onus is on the board to find a deal similar to that of Lakewood Ranch — without burdening Sarasota’s taxpayers. It can be done. When St. Louis taxpayers declined in a vote to fund a new downtown stadium sought by the St. Louis Cardinals, the team’s owners became creative. They and a group of St. Louis civic and business leaders funded a new stadium through the private sector by issuing stock and bonds on Wall Street. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Suggestion: If symphony board members were to wave a magic wand with no restrictions, where would they locate a symphony hall? At least four locations come to mind. • Van Wezel Performing Arts Center; • The existing Holley Hall; • Connecting a hall to the back of the Sarasota Opera House (which would require purchasing a city parking lot); • The site of the old Southeast Bank parking lot just north of Five Points and east of the Selby Library. All would be costly. But long-term, would they be more costly than a move to Lakewood Ranch?


THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003 7A

Letters to


If you would like to send us your comments, please write, e-mail or fax one of the following addresses: Box 8100, Longboat Key, FL 34228; e-mail:; fax: 3837193. Please include your name and phone number. The Longboat Observer will print all letters to the editor if it feels they are of general interest, but only if the letter is signed and the author’s street address and phone number are given. The editor reserves the right to condense letters.

Town’s involvement last resort Dear Editor: This letter is in response to several comments made in recent Letters to the Editor regarding a zoning issue in the Village: First, we were sorry to learn that Mrs. Barnett is ill and wish her a speedy recovery. Our issue is not with her or her family. The issue has been and remains whether a commercial marina is operating in our residential neighborhood. Second, over a couple of years neighbors attempted to work with Arden Lerfald, the property owner, to resolve issues, including inadequate parking for boat users, garbage, boat traffic, noise, trespassing, docks extended without permits and environmental damage. The apparent marina, however, continued to operate and, in fact, expanded. And the related problems grew. Third, only after Lerfald failed to resolve the issues was the matter taken to the town for resolution. The matter was investigated by planning and zoning staff and reviewed at two monthly Longboat Key Code Enforcement Board meetings. As a result, Lerfald was found to be in violation of existing zoning regulations and was told to cease operating as a marina. He was also fined by the town to recover its administrative expenses. Fourth, the marina is no longer in operation,

and things are returning to normal in our neighborhood. Net: This was hardly “mob rule.” Suggestions made in the other letters to the editor about how we as “good neighbors” should have acted were, in fact, attempted. The neighbor who failed was Lerfald and not anyone else. The town was only involved after all other options failed, and it acted accordingly. Mary L. and Robert Siekmann Longboat Key

Commercial marina not permitted Dear Editor: We wish to address some misinformation that appeared in the recent Letters to the Editor regarding the use of Arden Lerfald’s boat slips in the Village. 1. It should be noted that the group of citizens, living in the neighborhood of 551 Broadway, was only asking for the Code Enforcement Board to uphold the applicable zoning for that property. Operating a commercial marina is not permitted in a residential zone. 2. The Keyway RV Park on Cortez Road has a dedicated dock reserved for Jewfish Key residents with a sign that reads “Boat Dock Reserved Jewfish Key Residents Only” (see photo). There is also parking area immediately

N OW D EBUTING. . . luxury condominiums from the $300’s

w w w. r e n a i s s a n c e o f s a r a s o t a . n e t


The Keyway RV Park on Cortez Road has a dedicated dock for Jewfish Key residents. adjacent to that dedicated dock. Moreover, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barnett still own residence on Bayou Point, which has a dock and garage space for a number of cars. 3. The Barnetts have been using the bayou marina for months. It appears they did not go through with renting an apartment (a studio room) until two days before the adjourned final hearing of a proceeding that had been pending for a long time. 4. Prior to the recent code enforcement hearing, there were eight or more boats docked at the slips, including a commercial fishing boat (for which there are public docks) and other boats stored on trailers in the yard. Now the only boat there belongs to a bonafide resident. At most, the available sea wall of the Broadway property will only accommodate about three boats. Were the rest of the pilings installed without the necessary municipal and state authority? The number of cars parked on the

grass has now been reduced from 12 or more to about six. It should not be assumed that the residents on and in the vicinity of the bayou are all young or without health problems. Our well-being and quality of life was being adversely affected by the increased illegal marina activity. Formal action, supported by dozens of concerned neighbors, was a last resort. We requested that the Code Enforcement Board uphold existing zoning laws with regard to the operation of a commercial marina in a residential zone, which it did. This was not a trivial violation. The operation of a commercial marina at the end of a narrow natural bayou was having a profound negative effect on the surroundings neighborhoods as well as on the Village at large. What is the purpose of zoning if the town is not going to uphold its own ordinances? Ed Zunz, Verna Ritter and Shirley Beachum Longboat Key

The Renaissance of Sarasota offers a lifestyle that celebrates the rebirth of city living. Beautiful residences surrounded by a wealth of recreational and cultural opportunities. Visionary.

Poolside Cabanas • Guest Suites • Multi-Media Center • Fitness Facility Grand Lobby • Business Center• Loft & Penthouse Roof Terrace Concierge • Two-Story Penthouses • Loft Residences Sales begin early 2003. Occupancy 2004-2005. Oral representation cannot be relied upon as correctly stating representations of the developer. For correct representations, make reference to this advertisement and to the documents required by section 718.503, Florida Statutes, to be furnished by a developer to a buyer or lessee.

Courtesy photo

8A THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003



If you were the judge

Are America’s governments for or against rats? “The law is an ass,” wrote Charles Dickens. Not quite as vicious: “The law is a sort of hocus-pocus science,” according to Charles Macklin. Unfortunately, there is strong support for such opinions of condemnation. In this beloved Sunshine State, the government was suing and collecting big bucks from the giant tobacco industry for the many grievous ills that smoking its products caused its inhabitants. At the same time, the state prison inmates were provided, by the same government, with cigarettes grown from its tobacco farms. Of course, simultaneously, the surgeon general of the U.S. has been striving assiduously to deter the natives from smoking. Concurrently, the Department of Agriculture is shelling out lots of money to help farmers grow the much-detested weed. That is a classic case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand should be doing. The Centers for Disease Control confirmed that a resident in Miami died from carrying a rat virus called hantavirus. Consequently, federal and state experts scattered hundreds of aluminum rat traps throughout the local area, baited with peanut butter. Yes, peanut butter — but no jelly. Thus, another legend is destroyed of the belief that cheese was the bill of fare for rats. But Dr. Gregory Gori, an epidemiologist, opines that cheese is for mice but peanut butter is for rats. Who can argue with a guy who is an epidemiologist? Spelling that word is hard enough. But the good doctor has not specified the kind of cheese that is considered the piece de resistance for the creatures. The government has a rat control prob-

lem. It is unclear whether they are uniformed in a Micky Mouse lookalike or if they eschew mice as small time, like catching minnows. In any event, Uncle Sam wants to trap and dissect (ugh) enough rats in order to ascertain how widely the hantavirus has spread with the growth of the rat population in Florida that followed the horrific Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Was not the big wind damaging enough without introducing the giant rodents? The experts, and who can argue to the contrary, urge that crumbled buildings from the storm have given rats a prime place to breed — and all without music. The health officials are requesting from FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, $3.1 million to fund an antirat campaign. In the federal scheme of things spending $3.1 million is peanuts — more appropriately peanut butter. Meanwhile, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department is busy in its illustrious purpose of the save-the-rat campaign. It happily and proudly reports that it is contemplating removing the Key Largo wood rat off the endangered species list. Now, that glorious information should enable the good citizens to sleep comfortably, knowing of the excellent work. Not for long, however, when it is learned that the effort to provide sanctuary to that particular kind of rat cost more than $65 million. That could provide enough peanut butter for the manufacturer of Skippy peanut butter to declare an extra dividend. In the tolerant spirit of the American judicial system, it must be made clear and enforced that the rat has been indicted only and not

convicted of any offense that is wrongfully felonious or a misdemeanor. All good citizens need to be reminded of the ever-primary principle, the foundation of democracy, that in the administration of justice, the rat is presumed innocent until guilt is established beyond a reasonable doubt by a jury of his peers. How to

get the attention of 12 rats to sit still in a jury box is a matter left for another day. (Source: Charles Osgood, “See You on the Radio.”) James Durante, a Longboat Key resident, is a retired member of the New York Bar. ❑


Dora Walters

The Kiwanis Club of Longboat Key voted to honor the late Gen. Jim Edmundson by placing his name on the Kiwanis International Tablet of Honor in Kansas City. Edmundson had been active in the Kiwanis Club for many years, served on the Longboat Key Town Commission and as mayor. A retired Air Force three-star lieutenant general, Edmundson flew 181 combat missions in three wars — World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam. For several years, he wrote a weekly commentary, “Generally Speaking” and later, “Afterburner” for The Longboat Observer. Kiwanis Club President Hal Lenobel presented Edmundson’s daughter, Celia, with a plaque recognizing the honor. It will be placed in a public area at a later date.

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Boasting stunning views FOREVER of the Marina, Sarasota Bay, Longboat, Lido and Siesta Keys, and the Gulf of Mexico beyond... Marina Tower offers its residents the ultimate environment for a cosmopolitan lifestyle with elegant shopping, opera, ballet, symphony, art galleries, library, coffee-shops and fine dining within a block or two. For your convenience, Marina Tower offers concierge service and 24 hour valet. Enjoy the fitness center, swimming pool and spa and the latest in security technology. Priced from the $800,000’s. Sales Center Now Open Mon. - Sat. 10-5 . Sun. 12-5

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THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003 11A

Thousands of Homes

One Address: Michael Saunders

CONTEMPORARY DESIGN PERFECTION Siesta Key bayfront with walls of glass on boating water. Gourmet kitchen, vanishing edge pool & 4-car garage. A Sotheby's listing. $4,500,000. Suzan Cromwell, 388-4447 or 376-7766. #212034

BEAUTIFUL BIRD KEY BAYFRONT Excellent value for smart investors on Bird Key bayfront. City views over wide bay waters in this stylish transformation with 4 bedrooms. $2,775,000. Judy & Bill Nimz, 951-6660 or 374-0196. #228127

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES Newer Rutenberg home with southern exposure, custom dock, sailboat water & no bridges to bay. Features 4BRs, eat-in kitchen, caged pool & deeded beach access. $1,395,000. Monica Slater, 951-6660 or 302-0011. #232209

– LONGBOAT, LIDO & BIRD KEY – GULF-FRONT ISLAND JEWEL captures the true spirit of beachfront living. Gated brick motor court and entry courtyard. For the purchaser who values exquisite design, quality craftsmanship and detailing. The perfect blend of sophistication and the comfort of casual but elegant living. No compromises. 5BR, 8-car garage. $8,650,000. Ann Martin, 388-4447 or 953-7717. #229070 ELEGANT BEACHFRONT ESTATE on 1.5+ Gulf front acres. Mediterranean residence with 5,600 sq. ft. of lush, tropical landscaping, Gulf views, terraces, tennis & heated beachfront pool. $5,990,000. Saint Cacchiotti & Gail Wittig, 383-7591 or 387-0533. #232072 LONGBOAT KEY'S BEST bayfront value with approximately 6,100 sq. ft. Brand new 'Old World' Tuscan design, pool, 5BRs plus bonus room & boat dock. $3,500,000. Kim & Michael Ogilvie, 951-6660 or 923-0373. #233698 DIRECT BAYFRONT Magnificent views from this custom home with volume ceilings, marble & wood floors. Fabulous lighting, stained & etched glass & gourmet kitchen. A Sotheby's listing. $2,200,000. Jim Hanrahan & Carole & Bill Salmon, 383-7591 or 383-5753. #225812 PANORAMIC WATER VIEWS, great boating & close to Lido Beach & St. Armands Circle. Mediterranean pool home with over 4,900 sq. ft., 5BRs, expansive terraces & fine finishes. $2,195,000. Annette Rogers, 383-7591 or 387-0800. #225595 SPECTACULAR BAYFRONT VIEW Three BR with expansive bay frontage, this attractive ranch open plan boasts a boat dock, beach access & caged pool overlooking water. $2,150,000. Patricia Taylor, 383-7591 or 921-6075. #232104 STUNNINGLY SOPHISTICATED Water Club home with full bay & city skyline views, 3BRs, office & 2 parking spaces. $1,500,000. Bobbie Banan, 388-4447 or 356-2659. #238561 GREAT VIEWS ACROSS SARASOTA BAY Spacious residence with water views from every room, large family room plus den, formal dining room & sundeck on 2nd floor. $1,495,000. Jim Hanrahan & Carole & Bill Salmon, 383-7591 or 383-5753. #237647 LANDS END Beautiful, tranquil wooded area on North Longboat Key. Wellmaintained home with bay views, soaring ceilings, glass elevator & fenced pool. $1,298,000. Helen Larson, 383-7591or 350-1916. #236802 PRIVATE WATERFRONT PARADISE New dock & lift, beautiful pool area & plenty of room for entertaining. Many upgrades & quality put with additional package available for furniture & boat. $1,129,000. Robert Huff, 388-4447. #238489 BAY ISLES Exceptional 3BR maintenance-free home in Weston Pointe. Many extras, open floor plan, intimate courtyard pool & assigned boat dock. $1,090,000. Karen Kunz, 388-4447 or 954-3656. #232751 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES Three BR canal front home offers island living at its best. Updated kitchen, wonderful family room, large caged lanai/pool area, boat dock & beach access. $645,000. Kathy Simonds, 383-7591 or 350-5292. #234671 EMERALD POINTE SOUTH last of the new construction behind the gates of the Longboat Key Club. Two-story 3BR pool home with lake & golf course views. $639,000. Saint Cacchiotti & Gail Wittig, 383-7591 or 387-0533. #202275 KEY WEST-STYLE RESIDENCE Enjoy tranquil bay views from the master BR, living areas & expansive wood deck. $549,000. Mirta Matheu Klauber, 383-7591 or 266-6060. #230894 LIDO BEACH CLUB Located next to the Ritz-Carlton Beach Club, this spacious 2BR split plan has over 1,400 sq. ft., on-site management, pool, sauna, exercise room & beautiful beach. $469,000. Karin Stephan, 383-7591 or 504-4435. #237257 FAIRWAY BAY PENTHOUSE Watch sunrises over the bay or sunsets from your deeded beach club across the street. Light & bright unit overlooks the city skyline. $439,900. Tammy Garner, 388-4447 or 374-4161. #238553 OLD FLORIDA CHARM in Sleepy Lagoon Park, restored 3BR split plan home on a private lot is located on canal with beach access nearby. $399,000. Chad Roffers, 951-6660 or 376-0188. #229947 INN ON THE BEACH Direct beachfront club suite with private balcony overlooking pool & white, sandy beach. Investment opportunity with revenue of $46,000 in 2000. $329,000. Saint Cacchiotti & Gail Wittig, 383-7591 or 387-0533. #212506 INN ON THE BEACH Beachfront club suite with panoramic views of pool, beach and sunset. Income producing property in top resort. $329,000. Saint Cacchiotti & Gail Wittig, 383-7591 or 387-0533. #236447 – SARASOTA MAINLAND – CONTEMPORARY BAYFRONT ESTATE Secluded & private, this magnificent, lushly landscaped residence boasts fabulous bay & sunset views from almost every room. $5,975,000. Klaus Lang, 383-7591 or 320-1223. #232633 GRAND TWO-STORY PENTHOUSE with 7,200 sq. ft. and 360 degree views over Sarasota Bay and city below. Sweeping staircase to 2nd floor suites and rooftop terrace. $3,950,000. Susan & Jonathan Fox, 383-3759 or 364-4838. #218028 WEST INDIES GREATHOUSE 280' of bayfront affords smashing sunset views from this exceptionally well built pool home with private dock & separate guesthouse. A Sotheby's listing. $3,300,000. Linda Roe Dickinson, 388-4447 or 350-3304. #234171 TOWER RESIDENCES AT THE RITZ-CARLTON 11th floor, features 'see forever' bay & sunset views. Colossal 3BR floor plan offers the finest appointments & membership to Ritz Beach Club & Spa. $1,950,000. Phyllis Garfinkel, 951-6660 or 302-6400. #238268 SAVOR UNPARALLELED PANORAMIC BAY VIEWS from this recently redesigned, 3BR plus den, Mediterranean influenced home. The estate encompasses 1-acre of tropical plantings on 2 parcels. $1,700,000. Diane Gregory, 388-4447 or 504-2993. #231384



THE TOWER RESIDENCES AT THE RITZ-CARLTON, SARASOTA An exclusive tower of luxury condominium residences amidst the oldworld grandeur and legendary service of the Ritz-Carlton. Just minutes from the enriching pleasures of downtown Sarasota. Priced from $1,000,000+. Joan Dickinson and Beth Afflebach, (941) 364-8884.

PLAZA AT FIVE POINTS Heralding an exciting new era for Sarasota, this neoclassic high rise sets the standard for downtown. Plaza at Five Points features retail, office and condominium residences with exhilarating views of the bay and city lights. Walk to theater, opera and art galleries. At the heart of Sarasota, where downtown meets Main Street. Priced from the $500,000's. Rick Hughes and Maryann Casey, (941) 365-6101. OVER ONE ACRE directly on the bay, provides marvelous sunsets and the perfect spot to build a grand estate. $1,595,000. Annette Rogers, 383-7591 or 387-0800. #235501 AMBROSIA MODEL New construction by Whitehall Quality Homes defines dramatic interior with superb materials & workmanship. Spectacular lot with lake & golf course views. $1,550,000. Terri Derr & Ken Torrington, 383-7591 or 356-6694. #227641 OYSTER BAY Elegant Old World style 2-story home on lake. Large open pool, 1/2 +/- acre with trees & privacy. A Sotheby's listing. $1,400,000. Laura Hansen, 383-7591 or 383-8273. #219945 GRACIOUS COLONIAL framed by oaks & magnolias. Over 4,000 sq. ft. with lake views & new kitchen. Traditional style & gentility of Oaks I with perfect cul-de-sac location. $1,150,000. Terri Derr & Ken Torrington, 383-7591 or 356-6694. #232048 STRONGS POINT Two BR home with 100' on Hudson Bayou and 4 boat docks with lift. Located on a large lot with room for a pool. $975,000. Marianne LeBar, 951-6660 or 650-0337. #238637 DESIRABLE WEST OF TRAIL LOCATION New construction by award-winning Fidelity Homes. Mediterranean beauty with garden court off parlor, island kitchen, cafe & screened lanai with pool/spa. $920,000. Dorothy and Mike McKendry - Team Mac, 966-8000 or 586-5007. #236754 FOXFIRE WEST Four BR plus office estate on 2 acres with home theater, extensive use of granite & marble, spacious master, heated pool & 3-car garage. $899,000. Susan Matteoli, 951-6660 or 356-1335. #238863 GOLF COURSE & LAKE VIEWS with vision filter pool/spa, koi pond with waterfall, greenhouse, sauna & steam rooms, billiard room & a variety of exotic landscaping. $866,000. Cathie de'Ath, 388-4447. #237652 THE OAKS Well-known Chicago decorator/artist has added just the right touch. Every room sparkles with soft restful colors, quality workmanship & traditional detail. $799,000. Barbara C. Dumbaugh, 388-4447 or 350-3743. #234809 LAUREL OAK ESTATES Only 2 yrs. old with all the newest appointments. Three BRs plus office & playroom, 3,740 sq. ft. & privacy to the front & back. $799,000. Janis Collier, 951-6660 or 321-9046. #238263 EXCEPTIONAL VALUE IN LAUREL OAKS Situated on the West course, this exceptional, expanded Rutenburg Bimini 8 has beautiful golf course views, gourmet kitchen with extra storage & pool. $775,000. Derrick Bhayat, 388-4447 or 284-4447. #230604 CHARMING CUSTOM BUILT HOME Surrounded by its own 1.5-acre parklike setting with magnificent trees & gardens. Spacious family room, living & dining rooms overlook pool. $725,000. Patricia Taylor, 383-7591 or 921-6075. #232901 A VIEW TO BEHOLD Legendary panorama, bay, Gulf & sky from 9th floor Rembrandt, 3BR with 2,315 sq. ft, pool, tennis & dockage. $699,900. Terri Derr & Ken Torrington, 383-7591 or 356-6694. #238454

WOODLANDS AT BENT TREE Light & bright 3,898 sq. ft. pool home on a large lake lot with 4BRs, fireplace, oversized side entry garage & spa. $627,000. Jennifer Pecora & Rick Hughes, 951-6660 or 780-1925. #238805 UNIVERSITY PARK Located in the exclusive gated section 'Henley on the River.' Fabulous 3BR plus den former designer decorated model with upgrades, pool/spa & summer kitchen. $500,000. Kathy Simonds, 383-7591 or 350-5292. #228155 UNIVERSITY PARK Excellent value for 4BR home with stylish floor plan, courtyard garden off 4th BR & family room, & 6 sets of sliders opening to large pool. $435,000. Judy & Bill Nimz, 951-6660 or 374-0196. #236421 PANORAMIC LAKE VIEWS in University Park. Beautiful Todd Johnston home with 3BRs, expansive floor plan & exquisite details throughout. $399,900. Linda Driggs, 951-6660 or 922-1459. #236354 TOWLES COURT HISTORIC ART DISTRICT Cherished 1920's historical home, gallery & new studio. Presents multiple opportunities & terrific use of space. $399,000. Judi Summers, 951-6660 or 302-3238. #233398 LIVE ON SOUTHGATE ISLAND Fabulous location and picturesque setting on Philippi Creek make this 3BR home with pool and guest suite highly desirable. $399,000. Marcia Salkin & Paulene Soublis, 388-4447 or 356-0203. #238154 PRESTANCIA Delightful, light & bright 3BR corner condominium with panoramic lake & golf course views & lovely screened pool. $389,000. Sue Broughton, 951-6660 or 356-6490. #238577 PRICE REDUCED Custom Mediterranean home on private lot. Updated 3BR features tile throughout, wood cabinetry and custom heated pool with paver accents. $375,000. Tammy Garner, 388-4447 or 374-4161. #234351 SOUGHT-AFTER WHISPERWOOD in The Meadows. Large villa with sweeping views of golf course, spacious floor plan with den & courtyard entry. $348,000. Judy & Bill Nimz, 951-6660 or 374-0196. #238182 WEST OF THE TRAIL Completely remodeled cottage boasts wood floors, sun porch & guesthouse. $325,000. Dede Curran, 388-4447 or 365-3341. #235585 TURTLE ROCK Exquisitely landscaped on a large private lot, this maintenance-free, meticulously maintained, 3BR plus den home offers a beautiful pool & lanai. $324,000. Mel and Jan Goldsmith, 388-4447 or 383-6673. #231423 DISCOVER THE WARMTH & CHARM of this 2-story, 4BR home with soaring ceilings, chef's kitchen, wood floor in formal area, large master suite & pool overlooking preserve. $315,000. Linda Driggs, 951-6660 or 922-1459. #229081 IMMACULATE POOL HOME in desirable McIntosh Lake subdivision. Updated in 2002 with new carpet, paint & pool heater, this former model home boasts many architectural details. $295,000. Derrick Bhayat, 388-4447 or 284-4447. #238433 CHARMING WEST OF THE TRAIL RANCH nestled among mature oaks, pines, mangroves & citrus trees. Two BR home with family room on a large lot, close to Siesta Key. $264,500. Linda Bastian, 966-8000 or 321-6203. #238555 WHITFIELD ESTATES Charming older home in West of the Trail neighborhood. Well-maintained with new kitchen, windows & doors. Room for a pool on a large, treed lot. $214,900. Lee Dillon, 383-3759. #235710 – SIESTA KEY – MAGNIFICENT MEDITERRANEAN Custom built, 4BR home on a deepwater inlet with stunning views of Roberts Bay. Located in one of the most soughtafter communities on N. Siesta Key. $2,100,000. Stacy Liljeberg, 349-3444 or 544-6103. #238261 SIESTA HAMMOCK Gorgeous, elegantly understated custom home on 1 1/2 private, park-like acres. Gracious New England/Key West blend surrounds patio with rock waterfall spa. $1,595,000. Gene Cooke, 388-4447 or 780-0964. #231270 THE ROMANCE OF BAYFRONT LIVING Artists retreat, capturing splendid views. Historic home features a new 40' dock & lush landscaping. A Sotheby's listing. Price reduced to $1,495,000. Susan McLeod, 388-4447 or 951-2541. #233536 JEWEL OF SIESTA KEY 150' of Grand Canal wraps around this lot on 3 sides. Live in a magnificently restored home from the Sarasota School of Architecture, a Tim Seibert design. $1,080,000. Georgina Clamage & Judy & Bill Nimz, 951-6660 or 346-9121. #238791 CANAL-FRONT GEM near the Intracoastal, just a short distance to Siesta Beach. Spacious home, new gourmet kitchen with Corian countertops, large screened lanai overlooking water. $799,900. Karen Harding, 388-4447 or 724-6988. #229963 MINI SELBY GARDENS Custom 3BR plus den home in sought-after Siesta Key location. Approximately 2,250 sq. ft. with Mexican tile floors, 2-car garage & heated pool/spa. $429,000. Debra Pitell, 951-6660 or 355-7528. #229290 SARASOTA BEACH Potential for an adorable beach bungalow with an oversized brick lanai, just 1/10 mile to beach. $325,000. Alix Wexler and Paul Romley, 349-3444 or 346-8123. #238668 – CASEY KEY – LUXURIOUS GULF TO BAY ESTATE ON CASEY KEY Walled & gated with exquisite design & style. Features include a gourmet kitchen, wine cellar, vanishing-edge pool, summer kitchen & 7-car garage. $12,000,000. Annette and Albert Ayers, 966-8000 or 966-6440. #219886 NORTH CASEY KEY GULF-FRONT ESTATE Fabulous compound on 300 feet of Gulf front & nearly 1.5 acres exudes resort ambiance & features 2 homes, tennis court, & pool with waterfall. $11,750,000. Tom Stone, 349-3444 or 356-1700. #225943 GORGEOUS BAY VIEWS Exceptional property with the depth to build a compound & deeded private beach access. Plans in permitting process for a 7,000 sq. ft. home. $1,900,000. Dianna and John Allaman, 966-8000 or 416-6100. #237407

ST. ARMANDS BAYFRONT Warm, elegant & dramatic traditional Europeanstyle with beautiful detailing. A Sotheby's listing. $4,200,000. Barbara C. Dumbaugh, 388-4447 or 350-3743. #217393

BEACHFRONT DELIGHT Striking main residence plus charming cottage. Elevated home features many upgrades, Gulf front heated pool & sundeck on 100' of prime beach on Longboat Key. $4,499,000. Saint Cacchiotti & Gail Wittig, 3837591 or 387-0533. #223991

GORGEOUS SEA BREEZE Model professionally furnished and decorated with dramatic, soaring ceilings, bright, open floor plan & beautiful private lanai with see-through fireplace. $995,000. Bob Burnett, 383-7591 or 356-1277. #238024

Do You Know? We offer over 1,700 financial products and can customize a loan for every situation through MSC Mortgage. For more information, contact MSC Mortgage at (941) 308-2222. STUNNING SOUTHWESTERN LAKE VIEWS from this casually elegant Silver Oaks home. Three BRs plus library & 600 sq. ft. hobby room, 40' lap pool, & many extras. $649,000. Stacy Liljeberg, 349-3444 or 544-6103. #231997

Type the property number for an Instant Internet Property Search on our website at

TURTLE ROCK Affordable luxury describes this spacious, custom built, 3/4BR home expertly designed for Florida living, overlooking pristine lake in gated community. $599,900. Anna Kaminski, 388-4447 or 374-3200. #234027

ST. ARMANDS 388-4447 • MID LONGBOAT KEY 383-5502 / 383-3759 • SOUTH LONGBOAT KEY 383-7591 • MAIN 951-6660 • PALMER RANCH 966-8000 • SIESTA KEY 349-3444 WEEKEND HOURS: 9 AM TO 4 PM

12A THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003



11 A.M., Thursday • May 29th

St. Armands



Outstanding Selection of

Wine • Liquor • Beer

Preview: 12-4 p.m. Sunday, May 18th

Delivery Available



For the Benefit of New College of Sarasota by bequest of the Jane Bancroft Cook Estate

“Personal Service is our Specialty”

Sale On Site: 1253 Hillview Drive, Sarasota, FL.

388-1675 OR 388-3104


Tina’s Beauty Salon •A FULL SERVICE SALON• Manicures, Pedicures, by Mai Facial Waxing & Hair-styling by Tina & Angel

Preview: 12-4 pm • Sunday, May 18th Alliance Partner


Pristine Sarasota Waterfront Property Four Bedroom • Six Bath • Pool Home Situated on 1.19 +/- Bayfront Acres Views of Bird Key & Sarasota Bay

Perms & New Styles, Cuts, Colors


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Open Mon. - Sat. 8 am - 5 pm


5620 Gulf of Mexico Dr.

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383-0040 Open Tues.- Fri. 8 - 5 Sat. 8 - 4 5620 Gulf of Mexico Dr.

See Manny & Ray at The Island’s One & Only Traditional Barber Shop

Manny’s Barber Shop





M.E.Higgenbotham,CAI, FL Lic # AU305/AB158

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here the Golden Gate Point peninsula tucks into Sarasota Bay, there comes an elegant new address of grace and beauty. A timeless expression of style evoking the Old World ambiance of Sarasota past, today reserved for a select 13 families. In the heart of downtown, yet set apart with unrivaled privacy, you will experience dramatic Mediterranean architecture and peerless concierge services. On the southernmost tip of the point, Grande Riviera is Sarasota’s


ultimate window to Sarasota Bay. There’s so much to love about this new jewel on the Florida suncoast. Vistas of the skyline and nearby barrier islands offer a breathtaking setting for sunsets from your private, balconies or the waterfront sundeck. The arts and cultural scene are moments away from your front door, as are privately-owned boat slips for most residents. Call (941)552-5669 to experience the grande point of view for yourself.

St. Armands Location Only

“The Diamond Alternative” 24 N. Blvd. of Presidents Sarasota


We couldn’t have said it better.*

*Actual note from client reprinted with permission.

NURSING RESOURCES PRIVATE HOME HEALTH SERVICES 420 Golden Gate Point, Sarasota, Florida 34236 Represented Exclusively by

Fully accredited by the Warm, compassionate Community Health efficient nursing care. Accreditation Program. RNs, LPNs and Home Health Insured, Bonded. Locally owned Aides providing Personal and operated since 1989. Care and Companionship.

Cheryl Loeffler (941) 387.1707

an RKR Development Bob Roskamp • Phil Kaltenbacher • Angus Rogers




2650 Bahia Vista Street • Sarasota, FL 34239 LIC: HHA208080961

ACHIEVEMENTS RE/MAX Excellence celebrates anniversary


THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003 13A


RE/MAX Excellence celebrated its first anniversary with a festive party at Spikes ’n’ Tees, Islandside at the Longboat Key Club. A highlight of the evening was the arrival of a RE/MAX hot air balloon. Plans for rides in the balloon were thwarted when unexpected high winds gave the crew difficulty in launching it. Andrew Vac, owner of RE/MAX Excellence, said he plans to try it again at a future date. Sponsoring partners for the evening were Washington Mutual, American Schooner Title LLC, Oswald Trippe & Company Inc., Cunningham Property Management and Longboat Limousine. ❑

Alex Lancaster, Tim Field and Andrew Vac

Photos by Dora Walters

D’Arcy and Ray Arpke with Kate and Rob Houle

Euphemia Haye wins top honors in JDF Walk BY DORA WALTERS Senior Editor

When the last dollar is counted, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation will have raised approximately $230,000 at its ninth annual Walk For a Cure held in March. Corporate chairman for 2003 was Longboat Key resident Jim Shedivy. An awards and appreciation reception was held May 21 at the Chelsea Center, Sarasota. The winning corporate team, raising $14,000, was Euphemia Haye of Longboat Key. Spearheading the team were D’Arcy Arpke and her daughter, Kate Houle. The Dorsey Family, with Jacob’s Team, won top honors in the family team category

Above: Ginger Steer and Bonnie Cocchiaraley; below: Christiaan Huth and Wilson Wheeler

LaVonne and Jim Shedivy with $8,000. As of July 1, the local chapter will be renamed the Florida Suncoast Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. It will serve Manatee through Collier counties on Florida’s West Coast, with headquarters in Sarasota.

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MON.-SAT. 9:30-5:30 SUN. 10:00-5:00

14A THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003


Cops’ Corner The following reports are actual reports compiled by the Longboat Key Police Department. They are all answered and dealt with by members of the department or referred to others for action.

May 4 10:04 p.m. — 3800 block Gulf of Mexico Drive (GMD). Suspicious person. Police responded to report of suspicious person and found homeless woman riding bike to Salvation Army. After learning woman’s criminal history includes burglary, prostitution, lewd and lascivious behavior, drug possession, battery and carrying a concealed weapon, police followed her off the Key. 3:36 a.m. — 500 block Sanctuary Drive. Disturbance. Subject said one of two couples who were guests at his home got into an argument, so the three men parted company with the two women for the evening. Later, the men brought home three other women. When the first women came back and one of them found her boyfriend with another naked woman, she proceeded to slap him repeatedly, causing minor injury. Nobody wanted to press charges. 12:42 p.m. — Bradenton Beach. Traffic violation. Subject arrested for driving with suspended license. 1:44 p.m. — 6600 block GMD. Burglar alarm. An alarm went off in home that has both motion detectors and dogs roaming freely. 6:22 p.m. — 700 block Longboat Court. Property found. Subject found metal and thought it might be from a boat accident.

May 5 12:30 a.m. — 2000 block GMD. Traffic violation. Subject arrested for driving with suspended license.

6:03 a.m. — 6600 block GMD. Suspicious circumstance. Subject heard noise above bedroom, thought it was a prowler and called police, who discovered her brother was to blame. 7:57 a.m. — 100 block GMD. Fire. Police controlled traffic during gas leak. 9:03 a.m. — Bogey Lane at Ranger Lane. Public service. Subject called cops because man’s tree trimmings were in canal. Man said wind blew them into the canal and he would retrieve them. Subject was upset because police did not do more, because same man put lawn cuttings in canal recently. 9:38 a.m. — 400 block GMD. Public service. Someone hit landscape boulder and knocked it into driveway. 10:46 a.m. — 4000 block GMD. Animal. Police dealt with snake on windshield. 11 a.m. — 5400 block GMD. Assist. Subject told police she had been walking around all night in bare feet, after the voices in her head convinced her to drive car off road and into a building on Anna Maria. Police cited subject for the accident and took her to a mental institution. 3:30 p.m. — Longboat Pass Bridge. Juvenile. Kids warned not to jump off bridge, even if all their friends are doing it. 4:50 p.m. — 5400 block GMD. Property lost. Subject took $500 from ATM and put it in his tennis racquet jacket. After playing tennis, subject realized the money was gone.

May 6 12:38 a.m. — 400 block Firehouse Court. Property lost. Subject is missing her wallet. 12:42 p.m. — 5400 block GMD. Property lost. Subject is missing cellular phone. 4:10 p.m. — 500 block Golf Links Lane. Code enforcement. Subject warned for parking boat trailer on road for days. 4:39 p.m. — 3400 block Fair Oaks Lane. Property damage. Stray golf ball damaged subject’s windshield. 5:40 p.m. — 500 block Schooner Lane. Parking violation. Police found dredging crew


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Longboat Key Resident, Larry Cohen, Owner



1901 Hansen St.

Cops’ Corner Scorecard Noises Construction Parties Strange Fireworks

6 1 4 4

Critters Barking dogs Mangled peacocks Loose dogs Dog attacks Bees’ nests Frantic squirrels Dog poisoning

3 0 2 1 0 0 0

High Crimes Burglaries Drug arrests Larceny Trespassing

8 8 16 9

Vandalism Warrant arrests

4 3

Vehicular Occurrences Auto/bike accidents Crashes DUI Fender benders Hit and run Traffic violations

2 31 56 26 2 68

Missing Items Cell phones Children Jewelry/watches Purses/wallets Hearing Aids Boats Rolls Royce hubcap

members parking in unoccupied driveway on the advice of a resident. They relocated their vehicles. 8:43 p.m. — 500 block Bay Isles Parkway. Traffic accident. Subject rolled into car stopped at light, causing $300 worth of damage.

May 7 9:44 a.m. — 500 block Harbor Gate Way. Domestic violence. Police filed a stalking charge against subject’s husband, whom the court ordered to stay away from his wife. Subject, who has filed for divorce, said husband has locked her out of her house and removed items such as kitchenware, underwear and a boat from the home. Husband also yelled at her after a court hearing and repeatedly tried to contact her via cellular phone, she said. And she said her husband tried to take her car, using a spare key, while she and her son were at TCBY. 11:59 a.m. — 1100 block GMD. Public service. Subject ran out of gas and had no money to get more. Police provided subject with some gas, but the vehicle would not start, so they took her to the Salvation Army. 12:20 p.m. — 600 block Broadway. Public service. Subjects found child wandering down the street. Police brought boy back to mom, who was unaware son was missing, and was advised about the dangers of leaving children unattended.

5 1 6 14 0 1 1

Only on Longboat Jacuzzi near-drowning 0 Lost and found people 1 Code violations 22 Personality conflict 39 Nipple Pinching 0 Picture window shows 1 Elvis sightings 0 Explicit Speedos 1 Anthrax anxieties 0 Realtor rage 1 Cutter Lane crises 4 Classmate clobbering 0 Lewd love letters 1 Flashers 1 Lost causes on St. Judes 2 Statistics represent the reports published in Cops’ Corner year-to-date. They are not the official number of calls handled by the police.

May 8 4:11 a.m. — 6900 block GMD. Burglary. Police found a suspicious vehicle in gas station parking lot, with the ignition damaged. While looking for the driver, police came upon subject on foot who fled when asked to stop. Police tracked subject to woods nearby and used a dog to find him hiding up in a tree. Subject said his van broke down, so he parked it at the gas station and went fishing. Subject did have fishing poles — four of them — which belonged in the nearby motor home parked in the gas station by the man who owns the property. Police found pill bottle with gas station owner’s name on it in subject’s van, along with TV, VCR, stereo, seven towels, two packs of toilet paper, hand wipes, a remote-controlled car and a Bible that subject stole from the motor home. Police arrested subject for burglary, trespassing and resisting arrest. 4:39 p.m. — 300 block GMD. Public service. Subject argued with caregiver during walk because he did not want to go home.

May 9 4:01 a.m. — GMD at Broadway. Suspicious vehicle. Police arrested subject who possessed marijuana on violation of probation warrant. 9:14 a.m. — 4400 block Exeter Drive. Fraud. Subject learned her credit card was used to order $2,000 worth of car parts for someone in Texas. ❑

Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. till 7 p.m. • Saturday 8:30-6 p.m. • Sunday 12-5 p.m. (One block south of Bee Ridge, off US41) Turn at Village Inn

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ON THESE GUYS You can count on these guys, too. Dave, Jack, Tom and Benny have an aggregate of more than 100 years experience – at Cannons alone. You can count on the rest of the Cannons family, too. Since 1955, they’ve been there, for you, every single day. Count yourself among the Cannons family, and enjoy the very best in boating.



s ers of Your Collectible 1361 W. University Pkwy. Sarasota

Like no more”Do you have any homework?” or”Where are you going, and who are you going to be with?” and “Did you bring your gym clothes home for me to wash?” and “Did you forget there’s such a thing as a phone if you’re going to be late?” Aaaah! This does call for a celebration! Mark the moment with a special gift for that special child!



6040 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key Open 7 Days a Week • 941-383-1311

Caret ak

A child’s graduation means many things to a parent!

CANNONS COUNTS David Miller, Jack Bergbom, Tom Tomao, Benny Parrish

Security 1st Storage

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1829 Osprey Ave., Sarasota • Southside Village • 941/366-6871


THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003 15A


Medically speaking

Simple solution to COPD: Stop smoking without oxygen, to treat COPD. In previous years, a class of drugs, known as bronchodilators, administered orally, was used to open the airways to increase the airflow. While these were moderately effective, they had many side effects that limited their use. Now, most of the modern medications are delivered by aerosol directly into the lungs, thereby reducing the overall side effects. Bronchodilators reduce the muscle tone of the bronchi, thereby increasing the diameter of the airways. Inhaled bronchodilators, such as albuterol, are usually the first of the medications administered. In order to be effective, usage three or four times a day is mandatory. However, a longer-lasting agent, known as Serevent, has been developed, requiring application only twice a day. Atrovent is an anticolinergic drug that enlarges the airways by reducing the nerve impulses that restrict the bronchi to the muscles surrounding the bronchi. This drug is often used in combination with albuterol to increase the dilatation effect. During periods of exacerbation of COPD, due to infection or allergy, oral and inhaled corticosteroids are used. These potent drugs may be used for a limited time and dosages must be reduced gradually over a two-week period. In some severe cases, intravenous steroids may be administered during a severe episode of COPD. Antibiotics are often added during a worsening of the condition due to infection, and patients may remain on antibiotic treatment for extended periods of time. In these cases, cultures of lung expectorates are useful in determining the length of therapy. The course of COPD is determined by the patient’s ability to breathe and to perform normal life routines. Breathing tests that chart the amount of air exhaled will also indicate a condition of the lungs. When the COPD improves, the volume of exhaled air will increase; conversely, when the condition deteriorates, the tests will indicate a reduced exhaled volume. The adoption of healthy lifestyles, especially with the avoidance of tobacco smoke, assists in the management of stable COPD. Weight reduction, coupled with a proper exercise program, is most necessary for those people who are overweight. Influenza and pneumococcal vaccines should be administered regularly to COPD patients. Recent advances in surgery have offered two procedures to those who are totally disabled or who are on the verge of expiring. The first is complete lung transplantation. This procedure has a high mortality and requires taking a lifetime of



of Dentistry

by Robert W. Gordon, D.D.S.

A BONE TO PICK WITH YOUR DENTIST Not only can dentists detect signs of tooth decay during a dental exam, but they can also see early signs of osteoporosis. This is because a patient with the bone-thinning disease known as osteoporosis may exhibit signs of bone loss in the jaw, which increases the risk for bone loss around the teeth and tooth loss. One common sign of osteoporosis in the eyes of the dentist is the postmenopausal patient who complains that her dentures do not fit properly. Studies show that post-menopausal women with osteoporosis need new dentures three times more often, after age fifty, than women without osteoporosis. In severe cases, the extent of the bone loss makes it impossible to create functional dentures for the patient.

Did your dentures fit well once but not now? Today’s column offers one possible reason. At our office you can receive quality dental services. You are the most important person in this office and you deserve the best. We provide full dental services and welcome the entire family. Our office is located at 7000 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key 383-1776. Office hours: 5 days a week, 8-5 or by appointment. We use only the latest in dental technology for your care and comfort.

All ages, infants to seniors (medicare accepted) tourists, snowbirds, full-time residents  Worker’s compensation - drug screens, injuries  Visitors,

A Step Above....

• LAB • Minor surgery • XRAY • Complete physicals • EKG • Primary Care gyne • Coumadin Clinic (Wed am) • Significant RX savings. Appointments preferred. Walk-ins welcome.

Dr. Pamela J. Letts Board Certified Family Physician


3313 S.Osprey Ave


9052 5293


Centre Shops Family Practice & Urgent Care


Conveniently located in mid-Longboat Key!


Medical care for you and your children right at home.

Garbage Bags Tall Kitchen 13 gal., 90 ct 33 gal., 40 ct Lawn & Leaf 39 gal., 30 ct 45 gal., 24 ct 55 gal., 20 ct

A doctor who listens... spends time... smiles... and sits in your waiting room...


Andrea L. Brand, M.D.

Longboat Ace Hardware

Board Certified Family Physician

4030 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Longboat Key 383-1313 5293



5370 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 205 Mon.,Tue.,Thu., Fri., 9a.m. to 5p.m. • Wed. 9a.m. to noon (941)

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Your Dental Health

CALL FOR YOUR CONSULTATION • Cosmetic • Reconstruction • Implants • Comprehensive General 595 Bay Isles Rd.

Dr. Murray Friedman, M.D., Ph.D, is a retired physician from Illinois. He received his doctorate in microbiology from Yale University and his medical degree from the University of Illinois, Chicago. He currently works part time for the Senior Friendship Centers in Sarasota. ❑

Closed Mon. June 1 to Sun. June 15

• Quality Care • Personal Attention • Creating Beautiful Smiles


antirejection drugs, but for some it may be the only option available. The other procedure involves the surgical removal of the nonfunctioning lung tissue, which results in an increased breathing capacity and an improved quality of life. Unfortunately, there may be a 10% mortality rate with this method. However, this should improve when more of this surgery is done in selected patients. It is indeed discouraging to realize that COPD, which affects so many persons, could be eradicated almost completely if people did not smoke. It is heartbreaking to see so many young persons smoking without regard to their future health. Perhaps one of these days we may find a way to reduce or eliminate tobacco products that cause the majority of cases of lung cancer and COPD.


At the beginning of the last century, the majority of pulmonary deaths were caused by tuberculosis. At the start of this century, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) has become the most prevalent lung disease. Combined with other lung diseases, it has become the fourth most frequent cause of death following heart disease, cancer and stroke. COPD, a combination of chronic bronchitis and emphysema, is a disease caused by a restricted airflow in the lungs. Chronic bronchitis is characterized by excessive cough and daily sputum production for at least two months. Emphysema causes shortness of breath from the destruction of lung tissue, which is replaced by nonfunctioning fibrous cells in the lungs. Asthma often complicates the disease by further narrowing the smaller airways in the lungs. It is estimated that at least 15% of all Americans suffer from COPD, resulting in severe disabilities and excessive medical costs. Lung cancer is most frequent in those persons who already have COPD. The major cause of COPD is cigarette smoking; although heavy pipe and cigar smoking have been implicated as well. Tobacco smoke is poisonous and produces irritation and inflammation of large and small lung airways, causing destruction of lung cells that are responsible for the exchange of oxygen with the blood. These factors affect a decrease in the functioning lung tissue and eventually result in a reduction of air while inhaling and exhaling. As this process continues, less oxygen is absorbed into the blood, producing shortness of breath, weakness, lethargy and susceptibility to infections. Reduction in the oxygen levels of the blood also leads to heart disease, impaired mental states, kidney disease and excessive red blood counts that increase the possibility of blood clots. While there are many treatments of COPD, the most effective is the cessation of smoking. This allows the lung tissue to start healing, and, in most cases, will result in improved breathing and a better quality of life. Other nonmedical treatments consist of a nutritious diet, weight modification and moderate exercise. However, while these nonmedicinal methods are helpful when used early in the disease, most patients with COPD require a combination of drugs to be maintained. Oxygen is one of the most effective medications. It increases the oxygen level in the blood, resulting in less breathlessness and the ability to breathe with greater ease. There are a number of supplemental medications that are used, with or

504-2725 “Doctor Brand at your Door”

16A THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003

Health Happenings on the Key CPR, AED, Fire Extinguisher Classes — are offered to residents, condos and businesses of Longboat Key by the Longboat Key Fire/Rescue. Free. Schedule, 316-1944. The Education Center — is located at 5370 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Spring season has ended. Call the office at 383-8811 and leave your away address — that’s where new brochures will be delivered in September. ••••••• ‘Implantable Hearing Aids’ lecture — will be held from 4 to 5 p.m. Friday, May 30, at Silverstein Institute and Ear Research Foundation, at 1901 Floyd St., Sarasota. Free. Details, 366-9222. Blood Drives — will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. at three Applebee’s locations: Friday, May 30, 4301 Cortez Road, Bradenton; 5908 18th St. E., Ellenton; Saturday, May 31, 7175 S.R. 70 E., Bradenton. Details, 746-7195. Telephone Reassurance Program for Senior Citizens — several openings are available. This free program provides persons living alone with a daily phone con-



tact from a concerned and friendly volunteer, assuring that the individual is well and not in need of special assistance. If the individual has a problem or fails to be reached, appropriate assistance is immediately arranged. Mae Yeomans, 758-9969.

Diabetes Blood Glucose Screenings — sponsored by the Gulf Coast Diabetes Foundation, will be conducted from 8 to 10 a.m. Monday, June 2, at Sarasota Center for Healthy Aging, 1900 Brother Geenen Way. Free. Details, 955-2122. Senior Living Education Series — will be hosted by Manatee Memorial Hospital from 11 a.m. to noon Tuesday, June 3, in Dining Room 2A, 206 Second St. E., Bradenton. Free. Details, 745-7581. ‘Exercise and Its Importance’ Diabetes Lecture Series — will be held from 10 a.m. to noon Tuesday, June 3, in the Caretaker Terrace, second floor, of the Center for Healthy Aging. Cost is a donation of $10. Susan Jackson, 955-2122, Ext. 1145. ‘Beating Heart Disease’ Courses — are now forming and will be held in a variety of locations in Sarasota County. Contact

Cindy at The Heart Wellness Center, 4881877;

Introduction to Wellness Community Program — is held from 10 a.m. Tuesdays at the Wellness Community, 3900 Clark Road, building P-3, Sarasota. Learn about the free programs offered to cancer patients and their caregivers. Details, 921-5539. Memory Screenings — courtesy of Sarasota Memorial Hospital Memory Disorder Clinic, will be conducted Wednesday, June 4, at Venice Kathleen Friendship Center. Appointments, 9177197. ‘Alzheimer’s Dementia’ — two-hour basic course will be presented by Alzheimer’s Association at 10 a.m. Wednesday, June 4, at The Community of Christ Church, 5817 33rd St. E., Bradenton. RSVP, 795-1900. Prosthetic Clinic — Manatee Memorial Hospital Physical Medicine Department and Active Orthotics Prosthetics will offer an in-house prosthetic evaluation and services on Thursday, June 5. They include a prosthetic analysis, gain analysis, educational literature and counseling. Free. Details, 745-7550. Blood Drive — will be held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, June 7, and from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday, June 8, at Marina Point Realty, 314 Pine Ave., Anna Maria; Holmes Beach Shopping Center, Marina

Drive, Holmes Beach; and at Beach House Restaurant, 200 Gulf Drive N., Bradenton Beach. Please indicate that you are donating in the name of Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Inc. and a private donor will contribute $100 to the organization for each person who donates a pint of blood. Details, 778-6324.

Memory Screenings — courtesy of Sarasota Memorial Hospital Memory Disorder Clinic, will be conducted Monday, June 9, at Sarasota Center for Healthy Aging, 1900 Brother Geenen Way. Appointments, 917-7197. Tai Chi for Arthritis Classes — will be presented by the Arthritis Foundation at 6 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday, for six consecutive weeks beginning June 10, in Twelve Oaks Plaza, 7270 55th Ave. E., Bradenton. Fee is $66. Details, 794-1400. Introduction to Wellness Community Program — will be held at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, June 14, the Wellness Community, 3900 Clark Road, building P3, Sarasota. Learn about the free programs offered to cancer patients and their caregivers. Details, 921-5539. ‘Detox Diets, Cleansing and Fasts’ Lecture — will be held at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, June 14, at Richard’s Whole Foods, 3226 Clark Road, Sarasota. Free. Details, 4235786, 377-6266. ❑

Hearing is Believing


Complimentary Consultaion

DiVosta’s New Luxury Townhomes


Mary Thorpe, M.A., CCC-A

IslandWalk of Naples Town Center, a DiVosta community.

at Sarasota’s greatest resort-style community from the $190’s to $200’s

Board Certified Audiologist 1445 S. Osprey Ave. Ste. 2 Sarasota



ASSISTED LIVING Resort-style living offers you all of the extras:

DiVosta’s master-planned and gated VillageWalk will provide residents with the most unique way of living. Your new townhome will be in a community with lakes, pedestrian bridges, beautiful landscaping, and have easy access to the waterfront Town Center. Highlights of the Town Center are a fitness center, two heated pools, bank with ATM, gas pumps, two multipurpose rooms, and a full-time activities director.

Sports and Recreation Shopping Arts and Entertainment

Excellent Neighborhoods Great Schools Cultural Events

The area’s leading assisted living residence

A Community Designed for Friendly Neighbors

• Independent Living • Personal Care • Alzheimer’s Care • Respite Care

F E AT U R E D TOW N H O M E S Central Vacuum

or 3 Baths


Open Kitchen with Breakfast Area

Residence Areas of 1,628 sq. ft./1,867 sq. ft.

Luxury Appliances



We have customers that have purchased 5, 8, even 12 DiVosta homes. They tell us that our homes are more durable and easy to live in. They love the premium upgraded features included in our townhomes. Participating brokers or agents must accompany on first visit

ALF #0007239






Quality homes for over 43 years TM



I-75 to Exit #205, Clark Rd. Go west to Honore Ave., then left 75 41 (south) past corner of Honore and the Palmer Ranch Pkwy. Sales Center is approx 1 mi. south of the Palmer Ranch Pkwy. If traveling from U.S. 41, follow to Central Sarasota Pkwy and turn left (north) on Honore Ave. CLARK






Longboat Cardiology

with 2 car garage. This luxury townhome is full of premium-upgrade features – all included in the price of a DiVosta townhome. The second floor of this elegant home has an optional fourth bedroom. Every DiVosta townhome is a superior value and BUILT-SOLID™.


TV Cable Throughout

Great Room

bedroom, 2 1/2 bath residence. The 2 story floor 2,963 total sq.ft. plan is beautifully designed with a spacious master suite upstairs and great room on the lower level. DiVosta’s revolutionary BUILT-SOLID™ construction system takes this residence to a level that is unmatched in the industry.



total sq. ft.


Pre-wired Phone and



Mirrored Doors


Textured Volume

941-751-7200 3409 26th St. W., Bradenton, Florida

DiVosta is also offering

Catalina townC ATALINA DiVosta’s home is a feature rich 3 C AYMAN the Cayman - a 3 bedroom, 3 bath townhome


Modular Closets with

Pool Option


Spacious Patio with

Built-in Security System


1 or 2-Car Garage


3 Bedroom, 2 1/2


Cardiac Consultation  30-Day Event Monitoring  EKG  Carotid Ultrasound  Echocardiography  Abdominal Ultrasound  Pacemaker/Defibrillator Clinic  Renal Ultrasound  24 Hour Holter Monitoring  Lower Extremity Ultrasound  Coumadin Clinic  Cardiolite & Treadmill Stress Testing  Vascular Ultrasound Clinic by Hector Arias, C.V.T., C.P.T., C.P.F.T 

Medicare Accepted



(941) 926-3933

(Formerly with the Heart Center of Sarasota for 11 years)

5650 Gulf of Mexico Drive • Longboat Key 5293

Represented by DiVosta Homes, Inc. licensed Real Estate Broker. The developer of the property has contracted with DiVosta Building Corporation (CB-CO17129) to build the homes. House elevations and sketches are preliminary only and may change. The developer may modify designs prior to sales or construction. Please refer to the completed model home in the subject community. Construction may be of concrete block instead of poured concrete. Neither this advertisement, nor any communication made or given in connection with this advertisement, may be deemed to constitute any representation or warranty, or may otherwise be relied upon by any person or entity. This advertisement does not constitute an offer to sell or solicitation of any kind, nor is it intended to be distributed in, or constitute an offer to sell in, any state in which the developer has not been registered to sell property, if registration is required. Pre-construction, pre-model and all prices and options subject to change. © Copyright DiVosta Homes, Inc., 2003. All rights reserved.

(941) 383-7300



THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003 17A

Paws and claws

Give heartworm preventative to cats and dogs Dear Dr. Houk: I have a 10-year-old neutered male Viszla, who is outside most of the time. He sleeps inside at night. We moved here from New England and use a monthly flea and tick control. We have been down here seven or eight months. Lately he has been acting more tired and has developed a slight cough. His appetite is good. He is on a good diet and is taken one to two times weekly to a dog park, but he is not as anxious to keep up with the rest of the dogs lately. Is age a factor or HOUK what might be the problem? We hope this is nothing serious because we actually consider him part of our family. Thank you in advance. Mrs. A.

year. The rickettsial diseases are less common but still should be considered as a possible diagnosis if the heartworm test is negative. Dr. Houk

by Dr. Ray

Dear Mrs. A.: There are several possibilities as to why this can happen. There are several diseases carried by mosquitoes. Ticks down here are also difficult to completely control. The first thing you need to do is go to your veterinarian. He will do a complete examination and depending on what he finds on the exam, he will orders some lab work. If heart, kidney or liver parameters are all normal, we should consider some type of parasites. The first ones that come to mind are heartworm, ehrlichia, one of the other rickettsial diseases, or even early lyme disease. Testing can easily give us a more specific diagnosis. As you know, it is very important in Florida to keep all dogs on a heartworm preventive year-round and to test at least once a

Dear Dr. Houk: I have owned cats for many years and didn’t know that cats could get heartworm until I read an article about heartworm in cats. My cats do go outside quite frequently, so is this something I should be treating or giving a preventive? Mrs. L.

Dear Mrs. L.: For many years heartworm in cats was considered a novelty and not a risk for cats, but not only is the cat susceptible, the clinical signs are more severe than those of a dog. This is true even when the worm burden is lower. The incidence in cats is about 5% to 20% that of dogs in a given geographical area, so the risk is less. The exact prevalence of feline heartworm disease (FHWD) is difficult to determine, because testing methods are not as accurate as in dogs, worm burdens are small and clinical signs are much less specific. FHWD has only been diagnosed in less than half the states in the U.S., with prevalence in the southeast, eastern seaboard and the gulf-coast states using serologic surveys. The incidences in asymptomatic cats have demonstrated exposures as high as 43%. Males are considered more likely to be exposed than females. Today if we see any chronic respiratory signs, especially coughing, we should consider FHWD. Ivermectin has been used as a preventive

Pool Service

even if there has been recent exposure. Currently there are no treatments that are considered safe and without side effects but consult your veterinarian because improved treatments are imminent. Dr. Houk


“I decided it was time to introduce the Longboat world to Sir Walter II,” writes M. Susan Norris-Murray. “Several years ago someone gave me a full-grown Maltese named Walter. He was the main part of my life for a long, long time. Last year he became very ill and I had to put him away. I was heartsick. Eugene and Claire Stern, my neighbors who are also dog lovers, called one day and told me not to worry. They were shipping me another Maltese from one of their favorite breeders. Because of the heat, it took until October for the kennel to ship him, and, of course, I named him Water II. A few weeks later his papers were shipped and then I learned what a real prize I had. Both the dam and the sire were champions. So I looked down at him and said, ‘From now on, I’ll call you Sir Walter II.’ And that’s what he is. A perfect piece of royalty.”

The Ultimate Driving Machine

Weekly, Vacation and Seasonal Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Service


• Service plans that fit your pool care & budget needs • One-time clean-ups • Vacation pool service • Stain treatment and removal

For advice, service & repair you can trust.

©2003 Pinch A Penny, Inc.



M O T O R C A R S 5151 Clark Road




Stores & Growing

Call 941-748-4634 4507 Manatee Ave. West


FL Reg# mv-03675

“The Antiques of Tomorrow” Imported Fine English and European Reproduction Furniture.

CARLYLE One Piece Toilet has the powerful G-Max flushing system and Sana Gloss ceramic glaze to help keep the bowl clean with every flush.






LIC. # CFC057548

5362 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach

1525 4th Street, Sarasota • 941.953.9667 1 blk N of Fruitville between Orange and Lemon Open Monday - Saturday 10am-4pm

2099 16th St. Call for appointment.




Dr. Ray Houk is a graduate of Ohio State University, where he earned his bachelor of science and doctor of veterinary medicine degrees. Although he retired after practicing in Ohio and Chicago, he now works at Longboat Key Animal Clinic. ❑

18A THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003


Longboat hosts rabbinical conference BY DORA WALTERS Senior Editor

The Southeastern Association of the Central Conference of American Rabbis held its annual study conference May 18 through 20, at the Holiday Inn & Suites — Longboat Key. The main theme of the conference was “Talmudic Takes on Leadership.” The visiting scholar was Rabbi Aaron Panken, dean of Hebrew Union College — Jewish Institute of Religious Studies, New York campus. Longboat Key’s Temple Beth Israel’s Rabbi Michael Eisenstat is the immediate past president of the sssociation. In addition to a schedule of study sessions, Eisenstat and his wife, Nancy, hosted an informal cocktail reception for the participants in their Longboat home. ❑

Rabbi Michael Eisenstat and Rabbi Paul Menitoff, executive director of the Central Conference of American Rabbis

Rabbi Alan Sherman, Marilyn Harrison, Rabbi Richard Agler and Rabbi Ron Gerson

Paula Tabachnikoff and Nancy Eisenstat

Audrey Romberg, Beverly Engel and Adrienne Sondheim

Rabbi Betsy Tarop and Mindy Agler



Your Longboat Key Plumbers for 28 Years

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Investment Representative 1410 Main Street, Suite 2B • Interest Paid Semi(Above Patrick’s Restaurant)

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Sarasota, FL 34236 Phone (941) 373-9964 ®



Edward Jones


*Yield effective 5/21/03. Yield and market value will fluctuate if sold prior to maturity. Subject to availablity and price change.

Member SIPC

Photos by Dora Walters


Yield to Maturity Due 10/01/35

Insured Tax Free Bond Richard A. Bores

Rabbis Ed Goldberg, Daniel Sherman and Steve Engel

Serving Individual Investors Since 1871

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Gigantic Blowout Sale!


Entire Store

Residential and High Rise Condos

Windshutters has been in business in Sarasota since 1972. We manufacture all our shutters using superior materials engineered according to your specific home or business. All of our shutters are installed by our factory technicians (no subcontractors), fully licensed and insured. SERVICE, REPAIR & MAINTENANCE

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By Westcoast Shutters of Florida, Inc. PROTECTION • SECURITY • STYLE

921-5555 • 4568 Clark Rd., Sarasota • Lic#CBCD60517 State Certified



Member of Longboat Chamber of Commerce

*Sale Excludes Cd’s, Cassettes December Diamonds, French Dressing and Kitras

Anna Maria Island Shopping Centre (between Ace Hardware & Walgreens) 3324 East Bay Drive, Holmes Beach • 778-4665 Sun. & Mon. 10 - 5 • Tues. - Sat. 9-6



THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003 19A


From the pulpit

Politics, religion and life Dead flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savor: So doth a little folly him that is in reputation for wisdom and honor. (Ecclesiates10:1) I am really getting worried. With the disappearance of our snowbirds and, worse yet, the disappearance of all the traffic from Gulf of Mexico Drive, it is getting a little tough to find something to gripe about. No need for reservations at our favorite restaurants. But thank goodness for our creative spirits. We can always find something! I recall a conversation with a rabbinic colleague, some years ago. He was pontificating as to how he was so glad that he had not gone into the pulpit after ordination, but had chosen academia instead. “There is just too much politics in congregational life,” he smugly proclaimed. Now, I could hardly deny that there is politics in congregational life; any rabbi, priest or minister will readily admit it. I, in turn, pointed out to my colleague that academic life was also redolent with political intrigue. Whenever and wherever people gather to discuss ideas or to advocate a particular agenda, or to choose leaders, or to question their leaders, there is “politics.” And whenever we lose an external target toward which we may direct our spleen, we seem to

All Angels by the Sea Episcopal Church, 563 Bay Isles Road, will offer Holy Eucharist at 9 a.m. Sunday. Holy Eucharist and Healing or Morning Prayer will be offered at 10 a.m. Wednesday. The Rev. Downs Spitler, interim rector, will officiate. 383-8161.

turn inward. We see this in every walk of life. In this context, “politics” becomes synonymous with destructive bickering. When we have it too well, we inevitably find ways to make ourselves miserable. We live on a beautiful island with wonderful recreational facilities. But as we have recently witnessed, having all this and the possibility of more doesn’t make us more amenable, but more contentious. Witness the little tempest-in-the-teapot over the location of a proposed community center on Longboat Key. People of good will and good intention often lose sight of what is really the main issue and things degenerate into the kind of “politics” that can destroy a community, whether the community is a religious community, an academic community or a lovely neighborhood community. I was very happy to see that our local community issue was not allowed to get out of hand. Maturity and goodwill is the antidote to the poisons of pettiness. As Israel Zangwill wrote: “If the world is not to perish in its blindness, it must revert to the leadership of thinkers and men of faith. Politics ... must become religion instead of religion becoming politics.”

St. Armands Key Lutheran Church, 40 N. Adams Drive, will hold a contemporary worship service at 9 a.m. (nursery available) and a traditional service at 11 a.m. Sunday. Youth and adult Sunday school is at 10 a.m. The Rev. Eric P. Wogen will officiate. 388-1234. St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church, 4280 Gulf of Mexico Drive, will hold Saturday Masses at 5 p.m. and Sunday Masses at 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. Daily Masses are held at 9 a.m. Monday through Friday. The Rev. Edward Pick is the pastor of the church. 383-1255. Temple Beth Israel, 567 Bay Isles Road. Friday Shabbat service begins at 8 p.m., followed by an Oneg Shabbat. Saturday Shabbat Service begins at 10 a.m., followed by a Kiddush. Rabbi Michael Eisenstat will officiate at both services, assisted by Joseph Spinella, cantorial soloist/music director, and on Friday night by the Temple Beth Israel Choir. 383-3428.

by Michael EISENSTAT

Michael Eisenstat is rabbi at Temple Beth Israel.

The Longboat Island Chapel, 6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Worship services are at 8:30 and 10 a.m. Sundays (nursery available during the 10-a.m. service). The Rev. Kenneth Gill, senior minister, will officiate. 383-6491.

Obituaries Robert J. Schaffield

Arthur F. Schwartz

Rita Barnett Evans Klein

Lucille Ann Gerber

Robert J. Schaffield, 81, of Longboat Key, died May 17. He was born March 11, 1922, in Covington, Ky., and came here 16 years ago. He was a manufacturing jeweler and owned Schaffield Jewelry. He was a Navy veteran of World War II and a member of St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church. His survivors include his wife of 59 years, Virginia F.; daughters Beth Penn, of Edgewood, Ky., Lynne Scully, of Marlton, N.J., and Jayne Woodman, of Harrisburg, Pa.; son Mark, of Cincinnati; and five grandchildren. A liturgy was held May 24 at St. Bernard Catholic Church, Holmes Beach. Toale Brothers Funeral Home, Colonial Chapel, was in charge. Memorial donations may be made to St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church, 4280 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228.

Arthur F. Schwartz, 92, of Longboat Key, died May 20. He was born April 27, 1911, in Minneapolis and came here 25 years ago. He retired as an attorney and was also a history professor at the University of Chicago. He graduated from the University of Chicago in 1929 and served as a major in the Army Air Forces of World War II. He was a member of Temple Beth Israel. His survivors include his daughter Leah, of Scottsdale; son David, of Denver; and brother Sidney, of Madison, Wis. A service was held May 23 at Temple Beth Israel. Toale Brothers Funeral Home, Colonial Chapel, was in charge. Memorial donations may be made to the Alzheimer’s Association, Manatee/ Sarasota, 1230 S. Tuttle Ave., Sarasota, FL 34239.

Rita Barnett Evans Klein, 75, of Coon Key and formerly of Longboat Key, died May 21. She was born June 13, 1928. Originally a homemaker, in 1975 she became a travel agent and owned travel agencies in Washington, D.C., and Clearwater. She was a former treasurer of Beth Israel Women of Temple Beth Israel. Her survivors include her husband, Don R. Klein; five children, Dr. Alan Klein of Los Angeles, Sharon Ehrenfeld of Annapolis, Md., Ruth Evans of Sherborne, Mass., Dr. Jonathan Evans of Jacksonville and Robin Grislain of Bordeaux, France. The funeral was held May 25. Toale Brothers Funeral Home, Colonial Chapel, was in charge. Memorial donations may be made to Temple Beth Israel, 567 Bay Isles Road, Longboat Key, FL 34228.

Lucille Ann Gerber, 88, of Longboat Key, died May 22. She was born Aug. 19, 1914, in Chicago and moved here in 1977 from there. She was a homemaker. She was a founding member of Temple Sinai in Sarasota, a member of Sisterhood of Temple Sinai and a member of Hadassah. Her survivors include her husband, Dr. Allen J.; daughter Phyllis, of Osprey; son Dr. Lowell, of Naples; and three grandchildren. A memorial service was held May 25 at Temple Sinai. Burial was in Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell. Toale Brothers Funeral Home, Colonial Chapel, was in charge. Memorial donations may be made to Sisterhood of Temple Sinai, 1802 Kenilworth St., Sarasota, FL 34231.


St. Mary Star of the Sea CATHOLIC CHURCH

Summer Mass Schedule

Family Owned and Operated





Nursery Provided During 10 am Service


Daily Mass — Mon. through Fri. 9:00 a.m. Confession before all weekend Masses


8:30 & 10:00 am Worship Services

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Home of the Shepherding Program A program that provides one-on-one Christian caregiving

All Airports: Tampa • St. Pete • Sarasota

Saturday: 5:00 p.m. Sunday: 8:30 & 10:30 a.m.

4280 Gulf of Mexico Drive

An Interfaith Community Church Rev. Kenneth Gill, Senior Minister

PRIVATE DOOR to DOOR SERVICE!!! (No Vans - No Stops)

Since 1966

Visit our website:

St. Armands Key Lutheran Church 388-1234

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Episcopal Church

St. Armands Circle 40 North Adams Dr.

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on Longboat Key

Sunday Worship Celebration

Holy Eucharist Sunday....9:00 a.m.

Contemporary Service of Joy • 9:00 a.m. Nursery Available

Holy Eucharist & Healing or Morning Prayer Wednesday...10:00 a.m.

Sunday School • 10:00 a.m. (Youth & Adult) Traditional Service • 11:00 a.m. 5293

The Reverend Downs Spitler, Interim Rector 563 Bay Isles Road 383-8161



Our goal is to see you pay the lowest legal tax at the lowest fee possible.

6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key, Florida 34228 383-6491

The Rev. Eric P. Wogen

20A THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003


st. armand’s/Bird/Lido Key

ST. ARMANDS $3,350,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour New St. Armand's Bayfront Custom Home with highest quality construction, architectural detail. Bay and Downtown views. LO#228668 MARK HUBER/JOYCE HUBER 941-924-9000 LIDO SURF & SAND $599,000 View from the top. Outstanding 2BR/2BA hi-rise end-unit condo with topping vistas. Exceptional find! LO#229473 LOUISE TESSIER 941-924-9000 LIDO KEY $569,000 Ready to move in, Gulf view, large terrace, secure. Marble floors, new appliances & baths, W/D, steps to beach. LO#232044 GABE BUKY 941-924-9000



13.4 Billion


A full 54% of all million-dollar plus properties sold in the United States are handled by a Coldwell Banker professional.

LIDO SURF & SAND $485,000 Nothing like this on the market! Two bedrooms, two baths, Watch dolphins & sunsets from the 40 foot deck overlooking the Gulf. LO#236992 ARLETTE JACOB 941-924-9000

10 8.5 Billion


FAIRWAY BAY $449,000 A pretty & pleasing condo. Reward yourself with luxury in this delectable 2BR/2BA end-unit. Clubhouse, foyer. LO#231085 DOROTHY KRAKOVITZ 941-924-9000

6 4

FAIRWAY BAY $449,000 Great, corner 3BR/3BA townhouse in Fairway Bay. 3 terraces, cathedral ceilings, fireplace, loft/den, garage. LO#238423 BRUCE MYER 941-924-9000

3.1 Billion





BAY FRONT $2,399,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Panoramic Bay views, custom one of a kind maintenance free 4BR home. High ceilings, marble, stone. LO#220558 LINDA & EMMETT WEBER 941-924-9000


LONGBOAT HARBOUR $339,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Absolutely beautiful! Nothing to do but move in. Owners have restored this canal front condo within the past 18 months. LO#231819 THE KOY GROUP 941-924-9000

ST ARMANDS $2,999,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Beautifully landscaped, walled estate home on St. Armand's Key. Built on 2 lots. Truly one of a kind. LO#235962 ROGER PETTINGELL 941-924-9000

ST ARMANDS DIVISION $2,350,000 Waterfront, mini-estate! Highest standards, mahogany, tray ceilings, edgeless pool, spa, 4BR, walk to beach, shops. LO#238683 JUDY KEPECZ-HAYS 941-924-9000



BAY ISLES $1,500,000 Exquisite Bayou home. Grand proportions, graceful ambiance in this newer home. Tranquil lake and preserve views. LO#236379 STEVEN C. KEPECZ 941-924-9000

FAIRWAY BAY - THE ATRIUM $749,900 Two bedrooms, two baths/den PH with Bay views. Granite kitchen, built-ins, tile floors, window treatments, carpets and plantation shutters. LO#232755 BARBARA ACKERMAN 941-924-9000

WELLS BAY $1,485,000 Completely renovated & redesigned Bay front masterpiece. Quality details, unsurpassed Bay views. Close to shopping. LO#238554 GABE BUKY 941-924-9000

CORAL COVE $1,299,000 Two-story home on canal. 4BR/4BA, European kitchen & luxury features. Kitchen with cherry cabinets & granite counters. LO#238378 A. BOAKES/J. BOGUSZEWSKI, PA 941-924-9000



UNIVERSITY PARK $639,900 360º V irtual Tour Tour 2795 SF home with 3BR/3.5BA on lake with southern exposure, pool/spa, three-car garage. Many upgrades. Move-in condition. LO#237894 MARY MOORE/MIKE MOORE 941-924-9000 ONE WATERGATE $489,500 Indulge yourself in this spacious 2BR plus office with fabulous Bay & City views in the heart of Downtown. LO#236459 KATHIE SRUR 941-924-9000 UNIVERSITY PARK $465,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Preserve/golf course views with three bedroom, two bathroom, living & dining rooms, Family room, kitchen with breakfast area overlooking Lanai/Pool/Spa. LO#238474 MIKE AND MARY NELL MOORE 941-924-9000 TURTLE CREEK $339,000 Four bedrooms, office, family room with fireplace, large deck & screened pool area. New carpet, towering oaks in well-tended 1 acre garden paradise LO#234847 CAROLYN DONNELLY 941-924-9000

BAY ISLES $699,000 Pristine 3000 SF. home behind the gates of the LBK Club. High ceilings, ceramic floors & spacious lanai & pool. LO#234080 LINDA & EMMETT WEBER 941-924-9000 LONGBOAT KEY $699,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Endless views from the main living area to the golf course and lake behind this charming villa. Furnished home. LO#237504 STEVEN C. KEPECZ 941-924-9000

FAIRWAY BAY $879,000 Rarely available Banyan floor plan with wonderful space and design. Beautiful bay views, 3 balconies. LO#235986 JOYCE /MARK HUBER 941-924-9000

LIDO KEY $849,000 Featured in May issue of Sarasota Magazine. Unparalleled views of beautiful beach. One-ofa-kind. Renovated 2000 LO#235008 TERRY GOODMAN 941-924-9000

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES $659,000 With a riveting Bay view. Enjoy the posh lifestyle! Home in on this distinctive 2BR/3BA Contempo. Cool pool. LO#231457 JAG GREWAL 941-924-9000



RENAISSANCE $310,000 Windows on the world. Outstanding 2-bedroom hirise end-unit condo with a shimmery Gulf view. Clubhouse. LO#233950 MELISSA BONGART 941-924-9000 DOWNTOWN $299,000 Bright, open unit close to all downtown amenities. Bay views from most rooms. Large glassed lanai, covered garage. LO#236566 ANGIE CAMPBELL 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT KEY $650,000 Spectacular direct Gulf & sunset views from coveted corner unit. Wrap around balcony with glass sliders. TKF. LO#238327 GARY MCKINSTRY 941-924-9000

SEA GATE CLUB $625,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Panoramic gulf/sunset views from upper flr corner residence! Two bedrooms, two baths, tile floors, large balcony, views from every room! LO#226973 BRUCE MYER 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT HARBOUR $249,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Dynamic Bay views & fabulous condition, fully furnished, totally renovated unit on Longboat Key is a must see! LO#231778 THE KOY GROUP 941-924-9000


COUNTRY CLUB SHORES $709,000 Two bedrooms, two baths Mediterranean villa with barrel tile roof. Private dock, heated pool, lanai, split plan, many extras. LO#234892 THOMAS FYNES 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT KEY CLUB $649,000 New three bedroom, three & one-half bath maintenance free villa. Many upgrades, ceramic floors, pool, spa, granite kitchen, Beach Club Membership. LO#217004 LINDA & EMMETT WEBER 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT KEY $259,900 3rd floor apartment with partial Gulf view. Pool, club house, private beach access, Great rental or island getaway! LO#235052 BRUCE MYER 941-924-9000

BEACHCOMBER $230,000 You deserve this delightful beach retreat! Enjoy this island style piece of paradise as your personal retreat. LO#233851 KATHY SCOTT 941-924-9000

QUEENS HARBOR $1,100,000 Lake views from this 4BR maintenance-free, quality courtyard home with in the LBK Club. Endless upgrades, pool, beach. LO#238592 JUDY KEPECZ-HAYS 941-924-9000 TANGERINE BAY $899,000 The only PH residence at Tangerine Bay currently on the market! Breathtaking Bay views. Three bedroom, 3.5BA end unit. LO#238945 RENATA M. CHANOSKI 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT KEY $359,000 Two bedroom, two bath just steps to the beach and pool. New berber carpeting and tile in entry, bathrooms & kitchen. LO#238904 LINDA A. PASKOVICH 941-924-9000 SEAPLACE $342,000 Very well maintained 2BR/1BA 4th floor unit with gorgeous sunset views. Perfect for a weekend get away or can rent. LO#238075 MAGGIE HICKS 941-924-9000

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES $2,849,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Stunning views of Sarasota and Bay. Completely redone, three bedrooms, office, gourmet kitchen & bar & 4,000 plus SF. LO#235841 ROGER PETTINGELL 941-924-9000 LONGBOAT KEY $2,500,000 Like living in a house at the beach. Walls of glass bring the Gulf right into your living room. Spotless. LO#237922 MARK HUBER/JOYCE HUBER 941-924-9000

AQUARIUS $499,000 Turnkey furnished Aquarius residence, two bedrooms, two bathrooms. Sunset side of the building. Enjoy The Colony restaurants next door. LO#234255 ROGER PETTINGELL 941-924-9000 HARBOUR OAKS $465,000 The feel of a large home with advantages of easy condo living. New paint, French doors, tray ceilings. Private pool. LO#237780 BETH LANCASTER 941-924-9000


Longboat Key WATER CLUB $3,200,000 Beautiful amenities grace this 3BR/5BA residence. Oak, granite, plantation shutter doors. Attractively furnished. LO#233695 BARBARA ACKERMAN 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT KEY $539,000 Lovely 2BR/2BA unit in desirable Beachplace with views of the Gulf & reflection pond. Turnkey Furnished. LO#238132 RENATA M. CHANOSKI 941-924-9000


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PELICAN HARBOUR $399,700 Open Bay views from living & dining rooms & master bedroom. A well-maintained TKF 2BR/2BA unit. Dock, pool, sauna & tennis courts. LO#238729 ROBERT FORTIER 941-924-9000

MYAKKA CITY $299,900 Home with classic comforts! A serene ambiance enlivens this impressive residence. Three bedrooms. Call immediately! LO# 238337 VIRGINA FINE 941-924-9000


201 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 1 ~ Longboat Key 941-383-6411 16 Avenue of the Flowers ~ Longboat Key 941-383-8657 423 St. Armands Circle ~ St. Armands 941-388-3966 330 John Ringling Boulevard ~ St. Armands Key 941-388-4433 100 North Tamiami Trail ~ Sarasota Downtown 941-366-8070 ©2003 Coldwell Banker Corporation. An EqualOpportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned and Operated by NRT Incorporated.

RENAISSANCE $220,000 Comfortably cozy. A nice condo lifestyle. Pamper your friends with this stand-out. LO#238792 MICHELE FULLER, JAG GREWAL 941-924-9000 AVISTA $134,900 Beautiful Avista two bedroom, two bathroom condo. Two florida rooms, one overlooking golf course, the other screened in on the front. LO#238882 VICKI LONBORG 941-924-9000



Page 1B

NTERTAINMENT M AY 2 9 , 2 0 0 3

Ban the

blockbuster! Pam’s cool summertime flick picks

BY PAM NADON Film Critic

There’s no better escape from the summer heat than the oasis of your local movie theater — but this summer feels more like a desert. Hollywood is hitting hard with mindless megabuck blockbusters. There are sequels (“Charlie’s Angels II”), comic book adaptations (“The Hulk”) and even a WWF-style death match between two slasher villains (“Freddy vs. Jason”). Seem like one vast wasteland? Fear not. Filmlovers who refuse to fall prey to the big studio hype can still find much to quench their thirst. Lurking in the shadows, the small, cool films are still there if you know where to look. Here are a few that you may want to catch:

JUNE ‘28 Days Later’

If you still remember Guy Pierce from “Memento” and are presently slain by Rachel Griffiths from HBO’s “Six Feet Under,” chances are you’re going to love this. Scott Roberts’ violent comedy from the land downunder features venal cops, hardcore criminals and a femme fatale who team up for what could well be their last heist. The trailers are enticing with a very Tarantino feel. Opens June 27.

‘Jet Lag’ Danièle Thompson’s latest film features Academy Award-winner Juliette Binoche (“The English Patient”) and the dapper-todisheveled-to-dangerous Jean Reno (“The Professional”). Here, she’s a slightly bimboish beautician in coach; he’s a stuffy CEO in first class. The action begins when the two are stranded at a French airport. Word of mouth says this is a sparkling screwball comedy. This is one French export you might not want to boycott. Opens June 13.

JULY ‘Seabiscuit’

Dorothy Duffy experiences a painful nun sequitur in “The Magdalene Sisters.”

‘The Magdalene Sisters’ A little more bad press for the Catholic Church. This time it’s the nuns who take the rap, and deservedly so, in a desperately dark film based on true events. Young women committed to a convent endure the

Nick Nolte gets religion in “Northfolk.” London crawling — a bit of a tie-up on the M5 in Danny Boyle’s “28 Days Later” Danny Boyle, the director of the acclaimed “Trainspotting,” now gives us a stylized, spooky, post-apocalyptic tale concerning a deadly (and sometimes zombifying) virus that ravishes London. No, it’s not the dreaded SARS, but a particularly wicked bug accidentally cooked-up by animal rights activists. The resulting plague forces a group of survivors to embark on a deadly road trip. Brendan Gleeson, who has done great work in such films as “The General” and “Gangs of New York,” stars. Rumor has it that “you’ll be scared to (living) death.” Opens June 27.

‘The Hard Word’

Rachel Griffiths and Guy Pearce consider nonverbal communication in “The Hard Word.”

name of progress. They resist (with a little help from Nolte) in a conspiracy of interesting form. Michael Polish (“Twin Falls Idaho”) directed (and co-wrote, with his brother, Mark) this obscure but amazingly unique film. Hopefully the Polish brothers will score again in a tale balancing quirky subject matter with universal human passion. Opens July 11.

AUGUST ‘The Secret Lives of Dentists’ Tobey Maguire jockeys his way to immortality in “Seabiscuit.” Granted this is a big-budget West Coast movie, it still seems like a winner. Great casting is what piqued my interest. Toby Maguire (“Spider-Man,” “The Cider House Rules”) plays Red Pollard, a blind-in-oneeye boxer turned jockey; Oscar-winner Chris Cooper (“Adaptation”) takes on the role of Tom Smith, Seabiscuit’s trainer; and Jeff Bridges (“Jagged Edge”) portrays Charles Howard, the legendary thoroughbred’s owner. Throw in one of my favorite actors, William H. Macy (“Boogie Nights”) and the savvy director of “Pleasantville,” Gary Ross, and it’s definitely a sure bet. Opens July 25.

Francois Duhamel

wrath of hateful nuns who brutalize and abuse them. This controversial film has already won numerous awards including this year’s top prize at the prestigious Venice Film Festival. Opens July 18.

‘Northfork’ Actor Nick Nolte (“The Good Thief,” “Affliction”) just seems to just get better with age. In what’s been called a “tedious yet fascinating, labored and surprising, monochromatic as well as visually stunning” film, he plays, at long last, a good priest. Denizens of a rural town in 1955 Montana are being forced to move in the

Happily-married dentists, Campbell Scott (“Roger Dodger”) and Hope Davis (“About Schmidt”) have it all, or so it seems. The husband suspects an affair and manages to let his imagination get the better of him. Rumor has it that the wry and witty Denis Leary (“The Ref”) steals the show as a disgruntled patient. It sounds a little like an updated version of “Compromising Positions,” but who cares when it’s the dentist on the receiving end of the pain? Opens Aug. 22.

‘Matchstick Men’ Nicolas Cage plays an obsessive-compulsive con artist who gets thrown off-course when his long-lost teenage daughter shows CONTINUED ON PAGE 2B

2B THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003




up just before a big swindle. Right-on Ridley Scott (“Thelma and Louise”) directs this “As Good as it Gets”-meets-”Paper Moon” comedy. The buzz is that Scott is spot-on and Cage can do no wrong. (At least in this movie.) Opens Aug. 8.

‘Wonderland’ Topping my list for summer viewing is this film starring the gifted but seldom-seen Val Kilmer (“The Doors,” “Heat”). He plays John Holmes (aka Johnny Wadd), the best-known male actor in the “adult” film industry for nearly 20 years. The movie deals mainly with his involvement in a quadruple homicide, which he may have been forced to watch. Known as the “Laurel Canyon Murders,” the incident unearthed a seedy world of drugs and violence. I’d leave the kids at home. Opens in August.

‘Dirty Pretty Things’ It’s not what you think — it has to do with laundry. Audrey Tautou makes a huge departure from her delightful role in “Amelie,” playing an illegal immigrant forced to work as a housekeeper in a seedy British hotel. One day she makes a disturbing discovery in the W.C., and exposes an underground conspiracy selling body organs. But have no fear; it’s a comedy/thriller. Even better, it’s directed by the ever-eclectic Stephen Frears (“The Grifters,” “The Snapper”). Opens Aug. 1. ❑


Laurie Sparham

Chiwetel Ejiofor and Audrey Tautou discover the dirty laundry in Stephen Frears’ “Dirty Pretty Things.”

Ringling Fan Club walkabout

ing a walking tour to view these pieces. As you can see, members of the Fan Club agreed — and they really got into the art.

A bittersweet attitude

Send the kids to France?

L’Attitude Gallery was a fixture for years on Anna Maria Island — an off-center space with attitude indeed that specialized in cleanly designed contemporary sculpture. Last summer, owner Sue Smith moved the gallery to a Sarasota School structure in downtown Sarasota. It seemed like perfect timing but, as Smith puts it, “It was more like the perfect storm. The convergence of re-establishing ourselves after the move and the economic downturn proved to be just too much of a financial strain. It’s a sad fact to face, but it’s a fact. We’re going to have to close our Sarasota gallery.” The gallery and what remains of its inventory after the end of May will merge with its sister gallery in Boston. Smith notes, “It’s the end of a chapter, but it doesn’t mean the end of our relationship with our clients. Our doors will always be open in Boston, and they’ll be open in Sarasota until the end of this week.” For details, call 373-0767.

Here’s another suggestion to occupy the idle hands of your creatively minded kids and grandkids: Learning Theatre, a Sarasota-based theater company, will be offering its yearly “Encore! Ensemble Theatre Workshop” from June 30 through July 27, in Valbonne, France. Teens 14 to 18 will get to study theater arts under a world-class faculty and also attend the “International Theatre Festival” in Avignon. Susan Burke, the program’s director, notes, “It’s both for committed theater freaks and kids who’re curious about theater and want to explore it — and the south of France while they’re at it. The cost is $3,300; the application deadline is June 7. Space is filling up quickly. For reservations or more information, call 926 3244 or go to

Courtesy photo

Art fans ring Rob Lorenson’s “Split Ring in Balance.” Top row left to right: Gary Sweetman and Lyn Wiley; Bottom row: Sally Sloan, Lee-En Chung, Jill Kaplan, Pam Wiley and Linda and Alex Beavers. Members of the Ringling Fan Club recently experienced a docent-led tour of the “Sarasota Season of Sculpture” exhibit along Sarasota’s bayfront. The outdoor display of 22 sculptures by nationally and internationally-known artists has been extended. Now that spring is rapidly turning into summer, the light is perfect for tak-

Those who do teach You probably know that the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall is in the business of entertainment. What you might not know is it’s also

in the business of helping to educate kids. Working with the school systems of Sarasota and three other counties, it buses in kids (31,000 at last count) to see performances; it busses in teachers (1500) for workshops by visiting performing artists; it also buses out participating dancers, musicians, and magicians to teach both kids and teachers. At a recent meeting in Washington, D.C., the Van Wezel was one of only six organizations from across the country to receive a “Partners in Education” grant of $7,500 for its efforts to educate young people in the arts and empower underfunded teachers to do the same. Leslie Lachtman, the Van Wezel’s education outreach manager, was on hand to receive the grant. “She does so much,” says Margaret Fuesy, the Van Wezel’s marketing and public relations manager. “And it’s exciting to see the results. A few weeks ago we brought in the author of “Harlem” and the dancer Kimberly Boyd for a presentation on the Harlem Renaissance at some of the schools. The kids were blown away. One of them told me, ‘I never knew this existed.’ Up until now, a lot of people didn’t know this program existed. We’re glad to see that’s changing.” ❑




2,200 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 3 bath “gutted to the studs” - Brand new interior, 2 large patios. Small Boutique complex. Beautiful, serene, gulf front setting with whispering pines and a long walking beach. Furnished. Call Ilene Mirman at: 349-8987 or 544-4900.

Charm of the Mediterranean. Inspired by the sun-kissed palette of Italy, San Marco presents bay views from trellised terraces streaming with bougainvillea, a sparkling pool deck w/fitness center & sauna. 23 spacious 3 and 4BR/2.5 to 3.5BA condo residences Call Ellen Ross at: 362-7005

$699,900 Ilene Mirman Realty, Inc.

From the mid


Partners Realty of Sarasota



THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003 3B

A&E Tr

ic al Memor



The show goes ever on


Kids go through stages of learning in Bravo performance.

Just in - Captain Rodney’s Caribbean Salsa, Mango Fire, Lime Ginger-Pepper Glaze, Boucan Sauce and much more. Need some Lemon Curd, Coco Mocha or Spice Tea?

BY MARTY FUGATE Arts and Entertainment Writer

Marty Fugate

Stop in for a sample - see you soon.


Marty Fugate

ance. The kids were bubbling with adrenaline, the theater pros as patient as Buddhas. They calmed them, structured them, channeled the energy, soothed hurt egos, played child psychologist, found lost sunglasses. “It’s like herding cats,” I said to myself. But Canedy Knowles, a teaching assistant, overheard me. She laughed and said, “Herding cats would be easier.” You have to admire these expert kidherders. They’re not only good at what they do; they care about the kids. (Hey, I like kids — but in the same situation I would’ve probably been screaming like Jackie Gleason in an old “Honeymooners” episode.) The performing arts coaches showed a love and respect for these newly minted human beings that couldn’t be faked. It sold me. That, and the fact that the kids really did seem to be learning discipline, selfrespect, teamwork and all the rest of it. They were learning to work together to create something — which is what most of us will do with most of our adult lives. The lessons of rehearsal were the real point of the exercise. The point had been made, the lessons learned. Whether the kids grow up to be divas or dentists, they would remember this all their lives. The show itself was just an added bonus, thrilling maybe, but lagniappe all the same. The kids hit the stage singing, “Let us entertain you.” They did. ❑

To be yourself, try using a mask. The “maskwork” session gets back to the roots of the theater.

Courtesy photo


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Resortwear & Swimewear (except 60% off racks) At the Whitney Beach store ONLY! We are closing The Whitney Beach store but will remain open at The Centre Shops

M-S 9:30 - 4:30 • Sun 9:30 - 1:30

LONGBOAT NORTH RESORT WEAR Whitney Beach Plaza • 6842 Gulf of Mexico Drive 5293

Rachel Porter and Mackensie Deets put their best feet forward.

27 North Blvd. of the Presidents • St. Armands • 388.5035

Courtesy photo

The “Rising Stars” celebrate freedom. Glenn Close or Patti Lupone. We’re trying to demonstrate the value of the performing arts for kids who aren’t necessarily going to grow up to be performing arts professionals.” He lists some of the benefits — teamwork, discipline, self-esteem, creativity. All good things, you might think, but not everybody does. Since 1995, the performing arts curriculum has been cut 45% nationwide. In other words: Bravo’s trying to get kids (its future audience) hooked on theater at a time when American education is going through performing arts withdrawal. I was dubious about this line of reasoning until I actually saw a group of young people rehearsing in a classroom only hours before the Sunday night perform-



Porter Anderson III takes five.

We’ve got it, and it’s Most Extremely Wonderful!


One hundred and sixteen students from Sarasota and Manatee counties hit the stage at Sarasota High on the night of May 18. Ranging from 5th through 12th grades, many had never seen each other before that weekend. But that was all the time they had to rehearse for a complicated, high-energy revue of dance, drama, storytelling and comedy. Amazingly, the kids not only put together a show but a very good one ... ... with a little help from the folks at Bravo. The high-end arts and entertainment cable network has been sending a team of Broadway professionals — actors, directors and choreographers — to cities across America. The pros put together an intensive two-day workshop for kids 10 to 17; then the kids put on a show called, well, “Bravo on with the Show,” before a live audience. “Show” might be the wrong word. This is one instance in which the play’s really not the thing. As Fred Haug, the project’s director, put it, “It’s not about that one night of entertainment or a search for the next



4B THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003



Key notes

Change need not always mean loss Change is always hard to take but some change is harder than others. Last week, Joseph Volpe, the general manager of the Metropolitan Opera, announced that Chevron Texaco would not continue its sponsorship of the live Saturday afternoon radio broadcasts after next season. I was driving in my car, top down, sun shining, enjoying Sarasota life when I heard that, and suddenly, the day turned dark. The broadcasts of the Met, heard live every Saturday for the past 63 years, have introduced millions of people to grand opera. They started on Christmas day in 1931 with a live performance of Humperdinck’s “Hansel and Gretel,” and nine years later, Texaco became the sole sponsor of the broadcasts. Now they’re heard 20 Saturdays a year, on 360 stations at an annual cost of about $7 million. Those broadcasts reach some 10 million listeners in 42 countries. (And radio doesn’t even have supertitles.) Change happens all the time. The idea that so many millions of listeners in such a wide area could be left in the lurch after next season is a horrifying thought. In fact, “Hideous,” was former Met Concertmaster Raymond Gniewek’s reaction to the news. Patricia Caswell, executive director of the Sarasota County Arts Council said, “We are losing an American tradition. It feels like the loss of an old friend.” Marilyn Horne, who was in North Carolina gearing up for her busy summer schedule said, “My very first exposure, like thousands of others, came from the Met broadcasts. My older sister liked them and I listened. Little did I know that they would become a big part of my life.” The Metropolitan Opera star went on to say, “My hope is that someone will fill the void. They must continue!” According to the New York Times, Joseph Volpe has said that “one or two major corporations, which he declined to name, had expressed interest in backing the broadcast.” But $7 million dollars is a lot of money, especially in tough times like the ones we’re going through now. Martin E. Segal, the chairman of the former New York

International Festival of the Arts told us, “The Metropolitan Opera broadcast, which Chevron wishes to discontinue, has been of enormous public relations value for that company, in addition to serving so admirably the millions of listeners. It would be most unfortunate if the merger of Texaco with Chevron results in a withdrawal of an important public service.” Composer Mark Adamo, whose opera, “Little Women” has met with enormous success at the New York City Opera, the Houston Grand Opera and Glimmerglass, said, “It’s yet another wake-up call for those of us in love with singing stories in a musically rich way. For good or ill, it’s not business as usual in concert music anymore.” And Nimet Habachy, WQXR announcer and frequent Met broadcast intermission feature host said, “It’s a sad break with tradition and another loss to the music world.” But is change always synonymous with loss? Chevron Texaco promises it will continue its relationship with the Met through the “Early Notes” program, which it has endowed in perpetuity. (The program brings the Met to New York City’s public schools.) It is also donating to the Met $1 million worth of equipment used to broadcast the operas. Perpetuity is rare. And a 63-year collaboration is pretty good. The sound of future broadcasts may change; there may be more than one sponsor; the broadcasts may turn into a Super Bowl of underwriters; and the intermission features may be shorter or non-existent. But the Met might sing to Chevron Texaco, “Got along without you before we met you, gonna get along without you now ... ” The show will go on. The singers will go on. Verdi, Puccini, Wagner, Beethoven and all the others won’t change one iota. And isn’t that what really counts?

by June LEBELL

June LeBell is best known as the first female announcer for the classical radio station WQXR in New York. LeBell was also the host, writer and producer of numerous programs and series such as "Today in New York," "Salute to the Arts" and "The Sound of Broadway."❑

Marty Fugate

A cold day in Valhalla. Chevron Texaco shuts off funding for Metropolitan Opera radio broadcasts.

The Road Less Traveled


Our Grass is Greener


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Information Center hours: Daily 9-5:30 Sunday 11-5:30 941-751-9070 800-881-9080 Located 1/2 mile east of I-75 (exit 41) on State Road 70


THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003 5B


Sarasota Music Festival plays on A sound reason to enjoy the summer season The Sarasota Music Festival, our area’s celebrated teaching festival of chamber music, runs from June 2 through 21. Here’s a quick overview of its 39th iteration:

‘Festival Concerts’ Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 4, Villa Lobos’ “Circade des sete notas,” and Elgar’s Cello Concerto in E, Op. 85, will be performed Friday, June 6; Boccherini’s Quintet in E, Mozart’s Quinter in Eb, K. 452, and Dvorák’s “Dumky,” (Trio in E, Op. 90), will be presented Saturday, June 7. “Festival Concerts” feature the festival orchestra and are ongoing at 8 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays, at the Sarasota Opera House. Tickets are $20 to 36.

‘Artist Showcases’

Special Events

Bach’s Trio Sonata II in G, BMV 1039, Tower’s “Wild Purple,” Rossini’s Quartet No. 4 in Bb, and Ysaÿe’s “Ballade” (Sonata No. 3), will be performed Thursday, June 5. “Artist Showcase” concerts feature the talented musicians of the festival faculty and are set for 4:30 p.m. every Thursday, at Holley Hall. Tickets are $17 and $23.

“Opening Act.” June LeBell, The Longboat Observer’s music critic, conducts an enlightened panel discussion at 8 p.m. Saturday, May 31, at the Barnes & Noble Booksellers in Sarasota; “Sample Master Class” presents three faculty members coaching their students and answering questions from the audience at 1:30 p.m. Friday, June 6, at Holley Hall. Admission is $5; “Faculty Lecture” features a free talk by renowned pianist Robert Levin at 3 p.m. Monday, June 9, at Holley Hall.

‘Student Concerts’ These free extravaganzas show (and show off) what the students have learned at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, June 8; 7:30 p.m. Thursday, June 12; 3 p.m. Saturday, June 14; 7:30 p.m. Thursday, June 19; and 3 p.m. Friday, June 20.

On the HORIZON ‘Hedda Gabler’ Henrik Ibsen’s masterpiece represents another gutsy choice from the Banyan Theater Company, playing from June 27 through July 13, at the Mildred Sainer Pavilion of New

College of Florida. Upbeat it isn’t. Several characters are profoundly unhappy for no good reason; a couple of them shoot themselves for no good reason; an important manuscript is burned. The Norwegian playwright gives us an honest, unflinching look at the dark side of life — or life before Prozac. (With Prozac, this would probably be an episode of “Lake Woebegone.) Expect no wry resolution here — but if you’re looking for theater to move you to your soul, you’ve come to the right place. Call 358-5330.

‘The World of Sholom Aleichem’

Lunardi Photography

Steve Meltzer

A student takes notes from panist Robert Levin.

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The Banyan Theater Company, clockwise from top left: David S. Howard, Tessie Hogan, Jerry Finn, Stephen Johnson and V Craig Heidenreich

Sholom Aleichem gave a local habitation and a name to a rich cast of characters in a Jewish village in 1870s Russia — many of whom wound up in “A Fiddler on the Roof.” This slice of imagined life takes another visit to Aleichem’s lost world from June 26 through 29, at the Players Theatre. Call 365-2494. ❑

For tickets and information call 953-3434. More details are available at ❑

Free Parking, corner of Palm & Main

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Art League of Manatee County — “New Eye Photography.” This exhibit of art through the camera’s eye opens from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Friday, May 30, and runs through July 28. 746-2862. Wallace Fine Art — work by Italo Botti, the Russian “plein air” painters, B.H. Erschel and more is featured from June through September, at its new location just next door. 387-0746.

Ken Kerslake’s “Sunlight Blues” at Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art / Mira Mar Gallery

Selby Gallery at the Ringling School of Art and Design — “The Petticoat Painters, Shirley Clement and Niké Parton.” Work by Sarasota’s original women artists group and two very original women artists is on display through May 30. 359-7563. The Longboat Key Center for the Arts — “The Volunteer Show” showcases talented volunteers through Aug. 31, in the Glen Gallery; “A Toast to the Future” toasts art’s next generation through July 31, at the Joan M. Durante Pavilion. 383-2345. South Florida Museum — “Paul Rudolph: The Florida Houses.” Recognizing a fountainhead of architectural genius through Aug. 31. 746-4131. Center for Arts and Humanity — “Insights and Impressions.” Featuring the Women Contemporary Artists through June 5. 3655118. Museum of Asian Art — “Focus: Asia.”

To include your arts and entertainment event in our A&E calendar, please send it to A&E Calendar via fax: 383-7193; by mail: 5570 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228; or by e-mail:

Art Center Sarasota — “Spring Members Show.” An artists’ reception for this juried exhibition of member artwork takes place from 5 to 7 p.m. Thursday, May 29. The show continues through June 21. 3652032.

Patricia Gawle’s “Bamboo Forest” at The Plum Door Gallery Rare Asian photography is in focus through Sept. 5. 954-7117.

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens — “22nd Annual Juried Photographic Exhibition.” Offering exposure to America’s top nature photographers through May; “The Windows Photographic Exhibition.” Photos by Emma E. Booker elementary students offer fresh perspectives on nature through June 30. (Closed June 2 through 4.) 366-5731. Artists Guild of Anna Maria Island — “Marilyn Cassidy.” Her many visions are on display through June 4. 778-6694. L’Attitude Gallery — “Form and Function.” Each follows the other beautifully through the gallery’s last day, this Saturday, May 31. 373-0767.

est” B e e th t of agazin s e B M ed “ ota Vot Saras by


Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art / Mira Mar Gallery — “Prints and paintings by Kenneth Kerslake.” Work by the highly influential artist and printmaker is on exhibit through June. 366-2093. Galleria Silecchia — featuring powerful art by Yuri Gorbachev, David Gerstein, Glenna Goodacre and others. 365-7414. Santa Fe Trails — John Nieto is the featured artist in May; Amado Peña will be showcased in June. 954-1972. Sonnet Gallery — “Cultura.” Adrian Serrano makes a post-impressionist impression through June 5. 955-6443. Apple & Carpenter Galleries — “A Century of Artistic Inspiration.” Recent acquisitions CONTINUED ON THE NEXT PAGE

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Kelly G.Curtis, the income tax & financial

▲ Tax advantage income ▲ Charitable remainder trust ▲ Managed money concepts ▲ Minimizing income and estate taxes ▲ Make the new 2002 tax laws work for you ▲ Sell highly appreciated assets without paying capital gains ▲ Tax deferred growth ▲ 401K and IRA rollover information ▲ Distribution planning Kelly’s active style of management is designed to assist clients in achieving excellent returns relative to the market with a minimum of downside risk.

1-800-525-4661 (941)


World Class Dining in a

Tropical T ropical Paradise Now Open for Lunch and Dinner 7 Days a Week

Kelly G. Curtis, Managing Partner PINNACLE TAXX Advisors, LLC 605 Sarasota Quay, Sarasota, FL 34236

Call 941-953-6602 Dinner will be served and reservations are required -


identification will be required for check-in

Monday, June 2

Tuesday, June 3

2:45 pm Ruth’s Chris Steak House 6700 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota

3:15 pm Ophelia’s On The Bay 9105 Midnight Pass Rd. Siesta Key

An entirely Smoke-Free Restaurant

First run date 4/14/03

Securities offered through Royal Alliance Associates, Inc. Member NASD/SIPC. We welcome financial professionals, however, a $1,500 fee will apply as proprietary information is presented.

Beginning June 2nd, Cafe on the Bay will be closed for Lunch Monday thru Friday. We will be open for Breakfast & Lunch on Saturday and Brunch and Lunch on Sunday.

ICW Marker 15 Located in Longboat Key Moorings behind Avenue of the Flowers


Take a piece of Florida home with you. The Longboat Observer delivers to your hometown!

2630 Harbourside Drive • Longboat Key 383-0440 •


THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003 7B



of 19th- and 20th-century paintings are on exhibit through June. 955-4546. Blue House Gallery — “Summer Exhibit.” Showcasing work by local, national, and international artists, at its new location. 366-0211. Paradise Gallery — “May in Paris.” Featuring the city streets of Thomas Pradzynski through May 30. 366-7155. Katharine Butler Gallery — “Summer 2003.” This group show of work by Butler and other artists runs from Tuesday, June 3 through the summer. 955-4546. Kathleen Carrillo Gallery — “Whimsical Landscapes.” Carrillo’s vistas of the idiosyncratic villages of southern France and Italy delight through June 15. 906-1544. Beverly Fleming Gallery — “Colors of My World.” Featuring paintings by Jim Archibald through June 19. 365-8683. The Plum Door Gallery — “Wondrous Places.” Patricia Gawle’s art is the only way to travel through June 15. 362-0960.


Sarasota Ballet Academy — “Alice in Wonderland.” Students from Sarasota

“Adoration of the Christ Child” at the John and Mable Ringling Museum; Courtesy Sarah Campbell Blaffer Foundation

Best bets ‘Sarasota Music Festival Opening Act’ Our area’s celebrated chamber music festival kicks off with an “Opening Act” at 8 p.m. Saturday, May 31, at the Barnes & Noble Booksellers in Sarasota. The event features sample performances by faculty and student musicians, and a panel talk led by June LeBell, The Longboat Observer’s music critic. Call 953-3434 for details.

‘Sacred Treasures: Early Italian Paintings from Southern Collections’ The early Renaissance is reborn from Saturday, May 31, through Aug. 10, at The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art. On loan from collections across the southern United States, the exhibit’s 40 or so wood panel paintings reflect the hope of religion at a time when injury, plague, famine, war, and sudden death were constant daily threats. It’s a powerful glimpse into the hearts and minds of another time. Call 359-5700 to find out more.

Curiouser and curiouser — Sarasota Ballet Academy’s “Alice in Wonderland” Ballet of Florida’s ballet school find out how deep the rabbit hole goes at 4 p.m. Sunday, June 1, at the FSU Center for the Performing Arts. 359-0099.


Asolo Theatre — “Syncopation” follows the beat of Allan Knee’s new dance comedy through June 1. 351-8000 or 800-3618388. Florida Studio Theatre — “The Next Marilyn.” Shakespearean substance duels with Hollywood fakery through June 7; “National Playwright’s Festival.” FST’s annual festival of new plays concludes with a scripted reading of Brian Williams’ “Anita Bryant Died for Your Sins,” at 1 p.m. Saturday, May 31. 366-9000. FST Cabaret Club — “A Vaudeville Cabaret.” Vaudeville’s still alive and kicking through May 31. 366-9000. Golden Apple Dinner Theatre — “No, No, Nanette.” It’s mistaken identity, flappers, and jazz-age jive through June 29. 3665454 or 1-800-652-0920.

Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall — “Grease.” This musical fable of the ‘50s returns, at 8 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday, May 28 and 29. Call 953-3368 or 1-800-826-9303. Sarasota AIDS Theatre Project — “Letters to the Quilt.” This tribute to those memorialized in the AIDS quilt will be performed at 2 p.m. Sunday, June 1, in the Clark Building next to Robards Arena. 365-6348.

just for fun

McCurdy’s Comedy Theater — offering the counterculture comedy of Jim Wiggins, “The Last Hippie in America,” through Sunday, June 1. 925-3869. State of the Arts Assembly — the Arts Council of Manatee County invites art lovers to sound off at a televised meeting, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Friday, May 30, at the Bradenton City Hall Council Chambers. 746-2223.

Francesco di Vanuccio’s “Crucifix with the Virgin Mary”; Courtesy Bob Jones University Collection


Experience the Taste of Fresh Fish...



Two Dinners & A Bottle Of Wine Lobsters by the lb. We specialize in large lobsters - 2lbs. & up

Certified Oysters Fresh on the half shell

Winner of the Best of the Best 5 Years Running



Salmon, Grouper, Snapper, Flounder, Haddock, Tuna Swordfish, Ipswich Clams, Scallops & More Early Bird Menu ~ 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.



Barnacle Bill’s Seafood on North Trail - 355-7700 Barnacle Bill’s Seafood on Main, Downtown - 365-6800 Barnacle Bill’s Seafood on Webber & Beneva - 923-5800

Summer Dining Special Enjoy our new light summer menu

Dinner on Sarasota Bay

$9.95 Daily Dinner Specials Includes Chowder & Salad

In The

Top Deck Dining Room A JAZZ TAVERN


Happy Hour Prices at the Bar

Buy 1 Entree


get 2nd 1/2 off!


(of equal or lesser value, M-F) with this ad


Dinner & Evenings 1296 First Street 316-0609


Located at the east end of Cortez Bridge (first left on 127th street)



Circle Books — Randy Wayne White signs his latest Doc Ford novel, “Everglades,” at 10 a.m. Saturday, May 31. 388-2850.




Sarasota Film Society’s Burns Court Cinema — “Lawrence of Arabia.” David Lean’s restored desert drama opens Friday, May 30. 955-FILM.


Community Music School — “2003 Summer Music Camp.” Offering in-depth music instruction for kids and teenagers from June 2 through Aug. 1. Individual music lessons are also available for all ages in piano, violin, guitar, other instruments and voice. 953-4410. Longboat Key Center for the Arts — “Summer Art Camp for Kids.” Kids learn the secrets of pottery, painting, and drawing in two two-week sessions from June 2 through 25. For ages 6 through 12. Also offering ongoing adult art classes through the summer. 383-2345. Art Center Sarasota — “Creative Kids Summer Art Camp.” Offering weekly sessions in drawing, painting, sculpture and more. These start June 2 and continue through the summer. 365-2032.

First United Methodist Church — “How to Survive Your Husband’s Midlife Crisis.” The book’s authors offer a free workshop and book-signing from 2 to 4 p.m. Monday, June 2. This event is sponsored by Sarasota News & Books. 365-6215.

Florida Studio Theatre School — “Performing Arts Camp.” Offering training in acting, music, dance and improv for kids and teens ages 5 through 17. Overlapping sessions start May 30. Also providing adult drama classes. 366-1350. The Players — “Performing Arts School.” Offering training in the lively arts for both kids and adults. 365-2494. ❑

her Ch her p p o o t s t ’ hris hris er ’s her s ’ C h p C r p o e ist ’s isto ’s r ’s oph r r r t e e h s e Chr h i h C h top Chr top er ’s stop s s i s i ’ h r i r r r p h h h C phe isto ’s C r o ’s Class C World t r h s r s ’ e i e C her Cuisine -er ’s oph Chr oph t p s t ’ s o s i r i t r h e Ch er ’ ChrSpecializing hris top in er ’s oph s h C t i h p r s p i o Tropical Ch Fine Dining isto rist Chr ’s r h r s h ’ e complemented with C C ph her oph er ’s towine t s h an extensive list, stop s i i r p i Ch Chr isto er ’s Christopher’s... LidoChr s r i h h r p h C Key’s isto ’sC ’s only restaurant r r r s h Ch e ’ e h r C h s e p ’ overlooking Lido p h r o o t e t p hris isto hris Beach, Downtown oph ’s r ’s t r C r s e h i e h r C h Sarasota and the top r ’s Ch top e s i h s s i r ’ p Sarasota Bay front. Ch her r ’s Chr isto s e r p ’ h r o h t e Restaurant DailyC stop ’s hris5:00 p.m. oph Opens ’s r t C r s e i e h Lounge Open • Live Entertainment Chr Late top oph er ’s er ’s t s h i h s s i r ’ p p Ch Reservations her Call 941-388-5608 Chr isto isto r r p ’s h r o h t e C C Public Beach h is Sarasota Just South of Lido 700 BenopFranklin Drive ph Chr ist isto

Peter Mitchev's “Mermaid Madonna” at Blue House Gallery

h stop

A er IZZ l or less P a New York Style Pizza & Italian Cuisine Y 1 F equ U F B O 1/2 Mon.-Wed. 11-2pm, 4pm-9pm • Thurs.-Fri. 11-9pm • Sat.-Sun. 4-9pm

Sarasota’s Most Spectacular View

Pick Up, Delivery 5293


10 Daily Lunch Specials under $5.00 & Extensive Dinner Menu

Dine In 761-2202 7220 Manatee Ave.W. Beachway Plaza

“Breakfast & Lunch”

• Cubans • Subs • Fresh Fruit Smoothies • Organic Juices • Daily Specials WRAPS • SANDWICHES • SOUPS • SALADS • ICE CREAM

Daily 7am - 5pm 5293

4 course

Harry’s Prix Fixe Dinner

383-9477 6830 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Whitney Beach Plaza

Deli ~ Café


It’s Back...


nd t 2 lue e g va

At the Radisson Lido Beach Resort

“TAKE HOME” Dinners

Plenty of parking behind building.

3174 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key (next to Sea Stable) • 387-8783



New Selections Weekly

CUSTOMER APPRECIATION MENU (or Thank You for Waiting ’til Summer)

Thank you for your patience during our winter season! As a token of our appreciation we invite you to enjoy a…

...a local treasure Tropical Fine Dining in an Award Winning Restaurant Gourmet Deli and Take-out, Party Platters Professional Catering for Every Occasion Great Award Winning Wines Harry’s Deli New Lunch Special Sandwich Box Lunch $5.95 Leisurely Lunch and Brunches Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Closed Monday & Sunday Night

including a complimentary bottle of wine for two or one cocktail each. L u n c h M o n . - S a t . 11 : 3 0 - 2 Dinner Nightly from 5 p.m. 5293


525 St. Judes Drive • Longboat Key 383-0777

3 course “Bijou Experience” dinner for only $34.95 per person

12 8 7 F i r s t S t r e e t , S a r a s o t a w w w. b i j o u c a f e . n e t

3 6 6 - 8111 •


THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003 9B


Someone’s in the kitchen with Dora

With lots of planning, entertaining is a breeze When her medical student husband, Gene, brought home 20 classmates for bread pudding shortly after they were married, Helen Elliott knew she had better be prepared for anything. “First, I didn’t know how to make bread pudding, but Gene had watched his mother prepare it so he taught me,” Elliott laughs. “It was also fun trying to fit 20 guests into a one-room apartment.” Eventually, entertaining became a breeze for Elliott. “Fifty people aren’t too many for me,” she smiles. Elliott’s secret? “I’m the world’s best planner,” she says. “I plan, plan, plan, and the day of the party, I take a nap.” Each year, Elliott organizes the Thanksgiving dinner at the Longboat with Island Chapel, where guests usually number 80 to 100. (Elliott has been involved with programs at the Island Chapel since the family began visiting here at least 30 years ago.) She keeps very detailed notes on food purchases, costs, preparation and serving. “Anyone can take my notes and put on the dinner,” she explains. Elliott prefers a buffet when the couple entertains. Her kitchen has serving dishes of all sizes. A zucchini, squash, tomato and cheese casserole is one of her favorites. The buffet also might include her mother’s wild rice casserole, which always is served at Christmas or family gatherings. For hostesses looking for an easy but elegant dessert, Elliott suggests ice cream pie. “Buy a prepared crust, such as graham cracker crust, fill it with your favorite ice cream and put in the freezer,” Elliott advises. “When time to serve, decorate it with fresh fruits or whatever you like.” As part of her plan to be prepared, Elliott always keeps items on hand which can be quickly turned into a meal. Usually some frozen stir-fry vegetables, chicken and salad ingredients are available. Elliott thoroughly enjoys cooking but stresses everything need not be made from scratch. “If you find something prepared that’s good, use it,” she says. “One example is the graham-cracker crust I use for the ice cream pie.” Elliott says she’s surprised at the number of Key residents who don’t cook at all. “I really feel a good meal can be prepared simply without a great deal of effort,” she says. This February Elliott will busy working with the chapel’s Scholarship dinner and auction. Last year 10 scholarships were awarded to high school seniors in Sarasota and Manatee counties. ❑

WILD RICE CASSEROLE Ingredients: 1 cup wild rice, washed 1 cup cheddar cheese, grated 1 cup ripe olives, sliced 1 cup canned tomatoes and juice

1 cup fresh mushrooms, sliced 1/2 cup onions, chopped 1/2 cup vegetable oil Salt and pepper to taste 1/2 cup hot water

• Soak rice in water overnight. Drain. • Mix together the rice, most of the cup of grated cheddar, olives, tomatoes, mushrooms, onion, vegetable oil, salt and pepper. • Hold aside some of the cheese and the hot water. • Place mixture into buttered casserole. • Before cooking, stir in the hot water. • Cover and bake at 350 degrees for 1 1/2 hours. • Check periodically to make sure it does not dry out. Add more water if necessary. Rice should be tender when done. • Before serving sprinkle on top the cheese held aside. • Serves 12.


Eat In or Take Out




Any Size Pizza!

OMA PIZZA & ITALIAN RESTAURANT Specializing in Veal Chicken • Fish • Pasta Maker of the World’s Largest Pizza

Open 7 days • 11AM to Midnight 201 N. Gulf Dr., Bradenton Beach 778-0771 or 778-0772

Dora Walters 5293

A decades-old Better Homes and Garden cookbook is still Helen Elliott’s favorite.


Friday Night Is Lobster Night Three 4oz. Maine Lobster Tails Carribean or Traditional $24.00 Topped with Lump Crab Meat $27.00

The Crowds are Gone! It’s just us now..... Join us for cocktails or dinner “Feel the love.”

Casual Italian Restaurant

Beer Wine & d e rv e S

OPEN 7 DAYS Dinner 4:30 - 10:00 Sunday Breakfast 9:00 - 1:30pm

383.7774 5293

Take-out available


Call for reservations


Complete Dinner



with purchase of 2 beverages & this ad exp 6/17/03 Lawrence on Longboat Key says... “We always have great food & service here! The staff and owner are very friendly.” 5293

Café Don Giovanni



Stone Crab S ’ E OOR




5610 Gulf of Mexico Drive

Sunset Specials

(One mile North of Holiday Inn)

TeaParties & Luncheons

Monday - Friday 4:30 to 6:00 pm

on St. Armands Circle HEALTHY, HIGH QUALITY

A perfect setting for a gathering awaits you at the Harrington House Beachfront Bed and Breakfast...Tea Parties, Bridal Luncheons, Club Luncheons, a Gathering with the Girls, etc.

Watch for our Summer Specials Starting Soon!

ORIENTAL FOOD Dine In or Dinners-To-Go Home Delivery (Limited Area)

Call for Details! Let us do the work so you can relax and enjoy your guests!



19 N. Blvd. of Presidents • St. Armands Circle


New Summer Hours


778-5444 888 828-5566

M-F 4:30pm-9:30pm • Sat. & Sun. 11:30am-9:30pm 5293




10B THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003



Fabricwrapped sconces glow on the warmcolored walls. It’s definitely mood lighting.

Dining out

Rediscover one of Longboat’s luxuries — Maureen’s Palm Grille

Photos by Lusya Sullivan

Bridge Tender Inn And Dockside Bar Where The View is Free

I now know where to go for my next romantic dinner date. This dining discovery provides a relaxing experience that puts you at ease, so you can concentrate on your company. There’s no need to worry about mundane things, such as when your glass is going to be filled, or when your appetizer is going to arrive. The mood lighting is perfect for gazing into your companion’s eyes, and the light, classical flute music is the perfect background for intimate conversation. The waiters floating about the dining room don’t have an overbearing presence, while the delicate smells of the kitchen areas are as enticing as your date’s smile. Now all I have to do is find a date to take me to Maureen’s Palm Grille to complete the perfect evening! The other night my companion and I got to experience the dreamy dining at Maureen’s. And we fell head over heals for our food — not for each other! We were pleased to hear that the Maureen’s would be open for the summer, because we didn’t get to take advantage of it during the hectic season. Speaking of hectic, my companion and I were running late for our reservation, but the courteous host was able to bump up our reservation. When we arrived, we were greeted by the familiar voice from the phone and the friendly bartender. The one face missing was that of

Maureen Horn, who is back in New Jersey at her other restaurant, giving loyal patrons there a chance to enjoy her warm smile and friendly banter. (Maureen’s husband, Steve, is chef at both restaurants and flies back and forth between the two locales in the summer.) Even though we were late, that didn’t compromise our seating, where we had a lovely view of the outside patio. (Seating at the outside patio is available, but it was a bit warm on the night we dined.) We eagerly selected a glass of wine so we could settle in and browse over the menu. There are dishes for every desire. And, Maureen’s is adding to its menu. On Fridays, the restaurant is introducing its Lobster Night, and it also announced that Copper River salmon season is on its way. The first thing that caught my eye on the menu was the selection of lite plates, such as a fried olive plate or roasted mushroom bowl that would go well with some of Maureen’s famous martinis. (I decided I would have to make two extra trips back to Maureen’s, one trip to sample its lite plates and martinis, and another for lobster.) But, dinner tonight was on my mind. My companion and I both had the eye for the same appetizer, the Gamberi con Salsa Verde. It is described as crispy-coated shrimp, fried and served with a tangy Tuscan sauce of basil, garlic, toasted hazelnuts and Pecorino Romano. While my companion and I were eager to dive into the realm of the seafood entrees, I happened to notice a sandwich section on the menu. What diverse offerings for a restaurant — from an easy meal of salad and sandwich to an elegant entree. But, back to the seafood. All the selections had a different theme. I ordered the grilled scallops that had an Asian influence of wasabi-horseradish-ginger cream sauce, with sweet soy and served with warmed wakame seaweed salad and citrus cous cous. My companion ordered the crab fritters, fresh jumbo-lump crab cakes, sautéed and served with mango chutney, baked cinnamon sweet potatoes, sake slaw and Maureen’s Southern-style tartar sauce seasoned with Southern Comfort. Our appetizer arrived, containing four, fried shrimp dipping their heads into a bowl of tangy Tuscan sauce. The crunchy coating of the shrimp soaked up the penetrating taste of the Pecorino Romano cheese, garlic, hazelnuts and bold basil. I was enjoying the shrimp so much, I almost ate the tail of the shrimp, too. Though I was impressed with our shrimp, I was more impressed by the service. Even though there were quite a few other tables filled, the Palm Grille had a peaceful feeling. Everyone seemed to be either captivated in conversation or mesmerized by mouth-watering food. I knew as soon as our main courses arrived that we were going to be the next victims drooling over our food. I am usually skeptical about scallop dishes because of the scallop’s naturally bland taste. Most restaurants try to overcompensate with sauces or salsas. But alone, Maureen’s scallops were grilled to golden perfection with a slightly crisp

by Kate WALSH

Lunch Served Daily on our Bayview Deck Dockside Music with our Local Greats Lunch • Dinner • Spirits


HAPPY HOUR 3-6 MON. thru FRI. 3 Deep Water Docks Dinner Reservations Suggested 135 Bridge Street • 778-4849 • Bradenton Beach One Block East of Trolley Stop #43

THREE DEALS IN THE HAYELOFT Sunday Through Thursday 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Now on St. Armands Circle after 17 years on Longboat Key


* Casual Atmosphere * Quality food including all your Irish favorites & more * Guinness, Harp, Bass, Stella Artois, Budweiser & Michelob Light on Draft Happy Hour Daily 4:30-6:30


accompany each Order of Euphemia’s Famous Roasted Duckling


for our summer customers! Order our Famous Caesar Salad topped with four char-grilled Jumbo Spicy Shrimp, AND receive a complimentary glass of Pinot Grigio 5293

III. PRIX FIXE - $29.00 per person

Serving Food & Fun 11 a.m. - Midnight Daily Children’s Menu 19 B North Blvd. of Presidents St. Armands Circle

includes: First Course and Entrée, fresh baked bread, your choice of dessert from our Award-Winning Dessert Display, coffee or tea

(941) 388.5550

Waterfront Dining Tucked away in the Village of Longboat Key By the Bay...

SUNDAY Arugula & Spinach Salad / Grecian Lamb Shank MONDAY D’Arcy’s Avocado Bruschetta Gnocchi Gorgonzola TUESDAY Smoked Salmon on


in a casual atmosphere


a cool cocktail


appealing appetizers, enticing entrees & delectable desserts

Buckwheat Crepes / Summer Grilled Chicken

WEDNESDAY Hummus Bi Tahini / Catch of the Day THURSDAY Sweet and Spicy Shrimp / Salmon Belgique

Live Entertainment Nightly starting at 7:30 p.m. Skip Cook pianist playing Gershwin, Porter, Rogers & Hammerstein Fri - Mon Dean Miller guitar artist playing a cornucopia of music Tues - Thrus 5293

Seven Days a Week for Lunch & Dinner Children’s Menu & Full Beverage Service

First Come - First Serve seating. Tax & Gratuity not included. No substitutions

Lunch 11:30-5:00; Dinner 5:00-10:00; 760 Broadway Street • Channel Marker 39 call for preferred seating 383-2391



Euphemia Haye Restaurant & The HayeLoft 5540 Gulf of Mexico Drive, LBK 383-3633,

388.3948 St. Armands Circle 325 John Ringling Boulevard


THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003 11B


Maureen’s Palm Grille 5350 Gulf of Mexico Drive Centre Shops of Longboat Key Cuisine: Bistro-style menu. Recommended: Appetizers, Gamberi con Salsa Verde; seafood, grilled scallops and crab fritters; dessert, whipped cheesecake with blueberry Chambord topping (see below). Price ranges: Appetizers, from $8 to $17; seafood and meats from $17.50 to $34. Service: Quick, courteous and warm and friendly. Hours: Dinner, Wednesday through Sunday. Closed Monday and Tuesday. Credit cards: Major cards. Parking: Plenty. Handicapped access: Good. Enjoy some of Maureen’s famous martinis at the bar.

outside and juicy inside. I couldn’t help but dip them into the wasabi-horseradish-ginger cream sauce, which is a mouthful to say and a mouthful to handle. This dish isn’t for wimps! It has a definite punch, but still doesn’t overpower the dish. The warmed wakame seaweed salad paired with the citrus cous cous was a colorful combination with feisty flavoring. At first I thought four scallops wouldn’t be enough for my appetite, but two filled me. The only problem I had was that I was getting all sticky from the sweet soy sauce drizzled on the plate. I would set my knife down on my plate and it would get covered in the soy. But at least it gave me an excuse to lick my fingers! I sampled my companion’s crab fritters. At first bite, the crab cakes seem like any other crab cake, until you get this unexpected sen-

Italian Ristorante & Straight Up Martini Bar

sation of a spice that hits you in the aftertaste. No wonder they are called crab fritters instead of crab cakes! The sweetest parts of my companion’s dish were her sweet potatoes. The baked cinnamon seeped through the sweet potato, bringing out an extra rich, but sugary flavor. I finally decided to steal a bite of my companion’s coleslaw, as well. I almost jumped out of my seat, because it was so zesty. The dessert was truly the grande finale. Another server happening by our table advised us to order the cheesecake. My companion and I knew that we had ordered the right thing when we saw it come out. The cheesecake, which is whipped, sits on top of a sugar-cookie crust. My companion thought it would be somehow healthier to get the blueberry Chambord topping instead of the carmel walnut. I think the best way to describe it is best depicted by the host, who said it looked like the top of a soft-serve ice-cream cone. Believe me, it is just as creamy, too. I will never eat traditional cheesecake again! The only thing

The simple, elegant décor of Maureen’s Palm Grille makes the cuisine the star attraction. that would have made it even better was if a handsome man were feeding it to me! It definitely is a sultry, sensual dessert, perfect for that fantasy romantic dinner I was describing earlier.

LBK Chamber “Rookie 2002” Winner

Sand Dollar Rooftop Restaurant Panoramic Views of Lido Beach Spectacular Sunsets

Fine Italian Dining Seafood - Pizza

Full Liquor & Wine Bar 4:00 - Midnight 7 days a Week

Straight Up Jazz Club

Now that the crazy season is over, take some time to recoup, reconnect and rediscover. Yes, rediscover why you live on luxurious Longboat Key. One of those luxuries is Maureen’s Palm Grille. ❑

Daily Features


Sunset Specials • Mon. - Thurs. 5-7pm priced under -$1495 $ 95 All You Can Eat Prime Rib • Thurs. from 5pm 15 $ 95 Snow Crab (all you can eat) • Fri. & Sat. from 5pm 24 $ 95 Sunday Brunch • 10am - 2pm 14

With the purchase of Two Beverages & This Ad, Eight Dollars Off Dinner. EXPIRES: 06-15-03

Upstairs • Live Band Nightly 6:30p.m. - 2:00a.m. Daily Lido Beach 233 Ben Franklin Dr., Sarasota, FL




St. Armands Circle ~ 15 So. Blvd. of the Presidents 941•388•1555

EXPIRES: 06-15-03





Seafood is Our Specialty! Relaxed Dining in a Spectacular Setting • Bistro Quality • Pier Prices • Our own Unique Atmosphere Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner 7 Days 8:00-11:00

11:00-4:30 4:30-9:00

778-1515 111 Bay Boulevard South • Anna Maria (Opposite City Pier)

ITALIA Dinner Daily 4:30 - 10:00


Located in Mid-Longboat Key in the Centre Shops 5370 Gulf of Mexico Dr. • 1/2 mile north of Holiday Inn

Beer & Wine


Take Out Available

NORTHERN ITALIAN CONTINENTAL CUISINE “Top 400 Best Places Closed for Vacation June 1 to 17 Reopen 18

Take-out Menu Catering Open Daily 5:30 - 10:00 PM Reservations Suggested

(941) 779-0220 or (941) 779-0221 5293


Great Food • Island Appeal

Casual Italian Cuisine • Italian Specialties & Gourmet Pizza






With the purchase of Two Beverages & This Ad.

5702 Marina Drive • Holmes Beach, FL

12B THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003


It’s read everywhere Right: Chuck and Claudia Fuller catch up on the news in The Longboat Observer at the Rock of Gibraltar. Far right: Gene and Saralynn Oberdorfer and Joanie and Alan Stone read The Longboat Observer in Trodheim, Norway.







Beau Ciel Sales & Design Centers


Now rising between the downtown marina skyline and the open bay waters, Beau Ciel is fast becoming a reality. Construction is underway on the exclusive address featuring only 44 residences of luxurious design, spectacular views and a private club lifestyle. It’s not too late to live in the most unique residences on Sarasota’s Bayfront. Inquire soon for fall occupancy. A limited number remain.




Priced from the low $1 millions to $5 million. Sales by U.S. Assets Realty Group, Inc. Licensed Real Estate Broker



THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003 13B

Exquisite Residences from $987,000 Extraordinary Penthouses with Spectacular Panoramic Views from $4.5 Million

OrchidBeach Club LIDO KEY


Enchantment at Play

Introducing Orchid Beach Club, an island oasis of tropical enchantment and laid-back charm on the white sands beach of Lido Key. Only 54 exquisite new beach residences ranging from 2,936 to over 6,000 square feet. Brought to you by the developers of en Provence and Beau Ciel. Tucked behind lushly landscaped gates, Orchid Beach Club features infinitely beautiful views of gulf and bay and a private beachfront club of social, fitness and spa privileges, served with a touch of perfection.

Pre-construction pricing now available. Call 941-388-2050 for an appointment.

P.O. Box 3349 • Sarasota, FL 34230-3349 • 2050 Benjamin Franklin Dr. 941-388-2050 • 941-388-2080 Fax • 877-388-2050 Toll-Free • Prices & features subject to change without notice. Offer void where prohibited by law. Broker cooperation welcomed ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS, MAKE REFERENCE TO THIS ADVERTISEMENT AND TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE.

14B THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003


LIVE LUXURIOUSLY LARGE DOWNTOWN. Where a fortunate few are just steps away from restaurants, the bay, theaters, shops and a full medley of entertainment. Where the only thing between you and downtown Sarasota is your balcony. Where luxury resides in an expansive neoclassic hi-rise. Plaza Residences from 1,588 to 2,300 square feet of living area priced from the $500s. Penthouse retreats of more than 3,500 to 4,500 square feet from $1.6 million. For more information call 941-365-6101. 330 South Pineapple Avenue, Suite 105, Sarasota, FL 34236 • A neoclassic hi-rise is coming to downtown Sarasota.

Make a grand entrance at the plaza. five points

Walk to the theater, opera & cafes.

The rhythm of living downtown.

25$/ 5(35(6(17$7,216 &$1127 %( 5(/,(' 8321 $6 &255(&7/< 67$7,1* 5(35(6(17$7,216 2) 7+( '(9(/23(5)25&255(&7 5(35(6(17$7,216 0$.(5()(5(1&(727+,6$'9(57,6(0(17 $1' 72 7+( '2&80(176 5(48,5(' %< 6(&7,21)/25,'$ 67$78(672%( )851,6+('%< $ '(9(/23(572$ %8<(525/(66((



THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003 15B

Discover the timeless simplicity of beach living in a special new seaside retreat

Introducing 12 exquisitely private beachfront homes on Siesta Key. Seagrove is beach living the way it used to be with the traditional coastal charm of yesteryear and todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s finest luxuries. Behind the gates of this seaside retreat, only 12 residents share the timeless delights of a tropical beach garden featuring a pool and spa, private cabanas, an al fresco dining alcove beside the dunes and the seven-day-a-week services of the concierge drifting in and out as effortlessly as a salt-laced breeze off the Gulf. Select from single-family courtyard homes and mid-rise beachfront condominiums from the $1 millions to more than $3 million. Come discover the enchantment in a private tour of the site now under construction.


Siesta D

A Private Seaside Retreat



Clark Rd.


Pa .


Sales by Michael Saunders & Company, Licensed Real Estate Broker

5100 Ocean Blvd. Mi

(941) 312-0146 or Toll-Free (888) 673-9338 Sales Center: 5100 Ocean Blvd. Site location: 6400 Midnight Pass Rd.

Bee Ridge Rd.

6400 Midnight Pass Rd.


ey ckn . Sti t Rd in o P


16B THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003


f ine home s internat ional

Prudential performance, Sarasota style.

TANGERINE BAY CLUB - Spectacular open Bay views from this ready to move into end unit featuring dream gourmet kitchen with 11 foot long center island. 3BR/2.5BA, 2200 a/c s.f., beach club membership. $869,000 MICHAEL GRANSTON 552-3990 INN ON THE BEACH - Opportunity Knocks – This is the perfect opportunity to own a 2BR furnished suite in a luxury turn key resort! Use it as your own personal family retreat or join the on-site rental program. The choice is yours. The opportunity is a rare find at $499,000. JERRY THOMPSON 552-3966

GRANDE RIVIERA SARASOTA’S ULTIMATE POINTE OF VIEW - Private enclave of 13 luxurious residences on the tip of Golden Gate Point! Unparalleled panoramic views and private boat docks available. 2,651 - 5,837 square feet. Visit for a virtual tour Priced from: $1,525,000 to $4,300,000. CHERYL M. LOEFFLER 552-2669 WATER CLUB w/FULL GULF VIEWS - This is a 3,000 + sq. ft. true 3BR, LBK condo with absolutely stunning gulf, bay and sunset views. This location in the building is one of the best w/2 deeded parking spaces included. Fabulous world-class amenities & clubhouse, security & concierge. Visit for a virtual tour. $1,650,000. HANNERLE MOORE 387-8136

THE LANDINGS - Convenient to all of Sarasota. Split plan with three bedrooms plus den. Great curb appeal with private pool/lanai setting. $549,900 SYLVIA ZIMMERMAN 552-3950 GOLDEN GATE POINT - Mediterranean design on Golden Gate Point. 3BR/3BA/2 car garage. Over 1200 Sq. Ft. with all the features and amenities you need to enjoy living Sarasota style – fabulous Bay view! $899,900. CHERYL LOEFFLER 387-1707

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES - Wonderful Mediterranean home with glorious views of Sarasota Bay and located on a deep water channel that can accommodate a 50 ft. boat. Some of the amenities include 2 master suites, gourmet kitchen and a disappearing edge pool w/spa. Visit for a virtual tour. $2,595,000. HANNERLE MOORE 387-8136 SAILBOAT WATER - Fabulous 3BR home, tiled floors, split floor plan, French doors lead to large southern exposure caged pool and lanai. Updated kitchen with breakfast nook, new dock, and short walk to the beach! Virtual tour $749,000. JERRY THOMPSON 552-3966 COREYS LANDING - Stunning maintenance free villa overlooks Longboat Key golf course. 3BR/2.5BA in gated community. Features new kitchen w/granite counters & stainless steel apliances. Marble floors + gas fireplace. Loft in 3rd BR/den. Two tiered screened patio & gas grill. Virtual tour. $585,000. MARLENE AND HAL LIBERMAN 387-1759

WINDING OAKS - Water views! Positioned on a wide part of the lake, this lovely villa is beautifully appointed, 3 bedrooms, many builts ins, 2 car garage, expanded wrap-around deck, community pool & Bay Isles Beach Club! $699,999 For a virtual tour, visit www.longboat JERRY THOMPSON 552-3966

UNOBSTRUCTED BAY VIEWS - This wonderful Queens Harbour home has gorgeous views of Sarasota Bay from the master, living and dining rooms. Worldclass amenities include 14 foot ceilings, dock and lift, pool, outdoor kitchen, separate guest cabana and marble and wood floors throughout. Visit for a virtual tour. $1,850,000 HANNERLE MOORE 387-8136 PROMENADE - Largest two bedroom, split plan Promenade condo on the sunset side of the bldg. w/gorgeous Gulf views. Every room has a view of the Gulf with some rooms also having a view of the Bay. Visit for virtual tour. $759,000. HANNERLE MOORE 387-8136

RITZ CARLTON CONDO - Magnificent 2BR/2.5 BA with Bay & city views. Enjoy the luxurious lifestyle of the Ritz Carlton hotel from your private residence! Beautifully appointed interior, spacious grand room, imported marble foyer & galley, tiled terraces, designer carpeting, gourmet kitchen + more. $1,190,000. CHERYL TIMMINS 552-2690 LAKEWOOD RANCH - Designer furnished courtyard home with an endless list of upgrades!! Beautiful pool plus paver patio. Guest house with pool bath makes having company a pleasure. Golf Course view and more! $689,900 SYLVIA ZIMMERMAN 552-3950

RITZ TOWER RESIDENCES - Breathtaking views & a fabulous floor plan, plus full concierge services and state-of-the-art amenities. This apartment features a private elevator lobby, grand foyer, luxurious master suite & expansive terrace. Includes a membership to The Members Club at the proposed Beach/Spa Club. Visit for a virtual tour. $1,465,000. CHERYL LOEFFLER 387-1707

MARINA BAY - Gorgeous Bay & City views. This 3BR, 3382 sq.ft. condo has been beautifully maintained, lives like a home with private elevator lobby, his & her master bath and wonderful floor plan. Visit for a virtual tour. $1,295,000. HANNERLE MOORE 387-8136

L’AMBIANCE - Casual elegance in beach front residence with private stairs to the beach and pool area – open design and many unique architectural features. Visit for virtual tour. $3,450,000. CHERYL M. LOEFFLER 387-1707 PROMENADE - Stunning City skyline and Bay to Gulf views! This southwest 5th floor, double entry doors, split two-bedroom is turnkey furnished. Gated beachfront with every imaginable amenity…fitness center, tennis, pool, clubrooms, concierge, large pool. For a virtual tour, visit $749,000. JERRY THOMPSON 552-3966

VIZCAYA AT LONGBOAT KEY - The ultimate – perfectly decorated and appointed penthouse condo…maximized views in an elegant estate enclave of only thirty-one residences. Two car garage. Visit for virtual tour. $2,695,000. CHERYL LOEFFLER 387-1707

SANDY HOOK, SIESTA KEY - Fabulous 6BR/4BA beach home w/open pool.Superb kitchen + separate dining room. Music room,library + sitting room. Master suite w/new bath + 2 separate home offices. A short walk to the village & neighborhood beach! Visit for a virtual tour. $925,000. JERRY THOMPSON 552-3966


• 595 Bay Isles Rd, Mediterranean Plaza, Longboat Key • 8830 S. Tamiami Trail • 8447 S. Tamiami Trail • 130 N. Tamiami Trail • 438 St. Armands Circle • 2863 University Pkwy • 10 South Adams Drive 5293

• 8801 Stoneybrook Boulevard

An independently owned and operated member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

Inside Section C Key Real Estate Store Around Corner Golf Gambits

3C 5C 7C

M AY 2 9 , 2 0 0 3


S e c o n d


t i m e

NAMIBIA, AFRICA (Formerly German West Africa) — Our spectacular world cruise adventure continued as our ship sailed the mighty Atlantic Ocean in a northerly direction from Cape Town, South Africa, to reach Walvis Bay, the only deepwater harbor in the country of Namibia. This country of vivid and varied contrasts gained independence on March 21, 1990, after decades of a turbulent history of German and South African occupation. Following independence, Namibia was divided into 13 regions. Our explorations

included the coastal region of the Namib Desert and its environs. This is the region of the famous colossal sand dunes, which range in height up to 1,000 feet, and in some instances, even higher. Strong nerves and a sturdy 4-wheel-drive vehicle are necessary to be able to explore these sand dunes, which constantly change color as they reflect the changing light at different times of the day. Traveling in an upwards direction on these imposing dunes is manageable, however, “what goes up must come down.” And therein lies the difficulty! Seat belts were unavailable on our dune buggy, and I was certain that on the way down the dune, all of us would fall out of this vehicle and be lost in this vast desert

Namibian women in native dress greeted us at our dinner in the desert.

Sand dune trekkers and camel riders enjoyed the evening under the stars.

A Namibian student choir serenaded dinner guests. forever and a day. Dinner under the stars in this constantly changing desert landscape was the event that we loved the most while traveling in this country of surprises. We were transported by bus and 4-wheel-drive vehicles to a veritable fairyland, where a large, open-sided, yellowand-white tent housed our delicious buffet dinner and the well-stocked bar of soft drinks, spirits of all kinds and some fruit juices that I had never heard of before. During dinner a local group of handsome teen-agers serenaded us with local and international songs. They were accompanied by a very energetic group which played a variety of instruments indigenous to this area. I can still hear the commanding drum beat that set the tone for this unusual concert under the twinkling stars of the Namib Desert. A large bonfire warmed the chilly night air and added a special glow to the special

event. Some guests rode on camels, while others climbed the dunes. It was the quiet beauty of the desert landscape, the almost reachable blanket of stars and the welcoming Namibian people that pleased us the most. It was a beautiful evening that none of us will soon forget. Namibia has a population of 1.8 million and English is the official language. However, this country of great biological diversity also hosts an additional 13 ethnic cultures whose inhabitants speak 16 languages and dialects. Due to the previous German involvement in this country, German is spoken by many residents, especially in the area of the town of Swakopmund. No report on Namibia would be complete without mentioning the thick wet fog that blankets this coastal desert region and provides life-giving moisture to all flora and fauna. This much needed source of moisture is created when the extremely dry and hot Namibian shoreline meets up with the Benguela current that rolls in from the cold Atlantic Ocean. We were able to experience this strange dense fog as our ship sailed into Walvis Bay. Our ranger-guide told us that there is a family of beetles which lives in the sand dunes. The beetles stand on their heads to gather water in their legs from this fog. Their legs then transport this water to the beetle’s mouth. It’s but one example of how creatures in an arid climate can adapt to their environment. Namibia is a playground for all sorts of sports and entertainment. The government is working very hard to establish a viable and stable tourist economy. All 13 regions of this new and exciting country have diverse climates, big-game animals and beautiful arts and crafts that tell the story of this intriguing land. There is much to do here in this relatively unknown tourist destination. At first glance, Namibia didn’t look interesting to us, but as we toured the dunes, met the people, shopped in Swakopmund and read about all their wonderful activities, we realized that this country will become a very important tourist attraction in a short time. (Also, all you girls should know that diamonds and many other precious stones are mined here in Namibia.) ❑

2C THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003



Hannerle is ranked among the top


L’AMBIANCE 360˚ Virtual View Casual elegance in beach front residence w/private stairs to the beach & pool area - open design & many unique architectural features. $3,450,000.

RITZ CARLTON TOWER Breathtaking views, fabulous floorplan and full concierge services. This residence features a private elevator lobby, grand foyer, luxurious master suite and spacious terrace. Includes a membership to the Members Club at The Ritz Carlton proposed Beach/Spa Club. $1,465,000. On the 18th floor, this magnificant “Penthouse” Residence is one of the most desirable. The spectacular tower, the “Beausoleil” residence has 4,965 sq. ft. living area plus two terraces overlooking the marina & city. $5,500,000. Beautiful Northern Bay views from every room. 2 bedrooms and den. Enjoy world class amenities atop the Ritz. Monte Carlo $1,390,000. WATER CLUB Breathtaking views of the gulf, Sarasota Bay, and the skyline from this 9th floor Dover plan, The best of the best on the desirable south side of Water Club II $2,795,000.

GRAND BAY Private corner in the newest Grand Bay building. Panoramic vistas of the bay, marina and preserve. Wrap around terraces. $1,049,000. Exquisite Biscayne with tiled floor, wooden shutters & decorator detailed for a move-in resort home. Condo complex has all the amenities. $999,000 COREY’S LANDING Bay front home w/ views, privacy. & meticulous elegance. 4BR with guest suite, private balcony on 2nd fl. Furnished. $1,550,000. BEACHPLACE Direct view of the Gulf. Florida Living... California style... Have it all in the fabulous 2BR/2BA residence w/approx. 1,400 sq. ft. of luxury. $720,000.

1 2%

o f R e a l t o r s Wo r l d w i d e

Queens Harbour Home with Gorgeous Views of the Bay from master, living and dining rooms. Beautifully furnished, 4BR home with wide open Bay view. Dock and lift, pool and outdoor kitchen. $1,850,000 Virtual Tour

VIZCAYA Perfectly decorated & appointed penthouse. Maximized views in an elegant enclave of 31 residences. 2-car garage. $2,695,900. INN ON THE BEACH Wonderful Gulf-front, gorgeous, totally redone condominium w/views right up the beach. $1,100,000.

Wonderful Promenade Condominium with Full Gulf Views This largest 2 bedroom, split plan condominium is in one of the best locations within the Promenade and located on the sunset side of the building. $759,000 Virtual Tour

EN PROVENCE Exclusive paradise community of only 21 beach front residences. 3BR/3BA with direct gulf view. $2,695,000.

GRANDE RIVIERA ON THE TIP OF GOLDEN GATE POINT Striking architectural style offering a private enclave of only 13 luxurious residences. Unparalleled panoramic views and a marina with limited boat slips. ■

$3,850,000 Penthouse

Approx. 2,650 sq. ft.

Approx. 5,500 sq. ft. ■ ■

$1,715,000 5th Floor

$2,459,000 5th Floor

$1,655,000 4th Floor

Marina Bay with Gorgeous Bay & City Views This 3BR, 3382 sq. ft. condo that has been beautifully maintained, lives like a home with private elevator lobby, his & her master bath & wonderful floor plan. $1,295,000 Virtual Tour Longboat Key Canal Home with Beautiful Views This home has beautiful canal & bay views, great boating water and is situated four in from the bay, which makes it a wonderful find. $699,000 Virtual Tour

Approx. 2,600 sq. ft. ■

Approx. 3,900 sq. ft.

$1,595,000 3rd Floor Approx. 2,650 sq. ft.

$2,395,000 4th Floor Approx. 3,800 sq. ft.


$1,995,000 2nd Floor

Water Club Condominium with Full Gulf Views This is a 3,000+ sq.ft., true 3BR condo with stunning Gulf, Bay and Sunset views. This location in the building is one of the best. Fabulous world-class amenities. $1,650,000. Virtual Tour Investors Take Note of This Emerald Harbor Home Located on one of Longboat Key’s deepest canals. This updated home is a terrific buy in this wonderful and popular boating community that has deeded beach access. $649,000 Virtual Tour Southern Facing Promenade Condominium w/Fabulous Gulf Views This 2 bedroom split plan condo has views of the gulf, beautiful flowers, gazebo and downtown Sarasota. Top-of-the-line amenities and security. $649,000 Virtual Tour Country Club Shores, Mediterranean Style, Bayfront Home with glorious views of Sarasota Bay and located on a deep-water channel that can accommodate a 50 ft. boat. Some of the gorgeous amenities include two fabulous master suites, state-of-the art gourmet kitchen and a disappearing edge pool with spa. $2,595,000 Virtual Tour Two Wonderful Fairway Bay Condominiums These condominiums are turnkey furnished, and all have gorgeous views of the Bay and access to the pretty grounds and walkways of Fairway Bay. $365,000 - $379,000. Virtual Tour Investors Take Note of This Longboat Key Estates Home located only 4 in from the Bay and surrounded by multi-million dollar homes. Wonderful Bay views, deeded beach access and a terrific buy. $599,000 Virtual Tour

Approx. 3,550 sq. ft.

Chairman’s Circle Diamond Award

941-387-1707 MOBILE 941-302-9674

Fine Homes International

Mediterranean Plaza 595 Bay Isles Rd Ste 115 Longboat Key, FL 34228

Go to for a virtual tour of all my listings.




Hannerle Moore | Prudential Palms Realty | Fine Homes International Mediterranean Plaza | 595 Bay Isles Road, Suite 115 | Longboat Key, FL 34228 PH 941.387.8136 | FX 941.387.8155 |


THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003 3C


Key real estate

Week generates $19.9 million in sales A flurry of 29 season-ending real estate transactions on Longboat and nearby keys produced $19,896,900 in sales the first week in May. Longboat Key alone accounted for $17.973 million of the total, and of that, $15.243 million was transacted on the Sarasota County side of the town. This included all of the week’s six, million-dollar-plus sales. These were evenly divided between the Gulf and bay sides of Longboat Key. The bay-side sales were recorded in Country Club Shores, Grand Bay I and in Bay Isles, while the Gulf-side transactions were logged at Sanctuary III, Vizcaya and at the Beaches of Longboat Key.

Vizcaya, 2377 Gulf of Mexico Drive, to Brian M. Rushton for $1.8 million. This is almost twice the $907,000 it sold new for in September 1997. The apartment has three bedrooms and three baths.



Patricia Hundman of Bloomington, Ill., bought unit 210-C in building G at Seaplace I for $439,000 from two Brookfield, Wis., couples — Nancy and Nathan Kittleson and Doris M. and Robert B. Winders. The twobedroom and one-bath apartment at 2089 Gulf of Mexico Drive was built in 1973 and sold last for $129,500 in December 1980.

Grand Bay I

Sanctuary Irene F. and Martin H. Rose sold their three-bedroom and four-bath apartment A201 at Sanctuary III to Surekha and Deepak Kumar of Dayton, Ohio, for $1.825 million. Built in 1991, the condominium last sold for $685,000 in October 1992.

Sands Point Joan V. and Andrew J. Horner from Flower Mound, Texas, purchased unit 311 at Sands Point Condominiums from Ann Dawson and Karl John Peterson III of Clifton Park, N.Y., for $650,000. The twobedroom and two-bath apartment at 100 Sands Point Road was built in 1966.

Vizcaya Theresa S. and Francis E. Buzan, 6161 Gulf of Mexico Drive, sold their unit 2E2 at

Joann E. and Steven B. Stein, 119 N. Warbler Lane, Bird Key, sold their threebedroom and three-bath apartment unit 186 at Grand Bay I to Janeise J. and Rodney E. Schultz from Downers Grove, Ill., for $1.25 million. The condominium was built in 1994 and sold previously for $980,000 in June 2000. Also at Grand Bay I, Advent 4 Corp., a British Virgin Islands international company with a local address of 3060 Grand Bay Blvd., purchased unit 144 for $930,000 from Joyce and Milton Toppel, 4371 Kariba Lake Terrace, Sarasota. The three-bedroom and three-bath apartment was built in 1994 and sold new for $465,000 in December of that year.

Bloomfield, Mich., sold their unit 903 at The Beaches of Longboat Key, 773 Longboat Club Road, to Maureen D. and Vincent E. Petroni of Canton, Mass., for $1,138,500. The three-bedroom and three-bath condominium was built in 1984 and last sold for $1.05 million in January 2002.

Players Club II Fitzpane Investments Inc. of Toronto bought unit 402 at The Players Club II from Clark E. Lambros, 1465 Gulf of Mexico Drive, for $645,000. The two-bedroom and two-bath condo was completed in 1981 and last sold for $200,000 back in April 1982.

Bay Isles Unit 2 Robert R. Kreilick Sr. sold his home, at 3211 Bayou Sound in Unit 2 of Bay Isles, to Joanne R. and Stuart Bas from West Bloomfield, Mich., for $1.079 million. The three-bedroom and three-bath home with a swimming pool was built in 1995.

Sabal Cove In strictly a Sartori family affair, Gemma Sartori and Nancy Sartori gained title to the four-bedroom and three-bath Sabal Cove home with a swimming pool at 3307 Sabal Cove Circle, from Nancy and Richard J. Sartori for $500,000. The property last sold for $149,000 as a vacant lot in May 1994.

with Annette Rogers



$322,701 - $650,000 – 5.613 APR

0 Points

0 Points 5293

GREAT RATES • GREAT SERVICE 713 S. Orange Avenue, Sarasota • 941- 957-4486 NEW LISTING The versatile Van Gogh, 2BR/2BA floor plan, at 888 Condo on the Bay. This eleventh floor end unit, bathed in natural light, has updated kitchen, marble floors, designer built-ins and magnificent bay view. $579,000

941-387-0800 or 800-209-0330 •



Michael Saunders & Company, Licensed Real Estate Broker, 440 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Longboat Key, FL

Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker

Tom & Andy

440 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Longboat Key, Fl. 941-383-7591



REALTORS Because it’s all about trust two generations worth. ®

C ALL T HE C AILS (941) 954-5454 or (941) 387-7833

Call the Seigel Team Today Suzette & Jay Seigel, Esq.


941.228.5298 5293


Bharati S. and Suresh H. Moolgavkar

$100,000 - $322,700 – 5.369 APR

Annette Rogers at Michael Saunders & Co.

Longboat Key - Grand Bay - Exceptional value, incredible views. Exquisitely turnkey furnished with custom stone flooring & artistic murals. A must see unit with wrap-around terrace & 2 parking spaces. Offered @ $935,000 Lakewood Ranch - Pristine 2BR/2BA home with den/office located in gated, maintenance-free lakefront community. Loads of upgrades including wood floors, hot tub, outdoor kitchen. Shows like a model. Offered @ $259,950 Longboat Key - Bayfront Lot - This direct waterfront lot with 132 ft. of bayfront and 138 ft. of canal front presents a priceless view. SALE PENDING @ $2,295,000

Fairway Bay

5.250% - 30 Year 5.500% - Jumbo 30YR

Sandra and Arnold L. Leshman of West


Three sales in Country Club Shores totaled $2.345 million. The largest found Alice C. Lazarus selling her three-bedroom and three-bath home with a swimming pool at 584 Outrigger Lane in Unit III to Nancy O. and Robert W. Guernsey Jr. of Garrison, N.Y., for $1.075 million. The original waterfront, seawalled home was built in 1963. Also in Unit III, Carol L. and Bart A. Basi from Marion, Ill., purchased the three-bedroom and three-bath home with a pool at 525 Gunwale Lane from Coleen and David A. Johnson for $720,000. The house was built in 1967 and last sold for $320,000 in February 1994. In Unit I, Lois C. and Jules I. Kanter, 2123 Harbourside Drive, sold their home at 513 Ketch Lane to Miles Group of Longboat L.L.C. for $550,000. The two-bedroom and two-bath home with a swimming pool was one of the first built when Country Club Shores was opened in 1962. It last sold for $78,000 back in 1978.

Liberty1 Mortgage

The Beaches of Longboat Key

every month, homeowners pay their own mortgage and build up equity in their investment. When they paint, plant flowers or make improvements, their family reaps the benefits. Homeowners are much more selective than renters about finding the perfect home, and their sense of satisfaction creates a feeling of pride. For professional advice on all aspects of buying or selling real estate, please phone…

Country Club Shores


TALKING REAL ESTATE Shelter is a very basic human need which most people fill by renting or buying a house or apartment. Rental property is often less-than-perfect. Tenants usually experience a rent increase every year or so and feel quite at the mercy of the owner. They don't necessarily feel a strong commitment to the property or the community. Making a decision to buy a house is a major commitment, and the decision is both an economic and an emotional one. Instead of paying the landlord's mortgage

The house was constructed the following year.

RE/MAX Properties Licensed Real Estate Broker

QUEENS HARBOUR Maintenance-free gated community in Bay Isles with access to golf, tennis, shopping, dining, marina and private beach. An easy lifestyle that affords beauty, privacy and prestige. Two courtyard homes are available. Both have 3BR/3BA including detached guest cabana overlooking the pool. $862,500 & $895,000 THE BAYOU BOATING HAVEN for sizeable yacht. Light and bright home with marble floors, sweeping staircase, 4BR and huge bonus area, parking for 4 cars. Private beach club. $1,735,000. HAVE IT ALL! - This gracious family home has all the most wanted features. The floor plan works for a couple and for a crowd, for long term guests or grandchildren on vacation. 4BR/3.5BA, private pool area and beach club. $995,000. GRAND BAY THE ULTIMATE interpretation of understated elegance. Top of the world feeling w/views from Sarasota skyline to end of LBK, from Gulf to Bay. Anne Folsom Smith’s talent has been combined w/owners’ innate good taste to bring this “Cayman” to new heights of quality, luxury & beauty. Offered furnished at $1,385,000. WINDWARD BAY PENTHOUSE - Direct Bay front corner unit with 2BR/2BA, updated kitchen, lanai has been converted for year round use, new windows, light & appealing decor. Community pools, clubhouse. Tennis courts, boat docks & beach access. $389,900. NEW CONSTRUCTION DOWNTOWN - Majestic Bay, only 6 remain in this intimate setting on Golden Gate Point. Construction to begin in this month. All have 3BR plus den and garage. Only 5 boat docks. Hurry! $1,175,000 - $1,999,000. ON THE BEACH - Positano, on the site of Longboat Key’s Holiday Inn. Incredible location with over 9 acres as a setting for 5 three story buildings. Twenty nine luxury residences in all, 3BR plus den, some private pools. $1,800,000 - over 3 million.


from Belleview, Wash., purchased the three-bedroom and two-bath apartment unit 655 in building G at Fairway Bay III from Karen Sue McVoy of Columbus, Ohio, for $946,500. The three-bedroom and two-bath apartment at 2120 Harbourside Drive sold new for $512,000 in December 1988. At Fairway Bay II, Dorothy E. and William J. Hill of Erie, Pa., sold their double unit 444-445 in building M4 to David L. Rothgaber, 2020 Harbourside Drive, for $800,000. The three-bedroom and three-bath apartment was completed in 1984 and last sold for $385,000 in April 1997.

Queens Harbour Julia and Maurice Goldman of Summit, N.J., bought their three-bedroom and three-bath home with a swimming pool in Queens Harbour (Manchester Bay), at 3538 Fair Oaks Lane, from Diane and Watson W. Powell of Cornelius, N.Y., for $895,000. The home was built in 1997 and sold new that year for $581,000.

Tiffany Plaza Marguerite G. and Philip H. Nye Jr. from Rochelle, Ill., sold their three-bedroom and two-bath condominium unit 207 at Tiffany Plaza to two couples, Mariann D. and Ronald C. Tilton, and Rebecca T. and Kim T. Huntley from Dixon, Ill., for $460,000. Tiffany Plaza, 4325 Gulf of Mexico Drive, was completed in 1975.

Emerald Harbor Laura and Anthony Musso from Park Ridge, Ill., purchased the Emerald Harbor home at 740 Old Compass Road from Dudley C. Barrow of Wells, Vt., for $930,000. The original home was constructed in 1971 and refurbished in 1977.

Windward Bay Ruth L. Mohlenhoff from New Preston-Marble Dale, Conn., bought the two-bedroom and one-bath penthouse PH2 in building A at 151-unit Windward Bay, 4888 Gulf of Mexico Drive, from Evelyn and Arlie Rodhe of Millersburg, Ohio, for $345,000. Constructed in 1976, the condo was last sold for $120,000 in January 1982.

Cedars East Shelley A. Chew of St. Petersburg sold her unit 4 in section 3 of 92-unit Cedars East Condominiums at 858 Evergreen Way to Richard R. Kasher from Villanova, Pa., for $268,000. The twobedroom and two-bath condo was built in 1991.

Ringling subdivision While virtually all of John Ringing’s Longboat Key holdings were in south Longboat, he did plat the Ringling subdivision of Longboat Key, located in the north central portion of the Key. Helen Josephine Smith and her husband, Timothy Adon Smith, acquired title to the home and lot 10 of the Ringling subdivision at 600 St. Judes Drive for $160,000 from the Therese W. Smith Trust, for which Timothy is the trustee. The 28-year-old home was sold last for $150,000 in December 1999.

Misfiled Village transaction When Alice R. Allen, 11203 Veranda Court, Bradenton, sold her Village home at 7119 E. Longboat Drive to Gwendolyn B. Sproat for $350,000, the transaction was recorded at the Sarasota Clerk of Court’s Office at the Sarasota County Courthouse. Because this north Longboat Key property is located in Manatee County, the deed of sale should have been recorded with the Clerk of Court at the Manatee County Courthouse in Bradenton. Built in 1980, the home last sold for $315,000 in January 2002.

Carol H. and Joseph Peter Fegen Jr. from Westlake, Ohio, bought unit 4-D at Riviera of Lido Beach from Mariane and Werner J. Kleinoder, 5761 Casa Del Sol Blvd., Sarasota, for $375,000. The twobedroom and two-bath apartment at 131 Garfield Drive was built in 1978 and last sold for $110,000 in August 1993.

At the Lido Ambassador, L. Stephens Doster Jr. sold his two-bedroom and twobath unit 301 to Kenneth N. Whitehurst Jr. of Virginia Beach, Va., for $345,000. The 25-year-old apartment sold previously for $145,000 in January 2000.

Gulf Beach Condominium Hotel Kim K. and Charles E. Githler, 1258 N. Palm Ave., Sarasota, purchased unit 105 at the Gulf Beach Condominium Hotel from David G. Ahern of South Dennis, Mass., for $185,000.

Dwayne Inc., headed by Helga WallApelt, 1630 Harbor Cay Lane, Longboat Key, sold the 37-year-old Bird Key home at 525 Blue Jay Place to Hobson Rodenbaugh for $400,000. The three-bedroom and two-bath home previously sold for $160,000 in December 1986.

Back row: Mike Nink, Jim Layfield, Lisa Varano, Mike Migone, Joe Pickett, Carol Schmidt; front row: Sandi Layfield, Gail Tutewiler, Tina Rudek, Cindy LaFlamme, Courtney Campbell Suites-Longboat Key. Top Listing and Sales Associate awards went to Karen Ankerstar, Avenue of the Flowers office; Cindy LaFlamme, Longboat Key office; and Gail Tutewiler, Holmes Beach office. Top Listing and Sales Team award went to Tina Rudek and Mike Migone, Longboat Key office. Courtney Campbell, Longboat Key office, received Rookie of the Year award. Rudek was the Top Producer Company-wide. Lisa Varano, Longboat Key office, was chosen Manager of the Year and Carol Schmidt, Longboat Key office, was the Employee of the Year. ❑







A proven professional you can count on for all your real estate needs.

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Great Selection of Vacation Rental Properties.

OYSTER BAY LAKEFRONT- 1/2 acre of privacy.

Old world style 4BR/4.5BA, large pool, family room and office. Formal living and dining rooms. Storage galore. The essence of quality throughout. $1,400,000 ST. ARMANDS, WASHINGTON DR. - 2 lots plus large architect designed home near beach, fine restaurants and shops. Call for survey. $1,100,000

Jan Jordan & Michele Knuese, Principals

Call the on i Connect T o d a y ! 3720 Gulf of Mexico Dr.

VENICE ISLAND PARKFRONT DOWNTOWN - Custom 3BR townhouse condo with garage. Licensed Real Estate Broker

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Only 4 years old. Many special features.

5201 Gulf Dr. Holmes Beach 778-4800 or 504-6176

Yo u r Flor ida

Laura D. Hansen, GRI

Elegant Properties of Sarasota, Inc. 365-9484

Wedebrock Real Estate — The company held its annual Awards Breakfast May 1 Holiday Inn Hotel &

Sarasota Harbour Apartments


Wagner Realty at the Centre Shops welcomes Cathy as Branch Manager of the Longboat Key office. Cathy brings 25 years of real estate experience on Longboat Key to Wagner’s. Give Cathy a call for your real estate needs.

This 4,100 SF. 4BR/3.5BA plus office executive residence is located on the TPC golf course in Prestancia, Palmer Ranch. Situated on 3/4 acres with lake views, caged pool w/summer kitchen,wet bar,formal living and dining rooms. Professionally decorated. $995,000

Island Real Estate — Frank H. Davis, broker of the 33-year-old real estate company, was the top selling and listing agent for April. Alan Galletto was named top listing agent for the most new listings. Jon Kent and Richard Freeman were named top sales agents for the most closings during the month.

Bird Key

Kent Chetlain is a veteran Florida journalist and historian, a former Manatee County commissioner and a holder of a Florida real estate license. He has chronicled real estate activity in this area since 1957. ❑

Since 1939

Wagner Realty — announced its top agents for the month of April. Top in listings were Deni Dillon, Longoat Key office; the team of Becky Smith and Elfi Starrett, Anna Maria Island office; Jane Tinsworth, Manatee Avenue office; Barbara Mollanazar, Wildewood office; Sandy Harmon and Norman Barker, Palmetto office; Judy McCauley, El Conquistador office; Tom Brown Sr., S.R. 64 office; and Gina Uliano, University Parkway office. Leaders in sales were Bill Greene, Longboat Key office; David Moynihan, Anna Maria Island office; Tinsworth; Harmon and Barker; Mollanazar; Heather and Bob Blanchard, El Conquistador office; Earl Cowdrey, S.R. 64 office; Uliano; and David Fletcher and Jay Heagerty of the commercial division. Top honors in the closed volume category went to Jack McCormick, Longboat Key office; Tinsworth; Uliano; Bettie B. Cochran, El Conquistador office; Eva Kreager, S.R. 64 office; Barker; Smith and Starrett; Duane Henderson, residential; and Heagerty.

Lido Ambassador

Rita and Victor Brand of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, sold their unit 201 at the Lido Beach Club to Gloria M. and John S. Clark from El Paso, Texas, for $572,000. The two-bedroom and twobath condominium at 1212 Ben


RE/MAX Excellence — Yvette Eberly joined the company on Longboat Key and St. Armands Circle. Prior to joining RE/MAX Excellence, she was with Wedebrock on the north end of the Key.

Riviera of Lido Beach

Lido Beach Club


Real Estate Reports

Franklin Drive was built in 1974. It last sold for $466,000 in May 2000.

In what appears to be a friendly fiduciary transaction, Theresa A. and William A. Snow from Naperville, Ill., purchased unit C-25 in the Claridge House at Sarasota Harbour Apartments from Rudolph Koch of Battlement Mesa, Colo., for only $46,900. The one-bedroom and two-bath apartment at 765 John Ringling Blvd., was the first condominium built in Sarasota in 1963. It last sold for $180,000 in January 2002.

Spanish Main Key investors Shirley and Richard Hauck sold their two-bedroom and twobath home at 732 El Centro (unit 195) in Spanish Main Yacht Club to John R. Maier for $217,000. Built in 1969, the residence last sold for $189,000 in November 2001.





Longboat Key, FL 34228 Local: 941-387-9709 Fax: 941-383-3798


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Store around the corner


Accounting/Computer/Taxes Inc.




There are places money can’t buy... For all others, Contact Klaus Lang

4134 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 207 • Longboat Key • 383-6595/Fax: 383-6806

Secluded contemporary BAYFRONT ESTATE, close to downtown, lushly landscaped with fabulous Bay and Sunset views. Imported European kitchen to meet chef standards. Tennis court installed by makers of Bollettieri Academy. 2 boat docks & lifts. $5,975,000

Ted Wilson, owner of Accounting/Computer/Taxes Inc., focuses on the small businesses of Longboat Key.

What is the most challenging part of running this business? “Establishing the client’s needs and providing him with the best solution we can devise,” says Wilson. “A lot of times what they need isn’t what they think they need.” Best business advice ever received: “Just to remember that your objective is to solve a problem,” he says. Hobbies: They include bicycling, jogging, playing tennis and reading. Favorite book: “I like science fiction. I like Stephen King,” he says. Favorite movie: He prefers live theater. What you like best about Longboat Key? “It’s quiet, it’s pretty and, for the most part, friendly,” he says. Is there something you dislike about it? “Traffic, and the business and construction regulations I think are way overboard,” he says. If you could reincarnate, who or what would you be? “Probably Albert Einstein,” he shares. — Lusya Sullivan

Club Bamboo

Direct Gulffront and Poolside Condos priced from $285,000-$335,000



Expansive Penthouse with magnificent vistas of the beach and the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Five bedrooms, Four full baths. Guest casita has private entry and private balcony. Expansive terrace with summer kitchen. Private elevator directly to this very special home and separate two car garage with lots of storage area. Elegant estate enclave of only 31 residences. $4,200,000.


Dennis Girard 941-809-0041



Call John McCormick or Cathy Meldahl for an appointment. Wagner Realty 941-383-5577 or 800-352-0367. Since 1939 Since 1939

Central Park Realty


E-mail: Owner: Ted Wilson of Longboat Key owns Accounting/Computer/Taxes Inc. (ACT). Year established: Wilson opened it in December 1988. Employees: There are three employees at ACT. Hours: Its hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Type of business: “It’s an accounting and computer business for small businesses and condominiums on Longboat Key,” says Wilson. Why open this kind of a business? “Because when I moved to this area there were not that many large companies in the area that needed a full-time comptroller. But there were a lot of small businesses that needed accounting and financial advice. So I decided to open this business and work with several small businesses instead of one large business,” he explains. Price range: ACT’s price range is based on a monthly fee for repeated services or on an hourly rate for different types of projects. And depending on who’s doing what project, the fees are also different. What’s unique about your business? “We concentrate on small businesses on Longboat Key and cover all aspects of accounting and bookkeeping,” he says. Most popular service: “It varies. It’s cyclical,” he says. “Taxes, obviously. Working with condominiums more than I initially had anticipated.”

Lusya Sullivan

Fabulous Five Star RITZ CARLTON Lifestyle. THE 18th Floor PENTHOUSE. High over Sarasota bay, bathed in a breathtaking panorama, 3 sides, 4 balconies, full bay & city views, sunrise and sunset. In Sarasota, the Cultural Capital of Florida. $5,750,000 Prestigious gated community of SANDERLING CLUB. Direct Gulf front with 200’ of private, protected, pristine beach with dramatic sunsets. On over an Acre, offering opportunity to purchase a prime beachfront on Siesta Key with possibilities ranging from renovation to using site for new construction. $5,500,000 Spectacular Waterfront Home available 20% below appraisal with a price reduction of $500,000. Completely renovated and remodeled. This prestigious home, located in the HARBOR ISLES section of BAY ISLES, offers 4bedroom/4bath with 200-foot seawall & a wonderful view over canal intersection towards the bay. $1,995,000 Endless views on LONGBOAT KEY. The lowest priced BEACHFRONT home on the Key. Built to enjoy the relaxing beach lifestyle. The 2/3BR home recently updated & well maintained, with an above average appreciation potential. SOLD $1,690,000 LAUREL OAK ESTATES. Enjoy the private, tropical setting of this desirable golf community. This home has it all, with tile and carpet throughout, beautiful landscaping, an oversized two-car garage and a caged, newly marcited pool. Conveniently located, yet situated in a quiet, pristine golf community. A great opportunity at this price. $499,000 LIDO BEACH CLUB and rarely available. This 12th floor 1bedroom unit has direct gulf and bay views, southern exposure, overlooking the Ritz Carlton Beach Club. $375,000

Michael Saunders & Co. Licensed Real Estate Broker

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6C THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003

LBK Public Tennis Center: 590 Bay Isles Road, 316-TEN-S (8367) Summer schedule — seven days a week Morning sessions: 8, 9:30 and 11 Afternoon sessions: 3:30, 5 and 6:30

Daily Round Robins at 9:30 a.m.: • Women’s: Monday, Wednesday, Friday • Men’s: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday • Mixed: 5 p.m. Friday Special events: • Where’s the B.O.S.S. (men’s 3.25-3.75 doubles): 11 a.m. Monday • Where’s the B.O.B. (men’s 4.0-4.5 singles): 11 a.m. Tuesday Lessons/clinics/ball machine are by reservations.



PLAYER OF THE WEEK How many years have you played tennis? “Only five years,” Katherine Girle says, and explains, “I knew I had to play after I married Warren, the Cedars tennis director.” Girle, who also dives, water skis and rides horses, immediately found tennis to her liking. During the summer months, Girle plays every day and in season, “whenever I get the chance.” The Girles operate the Pro Shop at Cedars. What is your best stroke — serve, backhand, etc.? “I think it is my forehand, and it is because I was taught correctly,” Girle says. What is your specialty? Singles? Doubles? “I think I am better at doubles and I like to play women’s doubles,” Girle answers. “I also

•Gulf, Beach, Golf Course & Bay Views! Have it all in this 7,000 SF direct beachfront residence with 2 private keyed elevators, 8’ wood doors, 10’ ceilings, tile, marble & wood floors, crown moldings, granite , brass hardware, 2 master suites w/Jacuzzi tub & bidet + 4 garage parking spaces!......$5,800,000 •Brand New with Sweeping Bay Views! In a sought after downtown location w/6,827SF, 5-6BR, 5 full & 3 half baths, faux & artisan finishes, intricate wrought iron railings, crown moldings, detailed ceilings, custom columns, 6CG, pool & dock, plus Robb & Stucky furniture equaling $130,000 INCLUDED. Will consider an exchange........................................$5,500,000 •Where The President Comes To Play! The best value for beachfront property with miles of sandy beach and endless water views! A newer residence built by Yust, Boca’s premier architect with inlaid wood-type floors, art studio, elevator to a private guest suite, pool, 3 car garage and possibility of an exclusive golf membership......................................................................$4,500,000 •A Gated Estate With 165 Feet On The Bay! - Deep water dock, brand new landscaping, open-air pool, updated kitchen with granite, marble and wood floors, built-ins, mahogany wet bar, fresh faux paint, 3 fireplaces, 2 family rooms plus a game room and an executive office.............................$3,950,000 •Prime 100’ Bay Views! A brand new 4,684 SF residence being built by Vision Homes with impeccable attention to details, furniture quality cabinetry, granite & more, formal living and dining, family room, kitchen w/breakfast nook, library, bonus room w/wet bar, pool, dock and 3 car garage............$3,100,000 •Wide Open Deep Sailboat Water! Oversized lot, 4BR/3BA. 4,613 SF with fabulous upgrades, miles of tile, crown moldings, vaulted ceilings, solid oak cabinets, new A/C, formal and informal dining, family room with home theater, granite and wood floors in the kitchen, sitting area with views of the poolside fountains, 60 foot deck, dock, paver drive and 2+ car garage....$1,599,000. •3.5 Acres With Bay Access! Own a piece of Sarasota’s history. Restored 4BR/3.5BA, 3,400 SF, wood floors, fireplace, new plumbing, windows and zoned A/C. Brand new kitchen with Corian and new floors, separate guest suite, pool and 3 car garage, in town.................................................$1,500,000. •Bayou Water With Dock & Lift! 3,258 SF, 3BR/5BA, library, office, family, game & exercise rooms, soaring ceilings, Corian, granite, Baldwin brass, tile & wood floors, plantation shutters, built-ins, faux paint, French doors, balcony with water views, pool, new landscaping & 3-4 car garage.............$1,100,000. •Unparalleled Quality! Custom decorated by Gwen Sears with Churchill’s Furniture (negotiable) 4BR/4BA, 3,510 SF with brand new tile and carpet, fresh paint, crown moldings, French doors, marble fireplace, granite, wood cabinetry, 2 car garage and pool in a sought after location. Furniture and financing available! Ask for Sasha! ....................................................$989,000. •Long Bay Views! 2,178 SF with 3BR/2.5BA, recessed lights, fresh paint, new carpet, diagonal tile, vaulted ceilings,, skylights, decorative mirrors, stained glass windows, fireplace, plant shelves, wood cabinets, glass enclosed breakfast nook, 2 balconies, wood deck with bay views, private laundry and 1 car garage in gated community................................................................ $525,000. •Large Corner Lot on Siesta Key! 3BR/3BA with 2,827 SF, generous space, vaulted ceilings, open stairwell, new double pane windows, custom window treatments, new side porch, intercom & security systems, new zoned A/C, brand new “Key West” style galvanized aluminum roof & 2 car garage. Room for a pool.............................................................................................$519,000. •Downtown RENTAL! 1284 SF 2BR/2BA tastefully updated w/ wood & tile floors, newer appliances, great views, parking & amenities......$1,600 p/month •RENTAL with Water Views! Downtown, 1150 SF, 2BR/2BA, fresh paint, stone-like tile and newer appliances.........................................$1,200 p/month


(941) 954-9000 100 N. Washington Blvd., Suite 102 • Sarasota • FAX (941)955-7169 5293

on the internet: • email:

like to play singles, too. I think playing singles helps to make you a better doubles player.” What kind of racket do you use? “I have used a Prince racket since I started,” she says. “Now I am using the Prince More Power. I find it well balanced and I am comfortable with it.” What is the one thing you would like to improve? “My concentration,” Girle says emphatically. “I get distracted easily. I look around at who is coming and pretty soon I am losing points.” What is your most glorious moment in a match? Girle says: “It is not just one moment. This year, my partner, Doris Forst, and I won seven straight matches in the Tri Cities Tennis League.” Girle was captain of the Women’s 3.5 Team and for the third consecutive year, the team was the winner. What is your funniest flub-up? Girle remembers she was playing doubles with two visiting tennis pros. “Each time I switched courts, I also switched playing forehand and backhand,” she recalls. “I don’t know why I did it and my partner didn’t catch it nor did the pros.” Who is the person you’d most like to meet on the court? “Martina Navratilova,” Girle says. “I admire her ability, her passion for the sport and that she has kept in shape. She’s also still winning tournaments. Recently she won the ladies doubles at the Italian Open.” Do you have advice or tips for other players? “Never,” she says, “but, if you have never played tennis before, I think you should start with lessons. This way you won’t have any bad

Dora Walters

Katherine Girle Cedars Tennis Club habits to break.” She also suggests continuing lessons, which will help to develop your game as you progress. What do you like most about playing tennis on Longboat Key? “The friends I’ve met on the court who have become friends off the court,” Girle says. —Dora Walters


THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003 7C



Golf Gambits

Longboat Key Tennis Center

To better your golf game, just ...

Summer Men’s Singles — May 13 Quarters: Larry Shapiro def. Al Tripodi, 6-2. Steve Johnson def. Dick Schlorf, 6-3. Walter Hatt def. Andrew Bers, 6-3. Tom Blake def. John Beeman, 6-4. Semis: Johnson def. Shapiro, 7-5. Blake def. Hatt, 6-4. Finals: Johnson def. Blake, 6-3. Third Place: Shapiro def. Hatt 6-3

Longboat Key Tennis Center Summer Men’s Singles — May 20 Quarters: Steve Johnson def. Jim Wilson, 6-2. Don Semisch def. Tim Fitzpatrick, 6-3. Larry Shapiro def. Jim Brown, 6-3. Tom Blake def. Dick Schlorf, 6-4. Semis: Semisch def. Johnson, 6-4. Shapiro def. Blake, 6-2. Finals: Shapiro def. Semisch, 6-4. Third Place: Johnson def. Blake, 6-2.

Longboat Key Club Women’s 18 Hole Golf Association Event: Yellow Ball Tournament — May 20 First Place 131 Kay Walker Uschi Cooper Barbara Breen Pat Lonsdale Second Place 139 Pat Heffron Isabella Paspa Sheri Lublin Arleen Klein Third Place 140 Jan Curl MaryDee Klingenberg Barbara Powers Carol Pregont Fourth Place 142 Carole Zito Virginia Allen Margo Lee Donna Pettinato

A reader was kind enough to send me the following simple instructions to better your game, of course, after having secured a perfect grip and stance: Once a player has mastered the grip and stance, all you have to bear in mind, in the brief two-second interval it takes to swing, is to keep your left elbow pointed in toward the left hip and your right arm loose and closer to the body than the left and take the clubhead past your right knee and then break the wrists at just the right instant while the left arm is still traveling straight back from the ball and the right arm stays glued to the body and the hips come around in a perfect circle and meanwhile everything is mucked up unless the weight is 60% on the left foot and 40% on the right not an ounce more or less and at just the right point in the turn the left knee bends in toward the right in a dragging motion until the left heel comes off the ground but not too far and be sure the hands are over the right foot but not on the toe more than the heel except that the left side of the right foot is tilted off

HAL Lenobel


Bayfront Park Recreation Center: 4052 Gulf of Mexico Drive, (941) 316-1980

Ongoing classes May 28 to June 3

KEY ROYALE CANAL FRONT Spacious 3BR/2BA canal front in Key Royale w/open split flr plan. Sep dining, lg fam room & room for a pool. New seawall cap, new roof, fresh paint. Dave Moynihan. 778-2246. #90395. $469,900

Single Family JEWFISH KEY ISLAND Custom elevated 2BR/3BA with a special ambiance. Secluded, private with views of Sarasota Bay. Great room, 22x18, dining room, game room, boat dock. Anne Miller. 778-2246. #88820. $1,775,000 DIRECT BAY FRONT Bradenton Beach full bay view from this updated 3BR/3BA home. Beautiful landscaping & priv. setting. Boat dock with davits. Short distance to beach. Deni Dillon. 383-5577. #237567. $1,399,000 GATED COMMUNITY Sophisticated Weston Pt 3BR/3.5BA, gourmet kitchen with granite counters & guest suite. Heated pool, 2 car garage Near Ave of Flowers, dining, golf, marina. Dee Dee Burke or Vera Freeman. 383-5577. #234712. $1,295,000 LONGBOAT BEACH COTTAGE Secluded, elevated 3/2 west of GMD with peek of Gulf. Deeded 15' easement to beach and miles of white sand. Wood burning stone fireplace. 30 foot screened porch. Cathy Meldahl. 383-5577. #232414. $899,000

Just a few more words of wisdom: • If the course is completely empty when you drive up, it’s because an outing of 100 golfers is getting ready to tee off in a shotgun start. • The only thing of real value that you can get from the driving range to the first tee is a pocketful of range balls. • It’s surprisingly easy to hole a 40foot putt when you lie 10. • Never subtract so many strokes on any one hole that you wind up with the honor on the next tee. • Bets lengthen putts and shorten drives. • Confidence evaporates in the presence of water. • It takes considerable pressure to make a penalty stroke adhere to the scorecard. • Over time, any putter can reach a temperature of absolute zero. • Tennis would be as difficult as golf if you only got one serve, six-love were par, you often lost a dozen balls in a single set, and every now and then you had to hit a backhand out of a tree. ❑

REALTY LIDO BEACH CLUB UNIT 606 Beautifully updated & remodeled. Open white kitchen, new appl, every rm w/fantastic view. BR & LR have access to balcony. Terrific sunsets. Dee Dee Burke. 383-5577. #223952. $499,000

Condo/Multi-Family VIZCAYA AT LONGBOAT Direct Gulf front--Extra large penthouse with magnificent vistas of Gulf & beach. 4BR/4BA. Guest Casita with private entry. Private elevator & 2 car garage. John McCormick or Cathy Meldahl. 383-5577. #235114. $4,200,000 DIRECT GULF VIEW-LBK 2BR/2BA, large balcony, great sunsets. New kitchen, new bathrooms. Convenient location, well maintained building with onsite manager. So much beauty. Cindy English or Mary Wickersham. 383-5577. #233073. $457,900 ON THE LAKE, SPANISH MAIN Must see this single villa with tranquil views of lake. Updated with tile, carpet, newer kitchen. Great boating community. On the intracoastal. Peggy Henger. 383-5577. #237311. $289,500 SPANISH MAIN YACHT CLUB Beautifully updated villa w/open kitchen/great room, newer cabinets & countertops. Newer flat roof. Deeded beach access, active clubhouse. Cathy Meldahl. 383-5577. #237881. $269,900

RARE ISLAND PROPERTY! Steps away from beautiful beaches of Anna Maria. Spacious home w/4-5BR. Great for large family or house guests, bonus room for in-law suite. Peter or Gina Uliano. Direct 569-7967 #91253. $614,000

LONGBOAT HARBOUR Beautiful canal & bay views from top flr 1BR/1BA. Balcony converted to part of living room. Built-ins, 4 pools, boat docks, clubhouse, beach facility, tennis. Dorothy Cook. 383-5577. #237213. $229,000

ST ARMANDS TREASURE Beautifully landscaped 3BR/3BA home with recently updated kitchen bath and more. Warm tropical feel of "Old" FL on quiet side of circle. Spacious great room. Duane Henderson. 727-2800. #89041. $549,000

LONGBOAT HARBOUR Peaceful lagoon view from this 1st floor 1BR/1BA condo. Glass enclosed lanai, new windows & newer appliances. Boat docks, clubhouse, beachside cabana. Dorothy Cook. 383-5577. #237419. $192,000

SAILBOAT WATER This 3BR+office home is close to the beach. Cedar ceiling in family room, spa in caged lanai, fireplace and room for a pool. Becky Smith or Elfi Starrett. 778-2246. #91566. $519,000


Sports/Fitness classes: • Aerobics, (low-impact): 8 a.m. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday • Young at Heart: 9:30 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday • Muscles & More (weight-bearing): 8 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday • Weight Watchers will resume meetings in the fall. Passive Programs: • Duplicate Bridge: 1 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday News and notes: • Summer Day Camp (ages 5 to 12): 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, June 2 through Aug. 8.

tences? The above would lose much of its value had the sentence not run on.

Selling Island Properties For 64 Years

Golf for Longboat Key Chamber The 15th annual Longboat Key Chamber Amateur Golf Tourney will be held Sunday, June 22, on the Harbourside Course at the Longboat Key Club. The shotgun start is at 9:15 a.m. Entry fees are $125 for single golfers or $400 for a foursome. Sponsorships are also available in these categories: presenting, clubhouse, title, golf cart, corporate and green/tee. Proceeds benefit Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce. It is open to members and nonmembers. Chair of the tourney is James Messer, The Wicker Inn and Arbors by the Sea. Vice chair is Tonya Atchison, Oswald Trippe and Co. For additional information, call 387-9519 or visit this Web site:

the ground but not too far and be sure the hands at the top of the swing are high and the shaft points along a line parallel with the ground and if it is a downhill lie the shaft is supposed to be pointed downhill too and pause at the top of the swing and count one, jerk the left arm straight down like a bell ringer yanking a belfry rope and don’t uncock the wrists too soon and pull the left hip around in a circle but don’t let the shoulders turn with the hips, they have to be facing the hole and now transfer the weight 60% to the left foot and 40% to the right not an ounce more or less and tilt the left foot now so the right side of it is straight that’s the one you hit against watch out for the left hand, it is supposed to be extended but not too stiff or the shot won’t go anywhere and don’t let it get loose or you will hook and let the wrists uncock but don’t force them or you’ll smother the shot and don’t break too soon but keep your head down then hit the ball. That’s all there is to it! How many times do you recall your teacher telling you not to use run-on sen-

LONGBOAT HARBOUR Canal front, well kept, glass enclosed lanai, dome kitchen w/built-in storage cabinet, ceramic tile kitchen, hall, lanai and bathroom. Don Carey. 383-5577. #228966. $189,900

Located at THE CENTRE SHOPS at 5360 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key (941)383-5577 Toll Free (800)352-0367 To preview all homes in Manatee & Sarasota Counties, please visit


8C THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003


ommunity C


If your organization would like to have meetings or events publicized, mail or fax the information at least one week in advance to The Longboat Observer, Box 8100, Longboat Key 34228; fax: 383-7193. All announcements must be typed, include hour and date of meeting, complete address of meeting place and a telephone reference number. To ensure accuracy, no telephone calls. Deadline is the previous Tuesday, 5 p.m.

on the Key

Business Network International — a new networking meeting is held at 7:30 a.m. Tuesdays in the Dining Room of Hilton Longboat Key, 4711 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Peggy Kulik, 383-5543. Safe Boating Course — will be presented by U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Flotilla 82, at 9 a.m. Saturday, May 31, at Mote Marine Laboratory. RSVP, 378-5620. Longboat Island Chapel Men’s Club — will meet at 8 a.m. Monday, June 2, at the chapel. All men welcome. Advance reservations required. Chapel, 383-6491. The Education Center — is located at 5370 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Spring season is over. Call the office at 383-8811 and leave your away address — that’s where new brochures will be delivered in September. Summer Day Camp — for ages 5 to 12, will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, June 2 to Aug. 8, at Bayfront Park Recreation Center, 4052 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Details, 316-1980.

Mote Marine Laboratory — located at 1600 Ken Thompson on City Island, is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Students who got an A in science during the 2002-2003 school year will receive free admission with their report card through June. Regular admission is $12 for adults, $8 for children ages 4 to 12 and free for members. It is free to members and one guest, and $5 for nonmembers but children younger than 4 are admitted free. Details, 3884441, Ext. 229. Rotary Club of Longboat Key — meets for lunch at 12:15 p.m. Fridays at Hilton Longboat Key Beachfront Resort. Cost for visiting Rotarians and guests is $12. Marilyn Bezner, 387-0706. The Selby Public Library Bookmobile — will be at the Longboat Library, located at 555 Bay Isles Road, from 1:15 to 2 p.m. every Monday.

public events Second Memorial Luncheon — commemorating the Battle of Midway and honoring those who served there, it will be held Friday, June 6, at Michael’s On East. Cost is $20. Make checks payable to Golden Pelican Squadron, and mail them in care off Richard Weegham, 8323 Cypress Hollow Drive, Sarasota, FL 34238. If you participated in this battle and live in Southwest Florida, call the Golden Pelican Squadron, Bill Myers, 927-3324. Multimillion-Dollar Property Auction — benefiting New College of Sarasota, will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday, May 29, at the property,

Friendly, P



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• Jumbo Programs

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located at 1253 Hillview Drive, Sarasota. The property was bequeathed to the college by the late Jane Bancroft Cook. The 1.19-acre home is situated on Sarasota Bay. Details, 1-800257-4161.

Summer Sunset Stroll — will be held from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday, May 29, at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. Cost is $10 for members and $15 for nonmembers. Pre-register, 366-5731, Ext. 239. 23rd Annual ‘Snook Adams Kids Day’ — will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, May 31, at Bayfront Park, Anna Maria Island. The festival for kids will include games, a treasure hunt as well as free food. Adults can eat and drink for a suggested donation. Details, 7525973. Gladys Edmunds Presentation — will be held at 7 p.m. Monday, June 2, at Family Heritage House Museum, Manatee Community College campus, 5840 26th St. W., Bradenton. Edmunds is the founder of Edmunds Travel Consultants and a nationally renowned entrepreneur and motivational speaker who was featured on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “Good Morning America” and “The Susan Powter Show.” Free. Details, 752-5319. Sixth Annual United Way All Harley Drag Racing — will be held at 9:30 a.m. Sunday, June 1, at Bradenton Motorsports Park. Also, all tickets from March 30 rain-out event will be honored this day. Admission is $15. Details, 366-2686, Ext. 225. Pizza Hut & Great Kids ‘Fun’D Raiser Night — Pizza Hut, located at 2901 N. Tamiami Trail, will donate 20% of its sales to Great Kids! Inc. from 5 to 9 p.m. through May. Customers will need coupons, which can be obtained by calling Great Kids’ development office at 9521821. ‘Rome’ Film — will be shown at 2 p.m. Tuesday, June 3, at South Manatee Branch Library, 6081 26th St. W., Bradenton. Free. Details, 755-3892. Duplicate Bridge — games, 0 to 300 points, are held from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Fridays at InBetween Bridge Club, Town & Country Plaza (inside mall). Details, 365-7875. 2003 Summertime Champions — registration for summer camp, which will be held Monday through Friday, June 2 through Aug. 8, at Tara Elementary, 6950 Linger Lodge E., is under way. It is for ages 5 to 12. Nancy Dearden, 1866-752-3983. Pet Adoptions — through Sarasota in Defense of Animals, will be conducted on Sunday, June 1, at the PetSmart Luv-A-Pet Center, at the Landings in Sarasota. Details, 925-8388. Scrabble Tournaments — are held at 7 p.m. Tuesdays at Beneva Park Club, Assisted Living Facility. Toby, 316-0151. 2003 Sarasota Pridefest Celebration — will be held at 11 a.m. Sunday, June 1, at Robarts Arena. Festival highlights include Flamingo Café, VIP lounge, dance pavilion, Taste of Pride food court, AIDS quilt diplay, Pride Village and bingo. Admission is $5 and those 18 and younger get in free. Details, 364-2115.


Manatee-Sarasota Sierra Club Outings — Rainbow Springs State Park Campout be held Friday through Sunday, June 6 to 8. Cost is a donation of $5, plus fees as required. RSVP by June 3, 747-9427. Public lands outing will be held Saturday, June 7. Donation for conservation is $5. RSVP by June 4, 355-2156. Pelican Man’s Bird Sanctuary Peli-Boat’s Tours — morning tours are held from 9 to 11 a.m. Thursdays; $7, $13. Luncheon tours are held from noon to 2:30 p.m. Saturdays; $8 to $22. Tours depart from the Holiday Inn Marina, 7150 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. RSVP, 388-4444. Basketball and Volleyball — games are held at Anna Maria Island Community Center. Adult men’s basketball, 7 to 8:30 p.m. Wednesdays. Adult volleyball, 7 to 8:30 p.m. Thursdays. Cost is $2. Center, 778-1908. ‘Wildlife Detective’ Program — will be held at 3 p.m. Saturday, May 31, at Crowley Museum & Nature Center, 16405 Myakka Road, Sarasota. Hit the trails and search for clues of the variety of wildlife that live at the center. RSVP by 4 p.m. May 30. Details, 322-1000. American Littoral Society Outings — Night bay walk will be held at 8 p.m. Saturday, May 31, on Sarasota Bay. Cost is $3 and $5. Snorkel in the Gulf at 1 p.m. Tuesday, June 3, at New Pass. Cost is $4 and $7. RSVP with Peggy, 355-2291.


Sho Fu Bonsai Society — will meet at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, June 5, at Waterside Retirement Center, 4540 Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota. Details, 359-1205.

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Summer Day Camp will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, June 2 to Aug. 8, at Bayfront Park Recreation Center. Call 316-1980.

SAILBOAT WATER Almost new 4100 sq. ft. Lido Key waterfront home, 4BR/4.5BA, 21 ft. ceilings, granite, marble and tile. Dock, boatlift, pool and spa with waterfalls. Tropical paradise - walk to beach & St. Armands Circle. $3,000,000.

BUDD MOORE Branch Manager / Loan Officer

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A New York Stock Exchange Co.

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RE/MAX PROPERTIES 2000 Webber Street Sarasota, FL 34239


Sarasota After Five — will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 3. For location and to RSVP, call 351-9104. Sarasota Sportfishing Anglers Club — will meet at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 4. Details, 371-2399, 924-6864. Sarasota Christian Women’s Club I — will meet at 11:30 a.m. Thursday, June 5, at the Summerhouse. Details, 955-6091. Manatee River Christian Women’s Club — will meet for “Up to the Minute Fashions” brunch at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, June 4, at El Conquistador Country Club, 4350 El Conquistador Parkway, Bradenton. RSVP by May 30, 792-2363. Needlepoint Guild — Sarasota chapter’s fieldtrip to Alex-Paras Needlearts, a St. Petersburg stitchery store, will be held Thursday, June 5. Jean Saltzman, 497-7771. Sierra Club — Manatee-Sarasota Group will meet for “Marjory Stoneman Douglas: Visionary of the Everglades” program at 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 4, at the Fogartyville Café, 800 17th Ave. W., Bradenton. Cost is $10. Details, 36-5101, 366-9596. American Business Women’s Association — Accolades Chapter will meet at 6 p.m. Tuesday, June 3, at Dutch Heritage Restaurant, 3713 Bahia Vista St., Sarasota. Cost is $14. Details, 929-9474. MSG 5.21 Sarasota Christian Women’s Club II — will meet at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, June 3, at Michael’s On East. RSVP, 927-8186. Sun Coast Yacht Club — will meet at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, June 5, at the Bayshore Gardens Clubhouse, south end of 26th Street West, Bradenton. Richard Burns, 924-3862. Florida West Coast Bead Society — will meet at 7 p.m. Monday, June 2, at Waldemere Fire Station, 2070 Waldemere St., Sarasota. Tonya, Ali Lassen’s Leads Club — the Gulf Gate Professional Women’s Chapter meets at noon Thursdays at the Little Italy Restaurant, 2770 Stickney Point Road, Sarasota. Details, 9270266, 925-0155. Positively Speaking Toastmasters — meets at 6 p.m. Fridays at Bayfront Community Center, 801 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. June Wattles, 794-3218. Under-50 Women’s Mah Jongg Group — meets from 1 to 4 p.m. Tuesdays at the Flanzer Jewish Community Center, 582 S. McIntosh Road, Sarasota. Bring your own Mah Jongg set and cards. Cost is $2. Audra Martin, 3785569, Ext. 219.

THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003 9C

The Sarasota Garden Club invites the public to celebrate the National Gardening Week, which is from June 1 to 7, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday at its Falling Water Patio Garden, located at 1131 Blvd. of the Arts, Sarasota. Details, 955-0875.

Sarasota Evening Toastmasters — meets at 6 p.m. Wednesdays at the Terrace Building, corner of Ringling and U.S. 301, on the 10th floor. Wanda Loskot, 342-4203. Lunch Bunch — meets from 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesdays at Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota County, 340 S. Tuttle Ave., Sarasota. RSVP, 366-1700. Kiwanis Club of South Sarasota — meets at 12:10 p.m. Tuesdays at the Red Lobster Restaurant, 6747 S. Tamiami Trail. Details, 346-0194. Sarasota Toastmasters Club — meets at 7:30 a.m. Wednesdays at the Dutch Haus Family Restaurant, 1247 Beneva Road S., Sarasota. Andrew Bean, 351-8478.


Master Gardener Program — A program, sponsored by the University of Florida/Manatee County Extension Services, teaches effective, environmentally sound, research-based methods of growing plants. After completing the course, the master gardener then donates time to teach and inform the community about these growing methods. Applications will be sent out May 30 and will be due back July 3. Call 742-5986, Ext. 231. Bridge Lessons — Larry Auerbach teaches from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Fridays at Anna Maria Island Community Center. Cost is $8 in advance or $10 the day of. Details, 778-1908. ‘Growing Orchids of SW Florida’ Class — will

be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, May 31, at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Classes — are held at the gardens. Cost is $40 and $50. Pre-register, 366-5731, Ext. 239. ‘Groundcovers and Mulches’ Seminar — will be held from 1 to 3 p.m. Wednesday, June 4, at Florida House Learning Center. Free. RSVP, 316-1200. Senior Academy Summer Classes — will begin Monday, June 2. Courses include speed reading, computers, travel, drawing, wellness, literature and writing. Details, 359-4296. Guided Meditation — is held from 7 to 8 p.m. Mondays at Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota County, 340 St. Tuttle Ave., Sarasota. Fee is $5. RSVP, 366-1700. Computer Classes for Seniors — beginners, intermediate and Internet, are offered by the Neighbor Senior Services of Manatee for the novice user. Mae, 758-9969. Anna Maria Island Community Center — offers classes for children and adults, including Muscles and More, Pilates, creative dance, yoga, line dancing, body ball, classical conditioning and jazz dance. Schedule, 778-1908.

Adult Classical Ballet and Classical Easy Movement Classes — are held 9:45 a.m. Mondays at The Sinclair Dance Academy. Cost is $52.50 for six classes. Mo, 779-1108. G.T. Bray Park Classes — include guitar, onestroke painting, Latin and swing dancing, scrap booking and Spanish. Cheryl Casey, 742-5974. ‘Planning a Florida Yard’ Program — with

Brenda George of the Manatee County Extension Service will be held at 6 p.m. Monday, June 2, at South Manatee Branch Library, 6081 26th St. W., Bradenton. Free. Details, 755-3892. Small-Business Counseling — the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce offers free small-business counseling from 1 to 3 p.m. every Tuesday at 1819 Main St., Suite 240, Sarasota. RSVP, 955-8187. Yoga classes — are offered at Body & Soul Yoga Cooperatives at 1919 Adams Lane and Rising Tide International, 2734 Grafton St. Details, 955-2639. ‘SOSpenders Day’ Demos — will be presented by West Marine Sarasota at 1 and at 3 p.m. Saturday, May 31, at West Marine, 3979 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. Details, 924-8777. Writer’s Workshops — are sponsored by Retired Educators and Professional Institute from 2 to 4 p.m. Mondays (except holidays) at Manatee Community College, 5840 26th St. W., Science Building 25, Room 145, Bradenton. Bring works of fiction, nonfiction, memoirs or poetry. Free. Details, 748-4647.

Boating Skills and Seamanship Program — will be offered by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Flotilla 81, from 7 to 9 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday, June 3 to 26, at its building, 5801 33rd Ave. Court W., Bradenton. Details, 795-6189, 778-2495. Canine Good Citizen Testing — is offered by the Humane Society of Sarasota County Inc. at its Education Center, 2331 15th St., Sarasota. Call Kate Franklin for dates, 9554131, Ext. 309. Bartender School — will be held from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Monday, June 2, at The RitzCarlton-Sarasota. Cost is $55. RSVP, 3092008. Writing Your Personal/Family History Course — free and ongoing, is held at 1 p.m. Mondays at The Friendship Center, 1888 Brother Geenen Way, Sarasota. Details, 955-0530. Your Royal Tea: Hummingbirds And Butterflies In Your Landscape — learn how to attract them to your garden from 3:30 to 5 p.m. Friday, May 30, at Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota County, 806 Pinebrook Road, Venice. Fee is $5. RSVP, 485-9724. Yoga — is offered by the Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota County from 9 to 10:30 a.m. Tuesdays, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Wednesdays, and from 9 to 10:30 a.m. Thursdays at 340 S. Tuttle Ave. Fee is $5. RSVP, 366-1700. ❑

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PROMENADE, LONGBOAT KEY Breathtaking sunset and beach views from this stunning two story penthouse with private internal elevator. 2934 sq ft, turnkey furnished, designed by Donghia of New York with many signature pieces. A very exciting property. $1,895,000 ONE WATERGATE, MAINLAND SARASOTA Wow, what a view! Water, water everywhere. Beautifully updated 2BR/2BA with new 18” neutral tile throughout, built in buffet & desk. Walk to symphony & dining from this lovely unit located in the heart of downtown next to the Ritz. $599,000 SUTTON PLACE, LONGBOAT KEY Buy your boat a home! Cute 2 story townhouse with 2 bedrooms up. New carpet, tile and appliances. Community pools, boat docks and deeded beach access. 2 pets less than 50lbs acceptable. $235,500 SOUTH END TO BE BUILT - LONGBOAT KEY Two luxury bay front homes; 4800 sq. ft. of living space with private pools, four car garages, gulf & Bay views and deeded beach access. Each located on approximate 3/4 acre lot. $2,850,000 WATERSIDE WAY, SIESTA KEY Boater’s dream! Only 1 house off the Grand Canal located on a quiet cul-desac. This 3BR/2BA + den is ready for remodeling with nice lot in a great location. 2,417 sq. ft. of open living space with pool, boat dock & hoist. $849,900



easy y &ffering r u x u S fl eo ORmEbinatiodn noew hgormeat opaennite. H S n o , a LUBPerfectlicving. Bsr, elevatboirnets &. Agrtrue to C Y a d te islan3 BR su/icustom ocol & spate NTRome U p O w , edialyhome e n h C 3 BR on. g e kitch car garaight, imm t ti . han . a n c w o r a l 4 w f v e t ater like a ing. ki rs d 5,000 w e w t a s i s o b $2,29 to thday feel entertainng room ck o ome i r bay. Welcere everygreat fo large livlooking d wh en plan area & ol over canal. om Op /dining i & po n deep omes.c w to lana tting o hanlyh i . open w/lift s0. www 0 0 , 5 $1,29


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Doctor couple helps low-income seniors Bob and Pat Gussin make quite a team. Both doctors, they volunteer at the Senior Friendship Center, a center for low-income seniors 55 and older. Together, the Gussins devoted 50 years to Johnson & Johnson. They retired Feb. 1, 2000, but still wanted to be involved in the field. “We were looking for something that we could do in the medical field. This was a perfect match,” says Mrs. Gussin. “It’s just an unbelievable, fantastic clinic. It has a great variety of specialists, so that the patients that come in, they get comprehensive care.” She is one of those specialists; her background is in family medicine. The clinic is like any other doctor’s clinic. “But it’s run almost by all volunteers,” points out Gussin, who volunteers there as a pharmacologist. They work there on Wednesdays and most often than not they go in together. Mrs. Gussin gets a roster of her patients for the day and she’s on a roll. Her patients include diabetics, patients with high blood and cholesterol and many other health problems found in seniors. At least one of her patients will need a complete physical examination. So she helps them from then on — medicine, seeing another specialist, etc. “So, once they’re in the system they’d move along like they would in any other medical practice,” she says. Her husband’s day is also busy. He makes sure that the drugs that were ordered are the drugs that came in; makes sure that the prescription was correct; that it came in correct dosage; and that it will not negatively interact with any other medications that the patient might be taking. “And these people need a lot

of medications. The fact that the clinic is able to help them get medicine is life saving,” says Mrs. Gussin. The Gussins enjoy working at the center. “The atmosphere of all the volunteers is just so upbeat. Everybody is there because they want to be there, they want to help their patients,” she says. “There’s no remuneration,” she reminds. Her husband agrees: “It really gives you a good feeling. It’s very satisfying.” “Some of the physicians at the Friendship Center, too, go over and do some volunteer work at the Resurrection House in Sarasota,” says Mrs. Gussin. Now, the clinic at the Resurrection House operates one day a week, but when the Gussins join, they hope to keep it open for another half-day at least. They will start there in the fall because these snowbirds left for cooler Pennsylvania climate.


Volunteer opportunities: • Senior Friendship Center: 955-2122, Ext. 72. • Resurrection House Inc.: 365-3759. Literacy Council of Sarasota Inc.: 9550421. • Longboat Island Chapel: 383-6491. • Longboat Key Turtle Watch: 3877465. • Longboat Library Inc.: 383-2011. • Manatee County School Health Services: 748-0747, Ext. 1240. • Manatee County Shelter: 792-8686. • Manatee Children’s Services: 3451200, Ext. 136. • Manatee Memorial Hospital & Health System: 745-7287.

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BELLA COSTA - Gulf-front Longboat Key, captures the true spirit of beach front living. Gated, brick motor court and entry courtyard. Italian fountains and verandas. Formal living room. Casual beach front family area includes sitting room, dining area and chef’s kitchen. 4BR, office, den/loft, & children’s playroom. Exquisite, versatile design, meticulous craftsmanship. 3,000 sq. ft. of terraces. Pool and eight-car garage. $8,650,000. BAY ISLES HARBOR - Charming Mediterranean style newly renovated home. Wide water view, dock and lift. Split plan. Caged pool and outdoor kitchen. Gracious living in an incomparable location. $1,695,000. SUNSET VISTA - A real beach house. Located gulf front on one of LBK’s most beautiful estate sites. Approximately 1.2 acres. Spacious rooms, 5BR, separate private guest suites, gulf side pool and spa. Wide, sandy, walking beach. Could be family compound or site for new home. $3,500,000 SELBY GARDENS ON LBK - Private, secluded, Bay front estate. Cypress, glass & block home loaded w/charm. Approximately 1.7 acres includes 2nd buildable lot & 155’ of bay front. $2,495,000 WATERFRONT CUSTOM HOME - Distinctive 4BR/4BA home under construction. The ultimate in Florida living. Great room, Gourmet kitchen, elevator, screened decks, waterfall, spa, pool and 4-car garage. 50’ boat dock, beach access. Detailed plans available. $1,650,000. ENCHANTING AND INVITING BAY FRONT RESIDENCE - Totally updated to perfection. High ceilings, fireplace, 4BR/4BA. French doors open to tropical bay side pool, spa, and boat dock. $1,995,000 LONGBOAT KEY CLUB - Regent Place desirable “A” plan. Beach front corner with wrap around terraces. Views of the gulf, sunset, sunrise, bay and golf course. 3BR plus office. Luxurious community amenities. Space & privacy of a single family home. $2,995,000.

Lusya Sullivan

Pat and Bob Gussin put final touches on the muffins they prepared for dinner.

Requests • The Salvation Army Homeless Shelter is in need of men’s and women’s extra-large and extra-extra-large clothing, such as underwear, shirts, pants and shoes. Also requested are blankets for the homeless. 364-8854. • The Downtown Association of Sarasota needs volunteers to man a variety of booths for the July 4th Festival to be held at the Bayfront. Macia Wood, 951-1243.

Selby Education Center. Andrea Davis, 3884441, Ext. 438.


Training/meeting The Literacy Council of Sarasota will hold a three-part volunteer training workshop for prospective tutors of English as a Second Language at 9 a.m. Saturdays, May 31, June 7 and 14, in building J of the GlasserSchoenbaum Human Services Center, 1750 17th St., Sarasota. The council has a list of students, so call to sign up at 955-0421. • Mote Marine Laboratory will hold a volunteer-information meeting from 10 a.m. to noon Wednesday, June 4, in Mote’s Martin-

Robert de Warren accepts a check from Kacy Carla Bennington. The Sarasota Ballet Association recently presented a gift of $20,000 to the Sarasota Ballet of Florida. Kacy Carla Bennington, association’s board president, presented the check to Artistic Director/CEO Robert de Warren. ❑

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INVESTORS Island duplex FAIRWAY BAY Townhouse close to beach. Great rental with boat dock and water$649,900 history. $414,900 views

KEY TOWER SOUTH BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Large 2BR/2BA, 6th floor, large PostNet at Ave of the Flowers terrace, incredible beach shopping center. $159,000 views. $639,900

941-383-6411 Office

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COUNTRY CLUB SHORES 584 GUNWALE LANE- South point lot, panoramic views from almost every room of Bay & City, lots of upgrades, new tile, new Eurotech kitchen, boating water w/private dock & Lift,“VIRTUAL TOUR” $2,315,000 572 YAWL LANE - 2nd lot in from bay w/gorgeous views from 2 master suites. 5BR/4.5BA. 2 story Mediterranean custom updated w/volume ceilings & grand staircase. 2-car attached garage w/paver drive. No bridges to intracoastal waterway & Sarasota Bay. Lushly landscaped, caged, heated pool. “VIRTUAL TOUR” $ 1 , 6 9 5 , 0 0 0 561 HALYARD LANE Beautiful 2BR/2BA Completely Updated & Furnished. See it to Believe it. Only $709,000 WATER CLUB


PRIVATEER Total renoLIDO SURF & SAND Gulf vation & incredible D gulf E C and bay view, nicest D buildviews, on the beach and U CEin ED behindR the gates! Just ing, furnished, REDUsteps to white $569,000 reduced to $599,000 sand beach! LIDO BEACH 54 condos from $150,000 to $4,675,000 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES 32 homes from $339,000 to $4,850,000 RITZ BEACH RESIDENCES - Pre-Construction

(941) 387-1864

SINGLE FAMILY HOME - Everything in this Country Club Shores 3BD/2BA home is BRAND NEW. Available NOW!! FANTASTIC - 130 Ft "T" Dock available for that special yacht June 1, 2003 Call 203-288-6312 CALL TOM FOR HIS OTHER LISTINGS

Fourth from the bay, this 3BR/3BA home is meticulously maintained. Canal front, 10,000 lb boat lift, heated pool, screened lanai. Offered for $1,099,000.

EMERALD POINTE... New behind the gates at LBK Club. Villa offers views of lake and golf course, swimming pool/spa. 2 car garage. Also available for rental. $649,000.

WESTCHESTER... Gorgeous 2 bedroom/2 bath 5th floor corner unit. ING Beautifully remodeled direct beach view offered for ND PEwith $675,000. Virtual Tour

BEACHPLACE... Charming 2 bedroom 2 bath second floor unit featuring views of the beautifully manicured grounds and reflection pond. Great rental opportunity. Available furnished. $515,000.

SEAPLACE... 4th floor unit offers 2 bedroom 1 bath and wonderful gulf and sunset views. A wonderful weekend getaway or great rental opportunity. Offered for $342,000.


Direct to Tom 941-387-1875 or 941-504-9282


LONGBOAT HARBOUR LONGBOAT KEY Direct D lights. Ecity Panoramic bay views, close to Bayfront home, EDUC$1,599,000 Rwater. pool, boat docks, deeded Sailboat beach access. $239,900

1241 GMD, #606 Beautiful Cambridge residence on the 6th floor, high ceilings, custom built-ins, surround sound, views of the gulf & city lights at night in the bay. 2650 SF of luxury priced at $1,249,000 RENTALS AVAILABLE


E-mail Tour Tom’s Listings

Beautifully updated 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom. Sunny location, very light and bright, garage parking wonderful amenities. Available furnished for $399,000.


Louis Wery (941) 232-3001 Search for all properties on Award-Winning Website One Watergate Panoramic bay views from 5th floor condo in Ritz district. 2BR/2BA. Separate living & dining rooms. Parking garage. More! $399,000.

NEW VILLA- LBK CLUB - Just completed, 3 bedroom, 3.5bath with pool & spa. Very bright open floor plan, ceramic floors, granite kitchen, high ceilings, 2 car garage. Reduced $649,000. BOATER’S DELIGHT - BAY ISLES 3800 SF on deep water canal with bay views. 3BR/5.5BA, hobby room, granite kichen, marble baths, elevator, private patio, pool. $1,279,000.

Richmond Park at University Park Luxurious privacy. 3 or 4BR/3BA. Custom 3-tier pool/spa. 2+ car garage. Summer kitchen. Crown moulding. $669,900.

BAY FRONT - COREYS LANDING 3750 sq. ft. villa with open bay views. Master bedroom with bay view and 2 guest rooms on 1st level. 2nd level with media room, office and 2 BR. Private boat dock . $1,499,000.

Bird Key

SPECTACULAR BAY VIEWS - 5000 SF. bayfront maintenance free home in Queens Harbor. Quality abounds with marble and granite surfaces, 20’ ceilings, gourmet kitchen, sumptuous master suite, dock for 2 boats. $2,399,000. BAY ISLES - Pristine 3 bedroom home w/high ceilings, ceramic floors, bonus 1st level for a car collector, hobbiest, recreation room. Walking distance to golf, beach and marina. $699,000. TANGERINE BAY - Updated in “Tommy Bahama” fashion two bedroom plus den with beautiful Sarasota Bay views. Features include bamboo floors, gourmet kitchen, large master suite, 2 car garage, outdoor patio for grilling. $749,000. BOAT SLIPS - LBK MOORINGS MARINA 60’ - $212,000 45’ - $160,000

Office: - 387-1863 Res: - 383-2025 View virtual tours of these listings at: www.LONGBOATWATERFRONT.COM

Just completed! John Cannon custom 3 or 4BR/3.5BA on deep canal w/private dock. Luxurious designer upgrades! $2,495,000.

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201 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 1 • Longboat Key, FL 34228


THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003 11C



Team Buky Gabe

$490,000,000 IN SALES Maggie Hicks

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INVESTORS Island duplex FAIRWAY BAY Townhouse close to beach. Great rental with boat dock and water$649,900 history. $414,900 views

KEY TOWER SOUTH BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Large 2BR/2BA, 6th floor, large PostNet at Ave of the Flowers terrace, incredible beach shopping center. $159,000 views. $639,900

941-383-6411 Office

“Making Real Estate Real Easy”


COUNTRY CLUB SHORES 584 GUNWALE LANE- South point lot, panoramic views from almost every room of Bay & City, lots of upgrades, new tile, new Eurotech kitchen, boating water w/private dock & Lift,“VIRTUAL TOUR” $2,315,000 572 YAWL LANE - 2nd lot in from bay w/gorgeous views from 2 master suites. 5BR/4.5BA. 2 story Mediterranean custom updated w/volume ceilings & grand staircase. 2-car attached garage w/paver drive. No bridges to intracoastal waterway & Sarasota Bay. Lushly landscaped, caged, heated pool. “VIRTUAL TOUR” $ 1 , 6 9 5 , 0 0 0 561 HALYARD LANE Beautiful 2BR/2BA Completely Updated & Furnished. See it to Believe it. Only $709,000 WATER CLUB


PRIVATEER Total renoLIDO SURF & SAND Gulf vation & incredible D gulf E C and bay view, nicest D buildviews, on the beach and U CEin ED behindR the gates! Just ing, furnished, REDUsteps to white $569,000 reduced to $599,000 sand beach! LIDO BEACH 54 condos from $150,000 to $4,675,000 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES 32 homes from $339,000 to $4,850,000 RITZ BEACH RESIDENCES - Pre-Construction

(941) 387-1864

SINGLE FAMILY HOME - Everything in this Country Club Shores 3BD/2BA home is BRAND NEW. Available NOW!! FANTASTIC - 130 Ft "T" Dock available for that special yacht June 1, 2003 Call 203-288-6312 CALL TOM FOR HIS OTHER LISTINGS

Fourth from the bay, this 3BR/3BA home is meticulously maintained. Canal front, 10,000 lb boat lift, heated pool, screened lanai. Offered for $1,099,000.

EMERALD POINTE... New behind the gates at LBK Club. Villa offers views of lake and golf course, swimming pool/spa. 2 car garage. Also available for rental. $649,000.

WESTCHESTER... Gorgeous 2 bedroom/2 bath 5th floor corner unit. ING Beautifully remodeled direct beach view offered for ND PEwith $675,000. Virtual Tour

BEACHPLACE... Charming 2 bedroom 2 bath second floor unit featuring views of the beautifully manicured grounds and reflection pond. Great rental opportunity. Available furnished. $515,000.

SEAPLACE... 4th floor unit offers 2 bedroom 1 bath and wonderful gulf and sunset views. A wonderful weekend getaway or great rental opportunity. Offered for $342,000.


Direct to Tom 941-387-1875 or 941-504-9282


LONGBOAT HARBOUR LONGBOAT KEY Direct D lights. Ecity Panoramic bay views, close to Bayfront home, EDUC$1,599,000 Rwater. pool, boat docks, deeded Sailboat beach access. $239,900

1241 GMD, #606 Beautiful Cambridge residence on the 6th floor, high ceilings, custom built-ins, surround sound, views of the gulf & city lights at night in the bay. 2650 SF of luxury priced at $1,249,000 RENTALS AVAILABLE


E-mail Tour Tom’s Listings

Beautifully updated 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom. Sunny location, very light and bright, garage parking wonderful amenities. Available furnished for $399,000.


Louis Wery (941) 232-3001 Search for all properties on Award-Winning Website One Watergate Panoramic bay views from 5th floor condo in Ritz district. 2BR/2BA. Separate living & dining rooms. Parking garage. More! $399,000.

NEW VILLA- LBK CLUB - Just completed, 3 bedroom, 3.5bath with pool & spa. Very bright open floor plan, ceramic floors, granite kitchen, high ceilings, 2 car garage. Reduced $649,000. BOATER’S DELIGHT - BAY ISLES 3800 SF on deep water canal with bay views. 3BR/5.5BA, hobby room, granite kichen, marble baths, elevator, private patio, pool. $1,279,000.

Richmond Park at University Park Luxurious privacy. 3 or 4BR/3BA. Custom 3-tier pool/spa. 2+ car garage. Summer kitchen. Crown moulding. $669,900.

BAY FRONT - COREYS LANDING 3750 sq. ft. villa with open bay views. Master bedroom with bay view and 2 guest rooms on 1st level. 2nd level with media room, office and 2 BR. Private boat dock . $1,499,000.

Bird Key

SPECTACULAR BAY VIEWS - 5000 SF. bayfront maintenance free home in Queens Harbor. Quality abounds with marble and granite surfaces, 20’ ceilings, gourmet kitchen, sumptuous master suite, dock for 2 boats. $2,399,000. BAY ISLES - Pristine 3 bedroom home w/high ceilings, ceramic floors, bonus 1st level for a car collector, hobbiest, recreation room. Walking distance to golf, beach and marina. $699,000. TANGERINE BAY - Updated in “Tommy Bahama” fashion two bedroom plus den with beautiful Sarasota Bay views. Features include bamboo floors, gourmet kitchen, large master suite, 2 car garage, outdoor patio for grilling. $749,000. BOAT SLIPS - LBK MOORINGS MARINA 60’ - $212,000 45’ - $160,000

Office: - 387-1863 Res: - 383-2025 View virtual tours of these listings at: www.LONGBOATWATERFRONT.COM

Just completed! John Cannon custom 3 or 4BR/3.5BA on deep canal w/private dock. Luxurious designer upgrades! $2,495,000.

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201 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 1 • Longboat Key, FL 34228

12C THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003



THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003 13C


L ROGER SELLS THE SANCTUARY THE SANCTUARY...Wonderful 7th floor, direct gulf large corner residence, beautifully finished. Sumptuous master suite, guest suite, den/3rd BR plus kids’ retreat. Furnished. $2,199,000 THE SANCTUARY...Located in the Sanctuary’s prime direct Gulf building. This popular floor plan offers both direct Gulf and Bay and city views. Many upgrades are included, such as generous use of tile, wet bar, built-ins and, two storage and two parking spaces. $1,549,000




Joyce Huber Mark Huber


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L’AMBIANCE Over 4,890 square feet of living space in this magnificent, one-of-a-kind residence with spacious terraces on both sides overlooking the Gulf, the Bay, the golf course and the city skyline. Superb designer features in every room from custom wall coverings to comfortable, yet elegant furniture; gourmet kitchen; and spectacular marble and mosaic tile flooring. $5,999,000

ST. ARMANDS WATERFRONT...A landmark home on St. Armand’s Key, a one-of-a-kind property. Two-lot waterfront estate is walled and landscaped. Inside is a comfortable Florida-style home, the focus of outside beauty is brought inside through generous use of glass. $2,995,000 BAYOU HAMMOCK...Truly a delight, a 4,200 square foot home with three bedrooms on over 1.5 acres on the North Longboat Key. A Selby gardens-like setting, over 340 feet of water frontage that includes three docks. Vaulted ceilings in family room, living and dining space. $2,595,000 THE OAKS...Simply spectacular. Over 7,500 square feet of authentic country French living. Completely rebuilt with love and superior quality. Four/five bedrooms in the main house plus a mother-in-law guest house attached by a breezeway. Built on two lots! Over 350’ of estate frontage; the backyard overlooks an impressive lawn and lake. A truly one-of-a-kind residence in Oaks I. $2,199,000 WATER CLUB...Beautiful Cambridge residence in the southern building. Sunset Gulf views as well as views over Sarasota Bay. 6th floor height means 10’ ceilings. Tastefully furnished. Den can be used as a third bedroom. May be purchased furnished. $1,249,000 TANGERINE BAY...Properly priced and ready to move in, wonderful views across the resort-like pool of Tangerine Bay to Sarasota Bay. Oversized eat-in kitchen, gas fireplace and sumptuous master suite. Also a full two-car garage. $779,000 AQUARIUS...This south end, Longboat Key beach residence. Northwest exposure for beautiful sunsets. Ideally located in walking distance of Publix and the Colony, this is one of your last chances to live in a 2/2 for only $499,000

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES COUNTRY CLUB SHORES POINT...Completely renovated gated estate home on the end of Ketch Lane. This wonderful point lot home has over 4,000 square feet of inviting space which includes three bedrooms plus office, gourmet kitchen and bar. Room for 3 boats and 2, two-car garages. $2,849,000 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES POINT...This spectacular property is located on the “point” with over 163’ of Bay frontage and 120’ of protected deepwater canal. The views are endless; downtown Sarasota, John Ringling Mansion and panoramic views of Sarasota Bay. The perfect location for your dream home! $2,299,000 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES...Lowest price waterfront house by $100,000! Three bedroom home on the west end of Ketch Lane. Has been partially remodeled and is ready for occupancy or further renovation. $499,000

roger c. pettingell luxury waterfront specialist

387.1840 586.6668

Roger has listed and sold over $275,000,000 in luxury and waterfront homes.

A RARE OPPORTUNITY - New bayfront custom estate home on St. Armands Key w/180° views of Sarasota Bay, Mote Marine Bird Sanctuary & the city skyline. A 5-BR, 5400 sq. ft. masterpiece w/highest quality construction, architectural detail & elegant finishes. Unparalleled waterside ambiance w/sophisticated modern amenities. Dock w/16,000 lb. & 10,000 lb. lift. The large lanai overlooks the 35’ swimming pool & spa. DRASTICALLY REDUCED! $3,350,000. WHAT IS YOUR “WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY?” - Owners will accept $2,250,000 firm until June 7, 2003 for this perfect gem at Regent Place. Act now and live on the beach in total privacy. Sparkling water, white powder sand, & sunsets 365 days a year. No peer anywhere the sun shines. $2,500,000. REGENT PLACE PENTHOUSE! Imagine the perfect view, the perfect floor plan, & the perfect location. Here it is!! Walls of glass bring the entire Gulf, Sarasota Bay, Downtown, distant islands & Islandside Golf into your world in the sky. Exquisite detail with 12’ ceilings, 8’ solid oak doors & trim, luxurious master suite, 2 en-suite bedrooms, plus office & den, private elevator & 2 huge terraces. $100,000 REDUCTION TO $4,125,000. VILLA DI LANCIA - Privacy & gulf front panorama end unit penthouse. Volume ceilings, huge terrace, wood floors, fireplace, gourmet kitchen, private elevator & all amenities. PRICE REDUCED. $1,700,000. SANCTUARY - Corner unit w/wrap around views of golf and gulf. 2BD, den 2.5BA turnkey furnished. Expansive beach, sensational amenities in secure, environment. $949,000. ATRIUM - Rarely available “Banyan” floor plan, in direct bayfront end unit. Over 2,600 sq. ft., eat-in-kitchen, huge great room, 3 BR/2.5BA, 3 balconies, wonderful amenities. $879,000. FAIRWAY BAY - Direct bay front, 2BR/2BA, end unit. Beautifully decorated in one of LBK’s nicest communities. Amenities galore. $459,900. CASA DEL MAR - Fabulous rental complex on beach. Low maintenance fee & great on-site rental program. Beautifully redecorated & updated. $399,900. HARBOUR OAKS - Maintenance free home. 3BR/2.5BA + den. Large great room w/vaulted ceilings, tile floors, & designer touches. Huge screened back deck, 2 car garage, new roof, paver brick drive & entry walkway. $459,900. ISLANDS WEST - Direct gulf front 2BR/2BA w/panoramic views of Gulf, Bay & Downtown. Exceptional building, sensational amenities. Priced to sell quickly w/furnishings. PRICE REDUCED. $609,000. BEACHES OF LONGBOAT KEY - CONTRACT PENDING $695,000. ★ ★ ★ ★ INN ON THE BEACH ★ ★ ★ ★ Superb 1st level 2BR/2BA walk-out to pool and beach $795,000.

First level, 2BR/2BA. Fabulous resort pool and wide beach.

$695,000. See Virtual Tour at: JOYCE HOME 383-2440 MARK HOME 383-6739 387-1822 (Office Direct) • 800-365-8492

as one of the Top 100 Sales People in the country for 2002

JUST LISTED LONGBOAT KEY PROMENADE – Direct Gulf front fabulous sunset views in pristine condition. 3BR/3BA. Features include marble floors, crown molding, & wet bar. Community provides top-of-the-line amenities, Har-Tru tennis courts, great security, concierge & wonderful pool & deck area. $1,079,000. JUST LISTED MAINLAND - THE LANDINGS – Lovely lake & sunset views from this spacious 2BR/2.5BA Landings South residence. Features include high cathedral ceilings, tile floors and large enclosed lanai. An incredible tennis, swimming & exercise facility. Great clubhouse, nature walk & fishing gazebo on the ICW. Active community with guarded gate entry. $217,500. LIGHTHOUSE POINT - AUTHENTIC TUSCANY Beachfront estate in the exclusive gated Lighthouse Point. Spellbounding views of the Gulf, Sarasota Bay and city skyline from this 7,200 sq. ft. masterpiece of style & quality. State-of-the-art technology & design along w/shellstone covered terraces, gourmet kitchen, 3 fireplaces, home theater, elevator, exercise room, marble, granite, oak pegged floors & deeded protected 50 ft. boat dock. $8,000,000. FAIRWAY BAY ATRIUM- Fabulous open bay views from this spacious 2BR/2BA plus den penthouse. 10 foot ceilings, granite kitchen, gorgeous built-ins, tile floors and decorator window treatments, new carpeting and plantation shutters. Deeded beach access. Annual lease considered. $749,900.

Bruce has been charting the course in residential real estate for over 23 years! The only time in life it doesn’t cost more to hire the best. GRAND RIVIERA

Enclave of 13 luxurious residences on Golden Gate Point! Unparalleled panoramic views, private boat docks available. 2,651 -5,837 sq. ft. Priced from $1,525,000 to $4,300,000.

LONGBOAT KEY- BAY FRONT ESTATE Boater’s Paradise – Magnificent water front location w/ unbelievable views of Bay & Bayou from this 1-acre peninsula lot. This 4BR/4BAfeatures 10 ft ceilings, pool & spa, dockage for multiple boats w/653 ft of perfect seawall. $2,995,000. SIESTA KEY - SIESTA COVE 3-5BR/3.5BA all recently renovated. Decks abound for outdoor entertaining. Close to Siesta Key’s famous beach. Ultimate in tropical living. $599,000. SIESTA KEY - SANDY COVE Wonderful 2BR/2BA corner unit w/large terraces overlooking tropical paradise. Shows like a model. Fishing pier & clubhouse guest suite. $349,900. CASEY KEY – Fabulous 3/4 acre gated bay estate with beach access. 2 story Robb & Stucky furnished unique home redesigned with quality and flair in 2000. Large pool and patio’s overlook bay and tropical gardens. $1,995,000. LONGBOAT KEY – Residential lot on Gulf side with wide Gulf views. Just steps away to miles of pristine beach. Tropical & mature landscaping creates privacy on 100x175’ lot. $1,100,000.

Call on Barbara’s other Waterfront Properties: 941-780-6045 941-924-9000 • Email - Take a virtual tour of these properties at:

One of the best lots in Sarasota with spectacular bay and city views. Home is just as outstanding. 4BR/4BA, pool, sailboat water. Available decorator furnished by Robb & Stucky. $3,675,000. WATER CLUB


Estate-sized property, tropically landscaped with 345’ water frontage on 1.5 acres +/-. Well designed, custom home with over 4,000 Sq. ft. plus a 4-car garage. 2 docks on deep water. $2,595,000 WATERFRONT LOT

RITZ CARLTON PENTHOUSE – World class amenities. Sparkling bay views from every room, 4734 square foot residence with 2 master suites, guest and leisure room with wet bar, all marble floors. Magnificently furnished. Annual lease considered. $3,450,000. SIESTA KEY - BAYOU LOUISE Have it all w/sweeping views of Gulf, New Pass & City lights w/private beach from magnificent gated estate. Palm Beach inspired elegance begins w/hand made Brazilian Oak entry doors, custom wrought iron fixtures & gates, ivory creme marble floors; limestone fireplaces & patios overlooking 40-ft heated pool/spa & Gulf. Seven car garage & 20,000 lb. boat lift complete the picture for the most discriminating buyer who wants brand new! $4,995,000. SARABANDE Postcard views of sunsets on gulf and city lights are spellbinding from one of Sarasota’s finest locations. This 3,748 sq ft 10th floor, 3BR, + media & family room residence is professionally designed with furnishings available. Shows like a model. Walking distance to fine restaurants & theaters. PRICE REDUCTION $2,495,000. WATERCLUB I - GULF FRONT Enjoy a Gulf front Island retreat in this 3 BR, 5 bath 7th floor residence with sunset views from 3 terraces. Furnishings are casual and professionally designed. Concierge services, 17,000 sq. ft. clubhouse and a separate private garage at $3,200,000.


Exquisitely appointed, spacious beachfront residence with 3 large terraces! Popular “Arlington” plan with beautiful upgrades throughout! 2 covered parking spaces. $2,475,000. Sophisticated “Cambridge” floor plan tastefully appointed throughout! 2 bedrooms, gourmet kitchen with granite, extra storage & 2 covered parking spaces. $1,999,000. BAY ISLES HARBOR SECTION

Build your dream home lot with over 125 feet directly on New Pass! May be purchased with adjoining lots for family compound. $2,595,000. Over 6,000 SF of luxury! 5BR suites, office, outside bar summer kitchen & deep water dockage with 200 ft. of seawall! 2,800 bottle wine cellar, 3 car garage, elevator, pool, VIZCAYA separate spa area. $3,150,000. One of the best lots with approximately 246 feet of water frontage with Southern exposure. Great floor plan with a dramatic flair $1,995,000. Magnificently designed, custom home. Light, bright, Spacious, luxurious condominium with feel of home. split floor plan, vaulted ceilings and white tile throughExquisitely furnished with a private pool. Stunning out. Deep water channel boasting 196’ seawall, dock views of the gulf, 2-car garage. $2,549,000. accommodates 3 boats. $1,895,000. SANCTUARY Direct beach front! Popular & private “Carlyle” floor plan in Building II with 2 parking spaces. $1,549,000. THE PIERRE Bright, sunny, south corner apartment brings the outside in with panoramic views of gulf, garden, golf course and city skyline. Spacious & open with 3BR-3.5BA & 2 expansive terraces. Full service building with concierge and 2 hospitality suites. $915,000. MARINA BAY Bay & gulf view complement this graciously ING appointed D N E P residence with over 3,000 square feet. $899,000. E SAL

ISLANDS WEST Spectacular gulf views from all major rooms in this totally redone, beautifully appointed and furnished 5th floor residence. Full range of amenities, 2 small pets welcome. Walk to local shops. $769,000. THE ATRIUM Popular “Mangrove” floor plan, 2,105 sq ft with 3 bedrooms, beautiful views of the bay and the pool! A great value on the south end of Longboat Key! $629,000. SEAGATE CLUB Panoramic gulf & sunset views from this upper floor corner residence! 2BR/2BA, tile floors, large balcony, views from every room! Walk to shopping, restaurants, banks and beach. $625,000.

FAIRWAY BAY Corner 3BR/3BA townhouse! Approximately 2,100 SF under air with soaring ceilings, fireplace, loft/office, 3 GRAND BAY terraces and large garage! $449,000. Sweeping views of the Bay, city skyline & golf course from this Penthouse! “Bimini” floorplan SABAL COVE 2 desirable lots in area of $1,000,000 homes. Greenbelt with 9’ ceilings, hardwood floors & wrap around views. $349,000 & $399,000. terrace. 2 side by side parking spaces, full amenities. FAIRWAY BAY Gorgeous bayfront views of downtown. Behind the gates of the LBK Club. Sold turnkey furnished. $379,000.


BEACH HARBOR CLUB G INClubhouse, 3rd floor unit with E a peek theDgulf. heatPEatN L A S ed pool, boat dock & fishing pier. Furnished. $259,900. • 941-387-1859 • E-mail:

Located at The Chart House Centre • 201 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 1 • Longboat Key, FL 34228

14C THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003



Let Saint & Gail Open the Door... to Your Place in Paradise

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Mrs. Rogers’ Neighborhoods

If You’re Looking for Waterfront ~ Start with the Best

C. Steven Abbott Craig W. Abbott Harbour Court

2202A 2204A 7103A

INN ON THE BEACH - CLUB SUITES Gross Inc. ‘01 $58,100+ $329,000 Gross Inc. ‘01 $56,900+ $329,000 Gross Inc. ‘01 $43,300+ $268,000

UNIVERSITY PARK Custom 4 bedroom with 2 offices, large pool and spa on pristine lake. Countless upgrades, 3car garage, fireplace & much more! $849,000 WATERFRONT TREASURE 255’ on New Pass with views to the south end of Longboat Key. Gated estate with approximately 12,500 sq. ft. and is ideal to renovate or build one or two new homes.

BEACHFRONT PARADISE 150’ of beach, gated estate with over 5500 sq ft, private tennis courts, beachfront heated pool, exquisite, lush tropical landscaping. $5,990,000 HARBOUR OAKS Lovely end unit, 2 BR + den, private pool and oversized courtyard, wood burning fireplace, skylights, atriums, 2 car garage. $459,000 HIDEAWAY BAY Ideal parcel to build estate sized home located in private enclave on North Longboat Key, private boat dock on deep water, bay views, community tennis courts. $1,200,000 QUEENS HARBOUR Customized 3BR+den w/views of golf course. Elegant interior, marble floors, heated pool in gated & maintenance free community. $899,000 A UNIQUE & GRACIOUS ESTATE 100 ft of beach, over 3300 sq. ft. in main house & separate 3BR guest cottage, heated pool, furnished. $4,499,000


TOWER RESIDENCES AT THE RITZ CARLTON Penthouse with over 4600 sq ft and 15th floor residence with over 3700 square feet. Ultra exclusive residences with stunning water views, soaring ceilings, private elevator and unsurpassed detail throughout. $3,300,000 to $4,800,000 VILLA DI LANCIA Beach front penthouse with a 2,000 sq. ft. terrace which provides breathtaking Gulf and Bay views. Well designed 3BR w/many fine appointments, builtins, great amenities in gated community. $1,995,000 •VT

HARBOUR CIRCLE Totally updated 3BR villa w/lake views in the private LBK Club. New wood floors & carpeting, vaulted ceilings, furnished & spacious screened lanai. $459,000 •VT

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 1-4 1910 HARBOUR LINKS EMERALD POINT SOUTH Brand new 3 bedroom with lovely lake and golf course views. $639,000 VIRTUAL TOURS AT WWW.SAINTANDGAIL.COM

Saint Cacchiotti & Gail Wittig Twice the effort...Twice the results

941.387.0533 • 800.581.3444 Espanol • Deutsche • Italiano • Francais



in sales for 2002! ESTATE SIZE PARCEL ON LONGBOAT KEY WITH BOATING WATER - $1,900,000 Over 2.5 acres of prime land... cleared and ready to build a dream home or subdivide into 4 parcels. REGENT PLACE! - $2,395,000. - Spacious “B” plan in so. bldg. The most fabulous views of gulf, bay & city. Over 3,200 sq. ft. of PIZAZZ!

• BEAUTIFUL BAYFRONT maintenance-free community behind the gates of the LBK Club. Spectacular bay views to Sarasota skyline. 3,000 sq. ft. 4BR/4BA, kitchen/family room, living room w/fireplace open to lanai areas right over the water. Formal dining room. Community pool w/spa, 2 Har-Tru tennis courts, private boat dock, (20 ft. from lanai) 2 car garage. $985,000. Click on MLS#228918 @ for VIRTUAL TOUR.

INCREDIBLE NEW WATERFRONT HOME ON LONGBOAT KEY $2,495,000 This 5BR/4BA Mediterranean displays ultimate quality as well as all the “bells and whistles.” Deluxe master suite, fantastic kitchen, volume ceilings, separate guest area, heated pool, dock and deeded beach access. THE VIEWS WILL TRULY AMAZE YOU $2,444,000. Ritz Tower Residence 14th fl. faces west for finest vistas of Bay & Gulf. Almost 3,000 sq. ft. of fabulous finishes & upgrades. 3BR + family room. ARCHITECTURAL STATEMENT ON THE WIDE OPEN BAY - $4,850,000 Over 6,000 sq. ft. Volume ceilings, gorgeous views, wraparound teak decking, mahogany and slate floors, vanishing edge pool, deluxe master suite and gourmet kitchen.


PRIVATE BEACH HOUSE 100 ft of beach, 2 story residence, expansive views, privacy abound, htd beach front pool, excellent rental potential, furnished. $2,400,000


annette rogers

Inn on the Beach • AT THE LONGBOAT KEY CLUB A room with a view and what a view it is! Gulf front club suite at a world class resort in desirable building #1. Great privacy with southern exposure overlooking New Pass and the gulf. Income ‘02 $48,366 $339,000. • CLUB SUITE, with golf course view. $195,000 SOLD

Grand Bay

HARBOR ACRES BAY VIEWS & GREAT B O A T I N G ! $2,895,000. Gorgeous,

furnished, almost-new home with extraordinary detailing. 4,200 square foot with 4BR/4BA, 4 car garage & elevator. DESIGNER PERFECT CONDO ON THE BEACH! $1,795,000. - 9th floor Brighton at Waterclub w/over 3000 sq. ft. of gorgeous, TKF floorplan. Views of Gulf & Bay.

• DIRECT BAY FRONT luxury with gorgeous unobstructed views from every room. 2BR/2BA condo w/beautiful designer touches. Custom built-ins in kitchen, living room, dining room, den and master bedroom. Large extended wraparound terrace. This light, bright condo shows like a model. World-class amenities and beach club membership. Private parking garage. $639,000. Click on MLS#230539 @ for VIRTUAL TOUR. Longboat Key Moorings boat slip also available.

Longboat Harbour

• DIRECT BAY FRONT 2BR/2BA ground floor condo. New kitchen, bathrooms, new tile throughout, appliances, new furnishings included. SALE PENDING $349,000

Longboat Longboat Key Key Yacht Yacht && Tennis Tennis

WATER CLUB DIRECT GULF! - $2,495,000. “Arlington” plan w/ 3BR/5BA, wood floors, fabulous upgrades & finishes... plus 2 parking spaces, (one is a separate garage!) PANORAMIC WATER VIEWS FROM ST. ARMANDS MEDITERRANEAN $2,195,000. Spacious 4 or 5BR home. Over 4,900 sq. ft., volume ceilings, 2 fireplaces, elevator & docking for 40’ boat. MUSEUM AREA BAYFRONT - ONE ACRE - $1,595,000 Fabulous location, 138’ of waterfront w/splendid views of LBK & sunsets. Cute, livable home, but value is in land. STUNNING AND PRIVATE HOME IN BAY ISLES - $1,249,000. BELOW RECENT APPRAISAL! Cul-de-sac w/gorgeous lake & golf course views. Immaculate 3 or 4 BR w/tasteful upgrades and lovely pool area. DOUBLE PENTHOUSE DOWNTOWN BAYFRONT - $895,000. Over 3300 sq. ft., 4BR/4BA, fabulous views and next door to The Ritz!

• SPARKLING GULF WATERS beach, pool, tennis and boat dockage await you. Almost 1,300 square feet, 2 bedroom, 2 bath in gulf front building. Turnkey furnished. $439,000.

Longboat Beach House

• 2ND FLOOR SOUTH END CORNER UNIT. 1,500 sq. ft, 2BR/2BA, furnished condo home. Tile floors and newer appliances. Heated pool and just steps to the beach. SOLD $495,000


• GREAT 1BR LOFT UNIT. Building G-1 is Gulf front. Screened lanai views greenbelt area. 1.5 baths, turnkey furnished. All the Seaplace amenities at a great price. SALE PENDING $275,000

After Hours: (941) 383-1990 (941) 383-7591 or 1-800-887-2968



Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker

GORGEOUS FURNISHED PENTHOUSE AT THE RENAISSANCE $695,000. - Huge bay views, Saturina Marble floors, 10’ ceilings, 2BR+den & 2 parking spaces. DELUXE BEACH RESORT - $239,000. - Club suite with lagoon views and awesome amenities. Great rental history... great investment!

ask for annette Bus. (941) 387-0800 Eve. (941) 387-0900 (800) 209-0330 e-mail:

440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228


THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003 15C


Bird Watch

Protect your home from pesky woodpeckers Woodpeckers are really fascinating birds and ered with barb or sticky saliva, can be extended also are an integral part of our natural environ- quite far to dislodge ants and insect larvae from ment. The problem is how to remain on friend- deep crevices in wood. ly terms with these better-known Drumming serves as a territorial backyard friends when they move signal, similar to birdsong. Both from knocking on your palm tree to male and female will drum. For this knocking on your house for nesting purpose, even aluminum siding, or roosting. This may seem like a downspouts, gutters or vents are not spared. small or even ridiculous problem, Woodpeckers excavate nest holes but it is quite common. at the start of each breeding season Woodpeckers cause thousands of in April or May. They prefer tree dollars worth of damage to homes cavities, but will use your home if across the country. there is soft wood behind a hard Woodpeckers are not songbirds. shell. They belong to a separate order, the Why do they choose your home piciformes. Their thick skulls and DI LORENZO for nesting? Holes on the side of a powerful neck muscles enable them to deliver sharp blows without injuring them- house are safer from predators; the insulation selves. They use their chisel-like beaks for bor- provides extra protection from cold; too few ing into wood. Their tongues, which are cov- suitable trees are available for nesting or roost-

by Dawn

Woodpeckers prefer tree cavities but they will use a home if there is softwood behind a hard shell.

ing in your area; and houses are made from softwood, which is easier to excavate. If a woodpecker is hammering your home, you may find a solution in the methods listed once you determine why they have chosen your home. You should be aware that federal law prohibits killing woodpeckers. Try these methods: Aluminum foil strips or a windsock hung from areas they like; electronic recordings of a predators, such as a hawk; a movement detector that makes sounds when they approach; light-weight nylon or plastic netting attached to the damaged siding; insect prevention is a sure bet; keep the bugs away from your home; leave dead trees in the yard so birds have a place of their own; as long as a nest is not already established, existing holes should be plugged. If the birds already have eggs or young, the holes can be sealed after the nestlings have fledged. ❑

WEATHER STATISTICS AND TIDES Sun., May 18 Mon., May 19 Tues., May 20 Wed., May 21 Thurs., May 22 Fri., May 23 Sat., May 24

High Temp. 91 91 93 90 87 NA NA

Low Temp. 73 76 76 82 73 NA NA

Record High 93 (1995) 95 (1985) 95 (1991) 96 (1982) 95 (1982) 96 (1990) 95 (1991)

Record Low 60 (1981) 66 (1993) 63 (1994) 64 (1998) 65 (1992) 65 (1983) 68 (1987)

Humidity 63% 65% 46% 44% 60% NA NA

Rainfall Trace 0.07 0.15 0.00 1.00 1.75 NA

Morning Tides High Low 1:29 6:01 2:21 6:19 3:14 6:33 4:11 6:47 (none) (none) (none) (none) (none) (none)

Thurs., May 29 Fri., May 30 Sat., May 31 Sun., June 1 Mon., June 2 Tues., June 3 Wed., June 4

Evening Tides High Low 11:35 7:48 11:57 8:25 12:23 9:03 12:54 9:44 1:30 10:29 2:14 11:15 3:04 (none)

From The Longboat Observer weather station

Rainfall: Year-to-date 2003 2002 14.51 13.65 in.

Month-to-date 2003 2002 3.45 2.16

Average Water Temp.: 85

Moon phases: First Qtr. June 7


Last Qtr.


June 14

June 21

May 31

Jerry Thompson

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Waterviews! On the big lake, 3 bedroom villa beautifully appointed and in mint condition. Fireplace, eat-in kitchen, vaulted ceilings. 2-car attached garage. Virtual Tour. Call for your private viewing. $699,900.

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES 536 Spinaker Lane OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 1-4 Attention investors! Need an exchange! Take a look at this 3BR canal front home, turnkey furnished, private dock, open pool and spa. Virtual Tour A good investment at $749,000.

Waterfront Home! Superior water views from this updated canalfront home with extra large lot of over 1/3 acre. Three bedrooms, two baths, large kitchen, open floor plan, 2 car-garage, ceramic tile/carpeted flooring & 2000 sf of entertainment area with solar heated pool, dock with boat lift, water & electric... come see the waterfront view. $878,400

PROMENADE Stunning city skyline & bay to gulf views! This southwest 5th floor, double entry doors, split 2BR is TKF. Gated beachfront w/every amenity. Fitness center, tennis, pool, club rooms, concierge, large pool. Virtual Tour $749,000.

SAILBOAT WATER 652 Lyons Lane Fabulous 3BR island home on lush tropical landscaped lot, brick paver circular drive, trellis entry, all tiled floors, French doors to screened pool and lanai. New dock, sailboat water just minutes to ICW & gulf. Virtual Tour $749,000.

INN ON THE BEACH Sweeping views, from top floor #4601 and 4602, unique “lock out” 2BR plan. Rent one or both, or use as your own personal 2BR luxury condo. Virtual Tour $850,000. 5307 Opportunity to own largest 2BR, corner suite. Furnished. Virtual Tour $499,000.

Southern Breeze - 6 Unit Resort Near Bean Point on Anna Maria Island, 3 buildings with 2 units in each all having 2 bedrooms / 1 bath decorated with the feel of the island, furnished & ready to rent, cute & beachy, heated pool too, walk to restaurants & beach, $1,450,000 or buy just 1 building at $495,000... Call Tom for your color brochure!

36 SANDY HOOK, SIESTA KEY 6 bedroom pecky cypress beach house, beautiful garden setting. Walk to the village and neighborhood beach. Virtual Tour $925,000.

Jerry Thompson, GRI, CRS Service • Expertise • Integrity Longboat Key Realtor® Since 1974 Visit my Website for Virtual Tours 941.552.3966 • 866.799.9400

(941) 778-6066 5293

Tom Nelson Realtor ®

6101 Marina Drive Holmes Beach, FL

Would it Surprise You...


SANDY COVE, SIESTA KEY Remodeled 2 story townhouse near village. 3BR, tiled floor, vaulted beam ceilings, most rooms open to sun decks or lush flowering atrium overlooking large lake, steps to private beach & fishing pier. Garage, pet friendly. Virtual Tour $574,000.

COUNTRY ELEGANCE 281 Oak Ford Road Equestrian country estate on 5 fenced acres with a 3 stall Prudential Palms Realty • Fine Homes International barn, large stocked pond and miles of saddle trails. Like 595 Bay Isles Rd. • Ste. 115 • Longboat Key, FL 34228 new 3BR with 2,665 sq. ft. Virtual Tour $364,900 5293

to know you can advertise in The Longboat Observer Classifieds for FREE? Call Maureen to find out how. (941) 383-5509


NORTH SIESTA KEY 3471 Flamingo Ave. Charming 2BR home in private setting on street of million dollar homes. All new windows, French doors, new roof & A/C. This bright & open home has a screened free-form pool/spa. Attached 2 car garage. Virtual Tour $375,000.


16C THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003


One of the biggest names in mortgages is right in your own backyard.


hen you choose Chase you are guaranteed by a variety of products offered by one of the nation’s top mortgage lenders. Plus, the knowledge of loan officers like Ron Hayes who are familiar with, and dedicated to, your local community. So, whatever your mortgage needs –– fixedrate, adjustable-rate, jumbo, government, call Ron locally for a free consultation at

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Inc. Lic. R.E. Broker

Larry Shapiro Barbara Shapiro PLAYERS CLUB 2BR/2.5BA with full Gulf view, beautifully updated with granite & marble. Turn-key furnished $770,000. FAIRWAY BAY - 2BR/2BA with den, full bay view. Private. $449,900. FAIRWAY BAY Lowest priced 2BR with breakfast room/office. Bay views from 2 balconies. Turnkey furnished. Now $379,900. SEAPLACE Largest 2BR/2BA “A” plan, screened terrace, turnkey furn. with all the amenities including Har-Tru tennis courts, 2 pools, clubhouse, fitness room, guarded gate. $349,000. CONDOS AVAILABLE GRAND BAY - $595,000 to $1,499,000 EN PROVENCE - $2,695,000 to $6,900,000 VIZCAYA - $2,549,000 to $3,795,000 RITZ - $1,049,000 to $5,750,000


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5.125 / 0.00 5.125 / 0.00 5.125 / 0.00 5.250 / 0.00 5.250 / 0.00 4.875 / 1.00 5.500 / 0.00 5.125 / 0.00 5.000 / 0.00 5.125 / 0.00 4.625 / 1.75 5.125 / 1.25 No Quote 5.000 / 0.00 4.875 / 0.00 5.375 / 0.50 5.125 / 0.00 5.125 / 0.00 5.250 / 0.00 5.125 / 0.00 4.875 / 0.00 4.625 / 1.88 5.125 / 0.00 5.125 / 0.00 4.750 / 1.50 5.250 / 1.25 5.125 / 0.00 4.750 / 2.00 5.000 / 0.00 5.000 / 0.00 5.000 / 0.00 5.000 / 1.00 4.875 / 0.00 5.625 / -.25 5.125 / 0.00 5.375 / 0.00 5.125 / 0.00

4.500 / 0.00 4.470 / 0.00 4.500 / 0.00 4.500 / 0.00 4.625 / 0.00 4.125 / 1.00 5.125 / 0.00 4.500 / 0.00 4.375 / 0.00 4.500 / 0.00 4.375 / 1.00 4.500 / 1.13 No Quote 4.500 / 0.00 4.250 / 0.00 4.125 / 1.25 4.500 / 0.00 4.500 / 0.00 4.750 / 0.00 4.375 / 0.00 4.375 / 0.00 4.125 / 1.50 4.500 / 0.00 4.500 / 0.00 4.000 / 1.50 4.625 / 1.25 4.500 / 0.00 4.000 / 2.00 4.375 / 0.00 4.375 / 0.00 4.375 / 0.00 4.250 / 1.00 4.375 / 0.00 4.875 / -.25 4.625 / 0.00 4.750 / 0.00 4.750 / 0.00

5.500 / 0.00 5.375 / 0.00 5.625 / 0.00 No Quote 5.500 / 0.00 5.000 / 1.00 5.875 / 0.00 5.625 / 0.00 5.250 / 0.00 5.375 / 0.00 4.875 / 1.00 5.250 / 1.38 No Quote 5.375 / 0.00 5.375 / 0.00 5.625 / 0.50 5.500 / 0.00 5.500 / 0.50 5.625 / 0.00 5.250 / 0.00 5.250 / 0.00 5.125 / 1.38 5.500 / 0.00 5.625 / 0.00 5.000 / 1.25 No Quote 5.500 / 0.00 5.250 / 0.00 5.375 / 0.00 5.375 / 0.00 5.250 / 0.00 5.250 / 1.00 5.375 / 0.00 No Quote No Quote 5.500 / 0.00 5.625 / 0.00

3.125 / 0.00 4.000 / 0.00 3.375 / 0.00 No Quote 3.750 / 0.00 4.250 / 1.00 No Quote 3.125 / 0.00 No Quote No Quote 3.750 / 0.00 2.450 / 0.00 No Quote 3.500 / 0.00 3.500 / 0.00 4.250 / 0.00 3.500 / 0.00 No Quote 4.000 / 0.00 No Quote 3.250 / 0.00 2.750 / 1.00 No Quote 3.000 / 0.00 2.750 / 1.00 3.125 / 0.75 No Quote No Quote 3.000 / 0.00 No Quote No Quote 3.375 / 1.00 3.750 / 0.00 3.875 / 0.00 No Quote 3.375 / 0.00 3.125 / 0.00

2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6

Come See What everybody’s talking about! Your Lakewood Ranch and East County Specialists Give us a morning or afternoon and we’ll show you a new world.

From the Gulf Beaches to the Golf Courses... Finding “Homes” for clients.

Michael & Linda Hudson


Siesta Key $1,490,000 The Landings $549,900 Osprey $330,000 Lakewood Ranch $689,000 Lakewood Ranch $429,000 Commercial Opportunity $2,600,000


8319 Market Street Lakewood Ranch, Fl. 34202


MLS 5293




Sylvia Zimmerman

Direct 941.552.3950 Cell 941.350.5022 e-mail: 5293

595 Bay Isles Rd. Ste. 115 • Longboat Key, FL

Water Jenifer Schwell Classics

on the

OOO Ambassador’s Circle

INCREDIBLE - desirable location. Custom home on deep water with bay views. Ultimate lifestyle. Walled and private. Gorgeous! $3,350,000 BAYFRONT - wide open direct bay views. Deep water lot Best on the Bay! $2,200,000 GULFFRONT - behind the gates - 8th floor, custom decor - beauty! Sunsets - Right on the beach. $689,000 BAYFRONT - DOWNTOWN -TESSERA - Very private. Only two residences per floor featuring no common walls. Luxurious 6th floor. Upgraded, magnificent kitchen. Wrap around bayfront terraces w/gorgeous gulf to bay views + city. $1,495,000

Open House May 31, 1-3 p.m. 1605 South Orange Ave. - West Of Trail - Sarasota’s most sought after location. Stunning designer restoration, circa 1918 Old Florida pool home. $765,000

A Penthouse To Dream About - Own the entire top floor of this spectacular gulf front building. 6000 sq. ft., 1890 sq. ft. of open terrace, 3-car air conditioned garage. Undoubtedly the best of Longboat Key. $6,900,000



New In Bay Isles Harbor - 4BR suites, a chef’s stainless kitchen, great room opens to an infinity edge pool, 4 garages with motor court, private dock. Bay views on deep sailboat water. A Sotheby’s Selection. $2,995,000

ENJOY THE TOWER RESIDENCE RITZ CARLTON - Split bedroom floor plan. Spacious w/all rooms opening to the tremendous terrace. Western exposure 2BR/3BA plus den. $1,695,000 ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS - ground floor walk-out plus private patio with great Gulf and sunset views. Totally redone - a masterpiece! Furnished $755,000 LONGBOAT KEY CLUB INN ON THE BEACH Fantastic club amenities - golf, tennis, fitness center, fine dining, heated pool, plus gorgeous Gulf beach. 2BR/2BA - Direct Beach and Sunsets - largest floor plan end unit with extra large terraces $1,100,000 OUTSTANDING VIEWS - and value! Direct beachfront club suite. $340,000 CLUB SUITE - with enchanting lagoon and city views. Turnkey furnished. $245,000

Harbor Acres Waterfront Estate - One of the prettiest homes in all of Sarasota. On 3/4 acres of gated perfectly manicured grounds. Kitchen in Florida Design Magazine. On protected deep water. A Sotheby’s Selection. $4,200,000



Beauty On The Bay - Gorgeous bay views. Designer furnished 3BR in the Key Club. Wide wrap terrace with your stairway to the water’s edge. Beach club. $689,000 Bay Isles Harbor Homesite - 130 feet on deep sailboat water. One of the few vacant parcels on Longboat Key. $1,395,000 Downtown Bayfront - Sweeping panoramas of the Bay, City, LBK skyline & unforgettable sunsets. Beautifully remodeled corner 2BR in Bays Bluff. Enjoy million $ views with the Ritz as your neighbor. Offered Furnished At $399,000 Best Luxury Buy On The Bay - Large 3BR with sweeping Bay views. Many elegant upgrades & truly stunning contemporary furnishings. $769,000

(941) 232-3304 (941) 383-4276 A/H

Call REID at

Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker 5293


Developers Realty Corp. Lic. R.E. Broker 1819 Main Street, Suite 200, Sarasota, FL

2.75 2.75 2.88 2.88 2.88 2.88 2.88 2.75 2.75 2.75 2.88 2.88 2.88 2.75 2.75 2.88 2.88 2.88 2.75 2.75 2.75 2.75 2.88

Rates are compiled by National Financial News Services. Rates valid as of May 23, 2003. Index type on adjustable rate mortgages (ARM's) is Index "A". Rates may be for new applications only; information on terms, fees, and APR’s may be obtained by calling the lender directly. Lenders call (610) 344-7380 to participate. Consumers with questions or complaints concerning a listed lender may call The Department of Banking & Finance's Regulatory hotline at (800) 848-3792. For additional information on mortgages, go to: ©1997 NFNS •


30-year fixed 15-year fixed 30-yr jumbo 1-yr A.R.M. Phone Numbers Rate / Points Rate / Points Rate / Points Rate / Points yr / life margin


Call Larry Shapiro, CRS or Barbara Shapiro, Broker 941-356-4447 OFFICE • 941-388-2136 FAX AFTER HOURS 941-388-2135



61 S. Blvd. of Presidents, Sarasota, FL 34236 (941) 388-4447 • Residence, 383-3209


THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003 17C


Deal us in

Dealer: South Vulnerable: Both

Leading trump I have to admit that my least favorite lead by my partner is a lead of trump. Usually this lead results in finessing my trump and letting the declarer make extra tricks. Not the case in this week’s hand. The problem is for West with the lead. He knows from the bidding that South has length in both major suits. With the normal lead of the king of clubs, West shifts to a trump, but it is too late. South wins, cashes his ace of spades and plays another trump to West’s queen. West leads another trump that is won by declarer. South can now ruff a spade in the dummy and reenters his hand with a club ruff. Another spade ruff establishes South’s fifth spade. South knocks out the ace of diamonds. West gets one spade trick and two minor-suit winners and declarer makes his contract. If West can visualize the most likely dummy as being short in spades and long in hearts, he will lead a trump instead of the king of clubs. Declarer wins and plays the ace of spades and another spade to West’s queen. Back comes another trump, which is ruffed by South, but South cannot get back for another spade ruff. The timely trump lead earns the defense a plus score. Donna Swan is a resident of Longboat Key, an ardent bridge player and an American Contract Bridge League certified director who plays “for the fun of it.” ❑

West ♠Q9 ♥643 ♦A742 ♣AK83

LONGBOAT KEY DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB Bayfront Park Recreation Center — April 29 North-South 1. Winnie Skversky and Tim Lesnik 2. Jim Brown and Brian Howard 3. Lori and Roger Brickman East-West 1. Anna Howell and Ruth Gorton 2. Trudy and Al Florin 3. Lenore Weiss and Selma Medvin

Bob, Audrey & Jill Res: (941) 366-5251

South ♠AJ854 ♥ A K 10 9 8 ♦Q9 ♣6


East ♠ K 10 7 2 ♥5 ♦8653 ♣ J 10 9 5

THE BEST OF BIRD KEY BIRD KEY BAYFRONT Nearly every room has a bay view in this 3800+ sq. ft. renovated home. Features include an open floor plan, media room/den, well appointed gourmet kitchen, family room w/catherdal ceiling & fireplace, and open patio w/pool. Protected boat dockage.....................................................$2,850,000. FOR A VIRTUAL TOUR VISIT OUR WEBSITE BIRD KEY BAYFRONT Views of the downtown skyline greet you as you step in the front door. Superb quality & design set the tone for this substantially updated home. Entertaining is a pleasure on the large patio w/open views, pool & spa. Lush grounds w/extensive landscaping............................................................................$2,750,000. FOR A VIRTUAL TOUR VISIT OUR WEBSITE BIRD KEY GARDEN Elegance & livability come together in this sensational custom home being built by Anchor. Features include: gated courtyard entry, dramatic 2-story foyer, gourmet kitchen, elegant master suite, bonus room w/wet bar & pool w/spa.............$1,475,000. FOR A VIRTUAL TOUR VISIT OUR WEBSITE BIRD KEY WATERWAY A feeling of an island resort is what this home invokes. Pocketing sliders completely open the home to the tiled patio & large pool. The atrium is an intimate space for casual dining or morning coffee. Partial bay view from the patio and backyard garden. Dock & boat lift....................................................$1,399,000. FOR A VIRTUAL TOUR VISIT OUR WEBSITE BIRD KEY GARDEN Casual elegance in this newer home. This open, split plan design has all the features you’d expect. The den/library is beautifully appointed w/built-ins & wet bar. French doors & sliders open to a brick paver patio w/pool & spa. A privacy wall w/gates surrounds the rear of the property...............$1,075,000. FOR A VIRTUAL TOUR VISIT OUR WEBSITE BIRD KEY GARDEN Private setting in this well-maintained home. Living room w/cathedral ceiling & fireplace. Master suite w/his & her baths. Plenty of sliders open to the large patio & pool area. The extralarge lot makes this property truly a one-of-a-kind......$625,000. FOR A VIRTUAL TOUR VISIT OUR WEBSITE ISLANDER CLUB Two gorgeous views from either of these lovely units on the 11th or penthouse floors. Choose between a full Bay or full Gulf view. Both are 2BR/2BA in this conveniently located building close to shopping and restaurants. Private beach, tennis courts and pool.........................................$750,000 and $795,000.

The Bidding: North — 1NT 3♥ Pass

West — Pass Pass Pass

by Donna SWAN



North ♠63 ♥QJ72 ♦ K J 10 ♣Q742

East — Pass Pass Pass

South 1♠ 2♥ 4♥ —

Opening lead: ? MERRILL DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB Bayfront Park Recreation Center — May 1 North-South 1. Lee Lippe and Joyce Gidwitz 2. Claire Brinn and Paul Massik 3. Dorrie and Lee Rosenberg East-West 1. Gayle Preiser and Marlene Isaacs 2. Jayne Forstenzer and Polly Kaatz 3. Elton Yasuna and Robert Schaefer LONGBOAT KEY DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB Bayfront Park Recreation Center — May 6 North-South 1. Posy Potter and Esther Wilson 2. Lori and Roger Brickman 3. Joyce Gidwitz and Carole Fox

52 93

RE/MAX PROPERTIES (941) 954-5454


The Longboat OBSERVER Crossword Edited by Wayne Robert Williams

SWITCHING SIDES By Robert H. Wolfe, North Woodmere, New York ACROSS 1 Body with a tail? 6 Legendary tenor Enrico 12 Railings on balconies 20 Isolated 21 Slowly, in music 22 World of scholars 23 More docile 24 When moonshine is made? 26 Exaggerates 28 Sugar ending 29 Alternatives to lagers 30 Without conclusion 31 End of man? 33 "Let Me Go, Lover!" singer Brewer 35 Appropriate 37 Head nurse's concern? 43 Winter coat? 45 Praying figure 46 Ripped 47 Wharton School deg. 50 Remaining 51 Soaked up, in a way 53 Mortar carrier 54 Small pie 55 Blues or Cardinals 57 Lamarr of "Algiers" 58 Me also 59 Celebrity's solo performance? 64 Grand __ National Park 65 Menlo Park inventor's initials 66 Approx.

67 Of acreage 68 R. Reagan's Star Wars 70 Just barely manage 71 Turkish military titles 73 Component's schematic? 76 Discerns 77 Soccer pair? 79 Tobacco preserver 80 Break suddenly 81 Ex-Boston Bruin Bobby 82 Puts on the payroll again 86 ET craft 88 Legendary Giant 89 Isle of Man man 90 Italian novelist Calvino 91 Preliminary work 92 Group of goldmedal winners? 96 Mt. meas. 97 Capital of New York 100 Stephen of "The Crying Game" 101 AAA suggestion 103 Small, mountain lake 104 Brief photo 106 Not friendly 111 Ax for a hoe? 116 Throng along 117 Spectators 118 Cheese-and-wine dish 119 Wear away 120 Antsy 121 Puzzling problem 122 Graded

DOWN 1 Stoic philosopher 2 King of Norway 3 Exact time for a police raid? 4 Juan's first month 5 Most succinct 6 Second largest country 7 Door to get ore? 8 Excessive anger 9 Inarticulate grunts 10 Make a lap 11 Tic-tac-toe result 12 Touches gently 13 Suffer stiffness 14 "Norma __" 15 Spots on TV 16 Firecracker 17 Writer Zola 18 Flooring pieces 19 Taco dip 25 Entertainer Nina 27 Lethal letters 31 Sidi __, Morocco 32 Envelope abbr. 33 Late 34 Before, before 35 __-CIO 36 Publicity maker 38 Drinker's salute 39 Sea eagle 40 Acorn producer 41 Old anesthetic 42 Lumber 44 Normandy town 47 Tubers? 48 Certain angler's target 49 Make up (for) 51 Smallest teams 52 Fissure 54 Even score 56 Spends beyond earnings

57 60 61 62 63 64 65 68 69 72 73 74 75 77 78 82 83 84 85 87 89 91 92 93 94 95 97 98 99 102 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 112 113 114 115

Fifty percent Roach and Linden Period of history D.C. legislator Spiritual way Conical dwelling: var. "Aminta" poet Actress Elisabeth Reps. cohorts Eurasian viper City in Scotland Pulsate For two, in music Trite Actor Stoltz Plentiful Sundance's girlfriend Eureka! Land in the Seine? USN cops Danish Emulate Porky Pig Highwayman Theater sec. Pencil end Grassy ground Rose essence Actor in Westerns, "Lash __" Little nails __ incognita Military E-3s Residents of: suff. One Chaplin Silent assents Sad Style Made haste Squirmy catch Individual Immature newt Shoe part

Last Week’s Cryptograms 1. Hairdresser to many smug Hollywood film stars endured their bad manners for a little brush with greatness. 2. Squeamish embassy secretary assigned to strife-torn third world country requested transfer because the natives were revolting.



Stacy Deibler, Willowbrook, IL







18C THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003


OBSERVER CLASSIFIEDS Classified Lines: •$10.50 for the first 15 words •20¢ each additional word Classified Display: •$22.00 (per week) - 15 words, 5 lines, bold border. •$38 - 30 words • $54 - 50-45 words •Extra words may be purchased for 50¢ per word Service Directory: 4 week min. run •Business Card Size • $150/4 weeks •1/2 Business Card Size • $84.00/4 wks

FREE-BEE! ❈ The Longboat Observer is offering free advertising space in the classifieds. ❈ Free-Bee ads will only be accepted for the items-under-$200 classification and may run for two weeks maximum for each ad. (One Free-Bee ad per month)

•A 10% Discount will be given on ads that run same copy for at least 4 consecutive weeks. •A 20% discount will be given on ads that run a minimum of 6 months. For Information

Call 941-383-5509 Fax 941-383-7193

Appraisal Services

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Cleaning Services

TANYA WILLIAMS Estate & Fine Art appraisals offers professional valuation and inventory services for your personal property without a view to buy or sell. Video documentation inventory, fine art and household content appraisals. 355-8456.

SUPERB BOAT Slip for rent in high & dry indoor marina. In & out boat storage at its finest. Excellent south Longboat location, easy access to Bay and Gulf. Up to 30’ Call 371-1866.

DAZZLE CLEANING, “personalized housekeeping, general cleaning and house checks to meet your needs. Lic./Ins. 379-6582.

Auto Sales & Service


❈ Free-Bee ads must be placed in person, mailed, or faxed by individuals with private addresses and phone numbers. (Sorry, no commercial advertising in the Free-Bee section.)

1999 SEBRING convertible, 6/cylinder, leather, 20K/mi., garage kept, excellent cond. $16,000 o/b/o. 761-1157.

SEEKING AIDE for adult care. Flexible hours. Nights and weekend shift available. Please call 383-7044.

Auto Transport

CANNONS MARINA 6040 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Half-day and Full-day rentals 14’-24’ Skiffs /Runabouts /Deckboats Ride in Style in our Grady-White & Scout boats. All powered by YAMAHA outboards. 383-1311

SUSAN SHAUGHNESSY, R.N. PRIVATE DUTY NURSING. 1:1 Care in home Boat Sales, and hospital. Also: Home Care Planning Service & Storage +Coordinating +Monitoring; scheduled phone checks & visits; consulting with family and ☛ ☛ SMALL BOAT/TRAILER STORAGE. physicians. Local references. 761-2656. Vacation or long term. On trailer or in-water. Private launch ramp. Fresh water wash. ☛ ☛ EXPERIENCED HOME HEALTH Minutes to LBK, Gulf, gas, bait, restaurants. Aid/Companion with local references Also, bottom painting. Capt. John’s Marina. available. Call Tracy at 544-0653. 941-792-2620.

Alterations/Upholstery PROFESSIONAL QUALITY ALTERATIONS at affordable rates. Call Joyce, 721-0775.



1997 JAGUAR XJ6. Excellent condition, factory warranty, low miles, $17,900. 941-924-2609.

DOTTIE THE ANGEL 8-24/hr. shifts. Very good references. 727-9243 or cell: RETIRED LONGBOAT KEY police officer. Drive your car to the North and back. 224-8900. References. 941-778-5381 BEFORE NURSING home, there is an alternative HOME CARE which provides Boat Charter one-on-one care for your loved ones. Please call for evaluation. 358-0846. CHITWOOD CHARTERS, Grand Banks/ Selene Yachts. Luxury Cruises, Sunsets, VERY SPECIAL care for your loved one. Cocktails, Special Occasions. Half day Responsible adult offers TLC, sit, drive, meals, meds, etc. 941-923-8483 from to weekly. Bare boat available. Need a new hobby? Learn to pilot a yacht. 8a.m.-8p.m. Capt. Chitwood. 941-957-1530. LOVING CAREGIVER in our home w/class for the elderly. Excellent home cooking and Boat Rentals references. 926-2934.

CAREGIVER FOR ELDERLY. Care for your loved one, all duties and appointments. 20/years experience. Top references. Cell: 545-7114 or 941-729-7711.

Call (941) 383-5509 To Place Your Ad

Deadline: Monday, Noon

1999 TOYOTA Camry LE, 28,000/miles, 4/new tires, dual air bags, auto windows. $9900. 383-3441, leave message.

LPN/COMPANION OFFERING live-in FT/PT home visits or my licensed home. Bonded & Insured. Call 7/days a week, 941-365-6008.

The Longboat Observer to meet all applicable legal requirements in connection with the ad such as compliance with town codes in first obtaining an occupational license for a business, permitted home occupation, or residential rental property.

Payment by Cash, Check or Visa/Mastercard

Hours: Monday-Friday • 8:30am-5pm

❈ The total value of articles for sale must not exceed $200 and each article must be priced.

Adult Care

The Longboat Observer reserves the right to classify and edit copy, or to reject or cancel any advertisement at any time. Corrections after first insertion only. *All ads are subject to the approval of the Publisher. * It is the responsibility of the party placing any ad for publication in

SIGNS OF A FABULOUS POWER CAT RIDE! Purring Engines Quiet Conversation Steady Footing Dry Ride Skipping Across the Waves Dipping Gently in the Troughs Hair Streaming in the Wind! Got TWIN VEE Power??? WE DO! BruMar Marine Inc. 4134 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Suite 206A Longboat Key, FL 34228 (941) 383-8190 or (941) 350-7043


TAYLOR MADE CLEANING SERVICES. Professional Residential Cleaning. Island References. Weekly-Biweekly. Best rate on Island. Call 779-0184 and ask for Jennifer. CLEANING - HOUSEKEEPING HONEST, RELIABLE, ENERGETIC WOMAN WOULD LIKE TO CLEAN YOUR HOME. PLEASE CALL HANNA 748-8305 CLEANING BY PAULINE has an opening for 1 client due to a move. References. 359-0828.

LONGBOAT KEY Mooring, 2/slips. 77.5’ & 52.5’ on T of dock (boat up to 130/ft.). Computer Services Seasonal, $19. Yearly $17 per foot per EXPERT TECHNICAL Assistance. Need month plus elec. & tax. 203-288-6312. help with hardware, software, networks or wireless? Call Alan anytime: 941-364-5858.

Business Opportunities DOLLAR STORE. Own a dollar store. 1-800-227-5314. $$INCREASE YOUR INCOME$$. Control Your Hours! Home-based Business! Full Training. FREE Booklet. 888-224-6062

Caregiver/Companion AVAILABLE P/T, specializing in Alzheimers. Local References. Nancie, 778-7502. NEED IN-HOME Health Care but tired of agencies, high fees, red tape, inconsistencies and attitudes? Call us! We’ll give your loved ones the special attention they deserve. 8-24/hr. care. Excellent references. Reasonable rates. 941-426-1291 or 941-492-7176.

COMPANION. CARING, dependable, experienced. Excellent References available. Call Connie, 921-9027.

COMPUTER OBEDIENCE Training. Is your computer misbehaving? Will train your computer to listen to you! Special $25/hour. FREE ADVICE. 545-7508. LEARN TO USE your computer as easy as your telephone. Master Computer Teacher. Repairs. 383-5372. IN HOME computer services. Senior friendly, training, installation, trouble shooting. Jules Porchey, The Computer Man. 927-1428.

Crushed Shell GILLIS & GILLIS ENTERPRISES. Crushed, washed shell, top soil, landscaping service. We install shell driveways. Serving Sarasota & The Keys since 1978. Fully licensed & insured. 941-232-8877.


A FRIENDLY EAR: Someone to talk with. CAREGIVER/PERSONAL ASSISTANT. Complete privacy. Call Gene now for a free Help with/household management, chat and rates. 941-518-6906. correspondence, Dr. visits, shopping, meal prep. College graduate, responsible, reliable, Fishing Charters caring. Short or long term. Lic./Bonded. 941-350-9161. DEEP SEA FISHING - 4, 6, 9 & 12 hour trips, up to six passengers aboard 34/ft. USCG Licensed Crusader with experienced Catering Charter Captain/Fishing Guide. Climate SINCE 1979 Harry’s Continental Kitchen has controlled cabin, all new equipment & been making party memories from the Top-of-the-line fishing electronics. Ice/bait casual to black tie affair. Specializing in & tackle provided starting at $400. small dinner parties. 383-0777. For information and reservations, call Captain Brandon today. 778-5455.

Child Care EXPERIENCED 20/YR. old sitter for child of any age. Good references available. Call Melanie, 941-284-8870.

Answers for this week’s crossword

Cleaning Services EXPERT HOUSE CLEANING by Brazilian. Reliable, very neat, good references. Please call 371-9879 or 504-2547.

 MRS. MAIDS. Want a clean house? Call Mari. Competitive prices. References. Bonded and Insured. 371-3175. CLEAN WINDOWS, wouldn’t that be nice! I’ll make your glass gleam! Local, license, insured. CHRIS’S WINDOW CLEANING. (941) 724-0221.




Investment Opportunities

DISPLAYED, BUT never used, Model home furniture: 4-piece bedroom suite, $259; sofa & love seat, $399; queen bed set, $199; full bed set, $159; twin bed set, $129; daybed complete w/pop-up trundle & 2 mattresses, $285; Futon and frame, $199. Delivery available. Builders, 753-7118.

ACCREDITED ANGEL INVESTOR (S) sought for emerging educational tech product. Ready for market - needs next phase investors to participate in National Rollout. This break through technology is now being tested in Florida schools. 1-800-362-6873.

FUTON. ALL oak, honey finish, no metal, mission frame. 9/Layer foam mattress. Still in box. Cost, $525. Sell, $325. Can deliver. 941-761-2344.

Landscaping & Lawn Services

Help Wanted $$$ FROM HOME. Your Own Business! Mail-order/Internet. Full Training and Support. Free Info. 888-453-6945 UPSCALE LBK Salon seeks experienced, contemporary stylist for chair rental. Wonderful opportunity for dependable, professional. Relaxed, friendly atmosphere with a water view. Call Rick/Sandra, 941-387-9807.

CONNIE’S LANDSCAPING & LAWN MAINTENANCE expanding into Longboat Key. All your lawn maintenance needs! Clean-ups, fertilization, mulching, hauling, sprinkler repair, ponds and water gardens. Bulk shell and mulch delivered and spread. Specializing in native plants and Xeriscaping. Excellent references. 778-5294. FREE SNOW REMOVAL, and when its not snowing, I specialize in installing CRUSHED SHELL and ROCK yards, driveways and walkways. Rip Rap, sand and mulch also delivered and spread. Hauling available. Please call DAVID BANNIGAN at 794-6971 or cell at 504-7045.

NURSES, LONG TERM home care for quad. A.M. and overnight shifts available, Hoyer I WILL do proper pruning and correct lift. 383-6953. shaping of all landscape plantings. Also, ASSIST THE ELDERLY. Join a special affordable small residential landscape team of people who make a real difference in design. 20/yrs. experience state side and the lives of the elderly. Part-time day, abroad. Call Robert, 355-9193. evening and weekend shifts. Home Instead GARDEN LADY, plant pruning, trimming, Senior Care, 951-2103. grooming and other home gardening needs. Call Deborah, 387-0884. ☛ ☛ LBK CONDO, P/T weekends, security/custodial. No experience necessary. Masonry Call 383-2701 or fax: 383-1223. SPECIALIZING IN quality custom stone INCREASE YOUR INCOME! Control Your work, brick, pavers, and general masonry Hours! Home Based Business. Full Training. repairs. References avail. 941-922-0402. Free Booklet. 888-373-6795.


Home Security



Marty Roca (941) 232-9812 Lic. #MA32116

To Watch Your Home. Weekly Inspection By Retired LBK Officer.

For your convenience, I come to you! Wayne 351-3794

Painting & Wallpapering PAINTING & GENERAL SERVICES CO. Housesitting Father & Son Team. Handyman repairs, BUTLER & MAID House Sitting Service: pressure washing, professional quality work. Semi-retired professional couple, mid 50’s, All phases interior/exterior. Call Dan, will pamper your beachfront condo/residence 954-2158. this summer while you are away. BRILLIANT PAINTING & HOME REPAIR. 813-835-4044. Interior & Exterior work. Professional & affordable. Lic./Ins. 815-8886.


LEARN FRENCH! Summer session, small groups. Traveler seminars. Professional and customized classes. Call Marie-Christine Rouffiac, at 941-927-2814.

PASTEL PAINTING. Interior/exterior, neat, reasonable. Wallpaper/wallpaper removal. Supplying LBK clients w/over 12 years experience & customer service. Insured. Paul Passanant. 366-9434.

Items For Sale

✦ GRIFFITHS' ISLAND PAINT & PAPER THE LORD’S WAREHOUSE Resale Shop. SERVICES. Int./ext. painting, pressure We can furnish your home & enhance your washing, wallpaper & faux painting. We wardrobe. 6140 Gulf of Mexico, Longboat. spray wicker. Prompt, reliable service at Open in May, Mon., Wed. & Sat., reasonable rates! Lic./Ins. Call Kevin. Cell 9a.m.-3p.m. June & July, Sat. 9a.m.-1p.m. 704-7115 or 792-1646. 383-4738. PAINTING/WALLPAPERING BY MICHAEL. Free Estimates. References. 378-4529.

Items Under $200

PRECEPT LADIES’ 1, 3, & 5 woods w/graphite shafts & head covers, $75. Ray Cook SilverRay Putter, $20. Benetton ladies’ padded golf travel bag, $50. Footjoy Softjoys white ladies’ gold shoes, 7M, $12. All in new & excellent condition. 383-5437.

RAY CORDY CUSTOM PAINTING. Interior/exterior, Residential, Commercial. All painters are union trained journeymen. Condos, Repaints, Remodels. Homeowners & Contractors welcome. Lic./Ins. 30/yrs. experience. Chamber of Commerce member. 953-5215.

4/PATIO CHAIRS, white wrought iron w/contour back, excellent cond., $175. VAN-GO PAINTING residential/commercial, interior/exterior, pressure cleaning, 926-8867. wallpaper. Island references. The originals BIKE, MAN’S 26” Giant Cruiser, aluminum since 1984 - Dan or Bill. 795-5100 or frame rims, 2/yrs. old. Originally $250. 518-9303. Sacrifice $135.00. 941-761-1415. DINETTE SET, washed oak, upholstered seats, ex. cond. 383-0950.

THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003 19C


beige $200.

6/FIRST DAY issue commemorative stamp books, 1970’s, 1980’s. $30-$35/ea. 371-2657.

Pet Services PERSONALIZED, LOVING in-home pet and property services. Insured & Bonded. Purrs n’ Paws Pet Care. 941-224-3664.

Remodeling & Home Improvements

Commercial Rentals & Sales

KEY WEST WOODSHOP. Custom made hardwood Bahama shutters. Caribbean style architectural woodwork. Lots of Island references. 941-779-9146.


ALL AROUND MR. FIX ALL. 15/Yrs. Exp. Spackling, moldings, painting, hanging pictures, home theater hookup, install shades/blinds/faucets/fixtures/fans. No job too small! Indoor/Outdoor. Very dependable. Free estimates. Call Brian @ 737-0835.

CALL MARNI AT: MY REALTY (941)320-7686

ROBERT HELD’S HANDYMAN & MORE! Improvements, Repairs, Installs, Tile, Vinyl, Decks, Drywall, Rescreen & Window Cleaning. Dependable, friendly service. Call Monday thru Friday, 9a.m.-6p.m. for appointment. 758-8044.

  PRIME RETAIL SPACE AVAIL. Avenue of The Flowers Shopping Center. 1270sq.ft.+/-. 3/mos. Free Base Rent. Sign now! Ask about our aggressive move-in special. T. Mannausa & Co., AMO, Realtor. 365-1511, ext. 115.


LONGBOAT KEY Mixed-Use Building: Luxury 3BR/2BA apt. & 5/offices on +/-1/3 acre. $1.4/million. Jewelry, Fine Gifts and outstanding collectibles at top location. Price, inventory negotiable.

ARTISAN TILE (941) 383-2659

BRADENTON HISTORIC DISTRICT Adjoining Mixed-Use Buildings, 32/car lot for image-conscious investor/user. $1.75/mil.



All Variations of Ceramic Tile Supplied & Installed. Floors a Specialty. Large Longboat Key Portfolio. Free Estimates & Custom Designs. Dirty grout? Give us a shout! Grout cleaning & restoration services available. Call Neil Halfacre (941) 726-3077 LIC. INS. GERMAN HANDYMAN. Tiles, wood flooring, painting and all other home repair you may need help for. High quality, reasonable prices. No job too small!! Licensed and insured. Visa & M/C accepted. 539-7937. ☛ BILL GAREAU Building & Remodeling. All phases of home improvement. License #RBC0067087. Insured. 685-2244.

N.W. BRADENTON Restaurant: Italian/pizza, beer/wine, 30 seats. Good lease, easy to expand. $55K. Coin Laundry: Fairway Center retail condo unit, all equipment included. $140K. PALMETTO Packing and shipping & much more! Young business in great location can grow: $75K LONGVIEW REALTY - 383-6112 Richard Estrin Licensed R.E. Broker ☛ PRIME RETAIL AND OFFICE space available at the Centre Shops, Longboat Key. Call 387-3135.

Condos & Homes For Sale DIRECT BAYFRONT, 3BR/3BA, spacious home, remodeled, on private lot, boat dock w/lift. Incredible views! offered at $1,399,000. Call Deni Dillon, Wagner Realty, 941-232-3126 or 800-352-0367.

FAIRWAY BAY - Atrium Direct Bay View. Unit #538, 4th level, 3BR/2.5BA, 2616/sq.ft. w/3 balconies and 2/under building parking spaces. Priced at $875,000. BANYAN BAY - Unit #401, 1300/sq.ft., 2BR/2BA, recently updated, screened lanai. MARK SAMPSON Artistry in Wood. Custom Priced at $379,000. home theater, office, library, wainscoting. ST. ARMANDS. Walk to Circle & Lido Beach, 2BR/2BA, 1425/sq.ft. on a 60x150 Attention to detail. 228-5955. lot, w/extra building used as office or artist's ♦ ♦ ♦ CUSTOM RENOVATIONS. 25/years studio. Priced at $450,000. experience as a highly skilled, dependable, GRAND BAY, direct bay view. Unit #113, restoration/renovation expert, carpenter 2nd level, 3BR/3.5BA, 2550/sq.ft. Cayman & fine finishing contractor. Kitchen and model, turnkey furnished, w/2 balconies and bathroom specialist. Repairs & Painting. under building parking. Priced at $999,999. Paul Beauregard, 779-2294. CEDARS EAST. Unit #529, 1500/sq.ft., 2BR/2.5BA, townhouse, w/2 car garage, turnkey furnished for sale for $259,000 and Roofing also for rent, seasonally or annually. ☛ ROOFING REPAIR, soffit and fascia. FAIRWAY BAY, 1626/sq.ft. townhouse, Rescreening. 941-266-7257. 2BR/2.5BA, w/huge parking garage. Priced at $434,500. STATE CERTIFIED Roofing & General 180’ DIRECT Bay View, 6643 Renssalaer Contractor, FL. Professional Engineer, Drive, 4300/sq.ft. pool home, 5BR/4.5BA, on Roofing (all types), Remodeling, Repairs. two lots with 250’ of seawall, no boat Call DON for immediate response. dockage. Priced at $925,000. 720-0794. Lic. CC-CO57977, CG-CO61519, PE20374. VISA/MC. Andrew Vac RE/MAX Excellence 941-383-9700 SAY YOU SAW IT IN JOE UNGVARSKY Construction. Remodeling contractors. In-house plan design. State licensed and insured. #CRC035261. Many island references. 778-2993.


Tile Installation MORENO MARBLE & TILE. Installation & Restoration. Quality work. Over 20/yrs. experience. Insured. Call Javier, Cell: 685-5163 or 795-6615. STEVE ALLEN Floorcovering. Professional Ceramic Tile Installation. Many Longboat references. 20/yrs. experience. Chamber member. 383-5381, 726-1802. Also, carpet & wood supplied, installed. Lic./Ins.

Commercial Rentals & Sales

PET TAXI & Sitting Service. Transport to vet/groomer. Dailey & overnight. Pet & home CHARMING BURNS Court office/conference SET OF 4/Silver Plaques, “Western Series”, monitoring. Sarasota & Keys area. space available mornings until 1p.m. Call for details, 366-0211. Lic./Bonded. 941-350-9161. $200. 388-9863.


SPANISH MAIN VILLA. Beautiful lake view from new Florida room. 2BR/1BA, custom furnished, new A/C. Community Club, heated pool, boat docks. $264,900. 941-751-5614.

20C THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003



Condos & Homes For Sale

Condos & Homes For Sale

DEEDED BEACH access on LBK. Top floor Bayside, 2BR/2BA condo overlooking wide canal and boat slips. $299,900. Sharon Freeman (941) 545-0899 Michael Saunders & Company, Lic. R.E. Broker.


FAIRWAY BAY, LBK. Largest end unit w/fabulous bay views, 2BR/2BA, extra large balcony, new appliances, tile, carpet and paint in neutral colors. $499,000. Mel & Jan Goldsmith, Michael Saunders & Co. 941-383-6673 or 941-356-6673.



Condos & Homes For Sale

Condos & Homes For Sale

JUST LISTED on Longboat Key. Imagine a small complex on the Gulf. ONLY 11 units. Lushly landscaped, pool, choice of either 2 bedrooms or 1 bedroom. From $299,900-$599,900 including dockage facilities. Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp. 941-809-0041.

FANTASTIC VALUE, LBK. Remodeled 2BR/2BA villa. Glassed lanai, private courtyard, W/D, custom kitchen, Corian, breakfast bar, bright open design. Numerous upgrades throughout. Home or investment. Pets and 12X a year rentals permitted. Steps to beach, tennis, shops. $257,000. 383-4027.

LBK, BEACHFRONT. Spacious and beautiful, 2BR/2BA among multi-million $ homes and condos. Heated pool, exercise facility and tennis. Offered at $479,900. Call 374-3200.

 BRADENTON BEACH. Direct Gulf Front Hotel being changed to CONDOS. Prices from $285,000-$335,000. Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp. 941-809-0041.

LAKEWOOD RANCH, gated Edgewater Village. Lakefront 2-3BR/2BA home on Lake Uihlein w/heated pool and spa.. Former model, many upgrades. Principals only. $485,000. 907-0160 or

2BR/2BA ELEVATED Beach House w/deeded boat slip. Totally remodeled. New appliances, carpet, tile & paint. $399,000 o/b/o. Towne & Shore Realty, 383-3840.

 $589,900 LONGBOAT KEY, Seagate. Direct Gulf 2BR/2BA, new granite kitchen, newly renovated. Must sell. Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp. (941) 809-0041.

WOULD YOU BELIEVE? Longboat Key - $269,900

$265,000 DOWNTOWN RENAISSANCE, 1BR, 9th floor, bay view, Tommy Bahama furnishing, secure building. Health club, pool, spa. 941-330-9692.


BY OWNER/AGENT. Beach getaway house, 2BR/2BA, landscaped yard, brand new interior, nicely furnished fun house, deeded beach access. $339,000. 955-4100 or 914-6347.

Fantastic two bedroom condo, peek of Gulf, 10/yrs. old, high ceilings, garage, approx. 1600s.f., including income potential. On site Rental Company. Hurry while interest rates are low. This won’t last!

 $399,900 BAYPORT on Longboat Key, 2BR/2BA upper level villa. Furnished. Can rent 12/times a year. Peek of Gulf. Tennis and pool. Central Park Realty Corp. 941-809-0041.


Sylvia Babineau, Broker/Owner My Realty Company 941-504-0551

EXQUISITE 2BR/2BA ground floor unit, private walk around terrace and spa, full security, close to downtown and Van Wezel. Owner/Lic. R.E. Broker, Brenda Scott. Call 320-0492 or 383-0491. Priced at $789,000. Broker participation welcome.


 $335,000 LONGBOAT KEY, Townhouse. Bay views, 2BR/2BA, garage. Fantastic condition. Great rental program. Built 1990. Tennis Resort. Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp., 941-809-0041. NORTH LONGBOAT KEY BEACHSIDE COMMUNITY, 322 FIREHOUSE LANE. 3BR/3BA, FAMILY ROOM, SCREENED PORCH, 3/DECKS, COMMUNITY POOL, WALK TO BEACH, FULLY FURN. $995,000 CONRAD BEACH OPEN SUNDAY: 11-4 387-9595 WWW.CONRADBEACH.COM


 $2,279,000. Water Club, Dover Unit, N/W Gulf views, 3BR, 3200/sq.ft. Beautifully appointed. Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp. 941-809-0041.

$429,900 LONGBOAT KEY, Townhouse. Fully furnished, fireplace, 3000/sq.ft., elevator. Great rental program. Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp., 941-809-0041.

SHOW YOUR home or business on the Internet with a 360 degree Virtual Tour. LONGBOAT KEY beachfront. Beautifully For more info, visit: maintained unit. Southern Exposure. Offered at $529,900. Call 941-400-8877. or call 941-778-4759.

BEST BUY on Longboat! 2BR/2BA garden condo. Immaculate condition, private beach, boat dock, heated pool, club house. $299,000. 387-7049.


BOOK YOUR AD FOR 4 WEEKS 383-5509 OR FAX 24 HOURS TO: 383-7193

S E RV I C E D I R E C T O RY Landscapes in Paradise Complete Lawn & Landscape Maintenance


Genie’s Cleaning God Bless our troops around the world fighting to keep America and the world free!


Commercial •Residential • Vacation Rentals 25 Years Call Joy or Laura experience

(941) 812-2485

We make all your dirt

Free Estimates

J. PHILLIPS FINE PAINTING Interior/Exterior/Wallpapering

Privately Owned & Operated

Reliable • 25 Years Experience Insured & Lic. • FREE Estimates Tel: 927-6127 Cell: 504-8594

685-2159 • 539-8412

ISLAND MAINTENANCE Independent Distributor Health & Nutritional Products Specializing in Weight Loss


Property Maintenance • Interior/Exterior Residential & Commercial • FREE ESTIMATES • Registered & Insured Mark S. George, Owner/Operator




Specializing in GROUT & TILE Cleaning & Sealing Carpet & Upholstrey

(941) 379-3135

Revolutionary “Viper Turbo” Steam Cleaning System

Massage Therapy Marty Roca, LMT


Call Maureen for more information about The Longboat Observer Service Directory! Phone: 383-5509 or Fax: 383-7193

GARDENS BY REBECCA Lanai Gardens Container Gardens Curb Appeal Design & Installation Interior Plants Free Consultation 924-8937 REBECCA BLOCK

For your convenience, I come to you! Chair massage also available License# MA32116

(941) 232-9812

Reasonable Rates



Carpet Cleaning • Furniture Cleaning Fire/Water Damage Cleanup

Call Maureen for more information about The Longboat Observer Service Directory!

ServiceMaster of NW Sarasota & The Meadows, Bill & Fonda Davies, Owners

Phone: 383-5509 or Fax: 383-7193

ServiceMASTER 927-2128


THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003 21C


Condos & Homes For Sale

Open House

Rentals: Annual

QUIET GROUND floor LBK condo, 2BR/2BA, study, eat-in kitchen, private fenced backyard, low maintenance fees, steps to beach and shopping. $243,000. Owner, 383-8022.

NORTH LONGBOAT KEY, Beachside Community, 322 Firehouse Lane. 3BR/3BA, family room, screened porch, 3/decks, community pool, walk to beach, fully furn. $995,000 Conrad Beach Open Sunday: 11-4. 387-9595

Rentals: Annual



LBK, TWIN SHORES, 1BR, turnkey, 55+, private beach. $625/mo. annually or $725/mo. May through Nov. 371-3290.


LBK STUDIO and 1BR apts. Furnished, located on bay, walk to beach. $600-$650/annual. Call Resort Properties, 941-388-3177 or 941-724-5203.


LONGBOAT KEY, 2BR/1.5BA waterfront townhouse, unfurnished. Pet welcome. $850/mo. 383-2659.

CALL MARNI AT: MY REALTY CO. 388-2345/320-7686

Rentals: Annual

LBK, 3 or 4BR/3.5BA house. Canal front w/view of Sarasota Bay. Deep water dock. Beach access. $1800/mo. unfurnished. $2250/mo. furnished. 730-2790. Email:


$459,900 TOTALLY RENOVATED, Downtown Bayfront high rise, end unit, best views. Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp., 941-809-0041.


LBK, NORTH End canal front lot for sale by owner. 5/Min. walk to Gulf, new 50/ft. dock, sewer and water. 383-8710.


LONGBOAT KEY 3/LOTS; C-1 zoning. $400,000 each. General Harris St. Longview Realty, Richard Estrin Lic. R.E. Broker. 383-6112.

Mobile Homes

TWIN SHORES, #79 mobile home. 2BR/1BA, as is with many improvements completed. Compound has private marina. $30,000. Owner, 361-7213.

$1195/MO., 941-387-0700


LBK, Country Club Shores. 2BR/2BA, furnished or unfurnished, small pet OK, $1300/mo. Call 508-797-8227, 508-945-9463 or LBK, 1BR/1BA cottage, hardwood floors, furnished or unfurnished. Available now, $875/mo. 2BR/1BA house, W/D, $1100/mo. WHITNEY BEACH, spacious 2BR/2BA condo. Nice water view, 2nd floor, private beach, pool, tennis, W/D, water/cable/pest control included. Unfurnished, no pets, vacant, $1700/mo. SUNCOAST REAL ESTATE, 779-0202

LONGBOAT KEY, SEA GATE. Direct Gulffront w/fabulous beach & Gulf views from every room. 2BR/2BA w/large double newly furnished. $4000/mo. SPACIOUS 2BR/2BA condo. Downtown, balcony, Gulfstream Ave. Spectacular views of bay 847-821-7700. and skyline. 24/hr. security. heated pool, LONGBOAT KEY, Islander Club, rare 9th plus special features. 365-7920. floor, 2BR/2BA, amenities, covered parking,

Lots & Acreage For Sale


LBK, GRAND BAY. Premiere community, w/world class amenities, beach club, 2BR/2BA penthouse, furnished w/wrap around terrace. Spectacular views of Sarasota Bay and skyline. 2/Garage parking, 24/hr. security, $2500/mo. (941) 387-1336.

2BR/2BA CONDO in Longboat. Sweeping views of bay, walk to beach, all appliances. Fully furnished, pool & tennis court. Annual and seasonal rentals. Call 813-469-9338 for more details.

SANDS POINT, LBK’s finest Gulf front location, behind the gates of LBK Club. Unfurnished, 1BR/1.5BA, 1400/sq.ft. Private first floor patio overlooking New Pass w/Gulf views. Great pool, fishing pier, and the best of the beach. Kitchen appliances included. Non-smoker, no pets. Annual lease, pool, on beach. May 1st. $1650/mo. No pets. $1800 monthly. You’ve got to see this one. Mrs. Barker, 383-5897 or Kim at 941-485-1630. 941-383-3702. GOLDEN GATE Point, Bay front, 2BR/2BA, pristine, $1600/mo. Bay view, 2BR/1BA, LBK - ISLANDER CLUB charming, $895/mo. 587-1122. 11TH FLOOR CORTEZ AREA, 2BR/1BA waterfront furnished condo w/boat dock. Small pet FABULOUS VIEWS! welcome, $800/mo. 941-383-2659. 2BR/2BA, CUSTOM DECOR. WELL-EQUIPPED EXERCISE ROOM, HOLMES BEACH, 2BR/1.5BA townhouse, HAR-TRU TENNIS AND MORE. steps to Gulf. Sun deck/Gulf views, W/D. $795/mo. 941-758-1899, 203-417-2331. $2500/MO ANNUAL INCLUDES ALL UTILITIES LIDO BEACH. Efficiencies, 1BR available 387-0114 starting from $600 per month. Non-smoker. 941-388-2590. 1/BR STUDIO beautiful bayou and boating, beach walk over. $795/mo. 941-387-0990.

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DOWNTOWN RENAISSANCE, 1BR, 9th floor, bay view, Tommy Bahama furnishing, secure building. Health club, pool, spa. $1300/mo. 941-330-9692. PALMER RANCH area. Unfurnished, gated community, executive home, 3BR/3BA +den. Double garage, heated pool. Pristine condition. $2700/mo. 349-9828.



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reh Wa SF

“Making an Impression That Lasts a Lifetime”



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20 er ov

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•Ceramic •Porcelain •Marble/Stone •Decorative Pieces

PH: 941-316-9360

Starting at 79¢ - Great Selection Over 89% in STOCK!


24/HR WATER REMOVAL Jim and Sandee Davis Owners

Phone: 383-5509 or Fax: 383-7193

Bradenton (941) 746-6306 Sarasota (941) 922-1615

Same owners since 1979

LBKC Member SCT Member


Captain Steve’s Marine Services

WFC Phone 906-8554 • Cell 284-1777 Over 30 Years engineering & construction experience. Longboat Key

WEST FLORIDA CONTRACTORS, INC. • New Construction Residential & Commercial

• Renovations Residential & Commercial • Restoration Projects • Design Consulting #CGC1505233

“We want to keep your windows clean” Service includes: Inside and Outside of all Window, Screens, Tracks and Sliding Doors.

General Maintenance, Detail, Dive Services

941.484.6616 or 941.232.6876 Insured Quality Work


INC. Your Handyman Services Company


FREE Estimate FREE Weather Treatment

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mirrors and 2 fans





up to 24 standard windows

A professional home-watching service

HOME-ALONE? Installation & Quality Maintenance

The leading home-watching service providing the widest array of services.

We’ll watch your home when you leave it behind!

387-7886 Weekly Inspections • Monthly Reports Bonded • Insured

22C THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003



Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation


CUTCHOGUE, LONG Island, NY. Sandy beach front house, 4BR/2BA, decks, A/C. July & August. 631-734-6377.


ST. ARMANDS, 2BR/2BA condo. Steps to beach/Circle, heated pool. All amenities. Available now. 359-6504 or 730-4465.

Gorgeous Sarasota Bay view, beautifully furnished, large 2BR/2BA corner unit, third floor Bldg. F, washer/dryer, enclosed lanai, beach access, tennis, heated pools, covered parking. June through Nov., 2003 - $2000/mo. 1/month minimum 387-7676

LIDO BEACH vacation paradise. 1 & 2 bedroom condos overlooking beautiful Lido Beach. Weekly rates. Lido Dorset. Rental condo. 388-1404. LONGBOAT SUMMER SPECIAL. Gulf front condo, pool, beach, 1BR/1BA, sleeps 4. From $770/week. 617-328-7145. LIDO BEACH. Modern 2BR with patio, laundry, completely furnished, walk to beach. Reasonable. Available now. 383-2566. LONGBOAT HARBOR, 2BR/2BA, bay/canal views, nicely furnished, 4/pools, tennis, beach house, exercise room. Also, available annually. 383-8566. BAYFRONT THEATER district, 2BR/2BA, secluded mainland. Romantic bayfront pool, bay sunsets & serene park views every room. Furnished, 1200+/sq.ft. $1400/mo. for 6/mos., $1600/mo. annual. 941-747-7411.

RENTALS AVAILABLE - On the Keys & from Bradenton to Venice. Pat Passeri, Rental Agent, Re/Max Excellence, 800-708-5994, 941-387-2927 or 383-9700.

Longboat Key & Anna Maria Seasonal & Annual Call Wedebrock Rental Office 941-383-5886 or 800-486-5886 For a complete list, go to:

CASA DEL MAR RESORT CONDOMINIUM WEEKLY RENTALS GULF FRONT/GULF VIEW Reservations: 941-383-5549 Visa/MC Fax: 941-383-7925 Office Open 7 Days, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 4621 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key 34228 LARGE HEATED POOL (25/ft.x60ft.) GULFSIDE “85% Repeat Guests” “INTENTIONALLY BETTER”

BANYAN BAY, 2BR/2BA, 1st. floor, W/D, pool, clubhouse, tennis, fishing dock, steps to beach. Available monthly or seasonal. Non-smoking unit. (203) 481-2748. 2BR/2BA CONDO in Longboat. Sweeping LONGBOAT KEY. The best of all worlds in views of bay, walk to beach, all appliances. this direct Gulf front beach condo, next to Fully furnished, pool & tennis court. world famous Colony Beach Tennis Club, Seasonal and monthly rentals (also available 2BR/2BA, LR, DR, kitchen. 6/mo. rental annually). Call 813-469-9338 for more @ $6000/mo. Owner/Realtor. E-mail: details. Fax: 914-238-4384. LBK, 100/FT. private beach home, LONGBOAT KEY condo, direct Gulf view, 3BR/3BA, heated pool, W/D, spa, quality 2BR/2BA, beautiful. June, August, Sept. & exercise equipment, 70 palms tropical Oct. $2000/mo. (727) 403-1449. setting, cable TV/internet/fax. Jan. through April $6000/mo., May-Sept. $4000/mo., LONGBOAT VILLAGE, 2BR/2BA furnished Oct.-Dec. $5000/mo. 941-387-2001. home. Pet welcome. Avail. June to October, $1000/mo. 941-383-2659. LUXURY CONDO. Fairway Bay, 2BR/2BA,

LBK, WHITNEY BEACH - casual elegance. 2BR/2BA, W/D, turnkey. Water views of Bayou. Newly renovated. Tennis, heated pool, boat slip. Steps to Gulf & Beach. May-Sept. $1900/mo., Oct.-Dec. $2500/mo., Jan.-April, $3400/mo. No pets/smokers. Contact:

ST. ARMANDS, 2BR/2BA, all new beds, linens, cookware. Pool, full bay view w/dock, walk to beach, shops, dining. $2500/mo. in season. Details, 651-653-6956. ON THE Gulf w/pool. 1BR condo, sleeps 4. Nicely furnished, cable, phone, full kitchen, living, dining area, W/D in building. Monthly or May through Jan. $1400/mo. 351-5101. VACATION RENTALS AVAILABLE! Longboat Key, Lido Key, Siesta Key, Casey Key, U.P.C.C., Downtown. Experience the elegant lifestyle of The Residence at The Ritz Carlton. Jennette & Rossi, Inc. Real Estate Management 941-953-6000

N. FORK, L.I., NY. Spacious 3BR/2BA home, A/C, gourmet kitchen, dock, private beach, bus to NYC. Pictures available. July and August. 631-734-4260.


ALSO AVAILABLE annually. Palm Aire Country Club area, furnished, 2BR/2BA villa, double garage, large lanai. Call Bruce at 388-5504 or 704-2681.


LBK, CEDARS COURT, 2BR/2.5BA townhouse w/garage. Nicely furnished. Available Nov. through March, 04. Rental includes tennis membership. Nov.-Dec. $2000/mo., Jan. $3000/mo. Feb.-March $3800/mo. Call 011-44-29-20796014 or e-mail: SEAPLACE, AVAILABLE DEC., 2003 to May, 2004. 2BR/2BA, nearly new Robb & Stucky furniture. Bldg. M-2, under bldg. parking, N.W. view of Gulf, non-smoking. New air cond. w/ultra violet protection. All appliances & washer/dryer. Call (888) 570-1977.

2BR/2BA, OUTSTANDING AMENITIES, 11TH FLOOR VIEW OF GULF, BAY AND CITY LIGHTS. JANUARY THROUGH MARCH, 2004. $5500/MO. 941-387-2106 A GREAT VIEW!! PLAN FOR 2004! Longboat Harbour, 2BR/2BA, nicely furnished Call 251-342-7339 or 251-342-7344, 251-510-8822.

Time Share

WHITE SANDS of Longboat. Timeshares available, for sale by owner: Priced to sell LONGBOAT HARBOUR, 2BR/2BA w/bay at $3,000 each or $4500 for both. First view, nicely furnished, Building L, 2nd floor, and Second weeks (49 and 50) of enclosed lanai. 3/mo. minimum. Call December. Use or trade around the 631-586-8580. world with Interval International. 802-384-2285 or LBK. PRIVATE home, 3BR/2BA, deep or water, beach access, pool, newly furnished. Weekly or seasonal rentals. Pets OK. LBK, GOLD Crown 5/Star, RCI/II, or 770-840-0028. Foreclosures/Owner Resales, 3/Resorts, 1 & 2 Bedroom, Red Weeks, $2000 to $14000. BAYPORT, 2BR/2BA. TKF, across street Cunningham Property Management, Florida from Gulf. 1/mo. min. Avail.: June 1-Nov. 30, Licensed Real Estate Broker, 387-9191, $1900/mo. 770-671-0338. 800-201-9983,

unobstructed bay view and downtown UNIQUE BEACH access at Seaplace. Sarasota. $1800/mo. Contact Dennis, 2BR/2BA. 2/mo. min. First floor walkout, 800-808-6550. 50/ft. to ocean beach, garden view, fully furnished, non-smoking. Tennis courts and LIDO SHORES, furnished 3BR/2BA, pool, 2/pools. Available: Dec. 2003, $2500/mo. spa & private beach access. Call for rates & and Jan. & Feb. 2004, $3500. 706-746-3799, availability. Romona Glanz, 383-9700. or Re/Max Excellence.  LBK, FAIRWAY BAY. Town home, BEHIND Gates of LONGBOAT Key Club, 2BR/2.5BA, beach club, many amenities. ST. ARMANDS. Exquisite turnkey furnished every room direct Gulf front, incredible No pets. Non-smoker. Short or long term. 2BR/2BA cottage, pool, +screened lanai, sunsets, hear and see the waves from 941-383-3583. walk beach/Circle. June 15 through Oct. 30. 3/large bedrooms, 3/full baths, 3/balconies, corner unit. 2-3/mo. rental. Special summer (941) 388-2524. rates. 631-287-1934. LONGBOAT KEY, 2BR, first floor condo. Tennis, pool. $600/week or $1800/mo. LBK, PARADISE & Whitney Beach. Newly APARTMENT. Cashiers/ Available May 1. Also available annually. decorated 1BR/1BA, W/D, large balcony MOUNTAIN Sapphire Valley, N.C. Almost new 847-735-1764. to watch waves and sunsets, tennis, w/awesome mountain views, 2BR/1BA, pool. Monthly $3500/mo. prime, less family room/kitchenette & large deck. BEACH PLACE, 2BR/2BA. Monthly rental. off-season. By owner. 248-644-8102 or Country Club amenities, $365/week. (941)918-8658 941-359-6868. LIDO BEACH. Luxury Condo on beach, 3BR/2.5BA, huge terrace, pool/spa, fitness center, tennis courts, security gate, breathtaking bay & city view! Flexible availability. Also available annually. (941) 918-4596.

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Check It Out! Classifieds are now Online CLICK ON CLASSIFIEDS



2. Joan Sinder and Polly Kaatz (tie) Hope Zawatsky and Lee Lippe

Judy Kepecz- Hays


East-West 1. Harris Silver and Tim Lesnik 2. Elton Yasuna and Hank Airth 3. Lois Kaufman and Jim Brown LONGBOAT KEY DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB Bayfront Park Recreation Center May 13 North-South 1. Winnie Skversky and Tim Lesnik 2. Anna Howell and Marle Abramson 3. Lois and Robert Auerbach East-West 1. Marshall Kaufman and Larry Troum

THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003 23C


MERRILL DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB Bayfront Park Recreation Center — May 15 North-South 1. Lori and Roger Brickman 2. Mary Lou Thomas and Marlene Mather 3. Dulce Kovacik and Paul Massik East-West 1. Elton Yasuna and Robert Schaefer 2. Jayne Forstenzer and Polly Kaatz 3. Selma and Larry Troum

941•387•1825 Sarasota’s International Realtors We Feature Several Referral Offices in Europe. Wir Sprechen Deutsch • Beszelunk Magyarul Nous parlons un peux Français

Over $31 million in sales in December 2002!

$1,000,000 per day!

Bridge games are held at 1 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays at Bayfront Park Recreation Center. Call Larry Auerbach, 758-2017.


Every custom detail is magnificent, from architecture to appliances! Saturnia floors, wine room, outdoor kitchen and bath, boat dock with lift, walk to beach and St. Armands Circle. $2,350,000


SABAL COVE ➣ Custom 4BR home behind the LBK Club gates, granite, deeded beach, waterfall pool. $1,295,000

Wonderful waterfront home with views to the West over Buttonwood Harbour. Deep water dockage for large boat already in place. 3 bedrooms, den and workout room 5 bath home with pool/spa on elevated deck. Please call for details.

NEW WATERFRONT HOME Great architecture, bamboo, marble, granite, boat dock. $2,299,000


Granite kitchen, private, large guest suite, fireplace, bayfront pool & spa. $1,899,000


Behind the LBK Club gates, 3BR + loft and den. Deeded beach. $1,275,000

QUEENS HARBOUR WATERFRONT ➣ Maintenance-free, custom 3,540 s.f. courtyard model with private pool and guest quarters. Quality! $1,195,000

BAYOU BAY ISLES - $1,500,000


One of the newest homes behind the gates of the Bay Isles “Bayou” community. Fine appointments include Granite counter-tops, wood floors along with elegant stone flooring, carpet in the bedrooms. This site offers tranquil views of a lake and deep lush woods.

Totally redone Mediterranean sailboat waterfront home. $949,000

ITZ ➣ Custom 3 BR + mediaRroom 15th floor residence with fabulous bay views and many upgrades! 2 parking, 2 storage. $2,590,000 “Tommy Bahama” style 14th floor furnished bayfront unit! Private beach club, spa. $1,269,000 Towers Penthouse - Bay and marina views, 3BR + den w/fireplace, wet bar, wine cooler, high ceilings, unique amenity level, private 2 car garage. $4,300,000

ISLANDSIDE - REGENT PLACE 3500 sq ft of beachfront furnished at or 7000 sq ft of unfurnished at

$3,500,000 $5,800,000

AQUARIUS Furn. 2BR split plan, gulf views, heated pool, Har-tru Tennis. $529,000

GULF FRONT ➣ Furnished DIRECT 2BR, beautiful pool, white sand

beach, long beach views.


For virtual tours, or to view our area’s Multiple Listing Service, log on to

Islandside Private living within Longboat Key Club. Open views to beach and city skyline. Southern exposure views, tastefully appointed. Over 3,500 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 2-car garage. Turnkey furnished. ISLANDER CLUB ➣ Beachfront building, Olympic sized pool, totally redone, 2BR.


Please call me to sell your home Interactive Website: Email:





➣ 1•800•910•8728

$1,995,000 5153

5293 2063

330 John Ringling Blvd. Sarasota, FL 376-6411 ~ Direct Line 388-4433 - office 924-9000 ~ showing inquiries

Breathtaking views of bay, city and golf course from this 2BR+den furnished penthouse model! $1,395,000

201 Gulf of Mexico Dr. • Longboat Key

24C THURSDAY MAY 29, 2003



Years of Distinctive Service Residential Sales ◆ ◆ ◆

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Commercial Division

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Call or visit one of our convenient locations N. Longboat Key S. Longboat Key


Holmes Beach

6350 Gulf of Mexico Dr. 26 Avenue of Flowers 3224 East Bay Dr. 383-5543 383-5544 778-0700 1-800-335-5543 1-800-950-3450 1-800-615-9930

Bridget Spiess (941)720-6304

Mike Migone (941)812-7437 BEACH FRONT CONDO! Spacious 3BR in a private, nine-unit building directly on the beach. Enjoy your own piece of the beach and sunsets. Pool, tennis, and garage add to this fully remodeled piece of heaven. $749,900 Karen Ankerstar 383-5544

BOATERS PARADISE Key West style home on lg private lot. Water views, high ceilings, open floor plan, 40x20 covered slip and 3+ deep water slips able to handle large sailboats. $1,400,000 John Hines 383-5543

TWIN SHORES Large 2BR/1BA mobile home can sleep 8! Double lot, outdoor patio area. Lots of extras. Spectacular beach, bay access, and just steps to the Gulf. $126,900 Peggy Kulik 383-5543

PENTHOUSE AT THE POPULAR GRANDE CONDOMINIUM Features include 3BR/4.5BA, 2 master suites. Sweeping gulf and bay views. Private 2 car garage, marble & granite throughout. $1,899,000. Mike Nink 383-5543

SIESTA KEY Gorgeous bay views from this beautiful Spanish Mediterranean home. Nearly 5000 sq.ft. of living area on deep protected sailboat water w/private boat dock that can accommodate a large boat. No bridges to bay, minutes to gulf. $2,250,000 Courtney Campbell 383-5543

MID KEY TOWN HOME TKF, 3BR/2.5BA w/attached garage, screened lanai & private patio. Sail in deep water or fish from community boat dock. Numerous amenities on gorgeous grounds w/2 pools, exercise, clubhouse & beautiful beaches. $295,000 Tina Rudek or Mike Migone 383-5543

VIZCAYA AT LONGBOAT KEY The most prestigious community on the West Coast, this Addison Meisner design has it all! Truly a paradise for the discriminating buyer. $2,895,000 MLS #220652 Call Bridget at 720-6304

WESTCHESTER GULF FRONT, 1st floor, tastefully updated. Enlarged kitchen, quality furniture, electric storm shutters, turnkey furnished. Walk out your door to pool and beach $629,000 MLS #230006 Call Bridget at 720-6304


BAY PLAZA Fabulous views of Sarasota Bay, Longboat Key, Marina, & Gulf. Twenty-four hour Concierge, valet parking. Walk to the library, theaters, and restaurants. $575,000 MLS 231915 Call Bridget at 720-6304

SUTTON PLACE Beautifully updated and decorated with deeded access to the beach. Community boat dock on deep sailboat water with no bridges to bay. Conveniently located and attached garage. $289,000 MLS #235372 Call Bridget at 720-6304

GULF FRONT LONGBOAT KEY Totally updated Sunset Beach condo. Turnkey furnished, gourmet kitchen, all new appliances, and crown molding. End unit with 2 balconies, plantation shutters, and updated tile throughout. A must see! $695,000 Marc Turner 778-0700

CHARMING VILLA IN BOATING COUNTRY Tastefully remodeled & decorated. 2BR/2BA condo with over 1000sf. TKF, heated pool, deeded beach access & protected sailboat docks. Water views from large lanai. $280,000 John Hines 383-5543

CONDOS GULF FRONT INVESTMENT Rarely available, turnkey furnished in newly renovated eight unit complex. Gorgeous beach and heated pool just outside your door. Excellent income property with bookings in place. $549,000 LONGBEACH CONDO Exceptional direct gulf views over LBK’s finest beaches. 2BR/2BA with den and large lanai. Great income possibilities. $439,000 MID KEY TOWN HOME Spacious 3BR/2.5BA with attached garage, screened lanai only steps to community pool and short walk to deeded beach. Numerous amenities including boat docks. $295,000

HOMES SPACIOUS GULFSIDE HOME Spectacular gulf and sunsets views, sounds of the ocean and white sugar sand right at your doorstep. Inviting 5BR/3BA home on 100x180 lot with excellent income revenue. $2,795,000 PALMA SOLA BAYFRONT 4 acre +/- property with protected 370 foot deep canal & spacious ranch home with spectacular water views surrounded by complete tranquility and privacy. Keep as huge private estate or develop. Endless possibilities. $1,249,000 “THE AVALON” at Laguna Yacht Village. Brand new quality built 4BR/3BA home with soaring ceilings and open concept. Warm wood flooring, stainless steel, granite tops & much more. Only steps to your own deep water boat dock, sparkling community pool and beach access. $796,200 BRAND NEW HOMES under construction due for completion this summer. Three bedroom, two bath floor plan with over 2,100 square feet of luxurious living. Maintenance free community with deep water boat dock and heated pool & spa. Across the street from the beach and close to shopping. Starting at $663,500


LAGUNA YACHT VILLAGE Don't miss your opportunity to own a new quality built home in this maintenance free waterfront community. Short walk to sugar sand beaches and your own deep water dock. Only 3 Homesites left. Starting at $240,000



445 NORTH SHORE Newly renovat- VILLA CASURINA 2/2 Gulf front condo, ed and furnished 3BR/2BA pool home small community with fabulous views. with views of Longboat Pass. Available Available seasonally. Call for rates! seasonally. Call for rates!

WE DO OPEN HOUSES EVERY WEEKEND. Call 720-6304 for addresses and directions.

For more distinctive rentals, please visit our website


MILLION DOLLAR VIEW Estate size Gulf front parcel with approved plans & permits for large residence already in place. Build your dream on Longboat’s finest beach. $2,750,000

TWIN SHORES mobile home with one bedroom, two bath, great location, 55 plus community with beach and bay access, boat dock. Investment potential! Call Bridget at 720-6304

South Longboat

Tina Rudek (941)795-5950

For a complete list of properties & virtual tours visit our website or e-mail us at

ESCAPE ... TO HIDEAWAY BAY Enchanting unspoiled beauty surrounds this immaculate 4BR/4BA custom home. Completely private water and pool views, soaring ceilings, spacious and bright interior. Steps to beach, dock and tennis. $1,125,000

Wir Sprechen Deutsch


North Longboat

May 29 2003