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Thursday, May 22, 2003


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Condo vote delayed

Blood donors wanted A goal of 10 donors has been set by the Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce for its blood drive 7:30 to 10 a.m. Wednesday, May 28. The drive coincides with the chamber’s monthly New Members breakfast held at 8 a.m. at the chamber offices. Chamber President Gail Loefgren invites everyone in the community to participate. The process is painless and takes only a few minutes. The blood is collected by the Manatee Community Blood Bank.


Church services move to Hall St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church is undergoing renovation, and Masses are being held at the Stella Maris Hall. According to church secretary Margaret Carroll, new lighting and ceiling tiles are being installed, the pews re-upholstered and the air conditioning and sound system are being upgraded. Carroll said the projected completion date is three weeks. Someone has a lot of faith.

Gone to her head Sandy Tull, vice president of Coast bank at The Centre Shops, donned a birthday hat to celebrate her natal day May 19. Amy Dodge gave her the hat, promising a free hairdo at her shop, A Dodge Concept Salon & Spa. There was one catch: Tull had to wear the hat during her business hours. We believe Tull complied.

Dora Walters

On March 19, U.S. cruise missles and bombs were dropped on Iraq’s capital, Baghdad. The following morning an American flag was placed atop the thatched roof of the tiki hut across from Bayport. It has continued to wave proudly ever since, a fitting tribute to our men and women who served with honor in the deserts and cities of Iraq and to those who have served our country over time. Remember them all this Memorial Day.

Sandy Tull gets hat happy. CONTINUED ON PAGE 4A

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City Editor

Vol. 24, No. 47 Three Sections

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ZBA votes for town, against condo BY SHAY SULLIVAN


Members of the Planning and Zoning Board balked at the bulk of new condos proposed for 4131 Gulf of Mexico Drive and delayed a vote at the May 20 meeting until June to gather more information. Town staff spent 10 months reviewing the plan to build 10 condos in place of the 50-unit Silver Beach Resort and ultimately recommended the board approve the development, which is dubbed La Firenza. The applicant, James Hammer, proposed a tradeoff with the town through a process called planned unit development. The development will contain four less units than is allowed, in exchange for four concessions on the situation of the structure. The development would be closer to the street and Gulf than rules permit; the floor-area ratio would be greater than allowed; and the distance between buildings would be smaller than dictated by zoning rules. Attorney Michael Furen said it is important to note that the existing structure contains 18 such departures from the rules, whereas there are only four non-conformities in the new development. Hammer said these departures from the rules are important to maintain a sufficient buffer between the condos and neighbors to the north and south. And the way the property is shaped constrains development, Hammer said. He showed the board a diagram of how only a small, irregularly shaped area could be developed if all rules are met. “It’s not economically feasible to build in this fashion,” Hammer said. Board member Bob Diamant did not agree: “This is an unusual site; it’s odd shaped. But there’s nothing unusual about having an oddshaped site ... I think there’s a philosophical problem here.” Diamant suggested density can be a misleading concept. The fact that the development will

The Zoning Board of Adjustment granted a special exception from town rules for new public tennis courts May 14 and voted against a L’Ambiance request to convert empty space into guest bedrooms. The board did not vote unanimously on any of the matters at the meeting. Board Member Vincent DeLisi voted against the town’s request to build four new tennis courts that are 18 feet closer to Bay Isles Road than is allowed. “I think the fence along the street and whatever landscaping goes along with it will not look very good with respect to the library,” said DeLisi. The board would not need to grant a special exception if the town rearranged the courts so

that one is perpendicular to the rest, DeLisi suggested. But that is not being done, because tennis players prefer courts that face north and south, to keep the sun out of their eyes, he said. True, Town Planner Monica Daigle said, but the town also wants the courts parallel to one another to preserve trees on the property. “This was the most positive configuration for these tennis courts,” Daigle said. Pam Truitt, the consultant hired by the town to usher the tennis project through the application process, pointed out that the existing courts are already closer to the road than is allowed. “We’re not making fair comparisons,” said DeLisi. The existing tennis courts are behind the post office and are less intrusive than the new ones will be, he said. C. Edward Blair verified that no neighbors

object to the plan. Five of the board members voted to grant the special exception and DeLisi voiced the only vote against the request. Next, attorney Michael Furen represented a group of L’Ambiance residents who attended the hearing to support an appeal of a staff decision regarding their condo. Planning Zoning and Building Director Jill Jeglie decided that converting storage space at L’Ambiance to two guest bedrooms would amount to tourism, which is not permitted by the property’s current zoning. Furen said no money would be exchanged for the use of the rooms and they would only be available to the residents’ families, like a guest bedroom at a house. He said to characterize this CONTINUED ON PAGE 5A

2A THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003


LIVE LUXURIOUSLY LARGE DOWNTOWN. Where a fortunate few are just steps away from restaurants, the bay, theaters, shops and a full medley of entertainment. Where the only thing between you and downtown Sarasota is your balcony. Where luxury resides in an expansive neoclassic hi-rise. Plaza Residences from 1,588 to 2,300 square feet of living area priced from the $500s. Penthouse retreats of more than 3,500 to 4,500 square feet from $1.6 million. For more information call 941-365-6101. 330 South Pineapple Avenue, Suite 105, Sarasota, FL 34236 • A neoclassic hi-rise is coming to downtown Sarasota.

Make a grand entrance at the plaza. five points

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THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 3A


Town attorney responds to Durante BY SHAY SULLIVAN City Editor

Longboat Key Town Attorney David Persson issued a written opinion last week, stating that the town is not obligated to build a community center in Joan M. Durante Park, nor could the town be bound to such a promise under state law. In a letter to the Longboat Key Town Commission, Persson opined that the 1993 agreement between the town and the park’s benefactor, James P. Durante, only refers to a community center built at Joan M. Durante Park. “If the town decides to build a community center, it may be built elsewhere. However, if the town decides to build a cultural community center within Joan M. Durante Park, it shall be known as the Joan M. Durante Cultural Community Center,” Persson wrote. Additionally, Persson said the town is required by the state to maintain the right to determine the best uses for land via the comprehensive plan, and no contract can eliminate that responsibility. Persson also said: “To suggest that members of the committee would be exposed to personal liability for not only

compensatory but also punitive damages and that insurance would not cover them if sued, is at best, erroneous.” If any dispute over the contract could not be resolved out of court, Persson said the normal course would be for either party to place the other on notice that the contract has been breached or defaulted. If the two sides are unable to agree to a resolution, the dispute would then go before a judge. Once a judge rules, Durante and the town would be obligated to abide by the ruling, Persson said. “There are no compensatory damages or punitive damages. There are no damages at all,” Persson said. “It is my opinion that Mr. Durante is an intelligent individual who uses overstatement to make his points. “I believe Mr. Durante’s agenda is simply that the cultural community center should be located in the Durante Community Park, not that it must be.” Persson suggested that he write a letter to Durante outlining his understanding of the town’s obligations regarding the park. “If there is a true disagreement, then we should proceed to resolve it,” Persson wrote. Referring to a non-binding referendum, Persson added: “I was under the impression that we resolved these issues sever-

al years ago.” In conjunction with Persson’s memo, Town Manager Bruce St. Denis provided the Town Commission with the results of that referendum, which asked the question “Do you favor the long-term lease of 4.63 acres of town land located in the Joan M. Durante Community Park for a cultural and community center to be constructed, operated and maintained without expenditure of any town funds?” Voters rejected the proposal, with a vote of 1,670-859. St. Denis also furnished commissioners with an accounting of the park’s costs. While Durante has contributed $600,000 and pledged another $400,000, funding comes from several other sources, too. Grants from the federal government for the park amount to $626,166 and the state contributed another $194,978. The park also received funding of $205,335 from the town’s land acquisition fund and $5,609 from the general operating budget. The annual maintenance bill for the park is $90,000. The accounting of the park’s costs also mentions the value of the land when it was traded to the town in exchange for higher density at the Water Club — $5.6 million. ❑

Town briefs

The $322,500 project to improve drainage in the Village is underway. McLeod Land Services Inc. started work May 19 with surveying and the installation of silt fences. Installation of drainage structures is slated to start on May 27 on Russell Street, Longboat Drive and Bayside Drive. Similar work will occur on Bayside Drive and Broadway from June 2 to 6. The project will move to Lois Avenue and Longboat Drive South from June 9 to 13. The alley between Bayside Drive and Lois Avenue will be worked on June 16 to 20, and some right of ways will be restored. From June 23 to 27, crews will continue right of way restoration and install pipe supports. The last phase is set for June 30 to July 3, when landscaping will be completed and roads will be paved.

Dead tide cleanup Dead fish killed by red tide are starting to pile up on the beach, and the town reacted by sending out Public Works crews to clean up. The first day netted about five garbage bags of fish on the north end, according to Public Works Projects Supervisor James Linkogle. If there are too many fish for town employees to handle, Grubbs Emergency Services Inc. will be called upon to take over the task as the company did during a severe outbreak in 2001. Dr. Richard Pierce, a scientist who studies red tide at Mote Marine Laboratory, said clearing away the dead fish eliminates their smell and the unsightliness, but not the respiratory irritant associated with red tide.

Garbage holiday Trash and recyclables will not be collected on Monday, May 26, because of the Memorial Day holiday. The alternate collection day is Saturday, May 24. Items should be at the curb by 7 a.m.

Canal dredging update

Dora Walters

Town studies building fees BY SHAY SULLIVAN City Editor

The town’s building division is set up to recoup its own costs, but it often does more than just pay its own way. In 2001, for example, building fees brought in $534,000 more than the cost of the entire Planning Zoning and Building Department. But by state law, building fees are not supposed to fund planning and zoning functions, or any other unrelated cost. The town will address this issue for the first time in 2003 by separating the building department budget from the planning and zoning budget. In the future, when fees generate a surplus for the building department, it will be set aside solely for building department costs. The Town Commission is set to review this concept at the May 22 workshop. Commissioners received a one-page sheet from Town Manager Bruce St. Denis explaining the idea. In it, St. Denis refers to a rate review conducted by Maximus Inc., which concluded that the building fees outweighed the department’s cost by $140,000 last year. And St. Denis mentions the possibility of a reduction in the fire inspection fee. But commissioners are not provided with the Maximus study itself and the numerous other recommendations for reduced fees contained therein.

The first recommendation the consultant made was to cut the overall construction fee in half. Currently, the fee for new construction is charged at a rate of $21.50 per $1,000 of value. That amounts to a $8,600 fee for a new $400,000 home. Maximus Inc. concluded that based on the cost of the building department, the rate should be $9.75 — or $3,900 for a $400,000 home. Comparatively, Sanibel Island charges a construction fee of 1% of value, which amounts to $4,000 for a $400,000 project. Bradenton Beach is closer to Longboat with its rate — about $19 per $1,000, or $7,631 for a $400,000 project. In all, Maximus Inc. recommended 24 changes to the building-fee structure and not all of them involved reductions. For instance, the consultant favored a 500% increase in an electrical inspection fee, from $50 to $303. The goal of the review was to set rates that would not generate a surplus. But St. Denis said he is not planning to adopt most of the consultant’s recommendations. “Otherwise, you’d be whipsawing your rates,” he said. St. Denis said, while the cost of the building department is relatively constant, it is difficult to predict how many new projects will generate revenue from year to year. Rates would

have to fluctuate annually to keep up with changes in the construction industry. Also, spreading costs evenly over the entire fee schedule can result in unreasonable rates, so the fee for a water heater inspection could cost more than the water heater itself, he said. As to the effect of the fees on construction, Contractor Rusty Chinnis, who works exclusively on Longboat Key, said the town’s building fees do not seem to be the subject of much complaining among his customers, even though he itemizes each fee separately on the bills. In addition to reviewing building fees at the May 22 meeting, the Town Commission plans to address the following issues: • Drainage — Engineer Michael Hanson will address whether it is cheaper to keep canals clean by dredging them, or by treating stormwater before it is drained into the canals. • Community Center Advisory Committee — Commissioners will nominate candidates for the committee and make selections to fill two vacancies. Applicants include Andrea Frank, Beverly Shapiro, Monica H. Durand, Kenneth Gill, Diane Treu, Edwin H. Sherman and Shary Metrocarage. • Watering restrictions — The commission will consider allowing irrigation twice a week, as is allowed by the Southwest Florida Water Management District, instead of the once a week limitation imposed by the town. ❑

Work should begin in the Juan Anasco Drive/DeNarvaez Drive canal by May 26. On the south end, work on the Yawl Lane/Schooner Lane is expected to continue until May 30.

Agenda There will be a meeting of the Town Commission at 1 p.m. Thursday, May 22 at Town Hall, 501 Bay Isles Road. For an agenda, see the story on this page.

Bridge Tender Coming attractions (May 26 to 30) Erection of segments over the navigational channel is continuing.

Traffic impacts • Boats with masts taller than 65 feet no longer fit under the bridge. • Closures of the navigational channel for the work on Pier 6 are now expected to continue until June. The closures will occur intermittently between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. and will be announced on the U.S. Coast Guard's “Notice to Mariners.”

Gil Waters

Paving the east approach is well under way at the new Ringling Causeway Bridge.

4A THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003




our TOWN


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A slip in the bathtub resulted in several broken ribs and a fiveday stay in Blake Hospital for football great Dick Stanfel. He was in town with Qwan’s Boys, a group of 32 former football players and coaches, mostly affiliated with the Chicago Bears. For 19 years the group has vacationed on Longboat Key and played in the AKTION Club golf tournament sponsored by the Longboat Key Kiwanis Club. They are longtime friends of Edith Dunn and became acquainted at her restaurant, Shenkel’s. Stanfel was scheduled to speak at the Kiwanis Club breakfast meeting on May 8, along with Kenny Geiger, retired Chicago Bears scout. Stanfel hopes to be well enough to make the trip back to Chicago later this week. Stanfel has been affiliated with football for 42 years. He was an offensive guard for the Detroit Lions and in 1953 was voted Most Valuable Player in the world championship game, when the Lions beat the Cleveland Browns. Stanfel later played for the Washington Redskins and was an offensive line coach for the Chicago Bears.

Dog-gone flight If you think you have a hassle at airports boarding a flight, you should try being a dog. Peppermint, Kandy Haslem’s 10-pound Bichon Frise, flies when Haslem does and in the cabin, no less. Twice in the past six weeks, Haslem has been pulled out of the boarding line for a further check. As Haslem explained, this time the metal on Peppermint’s collar attached to her leash apparently set off the metal detector. As Peppermint stood patiently, the security guard tried to pass a detecting wand over her. Each time the wand got close to the floor, it sounded off. Finally, the attendant turned to Haslem, and asked, “Can the dog stand up?” Haslem replied, “She is.” “No, I mean on two legs,” the attendant clarified. “Yes, she can if I hold her front paws.” “Oh, no,” the attendant said. “No one is allowed to touch them while we use this detector.” Haslem suggested, “Why don’t I just take her collar off and send her back through the metal detector?” “Oh no,” the attendant said again. “That’s not allowed.”

Peppermint is all packed and ready to go.

Photos by Dora Walters

After several more wand maneuvers by the guard, Peppermint was found to be not a threat and the two boarded the plane. While Haslem could do without the hassle, Peppermint seems to enjoy the attention.

Graduating high school? If you or someone you know (resident of Longboat, St. Armands, Lido or Bird keys) is graduating from high school this year, The Longboat Observer would like to hear from you. A special feature is planned for the June 5 edition. Please call Lusya Sullivan at 383-5509, Ext. 32, or e-mail her at

Missing Fred, a 7-month old West Highland white terrier, headed for the great outdoors on May 8 when Judith Castle’s 4-year-old granddaughter left a door open. When last seen Fred was ambling along on the sidewalk in 6000 block of Gulf of Mexico that same day but has not been spotted since. Fred was wearing a tag from the Island Animal Clinic, 7782445, but not his identification tag with his name and owner’s address. Castle said Fred is on special medication. The family is heartbroken and is offering a reward. Anyone seeing Fred or having any information about him is asked to call Castle at 383-0519. —Compiled by Dora Walters

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THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 5A


Condo CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1A represent an 80% density reduction aside, the new structure will be physically larger than what is there now. Instead of a series of oneand two-story buildings, there will be two fivestory buildings that are about 60 feet high and a clubhouse. But in terms of actual living space, the new condos will not be substantially larger, said architect Stephanie D. Gaines. The bottom floor is used for parking and does not count towards the height due to flooding rules. And the structure only reaches the maximum height in a few select areas, where facades hide mechanical equipment, she noted. “Visually, I see five floors with bulk that is substantial,” Diamant said. Chairman Jerome Lee asked about the selling price of the condos. Hammer said prices would range between $2.8 and $4.2 million. At current tax rates, that price range would generate between $56,000 and

The proposed La Firenza condominium development contains 10 units in two buildings, with a clubhouse in between. $84,000 in annual tax revenue. Diamant said a three-dimensional rendering of the project would help the board envision the impact on the neighborhood. Metz concurred: “The existing property needs renovation, but I’m still reluctant to approve something this massive appearing.” Lee asked whether postponing a vote would harm Hammer’s schedule. Furen said there is already a delay because he originally sought an April hearing and expressed concern about being able to complete the approval process before the summer break.

ZBA CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1A as tourism “defies logic and defies reality.” Jeglie said she is concerned that allowing the bedrooms to be added will set a precedent that could be used to justify changes in other condos. Furen said L’Ambiance, which did not get built to its maximum allowable density, is in a unique position and would not be setting a precedent. And, there is a similar arrangement with spare bedrooms at The Pierre, Furen noted. Jeglie also said allowing the rooms could burden the town’s infrastructure. Members of the audience scoffed at the notion. L’Ambiance resident Eileen Curd said she has nine grandchildren and it is difficult to find hotel rooms for all of them. They would be in the area either way, so there is no additional stress on the town’s roads or utilities, she said. “I’m not sure what’s up for discussion,” Curd said. “I was really under the impression it was our property.” Town Attorney David Persson said the Zoning Board’s job is

“This board has in its hands and its vote this morning the future of this redevelopment,” Furen said. Board member Lee Rothenberg supported postponing the vote to get a better perspective of how the structure will appear. Diamant said one of the buildings could be moved closer to the road, but he understands that is difficult because the applicant spent thousands of dollars on the existing set of plans, which are extensive. “So it’s a very difficult situation,” Diamant said.

not to decide whether the plan is a good idea, but to verify that it is allowed by current rules. George R. Pasini, an architect who lives at L’Ambiance, said the condo residents have already scaled back plans for the space to meet the town’s requirements. And there are gates and security between the public and the rooms, so the space certainly would not be open to tourists, he said. Nawrocki said he thinks the idea is a good one, but that the condo must go through the proper process, which is to amend the property’s site plan: “I think there would be a precedent that would be tough to keep defending.” Newly appointed Chairman Forrest Rivinius said he does not share Nawrocki’s concern about precedent. “I also don’t believe that family members fall under the definition of being a transient,” Rivinius said. Four board members voted to uphold Jeglie’s ruling that the rooms would qualify as tourism, and Rivinius and DeLisi voted to overturn the ruling. The final vote of the day concerned a variance request for a corner lot at North Shore Road and Joy Street. Owners Roger and Ruth O’Bryon want to build a home there

Furen agreed that realistically, making changes at this point is problematic. “We certainly think this is an opportunity we hope the community doesn’t miss,” warned Furen. Board member George Spoll said he could vote immediately, but that he has problems with the project. His colleague, Fred S. Rickard, also said he has a problem with the bulk of the proposed structure and the idea of allowing departures from the rules. The board agreed to postpone the vote until June. ❑

that is 5 feet closer to Joy Street than allowed. Their agent, Jeffrey L. Hostetler, said the building area is limited by the fact that two sides of the property are bordered by streets and the setback requirements that come with them. Sticking to the rules would result in a 20-foot-wide structure that would look more like a mobile home than a domicile befitting Longboat Key, Hostetler suggested. The O’Bryons also requested a reduction in the minimum square footage of the first floor, from 1,600 square feet to 1,492 square feet. Daigle told the board the variances are unnecessary to build on the property and recommended denial of the request, in part because it would grant a “special privilege” to the O’Bryons. Roger O’Bryon told the board he would be willing to give up on the square-footage request, if he could receive the variance for the setback. Blair moved to approve the setback variance, and everyone but board member Carol Rickard voted for the motion. Rickard said she did not think the O’Bryons would be subjected to a hardship if forced to follow the rules. Proving that the rules pose a “hardship” is one of seven requirements that must be met to obtain a variance. ❑

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6A THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003



Pass or canal, that is the question BY SHAY SULLIVAN City Editor

The fate of several North Shore Road properties depends on how the Zoning Board of Adjustment rules on a zoning issue raised by Zachary P. Abuza. Abuza lives at 490 North Shore Road and there is a small piece of vacant land next door to him at 450 North Shore Road. William C. Saba purchased that .09-acre piece of vacant land in September 2000 for $20,000 and is now planning to build a home there — something few neighbors thought possible. The land as it is today is not large enough to qualify for a single dwelling unit under town rules. But Saba is seeking to make the lot large enough for a building by adding fill to the waterside portion of it. And in October 2002, one of his agents asked Planning Director Jill Jeglie several questions about developing the property. One of these questions in particular caught Abuza’s attention: Which setback rule applies to 450 North Shore Road? The answer depends on whether the property is considered to be on

Longboat Pass or on some type of lagoon or canal. Jeglie ruled that the property is not on Longboat Pass. If it were, buildings would have to be set back 150 feet from the water. Currently, many homes on North Shore Road are only 20 or 50 feet away from the water. Abuza challenged Jeglie’s ruling. He hired an attorney to assert that the property is indeed on the Pass and the 150-foot setbacks do apply. “If he’s successful in doing that, that could really hurt every property owner on that street,” said Saba. If Jeglie’s ruling is overturned, it could make at least seven properties “non-conforming,” including Abuza’s. Jeglie told the Zoning Board applying the 150 setbacks could also impact properties on the other side of the street. Non-conforming status triggers a series of restrictions on future property development. Abuza said he believes his property is already non-conforming. He said his motives are twofold: to uphold the town’s zoning code and to protect a “marvelous bird sanctuary,” in which Saba plans to place fill. Abuza said he received words of support from

to take all available information into consideration. “They can bring a 1955 telephone book to the hearing and read from it for a minute if they think it’s relevant,” said Persson. With the issues Furen raised settled, Ulrich launched into a courtroom-style interrogation of Jeglie. He asked her a series of questions in rapid succession about how town rules applied to North Shore Road over the years and how the property has been listed in the town’s database. Jeglie conceded it is difficult to determine which land is on the Pass, which is why she defers to experts, such as Dr. Cliff Truitt, whose research indicated 450 North Shore Road is not on the Pass. Ulrich suggested that could change if a storm passed by the area. He then called on his expert to testify. But Furen objected, saying he did not know expert witnesses would be called. Furen asked for a continuance so he could have time to obtain his own expert. The board agreed to postpone the hearing until Sept. 11. ❑

several of his neighbors. But the owner of the property on the other side of Saba at 430 North Shore Road, Jerome E. Glassman, said he thought the issue revolves around preventing Saba from filling in the Pass. He said he does not favor anything that would alter the status of his property. For the last five months, Abuza and Saba attempted to resolve their differences outside of Town Hall, to no avail. So the matter came before the Zoning Board May 14. Attorney Michael Furen represented Saba. At the outset Furen tried unsuccessfully to have the appeal dismissed on a technicality, because Abuza did not personally sign the appeal before the filing deadline. Furen also asked the board to disregard the historical documents presented by Abuza’s attorney, Richard Ulrich. For example, Ulrich presented the board with an undated picture of Longboat Pass that shows the area before Greer Island connected with the north end of Longboat Key. Furen said such outdated documents are irrelevant to the present situation. Town Attorney David Persson said it is best

Crews step up pace on bridge construction BY LAURA BRUEGGE Guest Writer

While plans for an opening celebration for the Ringling Causeway Bridge are in the works for this summer, bridge crews for PCL Civil Constructors Inc. continue to work later and longer to make up for delays caused by cracks discovered earlier. The PCL contract expires Dec. 23. The project, including the removal of the existing bridge, must be finished by the expiration date, or the company will face a fine of $10,000 per day. Todd Schille, PCL project superintendent, admitted that projecting the new bridge completion date is difficult: “It’s all one big schedule, but thousands of activities are broken up in that

schedule and they are all linked together.” According Schille, the bridge could be finished in late July, or completion time could stretch into August. So far, the crew has attached more than 350 segments of the 480 segments needed to complete the 3,000-foot bridge. “With so many activities going on, it is typical to have problems,” Schille said. Some factors sneak beyond the crew’s control. In April, at least three days of work time were wasted due to winds at speeds of 25 mph and above. “If the wind blows too hard, it affects my cranes,” Schille said. “No one can tell me when it is going to be that windy.” Because

a majority of the project depends on the cranes to move parts for construction, most of the project ceases when the cranes stop. The crews combat element delays by working longer days or on the weekends. Earlier hairline cracks in some of the firstplaced segments caused delays. The crews continue to inject the cracks with epoxy, a construction glue, and should be finished with the epoxy within a month. Schille concentrates on the positive in the puzzle. “Our pace was slowed and now it has accelerated,” Schille said. “If you were to take a snapshot a month ago and a snapshot today, you would see an amazing amount of work that has been done.” ❑

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If you were the judge

Are these properly called the ‘wackiest’ cases? It is a tenet of democracy that one can sue anybody, anytime, anyplace, for anything. Of course, winning is something else. Illustrations of the foregoing principle have been collected by the esteemed National Law Journal, calling them the “wackiest” cases. They are bizarre. An employer in Miami requested the National Labor Relations Board to declare void the employees’ election favoring union representation. The claimant charged that its employees were unlawfully influenced in the casting of their ballots, because the union used voodoo signs over its HaitianAmerican workers. Offered as evidence were the wearing of black beads, placing pennies with the electorate and displaying half-empty water cups. When the board stopped laughing, the case was dismissed. It is bad enough when a worker wants to be paid while sleeping on the job. But it worsens when he demands overtime compensation for doing so. Here is a federal case in which the plaintiff alleged that he was entitled to such overtime pay because, although he slept through the night, he did it on the job site. The court dismissed the “sleep time” case, holding that the employee, when sleeping, was not performing any duty on behalf of his employer. Here is an unusual federal court of appeals case. The executive manager of a health spa sued for sexual harassment. The initial and insurmountable problem arose when the presented evidence lacked the required proof of accurate personnel records. Consequently, the judge stated, “Not surprisingly the spa’s payroll records are somewhat sketchy.” Why? The

business was a house of prostitution. Kentucky Fried Chicken unwittingly became enmeshed in this case, when an employee was arrested for providing a customer with a wrong side dish along with a chicken dinner. Instead of biscuits, the customer received two bags of marijuana. The mistake occurred when the patron, by happenstance, uttered a word to the employee that was the code for the unlawful weed. Here is the winner of a $10,600 jury verdict that was affirmed by the California Court of Appeals in a sexual harassment case. Zackery Brisceno was employed in an adult video store. As part of his job, he was required to experiment with sex toys, wearing a “sex harness” and then submitting to photographs. His female employer required him to yield to “other unmentionable acts.” The court ruled that the plaintiff was the victim of a hostile work environment. “I don’t think that he wanted to get trussed up in this sexual swing ... I think he was required to do so,” said the judge. The judgment was affirmed. This is a strange court proceeding: Richard N. Shick, caseworker for Illinois, robbed a convenience store with a sawed-off shotgun. He was caught. Later he sued Illinois, alleging unlawful discrimination because of disabilities. He complained that that grievance caused him to commit the robbery. The jury awarded him $5 million in damages, plus $166,700 in back pay. The trial judge vacated all of the judgment except $303,000. On defendant’s appeal, the high court dismissed the entire case. An unusual case is that of an employee who tested positive for marijuana, thus violating his

employer’s drug policy. The worker later testified that he had eaten two brownies found in a refrigerator. Unbeknown to him, they were laced with marijuana. No evidence to the contrary was presented. The arbitrator ordered that the grievant be reinstated with back pay because “his high was unintentional.” Finally, Mary Quinones, nicknamed “Military Marj,” a supervisor, touched and propositioned a gay male employee. In addition, she yelled and screamed at him in the presence of other employees. The evidence

presented by the employer proved that Quinones’ actions against the claimant were similar to that with all the other workers. Therefore, there could be no unlawful discrimination because there simply was no discrimination. Every employee was the recipient of the same bad behavior. The court agreed. (Source: The National law Journal, March 24, 2003.) James Durante, a Longboat Key resident, is a retired member of the New York Bar. ❑



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Our View

The Twilight Zone Our favorite quote of the week comes from Eileen Curd, a resident of the L’Ambiance condominium on Longboat Club Road. Listening to the discussion before the Longboat Key Zoning Board of Adjustment over whether L’Ambiance residents would be allowed under town codes to convert a storage space into a guest suite, Curd said: “I’m not sure what’s up for discussion. I was really under the impression it was our property.” That’s what a lot of people think — that their property is their property, and by right of ownership it has been a longheld principle in this country that as the owner you entitled to use your property as you see fit — so long as you don’t harm your neighbor. As we’ve said many times, however, the truth about property ownership these days is more like this: You own it, you pay the mortgage, you pay the taxes, you maintain it and you upgrade it. But it’s not your property. Mrs. Curd, as her astonishment indicates, found out last week the consequences of zoning. She learned the effects of groups of citizens pushing the Town Commission into codifying labyrinthine zoning regulations. Though the commissioners and the rules’ proponents always believe at the time they are adopting these rules for the good, protection and the order of all, in truth zoning codes often strip property owners of many of the fundamental values of property ownership — that your property is yours, and therefore you control its use. Consider the story of L’Ambiance. What a nonsensical web we’ve weaved: When L’Ambiance’s two buildings were built, the plans originally included constructing residential units in each building for condo managers. But the condo association abandoned that idea and decided it needed only one manager’s unit. It converted the second unit to storage. Meanwhile, just up the street, the Pierre, another of the Longboat Club Road condominiums, was constructed with a guest suite and has been used as such for many years. Now comes the idea at L’Ambiance to convert the storage unit to a guest suite for the family members and guests of the condominium’s residents. The association, trying to do the proper thing, takes its proposal to the town to make sure it conforms with the town ordinances and codes. Yet when Longboat Key Planning and Zoning Director Jill Jeglie looks at the plan and applies it to town codes, she concludes — based on her reading of the ordinances — that

L’Ambiance’s storage unit is being converted to a tourism use, which is prohibited under the town codes. To Jeglie’s interpretation of the law, it doesn’t matter that the users of the L’Ambiance guest suite primarily would be family members and friends of the L’Ambiance residents. Nor does it matter that the L’Ambiance residents do not object to the guest suite. Jeglie properly sees her job as applying the town’s laws uniformly. Jeglie’s ruling surprises the L’Ambiance residents. So next they decided to spend about $300 an hour on lawyer Michael Furen. Furen is hired to appeal Jeglie’s decision to the Zoning Board of Adjustment, a town board that grants exceptions to the town codes primarily on the basis of hardship. This is a concept that says if a town code inflicts an unreasonable and undue hardship on a property owner’s enjoyment and use of his property, the board of adjustment can overrule the codes. As reported in this week’s The Longboat Observer, the majority of the board of adjustment ruled in Jeglie’s favor, apparently deciding that denying the guest suite at L’Ambiance was not a hardship to its residents. L’Ambiance residents now get to spend more money on their lawyer to help them go through another bureaucratic process of amending L’Ambiance’s site plan. Surely this must strike most people as ridiculous. And indeed it is. But here’s the kicker: While a majority of the members of the Zoning Board of Adjustment rejected L’Ambiance’s petition, the board overwhelmingly approved the town of Longboat Key’s own request for a special exception to town setback laws to accommodate the construction of four more Longboat Key Public Tennis Center courts on Bay Isles Road. The exception was desired so the courts could be configured in a way that center’s users would not have to look into the sun. This, obviously, was deemed a hardship, whereas requiring L’Ambiance residents’ children or grandchildren to stay in a hotel was not. Welcome to the Twilight Zone. ❑❑❑

The Durante dispute • Longboat Key Town Attorney David Persson is provid-

ing proactive legal advice to the Town Commission. In his three-page interpretation of the James Durante-Cultural Community Center rift, Persson suggests he send a letter to Durante stating Persson’s view of the town’s obligations and suggesting that if there is a dispute it be resolved. This is good advice, albeit at a substantial hourly rate. Here’s more advice, at a low rate (it’s worth what you pay for it): Perhaps Mayor John Redgrave should visit with Durante in person and go over Persson’s letter to the commissioners. Seems this a) would be much less expensive; and b) would have far greater soothing and personal effects than an official letter from the town lawyer. Longboat Key is a small town. Durante knows nearly all of the town commissioners personally. To paraphrase L.A. riot philosopher Rodney King: Can’t we all just talk? ❑❑❑

‘Little bitty tax relief’ The behavior of the U.S. Senate and House on President Bush’s tax-cut package continues to prove that Washington politicians are more protective of themselves and their power than they are of the welfare of the American taxpayers. Giving Americans more control over their own money by reducing taxes (and by Congress spending less on corporate and social welfare) reduces the power of Washington. Thus the Senate stingily eked out a laughable $350 billion tax cut over 10 years. The House did marginally better at $550 billion. The president asked for $726 billion. President Bush has it right about Congress: “If they agree that tax relief creates jobs, then why are they for a little bitty tax-relief package?” Put the tax cuts in this perspective, too: The president proposed tax cuts equal to 2.6% of the federal budget over 10 years, according to National Review magazine; the House passed a plan that will be 1.9% of the total government intake; and the Senate has proposed a plan that is only 1.2% of the government’s intake. Tax relief? Who are these rogues kidding? Worth noting: The top five spending categories in the U.S. budget, as a percentage of total spending are health and human services, 24%; Social Security, 21%; defense, 16%; agriculture, 3%; and veterans affairs, 2.7%.

N.Y. Times & Jayson Blair

‘Failure of vigilance’? That’s an understatement In the old movie classic “Citizen Kane,” there is a dramatic scene where a political opponent has just found a way to thwart Charles Foster Kane’s bid to be elected governor. “This should be a lesson to you,” the politician says to Kane. “But you are going to need more than one lesson — and you are going to get more than one lesson.” The scandal of disgraced reporter Jayson Blair should have been a lesson to those who run the New York Times. But it is obvious from an account of a staff meeting at the Times in its aftermath that it is going to take more than one lesson to get Thomas through to the top brass — if it ever SOWELL does. First of all, managing editor Howell Raines announced: “I am here to listen to your anger.” This is classic liberal condescension. Other people do not have ideas, knowledge or principles that need to be considered. They just have emotions — and Raines graciously agreed to let them blow off steam. Raines’ version of what happened was that “I was guilty of a failure of vigilance” while Jayson Blair spent years writing inaccurate and even made-up stories. But is that fact or spin? It would not seem to require “vigilance” when one of your own editors — more than a year ago — sent out a memo stating bluntly: “We have to stop Jayson from writing

for the Times. Right now.” That’s not a subtle hint that anyone needs to ponder. It was as plain as day — and it was plainly disregarded, as Blair was afterward promoted to covering national events. The great emphasis now on the journalistic failings of Jayson Blair over the past several months ignores the fact that such a blunt warning a year ago was not just an emotional outburst without any factual basis, unless anything that goes against the grain with Howell Raines can be dismissed as just an emotional outburst. None of this is peculiar to Mr. Raines or to the New York Times. Weighty national and international issues are often argued on the left in the same smug, dismissive style. Affirmative action controversies, for example, are pictured as being due to “angry white males.” Opposing viewpoints on all sorts of other disputes are depicted as showing that these are “emotional issues.” Facts, logic and principles do not have to be confronted by other facts, logic or principles. That would be arguing on a plane of equality under the same rules on both sides. But the mindset of the left is apparent in such phrases as “raising the consciousness” of other people. They are like missionaries carrying The Word to the unlettered natives. This was the stance of Howell Raines when addressing the view that, because Jayson Blair is black, he was the beneficiary of a double standard that allowed him to continue messing up for years. “Our paper has a commitment to diversity and by all accounts he appeared to be a promising young minority

reporter,” Mr. Raines told his staffers. How can this be “by all accounts” when one of the editors bluntly urged that Blair be fired immediately — more than a year ago? Whether or not Blair was “promising” when he was hired, for how many years can you remain promising as the record of your failures and deceptions keeps piling up? Managing editor Raines admits now that he may have given Jayson Blair “one chance too many” when he let his promotion go through. But that sounds like poor arithmetic in light of the record. And the fundamental problem was not that Blair was promoted but that he was allowed to keep the job that he was botching. Howell Raines and the New York Times are not nearly as important as the mindset they represent. And it is not nearly as important that they learn lessons from this as that the rest of us learn the implications of their mindset and the kinds of things that it can lead to, not just in journalism but in the larger world. The worst that Howell Raines can do is ruin the reputation of a once-great newspaper. But when the mindset that he represents takes hold in the seats of power, including judicial power, we can look for the same blind arrogance of the self-righteous — and far worse consequences for this nation and its people. Thomas Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305. His Web site is COPYRIGHT 2003 CREATORS SYNDICATE INC.


THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 9A


Laugh Lines

Hate the sin, not the sinner, oui? My great mentor, psychiatrist Karl Menninger, wrote: “There is no good in us that is not also in them, and no evil in them that we are not capable of.” Even the French? Because we had to be in Washington, D.C. (our beautiful capital, laid out originally by Pierre L’enfant), I decided to put a flower on the grave of my favorite soldier, Black Jack Pershing. He has no monument because he insisted on the same simple marker as his soldiers, buried in Arlington. As general of the Armies of the United States (a rank also held only by George Washington), he was awarded innumerable decorations. He was especially proud of the Croix de Guerre and the French Legion of Honor. On arrival in France in 1917 as head of all American forces, he uttered the famous line: “Lafayette, we are here!” Gen. Lafayette had come to America from France to help us win independence from the British. A brilliant tactician, he is credited with alerting Gen. Washington to the vulnerability of the British at Yorktown. These two generals, together with Rochambeau, defeated the British Gen. Cornwallis, who surrendered. The colonies were free! Lafayette became a long-time close friend of George Washington, whose name he gave to his first born. Thomas Jefferson, too, was an intimate friend of Lafayette and drew heavily on their discussions in writing our Declaration of Independence, and later on making the Louisiana Purchase,

which included New Orleans. •••• We were in D.C. last week enroute to say bon voyage to a student protégé, part of our winter ménage. She was leaving for her home in Martinique. Back in Florida we left our chic, blonde, au pair in charge. She promised to take the little ones to a matinee every day. She has a penchant for avant guard films, so we said, “No aberrant or bizarre films.” Just reruns of old Maurice Chevalier flicks, or musicals like “Gigi.” I get nostalgic for gamins like Leslie Caron. (Also, I have a yen for Brigitte Bardot, but she’s not for the little ones). We promised everyone souvenirs on our return. While in D.C., I wanted to treat all to a fancy dinner. Not haute cuisine and not at an expensive art deco, a la carte joint. I had an inspiration. I called Katherine (Harris) to see if we could have lunch at the House restaurant. She was agreeable but warned us of the “liberty toast” and “liberty potatoes.” We all laughed — and our ensemble met there. (I have often met Bernie there á propos my interest in things Vermont — green mountains — especially to critique Montpelier politics). So it was a veritable deja-vu experience, being greeted by name by the mâitre d’! I checked my attaché case with the veteran — near somnolent — attendant and joined our group. Our waitress jokingly said the soup-de-jour was bean soup. We all laughed and said we would study the menu for hors d’ oeuvres and entrées. She wished us bon appétit. Some started

George W. ALBEE

Letters to


If you would like to send us your comments, please write, e-mail or fax one of the following addresses: Box 8100, Longboat Key, FL 34228; e-mail:; fax: 3837193. Please include your name and phone number. The Longboat Observer will print all letters to the editor if it feels they are of general interest, but only if the letter is signed and the author’s street address and phone number are given. The editor reserves the right to condense letters.

Appreciate our businesses Dear Editor: It is a shame that the people of Longboat Key have not appreciated the effort, energy and dedication that the professional businesses have given to this fabulous island. I must apologize to all my fellow devotees, Vinnie, Pic and all the people that worked at Poseidon, the wonderful Irish ladies at Lynches Landing, the hard-working people who cared for you at the Buccaneer, the loyal group of individuals who worked so hard for you at the Holiday Inn, Jack Graham and his team at the Plaza, Ivo, the great restaurant at Ivo’s, Edith Barr Dunn and Ken Barr at the famous Shenkel’s. You have all worked so hard and diligently so serve this island. Your efforts will be remembered. We will miss you all. Hopefully, our neighbors will learn to support and patronize the Longboat community businesses. Murf Klauber and family Colony Beach & Tennis Resort

Mob mentality Dear Editor: I am a quiet person with a loving family. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and uterine cancer two years ago this month. I have always felt this was private until I found my family on the front page of The Longboat Observer being accused of crimes by our neighbors. We have lived on Longboat Key for five years. I convinced my family to move from Bay Isles to Jewfish Key so that I could live or die, but mostly because I believed it would help me to heal. If anyone would have asked, I could have

answered some questions. We have been waiting for a Land’s End apartment to become available, because sometimes I am too tired to go home in the boat. We were not smuggling illegal snook, we were taking our children to public school. We were not running drugs, we were proud to have a child in two productions at the Asolo Theatre. He is not old enough to drive, so he needed to be picked up at 11 p.m. on performance nights. The apartment was to help eliminate late night and early morning boat traffic on these nights by providing a place to sleep on the mainland. Our landlord, Arden Lerfald, knew all of these facts, however, chose to join the Village mob. We were more than surprised to have the locks changed on our apartment and find our belongings outside. Being denied the use of our legally rented boat slips has made access to our home on Jewfish Key impossible. I didn’t know things like this happened on Longboat Key. Danee Barnett, “Mrs. Jewfish” Longboat Key

Playing race card Dear Editor: Thanks to Shay Sullivan for his excellent coverage of the May 12 Code Enforcement Board meeting, “Villagers Protest Marina,” in the May 18 edition of The Longboat Observer. However, we are puzzled by a quote from Robert R. Barnett: “The issue is that we have black children. We walk the streets in the Village and we’re stared at.” For the record, the Barnetts have never

with the fondue, or simply consommé. Others chose the chef’s special, which was fancy crepes. Onion soup is always on the menu. I ordered escargots, a favorite of mine. Others were phobic when they learned I was eating snails with such gusto. For entrées there were the usual wide choices: steak au poivre, veal cordon blue, sautéed tripe, lobster thermidor. Au gratin asparagus and potatoes and petits pois were standard as were a tray of croissants and crusty baguettes. Salad with Roquefort dressing was included. Dessert was a hard choice. Apple pie a la mode is the big seller, but a tray of Napoleans and petits fours was tempting, as was the chocolate mousse. People chose, then most had café au lait. I left a gratuity for the waitress, though it was not de rigeur. After lunch there was time for either shopping or a matinee. Several chose the latter, going to “Les Miserables” or “Moulin Rouge.” The next morning early I returned alone to the House restaurant while everyone slept in. I ordered a breakfast of eggs Benedict, but asked that they be served on a special shiny metal plate I provided. When my dish arrived, the waiter, deferentially, asked why I preferred the special plate. “Because,” I said, “there’s no plate like chrome for the Hollandaise!” George W. Albee, retired Vermont professor, lives on Longboat Key. He studied French in high school by memorizing and singing dozens of French songs with his class. Call if you want to hear “The Mademoiselle from Armentier’s.” ❑

walked the streets of the Village. Barnett family strolls were limited to a short, grassy patch between two, illegally moored boats and four illegally parked cars. But dishonesty seems to be the least of this man’s shortcomings. When the “Unlawful Marina Deck Of Shame” playing cards are printed, Barnett’s portrait is sure to come up aces. He earns the honor by playing a card of his own — the race card. What can one say about a man who will use the ethnic backgrounds of children to justify his own boorish behavior? Phil and Leslie Hall Longboat Key

Park belongs to residents Dear Editor: Eight or nine years ago, a referendum for a community center in Joan M. Durante Park was overwhelmingly defeated. Had the referendum passed, the building could not have been constructed on this property — it is zoned “open space,” passive recreation. Mr. Durante is well aware of this. In appointing a new recreation committee the town manager made this quite clear. And now Mr. Durante, who shouldn’t have been appointed to the committee in the first place, is going to sue the town if he doesn’t have it his way. He is determined to have some kind of a structure on that property as a memorial for his wife. The land belongs to the people of Longboat Key, given to the town in a transfer of density to the Gulf side. I do agree the park is an asset to Longboat Key and many people enjoy it. But remember, this beautiful parcel was always there for the people to enjoy. To sue a town for refusing to erect a memorial for someone’s loved one — well, that’s a new one and ridiculous at that. Ruth Napoliello Longboat Key

This is a friendly community? Dear Editor: Having lived on Longboat Key since 1985 I remember the good times — people let people be, neighbors acted neighborly, conflicts were worked out on a person-toperson level. It was a friendly community. Nowadays, neighbors seem to make it a sport to call on the police force over issues like barking dogs, party noise, streetlight

disputes — all “conflicts” that could be resolved over a cup of coffee. My street, St. Judes Drive, turned into St. Feud’s Drive over this. To my dismay, I’m reading now about another feud — in my old neighborhood — the Village. A dispute over three boat docks and too much boat traffic? Well, are canals not for boating? And what is so terrible about giving non-waterfront owners a place to dock their vessels? Again, the police were put into action to resolve an issue that, having known Mr. Lehrfeld for a long time, could have been worked out on a person-to-person level, like neighbors do! What did happen to paradise? Margot Walbert Longboat Key

Village should work out problems Dear Editor: I tried to laugh out loud, but was finally appalled by the “Villagers Protest Marina” article in the last edition of The Longboat Observer. If you didn’t know the situation you would think some sort of mafioso/drug czar/fish poacher had invaded the Village. The fact is Arden Lerfald has three tiny docks behind his apartments on Broadway, a terrific harbor for a few of his friends and others who live here and enjoy boating but don’t happen to live directly on the water. It’s sad to see the Village turn into a community unable to work out these squabbles among ourselves. I’ve known Mr. Lerfald for several years and I’m sure he would have wished to be a gentleman about this and to address his neighbors’ complaints if they had given him the opportunity. The “protesters,” led by Dawn di Lorenzo with a lawyer in tow who ambushed him at the Town Code of Enforcement Board meeting last Monday, have done a disservice to the neighborhood. Shame on them. It sounds as though they are even trying to convince the town that Mr. Lerfald shouldn’t be allowed to let his friends tie up at his dock if he wants. Ms. Di Lorenzo has a dock — is she also willing to forego that privilege of dock ownership? Oh, and by the way, is it reasonable that people who live on a canal should complain about the sound of a small boat going by? Or is it the sound of everyone’s boat except their own that they abhor? Anna Tiller Longboat Key

10A THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003

Cops’ Corner The following reports are actual reports compiled by the Longboat Key Police Department. They are all answered and dealt with by members of the department or referred to others for action.

April 27 2:53 a.m. — 3700 block Gulf of Mexico Drive (GMD). Code enforcement. Halogen light at trailer park that blinds drivers at night was off for a while but came back on recently. 8:38 a.m. — 800 block Spanish Drive. Disturbance. Subject said cigar butts were thrown at her by her neighbor, who said subject’s husband should not leave the butts lying around. Neighbor denied the incident. Police advised both parties against littering and told them to stay away from each other if they cannot get along.

April 28 1:08 a.m. — Bradenton Beach. DUI. When police stopped subject for speeding, the smell of cannabis, alcohol and cologne emanated from the vehicle. Police tested subject’s sobriety and reported that he “acted goofy, like a bird.” Police arrested Michael Ray Hutcheson, 25, Bradenton Beach, for driving while intoxicated. 11:54 a.m. — 6800 block GMD. Parking violation. Police put ticket on vehicle, learned it belonged to a resident and revoked the ticket. 7:25 p.m. — 4300 block GMD. Traffic violation. Police found driver with expired tag used false Social Security number and middle name to get his license, which was subsequently suspended. Arrested. 10:48 p.m. — 7000 block Longboat Drive. Missing person. Husband called police because wife didn’t return home on time. Police launched an investigation and entered wife in missing-persons database. Wife returned home the following morning. Police were able to ascertain that she was unharmed, but she did not divulge where she had been.

April 29 10:26 a.m. — 100 block Sands Point Road. Property lost. Subject told police things are being mysteriously lost and found in her

THE LONGBOAT OBSERVER house. A $1,500 bracelet disappeared more than a year ago; about 8 months ago all of subject’s lingerie disappeared, except a single pair of panties; six months ago cash vanished from two wallets; and a week earlier subject found a pair of blue men’s underwear behind her bed, even though no men have stayed at the home for months. Most recently, a cellular phone disappeared. Police told subject to change her locks. 11:20 a.m. — 6800 block Poinsetta Avenue. Property lost. Subject’s calling card was used after being thrown away. 2:23 p.m. — 5300 block GMD. Public service. Subject believes a certain person is shoplifting from her store. Police witnessed no crime. 6:14 p.m. — 5600 block GMD. Missing person. Police and U.S. Coast Guard began searching for missing swimmer, who was pulled out by tide but managed to return to shore on her own. 7:43 p.m. — 3200 block GMD. Larceny. Someone broke into subject’s van and took her purse, netting $10 in cash and some credit cards. 8:52 p.m. — 4600 block GMD. Fire. Power company fixed downed power line. 1:58 p.m. — 500 block Companion Way. Suspicious circumstance. Landlord found open window in the home he is renting out and doesn’t know if renter did it or someone else, because the renter travels a lot. 10:45 p.m. — 500 block St. Judes Drive. Dog nuisance. Police responded to a complaint of barking dogs at a home where this is an ongoing problem, but because the complaint came in anonymously, they just issued another warning.

April 30 4:24 p.m. — 500 block Bay Isles Road. Assist. Police delivered agendas for an upcoming meeting to the seven members of the Town Commission.

May 2 3:12 a.m. — 300 block North Shore Road. Suspicious circumstance. Police found van parked with lights on and an open purse inside with cash showing. Officer knocked on the door and relayed this to subject, a lawyer who appeared intoxicated and said police had no right to be on the property. Police also noticed damage on the van and checked to make sure it had not been involved in a hit-and-run accident. 10 a.m. — 5200 block GMD. Property lost. Subject lost $11,000 bracelet and ear-

Pat, Tom & Spencer Hanly

Selling Sarasota Successfully!

Cops’ Corner Scorecard Noises Construction Parties Strange Fireworks

6 1 3 4

Critters Barking dogs Mangled peacocks Loose dogs Dog attacks Bees’ nests Frantic squirrels Dog poisoning

3 0 2 1 0 0 0

High Crimes Burglaries Drug arrests Larceny Trespassing

7 7 16 9

Expires 06/30/2003


2 30 56 24 2 65

Missing Items Cell phones Children Jewelry/watches Purses/wallets Hearing Aids Boats Rolls Royce hubcap

11:39 a.m. — 1100 block Bogey Lane. Animal. Police were called in to deal with snake in garage. 4:05 p.m. — 400 block GMD. Property damage. Driver entered car wash incorrectly and the car became wedged in the machine. This is the third such mishap at this particular car wash. 9:07 p.m. — 500 block Bay Isles Parkway. Larceny. Store manager said 82-year-old man asked for two packs of cigarettes and would




TOLL FREE • 877-589-7979 e-mail

Auto/bike accidents Crashes DUI Fender benders Hit and run Traffic violations

May 3

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Vehicular Occurrences

ring set while on vacation. 11:10 a.m. — 400 block GMD. Traffic accident. Subject rear-ended vehicle, causing a three-car pile-up. 12:29 p.m. — 2100 block GMD. Traffic violation. Subject stopped for tailgating got out of his car and locked his keys inside with the engine running. 6:18 p.m. — 5700 block GMD. Traffic violation. Police saw a swerving car going 10 mph with flashing headlights and attempted to pull it over. The car did not stop, forced oncoming traffic off the road and nearly struck a police cruiser, but stayed under the speed limit throughout the chase. Police arrested the driver, who is taking anti-depression medication and said she was trying to prove something to her father and make a statement by driving “crazy.” 7:14 p.m. — 1000 block GMD. Larceny. Subject said someone entered condo and took money clip containing $700. 9:28 p.m. — 4100 block GMD. Missing person. Subject could not find son after five minutes of hide and seek and called police, who found son under some palm trees next to the pool.

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Vandalism Warrant arrests

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Only on Longboat Jacuzzi near-drowning 0 Lost and found people 1 Code violations 22 Personality conflict 37 Nipple Pinching 0 Picture window shows 1 Elvis sightings 0 Explicit Speedos 1 Anthrax anxieties 0 Realtor rage 1 Cutter Lane crises 4 Classmate clobbering 0 Lewd love letters 1 Flashers 1 Lost causes on St. Judes 2 Statistics represent the reports published in Cops’ Corner year-to-date. They are not the official number of calls handled by the police.

not pay for them until he shopped around some more. Manager later noticed the man leaving the store without paying for the cigarettes or the magazine under his arm and confronted him. Subject said he merely forgot to pay for the items and threatened her with legal action. Manager said the same man tried to do the same thing the night before. Police gave the man a trespassing warning, so the Longboat resident is no longer allowed in the only grocery store on the island. 9:36 p.m. — 1800 block GMD. Suspicious person. Police could not locate woman in black dress said to be intoxicated and running around in Gulf of Mexico traffic. 10:12 p.m. — 1600 block GMD. Disturbance. Subject became irate when concierge would not allow him to check into a room reserved under a friend’s name. Subject knocked over a floral arrangement and asked concierge to come around the counter so that subject’s foot could reach concierge’s rear-end. Concierge declined, the police were called and subject left.

May 4 8:38 a.m. — GMD at Schooner Lane. Property found. Subject saw credit card in bicycle lane and fell off her bicycle while trying to tell her husband about it. Police brought the card to its owner. 11:21 a.m. — 3400 block GMD. Harassing phone calls. Subject went out to eat a few times with a man and then told him she did not want to see him anymore, but he would not stop calling. Police told him to stop. 3:14 p.m. — 300 block North Shore Road. Code enforcement. Subject warned for having dog on beach. ❑

In The Centre Shops 5380 Gulf of Mexico Drive Hours: Mon - Fri 8:00 - 5:30 Saturday 9:00 - 2:00 Free Pick Up Call 383-8989


THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 11A

Democrats hear Planned Parenthood speaker BY DORA WALTERS Senior Editor

Barbara A. Zdravecky, president and chief executive officer of Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida, was guest speaker at the May 13 meeting of the Longboat Key Democratic Club. She spoke on “President George W. Bush’s War Against Women.” The club has a luncheon meeting on the third Tuesday of each month at the Hilton Longboat Key Beachfront Resort. ❑

Ben Lewis, Ilene Baruch and Sarah Freeman

Photos by Dora Walters

Bill Levine, Ginger Perlman and Patsy Rains

Suzette Cushman and Mimi Edlin

Barbara Winkler and Barbara A. Zdravecky

Suzanne Atwell and G.T. Bogert

Blanche Miller and Ursula Ehrmann

Golf, Biking, Sailing Prostate Cancer Treatment. Keep your lifestyle with Dattoli Cancer Center.

Thousands of men have trusted more than their lives to Team Dattoli. They have put the quality of their lives in the hands of these experts. After being diagnosed with prostate cancer they have come to Dattoli for care that preserves their potency, protects their continence, and produces an outstanding cure rate.



2803 Fruitville Road • Sarasota, FL 34237 • (941)957-4926 • (877) DATTOLI

Martha Shirer and Patricia Lanier

12A THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003



THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 13A

Thousands of Homes

One Address: Michael Saunders

BEACHFRONT JEWEL Six BRs & over 6,600 sq. ft. with sweeping beach & Gulf views. Volume ceilings, granite counters, separate guest apartment & fully equipped workout room. $3,360,000. Jo Ann Thorpe, 388-4447 or 349-7583. #226239

PANORAMIC BAY VIEWS Elegant bayfront residence boasts 4,600 sq. ft. of gracious living & master with breathtaking views on 2nd floor with balcony & exercise room. $2,650,000. Judy Schomaker, 966-8000 or 928-9572. #232594

PRESTANCIA ON GOLF COURSE Sensational, custom, maintenance-free home on TPC Golf Course. Three BR, 2-story with living dining & bonus rooms & 3,900+ sq. ft. of living space. $729,000. Judy Moore-Hadley, 349-3444 or 924-6797. #236202

– LONGBOAT, LIDO & BIRD KEY – ELEGANT PALLADIAN VILLA set on azure New Pass waters highlights splendid architecture, which seamlessly integrates outdoor & indoor spaces. $10,000,000. Linda Roe Dickinson, 388-4447 or 350-3304. #234200 THE ULTIMATE WATERFRONT LIFESTYLE Relax & enjoy the mesmerizing Gulf & bay views from this exquisite, decorator furnished & appointed 5BR estate with vanishing-edge pool & dock. $5,750,000. Marcia Salkin & Paulene Soublis, 388-4447 or 356-0203. #231664 LONGBOAT, GULF & SARASOTA BAY VIEWS with 255' on New Pass. Approximately 9,000 sq. ft. walled main estate with 2 separate guesthouses on a cul-de-sac street with boat dock on deepwater. $5,695,000. Saint Cacchiotti & Gail Wittig, 383-7591 or 387-0533. #228826 INCREDIBLE ARCHITECTURAL STATEMENT on the bay. Over 6,000 sq. ft. of fabulous design & fine detailing with wraparound teak decking & the most exquisite views. $4,850,000. Annette Rogers & Bruce Tassinare, 383-7591 or 951-6660. #233125 GULF FRONT BEACH HOME on one of Longboat Key's most beautiful estate lots. Spacious rooms, separate guest suites, 5BRs & Gulf side pool on wide sandy beach. $3,500,000. Ann Martin, 388-4447 or 953-7717. #226734 ELEGANCE AND SOPHISTICATION abounds in this fabulous Bird Key bayfront home with large, open spaces & spectacular bay & city views. Features boat dock with remote-controlled lift. $3,400,000. Derrick Bhayat, 388-4447 or 284-4447. #223553 ISLAND HOME on wide, sandy beach. Casual elegance with a tropical flair personifies this relaxed 4BR home with Gulf & sunset views. ASotheby's listing. $3,000,000. Bobbie Banan & Linda Roe Dickinson, 388-4447 or 356-2659. #233235 LONGBOAT KEY'S NEWEST SHOWPLACE just completed in Bay Isles Harbor. Stunning Mediterranean with 6,000+ sq. ft. stainless kitchen with butler's pantry, 4BR suites, vanishing-edge pool, & deepwater dock. A Sotheby's listing. $2,995,000. Jenifer Schwell, 388-4447 or 383-3209. #213131 ST. ARMANDS BAYFRONT Sophisticated, contemporary 3BR home enhanced by classic Italian marble, high ceilings, walls of glass, fine appointments & disappearing edge pool. $2,900,000. Barbara C. Dumbaugh, 388-4447 or 350-3743. #230629 NEW & FABULOUS MEDITERRANEAN on Longboat boating water is masterfully constructed with character and quality. This 5BR home has views of the bay and deeded beach access. $2,495,000. Annette Rogers, 383-7591 or 387-0800. #237659 SELBY GARDENS ON LONGBOAT KEY Private, secluded estate overlooking Sarasota Bay. Cypress, glass & block home exudes charm on 1.7+/- acres includes 2nd buildable lot. $2,495,000. Ann Martin, 388-4447 or 953-7717. #238352 PERFECT BEACH GETAWAY Breathtaking views of the Gulf from this 2-story home with all new furnishings, new carpet & numerous upgrades. Spectacular beachfront heated pool & sundeck. $2,400,000. Saint Cacchiotti & Gail Wittig, 383-7591 or 387-0533. #220722 SECLUDED CONTEMPORARY HOME Enjoy sweeping water vistas from this spacious 2-story estate boasting the finest appointments and luxurious amenities throughout. Located in the heart of St. Armands. $2,150,000. Derrick Bhayat, 388-4447 or 284-4447. #216389 LAS CASITAS Charming Mediterranean with wide water views & private dock on Lido, just steps to beach & St. Armands. Super quality, style & design. $1,999,000. Linda Roe Dickinson, 388-4447 or 350-3304. #237776 PRESTIGIOUS WATERFRONT HOME located in the Bay Isles section offers wonderful water view & 200' seawall. Four BR home was completely renovated & remodeled in 1997. $1,995,000. Klaus Lang, 383-7591 or 320-1223. #216507 SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL Longboat Key's most prestigious address, with breathtaking views of Gulf, sunsets, bay, sunrise & golf course. Spacious 3BR is elegantly furnished. $1,595,000. Anna Kaminski, 388-4447 or 374-3200. #237357 PANORAMIC BAY VIEWS for you to enjoy from almost every room of this lovely, end unit penthouse. A spacious, private terrace will greet you upon entrance of this bayfront gem. $1,395,000. Patricia Taylor, 383-7591 or 921-6075. #236398 CLASSIC MODERN DESIGN ON ST. ARMANDS built in 2000, featuring the ultimate interior graced with artistic detail. Excellent bay views from top floors, tropical gardens & pool. $1,249,000. Donald Geikie, 951-6660 or 921-3962. #236193 BAY ISLES BAYOU Situated on one of the best lots in the Bayou, this stunning and private home provides tranquil views across the golf course to the lake. $1,249,000. Annette Rogers, 383-7591 or 387-0800. #231142 GRAND BAY Captivating city and bay views from this tastefully updated unit. Travertine floors throughout & granite kitchen with cut glass back splash. $1,195,000. Bill Dunn, 388-4447. #237658 LIDO SHORES New construction in Sarasota School of Architecture design. Three BR home with walls of glass overlooking striking lanai & lap pool. A Sotheby's listing. $995,000. Bitsy Robertson and Steve Spraker, 951-6660 or 377-0098. #227443 BEAUTIFUL BAYFRONT Four BR home at Harbour Court section of the Longboat Key Club offers spectacular bay views to the city skyline. Private community pool/spa & boat dock. $985,000. Craig and Steve Abbott, 383-7591 or 302-0686. #228918 SPECTACULAR WATER VIEWS Second from the bay on protected sailboat water. A flawless cottage on a fabulous site awaits your pleasure. $949,000. Donna Maloof, 383-7591. #232121 VILLAGE OF LONG BEACH Key West-style home with view of Intracoastal Waterway, large custom pool with waterfall & 6-car garage. Cottage on property is



SEAGROVE - NOW UNDER CONSTRUCTION A private Gulffront retreat of charming courtyard homes and beachfront condominium residences on Siesta Key. Priced from the mid-$1 millions. Bette Runnette and Sarena Irwin, (941) 312-0146.

THE BEACH RESIDENCES Adjacent to the Ritz-Carlton Beach Club, this is the ultimate pleasure of privilege. Every day at the Beach Residences is a feast for your senses. Step onto your spacious balcony and breathe in the pure Gulf air. Everywhere you look is a beautiful seascape of Gulf, bay and city skyline. Debbie Bahr and Nancy K. Betty, (941) 552-5215. an excellent guest suite. $948,000. Bob Burnett, 383-7591 or 356-1277. #222905 LONGBOAT KEY CLUB Customized 3BR plus den home with dynamic views of lake & golf course. Elegant interior, volume ceilings, marble floors, heated pool & private beach club. $899,000. Saint Cacchiotti & Gail Wittig, 383-7591 or 387-0533. #227555 PALMS BY THE BEACH A recently constructed, tropical seaside oasis on a lushly landscaped double lot. Ideal investment property or beach retreat. Immaculate perfection. $750,000. Steve Magner, 383-7591 or 376-8559. #237068 IDEAL FOR BOATERS Three BR canal front home with an excellent floor plan and impeccable maintenance is surrounded by fine residences. $725,000. Donna Maloof, 383-7591. #236022 DELIGHTFUL FLORIDA HOME Private retreat on lush double lot, just steps to St. Armands, Lido Beach, shopping & dining. Three BRs, fireplace & pool/spa. $695,000. Julia McClung, 388-4447 or 356-6499. #237367 HANDSOME NEW RENOVATION on beautiful Lido Key overlooking the brilliant lights of the city & St. Armands Circle. Marble floors, granite counters & stainless steel appliances. $649,000. Susan McLeod, 388-4447 or 951-2541. #237785 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES This beautiful Longboat Key canal front is currently the lowest priced 3BR unit in Country Club Shores. $635,000. Robert Huff, 388-4447. #231323 SEAPLACE Breathtaking direct Gulf views from this turnkey furnished 2BR condominium with rental history. $445,000. Judi Summers, 951-6660 or 302-3238. #237408 CHARMING RENOVATION of one of the only duplexes in the Village on Longboat & only one lot from the bay. Enjoy bay views from a second story. Build your dream home in a one-of-a-kind neighborhood. $375,000. Jo Ellen Burnham, 383-3759. #215530 INN ON THE BEACH Tranquil setting from comfortable club suite with wonderful views. Great investment opportunity to own in premier resort community. $268,000. Saint Cacchiotti & Gail Wittig, 383-7591 or 387-0533. #217636 DELUXE BEACH RESORT unit with lagoon views and awesome amenities. Investment opportunity with great rental history. $239,000. Annette Rogers, 383-7591 or 387-0800. #237523 TENNIS MAGAZINE'S RATED #1 RESORT. Owner's use limited to 30 days per year in this #1 rated tennis resort on the beach. Two BR suite sleeps 6. $235,000. Susan & Jonathan Fox, 383-3759 or 364-4838. #212828 – SARASOTA MAINLAND – SPECTACULAR ESTATE with jewel-like interiors is set on 1.6 acres of artfully landscaped bay frontage. The residence enjoys romantic areas for grand entertaining. A Sotheby's listing. $9,750,000. Linda Roe Dickinson, 388-4447 or 350-3304. #227979 PRIVATE 1.6 ACRES with 187 ft. of waterfront in one of Sarasota's highly desirable areas. Original home and private 2BR guesthouse hidden behind ivy covered walls.

$2,999,000. Betty Knight and Pam Sweeney, 951-6660 or 350-4618. #227033 SOPHISTICATED DOWNTOWN ADDRESS Home of over 4,500 sq. ft. on 1/2acre with deepwater harbor & extravagant dock. Boasts views of Selby Gardens & the bay. $2,100,000. Kim & Michael Ogilvie, 951-6660 or 923-0373. #238351 SUPERLATIVE DESIGN IN LAUREL OAKS Over 5,000 sq. ft. with more than 1-acre in prestigious community, & ironwork & tiling that rival any seen in Spain. Extensive cabinetry & stonework. $1,940,000. Alix Wexler and Paul Romley, 349-3444 or 346-8123. #238236 WATERFRONT RESIDENCE IN THE PHOENIX Exquisitely furnished with 3,785 sq. ft. & fabulous bay views. A Sotheby's listing. $1,800,000. Jennifer Kolar, 951-6660 or 374-0969. #232701 LUXURIOUS RITZ-CARLTON This 11th floor 2BR unit boasts fabulous bay & basin views. Never occupied and wonderfully furnished with all the amenities offered by the Ritz-Carlton. $1,365,000. Kim & Michael Ogilvie, 951-6660 or 923-0373. #236089 BEAUTIFUL OAKS I on one of the most desirable streets, overlooking a beautiful lake & fountain. Spacious pool/spa with outdoor kitchen, 3-car garage & paver drive. $1,200,000. Betty Mullinnix, 349-3444 or 928-3441. #228474 LANDMARK COLONIAL IN OAKS I Superbly designed by MacEwen Group, this traditional 4BR personifies enduring classical detail. Walled pool & privacy of preserve site. $1,075,000. Terri Derr & Ken Torrington, 383-7591 or 356-6694. #232466 EXQUISITE DETAILING in new construction by Fidelity Homes. Renaissance inspired with courtyard, balcony and loft/bonus room overlooking 2-story gathering room. $915,000. Dorothy and Mike McKendry - Team Mac, 966-8000 or 586-5007. #236743 WEST OF THE TRAIL Almost new 4BR home nestled on a quiet lane. Wood floors, granite & stainless kitchen, & adjacent buildable lot available to create family compound. $750,000. Phyllis Garfinkel, 951-6660 or 302-6400. #238465 IMPRESSIVE HOME IN DESIRABLE HARBOR ACRES Beautiful treed lot with lovely entertaining area around pool. Spacious rooms, great storage, large stone fireplace & full guest suite. $729,000. Denby Smothers, 951-6660 or 807-1129. #238414 WEST OF TRAIL Almost 1/2-acre between Osprey & Orange. Gated, lush & private lot with charming 3BR 'treehouse.' Wood floors, French doors, granite & stainless kitchen, decks, separate art studio & potential guest suite. $665,000. Kim & Michael Ogilvie, 951-6660 or 923-0373. #232526 EXECUTIVE LANDINGS HOME Sophisticated living in prized location. Features gourmet kitchen with granite counters, built-in double ovens & warming tray. French doors lead to caged pool. $619,000. Judy Greene, 349-3444 or 925-7757. #238121 FIELD CLUB AREA GARDEN HOME Wonderful family residence with separate casual and formal entertaining areas. Features fireplace & 1,700 sq. ft. lanai with pool. $574,000. Linda Roe Dickinson, 388-4447 or 350-3304. #238211 UNIVERSITY PARK Najar built courtyard with many upgrades in a beautiful Shangri-La setting. Spacious, open, bright & ready for occupancy. $399,000. Linda Driggs, 951-6660 or 922-1459. #238398 UNIVERSITY PARK Price reduced on this 2BR-plus den maintenance-free home. Own this model-perfect residence on preserve lot for thousands less than the costs of new construction in University Park. $385,000. Tammy Garner, 388-4447 or 374-4161. #231517 AMAZING BAY VIEWS from this 2BR downtown condominium with full bay views, located next to the Ritz & just steps to Main Street. $369,500. The Hedge Team, 951-6660 or 587-6660. #238321 UNIVERSITY PARK This light & bright never lived in home has a beautiful, private view from caged pool, many upgrades, neutral colors, bay window, brick walkway & entry. $355,000. Georgina Clamage, 951-6660 or 346-9121. #231710 SPRAWLING COUNTRY LAKES HOME full of character, offers over 3,600 sq. ft., 3BRs, 2 fireplaces, great pool area with summer kitchen, beautiful landscaping & private indoor spa. $349,000. Jan Bradley, 951-6660 or 544-3684. #231258 UNIVERSITY PARK - VIRGINIA WATER Comfortably classic lifestyle with sparkling lake vistas & bright, open spaces. Delightful details in this carefree 3BR home at award-winning country club. $338,000. Terri Derr & Ken Torrington, 383-7591 or 356-6694. #237561 NEW CONSTRUCTION in maintenance-free section of Turtle Rock with room for a pool. Three BR plus den & many upgrades. $299,900. Barbara Brady & Kay Barberio, 951-6660 or 921-7872. #234528 – SIESTA KEY – DIRECT GULF FRONT with 200' of private, protected, pristine beach in the prestigious gated community of Sanderling Club. Over 1 acre, offers 2,295 sq. ft. A Sotheby's listing. $5,500,000. Klaus Lang, 383-7591 or 320-1223. #235249 STUNNING BAYFRONT HOME with sweeping views of Sarasota Bay & city skyline. Four BR home boasts kitchen with center island & lushly landscaped large pool area. $3,695,000. Christina Ashley, 383-7591 or 780-0291. #227181 ENCHANTING & INVITING Four BR bayfront residence is totally renovated to perfection with high ceilings, fireplace, French doors opening to bayside pool/spa & boat dock. $1,995,000. Ann Martin, 388-4447 or 953-7717. #238202 SPECTACULAR UNOBSTRUCTED BAY VIEWS from this updated 2BR end unit with deeded deepwater boat slip & beachside cabana. $395,000. Chad Roffers, 951-6660 or 376-0188. #238325 – CASEY KEY – CASEY KEY BEACHFRONT Classic, modern gem on 1+ acre with 200' of beachfront, designed by renowned architect Carl Abbott. Over 6,000 sq. ft. main residence & separate guesthouse. $5,500,000. Tom Stone, 349-3444 or

REMARKABLE REFINEMENT Bayfront estate on 2+/- acres with 7,400+/- sq. ft. of elegant living. A Sotheby's listing. Price reduced to $2,890,000. Susan Mitchell, 951-6660 or 780-5085. #226517

DIRECT BAYFRONT Magnificent views from this custom home with volume ceilings, marble & wood floors. Fabulous lighting, stained & etched glass & gourmet kitchen. A Sotheby's listing. $2,200,000. Jim Hanrahan & Carole & Bill Salmon, 383-7591 or 383-5753. #225812

BAY ISLES Exceptional 3BR maintenance-free home in Weston Pointe. Many extras, open floor plan, intimate courtyard pool & assigned boat dock. $1,090,000. Karen Kunz, 388-4447 or 954-3656. #232751

Do You Know? We offer over 1,700 financial products and can customize a loan for every situation through MSC Mortgage. For more information, contact MSC Mortgage at (941) 308-2222. GRACIOUS COLONIAL framed by oaks & magnolias. Over 4,000 sq. ft. with lake views & new kitchen. Traditional style & gentility of Oaks I with perfect cul-de-sac location. $1,150,000. Terri Derr & Ken Torrington, 383-7591 or 356-6694. #232048

Type the property number for an Instant Internet Property Search on our website at

PANORAMIC WATER VIEWS, great boating & close to Lido Beach & St. Armands Circle. Mediterranean pool home with over 4,900 sq. ft., 5BRs, expansive terraces & fine finishes. $2,195,000. Annette Rogers, 383-7591 or 387-0800. #225595

ST. ARMANDS 388-4447 • MID LONGBOAT KEY 383-5502 / 383-3759 • SOUTH LONGBOAT KEY 383-7591 • MAIN 951-6660 • PALMER RANCH 966-8000 • SIESTA KEY 349-3444 WEEKEND HOURS: 9 AM TO 4 PM

14A THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003


Sanctuary holds shower for baby birds BY LUSYA SULLIVAN Staff Writer

Exclamations of “Wow” and “They are so tiny” were heard at the annual baby bird shower held at Pelican Man’s Bird Sanctuary May 18. The event, held for more than a decade, is the main fund-raiser for baby birds of the sanctuary. More than 1,000 of them are brought to the sanctuary, mostly between April and September, the nesting season. Cardinals, mocking birds, a crow, mourning doves, a green heron, mallard ducklings, blue jays and other baby birds were brought out for short periods for visitors to see. The sanctuary staff and volunteers took turns feeding the birds every 15 minutes, sometimes more often. Some birds ate small pieces of

fish, while others, like mocking birds and cardinals, were fed through a syringe, with tiny amounts of baby-bird food squeezed in their wide-open mouths. More than 150 guests came to the baby bird shower, which was catered by University Parkway’s Applebee’s. They brought gifts such as food, baskets, paper towels, heating pads, etc., as well as financial donations. “The bird sanctuary is always looking for donations to help us build a new hospital,” said John Gough. He points out that currently their “hospital” is a small shed. “Obviously we need money,” he said. If anyone is interested in making contributions or coming by to feed the baby birds, call 388-4444. ❑

Photos by Lusya Sullivan

Carol Longtin brought in these mallard ducklings.

The mocking birds are fed with a syringe.

Brandon Ramsey won the raffle basket. It contains many things, including 11 bird beanie babies, which he collects.

Blake Medical Center To be held in the Dolphin/Pelican Room at Blake Medical Center on:

is proud to offer you a

FREE Heart Smart Screening

Monday June 9th 7:00am to 11:00am Tuesday June 10th 7:00am to 11:00am Wednesday June 11th 7:00am to 11:00am Terry Zangara holds a mourning dove.

Thursday June 12th 6.30am to 9.30am

Coronary Risk Blood Test • Personalized Heart Health Profile Total Cholesterol • LDL Cholesterol • HDL Cholesterol • Triglycerides

Reservations are required, please call 798-2121 Please fast for 12 hours prior to your appointment.

Blake Medical Center • 2020 59th Street West • Bradenton • Florida 34209

11 A.M., Thursday • May 29th

Sherry Sargeant, Georgia Brown and Carol Sparrow attended the celebration.

We couldn’t have said it better.* Preview: 12-4 p.m. Sunday, May 18th

For the Benefit of New College of Sarasota by bequest of the Jane Bancroft Cook Estate

Sale On Site: 1253 Hillview Drive, Sarasota, FL. *Actual note from client reprinted with permission.


Preview: 12-4 pm • Sunday, May 18th Alliance Partner


M.E.Higgenbotham,CAI, FL Lic # AU305/AB158

• • • •

Pristine Sarasota Waterfront Property Four Bedroom • Six Bath • Pool Home Situated on 1.19 +/- Bayfront Acres Views of Bird Key & Sarasota Bay For Complete Information


Fully accredited by the Warm, compassionate Community Health efficient nursing care. Accreditation Program. RNs, LPNs and Home Health Insured, Bonded. Locally owned Aides providing Personal and operated since 1989. Care and Companionship.




2650 Bahia Vista Street • Sarasota, FL 34239 LIC: HHA208080961


THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 15A


Return to health

Susan Goldfarb’s yoga retreat on Sanibel Island Every year when The Education Center closes for the season, I try to attend as many yoga classes or workshops as I can before I start teaching at the center again in the fall. I’m eager to learn new tricks and see what’s out there. I hadn’t trained in Iyengar-style yoga for more than 10 years, so I decided to attend a week-long yoga retreat on Sanibel Island run by Bobbi Goldin, an Iyengar yoga instructor/teacher/trainer who has her own yoga studio in Miami. Goldin has studied with B.K.S. Iyengar in India and has been running the annual Sanibel retreat for 28 years. Iyengar yoga is a style of hatha yoga created by and named after B.K.S. Iyengar. He has been recognized as one of the leading influences on classical hatha yoga worldwide. He is a live and a vital 84-year-old and still teaches at his institute in Pune, India, which he founded in 1974. Iyengar’s insistence on balanced and integrated body alignment is best described as anatomically-correct yoga. Its focus on precise body alignment makes it one of the most effective styles for successfully improving posture and movement. Our Gulf-side condominium units accommodated three people to a condo. There were about 27 attendees in total. At our first get-together on Sunday evening we went over the schedule for the week. Our yoga was divided into two sessions — from 9 to 11 a.m. and 4:30 to 6 p.m. every day. The rest of the time we were free to explore the island, sign up for birding, kayaking, book a massage or just do nothing! Yeah! We all convened at the Sanibel Island community center Monday morning ready for our a.m. yoga session. Goldin started us with leg work. Iyengar yoga uses a lot of belts, blocks, cushions and blankets as props to assist in proper positioning of the body. Goldin is a real taskmaster. She reminds me of past ballet masters with whom I have studied. She has a delightful sense of humor but she is mostly authoritative. Apparently Iyengar himself is quite ruthless in his commentary and has been known to send many a student running out of the room in tears. Goldin demonstrated various postures in front of the class as we gathered in a circle. She used vocabulary like “innocent” breath when talking about a gentle breathing pattern; “working” or “gripping” muscles; “bringing the flesh close to the bone”; “releasing the bindings in your body so you can open your heart and body”; and my favorite, not “going dead” in a pose. While we stood watching the demos, we were not allowed to cross our arms across our chests. This is a real Iyengar no-no. There was a 25-cent fine every time we were caught doing it. Goldin explained that standing with arms crossed makes the mid-thoracic region cave and the shoulders round. I, like many

SUSAN Goldfarb

Courtesy photo

Linda Wood practices a standing pose variation with help of blocks. others, found it a hard habit to break. After we returned to our mats to try a pose, Goldin’s assistant, Candy Love, went around and adjusted the students with gentle guidance. This was invaluable. As much as I thought I understood what I was supposed to be doing and felt that I was doing it correctly, Love would come along and reposition my feet or prop a body part with one or more rolled up blankets and it would feel much better. These adjustments help properly align the body and customtailor the posture to the student’s body and capabilities. Goldin calls it “working with your restrictions” and “avoiding injury.” My body was already feeling the positive effects of Iyengar yoga by the end of the first session. My chest popped up and my legs felt longer and stronger. In the p.m. yoga session we did restorative yoga postures. Restorative yoga poses concentrate on releasing tension in the body. We used the wall, blankets and chairs for props. Getting out of the postures was the hard part. After dinner I attended a meditation class offered by Love. This was one of the best meditation sessions I’ve ever attended. The concept of being rather than doing really kicked in. (Maybe it helped to have nothing else to do or think about doing?) Love asked us to search behind our eyeballs and down the back of our bodies for some quiet. She described it as a home that our mind could go to. I experienced a few seconds of what I believe was true bliss. We chanted “OM” (universal sound) and called it a night. We were assured that the chanting was not a religious practice, merely a way to create a vibration in our body and in the room.

This vibration is very unifying — you to yourself, to others and finally to the universe. I have always enjoyed chanting. Goldin found fault with everything we did. “Your stance is not wide enough,” she shouted to a student during Warrior Two. “Your arms are too close to your legs,” she yelled to someone else in an exasperated tone during Downward Facing Dog. “Susan, you have folded your blankets wrong. Get out of that shoulder stand, you’re going to break your neck!” she shrieked. I could feel my self-confidence fizzle. I tried hard to let go of my ego, but it wasn’t easy. I was reminded of what it means to be a student — how humbling and vulnerable it can make one feel. I skipped the afternoon yoga session and consoled myself with shopping. At night I dined with some new pals from the yoga retreat at a cute restaurant (Mucky Duck) on nearby Captiva Island. On day three, Wednesday, the a.m. session involved more standing poses. Goldin ignored me. Thank goodness. The p.m. restorative session was a good counterbalance to the morning’s hard work. My calves and thighs were sore — an awake sore rather than pain. Goldin also introduced some pranayama (breathwork). She had us discover kumbacha, which is the interval (or holding) breath between inhalation and exhalation. I teach this breath with an exercise called “alternate nostril breathing.” I prefer my method because it is easier to experience. The a.m. yoga session on day four was very taxing — backbends, twists and lots of Downward Facing Dog. Goldin stated several times, “Yoga isn’t easy.” (Personally, this is where Iyengar’s disciples and I part ways.) Later that evening I attended Love’s workshop on integrative awareness. It was quite a fascinating process, using subtle body movements to reveal how we form relationships with people. By day five my body was changing in the way Iyengar yoga promises. I walked tall, sat tall and felt strong. I quickly arranged props and efficiently got into my poses. Goldin seemed gentler with her critiquing. By p.m. yoga I felt like I could live the life of a yogini (with some shopping excursions, of course.) By Saturday morning I was amazed that my long-awaited yoga retreat was over and that in a couple of hours I would be back home. As I drove north on I-75 I ruminated over the details of the week. I decided that Goldin was forever in my head, and, perhaps even more importantly, I had taken her into my heart. Susan Goldfarb has been a freelance writer focusing on health issues for more than 20 years. She is a certified yoga instructor and teaches at The Education Center on Longboat Key. ❑

Your Dental Health

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by Robert W. Gordon, D.D.S.


Tina’s Beauty Salon •A FULL SERVICE SALON•


Manicures, Pedicures, by Mai Facial Waxing & Hair-styling by Tina & Angel

Perms & New Styles, Cuts, Colors


383-0040 Open Tues.- Fri. 8 - 5 Sat. 8 - 4

Open Mon. - Sat. 8 am - 5 pm 5620 Gulf of Mexico Dr.

Expert cut in any style

Cardiac Consultation  30-Day Event Monitoring  EKG  Carotid Ultrasound  Echocardiography  Abdominal Ultrasound  Pacemaker/Defibrillator Clinic  Renal Ultrasound  24 Hour Holter Monitoring  Lower Extremity Ultrasound  Coumadin Clinic  Cardiolite & Treadmill Stress Testing  Vascular Ultrasound Clinic by Hector Arias, C.V.T., C.P.T., C.P.F.T 

Medicare Accepted

5620 Gulf of Mexico Dr.


See Manny & Ray at

(Formerly with the Heart Center of Sarasota for 11 years)

The Island’s One & Only Traditional Barber Shop

5650 Gulf of Mexico Drive • Longboat Key

Serving Longboat Key Since 1996


(941) 383-7300



Manny’s Barber Shop


All ages, infants to seniors (medicare accepted) tourists, snowbirds, full-time residents  Worker’s compensation - drug screens, injuries 


• LAB • Minor surgery • XRAY • Complete physicals • EKG • Primary Care gyne • Coumadin Clinic (Wed am) • Significant RX savings. Appointments preferred. Walk-ins welcome.


of Dentistry A Step Above....

CALL FOR YOUR CONSULTATION • Cosmetic • Reconstruction • Implants • Comprehensive General LONGBOAT KEY 595 Bay Isles Rd.

5223 9052


5370 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 205 Mon.,Tue.,Thu., Fri., 9a.m. to 5p.m. • Wed. 9a.m. to noon (941)

Whether manual or mechanical, good brushing technique is important. Your teeth and gums are a key part of your health and appearance, no matter what your age. At our office, you and every member of your family will receive the finest in comprehensive dental care, but your conscious brushing and flossing is also important. Our office is located at 7000 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key 3831776. Office hours: 5 days a week, 8-5 or by appointment.

• Quality Care • Personal Attention • Creating Beautiful Smiles

Dr. Pamela J. Letts Board Certified Family Physician

Centre Shops Family Practice & Urgent Care

While researchers cannot fully explain why, a recent study shows that people who have periodontal (gum) disease and lose a lot of teeth are more likely to have a stroke. The study used data collection from over 41,000 male subjects in the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study. According to this new research, the risk of stroke was 50 percent higher for men with 17 to 24 teeth and 74 percent higher for men with 11 to 16 teeth. One hypothesis for this relationship is that the infection related to periodontal disease and associated tooth loss causes inflammation that injures the arteries. Whatever the cause, it provides one more good reason to brush and floss your teeth.



SARASOTA 3313 S.Osprey Ave

16A THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003



Ask Beatty

Medical, financial and psychiatric problems affect all Recently I have been treating an increasing number of married couples in their late 60s and 70s, who have been referred to me by their physicians for marital and sex therapy. My clients’ profiles are typically upperupper middle class, highly educated and extraordinarily successful in their various careers and endeavors. They are people who are considered to be the pillars of society, envied or admired by all. On the surface, they have it all. However, what this particular group has in common over and above financial success, ocean-view homes and condos, yachts, countryclub memberships and fancy cars and trips is that these are people living lives of quiet desperation. You know the old adage: “No one ever knows what goes on behind closed doors.” Well, within the gated communities (just like in any other community in this country), people struggle with depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, panic attacks, sexual problems, infidelity, unresolved issues from their past and present, family problems, money problems, problems with their adult children and grandchildren, substance abuse (including alcohol, cocaine and prescription medication), and verbal and even physical abuse. And it is only when a crisis occurs — be it medical, financial or psychiatric — that the majority of people decide to seek professional help. So who are my older clients who come into marriage counseling with me? The husbands are usually Type A personalities: very controlling and unable or unwilling to communicate emotionally. They are frequently unaffectionate, distant, demanding and critical. And as of late, I am seeing more and more couples whose

verbal and even physical abuse is a way of life. The wives, for the most part, have been fulltime homemakers, raising the children and running the household and frequently more than one home. Women and men of that generation bought into the traditional, unquestioned roles. Many marriages probably lasted because divorce was not as acceptable as it is today, and also because the majority of women did not have the educational, professional or financial independence to stand up to their spouses. Also, when retirement arrived and the husbands and wives no longer had their old roles to fall back on, the conflicts from the past and the present that usually have never been acknowledged, addressed or resolved tended to exacerbate, and before you knew it there were major explosions in the house. You might wonder whether younger couples have similar issues and problems. The answer is yes. However, the difference today is that more and more women are working outside of the home, have more financial independence than their mothers and grandmothers and therefore are able to see a better life for themselves and their children beyond a destructive marital relationship. And you may be surprised to know that virtually every couple in their 30s and 40s that I have worked with (here and in Providence and Boston) come into therapy with me, because the woman has had an extramarital affair.

Beatty COHAN

Case history *Charlie, age 77, a former CEO with a Fortune 500 company, and his wife, Barbara, 73, were referred to me by Charlie’s internist.

Charlie and Barbara had been married for almost 55 years. Charlie was the CEO not only at work but at home as well. Barbara was the peacemaker and did everything in her power to keep peace. Issues were never brought up and Barbara busied herself with her children and later with volunteer activities, golf and tennis. Recently, Charlie’s rages were becoming unbearable. He was throwing dishes and nearly hit Barbara with a flying ashtray. Although Barbara had never lived alone and knew little about the couple’s enormous wealth, she decided that she could no longer continue to be abused. She was developing a variety of physical problems, including migraines, gastro-intestinal problems and recently she even fainted. Barbara called the couple’s three children and announced that she was leaving their father. It was during Charlie’s annual checkup that he told his doctor about his problems at home. The fact that Charlie even agreed to counseling was a miracle, since he told me in our first session that he had contempt for people who saw shrinks and didn’t believe that counseling could help. I saw the couple together for a two-hour initial evaluation. Charlie would continually interrupt his wife and tried to invalidate everything that she said. What was clear, however, was that Barbara told him that unless he changed the way he treated her that she was going to leave him. This was the first time in the marriage that Barbara had the courage to tell her husband about his abuse and disrespect of her over the years and how it affected her. Charlie was stunned. He kept saying that he had always thought that their marriage was fine and had no idea that she had been that unhappy for so many years. He told her that he didn’t want her to leave and that he would try to change.

University Park Dermatology

I worked with both Barbara and Charlie individually for awhile before beginning marriage counseling. I learned that Charlie’s father had been abusive toward his own mother and that his parents stayed married until they died. Although unaware of it, Charlie learned from his parents that men could be abusive and that at the same time women would accept the abuse. For Charlie, this was a normal state of affairs. In looking at Barbara’s family of origin, we discovered that her own father had run the show at home and that her mother loved him so much that she swept her own feelings of hurt, anger and pain under the carpet, biting her tongue to avoid an argument. Barbara and Charlie are still in counseling with me. His behavior has changed dramatically for the better. He listens to her more, interrupts her less, is more thoughtful and affectionate and after 15 years of a sexless marriage, they are beginning to talk about lovemaking. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is for me to see a couple of this age turn their marriage around and leave my office with smiles on their faces. So don’t wait for a crisis. Deal now with whatever issues or problems are interfering with the quality of your life or your relationship. *The names and circumstances have been changed to protect the confidentiality of my clients. Beatty Cohan is a nationally recognized psychotherapist, with post-graduate specialization training in family and marital therapy and sexual dysfunction. She is the co-author of "For Better For Worse Forever — 10 Steps For Building a Lasting Relationship with the Man You Love." Email her at ❑

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Adult & Pediatric Care

Medical care for you and your children right at home.

Acne • Moles • Skin Cancer

Mohs Micrographic Surgery Cosmetic Skin Rejuvenation

A doctor who listens...

Botox Injection • Chemical Peels Photofacials & IPL Hair Removal Microdermabrasion

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2401 University Pkwy, Bldg 2, Suite 205

Andrea L. Brand, M.D.


Board Certified Family Physician

David S. Sax, M.D. Board Certified American Board of Dermatology 5223

Accepting New Patients • Medicare Assignments & Most Insurance Accepted

Your Chiropractor in Paradise! Gentle, patient-centered care for injuries and health conditions related to your neck, back, and spinal nerves: ● 25 years experience ● gentle methods ● psychotherapy ● care for slip and fall and accidental injury ●

HEARING CLINIC providing personal care for all your hearing needs

Dr. Gordon Swenson





Mon - Fri by appt.

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504-2725 “Doctor Brand at your Door”

• Complete Evaluations for All Ages • Sales and Service of All Brands • Digital & Programmable Hearing Aids including Widex, Senso and Diva Clinical Audiologists Providing Services in Sarasota for Over 20 Years




AUD., C.C.C.-A, Doctor of Audiology



2650 S.Tamiami Trail

8410 S.Tamiami Trail

1/2 mile south of Sarasota Memorial Hospital

just south of Sarasota Square Mall


Health Happenings On the Key CPR, AED, Fire Extinguisher Classes — are offered to residents, condos and businesses of Longboat Key by the Longboat Key Fire/Rescue. Free. Schedule, 316-1944. The Education Center — is located at 5370 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Spring season has ended. Call the office at 3838811 and leave your away address — that’s where new brochures will be delivered in September. ••••••• ‘Experience A Little More Than Shoulder Discomfort?’ Shoulder Screening — will be held from 4 to 5 p.m. Thursday, May 22, at Doctors Hospital Outpatient Rehab Services, 5741 Bee Ridge Road, Suite 110, Sarasota. RSVP, 1-888-685-1596. Sixth Annual Eddie Mulock Heart Day Blood Drive — will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday, May 23, at the Manatee Community Blood Center’s bloodmobile, which will be located in front of the Manatee County Courthouse. Details, 746-7195. First Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Night — will be presented by the Sarasota Red Sox Saturday, May 24, at Ed Smith Stadium. Wing Fest begins at 5 p.m. and game starts at 7 p.m. Admission is $5, with $3 benefiting the society. E-mail, or fax to 1-813-963-1306. ‘Medication Explanation’ Diabetes Lecture Series — will be held from 10 a.m. to noon Tuesday, May 27, in the

THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 17A


Caretaker Terrace, second floor, of the Center for Healthy Aging. Cost is a donation of $10. Susan Jackson, 9552122, Ext. 1145.

‘Living with Ovarian Cancer’ Workshop — will be presented by The Wellness Community-Southwest Florida for women living with cancer and their family members and/or caregivers from 2 to 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 28, at The Wellness Community, 3900 Clark Road, Building P-3, Sarasota. Free. Register, 921-5539. ‘Diabetes and Hypertension’ Lecture — will be held from 6 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 28, at Doctors Hospital Auditorium, Medical Office Building, 5741 Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota. RSVP, 1-888-685-1596. Telephone Reassurance Program for Senior Citizens — several openings are available. This free program provides persons living alone with a daily phone contact from a concerned and friendly volunteer, assuring that the individual is well and not in need of special assistance. If the individual has a problem or fails to be reached, appropriate assistance is immediately arranged. Mae Yeomans, 758-9969. CRP Classes — are held from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Tuesdays at the Nursing Resources offices, Medical Complex, 3650 Bahia Vista St., Suite 301, Sarasota. Fee is $15. Register, 3660866. Mood/Depression Screenings — are available through Senior Friendship Centers Inc. in Sarasota and Venice.

Free. For appointments, call Pat Riley 556-3242.

Support Groups

Diabetes Blood Glucose Screenings — sponsored by the Gulf Coast Diabetes Foundation, will be conducted from 8 to 10 a.m. Monday, June 2, at Sarasota Center for Healthy Aging, 1900 Brother Geenen Way. Free. Details, 955-2122. ‘Exercise and Its Importance’ Diabetes Lecture Series — will be held from 10 a.m. to noon Tuesday, June 3, in the Caretaker Terrace, second floor, of the Center for Healthy Aging. Cost is a donation of $10. Susan Jackson, 9552122, Ext. 1145. Senior Living Education Series — will be hosted by Manatee Memorial Hospital from 11 a.m. to noon Tuesday, June 3, in Dining Room 2A, 206 Second St. E., Bradenton. Free. Details, 745-7581. Memory Screenings — courtesy of Sarasota Memorial Hospital Memory Disorder Clinic, will be conducted on Wednesday, June 4, at Venice Kathleen Friendship Center. Appointments, 9177197. Prosthetic Clinic — Manatee Memorial Hospital Physical Medicine Department and Active Orthotics Prosthetics will offer an in-house prosthetic evaluation and services on Thursday, June 5. It includes a prosthetic analysis, gain analysis, educational literature and counseling. Free. Details, 745-7550. Memory Screenings — courtesy of Sarasota Memorial Hospital Memory Disorder Clinic, will be conducted on Monday, June 9, at Sarasota Center for Healthy Aging, 1900 Brother Geenen Way. Appointments, 917-7197. ❑

• Alcoholics Anonymous: 378-0575, 749-1750. • Anxiety Disorder: 745-7581. • Alzheimer’s Early Stage: 795-1900. • Arthritis: 794-1400. • Asthma: 745-7204. • Bereavement: 366-2224, 917-7777. • Brain Tumor: 921-5539. • Cancer (all types): 745-7539, 921-5539. • Cardiac Care-Mended Hearts: 917-7777 • Caregiver: 366-2224, 556-3242, 351-3640, 584-0050. • Celiac Disease: 927-2707, 342-3413, 721-9675. • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: 360-3738, 378-0547. • Community Stroke Support Group: 342-4470. • Depression/Manic Depression: 714-7277, 917-7777. • Diabetes: 955-2122, Ext. 1165, 917-7777. • Early Stage Memory Loss: 917-7777. • Family Caregiver: 748-3001. • Fibromyalgia: 758-9962, 739-2729, 1-800-741-4008. • Hepatitis C: 917-7777 • Island Manatee Widowed Persons Service: 778-1908. • Leukemia/Lymphoma: 921-5539. • Life After Cancer: Networking for Women: 921-5539. • Liver Disease: 776-8135. • Living With Grief: 917-8166. • Lou Gherig’s: 496-4057. • Low Vision: 366-6497. • Newly-Diagnosed Breast Cancer: 921-5539. • Manasota Parkinson Disease: 346-0567. • “Man to Man” Prostate Cancer: 745-1214, 755-7256. • Men’s Support Group: 366-2224. • Multiple Myeloma: 921-5539. • Narcotics Anonymous: 957-7910, 917-7777. • Older Adults Group Therapy: 917-7760. • Overcoming Codependency: 366-1700. • Pulmonary: 493-3065. • Respite Care: 366-2224. • Sarasota Memorial Health Care System: 917-6277. • Sarasota Scleroderma: 387-8753. • Senior Living: 745-7581. • Stroke: 917-1359, 342-4484. • Women Living With Cancer: 745-7204.





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4134 Gulf of Mexico Dr., #207

Resortwear & Swimwear at the Whitney Beach store ONLY! We are closing The Whitney Beach store but will remain open at The Centre Shops


For advice, service & repair you can trust. SERVING SARASOTA SINCE 1979

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FREE delivery & removal of old bedding. Posturepedic® Support Only From Sealy


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Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. till 7 p.m. • Saturday 8:30-6 p.m. • Sunday 12-5 p.m. (One block south of Bee Ridge, off US41) Turn at Village Inn

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#5 AVENUE OF THE FLOWERS • LONGBOAT KEY • 383-0965 (between Publix and Eckerd)

18A THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003


It’s read everywhere

Ronald Michalak and Barbara Frankel brought The Longboat Observer on their fall visit to the Lainston House, Winchester, England. They write: “Winchester is a surprisingly interesting, small city with a wonderful shopping district. Lainston House lies in the nearby countryside, a seven-minute cab ride but an isolated island of tranquility.”

Marilyn and Irv Naiditch recently went on a Panama Canal cruise. Here they read The Longboat Observer during a stop on a bus trip.

Jean DeLynn, Joni Stovroff and Jacque Taylor peruse The Longboat Observer on their recent visit to Korcula, Croatia.

est” B e e th t of agazin s e B M ed “ ota Vot Saras by

Cruise with... HCPTC #231


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BOATING For their 50th wedding anniversary celebration, Lois and Harvey Pyes set sail to the Caribbean, where, of course, they read The Longboat Observer when they went ashore at the isle of Dominico.


Personal 2412 Cortez Road, West Bradenton, FL 34207

no transaction limit

7051 Manatee Avenue, West Bradenton, FL 34209

5390 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key, FL 34228

Coming soon . . . another Coast Bank location 9819 Cortez Road, West Bradenton, FL 34210

CANNONS COUNTS David Miller, Jack Bergbom, Tom Tomao, Benny Parrish

& Business

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ON THESE GUYS You can count on these guys, too. Dave, Jack, Tom and Benny have an aggregate of more than 100 years experience – at Cannons alone. You can count on the rest of the Cannons family, too. Since 1955, they’ve been there, for you, every single day. Count yourself among the Cannons family, and enjoy the very best in boating.


Florida Banking for Your Florida Lifestyle 5223

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Member FDIC


THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 19A

It’s read everywhere

Bill and Anne Kelley read The Longboat Observer on their visit to Guadalcanal in October. These Islands West residents read The Longboat Observer as they recently cruised through the Panama Canal on a trip from San Diego to Fort Lauderdale. Standing: Russ Edwards, Janice Roth, Victor DePoalo, Ruth Edwards, Jacqueline Gadbois, Jeannie and Don Manhard; sitting: Barbara DePoalo and Ester Wilson.

Jules Green, Joanne Klein, Carol B. Green, The Longboat Observer, Marshall Nurenberg and Harriet and Ed Schaye recently went on a cultural/educational trip to Havana that financially benefited the U.S. Committee for UNIFEM.

Rosemary and Robert Kirchner of Longboat Key and Manasquan, N.J., recently went on a cruise around Cape Horn, South America, where they read The Longboat Observer at Ushuaia, Chile — the most southern town in the world. The Kirchners have lived on the Key since 1978.

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Priced at par. Yield to maturity 5.40%. Final maturity 5/20/2008. Callable starting 5/20/2004 at par. Interest paid quarterly. Rated: Moody’s A3, Standard & Poor’s BBB. Estate Put Feature. For more information or for reservations to our free luncheon, call John Price, Senior Vice President – Branch Manager, or Rick Tuberosa, Senior Vice President – Investments, at 813-633-9407 or 800-386-9786.

Kelly G. Curtis, Managing Partner PINNACLE TAXX Advisors, LLC 605 Sarasota Quay, Sarasota, FL 34236

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Uncommon Wisdom


First run date 4/14/03

Tuesday, May 27

Thursday, May 29

3:15 pm Ophelia’s On The Bay 9105 Midnight Pass Rd. Siesta Key

2:45 pm Ruth’s Chris Steak House 6700 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota

Securities offered through Royal Alliance Associates, Inc. Member NASD/SIPC. We welcome financial professionals, however, a $1,500 fee will apply as proprietary information is presented.

SECURITIES AND INSURANCE PRODUCTS: NOT INSURED BY FDIC OR ANY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AGENCY • MAY LOSE VALUE • NOT A DEPOSIT OF OR GUARANTEED BY A BANK OR ANY BANK AFFILIATE Coupon rate as of 5/16/03 and subject to availability. Price as of 5/16/03, maturing on 5/20/08. Callable starting 5/20/04 at par. Wachovia Securities, Inc., member NYSE/SIPC, is a registered broker-dealer and a separate non-bank affiliate of Wachovia Corporation. © 2003 Wachovia Securities. 40267 5/03

20A THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003



Saunders joins exclusive group of entrepreneurs Sarasota real estate entrepreneur Michael Saunders, founder and owner of Sarasota’s largest independent luxury real estate brokerage ($1.4 billion gross sales, 2002), became an exclusive member of an exclusive group of notable Florida entrepreneurs. The Tampa-based Merchants Association of Florida Inc. awarded Saunders its 24th Florida Enterprise Medal, making her the first individual woman to receive the honor. The association presents the medal each year to a Florida entrepreneur who has demonstrated outstanding business achievement and personal contributions to the growth and progress of their communities. Saunders accepted the medal April 22 at a dinner attended by 335 people, including members of the Merchants Association and about 50 friends and associates of Saunders who traveled from Sarasota to the Marriott Waterside Hotel in Tampa. Accepting the award, Saunders recounted that her unusual first name sometimes opened doors for her in the good-ol’ boy world. When she enrolled at Florida State University, for instance, registrars put her in a male dorm. But her gender also worked against her in the business world in her early days. When she wanted to borrow money in the mid-1970s to start her realty company, she was unable to find a bank that would lend her the cash. Saunders said she had to ask a male friend to co-sign a $5,000 startup loan. Having her named added to the Merchants Association’s list of recipients, Saunders now stands among some of Florida’s most well-known entrepreneurs. The Merchants Association of Florida Inc. is a $26 million-plus (sales) not-forprofit employment screening, mortgage reporting and collection service firm headquartered in Tampa and with offices and

Michael Saunders and John Hayes, president of Kiwanis Club of Sarasota

Josh Scheible, Alex Stewart and Cody Beaver, members of the Island Middle School Conch Fritter Band, were recognized in the All Star Music Festival.

operations throughout Florida. Saunders is prominent on and off the business arena. On May 17 she received the “Outstanding Citizen Award,” which was established by the Kiwanis Club of Sarasota and the Sarasota Kiwanis Foundation. Saunders is the fourth to receive this award. Previous recipients are Dr. Kay E. Glasser, Dr. Arland F. ChristJaner and Charles D. “Dan” Bailey Jr. Saunders has served on many boards, including as a chair of The Argus Foundation, Mote Marine Laboratory, Sarasota Winefest, Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, the Sarasota Opera Association, Make a Wish Foundation, The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Sarasota Council of Concern and Sarasota County Openly Plans for Excellence. She is on the advisory board of the Sarasota

African American Chamber of Commerce, on the national board of Relocation Network, Sotheby’s International Realty advisory board and has been the chairman of the Sarasota Committee for Economic Development. She has been awarded the “She Knows Where She’s Going Award” by Girls Incorporated of Sarasota and was honored in the Community Video Archives’ Hall of Fame for 2003.

Couple to wed in May

Head straight

High school competes for us!





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Buttonwood Plaza 3170 Gulf of Mexico Drive Mon. - Sat. 9:30 - 5:30 Sunday 10 - 5 • 383-2288 *Serving the Island since 1966

The Island Middle School Conch Fritter Band brought home a first-place trophy from the All Star Music Festival, a national band competition, held during May 17 weekend. In addition to the trophy, Josh Scheible, trombone, Alex Stewart, keyboard, and Cody Beaver, trumpet, were recognized separately for their outstanding solos.

Eric Lagopoulos, “The Outlaw,” of Longboat Key, won first place in the 2003 Surf & Turf Championship Competition held May 3 and 4 in Walton Beach. At round five of the competition, Lagopoulos took first places in the Pro 800 and Pro 1200 series. He also ranked first in both series in the overall part of the championship. It was sponsored by Sea Doo and the Radisson Beach Resort.

Memorial Day Weekend Sale! $

Island school band wins

Athlete takes first place

Swimwear Capital of the Keys Don’t drive in circles

Raymond and Rosalie Schmalo own Ben & Jerry’s.

Michael Hitt and Juanita Barb will wed this month. JoAnn Monteith announces the engagement of her daughter, Juanita Ann Barb, to Michael Charles Hitt, all of Bradenton. The bride is the granddaughter of Carl and Betty Johnson of Longboat Key. She graduated from Bayshore High School in 1997 and in 2002 she received her bachelor’s degree in science from the University of Jacksonville. She is employed by the University of Central Florida as the assistant volleyball coach. The bridegroom elect graduated from Hernando High School in 1993. He is employed by Avon Cabinet Corp. The wedding is planned for this month.

Members of the Booker High School Environmental Academy advanced to the Florida State Environmental Competition on May 3. First-place winners from each county participated in the contest. Team Capt. Mike Perkins led his fivemember team to a second place in the wildlife category. Other team members were Carlin Robinson, Emily Walker, Ashley Hodges and Sara Carmichael. Science teachers Kathy Hepburn and Ernie Daigle helped prepare the team for the the competition. The students must work as a team to answer questions about soil, water, forestry, wildlife and a new current topic each year, such as conservation and agriculture. The competition was sponsored by the Soil and Water Conservation districts of the state of Florida.

Beautiful businesses Leaping Lizards and Ben & Jerry’s, St. Armands Circle businesses, were among 50-plus property owners, landscapers, managers and city representatives who received Sarasota Garden Club’s Civic Beautification Awards at the reception held Feb. 14 at the club. They received certificates and were recognized for the landscaping at their stores. Leaping Lizards is owned by Dennis and Gina Ponce, and

Gina and Dennis Ponce, owners of Leaping Lizards, with their daughter, Izabella


THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 21A

LBK Island Chapel women install auxiliary officers

Third one’s a charm


Phyllis Gillihan was installed as president of the Women’s Auxiliary of the Longboat Island Chapel at the annual luncheon held May12 at the Island Chapel. She succeeds Alma Cockerham. Other officers installed by the Rev. Kenneth Gill were: Mary Beth Bolla, first vice president; Lucille Smith, second vice president; Marjory Felch, recording secretary; Bev Swanson, corresponding secretary; and Emily Dabio, treasurer. Diane Wiegmann is membership chairman. A program on crime prevention was presented by Ray McKinnon, representing Metro Crime Prevention of Florida. Luncheon chairmen were Helene Elliott and Phyllis Gillihan. ❑

Marguerite Dye

Photos by Dora Walters

Dora Walters

Good luck comes in threes as the old saying goes. For the Lord’s Warehouse of the Longboat Island Chapel, it appears to be true. Already the recipient of two donated cars, the chapel received a third. Susan and Bill Upton donated their 1987 Chrysler Fifth Avenue four-door sedan. The sale price is $799. With the car are Cindy Kuehnel and Beverlie Swanson. The car can be seen at 6140 Gulf of Mexico Drive. —Dora Walters

Retiring President Alma Cockerham and new President Phyllis Gillihan

St. Armands



Helen Elliott and Phyllis Gillihan

Outstanding Selection of

Wine • Liquor • Beer

“Personal Service is our Specialty” Delivery Available


Margie Wiegmann and Deborah Bellas


388-1675 OR 388-3104


MOVING SALE All Merchandise % %


30 -70 OFF

Frances Coldwell and Jackie Deton


Remembering those who made our freedom possible


★ ★ ★



LIC# CFC057548

778-5622 5223


St. Armands Location Only

“The Diamond Alternative” 24 N. Blvd. of Presidents Sarasota

5362 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach

22A THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003



From the pulpit


Love is sacrificial, giving and active “I love you.” How often these words flow from our lips. They may be spoken with tremendous passion, with a relatively mediocre level of intent, or, perhaps rather nonchalantly, depending on the circumstances. Because love can be expressed in a great variety of ways, defining what we really mean when we say, “I love you,” can be a challenge. I would like to offer a rather simple, though far from inclusive set of criteria by which we can fairly quickly ascertain whether or not what we call “love” is rooted in some soil of substance or is more like an air plant. Those criteria flow from what we read in 1 John 3:16-24. Permit me to label each of the criteria as a lesson. Lesson No. 1: Love is sacrificial. In 1 John 3:16, the sacrificial component of love is clearly stated. Referring to the death of Christ, we read: “We know love by this, that he laid down his life for us — and we ought to lay down our lives for one another.” That’s a bit scary to contemplate, I suppose. Laying down our life for another may seem an unreasonable request. Giving up what is so precious to us seems totally out of the question. That kind of sacrifice is far too great — or is it? While Jesus did, indeed, literally lay down his life for us, could it be that what he expects of us is to take seriously the endless ways in which we can sacrificially show how much we care? That may not mean giving up our lives but living our lives in a manner that declares to all that our love is for real. Sacrificial living involves sacrificial loving, truly being there for others. Doesn’t the love that holds two people together in marriage involve sacrifice, laying down our life for another, knowing it will not always be our way? Doesn’t the love for a child involve sacrifice? Consider the

Marguerite Harrington Lapp Marguerite Harrington Lapp, 97, of Longboat Key, died May 5. She came here from Williamsville, N.Y., where she was past president of the board of education, on which she served for 10 years. She graduated from Mount Holyoke College and co-founded the Mount Holyoke Club of Southwest Florida. She was past president of the Longboat League of Women Voters, a member of Bird Key Yacht Club and St. Armands Key Lutheran Church. Her survivors include two daughters, Leslie Brackett of Cazenovia, N.Y., and Dorothy H. Evans of Orlando; a son, Dr. Richard J. of Orlando; 15 grandchildren; and 31 great-grandchildren. Services and burial will be held in Williamsville. Beach-Tuyn Funeral Home is in charge of the arrangements. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to Hospice of Southwest Florida, 4955 Rand Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34238; or to a favorite charity.

significant sacrifices parents regularly make for sons and daughters. Doesn’t our love for neighbors or friends often involve sacrifice? We try to be there to help them through rough times and support them when life falls apart. We surround them with concern when life’s heartaches come. Love always involves sacrifice. When did we last make a meaningful sacrifice for another? Lesson No. 2: Love is giving. 1 John 3:17 poses a penetrating question: “How does God’s love abide in anyone who has the world’s goods and sees a brother or sister in need and yet refuses to help?” That question can make me feel a bit uncomfortable. When we have more than we need, we can easily forget there are others who have far less than they need. Love involves giving, giving from what we have received so the needs of others might be met.

by Eric P. WOGEN

Bishop hosts luncheon

Lesson No. 3: Love is active. 1 John 3:18 is short but to the point: “Let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action.” Love involves more than talk. It involves action, doing for others. Love is not only a noun. It’s a verb, as well. God’s love is never passive. It’s not a concept. It’s alive. It’s at work. It changes peoples’ lives. Knowing God’s love in Christ is a wonderful experience. It’s renewing and refreshing. Sharing that love is a privilege. There you have it — three lessons on love. As we do our best to make God’s love real to others, may we remember that love is sacrificial, giving and active. Eric P. Wogen is a pastor at St. Armands Key Lutheran Church. ❑

Services All Angels by the Sea Episcopal Church, 563 Bay Isles Road, will offer Holy Eucharist at 8 and 10 a.m. Sunday. Holy Eucharist and Healing or Morning Prayer also will be offered at 10 a.m. Wednesday. The Rev. Downs Spitler, interim rector, will officiate. 383-8161 St. Armands Key Lutheran Church, 40 N. Adams Drive, will hold a contemporary worship service at 9 a.m. (nursery available) and a traditional service at 11 a.m. Sunday. Youth and adult Sunday school is at 10 a.m. The Rev. Eric P. Wogen will officiate. 388-1234. St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church, 4280 Gulf of Mexico Drive, will hold Saturday Masses at 5 p.m. and Sunday Masses at 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. Daily Masses are held

Dora Walters

at 9 a.m. Monday through Friday. The Rev. Edward Pick is the pastor of the church. 383-1255. Temple Beth Israel, 567 Bay Isles Road. Friday Shabbat service begins at 8 p.m., followed by an Oneg Shabbat. Saturday Shabbat Service begins at 10 a.m., followed by a Kiddush. Rabbi Michael Eisenstat will officiate at both services, assisted by Joseph Spinella, cantorial soloist/music director, and on Friday night by the Temple Beth Israel Choir. 383-3428. The Longboat Island Chapel, 6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Worship services are at 8:30 and 10 a.m. Sundays (nursery available during the 10-a.m. service). The Rev. Kenneth Gill, senior minister, will officiate. 383-6491.

The Most Rev. John J. Nevins, D.D., bishop of Venice in Florida, held his 10th annual media appreciation lunch May 14 at Michael’s On East. Washington broadcaster Johnny Holliday, now in his fourth decade as the playby-play voice of the University of Maryland sports teams, was the guest speaker. Among the sport legends Holliday has worked with was Ted Williams, the famed slugger for the Boston Red Sox. Although known for his sometimes uncooperative attitude, Holliday said they became good friends. He also co-hosts “Catholic Radio Weekly,” a syndicated radio program. With Bishop Nevins, at right, are Holliday and his wife, Mary Clare.

St. Mary Star of the Sea

An Interfaith Community Church Rev. Kenneth Gill, Senior Minister

Episcopal Church

Holy Eucharist Sunday....8:00 a.m. Sunday....10:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist & Healing Wednesday...10:00 a.m.

Summer Mass Schedule Saturday: 5:00 p.m. Sunday: 8:30 & 10:30 a.m.

8:30 & 10:00 am Worship Services


Nursery Provided During 10 am Service

The Ultimate Driving Machine

6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key, Florida 34228 383-6491

Daily Mass — Mon. through Fri. 9:00 a.m. Confession before all weekend Masses Visit our website:

4280 Gulf of Mexico Drive




The Reverend Downs Spitler, Interim Rector 563 Bay Isles Road 383-8161


Home of the Shepherding Program A program that provides one-on-one Christian caregiving

on Longboat Key

The Sarasota Concert Band



A MEMORIAL DAY TRIBUTE To America’s Fallen Heroes

The area’s leading assisted living residence



Phillippi Estate Park 5500 So. Tamiami Trail Patriotic Music • Tribute to Bob Hope Clarinet Soloist - Regina Compton Full Voice Choir sings “America the Beautiful” and much more!


5151 Clark Road


ALF #0007239

3409 26th St. W., Bradenton, Florida

TICKETS: $5-adults • under 18 FREE INFO: 364-BAND (2263)




Monday, May 26 • 6:30 pm

• Independent Living • Personal Care • Alzheimer’s Care • Respite Care



THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 23A





Artistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s conceptual rendering.

Introducing La Bellasara A Collection of Twenty-Nine Classically Inspired Bayfront Condominium Residences On The City Side of The Bay at Golden Gate Point




Two, Three and Four-Bedroom Condominium Residences from $1.1 Million to over $2 Million. Penthouse Residences: $3.9 Million and $4.2 Million.

FOR INQUIRIES, 941.330.2122 FAX 941.330.2024 Sales Gallery: 331 South Pineapple Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34236 Open Monday-Saturday from 10 am-5pm, Sunday from 12pm-5pm Developed by LaBellasara, L.L.C. Michael Saunders & Co. , Licensed Real Estate Broker Oral representations cannot be relied upon as correctly stating the representations of the developer. For correct representation, reference should be made to the documents required by section 718.503, Florida Statutes to be furnished by a developer to a buyer or lessee. This offering is made only by the prospectus for the condominium and no statement should be relied upon if not made in the prospectus. This is not an offer to sell or solicitation of offers to buy, the condominium units in states where such offer or solicitation cannot be made. Prices subject to change without notice.

24A THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003

LIDO HARBOR TOWERS $549,900 Wonderful 3BR condo on Lido Beach. Breathtaking Gulf & sunset views overlooking pool, clubhouse & white beaches. LO#236717 INGER LILL 941-924-9000 BIRD KEY $519,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Beautiful 3-4BR/3BA home carefully restored by owner! Caged pool & entertainment area with hot tub. A tropical oasis. LO#234209 THE KOY GROUP 941-924-9000 BIRD/LIDO KEY $359,900 Beach front high rise on the white sand of Lido Beach. Around the corner from St. Armands and Ritz Carlton. LO#235764 JACLYN SMITH & MICHAEL BAYER 924-9000



13.4 Billion


A full 54% of all million-dollar plus properties sold in the United States are handled by a Coldwell Banker professional.

Longboat Key

10 8.5 Billion


HOLMES BEACH $414,900 Best duplex for the money in Holmes Beach. two bedroom, one bathroom with garage on each side. New roof. Close to beach and schools. LO#235053 GABE BUKY 941-924-9000

6 4

3.1 Billion





BAY ISLES $399,000 Find quiet serenity in a beautiful, private park-like setting. Home features skylights, fireplace & cozy den/office. LO#238404 GLORIA T. GREGORY 941-924-9000 HARBOURSIDE DRIVE $399,000 Beautifully updated 2BR/2BA, very sunny location. Oversized terrace, tile floors, new carpeting, garage parking. LO#237040 MAGGIE HICKS 941-924-9000 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES $359,000 Wonderful Country Club Shores location for easy access to St. Armands. Updated kitchen and baths. Deeded beach. LO#233668 GLORIA T. GREGORY 941-924-9000


SANCTUARY $2,199,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Stunning direct Gulf corner residence. This 3BR plan is 3,100 square feet and offers a kid's bonus room. LO#237165 ROGER PETTINGELL 941-924-9000

BEACH HARBOR CLUB $350,000 Two bedroom, two bath, beautifully furnished. Bay view. New appliances, updated kitchen & baths. Murphy bed. Plantation shutters. LO#237276 VICKI LONBORG 941-924-9000

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES $1,695,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour 2nd lot in bay views, 3650 SF, 2 master suites, 2 car garage, deep water with private dock and lift, heated pool. LO#231116 THOMAS FYNES 941-924-9000 COREY'S LANDING $1,499,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Spacious 5BR Villa with panoramic Bay views, ceramic floors & walls of glass. Large master suite overlooks the Bay. LO#226392 LINDA & EMMETT WEBER 941-924-9000

AQUARIUS $529,000 Beautiful bldg on south end of LBK. Almost new appliances, carpet, split plan, tennis, pool, fitness facilities. LO#234364 JUDY KEPECZ-HAYS 941-924-9000 AQUARIUS $499,000 Turnkey furnished Aquarius residence, two bedrooms, two bathrooms. Sunset side of the building. Enjoy The Colony restaurants next door. LO#234255 ROGER PETTINGELL 941-924-9000


BAYOU HAMMOCK $2,995,000 Boater's Paradise-Sarasota's most magnificent waterfront location with views of Bay & Bayou. 4BR/4BA residence. LO#230912 BARBARA ACKERMAN 941-924-9000 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES $2,315,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Panoramic views of the Bay & City from almost every room. Lrg corner lot, many upgrades Incl. Eurotech kitchen. LO#233646 THOMAS FYNES/WALTER HACKETT 924-9000

GRAND BAY $575,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Bay front luxury with sweeping views from the wrap-around terrace. World class amenities & beach club membership. LO#238127 SELINA AUVIL 941-924-9000


Bird/Lido Key BIRD KEY $3,390,000 Elegant estate living. Enjoy life on an upscale note in this 3BR/4 plus BA Bay-view split-plan. 5,674 SF. LO#228776 DYRK DAHL 941-924-9000


LONGBOAT KEY $2,500,000 Like living in a house at the beach. Walls of glass bring the Gulf right into your living room. Spotless. LO#237922 MARK HUBER/JOYCE HUBER 941-924-9000

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES $1,099,000 Beautifully maintained canal front home with 3BR/3BA, 10,000 lb. boat lift, screened lanai, heated pool, & open plan. LO#237310 MAGGIE HICKS 941-924-9000



LONGBOAT HARBOUR $299,500 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Canal views and "peeks" of the Gulf from this lovely 2BR/2BA condo! An ideal Florida home! Great complex amenities! LO#234941 THE KOY GROUP 941-924-9000


WATERFRONT $1,279,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Deep water dock, 3BR/5 plus BA. Open plan, views from all rooms. Marble baths, elevator, walk to beach & Country Club. LO#218252 LINDA & EMMETT WEBER 941-924-9000

RITZ CARLTON $1,600,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Why not live at the Five Star Ritz Carlton. View beautiful sunsets, magnificent water views and lovely gardens. LO#213520 ELLEN ORLOP 941-924-9000

QUEENS HARBOR $1,275,000 LBK Club, south exposure, furnished 3BR/den/loft. Designer built-ins, crown moldings, marble, pool, deeded beach. LO#233590 JUDY KEPECZ-HAYS 941-924-9000

THE RITZ $1,269,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Bay, Longboat Key and boat basin views! "Tommy Bahama" style 2BR plus den, private beach club, Ritz amenities. LO#232635 JUDY KEPECZ-HAYS 941-924-9000

SUNSET BEACH $1,125,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Dramatic beach-site end-unit. Showplace! Distinguished 2BR/2BA Gulf-front residence enhanced by a Gulf view. LO#232446 THE KOY GROUP 941-924-9000 SANCTUARY $949,900 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Beautifully maintained 2/3BR condo in small 20 unit building. TKF for immediate Occpy. Gulf/Bay view, Pvt beach. LO#225775 JOYCE HUBER/MARK HUBER 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT KEY $915,000 Rarely available. Sunny south corner brings the outside in & affords great Gulf, garden & golf course views. LO#237524 BRUCE MYER 941-924-9000

BAY ISLES $699,000 Pristine 3000 sq.ft. home behind the gates of the LBK Club. High ceilings, ceramic floors & spacious lanai & pool. LO#234080 LINDA & EMMETT WEBER 941-924-9000



LONG BEACH $789,000 3BR/2.5 BA home with great open floor plan. A large deck, pool and canal complete this waterfront home. LO#232780 CONNIE BELMONT 941-924-9000 TANGERINE BAY $779,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Tangerine Bay residence with 2 full bedroom suites, den or possible 3rd bedroom & 2-car garage. Terrace overlooks pool & water. LO#236268 ROGER PETTINGELL 941-924-9000 FAIRWAY BAY - THE ATRIUM $749,900 Two bedroom, two bath den penthouse with Bay views. Granite kitchen, built-ins, tile floors, window treatments, carpets and plantation shutters. LO#232755 BARBARA ACKERMAN 941-924-9000

UNIVERSITY PARK $669,900 Univ. Park CC home. Dynamic open floor plan overlooks custom pool and lanai. Oversized garage with room for golf cart. LO#236383 LOUIS WERY 941-924-9000 LAWRENCE POINTE $659,000 PH with open split plan. Both master and guest suites open to lanai. Unsurpassed Bay views and gorgeous sunsets. TKF. LO#236129 ANGIE CAMPBELL 941-924-9000 BUCCANEER BAY $605,000 2795 SF home with 3BR/3.5BA on lake with southern exposure, pool/spa, three-car garage. Many upgrades. Move-in condition. LO#237753 STEVEN C. KEPECZ 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT KEY $650,000 Spectacular direct Gulf & sunset views from coveted corner unit. Wrap around balcony with glass sliders. TKF. LO#238327 GARY MCKINSTRY 941-924-9000 237894

UNIVERSITY PARK $639,900 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Preserve/golf course views is 3BR/2BA, living/dining rooms family room, kitchen with breakfast area overlooking lanai/pool/spa. LO#237894 MARY MOORE/MIKE MOORE 941-924-9000 237254

ONE WATERGATE $499,000 Panoramic views of Bay, Marina Jack, Park & City from all rooms. Huge balcony, two bedroom, two bathroom condo, den/office or 3rd bedroom. LO#236718 KATHIE SRUR 941-924-9000 PINE SHORES ESTATES $495,000 Great location! Near the bridge to Crescent Beach & Siesta Key with some water view. Near shops/beach. Two units W/pool. LO#238110 JIM VITALE 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT KEY $699,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Endless views from the main living area to the golf course and lake behind this charming villa. Furnished home. LO#237504 STEVEN C. KEPECZ 941-924-9000

EMBASSY $489,000 Spectacular Bay views!!! 9th Floor 2/2 Embassy House. Expanded, spacious. Downtown Sarasota. Immediate Occ. $499,000. LO#230461 LYNN ROBBINS 941-924-9000

ATRIUM $629,000 Popular"Mangrove"floor plan, 2105 SF. with 3BR. Beautiful views of the Bay and pool. A great value on a south end of LBK! LO#228981 BRUCE MYER 941-924-9000

RENAISSANCE $310,000 Windows on the world. Outstanding 2-bedroom hirise end-unit condo with a shimmery Gulf view. Clubhouse. LO#233950 MELISSA BONGART 941-924-9000

GRAND BAY $619,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Sweeping views of the Bay, City & golf course from this PH! "Bimini" plan, hardwood floors, wrap around terrace. LO#236594 BRUCE MYER 941-924-9000 BANYAN BAY $599,000 Incredible full Bay views from this 3/3 plus den Multi-level end unit.Totally remodeled & upgraded. LO#226269 DAVID/WENDY LEVENTHAL 941-924-9000

NORTH CREEK ESTATES $495,000 A very fetching "four"! Custom-built 4-bedroom split-plan with a striking water view. Extra-BR or office! LO#237254 SUSAN MORIN 941-924-9000

LIDO REGENCY $284,900 Own your own slice of paradise on beautiful Lido Key beach! 1BR/1.5BA unit is a perfect beach front getaway. LO#237990 KATHIE SRUR 941-924-9000


201 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 1 ~ Longboat Key 941-383-6411 16 Avenue of the Flowers ~ Longboat Key 941-383-8657 423 St. Armands Circle ~ St. Armands 941-388-3966 330 John Ringling Boulevard ~ St. Armands Key 941-388-4433 100 North Tamiami Trail ~ Sarasota Downtown 941-366-8070 ©2003 Coldwell Banker Corporation. An EqualOpportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned and Operated by NRT Incorporated.

TROPICAL SHORES $169,900 Older 2BR/2BA not updated but in great condition with a nice yard. Loads of storage, marina, boat ramp. LO#235935 JOYCE/MARK HUBER 941-924-9000 PALM AIRE $146,000 Hidden Treasure! Extra large unit. View of golf course & brook. Two bedroom with den or can be 3 bedroom. LO#225654 KEVIN VALE 941-924-9000



Page 1B

NTERTAINMENT M AY 2 2 , 2 0 0 3


COUNCIL Advocacy is the new priority.

BY MARTY FUGATE Arts and Entertainment Writer

Art has been in the news lately. Unfortunately, much of that news has not been good. Across the nation, state arts budgets have been slashed — and artists and arts organizations everywhere are feeling the pinch. Those represented by the Sarasota County Arts Council are no exception. On May 12, the organization held its 16th annual members meeting, at the FSU/Asolo Center for the Performing Arts. More than 150 area arts lovers attended. You’d think they’d have all been depressed — not a bit of it. Fired up is more like it. Discussion centered on what the Arts Council does for its members, and what the arts, in general, do for the community, particularly when it comes to tourism. Patricia Caswell, the organization’s executive director, noted that, thanks to recent changes in the law, there are now no independent organizations or officials on the Florida state level to act as arts funding advocates. “It’s up to us now,” she said. “Advocacy has become our new priority.” Following its examination of the big picture, the Arts Council considered the human dimension. Attendees were introduced to five new members of its board:

Dianne Belk, Tom Brown, Helene Noble, Renee Sheade (a Longboat Key resident) and Carol Vengroff (a former Longboat Key resident). Eleanor Merritt Darlington, Dr. Arland Christ-Janer, Mark Ormond and Mike Pender were rotated off the board. The confabulation concluded with a sizzling performance by the West Coast Black Theater Troupe from its recent “Cotton Club Cabaret II” at Theatre Works. The Arts Council’s board members, staff and community irregulars went on to mingle at a reception in the Asolo’s lobby. Those spotted include David Mills and Nora Patterson, both Sarasota County commissioners; Howard Millman, the Asolo’s artistic producing director; Jody Kielbasa, the Sarasota Film Festival’s president; Judith Hennard, the director of the Museum of Asian Arts; actresses Monica Kennedy and Michele Strauss; and artists Kathleen Carrillo, Peppi Eleona and Elizabeth Van Riper. The mood was upbeat but determined. As artist Morris Mitchell put it, “It’s a great thing we can all come together like this. Now if we can stay together for the rest of the year, I think we’ve got a fighting chance.” Call 365-5118 for more information. ❑

Lisa-Marie Confessore, Nora Patterson and Dr. Arland Christ-Janer

Helene Noble and Jane Smiley

Dave Pierce and Margaret Wise

Renée Sheade and Christina Kelly

Susan Brainerd, Jan Chester and Gayle Williams

Eleanor Merritt-Darlington and grandchild

Photos by Marty Fugate

2B THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003


Exquisite Residences from $987,000 Extraordinary Penthouses with Spectacular Panoramic Views from $4.5 Million

OrchidBeach Club LIDO KEY


Enchantment at Play

Introducing Orchid Beach Club, an island oasis of tropical enchantment and laid-back charm on the white sands beach of Lido Key. Only 54 exquisite new beach residences ranging from 2,936 to over 6,000 square feet. Brought to you by the developers of en Provence and Beau Ciel. Tucked behind lushly landscaped gates, Orchid Beach Club features infinitely beautiful views of gulf and bay and a private beachfront club of social, fitness and spa privileges, served with a touch of perfection.

Pre-construction pricing now available. Call 941-388-2050 for an appointment.

P.O. Box 3349 • Sarasota, FL 34230-3349 • 2050 Benjamin Franklin Dr. 941-388-2050 • 941-388-2080 Fax • 877-388-2050 Toll-Free • Prices & features subject to change without notice. Offer void where prohibited by law. Broker cooperation welcomed ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS, MAKE REFERENCE TO THIS ADVERTISEMENT AND TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE.


THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 3B

A&E Tr


ic al Memor




Art speak

50 years of vision ... and counting A Petticoat Painters retrospective ‘The Petticoat Painters, Shirley Clement and Niké Parton’ • Selby Gallery at Ringling School of Art and Design through May 30

by Marty FUGATE



27 North Blvd. of the Presidents • St. Armands • 388.5035

Specializing in:

Shirley Clement’s “Little Girl” actually a show within a show still lurking here. You heard right. While this art show has only one title, it’s really two exhibits. After you skirt past the “Petticoat Painters,” there’s another whole section devoted to Niké Parton (a “Petticoat” artist who’s been painting “plein air” scenes of Longboat Key and Sarasota since the Kennedy administration), and Shirley Clement, (a grand-niece of our friend Matisse, a nationally recognized watercolor master, and an irresistible force in our area art world until her death in 2002). Here’s a quick walk-through: Clement’s “Five Points (Orange Blossom Hotel)” is a loose watercolor rendering of a street scene in 1947 Sarasota. Looking west from the intersection of Five Points, you see an oldfashioned traffic kiosk, Sarasota’s original city hall and the distant, gaudy, orange-colored hotel. Aside from the hotel (now restored and respectably understated) almost nothing you see here remains. Nostalgia aside, it’s interesting for what it is — a vivid slice of life. Clement is equally sharp-eyed with human detail. Her portraits are keen personality studies: A dark-haired girl absorbed with tying a ribbon on her blouse in “Little Girl” or the two conspiratorial women in “The Chat (Gossips).” These are images of the unselfconscious way people look when they don’t think they’re being watched. (I suspect they didn’t.) Moving on to Niké Parton, her “Haiti Woman” seems to reach out and grab you the minute you walk in the room. It’s a clay sculpture of a crouching AfricanAmerican woman, a masterpiece of precise observation, as a non-sexist Jensen might have put it. It’s a particular image of a particular human being, and no mere idol of some iconic All-Woman. Specific it may be, but there’s not a wasted line. Every surface and squiggle does its job. Parton’s “Cortez” shows the same fine economy, this time in watercolor. A few lines define a sagging fishing shack, but you feel as though you could reach out and run your hands along its rusting surfaces. Her “Roustabouts” presents a shirtless group of workers driving in the stakes of a circus tent. It’s a parti-colored, exuberant, muscular piece reminiscent of a Corbino. Again, she says a lot with a little. And the same could be said of this exhibit. It’s nearly impossible to cram 50 years of vision into one small gallery space. But Selby Gallery comes very, very close. ❑

Visit the only ZODIAC on Longboat Key at #9 Ave of the Flowers We carry a wide assortment of Nautical Jewelry

Fine Jewelry Repair & Watch Batteries

#9 Avenue of the Flowers Longboat Key 387-8997



DeSoto Square Mall Bradenton 746-2644


JOHN DINEEN Gallery is closing May 31st

A large selection of his paintings are

1/2 Price 5223

Susan Klein’s “Drought at Myakka”

Stop in for a sample - see you soon.


Jini Mount’s “Windward Islands”

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Don’t let the name fool you, The Petticoat Painters are a serious group of women artists. It’s actually Sarasota’s first such organization, established back in 1953 by William and Martha Hartman (who also founded William Hartman Galleries). The name, with its connotations of dilettantish delicacy, is a put-on. Then and now, name and reality are far different — and that’s the joke. The group is now celebrating its 50th anniversary, proof that she who laughs last laughs best. This exhibit is a glimpse at some of its artists’ best work. Jean Blackburn is represented with two of her “farm series” of monoprints — rough, energetic lines depicting a world halfway between one of Chagall’s villages and the town in “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Martha Hartman’s surreal multimedia collages evoke the early Terry Gilliam; they’re witty and disturbing all at once. Her “Night of the Dark Lord” shows strange flowers spiraling around eye-like jewels; the eyeless, severed head of a baby doll floats pitilessly through the scene. Her “Black Pearl” is a kind of pagan cartoon — a Krishna-blue goddess, open eye in her open hand, Bacchus in a wine glass, a glimpse of Pan and a ring of dancing women dancing to beat Matisse’s band. Eleanor Merritt has goddesses of her own to honor. Her “Primavera” is a sub-

tly textured, acrylic-on-fabric piece of an austere, oriental figure — the life-robed goddess of spring, perhaps. Her “Golden Dream Goddess” is an acrylic collage on rice paper, beautiful but less accessible, like a dream when it starts to fade. Susan Morris McGee’s “Doggies Long Gone” is a hand-pulled linocut of three cattle skulls — “doggies,” as the cowpokes say. It’s picture-perfect, but we’re talking skulls as design elements. (If cows made art, would they use human skulls? Her art begs this Gary Larsen-esque question.) Her vastly different “Growing Panes” is a photorealistic look at the weird, distorted reflections in the mirrorglass of a generic office building — found op-art that’s there if you look for it. Alice DeCaprio has a nice eye for photography and does even nicer things with her photographs inside the mind’s eye of her computer. The title of her “Sarah’s World” echoes Andrew Wyeth, but its approach is pure Vermeer. A picture window’s liquid light reveals a backlit, middle-aged woman in soft-focus and the translucent layers of reflection on the objects in the room around her. It’s manipulated but doesn’t feel like it. DeCaprio knows when to stop. That’s always a good thing. Susan Klein’s “Drought in Myakka” is a beautiful dance between invention and observation. It’s a realistic scene, but colored expressively: Palm trunks are pink, distant trees are blue and the sky is orange. These offbeat colors aren’t merely for effect. Look closely sometime at the real world. You’ll notice that distant trees really are a hazy blue — and there are times when the sky is orange. What we call perception is often just convention. We see what we’ve been taught to see — trees are green, skies are blue and that’s that. But Klein hasn’t learned this lesson. Jini Mount’s “Windward Islands” is an acrylic of an ironically becalmed harbor. The scene plays with your sense of space; boats float on the water but also seem to float out of the picture plane. Mount teases you with tension between 2-D abstraction and 3-D representationalism. One second the image stretches away from you; the next second it all goes flat. (Hopefully the boats are well-anchored.) These are only a few samples and don’t begin to cover the 50 years of vision compressed in this exhibit. Here’s another thing I haven’t covered: There’s

Just in - Captain Rodney’s Caribbean Salsa, Mango Fire, Lime Ginger-Pepper Glaze, Boucan Sauce and much more. Need some Lemon Curd, Coco Mocha or Spice Tea?

415 St. Armands Circle • 388-2992 1-5 p.m. Mon.-Sat.

(above Columbia restaurant)

4B THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003


“Oklahoma” to a dramatic interpretation from “Catholic Schoolgirls.” Violinist Derek Ratzenboeck concluded the festivities with a virtuoso rendition of the first movement from Paganini’s Violin Concerto No. 2. Everyone froze and listened — including a group of waiters and waitresses outside the room and across the hall. It made for a nice ending.

Lunch launches futures The Fine Arts Society of Sarasota held its annual scholarship luncheon May 15 at the Bird Key Yacht Club. Scholarships totaling $24,500 were disbursed to 18 students going on to careers as musicians, dancers, actors and visual artists. As the students had already received the money, nobody could say he was forced to sing for his supper — but as anyone who’s been around performers long enough knows, performing is what they want to do. Selections ranged from a bit of Handel arranged for sax, to a helping from




Living in harmony

Marty Fugate

Violinist Derek Ratzenboeck

Barbershop quartets — chances are, you won’t hear them singing in barbershops. Ever wonder where the name comes from? According to “Take Our Word for It,” back in Elizabethan times, barbershops left lutes their for customers to play while waiting. The shops dropped the lutes (most of

the customers couldn’t play too well) but couldn’t stop their patrons from singing. The singers got better, organized into groups, began singing the popular harmonies of the turn of the last century, and are still around at the start of this one. In our area, the Chorus of the Keys has grown to 160 members, seven of whom are from Longboat Key. Fifty-nine singers representing the group recently attended the spring convention of Florida’s barbershop quartets. The chorus won three awards and placed third in the competition overall. Stephen Ditchfield, the chorus’ director, celebrated his birthday at the event. Needless to say, it was a happy one. ❑ —Marty Fugate






Beau Ciel Sales & Design Centers


Now rising between the downtown marina skyline and the open bay waters, Beau Ciel is fast becoming a reality. Construction is underway on the exclusive address featuring only 44 residences of luxurious design, spectacular views and a private club lifestyle. It’s not too late to live in the most unique residences on Sarasota’s Bayfront. Inquire soon for fall occupancy. A limited number remain.




Priced from the low $1 millions to $5 million. Sales by U.S. Assets Realty Group, Inc. Licensed Real Estate Broker



THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 5B


Key notes

Changing the perception of classical music “Not every person, no matter how well educated, will necessarily end up being interested in what is known as ‘classical music.’ Nobody is trying to get me to attend a wrestling match; so why should I try to make someone who prefers wrestling to Beethoven attend a symphony concert?” These words were originally written by Gary Graffman, president of the illustrious Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, and they were quoted just last week at the Curtis Convocation by Henry Fogel, most recently the president of the Chicago Symphony and now the head of the American Symphony Orchestra League. Both are men of music — passionate about passing on a legacy of listening to live performances. A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about attending a Young Peoples’ Concert presented at the Van Wezel by the Florida West Coast Symphony. We talked about the excellent quality of the performance, the fact that the audience — fourth and fifth graders from local public schools — have the attention span of well-trained poodles, and how most of them (except the poodles) left the hall happy to be out of school but yawning after a 45-minute musical nap. The orchestra had made a valiant attempt to win future audiences, but, because of the presentation, had failed to get a rise out of most of the ears in the audience. Without having been there, Henry Fogel said in his recent speech, “What they are reacting to is not Beethoven. It is to the image of classi-

cal music that society has painted — and the music world has provided the brushes for that paint job!” Before the class I was escorting left for the field trip, the teacher admonished the children to be quiet and to applaud politely — no cheering, shouting or whistling. I’m all for discipline and good behavior — in children as well as poodles. But to me, the warning to “applaud politely,” sets off two big bells: Don’t be too enthusiastic about this (enthusiasm and passion don’t suit this kind of music); and this probably won’t be a whole lot of fun. I wrote a little about remedies for this age-old dilemma, but, with Henry Fogel’s assistance, we should take it further. We talked about Leonard Bernstein and his exciting, illuminating, inspiring concerts for young people. Would those very same concerts inspire today’s children? Possibly not. Times have changed. We’ve become a fastpaced world, moving from one subject to another, overlapping ideas, working with ever-quickening computers, multi-tasking, grasping ideas faster than our forefathers could dream. Jamie Bernstein Thomas, one of Leonard Bernstein’s daughters, told me recently that the first time her father heard rap music, he wrote a piece and suggested his children perform it at an upcoming concert. (They politely declined.) Part of the Bernstein genius was his ability to grow and change with times and needs. “We’ve surrounded our art with pretension,” says Fogel. “Only last year I saw a concert where audience members who

by June LEBELL

M.C. Bernstein? Leonard Bernstein as a rapper applauded after the first movement of Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Scheherazade” were angrily chastised by a scowl and a wagging finger from the conductor. Those who clapped were publicly humiliated. “Gee,” says Fogel, “I wonder how many times they’ll pay for that privilege again.” Fogel said in that speech (and I agree) that many of us, along with those in charge of performances in the 20th century, “have engaged in practices that distanced the music from people; practices that created real and perceived barriers.” Museums in New York City have a better

attendance these days than the Yankees! The Metropolitan Museum has hardly “dummed down” its art. Let’s find out what it has done and emulate them. Fogel reminds us that classical music, “...can, in fact, do something for people that wrestling cannot.” June LeBell is best known as the first female announcer for the classical radio station WQXR in New York. LeBell was also the host, writer and producer of numerous programs and series such as "Today in New York," "Salute to the Arts" and "The Sound of Broadway." ❑

MAYY 17TH - 31ST



15 -50 %






Floors By Design Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce 2003 Small Business Person of the Year



Thanks for giving us the opportunity to serve you and know you.


From Your Friends





6B THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003



‘Guardian’ leads a dog’s life Love and suspense commingle in Sparks’ latest novel. BY HAZEL STESKAL Guest Writer

When I was reading Nicholas Sparks’ “The Guardian,” I felt like I was watching an old “Leave It to Beaver” or “Life with Father” episode with a simplified script. Book Simplicity, charac“The Guardian” terization and love By Nicholas Sparks stories are the hallWarner Books marks of Sparks’ $24.95 novels. Nothing has changed in his new novel, except for the addition of suspense. In the author’s notes he says he wanted “to write a story with the theme of love and danger ... to find the right balance between the two elements and to pace the story accordingly.” If this was his goal, he succeeded. It is a love story between two “regular” people, a hairdresser who is a widow, and a mechanic,

the best friend of her dead husband. Their relationship develops slowly, simply because they are good friends and neither wants to ruin that special relationship. It takes the love of a Great Dane to bring these two together. The dog was given to Julie by her late husband with a note that said, “He loved her and would always guard her from harm.” Of course, it is implied that the dog, Singer, becomes “The Guardian.” We don’t have to wait long to see how this impacts the story. Julie Barenson survived both a negligent mother and the death of her husband four years ago. As she begins dating, she is swept off her feet by a handsome newcomer, Richard Franklin. But after three dates she realizes there is something strange about him. Already we can see them as the victim and the pursuer. As Julie turns to her friend, Mike, love blooms between them but ominous

Summertime and the learning is easy

“Summer at the Symphony 1998”

things start to happen. We find Richard is one bright but twisted man, whose jealousy spins into a deadly obsession. Sparks introduces two police officers, pitting them against each other. The dull male “cop” blows everything he deals with, but his new partner in training — a woman — takes up the slack. Her intuition takes over, and she begins investigating Richard as one event after another occurs. We know she is going to solve the case of murder, battery and find the stalker, but we don’t know if it will be in time to save Julie and Mike. The plot is predictable, leaving the reader wondering why the characters can’t see how Richard is manipulating them. Although the climax of the book is a little too obvious, the reader turns the pages faster and faster wanting to see just how or if Julie, Mike and the smart female police officer are going to outwit Richard. Even with weaknesses in the writing, this love story with the extra punch of suspense will attract Nicholas Sparks’ fans and most like-

ly turn the novel into a bestseller. Hazel Steskal is a volunteer at the Longboat Library. Its current hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Saturday. Call 383-2011. ❑


Steve Meltzer

Here are a few creative suggestions for your kids or grandkids: • The Longboat Key Center for the Arts’ upcoming summer art camp for kids offers, among others, Abigail Akers’ hands-onclay training in pottery making, Liz Davis’ course in painting and drawings. Two two-week sessions will be offered from June 2 through 25, for children 6 through 12. Each session is $60. Space is limited; call 383-2345. • Art Center Sarasota features eight “Creative Kids” summer art camp sessions offering training in drawing, painting, sculpture and more, weekly from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, starting June 2 and continuing through the summer. Each weekly session is $175. Call 365-2032. • The Players Performing Arts School offers comprehensive performing arts classes for both kids and adults. Prices and times vary. Call 365-2494 for details.

The Road Less Traveled

• Florida Studio Theatre’s children’s performing arts camp offers overlapping sessions in acting, music, dance and improv for ages 5 through 17. Classes start May 30. Prices and times differ. Call 366-1350 for a complete breakdown. • Florida West Coast Symphony’s “Summer at the Symphony” is a three-week musical adventure open to children of all levels. Tuition and registration is $210. Classes fill up on a first-come, first-served basis; register by May 30. Call 953-3434.

Seriously folks ... Now that the comedy festival is over, those in need of a laughter fix will be pleased to note that a new comedy venue is opening up close to home. Giggles Comedy Club will be splitting sides Wednesdays, starting May 28, at Cortez Kitchen on the Bay. Seriously. Call 798-3474. ❑


Our Grass is Greener If waiting in line isn’t your game, live at Rosedale, a small neighborly community on the quiet side of the bay. Enjoy great golf on a breathtaking course, friendly neighbors & country club amenities for a fraction of the cost!

John Cannon. The first and last name in luxury custom homes is rebuilding the face of Sarasota and Manatee counties by transforming the area’s most prized waterfront homesites into your vision of how life should be.

Exceptional homes with splendid features. Maintenance Free Homes from the $200’s; Single-Family Homes from $375,000.


Information Center hours: Daily 9-5:30 Sunday 11-5:30 941-751-9070 800-881-9080 Located 1/2 mile east of I-75 (exit 41) on State Road 70

7077 S. Tamiami Trail • Sarasota, FL 34231 941-924-5935 • Fax 941-924-4129 E-mail

CGCA 18551


THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 7B



To include your arts and entertainment event in our A&E calendar, please send it to A&E Calendar via fax: 383-7193; by mail: 5570 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228; or by e-mail:


The Longboat Key Center for the Arts — “The Volunteer Show” showcases talented volunteers through Aug. 31, in the Glen Gallery; “A Toast to the Future” toasts art’s next generation through July 31, at the Joan M. Durante Pavilion. 383-2345. Art Center Sarasota — “Spring Members Show.” This juried exhibition of member artwork runs from Friday, May 23 through June 21. An artists’ reception takes place from 5 to 7 p.m. Thursday, May 29. 3652032. South Florida Museum — “Paul Rudolph: The Florida Houses.” Recognizing a fountainhead of architectural genius through Aug. 31. 746-4131. Center for Arts and Humanity — “Insights and Impressions.” Featuring the Women Contemporary Artists through June 5. 365-5118. Museum of Asian Art — “Focus: Asia.” Rare Asian photography is in focus through Sept. 5. 954-7117.

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens — “22nd Annual Juried Photographic Exhibition.” Offering exposure to America’s top nature photographers through May 31. 366-5731. Artists Guild of Anna Maria Island — “Marilyn Cassidy.” Her many visions are on display in May. 778-6694. Island Branch Library — Churchill Mallison, Claudia Deschu, and Marissa O’Brien are featured in May. 778-6341. Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art / Mira Mar Gallery — “Prints and paintings by Kenneth Kerslake.” Kerslake is one of the most influential artists and printmakers of the post-World War II era; this exhibit shows why through June. 366-2093. Sonnet Gallery — “Cultura.” Adrian Serrano makes a post-impressionist impression through June 5. 955-6443. King Hale Gallery — “Work by Sergei Shillabeer.” Ongoing through May. 9552393. L’Attitude Gallery — “Form and Function.” Each follows the other beautifully through May. 373-0767. Blue House Gallery — “Summer Exhibit.” Featuring work by local, national, and international artists, at its new location. 366-0211. Katharine Butler Gallery — “Master Class.” Featuring art by exceptional area art teachers Jon Corby, Patrice Kennedy,

Don’t fence me in — Marge Canfield’s “Canyon Sky” at the Longboat Key Center for the Arts and Craig Seidell, through May 31. 9554546.


The Plum Door Gallery — “Wondrous Places.” Patricia Gawle’s art takes you in new directions through June 15. 362-0960. Kaos Gallery South — “The Wacky World of George Bieber.” Sculpture satirizes through May 25. 747-0823. Unity Gallery — “Artist as Healer.” Isabelle Dunkeson expresses art’s healing power through May 29. 955-3301.

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens — “Reggae on the Bay” features island music from 6 to 9 p.m. Wednesday, May 21. 3665731. “All American Concert” — Organist Bill Vlasak performs works by Irving Berlin, George M. Cohan, and John Phillip Sousa at 3 p.m. Sunday, May 25, at Grace Baptist Church in Sarasota. 927-6852.



“Smooth Jazz on St. Armands” — showcasing Suzette Jennings and MoodSwingz, from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, May 23. 3881554.

Asolo Theatre — “The Philadelphia Story” probes love, marriage and money CONTINUED ON PAGE 10B


Great rooms begin with Fabulous Floors!




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BEFORE IT PASSES YOU BY. Meridian Tower IV will be the last tower of its kind at

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membership at The Oaks combine to create what will be Sarasota’s most Arvida’s Grand Bay


“An Idea Center Showroom”…


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1906 Bay Road Sarasota, FL 941.954.8080 •

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8B THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003


ONLY 24 RESIDENCES. ONLY PALM AVENUE. ONLY THE SAVOY. PA L M A V E N U E ’ S M O S T FA S H I O N A B L E N E W B O U T I Q U E A D D R E S S I S H E R E discreetly indulgent services. Only 24 residences share spectacular Bay and City views along with luxuriant living amidst a tropical poolside oasis, social lounge, wine bar, library, health spa, guest suite and rooftop sunset terrace overlooking Sarasota Bay. The wait is over. Palm Avenue living has just begun. Make it uniquely yours, now.

There is a sophisticated new address in downtown. The Savoy on Palm. Outside, the contemporary building offers hints of Art Deco design to create a unique and artfully elegant addition to the splendor of Palm Avenue. Inside, a stunningly sophisticated décor casts the chic ambiance of a New York-style boutique hotel, complete with pampered privileges and

Priced from $1 million. Broker participation welcomed.


Call 941-366-5757 for an appointment or visit our new sales center at 303 South Palm Avenue at the corner of Ringling Blvd.









Marina Jack





Sales by Montage Group, Inc., Licensed Real Estate Broker Preview Center: 303 South Palm Avenue ■ Sarasota, FL 34236 941.366.5757 ■ 800.390.6835 ■ Fax 941.952.9172 ■ Prices & features subject to change without notice. Offer void where prohibited by law. ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS REFERENCE SHOULD BE MADE TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE.


Island Park





THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 9B


Let Saint & Gail Open the Door... to Your Place in Paradise

s e c u d o r IntMrs . Rogers’

If You’re Looking for Waterfront ~ Start with the Best

C. Steven Abbott Craig W. Abbott Harbour Court

2202A 2204A 7103A

INN ON THE BEACH - CLUB SUITES Gross Inc. ‘01 $58,100+ $329,000 Gross Inc. ‘01 $56,900+ $329,000 Gross Inc. ‘01 $43,300+ $268,000

UNIVERSITY PARK Custom 4 bedroom with 2 offices, large pool and spa on pristine lake. Countless upgrades, 3car garage, fireplace & much more! $849,000 WATERFRONT TREASURE 255’ on New Pass with views to the south end of Longboat Key. Gated estate with approximately 12,500 sq. ft. and is ideal to renovate or build one or two new homes.


Neighborhoods 63,000,000

in sales for 2002!

ESTATE SIZE PARCEL ON LONGBOAT KEY WITH BOATING WATER $1,900,000 Over 2.5 acres of prime land... cleared and ready to build a dream home or subdivide into 4 parcels. REGENT PLACE! - $2,395,000. - Spacious “B” plan in so. bldg. The most fabulous views of gulf, bay & city. Over 3,200 sq. ft. of PIZAZZ!

• BEAUTIFUL BAYFRONT maintenance-free community behind the gates of the LBK Club. Spectacular bay views to Sarasota skyline. 3,000 sq. ft. 4BR/4BA, kitchen/family room, living room w/fireplace open to lanai areas right over the water. Formal dining room. Community pool w/spa, 2 Har-Tru tennis courts, private boat dock, (20 ft. from lanai) 2 car garage. $985,000. Click on MLS#228918 @ for VIRTUAL TOUR.

INCREDIBLE NEW WATERFRONT HOME ON LONGBOAT KEY $2,495,000 This 5BR/4BA Mediterranean displays ultimate quality as well as all the “bells and whistles.” Deluxe master suite, fantastic kitchen, volume ceilings, separate guest area, heated pool, dock and deeded beach access. THE VIEWS WILL TRULY AMAZE YOU $2,444,000. Ritz Tower Residence 14th fl. faces west for finest vistas of Bay & Gulf. Almost 3,000 sq. ft. of fabulous finishes & upgrades. 3BR + family room.


PRIVATE BEACH HOUSE 100 ft of beach, 2 story residence, expansive views, privacy abound, htd beach front pool, excellent rental potential, furnished. $2,400,000 BEACHFRONT PARADISE 150’ of beach, gated estate with over 5500 sq ft, private tennis courts, beachfront heated pool, exquisite, lush tropical landscaping. $5,990,000 HARBOUR OAKS Lovely end unit, 2 BR + den, private pool and oversized courtyard, wood burning fireplace, skylights, atriums, 2 car garage. $459,000 HIDEAWAY BAY Ideal parcel to build estate sized home located in private enclave on North Longboat Key, private boat dock on deep water, bay views, community tennis courts. $1,200,000 QUEENS HARBOUR Customized 3BR+den w/views of golf course. Elegant interior, marble floors, heated pool in gated & maintenance free community. $899,000 A UNIQUE & GRACIOUS ESTATE 100 ft of beach, over 3300 sq. ft. in main house & separate 3BR guest cottage, heated pool, furnished. $4,499,000


TOWER RESIDENCES AT THE RITZ CARLTON Penthouse with over 4600 sq ft and 15th floor residence with over 3700 square feet. Ultra exclusive residences with stunning water views, soaring ceilings, private elevator and unsurpassed detail throughout. $3,300,000 to $4,800,000 •VT VILLA DI LANCIA Beach front penthouse with a 2,000 sq. ft. terrace which provides breathtaking Gulf and Bay views. Well designed 3BR w/many fine appointments, builtins, great amenities in gated community. $1,995,000

HARBOUR CIRCLE Totally updated 3BR villa w/lake views in the private LBK Club. New wood floors & carpeting, vaulted ceilings, furnished & spacious screened lanai. $459,000 •VT

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 1-4 1910 HARBOUR LINKS EMERALD POINT SOUTH Brand new 3 bedroom with lovely lake and golf course views. $639,000 .VT

annette rogers


Saint Cacchiotti & Gail Wittig Twice the effort...Twice the results

941.387.0533 • 800.581.3444 Espanol • Deutsche • Italiano • Francais

• AT THE LONGBOAT KEY CLUB A room with a view and what a view it is! Gulf front club suite at a world class resort in desirable building #1. Great privacy with southern exposure overlooking New Pass and the gulf. Income ‘02 $48,366 $339,000. • CLUB SUITE, with golf course view. $195,000 SOLD

ARCHITECTURAL STATEMENT ON THE WIDE OPEN BAY $4,850,000 Over 6,000 sq. ft. Volume ceilings, gorgeous views, wraparound teak decking, mahogany and slate floors, vanishing edge pool, deluxe master suite and gourmet kitchen.

Grand Bay

HARBOR ACRES BAY VIEWS & GREAT BOATING!-$2,895,000. Gorgeous, furnished, almost-new

Inn on the Beach

home with extraordinary detailing. 4,200 sq. ft. with 4BR/4BA, 4 car garage & elevator.

• DIRECT BAY FRONT luxury with gorgeous unobstructed views from every room. 2BR/2BA condo w/beautiful designer touches. Custom built-ins in kitchen, living room, dining room, den and master bedroom. Large extended wraparound terrace. This light, bright condo shows like a model. World-class amenities and beach club membership. Private parking garage. $639,000. Click on MLS#230539 @ for VIRTUAL TOUR. Longboat Key Moorings boat slip also available.

Longboat Harbour

• DIRECT BAY FRONT 2BR/2BA ground floor condo. New kitchen, bathrooms, new tile throughout, appliances, new furnishings included. SALE PENDING $349,000

Longboat Longboat Key Key Yacht Yacht && Tennis Tennis

• SPARKLING GULF WATERS beach, pool, tennis and boat dockage await you. Almost 1,300 square feet, 2 bedroom, 2 bath in gulf front building. Turnkey furnished. $439,000.

Longboat Beach House

• 2ND FLOOR SOUTH END CORNER UNIT. 1,500 sq. ft, 2BR/2BA, furnished condo home. Tile floors and newer appliances. Heated pool and just steps to the beach. SOLD $495,000


• GREAT 1BR LOFT UNIT. Building G-1 is Gulf front. Screened lanai views greenbelt area. 1.5 baths, turnkey furnished. All the Seaplace amenities at a great price. SALE PENDING $275,000

After Hours: (941) 383-1990 (941) 383-7591 or 1-800-887-2968



Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker

DESIGNER PERFECT CONDO ON THE BEACH! $1,795,000. - 9th floor Brighton at Waterclub w/over 3000 sq. ft. of gorgeous, TKF floorplan. Views of Gulf & Bay. WATER CLUB DIRECT GULF! - $2,495,000. “Arlington” plan w/ 3BR/5BA, wood floors, fabulous upgrades & finishes... plus 2 parking spaces, (one is a separate garage!) PANORAMIC WATER VIEWS FROM ST. ARMANDS MEDITERRANEAN $2,195,000. Spacious 4 or 5BR home. Over 4,900 sq. ft., volume ceilings, 2 fireplaces, elevator & docking for 40’ boat. MUSEUM AREA BAYFRONT - ONE ACRE - $1,595,000 Fabulous location, 138’ of waterfront w/splendid views of LBK & sunsets. Cute, livable home, but value is in land. STUNNING AND PRIVATE HOME IN BAY ISLES $1,249,000. BELOW RECENT APPRAISAL! Cul-desac w/gorgeous lake & golf course views. Immaculate 3 or 4 BR w/tasteful upgrades and lovely pool area. DOUBLE PENTHOUSE D O W N T O W N BAYFRONT - $895,000. Over 3300 sq. ft., 4BR/4BA, fabulous views and next door to The Ritz! GORGEOUS FURNISHED PENTHOUSE AT THE RENAISSANCE - $695,000. - Huge bay views, Saturina Marble floors, 10’ ceilings, 2BR+den & 2 parking spaces. DELUXE BEACH RESORT - $239,000. - Club suite with lagoon views and awesome amenities. Great rental history... great investment!

ask for annette Bus. (941) 387-0800 Eve. (941) 387-0900 (800) 209-0330 e-mail:

440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228

10B THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003

Arts calendar CONTINUED FROM PAGE 7B through May 25; “Filumena” celebrates marriage Italian-style through May 24; “The Corn is Green” explores a teacher’s struggles with a promising protégé in Wales through May 24; “Syncopation” follows the beat of Allan Knee’s new dance comedy through June 1. 351-8000 or 800-361-8388.

Eat In or Take Out






Any Size Pizza!


Florida Studio Theatre — “The Next Marilyn.” Shakespearean substance duels with Hollywood fakery through June 7; “National Playwright’s Festival.” FST’s annual festival of new plays continues with a scripted reading of Rhonda Coullet’s “Runaway Beauty Queen” at 1 p.m. Saturday, May 24. 366-9000. FST Cabaret Club — “A Vaudeville Cabaret.” Vaudeville’s alive and kicking through May 31. 366-9000. Theatre Works — “Cotton Club Cabaret II.” West Coast Black Theatre Troupe celebrates the legendary nightclub through May 25. 952-9170. Golden Apple Dinner Theatre — “No, No, Nanette.” It’s mistaken identity, flappers, and jazz-age jive through June 29. 366-5454 or 1-800-652-0920. The Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall — “Grease.” It’s still the word at 8 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday, May 28 and 29. 953-3368 or 1-800-826-9303.

Best bets ‘Community Exhibition I’

Julie Trigg

& ITALIAN RESTAURANT Specializing in Veal Chicken • Fish • Pasta Maker of the World’s Largest Pizza


Open 7 days • 11AM to Midnight 201 N. Gulf Dr., Bradenton Beach 778-0771 or 778-0772

Niké Parton’s “Study In Green” at Selby Gallery


The first in Selby Gallery at the Ringling School of Art and Design’s upcoming series of exhibitions of homegrown art combines powerful new work by Shirley Clement and Niké Parton with a display of art by The Petticoat Painters — Sarasota’s original women artists’ group, now celebrating its 50th anniversary. This stays close to home through May 30. Call 359-7563.

Circle Books — Joanne Meyer signs her divine comedy “Heavenly Detour,” at 1 p.m. Saturday, May 24. 388-2850.

just for fun

McCurdy’s Comedy Theater — presenting the high-energy hilarity of Cuban comic Al Romero through Sunday, May 25. 925-3869.


in a casual atmosphere


a cool cocktail


‘Festival Latino’ This third annual celebration of Latin-flavored song and dance is set for 7:30 p.m. Friday, May 23, and Saturday, May 24, at the Players Theatre. Internationally known performance groups at the two-day festival include Colombia’s Voces Libres, Peru’s Mallku, and from our area, Rumba Flamenca, Isabel Dubrocq’s flamenco dancing ensemble. This event is co-sponsored by The Hispanic-American Coalition. Tickets are $15 general admission and $10 for students. Call 365-2495.


Sarasota Film Society’s Burns Court Cinema — “Raising Victor Vargas.” A Latino teen struggling to stay sane in New York’s Lower East Side in this charming, coming-of-age story. 955-FILM.

appealing appetizers, enticing entrees & delectable desserts


Bridge Tender Inn German & Polish Cuisine

And Dockside Bar

European Style Restaurant

Where The View is Free

Our Specialties: Sauerbraten • Beef Roulade • Lamb Ragout Pierogi • Bigos Golobki (Stuffed Cabbage) Imported German Beer & Wine • Specialty Coffees Hours: Sun.-Thur. 5-9 • Fri. & Sat. 5-10

Lunch • Dinner • Spirits 5223


135 Bridge Street • 778-4849 • Bradenton Beach One Block East of Trolley Stop #43

6090 14th Street West (US 41) • Bradenton (Bayshore Shopping Center next to T.J. Maxx)


US 41 Bayshore Pkwy.

751-0399 60th Ave. W.

388.3948 St. Armands Circle 325 John Ringling Boulevard

Serving Dinner Only

57th Ave. W.


Fresh Seafood Excellent Steaks Fantastic View Entertainment Nightly Serving Lunch & Dinner Full Bar Reservations Suggested

SLIP INTO OUR DOCK. What? You haven’t tasted Crispers yet? Well, today should be the day... especially when you can receive a cup of soup or Nibblers, absolutely FREE! Just purchase one of our hearty stacked sandwiches, or garden-fresh gourmet salads over $4.00, and we’ll give you soup or a cup of our Nibblers FREE! Crispers is the quick, delicious alternative to fast food... and everything on our menu is available for takeout. Visit us in Sarasota today... and bring in the coupons for your FREE taste of Crispers!

Now on St. Armands Circle after 17 years on Longboat Key

1991 MAIN STREET Next to the Hollywood 20 Theaters Phone 941-953-7007 Fax 941-953-7006

* Casual Atmosphere * Quality food including all your Irish favorites & more * Guinness, Harp, Bass, Stella Artois, Budweiser & Michelob Light on Draft Happy Hour Daily 4:30-6:30

FREE Soup for You! With purchase of any garden-fresh gourmet salad over $4.00 or hearty stacked sandwich. LIMIT ONE FREE SOUP PER COUPON.

Serving Food & Fun 11 a.m. - Midnight Daily Children’s Menu 19 B North Blvd. of Presidents St. Armands Circle

Nibblers for Nothing! With purchase of any garden-fresh gourmet salad over $4.00 or hearty stacked sandwich.

(941) 388.5550

Lunch and dinner daily Full Beverage Service Children’s Menu Available Lunch 11:30 - 5:00 • Dinner 5:00 - 10:00 5223



Next time you’re boating on the Bay, cruise on in to our 12-slip boat dock! By land, or by sea, discover one of Longboat Key’s hidden treasures, Mar Vista Dockside Restaurant. Fresh catches and specials daily. On the deck or in our Old Florida style dining room, you’ll find a favorite spot for superb seafood and good times.

760 Broadway Street • Channel Marker 39 N. Longboat Key • (941) 383-2391


THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 11B


enrolling for this summer’s continuing education art classes. 955-8866. Community Music School — music instruction for kids and adults. 953-4410. Florida Studio Theatre School — ongoing kid and adult drama classes. 366-1350. Sarasota School of Glass — continuing classes in the arts of glass. 955-3839. Adult Ballet Classes — a user-friendly class for mature ex-dancers. 779-1108. Women’s Resource Center — classes in art, yoga, computers and more. 366-1700.



Longboat Key Center for the Arts — offering ongoing adult art classes, both now and through the summer. 383-2345. The Education Center on Longboat Key — “Fall Classes.” It’s sooner than you think! Plan ahead and call to be mailed its new schedule. 383-8811. Ringling School of Art and Design — now

Dinner on Sarasota Bay

$9.95 Daily Dinner Specials Includes Chowder & Salad

In The

Top Deck Dining Room Happy Hour Prices at the Bar

Ken Kerslake’s “Wind Warped” at Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art / Mira Mar Gallery

A er IZZ l or less P a New York Style Pizza & Italian Cuisine Y 1 F equ U F B O 1/2 Mon.-Wed. 11-2pm, 4pm-9pm • Thurs.-Fri. 11-9pm • Sat.-Sun. 4-9pm


383-9477 6830 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Whitney Beach Plaza

10 Daily Lunch Specials under $5. & Extensive Dinner Menu


Dine In 761-2202 7220 Manatee Ave.W. Beachway Plaza

Experience the Taste of Fresh Fish...

FABULOUS DINNER FOR TWO Two Dinners & A Bottle Of Wine Lobsters by the lb. We specialize in large lobsters - 2lbs. & up

Certified Oysters Fresh on the half shell




Winner of the Best of the Best 5 Years Running


Salmon, Grouper, Snapper, Flounder, Haddock, Tuna Swordfish, Ipswich Clams, Scallops & More Early Bird Menu ~ 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

her her p p o o t t ’s hris hris er ’s her s ’ C h p C r p o e ist ’s ’s isto ’s r oph r r r t e e h s e Chr h i h C h r ’s top top Chr top e s s s i s i ’ h i r r r r p h Ch Ch phe isto sC s ’ r o ’ World Class t r h s r s ’ e i e C her Cuisine -er ’sand an ristoph Chr oph p s t ’ o s r i t ph r ’s Ch phe er ’ Chrinspired, hris toeclectic e o s h C i t h p r s p menu.ChChoose from hri isto s isto r C ’ r h r s h ’ e tableside prepared C phC her r ’s oph or o e t p t s h Chateaubriand o s i i t p Chr or Chris Chr isto er ’s Tuna to Sushi s r i h h r p h C Caribbean Cuisine. isto ’sC ’s r r r s h Ch e ’ e h C h alwaysherfind s p ’ You’ll p r o o t p rist phe h s isto hris uncompromised o ’ t r C r s er ’s h i e h r p h qualityCin a resorttoph C er ’s sto i h s s i r ’ p r r h casual atmosphere. o C Ch er ’s rist phe ’s h r o h t e p C s h i 5:00 p.m. Restaurant Daily sto r ’s top Opens ChrLive Entertainment r ’s s e i e h r h Lounge Open Late • r ’s r ’s Ch top op e e t s h i h s s i r ’ p Ch Reservations stop her Call 941-388-5608 Chr isto i s r r p ’ h r o h C C Public Beach he ist Sarasota Just South of Lido 700 BenopFranklin Drive ph Chr ist isto h stop

Sarasota’s Most Spectacular View

World Class Dining in a

Tropical T ropical Paradise Now Open for Lunch and Dinner 7 Days a Week

• Lunch served daily 11am-3pm, Lunch Sunday 1-3pm An entirely Smoke-Free Restaurant • Dinner served nightly from 5:30pm • Sunday Brunch 9am-1pm ICW Marker 15 Located in Longboat Key Moorings behind Avenue of the Flowers



2630 Harbourside Drive • Longboat Key 383-0440 •


At the Radisson Lido Beach Resort



Barnacle Bill’s Seafood on North Trail - 355-7700 Barnacle Bill’s Seafood on Main, Downtown - 365-6800 Barnacle Bill’s Seafood on Webber & Beneva - 923-5800


Located at the east end of Cortez Bridge (first left on 127th street)



nd t 2 lue e g va

Pick Up, Delivery


12B THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003



Dining out

Seafood lovers will love Fish Tales There is no doubt about it — you’re in for a fishy experience when you enter Fish Tales, and it starts with the décor. One step over the threshold is a magnificent aquarium with brilliantly colored fish swimming gracefully about. A bright-yellow one captured my attention. Upon asking, I learned it was a cow fish, at least that is what the hostess called it. We also learned this aquarium was one of three in the restaurant The restaurant seats 165. There is also the choice of sitting at the bar. Windows line the length of the side of the restaurant which faces U.S. 41; a parallel seating area does not include the window view. A fish counter is located at the front of the restaurant, because Fish Tales is both a restaurant and fish market. What doesn’t greet you is any fish odor that is usually found around an area with fresh fish displayed. Shrimp, tuna, grouper and more seafood varieties were on sale. We were seated in the bar dining area. Our window table overlooked a pleasant garden with a high lattice fence. Despite the seafood theme, the menu does have a section of pasta, (most with seafood) and a small selection of chicken entrées, steaks and cheeseburgers. The seafood choices, of course, are a bit overwhelming. They range from the usual fried seafood dinners with French fries and coleslaw to the special entrees with a wide choice of preparation methods and side dishes. Before we went any further, we agreed to start with some New England clam chowder. It was excellent. There’s no doubt in my mind that the chef was either a Yankee or trained by a Yankee. Creamy, smooth and chockfull of clams, it could easily be a meal in itself. Trying to make an entrée selection from salmon, sea bass, red snapper, Gulf of Mexico grouper, shrimp, trout, crab, scallops, catfish or haddock wasn’t easy.

Fish Tales Restaurant and Market 6331 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota • 925-1135 Cuisine: Seafood, seafood, seafood. Recommended: Just select your favorite seafood. Tried and true are the breaded flounder and the sesame salmon, but leave room for dessert. Price ranges: Lunch, sandwiches, $8.50 to $12; fish and chips, $8.99 to $13.50; entrée specials, $10 to $12; soups and appetizers, $3 to $9.95; dinner, $13 to $19. Full-service bar. House wines, glass, $4. Service: Very friendly and helpful. Hours: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday; dinner, 4 to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Closed Sunday. Credit cards: All major cards. Parking: Ample and adjacent. Handicapped access: Excellent.


Anticipate the Indulgence!

Photos by Dora Walters

A bright-green and white canopy marks the entrance to Fish Tales Restaurant and Market. When we were walking across the parking area on our arrival, a friendly couple had offered their advice: “Try the breaded flounder. I have it all the time. I had the sesame salmon. It was great.” We took their recommendations. Each was accompanied by a choice of several sides. Although the sesame salmon was served with stir-fry veggies, the waitress insisted that two sides also came with it. A house salad, coleslaw, French fries, steamed red potatoes, angel-hair pasta, rice were offered, and the fresh vegetables of the day were green and yellow squash. I had been looking at the Chilean sea bass, either baked with seasoned breadcrumbs, sautéed with fresh herbs or blackened with cajun spices. The fresh trout also sounded interesting. It is available sautéed with cornbread breading and baked open-face with crabmeat and garlic sauce or sautéed and topped with frangelico-glazed pecan sauce.

Tomorrow - Join us for a Chocolate Tasting Party at 6pm. Milk, dark, semi sweet, mocha.... you name it, we’ll have it! Great opportunity to taste different blends, learn more about our favorite flavor and have fun!


R.S.V.P. 778-5444

5 - 7 P.M. $9.95 - $13.95


$12.95 per person includes tasting of 20 different chocolates.


The Ultimate Breakfast Buffet Every Sunday

Stone Crab S ’ E OOR


$14.25 7am - 12pm


Full American breakfast, waffles, pancakes, French toast, smoked salmon, eggs & omelets to order

Sunset Specials Monday - Friday 4:30 to 6:00 pm

That Jazz Band

Watch for our Summer Specials Starting Soon!

Big Mama!

M-F 4:30pm-9:30pm • Sat. & Sun. 11:30am-9:30pm

NORTHERN ITALIAN CONTINENTAL CUISINE “Top 400 Best Places Closed for Vacation June 1 to 17 Reopen 18

Every Friday 7pm - 10pm

Take-out Menu Catering Open Daily 5:30 - 10:00 PM

Reservations suggested

Reservations Suggested

4711 Gulf of Mexico Dr • Longboat Key

(941) 779-0220 or (941) 779-0221

383 - 2451 ext. 2633

5702 Marina Drive • Holmes Beach, FL





Every Monday 7pm - 10pm


New Summer Hours

The flounder was lightly breaded and well seasoned. The green and yellow squash was sliced in long diagonal slices and attractively arranged on the plate. The steamed red potatoes were literally steaming when cut with a fork. The sesame-encrusted salmon was atop broccoli florets, carrot strips and sliced squash with a soy sauce. The angel hair pasta I selected was well seasoned but somehow it seemed a bit out of place with my entrée. Perhaps rice would have been a better complement. Leaving room for dessert, our choices on the dessert tray were Key lime pie, a white-chocolate raspberry cheesecake, a chocolate cake and mousse combination and a crunchy Heath Bar cheesecake. The cheesecake got our vote and we decided to split it. It was served with dollops of whipped cream, adding a final touch of decadence. The luncheon menu is as unlimited as the dinner menu. In addition, there is a wider variety of salads and sandwiches on it. In addition, you will find fried basket options or fish and chips, both featuring a variety of fried seafood, as well as French fries and coleslaw. If you are a seafood lover, you are sure to find something to enjoy on the Fish Tales menu, or stop by the counter and pick out a pound or two of your favorite seafood and be your own chef. ❑


THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 13B


Someone’s in the kitchen with Dora


Cuban recipes cook up memories

1 16-ounce package of black beans 1 green bell pep-

per, diced 1 medium onion, diced Pinch of oregano

• In a Dutch oven or large sauce pan, sauté pepper, onion and garlic in about 1/4 cup of olive oil until translucent. • Add black beans to pan with about 4 cups of water. • Add oregano, bay leaves. • Bring to boil and turn down to simmer. Let simmer about five hours. • When done, add salt and pepper to taste.


3-4 garlic buds, diced 2 bay leaves

• Can add some garlic powder if desired. • Just before serving, add 2 or 3 tablespoons of white wine or vinegar. • Prepare rice as directed. Use plain white rice or a seasoned rice if preferred. • To serve, place rice on plate and top with black beans. • Garnish with diced white onions. • Serves 8.

Cortez Kitchen on the Bay 798-3474



Debuting May 28th Every Wednesday Night! advance tickets, $1200 at the door


1st Bloody Mary or Mimosa on us 10AM-3PM

• MONDAY NIGHT $799 All You Can Eat Fish N Chips • THURSDAY NIGHT $1299 Prime Rib • EARLY BIRDS Mon. - Thurs. 4-6 4528 119th St. W. Cortez, FL

Dora Walters



Seafood is Our Specialty!

Café Don Giovanni

Relaxed Dining in a Spectacular Setting • Bistro Quality • Pier Prices • Our own Unique Atmosphere

Casual Italian Restaurant Beer Wine & d e rv Se

Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner 7 Days 8:00-11:00

11:00-4:30 4:30-9:00


Call for reservations

Great Food • Island Appeal


Take-out available

111 Bay Boulevard South • Anna Maria (Opposite City Pier)


Casual Italian Cuisine • Italian Specialties & Gourmet Pizza

ITALIA Dinner Daily 4:30 - 10:00


OPEN 7 DAYS Dinner 4:30 - 10:00 Sunday Breakfast 9:00 - 1:30pm

Tiki Bar Open with Killer Sunsets • Closed Thursdays for the Summer




Pauline Schroeder has fond memories of Cuba — and black beans and rice.

Located in Mid-Longboat Key in the Centre Shops 5370 Gulf of Mexico Dr. • 1/2 mile north of Holiday Inn

Beer & Wine


Take Out Available


Pauline Schroeder was born in Omaha, Neb., but her family moved to Cuba when she was 3 weeks old. Her father was a civil engineer with a sugar company. The family moved back to the states in 1959, when Fidel Castro took over. (Schroeder has fond memories of Cuba, but she won’t go back as long as Castro is in power.) “I grew up on a farm in rural Cuba,” Schroeder relates. “My mother gave up trying to cook on a wood-burning stove. We had kitchen help so I never learned to cook until I was married.” Schroeder remembers with nostalgia the foods of her childhood and with prepares them today. Black beans and rice and yellow rice with chicken and plantains are favorites. She remembers a whole pig was roasted over an open fire on Christmas Eve. “I loved the tropical fruits we had, and I know I ate bananas every way they can be prepared,” she says. Always interested in food, Schroeder majored in food and nutrition at Case Western University in Ohio. She was the first catering secretary for Hough Bakery in Cleveland, where she organized the catering for events of all sizes. Totally naive in shopping, especially for meats, Schroeder says, “I would stand next to a shopper at a meat counter and watch what she would buy. Then I would do the same.” Learning to cook by trial and error, Schroeder recalls the time she and her sister-in-law made a lemon meringue pie. “We made the crust at least three times and the lemon filling came out as pudding.” With her interest in nutrition, Schroeder advises cooks not to overcook vegetables. “Vitamins are lost,” she explains. She also advises when preparing citrus ahead of time always to cover the fruit, because the air causes oxidation and loss of vitamin C. Schroeder has had a vision problem for several years and now is legally blind. “I enjoy cooking, but I have to rely on my memory now, or my husband, Rob, will read the recipe and also help me with the ingredients.” The couple has seven children, 13 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, and all try to get together for Christmas either in Ohio or on Longboat Key. “Everybody cooks,” Schroeder says. ❑


383-0013 5223

5610 Gulf of Mexico Drive (One mile North of Holiday Inn)

Sand Dollar Rooftop Restaurant Panoramic Views of Lido Beach Spectacular Sunsets

Restaurant SUMMER SPECIAL Dinner for 2 $60

Daily Features

Sunset Specials • Mon. - Thurs. 5-7pm priced under -$1495 $ 95 All You Can Eat Prime Rib • Thurs. from 5pm 15 $ 95 Snow Crab (all you can eat) • Fri. & Sat. from 5pm 24 $ 95 Sunday Brunch • 10am - 2pm 14

3 course meal with bottle of wine Tuesday - Thursday

3809 S. Tuttle Avenue Sarasota 388.5555


Friday Night Is Lobster Night Three 4oz. Maine Lobster Tails Carribean or Traditional $24.00 Topped with Lump Crab Meat $27.00

Fredy Mayer

The Crowds are Gone! It’s just us now..... Join us for cocktails or dinner “Feel the love.”

chef/owner Formerly of…

Longboat Key Club The Manor, West Orange, NJ


The Sandy Lane Hotel, Barbados

Open Tues.-Sat. 4:30-9:30





Lido Beach 233 Ben Franklin Dr., Sarasota, FL

American Continental Cuisine


14B THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003


Restaurant serves up Russian lunch BY DORA WALTERS Senior Editor

“From Russia with Love” was the theme of Chef Ray Arpke’s May 7 lesson lecture series at Euphemia Haye. The featured entrée was Kulebyara salmon with wild mushroom sauce. As Arpke prepared the food, which the guests later enjoyed as lunch, he had a running commentary of cooking tips. The guests were the winning bidders of the lessons donated by the Euphemia Haye Restaurant at several charitable benefits. ❑

Cathy Kaplinski, Ria LeBron and Tina Valante

Eleanor Thomassen and Terry Erickson

Chef Ray Arpke

Photos by Dora Walters

Sally Baird and Stephanie Kane





2,200 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 3 bath “gutted to the studs” - Brand new interior, 2 large patios. Small Boutique complex. Beautiful, serene, gulf front setting with whispering pines and a long walking beach. Furnished. Call Ilene Mirman at: 349-8987 or 544-4900.

Charm of the Mediterranean. Inspired by the sun-kissed palette of Italy, San Marco presents bay views from trellised terraces streaming with bougainvillea, a sparkling pool deck w/fitness center & sauna. 23 spacious 3 and 4BR/2.5 to 3.5BA condo residences Call Ellen Ross at: 362-7005

Arthur Rutenberg home in community near University Parkway. 2 years new. 2,332 sq. ft. w/3BR, 21⁄2BA, den, formal liv. & din. rooms, fam. room & oversized 2 car gar. Pool w/cleaning system, tile, tile roof, in-wall pest control, in-ground termite protection, and lots more. Call Judy Yeager at: 379-8993

$724,900 Ilene Mirman Realty, Inc.

From the mid


Partners Realty of Sarasota

$404,900 Realty Express



3511 Bayou Pointe - Bay Isles Longboat Key - Lease - Option Wonderful waterfront home w/views to the West over Buttonwood Harbour. Deep water dockage for large boat already in place. 3BR, den & workout room, 5BA, pool/spa on elevated deck. Call Steven Kepecz at: 376-6411 or 388-4433.

Sophisticated Weston Pointe 3BR/3.5BA, gourmet kitchen with granite counters and guest suite. Heated pool, two car garage. Near Avenue of Flowers, dining, golf, marina. #234712 Call Dee Dee Burke or Vera Freeman, 383-5577.

Coldwell Banker on the Circle

Wagner Realty




THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 15B

The address of DISTINCTION

Boasting stunning views FOREVER of the Marina, Sarasota Bay, Longboat, Lido and Siesta Keys, and the Gulf of Mexico beyond... Marina Tower offers its residents the ultimate environment for a cosmopolitan lifestyle with elegant shopping, opera, ballet, symphony, art galleries, library, coffee-shops and fine dining within a block or two. For your convenience, Marina Tower offers concierge service and 24 hour valet. Enjoy the fitness center, swimming pool and spa and the latest in security technology. Priced from the $800,000â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. Sales Center Now Open Mon. - Sat. 10-5 . Sun. 12-5

1233 N. Gulfstream Ave., Sarasota FL 34236 (941) 954-3455 Offered by: Florida Sun Realty Corp. (941) 366-5000

Immediate Occupancy A


Only 8 select units remaining.

16B THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003


f ine home s internat ional

Prudential performance, Sarasota style.

BIRD KEY - Spacious garden home, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths with family room, workshop and bonus room. Large pool area and beautifully landscaped. Close to downtown and “the circle”. $685,000. HOYT BEATY/MARTY BENSON 552-3989 INN ON THE BEACH - Lagoon Club Suite, ideal tranquil setting, with all the resort amenities. Pamper yourself and earn income too! Strong rental income. $239,000. For a virtual tour, visit www.longboat JERRY THOMPSON 552-3966 THE BEST OF SIESTA - Great boating waters, dock with boat lift. Pristine home with 3,000+ sq.ft. of living on fabulous treed lot in one of Sarasota’s finest neighborhoods. $1,490,000. SYLVIA ZIMMERMAN 552-3950

LAKEWOOD RANCH - Designer furnished courtyard home with an endless list of upgrades!! Beautiful pool plus paver patio. Guest house with pool bath makes having company a pleasure. Golf Course view and more! $689,900 SYLVIA ZIMMERMAN 552-3950

LONGBOAT KEY ESTATES - Investors take note of this 3BR home located only 4 in from the Bay. Very private street with a wonderful view of the Bay this home is surrounded by multi-million dollar homes. $625,000. Visit for a virtual tour. HANNERLE MOORE 387-8136

GRANDE RIVIERA - Private enclave of 13 luxurious residences on the tip of Golden Gate Point! Unparalleled panoramic views and private boat docks available. 2,651 - 5,837 square feet. Visit for a virtual tour Priced from: $1,525,000 to $4,300,000. CHERYL M. LOEFFLER 387-1707 PROMENADE - Largest two bedroom, split plan Promenade condo on the sunset side of the bldg. w/gorgeous Gulf views. Every room has a view of the Gulf with some rooms also having a view of the Bay. Visit for virtual tour. $759,000. HANNERLE MOORE 387-8136

FAIRWAY BAY - Gorgeous Bay views can be seen from most rooms in this wonderful turnkey furnished condo. Located behind the gates with membership to the Bay Isles Beach Club. Visit for a virtual tour. $365,000. HANNERLE MOORE 387-8136 COREY’S LANDING - Perfectly situated Bay front home with Bay views and privacy. Meticulous elegance in this garden villa with 4 bedrooms including complete guest suite with sitting room and private balcony on the second floor. Graciously furnished for immediate enjoyment (all rugs & art excluded). Visit for virtual tour. $1,550,000. CHERYL M. LOEFFLER 387-1707

COREYS LANDING - Stunning maintenance free villa overlooks Longboat Key golf course. 3BR/2.5BA in gated community. Features new kitchen w/granite counters & stainless steel appliances. Marble floors + gas fireplace. Loft in 3rd BR/den. Two tiered screened patio & gas grill. Virtual tour. $585,000. MARLENE AND HAL LIBERMAN 387-1759 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES - Wonderful Mediterranean home with glorious views of Sarasota Bay and located on a deep water channel that can accommodate a 50 ft. boat. Some of the amenities include 2 master suites, gourmet kitchen and a disappearing edge pool w/spa. Visit for a virtual tour. $2,595,000. HANNERLE MOORE 387-8136

RITZ CARLTON RESIDENCES - Situated on the 18th floor, this magnificent “Penthouse” crowns the spectacular tower, the “Beausoleil” unit with 4,965 sq ft living area envelopes two terraces overlooking the marina, features 3 bedrooms, den, library and 3-1/2 baths. Residents may take advantage of the impeccable personal “round-the-clock” professional hotel staff. Visit for a virtual tour. $5,500,000. CHERYL M. LOEFFLER 387-1707 INN ON THE BEACH - Unique “B” floor plan, enjoy your vacation with friends & relatives and keep your privacy with separate entrances. Top floor with sweeping views. Rents as two separate units. Good rental history. Over $108K gross income in 2001 For a virtual tour, visit $850,000. JERRY THOMPSON 552-3966

WINDING OAKS - Water views! Positioned on a wide part of the lake, this lovely villa is beautifully appointed, 3 bedrooms, many builts ins, 2 car garage, expanded wrap-around deck, community pool & Bay Isles Beach Club! $699,999 For a virtual tour, visit www.longboat JERRY THOMPSON 552-3966

PROMENADE - Stunning City skyline and Bay to Gulf views! This southwest 5th floor, double entry doors, split two-bedroom is turnkey furnished. Gated beachfront with every imaginable amenity…fitness center, tennis, pool, clubrooms, concierge, large pool. For a virtual tour, visit $749,000. JERRY THOMPSON 552-3966 BEACHPLACE - Direct beach front building with wonderful gulf views. Striking black tile flooring in liv rm, din rm and foyer. Not to be missed for those who appreciate CA. décor. Secure complex with great amenities and rental potential. Under building parking space. $720,000. CHERYL LOEFFLER 387-1707

PROMENADE - Fabulous views of the Gulf from this 2BR southern facing Promenade condo. Featuring top-of-the-line amenities. Security, concierge, exercise rooms and a terrific pool area. Visit for a virtual tour. $649,000. HANNERLE MOORE 387-8136

GRAND BAY - The ultimate private corner in the newest Grand Bay building. Panoramic vistas of bay, marina, and preserve. Wrap glass terraces that don’t look into another building. Very tastefully decorated & in move-in condition! Visit for virtual tour. $1,049,000. CHERYL LOEFFLER 387-1707

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES - OPEN HOUSE 5/25/03, 1-4PM 536 Spinnaker Ln. This 3 BR home is located w/sunny southern exposure shining all day on pool & spa! Beautiful light, bright canal front home with a dock. Offered turn key furnished. $749,000. For a virtual tour, visit JERRY THOMPSON 552-3966


• 595 Bay Isles Rd, Mediterranean Plaza, Longboat Key • 8830 S. Tamiami Trail • 8447 S. Tamiami Trail • 130 N. Tamiami Trail • 438 St. Armands Circle • 2863 University Pkwy • 10 South Adams Drive 5223

• 8801 Stoneybrook Boulevard

An independently owned and operated member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

Inside Section C Key Real Estate Store Around Corner Player of the week

3C 5C 6C

M AY 2 2 , 2 0 0 3


All business BY DORA WALTERS

The Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce recognizes the best.

Senior Editor

David Gruber of Floors by Design of Sarasota was named Small Business Person of 2003 at the 10th annual Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce Small Business Awards Breakfast held May 15 at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites, Longboat Key. Named as Rookie Business Person of 2003 was Tony Zanoni of Kitchens Direct of Sarasota. Gruber said he formed an alliance with other service providers to facilitate a “one-stop shopping experience” for clients. He encourages people to perform at the highest level possible. Zanoni said his basic business philosophy is “to build a family of satisfied customers.” In the Small Business Person of the Year category, the first runners-up were Sandee and Jim Davis of Grimefighters Inc. Karen and Michael LaPensee of LaPensee Plumbing were second runners-up. First-runners up in the Rookie Small Business Person of the Year category were Ed and Florence Hall of The Museum Shoppe. Doug and Nancy Dowe of SpaRenity were the second runners-up. Gail Loefgren, chamber president, welcomed the attendees and spoke briefly about the significance of small businesses to the U.S. economy. The U.S. Small Business Administration figures list 22.9 million small businesses in operation in America. Michele Knuese, chamber board chairman, presented the nominees. There were nine Rookie Small Business Person nominees and 11 for Small Business Person. Chris Lynch, the chamber’s Small Business Council chairman, reviewed the backgrounds of the award winners as they were announced. Presenting the awards was Chuck Vollmer of UBS PaineWebber, The Vollmer Group, co-sponsor of the event with the chamber. The awards breakfast concluded a week of seminars and programs for small business owners. Corporate sponsors for the week were RE/MAX Excellence, Coast Bank, The Resort at Longboat Key Club and the town of Longboat Key. ❑

Small Business Person of the Year David Gruber

Rookie Business Person Tony Zanoni and Jeff Vollmer

Jim Seaton and Colin Heintz, youngest chamber member

Urs and Renée Wunderli with Steve Udell

Small Business first runners-up Jim and Sandee Davis

Photos by Dora Walters

2C THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003



1 2%



o f R e a l t o r s Wo r l d w i d e


L’AMBIANCE 360˚ Virtual View Casual elegance in beach front residence w/private stairs to the beach & pool area - open design & many unique architectural features. $3,450,000.

Longboat Key Canal Home with Beautiful Views This home has beautiful canal & bay views, great boating water and is situated four in from the bay, which makes it a wonderful find. $699,000 Virtual Tour

RITZ CARLTON TOWER Breathtaking views, fabulous floorplan and full concierge services. This residence features a private elevator lobby, grand foyer, luxurious master suite and spacious terrace. Includes a membership to the Members Club at The Ritz Carlton proposed Beach/Spa Club. $1,465,000.

Country Club Shores, Mediterranean Style, Bayfront Home with glorious views of Sarasota Bay and located on a deep-water channel that can accommodate a 50 ft. boat. Some of the gorgeous amenities include two fabulous master suites, state-of-the art gourmet kitchen and a disappearing edge pool with spa. $2,595,000 Virtual Tour

On the 18th floor, this magnificant “Penthouse” Residence is one of the most desirable. The spectacular tower, the “Beausoleil” residence has 4,965 sq. ft. living area plus two terraces overlooking the marina & city. $5,500,000. Beautiful Northern Bay views from every room. 2 bedrooms and den. Enjoy world class amenities atop the Ritz. Monte Carlo $1,390,000. WATER CLUB Breathtaking views of the gulf, Sarasota Bay, and the skyline from this 9th floor Dover plan, The best of the best on the desirable south side of Water Club II $2,795,000.

GRAND BAY Private corner in the newest Grand Bay building. Panoramic vistas of the bay, marina and preserve. Wrap around terraces. $1,049,000. Exquisite Biscayne with tiled floor, wooden shutters & decorator detailed for a move-in resort home. Condo complex has all the amenities. $999,000 COREY’S LANDING Bay front home w/ views, privacy. & meticulous elegance. 4BR with guest suite, private balcony on 2nd fl. Furnished. $1,550,000. BEACHPLACE Direct view of the Gulf. Florida Living... California style... Have it all in the fabulous 2BR/2BA residence w/approx. 1,400 sq. ft. of luxury. $720,000.

VIZCAYA Perfectly decorated & appointed penthouse. Maximized views in an elegant enclave of 31 residences. 2-car garage. $2,695,900. INN ON THE BEACH Wonderful Gulf-front, gorgeous, totally redone condominium w/views right up the beach. $1,100,000.

EN PROVENCE Exclusive paradise community of only 21 beach front residences. 3BR/3BA with direct gulf view. $2,695,000.

GRANDE RIVIERA ON THE TIP OF GOLDEN GATE POINT Striking architectural style offering a private enclave of only 13 luxurious residences. Unparalleled panoramic views and a marina with limited boat slips.

n $1,715,000

n $3,850,000

5th Floor


Approx. 2,650 sq. ft.

Approx. 5,500 sq. ft.

Water Club Condominium with Full Gulf Views This is a 3,000+ sq.ft., true 3BR condo with stunning Gulf, Bay and Sunset views. This location in the building is one of the best. Fabulous world-class amenities. $1,650,000. Virtual Tour Queens Harbour Home with Gorgeous Views of the Bay from master, living and dining rooms. Beautifully furnished, 4BR home with wide open Bay view. Dock and lift, pool and outdoor kitchen. $1,850,000 Virtual Tour Marina Bay with Gorgeous Bay & City Views This 3BR, 3382 sq. ft. condo that has been beautifully maintained, lives like a home with private elevator lobby, his & her master bath & wonderful floor plan. $1,295,000 Virtual Tour

n $1,655,000

n $2,459,000

4th Floor

5th Floor

n $1,595,000

Approx. 2,600 sq. ft.

Approx. 3,900 sq. ft.

3rd Floor

Approx. 2,650 sq. ft.

n $2,395,000

n $1,995,000

4th Floor Approx. 3,800 sq. ft.

2nd Floor


Approx. 3,550 sq. ft.

Investors Take Note of This Emerald Harbor Home Located on one of Longboat Key’s deepest canals. This updated home is a terrific buy in this wonderful and popular boating community that has deeded beach access. $649,000 Virtual Tour Southern Facing Promenade Condominium w/Fabulous Gulf Views This 2 bedroom split plan condo has views of the gulf, beautiful flowers, gazebo and downtown Sarasota. Top-of-the-line amenities and security. $649,000 Virtual Tour Wonderful Promenade Condominium with Full Gulf Views This largest 2 bedroom, split plan condominium is in one of the best locations within the Promenade and located on the sunset side of the building. $759,000 Virtual Tour

Chairman’s Circle Diamond Award

941-387-1707 MOBILE 941-302-9674

Two Wonderful Fairway Bay Condominiums These condominiums are turnkey furnished, and all have gorgeous views of the Bay and access to the pretty grounds and walkways of Fairway Bay. $365,000 - $379,000. Virtual Tour Investors Take Note of This Longboat Key Estates Home located only 4 in from the Bay and surrounded by multi-million dollar homes. Wonderful Bay views, deeded beach access and a terrific buy. $625,000 Virtual Tour

Fine Homes International

Go to for a virtual tour of all my listings.



Hannerle Moore | Prudential Palms Realty | Fine Homes International Mediterranean Plaza | 595 Bay Isles Road, Suite 115 | Longboat Key, FL 34228 PH 941.387.8136 | FX 941.387.8155 |

Mediterranean Plaza 595 Bay Isles Rd Ste 115 Longboat Key, FL 34228



THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 3C


Key real estate

Regent Place unit sells for $2.8 million In September 1995, Howard and Betty Isermann, now of 1299 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, purchased the new penthouse 2PH-B in the 10-story Tower II of Regent Place Condominiums for $1,370,200. Less than eight years later, the Isermanns more than doubled their purchase price by selling it to Thomas E. Jones of Wilton, Conn., for $2.8 million, or $1,429,800 more than they paid for it. The Gulf-front condo at 675 Longboat Club Road has three bedrooms and four baths. Regent Place was constructed in 1995 and consists of two 18unit towers. The Isermann-Jones sale was the largest filed on Longboat Key at the Sarasota County Clerk of Court’s Office between April 24 and 30.

Privateer and Privateer North contain 116 total units.

Fairway Bay II Jane R. Daganhardt, 6470 Mourning Dove Drive, El Conquistador, Bradenton, purchased unit 334-335 in building M-3 at Fairway Bay II from the Duval family for $675,000. The three-bedroom and threebath apartment was built in 1984. The sellers were Mary and Albert Duval and Denise Duval of Erie, Pa.; Richard Duval, Shaker Heights, Ohio; Nanette Duval, Fort Wayne, Ind.; Robert Duval, Boca Raton; Carolyn Helderman, Huntington, Conn.; Michele Georger, Erie; and Kathleen Craig, Bay Village, Ohio.


Beaches-Longboat Key-South For the first time we have recorded a $1million sale of a Beaches of Longboat KeySouth. This is the amount that Sidney C. and George E. Hallman of Beaufort, S.C., received from Fay E. and Jerry L. Bainbridge, 775 Longboat Club Road, for apartment 908 at the 74-unit Beaches of Longboat Key-South. The three-bedroom and three-bath condominium was built in 1984.

Players Club IV Elizabeth and William Matthews of Sevenoaks, Kent, England, sold their unit 108 at The Players Club IV, 1425 Gulf of Mexico Drive, to Carman Associates Ltd. of Knockhall, also of Kent, for $717,000. The three-bedroom and three-bath apartment was built in 1983 and last sold new for $288,900 in March 1983.

Privateer North Nancy and George Skemp from La Crosse, Wis., purchased unit 405 at the Privateer North, 1050 Longboat Club Road, from Linda B. Schiff for $540,000. The two-bedroom and two-bath apartment was built in 1974. The twin towers of the

Aquarius Club There was one sale at the 59-unit Aquarius Club at 1701 Gulf of Mexico Drive, in which Nancy N. and Gerald S. Kaplan, 99 Sunset Drive, Sarasota, sold their unit 2-K to Doris and Donald Howard for $625,000. The 28-year-old condominium has two bedrooms and two baths.

Inn on Beach Down at 221-unit Inn on the Beach (Resort at Longboat Key Club), 240 Sands Point Road, Nancy Park of Northville, Mich., sold her unit 4-204 to Avantine Corp., 1858 Ringling Blvd., for $350,000. The condominium, built in 1982, last sold for $161,800 in June 1983.

Westchester Apartments Elizabeth A. and Howard R. Frank of Milwaukee purchased unit 202 at the 72unit Westchester Apartments from E. Elliot Murphy, trustee of the Cecil Murphy Family Trust, San Diego, for $575,000. The two-bedroom and one-bath apartment at 4835 Gulf of Mexico Drive was built in 1970.

Longboat Court in the north-end Village by buying out the interest of her family members, Michael Dolan and Donna Dolan, held in the property. Patricia took title to the property for $173,000, paying $86,500 to Michael and $86,500 to Donna. The house was built in 1951, four years before the entire Key was incorporated as the town of Longboat Key. It last sold for $71,700 in May 2002.

Sleepy Lagoon Park Beverly B. and Julius B. Rauch III, 702 Norton St., sold their other house in the Sleepy Lagoon Park No. 2 subdivision at 754 Norton St., to Anna D. and William B. Tiller of Tampa for $435,000. The house was originally built in 1962 and last sold for $71,700 in May 1990.

Second Longboat Harbour Clarise and Richard V. Pellegrino from Greencastle, Pa., purchased unit 306 in building K of the former Second Longboat Harbour condominiums from Stephanie and Milton Kruk, 1281 Gulf of Mexico Drive, for $350,000. The two-bedroom apartment at 4410 Exeter Drive was built in 1970.

Longboat Key Moorings Marina There was one resale at the 274-slip Longboat Key Moorings Marina. Nancy M. and R. Joseph Gripkey from Bentley Heath, England, bought slip 8 on E-pier from Valerie and John William Cullen for $185,000.

Seaplace I Gloria I. and Samuel B. Lightman of Lake Worth sold their unit G-3-110-B to Rose Mary and Howard I. Bushin from Scarsdale,

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Patricia Dolan acquired the home at 740

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Kent Chetlain is a veteran Florida journalist and historian, a former Manatee County commissioner and a holder of a Florida real estate license. He has chronicled real estate activity in this area since 1957. ❑

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“Call Us For Our Low Seasonal Rates” Indoor/ Outdoor Storage Caret ak

N.Y., for $513,000. The three-bedroom and two-bath apartment was built in 1973 and last sold for $174,000 back in October 1982. The appreciation in value of $339,000 over the intervening 10 1⁄2 years typifies Longboat Key’s steady increase in property values in the last 30 years, and, in fact, since the end of World War II.

This Donald Ross course was built in 1926 and is kept in pristine condition. Our many features include…

Protect Your Investments

Security 1st Storage

The first real estate sale on Longboat Key was recorded on May 10, 1883, when William Joseph Parrot of Kennebunkport in York County, Maine, purchased 124.71 acres of land at the south end of the Key on Sarasota Bay from the Florida Board of Education for the munificent sum of $155.89, or $1.25 per acre. According to Ralph Hunter’s comprehensive history of Longboat, “From Calusas to Condominiums,” the first two Longboat Key homestead applicants were brothers Rollin M. and Colin M. Witt in Dec. 21, 1882. However, there is no evidence that they actually lived on the Key or tilled the land for five years, as required to “prove up” on their claims at the mouth of New Pass.

History & Tradition.

Longboat Court

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First sale on Key dates back to 1883

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Real Estate Reports Michael Saunders & Co. — Annette Rogers was awarded Founder’s Circle Award in February for selling more than $60 million in residential property in 2002. She is currently ranked as the top producer in the real estate market in Florida and among the top 10 nationally. She is an associ-

ate of the company’s South Longboat Key office. David H. Callender joined the company’s St. Armands office. He specializes in waterfront, barrier islands and bayfront mainland properties. Callender, who moved to Sarasota in 1998 from Summit, N.J., was a senior account manager for Business Week magazine in New York and he was a member of its Marketing Council. Callender was honored by receiving the Business

Top building permits These are the largest building permits issued by the Longboat Key Planning and Zoning Department in April, in order of dollar amounts.





3358 Bayou Gate

new single-family residence

Rihcarr Development Inc.


535 Sanctuary Drive, C-606

interior renovations

George W. and Sandra L. Dietrich


2018 Harbourside Drive


Fairway Bay Association


6512 Gulfside Road

add concrete, generator, support structure

GTE Florida Inc.


4835 Gulf of Mexico Drive

paint all buildings

Westchester Condo Association


565 Sanctuary Drive, 504

interior renovations

Edgar Snyder


1425 Gulf of Mexico Drive, D-505 interior renovations

Geraldine A. and Walter E. Mattson


455 Longboat Club Road, 901

Irwin Leibowitz


2301 Gulf of Mexico Drive, N-44 interior renovations

Todd D. Cook and Kathy L. Hopkins


6031 Emerald Harbor Drive

repair seawall

Jon Rubenstein


5931 Gulf of Mexico Drive

attached garage addition

Schmidt Real Estate Enterprise


535 Sanctuary Drive, A-102

remodel kitchen, guest bath

Thomas J. Shapiro


3580 Fair Oaks Lane

add boat davit/lift

Keith and Kristie H. Harrison


5 Winslow Place

remodel kitchen, floors, bath

W. John and Barbara T. Kerwin


3710 Gulf of Mexico Drive, A-11 seawall repair

Gulfshore of Longboat Key Inc.


675 Penfield St.


Michael A. and M. Deborah Imparato

798 Jungle Queen Way

replace seawall

Corinne A. Ragheb


2213 Harbourside Drive

interior renovations

Diane Dickerson


641 Ranger Lane

dock, lift alteration

Gerald W. and Suzette T. Seigel


1201 Bogey Lane


Ruth L. and R. Leonard Strauss


551 Wedge Lane

replace dock/lift

Dream Island Development Inc.


609 Cutter Lane

replace seawall

Cascade Holdings LTD


723 Marbury Lane

pool replacement

James R. and Debra J. McKenna


603 Longboat Club Road, 503

interior renovations

John T. Elsbrock


100 Sands Point Road

walkway restoration

Sands Point Condo Association


interior renovations



Week Anniversary Award for being U.S. Salesman of the Year. He received a bachelor of science degree from Florida Southern College. Coldwell Banker Previews® InternationalTM — Louis Wery of the Longboat Key office has been named to the Coldwell Banker® International President’s Elite. Only 4% of more than Annette Rogers 90,000 Coldwell Banker® sales associates worldwide qualified for this group. As a member of the group, Wery will be invited to attend the “Elite Retreat,” a three-day conference held exclusively for the company’s top sales associates. Wery, who was recently recognized for his achievement at the company’s International Business Conference in San Diego, began his real estate career in 1988 with Coldwell Banker in Louis Wery Southern California. The Savoy on Palm — The new 24-condominium residence, located on Palm Avenue in downtown Sarasota, made its official debut last month and is taking reservations. The construction for the 11-story development will begin this year and will take 14 months from the groundbreaking. It is being developed by Florida LLC, a joint venture between managing partner P. Wallenberg Development Co. Inc. and Placida Properties Inc. Turner Construction is the builder and Christine Desiree of Christine Desiree Interior Design is the interior designer. Its preview center is located at the corner of Palm Avenue and Ringling Boulevard. RE/MAX Properties — Fred Gibson, John Sholtis and James Hansen joined the company. Gibson has more than 41 years of experience in real estate, both commercial and residential. In addition to his real estate background, Sholtis held positions as elementary principal and director of education. Hansen specializes in commercial real estate and brings more than 25 years of experience to the team. Prudential Palms Realty — Hannerle Moore is one of the top sales associates at Prudential Palms Realty’s Longboat Key Office, located at 595 Bay Isles Road. She was honored in the top listing associate and top listings sold categories for March. She closed $12.6 million in real estate in less than four months in 2003.

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THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 5C


Store around the corner


Compass Traders Inc.

Director of sales appointed Marianne Vorhies is the newly-appointed director of sales for Clear Channel of Sarasota/Bradenton’s cluster of six owned properties — WSRQ, WDDV, WAMR, WSPB, WCTQ and WSRZ. Vorhies joined the company in November 2002 as an account manager. Prior to that, she was the general sales manger/owner of Savvy magazine, general sales manager for Renda Broadcasting, as well as general manager for Root Communications.

423 N. Lemon St. • Sarasota • 923-4455 Web site: The Web site is under construction. Owners: Compass Traders is co-owned by David Stahl and Susan Johnson. Year established: Compass Traders has been on North Lemon Street only since the first week of May, but it previously operated for 1 1/2 years on Brown Avenue, also in Sarasota. Stahl and Johnson moved to the new location because they felt they needed a bigger area for their business. Stahl adds, “This area right here in season is going to be a popular spot.” Employees: The store is run by two employees. Hours: It is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Type of store: “What you’d find in a real Spanish (colonial) hacienda is what you you’ll find here,” says Stahl. “Everything is custom-made and handmade.” The store has more than 600 of pots in many shapes and designs and it carries 40 styles of hand-blown stemware from Mexico. It also sells mesquite furniture, tables and doors, high-quality preColumbian reproductions, ceramics, Dolores Hidalgo and Puebla ceramics, hand-forged iron table bases, chairs, copper sinks, stone fountains, fireplace surrounds, Equipale chairs and more. Why open this kind of a store? Stahl had an imports business years ago and he also supplied merchandise for Susan Johnson’s Pier 1 Imports (she had the original store in Sarasota). About 10

years in between and they are in business again. Price range: Compass Traders’ prices range from $2 for a hand-blown (drinking) glass to $5,000 for a mesquite table. Unique item: “I am trying to keep the same theme (as the Spanish hacienda),” says Stahl. He points out that his merchandise features authentic, old-world craftsmanship and that the techniques which are used to create his merchandise are passed from generation to generation. The pieces are one-of-a-kind and are not mass produced. Most popular items: They include pots and ceramics. What is the most challenging part of running this business? “It’s fun. I don’t look at it as a challenge, I look at it as fun — bringing back the best stuff from Mexico,” he says. Best business advice ever received: “Do what you love,” he advises. “If you don’t love what you do, you’ll never be good at anything.” Hobbies: “What I do is my hobby,” says Stahl, who also is a professional photographer. Favorite book: “Anyone that’s good,” he says, adding that history and arts and sciences are his favorite reads. Favorite movie: Oliver Stone and Stanley Kubrick are among his favorite movie directors. What you like best about Sarasota? “The fact that it’s not like the East

Stationery boutique grows Write-On Sarasota expanded to include the retail space formerly occupied by Moonflowers. Its completely renovated space connects to the store by arched walkway and features custom-built display cases for the store’s collection of fine stationery and pens. The boutique features a full selection of invitations, correspondence paper and gift items. The business, which is owned by Eileen Wallace, is located at 1924 Osprey Ave.

Inn is a romantic escape The Harrington House Beachfront Bed & Breakfast was named as the most romantic inn on Anna Maria Island by the third edition of The Best Romantic Escapes in Florida. Noted was its location, gazebo, private rooms and breakfast. It is located at 5626 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach.

New general manager Lusya Sullivan

David Stahl, Compass Traders Inc. co-owner Coast,” he says. Is there something you dislike about it? His disappointments with the area include the destruction of nature. “The wildlife is gone, the fish are gone. But that’s how it is everywhere,” he says. If you could reincarnate, who would you be? “A raccoon,” he shares. “I just love raccoons.” —Lusya Sullivan

Rand S. Brotman is the new general manager at Coasters Restaurant. Prior to joining the restaurant, Brotman managed locations in West Palm Beach and has more than 14 years of experience working for Houlihan’s, Planet Hollywood and Lone Star Steakhouse.

Salon is back The Yellow Strawberries Global Salon has reopened after a fire. It is the recipient of the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce “Young Business of the Year” award. The salon is located at 2345 Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota. —Lusya Sullivan


it’s all in the details The Renaissance of Sarasota offers luxurious living at an exceptional price. Set in the heart of Sarasota’s cultural district, you can walk to the Van Wezel, stroll to your favorite café or shop in some of the finest stores. With pristine bay and gulf views you can enjoy unmatched amenities including a pool with cabana and poolside grill, a fully-appointed health club, aerobic center, sauna and masseuse. Entertain guests in the multi-media theatre or plan a party in the two-story grand clubroom. Offering one, two and three bedroom condominiums from the $200’s. Come discover The Renaissance of Sarasota before it’s too late. One, Two & Three bedroom condos

From the

Immediate Move-in Available


Sales Information & Appointments call

Decorated Models Open Daily


750 North Tamiami Trail • Sarasota, Florida 34236 Oral representations cannot be relied upon as correctly stating representations of the developer. For correct representations, make reference to this advertisement and to the documents required by section 718.503, Florida Statutes, to be furnished by a developer to a buyer or lessee.

6C THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 129

Sportscards Longboat Key Club Men’s Golf Association Individual Total Points — April 30 27 Louis Sanandres 27 Ron Malone 25 Bill Beckmeyer 25 John Spanos 24 Steve Stein 23 Robert Ploussard



Men’s Golf Association Two Best Balls of Foursome — May 7 -22 Harvey Pearlman Noel Siegel Jerry Bergman Larry Press -21 Ian Willis Bob Hanson Norm Reiter Proxy -16 Bert Rapowitz Leslie Fishman Martin Heller Martin Ross Two Best Balls Play with the Pro — May 12 126 Tom Zellers, pro Cindy Tibbetts Isabella Paspa Chris Hersberger





Bill Tawney, pro Carol Zindel Barbara Breen Marlene Wilkening Gary Geiger, pro Margaret Lachmann Barbara Powers Ginny Allen Carole Zito Matt Napolitano, pro Karel Beck Kay Walker Linda Burke Daphne Whitman Tom Zellers, pro Uschi Cooper Ronnie Bernard Sally Yanowitz Gary Geiger, pro Rose Chip Sylva Langron Barbara Blumfield Lucille Silvers

Men’s Golf Association Partners Total Points — May 14 46 Noel Siegel Harvey Pearlman 42 Steve Dekowski Philip Rever 40 Louis Wolfe Stan Pelletz 40 Jim Duvall Richard Bushnell

PLAYER OF THE WEEK How many years have you played golf? “Forever,” Eisenstat laughs. “My father took me with him to the golf course when I was about 10, and I began playing a couple of years later.” Eisenstat says he immediately liked the game and enjoyed it. He tries to play once a week, but it is difficult during the season. Eisenstat also is an avid sailor. What is your best score? It was a 79 at the King’s Bay Country Club in Miami. What kind of clubs do you use? “I am playing with Callaway clubs,” Eisenstat says. The clubs are special to Eisenstat because they were a farewell gift from the congregation of Temple Judea in Coral Gables, where he previously served. What is the highlight of your golfing career? “It happened when I was playing in a clergy golf tournament in Alabama. I sank a blind 40 footer off the edge of the green,” Eisenstat recalls. Is there anything you would like to improve about your game? “Definitely my swing,” he answers. “I tend to come over the top of the ball.” David Patrone, a grandson of one Eisenstat’s fellow golfers, is a teaching pro, and gave him some good advice. “He told me to take the club back straight instead of inside. It really has helped.” What is your favorite part of the game? “I like everything about the game,” Eisenstat says. “Everything is my favorite,” he says. What is your funniest flub-up? “No flub-ups on the course are funny,” he insists. “They are all embarrassing.” But Eisenstat recalls one embarrassing moment: “I had lost some weight and the waistband on my shorts was very loose. I was putting, when the end of the club got caught in the waistband.” What golfer do you most admire? “It is Jack Nicklaus,” Eisenstat says. “I admire the way he has completely taken charge of his life and kept in perspective his

5,0 e, 2 t, so om Cust 6000 sq f r dockag m $2,64 e o t s c a . view ,Deep w pathanly stairs ils www. Deta

family life, business and profession. He has tremendous power of concentration.” What is your advice for other golfers? “You’re asking the wrong person,” Eisenstat laughs. “I’m still trying to unlearn what my father taught me. He was a great athlete and had a passion for golf, but he was a terrible player.” What do you like best about golfing on Longboat Key? “I enjoy the camaraderie of my fellow golfers and I love the beauty of the course,” he says. “Hearing the birds sing when we are out here in the morning is wonderful.” —Dora Walters


One reason a dog is such a lovable creature is his tail wags instead of his tongue.

Y en XUsR op U c i t L Y e. Fanta b Master E K r n homace, SupeA, centernai BIRD l a garde B

f C oa TRY, pool, spag &ceilings, folm bay. N U CO home arin nd fr 00

Longboat Key Club Men’s Golf Association

I may still have my English accent, but I place my accent on providing the best possible service.

Phoebe’s quote of the week!

ES HOR S bay c i B t LU antas ting

Rabbi Michael Eisenstat


Pat, Tom & Spencer Hanly

Selling Sarasota Successfully!

Dora Walters

3 irep s. l ant Eleg . Thru Fition BR, unter top & spa. g l livin te, 3 add ranite co ing poo to Sui Kit w/ g verlook tour go o l d islan utside kit 00. vitrua w/o $999,0 .hanlyho www

Spectacular open Bay views from this ready to move into end unit featuring dream gourmet kitchen with 11 foot long center island. 3BR/2.5BA, 2200 a/c s.f., beach club membership. $869,000 HARBOR GATE WAY - Totally updated home on 150 feet of sea wall, 3BR/3.5BA, 4 car garage, exotic landscaping ensures privacy to pool & spa $2,200,000

Call Michael 504-8018 595 Bay Isles Rd, Longboat Key

388-2331 TOLL FREE • 877-589-7979 e-mail



Palms Realty

An independently owned and operated member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.


THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 7C

Good works

Bezner leads busy life When Marilyn Bezner gets involved in an organization, she really delves into it — she is on disaster, property, social services, nominating and advisory committees at the Sarasota Salvation Army. There are a number of reasons why she got involved with The Salvation Army, foremost of which is because she was a Rotarian in Sarasota at the time, and for her, working for the Salvation Army goes hand in hand with being a Rotarian. “Because it’s all for the poor, and part of being a Rotarian is to do things for the community, do things for the poor,” explains Bezner. She adds, “When you get financially to a point where you’re able to give back, you need to give back.” Being involved in so many facets of the organization, Bezner knows its needs. “The Salvation Army always needs volunteers, always needs contributions,” she says. “We’ll always find something for someone to do.” She recently brought three new members to the organization and also forged a new relationship between the organization and Hilton Longboat Key Beachfront Resort in April. At a recent function held at the Hilton, quite a lot of food was left over, and when Bezner found out that it was all thrown out, she was shocked. “I said, ‘I have starving people over there who need food,’” recalls Bezner. So she went to work, and now Hilton gives its leftover food to the Salvation Army instead of throwing it away — cookies, vegetables, fruits, you name it. The Key’s Rotary Club, which was organized by Bezner, is in the process of adopting Sea Breeze Elementary School. In addition to teaching the students about peace worldwide, Bezner plans to provide it with dictionaries. Last year her club distributed 170 English dictionaries (some Spanish-English) to fourth graders at Fruitville Elementary. Out of the seven clubs in this area, Rotary Club of Longboat Key was the only one that was

Clubs The Cornell Club of Sarasota/Manatee elected the following officers for 2003-2004: President Barbara Bock, First Vice President Jim Billings, Second Vice President Ryan Johnson, Secretary Leah Strong and Treasurer David Pyle. Directors for 2003-2006


Lusya Sullivan

Marilyn Bezner: Salvation Army volunteer involved in the national Rotary dictionary distribution program. Bezner also has been active at her condo. She has served as president of the board of directors of The Water Club and was elected to the Federation of Longboat Key Condominiums board. Bezner also served on the Zoning Board of Adjustment for three years.

Volunteer opportunities: • The Salvation Army: 364-8854. • Fruitville Library: 378-5651. • G.WIZ: 906-1851, Ext. 106. • Genesis Health Services Inc.: 3213081. • H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center: 1-813972-8434. • Hospice of Southwest Florida: 9292344, 739-8940, 496-4611. • Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Sarasota-Manatee Inc.: 366-2224.

OPEN THIS SUNDAY 1-4PM WINDWARD BAY PENTHOUSE - Direct Bay front corner unit with 2BR/2BA, updated kitchen, lanai has been converted for year round use, new windows, light & appealing decor. Community pools, clubhouse. Tennis courts, boat docks & beach access. $389,000.


Tom & Andy


REALTORS Because it’s all about trust two generations worth. ®

C ALL T HE C AILS (941) 954-5454 or (941) 387-7833

Licensed Real Estate Broker

Maintenance-free gated community in Bay Isles with access to golf, tennis, shopping, dining, marina and private beach. An easy lifestyle that affords beauty, privacy and prestige. Two courtyard homes are available. Both have 3BR/3BA including detached guest cabana overlooking the pool. $862,500 & $895,000 THE BAYOU BOATING HAVEN for sizeable yacht. Light and bright home with marble floors, sweeping staircase, 4BR and huge bonus area, parking for 4 cars. Private beach club. $1,735,000. HAVE IT ALL! - This gracious family home has all the most wanted features. The floor plan works for a couple and for a crowd, for long term guests or grandchildren on vacation. 4BR/3.5BA, private pool area and beach club. $995,000. GRAND BAY THE ULTIMATE interpretation of understated elegance. Top of the world feeling w/views from Sarasota skyline to end of LBK, from Gulf to Bay. Anne Folsom Smith’s talent has been combined w/owners’ innate good taste to bring this “Cayman” to new heights of quality, luxury & beauty. Offered furnished at $1,385,000.

are Elizabeth Hannan and Louise Dailey.

Boards J. Manuel “Manny” Calvo and Judith Hansen Wilcox have joined the board of directors at Coastal Behavioral Healthcare Inc. They join Chair Joan Geyer and existing board members Dr. Larry Thompson, Dr. James Woods, James Allen, Longboat Key Police Chief Albert Hogle, Tedd Dunn, Fritz Drybrough, the Rev. James Kelly, Lee McGinness and Norman Kreisman. ❑

•Brand New with Sweeping Bay Views! In a sought after downtown location w/6,827SF, 5-6BR, 5 full & 3 half baths, faux & artisan finishes, intricate wrought iron railings, crown moldings, detailed ceilings, custom columns, 6CG, pool & dock, plus Robb & Stucky furniture equaling $130,000 INCLUDED. Will consider an exchange........................................$5,900,000 •Where The President Comes To Play! The best value for beachfront property with miles of sandy beach and endless water views! A newer residence built by Yust, Boca’s premier architect with inlaid wood-type floors, art studio, elevator to a private guest suite, pool, 3 car garage and possibility of an exclusive golf membership......................................................................$4,500,000 •A Gated Estate With 165 Feet On The Bay! - Deep water dock, brand new landscaping, open-air pool, updated kitchen with granite, marble and wood floors, built-ins, mahogany wet bar, fresh faux paint, 3 fireplaces, 2 family rooms plus a game room and an executive office.............................$3,950,000 •Prime 100’ Bay Views! A brand new 4,684 SF residence being built by Vision Homes with impeccable attention to details, furniture quality cabinetry, granite & more, formal living and dining, family room, kitchen w/breakfast nook, library, bonus room w/wet bar, pool, dock and 3 car garage............$3,100,000 •Gulf, Beach, Golf Course & Bay Views! Have it all in this 3,375 SF residence w/a private keyed elevator, 8’ wood doors, 10’ ceilings, tile, marble & wood floors, crown moldings, granite, brass hardware, Jacuzzi tub & bidet in MBr plus 2 garaged parking spaces...........................................................$2,995,000 •Wide Open Deep Sailboat Water! Oversized lot, 4BR/3BA. 4,613 SF with fabulous upgrades, miles of tile, crown moldings, vaulted ceilings, solid oak cabinets, new A/C, formal and informal dining, family room with home theater, granite and wood floors in the kitchen, sitting area with views of the poolside fountains, 60 foot deck, dock, paver drive and 2+ car garage....$1,599,000. •3.5 Acres With Bay Access! Own a piece of Sarasota’s history. Restored 4BR/3.5BA, 3,400 SF, wood floors, fireplace, new plumbing, windows and zoned A/C. Brand new kitchen with Corian and new floors, separate guest suite, pool and 3 car garage, in town.................................................$1,500,000. •Bayou Water With Dock & Lift! 3,258 SF, 3BR/5BA, library, office, family, game & exercise rooms, soaring ceilings, Corian, granite, Baldwin brass, tile & wood floors, plantation shutters, built-ins, faux paint, French doors, balcony with water views, pool, new landscaping & 3-4 car garage.............$1,100,000. •Unparalleled Quality! Custom decorated by Gwen Sears with Churchill’s Furniture (negotiable) 4BR/4BA, 3,510 SF with brand new tile and carpet, fresh paint, crown moldings, French doors, marble fireplace, granite, wood cabinetry, 2 car garage and pool in a sought after location. Furniture and financing available! Ask for Sasha! ....................................................$989,000. •Meticulously Maintained on Bird Key! Great pride in ownership-open & bright 3BR/2.5BA w/tile, built-ins, fabulous dry bar, resurfaced patio, pool, private backyard, groomed landscaping, side entry 2CG w/fabulous storage, newer A/C & permicoted roof.............................................................$605,000. •Long Bay Views! 2,178 SF with 3BR/2.5BA, recessed lights, fresh paint, new carpet, diagonal tile, vaulted ceilings,, skylights, decorative mirrors, stained glass windows, fireplace, plant shelves, wood cabinets, glass enclosed breakfast nook, 2 balconies, wood deck with bay views, private laundry and 1 car garage in gated community................................................................ $525,000. •Tremendous Views! Downtown bay front with 1,688 SF, 2BR/2BA, 15 ft tiled balcony, neutral interior, crisp ceramic tile, fresh paint, decorative mirrors, recessed lights & built-ins, in a full service building with concierge & valet services, assigned garage parking & more!.........................................$549,000. •Large Corner Lot on Siesta Key! 3BR/3BA with 2,827 SF, generous space, vaulted ceilings, open stairwell, new double pane windows, custom window treatments, new side porch, intercom & security systems, new zoned A/C, brand new “Key West” style galvanized aluminum roof & 2 car garage. Room for a pool.............................................................................................$519,000. •Downtown RENTAL! 1284 SF 2BR/2BA tastefully updated w/ wood & tile floors, newer appliances, great views, parking & amenities......$1,600 p/month •RENTAL with Water Views! Downtown, 1150 SF, 2BR/2BA, fresh paint, stone-like tile and newer appliances.........................................$1,200 p/month


NEW CONSTRUCTION DOWNTOWN - Majestic Bay, only 6 remain in this intimate setting on Golden Gate Point. Construction to begin in this month. All have 3BR plus den and garage. Only 5 boat docks. Hurry! $1,175,000 - $1,999,000. ON THE BEACH - Positano, on the site of Longboat Key’s Holiday Inn. Incredible location with over 9 acres as a setting for 5 three story buildings. Twenty nine luxury residences in all, 3BR plus den, some private pools. $1,800,000 - over 3 million.

(941) 954-9000 100 N. Washington Blvd., Suite 102 • Sarasota • FAX (941)955-7169 on the internet: • email:



RE/MAX Properties

• John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art: 359-5728, 359-7777. • Keep Manatee Beautiful: 795-8272. • LifeLink: 957-4737.

8C THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003


ommunity C


If your organization would like to have meetings or events publicized, mail or fax the information at least one week in advance to The Longboat Observer, Box 8100, Longboat Key 34228; fax: 383-7193. All announcements must be typed, include hour and date of meeting, complete address of meeting place and a telephone reference number. To ensure accuracy, no telephone calls. Deadline is the previous Tuesday, 5 p.m.

on the Key ‘Smooth Jazz on St. Armands’ — Fourth Friday with Style will be presented by Gettel Acura at 6 p.m. Friday, May 23, at St. Armands Circle Park. Details, 3881554. The Education Center — is located at 5370 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Spring season is over. Call the office at 383-8811 and leave your away address — that’s where new brochures will be delivered in September. Mote Marine Laboratory — is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Students who got an A in science during the 2002-2003 school year will receive free admission with their report card through June. Regular admission is $12 for adults, $8 for children ages 4 to 12 and free for members. Details, 388-4441, Ext. 229. Golf Tourney Committee — for the 15th annual Golf Tournament, benefiting the Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce, will meet at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 28, at Hungry Fox. Kristin, 383-2466. Rotary Club of Longboat Key — Because of the Memorial weekend, it will not meet Friday, May 23. Marilyn Bezner, 387-0706. Florida Native Plant Society — will explore Joan M. Durante Park at 9 a.m. Saturday, May 24. Margaret, 927-7061. Sarasota Power Squadron — Cruise & Rendezvous will be held at 11:30 a.m. Saturday, May 24, at Bird Key Yacht Club. Cost is $16. RSVP by May 22. Details, 921-1545, 355-9671.

public events

Multimillion-Dollar Property Auction — benefiting New College of Sarasota, will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday, May 29, at the property, located at 1253 Hillview Drive, Sarasota. The property was bequeathed to the college by the late Jane Bancroft Cook. The 1.19acre home is situated on Sarasota Bay. Details, 1-800-257-4161. Elvis in Concert — benefiting Summer Church Camp Scholarship Fund of the First United Methodist Church will be held at 7 p.m. Friday, May 23, in the Fellowship Hall, Family Life Center, 104 S. Pineapple Ave., Sarasota. Elvis Jim Reese will perform. Details, 955-0935. Flea Market — will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, May 24, and from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, May 25, at Sarasota Municipal Auditorium, 801 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. Admission is $1.50 for adults and children younger than 12 are admitted free. Details, 954-4165. Pizza Hut & Great Kids ‘Fun’D Raiser Night — Pizza Hut, located at 2901 N. Tamiami Trail, will donate 20% of its sales to Great Kids! Inc. from 5 to 9 p.m. through May. Customers will need coupons, which can be obtained by calling Great Kids’ development office, 952-1821. ‘Mesopotamia’ Film — will be shown at 2 p.m. Tuesday, May 27, at South Manatee Branch Library, 6081 26th St. W., Bradenton. Free. Details, 755-3892. Island Middle School Eighth Grade Commencement Ceremony — will be held at 7 p.m. Friday, May 23, at Island Baptist Church, 8605 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria. State Rep. Bill Galvano will be the keynote speaker. Jeanne Shell, 778-5200. 464th Commemoration of DeSoto Expedition — will begin at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, May 24, and at 10 a.m. Sunday, May 25, at DeSoto National Memorial. Included will be speakers, walks and demonstrations. Free. Details, 792-0458.

Courtesy photo

The sixth annual United Way All Harley Drag Racing will be held Sunday, June 1, at Bradenton Motorsports Park. Pictured are Calvin Kleinmann, 102.5 FM Celebrity DJ Baretta, Rick Rossiter and Jimmy Gannon.

Duplicate Bridge — games, 0 to 300 points, are held from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Fridays at InBetween Bridge Club, Town & Country Plaza (inside mall). Details, 365-7875. Games also will be held from noon to 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 28, at Anna Maria Island Community Center. Cost is $2. RSVP with Barbara, 778-3390. 2003 Summertime Champions — registration for summer camp, which will be held Monday through Friday, June 2 through Aug. 8, at Tara Elementary, 6950 Linger Lodge E., is under way. It is for ages 5 to 12. Nancy Dearden, 1866-752-3983. Pet Adoptions — will be conducted through Sarasota in Defense of Animals Sunday, May 25, at the PetSmart Luv-A-Pet Center, at the Landings in Sarasota. Details, 925-8388. Open House ‘Merry May Makeover’ — will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday, May 22, at SpaRenity, a Healing Center and Day Spa, 820 53rd Ave W., Bradenton. Free. Details, 727-7711.

sporting 24th Annual Boys & Girls Clubs ‘Golf for Kids’ Tournament — will be held at 1 p.m. Friday, May 23, at Bradenton Country Club. Entry fee is $150. Details, 761-2582. Memorial Day Opening — Crowley Museum and Nature Center will be open Memorial Day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday, May 26. Admission is $5 for adults, $3 for children ages 5 to 12 and free for children younger than 5.

Details, 322-1000.

Pelican Man’s Bird Sanctuary Peli-Boat’s Tours — morning tours are held from 9 to 11 a.m. Thursdays; $7, $13. Luncheon tours are held from noon to 2:30 p.m. Saturdays; $8 to $22. Tours depart from the Holiday Inn Marina, 7150 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. RSVP, 388-4444. Basketball and Volleyball — games are held at Anna Maria Island Community Center. Adult men’s basketball, 7 to 8:30 p.m. Wednesdays. Adult volleyball, 7 to 8:30 p.m. Thursdays. Cost is $2. Center, 778-1908. All Release Tarpon Tournament — continues through June 29. Entry fee is $80 for adults and $35 for juniors 15 and younger. Details, 371-4231, 342-0284. First Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Night — will be presented by the Sarasota Red Sox Saturday, May 24, at Ed Smith Stadium. Wing Fest begins at 5 p.m. and game starts at 7 p.m. Admission is $5, with $3 benefiting the society. E-mail, or fax to 1-813-963-1306. Manatee-Sarasota Sierra Club Outings — Oscar Scherer Hike will be held at 8 a.m. Sunday, May 25; RSVP by May 23. Myakka River State Park Hike will be held at 8:30 a.m. Saturday, May 31; RSVP by May 29. Fee is $5. Sally, 484-4113. Guided Bird Walk — with bird expert Jeanne Dubi of the Sarasota Audubon Society will be held at 9 a.m. Saturday, May 24, at Crowley Museum & Nature Center, 16405 Myakka Road, Sarasota. RSVP by 4 p.m. May 23, 322-1000.

Elegant Island Properties KAREN’S CURRENT LISTINGS

presented by

Karin Stephan Realtor ®


OWN YOUR OWN CASTLE ON THE RHINE Currently MARTINIQUE (HOLMES BEACH) SOLD a small hotel with 5 guest suites, 3 elegant restaurants & con- SUN PLAZA WEST SOLD ference rooms. Unbelievable @ $2,300,000 (USD) RIVER WILDERNESS SOLD RITZ CARLTON TOWER Residence on the 11th floor SOLD with unbelievable views. 3 bedroom/ 3 bath $1,690,000. KEY TOWER SOUTH LIDO BEACH CLUB UNIT 909 with great gulf and bay LIDO BEACH CLUB views from the 9th floor, turnkey furnished unit. Exercise UNIT 302 LISTED & SOLD room, heated pool, sauna, all amenities. Tenant in place 6 UNIT 1102 LISTED & SOLD months during season. $595,000. LISTED & SOLD UNIT 408 - Great views & fantastic value for only $469,900. UNIT 502 SOLD UNIT 303 - 2 BR/2BA, turnkey furnished, next to Ritz, ocean UNIT 602 (2 DAYS ON MARKET) for full asking price view. $469,000. SOLD PRIVATEER ANNA MARIA ISLAND LAUREL OAKS LISTED & SOLD KEY WEST STYLE HOME on large canal lot, boatdock, SOLD pristine pool, large sundeck, open flr plan. 3BR/3BA, split, INN ON THE BEACH TKF, tiles & carpet throughout. 2 car garage, hurricane shut- GULF BEACH PLACE SOLD ters, new paint. Included is VW Convertible. $799,000. PALMETTO HOME SOLD SAILBOAT WATER IN BIMINI BAY Very private fenced SALE PENDING in yard with a pristine, large pool, fruit trees, 2 car garage, 2 SANDHAM davits. Included is a 27” Carver, 2 eng. 190hp.

$799,000. Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker

Chairman’s Circle 5223

Ich Spreche Deutsch

941-383-7591 or 941-504-4435 440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228 •


First Monster Jam 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament — will be held Saturday, May 24, at Anna Maria Island Community Center. Joe, 778-1908. Morning Paddle — will be held from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. Saturday, May 24, on Little Sarasota Bay. Cost is $20 for American Littoral Society members and $25 for nonmembers. John Sarkozy, 966-7308.


Sarasota Philatelic Society — will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 27, at the Selby Public Library. Jack Harwood, 955-0208.

Sarasota Bay Parrot Head Club — will meet from 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday, May 29, at Hurricane Bob’s. Lenore, 552-3044. Living Single in a Couples World — a meeting for men and women will be held from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 27, at Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota County, 340 S. Tuttle Ave., Sarasota. Fee is $5. RSVP, 366-1700. Kabala Discussion Group — will meet from 6:30 to 7:45 p.m. Tuesday, May 27, at Flanzer Jewish Community Center, 582 S. McIntosh Road, Sarasota. Details, 378-5568.

classes & seminars

Bridge Lessons — Larry Auerbach teaches from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Fridays at Anna Maria Island Community Center. Cost is $8 and 10. Details, 778-1908. ‘Home Safe Home’ Class — learn about fire and EMS services, fire safety for the home, smoke alarms, kitchen fires and fire exit plan from 1 to 3 p.m. Wednesday, May 28, at Florida House Learning Center. Free. RSVP, 316-1200. ‘Women and the Novel’ Discussion — “Staircase of a Thousand Steps,” by Masha Hamilton, will be led by Dr. Margaret Bates from 4 to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 27, at Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota County, 340 S. Tuttle Ave., Sarasota. Fee is $5. RSVP, 366-1700. AARP 55 Alive Course — for drivers ages 50 and older, will be held from noon to 4 p.m. Thursday and Friday, May 22 and 23, at Island Branch Library, 5701 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Register, 776-1158. Senior Academy Summer Classes — will begin Monday,


Serving the community for over 22 years. BAY ISLES HARBORSIDE A double cul-de-sac lot with 400 feet of seawall and protected dockage. The premier property in Bay Isles. Dramatic open Bay views. Quality construction in this California contemporary home. An enormous entertainment deck with a 50x20 heated pool adjoining a 50x06 lap pool. An unparalleled estate............................$4,995,000. DOWNTOWN RENAISSANCE Pied-A-Terre in the heart of downtown Sarasota. Stunning furnishings are included in this former model. Never lived in!! Very open, bright and sunny.......................$349,500. COREY’S LANDING Beautiful maintenance free lakefront villa overlooking LBK golf course. 3BR/2.5BA, family room & loft, new kitchen w/granite counters & stainless steel appliances, marble floors, 2,500 sq. ft. A/C. Absolutely Meticulous............................................$585,000.


Specializing in:

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Longboat Key and local area waterfront and boating properties

Certified Previews ® Property Specialist DIRECT GULF VIEWS! Completely redecorated 2BR/1BA Seaplace unit with a “beach cottage” feeling! Tile throughout and almostnew furnishings! Expansive Gulf views! Wide, sandy beach is practically at your doorstep! Great amenities include two pools, spas, HarTru courts! $419,000 MLS#234840 THIS IS MAGIC! Owners have lovingly restored this 2BR/2BA Longboat Harbour condo - kitchen, baths, carpet, tile & furnishings are almost new! Amenities include covered parking, clubhouse with exercise room, 4 pools, tennis, boat docks and deeded beach access! $339,000 MLS#231819 SHOWS LIKE A MODEL! Picture perfect 2BR/2BA Longboat Harbour condo has new carpet, furnishings and is newly painted! Beautiful canal views from glass-enclosed balcony. Fabulous amenities include clubhouse with exercise room, 4 pools, tennis, boat dock and deeded beach access! $299,500 MLS#234941 WATCH THE MANATEES PLAY! Beautifully renovated 1BR/1BA Longboat Harbour unit! Everything new - tile, carpet, bath, kitchen and appliances! Enjoy the wide open Bay views from the glass-enclosed lanai! Turnkey furnished. Fabulous amenities include clubhouse with exercise room, 4 pools, tennis, boat docks and deeded beach access. $249,000 MLS#231778 LIVE LIKE A KING! Gorgeous Bay views from this beautiful 1BR condo at the elegant Renaissance. Perfect location, close to everything! Lots of upgrades! Fabulous amenities & covered parking. $244,900 MLS#228693 INN ON THE BEACH INVESTMENT! Fabulous opportunity to own on Longboat Key for under $200,000! Beachfront location “club suite” has wonderful golf course views! Walk to the gorgeous beach and swim laps in the large pool. Perfect for investor who wants income or owner who wants a “beach retreat”! $195,000 MLS#233390

(941) 387-0048 Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker

440 Gulf of Mexico Drive • Longboat, FL • (941) 383-7591

President’s Circle

WATER CLUB - Stunning “Dover” floor plan with sweeping bay views. Granite kitchen, 2 parking spaces, great amenities............................................................$1,500,000. WINDWARD BAY - 2BR/2BA penthouse with direct bay views and a peek at the gulf................................................................$335,000. CEDARS WEST - Direct first floor gulf front. Recently renovated and beautifully furnished. Two week rental program makes for year round income.....................................$690,000. ADORABLE VILLA-Recently renovated, newly decorated, glassed in lanai with a peek at the Bay. Pools, tennis, boat docks, beach. Turnkey furnished................................$215,000. RIVER CLUB-Gorgeous 4 BD courtyard home w/ heated spa & pool. Tile floors, corian kitchen & numerous upgrades. $475,000. FAIRWAY BAY-Great bay views from this 1st floor unit. Freshly PENDING painted, newly tiled,SALE TKF. Pools, tennis, beach club...$378,500. A DREAM COME TRUE - TKF corner unit w/unobstructed bay views. Meticulously maintained, tastefully decorated and furnished. Great amenities. 2 pools, boat docks, tennis, beach...............$375,000. BEAUTIFUL LOT in LBK maintenance free community. Deep water boat dock, 2 minute walk to great beach..$275,000. BUILD - a romantic getaway with tropical ambiance on this acre barrier island lot.......................................................................$310,000. SPANISH STYLE HOME - w/spacious courtyard entrance on extra large lot in a very privatePENDING location. 3BR/3BA, pool, solarSALE ium, canal...................................................................$690,000. EMERALD POINTE SOUTH - 3BR/3.5BA home w/caged, heated pool and double garage. Beautiful tile floors, spacious kitchen with stainless steel appliances.......................$625,000. GULF FRONT - 4 Bedroom home with library on Longboat’s best beach. Designer-decorated and furnished with casual elegance. Furnished.....................................................$3,000,000. St. Armands Circle, Sarasota, Florida (941) 388-4447 FAX (941) 388-3041


(941) 388-1262 • (941) 388-3966

BOBBIE BANAN, REALTOR® 356-2659 • 383-2659



Michael Saunders & Company

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387-1759 Res. (941) 955-4810 595 Bay Isles Road • Longboat Key

Writing Your Personal/Family History Course — free and ongoing, is held at 1 p.m. Mondays at The Friendship Center, 1888 Brother Geenen Way, Sarasota. Details, 9550530. ‘Computer for Cowards’ Classes — will be held from 2 to 4:30 p.m. Tuesdays and from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Friday, May 23, at Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota County, 806 Pinebrook Road, Venice. RSVP, 485-9724. They also will be held from 1 to 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 27, at Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota County, 340 S. Tuttle Ave., Sarasota. RSVP, 366-1700. Fee is $5. ❑

A proven professional you can count on for all your real estate needs.

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June 2. Courses include speed reading, computers, travel, drawing, wellness, literature and writing. Details, 3594296. Computer Classes for Seniors — beginners, intermediate and Internet, are offered by the Neighbor Senior Services of Manatee for the novice user. Mae, 758-9969. Anna Maria Island Community Center — offers classes for children and adults, including Muscles and More, Pilates, creative dance, yoga, line dancing, body ball, classical conditioning and jazz dance. Schedule, 778-1908. G.T. Bray Park Classes — include guitar, one-stroke painting, Latin and swing dancing, scrap booking and Spanish. Cheryl Casey, 742-5974. Canine Good Citizen Testing — is offered by the Humane Society of Sarasota County Inc. at its Education Center, 2331 15th St., Sarasota. Call Kate Franklin for dates, 9554131.



Mangrove Coast Fly Fishers — will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 27, at First Presbyterian Church, 2050 Oak St., Sarasota. Craig Morrison, 924-5859. Sarasota Power Squadron — luncheons will be held at 11:30 a.m. Friday, May 23, and Thursday, May 29, at Forest Lakes Restaurant, 2401 Beneva Road, Sarasota. Sarasota Christian Women’s Club II — “A Piece of Cake” luncheon will be held at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, June 3, at Michael’s On East. Cost is $16. RSVP by May 28 with Dorothy Navarro, 927-8186. Senior Friendship Centers Camera Club — will meets at 10 a.m. Monday, May 26, at Senior Friendship Center, 1888 Brother Geenen Way. All senior photographers invited. Details, 955-2122. WCR Toastmasters — will meet at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, May 28, at the Association of Realtors Building, 3590 Tuttle Ave., Sarasota. Wendy Grassi, 924-3079. Positively Speaking Toastmasters — meets at 6 p.m. Fridays at Bayfront Community Center, 801 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. June Wattles, 794-3218. Gourmet Mavens: Social Dining Group — will meet at 11:30 a.m. Monday, May 26, at the Flanzer Jewish Community Center. Audra Martin, 378-5569, Ext. 219. Under-50 Women’s Mah Jongg Group — meets from 1 to 4 p.m. Tuesdays at the Flanzer Jewish Community Center, 582 S. McIntosh Road, Sarasota. Bring your own Mah Jongg set and cards. Cost is $2. Audra Martin, 378-5569, Ext. 219. Embroiderers’ Guild of America Inc. — Sarasota Chapter meets at 7 p.m. Thursday, May 22, at Fruitville Library, 100 Coburn Road., Sarasota. Sandra Edmonson, 351-7011. Lunch Bunch — meets from 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesdays at Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota County, 340 S. Tuttle Ave., Sarasota. RSVP, 366-1700. Kiwanis Club of South Sarasota — meets at 12:10 p.m. Tuesdays at the Red Lobster Restaurant, 6747 S. Tamiami Trail. Details, 346-0194.

THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 9C

423 St. Armands Circle • Sarasota, FL 34236 Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, Inc. Each Office Independently Owned and Operated by NRT, Inc.

10C THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003


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ARBOMAR - Spectacular gulf views from this designer decorated 2 bedroom, 2 bath gulf front condo. Heated pool, exercise room, putting green, on-site manager. Excellent investment property. $499,500 WINDWARD BAY - Great 3 bedroom, 2 bath villa - tiled thru-out, enclosed porch, laundry room, carport - shows like a home. 2 pools, tennis, boat docks, beach access. $291,000 LONGBOAT ARMS Great opportunity to live on Longboat Key for an affordable price. Remodeled kitchen with washer & dryer in unit. Delightful 2B/2B with breakfast room. Furnished and beautifully maintained. $289,000 Wonderful gulf views from this 3rd floor, end unit. 2B/2B with breakfast room. PENDING $265,000 BEST BUY ON LONGBOAT - 2B/2B with lovely bay views from the breakfast room. TKF - heated pool, tennis, clubhouse, boat docks. $249,000 5223

Michael Saunders & Co. Real Estate Broker (941) 383-7591 • 400 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Longboat Key

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8319 Market Street Lakewood Ranch, Fl. 34202

This 4,100 SF. 4BR/3.5BA plus office executive residence is located on the TPC golf course in Prestancia, Palmer Ranch. Situated on 3/4 acres with lake views, caged pool w/summer kitchen,wet bar,formal living and dining rooms. Professionally decorated. $995,000


MLS 5223

New listing LAKEWOOD RANCH ROBERTS POINT RD. One of Siesta Key’s best neighborhoods. 3BR/4BA, high ceilings, crown molding, wet bar. Deep water & private island living. $1,490,000 5223

L ev i t t

Selling Sarasota’s Select Properties For More Than 25 Years! NEW TO MARKET! PROMENADE #102 - Three bedroom, three bath

Large, beautiful lot w/dock permit pending. Cozy 2BR/1BA home with fireplace. Room to build 2nd home. Reduced to $330,000


corner condo has views of city lights, tennis courts and Gulf of Mexico. Furnished. $875,000

PROMENADE ...Sold To Date 5223


595 Bay Isles Rd. Ste. 115 • Longboat Key, FL

(941) 383-5577 • Toll Free (800) 352-0367 5360 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key Email:

Bob & Taube


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Wagner Realty at the Centre Shops welcomes Cathy as Branch Manager of the Longboat Key office. Cathy brings 25 years of real estate experience on Longboat Key to Wagner’s. Give Cathy a call for your real estate needs.

Call John McCormick or Cathy Meldahl for an appointment. Wagner Realty 941-383-5577 or 800-352-0367. Since 1939 Since 1939

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3273 5223

Expansive Penthouse with magnificent vistas of the beach and the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Five bedrooms, Four full baths. Guest casita has private entry and private balcony. Expansive terrace with summer kitchen. Private elevator directly to this very special home and separate two car garage with lots of storage area. Elegant estate enclave of only 31 residences. $4,200,000.




Former St. Rafael model. Fabulous 2BR/2BA plus den. $429,000

Sylvia Zimmerman

2.75 2.75 2.88 2.88 2.88 2.88 2.88 2.75 2.75 2.75 2.88 2.88 2.88 2.75 2.75 2.88 2.88 2.88 2.75 2.75 2.75 2.75 2.88


Whitemarsh section 3BR/3BA, designer furnished with endless list of upgrades. Separate guest house, pool in courtyard plus paver patio with golf course view. $689,900


2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6 2/6

Michael & Linda Hudson


2 plus acres on U.S. 41 in Bradenton. $2,600,000

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Your Lakewood Ranch and East County Specialists Give us a morning or afternoon and we’ll show you a new world.

From the Gulf Beaches to the Golf Courses...

Split plan 3BR +den with private pool/lanai setting. Convenient location. $549,900

4.750 / 0.00 4.625 / 0.00 4.625 / 0.00 4.750 / 0.00 4.750 / 0.00 4.375 / 1.00 5.125 / 0.00 4.625 / 0.00 4.500 / 0.00 4.625 / 0.00 4.625 / 0.00 4.500 / 1.13 No Quote 4.500 / 0.00 4.750 / 0.00 4.125 / 1.25 4.625 / 0.00 4.500 / 0.00 4.750 / 0.00 4.625 / 0.00 4.625 / 0.00 4.125 / 1.88 4.500 / 0.00 4.625 / 0.00 4.125 / 2.00 4.750 / 1.50 4.750 / 0.00 4.000 / 3.00 4.500 / 0.00 4.500 / 0.00 4.625 / 0.00 4.500 / 1.00 4.500 / 0.00 4.875 / 0.00 4.625 / 0.00 4.750 / 0.00 4.750 / 0.00

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Elegant Properties of Sarasota, Inc. 365-9484


#207, 302, 402, 503, 707 & 811 423 St. Armands Circle • 349-6778 w w w. S a r a s o t a Re a l E s t a t e F i n d . c o m


THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 11C


Team Buky Gabe

Presidents Elite top 4% worldwide

$490,000,000 IN SALES


loria regory G G

A Certified International Property Specialist Charles

INVESTORS Island duplex FAIRWAY BAY Townhouse close to beach. Great rental with boat dock and water$649,900 history. $414,900 views

“Making Real Estate Real Easy”

Call Gloria Today 941-232-3099 Direct

WATER CLUB 1241 GMD, #606 Beautiful Cambridge residence on the 6th floor, high ceilings, custom built-ins, surround sound, views of the gulf & city lights at night in the bay. 2650 SF of luxury priced at $1,249,000 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES 561 HALYARD LANE Beautiful 2BR/2BA Completely Updated & Furnished. See it to Believe it. Only $709,000

LONGBOAT HARBOUR LONGBOAT KEY Direct D lights. E Panoramic bay views, close to Bayfront home, city EDUC$1,599,000 Rwater. pool, boat docks, deeded Sailboat beach access. $239,900


PRIVATEER Total renoLIDO SURF & SAND Gulf vation & incredible ED gulf C and bay view, nicest D buildviews, on the beach and U D CEin E behindR the gates! Just ing, furnished, REDUsteps to white $569,000 reduced to $599,000 sand beach! LIDO BEACH 51 condos from $150,000 to $4,675,000 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES 35 homes from $349,000 to $4,850,000 RITZ BEACH RESIDENCES - Pre-Construction

(941) 387-1864

584 GUNWALE LANE- Point lot, panoramic views from almost every room of Bay & City, lots of upgrades, new tile, new Eurotech kitchen, boating water w/private dock & Lift,“VIRTUAL TOUR” $2,315,000 572 YAWL LANE - 2nd lot in from bay w/gorgeous views from 2 master suites. 5BR/4.5BA. 2 story Mediterranean custom updated w/volume ceilings & grand staircase. 2-car attached garage w/paver drive. No bridges to intracoastal waterway & Sarasota Bay. Lushly landscaped, caged, heated pool. “VIRTUAL TOUR” $ 1 , 6 9 5 , 0 0 0 RENTALS AVAILABLE FANTASTIC - 130 Ft "T" Dock available for that special yacht June 1, 2003 Call 203-288-6312 SINGLE FAMILY HOME - Everything in this Country Club Shores 3BD/2BA home is BRAND NEW. Available NOW!! CALL TOM FOR HIS OTHER LISTINGS

Direct to Tom 941-387-1875 or 941-504-9282


KEY TOWER SOUTH BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Large 2BR/2BA, 6th floor, large PostNet at Ave of the Flowers terrace, incredible beach shopping center. $159,000 views. $639,900

E-mail Tour Tom’s Listings @ www.REALESTATELONGBOATKEY.COM

JUST LISTED IN FAIRWAY BAY - Elegantly decorated condo

in serene privacy. Enjoy park-like setting from lanai. Oversized BR’s, skylights, fireplace, extra storage. Cozy den/office on terrace level. $399,900 QUEENS HARBOR - Golf course & water views. Beautiful 2 story, 4 BR/4.5BA custom home in gated community. Separate cabana overlooking pool/spa. Virtual Tour $1,900,000

GRAND BAY - Fabulous 300 degree bay panorama from the wraparound balcony of this immaculate, 6th floor Antigua corner unit. JUST REDUCED ! $1,350,000 CASEY KEY - This Carl Abbott 4BR/4.5BA boasts fabulous 360° gulf & Bay views. Numerous upgrades. Private beach, pool, detached guest suite. Virtual tour. $3,500,000

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES SELLER MOTIVATED! Lovely 3BR/2BA canal home, w/oversized lot. Golf course, canal and partial bay view. Enclosed lanai, dock. $599,000 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES Well maintained home. Updated kitchen and baths. $359,000

M a g g i e H i c k s Louis Wery (941) 232-3001

941-383-6411 Office

Search for all properties on Award-Winning Website NEW LISTING

The Vineyards of Silver Oaks

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES Fourth from the bay, this 3BR/3BA home is meticulously maintained. Canal front, 10,000 lb boat lift, heated pool, screened lanai. Offered for $1,099,000.

Maintenance-free 3BR/2BA. Walk-in bar w/wine cooler & fridge. Designer appliances. More! $569,000.

EMERALD POINTE... New behind the gates at LBK Club. Villa offers views of lake and golf course, swimming pool/spa. 2 car garage. Also available for rental. $649,000.

WESTCHESTER... Gorgeous 2 bedroom/2 bath 5th floor corner unit. ING Beautifully remodeled direct beach view offered for ND PEwith $675,000. Virtual Tour

BEACHPLACE... Charming 2 bedroom 2 bath second floor unit featuring views of the beautifully manicured grounds and reflection pond. Great rental opportunity. Available furnished. $515,000.

SEAPLACE... 4th floor unit offers 2 bedroom 1 bath and wonderful gulf and sunset views. A wonderful weekend getaway or great rental opportunity. Offered for $342,000.

FAIRWAY BAY... Beautifully updated 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom. Sunny location, very light and bright, garage parking wonderful amenities. Available furnished for $399,000.

Oak Ford Golf Club 3 or 4BR/3BA on about an acre overlooking golf course. Air-conditioned 2+car garage. Master w/3 walk-in closets. Upgrades $339,500.

Richmond Park at University Park Luxurious privacy. 3 or 4BR/3BA. Custom 3-tier pool/spa. 2+ car garage. Summer kitchen. Crown molding. $669,900.

Speaks English, French, Spanish, Portuguese & Italian International President’s Elite Top 4% of Agents Worldwide Certified International Property Specialist Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist Accredited Buyer’s Representative Elite Previews® Property Specialist

NEW VILLA- LBK CLUB - Just completed, 3 bedroom, 3.5bath with pool & spa. Very bright open floor plan, ceramic floors, granite kitchen, high ceilings, 2 car garage. Reduced $649,000. BOATER’S DELIGHT - BAY ISLES 3800 SF on deep water canal with bay views. 3BR/5.5BA, hobby room, granite kichen, marble baths, elevator, private patio, pool. $1,279,000. BAY FRONT - COREYS LANDING 3750 sq. ft. villa with open bay views. Master bedroom with bay view and 2 guest rooms on 1st level. 2nd level with media room, office and 2 BR. Private boat dock . $1,499,000. SPECTACULAR BAY VIEWS - 5000 SF. bayfront maintenance free home in Queens Harbor. Quality abounds with marble and granite surfaces, 20’ ceilings, gourmet kitchen, sumptuous master suite, dock for 2 boats. $2,399,000. BAY ISLES - Pristine 3 bedroom home w/high ceilings, ceramic floors, bonus 1st level for a car collector, hobbiest, recreation room. Walking distance to golf, beach and marina. $699,000. TANGERINE BAY - Updated in “Tommy Bahama” fashion two bedroom plus den with beautiful Sarasota Bay views. Features include bamboo floors, gourmet kitchen, large master suite, 2 car garage, outdoor patio for grilling. $749,000. BOAT SLIPS - LBK MOORINGS MARINA 60’ - $212,000 45’ - $160,000

Office: - 387-1863 Res: - 383-2025 View virtual tours of these listings at: www.LONGBOATWATERFRONT.COM

201 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 1 • Longboat Key, FL 34228

12C THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003



THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 13C


Elegance L





Joyce Huber Mark Huber


Selected by

“REALTOR” Magazine as one of the Top 100 Sales People in the country for 2002

Unmatched Service. Unrivaled Experience. L’AMBIANCE...Over 4,890 square feet of living space in this magnificent, one-of-a-kind residence with spacious terraces on both sides overlooking the Gulf, the Bay, the golf course and the city skyline. Superb designer features in every room from custom wall coverings to comfortable, yet elegant furniture; gourmet kitchen; and spectacular marble and mosaic tile flooring. $5,999,000


COUNTRY CLUB SHORES KETCH LANE...Completely renovated gated estate on the end of Ketch Lane. This point lot home has over 4,000 square feet of inviting space which includes three bedrooms plus office, gourmet kitchen and bar. Room for 3 boats and 2, two-car garages. $2,849,000 YAWL LANE...A spectacular property located on the “point” with over 163’ of Bay frontage and 120’ of protected deepwater canal. Endless views— downtown Sarasota, John Ringling Mansion and panoramic views of Sarasota Bay. The perfect location for your dream home! $2,299,000 KETCH LANE...Lowest priced waterfront house by $100,000! Three bedrooms on the west end of Ketch Lane. Partially remodeled and ready for occupancy or further renovation. $499,000

ST. ARMANDS WATERFRONT...A landmark home on St. Armand’s Key, a one-of-a-kind property. Two-lot waterfront estate is walled and landscaped. Inside is a comfortable Florida-style home, the focus of outside beauty is brought inside through generous use of glass. $2,995,000 BAYOU HAMMOCK...Truly a delight... a 4,200 square foot home with three bedrooms on over 1.5 acres on the North Longboat Key. A Selby gardens-like setting, over 340’ of water frontage that includes three docks. Vaulted ceilings in family room, living and dining space. $2,595,000 THE OAKS...Over 7,500 square feet of authentic country French living on two lots! Completely rebuilt with love and superior quality. Four/five bedrooms plus mother-in-law guest house attached by a breezeway. Over 350’ of estate frontage; the backyard overlooks an impressive lawn and lake. A truly one-of-a-kind residence in Oaks I. $2,199,000 WATER CLUB...Beautiful Cambridge residence in the southern building. Sunset Gulf views as well as views over Sarasota Bay. Tastefully furnished and 10’ ceilings. Den can be used as a third bedroom. May be purchased furnished. $1,249,000 TANGERINE BAY...Properly priced and ready to move in, wonderful views across the resort-like pool of Tangerine Bay to Sarasota Bay. Oversized eat-in kitchen, gas fireplace and sumptuous master suite. Also a full two-car garage. $779,000 AQUARIUS...This south end, Longboat Key beach residence. Northwest exposure for beautiful sunsets. Ideally located in walking distance of Publix and the Colony, this is one of your last chances to live in a 2/2 for only $499,000

THE SANCTUARY BUILDING III...Wonderful 7th floor, direct gulf large corner residence, beautifully finished. Sumptuous master suite, guest suite, den/3rd BR plus kids’ retreat. Furnished. $2,199,000 BUILDING II...Located in the Sanctuary’s prime direct Gulf building. This popular floor plan offers both direct Gulf and Bay and city views. Many upgrades are included, such as generous use of tile, wet bar, built-ins and, two storage and two parking spaces. $1,549,000

roger c. pettingell luxury waterfront specialist

387.1840 586.6668

Roger has listed and sold over $275,000,000 in luxury and waterfront homes.

REGENT PLACE PENTHOUSE! Imagine the perfect view, the perfect floor plan, & the perfect location. Here it is!! Walls of glass bring the entire Gulf, Sarasota Bay, Downtown, distant islands & Islandside Golf into your world in the sky. Exquisite detail with 12’ ceilings, 8’ solid oak doors & trim, luxurious master suite, 2 en-suite bedrooms, plus office & den, private elevator & 2 huge terraces. $100,000 REDUCTION TO $4,125,000. WHAT IS YOUR “WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY?” - Owners will accept $2,250,000 firm until June 7, 2003 for this perfect gem at Regent Place. Act now and live on the beach in total privacy. Sparkling water, white powder sand, & sunsets 365 days a year. No peer anywhere the sun shines. $2,500,000. A RARE OPPORTUNITY - New bayfront custom estate home on St. Armands Key w/180° views of Sarasota Bay, Mote Marine Bird Sanctuary & the city skyline. A 5-BR, 5400 sq. ft. masterpiece w/highest quality construction, architectural detail & elegant finishes. Unparalleled waterside ambiance w/sophisticated modern amenities. Dock w/16,000 lb. & 10,000 lb. lift. The large lanai overlooks the 35’ swimming pool & spa. DRASTICALLY REDUCED! $3,350,000. VILLA DI LANCIA - Privacy & gulf front panorama end unit penthouse. Volume ceilings, huge terrace, wood floors, fireplace, gourmet kitchen, private elevator & all amenities. PRICE REDUCED. $1,700,000. SANCTUARY - Corner unit w/wrap around views of golf and gulf. 2BD, den 2.5BA turnkey furnished. Expansive beach, sensational amenities in secure, environment. $949,000. ATRIUM - Rarely available “Banyan” floor plan, in direct bayfront end unit. Over 2,600 sq. ft., eat-in-kitchen, huge great room, 3 BR/2.5BA, 3 balconies, wonderful amenities. $879,000. FAIRWAY BAY - Direct bay front, 2BR/2BA, end unit. Beautifully decorated in one of LBK’s nicest communities. Amenities galore. $459,900. CASA DEL MAR - Fabulous rental complex on beach. Low maintenance fee & great on-site rental program. Beautifully redecorated & updated. $399,900. HARBOUR OAKS - Maintenance free home. 3BR/2.5BA + den. Large great room w/vaulted ceilings, tile floors, & designer touches. Huge screened back deck, 2 car garage, new roof, paver brick drive & entry walkway. $459,900. ISLANDS WEST - Direct gulf front 2BR/2BA w/panoramic views of Gulf, Bay & Downtown. Exceptional building, sensational amenities. Priced to sell quickly w/furnishings. PRICE REDUCED. $609,000. BEACHES OF LONGBOAT KEY - CONTRACT PENDING $695,000. ★ ★ ★ ★ INN ON THE BEACH ★ ★ ★ ★ Superb 1st level 2BR/2BA walk-out to pool and beach $795,000.

First level, 2BR/2BA. Fabulous resort pool and wide beach.

$695,000. See Virtual Tour at: JOYCE HOME 383-2440 MARK HOME 383-6739 387-1822 (Office Direct) • 800-365-8492

JUST LISTED LONGBOAT KEY PROMENADE – Direct Gulf front fabulous sunset views, 3 full bedrooms and 3 full baths in pristine condition. Wonderful at $1,079,000. LIGHTHOUSE POINT - AUTHENTIC TUSCANY Beachfront estate in the exclusive gated Lighthouse Point. Spellbounding views of the Gulf, Sarasota Bay and city skyline from this 7,200 sq. ft. masterpiece of style & quality. State-of-the-art technology & design along w/shellstone covered terraces, gourmet kitchen, 3 fireplaces, home theater, elevator, exercise room, marble, granite, oak pegged floors & deeded protected 50 ft. boat dock. $8,000,000. FAIRWAY BAY ATRIUM- Fabulous open bay views from this spacious 2BR/2BA plus den penthouse. 10 foot ceilings, granite kitchen, gorgeous built-ins, tile floors and decorator window treatments, new carpeting and plantation shutters. Deeded beach access. Available for annual lease. $749,900. RITZ CARLTON PENTHOUSE – World class amenities. Sparkling bay views from every room, 4734 square foot residence with 2 master suites, guest and leisure room with wet bar, all marble floors. Magnificently furnished. Annual lease considered. $3,450,000. SIESTA KEY - BAYOU LOUISE Have it all w/sweeping views of Gulf, New Pass & City lights w/private beach from magnificent gated estate. Palm Beach inspired elegance begins w/hand made Brazilian Oak entry doors, custom wrought iron fixtures & gates, ivory creme marble floors; limestone fireplaces & patios overlooking 40-ft heated pool/spa & Gulf. Seven car garage & 20,000 lb. boat lift completes the picture for the most discriminating buyer who wants brand new! $4,995,000. SARABANDE Postcard views of sunsets on gulf and city lights are spellbinding from one of Sarasota’s finest locations. This 3,748 sq ft 10th floor, 3BR, + media & family room residence is professionally designed with furnishings available. Shows like a model. Walking distance to fine restaurants & theaters. PRICE REDUCTION $2,495,000. WATERCLUB I - GULF FRONT Enjoy a Gulf front Island retreat in this 3 BR, 5 bath 7th floor residence with sunset views from 3 terraces. Furnishings are casual and professionally designed. Concierge services, 17,000 sq. ft. clubhouse and a separate private garage at $3,200,000. LONGBOAT KEY- BAY FRONT ESTATE Boater’s Paradise – Magnificent water front location w/ unbelievable views of Bay & Bayou from this 1-acre peninsula lot. This 4BR/4BA features 10 ft ceilings, pool & spa, dockage for multiple boats w/653 ft of perfect seawall. $2,995,000. SIESTA KEY - SIESTA COVE 3-5BR/3.5BA all recently renovated. Decks abound for outdoor entertaining. Close to Siesta Key’s famous beach. Ultimate in tropical living. $599,000. SIESTA KEY - SANDY COVE Wonderful 2BR/2BA corner unit w/large terraces overlooking tropical paradise. Shows like a model. Fishing pier & clubhouse guest suite. $349,900. CASEY KEY – Fabulous 3/4 acre gated bay estate with beach access. 2 story Robb & Stucky unique home redesigned with quality and flair in 2000. Large pool and patio’s overlook bay and tropical gardens. $1,995,000. LONGBOAT KEY – Residential lot on Gulf side with wide Gulf views. Just steps away to miles of pristine beach. Tropical & mature landscaping creates privacy on 100x175’ lot. $1,100,000. NORTHWEST BRADENTON – Waterfront estate, newly created Old Florida Victorian design on Tampa Bay with views of the Skyway Bridge and Tampa. Beautiful pivate driveway. Features a grand foyer, gracious stairway. $4,950,000.

Bruce has been charting the course in residential real estate for over 23 years! The only time in life it doesn’t cost more to hire the best. L’AMBIANCE PENTHOUSE

5200 sq. ft. directly on the beach with 2400 sq. ft. of wrap-around terraces. Fabulous views of Gulf, Golf course, Bay and Sarasota. 4BR plus den, office, game room, 7BA en suite. Private elevator, under cover parking, extra storage & wine lockers. $6,995,000. BAYOU HAMMOCK

Estate-sized property, tropically landscaped with 345’ water frontage on 1.5 acres +/-. Well designed, custom home with over 4,000 Sq. ft. plus a 4-car garage. 2 docks on deep water. $2,595,000 WATERFRONT LOT

Build your dream home lot with over 125 feet directly on New Pass! May be purchased with adjoining lots for family compound. $2,595,000. VIZCAYA

Spacious, luxurious condominium with feel of home. Exquisitely furnished with a private pool. Stunning views of the gulf, 2-car garage. $2,549,000. SANCTUARY Direct beach front! Popular & private “Carlyle” floor plan in Building II with 2 parking spaces. $1,549,000. THE PIERRE Bright, sunny, south corner apartment brings the outside in with panoramic views of gulf, garden, golf course and city skyline. Spacious & open with 3BR-3.5BA & 2 expansive terraces. Full service building with concierge and 2 hospitality suites. $915,000. MARINA BAY Bay & gulf view complement N ING appointed E thisDgraciously Psquare LE residence with over 3,000 feet. $899,000. SA GRAND BAY

Sweeping views of the Bay, city skyline & golf course from this Penthouse! “Bimini” floorplan with 9’ ceilings, hardwood floors & wrap around terrace. 2 side by side parking spaces, full amenities. $619,000. FAIRWAY BAY Corner 3BR/3BA townhouse! Approximately 2,100 SF under air with soaring ceilings, fireplace, loft/office, 3 terraces and large garage! $449,000. SABAL COVE 2 desirable lots in area of $1,000,000 homes. Greenbelt views. $349,000 & $399,000. FAIRWAY BAY Gorgeous bayfront views of downtown. Behind the gates of the LBK Club. Sold turnkey furnished. $379,000.


Enclave of 13 luxurious residences on Golden Gate Point! Unparalleled panoramic views, private boat docks available. 2,651 -5,837 sq. ft. Priced from $1,525,000 to $4,300,000. BIRD KEY

One of the best lots in Sarasota with spectacular bay and city views. Home is just as outstanding. 4BR/4BA, pool, sailboat water. Available decorator furnished by Robb & Stucky. $3,675,000. WATER CLUB

Exquisitely appointed, spacious beachfront residence with 3 large terraces! Popular “Arlington” plan with beautiful upgrades throughout! 2 covered parking spaces. $2,475,000. Sophisticated “Cambridge” floor plan tastefully appointed throughout! 2 bedrooms, gourmet kitchen with granite, extra storage & 2 covered parking spaces. $1,249,000. BAY ISLES HARBOR SECTION Over 6,000 SF of luxury! 5BR suites, office, outside bar summer kitchen & deep water dockage with 200 ft. of seawall! 2,800 bottle wine cellar, 3 car garage, elevator, pool, separate spa area. $3,150,000. One of the best lots with approximately 246 feet of water frontage with Southern exposure. Great floor plan with a dramatic flair $1,995,000. Magnificently designed, custom home. Light, bright, split floor plan, vaulted ceilings and white tile throughout. Deep water channel boasting 196’ seawall, dock accommodates 3 boats. $1,895,000. ISLANDS WEST Spectacular gulf views from all major rooms in this totally redone, beautifully appointed and furnished 5th floor residence. Full range of amenities, 2 small pets welcome. Walk to local shops. $769,000. THE ATRIUM Popular “Mangrove” floor plan, 2,105 sq ft with 3 bedrooms, beautiful views of the bay and the pool! A great value on the south end of Longboat Key! $629,000. SEAGATE CLUB Panoramic gulf & sunset views from this upper floor corner residence! 2BR/2BA, tile floors, large balcony, views from every room! Walk to shopping, restaurants, banks and beach. $649,000. BEACH HARBOR CLUB G INClubhouse, 3rd floor unit with E a peek theDgulf. heatEatN P L A S dock & fishing pier. Furnished. $259,900. ed pool, boat

Call on Barbara’s other Waterfront Properties: 941-780-6045 941-924-9000 • Email - Take a virtual tour of these properties at: • 941-387-1859 • E-mail:

Located at The Chart House Centre • 201 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 1 • Longboat Key, FL 34228

14C THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003


Have a happy and safe Memorial Day from all your friends at The Longboat Observer!

Introducing Siena, a Mediterranean-Style Enclave in The Country Club at Lakewood Ranch.

pectacular Golf And Lake Views 2003 Parade of Homes Award Winner!

•Eight unique floor plans to choose from, including two-story and courtyard plans. •Limited number of homesites. •Lake and golf course views. •Maintenance-free landscaped homes priced from the mid $300s.

•BEST Floor Plan •BEST Architectural Detail •BEST Master Suite •BEST Kitchen •BEST Curb Appeal •BEST Overall! Opt.

Study 15’4” x 11’ 10’ Ceiling Coffered Ceiling Optional

Lanai 2 7’ x 16’8” 12’ Ceiling

Passage 10’ Ceiling

Window Seat

Pool Bath

Family Room

Lanai 1

20’ x 15’4” 12’ Ceiling

18’ x 19’4” 12’ Ceiling

Owner’s Retreat 13’ x 20’8” 10 Ceiling Coffered Ceiling Optional

Breakfast 7’1” x 6’8” 12’ Ceiling DW

Luggage Shelf

Kitchen 15’4” x 13’9” 12’ Ceiling Luggage Shelf

Living Room 15’ x 18’ 12’ Ceiling

Master Bath


Bedroom 2


11’6” x 11’5” 10’ Ceiling

10’ x 13’ 12’ Ceiling



Foyer WH



Attic Access w/Stairs

9’8” x 10’6” 14’ Ceiling

Passage 10’ Clg.

Entry 10’ x 5’ 14’ Ceiling

Garage 20’ x 20’4” 10’ Ceiling

Bedroom 3 11’6” x 12’8” 10’ Ceiling

Quality Homes in all the Right Places

Visit us at: Follow signs to The Country Club at Lakewood Ranch, 2 miles east of I-75 off Lakewood Ranch University Parkway. Models open Monday-Saturday 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Sunday noon to 5 p.m. For information call (941) 907-9777 CGCA 17845 ®

The Nature Of Florida Living.



This advertisement is for information purposes only, and should not be the sole basis of a decision to purchase any property at Lakewood Ranch. All prices and plans detailed are subject to change without notice, and SMR Communities is under no obligation to construct or install any facility or improvement. Prices effective date of publication. Subsequent sales may have resulted in unavailability of any or all price levels. Facts are accurate as of publication date.

Memorial Day, May 26, 2003

God bless America. God bless those who died for our freedom.

The playing of taps for a fallen comrade

THE H ISTORY OF M EMORIAL DAY • Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service. • Memorial Day was officially proclaimed on 5 May 1868 by General John Logan, national commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, and was first observed May 30, 1868. • On the first Memorial Day flowers were placed on the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery.

A Marine is laid to rest

Bridget Spiess (941)720-6304 • 1(800) 950-3450


THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 15C


Garden Gloves

Allamanda comes in vines and shrubs Allamanda cathartica is a hearty and bright plant that offers yellow, white, pink and purple bell-shaped blooms among an evergreen, broad, leafy background in the form of a shrub or a vine. The vine variety does not have attending tendrils, so a weaving of the leggy stems will be required to complete the attachment of the vine to a trellis or arbor. Be sure to note the label on your nursery purchase to get exactly the style of plant you want to add to your garden. The white, pink and purple blooms are neither as common nor popular as the deep yellow that we see in various stages along the Key. They adorn mailboxes, trellises and arbors as well as provide a lovely shield to hide an unattractive air-con-

ditioning unit or whatever you may wish to conceal or disguise. The white, pink and purple are often surprises we find at the local nursery and you may wish to add to your garden. Do not confuse the pink mandevilla as a member of the allamanda family — it is not as hearty and is a frequent victim to bugs and blight. It does look tremendously similar with little exception, so I encourage you to read the nursery tag to determine if the plant you wish to purchase is indeed an allamanda or not. The allamanda is a member of the apocynaceae family, relative to oleander and frangipani, inclusive of the milky white sap, which stains clothing and is toxic. It has no fruit and continues to flower throughout

Gillian BUSARD

Lusya Sullivan

Yellow allamandas are popular on the Key. the warm seasons, to be bare of flowers only in December. Cooler weather will diminish the number of leaves on the plant; however, it remains quite durable in most conditions, with the hottest weather causing some possible wilting. This

plant may be added to the garden anytime except the cold winter months and will take full sun, but remember the wilting possibility, so it will do best with a bit of shade. Allamanda grows assertively in rich soil and the leaves will pale when it desires fertilizer. It is a fairly drought-tolerant plant; however, it requires weekly watering in the driest seasons; it responds well to a strong shearing regardless of use as a vine or shrub. PS. Last month I wrote about the lantana shrub and stated that it had no thorns. While trimming my lantana in the yard, I noticed a softer version of prickly thorns along the woody stems and wish to correct my statement. Gillian Busard is a Longboat Key resident, immediate past president of the Longboat Key Garden Club and permit holder of the Longboat Key Turtle Watch. ❑

WEATHER STATISTICS AND TIDES Sun., May 11 Mon., May 12 Tues., May 13 Wed., May 14 Thurs., May 15 Fri., May 16 Sat., May 17

High Temp. 87 87 88 89 88 88 90

Low Temp. 73 76 76 82 73 75 76

Record High 94 (1984) 93 (1984) 93 (1981) 92 (1996) 92 (1996) 93 (1995) 94 (2002)

Record Low 60 (1998) 62 (1992) 58 (1992) 58 (1992) 61 (1986) 61 (1986) 63 (1992)

Humidity 69% 67% 46% 72% 60% 65% 65%

Rainfall 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

Morning Tides High Low (none) 1:54 10:05 2:48 10:18 3:34 10:34 4:13 10:49 4:46 11:03 5:14 12:35 5:40

Thurs., May 22 Fri., May 23 Sat., May 24 Sun., May 25 Mon., May 26 Tues., May 27 Wed., May 28

Evening Tides High Low 5:50 (none) 5:17 2:11 8:53 3:48 10:22 4:58 11:34 5:50 (none) 6:33 11:17a 7:11

From The Longboat Observer weather station

Rainfall: Year-to-date 2003 2002 11.54 8.92 in.

Month-to-date 2003 2002 0.48 Trace

Average Water Temp.: 84

June 7


June 14

Last Qtr.

May 23


Courtesy of

May 31

Jerry Thompson



Moon phases: First Qtr.



Waterviews! On the big lake, 3 bedroom villa beautifully appointed and in mint condition. Fireplace, eat-in kitchen, vaulted ceilings. 2-car attached garage. Virtual Tour. Call for your private viewing. $699,900.


COUNTRY CLUB SHORES 536 Spinaker Lane Attention investors! Need an exchange! Take a look at this 3BR canal front home, turnkey furnished, private dock, open pool and spa. Virtual Tour A good investment at $749,000.


on the

PROMENADE Stunning city skyline & bay to gulf views! This southwest 5th floor, double entry doors, split 2BR is TKF. Gated beachfront w/every amenity. Fitness center, tennis, pool, club rooms, concierge, large pool. Virtual Tour $749,000.

INCREDIBLE - desirable location. Custom home on deep water with bay views. Ultimate lifestyle. Walled and private. Gorgeous! $3,350,000 BAYFRONT - wide open direct bay views. Deep water lot Best on the Bay! $2,200,000 GULFFRONT - behind the gates - 8th floor, custom decor - beauty! Sunsets - Right on the beach. $689,000 BAYFRONT - DOWNTOWN -TESSERA - Very private. Only two residences per floor featuring no common walls. Luxurious 6th floor. Upgraded, magnificent kitchen. Wrap around bayfront terraces w/gorgeous gulf to bay views + city. $1,495,000

SAILBOAT WATER 652 Lyons Lane Fabulous 3BR island home on lush tropical landscaped lot, brick paver circular drive, trellis entry, all tiled floors, French doors to screened pool and lanai. New dock, sailboat water just minutes to ICW & gulf. Virtual Tour $749,000.

COUNTRY ELEGANCE 281 Oak Ford Road Equestrian country estate on 5 fenced acres with a 3 stall barn, large stocked pond and miles of saddle trails. Like new 3BR with 2,665 sq. ft. Virtual Tour $364,900.



ENJOY THE TOWER RESIDENCE RITZ CARLTON - Split bedroom floor plan. Spacious w/all rooms opening to the tremendous terrace. Western exposure 2BR/3BA plus den. $1,695,000 ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS - ground floor walk-out plus private patio with great Gulf and sunset views. Totally redone - a masterpiece! Furnished $755,000 LONGBOAT KEY CLUB INN ON THE BEACH Fantastic club amenities - golf, tennis, fitness center, fine dining, heated pool, plus gorgeous Gulf beach. 2BR/2BA - Direct Beach and Sunsets - largest floor plan end unit with extra large terraces $1,100,000 OUTSTANDING VIEWS - and value! Direct beachfront club suite. $340,000 CLUB SUITE - with enchanting lagoon and city views. Turnkey furnished. $245,000

36 SANDY HOOK, SIESTA KEY 6 bedroom pecky cypress beach house, beautiful garden setting. Walk to the village and neighborhood beach. Virtual Tour $925,000.

NORTH SIESTA KEY 3471 Flamingo Ave.


Charming 2BR home in private setting on street of million dollar homes. All new windows, French doors, new roof & A/C. This bright & open home has a screened free-form pool/spa. Attached 2 car garage. Virtual Tour $375,000.


(941) 232-3304 (941) 383-4276 A/H

Call REID at


Developers Realty Corp. Lic. R.E. Broker 1819 Main Street, Suite 200, Sarasota, FL

Jerry Thompson, GRI, CRS Service • Expertise • Integrity Longboat Key Realtor® Since 1974 Visit my Website for Virtual Tours 941.552.3966 • 866.799.9400

SANDY COVE, SIESTA KEY Remodeled 2 story townhouse near village. 3BR, tiled floor, vaulted beam ceilings, most rooms open to sun decks or lush flowering atrium overlooking large lake, steps to private beach & fishing pier. Garage, pet friendly. Virtual Tour $574,000.


Sweeping views, from top floor #4601 and 4602, unique “lock out” 2BR plan. Rent one or both, or use as your own personal 2BR luxury condo. Virtual Tour $850,000. OFFICE TOLL FREE Beachfront Club Suite #3204 in the rental program with over. SALE PENDING $380,000. Beachfront Club Suite #2503, high floor with fabulous views. Virtual Tour SALE PENDING $349,900. Prudential Palms Realty • Fine Homes International 5307 Opportunity to own largest 2BR, corner suite. 595 Bay Isles Rd. • Ste. 115 • Longboat Key, FL 34228 Furnished. Virtual Tour $499,000. 5223


16C THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003

Yo u r Flor ida

Deal us in

V acation Connection

Jan Jordan & Michele Knuese, Principals


Call the on i Connect T o d a y ! 3720 Gulf of Mexico Dr. CONNECTION



Longboat Key, FL 34228 Local: 941-387-9709 Fax: 941-383-3798

Club Bamboo


Central Park Realty Dennis Girard 941-809-0041



This hand was sent to me by Polly Perry of Boynton Beach. Perry writes, “The outcome might have been different if South had opened one spade. Usually, people will open their five-card suit rather than one notrump trying to show his points. Or even if North had bid Stayman, asking for a four-card major suit. “My partner led the king of clubs and declarer won with the ace and ran four diamond tricks and led the queen of spades to my partner’s singleton king. My partner then underled her ace of hearts. Declarer played low from the dummy, and I won my queen. “I led my jack of clubs and another club. We took four club tricks and the ace of hearts to defeat the contract.” The accident happened when South opened his hand, one notrump with a five-card major suit. The board could have been saved if his partner had bid Stayman, so that declarer could play this hand in a makeable four-spade contract.

quickly, the agent might recommend a price reduction. Today’s agents rely on computers, direct mail, telemarketing, and creative ideas to promote homes. Ask prospective listing agents for two things - - a written analysis of what is happening with housing prices in your area and a marketing plan which outlines how they would get your home from “For Sale” to “Sold”. For professional advice on all aspects of buying or selling real estate, please phone…

Opening lead: K♣ 2. Claire Brinn and Paul Massik 3. Pat Collentine and Walter Stumpf East-West 1. Lorraine and Lester Ageloff 2. Joan Sinder and Fred Reidinger 3. Helen Schweyer and Ginny Miles LONGBOAT KEY DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB Bayfront Park Recreation Center — April 15 North-South 1. Jackie Tucker and Claire Brinn 2. Helen Schweyer and Blanche Jacoby 3. Ruth Colner and Wolfgang Wostl East-West 1. Natalie Apple and Jean Simon 2. Hank Airth and Elton Yasuna 3. Anna Howell and Jim Brown


5.250% - 30 Year 5.500% - Jumbo 30YR $100,000 - $322,700 – 5.369 APR

$322,701 - $650,000 – 5.613 APR

0 Points

0 Points

Annette Rogers at Michael Saunders & Co. 941-387-0800 or 800-209-0330 • 5223


GREAT RATES • GREAT SERVICE 713 S. Orange Avenue, Sarasota • 941- 957-4486 Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker


440 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Longboat Key, Fl. 941-383-7591


at The Centre Shops


WALK OUT AND TOUCH THE SUNSET Small mid-Longboat Key complex, rarely available 2BR + 2 small bonus rooms. 1st floor. Heated pool & clubhouse. Furnished! REDUCED. Cindy English or Mary Wickersham, 383-5577. #234924...........$599,000

Longboat Key - Grand Bay - Exceptional value, incredible views. Exquisitely turnkey furnished with custom stone flooring & artistic murals. A must see unit with wrap-around terrace & 2 parking spaces. Offered @ $935,000 Lakewood Ranch - Pristine 2BR/2BA home with den/office located in gated, maintenance-free lakefront community. Loads of upgrades including wood floors, hot tub, outdoor kitchen. Shows like a model. Offered @ $259,950 Longboat Key - Bayfront Lot - This direct waterfront lot with 132 ft. of bayfront and 138 ft. of canal front presents a priceless view. SALE PENDING @ $2,295,000

LONGBOAT HARBOUR Exquisitely updated 2BR/2BA corner unit overlooking lagoon. Remodeled kitchen and baths. Many built-ins. washer/dryer, clubhouse, beachside cabana, boat docks. Dorothy Cook, 383-5577. #234452..............$345,000 SPANISH MAIN Beautifully updated 2BR/2BA in great area. Community has great marina and boat docks. Friendly neighborhood. Fantastic condo. Peggy Henger, 383-5577. #227417.....$232,500

Call the Seigel Team Today Suzette & Jay Seigel, Esq.



941.228.5298 5223


Email: Website: 5360 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key (941) 383-5577 • Toll Free (800) 352-0367 MLS

South 1NT —

Liberty1 Mortgage


Michael Saunders & Company, Licensed Real Estate Broker, 440 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Longboat Key, FL

East — Pass


with Annette Rogers

The best Realtors in today’s marketplace are becoming even better about marketing the homes they list to the public, as well as to other agents who have potential buyers. When you are interviewing prospective Realtors to help you sell your home, ask how they find buyers. In the past the basic information went into the Multiple Listing Service, and then there was a Sunday classified ad and an “open house.” If the house did not sell

North — Pass

West — Pass


MERRILL DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB Bayfront Park Recreation Center — April 12 North-South 1. Dorrie and Lee Rosenberg

South ♠AJ862 ♥J8 ♦AK3 ♣A95

East ♠ 10 5 4 3 ♥Q43 ♦ 10 8 4 ♣J86

The Bidding:

Donna Swan is a resident of Longboat Key, an ardent bridge player and an American Contract Bridge League certified director who plays “for the fun of it.” ❑

MERRILL DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB Bayront Park Recreation Center — April 10 North-South 1. Marty Huheey and Barbara Thoman 2. Jackie Kuthy and Karen Rex 3. Lee Lippe and Joyce Gidwitz East-West 1. Jayne Forstenzer and Polly Kaatz 2. Elton Yasuna and Robert Schaefer 3. Jean Simon and Natalie Apple

North ♠Q97 ♥K952 ♦QJ62 ♣72

West ♠K ♥ A 10 7 6 ♦975 ♣ K Q 10 4 3

by Donna SWAN


Since 1939

Dealer: South Vulnerable: East-West

Beating one notrump

Great Selection of Vacation Rental Properties.






THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 17C

OBSERVER CLASSIFIEDS Classified Lines: •$10.50 for the first 15 words •20¢ each additional word Classified Display: •$22.00 (per week) - 15 words, 5 lines, bold border. •$38 - 30 words • $54 - 50-45 words •Extra words may be purchased for 50¢ per word Service Directory: 4 week min. run •Business Card Size • $150/4 weeks •1/2 Business Card Size • $84.00/4 wks

•A 10% Discount will be given on ads that run same copy for at least 4 consecutive weeks. •A 20% discount will be given on ads that run a minimum of 6 months. For Information

Call 941-383-5509 Fax 941-383-7193 Hours: Monday-Friday • 8:30am-5pm Deadline: Monday, Noon

The Longboat Observer reserves the right to classify and edit copy, or to reject or cancel any advertisement at any time. Corrections after first insertion only. *All ads are subject to the approval of the Publisher. * It is the responsibility of the party placing any ad for publication in

The Longboat Observer to meet all applicable legal requirements in connection with the ad such as compliance with town codes in first obtaining an occupational license for a business, permitted home occupation, or residential rental property.

Payment by Cash, Check or Visa/Mastercard

Call (941) 383-5509 To Place Your Ad


Boat Slips for Rent/Sale

Cleaning Services



EXPERT HOUSE CLEANING by Brazilian. Reliable, very neat, good references. Please call 371-9879 or 504-2547.



SUPERB BOAT Slip for rent in high & dry indoor marina. In & out boat storage at its finest. Excellent south Longboat location, easy access to Bay and Gulf. Up to 30’. Call 371-1866.



7881 15TH ST. E. (OLD 301), SARASOTA, FL. 755-6063

Appraisal Services


FAX, 24 HOURS 383-7193


TANYA WILLIAMS Estate & Fine Art appraisals offers professional valuation and Business Opportunities inventory services for your personal property without a view to buy or sell. Video $$INCREASE YOUR INCOME$$. Control documentation inventory, fine art and Your Hours! Home-based Business! Full household content appraisals. 355-8456. Training. FREE Booklet. 888-224-6062

Auto Sales & Service

DOLLAR STORE. Own a dollar store. 2002 VOLKSWAGEN Passat GLS, 1.8T 1-800-227-5314. w/Tiptronic, fully loaded, 33,000 hwy miles, BMW mechanic owned. Perfect condition! Caregiver/Companion $20,000 o/b/o. 941-342-4364. HI NEIGHBOR! CAREGIVER & MUCH 1999 SEBRING convertible, 6/cylinder, MORE! Yes, I live here on Longboat Key. leather, 20K/mi., garage kept, excellent References. 383-5646. cond. $16,000 o/b/o. 761-1157. PERSONAL CNA looking for FT/PT position,

CLEANING BY PAULINE has an opening for 1 client due to a move. References. 359-0828.

Computer Services EXPERT TECHNICAL Assistance. Need help with hardware, software, networks or wireless? Call Alan anytime: 941-364-5858. LEARN TO USE your computer as easy as your telephone. Master Computer Teacher. Repairs. 383-5372. COMPUTER OBEDIENCE Training. Is your computer misbehaving? Will train your computer to listen to you! Special $25/hour. FREE ADVICE. 545-7508. IN HOME computer services. Senior friendly, training, installation, trouble shooting. Jules Porchey, The Computer Man. 927-1428.

Crushed Shell GILLIS & GILLIS ENTERPRISES. Crushed, washed shell, top soil, landscaping service. We install shell driveways. Serving Sarasota & The Keys since 1978. Fully licensed & insured. 941-232-8877.

Entertainment! A FRIENDLY EAR: Someone to talk with. Complete privacy. Call Gene now for a free chat and rates. 941-518-6906.

20/yrs. experience, willing to help with doctor’s appointments, shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc. Can travel. Excellent RETIRED LONGBOAT KEY police officer. Events references. Great listener. I would love to Drive your car to the North and back. ✔ ✔ FLEA MARKET. Sarasota Municipal help. Call 941-730-3955. References. 941-778-5381. CNA/COMPANION FOR your doctor appts., Auditorium. Sat., May 24, 10a.m.-5p.m. & cooking and personal needs. Licensed and Sun. May 25, 10a.m.-4p.m. For info: Boat Charter resident of Sarasota. References. Call for 954-4165. CHITWOOD CHARTERS, Grand Banks/ appointment interview, 378-4289. Fishing Charters Selene Yachts. Luxury Cruises, Sunsets, ☛ COMPANION. CARING, dependable, Cocktails, Special Occasions. Half day DEEP SEA FISHING - 4, 6, 9 & 12 hour Adult Care to weekly. Bare boat available. Need a experienced. Excellent References available. trips, up to six passengers aboard 34/ft. ☛ ☛ EXPERIENCED HOME HEALTH new hobby? Learn to pilot a yacht. Call Connie, 921-9027. USCG Licensed Crusader with experienced Aid/Companion with local references Capt. Chitwood. 941-957-1530. NEED IN-HOME Health Care but tired Charter Captain/Fishing Guide. Climate available. Call Tracy at 544-0653. of agencies, high fees, red tape, controlled cabin, all new equipment & inconsistencies and attitudes? Call us! We’ll Top-of-the-line fishing electronics. Ice/bait SUSAN SHAUGHNESSY, R.N. PRIVATE Boat Rentals tackle provided starting at $400. give your loved ones the special attention & DUTY NURSING. 1:1 Care in home For information and reservations, call they deserve. 8-24/hr. care. Excellent and hospital. Also: Home Care Planning Captain Brandon today. 778-5455. references. Reasonable rates. 941-426-1291 +Coordinating +Monitoring; scheduled phone CANNONS MARINA or 941-492-7176. checks & visits; consulting with family and Furniture 6040 Gulf of Mexico Drive, physicians. Local references. 761-2656. ART ON FURNITURE. Custom finishes, Half-day and Full-day rentals Catering BEFORE NURSING home, there is an restorations, exclusive designs, fine hand 14’-24’ Skiffs /Runabouts /Deckboats alternative HOME CARE which provides SINCE 1979 Harry’s Continental Kitchen has painting. 360-2061. Ride in Style in our Grady-White one-on-one care for your loved ones. Please been making party memories from the & Scout boats. call for evaluation. 358-0846. casual to black tie affair. Specializing in CLASSIFIEDS WORK All powered by YAMAHA outboards. small dinner parties. 383-0777. 383-1311 SEEKING AIDE for adult care. Flexible hours. Nights and weekend shift available. Answers for this week’s crossword Cleaning Services Please call 383-7044. TAYLOR MADE CLEANING SERVICES. VERY SPECIAL care for your loved one. Boat Sales, Professional Residential Cleaning. Island Responsible adult offers TLC, sit, drive, References. Weekly-Biweekly. Best rate on Service & Storage meals, meds, etc. 941-923-8483 from Island. Call 779-0184 and ask for Jennifer. 8a.m.-8p.m. ☛ ☛ SMALL BOAT/TRAILER STORAGE. DAZZLE CLEANING, “personalized houseLPN/COMPANION OFFERING live-in FT/PT Vacation or long term. On trailer or in-water. keeping, general cleaning and house checks home visits or my licensed home. Bonded & Private launch ramp. Fresh water wash. Minutes to LBK, Gulf, gas, bait, restaurants. to meet your needs. Lic./Ins. 379-6582. Insured. Call 7/days a week, 941-365-6008. Also, bottom painting. Capt. John’s Marina. CLEAN WINDOWS, wouldn’t that be nice! LOVING CAREGIVER in our home w/class 941-792-2620. I’ll make your glass gleam! Local, license, for the elderly. Excellent home cooking and insured. CHRIS’S WINDOW CLEANING. references. 926-2934. Boat Slips for Rent/Sale (941) 724-0221. LONGBOAT KEY Mooring, 2/slips. 77.5’ & YOUR ADULT CARE 52.5’ on T of dock (boat up to 130/ft.).  MRS. MAIDS. Want a clean house? AD HERE! Seasonal, $19. Yearly $17 per foot per Call Mari. Competitive prices. References. 5/22/03 CALL 383-5509 month plus elec. & tax. 203-288-6312. Bonded and Insured. 371-3175.


Auto Transport

18C THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003




Help Wanted

HAVERTY’S SECTIONAL/SLEEPER, $1300 (new $2300), 9/drawer dresser, PA hand carved, $950, crystal glassware, $120. 388-5245.

UPSCALE LBK Salon seeks experienced, contemporary stylist for chair rental. Wonderful opportunity for dependable, professional. Relaxed, friendly atmosphere with a water view. Call Rick/Sandra, DISPLAYED, BUT never used, Model home 941-387-9807. furniture: 4-piece bedroom suite, $259; sofa CARING PEOPLE NEEDED. Join us in & love seat, $399; queen bed set, $199; full making a real difference in the lives of bed set, $159; twin bed set, $129; daybed the elderly. Non-medical companionship. complete w/pop-up trundle & 2 mattresses, Part-time day, evening and weekend shifts. $285; Futon and frame, $199. Delivery availHome Instead Senior Care, 951-2103. able. Builders, 753-7118. INCREASE YOUR INCOME! Control Your FUTON. ALL oak, honey finish, no metal, Hours! Home Based Business. Full Training. mission frame. 9/Layer foam mattress. Still in Free Booklet. box. Cost, $525. Sell, $325. Can deliver. 888-373-6795. 941-761-2344.

Home Security Garage Space 1-3 CAR/BOAT with A/C. Ringling Museum area. $400/mo 387-0700.

CALL A COP To Watch Your Home. Weekly Inspection By Retired LBK Officer.

Garage, Moving & Estate Sales

Items For Sale

Investment Opportunities

YAMAHA CLAVINOVA piano: like new, $750. Victorian mahogany bookcase, 5’x5’, $950. Oriental green lacquer chest w/brass trim, 46”x40”, $450. 3/Piece Japanese dresser, $295. Chinese teak chest, 35”x38”, $250. Computer desk, blond wood, 6/ft. wide, $75. 359-9759.

ACCREDITED ANGEL INVESTOR (S) sought for emerging educational tech product. Ready for market - needs next phase investors to participate in National Rollout. This break through technology is now being tested in Florida schools. 1-800-362-6873.

ASPIRING WRITER, attorney, needs investor to publish first murder mystery. PRECEPT LADIES’ 1, 3, & 5 woods Reply: Novel opportunity, P.O. Box 1755, w/graphite shafts & head covers, $75. Ray Sarasota, FL 34230. Cook SilverRay Putter, $20. Benetton ladies’ padded golf travel bag, $50. Footjoy Softjoys Landscaping white ladies’ gold shoes, 7M, $12. All in new & Lawn Services & excellent condition. 383-5437. FREE SNOW REMOVAL, and when its not ROCKER/RECLINER: WHITE leather, snowing, I specialize in installing CRUSHED excellent condition, $125. 383-7107. SHELL and ROCK yards, driveways and 6/FIRST DAY issue commemorative stamp walkways. Rip Rap, sand and mulch also books, 1970’s, 1980’s. $30-$35/ea. delivered and spread. Hauling available. Please call DAVID BANNIGAN at 794-6971 371-2657. or cell at 504-7045. ADOBE PHOTO Shop 7, $50. Camtasia GARDEN LADY, plant pruning, trimming, Studio 1.0 $50. Crazy Talk 3.1 Web Version, grooming and other home gardening needs. $30. 228-396-0885, Call Deborah, 387-0884.

Items Under $200

Wayne 351-3794

SET OF 4/Silver Plaques, “Western Series”, CONNIE’S LANDSCAPING & LAWN $200. 388-9863. MAINTENANCE expanding into Longboat Key. All your lawn maintenance needs! BIKE, MAN’S 26” Giant Cruiser, aluminum Clean-ups, fertilization, mulching, hauling, frame rims, 2/yrs. old. Originally $250. sprinkler repair, ponds and water gardens. ESTATE SALE: Bird Key, 647 North Owl Housesitting Sacrifice $135.00. 941-761-1415. Dr., Friday & Saturday, 10a.m.-2p.m. Bulk shell and mulch delivered and HOUSESITTING FROM June to November. Furniture, clothes, toys, misc. Many reliable references. 371-4459 or CARDIO GLIDE “Weslo”, $50 o/b/o. spread. Specializing in native plants and Xeriscaping. Excellent references. 778-5294. 923-3887. Homeowner, 30/yrs. experience. 383-0989. MOVING SALE! Imported Italian bedroom, dining set, sofa and more. Call for appointment, 778-2431.

Help Wanted $$$ FROM HOME. Your Own Business! Mail-order/Internet. Full Training and Support. Free Info. 888-453-6945

BUTLER & MAID House Sitting Service: Semi-retired professional couple, mid 50’s, will pamper your beachfront condo/residence this summer while you are away. 813-835-4044.

NURSES, LONG TERM home care for quad. Items For Sale A.M. and overnight shifts available, Hoyer THE LORD’S WAREHOUSE Resale Shop. lift. 383-6953. We can furnish your home & enhance your ENGLISH SPEAKING, experienced wardrobe. 6140 Gulf of Mexico, Longboat. housekeeper, 1/full day per week, year Open in May, Mon., Wed. & Sat., round. High school grad plus. References a 9a.m.-3p.m. June & July, Sat. 9a.m.-1p.m. must. 387-8287. 383-4738.

4/PATIO CHAIRS, white wrought iron w/contour back, excellent cond., $175. 926-8867.


3/PIECE WALL unit, ex. cond. 2/Units 30” wide, 1/Unit 28” wide, $200 o/b/o. 383-8566.


RARE POKE’MON card collection from beginner to advanced. $200 o/b/o. Will sell separately or as a set. 383-3064.



383-5509 OR FAX 24 HOURS TO: 383-7193

TV, RCA w/remote. Color 21”, great shape, $65. 388-3426.

S E RV I C E D I R E C T O RY Landscapes in Paradise Complete Lawn & Landscape Maintenance


Genie’s Cleaning God Bless our troops around the world fighting to keep America and the world free!


Commercial •Residential • Vacation Rentals 25 Years Call Joy or Laura experience

(941) 812-2485

We make all your dirt

Free Estimates

J. PHILLIPS FINE PAINTING Interior/Exterior/Wallpapering

Privately Owned & Operated

Reliable • 25 Years Experience Insured & Lic. • FREE Estimates Tel: 927-6127 Cell: 504-8594

685-2159 • 539-8412

ISLAND MAINTENANCE Independent Distributor Health & Nutritional Products Specializing in Weight Loss


Property Maintenance • Interior/Exterior Residential & Commercial • FREE ESTIMATES • Registered & Insured Mark S. George, Owner/Operator





Specializing in GROUT & TILE Cleaning & Sealing Carpet & Upholstrey

(941) 379-3135

Revolutionary “Viper Turbo” Steam Cleaning System

Massage Therapy Marty Roca, LMT

THIS SPACE COULD BE YOURS! Call Maureen for more information about The Longboat Observer Service Directory! Phone: 383-5509 or Fax: 383-7193

SPRUCE UP FOR SPRING Design & Installation Free Consultation 924-8937 REBECCA BLOCK

License# MA32116



927-2128 Carpet Cleaning • Furniture Cleaning Fire/Water Damage Cleanup ServiceMaster of NW Sarasota & The Meadows, Bill & Fonda Davies, Owners

20 er ov

s ar ye


e th

y str du In

(941) 232-9812

Reasonable Rates

“Making an Impression That Lasts a Lifetime”

e ous reh Wa SF 00 9,0


For your convenience, I come to you! Chair massage also available


•Ceramic •Porcelain •Marble/Stone •Decorative Pieces

2400 N. WASHINGTON BLVD., SARASOTA, FL., 34234 PH: 941-316-9360

Starting at 79¢ - Great Selection Over 89% in STOCK!



Pet Services

SPECIALIZING IN quality custom stone work, brick, pavers, and general masonry repairs. References avail. 941-922-0402.

PERSONALIZED, LOVING in-home pet and property services. Insured & Bonded. Purrs n’ Paws Pet Care. 941-224-3664.

Power Washing

Massage MASSAGE THERAPY Marty Roca (941) 232-9812 Lic. #MA32116 For your convenience, I come to you!

Painting & Wallpapering BRILLIANT PAINTING & HOME REPAIR. Interior & Exterior work. Professional & affordable. Lic./Ins. 815-8886. PASTEL PAINTING. Interior/exterior, neat, reasonable. Wallpaper/wallpaper removal. Supplying LBK clients w/over 12 years experience & customer service. Insured. Paul Passanant. 366-9434. PAINTING/WALLPAPERING BY MICHAEL. Free Estimates. References. 378-4529. CARLO DATTILO PAINTING. Licensed & insured. Interior/exterior painting including drywall repair and retexturing. Wallpaper removal, pressure washing. Residential and commercial, condos. Honest & reliable. Free estimates. (941) 744-1020. 30+years exp. ✦ GRIFFITHS' ISLAND PAINT & PAPER SERVICES. Int./ext. painting, pressure washing, wallpaper & faux painting. We spray wicker. Prompt, reliable service at reasonable rates! Lic./Ins. Call Kevin. Cell 704-7115 or 792-1646. PAINTING & GENERAL SERVICES CO. Father & Son Team. Handyman repairs, pressure washing, professional quality work. All phases interior/exterior. Call Dan, 954-2158. VAN-GO PAINTING residential/commercial, interior/exterior, pressure cleaning, wallpaper. Island references. The originals since 1984 - Dan or Bill. 795-5100 or 518-9303.

  CANFIELD PAINTING. Color your New year! Free estimates. Interior-Exterior. References available. 364-8874.

THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 19C


THE POWER PRO. Don’t’ go North without Spring Cleaning your house! Pressure wash roofs, clean gutters, decks and pool cages. Serving Longboat since 1988. Mention this ad and get 25% off. 362-3908.

Remodeling & Home Improvements

Tile Installation


Tutoring CUSTOM EDUCATION, tutoring and remediation for all grade levels. Experienced and certified. Call Professional Teaching Associates. 351-6099 or 321-3504.

ARTISAN TILE (941) 383-2659 Lic./Ins.

Remodeling & Home Improvements

STEVE ALLEN Floorcovering. Professional Ceramic Tile Installation. Many Longboat references. 20/yrs. experience. Chamber member. 383-5381, 726-1802. Also, carpet & wood supplied, installed. Lic./Ins.

ROBERT HELD’S HANDYMAN & MORE! Commercial Rentals & Sales JOE UNGVARSKY Construction. Remodel- Improvements, Repairs, Installs, Tile, Vinyl, LONGBOAT KEY ing contractors. In-house plan design. Decks, Drywall, Rescreen & Window Mixed-Use Building: Luxury 3BR/2BA apt. State licensed and insured. #CRC035261. Cleaning. Dependable, friendly service. & 5/offices on +/-1/3 acre. $1.4/million. Call Monday thru Friday, 9a.m.-6p.m. for Many island references. 778-2993. Jewelry, Fine Gifts and outstanding appointment. 758-8044. collectibles at top location. Price, inventory KEY WEST WOODSHOP. Custom made ALL AROUND MR. FIX ALL. 15/Yrs. Exp. negotiable. hardwood Bahama shutters. Caribbean style Spackling, moldings, painting, hanging Palm Meadow: Packing and shipping & architectural woodwork. Lots of Island pictures, home theater hookup, install much more! Young business in great references. 941-779-9146. shades/blinds/faucets/fixtures/fans. No job location can grow: $75K.    too small! Indoor/Outdoor. Very dependable. Free estimates. Call Brian @ 737-0835. BRADENTON HISTORIC DISTRICT Adjoining Mixed-Use Buildings, 32/car lot TILE-TILE-TILE MARK SIMPSON Artistry in Wood. Custom for image-conscious investor/user. $1.75/mil. home theater, office, library, wainscoting. All Variations of Ceramic Tile Attention to detail. 228-5955. N.W. BRADENTON Supplied & Installed. Restaurant: Italian/pizza, beer/wine, 30 Floors a Specialty. Roofing seats. Good lease, easy to expand. $55K. Large Longboat Key Portfolio. ☛ ROOFING REPAIR, soffit and fascia. Coin Laundry: Fairway Center retail condo Free Estimates & Custom Designs. unit, all equipment included. $140K. Rescreening. 941-266-7257. Dirty grout? Give us a shout! LONGVIEW REALTY - 383-6112 STATE CERTIFIED Roofing & General Grout cleaning & restoration Richard Estrin Contractor, FL. Professional Engineer, services available. Licensed R.E. Broker Roofing (all types), Remodeling, Repairs. Call DON for immediate response. ☛ PRIME RETAIL AND OFFICE space Call Neil Halfacre 720-0794. Lic. CC-CO57977, CG-CO61519, available at the Centre Shops, Longboat (941) 726-3077 PE20374. VISA/MC. Key. Call 387-3135. LIC. INS.   PRIME RETAIL SPACE AVAIL. Taxi Service Avenue of The Flowers Shopping Center. ♦ ♦ ♦ CUSTOM RENOVATIONS. 25/years experience as a highly skilled, dependable, TAXI - On the Islands - $1.50 to get in, 1270sq.ft.+/-. 3/mos. Free Base Rent. restoration/renovation expert, carpenter $1.50/per mile. None of the extras you pay Sign now! Ask about our aggressive move-in & fine finishing contractor. Kitchen and the “guys in town”. Serving all of Sarasota special. T. Mannausa & Co., AMO, Realtor. bathroom specialist. Repairs & Painting. and Manatee Counties as well as flat 365-1511, ext. 115. rates to most airports. Cheerful, clean Paul Beauregard, 779-2294. service 7a.m.-3a.m., 7/days, INCLUDING CHARMING BURNS Court office/conference GERMAN HANDYMAN. Tiles, wood flooring, HOLIDAYS. ISLAND TRANSPORTATION, space available mornings until 1p.m. Call for details, 366-0211. painting and all other home repair you may 779-2520. need help for. High quality, reasonable prices. No job too small!! Licensed and Tile Installation CLASSIFIEDS WORK insured. Visa & M/C accepted. 539-7937. MORENO MARBLE & TILE. Installation SAY YOU SAW IT IN ☛ BILL GAREAU Building & Remodeling. & Restoration. Quality work. Over 20/yrs. THE LONGBOAT OBSERVER All phases of home improvement. License experience. Insured. Call Javier, Cell: 685-5163 or 795-6615. #RBC0067087. Insured. 685-2244.


Property Care and Handyman Co. Ken Wells and Associates LLC A Business Development Company with a record of many years in Business. Graduate Engineer, BSME. Trusted and Insured

One stop service. Our inspectors are Handymen OUR MARKETS


24/HR WATER REMOVAL Jim and Sandee Davis Owners Same owners since 1979

Bradenton (941) 746-6306 Sarasota (941) 922-1615

Home Owners Special Watch Plan $50/Mo or Quote Condo Owners Special Watch Plan $50/Mo or Quote Commercial Property, Bankers & Mortgage Brokers, Realtors, and Builders are all Quoted

Cell 737-4835 Office 758-6640

LBKC Member SCT Member


Captain Steve’s

WFC Phone 906-8554 • Cell 284-1777 Over 30 Years engineering & construction experience. Longboat Key

WEST FLORIDA CONTRACTORS, INC. • New Construction Residential & Commercial

• Renovations Residential & Commercial • Restoration Projects • Design Consulting #CGC1505233

Marine Services

“We want to keep your windows clean” Service includes: Inside and Outside of all Window, Screens, Tracks and Sliding Doors.

General Maintenance, Detail, Dive Services

941.484.6616 or 941.232.6876 Insured Quality Work

THIS SPACE COULD BE YOURS! Call Maureen for more information about The Longboat Observer Service Directory! Phone: 383-5509 or Fax: 383-7193

FREE Estimate FREE Weather Treatment

PHONE: 9 4 1 • 7 8 0 • 1 5 3 2



for 1st time customers Call for Senior Citizen Discount

mirrors and 2 fans





up to 24 standard windows

A professional home-watching service

HOME-ALONE? Installation & Quality Maintenance

The leading home-watching service providing the widest array of services.

We’ll watch your home when you leave it behind!

387-7886 Weekly Inspections • Monthly Reports Bonded • Insured


Condos & Homes For Sale

$429,900 LONGBOAT KEY, Townhouse. Fully furnished, fireplace, 3000/sq.ft., elevator. Great rental program. Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp., 941-809-0041.

Condos & Homes For Sale SUPER VALUE, The Players Club, South end Longboat. Unobstructed Gulf view w/garage, 2BR/2BA, immaculate. Turnkey furnished. $675,000. Glenn Callaghan, RE/MAX Properties. 928-9020. LONGBOAT KEY beachfront. Beautifully maintained unit. Southern Exposure. Offered at $529,900. Call 941-400-8877. SPANISH MAIN, LBK 2BR/2BA villa. Low fees! Pool and marina, deeded beach access. $255,000. 383-8860. Owner/Realtor. $179,000. FOR Sale By owner, 2BR/2BA, single family, multi-treed, 14,000/sq.ft. lot, screened lanai w/Jacuzzi, garage, 1.7/miles from Cortez Bridge, near bay. Call (941) 795-5241.

Better than new condo awaits. Small complex on Cortez Rd. and canal, 2BR/2BA, carport, all new kitchen and appliances, cabinets and tile.

Charming 1BR/1BA offers a private hideaway complete with miles of beach. Flexible rental program allows investment opportunity. Offered for $230,000


Kathy Scott Coldwell Banker 941-388-3966

FANTASTIC VALUE, LBK. Remodeled 2BR/2BA villa. Glassed lanai, private courtyard, W/D, custom kitchen, Corian, breakfast bar, bright open design. Numerous upgrades throughout. Home or investment. Pets and 12X a year rentals permitted. Steps to beach, tennis, shops. $257,000. 383-4027. NORTH LONGBOAT KEY BEACHSIDE COMMUNITY, 322 FIREHOUSE LANE. 3BR/3BA, FAMILY ROOM, SCREENED PORCH, 3/DECKS, COMMUNITY POOL, WALK TO BEACH, FULLY FURN. $995,000 CONRAD BEACH OPEN SUNDAY: 11-4 387-9595 WWW.CONRADBEACH.COM





LONGBOAT LUXURY PENTHOUSE DIRECT GULF VIEW, ALL AMENITIES, 3BR/3BA. $1,890,000 918-9011 BY OWNER/AGENT. Beach getaway house, 2BR/2BA, landscaped yard, brand new interior, nicely furnished fun house, deeded beach access. $339,000. 955-4100 or 914-6347.




Private lanai and pool overlooking the 3rd fairway of LBK golf course. 3BR/4BA, spacious floor plan, vaulted ceilings, skylights and atrium. Enjoy security and lifestyle offered behind the gates of Bay Isles. Kathy Scott Coldwell Banker 941-388-3966


WOULD YOU BELIEVE? Longboat Key - $269,900

BEST BUY on Longboat! 2BR/2BA garden condo. Immaculate condition, private beach, boat dock, heated pool, club house. $299,000. 387-7049. BAYFRONT DOWNTOWN condo, 2BR/2BA. Pool w/gorgeous oak on bay. Bay and Longboat sunsets every room. private location. $359,000 by owner. 941-545-6116.

Sylvia Babineau, Broker/Owner My Realty Company 941-504-0551

DEEDED BEACH access on LBK. Top floor Bayside, 2BR/2BA condo overlooking wide canal and boat slips. $299,900. Sharon Freeman (941) 545-0899 Michael Saunders & Company, Lic. R.E. Broker.

SAINT ARMANDS. Meticulous 3BR/3BA, 2/car garage, walled pool, cathedral ceilings, fireplace. $660,000. Glenn Callaghan, RE/MAX Properties. 928-9020.

BRADENTON BEACH. Direct Gulf Front Hotel being changed to CONDOS. Prices from $285,000-$335,000. Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp. 941-809-0041.

QUIET GROUND floor LBK condo, 2BR/2BA, study, eat-in kitchen, private fenced backyard, low maintenance fees, steps to beach and shopping. $243,000. Owner, 383-8022. $2,279,000. Water Club, Dover Unit, N/W Gulf views, 3BR, 3200/sq.ft. Beautifully appointed. Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp. 941-809-0041.

Fantastic two bedroom condo, peek of Gulf, 10/yrs. old, high ceilings, garage, approx. 1600s.f., including income potential. On site Rental Company. Hurry while interest rates are low. This won’t last!

Condos & Homes For Sale SHOW YOUR home or business on the Internet with a 360 degree Virtual Tour. For more info, visit: or call 941-778-4759.




EXQUISITE 2BR/2BA ground floor unit, private walk around terrace and spa, full security, close to downtown and Van Wezel. Owner/Lic. R.E. Broker, Brenda Scott. Call 320-0492 or 383-0491. Priced at $789,000. Broker participation welcome.



$265,000 DOWNTOWN RENAISSANCE, 1BR, 9th floor, bay view, Tommy Bahama furnishing, secure building. Health club, pool, spa. 941-330-9692.

 JUST LISTED on Longboat Key. Imagine a small complex on the Gulf. ONLY 11 units. Lushly landscaped, pool, choice of either 2 bedrooms or 1 bedroom. From $299,900-$599,900 including dockage facilities. Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp. 941-809-0041. SUMMER IS HERE! REDUCED PRICE IN UNIVERSITY PARK. 2BR/2BA AND DEN/BEDROOM. ALMOST 3000/SQ.FT. MAINTENANCE FREE HOME, ALL HIGH END AMENITIES. CALL NOW, PRINCIPALS ONLY: 927-1221

 $399,900 BAYPORT on Longboat Key, 2BR/2BA upper level villa. Furnished. Can rent 12/times a year. Peek of Gulf. Tennis and pool. Central Park Realty Corp. 941-809-0041. STEP THRU THE DOOR YOU WON’T WANT TO LEAVE! Charming 2BR/2BA end unit adorned w/custom finishes, vaulted ceiling & bay window provide open light & bright spaces. Enjoy miles of nature trails, lakes plus golf and tennis. Offered at $142,000

Kathy Scott Coldwell Banker MARINA TOWER, downtown Townhouse. 941-388-3966 SPANISH MAIN VILLA. Beautiful lake view One-of-a-kind w/magnificent unobstructed views of Marina, Bay and Keys. One block from new Florida room. 2BR/1BA, custom furnished, new A/C. Community Club, from all the excitement of Main Street, heated pool, boat docks. $264,900. 3BR/3.5BA, 3980/sq.ft. Master suite one whole floor. Concierge and 24/hr. guard/valet IDEAL 1031 lovely 2BR/2BA w/annual lease 941-751-5614. services. Must see! MLS# 224445. on St. Armands. Asking $440,000. Glenn FAIRWAY BAY, LBK. Largest end unit $1,780,000.00. Exclusive Agents of Florida Callaghan, RE/MAX properties. 928-9020. w/fabulous bay views, 2BR/2BA, extra large Sun Realty Corp. 366-5000. balcony, new appliances, tile, carpet and LAKEWOOD RANCH, gated Edgewater paint in neutral colors. $499,000. Mel & Jan Village. Lakefront 2-3BR/2BA home on Lake FREE-BEE! Goldsmith, Michael Saunders & Co. Uihlein. Former model, many upgrades. 941-383-6673 or 941-356-6673. Principals only. $485,000. 907-0160 or ❈ The Longboat Observer is offering free advertising space in the classifieds.  $589,900 LONGBOAT KEY, Seagate. Direct Gulf 2BR/2BA, new granite kitchen, ❈ Free-Bee ads will only be accepted for newly renovated. Must sell. Dennis Girard, the items-under-$200 classification and CANAL FRONT HOME Central Park Realty Corp. (941) 809-0041. may run for two weeks maximum for each 762 N. ST. JUDES DR. ad. (One Free-Bee ad per month) DOCK FOR BOAT, LARGE YARD.  $459,900 TOTALLY RENOVATED, ❈ The total value of articles for sale must Downtown Bayfront high rise, end unit, best not exceed $200 and each article must DENISE LEIDER views. Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty be priced. RE/MAX PREMIERE SERVICES Corp., 941-809-0041. 228-0520 ❈ Free-Bee ads must be placed in per $335,000 LONGBOAT KEY, son, mailed, or faxed by individuals with private addresses and phone numbers. Townhouse. Bay views, 2BR/2BA, garage. (Sorry, no commercial advertising in the Fantastic condition. Great rental program. LIDO BEACH, 1BR/1.5BA, furnished, tenant Free-Bee section.) Built 1990. Tennis Resort. Dennis Girard, through 9//30/03. $229,900. King & Co., Central Park Realty Corp., 941-809-0041. George Peter Ryan, 388-2040.



Condos & Homes For Sale

Lots & Acreage For Sale

Rentals: Annual

FAIRWAY BAY - Atrium Direct Bay View. Unit #538, 4th level, 3BR/2.5BA, 2616/sq.ft. w/3 balconies and 2/under building parking spaces. Priced at $875,000. BANYAN BAY - Unit #401, 1300/sq.ft., 2BR/2BA, recently updated, screened lanai. Priced at $379,000. ST. ARMANDS. Walk to Circle & Lido Beach, 2BR/2BA, 1425/sq.ft. on a 60x150 lot, w/extra building used as office or artist's studio. Priced at $450,000. GRAND BAY, direct bay view. Unit #113, 2nd level, 3BR/3.5BA, 2550/sq.ft. Cayman model, turnkey furnished, w/2 balconies and under building parking. Priced at $999,999. PRIVATEER, direct Gulf front. Unit #505S, 5th level, 2BR/2BA, 1290/sq.ft. w/2 balconies overlooking beach, pool & tennis. Priced at $439,000. CEDARS EAST. Unit #529, 1500/sq.ft., 2BR/2.5BA, townhouse, w/2 car garage, turnkey furnished for sale for $259,000 and also for rent, seasonally or annually. FAIRWAY BAY, 1626/sq.ft. townhouse, 2BR/2.5BA, w/huge parking garage. Priced at $434,500. CANAL FRONT, 623 Marbury Lane, north end, 2800/sq.ft., tri-level pool home, w/boat dock, only 10/yrs. old, turnkey furnished. Rents for $4000 a month all year long. Priced at $699,000. PENDING DIRECT BEACH front condo. For rent, 1532/sq.ft. condo on the beach, at Lido Beach Club. Call for details. BUTTONWOOD HARBOR, 610 Buttonwood Drive, mid-key, 2200/sq.ft. pool home, 4BR/2BA, on huge lot, w/marina and boat dock for only $300 a year. Priced at $450,000 and also for rent annually. 180’ DIRECT Bay View, 6643 Renssalaer Drive, 4300/sq.ft. pool home, 5BR/4.5BA, on two lots with 250’ of seawall, no boat dockage. Priced at $925,000.

LONGBOAT KEY 3/LOTS; C-1 zoning. $400,000 each. General Harris St. Longview Realty, Richard Estrin Lic. R.E. Broker. 383-6112.

SANDS POINT, LBK’s finest Gulf front location, behind the gates of LBK Club. Unfurnished, 1BR/1.5BA, 1400/sq.ft. Private first floor patio overlooking New Pass w/Gulf views. Great pool, fishing pier, and the best of the beach. Kitchen appliances included. Non-smoker, no pets. Annual lease, $1800 monthly. You’ve got to see this one. Mrs. Barker, 383-5897 or Kim at 941-383-3702.


Mobile Homes TWIN SHORES, #79 mobile home. 2BR/1BA, as is with many improvements completed. Compound has private marina. $30,000. Owner, 361-7213.

Open House SECLUDED 150/FT. WATERFRONT PARADISE. LBK. 6551 Bayou Hammock Rd. $1,195,000. 4BR/3BA wooded acre. Available for showing Sunday, 1-4p.m. Call Owner/agent, M. Namack, Ilene Mirman Realty 941-730-6812 or 941-378-3582.


LBK STUDIO and 1BR apts. Furnished, located on bay, walk to beach. $600-$650/annual. Call Resort Properties, 941-388-3177 or 941-724-5203. LIDO BEACH. Efficiencies, 1BR available starting from $600 per month. Non-smoker. 941-388-2590. GOLDEN GATE Point, Bay front, 2BR/2BA, pristine, $1600/mo. Bay view, 2BR/1BA, charming, $895/mo. 587-1122. LONGBOAT KEY, SEA GATE. Direct Gulffront w/fabulous beach & Gulf views from every room. 2BR/2BA w/large double balcony, newly furnished. $4000/mo. 847-821-7700.

LONGBOAT KEY, 2BR/1.5BA waterfront townhouse, unfurnished. Pet welcome. LBK, NORTH End canal front lot for sale by $850/mo. 383-2659. owner. 5/Min. walk to Gulf, new 50/ft. dock, sewer and water. 383-8710. 1/BR STUDIO beautiful bayou and boating,

E-MAIL YOUR CLASSIFIED! Now you can E-mail your classified advertisement. Send your ad to: Include your name and telephone number with your ad. We’ll take care of the rest.


Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation BEHIND Gates of LONGBOAT Key Club, every room direct Gulf front, incredible sunsets, hear and see the waves from 3/large bedrooms, 3/full baths, 3/balconies, corner unit. 2-3/mo. rental. Special summer rates. 631-287-1934. MOUNTAIN APARTMENT. Cashiers/ Sapphire Valley, N.C. Almost new w/awesome mountain views, 2BR/1BA, family room/kitchenette & large deck. Country Club amenities, $365/week. 941-359-6868. AVAILABLE JULY & August. Pets welcome! Newly remodeled canal front home, 3BR/2BA. Designer furnished, fenced yard, private beach access. For rates and photos go to website:

or call 941-360-0700. LONGBOAT KEY, Seagate. On the beach, Gulf views, 4th floor, 2BR/2BA, 2/terraces, new kitchen and furnishings, TV’s, VCR, computer printer, W/D, stereos, heated pool, tennis court, exercise room, assigned parking. 3/mo. minimum. $5000/mo. Longer stays available. 212-787-9337. LBK, 100/FT. private beach home, 3BR/3BA, heated pool, W/D, spa, quality exercise equipment, 70 palms tropical setting, cable TV/internet/fax. Jan. through April $6000/mo., May-Sept. $4000/mo., Oct.-Dec. $5000/mo. 941-387-2001. LIDO BEACH. Luxury Condo on beach, 3BR/2.5BA, huge terrace, pool/spa, fitness center, tennis courts, security gate, breathtaking bay & city view! Flexible availability. Also available annually. (941) 918-4596.

CORTEZ AREA, 2BR/1BA waterfront furnished condo w/boat dock. Small pet welcome, $800/mo. 941-383-2659.

Lots & Acreage For Sale



$2500/MO ANNUAL NORTH LONGBOAT KEY, Beachside INCLUDES ALL UTILITIES Community, 322 Firehouse Lane. 3BR/3BA, 387-0114 family room, screened porch, 3/decks, community pool, walk to beach, fully furn. $995,000 Conrad Beach Open Sunday: LBK, BEACH HARBOUR CLUB, furnished 11-4. 387-9595 (and upgraded) Penthouse. 3BR/2BA, W/D, covered parking, deeded beach, boat Out-Of-State Property dock, great pool, and more! 1400sq.ft. under TENNESSEE. MODERN mountain home air +900sq.ft. private porches. Also available w/14 acres, 2BR/loft, central heat/air, seasonally. Call 360-8966. ceramic tile floors and carpeting. Great vacation/hunter’s getaway. Reduced to LBK, 1BR/1BA cottage, hardwood floors, furnished or unfurnished. Available now, $89,900 o/b/o. 941-359-1612. $875/mo. 2BR/1BA house, W/D, $1100/mo. WHITNEY BEACH, spacious 2BR/2BA Rentals: Annual condo. Nice water view, 2nd floor, private SPANISH MAIN, LBK 2BR/2BA villa. beach, pool, tennis, W/D, water/cable/pest Pool and marina, deeded beach access. control included. Unfurnished, no pets, Annual or Seasonal. 383-8860. vacant, $1700/mo.

LBK, BEACHFRONT. Spacious and beautiful, 2BR/2BA among multi-million $ PALMER RANCH area. Unfurnished, gated homes and condos. Heated pool, exercise community, executive home, 3BR/3BA +den. facility and tennis. Offered at $479,900. Double garage, heated pool. Pristine Call 374-3200. condition. $2700/mo. 349-9828.

2/ACRES, SPRING HILL AREA. 2/Blocks off County Line Rd. Newer fence, cleared, paved cul-de-sac, oaks, near Spring Hill Hospital. $22,000/each. Ready to build. Beautiful! Owner/352-684-2754, message.


THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 21C

beach walk over. $795/mo. 941-387-0990. 2BR/2BA CONDO in Longboat. Sweeping views of bay, walk to beach, all appliances. Fully furnished, pool & tennis court. Annual and seasonal rentals. Call 813-469-9338 for more details. DOWNTOWN RENAISSANCE, 1BR, 9th floor, bay view, Tommy Bahama furnishing, secure building. Health club, pool, spa. $1300/mo. 941-330-9692. LONGBOAT KEY, Islander Club, rare 9th floor, 2BR/2BA, amenities, covered parking, pool, on beach. May 1st. $1650/mo. No pets. 941-485-1630. SOUTHGATE CLASSIC gem. Terrazo, open, Florida room, fenced tropical yard, large 2BR, lots of closets, immaculate condition. $1150-$950. 365-8417. BEACHPLACE, 2BR/2BA, unfurnished, Southern exposure, covered parking. Wonderful amenities, $2100/mo. Call Maggie Hicks, 383-6411.

LBK, CEDARS COURT, 2BR/2.5BA townhouse w/garage. Nicely furnished. Available Nov. through March, 04. Rental includes tennis membership. Nov.-Dec. BAYFRONT THEATER district, 2BR/2BA, $2000/mo., Jan. $3000/mo. Feb.-March secluded mainland. Romantic bayfront pool, $3800/mo. Call 011-44-29-20796014 or bay sunsets & serene park views every e-mail: room. Furnished, 1200+/sq.ft. $1800/mo. for 6/mos., $1600/mo. annual. 941-747-7411. BEACH PLACE, 2BR/2BA. Monthly rental. (941)918-8658 LBK, GRAND BAY. Premiere community, w/world class amenities, beach club, LIDO BEACH. Modern 2BR with patio, 2BR/2BA penthouse, furnished w/wrap laundry, completely furnished, walk to beach. around terrace. Spectacular views of Reasonable. Available now. 383-2566. Sarasota Bay and skyline. 2/Garage parking, N. FORK, L.I., NY. Spacious 3BR/2BA 24/hr. security, $2500/mo. (941) 387-1336. home, A/C, gourmet kitchen, dock, private LBK, TWIN SHORES, 1BR, turnkey, 55+, beach, bus to NYC. Pictures available. private beach. $625/mo. annually or July and August. 631-734-4260. $725/mo. May through Nov. 371-3290. PLAN FOR 2004! 2BR/2BA Longboat SPACIOUS 2BR/2BA condo. Downtown, Harbour, nicely furnished w/a view. Call Gulfstream Ave. Spectacular views of bay 251-342-7339 or 251-342-7344. and skyline. 24/hr. security. heated pool, LONGBOAT HARBOUR, 2BR/2BA w/bay plus special features. 365-7920. view, nicely furnished, Building L, 2nd floor, HOLMES BEACH, 2BR/1.5BA townhouse, enclosed lanai. 3/mo. minimum. Call steps to Gulf. Sun deck/Gulf views, W/D. 631-586-8580. $795/mo. 941-758-1899, 203-417-2331. VACATION RENTALS AVAILABLE! Longboat Key, Lido Key, Siesta Key, Casey Key, U.P.C.C., Downtown. ITALIAN VILLA Experience the elegant lifestyle of The RINGLING MUSEUM AREA Residence at The Ritz Carlton. W/BAY VIEW. Jennette & Rossi, Inc. STUNNING, 2BR/1BA, FIREPLACE, Real Estate Management LANAI, HOT TUB. 941-953-6000


$1195/MO., 941-387-0700

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation VACATION RENTALS Longboat Key & Anna Maria Seasonal & Annual Call Wedebrock Rental Office 941-383-5886 or 800-486-5886 For a complete list, go to:

ST. ARMANDS, 2BR/2BA condo. Steps to beach/Circle, heated pool. All amenities. Available now. 359-6504 or 730-4465. LBK, WHITNEY BEACH - casual elegance. 2BR/2BA, W/D, turnkey. Water views of Bayou. Newly renovated. Tennis, heated pool, boat slip. Steps to Gulf & Beach. May-Sept. $1900/mo., Oct.-Dec. $2500/mo., Jan.-April, $3400/mo. No pets/smokers. Contact: LONGBOAT SUMMER SPECIAL. Gulf front condo, pool, beach, 1BR/1BA, sleeps 4. From $770/week. 617-328-7145.

BEST DEAL on Longboat, 2BR/2BA, ground floor, screened porch, private rear sun deck and garden, steps to beach and shopping.  Summer prices: $325/week, $1200/mo. LBK, 3 or 4BR/3.5BA house. Canal front 941-383-5914. ON THE Gulf w/pool. 1BR condo, sleeps 4. w/view of Sarasota Bay. Deep water dock. Nicely furnished, cable, phone, full kitchen, Beach access. $1800/mo. unfurnished. CUTCHOGUE, LONG Island, NY. Sandy $2250/mo. furnished. 730-2790. Email: living, dining area, W/D in building. Monthly beach front house, 4BR/2BA, decks, A/C. or May through Jan. $1400/mo. 351-5101. July & August. 631-734-6377.

22C THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003



Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

ST. ARMANDS. Exquisite turnkey furnished 2BR/2BA cottage, pool, +screened lanai, walk beach/Circle. June 15 through Oct. 30. (941) 388-2524.

2BR/2BA CONDO in Longboat. Sweeping views of bay, walk to beach, all appliances. Fully furnished, pool & tennis court. Seasonal and monthly rentals (also available annually). Call 813-469-9338 for more BANYAN BAY, 2BR/2BA, 1st. floor, W/D, details. pool, clubhouse, tennis, fishing dock, steps to beach. Available monthly or seasonal. Non-smoking unit. (203) 481-2748. ISLANDER’S CLUB



LONGBOAT KEY. The best of all worlds in this direct Gulf front beach condo, next to world famous Colony Beach Tennis Club, 2BR/2BA, LR, DR, kitchen. 6/mo. rental @ $6000/mo. Owner/Realtor. E-mail: Fax: 914-238-4384.

RESORT CONDOMINIUM WEEKLY RENTALS GULF FRONT/GULF VIEW Reservations: 941-383-5549 Visa/MC Fax: 941-383-7925 Office Open 7 Days, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 4621 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key 34228 LARGE HEATED POOL

LIDO SHORES, furnished 3BR/2BA, pool, spa & private beach access. Call for rates & availability. Romona Glanz, 383-9700. Re/Max Excellence. LONGBOAT KEY, 2BR, first floor condo. Tennis, pool. $600/week or $1800/mo. Available May 1. Also available annually. 847-735-1764.

(25/ft.x60ft.) GULFSIDE “85% Repeat Guests” “INTENTIONALLY BETTER”

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

ST. ARMANDS, 2BR/2BA, all new beds, linens, cookware. Pool, full bay view w/dock, walk to beach, shops, dining. $2500/mo. in season. Details, 651-653-6956.

SEAPLACE G2, 2BR/2BA. Oct./Nov./Dec. 2003. 2/mo. min. Well furnished; non-smokers only. Wilkinson UK 011 44 1202 762071. E-mail

PALM AIRE. 1BR/1.5BA, on the lake and LONGBOAT VILLAGE, 2BR/2BA furnished the golf course. Quiet setting, beautifully home. Pet welcome. Avail. June to October, furnished community pool, electric and $1000/mo. 941-383-2659. phone included. Maid service. Available until 12/1. 359-3637, leave message. SEAPLACE, AVAILABLE DEC., 2003 to May, 2004. 2BR/2BA, nearly new Robb & LBK, NORTHSHORE Rd., 1BR/1BA condo. Stucky furniture. Bldg. M-2, under bldg. Updated, W/D, walk to beach, fishing, dock. parking, N.W. view of Gulf, non-smoking. Season 4/mos. $1800/mo. Off-Season New air cond. w/ultra violet protection. $1200/mo. 941-383-6485. All appliances & washer/dryer. Call (888) 570-1977. WINDWARD BAY Gorgeous Sarasota Bay view, beautifully furnished, large 2BR/2BA corner unit, third floor Bldg. F, washer/dryer, enclosed lanai, beach access, tennis, heated pools, covered parking.

Time Share LBK, GOLD Crown 5/Star, RCI/II, Foreclosures/Owner Resales, 3/Resorts, 1 & 2 Bedroom, Red Weeks, $2000 to $14000. Cunningham Property Management, Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker, 387-9191, 800-201-9983,

May through Nov., 2003 - $2000/mo. 1/month minimum 387-7676

WHITE SANDS of Longboat. Timeshares available, for sale by owner: Priced to sell at $3,000 each or $4500 for both. First and Second weeks (49 and 50) of December. Use or trade around the with Interval International. LBK. PRIVATE home, 3BR/2BA, deep world water, beach access, pool, newly furnished. 802-384-2285 or Weekly or seasonal rentals. Pets OK. or or 770-840-0028.

CHECK IT OUT!! We offer a Classification Heading for any need you have! Just Ask! If a Classification Heading is not showing, it is only because there are no corresponding ads for it at the time.

BAYPORT, 2BR/2BA. TKF, across street from Gulf. 1/mo. min. Avail.: June 1-Nov. 30, $1900/mo. 770-671-0338.

LONGBOAT HARBOR, 2BR/2BA, bay/canal views, nicely furnished, 4/pools, tennis, beach house, exercise room. Also, available annually. 383-8566.

LIDO BEACH vacation paradise. 1 & 2 bedroom condos overlooking beautiful Lido RENTALS AVAILABLE - On the Keys Beach. Weekly rates. Lido Dorset. Rental & from Bradenton to Venice. Pat Passeri, condo. 388-1404. Rental Agent, Re/Max Excellence, LUXURY CONDO. Fairway Bay, 2BR/2BA, 800-708-5994, 941-387-2927 or 383-9700. UNIQUE BEACH access at Seaplace. unobstructed bay view and downtown 2BR/2BA. 2/mo. min. First floor walkout, Sarasota. $1800/mo. Contact Dennis, LBK, PARADISE & Whitney Beach. Newly decorated 1BR/1BA, W/D, large balcony 50/ft. to ocean beach, garden view, fully 800-808-6550. to watch waves and sunsets, tennis, furnished, non-smoking. Tennis courts and 2/pools. Available: May-Nov. $1250/mo. BEACHPLACE, BUILDING 6. Updated pool. Monthly $3500/mo. prime, less Dec. $2500, Jan.-March $3500, April $2500. off-season. By owner. 248-644-8102 or 2BR/2BA. Monthly rental. 412-835-7308. 706-746-3799 or

The Longboat OBSERVER Crossword Edited by Wayne Robert Williams

MAIN STREET MISNOMERS By Willy A. Wiseman, New York, New York ACROSS 1 Entrance to a mine 5 Say stop 14 1980 FBI investigation 20 Writing-on-the-wall word 21 Some three-digit numbers 22 Gaze at 23 High-priced armored vehicle? 25 Hogshead, e.g. 26 Marvel Comics man 27 Police officer 28 "Mack the Knife" singer 29 Conks out 30 Siliceous meteorite 34 Small, silvery fish 37 Engender 39 Army radio? 41 __-dieu 42 Guam or Yukon: abbr. 43 Spoiled 44 Hussein of Iraq 46 24-hr. info stn. 47 Sounds of hesitation 48 Grippe 49 Quote the raven 52 Make an exit 53 Formerly 54 Cheap quarters? 57 __ Scott Case 58 Blood vessel: pref. 59 Compound of two identical molecules 62 Welty and others 64 Trick pitches

66 Battery terminals 68 More full of feathers 70 Lava cinders 71 Loyal fan 73 Heckles 75 Resignee of '73 76 Onassis, to pals 77 St. Louis gridders 79 Percussion pharmacy? 81 Inhabitant of: suff. 82 Austrian composer Berg 84 Baden-Baden or Bath 85 Wooly female 86 R.E. Lee's nation 89 Intentionally so written 90 Bar selection 92 Scottish river 93 Lukas of "Witness" 94 Himalayan wild goat 96 Not a live-in maid? 100 Bombards 101 Slumber 103 Formal ball 104 Continental crust layer 105 Ill-treat 107 Still and __ 108 Fertilizer component 111 Conductor Toscanini 113 Unmovable business? 117 More submissive 118 Minimal crowd? 119 Container weight 120 Perry's Della 121 Clarified a request 122 Dundee dagger

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 24 28 30 31 32 33 35 36 37 38 39 40 43 45 48 49 50

DOWN Author Kingsley Pockmark "__ from Mars" More minute Actress Phoebe French weapon Shelter Knights' weapons Players Beef-and-potato stew Clare of "Bleak House" Writer Deighton Tongue-clucking sound Swedish pop group Chicago team Seafood order Fred Flintstone's local bar? Pub offering X times CLV Snow-day ride Himalayan cedars Helping hand __ Cruces, NM Slanted type: abbr. Befell Women's underwear Carpenter's finetoothed tool A/C measure ZZZ letters Transparent fabric Bellybuttons 3-letter sandwich Health program Conflagration candidate Genetic sequence Confessed

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Last Week’s Cryptograms 1. Devoted chef was so crazy about very spicy food he even cleansed his palate with a zesty dash of Tabasco sauce. 2. Crackerjack blackjack dealer speedily shuffles, cuts and racks four decks of cards while fascinated players watch in disbelief.








2. L C F V P B X L J




Stacy Deibler, Willowbrook, IL







Harry B. Schultheis, Las Vegas, NV


Winners CONTINUED FROM PAGE 16C MERRILL DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB Bayfront Park Recreation Center — April 17 North-South 1. Ellen and Munir Jabbur 2. Fran Mann and Mel Weisel 3. Wolfgang Wostl and Paul Massik East-West 1. Renee Bald and Herb Epstein 2. Elton Yasuna and Robert Schaefer 3. Trudy and Al Florin (tie) Helen Schweyer and Lucetta Ganley LONGBOAT KEY DUPLICATE BRIDGE Bayfront Park Recreation Center — April 22 North-South 1. Ruth Gorton and Marle Abramson 2. Marge Sagman and Jill Green

THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003 23C 3. Joyce Gidwitz and Barbara Kupferberg East-West 1. Jo and Herb Bruch 2. Selma and Henry Medvin 3. Jim Brown and Brian Howard

Judy Kepecz- Hays

MERRILL DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB Bayfront Park Recreation Center — April 24 North-South 1. Dorrie and Lee Rosenberg 2. Laura Ingrassia and Fred Riedinger 3. Natalie Apple and Jean Simon East-West 1. Elton Yasuna and Robert Schaefer 2. Mary Lou Thomas and Erika Beyer 3. Trudy and Al Florin

941•387•1825 Sarasota’s International Realtors We Feature Several Referral Offices in Europe. Wir Sprechen Deutsch • Beszelunk Magyarul Nous parlons un peux Français

Over $31 million in sales in December 2002!

$1,000,000 per day!

Duplicate bridge games are held at 1 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays at Bayfront Park Recreation Center. Call Larry Auerbach for details, 758-2017. ❑


➣ NEW WATERFRONT HOME Great architecture, bamboo, marble, granite, boat dock. $2,299,000

Wonderful waterfront home with views to the West over Buttonwood Harbour. Deep water dockage for large boat already in place. 3 bedrooms, den and workout room 5 bath home with pool/spa on elevated deck. Please call for details.

BAYFRONT Granite kitchen, private, large guest suite, fireplace, bayfront pool & spa. $1,899,000

One of the newest homes behind the gates of the Bay Isles “Bayou” community. Fine appointments include Granite counter-tops, wood floors along with elegant stone flooring, carpet in the bedrooms. This site offers tranquil views of a lake and deep lush woods.

BREATHTAKING ELEGANCE! Every custom detail is magnificent, from architecture to appliances! Saturnia floors, wine room, outdoor kitchen and bath, boat dock with lift, walk to beach and St. Armands Circle. $2,350,000


COUNTRY CLUB SHORES Totally redone Mediterranean sailboat waterfront home. $949,000

$3,500,000 $5,800,000

➣ RITZ Custom 3 BR + media room 15th floor residence with fabulous bay views and many upgrades! 2 parking, 2 storage. $2,590,000 “Tommy Bahama” style 14th floor furnished bayfront unit! Private beach club, spa. $1,269,000 Towers Penthouse - Bay and marina views, 3BR + den w/fireplace, wet bar, wine cooler, high ceilings, unique amenity level, private 2 car garage. $4,300,000

Islandside Private living within Longboat Key Club. Open views to beach and city skyline. Southern exposure views, tastefully appointed. Over 3,500 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 2-car garage. Turnkey furnished.

PENTHOUSE Long beach views, 2 en-suite bedrooms, totally redone in style! $799,000

Interactive Website: Email:


SANCTUARY Breathtaking views of bay, city and golf course from this 2BR+den furnished penthouse model! $1,395,000


AQUARIUS Furn. 2BR split plan, gulf views, heated pool, Har-tru Tennis. $529,000

Please call me to sell your home

ISLANDER CLUB Beachfront building, Olympic sized pool, totally redone, 2BR. $449,900


$1,995,000 5153

5223 2063

330 John Ringling Blvd. Sarasota, FL 376-6411 ~ Direct Line 388-4433 - office 924-9000 ~ showing inquiries

QUEENS HARBOUR WATERFRONT Maintenance-free, custom 3,540 s.f. courtyard model with private pool and guest quarters. Quality! $1,195,000

For virtual tours, or to view our area’s Multiple Listing Service, log on to

BAYOU BAY ISLES - 1,500,000


QUEENS HARBOUR WATERFRONT Behind the LBK Club gates, 3BR + loft and den. Deeded beach. $1,275,000


3500 sq ft of beachfront furnished at or 7000 sq ft of unfurnished at

SABAL COVE Custom 4BR home behind the LBK Club gates, granite, deeded beach, waterfall pool. $1,295,000

201 Gulf of Mexico Dr. • Longboat Key

24C THURSDAY MAY 22, 2003



Years of Distinctive Service Residential Sales ◆ ◆ ◆

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Commercial Division

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Bridget Spiess Buying or Selling, Call Today!

Bridget Spiess (941)720-6304

Call or visit one of our convenient locations N. Longboat Key S. Longboat Key


Holmes Beach

6350 Gulf of Mexico Dr. 26 Avenue of Flowers 3224 East Bay Dr. 383-5543 383-5544 778-0700 1-800-335-5543 1-800-950-3450 1-800-615-9930 D CE DU E R ICE PR

Mike Migone (941)812-7437 CHARMING VILLA IN BOATING COUNTRY Tastefully remodeled & decorated. 2BR/2BA condo with over 1000sf. TKF, heated pool, deeded beach access & protected sailboat docks. Water views from large lanai. $280,000 John Hines 383-5543

SIESTA KEY Gorgeous bay views from this beautiful Spanish Mediterranean home. Nearly 5000 sq.ft. of living area on deep protected sailboat water w/private boat dock that can accommodate a large boat. No bridges to bay, minutes to gulf. $2,250,000 Courtney Campbell 383-5543

PENTHOUSE AT THE POPULAR GRANDE CONDOMINIUM Features include 3BR/4.5BA, 2 master suites. Sweeping gulf and bay views. Private 2 car garage, marble & granite throughout. $1,899,000. Mike Nink 383-5543

BEACH FRONT CONDO! Spacious 3BR in a private, nine-unit building directly on the beach. Enjoy your own piece of the beach and sunsets. Pool, tennis, and garage add to this fully remodeled piece of heaven. $749,900 Karen Ankerstar 383-5544

GULF FRONT LONGBOAT KEY Totally updated Sunset Beach condo. Turnkey furnished, gourmet kitchen, all new appliances, and crown molding. End unit with 2 balconies, plantation shutters, and updated tile throughout. A must see! $695,000 Marc Turner 778-0700

TWIN SHORES Large 2BR/1BA mobile home can sleep 8! Double lot, outdoor patio area. Lots of extras. Spectacular beach, bay access, and just steps to the Gulf. $126,900 Peggy Kulik 383-5543

VIZCAYA AT LONGBOAT KEY The most prestigious community on the West Coast, this Addison Meisner design has it all! Truly a paradise for the discriminating buyer. $2,895,000 MLS #220652

WESTCHESTER GULF FRONT, 1st floor, tastefully updated. Enlarged kitchen, quality furniture, electric storm shutters, turnkey furnished. Walk out your door to pool and beach $629,000 MLS #230006

BAY PLAZA Fabulous views of Sarasota Bay, Longboat Key, Marina, & Gulf. Twenty-four hour Concierge, valet parking. Walk to the library, theaters, and restaurants. $575,000 MLS 231915

Tina Rudek (941)795-5950 CONDOS GULF FRONT INVESTMENT Rarely available, turnkey furnished in newly renovated eight unit complex. Gorgeous beach and heated pool just outside your door. Excellent income property with bookings in place. $549,000 THE ARBOMAR Fabulous sunsets,I N D gulfGand bay views EN P highlight this tastefullyAdecorated and updated end unit that T C NTR$489,000 shows likeCaO model. LONGBEACH CONDO Exceptional direct gulf views over LBK’s finest beaches. 2BR/2BA with den and large lanai. Great income possibilities. $439,000

HOMES SPACIOUS GULFSIDE HOME Spectacular gulf and sunsets views, sounds of the ocean and white sugar sand right at your doorstep. Inviting 5BR/3BA home on 100x180 lot with excellent income revenue. $2,795,000 PALMA SOLA BAYFRONT 4 acre +/- property with protected 370 foot deep canal & spacious ranch home with spectacular water views surrounded by complete tranquility and privacy. Keep as huge private estate or develop. Endless possibilities. $1,249,000 “THE AVALON” at Laguna Yacht Village. Brand new quality built 4BR/3BA home with soaring ceilings and open concept. Warm wood flooring, stainless steel, granite tops & much more. Only steps to your own deep water boat dock, sparkling community pool and beach access. $796,200 MODEL OPEN – Daily 1-5, 6330 Laguna Drive. BRAND NEW HOMES under construction due for completion this summer. Three bedroom, two bath floor plan with over 2,100 square feet of luxurious living. Maintenance free community with deep water boat dock and heated pool & spa. Across the street from the beach and close to shopping. Starting at $663,500

HOMESITES MILLION DOLLAR VIEW Estate size Gulf front parcel with approved plans & permits for large residence already in place. Build your dream on Longboat’s finest beach. $2,750,000

SUTTON PLACE Beautifully updated and decorated with deeded access to the beach. Community boat dock on deep sailboat water with no bridges to bay. Conveniently located and attached garage. $289,000 MLS #235372

TWIN SHORES mobile home with one bedroom, two bath, great location, 55 plus community with beach and bay access, boat dock. Investment potential!

WE DO OPEN HOUSES EVERY WEEKEND. Call 720-6304 for addresses and directions. South Longboat


MID KEY TOWN HOME TKF, 3BR/2.5BA w/attached garage, screened lanai & private patio. Sail in deep water or fish from community boat dock. Numerous amenities on gorgeous grounds w/2 pools, exercise, clubhouse & beautiful beaches. $295,000 Tina Rudek or Mike Migone 383-5543

BOATERS PARADISE Key West style home on lg private lot. Water views, high ceilings, open floor plan, 40x20 covered slip and 3+ deep water slips able to handle large sailboats. $1,400,000 John Hines 383-5543

LAGUNA YACHT VILLAGE Don't miss your opportunity to own a new quality built home in this maintenance free waterfront community. Short walk to sugar sand beaches and your own deep water dock. Only 3 Homesites left. Starting at $240,000



445 NORTH SHORE Newly renovat- VILLA CASURINA 2/2 Gulf front condo, ed and furnished 3BR/2BA pool home small community with fabulous views. with views of Longboat Pass. Available Available seasonally. Call for rates! seasonally. Call for rates!

For more distinctive rentals, please visit our website For a complete list of properties & virtual tours visit our website or e-mail us at

ESCAPE ... TO HIDEAWAY BAY Enchanting unspoiled beauty surrounds this immaculate 4BR/4BA custom home. Completely private water and pool views, soaring ceilings, spacious and bright interior. Steps to beach, dock and tennis. $1,125,000

Wir Sprechen Deutsch


North Longboat

May 22 2003  
May 22 2003