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Thursday, MARCH 9, 2006

town commission by Roger Drouin | City Editor

Commission approves grants Money goes to five nonprofit organizations.

Town commissioners approved a $30,000 grants program Monday, clearing the way for five non-profit organizations to receive funding from the town. Under the newly formed program, each organization that applied for a grant receives a percentage of the amount it requested. Groups awarded grants include the Longboat Key Center for the Arts, Longboat Key Garden Club, Longboat Key Historical Society,

+ Beach wedding


Longboat Key Turtle Watch and the Longboat Library Commissioner Lee Rothenberg cast the lone dissenting vote, saying that he thought a committee should be formed to choose individual groups for grants instead of approving a blanket contribution to all applicants. Rothenberg referred to a previous lengthy and heated discussion about the process of awarding grants. Rothenberg said commissioners first voted 5-2 at a Feb. 16 workshop to postpone the grants until the commission created a method for awarding grants. “I think we should get back to what we orig-

inally discussed,” Rothenberg said, “which is forming a committee to vet this out. “Should the town pay for construction at a non-profit organization? Do we want to subsidize scholarships?” Rothenberg added. “This is something we need to talk about.” Rothenberg said he thinks it is vital to have a committee that would review applications and make recommendations for which organizations should receive a grant. But Commissioner George Spoll pointed out that commissioners voted twice at the

See grants page 5A


Tina Schumacher became the bride of Michael Semoton March 2, in a ceremony held on the beach at The Veranda. The Rev. Ken Gill of Longboat Island Chapel officiated. The bride is the daughter of Marie Wellnitz. Semoton is the son of Roger and Jean Semoton of Wisconsin. The couple will reside in Wisconsin. (As part of the ceremony, the couple each placed sand in a container symbolizing their union.)

+ Marathon man Matthew McGuire decided to make his trip to Longboat Key to visit his parents, Jim and Phyllis McGuire, about more than just escaping the cold of Buffalo, NY. McGuire participated in the Sarasota Marathon March 5, and finished 16th out of 500 runners who participated in the full 26.2-mile race. His time of 3 hours, 8 minutes and 29 seconds, which averages to 7-minute, 12-second miles, placed him third in his 30-34 age group. Up next for McGuire is a race a little closer to home, when he competes in the Buffalo Marathon Memorial Day weekend.


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Photos by Kat Wingert

After six years of working to break ground on the Key’s newest luxury condominium project, the Grand Mariner on Longboat Key, golden shovels finally turned the first scoop of dirt March 7 at its official groundbreaking ceremony. Tom Hires, a local partner for the Grand Mariner; Michael Ezgur with Terrapin Properties, the Chicago-based developer for the project; Longboat Key Mayor Ron Johnson; Drayton Saunders, with Michael Saunders & Co.; and Jake Geleerd, also with Terrapin Properties, dig into the property. The project, scheduled to be completed the summer of 2007, will contain 14 three-bedroom condominium units and 20 boat slips.

face-off by Roger Drouin | City Editor

Candidates take final stance on key issues The debates are over. There are no more wine-and-cheese events. More than 700 early voters have already headed to the polls. Town Commission candidates Miles Leavitt and Bob Siekmann have had many opportunities to convey their campaign platforms and win supporters.

Bob Siekmann


One week before Election Day, as the campaigning was winding down, Leavitt and Siekmann told The Longboat Observer how they would vote on key issues if they were elected to the Town Commission and the issues came before them.


What plans do you have for last minute campaigning? We will continue with our campaign strategy, which is to talk to as many Longboat Key people as possible about our plans if elected: reduced spending and lower taxes; regional solutions for regional problems; protecting our unique environment; and election reform to encourage more citizens to be involved in town boards and the commission. Your opponent wrote in a letter to the editor this week that previous letters from you and former PIC President Sandy Gilbert brought a negative tone to the campaign. Do you think the letters brought a negative tone to your campaign? I have made a sincere effort to run a very positive campaign focused on what I would like to accomplish if elected. From where do you expect to garner the most votes? I believe my support is broad based, and I expect to run strongly

Miles Leavitt

What plans do you have for last-minute campaigning? Shake some hands and ask for votes. You wrote in a letter to the editor this week that previous letters from your opponent and former PIC President Sandy Gilbert brought a negative tone to the campaign. How do you think this will impact the outcome of the election? How do you plan to respond? I hope the voters of Longboat Key will understand that nothing is gained by injecting a negative tone into the race. I will remain positive. From where do you expect to garner the most votes? I believe there will be a fairly even distribution throughout the island If you were a commissioner and the See issues page 5A following issues came up for a vote to-




A Letter to the Voters of Longboat Key ore’s Stone lead to the immediate closing of Mo not : anning Dear Longboat Key Voters staurant. Nor is it merely an estate-pl Re b Cra famStone Crab m, or an exit strategy, for the Moore nis cha Imagine this graphic scene: Moore’s me t stratide Restaurant that matter, what is wrong with an exi For ily. Restaurant and the Mar Vista Docks nks of sidit to Longboat egy? Many Longboaters have made & Pub with boarded-up windows; chu ered roofs tegies. tatt because of their own business exit stra white y Ke ing peeling and rotting in the salt air; g what red, g the parkin That is to the free-enterprise system with missing shingles; weeds snarlin lls; wa gs’ ldin and blue are to patriotism. lots; green mold climbing up the bui dlan two se the g Moores a cloud of dilapidation envelopin To be sure, a “yes” vote will give the s — an incenmark restaurants. — and all commercial property owner l ental y in business on Longboat Key. It wil sta to Imagine the same at Harry’s Contin tive y competiorge’s, even at give them an incentive to reinvest, sta y have the Kitchens, at Euphemia Haye, Pattige . om Ro the Dining tive and continue operating. Knowing ir land in the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort’s the of Longboat opportunity to maximize the value What a cold, dreary, ugly vision for e commercial property owners a giv l wil se. ure adi fut par the l cal we ce pla the Key, want to stay in business on the Key. l to wil it son d rea An . lity rea m fro far t tha That vision is not Density ess Longboat On the flip side, a “no” vote on the become reality in the near future unl l send a resounding negative mesin the town’s wil n um isio end dec fer ht Re rig the ke ma ers vot y Ke and people sage. It will damage the image, value election. ally, will tell of Longboat Key. A “no” vote, especi town the in yet e vot r you t y cas t en’ hav If you y’s business owners that Longboat Ke Ke oat ngb Lo for ing ask are we n, ctio but they of Longboat Key ele -way street. That its residents want, one ity a is ens “D the on — e vot s” “ye a — your support at its residents want and demand Th e. giv enot l ind wil y’s Ke oat ngb Lo of not Referendum.” The future uality goods and services, but they are ate two h-q — s hig sse ine bus and ts ran tau res ss clim pendently-owned of ling to create an atmosphere or busine ners lity wil qua y’s Ke oat ngb Lo to ts ien red iness ow essential ing that encourages and gives small bus e. vot this on ge hin — life entive to want to do business here. inc the e vot s” “ye a t First, we hope you understand tha d this message loud and clear sen l wil e vot ” “no A the as wn kno o als on the Density Referendum, owners across the bay: That Longboat ss l ine wil bus nt, to me end am rter cha n tow to operate Moore’s Stone Crab y is not a friendly, welcoming place It will Ke t: pea Re . sity den y’s Ke oat ngb Lo not change idents don’t want you to succeed res Its ss. ine l bus wil a y onl It . sity den y’s not change Longboat Ke ize the value of what is yours. xim to ma ty uni and ort opp and ht rig the ily give the Moore fam se who one its propWe are puzzled and saddened by tho petition the Town Commission to rez ” vote. The family-owned restaurant use at a future l “no a ntia te ide oca res to adv l rcia me com m fro erty invested and commission owners of Longboat Key alone have date. And there is no guarantee the rs of their lives on Longboat Key yea 150 ng. ted oni ica rez ded a h suc e rov app would please the residents and visitors here. and isfy sat it e to aus bec ant ort imp is n invested our That right to petitio contribute to local causes. We have le.” We kab ban ore “m ss ine bus ’s ore Mo would make careers here because we believe and ty per pro s, ty uni live ort opp an has ty ans. Knowing the Moore proper ce we share as freedom-loving Americ pla this re in mo , her hig a to ted ver con and potential to be paradise, too. But each year, our be to this nt l wa wil We der len a ty, per valuable use as residential pro ins of business and burdens of govern stra ng or l risi ode the rem to ing anc fin end incenbe more inclined to ext reduce our return on investment and g. nt ldin me bui ng rati erio det ng, agi s’ ore expand the Mo it. Why make it worse — not just h wit k stic to to s led tive and ed fail ion ans But if, say, the Moores’ exp for us, but for everyone? greater ability foreclosure, the lender would have a um will be ater underlyA “yes” vote on the Density Referend to recover its money because of a gre ore family, good for you, the resiMo the for d. d lan goo ore Mo the of ue val ing of Longboat Key, and good for the future of r ts Ma den b, Cra ne Sto ’s ore Mo If : too Think of this, a or Longboat Key. Please, vote “yes.” rin Ma ns nno Ca n eve or, e’s org tige Vista, Pat Respectfully, iness, what bus of out s goe za Pla ach Be y itne Wh e commercial The Board of Directors good does it do Longboat Key to hav unproductive of the Longboat Key, Lido Key properties sit forever as dilapidated, er oth to ted ver mmerce eyesores because they cannot be con and St. Armands Key Chamber of Co old the at ok Lo uses? This can and will happen. The Coalition of Longboat Key Drive. o xic Me of lf Gu on g ldin bui s co’ Co Commercial Property Owners l wil e vot Contrary to the opinions of some, this

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The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006

condo development by Roger Drouin | City Editor

New developer to build Enclave Construction work is slated to begin this summer.

The new owner of a 3.7-acre parcel behind Publix Supermarket plans to begin construction this summer of a 12-unit condominium development called The Enclave at Bay Isles. Sarasota-based developer Gilbert Alvarez, of Westwater Construction Inc., approached the previous owners several months ago about buying the parcel formerly know as the Einisman property. The previous owner, Bay Isles Development LLC, led by developers Larry Starr, president of Longboat Key-based ResortQuest International, and Christopher Cobbs, decided to sell the parcel for $3.25 million — a $1.35 million profit from their May 2004 purchase. The sale was finalized Jan. 17. Mark Miller, president of Westwater Construction, and Chad Bratzke, a retired NFL defensive lineman, join Alvarez as partners of The Enclave at Bay Isles LLC.

When Alvarez first learned of the Enclave project, it reminded him of Burns Court Villas. Alvarez is a developing partner of Burns Court Villas, a 23-unit townhouse development currently under construction. Alvarez was most attracted to the private, well-landscaped design of the Bay Isles project and its closeness to Publix, Avenue of the Flowers shops, banks, the post office and the Longboat Key Public Tennis Center. “We think it’s a great project for Longboat Key,” Alvarez said. Before the recent sale, Bay Isles Development LLC had gained town approval last March to construct 12 residential units. The corporation submitted plans for five three-level buildings each with two units and two single-family residences. The approval was the culmination of a controversial zoning change that triggered much community resistance. Bay Isles Development began clearing some trees from the site, but it never started foundation work.

Alvarez said he plans to build the development while following earlier designs submitted to the town. Because Alvarez is not making any major changes, he can begin construction work as soon as a building permit is issued, said Longboat Key Planning Director Monica Daigle. Proposed plans feature units that range from 2,800 to 3,200 square feet. They include two floors of living space, private swimming pools with decks outfitted with wet bars and grills, elevators and a groundlevel two-and-a-half-car garage. Miller describes the architecture as contemporary, with buildings angled so residents will have clear views of well-treed areas. “It will probably take us about 18 months to build,” said Miller. “What’s unique is that we typically do old-world, timeless designs, but this is actually a modern, contemporary design. It’s a very wooded site, and we will have a lot of green space.” Units go on sale next month, and prospective buyers can find out more by calling 953-5969.

News 3A


+ Last meeting for Mayor Johnson

After eight years as a commissioner, Mayor Ron Johnson spent his last meeting at the dais Monday. John Chappie, mayor of Bradenton Beach, came to the meeting to compliment Johnson, who was unable to seek re-election because of term limits. Over the years, Johnson and Chappie have worked together on various issues that impacted the two islands. “I am not here to talk about consolidation or traffic,” Chappie said. “I want to thank the Longboat Key residents for voting Mayor Johnson to office. He has done a great job. He is an all-around great guy, and we appreciate you sending him up here.”

+ Petition tops 500

Three weeks after launching a petition, Bay Isles resident Madelyn Spoll has collected more than 500 signatures from residents concerned about the high number of vacant storefronts at Avenue of the Flowers Town Plaza I. Spoll sent copies of the signatures to town commissioners March 1, and requested that the topic be discussed at the commission’s March 16 workshop.

+ Stormwater project 60% completed

support staff Kat Wingert

Delphine Roosen, Barbara Milbauer and Phyllis Baran, above, represented the Lido Presidential volunteers at the Lido Key water station during the Albritton Sarasota Marathon. Despite racing down streets with views of sandy beaches, runners got a sample of New York when they passed the water station in front of the Lido Key Beach Pavillion. “Wahta! Wahta!” yelled Nancy Levine, a full-time Lido Key resident from New York and just one of the dozen volunteers manning the station to give cups of water and sports drink to runners passing by. The station was about the halfway point for nearly 500 runners who participated in the marathon March 5. Additionally, more than 1,100 people ran the half-marathon. The marathon began at 6 a.m. on the grounds of The John and Mable Ringling Museum, looped through St. Armands around City Island and onto Lido Key before looping back to complete the 26.2-mile route for the full marathon. This was the race’s inaugural year. — Kat Wingert

town commission by Roger Drouin | City Editor

Boat ban gets first approval Commissioners approved the first reading of a law prohibiting the launching of motorized vessels from beaches. Longboat Key Town Commissioners are one vote away from banning the launching of motorized vessels from the island’s beachside shores. With little discussion, commissioners unanimously voted Monday to approve the first of two readings of an ordinance prohibiting the launching of motorized vessels from the beach and making it illegal for motorized vessels to get within 150 feet of a diver or swimmer. While the ban would impact most boaters, it was designed

to shut down a Jet Ski rental operation based at the island’s mid-key Longboat Key Hilton Beachfront Resort. Since May, dozens of resort-unit owners have spoken out at Town Commission meetings against what they portray as reckless renters and noisy machines. Ralph Cole, manager of the operation, said he has listened to complaints from resort owners and worked to buy quieter 4-stroke Jet Skis and make sure renters were following current town regulations. He said that

every complaint, except one, filed with the police department involved privately-owned vessels and not one of Cole’s Jet Skis. Police Chief Al Holge confirmed this statement at a previous meeting. “I’ve done all I can,” Cole said after commissioners voted to approve the first reading of the ordinance 06-07. “There is no use worrying about what you can’t control.” Cole said if the ordinance is enacted, the Key will lose one of the last few tourist activities remaining. He said Jet Ski renters have asked him about the proposed ban. “They can’t believe they are trying to do this,” he said.

Two months ago, commissioners moved away from a stricter version of a ban because of enforcement concerns. At this time, commissioners directed Town Attorney David Persson to draft an ordinance that would ban the operation of motorized vessels within 300 feet of the beach and extend the no-wake zone from 300 feet to 500 feet, while also prohibiting vessels from launching or landing on the Key’s Gulf-side beaches. Commissioners quickly approved the revised ordinance Monday. If the commission approves the ordinance’s second reading April 3, the law becomes effective after a notice period.

As of last week, the St. Armands stormwater improvement project was 60% completed, said Spencer Anderson, project manager with Sarasota County. On Thursday crews finished installing the fourth of five pump stations included in the $5 million project. The pumps are designed to collect water during heavy rains and pump it into Sarasota Bay. Anderson said the contractor expects to finish the project in early September. Anderson said there will be minimum traffic delays for passthrough traffic during peak tourist season, but there may be detours along some of the side streets on St. Armands.

+ Bridge opening meeting scheduled

U.S. Coast Guard officials have scheduled a public meeting Wednesday, March 29, to hear from residents regarding the bridge-opening issue. The meeting begins at 5 p.m. at Holmes Beach City Hall, 5801 Marina Drive. Barrier island-elected officials have been working with the Coast Guard on possible bridgeopening changes to alleviate traffic congestion. Residents can weigh in on whether the bridge opening for the Cortez and Anna Maria bridges should be increased from every 20 minutes to every 30 minutes. At a meeting Monday, Longboat Key Town Commissioners passed a resolution to support bridge openings twice an hour and no openings at 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

+ Correction

The Town Commission allocated $25,000 to START (Solutions to Avoid Red Tide) and not Mote Marine Laboratory.

+ Agendas

Code Enforcement Meeting — 10 a.m. Monday, March 13, Town Hall, 501 Bay Isles Road. Town Commission Regular Workshop — 1 p.m. Thursday, March 16, Town Hall, 501 Bay Isles Road.

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4A News

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006

election by Roger Drouin | City Editor

Voter turnout varies depending on issues More than 700 residents vote early, with one week to go. Voter turnout for Longboat Key town elections over the past nine years has fluctuated from a high of 44% to a low of 23% in 2004. It is difficult to predict how many voters will come out for an election. Historically, the highest number of votes has been cast during elections that had a bond issue on the ballot, said Pat Arends, longtime town clerk in the 1980s and ’90s. Voter turnout during the last decade has been reflective of a national decline in voting numbers, Arends said. Turnout was much higher 20 years ago, with as many as 70% of voters heading to the polls for local elections. One election

REMEMBER TO VOTE Sunday is the last day for early voting. Residents can vote at Town Hall from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. through Friday, March 10; 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday; and 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday. Election Day is Tuesday, March 14, and polls will be open at the Longboat Island Chapel, for Manatee County voters, and Town Hall, for Sarasota County voters. In order to vote during early voting or on Election Day, residents must show a valid photo identification such as a driver’s license or state-issued LBK March#2 (earring) identification card.

TURNOUT IN ELECTIONS Percentage of registered voters 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005

43.00 37.50 30.06 44.00 43.00 43.00 32.88 23.00 35.35

12 years ago had 78% voter turnout. One possible indication that the number of voters this election will be higher than past years is the high percentage of early voters that have already headed to the polls. After one of two weeks of early voting, a total of 735 Longboat residents has voted. Last year, the first time early voting was offered, 783 residents voted early during the entire early voting period. “The results have been pretty impressive,” said Town Manager Bruce St. Denis. “We expect to do better than last year (during early voting).” On Thursday Tom Roadley, a volunteer with the Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections said a steady flow of voters came to Town Hall to take advantage of early voting. Roadley said some had just found out about early voting. “I heard many voters say they saw the sign and decided to vote,” he said. “People are just beginning to realize they can vote early.”

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March 9th


The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006

GRANTs continued from 1A February meeting. The second time, they were in favor of awarding grants to each group asking for funding. Because only $30,000 was allocated and the groups, in total, were asking for $34,000, commissioners decided to give each organization about 90% of the money it requested. Spoll told Rothenberg: “As hard as you fought for it, you are dead wrong about what the consensus was.” Spoll said the decision to give money to all of the applicants instead of choosing specific, eligible groups was the only way to move the deadlocked issue forward. “We came to the realization that we had to make the best of a bad situation,” Spoll said. “We were in the position of looking like a bumbling bunch of people not knowing what they were doing.” Vice Mayor Joan Webster said she felt the commission was obligated to move forward with the program, because certain groups were expecting the grants. “This is an experiment,” Webster said. “Maybe it didn’t work as smoothly as we thought, but we need to move forward. I think for tonight we are committed.” Webster said that backing out of the program was not an option. The Longboat Key Center for the Arts and Longboat Key Library already began planning what they would spend the money on after commissioners gave the initial OK last month. Hazel Steskal, past president of the library, said after the meeting that library staff has earmarked some of its $4,4400 grant to purchase a collection of books on CD. The audio books would benefit some of the island’s residents who have vision problems. Steskal said: “They went this far and made a commitment. We are happy with what they did.” The library requested $5,000 and was awarded $4,400. It is funded by membership fees and donations and does not receive money from either county or the town. “This is the first time we requested money, except for the lease for the building.”

ISSUES continued from 1A

Bob Siekmann



throughout the town. If you were a commissioner and the following issues came up for a vote today, would you vote yes or no? And why would you vote this way? • To approve the most recently suggested Jet Ski ban. The ordinance, if enacted, would ban the launching of motorized vessels from the beach side of the Key. The ban would also prohibit motorized vessels from getting within 150 feet of a diver or swimmer: I would vote no. I continue to believe the solution to the Jet Ski problem originally recommended by the Planning & Zoning Board (of which I am a member) is the best solution. Specifically, we recommended against the rental of Jet Skis at the Hilton. I would also suggest that stricter enforcement of existing ordinances regarding beach access and the 300-foot restricted operation area would solve the problem. • To approve a $6.5 million community center: I would vote no. Clearly the voters were of the same opinion as the community center was voted down. If not, how much would you allocate for a new recreation center? You have made an important distinction, community center versus recreation center. They are not the same thing. Before a budget can be determined a thorough program must be developed for the Recreation Center. One thing is clear: The number will be much lower than $6.5 million. • To spend $25 million on a land acquisition program: I would vote no. We simply cannot afford it, and I do not believe the voters would support the expenditure. • To contribute $25,000 to Solutions to Avoid Red Tide (START) (commissioners already unanimously approved this): I would vote yes. Last year alone we spent about $400,000 removing dead fish from our beaches, canals, and bays (similar amounts were spend in preceding years). If the investment of $25,000 could reduce or eliminate that kind of annual expenditure, improve the quality of life, and eliminate the negative impact on tourism I am all for it. • To spend about $10,000 for Little League improvements: I would have voted against most of the Little League expenditure. Yes, that may sound like I’m against motherhood and apple pie, but do the kids really need two batting cages costing $5,600, a $2,400 portable pitching mound, and a $2,400 scoreboard? • To install up to six T-head groins near The Islander Club: I would vote yes. The town needs those groins at The Islander Club “hot spot” to protect and preserve the beach in that area. Failure to proceed with the groins will cost the Town more and more money to renourish that section of beach.

News 5A Miles Leavitt

day, would you vote yes or no? And why would you vote this way? • To approve the most recently suggested Jet Ski ban. The ordinance, if enacted, would ban the launching of motorized vessels from the beach side of the Key. The ban would also prohibit motorized vessels from getting within 150 feet of a diver or swimmer … I don’t have a problem with the ban, and I would probably have voted for it. I think we might have problems enforcing the ordinance, and perhaps the commission should have had more input from the police department. • To approve a $6.5 million community center … I would vote no. The voters have spoken on this issue and I would honor their will. If not, how much would you allocate for a new recreation center? I think a public private partnership is the way to go with this. Let a citizens group raise the money to replace or refurbish the community center, and if there is not enough money raised, the town should look at helping out. Keep in mind that the citizens on Anna Maria Island raised the money for their community center. • To spend $25 million on a land acquisition program … No. We don’t need the land. • To contribute $25,000 to Solutions to Avoid Red Tide (commissioners already unanimously approved this) … I think this is a legitimate use of funds. Red tide affects the health, welfare and economy of the whole town and a lot of the visitors we depend on to support our commercial establishments. • To spend about $10,000 for Little League improvements … I would vote for it. We need to take care of our children, and provide them with a place to play. • To install up to six T-head groins near The Islander Club … We have had a Makepeace groin in place for more than 30 years, and it has worked well. I would like to have studies done to compare the two kinds of groins before we decide to do something different, not after the vote is taken. If the town goes ahead with the T-heads, and the beaches downstream from the groins begin to erode, we are going to be facing mammoth lawsuits. The $57,000 Delft study is of no use to us since the decision has been made to use T-heads, and it will not give us any legal cover as the vicemayor has stated. Indeed, her comments and the after-thedecision study will be fodder for any injured party bringing suit.

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Friedrich Hayek “Road to Serfdom,” 1944

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Í What is best for ‘you’?

our view “If we are to build a better world, we must remember that the guiding principle is this — a policy of freedom for the individual is the only truly progressive policy.”



On the eve of the town of Longboat Key’s election day, we are still shuddering at the almost-scary commentary published last week by the board of directors of the Longboat Key Public Interest Committee in its newsletter, The Voice. In particular, we despaired over its assessment of and opposition to the Density Referendum on the ballot, the question regarding the zoning underlying the property of Moore’s Stone Crab Restaurant. We especially despaired over the following passages in The Voice: “… those whose focus is more on what is best for Longboat Key say “We can’t afford to lose a landmark waterfront restaurant” or “Is it really good for the Key to replace Moore’s restaurant with its public accessed beach and boat docks with a couple of privately owned McMansions?” “… Again, if your focus is firmly on what’s best for Longboat Key, you’ll see few advantages to the town and its lifestyle if Moore’s becomes zoned residential.” The heart of those passages — italicized by us — is that PIC’s board believes the collective knows what is best for you, the individual. That the collective supersedes and is superior to you. PIC’s collective board believes it knows what is best for the 8,000 rational-thinking, self-motivated individuals who live on Longboat Key. In effect, the collective sees sacrificing the lives and property of the Moores as a means to the ends of others. If this is how PIC’s board views the Moore family’s property, this is how it views you and your property — as sacrificial lambs to the collective. For an antidote to this collective mindset, over the weekend we had to seek refuge in the writings of one of our favorite philosophers — the late Ayn Rand, who expounded convincingly in her adult life on the virtues freedom and the individ-

Mayor Johnson: Admirable service, good ambassador Ron Johnson has presided over his last Longboat Key Town Commission meeting as mayor and a commissioner. Elected in 1998, Johnson is leaving the commission because he has reached his legal term limit. As he passes the Johnson mayor’s gavel to his successor, he deserves an expression of gratitude for his service, dedication, commitment and the passion he carried throughout his four terms. We often strongly disagreed with Johnson’s position on town issues and comments he made. But he was always willing to listen and consider ual. Below, we have reprinted a series of excerpts from Rand’s essays in her 1961 book, “The Virtue of Selfishness.” We urge you to read them in the context of what the PIC board says of the Moore’s Stone Crab referendum. And we hope, if you haven’t already voted, that you give serious consideration to what is best for you, the individual, and your property.

+ Assessment won’t change

Don’t be confused. In the Longboat Key Public Interest Committee newsletter’s editorial opposition to the Density Referendum, PIC’s board says it is “troubled” by restaurateur Alan Moore’s statements that approval of the referendum would help him obtain bank financing for improvements to his property. Says PIC: “The minute Moore’s gets a residential

An objectivist’s point of view The following are excerpts from Ayn Rand’s “The Virtue of Selfishness”: • “The distinguishing characteristic of such tribal mentality is: the axiomatic, the almost ‘instinctive’ view of human life as the fodder, fuel or means for any public project. “The examples of such projects are innumerable: ‘Isn’t it desirable to clean up the slums?’ (dropping the context of what happens to those in the next income bracket) — ‘Isn’t it desirable to have beautiful, planned cities, all of one harmonious style?’ (dropping the context of whose choice of style is to be forced on the home builders)…” • “The essential characteristic of socialism is the denial of individual property rights; under socialism, the right to property (which is the right of use and disposal) is vested in ‘society as a whole,’ i.e. in the collective, with production and distribution controlled by the state, i.e., by the government.” … “The alleged goals of socialism were: the abolition of poverty, the achievement of general prosperity, progress, peace and human brotherhood. The results have been a terrifying failure — terrifying, that is, if one’s motive is men’s welfare. “Instead of prosperity, socialism has brought economic paralysis and/or collapse to every country that tried it.” • “When you consider socialism, do not fool yourself about its nature. Remember there is no such dichotomy

as ‘human rights’ versus ‘property rights.’ No human rights can exist without property rights. Since material goods are produced by the mind and effort of individual men, and are needed to sustain their lives, if the producer does not own the result of his effort, he does not own his life. To deny property rights means to turn men into property owned by the state. Whoever claims the ‘right’ to ‘redistribute’ the wealth produced by others is claiming the ‘right’ to treat human beings as chattel.” • “Any doctrine of group activities that does not recognize individual rights is a doctrine of mob rule or legalized lynching.” • “Individual rights are not subject to a public vote; a majority has no right to vote away the rights of a minority; the political function of rights is precisely to protect minorities from oppression by majorities (and the small minority on earth is the individual).” • “…the only moral purpose of a government is the protection of individual rights. “A ‘right’ is a moral principle defining and sanctioning a man’s freedom of action in a social context. There is only one fundamental right (all the others are its consequences or corollaries): a man’s right to his own life. Life is a process of self-sustaining and self-generated action; the right to life means the right to engage in self-

an opposing view. Likewise, we believe Johnson made concerted efforts to vote for what he believed to be in the best interests of the taxpayers of Longboat Key. Johnson conducted himself admirably as a commissioner, making a point to participate and appear in public functions throughout his terms. He took seriously the role of representing the town of Longboat Key in activities and meetings involving other governments in Sarasota and Manatee counties. Serving as a town commissioner is far from recreational activity. It requires constant work — and no pay. For Johnson and his efforts, a bow of thanks. zoning designation, their taxes will increase substantially because the state requires the county to assess property at its highest possible use. Based on the size of the Moore’s parcel and other nearby residential tax rates in the Village, their last yearly property tax bill of $15,900 would increase by 3.8 times to $60,420 if it were rezoned residential. Why would you increase your fixed costs by that much if you were really planning to stay in business for any length of time?” If the referendum is approved, Moore’s tax assessment would not change to a residential assessment. Its tax assessment would not rise 3.8 times greater than its current rate. It wouldn’t increase until the property is rezoned residential. Ask Alan Moore, and he’ll tell you he has no plans to seek residential zoning until after — at some future date — the family decides to discontinue operating the restaurant. sustaining and self-generated action — which means: the freedom to take all the actions required by the nature of a rational being for the support, the furtherance, the fulfillment and the enjoyment of his own life. (Such is the meaning of the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.)” • “ … The right to life is the source of all rights — and the right to property is their only implementation. Without property rights, no other rights are possible. Since man has to sustain his life by his own effort, the man who has no right to the product of his effort has no means to sustain his life. The man who produces while others dispose of his product is a slave.” • “It is medically possible to take the corneas of a man’s eyes immediately after his death and transplant them to a living man who is blind, thus restoring his sight. Now, according to collectivized ethics, this poses a social problem. Should we wait until a man’s death to cut out his eyes, when other men need them? Should we regard everybody’s eyes as public property and devise a ‘fair method of distribution’? Would you advocate cutting out a living man’s eye and giving it to a blind man, so as to ‘equalize’ them? No? Then don’t struggle any further with questions about “public projects” in a free society. The principle is the same.” • “Altruism is incompatible with freedom, with capitalism and with individual rights. One cannot combine the pursuit of happiness with the moral status of a sacrificial animal.”

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006



Editor Keep campaign positive

Dear Editor: I have always believed that the citizens of Longboat Key deserve positive political campaigns when it is time to elect their leaders. I was thus somewhat distressed by the angry and negative tone in the letters penned by Sandy Gilbert and my opponent Bob Siekmann in last week’s Longboat Observer. Unfortunately, when a candidate is not connecting with the voters, the urge to go negative takes over. It is a siren song that some candidates simply cannot ignore, and apparently Gilbert and Siekmann have been overwhelmed by that tune. I feel constrained to replay to the negative implications in those letters without casting aspersions upon my worth opponent. First, I don’t think the number of clubs a person belongs to be the sole criterion for election on this island. Siekmann, in his letter, states that Leavitt “does not belong to any organizations, and he is proud of it.” I don’t know if Siekmann would count organizations such as the Vietnam Veterans of America, the American Legion or the Veterans of Foreign Wars among the organizations that would satisfy this craving for organizational identity, but I have belonged to each of those. I might add, the criteria for joining those groups are a little more stringent than PIC’s. I don’t think there is any argument that Siekmann has been an involved citizen during the three years he has lived on our island. Gilbert made the point that Siekmann drove truckloads of relief supplies to hurricane victims in Arcadia. I paid for the bicycles Siekmann took to the children, and my friends and I raised thousands of dollars to fund that effort. I have contributed to many other charitable and community efforts on the island over the 13 years I have lived here. I simply did not think that was fodder for an election campaign. Let’s talk about money. I have suggested that we fund our employee pension plan to the 90% level. This is simply good, conservative financial management. After all, we have promised our town employees that the money to fund their pensions will be available when they retire. I have spent 30 years in the business of pension plans and employee benefits. I know the field, and am not, as Siekmann stated, “uninformed, inexperienced and unprepared to serve” on the Town Commission. I have suggested that we use a proven modality in the Makepeace groins, as opposed to the T-head groins. The Makepeace has served flawlessly for 30 years, and the engineers tell us that the T-heads have an 85% chance of doing the job. What will be the cost to the town if the T-heads don’t work, and the beaches, downstream of the groins, begin to erode? Would you use an airline to fly to Atlanta if you knew there was only an 85% chance of arriving? No, you would use the airline that had a perfect record for 30 years. Siekmann takes me to task for suggesting that we limit our town’s long-range planning to three years. That is not what I have proposed. I have taken the position that we cannot, with any certainty, visualize what the needs of this town will be in 20 years. Look back to 1986, 20 years ago. Who would have foreseen Sept. 11 and the war on terrorism, the high-tech stock crash, the failure of the savings and loan institutions, the soaring price of real estate on our island and the precipitous decline in tourist accommodations? A three- to five-year visioning process makes a lot more sense to me, since we have a reasonable expectation of what might happen in the short range. Siekmann would have us spend $20,000 or more on a traffic study. He

supports the $57,000 study by a Dutch company to determine the feasibility of T-heads when the decision has already been made to install the groins. I am against both of those efforts because they are a waste of money. I respectfully ask Siekmann and Gilbert take a more positive approach to this campaign in its waning days. Miles Leavitt Longboat Key

Question is legitimate

Dear Editor: In response to the letter by Madelyn Josey Spoll, she obviously twisted my question that was directed to candidate Bob Siekmann. The question was simply: “If elected, how do you plan to separate your personal opinions when voting with the other commissioners whose spouses contributed to your campaign.” His reply was that he was proud that six commissioners approved of him to be the seventh commissioner, which was a twisted answer that had nothing to do with my question. Surely Mrs. Spoll must have a PIC complex in which she believes the male species pretends to dominate, but in fact the female dominates. Why else would she twist my question into how she spends her money is none of my business? I am still awaiting a legitimate answer to my legitimate question. Ham Jones Longboat Key

Musings on Leavitt

Dear Editor: On Feb. 13, during The Longboat Observer forum, Miles Leavitt, candidate for Longboat Key commissioner, whose primary claim to qualification is his “35 years of experience with employee benefits,” proposed that the town increase its pension benefits at a cost of nearly $4 million! He apparently didn’t know that pension advisors had reported the plans were already appropriately funded, or that his $4 million proposal would require a significant tax increase. A week later, during a debate at Longboat Harbour, Leavitt was asked about the town’s water-conservation program. He didn’t know we had one. On Feb. 22, during a presentation at The Islander, Leavitt told the audience the Town Commission had approved the Sarasota School Tax referendum. Even though he attended that committee meeting, he apparently didn’t know that only a resolution had been passed. He didn’t know that the commission couldn’t approve a referendum. Only the voters can do that. Yet, he proclaimed, “This is taxation without representation!” And, “That will never happen with me on the commission!” This is one of those shady tactics the big boys in Washington have perfected to a “T,” saying whatever they want to about issues, whether true or not, and not giving their opponents time or opportunity to respond. It will be interesting to see if the public pins down Miles Leavitt to find out what he really knows about the issues facing Longboat Key. Norman Muse Longboat Key

Vote yes on Moore’s

Dear Editor: My first taste of my new hometown in 1968 was a bowl of red chowder and a platter of fresh stone crab with Hush Puppies. And like the dolphins behind

Moore’s Restaurant doing flips for their food, I have done the same ever since. When will the Longboat Key Public Interest Committee realize that the restaurateurs on Longboat Key are here for the long haul. The restaurant land owners of this island are not looking to make a quick buck and flip our properties. We have invested our passion and much of our working lives into our businesses. We have shown our dedication to the community we serve. Our children have grown up here, and this is our home. It would be a shame to see the demise of our island’s commercial viability due to a zoning code from two decades ago that shackles the businesses and holds our land value in check. Listen and learn from the businesses that have succeeded on the Key and enriched our way of life, and then maybe you will see the merits of Alan Moore’s business strategy. Tommy Klauber Chef/Proprietor Pattigeorge’s Restaurant Longboat Key

PIC appears partisan

Dear Editor: How hypocritical and blatant can the Longboat Key Public Interest Committee get? And doesn’t it believe that town voters can read plain English? In its latest publication of “The Voice,” while voting is now in progress, it states in the “Join PIC now” box on the back page (for $30, $50 or $100): “PIC is a non-profit, non-partisan organization. We give no money to any candidate or cause. All our funds go to publishing ‘The Voice,” creating ‘e-voice’ and hosting public meetings on relevant civic issues on the Key.” (Emphasis added.) Then, the entire front page of the March edition of “The Voice,” appearing as the early voting is actually in progress, does nothing but recommend Bob Siekmann for town commissioner with what should be considered by the normal voter as an embarrassing degree of “puffing.” As for candidate Miles Leavitt, who has lived and worked on Longboat Key for 13 years, PIC concedes only that “he is a pleasant, intelligent, well-intentioned person, but his lack of experience in town affairs and limited service to the community does not qualify him to be a commissioner at this time.” So much for PIC’s claim that it is a “non-profit, non-partisan organization.” It certainly would, or at least on its current activities never should, qualify as a tax-deductible organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. A substantial part of its activities certainly appears to be devoted to political activity. Francis J. Robinson Longboat Key

She is her own person

Dear Editor: Your editorial, “PIC is the issue,” did not present all the facts, or at least the facts I know to be true. First, I, Madelyn Josey Spoll, met Bob Siekmann several years ago and, in fact, introduced George Spoll to Siekmann one night at a Longboat Key Center for the Arts event. Second, when I heard that Bob Siekmann was going to run for commissioner, I volunteered, and I emphasize the “I,” to do whatever he needed me to do, and this was back in October 2005, before he even had an opponent. I have been on his campaign committee since January 2006. Again, I have been on his committee and not George Spoll. The campaign committee, which does not include George Spoll or Sandy Gilbert, decided to call as many people as it could to come hear the debate between Siekmann and Miles Leavitt, which was sponsored by The Longboat Observer. Some of the people asked by me to come had not met either candidate, and I

Opinion 7A

thought it would be a good way to meet both. No one forced anyone to wear a Siekmann pin, and I do not think it is a crime here in the United States for a person to wear a campaign pin. Oh, by the way, I asked George Spoll, who is my husband, if he wanted to come and, as a concerned commissioner, he came to the debate. Also, “When candidates Leavitt and Siekmann are invited to speak to condo groups, who shows up with Siekmann? … ” Who shows up, but campaign committee members, as well as others yes, and, I do invite my husband to come. Third, I am tired of the newspapers giving George Spoll, my husband, and/or Sandy Gilbert credit for work I and other campaign committee members are doing on behalf of Siekmann’s election. Once again, I feel I must point out that I am not an extension of my husband. I am my own person with my own thoughts (please ask anyone who knows me). Fourth, I see nothing wrong with commissioners going to any speaking engagement any of the candidates have. I believe that is a sure-fire way for the commissioners to hear what their citizens have to say. I know having bagels, donuts, coffee or tea with a commissioner, as done in the past, is most likely going to draw citizens who agree with that commissioners so he will be talking to the “choir” and hearing it as well. And last, I believe George Spoll ran against and beat Robert Sewell, and not Bob Dawson, unless you know something I don’t know. I certainly hope the other side of part of your story will be told by you. Madelyn Josey Spoll Longboat Key

Education is first priority

Dear Editor: A vote to renew the school referendum is not adding a new tax. It is extending an existing tax. As a grandmother, I am addressing this letter to all, but especially to our senior residents. Our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren must share the gigantic task of leading our nation into the future. Consider this assignment. Every day costs are rising. Whether it’s in housing, food, insurance, gas, clothing, entertainment or health care, nothing goes down in price. We cannot allow education to make do with less. On Longboat Key, we are known for our support of the arts, music and culture. How can we justify reducing the support of our schools? Our schools should attract the brightest, most talented, innovative, caring administrators and teachers. One super individual can spark a child’s performance for the rest of his/her life. We must utilize the latest technological advances and provide the environment with innovation and excellence. Education should be our first priority in Sarasota County. If the referendum fails, our schools will move backward: • $45 million will be cut from the budget. • Programs exceeding minimum-state requirements, such as art, music, physical education, dropout prevention and technical training. • 15.6% pay reduction for teachers. • Class size will increase dramatically. Please make an effort to vote to extend the referendum March 14. Your vote is imperative! Betty Corn Longboat Key To send in your letters please e-mail them to or mail them to The Longboat Observer, 5570 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, 34228. The Longboat Observer gives priority to letters of local interest and about local issues. The Observer will print all letters to the editor if it feels they are of general interest, but only if the letter is signed and the author’s street address and phone number are given. the editor reserves the right to condense letters.

8A News

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006

station 3 by Roger Drouin | City Editor

flight pattern by Roger Drouin | City Editor

St. Armands to get new fire station Firefighter-paramedic Tom DiDiego can’t wait for the new St Armands fire station. A $2 million storm-resistant station will replace the current 50-year old building. Construction work is expected to begin as soon as design plans are finalized and the project goes to bid. “It’ll be nice to have modern conveniences such as a new kitchen and sleeping area,� said DiDiego, who has worked out of St. Armands, also known as Station 3, for two years. Longtime firefighter-paramedic Steve McAdoo added: “It’s also good to have a building up to hurricane standards. There is nothing worse than being out here in high winds and not knowing if the building can withstand it.� The new station will certainly be an upgrade.

TEMPORARY HOME During construction of the new station, firefighters and emergency equipment will be temporarily stationed at the Lido Pavilion on Benjamin Franklin Drive. Members of the Lido Key Residents Association were concerned that the station would be temporarily relocated to the mainland, impacting response times, especially during peak tourist season when the most cars are on the road. To alleviate these concerns, Gorski reached an agreement with the city of Sarasota to allow the department to set up an improvised fire station adjacent to the lifeguard headquarters at the pavilion.

The current building has less than 1,000 square feet of living area for firefighters. The bathrooms are located in a separate building, and the kitchen and lounge area is lined with paneling from the 1970s. With a crew of four firefighters on duty at all times, the quarters are tight, said Sarasota County Fire Rescue Chief Brian Gorski. Although the building is built out of solid concrete, the roof does not meet current storm-prevention standards and the garage doors are old and would buckle easily in a storm. According to preliminary plans for the new station, a fire engine, ambulance and other equipment will be stored on the first floor of the building. More than 9,000 square-feet of living space is planned for the second floor, including a kitchen, lounge, sleeping area and training room. The building will be designed to allow a storm surge to pass through the lower level of the structure without causing major damage. Gorski expects the new station to be completed by the end of 2007. Throughout Sarasota County, nine existing fire stations are slated to be demolished to make room for modern, storm-resistant structures. As part of the renovation mission, county commissioners recently allocated $2 million for the St Armands project. “It will be a two-story building built to withstand a Category 5 hurricane,� Gorski said. Gorski said he wouldn’t know specifics about the new station until design blueprints are completed later this month.

Mid-key flights come soon Airport CEO tells residents that modern planes are much quieter than older jets. At his last “Meeting with the Mayor� Tuesday, Mayor Ron Johnson played a tape recording of a jet flying over the north end of Longboat Key. The tape was recorded in 1996. Johnson then played a quieter humming sound for the audience of about 15 residents: the sound of a modern jet engine equipped with a Stage III engine. Johnson, joined by Fred Piccolo, president and CEO of Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport, was trying to prove that a soon-to-be-effective, mid-Key flight pattern will not be as disruptive to residents as many thought it would be. Sometime this summer, commercial flights departing from Sarasota-Bradenton airport will begin flying over the center of Longboat Key, just north of Bayport Beach and Tennis Resort. The planes currently depart over the north end of the island. Piccolo said the planes that will soon be passing over the center of the island are noticeably quieter since U.S. Congress passed a law in 2000 requiring all commercial aircraft to use the Stage III engines. The first recording Johnson played was recorded in the midst of a fiveyear battle by the town to stop the airport from sending planes over the center of the island. Although the town paid more than $500,000 in legal fees and spent years fighting the mid-Key flight pattern, a Circuit Court judge dismissed a lawsuit against the

airport in 2002. “All the lawsuit did was delay the flight path until the quieter jets were being used, and we paid a lot of money to do that,� said John Redgrave, who became a commissioner just as the anti-jet sentiment exploded on Longboat in the early 1990s. Seasonal resident Norm Fleishman has a home seven miles from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York and said he can barely hear the newer planes as they fly overhead. “It is a tremendous difference,� he said. “Before we had to stay inside when they flew overhead. Now they fly directly over our home every four minutes, and you can be outside barbecuing and it is not an issue.� Piccolo said he was pleased to be at Town Hall on a “friendlier note� after years of dissention between the town and airport officials. “The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) fought the town’s lawsuit and the Court of Appeals ruled that they were right,� Piccolo said. “I tried to tell everyone they (FAA) would win because there was plenty of case law at the time.� Piccolo said the new flight path is set to become effective this summer. Currently the path is being added to routing maps used by pilots. Only planes departing northbound from Runway 14 will travel above the Key. All other planes leave the airport and turn south toward Siesta Key. The northbound planes will travel at about 3,200 feet above the ground. On average, from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., about two planes every hour will pass over the Key, Piccolo said.

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The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006

Neighborhood 9A

longboat democrats by Kat Wingert | Community Editor

Club honors retiring President Clay

Above: Board member Carroll Johnson presents John Clay with the club’s Distinguished Service Award. Right: Grace Carlson and Shirley Brown, candidate for Sarasota County School Board, advocate a “Yes” vote for the school tax on March 14.

After a very sluggish end to 2005, the number of properties going under contract in January turned out to be surprisingly strong. Still, sellers face tough competition.

Photos by Kat Wingert

After serving three years as president of the Longboat Key Democratic Cub, it was time for John Clay to pass on the gavel. At the club’s Feb. 21 monthly meeting at the Longboat Key Club’s Harbourside Dining Room, Clay presided over his last agenda’s items, one of which was the election of the club’s new board members. About 70 club members voted to approve the new officers: Marvin Morse, president; Bill Levine, vice president; Jane Albaum, secretary; and John Clay, treasurer. After the election of new officers, board member Carroll Johnson presented Clay with a Distinguished Service Award. “One of the things I think that makes a good leader is forgiveness,” Johnson said. “So I know, because John is such a good leader, that he will forgive us, because the date on the plaque is incorrect. So I offer you this award, with the wrong date on it.” Upon his acceptance of the award, Clay said he did, indeed, forgive the incorrect date, and added what a pleasure it was to serve the club as its president. Once Clay finished addressing club members, Keith Fitzgerald, Democratic candidate for District 69 of the Florida State House, and Shirley Brown, candidate for the Sarasota School Board, addressed the group. The club also unanimously adopted a resolution in support of the referendum to retain the 1-mill school tax, which will be on the Sarasota County ballot for the March 14 election. read our February article online!

“A strong season ahead?”

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HE KNOWS WHAT HE’S TALKING ABOUT. Political advertisement paid and approved by Bob Siekmann for Longboat Key Commissioner

   

      

New board members Jane Sanders and Alan Bandler with John Clay, center

Keith Fitzgerald with new President Marvin Morse and Ti Sanders

The Ultimate Driving Machine



5151 Clark Road


10A Neighborhood

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006

arts center by Dora Walters | Senior Editor

Student show attracts enthusiastic crowd The galleries and sculpture garden had standing room only at the March 3 opening of the Longboat Key Center for the Arts’ annual Student Show. The show in the Joan M. Durante Gallery has 241 works of paintings, sculptures, pottery, stained glass, jewelry and prints created by students during recent classes at the Arts Center. Guests were treated to hot dogs, cole slaw and baked beans served the sculpture garden, In addition, bowls made by the students could be purchased for $10. These were filled with scoops of ice cream to be enjoyed before taking the bowls home. Also on exhibit in the Glen Gallery are photographs by Nell Rude. Both shows continue through March 19.

Betty Bornheft, Paul Plantenberg and Nell Rude

Photos by Dora Walters

Above: Dee and Dick Pelton enjoy the picnic fare. Left: Joan Partridge and Gene Campbell with “Fish Or Man,� her first-place winning sculpture.

Above: Ed Slater and “Iris,� his first-place winning stained glass work. Right: Alice Wolkenberg and Ed Brickman, second- and first-place winners respectively in the jewelry category.





MARCH 12th




The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006



Olivia Szczerba

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News 11A

Dora Walters

Grandchildren of Case del Mar residents assembled Feb. 24, at Manager D.M. Williams’ apartment for the second annual Youth Concert. Adam Lubin was master of ceremonies. Youngsters, ages 10 to 15, played the piano, clarinet and guitar with a variety of musical selections. Sixth grader Olivia Szczerba, pianist, played “Minuet in G,� by Beethoven and “Sonata in F,� by Schumann. A third-grade music student in Manhattan, Lubin, chose works by Bach, Hayden, Chopin and Debussy. Colton Rosner Kelly played the clarinet, Mathew Meador, the guitar, and Kelly and Lubin presented a clapping rhythm routine. The evening concluded with a tribute to Williams by Cindy Rosner, and refreshments were served on the office patio. Because of the number attending, some guests gathered on the patio.





Grand Mariner

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The Concession Golf Club & Residences

A Gated, Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course Community Estate home and homesite packages from $2,300,000 to over $9,000,000 • 941-951-6484




The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006

BRAND NEW BIRD KEY BAYFRONT. Timeless design built to the highest standards, Three Fish Waterfront Estates have created the area’s premier waterfront 5BR estate with open pool & 42’ deepwater dock. $7,900,000. Marcia Salkin & Paulene Soublis, 388-4447 or 356-0203. #295383

GATED BAYFRONT ESTATE. Set on over 2 acres with a 7,400-sq.-ft., 3-6BR main home and a 1,450-sq.-ft., 2BR guesthouse. The property includes a tennis court, dock and a large yard overlooking the bay. $6,750,000. Annette Rogers & Michael Moulton, 383-7591 or 387-0800. #295185

BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED NEW HOME with smas ceilings in living room with fireplace opening to p suites & 3-car garage. $2,495,000. Linda Roe D #294417

PRESTANCIA. This grand Rutenberg design is elegant & built for both indoor & outdoor entertaining. All one can expect from an incredible property on 2/3 of a private acre. $1,350,000. Annette Rogers & Michael Moulton, 383-7591 or 387-0800. #295992

SIESTA BEACH. Newly remodeled, turnkey furni large lot with room to grow. $699,000. Craig & S

Longboat, Lido & Bird Keys

Longboat, Lido & bird keys

THE BEACH RESIDENCES. Enjoy fabulous views of the Gulf, Big Pass, Sarasota Bay & city skyline from this 10th floor corner unit with 4,189 sq. ft. & 853 sq. ft. of terraces. $4,850,000. Annette and Albert Ayers, 966-8000 or 966-6440. #299158 KEY WEST-STYLE BAYFRONT HOME on Lido Key. This unique 5BR residence includes a pool, deepwater dock & screened wraparound porches with bay views. $3,950,000. John August, 388-4447 or 373-0038. #292684 PRIVATE GATED BAYFRONT ESTATE. Quiet & serene, a long, winding drive leads to this 5,000+ sq.-ft., 5BR home with game room, family room, pool & double dock. $3,700,000. Susan McLeod, 388-4447 or 951-2541. #295805 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES. Enjoy direct bayfront views of the city in this 3,350-sq.-ft. home in sought after Country Club Shores on Longboat Key. $3,300,000. Kathleen & David Callender, 388-4447 or 321-3115. #270672 CUSTOM HOME IN A COVETED LOCATION. View sunsets over canal from almost every room. Spacious plan offers living room with 22’ ceilings, wood-burning fireplace, formal dining, new dock & sailboat water to bay/Gulf. $2,970,000. Denby Smothers, 388-4447 or 586-2142. #297038 BAY ISLES. Impeccable 4BR Mediterranean-designed home with beautiful private water views on a deepwater channel that can accommodate a 50’ boat. $2,900,000. Annette Rogers & Michael Moulton, 383-7591 or 387-0800. #287719 BIRD KEY CANAL HOME. Only 2 lots in from the bay, this deepwater residence boasts an open floor plan with a caged pool and a lanai. $2,377,700. John August, 388-4447 or 373-0038. #296775 CONTEMPORARY BIRD KEY HOME. Tim Siebert designed 3BR, 2,923-sq.-ft. residence has been totally renovated & features Ray Routh kitchen cabinets, stainless steel appliances & granite counters. $1,895,000. John August, 388-4447 or 373-0038. #294113 CASUAL ELEGANCE ON BIRD KEY. This sophisticated sun-filled home will delight the most discriminating. Features a gourmet kitchen, elegant master suite, European lighting, stone & hardwood floors, & pool/spa. $1,765,000. Julia McClung, 388-4447 or 356-6499. #293341 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES. Rare 4BR custom built home with etched glass entry, open plan, lush landscaping & deep water. Only a short distance to deeded beach. $1,549,000. Steve Magner, 383-7591 or 376-8559. #301872 BUTTONWOOD HARBOUR. Beautifully maintained 3BR pool home overlooking a deepwater canal with a new 30’ dock. Completely renovated with a chef’s kitchen. $1,475,000. Saint Cacchiotti & Gail Wittig, 383-7591 or 387-0533. #302112 STUNNING BAY VIEWS. Remodeled 3BR with vaulted ceilings, fireplace & pool. Located just one property from the end of canal. Ready for occupancy. $1,425,000. Mirta Matheu Klauber, 383-7591 or 704-6749. #284001 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES. A fabulous opportunity to build in a quickly changing & highly sought after boating community on Longboat Key. Lot located among multi-million dollar homes, just 4 in from the bay. $1,395,000. Suzette Seigel, 383-7591 or 587-2173. #274430 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES. Perfectly maintained, recently improved & tastefully furnished 3BR canal-front home. Explore your options. $1,395,000. Jay Seigel, 383-7591 or 228-5298. #298799 BUTTONWOOD HARBOUR. With canal & bayou views, this wonderful 3/4BR home has abundant space & privacy for the whole family. The large pool, spa & lanai overlook the water. $1,285,000. Craig and Steve Abbott, 383-7591 or 302-0686. #279445 MARINA BAY. Three-BR bayfront with over 3,000 sq. ft. Enjoy it all, the bay, the beach, golf, boating & tennis, in this congenial, low-density complex in the heart of Bay Isles. $1,265,000. Terri Derr & Kennedy Torrington, 383-7591 or 356-6694. #288327 DIRECT GULF FRONT condominium behind the gates of The Longboat Key Club with breathtaking views of the Gulf and its glorious sunsets. Also enjoy vistas over the golf course to the bay & city skyline. $1,249,000. Richard B. Perlman, 383-7591 or 228-8580. #290199 WINDING OAKS. Sought after 3BR with lake & golf course views. High ceilings, extensive decking & an enclosed atrium enhance this 2,800-sq.-ft. villa. $1,100,000. Rob Dardas, 383-7591 or 359-9502. #297761 PERFECT EXAMPLE OF SARASOTA SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE. Best St. Armands value. Stroll to world renowned St. Armands Circle, Lido Beach & restaurants. Contemporary living room, freestanding fireplace & pool. $999,999. Denby Smothers, 388-4447 or 586-2142. #296861

LONGBOAT HARBOUR. Tastefully furnished & LIDO HARBOR TOWERS. Three-BR residence in a very unique, completely renovated buildprivate beach area, boat docks, tennis, pools & ing directly on the Gulf of Mexico. Enjoy stunning bay & Gulf views. $990,000. Karin or 383-2849. #301578 Stephan, 383-7591 or 504-4435. #281152 LIDO BEACH. Unobstructed Gulf views from this totally renovated residence with bamboo Sarasota Mainland floors, Tommy Bahama kitchen cabinets, new appliances & a heated pool. $950,000. Jack sarasota m & Jo James, 388-4447 or 928-3175. #301584 MAJESTIC MASTERPIECE ON THE BAY. Enjoy 5 WONDERFUL BIRD KEY GARDEN LOT. This cleared lot enjoys potential for a water view. craftsmanship throughout this custom 4BR Westw Close to the Yacht Club. $950,000. Barbara C. Dumbaugh, 349-3444 or 350-3743. #300582 & boatlift. $4,599,000. Terri Healey & Lenore Trei BIRD KEY. Beautifully renovated 3BR split plan home with a caged pool & a very private LUXURY KNOWS NO LIMITS. Developer’s res fenced backyard. Features new stainless appliances, marble countertops & paver drive. Relax and entertain your guests on the expan $949,800. Monica Barth, 951-6660 or 928-6017. #301682 residence. $2,241,000. Beth Afflebach and Joa MESMERIZING WATER & SUNSET VIEWS behind the gates of the exclusive Longboat Key Club. Among multi-million dollar homes and condominiums. $900,000. Anna Kaminski, 388-4447 or 374-3200. #302109 WESTCHESTER. The picture perfect beach retreat with first floor walkout from 2 screened porches. This Gulf-front unit has been designer remodeled with neutral tiles & upgraded carpet. $849,000. Jonathan Fox, 393-3759 or 330-1441. #301096 BIRD KEY GARDEN HOME. This well-maintained 3BR has a warm & inviting open floor plan suited for casual living. Cathedral ceilings give this residence a spacious feel. $825,000. John August, 388-4447 or 373-0038. #296842 SEA PINES. Direct Gulf-front 2BR condominium in the intimate Sea Pines. The first offering in 3 years. Enjoy gorgeous views overlooking the pool & the beach. $799,000. Judi Summers, 951-6660 or 302-3238. #293551 SEAPLACE. Enjoy pristine sandy beaches, glorious sunsets & tropical breezes from this fabulous, updated 2BR condominium with views of the Gulf. $795,000. Kathy Dain, 951-6660 or 545-1480. #292104 BUTTONWOOD COVE. Three-BR residence with 2 glassed balconies, under-building parking, fishing pier with boat docks, private beach park, tennis courts, clubhouse & heated pool. $795,000. SANDY HOOK. An exceptional, well-maintained & updated conCraig and Steve Abbott, 383-7591 or 302-0686. #275995 temporary home with stunning wide views of the Gulf, the city, & HARBOR OAKS. A lovely maintenance-free, turnkey furnished 3BR Lido & Longboat keys. Ideal for an informal but elegant lifestyle. A home in the heart of the Longboat Key Club. Light & bright end villa Christie’s Great Estates listing. $4,490,000. Klaus Lang, 383-7591 with the most popular floor plan. $785,000. Craig and Steve or 320-1223. #270747 Abbott, 383-7591 or 302-0686. #295343 CABANA BEACH CLUB. Tropical, newly renovated Key West-style -ICHAEL3AUNDERS#OMPANYISANEXCLU condominium with Intracoastal canal frontage & deeded beach THELARGESTINTERNATIONALNETWORKO access. $459,900. Jan Bradley, 951-6660 or 302-3496. #289707

-!).  s34!2-!.$3 s./24(,/.'"/!4   7%%+%.$(/523

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006

shing golf course & lake views. Features volume porch & pool terrace, a luxurious master, 3 guest Dickinson & Ann Martin, 350-3304 or 356-7717.

ished, designer perfect 2BR-plus-den home on a Steve Abbott, 383-7591 or 374-3003. #302028

SPECTACULAR MAINLAND BAYFRONT. Custom designed, mainland bayfront John Cannon home with sweeping views, many upgrades, 3,170 sq. ft., fireplace, gourmet kitchen & pool/ spa. $2,395,000. Debra Pitell, 951-6660 or 355-7528. #288953

MOTE RANCH. On an expansive corner lot, this immaculate home offers panoramic lake views, volume ceilings, tile & wood flooring, lush tropical landscaping & a serene setting. $399,900. Stephanie Church, 951-6660 or 724-5448. #301370

HAWK’S HARBOR. New bayfront residence on sailboat water with boat dock, lift, pool & spa. Features a home theatre, sophisticated sound system & attention to detail throughout. $2,200,000. Susan Mitchell, 951-6660 or 780-5085. #280804 CONDO ON THE BAY. Totally renovated with beautiful detail, this 3BR ground-level condominium overlooks bay & bridge from a 1,434-sq.-ft. private terrace. Boat dock available. mainLand $1,499,000. Annette Rogers & Michael Moulton, 383-7591 or 387-0800. #301496 DESOTA PARK. This 3BR Spanish Mediterranean home complements several of the original 5,500 sq. ft. of exquisite architectural details & residences already existing on the street. All rooms embrace the central courtyard pool water residence with fabulous bay views, dock area. $1,299,000. Tammy Garner, 951-6660 or 374-4161. #301637 iman, 320-0389 or 356-9642. #299604 THE OAKS - CLUBSIDE. This 4BR home is only 2 years old & in excellent condition. Offers sidence with panoramic city and bay views. an open floor plan & tranquil views of the golf course from its oversized lanai with heated nsive terraces of this 16th floor Ritz-Carlton pool & spa. $1,239,000. Richard B. Perlman, 383-7591 or 228-8580. #298833 an Dickinson, 364-8884. #272585 THE OAKS BAYSIDE. Beautiful lake setting with southern views, nestled among stately oaks & palms. This custom 3BR home with study is perfect for gracious living & entertaining. $1,195,000. Betty Mullinnix, 349-3444 or 928-3441. #296226 FABULOUS DOWNTOWN PENTHOUSE. The only one of its kind with 62’ of open balcony facing the bay & panoramic views from every window. Turnkey furnished with many upgrades throughout. $1,195,000. Monica Slater, 951-6660 or 302-0011. #301746 BROADWAY PROMENADE. Be the first to enjoy the breathtaking bay views from this spacious unit currently under construction with a December 2006 completion. $990,000. Georgina Clamage, 951-6660 or 586-3789. #301287 WHITFIELD ESTATES. Historic Spanish Mediterranean West of the Trail home designed & lived in by Ralph Twitchell. Private lush setting on a large lot with boat dock & guesthouse. $979,000. Lee Dillon, 383-3759. #289844 THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME. Wonderful West of the Trail location, 2,800-sq.-ft. cottage-style home with beamed ceilings, wood-burning fireplaces & oversized pool area. $925,000. Marcia Salkin & Paulene Soublis, 388-4447 or 356-0203. #301192 THE MOST COVETED PENTHOUSE VIEW IN SARASOTA. This exquisite LAUREL PARK. Pre-construction in downtown’s historic Laurel Park. Key crown jewel gracing the bayfront skyline is in downtown’s exciting West-style home with ceramic, carpet & wood floors throughout. Ready theatre & arts district. 4,090 sq. ft. with stunning appointments. A late summer 2006. $899,000. Matt Orr, 951-6660 or 685-4077. Christie’s Great Estates listing. $3,850,000. Susan McLeod, 388-4447 #301032 or 951-2541. #268727 AVONDALE. Close to downtown, Siesta Key & shopping, this 5BR home has Mexican tile throughout, a large bricked patio & heated USIVEAFlLIATEOF#HRISTIEgS'REAT%STATES

pool. $695,000. Charell Smith-Senic, 966-8000 or 228-5132. OFINDEPENDENTREALESTATEBROKERS #298028

& impeccably maintained residence with a & fitness center. $385,000. Pat Loy, 383-7591

s3/54(,/.'"/!4 s0!,-%22!.#( s3)%34!+%9  3!-4/0-


FULFILL A DREAM - LIVE AT THE BEACH. This home is the perfect alternative to condominium living. Light, airy & impressively remodeled to perfection. Enjoy stunning Gulf views from upper terrace. $1,650,000. Ann Martin, 388-4447 or 356-7717. #296759

LIBRARY MEWS. Take advantage of downtown living in this unique townhome development near shops, theatres & dining. This light & bright residence features many upgrades. $679,000. Georgina Clamage, 951-6660 or 586-3789. #289285 ENCHANTING TREEHOUSE in a garden-like setting with meandering walkways through tropical foliage. This special home is bright, cheerful & serene with fish pond & 40’ lap pool. $595,000. Bobbie Banan, 388-4447 or 356-2659. #301534 GILLESPIE PARK. Two separate buildings within proximity to downtown. Back building has one BR, open living room & dining room. Front building has 2BRs & an open plan. $575,000. Matt Orr, 951-6660 or 685-4077. #292530 BENEVA WOODS. Beautiful, spacious 3BR/den custom home in a rarely available neighborhood. Oversized corner lot with large lanai & pool. $559,000. Ellen Wells, 349-3444 or 544-4849. #298678 THE MEADOWS. Beautifully maintained home in a sought after area of the Meadows. Features 3BRs, high ceilings & a fabulous pool & lanai area. $549,800. Judy & Bill Nimz, 951-6660 or 374-0196. #301924 OAKS AT WOODLAND PARK. Most private location, this great room 3BR home has wonderful personality in moldings, shutters, wood floors & spacious 50’ caged outdoor living area overlooking preserve. $546,000. Susan Keal & Lee Byron, 371-2549 or 925-8253. #301336 GILLESPIE PARK AREA. Large lot surrounded by astounding growth & development in a hot downtown community. $475,000. Matt Orr, 951-6660 or 685-4077. #292521 CASCADES. Expanded West Indies on a premium corner lot. Offers many upgrades & custom features including granite counters, wood cabinets, tile flooring & lush landscaping. $438,000. Stan Haidl and Peter Salefsky, 383-7591 or 724-3000. #301679 CHATWICK COURT. This exquisite courtyard pool home is the perfect Sarasota retreat. This residence features a unique floor plan & beautiful lakefront views. $384,900. Drew Russell, 966-8000 or 993-3739. #295889 SORRENTO EAST. Relax and enjoy this bright 2BR with a newer heated pool, new floors, new a/c & much more. $340,000. Terri Derr & Kennedy Torrington, 383-7591 or 356-6694. #301751 PINEHURST. This professionally decorated, turnkey furnished 2BR residence with garage has everything included. $259,000. Donald Geikie, 951-6660 or 921-3962. #291731 VILLAGE GARDENS. Set in a convenient location just south of University Parkway near US41, this 2BR features cathedral ceilings, clerestory windows & fresh paint. $191,000. Matt Orr, 951-6660 or 685-4077. #296389

Siesta Key

siesta key

GATED YACHTING ENCLAVE. Deepwater harbor is at your back door from this soundly built home, with 5,537 sq. ft. of open, bright living area, a coral stone fireplace & pool/spa. $2,895,000. Linda Roe Dickinson, 388-4447 or 350-3304. #283015 SANDERLING CLUB GARDEN ESTATE. 1.1-acre property with 300+ feet of frontage and dock on private Heron Lagoon. High ceilings, walls of glass, verdant park-like setting, picturesque waterfront and garden views. $1,795,000. Ann Martin & Linda Roe Dickinson, 356-7717 or 350-3304. #275365 SEDUCTIVE SANDERLING SECLUSION. Interior by Melody Suzor makes this lushly landscaped, lagoon fronting residence a special treat. Set in an exclusive, private & gated community. $1,485,000. Susan McLeod, 388-4447 or 951-2541. #302181 SIESTA ISLES. Imagine the possibilities with this canal-front in Siesta Isles. This one-owner home is solidly built with 85’ of waterfront. Southern exposure & old oaks add to this incredible location. $1,150,000. Terri Derr & Kennedy Torrington, 383-7591 or 356-6694. #295581 SIESTA HARBOR. Fully furnished, bright & open unit in immaculate condition. Features deeded beach access, sailboat water & lanai with new glass enclosures. $565,000. Mary Sauve, 966-8000 or 923-6609. #300763 WHITE SANDS VILLAGE. End unit overlooking lush tropical foliage & private water inlet. Boat dockage is available through the association. $525,000. Nina Dearing, 388-4447 or 809-0038. #301729

14A Neighborhood

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006

house tour by Dora Walters | Senior Editor

Weather shines for garden club tour Hundreds of residents and visitors turned out for the 30th annual Longboat Key Home and Garden Tour March 4. This year’s selection of homes ranged from an Old Florida-style home in The Village to a home behind the gates with a lush tropical garden and a spectacular view of Sarasota Bay. Traffic moved smoothly, due in part to a trolley that transported some of the sight-seers. Tour-goers enjoyed refreshments served at Joan M.

Durante Park, where there was display of information about Florida landscaping and water conservation. At the Longboat Key Center for the Arts, informal tours of the complex were available. The tour chairman was Susan Landau. Proceeds from the tour are used for various club projects, including beautification, scholarships for Camp Wekiva and students enrolled in garden related courses and books for the Longboat Library.

Photos by Dora Walters

Above: Joan Webster, Lillian Sands, Richard Perlman Tour Chairwoman Susan Landau and her husband, Lenny. Left: Mabel Esposito served cookies to Pat Shafer, Mary Zarroli and Nina Hundt at Joan M. Durante Park.

MMB692_Sarasota PM Page 1 Lines at the RichardBSEnc_Observer_M Perlman home moved3/6/06 The 3:58 Judy Kepecz-Hays and Richard Hays quickly as they did at all the residences. home has an infinity pool and a first floor deck.

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The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006

Dine in Carry out



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Marvin P. Norin Peter O’Connor Kathleen M. Osborne Margaret M. Roche William E. Roche Penny Rosenthal Frances Rothenberg Lee Rothenberg Robert Rubin Barbara Sandford John Sandford Carol T. Savage Beverly Shapiro Mel Shapiro Mary Lampert Siekmann Fred Smith Joanne Smith Ivor Specterman George Spoll Madelyn Spoll Harvey Steinberg Arline Steinberg W.H. Strehlow George A. Symanski, Jr. Nathalie C. Treonis Al Tripodi Irene Vassilaro-Boyer Dick Webster Rita P. Weil Judy Williams Richard Williams Harry Winter Mary Winter Ed Zunz Pat Zunz

Please Vote tuesday, March 14 or during the early Voting Period thru March 12 Political advertisement paid for and approved by Bob Siekmann for Longboat Key Commissioner.

16A News


Corner Feb. 26

7:53 a.m. — 4900 block Gulf of Mexico Drive (GMD). Code Enforcement. Officer tells painters that construction noise is prohibited on Sundays. Workers agree to leave. 12:24 p.m. — Intersection of GMD and Buttonwood Drive. Traffic Crash. Driver of a pickup truck swerves to avoid a stopped car, but ends up crashing into the car. Minor damage caused, but no injuries reported. 5:00 p.m. — Winslow Place. Resident finds a silver bracelet. 8:01 p.m. — Longboat Key Police Department. Anonymous caller calls police and says a driver for Salvation Army is driving while drunk. Officers talk to man, who does not appear to be impaired. Man says he got into an argument with his supervisor and that he suspects she called the police on him.

Feb. 27

12:59 a.m. — 500 block Cutter

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006

Lane. Code Enforcement. Officer issues ticket to homeowner for irrigating lawn on a nonwatering day after issuing three warnings. Homeowner is fined $25. Officer reports that the sprinklers have been on every night since mid-January. 11:29 a.m. — 3800 block GMD. Traffic Violation. Officer issues ticket to driver for operating a car without brake lights. 8:34 a.m. — Intersection of Buttonwood Drive and Longview Drive. Traffic Violation. Officer talks to driver and passengers in a car parked in resident’s driveway. Occupants could not remember the owner’s name at the house, as “they had just visited.” Officer advises them to leave and not return. 10:47 a.m. — 500 block Bay Isles Parkway. Larceny from a Business. Gas station attendant reports a customer driving off without paying for fuel. Officer stops driver, who says she thought she paid for the gas with a credit card.

2:13 p.m. — 100 block Broadway. Juvenile Acts. Resident calls police about a group of high-school-age students being loud and drinking beer on the beach. Officer talks to teens, who are out of school because of FCAT testing. Officer tells them to clean up empty beer cans before leaving the area. 10:45 p.m. — 1900 block GMD. Noise Disturbance. Resident complains to police about his neighbor playing loud music. Officer talks to neighbor, who says he is about to turn the stereo off and go to bed. 11:40 p.m. — 400 block GMD. Security Check of a Business. Officer closes door that was left open at a gas station. 12:48 p.m. — Intersection of Bay Isles Road and GMD. Car Crash. Driver of a semi-truck hits a street sign as he is turning onto Gulf of Mexico Drive. The signpost was sheared from its mount.

Feb. 28

1:32 p.m. — 100 block Broadway. Juvenile Acts. Officer talks to teens at the beach. Resident says he saw teens drinking beer, but teens say the beer belongs to someone else. Officer has teens pour out beer.

March 1

7:54 a.m. — 1600 block GMD. Traffic Violation. Officer watches a speeding car following another car too closely.

Officer turns around and pulls over the driver, who says that she has “been a bad girl.” Officer hands over ticket for speeding. Woman becomes sarcastic, saying “thanks a lot.” 2:18 p.m. — 2300 block Harbour Oaks Drive. Suspicious Circumstance. Woman calls police about unknown persons staying at a home. Officers check home and cannot find any signs of occupants. Later, woman calls police back to say that it was a misunderstanding, because her husband invited guests to their home. 3:06 p.m. — Linley Street Dock. Officer tells woman to move her truck because it is parked on the town right-ofway. 3:17 p.m. — 4600 block GMD. Boat. On-site manager at Casa Del Mar calls police about a Jet Ski coming within the 300foot no-wake boundary. Officer searches the shore, but does not observe a violation. Manager tells officer that he thought the Jet Ski was a private watercraft and not a rental Jet Ski. Officer tells manager to attempt to obtain the registration numbers of any Jet Skis that are in violation of town ordinance. 9:41 p.m. — St Armands Key. Traffic Violation. Officer pulls over a Jeep with a broken brake light. Officer issues ticket to driver for driving without a license.

10:58 a.m. — 700 block Longboat Club Road. Property Lost or Missing. Vacationer tells police that he thinks someone stole his digital camera. He checks with management, but the camera has not been found.

March 3

9:24 a.m. — 5600 block GMD. Code Enforcement. Workers are washing cars on the west side of GMD. Officer tells detailers they cannot do business on public right-of-way. 10:14 a.m. — Intersection of Longboat Club Road and GMD. Car Crash. When a driver stops for traffic, another car crashes into the first car. The first car then collides with another car. No one is injured in the crash. 11:49 a.m. — 500 block Putting Green Lane. Property Damage. As driver passes landscapers, a rock is kicked up by a mower and dents his car. Landscape company agrees to take care of the situation. 2:26 p.m. — 500 block Rountree Drive. Larceny from a Residence. Someone steals a concrete yard statue from a home. The statue is a 32-inch tall horse, gray in color. 6:27 p.m. — 4000 block GMD. Traffic Violation. Officer pulls over a car with what appears to be a forged temporary license tag. Officer issues ticket to driver for having an invalid tag and driving without a license.

The Longboat Key Kiwanis Club presents…

Annual Pancake Breakfast Saturday, March 11 featuring…

Longboat Key’s All-Star Chefs preparing their Gourmet Pancakes Harry Christensen

proprietor/chef, Harry’s Continental Kitchens

Ray Arpke

proprietor/chef, Euphemia Haye

Tommy Klauber

proprietor/chef, Pattigeorge’s

Jill Ball

proprietor/chef, Blue Dolphin Cafe

Join Kiwanis Club members for a tasty breakfast of hot gourmet pancakes, spicy sausage, steaming coffee and fresh orange juice at the annual fundraiser for Sarasota-Manatee children’s charities. Longboat Key’s All-Star chefs — Harry Christensen, top left, Tommy Klauber, top right, Ray Arpke, bottom left and Jill Ball, bottom right — will use their special gourmet pancake recipes at the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast.

Admission: Only $4 Time: 7 to 11 a.m. Date: Saturday, March 11 Place: St. Mary Star of the Sea Stella Maris Parish Hall 4280 Gulf of Mexico Drive

Tickets Available at the Door, The Longboat Observer, Sea Stable

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006

Neighborhood 17A

opera night by Dora Walters | Senior Editor

Temple audience welcomes studio artists Each year, the audience for Opera Night at Temple Beth Israel continues to draw bigger and bigger crowds. On Feb. 21, folding chairs had to be added to accommodate the large crowd. The performers are members of the Studio Artists program of the Sarasota Opera. The evening’s program presented vocal selections from light opera, the classics and Broadway hits. A reception to meet the artists was held after the performance. The evening was presented under the auspices of the temple’s Men’s Club, and proceeds benefit local, national and international charities. Photos by Dora Walters

Nora Eninger, Ruth Engman and Mimi Edlin

Performers Tom O’Toole, Andrew Oakden, Scott Guinn and Rolando Sanz

Vivian Gordon, Laeh Grant and Lois Cohodas

Goldiejean Trow, Bunny Skirboll and Joyce Paley








IT’S WHAT YOU KNOW, NOT WHO YOU KNOW. Political advertisement paid and approved by Bob Siekmann for Longboat Key Commissioner


Political advertisement paid and approved by Bob Siekmann for Longboat Key Commissioner

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Aaron and Doris Cushman


Whitney Beach Plaza Longboat Key

market The Lounge Live Music and Dancing Tues. Wed. Thurs & Sat. 7 to 11 PM - No cover

Deli - Bakery - Butcher - Produce Groceries - Wine & Beer Espresso & Gelato Bar Open Daily 7 am to 7 pm • 383-7180

FRANK SINATRA (a.k.a. John Rinell) Thursdays

Farmer’s Market Organic Veggies

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longboat Key liquors Wine Tasting Fridays 5 to 7 pm

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Quote of the week : “The Market is such a great place that I have to go at least once a day.”

Kip O’Neill

18A Neighborhood

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006

Island Chapel by Dora Walters | Senior Editor

Pancakes highlight Shrove Tuesday supper Under the direction of Martha Sammons, a dedicated committee of pancake-batter makers, pancake flippers and pancakes servers took care of about 75 members and guests for supper Feb. 28, at Longboat Island Chapel. The event marked Shrove Tuesday and the beginning of Lent March 1. The bowls of homemade applesauce served with every plate were a special treat. Servings were generous, but hungry guests could return for seconds, or even thirds.

John Dabio prepares the pancake batter.

Photos by Dora Walters

Marilyn Johnson, former assistant pastor at the chapel, dines with Betty Johnson.


Judy Heyer and Donna Dolan serve pancakes with a smile.


Asks You To Please



To The Density Referendum On

Tuesday, March 14th

Marcy East pours coffee for Andy Anderson and Fred Beyerlein.

A YES Vote will help us adjust to the loss of tourism units

on Longboat Key.

A YES Vote will help allow us to adjust to the double-digit

property tax and insurance increases, by funding repairs and additions to our old nonconforming building. Most of All - A YES Vote will help keep Moore’s Stone Crab Restaurant’s 40 year tradition alive.



on Tuesday, March 14th

Thank You. Alan, Darla, Matthew, and Sadge Moore Paul, Shelby, Adrianne and Mary Moore Robert, Lynda, Dalton and Collin Hicks Paid Political Advertisement Paid For By Moore’s Stone Crab Restaurant, 800 Broadway St. LBK, FL Independently Of Any Candidate Or Committee.

Peggy Moyer and Marguerite Dye take a moment for some serious conversation.

Award Winning Company

bonded • licensed • insured living and Working on the key

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006

Neighborhood 19A

shrove tuesday by Dora Walters | Senior Editor

All Angels celebrates Mardi Gras

Marianne Hart, the Rev. David Danner, Anne Bussells and Daphne Walker are in a festive mood for Mardi Gras.

This year, members of All Angels by the Sea Episcopal Church decided to trade the traditional Shrove Tuesday pancake supper for a Mardi Gras celebration. Colorful facemasks were worn by many attending, and jovial spirit was everywhere. The hall was decorated with bright red, green and orange balloons that were attached to chairs and walls. Supper was potluck, with fried chicken, ham and numerous salads and casseroles. With so many desserts, a special table had to be set up. Shrove Tuesday was Feb. 28, with the beginning of Lent March 1.

Taking time for conversation are, seated, A.J. McFarlin and June Granger, with Nancy Gross and Arlene Scarlett, standing.

Nancy Van Sickle, Jeanette Devore and Barbara McLean get ready to join the festivities. Photos by Dora Walters

Above: Vanda Healy and Jane Power-Jasper were among the attending members. Right: Lou Getz prepares to serve the buffet line.


Every Wednesday during Season. 9am - 10am on our Front Porch.

est� eB e h t n f st o Magazi e B ta ed “ Vot Saraso by

Cruise with... HCPTC #231

On the Interstate... On the Intracoastal... On the Internet... 1-800-525-4661







IT’S WHAT YOU KNOW, NOT WHO YOU KNOW. Political advertisement paid and approved by Bob Siekmann for Longboat Key Commissioner

2436 Stickney Point Rd. Sarasota, FL 34231 Phone: (941) 926-3229


20A Religion

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006



Joseph Barker

Dora Walters

At a celebration service Feb. 26, Christ Church of Longboat Key received its official charter, making it a member of the Peace River Presbytery. The church inducted 127 congregants as members of the Presbyterian faith. Organized several months ago as a non-denominational church, the congregation voted 75 to 35 to become Presbyterian, and chose the U.S.A. branch, because it allows for female ministers. Welcoming the church was the Rev. Graham Hart, executive presbyter. The Rev. Bruce Porter, retired pastor from Sarasota Presbyterian Church of the Palms in Sarasota, delivered the day’s message, “Who’s Church is This, Anyway?” Above, Elaine Barnett, presbyter moderator, presented a plaque recognizing the church’s charter to the Rev. Ray Woody and Bill Buckley, past president of the board, as Hart looks on. Following the service, members and guests attended an informal reception. The church is located at 595 Bay Isles Road and services are at 10 a.m. Sundays.

Joseph Barker, 83, Meriden, Conn., Clinton, Conn., and Longboat Key, died Feb. 28. Born Aug. 16, 1922, in Meriden, he was an Army veteran of World War II, where he served as a first sergeant of the 711th Tank Battalion in the Pacific. For this he received a Purple Heart. In 1979, he was given an invitation to attend a Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty briefing given by President Jimmy Carter in the East Room of the White House. He was a member and past president of Temple B’Nai Abraham in Meriden, where he served 30 years as a chairman of the Meriden Jewish Federation. He was also a member of Temple Beth Israel on Longboat Key. He was a past director of the Meriden Chamber of Commerce, treasurer emeritus of the Beach Park Point Association in Clinton and recently served as president of The Sanctuary Condominium Association of the Longboat Key Club. Survivors include his children, Michael of West Hartford, Conn., and Lisa Rosenfield and Merle Gandolfo of Cheshire, Conn.; his significant other, Joyce Rosenthal; brothers Arthur, of Miami, Herbert, of Southington, Conn., and Joseph Edelson, of West Hartford; and seven grandchildren. Services and burial will be in Meriden, where John J. Ferry & Sons Funeral Home is in charge. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be send to: The Julius

and Sophie Barker Scholarship Fund of Temple B’Nai Abraham, 127 E. Main St., Meriden, Conn., 06450; the Edith and Joseph Barker Fund of the Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford, 333 Bloomfield Ave., West Hartford, Conn., 06117, or to the Meriden Rotary Foundation, P.O. Box 773 Meriden, Conn., 06450.

Clare Hearns Kennedy

Clare Hearns Kennedy, of Torrance, Calif., and formerly of Longboat Key, died Feb. 13. Born in New York City, she attended Fordham University and previously lived in Wallingford, Conn., Pittsburgh and St. Louis. She worked as manager at The Paper Peddler in Oakmont, Pa., and volunteered at the local library. She had lived in Spanish Main for a number of years before moving to California to be closer to her family. She is survived by her husband of 59 years, Joseph; two children and their spouses, son Jim Kennedy and his wife, Shari, of Columbus, Ohio, and daughter Meagan Burrows and her husband, Don, of Manhattan Beach, Calif.; her grandson, Brennan; sister, Joan Hearns of Sparkhill, N.Y.; brother Arthur Hearns; and Julia and Marge Petruska of Aspinwall, Penn. Services for Mrs. Kennedy were held in California and Pennsylvania. To send the family a message or share a memory, please go to the mortuary’s Web site at

The KeyS: KEY PLUMBING Serving Bird/Lido 366-4555 LongBoAT • ST. ArmAndS Your Longboat Key Plumbers for 28 Years

• • • •


Water Heaters • GarbaGe Disposals instant Hots • Filters all Major branDs pluMbinG Fixtures KitcHen & batH reMoDelinG • Drain cleaninG Certificate # CFC057885

Be The Best Dressed in Town Flip Flop Fare • an Island Fashion Show Friday, March 24th 11:30 pm – 2:00 pm e see C o m t is la n d ate s the l s hions fa Ticket Distribution: $25 The Chamber 5313 Gulf Dr., Holmes Beach

(941)779-9412 Credit Cards accepted. Call the chamber to reserve your seat. Tickets pre-purchased with a credit card may be picked up at the door.

Presented by the

Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce Show Location:

BrAdenton Country CluB 4646 9th Ave. West, Bradenton

Measurement leads to accuracy. Accuracy leads to success. Advertisers & Readers: VERIFIED keeps us in top condition. When you place an ad in our publication you know you are getting your money’s worth. As you can see, we’re as serious about giving you honest value for your advertising dollars as we are about giving our readers the best in local news and valuable information. And you don’t have to take our word for it. Verified’s reports confirm it. After all. Verified’s requirements lead to accurate reporting, and that leads to your success.

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006


pic controls your town commission If my opponent is elected, seven of the seven commissioners will be members or former members of PIC. The small group of people who make up PIC should not control your town.




The current PIC-controlled Town Commission continues to waste your money on surveys, studies & consultants.


22A Religion

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006

FROM THE PULPIT by The Rev. David L. Danner

Lent offers spiritual renewal A week ago, many Christians entered into an annual period of self-reflection known as Lent. The major problem with Lent, as someone has said, is that “it ain’t what it used to be.� When I was a child, Lent always seemed so long. It was a time to give up something precious, like eating candy or going to the movies. Frequently, it meant going to church more often or sharing a part of our allowance by dropping pennies and nickels into some box to “ransom pagan babies.� I always wondered, ransom from whom? Today, we may still give up candy or desserts or alcohol, but, in reality, the underlying motivation is often because we need to lose weight anyway, or the doctor has told us to cut back. True, many of the things we did were good for us, but did they really change us? Was there any lasting effect beyond Lent? Did we become better men and women through our choices? One traditional scripture reading associated with the season tells us to rend our hearts, not our garments. For many of us, Lent is a time of temporary or superficial change — a period simply to endure, rather than a time to lift up our hearts to God for real renewal. Even now, how often do we get to Good Friday, only to realize that we have done nothing during the past 40 days to truly change our ways? We just put it off. Jesus was tempted in the desert to take an easier route, one that did not involve self-sacrifice. Our temptation is often to do nothing at all, to neglect responding to

St. Mary Star of the Sea CATHOLIC CHURCH

Winter Mass Schedule Saturday: 4:30 & 6:00 p.m. Sunday: 8:00, 9:30 & 11:00 a.m.

383-1255 Daily Mass — Mon. through Fri. 9:00 a.m. Confession before all weekend Masses

4280 Gulf of Mexico Drive


Identity Theft: Are You at Risk? Wednesday, March 15th at 11:00 A.M. Speaker: Diane Muir of Northern Trust Bank

Angels Episcopal Church nAll t 563 Bay Isles Rd. B Longboat Key

God’s call. After all, we have plenty of time, don’t we? The Prophet Joel warns us, however, “Blow the trumpet in Zion; sound the alarm on my holy mountain! Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble, for the day of the Lord is coming; it is near.� The ashes associated with the beginning of Lent pointedly remind us that we do not have as much time as we often think. Now is the acceptable time to forgive that person who hurt us and to mend that long-broken relationship. Today is the right moment to take time for someone I love (or, especially, someone I don’t love), to open my heart to God. Today we need to heed the call to self-giving, not just self-denial. This Lent, we have the privilege of taking time to see the signs of God’s love for us. Where do you find them? Can you not see them all around you? Lent is a time to recall God’s dream for us. Albert Camus once said, “In the winter of life, there is, within me, an invincible summer.� The word “Lent� has its origin in the Anglo-Saxon term for the lengthening days of spring. Spiritually, it is also the springtime of new life, but only if we let God’s light shine through our coldness, indifference, cynicism and complacency. We let that light shine through when we love without strings, forgive without paybacks and give without limits. The Rev. David L. Danner is the rector at All Angels by the Sea Episcopal Church.

St. Armands Key Lutheran Church 388-1234

St. Armands Circle 40 North Adams Dr.

Contemporary Service of Joy • 9:00 a.m. Nursery Available Sunday School • 10:00 a.m. (Youth & Adult)

The Rev. David L. Danner, D. Min., Rector

Traditional Service • 11:00 a.m.

Sunday Eucharist • 8 & 10 A.M.

The Rev. Eric P. Wogen

Eucharist & Anointing Wednesday at 10 A.M. 383-8161 Website:

Personal Care

Maintain your independence in your home Home Health Aides, Nurses, Companions. Personal care & comfort when family can’t be there.

Temple Beth Israel

Care Plus Home Health, Inc.





Passover seder

Longboat Key Club Wed., April 12 @ 6:00 pm

Christian Fellowship ChRis ChuRCh Sunday Worship 10:00 AM with Pastor Terry Wise, Ph.D. Services at Bayfront Park Recreation Center 4052 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Thursday Bible Study 3:30 PM Meeting at Church Office, 522 Cedar St. (behind Whitney Beach Plaza)

Joyful Singing and Caring Relationships Come Grow With Us! 383-0109

of Longboat Key

Reverend Dr. Ray Woody 10:00 a.m.

Mediterranean Plaza

nurSery available

383-8833 Mediterranean Plaza 2nd Level Longboat Key


Reservations: 383-3428

Inclusive Inviting Inspiring Interesting

9:00 am Adult Education

Sunday Service

Publix CVS

Bay Isles Rd.

Everyone is Welcome! Bring your Bible!

The Episcopal Church on Longboat Key X


Non-Denominational • Bible-Believing • Christ-Honoring

All Angels by the Sea 563 Bay Isles Road, Longboat Key

Presbyterian Church (USA)


All Angels by the Sea Episcopal Church, 563 Bay Isles Road, will offer Holy Eucharist at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. Sunday and 10 a.m. Wednesday. The Rev. David Danner is the rector. 383-8161. Bayfront Christian Fellowship, 4052 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Service at 10 a.m. Sunday, at Bayfront Park Recreation Center. Coffee and snacks at 9:30. The Rev. Terry Wise, Ph. D., is the pastor. 383-7220. Christ Church of Longboat Key, holds service at 10 a.m. Sundays, at the Mediterranean Plaza, 595 Bay Isles Drive. The Rev. Dr. Ray Woody is the pastor. 383-9402. Longboat Island Chapel, 6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Adult study discussion is at 9 a.m. and traditional service at 10 a.m. Sundays. Nursery available. 383-6491. The Rev. Kenneth Gill is interim minister. St. Armands Key Lutheran Church, 40 N. Adams Drive, will hold a contemporary worship service at 9 a.m. and Sunday school at 10 a.m. Nursery available. Traditional service at 11 a.m. The Rev. Eric P. Wogen will officiate. 388-1234. St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church, 4280 Gulf of Mexico Drive, will hold Saturday Masses at 4:30 and 6 p.m. and Sunday Masses at 8, 9:30 and 11 a.m. Daily Masses are held at 9 a.m. Monday through Friday. The Rev. Edward Pick is the pastor. Temple Beth Israel, 567 Bay Isles Road. Shabbat services will be held at 8 p.m. Friday and 10 a.m. Saturday. Rabbi Michael Eisenstat will lead the services. 383-3428.

Fax 388-1360

Sunday Worship Celebration

Lic# HHA299991657




The Rev. Charles Shook 10:00 am Service of Worship (Nursery Available) The Rev. Dr. Kenneth L. Gill Sermon: "Identity - Who Am I ?" The Chapel Choir 6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive • Longboat Key, Florida 34228

Gulf of Mexico Drive


The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006



Bruce Myer has charted the course in real estate for more than 25 years. ,œ}iÀÊ«ÀiÃi˜ÌÃÊ Ì…iÃiÊw˜iÊ«Àœ«iÀ̈ið


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ˆ˜Ê ÕÝÕÀÞÊ7>ÌiÀvÀœ˜Ìʈۈ˜}° Featured Property





œ˜`œÊœ˜Ê̅iÊ >Þ






















7…ˆÌ˜iÞÊ i>V…






 ,Ê 7, --

Àœ}iÀÊV°Ê«iÌ̈˜}i ÕÝÕÀÞÊÜ>ÌiÀvÀœ˜ÌÊëiVˆ>ˆÃÌ

™{£°ÎnÇ°£n{ä ™{£°xnÈ°ÈÈÈn

Àœ}iÀJ«iÌ̈˜}i°Vœ“ ,œ}iÀʅ>ÃʏˆÃÌi`Ê>˜`Ê܏`ʓœÀiÊ̅>˜Ê fxääʓˆˆœ˜Êˆ˜ÊÕÝÕÀÞÊ>˜`ÊÜ>ÌiÀvÀœ˜Ìʅœ“ið




™{£°ÎnÇ°£näÎ ŽœÞJVœ`ÜiL>˜ŽiÀ°Vœ“



/"1,Ê9Ê*,"* ,/ -Ê/ ÜÜÜ°Þ˜˜iŽœÞ°Vœ“

œ`ÜiÊ >˜ŽiÀÊ,iÈ`i˜Ìˆ>Ê,i>Ê ÃÌ>Ìi]ʘV°Ê>ÌÊ/…iÊ …>À̅œÕÃiʜ˜Êœ˜}Lœ>ÌÊiÞ


The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006

THE LEGENDS SOCIETY Represents the Top Less Than 1% of All Coldwell Banker Sales Associates Worldwide



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GREWAL FULLER TEAM Sarasota Bay Commercial






GLORIA & TOM WATERS University Parkway

LINDA WEBER Longboat Key

THE WEEDS Lakewood Ranch






Palmer Ranch


LANA KONING Lakewood Ranch


Siesta Key




PAM DIAL Anna Maria

TEAM DUNN Siesta Key



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Bee Ridge




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INTERNATIONAL DIAMOND SOCIETY Represents Top 13% of All Coldwell Banker Sales Associates Worldwide

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MARY PETERS University Parkway

KEVIN VALE Sarasota Downtown


RICK GREENE St. Armands Key




TERRENCE & TERESA COOK MARK & JOYCE HUBER Sarasota Downtown Longboat Key




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KATHY LEWIS Lakewood Ranch


SAM WATKINS Sarasota Bay Commercial







JEFF MANN St. Armands Key

LOU SALVATORI Sarasota Downtown


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THE GRENIER GROUP Sarasota Downtown





KEHN/HUPPERT Creekwood Crossings







DAVID "DEE" DIGIROLAMO Creekwood Crossings

JOSEPH I. KUHN Sarasota Downtown



f l o r i d a m o v e s . c o m Longboat Key 941.383.6411 • Sarasota Downtown 941.366.8070 • Siesta Key 941.349.4411 St. Armands 941.388.3699 • St. Armands Key 941.388.4433 ©2006 Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate Corporation. Coldwell Banker® is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned and Operated by NRT Incorporated.


Longboat A+



sleepy lagoon



75 residents gather for annual neighborhood picnic. 3A+

Commodore’s Ball John Godbold hosts the event for his shipmates. You. Your neighbors. Your neighborhood.

Residents enjoy relaxing dinner at the clubouse after an enjoyable day of golf.

longboat key's weekly newspaper since 1978

Thursday, March 9, 2006

NEIGHBORS by Kat Wingert | Community Editor

Hitting the Oregon Trail After more than 30 years on Longboat, the Feingolds are ready for their next adventure.


he only reason Mary Ann Feingold agreed to move to Longboat Key was because her husband, Leon, promised her it would only be for one year. Not a fan of the hot weather, Mary Ann Feingold never dreamed of being a Floridian, but when her husband took a year off from his business in New York, she reluctantly agreed to move to the Key during that time. So, she sparingly furnished their Windward Bay condominium and put their belongings in New York in storage. Thirty-two years later, they have long since given away their things in New York, and have grown quite fond of their hastily purchased décor, as well as the home they have made on Longboat Key. It took a little longer than Leon Feingold promised, but after more than three decades, the Feingolds are leaving Longboat. At 87 and 89 years old, respectively, the couple is trading the Southeast for the Northwest to move closer to their daughter in Oregon. By the time you read this, the Feingolds

will have packed their things and left for a new life across the country, but despite taking their belongings with them, they have left much behind.


f all the things he’s given to the community, one of Leon Feingold’s largest contributions came in the form of something no larger than a business card. A member of the Longboat Key Volunteer Fire Department since 1979, he learned of a problem firefighters had when they arrived at the home of someone in need of medical attention. Although people commonly kept something known as the “vial of life,” a tube containing papers with medical information, in their refrigerators, it was never in the same place in the refrigerator and firefighters could never find it. It was then that Feingold remembered seeing a small, plastic case from Disney World that was made for kids to hold cards or something small. Feingold found someone to manufacture a similar plastic box with a magnet

on the back that would stick to the outside of the refrigerator and hold a piece of paper with a patient’s medical and insurance information. After getting support from the Longboat Key Town Commission to purchase and give the boxes to Longboat residents, Feingold distributed 15,000 boxes on Longboat, so emergency personnel would know where to find the information when they responded to a call. “Soon, the fire chief in Sarasota ordered about 60,000 for Sarasota,” Feingold said. “Before I knew it, people were bringing them back to their homes up North and I was getting calls from people in cities all over the Midwest and Northeast wanting to know how they could get them.”


eingold’s involvement with the Volunteer Fire Department began after he and Mary Ann Feingold volunteered for Sarasota Memorial Hospital when they first moved to the Key.

FEINGOLDS continued on 5A+

Kat Wingert


ISA-041 City Ad#2|LBO


4:22 PM

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006

Page 1

City Place is a gourmet kitchen half a block from the butcher and baker.

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The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006

Neighborhood 3A+

annual picnic by Dora Walters | Senior Editor

Sleepy Lagoon residents enjoy beach event

Harry Winter, Association President Tony Van Riemsdijk and Jules Rauch

Busy lives often keep neighbors from spending time getting better acquainted, but a neighborhood beach picnic can be the remedy. On Feb. 25, about 75 residents of Sleepy Lagoon, an area from Cannons Marina north to Reclinata Drive, gathered for a picnic on the beach. Association President Tony Van Riemsdijk welcomed the crowd and announced that the afternoon was just for fun, not for business. It was special afternoon for several of the snowbirds, catching up on the latest news. The picnic is usually an annual event, but so many were having a good time, a suggestion was made to Van Riemsdijk to stage the gathering at least twice year. It was a suggestion with which he agreed.

Photos by Dora Walters

Co-Chairwomen Peggy Goodrich and Reina Berman

Ease and Sydney Elston

Jane Anderson

Carol Vickers

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4A+ Neighborhood

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006

grill works by Kat Wingert | Community Editor

Seaplace party is smokin’

Angie Garbarino, Beverly Stellon, Virginia Kelly and Mary Ellen Adamce

Enjoying each other’s company and a spectacular sunset, the residents of Seaplace gathered at their clubhouse the evening of Feb. 22 for their monthly social event of food and fun. As the sun started to set, more than 60 attendees gathered on the patio to get a drink from bartender Roy Diton and watch the sun melt into the waves of the Gulf. Once darkness fell, the indoor fun heated up with the evening’s theme: “A Night at the Grill.” In honor of President George Washington’s birthday, Chair Elinor Burstein decorated the tables in blue and red tablecloths and named each table after a president. For dinner, everyone enjoyed the grillwork of St. Louis Chef John Dunn, then danced the night away with music provided by a DJ.

Photos by Kat Wingert

Chef John Dunn with Chairs Elinor and Allen Burstein

Above: John and Sonja Ellis with Dottie and Augie Pirolli Left: Jack Sullivan and Lincoln Seitzman

Edith and Harold Grant

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The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

FEINGOLDS continued from 1A+ Feingold, who was a medic in World War II, worked with patients in the hospital’s physiotherapy and orthopedic departments. Mary Ann Feingold worked as a hospital transporter, greeting patients and helping them around the hospital. At the time, Feingold was also coaching the Longboat Key softball team, which had a player from the Volunteer Fire Department. When the hospital stopped allowing volunteers to work with patients in Feingold’s departments, he decided his next undertaking would be to become an emergency medical technician. Once he joined the department and finished his training as an E.M.T. and ambulance driver, he also raised substantial funds for the department to refurbish its ambulance to serve patients quicker. “We’d come to take care of a patient, and then we’d have to wait sometimes more than 30 minutes for an ambulance to come from the county,” Feingold said. With the help of The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort owner Dr. Murray “Murf ” Klauber, Feingold got the Key’s major developers together for a fundraising luncheon to fix the ambulance. “I had $2,700 left in the department’s treasury, and I asked them to match it,” Feingold said. The developers agreed, and soon he had

$15,000. Thinking it would take more than $30,000 total for the ambulance, he then sent out letters to residents asking for donations. In response, Longboat residents sent in donations ranging from $5 to $500. In three months, Feingold raised $200,000. After getting the ambulance fixed, Leon gave the extra money to the town, but in his more than 20 years with the volunteer fire department, he has raised more than $1 million for it. “I never though it was work, with all the good we did and the lives we saved,” Feingold said. Aside from volunteering with the fire department, Feingold also served on the board of directors of the Coastal Recovery Center, was a member of the American Emergency Preparedness Center and the Florida Fire Marshall Association and, yet, he still found time to work on his golf game. Meanwhile, Mary Ann Feingold began volunteering with the Longboat Library to keep herself involved. “That’s why Mary went to work at the library,” Feingold said. “I was never in the condo.”


lthough life has slowed a little throughout the years, the Feingolds have stayed active. Feingold said he was at the pool the other day, when a man asked him if he were new to Windward Bay. “He said, ‘Are you a renter?’ I said, ‘No,

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Neighborhood 5A+

I’m an owner,’” Feingold said. “Then he said I must be new. I told him, ‘Yeah, I’ve only been here 30 years.’ The problem was, I always had better things to do than hang around the pool.” As they prepare for their move to Oregon, the Feingolds approach it as their next adventure. Thinking about the past, the Feingolds enthusiastically share stories about their days on the Key. As one of them narrates a story, the other leans in like he’s never heard it before, despite being married 62 years. Frequently, the storyteller asks the other for a date or a clarification — they are true partners in life, adventure and even storytelling. After recalling a trip the two took together, Mary Ann Feingold pauses to reflect: “Wow, I guess we’ve done a lot, Leon.” When she talks about Oregon, Mary Ann Feingold is excited for the future there. She talks about how the weather’s not too cold or hot, and how it rains a lot in the winters, but how that doesn’t bother her. What neither of them does is dwell on the fact that they’re leaving or wax sentimental about how much they’ll miss Longboat, even though it’s clear from stories they tell there are things they will miss. But that’s the thing about the Feingolds. They aren’t much for living in the past or dwelling on their decisions. What they’d rather do, is move forward.

UP CLOSE Batter Up: Before going into the service, Leon Feingold played professional baseball, but during the Depression and war, there were limited opportunities to play because no one could afford to play, the players or see the games, for that matter. Feingold played in semiprofessional baseball for a while, but later went into the service, where he was a medic during World War II. Cross-country trip:Before coming to Longboat Key in 1974, the Feingolds decided to take a summerlong, cross-country road trip before settling in Florida. A few years ago, Mary Ann Feingold took a similar road trip when she drove with her daughter from Sarasota to Oregon. She recalls that her daughter had to teach her to drive a manual transmission to help her drive. “Everytime I got to a hill, I had to stop and let her drive because I didn’t want to down-shift,” Mary Ann Feingold said. “It took us weeks, we were having so much stopping and visiting places.” Box of Life: When Leon Feingold first got the life boxes for people’s refrigerators manufactured 15 years ago, the boxes cost $4.50 each. However, once he got the Sarasota fire marshall to agree to purchase them for Sarasota, the boxes went down to 90 cents each.

6A+ Neighborhood

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

hitting the links by Kat Wingert | Community Editor

Beachplace residents begin tradition After playing the links all day at Tatum Ridge, about 80 Beachplace residents got cleaned up and enjoyed a relaxing dinner together at the Beachplace Clubhouse. The best-ball golf tournament, held March 2, was the first of its kind in what many residents are hoping will be an annual tradition. Play began in the morning at Tatum Ridge Golf Links, east of I-75, and the evening meal began at 7 p.m., just in time for residents to enjoy the sunset from the clubhouse patio before settling into the dining room for a gourmet meal, catered by Harry’s Continental Kitchens.

Mel Levy, a board member of the Beachplace Association, helped organize the tournament and dinner. Judy Reed, a resident of the condominium, said she enjoyed the tournament as a way to bring the residents together. “Without any events, it can be hard to meet everyone,� Reed said. “It’s nice to be able get together and be social with your neighbors.� At the dinner, awards were handed out to the foursome with the lowest gross score, along with awards presented to both men and women for closest to the pin and for longest drives.

Above: Buddy Bronska, Judy and Jeff Reed and Nancy Bronska Left: Sara and Ted Gastman with Pat Bailey

Above: John and Pat Brouder, Jack and Betty Keelin, and Florine Korn with Mel Levy Right: Ed and Diane Deutch, Neela and Bob Kottmeier and Lois Pyes Photos by Kat Wingert






The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

Neighborhood 7A+

water club by Dora Walters | Senior Editor

Music Series presents Pittsburgh quintet Water Club residents and guests had a special musical treat Feb. 28, as their music series concluded for the season. The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Quintet was the featured attraction. Selections included works by Mozart and Mendelssohn. The performers shared their backgrounds and answered questions from the audience. Traveling with the quintet was Leslie Wild Swensen, vice president of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. The Water Club Music Series is in its sixth year, with Fran Blum serving as its organizer and coordinator. Preceding the program, attendees gathered in the outdoor courtyard for cocktail nibbles catered by Mattison’s. Elaine Keating and Flori Roberts

Photos by Dora Walters

Above: Cathy Kobren, Frank and Anne Petralito and Eric Kobren Left: Wayne Meyer with Drs. Pat and Bob Gussin

Program coordinator Fran Blum and Leslie Wild Swensen, vice president of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Jerry Isaacs and Susan Schaen

Right: Alan and Renee Flink with Edward Winnick

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8A+ Neighborhood

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

50th anniversary by Dora Walters | Senior Editor

Judy Heyer, Even Collinsworth and Gay Haney

Christine Schlapfer and Meagan Miller

Chapel celebrates with music The Magic Music concert presented at the Longboat Island Chapel Feb. 25 was part of its 50th anniversary celebration. Featured performers were tenor Stuart Neill, soprano Steffanie Pearce and tenor Joe Spinella, the chapel’s music director. A capacity audience enthusiastically received the program, which included selections from several operas and a number of Broadway hits. A reception followed the performance, with guests having an opportunity to meet the performers. A second concert was presented Feb. 26.

Jeanne and Jeff Dowdle with Stuart Neill

Photos by Dora Walters

Carol Murphy and Betty Rieger

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The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

Neighborhood 9A+

clownin’ around by Kat Wingert | Community Editor

The circus comes to Bird Key It was a night under the big top for members of the Bird Key Yacht Club, but they enjoyed the thrills of the circus without ever leaving the club. There were clowns and popcorn, balloons and games, but it was a cat that stole the show. Greeting the more than 150 attendees of the club’s Circus Night on March 4 was a 550-pound, 9-year-old white Bengal tiger named Samson. A crowd gathered around his cage to get pictures taken with Samson, and, in return, Samson got fed chunks of red meat for his cooperation. “You know why clowns at the circus never get eaten by the tigers?” Samson’s handler asked the crowd. “Because they taste funny.”

Beyond Samson’s cage, the club was transformed into a circus tent with colorful decorations and strips of red, blue and yellow plastic over the walls. Even the members got into the act by wearing their favorite leopard-print shirts and circus attire. Social Chairwomen Sally Kessler and Vicki Fry were clowning around all night in their clown costumes, spraying people with water-squirting flowers and handing out popcorn to everyone, while Ringmaster Buck Fry, also a social chair, kept everything moving along. “You like my shoes?” asked Rear Commodore RoseMarie Molinari, regarding her oversized black shoes. “I’ve decided — this is the new uniform for the rear commodore.”

Henry and Jason Castilo enjoy Checkers’ performance.

Photos by Kat Wingert

Sally and Jack Jaret dressed to impress. Ruth Dulmage gets in for a close-up with Samson.

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SGCHutchens 17001 DBahrenbrg 2/24/06Social 3:48chairs PM Sally Page Kessler, 1 Bill clowns around. Buck and Vicki Fry

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10A+ Neighborhood

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

Anita DeVine, Sandy and Burt Polishook, and Frank and Sharon Wright

party time by Jessica Seubert | Staff Writer

Rose Panitch, Betsy Elder and Pam Storch

Commodore hosts a ball of a ball It was an evening of fun and friends at the annual Commodore’s Ball at Sarasota Yacht Club Saturday night. Members gathered in the Porthole Lounge to enjoy drinks before heading to the dining room for dinner. About 165 guests attended the event, which has been hosted for more than 25 years by the standing commodore. This year, Commodore John Godbold hosted the dinner for his shipmates.

Above: Bob Darbelnet, Nancy Flanagan, Doug Elder and past Commodore Dick Flanagan Right: Harry and Betty Pawlowitz and Bob and Pat Clark

Photos by Jessica Seubert

Commodore John and Mary Beth Godbold


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The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

Neighborhood 11A+

GOOD WORKS by Jessica Seubert

Volunteerism keeps son’s memory alive Marion and Bernie Levine have always been the kinds of people who give back. Marion Levine has the Type A personality that keeps her going all the time. Widowed when she was 34, she ran her own business supplying janitorial materials to different companies while raising her three children. During this time she also served as president of the New York Sanitary Supply Association and as a district director on the board of the International Sanitary Supply Association. She sold her business in 1993. Bernie Levine, on the other hand, came from Connecticut where he was a dentist. He has lived on Longboat Key for almost 30 years and in 1992 volunteered on a kibbutz in Israel, where he practiced dentistry. This was also where he and Marion Levine bonded. They had met previously through her son-in-law and became acquaintances before he went to Israel. “I told him I had family in Israel, and he said, ‘Call them and tell them you’re coming,’ Marion Levine said. “So I went to Israel.” It was difficult decision for Marion Levine, because at the time, her 27-year-old son was suffering from acute myelogenous leukemia. Diagnosed when he was 25, he already had one successful bone marrow transplant, but the cancer returned, and this time it was more aggressive.



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Ben Cooper, E.A.

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She decided to go to Israel, at the urging of her daughters, while her son was recovering from his second transplant. Sadly, her son died at the age of 28. But his loss led to the Levines’ biggest work as volunteers, the Carl Rosen Pro-Am Golf Tournament. “It was a way to keep the memory alive,” Marion said. The Levines started the tournament in 1996 with Mel Stottlemyre, the pitching coach of the New York Yankees, who also lost his son to leukemia. The Levines volunteer at the tournament each year and while in Longboat do fundraising and find items for the silent auction. They also help Jewish Family and Children’s Service. The Levines began chairing an event for JFCS last year. “They were looking for something different, and I suggested this,” Marion Levine said. This is the Celebrity Chefs and Wine Tasting event. Sponsored by Morton’s Catering, the event features as many as 10 chefs from

Marion and Bernie Levine Jessica Seubert

around the area cooking their cuisine and pairing the meals with wines. It is scheduled for March 22. For more information about the Jewish Family and Children’s Service call 366-2224.

12A+ News

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

communitycalendar on the Key Ski-A-Rees — continues its winter 2006 season at 2 p.m.

Sunday, March 12, in the Ski-A-Rees Stadium on City Island. All shows are free, but donations are greatly appreciated. For more information, call 388-1666. Longboat Key Republican Club — will meet at 11:30 a.m. March 9, at the Longboat Key Club Islandside Dining Room. Frances Rice, chairwoman for the National Black Republican Association, will speak. Cost is $22 to attend. For reservations or more information, call Ruth Strauss at 383-5349 or Barbara Conrad at 925-7052.

If your organization would like to have meetings or events publicized, mail or fax the information at least one week in advance to The Longboat Observer, Box 8100, Longboat Key 34228; fax: 383-7193 or e-mail: news@ All announcements must be typed, include hour and date of meeting, complete address of meeting place and a telephone reference number. To ensure accuracy, no telephone calls. Deadline is the previous Tuesday, 5 p.m.

Sarasota Shell Club — will meet at 7 p.m. March 9, in the third-floor meeting room at the Mote Marine Aquarium. The event includes door prizes, a raffle and refreshments. For more information, call Fran Schlusemann at 739-0908 or visit Gulfshore Hobby and Craft Fair — The annual fair will be held from 8:30 a.m. to noon Saturday, March 11, at 3710 Gulf of Mexico Drive. There will be a variety of items, including handcrafted jewelry, needle crafts, paintings, shell art and more. There will also be a pancake and sausage breakfast for $3.50. For more information, call 383-2763. Safe Boating and Seamanship Courses — is a 14-week


Annual Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast

When: From 7 to 11 a.m. Saturday, March 11 Where: Stella Maris Hall at St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church What: Ray Arpke, Tommy Klauber, Jill Ball and Harry Christensen will cook up hot gourmet pancakes and sausages, alongside freshly squeezed orange juice and hot coffee to raise funds for Sarasota-Manatee children’s charities. Tickets are available at the door, at The Longboat Observer office or the Sea Stable. Cost: $4. For more information: Call Patty at 383-5509. course that begins Monday, March 13, on the third floor of Mote Marine Laboratory. Classes run from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Mondays and Thursdays. Cost is $30 and includes materials. For more information, call Al Haleblian at 387-5620 or the Flotilla 82 office at 388-1033. ‘Nooner’ — the Longboat Key, Lido Key, St. Armands Key Chamber of Commerce will have its monthly networking event at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, March 15, at the Sun House Restaurant. Cost is $15 for members. For reservations, call 383-2466. Key of Sea Group — The local group sings for fun. It meets from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. each Thursday, at the Players Club Clubhouse, 1401 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Musical expertise is not a requirement. There is a nominal fee to join. For more information, call Judie at 383-4664. Music and Movement for Well-Being — will be from 10 to 11 a.m. Wednesdays and Fridays through April 7 at the Longboat Island Chapel. Use elements of tai ji and chanting to breathe, move, hum and laugh. Cost is $10 per class or $60 for eight classes. For more information, call Dino Rice at 383-5086. Kiwanis Club of Longboat Key — meets at 7:30 a.m. Thursdays for breakfast at The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort. Call Vince DeLisi at 383-0086 for more information. Rotary Club of Longboat Key — meets at noon, Wednesdays, at the Longboat Key Hilton Beachfront Resort. Cost is $14. For more information, call Marilyn Bezner at 3870706. Food Drive — an ongoing drive is being conducted at the Longboat Island Chapel to benefit All Faiths Food Bank. Non-perishable food items may be dropped off at the chapel between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday or from 9 to 11 a.m. Sunday. Lord’s Warehouse Resale Shop — is open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. It sells furniture, clothing, kitchenware and more. It is seeking donations of quality furniture. For more information, call 383-4738. Longboat Library — located at 555 Bay Isles Road, is

2%3%!2#(ÂŞ).4%26)%7%23 &,%8)",%ÂŞ3#(%$5,%

$!93%6%.).'3,!4%ª.)'(437%%+%.$3 WESTAT, a social science survey research corporation headquartered in Rockville, MD, has a telephone-interviewing center in Sarasota. We conduct nationwide surveys on subjects that include education, health, transportation and environmental issues. We are recruiting now for studies scheduled to train soon. If you have a clear speaking voice, an interest in research and can work a minimum of 16 hours per week, please call 800-288-9738 for more information. This is not telemarketing. We are hiring ENGLISH and SPANISH speaking interviewers. For English language interviewers we offer: • $8.25 per hour weekdays before 10:00 p.m. • $10.25 per hour weekdays after 10:00 p.m. and all day Sat. and Sun. For Bilingual, Spanish/English interviewers we offer: • $10.25 per hour weekdays before 10:00 p.m. • $12.25 per hour weekdays after 10:00 p.m. and all day Sat. and Sun.

We offer: • Paid Training. • Bonus Programs • Absolutely no sales or setting appointments for sales calls.

Call 1(800) 288-9738, for more information.


The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006


Annual Book Sale — Tingly Memorial Library will have its annual sale from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday, March 10, and Saturday, March 11, at its location at 111 Second St. N., Bradenton Beach. For more information, call 779-1208. ‘Books and Coffee’ — The Friends of the Selby Public Library will feature Dr. Martin Tucker speaking on “The Good Soldier,” at its presentation at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, March 14, in the Geldbart Auditorium at the library. Attending is free, but reservations are required. For reservations or more information, call 365-5228. ‘Pinecraft Days 2006’ — is an arts and crafts festival and bake sale that will take place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday, March 16, through Saturday, March 18, at the Beneva marketplace, on the corner of Beneva and Bahia Vista. For more information, call 366-1234. ‘Brown Bag’ Concerts — are a series of free lunchtime concerts taking place at noon each Thursday through March at the gazebo in Phillippi Estate Park, 5500 S. Tamiami Trail. Bring your own bag lunch and a chair or blanket to sit on. For more information, call 861-5000.

outdoors Bay Biocruise Aboard the Carefree Learner — will

be from 2 to 4 p.m. Thursday, March 9, and leaves from

And Dockside Bar Where The View is Free

Lunch Served Daily on our Bayview Deck Dockside Music with our Local Greats Lunch • Dinner • Spirits

HAPPY HOUR 3-6 MON. thru FRI. 3 Deep Water Docks Dinner Reservations Suggested 135 Bridge Street • 778-4849 • Bradenton Beach One Block East of Trolley Stop #43

associations Mount Holyoke Club — will meet at 11:45 a.m. Satur-

day, March 11, at the Field Club, 1400 Field St., Sarasota. Alumna Dr. Elaine Nicpon Marieb will be the guest speaker. For more information, call Suzanne Janney at 922-8766. Women’s ORT — will have all four chapters of greater Sarasota meet from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday, March 12, at the Hilton Garden Inn, N. Tamiami Trail. There will be an accessory sale to raise money for ORT schools around the world. For more information, call 927-6678. Howard Club — will meet for its first charter day luncheon from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. March 12, at the Hyatt Hotel, 1000 Blvd. of the Arts. Cost is $50 in advance to attend. For reservations or more information, call Phyllis Gipson at 360-9770. Sarasota Audubon Society — will meet at 7 p.m. Monday, March 13, at the first Congregational Church, 1031 S. Euclid Ave., and feature the Pelican Man’s Bird Sanctuary. For more information, call 377-3977. St. Joseph College Alumni — will meet from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday, March 14, at Sarasota University Club. Dr. David B. House, president of the college, will be the

News 13A+

speaker. Reservations are required. For reservations or more information, call Nicci Kobritz at 925-9532. Sarasota Republican Club — will meet at 6 p.m. Tuesday, March 14, at the Sarasota Yacht Club, for a social hour and dinner. Dinners are $24 for members and $27 for guests. Reservations must be made by March 13 For reservations, or more information, call Nancy Bankauf at 371-1191. Tiger Bay Club — will meet at 11:30 a.m. Thursday, March 16, at Michael’s On East. School Board candidates Carol Todd, Shirley Brown, Lisa Glenn, Tammy St. Mary, Kathy Kleinlein, Bob Long, Kirk Reid, Carol Williams and Caroline Zucker will be on hand to discuss why they want to be on the school board. Cost is $21 for Tiger members and $26 for guests. For reservations and more information, call 9555865 or e-mail Connecticut Club — will meet for dinner at 6 p.m. Thursday, March 16, at Sara Bay Country Club, 7011 Willow St., Sarasota. For reservations or more information, call Jon Whittle 302-3625. Association of Retired Attorneys — will meet Friday, March 24, at the Sarasota Yacht Club. Victor Koche will speak on “When Justice Prevails.” Cost is $16 and includes gratuities. Reservations must be made by March 19. For reservations or more information, call 388-5032.

classes ‘Learning Over Lunch’ — a series of free lectures spon-

sored by the Pierian Spring Academy, will have its next lecture about “Consciousness: Language, Poetry and Humor,” from noon to 1:30 p.m. at G.WIZ Museum, 1001 Blvd. of the Arts. For more information, call 716-2471. SILL Lectures — take place at 10:30 a.m. at Holley Hall, 709 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. The next lecture will be Monday, March 13, and the topic will be, “The Words and Music of Great Broadway Pairs.” Cost is $8 to attend. For more information, call 778-6284.

• Mussels • lobster • antipasto • fish •

Casual Italian Cuisine • Italian Specialties & Gourmet Pizza

ITALIA Where the locals go for Italian Dinner Daily 4:30 - 10:00 Located in Mid-Longboat Key in the Centre Shops 5370 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Beer & Wine


pasta • beef • salads • Mussels • lobster

Bridge Tender Inn

Bayfront Park. See nesting bird life and local wildlife on Sarasota Bay. Cost is $10 for Littoral Society Members and $15 for non-members. For reservations or more information, call Bobby at 927-3409. Kayak Little Sarasota Bay to Palmer Point Beach — See the natural beauty of Sarasota Bay and take a walk or a swim on a local beach before paddling back to the mainland from 9 a.m. to noon Tuesday, March 14. All equipment is provided as well as a short lesson. Cost is $20 for Littoral Society members and $25 for non-members. For reservations or more information, call John Sarkozy at 966-7308. 2006 Rally for a Cure Golf tournament — will be held Tuesday, March 28, at the Waterlefe Golf & River Club. This is the fourth time the Waterlefe Women’s Golf Association has held the event. Cost is $60 for Waterlefe golf passport members and $80 for all others. It is in full scramble format, with the pro shop assigning foursomes. The field is limited to the first 100 registrants. To register, or for more information, call Janis Bumgarner at 749-2107.

seafood • pasta • fish • pasta • beef • salads

open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturdays. Like-new books are for sale daily. For more information, call 383-2011. Mote Marine Aquarium — features sharks, manatees, turtles and its interactive Immersion Cinema. It is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily and is located at 1600 Ken Thompson Parkway on City Island. Admission is $15 for adults, $10 for children ages 4 to 12 and free for members. For information, call 388-4441, Ext. 438. Pelican Man’s Bird Sanctuary — located at 1708 Ken Thompson Parkway, City Island. The sanctuary is offering free-admission weekends the last week of every month through May. It is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Admission is $6 for adults; $5 for seniors; $4 for children ages 6 to 17; and free for children under than 6. For more information, call 388-4444.

Sunday & Thursday at 7 pm.

on the piano PETER PATALL

Take Out Available





14A+ Future

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

MYSTICAL OBSERVER by Mephisto IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: You have a brilliant mind, but

you tend to get fixated on a pet idea. Before you expend hours of work, ask yourself if it’s going to be worth it. When you work for free, it doesn’t always earn you loyalty.

To have your picture in the Mystical Observer for your birthday, send it to The Longboat Observer, 5570 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, 34228, or email a jpg or pdf to Please include your birth date, and send two weeks prior to your birthday.

Tom Jendrysik March 7


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ow We n


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The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006



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The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

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,ONGBOAT+EYBAYFRONT LUXURYPROJECTFORSALE *>ÀViÊvœÀʈ˜Ìˆ“>ÌiÊ«ÀœiVÌÊ܈̅Ê>ÀV…ˆÌiVÌÕÀ>Ê «>˜ÃÊ>˜`Ê`À>܈˜}ÃÊ>Ài>`Þʈ˜Ê«>ViÊ̅>Ìʈ˜VÕ`iÊ «>˜ÃÊvœÀÊiiÛ>̜ÀÃ]ÊÈÝÊV>ÀÊ}>À>}iÃ]ÊÛ>˜ˆÃ…ˆ˜}Ê i`}iÊ«œœÃÊ>˜`ÊÃiVœ˜`ʏiÛiÊ`iVŽÃÊÜˆÌ…Ê «>˜œÀ>“ˆVÊۈiÜÃʜvÊ}Տv]ÊÃ՘ÃiÌÃÊ>˜`ÊL>Þ°ÊÊ

œVŽÃÊvœÀÊxä½ÊÞ>V…ÌÃÊ>Ài>`Þʈ˜Ê«>ViÊ>˜`Ê «ÀœiVÌʈ˜Êw˜>ÊÃÌ>}iÃʜvÊ«iÀ“ˆÌ̈˜}°






i>V…«>ViÊVœ˜`œ“ˆ˜ˆÕ“Ê܈̅Ê}œÀ}iœÕÃÊ`ˆ‡ ÀiVÌÊLi>V…ÊvÀœ˜ÌÊۈiÜðÊÊ/…ˆÃʈÃÊ i>V…«>Vi½ÃÊ >À}iÃÌÊÌܜÊLi`Àœœ“ÊyœœÀÊ«>˜Ê>˜`ʏœV>Ìi`Ê ˆ˜Ê`iÈÀ>LiÊLՈ`ˆ˜}Êiˆ}…ÌÊ܅ˆV…Ê…>ÃÊi>ÃÞÊ >VViÃÃÊ̜ÊLi>V…]Ê«œœÊ>˜`ÊVÕL…œÕÃi°

7ˆÌ…Ê̅iÊviiÊœvÊ>˜Ê ˜}ˆÃ…ÊVœÌÌ>}iÊ ˆ˜Ãˆ`iÊ>˜`ʜÕÌÊ̅ˆÃÊ«œœÊ…œ“iʈÃÊÃœÊ «ÀiÌÌÞ]Ê܈̅ÊyœÜiÀÃ]Ê«>˜ÌÃÊ>˜`ÊvœÕ˜Ì>ˆ˜ÃÊ iÛiÀÞ܅iÀi°Ê i>ṎvՏÞÊvÕÀ˜ˆÃ…i`Ê ˆ˜ÌiÀˆœÀÃÊ܈̅ʫ>ˆ˜Ìi`ÊLi>“ÊViˆˆ˜}ð

/ܜÊLi`Àœœ“Ê…œ“iÊ>˜`ÊÃÌÕ`ˆœÊLœÌ…Ê ܈̅ÊÃi«>À>ÌiÊi˜ÌÀ>˜ViÃÊÈÌÕ>Ìi`ʜ˜Ê>˜Ê iÝÌÀi“iÞʏ>À}iʏœÌʈ˜Ê>Ê}Ài>ÌʏœV>̈œ˜°ÊÊ >À`ܜœ`ÊyœœÀÃ]ÊwÀi«>ViÊ>˜`ʏÕÃVˆœÕÃÊ >˜`ÃV>«ˆ˜}°°°V…>À“ˆ˜}°ÊÊ-…œÀÌÊÜ>ŽÊÌœÊ Ì…iÊLi>V…ÊœÀÊwň˜}Ê«ˆiÀÊ>˜`ÊLœ>Ìʏ>՘V…°








…>˜˜iÀiJ>œ°Vœ“ ÜÜÜ°œ˜}Lœ>̏ˆvi°Vœ“




Junior Leaguers brushed elbows with former Miss America Phyllis George. Page 3B

The Observer


There was red everywhere at the American Heart Association fundraiser. Page 3B

‘Purely Howard’

The Social Observer

The Asolo launches its tribute to retiring Director Howard Millman. Page 6B

Thursday, MARCH 9, 2006

Marie and Mike Pender, Peter and Katie Hayes and Rick Fawley

Executive Director of Goodwill Industries Manasota Zoltan Karpathy shakes hands with Steven Lombardi of the Fritzy Brothers One Man Circus.

Drayton Saunders and Amie Shay

Beads, Bourbon and Beignets

Kim Mancini and Malaka Hilton

Terri Shea and co-chair Michael Klauber

Photos by Jessica Seubert

by Jessica Seubert | Staff Writer

Michael’s On East took a page out of New Orleans’ book Tuesday, Feb. 28, as it held the Goodwill “Fat Tuesday” Street Party. As Co-Chair Michael Klauber walked around as King Zulu in the atrium, or the “street” as it were, guests donned elaborate masks and plenty of green, purple and golden beads for the occasion. Candidates for king and queen of the party mingled around the party-goers dressed in their fanciest French Quarter attire, looking to gain $1 votes for the coveted crown. Traditional Louisiana food was set up at nine different food stations around the property, where attendees could try anything and everything, from oysters Bienville and on the half shell to seafood gumbo, crawfish étouffée and fried chicken with collard greens. And no New Orleans cuisine would be complete without the beignets and chicory coffee, which had its own special set up later in the evening. After David Band and Katie Moulton were named king and queen, guests milled about, enjoying the jazz band outside and the dance band inside, keeping the guests bouncing around to the beats. Phil Mancini was Klauber’s co-chair at the Goodwill event. The almost Frances Broussard, Jaymie Klauber, Ritchie and Lynn Barrie, Wendy Mann- $250,000 in profits will be shared between the local Barbara Baseman came dressed up to Resnick and Ed Chiles have fun in New Orleans style Goodwill and one in Lafayette, La.

2B Black Tie

The Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006


by Emily Walsh | Black Tie Editor evening under the stars the other night, it had an entire “Starry Nite� Saturday, March 4. The museum’s annual fundraiser featured dinner catered by Mattison’s, live music and auction emceed by Bob Harrigan of WWSB ABC 7. Harrigan, an animated auctioneer, held strong during a bidding war over an item that featured private nude photo session. Ahem. By the way, Harrigan and his wife, Susan, are expecting their first child in June. At the end of the evening, guests were able to view the starry sky and the planets like Saturn through high-powered telescopes.

+ Clowning around

Almost 300 people were clowning around Tuesday, Feb. 21, at Pines of Sarasota. Guests were goofing off with real clowns and circus stars at the second joint fundraiser for Pines and Circus Sarasota. The event, which benefited Circus Sarasota’s Laughter Unlimited program and Pines’ $20 million building campaign, increased its attendance more than 50% compared to last year’s guest list and raised more than $47,000. In center ring were Chairs Vivian Browning and Lou Anne Campbell, with Honorary Co-Chairs Lelia Windom and Sally Giordano. Pictured here are Debbie Morrill, Dr. Robert Windom and Karen Bell.

+ Case closed

Former employee for U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris and socialite around town, Jessica Furst, has jumped to the top of her class at the Levin College of Law at the University of Florida. Furst made Law Review and is ranked No. 2 in her class of 269 students. Way to go!

In the kitchen ... with Amie Shay and Drayton Saunders! No, it’s not a new interactive cooking event, but it was a cute ploy to raise more money for Goodwill Foundation’s “Fat Tuesday Street Party� on Tuesday, Feb. 28, at Michael’s On East. Shay and Saunders were in the running for Mardi Gras King and Queen or as they put it — “aspiring royalty.�In order to take the throne they had to raise the most dollar votes, so Shay and Saunders pooled their efforts. The pair was selling raffle tickets for a dinner cooked by Shay and Saunders themselves. Despite their marketing efforts, the amateur chefs were beaten by David Band and Katie Moulton for Mardi Gras King and Queen.

+ Spectacular! Spectacular!

The Ringling School of Art and Design kicked-off its annual fundraiser, “An Evening at the Avant-Garde,� with a patron party on Friday, March 3, at Saks Fifth Avenue. The patron party reflected this year’s French theme, “La Vie Montmartre,� with a jazzy performance by Bob Constantino and a can-can dance by dancers from the Sarasota Ballet of Florida. The party was chaired by BJ Creighton and Elizabeth Wery,

alongside Avant-Garde Chairs Dottie Baer Garner, Elaine Keating and Bettina von Walhof. As a special surprise, guest Lillette Jenkins Wisner treated guests to a couple of songs on the piano. (For more information about An Evening at the Avant-Garde: “La Vie Montmartre,� please see Black Tie Affair on page 7B.)

+ Twinkle, twinkle ...

Crowley Museum and Nature Center had more than just an

+ Party pooch

At the kick-off and patron party for the Asolo Theatre Company’s upcoming “Purely Howard,� honoring retiring Producing Artistic Director Howard Millman, hostess Jean Weidner’s Pomeranian pup stole the show. When CoChair Susan Buck asked if

anyone at the party would be willing to buy a $10,000 page in a planned tribute book for Millman, Weidner’s pooch was the only one who spoke up or barked up, that is. Quickly, Weidner exclaimed, “Uh-oh. Shut up the cat!� (See pics from the party on page 6B.)


Arlene Weineger, Susan Kane and Stephanie Kost all laugh at the Junior League of Sarasota’s Sustainers Fashion Carnivale and Luncheon Feb. 19, 2001, at Michael’s On East. The luncheon was co-chaired by Cerita Purmort and Jane Summerville with Paulette Schindler as the honorary chair. Send in a picture from your past events to Emily Walsh c/o The Longboat Observer, 5570 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, Fla. 34228, or e-mail her at ewalsh@longboatobserver. com (At least 300dpi).

Floors By Design


1][^ZSbS6][S1]\R][W\Wc[@S\]dObW]\a T`][1]\ab`cQbW]\b]7\bS`W]`4W\WaVW\U

 M M B  U J  P XFE







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'"'#& Â&#x2019;&'#&

e e e a W S a b O W \ b S ` W ] ` a  Q ] [

See tomorrowâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s trends Today at Floors By design!

The Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

Black Tie 3B


2 Photos by Jessica Seubert

Legacy Luncheon with Phyllis George Date: Monday, Feb. 27 Place: Michael’s On East Benefiting: Junior League Endowment Fund Chair: Debbi Benedict Hosted by: Junior League of Sarasota Sustainers Fun fact: Featured guest Phyllis George once appeared as a guest on an episode of “The Muppet Show.”


cameraready 1 Phyllis George and Debbi Benedict 2 Julie Woods, Elizabeth O’Neal, Erika Beyer, Sylvia Thompson and Mary Lou Thomas 3 Lynn Wallace and Mindy Mast 4 Vicki Arthur and Cindy Malkin



5 Donna Dugan, Kelly Shoemaker and Cindy Kaiser



2006 Sarasota/Manatee

Heart Ball

Photos by Ricci Shryock

Date: Sunday, Feb. 26 Place: Wilde Jaguar and Lexus Benefiting: The American Heart Association Chair: Michelle Wilde-Aldrich Seeing Red: More than 100 people attended the ball and half of the attendees were ladies in red!





1 John and Dee Hamill, Mark Wilde, Tracie Pierce and Mary Ann Wilde 2 Tiffany Mohn, AHA Sarasota/Manatee Division Executive Director Jimmy Tsagaris and AHA Sarasota/Manatee Division Communications Director Danielle Broderick 3 Heidi and Larry May 4 Caroline and Diana Dellose 5 Joe Micals played piano for guests.


The Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006




M EMBERSHIPS ARE L IMITED TO A SSURE AN U NCOMPROMISING C LUB E XPERIENCE . For additional information or to schedule a private tour, telephone 941-309-2600 or visit

* T h i s i s n o t a n o f f e r t o r e s i d e n t s i n a n y s t a t e w h e r e p r o h i b i t e d b y l a w.


The Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006





L I V E I N O N E O F T H E W O R L D ’ S M O S T B E AU T I F U L


L I V E F O R A L L I T S W O RT H . S C H E D U L E A V I S I T T O T H E R I T Z - C A R LT O N M E M B E R S C L U B , S A R A S O TA A N D S E E W H AT Y O U ’ V E B E E N M I S S I N G . ®

The Members Golf Club features a Tom Fazio-designed championship course with The Ritz-Carlton Caddie Concierge program.

The Members Spa Club relaxes and renews with 100 signature treatments, a Wellness Center and Healing Waters retreats.

The Members Beach Club is the ultimate setting for family fun located on beautiful Lido Key on the Gulf of Mexico.


TH E R I T Z - C A R LT O N M E M B E R S C L U B , S A R A S O TA O F F E R S T H E R I C H R E WA R D S O F M E M B E R S H I P �

Flexible Memberships available for every lifestyle – year-round or 30-day vacation Memberships

Fully refundable Membership deposit

Attractive financing

No assessments or minimum fees

Preferred Members’ pricing

Immediate and extended family privileges

Exclusive Members’ rights


Corporate Memberships available










6B Black Tie

The Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

Bring in your favorite studs and try them on with our hundred various earring jacket styles.

Meet The Designer Wed., March 15, 11-4

1 Photos by Emily Walsh

1829 South Osprey Avenue, Sarasota, Florida 34239 (941) 366-6871

Sarasota Tuxedo A division of

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Purely Howardâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;


Date: Thursday, March 2 Place: The home of Jean Weidner Chairs: Susan Buck, Carolyn Michel, Jean Weidner and Margaret Wise; Honorary Chair Helen Henderson Benefiting: The Asolo Theatre Company MIA: The honoree and Asoloâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Producing Artistic Director, Howard Millman was missing in action, but purposely MIA. The committee wanted to keep the events for â&#x20AC;&#x153;Purely Howardâ&#x20AC;? a surprise for the retiring head honcho.






cameraready 5

- ,Ă&#x160;-"7

2 Linda Remley Sabbagh and Jackie Bongart 3 Gil and Elisabeth Waters with Myrna and John Welch

&2)$!94(2/5'(35.$!9 -ARCHTH THTH 

Ǻǿ4#Ä?ħÄ&#x2022;Ä Ä&#x2014;1ÄŁÄ&#x2013;ĤÄ&#x161;Ä&#x2022;Ä&#x2013;Ä&#x;ļĤ 4Ä&#x2019;ÄŁÄ&#x2019;ĤĠļÄ&#x2019;'Ä?Ä ÄŁÄ&#x161;Ä&#x2022;Ä&#x2019; 4ÄĽ"ÄŁÄ&#x17E;Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x;Ä&#x2022;Ĥt.Ä&#x2019;ÄŁÄĽÄ&#x2122;Ä&#x2019;Ĥ7Ä&#x161;Ä&#x;Ä&#x2013;ÄŞÄ&#x2019;ÄŁÄ&#x2022; tĨĨĨÄ ÄĄÄĽÄ&#x161;Ä Ä&#x;Ä&#x2019;Ä?Ä&#x2019;ÄŁÄĽÄ&#x201D;Ä Ä&#x17E;

1 Committee members and patrons gathered together for a photo op, for which they all yelled, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Howardâ&#x20AC;? instead of â&#x20AC;&#x153;cheese.â&#x20AC;?

4 Elaine Keating hugs Co-Chair and Millmanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s wife, Carolyn Michel. 5 Cheryl Loeffler with Carol and Howard Phillips


6 Co-Chair Margaret Wise and Stanley Kane

Black Tie 7B

The Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006


Three famous Russian artists will arrive from Moscow for a Reception at

Burberry “Kara” handbag; The Met, St. Armands Circle, 388-3991

Wallace Fine Art


on Longboat Key

9 ‘Hats & Chukkers’ Tea and

Thursday, March 16th, 6 – 8 pm

Fashion Show Benefiting: All Children’s Hospital Guilds of Sarasota When: 11:30 a.m. Where: The home of John and Sandy Barry Chairs: Sandy Albano, Sandy Barry and Sheryl Vieira Contact: Sandy Albano, 915-8619 Price: $100 and up

Show runs to end of March. Oil painting by Nikolai Koslov

15 Daunis Trunk Show

What: The designer of Daunis jewelry comes to Coffrin Diamond Jewelers to showcase its earring “jackets.” Bring in your favorite studs and slip them into these cool jewelry jackets. When: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Where: Coffrin Diamond Jewelers Contact: Coffrin, 366-6871

16 Kiton Trunk Show

What: View the menswear of Kiton at this

trunk show. Appointments requested. Where: Saks Fifth Avenue Contact: Saks Fifth Avenue, 364-5334

17 to 18 Kane & Sells

What: Dream Weaver’s longest running top designers show off their new coats that can be worn for both daytime and evening and fabulous new black-tie fashions. When: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Where: Dream Weaver, St. Armands Circle Contact: Dream Weaver, 388-1974

2006 Show Schedule

The Moscow School of Impressionism & Realism March 16-31 • Artist Reception March 16, 6-8 pm Kozlov • Yatsenko • Wurdeman

Italo Botti, An Exhibition of Paintings Apr. 5-30 • Opening Celebration April 5, 6-8 pm

Wallace Fine Art

RepResenting Leading ContempoRaRy aRtists


Haute Couture, Custom Garments Business to Ballroom attire

Astrid of Sarasota

Ask Mr. M

Designing One Of A Kind Fashions

I accidentally backed into someone’s Mercedes the other night while leaving an event. The problem is I drive a Hummer and the damage was considerable. What’s the proper course of action? — Cracked rear-view mirror

w w w. A s t r i d - o f - S a r a s o t a . c o m

European Designer Fabrics Hand Painted Silks

Possibilities of courses of action: * Leave a note with a drawing of a stick figure saying, “This guy hit your car.” * Put a checkmark next to the last item on your to-do-list. * Just imagine that it’s your boss’ car. Go ahead and finish it off. * Brush it off; it was an older model anyway. Mr. M’s suggestion on the proper course of action: Wait at least fifteen minutes. If no one claims the damaged car, inform the host of the event about the situation. Next, leave a note on the damaged car with your contact information and apology. Keep in mind, that the owner of the vehicle might be just a little upset about the accident. If he or she uses any foul language or threatens you in anyway, please remember to stay calm and know that there is nothing more you can do other than apologize for the terrible inconvenience. — Landon McMahon

of the

at the Centre Shops, Longboat Key • 5350 Gulf of Mexico Dr. #103 • 941-387-0746 Hours: Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm and Saturday 10am - 3pm

“ I fill my closet with dresses by Astrid”, says

Professional Banker JudithRMKBrndng Jansco FL-SW62467 01/27/2006

By Appointment Only

941-351-8404 5119 3:36 PM

n.Page tamiami trail, sarasota 1

(To ask Mr. M an etiquette question, please e-mail your question to

socialcalendar March

10 The Willy Wonka Chocolate Gala

Benefiting: United Cerebral Palsy When: 7 p.m. Where: Michael’s On East Chair: Tami Fox Contact: UCP, 957-3599 Price: $150

10 An Evening of Art

Hosted by: The Art Studio of Colleen Cassidy-Berns Benefiting: Ringling Educational Foundation When: 5 p.m. Where: The Art Gallery of Colleen Cassidy-Berns, Carla’s Clay and Art and Frame of Sarasota Chairs: Colleen Cassidy-Berns, Carla O’Brien and Robert Antovel Contact: Lisa Seaboyer, 924-1200

11 International Women’s Day

Luncheon Benefiting: UNIFEM, Gulf Coast Chapter When: 11:30 a.m. Where: Michael’s On East Chair: Susan Aime and Audrey Lewis Contact: Hannah Honeyman, 355-2809 Price: $40

11 Flight of Hope to Latin America

‘Sabado Gigante’ Benefiting: The Wellness Community When: 6 p.m. Where: Dolphin Aviation Chairs: James and Anastasia Bowen and Rich and Kristen Williams Contact: Jay Lockaby, 921-5539 Price: $175 and up

11 Celebrity Waiters

Benefiting: Mental Health Community Centers Inc. When: 6:30 p.m. Where: Village on the Isle, Venice Chair: John McLarnan Contact: Kevin, 953-3477 Price: $50

11 Celebration of Imagination Chil-

dren’s Art Auction Benefiting: Justin Lee Wiesner Early Childhood Learning Center and Goldie Feldman Academy When: 7:30 p.m. Where: Temple Beth Sholom Social Hall Contact: 5522770 Price: $100


An Evening at the Avant-Garde: ‘La Vie Montmartre’

When: 6 p.m. Saturday, March 25 Where: Ringling School of Art and Design Cavort with can-can dancers from the Moulin Rouge. Be inspired by the works of future Toulouse-Lautrecs. Watch the night come alive when the wine flows freely. This is “La Vie Montmartre.” The Ringling School of Art & Design is transporting guests back to a time and a place, where a colorful community outside of Paris produced masterful artists of all kinds amid a life of chaos. Clothe yourself in costumes and enjoy an evening under the stars to benefit the Ringling School of Art and Design’s scholarship fund. Tickets are $195 and up and are available by calling 3597562 or online at

Financial strength so powerful it can lift your confidence. When you have the combined strength of one of the nation’s leading investment firms and the resources of one of the nation’s top 15 financial services providers behind you, confidence just comes naturally. Founded on strength and stability, we have been providing our clients with financial solutions since 1869. And now we’re adding a new Private Banking office to serve your needs even better. For more information contact: Joe Flores, Regions Vice President of Private Banking | 941-925-8622 Jim Lowther or Sarah Phillips, Morgan Keegan | 941-331-1113 or 1-800-410-2605

© 2006 Regions Bank. Member FDIC. Investment services are provided through Morgan Keegan & Company, Inc., a subsidiary of Regions Financial Corporation and a member NYSE and SIPC. Trust services are provided through Regions Morgan Keegan Trust, a trade name for the Trust Division of Regions Bank and Morgan Keegan Trust Company, FSB. Securities sold through Morgan Keegan and Regions Morgan Keegan Trust are not FDIC–insured, not guaranteed by Regions Bank and may lose value.


The Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

Country Club ShoreS Constructed w/extreme quality & incredible craftsmanship Travertine & red oak floors throughout + all countertops are hand-chosen stone.. A 70' x 7' dock w/14,000 lift, lap pool w/waterfall & a roof garden. $4,485,000 Cheryl loeffler 387-1707

lakewood ranCh Brand New! 3BR/2BA + den with a water view on a great lot! Tile, upgraded kitchen cabinets w/granite countertops. Ready to move right in. Great lanai & pool + community pool. $799,500 Sylvia Zimmerman 552-3950

PreStanCia Remodeled 3BR/3BA Barcelona model. Gourmet kitchen w/subzero refrigerator, Gaggenau appliances & European cabinetry, a library, small office area & new lighting.Go to South entrance for entry. $789,000. hutter/rutStein team 552-1358

longboat key Brand new 4BR/4BA Mediterranean home with every upgrade imaginable! Wide open plan, grand entrance, & great room. Pool area overlooks Bay. On the water on Longboat Key with private beach across the street. $2,695,000 kent PeterSon 552-3980

Jewel in emerald harbor Full bay views from your new home's second story. Large point homesite with 150' seawall in beautiful community. Best buildable view/ value property on the Island. $1,975,000 andrew berS 383-2550

Conrad beaCh on longboat key Beautifully designer decorated seaside style home. Terrific floor plan with all rooms on one level including a screened porch with two-sided fireplace. Located only one block away from the beach. $1,395,000 hannerle moore 387-8136

Solymar on SieSta key The only community on North Siesta Key with single family beachfront lots. Ranging from 4,000 to 5,000 air conditioned square feet, these home embody Old World charm & the beauty of Spanish Mediterranean architecture. Nine exquisite homes priced from $3,550,000. 346-7527

bayview aCreS Canal front home on large lot w/62 Ft dock & 30 Ft davit pad! No bridges to Bay make this a highly desirable property south of Stickney Point Rd. Vintage 1950's! $1,250,000. Steve harriS 780-2352

Island & Waterfront Properties

Island & Waterfront Properties

Island & Waterfront Properties

Mainland Sarasota/Manatee

harbor aCreS New construction! Bay views! Over 10,400 sf. 6BR/7.5BA, spectacular kitchen, home theatre, family & exercise rooms. Pool & outdoor kitchen. Private boat dock, 8 car garage on one acre. $9,950,000 marty benSon/hoyt beaty 552-3989

longboat beaChComber Perfect investment or Gulf side retreat. Beautifully furnished 1BR/1BA. Enjoy heated pool & a beautiful beach. Conveniently located across from Publix, restaurants and Bay Isles shops. $459,000 maureen Curtin 552-3937 lawrenCe Pointe Direct Bayfront in downtown. Great location for this 1859 sq ft condominium w/bay & sunset views (located within a secured gated enclave) next to Ritz Carlton. Wonderful pool right on the inlet. $799,000 hannerle moore 387-8136 lido beaCh lot Lot and a half on St. Armand's w/gorgeous water views! Build the home of your dreams & keep your boat in the back. Walk to St. Armands! $1,795,000 kent PeterSon 552-3980 bay iSleS on longboat key Huge reduction! Over 3600 sq. ft. A/C with 90% of furniture & rugs. Bring an offer. A stunning home! Sophisticated! Private & secluded. Decorator's home on corner lot. $995,000 marlene & hal liberman 387-1759

bradenton beaCh Great duplex 1 block from beach, 2 blocks from Bay. Perfect for investors or live in one yourself. 3,068 total sq. ft. Built 1996. $699,000 hutter/rutStein team 552-1358

eagleS Point Bay views from this corner penthouse. 10ft ceilings, marble entry, wood floor in living areas, glassed in lanai, Hurricane film, new a/c, 2 under building parking spaces. $899,000 renata ChanoSki 552-3902

l’ambianCe on longboat key "See Through" Sabal 2-3BR/3BA 8th floor unit. Gulf, Bay & city views. Behind the Key Club Gates Full time concierge, pool, private beach, tennis, exercise, etc. $2,900,000 Cheryl loeffler 387-1707 banyan bay A real Beach cottage! Small community of 44 units. Updated and nicely furnished. Excellent potential for rental. $950,000 Jerry thomPSon 552-3966 bird key Expansive canal front home w/great boating water. High ceilings, great room, formal dining room, spacious room sizes, wet bar w/wine cooler & frig, lots of storage space. Dock w/amenities. $2,350,000 Singer grouP 552-5220 beaChwalk of longboat key Gulf & beach views from this corner townhome. Only 19 homes with the “feel” of a private beach house. Two large decks, private covered ground level patio. Beautifully furnished & upgraded. $1,995,000 hannerle moore 387-8136 Privateer on longboat key Behind the gates of the LBK ClubIslandside. Great Gulf & Bay views. Light & bright, updated European style w/marble bathrooms. Avialable furnished or unfurnished. $1,050,000 linda thomPSon 552-2693 iSlander Club on Longboat Key Absolutely pristine Gulf front complex! Move in condition. Granite kitchen & updated. Garden views from 38 feet long balcony with peek of Gulf from Master. $759,000 miChael granSton 552-3990

SieSta duneS Excellent investment, spacious 2BR/2BA condo, 1220 SF, many updates. One of the best complexes on Siesta Key. Awesome pool & sundeck. Great rental. $824,900. rudy dudon iii 234-3991 Portobello Top floor 2BR/2BA unit w/2 balconies. Panoramic Gulf to Bay views! New carpet & freshly painted. Deeded beach access, fishing pier,tennis courts & heated pool. Mid Longboat Key location. $799,500. Sylvia Zimmerman 552-3950 bird key Bird Key garden home with courtyard entry, heated pool, two car garage. Great investment. $989,000 Cheryl loeffler 387-1707 longboat key Wonderful home convenient to shopping & a quick walk across to the beach. 2BR/2BA home with caged heated pool. Super rental for an investor. $749,900 Cheryl loeffler 387-1707

village on longboat key Investment opportunity! Two bedroom home & studio w/separate entrances on large lot. Hardwood floors, fireplace & luscious landscaping. Short walk to the beach, pier & boat launch. $685,000 hannerle moore 387-8136 longboat key yaCht & tenniS Best Value on Bayside!!! Convenient Mid-Key location, Deeded beach access, Boat docks, bright and airy 2BDRM, 2BATH with updated kitchen. $468,900. fernando viteri 552-2456

Mainland Sarasota/Manatee Serenoa SPaCiouS 4BR/3BA executive home on large 1/2 acre lot, fantastic lake view, family room bonus room, den, library, large pool area for entertaining. Close to I-75. $879,900. fred rueger 924-8423 Stoneybrook golf & Country Club 3BR/2BA + Den home w/large screened in patio overlooking 10th Fairway & water view. Very open plan, lots of tile flooring in major traffic areas. $624,900. Steve Coleman 302-0487 tatum ridge One of Tatum Ridge’s finest! 3/4BR, 3BA home with 2338 sq. ft., den, dining rm, 3 car garage, beautiful lake views, open floorplan. $549,900 miChelle muSto 552-3981 north SaraSota Charming two story, 5 BR, 3 ½ BA, log cabin in a beautiful, serene neighborhood. Situated on a large wooded lot in private Cul De Sac. $499,000. hutter/rutStein team 552-1358

12 offices to Serve you • 941-926-7000

Palm aire Awesome Lake View! 3BR/3BA Elegantly Updated Palm Aire Home. New Tile, New Raised Panel Cabinets, Granite Counters, Upscale Appliances, Lush Landscaping & Caged Heated Pool/Spa. $558,500 Pam baker 544-7943 Country manor Custom 4/3 plus den beautifully updated pool home with split plan. Large corner lot in great family neighborhood centrally located with terrific schools. Owner/agent. $549,000 hoviS /magill 266-5506 Carlyle in Palm aire - Spacious 4BR/3BA split plan, family room & huge master suite. Large kitchen with informal dining overlooking lanai. Formal LR/DR and lots of upgrades. $429,900 tony bambu 928-5284 Colonial terraCe - Gulf Gate Quiet dead end street, minutes from dining, shopping & world class beaches. Large, very private, fenced back yard. Hardwood floors, new paint. Newer A/C & newer roof $325,000 yolanda JagielSki kaufman 379-8618 rivendell - Gorgeous 4 BR+den, 3.5BA estate home, 3 car garage. Custom tropical 8’ deep pool w/spa overlooks lake. Large lanai with grassed play area under cage. $779,000. barb gahry 552-1367 lakewood ranCh - 4-5BR/5.5BA Home in Lakewood Ranch CC. John Cannon Custom Built. Inspirational Sunsets, Golf Course and Lake Views. “Smart House Wired”. Every Convenience in a Perfect Location. $2,590,990. Jim Soda 552-2666

Arts &Entertainment THEATER




Playlets distill playwright’s greatness in Asolo production.

Strauss’ comic mousehunt doesn’t skimp on champagne. Page 4C

Page 5C Art Scene & Heard — Longboat Key, Sarasota and more


Derek’s Culinary Casual

Dining is definitely, decidedly delicious at Derek’s. 9C Thursday, MARCH 9, 2006

Dance by Marty Fugate | Arts and Entertainment Editor

Jeanne Travers’ “Visions of Peace” shows why peacemakers should be blessed. And how to be a peacemaker yourself.

Jeanne Travers Courtesy photo


he artistic war on war doesn’t lack for recruits. From Aristophanes’ “Lysistrata” to Kubrick’s “Paths of Glory” to Edwin Starr’s “War,” anti-war art is easy to find. Strangely, art that celebrates peace itself is hard to find. Jeanne Travers’ “Visions of Peace” celebrates peace. The young USF professor of dance and choreography has been working on the project for years. The germ of the idea was Bernard Chantal’s “International Book of Peace,” an artist’s book containing the words of famous peacemakers. Travers was deeply inspired by the book — even more so when she met Chantal in person in 2002. The vision of a dance of peace lit up her mind. She got to work. Travers “Visions of Peace” premiered April 2005 in Paris. It’s coming to this area later this month. Any summary is an injustice. (As they say, writing about dance is like dancing about

architecture.) Dance is dance and print is print. But here goes: Her work takes its inspiration from that starting point, Travers’ multimedia choreography weaves a tapestry of movement, music and meaning. Narrators read from Chantal’s text and other sources. Dancers embody the meaning of the words. Musicians, playing everything from Judeo-Spanish chants to Andalusian melodies, weave another thread. These threads all add up to a pattern. That’s the point. It’s easy to miss and tough to describe. Words starting with “multi” are the easy way out: multi-media or multicultural. The words are true enough. The talent and tradition expressed in this work comes from France, Algeria, Israel, Spain, the United States, England and more countries than there’s space here to name. Multicultural? Sure. But that glosses over the sheer specificity of her work.

give peace a Travers notes, “In movement terms, you see a lot of connectivity. The dancers constantly give and take; they lift each other; they take turns sharing each other’s weight. That starts to break down the barriers.” As Travers describes it, Gandhi and Drew Carey have something in common. Peacemakers and improv comics share the same fearless openness. “Like improvisiation, peace is all about listening and creating a dialogue with the other,” she says. “It’s also like improv, because a true dialogue will always surprise you — you can’t dictate the direction of the conversation. Peace is the antithesis of thinking, “I must control everything and defend myself from everybody.” Essentially, her work is a series of encounters between people of different cultures. Worlds collide. Respect and fearlessness turn potential combat into dialogue. Through the seven sections of the dance, meetings with strangers unfold into relationships. People emerge changed — though they aren’t melted down like little lead soliders. Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists keep their identities. Their worlds just get a little bit bigger, that’s all. As noted, these words fall short. It’s one thing to talk about peace, another thing to show it. That’s the thing about dance. The art form is both symbol and reality. A hug can stand for something. But it’s also a hug. An idea expressed as movement is either reality — or it’s nothing. Travers’ work takes the airy notion of peace and makes it specific and concrete. Real. “Visions of Peace” isn’t peace as an abstract concept. In Travers’ choreography, peace is a verb. She’s showing you what peace looks like, in action, on stage. How do you create it? Watch the dance and you’ll see that, too. “I’m not a cockeyed optimist,” she says. “I’m not saying conflicts will disappear if we all think happy thoughts. I’m not saying peace is easy; I’m saying it’s possible. Fighting comes naturally to us. War is easy. Peace takes hard work. But the fact that so many people from so many cultures overcame their differences to help me create this vision is proof that it’s possible.” That vision of possibility couldn’t have come at a better time. Peace.

playbill ‘Visions of Peace’ Where and when? The Players 838 North Tamiami Trail, Sarasota 8 p.m. • Monday, March 13 For more information call 365-2494.

2C A&E

The Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

Chris Friday

CREATOR’S CHOICE by Marty Fugate | Arts & Entertainment

Chris Friday creates comedy seven days a week Chris Friday is an actor, a teacher and an improv comedian. Escaping from a life as a sales manager at one of the wireless entities absorbed by Verizon, Friday hit the road doing what he enjoyed — making other people laugh. That road took him to the dinner theater and convention circuit; the road eventually took him to Florida Studio Theatre. That’s where he currently teaches and performs in the “And the Red Tide Also Rises” improv night at the FST Cabaret. Friday has also been accepted by Becky’s Rejects — an improv troupe performing improvised musicals at Saxes Jazz Club. He’s a funny guy. He doesn’t do children’s parties. Here’s what he does for laughs:

Marty Fugate

Live performance I was moved and enlightened by “His Eye is On the Sparrow,” an Ethel Waters biography and revue of her songs that we recently put on at FST. I loved the songs, but I was astonished by her story — just the journey of her life and the struggles she went through, told in flashback. It really made me sit back, thinking, “Wow. She went through all that.”

Artist Maybe it’s a cliché, but I love Salvador Dali. You can constantly look at his paintings and find new things in them, something you never noticed before. They never get old.

Recent film:

Books in progress Right now, I’m going through Jeff Grigg’s “Guru: My Days with Del Close.” It’s about the late Del Close — and if you’re an actor in the improv community, Close really lived up to the name “guru.” You look at the all-time greats — Gilda Radner, John Belushi, John Candy, Bill Murray, Stephen Colpresents bert, Chris Farley — I could

Longboat Key Center for the Arts

Kenny Soderblom’s Jazz series in the

go on forever, because they all studied under him. This book is the inside story. It’s amazing.

I loved “Walk the Line,” the Johnny Cash movie. You look at this guy, and you have to think, “Wow, that’s pretty cool.” It’s another great story of an artist overcoming adversity — not just the struggles outside him, but also the battles with himself.

Favorite area restaurant Without a doubt, the Salty Dog — the one on City Island, near Mote Marine. It’s very laid back, it’s outside, there’s a nice view of the water.

Tuesday, March 14th 7 – 9 pm

Joan M. Durante Pavillion

Latin Night Brazilian Bossa Nova and Portugese Fado music Tickets $15 for members - $20 for non members

Final concert April 4th Swing’n Jazz

Sponsored by

raymond james® of Longboat Key

For further information call the center at 383-2345

Carrie May Weems: The Louisiana Project Opening Reception: Friday, March 10, 5-7 p.m.


March 10 – april 7

One of America’s most talked about conceptual photographers explores New Orleans’ past through haunting photographs, projections and installations. Organized by the Newcomb Art Gallery/Tulane University. Touring under Pamela Auchincloss/Arts Management, New York. Director’s Presentation: Thursday, March 9, 7 p.m. Presentation on the art of Carrie Mae Weems by Selby Gallery director, Kevin Dean. Director’s Tour: Monday, March 13, 11:30 a.m. An in-depth tour of the exhibition in Selby Gallery. Carrie May Weems: A Single’s Waltz in Time: panel 3 of triptych: 2003, Iris Print, 20.75” x 20.75”

Selby Gallery Hours: Mon. - Sat., 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.; Tues., 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. Contact Us: Phone: 941.359-7563 or 941-351-5100 • Email: Web: Location: Selby Gallery is located on the Ringling School of Art and Design campus, one-half block east of 2700 N. Tamiami Trail on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Way in Sarasota.

2700 North Tamiami Trail

Sarasota, FL 34234-5895

Reception and Presentation by Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw: Thursday, March 30, 6 p.m. Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw, currently University of Pennsylvania Professor in the History of Art Dept., will discuss the imagery and cultural significance of Carrie Mae Weems’ work. Free Musical Performances by Blues artist Corey Harris, cellist Karen Patterson, The Gumbo Boogie Band & others: Saturday, April 1, 1-4 p.m. A celebration of The Louisiana Project exhibition featuring Spirituals, Zydeco, Blues, and Jazz.

Sponsored in part by the Tourist Development Tax through the Board of County Commissioners, the Tourist Development Council, and the Sarasota County Arts Council; the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, Florida Arts Council, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

The Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

A&E 3C

THEATER by Marty Fugate

Truth and beauty are only skin deep For every truth there’s an equal and opposite anti-truth. Thomas Gibbons’ “Bee-luther-hatchee” (performed last year by Florida Studio Theatre) describes the fallout that results when the memoir of a heroic black woman turns out to be concocted. In that play’s logic, only truth matters, not the warm feelings of an inspirational tale. Doug Wright’s “I Am My Own Wife” tells a different truth. Wright’s hero is another survivor of a marginalized, minority community — a character based on a real person. The story is true — or maybe not. (More on that later.) First, a summary: This one-man play contains 40 characters. Its central character is a transvestite. Charlotte von Mahlsdorf (née Lothar Berfelde) had the bad luck to come of age during the Nazi era. (From now on, let’s say “she” or “her” and let the pronoun fit the persona) Charlotte discovers her inclinations as a teen when her lesbian aunt discovers her trying on woman’s clothes. Her aunt says they’re

playbill ‘I Am My Own Wife’ Short version: If the story’s not true, it should be. Where and when? FST Gompertz Theatre • 1247 First Street, Sarasota Running through March 24 For more information call 366-9000.

both the butt of nature’s jokes and hands her a gigantic reference book on transvestism. The “boy” begins dressing like a girl in Hitler’s Germany — and winds up killing her abusive Nazi father before she can murder everyone else in the family. Charlotte is jailed, then escapes. At the age of 16, she’s caught hiding out in an air-raid shelter and hauled before a firing squad as a deserter. A kindly SS officer spares his life. (“Have we sunk this low we now shoot school children?” He flees. World War II ends. Charlotte survives, but on the wrong side of the Berlin wall. Decades pass. Against all odds, Charlotte maintains a gay lifestyle under the noses of the communist authorities, also maintaining a museum of turn-of-the-century German furniture and wax phonograph cylinders. Charlotte even manages to rescue the only “decadent” bar from the Weimar Republic the communists don’t destroy — the gay bar, which Berthold Brecht and others used to frequent. It survives for years in her basement — as a functioning bar for East German gays. Doug Wright, the playwright, is a character in his own play. Charlotte’s story is also the playwright’s story of how he came to tell Charlotte’s story. The narrative is the tale of a tale, threaded with fragments of dialogue on microcassette recorders and cellphone conversations as the story comes together. In true postmodern style, everything’s in quotes. Wright is thrilled with the story. At first, he thinks he’s going to write about Charlotte’s antique museum. Then he encounters the person who runs it. Charlotte von Mahlsdorf is a woman trapped in a man’s body, though not a particularly feminine woman. In contrast

to the flouncy stereotype, the character’s female persona doesn’t wear make-up, dresses in a frumpy, black peasant dress, orthopedic shoes and a black kerchief on her head. Her only concession to femininity is a single string of pearls Once he hears her life’s story, Wright realizes she is the story. Charlotte is a living, breathing museum of repressed gay life under totalitarian rule. A gay man himself, Wright, finds her story inspirational. It’s too good to be true. He wants to believe: “That Lothar Berfelde navigated a path between the two most repressive regimes the Western World has ever known — the Nazis and the Communists — in a pair of heels.” After the wall falls, she’s a national hero. It turns out her story may be too good to be true — because it isn’t. Files of the German secret police are released. They say she informed on her friends and sent a few to prison. Or maybe not. Maybe she strung the spies along and nobody was hurt. The tabloid press attacks Charlotte and pokes holes in her story. True or not, nothing survives to back it up — Charlotte’s murder of her father, her aunt’s big book of transvestism — any of it. A tarnished hero, Charlotte leaves Germany. A few years later she returns and dies. Wright writes his play anyway. D. Lynn Meyers’ direction deftly exploits the cinematic potential of Wright’s material. In effect, the script’s quick-change character transformations create a series of jump cuts. Done convincingly, you forget you’re looking at one character on a single stage. Meyers convinces you. In a riveting character study, Todd Almond does a masterful, mercurial job in all 40 roles of this one-man show. He has a Robin Williamseque facility for

Sandy Underwood

Todd Almond creates a mercurial performance.

dipping in and out of accents and attitudes — from Midwestern gay man to Nazi thug to smarmy German TV interviewer — you name it, he does it. Charlotte’s story is moving, but is it true? In Act I, the playwright presents the narrative as told to him by the real Charlotte von Mahlsdorf. In Act II, he hits you with the possible holes in the story — but it’s no big a deal. It’s like an asterisk on a record in a sports book; the record stands, who cares about the asterisk? Not the playwright. In the logic of “I am My Own Wife,” if its inspiring story isn’t true, it should be. Thanks to his encounter with Charlotte, Wright has managed to tell her story. Facts or no facts, he wants to believe in his hero in high heels. He makes you want to believe. And that’s enough.


Music... Larger than Life Martha Graham Dance Company* Pre-performance curtain call

Mar. 10, 8 PM

Russian National Orchestra*

Vladimir Jurowski, Music Director Designate and Member of the RNO Collegium Yefim Bronfman, Piano

Mar 13, 8 PM

The Pipes & Highland Forever Tango* Dancers of 1st Cast of 26 performers including Battalion The Black 14 brilliant, exceptionally adept Watch & The Band of dancers Mar. 17, 8 PM Welsh Guards Unique blend of stirring music & colorful ceremony

Mar. 18, 2 & 8 PM

Mar. 15, 8 PM

Tony Kenny's Ireland

They've put together a showcase that will have you singing, toe tapping, cheering and laughing along.

Mar. 19, 2 PM

An Evening with Marvin Hamlische "Brilliant! Clever! Had the audience in stitches" - New York Times

Mar. 19, 8 PM

Earth, Wind & Fire

Natalie Cole

Know for hits such as September, Shinning Star and many more.

Mar. 28, 8 PM

Mar. 20, 8 PM

Her hits include I've Got Love On My Mind & Miss You Like Crazy

From Finland to Outer Space, there’s music from all spheres at the Symphony this March.




Matinee and Evening Performances at Van Wezel and Neel in Bradenton

Sea Changes

Leif Bjaland, conductor MARCH 9, 10, 11, 12 KAREN GOMYO

Brilliant Young Violinist

Plays Prokofiev’s Violin Concerto Also on the program: Sibelius’ Symphony No. 5 and Britten’s Four Sea Interludes.

Karen Gomyo

Larger than Life Leif Bjaland, conductor MARCH 30, 31, APR 1,2 ANDRÉ WATTS

World-renowned Pianist

Plays Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto Also on the program: Bruckner’s Symphony No. 7 Tickets $30 - $73

André Watts

Great Escapes Lost in Space Sleeping Ugly Apr. 1, 10:30 AM

An Evening with Jane Fonda Oscar-winning actress

Apr. 3, 8 PM

The Dukes of Dixieland & Preservation Hall Jazz Band with Special Guest Pete Fountain

Marian McPartland Trio and Ramsey Lewis Trio Apr. 7, 8 PM

Apr. 6, 8 PM

The Café in the Grand Foyer opens 2 hours prior to most evening performances.

CHARGE-IT LINE: 953-3368 TOLL-FREE 1-800-826-9303

Service fee for phone orders. PROGRAMS SUBJECT TO CHANGE

* If available, $10 Student/Teacher Rush Tickets may be purchased the day of the performance. Groups of 20 or more receive a 10% discount on most performances

On-line ticketing at VANWEZEL.ORG 777 N. TAMIAMI TRAIL, SARASOTA Box Office hours: Monday-Saturday 9-4:30, Sunday 1-5

Oscar Bustillo, conductor WED • MARCH 15 • 5:30 PM THURS • MARCH 16 • 7:30 PM Let the orchestra transport you to another universe with a movement from Haydn’s Mercury Symphony, Debussy’s Clair de lune, and Star Trek. Tickets $27 - $40

Leif Bjaland

Salon Evening

From Budapest to Paris

Florida String Quartet FRI • MARCH 24 • 7:30 PM Music by Haydn, Bartók and Debussy performed by our resident string ensemble. Tickets $18 - $24

Oscar Bustillo

Box Office Mon-Fri 10-4, located at Beatrice Friedman Symphony Center on Van Wezel Way TICKET HOTLINE 941-953-3434 • WWW.FWCS.ORG

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4C A&E

The Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006


‘Die Fledermaus’ kicks it up a notch The Sarasota Opera presented Johann Strauss Jr.’s “Die Fledermaus” a couple of years ago. While I liked it then, I love it now. This production, directed by Michael Unger with an English translation by Marcie Stapp, is effervescent, delicious and totally delightful, bringing joyful guffaws in the theater and happy hums outside. Some operas shouldn’t be sung in any language but the original. “Fledermaus,” fortunately, isn’t one of them, and, in the hilarious translation by Stapp, it feels right at home in English. It’s a Broadway musical, a Gilbert-and-Sullivan-style operetta and a piece of frothy fluff that JUNE swims between silliness and sigLeBELL nificance. If you think Mozart’s “Le nozze di Figaro” is filled with plotting and improprieties, Herr Strauss kicks the concept of a masquerade up so many notches, Machiavelli would be proud. He actually convinces us a simple mask is the ultimate disguise. Of course, the music is pretty snappy, too, with tune after tune taking us down operetta’s memory lane. Thanks to the ebullient performance of this season’s cast, we’ll be humming and whistling for days. Michael Unger, in his Sarasota Opera debut, is well known to theater audiences from Broadway to the Berkshire’s Barrington Stage for his deft handling of the hit comedy, “25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.” But this quote from a review of his production of “Les Liaisons Dangereuses” says it all: “Michael Unger has artfully walked the dangerously thin line between broad comedy and philosophical observations.” “Die Fledermaus” is a tightrope walk, too. But Unger is gloriously surefooted. Broad comedy and slapstick are an important part of this operetta. It’s hard not to cross the line from inventiveness to shtick. Unger succeeds in keeping his singing actors on the right side. Their mugging is natural and their mannerisms are fresh. He also manages to highlight each character, blurring the others like a good film director, so the proper person is always the center of attention in a given scene. Best of all, he never lets the comedy gets in the way of the music and the singing. This is, after all, opera and, without the voices — the beautiful voices — the story would be meaningless. But this story of ineffectual infidelity, harmless trickery and good-natured table-turning actually has a philosophical point or two. Unger successfully evokes the

Patricia Johnson, from Sarasota Opera’s 2003 production of “Die Fledermaus”

Courtesy photo

meat and potatoes of emotional truth from his performers. His direction draws out an honesty of feeling that’s often lacking in broad comedies. Then, again, he had some pretty hefty talent with which to work. Christina Bouras is the lyric coloratura singing the part of the pretty chambermaid, Adele. Bouras turns her highflying vocal acrobatics into something more meaningful than vocal calisthenics, a rare gift, indeed. And Julie Makerov, having played the title role in “Tosca” last season, presents us with an entirely different character as Rosalinda this time around. Makerov’s Rosalinda is like the Countess from “Figaro.” Her character has a sense of humor and a great deal of sense — catching her husband in a series of deceits and devilries and matching him lie for lie, until he’s caught in her cleverly crafted web and finally makes amends. But Makerov’s

acting isn’t her only piece of greatness. She comes clad in a golden voice that’s big and beautiful and serves her acting ability to a T. Sean Anderson plays her wandering husband, Gabriel Von Eisenstein. He has a brilliant baritone and great sense of comic timing that makes him both credible and lovable. And Mark Walters, as Eisenstein’s friend Dr. Falke (aka Dr. Fledermaus or “The Bat”) is swashbuckling and handsome of figure and voice. Stephen Eisenhard is the diamond-in-the-rough prison warden, Frank, with a smooth baritone and charming personality. And Kellie Van Horn’s Prince Orlovsky, the eccentric young Russian who loves to give parties and carouse until the wee hours of the morning, has the luster of Kitty Carlisle and Rise Stevens rolled into one. Chad A. Johnson as Alfred, Rosalinda’s former lover who makes a move on her the instant her husband is out the door, has a shining light tenor that melts more than Rosalinda’s heart. Gretchen Windt makes a charming Ida, Adele’s sister. And Joshua Marr is a true comedian in the role of Frosch, the drunken jailer. David Neely, in his conducting debut with the company, keeps a tight grip on the orchestra and ensembles, leading with spirit and agile support. David P. Gordon’s scenery is beautiful and distinguished. Howard Tsvi Kaplan’s costumes are bright and fitting. This “Fledermaus” is batting a thousand. June LeBell is best known as the first female announcer for the classical radio station WQXR in New York. LeBell was also the host, writer and producer of numerous programs and series such as “Today in New York,” “Salute to the Arts” and “The Sound of Broadway.”

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The Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006


A&E 5C

by Marty Fugate | A&E Editor

A Tennessee Williams state of mind “Five by Tenn” offers five one-act plays by Tennessee Williams. Compared to his full-length dramas, these playlets are startlingly single-minded. He’s like a filmmaker, famous for panoramic views and languorous long shots, forced to switch to a wide-angle lens that flattens everything to a single depth of field. The short form forces Williams to cut to the chase. Focus changes everything. This FSU/Asolo Acting Conservatory production keeps Williams’ brilliance in focus at all times. “These Are the Stairs You Got to Watch” throws a shy 15-year-old usher (Jaime Tintor) into a world he doesn’t understand: a decrepit movie palace that used to be an opera hall. The 28-year-old senior usher (Tony Bullock) gives him dire warnings about letting any teenagers go up the roped-off stairs for make-out parties in the closed-off balconies. He hints of bad things happening in this theater, something the owner did to him when he was young, then he seems to lose his

playbill ‘Five by Tenn’ Short version: Rare focus for a rare playwright. Where and when? FSU Center for the Performing Arts 5555 North Tamiami Trail, Sarasota Running through March 19 For more information call 351-8000.

mind, ripping off his usher’s uniform and running upstairs to set it on fire. A pretty girl (Kris Danford) tempts the young usher. The owner (Josh Rowan) seems to be having a heart attack. The police drag the senior usher away. The young usher quits. He’s had a glimpse of the corrupt side of adult sexuality and power. He doesn’t understand it and doesn’t want to. He just wants to walk away. “27 Wagons Full of Cotton” is a vicious cycle of exploitation and revenge. It’s a scene in the country. The scene starts by showing a husband’s (Paul Molnar) sadomasochistic control tactics over his wife (Sara Schabach). He’s just returned from a car trip. He returns at the same time a raging fire broke out at a neighboring cotton gin. Without explanation, he twists her arm to make her say he’s been on the porch all the time. That’s his alibi. He, of course, started the fire to get the cotton gin business. (He’s in the same business, a struggling independent.) He gets the business: 27 wagons full of cotton. While he’s doing the work, Silva (Josh Rowan), the owner of the business he destroyed, has his way with the arsonist’s wife — the man’s notion of tit-for-tat justice. But there’s no justice for the weak in Williams’ universe. “Talk to Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen” has the poetic compression of a piece by Samuel Beckett. Williams throws you into the scene without explanation or context. You see a sick man in bed (Brad Makarowski), who came back to consciousness after a protracted bender in a bathtub full of ice and bottled beer. A remote woman sits in a chair (Kris Danford), looking away from him. He asks her to “talk” like the rain. She


Brad Makarowski and Kris Danford

ki, Mia Bankston and Jenn Walkner — do a fine job melting in and out of the mercurial roles. “Five by Tenn” is the essence of Tennesee Williams — a distillation of the playwright’s artistry with hints of later greatness. It’s a strange and rare brew.

Enjoy an exciting shopping experience

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Paintings of

tells him a fantasy of cutting herself off from the human race and living in a hotel room, alone, until she dies. He listens silently, punctuating the poetry of her narrative by rapping his knuckle on the floor. Eventually, they connect. “Hello from Bertha” features another lost soul. Bertha is a prostitute. She’s sick in bed, in some stage of delirium, possibly a victim of wood-alcohol positioning. The madame wants to help, but also wants the room. Bertha raves and insults her, thinking outloud about a man she once knew, composing a letter in her mind, until she’s finally carted away to the insane asylum. “The Big Game” considers three denizens of a hospital: a famous football player with a broken leg (Brad Makarowski), a young man with a bad heart (Jaime Tintor) and a middle-aged man who needs a brain operation (Tony Bullock). The football player gets released; the middle-aged man dies; the young man’s going to stay in the hospital until he dies. Right before his operation, the older man had a chance to tell the younger man an anecdote from World War I about how a glimpse of stars through smoke lifted his spirits in battle. Now alone in the ward, the young man asks the nurse to lift the blinds until he can see the stars. Carl Forsman directs with a ritualistic sensibility conveying Williams’ sense of the inevitable. The small moments are big moments. What has to happen, happens. Forsman finds the fatalistic groove the material demands. The conservatory actors — Tony Bullock, Jaime Tintor, Leigh Anne Wuest, Paul Molnar, Kris Danford, Josh Rowan, Alix McEachern Jones, Brad Makarows-


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6C A&E

The Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006


by Kathy Brooks | Contributing Writer

The right, the wrong and Chicago way Life is deeply unfair at the 1893 World’s Fair.

history, biography, architecture, mystery, engineering and true crime. Its style is journalistic and readable; its content has something for everyone. You’ll not forget the story of the forward-thinking creators of the “White City” — or the diabolical killer who created a nightmare in Chicago while others tried to realize the American Dream. Kathy Brooks is an author and a volunteer at the Longboat Library. Its current hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Saturday. Call 383-2011.


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PROGRAM INCLUDES Festive Overture PREMIERE GOLDSTEIN/DEWARREN Grand Pas from Don Quixote Love Duet from Madame Butterfly Bluebird Pas de Deux Act 2 Pas de Deux from Giselle AND




Jose Manuel Carreño

International Star of American Ballet Theatre MR. CARREÑO WILL DANCE

Ave Maria Le Corsaire Tickets starting at $15

CALL NOW! 941-351-8000 1-800-361-8388

me ohè 2 b a h1 :L and n Marc m e o d ded ular pop ance ad y B orm La bohème, photo by Deb Hesser perf

Winter Opera Festival 2006

Now through March 26

La bohème

I masnadieri

March 3, 10, 12, 17, 19, 23, 25

Giuseppe Verdi

(The Robbers)

Giacomo Puccini Evenings at 8 p.m.

The Marriage of Figaro W.A. Mozart

March 5, 11 (mat.), 18, 25 (mat.) Evenings at 7:30 p.m., Matinees at 1:30 p.m

March 2, 5 (mat.), 8, 11, 18 (mat.) Evenings at 8 p.m., Matinees at 1:30 p.m.

Die Fledermaus Johann Strauss Jr.

Sung in English March 4, 7, 9, 12 (mat.), 15, 19 (mat.), 22, 24, 26 (mat.)

Sarasota Ballet photos by FRANK ATURA

Courtesy American Ballet Theatre

Photo of Jose Manuel Carreño by MARTY SOHL

Evenings at 8 p.m., Matinees at 1:30 p.m.

Spring Gala Concert


Fri • Mar 24 • 8 pm Sat • Mar 25 • 2 & 8 pm Sun • Mar 26 • 2 pm Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall

Tickets starting at $15.


941-351-8000 1-800-361-8388 RING FEATU


– March 26, 9 p.m.

In the Season Grand Finale Victor DeRenzi conducts international soloists, the Sarasota Opera Orchestra, Chorus and Youth Opera in music by Boito, Verdi, Puccini, and others. English translations projected above the stage at all performances.

Sarasota Opera 5555 North Tamiami Trail Sarasota, Florida 34243

Carmina Burana

61 N. Pineapple Ave., Sarasota, FL 34236 (941) 366-8450, ext. 1 5555 N. Tamiami Sarasota, FL 34243


Downtown Farmers’ Market

The books of summer Attention beach bookworms ...


Sarasota and the Downtown Partnership

When you put this book down with a tects and engineers, the best in the nasatisfied sigh, you will have a new appre- tion, were plagued with both structural ciation for the architecture, engineer- and personal problems, and the story ing and landscaping of the 1893 Chi- of their construction successes and failcago World’s Fair. Known as the “White ures, alone, is worth reading. As an exCity” for its ethereal white buildings, ample, one of the inventions credited to this masterpiece of American ingenuity the fair was the Ferris wheel, developed comes alive in the hands of Erik Lar- by George Ferris as part of a contest to son. A brilliant subplot chronicles the create a structure more impressive than story of a serial killer who lurked in the the Eiffel Tower at the 1889 Paris Exposhadows, preying on young girls, who, sition. in these early years of female indeAdd to this fascinating brew of egotispendence, traveled to Chicago to work tical and eccentric American geniuses a at the fair and experience life on their man who thought of himself as “the devown. il,” a psychopathic killer This story has everynamed Henry H. HolmBOOK thing: “Murder, magic es. Holmes build what he and madness at the fair called his “World’s Fair ‘The Devil in the that changed America,” Hotel” not far away, atWhite City’ as it promises in the subtracting young girls who By Erik Larson title. soon disappeared forevRandom House If this sounds like fine er, leaving behind fami$26.95 fiction — a good novel lies both bewildered and and an even better film bereaved. In his notes, — think again. This story the author writes that, is true. Its cast of characters includes “Beneath the gore and smoke and loam, some of the best-known architects of the this book is about the evanescence of life, time — Daniel Burnham (who designed and why some men choose to fill their the Flatiron Building in New York City), brief allotment of time engaging the imFrederick Law Olmsted (landscape possible, others in the manufacture of architect for Central Park), architect sorrow.” In a striking study in contrasts, Frank Lloyd Wright and even the father Holmes is a charmer who plans the exof Walt Disney. These men represented ecution of innocents as meticulously as the Gilded Age in our country, when Burnham plans the fair. This has to be civic pride was impetus enough to en- one of the most chilling counterpoints gender a determination to overcome any in modern literature. obstacle. Burnham and the other archiThis is a book for readers of American

The Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

artscalendar art Wallace Fine Art — “From Space and

Feeling.” Stunning work by Russia’s leading Neo-Impressionists is on view through March 31. An artists’ reception takes place from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. March 16. 3870746. Art Studio of Colleen Cassidy-Berns — “Painted Lady Outdoor Art Show.” Noted Florida artists exhibit their work from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, March 11. “A Perfect Match.” Cassidy-Berns’ tropical watercolors and hand-painted furniture go together through April 1. 924-1200. Hastings On The Court — “Thomas Frontini and Hilary Wallis.” This challenging exhibit opens from 5 to 8 p.m. Saturday, March 11, and runs through March 31. The Al Hixon Quartet performs at the reception. 993-7612. Galleria Silecchia — “A Lasting Impression.” This exhibit opens from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, March 3 and runs through April 6. It features Hiroshi Yamano’s glass and metal sculpture and William Whitaker’s pastel drawings. 365-7414. Katharine Butler Gallery — “Katherine Butler: New Works” runs from March 7 through April 8. An artist’s reception takes place from 6 to 10 p.m. Friday, March 17. 955-9456. Dabbert Gallery — “Divine: The Fine Art of Daniel Bilodeau.” This exhibit of the artist’s romantic, contemporary, inventive, surprising work opens from 5:30 to 8 p.m. Friday, March 10 and runs through March 31. 955-1315. John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art — “Waking Dreams: The Art of the PreRaphaelites.” Victorian reveries draw you in through April 3. 359-5700. South Florida Museum — “The Highwaymen.” Work by African-American landscape artists of the ‘50s and ‘60s is on exhibit through March 12. 746-4131. Longboat Key Center for the Arts — “Annual Student Exhibition.” This juried exhibit runs through March 20, at the Joan M. Durante Pavilion; “Nell Rude” offers the artist’s prismatic visions and runs concur-

To include your arts and entertainment event in our A&E calendar, please send it via fax: 383-7193; by mail: 5570 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228; or by e-mail:

coming attractions ‘Nobody:The Bert Williams Story’ Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe performs this tale of the first African-American to star on Broadway. It runs from March 23 to March 26, at the Glenridge Performing Arts Center and from March 30 through April 2, at the Backlot Theatre. 363-9300.

‘Spring Gala Concert’ Victor DeRenzi will conduct the grand finale of the Winter Opera Festival at 9 p.m. Sunday, March 26, at Sarasota Opera. Highlights will include the popular Cherry Duet from Mascagni’s L’Amico Fritz, the exciting Prologue to Boito’s Mefistofele and music from various Verdi operas. 366-8450.

formances also include “Bolero” to “The Love Duet,” from Madame Butterfly and an original work by Robert de Warren. 351-8000.

‘An Evening with Paul Anka’

“2006 Sarasota Comedy Festival”

The unmistakable voice (heard in songs such as “Lonely Boy” and “Put Your Head On My Shoulder”) fills the air at 8 p.m. Thursday, March 16 at the Van Wezel. 953-3368.

The laughter will return from March 20 to March 25. Comedians will include John Heffron and Tammy Pescatelli, Highlights include: “Funnybones Luncheon” at 11:30 a.m. Monday, March 20, and the “Cartoon Classic Gala” at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, March 25, at Michael’s on East. This festival benefits the Child Protection Center. 365-1277.

Sarasota Ballet: 15th Anniversary Gala The ballet will offer samples of its repertoire at 8 p.m. Tuesday, March 21, at the Van Wezel. José Manuel Carreno, principal of American Ballet Theatre, will perform “Le Corsaire” with Sarasota Ballet principal Lauren Strongin. Perrently at the Glen Gallery. 383-2345. Selby Gallery at Ringling School of Art and Design — “The Louisiana Project.” Conceptual photographer Carrie Mae Weems dreams of New Orleans in this exhibit opening from 5 to 7 p.m. Friday, March 10, and running through April 7. 359-7563. MCC Fine Arts Gallery — “Beth Reynolds:

A&E 7C

Paul Anka

‘Cocktails at the Cà d’Zan’ Shaman performs at 6 p.m. Thursday, March 16, at the Cà d’Zan Terrace at the Ringling Museum. 359-5700. Shalom Cuba.” This exhibit of photography enters the world of Cuba’s Jewish community through April 6. 752-5225. Selby Gardens — “Sumi-e Chinese Brush and Ink Exhibition.” This exhibit of Asian art runs through April 13. 366-5731. Art Center Sarasota — “Animation Art.” Moving images by Ringling School of Art and Design animation students have been captured for your viewing pleasure through March 12. “Go with the Flow” showcases member artwork and “Point Counterpoint” features art by Ellen Mason and Sally Sloan; these exhibits run concurrently. 365-2032. Women’s Resource Center — “Beneath the Surface: Works by Anita Wexler.” Buried

113 Tamiami Trail in the town of OSPREY, FL 1 Block South of Spanish Point

941-966-9800 941-966-9800 Hours: Mon-Sat 10-5 Sun 11-5

“Look for the Orange & Green Building!”

meaning comes into view through March 31. 366-1700. All Angels by the Sea — “Jim Batten: Watercolors.” This art show runs through March 30. 383-8161. Greene Contemporary — “Aaron Board.” The artist’s large-scale canvases confront you with human contradictions through March 31. 365-9406. Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art — “Leslie Lerner: The Florida Years.” This exhibit of powerful work by the late, great Floridabased artist offers a glimpse of greatness through April 1. 366-2093. Sharp-Stevens Gallery — “Marge Bennett: Watercolors.” This exhibit continues through March. 365-4222. Beverly Fleming Gallery — “Joyful Serenity.” Joyous art by Pamela-Branning is on exhibit through March 17. 365-8683. Celery Barn Gallery — “Gail Howard.” The artist’s ephemeral visions can be seen through March 17. 952-9505. Harmony Gallery — “Janet Mishner.” The artist’s vibrant paintings are on exhibit through March 31 in this exhibition space at Florida West Coast Symphony’s Holley Hall. 953-4252. Elizabeth Rice Gallery — “Contemporary Masters.” Featuring masterful art by de Kooning, Dine, Frankenthaler, Motherwell and others through April 29. 954-8575. Metamorphosis — “Matt Sesow.” Art by this self-taught outsider (who rejects the term “outsider”) is on exhibit through March 30. 373-9101. Sonnet Gallery — “The Florida Life.” Margarita Deleuze’s vivid, organic images are on view through March 30. 955-6443. Palm Avenue Gallery — “Patricia May.” The artist’s rare visions can be seen through March. 953-5757. Suzanne & Devorah Gallery — “Suzanne Patton: Recent Works.” Patton’s latest oils and pastels are featured in this ongoing exhibit. 538-8804. Creaturo Gallery — Frank Creaturo captures the cast of the human drama in his art. Ongoing. 953-6163.

music Van Wezel — “Russian National Orchestra

Concert.” This symphony features stirring compositions by Manfred and Tchaikovsky at 8 p.m. Monday, March 13; The Pipes,

A&E CALENDAR continued on 8C


Grazie Sarasota!

October - SOLD OUT September - SOLD OUT January - SOLD OUT November - SOLD OUT February- SOLD OUT

The fun begins again on March 23rd

eating italian & speaking italian A Classic Destination

Fresh Seafood, Choice Steaks, Chicken, Pasta and More 388-3948 Opening Hours: MONDAY thru THURSDAY 11:30 AM SATURDAY & SUNDAY BRUNCH 10:00 AM

Join Professor Roberto and Bacco Ristorante Italiano & Steakhouse for good fun, good food and great conveRSatIon!

Beginner’s Conversational Italian

Where: Bacco Ristorante Italiano & Steakhouse 23 n. Lemon ave. (Sarasota) When: thursdays, March 23rd – april 20th from 6-8:00pm. Fee: the 5-weeks of fun at each class includes a 5-cd set of the lessons, all materials, study guides and dinner at every class. fee is $235

Professor Roberto studied Italian at the universita’ di Bologna in Bologna, Italy. He has traveled extensively throughout Italy for 20 years.

388.3948 • St. Armands Circle • 325 John Ringling Boulevard

Enrollment is limited, pre-registration is required. Contact Roberto at 727-866-6892 and

8C A&E

The Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

A&E CALENDAR continued from 7C Leslie Lernerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;My Life in France: The Lost Boy: The Vistaâ&#x20AC;? considers a landscape of the mind at Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art.

down-and-out lovers through March 25; â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Marriage of Figaro.â&#x20AC;? Mozartâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s masterpiece extends an invitation through March 25. 366-8450. Longboat Key Center for the Arts â&#x20AC;&#x201D; â&#x20AC;&#x153;Latin Night.â&#x20AC;? Kenny Soderblom and friends perform Latin standards with a jazzy edge at 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 14. 383-2345. Florida Studio Theatre Cabaret â&#x20AC;&#x201D; â&#x20AC;?Piano Men.â&#x20AC;? This revue celebrates the 20th centuryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s keyboard kings through March 25. 366-9000. Venice Little Theatre â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The Diamonds. The classic rock band (creators of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Little Darlinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;? and â&#x20AC;&#x153;Why Do Fools Fall In Loveâ&#x20AC;?) performs at 8 p.m. Sunday, March 12 and Monday, March 13. 488-1115. The Jazz Club of Sarasota â&#x20AC;&#x201D; George Carroll has a jazz jam session at 2 p.m. Friday, March 10, at Sarasota Municipal Auditoriumâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bayfront Room. 366-1552. Munchtime Musicales â&#x20AC;&#x201D; â&#x20AC;&#x153;Studio Artists Concert.â&#x20AC;? Sarasota Opera apprentices perform operatic excerpts at 12 p.m. Wednesday, March 8, at Holley Hall. 925-7811. Sarasota Concert Association â&#x20AC;&#x201D; â&#x20AC;&#x153;Woodwind Ensemble Concert.â&#x20AC;? Rarefied music fills the air at 8 p.m. Sunday, March 12, at the Van Wezel. 955-0040. Pine Shores Presbyterian Church â&#x20AC;&#x201D; â&#x20AC;&#x153;A Festival of Hymns: The Writers Tell Their Story.â&#x20AC;? This concert of hymns and history takes place at 5 p.m. Sunday, March 12. 9221597. Players Theatre â&#x20AC;&#x201D; â&#x20AC;&#x153;Willie and Lobo.â&#x20AC;? The violinist and guitarist create a category-defying concert at 8 p.m. Sunday, March 12. 365-2494. Allegro Music Academy â&#x20AC;&#x201D; â&#x20AC;&#x153;An Evening of Russian and Hungarian Favorites.â&#x20AC;? This concert is at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, March 11. 755-6631.

dance Van Wezel â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Martha Graham Dance Company. This

Drums and Highland Dancers of First Battalion Black Watch and the Band of the Welsh Guards create heart-lifting music and ceremony at 8 p.m. Wednesday, March 15. 953-3368. Florida West Coast Symphony â&#x20AC;&#x201D; â&#x20AC;&#x153;Sea Changes.â&#x20AC;? Leif Bjaland is the conductor and Karen Gomyo the violin soloist at this concert series featuring compositions by Britten, Prokofiev and Sibelius at 8 p.m. Friday, March 10, at Neel Auditorium; and at 8 p.m. Thursday, March 9, 2:30 p.m. Saturday, March 11 and Sunday, March 12, at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall; â&#x20AC;&#x153;Youth Orchestra Concertâ&#x20AC;? showcases student musicians at 7:30 p.m. Monday, March 13. 953-3434. Sarasota Opera â&#x20AC;&#x201D; â&#x20AC;&#x153;Opera Excerpts.â&#x20AC;? Emerging talents take the lead roles at 12 p.m. Friday, March 10, and again at 8 p.m. Tuesday, March 14; â&#x20AC;&#x153;Die Fledermaus.â&#x20AC;? Johann Strauss Jr.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s operetta runs through March 26; â&#x20AC;&#x153;I Masnadieri.â&#x20AC;? Verdiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bandit opera steals the stage through March 25; â&#x20AC;&#x153;La Bohème.â&#x20AC;? Pucciniâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s opera sings the sorrows of two

A^kZ<ZgbVc Bjh^X

pioneering dance company expresses its primal power and inventiveness at 8 p.m. Friday, March 10. 953-3368. Players Theatre â&#x20AC;&#x201D; â&#x20AC;&#x153;Visions of Peace.â&#x20AC;? Jeanne Traversâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; multimedia choreography celebrates peace at 8 p.m. Monday, March 13. 365-2494.

theater Asolo Theatre â&#x20AC;&#x201D; â&#x20AC;&#x153;To Kill a Mockingbird.â&#x20AC;? Quiet courage

confronts racism from Feb. 24 through May 6; â&#x20AC;&#x153;Anything to Declareâ&#x20AC;? declaims a hilarious French sex farce through April 22; â&#x20AC;&#x153;Tryingâ&#x20AC;? explores age, intellect and friendship through April 8. 351-8000. Asolo Conservatory â&#x20AC;&#x201D; â&#x20AC;&#x153;Five by Tenn.â&#x20AC;? This quintet of one-act plays by Tennessee Williams struts the stage through March 19; â&#x20AC;&#x153;Lady Windermereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fan.â&#x20AC;? Conservatory actors take a walk on the Oscar Wilde side from March 10 through May 7. 351-8000.

Florida Studio Theatre â&#x20AC;&#x201D; â&#x20AC;&#x153;Moonlight and Magnolias.â&#x20AC;? The Hollywood dream factory has a break on the assembly line through April 8. 366-9000. FST Gompertz Theatre â&#x20AC;&#x201D; â&#x20AC;&#x153;I Am My Own Wife.â&#x20AC;? Actor/ playwright Doug Wright creates 35 characters (including a male transvestite who says â&#x20AC;&#x153;I doâ&#x20AC;? to his feminine side) that do what it takes to survive in Nazi and Cold War Germany through March 26. 366-9000. Golden Apple Dinner Theatre â&#x20AC;&#x201D; â&#x20AC;&#x153;Urinetownâ&#x20AC;? spoofs Broadway clichĂŠs through March 12; â&#x20AC;&#x153;Beauty and the Beastâ&#x20AC;? roars to life from March 14 through May 28. 3665454. Venice Little Theatre â&#x20AC;&#x201D; â&#x20AC;&#x153;Singinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; In The Rain.â&#x20AC;? This stage musical tells the story of the first Hollywood musical through March 12; â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Dunes.â&#x20AC;? Inspired by Chekhovâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s The Cherry Orchard, Craig Pospisilâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s play explores a family fading fortunes at their homestead on Long Island from March 16 to April 2. 488-1115. Backlot Theatre â&#x20AC;&#x201D; â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Only Murder (If You Get Caught).â&#x20AC;? Alan Robertsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; comedy runs through March 18. 363-9300. Manatee Players â&#x20AC;&#x201D; â&#x20AC;?The Elephant Man.â&#x20AC;? This tale of a beautiful soul trapped in a deformed body runs through March 12. 748-0111. Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe â&#x20AC;&#x201D; â&#x20AC;&#x153;Sweet Songs of the Soul.â&#x20AC;? Melba Moore sings and performs in her autobiographical play at 7:30 p.m. Monday, March 13, at the FSU Center for the Performing Arts. 363-9300.

books Circle Books â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Terry Griffin signs his area murder mystery,

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Longboat Blues,â&#x20AC;? at 10 a.m. Saturday, March 11; Linda Trice signs her childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s book, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Kenyaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Wordâ&#x20AC;? and Brenda Seabrooke signs her young adult novel, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Stone Wolf,â&#x20AC;? at 1 p.m. Saturday, March 11; Jackie Randel signs her childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s book, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Calendar Friends,â&#x20AC;? at 1 p.m. Sunday, March 12; Lynn McDonald signs her guide, â&#x20AC;&#x153;How to Use Your Shopping Skills to Get a Man,â&#x20AC;? at 1 p.m. Tuesday, March 14. 388-2850.

just for fun

Houdiniâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Showplace â&#x20AC;&#x201D; â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Magic of Sarasota.â&#x20AC;? Vince Carmen and friends create illusion and delight through March 31. Who says the magic is gone? 351-1250. Florida Studio Theatre Cabaret â&#x20AC;&#x201D; â&#x20AC;&#x153;FST Improv Troupe: And the Red Tide Also Rises.â&#x20AC;? The theaterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s resident zanies find the lighter side of everything at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 14. 366-9000.

edification Longboat Key Center for the Arts â&#x20AC;&#x201D; â&#x20AC;&#x153;Adult Art Classes.â&#x20AC;? Artists who can, teach â&#x20AC;&#x201D; and they do it here. 383-2345.

BVgX] &%!')(%

Welcome to Floridaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Best Authentic German/Bavarian Cuisine

Daniel Bilodeauâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;Looking Glassâ&#x20AC;? sees through a glass brightly at Dabbert Gallery.

60 German Beers Come and get your beer card HZgk^c\9^ccZg )/(%"./(%EB =Veen7Vg IjZ"Hjc)/(%"*/(%

HZgk^c\AjcX] DXidWZgi]gdj\]6eg^a &&/(%"'/%%

Homemade sausages and cakes full bar â&#x20AC;˘ catering â&#x20AC;˘ take out 6515 N. Tamiami Trail (US 41), Bradenton â&#x20AC;˘ (941) 753-3255

German & Polish Cuisine

Where Food Becomes Pleasure

European Style Restaurant

Just great resort style food at neighborhood prices!

Fresh Fish Flown in Daily! Early Bird Dinner 4:00-5:15 Daily! Happy Hour 11:30-5:30 Daily!

Serving Lunch & Dinner

Our Specialties:

Sauerbraten â&#x20AC;˘ Beef Roulade â&#x20AC;˘ Lamb Ragout Pierogi â&#x20AC;˘ Bigos Golobki (Stuffed Cabbage) Imported German Beer & Wine â&#x20AC;˘ Specialty Coffees Lunch 11:30-2 Dinner: Sun.-Thur. 5-9 â&#x20AC;˘ Fri. & Sat. 5-10 Closed Tuesday

CAstle CAfe

Famous for...

One of the Best Steaks in the USA

us 41 Bayshore Pkwy.

60th Ave. W.

+%.%&)i]HigZZiLZhi JH)&Â&#x2122;7gVYZcidc 7Vnh]dgZH]dee^c\ 8ZciZgcZmiidI#?#BVmm

57th Ave. W.


CdLViZg[gdci CdK^Zl

2605 Gulf of Mexico Drive â&#x20AC;˘ Longboat Key For Reservations Call 941.383.8088


The Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

A&E 9C

DINING OUT by Jessica Seubert | Staff Writer

Derek’s takes comfort to a new level Derek’s Culinary Casual has been open only a few months, but already, Chef Derek Barnes has Sarasota talking. Located in the up-and-coming Rosemary District, his new restaurant is fast becoming one of the area’s most popular stops. Barnes had previously worked at such local restaurants as Beach Bistro, the Silver Cricket and 5 One 6 Burns before setting out on his own. He uses his flair for mixing textures and food styles to create a new form of progressive cuisine that warms the soul. Barnes calls it a new twist on comfort food, though I’m inclined to differ. (I’m not really comforted by sweetbreads when it’s chilly outside). But I must commend the way he combines food on a plate to make it feel as if it’s my mom’s turkey and mashed potatoes. Upon being swiftly seated in the large room filled with diners, it was clear that this was the place to be. Although the paint job was nice, the décor left much to be desired. But that’s to be expected when a new restaurant becomes so popular, so quickly. As we sat among the chattering diners, we were offered a choice of bottled or house water before we ordered drinks, a nice display of attention to detail. This continued when my companion noticed the padding under the table that prevented him from knocking his knees on the wood. After perusing the menu, my dining companion and I ordered the Ceasaresque house salad to share. While we waited, the waiter appeared, offering us small rolls. Two rolls came. They were crispy, soft and warm, with an added touch of fresh Parmesan cheese. The only problem: Each roll was gone in two bites and made us crave another (for which we soon asked). This time, we each received two, which was enough. The salad was served in two

separate dishes, each with shaved cheese and a bread crisp on top. It was delectable and the perfect size for an appetizer. The Romaine lettuce had been tossed in a light anchovy-reduction vinaigrette that had just the perfect bit of spice to complement the crisp lettuce. The Romano cheese and crisp were perfect additions to the new twist on an old favorite. The salad dishes disappeared and we received our entrées. My companion ordered the short rib and beef medallion with fingerling potatoes and cauliflower, while I had ordered the yellow fin tuna with a feta and fennel topped baked bread. The beef was cooked to perfection, seated atop the sides, so the drippings infused into the starches. The meat was tender and flavorful, needing nothing more than its own juices to season the plate. A few sprigs of broccoli rabe were served alongside the plate, which were cooked, but still crisp, exuding the flavors of the grill. My tuna was delicious, served with a side of bitter greens in a light vinaigrette, and Calamata olives and a pizza-esque slice of bread baked with fennel slices and feta cheese. The tuna was seasoned similarly to the taste of the house salad, with that same tangy, spicy sauce, sparingly used, to decorate the plate. It was deliciously moist and exploding with flavor, and the different textures on the plate gave each bite a different focus. It was such a surprise because all the different textures and tastes worked perfectly together, especially the tuna with the fennel and feta cheese. The “pizza” was spongy, with the bread working to soften the harder flavors of the fennel and feta to meld with the tuna. Throughout the evening, I would see Barnes come out of the kitchen to check on his guests and shake hands with those

Jimmy Buffet

Tom waTT

2 shows nightly

“The Buffet Man” A Tribute to Jimmy Buffet invites all of you Parrot Heads to enjoy this musical salute to Jimmy Buffett and his music. Tom Watt was awarded the International Guild of Celebrity Impersonators Award “Best Male Musical Star”

Godfather of Comedy Joe BeDDIa

Dinner & Show Thursday March 16


s ’ y n To

Friday March 10 Saturday March 11 Portrait of a Chairman -

Tribute to Frank Sinatra STaRRInG


2 shows Wednesday March 22

Italian american Restaurant & Dinner Show

6713 14th Street West, Bradenton 751-4800 • Closed Sunday


Jessica Seubert

Address: 514 Central Ave. Phone: 366-6565 Hours: 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Tuesday through Friday for lunch; 5 to 10 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday for dinner. Cuisine: Contemporary comfort food. Price Range: Entrées from $18 to $25. dining with him. Even when I accidentally dialed his cell phone for reservations instead of the restaurant, he was more than happy to assist me. Although this food was not what we consider traditional “comfort food,” I was so contentedly pleased and satisfied with the meal that I contemplated passing on dessert. However, the French press coffee on the adjacent tables forced me to reconsider. The coffee was strong and

Service: Amiable and attentive. Parking: Street parking available but can be hard to find. Think about making a U-turn on Central after you pass the restaurant. Doing this, I was able to park directly across from the establishment. Handicapped Access: Good. delicious, with Barnes’ attention to detail coming through once again, with the personal coffee maker and small spoon. The triple frozen dessert of lemon sorbet, coconut granita and toasted brown sugar and banana ice cream hit the last spot of my cravings, with a heavy and creamy ice cream, a melt-in-your-mouth granita and a refreshing tartness to the sorbet that closed the door on a new restaurant with a promising future.


The Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

The Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006



Home Matters. It’s new. A chance to reach our entire circulation twice a year in a home-oriented editorial environment.

A special section featuring home ideas and designs that reflect our coverage areas published in The Longboat Observer, The Sarasota Observer - City Edition, The Sarasota Observer - South Edition and the The East County Observer.

Home Matters will reach the entire circulation of 86,000. That’s more than 170,000 readers.

Home Matters will be published twice yearly — in March and in November. Order both issues today and take advantage of the 2-time rate discount.

Our readers are waiting for you. Deadline is Mar. 15 for the March issue, and Nov. 8 for the November issue. Call your Observer advertising representative to place your order today: The Longboat Observer, 383-5509; The Sarasota Observer - City Edition and The Sarasota Observer - South Edition, 366-3468; The East County Observer, 755-5357



The Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006






















/ Ê 6 "* ,Ê, - ,6 -Ê/ Ê,/Ê/"Ê Ê   -Ê Ê-1 -//1/" -Ê",Ê-/ Ê*, -]Ê 1 /1, ,-]Ê* -]Ê-*  /" -]Ê /1, -]Ê/ ,-Ê Ê +1* /Ê7/"1/Ê "/ °

KeyLife Store 8D

BINJARA TRADERS INC. It brings India and Indonesia to Sarasota.

The ‘old’ ball game


REAL ESTATE Sleepy Lagoon beach home sells for $4.6 million.

Page 4D

The Key’s senior heavy hitters go to bat.

You. Your neighbors. Your neighborhood.

Thursday, MARCH 9, 2006

NEIGHBORHOOD by Dora Walters | Senior Editor


home is

The Sanctuary

A true sanctuary for the species that needs it most. No living creature needs a sanctuary more than you do. A perfect place, where rare beauty meets rare and luxurious amenities. And everyday is a new celebration of your choice of activities or ease. These are the words from an ad appearing in The Longboat Observer Dec. 29, 1988, when developer Yale Properties introduced The Sanctuary, a five-building, low-rise complex on Longboat Club Road. Plans were submitted in 1988; the final building was completed in 1992. Many of The Sanctuary residents, 181 families, are original owners and agree their home is a sanctuary. Newcomers also concur. Located on 18 acres of meticulously maintained grounds, The Sanctuary features 2,500 feet of private beach on the Gulf of Mexico on the west and a view of the Longboat Key Club Islandside golf course on the east. The apartments at The Sanctuary range in size from 1,800 square feet to more than 4,500 square feet; 3,000 square feet is the average. Each has a spacious wraparound terrace; most have a Gulf view. Building heights range from five to 10 stories. The clubhouse overlooks the tennis courts and has a first-floor area large enough to accommodate 150 or more people. Interior designer Ann Folsom Smith recently redecorated it. The well-equipped fitness room is on the second floor. A well-lighted walkway circles the 18acre site and a wooden walkway leads to the beach. It’s no wonder residents think they have the best of all worlds.

Photos by Dora Walters

Above: The 75-footheated pool is surrounded by palm trees. Left: The 18-acre site has luxuriant landscaping, and a lighted walkway circles the property.


Jim Durante, a resident of building 2A, and his late wife, Joan, bought the model apartment, 14 years ago. He calls it Camelot, and “the finest condominium complex on Longboat Key.” Durante adds the staff is “outstanding, always efficient, courteous and pleasant.” Nick Lloyd has been general manager since 1998. He came with 26 years of experience. He has a staff of 18 and is proud of his longterm employees. “We have very low turnover,” Lloyd said. “Most of our employees have been here eight years or more. And, we all have a sense of pride in what we do.” Pat Shea, office manager, has been at The Sanctuary almost since it opened. “We have a wonderful, warm group of residents, almost like family,” Shea said. “I can’t tell you how many times I have shared with them the joy of new grandchildren.” Jack Schwemm is president of the Community Association. “Each building has its own association and they can set their own rules, but the Commu-

SANCTUARY continued on 7D

Barbara Chase leads the book club.

Max Odlen, 95, is affectionally known as the condo commando, a tribute to his diligence.

2D Real Estate


Discover “The Art Of Living”

Queens harBOur custOm masterPIece: One-of-a-kind architectural gem with sensational panoramic views of golf course, lake and canal on private ‘point’ lot. this is the only site that allows 42 ft. pool and spa. Furnished. VIrtuaL tOur


the sanctuary - the most sophisticated, gorgeous condo on Longboat Key. First floor walk-out to the beach. Beautiful inlaid marble floors, true gourmet kitchen with rich wood cabinetry & luscious slab granite counters, exquisite custom built-ins, custom lighting, opulent designer custom furnishings, 2 garage spaces, 3 ensuite bedrooms and a bonus children’s room (totally precious). Priced furnished VIrtuaL tOur $2,695,000.

TOP BUILDING PERMITS These are the largest building permits issued by the Longboat Key Planning and Zoning Department for the week of Feb. 10 through March 2, in order of dollar amounts.





550 Putter Lane New construction Voight Investments LLC $700,000 892 Spanish Drive N. Alteration Paul Freiwald $53,880 673 Tarawitt Drive Addition seawall Lisa Dejournette $46,677 610 Yardarm Lane Addition boat lift Hanson, Sieber & Dolan $26,392 3314 Bayou Road Addition pool Rihcarr Development Inc. $24,000 770 Old Compass Road Alteration Harvey Waxman $20,000 990 Bogey Lane Alteration William Cannon $9,158 1945 Gulf of Mexico Drive (GMD) Alteration shutters Roy Nevans $6,600 4390 Exeter Drive Alteration Doris Winitsky $8,900 536 Gunwale Lane Alteration shutters Edward Jewett III $7,500 591 Birdie Lane Addition boat lift Jesus Patalinghug $6,965 561 Birdie Lane Alteration pool cage Lee Rothenberger $6,269 1001 Longboat Club Road Re-roof Timothy Carroll $6,250 620 Longview Drive Re-roof Baltimore Partnership $5,739 4401 GMD Alteration shutters Julie Deroin $5,300 711-720 Bayport Way Alteration shutters Howard Veit $4,485 816 Jungle Queen Way Addition boat lift Ralph Hunter $4,400 1916 Harbour Links Cir. Alteration pool Jack Failla $3,115 3558 Fair Oaks Lane Re-roof Herbert Cohen $3,010 601-606 Bayport Way Alteration shutters Trustee Abbott Lipsky $3,000 1011 Longboat Club Road Alteration pool Thomas Bernstein $2,455 1600 Harbor Cay Lane Alteration pool Trustee Terry Notari $2,455 7150 Longboat Drive E. Alteration pool The Pink House Co. Ltd. $2,388 6141 GMD Alteration pool Robert Dockery $2,365 711 Tarawitt Drive Addition pool cage Eugene Nock $2,345 2045 GMD Alteration shutters Barry Capal $2,033 650 Magnolia Road Alteration garage Martha Ann Yost $955 5757 GMD Alteration Samuel Fishman $680 594 Bay Isles Road Temporary event fence Bay Isles Development LLC $0 3155 GMD Temporary event fence The Diplomat Condominium $0 595 Dream Island Road Temporary office trailer Harbour Villa Club $0 3000 Harbourside Drive Temporary event tent Longboat Key Club $0

(941) 412-3323 LIDO harBOur tOwers - Penthouse condo with outstanding views of the Gulf of mexico from every room. a splendid end-unit condo directly on the beach. eloquence! Luxurious 3Br/2Ba unit. elevators, pool and clubhouse. $1,195,000.

230 South Tamiami Trail, Venice 34285 $659,900…MISSION ESTATES… - Rear view of this superb 4 bedrm/2 bath is one of the finest golf courses in the area… Mission Valley! Vaulted ceilings, combo kitchen/family rm, big eat-in kitchen with granite countertops. Upgrades galore! Fabulous custom floor plan. # 292899 Bradway/Wheeler 809-8431

$565,000…THE OAKS… - Maintenance free 3 bdrm/2 bath on private lot in the Oaks Preserve. Custom features include pool and spa, crown molding in popular Great Room design residence. Guarded gate, award winning golf course community…everything you would expect in a premiere community! #502889 Bridget DePalma 809-4786

POrtOBeLLO - Fabulous direct gulf front 2Br/2Ba. Perfectly maintained complex w/tennis, pool, clubhouse & beautiful grounds. Great opportunity to hear the waves lapping the shore & sunsets every evening. Don’t miss this well-priced cutie. $849,500.


the GranDe - Incredible 3260 sq. Ft. direct gulf front 3Br/4.5Ba custom condominium. Best value on LBK. enjoy sunsets every day of the year on over 1400 sq. Ft. of terrace. $1,799,000.

The Huber Team

Unmatched service. Unrivaled experience.

Please remember our brave soldiers in your prayers!

Joyce Huber Home:



See Virtual Tour at:



Mark Huber

Representing the top 1% of Coldwell Banker agents worldwide

Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, Inc. 201 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 1 • Longboat Key, FL 34228

INCOMPARABLE CASEY KEY! - Yachter’s paradise offers the most inviting 3 level residence. 3 bedrooms, 3-1/2 baths w/unobstructed panoramic bay views! Poolside summer kitchen w/grill & refrigerator. Private elevator from first level to main living area. Separate 800 sq ft guest cottage built on pilings over the bay! Covered boat dock w/3 lifts. Bayside gazebo, hybrid landscaping & picturesque koi pond. Deeded beach easement. #505126 $4,650,000 Bradway/Wheeler 809-8431 or 809-8430 $599,900…RIVENDELL… - Exceptionally maintained tropical landscaping surrounds this superb 4 bdrm, 3 bath, 3 car garage Rutenberg pool home, centrally located between south Sarasota and Venice. Large outdoor living area with pool and state of the art hot tub! great community close to everything, including Pine View School. Virtual tour at #508175 Lara Nelson 228-7276 $1,995,900…ISLAND ESTATE! - Remarkable design

features 4 master suites, 5 full baths, 2 story Mediterranean designed for entertaining! Three kitchens, including one outdoors, and a 2nd designed for full catering. Full second floor balcony overlooks pool and outdoor gazebo…radiant barrier, cedar fascia, thermal pane windows and 3-car garage. Every conceivable detail! #480801 Pam Cameron 716-3838

$1,850,000…ENGLEWOOD GARDENS…Waterfront Key West style…boat dock and lift! - 3 bdrm/2 ½ bath with

additional non-conforming 1,300 sq ft of lower living area. Negative edge pool. Located on deep sailboat water with no fixed bridges to ICW! “Great Room” design offers additional office/den plus Florida Room and large lanai! Gracious circular driveway… #508334 Bonnie Price 350-3362


RealEstate 3D



D`Z_X\c Moulton 8ee\kk\


Ricci Shryock

Kolter Communities LLC, officially launched the 14-unit, 17-story its Grand Sarasotan Condominium planned for the northwest corner of U.S. 41 and Gulf Stream Avenue. Kolter Tower Division President Bob Vail and Michael Saunders, of Michael Saunders & Co., in front of the view Grande Sarasotan residents will have.

REAL ESTATE REPORTS by Jessica Seubert | Staff Writer ResortQuest Real Estate â&#x20AC;&#x201D; announces that Lissy LaFlamme has joined its Southwest Sales Division on Longboat Key. She will be working with the team of Cindy and Mike Migone, specializing in second homes in all vacation areas. Originally from Richmond, Va., she has been a full-time resident of Longboat Key since 2003.

Prudential Palms Realty â&#x20AC;&#x201D; announces that Cheryl Loeffler has been named Broker Agent Magazineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Greater Sarasota/Manatee editionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s broker/agent of the month. Loeffler received the award and a cover story feature over 6,500 other active Realtors in the Greater Sarasota/Manatee area. Broker Agent Magazine is headquartered in Phoenix and has a national syndication of 65 local, residential real-estate trade magazines.

Home Buyers Seminar





JXiXjfkXĂ&#x2039;j=`e\jkGifg\ik`\j ESTANCIA DEL MAR - The ultimate bay front estate on Longboat Key. An Addison Mizner inspired gated home under construction on one of the widest points of Sarasota Bay with 5BR suites contained in 11,000 Sq. Ft. Lushly landscaped for maximum privacy with an infinity edge pool, dock and a large al fresco covered entertainment area complete with summer kitchen, bar and fireplace. Theatre, library, wine room, pub/billiards room and more with over 1,400 Sq. Ft. of covered terraces. MLS#289854 $11,000,000

SIESTA KEY ESTATE - 2.13 acre gated bay front estate on south Siesta Key containing a 7,400 Sq. Ft. main house and a 1,450 Sq. Ft. 2BR guest house. The property includes a tennis court, dock and a large yard overlooking the bay. The estate could be subdivided. MLS#295185 $6,750,000 LONGBOAT GULF FRONT LOT - One of the largest direct Gulf front buildable residential lots available in Sarasota County. This estate property is 1.4 acres with 425â&#x20AC;&#x2122; of Gulf front. Plenty of room to build a large home with a Gulf front pool. There is the possibility of dividing the property into two lots. MLS#302610 $6,450,000 LIGHTHOUSE POINT - This elegant home in the gated community on Longboatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s southern end has 4BRs with office in 5,200 Sq. Ft. with marble floors and volume ceilings throughout. The open floor plan with a large kitchen is perfect for entertaining with a 60â&#x20AC;&#x2122; lighted boat dock minutes from the Gulf and bay. MLS#292739 $3,595,000 BAY ISLES - Fabulous home in the exclusive gated Harbor section of Bay Isles that was completely remodeled in 2005 w/new kitchen and bathroom cabinets, appliances, plumbing fixtures & granite countertops throughout. Soaring ceilings, tranquil water views, protected 50 ft. boat dock & over 5,100 sq. ft. of fine detailing & superb finishes. Four BR suites, private office, 3 fireplaces & family room w/wine cellar & full bar. Spacious outdoor entertaining terrace & pool deck with 38â&#x20AC;&#x2122; pool & new pavers. MLS#302526 $3,450,000 BAY ISLES - Impeccably maintained Mediterranean design home secluded in Longboatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most exclusive neighborhood. Located on deepwater with 100â&#x20AC;&#x2122; seawall and dock. Fabulous master suite, living room, dining room, gourmet eat-in kitchen, large family room with wet bar and fireplace, volume ceilings, marble floors, heated pool and spa and use of the private Gulf front Beach Club. MLS#287719 $2,900,000

nday OpEn su


LIDO KEY - 3BR home on a wide private deep boating water basin with a southern exposure and partial bay view. The restaurants and shops of St. Armands Circle and Lido Beach are a short walk away. MLS#298315 $2,895,000

LONGBOAT GULF FRONT - Direct Gulf front unday 1-4 beach cottage with 1,800 Sq. Ft. and several OpEn s decks to relax on. Great rental and renovation potential. MLS#278263 $2,095,000

Enjoy The Gulf View! 2 Story Duplex on stilts. Perfect for investors or live in one yourself. 1 Block from Beach, 2 Blocks from Bay. The West Unit is 1064 sq. ft., 2BR/2BA with a view of the Bay from the 2nd Floor Deck. The East Unit is 1736 sq. ft.., 3BR/2BA with a view of the Bay from 2nd Fllor Deck. Built to 1996 Hurricane Standards. Great Storage on the Grond Floor. Offered at $699,000.

Maggie Hutter, Jo Rutstein, realtorsŠ, gri

Maintenance Free living in Prestancia. Nothing has been left out of this completely remodeled unit. Sensational Kitchen, Library, office, lighting and Limestone Floors make this a standout in Villa Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Este! NEW PRICE $789,000. Jo: 941-587-9156

Maggie: 941-780-9888 An independently owned and operated member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

BAY ISLES BAYOU - Captivating and unique home privately situated on corner lot that has been completely remodeled. New stucco roof, imported cherry wood granite kitchen, wine cooler, new bathrooms, new electricity, etc. Impressive new landscape including fountain and outdoor and indoor travertine flooring. MLS#301994 $1,295,000 VIZCAYA - Over 6,600 Sq. Ft. of custom elegance with the finest detailing, finishes & cabinetry created by Ann Folsom Smith Interiors in a community of only 31 Gulf front residences. Five bedrooms including 2 master suites, spacious kitchen with Neff cabinetry, living, dining and family rooms, two double car garages, extensive terraces w/ outdoor grill, Grand Illusions Trompe lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;oeils & Virginia Hoffman custom glass creations. View the Gulf from all main rooms. Truly a paradise for the discriminating buyer. MLS #302005 $5,950,000

BEACHES PENTHOUSE - Spacious Gulf front condo on Longboat Key w/4,000 Sq. Ft., 4BRs & 3 terraces w/views of the Gulf, bay & golf course that has been beautifully updated & decorated with a roof garden, skylights, kitchen par excellence, marble floors, security system, hurricane shutters, 9â&#x20AC;&#x2122; ceilings & numerous built-ins. MLS#296800 $2,600,000.

Browse our web site to view virtual tours of these and our other listings

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4D Real Estate

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Steve Abbott CrAig Abbott broker - Associate

broker - Associate

(941) 374-3003 (941) 383-1990 (800) 887-2968 new liStingS R OU LT




Beach home sells for $4.6 million A large, north Key home with 100 feet of beachfront, and has a swimming pool. at 6291 Gulf of Mexico Drive, has been sold by Sherri N. and Paul M. Stanley, of Tampa, to Jane Jenkins for $708,700 profit in five years $4.6 million. Located on Lot 14 in the Sleepy The popularity of the Arvida-built Inn on Lagoon subdivision, the three-bedroom and the Beach (Resort at Longboat Key Club) two-bath house was originally built in 1962, continues as Greg W. Smogard and his wife, and then expanded and refurbished in 1994. Laura Dougnac-Smogard, Southlake, Texas, Sleepy Lagoon subdivision was platted sold their 1,652-square-foot apartment 707 by Gen. L. Joseph Harris and his partner, J. in Building 3 to E. Paul Tinsley, Worcester, Allan Millar, in November 1945, under the Mass., for $1,375,000. corporate name of Harmil Inc. Harris would Located at 230 Sands Point Road, the conlater build the Sleepy Lagoon Clubhouse that do proved a wise investment for the Smogwas later converted to the Buccaneer Inn by ards, who bought the apartment in November the late Herb Field. It has since been leveled 2000 for $666,300, to thus turn a gross profit for the construction of the Grand Mariner of $708,700 on the sale in slightly more than KENT condominium. five years.


$1.9 million sale in Bay Isles

• bird key gaTed bay fronT esTaTe w/south east exposure. Beautifully appointed home featuring two separate living areas, 4 bedrooms en suite, 61/2 baths, office, furnishings, pool & spa, 3 car tiled garage, boat, personal water crafts and lifts. Direct views of Bay, City & Siesta key. MLS#300928 $6,490,000.

The Parking Co., Bradenton, bought the four-bedroom and four-and-a-half-bath Bay Isles home at 3451 Bayou Sound from Robert R. Kreilick for $1.9 million. The property is located in the second unit of Bay Isles on Lot 36, Block A. It was constructed in 1992






The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006




• longboat key yacht & tenniS updaTed 3bd/2ba condo overlooks beach front pool out to the Gulf. Boat slips and tennis courts on bay side. 2 covered parking spaces. $890,000.





• longboat terrace your view from 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo featuring newer baths and kitchen with granite countertops. Very soft, neutral decor with all furnishings included. first floor walkout, small pet accepted. Privacy will highlight your Longboat lifestyle. MLS# 295266 $859,000.








Rinat Sikdar,


To learn more about these incredible listings:

3240 Gulf of Mexico Drivee

Stunning Gulf to Bay Community. 2BR/2BA plus den, large open floorplan, 2 glass enclosed lanais, 1400 SF Turnkey furnished. Desirable mid-key location, deeded beach access, fishing pier, heated pool, clubroom & tennis courts. Full bay and partial gulf views.

Offered at $629,000

Rich Stover


Re/Max Properties, 2000 Webber St., Sarasota, FL

AFFORDABLE Centex-built complex. Brand new 2nd floor unit features stainless steel appliances and Corian counter tops and 1-car garage. Great location near shopping and I-75. $280,000. WATERFRONT DOUBLE LOT perfect for building your pioneering new home. 22,000-plus sq. ft. in select, fast-growing North Port. Private, picturesque, residential area. Sellers invite creative buyers. You must see this now! $119,000.

Rinat B. Sikdar Cell: 941.447.0606

Office: 941.383.7591 email: Michael Saunders & Co. Lic. Real Estate Broker 440 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Longboat Key, FL 34228

Kathy Simonds



• harbour oakS lovely - maintenance free, light, bright END VILLA. with most popular floor plan. 3BR/2.5BA w/ cathedral ceilings, gas heated private pool, 2 car garage AND tuRNkEy fuRNIShED. Located in the heart of the Longboat key Club. MLS#295345 $785,000.

• longboat R OU harbour towerS LT A direcT gulf view from living IRTU room, dining area, kitchen, master V bedroom and 30' lanai. this 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo shows like a model! Everything new from floor to ceiling! turnkey furnished. MLS #280962 $799,000.



CONTEMPORARY new, spacious Centex 3BR townhome on University Pkwy. Desirable amenities include: Corian counter tops, 1-car garage, lake views, heated pool and great shopping. $350,000.

• SeaPlace besT value on longboaT! 2 bedroom, 2 bath 4th floor penthouse. turnkey furnished, 2 parking spaces. $565,000.


Glenn Souza and Grant Brett, through their G. & G. Sarasota Land limited liability company, 408-C Interstate Blvd., Sarasota, purchased three parcels of land at 524 and 525 Gulf Bay Road, in the narrow Bailey-Dobson subdivision from Gulf of Mexico Drive

THREE NEW TOWNHOMES with lovely views of the Manatee River and Terra Ceia Bay. 4 BR/3.5 BA, 2-car garage, in-unit elevators, upgrades in appliances, granite counter tops and vaulted ceilings. Near Bradenton Yacht Club and Cut’s Edge Harbor Marina. Pristine nature trail and heated pool. From $529,900 to $549,000.

• ProMenade sweeping gulf To bay views from renovated 3 bedroom 3 bath condo home. Granite, wood & marble finishes. top of the line amenities include hAR-tRu tENNIS, club house, exercise room, heated pool. MLS#303534 $1,495,000.

• SunSet beach R This is The view - from 5th TOU L floor penthouse in one of the most TUA beautifully maintained complexes VIR on Longboat. Light & lovely 2B/2B condo with newer appliances & A/C. Parking garage with extra storage. MLS#294699 $1,100,000.

$1,125,000 Gulf Bay sale

Reduced! Fabulous lake views. 4/3+2offices. 3100 sf…..$750,000 Rare waterfront opportunity! Canal front 2BR/2BA TKF villa with fabulous water views and private dock. Completely updated interior - kitchen, baths, appliances & A/C. Amenities include marina, heated pool, clubhouse & deeded beach access.

the ultimate Beachfront retreat

Surrounded by the colors of the sea, this spectacular 3 BD + Den, 3564 sq. ft corner residence at Regent Place captures incredible views of the Gulf, beach & City skyline. Luxurious appointments, garage & premier “behind the gates” location. $3,375,000

inn on the Beach

2BD Direct Gulf front. Savor incredible views of the Gulf & beach in this largest, 1619 sq. ft. corner unit with extended balcony. Renovated, income producing & in the hotel rental program. Enjoy golf, tennis, pool, spa & fine dining. $1,575,000

• cedarS weSt one of eighT gulf fronT condos Last one for sale in 1995. Just under 2,200 Sf, this unit offers unobstructed gulf views from all rooms. Ground level walk-out sits 12 feet above sea level. 37' wraparound screened porch, furnished, heated pool & tennis courts. MLS#299856 $1,500,000.

BirD KeY GarDen home

Superb price for this beautiful 3 BD renovated home with caged pool. Located on a large tropically landscaped corner lot across the street from the Bay. $974,000

H For virtual tour go to MichaelSaunderS.coM enter MlS#.

440 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key, Florida 34228

tracy seider

& jim courcey

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Kathy SimondS, 941-350-5292


Michael Saunders & Company

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The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

Real Estate 5D








ORTOLLFREE   Â&#x2C6;VÂ&#x2026;>iÂ?Ă&#x160;->Ă&#x2022;Â&#x2DC;`iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;EĂ&#x160; Â&#x153;Â&#x201C;ÂŤ>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x17E; ,ICENSED2EAL%STATE"ROKER



Gorgeous turnkey furnished Aruba unit featuring 2BR/2BA. Outstanding views of Sarasota skyline. SOLD $893,000


Lovely 2,200 SF, 3BR/3BA, maintenance-free condo w/private entrance, 2-car attached garage, charming atrium and large lanai overlooking Harbourside Golf Course. SELLER MOTIVATED $779,000


Charming 3BR/2BA 2,000 SF villa with cheery eatin kitchen that opens to a cozy family room overlooking golf course. Lowest price 3 BR behind the gates! $649,000

"%!#(#/-"%2 Jessica Seubert

This home at 6291 Gulf of Mexico Drive has three bedrooms and two baths. It sold for $4.6 million. to Sarasota Bay, for $1,125,000. The sellers were L.J. Acres Inc., Randall Barich, vice-president, of 1405 N. Venice Ave., Venice. Actually, the transaction was part of the $1.6 million sale of Leslie J. Young & Associatesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; seven corporate entities. Besides L.J. Acres, they include: Youngâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Crane Service of Longboat Key, his garden center, landscape service, management company and wholesale, landscape and irrigation businesses.

The Beach at LBK

ResortQuestâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Larry Starr, whose latest project was the redevelopment of the old Sea Bird Beach Resort to the stunning, new The Beach Condominiums at 3465 Gulf of Mexico Drive, has sold and recorded 10 sales out of the total 15 units for $5,698,100. The latest sale by The Beach at Longboat Key LLC,



An Agent You Can Trust To Put Your Interests First... Search for all properties at 0RUDENTIALĂĽ0ALMSĂĽ2EALTY ĂĽ"AYĂĽ)SLESĂĽ2OAD ĂĽ3UITEĂĽ ,ONGBOATĂĽ+EY ĂĽ&LORIDAĂĽ

REAL ESTATE continued on 6D

DIRECT BAYFRONT HOME- Stunning custom home in Country Club Shores. Wrap around balconies on 2 levels. Boat dock on side canal, 4/5 bedrooms, 5 full, 2 half baths, extensive use of marble and granite. Elevator. Pool & Spa. 4 Car Garage. 5300 sq ft of luxury. Not a detail overlooked. $5,975,000

Selling Sarasota Successfully Pat, Tom & Spencer Hanly

Perfect investment or gulf-side retreat. Beautifully furnished, 1BR with rentals in place through March. Heated pool and a beautiful beach. $459,000

Feature Home

BAY FRONT LOT- Country Club Shores Build your dream home on this sought after lot on the south side of the street. Wonderful city views, 287 ft water frontage, Boat dock, beach access.


COUNTRY CLUB SHORES- 4th in from Bay, 3 Bedroom / 3.5 Baths. Kitchen with granite counter tops, center island with gas stove. Family Room Living Room & Dining Room. 2nd Floor Master opens to Balcony with views of the Bay. Sound system throughout. Heated pool & spa. Deeded beach access. 40 ft dock, boat lift and lift for jet ski. $1,645,000 BEHIND THE GATES OF THE LBK CLUB -Wonderful views of a lake and golf course from many rooms maximized by walls of glass. 3/4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths. 14â&#x20AC;&#x2122; volume ceilings, architectural crown moldings. Expansive lanai and a private swimming pool. Beach-side privileges at the exclusive Bay Isles Beach club. Total exterior and ground maintenance. BETTER THAN NEW!! $1,575,000

Located on the very convenient Bird Key this home features an open and spacious floor plan. Step thru the foyer of this very special home and enter the living room with a gas burning fireplace and sliders that pocket back to reveal the heated pool and spa. The kitchen is a chefâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s delight with granite counter tops, top of the line appliances, a six- burner gas stove and center island. The breakfast area has a slider to the covered summer kitchen, great for outside entertaining. There are 5 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths, a paver circular drive leading to 3 car garages. The finest materials have been used throughout, from the decorative ceilings treatments, marble and carpeted floors, special lighting fixtures used throughout the home, crown moldings and the many architectural details that make this a very special home. Nicknamed the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Steel homeâ&#x20AC;? it is constructed of steel roof trusses, interior walls, floor joists and is built to withstand a Category 5 Hurricane. It was designed in response to the many requests for waterfront size and quality on a garden lot This luxurious home is priced at $1,995,000 For a Virtual of this beautiful home go to:

repreSenting the fineSt propertieS in SaraSota

Single family homes and Condos Beachfront - Bayfront - Downtown & golf Course Isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t it time for you to buy your piece of Paradise?

Hanly & associates realty 310 John Ringling Blvd â&#x20AC;˘ St. Armands Circle â&#x20AC;˘ Sarasota FL 34236

Office (941)

388-2331 â&#x20AC;˘ Fax (941) 388-1453

e-mail: toll Free 877-589-7979

6D Real Estate

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006


8KiX[`k`fe f]<oZ\cc\eZ\`eK_\FXbj AN ELEGANT PERSPECTIVE

A new listing in The Oaks Club Side Reflecting a distinctive harmony combining a passion for gardening with the subtle beauty of classic elements of style, this 4 bedroom plus den, 4.5 bath lake front residence in The Oaks is unlike any other. Achieving an unexpected sense of privacy by virtue of a remarkable 136 ft of lakefront with long views to the Heron Course 12th fairway, the position of this superbly constructed 4500+ sf home is regarded as one of the most prized. Built to exacting standards and awash in natural light, the owner has created a special environment incorporating enduring elegance, serenity, and comfort set amid flowering gardens. Notable features include: Hardwood and marble floors, fountain entrance, magnificent caged pool/spa and granite summer kitchen with gas grill, Woodmode cabinetry, granite counter tops, professional gas range, Subzero refrigerator, Asko dishwasher, Miele washer/dryer, gas fireplace, U/V air filter, surround sound speakers, satellite TV dish, temperature controlled wine room, pavered drive, exceptional kitchen, sumptuous marble master bath, built-in library/computer niche and elegant setting for a grand piano. $1,795,000. ML303768

REAL ESTATE continued from 5D Buffalo, N.Y., paid $436,000 to Mary

Jane and Ronald G. Baker, of St. Helens, Ore, for their Unit 303 at the Lido Towers.

and Priakos of Florida LLC, was Unit 103 to Christopher Nowak, of Glenview, Ill., for $499,900.

Lido Shores

Helen and Raymond Hamel, of Wellesley, Mass., sold their home at 1160 Center Place in Lido Shores to C. & R. LLC, 1377-5th St., Sarasota, for $650,000. The 46-year-old home has three bedrooms, four baths and a swimming pool.

Beaches of LBK-South

Ann and Scott South, of Mount Dora, northwest of Orlando, sold their Unit 402 at The Beaches of Longboat KeySouth to Longboat Key 775 LLC, also of Mount Dora, for $298,000.

St. Armands

LBK Moorings Marina


An enchanting garden waits in Emerald Woods. On one of the deepest lots in this sought-after enclave, a beautifully appointed Opal floor plan offers the luxury of privacy with its lush lawn and vivid flowers in a wooded setting. There is room to add a pool, if desired. Special upgraded features have been added to this 2215 sf, three bedroom maintenance-free home. Maple cabinetry, dine-in kitchen, luxurious master suite with sitting room, exceptional closets and interior design. A spacious lanai invites al fresco dining and entertaining. This home may also be purchased furnished and ready for occupancy. $555,000. ML303596

Terri Derr & Kennedy Torrington P.A. <c\mXk`e^Pfli<og\ZkXk`fef]k_\I\Xc<jkXk\<og\i`\eZ\ 941.387.9780 Direct, 24-Hour 866.436.7198 Toll Free

Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker

Store No. 5 at Old Colony Building, St. Armands, was purchased by Rodney Dessberg, 3935 N. Washington Blvd., Sarasota, from John P. McSorley, of San Francisco, for $525,000.

Boat slip No. 1, on M Pier at the 274slip Longboat Key Moorings Marina, was sold by Raymond M. Grimm, of Carol Stream, Ill., to Joyce Brook and Warren Stevens and James E. Reed, of Grand Junction, Colo., for $185,000. The Stevenses bought a two-thirds interest in the dockage, while Reed purchased the balance.

Sales remain slow

Real-estate transactions remain slow on Longboat and its satellite keys for the Feb. 13 through Feb. 17 reporting period of actual sales recordings at the office of the County Clerk of Courts. There were 13 sales, five for more than $1 million, compared to the previous week’s total of 13. Two weeks before, there were 24 sales.

Boathouse on Longboat

There were a couple of transactions at the 194-berth Boathouse on Longboat, 410 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Carol M. and Barry R. Lewis (the original Boathouse developer), 4444 Oak View Drive, Sarasota, sold berth 1201 to John D. Kidd, from Jackson, Ohio, for $66,500. Berth 1219 was purchased for $60,000 by Melanie and Robin Carlstein, of Palm Harbor from Lesley B. Willis, 3304 Sabal Cove Lane.

Sales notes and updates

Tina Rudek, of Wedebrock Realty, called to point out that for the last two sales reported at Whitney Beach, the number of bedrooms quoted was incorrect. The $925,000 sale on the Gulf side was a two bedroom, not three, as listed on the Manatee County Property Appraiser’s Web site; and the $425,000 bayside sale also had two bedrooms, not one, as listed on the Web site. Rudek was involved in both sales.

$l.15 million at Lido Ambassador

Diana M. and Donald L. Petramale, 4629 Sweetmeadow Circle, sold their Unit 508 at the Lido Ambassador on Lido Beach to Jasbir K. and Lakhbir S. Hayre, of Livingston, N.J., for $1.15 million. The two-bedroom and two-bath condo at 800 Ben Franklin Drive was constructed in 1978.

Kent Chetlain is a veteran Florida journalist and historian, a former Manatee County commissioner and a holder of a Florida real estate license. He has chronicled real estate activity in this area since 1957.

Lido Towers

Suzanne J. and Daniel Bohen, from

440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228

#1 sales team ComPany-Wide in 2005!

Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker • Exclusive Affiliate Of Christie's Great Estates & Leading Estates Of The World

<oZ\gk`feXcG\fgc\Gifg\ik`\j Featured ProPerty

buttonwood harbour-longboat key

Custom “Ranch” style pool home remarkably remodeled and updated throughout including a chef’s kitchen w/hickory wood cabinets, saturnia marble floors throughout, crown moldings, open heated pool & spa w/waterfall and a maintenance free 30’ $1,475,000 composite dock on a deep water canal.


surround yourself in luXury

The Resort at Longboat Key Club pampers you with fine dining, generous amenities and dramatic views of the Gulf, lagoon and golf course fairways with graciously appointed condominium/ hotel suites. Great income potential! 2607D Two bedroom with Gulf views. $1,535,000 2603/04B Two bedroom lockout with Gulf views. $1,399,000 2803C+ Two bedroom with Gulf views $1,360,000 3102C Two bedroom with pool views $1,350,000 2703C+ Two bedroom with Gulf views $1,350,000 6401C Two bedroom with lagoon views. $995,000 7103A Club Suite with lagoon views $499,000


Magnificent subdivided parcel with 4 buildable lots, approximately 1.95+/- acres. $3,500,000

absolute privacy

private and secluded homesite with 0.87+/- acre in east Manatee County. $295,000

hideaway bay

Bayfront lot available within a private enclave on North Longboat Key, estate-sized homes, tennis court and only minutes to the beach. $2,200,000


private beach house

conrad beach on longboat key

Remarkable elevated main residence offering inviting living spaces, private elevator, gourmet kitchen, sundeck, dramatic sunsets and azure waterviews. Charming 3 bedroom guest cottage adjacent to main residence, 3 car garage & heated - open pool. $5,795,000

Relax in this maintenance free, Key West style beach house on Longboat Key's charming North end. This 3BR plus loft includes three luxurious living levels, elevator, gourmet kitchen, sweeping porches, fireplace, vaulted ceilings, hot tub and oversized garage. OpeN hOuse suNday 1–4 $1,595,000 •VT

manatee river waterfront

On over 1 acre of lush tropical landscaping, secluded and captivating custom home on the Manatee River with recent renovations. Over 4,200 square feet of living space, gourmet kitchen, fireplace and private/covered boat dock. OpeN hOuse suNday 1–4 $2,950,000

boaters delight Traditional split plan residence. Light & bright throughout with oversized Florida room overlooking canal, eat-in kitchen, breakfast bar, separate dining room, private dock, 10,000 lb boat lift, davits & easy access to sarasota Bay. Great rental potential. $635,000

eXcellent location

sleepy lagoon-longboat key

bradenton's premier address

exclusive and gated estate on 3.3 acres on the Manatee River. Classic 5 bedroom home with over 5,600 sF, new private tennis court with backboard, open pool, enclosed jacuzzi, covered boat dock to house 2 boats and beautifully manicured grounds. $5,900,000 Two story beach house featuring 100’ of private white sandy beach with expansive Gulf views, privacy abounds, $40K+ in recent upgrades, heated beach front pool and excellent rental potential. Variance & state approval granted for new construction. OpeN hOuse suNday 1–4 $2,675,000

Beautiful executive home w/extensive remodeling inside & out, new marble flooring, state-of-the-art kitchen, 2 gas fireplaces, exceptional pool deck w/gas heated pool/spa & private “composite” dock for a 50’ boat plus 14,000 lb boat lift. Located behind the gates of the Longboat Key Club. $2,700,000 •VT


bay isles - longboat key


inn on the beaCh

residential liFestyles

residential liFestyles

spacious 4BR pool home with over 2,500 sF, ceramic tile throughout, oversized family room and open lanai. Close proximity to st. stephens in a very desirable neighborhood. $450,000


longboat key beachfront estate

desirable location desirable Longboat Key lot available with plans to begin construction on a beatiful 4,700 square foot Mediterranean style residence. several floor plans to choose from. adjoining lots available. $2,995,000 •VT

university park

pristine maintenance free residence with over 2,400 sq. ft. Open and inviting floor plan with light and bright oversized master suite, volume and tray ceilings, upgraded appliances and screened-in pool overlooking the natural preserve. OpeN hOuse suNday 1–4 $725,000

Condominium liFestyles •VT

venice beach getaway

Gated community directly on the beach, 2 bedroom plus den, updated throughout, marble floors, plantation shutters, vaulted ceilings and magnificent beach views. $649,000

west of the trail Fantastic, 3BR light & bright home in Cedar Cove estates. approximately 2,300 sF, open floor plan, vaulted & tray ceilings, separate dining room, expansive 70’-wide screened in lanai with a 40’ pool, gas heated spa and ionization pool filtration system. Only minutes to shopping, dining and the white sandy beaches of siesta Key. $695,000


saint CaCChiotti, P.a. & Gail WittiG 941.387.0533 800.581.3444


Real Estate 7D

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

SANCTUARY continued from 1D

Residents have a choice of activities at the complex. The 75-foot-heated pool is in a convenient, central location. A wateraerobics class is held twice a week there. Two Har-Tru tennis courts are located next to the two-story clubhouse. Residents play round robins on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. Informal bridge games take place daily at the clubhouse or at the recreation rooms of the individual buildings. During the season, a book club led by Barbara Chase meets monthly for discussion. Taking a moment before beginning to discuss “Sister of my Heart” by Divakaruni, the book-club members spoke about their feelings for The Sanctuary. There was unanimous agreement: It is the people who make it special. The adjectives “warm” and “friendly” were frequently mentioned; “homey atmosphere” was another. Ilsa Hecht summed up her feelings in a few words: ‘”It is low-key elegance.” “It is place where if I wanted to pick up the mail in pajamas, it would be OK,” Chase added.

Social season

Socializing is high on the priority list at The Sanctuary. There are get-togethers at individual buildings and community-wide events. The unofficial social chairman is Marianna Odlen, an original owner with husband, Max, who just celebrated his 95th birthday. Odlen not only plans events but does much of the cooking in her own kitchen. Her specialties are poached salmon and beef tenderloin. “I love to cook and enjoy it,” Odlen said. “I don’t even mind doing the dishes.” The two major social events are the annual Welcome Back party in the late fall and, in April, the Going Away party. The timing of the two parties facilitates the many snowbird residents. Ed and Ruth Slater, also original owners, reside in building 1A. “It is one of the smaller buildings with just 20 units and we have a very warm relationships with our neighbors,” said Ruth Slater. The Slaters socialize frequently and just last week held a poolside barbecue. “We had been living elsewhere on the Key, but when we saw the beauty of the grounds and the wonderful beach here, we made the move,” Ruth Slater said. “I truly enjoy swimming in our heated pool and the fitness center is great. I just have to remind myself to get over there.” It seems the developer had it right. It is The Sanctuary for “the species that needs it the most.”

Best Buy on

Longboat Key

Sunrise Shores, 5220 Gulf of Mexico Drive • OpEn SunDay 1–4

Small complex with beautiful Bay views, deeded beach access and boat docks! 2BR/2BR, turnkey furnished, fireplace, pool, screened porch, indoor garage, large storage space. #294707. $629,000 $598,000

Call Bridget Spiess 941-308-6763 Visit my website: Email: rEMax prOpErtiES

2000 Webber St., Sarasota, FL

A Golf & Country Club Community now tHIs Is floRIda lIvIng! $ offered at 470,000.

“Simply one of the finest locations

Maintenance free, former model, great room plan, 1838 sq. ft. 2 BR/2 BA, plus DEN. Tiled, light, bright, cheerful. Crown molding, corian, walk in closets, Roman shower, dbl vanities, fabulous pool and beautifully landscaped courtyard. Call Maggie Nasser 780-1006.

on the West Coast of Florida”

Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker 440 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Longboat Key, Fl. 34228


Luxury on the Water

diReCt guLf fRont estate - 2.6 acres plus existing home $7,900,000 diReCt guLf fRont Lot - 1 acre $3,950,000 Longboat CLub Rd - Outstanding family home on Golf course directly across from beach. Quality throughout. Numerous upgrades. Beautiful location. Behind the gates. $3,600,000 goRgeous Home - Superior design finishes. Deep water with large dock. No bridges to Bay. Beautiful private location close to beach. $3,650,000 PentHouse - diReCt beaCHfRont Panoramic gulf, bay & golf course views. Luxurious, gorgeous furnishings and finishes. Behind the gates. $2,990,000 diReCt bayfRont • new Home Deep water plus boat dock. Magnificent custom finishes. $4,900,000

sutton PLaCe - Charming villa w/ boat docks, heated pool & beach access. Ground level - no steps. $424,000 beauty at CoRey's Landing Single family home. Rare location on Golf course w/ beautiful Bay views. Courtyard pool plus tennis amenities. Terrific square footage & private guest house. $1,995,000 dReam isLand - Cute cottage home on terrific lot w/ boat house. Canal directly to Bay. $1,550,000 beRmuda bay - Great Bradenton Beach location. Direct beach access. Beautifully furnished plus 2 car garage. $895,000

Call Reid today!  941.232.3304 or 941.383.4276 Developers Realty Corp. Lic. R.E. Broker 1819 Main street, suite 200, sarasota, Florida

lovely sIngle faMIly HoMe wItH golf couRse vIew $ offered at 599,000.

This newly renovated 2500 square foot home will amaze you! 3 BR/3 BA,/LR/FR/DR and den “area.” All new Corian, cabinets, appliances, AC, hot water heater, decorator tile, and fresh paint. The work has been done for you so come and enjoy. Heated pool, large lanai, great view, mature landscaping. Call office for showing. 751.9070

new constRuctIon, top sellIng plan $ offered at 749,000.

2400 sq. ft. Model like upgrades, granite, wood cabinets, designer tile throughout, crown molding, built-in’s, 3 full baths, 2/3 BR, 2 1/2 car garage, stamped concrete, pool and spa and WATER VIEW!

populaR plan, faBulous vIew, gReat pRIce $ offered at 514,900.

2/3BR, 2BA MAINTENANCE FREE home offers 1900sq ft of a/c space. Two car side-load garage. greatroom plan, spacious and open. Neutral carpet, crown molding, built-ins in den, plantation shutters, high ceilings, large walk- in closet, Roman shower, separate vanities, heated pool and a LOVELY GOLF COURSE VIEW. Call Maggie Nasser 780.1006 (furniture pkg. available)

pRIvate & RelaxIng wateR & golf couRse vIew $ offered at 460,000.


JOHN ZISMAN, Realtor 941.504.2393


Fabulous water view, 2900 sq. ft. Greatroom, 3BR/3 Full BA, plus den. Home offers a dream kitchen with cherry cabinets, granite counter tops, center island, designer appliances and tile, crown molding, central vac, custom closets, plus many other builder upgrades. OUTDOOR CABANA with full summer kitchen, pool, spa, paver brick decking, oversized 2 1/2 car garage. Possible lease back opportunity from builder, furniture package available separately.


See Virtual Tour:

steRlIng Iv BuIldeR’s Model $ offered at 982,000. new contruction


812 Marbury Lane Longboat Key New Custom 4BR/3.5BA




Active lifestyle

The age range of 40s to 90s was another positive noted with residents.


nity Association’s concerns are the common areas such as the landscaping, the pool and walkways,” Schwemm said. “The condominium is well run and we have few problems. “The Sanctuary has been home for Nancy and myself. It is a quality place. It has a relaxed and what I might call a normal attitude and no stuffy people. All friendly. “

Over 1900 sq. ft. of a/c space. 2/3 BR, 3 Full baths, Greatroom, Heated pool, Solid surface counter tops, Wet bar, Plantation shutters, Plant shelves, Walk in closet, Radiant barrier, Pella windows and Insulated garage door to maximize energy efficiency. Easy to show and ready for occupancy. Call Maggie Nasser 751-9070

BeautIful sunRIses oveR tHe lake $ offered at 435,000.

This immaculate maintenance free home offers 2/3BR/, 2BA. relaxing water views front and rear! Corian countertops, tile backsplash, neutral colors, security system, thermopane windows and doors, "Luminette" drapes and decorative window treatments. Shows beautifully, call Tom Repp 704-3346

MaIntenance fRee lIvIng at Its Best $ offered at 389,900.

Tranquil water view, light and bright 2 BR/2BA plus den, great room plan. Neutral carpets, tile and colors in MOVE IN CONDITION. Walk-in closets, Roman shower, all appliances and window treatments. Extended caged lanai and private courtyard patio. call Maggie Nasser 780.1006

Rosedale Realty, Inc. 941-751-9070

Located 1/2 mile east of I-75 (exit 217) on SR 70






8D Business


dennis girard Broker Associate

Phone: 941.809.0041 Toll Free: 1.866.837.3180 Fax: 941.387.0960 www.


Binjara Traders Inc. 327 John Ringling Blvd., St. Armands Circle 388-3335

"Most Condos Sold in 2005 on Longboat Key"

$709,900 - sand cay

most affordable 2/2 Unit in a desirable complex; onSite rental office; excellent income potential; Heated pool, deeded beach access and tennis courts; Turnkey Furnished. Ask for great rental history.  $ #% $5 /-% % 2 4ÂŞ ).# *53 4!,ÂŞ . 2% ÂŞ & ÂŞ/



$339,900 - $499,900 - new condo conversion on bradenton beach Totally renovated including all new exterior, granite countertops and new tropical furniture package. Great income producer that allows nightly rentals.

Line of business: Imported goods from India and Indonesia. Founded: About 12 years ago. The owner has been on St. Armands Circle for 18 years, and previously owned a shop called Aussie Limited. Best selling items: Raffles chairs from Bali, made of rattan, and water hyacinth for indoor and outdoor use. Indian cotton suits are another popular item. What the store is known for: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Having a lot of unique imports from India and Indonesia. It shows off the ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s travels from all over,â&#x20AC;? Kelly Myers said. Owner

PERFECT GETAWAY BEACH COTTAGE $479,000 Great rental history this season with one month minimum rental policy. Quality, updated turnkey furnished condo with fenced back yard and deck. Perfect â&#x20AC;&#x153;Villageâ&#x20AC;? feel with walking distance to Publix, post office, tennis courts and restaurants. Pets welcome too. Deeded beach access 300 feet away. End unit with lots of sunlight. Price just reduced, so bring an offer.

Maureen Horn



silver sands Longboat key Gulf Front development; Units from $495,000 - $849,900, Some units include lockout; Flexible rental program means income!

130 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota 941.552.3940

Cleon Dixon handpicks all the items in the store, most of which canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be found at other import stores. Style and feel of the store: â&#x20AC;&#x153;We try to get many different styles that suit different needs. We have everything from trendy to contemporary. There is an easy-going feeling that allows people to look around and touch things. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not stuffy.â&#x20AC;? Owner: Cleon Dixon. Manager: Kelly Myers. Hours: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and noon to 6 p.m. Sunday. Price range of merchandise/services: From $30 to about $80.

Personal (Kelly Myers)

Birthplace: Sarasota. Family/pets: Most of her family lives in Sarasota. She has two dogs and a cat, all adopted from the Humane Society. Location: Sarasota. How long in this area: Myers was born and raised in Sarasota, and, other than living in the Keys for a time, has spent most of her life here.


First paying job ever: â&#x20AC;&#x153;I worked at an assisted-living center in Sarasota. I was 14 and worked as a waitress. I loved it, loved the people.â&#x20AC;? First real job held: â&#x20AC;&#x153;I worked for a retail store in South Florida, in the offices there.â&#x20AC;? How did you get to where you are now: â&#x20AC;&#x153;I decided to move back to Sarasota to be closer to my family. I had worked on the Circle before and knew I wanted to be back on St. Armands. I went around to the shops I liked and asked around. I talked to the manager here and was hired as a part-time associate.â&#x20AC;? Myers has worked for Binjara Traders for 10 years now.


$329,900 & $885,900 - the beach at longboat key

Longboat's newest condo conversion; 2 Units available; Studio w/bay view, 2/2 w/full Gulf view. complete renovation including new state-of-the-art furnishings and interior. Flexible rental program.

Longboat terrace

Huge Price Reduction!!! Large, expanded 2BR/2B Gulf-front with gulf views in a private setting. Kitchen, guest b/r terraces enclosed, eat-in-kitchen, new baths, carpet, htd. pool, end unit with 3 sunny side windows, turnkey furnished, Hunter Douglas shutters. now $749,000.


call Jack Mccormick, broker/assoc. Wagner realty (941) 383-5577 or 320-1121.

Jenifer Schwell $795,000 - buttonwood cove impressive 2/2 in desirable complex. Great mid-key location; Robb & Stucky furnishings; Beautiful view of the Bay. Great second home. Deeded Beach access; Tennis courts, Bay side pool and boat dockage available.

Favorite pastime: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Bicycling.â&#x20AC;? Other hobbies: â&#x20AC;&#x153;I spend a lot of time in the arts scene in



Chairmanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Circle

$1,075,000 - longboat key condo

2/2; Small Direct Gulf Front complex (only 6 units). Wooden boardwalk from the back door to the sand. oversized patio area overlooking the pool and Gulf. This very well maintained unit would make a terrific 2nd home or investment.

WEst IndIEs VICtORIan On thE GuLf This magnificent Gulf front estate has the most prestigious address in all of Sarasota. Adorned with intricate detail and a distinctive, unique design, this walled and gated four bedroom home features a wine room, an elaborate elevator, a private white sand beach, a 9-car air conditioned garage, an elevated pool & spa $9,490,000 and a docking pier.

Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker 941.780.0968 â&#x20AC;˘ 941.383.3209 â&#x20AC;˘ 941.388.4447

4030 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228


Presidentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Circle

West of the trail - enchanting 2/2 "tree house" in Selby

Gardens-like setting with meandering walkways through tropical foliage. Vaulted ceiling, wood floors, large deck with fish pond and hot tub, 40 ft. lap pool. Serene and private...........$595,000. eagle creek at palm aire - Consider the investment opportunity in this popular golf course community. This ground floor corner condo has a new kitchen, baths, paint and flooring. This 2/2 is minutes from I-75 and Lakewood Ranch activity. Pet welcome.................$254,900. vizcaya - This sophisticated residence features 10 foot

ceilings, Neff kitchen with granite, stone flooring. The spacious terrace with summer kitchen creates an atmosphere for indoor/outdoor living with panoramic gulf views. Amenities include tennis, pool, clubhouse with spa facilities. 2 pets allowed.....................................................................$2,750,000. longboat landing - Recently renovated 3 bedroom (plus den) bayfront condo with windows on 4 sides, covered parking for 2 cars, 2 storage rooms. Renovations include wood floors, revised floor plan, and new kitchen with slab granite. Amenities include heated pool, tennis, boat docks, beach access. This is a pet friendly community. Partially furnished.......................................................................$799,000. WindWard bay - Enjoy unobstructed views from this bayfront condominium. There are 2BD/2BA and an enclosed lanai. This community offers pools, boat docks, tennis, clubhouse and beach access...............PENDING.............$499,000. Waters edge (holmes beach) - 2/2 with den and a good gulf view. This desirable rental complex has a heated pool, tennis courts and a gorgeous beach. Turnkey furnished..............................................................................$795,500. Wonderful Whitney beach - Enjoy sweeping views of Bishopâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bayou from this 2 bedroom, 2 bath corner unit with fabulous southeast exposure. Beach, tennis, boat docks, fishing pier. Close to shopping, restaurants and entertainment. Pet friendly Beautifully furnished..........$699,000. st. arm­ands circle, sarasota, florida (941) 388-4447 faX (941) 388-3041

see all these properties at

www.m­­ bobbie banan, realtorŽ

356-2659 â&#x20AC;˘ 383-2659

michael saunders & com­pany licensed real estate broker


Business 9D



Jessica Seubert

Tracey Coose and Kelly Myers. Myers said the employees make up a “great sales staff,” and are like family. Sarasota. I go to the galleries and enjoy the festivals and whatever it has to offer. I also enjoy working on my home.” Organizations or volunteer work: “I’ve done things for the Muscular Dystrophy Association — the one where you get put in jail and people need to donate money to get you out. I also do a bike race for multiple sclerosis. It’s called the “MS 150,” and it happens in April.” She also helps out with the Humane Society and is a member there. A favorite “something”: Her favorite TV show is “House.”


Who do you look up to in business: “I look up to Cleon. She put her heart and soul into these stores and loves the customers and the products. I think you have to be really talented to make it in retail, and I think she has what it takes.” What inspires you: “Generosity, creativity, witnessing someone else’s creativity and imagination.” What is your current dream: “To travel more. To just enjoy life rather than try to keep up.”

Extraordinary bay & canal views from this model perfect home. Incredible 4 bedroom suites, gourmet kitchen with granite & top-of-the-line appliances, family room w/wet bar & fireplace, office/den, loft, marble floors, tray ceilings w/moldings & 3 car garage. 50' lap pool, spa, dock & lift, summer kitchen. Country Club Shores. $3,699,000

Direct access from this canal home, 3 in from Sarasota Bay, is pure heaven for boaters who prefer their own private dock & lift. This spectacular home has 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, travertine floors, eat-in kitchen, family room, formal living & dining rooms. Screened lanai w/pool. Country Club Shores. $2,199,000

Lido Towers - Deeded beach access, carport, pool/spa are a few of the condo features.Two great units are available: UNIT #213 - OPEN SUNDAY 1-4 Updated 2 bedrooms, 2 baths w/ eat-in kitchen, crown molding, porcelain tile, screened wrap around lanai.Turnkey furnished. Southwest exposure. $789,000 UNIT #411 - OPEN SUNDAY 1-4 Turnkey furnished, 1 bedroom, 1.5 baths & screened lanai with coveted $409,500 Southern exposure.

Behind the gates of the Longboat Key Club. Enjoy fabulous Gulf views from this 1,941 SF, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, top floor unit. Walk to the beach or to your private pool. Enjoy refreshments in the tiki huts with wonderful views of Big Pass & the Gulf. Terrazzo floors, community boat docks. Great value in a prime location. $1,099,000

This 3,134 SF canal front home with private dock & lift and 2 in from Sarasota Bay was renovated in 1997. Featuring formal living & dining rooms, family room, granite kitchen counter tops and 3 bedrooms with private baths. It is a great value in the highly sought-after community of Country Club Shores. Pool, spa, tiled deck. $1,949,000

University Park - Seawalled 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 3122 SF lakefront home with two dens, one of which could easily be a 4th bedroom. Tasteful finishing details include crown molding, step ceilings, built-ins, and beautiful eat-in kitchen with granite countertops. Pool, spa, summer kitchen. $1,099,000

&YQFDU.PSFBOE(FU.PSF Michael & Mary Nell Moore, REALTORS® Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, Inc. 201 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 1 • Longboat Key, FL 34228 941-321-8592 or 941-266-7740

Presidents Circle (Top 10% Worldwide)


The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006


A Coastal Funding

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Absolute Mortgage Company

sarabande - Panoramic views of Bay, Gulf & City from this 8 room residence filled with custom upgrades, 2 secure parking spaces, 24 hr concierge, guest suites, Olympic pool & walking distance to Main Street. $3,850,000

longboat KeY club

oPen House sundaY 1 - 4 PM

3551 bayoU circle, bay views and Deep Water Dock Just updated, this 4000 Sq. Ft. home boasts an open floor plan, media room, family room, high ceilings, granite, wood floors, gourmet kitchen, 1st level master bedroom and 2 guest suites. redUced! $2,279,000 3161 bayoU soUnd, boater's delight! Custom 4 bedroom home with an open floor plan that wraps around a caged pool and spacious lanai. High ceilings, lots of glass, marble bath, kitchen with granite and new stainless appliances are only some of the special features. $1,795,000 emerald Pointe 3 bdrm Maintenance free villa, courtyard/guest cabana flr plan w/panoramic views across the golf course lake & down the fairway. Loaded with upgrades and located on the best site in this enclave of 16 villas. $975,000

inn on tHe beacH suite

Exciting opportunity to own at the resort of the Longboat Key Club. A perfect investment property, personal weekend retreat or that extra guest bedroom. Overlooking the golf course and only steps to the hotel and beach. $469,900

Rates are compiled by National Financial News Services. Rates valid as of March 2, 2006. Index type on adjustable rate mortgages (ARM's) is Index "A". Rates may be for new applications only; information on terms, fees, and APR’s may be obtained by calling the lender directly. Lenders call (610) 344-7380 to participate. Consumers with questions or complaints concerning a listed lender may call The Department of Banking & Finance's Regulatory hotline at (800) 848-3792. For additional information on mortgages, go to: ©1997 NFNS

519 bayview Located on north Longboat Key, this custom 3400 Sq. Ft. home boasts 20 foot ceilings, tile floors, two 2ndlevel guest suites sharing a family room, master suite on 1st level, 3+ car garage. redUced! $1,474,000



With our publication you get what you pay for.

When you place advertising in a local publication, you have the right to know you’re getting your money’s worth. As you can see, we’re as serious about giving you honest value for your advertising dollars as we are about giving our readers the best in local news and entertainment. Best, you don’t have to take our word for it. Take it from

One of the biggest names in mortgages is right in your own backyard.

Luxury Townhome DownTown SaraSoTa Walk to it all!

Spectacular four-level end-unit with elevator, next to pool and health club facility! Top level outdoor patio with kitchen and fireplace. Private courtyard with gated entry. 2-3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths. Top floor studio room with solid wood floor is spectacular. Master suite has big walk-in closet, spa tub, huge bay window. Home office room on first floor. High ceilings, 3unit a/c. Must see to enjoy! Great location! 2300 sq. ft. under air, over 3000 sq. ft. total, 2-car garage. For sale by owner.


hen you choose Chase you are guaranteed by a variety of products offered by one of the nation’s top mortgage lenders. Plus, the knowledge of loan officers like Ron Hayes who are familiar with, and dedicated to, your local community. So, whatever your mortgage needs –– fixedrate, adjustable-rate, jumbo, government, call Ron locally for a free consultation at

(941) 761-9808 or (800) 559-8025.



canal front


30-year fixed 15-year fixed 30-yr jumbo 1-yr A.R.M. Phone Numbers Rate / Points Rate / Points Rate / Points Rate / Points yr / life margin


citY PentHouse

<VWZ7j`n .)&"(,)"*,,'

Call Jim at (941)

926-7888 for appointment

8]VgaZh7j`n .)&"''-"+%-+

gulf front - lido UnobstrUcted gUlf views This lot is ready to build your beach dream-home. Currently occupied with a 4 bedroom bungalow, great for rental. $2,500,000

2 gulf front condos

longbeach, this 2 bedroom/2 bath unit has panoramic views of the Gulf, pool and lushly landscape grounds. Just updated and beautifully furnished making it a perfect island retreat or rental investment. redUced! $735,000 beachcomber, Located across from Publix mall this 1 BR/1BA condo has just been updated and is turnkey furnished. Great as investment with weekly rental policy and on-site management. redUced! $465,000

village of longboat

Build your dream home with panoramic BAY views. Property currently has a 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom duplex redUced! $599,000 which is a great rental.

linda weber Pa office: 383.6411 res:


Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, Inc. 201 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Longboat Key

view virtual tours of these listings at:

941-387-1864 Coldwell Banker Residential R.E., Inc.

Longboat Key Large ground floor 2 bedroom 2 bath. Deeded beach and boat dock. $469,000.

LIDo Key 2 bedroom, 2 bath, direct gulf views and updated. Steps to pool and beach. $699,000.

anna marIa Bay front home, all the upgrades in this new 4 bedroom home with spectacular views. $3,500,000.

anna marIa Beach front lot rarely available, white sand beach. Plans approved to build. $1,995,000.

Longboat Key Largest penthouse on the beach, never lived in. Ultimate luxury, privacy and views. Reduced to $4,995,000.

Longboat Key Beach to bay complex with boat docks. 3 units from $489,000.

201 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Longboat Key, FL 34228

EgZh^YZci¼hEgZb^Zg Ide& LdgaYl^YZ ;dg6aadjgA^hi^c\hdg 6cnEgdeZgin^cHVgVhdiV"X]ZX`djglZWh^iZ IZVb7j`nAdc\WdVi`Zn#Xdb

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

Sports 11D

PEP TALK by Kat Wingert

Take me out to the (soft)ball game

Kat Wingert

During a game last year, the Longboat opponents chat between innings.

Stop me if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve heard this one: What is older than 60, has 56 legs, two masks, a rabbi, wears gloves, and is red and blue all over? The Longboat Key Senior Menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Softball Team, of course. And even if you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s funny, I can guarantee one thing: These guys are hilarious. Last year, I covered one of the teamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s regular Tuesday doubleheaders. As I walked up to the Bayfront Park Rec-

reation Center, I remember hearing the 20 or so players before seeing them. Then, once I introduced myself, and all the guys realized what I was doing there, they turned the jokes up a notch. If a batter swung and missed at a pitch, according to the guys, it was because he was too busy trying to look good for the camera. If someone didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t field a ball in the outfield correctly, he must be paying attention to the reporter instead of the game. At one point, after one batter hit a pop fly to the outfield, the captain of the team informed the batter I would be hitting in his place, next time. Tough crowd. There are two Longboat Key teams, and each team plays a doubleheader every Tuesday, either at the Rec Center field or on the road in Bradenton, against one of the two Bradenton senior softball teams. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the only true guysâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; club on Longboat Key, where guys get a second chance at a variation of a sport that they may or may not have played in their younger years, and they can leave their etiquette at home. Some of them are solid athletes with sound, fundamental ball-playing skills. Others are getting by solely on their will to play a game they love. They come from all walks of life and are retired from a host of professions, including a rabbi (who, as it turns out, is one heck of a ballplayer). When it comes to fun, camaraderie and sportsmanship, these guys have more of it than anyone on the Key. Golfers donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know what theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re missing. Can you heckle your friend while he tees off? Absolutely not. Do you get to work together as a group of guys to pull off a win in tennis? Nope, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s one teammate at a time on the court. And donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think these guys let one opportunity to rib each other pass by, or that they canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t wait for Tuesday


Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Talk Real Estate WnIdbVcY6cYn8V^a RECOGNIZING WHEN YOU NEED HELP Does your home have more than its share of dust bunnies? Do you have a â&#x20AC;&#x153;noticeableâ&#x20AC;? kitty litter box and closets that are overcrowded? If you are planning to sell your home, try not to be offended by your real estate agentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s suggestions about what you should do to prepare your home for the market. One of the major challenges that sellers face is keeping their home in top showing condition while it is on the market. Many sellers are busy and, understandably, have a hard time managing this task. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not easy showing your home all the time. In such situations we strongly recommend that you get professional help. If you already have a cleaning person, you may want to increase the cleaning frequency. Remember that not all buyers have a lot of imagination. They usually react emotionally to what they see, not to the possibilities that your home represents. If your home looks like it will require a lot of work, they may elect to keep looking. If your goal is to get your home sold as quickly as possible, at a great price, hiring a professional cleaner can pay high dividends.

For professional advice on all aspects of buying or selling real estate, talk to us at Sky Sotheby's

(941) 366-9777

or e-mail us at Website:

PlAyERS clUB Full Gulf Views, 2/3 bedroom, 2 bath, New Kitchen, Granite Countertops, Balcony, Offered Furnished @ $1,199,000

WInDInG oAKS VIllA Maintenance-free 2 Bed/2 Bath Villa, Cathedral Ceilings, Water View Screened Lanai. New Kitchen and Appliances, Granite Counters, Paint and Rugs. $699,900

colony Colony Beach & Tennis Resort-World Class Tennis Resort $120,000

Barbara & Larry Shapiro

morning to roll around so they can lace up their cleats and join their teammates on the field. And yet, with as much joking that goes on, theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re all about a good game. Despite having no competitive qualifications â&#x20AC;&#x201D; other than players must be over the age of 60 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; the players are quite competitive. They donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to lose, let their team down or be the runner left on base. And this air of competitiveness produces a few verbal skirmishes over a perceived blown call or two. But all is forgotten on the next pitch. All, that is, except a good joke.

BAYFRONT PARK REC CENTER 4052 Gulf of Mexico Drive Ongoing Classes: March 8 through March 14 For more information, call 316-1980 Bridge: â&#x20AC;˘ Duplicate bridge: 1 p.m. Wednesdays and Saturdays. â&#x20AC;˘ Contract bridge (social): 1 p.m. Fridays. March highlights: â&#x20AC;˘ Senior menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s softball: 9 a.m. Tuesdays (doubleheaders). â&#x20AC;˘ AARP 55/Alive safe-driving class: 1 to 5 p.m. Monday and Tuesday, March 20 and March 21. Pre-registration required. Call 316-1980.

e hick i g g a S M 321-1759




BeachPlace First floor walkdown w/spectacular gulf and sunset views. 2BR/2BA, TKF and assigned prkg. Great rental opportunity. $1,225,000.

Seagate This 4th floor 2BR/2BA, beach front unit offers stunning views of the gulf from every room in a well appointed bldg. $1,249,000.

SuttOn Place

Charming townhouse with a 1-car garage. 2BR/2BA, two enclosed lanais. Private marina, two heated swimming pools and a club house. $498,500. Inc.

Lic. R.E. Broker

Call Larry Shapiro, CRS/E-PRO or Barbara Shapiro, Broker, GRI

OFFICE: 941-388-2135

BeachPlace rentalS

Rental available for March 2006. Beachfront, 5th floor, 2BR/2BA with covered parking. Nicely appointed and great amenities. Available for January, Southern exposure. 2BR corner unit. â&#x20AC;˘

Judi SummerS...

invest in a thriving community invest in a tropical lifestyle invest in sarasota

9^kZgh^[nndjgedgi[da^dl^i]VhV[ZhZXjgZY ^ckZhibZci^cgZh^YZci^VaĂ&#x2019;ghibdgi\V\Zh#

income producing properties: All Price Ranges Available - Weekly and Monthly Income downtown - $375 to $1.9 million longboat key & lido - $549 to $799 siesta key - $875 to $1.5 million for options & photography go to:, click on associates and search name judi summers to view properties

(941) 302-3238

michael Saunders & Company

Licensed Real Estate Broker â&#x20AC;˘ 1801 Main Street, Sarasota, FL 34236

12D Sports

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

AT THE NET by Del Shoenberger

Vary your returns with slice and topspin The slice To hit with slice you will swing high to low, allowing the strings to brush down on the back and underside of the ball, imparting the spin. As the racket and hitting arm are swinging forward, the non-hitting arm should stay back and act as a counter-balance to the forward momentum of the racket arm. This action can help to keep the body in a stable position, allowing the racket to swing in the direction of the intended target more naturally (at this point in the motion, if the body opens up to much it can cause directional problems and also cause the contact to be less solid.) Ideally, contact with the ball is made at a comfortable arm’s length in front of the body and with a firm grip and wrist. The body weight (balance) is shifting forward at this point to the front foot (right foot for righties, left for lefties) in a closed stance. From contact, the follow through will have the racket

to at least an eastern backhand so that the racket face is level at the point of contact. The backswing begins the same with this shot, starting with the shoulder turn and the action of pulling the racket back with the non-dominant hand (a note here about the non-dominant hand: It can help with the grip change, too). Before starting the forward swing, drop the racket below the ball in preparation to brush up on it. A good contact point for this shot is about an arms length in front of your body, at approximately knee-to-waist height: This is your “hitting zone.” Balance is virtually the same as it is with the slice — weight shifting forward as you swing. Swing low to high, brushing up on the ball with your strings to produce the topspin. Just as with the forehand, spin can be hit in varying degrees, so this shot is versatile, too. At contact, your wrist should be firm to control the racket head. Fin-

swinging fairly level toward the target to a point that feels comfortable (as the arm extends). The ball has long since left the racket face and is on its way to its target with underspin. At this point in the follow through, the extension of the hitting arm dictates a natural “release” that allows the finish to be comfortable, with the racket head up. The swing is complete. Now return to the ready position, watch the ball and be ready for the return (if there is one). Practice this shot diligently for consistency; it will serve you well.

The topspin backhand Remember that topspin is hit by swinging low to high, with the strings brushing up the back of the ball through contact. The continental grip does not work well for this shot because you need the racket face level at contact, not open, as it is with the continental. Turn your hand a bit more “on top” of the grip


Kat Wingert

Marilyn Rothschild prepares for a backhand slice. ish the swing with your hitting arm comfortably extended and the racket head high. Weight shift is completed and you are well balanced. The shot is now completed, so, while you are admiring it, get back to your


Bringing People Home to the Island Since 1939

ready position. This shot requires practice, so good luck and get to it! Del Shoenberger is a teaching professional at the Longboat Key Public Tennis Center.

WAGNER REALTY Cathy C. Meldahl, P.A. Realtor/GRI/Branch Manager 5360 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key, Florida 34228 At “The Center Shops”

UNIQUE YACHTSMAN’S PARADISE This north LBK 3BD/3BA estate offers broad expanses of water views. 150’ frontage & deep water dockage w/covered boathouse. Nothing else like it in the area. Cathy C. Meldahl P.A. 383-5577 #281127 $3,595,000

VISTAS ON BENEVA, This 2BD/2BA overlooks fairway and huge oak trees. Pool, clubhouse and exercise room. Minutes to downtown and beaches. Dee Dee Burke 383-5577 #289317 $235,000

TROPICAL PARADISE Spacious, sunny 1BD/1BA. Breathtaking views from private 4th fl balcony. TKF. 200 ft to beach. On site rental mgmt. Bill Greene or Dee Dee Burke 383-5577 #299657 $549,000

PORTOBELLO--GULF TO BAY Longboat Key updated, ground floor, has many extras, i.e., faux paint, furnished, granite, wet bar, dock, pool, tennis and more. Joe Corbo 778-2246 #303021 $649,000

LONGBOAT TERRACE Direct Gulf front on LBK. 2BD/2BA w/great views in desirable complex. First floor walk out to the beach. Beautifully decorated & updated. TKF. A must see! Bill Greene & Dee Dee Burke 383-5577 #287090 $824,000

IMMACULATE ON ½ ACRE HOME Perfect location in Sarasota with tons of space. Large liv rm, breakfast nook, screened porch AND open porch. Lots of fruit trees in huge private back yard. New see-through storm shutters. A special neighborhood! Karen Ankerstar 383-5577 #295812 $359,900

RARELY AVAILABLE Located in Fairway Bend in Palm Aire, this 2BD/2BA plus den villa has been immaculately maintained. 2 car garage with room for golf cart. Larraine Waite 383-5577 #281981 $319,900

TRAILER ESTATES HOME Beautiful water views from this 2BD/2.5BA land owned mobile home w/2 screened lanais & dock for 54’ boat. Active community w/marina, rec hall, pool & more. Barbara Fulmer 383-5577 #515042 $365,000

COVERT II Updated, 3BD/2BA, grd flr unit. Beach at your doorstep. Pool, tennis, on site rental mgr. Unlimited rentals. Beverly Moore/Jo Warren 778-2246 #521717 $819,000

SARASOTA BAYFRONT Gated entry to this 3BD/2+BA home adds to its privacy. Boat lift for a 26' boat & main dock accommodates 40’ LOA boat. Dee Dee Burke 383-5577 #276667 $5,500,000

LONGBOAT HARBOUR Best views of Bay. 2BD/2BA. TKF. Private beach, tennis, 4 pools, clubhouse. Rented for 2006 winter season. Bill Greene 3835577 #299633 $525,000

YOUR OWN TREEHOUSE Fantastic 2BD/2BA. Totally renovated. Vaulted ceilings, 2 screened balconies, gorgeous kitchen & private view. Helen Bradshaw or Vera Freeman 383-5577 #290023 $329,900

Located at THE CENTRE SHOPS at 5360 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key (941)383-5577 Toll Free (800)352-0367 To preview all homes in Manatee & Sarasota Counties, please visit

(800) 352-0367 • (941) 383-5577

JdXikDfm\j åååååååååWITH DXilkX Maruta Miluns, M.B.A. Realtor

® (941) 374-9702

country club shores

LongBoAt kEy hoME - Best value in country club shores. Least expensive well maintained house with PooL. corner lot, newish roof, a/c & appliances. oPEn hoUsE sUndAy 1 - 4 PM $795,000 LongBoAt PAss condo - Million dollar waterfront setting. Perfect vacation retreat or rentals (3 months already booked) totally renovated white & bright lots of built-ins. come see this wonderful condo. REdUcEd to $449,000 sPAnish MAin viLLA - nicely furnished 2 BR, 2 Bath villa. new roof in 2004, private backyard. very popular Longboat complex, great rental or vacation retreat! $349,000

Michael Saunders & Company


Licensed Real Estate Broker 440 Gulf of Mexico Drive • Longboat Key, FL 34228 (941) 383-7591 •

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

Sports 13D

THE RACE IS ON ... Longboat Key Public Tennis Center Cumulative individual standings for week ending March 3: Who’s W.H.O. - (3.5 to 4.0 ladies doubles) Anne Milne.................. 66 Barb McCreight........... 64 Maruta Miluns............. 60 Chantal Diem............... 52 Susan Singer............... 52 Holly Braun................. 47 Margit Gravino............ 47

Orlean Hart................. 45 Judy Snyder................. 43 Linda Steward............. 38 Who’s the B.O.S.S. - (3.5 to 4.0 mens doubles) Tom Geyman................ 57 Ernie Broderson........... 55 Paul Braun.................. 53 John Judge.................. 52 Dave Schwartz............ 51 Brian Warrach............. 50 Walter Hackett............ 46 Jim Jennison................ 42 Jim Bradley................. 41

Scott Hase................... 39 Who’s B.O.B. - (4.0 to 4.5 mens doubles) Allan Thompson........... 88 Jim Tarsy .................... 67 Ron Frank................... 53 Jay Greenblatt............. 50 Larry Greenspon.......... 50 John Beeman............... 49 Hugo Mori................... 45 Kent McCreight........... 36 Gordon Boettcher........ 35 Ron Morrisette............ 35


Special Events •Who’s the B.O.S.S.: Men’s (3.5 to 4.0 doubles) 2 p.m. Monday. •Who’s B.O.B.: Men’s (4.0 to 4.5 doubles) 2 p.m. Tuesday. •Who’s W.H.O.: Ladies (3.5 to 4.0 doubles) 2 p.m. Wednesday. •Who’s L.C.: Ladies (4.0 to 4.5 doubles) 2 p.m. on alternating Wednesdays.

Season Schedule Everyday - Morning Sessions: 8 a.m., 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. Afternoon Sessions: 12:30 p.m., 2 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. Daily Round Robins - 3:30 p.m. •Women’s: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. •Men’s: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. •Mixed: 2 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. Sunday.




Daily lessons, clinics and ball machine available by reservation.


honest...knowledgeable...accessible and easy to talk to.

5120 Jungle Plum Road “As new “ private mariner’s paradise. 50’ Viking at dock now. Designer features include gourmet kitchen, gracious living room with pool and water views, whimsical play room, high tech family room/ screening room, bonus/ billiard room and gym. Enjoy magical sunsets, pool, boat dock and a home beyond comparison. $3, 900,000.

555 Beach Road Income producing triplex across Beach road from Siesta Key beach. Watch sunsets from your terrace in your 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath unit with two car garage, while two other units make you money. Walk to beach. Close to village. One of a kind Siesta offering with wood and ceramic tile floors. $1, 795,000.

5285 Gulf of Mexico Drive Barefootin’ at Banyan Bay! A taste of Tahiti on Longboat Key. True 3 bedroom plus loft den that can also sleep 2. Circular staircase is gone with sturdy regular staircase against wall makes loft even roomier. Big views, sounds of the surf, one of only 16 Gulfside units. Pool, tennis etc on Bayside. Perfectionists own this. Casual, beachy get-a-way. $1,189,000.

7848 Midnight Pass Road Duplex plus studio on Heron Lagoon. Very deep 17,000 sq. ft lot. Lush landscaping in this private, tropical oasis on the quiet end of Siesta Key. Possible Gulf views from new construction. Live in One, rent the other! This is a rare opportunity. $1,179,000.

Helen F. Larson

941 346-0468 • 941 350-1916

Michael Saunders & Co. Licensed Real Estate Broker 440 Gulf of Mexico Dr., • Longboat Key, FL • 941-383-7591

2 Beachfront Properties Under $1,000,000

2555 Briar Oak Circle Great for first time buyer or investor. Open, airy floor plan with ceramic tile; large screened lanai, new carpet and fresh interior paint. Two car garage and large fenced yard are an added plus. Great neighborhood park with community center, tennis and basketball courts, playground and recreation field.You will love it! $324,900.

35 Watergate Drive, #603 Dazzling by day, spectacular by night. Sunset views beyond imagination in this preferred bay view location. The Tower Residences adjacent to the Ritz Carlton Hotel is home to those who want a lifestyle without compromise. Soon to have new marble floors, freshly painted walls and tiled terrace. Club membership and 2 parking spaces included, of course. $1,749,000.

Players Club

Beautiful Updates in this light, bright corner unit in building “C”. Over 1,900 SF of living space, 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath bonus solarium makes this unit something special, plus all $999,900. the amenities

Beach Castle

Gulf & bayside complex allows daily rental and has great income potential and a “Key West” tropical feel. The unit features new 16 inc ceramic tile, new paint throughout and a new A/C system - all new in 2005. Private beach, fishing pier, dock and more. $875,000

1895 Clematis Street An enchanted cottage. Feel the good Karma here. Very private setting, open floor plan, big window overlooks fountain feature in one of two latticed/ screened patios. Oozing with charm. $495,000.

1538 Mallard Lane A hidden treasure close to downtown, excellent Southside Village shopping, dining and schools. Plans are available for a spectacular Mediterranean style home with bay views. The existing 3 bed 2 bath home on this large lot is offered for sale “as-is with right to inspect.”. $890,000


Call: 941.780.4016 or 941.388.4447 or E-mail:

Michael Saunders & Company • Licensed Real Estate Broker

61 S. Blvd. of Presidents • Sarasota, FL 34236 •

Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated.

14D Sports

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006


by Kat Wingert

LeWin Don

Club Longboat

Don LeWin has been visiting Club Longboat from Minneapolis for about 30 years. He plays tennis five or six days a week, and plays on teams at both Club Longboat and the Longboat Key Public Tennis Center. What made you pick up a racket? When I was 12, my grade-school physical-education teacher ran a public-parks program for tennis in Buffalo, N.Y., and got me started. He used to pick me up on Saturday morning, his day off, and take me to go play. He didn’t have any kids, so I became his young buddy. His getting me started on tennis was one of the best things that happened to me to get me where I am today. What benefits do you get from playing tennis? It’s a combination of things. The physical exercise is one aspect, the camaraderie of playing with wonderful people and friends. It’s also great mentally to get out and play because it clears the cobwebs in your mind. How competitive are you? I enjoy competition and like to win, but my main goal is having a good time. Name one thing you do that wins matches. My volleying is probably my best skill, and playing to put the ball away. If you could acquire one skill instantly, what would it be? My court coverage. I’d like to get a little faster on the court. Who has most influenced your game? Leo Kronman, my first coach that got me started on

Photo by Kat Wingert

the game. He was a great mentor for many young people in the northern New York area with his tennis school, and he helped me use tennis to improve my schooling opportunities. Give me the best experience you’ve ever had on the court. It’s actually a loss. It’s a close, three-set loss to the national boy’s champion in the semi-finals at Forest Hills. I was around 15, and it was a good experience for me, because at that time, it was the only big tournament I had played in, and it was against a guy that went on to win a national championship at the junior level. It showed me that I could compete at that level.

Give me one tip that you play by, or the single most important tip you’ve received? Enjoy the game. Who is your favorite athlete and why? Roger Federer, because he is a brilliant tennis player and a gentleman. What is the funniest or most embarrassing moment you’ve had playing? Not too long ago, I had a serve shank off the metal frame of my racket and hit my mixed-doubles partner in the back. I felt very bad and it was very embarrassing. Fortunately, I wasn’t serving the ball that hard.

Overlooking The Braden River Largest Lot in University Park LONGBOAT KEY

CANAL FRONT POOL HOME One of a handful of homes on LBK priced under $1,000,000. Few of these have direct water access. This one does! Hurry!

Offered at $879,900



The ultimate in serenity and privacy are yours from this secluded home on the river in the Henley section of University Park Country Club. Fish and boat from your private dock. Beautiful preserve setting. The charming residence offers 2,500 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, pool and lanai overlooking the river, expanded 3-car garage and built in 2002. MLS #299992 MLS #522316

Key West Style, 3BR/1BA. Third in from the Bay. Original Hardwood, Updated kitchen & bath, Fireplace. A real charmer!

Offered at $869,000

Gi\d`\i Gifg\ik`\j

Mike Holmes

The Observer LONGBOAT


Build your dream home and enjoy the great views. Dock and deeded beach access included. Offered at $1,145,000

Offered at $1,050,000

David M. Lopez, CBR

8654 State Road 70 East Bradenton, FL 34202 Cell 941.704.4266 Direct 941.360.6688


301 John Ringling Blvd. Sarasota, FL 34236

/5434!.$).'å"!9&2/.4å02/0%249 Panoramic views with 135 ft. seawall, with pool and deepwater dock with boat lift. 3BR/3BA 3,000 Sq Ft. on two lots in private setting. Entirely updated - Large Master Suite added in 1997 - Lots of extras. Virtual tour at Call John Zirzow, Agent/Broker 778-9171

   Markey Realty AY



N SU M P N PE 1-4

å&)2%(/53%å,!.%å#/.2!$å"%!#( 2BR plus one loft bedroom/ 2.5 baths, maple hardwood and seagrass carpet floors. Maple cabinets, granite coutertops & stainless appliances. Watch sunsets into the Gulf from spacious rooftop terrace. Constructed in 2001 in the heart of a unique seaside enclave of homes west of GMD. Steps to beautiful beaches. Call (941) 387-9851.

   For Sale By Owner

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006


Leigh Durst, Sales Mgr. / Sr. Loan Officer

Offering 4-star golf, tennis, and private club. Much privacy surrounds unique ANCHOR built home on cul-de-sac. 4 Bdrms, 3 Bths, Fam. Rm. w/gas fireplace, BOSE surround, one of a kind Atrium off fam. rm. Large Heated Pool & Spa. A must see! Why Wait? $839,000. Call Rae Rothweiler, P.A. Realtor, Monte Davis Realty LLC 941-448-5886.


10:01 AM

(941) 870-0243 “I have been lending in the Sarasota/Manatee area for over 25 years. If you’re looking for the personal and professional service you deserve then please contact me.”

<KO  7SV^ <Y^RaOSVO\ Ž """ GMDI-076 Temp Ad LBO_rev


$839,000 Page 1

• Loans to $8,000,000 • Interest only Loans • No Ratio Loans • Investment Loans • Construction Loans

• Purchase • Refinance • Second/Vacation Homes • Self-employed Programs • Lending in all 50 States • Foreign National Programs

Equal Housing Lender 950 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota


Introducing Grand Mariner on Longboat Key. Situated on a private harbour, this exclusive, gated yachting community is a boater’s paradise. The enclave houses only 14 expansive condominium residences with amenities unrivaled anywhere on the Gulf Coast. Of note, and arguably the ultimate privilege–private yacht slips accommodate vessels up to 70 feet in length. Gracious appointments are found everywhere–an elegant elevator lobby for each residence, a world-class resident’s lounge, gourmet kitchens, two-car enclosed garage, and a breathtaking pool overlooking the yacht harbour. Due to limited availability, you must act quickly to secure a residence at this dream address. Its location, distinctive Mediterranean design and unsurpassed amenities make Grand Mariner the new crown jewel of Florida’s Gulf Coast. Presented by

CONSTRUCTION UNDERWAY! — Sales Gallery — 4134 Gulf of Mexico Drive • Suite 212 Longboat Key, Florida 34228 (941) 383-8700

From the $2 millions Only 7 residences remain, don’t miss this opportunity!


The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

")2$å +%9å '!2$%.å (/-%å "2"!å POOLå HOMEå WITHå å 3&å OFå SPACIOUSå LIVINGååååååååååååååååååååååååååååååååååå 


PE O W NO eet R E tr ENT orrill S C ES M SAL 1753

A development of The Leonard Garner Group







3!"!,å #/6%å ,!+%&2/.4å %NJOYå TRANQUILå WATERå VIEWSå FROMå 0!,-!å3/,!å"!9&2/.4ååORååBEDROOMåHOMEåWITHåPEACEFULåBAYå MOSTå ROOMSå OFå THISå SPACIOUSå  å SQå FTå HOMEå 0OOL å SPAå VIEWSå0OOL åMEDIAåROOM åFORMALåDININGåANDåELEVATORååååå   ANDå LUSHå LANDSCAPINGå å å å å å å å å å å å å å å å å å å å å å å å å å å å   










+ KeyLife You. Your neighbors. Your neighborhood.

Thursday, MARCH 9, 2006

Shirley Lynch and Ed Oczkowski

Caribbean spice The smell of Caribbean barbecue wafted around coconut palms and pineapple centerpieces Sunday evening, making the mouths of Windward Bay residents water. The attendees were gathered in the clubhouse for the Men’s Club’s dinner get-together, for which 67 people attended to listen to the steel drum music play. Men’s Club President Chuck Logue organized the event, even tying bunches of bananas to the decorative banana trees in pots around the room. After everyone was seated, guests were told to look under their plates for a red dot or a letter “B.” Those with the lucky plates took home either the pineapple centerpiece or a bunch of bananas. Tables were then called up by number to dine on the food from Jamaica Me Ribs. There were barbecued chicken and ribs, collard greens, corn bread, cucumber salad and an island treat — sweet-potato and banana casserole. As residents dined, the barbershop quartet, The Longboat Notes, entertained the group before a raffle with 25 different prizes began. As darkness fell upon the evening, tiki torches were lit outside to guide the guests home after a fun night of island living, Caribbean style.

by Jessica Seubert | Staff Writer

Fran Sax, Monty Adlman, Paula Katz and Babs Henschel were tropical in their island attire.

Above: Nori Braude and Lucille Orzach Below: Margaret Dever and Joan Viguers

Men’s Club members Saul Westelman, Howard Viguers, Vic DeGrazia, Alex Dever and President Chuck Logue

The Longboat Notes, Bob Squier, Gordon Lenci, Bill Wehr and Jeff Penfield, sang favorite barbershop quartet hits. Photos by Jessica Seubert

2E Environment

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006


by Dwight F. Davis




2004 2002


The Only Realtor in the Area to Achieve the Legend Society* 4 Years in a Row! * Less than 1% of Coldwell Banker Associates Worldwide Achieve This Honor

$234 Million is Sales Booked in 4 Years!









The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is found in tropical and warm temperate waters all over the world. With its checkered pattern of lightly colored dots and stripes, it is not only the largest fish in the sea, but, probably, the largest fish that ever lived. (The extinct Carcharodon megalodon, ancestor of the great white shark, came close.) Adult whale sharks have been measured at more than 45 feet in length, and some scientists think there may be specimens that exceed 60 feet long. And they are heavyweights, too â&#x20AC;&#x201D; at 15 tons or more.

Feeding For all its awesomeness, the whale shark

is considered harmless to humans. It has up to 3,000 tiny teeth that play little, if any, role in feeding. The whale shark is a filter feeder that swims slowly along with its mouth open to strain or suck up its prey. In addition to small fish, squid and krill, whale sharks dine on some of the smallest marine life â&#x20AC;&#x201D; plankton, which is at the bottom of the food chain. The sieve-like structure of the whale sharkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s gills can filter out copepods and other planktonic animals, including larval forms no more than 3 mm long. Because of this dependence, whale sharks may migrate great distances to find mass spawnings of animals, like coral reefs or large plankton blooms that occur where an upwelling of

Longboat Key

3B/2BA canal front with all new flooring, kitchen, baths & more. Deep water dockage. $1,700,000

Longboat Key

4B/3BA + loft, new kitchen, deep water dock on canal. $1,975,000

Sailboat Water

Chris McDevitt Broker/Associate GRI, CRS


Updated 3B/3.5BA home on Lido Key. Sailboat water with no bridges to bay & minutes from gulf. $2,500,000.

Bayfront Lot

Cleared, new sea wall, new dock and ready to build. No bridges to Bay. $2,500,000.

Siesta Key

3B/6BA on over one acre lot with 145' of waterfront. $4,000,000

re/Max properties â&#x20AC;˘ 2000 Webber street sarasota, FL 34239

The Seigel Team - Suzette & Jay Seigel, Esq. Two GEnEraTionS, onE CommiTmEnT

Virtual Tours at: longboat key - country club shores (DeeDeD beach access) 621 Ranger Lane â&#x20AC;˘ 3 bedroom home, "two-in" from Sarasota Bay on wide canal with $1,595,000 Owner/Agent dock and boat lift. Stunning views and "turnkey" furnished. 602 Ranger Lane (Lot) â&#x20AC;˘ Large, cleared lot boasts 101 ft. on the canal with new seawall. $1,395,000 Owner/Agent Invest or build your dream home. "Four-in" from Bay. 570 Bowsprit Lane â&#x20AC;˘ Cute 3 BD/3BA canal-front home with too many recent upgrades to $1,395,000 Owner/Agent mention. "Turnkey" furnished and impeccably maintained.

longboat key - longboat village 720 Broadway â&#x20AC;˘ Investment "duplex" or use as primary residence. 4BR/2BA on corner lot in historic boating community. "Turnkey" furnished with Hemingway feel. Community $760,000 boat ramp, dock and partial bay views.

longboat key - ceDars east conDominium 510 Forest Way â&#x20AC;˘ End unit at tennis resort with enclosed lanai under air. The bay and gulf are your playgrounds, with easy access to both. Har-Tru lighted courts, pool and $534,900 on-site rentals programs. Turnkey furnished.

lakewooD ranch 14024 Nighthawk Terrace (Greenbrook Village) â&#x20AC;˘ Expansive lake views from your own tropi$549,000 cal oasis. 4BD/3BA with caged pool/lanai/outdoor kitchen. Upgrades galore. 6212 Pine Siskin Gln. (Greenbrook Village) â&#x20AC;˘ Captivating lake views from every room. $534,900 Exceptionally well-maintained 4BD/3BA home with caged pool/lanai. 7615 River Oak Run #204 â&#x20AC;˘ "Lakewood Ranch-Area" 2BD/2BA end-unit condo has unobstructed water/preserve views with vaulted ceilings, community pool, gym. $265,000 Owner/Agent

heritage harbour - fairway isles


435 Fairway Isles (Maintenance-Free) â&#x20AC;˘ This exquisite 2BD/2BA "freestanding/detached villa" on a corner lot in golfing community has every available upgrade including add'l window, over$409,000 sized lot and add'l landscaping.


4991 Wild Daisy Ln. â&#x20AC;˘ Spacious 3BD/2BA in gated community. Large ceramic tile, 3-car garage, entirely upgraded with caged $439,000 pool/lanai.

( 941) 587-1700 cell â&#x20AC;˘ 1â&#x20AC;˘800â&#x20AC;˘910â&#x20AC;˘8728 For virtual tours log on to Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, Inc. 201 GulfResidential of Mexico Drive, 1 â&#x20AC;˘ Longboat Key FL. Coldwell Banker RealSuite Estate, Inc. â&#x20AC;˘ 201 Gulf of34228 MExICo DR. â&#x20AC;˘

venice - southwooD

Call The Seigel Team

941.228.5298 or 941.587.2173

michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker 440 Gulf of mexico Dr., Longboat Key, Fl. 941-383-7591

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

nutrient-rich bottom water starts the food process, by photosynthesis. Scientists from Mote Marine Laboratoryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Center for Shark Research have witnessed this phenomenon off the northern tip of the Yucatan, as warm currents from the Caribbean Sea squeeze through the narrow channel between western Cuba and the peninsula with a venturi effect, which lifts the cooler bottom water. There, whale sharks congregate by the hundreds to dine on the planktonic soup, and many have been tagged, to follow their subsequent journeys.

Breeding Little is known about whale shark reproduction. They may not reach sexual maturity until about 25 years old, but we really have a poor understanding of aging in them. They reproduce, like all sharks, by internal fertilization. They are aplacentally viviparous, meaning that the pups are born alive after hatching from eggs retained in the femaleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s two uteri, and without placental attachment. Amazingly, at any one time, a female may have as

Sheldon Paleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

Environment 3E

many as 300 young inside her at various stages of development. For a shark, this is enormous reproduction, because most shark species have much smaller litters, typically eight to 12 pups. It is also believed that whale sharks enjoy great longevity, but few people know much about it. They may live 50 years or more. Despite large size, long-life spans and high reproduction, authorities are also unsure of the whale sharkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s survival status. The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources lists the species as â&#x20AC;&#x153;vulnerable,â&#x20AC;? one notch below â&#x20AC;&#x153;endangered.â&#x20AC;? In truth, there is limited understanding of the population dynamics of these creatures.

makos, but scientists still donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know where the young are, and they may not live in the same habitats as the adults. Fishing may also impact population levels. Whale sharks are still hunted in Taiwan, but limited numbers are taken and the yearly quota has been reduced. The Phillippines and the Maldives have both passed legislation banning whale shark fishing. And, in Western Australia and Mexico, swimming with whale sharks is being advertised to help develop the tourist industry, with adequate controls to avoid molesting them. Chances are, the whale shark population is stable, or nearly so, but still bears watching, and, fortunately, there are more conservationists than ever before.


Dwight F. Davis is a volunteer and past president of the Volunteer Association of Mote Marine Laboratory.

As newborn or juveniles, whale sharks may fall prey to other pelagic sharks such as blue sharks, oceanic whitetips and

Yachtsmanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Paradise in Harbour Landings Serene and Elegantly Designed for unobstructed water views throughout. 3 BR plus office or exercise room off of private courtyard, with 2 car garage. Upper & Lower decks conducive to outdoor entertaining by your heated pool & spa. On a Deep Water protected waterway just minutes to the open Gulf. Private 38 ft. dock, 10,000 lb. lift with water and electric. $1,800,000 now $1,600,000 View Virtual Tour at

featured properties

SIeSta KeY

797 Beach road, unit 187. Beautiful direct view of the Gulf and public beach from all living areas. 2 bedroom/2 bath. Turnkey furnished. Walk to Siesta Village. Priced to sell!! offered at $750,000 one hundred central - Downtown Sarasota unique townhouse in fabulous 95 unit condo complex. Covered parking. 4 bedroom/2.5 bathrooms and upgrades that include flooring, stainless steel appliances, and private elevator. Walk to Whole Foods, fine restaurants, shops, and cultural events. Located on the amenity level with heated pool,fitness center, and private garden seating. offered at $945,000 941.356.1857 â&#x20AC;˘ 941.383.0810

61 S. Blvd of the Presidents â&#x20AC;˘ St. Armands Circle

Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker


SHaron ViLLarS

Re/Max GulfStReaM Realty

401 Manatee Ave., Holmes Beach, FL 34217 â&#x20AC;˘ (941) 920-0669

Betty Mullinnix, P.A. Broker-Associate

Michael Saunders & Company

Consider â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Oaksâ&#x20AC;?... Ultimate Lifestyle and Simply Beautiful Enchanting and Tranquil Views, Oaks Bayside: Architecturally designed and built by one of the areas finest builders. Step into a piece of paradise of style and excellence situated on an acre on North Creek in a captivating and enchanting setting. Watch eagles and ospreys from the tree top loft of the guesthouse or quietly lounge by the pool enjoying the tranquility of Oaks Bayside. Too many exquisite details to list! $2,899,000 Enjoy Magnificent Sunsets Over Little Sarasota Bay: Classic Georgian style home designed by Clifford Scholtz and built with extreme attention to detail and quality on over 2/3 acre in Oaks Bayside $2,359,325 European Influenced Masterpiece, Oaks Clubside: Enter a gated â&#x20AC;&#x153;English Gardenâ&#x20AC;? style motor court and step into a home unlike anything youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve seen in quality and design. You will be charmed and amazed by the architectural details throughout. Soaring cathedral wood ceilings, extensive mill work and built ins, 3 wet bars, guest house with loft, more! $1,995,000 Magnificent Estate Size Home, Oaks Clubside: Expansive golf course views from this exquisitely designed custom home. Extensive architectural details throughout. Beautiful 18â&#x20AC;? marble and pecan wood floors, luxurious master suite, his and her baths, coffered ceiling and exercise room, family room with built-in cabinetry, bar with granite top and wine storage, island kitchen w/wood cabinets and granite tops, Pella windows, and more! $1,895,000 Beautiful Fairway Views, Oaks Clubside: Enjoy sprawling Southern views of the Heron Course and a sparkling lake from this stunning 2001 Spanish Mediterranean home. Resplendent with an array of elegant appointments! $1,695,000 Better than a Model! Oaks Clubside: Exquisite Mediterranean overlooking a picturesque lake and the Heron Course. Custom features throughout. Every detail imaginable. $1,649,900 Exceptional Pool Home on Lake, Oaks Clubside: Over 4000 sq ft home situated on the 7th fairway of the Heron Course with gorgeous lake and golf views! All Major rooms open to the expansive paver lanai, 44â&#x20AC;&#x2122;X25â&#x20AC;&#x2122; pool. $1,350,000 The Ultimate in Privacy, Oaks Clubside: Beautiful private setting adjacent to North Creek and the 13th fairway of the Heron Course. Warm walnut hardwood floors, granite kitchen, marble baths, French doors with clerestory windows above, extensive crown moldings, surround sound, plantation shutters throughout. More! $1,299,000 Beautiful Lake Setting, Oaks Bayside: Southern lake views nestled among stately oaks and palms. Custom 3 bedroom, 3 bath + study with all major rooms opening to lanai and poolâ&#x20AC;Ś..perfect for gracious living and entertaining. Features include arched columned pool cage, double pane windows, granite kitchen, and much more. $1,095,000 Magnificent example of style, quality and setting: Expansive Southern golf course views, this exquisitely detailed home with coffered ceilings, crown molding throughout, granite kitchen with DĂŠcor appliances, 8â&#x20AC;&#x2122; solid doors, plus, plus! $1,079,000 Captivating Bay Views, Meridian at Oaks Preserve, #602: Expansive views of Little Sarasota Bay and beyond to the Gulf of Mexico, enjoy magnificent sunsets from your sixth floor screened balcony in this spacious and bright 3 BR 3 Bath or 2 + Study, $699,000 Lot 139 Walls Way, Oaks Clubside: The only lake lot available on the Heron Course. Price includes building plans for a magnificent home designed specifically for this corner lot by the Evans Group. $610,000 Outstanding in every way! Rare, very private setting in Emerald Woods in The Oaks Preserve, this gorgeous maintenance free 2300+ sq ft home has every conceivable upgrade. Granite kitchen and baths, award winning â&#x20AC;&#x153;disappearing edgeâ&#x20AC;? spa, crown moldings, upgraded designer appliances, brick paver lanai, the ultimate in privacy! $586,500



Peggy Earle Realtor

Office 941-366-8070

Cell 941-284-9617 100 N. Tamiami Tr. Sarasota, FL 34236 Residential Real Estate



Bdk^c\ >caVcY4 Many downtown condos are now available with prices ranging from $275,000 to $2 million! Large selection of Country Club Villas and Homes


also available.

Thinking of Selling? Call me for a Free Market Analysis.




Cell 941-928-3441 Tel 941-349-5539 Fax 941-349-9177 Email: 5100 Ocean Blvd, Sarasota, FL 34242


The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

Coldwell Banker Congratulates

Barbara Ackerman

Again named The Top Agent in Sarasota and Manatee County for the second year in a row!!

Over $80 million in Sales for 2005!

Top 1% of Coldwell Banker Associates Worldwide

Longboat key proMeNADe


LIGhthouSe poINte

wINDwArD bAy


FAIrwAy bAy e ous nH 1–4 e p O day Sun



Fabulous Sunset and Bay views from this 6th floor, updated 2 BR, 2 BA beautifully furnished apartment with neutral colors, designer accents, 18” tile in hall and kitchen, track lighting, new appliances, including a/c and hot water heater, retractable lanai screens. $895,000

Bay and City Views from this double unit 2560 sq.ft. 3 BR, 3 BA w/2 terraces. Recently renovated kitchen and den. Custom closets, wet bar, den & master bedroom built-ins, extra storage, track & indirect lighting & 2 parking spaces. Clubhouse, exercise facility, tennis, beach club behind the Gates. $979,000.

Secluded paradise with tropical garden setting on two large, 133 ft. x 424 ft., buildable lots on No. LBK. Spanish-style Rutenburg home with new barrel tiled roof, landscaped paver bricked courtyard entry with fountain and new kitchen. 100 ft. deep water dock. $2,995,000.

ATTENTION BOATERS! Wonderful Bay front setting for this 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo with new appliances in this community with outstanding amenities that include community boat dock, tennis courts, 2 heated pools, clubhouse, exercise facility, sauna and beach access. $475,000

reGeNt pLAce

FAIrwAy bAy

2016 Harbourside Drive #324

the pIerre


Rarely available northwest direct Gulffront 5th floor corner residence with over 2200 sq. ft. and full unobstructed sunsets views from two terraces. All assessments paid and completed. Great opportunity for direct Gulf-front living in a prestigious community. $1,699,000.

South views of Gulf, Bay, City and golf course. Light wood & tile floors, plantation shutters and separate den area. 2 large terraces to capture the magnificent sweeping views. Enjoy amenities of tennis courts, exercise facilities, concierge services, plus three guest suites. $2,195,000.


Do you want View, Size and Location? The Best Value on the Beach! 9th floor Sunrise and sunsets from spacious 3BR, 3.5 BA, private elevator, 10-foot ceilings, master bedroom has marble bath with Jacuzzi tub. $2,749,000.

Stunningly Understated - Boca Grande design, 4 BR, 4.5 BA, 5600 SF plus family room & study. Designer accents feature oak floors, white wood railings, built-ins & moldings, Chef’s kitchen, 2story living room with magnificent water views, 1st level master suite leading to lap pool and spa. Large deep water boat dock and gorgeous landscaping. $4,325,000.


wAter cLub I

Astounding Bay Views from this 2 BR 2 BA Designer architectural details & built-ins, extensive custom mirrors & lighting. “Behind the Gates” of LBK provides security, exercise facility, tennis, bayfront walking paths & beach club. Furniture negotiable and owners will consider annual leaseback for investors. $649,000. $619,900.

ASSIGNMeNt AvAILAbLe for this 3584 sq.ft. 3 BR plus family room residence with direct full Gulf & Bay views. Exquisite interior finishes, 10 ft. ceilings, summer kitchen, marble floors, expansive terraces, clubhouse with owner’s lounge, workout facility, large pool, 350 ft of beachfront. $3,695,000.

Gulf, Bay & City views from this 8th floor unit. 2 terraces, 10' ceilings, 3 BR plus a study off the master bedroom, his and her baths, stone flooring, soffit lighting and a private elevator foyer. $2,495,000.

Spectacular largest Sanctuary direct Gulf end unit with over 3300 sq. ft. 3BD, 3 full BA plus bonus room for computer room/study. Completely renovated with designer upgrades. Wonderful sunset views over looking pool complex. $2,595,000. Direct Gulf front large corner furnished 3BR, 3.5BA, upgraded kitchen, marble baths, 9’ ceilings, 800 sq. ft. wrap-around terrace overlooking pool & beach. $2,495,000.

SeA cLub III

Seller Motivated! Direct Gulf front enclave of 8 residences. 2BR, 2 full BA, steps from the beach. Great rental policy or your own piece of paradise. Immaculate, well maintained, and a great opportunity. $849,000.

Downtown and Mainland rItz cArLtoN



oySter bAy

oAkS preServe

TOWER RESIDENCE with views of Gulf & Bay from every room of this 10th Floor 3BR residence. Walk to downtown restaurants & theatre. $2,250,000.

Quiet seclusion & distinctive interior elegance w/ warmth of single family living in a condominium lifestyle. Enjoy panoramic & wraparound views of the Bay to Gulf & City. Features include 3 bedrooms plus study, separate his & her baths, highest quality designer finishes,, enclosed 2-car garage. $2,150,000.

NEW LISTING - WEST OF THE TRAIL Attention Boaters! Sailboat Water West of the Trail. 4 Bedroom plus incredible first floor bonus area! Two story with newer kitchen, French Doors, wood burning fireplace, 4-car garage, 43 ft. dock with davits, 3rd home in from the Intracoastal, new a/c, water heater, room for pool and Bay views from 3 lanais. Move in now! $1,495,000.

New Construction - This is a one-of-a-kind unique property with an oversized deep lot. New 3872 sq. ft. home with pool and spa is planned to begin in January. Buyer can still make changes to meet needs. Live west of the trail near downtown and Siesta Key Beach. $1,699,000.

MERIDIAN HAVE IT ALL! Championship golf plus Bay and nature preserve views. Private NW corner unit Gulf unobstructed views of Intracoastal and of Siesta Key. 3 BD plus den or separate dining room. Newly renovated clubhouse, minutes from downtown. $875,000.

uNIverSIty pArk SLoANe GArDeNS SpectAcuLAr! use n Ho–4 3/12 e p O ay 1 d Sun


HOTEL PIED-A-TIERRE Beautifully TKF, 1408 SF. 1 BR/1.5 BA residence with $75,000 beach club membership included. $1,149,000. LAkewooD rANch couNtry cLub

Prestigious Palmers Creek estate on lake facing nature preserve. Custom 4860 square foot 4 BR home features travertine floors, granite, custom cabinetry, 2 bonus rooms, office, fireplace, summer kitchen pool and spa. $1,895,000. $1,795,000.


Villa Azzura captures the enduring charm of Tuscany on Sarasota Bay. Minutes from culture & fine dining. A 2,200 SF. master suite, 4 guest rooms, wading and lap pool with spa, wine room, 8-car garage, 45'. boat capacity, rich woods, natural stone & marble. $4,975,000.

This 4500 sq. ft. Mark Rutenberg built residence featuring a bonus room, study and den. Fabulous pool area with marble, paver brick, Koi pond, summer kitchen and spa overlooking the golf course and preserve. Designer appointments and lush landscaping. Furniture Available. $2,150,000. 7812 Sloane Gardens

Panoramic views of the Intracoastal, Siesta Sunsets from this 3 BR penthouse. 10 foot ceilings, hardwood floors, library French doors, built-in bookcases. Glassed enclosed lanai. Amenities 8 Har-Tru tennis courts, clubhouse, heated pool, exercise facility and nature trail. Minutes to downtown and Siesta Key. $749,000.


Panoramic city and bay views, 12th floor 4/5BR, 4.5BA apartment with 4500 SF of elegant living space. 24-hr concierge, 2 garage parking spaces. Formal dining room, family room, large open kitchen, private elevator and service entrance. Walk to shopping, theatre and fine dining. $2,950,000.


New coNStructIoN

An outstanding gated estate with over 8700 sq. ft. of exquisite finishes on an acre of prime Manatee River waterfront. $4,350,000.

941-387-1820 or 941-924-9000 Coldwell Banker reSIdenTIal real eSTaTe InC. • 201 Gulf of MexICo dr. • lonGBoaT key • Take a virtual tour of these properties at:

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

DEAL US IN by Donna Swan

Opening leads You are holding the West hand and leading against the three no-trump contract. The bidding tells you that South does not have a four-card major suit, and, therefore, you have a choice of either a small spade or heart. Most players will choose a small spade, yet Sam Stayman taught players to lead from the ace fourth, stating that this lead requires less from your partner to defeat the contract. Polly Perry, of Boynton Beach, writes: â&#x20AC;&#x153;This hand comes up at our local duplicate game. Six West players led a low spade, finessing themselves and allowing the contract to be made. Four West players led a small heart and defeated the contract. The lead of the small heart from the ace set up four tricks when the suit broke two-two. One West player led the ace of hearts, and also set the contract.â&#x20AC;? Leading the ace of hearts could be fatal if you have a partner who might drop an honor under it, thinking that you were leading from a sequence. Donna Swan is a resident of Longboat Key, an ardent bridge player and an American Contract Bridge League certified director who plays â&#x20AC;&#x153;for the fun of it.â&#x20AC;?


BRIDGE Dealer: North Vulnerable: Both


â&#x2122; Q â&#x2122;ĽKJ â&#x2122;Ś AKQ754 East â&#x2122;ŁKQ72 â&#x2122;  J 10 7 6 5 â&#x2122;Ľ86542 â&#x2122;Ś J3 â&#x2122;Ł 10 South â&#x2122;  A92 â&#x2122;Ľ Q 10 â&#x2122;Ś 98 â&#x2122;ŁJ96543


â&#x2122; K843 â&#x2122;ĽA973 â&#x2122;Ś 10 6 2 â&#x2122;ŁA8

Bidding: West Pass

North East 1 â&#x2122;Ś Pass 3NT All Pass

Opening Lead: A

Longboat Island Chapel: Duplicate bridge games for this fall are at 1 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. For more information, call Larry Auerbach, 758-2017. Bayfront Park Recreation Center: Duplicate bridge games are at 1 p.m. Wednesdays and Saturdays, and contract bridge games are at 1 p.m. Fridays. For more information, call 316-1980.

Games 5E

South 1NT




New, Classic & Fabulous Pool, deepwater dock, great views! Ritz Carlton Beach Club, Spa & Golf Course $7,900,000


ONLINE BRIDGE â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘


Charleston-design 6,500 sq. ft. plus verandahs Three Fish Waterfront Estates 10+ car garage. Deepwater dock $6,400,000

Mike & Cindy Migone RealtoRsÂŽ


exceLLent Longboat Key income propertieS



1 and 2BRâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s starting at $459,000. this Beach to Bay resort is a true tropical oasis, with a gorgeous â&#x20AC;&#x153;Key West exteriorâ&#x20AC;? Resort amenities include tennis, heated pool, day dock, fishing pier, and private beach. on-site management w/Daily Rentals Permitted.

' 4).


ONLY NEW DOWNTOWN WATERFRONT Old World Mediterranean 4/5 BR Home Extensive use of stone, tile and wood. Large pool, spa, cabana and new dock $3,450,000

Stunning fuLL guLf ViewS

Magnificent sunsets and beautiful bay and city vistas are yours from this 8th floor jewel. Impeccably maintained, 2BR/2BA featuring, tile flooring, plantation shutters, up-dated master bath and a large 30â&#x20AC;&#x2122; balcony. Relax by the gulf front pool, and enjoy the fitness and game room from this premier Longboat Key $ 825,000 complex.

SIESTA KEY BAY-TO-BAYOU Resort-like 4,000 sq. ft. home Sailboat water, dock, davits and lift 50â&#x20AC;? pool and beach access. $2,790,000

Longboat Key Land opportunity

opportunity knocks from this Fantastic Gulf Front location with beautiful sunsets and white sandy beaches. this tropical paradise currently has 2 up-dated homes on-site being used for rentals. Build your dream home or use the plans in place, for a magnificent Mediterranean masterpiece. Please contact to view plans. $2,995,000

unSurpaSSed whitney beach

Captivating full gulf views, glorious sunsets, ocean breezes, and miles of white sugary beaches will dazzle your senses. this spacious 2BR/ 2Ba, end unit offers a bright interior, is turnkey furnished, and in immaculate condition. a sought after beach to bay complex, ideally located with numerous amenities for all. $ 999,000

%$ 5#


income producing condo Beautifully furnished, 2BR condo located in a smaller mid longboat Key complex featuring partial gulf views and on site management office to maximize income. exempt to rent weekly. $ 569,000

BREATHTAKING GULF VIEWS Newly remodeled and tropically furnished St. Armands Tower North 2/2 Walk to restaurants, shopping and beach $1,099,000


Great location near Mortonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and South Gate Lovely lot with southern exposure Very livable 1800 sq. ft. block home $440,000

Real estate

Mike 941-812-7437 Cindy 941-812-7438 4030 Gulf


Mexico Drive, lonGboat Key

941-383-5560 â&#x20AC;˘ 800-287-9505


With our publication you get what you pay for.

When you place advertising in a local publication, you have the right to know youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re getting your moneyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s worth. As you can see, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re as serious about giving you honest value for your advertising dollars as we are about giving our readers the best in local news and entertainment. Best, you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to take our word for it. Take it from Verified.

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6E Weather

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

RED TIDE REPORT As of March 3, the Gulf waters continue to remain free of the red tide organism, Karenia Brevis.



Thurs., Mar. 9 Fri., Mar. 10 Sat., Mar. 11 Sun., Mar. 12 Mon., Mar. 13 Tues., Mar. 14 Wed., Mar. 15

Morning Evening Low High Low High 3:59a 7:55p none none 4:45a 11:55a 3:44p 9:09p 5:21a 11:57a 4:39p 10:02p 5:50a 12:02p 5:20p 10:46p 6:14a 12:05p 5:56p 11:25p 6:33a 12:08p 6:30p none 12:02a 6:49a 12:13p 7:04p


April 5

March 14



March 22

March 29



This photo was taken by Carol Scoville during her visits to Longboat Key from Farmington, Conn. Please send your sunset photos to The Longboat Observer, 5570 Gulf of Mexico Drive, or e-mail them to

RAINFALL North Mon., Feb. 27 Tues., Feb. 28 Wed., Mar. 1 Thurs., Mar. 2 Fri., Mar. 3 Sat., Mar. 4 Sun., Mar. 5

0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.03 0.00

Mid South 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.01 0.00


0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.03 0.00

Year-to-date Month-to-date Average water 2006 2005 2006 2005 Temp.: 66.2 4.89 in. 5.79 in. 0.02 in. 0.25 in.

Temps. Record Temps. High Low High Low Mon., Feb. 27 72 49 85 (1997) 43 (1984) Tues., Feb. 28 74 50.5 86 (1997) 43 (1984) Wed., Mar. 1 77 52 87 (1997) 52 (1996) Thurs., Mar. 2 77 53.5 89 (1997) 46.5 (2005) Fri., Mar. 3 76.5 64 89 (1997) 43 (2002) Sat., Mar. 4 81 62 89 (1985) 47 (1982) Sun., Mar. 5 75 54 89 (1985) 47 (1982)

Sunrise/sunset Thurs., Mar. 9 Fri., Mar. 10 Sat., Mar. 11 Sun., Mar. 12 Mon., Mar. 13 Tues., Mar. 14 Wed., Mar. 15

Sunrise Sunset 6:47 6:36 6:46 6:37 6:44 6:37 6:43 6:38 6:42 6:38 6:41 6:39 6:40 6:39

Open Sunday 1-4 GULF OF MEXICO & LAGOON VIEWS! Turnkey furnished, extended 1,445SF on Siesta Key, 2Br/2Ba, eat-in kitchen w/brkfst bar, tile, private laundry, enclosed balcony, covered parking, 850FT of private beach, gated comm. w/amenities & onsite rental! $1,199,000

MAINTENANCE FREE W/DOCK! Deep water-up to a 40FT boat, expertly remodeled 1,716SF, 2Br/2Ba, diagonal tile, crown moldings, fresh paint, Corian & granite, brand new kitchen, quality cabinetry, updated baths, 2+CG in a private enclave w/amenities … ........... $820,000

Penthouse at The Shore

This rarely available 2BR/2BA offers over 1600 sq. ft. of chic designer living space. Captivating gulf, endless beach and tranquil nature views. Immaculate and tastefully updated with luxurious wood flooring, Euro light fixtures, new air conditioning and more. Offered at $897,000

Longbeach Gulf-Front Open Sunday 1-4 BREATHTAKING BAY VIEWS! Downtown end unit, updated 1,591SF, 3Br/2.5Ba, w/upgraded finishes & fixtures, ceramic tile, plantation shutters, remodeled kitchen w/ views, raised panel cabinets, private laundry & 2CG in secure building w/ amenities! … ...................$759,000

DOWNTOWN BAY FRONT 3,284 SF double unit w/unobstructed views, 3-4 BR/4BA, custom builtins, granite, Corian, marble, wet bar, gourmet kitchen, executive office, 2tiled balconies and 2CG in secure, gated building w/tennis, pools, and boat docks available!.......$1,595,000

INCREDIBLE GULF & BAY VIEWS! Remodeled & furn.1,103SF, 2Br/2Ba, diagonal tile, crown moldings, new kitchen, wood cabinets, granite, stainless steel appl., remodeled baths, 30FT balcony, secure building w/covered parking & docks available! …. $850,000

Secluded beachside retreat with Gulf and beach views. Enjoy the soothing sounds of the surf from this 2BR/2BA, with den and huge lanai. “Island-style” interior with designer finishes. Pet friendly community. Offered at $899,000

Longboat Harbour Towers New Listing Inviting direct Gulf-front condo with huge open terrace to enjoy beach views/sounds, and dream the day away ... Peaceful bay views and great amenities complete this well cared for home. Offered at $789,000

Longboat Harbour Towers New Listing Spacious 2BR/2BA deluxe floor plan. Spectacular direct & southerly gulf views from living, dining & bedrooms. Eat-in kitchen with bay views, new paint, windows & A/C. Offered at $787,000

Contemporary Gulf-Front Walkout BEACHFRONT ESTATE! Approx. 2-acres/150FT Ocean Frontage, 5,596SF, 4-5Br/6Ba with fine finishes & handcrafted details, 20FT ceilings, marble floors, custom built-ins, elevator, wet bar, gourmet kitchen, 1200SF master, tennis court, pool, & 6+CG! . . . . . . . . . . . $7,599,000

PROTECTED SAILBOAT WATER! Gated 3,384SF Rutenberg home, 45Br/3.5Ba w/wide open water views, wood flooring, furniture quality cabinets, fireplace, high ceilings, custom moldings, 3CG, dock on Siesta w/no bridges to the bay! …. $2,200,000

UNRIVALED BAY VIEWS! Downtown 270-degree views from 17th flr in Embassy House, 1,408SF, 2Br/2Ba, mirrored walls, extended Lr w/leisure room, updated baths, hurricane shutters & enclosed balcony in secure building w/covered parking & amenities! … $869,000

Beautifully updated designer showcase. Unsurpassed direct views of the Gulf, sand dunes, sea oats and miles of sugar sand beaches. Popular Gulf-to-Bay community. Docks, tennis and more. Offered at $695,000

NW Bradenton Family Home Open Sunday 1-4 New Listing Brand new on huge lot, only minutes to river and deep water marina. Spacious and luxurious with all the desirable features. Located in a quiet neighborhood with no deed restrictions. Offered at $589,900

Whitney Beach Bayside Nicely updated 1BR/1BA first floor walk-out. Gulf-to-Bay community, boat docks and more. Offered at $435,000

GATED GOLF COURSE COMMUNITY! Customized w/ upgrades over $100k, expanded 3,466SF 4-5Br/4Ba, diagonal tile, crown moldings, wood cabinets, granite, stepped ceilings, surround sound, CVAC, outdoor kitchen, pool/ spa & 3CG w/views! … $1,300,000

Tina Rudek

Direct: (941) 920-0303 Office: (941) 383-5543 (800) 335-5543 Ich Spreche Deutsch

Let them know you saw it in the Longboat Observer

Observer Classifieds Deadlines Classified Ads........................................Monday, 2 p.m. Service Directory.......................................Friday, Noon

Classified line ads Rates/Week First 15 words.......................................................$12.50 Each additional word............................................... $.25 10% discount for ads that run same copy for 4 or more consecutive weeks. Classified box ads Rates/Week 15 words, 5 lines.................................................. $24.00 30 words, 10 lines................................................ $40.00 45 words, 15 lines................................................ $56.00 Each additional word............................................... $.50 Each has a bold border. 10% discount for ads that run same copy for 4 or more consecutive weeks.

Service Directory Rates/4-Week Run Full Box - Business Card Size (3.25” x 2”)......................................................... $162.00 Half Box - 1/2 Business Card Size (3.25” x 1”)........................................................... $95.00 4 week minimum run Combination Discounts 2 papers.................................................................... 25% 3 papers.................................................................... 30% 4 papers.................................................................... 35% • Combo rate discounts are not added to frequency discounts • Combo ads must be the same copy in all papers • The specific papers that a combo ad is scheduled for cannot be modified

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To place your ad Call (941) 955-4888 or Fax (941) 362-4808 Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 5 pm Payment by Cash, Check or

You. Your neighbors. Your neighborhood.



• The East County Observer is offering free advertising space in the classifieds. • Free-Bee ads will only be accepted for the items-under-$200 classification and may run for two weeks maximum for each ad. (One Free-Bee ad per month) • The total value of articles for sale must not exceed $200 and each article must be priced. • Free-Bee ads must be placed in person, mailed, or faxed by individuals with private addresses and phone numbers. (Sorry, no commercial advertising in the Free-Bee section.)

Antiques steven postans antiques 28,000sq.ft. warehouse. over 1,000 pieces of 18th & 19th C. English and Continental furniture and clocks. NEW SHIPMENTS ARRIVING MONTHLY!

30th Anniversary Sale

2 tickets availabale, Russian Nat. Orchestra, Van Wezel. Very good seats. Monday, March 13, 8pm. $75 each. (941)383-9652.

25% Off Everything

very old African Mask: Pende helmet type. Firm $175. (941)387-0457. Dining room oak pedestal table, 45 inches round, with leaf 60 inches oval, green accent. and 4 chairs. $150 (941)737-1370. free sailboat on Magic Tilt Trailer. Needs TLC. Move it and it’s yours. Call (941)778-1285. patio glass-top table, 30 inches with two chairs, Suncoast, excellent condition, $150. (941)383-1772. 1915 telephone Review Magazine. World War I photos and articles about phone service, AT&T, $50. (941)365-2160 tan leather recliner: less than 2/yrs. old. Paid: $600. Asking $195. call (941)383-2444.

Adult Care santini elder CARE. Operated for 20 years, offering live-ins, P/T or F/T day care if needed. Lic. & Ins. Santini Elder Care has been chosen by the Business Advisory Council in Washington D.C. Santini will serve the State of Florida and is expected to play a crucial roll in the party’s efforts to involve top business people in the process of government reform. Congratulations! Call 941-365-6008, 24/7.

•Fine Furniture •Antiques •Collectibles •Orientals •Florida Style Furniture •Fine Lighting •100’s Of Paintings •Over 5,000 Items Award Winning Collectibles

Curtis Brothers Furniture 2088 12th Street (941)366-9766

buying American paintings and watercolors before 1960; especially New England, New York, Pennsylvania, landscapes, beach and harbor scenes, children, city, animals, etc. Any subject. Also some European paintings. Private party. Please call Siesta Key, (941)346-2897.

autos wanted!!

80/ft. deep water dock with direct access to Bay. On North Longboat Key $400/mo. 941-302-1211.

let me take the hassle out of selling your car. cash offered today!



Auto Sales & Service 1989 porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet. (Pristine and pampered), last production year of the handmade 3.2 liter Carreras. White/cashmere (too many options to list), looking for another caring owner and a good home. Call 941-720-6488 or E-mail: for info.

Auto Transport

SINCE 1979 Harry’s Continental Kitchen has been making party memories from the casual to black tie affair. Specializing in small dinner parties. 383-0777.

✔ blue dolphin cafe “Now serving at our Longboat Key, Centre Shops locations”

Boat Charter

Friday night specials MARCH 10, 2006 5:00P.M.-8:15P.M.

Conveniently Located On LBK

✔ 1.5/lb. live Maine lobster

Downeast Flybridge Sedan Available For Half-Day Cruises. Captain & Mate Included.



Boat Sales, Service & Storage

Nearly New Complete White Kitchen Appliances (GE), 30” Stove, Side By Side Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Microwave w/Exhaust Fan. (941)266-7171


Sleep King 922-5271

collector interested in purchasing old paintings and water colors. any condition.

Appliances For Sale

Nurse Team. In-home care, appointments, errands, travel. No agency fees. 30 years experience. (941)379-0630

bed/pre-owned king & queen sets from $99

highest prices paid

certified caregiver/retired nurse. Reasonable and area references. 40/yrs. Mercedes Benz Roadster 1981: low mileage, $9995 firm. Call 941-383-4252. experience. No lifting. (941)746-9246.


Boat Slips for Rent/Sale

chitwood charters/YACHT BROKERS. Grand Banks/Selene Yachts. Luxury Cruises, Sunsets, Cocktails, Special Occasions. Half day to weekly. Bare boat avail. Need a new hobby? Learn to pilot a yacht. Capt. Chitwood. 941-383-5232.


Thursday, MARCH 9, 2006

Autos Wanted

call brad 941-374-1315

7881 15th St. E. (old 301), Sarasota, FL. 755-6063

Items Under $200 For Sale

travel/garment Bag, holds all. Great for short business trips, can hang up on plane. Strong durable material, excellent condition, $37 obo. (941)778-6177.


✔ slow roasted prime rib ✔ pure lump crabmeat cakes ✔ pecan encrusted salmon with champagne hollandaise


roughwater trawler 1984: single engine diesel, 250HP. 1075 original hours. Great live aboard. Aft and forward cabins. Excellent fuel, mileage. $48,000. 941-383-4252. best bay boat buy 133 Hours - Like New 2001 Scout SportFish Flats 177 2001 Yamaha F 115 4-Stroke Hydraulic Steering, Trim Tabs, Jack Plate Poling Platform, Push Pole. Brand new Minnkota Trolling Motor, On Board 3-Bank Charger, 2-Live Wells, Full Canvas. Original Cost: $27,100 Sell For: $14,750 941-387-7835

Boat Slips for Rent/Sale retired longboat Key police officer. Drive your car to the North and back. boat slip available for rental up to 45’ References. 941-778-5381. vessel at Longboat Key Moorings on Dock “O”, Slip “11”, right next to the “T”. Alot of snowbirds! Retired airline person will extra room to move around. State-of-the-art drive your car to and from Florida. Years of docking with cable, TV, electric and water experience and references as requested. hook-ups. Call Jamie @ 863-660-6405. 314-913-1306.

homemade pies! and much more...just ask... reservations recommended beer and wine available 383-3787

Cleaning Services time to cleAN? I can help! Hard-working, thorough, dependable, honest gal available for cleaning including move-ins/outs, weekly, bi-weekly. Experienced. Reasonable rates. Excellent references. Pamela, 320-0023. cleaning as You Really Expect! Residential and Commercial. Experienced, honest & reliable. Great references and competitive prices. You will be happy with our service! Call Aura, 941-685-8811.


mrs. maids. Want a clean house? Call us today Competitive prices. References. Bonded and Insured. 371-3175.

just me & Co. Cleaning Services. Specializing in Residential, Model Homes & Offices, Pressure Wash & Windows. Move-ins and Move-outs. Call for FREE ESTIMATE and appt. 941-234-2315. you’ve tried the rest now call the best great price call robin today (941)321-6236

8E Classified

tI ’s

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006





FIRKINS AUTOMOTIVE All prices plus tax, tag and dealer fee of $387. All vehicles subject to prior sale. All rebates and incentives to dealer. Manufacturer programs subject to change without notice. Offers cannot be combined. Photos and artwork are for illustration purposes only. Dealer and agency not responsible for misprints or errors.



housechecks, housekeeping, move in/outs, construction. Cleaning services to meet your needs. References. Licensed. Insured. 870-4141.

Ballet Magnificat!

Brazilian housecleaning. years experience. 539-2997.


Computer Services expert technical Assistance. Need help with hardware, software, networks or wireless? Call Alan anytime: 941-364-5858/941-544-6725. Cmagik Year-round resident, 20+ years of computer experience. Tutoring, setup, upgrades, virus/spyware removal, wireless networking. PC or MAC web design. 383-3878, 587-5588.



A Ballet Based On the Book Of Ruth

Sunday March 19 Performance 6:00pm Neel Performing Arts Center On The MCC Campus All Proceeds From This Event Will Be Donated To Agape Corner Boarding School Questions & Ticketing:

the computer coach: Offering one on one lessons, computer maintenance and internet security. Please call Elinor, 941-586-5689.

new pc? I’ll transfer your data from your old PC. Certified. Lido Key. Forrest 388-3425.

Fishing Charters


deep sea fishing - 4, 6, 9 & 12 hour trips, up to six passengers aboard 34/ft. USCG Licensed Crusader with experienced Charter Captain/Fishing Guide. Climate controlled cabin, all new equipment & Top-of-the-line fishing electronics. Ice/bait & tackle provided starting at $400. Consignments For information and reservations, call consignment store. Florida’s largest Captain Brandon today. 761-1715. & most exquisite. Pick-up & delivery available. House of Lords - Osprey. Furniture 941-966-5446. moving sale: Henredon custom folio sofa, 2 white side chairs, $1500. Queen Crushed Shell Tempur Pedic bed w/Cherry Albert gillis & Gillis Enterprises. frame/headboard, $600. Suncoast patio furCrushed, washed shell, top soil, landscap- niture: 36x54 table, 16x24 side table, 2 ing service. We install shell driveways. swivel chairs, 2 arm chairs, $400. All like Serving Sarasota & The Keys since 1978. new. (941) 957-0438. Fully licensed & insured. 941-232-8877.





WWW.FIRKINS.COM Garage, Moving & Estate Sales


Help Wanted administrative assistant

OPEN HOUSE Estate Sale Factory LIQUIDATORS 1119 Snead Ave. At 12th Street (Near Tuttle)

Italian Classics

Authentic European Furniture & Furnishings From Chandeliers To Cocktail Bars

All Reasonable Offers Accepted.

March 9th-12th 11am-3pm Or By Appointment Only



computer obedience Training. Is your computer misbehaving? Will train your computer to listen to you! Special $40/hour. FREE ADVICE. 545-7508.



❑❑ we buy ❑❑ golf clubs $cash$ ask for glenn 941-468-0501

Health Services do you know what your health insurance premiums are really buying? Do you have health insurance questions? Finally, affordable health insurance! Call Michael Miele: 756-6291 or E-mail:

Help Wanted

mortgages: part time will train $100K plus potential. (941)812-6381 or Furniture Repair (941)356-1524. companions/homemakers, you can Alberto’s Refinishing Of Fine Furniture. Antiques, Gold Leaf, Cane, make a difference. Help our seniors stay Doors, Upholstery. Quality Work. Call: independent. We provide: meals, light housekeeping, transportation & companion(941)296-5427 ship. We offer F/T, P/T flexible hours. Pay $9/hr. Call Comfort Keepers, The #1 ComGarage, Moving panion Agency In Town. (941)921-9506. & Estate Sales

Let Premium Estate Liquidators conduct your sale. Our fee benefits YMCA Kid’s Programs. 951-1336 for information/brochure.

Experienced Condominium Manager

garage sale! 22 fishing rods and reels, big and small. Antique bedroom set and misc. SATURDAY., 11th, 8a.m.-12p.m., 797 Penfield St., Longboat Key. (941)383-9250.

Reply To Luxury Condo Post Office Box 8734 Longboat Key Fl. 34228

Are you organized? Familiar with the switchboard? Able to juggle several projects at a time? Customer-service oriented? Looking for a dynamic, growing company? Yes? Terrific because The Observer Group needs an outgoing and professional front office assistant to round out it’s team. We offer the opportunity to learn, a great working environment, top pay & benefits. Reply with cover letter and resume to: L. DOWNEY, Accounting Manager, P.O. Box 3169, Sarasota, FL 34230 or E-mail:

Owner Operators And

company Drivers •OTR And SE Runs Available •Must Have One Yr. Exp. •Class A CDL •Clean MVR •Home Often Call Safety For Details

W.W. Trucking, Co. (813)659-0206 800-226-8075 Answers for this week’s crossword

Luxury Waterfront Hi-Rise Cam Required


The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006

Classified 9E







1611 Cortez Rd. • Bradenton

748-6510 Help Wanted

941-755-1571 Personal Services

Remodeling & Home Improvements

your personal bookkeeper, LLC

custom renovations/restoration expert. All phases of carpentry, repairs & fine finishing. Very meticulous, clean, sober and prompt. Insured. 30/yrs. experience. Paul Beauregard. 779-2294.

Lost & Found

☛ ☛ re/max excellence wants you if found: Bracelet. Found outside home

you are: a new licensee, an unhappy agent on Mistletoe Lane during LBK Home Tour at your current firm, a qualified assistant Saturday, March 4. Call to describe. with experience or a realty sales manager. (941)383-0772. Please contact Andrew Vac Massage 941-383-9700 or

Part•Time Secretarial •General Office Work Good People Skills A Must Responsibilities Include: Greeting Congregation Members And Visitors And Handling Telephone Calls. Computer Knowledge is Necessary (Microsoft Word, Publisher) Knowledge Of Database Helpful.

Fax Resume: (941)383.9164 Or Call (941).383.3428 Temple Beth Israel 567 Bay Isles Road Longboat Key www.TBI-LBK.ORG

A Center Of Jewish Life On Longboat Key

Housesitting House Sitting Wanted! Retired Professional, No Pets, Nonsmoker. Summer Season Beginning April 1st. House Sitter, Available May 1st, Long Term Or Short, Mature Woman, Non-smoker/Drinker. Call (941)362-4899, (Alison)

Items For Sale wine cabinet: oak/glass doors, medium tone, temperature/humidity controlled, holds over 500 bottles, 52”w x 86.5”h x 29.5”d, excellent condition, $1500 obo. (941)383-5032. 100 gallon fish aquarium: fresh or salt water. Includes filter, four internal pieces and two lights. $750. Cost $5000. 504-2000 or 383-2025.

All prices plus tax, tag and dealer fee of $387. All vehicles subject to prior sale. All rebates and incentives to dealer. Manufacturer programs subject to change without notice. Offers cannot be combined. Photos and artwork are for illustration purposes only. Dealer and agency not responsible for misprints or errors.

Gail Sunray, Owner

Massage Therapy relaxation and stress relief. Offering Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular. Sarasota, Bradenton facilities or in home service. 941-753-7766 Lic. #MA34584.

Music Instruction voice & Piano lessons for children and adults. Degreed, experienced teacher. For more information, call 365-5691 or visit:

Painting & Wallpapering carlo dattilo painting. Licensed & insured. Interior/exterior painting including drywall repair and retexturing. Wallpaper installation & removal, pressure washing. Residential and commercial, condos. Honest & reliable. Free estimates. (941) 744-1020. 30+years exp. ray cordy custom Painting & Remodeling. Interior/Exterior, Residential, Commercial. All trades are union trained journeymen. Condos, Repaints, Remodels, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Wood Flooring, Tile, Popcorn Removal. Now offering Doctor Approved “No Voc” and “Lo Voc” coatings that are for your Sensitive & Allergenic Needs. An Environmentally Correct product. So, Smart Homes “GET GREEN”!!! Homeowners & Contractors welcome. Lic./Ins. 30/yrs. experience. Impeccable references. 953-5215. Pastel Painting. Interior/exterior, neat, reasonable. Wallpaper/wallpaper removal. Supplying LBK clients w/over 14 years experience & customer service. Lic./Insured. Paul Passanant. 366-9434. van-go PAINTING residential/commercial, interior/exterior, pressure cleaning, wallpaper. Island references. Bill, 795-5100 or 518-9300.


Alone? seniors Dating Bureau! SAFEST since 1977! (ages 45-90). lord’s warehouse nonprofit 1-800-922-4477, Resale Shop. Furniture, clothes, (24/hrs.) 7 days. housewares, books and much more! Open Mon., Wed., Sat., 9a.m.-1p.m. 6140 Gulf of Personal Services Mexico Dr., Longboat. 383-4738. enjoy my Services: Relaxing Massage, antique ornate iron gates: 1 pair, inteAdult Care, Sewing Services - Alterations. rior use, 6/ft. opening or larger, $750. Call 351-2378. (941)383-9119.

Personal & Business Bookkeeping Accounting/Taxes I come to your home or office. l l l l

Bill Paying & Account Reconciliation Organizing Personal and Business Files Budgets & Financial Reports Federal and State Tax Returns

. ..


All variations of Ceramic Tile Supplied & Installed. Floors a Specialty. Many Local References. Free Estimates & Custom Designs. Expert Marble & Travertine Installation Floor & Walls Call Ashdown Flooring Inc. (941) 726-3077

BONDED & insured Over 25/yrs. experience




Telephone: 941-749-5646 john gubernat handyman specializing in roof leaks, siding, soffit, fascia, chimney flashings, exterior aluminum trim, home repairs.

Pets Bichon Frise, AKC, (2) Males 18 Weeks, $500/Ea.. (3) Males, 10 Months Old. $300./Ea. (941)358-2225 (941)416-0575

Remodeling & Home Improvements robert held’s handyman & more! Improvements, Repairs, Installs, Tile, Vinyl, Decks, Drywall, Rescreen & House Watch. Dependable, friendly service. Call Monday thru Friday, 9a.m.-6p.m. for appointment. 758-8044, 704-7717. paul sutherland. Carpentry, minor & major repairs, built-ins, crown moldings & more! Residential/Commercial. Prompt, dependable service. (941)792-4645. drywall repairs, popcorn removal. retexture and repaint. two pro companies working together. clean, condo approved. Coordinated and insured. References. call 284-8558 or 750-9067

28 years experience. Excellent quality, prompt service. 941-383-5765 lbk resident lic.


expert tile installation floors, counters, backsplashes, walls, murals. lifelong lbk resident member lbk chamber artisan tile (941) 383-2659 Lic./Ins.


APPLIANCEs & A/C DOCTORS: We Repair: Air Conditioning, Refrigerators, local handyman. Painting, carpentry, Washers/Dryers, Ovens, Garbage dock/deck, pressure wash, gutters. Disposals. Other Household Items. Honest Unlimited house repairs Jim Tarsy, Dependable - Over 20 Years Experience. 941-320-9860. LIC/INS. (941)650-9293

10E Classified Spanish Instruction

Condos & Homes For Sale

habla espanol? Learn to communicate in Spanish. Hourly lessons at your home. Call 383-4332.

Beautiful Views: Gulf/Pool, Promenade Condo. Gulf Views From Every Window. Updated & Nicely Furnished, 2BR/2BA, Second Floor Unit. Serious InTile Installation quires Only. $969,000. Information Call Professional Tile & Marble Installation. (404)307-4007 20/years experience. Call for free estimate. West Of Trail - Community Boat Dock Steve Allen Floor Coverings, 726-1802. Park Your Boat Or RV Here. Beautifully Lic/Ins. Maintained 3BR/2BA Home Would Be A Great Second Home Or Investment Commercial/Business Opp. Property $375,000. MLS#295881. well established lawn business, Primo Lot ...Primo Location Woodlands Of $679,900. Tina M. Doxtator, PA. Century 21 Bent Tree 4BR/3BA Pool Home, 3100SF.. Park Like Grounds Lake Views. Open Floor All Aces Realty, (941)705-8462. Plan With All Amenities. Reduced To $838,000. MLS#289105. Karen Grant RE/MAX Excellence. (941)504-4952 Direct. PLASTICS FACTORY: Established Florida (941)383-9700 Office. company w/state-of-the-art equipment, good customer base. $7 million** with such a beautiful variety tire distributor seeks multimillion eqlet me help you choose! uity investor.** Villas & Condos; boat docks, breakfast/lunch restaurant in busy some bay views, lakefronts, Bradenton plaza. Well-equipped. $110K.** nicely appointed $224,900 & up. pizza etc. Profitable takeout/delivery, 23 seats; well-equipped, on main south Manadonna Bucher tee road. $99K** RoseBay Real Estate Pack/Ship: Good Sarasota location, good lease, good mom-n-pop opportunity. 941-713-0203 $105K** bait & tackle: Easy-to-run, profitable southgate: completely remodeled business in great Cortez Road location. Mo2BR/2BA with private entrance, study, room tivated seller. Only $85K. for pool. 2724 Blossom Dr. 928-9168. $309,000. **Confidentiality agreement required for details. seaplace longboat key Commercial/Business Opp. 2br/2ba, updated with gulf views. Bldg. G5, #206. Longview Realty just reduced. 941-383-6112 $745,000 For more great business & realty buys: 941-387-9709 the longboat connection, inc., realtor

Commercial Rentals & Sales ☛ prime retail and office space available at the Centre Shops, Longboat Key. Call 387-3135. office space available 6400 gulf of Mexico dr.

Casa Del Mar 2BR/2BA $595,000 By Owner



beautiful longboat Key Beach to Bay resort offering daily rentals. 1 & 2BR units starting at $429,000. Please contact Lissy LaFlamme, ResortQuest Real Estate. (941)928-0990.

direct gulffront: Brand new. The Beach at The Longboat - formerly Seabird: studio, 1st floor walk out. $569,000. E-mail preferred: 847-657-9072.

Six Unit Vacation Rental Property On Anna Maria Island’s Gulf Drive With Double Lot, Recently Renovated, Key West Style, And Booked With High Occupancy Rates.

Available For $2,400,000. Zoned C-2. Partial Gulf View & Partial Bay View. Turnkey -On-site Parking, On-site Management.

Call (860)543-4833 bradenton Village of The Arts: ability to live and work from your gallery or office. Also suitable for attorney, architect, etc. Garden paradise, 2BR/2.5BA, $379,000. Mapp Realty. Call Judith, 302-1720.

Condos & Homes For Sale LBK Harbour 1BR/1BA Condo Turnkey Furnished 3rd Floor Waterviews

$369,000 Ryan Roslansky Michael Saunders & Company


The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006

lbk, whitney Beach. Beyond luxury 2BR/2BA condo, turnkey furnished, custom kitchen. Views of Bayou & Gulf, tennis, heated pool, beach access, fishing pier, docks. $899,000. Call Chad Weaver, 941-773-7255, CMI & Associates, Inc. lbk, country Club Shores: Southern canal front, 3BR/2BA, pool. Immaculate condition. $1.1M. By Owner, (941)383-4055.

Condos & Homes For Sale

Condos & Homes For Sale

million dollar riverfront lot in university park. asking $869,000 (house included for free)

does your boat need a beautiful home? Harbour villa club, longboat key

Custom home in maintenance-free Henley section of UPCC overlooking Braden River on secluded nature preserve lot. private dock. The 2,500 sq.ft. home includes 3br/3ba, gas fireplace, pool, 3 car garage and lots of storage. lush tropical landscaping abounds.

This 30’ deepwater boat slip comes complete with a 2BR/2BA turnkey furnished second floor condo featuring stunning views of Sarasota Bay and the intercoastal waterway. Private 38 Unit Community with on site rental program, large heated pool, spa, four tennis courts and private boat ramp. Offered for $775,000.

call mike holmes horizon realty 941-704-4266

Peggy Russell, Lic. Real Estate Broker 941-383-9544 week days or 941-224-2014 evenings and week ends.

longboat key: Sands Pt. Condo Association. Behind the Gates. By Lighthouse Pt. 2 bedroom unit, 1.5 baths, recently renovated, marble floors, new kitchen, new appliances, new bathrooms, new windows, new A/C. Beautiful New Pass water views, marina berth, new pool. 3rd floor Gulf front building. Absolutely best location on Longboat. Motivated owner. $845,000. Furnished by Robb & Stucky. Call owner at 973-423-0404 or 973-427-7738. LONGBOAT KEY CONDO Beachfront Behind the gates of exclusive Longboat Key Club with unobstructed views of Gulf of Mexico, sunsets, the bay and golf course. Offered at $850,000 Triplex Perfect for investors, across the street from the beach with Gulf and water views. Among multi-million dollar homes. Offered at $795,000 LONGBOAT KEY CONDO BEACHFRONT Captivating water and sunset views among multi-million dollar homes. $900,000 Direct beachfront home site w/unobstructed sunsets and water views. Ready for custom home. Preliminary house plans available and permits in place. Offered at $1,999,000. BIRD KEY LOT Ready for custom home. Building plans available. $1,100,000 Anna Kaminski Michael Saunders & Co. 941-374-3200

$265,000: Beautiful Tara condo: 6712 Fairview Terrace, Bradenton, FL 34203. 2BR/2BA. State of the art floor plan, gulfgate: 2 beautifully updated homes: breakfast nook, 4 unit building, enclosed 2527 Moorings Lane, $399K. 3216 Kenlanai. Many upgrades, great location near more Dr., $419K. Both over 2000/sq.ft. I-75 shopping, restaurants, Sarasota. 928-9168. OPEN HOUSE Sunday, 2-4p.m. Enjoy the virtual tour at: Ninfa Allerton, Realtor/Authority Real EsOwn A Piece Of Paradise tate. 941-447-3551/941-749-5333. beautifully renovated. Pristine and exquisitely furnished Longboat Harbour: 2BR/2BA walk-out. Close to pool, deeded beach access and parking. $549,000. Sharon Freeman, 941-545-0899. Michael Saunders & Company. beachplace: Largest 2BR/2BA floor plan, 1503 sq.ft. Popular 1st level walk down with sunny southern exposure. Turnkey furnished and 2 parking spaces (one under building)! Enjoy the amazing amenities of this beautiful Longboat Key gulf front complex! Offered @ $795,000. Call Jill Friedman, Realtor. 941-320-8293. Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate. LBK: Ground Floor, Gulf Beach Front Condo. Large Double Wide w/door walls in Livingroom/Bedroom Opening To Large Patio. Spotless, Turnkey Furnished, Recently Updated & Upgraded. No Brokers. Reduced $699,000. (313)383-4893 / 313-999-6201

3BR/2.5BA Ground Floor Villa


Private Beach Club & Community Pool. 2213 Harbourside Drive Hubert Steenbakkers


westchester Gulffront, 2BR/2BA, TKF, 2 pools, tennis, club house. $824,000 Call Jack McCormick, Broker/Associate Wagner Realty 941-383-5577 or 941-320-1121

perfect island retreat updated, steps to private beach, shops and boat dock. $540,000 bob burnett lic. r.e. broker michael saunders & co. 941-356-1277

longboat key the village key west cottage 560 Broadway $798,000 YOUR HOME IN PARADISE 560 LINLEY STREET $675,000 CANAL FRONT HOME 755 N. ST. JUDES DR. $649,000 contact judy heyer latitude 27 realty 941-387-9004 or 941-730-9009 admirals walk: 2BR/2BA, 1112/sq.ft. By Owner. Ground floor, best lake and pool views. $245,000. 941-544-4968.

Great Investment Or Second Home On Sandy Beaches Anna Maria Island 4/Plex Holmes Beach


Vacant Lot

Build Your Dream Home Watch Sunsets From Your Deck. Holmes Beach


Weichert Realtors Credential 1-877-412-0200 turtle crawl inn lush gulfside complex. 1br/1ba, turnkey furnished. rental manager on site. liberal rental policy. $439,900 lynn parker rosebay real estate 941-751-0582

Whitaker Bayou (1 mile from Main Street). Custom Mediterranean, 5300sf under air, bay view, sailboat water, gated. 4 bedroom, library, media room. Under construction, you can customize if you buy early. As is $3.5 million; completed $4.6 million. (941)232-2329. MLS# 292588

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006

Condos & Homes For Sale LBK Beach Front Condo With Marina. “Best Kept Secret Located Behind The Gates Of Longboat Key Club” . Desirable Northwest 2BR/2BA Sands Point Condo W/Italian Stone Hardwood Floors. Gourmet Condo Kitchen With Custom Cabinets, Granite Counter Tops, Stainless Steel Appliances. Enjoy The Marina & Miles Of Beautiful White Sandy Beaches.

This Is A Must See!

For Sale By Owner $899,000. Walter (941)321-4003 Edith (941)350-4117

Queens Harbour longboat key Elegant maintenance free home with picturesque lake views 3/4BR/3.5BA, open plan, 2900 plus sq. ft. $1,250,000 corey’s landing longboat key wonderful private home behind the gates of the lbk club. light & bright, open floor plan, soaring ceilings, many upgrades & built-ins. pool & jacuzzi w/summer kitchen, 3BR/3.5BA, over 3000/sq.ft. $1,145,000 longboat key village spectacular bay views from this beautiful key west style light and bright 2BR/2BA home. $999,000 seagate: longboat key full gulf, bay and city views from this completely remodeled and updated, furnished, 14th floor south end unit, 2BR/2BA, pool and tennis. $1,285,000 tangerine bay longboat key direct bay front with spectacular views, courtyard entry, open floor plan, 2br/2.5ba +den $1,195,000

Condos & Homes For Sale

beachplace - penthouse direct gulf front 2BR/2BA, Extended balcony, two parking spaces, one in and one out. turnkey furnished and never rented. $1,250,000 players club direct gulf front 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths $1,500,000 for details call ron baldwin & associates, inc. 941-954-7471

gulf front condo for sale. Behind LBK Club gates. $900,000. Visit: fl, gorgeous under $5000 per acre! 100 Pine, 60 Hardwood. 2BR cabin on private 8 acre lake = 344 acres. 5 minutes from town E of Tallahassee. Low 2006 Tax: $610. Invest and enjoy holding this keeper! Call Janet: 941-538-0233. Realty Executives-Solutions. how about a BMW convertible with your new beachside retreat? Large designer renovated 2BR/2BA condo at ever popular Beachplace includes the BMW and is priced to sell. Great rental potential. $799,000. Susan & Jon Fox, Realtors. Michael Saunders & Co. 941-544-6648. LBK: Full Gulf Views, Totally Renovated & Updated. ”Hurry On This One!” $729,900. Sergei Sokolov (941)308-3973 ReMax Properties

Condos & Homes For Sale

Condos & Homes For Sale

lbk dock 34/ft. boat, canoe/kayak storage, fitness center, pools, clubhouse, private beach access w/pavillion, 2BR/2BA condo. $546,000

Best Deal on LBK

Siesta Key - Crescent Beach walk to beach, shops and restaurants, redecorated, turnkey, clubhouse & pool, 2BR/2BA. $472,999 Linda Thompson 941-552-2693 prudential palms realty

lbk Cedars West Gulf front, 2BR/2BA, turnkey furnished. Overlooks pool, Gulf and beautiful sunsets. Excellent rental program. 1640/sq.ft. Pool, tennis. $825,000 Lido Key Lido Beach Club Direct Gulf front unit, 2BR/2BA, turnkey furnished, recently renovated building. Next to Ritz Carlton Beach Club, 1532/sq.ft. Magnificent Views. $969,500

Horizon Realty grand bay: Biscayne model, 2250sq.ft., Janet Hardy wrap around views of the Bay & golf course, Owner/Realtor $1,295,000. 430 BURNS COURT: zoned 941-256-6090 residential/commercial, totally renovated & updated, $875,000. Please contact Andrew Vac, RE/MAX Excellence, 941-383-9700 or Holmes Beach Bayfront, Key Royale, 4BR/3BA, Beautiful Bay Views, 604 Anna Maria Holmes Beach, Lovely Crestwood $2,300,000. Owner 2BR/2BA Condo, Steps To Beaches, (941)778-3751 Brokers--4% Shops, Restaurants, & Trolley. Tranquil View Of Lagoon To ICW. Community Boat Dock, Pool, Tennis. Only $439,900. Cathy casa del Mar Daley (941)302-1004. Homes & Dreams Realty 2BR/2BA gulf front, Longboat Key condo: 2BR/2BA, steps to the beach and pool, $579,000 ground floor, spectacular sunsets, on-site manager. Small welcoming complex, cherBy Owner ished by original owner. $1,000,000. 813-251-3822, after 7p.m. (941)383-5549 LongBoat south End, Bay Harbour Condo, 3BR/2BA or 2BR/2BA with den. 1462 sq feet, Bayfront marina and pool view. Boat dock available. Complete renovation, hurricane glass sliders, maple cabinets, granite counter tops, new tile and carpet, new furnishings. Call Owner/Agent $660,000 or best offer. 941-266-0819 or 850-212-8788.

lbk condo: Spanish Main Yacht Club: 2BR/2BA +office/den, marina, deeded Gulf access, completely furnished, updated kitchen. $399,000. By owner, 941-387-3130.

sutton place - reduced $20,000! 2BR/1.5BA townhouse w/garage. 2 Pools/Deeded Beach Access w/Cabana, !beach! entire Building: $649,900. Boat Docks. 2 Small Pets & Children OK. Divorce loss. Seller may pay expenses. Lowest priced Unit in Complex. $489,000. Ground level 2BR/1BA+2BR/1BA duplex. 800-404-6926. Weekly $850 +$850 demand. Beach/Gulf 2br/2ba: large lanai, new roof, new air, footsteps away. High-end location on Anna carport, marina, heated pool and club- Maria. MLS# 293362. Janet: 941-538-0233, deluxe corner penthouse house. $395,000. 941-383-0591. bayfront Realty Executives-Solutions. ASTOUNDING BAY & GULF VIEWS waterfront property: 2BR/2BA on 797 beach Rd., Siesta Key: 2BR/2BA, deep water canal in Anna Maria. Views of turnkey furnished, beautiful direct view of Easy beach access, 2BR/2BA, Tampa Bay and walking distance to stores Gulf. $750,000. Call Sheldon Paley, Mieat in kitchen, 27/ft. great room, and restaurants, $864,900. Call chael Saunders & Co. 356-1857. year round 23/ft. lanai, many extras. 941-779-1512. beachplace, Longboat Key: Designer details, 3BR/2BA, walk down unit, beautiful view. custom built-ins, most furnishings Call Bridgette at 989-239-6733 or $75,000 price reduction! included. 989-799-8744 ext. 195. E-mail: longboat terrace Two heated pools, tennis, sauna, clubhouse, fitness center, boat docks Gulffront, large 2BR/2BA, and more. updated kitchen and baths, longboat key small complex, TKF. first time offered by owner Whitney beach only one of two units that have below certified appraisal 2BR/2BA, newly remodeled, new side windows in living room! $695,000 appliances, private beach, boat $749,000 941-356-6673 mel & jan goldsmith michael saunders & co.

Call Jack McCormick, Broker/Associate Wagner Realty 941-383-5577 or 941-320-1121

docks, pools. $659,000 (941)724-3519

Classified 11E

Open House

FRIday, Saturday & Sunday 1-4p.m. 4960 Gulf of Mexico Dr. - Ph1 (opp. Hilton) or call for appt. 941-383-7974

Lowest priced 3BR house on the water on LBK Move in ready, single family house situated on your own 100’ seawall. Deeded beach access, close to shops, dining. $699,000 Call Barb Vitale Coldwell Banker 941-705-4478 Anna Maria: North End, On Canal w/New Boat Dock, 3BR/2BA/2CG, Completely Remodeled. Lush Vegetation, New Lanai, Pool/ Jacuzzi. $975,000. (314)650-7557 or (314)567-6512 windward bay only $495,000 2BR/2BA penthouse. bay & gulf views. updated and tkf. seller lease back. 2 pools, tennis, boat dock, beach access. call dorothy cook, assoc. wagner realty 941-383-5577 or 941-730-9715

tired of longboat? great deals at university park REDUCED $50K privacy galore, 2862/sq.ft., preserve and lake view. $799,900 Entertainer’s delight 3087/sq.ft., prime lake and golf view. $1,199,000 Michael Duvall Re/Max Excellence 941-383-9700

key towers Enjoy unobstructed panoramic Gulf views and breathtaking sunsets from this stunning penthouse unit. Spacious 2BR/2BA offers split floor plan plus den/office. Offered at $1,179,000 Arbormar Exquisite custom designed and decorated 2BR/2BA furnished unit includes extraordinary details throughout. Offered at $995,000 Villa D Este at Villagio Water views included with this spacious light and bright 2BR/2BA end unit. Terrific value minutes to Tuttle Walkway park and downtown. Offered at $216,000 750 Tarawitt Drive Open spacious 2BR/2BA retreat. Canal, davits, minutes to Bay and Beach. Bonus area offers additional privacy & space to meet all your needs. Offered at $765,000 853 Tarawitt Drive Nestled one in from the open Bay. This 3BR/4BA canal front hideaway offers ultimate enjoyment. Flowing entertainment spaces, great room & secluded pool, compliment your lifestyle. Offered at $1,450,000 Kathy Scott Coldwell Banker 812-5805

12E Classified

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006

Condos & Homes For Sale

Rentals: Annuals

100 central Ave., downtown Sarasota: lbk, beachside house: 4BR, pool, 4BR/2.5BA, 2 car attached garage. Urban $2670/mo. 792-2004. oasis with many recreational amenities. Offered at $945,000. Call Sheldon Paley, Michael Saunders & Co. 356-1857. condominium rental ellenton pool home: 3BR/2BA +den, on pond and preserve, 2100/sq.ft. $380,000 or lease $1800/mo. includes pool and lawn service. 962-6263, 721-9159. wanting to move to the mountains? We did! And we love it! Call me for your mountain home! RE/MAX in the Mountains Real Estate, Franklin, NC. 800-273-8814 or Ask for Donna (former 20-year Sarasota resident and St. Armands business owner). fsbo: buttonwood Harbor. Custom built 1990 Mediterranean, 3BR/3BA, heated caged pool, 3,000/sq.ft. Mature oaks, partially wooded. Community dock, extreme privacy (canal opposite). $1,100,000. 941-387-0487.

Lots & Acreage For Sale Vacant Lot On Canal, 759 Marbury Lane, Longboat Key, $795,000, Size 80X123. Call: ((203)919-2600 or (203)855-1498.

Mobile Homes LBK Twin Shores Mobile Home (79) Owner Occupied 55+ Park Share Ownership Gulf To Bay Property I’m Looking For New Owner I’m Furnished -Move in Ready I Have 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bath I’m Newly Painted With 2 New AC/Heat Units New Carpet/Ceramic Floors Remodeled Bedroom, Kitchen, Bath Washer/Dryer

$188,500.00 I Need A New Owner It’s Free To Look!

Paul & LaVelle Stewart (941)383-7849

Open House Open Sunday 1-5 PM Longboat Key The Arbomar 4485 Gulf Of Mexico Dr. Unit 704 2BR/2BA End Unit With Spectacular Gulf To Bay Views. Renovated, TKF, Many Amenities Including On-Site Management Heated Pool, Liberal Rental Policy.

Asking Price: $1,100,000.

Great Investment! Must See! (941)387-0266

Rentals: Annual beach access: 1BR/1BA unfurnished duplex apt. close to Publix, $775/mo. Includes gas and water. 2944 GMD, #2. 924-7080 or 383-0991.

Highly Sought After 2 Bedroom VAN GOHE Unit In 888 Condo On the Bay - Sarasota. Completely & Beautifully Renovated. Stainless Appliances, New Cabinetry, Granite Tops, & Marble Bath. Extraordinary Panoramic Views Of Sarasota Bay Yet Still In The City.

Annual Rentals Preferred.

Contact Duane 941-724-4703

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

marina suites: w/40/ft. Dock. water club: 2BR/4BA, $10,000. country club shores/the bayou Beach Place: 2BR/2BA, $5,000. Seaplace: 2BR/2BA, $3,500. Ritz Carlton Residence SUITES Ritz Carlton Tower RESIDENCE Ritz Carlton Beach club plaza at five points 100 central university park w/golf VISIT OUR WEBSITE JENNETTE & ROSSI, INC. REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT 941-953-6000

siesta key Coguille on the Gulf: sought AFTER Downtown Sarasota lo2BR/2BA and loft. Beach, pool. April cation: 2BR/2BA condo. Walk to restau$3900/mo. May-December $1800/mo. rants, movies & galleries, $1100/mo. 716-650-9650. (941)356-3291. fairway bay: updated end unit townhome, 3BR/3BA +loft/den, 2/car garage, storage and bonus room, use of beach club. $3000 Annual. Unfurnished. Linda Paskovich, Prudential Palms Realty, 772-321-2176. Lbk, Furnished Apartments For Rent On The Beach, 1st Floor 1BR/1BA. $950./Mo + Utilities. (941)870-5728 condos/homes annual islands west: 2BR/2BA, Gulf view, with all the amenities, $1600 a month. beach harbour: 2BR/2BA, newly furnished, W/D, $1500/mo. St. Judes: 2BR/1BA, unfurnished, boat slip, $1250/mo. Call Barbara Fulmer, Realtor or Lynne Jackson Wagner Realty 941-383-6127 waterfront home on Sarasota Bay: Indian Beach/Sapphire Shores area. 3BR/3BA, 1 car garage, outdoor patio overlooking Bay, 1.5 miles north of Downtown. Annual or seasonal rental. Optional furnished or unfurnished. Available April 1st. 941-358-6201 or 216-308-0177. lbk 3BR/2BA, furnished canal front home with boat dock, walk to private beach access. Below market! $1800/mo. 407-929-0214. beautiful st. armands home 3BR/2BA, full car garage, great school system, close to beach, Circle, shopping, dining. beautifully landscaped, lawn/ac maintenance, and pest control included. $2200/mo.

941-724-4703 downtown waterfront. Remodeled 2BR/2BA, includes W/D, cable, elevator, water/sewer. Pets OK. $1200/mo. Lease/Purchase. 941-953-5215, 941-232-8836.

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

enjoy unique beach access at Seaplace this summer. 2BR/2BA sleeps 4 (2 mo. min. lease). First floor walk-out, 50/ft. to ocean, 6000 block home. Long term rental: garden view, fully furnished, non-smoking. 3BR/2.5BA, 2/car. New home, 2400/sq.ft., 3 Tennis courts and 2 pools. Available: $1300/mo., Dec. $2600, floors, boat slip, pool, billiards table, kayak. May-Nov. Jan.-March $3600/mo., April $2600. $3200/mo. plus utilities. (941)809-0849. 608-251-2173 or furnished: for rent - short or long term rental: small 1-room efficiency with storybook cottages. Romantic B&B kitchenette; near Bee Ridge and 41. Private decor, a Victorian fairy tale retreat in Hislodging in older Sarasota. Fully furnished. toric Bradenton Beach. 2/Blocks to Need excellent references. Non-smoker. beach/bay/pier. W/D, dishwasher. The Gin$650/mo. 941-993-3630. gerbread House, 2BR/1BA w/covered (seLido Beach Condo, 1/Block From St. cret garden) patio. $2700/mo. The Doll Armands, Direct Gulf Views. Total House w/mini loft, 1BR/1BA, $1800/mo. Renovation 2005. (412)310-8436 Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual. rates avail. 941-779-2393. (941)724-4703

turtle crawl inn on Longboat key daily, weekly, monthly directly on the Gulf beach! Wagner Realty since 1939 866-754-3443

longboat key, seaplace: 2br/1ba, fully equipped, all amenities. Available 2007 Season. Owner, 770-509-7419. ❈ panoramic bay view - lbk ❈ Pelican Harbor: 3BR/2BA, 2/balconies Huge and beautifully furnished, pool. Private Beach, Tennis, Dock. 941-383-7901, 513-608-4320, E-mail:

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation bayport, longboat Key. Beautifully furnished 2BR/2BA, direct Gulf view, lanai, sun deck, tennis, pool, fitness center & more. Monthly seasonal. 954-476-1137, E-mail: summer Martha’s Vineyard: 3BR/2.5BA, screened porch, deck, tennis, centrally located 2 towns and beaches. $2200/weekly. July 7 to October 15. 941-383-9785. Seaplace, 1/BR Loft, W/Two Full Baths, Beautifully Decorated. Call For More Info. (502)633-6629 Or (502)-655-0419. the ultimate gulf view-guaranteed! Mid-Longboat key. Beautiful 3BR/2BA condo in small 11 unit building only 20 feet from beach. Fully equipped, all features including pool, balconies and full Gulf view from every bedroom. $5,500/mo. Renting December 06 to May 07. Photos available. E-mail: Phone, 1-812-471-9488. beachfront condo with direct Gulf views. Available March & April. This 2BR/2BA at 3015 Gulf of Mexico Drive with garage parking has been totally renovated & updated. Please call Andrew Vac, RE/MAX Excellence, 941-383-9700 or Longboat Key: 3BR/3BA Condo At Banyan Bay Club, Excellent Bay view, Newly Renovated, Available December Through April, $4,000/Mo. (813)545-9321

annual or monthly A home at 1212 Westway Drive on Lido Key is within walking distance of St. Armands Circle. Private beach access down this quiet street. This home has two bedrooms, 2 full baths, great room, lanai, pool, garage, completely furnished. Monthly rate varies by month. Discounts for multiple months and a yearly rate. Go see!!

LBK Emerald Harbor, Canal Home, Turnkey, 3BR/2BA, Pool, Boat Lift, Dock, Garage, Deeded Beach Access, Or Annual. (941)387-7017

Call Steve at 317-201-6484 email:

lido Luxury 1/BR Condo Sleeps 4, Remodeled. Heated Pool, Steps To Beach. Reasonable. Weekly/Monthly/Annual 941-383-3117

rentals available - On the Keys & from Bradenton to Venice. Pat Passeri, Rental Agent, Re/Max Excellence, 800-708-5994, 941-387-2927 or 383-9700.

cedars tennis resort 5680 Gulf of Mexico Drive

Enjoy Easter In Sarasota!!

Lido Shores

One & Two Bedroom Townhouses Attached Garage

1211 Center Place

Heated Pool/Tennis/Dock

Available April 01 On A Weekly Or Monthly Basis

Vacation & Some Annual (Weekly Minimum) Pet Friendly 941-383-4621

is your new waterfront home construction behind schedule? Stay at Mangrove Hideaway. or call 815-351-5052. bayport, lbk: 2BR/2BA, beautifully furnished, spectacular full Gulf views. Tennis, exercise, pool. $5000/mo. Avail. December, 2006 & Jan.-March 2007. 770-671-0338 or lbk canal home. Walk to private beach access, 3BR/2BA, furnished. Below market! $3900 monthly. 407-929-0214. lbk. private home, 3BR/2BA, pool, beach access, deep water. or 770-840-0028. amazing direct Gulf view - Seaplace. Stunning sunset views from all rooms, nicely furnished and decorated, hardwood floors throughout, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, miles of sandy beach, clay tennis and fitness room. Two month minimum rental. Available May 06 through December 06 at $1750 per month or March 07 and April 07 at $3600 per month. E-mail for pictures: or (905)684-6686.

Private Neighborhood Beach Main House- 2Bedrooms/3Baths, Office, Large Kitchen, Living Room, Pool, Outdoor Kitchen Guest House- 1Bedroom/1Bathroom, Living Room, Kitchen Pets Allowed (On Individual Basis)

Rates Vary By Month

Call: Chris At 941-388-4498 lbk condominium, SeaPlace, recently remodeled, beautiful 3BR/2BA beachfront on the Gulf. Furnished or unfurnished. Available for longterm/annual lease as of May 1, 2006. Please call for details. 924-2641. longboat key, bay front condo. Gorgeous views, 2BR/2BA, sailboat slip, luxuriously furnished, heated pool. Available April 1st. through December 31st. Rate upon request. 2 months minimum. Call Staley Browne at 957-4677 ext. 253. Whitney beach, newly updated 2BR/2BA condo, waterview, beach, pool tennis, cable, horse shoe pits, shuffle board, ample closets, fish from dock. No pets, no smoking. Available Now! March & April Monthly.Call (941)778-8363 or email owner

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

lido beach

vacation rentals

Nestled among the trees is this modern, bright studio apartment with porch. Completely furnished, laundry room. Walk to beach and St. Armands Circle. $800/mo.

Longboat Key & Anna Maria Seasonal & Annual Call Wedebrock Rental Office 941-383-5886 or 800-486-5886 For a complete list, go to:

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

whitney beach. Newly furnished 2BR/2BA bayside condo, full water view. Beach, pools, tennis, cable and high-speed internet, ample closets, carpeted. Fish from docks. No pets. Available monthly starting May 1. Call 941-387-8448 or E-mail owner:

inn on the beach Discounted rates from $199/night

BAYPORT BEACH & TENNIS CLUB. 2BR/2BA, new contemporary furnishings, monthly. 513-662-6678.

lido beach: Studio apts., 1BR apts., 2BR cottage and 2BR house. Steps to beach & pool. Very private, quiet and clean. Daily rates: $90-$165 3/day min. 383-2566 north longboat Key elevated house, Weekly rates: $500-$1100. Monthly rates: 2BR/2BA, with large new heated pool. $1400-$3000. THE BEST RATES ON LIDO Steps to beach. Newly refurbished interior BEACH. No pets. Quiet people only. with new oak flooring. Covered parking. Please call 941-388-2590. Lido: Key Towers South, 2BR/2BA, Enjoy sea breezes and relaxed Florida Renovated, Furnished, Gulf View Heated living! For information , pictures and rates: charming 3BR/2BA furnished home: Pool. Annual/Seasonal. Available April, or call canal front with dock, private beach access. Dogs welcome. Fenced yard. Available 2006. (856)264-6579 941-256-0564. from May. See website for photos and LBK Furnished Apartments For Rent On Siesta Key: Turtle Bay, Turnkey rates. or call the Beach, 1st Floor, 1BR/1BA Furnished Waterfront Condo, 2BR/2BA, 41-360-0700. $1500./Month (941)870-5728 Private Beach, 3/Month Minimum. seaplace: 2br/2ba, N/S. New furniture lbk, bayport Beach & Tennis Club. $2200/Month (941)302-0250 and carpet, 2-parking spaces, all amenities. Rental unit available for winter of 2007. 2007 Season: Jan. & Feb. or March & April. Second floor with beautiful full ocean view, Best deal all 4/month. May be seen now. 2BR/2BA, beautifully maintained, freshly 941-355-3537, Saul. decorated, light & airy, screened lanai, open longboat key. Gulf front, pool, beach, deck, swimming pool, tennis courts, exer1BR/1BA condo, kitchen, dining, sleeps 4. cise and community room. Beautifully landAvailable March 1st. through 22nd. scaped complex, private beach with Bay acCASA DEL MAR 617-973-7552 or 617-328-7145. cess and boat launch. 3 month minimum rental. 860-651-4267. resort condominium longboat key, Privateer North, off gated road. On beach and golf course. seaplace: 2br/2ba. Immaculate condiWEEKLY RENTALS Newly furnished 2BR/2BA, 2/balconies. Gulf tion. Book Now for Winter 2007 Season!!! GULF front/gulf view and bay views, heated Olympic pool, tennis. Call 502-552-1594 or E-mail: BSJohnAvailable winter 06/07 and starting June Reservations: 941-383-5549 Visa/MC 2006. (New York)914-747-3338 or lbk beachplace condo: Beachfront, Fax: 941-383-7925 914-946-7735. 2BR/2BA, elegantly furnished. Competitive rentals. Available August-December, 2006 “Take our virtual tour at” lbk, buttonwood Harbour house: & 2007. Covered parking. Non-smokers. By 2BR/2BA, heated pool, garage, private owner. 941-383-1884. setting, walk to beach. Unavailable Office Open 7 Days, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Feb./March. No pets/smokers. lido beach: Delightful modern 2BR/1BA $3000-$4200. 941-387-8589, apartment with porch in garden setting. 4621 Gulf of Mexico Drive Walk to beach, public pool, and St. ArLongboat Key 34228 mands Circle. $750/week. Also, studio Longboat Key Club: totally new $550/week. Available beginning March. 3BR/3BA/3CG, over 4000/sq.ft. total area, LARGE HEATED POOL (941)383-2566. on 2 levels, beautifully landscaped corner lot, 1/2 acre, fully furnished. $10,000/mo. or (25/ft.x60ft.) $2500/week. Annual $4800/mo. 941-383-1503. GULFSIDE sutton place: 2BR/2BA. Updated com“Where People Return Year after fortable, one level villa with glass enclosed Year” lanai, washer/dryer, carport, 2 pools, walk CASA DEL MAR to beach. No pets. No smoking. Available “intentionally better” from January. 914-772-1550. ask about our rate specials! SPECIAL Also available one and two bedroom apartment.


4621 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key 34228


SeaPlace- 2 Bedroom Units Several To Choose From -Great Gulf Front, Gated Community- $4,100 To $4,500 Beach Harbor Club- 3 Bedroom Penthouse- Exceptional FurnishingsBeautiful Bay View- $5,000 SeaGate- 2 Bedroom- Gulf Views $4,100 SeaGate- 2 Bedroom- Gulf Views $4,800 SeaGate- 2 Bedroom- Gulf & Bay Views- Furn. Annual- $2,800/Month Windward Bay- 2 BR/2BA- Beautiful Bay Views- $4,500/Month. Owners Looking For A Change?

Call Us Today!


XENA VALLONE 941-552-3957

condos/homes seasonal gorgeous new Townhomes. Harbour Landings, Cortez: 2BR/2BA Annual, $1350/mo. 3BR/2BA Seasonal, furnished, w/canal view, $1100/week. All amenities, 2 car garages, private elevators. Walk to beach. Call Donna @ Premier Florida Realty, 761-3720/313-0104 Cell. lbk: 3br/3ba condo. Water view, heated pool, dock, tennis court. Monthly rental. 813-495-3884. beachfront, banyan bay #103 Walk right onto beach from charming 2BR/2BA, 1st floor condo near Centre Shops, restaurants. Large screen TV’s W/D. Full Gulf views! Sunsets, pool, tennis, fishing pier. Available 5/1-6/8 and after 8/13/06. 941-383-6650. lbk duplex: unobstructed gulf views, totally remodeled, 1st. year offered. 3BR: $2500. 4BR: $3500. Including garage. Off season rates also available. 941-232-1357. Lbk Beachplace, 3BR/2BR, 1800SF, Beautifully Furnished, Competitive Rentals. Available April, May, & June 2006. Non-smoker. Call Owner (610)647-5710 LBK, Direct Beach Front Condo, 2BR/2BA, Recently Renovated, Screened Lanai, Pool, Tennis, 3/Month Minimum. (781)244-3388 longboat beach House, Longboat Key: 6th floor, end unit with two gorgeous views of the Gulf, 2BR/2BA, fully furnished. $4500/mo. Immediate occupancy. Owner 863-529-4564. LIDO BEACH vacation paradise. 1 & 2 bedroom condos overlooking beautiful Lido Beach. Weekly rates. Lido Dorset. Rental condo. 388-1404.

Classified 13E

sea club III, weekly rental available. One and two bedrooms. Gulf front. sea oats, 1 & 2/BR condos directly on the Gulf of Mexico. Weekly. gulf of mexico dr., 2BR/2BA, spacious, stilt home, partial Gulf view, beautiful, pool. l.b. harbour, 2BR/2BA and 1BR/1BA, great view of Bay. sutton place, bayside, 2BR/2BA. islands west: breathtaking Gulf view, beautiful accommodations, $5000, 3/mo. minimum. Spanish Main: 2BR/2BA, furnished. Water view. $4000/mo. westchester: split plan, 2BR/2BA, beautiful Gulf view. $5000/mo., 1 mo. min. windward bay: 2BR/2BA, overlooks bay, $4000/mo., 1 mo. min. Call Barbara Fulmer, Realtor or Lynne Jackson Wagner Realty 941-383-6127

Club Suites and 2 Bedrooms. Beachfront, Lagoon or Garden Views. 941-387-9709 800-469-4852

stoneybrook: 2br/2ba, furnished, den, glassed and screened lanai, 1st. floor, golf and lake view. All Country Club privileges. Available March. 966-8020.

lbk-seaplace 2br/2.5ba, recently renovated, steps to beach, pool & spa, lanai, w/d. $3800/mo. minimum 2/mo. (423)968-3420 or e-mail: visit website:

due to illness, renter canceled. Tiffany Plaza: 2BR/2BA, direct Gulf front, $5000/mo. Also available annually. 383-1255, ask for Cathy. lido vacation rentals. One and two bedroom units available. Furnished apartments across from beach and 1/block from St. Armands Circle. Available now. Call 266-4775. longboat key, Seagate. On beach w/ocean & bay views, N.W. corner condo, 11th floor, 2BR/2BA w/terrace. Beautifully furnished. Spacious, meticulously maintained, cable TV. Heated pool, exercise area, library, tennis court and assigned covered parking space. Includes utilities & housekeeping, phone and high-speed internet connection available. 3/mo. minimum. Annual considered. Available beginning January 1, 2007. 1-978-475-1678. LBK Spanish Main, 2BR/2BA Villa Overlooking Lake, 55+, Private Beach Access, Clubhouse, Heated Pool, Patio. Beautifully Furnished. $3,000./Month Cathy Daley (941)302-1004

Rentals Out-Of-State Enjoy Vacationing In Western N.C. 2BR/2/BA Chalet, 5 Minutes From Downtown Murphy. $500./Week $1,000./Month (941)918-2630

Time Share lbk, gold Crown 5/Star, RCI/II, Foreclosures/Owner Resales, 3/Resorts, 1 & 2 Bedroom, Red Weeks, $2000 to $18000. Cunningham Property Management, Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker, 387-9191, 800-201-9983,

Waterfront Property 211’ on Peace River. Gorgeous. Two homes. Guest house newly remodeled. Main house being remodeled. As is. $800K. 863-993-0636.

Job Hunting?

north lbk Whitney Beach condos by owner Private beach, tennis, heated pools, boat docks, 2BR/2BA and 1BR/1BA. also taking reservations for 2007 941-724-3519

Sarasota Longboat East County

Observer Classifieds Your neighborhood marketplace!


14E Classified

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006



SARASOTA TOTAL CARE Residential/Commercial New Construction Bonded - Licensed - Insured FREE ESTIMATES 941-400-5261

1522 Fruitville Rd., Sarasota (Between Lemon & Orange)


Guaranteed (50+) Items in the Store Everyday

25%, 33% OR 50% OFF

April’s Way To Say Thank You Sarasota! Mon. - Sat. 10-5





Parking in Rear

Ted H. Geeraerts

5620 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key Manny 383-0040 Ray

Weatherside LLC




White Vinyl Fence


1-800-881-0524 FITNESS

Why Get Soaked?

Specializing in Yoga

Larry House, Owner

Call now: 941-778-2882 • 941-387-0607 P.O. Box 1305 • Holmes Beach, FL 34218

ServiceMASTER 927-2128

We offer fitness and massage therapy. First class Free as well as $10 off personal training session. Now offering Forza Samurai Sword Workout 6265 Lake Osprey Dr. Lakewood Ranch 34240 Phone: 941-388-0665 • Fax: 941-388-0668 E-mail:

This Space could be yours!


Carpet Cleaning • Furniture Cleaning Fire/Water Damage Cleanup ServiceMaster of NW Sarasota & The Meadows, Bill & Fonda Davies, Owners




Carpet • Upholstery • Cleaning • Tile • Grout • Cleaning

Certified Building Contractor

Master Distributor



345-5900 Jimmy 345-3608 Brandy


Manny’s Barber Shop


Household, construction debris and brush removal We’ll keep your site clean.

Licensed and Insured, owner operated


SMS Mobile Marine Service GPS/Fishfinder Installation • Outboards I/O’s • Inboards Call for appointment • 941-232-3523

Jimmy’s Hauling

P.O. Box 1281 Holmes Beach, FL 34218

Ph: (941) 730-5045 Fax: (941) 778-9319



Office: (941) 749-1825 Mobile: (941) 545-6770 Mobile: (941) 545- 7441

Floors - Marble - Terrazzo Granite - Limestone - Travertine

Omar Cruz

ADVERTISE IN THE SERVICE DIRECTORY MOBILE VETERINARIAN Ask about FREEfor e Hous Calls y/ your Pupp r Kitten 1st/y Health Plan

CALL 941-544-2090

Exp. 3/15/06

Call for more information about The Service Directory! Phone:383-5509






The Area’s Most Professional Mover. Don’t Settle With Anyone Less!

Bradenton (941) 746-6306 Sarasota (941) 922-1615

Jim and Sandee Davis Owners

(941) 355-2936 / (800) 282-7674

LBKC Member SCT Member

Same owners since 1979 • Fla. State Mover Reg. #IM81

This seal applies only to Wheaton Van Lines’ interstate moving


TERRAZZO FLOORS Restore Your Floors Fast & Affordable

Carpet & Furniture Cleaning 387-3099

A TECH CARPET • Located on Longboat Key Lic. & Ins.

Add $1,000’s of Value To Your Home • Sarasota Based • 813-748-7758

Does Your Painter? Arrive on time? Provide a free, detailed, written proposal? Make sure you are 100% satisfied upon completion? Provide a written warranty?

WE DO! Call 954-2407

The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, March 9, 2006

Classified 15E




Complete Restoration & Building Services for Residential & Commercial

“Where Professional Work Accompanies First Rate Service”

Interior & Exterior Painting Pressure Washing & Stain Varnish


Licensed and Insured




FREE Estimates

Alex Fine, President

Denny Yoder Yoder Denny President President

941-782-7957 941.782.7957

“Discover the Excelaron Difference Today!

Residential & Commercial Member 2006



Over 25 yrs. Exp.


John S. Causey

Lic/Ins & Bonded


Wallpaper & Painting • Handyman Services Sarasota Native • All Work Guaranteed

Specializing in: in: Specializing Condo’s&&Homes Homes •• Condos Kitchen & & Bath Bath Remodeling Remodeling •• Kitchen • Designer Consultation Available • Designer Consultation Available Lic./Ins. Lic./Ins.


For Free Painting Estimate Call 751-3636


Construction Inc

Sarasota • 355-9233


Licensed & Insured CBC125I182

• Interior Painting - Walls - Ceilings - Trim • High Quality Finishes • Drywall Repairs • Replace Doors and Baseboards • Add Crown Moulding • Wallpaper Removal • Complete Interior Renovations


Serving Fine Homes, Condos & Businesses Exclusively in Sarasota, Longboat & Lakewood Ranch

Experienced in:


941-556-ROOF FREE ESTIMATES Licensed & Insured (Lic. #CCC1325742)

cell: 941-932-3991 office: 941-758-7286 Ref. & Fully Ins.


• Member of Sarasota’s Chamber of Commerce • Personalized Service • Interior & Exterior

STEVE WEBB SCREENING Rescreening of Pool Cages • Lanais • Front Entries • Window Screens 941-993-6922 or 941-953-3181

REMODELING/HOME IMPROVEMENTS Call Now! Let us increase the value of your home!

Jim 941-448-9648 Tony 941-526-7295


Commercial & Residential

Kitchens/Baths Tile floors/Back splash Framing/Additions Windows/Doors Countertops/Bars

Roofing/Siding Custom Woodwork Masonry/Pavers Landscape/Irrigation Soffit/Seamless Gutters

Interior Design



• Bonded and Insured • No Trip Charge • Reasonable Hourly Rates


The Prompt, Dependable Service You Expect.

residential remodeling



Watts Humphrey @941.400.8576

& insured CGC1506235


Decorative Drywalls & Finishes • Concrete Engraving and Staining For Your Driveway and Pool Deck

Call: 941.266.5125

Done at your home or business. Specializing in all individual & small business Federal & State Tax Returns. All electronic filing products available.

Jeffrey M. Kohlmann, E.A. 941-504-9101

624 301 Blvd. E-D-5, Bradenton, FL 34203 Email:



Carpentry • Power Washing • Painting • Masonry • Stucco • Drywall Texture • Windows • Doors • Additions • Tile • Cabinets • Wood Flooring • Gutters • Soffit/Facia • Rescreens • Handyman Services.............. WE DO IT ALL! FREE estimates Call Rob (941) 526-5010


To place your ad in The Observer Classifieds, please complete this form and Mail, call or Fax to The Observer Group P.O. Box 2234, Sarasota, FL 34230-2234 Call: 941-955-4888 • Fax to: 941-362-4808 Name_____________________________________________ Address ___________________________________________ City, State, Zip ______________________________________ Phone ____________________________________________ ❍ Classified Box Ad


Robs Renovation & Remodeling

Residential Remodeling

❍ Classified


A-1 Mobile Tax Service

Professional, Personalized Tax Service


❍ Items under $200 (Freebee)


941-447-0127 • 941-284-5880



CLASSIFIED LINE ADS ......................RATES/WEEK First 15 words ............................................................ $12.50 Each additional word .................................................. $.25 10% discount for ads that run same copy for 4 or more consecutive weeks. DEADLINES Longboat Observer.................................Monday, 2 p.m. East County Observer .........................Monday, 10 a.m. Sarasota & Osprey Observers ...............Tuesday, Noon

____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________

indow Wash rise rW n s u e S and P sure Cleaninging “Leave Your Dirty Windows To Us” FREE ESTIMATES




$ Service



Advertising in the

Handyman Services


Prices Include:

2 Bath Mirrors • 2 Fans • Tracks • Screens CLASSIFIED BOX ADS ......................RATES/WEEK 15 words, 5 lines ....................................................... $24.00 30 words, 10 lines .................................................... $40.00 45 words, 15 lines .................................................... $56.00 Each additional word .................................................. $.50 Each has a bold border. 10% discount for ads that run same copy for 4 or more consecutive weeks.

____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________

____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________

Classification: _________________ Run dates: ____________________________________________________ ❍ Cash ❍ Check Amount enclosed: __________ ❍ ❍ ❍ Account #____________________ Exp date:__________ Signature: ___________________________________



The Longboat Observer THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2006

Years of Distinctive Service





“Personalized Not Franchised”


















)--!#5,!4%ª 0%.4(/53%ª !4ª 4(%ª 3(/2%ª ª 2ARELYª AVAILABLEª "$"!ª OVERª ª SFª OFª CHICª DESIGNERª LIVINGª SPACEª 5PDATEDª INª DESIRABLEª GULF FRONTª COMPLEXª  ª4INAª2UDEKª  

"%!#(ª#!34,%ª!44%.4)/.ª).6%34/23ª ª '5,&ª /&ª -%8)#/ª $2ª 'ULFª TOª "AYª RESORT ª ª"2ªUNITS ªFULLYªEQUIPPEDª0OOL ªHOTª TUB ª TENNISª ª BOATª DOCKª #ORPORATEª "UYERSª 7ELCOMEª3TARTINGªATª ª 

"%!54)&5,ª 0%,)#!.ª (!2"/52ª &URNISHEDªª"$"!ªWITHªVIEWªOFªBAYª#LOSEª TOª HEATEDª POOLª ª TENNISª COURTSª  ª 3USANNEª+ASTENª  


%8#%,,%.4ª).6%34-%.4ª"2"!ªUNITª INª 'ULFª TOª "AYª RESORTª 0OOLª HOTª TUB ª TENNISª ANDªBOATªDOCKª.OWª/NLYª ª*OHNª (INESª  


du c



da op il en y 10 -3




Su o nd pe ay n 14



4/0ª ª ,/#!4)/.ª 5NDERª  ª "$"!ª HOMEª HASª BEENª TOTALLYª REDONEª OUTª ª INª WINª THEª PASTª YEARª 'REATª VIEWªª  ª$OUGª"RUCEª  

Rentals 000 $3, ial c Spe











Vacation Rentals

March 9 2006  
March 9 2006