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Thursday. November 27,1980


VOl. 3, NO. 19

Dredged Sand Likely For Both Ends of Longboat Key

Shenkel's Breakfast Benefit Nets $3,000 For Youth Center Se. Page 12

Arvida's "Fairway" Unveiled on Bayside

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Condo Density Figures Topped By Privateer

Transfer of Density Fate Still Clouded

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Lewin Claims "Vendetta" Hurting Town Development

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Special Meeting Within Workshop Makes Long Afternoon

Beach Sand From Dredgirig Likely From Both Passes There was some trepidation last Thursday morning by officials of th e Longboat Key Beach Owners Association that their invited guests might not show up, but a few minutes after eleven, they came into the Commission meeting room.

Five Official s Led by William Garland of the US Army Corps of Engineers from Jacksonville, the delegation of top brass included Bill Carlton of the Department of Natural Resources from Tallahassee, Ralph Davis of the Sarasota County Water and Na\"igation Control Authority, Phipps Hager of the US Army Corps of Engineers, and Charles Furbee of the \Vest Coast Inland Navigation District. Sarasota: No Speeches Taking seats in the front facing the audience of close to 30 people, the visiting dignitaries made no speeches, just answered the questions of the BOA officers, the pre~s and the audience who were an-''<ious to 2et some straight answers. Dr. Jack McCormick. preside-nt of the BOA, chaired the 'meeting with Miriam Greenberg, secretary and a resident 0 f the Privateer condo . (Continu ed on Page 24)

Town Garbage Contract Still Up In The Air

A Prayer for all Seasons, Especially Thanksgiving

Me t Six Tim es Bob Hanna. General Manager of the firm, said that he had met with Town ~Ianag e r Wayne AJlgire about six separate times and each time they agreed on a contract only 10 have the Commission come up with its own terms. As a result, Hanna says, the subject is still up in the air and he now suggests that the Commissioners draw lip a contract, have it checked with the Town attorney and let him accept or reject it.

I was made weak that I might learn humbly to obey.

I asked for health that I might do greater things, I was given infirmity that I might do better things.

I asked for riches that I might be happy,

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I was given poverty that I might be wise .

I was given weakness that I might feel the need of God.

Commissioner AI Lewin Implores Citizens To Attend Meetings

I asked for all things that I mi ght enjoy life. I was given life that I might enjoy all

things. I got nothing that I asked for but everything I had hoped for, Almost despite myself, my unspoken prayers were answered. I am among all men, most richly blessed . -Author Unknown

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Refuse Problem The issues before them are still there, but they did air some opinions and they are closer on some than they were. Chronologically , they o ffered a contract to the Cedar Hammock Co .. but got hungupon the part about who would \'erify that a family who said they were away for three months. really were? The company picks up all rt!fuse Jeft out, an d they \\'anted the Town to \-erify that the people were actually out of Town. \Olanager Wayn e Allgirc said that was impo ssibl~. the Company said ,hey couldn ' t keep track of who \\a5 home and who wasn't. ~o the mailer was left that wa:.-. Cedar Hammock may accept or reject the contract as it is . but a compromise is expected . Previously they had mel with the Town Manager, but the issue stil! remains unsolved.

! asked God lor strength that I might achieve.

I asked for power that I might have the praise of men,

Last Wednesday night at the regular monthly meeting of the Commission. a spokesman for Cedar Hammock Refuse Company o f Braden ton asked the Commi ssioners 10 please submit a contract acceptable 10 them and he would give them a prompt reply .

The Town Workshop had a bare quorum when it met at 2 p.m. Tuesday. Absent were Commissioners Sam Seege!, Sid Ochs and Al Lewin. But the remaining Commissioners moved ahead on some thorny issues. had a Special Meeting within the Workshop at 4:30. then continued on until 5:45 p.m.




Recently Commissioner Al Lewin, who has borne the brunt of some verbal attacks by former Commissioner Howard Ridyard at Commission meetings and workshop, contacted The ObseT\'er and as ked if he might be pt!rmil1ed to make a statement prior to his leaving for the holidays. Here are his comments on the Longboat political scene: A Vendetta? "It seems to me that what can best be described as a 'villagt" vendetta' from a southern precinct on the island is being foisted 3.gainst all the rest of the reasonably happy and contented people o n our key. The interests of this quanet arc purely parochial. yet they would have us believe they are speaking fo: the entire key. Indeed, in their relentl ess campaign, they ha\'e made a strange bedfello\\' in Howard Ridyard, who has acted as their mentor, since he was defeated in his O\,'n campaign for fe-election as a member of the Board of Commissioners. It's like a fellow who lives in a high rise objecting to a high rise 6 blocks away, for this group is forever bemoaning the fact their their view is being blocked. "Together with these more than articulate ladies. he has conti nued to challenge - even to scold - the Commission, o r at least a few ofils members. I can only question where he was during all the years he has served as a Commissioner? Where was he in 1976 when the (Continued on Page 5)


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The Longboat 524 Gulf Bay Road Longboat Key, FL 33548 Telephone: (813) 383·5509 Owned locally a nd published every Thursday fo r .t he Information and entertai nment o f the grea te r Longboat Ke y area. Pub lish er & Ed itor •... ....... .. Ralph 8 . Hunter Arts & Entertai nment Editor . . ...... Kevin Dea n Feature Ed ito r .....•.............•• Betty Bl air Photo Editor ..... .... ............. Dave Gru ber Photo Journalist .............. Lal nle Lo mbard i Advertising Sales .. . ............ Jack Hoffm a n


(Jack Kahn, Sr., guest columnist, is a relired hosiery and TV executive, former owner-manager oj the Far Horizons. longtime resident oj Longboot Key and on arch conservative in things political.) Letter To My Friend Hugo TO: Mr. Hugo N. Frye I Dim View l ane Bradenton , Fl

r--------------------r Town Administration

Town Commissioners

Zoning Board of Adjustment Charles T. lacey Frank C. Mockler Charles E. Ritter

Planning & Zoning Board Gen. James Edmundson, Chrmn. Eugene Bossert George Goodridge Thomas H. Jones Ray Staley

W.J . Moffett Wilbur Mullin James Rimier Theodore l. Sedwick

Longboat Key Town Directory · The Town Offices a re located in the Municipal Complex near the center of the Key. While longboat Key is in Sarasota County (south half), and Manatee Co unty (north half), it has its own town government, and its own Post Office (zip 33548) located on the north end of the island on Cedar Street. The Postmaster is Helen Holt. Telephone 383'2101.

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By Jack Kahn, Sr.

Dear Hugo: I have been away from the key for a couple of months only to discover upon returning that nothing really has changed. Howard Ridyard now holds forth from the audience rather than from the rostrum, and Joe Pen ner, a "All f ree governments ... are in reality governmenrs comparat ive newcomer to the scene. has. during the by public opinion and if is on the quality of this sho rt time he has lived in the neighborhood, been quite public opinion {hal Iheir prosperity depends. " active . He would build, provide jobs and extend conJames Russell Lowell venience to the citizens of the Key and would gamble on TH E LONGBOAT OBSERVER is a com mun ity· the success of his commercial enterprise. He was treated oriented paper drawi ng on the talents of by the Commission as if those actions were unpat riot ic and un-American. Longboat res idents. If you have t he tim e a nd It so happens that every town has a lot of silly ordithe inclination , and yo u are interes ted in help· nances o n its books. Lo ngboat Key has more than its ing provide well written , positive articles o n share, among which can be numbered the Tree Ordilocal subjects , we will be happy to review your nance, No Burning and sect ions o f the Sign Ordinance. copy for publication. When printed , we'll g ladly At this time I will just confi ne my attention to the Tree g ive you II by·li ne. Ordinance . In the 20-plus years I have li ved here, there are literally thousands more trees on the Key than there were when I first arrived, and the variety is so far greater that no comparison is possible. There were twO basic types, the Australian Pine and the Sabal or Cabbage Palm . The laller provide pemhouses for tree rats and hideaways for ma mmoth beatles . The Australian Pine Information: 383·3721 was a stepchild to be nUr!ured or abused as the case Town Ntanager .................... G. Wayne AUgire might be. Town Clerk .......... ........... . ....... Jane Pool As you are aware, Hugo, there is no more magnifiDirector of Public Works ............. Albert T. Cox, Jr. cem drive anywhere than Gulf of Mexico Drive. In Finance Directo r .................... Walter Schmidt perhaps five, maybe ten, years from now, when the prePolice Chief ....... . ..... • ~ ... Wayne C. McCammon sent foliage malUres and expands, every two-story Fire Chief .. ... . . ...... . . . . ......... Robert Bullard building along the drive wilt be obscured from view and Building Inspector ..... •. ............ Herbert lovett the litt le inlets and the big Gulfwill not be seen from the Town Attorney ...... .. . .......... I.W. Whitesell, Jr. road, nOt because of the buildings but because of the screen of trees. Even now, the new shopping center containing Publix Market and Eckerd Drugs is hardly visible. Most of these plamings by Arvida and other developers were accomplished or planted before the Tree Ordi(Meet every Tuesday at 2 p.m. for work session, and the· nance was ever enacted. So what happened , Hugo? The first Wednesday night of each month at 8 p.m.) Town Commission (not all members, of course) in its Dist 1 ............ . .... . . . . . Claire C. Bell, V. Mayor own obnoxious fashion, carried o n like a bunch of Dist 2 .................... ....... Samuel E. Seegel (C ontrnued on page 26) Dist 3 ......................... . . . Sidney A. Ochs Dist. 4 ..... . ••.••.. . ...... J. Kennedy McCall, Mayor Dist. S .........•........ ............ Russ Fernald Atlg. ....... "." . •. ................... A1lewin Henry G. Riter

Emil M. Seifert, Chairman l o uis E. Dean J. Hunter Gibbons E.M. Wojtasik


Under The L.~m.on Tree By June Wisby (June Wisby is Ihe owner oj The Lemon Tree in Whitney Beach shopping center and writes a column oj whimsy each week.) Once you are writing a column, family and friends are delightedly sure that you will be happy to put into print a pitch for their favo rite causes. Just let me complain that I've been sitting at the typewriter before a blank sheet of paper for hours, groaning and sighing fo r an inspiration , and the suggestions come flying at me like mosquitoes on a damp night. Mostly what I'm told to write about requires a knowledge that I do n't have, for instance, the vinues of the new math versus the old. Good heavens, new math? When did that happen? I haven't even mastered 'the o ld stuff yet! If it is something that just doesn't stir me to any kind of intellectual high, and simply does not get my typing fingers to tapping. I don 't want to write a treatise on nuclear power plants and why they should all be abandoned. Sure, I know they are potentially dangerous, and they a re creating waste they don't know how to get rid of. However, I like not having to write longhand by candle light, and I'm sure the nuclear scientists already know that they'd better get o n t he stick and solve these problems before we all go up in a big puff of mushroom clouds. My nagging won't make them try any harder. I'm not trying to be a writer for the ages. llike writing with a light louch, and I find nothing humorous about child abuse, political graft or consumer fraud, subjects about which another friend tried to urge me to pontin· cate. I'm against them. What else can I say? One of the wisest women 1 know, the Reverend Carol Parrish of Sarasota, once said, "There are a lot of things that I care about deeply, but I know that not everything is mine to handle. You have to concentrate your energies on what is most important to you and not scatter them on a great number of causes. Someone else will have to take care of the other problems ." So, although I get angry about corruption in government, abused people or animals, justice inequities and greed , until I can find something amusing to say about them, someone else will have to handle the heavy stuff. •


Ted EW-Cil

Florida RepreHntllive Dlslrict #74 2002 Ringling Btvd. Sarasotl. Florida 33Sn

National Electio n Res ults Fe lt At State Level The November 18th Organizational Session of the Florida Legislature was highlighted by remarks made by the new President of the Senate and the new Speaker of the House of Representatives that followed the national trend and clearly indicated a return to conservative constitutional government. II was most interesting to note that the message conveyed so clearly to the members of our Federal government on Tuesday, November 4th was also received by those at other levels of government. While state government in Florida has not found it necessary in recent times to impose any major tax increase, it has certainly nOt imposed similar restrictions on state spending . The 1981 Florida l egislative Session, that will begin next April , could be a very interesting experience for those of us that feel that a return to conservative principles is long overdue. •

. Alo ng State Street By JOH N SLACK Speciailo Th~ Boston Huald American Reprint~d with p~rmission A small Over-the-Counter company named General Defense jumped two points within 10 minutes Wednesday afternoon, hig hlighting o ne of the latest developments in the investment world. Before the Reagan sweep it was already clear that the mood in Congress had shifted on defense spending. Heightened recognition that U.S . military preparedness has been deteriorating seriously had already caused Congress to provide more money in the 198 1 defense budget than President Carter had requested . And just this week the incoming chairman of the Senate Armed Forces Committee, Texas Senator John Tower, predicted the next Congress will up the ante by another $3 billion in the 1981 budget and will increase spending in 1982 by another four to eight percent. According to Tower, the defense budget will no longer be tied to specific percentage increases. Instead, Congress wi ll concentrate on funding U. S. needs. Tower's statements reflected the realization brought home by U.S. impotence in the face of the upheavals in Iran a nd Afghanistan that the nation's militarv machine has deteriorated badly. There's still more th~n enough nuclear capability, of course , but the nuclear muscle has masked the growing flabb iness of the armed forces in everything from bullets to spare parts. The perception that there would be special emphasis on nuts and bolts eluded investors for a while. Names like Boeing, Lock heed, Raytheon and General Dynamics spring quickly to mind when searching for ways to invest in the c9ming military spending boom, but these large companies are only the obvious hunting grounds. It is now dawning on investors that some of the second-tier companies may prove more interesting and rewarding. For example , a close look at the numbers already autho rized shows that spending for new aircraft will rise by less than 10 percent but out· lays o n spare parts are going up 40 percent. (Continued on page 26)

I 888 VP Offers TrOlley A Home

Dear Sir: I noted in The Longboal Observer (November 20, 1980 issue) the article concerning a garage capable of housing the trolley. Would you please refer and make known to the appropriate individual that we co~ld provide space on a temporary, gratis, basis at 307 North Tamiami Trail , Sarasota. Originally this site was an old auto repair ' agency, and has the ten foot clearance required. The paniculars can be discussed at the appropriate time with either me or Franci s Gallo, the Comptroller. The space could be available for approximately six months to a year, until demolition becomes n..-et .. ~y I to accommodate the retail construction portiOl ~ project, 888 Boulevard or the Arts . Sincer~/y,

Lloyd M. Stafford Executive Vice President Editors Note: Thank you, Mr. Stdford. Your kind offer has been turned Over to Buck Fry, president of the St. Armands Circle Association, who says the location is superb and hopes the ceiling is high enough. •

November 27, 1980

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Special Meeting, , , , , , , , ,(Continued from page 1) GPO For Condos? The second agenda item discussed was Resolution 80-21, with amendments to Resolut ion 76-7. At issue was the request from Arthur Koenig of Sands Bay condo, representing Sands Bay, Privateer I and II , and J~ongboat Key Towers , all of which want to be admitted rh., A.rJ,:i~'s Gulf Planned Development (GPD) and en____ ~, .:creational and condominium benefits to which they reel they are entitled. Must Amend Zoning First "Impossible," says Town Counsel Welch Whitesell since the Town 's zoning has changed. In his opinion , the only way to include the condos in the GPD would be to take out some of their existing units so they would comply with the present zoning code. Since that is impossible, even if Arvida wanted to go along, the Town would have to amend the Zoning Code to permit it. This is acceptable to the condos involved and to Arvida and will be discussed in greater detail next week. Next came a discussion of the approval of Arvida's site for the Resort Hotel and approval of Resolution 80-21, After just touching on the subjects, they decided to postpone discussion until the next meeti ng Dec. 10th. Storage Shed Issue Still Alive Chairman Jim Edmundson of the P & Z Board reported that the storage shed for GMD near Tarawitt

and Jungle Queen was turned down unanimously, but only when developer Steve Wilson said he did not want an extension to overcome some staff objections. Wilson was at the meeting and wanted to show everyone how he had complied fully with the Town codes and wanted to move ahead. Gen . Edmundson agreed that if the changes are made, the project will comply fully with the Codes and his board will have no alternative but to approve. He said he agreed with the Objectors who said a two story warehouse would be ugly, but Edmundson felt that if it were only one story , less parking and more attractive, it would be much better for the Town, the abuttors and the developer. Wilson was told the proper procedure to fo llow and is expected to be back with his changes. If they do comply, then the Town may have a lot of trouble turning down the plans. Guard Gates For Sea place A guard gate was proposed for the two entrances to Seaplace by Charles Duffy of the condo association that has taken over the ownersh ip from Arvida. The Commission had no objection, Arvida has none, and all they need is the approval of the condo association it self which must canvas every owner. Ansel Transfer Of Density Again The proposed Ansel density transfer was started at 3:45 p.m . Attorney Mike Furen again carried the ball for Jerry Ansel, this time giving the Board copies of an analysis he had prepared showing values received by the Town and by Ansel. Balance Sheet . Using the appraised figures of the propert y of $5 ,608,500, he poimed out that the Town was receiving land valued at that amount. He then said that Ansel would receive credit for $2,258,250 in the transfer of density and another $1,150,799 if his client was allowed, by the transfer, to satisfy the prOvisions of 80-1, which is the Land Acquisition Ordinance . The so called balance sheet would then read, Town: 55,608 ,500 and Ansel: S3,409,049. This, according to Furen, was more than fair. Must Also Pay La nd Acquisition Fee Commissioner Tac Riter was the first to speak. He said he didn't question the appraised figures, but couldn't understand how Ansel's land was worth so much when the Town was offered all of Jewfish Key for 5800,000 or so, alid Sister Key for around a million dollars. He felt that Ansel should not ask that the acquisition ordinance be waived and said he should also pay the Town the acquisition fee of 51 , 150.799.

Isso much different. Til,' difK'l\" II ,''; i,... ill {lId \\"Ilrld ,:,. IlI;l n,... h :p. 111,' , n 1r,1 ,,f I illl,' ... ;U1< I 111ll,· k ,.::'lk-"'::' 1'r';,:i, '11,. . kwd,.... h,· irl,. 'Ill,.. ,.h!!lCl\ pk,·,·,.

The Golden Nugget

Three Against Russ Fernald agreed, as did Claire Ben. Mayor Ken McCall was asked how he felt and he said that until Riter had spoken, he was in favor, but after listening 10 the argliments of his th ree fellow Commissioners. he was not so sure. The Mayor postponed any more discussion until the 3 absent Commissioners return. All of them are reportedly in favo r of the Ansel proposal.

--LONGBOAT HARD WARE 4016Gulf of Mexico Drive Phone 383·1313 NowOpen Sundays


Longboat's COmmissioner "Tac" Riter and Mayor Ken McCaU.

In Favor? During the discussion of the plans offered for the Gulf side location, everyone agreed that they were excellent, much better than the "La Mer" plans originally offered. Jack Whelan, Planning ConSUltant . and Tim Siebert, Architect, were~ on hand to explain that a mezzanine was planned that would mean the first of ten stories would not mar any view of the Gulf. All the Commissioners agreed that the height limitations would have to be waived if they wanted to get that number of units on the property and still keep great areas of open space greenery. But they all were against waiving the provisions of 80-1 for Mr. Ansel. The swing vote may indeed be the Mayor's when the subject comes up again on Dec. 10, the next sched uled Regular Com mission Meeting. -

At 4:40, they adjourned the Workshop, convened the Special Meeting, voted to offer the contract to Cedar Hammock , adjourned it and went back to the Workshop. Condo Documents Commissioner Sid Ochs' plan to demand more in formalion on condominium documents as set forth in Ordinance 80-12 was felt to be the province of the St ate not the Town, and Counsel Whitesell felt that if the absent Commissioner Ochs could tell him what {he di sease was fo r which this was a cure , he would be happier. They postponed further discussion until Ochs' return. Gulf Tides Last on the agenda was a proposal by Gul f Tides motel to remodel and enlarge the buildings from the present 12 to II larger units. The reason for its place in the meeting was that Town Manager Allgire felt the Town laws were confusing as they were on the White Sands case, and that while the staff had no fault to find with the plans, they were in agreement with Town plans. but not with Federal Flood Control regulations. In shan, would they have to adhere to a 12 foot floor el e v ati~n

or not? And since it would be time sharing , would !t be a hotel, motel , apartmem or single family dwelling? Extend Manatee Bus Route? Commissioner Fernald then asked if he could go before the Manatee County Commission and present a petition of close to 90 residents of Longboat to ask for an extension of the bus from Coquina Beach down to the Whitney Beach Shopping Center . It will be voted on in the form o f a Resolut ion at the Dec. 3rd meeting.


- ---,......

-~.... --:--~--::-




The Players Club

T he Grand Opening of

The Coursan Building - Phase III Elegant Residences rm the Gulf of Mexico -,

1401 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, Florida 33548 (813) 383-2489, (813) 383 -7433

Live on an island just across the Bay from Sarasota, Florida's capital city of the arts and culture. Longboat Key Resort isa residential resort community by Ar\'ida Corporation, t ill Gulf of Mexico Dr.

> ',,-'

Longboat Key. For information write

P.D. Box 6166, Sarasota, F10ri~'

33578. Or telephone ~ (813)l8J ·6411 ~



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November 27, 1980

Chamber Annual Dinner Huge Success The Bucclneer Inn WII the scene of the Annuli Longboat Key Chlmber 01 Commerce party and Installation olnnar laat Thursday. The naw offlcars, announced a law weeka ago, plua the Board of olr.ctora officially took office a' the dinner. Incoming pre.ldent Jim oa."l, of Freedom Sa."lngs took o."er

Club Winners

Hera era the winners of Tournament at the Longboat Key GoIl Club. Jeanne ollter, First; AI."lna Cohen, Second: and Rossiter, Third. Other winners were Blanche Fenton, Knight, Kim Colyer, Mallie Goodr1dge, Betty Templeton Ruth Philipson. Goll pro Jim OWen makes up the fouraome.

from outgoing president Jerry Thlnon, Jr., who WIS the MC for the a."enlng. Mary Louise aerrlt.en of the Hilton is th e presldant路elecl. Pictured are someot the membe,.., guesta Ind friends ot the Chambar.

i.. ~~ ",",, "'-


The 33rd Annual Holiday Sale, sponsored by the Begonia Circle of the Sarasota Garden Club is scheduled for Saturday, November 29th , at the Garden Center, 11 31 Boulevard of the Arts, Sarasota, from 9:30 until 2:30. Luncheon will be served from 11 a.m . until I p.m. with Mrs. Craig McKown and Mrs. John L. Van Nostrand in charge. Mrs. Owen Trask is General Chairperson this year and assisting her are Mrs. James Claggett, paper goods; Beulah Taber, swags and table decorations; Hazel Trask and Mrs. Leon Brown will take orders for cedar wreaths. A sample will be on display and orders may be picked up in December at the Garden CeRler . . A gourmet table will be arranged by Mrs. Robert Toale featuring homemade breads, cookies, pickles and jellies. Mrs. Oscar Ames will have charge of the taued items for sale featuring items made from natural materials including cone wreaths and other holiday decorations. The public is invited. Proceeds will go to

the Circle's community projects. especially the youth environmental conservation camp. . .0

On Saturday, Nov. 29 from 5 till 10 p.m . the Symphony Women's Association is holding the Saturday Night Jamboree at David Cohen Hall and is open to all who will enjoy a fun time. There will be a Barbecue , a hayride, a fiddlifl'l contest, and Square dancing. The cost will be Sl ~ person, $6.00 for kids . Reservations may be ma:~ -...... { Mrs. J.V. Cavanaugh, 922-1217. .



There will be a Chanukah Latka Luncheon and Card

P~y on December 4 at the homes of Mrs. Jane

Lieberman and Mrs . Virginia Sanders. Tickets are $5 which includes lunch. For reservations call Clara Weinberger 383-44-59. o


November 27, 1980 .

Town Garbage .......... (Continued from

page 1)

New Pick Up Days The subject was referred to the P & Z Board and will

be on the agenda for their ne.'(t meeting . ~Ieanwhile, the company announced that, effective December I, pick up days for trash on Longboat Key will be Monday and Thursday not Wednesday and Saturday. - ",

Pa sses Ordi na nces

~Commission passed an Ordinance on topless entertainment on first reading, authorized the scouring of some Country Club Shore canals that had silted up , passed an ordinance requiring insurance before a temporary certificate of occupancy can be issued, passed an ordinance amending the zoning code regarding variances to gulfside setbacks, and also made public hearings and appraisals mandatory for all transfer of density proposals, which had been suggested by the P & Z Board when they disapproved of the whole transfer idea. Ansel Proposal Back to P & Z

The Ansel proposal was bumped back to the P & Z Board again, this time to consider amendments to the zoning code and then to review the Outline Develop· ment Plan for the gulf front acres. Attorney Mike Furen and the Commission still have to settle the issue of whether the land acquisition ordinance (SO- I) applies to the additional 20 acres on the Bay. Ansel's offer, still to be accepted by the Town, is to donate 61 acres of land for the Town to use as it

It was a beautiful day for golf on Tuesday, and the Ladies Association o f the Longboat Key Golf Club played best ball of the foursome with 90070 handicap. The following scores were posted:

pleases lit has been appraised at S5 .600,000) in return for \\hich ..o\nsel wants to build 75 addit ional units on the 25 acres of Gulf land , thereby "transfering the density" from one locat ion to another. The P & Z Board has voted unanimously to oppose any transfer of density, bUl the Commission over-ruled them 6-1 and approved the plan. Some details still have to be ironed out. Youth Center? If the transfer takes place, many hope part of the land will be used for a Youlh Center and the front part for whatever purposes the Town wishes to make of it. Some suggestions have included a centralized Public Safety Building with an auditorium over the garage portion, or a maintenance garage for all the Town vehicles.

3 More Units Per Acre

The Ansel property of 25 acres on the Gulf is pre~ently zoned fo r 11 units per acre or 275 units. If Ansel is perm itted to transfer 75 units, the density will be 14 units per acre. In return fo r this, the Town will own land on the Bay appraised for over S5 million. •

AI Lewin .. .............. (Continued hom page 1) Commission failed to properly and equitably evaluate a fair shake for the Town in its dealing with Arvida? The Commission simply locked itself in and conseq uently made it possible for Arvida to go ahead with its plan for the hotel resort complex in what 1 and many others consider a crowded 20 acre area. Beachp lace

"And where was he when the Beachplace complex was approved? In truth, I consider Beachplace to be one of the gravest invasion of what any of us wanted to see on our good terrain. Ali i can see is another Forest Hills apartment development; the kind you view as the Long Island trains rattle past these ugly ramparts. In truth, I don't like high rises any more than anyone else. We would all love to see the virginal quality of the Key as the old photographs show. That's Utopia! But the fact is that we do have high rises and we do nOl have the authority to withhold the development of others without infringing on their legal rights. "This lobbying group, ever present at all Town Commission workshops and regular meetings, attempt s to negate virtually every new conceptual plan that is proposed. Now it's the Ansel density transfer - probably one of the most import proposals that has ever come before the Commission. Transfer of Density

"The proposed transfer of the Ansel Bay Front propeny, appraised at 5 million 600 thousand dollars (Continued on Page 9)

To Sell Over $43 Million of Garden Cluster Homes, We Had To Do Something Right. Final Cluster Now Available Wildewood Springs is very nearly sold out - this may be your last opportunity to own a beautiful garden cluster condominium home here at Wildewood Springs. Live On Lake Wlldewood This one remaining cluster of homes has one of Wildewood Springs' choicest locations - right on the shore of beautiful Lake Wildewood. Enjoy all the pleasures this 10 acre fresh water lake has to offer: fishing, canoeing , strolling along the shore, and of course, the beautiful view. .


Harriet Brush Ruth Wexler Sylvia Barnett Ardia Kaufmann

Convenient Location By the time you move in your new Wildewood Springs home, paving on Cortez Road will probably be complete. The two entrances to Wildewood Springs will make your location more convenient than ever before - close to shopping, beaches. sports and cultural attractions. Time-Tested Floorpla ns At Wildewood Springs you have six fabulous floorplans to choose from . Each one offers spacious rooms, a complete General Electric kitchen including a stacked washer/ dryer. plenty of closet space, a gigantic screened porch and much more. Be sure to see the five beautifully decorated model homes. open every day. Maintenance-Free U ving At Wildewood Springs, aJl exterior and common area maintenance is taken care of for you by a team of professionals. You'lI have plenty of time to enjoyWildewood Springs' many swimming pools with hydrotherapy spas, lighted tennis courts and acres of greenbelt and lakes. Below-Market FinanCing Wildewood Springs offers you pre-arranged below-market financing to make your new home purchase even easier! Talk with your sales representative for complete information. take advantage Pre-Construction Disco unts If of very SUbstantial preBradenton construction discounts now being offered. You can save up to $7,100 on the price of your new Wildewood Springs home.


Bertie Becker Bella Adams Fran Lowenberg Roberta Leventhal (S7)

Sylvia Lampert Bertha Ogden Carolyn Schiff Deanna Simpson (S7)

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Gay Rutledge Marge Meyers Freida Shapiro Teresa Schwartz (S8)

Diddy Braznell Esther Shain Marge Goodridge Proxy (S8)

Joyce Corley Ruth Phi lipson Laura Gould Lil Alpert (60)

Beny Tem pleton Penny Andrews Betty Sumter Eve Sigman (60)

Sara Cohn Nancy Ashworth Muriel Engel Dorothy Perell (6IJI.~~-:;':'

Ju~, A'"Cket Emi1y1.ittlepage Ruth Godfrey Roz Lewis


Roselavone Staley Shirley Fisher Til Fontaine Sylvia Brown

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November 27, 1980






, .



Fairway Bay Illustrative Site Plan While the Resort Hotel site plan Is stili In tha worlts, Arvlda has submitted plans lor F~lrway B~y across Gull 01 Maxlco Drive. 1t features 2 story Town Hou ... and 6 ItOry multl·l.mlly dwellings Ind, il approved, will be built In thrae phlSes, shown .bove. The It.ff I. now reviewIng tha plans . nd will give its recommendatIons to the p & Z Board. They In turn will give their recommend.tlon. to the full Commission.

Gulf Condos South Of Town Hall Have Varying Density Figures With all the talk of reducing the density o n Longboat Ke y. that is, the number of persons living on an acre of ground, The Observer surveyed the gulf front condos on the southern end of Longboat Key recently. The density is figured by dividing the number of Jiving units into the acreage. A sin.&le family living on a quarter acre would

have a density of 4, for example. A unit is said to house about 2 people on Longboat Key. Years ago, the density permitted on the Key was over 20 units per acre. It is now down to the teens, depending o n the zoning map of the Town. Nor is density the ultimate answer as to whether or not a condo or development is attractive or good for Longboat. Other factors, such as design, amount of ground covered and height are also given different priorities by different people, But density is one facto r deemed important.




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Here are the density figures Town Hall on the Gulf side: Condo Units 88 Islands West Seagate 90 Islander Club 140 SeapJace 461 Aquarius 59 Colony 237 Beachplace 340 Privateer 11 6 LBK Towers 88 Sands Bay 78 310 Beaches or Longboat Players Club 134

Barbecue Chicken


goi ng south from the Acres 4.413 5.66 6.9 24.8 4.44 17.33


5.8 4.86 8.75 18.6 12. 18

Density 19.86 15.90 20.28 18.47 13.28 13.66 10.99 20.0 18.10 8.91 16.67 11.0

794·0322 Delivery Service Shipping 9:30·5:30

HOUSE 6220 44t h Ave. W., Cortez

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in Buttonwood Plaza On Longboat Ke'y 383-1233

Larry Stewart-Proprietor

Jacki James·Mgr.


... November 27, 1980

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The Fa irway Say multHamlly development on the lut side 01 Gull 01 Mexico Drive will featura six 6 story buildings. Above Is an artist' . tendering of one 01 the mid ri se buildings.

tswiss 'frZlditioD Fine Jewelry. Watches and Clocks Swiss Watch maker J eweler On Premises

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The spirit of 5t. Armends Key beglln with its first homesteeder. e Fr enc::hmen nllmed eherles 51. Amend. tn 1893. St. Ama nd filed II govern· m ent c::lelm for 13\.89 acres encompassing 51. Armands . ..... hich he called D~r Key. and !;\IiO more islands. 51. Amand peid 521.71 for his ne..... home ",·hlch W.!IS named in his misspelled honor.

In those days. the keys were i$OllIted and c::overed with lush tropical vegeUition. Dense mangrove thickets tined the shores. Inland. St Amand shllred the fertile soil with swamp oak. cedar. sabal palm lind sea grape. 51. Amllnd bellied his bountiful c::rops to market on City Pier in the small mllinland

fishing vittage of SaresOIa. Then In 1921. a deva· SUiting hurriC::1l11f" ruined the islllnd. StIlting its fertil e soil. First Independent BlInk. ..... share s 5l Amllnd·s belief in the spirit and beeuty of 511 T1!1Sotlis Keys. In December. 5arasota·s only locally owned blink ",itt open a bc"lInch at 326 John Ringling Boulevard on 5l Armands Circle. Our branCh. In honor of Chartts St. Amand and the many indepeTldent thinkers who founded our c::ommunity. is a testa-ment to the prosperous future of Sarasota·s Keys. WatCh for our opening and share with us in our salute to the spirit of 5t. Amand·s past lind the spirit of 5L Armands· future.


The K1vgerrond Sold Her. Coli Few Doily Quotes ESTATE APPRAISALS I R. OWNER

First Independent Bank, N.A. North Trail . Beneva [,. Webber . 5t. Armands (Opening Dec. 80) Joseph Penner, Chllirman • James P. 5cheurenbrand. President Member FDIC and the Sarasota community.



Rescue And Fire Calls .. False Alarm November 14 Rescue call to Aquarius Club at 2:43 a.m. III person. Patient was treated at scene' and transported to Sarasota Memorial Hospital by the Longboat Key Rescue Squad. Rescue call to Whitney Beach Condo at 10: 13 a.m. III person. Patien t was treated at scene by the Longboat Key Rescue Squad. Manatee Ambulance transported patient to Sarasota Memorial Hospital. November15 * Fire call to Tides of Longboat at 12:52 a.m. No fire, faulty smoke detector. Fire call to Marbury Ln . at 2:22 a.m. Sparking wires. FP&L notified . Rescue call to Yawl Ln . at 8: 23 a.m. III person. Patient was treated at scene and transported to Sarasota Memorial Hospital by the Longboat Key Rescue Squad. Rescue call to Longboat Harbour N. at 4:18 p.m. 111 person. Patient was treated at scene by the Longboat Key Rescue Squad. Manatee Ambulance transported patient to Blake Hospital.


November17 Rescue call to Emerald Harbor at 5:54 p.m. 111 per· son. Patient was treated at scene by the Longboat Key Rescue Squad. Rescue call to Penfield Ave, at 5:56 p.m. Injured person. Patient was treated at scene and transported to Blake Hospital by the Longboat Key Rescue Squad. Rescue call to 5500 blk : of GMD at 7:40 p.m . III per· son. Patient was treated at scene by the Longboat Key Rescue Squad. November 19 Rescue call N. Fire Station at 10:30 a.m . Injured per. son. Patient was treated at scene by the Longboat Key Rescue Squad and taken to Blake Hospital by private auto. *Fire call to Tides of Longboat at 4:5S p.m. No fire, malfunct ion.


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Novemblr16 Rescue call to Beach Harbor Oub at 2:37 a.m. III person. Patient was treated at scene by the scene and trans· ported to Sarasota Memorial Hospital by the Longboat Key Rescue Squad. Rescue call to Longboat Key Club Rd. at 10:28 a.m. III person . Patient was treated at scene at the Long· boat Key Rescue Squad. Rescue call to Twin Shores Trailer City at 10:28 a.m. ll! person . Patient was treated at scene and transpOrted to Sarasota Memorial Hospital by the Longboat Key Rescue Squad.

• • •

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serving island residents! Our convenient St. Armands office makes it possible for you to transact your savings and loan business dose to home. The newest is financial services are always available at United First Federal. Stop by soon to get acquainted. A warm welcome awaits you.


The Most Precious Gift You Have To Give According to the American Medical Asr, ~on. when a person's heart stops beating and ~ sto p breathing (heart attack , drowni ng , etc.,) permanent irreversible brain damase sets in within four to six minutes. Unless someone is nearby who knows Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation chances of survival are very slim. Every cit izen should know CPR and in turn give this gift of saving a life to your nearest and dearest relatives , fri ends and neigh bors. You can learn CPR in approximately four hours. Classes are free of charge and will be given by our Fire Department per· sonnel at whatever time and location most convenient for you. Statistics indicate that the incidence of heart attacks on Longboat Key is nearly seven times the national average. Many citizens of our community lose their lives needlessly, simply because they fail to recognize the early warning signs of heart attack. If you should experience any of the following symptoms you should call the Longboat Key Rescue Squad at 383-3727 without delay . The Longboat Key Fire Department will immediately dispatch a mobile intensive care unit staffed by highly trained emergency medi· cal technicians and paramedics: The most common signals of a heart attack are: l. Uncomfonable pressure, squeezing, fullness or pain in the center of the chest behind the breastbone. 2. Sweating. 3. Nausea, 4. Shortness of breath. 5. A feeling of weakness. Remember that time is critical. Don't delay your call for assistance! The Longboat Key Fire Department urges you to enroll in a CPR class to learn more about the gift of life. OUT department has entered into a cooperative agree· ment with the American Heart Association to distribute educational literature. give talks , demonstrations and conduct CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) classes on Longboat Key. All instructors and manpower are provided by the Fire Depanment and literature is furnished by the Heart Assocation. Get your organization, club, condominium, friends, neighbors or family together now and call the Longboa! Key Fire Department at 383·1592 for your free classes. Courses will be starting very soon . Let's be able to give away the most precious gift of all.. ... sa\'ing a li~. •



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AI Lewin ....... .... , .... (Continued trom pege 5) is being discussed. The property would be dedicated to the Town and thereby perpetuate sensitive open green area as well as also providing an excellent site for the proposed Youth center, public safety building, large Town meeting room or for whatever purposes the Town might elect. Gulfside Plans · "':"" "even the general conceptual plan of the Ansel Gu~~e property showed in counterpoint a preponder. ance of green and open area in contrast to its southern neighbor, Beachplace. It was like two murals· one with splotches of black over the field area and the other a tapestry of green with an island of pinks, etc. Open Space "For several years since the open space area was first designed and approved by staff and the Town Commission , everyone gives lip service to the idea of securing open space. We need it, we love it. But land on the Key is becoming prohibitly high for the Town to acquire by cash purchase today, so it becomes a very theoretical situation . The money is not in the till. This represents perhaps the first real opportunity to implement the open space plan and make it a reality. Some of


November 27, 1980


the opponents of the plan on the Commission have been insisting on taking the utility funds for operational purposes with the net result that the Town surplus is bone dry . The people and the Commission, together, must be realistic and pragmatic and understand that under the circumstances , property owners do have their rights and cannot be prevented from properly developing their properties, provided the plans meet the codes.

Private Poll "All of my own grass roots polls indicate that almost

everyone favors this density proposal exchange in the light of what it offers to the Key. We on the Commission, it seems to me, must not fail to consider the future. We get so locked up as we think of the present but in reality we must look way ahead. Now who is to say for instance that the increasing and ever growing pressure for accommodating more people and more space along the waterfront will not one day be pushed to the point that it will endanger the greenery of White Island which directly faces the Longboat Harbour area. It is now zoned in fact for single family housing and some enterprising person might make this a reality. Suggestions? "What suggestions do I have? Well, simply to ask , no, to implore the good people of Longboat Key who aTe concerned to attend these Town Commission workshops and regular meetings particularly those th at will be forthcomi ng in the next few weeks when this matter becomes finalized. Let them be heard so that the lobbying by a very small clique will be recognized for what it is, a parochial group which is taking out on everyone else their own disappointment in what they • have or don't have themselves."

De Soto Memorial's Opening Plans The living history camp, Camp Ucita will reopen December 6th at the foot of 75th Street in Brademon. Huts , a blacksm ithing forge, and tables of armor and weapons are set up to interpret the supply camp De Sota 's men established after landing in Tampa Bay during May. 1539. Park rangers dressed as conquistadores, give weapons firing demonstrations four times daily. The arquebus (or matchlock musket) and military crossbow are fired daily at 10:30 a.m., 12:30, 2:30 and 4:00 p.m. The camp will be open from 9:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. daily. Solar energy will be the topic of programs given three times a day, on Mon· day through Friday. These programs will be presented at the park visitor center at 11 :00 a.m., 1: 30 and 3:00 p.m. On weekends this season, park rangers will lead walks on the park's nature trail. Walks will leave from the visitor center at 11:00 a.m., I :30 and 3:00 p.m . every Saturday and Sunday . Superintendent Richard Hile invites all suncoast visitors and residents to visit the National Memorial this season. For additional information on the programs, both on and offsite, call 792-0458 . •

Straight Straight has opened its Sarasota· Manatee County branch at 1401 Cattleman Road. Straight is licensed by, - j as a day·care center for ~ng drug abusers with foster home component. It is open 6 days a week from 9 to 9 and Sunday from 2 to 9. For further information about Straight or a drugrelated prob lem call 377-3400. •

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sparkli ng swimming pool, hydrotherapy spa, and beautiful garden areas of the central court. Terrace interiors feature eat-in kitchens, lots of storage space, and thoughtfully designed floorplans. Priced from the upper $70's. The Vistas. Overlooking sparkling Sarasota Bay, the luxurious and secluded mid-rise Vistas offer a panoramic vi ew of the bay, the islands, and the Sarasota city skyl ine that is unparalleled. The Vistas offer spacious, elegant interiors in a tropical setting . Priced from

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November 14 8:00 a.m. - Man reports injured bird, 6700 blk. GM D. Bird lady noti fied. 8: 33 a .m. - Woman reports screens on porch damaged in unknown fashion. 2800 blk. GM D. 9:50 a .m. - Man reports items missing from his car. Dream Island Road. 10: 13 a .m. Assist at rescue call , 6800 bl k. GMD. Woman passed out. 5:27 p.m. - Woman repom water leak at Eckerd store, Arvida maintenance noti fied. 7:51 p.m . - Bradenton Beach P.O. requests aid and Italian interpreter at Dream Island Road. Both supplied . 9:09 p .m. - Officer reports door unsecure, business, 1100 blk . GMD. 10: 16 p. m. - Officer assisted with vehicle stuck in mud, Country Club Shores. +

November15 12:52 a.m. - False fire alarm, Tides condo, 5500 blk. GMD. Cause unknown. 8:23 a.m. - Assist at rescue call, Yawl Lane. Un· known illness. 9:29 a.m. - Motori st stopped officer to report a reckless driver. Vehicle located and stopped , driver cited for DWI. 5400 blk. GMD. 10:09 a.m. - Officer assisted with disabled vehicle, Publix. Keys locked in car. 10:29 a.m. - Manager reports liquor stolen from hotel bar, 99OOblk. GMD. 2:18 p.m .• Officer assisted Bradenton Beach P.D. with wanted person and illegal alien, Bridge Street. 3:20 p. m. - Officer reports arresti ng subject for theft of television sets from a !ruck. Found 10 be same person the officer had arrested for DWI at 9:29 a.m. Man bonded out and returned to Key. Returned to jail. 4: 18 p.m .. Assist at rescue call, 4600 blk. GMD. Heart attack. 4:44 p.m. - Woman reports former boyfriend threatened to beal her up again if she reponed he beat her the first time. Man was gone on arrival. Village area. 7:22 p.m.· Officer assistcd with vehicle stuck in sand, 1400 blk. GMD. 7:30 - Woman reports twO carloads of suspicious pcr· sons in Bayou section of Bay Isles. Gone on arrival. 7:41 p.m. - Woman reports suspicious person s, Seaview Plaza. Found to be hitchhikers keeping out of rain. Transported off Key. November 16 2:37 a.m. - Assist at rescue call. 3800 blk. GMD. Man had chest pain. 6:00 a .m. - Woman reports stranger knocking on her door, Broadway . Man was lost and 10C'king for directions. 10:28 a.m. - Assisl al rescue call . 3700 blk. GMD. Woman had chest pains. 11:54 a .m. - Woman reports raccoon in dumpster, 3100 blk. GMD. Gone on arrival. 12:16 p.m . . False burglar alarm, Country Club Shores. Set off in error. 12:39 p.m. - Man repom dog on beach, 7000 blk. GMD. Unable to capture it. 12:56 p.m. - Man reports sick raccoon, Dream Island Rd. Dest royed and Animal Control notified. 2: 13 p.m. - Several false burglar alarms due to power fail ure. Seaview Plaza.

2:28 p. m. - WOjpan reports injured 'bird, 1900 blk. GM D. Bird was DOA. 5:56 p.m. - Woman reports .. he was sexually assaulted by five men somewhere in Ihe Bradenton area. Sheriffs Dept. notified. 6:01 p .m. - Officer reports sewer station alarm activated, 4200 blk. GM D. 9:17 p.m . - Man repOrts suspicious vehicle in rear of Food way store. Found to be Store employee. November 17 7:42 a.m. - Woman reports raccoon in her closet. Found to be a rat. 3800 blk. GMD . 12:47 p .m . . Man reports destroying and burying a sick raccoon, Gul f To Bay Road. 1:03 p. m. - Officer stopped vehicle for minor violation. Found to have a fict itious tag attached. 4400 blk.GM D. 2: 10 p .m . - Officer reports findi ng umbrella and personal papers in roadway, 3600 bl k. GM O. Returned to owner. 3: 23 p.m . . Officer assisted wit h disabled veh icle, 4900 blk. GM D. No wipers. 5:54 p.m. - Assist at rescue call , Emerald Harbour. Unknown illness. 6:36 p.m. . Man reports suspicious persons at hotel , 2400 blk. GMD. Gone on arrival. 9:5 I p.m. - Man reports barge in canal, Bay Isles area. Unable to identify. Coast Guard notified. November18 12:02 a.m. - Officer reports pursuit of vehicle at speed at 70 m. p.h. Driver cited and jailed for OW L BAC 16070. 11:21 a .m.' Man reports loose dog, Marbury Lane. Animal picked up, owner notified, warning issued. 12:00 p.m. - Woman reports loose dog. Key Club Road. Captured by woman. Officer bitten on thumb. Owner notified . 12: 18 p .m. - Manager reports vandalism to pool bench, 4400 blk. GMD. 12:28 p.m. - Officer checked tag on car and received Teletype indicati ng tag was stolen. Found to be computer error. 2800 blk. GMD. 1:47 p.m. - Man reporlS minor auto accident, 400 blk. GM D. No injuries. 3:40 p.m. - Officer assisted with disabled veh icle. Bay Isles. Keys locked in car. 4:13 p.m. - Officer assisted with disabled vehicle, 4400 blk. GMD. Keys locked in car. Nove mbe r19 1:40 a .m. - Officer reports taking local resident home. Man had been drinking. l:51 a.m. - Officer reports accident on New Pass Bridge. Sarasota P.D. notified. 4:48 p.m .. False fire alarm , Tides condo, 5500 blk. GMD. Cause unknown. 6:1 I p.m. - Man reports loose dog. 4300 blk. GMD. Owner located and warned. 8:48 p.m. - Officer reports door unsecure. business, 6900 blk. Gi\·ID. 9: II p .m. - Officer assisted with disabled vehicle , Longboat Pass. Out of gas. 9:58 p.m. - Officer reports door unsecure. Business, 6800 blk. Gi\·ID. November 20 7:52 a.m. - Officer reporlS disabled vehicle, 300 blk. GMD. Overheated engine. Wrecker called. . 10:52 a.m. - Woman reports damage to her vehicle. Unk nown when or where it had occurred. Given report form to mail to Tallahassee. 10:54 a.m. - Woman reports boat motors are missing from dry storage sailboats, in Sailboat Center. 4:57 p.m. - Report of dogs running loose. Officer transported twin schnauzers to the P .D. pen and owner

November 27, 1980

given a written warning upon retrieved of same. 7:22 p.m. - Officer complied .....ith request for assistance (rom MSO officer. 8:35 p.m . . Assisted at rescue call, 5800 bl k. Patient not transported. 9:39 p.m. - Man reports prOwler, 4800 blk. No one found. Patrol alerted. November 21 , 4:46 a.m . - Assisted at rescue in 4800 blk. v\"oman having brealhing problems. Remained at home.

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Across from Trader Jack's

November 27, 1980

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Ansel Trade Analysis

Satisfaction of fee requirements of ordinance #80-1 as to Gulfside 25 acres:

(as prepared by attorney Mike Furen)

I. Value Received By Town Per T own's Appraisal Bayside Property 1 7.5 acres ~ .J acres (submerged) ~foot easement to Gulf 5-foot easement to Gulf Off-shore Islands White Key (31 + / - acres) Smaller Key (7.3 + / - acres) 6O-foot easement to mainland 10-foot easement to Gu!f T otal Value Received By T own II. Value Recei ved By Ansel Per Town 's Appraisal 75 additional units on Gulfside 25 acres X530.110perunit

The formula is: Land Value Of Gulfside 25 Acres sq. foot value of Gulfside 25 acres X 435.6 X # orD/ U'S = required fee As applied to Ansel Gulfside: $8,220,000 1,089,OOO sq. ft. X 435.6 X 350 = Total Value Received By Ansel ·"Excess Value Received by Town


$1,150,799 $3,409,049

13,409,049 $2,199,45 1

·"Note: Does not consider credi t for private open space on Gulfside 25 acres in excess of code requirements.

52,622,000 $5,608,500

55 ,608,500

• (fo_?ldSu

71e ~ '", &4t Sel«tI.H. 01


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November27 1980

Page 12

Lut Saturday morning, Shenkel,'. was t he scene 01 the Youth Center Breaklast. O'ler 53000 was ra ised by the kid, themsel'las, wllh assists Irom the Kiwanis club, lions, almost every business on the Key, Most condos, a lot of parents and a. host of dedicated people interested in helping out. Shown abo'le are some of those who donated their time to make the

morning a luccess. Marilyn Hoyt, shown with tha two boys who sold the most tickets, gave Edith Dunn, of Shenkels, a bouquet of lIowers for maklf1lO1 Shenkel'. available again. Even radio station WSPB was on the scene doing a remote broadcalt about 8 a.m. A great day lor Longboat Key.

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November 27 1980

Town Resolutions Confusing Until You Understand


This week, the Commissioners are discussing amendments to a resolution entitled 7~ 7, which to most pt"'"'".• • is meaningless. But to those who have been ar~' Town Hall for a few months , iI means that it is the 7th resolution that was proposed in the year 1976 . It might have been the last to be passed, but it was the seventh to be proposed and given a number. 76-7 has to do wit h an agreement the Town made with Arvida back in 1976 and it is the subject of many suggested changes. Resolution 80-2 1 (the 21 st resolution proposed in 1980) is one which approves amendments to 76-7 . if you can still follow the numbers. Here are the resolutions of 1980 with the subject matter and status . I f you'd like to go back to any other year, they are in the minutes of the meetings, but don't plan to spend the taxpayers money and ask for someone to do the search for you. The Town staff is most cooperative and will be pleased to make all the records available, but you'll have to do the research, the nOte taking and the typing. Resolutions: (Already passed) 80· 1 Approval of Players Club Site Plan 80-2 Disapproval of Bay Isles condominium 80·3 Request of Sarasota County to reconsider vote to di scontinue Longboat Key bus sen·ice. 80-4 Voted to name Ellis Longboat Key Bank repository for computer tapes. 80-5 Request for spoil from dredging of Nee Pass 80-6 Request of Sarasota County to repeal ordinance k~ping ad valorem tax receipt interesl. 80-7 Approval of Longboat Cove Site Plan 80·8 Request of Manatee County to reconsider vote discontinuing bus service on Longboat Key. 80-9 Amended 78-24 approving Arvida's Bay Isle Civic and Commercial Center. 80-10 ' Approved transfer of budget funds within same department 80-11 Annual request fo r special taxing district of Sarasota County in con nection with Double Taxation suit. 80-12 Request for spoil from dredging of Longboat Pass. 8D-I3 Sail Boat Square Site Plan amended 80-14 Amended resolution 78-24 80-1S Amended revised Site Plan for Beach place 80-16 Voted to ask DOT for fund s for feasibilit y study of bridge to the mainland. 80-17 Voteo to designate Acting Mayor succession. 80-18 Voted to ask Community Affai rs for funds to implement Comprehensive Plan. 80-19 Approved Site Plan fo r Beaches of tong boat Resolutions proposed but not yet approved : 80·20 Approval of Arvida's Resort Hotel 80-21 Amendments to 76-7 •

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., /



IT' Green Frog Owner Dies On East Coast William J . Durst, Jr., co·owner of the restaurant location on Longboat Key known as the Green Frog, died Nov. 9 at Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauder· dale. He owned the LBK property jointly with his former wife. -X'nJrst and his attorney, Mike Furen, were frequent V\~ ..;H'S and often speakers at Commission Work shops and regular meetings as the litigation regarding the property grew more complicated. Eventually, a solution was found and the property may now bt used as a restaurant with "adequate" parking. Funeral services for Mr. Durst were held in Feasterville, Pa ., and the property itself is now solely owned by • Mrs. Catherin~ Durst of Fort Lauderdale.

i# W}

Gulf Gat. P!&Z:&

81y hl«Qvk Comm~rclal Clr.

6501 SoUib Tamlami Trail ns &y hlu Par k""ly Sarasou. 924-1116 lon,boll Key 31l.2-t71 NonhTr..1Shoppi~a,. kin,lilllSbopplnJCcnter ConuPlau IOTrail Plaza 212 Shoppilli U.S. HiIh"..y 41



%# ::0


1& Brad.n toll"S-].aSS k::::




tm ~w.


f¥ "~~

~./ VU,

. ,>.,

$ara$OtllSS·7669 SarUOlI9S5-4204 Wali ll. Shoppin, Or. ViJIqc: Piau Shoppinl Or. J9O!il WOSt !'.lanll« AVfl\u. J690 Btt Rid •• Raid Bradenlon. Baktry 747.2019 Sarasotl. Saktr) 924-42"


Sal.bor.Oardenl 6124 14th Street. W.II Brademon 1".)197




Soulh,llt PllU

~South,ll. PIll., H-..'Y. ~ I Sarasotl' Baktry9H-45"



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'. _Page 14

November 27, 1980


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u.s. Highway 41 BRADENTON 158·1455 BayShorf Gord ens b12414 t~St .. W. BRADENTON 755·3797 No. lro:1~pping Ctr. 1() Trc il PIOID

SARASOTA 355·7b69 Rill9lill9 Shopping (lr , 282 Shopping Lone SARASOTA 955·'204

Soufi'l9O" PIOIO 60 Sovth9ate PIoIO, Hwy. '1 SARASOTA 955·6289

viII. PIOIOShowing Cir. 3690 8M Ridge Road SARASOTA92 1·SS17 Gulf Gale PIQIO 6505 So. Tomio mi Troil SARASL)TA 924-11 16 Boy Isles (iy. (omm. (1,. 525 Bay Isles Porlt:way

lONGSOAT KEY 383-2471



Page 16

by Kevin Dean

A Conversation With Annette Scherman H~re's a switch, an interview~r becomes an interviewee . Anneu~ Scherman has been entertaining and informing the Sarasota listening audience with her talk sh~w on WQSA radio for almost four years now . Appnalely call~d "Conversations with Annette Scherman," the program focuses on the arts in Sarasota and other items of community interest. In this nOHo-exciusive interview, Ms. Scherman talks about her early days in radio, h~ r lire before comi ng to Sarasota, and her talk show today. KeYln Dean - How did )'ou get started in radio locally? Annette Scherman - Well, I've worked in radio as an actress ~ver since I can remember. Radio was very different In those days and I was trained as a radio actress. Locally, it was the magazi ne format that inspired me. There is so much going on in Sarasota and I quickly became a part of it after my husband and I moved here. It octurred to me that with 'all this activity, this kind of program was needed - it was the right thing. So, I .w~nt down to talk to Ted Rogers at WQSA, who, cOincIdentally, had been thinking about doing this sort of show. It was fate or whatever you want to call it. The timing was good. Anyway, I wrote up what I had in mind we discussed it three or four times and then he gave ~e the go ahead. Thai was almost four years ago. We started out with the 10 to 11 :00 time slot and within the first year, the show was sold out commercially. At this point, we have expanded the program to two hours and during the years we have added and deleted features. K.D. -l!0w lona: have you livtd in Sarasota? A.S. - FIve years. K.D. - Were you looklng for something 10 get involved with during that ncst )·ear? A.S. - No, I was involved from the minute I got here. The firs! thing I did was organize the first allwomen's t:nnis tournament. That was kind of a daring feat, but It brought me into contact with a lot of women's organizations. The tournament was sponsored by 20 of them. I was also active, to some extent, with the League of Women Voters. That is a very good way to get acquainted with a community. K.D. - Let's back up a bU. You said you were trained as a radio actress. Old you work In the old soap operas? .A.S. - Yes. Unfo.rtunately, it was very difficult to get a Job then. As I s8Jd, I started doing radio when I was 13, but when 1 actually had to earn a living at it, radio ",:as in its waning years and it became increasingly difficuh to find work. Most of it went to a charmed circle of people. I did a lot of theater, too, but I was a character ingenue type since I was too tall to play the sweet little girl who got the boy. I could do a lot of voices though, so eventually I did do quite a bit of radio. But i~ got to the point where I would work one week and not the next. So I wenl back and got further accreditation and started to teach. K.D.· And what did you teach? . A.S. - Creative dramatics, which is not a preparation for theater. It's a combination of techniques used by actors which focuses primarily on communication with young people, understanding behavior and developing the personality. I did that for 14 years. K.D. - Was that In New York? A.S .• In New York, Washington and St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. X.D. - That sounds like an Interatln. place to work. A.S. - It isn't in many respects. My husband became the Superintendent of Schools for the American Virgin Islands and I taught creative dramatics in the high school. But it's not a good place to work after coming from New York . It's a totally different lifestyle. You don' t have the same kind of thinking or energy or cultural existence you do in New York. Although, I did have a night club act while I was there and that was a lot of fun. . K.D. - What klnd of act was It? A.S. - It was called the Five of Us. We did little skits and songs - more songs than acting - it was great fun.


X.D. - You now have a radio program called "Conversations with Annette Scherman" and a man-inthe--street type show from Sarasota Square .•.• A.S. - It's all encompassed in the same show . The Focus, if there is a major focus, is on keeping the public IOformed about the arts and entertainment in the Sarasota area. FOr instance , we have each of the theater groups on preceding or during a production. We used to do reviews, but I found our listeners enjoyed hearing the discussions and excerpts from the shows. We also hav~ regular features each week. "Sarasota Speaks," which you were talking about . is one where we get a cross sect ion of opinion on varying IOpics from people at the mall. Another is "Person to Person" where we visit people in their homes. A third is the "Critic's Caucus." We have a panel of experts who dissect and discuss the films coming up on Home Box Office. X.D. - What are some of the features that you han discontinued ? A.S . - We did one from the Far Horizons. and then the Hyalt House called " Cocktails and Conversations" that was something like "Sarasota Speaks," only it was more provocative and personal. It was very successful. K.D. - Why did )'ou drop it? A.S. - It took too much time, SO we discontinued ~t; "Sarasota Speaks" is very time consuming too, but It s done at a betler time of the day for me. The various series that we now do are thoroughly enjoyable to me. We did one on divorce with men, women, children of divorced parents, psychologists and lawyers. We did another with teenagers and sex altitudes with a member of Planned Parenthood, and recently, we had one about the egalitarian marriages. K.D. - This Is probably the most obvious question I could ask you, but I'm going to anyway. Who are some of the people you' ve found to be the most interesting to talk to dolnR this show? A.S . - There are different ways to approach that question . M~st interesting because I personally have a hero or herome worship for that person is one way to look ~t ~t. Another is how open they are, how much they w:e .wIIIIl}g to expose of themselves. When a person is willing. and has the capacity to express what they feel and Ihmk, then they become interesting. The guarded person who is not willing to say what is on their mind gives a dull interview. I have had the privilege of interviewing a lot of c.elebrated people, some of whom I have a great admiration for. Sometimes you find that when you actually sit across from someone you hold in great esteem you begin 10 think, " weU they ain't so much. " Other limes they confirm your opinion of them. P.eople you .Ieast expect to be interesting turn out to be te!r~fic sometimes. Rosemary Clooney was one. She is Wllhng to open herseJr to you as if she were your best friend. K.D. - I found Joan Mondale to be that way when she was able to slip Oul or her ofncial capacity. A.S. - Yes, she is another warm person, very bright, too. I felt the same way about her. Mel Torme is another person who is very thoughtful about his answers, a very open person. I've met a lot of people, local people, who have been very interesti ng, artists and people involved in our community . X.D. - Is there anyone you have inten'iewed that sticks out In your mind as being very dlfncult to talk to? A.S. - Rob Reiner. K_D. - Rob Reiner? You would think that he would bejust the opposite. . A .~. - The first question I asked him was about his IdentIty, whether or not having a famous father like Car~ Reiner was.a difficult thing for him . He says, "1 don t have a~y difficulty with my identity," and then he ~ent on pUUlOg down the question. He continued to do It all th.rough the interview and was very negative during ~he entire thing. He just didn't want to be bothered with >t .

. Ab<,>ut t~o or three months after that Reiner did an IOtervlew with Barbara Walters and the first thing she asked was something about his identity. He went on and on about how difficult it was to.flnd himself I've talked to some really top notch peopl~, and when t~ey ~e really top notch, they know that giving interVIews ~s ~ part of what they do . Rob Reiner apparently has thiS httte petulance that I suppose is a part of him but it makes it hard to talk to the guy. ' . On the same day I talked to Reiner, I also interViewed C::h.arlton Heston . He was very warm and very open - wllhng to talk about anything and be very candid about it. K.D. - With that we had better Moses on out of here. Thank you·, Annette Scherman.

November27, 1980

Art ~ Hodgell Hartman GallefyJack Ellis, W. Louis Jones and Lynn Gellman

Jack El.lis owned a book design studio in New York, but gave It up and moved to St. Petersburg, where he now spends all of his time working on his magical "portraits." We say "portraits" in quotations because Ellis' drawings are much more than a figure placed in a setting. Rather, they are a bold blend of patterns, visual puns, references, symbols and mythological invocations that happen to contain a human subject in what amounts to a supporting role - almost. Using a crow quill pen~ ink washes and carefully integrated collage, Ellis creates a world for his subjects that is at once real and surreal. For example, in the nearly life size self portrait called "Arco Terminal," we see the artist standing before a Romanesque colonnade wearing an orante halo, surrounded by plants, objects (a baseball, ink bottle boxes and the like) a figure with a crown of crow quill pens , and animals, most notably, Durer 's rabbit. In his hand are the tools of his trade: brushes and pens. Behind him, the blue sky is filled with fire-clouds. The artist stands calmly amidst all of this, peering at us from behind a pair of aviator glasses. The drawing took over a year to complete, we are told. It is easy to get caught up in the intricacy of the patterns, objects and minute details found in one of Ellis' drawings and forget to consider whether or not they represent good art . Some may find the artist's work to be too much like illustration , and indeed , that feeling is present in the drawings. But it is the same kind of "illustration" that is present in the allegorical drawings, paintings and prints of Albrecht Durer and Mathis Grunewald , two of the artiSlS Ellis most admires. W. Louis Jones W. Louis lones' contributions to the show are six out of what was originally a suite of 30 paintings on paper entitled "The Nautilus in Rotation." lones combines objectivity with painterly subjectivity in this series which, as the title suggests, depicts a nautilus shell slowly being rotated , picture by picture, as it rests on a simple pedestal. The shells are painted with trompe l'oeil accuracy while the background is handled with a multi-layered scumbling (dry brushing) technique. The nautilus and its immediate background are confined to a square with an irregular frame-like border of two or three colors which is placed at the top of the page. Below this are drops, blends, and splatters of several of the most dominant colors found in the square and its border. Within each painting, three levels of control (and methods of working) are displayed : the painstaking discipline and control over the medium nC'cessary to create the shells, the semi-control of the scumbling technique and finally the happy accidents of the watercolor method used fo r the color blen ~ nd splatters . "\ ...The overall effect is, of course, lost because we-see orny six of the pictures. But since the six are in sequence (with one missing) it is possible to envision what all 30 looked like together. Although it takes a bit of study to see it, the shells are shown in slightly different positions. The changes are, however, more (Contrnued on Page 11)



-. nO~le

(Contfnued /rom Page 16) ,

in the subtle vanatlOns of shadow and reflected light than in the physical rotation of the subject maner. As a group, the 30 paintings must have been impressive, but each individual painting is impressive enough on its own. Lynn Gellman The paintings of Lynn Gelfman will undoubtedly give the uninformed gallery goer the most problems. Her large abstractions are based on a loose grid system in which each square is further subdivided with a single diagonal line. The formalness of the grid is rendered less formal by the fact that the lines that create it are not ruler perfect, nor does the color confine itself to the squares borders. Gelfman doesn 't paint her canvases, she stains them on both the front and the back which reduces the amount of control over the finished piece. Again, accident blends with design. The effect is similar to what you would see looking through comred and stained cut glass. Light skips across the surface . The softened colors collide or blend , sometimes defining an edge and sometimes erasing it. It may be difficult for some people to see, but within one of Gelfman's paintings, there is much to look at.

Friedberg Galleries Lithographs by Claude Weisbuch

French anist , Claude Weisbuch, has the ability to adopt the drawing styles of old masters such as Leonardo, Rembrandt and Tiepolo, and yet maintain something of his own personality and creative vision in the prints which are based on those borrowed styles and themes. Most of the pieces in the Friedberg show are from suites that pay homage to Leonardo. The subject maner includes Leonardoesque figure studies, equest rian sketches and heads. Designs for machines, weapons and buildings show up at the edges of the sketches in the same manner they do in Leonardo's notebooks. Present too, in some instances, is the writing. In short, to some extent, Weisbuch's prints look as if they had just been pulled out of one of Leonardo's journals. Artist Ble nding Yet, when we look at the pieces in the show which have been inspired by the wonderful impromptu drawings of Rembrandt, we see a certain amount of carry-over of style from the Leonardo prints, and that style belongs to Weisbuch himself. He successfully switches from Leonardo's bold, dynamic, almost superhuman line to Rembrandts softer, more humanized scribble, but an immeasurable amount of Weisbuch seeps in to unify all of his work. The figures are Rembrandts, or they are Leonardo's, yet they aren't. The tension between the polarities creates an added interest when viewing the prints. In the less eclectic lithographs such as "Derriere Le Chevalet" and "Observers at the Easel, " the real Claude Weisbuch is more in evidence. When not adopting another artists style in particular , he seems to have absorbed the mannerisms of many to produce a personal style that is compact and nervous in some sections, and flowing and open in others. Regardless of whose style he is using, you can bet that a Weibuch print is going to demonst rate the artists mastery of the line, not to mention his virlUosiry when confronted with the fi gure. In print after print the artist demonstrates that, if nothing else, he is a first class draughtsman. The Friedberg Galleries are located at 40 16 Gulf of Mexico Drive on Longboat Key.


-Asolo News " Angels" Rack 83,520 Tickets For Asolo State Theater At the Asolo box office on the Ringling Museums' grounds a team of II Asolo Angels (members of the Asolo Theater Festival Association), under the direction of the new box office manager, Timothy Gaines, today racked the 83,520 tickets for the 261 performances of the Asolo State Theater's 1981 season of professional rt;iertory. '} ·~~0-'81 7-Play Subscriptions offer theatergoers di~ounts ranging from 10 percent to 20 percent , plus first chance at seats and dates of their choice . Only subscription orders will be accepted by the Asolo box office until January 2, when individual tickets will be available for purchase. For further subscription information, write Asolo Mailing Department, Drawer E, Sarasota, Florida 33578, or phone AsoIo's business office at (8 13) 3557115 during weekdays.

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Asolo Touring Theater Seeks Artistic Director Asolo Touring Theater, the educational touring arm of Asolo State Theater, is currently accepting applications for the position of Artistic Director for the 1981 -82 season. Interested individuals should submit resumes and letters of interest by December I, 1980. Responsibilities for this position include selection of the tour plays plus designers and directors, casting of productions, supervision of rehearsals, and direction of at least one production. The job of A.T.T. Artistic Director commences in mid-December with the selection of next season's repertory. The position then continues on a part-time basis through October 30, 1981. Resumes should be mailed to: Asolo Touring Theater , Postal Drawer E, Sarasota, FL 33578. No phone calls will be accepted . Asolo State Theater is an • equal opportunity employer .

In by noon One day film • processing Longboat Camera 6854 Gulf of Mexico Dr.


"Sweet Charity" At Golden Apple Dinner Theatre The Golden Apple Dinner Theatre presents Neil Simon's " Sweet Charity", December 2 through January II. Cy Coleman's music and Dorothy Field's lyrics produced such favorites as "Big Spender", "Where Am I Going?" and "If My Friends Could See MeNow". Charity Hope Valentine (Ginger Prince), who wears a tattooed heart on her arm , has been a hostess at the FanDango Ballroom fo r the past eight years, " caught in the fly paper of life". It was supposed to be a temporary job, just until she found true love. This racy and tender musical is directed by Robert Turoff, with sets designed by Charles G. Stockton. The musical director is Janet Aycock and choreographer is Pittman Corry. Costumes are created by Therese M. Bridges. For reservations please call 366-5454. •

Chamber Concerts Celebrate Opening Of Symphony Music Center Two cham ber concerts have been scheduled to cele· brate the opening of the new Florida West Coast Symphony Music Center. Three of our area's professional chamber groups, the New College String Quartet , the Glor ia Musicae Chorus and the Florida West Coast Symphony Chamber Orchestra, will perform at these concerts. Highlight o f the series will be the appearance of Vermont-composer , Henry Brant in a perfor ma nc e o f his latest wo r k, " T he Glass Pyramid" . Friday, November 28 at 8:15 p. m. the inaugural concert will be presented at the Music Center's Lota Mundy Hall. The program will open with the Florida West Coast Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Paul Wolfe. perfo rming the popular PacheJbeJ Canon. Tickets are priced at $4.50 and are a vailable at the Florida West Coast Symphony Music Center , 709 N. Tamiami Trail. Sunday, December 7 al 8:15 p.m. the New College String Quartet will present its third Subscription Series Concert. This will be the quartet's first appearance at the Music Center, which will be the site of their remaining series concerts, as well as those of the faculty and student recitals of the New College Music Festival. In honor of this event, the Festival and Symphony will present a performance of composer Henry Brant's "The Glass Pyramid". Brant, who is currently working on an opera just commissioned by the Santa Fe Opera Company for its 1981-1982 season, will be in Sarasota to conduct the Florida West Coast Chamber Orchestra and Symphony soloists in a performance orhis work. (Contin ued on Page 18)


@IEDBERG GALLERIES Exhibi tion of Lithographs by the Modern French Master

CLAUDE WEISBUCH On exhibit through Dec, 16


of Mexico Dr.


You'll Know YOII Were Framed By Professionals at the

"Carousel" Featured At The Players The colorful sights and sounds of a New England carnival in the late 1800's provide a holiday atmosphere for The Players of Sarasota as they present Rodgers and Hammerstein 's "Carousel," from December 5th through December 17th. John Lund, who has done considerable work in other area theaters, is guest director for this production which features the set designs of Peter Strader and costume design by Joey Hodgson. Shelley Williams and Charles DeHayes, as Julie Jordan and Billy Bigelow, head a large cast in the musical tale of a gentle millgirl who wins the heart of a brash and blustery carnival barker. Tickets for "Carousel" can be purchased at The Players' box office, Ninth Street and U.S. 41 (north Trail), from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. weekdays or can be reserved by calling 365-2494. Curtain time is 8:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and 2:30 p.m. for Sunday • matinees.



10-9 Tues& Thurs


"p.1 pOS1e.P.S




1817 S. Ospray Ave. Mon.-Sat. 8-5



~, ~m[i@ ~@~IiUil@1iiI

@~ ~ ~@J'OW?l Joan MirD'Aquatints

205 N. Orange Ave., Corner 2nd St. Sarasota, FL Phone B13f955·0657





OIS~~V~;~;;t '" /'h

1\(.v.,.'~1'" ~

' - .J,


_....;;.i.._~ Sheila Leach

1\NTIQUES We Buy and Sell Quality Antiques.

320 12th St. W. Bradenton. FL 747·3993 Tues.· Frl .. 10 to 4. or for Appl. Call 747·2872

• Pa intings • Sculp ture • AM Supp lies

GALLERY 2643 Mall Drive Gulf Gate Village


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The evening will open with the New College String Quartet performing the late Beethoven Quartet, Opus 132. " The Glass Pyramid" seven movements based on themes of Beethoven, will follow during the second half of the evening. Tickets are being sold as part of the New College String Quartet' s Subscription Series. Single seats will be available at $6.00 each fro m the New College Festival . Box Office, Cook Hall , 5700 North Tamiami Trail. . Seating for both concerts is limited to 500. •

Scott Gordley Exhibit To Open At Galerie Macler An exhibit of pastels and paintings by New York artist, Seo:! Gordlcy. will open at Galerie Mader with a reception on Sunday, November 30 at 4:00. Gordley portrays people in thei r environment in a style that is based in realism, but utilizes bold, somewhat expressionistic diagonal strokes. GaJerie Macler is located at 1359 Main Street in Sarasota. •

Longboat Key Art Center A two-artist panel show featuring Stan Dennis and Harold J . Warnecke is currently being featur ed at The Longboat Key Art Center in conjunction with the Fiber Arts Show. Stan Dennis, of Venice, is a watercolorist known for his variety of scenery . Warnecke. who has his - ..tinter studio in Sarasota, studied art with his grand'. (alher, Anton Tonini, and at Harvard's. Fogg Museurd. Vesper Ceorge and Massachusetts College of Arts. The panel show will be open to the public through Dec. S. The Fiber Arts Show. featuring all varieties of basic fiber and fabri c art, will run through Dec. 3. •

Art League Of Manatee County Three exhibits opening in the galleries of the Art League of Manatee County on Sunday, Nov, 23 will be "Thailand, Mind and Mood" with entertainment con- . sisting of traditional Thai dancing and bOxing. the annual Print and Drawing Show and the work of newcomer Ted Swank. The galleries are open to the public without charge weekdays 9 to 4:30, Saturday 9 to noon and Sunday 2 to 4:00 p.m. •

First Communities Offers Christmas Gala First Communities of Sarasota is pleased to announce that a 'Christmas Gala' , featuri ng the Manatee Players of Bradenton, will be held December 6th, 8:00 p.m. , in the Village Gardens Club. 5050 Old Bradenton Rd. , Sarasota. The 'Gala' is a musical review featuring the very talented ' Players', choreography by laurie Logan , con· ceived by musical director Jo Snyder, Laurie Logan , and the Cast. Tickets are $5 .00 per person and all proceeds will go to the Manatee Players. For reservations call Mary Ann Rains, 355·1 429 or 351-2003, or the box office of the Manatee Players, 748-5875 . Seating is limited, so please make your reservations early. •

15 Win Top Awards At Ringling Museums Crafts Festival More than 3,500 people had strolled into ihe Ninth Annual Ringling Museums Crafts Festival by 1 p.m. Saturday when Festiv al spok es men named 15 prize winners from the total of 89 exhibitors. Judge for all awards was Ted Potter, Director of The Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, WinstonSalem, N.C. The Best in Show Award, carrying a cash prize of SI,OOO, went to ceramist Barbara Joiner of Bradenton Beach for her wheel thrown ginger jar inspired by ancient oriental form. The Four Merit Awards of 5500 each were made to woodworker Bill l ong of SI. Augustine for his partridgewood jewelry box; Dan Gunderson of Deland, Florida. for his ceramic sculptured sphere; jeweler Pat Stinson, Winler Park , for geometrical!y shaped silver containers set with lam inated plexi glass; and master glass blower John Byron , St. Augustine, for his new art glass . Ten Honorable Mentions of $150 each were also awarded. These went to Werner Bargsten, Sarasota; Jennifer Rittenour Jackson, Micanopy. Florida; Siesta Key ceramist Marilyn Foreman; textile artist Marilyn Harrison, Boca Raton; ceramist Tim Ludwig, Daytona Beach; Auta Braganza Davis, metal artist from Miami; Bill and Leslie Herb, Lake Buena Vista; Judith Strong, Tallahassee; and to jeweler Peggy Simmons. . . ' ~. Pamela Allman of Bradenton. judj:tKI Best In Show at both the 1978 and '79 Ringling Craft Festivals. also won an Honorable Mention for her sterling silver and wood buckle box.

The Judges went for purlly a nd simpliCity of form this Ylt"r, PIctured abova Is th e Best In Show eward winner, • ginger Jar by Barber" Joiner of Bradenton Beech.


The World's Smallest City Enroute To The Ringling From Holland The entire 17th century village portion of Holland' s world-famous Madurodam - the third ranking tourist attraction in the Netherlands - is on its way to the Ringli ng Museum. Sarasota , from its home in Scheveningen, a small seaside resort near The Hague. it will be on display as part of the Museum' s 50th anniversary 17th Century Dutch Portraiture Exhibition. Made available 10 the Ringling by the Royal Netherlands Government , Ihe tiny town, complete with 17th century cast les, markets, windmills, canals; the golden coach of its Royal Mayor, H. M. Queen Beatrix; and ancient seafaring vessels - all in authentic replica - is being brought to the United Stales courtesy of The Uiterwyk Corporation of Tampa aboard an Uiterwyk ship. Ihe Marc Antartico . Robert C. Uiterwyk is Honorary Consul of the Royal Netherlands, Tampa. The voyage of the Madurodam is under the personal supervision of Sheldon J . Shaietl, Uiterwyk vicepresident .

Some of the most Interesllng pieces In the crafts festival were these ceramic sculptures by Dan Gunderson of DeLand, Florida, who received a $500 Meril Award.

Sarasota's Great Attraction Center



Madurodam may be seen at the Ringling by the general public beginning December 5 through February 8 as pari o f the Ringling Dutch Portraiture Exhibi· tion . The Ringling Museum of Art is open seven days a week. There is no admission charge on Saturday .•

Pre-Christmas SALE

Buy that CHRISTMAS BICYCLE or TRYKE NOW and SAVE. Prices are lower now and selection is good. We'll store it till CHRISTMAS and, best of all, we'll put it together for you, no extra chargill EXAMPLES I I UG.


ROSS MX#642 ..... .. ' 179' ~ 13$Y5 00 DESOTO TRYKE~ .: ... . '179-' '1 65 00 ROSS 10 SPD. EU ROPA. ' 16~' ' 145




Use our LAYAWAY PLAN Rentals •. Repaifs


Mon Fri.


813-383 · 3552


. 18 GREATHOLES ... &9MORETOCOME! '15.00 V2 CART & GREENS FEE Call 371-1100 for Tee-Off Time Ask about




10 4

1. Sarasota Jungle Gardens 5 Bird Shows Daily 2. NEW! Jungle Gardens Reptile World! Giant SnakesAll iQators - Reptile Sh ow 3. Gardens ot Ch rist Life Li ke Reali stic Gardens

November 27·, 1980

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Williams Alumni Plan Theater Party


If your club, group or non·profit organization would like to have their notices or activities publicized in this colurn:' ~jmply mail the information to us at leasl one IIo't!t!k ~dvance. Mo il 10: What's Happening, 524 Gulf Bay Rood, Longboot Key. FL 33548. In order 10 insure accuracy, no phone cafls pll!Ose.

December 2nd, beginning at 10:00 a.m . at the main of· fi ce of National Bank of Sarasota at 200 1 SieSia Dri ve.

Annual Christmas Bazaar will be held at Twin Shores Resort on Longboat Key, SaL, Nov. 29th from lOa.m.· 2:00 p.m. Something for all Christmas shoppers. Dolls, stuffed toys, handcrafted jewelry, needlepoint, shellcraft, decorated sand dollars, Christmas orna· ments and much more. Hamburgers and coffee. 3740 Gulf of Mexico Drive.

... ...

... ...

The regular meeting of the Longboat Key Library Volunteers will be held on Monday, December I, 1980, at 2 p.m. allhe Coast Federal Savings meeting room. The Board of Directors will meet one hour earlier.


December is one of the two winter gardening months for Sarasota County. The Sarasota County Coopera. tive Exten sion office will present two gardening pro· grams during December. They are: "Preparing Land· scape Plant s for Cold Temperatures" on Wednesday. Ikcember 3, 1980, fro m 10 a.m. 10 12 noon at the Ex· tension Auditorium, 3000 Ringling Bl vd .• Sarasota. "Selecting Citrus Varieties for Purchase and the Garden" will be presented on Wednesday, December 17, 1980. from 10 a.m. to 12 noon at the Exten· sian Auditorium . Luther Rozar, County Extension Director, will present both programs. Each program is free and open to the public.


The Sarasota Boys Choir is pleased to announce that tickets for their Christ mas Concert \0 be held on Satur· day, December 6th at 8:00 p.m. at the Van Wezel Per· forming Arts Hall will be available, free of charge, on


• Children 's Books . • Records· Puzzles • Edu cationa l & Games

Club News

Longboat Key Chapter of Women's American On will hold a Latka Luncheon & Card Party at the homes of Mrs. Jane Lieberman, Apt. #301 and Mrs. Virgi ni a Sanders, Apt. #10 1, .57.57 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Longboat Key, on Thursday, December 4, 12 p.m. Tickets $.5.00 .


A meeting of Ihe Southwest Aorida Chapler , of City College of New York ..... ilI be held Thursday evening , Dec. 4, 1980 at 6:30 p.m. (Optional Dutch Treat Dinner) 8:00 . (Meeting) at Chez Mediterranean Res· taurant, 3600 Torrey Pines Blvd. (between U.S. 41 and Clark Road). The guest speaker is Dr . Egan Brenner, deputy chancellor of Cit)' Univ. of New York.


The semi·yearly Designers Sale will be at 28 S. Pineapple Avenue, Sarasota, on December 7. Call Diane Panitch 792·0722 or Pauline Weiner 383 -1 605 for a pickup. This meeting is dedicated to Maintenance Ort Training which supplies equipment, maintains classrooms and courses. It provides teachers and helps administer schools maintained by Ort all over the world.

Ros$ M. Tucker. M.D.. Diplomate. Americl n BOlrd 01 Intern.1 Medicine Ind Nephrotogy Is plBilSflrI 10 announce th' opening of his olflce lor the

FOR CHRISTMAS a gift of learning


Contestants are being sought for the Sarasota County Small World Kiddie Pageant to be held Dec. 6, at the Rode ..... ay Inn on Lido Beach. The pageant is fo r boys and girls to 3 years old. Winners will represent Sarasota County at the state pageant . For informa· tion or entry form contact Donna Haynes 485·9144.


CHAPEl AN INTERFAITH COMMUNITY CHURCH 6200 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Worship Service' 10 a.m. Nurspry for Pre--schoolers Rev. Chartes Jim Marsh _MiniSler_ PHQNf


Town & Country Plaza 624 - In the Mall Fruitville at Beneva

Sarasota 957·1919

Specialists in Educational Materials for Parents

Grandparents and Teachers

Bookmobile The Bookmobile under Sarasota Counly Libraries will be at the Publix Shop· ping Center. on Longboat Key, every Monday morn· ing, from 9:00 to 9:4.5 . •


Church Xews


The Ladies Guild of St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church on Longboat Key will hold its annual Holiday Boutique sale in the social hall of the church on Saturday, Dec . 6th from 9:30 to 3:30. The event will include handmade crafts, gifts. holiday items and a raffle of many prizes. Coffee and doughnuts will be available from 9:30 until II :00. Star· ting at II :30 luncheon will be served. Visitors are welcome to come and enjoy the day.




Members of the Jewish community are cordially Invited to worship every Friday evening at 8:00 p.m. at St. Mary Star of the Sea. Visitors cordial ly welcomed. ~:::: ~::::::: ;;; : :::::::J

All Angels by the Sea An Episcopal Mission

~Und~y, 9:00 AM

GULF FRONT HOTEL ON LIDO BEACH IS NOW SELLING TIMESHARING CONDOS A vacation owner.hlp plan at Sara· .aU! Send. anables you to own your

own gulf front vacation condominIum for •• little .a a one-time prlC'e of.39OO. At Sar••ota Sands you pay for just what you'W use. Purchaaa a w •• k or as many weeks as you want but no more. You don't pay for the weeki you cannot use. And you'll own that time period complete with tftIa a.,d limited wa', ranty deed. You have the right to do whatever you want with your time ~Iod: us. it. lend it, trade it. sell It. will ft. In tho.e vacation dollar. you',e already .p.nding into equity. And you'll own • vacation on the Gulf in Sarasota for the of your Ilfa. .

But re.t allu,ed. you're not getting .am.thlng I.... ju.t becauae you',e paying I.... Your full·furnl.hed and d.corated condomInium ha. all the comforts of. fine hom•. Now ft can .11 be yours. Through GulfShar•• at Sa,..ota Sands, So stop by today for a bri.f tour. And make the purcha.e for • lifetime. We're located on Udo K• .y palt St. Armand. Circle at 2160 Benjamin Franklin Drive. Or giva us a (.1111 at 813-388-2138 axt. 804.

That dotsn't mean you'll have to spend ev.ry vacation In Sar880ta. ~rough membership in an interne· tlonal exchange program, you'll be able to your time in Sarasota for a vacation at ovar 300 luxur·raSO:rtl throughout the U.S.,



CIRCLE Simply pl"8$8nt this at the Sarasota Sands Sales Office any day of the week fot • brief tour and a certificate for .15 at one of many fine Ihopa in St. Armands Circle.

COLf6. Ltd


An ongoing project of the association is the presen· tation of Williams College Book Awards to out· standing junior high school students in the area . •

anrl kirlney rllsorrlers 2650 B.hia Vista Street. Sarasola SU/le 205 DOClors Hospital Medical Comple1t Hours by appointment (813) :Y»3321


for TEACHERS! A gift certificate from The Learning Depot

The Florida Studio Theater. founded by Jon Spel. man, a Williams College alumnus. is located at 1241 North Palm Avenue in downtown Sarasota. Reserva· tions may be made by calling the club president, Richard Getman, at 383·.5827 ,

Specially Practice of Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypertension


r--;~~~ prliiieslllel.n-t-"

The Williams College Alumni Association of Sarasota will hold its annual fall meeting at the Florida Studio Theater on December 6. A social hour will begin at 12 noon, a catered luncheon will be held at 1:00, and this will be followed by a private performance of Nancy Alexander's one·woman show, "From Under a Hatrim" . All alumni residing or visiting in the area are invited to anend and bring guests.


Sarasota Sands 1900MAIN ST. SARASOTA

to 1011r to qUlIify f9'l' gift. Hulblnc:l & wit. . Good I' PI"idpeling ltOl'•.

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November 27, 1980

rc;able d'hdte Dining Out By Kevin Dean


RestAur... nt &.

The Cafe Prague

BeAch Resort

ENJOY ... ... Exquisite Continental and American cu isin e . expertly p repared. elegantly served. ... Your favorite romantic melodies on the keyboard nightly. ... Dinner and dancing to t he Jimmie Taylor Orchestra every Fr iday evening . (jackets required. ) fo •• e5e,vl\f lons.

p.i v~ !e


383·2441 240 I C.ul' of

Me~ ico

",~.", ,,,

D. ive


Picture, if you will , a thick slack of succulent , thinly sliced ham that has been topped with several sections of melted Swiss cheese and then placed on three o r four Iight-as-air French crepes . Or how abo ut those same crepes filled with crabmeat, or smoked salmon, or caviar, or spinach and cheese, or beef bourguinonne? If any of all of this sound s good. then the Cafe Prague is just the place for you. But this is morc than simply a crepe restaurant. Also on the lunch menu are an assortment of deli style sandwiches, salads, and an array o f French pastries and continental desserts that melt in you r mouth if you forget the daily calorie count and give them a try. The dinner menu includes meat, vegetable, and dessert crepes, and adds such European specialties as Wiener Schnitzel, Csirke Paprikas . Moravian Beef Goulash and Veprova-Knedlik-Zeli . For appetizers you can try Russian Egg with Potato and Caviar, AntipastO, Cod Liver and Chopped Onion, Rollmops in Sour Creme or Sardines and Onions. Also offered is a selection ofimponed and domestic beers and wines. I've eaten at this little restaurant several times over the past two years and have always found the food to be excellent , the atmosphere pleasant and the service very good . Little else needs to be said except that Cafe Prague is located at 67 Palm Avenue in SaraSOta. The hours are 11:00 to 3:00 for lunch, and 6:00 to 9:30 for dinner, Monday through Saturdays . They are closed on Sundays. For reservations call 953-3863 . I should also add that the Cafe Prague sells a variety of imported cookies, candies and other treats so you can take that taste of Europe home with you. •

'11'" '1m•• 'JUltrcw?






~ ~ i:

OPEN THANKSGIVING DAY with our regular dinner menu. 3:00 p .m .• 9:00 p .m .

chaRleqs Reser~ations accepted. b Amencan Express Honored. eRa 51. Armands Circle 388-3964

wIte 1£ongbout il(eu ~flilton '" pres ents CN


1\ IDqankggiuing idigqt


Thanksgiving Dinners Served 11:30 A.M. 10 9 P.M.

Our. delicious full course dinners include: Choice of appetizer . ·Salad • Rice • Choice of potato

Bread basket. Tea or Coffee. Dessert

Roast Taney. Dressing. Giblet Gravy. Cranberry Sauce Baked Vwginia Style Ham w/Fruit Sauce Roast Sirloin of Beef. Au Jus Roast Loin of Jlork & Dressing Broasted Chicken

$4.95-and up

To complement the traditional culinary events of this festive day· we will be serving: Welcome Cranberry Cocktliil


Cream of Chicken Soup or Oxtail Consomme


Roast Whole Turkey with trimmings -orEnglish style Prime Rib -orRoast Leg of Lamb Normande -orFresh Filet of Snapper


All served with a bouquet of fresh vegetables Dessert and Coffee Per Person ReseP-'ations required Pleose coli 383· 2451 12 Noon (0 10p.m.

May we take this opportunity to wish you all a

Very Happy Thanksgiving! 100 GUlf DRM BRADENTON BEACH RESERVATIDNS 778-2275


, ,~-


November 27, ,980

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The Consul CQ!~ks Caribbean


will be serving Thanksgiving Dinn ers 12·8 p.m.


itely by our superb chef ... matched only only by our courteous service. Make you r reservations now!

OPEN MON. - SAT. 5-10 p.m. 1600 South TamiamiTrail Sarasota _ 365-6445 L _ _ _ _ _,;,;;;,;;;;,;,;;;..;,;,;;;..;;.;.;;;.._ _ _ _ _J .....



(Editor's Note: For the past few years. Dr. Wylene Lamb has served as Honorary Consul for the Country of Trinidad and Tobago. During her continuing visits to the islands of the Caribbean. she has assembled hundreds of recipes. many of these she wi!! be sharing through THE OBSERVER.) . Grapefruit Cottage Pudding I cup flour 2 teaspoons baking powder Vi: cup milk I large grapefruit 2 tablespoons sugar I egg 5 tablespoons margarine

Indulge in a night of elegant dining! OUf delectable entrees are prepared exquis-

o N

By Wylene Lamb



4-6 pm Daily






HAS ENAS ELATE aLai (Come One· Come All) GREEK NIGHT DEC. 9,1980, 8:00 p.m.·?

Enjoy & experience Greek cuisine, sights & sounds (bell y dancers as wett) MENU Ouzo upon arrival Hors d'oeuvres Greek soup Athenian salad Roast lamb Pastitsio Dolmadkia Mousaka Kalamarakia (Try them all and go back for more) A w ine to prepare you for your c hoice of desserts $14.95 Don 't miss it . Limited reservations Ask your waitperson or Call 383·8077

Prepare grapefruit by pegging, and removing skin and seeds. Melt 2 tablespoons margarine and stir in 2 tablespoons sugar until sugar melts. Grease a shallow or ring pan and pour in the sugar-margarine syrup. Arrange the grapefruit sections in the syrup and pour over this the bauer, made as follows: Sift together flour, Vz cup sugar and baking powder, add 3 tablespoons melted margarine. Beat the eggs in the milk and add to the mixture. Beat well and pour over grapefruit sections. Bake in a moderate oven (375) degrees 20 to 30 minutes. Remove and serve grapefruit side up . •




"Dine on the Gulf on Longboat Key"


4000 Gulf of Mexico Dr.


Canerote 01





s"If, .. ~h . spec,.1 uuce. hllm prOvOIO"e cheese _

baked to II golaen


=010' .

~"Ch 2.15

Oinn • • 4. ~

A Quaint Italian Ristora nte on St. Armands ...



Restaurant &

r> _

is pleased to announce its Shopper's & Businessman's Luncheon For Lun ch, try our HOME MAD E Vichyssoise with a Tuna Salad Arlequin , or a sumptuous soup and sandwich. As us ual , we will have our famous continental dinner menus featuring daily specials. Our dinners start at $7.25, so come in and see how personally prepared dinners can be less expensive than you ever thought. HOURS:

Luncheon I! :30-2:30 · Dinner 5:30·9:30

2605 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key For Reservations Call 383-5033

Sandw,ch Shoe


half table service. One half buffet.


.. .leafood Buffel Saturday:

...Hand caNed Steamship Round $5.95 including beverage

All you can eat 5 • 10 p.m.

Food prepared wllh an a"i$/Ic /Ouch and served In a rum of/he ct'nlulY urring. Luncheon Mon . • Fri.. DINNER NIGHTLY • I

Complete Carry Oul Menu Clltering & PrlYIlTe PBrties

MUSTARD'S LAST STAND 5023 Ocean Blvd. Siesta Key 349·0158 58tll·7

RillY without all the Join us at the Inn for a Traditional Thanksgiving Buffet

$6S5 friday :

Specializing in Prime Veal



We have divided our house for our great customers.




Pete Has Done It!


O".n LUlleh • Oinn~f 4500 S ' Phone 921 3337

Children, S3.95

OR Home a Complete Turkey Dinner for 8 to 10 people! Order early!


YOU GET A DELICIOUS THANKSGIVING DINNER! Call today for reservations or to plaoe

Plus our regular menu and . . . Sandwich Bar Monday !hru Saturday from 11:30 a.m. til! 3:00 p.m.

' 'Rte~



& Cocktail Lounge Phone 778-2233

your order .

Served Noon to 10 PM

*oeid),o\\ ~~ LONGBOAT KEY 4949 Gulf of Mexico Drive Ph. 383-3771



Page 22

HAVE A •••

November 27, 1980

ivi Around Town ...

Many Happy

By Fran Dolph 383·5509 (Dedicated to news oj the homes and condos on Longboat Key and of Ihe residents, friends, relalives Qnd visilors who enjoy our island.)



A welcome back cocktail party was held at the Seaplace Club House, Wednesday, Nov. 19th. Everyone was in a festive mood, and it was fun to greet old friends again.


Tine Peveril!, a long time Longboat Key resident, is feelin g fine and has returned home after a brief stay in the hospital.


An amusing sign hangs in a local beauty shop, it

reads, " We Accept Cash".

Thanks to your continUed patronage, it's our second birthday. Come nelp us celebrate


l:n-,,'~ J'mn~

In Ih ... ",'u'h'n~"k

h ... n,h ('''Unlr: Inn. "h ... ,..- all

pr,·par... J





Met a charming couple, Mr. & Mrs. Emil Mladek at the recent Chamber of Commerce dinner held at the Buccaneer. They plan to fl y to Chicago, December 18, then the 22nd they will travel to Clinton. Iowa for Christmas. Back to their apt. in the John Hancock building in Chicago and return to their Longboat Key residence around January 4th.


Jllm~,_ ~r~ ""r-..,nJII~

,h..-I ,," n... ,_ . rr"n':l_ JnJ .\ l l,·hd

Rc~crl <lli(\n~ Su.t:'g<:~I<:J


.'XJ-::!-I::! I

1 want to share some of my favorite recipes wilh you, and in turn, if you would like to share your favorites, please mail them to me at The Obserl'eroffice.

:--'Ion . Ihru Sal. 5.uO-lU:(KJ P.!>.I :"'-,'nh EnJ ", I. II 1\ . - 'WI.1 (iull ",- ~k\l" " Dr

Raw Relish 1 medium head sliced raw cauliflower I cup coarsely chopped ripe olives (pitted) ¥J cup chopped green pepper V1 cup chopped pimiento \12 cup thinly sliced and chopped onion Dressing \12 cup salad oil y.. teaspoon pepper 3 tablespoons lemon juice 3 tablespoons seasoned gourmet rice vinegar (found at the Cheese Shop on SI. Armands) 2 teaspoons salt Yl teaspoon sugar Blend wen, pour over vegetables and chill .


.&,~ Gracious French Gourmet Dining 5:30 · 10:00 p.m.



Rocky's Rib Room

Happy Thanksgiving to all !

chaRleqs CRab

It'S our way of saying thanks! St. Armands Circle 388·3964 Reservations accepted. Ameflcan Ellpress honored.

Italian and Seafood Specialties Served with a Waterfront View ...

-_ -' 'Patti9~~It9~: 9. \~ ~ ~ •.. ,

. ~



~ii!~ - FEATURING-


Flounder· NatIve Red Snapper . Shrimp & Scallops Scampi. Filet MIgnon· Calves Liver. Baked Chicken Specializing In Pasta & Veal Dishes

We Provide "CARRY OUT ORDERS" from our Entire Menu - Plus OUf Delicious Pizza Hours: 5-10 p.m. Open 7 Days a Week 4120 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Longboat Key 383·5111

The Finest Steaks & Barbeque in Sarasota Served until 1:30 a.m.


~k.l.·~arasota 's Downtown ~ .,

Saturday, November 29. Join us for dinner and we'll toast you all evening With complimentary champagne.

.... Note! We will be closed on Thanksgiving Day so that our employees may enjoy the holiday with their families.

Dining Center

1st & Pineapple - Downtown

LO~~~o~~::,:,; Dinnllr. Prllpl!lted Daily Ready to Reheat


To all our friends a most Happy Thanksgiving.

5640 Gulf of Mllxico Dr.. Longboat Key Lighter Meal... Lighter Check. Seven Days A\Wei<..

im" <·"".,id,·,.uh", < "" 1I",·i~l" ,'''''''','1'.' ("-'I"".,'''' ./11.1 (>'''' ~r1\" din,·,.'. tin Hi.'io S,·••" .1( .... '.",'.",1 will ,,,,,,. "ll"r" "'''''",'' $,,,·,·,,d. S,,,.;I/,-, I'",t'.'"$ Q/ ou' /;'11' jUQd <l'ill "'A'i,,~

,'"'' &,

~, .. ,iL,illt' ,If 1,~lf II,,· i'rin·

&<'1,,",," 1/'"

/'Ii'"'' <.If j:U/J J"cI 6:00 1'..\1 ....,.,.,." d~.,·; .• ...n/'.

Thanksgiving Dinner Will be served 1:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Thanksgiving Day A Child/en's Menu will be available, as well as

Free !/easura chest gifts for tile kids. Our regular menu also served 1 p.m. 10 midnight.

ROS6rvations Suggested. Call 383-1101.

T lw Ultim,\h' in 5'·I>'i,·,·. Cui~i,,,,

"nd Atm" .. p lwn·

Open II ;30 am daily Bruncll on Sunday Lounge open umi12;OO am c"crynighl ReServal ions recommended Phone: 792-4776 9"915 Manat« A'·e., W. Bradenton. Florida


Patti & George

November 27. 1980


The Way It Was The following are excerpts from Longboat's first newspaper, The Longboat Look-Out, published by Gu)' and Melanie Paschal in the 19~O's:

Your Go.vernment

Page 23

Sunday Services

BuiLding Code Registration 0/ Voters Special Election of Councilmen (Aldermen) General Election Ordinance Closing 0/ Public Areas (streets, Parks, Beaches, etc.) 14. Building Code for Whole Key Did you knott! it when these were being considered! Do you own property? Do you know they were passed! Did )'01.1 know the Council had appo inted Committees on Roads, Zoning, etc.! Do you kn ow u,ho is on these CommiHees? Your Aldermen work hard on the Council and in CommiHee. It takesliule work 10 show "ou are in. rerested. Drop in at Co un cil Meetings oc~asionally. Write in yotlr suggestions and criticisms. Talk 10 the Aldermen from your Distri,·t abou t his job and your problems. 9. 10. 11. 12 . 13.

T t....___.:'oum Council has very heav)' responsibil~ties. "'total pro pert:;.' on Longboat Key today IS worth at least S25,000,000. It has just about doubled in value in [he past seven )·ears. If the Council makes any serious mistakes in the handl· ing of :::oning, roads, beaches, taxes , the l'alue of property could ob t'iollsl)' be affected b:;.' man:;.' mil· lions of dollan. So the alderman's job is o ne of great importance. And the electio n of qualified alderman is also a heat')' responsibility. lr is moSt important for the protection of the t'alue of your own propert)· fO know the qualifications of the candidates )'ou t'ote for onJune 5th. In the next issue the Look·Out will give )'ou as Be Sure To Know Your Alderman complete and impartial a summary 0/ the back· Candidate Before You Vote For Him gro un d and experience of each candidate. But )'OU Register Now should meet the cand idates personally and hat'e a You must register al Ih e Town Clerk's Office to chance [0 question them alld judge them. Irrespon. vOle in the SPECIAL ELECTION June 5th, jar sible action b,' the Council could bring yOIl bad Alderman-at-large, Alderman, District No.3, neighbors, high taxes, poor roads, bad sanitation, Town Marshal. and many other things that would hurt the vallie 0/ your propert)· and th e health and happiness 0/ )'our Know Your Candidates famib'. Th e present Council has passed 14 ordinances. These are th e Town Lan's 0/ your community. They will pass man)' more. Some 0/ the aldermen are inexperienced. Some 0/ them could take a keener interest in their jobs. Sume could keep Anna Maria, June 26 . Residents attending a themseh'es better in/armed. Make sure the candidates )'01.1 vote for are the special meeting 0/ the City Comm issioners on the mosqui!Q problem here last night, urged that the kind who will make good aldermen. The Counc il has passed the /ollowing ordi· Commissioners "do somet hing." By unanimous vOle the Commissioners decided nances: to borrow S4,OOO to be used for purchase 0/ a truck L Cigarette Tax Ordinance jogger and jar drainage ditching. 2. Zoning Ordinance Ci ty A ttorney Walter R. Talley will report on 3. Zoning Ordinance (a new one is coming up) possible ways oj borrowing the mone)'. 4. Misdemeanour Ordinance (You can be fined Mayor William Bryer said that the City 0/ Anna or jailed under this one.) Maria would either have to levy an assessment 5. Garbage Franchise Ordinance against improved and unimproved properl)' and un6. Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance 7. Electric Light (I Power Franchise Ordi· developed acreage, or it will ha ve to lev)' ad mlorem taxes for one year to retire the loan. nance 8. Control of Motor Vehicles

Anna Maria Vo.tes $4,000 Against

Fift y Longboat Keyites attended the Church Srvice at Wake Island last Sunday. A new quintet: Hate! McMichen, Mildred Ashcraft, Linda McMichen, Mary Dell McMichen, and Snooks Morehead sang, "In The Garden." This choir is a fine addition. The leader for next Sunday is Adelia Miller on the subject "Truth." Ever)'one is welcome at these unique church services each Sunday at 11:00 A.M. If )'ou wish you ma)' leave your children at the Sunda)' School at the Longbeach School House while :-' 01.1 attend church.

Marshal's Resignatio.n Accepted On Monday lIighr the Town Council formall)· an-epted the resignation 0/ Mr. Edward Eggers, Town Marshal. Mr. Eggers has mOlled to Whitfield Estates. Mr. E~T(l Logue 0/ the Ke)' Grocer:-' is running for Manhall in the Special Election oj June 5th.

Open Letter To. My Custo.mers Longboat Key's latest medium 0/ communication has afforded me this opportunity of thanking all our CUSlomers for the wonder/ul support you have given to us otler the past two years. Without your help we would not be in a position to offer Ihe services which we now do. So man)' 0/ you have told us that you are anxious to see thai we business men 0/ Longboat Ke)' enjoy the privilege 0/ con tracting )'our work as your support helps us to help Longboat Key grow into a thriving town. We sincerely appreciate this priceless community spirit and feel encouraged that we will grOtt! along with the Key which will be one 0/ the finest towns in Florida. With Many Thanks Walter Franks FRANKS ELECTR1C CENTER Adv.

The J~~'~p~l~rrbers where justice i, given to fine Victuals

OPBN 11::«) A.M. IlAILY A Must on Longboat Key

Make Reservations Now For Christmas Dinner BRUNCH

. 29 t,


Tues . thru Sat.. Noon to 10 pm

Sunday to 9 pm


"Xvxn though my typxwritxr is an old modx!, it works quitx wxll xxcxpt fo r onx of thx kxys. I havx wishxd many limxs that it would work pxrfxcdy. It is trux that thxrx aTX 46 kxys that function wxll xnough, but just onx kxy not working makxs thx diffxrxncx. "Somxlimxs it sxxms 10 mx thaI our club (condo, firm, family) is somxwhal lib: my typxwritxr. NOI all thx kxy pxop\x arx working propxrly. You may say to yoursxlf, "Wxll, I am only onx pxrson. It won't makx any diffxrxncx. It won't

makx or brah thx club." ... But, it doxs makx a bxcau5x a Club to _ _~ xffxctivx n;(xds thx aClivx participation of xvxr)' pxrsOn. So thx nxxt timx you think you atx not nxxdxd, rxmxmbxr my typxwritxr and say to yoursxlf, "I am not a kxy pxrson of this club and I am not nxxdxd vxry much." Co ~~'o:r.x nCx

.'J. <: r· .. •


rr=113=:==::a 3"""='· 2=:==::5 0'7i1 0



n n __ . _

. . . . . . . . . ..

"' 111'·,\",·•• ·,,·.1 \ •. \ .

:, . •1-

. _.r - 4



3454 Gulf ot Mexico Drive· Longboat Key


::..'_..,... '....\............. , -_.)l ....a~(ii 1'Jij : .......... ,....-...-:~,





Quill Monday


Mw J01I~ 'Qi*foy¢114 ,fII,n poutl' ...."""'1"""

Not Nxxdxd

Reg. Hours 9 . 2 & 5:30· 8

Sunday 8:30 10 Noon




i:~~ . • Ji PAYING TOP DOLLAR t;,:".:::..;:::. J (NATIONALLY)


III £I u.s. A.H.A.-All NATIONAl I: LOCAL ausooss CItOUPS


RICHARD MOORE. Philaletist


Page 24

November 27,1980

Beach Sand ............. (Continued from page 1) have been achieved. and the beaches along Longboat Key might then have an erosion control project aimed at the long range restoration and maintenance of the shore line. Otherwise, the Town will have to go it alone.

B.O.A. Frogress Report The BOA officials rcponed that they have most of the signatures of the beach owners along the southern end of Longboat and the Town has agreed to sponsor an Erosion Control Line. Therefore, doesn 't that mean they can get some of the spoil from New Pass bridge dredging? And since the northern end of Longboat already has an Erosion Control line, the BOA wanted to know if they have followed the proper procedure, have doued all their i's and gone through the correct channels. No Need For Erosion Control Line The answer surprised most everyone present. "You're going to get as much spoil as possible from both Passes, it will be piped as far as we can without going to additional expense and you didn 't need an Erosion Control Line at all in the first place."

LBK Will Get The Sand The men were told that the BOA was advised to organiZe, get signatures and permission, send copies to every govC':rnmental entity they could and hold a public hearing. Bill Carlton said all that was fine but not necessary since the sand will be transferred not to the beaches of Longboat, which are in private hands, but seaward of the mean high water mark, out a few hun· dred feet into the Gulf. No Problems Expected The BOA people were delighted after they fully understood the answer, especially so since they had been willing to pay the Corps privately for the "sand trans· fer" as the visitors kept referring to it. Garland said that it is not all 100'10 definite since the funding has not been approved, but he felt that there is a good chance it will be, that the work will likely start on both passes in the 3rd quarter of 1981 (the third Federal quarter, April, Mayor June) and that Longboat will be the recipient of thousands of cubic yards of the fill now clogging up the channels at New Pass and Longboat Pass.

1971 Letter To Corps By Mayor Opposed Beach Nourishment The SOA "brus" In an Informal conference al Town Hall while awalling Iha arrlyal of the Slate, County and Federal experts on control of beach erosion. From left to right; Secretary Miriam Greenberg, President Jack McCormlek, Vice Mayor Claire Bell and Board Member Mike Hodges.

public, but they felt that close to 50,000 cubic yards of sand will be placed on Longboat Key. Again , it will be seaward of the mean high water mark, not on the beaches, since they are privately owned. Wait For Corps Report One private beach owner asked what to do about the erosion of the sand in front of her property. Every· one has been asking about the same problem for years, but Garland suggested that the Town and private beach front owners wait for the detailed report on Longboat Key, currently being prepared by the Corps of Engineers. The report will recommend certain actions to be taken, but it will be up to the Town.

Project Turned Down Before A few years ago, the Corps proposed a restoration project for the beaches of Longboat Key but the Town turned it down since it meant carving out some public beaches, a prerequisite the Town has not yet accepted.

Give And Take Representing different areas of expertise, the men were relaxed (after they realized that the BOA was not a bunch of radicals all ready to attack them and their policies) and spoke with little of the " double talk" anticipated. One BOA official remarked that, for the first time, the group had been given simple. straight, intelligent and logical answers.

It's Up To The Town "Some day. you'll come begging," Garland said , "and ask to be included in a restoration project to save the beaches, but there will be no attempt to force the Town. It 's up to you." The inference was that if the Town would meet certain criteria, it could take part in a project that would delay but not prevent erosion of the beaches.

Corps Must Dredge At the outset, BOA member Mike Hodges questioned the fact that no public hearings had been called for on the dredging plays havoc with the adjacent shore lines. He was told by the Corps of Engineers that they are under orders to keep the passes open and that, while the speaker may be right, it is the corps' job to keep the passes Open for navigational purposes, both cammer· cial and pleasure.

Public Beaches The consensus seemed to be that for any long range help, the Town will have to open up some of the beaches . If not , the Town can establish an Erosion Can· trol District and levy local taxes to start and continue the long range restoration project on its own. Bill Carlton spoke about the groins into the Gulf that the State DNR put in 20 years ago and noted that it would have worked if the abuttors had kept the boards adjusted according to the plans. When asked what would happen if the grains were removed, he replied "probably nothing."

"Sand Transfer" Not "Project" The terminology was important in the discussions, since the word "project" was nOt completely understood. According to Garland, what the BOA was talking about is a simple "sand transfer" not a ' ''project, '' which would entail detailed engineer speci· fications. So what was thought to be a complicated creation of an Erosion Control Line and considerable cost on the part of the southern end beach owners, becomes instead a simple request for sand from the dredging, and the powers that be have agreed in principle. They did caution that most of the spoil from the south end will go to Lido Beach, which is

Both Sides Reasoning The end result of the meeting, which lasted until close to I p.m., is that the BOA and the Town have talked face to face with those in charge of dredging and beach control and found them reasonable people, something that has been doubted until Thursday. The BOA , in hosting the discussion and in being reasonable them· selves , can take a lot of credit for the progress. Now if the "public beach" problem can be solved, to th e satisfaction of the Town, the public, the BOA, the county, State and the federal government, a miracle will

On the twelfth day of II " I itlW(llltl tl

ShOrJ ~ADlES' APPAREL Women's h shions ";:'D".. ;, ".lnComp;lfible Polynesiin Mlnnef Pe rll,lmes Itom Ihe Isl.lnds uql,lisile Accessories Uniql,le Imnd fOOl Weil from Honolulu


Officials present at the recent BOA meeting said that the Town of Longboat Key had refused to take part in any beach nourishment plan proposed by the Corps of Engineers nearly 10 years ago. The letter to the Corps, signed by Mayor Sam Gibbon, did indeed say the "people interviewed" opposed any beach nourishment which would in effect "estab· Iish a publicly owned beach." The Mayor 's letter, which was directed by the Town Commission and which has set the tone for past relations ..... ith the Corps of Engineers is as follows: "Town of Longboat Key Aorida February 19. 1971 Mr. George Marsch Jacksonville District Corps of Engineers P.O. Box 4970 Jacksonville, Florida 32201 Re: Erosion Control. Longboat Key Dear Mr. Marsh: With further reference to my letter of February 3rd in answer to yours of January 22nd , a committee ap· pointed by the Longboat Key Town Commission has discussed the erosion control program with a repre· sentative sample of citizens o ..... ned Gulf·front property. This committee reported to the Commission at a regular meeting held Wednesday evening, February 17 , to the effect that the people interviewed were unanimous in expressing their opposition to beach nourishment which would in effect establish a publicly owned beach area seaward of their present mean high water line. The Commission instructed me to write to you that under the circumstances .....e can't see how there is any possibility of getting local acceptance of the nourish· ment plan. The Corps of Engineers is also making plans for reo dredging Longboat Pass and placing spoil off the north· west corner of Longboat Key. The Town Commission has asked me to express their hope thai these plans will be carried out so that whatever material is dredged from the Pass will serve as a stockpile for the natural littoral drift to the southward. We fully realize the can· tinuous erosion process. Very truly yours Samuel Y. Gibbon Mayor cc: Mr. L. H. Fonson, Chairman Manatee County Commissior: f'

Atlas,Van Lines • r,,,,w, Mo-ring

• rIME,U"",,".


• Local .... lOft9 0/11 .....

... my true love gave to me 12 hand· painted ornaments a·hanging. I 1 stockings a·stuffing . 10 bells a·ringing. 9 pinatas dancing . 8 candles a·glowing . 7 Schmid music boxes a·tinkling. 6 strands of lights a·glimmering. 5 gold·rimmed plates. 4 Mrs. King's ca kes. 3 Anna Lee dolls. 2 nativity scenes and a stuffed patridge in a flocked tree ... all from The Christmlls

Wl1,r <nl1ristmu;;:rPP-n ee, g,hnpp"" 1',*,:,"'1~ ~'I .u I Ii :

• Olflc. Mowing • P,o,ecled 5'....19. 'EIec,,,,nlc•• OI.pIIY· • In,,.nl SIIIPI>lnG R.pon. • CourtltOUI . p"" ...lon,1 P.~kl"'il

355·2936 After Hours Coli Hide Valenti 75B-7490, len Valenti 755·3067 SCHEDULED VAN SERVICES TO All 50 STATES & CANADA I Ultro Modern Fireproof Climat. Control Warehouse • Inlerootioool Moves· Modern Equipment • SpMiol Products Specialists

Davi & Valenti Movers, 1m:. WE'RE MOVING YOUR WA Y '"-2375

3898(~ ~3;9;5~46~~1~50,a t:==~"~'3",~..;::::j1::! New Holiday Shopping HoursMon.·Sat. 10·9 p.m. Sun. 12·5 p.m.



ICC No. MC·79658



November 27. 1980

Page 25


Stri ctly Sailing by Phyllis Mabrey

Thanksgiving - that means it's time to think of Christmas. It's not too soon to plan some original gifts for the boaters on your list. Over the years we have received several unusual gifts, all welcome and showing thoughtfulness . Consider these ideas: Canvas or denim bags of all sizes are always useful to boaters. Make them or buy them to match the boat's colors and then personalize with iron-on letters. Use more iron-on letters and put the boat's name on plain T-shirts for each crew member. A medical kit is a practical gift. Make up one using bandages, aspirin, salt tablets, suntan lotion , insect repellent and tweezers. These supplies are frequently used up so replacements are welcome. You still have time to order some note-paper or napkins with the vessel's name imprinted . Most stationery stores do this. We received note paper last year and have loved seeing "Truelove" in print. I even write letters on cruise now. Embroider an inexpensive tennis hat with the boat's name on the brim and nautical designs on the crown for a one-of-a-kind gift. Another thoughtful gift is a towel or set of towels appropriately trimmed. Not only attractive but easy to identify if left in a marina or yacht club. Everyone cruising eventually makes a trip to the laundromat. You can make the chore less irksome if you give a laundry bag along with a box of detergent, a change purse of dimes and quarters and a bag of clip clothespins (for drying towels and swimsuits on the lifelines) . Add large plastic bags with self closing tops for carrying wet clothes. An elegant gift for the coffee drinker is an attractively packaged jar of instant coffee, a jar of dry cream, some individual sugar packages and paper coffee cups. Even after the coffee is gone your friends will remember the idea. Buttons pop and pants rip; a small sewing kit answers this need. In a lidded box include a good pair of scissors with the buttons, needle and thread. A little stapler for really quick repairs is a good addition. Neatly packaged foul-weather outfits are available at most discounts stores. Even the best equipped sailor can use an extra set for guests. To make a kit for showers ashore put a towel (thin ones dry faster and take up less storage space), a wash· cloth , a soap container with soap and a pair of sandals in a canvas bag. If you can find those trial size bottles or tubes of shampoo. toothpaste and deodorant put those in along with a disposable razor and a toothbrush . A foam rubber bed pillow covered with a colorful beach towel can be used for lounging in the cockpit and also covered with a pillowcase for sleeping. You'll think of more, it should be YOUR gi ft , YOUR idea. And if your non-boater friend says, "I never know what to get for you," pass this column on. We' re off with the Sun Coast Yacht Club to cruise south and around Charlotte Harbor. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. •

Conferences The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort Marke Communications. N.Y., N.Y .. Nov. 3D-Dec. 6 Utility Power Corp., Bradenton ....... Dec. I·Dec. 3 Jack Daniels Distillery, Nashville, TennDec. I-Dec . 4 Union Oil Co. of California, Schaumburg, Ill ................. . Dec. 3-Dec . 6 American Reading Conference, Univ. of GA ., Athens, GA ... . .. . .. Dec. 3-Dec. 6 Hyatt Sarasota Brooks Shoes/ American Medical Joggers Assoc., Sarasota ........ Nov. 28-Nov. 3D Tauck Tours, Westport, Conn . . ... . . Nov. 29·Dec. I Snelling & Snelling, Sarasota . .. ... .. Nov. 30-Dec. 5 Eastern Air Lines, Miami. .... . ..... Dec. I-Dec. 31 Dataquest, Jnc ., Menlo Park, Calif. . .. ..... ....... Dec. 2-Dec. 5 Whitney/Bruder Wedding, Las Vegas , Nev .... ............... Dec. 4-Dec. 7 Sheraton Sandcastle International Telephone & Telegraph. Nov. 30-Dec . 6 Atlanta Colts Youth Association ...... Dec. 4-Dec. 7

The "Admirals" of the Sarasota Yacht Club al ease alter a most successful regatta. From lelt to rIght; Milo Gerou, Del Bergstrom, Walter Bennett, Lou Brady, George Hallen and George Connelly.

Editorial (The following Editorial was p rinted in lhe Observer in January, 1979 and bears repealing now thai boat registrations are overdue.) What with the Red Tide. the heat, trips out of state and the usual business of summer, your publisher fo rgot to renew his registration on his outboard equipped boat. Nothing really c r iminal. just an active "forgetter". So when we went out in Buttonwood Harbor one Sunday afternoon in September, who should be there but the Florida Marine Patrol. As we passed, we waved to them, and they to us, and then we noticed they turned around, followed us. flashed the blue light, turned on the siren, and pulled us over to the curb. or what passes as a cu rb near the "A" marker .

Criminal Charges Judge Sllverman pointed out first that the people in court were facing criminal charges. This was a bit of a jolt. Then he stated thai if you plead guilty or nolo, the case could be disposed of the same day. If you pleaded not-guilty, you could request a jury or non jury trial, and he Stressed your rights and the rights of the state. If you were found guilty or if you pleaded nolo, the Judge could then impose a fine, and you would then have 10 pay it (cash please, no checks) plus S12 Court costs and a 50/0 charge for what I understand to be the "crime compensation fund". The laller seemed like a good idea in theory but its implementation questionable when applied to a boat registration .

Scars and Tattoos? Out came the attache case and the qUestions, all \"ery business like, efficient, and polite. But when it came to telling them how many scars and tattoos I had on my upper body, as it asks on the form, I figured that while I don't have any tattoos, I do have some. sca rs. But since each one is small and has its own personal history, I figured it was no ones' business but mine, so I lied and said "none". hoping they didn't SpOt the I/o inch football scar over my eye, nearly hidden by my white hair, or the Iii inch scar on my right arm. I can't even remember how I got that o ne.

How Do You Plead? For about 15 minutes, the judge heard various cases: Unlicensed dogs. welfare fraud, bad checks, then Case No. 78-1311 -09-Ml , The State of Florida vs . Ralph B. Hunter. How do you plead? The judge said 1 couldn't say a word if , pleaded guilty, and I didn't want a jury trial, so I said "nolo" and asked him if the charges against me were really of a crimi nal nature. He stated that from a strict legal point , they were, so I pleaded guilty and awaited the fine. "Twenty-five dollars" plus court costs, plus the 50/D. Grand total: $38.25.

Mea Culpa Age, birthplace, eyes, social security number, weight, description of boat, motor, hair color, all very normal questions ... I guess . We found the officers so nice, we admitted we were wrong, were guilty of "operating a motor boat without a current registration" and asked them how, where and when we paid our fi ne. Nothing quite so simple. Possibly due to the smuggling of "controlled substances" in inland Florida waters, the Floric!a Marine Patrol lias little choice but to write a citation . No argument there, either. To Court You Go But ... unlike a time when we were a day over on our auto registration or inspection (I do have a habit of forgetting) and were told to get it renewed within 48 hours or go to court, this time it's go to COUTI. After signing my name that "I agree to appear to answer the offense charged or to pay the fine subscri bed", I drove into Sarasota (they caught us 100

Was It All That Serious? I can see where the time and paperwork of all concerned was worth it all, but as a taxpayer, I still wonder if it all was really necessary. In any case, couldn't a boat owner be given 48 hours to get his registration renewed before the legal juggernaut starts roiling? •


Which Christmas Gift Will She Cherish the Most?


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DIAM.ONO U1TlNG .. UMOUNnNG WATCH .. y:r:WtLAT • .!PA nt at

Courtroom A Coun day was in October in Sarasota, Court Room A, Judge Marvin E. Silverman presiding. The time scheduled was 9:30 a.m . and the Judge directed all those assembled to plead Guilty, Not Guilty, or Nolo (which every Latin student knows as nolo contendere). Then he told o f the consequences of each. and of the constitutional rights of all persons charged . Quite a lesson in rights and responsibilities and a most refreshing welcome to the impersonal bearing of many judges and civil servants.

Pistols At The Ready Two very polite officers, their .45 calibre pistols at the ready, asked us for our registration, which we then remem bered we had neglected to renew. Officers Rogers and Klohn, then asked us to follow them. Fo rtunately the motor started and off we wem to an area out of the way where they anchored and asked us to pull along 'side . Luckily they did no! judge us by our seamanship during that delicate manoeu vre.

Custom Designing by Wm. Frazee

1316 6tb Ave. w. Bradenton. n JJS06

yards from the Manatee line) and asked to do whatever one does when one admits one is wrong and is ready to pay a boat ticket, which I thought would be like a traffic ticket. Again ... not quite so simple. One must go to the Sheriff's Office and POSt bond of close to S30 if one does nOI wish to go to court. We hadn ' t realized what a menace to society we were.

BILL EVANS The funct ion 746.9007





North Blvd. 01 Presidents St. Armand's Key Sarasota, Florida 33577


HOO South T~m,~m , Tr~ ll . '121.4651 Open 9 ' )0·5:)0 MOndaythru Saturday \ e,OCK\ SO UT" Of !E!

~'OGE ~D

Page 26

November 27,1980


Jack Slack ..... ..... .. . (Continued tram pag!! 2) Along with Connecticut-based General Defense , investors are looking again at companies such as New H ampshire's Sanders Associates, Atlanta Research, Thiokol and Loral Corp. to name just a fe w. There are man y more, most are not well known, but Ihey are in vital areas (hat should become more profitable as the nation moves to rebuild its military strength. General Defense was once a pan of Gulf & Western and is a recenl spin-off from Clabir Corp. It is small, sales last year were only $55 million, but it sports a reasonable price earnings ratio of about 12 times its last 12 months earnings ofSl.70 per share. Analysts think the company's sales could expand to $72 million this year but, as its market grows, gains in future years could be remarkable. The company is the dominant supplier of ordnance for Army tanks, and is the principal development contractor for project iles for the present fleet of about 14,000 tanks. The present budget for tank ammunition is about 5150 million and this market is seen expanding to about S500 million over the next five years . The market is beginning to discover second-tier stocks such as General Defense, and so the bargains aren't likely to remain neglected much longer. Investors who are still shell-shocked from the drubbing that was taken in these stocks during the late 60's , early 70's, may find it hard to turn their attention back to defen se issues. But that shouldn 't be a reason to overlook the profit possibilities the group is offering now. A fter all, when it comes to investing, the name of the game is still to take advantage of opportunity. And if you've been burned in the past, don't get mad _ get even. •

Jack Slack is a Vice President o/Moseley, Hal/garren, • Estabrook & Weeden, Inc.


Marketplace Several promotions at United First Federal Savings and Loan Association have been announced by George K. Page, Chairman and President. Rita E. Moran has been promoted to Vice President and Director of the Human Resources Division. Joining United First Federal in April 1973, she has served as Administrative Assistant, Personnel Specialist and Assistant Vice President. Rebecca B. Brand , Assistant Vice President, has been promoted to Assistant Personnel Director in the Division of Human Resources. Among other duties she will have particular responsibility for employee training. She came with United First Federal in December. 1979 following considerable experience in personnel work for the Public Service Company of North Carolina. Bruce C. Downing, Assistant Vice President, was named as special loan officer in the Sarasota loan division headquarters. Mr. Downing has been with United First Federal since January 1974, serving as Manager of the Port Charlotte office from its opening in December of that year . Diana A. Remillard was advanced from Loan Officer and Assistant Branch Manager to Assistant Vice President and Manager of the POrt Charlotte Promenades office. Mrs. Remillard started with United First Federal in October 1976 and was promoted to Mortgage Counselor in June of 1978 and became a Loan Officer and Assistant Branch Manager in July of 1979.


CPauQCR. & Associates '




am b

Longboat Key Resort Services Arvida Realty Sales, Inc. 1111 Gulf 01 Mexico Drive. Longboat Key, Fl.



bedroom, 2 bath house on a canal with deep sailboat water, private dock, boat hoists, and access to Intracoastal Waterway. Also, convenient access to beach. Shaded , quiet street . perfect for retirement couple or young family. $134,500. After hours 383-3937.

••• A VERY PRIVATE PLACE. You ' ll find complete privacy in this quality constructed house. Three bedrooms, 3% baths, large living room, study, den or family room complete with wet bar. A fully equipped kitchen separate dining room and large inside utility room. Two porches and deck. Allan 300' of the Bay with seawall. Priced at $295,000. After hours 922·9317.

••• BEACH FRO NT. 2·STORY CONTEMPORARY HOUSE. Almost 100 feet on the Gulf in this new refurbished house on a beautiful , quiet, private beach. Tropical setting, lush foliage. Cathedral ceiling In family/recreation room. In addition, a guest house, ideal for a studiO, home office or guests. This residence has a rare and welco ming warmth, priced at $550,000. After hours 365-4022.

••• ARC HITECTURAL STATEM ENT I N EX· ClUSIVE LIDO SHORES· Visual excitement awaits you in this 2 bedroom, 2 bath glass house wi th fabulo us openness. Open poo l wi t h private sunni ng area. $290,000. After r,ours 955-4311 .

ANTICIPATION - Over 1500 sq. f1. along with 2 balconies. Split floor plan with 2 bed· rooms and 2 baths/2 handy walk-in closets. Attractive decorator wallpapers, track lighting and many extras. Directly on the Gulf so you can walk right out to the beach. Swimming pool, tennis - you'll be anticipating when you can move in. For those who want t he best. Being offered at $164,900. After hou rs 365·4022.

•• •

EXQUISITELY FUR NISHED - SEAPlACE. Immaculate 2 bedroom, 2 bath su ite with an excellent Gulf view. luxurious livi ng in this secured mid-rise build ing with swimming pool, tennis court and much more. Completely furnished , ready to move in and being offered at $179,000. After hours 383-5198.


SEAPLACEl You will enjoy being able to walk right out to the beach from this ground floor apartment. The 2 bedroom, 2 bath unit will be ready to close in the Spring of 1981. A prestigious garden complex with many amenities and a view of the Gulf. Being offered at $189,000. After hours 383-5198.


SEA PLACE. Th is lovely 2 bedroom, 2 bath unit would be great for investment rental or everyday living with its pleasant Gulf and garden views. Enjoy every amenity possible at an excellent price. $165,000. After hours







Beautifu l Gu l f front complex - Spac ious grounds· Tennis, pool , sauna, clubrooms· 2 bedroom , 2 bath with Gulf view from living room and both bedrooms. By appointment.

i i

Treed lot - paved street· on canal opening into bay. $52 ,000 .




Two all new garden type 2 bedroom , 2 bath condominiums - unfurnished· tenniS, pool, clubhouse · beach access. Rent - w ith option to buy. $149,900. - $159,900.

1 '




3 bedroom, 2 bath garden type condominium, , unfurnished, directly overlooking Qolf cour- .) unfurnished , directly overlooktng gOif course. w/w carpet, custom drapes, all ap- . i pliances, carport. Assumable 8% % mort- r1' i


i ,i


,&~' rt , I! ~\\\I ... We have luxu ry condo rentals '...... i

gage. S87.500.

~ I

seasonal or yearly on the beach


~' ~ .' ,

oronthe golf course.

OFFICE: 366·8,6l~ SARASOTA, Fl335n AFTER HRS: 383-463q I 1306 MAIN STREET ____





BEAUTIFUL VIEW OF THE BAY. Walk right out to the pool and Bay in this 3 bedroom, 2 bath ground floor condominium with 2 screened patios located in a private treed area with boat docking facilities on sailboat water. Secluded feeling of being in your own home. lUXUry appliances and wall coverings. Th is is a " must ·see" priced at $189,500. After

••• BUTTONWOOD COVE - Come see the spectacular Bay vistas from this brand new 2 bedroom, 2 bath condominium at Longboat Key's newest luxury setting. Boat docks, tenn is and racquetball , as well as sandy beaches are yours and under-the-buildlng parking for your car. $1"55,900. After hours

756·9059 or 383·3937. LOTS & ACREAGE LONGBOAT KEY AlMOST1ACRE IN BAY ISLES·Actually, two well treed lots at the end of a cul-de·sac. In the exclusive Bayou Section. Room for two homes or 1 home with pool and tennis court. Both lots $125,000. After hours 365-4022.


MOST PRESTIGIOUS LOT IN BAY ISLES· Enjoy a breathtaking vi ew of the open Bay. 199 feet, all seawalled, on deep water. Desirable Harbor Section of this exclusive Longboat Key community. $225,000. After hou rs 365-4022.

Waterfront Homes and Condominiums. Interval Ownership and other fine residential. vacation, commercial and investment properties. of Presidents I St. Armands Circle Ss.r8!1Ota. Florida 33577 I iS13) 388-4447 4016 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key. florida 33548 i8l3) 383·5:'21





Michael Saunders &Company Licensed Real Estate Broker 6t South




Shown by appointment only



'" /1 KEY The fjnest retirement investment on all the Keysr Privacy of a home with all the security and amenities of a condominium. 2 BR , 2 S, carp"ort, deep water private harbor, clubhouse, heated pool and private access to beach. $90,000 to $115,000 . Some with leaseback to owners.

Howard and Wylene Lamb and all the Associates

Monday thru Friday 9 A.M . to 5 P.M. Phone 383·6411


(The opinions expressed are those oj the auth'Ur" and not necessarily those oj the OBSER VER.)

Harry H. Schall has been appointed Vice President of First Independent Bank, N.A. The announcement was made by James P. Scheurenbrand, President. Schall is past President and Director of Ringling Museums Members Council , past President and Director of A solo Theatre Association, President of United Way, Director and Executive committee member of WEDU and Vo-Tech Advisory Board Chairman . An active member of the Florida Bankers Association, he is Oceanography Conference Chairman , Marketing Division Chairman and past Chairman of the Economic Developm ent Committee .

Howard Lamb Realty, Inc. 4052 Gulf of Mexico Drive 383·6402

.. (Continued from page

school kids. Its authority was questioned and its feelings ruffled. Joe Penner's crime was that he had removed a few Cabbage Palms 10 make way for a building for which the plans had been approved by the Commission. It so happens that to make room for Arvida's hotel complex. a miniature forest will also have 10 be leveled. It would take a crew of Weyerhauser experts to ~~s­ plant them and the COSl would be prohibitive. . -', •

A special Thanksgivin g to all our friends an"d customers and may God 's blessings continue with you, not just this day but every day of the year.

Moving to the Island? Looking for a .9reat hideaway Spot for a year·round . vacation? Selected unfur· nished apartments at Arvida's newest beachfront community are now available on an annual lease basis for the most discriminating resident. Private white sand beaches. tennis. security patrol and a soon·ta-be opened clubhouse with heated pool com· plete your leisure lifestyle in a magnificent contem· porary setting.



! I










' NO

Tiffany Plaza Front, luxuriOUS, 2 bed room, 2 bath, turnkey furnIshed. 5195 ,000. Call Betty Hotho, Islands West Longboat Key's most desIrable gulf front condo, exqu isitely furnished , 2 bedroom 2 bath with view of Gulf and Bay. Clubhouse, pool , tenniS, sauna. $315,000, Call Betty Hotho. Longbeach Village Gulf view from every room of this 2 bedroom, 2 bath luxury apartment. Excellent beach , tennis, pool. Walk to shopping, $139,500. Call Betty Hotho, • Pelican Harbour Longboat Key 'S most desirable bayfront condominium, Direct water view, 1st floor, professionally decorated 2 bedroom, 2 bath un it. TenniS , pool, beach , boat dockage, Call Kevin Levins. KEVIN LEVINS, REAL TO R

Spend a month, season or year in a fi ne condominium or home on the lovliest of the Florida Keys on the gulf coast. For a ' ~~ i.! abllities and rental rates Call ~rl-ite ...


4016 Gu lr o r Me)(ico Drive Longboat Key. FL 33548 . 8131383.5521 81 South Boulevard of Presidents St, Armands Circle, Sarasota, FL 33577 • 813/388·4447

OPEN DAilY 9:00·5:00

• Stunn ing panoramic views from t h e Gulf to the Bay, Fantasttc day

and nighttime views year 'round • Unique, 27 -ac r e , Longboat Key location, ecologically controlled and env lronmentlly pro tec ted SALES OFFI CE OP EN D AILY 1 0 -8 Weekdays 1 0 -5 S et. & 1 2-5 S u n.

5540 Gulf of Mexico Dr. 0 383·5577


(81 3 ) 3 8 3- 2 481 _ TWO FU LLY FURNISH ED M ODELS B Y KAN ES


3850 Gulf of Me-ieo Drive


An Intimate Condominium

On Sarasota Bay A boy front paradise is being created on Longboat Key. This uniquely designed nine-unit complex, nestled among the natural beauty of cedar and banyan trees is like no other on Sarasota Boy. Design and quality are the key factors in this creation by Wilbur Boyd. Lush landscaping surrounds the entire complex; including the pool/sunbathing area and tennis court . And for boating enthusiasts. a 500 sq. ft. boat dock Into Sarasota Bay Is Just outside your door. Wilbur Boyd Raally, Inc. 5350 Gulf Drive. Suite 2 Holmes Beach. Florida 33510


' B"Re.'.LlY INC. Any t tell Ihat the thru most important factors concerninll Ihe value of a house OT condo are: "Location, lo(:alion, and LO(:lIion." Un· fortunatel)", mott bU)'ers ignore thi s imporlant advice, Location is cspedally vit al when buying for maximum resale value, Stali5lks say that you will be resellinll )"our home or condo long before the last mOTl81liC payment it in Ihe mail. Therefore take a lonll, hard look, not onlyal the present. but {he future prospects for Ihe communit~' and immediate neighborhood. Select a location where raw land and propcTty ,'alues ha~e an increasing price trend. Espttial1y check inlo the ~oning laws for any unfa,'onble change " 'hkh could cause a deprecillion in the value of the neighborhood and the resale price of )'Our home in the future, Remember: You can rmlo"e, replace or rcmodel a house, or impro"e the intcrior of a condo, but )'Ou can nc~cr chanae the location, So choose carefully and tell yOUT fricnds from North Catolina, and con"ince them to buy on Lon gboat ! 0 "

Thlnklf'19 01 seiling your nom. or condo? It make . ..nsa 10 Ilsl II with Howard Lamb I Inc, We have th ree olllces many prospects, 4052 Gull 01 Med ea Drive, Phone 383·6402,





LAN DS END is the private enclave in which this waterfront home is located. A very few residents share upkeep of the pOOl, tennis court, deep~water docking and beautifully landscaped grounds, Views everywhere are incredible, From most rooms in th is home, from screened verandahs and ' decks, you see Longboat Pass, Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Indoors it's unique, too. The living room is two stories high , has a fireplace and walls of rare pecky cypress. Three bedrooms, two baths, dining room and kitchen are augmented I>-<.: a huge, private wood deck. Owner/ Associate. After hours, phone 955~3706 o ~1-4235 . An ~xclusive oHering at $375,000. '

:f~~~?~AUNr:~~~~I; St, Armands Circle / 465 John Ringling Blvd.lSarasota, FL 33577

"0, heaven ly Father: We thank Thee for food and remember the hungry. We thank Thee for health and remember the sick. We thank Thee for friends and remember the friendless, We thank T hee for freedom and remember the enslaved, May the se remem brances stir us to service That Thy gifts to us may be used for others. Amen. " -Abby

Cj)auQCR 8beltt 0

'''--& Associates MI.S LlC. REAL ESTA TE BROK ER LONGBOAT KEY The finest ret irement Investment on all the Keys! Privacy of a home wi t h all t he sec urity and ame nities of a condominium , 2 BR, 2 B, car po rt , dee p wat er p ri vate ha r bor, clubhouse, heated pool and private access to beach. $95 ,000. Call Way ne Hicks, Real tor Assoc iate - Owner. 383·5678. OFFICE: 366·8676 1306 MAIN STREET SARASOTA, FL33571 AFTER HRS: 383·4630

Nntled imong till pinn in the prcs· tigious P, lm' Sol, B,y Are" ou r PINE BAY FOREST p, tio homes He now i\",II· able for "it'\"\'ing. ~ sJYCious.and elrg.lnt two-and three·bnl room homes offer in· triguing design features such as fi replaces, S(rffnrd jntiO!;, prh" te wood deck s ,nd g.ardm atriums th' t en,ble rt'!i idents to enloy the surrounding outdoorch.nn, With only a limited number of homes, PINE BAY FOREST is going to be, vcry speci,1, ,'c;")" pri." te place, A misterpiece of contemporary single· story design, PINE BAY FOREST prHero:cs the origln,1 forest land...:.."... with a rlTt' blend of distincth'e and u-ci ting ITchitecture, Uniqucly el~.nt t .....o-bnl room, two bath patio homes are prierd from the 10\0\' &O"S and s~ious three-bc<iroom, Iwo hath homes priced from the 1"" l00's, The n.tu r.1 be.ut)" of our PINE BAY FOREST community is complementrd by swimming, tcnni s ,nd spa f.cilities. Each e:o;quisitc home ..... ithin Ihl.' duser theme is stuttgically located to caTefull y prHen.'e the n.tunl setting".CTcatiuly molding Nature's be.luty with the fine skills of M.n, PI NE BAY fOREST ... crcatcd for th ll' diS(riminit;ng homl'buyer who demJnds ~. Ihl!' finer things in life.


Ask the Skipper


Classified Advertising Initially, our ads were tree and we cha r9ed a commiss ion. Then we charg~ a fee and asked people .to pay before publication. Many people say they miss being trusted In toclay's society and we agrtHt. Therefore, effective Immediately all " FOR SALE·· Items will be free . fo r three weeks, with THE OBSERVER charging 5% 01 the selling price. When the item Is sold, sen d us a check. For other categories such 35 HELP WANTED. SER VICES. or FOR RENT, the charge will be 52 for the first ten words, 10e: I for each additional, payable In . advence. We have never reg retted our pol icy of trusting people so we thought we'd do it again.


by Jack Barlalt

NOW HEAR THIS! Effective January I, 198 1, all boats 16 feet or more must carry certain distress signals approved by the U.S . Coast Guard. The entire amendment to 33CFRI75 fills a page of small print so we are unable to give you all of the details, but suggest that you contact your marina operator or a Coast Guard Auxiliarist to determine if your equip· ment now being used may qualify until July I, 1982 if such equipment is in good and serviceable condition. Any of the following signals , when carried in the number required, can be used to meet the requirements of the amendment: Floating Orange Smoke (3 required), Pistol Parachute Red Flare (3), Hand· held Parachute Red Flare (3), Hand·Held Orange Smoke (3), Floating Orange Smoke (3), Red Aerial Pyrotechnic (3), Orange Flag (I), Electric Distress Light (I). Most marinas have all of the above and the Marina, where I keep my boat, suggests their Sky· blazer pack as it meets all day and night regulations regardless of length and conditions.


It is getting that time of year when the new Coast Guard Auxiliary decals are ready and your Longboat Flotilla urges all boaters to take advantage of the Courtesy Marine Examination given by Auxiliarists without charge or obligation . Thvexami nation can be at your· own dock or at your marina. The owner must be present and if his vessel doesn't measure up to Coast Guard requirements, no report is made by the Auxiliary and a second examination can be arranged when the o ....ner corrects the problem. Many boaters have their vessels examined every year and rightfuHy believe it is the best wa\' to double check their boat for safety . The 1981 decals' will be ready soon and we suggest you call Howard Kaseberg at 388·4056 for an appointment. •

William H. Parmiler, LongbOat Key resident of 25 years, celebrates his 90th birthday on Noyember 30. Parmlter (a bove) was a gold meda l winner of the Boston Marathon 80 years ago, and he was on a U.S. Army ralay team that won the Boston Marathon In 1918. Stili In excell ent hea lth for a 90·year·old, he and his wife, Florenca Parmlter, married over sixty yeers, ca me here from Stamford, Connectlcut.nd live on Round tree Dri ve.

54000 DOWN, low Interest, 212 condo, below. mollTket va lue, furnished or unfurnished, option or rent applies to purchase. Owner (associollte) financing. BIG SCREEN Ad vent television half price MERCEDES 450 SEL. loaded, wholesale price, pri vate owner. 386·1612, 388·2811. a.h. 922·1654. 1969 CHEVROLET CAPRICE, very good condition, $500. 383·3576. 127 METAL TYPING TABLE with light & drawer, steamer trunk, electrified Singer collbl net sewing machine circoll 1917, solid 12714111 oollk kneehole dask. 535 each. 383·5814. ON THE BEACH , LongbOollt Key. Luxury, 2 br, 2 ba, co ndo for rent. Non·smokers, Adults only. 3 month minimum. 383-2753. 127






Screens, glass for windows and doors . Charlie's Glass 778,3565 BOAT STORAG E WANTED. Person desires to rent garage from Dec.1 0:Aprli 10 on LBK or Sarasota area. 127 TWO DOUBLE BEDS (fram e included) with malchlng white headboards. $1 50 each. 349·3351. 12714/11 BEAUTIFUL PANORAMIC VIEW of Sarasota Bay between St. ·Armollnds &. Lon gboat Key. Personal care lor those unollble to collre lor themselves. Three meals per day plus maid service .lind laundry. 386·1772. If


FINISH CARPENTRY. CABINETS Full time and seasonal openings for qualified indio viduals with references. This is a first·class resort community offering favorable salaries end benefits. a Monday to Friday work week and transportation assistance. PleaH Call Ms. Healy



~~Q~~Q~Q~~Q~~Q~~Q~~~~91.'l 1

CANNONS MARINA Complete Marine Store. Evinrude Motors Area's Largest Fleet of Soat Rentals

Longboat Key· Phone 383-1311

Tide Chart • Sarasota Bay HIGH

Thu;s., FrI., Sat., Sun., Mon., Tues., Wed.,

Nov. 27 Nov. 28 Nov. 29 Nov. 30 Dec. 1 Dec. 2 Oec.3






3:05 4:07 5:30 7:06 8:42 9:59 11 :08

7:15 7:47 8:19 8:47 9:1 6 9:44 10:07


10:15 12:10 1:03 1:52 2:42 3:21 3:55

12:15 1:52 3:03 3:59 3:44

The Lon gboat Observer 524 Gulf Bay Rd. Longboat Key, FL 33548

bed frames, 540

Dry Wall Repairs, 383·4396. Longb oat Key. NO OR BRAKE PROBLEMS? Call HU R WH EEL ALIGNMENT for honest and guaranteed work. Wholesale prices on Oayton & Michelin tire s. IN TR ODUCING FULL SERVICE REPAIR· Bob Wuiling, certified performance & salety technician, (form er owner of J&.B Automotive) Is now providing complete service lor yo ur auto. Call 9S5·3654 lor an appointment. 312 N. Oran e Ave. Downtown Sarasota. SEVERAL BOLTS Wool Fell, 72" wide. Assorted colors. Unusual shells. Many good antiques. While birch logs. Call lor . 363·2248. 113/20/2 7 i


House or apartment - Week or month Wedebrock Agency, Broker 383·2332 LONGBOAT KEY reside nt with car wUi clean you r home..or condo by the hour. Relerences exchanged. CoIIll 366-3519 or :\83·4318. pineapple lamp 530. Roil·awey Inch foam mattress $75. Men's

FOR SALE 2 green & white Flx·Reed night tables, pollir of mollt· ching lamps. Klng·slzed floral bedspread, goes with any decor. Antique chandelier, 8 light pold sconce. 383·3519. 120127/4 HARRY'S TREE SER VICE. Professionals in removal, trimming, lopping, demossing and stump grinding. For Iree estimate, ca ll 756·8609 . RENT FOR SEASON : 1 BR 1 Ba. fur nished apI., Longboat Key. Pool & other ameniUes. aVolliiable Dec. 1. S900/monlh. Cai! Anne. Real Estate Parlners o f Sarasota, Inc. 921·7981.

r_::"''":"'":'....~_':'''-.:-_-.:-;./6·"13/20/27 Protect your fine furniture with glass table tops. Any size custom fit. Free estimates Call 778,3565


NEED TRANSPORTATION · shopping. laundry, homemaking? CoIIiI Florida Home Health Services Homemakers. 957·1800. TF LONG SOFA for sal e, bei ge shade fabric coyered. yery good condition, must sell, be st offer. Also pair of molltching end 113/20/27 tables 29x16, 2 tier. Call 383·6987. FOR SALE blue folding bicyc le, Sears exerc ycla, Peavy P.A. & microphone, 4 channel, Ideal for church or Decker electric edger. All Items In


~~ THE MENNONITE PAINTING SERVICE InterIor · Rooms $30 & up Exterior · $175 & up


SPINET PIANO (Whitney by Kimball) ilk. new, $600. 383.2269. NEW TRINKET DelU XE Enameling electric outfit 525. 383.1407. 2714111 FOR RENT FOR SEASON, 1 br, 1 ba, furnished apartment, LBK on canal, lYallable Dac.15,5700lmonth. CaU 383·6686. /27 LONGBOAT KEY CONDO by owner, 2 br, 2 ba, garden patio, security, heated pool, recreation hali, covered par1l:lng, Gulf beach, Bay docks, low malntenance; extra stor' ge, no lloIIses. SB8,000. 383·6032. 127

Best) Iron frame, 3 and bag 550 or best

DRAPERY RODS FURNISHED, INSTALLED OR REPAIRED. We hang draperies , shades and pictures . Sid Smith 377·1097. Evenings or before 11 a .m.





RETIRED ELECTRICIAN seeks ail types 01 electric al work. Reasonollble prices, Iree estimolltes. Cailanytime 756·4014.



Torchlere floor

FOR SALE 1960 Ford Mustang loaded, AM/FM cassette, convertible top look. Bohn Benton Instilor, super 8 cartridge led audio visual projector, self contained screen, 363·5901 after 5 p.m. 127 REALTOR SEEKING locolli affiliation. Experienced In SoIIrollSotolll Manatee, commercial &. resldenUal reolll estate. Now· resident of LBK. Write P.O. Box 328, LB K 33548. 127/4


Clas~ .,._" " ad".,m;mg

FOR SALE, good 50 gallon 011 barrel and stand. Both fOT 525.

30 YEARS EXP ERIENCE Reasonable · Small Repai rs Free Estimates· 388·3197



''Em 'Posled Willi

THE FURNITURE DOCTOR will fix scratches, nicks, c igarette burn s, remove white ring s, touch up aUing furniture and make minor repairs . Work done In your home by MerrUi Ambrose, lormer owner of Ambroco Rel ini, hing Co. in the Boston areoll for 40 years. Insurollnce eslimates, 383·3442.


Susan .lind John Beneau with their trophy at the S'Tnota Yacht Club AWollrd s pany. She is Manager of the Players of S.rnotoll and he is an attorney with a large S.rasota firm.



MAKE CHRISTMAS MERRI ER ! Sell Ayon! Earn extra S5$ lor 911tS. Call Mrs. Spenner. 794-0739. 125 I DO SEWING In my home .lind would like to do your light allerollllons. 383·2702. TEN FT. DINGHY, 1967 Sailor, classic deSign gall rig. $500. 383·1334. LAWN CARE . lawns mowed. S6.50 .lind up. 377·1126.



5165. J.L. Hudson sewing m!'~~ I'"~. i,!"'.',,,t style) $50. 18 place dessen set, GoIImbles, 545. 8 piece s nack sel, Anchor Hocklng510.778·2177. Main



(or don't want to) Call the MAN on the KEY to fi x it • or build it • or hang it • or do it JESS MESSING 383·4014 Lon b i! ~·ey ARTIST·INTERIOR Designer. Creative hand painted murals. Classlcel or Modern. Victor, 792·7448. . ST. ARMANDS KEY. Master tailor, oIIppointments on the circle, alterations for men & ledles. Cali evenings for Informa· tion, 371 ·3725. 12714111118 FOUR GREEN DINETTE Cholllrs, gold awlvel-rocker lounge chair. Make an oller. 383·1441. . 1271411 1

Longboat observer november 27  
Longboat observer november 27