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Thursday, July 29, 2004


Showers weather dry spell




Jenifer Schwell and David Chaplin.

Wedding bells are ringing Jenifer Schwell of Michael Saunders & Co., is now a married woman. Schwell married her college sweetheart, David Chaplin, manager of Sarasota News & Books, on Thursday, July 8. Chaplin and Schwell were an item back in college, but ended up going separate ways after graduation. Then 21 years later, the pair reunited and reignited their flame in 1993. Finally the couple made it official with Longboater and Judge Rick DeFuria officiating in Courtroom No. 6. The pair then made their way across town for a night at The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota, and will soon take off for France.

It’s been a rainy two weeks on Longboat Key, a welcome change after a particularly dry June. Russell Henes, a forecaster for the National Weather Service, said a low-pressure trough enhanced coastal rainfall in mid-July. “Other than the (low pressure trough), last week, we’ve been absent the necessary ingredients (for rain),” he said. He predicts equal chances of rain each day for the next 30 days. The forecast is a reversal of last month’s weather.

Local residents and weather forecasters observed an unusually dry beginning for the summer. “Usually the rains start inland and work their way over here, but it was pretty dry in June,” said Robert Barkley, who has lived on Longboat Key for 15 years. Indeed, this year brought one of the driest Junes ever recorded. The Sarasota-Bradenton area clocked in 3.76 inches of rain compared to an average of 7.41 inches, according to the National Weather Service. “We have been getting some unusual pat-

terns,” observed Barry Goldsmith, a meteorologist for the service’s Tampa Bay office. The clear morning skies and usual afternoon thunderstorms, for example, were nowhere to be found during the start of the rainy season in June. “That’s what local people would expect to see,” he said. “The old rule was you could set your watch to it. That’s not happening this year.” Instead, the absence of a southeasterly wind caused rains to fall earlier and further inland. TURN TO WEATHER, PAGE 5A



Holly Glennon and Kurt Ott

In other love news, Holly Glennon of Bradenton, daughter of George and Julie Glennon of Holmes Beach, recently married her sweetheart, Kurt Ott of St. Petersburg in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. The bride is a childlife specialist at All Children’s Hospital and the

Kat Wingert

Kids from the Sarasota Youth Sailing Program wait for a little wind as they hang out in the bay off Quick Point July 23. During each two-week camp, kids learn the basics of sailing and water safety. Friday was the last day of the program for this year. The program lasts for eight weeks during the summer.


Key pioneer Johnson dies Holiday Beach

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2004 2003 Sarasota (through July 23) Nests 79 173 False Crawls 83 127 Manatee (through July 27) Nests 73 106 False Crawls 144 202 Total Nests False Crawls

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279 329

Arts & Entertainment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5B Bridge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5D Real Estate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4C Cops Corner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5A Classifieds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6D Crossword . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11D Opinion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6A Sports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11C Store Around the Corner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9C Weather . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3D

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Vol. 26, No. 2 Four sections


Staff Writer

Carl E. Johnson wasn’t afraid to get up and sing. In fact, he led the Longboat Key Kiwanis Club in song every Thursday at 7:30 a.m. to begin the group’s meeting. And, as the leader he was, once he started, everyone would join in. Carl Johnson died Tuesday morning at the Blake Medical Center in Bradenton. He was Carl Johnson 84. While some remember his beautiful voice leading the Kiwanis Club in song since 1981, most know him as a pioneer of Longboat Key. Johnson came to Longboat from Miami Shores in 1965. As a retired electrical contractor, he came to the Key to build the Outrigger Resort with his wife, Betty, who was a Realtor at the time.

Carl then got his Realtor’s license to help his wife, and together they built Longboat Key Realty, 6400 Gulf of Mexico Drive, 12 years ago. They sold the building in October 2003 Mayor Ron Johnson, president of the Kiwanis Club, said he will never forget Johnson’s strong leadership within the organization and the kind, loving manner with which he treated everyone he met. “He always had a good word for everyone,” Johnson said. “He was such a caring person. We sure will miss him.” Edith Barr Dunn, a fellow Kiwanian and a friend of Johnson’s for more than 40 years, used to sit next to him every week at the club’s meetings. She remembers him not only for his wonderful voice, but also his vigor for living and his inviting personality. “He always had a smile on his face,” Barr Dunn said. “He had a very dry sense of humor, but everything he said was funny. He had a wonderful relationship TURN TO JOHNSON, PAGE 5A

Resort sells after year delay BY ISABELLE GAN Staff Writer

The Holiday Beach Resort sold for $10.5 million Tuesday. GSR Development purchased the three-acre property, putting an end to more than a year of negotiations, said Jim Foster, commercial manager for Wedebrock Real Estate Co. The pending sale of the property on 4765 Gulf of Mexico Drive was delayed early last year when town officials denied the former owners the use of an adjacent street in calculating the size of a future redevelopment project. Owners Ann and Robert Georgevich wanted to use Atlas Street for ratio calculations to allow for a bigger building. The town uses the 40-foot strip of land as a public-beach access. Although the town has easement rights to use the land as a street, the Georgeviches hold TURN TO BEACH RESORT, PAGE 5A


ourtown groom is a wholesale account executive for Option One Mortgage. The couple will reside in St. Petersburg.

Speaking of weddings ... All Angels by the Sea Episcopal Church has been overrun with weddings lately. Unusual? Yes! In the past month, The Rev. Downs Spitler has officiated at three weddings. First he officiated the ceremony for Troy and Kate Scarborough on Saturday, July 10. Then the next day, Sunday, July 11, he officiated the wedding of Dex and Kate Honea. Four days later he performed the ceremony for Brad Lang and Heather Peters. Spitler commented that having three weddings in one year would be unusual for All Angels by the Sea, but three in one month is extremely unusual! To see pictures from the wedding of Dex and Kate Honea turn to page 3B.

Secret agent man Well, he’s not really a secret agent, but this Longboater is the chief forensic expert


NEWS for the Pennsylvania Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs, a consultant and expert witness for the FBI, DEA, the Attorney General, state courts and 45 state healthcare licensing agencies. Longboat’s own James Bond is Dr. William Vilensky. Vilensky recently received the annual Alumni Award during the University of Sciences in Philadelphia (USP) annual alumni reunion. He graduated from Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science in 1952 with a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy. The Alumni Award is bestowed on an alumnus who is distinguished through contributions to a profession, science and/or mankind.

Promenade sur la pooch The Bichon Frisés of Grand Bay love to “carpé diem” on their morning stroll together. Oh, and their so-called “Bichon wannabe” friend, Sadie (she’s a West Highland Terrier), tags along as well. Every morning at 6:30 a.m. these pooches take their morning walk with their owners — “The Grand Bay Gang.” Gang members are: Barbara Gilman’s Bichons, Maddie and Baby Bo; Carl Dilsaver’s Bichons,

“The wonders of the ocean at three,” taken by Amy Williams of St. Louis wins the photo contest this week. The subject is her son Ben, 3, holding a starfish he named Swimmy. Send your photos to or 5570 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL, 34228. Ally and Murray; Doris Hassan’s Westie, Sadie; and Alicia LeVine’s Bichon, Maxine. Neighbors, Jim and Carol Grabbard, tag along for some canine cardio.

The new president No, the presidential elections are still a few months away, but the Society for General Psychology, division of the American Psychological Association (APA), has elected its new president, George W. Albee, Ph.D. Albee, a Longboat Key resident, will serve three years at this post as president-elect, president and pastpresident. Albee recently left for the APA convention in Honolulu. Then he will travel to New Zealand in September to speak at a prevention conference sponsored by the World Federation for Mental Health. And, in October Albee will be speaking at the meeting of the

International Center for the Study of Psychology and Psychiatry in New York City. What we want to know is when Albee actually has time to write “Laugh Lines” for The Longboat Observer!

Black Tie is back What? Don’t worry, the season hasn’t started yet ... but it will be here before you know it! The Black Tie section for the month of July is included in this week’s issue. See pictures from The Longboat Observer/Black Tie, Saks Fifth Avenue and Mattison’s Culinary Group’s “Save the Year” breakfast, Every Child Inc.’s “School Daze,” and my sister Kate’s beautiful wedding. And, of course, check out the Black Tie social and fashion calendars for the many summer events. See you again on Thursday, Aug. 26, for the August edition of Black Tie. — Compiled by Emily Walsh



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Rat suit may land in 12th Circuit Court Former Town Plaza Shopping Center tenant claims he withheld rent because of rodent infestation. BY ISABELLE GAN Staff Writer

A dispute about broken leases, rat infestations and sewer problems at Avenue of the Flowers may be heading toward the 12th Circuit Judicial Court. Dead River Properties, owner of the Town Plaza Shopping Center, and its former tenants, Joseph Carrino and Joseph Terrone, petitioned last month to move their suit from the Sarasota County Court. In the original lawsuit, filed August 2003, Dead River seeks payment for lost rent. Carrino has since counter-sued, saying the company should have disclosed the severe rat and sewer problems at the 3,000-square-foot space he was leasing. “I kept fighting the rats from the day I took over the place,” Carrino said. In June 2002, Carrino bought the business at No. 7 Town Plaza for $125,000 from Joseph Terrone, owner of China Blossom. Two months later, Carrino also took over Terrone’s five-year lease. The problems started right after Carrino opened Polo’s Italian Grille in December

2003. Rats gnawed through walls. The sewer pipes kept backing up. “We were doing a luncheon for the Chamber of Commerce once, and (a rat) came across the floor in front of me,” he recalled. “It was one thing after another. Plus, the sewer lines would back up. Odors would come up from the pipes.” Dead River’s attorneys, however, say the facts don’t add up. “To say that there was a rat infestation while Carrino was on the premises is inaccurate based on what I’ve seen,” said Tampabased lawyer Karl Brandes. “It’s not uncommon in a tenant-landlord dispute for the tenant, after a default occurs, to generate complaints about the conditions of the premises.” Carrino said he repeatedly complained to officials at Sembler Co., a St. Petersburgbased company that manages the property. “They wouldn’t give me a certification that the rat problems were solved,” Carrino said. “It came to the point when I said, ‘I’m not going to pay the rent until you fix this.’” He decided to close the business in May 2003.

Beach detour

Officials from Maine-based Dead River Properties, a subsidiary of Dead River Cos., declined to comment. Dead River Co. and Carrino also are suing Terrone. Under the lease agreement, Terrone is still responsible for Carrino’s $4,798 monthly rent until 2007. And Carrino said Terrone should have disclosed to him all problems associated with the space. Terrone’s lawyer, Minnesota-based Bradley Kirscher, could not be reached for comment. Terrone, who filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, has denied all allegations against him. Brandes, in the meantime, dismissed Carrino’s claims, recalling that Carrino extended his lease in February 2003 for another five years. “That doesn’t make sense if he was having all those problems,” he said. Carrino disputes the dates, however, saying he agreed to that extension in October 2002, before he even opened the restaurant. His copy of the document is undated, but Dead River’s copy is dated February 2003. As for the rat problem, Brandes said there’s no clear proof of it. “Longboat Key, like many areas in Florida, has rats. People can take a sighting of a rat around shopping centers and interpret it in

ways that benefit them,” he said. Other tenants of the Town Plaza Shopping Center report mixed experiences. Terry Uphaus, manager of Publix and a tenant at the plaza for 21 years, said he hasn’t experienced any rat or sewer problems. Philip’s Men’s Wear General Manager Jack Peffley, said, “No major problems like that, no.” Judy Harles, however, had a different tale. “We did have a rat problem,” recalled Harles, owner of liquor store, Antony V’s. Harles occupied a space two stores from Carrino’s until she moved to another space in the same plaza in September 2002. At the old location, she said she never saw rats in her store but complained of the stench of dead rats coming from the false ceiling. “My husband called the health authorities. They said, ‘You’re in Florida, get used to it,’” she said. Harles said she was in the middle of negotiating her lease at the time and decided to move to a bigger space across from the old store. She hasn’t had any rat problems since. “But, I didn’t move because of the rats. I moved because the space was too small,” she said. The spaces Carrino and Harles leased are still vacant. ❑


or human waste, said Rob Bolesta, healthy beaches program manager for the County Health Department. Ingestion of the bacteria can cause a host of gastorintestinal diseases. Bolesta said last week’s rainfall could have contributed to the contamination. The Department will remove the warning signs when additonal water samples collected this week signal lower bacteria counts. To check beach water testing results, go to

Sea grapes get summer trim Town workers trimmed away at sea grapes lining the open stretch of beach near Bayport Friday. The sea grapes, which were more than 50 inches tall, were trimmed down to 48 inches, said Public Works Director Juan Florensa. The 48-inch height is a state requirement to shield sea turtles from car headlights from Gulf of Mexico Drive. The sea grapes were previously kept much shorter, providing an unobstructed view of the Gulf. Bayport residents initially protested the height requirements, asking the town to trim down to 24 inches after turtle season. After months of discussions the town settled on keeping the sea grapes higher. They will be kept at a 36-inch height after turtle season ends Oct. 31.

High bacteria count at park

Isabelle Gan

The Islander Club erected “No Trespassing” signs Tuesday on its eroded beach. The signs were placed to discourage beach-walkers from climbing onto the club’s sea wall, which now drops onto jagged rocks where sand once was. The club is requesting the town dump sand on the beach.

High levels of enterococci bacteria were detected last week at the Bird Key Park beaches. The Sarasota County Department of Health posted signs warning against swimming in the waters. Enterococci can come from birds, animals

Voter registration deadlines near For the Aug. 31 primary elections, residents should register to vote by Aug. 2. The deadline for the Nov. 2 general elections is Oct. 4. Contact information: Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections Sarasota County Terrace Building 101 South Washington Blvd., Sarasota 861-8600 • Manatee County Supervisor of Elections 305 15th St. , W. Bradenton 741-3823 •

Agenda The Aug. 2 regular Town Commission meeting is canceled.

Police, DEP investigate suspects in Jewfish dredging BY ISABELLE GAN Staff Writer

Police are investigating suspects in a nonpermitted dredging case at Jewfish Key. “One or more persons are definitely going to be charged,” Longboat Deputy Chief Martin Sharkey said. He declined to be more specific but said at least one informant came forward last week after the investigation was released to the media. “We’ve got some solid leads now and we’re still pursuing it as a criminal investigation,” said Lt. Jim Ramer, from the Department of Environmental Protection Bureau of Environmental Investigations. Last month, Longboat Key police and agents from the department discovered a series of 6-foot-deep, non-permitted channels flanking Jewfish Key, an island to the south of Longboat Pass Bridge. Longboat Key Police Chief Albert Hogle said news of the illegal dredging has created quite a stir in the community.

“Residents have been calling because there are big ecological and economic impacts from this,” he said. The channels, dredged some time in June, carve through beds of protected sea grass in normally knee-deep waters. DEP agents will continue to study the extent of the damage from an L-shaped channel on the west side of the island and from another channel on the east, leading from the Intracoastal Waterway into the island’s community dock. The western channel leads directly to 7147 La Lenaire Drive, owned by Renae Farrah and Randall Broach, and then veers to the north along three or four properties. The waters off Jewfish Key are designated as a Florida Outstanding Water Body, Ramer said. The distinction gives the area special protection because of its natural resources. The violation could warrant felony charges and stiff fines. Longboat Key code enforcers also are investigating some non-permitted dock extensions and mangrove cutting on the island. ❑

Jewfish Key Association president resigns Renae Farrah is resigning from her post as president of the Jewfish Key Preservation Society after state and local law enforcement officials announced their investigations of non-permitted dredging on the island. In a letter dated July 21, Farrah wrote, “I will do all within my power to clarify and clear Jewfish Key Association Inc. of any wrong-doing when I am contacted by any state or local agency. I realize that this is a difficult time for all of us and that we want to preserve the reputation of our island in the community as an environmentally conscious association.” Her resignation is effective Aug. 1. One of the non-permitted dredged channels leads up to Farrah’s property. As president, Farrah granted permission for an extension of the eastern community

dock in February. But no permits were pulled from the town. A non-permitted dock extension was discovered by town officials in April and red-tagged to prevent further work. Brian Wood, a dock and seawall contractor, applied for permits for the dock a month later. He withdrew his application, saying Jewfish Key property owners had misinformed him. A second contractor, Sarasota-based Tignor Group, turned in another application but withdrew it Monday, Micale said. There are no current efforts from Jewfish Key property owners to legalize the dock extension. Farrah could not be reached for comment. — Isabelle Gan




LONGBOAT OBSERVER Town requests mangrove trimming THE


5570 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, Fla. 34228 Phone: 941/383-5509 Fax: 941/383-7193

Staff Writer

Founders / Ralph and Claire Hunter (1978-1995) Chairman / David Beliles Editor and Publisher / Matt Walsh Associate Publisher/Executive Editor / Lisa Walsh Black Tie Editor / Emily Walsh / Arts & Entertainment Editor / Marty Fugate Design Editor / Jason Farmand / Designer / Niki Offutt / Staff Writer / Isabelle Gan / Staff Writer / Kat Wingert / Copy Editor / Jessica Seubert / Editorial Assistant / Kate Walsh / General news / Letters to the Editor / Chief Financial Officer / Leo A. Russo / Advertising & Production Manager / Candy Morton Senior Advertising Executive / Wendi Simons Advertising Executives / Laura Ritter, Jill Stabler Accounting Manager / Deborah Phillips / Classified Advertising Manager Maureen Hird / Graphic Designers / Jim Knake, Philip Jaeger, Tracy Arendt, Shawna Polana Administrative Assistant & Receptionist / Patti Colby

Staff Writer

The request to rename the post office after a respected Longboat Key resident took a step forward last week. Congresswoman Katherine Harris introduced a bill to the House of Representatives July 15, to designate the building on 560 Bay Isles Road as the “Lt. Gen. James V. Edmundson Post Office.” “I would be anxious to see what happens next,” said Vincent DeLisi, vicepresident of the Kiwanis Club of

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Kat Wingert

The town asked the Department of Transportation to trim mangroves along Gulf of Mexico Drive. The mangroves were growing over canals. “The mangroves were starting to grow over the canal,” he said. And the town needs to keep canals navigable. The DEP owns most of the property along that stretch, and the town contacted it to trim the mangroves.

“Any place that we have navigable channels of this kind, maintenance has to be done periodically,” St. Denis added. The department also cleared some Brazilian pepper trees, exotic plants that keep mangroves from growing freely. ❑

Harris introduces bill to rename post office BY ISABELLE GAN

Circulation Manager / Irv Clements STANDARD One year / $50 Six months / $38 Three months / $30

Town officials say there were no violations when some mangroves were trimmed at the north end of Longboat Key last week. Nevertheless, some residents were alarmed to see state prisoners trimming mangroves on Gulf of Mexico Drive north of Broadway. “I went down the canal and looked and saw they had done some severe mangrove violations,” said resident Tom Mayers, who added that he is a professional mangrove trimmer. “They came in and just went overboard and killed a bunch of red mangroves.” A Department of Environmental Protection agent was on site, however, and there were no violations, said James Linkogle, Public Works project manager. The Department of Transportation was trimming the mangroves at the town’s request, explained Town Manager Bruce St. Denis.

Longboat Key, the organization that petitioned Harris’ office. Edmundson was a celebrated figure in local politics before his death in 2001. He served three terms as a town commissioner and three as mayor. Before he retired in 1973, Edmundson had a distinguished 36-year career in the Air Force. The move to rename the post office marks the latest effort to honor Edmundson. Since his death, members of the Kiwanis Club, of which Edmundson was an active member, have been looking for

ways to pay tribute to him at a public place. The club sent a petition to Harris’ office earlier this year after learning of her successful efforts to name the Sarasota’ Southgate post office after retired Brig. Gen. John H. McLain. The Edmundson bill will go to the House Committee on Government Reform and then to the House of Representatives for final approval. A spokesperson at Harris’ office could not comment on how long approval would take. ❑



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Johnson CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1A with his wife, and it made you feel good just to be around them.” Johnson was born and raised in Indianapolis, and served as a rifleman with the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II, from June 1941 to September 1945. “He was a great man — a wonderful man,” Jim Durante said. “He was a Marine in World War II, and he accomplished much for the country, but he kept quiet about it. And, even though he talked very little, you could always tell he was enjoying himself.” Johnson met his wife, Betty, in Indiana, and they married in 1947. They loved traveling together, and would throw parties when they got home to share pictures with friends and tell of their adventures. “It seemed they were always gone

Beach resort CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1A the title to it. The town’s Zoning Board of Adjustment denied the couple’s request January 2003. The issue was then brought to the Manatee Circuit Court. Last May, a Circuit Court judge reversed


NEWS somewhere,” Allison Monteith, his granddaughter, said. “They traveled everywhere — Italy, Spain, the Greek Isles — and sometimes they would take my sister (Juanita) and me with them. He was always happy; just an easy-going person.” Whether it is his long-time contributions to the Kiwanis Club or simply his presence among friends and family, Johnson’s voice, charisma and character will be missed and impossible to replace. Carl is survived by his wife, Betty; his daughter, Jo Ann Monteith of Bradenton; his brother, Henry Johnson of Louisville, Ky., and his two granddaughters, Allison Monteith of Bradenton and Juanita Hitt of Orlando. There will be visitation at GriffithCline Funeral Home, Cortez Road, from 2 to 4 p.m. and 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, July 29. Funeral services will be held 11 a.m. Friday, July 30, at the Longboat Island Chapel. ❑ the board’s decision, allowing the couple to use Atlas Street in certain land-ratio calculations. The judge also upheld the town’s easement rights, ensuring the street will be kept as a beach access. Although officials from GSR previously expressed plans to build luxury condominiums at the site, Foster said the new owners plan to keep the resort running for now. ❑

Sign of things to come Tom Hires, co-developer of the Grand Mariner condominium project on the site of the old Buccaneer Restaurant, recently erected a new sign announcing the 14-unit project. Pictured, from left, are: Grayson Walker, Michael Saunders & Co.; Jake Gelleerd, Terrapin Properties in Chicago and Dream Island LLC, developer of the project; Kirsten Suss, Michael Saunders & Co.; Hires; and Sherwin Braun, Terrapin Properties and Dream Island LLC. Photo by Jack Elka

Weather CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1A The cause was a shift in the Bermuda High, a high-pressure area that hovers over Bermuda. This year, it was pushed further south, he said. The change resulted in the absence of southeasterly winds that usually counter the sea breezes coming in from the Gulf. Without the winds as a counterforce, the cooler sea breeze advanced inland faster and broke into rain, skipping over the barrier

islands. Barkley is glad to see there’s been a shift and the rains are here again. “I’ve got my umbrella now, just in case,” he said Monday afternoon from the Avenue of the Flowers as storm clouds rolled above. Tourists Frederick and Christine Subra said weather has always been unpredictable to them anyway. “We’re not bothered,” Frederick Subra said of the strange weather patterns. “We just take it day by day,” The rainy season extends through late September. Staff writer John Sents contributed to this report. ❑


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Political blah, blah, blah We’ll do you a favor and save you time. We’ll summarize John Kerry’s acceptance speech at Thursday’s Democratic National Convention. It’ll go like this: Blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah … We must give all Americans a future!! Applause. My administration will create more jobs for all working-class Americans!! Louder applause. I will tax the rich!!! Thunderous applause. I will go after corporate greed!!! More thunderous applause. I will provide free health care for all!!!! Rafter-shaking applause. …We must work together with the “world community” … We must protect our environment … We must protect our most precious resource — the children!!! Yada … yada … yada. After all that, Kerry and John Edwards — surprise! — will clasp hands in jubilation. Balloons and confetti will fall from the Fleet Center ceiling. A liberal rock band will crank up the tunes. The cameras will pan the Hollywood celebs. Then the wives and kids will come out on stage for hugging and kissing. “We … are … fam - uh - lee … ” Our advice: Go out for a long dinner. Take advantage of the enticing summer dinner specials at one of Longboat’s great restaurants. A night of fine food would be decidely more satisfying, imaginative and digestible than gorging on political gasbags. ❑❑❑

Republicans not much better Mind you, the Republican bash at the end of August won’t be much different. Indeed, it’s true: It’s difficult these days to tell the difference between a Washington Democrat and Republican. If you didn’t know better, you’d think the United States over the past four years was under the thumb of liberal tax-and-spend Democrats. Under the so-called conservative Republican Congress and President George W. Bush, the nation’s debt has increased every year of Bush’s term. For instance, when Bill Clinton left the White House, the United States’ total government debt was its highest in history. But in 2001, the U.S. debt was even higher. At the end of fiscal 2002, the U.S. debt rose another $420 billion. And at the end of fiscal 2003, total U.S. debt rose another $555 billion. Today, the national debt totals $7 trillion. Meanwhile, at the end of fiscal 2005, the U.S. budget deficit is expected to total $364 billion. Our federal government will have spent $2.4 trillion, with 59% of that spent on

EROSION AT THE ISLANDER Pray for a summer season without hurricanes or tropical storms — mostly for the sake of the Islander Club, 2295 Gulf of Mexico Drive, whose beach has all but eroded away. Suffice it to say the Islander Club would not be in this position today were it not for the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation. Thanks to DEP’s delaying of Longboat’s $21 million beach renourishment, scheduled for a year ago, erosion at the Islander Club has reached an extreme. The condominium is not in danger of crumbling into the Gulf of Mexico — far from it. Its sea wall and tow rocks stand as a strong fortification — as they had for a decade or more prior to the town’s first major renourishment in 1995. But the washing away of the beach brings into focus several factors worth noting: • For starters: Why does the Islander Club always seem to have an erosion problem worse than anywhere else? Probably unbeknown to its developers in 1970 when it was built, the Islander Club was destined to a lifelong future of beach erosion challenges because of its geographic location. At that point on Longboat Key, the island juts out just slightly, causing the Gulf currents to wash away the beach. To compound matters, the building itself, in hindsight, was erected closer to the beach than it should have been. • Second, because of its location, the Islander Club will be a beach erosion management challenge for as long as it stands. And it appears as though the Islander Club forever will require groin maintenance and renourishing about

social handouts. Conservative Republicans? Blah, blah, blah. ❑❑❑

Texan or Taxachusan? But in spite of how socialistic George W. Bush and the Republican Congress have been domestically, give Bush credit: He cut taxes. At least he gets that. Kerry does not.

every four years, perhaps every three. For instance, after the big mid-1990s renourishment and the installation of the geo-textile groin tubes in 1996 (on the south end of the Islander’s beach), enough erosion occurred in four years that the town dumped more sand at the Islander Club’s beach. Now here we are four years later, and the Islander Club is in the same position again. Cliff Truitt, one of Longboat Key’s beach consultants, says the groins — two submerged tubes placed perpendicular to the beach south of the Islander Club — “did a commendable job” of holding the sand. But “we’ve asked too much of the groins” at this point, Truitt says. As time goes by, they simply wear down — although, Truitt notes, that because of the frequency of storms in the past four years, the situation today at the Islander Club is more serious than it was in 2000. Put all this together — the condominium’s geographic location and the dynamics of the beach — and the Islander Club is coming into focus as a policy issue for the Town Commission. Here’s why: It is now apparent that the Islander Club will require more beach maintenance resources and money than almost anywhere else on the Key. So how should that be managed? Should the town manage the beach on averages? Should it manage for extremes? Or should the policy be: Do whatever it takes and costs no matter where or how often? Or, should the residents of the Islander Club be required to contribute a larger share of the cost to account for the additional maintenance that their property requires? We can be sure of this: Whoever pays will be paying forever.

What’s more, former New York Mayor Ed Koch, a Democrat, has it right. He told Sarasotans last month that even though he disagrees with George W. Bush on nearly every domestic issue (Bush apparently is not liberal enough), Koch will be voting for Bush for one reason: terrorism. Koch credits Bush for confronting terrorism. Democrats, Koch says, “don’t have the stomach for it.” Forget all the domestic stuff. Whom do you want defending our shores: A liberal senator from Taxachusetts or a cowboy from Texas?

Unlady-like civility

‘Shove it’: Here are the eyewitness accounts BY DAVID M. BROWN Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Two words from Teresa Heinz Kerry sent pundits and politicians scrambling on the eve of the Democratic National Convention in Boston. “Shove it,” Heinz Kerry told Colin McNickle, editor of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s conservative editorial page, after she lectured Pennsylvania delegates Sunday night on the need for civility in politics. “I asked for clarification, and her response goes down in history," McNickle said. The confrontation grabbed headHeinz Kerry lines and video clips around the world. It may have underscored some pundits’ predictions that Heinz Kerry’s penchant for off-the-cuff comments may play a role in presidential candidate John Kerry’s campaign against President Bush. Reporters who witnessed the exchange said McNickle was not out of order to question Heinz Kerry on the meaning of one of her comments during her speech at the Massachusetts Statehouse.

“We need to turn back some of the creeping, unPennsylvanian and sometimes un-American traits that are coming into some of our politics,” Heinz Kerry told Pennsylvania delegates. The incident was captured on videotape by WTAE-TV. McNickle asked her what she meant by “un-American activity.” “No, I didn’t say that, I did not say ‘activity’ or ‘unAmerican,’” responded Heinz Kerry, who walked away briefly before returning to ask McNickle if he was with the Tribune-Review. “Yes, I am,” McNickle replied. “Understandable,” Heinz Kerry said. “You said something I didn’t say. Now shove it!” The reporters who witnessed the exchange appeared to be flummoxed. “Reporters wanted to know what she meant. Colin asked in an aggressive but not unusual manner. He was behaving like a reporter,” said political reporter Peter L. DeCoursey of The Patriot-News in Harrisburg. “She only got mad when she read his badge, when she read the words ‘Tribune-Review,’” DeCoursey said. “Yes, she said, ‘Shove it.’ What’s more interesting is that she specifically came back to tell him to shove it,” he said. “She elbowed her way back through her own aides to come

back and wave her finger in Colin’s face, and tell him to shove it. The video crew for WTAE-TV news anchor Scott Baker captured Heinz Kerry’s remarks. Baker said McNickle had asked “a pretty straightforward question.” “He was not combative. I think he seemed to be polite. The question that he asked was one that had already occurred to me,” Baker said. “Clearly, she was rankled by it.” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette political editor James O’Toole, who also was present, said he wasn’t close enough to hear the exchange. Julie Hirschfeld Davis, the Washington, D.C., correspondent for the Baltimore Sun, said she first thought Heinz Kerry had said, “‘Shut up.’ I listened to my tape, and she said, ‘Shove it.’” Davis said campaign aides urged Heinz Kerry not to respond. “You could tell from her demeanor that she wanted to respond, and she wasn’t going to be hustled off without saying anything,” she said. “It was very clear from the look on her face and the words she spoke that she was angry with his characterization of her remarks. It seemed very important to her to make clear to him that she had not said what he was alleging she said.”




My view

S.T.A.R.T. fight takes sledgehammer approach BY STEPHEN SPOTTE, PH.D. Guest Writer

The ongoing war on red tide by Solutions to Avoid Red Tide (S.T.A.R.T.) is reminiscent of another scheme proposed a few years back: dumping enormous quantities of iron into the oceans to stimulate phytoplankton blooms in hopes of slowing global warming. Both ideas take sledgehammer approaches to the environment. As such, both are egregiously arrogant, anthropocentric and scientifically myopic. They appear to originate from the mistaken belief that individual elements in complex ecosystems can be managed cleanly and efficiently, like factory components. Red tide is a widespread, natural phenomenon driven by complex and confounding variables, few of which we understand at even a rudimentary level. Consequently, S.T.A.R.T.’s approach is comparable to clear-cutting a forest in the name of squirrel control. Is this an overstatement? Hardly. As I intend to show, the “remedies” offered by S.T.A.R.T. are even less selective than an ax, which at least spares the squirrels directly. In fresh waters — like the drinking water mentioned by John Sents (in the April 8 issue of The Longboat Observer) — ozone acts as a point-contact sterilizing agent. That is, it kills microorganisms at point of contact but not in the bulk fluid (the surrounding volume of water). This is because ozone introduced into fresh waters produces no persistent oxidant residual able to survive after the ozone molecule has been destroyed (which occurs in fractions of a second). However, drinking water sterilizations are made efficient by restricting the volume of water being ozonated, thus circumventing the necessity of treating the bulk fluid. Any effects of ozone showing promise in jar tests, like those Sents reported, can’t be extrapolated to the real world. This is scarcely a revelation. A colleague and I published a clear demonstration in the journal, Marine Ecology Progress Series, nearly 25 years ago. Most fresh waters contain very little bromine, but seawater has it in abundance. Ozone in seawater reacts with bromide to form hypobromous acid that in turn reacts with

organic solutes to produce brominated compounds such as bromophenols, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and bromoform (similar structurally to chloroform produced by chlorination produced by chlorination of seawater). Unlike the situation in fresh waters, these and other toxic residuals do persist for a time in solution. To think of ozone as harmless to marine organisms is demonstrably untrue: Oozonation seawater induces that same effect as chlorination. These comments aren’t my opinion, they are part of an established body of science. Further research on the harmful effects of ozoneproduced residuals isn’t needed because ample results already exist n the scientific literature. The capacity to produce residuals prolongs ozone’s toxic effects in seawater, but sterilizing the bulk fluid is still an impossible goal, and the bulk-fluid sterilization would be necessary to significantly reduce the number of red tide cells in the water column. Ozone-produced residuals eventually dissipate, attenuating any sterilizing potential following the initial shock. In the open sea, mixing of servicing waters will then exert a relentless dilution effect. In practice, ozone’s chemical properties dictate that sterilizing even an area as small as a football field won’t be practical. Furthermore, ozone is expensive to generate. It can be manufactured from pure oxygen at 50% efficiency, but substituting atmospheric air causes the output to taper off rapidly. Not only does the procedure require enormous electrical input, it demands that the oxygen or air be dehumidified first, another energy-intensive process. Does S.T.A.R.T. plan to anchor hundreds of barges offshore and supply them with generators? If collateral damage is of no concern, dumping tons of chlorine onto the middle of a red tide spill would be cheaper and more efficient. As I alluded in the first paragraph, the effects of ozone and its derivatives are nonselective, killing all microorganisms, not just red tide cells. Is this potentially serious? In an article in the April 2 issue of Science, Craig J. Venter (the man principally responsible for cloning the human genome) and colleagues report results from sequencing the bulk genome filtered from about 1,500 liters (400 gallons) of seawater collected off Bermuda, one of earth’s most

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If you would like to send us your comments, please write, e-mail or fax one of the following addresses: Box 8100, Longboat Key, FL 34228; e-mail:; fax: 3837193. Please include your name and phone number. The Longboat Observer will print all letters to the editor if it feels they are of general interest, but only if the letter is signed and the author’s street address and phone number are given. The editor reserves the right to condense letters.

Kudos to “United We Stand”

V.P. shows true character

Dear Editor: Congratulations! I just received and read the “United We Stand” issue of The Longboat Observer. A great issue and one anyone can be proud of. I received the copy via Bill Kelley. I had sent him a copy of our local paper issue, the “Castine Patriot.” I sent it to Bill as a “rib.” One of the features in the paper was yourstruly (in blue-dress uniform no less) giving the talk at the town memorial and introducing the local eighth graders to give the Gettysburg Address. Real “down-East,” don’t you think? Incidentally, the parade we have goes from the cemetery to the town common, to the waterfront, with appropriate remarks at each location. To give you an idea of the cadence and musical accompaniment: we have the grade school band augmented by two or three adults who own instruments and still have enough breath to blow them. But again, congratulations on a memorable issue. Al Bagot Longboat Key and Castine, Maine

Dear Editor: Vice President Dick Cheney’s use of an obscenity in his profane discussion with Sen. Patrick Leahy recently is an embarrassment to Republicans as well as Democrats. It was inappropriate for the vice president to use such language and then refuse to apologize for such improper conduct. His lack of courtesy and decorum for his outburst and without an apology displays the vice president’s true character. It is regrettable that the youth of our country had to hear or read about his antics and refusal to apologize for his actions. Joseph Miller Longboat Key

Michael Moore offensive Dear Editor: David Brooks writes in the New York Times “Around the World in 80 Insults.” He quotes Michael Moore’s speeches in England, Germany, etc., to large audiences. Quote: “Americans are the dumbest peo-

nutrient-poor environments. Even in this relatively tiny volume, the data reveal at least 1,800 genomic species (mainly bacteria) and 1.2 million previously unknown genes. The authors estimate that approximately 80% of the microbial biodiversity in their samples (perhaps an astonishing 47,700 “species”) could not be detected by their method — organisms so rare as to be off the radar of modern science. In our far richer Gulf waters, what might S.T.A.R.T. be killing along with its paltry few species of red tide organisms? The consequences of dumping clays into marine surface waters are protean, not limited to possible effects of benthic (the region at the bottom of an ocean) life, as Sents implies. Clay particles bear electrical charges, which attract and then coagulate other charged particles (an industrial process called flocculation). Once a flocculant attains a certain mass, its density exceeds that of the surrounding fluid and it sinks, arriving (in this case) at the benthos. The effect of clay particles as they fall through the water column will be to coagulate all single-celled and small multicellular organisms, not simply all red tide cells. Tiny planktonic animals — including larvae of the fished and invertebrates indigenous to our waters — also bear surfaces charges. They, too, will be coagulated with clay particles and dragged to the bottom. Clays, like ozone and its derivatives, are nonselective. As the findings of Venter and colleagues reinforce, the water column contains uncountable numbers of marine bacteria and microscopic algae that perform first-order functions necessary to balance life in the oceans. I’m assuming S.T.A.R.T. imposed itself on the cycling of red tide simply because its members find the effects unpleasant or inconvenient. Either would be a poor reason to manipulate the offshore environment. No one of good conscience should promote such a thoughtless agenda and ask government agencies for research funds to rediscover what we already know is disingenuous. Stephen Spotte, Ph.D., is a marine biologist and the author of more than 80 scientific articles and books. He is a Longboat Key resident. ❑

ple on the planet.” Quote: “We Americans suffer from an enforced ignorance — our stupidity is embarrassing.” Quote: “You’re stuck with being connected to this country of mine, which is known for bringing sadness and misery to places around the globe.” This is the man Democrats are embracing as a new mentor to elect John Kerry!!! I was in Washington, D.C. when “Fahrenheit 9/11” opened and on the front page of the Washington Post is a picture of U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida running to see this film. Outrageous to see Sen. Barbara Boxer and a group of Democrats flocking to this film. Michael Moore offends me as an American — as a human being and as a person loves this great country — America. Maye Lavinson Longboat Key

Snowbird has a say Dear Editor: Since I’m in Michigan for the summer, I just received and read the July 1 and July 8 Longboat Observer articles about the water penalties. Frankly, I think you went pretty easy on Florensa, St Denis and Sullivan. From my way of thinking, after these three gentlemen screwed up so badly, I don’t think it’s enough for them to simply admit that they didn’t do their jobs by reading the data from Manatee County more carefully and by not asking the right questions. The bottom line is that it is the water users on Longboat Key that will foot the bill for their incompetence. Frankly, I think the appropriate action by the three of them would be to resign immediately. Unfortunately, that is not the way things are normally done on Longboat Key, under the system I like to call the “Mutual Admiration Society System.” It is a system where the Town Commission heaps high praises on the

town manager, the town manager praises the Town Commission and the Town Commission tells us what a great finance director we have in Mr. Sullivan. If the performance of these three individuals were so exemplary, then you would think that maybe one of them would not have been asleep at the switch. On another aspect of our current water problem, if what Manatee County did was truly underhanded in addition to being outrageous, why is the township not instituting a lawsuit against Manatee County? Under the circumstances, wouldn’t the water users of Longboat Key get a better shake from a court, rather than from those very folks who imposed these unfair penalties? Martin H. Ross Longboat Key

Others should be remembered Dear Editor: Gen. Edmundson was a fine man; a distinguished military officer who served Longboat Key as a town commissioner and mayor, but Longboat Key has other equally outstanding military men who also served our community well. It is not right for Kiwanis to consistently try to honor one over the others. Gen. Jim Patterson, father of the Apache helicopter, who was awarded every military decoration possible, with the exception of the Medal of Honor, also served Longboat Key as town commissioner and mayor. In addition, he single-handedly began what has become a nationwide quest to find a solution to the red tide problem. The late Adm. Walter Small was commander of the Submarine Force of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. And Gen. James Abrahamson was the first director of the Air Force Strategic Defense Initiative. Outstanding patriots all, the Longboat Key post office should not be named for just one of them. Betty Blair Longboat Key




If you were the judge

Can bugs be good for a lawyer? The law is so broad that lawyers, in order to understand a subject with conviction and authority, have become experts in its many branches. Attorneys claim expertise in the facets of antitrust, intellectual property, real estate and literally dozens of other categories; but to claim to be an expert on bugs is an extraordinary position assumed by one counselor of law. Peter Cardillo, Florida lawyer, said, “I would wake up in the middle of the night, worrying about termites devouring my house.” Thus, holding himself as an expert, he commenced suing pest control companies. As Benjamin Franklin said, “He was as snug as a bug in the rug.” The Sunshine State attorney’s entire

practice is devoted to this niche. He expects to open additional offices in the state that unfortunately is known as the “termite belt.” Tampa lawyer Dan Clark opines that the pest control industry is lucrative and “rife with fraud.” Orkin Inc., the pest control giant, is Cardillo’s frequent target. Thus far, the largest battles relate to arbitrators’ clauses that deny a party to a court of law for the deposits of grievances. Terminix International Co., larger than Orkin, won a case involving the contested arbitration clause. There the appellate court held that the restriction was “unconscionable and unforeseeable.” However, the biggest case has been against Orkin. The allegations there dis-



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close that Orkin’s employees intentionally concealed damage from the owner of the property by propping up the structure with carjacks to prevent the building from collapsing. The jury awarded the plaintiff $80 million. That was reduced to $2.3 million by the trial judge who said, “I have served on this court for more than 16 years. The reprehensibility of the defendants’ conduct was great — as great as I can remember.” Orkin’s spokeswoman, Martha Craft, commented, “It is important to realize that less than 1% of Orkin’s 11.6 million customers file termite claims each year. More than 98% are resolved without litigation. Publicly, about a handful of unhappy customers simply ignored the quiet satisfaction of millions of others.” Jack Cox, former Orkin sales inspector, submitted a deposition where he testifies that it was common practice for him and his colleagues frequently to fail to re-inspect properties as required by their customers’ contracts. Orkin’s counsel responded, “We do take our internal policies seriously, and these rogue employees, who were found to have had broken corporate policies in this regard, were terminated with confirmations of the allegations.” Cox had been fired by Orkin. Cardillo has been specializing against apartment complexes and condominium associations. If successful in a false advertis-

James Durante, a Longboat Key resident, is a retired member of the New York Bar. ❑

Yo u r Flor ida


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ing case, the damages are trebled as a matter of law. Florida lawyer Daniel Gerber, now Orkin’s counsel, states, “The vast majority of settlements occur before litigation commences.” His seven-lawyer firm focuses largely on pest-control litigations. In another specialist law firm, Slater and O’Connor, it estimated that it has handled 300 cases, with fewer than 50 going to trial and only six yielding verdicts. The largest was $71,000. That firm said, “Anytime you’ve got negative publicity about an industry, even if it isn’t justified, it makes it tough. It’s like negative ads in a political campaign.” Attorney Gerber believes the law business in bugs is disappearing. “Products have changed, application methods have changed, regulations have changed and control of termites has changed, to the point that long-term specialty, except for the solo practitioner, is not broad enough to sustain a practice,” he said. But Cardillo is unfazed by Gerber’s remarks. He does not endorse the characterization of him as “bug lawyer.” He said, “Termite lawyer is more accurate, although carpenter ants can cause quite a bit of damage. I see carpenter ants in my future.”

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Cops’ Corner July 15 12:20 a.m. — 3400 block Gulf of Mexico Drive (GMD). Suspicious Vehicle. After a routine beach check, a Sarasota woman’s suspended license and expired car tags were confiscated. 8:56 a.m. — 4000 block GMD. Suspicious Vehicle. Officer responded to a complaint about a suspicious parked green

vehicle. It allegedly had no license plates. A search yielded no results. 3:30 p.m. — 4600 block GMD. Larceny from Motel. A wallet was reported stolen from a motel room. A call to the victim’s credit card company revealed that one of the cards had been used that day at the BP gas station on Longboat Key. The victim’s daughter also witnessed a suspicious man with a blue shirt walking and checking every glass sliding door in the area. The victim’s rear glass sliding door was unlocked. 7:47 p.m. — 7000 block GMD. Traffic Violation. Officer pulled over a Bradenton woman driving with an

expired car tag. She had no proof of insurance and the tag wasn’t assigned to the vehicle. She was issued traffic citations and the car was towed. 9:59 p.m. — 6800 block GMD. Public Service. A business’ door was found unlocked during a routine security check. Nothing suspicious was found inside. The owner was contacted. 10:30 p.m. — 5700 block GMD. Suspicious Circumstance. Officer responded to report of a suspicious vehicle parked near a residence’s pool. The driver, identified as a resident, had parked his vehicle to empty trash and fill his cooler with ice for a trip out of state. ❑

Longboat newspaper editor charged with DUI Stephen L. Reid, editor and publisher of the Longboat Key News, was charged July 8, with driving under the influence of alcohol. Sarasota police said Reid apparently lost control of his vehicle on State Road 789 near the intersection of Morningside Place on Lido Shores. Rather than make the left turn toward St. Armands Circle, police said Reid drove his vehicle down the shoulder of the road, plunging through trees and a stockade fence, coming to rest in the side yard of a residence. “There were no marks on the road or grass to indicate the driver of the vehicle had attempted to brake,” said a Sarasota police report. The incident occurred about 10 p.m., shortly after a witness called

police. The witness said he had observed Reid’s 1984 two-door Mercury traveling down Gulf of Mexico Drive “at a high rate of speed, passing other vehicles.” Reid was not injured in the accident. Damage was estimated at $800. The attending police officer, Thomas Keusch, reported that Reid “stated he pulled off the side of the road to check his real estate listing.” The officer said Reid “appeared very impaired.” Reid told the police officer he had been “hobnobbing” at an event on Longboat Key, where he only had one drink and ate “appetizers, shrimp, stale bread and pretentious snacks.” He said he was on his way home. “When asked for identification, the


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defendant tried to hand (Keusch) a newspaper, stating, ‘You should know who I am from this.’ (The) defendant thought he was on Longboat Key and continually asked for Al Hogle.” Hogle is chief of the Longboat Key Police Department. When administered a field sobriety test, Reid failed the test. His breathalcohol level measured 0.156. The legal limit for driving is 0.08. Police arrested Reid at the scene and transported him to the Sarasota County Jail. Reid, who lives in East Manatee County, is a former managing editor of The Longboat Observer and former editor and publisher of The East County Observer. — Staff report


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THE OAKS I - BAYSIDE Gracious home, just minutes from Pine View School. Features 3BRs plus den, generous lanai & beautiful landscaping with fruit trees & privacy. $970,000. Christina M. Landry, 388-4447 or 376-4498. #257429

WEST OF THE TRAIL. Nestled on a quiet lane, Old Florida setting. Step back in time & relax on Garfinkel, 951-6660 or 302-6400. #258206

THE BEACH RESIDENCES. A Ritz-Carlton managed property, the Beach Residences share the same privileged & privately gated location with the Ritz-Carlton Members Beach Club. $2,190,000. Jay & Suzette Seigel, 383-7591 or 228-5298. #260971 MAGNIFICENT GULF, BAY & CITY VIEWS. The Beach Residences shares the same privileged & privately gated location with The Ritz-Carlton Members Beach Club. Savor ultimate luxury & an unsurpassed lifestyle. $1,680,000. Bibi-Ann Allard, 951-6660 or 685-0422. #260768 MARINA BAY. Breathtaking end unit, with 3,383 sq. ft. of panorama. Features Beach Club on Gulf. The best of all worlds awaits on Longboat Key. $1,325,000. Terri Derr & Ken Torrington, 383-7591 or 356-6694. #253668 TANGERINE BAY. Fabulous bay views from this rarely available, 3BR, end penthouse unit with marble floors, cathedral ceilings, loft area, cabana, boat dock & deeded beach access. $1,090,000. Monica Barth, 951-6660 or 928-6017. #252929 LIDO SHORES. Newer, completely renovated, 2BR residence on a nicely sized lot. Excellent home for fun & entertaining. $950,000. Susan Rinehart, 951-6660 or 377-4105. #258220 L'ELEGANCE Popular, large Brighton end unit with Gulf views. Enjoy beautiful sunrises & sunsets from this tastefully turnkey-furnished residence with wraparound balconies. $899,900. Karin Stephan, 383-7591 or 504-4435. #254734 SANDPIPER. Fabulously situated directly on the Gulf, this immaculate, walk-out, furnished, 2BR corner unit offers approximately 1,800 sq. ft. in a friendly, 10-unit community. $885,000. Marilyn S. Brown, 388-4447 or 377-6215. #251007 LIDO SHORES. This school of architecture & design home is located on one of the bigger lots in a great neighborhood. Main section has 2BRs & guest wing has 3BRs. $839,000. Monica Barth, 951-6660 or 928-6017. #249287 LUXURY BEACHFRONT IN THE KEY CLUB. Stunning 2BR residence, remodeled & furnished by designer owner. Enjoy Gulf, sunset & golf course views. Features concierge & generous garage parking. $829,000. Jenifer Schwell, 388-4447 or 383-3209. #253502 THE BEST OF GRAND BAY. Prime front corner apartment with an extended wraparound balcony & no buildings to clutter the fabulous open bay & city views. Designer furnished, gated security & private beach club. $799,000. Jenifer Schwell, 388-4447 or 383-3209. #261014 SAND CAY. Set directly on a gorgeous beach, this bright & cheery 2BR unit boasts Gulf vistas from the living & dining rooms, den, kitchen & patio. $789,000. John Zisman, 383-7591 or 504-2393. #259080 BEAUTIFUL & SUNNY. This 3BR St. Armands pool home has been completely remodeled, with fencing, landscaping & hurricane glass protection on all windows. $695,000. Michelle Wilde-Aldrich, 388-4447 or 544-3813. #251984 TENNIS MAGAZINE'S #1 RATED RESORT. Owners may stay in their unit any 30 days per year and have use of 21 tennis courts, fitness center, complimentary children's program, salon & spa. $230,000. Susan & Jonathan Fox, 383-3759 or 330-1441. #239535 4Sarasota Mainland

EXTRAORDINARY RITZ-CARLTON CORNER redesigned & upgraded 3BR with leisure room, l & all hotel amenities. A Sotheby's listing. $5,35 925-2153. #213339 THE RESIDENCES AT THE RITZ-CARLTON Ba lous, five-star Ritz-Carlton lifestyle, with incre Lido Beach Club membership is included in th Hanrahan & Carole & Bill Salmon, 383-7591 o RITZ-CARLTON TOWER RESIDENCES This sp sweeping views of Gulf & bay from the 15th f open terraces. $3,300,000. Saint Cacchiotti & HARBOR ACRES Enjoy the views from this fab ft. renovated Mediterranean-style with gourm $2,750,000. Kim & Michael Ogilvie, 951-6660 INDIAN BEACH Historic bayfront home, just a floors, separate guesthouse, 4BRs, lap po $2,690,000. Ann Martin, 388-4447 or 953-77 PRESTIGIOUS HARBOR ACRES Unique wate Over 4,000 sq. ft. pool home with antique $2,495,000. Janis Collier, 951-6660 or 313-1 THE VIEWS WILL AMAZE YOU from this 14th to the direct west. Open floor plan with 3BRs Annette Rogers & Michael Moulton, 383-7591 MAGNIFICENT ESTATE IN THE OAKS. Except offices, 4-car garage & resort-style pool with Judy & Bill Nimz, 951-6660 or 374-0196. #25 THE TOWER RESIDENCES AT THE RITZ-CA lifestyle. Enjoy awe-inspiring sunsets & full ba & Bill Salmon, 383-7591 or 383-5753. #2560 THE RESIDENCES AT THE RITZ-CARLTON The leased through December. Sensational views $1,999,000. Judi Summers, 951-6660 or 302 A HOME IN THE SKY Unsurpassed luxury & u unit with city & marina views. Serviced by t $1,950,000. Jim Hanrahan & Carole & Bill Sa

3Longboat, Lido & Bird Keys


ELEGANT PALLADIAN VILLA set on azure New Pass waters. Highlights splendid architecture, which seamlessly integrates outdoor & indoor spaces. $8,900,000. Linda Roe Dickinson, 388-4447 or 350-3304. #234200 GULF FRONT BEACH MASTERPIECE. Like great works of art, exceptional homes are precious and rare. The perfect blend of sophistication and the comfort of casual but elegant beach living. No compromises. $8,495,000. Ann Martin, 388-4447 or 953-7717. #247914 REMARKABLE REFINEMENT. Magical Gulf front home exudes casual elegance in desirable Lido Shores. Splendid family home full of style with lush landscaping, pool & fireplace. $5,600,000. Susan McLeod, 388-4447 or 951-2541. #254763 VILLA DI LANCIA. Fabulous double penthouse on the Gulf with 5BRs & 5,000 sq. ft. of elegance. Corner unit with southern exposure, expansive terraces, gourmet kitchen & generous living area. $3,995,000. Annette Rogers & Michael Moulton, 383-7591 or 387-0800. #247798 SANDHAMN. With over 6,100 sq. ft. on the bay and your own private boat dock, this elegantly furnished Tuscan-style home has a fabulous, flexible floor plan and lavish finishes. $3,675,000. Kim & Michael Ogilvie, 951-6660 or 376-1717. #249795 ELEGANT BIRD KEY BAYFRONT. Gracious home designed for entertaining. All the amenities of glamorous living, including marble, granite, crown molding, coffered ceilings, open bay views & boat dock. $3,450,000. Susan McLeod, 388-4447 or 951-2541. #256092 ST. ARMANDS. A yachter's fantasy, with tremendous water depth & dockage. Walled, gated & beautifully designed home with wide water views from most rooms. Two blocks to Lido Beach. $3,449,000. Marilyn S. Brown & Ann Martin, 388-4447 or 377-6215. #255631 VIZCAYA. Magnificent Gulf front penthouse with fabulous Gulf views in an intimate seaside enclave. Created in the style of Addison Mizner, with Mediterranean architecture. $3,299,000. Annette Rogers & Michael Moulton, 383-7591 or 387-0800. #253734 BIRD KEY BAYFRONT. Premiere location with breathtaking views of the Sarasota skyline and Siesta Key. This Spanish-Mediterranean boasts a deepwater dock & spacious pool patio. $3,200,000. Michael Moulton & Annette Rogers, 383-7591 or 928-3559. #239958 SPECTACULAR, MODEL-PERFECT HOME built by John Cannon Homes, located just 1 in from bay. Features panoramic views, over 4,200 sq. ft., custom appointments, 4BR suites, lap pool & private dock. $2,999,999. Lenore Treiman, 966-8000 or 356-9642. #259332 RARE AND EXCITING within Club Longboat & on golf course. Over 5,000 sq. ft., 5BRs, large rooms, volume ceilings, 3-car garage & lap pool. Close to the beach. $2,900,000. Dick Lewis, 388-4447 or 302-3348. #253530 CHARMING BIRD KEY BAYFRONT home with open gourmet kitchen, all new interior & deep, protected boating water for a casual Florida lifestyle. $2,750,000. Barbara C. Dumbaugh, 388-4447 or 350-3743. #256534 COMFORT AND CLASS ON THE BEACH. Three BR Regent Place turnkey-furnished unit with volume ceilings, breathtaking views & 2-car garage. $2,700,000. Annette Rogers & Michael Moulton, 383-7591 or 387-0800. #248453 QUEENS HARBOUR. Fabulous bay views from almost every room of this Queens Harbour masterpiece. Four full BR suites, large family room with soaring ceilings & myriad upgrades. $2,595,000. Brigitte Von Kessel, 383-3759 or 383-6182. #253971 HIDEAWAY BAY. Exquisitely designed 4BR waterfront home with countless arches, grand windows, formal living & dining rooms, & boat dock. Located in a desirable enclave of estatesized homes. $2,595,000. Saint Cacchiotti & Gail Wittig, 383-7591 or 387-0533. #256909 PERFECT BEACH GETAWAY. Breathtaking views of the Gulf from this 2-story home with all new furnishings, new carpet & numerous upgrades. Spectacular beachfront heated pool & sundeck. $2,525,000. Saint Cacchiotti & Gail Wittig, 383-7591 or 387-0533. #220722 WATER CLUB--SPECTACULAR VIEWS of bay or Gulf from every room of this 10th-floor end unit. 3,000-sq.-ft. open plan with 10' ceiling, private elevator foyer, 3 terraces & luxurious clubhouse. $2,500,000. Sally Traquena, 388-4447 or 587-1330. #247991 SLEEPY LAGOON. Direct Gulf front with large sandy beach, located in a private setting in an area of multi-million dollar estates. $2,499,000. Michael Losey, 383-7591 or 809-3491. #253050 ISLANDS WEST. Conveniently located with the most sweeping panoramic penthouse views. This 3BR, split-plan unit with study & 2 balconies is partially updated & totally unique. $2,490,000. Anne Mitchell, 388-4447 or 725-0227. #254506 BEAUTIFUL BEACHFRONT VIZCAYA. Carefree beach living with the feel of a single-family home. Features 3BRs, a wide terrace, outdoor kitchen & private 2-car garage. $2,395,000. Ann Martin, 388-4447 or 953-7717. #258375 BAY ISLES. Magnificent new home on Harbourside Golf Course. Panoramic golf & lake views, exciting architectural details & the finest finishes. Four BRs, pool, spa & 3-car garage. $2,195,000. Ann Martin & Linda Roe Dickinson, 388-4447 or 953-7717. #256405


BALLENTINE MANOR. Custom built with soaring walls of glass to enhance the views of sparkling Sarasota Bay & Longboat Key, this unique estate presents a dazzling display of space & light. $6,250,000. Klaus Lang, 383-7591 or 320-1223. #245700


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MAIN (941) 951-6660 • ST. ARMANDS 388-4447 • NORTH LONGBOAT 383-5502/383-37 WEEKEND HOURS


me features a generous master suite with tranquil r basin that can accommodate several boats. n, 383-7591 or 387-0800. #251249

BAYVIEW ACRES. Private bayfront retreat. Experience glorious sunsets across open bay views. Protected boat dockage in the front canal. $1,890,000. June Howell, 966-8000 or 350-7521. #254318

THURSDAY JULY 29, 2004 11A

SANDERLING CLUB. Totally renovated, traditional, 3BR pool home on approximately .8-acre on the widest part of Heron Lagoon. Enjoy peaceful water views, club amenities & privacy. $1,195,000. Lawrence Gourlay & Barb Williams, 349-3444 or 927-1942. #250174

SAILBOATS BOB & GLIDE, turquoise water sparkles & the heart of the city beckons from this newly renovated 2BR suite in a secured building with garage parking. $500,000. Diane Gregory, 388-4447 or 504-2993. #261064 JOHNSON ESTATES. West of the Trail, this vintage 3BR cottage is set close to the Southside Village & Siesta beaches. Tucked away on a private treed lot, this home has room for a pool. $489,000. Julia McClung, 388-4447 or 356-6499. #260907 WEST OF THE TRAIL Set in Bayview, this home, built in 1996 & remodeled in 2003, has 22' ceilings, security system & a private backyard with fruit trees. $389,000. Georgina Clamage, 951-6660 or 586-3789. #258225 RENAISSANCE Spectacular bay views in a premier downtown location. Live in one of the finest addresses in Sarasota. One BR luxury residence with outstanding amenities. $285,000. Mirta Matheu Klauber, 383-7591 or 704-6749. #255875 SUNRIDGE. This 2BR centrally located townhouse boasts a very private feel & greenbelt views. $139,900. Monica Barth, 951-6660 or 928-6017. #260881 5Casey Key

, this 2-story, 4BR home was built in 2000 in an n the large, covered front porch. $699,000. Phyllis

DOWNTOWN VILLA ON PALM. Fabulous Mediterranean townhouse in gated enclave, surrounded by patios & gardens. Features 3 parking spaces. $535,000. Jenifer Schwell, 388-4447 or 383-3209. #249621

R PENTHOUSE RESIDENCE. Professionally ibrary & 4 terraces. Two secure parking spaces 50,000. Pamela & Lynford Wiley, 951-6660 or

RITZ-CARLTON TOWER RESIDENCES with full concierge service & state-of-the-art amenities, this 3BR residence features a private elevator lobby, grand foyer & luxurious master suite. $1,759,000. Karin Stephan, 383-7591 or 504-4435. #231478 PRIME BAYFRONT SETTING - PHOENIX Set in the heart of downtown with southwest exposure overlooking the new bridge, this turnkey residence features 3,785 sq. ft. of luxurious living space & 2-car garage. $1,695,000. Bibi-Ann Allard, 951-6660 or 685-0422. #251668 RITZ-CARLTON TOWER RESIDENCES Enjoy magnificent bay views, unsurpassed luxury & a world of unimaginable lifestyle & elegance. Savor the sunsets in this residence soaring over Sarasota Bay. $1,650,000. Jim Hanrahan & Carole & Bill Salmon, 383-7591 or 383-5753. #252853 THE TOWER RESIDENCES AT THE RITZ-CARLTON Magnificent views & fabulous floor plans, along with full concierge services and unsurpassed amenities. $1,600,000. Christina Ashley, 383-7591 or 780-0291. #232159 FOXFIRE. Live your dream in this 5,700 sq. ft., opulent European-style home on 2 acres surrounded by golf course. Features 3 fireplaces, 17' ceilings & 3 spas. $1,500,000. Sharon Straw, 951-6660 or 302-0768. #261002 COME HOME TO THE RITZ-CARLTON Leading 'Country French' designer has furnished this 2BRplus-den with exceptional antiques, fine linens & unique accessories. Fabulous views across marina to bay. A Sotheby's listing. $1,290,000. Judy & Bill Nimz, 951-6660 or 374-0196. #246101 UNIVERSITY PARK This 1st class lakefront residence, built by Dan Najjar, offers exquisite details & the finest qualities. Over 4,000 sq. ft. of beautiful features lend to the artistry. $1,195,000. Linda Driggs, 951-6660 or 374-2920. #252647 THE RITZ-CARLTON UNDER $1 MILLION. This handsomely appointed pied-a-terre boasts southern exposure & overlooks the downtown coastline and marina. Two garage spaces included. $999,995. Linda Roe Dickinson, 388-4447 or 350-3304. #244813 OAKS. Gracious colonial home, framed by old oaks and magnolias, overlooks picturesque lake with gazebo. Extensive artful renovation. $985,000. Terri Derr & Ken Torrington, 383-7591 or 356-6694. #251425 BUCCANEER BAY. Just 5 homes in from the bay, this partly updated residence features over 100' of canal front. Excellent mainland location in a fabulous neighborhood. $779,000. Michael and Joseph James, 951-6660 or 724-4035. #257082 SOUTHSIDE VILLAGE New urban, Mediterranean-style home with townhouse feel. Balconies & terrace overlook lush foliage. Close to Southside Village amenities. $669,000. Georgina Clamage, 951-6660 or 586-3789. #255603 REGENCY. Take pleasure in open bay views from this 2/3BR condominium. Features a large living room with fireplace, built-ins, wet bar & marble floors. $650,000. George Appel, 951-6660 or 376-2626. #258529 LAUREL OAK ESTATES Stately executive pool home on the golf course with great views, built-in entertainment center in family room, plantation shutters & 3-car garage. $649,500. Valerie Woodger, 951-6660 or 400-1461. #254310 WHITFIELD ESTATES West Indies style, West of the Trail. This fabulous, 3/4BR, brand new 2-story home offers dramatic bay views in a sought-after neighborhood. $649,000. Carolyn & Gary Collins, 951-6660 or 320-0722. #250940

athed in breathtaking views, enjoy the fabuedible service from an award-winning staff. his purchase. $4,650,000. Klaus Lang & Jim or 320-1223. #257358 plendid residence is in a prime location with floor. Spacious 3BR with over 3,700 sq. ft. & Gail Wittig, 383-7591 or 387-0533. #232380 bulous, waterfront 4BR home. Over 4,200 sq. et kitchen, expansive master & tropical pool. 0 or 376-1717. #254256 as endearing as it was in 1926. Original oak ool & 1.5 acres of immaculate gardens. 717. #254853 erfront property on the deep sailboat basin. brick, wood flooring & quality throughout. 212. #254545 floor Ritz Tower residence situated with vista s, fabulous finishes & upgrades. $2,390,000. 1 or 387-0800. #230308 ional style & design in this 5BR home with 2 waterfall, set on a lakeside lot. $2,330,000. 53259 ARLTON Unsurpassed luxury, unimaginable ay views. $2,190,000. Jim Hanrahan & Carole 044 e best price at the Ritz for this 3BR residence, . Investors only. May exchange for property. 2-3238. #245437 nimaginable lifestyle in this southeast corner the 5-star professionals at the Ritz-Carlton. lmon, 383-7591 or 383-5753. #257051


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759 • SOUTH LONGBOAT 383-7591 • PALMER RANCH 966-8000 • SIESTA KEY 349-3444 S: 9 AM TO 4 PM


GULF TO BAY LUXURY ESTATE. Walled & gated with exquisite design & style, this home includes a gourmet kitchen, wine cellar, vanishing-edge pool, summer kitchen and 7car garage. $12,000,000. Annette and Albert Ayers, 966-8000 or 966-6440. #251582 GULF TO BAY ESTATE. Rare opportunity for a grand residence on Casey Key's most desirable & exclusive north end. This home & guesthouse feature 5BRs, large foyer & multiple-car garage space. $5,385,000. Klaus Lang, 383-7591 or 320-1223. #250692 EXCEPTIONAL PROPERTY with gorgeous bay views and deeded private beach access. In process is a 7,000 sq.-ft. home with gatehouse. $4,900,000. Dianna and John Allaman, 966-8000 or 232-4200. #248990 SWEEPING BAY VIEWS. This fantastic Key West-style home is perfect for entertaining in a tropical setting. Features a gourmet eat-in kitchen, screened pool & lanai and separate guesthouse. $1,399,900. Mark P. Riley, 951-6660 or 350-2700. #249532 6Siesta Key


GRAND MEDITERRANEAN-STYLE. Almost 8,000 sq.-ft., 5BR, 6-car garage home to be built & ready by mid-2004. Full bay views & seawall dockage available on both sides of lot. Built by Bamboo. $6,989,000. Andy and Magda Franklin, 349-3444 or 504-0205. #221557 HIDDEN HARBOR. Wrapped by 3 sides of water, this beautifully crafted 7,002 sq. ft. estate has it all. Enjoy forever bay views from every room, 5BR suites & immediate access to the Intracoastal. $6,475,000. Linda Roe Dickinson, 388-4447 or 350-3304. #260979 COCOANUT BAYOU. This work of nature's art is poised on a lushly landscaped acre lot on sailboat water. With open water views from most rooms, features include 4BRs, private dock, pool & spa. $3,950,000. Kim & Michael Ogilvie, 951-6660 or 376-1717. #254957 MIRA MAR. A Mediterranean masterpiece with unsurpassed bay views to create an ambiance of island living. Interior of rich wood, marble & granite reflect a casual, yet sophisticated lifestyle. $3,250,000. Linda Driggs, 951-6660 or 374-2920. #252493 EXQUISITE BAYFRONT TOWNHOUSE. Turnkey furnished with state-of-the-art electronics and 'Tommy Bahama' theme. Only 3 units, with infinity pool & boat. $2,975,000. Mark P. Riley, 951-6660 or 350-2700. #248063 INCREDIBLE BEACHFRONT. Key West-style home/duplex with full Gulf views. Potentially 6BR with new kitchen, zoned multi-family. Endless possibilities. $2,950,000. Kim & Michael Ogilvie, 951-6660 or 376-1717. #255805 GULF VIEW LITTLE SARASOTA BAY. Set near Crescent Beach, this property currently has 2 units with 2 guest quarters. Could be 2 or 3 large units, all with fabulous views of the Gulf. $2,495,000. Karen Chandler & Bill Hackett, 349-3444 or 366-7107. #256248 NEW WATERFRONT HOME ON SIESTA KEY boasts elegant features, such as a 2-story family room with fireplace, 5BRs plus den & music room, granite chef's kitchen, 3-car garage & private dock. $2,250,000. Kim & Michael Ogilvie, 951-6660 or 376-1717. #258298 SEA BREEZE. Luxury condominium in a building of only 5 units, with panoramic views of the Gulf & bay. Enjoy island living at its best with a deeded boat dock included. $1,895,000. Annette Rogers & Michael Moulton, 383-7591 or 387-0800. #259217 NEWLY COMPLETED SEA BREEZE. Enjoy panoramic views of the Gulf & bay from this boater's paradise, with deeded boat dock included. $1,775,000. Annette Rogers & Michael Moulton, 383-7591 or 387-0800. #259219 MIRA MAR. Grand sunset and water views from this 2-yr.-old home, with guest apartment, soaring ceilings, wood floors & ample storage. $929,000. Pamela & Lynford Wiley, 951-6660 or 925-2153. #253869

12A THURSDAY JULY 29, 2004



Four vying for Judge Rapkin’s circuit seat BY SEAN MCDONNELL


Staff Writer

Personal: Age 54; married, no children; has lived in the Sarasota area since 1989 after moving here from Kansas City. Susan Chapman simultaneously earned her law degree and master’s degree from Washington University of St. Louis in 1977. She earned her bachelor’s Chapman degree from Washington University in 1973. Chapman served as a public defender in various capacities in Missouri from 1978 to 1987, including chief circuit public defender in Missouri’s 6th Judicial Circuit. She came to Florida in 1989 and began a private practice, specializing in general civil, family and criminal law. Chapman has been a member of the Florida Bar for 15 years. Since 1991, Chapman has been a special master, a hearing officer, for Sarasota County. As special master, she most recently presided over a hearing regarding the Siesta Key live-entertainment ordinance. Chapman is the former president of the Sarasota County Civic League and the former president and director of the Sarasota Chapter of the Florida Association for Women Lawyers. She received the Florida Bar President’s Pro Bono Service Award in 1997. The Florida Supreme Court acknowledged Chapman in 1996 for her outstanding commitment to the Guardian ad Litem program. On her motivation for running: “I have a long history of civic participation and a long history of litigation, and I just think I could do a good job. I’ve been very active in the community. I’ve been a hearing officer for Sarasota County for 13 years. It just seems a

When 12th Circuit Court Judge Harry Rapkin announced in April he would not seek re-election, his decision created a rare opportunity — a judicial seat election without a sitting incumbent. Rapkin decided to vacate the bench after he became the target of public criticism for his handling of the two probation cases of Joseph P. Smith, the man accused of murdering 11-year-old Carlie Brucia in February. Even before Rapkin announced his decision, only William Salomone had the determination to declare his candidacy against a sitting judge, a rare occurrence in Sarasota County’s gentlemanly legal community. Soon after Rapkin’s announcement, three more candidates paid the $5,330 fee or handed in the 2,311 petition signatures to qualify to run for the position — secondtime candidates Susan Chapman and Diana Moreland and first-time candidate William Mosca. This is also Salomone’s first attempt at the circuit bench. Circuit judges serve six-year terms and are paid about $134,000 a year. Judges rotate between courts in different areas of the law, handling criminal, civil and family court cases at the trial level. Their job is to apply relevant Florida statute to real-life situations that come before the bench. Decisions in the 12th Circuit can then be appealed to Florida’s 2nd District Court of Appeals. The 12th Circuit Court includes Sarasota, Manatee and Desoto counties. Two years ago, Chapman lost the election by one percentage point for another vacant circuit seat — the one now held by Judge Rick DeFuria. All four candidates recently answered a series of questions from The Longboat Observer. Here are edited transcripts of their responses:

Family Secrets

Don’t Let Prostate Cancer Be One of Them.

logical step. I ran in 2002 and received almost 49% of the vote. When this opportunity arose, I thought, ‘This is an opportunity to serve the community and bring the kind of interests I have to civic participation in the judiciary.’” On “fairness” vs. sound legal reasoning: “I think that’s a false dichotomy, because in every law school there is a course called equity, which is the codification of the case law for fairness. You can follow the law and be fair. Now, a lot of people come to me as an attorney, and they say, ‘There is no justice,’ and what they mean is there is no easy simple way to get the results they want.” On judicial advocacy: “This isn’t a policy role. The only policy-making role that a judge can have is with the administration of justice in the system itself. There are rules of statutory construction and ways when a statute is ambiguous to make it clear, and there are a lot of different ways that you analyze a statute under case law. But, again, you’re guided by case law. A judge is not a legislator.” On remaining apolitical: “It’s difficult when the others aren’t, and when they speak to issues that the code of ethics says they should not speak to. That happened to me in the last race. However, I come at it from a good government perspective, and I really believe that the process can be improved so that voters are not turned off to the process. To me, campaign conduct is paramount. If the rules say that you are supposed to run it a certain way, I want to demonstrate that it’s possible to run a credible campaign and not violate the rule. I want to connect with voters and do it in a fair and honest way that preserves the process and makes it a better process. “I felt I did that last time. I never felt more patriotic in my whole life. I never felt so proud of myself. I followed the rules. I did it all the way through. I worked to make it a better process.” On the most important judicial quality: “Courtesy. Courtesy embodies it all: the courtesy to consider the authorities and the arguments and the evidence presented, the courtesy to work and be impeccable in your work habits, the courtesy to the process, and the courtesy to the litigants when they come before you.” On what makes her a unique candidate: “Experience. I have 21 years of legal experience. I’ve been a hearing officer, which is a judge-like post, for 13 years. My judicial temperament has been tested. I’ve been a hearing officer in more than one field. I was a value-adjustment, board-hearing officer as well as a code-enforcement hearing officer. I understand different kinds of legal issues. I’ve had diverse legal experience. “I’m the only one who’s had his judicial temperament actually tested. I’ve been a hearing officer appointed year after year after year. I hear cases, and my decisions are decisions that have a legal basis and that have to be appealed. My temperament has been tested and clearly found to be acceptable because I continue to be reappointed. “I have the experience to make the right decisions. I think I’m the kind of person that, if you had a case or if your loved one had a case, you would want me to be hearing it.”




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Personal: Age 42; married; two children; moved to Sarasota in 1984 from Ohio via military service. Diana Moreland was appointed to the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in 1980, as one of 35 women at the Moreland beginning of school. “I was one of 12 by the time I graduated,” she says.

She broke her neck in a tumbling accident during her first year at the academy. The break eventually healed, but the injury prevented her from acceptance into the Navy and achieving her goal of joining the judge advocacy group. Moreland graduated in 1984 from the academy and continued her service with an officer commission in the Merchant Marines. She served on 10 ships and visited more than 18 countries. In 1987, she earned her law degree from Stetson University College of Law and eventually became a public defender in Pinellas and Sarasota counties. In 1991 she began the private firm of Reinhart and Moreland, PA in Bradenton with her attorney husband, Richard Reinhart. The firm specializes in criminal, immigration and family law. Moreland has a 13-year-old son and a 16year-old daughter. Gov. Jeb Bush appointed Moreland to the Manatee County Housing Authority. She is also the chair of the Manatee Committee on the Status of Women. On her motivation for running: “I think with any career you have to have goals, and I think this is the natural progression in my career. “There is a lot of responsibility, but I’ve always been calm under pressure. On my ship, when I was a new officer, trying to get guys with 35 years experience to listen to me when it was important that they listen to me. I was a public defender handling between 100 and 150 cases at a time. I think that type of experience shows I have good temperament in stressful situations. As a judge, in dealing with some of the situations that come before you on the family bench or the criminal bench, you have to have a cool head.” On “fairness” vs. sound legal reasoning: “The decision absolutely has to be legally sufficient. The best thing a judge can do is to explain to the people what is going on. Don’t talk over people’s heads. The litigants in the courtroom, whether they vote or not, are the judge’s employers. The judge better make sure they understand where the decision came from. It may not make them happy, but that goes a long way toward helping achieve a feeling of fairness.” On judicial advocacy: “I am a strict constructionist. It is not the role of the judiciary to set public policy. You just have to do your best to interpret those with the case law that you have. That said, there is almost never a case with exactly the same facts as another, so in essence every case shapes public policy to fit particular facts. A judge has to make the best decision he can, based on what is in front of him.” On remaining apolitical: “Not being able to talk to issues complicates everything, because you’re asking people to vote for you for one of the most important jobs there is without knowing anything about you. You just have to have faith that people will seek out the information and make good choices.” On the most important judicial quality: “The most important things are temperament and knowledge of the law. You have to be able to listen and you have to have enough knowledge to know what’s going on. I have been in stressful positions and not lost my cool. Telling people on ship what they have to do, telling a client that he has just been charged with first-degree murder, standing with a client that has just been convicted and is about to get a life sentence without falling apart, addressing a court in heated situations with respect and courtesy without compromising my client’s position, I’ve done all of that. That’s the testament to my temperament.” On what makes her a unique candidate: “Nobody thinks he is ever going to end up in court. Almost every single thing that brings you to court is unfortunate. We don’t


get married with the idea that we’re going to get divorced. We don’t go out on Saturday night with the idea that we’re going to get arrested. We don’t raise children thinking they are going to be abducted and killed. We just don’t think those things are going to happen. So it’s very important to know who your judges are. I can’t express enough to people that it’s too late once they haven’t taken an interest in their judiciary to go back and complain when they end up in court. I have a background that’s more than just a legal background. I think I’m the most qualified and have more of an allaround world experience than just a legal experience.”

MICHAEL MOSCA Personal: Age 50; divorced; one child, a 17-year-old son; moved to the Sarasota area in 1976 from Miami. Michael Mosca earned his law degree from the University of Florida in 1983, after spending six years as a history teacher at Miami’s St. Brendan High School. Mosca studied history as an Mosca undergraduate at Florida State University, graduating in 1976. He began his own private practice in Sarasota after law school. He has been a member of the Florida Bar for 21 years. As a trial attorney, Mosca specializes in personal injury cases, but he has also handled many criminal cases, including first-degree murder. Mosca garnered headlines representing Dickey Betts, the former guitarist for the Allman Brothers Band, in both personal and entertainment industry matters. An avid baseball fan, Mosca has sponsored and managed teams for Sarasota Little League. In 1983, he managed St. Brendan’s baseball team to a state championship. He has been active as a volunteer teacher for the National Student Leadership Conference and a faculty adviser for Lead America, dedicating his summers to teaching a law program for high school students. On his motivation for running: “I’ve been practicing right here in our courts longer than any of the other candidates, and I think I’ve handled a wider variety of cases and represented a wider variety of people than anybody else. “I’m on the cutting edge of trial work. I’m 50 years old. I’m young enough to be innovative and to understand that the system has to work so that it’s effective. Just because we’ve always done things a certain way doesn’t mean that we have to continue always doing them a certain way. In fact, change is necessary and change is good. “The events of the past few months have really underscored the importance of improving the flow of information between various agencies in the courts. The Department of Corrections, various law enforcement agencies and the courts have got to get on the same page. And, with a little bit of study, some cooperation and some communication that’s all very doable.” On “fairness” vs. sound legal reasoning: “I don’t think good legal reasoning and fairness are mutually exclusive. Quite the contrary, when a legal decision is well reasoned and based upon a sound understanding of the law, it is almost always fair. “Now, that doesn’t mean that judicial actions don’t sometimes have harsh results. Sentencing someone to prison for 20 years is harsh, but under most circumstances, if the judge follows the law, that 20-year prison sentence is the statutorily mandated punishment for something that merits that punishment. So it is fair. “We’re all human, and nothing is perfect, but I’ve been working with those statute books for 21 years, and I can tell you that our Legislature, for the most part, tries to be fair. Democracy is a beautiful thing. It isn’t perfect, but if we balance the interests of all the involved parties we generally come up with something reasonably fair.”

ELECTION 2004 / 12TH CIRCUIT COURT On judicial advocacy: “The judiciary should not formulate public policy. It should implement public policy. My job as a judge would be to implement public policy. Simple as that. “In a case of statutory ambiguity, a judge with a good sense of how legislation comes to be and a good grasp of the context in which that legislation was passed, in other words a judge with a lot of experience in handling litigation with statutory interpretation, by and large will make the right call.” On remaining apolitical: “The judiciary and the Legislature are different in regard to political responsibilities. As long as judges are doing their job and they are doing it well, they should keep their job. And the reason for that is really simple: It’s hard to be a judge. I don’t think anybody would disagree that good judging requires experience. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that if I’m elected to this job that I will be as good a judge my first year on the job as my sixth year. I certainly hope that I’m a much better judge after six years. After 10 years, I hope I’m better than I was after six.” On most important judicial quality: “A good judge can bring everyone’s awareness to a place where each person can understand how the system works. The results may not be exactly what they want, but each person should believe that the system worked fairly. That’s the overriding quality that I bring to this job.” On what makes him a unique candidate: “I have been practicing in Sarasota and Manatee counties, trying cases, representing people in a variety of matters for 21 years. I think that alone wouldn’t mean very much, but I have a really good reputation for being a hard-working person who cares about his clients, who is loyal to his clients, who is honest with the court and with his clients. “I believe when I go to a court and I tell a judge my position on something, or if I make a representation about a fact in some situation, my reputation for honesty is so strong that I have judges accept what I say without question because they know I would never go into court and misrepresent a single fact, whether it helps me or hurts me. I treasure that more than anything else in my life. My word is gold. I treat people well, and I in turn get treated well. That doesn’t necessarily make me better than anyone else, but that should make people very confident voting for me.”

WILLIAM G. SALOMONE Personal: Age 56; married; three children; moved to Florida in 1981 from Naperville, Ill. William G. Salomone became a lawyer after having a career as an engineer. Salomone studied civil engineering as an undergraduate at Manhattan College. He holds a master’s degree in civil engineering from Salamone UCLA and a Ph.D. in civil engineering from Purdue University. Salomone performed design analysis and inspection services for a variety of projects, including dams, sinkholes, refineries and power plants. He also did site preparation and inspections for a U.S. Navy submarine base and a foundation evaluation for Tampa’s Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Salomone earned his law degree from the University of Florida. For 14 years, he was an adjunct civil and criminal law professor at the University of Florida, University of South Florida and St. Leo University. He has been a member of the Florida Bar for 18 years. For 16 years, he has served as a legal arbitrator and special master, mediating disputes in environmental and growth-management cases. He is the author of several articles and four books on resolving conflict. He has lectured on mediation skills in Europe, South America, the United States and Canada. In 2002, he received the “Excellence in

THURSDAY JULY 29, 2004 13A

Conflict Resolution Award” from the Florida Conflict Resolution Consortium at Florida State University. Salomone grew up in Queens, N.Y. He has been married to Mary Jo Salomone, a Sarasota art teacher, for 26 years. He moved to the Gulf Coast 18 years ago from Lakeland. On his motivation for running: “My 16 years’ experience as an arbitrator and special master has taught me about the nature of conflict and how it affects people’s lives. It also has taught me to respect the people’s right to be heard and to make informed decisions. My experience as an engineer has taught me to be neutral, to keep an open mind and to get all the facts before making a decision. I have had the opportunity to work with people from many different backgrounds, races and cultures. That diversity of experience has helped me understand people and understand the world in general. I think my diverse background and experience will make me a better judge and a positive addition to our competent, dedicated judiciary.”

On “fairness” vs. sound legal reasoning: “The administration of justice involves the balancing of equity or fairness with the strict interpretation of law. The judge must respect the U.S. Constitution and the laws derived from it. A judge must possess the gift of making informed decisions based on sound legal reasoning. The balancing of fairness and a strict interpretation of the law is essential to sound legal reasoning.” On judicial advocacy: “The Legislature makes policy. The judge applies the law to the facts in evidence. To make an informed decision, the judge has the responsibility to get a clear, complete record of the evidence. The Legislature corrects ambiguities in the law. The judge bases his or her ruling on the intent of the law as it is written. The judge does not establish public policy.” On remaining apolitical: “A judge should refrain from making comments on social and political issues. The judge must be ‘in

fact’ and ‘perceived’ as neutral and unbiased. Although the judge comes from within the community and serves the community, the judge must avoid political and social relationships in the community that would affect his or her integrity, neutrality and the ability to be unbiased. A judge must look at all sides of an issue and remain open-minded. The judge has to be a good listener and patient. It has never been difficult for me to be objective. I have been trained as an engineer who must be objective and get all the facts before making a decision involving public safety. As a lawyer acting as an arbitrator and special master, I have gained the experience to be neutral and objective. I have been trained and have the experience to make informed decisions on the relevant evidence and then apply the law to the relevant evidence. If a judge has these skills, he will remain apolitical.”

On the most important judicial quality: “The most important attribute is a genuine concern for the people’s right to be heard. Good listening skills, patience and proper judicial temperament combined with legal scholarship also are essential characteristics of a good judge.”

On what makes him a unique candidate: “I have made it a goal to serve the community and my profession by resolving the conflict in people’s lives. I have spent 16 years making decisions as an arbitrator and special master. I have used skills that a judge uses. Within the 12th Judicial Circuit and throughout the state of Florida, I have conducted judicial forums, used the rules of evidence, used the rules of civil procedure, used my knowledge of the law, admitted relevant evidence, listened to witnesses and made informed decisions based on sound legal reasoning. I have been tested for 16 years. I understand what the responsibilities of being a judge are. My proven track record of success making decisions as an arbitrator and special master is the unique aspect that I bring to my candidacy.” ❑


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Jacksonville Florida Electric System Revenue Bonds. Rated AAA/AAA: MBIA Insured. 4.875% C o u p o n . Priced @98.25; maturing 10/01/2037. Callable starting 10/01/2007 @ 100. Mandatory sinking fund beginning 10/01/2031 @ 100. For more information, call Brian Uphoff, Vice President Investments, at 941-366-7400 or 800-237-9400 or visit him in Sarasota at 1515 Ringling Blvd., Suite 600.

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14A THURSDAY JULY 29, 2004


County judge seat draws 4 contenders BY SEAN MCDONNELL Staff Writer

In April, the Sarasota County Bar Association released the results of its election year judicial evaluations. Two hundred attorneys graded judges in 10 categories, including temperament, punctuality and partiality. County Judge Barbara Briggs earned one of the lowest overall rankings. By May, Briggs had announced her decision not to seek re-election to the county court. The incumbent-less election spurred four Sarasota County attorneys to seek the vacant bench seat. Prominent among them: former Sarasota County Judge Preston DeVilbiss Jr. Phyllis Galen filed to run a second time. First-time candidates Ronald Filipkowski and Kurt Lee round out the field. DeVilbiss, Galen and Filipkowski each paid the filing fee of $4,797 to enter the race. Lee filed petitions with the required 2,311 signatures to qualify and become the fourth candidate seeking the position. County judges serve six-year terms and earn an annual salary of about $121,000. They preside over misdemeanor criminal cases and county civil cases. DeVilbiss is attempting to return to the county court. He resigned as a county judge in 2002 to run for a seat in the 12th Judicial Circuit Court. He was defeated by then Assistant State Attorney Edward Nicholas. All four county candidates responded to questions and interviews by The Longboat Observer and Gulf Coast Business Review. Here are biographies of each candidate and the edited transcripts from the interviews:

PRESTON DEVILBISS, JR. Personal: Age 57; married; two children; 47-year resident of Sarasota County. Preston DeVilbiss Jr., earned his law degree

from the University of Florida in 1973. As an undergraduate he studied marketing at the University of Florida College of Business Administration. He earned a degree in 1968. DeVilbiss graduated from Cardinal Mooney High School in 1963. After graduating from law school, he served as assisDeVilbiss tant state attorney and special prosecutor in Sarasota County. He has been a trial attorney specializing in criminal and civil proceedings for 19 years. DeVilbiss served as a Sarasota County judge for 12 years. When he decided to run for the 12th Judicial Circuit Court seat, state law required him to resign from his county judgeship. Since the 2002 election, he has been associated with Sarasota’s Nelson Hesse law firm in an “Of Counsel” relationship. DeVilbiss has been married to Lori DeVilbiss for 32 years. They have two grown children, a daughter and a son. On his motivation for running: “My motivation is the strong desire to renew my public service to the people of Sarasota as their county judge. As an attorney, I am able to help people, but only one client at a time. As county judge, I positively impacted the lives of many more people. I have received numerous communications, both oral and written, from persons who appeared in court before me, telling me how my handling of the matter either bettered their lives or their image of the court system.” On “fairness” vs. sound legal reasoning: “A legal decision that is legally well-reasoned will ultimately be fair to all involved. Parties seeking resolution of disputes should be able to rely on the judge applying exist-

s ’ g n i l b i r t S n a s u S





30 to 70 Off

ing law. What is deemed fair to one party may not be fair to another party, if the trial judge does not follow the law. Therefore, I believe that it is more important that a legal decision have a solid legal basis and be legally well-reasoned.” On judicial activism: “Trial judges in Florida should play no role in formulating public policy, because the trial court’s responsibility is to determine the facts of the case and apply those facts to existing law. County court judges are trial judges and, therefore, should not formulate policy. On remaining apolitical: “The most difficult thing about remaining apolitical is that it is contrary to basic human nature. However, the role of judge requires that one must be able to make difficult decisions and the ability to conduct one’s life apolitically because a judge is simply a requirement for the people who are going to fill the role of ‘judge’ in an appropriate, independent and dignified manner.” On the most important judicial quality: “The ability to be a good listener is essential to being a quality trial judge. The job requires determining the facts from the testimony and then applying those facts to the appropriate law. If the judge does not properly determine the facts, the final decision will be flawed. “My judicial record reflects that I handled an average of more than 6,200 cases per year, with an appellate court reversal rate of one case annually. These verifiable statistics reflect that I was making proper factual determinations, obviously from being attentive to the testimony.” On what makes him a unique candidate: “I have been a member of the Florida Bar for more than 31 years, with 12 years of quality judicial experience. I was named Judge of the Year during my judicial tenure. As an attorney, I acted as lead trial counsel in more than 5,000 matters and as judge presided over more than 72,000 cases. Thus, my legal/judicial experience outweighs that of my three opponents combined. With experience comes wisdom. “My past record as Sarasota County judge for 12 years has proven that I possess the temperament, patience, intelligence, energy and legal knowledge necessary for quality judicial service.”

RON FILIPKOWSKI Personal: Age 37; married; five children; moved to Florida from California in 1991. Ron Filipkowski entered the U.S. Marine Corps immediately after high school at age 17. He came from a single-parent home and paying for college right away was difficult. While in the Marines, he continued his education with night classes at various schools wherever he was stationed. He concluded his service after four years and earned his undergraduate degree from San

Diego’s U.S. International University in 1991. He earned his law degree from Florida State University in 1994. He served as an assistant attorney for the U.S. Justice Department in Florida from 2000 to 2001 and a state prosecutor in Sarasota County in 1995 and 1996. He is also a former owner of a small Filipkowski furniture and collectibles store. He taught for three years in the Sarasota County school district and served as deputy director of the police academy. He and his wife, Jacquelin, have five children. Filipkowski also was president of Sarasota Little League last year. He coaches his 11-yearold son’s baseball traveling team, which played in national tournament July 22 in Orlando. On his motivation for running: “I have practiced in county court nearly every day for the past 10 years. I believe that county court in Sarasota can be run more efficiently, saving thousands of taxpayer dollars. I also believe that the level of civility needs to be upgraded, and I am determined that everyone appearing in my court will be treated with respect.” On “fairness” vs. sound legal reasoning: “A well-reasoned decision is fair. A judge must not depart from the law to produce a fair result. A judge has a duty to correctly apply the law as written.” On judicial activism: “The judiciary has no role in public policy whatsoever. The judiciary should strictly interpret the law, not seek to make law.” On remaining apolitical: “Being apolitical doesn’t have to be difficult. It isn’t hard for me. I am not a political activist. I am not a partisan person. We aren’t looking for Republican judges or Democrat judges. We should elect clear-minded, fair, efficient and knowledgeable people. Political affiliations are not relevant to the role of judge.” On the most important judicial quality: “Thoughtfulness and flexibility. A good judge must consider all sides of an issue and go into every case with an open mind. He must constantly be a student of the law and seek to further his legal knowlege. A judge must also understand that each case and each person is unique and should treat them accordingly. I have tried nearly 150 jury trials. I have extensive experience in the rules of evidence and procedure that others in the race simply do not have. It is important for a judge to know these rules, because if they are not fairly and correctly applied, injustice is sure to result.” On what makes him a unique candidate: “I have the most unique and diverse legal experience of anyone in the race. I will be the most accessible judge in Sarasota County











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when elected. You will be able to easily find me and talk to me. I am the only candidate with children in the public school system. I am a thoughtful and friendly person who will make the experience of appearing in court a little easier to deal with.”

PHYLLIS GALEN Personal: Age 47; married; no children; moved to Florida in 1979 from Alabama. Phyllis Galen has been a Sarasota resident for 18 years. She began her study of law at Stetson University College of Law shortly after arriving on the Gulf Coast with her husband. She earned her law degree in 1986. She earned her undergraduate degree in finance from the University of North Alabama in 1979. Prior to her law education, Galen lived in Miami for seven years working as a marketing director for the Xerox Corp. She and her husband of 25 years, Clark Galen, own a small, sports-memorabilia business. She was an assistant public defender for four years, prior to serving as assistant state attorney for seven years in Sarasota and Manatee counties. She operated a private practice for two years from 2000 Galen to 2002, specializing in civil and criminal law. In 2002, she returned to public service with her current position as a felony division chief for the state attorney office in Sarasota. On her motivation for running: “It has been my career-long goal to serve as a county court judge. I am motivated to bring an added dimension to the bench by utilizing my diverse background, including legal and non-legal experiences for the citizens of Sarasota. It will be my resolve to bring civility, integrity and respect, along with well-reasoned legal decisions to the bench.” On “fairness” vs. sound legal reasoning: “It is more important for a legal decision to have a solid legal basis and reasoning. All decisions founded in the law and applied to the facts of each case should result in a fair and just disposition.” On judicial activism: “A county court or trial court judge should not play a role in the forming of public policy. It is our sworn duty to uphold the laws and the Constitution. The court should take the facts of each case and apply those facts in accordance with the law to make a fair and just ruling. “(With ambiguous statutes), a judge must rely on the soundness of his or her judgment. It requires a balance between a solid knowledge of the law and common sense. You follow the law as written and the precedents outlined by prevailing case law. You then fairly and reasonably apply it to the facts presented to you. You do not try to create new laws or legislate from the bench. Should there be an issue of great public importance you have appellate courts to further assist in those issues.” On remaining apolitical: “These standards clearly exist to maintain the dignity, integrity and independence of the judiciary. However, there are those with the perception that the public is not as informed about judicial candidates as they would like. It is hard to meet the public and see their frustration at not being as informed about the judicial candidates as they would like.” On the most important judicial quality: “Effective listening is the most important attribute of a good judge. Effective listening encompasses the ability to keep an open mind to both sides of an issue to make a decision based on concepts of fairness and justice. I differ from my opponents in that my work and real life experiences have given me the unique ability to listen, relate and advocate for each and every position that will come before the county court bench.” On what makes her a unique candidate: “My unique and diverse background sets me apart from the other candidates. I have both legal and non-legal experiences to bring to the bench. I worked eight years in a large corporation, and I’ve also known the challenges of small business ownership for 16 years. I have had the honor to serve as an assistant public defender, an assistant state attorney and a private practitioner. Therefore, I have stood in the shoes of every party that would be before my court. This yields a unique perspective that the other candidates do not possess.”

ELECTION 2004 / COUNTY JUDGES Bar Association. On his motivation for running: “I am running for county judge because I want to help people and because I know that I can do a better job than the other candidates. I decided to run for this position last year because I realized that complaining about problems was not going to fix anything. I had to get involved. “We have problems in the county court that are hurting our community Lee and our businesses. I believe that my business experience, superior academic and legal qualifications, community involvement and simple willingness to roll up my sleeves and work will allow me to address these problems. “First, county judges need to eliminate waste and better utilize their resources. Court should always start on time and hearings and trials should be conducted expeditiously. And second, county judges need to recognize that their actions have consequences beyond the courtroom. County judges should meet frequently with law enforcement, attorneys and the community for input and criticism.” On “fairness” vs. sound legal reasoning: “A legally wellreasoned decision is fair because it is just. A decision that might be characterized by some as “fair” but that lacks a basis in the law is an example of judicial activism. Judicial activism is simply judges rewriting law to match their own wishes and to achieve a pre-determined goal.” On judicial activism: “The judiciary should not play a role in formulating public policy to the extent formulating refers to devising or inventing new rights or legal relationships. The judiciary, however, should state or express clearly and definitively the law as it applies the law to particular cases. In those few instances where there is no clear precedent or

THURSDAY JULY 29, 2004 15A legislation, a judge should consider the lack of guidance a warning and not an invitation to fill a vacuum. It is not the responsibility of judges to create law where the Legislature has not deemed it necessary to do so.” On remaining apolitical: “Sarasota County’s voters are intelligent. We understand that a judge’s beliefs will impact the judge’s decisions. To the extent Florida’s standards prevent voters from receiving information about the candidates’ political, legal and ideological views, they have a negative impact. I believe, however, that voters can obtain the information they are seeking about candidates if they review the public record, local newspaper archives and Web sites.” On the most important judicial quality: “The most important quality that a judge must possess is a desire to improve. A judge should always strive to exercise better judicial temperament, to be more knowledgeable and to handle matters more efficiently. “While I have a good temperament and respect others, have a good knowledge of the law and am committed to handling matters expeditiously and in a business-like manner, I realize that I am not perfect. Thus, I have always strived to improve and will continue to strive to improve both personally and professionally.” On what makes him a unique candidate: “I know my opponents’ strengths and weaknesses and am confident I can do a better job. I am qualified. I am the only candidate who is a board certified attorney. That’s a distinction based upon trial experience, a rigorous examination and reviews by peers and judges. “I am committed. My academic and work history proves that I work hard and excel. “I am fair. My motivation for seeking this office is to help improve lives in Sarasota County — not status or placement on the public dole. Everyone is born with certain inalienable rights and the law should be applied equally.”❑

People will still admire you for what you stand for.

KURT LEE Personal: Age 37; married; one child; moved to Florida in 1989 from Washington, D.C. Kurt Lee earned his law degree from the University of Florida, where he graduated with honors in 1993. He earned an undergraduate degree in philosophy from George Washington University in 1989. He is a member and shareholder of the Sarasota firm of Abel, Band, Russell, Collier, Pitchford and Gordon. He has been with Abel Band since 1997, specializing in business matters ranging from antitrust law to zoning ordinances. He has the Florida Bar’s classification of Board Certified Specialist in business litigation law. He is active through his church, the Gideons and other service groups such as the Sarasota YMCA. He has been married to Robin Lee for eight years. Their son is entering the first grade. He is a member of the Venice/Englewood

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Need To Hear Better? Don’t search for a hearing aid... for a Doctor of Audiology.

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Mary Thorpe Doctor of Audiology Board Certified Audiologist

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vide coverage for hospital or medical costs outside of the United States. Bring your health insurance identification card and a claim form. Medical insurance companies generally will not pay for evacuation services, which could cost $10,000 or more. Even though you’re away, your insurance company still may require you to obtain permission for hospital admission and a second opinion. You may wish to purchase a supplemental health policy that provides access to 24-hour care, guaranteed medical payments and transport. The U.S. Consulate can be helpful, but you would still be responsible for the costs of any medical care or transport. Don’t buy medications over the counter unless you are familiar with them.


Good news on ovarian cancer

The American Cancer Society’s Tampa Bay Ovarian Study has announced preliminary results on a new early screening test that could detect ovarian cancer. This would be a breakthrough in diagnosis of a type of cancer that is usually not discovered until it is advanced and too late to be successfully treated. In the United States, more than 14,000 women die annually from ovarian cancer. Lysophospholipids turn up at high levels in the blood of women with ovarian cancer, whereas they are barely evident in women who do not have it, the study found. Typically, two-thirds of patients are diagnosed when the cancer has advanced to stage three or four — when the cure rate is only 25%, said Rebecca Sutphen, M.D., of H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center, author of the three-year study involving hundreds of participants.

Medicare now to cover obesity treatment Because Medicare now recognizes obesity as a disease, you may now be covered if you need medical treatment to lose weight. According to the Medicare Coverage Issues Manual: “Obesity may be caused by medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, Cushing’s disease and hypothalamic lesions. It can also aggravate a number of cardiac and respiratory diseases, as well as diabetes and hypertension. Services in connection with the treatment of obesity are covered services when such services are an integral and necessary part of a course of treatment for one of these medical conditions.” For now, obesity treatment alone is not covered. So don’t expect the government to pay automatically for your next Weight Watchers meeting! However, Medicare is encouraging enrollees to request a determination on each treatment. ❑


THURSDAY JULY 29, 2004 17A



Is your physician competent? Experts who wrestle with this question have settled on outcome, expected (national average) versus actual (what happened with a particular patient), as the most valid measure of a physician’s overall competence. If you are like me, you’d rather not wait to see how things turn out. You would rather know in advance that the chances of a good outcome far outweigh what you’d rather not even think about. So, how do you assess the competency of the physician who has been recommended by a friend? To whom another physician has referred you? Or, who has been recommended by the local county medical society? Should you check before you schedule a visit or when you are in the office being evaluated? You can gather data and make certain observations, which give you the necessary level of assuredness and confidence. Competence: The state or quality of being adequately or well-qualified; ability; a specific range of skill, knowledge or ability. Law: The quality or condition of being legally qualified to perform an act. (The American Heritage Dictionary, Third Edition).

A competent physician should have received appropriate and adequate training at an institution that has been accredited by a recognized national organization; possess an active state license to practice; be credentialed by one or several hospitals to do what he or she states he or she is qualified to do; fulfill continuing medical-education requirements to be relicensed by the state; and, in most instances, be certified (fulfills training requirements; is recommended by the training program director; and passes a written examination) by the applicable specialty board. Even physicians who fulfill the above requisites for competence may fail to achieve a good outcome for many reasons, only one of which relates specifically to the physician: • Serious illness with anticipated (predicted) bad outcome based on risks, associated illness, etc. • Physician inexperience with a particular illness or procedure. • Sub-optimal facilities in an outpatient special-procedures unit or inpatient critical-

Dr. Arvey ROGERS

Protect Your Money In Turbulent Times

Can wait time be ‘shortened’? Doctors are always late, or so it seems to their patients who are waiting past their scheduled time. Patients don’t like to wait, but are quick to recognize that waiting seems to have become the rule, not the exception. On the one hand, the facts are that doctors: (1) are very busy; (2) want to

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$125 Physical Exam $40 School Exam Dr. Pamela J. Letts Board Certified Family Physician

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LAB, XRAY,EKG, minor surgery, physicals, gyne, significant RX savings.


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• Serving full-time residents, seasonal visitors and tourists. • Sunburn, sniffles, sting-ray bites, physicals or something more serious - we can attend to your health needs.

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Be the Brightest You Can Be One-Visit Whitening in Our Office! JOHN MENGELBERG

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of Dentistry


Arvey Rogers, M.D., F.A.C.P., is the retired chief of the Gastroenterology Division of the University of Miami School of Medicine. ❑

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Bruce Udell, Pres.

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do the best they can for their patients; (3) are overcommitted; (4) find it difficult to say “no” to reasonable requests; (5) are stressed by paperwork generated by regulations and regulatory agencies; (6) are experiencing reduced revenues; (7) probably over-schedule; and (8) must keep up in their field and fulfill state of Florida re-licensure requirements. They are strained by time constraints. On the same hand, the facts are that patients: (1) are clients who are charged for services rendered; (2) expect to receive compassionate and competent care; (3) are anxious about their documented illness or are “worried well”; (4) have a limit to their patience and tolerance; and (5) don’t relate well to a physician whom they feel disregards their feelings. Patients, even those who have learned to tolerate the situation, have the right to expect an apology or an explanation from the physician or staff when waiting time has been excessive (arbitrary standard is 30 minutes). Don’t just sit there. Ask for what you deserve. Your request may have a greater impact than you think. If you wish, give this to your physician — and blame it on me.



care setting. • Non-compliance on the part of the patient. • Adverse effects of medications, transfusions, etc. Here are some suggested guidelines you might use when attempting to assess your physician’s level of competence in advance of outcome: • Good if he or she has been your treating physician in the past and you have had good outcomes. • Good if he or she projects confidence. • Good if he or she is not intimidating, encourages openness, invites and answers questions. • Good if another physician you believe to be competent referred you. • Good if actively licensed and board certified in their specialty. • Good if he or she does not hesitate to answer your questions. • Good if he or she is able to say, “I don’t know.”

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(Formerly with the Heart Center of Sarasota for 11 years)

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18A THURSDAY JULY 29, 2004



From the pulpit


Truths will become evident “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter … and Spring,” is a lovely movie, shot on location in South Korea. It is really a pastoral poem about the changing seasons and a spiritual commentary on the cycles of life. Like life, the film’s deepest beauty lies not only in its artistic sensibility, but also in its profound simplicity. Simplicity is one of the hallmarks of authentic spirituality. The lessons we most need to learn in this life are simple ones. The truths we need to discover to make life meaningful are mostly self-evident, if we would only stop long enough to contemplate and listen. Thich Nhat Hanh, the Vietnamese Buddhist monk and author, articulates this simple road to happiness is his little book, “Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life.” Following are some of his simple “rules” for living which have helped me keep my life in perspective: • Do not be idolatrous about or bound to any doctrine, theory or ideology. All systems of thought are guiding means; they are not absolute truth. • Do not think the knowledge you presently possess is changeless, absolute truth. Avoid being narrow-minded and bound to present views. Learn and practice non-attachment from views in order to be open to receive others’ viewpoints. Truth is found in life, not merely in conceptual knowledge. • Do not force others, including children, by any means whatsoever, to adopt your views, whether by authority, threat, money, propaganda or even education. However, through compassionate dialogue, help others renounce fanaticism and narrowness.

by the Rev. Kenneth GILL


• Do not avoid contact with suffering or close your eyes before suffering. Do not lose awareness of the existence of suffering in the life of the world. Find ways to be with those who are suffering, by all means, including personal contact and visits, images and sound. • Do not accumulate wealth while millions are hungry. Do not take as the aim of your life fame, profit, wealth or sensual pleasure. Live simply and share time, energy and material resources with those who are in need. • Do not maintain anger or hatred. As soon as anger or hatred arises, turn your attention to your breathing in order to see and understand the nature of your anger or hatred and the nature of the people who have caused your anger or hatred. • Do not lose yourself in dispersion and in your surroundings. Be in touch with what is wondrous, refreshing and healing, both inside and around you. Plant the seeds of joy, peace and understanding in yourself. • Do not utter words that can create discord and cause the community to break. Make every effort to reconcile and resolve all conflicts, however small. • Do not say untruthful things for the sake of personal interest or to impress people. Do not utter words that cause division and hatred. Do not spread news you do not know to be certain. Do not criticize or condemn things that you are not sure of. Always speak truthfully and constructively. Have the courage to speak out about situations of injustice, even when doing so may threaten your own safety. • Do not use the religious community for personal gain or profit, or transform your community into a political party. A religious community should, however, take a clear stand against oppression and injustice, and should strive to change the situation without engaging in partisan conflicts. • Do not live with a vocation that is harmful to humans and nature. Do not invest in companies that deprive others of their chance to live. Select a vocation that helps realize your ideal of compassion. • Do not kill. Do not let others kill. Find whatever means possible to protect life and prevent war.




Perico Island Counseling

Carol Greer Siemaszko Counselor and Life Coach

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St. Mary Star of the Sea CATHOLIC CHURCH

Summer Mass Schedule Saturday: 5:00 p.m. Sunday: 8:30 & 10:30 a.m.

Nursery Available


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Personal Care

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Home Health Aides, Nurses, Companions. Personal care & comfort when family can’t be there.

Episcopal Church

Sunday Worship Celebration

on Longboat Key

Contemporary Service of Joy • 9:00 a.m. Nursery Available

Holy Eucharist

Sunday School • 10:00 a.m. (Youth & Adult)


Traditional Service • 11:00 a.m.

The Reverend Downs Spitler

Care Plus Home Health, Inc.

Interim Rector

563 Bay Isles Road





The Rev. Eric P. Wogen

Daily Mass — Mon. through Fri. 9:00 a.m. Confession before all weekend Masses

Home of the Shepherding Program A program providing one-on-one Christian caregiving

Nat. Cert #00740

St. Armands Key Lutheran Church St. Armands Circle 40 North Adams Dr.

The Rev. Kenneth Gill is the senior minister at Longboat Island Chapel. ❑

8:30 & 10:00 a.m. Worship Services



• Possess nothing that should belong to others. Respect the property of others; but prevent others from enriching themselves from human suffering or the suffering of other beings. • Do not mistreat your body. Learn to handle it with respect. Do not look on your body as only an instrument. Sexual expression should not happen without love and commitment. In sexual relationships, be aware of future suffering that may be caused. To preserve the happiness of others, respect the rights and commitments of others. Be fully aware of the responsibility of bringing new lives into the world.

Rev. Kenneth Gill, Senior Minister Marilyn Johnson, Director of Program Ministries Visit our website:

Improve the Quality of Your Life

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Longboat Island Chapel, 6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Worship services are at 8:30 and 10 a.m. Sundays. The Rev. Kenneth Gill, senior minister, will officiate. Nursery available. 383-6491.


* FAX 941-383-6806

Temple Beth Israel, 567 Bay Isles Road. During the summer months, Shabbat services will be held at 5:30 p.m. Friday and 10 a.m. Saturday. Rabbi Michael Eisenstat will lead the services, assisted by Joseph Spinella, cantorial director. 383-3428.


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St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church, 4280 Gulf of Mexico Drive, will hold Saturday Mass at 5 p.m. and Sunday Masses at 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. Daily Masses are held at 9 a.m. Monday through Friday. The Rev. Edward Pick is the pastor. 383-1255.

The UPS Store

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St. Armands Key Lutheran Church, 40 N. Adams Drive, will hold a contemporary worship service at 9 a.m. (nursery available), Bible study at 10 a.m. and a traditional service at 11 a.m. Sunday. The Rev. Eric P. Wogen will officiate. 388-1234.

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All Angels by the Sea Episcopal Church, 563 Bay Isles Road, will offer Holy Eucharist at 9 a.m. Sunday. Holy Eucharist and Unction also will be offered at 10 a.m. Wednesday. The Rev. Downs Spitler, interim rector, will officiate. 383-8161.

Sarasota 927-5992

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THURSDAY JULY 29, 2004 19A

Obituaries Former library president dies Joanne Twyman, dedicated volunteer for 12 years and former president of the Longboat Library, died Saturday at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. She was 72. Mrs. Twyman was diagnosed with lung cancer about three months ago. Mrs. Twyman, wife of former Longboat Key Commissioner Robert Twyman, served as a Joanne Twyman board member, treasurer, secretary and president of the all-volunteer library during her 12 years of involvement with the organization. She was serving as treasurer when she became ill. “She really enjoyed the library and helping out,” said Virginia Withington, former president of the library and longtime volunteer.

“She was a very good co-worker.” Mrs. Twyman and her husband moved to Longboat Key as part-time residents in 1987 from Indianapolis. Two years later, they became permanent residents, residing in Longboat Harbour Condominiums. Mrs. Twyman was a member of the Harborettes at the condominium, a group that meets weekly to play bridge. She also was a member of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Sarasota. Mrs. Twyman was born as Mary Joanne Schultz in Muskingum, Ohio, daughter of Lindley and Doris Schultz. She grew up in nearby Zanesville. Her husband, Robert Twyman, said Mrs. Twyman preferred to be called Joanne instead of Mary. “She never liked the name Mary,” he said. The Twymans were married in 1978 in Indianapolis, the second marriage for both. Mrs. Twyman had four children from a previous marriage, two sons and two daughters.



Survivors include her husband, Robert Twyman; and her children, Mike Wey and his wife, Debbie, and their two children, of Charleston, W.Va.; Mark Wey and his wife, Nancy, and their two children, of Houston; Debbie Wey of Lexington, Ky., and Karen Miller and her husband, Mark, of Indianapolis; one stepson, Bradley Twyman of Dayton, Ohio; and a brother, Don Schultz of Wayne, N.J. A memorial service will be held at 1:30 p.m. Friday, July 30, at Longboat Island Chapel, 6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Contributions may be made to the Longboat Library, 555 Bay Isles Road, Longboat Key, 34228.

Irving Lefkovitz Irving Lefkovitz, 83, of Longboat Key and Northbrook, Ill., died July 22. Survivors include his wife, June Nee Lerner; three sons, Allen, Harold Jay and Edwin; daughter Bina; grandchildren Jake, Zach, Emily Ann, Shea,



Adam, Lauren, Jackie, David and Noah; a brother, Siggy; and many nieces and nephews. Graveside services will take place at 10:30 a.m. Sunday, at Westlawn Cemetery in Chicago. Arrangements made by the Weinstein Family Services Wilmette Chapel. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations are requested to the Weitzman Institute of Science, 79 West Monroe St., Chicago, 60603.

Lillian Rudolph Lillian Rudolph, 86, Longboat Key, died July 21. She was born April 4, 1918, in Brooklyn, N.Y., and came to Longboat Key in 1984. She was a Christian. Survivors include her husband of 63 years, Raymond; a daughter, Donna Seligman of Hillsborough, Calif.; a son, Raymond Jr. of Long Island, N.Y.; five grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren. Neptune Society, Palm Harbor, is in charge.



Win two free airline tickets! Take a picture with your Longboat Observer and send us the photo. This summer, don’t leave home without your Longboat Observer. You can win the grand prize in our first It’s Read Everywhere! Contest. Send us your pictures to compete for one grand prize and four individual newspaper prizes. The It’s Read Everywhere! grand prize will award one reader two, round-trip airline tickets, each with a value of $750. In addition, The Longboat Observer, The East County Observer, The Osprey Observer and The Siesta Observer each will award one winner two, round-trip airline tickets, each with a value of $350. Winners will be announced on Nov. 11, in The Longboat Observer’s Welcome Back edition. The deadline for entries is Nov. 1. Send your photos to It’s Read Everywhere! Contest, The Longboat Observer, 5570 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, Fla. 34228; by e-mail to in JPEG form (300dpi). Please include your name, address and phone number. Judging of entries is based on creativity, not just by location. We can’t wait to find out where The Longboat Observer is going this summer.





20A THURSDAY JULY 29, 2004


ANNA MARIA VILLA ROSA $2,500,000 Marvelous is the word. You'll cherish the elegance of this wonderful 4BR home on canal with a bay view. LO#257309 TERRY HAYES 941-924-9000



COUNTRY CLUB SHORES $949,000 Charming home with at 2,700 SF of living space with nice sized pool, located on large lot. Ready to move in or remodel. LO#261015 JUDY KEPECZ-HAYS 941-924-9000

VILLA ROSA $1,500,000 The home your taste requires. Consummate bayview residence on canal. 3BR/3BA. Airy, open floor plan. LO#257741 NELSON NEAL 941-924-9000

GRAND BAY $899,000 Wonderful views over golf course to bay and marina. Spacious condominium with oversized terrace. Motivated estate seller. LO#246825 JOYCE/MARK HUBER 941-924-9000

BIRD/LIDO KEY THE BEACH RESIDENCES $3,999,995 Panoramic views of Gulf, bay and city. Over 3,500 SF with gourmet kitchen, luxury master suite, private terrace. LO#259914 JUDY KEPECZ-HAYS 941-924-9000 LIDO BEACH $3,000,000 Classic-style home. Bay-view showplace with 3BR/4BA. Foyer, family room, cathedral ceilings. Pantry. LO#260816 BARBARA MILLER 941-924-9000

BAY ISLES $1,935,000 Renovated mediterranean style home. Waterfront three bedroom plus den, two and a half bath with pool and spa, summer kitchen and marble floors. LO#257793 BARBARA ACKERMAN 941-924-9000

THE BEACH RESIDENCES $2,795,000 Beach-site haven. Its easy-going elegance expresses a special outlook. Two bedrooms, three baths. Elevators. LO#261024 JOE BOGUSZEWSKI, PA 941-924-9000

ROSA DEL MAR $1,800,000 Exhilarating lifestyle. Look at the charms in this distinctive Gulf-front end-unit condominium. Three bedrooms, three baths. LO#258474 TERRY HAYES 941-924-9000


LIDO HARBOUR SOUTH $499,000 360º V irtual Tour Tour Striking Gulf-front condo. Beautiful 2BR/2BA unit. Elevators, foyer. Clubhouse and community swimming pool. LO#260310 KATHIE SRUR 941-924-9000

QUEENS HARBOR $1,549,000 Maintenance-free, custom home with 19 ft ceilings, open plan with gourmet kitchen. Overlooking waterway. LO#252808 LINDA & EMMETT WEBER 941-924-9000

UNIVERSITY PARK CC. $1,495,000 Luxury home with golf and water view. State-ofthe-art theater room and beautiful paver lanai with oversized pool and spa. LO#258662 MICHAEL/MARY NELL MOORE 941-924-9000




QUEENS HARBOR $1,850,000 Four bedroom with view of golf and water. Travertine marble floors, granite counters, crown mouldings and many upgrades! LO#251281 GARY MCKINSTRY 941-924-9000

BEAU CIEL $995,000 View of bay, marina and downtown. Pool, fitness center, media room and full concierge service. Two terraces. LO#258030 VICKI LONBORG 941-924-9000


SIESTA KEY $885,000 Gulf front, 2,277 SF, 3BR/3BA condominium on Siesta Key. Gulf & Bay views. Private two-car garage. Close to Siesta Village and beaches. LO#261166 KEVIN VALE & JILL FRIEDMAN 941-924-9000


COUNTRY CLUB SHORES $1,695,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Absolutely perfect! Split plan with cathedral ceilings. Private dock. A dream home with nothing to do but move in. LO#243677 JOYCE/MARK HUBER 941-924-9000 SLEEPY LAGOON PARK $1,695,000 Waterfront home to be completed summer 2004. Gated entry, 4/5BR/3.5BA, four-car garage. Elevator, pool/spa and more! LO#255507 ANDREW M. BERS 941-924-9000 SLEEPY LAGOON PARK $1,595,000 3,400 SF custom waterfront home with gated courtyard, pool/spa, waterfall, elevator and gourmet kitchen with granite. LO#246931 ANDREW M. BERS 941-924-9000 TANGERINE BAY $1,325,000 Corner bay front PH rarely available with best location 3BR plus office, 3.5BA, endless upgrades and private two-car garage. LO#260318 JUDY KEPECZ-HAYS 941-924-9000 SANCTUARY $1,299,000 Beautiful corner 6th floor with view of bay, downtown, golf course and sunset. May be furnished. Includes two storage lockers. LO#258682 ROGER PETTINGELL 941-924-9000 SABAL COVE $1,249,000 Beautiful, custom home on cul-de-sac. 4BR plus den, 3.5BA with high ceilings, pool and spa, summer kitchen and three-car garage. LO#260452 BRUCE MYER 941-924-9000 THE PIERRE $1,199,000 2/3BR, 3BA with southern exposure. View of Gulf, bay, golf and pool. Covered parking and wonderful amenities package. LO#250706 MAGGIE HICKS 941-924-9000 SANCTUARY $1,199,000 Beautiful 4th floor w/panoramic view of the city skyline & golf course. Offered turnkey furn. LO#260721 MAGGIE HICKS 941-924-9000

SPANISH MAIN $269,900 Meticulously maintained free-standing villa. Updated lanai, laundry area, kitchen, bath and electric. Neutral colors. LO#252563 MONICA ROCHE 941-924-9000

BEAU CIEL $2,639,000 Panoramic views with 4,039 SF under air and 1,205 SF terrace. Travertine, tile and carpet. Boat dock available. LO#246760 GABE/CHARLES BUKY 941-924-9000 MARINA TOWER $1,495,000 Stunning view of bay, marina and Gulf from downtown corner unit. Walk to dining, theatre, opera, library, movies. LO#250587 GARY MCKINSTRY 941-924-9000 BENT TREE $775,000 Extensive renovations make this a terrific family home! Lots of trees and mature foliage combined with fine landscaping. LO#245360 KIKA GUIMARAES 941-924-9000 BAY PLAZA $664,500 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Bay and city views from spacious 2,064 SF 5th-floor residence. Three balconies and exceptional floor plan. LO#255894 ANGIE CAMPBELL 941-924-9000 DEER CREEK $465,000 Styled for status. Custom three bedroom, two plus bath Contempo with lovely amenities. Relaxing pool. Foyer, Pantry. LO#260854 JOANNE L. DOWD 941-924-9000

QUEENS HARBOR $1,825,000 Beautiful panoramic views of the golf course. Wood floors, granite counters, two-way fireplace, much more! LO#259311 LINDA & EMMETT WEBER 941-924-9000 PIERRE $1,750,000 Gulf front 3BR/3.5BA corner unit, TKF, spacious kitchen with large breakfast area. View sunrise, sunset from three terraces. LO#256886 BARBARA ACKERMAN 941-924-9000

INN ON THE BEACH $279,000 Enjoy golf course and lake views from club suite unit! Refurbished, furnished. Pool, private beach access! LO#259677 LYNNE KOY 941-924-9000

MAINLAND 907258_261166

WATER CLUB $2,950,000 Beautiful amenities grace this 3/5 res. Oak, granite, plantation shutter doors. Attractively furn. LO#233695 BARBARA ACKERMAN 941-924-9000

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES $1,975,000 Brand new Country Club Shores 4BR/4+BA home. 4,300 SF on lot that looks straight down canal and out to Sarasota Bay LO#245649 ROGER PETTINGELL 941-924-9000

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES $849,000 Bright charming house looking down the canal. Largely renovated with new kitchen, roof, bathroom. Glassed in family room. LO#255337 ROGER PETTINGELL 941-924-9000

ISLANDS WEST $599,000 Sunny, SW corner with Gulf view. Ready for updating if desired. Clubhouse, on-site manager, private beach. LO#257876 BRUCE MYER 941-924-9000

VIZCAYA $3,500,000 Custom floors, wallpaper, paint, molding and doors. Only unit with natural gas. Too many features to list. Must see! LO#255647 GABE/CHARLES BUKY 941-924-9000

BAY ISLES $2,495,000 Contemporary updated home w/vaulted ceilings, wood flrs, home theater, canal view. Corian & granite kit. LO#253425 LINDA & EMMETT WEBER 941-924-9000

TANGERINE BAY $899,000 Exceptional location with view of lake and pool. Open layout with large eat-in kitchen, master suite and large living and dining area. LO#256278 JOYCE/MARK HUBER 941-924-9000

BAY ISLES $649,000 On corner lot with landscaping and pool. Open plan with large rooms, perfect for entertaining! A great value behind the gates. LO#251695 BRUCE MYER 941-924-9000

LIDO BEACH $1,495,000 2BR/3BA home. Value is in the land. Part'l Gulf view Just steps to beach. Close to St. Armand’s shopping & dining. LO#257595 CONNIE BELMONT 941-924-9000 L'ELEGANCE $799,000 Glorious 2BR/2.5BA So. Lido Beach condominium with partial Bay/City views from every room! Large unit with den. A special find! LO#259974 LYNNE KOY 941-924-9000

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES $995,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Mediterranean villa, barrel tile roof, paver brick circular drive, walkways leading to private dock on sailboat water. Pool. LO#255609 THOMAS FYNES 941-924-9000

SEAPLACE $589,000 Close to beach with renovated kitchen, carpet, paint. Designer decor! Two bedroom, attached garage, screened lanai. TKF. LO#258140 LYNNE KOY 941-924-9000


SARASOTA $254,000 Unique appeal in this desirable 2BR/2BA condominium. Walk-in closets. Clubhouse and community swimming pool. LO#260148 JANET R. DUGAN 941-924-9000

ROYAL ST. ANDREW $447,000 A top-drawer lifestyle. Beautiful three bedroom, two bath high-rise end-unit condominium. Well worth a visit! LO#259537 BILL HON 941-924-9000 DOLPHIN TOIWERS $349,977 Dynamic bay-view condominium. Follow your heart to this impressive two-bedroom, two-bath residence. Elevators, foyer. LO#261089 ANITA BOAKES 941-924-9000 MEADOWS $331,250 Delightful contempo! Your dreams come true with this distinctive 3BR/3BA Contempo. Spacious and very open floor plan. LO#256916 ADAM GULACSY 941-924-9000


ARKETING THE WORLD’S MOST MAGNIFICENT PROPERTIES SINCE 1933 When selling or acquiring your own Florida exceptional property, it’s the only name you need to know.

RIVER CLUB $485,000 Beautiful River Club home. 2,900 SF. Four bedroom, three bath with separate den and upstairs bonus room. Wood floors. Huge pool. LO#260868 LOU SALVATORI 941-924-9000

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Inside Section B Arts & Entertainment A&E Calendar Dining out

5B 8B 10B

J U LY 2 9 , 2 0 0 4

Right: Guests listen for the names of the dubious awardwinners. Far right: Barbara Geldbart and Erin Cottom had ringside seats. Far left: Nikki Nilon, Zoltan Karpathy and Phyllis Cobb Middle: Dottie Baer Garner with Glenn and Gail Moore Left: Terri Behling and Kaye Chase receive their 2004 – 2005 Social Calendars.

The Season’s Silver Lining BY EMILY WALSH Black Tie Editor

Above left: Sylvia Babineau and Edith Barr Dunn chat up Chef Paul Mattison. Above right: Saks Fifth Avenue was packed with almost 400 people at 8 a.m. Right: Longboat ladies Chris McKee, Janet Walter and Robin Marshall

The social season was presented with a silver lining Thursday, July 22, at Saks Fifth Avenue in the form of the official 2004-2005 Social Calendar. The Longboat Observer/Black Tie, Saks Fifth Avenue and Mattison’s Culinary Group hosted the fourth annual “Save the Year” breakfast. Almost 400 people attended the bright and early 8 a.m. breakfast. Wow! Most amazing was that all of those people — fabulously dressed, mind you — actually made it to Saks that early in the middle of the summer. But, the social calendar is the most important accessory for the social season. Saks Fifth Avenue’s General Manager David Sofo and Assistant General Manager Sally Schule welcomed guests, and Chef Paul Mattison prepared a scrumptious, yet elegant, breakfast that guests devoured. The Longboat Observer’s Executive Editor/Associate Publisher Lisa Walsh and Black Tie Editor (moi) presented the social calendar and amusing social-themed awards. A few of the awards presented were: “The Curveball Award” to the Sarasota Opera; the “Oops, I Did it Again! Award” to The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art; and the “Completely Missed the Deadline Award” to the National Council of Jewish Women. ❑




School Daze


Date: Saturday, June 26 Place: Michael’s On East Chair: Kim Alexander Benefiting: Every Child Inc.




6 9



READY 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Michael, Jaymie and Tommy Klauber Laura and Tad Kitchner The ever-fashionable Heather Dunhill John Chapman and Joanne Beaty Beth and Bob Cannata Kim and Matt McLeod Sheryl Vieira and Al Ordonez Chair Kim Alexander with her fiancé, Robert Livengood Jack Swan and Amie Shay Photos by Emily Walsh






Dex and Kate Honea embrace after the ceremony.

The Rev. Downs Spitler and mother-of-the-bride Lisa Walsh are pleased with how the ceremony went.

Photos by Rebecca Baxter

Truly, the perfect pas de deux. The dancing duo, Dex Honea and Kate Walsh, made their partnership official on Sunday, July 11.

The cake was decorated with fresh pink and green orchids.

Perfect pas de deux

Groomsman Adrian Ciobanu, father-of-the-bride Matt Walsh, groom Dex Honea, Best Man Shaw Sturton and groomsman Christian Wilhelm BY EMILY WALSH Black Tie Editor and Maid of Honor

Kate Honea dances with her grandfather, David Beliles.

Ballets are traditionally based on fairy tales and the recent wedding of Dex and Kate Honea was a case in point — or, perhaps, en pointe. Dex Honea and Kate Walsh were married on July 11, at All Angels by the Sea Episcopal Church on Longboat Key. The Rev. Downs Spitler officiated at the ceremony. The bride is the daughter of Matt and Lisa Walsh and the granddaughter of David and Ruth Beliles, all of Longboat Key. The groom is the son of Amber Haynes of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The bride and groom, both dancers with the Sarasota Ballet of Florida, were joined by an equally graceful wedding entourage. All of the bridesmaids and groomsmen are current or former ballet dancers. Maid of honor was Emily Walsh of Siesta Key, Andrea Gerz of Atlanta, and Lauren Strongin of Sarasota. Best man was Shaw Sturton of Phoenix,

The bride’s purse was made with beads from her mother’s wedding dress and fabric from her own wedding dress by Sarasota Ballet of Florida Costume Designer Bill Fenner.

Maid of honor Emily Walsh, bride Kate Walsh and her bridesmaids, Andrea Gerz and Lauren Strongin. Christian Wilhelm of Milwaukee, and Florin Ciobanu of Sarasota. The bride was wore a flowing, ivory chiffon dress by Monique Lhuillier. Fresh orchids graced her hair. The bridesmaids wore gowns in various shades of pink; the groomsmen wore black suits and pink ties. A light rain, which began shortly after the ceremony, culminated in a beautiful rainbow that framed Pattigeorge’s restaurant as guests arrived for the reception. Inside the restaurant an Asian theme coordinated perfectly with Chef Tommy Klauber’s Thai-fusion cuisine. Vibrant pink and green paper lanterns filled with sprays of fresh orchids glowed atop tables of black. Touching toasts and tributes were offered to the happy couple. But, the highlight of the reception was the dance floor, where guests — all the guests — grooved the night away with the newly married couple. And, they danced happily ever after. ❑

Tommy Klauber served a feast at the reception.



Complete Home & Condominium Renovations




Through Aug. 8


Designer ShowHouse 2004 Hosted by: The Interior Design Society, Sarasota Chapter Benefiting: Mayor’s Feed the Hungry Program When: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon to 4 p.m. Sunday Where: IDS Designer Showhouse Contact: Cheryl Mooney, 907-0562, or Judy Dean, 3627632 Price: $15




we do it all!

Furnishings • Accessories Flooring • Wallcoverings We’ve been pleasing Longboat Key & Sarasota condo and home owners for over 18 years!


Come Browse Our Showroom 2095 Siesta Drive (across from Dillard’s) Sarasota, FL 941-951-1822 • 1-800-951-1822



Cocktail Party and Fashion Show Hosted by: The Interior Design Society, Sarasota Chapter Benefiting: Mayor’s Feed the Hungry Program When: 7 p.m. Where: IDS Designer Showhouse Contact: Cheryl Mooney, 907-0562, or Judy Dean, 362-7632 Price: $25

AUGUST 7 Wine and Cheese with Silent Auction Hosted by: The Interior Design Society, Sarasota Chapter Benefiting: Mayor’s Feed the Hungry Program When: 7 p.m. Where: IDS Designer Showhouse Contact: Cheryl Mooney, 9070562, or Judy Dean, 362-7632 Price: $25

12 ‘Chair-ity’ Reception Benefiting: SPARCC — Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center When: 6:30 p.m. Where: Art Center Sarasota Chair: Raymond Peper Contact: Ruth Wilson, 408-8587, or Raymond Peper, 330-8000

13 Cinérgy Benefiting: Sarasota Film Festival When: 9 p.m. Where: Michael’s On East Contact: Sarasota Film Festival, 364-9514, Ext. 3 Price: $15 in advance; $20 at the door

14 Women’s Equity Day Celebration Luncheon Benefiting: Manatee Commission on the Status of Women and the League of Women Voters of Manatee County When: 11 a.m. Where: Bradenton Municipal Auditorium Chair: Diana Moreland, Honorary Chair Dr. Anila Jain Contact: June Isbell, 792-5691 Price: $25

20 ‘Summer Thing, Fashion Fling’ Hosted by: Saks Fifth Avenue and Young Professionals Group Benefiting: Booker Middle School When: 6 p.m. Where: Saks Fifth Avenue Contact: YPG, 955-8187, or Sally Schule, 3645304 Price: $25

27 Cinérgy Benefiting: Sarasota Film Festival When: 9 p.m. Where: Michael’s On East Contact: Sarasota Film Festival, 364-9514, Ext. 3 Price: advance, $15; at the door, $20


CALENDAR AUGUST 4 Sisley Spa Event What: Enjoy a fabulous facial using Sisley products with a licensed esthetician. Where: Saks Beauty Place Contact: Saks Fifth Avenue, 364-5329

10 to 11 Clarins Skincare Spa What: Nourish your skin with Clarins’ skincare line. Where: Saks Beauty Place Contact: Saks Fifth Avenue, 364-5374

12 Sisley Spa Event What: Enjoy a fabulous facial using Sisley products with a licensed esthetician. Where: Saks Beauty Place Contact: Saks Fifth Avenue, 364-5329

15 to 21 Escada Week What: View the fall 2004 Escada collection and receive a special gift with purchase. Where: Designer Salon, Saks Fifth Avenue Contact: Saks Fifth Avenue, 364-5310

17 Bobbi Brown Spa Event What: Enjoy a facial with the ultimate beauty products from Bobbi Brown. Where: Saks Beauty Place Contact: Saks Fifth Avenue, 364-5375

Emily Walsh

Longboater Molly Schechter and her canine companion, Rosko, walked the catwalk (Good thing for Rosko — there were no cats!) at the Designing Women Art Showcase on June 25, at Sarasota Artists’ Gallery. The fashion show featured people and pet fashions. The humans donned clothes from Designing Women Boutique that coordinated with the doggie clothing by Gidget-Gear, modeled by adorable Bichon Frisés.



Page 5B

NTERTAINMENT J U LY 2 9 , 2 0 0 4

Photos by Marty Fugate

Leona Sherwood in her Longboat Key home studio in 2004.

Exhibit offers window into artist’s mind and life.


Arts and Entertainment Editor

‘Leona Sherwood: A Retrospective’ • Sarasota County Arts Council through Sept. 27 Artists do what most of us don’t have the time or ability to do. They hold onto life. Turn ephemeral experiences into paintings, stories, photographs. Leave something behind — not just a record of the world out there, but the world as they saw it. This retrospective honors Longboat Key artist Leona Sherwood and the many worlds she’s created for the viewer to enter. Her name will be prominently on display throughout the exhibit, no doubt. But if you’ve seen her work, that’s hardly necessary. Her style is unmistakable. Sherwood’s prismatic canvases offer fractured visions reminiscent of the demarcations of stained glass windows. These windows may open out onto sun-splashed farmhouses in southern France, or the interior of a crowded flat in New York City. Her subject matter spans around the globe. But you can always tell a Sherwood painting when you see it. Consider “L’Auberge,” one of the stars of this exhibit. This oilon-canvas painting depicts a perspective of a tiled Mediterranean building behind the basketwork of some unruly tree — a Côte d’Azur relative of the sea grape, perhaps. The composiWHAT: ‘Leona Sherwood: A tion’s simplicity anchors the Retrospective’ tree’s chaotic energy, but just WHERE: Sarasota County Arts barely. Its wildness crackles Council like green lightning, threatWHEN: Though Sept. 27 ening to zap right off the canARTIST’S RECEPTION: 5 to 7 vas. You have to paint fast p.m. Aug. 6 and loose to convey such CONTACT: 365-5118 energy — but to get away with it, you also have to know what you’re doing and trust your intuitions. Sherwood clearly does. What makes her art so unmistakable is more than an artistic bag of tricks — it’s the freedom of expression Sherwood’s mastery of technique allows. You can see that free hand and the free mind behind it in her CONTINUED ON THE NEXT PAGE

A room with a very different view — detail from Sherwood’s “Greenwich Village Apartment.”

Sherwood captures the light of southern France in “L’Auberge.”

according to Leona Sherwood


paintings here. You can see the same daring in her side-trips to the art of collage, where she’ll incorporate anything from ripped paper and cloth to bits of fishing nets. Sherwood is never shy when it comes to artistic experimentation. She also happens to be 90 years old. Sherwood is a beloved figure on Longboat Key. She first moved here in the mid-1960s and became a teacher at the Longboat Key Center for the Arts in 1967. She’s fond of saying, “Art is my life,” and over the years, has shared that love with more than 2,000 art students at the Arts Center. But her own love affair with visual art didn’t fully blossom until she was 34 years old. Up until then, the New York City native had been working for churches and charitable organizations that kept her on the job year-round. She only had time to dabble in

art on the weekends. But in 1948, she found a church that gave her the summer off. She now had three months to submerge herself in the art of painting and occasionally travel. One of her favorite spots was Nantucket, Mass. Here, she began to develop her highvelocity approach to the canvas. “Residents used to call me the fastest painter in Nantucket,” she says. “I would go out in the morning and come back in the evening with four or five paintings.” Over the years, her trips ranged further afield. When she could afford it, she’d travel to Europe, imprinting the cliffs of Portugal or the bone-white, boxy houses of Greek villages in her mind — a database of visual experience she continued to draw on over the years. Sherwood first exhibited professionally at the National Art Club in New York in the early 1960s. In the years that followed, she’s

National and Internationally Renowned Wines. tro pi ca



John Kirwin

Leona Sherwood in her home studio in 1987.

St. Armands Gifts & Winery “a



p e r i en c e ”

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941.388.5330 or 800.591.5330 466 John Ringling Blvd. • St Armands Circle

had 30 one-person shows, both locally and nationally. Her work has also been included in 22 national exhibitions, most notably the National League of American Penwomen’s Biannual Show in Washington, D.C., in 1992, where she took best of show. Her art is also a part of 600 private collections. Her life has become a third-inning success story. The hard work that generates this success comes out of her specially designed home/studio on Longboat Key. It’s a sunny space, usually lined with two or three works in progress, because Sherwood never works on one painting at a time. “I like to keep moving,” she says. Over the years she’s never stopped moving — and in the process, she’s moved several generations of students at the Arts Center to fall in love with art as well. “Everything comes from imagination,” she says, tapping her forehead. “It all starts up here — in the mind. That’s the way I

paint and it’s what I teach my students. I don’t allow them to use photographs. Some of them squawk, but they thank me in the end.” On Sherwood’s 90th birthday May 20, some of Sherwood’s students honored her by purchasing one of her paintings for permanent display in the Arts Center. This exhibit of 25 artworks will extend an additional honor by offering the community glimpses of her artistic development over the decades. While most of her works are landscapes and interiors, all the glimpses are all personal ones. The paintings are all portraits of the artist. As Sherwood once said, “Painting is a personal experience. It’s an extension of the individual.” When you see her work, you see the artist behind it as well. Dora Waters contributed to this article.

Luxury Beachfront Residences on Longboat Key • Grand terraces with summer kitchens • European style pool, fitness center and clubhouse • Exquisite interior finishes included

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4131 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL From $2,925,000 BARBARA ACKERMAN Direct: 941-387-1820 Office: 941-383-6411

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SeaTek Communities, Inc. and First Capital Consultants, Inc. W W W. L AFIRE N Z ALO N G B OAT KEY. C O M ©2004 Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, Inc. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned and Operated by NRT Incorporated.




Key notes

Partially naked on Broadway A psychological striptease? It would’ve been a good idea.

the man beneath the black or white tuxedos. Rogers comes across as a sweet, grandfatherly type who’s had a tremendous career meeting and working with some of the really big names on and off stage: Bea Arthur and Tallulah Bankhead (who hated him, he says), Alan Menken, Charles Strouse and John Kander. He’s had small but interesting roles on and off Broadway, in repertory theaters from Florida to St. Louis, and he’s been seen on all the extant incarnations of “Law and Order.” Rogers has even written lyrics for such great 20th century classical composers as William Schuman and Marc Bucci. All told, Rogers has written more than 40 plays and musicals and published five novels. Ever hear of them? His work on the musical, “Charlie and Algernon” brought him a Tony nomination. He’s ever the best-man and never the groom. After two, occasionally interminable, hours with Rogers, we know a few of his more embarrassing moments on stage. We find out he had to get naked as an understudy in “Doubles” on Broadway and was terrified at the thought of being held up (if you’ll excuse the expression) in comparison with his fellow actors. We sense his frustra-

It must be hard to do a one-man show. Especially if you’re a woman. No, seriously, folks, it’s not easy carrying two hours on your back, trying to lug around a story (that may or may not fly), when you’re not singing and dancing, trying to sit on the high stool of the raconteur, while simultaneously maintaining a warm rapport with the audience, trying to balance pathos and bathos, trying to keep the whole complicated apparatus from falling apart, as this sentence is in imminent danger of doing. Perhaps it’s time to throw in the towel ... and get naked. That’s what David Rogers promises to do, at least metaphorically, in his one-man show, “Naked on Broadway,” now playing at the Florida Studio Theatre’s Goldstein Cabaret. Psychological striptease is the right choice for the story of a life in theater. Such a work should expose the actor/writer behind it, so we fall in love with him, his life, his work and his ideology. Rogers needs to reveal himself to win us over, but he never really does. We hardly get a glimpse of

tion as a lyricist of songs nobody ever sings. But this sweet gentleman never drops his guard with us. There are some audience frustrations, too. Rogers drops big names and never picks them up again, except to tell us how they hated him. There are so many moments we wanted more information — eye-opening and possibly entertaining details that we just don’t get. Rogers doesn’t have much of a voice; then again, neither did Richard Rodgers or Irving Berlin. But they had a few things our Rogers lacks: brilliant words and music, and an ability to speak a song and put it over like a pro. What Rogers does have is a certain charm and an endearing quality that makes you want him to succeed. And, occasionally he does.

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June LeBell is best known as the first female announcer for the classical radio station WQXR in New York. LeBell was also the host, writer and producer of numerous programs and series such as "Today in New York," "Salute to the Arts" and "The Sound of Broadway." ❑


by June LEBELL

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The problem is that Rogers concentrates too much on his failures and frustrations. Right from the start when his pianist, Jim Prosser, begins the overture, one searches (in vain) for a success, even a familiar tune to hang onto. He seems to have forgotten that we are there to be entertained. If Rogers had just embroidered a bit, drawn us into a fantasy or a dream, rather than his bleak reality, he would have held our attention and earned our respect.


Warren Girle - Director & Tennis Pro





A rts CALENDAR the

To include your arts and entertainment event in our A&E calendar, please send it via fax: 383-7193; by mail: 5570 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228; or by email:


Art Center Sarasota — “Dog Days of Summer.” Art celebrates canines and other critters from Aug. 2 through 12. The reception is from 5 to 7 p.m. Friday, Aug. 6. This runs concurrently with the “Chair-ity” exhibition. 365-2032. John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art — “Ink!” This exhibit of Graphicstudio prints by Chuck Close, Kiki Smith, James Rosenquist and other major artists continues through Oct. 3. 359-5700. Museum of Asian Art — “Between Heaven & Earth.” Precious objects reflect the dynamics of Chinese family life through Dec. 5. 954-7117. The Longboat Key Center for the Arts — “Women Contemporary Artists Exhibition”

runs through Oct. 1, at the Joan M. Durante Pavilion; “Volunteer Exhibition” runs through Oct. 20, in the Glen Gallery. 383-2345. Wallace Fine Art — Work by Italo Botti, the Russian “plein air” painters, Antonio Carreño and others. 387-0746. Island Gallery West — “Lee Mears.” This watercolor artist expresses her reverence for nature through Aug. 14. 778-6648. Elizabeth Rice Fine Art — “Group Show.” Showcasing work by Sam Francis, Donald Sultan and Randi Grantham. 954-8575. Sonnet Gallery — Featuring powerful imagery by Steven Katzman, Marguerita Deleuze, Ivan Rojas, Barbara Harrison and Adrian Serrano; throughout the summer. 955-6443. Palm Avenue Gallery — “Sarasota Artists.” Pepsi Freund, Kurt Larisch and Bette Caffrey are featured in August. 953-5757. Katharine Butler Gallery — “Summer 4.” Featuring George Box’s mixed-media art, Elisabeth Stevens’ etchings, and Justin

There’s no need to worry about parking in Lee Mears’ “Peaceful Beach” at Island Gallery West. Freed and David Thalmann’s fine art photographs; through Sept. 11. 955-4546. Plum Door Gallery — “Group Show.” Showcasing art by Zoe von Averkamp, Debbie Dannheisser, Patricia Gawle, Ellen Kaiden and Elizabeth Van Riper. 362-0960. Blue House Gallery — “The Usual Suspects.” This group show of work by Abgott, Case, Chinnis, Moody, Thomas and White runs through Sept. 1. 366-0211. Paradise Gallery — “Abstraction Forms.” Brother artists Daniel and John Kime express the passion of life in a fusion of music, painting and sculpture. 366-7155. Gallerie des Artes — featuring art by Dali, Warhol, Chagall, Matisse, Cezanne, Diego Rivera, Renoir and others. 379-9007.

The Art Studio of Colleen Cassidy-Berns — “Botanicas.” Colleen Cassidy-Berns’

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Arugula & Spinach Salad / Chicken Parmesan Garlic Angel Hair Pasta OR Sicilian Brussels Sprouts


Black or White Bean Hummus Pistachio Crusted Yellowtail Snapper on Key Lime Jalapeno Beurre Blanc with Rice Pilaf


Spring Greens with Grain Mustard Vinaigrette Prime Sirloin and Tenderloin Tips Marsala White Rice OR Sicilian Brussels Sprouts


Chef’s Pate / Fresh Horseradish Crusted Salmon with Sourcream Horseradish Sauce Potato du Jour OR Sicilian Brussles Sprouts 7224

First Come - First Serve seating. Tax & Gratuity not included. No substitutions

Euphemia Haye Restaurant & The HayeLoft 5540 Gulf of Mexico Drive, LBK 383-3633,

135 Bridge Street • 778-4849 • Bradenton Beach One Block East of Trolley Stop #72


Banyan Theater Company — “Otherwise Engaged.” Life interrupts a solipsist’s solitude through Aug. 1, at the FSU Center for the Performing Arts; “Vincent in Brixton.” Angry young artist van Gogh dis-

Lo Op w C tio arb ns

Now on St. Armands Circle after 17 years on Longboat Key

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Kaos Gallery — Featuring work by Jami Wright, Kathy Wright, Jeanne Norman Chase and George Bieber. 747-0823. Copper Moon Gallery — “Barbara GabbeHarris: Photography.” Featuring the infrared photography of Harris’ “Women in Gardens” series and other eclectic imagery. 747-8783.

’s en r ild nu Ch Me

And Dockside Bar

Sunday Through Thursday 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

tropical watercolor paintings and handpainted furniture will be featured through the fall. “Fruit Frenzy” ripens through Aug. 1. 924-1200.

(941) 388.5550




just for fun


John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art Circus Museum — “Circus Sarasota Summer Experience.” Performers of Circus Sarasota take the stage through Aug. 1. 355-9805. FST Cabaret — The FST Improv Troupe spreads its controlled insanity at 8:30 p.m. Saturday, July 31. 366-9000. McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre — Flip Schultz, the affable Gen-X comic, bends his rubbery frame into Jim Carrey territory through July 31. 925-3869.

‘Leona Sherwood: A Retrospective’ The Sarasota County Arts Council hosts this exhibition of works by the acclaimed Longboat Key artist through Sept. 27. An artist’s reception is set for 5 to 7 p.m. Friday, Aug. 6, at the Center for Arts and Humanity. 365-5118.

‘Chair-ity’ benefit Area artists have transformed ordinary chairs and chests into objects of art to go on display from Aug. 4 through 12, at Art Center Sarasota, in this third annual benefit for the Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center (SPARCC). The event concludes with an auction and reception at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 12. 365-2032.


‘The Sound Of Sarasota’ — Christopher Pegis, principal cellist of the Florida West Coast Symphony, will speak and perform at 3 p.m. July 28, at the Glenridge Performing Arts Center. Florida Voices, the area choral group, will be featured Aug. 4. 552-5298.

Chinese poet speaks Xue Di, the widely respected poet and a veteran of the Tiananmen Square protests, will read from his work at 7 p.m. Thursday, July 29, at Selby Public Library. Di is the current guest at the Hermitage artist’s retreat at Manasota Key. 365-8188.

Steak & Seafood & Sushi Bar

Steven Kaplan’s “Kill Flopsy — Vol. I” spoofs Quentin Tarrantino at Ringling School of Art and Design’s Selby Gallery.

Sunset Specials


FST Gompertz Theatre — “Dorothy Parker: One Foot in Scarsdale.” Carolyn Michel returns as the acerbic American original from Aug. 5 through 8. 366-9000. Manatee Players — “Grace.” David Smith’s play considers the 1963 Birmingham church bombing from July 30 through Aug. 1. 747-5875.

5-6 pm Sun. - Thurs. Sesame Chicken $12.95

Petite Entrees (including soup & salad)

Starting at

Sand Dollar Rooftop Restaurant Panoramic Views of Lido Beach • Spectacular Sunsets This Week’s Sunset Specials - July 25th- July 28st Jamaican Jerked Pork Served w/a Mango Rum-Raisin Salsa “Sand Dollar” Chicken • Mediterranean Grilled Salmon


Circle Books — Jeff Lindsay signs, “Darkly Dreaming Dexter,” his black comedy about a sunshine state serial killer, at 1 p.m. Saturday, July 31; Carl Hiassen signs “Skinny Dip,” his latest hilarious slog through the literal and moral swamps of south Florida, at 1 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 1. 388-2850.

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covers love, alcohol, his muse and his madness from Aug. 5 through 22. 358-5330. Golden Apple Dinner Theatre — “The Sound of Music.” The hills are alive with you-know-what through Sept. 5. 366-5454. Florida Studio Theatre Cabaret — “Naked on Broadway.” David Rogers acts out his own life in show business in story and song through July 31. 366-9000.

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St. Armands Circle 325 John Ringling Boulevard

10B THURSDAY JULY 29, 2004


DINING Dining out

Flavors sizzle at Selva Grill Sterling $26 14K Gold $172

Café Don Giovanni Casual Italian Restaurant Beer Wine & d e v r Se

DINNER Mon. - Sat. 5 pm closed Sunday’s

To be transported out of Sarasota — without leaving the city — simply step into Selva Grill. In this tantalizing trip through this unique culinary jungle, you will discover distinct flavors that will expand your views and tastes on food. You won’t need a camera to record the Peruvian experience, because your mouth will memorize it. The exotic Selva Grill is located in an ordinary strip-mall setting, quite unlike the diverse landscape of the country of Peru, from where the owner, Darwin Santa Maria, hails. Once inside, the colorful culture comes alive. Bamboo sticks line one wall; mirrors and paintings of Incan Indians line the other. Overhead, a valence billows in the breeze. Lights dangle from the ceiling enclosed in a woven basket design. Just as in a jungle, the interior of the Selva Grill is earthy, natural and warm. But what lies hidden in the jungle and high in the Andes Mountains are the ingredients that are an intricate part of the Peruvian’s gastronomy. Potatoes, sweet corn, aji chili pepper and culantro, a milder cilantro, are the culture’s cooking essentials, along with lots of selections of seafood.

by Kate HONEA

Photos by Emily Walsh

Sous chef Miguel Varillas and chef/owner Darwin Santa Maria are proud of their tropical interior, which they did themselves.

Take-out available

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5610 Gulf of Mexico Drive


(Next to Food Mart)

Authentic Mexican • BBQ Fine Wines Beer • Groceries Daily Specials • Fresh Gulf Seafood • Award Winning Key Lime Pie • Crab Cakes Boars Head Deli

Call Ahead & Pick up 7:30am - 9pm • Closed Sun. & Mon. • 778-3031 1701 Gulf Drive North • Bradenton Beach 7294




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Italian Ristorante & Straight Up Martini Bar

Take-Out & delivery Catering


6830 Gulf of Mexico Drive

her Ch her p p o o t s t ’ hris hris er ’s her s ’ C h p C r p o e ist ’s isto ’s r ’s oph r r r t e e h s e Chr h i h C h top Chr top er ’s stop s s i s i ’ h i r r r r p h h C Ch phe isto ’s C r o ’s t r h s r s ’ e i e C her oph ’s Chr oph t p s r t ’ s o s e i r i t r h Ch phe er ’ Chr hris top er ’s o s h C t i h p r s p i o Ch isto rist Chr ’s r h r s h ’ e C C h her oph er ’s top p t s h o s i i t r p is Ch Chr isto er ’s s r i Chr h h r p h C isto ’sC ’s r r r s h Ch e ’ e h r C h s e p ’ p h r o o t e t p hris isto hris oph ’s r ’s t r C r s e h i e h r C h r ’s Ch top op e t s i h s s i r ’ p Ch her r ’s Chr isto s e r p ’ h r o h t he is Re s . DailyC stop ’s staurarin topt OpenCshr 5:00 phe.r ’m r s e s menter ’s Loouphnge OpCe h n Late • Live sE topntertaheir ’n t i s s i r ’ ph p r h o o t e t C s Call Reservations: 941-388-5608 s h Chr i ri hLido top er ’s DriverisSarasota ChrBeach ph C h 700 Ben Franklin • Just South of Public p Ch isto isto h stop

At the Radisson Lido Beach Resort



Delivery Starting October 1st 2004

Full Liquor & Wine Bar

Upstairs • Live Band Nightly 6:30p.m. - 2:00a.m. Daily

(University Plaza)


Seafood - Pizza

Straight Up Jazz Club

Open Monday thru Friday • 12 to 2 Saturday and Sunday • 4 to 9


Fine Italian Dining 4:00 - Midnight 7 days a Week

- 387-7778 -

Summer Hours: 4:30 - 9:30 M-F 11:30 - 9:30 Sat & Sun

Carry Out • Party Trays • Catering

St. Armands Circle ~ 15 So. Blvd. of the Presidents 941•388•1555

$2 Stoli after 9 p.m. in the Bar area.

Sarasota’s Most Spectacular View

7456 Cortez Road West, Bradenton • BONEFISHGRILL.COM 7294




THURSDAY JULY 29, 2004 11B


Selva Grill 2881 Clark Road Merchants Point Mall Sarasota • 927-3500 Cuisine: Peruvian. Recommended: Mayya Shrimp Ceviche, Wild Striped Bass, Whole Fried Snapper, and Peruvian Flan. Price Range: Starters from $5 to $13 and main courses from $15 to $26. Hours: Dinner is served from 4 to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday and Sunday; and from 4 to 10:30 p.m. Saturday. Service: Courteous and serene. Credit Cards: Most major cards accepted. Parking: Plenty in the mall parking lot. Handicapped Access: Great.

Lellys, owner, hostess, waitress and Santa Maria’s wife, greets and seats my companion and me at a comfy booth, recognizing me from my visit at least six months ago, but not knowing my intentions as a restaurant reviewer! We select a wine, advertised with “pineapple notes,” which, indeed, play in our mouths. We are handed a brief menu and a breadbasket. The significant portion of the menu at Selva is filled with starters, with a smaller selection of main courses. Common to the Peruvian palate and most commonly chosen at Selva, is the ceviche, raw fish marinated in lemon juice. Selva’s choices include octopus, salmon, tuna, mussels, shrimp and a mix of all. My companion and I were moved by the Mayya Shrimp Ceviche, marinated in orange, lime juice and achiote and tossed with avocado, tomato, red onion, choclo and garnished with crispy plantains. The main courses were harder to choose, even though there were fewer choices. Reading through the exotic entrées was entertaining, yet educational because of the unique fixings used in each dish. I was wildly attracted to

Bamboo wall coverings, lights enclosed in woven baskets and pictures of Inca Indians capture a tropical jungle spirit. the Wild Striped Bass baked with quinoa, red pepper chimichurri and saffron sweet-chili sauce. My companion was wide-eyed over the Whole Fried Snapper splashed with lime ginger soy sauce with plantain chips and arroz Amarillo. Lellys told us that our choices were her two favorite dishes. Our wait was short for our ceviche served in a martini glass garnished with two crispy plantains. At first glance, the Mayyan mixture looked like gazpacho. It was a red soupy base tossed with shrimp, sweet corn, red onions and red peppers. The first bite was an explosion of flavor fireworks! Each different ingredient awakened a separate sense — from sweet to sour, spicy hot to calming cold. We had never experienced before the bold flavors of the colorful cuisine. The dishes didn’t need an abundance of spices to stand out because the natural ingredients were already intense. As our main course plates were placed in front of us, the Peruvian restaurant pleased with its presen-

tation as well. My Striped Bass was centered in a red chili sauce with a cylinder-shaped accent of quinoa. A coconut shell filled with yellow rice accompanied the whole-fish filet and two separate sauces. Both dishes were light in texture, but heavy in savory satisfaction. My companion had to take her time on the whole snapper filet (which included the bones), while I went to work on the wild sea bass. The quinoa had a tangy taste, while the yellow rice was soft and spicy. We finished off our traditional meal with a Peruvian flan. The weightless dessert was simple and sweetened by what tasted like a mango or melon sauce. We were all smiles after our sensational supper at Selva Grill. ❑

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Located in Mid-Longboat Key in the Centre Shops 5370 Gulf of Mexico Dr.


Take Out Available

Northern Italian Continental Cuisine

Early Bird Dinner Special! Daily, 4pm - 5:15 pm

Soup or Salad and Entree $9.95 2 For 1 Bar

Take-out Menu Catering

Experience the Taste

5:30 - 10:00 PM

of Fresh Fish…

Barnacle Bill’s Seafood locations: 5050 North Trail • 355-7700 Main, Downtown • 365-6800 Webber & Beneva • 923-5800

Reservations Suggested (941) 779-0220 or (941) 779-0221 7294

Beer & Wine

Just Great Resort Style Food at Neighborhood Prices


Where the locals go for Italian Dinner Daily 4:30 - 10:00


Casual Italian Cuisine • Italian Specialties & Gourmet Pizza




5702 Marina Drive • Holmes Beach, FL

Celebrate Summer at Mar Vista

Laughter is brightest where food is best. Florida Trend’s Top 200 Restaurants in Florida Zagat rated (Excellent) Bradenton Herald (Local Favorite)

Photo Courtesy of The Longboat Key Historical Society

With a Complimentary Bottle of Wine! With this ad & the purchase of two dinner entrees, receive a bottle of Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon. (not valid with other coupons or discounts)

Restaurant • Banquet Facilities


Closed Mondays and Tuesdays


10101 Gulf Dr. • Anna Maria •

By Land...760 Broadway St. • Longboat Key By Sea... Marker 39 • Intracoastal Waterway


Offer Expires 8.31.04

12B THURSDAY JULY 29, 2004

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SOLYMAR ON SIESTA KEY - The only community on North Siesta Key with single family beachfront lots. Ranging from 2,900 to 4,600 air conditioned square feet these homes embody Old World charm & the beauty of Spanish Mediterranean architecture. Nine exquisite homes from $1.4 million. 346-7527 BEAU CIEL – DOWNTOWN “2 ning” BAYFRONT - Don’t ai miss the opportunity em to own one of the best R views of Sarasota Bay. Only two of these luxurious residences from the developer remaining. A palette of lifestyle amenities can be yours in this exclusive new luxury tower with only 44 waterfront residences. Open Mon.-Sat. 105pm and Sun. 125pm. Priced from $1,700,000. 955.3034

r de tion n U ruc nst Co

We know luxury homes down to the last detail. Buying or selling a luxury property can present a myriad of details. Sellers want an effective marketing strategy, while prospective buyers want in-depth information and confidentiality. At Prudential Palms Realty, we understand the marketing and sale of luxury properties down to the last detail. Choose the Best on Longboat Key! PORTO PARADISO ON LONGBOAT KEY - Three bay front residences to be built in the Mediterranean style with gorgeous Gulf and Bay views. These large residences will include: 3 bedrooms plus media rooms, gorgeous finishes, gourmet kitchens, private pools with outdoor kitchens, rooftop gardens, elevators, 3-car garages, docks and beach access. $3,500,000 plus. HANNERLE MOORE 387-8136

Waterfront Condos VIZCAYA - Expansive penthouse w/magnificent vista of the pool, Gulf, beach and impeccable grounds. 3BR + bedroom casita with private balcony. Expansive wrap around terrace w/summer kitchen. Private elevator. Floor plan improved during construction to produce a wonderful layout. Separate 2 car garage. Partially furnished elegant estate enclave of only 31 residences. $3,749,000. CHERYL LOEFFLER 387-1707

INN ON THE BEACH - Unique “B” floor plan, enjoy your vacation with friends & relatives and keep your privacy with separate entrances. Top floor with sweeping views. Rents as two separate units. Good Rental history. $850,000. JERRY THOMPSON 552-3966 SANCTUARY ON LONGBOAT KEY - Spacious 23BR/2BA southwest corner unit directly on the Gulf of Mexico with tremendous views! You can see all the way to Siesta Key! Contemporary furnishings, marble floors, award-winning sunsets! Possible third bedroom if desired. $1,378,000. CHERYL LOEFFLER 3871707

Mainland Properties LAND, LAND, LAND Acreage: 550± acres with 2800 ft. of frontage on SINGLETARY ROAD. Lush vegetation located on the banks of a half mile of Myakka River front. Presently used as pasture land with green-belt tax breaks. Manatee County. Very little wet land. Can develop or hold. Zoned for agriculture or 5 acre parcels. $11,015,600. MICHELLE MUSTO/BRUCE YOUNKER 552-3981

GRANDE RIVIERA - Just one remaining of these luxurious residences left. Enjoy unparalleled panoramic views and private docks available. Priced from $2.4 million. CHERYL LOEFFLER 552-2669

Bird, Longboat & Casey Key Homes

SABAL COVE - Distinguished architects own home located behind the gates in Sabal Cove. This fabulous 5BR contemporary home is situated on over half an acre, has a large terrace, pool & spa and extensive landscaping for privacy. The interior includes a 3 story entrance atrium, 2 story living room w/walls of windows, solid oak floors, granite, gas fireplace, 5 balconies and a screened porch overlooking the pool & terrace. $1,349,000. HANNERLE MOORE 387-8136 COREY’S LANDING - Perfectly situated Bay front home with Bay views and privacy. Meticulous elegance in this garden villa with 4 bedrooms including complete guest suite with sitting room and private balcony on the second floor. Graciously furnished for immediate enjoyment (all rugs & art excluded). $1,495,000. CHERYL LOEFFLER 387-1707

FAIRWAY BAY Extraordinary 3BR/3BA, full Bay front Fairway Bay condo w/gorgeous unobstructed views of the Bay & downtown Sarasota. This beautiful, rarely available “J” floor plan condo lives like a home with 2560 sq. ft. living rm, dining rm, master & front guest BR have full Bay views, den/office, two balconies, security shutters. It just doesn’t get any better than this! $995,000. HANNERLE MOORE 387-8136 WATERCLUB - Gorgeous designer perfect Water Club condo w/stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico & downtown Sarasota. This very sophisticated condo is beautifully furnished w/wonderful appointments throughout. Fabulous world-class amenities and clubhouse, security and concierge. $2,500,000. HANNERLE MOORE 387-8136 ISLANDER CLUB ON LONGBOAT KEY - Looking for a full Bay view? You can have it in this 11th floor 2BR/2BA unit with incredible Bay views and a partial Gulf view from the master suite! Conveniently located within walking distance to Publix shopping center, restaurants & banking. Private beach, tennis courts and pool. Great potential on Longboat Key! $650,000. THE SINGER GROUP 552-5220 FAIRWAY BAY ATRIUM Stunning 2600 sq. ft. Atrium unit with 3 balconies. 3Br/2.5BA, chef ’s kitchen and wood floors, crown molding and loads of built-ins. Plantation shutters and designer wall coverings throughout. Private beach club & gated security. $819,000. MARLENE & HAL LIBERMAN 387-1759 ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

PLAZA AT FIVE POINT Luxury residence on 15th floor with sweeping views of Downtown, the Bay and beyond. 2BR/2.5BA with every amenity available with Club room, Fitness center and fully furnished guest suite in the heart of it all. $1,250,000. KENT PETERSON 552-3980

INDIAN BEACH - Splendor on the Bay! This 1920’s 4BR/4BA home has been expanded, yet retains its period ambiance. This distinctive residence was in the 2001 Designer Showcase, and includes main house, separate guest quarters and ultimate bay views. Offered at $4,495,000. CHERYL LOEFFLER 387-1707

595 Bay Isles Rd, Mediterranean Plaza, Longboat Key 8830 S. Tamiami Trail ◆ 8447 S. Tamiami Trail 130 N. Tamiami Trail ◆ 438 St. Armands Circle 2863 University Pkwy. ◆ 8801 Stoneybrook Boulevard

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Longboat Key’s ‘Energetic Travelers’ visit the European cultural capitals of Genoa and Lille.

The planners of the Lille program outdid themselves by transplanting classic statues into a beautiful art deco indoor pool.

A tale of cities BY STUART AND LOIS SCHEYER A skeptic would call it a quintessential marketing ploy on the part of the European community: Name one or two cities the “Cultural Capital of Europe” for a year and watch the tourists flock with their fistfuls of euros, dollars, pounds, yens and whatevers. Ploy or not, it works. Although this has been going on for about 15 years, we just discovered it last year, when we were enchanted by the wide variety of venues at Graz, Austria. This year, the lucky recipients are Genoa, Italy, and Lille, France. In each case, the city is renewed and revitalized. Working years in advance, the planners draw on every local group to provide imaginative ideas that reflect their history and culture: students, politicians, educators, artists and professionals from every field. The results are scores of diverse offerings; some run for the entire year and others shine for only days or weeks. We started in Genoa, an ancient seaport and industrial center, best known as a “launching pad” for early explorers, including Columbus. The old city center forms a crescent around the port, with the usual narrow streets, fine old buildings and a few that are not so fine. Contrary to our usual luck, when we arrive one week too early or too late, we fortuitously came at just the right time: Renzo Piano, one of the world’s most respected and prolific architects, was dedicating his showcase “workshop,” created just for the “cultural” year. Armed with our press pass and an invitation from the For Floridians, this tank showing mangroves above and under water at the Genoa Aquarium has special meaning.


In Genoa, a mechanical rhino parades and protects modern art.



BEAU CIEL (beautiful sky) Hannerle is ranked among the top

1 2%


o f R e a l t o r s Wo r l d w i d e

UNFURNISHED 9th Floor - 3100 sq. ft. 12th Floor- 3412 sq. ft. 12th Floor - 3100 sq. ft. 14th Floor - 4000 sq. ft. Penthouse - 4700 sq. ft. -

$1,790,000 $1,840,000 $1,950,000 $2,490,000 $3,500,000

FURNISHED 7th Floor - 3100 sq. ft. $2,195,000 contemporary design, custom details, original art.


GRAND BAY Great amenities in a grand Longboat Key community - heated pool, spa, Har-Tru tennis, magnificent clubhouse, exercise, kitchen, BBQ, deeded beach access. Biscayne with tiled floor, wooden shutters and decorator detailed. $950,000.

Distinguished Architect's Home Located Behind The Gates In Sabal Cove Fabulous 5BR, contemporary home situated on over half an acre, has a large terrace, pool and spa and extensive landscaping for privacy. The interior includes a 3-story entrance atrium, 2-story living room w/walls of windows, solid oak floors, granite, marble, gas fireplace, 5 balconies & screened porch overlooking the pool. $1,349,000 Virtual Tour

INDIAN BEACH This 1920’s home has been expanded and updated yet retains its period ambience. 5800 square feet with guest house. 2001 Designer Showcase Home. $4,495,000. Magnificent beach front enclave of 31 elegant residences with 2 car garages and private elevators. Pool, sauna, spa, Har-Tru tennis, clubhouse w/ fitness facilities & a private beach. Fabulous double unit with the ultimate in custom finishes and the most incredible detailing imaginable! Five bedrooms and over 6600 square feet of “over the top”living on the beach. $6,495,000 Expansive penthouse with endless views of Gulf,pool & grounds from wrap-around terrace. $3,749,000

LONGBOAT BAYFRONT Rare opportunity located mid-key with water on three sides. Great boating! Call for more info! $3,995,000.



Gorgeous Water Club II Condominium with stunning views of the Gulf and downtown Sarasota. This condominium is beautifully turnkey furnished with wonderful appointments throughout. World-class amenities & clubhouse. $2,500,000 Virtual Tour

2600 sq. ft. w/many upgrades. Gulf and Bay views. Partially furnished. $1,378,000. Spacious 3 bedroom with over 3100 sq.ft. Wrap around terraces. Sunset views. $1,675,000.


An exclusive, paradise community of only 21 beach front residences.. Exquisitely appointed, 3,427 sq. ft., 3BR/3BA wrapped in grand terraces with direct views of the Gulf. 2 garage spaces, clubhouse, elevator and all the extras. $2,395,000.

PORTOBELLO Direct gulf front renovated unit. Awesome sunsets! $675,000.

L’AMBIANCE ■ $2,495,000 4th Floor Approx. 3,800 sq. ft. ■ $1,675,000 3rd Floor Approx. 2,650 sq. ft.

Striking architectural style offering a private enclave of only 13 luxurious residences. Unparalleled panoramic views and a marina with limited boat slips. Extraordinary L’Ambiance Penthouse with magnificent views of Gulf, sunsets, Sarasota Bay and downtown Sarasota. Amenities include double entry doors of Carpathian Elm veneer, waterfall sculpture, Thai silk window treatments, gourmet kitchen, 14-ft ceilings, 2,400 sq ft of wrap terraces and 3 parking spaces. $5,995,000 Virtual Tour Marina Bay with Gorgeous Bay & City Views This 3BR/3.5BA 3382 sq. ft. condo that has been beautifully maintained, lives like a home with private elevator lobby, his and her master baths, 2 balconies and wonderful floor plan. $1,295,000 Virtual Tour


BAY ISLES HARBOUR SECTION Mediterranean 4-5BR/5BA, pool home on great, protected boating water. 5100 sq. ft. with all bells & whistles. $2,395,000.


NEW Wonderful Mediterranean Home with glorious views of Sarasota Bay and

Spacious corner unit with superb gulf, bay & sunset views. $835,000.

located on a deep-water channel that can accommodate a 50 ft. boat. Some of the gorgeous amenities include two master suites, kitchen and a disappearing edge pool with spa. Premier, private location in Country Club Shores. $2,850,000 Virtual Tour

Awesome views, 10th 3000 sq. ft.


RITZ CARLTON TOWER RESIDENCE floor, fireplace. $1 ,550,000.


Extraordinary, Three Bedroom & Bath, Fairway Bay Condominium with gorgeous, unobstructed views of the bay and downtown Sarasota. This 2560 sq. ft. condominium lives like a home with full bay views from most rooms. Amenities: den/office, two balconies, security shutters, wet bar. Don’t miss this rare find. $995,000 Virtual Tour

18th floor, “Penthouse” overlooking the marina and city. $4,250,000.

BAYOU CIRCLE Custom contemporary pool home with extraordinary finishes! Private and perfect. Marble floors, gourmet kitchen. $849,000.

Extraordinary Water Club II Condominium that has the feel of a beach home. This 3-bedroom Arlington is very special and one-of-a-kind. Exquisitely turnkey furnished with gorgeous artwork, alabaster lighting, silk window treatments, stunning built-ins and crown $2,995,000 Virtual Tour molding. Also includes 2-car garage.

WATER CLUB Views of gulf, bay & skyline. 9th floor Dover plan. South side of Water Club II. $2,595,000.

Porto Paradiso NEW Three Bayfront Residences To Be Built In The Mediterranean Style

Perfectly situated Bay front home with Bay views and privacy. Meticulous elegance in this garden villa with 4 bedrooms including complete guest suite with sitting room and private balcony on the second floor. Graciously furnished for immediate enjoyment (all rugs & art excluded). $1,495,000.

For a virtual tour go to

with gorgeous Gulf and Bay views. These large residences will include 3 bedrooms plus media rooms, gorgeous finishes, gourmet kitchens, private pools w/outdoor kitchens, rooftop gardens, elevators, 3-car garages, deep-water docks & beach access. $3,500,000 plus


Wonderful Mediterranean Longboat Key Home with glorious views of Sarasota Bay


and recently completed by luxury builder Peter Laughlin. Some of the gorgeous amenities include a fabulous master suite with balcony overlooking the Bay, gourmet kitchen, marble floors, elevator, deep-water boat dock and deeded beach access. Beach, Boat, and Bay $3,095,000 Virtual Tour views from brand new home, it doesn’t get any better.


Go to for a virtual tour of all my listings.

941-387-1707 • MOBILE 941-302-9674 • 7294


Hannerle Moore | Prudential Palms Realty | Fine Homes International Mediterranean Plaza | 595 Bay Isles Road, Suite 115 | Longboat Key, FL 34228 PH 941.387.8136 | FX 941.387.8155 |

World class building offers full concierge service, exercise, clubroom, heated pool & spa and har-tru tennis. Spectacular 3BR/3.5BA ROYAL plan. Stone & wood floors. Huge Gulf views $3,495,000. Spacious 3 bedroom Areca with gulf views and wrap around terraces. $1,649,000.

Mediterranean Plaza • 595 Bay Isles Rd Ste 115 • Longboat Key, Florida





Michael Annette

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1C mayor of Genoa, we joined a press tour that was, in some ways, better than the sites we visited. Although some presentations were memorable, we did not feel as much energy or creativity as we experienced in Graz last year. The workshop was outstanding — filled with models, drawings and photos of some of the most imaginative buildings erected The Biosphere, a miniature ecostructure around the world in the last 20 years. Piano designed by Renzo Piano, is part of the reconis an explorer of a new dimension. The man structed waterfront in Genoa. himself is extremely human, without any sic statues proudly posing in an indoor swimcelebrity attitude. One of our other target sites was the ming pool — but this is no ordinary pool. It Maritime Museum. Unfortunately, it was was acclaimed as the most beautiful in not open because of construction delays. Europe. Our visit started with a convenient Given the history of Genoa, it should be half-hour subway ride to Roubaix, one of the superb and will be open by now. If you get neighboring towns that joined Lille for the there, please give us a report. Another must- “Year.” The indoor pool in Roubaix was built see is the Rubens Exhibition. Some of his around 1930 in a magnificent Art Deco style and was the social greatest works have center of the combeen gathered from munity, with people all over the globe, from all walks of life and the show is sharing the beautiful vibrant — no explafacility. Yet, it was nation is needed. apparently this close Curiously, there is a interaction that similar presentation caused it to be closed in Lille this year, and in the 1950s. both are brilliant. At It remained silent any given time, 20 or and unused until the more shows and speorganizers of the culcial exhibits are open tural-capital event in Genoa. Most are Professional hair stylists and makeup artists worth seeing, but transformed Stuart and Lois Scheyer’s grand- decided that it would only a few are mind- daughter. And then she sat for a professional make a unique stage for classical sculpblowing. fashion photographer — at no charge. ture. Part of the pool Although our expectations were higher for Genoa, Lille was covered, leaving a reflecting water strip was the star of our trip. It has transformed in the center, and the statues brought life to this beautiful building. itself from a tired textile town into a stage for back imagination and innovation. The city is sit- Remembering the area was a center of textile uated in the northwest corner of France, just manufacturing, the organizers added two one hour by high-speed train from Paris, and other facets to their offering. One was an near the ports of Calais and Dunkirk. As a aisle that showed women’s fashion — and Eurostar hub, London and Brussels are also hemlines — throughout the 20th century. But the most interactive was the style boueasily accessible. In fact, we boarded our superb train at a station right in De Gaulle tique presented by Redoute, whose internaairport. The fast, smooth, comfortable trans- tional headquarters is located there. Young portation made us envious when we consid- women swarmed to try on clothes of all types and enjoy the ministrations of professional ered what is available in the United States. Lille has only 175,000 inhabitants, but hair stylists and makeup artists, who transthere are 1 million in the surrounding metro- formed them into Cinderellas at the ball. plex and more than 100 million Europeans Professional photographers then recorded live within 300 miles. While presenting the the metamorphosis. Outstanding. Other innovations abounded, including a distinctly European city appearance, there are more parks and open areas than in full-sized Japanese tea house constructed on Genoa, and the planners took advantage of the plaza in front of Lille’s traditional, imposthis asset. In addition, many of the surround- ing Opera House. In summary, the cultural ing towns joined in with their own unique capitals were exciting to the eye and mind. Genoa was more interesting for the old, but presentations. One of the most jaw-dropping sights is the Lille captured the excitement of the new. If possible, visit this “never again to be upside-down forest built over one of the larger plazas in the center — a forest where you seen” 2004 experience ... and, if a visit this walk under a canopy of treetops with the year is not possible, plan now to visit Cork, Ireland, the “Cultural Capital of Europe” for trunks rising skyward. Taking this theme further, we came to 2005. We will be at the gates of the city to view the Lille experience as one enchanting greet you. Stuart and Lois Scheyer are in their early 70s forest, filled with many beautiful species. For instance, there is the “forest” of 150 classic and are residents of Longboat Key. They each video games from the past 20 years, available log more than 100,000 air miles a year. If you for the hands-on pleasure of children of all have travel questions, you can reach the Scheyers by sending them an e-mail at ages. ❑ We highly recommend the “forest” of clas-




Teamworking for You!

60 Million in Sales Year to Date


LONGBOAT KEY, LIDO KEY, BIRD KEY & SIESTA KEY SEA BREEZE - SIESTA KEY - New construction condo on south end of Siesta. 3,800 SF w/3BRs & open, spacious floor plan, Gulf views from all living spaces. Spacious kitchen w/granite countertops throughout. Large master suite w/oversized closet. Deeded boat dock included. $1,775,000 & $1,895,000. OPEN HOUSE SUNDAYS 1-4 PM REGENT PLACE - Gorgeous furnished condo on the beach. Volume ceilings, spacious floor plan, granite kitchen, generous terraces, awesome views and double garage. Possible to combine with unit next door. $2,700,000. VIZCAYA - Magnificent gulf front penthouse w/3 BRs, 11’ ceilings, surround sound, Beaumonet floors & details galore! Incredible gulf views. $3,299,000.

VILLA DI LANCIA PENTHOUSE - Exquisite 5BR home with 5,000 SF of fabulous living directly on the gulf. Owner will consider trade. $3,995,000. GRAND BAY - Cayman design with spacious terraces & panoramic views of Gulf & Bay for true indoor/outdoor living and entertainment. Furnished. $1,199,000. BIRD KEY BAYFRONT - Marvelous views, deep water dock, spacious Mediterranean home in a truly superb location. $3,200,000. WATER CLUB - Breathtaking views of the Gulf, Bay & skyline from 8th floor Cambridge plan on the south side of Water Club II. This 2BR/3BA residence features stone floors in living areas, wood floors in bedrooms. $1,695,000. WATER CLUB - Designer perfect condominium with over 3000 SF and is gorgeously furnished. Views of Gulf and Bay. $1,950,000. LIGHTHOUSE POINT PERFECTION Thoughtfully created floor plan offering 4BRs, gorgeous marble floors, volume ceilings & the ultimate kitchen. Great boating water! $4,350,000.

MAINLAND PROPERTIES POINT - Breathtaking views of Sarasota Bay, Bird Key *BAY & the new Ringling Bridge. Totally renovated corner condo

with the coveted south exposure on Golden Gate Point. Renovation includes kitchen & bathrooms, w/crown moldings throughout and an enclosed balcony to enlarge the living room. Master bedroom has over sized new closet. Best value in downtown Sarasota bayfront condos. $699,000. RITZ TOWER RESIDENCE - The views will amaze you! 14th floor faces west for finest vistas of Bay & Gulf. Almost 3,000 SF of fabulous finishes and upgrades. 3 BR and family room. $2,390,000. RITZ RESIDENCE - Unsurpassed lifestyle with full amenities 24 hours a day. Fantastic panoramic bay views from this 12th floor condo with 2 master suites, fabulous kitchen and large open terraces. $1,575,000. OAKS ESTATE CLUBSIDE - Distinctive home has over 5000 SF of luxury. Soaring ceilings, marble & granite, expansive glass and fine finishes. Private wooded setting w/pool & waterfall. $1,349,000. SARABANDE - Panoramic views from this end penthouse condo with 3 BRs. Superb mill work & extensive use of marble with many built-ins. $2,690,000. SARABANDE - Unparalleled views of bay, city and gulf. This classy, comfortable 10th floor unit offers 3700 SF of marvelous upgrades. $1,995,000. HARBOR ACRES BAYFRONT - Beautifully renovated 4BR home in upscale neighborhood close to downtown. Property located on a deep water boat basin w/dock. Can accommodate 3 boats, including a large sailboat. $2,595,000. BEAU CIEL - Downtown overlooking Sarasota Bay. Amazing designer finished 2-story penthouse, 4BR masterpiece features a circular staircase and media room are just a few of the many features. 5,300 SF of dramatic and exquisite detail throughout. $4,500,000.

OAKS CUSTOM HOME - Open & elegant with no detail spared! Crown moldings, marble floors, volume ceilings & fabulous lighting! Quiet cul-de-sac. $975,000.

NEW LISTING * Michael Saunders & Company Lic. Real Estate Broker Photos by Stuart Scheyer 7294

Tightly packed rooftops and narrow streets in Genoa, Italy, portray the character of this ancient launching port for the New World’s explorers.

440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228 Office: 941•383•7591 or 941•387•0800 Cell: Annette 284•7373 / Michael 928•3559




Key real estate

Lido’s Surfview site sells for $6.6 million The former 50-unit Surfview Beach Resort at 1121 Ben Franklin Drive, overlooking Lido Beach’s Gulf-front beach, was purchased, along with two other adjacent parcels of land, by Core/PMG/Lido of Wichita, Kan., for $6.6 million the last week of June. MEB Capital Inc., 4675 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, headed by President Marjorie E. Beg, sold the property. The structure will be razed to make way for the new $40 million Azure condominiums. It marks just another example of rental resorts giving way to luxury condominium apartments. Azure will consist of two, seven-story buildings with a total of 20 apartment units, providing more park and Gulf views. One of the developers is Kevin Daves, whose Core Development constructed The RitzCarlton, Sarasota. Core is building the twin-tower Azure.

at the 18-unit Regent Place Tower II. The penthouse, 2 PH-A, was sold by Ralph L. Ayers and Robert L. Ayers of Palmetto to Linda G. Scott of Longboat Key for $3.4 million. The three-bedroom and fourbath condo was constructed in 1995.

Country Club Shores V Margaret L.P. and Noel L. Buterbaugh, Longboat Key, purchased the home at 570 Chipping Lane from Cheryl J. and George E. Pintea of Boardman, Ohio, for $1.64 million. The three-bedroom and 3.5-bath home with a swimming pool was constructed in 1995. It last sold for $1.64 million in June 2002, according to the Sarasota property appraiser office records.


Regent Place The second-largest sale of the June 24 through June 30 reporting period was logged

Queens Harbour Kelly E. and Robert R. Foreman of Walpole, N.H., sold their home at 3521 Fair Oaks Lane to Clarke A. Addison of Toronto for $1.205 million. The four-bedroom and 4.5-bath home with a swimming pool was

Kat Wingert

This three-bedroom home on Chipping Lane in Country Club Shores sold for $1.64 million.

built in 1995. The Foremans paid $989,000 for the home in September 2002.

Harbour Court James D. Ericson and his wife, Patricia A. Platten Ericson, bought the home at 2262

It’s Larson OnLongboat


Give Yourself a Gift,

For the ethical approach to real estate, call me. You will find me to be honest, knowledgeable, accessible...and easy to talk to.


and experience the convenience of downtown living. The combination of the BEST VIEWS in town, and a premier complex with extraordinary appointments, make this 3-4 BR/4B, 3,700 SF condo a must see. #256664 $2,280,000 Call Joyce for more information:

Helen F. Larson 941

586-7959 Licensed Real Estate Broker

• 5100 Ocean Blvd, Sarasota • 941-349-3444

346-0468 • 941 350-1916 7294


Michael Saunders & Company

Harbour Court Drive for $1.2 million from Fredda Lynn Ash and her husband, William G. Ash, of Longboat Key. The four-bedroom and three-bath home was constructed in 1988 and last sold for $950,000 in August 2000.

Michael Saunders & Co. Licensed Real Estate Broker 440 Gulf of Mexico Dr., • Longboat Key, FL • 941-383-7591


Jerry Thompson Realtor



Top floor, two bedrooms with sweeping gulf views. Turnkey furnished, two separate terraces, the perfect Florida get-away or beach retreat. Good rental history. Off-site rental program. Virtual Tour $850,000.

Prudential Palms Realty 595 Bay Isles Rd. • Ste. 115 • Longboat Key office: 941 .552.3966 • aft. hours: 941 .349.7000 / e-mail:

Take a piece of Florida home with you. The Longboat Observer delivers to your hometown!






CHEROKEE PARK West of Trail, 4 Bedroom Ranch Home, Close to 1 Acre, 2 Glorious tropical landscaped lots adorned with mature foliage and trees, Jr. Olympic Caged Pool completes this Tropical Oasis in a central location. 1,995,000 -


This house in Laguna Yacht Village, in the Manatee County portion of Longboat Key, sold for $650,000.

WATER CLUB 2BR + den in Gulf front development. Granite kitchen & huge balcony w/NW Gulf views. Amenities second to none!

Kat Wingert

Weston Pointe Edward J. Holiday sold his home at 602 Weston Pointe Court to Nortrud and Robert W. Loy for $1.05 million. Holiday bought the home in April 2000 for $650,000. The gross profit was $400,000, an increase of 61.5%, in a little more than four years.

Laguna Yacht Village



Area developer Reed W. Mapes of Bradenton sold Unit 3 to Thomas R. Baugher of Longboat Key for $650,000.

CLUB BAMBOO Bradenton Beach Gulf front development. Nightly rentals with on-site rental office. Renovated unit is a real money maker!

Banyan Bay Club

Water Club I Karin A. and J. W. Riccardi bought Unit 205 from Patricia D. and Patrick D. Martell, trustees of the Sherry L. Martell Trust of Canton, Ohio, for $1.039 million. The three-bedroom and three-bath apartment was constructed in 1996.

Cabana Beach Club There were a couple of sales at the 11-unit Cabana Beach Club (formerly the Dunes) at 5851 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Anna K. and Craig R. Stewart of Dallas bought Unit 4 from developer Whitstar Corp. for $660,000. Signing the deed of sale for Whitstar was its vice president, Charles L. Starr III. Sophie M. Kuczak from Glenview, Ill., purchased Unit 8 from Whitstar for $299,900.

Lori and John Cabibo of Ho-Ho-Kus, N.J., bought Unit 508 from Suzanne P. and Lowell G. Rein for $560,000.


Bay Harbour Apartments


Christine E. Wascher and George A. Tepper of Bird Key sold their apartment, 304 in Building B, to Norman R. Browning of Glasgow, Scotland, for $449,000.


CEDARS EAST rear section unit, close to bay, 1501 sq. ft. furnished townhouse, garage, Tennis Resort, high rental development. Priced to sell, sought after.

Sands Point Lorena Droba of New York City bought Unit 320 from Gary Muther, trustee of the Greta Muther Trust, St. Louis, for $432,500.



GULF OF MEXICO DR. OPERS Longboat L E Key, 2.8 acres V E D D directly on the Gulf. E T WAN Approvals for 4 lots. A rare


opportunity, great beach home awaits your visit. Call for your package!

425,000 -


RENAISSANCE Downtown residence with fantastic direct bay views. Professionally NDER U designed and renovated. RACT T N A real show piece. O C Seeing is believing, so call for private showing! $ 325,000

Office: 383.6411 Res: 383.2025

Gabe Buky

Charles Buky %

President’s Elite - top 4 worldwide

F Weeeekk Fe eaat tuurre edd PPrrooppe erri ye s ooff tthhee W


FEATURED PROPERTY QUEENS HARBOUR Deep sailboat water minutes to Bay. Custom maintenance-free home with 3 bedroom suites plus den, 19’ ceilings, open plan and gourmet kitchen. $1,549,000.

Build your dream home in this exclusive northern Longboat neigbourhood. Newer development on beach side of road.




Longboat Key direct Gulf views. Stand alone villa permits nightly rentals. On-site rental office. Just renovated with new furniture package. Garage. Steps from the beach! $ 4,100,000

NEW ON THE MARKET - GRAND BAY #461 the most popular building with panoramic views of the bay, city, and marina. Center island kitchen, custom built-ins, 9’ ceilings, quality kitchen, & luxurious mstr suite. $1,695,000. Beau Ciel Luxury downtown Sarasota bay front 11th floor residence. Full bay & city views. All the amenities. Boat dock. Near arts, restaurants, shopping & $2,639,000 beach!

Vizcaya- Custom upgrades and improvements to original floor plan - 2/3 Bedrooms, 3 Baths. Direct gulf front with private pool on terrace, 3238 sq. ft., 2.5 car $3,500,000 private garage.

(941) 387-1864

FABULOUS PENTHOUSE - BEACH RESIDENCES AT THE RITZ CARLTON BEACH & SPA CLUB. 3705 sq.ft. of unsurpassed luxury plus an enclosed 2 car garage. A separate 2 bedroom guest villa also available. $3,995,000. WATERFRONT BAY ISLES – Stunning, 4bd home w/high ceilings, open plan, media room, gourmet kitchen, wood floors, wall of glass & deep water dock w/lift. $2,495,000. GOLF COURSE VIEWS from this 4000 sq.ft. Queens Harbour home. Exquisite detail throughout,extensive use of granite, marble, ceramic & wood surfaces. Upgrades galore. $1,825,000. NEW VILLA LBK CLUB – 3/BR/3/5BA, bright open plan. Ceramic floors , high ceiling, granite kitchen, caged pool & spa. $699,000.

LONGBOAT GULF FRONT LOT Direct Gulf Front Building Lot, 1.3 acres+-, RSF3 Zoning, Lot awaits your building plans. Adjoining Lot also available, Ideal Family Compound.

DENNIS GIRARD Broker Associate

4030 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key, FL 34228


Phone: 941.809.0041 Tool Free: 1.866.837.3180

View virtual tours of these listings at: www.LONGBOATWATERFRONT.COM

Fax: 7294

201 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 1 • Longboat Key, FL 34228


941.387.0960 www.





Lynne, Roger and Bruce are the best Longboat Key real estate has to offer. A trio of Coldwell Banker Previews agents, all are members of the prestigious Coldwell Banker International President’s Premier. They have more than 75 years of combined experience selling Longboat Key and Sarasota area properties. Experience sells!


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luxury wate

Dedicated to Excellence in Luxury Waterfront Living Gorgeous Executive Home! $775,000 This 4BR/3.5BA has been completely renovated! Caged pool area with a summer kitchen that overlooks tranquil nature preserve. Three-car garage completes this perfect home.


GRAND BAY THE BEST BAYFRONT VALUES RESIDENCE 161...One of only two locations of the Antigua floor plan with unobstructed views that go forever. Three bedroom, 3.5 baths. $1,338,000

STRIKING CONDOMINIUM RESIDENCE $799,000 Large 2BR/2.5BA with Den/Study for added space! Neutral décor. Enjoy sunrises overlooking beautiful bay and city views from virtually every room! Garage parking included. Condo complex provides beautiful foyer entry to the Gulf, pool, Jacuzzi, exercise and all of the fabulous amenities! SPACIOUS TOWNHOUSE $589,000 A rare opportunity to own a townhome in an active beachside community. Completely renovated kitchen and baths, new carpeting and painting. Turnkey furnished with designer decor. Two-car garage included.

SOUTH LONGBOAT KEY LOCATION $639,000 3BR/2BA turnkey furnished condo has southwest Gulf views and lots of space! Located in one of Longboat’s most popular condo communities! Pools, spa, Har-Tru tennis, fabulous beach!

RESIDENCE 475...Gorgeous wraparound 7th floor residence with amazing views of the marina, lake and the sun setting into the Gulf. Furnished and finished only with the absolute best. Two parking spaces, hurricane shutters and electric window treatments. $1,349,000 RESIDENCE 174...Cayman floorplan, with amazing 7th floor direct views of downtown, golf course and Gulf of Mexico. Renovated with marble flooring throughout, custom lighting and window treatments. $1,299,000

THE BEACH RESIDENCES ON LIDO KEY The Ritz is under construction; buy today and choose your own finishes. Three prime residences for resale at Lido’s Key’s premier property. Amazing views, quality and service. Contact me immediately to learn about about them, while you can still make your own finish selections. Walk out your magnificent building and you are at the beautiful Ritz Beach Club, membership included. Priced from $1,849,000.

941.387.1803 TOUR MY PROPERTIES AT SAR Mega Superstar Award International Presidents Premier Award WCR Ultra Mega Million $ Award Certified Residential Broker (CRB) Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) Graduate Real Estate, GRI

Roger sells luxury

941.387.1840 941.586.666




More Than

$1Billion. c. pettingell

2003 TOP AGENT for most properties listed and sold on Longboat Key.

erfront specialist

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES CUTTER LANE...Spectacular views from this four bedroom plus den home. Newly built and ready to occupy. $2,499,000 BOGEY LANE...Brand new, Mediterranean home on the canal. High ceilings, four bedrooms, three-car garage. Owner will trade or finance. $1,975,000 PUTTING GREEN...Build you dream house on this exceptional southern lot, 135 feet of water frontage. $1,699,000 GOLF LINKS LANE...Cute waterfront, two bedroom, plus den home. New roof, appliances, kitchen and baths. Sunny and beautiful. $849,000

VIZCAYA $2,499,000

SABAL COVER $1,249,000

Southern exposure with private pool and summer kitchen on one of three terraces. Guest suite, private elevator and 2 car garage.

Beautiful, custom home on a quiet cul-de-sac. Spacious 4BR plus den, 3.5BA with volume ceilings, large, private pool/spa area with summer kitchen plus a 3 car garage.


THE SANCTUARY LUXURY BEACHFRONT LIVING BUILDING 3...Highly popular northeast corner residence. Enjoy wraparound views with an open plan and exciting interior design. Split plan offers guests plenty of privacy. May be purchased furnished. $1,299,000 BUILDING 2...This popular floor plan offers both direct Gulf and Bay and city views. Many upgrades are included, such as generous use of tile, wet bar, built-ins and storage, and covered parking. $1,349,000 --PENDING

waterfront homes


SABAL COVE $829,000


The best lakefront LOT! Southwest exposure overlooking Hole #2 on the Harbourside Blue Course. 123 feet of waterfront!

Brand new “Opal” split floor plan. 3BR, 2 car garage. Enclave of 16 luxury homes on the Harbourside Golf Course, behind LBK Club gates.

Charting the course in real estate for more than 24 years. RITZ TOWER RESIDENCES...Corner with more than 3,700 sf. Private elevator to the lobby. Luxurious master suite and spacious terraces. $1,995,000 --PENDING THE BAYOU...Elegantly designed, custom home with volume ceilings. 4BR, office, family room, gourmet kitchen with granite, luxurious master bath and 3 car garage. $1,499,000 --PENDING

THE BAYOU...Least expensive home in the neighborhood. A large corner lot with lush landscaping and caged pool. Open floor plan with spacious rooms. $649,000 ISLANDS WEST...Lowest priced residence!! Sunny southwest corner with Gulf view. Newly refurbished clubhouse and private beach. $599,000


Coldwell Banker Previews International 201 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 1 ■ Longboat Key, Florida 34228



BUSINESS Barbara Cullen of Chesterfield, Mo., sold Unit G-3 205C at Seaplace I to Madelyn T. and Joseph E. LaPlume of Narragansett, R.I., for $330,000.


Sleepy Lagoon Park

Fairway Bay Diane M. and David M. Vaness of Easton, Conn., sold Unit 456 in Building M-4 to William Masella and Mary Jane Flaherty from Randolph, N.J., for $425,000.

Seaplace Paul A. Mortelli purchased his condominium Unit G8 204-C in Seaplace VI from Marta and Alois Kintzel of Banff, Alberta, for $417,000. At Seaplace II, Sandra M. and David A. Campbell of Charleston, W. Va., purchased Unit M-1 106-F from Robert Johnson of Mississauga, Ontario, for $348,000.

Courtney and Farley Blackman sold their home at 561 DeNarvaez Drive to Elaine Kowansky for $416,000. The three-bedroom and two-bath home was refurbished in 1978. It last sold for $550,000 in May, according to the Manatee County property appraiser’s office.

Inn on the Beach Michael J., Katherine E. and Lawrence E. Radler from Skokie, Ill., bought Unit 6302 from Ashridge Holdings Ltd., a Bahamian corporation with a local address of 1858 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota, for $293,000. SPE No. 4 LLC, managed by Jefferson F. Riddell at 3400

Bird Key Leanore S. and Stuart R. Wartell sold their home at 253 Bird Key Drive to Susan D. and Donald D. Rinehart of Sarasota for $560,000. The three-bedroom and three-bath home with a swimming pool was one of the first homes built on the newly expanded Bird Key in 1962. The home sold previously for $289,000 in August 1998. Kent Chetlain is a veteran Florida journalist and historian, a former Manatee County commissioner and a holder of a Florida real estate license. He has chronicled real estate activity in this area since 1957. ❑

Real Estate Reports Migones add team member

HOMES OPEN HOUSE SUN.1-4 @ 750 Hideaway Bay


• TANGERINE BAY EXCLUSIVE TANGERINE BAY CLUB ON LBK features bayfront recreational area with lake, island pool, spa and recreation/fitness center, tennis 24 hr. security, adjacent marina. Longboat Key Club with 27 holes of championship golf across the street. $800,000 to $1,000,000+.

Viola Angelidies of Edgewater, N.J., bought Unit 99 from Robert B. Underwood Jr., trustee of the Barbara A. Brust Trust of Voorhees, N.J., for $185,000. The two-bedroom and two-bath residence was one of the first condominiums built on Longboat Key. It was completed in 1969.

Glenn Steeg of Mattawan, Mich., purchased Unit 505 from Charles Spry of Lido Key for $350,000.


PRESTIGIOUS RESORT offering condominium hotel suites. Gulf, golf-course and lagoon views. Beautiful restaurants, tennis and great rental potential in this world class resort. $400,000 to $900,000+.

Spanish Main Yacht Club

Lido Beach Club

Let Saint & Gail Open the Door... to Your Place in Paradise

BRAND NEW - HIDEAWAY BAY 4BR with over 4,700 square feet of quality construction and many fine appointments. Heated pool and spa, private dock. Located in Hideaway Bay. Completion July 2004.

Sherrilyn Bullard and her husband, Gilbert J. Smith, of Bloomington, Ill., sold Unit 104-C to Jodi Carleton and her husband, John L. Sittig II, of Tampa for $245,000.

Debra Susan and Pearlie M. Rabin and Birdie E. Winkler of Plattsburgh, N.Y., sold Unit 7-C to Kathryn A. and Robert L. Scott of Lido Key for $597,500.

Licensed Real Estate Broker • Exclusive Affiliate Of Sotheby’s International Realty & Leading Estates Of The World

A GRAND LONGBOAT KEY LIFESTYLE! Spectacular views of the Gulf, golf courses, bay & Sarasota. Tennis, fitness center club facility, sparkling pool & 10 mile white sand beach. One of Longboats finest condominiums. Starting $1,000,000+.

Longboat Arms

Key Towers South

Michael Saunders & Company Exceptional People & Properties THE ABBOTT GROUP

S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, sold Unit 7103 to OaktonKostner Corp. of the North Chicago suburb of Skokie, Ill., for $284,600. Cynthia A. and George D. Noble of Longboat Key bought Unit 6103 from the Sinder Family Property Co. LLC of Longboat Key for $239,000.


PRIVATE BEACH HOUSE 100’ of beach, 2 story residence, expansive views, privacy abounds, recently remodeled, heated, beach front pool, excellent rental potential, & it’s furnished. $2,525,000

Longboat Key Realtors Mike and Cindy Migone of Wedebrock Real Estate Co., who decided to team up in early March of this year, have added Lisa Varano, leasing investment specialist, to their sales team. Mike Migone, previously with Tina Rudek, has been a consistent top producer at the Longboat Key office for more than 10 years. Cindy Migone, a lifetime Sarasota resident, splits her time between Wedebrock’s Siesta Key and Longboat Key offices. Lisa Varano, a lifetime Anna Maria resident, has worked in property management for more than 20 years and works at Wedebrock’s Holmes Beach and Longboat Key offices.


UNIVERSITY PARK Stunning views of lake from this 3700 sq. ft. home built by Marc Rutenberg. 4 BR, 2 separate offices, heated pool & spa. State-of-Art kitchen design, top of the line appliances, 2-sided fireplace, many upgrades throughout.

Crowley completes leadership program Peter Crowley, president of Re/Max Properties, in Sarasota, recently graduated from REAL Trends Institute’s Advanced Leadership Development Program. Crowley is one of only 30 graduates of this exclusive program offered to experienced sales and operations management executives. The six-month course develops leadership skills, real world knowledge about the industry and the ability to research and communicate plans and ideas. Graduates also learned how to install and measure results in a multi-disciplinary real estate services business. ❑



Selling Sarasota’s Select Properties For More Than 25 Years!

HIDEAWAY BAY Private enclave on North LBK with private boatdocks, tennis court and minutes to beach. Bayfront lot with room to build an estate sized home. $1,300,000 •

• BUTTONWOOD COVE MAGNIFICENT BAY VIEWS in 2 and 3 bedroom condominiums featuring privte beach area, under building parking, boat docks, tennis, raquetball, clubhouse and heated pool. $500,000 to $600,000. BUTTONWOOD COVE BUTTONWOOD COVE INN ON THE BEACH INN ON THE BEACH






The Abbott Group 941-374-3003 • 941-383-1990 •1-800-887-2968 ABBOTT143@COMCAST.NET



TOWER RESIDENCES AT THE RITZ CARLTON Luxurious 15th floor corner residence with panoramic views of Bay and the Gulf. Private elevator, volume ceilings, over 3,700 sq ft and remarkable amenities. $3,300,000 .VT VIRTUAL TOURS AT WWW.SAINTANDGAIL.COM

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES 560 Chipping Lane - A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Beautiful Bay views, 4th in from bay. 5 bedroom/4 bath home with separate guest suite. Offered at $2,447,500.



bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 180º views of Gulf and Bay. Unit 1001. By appointment only. $1,595,000.

Saint Cacchiotti & Gail Wittig Twice the effort...Twice the results


2 bedroom, 2 bath, walk down LDfloor$599,000. O1st overlooking pond,Sswimming

941.387.0533 • 800.581.3444

423 St. Armands Circle • 7294

440 Gulf of Mexico Drive • Longboat Key, Florida 34228


PROMENADE ...Sold To Date #102, 207, 302, 402, 503, 707 & 811 email:




Store around the corner

Coldwell Banker Previews International 2003

Top Sales Associate in Sarasota & the Keys! Over


50 Million in Sales Year-to-Date Among Top .05% of Associates Internationally

Kat Wingert

Eric Seace transitioned from the Melting Pot to dream-weaving with small, individual artists.

Call Barbara, exclusive sales agent for

Dream Weaver Collection 364 St. Armands Circle • 388-1974 BUSINESS Line of Business: Wearable art — clothing and accessories — for women. Dream Weaver uses only American artists. Owners: Joan McKeon and her son, Eric Seace. Store Manager: Eric Seace. Year Founded: Began as Wilson House South in 1981 and was located above the Columbia Restaurant. It moved to its current location 12 years ago. Summer Hours: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday; noon to 6 p.m. Sunday. Employees: Eight full-time and five parttime employees travel between this location and the store on Martha’s Vineyard. Price range of merchandise/services: “We have everything from casual pieces, starting at $150, to black-tie formalwear. There’s something to suit every occasion.”

First job after college: “Vice president of the Melting Pot Restaurant franchise.” Between then and now: “I came directly from the Melting Pot.” Claim to fame: “My son, Evan.” How you came to St. Armands: “I always wanted to live in Sarasota. So, when the store got bigger and they needed more help, I was happy to come here.”

L o n g b o a t K e y • TANGERINE BAY  CLUB: End unit overlooking lagoon to Bay. Only ten extraordinary residences will share this magnificent beach

Just Listed 

INTERESTS/PASSIONS Favorite pastime: “Golfing.” Other interests: “Volleyball and fishing.” Volunteer work/organizations: “I’m vice president of the St. Armands Circle Association, and the store does a lot of charity work. We are the corporate sponsor for the YMCA’s transitional living program for teen-agers and we make donations to several causes and events.” Favorite book: “The Power of Now.”

L o n g b o a t K e y • DIRECT BAYFRONT  TREETOPS: This 3BR/3BA home is set at water’s

CAREER First paying job: “As a windsurfing instructor up in Martha’s Vineyard. I earned $20 an hour and didn’t even know what to do with my money.”

PHILOSOPHY/HEROES Business Philosophy: “We try to represent and support smaller, individual artists. We like to cultivate new energy and ideas and couple them with more well-known artists. We try to be hands-on in the store so it’s never a stuffy atmosphere. And we believe in having a good, helpful staff — they’re our link between the pieces and the client.” Best business advice received: “To be involved in your business’ everyday operations and enjoy it. And, also to surround yourself with good people and listen to your clients.” Most admired businessperson: “Bob Johnson, president of the Melting Pot Restaurant franchise. He taught me a tremendous amount while I was there.” — Kat Wingert

Top building permits These are the largest building permits issued by the Longboat Key Planning and Zoning Department July 15 through July 22, in order of dollar amounts.


New construction Alteration Alteration Alteration Addition Seawall Alteration Boat Lift Addition Alteration Alteration Alteration Swimming Pool Addition Boat Lift Addition Alteration Alteration Boat Lift Alteration Demolition Alteration Boat Dock Alteration Alteration Alteration Re-roof Alteration


L i d o S h o r e s • MODERN WATERFRONT HOME: is Florida’s best architectural statement on the West Coast. Fabulous unobstructed private bayou views, 75” lap pool, outstanding floor plan, walk to beach. $4,695,000.

L o n g b o a t K e y • QUEENS HARBOUR:  Sailboat & protected boating, great views of canal & Buttonwood Harbor. 3BR plus den, 3.5 BA w/ granite, marble, plantation shutters, multi-level tray ceilings, screened lanai w/pool and summer kitchen. Enjoy private beach club. $1,995,000.

on acre of tropical splendor. Historically restored 3 BR main house overlooks Hudson Bayou, brick patio w/pool & waterfront guest house(may be subdivided). Forged ironwork, French doors, carved limestone pillars and fireplace, wood floors & high ceilings. A historic opportunity. $2,695,000.

Longboat Key • THE PIERRE Direct southwest gulf front 3BR/3.5BAcorner unit, turnkey furnished, wood floors, Corian, spacious kitchen. Magnificent views of sunrise & sunset from 3 terraces. $1,750,000.

M a i n l a n d • PRESTANCIA: 3BR+den/3.5BA maintenance free home w/wooded & golf course lot & view of lake. Quality upgrades, fireplace, pool w/spa, Corian and more. $695,000.

M a i n l a n d • OYSTER BAY: 4BR/2.5BA custom home on nature preserve. Wood & tile floors, Corian, Eurotech cabinetry & new appliances. Near shopping & Sarasota’s finest schools. $599,000.


Norton Street LLC Promenade Condominium Association Casa Del Mar Condominium Association Silver Sands Condominium Association Pauline S. Ney Pelican Harbor Condominium Association Susan J. Dockery Georganne Thompson Casa Del Mar Condominium Association Larry Olsen Steve Tsanglias Steven Kepecz Trustee Diana Rao Michael Shely Michael Ropele James Ronk Rosalyn Simon Pelican Harbor Condominium Association Players Club Condominium Association James Begg Johan Saltzman Phillip May

$656,750 $520,000 $139,295 $127,336 $47,500 $42,485 $34,000 $32,896 $29,338 $28,000 $28,000 $22,950 $18,200 $16,678 $10,845 $9,500 $6,697 $4,640 $3,219 $2,205 $2,200 $2,063

L o n g b o a t K e y • BAY ISLES: Renovated Mediterranean style home w/wide open water views of waterway and bird sanctuary, sailboat water & protected dockage on wide turning basin. Beach membership incl. $1,935,000.

M a i n l a n d • DOWNTOWN WATER FRONT: Mediterranean Revival Waterfront Estate


Call Barbara at:

941-387-1820 or 941-924-9000 Take a virtual tour of these properties at: 7224

637 Norton St. 1211 Gulf of Mexico Drive (GMD) 4621 GMD 5841 GMD 6940 Longboat Drive S. 4240 GMD 588 Dream Island Road 4425 GMD 4621 GMD 655 Spanish Way 6151 GMD 3341 Bayou Sound 1485 GMD 4430 Exeter Drive 604 Roundtree Drive 531 Ranger Lane 4325 GMD 4240 GMD 1445 GMD 4325 GMD 660 Linley St. 1465 GMD


L o n g b o a t K e y • WATER CLUB I • GULFFRONT 3BR/5BA, 7th flr w/sunset views from 3 terraces. Soft tones, light oak floors, granite countertops & plantation shutter doors. Concierge, 17,000 SF. clubhouse & sep.garage.$2,950,000.

edge on a beautiful, protected, deep-water harbor on Sarasota Bay, “TreeTops” is a distinctive residence that’s filled with architectural excitement and interior glamour. Built 33 feet into the air, the threelevel home is named “Treetops” because of the way its living areas are nestled into the surrounding trees. Light-filled spaces and large sundecks provide wonderful water and nature views. A swimming pool and dock are included. $1,850,000.

PERSONAL Birthplace: Harrisburg, Pa. Education: “I attended Embry-Riddle University in Daytona Beach and graduated with my degree in aeronautical engineering.” Marital Status: “For nine years to my wife, Candice.” Family: “I have a 3-year-old son named Evan.” Residence: Sarasota How long in this area: “Since 1981,” Seace said. “Candice and I actually both went to Sarasota High School.”

Large 2 BR + den w/diagonal tile throughout, designer windows, faux-painted walls, mahogany doors, granite kitchen, Induction range, gas fireplace & grill hookup, custom built-ins in master BR & den, 2 car garage, community boat dock & beach club membership. $925,000.


10C THURSDAY JULY 29, 2004

Waterfront Specialist

Bridget Spiess

SLEEPY LAGOON - PENFIELD Immaculate 3BR/3BA w/fireplace, caged pool, sky lights, open bright and airy turnkey furnished. This dream house has it all. Shows like a model. Great Happy Home just a short distance from beach. Boat dock on canal. $829,000


ISLANDER CLUB Renovated 2BR/2BA condo. All newly decorator furnished by Robb & Stucky. Huge balcony w/beautiful view of bay. Complex offers state of the art amenities, including fitness room overlooking the Gulf of Mexico & beautiful white sandy beach. $595,000


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BIRD KEY - OWL WAY Totally renovated 2BR/2BA home. This home has new everything! New Roof, A/C, Fabulous Kitchen, Baths, Tile Throughout. High fenced in pool area offering plenty of privacy. This is a must see! $725,000 RITZ CARLTON RESIDENCE 17th fl. Penthouse is one of the most desirable i n downtown Sarasota. Decorator furn."Beausoleil" residence w/4,965 sq. ft of living area, 2 terraces overlooking the marina & city. World class amenities include private elevator, grand foyer, beautifully appointed, decorator furnished, Founders Membership to beach club, spa & golf. $5,395,000

(941) 761-9808 or (800) 559-8025.


Maggie Hicks 941-383-6411 Office 941-321-1759 Cell THE PIERRE

President’s Circle

COTTONWOOD home has it all. Beautifully maintained. Built by Ammon Schroch, a respected builder. Large yard, caged pool, formal dinning room, 3BR/2BA plus office & den, wood floors in LR, DR & office. $339,500


LAGUNA YACHT VILLAGE - Wonderful buliding lot in a mantenace-free community. Each homesite has a deep water boat dock with no bridges to the Bay. Excellent beach just minutes away. ...........................................................$239,000.

Magnificent 2/3BR, fifth floor unit. Features include a southern exposure, pristine condition, garage parking and wonderful amenities package. Offered for. $1,199,000.

VILLAGE COTTAGE - 2/2 Village cottage with tile floors and family room. Great location near the bay........$425,000. GULF FRONT - 2/2 with minimal fees and restrictions on great walking beach. Enjoy sunsets from your screened porch.................................PENDING.....................$695,000.

THE SANCTUARY Fourth floor apartment offers panaramic views of the city skyline, golf course & Gulf. Nicely appointed in beautiful condition, 2/3 BD, 2.1/2BA w/garage parking. Offered Turnkey Furnished for $1,199,000.

D SOL BOATERS DREAM - Wonderful LBK Key West home on D deep sailboat water with dock space for your own SOL

WHIMSICAL - Artistic Village home with separate studio. Close to Art Center, community dock & beach......$387,000. BRADENTON 66TH ST EAST: This 7BR/3BA Country Home is perfect for in-law or large family. Almost 1 acre. 2 min. to I-75. Rush Owner Anxious. JUST REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE.

personal fleet.................................................................$1,350,000. St. Armands Circle, Sarasota, Florida (941) 388-4447 FAX (941) 388-3041


Properties Each Office Independently Owned and Operated


356-2659 • 383-2659

Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker Affiliated with Leading Estates of the World & Sotheby’s International Realty

BEACHPLACE Walk down 1st floor, 2BD/2BA, ING beautiful views of the grounds with Ppeak of the gulf. $665,000. END 7294


Direct Line 941-308-6763 or Cell 941-720-6304 visit my web site at: or 7294

2000 Webber St. • Sarasota, FL 34239 Office: 941-954-5454


G with completeTruly beautiful golf course INview, PEND ly renovated interior. $675,000.



THURSDAY JULY 29, 2004 11C



Queens Harbour Spectacular Bayviews from almost every room in this Queens Harbour Masterpiece. Giardinera floor plan with 4 full bedroom suites. $2,595,000


Virtual Tour at:

or 266-2174 Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker 7294

1620 Gulf of Mexico Drive • Longboat Key, FL

Chris McDevitt FOR ALL YOUR REAL ESTATE NEEDS • 80 - 100 homes sold each year • $25 million in annual sales • Professional full-time staff • 80% repeat/referral business

Kat Wingert

Anthea Rokop Cedars Tennis Club How many years have you played tennis? “Two years,” Rokop said. “I started when I was six.” What is your best stroke? “Probably my forehand.”

What kind of racket do you use? “Prince.” What is one thing you’d like to improve? “My serve. It’s hard to get the toss right.” What is your best tennis moment? “One time I was playing doubles, and we had a really long volley back and forth and back and forth,” Rokop said. “We won it, though, because I’m fast.” What is your funniest flub-up? “One time I kept hitting volleys into the net and then I hit one, and it kept going. It went over the fence and everyone yelled, ‘Home run!’” Who is the person you’d most like to meet on the court? “I like best to play with my coach, Warren (Girle), and my Uncle Joe. But my favorite

Do you have any advice or tips for other players? “It helps to take lessons.” What do you like most about playing tennis on Longboat Key? “It’s really fun and I like my coach.” — Kat Wingert

Sportscards LONGBOAT KEY TENNIS CENTER (SUMMER) Men’s Singles — July 20 Quarters: Jim Tarsy def. Jim Brown, 6-2; Ron VonJohnn def. Chris Moneuse, 63; Dick Schlorf def. David Carr 6-4; Charlie Dorrel def. Marv Hart 6-3. Semis: Tarsy def. VonJohnn, 6-4; Schlorf def. Dorrel 6-2. Finals: Schlorf def. Tarsy 7-5. 3rd Place: Dorrel def. VonJohnn 6-4. Consolation: Brown def. Hart 6-3. LONGBOAT KEY CLUB MEN’S GOLF ASSOCIATION Two Best Balls of Foursome — July 21 Winners: John Varvari, Earl Silvers, Mike Goodfriend, Proxy.


What is your specialty? “Sometimes I play doubles with other kids, but sometimes I just take lessons. I like the lessons the most because I get to play and learn a lot more.”

tennis player is Maria Sharpova.”

ST. ARMANDS - 1926 Spanish home is a timeless design with 4BR/3.5BA, separate apartment and updated granite kitchen. Extensive patio and pool. Walk to St. Armands Circle and the beach. Don’t wish when you can own for $1,200,000

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RE/MAX PROPERTIES 2000 Webber Street Sarasota, FL 34239

Feature Properties

Build Your Dream Home

Canal Front Duplex

Tranquil Country Living

Possible Bay/Skyway views from this cleared lot in a pristine area of Anna Maria. Deeded access will allow private entrance and dockage on deep canal. Adjacent to exclusive Villa Rosa subdivision with new homes from $1.5 to $2.5 Million. Gorgeous beaches, unique shops, fine dining and City Pier are only a short walk away.

Pristine Anna Maria location with spectacular Bay/Skyway views on deep canal. Easy walk to beaches, unique shops, fine dining and historic City Pier. Adjacent to exclusive Villa Rosa subdivision with new homes of $1.5 to $2.5 Million. Collect income now until you are ready to build your dream home in this wonderful location.

Peaceful 5.7 acre property near Manatee River in Parrish. Main house includes 3BR/2BA with cathedral ceilings, fireplace and attached 2-car garage. A second home on the property is nestled among mature stately oaks and features a large horse pasture and barn. There are endless possibilities for this unique country ranch/hobby farm.

Offered at $529,900

Offered at $799,900

Offered at $498,000

The Hibiscus Condominiums Discover four brand new Mediterranean flats


nestled between the azure blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico and picturesque Coquina Reef. Designed for carefree water-front living with all the luxuries and conveniences one would desire. Two car-plus garage, elevator, sparkling pool. Leave the stress behind, relax and enjoy the island lifestyle.

Property Management

Cynthia A. Hittle Stephanie Hittle Call 941.349.5911 Business 877.390.7636 Toll Free


Starting at $795,000

For all your real estate needs

Rental Properties on Longboat Key, Lido, St. Armands & Siesta Key

Tina Rudek

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Office: (941) 383-5543 or 1-800-335-5543

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Take a piece of Florida home with you. The Longboat Observer delivers to your hometown!

12C THURSDAY JULY 29, 2004


Inside Section D


Weather Bridge Classifieds

3D 5D 6D

J U LY 2 9 , 2 0 0 4

Cool jazzon a hot night BY KAT WINGERT Staff Writer

The mood was above par and the jazz was cooking July 16 at the Longboat Key Club. The club had a jazz band playing on the patio outside the Spike ’n’ Tees lounge starting at 6 p.m. for its “Hot Jazz on a Cool Green” event. More than 80 people casually gathered at tables for hors d’oeuvres and drinks to enjoy the music and breeze coming off the golf course. The patio is nuzzled up against the practice green and is covered for shade to make a nice escape from the heat during

the evening. The Mike Markovarich Trio played tunes for the night, starting out with upbeat numbers to set an energetic mood and ending with a few slow songs to get lovebirds on the dance floor. The event lasted until 9 p.m. but gave attendees a chance to dance the sun out of the sky and spend time with friends in a relaxed environment. “It’s a great event,” Linda Winnikow said. “You can just come and relax and talk. I really enjoy it. And, you know it’s a success when they run out of food.” ❑

Couples intermingle as the dance floor becomes crowded. Jan and Dennis Holly dance to a romantic song.

Photos by Kat Wingert

Linda Winnikow rocks to some hot jazz. Winnikow broke her toe and had to dance from her seat during the evening.

Seated above: Maureen Richards, Harry Hmura and Marjorie Harper. Standing: Jack Richards and Sandra and Bruce Brookshire. Hmura and Harper invited the Richards and Brookshires from Venice. Left: Jean Zakovec and Jan Curl




(941) 387•1825 (941) 587•1700

Kids Korner

Campers limbo at Luau Day

Top 1/2% of RealtorsWorldwide 2002


The Only Realtor in the Sarasota Area to Achieve the Legend Society 2 Years in a Row! $

41 Million Booked Year to Date... LIDO KEY A Ritz-Carlton Managed ResidencePanoramic views of the Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota Bay, and the city skyline. Gourmet kitchen, luxury master suite, private terrace, and elegant appointments. Walk to St. Armands, minutes away from the cultural district of Sarasota. Offered from $1,650,000 - $3,999,995 Kat Wingert

TANGERINE BAY Bay Front Premier Penthouse Rarely available SE corner penthouse with 180˚ views of the Bay and Sarasota skyline! Luxurious 3 bedrooms, en suite, plus a den/loft, 2 terraces with a summer kitchen and a private 2 car garage. Endless Upgrades $1,325,000

After the relay races, the kids held shand in a circle and passed the Hula-Hoop around without letting go. When the music stopped, whoever had the Hula-Hoop was out.

ST. ARMANDS TOWERS Magnificent double unit penthouse

w/granite counters, marble & granite baths, 3 BR + den with 3000 SF. Walking distance to Lido Beach & St. Armands. $1,650,000 Picture Perfect Penthouse 2BR direct gulf front residence. Kitchen w/granite counter tops. Walk to Lido Beach! $874,000 RITZ-CARLTON PENTHOUSE Phenomenal 180˚ Views Southwest corner penthouse w/views of Bay & Marina. This unbelievable, 5200 SF residence offers 3BR + den w/fireplace, wet bar, wine cooler, high volume ceilings, custom wood & granite flooring, private 2 car garage. All the wonderful Ritz Amenities & services. Plus a private beach club! $4,650,000 Come live the lifestyle! Truly elegant living is yours at this beautiful 3 BDR residence, located at the Ritz Towers. This residence features a private elevator lobby, grand foyer, luxurious master suite, spacious terraces and includes a membership to the Beach Club and Golf Club, full concierge services and state of the art amenities level. $2,100,000 LONGBOAT KEY Over 300' on the POINT OF THE BAY - This magnificent residence features 4 bedrooms, elevator, library & bonus room. Gourmet kitchen w/granite countertops, Thermador gas range & Subzero refrigerator. Fine artisan details throughout, faux painted walls, 3 fireplaces, 3 car garage with room for your yacht. $5,995,000 BAY ISLES - BAYOU Exceptional Mediterranean style home behind the gates. Almost NEW w/an abundance of living space, 3BR plus den, formal reception room w/fireplace & private guest wing. Custom touches. $1,495,000

MIKE LEARDO, 12 AND AMIR ISAACS, 11 Monday: Beach Day was rained out. We were really looking forward to going to the beach and riding the waves and playing in the water, so it was tough not going, but we played cards and board games, and watched the movie “Bend it Like Beckham.” The soccer scenes were real good. Tuesday: For arts and crafts we made lanterns as decorations for Parents’ Day next week. We went to the bowling alley in Bradenton and it was great. We all had a lot of fun. Some of the campers were off their games, while others bowled several strikes and took great pride in seeing their scores posted overhead. Wednesday: The tai chi clinic was awesome. We had only seen tai chi on TV or in the movies before. Our instructor, Charlie, made it easy for us to follow along. It was a great experi-



Mandy Peskin hams it up during relay races. The kids had to do the crab crawl across the floor the fastest to win.



Cathy Meldahl


Realtor/GRI/Branch Manager

on the

GREAT BOATING WATER - Dock, outstanding 4BR home. Pool & Patio, featuring outdoor kitchen. $2,300,000.

5360 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key, Florida 34228 At “The Center Shops” 7294

L’AMBIANCE Endless Views of white sand beach, gulf, golf course, Sarasota Bay & skyline. 2 BDR + den, 10’ ceilings, custom cabinets, Saturina floors & wraparound terrace. LBK comm. fitness center, hospitality suite, concierge, private elevators, olympic pool, 2 parking spaces. $2,499,000 BEAU CIEL Endless Views - Custom redesigned masterpiece features many architectural upgrades, finished flooring, marble, carpet, and newly painted. Ready for occupancy. Spectacular city and unobstructed bay views. Boat dock available. $2,639,000 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES: LBK Location, Location, Location Charming home w/great room concept, master BR, his/her bath & walk-in-closets. Partial bay view, sailboat water. NEW DOCK & SEAWALL. $1,295,000 Open Bayfront- New custom built home. 5200 SF, 5BR, media room, stone floors, granite kitchen, summer kitchen, fireplace, infinity pool, 5 + car garage with room for your yacht. $4,600,000 Wonderful Waterfront Home -This charming residence has over 2400 sq. ft. of living space w/3BR, great pool, & situated on large oversized lot w/great boating water! Come experience the lifestyle of waterfront living at its best! Only minutes away from St. Armands and cultural district of Sarasota. $949,000

PENTHOUSE - PANORAMIC GULF, BAY & GOLF COURSE VIEWS - Luxurious, gorgeous furnishings and finishes. Behind the gates. $3,700,000


DRAMATIC DIRECT GULF & SUNSET VISTAS Behind the gates - end unit, generous terraces, private elevator, gorgeous finishes, outstanding complex. $2,575,000

Estate Sale Thursday July, 29 9-2

GATED BAYFRONT ESTATE - 21,000 sq. ft. Luxurious masterpiece. Private, tropical waterfront setting on over an acre. Premier new construction. $15,777,777

536 Spinnaker Lane Country Club Shores Longboat Key

DIRECT BAYFRONT - NEW - Deep water docks. Magnificent cutom home. $4,777,000

Nice Furnishings/house tear down: matching love seat, sofa, & chair; 4 good twin beds, Fl. full bed set, dressers, chests, entertainment center, rattan dinette, chandelier, 2 TVs, lamps, Chinese area rugs, plants, 2 patio sets, silk flowers, very nice linens, ceiling fans, glass top Frigidaire stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, 2 sets of dishes, doors, landscaping, doors, plumbing, etc. Sale by Julie McClure.

LONGBOAT KEY CLUB - 2BR/2BA Direct Beach and Sunsets - largest plan, end unit, extra terraces. $1,100,000 BAYFRONT LOT - 200’ on the Bay, 1-acre. deeded beach access. $3,100,000

(941) 232-3304 (941) 383-4276 A/H

Call REID at

(941) 746-2100 7294



Developers Realty Corp. Lic. R.E. Broker 1819 Main Street, Suite 200, Sarasota, FL

(800) 352-0367 • (941) 383-5577

DOWNTOWN - DIRECT BAYFRONT - New Construction, wonderful bay and sunset views from end unit. Boat docks available. $1,495,000

For virtual tours, or to view our area’s Multiple Listing Service, log on to

1•800•910•8728 • Ke p e c z @ a o l . c o m 201 GULF OF MEXICO DR. • LONGBOAT KEY

ence. In the afternoon, the Open Circle Players stopped by to entertain and educate us. Most of the campers were able to participate in the plays. Mike was a lion, while Amir played a sheriff. The costumes were cool. Thursday: We played “Capture the Pennies.” It was really fun. Amir captured 124, while Mike helped with the distribution of the pennies. In the afternoon, we went on a nature walk with Around the Bend Nature Tours at the Rye Wilderness Park, outside of Bradenton. We had a wicked-fun good time walking down the creek that runs through the park. Friday: Luau Day was a blast. We made leis, did sack and relay races, had a limbo contest, a Hula-Hoop contest and other games. We also listened to authentic Hawaiian music while we ate our Hawaiian pizza. Aloha! ❑

Member of Appraisers Association of America



WEATHER After the Storm

Sunrise/sunset Sunrise 6:53 6:53 6:54 6:54 6:55 6:55 6:56

Thurs., July 29 Fri., July 30 Sat., July 31 Sun., Aug. 1 Mon., Aug. 2 Tues., Aug. 3 Wed., Aug. 4

From her aptly named street, Sunset Drive, Sandy Estabrook captured this post-storm sunset on Longboat Key. Please send your sunrise/sunset photos to The Longboat Observer, 5570 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228; or email them, in J-PEG form (at least 6 inches tall) to

Sunset 8:21 8:20 8:20 8:19 8:18 8:18 8:17

Moon phases First Qtr.

July 25


Last Qtr.

July 31

Aug. 7


Aug. 16

Moon phases, tides courtesy of

Temperature and Rainfall Mon., July 19 Tues., July 20 Wed., July 21 Thurs., July 22 Fri., July 23 Sat., July 24 Sun., July 25

Temps. High Low 84.5 76 84 75 89 76 93 77 92.5 76.5 93 79 93 77


Year-to-date 2004 25.17 in.

Record Temps. High Low 99 (1997) 71(1986) 97 (1999) 73 (1984) 98 (1997) 72 (1989) 98 (1997) 72 (1989) 98 (1996) 71 (1992) 99 (1996) 72 (1992) 98 (1996) 73 (1984)

2003 42.68 in.

Tide chart

Rainfall North Mid-Key .35 0.24 1.20 1.15 1.12 1.00 0.00 0.06 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.03 0.24


Average water

2004 2003 5.86 in. 3.79 in.

Temp.: 85.6

South 0.35 0.71 1.05 0.02 0.00 0.00 0.20


Penny Hill


(941) 373-0019 ~ Toll Free (877) 360-9802


MAINLAND BAY FRONT - Fine example of Georgian style architecture with Sarasota Historical designation. Three bedrooms plus den and separate guest house. Original wood floors, tile Crown molding. Uninterrupted views of Sarasota Bay. Immaculate gardens. $2,690,000.

ATRIUM - Open Bay Stunning 2,600 sq. ft. apartment with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, 3 terraces, chef’s kicthen with granite, hardwood floors, crown molding and plantation shutters. Beach club membership, tennis courts and pool. REDUCED TO $819,000

S. BOULEVARD OF THE PRESIDENTS Deep water dockage on beautiful wide Bayou. No bridges to gulf. Lido Island paradise situated on a private gated site. Steps to beach and St. Armand’s Circle. Three bedrooms and separate guest house. $3,449,000.

Ann Martin For knowledgeable & experienced Real Estate Services Call Ann at 941-356-7717


Residence 955-4810 • Office 387-1759

LONGBOAT KEY CLUB - Magnificent new home on Harborside Golf Course. Golf course and panoramic lake views. Four bedrooms plus office. Exciting architectural details and the finest finishes. Pool. Three car garage. $2,195,000. BAYFRONT ESTATE PROPERTY, INDIAN BEACH - Main House 1920’s Spanish plus Guest House on Two Bay Front lots and Two non water front lots. Existing home has great potential. Property to be sold as one parcel. $4,500,000.

Michael Saunders & Company (941) 387-1759 (941) A/HKey 595 Bay955-4810 Isles Rd. • Longboat


Marlene & Hal Liberman

Evening Tides High Low none 7:23 none 8:13 12:13 8:57 1:08 9:35 2:02 10:10 2:56 10:40 3:52 11:07

GULF FRONT, BEACH MASTERPIECE- Spectacular Design. Custom electric forged entry gates, brick motor court, atrium, Italian fountains, balconies, verandas, and fenced grounds. Like great works of art, exceptional homes are precious and rare. The perfect blend of sophistication and the comfort of casual but elegant beach living. Four bedrooms, pool, eight car garage. No compromises. $8,495,000.



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For Your Consideration

The Penny Hill Group Specializing in: • Jumbo markets • Self-employed borrowers • No income verification • Mortgages nationwide • Second mortgages/equity lines

Thurs., July 29 Fri., July 30 Sat., July 31 Sun., Aug. 1 Mon., Aug. 2 Tues., Aug. 3 Wed., Aug. 4

Morning High 10:15 11:16 none 3:51 4:05 4:21 4:38

Licensed Real Estate Broker 61 S. Blvd. of Presidents • Sarasota, FL • (941) 388-4447




Seaside life

Speckled trout spotting up this season Welcome to the first installment of “Seaside Life,” a new feature devoted to fishing and boating from Gulf to bay in the Sarasota-Bradenton area. Each month, Seaside Life will detail what’s biting, where to cruise, offer boating tips and recipes that fit the aquatic lifestyle, and answer questions about fishing and tackle. The author is a lifelong resident of Manatee County and has spent a majority of his life on the water. A full-time fishing guide who holds an associate’s degree in natural history, as well as being an avid outdoorsman and conservationist, Capt. Bill White is also a master-level falconer, outdoor writer and father of three. What’s Biting: July is a great month for area fishing, with tarpon being the top species through August. Tarpon are being caught on the beaches and in the bays and passes with crabs, pinfish, threadfin herring and other assorted live


baits. Tarpon, also known as “silver king,” are followed through their migration by their top predator, the hammerhead shark. The sharks can be seen swimming after schools of tarpon, occasionally catching one of the giant shiners. Some of the sharks can reach lengths of 12 feet or more, but do not pose any danger to swimmers unless they are thrashing in the water near the fish or bleeding. Snook season is closed until Sept. 1, but the catch and release fun never stops. Snook are found along the beaches in the summer, and those anglers who get up before the sun are most likely to get the biggest of the fish. Snook will hit live baits and flies, but remember, release the fish unharmed because this is their spawning season. If you see someone keeping a snook, don’t get personally involved. Help out by calling the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission via 911. You can remain anonymous, and may be eligible for a reward.


Bringing People Home to the Island Since 1939


VILLAGE OAKS 9 miles to Lido Beach. 2BR/2BA. One car attached garage. Washer & dryer inside. One sm pet allowed. Clean & freshly painted. Tennis & heated pool. Public transportation nearby. Shopping! Dee Dee Burke 383-5577 #261240 $159,500

ON THE LAKE, SPANISH MAIN Must see this single villa with tranquil views of lake. Updated with tile, carpet, newer kitchen. Great boating community on the Intracoastal. Peggy Henger 383-5577 #237311 $279,900

views of the home. Rare, sides. Boat Henger or #255157


SPANISH MAIN VILLA Lovely villa with

DIRECTLY ON THE BAY Spectacular Intracoastal. Updated 3BR/3BA true point home w/water on 3 dock w/lift. Must see. Peggy Mary Wickersham 383-5577 $2,400,000

townhouse w/direct Bay views. Spiral staircase, fireplace & screened porch overlooking Harbor. Tennis, 2 pools, deep water marina & beach access. Susan Smith 383-5577 #248322 $599,900

beautiful tile floors. Boating community right off the ICW. Active over 55 community. Great deeded beach access. Everything you need. Peggy Henger 383-5577 #256622 $235,000


Speckled trout are plentiful in the bay this time of year, as are ladyfish, redfish and pompano. All are die-hard shrimp eaters, but will take artificial baits such as jigs, D.O.A. shrimp, top-water lures and spoons. Unusual sights: Recently, while cast netting for bait in Sarasota Bay, I was pleasantly surprised to find several juvenile barracuda in my catch. Barracuda are known to be plentiful offshore, but are rare to spawn in this area. While fishing the grass flats near the Sister Keys last month, I spotted a bonefish as it darted past the boat. Bones are common in the Keys, but rare here because of our water clarity and lower winter temperatures, but a few strays are found here periodically. Boating Tips: In the months of June and July, this area is typically in the rainy season, meaning afternoon thunderstorms are a regular daily event. Those boaters who operate aluminum vessels, sailboats, or vessels with towers or outriggers must be wary of lightning. Once the eastern skies darken, the abovementioned craft should be sheltered and all people aboard should be away from the boat to avoid lightning danger. Remember, boats and alcohol don’t mix! The Florida open container law also applies to boats, as does the Florida D.U.I. statute, so don’t drink and boat. If your party imbibes, make sure someone of legal age is a designated (and capable) skipper. Life jackets are for everyone! Everyone, that is, on your vessel. Remember, Florida law requires you carry an approved life jacket for each person on your boat, as well as a throwable “P.F.D.” (Personal Flotation Device), a sound signal and a visual signal. Jet skis are boats, too! All personal powered watercraft must display vessel registration numbers on the hull, in clearly readable lettering of proper size. Check your local tax office for more details.

Capt. Bill WHITE

Capt. Bill White operates his fishing charter from the Holiday Inn Airport-Marina in Bradenton and offers fishing charters from backwater aboard the 24-foot skiff to well offshore aboard his 40-foot Sea Ray sport fisherman. For more information, see Capt. Bill's Web site or call him at 351-7135. ❑

Bayfront Park Recreation Center 4052 Gulf of Mexico Drive 316-1980

Ongoing Classes July 28 – Aug. 3

Must see this updated furnished 2BR/2BA villa. Community has large deep water marina, deeded beach, heated pool and clubhouse. Peggy Henger 383-5577 #253615 $228,000


Sports/Fitness Classes

view from this 2BR/2BA third floor Longboat Key condo. Skylights, wood floors, new roof and lovely pool. Just steps to the beach. Susan Smith 383-5577 #259070 $649,900

Aerobics: Low Impact, 8 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays Young at Heart: 9:30 a.m. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays Muscles and More: Weight Bearing, 8 a.m. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays



Weigh Watchers: Meetings to resume in the fall.

and bright home w/over 2800 sf at the North end of Anna Maria, close to Bean Point. Gourmet kitchen, fireplace, turnkey furnished w/one year warranty. Becky Smith or Elfi Starrett 778-2246 #103828 $729,900

remodeled kitchen, high ceiling, hardwood flrs, private courtyard. Near park and beach. Pool. Getaway or rental investment. Cathy Meldahl 383-5577 #260568 $189,000

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! An oversized single villa w/3BRs. Completely updated. Deeded beach access, heated pool, clubhouse & possibility of boat slip in marina. Cathy Meldahl 383-5577 #254102 $272,500 LONGBOAT KEY MOORINGS Rarely available 40' boat slip in one of Florida's top luxury yachting resorts. 2 pools, tennis, clubhouse, deli, laundry, etc. Leased thru Nov, 2004. Cathy Meldahl 383-5577 #256059 $164,900

SEA OATS - LONGBOAT KEY Rarely available, ground floor, Turnkey furnished, 1BR/1BA on gulffront of Longboat Key. Updated kitchen and new windows, gulfside patio with great view. Resort zoning. Cathy Meldahl 383-5577 #260658 $380,000

ISLAND DUPLEX Well maintained & updated duplex w/2BR/2BA each side, large decks, low maintenance exterior & xeriscape grounds. Near beach & peek of Gulf. Dave Moynihan 778-2246 #104564 $495,000


Located at THE CENTRE SHOPS at 5360 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key (941)383-5577 Toll Free (800)352-0367 To preview all homes in Manatee & Sarasota Counties, please visit

Bridge Programs Duplicate Bridge: Tuesdays, 1 p.m.

Youth Activity Summer Day Camp: Now through Aug. 6, ages 5 to 12. 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please call for ongoing registration and information, 316-1980.

LBK Public Tennis Center: 590 Bay Isles Road, 316-TEN-S (8367) Summer schedule — Seven days a week Weekdays: Closed from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. Weekends: Closed at 12:30 p.m.

Daily round robins at 9:30 a.m. Special event: Where’s the B.O.B. (men’s doubles 4.0-4.5): Call to set up. Lessons/clinics/ball machine are by reservation. MLS


Vacation Rentals Nightly, Weekly, Monthly...

Transfer bids easy to learn

by Donna SWAN

Discounted Rates from $120/night

North ♠ K 10 5 ♥ A Q 10 3 2 ♦QJ2 East ♣84 West ♠AQ ♠432 ♥ 976 ♥J8 ♦ 10 9 8 5 ♦763 ♣A752 ♣ Q J 10 9 3 South ♠J9876 ♥K54 ♦AK4 ♣K6 The Bidding: South West 1♠ 3♥ pass 4♠ pass Opening lead: ♣ Q

North 2♥ 3♠

Club Suites, 1 and 2 Bedrooms Beachfront, Lagoon or Garden Views See photos at:\inn\ 941-387-9709 • 800-469-4852

3720 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Longboat Key, FL

Jan Jordan & Michele Knuese, Principals



Let’s Talk Real Estate

East pass pass pass

by Tom and Andy Cail


player and an American Contract Bridge League certified director who plays “for the fun of it.” ❑

Before you undertake a major renovation or redecorating project, call a professional Realtor for advice about how your plans will impact the marketability of your home. We will be glad to provide a free consultation with no obligation--even if you are not planning to make a move in the near future. Sellers often spend a lot of money on changes that won’t increase the value of their homes. They may customize their home by creating unusual room arrangements that won’t work for most buyers or by adding bold wall paper that may not have wide appeal. Even when you are remodeling for you own enjoyment, overall appeal should be your main consideration. You should also consider whether you could recover your expenses if personal circumstances or career opportunities required you to sell the house sooner than you planned.

Winners Longboat Key Duplicate Bridge Club Overall Winners 1. Carolyn Allworth — Paul Massik 2. Hope Weatherby — Esther Wilson 3. Blanche Jacoby — Helen Schweyer 4. Polly Kaatz — Ruth Shapiro 5. Lee Lippe — Jerry Isaacs 6. Jeanne Luke — Cele Schwartz Duplicate Bridge games are held at 1 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays at Bayfront Park Recreation Center. Call Larry Auerbach, 758-2017. ❑


Your Florida Vacation Connection ADVERTISEMENT

For professional advice on all aspects of buying or selling real estate, talk to us at RE/MAX Properties

(941) 954-5454 7294

Donna Swan is a resident of Longboat Key, an ardent bridge

Inn on the Beach


It amazes me that so many bridge players do not use transfer bids, whether Jacoby or Texas, over no-trump opening bids. Most expert players use these transfers, but the Rubber Bridge players rarely do. Since these transfer bids are an easy convention to learn, I decided to do a column about them. The purpose of transfers is to keep the big hand as the declarer, a hidden hand. In this week’s hand, most players with the South hand would make a transfer response of two hearts, a Jacoby transfer, and when partner bids two spades would bid the four-spade contract. South could make the transfer bid of four hearts, a Texas transfer, and pass when North bids four spades. One fallback of using transfer bids is that you have to hope your partner understands this bid. If you and your partner are not using transfer bids, like the contributor of this hand, South may make the bid of four spades, thereby playing the hand and the big hand, North is exposed giving the opponents too much information regarding the card holding by South. When an inexperienced player looks at a hand that offers a variety of finesses, his first move is to make as many finesses as possible hoping they will work. An inexperienced player looks at his hand and thinks in terms of making the hand if all finesses fail. Take the opening lead in dummy, no sense risking the contract if that lead was a singleton. Next, draw trump and discard a club from dummy. No matter how your opponent’s cards are divided, declarer can set up a club trick in the dummy for a read suit discard.

Dealer: East Vulnerable: South


Deal us in




or e-mail us at Website:



Hube r TEAM

Unmatched service. Unrivaled experience. See Virtual Tour at:

Joyce Huber EN PROVENCE - Like you’re living in your own private beach house... Private courtyard w/pool & spa. Architectural marvel with the finest appointments. Master suite w/fireplace, 2-car oversized garage. Furnished. $2,900,000.

QUEENS HARBOUR CUSTOM MASTERPIECE - 1-of-a-kind architectural gem with sensational panoramic views of golf course, lake & canal on private ‘point’ lot. Only site that allows 42 ft. pool & spa. Furnished. $2,200,000




Mark Huber 941-


383-6739 941-


924-9000 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES PERFECTION - Vaulted ceilings, huge private master suite, office/4the BR, custom eat-in kitchen/family room, 2BR upstairs, beautiful caged pool/spa & great dock w/lift on sailboat water. $1,695,000.

O ther Fine lis tin gs f or your c onsidera tion

QUEENS HARBOR - One-of-a-kind custom home..........$2,200,000 EN PROVENCE - Corner unit - Great views........................$2,900,000 GRAND BAY - 3 BR/ 3 BA Bay Front.........................................$899,000 GRAND BAY - Wrap-around views & furnished.................$1,549,500 INN ON THE BEACH - Gulf views...........................................$399,000

TANGERINE BAY - Sensational location with captivating views over sparkling lake and national award winning island pool out to open bay. Interior designer’s would envy this beautifully appointed home. $895,500.

several reasons you should lis t with us

Harbour Oaks...............Pending........... $685,000 Sanctuary.............................Sold.......$1,345,000 Sabal Cove Lot...................Sold..........$450,000 Inn on the Beach................Sold..........$795,000 Villa Di Lancia....................Sold........$1,695,000 Regent Place......................Sold........$2,200,000 Regent Place.................Pending........$3,500,000 Inn on the Beach.................Sold...........$695,000

L’Ambiance.................Sold.........$2,200,000 Sanctuary....................Sold...........$899,500 Sanctuary...................Sold........$1,480,000 Sands Point Road......Sold...........$695,000 Lido Towers................Sold...........$429,000 Winding Oaks.......Pending........... $525,000 Fairway Bay..........Pending...........$379,500 Fairway Bay...............Sold...........$389,500

Coldwell Banker Previews International • 201 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 1 • Longboat Key, FL 34228



Observer Classifieds Classified Lines: •$11.00 for the first 15 words •21¢ each additional word Classified Display: •$22.00 (per week)- 15 words, 5 lines, bold border. •$38.00 - 30 words • $54.00 - 45 words •Extra words may be purchased for 50¢ per word Service Directory: (4 week min. run) •Business Card Size • $155.00/4-weeks •1/2 Business Card Size• $86/4-weeks

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The Longboat Observer reserves the right to classify and edit copy, or to reject or cancel any advertisement at any time. Corrections after first insertion only. *All ads are subject to the approval of the Publisher. * It is the responsibility of the party placing any ad for publication in

For Information

Call: 941-383-5509 Fax: 941-383-7193

Payment by Cash, Check or Visa/Mastercard

Hours: Monday-Friday • 8:30am-5pm Deadline: Monday, Noon

Call (941) 383-5509 To Place Your Ad

Art Instruction



ISLAND UPHOLSTERY. Designer work: home and boat interiors. Restoring antiques. 121 Bridge St. Free estimates! 778-4335.

• The Longboat Observer is offering free advertising space in the classifieds. • Free-Bee ads will only be accepted for the items-under-$200 classification and may run for two weeks maximum for each ad. (One Free-Bee ad per month) • The total value of articles for sale must not exceed $200 and each article must be priced. • Free-Bee ads must be placed in person, mailed, or faxed by individuals with private addresses and phone numbers. (Sorry, no commercial advertising in the Free-Bee section.)


VICTORIAN STYLE 1800’s mahogany round table, extends 10/ft. long w/leafs. PINE DRY sink, $30. Old alter chair, $25. Good cond., $3500. Other antiques Fountain w/stones, $15. Beige upholstered available, 941-795-0599. chair, $40. Lighted globe/barometer, $20. Capeland china: 8/ea. cups, saucers, fruit Appraisal Services plates, dessert plates, teapot, $40. 795-8398. TANYA WILLIAMS Art Consulting & TRUNDLE BED: new Sealy Posturepedic Appraisals offers professional valuation, mattress, very attractive, must see. $150. research and inventory services without a view to buy or sell. Video documentation 383-4140. inventory, art historical/market research, art 4/SOLID ALUMINUM cream colored chairs appraisals. Member of the Appraisers Association of America, Inc. 941-355-8456, w/cushions, $75/for 4 or $20/ea. 794-0295. GOLF SCENES Tiffany table lamp, new, $75. 778-9215.

JOURNEY TO the Birthplace of Realism in Art-ITALY-September 6-20, 2004. Travel to Tuscany for drawing classes amongst the masterpieces of the early Renaissance. Experience the history, beauty and culture of Florence and the surrounding region. Sponsored by Continuing studies, Ringling School of Art and Design. For a brochure, please call: 941-955-8866 or email:

Auto Sales & Service TOYOTAS 1998-2004. Below NADA trade-in value. Low & average miles. Call David, 941-544-8484.

Auto Transport RETIRED LONGBOAT KEY police officer. Drive your car to the North and back. References. 941-778-5381.

Autos Wanted

Items Under $200 For Sale

FREE TO a good home. Owner moving, cannot take with: adorable 2/yr. old Siamese cat, shots and already fixed. Supplies included. Call Jodi, 383-1776 or 761-8082. 2/SCHWINN BICYCLES: one ladies, one men’s, ex. cond., $50/ea. 383-4140.

Adult Care SUSAN SHAUGHNESSY, R.N. PRIVATE DUTY NURSING. 1:1 Care in home and hospital. Experienced w/references. 761-2656. CNA 15/YRS. experience, with references will care for you in your home. 941-708-0990.




Boat Charter  CHITWOOD CHARTERS/YACHT BROKERS. Grand Banks/Selene Yachts. Luxury Cruises, Sunsets, Cocktails, Special Occasions. Half day to weekly. Bare boat avail. Need a new hobby? Learn to pilot a yacht. Capt. Chitwood. 941-383-5232.

Internationally known painter selling direct to the public from his huge Sarasota studio. Tropical landscapes, European scenes, nudes, jazz and more. Below wholesale prices from $100 8X10” to $500 for 4X5 foot condo paintings. Call 366-8528


Ask about our new Service Directory in

Call 941-383-5509

Boat Sales, Service & Storage 1988 30/FT. Chris-Craft Fly Bridge. FWC350’s, all options, generator, A/C. Complete engine rebuild 2003. Perfect shape! $42,000. 941-746-6225. JET BOAT: 1995 Checkmate 90/HP, 14/ft., 3/person w/trailer, $5200. 941-383-2025 or 630-417-7540. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY/PRIVATE OWNERSHIP! Selene 53’ 2001 Twin Diesel. Full electronics. Luxury Features. Teak/Granite/Ultra-leather. Like new. Tax Shelter. Low hours. $775,000. Call Capt. Chitwood, 941-383-5232. 98 FINOE 12/ft. fiberglass canoe. Live well/lights, 98 Yamaha 8/HP motor, $1000. 941-383-3313.

Boat Slips for Rent/Sale LONGBOAT KEY Moorings: 48/ft. slip for rent. Short or long term. 387-8337. BOAT SLIP available for up to 45’ vessel at Longboat Key Moorings on Dock “O”, Slip “11”, right next to the “T”. Alot of extra room to move around. State-of-the-art docking with cable, TV, telephone, electric and water hook-ups. Asking price of $199,000 includes membership to the prestigious Coomodore Club. Call Jamie @ 863-660-6405. LONGBOAT KEY MOORINGS. Most desirable 45’ slip enjoys unobstructed view of Sarasota Bay. Includes extra 12/ft. space alongside for dinghy, $210,000. Seller financing possible. Also available for yearly lease, $775/mo. +electricity. Call 248-851-3306 or 248-417-1002.

Answers for this week’s crossword

Boat Rentals CANNONS MARINA 6040 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Half-day and Full-day rentals 14’-24’ Skiffs /Runabouts /Deckboats Ride in Style in our Grady-White & Scout boats. All powered by YAMAHA outboards. 383-1311

.;B"ABJF.;4G 0BH.<??<A7 The Siesta Observer

The Longboat Observer to meet all applicable legal requirements in connection with the ad such as compliance with town codes in first obtaining an occupational license for a business, permitted home occupation, or residential rental property.





Boat Slips for Rent/Sale

Cleaning Services

CLEANING SERVICES by Brazilian family. GILLIS & GILLIS ENTERPRISES. Crushed, Meticulous, honest. Houses, offices, washed shell, top soil, landscaping service. apartments, condos & moving. 504-6157. We install shell driveways. Serving Sarasota & The Keys since 1978. Fully licensed & YOU WILL BE DAZZLED! Call for full line insured. 941-232-8877. of residential cleaning and housekeeping services. Our knowledgeable staff will Financial Consulting assist you. Call Dazzle, 379-6582. Bonded, HARBOUR VILLA MOORINGS. licensed, insured. LOOKING TO rebuild credit? Financial 941-383-9544 assistance needed? DFC Pre-Summer IF YOUR HOUSE OR BOAT needs a good essential finance program! Standard to high cleaning, please call us: Maria and risk loans. Low to high income or credit Fernandes, 941-587-1562 or 941-355-2041, score. Apply LONGBOAT. DRY indoor slip, up to 30/ft. evenings. on line or call now. 1-888-728-3757, ext. 1. Available for rent at Spindrift, located top row south end. 630-330-3657. Residential & Commercial Housekeeping Fishing Charters for all needs. Weekly maid service, departure cleans, deep cleaning and carpet DEEP SEA FISHING - 4, 6, 9 & 12 hour Caregiver/Companion care. Barefoot Estate Management, trips, up to six passengers aboard 34/ft. THE ADVANTAGES of Sarasota Bay Club’s 761-3000. USCG Licensed Crusader with experienced exceptional Home Health service in your Charter Captain/Fishing Guide. Climate own home. Home Health care by a licensed, controlled cabin, all new equipment & insured & competitively priced agency, Computer Services Top-of-the-line fishing electronics. Ice/bait Sarasota Bay Club’s own ClubCare. Call tackle provided starting at $400. Cmagik on LBK Flash & Paula for information @ 366-7667 Ext. 366. web design commercial/personal, computer For information and reservations, call help, setup, upgrades, wireless, latest Captain Brandon today. 778-5455. PROTECTED DEEP WATER BOAT SLIPS, MINUTES FROM GULF. AVAILABLE WEEKLY, MONTHLY OR ANNUALLY. NORTH END OF LBK


technologies, PC or MAC. 383-3878, LAVANDA RESTAURANT offers personal 587-5588. catering. 366-0070. COMPUTER OBEDIENCE Training. Is your SINCE 1979 Harry’s Continental Kitchen has computer misbehaving? Will train your been making party memories from the computer to listen to you! Special $30/hour. casual to black tie affair. Specializing in FREE ADVICE. 545-7508. small dinner parties. 383-0777. IN HOME computer services. Senior friendly, training, installation, trouble shooting. Jules Cleaning Services Porchey, The Computer Man. 927-1428. NICE CLEANING. Commercial/Residential. Honest. Reliable. References. Meticulous. CERTIFIED COMPUTER PROFESSIONAL. CALL FOR FREE ESTIMATES. 228-0705 or Support, Repairs, Upgrades, Training, Web 362-7806. sites. Customize your new PC. Call Forrest 388-3425. ORGANIZE AND HOUSEKEEP FOR YOU. Now open for new clients. Excellent COMPUTER SERVICE & REPAIR. Slow references. Call Anna Maria, phone/fax: PC? No internet? Professional in-house 954-2147, cell: 960-4936. repairs done by certified technicians. Start-finish $49. No hidden charges.  HOUSE CLEANING by experienced 739-6424. Brazilian lady. Good references. Free EXPERT TECHNICAL Assistance. Need estimates. Please call Kiara, 812-5116. help with hardware, software, networks or  MRS. MAIDS. Want a clean house? wireless? Call Alan anytime: 941-364-5858.

Call Sara or Mike. Competitive prices. References. Bonded and Insured. 371-3175.


Garage, Moving & Estate Sales

Crushed Shell

ESTATE SALE: Thursday July 29, 9-2. 536 Spinaker, Country Club Shores, Longboat Key. Nice furnishings/house tear down: matching love seat, sofa & chair; 4/good twin beds, Fl. full bed set, dressers, chests, entertainment center, rattan dinette, chandelier, 2/TV’s, lamps, Chinese area rugs, plants, 2/patio sets, silk flowers, very nice linens, ceiling fans, glass top Frigidaire stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, 2/sets of dishes, doors, landscaping, plumbing, etc. Sale by Julie McClure.

Help Wanted REAL ESTATE. Tired of paying office fees? Two experienced agents needed for fast paced, high traffic Island office. Top splits, sign-on bonus. Call Wedebrock Real Estate today! “Personalized Not Franchised”. Joe Pickett, 383-5543.

☛ ☛ COMPANION/CAREGIVER NEEDED part-time for partially disabled 74/yr. old Holmes Beach man to assist w/showers, errands and housekeeping. REELIN & CHILLIN CHARTERS, INC. meals, Fishing & Sight Seeing Custom Charters. Experienced CNA desired. $10/per hour to Captain Terry Frankford. Insured and start. 780-3547. Licensed. 941-228-7802. http://www.CharREAL ESTATE ASSISTANT needed for busy Longboat Key Realtor. License, prior experience and computer Furniture skills required. Please email resume GLASS TOP dining room table with six to: or fax to: upholstered white chairs. Mint condition. 941-383-9710. Call 383-6317.

Home Management

CHERRY DROP-LEAF table w/6 ladder back chairs (2/full drops, 2/leafs & table Barefoot Estate Management.. Servicing Private Homes, Condos, Rentals & Seasonal pads), $875. 383-4140. Homes. Concierge Services & Home Watch. Bonded/Insured. 941-761-3000.

Furniture Repair

PRESTIGE FURNITURE MAINTENANCE, Interior Design LLC. On-site repair, gouges, dents, IMPRESSIONS. Complete scratches, parts replacement. We keep your PARADISE furniture looking new! 30/yrs. in business. design & consulting service. Licensed & Insured. 25/yrs. Experience. No Fee/Initial Robert Martin, 727-2533. Consultation. 922-1160.

Garage, Moving & Estate Sales

Don’t Forget!! DEADLINE for Classifieds is NOON ON MONDAY

MASTER YOUR COMPUTER. No ☛ ☛ ESTATE/MOVING SALES. Premium school, book or person can teach Estate Liquidators, proceeds benefit you as easily as this experienced YMCA Children’s Programs. 951-1336 for teacher. Repairs. 383-5372. information/brochure.




Bert Spagnola Detail Coordinator

Interior - Exterior Your Home or Marina

Our Customers are the Brightest Ones in the Marina

Aqua Marine Yacht & Boat Detail Service 941 • 545 • 5070


Tina’s Beauty Salon •A FULL SERVICE SALON•

Manicures and Pedicures by Mai Facial Waxing & Hair-styling by Tina & Angel

Perms & New Styles, Cuts, Colors Call for Appointment


Open Tues. - Sat. 5620 Gulf of Mexico Dr.





Office: (941)-377-3910 Pager: 252-6665 Emergency Emergency 24 Hr. Hr. Water Removal Removal Tile & Grout Grout Cleaning Specialists Odor Removal Specialist


Upholstery Cleaning

Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning

Spot Dyeing

Kool-Aid & Rust Removal

Fully Insured




B O AT R E PA I R Is your boat running like it should be? If not, call... Mobile Marine Service DOCKSIDE BOAT REPAIR AND MAINENTANCE

Outboards • I/O’s • Inboards Call for appointment • 941-232-3523


927-2128 Carpet Cleaning • Furniture Cleaning Fire/Water Damage Cleanup ServiceMaster of NW Sarasota & The Meadows, Bill & Fonda Davies, Owners



Laundry • Dishes • Linens Spring Cleaning • One Time • Move In/Out


Polly’s Cleaning Service


“We do everything, so that you don’t have to!”

Jim and Sandee Davis Owners Same owners since 1979

Bradenton (941) 746-6306 Sarasota (941) 922-1615 LBKC Member SCT Member


Residential & Commercial

(941) 713-3468

8D THURSDAY JULY 29, 2004 Landscaping & Lawn Services

Personal Services

BAREFOOT LAWNS & Gardens. Providing the total TLC for your landscaping requirements. Lawns, trees, shrubs, container gardens & gardens. Design, installation and service. Call 941-761-3000 for free consultation.


RAY CORDY CUSTOM PAINTING & REMODELING. Interior/exterior, Residential, Commercial. All painters are union trained journeymen. Condos, Repaints, Remodels, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Wood Flooring, Tile. Now offering Doctor Approved “No Voc” and “Lo Voc” coatings by Safe Coat/AMF that are for your Sensitive & Allergenic Needs. An Environmentally Correct product affiliated with So, Smart Homes “GET GREEN”!!! Homeowners & Contractors welcome. Lic./Ins. 30/yrs. experience. Chamber of Commerce member. 953-5215. CUSTOM PAINTING - Paperhanging. Local References, 25/yrs. experience, insured. Prompt, free estimates. 713-9391.

Remodeling & Home Improvements

Gail Sunray, Owner

Tile Installation

Professional Tile & Marble Installation. LOCAL HANDYMAN. Make life easier, 20/years experience. Call for free estimate. let me do the work. No job too small. Call Steve Allen Floor Coverings, 726-1802. Lic/Ins. Jim Tarsy, 941-320-9860.


Helping seniors, busy adults & businesses manage paperwork.

Painting & Wallpapering ☛




Bill paying and account reconciliation Budgets and financial reports Organizing investment, personal and tax files Federal and Florida tax returns Personal and business correspondence Medical claims and insurance forms Over 25/yrs. Experience

Telephone: 941-749-5646 Email:

PASTEL PAINTING. Interior/exterior, neat, reasonable. Wallpaper/wallpaper removal. Supplying LBK clients w/over 12 years experience & customer service. Lic./Insured. Paul Passanant. 366-9434.

All Variations of Ceramic Tile Supplied & Installed. Floors a Specialty. Large Longboat Key Portfolio. Free Estimates & Custom Designs.

Commercial Rentals & Sales

Call Neil Halfacre (941) 726-3077 INS.


Pet Services

CARLO DATTILO PAINTING. Licensed & insured. Interior/exterior painting including STUD SERVICE, full bred Dachshund male, drywall repair and retexturing. Wallpaper black & tan. $200 or $100 +pick of the litter. installation & removal, pressure washing. 708-3155, 447-6443. Residential and commercial, condos. Honest & reliable. Free estimates. (941) 744-1020. Religion 30+years exp. BIBLE STUDY - Precept Upon Precept, on ✦ GRIFFITHS' ISLAND PAINT & PAPER the New Testament Book of Philippians. SERVICES. Int./ext. painting, pressure Monday evenings, 7-9p.m. on Longboat Key. washing, wallpaper & faux painting. We College level study, all welcome. Cost of spray wicker. Prompt, reliable service at workbook is $20. Call Milessa by Aug. 14th reasonable rates! Mom/Son Lic./Ins. Cell to sign up. 504-2862. Starts Sept. 6, 2004. 704-7115 or 792-1646.

Wicker Painting FURNITURE PAINTED: wicker, rattan, wood, wrought iron, patio furniture. Pick-up and delivery. 778-3133.

Dirty grout? Give us a shout! Grout cleaning & restoration services available.


Wanted to Buy SENIOR WISHES to purchase diamonds, watches, precious gems and jewelry. Please call Marc 321-0707.

Lic./Ins. CUSTOM RENOVATIONS/RESTORATION EXPERT. All phases of carpentry, repairs & painting. Insured. Member of Better Business Bureau. Paul Beauregard. 779-2294.

5610 GMD PLAZA Spaces available. Approximately 1000, 2000/sq.ft. Very reasonable rent. Paul, 941-749-5804, 941-518-3226.

Condos & Homes For Sale DIRECT GULF view, Penthouse. Totally remodeled 2BR/2BA, on Lido beach, $850,000. Call 388-2063.



LBK “On The Beach”, 5393 GMD. First floor, 2BR/2BA, 1400/sq.ft. Clean, updated STATE CERTIFIED Roofing & General throughout, steps to pool/beach. $745,000 Contractor, FL. Professional Engineer, priced to sell. 941-383-9254. Roofing (all types), Remodeling, Repairs. Call DON for immediate response. 720-0794. Lic. CC-CO57977, CG-CO61519, LOCATION & VALUE PE20374. VISA/MC. Remodeling 2BR/2BA, ON THE BEACH, Personals & Home Improvements BEHIND THE GATES OF LBK CLUB. ALONE? SENIORS Dating Bureau! Tile Installation BEAUTIFUL AND BRIGHT. Respected since 1977 (ages 50-90). ROBERT HELD’S HANDYMAN & MORE! OFFERED AT $599,900 Improvements, Repairs, Installs, Tile, Vinyl, PROFESSIONAL CERAMIC TILER: walls, 1-800-922-4477, (24/hrs.) 7 days. Decks, Drywall, Rescreen & Window floors, etc. Knowledgeable, prompt and Cleaning. Dependable, friendly service. reliable service. Reasonable rates. Many CALL 374-3200 YOUR PERSONALS AD HERE! Call Monday thru Friday, 9a.m.-6p.m. for excellent references. IF QUALITY COUNTS, CALL 383-5509 appointment. 758-8044, 704-7557. call David 792-2552.



Like it never even happened.™

24 Hour Emergency Services

we help you take it back.

Restoration: • Fire, Smoke and Soot • Water Removal and Dehumidification • Mold Mitigation and Remediation • Catastrophic Storm Response • Move Outs and Contents Restoration • Electronics and Equipment • Document Drying • Contents Claim Inventory Service Cleaning: • Biohazard, Crime Scene and Vandalism • Carpet, Upholstery, Drapes and Blinds • Ceilings, Walls and Hard Floors • Deodorization

HOME SERVICES For the joy of serving -

Hospitality, Home & Pet Sitting Services

Cliff o rd Wy n n

Personalized Services For Your Particular Needs

Sarasota, FL 941-927-8523

H O M E WAT C H A professional home-watching service

HOME-ALONE? SERVPRO® of North Sarasota

941-365-4614 SERVPRO® of Bradenton Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration Nationally Known - Locally Owned




The leading home-watching service providing the widest array of services.

We’ll watch your home when you leave it behind!

387-7886 Weekly Inspections • Monthly Reports Bonded • Insured


MASSAGE Why be sore? Try a unique New Zealand approach to painfree living Headache, TMJ, neck & back pain

Stewart Wild RMT (New Zealand) LMT (US) MA  Certified Neuromuscular Therapist (NZ) International practitioner tutor presenter

  N Beneva Rd  Suite   Sarasota FL  

Email: stew@ybsore com



T. S a p u p p o S e r v i c e s

Florida Licensed Professional “For Professional Inspection Services” Owned & Operated Since 1978 FL Lic# BN-0002276 PX0001942

Home Inspections, Insurance, and New Construction (941) 812-7030 Phone (941) 746-9633 Fax


(941)586-9350 ~Design Consulting~ ~Custom window treatments ~ Faux finishing~ Kitchens ~ Flooring ~ Total remodeling needs~

Call Maureen for more information about The Longboat Observer Service Directory! Phone: 383-5509 or Fax: 383-7193




Condos & Homes For Sale NORTH LONGBOAT KEY, beautifully unique 3BR/2BA home, the Village. Turnkey furnished. $799,000. Call Judy Heyer, Realtor 730-9009. Latitude 27 Realty, 744-2727.







LOVELY GULF and garden views from this immaculate 2BR/2BA at Promenade. Marble foyer and baths and ceramic tile throughout. Master suite has 2/large walk-in closets and steam shower. Full service amenities include resort style his/her spas and social rooms, lighted clay tennis courts and heated pool overlooking beach. Offered at $599,900. Call Susan Fox, Michael Saunders & Company at 544-6648. BEAUTIFUL, BRIGHT 2nd floor corner unit, mint condition, 2BR/2BA at Bayport Beach & Tennis Club for sale: $430,000 or rent. 847-556-5869. Live Luxuriously Large in one of Downtown Sarasota’s LAST Remaining New Penthouses.

Condos & Homes For Sale

Condos & Homes For Sale

FOR SALE by owner: Longboat Key Villa in Harbour Oaks, 3BR/2.5BA, 2/car garage, pool overlooking Harbourside golf course, new roof, exterior painting, carpeting, appliances, pool screening, etc. The premier panoramic view of the golf course in Harbour Oaks II. $550,000. Shown by appointment only. Day: 365-0118. Evenings: 383-4563.

Lots & Acreage For Sale

HARBOR LANDINGS UNIVERSITY PARK Country Club, lake view, 3BR/3BA, +den, vaulted ceilings, wine Lot & Dock. Beautiful 12,110sq.ft. home site closet, many designer built-ins. Pool/spa. offered by owner-REALTOR in gated Cortez community; $287,500 price includes $929,000. 941-358-7344. dock for boat up to 35/ft. Sales Associate SPANISH MAIN Yacht Club 55+, free George Noble: 685-3372. standing 2BR/2BA, enclosed lanai, LONGBOAT KEY dock/marina, private beach access. 3 Lots on General Harris Street; total of $255,000. Owner/Realtor. 941-383-8860. +/-1.3/acres. Many possible uses. Offered at $400,000 each. Real Estate Broker Richard RITZ BEACH Residences/Lido Beach. Estrin: 807-3363. Did you miss your first chance to buy at the BEACH RESIDENCES? 3352/sq.ft. unit for LONGVIEW REALTY, INC. 383-6112 sale at $1,680,000. Great value! For more information, call Bibi-Ann Allard at 685-0422. Michael Saunders & Co. EAST MANATEE County, 21+/acres horse ranch with 30/stall barn, near Lake Manatee & Lakewood Ranch, $530,000. Contact Debbie Dunning, Michael Saunders & Co., HARBOR OAKS CIRCLE Licensed R.E. Broker, 941-377-2780. VILLA



$1, 175,00.00 941-383-5897

Plaza At Five Points City/Bay views from multiple terraces. $1,885,000 Mary Anne Casey 365-6101

TRADE. OWNER will accept smaller home or condo on this beautiful brand new 4000/sq.ft., 4BR/4BA luxury canal home in prestigious Country Club Shores. Breathtaking view of bay, deep water access, $1,975,000. Will also do owner financing. RARE BIRD KEY property for sale or Roger Pettingell, Coldwell Banker Previews, developer will build to suit. 906-8689. 387-1840.

LONGBOAT KEY, 55+ community owned mobile home park. Steps to private Gulf and Bay (marina), 2/bedrooms. Completely remodeled and furnished. Must see. Will not last! Asking $129,900. 383-0096.

Rentals: Annual L’AMBIANCE in Longboat Key Club, 2BR/3BA w/den, floor to ceiling windows, exquisitely furnished, high floor w/sweeping views of bay, Gulf, City, sunrise and sunset. Concierge, tennis, fitness, pool. 203-227-0500.

FABULOUS FURNISHINGS 4 BEDROOMS, 4.5 BATHS This is a spectacular unit with absolutely everything in place for luxurious living.

Mobile Homes


TROPICAL HIDEAWAY within easy walking distance to the Circle. Totally private and surrounded by gardens and decking. Very open feel w/neutral tones and sophisticated taste. Living room 25x15, family room 16x19, dining room 12x8, kitchen 12/5, 2BR/2BA. $1750/mo. Call Susan, daytime 614-802-2900, ext. 219. LBK, CEDARS EAST TOWNHOUSE: 2BR/2.5BA, fully furnished, bright and attractively decorated, new appliances, screened lanai w/mangrove view and privacy. Included tennis and pool, $1450/mo. 847-913-9997.






✓ (941) 355-2936 / (800) 282-7674 •



941•812•5115 941•232•0149


This seal applies only to Wheaton Van Lines’ interstate moving

Fla. State Mover Reg. #IM81


Driveways Pool Decks Walkways Patios Any Size Jobs Prompt Service Free Estimates






HANDYMAN - RETIRED CONTRACTOR Light Hauling, Light Carpentry,Tile, Painting,Trim Work, Masonry,Window Treatments, Picture Hanging and Odds & Ends. 20+/yrs. experience.



• Bonded and Insured • No Trip Charge • Reasonable Hourly Rates The Prompt, Dependable Service You Expect.


$ in the

Handyman Services

The Area’s Most Professional Mover. Don’t Settle With Anyone Less!



Contact Alex 737-2972 PET SERVICES




RESCREENING pool cages, lanais, etc.


Watts Humphrey @941.400.8576 & INSURED CGC1506235



ask for Joe


* Free Estimates * HIGHEST Quality Work * MC & Visa Accepted * We Use ONLY Professional Equipment

Using #1 Quality Phifer Screening

Financing Avail.



10D THURSDAY JULY 29, 2004

Rentals: Annual

Rentals: Annual SPANISH MAIN, 2BR/2BA, pool, docks, beach, $1250/mo. 779-0088.

THE SANCTUARY, elegant 2BR/2.5BA +den, and 1/car garage. Security gate, pool, concierge, beach. Available on a long term LONGBOAT HARBOR, 2BR/2BA, bay/canal lease. Showings by appointment. Call for views, furnished, pools, tennis, beach house. more information: ResortQuest Real Estate, $1300/mo. 315-415-8282. 941-365-9505, ext. 2200. ISLANDER CLUB, 2BR/2BA beachfront DOWNTOWN, CLOSE to Bay and cultural condo. Reduced to $1800/mo. activities, 2BR/1BA +den. Cat okay. First, BIRD KEY, 4BR/3BA Canalfront pool home, last, security, $800/mo. 941-383-2659. $3500/mo. LIDO SHORES, 2BR/2BA furnished pool COUNTRY CLUB Shores. Beautiful home, $2000/mo. 3BR/3BA/2-car, on canal, furnished, pool, 988 BLVD. OF THE ARTS, 2BR/2BA 10,000/lb. boat lift. Yearly: $6000/mo. bayfront condo, $1350/mo. 941-928-3447. The Longboat Connection, Inc. Realtor 387-9709 LBK CONDO, Windward Bay, 2BR/2BA, furnished. Great view of Sarasota Bay. Dock available. $1150/mo. 941-812-6756. WINDWARD BAY 2BR/2BA CONDO, UNFURNISHED, OVERLOOKING SARASOTA BAY. DOCK AVAILABLE. $1100/MO. 619 BAY VIEW DRIVE 2BR/2BA W/DEN AND POOL, FURNISHED. $2600/MO. 6525 GULF OF MEXICO DR. 2BR/2BA, SPACIOUS, UNFURNISHED, STILT HOME, PARTIAL GULF VIEW. $1500/MO. LONGBOAT ARMS 2BR/2BA, FURNISHED, GULF/BAY VIEW. $1100/MO. CALL BARBARA FULMER, REALTOR OR KIM FISHER WAGNER REALTY 941-383-5577

BIRD KEY, original garden home: 3BR/2BA, 2200/sq.ft. living area, caged pool & lanai, 2/car garage. Small pet OK. $3000/mo. 941-371-1866. DOWNTOWN BAYFRONT, 1BR/1BA, full Bay views, pool, covered parking, top floor, furnished. $1100/mo. +utilities. 772-341-4767.



GOLDEN GATE POINT: Bayfront, furnished/unfurnished, 1BR. Pool, fishing pier. No pets. $1050/mo. 941-374-3701.

SPANISH MAIN YACHT CLUB 55+, free standing 2BR/2BA, enclosed lanai, dock/marina, private beach access. Annual or Seasonal. 383-8860. LBK HOUSE, 2BR/1BA, carport, laundry room, extra storage, private beach access. $975/mo. 780-3468. LONGBOAT KEY. Islander Club, 2BR/2BA condo. Long term or seasonal. Call for details, 941-387-7065 or 813-787-5326.

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation


LBK, BUTTONWOOD Cove condo. One of few Gulf to bay properties: 2BR/2BA, gorgeous views, exquisitely refurbished and furnished. Monthly/Seasonal/Annual rentals w/discounts for 3+ months. Boat dock available, heated pool, private Gulf beach, tennis. No pets. No smokers. 813-685-9130.

RESORT CONDOMINIUM WEEKLY RENTALS GULF FRONT/GULF VIEW Reservations: 941-383-5549 Visa/MC Fax: 941-383-7925 Office Open 7 Days, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 4621 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key 34228 LARGE HEATED POOL (25/ft.x60ft.) GULFSIDE “85% Repeat Guests”





2BR/2BA penthouse w/wrap around terrace, LONGBOAT KEY, 2BR, first floor condo. furnished. Spectacular views of Sarasota Tennis, pool. $750/week or $1800/mo. Bay and skyline. 2/Garage parking, 24/hr. Available Aug. throug Jan.. Call Jane security, $2800/mo. (941) 387-1336. 847-735-1764.

LBK BEACHPLACE condo: Beachfront, 2BR/2BA, elegantly furnished. Competitive rentals. Available Aug., 2004 to December, 2004. Also 2005. Covered parking. Non-smokers. By owner. 941-383-1884. BAYPORT, 2BR/2BA. TKF, across street from Gulf. 1/mo. min. May 1-Nov. 30, $1900/mo. Dec. $3000. Jan. 1-March 30 $4000. 770-671-0338. GORGEOUS GULF view, opposite Longboat Key on Sarasota Bay, 3BR/2.5BA, 3010/sq.ft. Pool, spa and tennis. 941-755-5633.


HOLMES BEACH: 3BR/2BA on canal w/pool, garage and screened lanai, $2300/mo. Tenant Verification application, LONGBOAT KEY, Seagate. On beach first and security required. Call 932-0239 or w/ocean & bay views, N.W. corner 586-8041. condo, 11th floor, 2BR/2BA w/terrace. DOWNTOWN, RENAISSANCE. Water Beautifully furnished. Spacious, meticulously view/new, 1BR/1BA. Beautifully furnished, maintained. Heated pool, exercise area, all amenities included. Annually, $1300. library, tennis court & assigned covered space. Includes utilities & Monthly $1800. No pets. 941-587-9440, parking housekeeping, (not phones). Available leave message. beginning January 1, 2005. 3/mo. minimum. Longer stays negotiable. $5000/mo. Rentals: Virtual viewing available upon request. Seasonal & Vacation 1-978-475-1678.

LIDO BEACH, 139 McKinley. 2BR/1BA, Florida room, walk to beach & St. Armands, new tile, freshly painted, $1475/mo. +utilities. CRAIG WEISS OWNER: 724-2900 1 or 2/yr. lease. Also available, efficiency apartment (month to month), $675/mo., utilities included. Call Ed, 388-3426 or NORTH END Village, 2BR/1BA cottage. 224-7110. Charming, updated, turnkey furnished. GRAND BAY, private side of newest Clean and bright. $975/mo. now through building, fantastic views, golf course, marina, December. Flexible. January-February, 2005 bay, 3BR/3BA, unfurnished, world class $2500/mo. Real Estate Mart, 756-1090. fitness center, 2/pools. 387-0171, owner. BEACHFRONT, BANYAN BAY at LBK. LONGBOAT KEY, canal front, 1BR/1BA Walk right out onto the beach from this villa, private beach access, boat dock, charming 2BR/2BA, 1st floor condo near $700/mo. 378-5181 or 724-5110. Centre Shops and restaurants. Full Gulf LBK, GRAND BAY. Premiere community, view! Beautiful sunsets, pool, and tennis. w/world class amenities, beach club, 941-383-6650.

CANALFRONT 3BR/2BA furnished home. Dogs welcome. Fenced yard. Spa, dock, walk to beach. Available Oct., Nov., Dec., 2004. Monthly only. Private beach access. See website for photos and rates. or call 941-360-0700.

WAGNER REALTY SINCE 1939 866-754-3443

VACATION RENTALS Longboat Key & Anna Maria Seasonal & Annual Call Wedebrock Rental Office 941-383-5886 or 800-486-5886 For a complete list, go to:


GULF FRONT, pool, 1BR apartment, screened balconies, $750/week. 383-3844 or 383-3187. RENTALS AVAILABLE - On the Keys & from Bradenton to Venice. Pat Passeri, Rental Agent, Re/Max Excellence, 800-708-5994, 941-387-2927 or 383-9700. LBK - Covert II. Beautifully furnished, direct Gulf front condo. Non-smokers. No pets. 2BR/2BA. $5000/mo., $1250/week. Please call 904-704-4379.

ON THE Gulf w/pool. 1BR condo, sleeps 4. Nicely furnished, cable, phone, full kitchen, WHITNEY BEACH 1BR/1BA, heated pools, living, dining area, W/D in building. Monthly tennis courts, private beach. Available now or May through Jan. $1400/mo. 351-5101. monthly through 2005. 941-928-0309.

Check It Out! Classifieds are now Online CLICK ON CLASSIFIEDS


THURSDAY JULY 29, 2004 11D


Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

LONGBOAT KEY. Beachfront, 2BR/2BA, turnkey condo w/lanai. Heated pool, exercise area, covered parking, putting green, shuffle board & entertainment room. Includes utilities & local calls only. 941-485-5522. To view:

BAYPORT, LONGBOAT KEY. 1st floor larger unit condo w/direct Gulf view, 2BR/2BA, beautifully decorated, W/D, pool, tennis, exercise room. Fishing, covered parking. No smoking. No pets. Available 9/04 to 11/04 & 4/05-6/05. 718-227-4582.

STEPS TO BEACH! SEAPLACE, master bedroom w/king bed & private bath, guest bedroom w/queen bed & private bath. Sleeps/7. New elegant decor with new kitchen. Available Aug.-Oct. $2000/mo. Nov.-Dec. $2500/mo. Two month minimum. 423-968-3420. To view:

CONDOS SEASONAL SEA CLUB III, one and two bedrooms. Weekly through December. Gulf front. SEA OATS, 2BR/2BA condos directly on the Gulf of Mexico. Weekly through December. 724 MARBURY LANE, 3BR/2BA home on canal w/boat dock. WHITNEY BEACH, 2BR/2BA, furnished Bay view, $3800/mo. WESTCHESTER, 2BR/2BA, Gulf front, direct Gulf view, $4800/mo. ST. ARMANDS, 2BR/2BA, furnished, 1/block to shopping, 2/blocks to Lido Beach, $2800/mo. 609 BAYVIEW HOME, pool, 2BR/2BA +den. $4200/mo. Call Barbara Fulmer, Realtor or Kim Fisher Wagner Realty 941-383-5577

STORYBOOK COTTAGES. Romantic B&B decor, cottage chic in Historic Bradenton Beach. 2/Blocks to beach/bay/pier. W/D, dishwasher, cable, phone. The Gingerbread House, 2BR/1BA w/covered (secret garden) patio. $1000/mo. per multiple months. The Doll House w/mini loft, 1BR/1BA, $850/mo. Weekly and monthly rates avail. 1BR/1.5BA, GULF view w/private beach, 941-779-2393. Bay access w/dock. Available now. Call for info and e-mail pictures. Seasonal or annual. LBK, BUTTONWOOD COVE. Monthly Rental: 3BR/2BA, one king & four twins, third Call for annual rates. 941-780-2352. floor end unit w/views of Bay & Gulf. New LONGBOAT KEY. Gulf front, pool, beach, kitchen & baths, attractively furnished. 33/Ft. 1BR/1BA condo, kitchen, dining, sleeps 4. boat slip w/electric & water, cable TV, heated 617-973-7552 or 617-328-7145. pool, tennis court, private beach. No pets. No smoking please. Photos available. Reasonable w/discount for 3/months or more. 941-383-2513, 609-266-7060. LA PLAYA GULF FRONT CONDOMINIUMS LONGBOAT KEY condo, direct Gulf view, 2BR/2BA, beautiful. Available April, May & WEEKLY RENTALS June, $2000/mo. Aug. & Sept., $2000/mo. GULF FRONT 2 & 3 BEDROOMS Oct. & Dec., $2750/mo. Also available Jan. & Feb. 2005, $4000/mo. 727-403-1449, 941-383-6224 888-383-6224 TAKE YOUR PICK...RELAXING CANAL FRONT HOME or GULF-FRONT CONDO, 3BR/2BA canal home is a 2/minute walk to “ON BEAUTIFUL LONGBOAT KEY” Gulf, deeded beach access w/Tiki Hut to enjoy sunsets, long dock for canal fishing, fantastic mid-key location, large pool LONGBOAT KEY. Tiffany Plaza, 3rd floor w/screened enclosure, CONDO (2BR/2BA) direct Gulf front, private, 2BR/2BA. Pool, newly remodeled walk-out unit directly on the recreation room. Available August-Dec. Gulf...full view, just steps from the patio to 813-837-9901. the Gulf. Both recently updated w/new paint and furniture, lots of tile. Pets welcome BEACHFRONT, LIDO, 2BR/2BA Gulf front, upon approval. No smoking please. next to Orchid Bay. Open Fall Season - Nov. SECURITY/DEPOSIT required. 1/mo. min. through April. 3/mo. or longer. Owner, stay. Call or email for seasonal rates. 388-2555, Sunset Call 863-559-4610 or E-mail: tac1012@tamrentals now! Key West too! BREATHTAKING VIEWS of the Gulf from this lovely 2BR/2BA condo on the north end of LBK. Recently renovated and beautifully redecorated. Large lanai, sleeper sofa, W/D. Available Sept.-Dec., 2004 and 2005. Steps to beach, pool, tennis courts. Contact: or (914) 238-3711 (NY).

LIDO BEACH vacation paradise. 1 & 2 bedroom condos overlooking beautiful Lido Beach. Weekly rates. Lido Dorset. Rental condo. 388-1404. LBK, BEACHPLACE CONDO, fifth floor. Beachfront, 2BR/2BA. Newly remodeled, luxuriously furnished. Fully equipped kitchen. Reserved parking. Avail. August 1, 2004 through April 2005. Non-smokers only. 813-875-7775, Lindsey or 813-962-2652, Steve. GULF FRONT condo on Lido Beach. Exquisite 2BR/2BA, fully furnished. Minimum 3/mo. $4500/mo. 908-229-3895. SANCTUARY, LBK condo. The ultimate in luxury for the discerning renter. 7th floor, Gulf front, 3BR/3BA. Exquisite marble and crystal furnishings/decor throughout. Panoramic beach views all round and direct full front view of famous Florida sunsets. Covered parking. Newly remodeled and fully equipped, no expense spared. Reserved parking. Available Jan., Feb., March, 2005. Non-smokers only. Call 813-962-2652 or 813-245-6800, ask for Steve.

VACATION RENTALS AVAILABLE Longboat Key, Lido Key, Siesta Key, Casey Key, U.P.C.C., Downtown. Experience the elegant lifestyle of The Residence at The Ritz Carlton SANCTUARY FAIRWAY BAY SEAPLACE JUST TO NAME A SELECT FEW JENNETTE & ROSSI, INC. REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT 941-953-6000 PLEASE VISIT OUR WEB SITE:

L’AMBIANCE in Longboat Key Club, 2BR/3BA w/den, floor to ceiling windows, exquisitely furnished, high floor w/sweeping views of bay, Gulf, City, sunrise and sunset. Concierge, tennis, fitness, pool. Long season. 203-227-0500.


KINGSTON ARMS on St. Armands Circle. Furnished 1BR/1BA. 1/mo. minimum. Annual also possible. Call Agent/Owner, 941-586-6731.

CALL GREG: 863-581-4639 LONGBOAT KEY, SEAPLACE. Gated, 2BR/2BA, turnkey furnished, spectacular Gulf views, newly professionally decorated. CANAL FRONT house for rent. Beach SEAPLACE, GULF view, 2BR/2BA. Newly 2/pools, whirlpools, exercise, tennis, W/D. LIDO BEACH: efficiencies, 1BR, 2BR. Steps access, 4BR/2BA. Monthly only. Emerald updated, light & bright! Avail. Dec.-Jan. Non-smokers. Available Dec. through April. to beach. Avail weekly/monthly. 3/Day minimum. 388-2590. Harbour. Call 908-879-6013. (815) 462-5724. (407) 295-3096.

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46 Film about a nasty theater critic? 47 Poster paint 48 Metal cup containing burning oil 52 Gigantic mythical bird 54 Modern: pref. 55 Groom's attendant 56 Exercise a pull 57 Hoodwink 58 Sure thing 62 Walter of "The Westerner" 64 Grace ending 65 Blackthorn 70 Choreographer Alvin 73 7 on a sundial 75 __-mo 79 Unfair treatments 81 Shelf for dishes 82 Bar in a tub 85 1959 Kingston Trio classic 87 Cubic meter 90 Kitchen attack? 92 Forbidden: var. 94 Rowers 95 Slipped by 96 Screened 98 Give in 99 Madison Ave. employee 100 Rib 101 Helpful 104 Fully in flames 105 Free from 108 Loch in the Highlands 109 Biting fly 110 24 hours ago 111 Estimator's phrase 116 Alley prowler

Last Week’s Cryptograms

1. Don’t book a large rock band with no strings attached. This will bring on great discord. 2. Fast-talking car salesman wearing wide grin confides to prospective buyer: “We lose money on every car we sell, but we make it up in volume.”



























MEG. Harry B. Schultheis, Las Vegas, NV

12D THURSDAY JULY 29, 2004



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Commercial Division

“Personalized Not Franchised”

Florida’s Coastal Connection Longboat Key

Siesta Key

Anna Maria Island

6350 Gulf of Mexico Dr.

5138 Ocean Blvd.

3224 East Bay Dr.

383-5543 1-800-335-5543

349-5543 1-800-950-3450

778-0700 1-800-615-9930

MEDITERRANEAN BAY front has sweeping bay views. Located on Golden Gate Point, unit has 3 bedrooms plus den. Nice open plan. Too many amenities to mention. Over 2100 sq.ft. $929,000. Sale or Lease Option. 383-5543

INVESTORS DREAM Unique four-plex with many possibilities. Just steps to the gulf, bay, shops & fine dining. Plus, a large covered patio overlooking the gulf. This property has excellent rental history! $1,200,000. Call Missi Watkins 730-5227 or Lee Kinworthy 807-1610

GULF VIEW Totally updated 2/2 ground floor, 2 pools and covered parking. Just steps to the beach Best value in well maintained complex on the beach. Don't miss this one! $474,000. Marc Turner 224-1112

STUNNING DIRECT GULF FRONT! A beautiful transformation at Martinique South! This 2BR/2BA direct gulf front, corner unit has been totally re-designed and the result is stunning. Beautiful new furnishings, garage, heated pool & tennis make this a golden opportunity. $742,000 Call Gail Tutewiler 705-0227.

PERFECT ISLAND GETAWAY Perfect home on the water. Wonderful open floor plans provide spectacular panoramic views of the property. Coral edged pool is between two large open verandas perfect for entertaining. Open kitchen, fireplace, covered boat lift and large two car garage. $1,025,000. Jim Dunn 726-0349

LONGBOAT BAY FRONTInspiring bay & wildlife views from this one of a kind location. Bonus wrap around protected side canal w/deep water, ideal for a large boat. 2,642 sq ft home being sold "as is" but in excellent condition. Deeded beach access just 4/10ths of a mile away. Plans for a new 4,500 sq ft home in the works. $1,895,000. Cindy or Mike Migone 812-7438/812-7437

RUSTIC CHARM Two-story lofted home on secluded lot with big shade trees Three bedroom/ two bath, new kitchen with appliances. Large two-car garage with separate workshop, large back yard. Cedar trim throughout. Close to schools. $229,000. Jim Dunn 726-0349.

VILLA CASSANDRA Positive cash flow. Perfect vacation home/ investment. One block to everything! Views forever. 3BR/3BA, pool, furnished. $879,000. Geoff Wall 545-0206.

BUILDING LOT CORTEZ VILLAGE Great lots in Village of Cortez. Steps to the bay, close to the beach. Zoned commercial, residential permitted. Call for details. From $125,000. Gail Tutewiler 705-0227

WELCOME HOME THIS IS THE ONE Location, Quality, Style and Value make this beautiful home the total package! Recently upgraded throughout no detail overlooked. For the discriminating client who has an eye for perfection. $259,900. Jim Dunn 726-0349.

BRAND NEW MEDITERRANEAN FLATS designed for carefree waterfront living with all the luxuries and conveniences one could desire. Nestled between the azure blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico and picturesque Coquina Reef. Models open daily 11am-4pm. Starting at $795,000. Tina Rudek 920-0303

INN ON THE BEACH Beautiful two bedroom penthouse offers a great floor plan with both bedrooms and the living area opening to the open lanai with great lagoon view. Available weekly, monthly and seasonally.






ISLAND POOL HOME Gorgeous 2BR/2BA home on canal. Caged patio/pool area with built-in grill. Tile floors, fireplace and newer kitchen. Available annually.

LBK VILLAGE HOME Rarely available 4BR/2BA home with carport and big yard, in historical Longboat Key Village. Home has been newly painted. Available immediately.

LBK VILLAGE COTTAGE Adorable 1BR/1BA cottage - newly painted, new carpet, new vinyl. Convenient to restaurants and beaches. Availabe annually.

For more distinctive rentals: Sales


For a complete list of properties & virtual tours visit our website or e-mail us at


Vacation Rentals

July 29 2004  
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