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Thursday, January 30, 2003

our TOWN Longboat Key snowman


Town recruits citizens’ input BY SHAY SULLIVAN City Editor

When the going gets rough on Longboat Key, Longboat Key turns to a committee. Citizen-based committees helped develop the charter by which Longboat Key residents live. Committees have convinced residents of the need for multimillion-dollar facilities. And they have researched the best way to protect the beach from erosion. By most accounts, committees have proven to be successful in tackling tough issues. Helen Holt, who has followed town governHelen Adair’s son recently drove from St. Louis to visit her on Longboat Key. His pickup truck bed accumulated snow during his stormy trip. The two put it to good use and made a snowman. It lasted just long enough to take this picture.

ment since its formation in 1955, said, “The committees, I think, have worked very well. The commissions used to like them.” Town Clerk Donna Spencer recalled a time when there were more than 10 committees operating simultaneously. But that was before the commission rewrote the rules about committees in 2000. The commission disbanded the Facilities Advisory Committee and the Beach Advisory Committee in July 2000, after the projects they fostered were underway. The commission then enacted a new rule requiring that committees be

reinstated annually, essentially putting a shelflife on them. Currently, the Citizens Relations Committee is the only committee in town. Mayor John Redgrave said the use of committees can get out of hand. “They become a very good sounding board,” Redgrave said. “I was very impressed with the work of the beach committee. But you shouldn’t use them for everything. Sarasota County and the city of Sarasota have committees for CONTINUED ON PAGE 4A


Thanks, bell ringers Members of the Longboat Key Kiwanis Club who served as bell ringers during the holiday season for the Salvation Army have received an official letter of thanks from Major Bert Tanner, Salvation Army Commanding Officer. Tanner reported $3,552.36 was raised by the club. Overall collections in the kettles in Sarasota County enabled the Salvation Army to assist, over the Christmas season, 3,214 children, 1,248 families, 547 seniors, to serve 888 dinners, give 1,147 food vouchers, donate 10,842 toys, provide 5,115 nursing-home gifts and 65 angel tree locations.

Twin announcement It’s pretty unusual to have birth announcements in The Longboat Observer. It’s even more unusual to announce the birth of twins. Jack and Mary Ann Bates of Longboat Key called to inform us of the birth of twin granddaughters, also of Longboat Key. Daughter and son-in-law, Barbara and Clive Burgess, are the proud parents of twin girls. They were born Monday, Jan. 27, at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. So far, the Burgesses have agreed on only one name, Katherine.

Courtesy photo

Northern visitors are all too familiar with icicles hanging from shrubs or roof eaves. On a very rare occasion, when our temperatures take an unusual dip, you can see icicles on Longboat Key. It happened Thursday morning last week at Longboat Key Moorings.

Summer reunion Spanish Main has quite a few New England snowbirds who became friends CONTINUED ON PAGE 2A

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Public works will be noticeable soon Residents will soon see workers surveying canals, planting sea grapes and installing fire hydrants. BY SHAY SULLIVAN City Editor

Don’t be surprised if strangers show up in your backyard, because the town invited them. Surveyors for the upcoming canal-dredging project will soon be visiting canals and installing markers to establish the width and depth of the cuts. The surveyors will be coming by land. Public Works Director Juan Florensa said the surveyors will have to walk between homes to reach the canals. They are expected to begin work by Jan. 31 at the earliest and Feb. 10 at the latest. Residents will be able to identify the surveyors

because their vehicles will be marked with the company logo: Sampey & Burchette Inc. The surveyors will return after the canals are dredged, to determine whether the proper cut was made. The dredging itself is not scheduled to start until March 1. The town has not yet determined which canal will be dredged first. The project is expected to last about 9 months. The town is also staking out 14 locations where new fire hydrants will be installed within the next 30 to 40 days. Although the work is being done on public right of ways, some of the locations are being altered due to protests from residents, who do not want a hydrant in the middle of their yards. The fire hydrants are being installed in areas

deemed deficient by the fire department so as to maintain the town’s fire insurance rating. In many cases, existing fire hydrants are on the east side of Gulf of Mexico Drive. More west-side hydrants are needed so that hoses do not have to be stretched across the road in a fire. The proposed locations are 420 Firehouse Court; 6941 Poinsetta Ave.; 6701 Gulf of Mexico Drive (GMD); 6151 GMD; 5921 GMD; 5821 GMD; 5655 GMD; 5621 GMD; 5331 GMD; 4240 GMD; General Harris Street at Norton Street; 6750 GMD; GMD at Juan Anasco Drive; and 4425 GMD. Finally, the orange cones across from Twinshores Boulevard mark the spot where new sea grapes are being installed. Green rods in the CONTINUED ON PAGE 4A


our TOWN when they met here. Each summer when they return to their northern homes, they get together for a reunion. This year in midAugust about 40 of them met in New Hampshire.

He’s a little obssessed Herb LaTuchie of Longboat Key, has been a tennis nut for as long as he can remember. He collects everything remotely connected with the game. His wife, Betty, knows he’s a tennis nut and so do his friends — and now the whole world knows it. USTA magazine, the official publication of the United States Tennis Association, recently named him America’s Biggest Tennis Nut. He has played tennis with a passion for years and for 20 years has attended the U.S, Open, not missing a single match. LaTuchie even wrote a book on tennis, “Funny Racket — Memories of a Tennis Nut.” He described the book as a therapeutic exercise while he was undergoing treatment for cancer. He resides in the Akron area and winters on Longboat Key.

Dale Shields remembered A memorial birthday tribute for Dale Shields, The Pelican Man, is planned for 9:30 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 2, at The Pelican Man’s


NEWS Bird Sanctuary on City Island, Sarasota. Anyone interested in participating or helping with the event can contact Sherry or Cheryl at the Sanctuary, 388-4444.

Calling all artists The 2003 Longboat Key Turtle Watch poster contest is now underway. President Gillian Busard said posters should be a general artistic interpretation regarding sea turtles, including the nesting and hatching of loggerhead turtles and especially the need for turning lights out on the beach. A $5 submission fee is required for each submission. Artwork will not be returned and upon submission, all rights transfer to the Longboat Key Turtle Watch Inc. First prize is $50 and includes public recognition of the artist. Poster dimensions are 11by-17 inches. The deadline for submission is March 31. All submissions must be delivered to Gillian S. Busard at Raymond James, 6350 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 101, Longboat Key, FL 34228. For any questions contact Busard at 383-2300.

We stand corrected Chris and Ethna Lynch want to set the record straight. “We did not lose our lease as stated in last week’s Our Town column,” Chris clarified. “It was our decision not to renew our lease and to open a new establishment on St. Armands Circle.” Lynches Pub and Grub at 19 N. Blvd. of the Presidents on St. Armands Circle is

slated to open in February. Lynches Landing on Longboat Key will close in April after 17 years on the Key.

Wheel winners The wait was worth it — $39,900 in fact. Dianne Houde, a Longboat Key snowbird from Connecticut, has been a Wheel of Fortune fan for years. When auditions for show contestants were held last October in Uncansville, Conn., she and husband, Bob, signed up. Nothing happened. Weeks later an e-mail message requested they attend a special audition. On Dec. 11, the official notification came. They had been selected as contestants. The taping would be in Nashville on Jan. 11. “It was so exciting,” Diane said. “The show was taped in the Grand Old Opry.” Contestants take part in simulated games for the auditions. Bob laughed, “It’s a lot easier answering the questions at home.” Hosts Vanna White and Bob Sajak don’t appear until the actual taping. “Both were very friendly and cordial and Vanna is so much prettier in person,” Dianne said. The couple racked up $9,900 in prize money to enter the bonus round. Dianne said, “There were just seven letters and it was a thing. I don’t remembered what letters were on the board but we got it — “Soup Mug!” — meaning an instant $30,000. As the couple understands it, they can not again appear on the show and they can not take part in any other game show for a year.

Photos by Dora Walters

Bob and Dianne Houde wear winning smiles. Check out their smiles again on Monday, Feb. 10, on Wheel of Fortune. (Check TV listing for time and station.) Although they have won the $39,900 they won’t receive it until June and taxes will be deducted. How the money will be spent is still under discussion. Dianne said she’d like to go to Europe. Bob said, “We’ll see.” The Houdes add anyone interested in information about auditions can check the Wheel of Fortune website, —Compiled by Dora Walters

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PIC explains density discrepancy St. Denis urges BY SHAY SULLIVAN City Editor

How can the Public Interest Committee protest the construction of 12 condos on Bay Isles Road, but support a plan that allows 250 new units on the rest of Longboat Key? PIC President Lee Rothenberg has been asked that question repeatedly in recent weeks, he said at the group’s annual meeting Jan. 23 at the Longboat Key Center for the Arts. “PIC has strongly opposed the Einisman rezoning, but at the same time we strongly support the mixed use zone,” Rothenberg said. “It’s not inconsistent, because they are two totally different situations.” One difference is that Vladimir Einisman wanted a complete change in zoning, from commercial to residential. Whereas in the proposed mixed-use zone, the existing commercial zoning would remain and a residential component would be added, Rothenberg explained. More importantly, Rothenberg said, the 12 new units on Einisman’s property were not subject to a vote, unlike mixed use, which must be approved by the majority of Longboat Key voters on

March 18. And though Town Attorney David Persson said the Einisman rezoning does not set a precedent for all development in Bay Isles, PIC is not convinced. “In my business life, I have occasionally run into a lawyer who was mistaken,” Rothenberg said. Rothenberg’s comments came after Planning, Zoning and Building Director Jill Jeglie explained the mixed-use plan to PIC members. Jeglie said the goal of the program is to ensure services are available on the Key, while encouraging some attractive new developments. A founding member of PIC, Ruth Napoliello, said not all of her investments turn a profit. And she cannot go to the government for help. So it is not proper for ailing businesses to receive a boost from a new town law, she suggested. Jeglie said the mixed-use zone is not just to benefit businesses, it is designed to benefit all residents by making the Key’s commercial areas as vibrant as its residential areas. But accomplishing that by adding density to Longboat Key will be a burden on the town’s roads and water supply,

Napoliello said. Jeglie reiterated that there will be no more than 250 new units, on an island with more than 9,000 already. “You know what 200 people can do if you don’t have water?” asked Napoliello. Napoliello said she lived on Longboat when there were no shops, not even a Publix. And people enjoyed making a day of a trip to the mainland for supplies. “I get calls from people who don’t enjoy it,” Jeglie said. Betty Blair asked whether anyone has expressed interest in creating a mixed-use development on the Key. “I’ve had several people come in, interested in mixed use and interested in Longboat,” said Jeglie. “It’s a great place.” Areas such as the property where Lynches Landing is now located are being investigated as possible sites, Jeglie said. “What I’m asking is that you consider the referendum and that you vote yes on the referendum,” Jeglie concluded. PIC members also elected the board of directors for 2003: Lee Rothenberg, president; Richard Schaefer, vice president; Carol Rickard, treasurer; Peter O’Connor, secretary; and Forrest Rivinius, corresponding secretary. ❑

New plan to prevent bad water BY SHAY SULLIVAN City Editor

The town is developing a new program to prevent pollution in Longboat Key’s water supply. For residents, this will translate into a higher water bill. The new statewide building code requires that all new buildings and new plumbing be equipped with a device that prevents water pollution. The code also requires that the town start conducting annual inspections of the devices by the end of this year. About half of the 3,000 water meters in town are equipped with these “backflow prevention devices.” The device is basically a flap that prevents water from flowing backwards. “It doesn’t protect you,” said Public Works Director Juan Florensa. “It protects your neighbor.” Without the flap, contaminants such as animal waste or fertilizer deposited on a sprinkler can enter the water supply when the lines lose pressure due to leaks or repairs. When the water lines are pressurized again, the contaminants can travel further down the line and wind up in a neighbor’s tap water, explained Florensa. Testing the flaps will add between $20 and $30 to the annual cost of water for residents who have the devices, said Florensa. But the bill could be more if the town discovers that the device is broken, because the bill for a new backflow prevention device is about $300. The inspection itself should only take about 15 minutes of a resident’s time, Florensa said. But he said there are legal issues involved, because most of the backflow devices are located on private property. Florensa said over the next couple of months he will be working on a way to establish the legal authority to access the devices and create a database for tracking inspections. The easiest method would be for the town to require residents to have the inspections done by private plumbing companies, he said. ❑

Lusya Sullivan

Tomas Vasquez, left, and Chris Bell cover the flower beds Jan. 23 in front of Four Winds Beach Resort in preparation for the cold which hit the region this past week.

Town briefs Town Hall troubles continue Another last-minute problem has postponed the move into the new Town Hall. Town manager Bruce St. Denis hoped to have the first Town Commission meeting in the new building in January. But lighting problems prevented that. The lights were reflecting on the monitor in the commission chambers. The lights were reconfigured, but the problem persisted. St. Denis has called in a “lighting expert” to find a solution. Since then, town staff has discovered that there may be a problem with the design of the computer room in the new facility. When the heat goes on in the building, a cooling unit in the computer room is activated, causing temperature problems for the equipment. St. Denis said plans to fix the problem are not yet finalized. Although the town employees are surrounded by moving boxes and a bit disappointed at the delay, the project is not really behind schedule. The original moving date was scheduled in March.

openmindedness BY SHAY SULLIVAN City Editor

A year ago Town Manager Bruce St. Denis rallied the Public Interest Committee around the idea of reclaimed water during the group’s annual meeting. This year, St. Denis spoke to PIC again, but this time it was to defend the town’s failed program and urge the organization to be open to the new options that will explored by a town committee. “Please be open minded about it,” St. Denis said. “Don’t say ‘Oh my God, here they go again.’” The notion that it was a “fiasco” to spend more than $700,000 on a failed reclaimed water program is incorrect, St. Denis argued. Besides yielding useful information, the expenditure is a fraction of the island’s $4 billion property value, he said. A small price to pay for exploring a way to protect the island’s assets, St. Denis contended. And the island still needs a new source of water, St. Denis said. It may not seem so with the heavy rains brought by the El Nino weather pattern. But after the last El Nino in 1996, years of drought followed, St. Denis warned. He spoke of water problems across the nation, such as in Colorado, where people are planning to drink reclaimed water. In New Mexico, people catch their shower water in buckets to prevent the city from reusing it. “Down the road we’re going to have a major water problem,” St. Denis said. St. Denis said he doubted the problem will be solved by simply buying more water, because the purchase would be hard to justify. Studies show that even when it rains heavily on Longboat Key, water use is over the limit. “It’s like we’re trying to create hurricane conditions on the Key ... that’s nuts.” As for desalinization, a Longboat Key plant would be considerably more costly than the one built in Tampa, he said. The Tampa plant benefited from large grants and by being located next to a power plant, which helps with the disposal of salt byproducts. On Longboat Key, the brine byproduct would have to be injected deep underground, because nobody has tested the waters of the Gulf, St. Denis said. To put brine in the Gulf, a federal impact study would be required, a task nobody wants to be the first to do, he said. Conservation will be one tool for solving the water problem, St. Denis said. But creating a system where residents pay more and more for their water as their use goes up may not work, he said. Many Longboat Key residents are affluent, St. Denis explained. “So you’ve got a different pain threshold,” he said. The town is looking at a way to create a tiered waterpricing system. “Hopefully it will make a difference, but I don’t know how much it will on Longboat,” St. Denis said. ❑

Agenda There will be a Town Commission meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, Feb. 3, at SunTrust, 510 Bay Isles Road. Items on the agenda include: • A new ordinance granting more flexibility to the town’s purchasing department. • A ceremony in honor of Leon Feingold, who is retiring as president of the Longboat Key Fire Rescue Volunteers after 22 years. • A proclamation for Hazardous Materials Awareness Week.

Bridge Tender Coming attractions (Feb. 3 to 7) • Pier construction is nearly complete and crews will be installing pre cast segments. • The last of the segments was recently formed in Manatee County, so all of the pieces are ready to be brought by barge to the project site.

Traffic impacts • Boaters should use caution near the construction site and stay in the main channel. • Traffic speeds remain 30 mph for safety.

Gil Waters

The last bridge pier piece is placed. All 10 piers are ready to receive the remaining 125 deck segments.



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Public works



everything.” Town Manager Bruce St. Denis said it is important to lay out specific goals for a committee, such as the proposal he created for the town’s new water committee. If St. Denis’ proposal is adopted by the commission, the committee would be responsible for answering the following questions: • Does Longboat Key have a water problem? Whose problem is it? • What are the components of the problem? • How far should the town go to solve the problem? • What are the alternatives and costs? • What criteria should be used in locating facilities? • Who should pay? St. Denis said he does not plan to recommend a deadline or budget for the committee for the Town Commission at the February workshop. “I’m not as hung up on the timeframe for this as I am on getting the right answer,” St. Denis said. The budget will be dependent on how much new information the committee needs, he said. The Beach Advisory Committee spent thousands of dollars getting advice from experts and paying for travel expenses. Once a solution is agreed upon, committees often go one step further and take on the job of selling their product to the public. The former chairman of the Facilities Advisory Committee,

area indicate how high the sea grapes will have to be during turtle hatching season. Florensa said town workers will use the rods to determine how low the sea grapes can be trimmed. But pounding the rods lower into the ground to maintain the view of the Gulf will not work, Florensa warned. “If anybody gets any bright ideas with a hammer, we have reference monuments. So, we know.” ❑ Richard Levin, said his group broke into pairs that set out to educate the public about the need for new buildings. “I think it was an excellent experience,” Levin said. “The fact that the referendum passed handily, I think, had a great deal to do with our committee’s work.” Holt said the committee will be especially valuable if the water solution involves something such as conservation, where everybody will have to actively participate. “You are going to have to get cooperation from the public on that,” Holt said. “And the only way you’re going to get it is with a committee of the people. The public has gotten to where I’m not sure they’re going to do it just because the commission says they have to.” Committees are generally comprised of seven residents, with each commissioner appointing one member. Residents interested in serving on the water committee should contact Spencer at 316-1999. ❑

Protests against Einisman condo plans may continue BY SHAY SULLIVAN City Editor

The fight against the town’s approval of residential use for Vladimir Einisman’s commercial property on Bay Isles Road may not be over yet. The deadline for appealing the town decision in court is Feb. 5. The two factions that initially opposed the switch are both considering an appeal. Christian Van Hise, who argued against the change on the behalf of

neighboring property owner Tom Mannausa, said of an appeal, “The decision has not been finalized, but I will tell you there has been some discussion.” Mannausa did not return calls for comment. Walter Hackett, who joined some of his neighbors in hiring another attorney to oppose Einisman’s request, said their efforts are not over. “There is a small group that has come together,” Hackett said. “I’m a little hesitant, right at the time, to mention any-

thing on it.” Hackett is no stranger to civic organizations. He is the president of the Friends of Tennis. Objections to Einisman’s request to build condos on commercial property were based on the argument that it would be spot zoning, because the surrounding properties are used commercially. Hackett’s group also contended that they will suffer a loss of commercial services if the vacant property became a residential area. ❑

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everything.” Town Manager Bruce St. Denis said it is important to lay out specific goals for a committee, such as the proposal he created for the town’s new water committee. If St. Denis’ proposal is adopted by the commission, the committee would be responsible for answering the following questions: • Does Longboat Key have a water problem? Whose problem is it? • What are the components of the problem? • How far should the town go to solve the problem? • What are the alternatives and costs? • What criteria should be used in locating facilities? • Who should pay? St. Denis said he does not plan to recommend a deadline or budget for the committee for the Town Commission at the February workshop. “I’m not as hung up on the timeframe for this as I am on getting the right answer,” St. Denis said. The budget will be dependent on how much new information the committee needs, he said. The Beach Advisory Committee spent thousands of dollars getting advice from experts and paying for travel expenses. Once a solution is agreed upon, committees often go one step further and take on the job of selling their product to the public. The former chairman of the Facilities Advisory Committee,

area indicate how high the sea grapes will have to be during turtle hatching season. Florensa said town workers will use the rods to determine how low the sea grapes can be trimmed. But pounding the rods lower into the ground to maintain the view of the Gulf will not work, Florensa warned. “If anybody gets any bright ideas with a hammer, we have reference monuments. So, we know.” ❑ Richard Levin, said his group broke into pairs that set out to educate the public about the need for new buildings. “I think it was an excellent experience,” Levin said. “The fact that the referendum passed handily, I think, had a great deal to do with our committee’s work.” Holt said the committee will be especially valuable if the water solution involves something such as conservation, where everybody will have to actively participate. “You are going to have to get cooperation from the public on that,” Holt said. “And the only way you’re going to get it is with a committee of the people. The public has gotten to where I’m not sure they’re going to do it just because the commission says they have to.” Committees are generally comprised of seven residents, with each commissioner appointing one member. Residents interested in serving on the water committee should contact Spencer at 316-1999. ❑

Protests against Einisman condo plans may continue BY SHAY SULLIVAN City Editor

The fight against the town’s approval of residential use for Vladimir Einisman’s commercial property on Bay Isles Road may not be over yet. The deadline for appealing the town decision in court is Feb. 5. The two factions that initially opposed the switch are both considering an appeal. Christian Van Hise, who argued against the change on the behalf of

neighboring property owner Tom Mannausa, said of an appeal, “The decision has not been finalized, but I will tell you there has been some discussion.” Mannausa did not return calls for comment. Walter Hackett, who joined some of his neighbors in hiring another attorney to oppose Einisman’s request, said their efforts are not over. “There is a small group that has come together,” Hackett said. “I’m a little hesitant, right at the time, to mention any-

thing on it.” Hackett is no stranger to civic organizations. He is the president of the Friends of Tennis. Objections to Einisman’s request to build condos on commercial property were based on the argument that it would be spot zoning, because the surrounding properties are used commercially. Hackett’s group also contended that they will suffer a loss of commercial services if the vacant property became a residential area. ❑

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Manatee County envisions islands BY SHAY SULLIVAN City Editor

Manatee County is paying more than $300,000 to create a “vision” for the future, and if the result involves spending extra money, Longboat Key will pay more than its share of the bill. Longboat Key residents living in Manatee County comprise about 1.4% of the population, but paid more than 10% of the county’s total property taxes in Fiscal Year 2001 — $13,651,742 of $125,959,479. This year, the Manatee County part of the island is expected to contribute more than $17 million, depending on the number of homestead exemptions. How many Longboat Key residents attended the Imagine Manatee public brainstorming meeting held on Anna Maria Jan. 27? “A few,” answered Leon Kotecki of the Manatee County Planning Department. An exact count could not be obtained, because sign-in sheets were packed away.

Mayor John Redgrave and Commissioner Jeremy Whatmough participated, along with Longboat Key residents Steve Schield and Gillian Busard, who volunteered to facilitate at the meeting. In all there were 63 people present for the two-hour session. “Your participation is a real testimony to your desire to make this the best place on the planet to live,” said a volunteer leading the vision effort, Rick Fawley. The evening started with a “visual preference” slide show, which featured 48 areas in Manatee County. Participants were asked to rate each area on a scale from negative five to positive five. Pictures that included white picket fences elicited a positive reaction, while chain link fences did not. Large, well manicured homes fared well, while clusters of apartments did not. Next, the meeting broke into small groups. The groups were asked to close their eyes and listen to a prep speech.

“Imagine yourself 10, 15, 20 years from now. Imagine that you are living in a community where your most cherished ideas, dreams and expectations have been realized. Think about your neighborhood. But also think about Manatee County as a whole. Think about all the desirable ingredients of this community you have imagined ... ” When the speech was over, each group was asked to list ideas for improving the county. Some of the ideas included: • Restrict population growth, especially near the islands. • Stop all construction of multi-family buildings on the islands. • Create more parks and open space. • Build a bridge to Longboat Key to alleviate traffic on Cortez Bridge. • Create more educational programs for senior citizens. • Limit the height of signs and require that they be landscaped.

• Strengthen tree laws so the widening of roads does not involve the killing of grand oaks. Whatmough suggested finding ways to better manage traffic and lowering taxes to a reasonable level. The groups’ next task was to mark on a map the places they liked and disliked, with a green dot for good places and a red dot for bad spots. In Whatmough’s group, the north end of Longboat Key got two green dots and was listed among the top three places in the county. By contrast, Busard’s group gave Longboat four red dots and listed it as one of the worst places in the county. The ideas from each group will be categorized and included in a final report to elected officials in April, after all 13 of these brainstorming sessions are complete. Although this was the session meant for island residents, there will be 10 more meetings. Dates and locations are available at ❑

New police chief exposed to Longboat Key crime BY SHAY SULLIVAN City Editor

Police Chief Al Hogle had his first taste of crime a lá Longboat Key on Jan. 20. Hogle was out patrolling with Capt. Steve Mislyan when they saw a man acting suspiciously near a van at the Broadway beach access. As the cruiser approached, the man quickly moved around to the front of the van, where he was out of sight. Mislyan questioned the man, Lance Lee King, 43, of North Port, who did not own the van into which he was peering. King said he was feeding cookies to squirrels. Police did find a cookie in the man’s vehicle, but they also found a bent coat hanger at his feet and other tools that can be used to break into cars. When police opened the back door of King’s car, a beer bottle

rolled out onto the ground and a woman was found sleeping on the backseat. Police arrested King for possession of burglary tools, loitering, prowling and bringing alcohol to the beach. Paperwork from an earlier arrest was found in his pocket. According to reports, King tried to avoid prosecution by offering to inform the Federal Bureau of Investigation about a rash of auto burglaries in the area. “That was my first participation in an arrest here on the island,” said Hogle. In an unrelated incident, Longboat Key Police believe they caught the man responsible for a recent auto burglary on Northshore Road. On Jan. 12, a thief smashed the window in an Ohio woman’s Chevy Blazer and took her purse. Her credit cards were then used to make several hundred dollars of purchases.

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Longboat Key Police Officer Heidi Micale’s husband, Mark, who is a Sarasota Sheriff’s deputy, responded to a similar crime a few days later in Sarasota County. While patrolling the area, Mark Micale saw a man at a beach access who mouthed an obscenity upon seeing the police. Micale looked in the man’s car and found several credit cards hidden in a side door. He arrested Jerry Arnold Wade, 32, of Riverview. When Micale relayed the story to his wife, it became apparent that the Wade might also be responsible for the Longboat Key burglary. Longboat Key Officer George Turner collected video tapes from the stores where the stolen credit cards were used. He then visited Wade in jail and took the videotapes with him. Police said Wade confessed to the Longboat Key burglary upon seeing the stack of evidence mounted against him. ❑




Patterson makes difference on the Key BY DORA WALTERS Senior Editor

Dora Walters

Commissioner Jim Patterson relaxes in his favorite chair with his dog, Molly.


The Longboat Key Center for the Arts’ “They Make a Difference” dinner on Thursday, Feb. 6, will honor three Longboat residents — Town Commissioner Jim Patterson, D.M. Williams and Ralph and Claire Hunter. Patterson was elected to the commission in 1993, served as vice mayor in 1994 and mayor in 1995. He has chosen not to run for reelection after his current term ends in March. “I want to spent more time with my family,” Patterson said, “and I believe I have completed what I started out to do.” Explaining why he decided to run initially, Patterson said, “I thought it was payback time. We were always moving about and I never gave anything back.” Patterson spent 28 years in the U.S. Army and retired as a major general. He served in Korea and Vietnam, where he was commander of the 116th Assault Helicopter Co. of the 11th Aviation Battalion. He was the recipient of the distinguished Service Cross, the second highest military honor. After retiring from the service in 1980, Patterson entered private industry and also became a consultant for helicopter image and simulation training. Commenting on his years on the Town Commission, Patterson said, “One project was the beautification of Gulf of Mexico Drive. I think we have made a good start on it.” Quick Point Park at the south end of the Key was another of Patterson’s interests. “We


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wanted to keep the park as natural as possible and encourage wildlife. I’d like to see an eagle nesting there.” The development of the public tennis courts is a project Patterson is proud he had a hand in, but one of Patterson’s proudest accomplishments is S.T.A.R.T., Solutions to Avoid Red Tide. “When I found out little or nothing was being done on solutions (to red tide),” he said, “I organized a corporation. Finally there is a focus on the issue and funds are coming in from state, local and the federal sources.” Patterson was in on the planning and development of the new police and fire station and Town Hall addition, as well. During his years on the commission, Patterson has also been a member of the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and a member of the Florida League of Cities municipal taxation committee. Although Patterson is retiring from public service, he said, “ I’m available as a volunteer — provided it is something in which I am interested.” For the moment Patterson is interested in horticulture, which is reflected in the orchids and other plants throughout his home and yard. (He majored in horticulture at the University of Massachusetts.) Patterson and his wife, Barbara, have resided on the Key since 1976. The ceremony will be held at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 6, at Harbourside Dining Room, Longboat Key Club. Tickets are $125. Details, 383-2345. ❑


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Sunday is for Sinatra and sunshine It was an afternoon of warm memories and sunny skies as John Rinell sang Sinatra tunes at the Sunday in the Park concert Jan. 26 at Joan M. Durante Park. It didn’t take the crowd long to head for the dance floor, which at times overflowed, sending some to dance on

the grass. The appreciative audience applauded enthusiastically throughout the afternoon and were delighted when Rinell sang their requests. The final Sunday in the Park concert will be Sunday, Feb. 9, and will featuring Larry Elgart, “The Ambassador of Swing,” and his orchestra. ❑

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Our View

Flooding: Whose cost? No doubt about it, the flooding on the north end of Longboat Key is a problem. And it’s good that the Town Commission wants to quit talking about it and actually fix it. But then there is always that sticky issue: Who should pay? Everyone or only those affected? Longboaters routinely confront that question. They did so in the debate over renourishing the beach in 1993, deciding by the narrowest of margins that Gulf-side residents should pay more than bay-side residents. The Town Commission confronted the question again in the debate over canal dredging, deciding that everyone should pay. The commission chose to fund the dredging out of the town’s general revenues. But when the town faced a decision on funding reclaimed water, commissioners and residents alike vacillated. Voters approved a $28 million revenue bond issue that made property owners the guarantors on bonds, but they did so with the understanding that only users would pay. Well, we all know what happened there. So now it’s flooding. Who should pay? As sure as the sun rises, arguments will be made that the flooding affects all Longboaters’ property values, and therefore it would behoove all taxpayers to bail out the residents on Gulfside Road, Bayview, Juan Anasco, in the Village, Buttonwood or wherever else it routinely floods. But reasonable people also know that’s a specious argument. It would be a l-o-o-o-n-g stretch to claim that the flooding on Gulfside has held down the values of L’Ambiance condominiums. Likewise there will be arguments that fixing the flooding is a government responsibility — government for the people. But here’s another way to look at it: Take Country Club Shores. It seldom floods, primarily because it has curbside sewer pipes that swallow the excess rain. The developer of Country Club Shores had the foresight to install the pipes and, in the process, passed along the cost to the people who bought the homes there. That sewer system, no doubt, is reflected in today’s Country Club Shores resale values. In other words, the residents of Gulfside Road or those in Longbeach Village didn’t pay anything to keep the flooding out of Country Club Shores. One other point worth noting: Longboat Commissioner Jeremy Whatmough said he used to own a home on Gulfside Road. But he made the choice to sell the property precisely to get away from the flooding. Everyone has that choice — on Gulfside, in the Village and in Buttonwood. Before our commissioners rush headlong into solving everyone’s flood problems with other people’s money, we hope they give serious thought to the burden of cost. If taxpayers pay to bail the flood water, will taxpayers share the bounty when the affected homeowners sell at values higher than what they otherwise would have been because of the flooded streets? ❑❑❑

Ralph Hunter’s community center You have to admire Longboat Observer founder Ralph Hunter. He’s always pursuing one of his many ideas. And by golly, he rarely gives up. To wit, in our letters to the editor last week, Hunter banged his drum again for a community center at Joan M. Durante Park. He makes a good case. It’s difficult to find a place on the Key that welcomes and is able to accommodate a variety of community activities without having to make a major production. The Longboat Key Center for the Arts, of course, has a terrific gallery that can accommodate fairly large crowds. But converting that space to a community center wouldn’t work, given the focus of the Arts Center. What about the recreation center at Bayfront Park? Too small. The newly remodeled Town Commission Chambers? Again, too small and limited functionality. There are privately owned facilities such as the Stella Maris Center at St. Mary Star of the Sea, but that’s just it — they’re private. Here’s a possibility: Move the Longboat Library to the vacant Bank of America branch on the north end of the Key. It has a floor plan that would be ideal for an expanded

Sound off

Dora Walters

Should the sea grapes across from Bayport be trimmed? As you cruise past what heretofore has been one of Longboat Key’s most spectacular views of the Gulf of Mexico (from your car), you can’t help but notice that the infamous sea grapes are growing ever higher and obstructing your view of the Gulf, particularly as you head north on Gulf of Mexico Drive. We agree with 23-year Longboat Key resident Margie Kallmeyer, who wrote in our letters columns last week: “Forty-eight inches is much too high for the sea grapes. Thousands of people will be denied a view of our beautiful water for the sake of a few turtles. These nests

library. Then convert the existing library or build new a community center large enough to house community activities and gatherings and the Longboat Key Historical Society. As Hunter knows: Where there’s a will, there’s a way. ❑❑❑

Bush budget: Quit bellyaching Florida Gov. Jeb Bush last week introduced as a starting

could be handled in a different way.” What do you think? Should the Town Commission order the sea grapes trimmed forever so the Gulf can be seen? Should the town find alternative methods of protecting the few turtles and nests that appear in that location? Tell us what you think. Call our 24-hour hotline: 383-9362; e-mail your responses to; fax them to 383-7193 or send them via regular mail to P.O. Box 8100, Longboat Key, FL 34228. Responses can be anonymous, but we prefer names.

point a $61 billion state budget, a 6.7% increase over the current fiscal year’s budget. Predictably, like a bunch of spoiled cry babies, local bureaucrats and politicians who feed off of redistributionism, bellyached and scorned Bush. How dare he propose to cut their funding? How dare he ask local governments to pick up more of the cost of government services? Count us in Bush’s corner, cheering him on. Bush has proposed his budget without a tax increase. This irks officials such as Manatee County Administrator Ernie Padgett. Padgett, who told the Bradenton Herald last week that Bush could postpone phasing out the intangibles tax (which punishes % Change savers), or he could raise Positions (Dollars) state taxes. After all, Padgett 0 +124.4% 1,607 +6.0 said, his county commission1,675 -32.9 ers last year raised property 3,682 -9.7 taxes to buy land and 0 -100 increased the sales tax to 1,405 -1.1 fund school construction. 24,242 +6.5 136 — Fortunately for us, Bush 0 -100 understands that no nation, 26,157 +3.9 no state, no community has 2,051 +14.4 ever taxed itself to prosperity 351 +3.5 — particularly in times of a 3,585 -20.3 294 -12.2 recession. 2,685 +100 We would urge you not to 1,770 -15.4 accept the dogma of the 3,163 +3.4 daily media on the state 4,704 -9.1 budget. Surf the Internet at 0 -100 8,565 +3.6 and 5,273 -9.8 take the time to read Bush’s 1,922 +2.3 full budget message. You will 1,221 -6.4 see the governor is proposing 0 -17.4 a 7% increase ($900 mil500 -5.3 1,761 — lion) for K-12 education 294 — funding and a $1.1 billion 152 +2.1 increase in social service 380 — funding. You will see a gov5,441 -3.2 ernor who, rather than 0 -100 597 +100 whining, is confronting 2,740 -9.4 tough choices in tough eco7,966 +1.7 nomic times. Would that 658 +43.3 some of the local leaders 114,971 +6.8 would follow his lead.







My view

No need for congratulations on town water issues BY SAMIR RAGHEB Guest Writer

In a workshop held Nov. 21, 2002, the town manager proposed banning the installation of new irrigation water meters on the Key for the sole purpose of conserving water. This was approved as proposed by the town manager and given an effective date of Nov. 15, 2002, and on Dec. 2, 2002, that proposal passed a first reading. It passed the second reading Jan. 7. Thus is became law only on Jan. 7 but effective as of Nov. 15, 2002. Between the workshop and the second reading an applicant came forward and paid the $300 fee for the irrigation meter, and when the town manager was informed, he directed the town to reject the application and return the fee. I inquired about applying and was told that all applicants are being rejected. Nothing is to be enforced unless it is approved in two readings. Thus the town manager subverted the rule of law. He enforced the change before the second reading, which is required before the change is final. In the Jan. 7 meeting, when the second reading came up, Michael Lendrihas inquired if this ban on irrigation meters affects filling swimming pools. Bruce St. Denis said, “I do not know the answer to that.” He did not offer to find out the answer, left it vague and gave the impression that it dies not. The proposal passed. St. Denis knew the answer to that question or should have known. If he spent 20 minutes collecting the facts about the rates and the meters usage, he

would have saved himself and the public a lot of work. The whole issue of banning irrigation meters for homeowners as a water-saving measure is pure hype and posturing, and the town manager knows that. The only advantage of a separate water meter is not to pay fees on the water used to fill pools or for irrigation. It turns out that the town charges sewer fees on only the first 7,500 gallons of water, which is what the average family uses. Thus there are no savings here. The town charges $1.18 per 1,000 gallons for the first 4,800 gallons of water and $1.87 after that. So having a separate meter to avoid the higher rate offers no savings, either. A homeowner uses his drinking water to fill a pool or irrigate as needed. The presence or absence of an irrigation meter will not affect the homeowner’s use. Who is the culprit in the alleged overuse? A private golf club or a condominium? Maybe. If that is the case, banning new irrigation water meters will not impact the current use. The ordinance did not ban existing irrigation meters. Why the posturing and for whose benefit? Is it to give the impression that he is serious about conservation? Or is it to increase the pressure on the commissioners and the residents that there is need for another source of water. The fiasco of the reclaimed water is scandalous. When the project was being discussed, the town manager made it clear to the public and the commissioners that no money would be spent unless there is a contract to buy the water

Letters to


If you would like to send us your comments, please write, e-mail or fax one of the following addresses: Box 8100, Longboat Key, FL 34228; e-mail:; fax: 3837193. Please include your name and phone number. The Longboat Observer will print all letters to the editor if it feels they are of general interest, but only if the letter is signed and the author’s street address and phone number are given. The editor reserves the right to condense letters.

Hershatter on the right track Dear Editor: Kudos to Dick Hershatter! He has my vote and the vote of many others. We need more people who think like him to serve. Regina Gurland Longboat Key

Complaints absurd Dear Editor: Commissioner Ron Johnson’s complaint that publishing his e-mail address by PIC was an “intolerable invasion of my privacy” is absurd. The only way to keep an e-mail address secret is to send e-mails to no one and never use the Internet. When you send an e-mail, unless it is encrypted, many people can capture it. That’s one of the methods spam senders use to get e-mail addresses. Many of the national syndicated columnists offer their e-mail addresses to readers, soliciting comments. They must get thousands of responses, but surely they have virus protection on their computers. If Johnson does not have such a program on his computer, he is living dangerously. His complaint that he deals with judicial issues, and in the case of a lawsuit, his computer could be seized is similarly absurd. Conceivably a court could order that copies of e-mails sent to him be furnished to an attorney as part of a records request in a civil suit. They could also order copies of e-mails he has sent to others, but seizing his computer could take place only as a result of a court order for suspected terrorism, espionage and the like. His “outrage” is contrived and unworthy of a public official. Commissioner Hal Lenobel’s complaints about Al Green’s comments were way off

and a contract to sell the water to different users. The concern then was if there would be enough users. He assured everybody that yes, there would be enough users. It turns out that there is no supply at the price on which he built his assumptions. The technology for underground storage of the water has not been proven. In the first three years you lose 50% of the water that is stored underground. This should have been known to the town manager and his consultants before coming to the commissioners to approve it. Why was this information withheld before the referendum? When did the town manager know that 50% of the water stored underground in the first three years will be lost? And when did he release this information? Was this information known to the consultants before the referendum, and if so, why was this not divulged? If the consultants did not know this information, why not? Isn’t this why they were being paid? The mayor assures us that we learned something from spending $700,000 studying the project — and this figure does not account for staff time. Lord knows how staff time was accounted for and at what hourly rate. I do not know what we learned. The only thing that is clear is not to trust the government with our money. I wonder why Redgrave is congratulating the town manager. Samir Ragheb, M.D., lives in the Village of Longboat Key and regularly participates in Town Commission meetings. ❑

a meeting at Selby Public Library and I am asked to introduce the speaker, a survivor of the War of Independence and World War II with the British Army. He is 86 years old — Henry Korman. While interviewing Korman, he said to me, “I do not know why God has allowed me to live so long.” I pondered the statement for some time. Is it possible in this age of the new tolerance, multi-culturalism and universalism that a clear voice for integrity, honesty, tradition and religious beliefs can be heard? Maye Lavinson Longboat Key

Characters misidentified

base. Green was a bit too aggressive in his interpretation of Lenobel’s cross-examination of the tennis center official at the town workshop. Green’s comments were like throwing raw meat to a hungry lion. I was present at the workshop and recall the manner in which Lenobel asked questions that he knew the answers to, waiting to pounce on any answer that conflicted with his “facts” or personal observations. He should have simply recited his facts and observations without the “gotcha” mechanism. Having completed his written tirade, Lenobel must have pulled out his Thesaurus and proceeded to change every little word to a big word. I was unimpressed by his sentiments or the big words. Rudy K. Meiselman, M. D. Longboat Key

Dear Editor: Correction: In his review of the Asolo’s Main Stage production of “The Corn Is Green,” Marty Fugate mistakenly identifies Jennifer Plants (one of the talented third-year Conservatory students), as playing the role of the unmarried Miss Ronberry. It is, in fact, Devora Millman, who plays that part with, in his words, “bittersweet comedy.” Jennifer Plants plays the role of Sarah Pugh, the postmistress. Correctly identifying all the characters in a large cast show is understandably difficult, even for a reviewer. But as a former theatrical agent, I am very sensitive to crediting the correct actors for their good work. Eva T. Slane Sarasota

History lesson

Avoid all double taxation

Dear Editor: The year is 1996. I am on a trip to Israel with the Jewish National Fund Organization, celebrating the 3,000th birthday of Jerusalem. During our stay we were taken to the Burma Road. In 1948, five Arab armies surrounded this tiny piece of land even before Ben Gurion declared the land to be called Israel. They began the siege of Jerusalem, trying to starve to death the 100,000 Jews then living in Jerusalem. The Arabs got control of the main roads in to the city. In order to save the Jews of Jerusalem, Jews living outside of the city during the nights of the siege created this road through the mountain to bring food, water and flour to those inside the city and thereby saved thousands of lives. The year is 2003. My organization, Zionist Organization of America, is having

Dear Editor: Watching the trial balloons floated daily regarding the proposed dividend tax elimination/cut/relief scheme is like observing an amoeba under the microscope: it wriggles, changes shape, engulfs small bits of matter and excretes others; and tries to squeeze through small loop holes. The announced objective is to eliminate “double taxation.” But many corporations pay little or no taxes; and most that do pay much less than the nominal corporate tax rate by availing themselves of numerous shelters provided by a willing (and heavily financed) Congress. Dealing with the fallacy of eliminating “double taxes” when initial taxation is lightly assessed or doesn’t exist at all, the tax writers now experiment with various schemes, involving analyzing corporate taxpayers as to their level of taxation, allowing (lower) capital gains rates on non-declared dividends and other

Byzantine constructs. An army of tax-avoidance specialists awaits the experts’ final creation, which promises to be both an enforcement nightmare and a bonanza for tax lawyers and accountants. Other than its bias towards favoring the wealthy, there seems to be no rationale for emphasizing dividend taxation as the only species of double taxation to be worthy of redress, to the exclusion of all others. Our economy is ridden with cases of double, triple and multiplex taxation. One simple example is gasoline for your car. Gasoline is taxed by the feds and the state government. The combined price then becomes the basis for state and local sales taxes and is paid for with earnings subject to federal, state and sometimes local income taxes. Depending on the jurisdiction, a fill-up can be taxed at (count them) seven levels of taxation. Why is no one exercised by that? If the objective is truly to afford tax relief that will stimulate the economy, a simpler (and certainly more equitable) solution would be to eliminate double taxation of wages and salaries. That does not mean abolishing the payroll tax, because we should not jeopardize the Social Security trust fund (if it actually exists). We should allow individuals to deduct the cost of payroll taxes from taxable income, the same as corporations do. This can be accomplished simply by adding a single line to the individual tax return, subtracting social security taxes from adjusted gross income — a surgically clean tax benefit. Whether the taxpayer itemizes or takes the standard deduction would be irrelevant. Eliminating double taxation of salaries certainly benefits the upper-level taxpayer the most, but this tax relief would profit middle income taxpayers more than would dividend tax revision. Its virtue is that purchasing power in the hands of lower and middle income taxpayers, who would tend to spend it, is much more stimulating to the economy. In the short run, upperbracket taxpayers would be more likely to bank, rather than spend the extra income. In economists’ terms, money in wealthy hands has a lower multiplier than that in lower income levels. It is amazing that this simple economic stimulus has not been proposed by anyone. Perhaps the motivation is other than economic recovery, as was ballyhooed in the media. L. Ageloff Longboat Key


Cops’ Corner


The following reports are actual reports compiled by the Longboat Key Police Department. They are all answered and dealt with by members of the department or referred to others for action.

Disturbance. Subject said he was cursed by his neighbor and the incident is on videotape. 6:04 p.m. — 4900 block GMD. Property lost. Subject is missing $200 camera. 8:21 p.m. — 6200 block GMD. Traffic violation. Police watched driver of Mustang become irate when passed by two motorcycles. The Mustang driver proceeded to race with the motorcycles until being pulled over by police. All involved were given citations for reckless driving.

Jan. 13

Jan. 15

7:06 a.m. — 6700 block Gulf of Mexico Drive (GMD). Rescue. Subject was found dead of natural causes. 8:59 a.m. — 4800 block GMD. Disturbance. Realtors argued after a planned sale did not occur because the property owner wanted more money. Realtor One said when she went out into the parking lot, Realtor Two tried to run her over. Realtor One fell into the shrubs. She said Realtor Two put car in reverse and made another pass. Realtor Two then called Realtor One a jealous, fat, ugly so-andso. Realtor One did not want to press charges. 12:25 p.m. — 3800 block GMD. Property lost. Subject lost driver’s license. 1:56 p.m. — 5400 block GMD. Public service. Subject donated three guns to police, which were destroyed because they are in a state of disrepair. 3:04 p.m. — 5400 block GMD. Larceny. Subject let woman stay at his house while he was away. Woman let another man stay at the house without subject’s permission. When subject returned, he found two checks missing. 4:11 p.m. — 5400 block GMD. Larceny. Subject said her bicycle seat was stolen from a locked shed.

11:07 a.m. — 5400 block GMD. Property found. Officer found a disposable camera. 11:52 a.m. — 4200 block GMD. Suspicious circumstance. Subject thought her car was stolen from church, but it was found at her home. Subject does not know how this happened. 2:32 p.m. — 5300 block GMD. Traffic accident. Subjects had a round of bumper cars in the parking lot, causing $3,000 damage. 5:58 p.m. — 700 block Penfield Street. Traffic violation. Subject reported guy doing wheelies on scooter. Police warned the guy for operating an unregistered scooter with no taillight. 11:53 p.m. — Bradenton Beach. Assist. Longboat police helped set up a perimeter around the scene of a robbery on Bradenton Beach.

Jan. 14 8:23 a.m. — 500 block Bay Isles Parkway. Property found. Subject found a credit card and gave it to police. 2:57 p.m. — 5400 block GMD.

Jan. 16 6:50 a.m. — 1000 block GMD. Traffic violation. Subject told police his name was Jesus. Police discovered his real name was Ivan and cited him for giving them a false name and for unlicensed driving. 9:53 a.m. — 1700 block GMD. Fraud. Subject gave $2,500 check to window company to have work performed. Several months went by and no work was done, so subject called president of company. President told subject to send another check, for $2,037. He did. Several months went by and no work was done.

Cops’ Corner Scorecard Noises Construction Parties Strange Fireworks

Critters Barking dogs Mangled peacocks Loose dogs Dog attacks Bees’ nests Frantic squirrels Dog poisoning

0 0 0 0 0 0 0

High Crimes Burglaries Drug arrests Larceny Trespassing

1 0 6 0

Vandalism Warrant arrests

Only on Longboat

1 0

Jacuzzi near-drowning Lost and found people Code violations Personality conflict Superglued doors Rude in restaurant Nipple Pinching Picking toenails Elvis sightings Explicit Speedos Anthrax anxieties Crossdresser crossing Soda overdose Classmate clobbering

Vehicular Occurrences Auto/bike accidents Crashes DUI Fender benders Hit and run Traffic violations

1 3 1 6 1 17

Missing Items Cell phones Children Jewelry/watches Purses/wallets Hearing Aids Boats Mailboxes

0 0 1 5 0 1 0

0 0 3 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Statistics represent the reports published in Cops’ Corner year-todate. They are not the official number of calls handled by the police.

12:29 p.m. — 100 block Sands Point Road. Property lost. Subject is missing $5,450 worth of jewelry from her bedroom. 3:54 p.m. — 400 block GMD. Property lost. Subject is missing his purse. (He is a foreigner.) 5 p.m. — 1400 block GMD. Traffic violation. Subject arrested for driving with suspended license and speeding at 55 mph in a 45 mph zone. 11:34 p.m. — 6100 block GMD. Firearms discharged. Police received two separate reports of several gunshots and orange flashes, which could have been from fireworks. Police searched the area, but could not find suspects or evidence of explosives.

expensive real estate on the market and then steals jewelry once inside the home. 11:54 a.m. — 2400 block GMD. Fraud. Subject said his credit report shows he purchased a BMW, but he didn’t. Police are not overly concerned, because whoever did buy the car is making the $600 monthly payments. 12:25 p.m. — 300 block GMD. Traffic accident. A car cut subject off, causing her to brake and be hit from behind by a third car. 1:09 p.m. — GMD at Broadway. Traffic accident. Subject turned too soon and clipped the back of an oncoming car, causing $2,500 worth of damage. 2:37 p.m. — 6800 block Poinsetta Ave. Property found. Subject turned in a lost wallet.

Jan. 17

Jan. 18

9:28 a.m. — 400 block Northshore Road. Code enforcement. A leaky hose caused flooding on neighbor’s lawn. 11:53 a.m. — 5400 block GMD. Suspicious circumstance. Police were warned about couple who asks to be shown

7:50 a.m. — 1200 block GMD. Suspicious person. A man seen riding bicycle into bushes was a landscaper with a suspended license. 9:19 a.m. — New Pass Bridge. Traffic violation. Subject cited for speeding.


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534 Bird Key Drive

This outstanding home offers fabulous master suite and three guest suites plus den. Covered lanai with outside kitchen overlooking the pool, spa and dock, 3-car garage. Minutes to the open bay. $1,999,000

Elegant home, open & bright. living room w/see-thru floor plan. Wonderful kitchen, granite tops. Glass doors open living area to caged pool w/spa & outdoor kitchen. 3BR suites w/bath. Also den/office. 3-car garage. $1,075,000

388-2331 TOLL FREE • 877-589-7979 1303


CANNONS COUNTS David Miller, Jack Bergbom, Tom Tomao, Benny Parrish

ON THESE GUYS You can count on these guys, too. Dave, Jack, Tom and Benny have an aggregate of more than 100 years experience – at Cannons alone. You can count on the rest of the Cannons family, too. Since 1955, they’ve been there, for you, every single day. Count yourself among the Cannons family, and enjoy the very best in boating.


6040 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key Open 7 Days a Week • 941-383-1311





If you were the judge

How do Denny’s restaurants prevent lawsuits? lucrative financial arrangement with the extortionist. Denny’s has taken strong aggressive steps to prevent such deceitful acts. It has installed a protective system in its outlets to stop sham claims, a tape recording system to impede opportunists from filing false charges. Ronald Flagler and Janet P. Jones put Denny’s to the test. Both black, they asserted unlawful discrimination in a Denny’s restaurant. They stated that they entered the restaurant as customers but were ignored for an hour there while many white customers, entering late, were served promptly. Their complaint charged that Denny’s was guilty of a “willful disregard of the rights of African Americans.” Instead of succumbing to the demands of the complaint, Denny’s unrolled a tape that was installed in the establishment. It showed that the plaintiffs were in the restaurant only 10 minutes, and that several blacks and Hispanics were seated and served during those 10 minutes. When the foregoing was disclosed, the plaintiffs’ lawyer, the flamboyant Ellis Rubin, stated, “After further investigation, we decided to withdraw from the case since we didn’t want to violate Florida Bar rules or Rule 11.” Fortunately, Federal Rule 11 provides for severe punishment to attorneys who bring frivolous lawsuits.

That rule is extremely effective in the administration of justice. Denny’s has taken a dual approach to bias claims by preinvestigating them and by vigorously defending itself when the charges are deemed false. “They might be thinking that you’re an easy target, that perhaps you will settle the case to make it go away,” says Rhonda Parish, Denny’s general counsel. “If we determine it’s a frivolous lawsuit we will fight it tooth and toenail.” (Source: The National Law Journal, Aug. 28, 2002.) James Durante, a Longboat Key resident, is a retired member of the New York Bar. ❑


4:12 p.m. — 4100 block GMD. Assault. Restaurant employees got into a shoving match in the parking lot. The first employee said the second drew a gun. The second employee denied owning a gun and police could not find one on him. There were no injuries.

Lusya Sullivan

Salt, math and mangroves were on the agenda for this group of third graders from Anna Maria Elementary school.

Before you make complex financial decisions, you’ll have a few questions.

Jan. 19

So will we.

1:25 p.m. — 7100 block Longboat Drive. Abandoned boat. Police took charge of a 14-foot abandoned Catalina. 1:35 p.m. — 700 block St. Judes Drive. Disturbance. Subject offered neighbor a fish. Neighbor accepted fish and said he would cook it for them both to share later. Subject left. After a while he saw smoke at neighbor’s house, so he returned, thinking the fish was cooking. When he arrived, the slider was open, so subject entered neighbor’s home, just as neighbor’s wife was coming out of the shower. She screamed and subject was asked not to return again. 9:38 p.m. — 4400 block Exeter Drive. Domestic violence. Drunk subject’s yelling roused neighbors and he was arrested for refusing to quiet down and charged with resisting arrest for not letting officer handcuff him.

Jan. 20 6:27 p.m. — 4200 block GMD. Property lost. Subject is missing a $600 Paul Revere statue.

Jan. 21 9 a.m. — 3400 block Winding Oaks Drive. Animal. Subject is missing a white cat with cinnamon-colored spots. 9:50 a.m. — 5500 block GMD. Code enforcement. Subject thought to be watering illegally was not. He had just failed to report installation of new sod. 11:19 a.m. — 5500 block GMD. Vandalism. Someone broke off a piece of the toilet in public men’s room. 1:13 p.m. — 600 block GMD. Suspicious person. Subjects seen hitchhiking explained that their temporary job ended early and they had no ride home. Police took them to a bus stop. 1:40 p.m. — 700 block Norton Street. Trespassing. Subject moved his truck, which was blocking a nearby driveway. 3 p.m. — Greer Island. Sex offense. Juvenile girl saw a naked man walking through the woods, but she only saw his backside and could not identify him on that information alone. Police later found a man with a large stack of pornographic magazines, but he was wearing orange trunks at the time. 5:19 p.m. — 5500 block GMD. Juvenile nuisance. Police caught kids setting off fireworks and confiscated the remaining 15 firecrackers.

The Private Bank at Bank of America What do you dream about? Do you consider yourself a risk taker? Questions like these allow us to get to know you both personally and financially. At The Private Bank, we offer a suite of services integrated through a thoughtful, comprehensive advice platform. When you work with us, your advisor will marshal the vast resources of Bank of America to help you build, manage and preserve your wealth for a lasting legacy. We invite you to learn more about The Private Bank at Bank of America. With more than 150 years of experience, we are America’s Trusted Wealth Advisor.

Jan. 22 11:16 a.m. — 5400 block GMD. Property lost. Subject discovered her wallet was missing while she was at a restaurant. No word on whether she was made to wash dishes. 1:04 p.m. — 700 block Old Compass Road. Code enforcement. Watering violation. Warned. 1:15 p.m. — 2400 block Harbourside Drive. Fraud. Subject’s credit card used repeatedly at an ATM in Miami.

Call The Private Bank Sarasota Market Executive, Bill Young at 941.952.2705 or visit PVT-15-4P-06751000-AD

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Advantica Restaurant Group Inc. is the corporate owner of the much-maligned, yet popular restaurant chain, Denny’s restaurants. A few years ago, Denny’s settled a $46 million class action with hundreds of blacks, who alleged that they were refused customer service when in one of the 1,800 Denny’s restaurants. As part of the settlement agreement, Denny’s instituted an extensive diversity training system for its thousands of employees. In addition, it increased substantially its blackowned franchises and complied with the decisions of a federal civil-rights monitor. Nevertheless, Denny’s continued to be plagued with public accommodation lawsuits. It is no secret that, unfortunately, in this society, there exist crooked professional claimants who attempt to manufacture facts, under the guise of a legal remedy, for the purpose of collecting money from a deceived defendant. For instance, there is the fellow who since childhood had a tack lodged in his upper chest. It is harmless but with that innocuous fact he made a comfortable, though fraudulent living. Well dressed and making a fine appearance, he would dine at one of the town’s better restaurants. At dessert time, he suddenly would clutch his throat, make loud painful shrieks and collapse on the floor, chokingly explaining that he swallowed something foreign in the contents of the dessert. An ambulance then would take him to a hospital where X-rays, of course, would reveal the outline of the imbedded object in his chest. To avoid harmful publicity, engendered by a threatened lawsuit, the eating establishment quickly would negotiate a





Thousands of Homes

One Address: – LONGBOAT, LIDO & BIRD KEY –

ELEGANT BEACHFRONT ESTATE on 1.5+ Gulf front acres. Mediterranean residence with 5,600 sq. ft. of lush, tropical landscaping, panoramic Gulf views, exceptional appointments, terraces, private tennis courts & heated beachfront pool. $5,990,000. Saint Cacchiotti & Gail Wittig, 383-7591 or 387-0533. #232072

STUNNING KEY WEST WATERFRONT Three BR home with panoramic views on sailboat water, just minutes from the Gulf. Soaring ceilings, gourmet kitchen, elevator, pool/spa & dock. $2,500,000. Karen Kunz, 388-4447 or 954-3656. #225809

LAS CASITAS Charming Mediterranean with wide water views & private dock on Lido, just steps to beach & St. Armands. Super quality, style & design. $1,999,000. Linda Roe Dickinson, 388-4447 or 350-3304. #226326

MASTERPIECE ON LONGBOAT Exceptional design by award-winning architect. Warm, natural colors enhance inviting interior with handcrafted woodwork, gourmet kitchen & caged pool/spa. $2,195,000. Jo Ann Thorpe, 388-4447 or 349-7583. #231707 LONGBOAT KEY TOWERS Exceptionally spacious, direct Gulf front, 3BR condo behind the gates of the Longboat Key Club. Watch sunrises & sunsets from 2 balconies. $1,195,000. Susan Mitchell, 951-6660 or 780-5085. #231472 THE BEACHES Three BR unit with stunning Gulf views & private staircase leading to ground level terrace & beach. Marble floors, turnkey furnished & 2 balconies. $1,175,000. Susan Mitchell, 951-6660 or 780-5085. #232129 GRAND BAY Lowest priced Cayman at Grand Bay is with many upgrades & the widest balconies. Ideal for the buyer who enjoys magnificent vistas of water & golf. $929,000. Kent Glen Peterson, 383-7591 or 780-1559. #230854 NORTH LONGBOAT KEY Over 1,800 sq. ft., 3BR unit with direct beach & Gulf views from every room. Beautifully remodeled, decorated & furnished. Community heated pool & tennis. $889,900. Jo Ann Thorpe, 388-4447 or 349-7583. #230610 DIRECT GULF-FRONT Spectacular panoramic Gulf views with tasteful decor, updated kitchen, newer appliances & 2 private balconies, just one flight of stairs to the beach. $710,000. Donna Maloof, 383-7591. #231162 BEACHPLACE Enjoy spectacular direct Gulf views from this nicely appointed unit in the most requested complex on South Longboat Key. $699,900. Steve Magner, 383-7591 or 376-8559. #229881 DIRECT BAY VIEW Quiet, private location in Grand Bay. Expansive balcony, beautiful tile flooring & built-ins throughout. Longboat Key Moorings boat slip available. $699,000. Craig & Steve Abbott, 383-7591 or 374-3003. #230539 LONGBOAT KEY Islander Club with Gulf views from every room. This beautifully renovated unit has travertine floors, granite/stainless steel kitchen & exquisite decor. $689,000. Bobbie Banan, 388-4447 or 356-2659. #229653 FAIRWAY BAY ATRIUM Sweeping bay views from this beautifully decorated 2BR plus den with over 2,000 sq. ft., tennis, clubhouse & private beach club. $689,000. Kathy Simonds, 383-7591 or 350-5292. #231155 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES This beautiful Longboat Key canal front is currently the lowest priced 3BR unit in Country Club Shores. $669,900. Robert Huff, 388-4447. #231323 BEACHFRONT - SEA GATE CLUB Direct Gulf front coveted south end unit enjoys panoramic vistas & spectacular sunsets. Beautiful wide beach with covered shaded huts & beach chairs. $649,000. Susan McLeod, 388-4447 or 951-2541. #229909 DIRECT GULF-FRONT Absolutely immaculate with new carpets & beautiful decor. The best value in Key Tower South. $585,000. Thomas Heimann & Karin Stephan, 383-7591 or 447-7338. #228892 LIDO BEACH Large 2BR turnkey furnished unit with beautiful Gulf views. On-site management, pool, sauna & exercise room. Next to the Ritz-Carlton Beach Club. $519,000. Thomas Heimann & Karin Stephan, 383-7591 or 447-7338. #230482 RIVIERA City skyline views from this well-maintained unit across from beach, just a short walk to St. Armands Circle. $415,000. Cathie de’Ath, 388-4447. #231705 FAIRWAY BAY Large first floor walk-out end unit with beautiful hardwood floors, elegant built-ins, extra room for office & underground parking. $409,000. Traute Winsor, 383-7591 or 504-1949. #230591 CASA DEL MAR Rare opportunity to purchase a 2BR in one of Longboat Key’s best rental complexes with on-site management. Gross yearly potential of $25,000. $385,000. Richard B. Perlman, 383-7591 or 387-8880. #231877 WINDWARD BAY Fully equipped, beautifully furnished corner unit with unobstructed bay views. Includes clubhouse, tennis, boat docks, 2 pools & deeded beach access. $383,500. Bobbie Banan, 388-4447 or 356-2659. #231591 LIDO BEACH Rarely available 1BR unit on the 12th floor with direct Gulf & bay views & southern exposure overlooking the future Ritz-Carlton Beach Club. $375,000. Klaus Lang, 383-7591 or 320-1223. #230827 LIDO AMBASSADOR Two BR split plan unit with partial Gulf views. Steps to St. Armands, beach or dining at the Radisson Hotel. $369,000. Saint Cacchiotti & Gail Wittig, 383-7591 or 387-0533. #228469 LONGBOAT KEY CLUB HOME SITE One of the last remaining behind the gates. Marina, golf course & beach club. $299,000. Ann Martin, 388-4447 or 953-7717. #230196 LONGBOAT KEY Build your home in this maintenance-free community with your deeded boat dock close by. Enjoy the beautiful north end beach across the street. $275,000. Bobbie Banan, 388-4447 or 356-2659. #231700 TENNIS MAGAZINE RATED #1 RESORT Owners may stay 30 days per year & have use of tennis courts, fitness center, salon & spa, & water sports rental equipment. $230,000. Susan Fox, 383-3759. #212674

– SARASOTA MAINLAND – GRAND TWO-STORY PENTHOUSE with 7,200 sq. ft. and 360 degree views over Sarasota Bay and city below. Sweeping staircase to 2nd floor suites and rooftop terrace. $4,200,000. Susan Fox, 383-3759. #218028 THE VIEWS WILL AMAZE YOU from this 14th floor Ritz Tower residence situated with vista to the direct west. Open floor plan with 3/4BRs, fabulous finishes & upgrades. $2,444,000. Annette Rogers, 383-7591 or 387-0800. #230308

Michael Saunders



GRAND POINT Live, work and play in a treasured downtown setting on Golden Gate Point overlooking Sarasota Bay. Luxurious condominium residences. Priced from $600,000’s. Carolyn Cowgill, 302-8000.

THE RENAISSANCE OF SARASOTA - City living, Sarasota style, with all the amenities. Walk to the Van Wezel and downtown. Enjoy bay and city views. Decorated models open daily. Priced from $190,000 to $480,000’s. Karen Wall, Martina Coppenrath & Eric Massey, 955-2955. RITZ-CARLTON TOWER RESIDENCES with full concierge service & stateof-the-art amenities, this 3BR residence features a private elevator lobby, grand foyer & luxurious master suite. $1,690,000. Thomas Heimann & Karin Stephan, 383-7591 or 447-7338. #231478 WEST OF THE TRAIL Four BR nestled on almost an acre of tropical paradise on Hudson Bayou with dock & boat lift. Flexible floor plan, pool/spa & greenhouse. $1,500,000. Phyllis Garfinkel, 951-6660 or 302-6400. #231731 SOUTHPOINTE SHORES Spectacular views of Little Sarasota Bay on protected sailboat water. Well-maintained with gourmet kitchen, heated pool & large entertaining area. $1,295,000. Chad Roffers, 951-6660 or 376-0188. #232118 EXQUISITE HISTORIC GRAND VILLA ESTATE A piece of Sarasota’s history. Extensively renovated by local architect. Mediterranean-style, beautifully landscaped & over 5,000 sq. ft. Reduced to $1,275,000. Susan McLeod, 388-4447 or 951-2541. #212762 GRACEFUL COLONIAL framed by oaks & magnolias. Over 4,000 sq. ft. with lake views & new kitchen. Traditional style & geniality of Oaks I with perfect cul-de-sac location. $1,150,000. Terri Derr & Ken Torrington, 383-7591 or 356-6694. #232048 GOLDEN GATE POINT Brand new luxurious bayfront condo with spectacular southwest bay views. Large unit with roof deck, 28’ balcony, 2-car garage & day dock. $1,025,000. Derrick Bhayat, 388-4447 or 504-9785. #229737 LA BELLASARA Return to splendor and enjoy exciting Sarasota Bay and downtown views. Special attention is evident in the spectacular floor plans for these 29 luxurious condominium residences in this architecturally distinctive high-rise. Priced from the $1,000,000’s. Nell Leffel, (941) 780-4242. IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN Sarabande offers spectacular daytime & evening views of Sarasota Bay. Sought after ‘Chambord’ model with east & west balconies & custom features throughout. $989,000. Nina Dearing, 388-4447 or 809-0038. #230278 LAWRENCE POINTE BAYFRONT First floor 2BR unit with sweeping views from the city to the bay. Fabulous upgrades in a casually elegent ‘Tommy Bahama’ feel. Ritz membership available. $699,995. The Hedge Team, 951-6660 or 350-0100. #231863 BAYFRONT BEAUTY with possible Ritz social membership included. Totally renovated in a sophisticated deco style in a soon to be gated community with pool on the bay. $699,900. The Hedge Team, 951-6660 or 350-0100. #229756

ONE WATERGATE Downtown waterfront luxury at its finest. John C. Collins interior design complete renovation. No corner was cut in the creation of this opulent home. $675,000. Carolyn Collins, 951-6660 or 320-0722. #231708 DESOTA PARK This walled-in, West of the Trail estate is full of potential. Open floor plan, beautiful wood & ceramic tile, lush landscaping & bird sanctuary. $650,000. Marianne LeBar, 951-6660 or 650-0337. #231765 STUNNING SOUTHWESTERN LAKE VIEWS from this casually elegant Silver Oaks home. Three BRs plus library & 600 sq. ft. hobby room, 40’ lap pool, & many extras. $649,000. Stacy Liljeberg, 349-3444 or 544-6103. #231997 BEST OF THE WEST Fantastic value, under appraisal. Over 3,000 sq. ft., 4BRs plus den & newer 4-car garage with play area or storage upstairs. $599,900. Bruce Tassinare, 951-6660 or 955-3333. #231875 MERIDIAN-THE OAKS PRESERVE Breathtaking panorama and superbly upgraded with built-ins, faux finishes, California closets, tile, & plantation shutters. $585,000. Terri Derr & Ken Torrington, 383-7591 or 356-6694. #231771 MAGNIFICENT BAY & SUNSET VIEWS from the 10th floor of this 2BR, 1,700 sq. ft. unit in a popular downtown building with boat docks, pools & tennis. $575,000. Joan Boltax, 388-4447 or 350-6390. #229156 FABULOUS VIEWS Downtown condo on the bay. Gorgeous 7th floor unit with 2BRs is beautifully furnished in popular complex near the RitzCarlton & Van Wezel. $568,000. Wayne and Penny Sanders, 966-8000 or 923-5895. #229142 SPECTACULAR PANORAMIC VIEWS from this 2BR condo on the 18th floor in a gated community with concierge, boat docks, tennis & fitness rooms. $475,000. Pam DeMarie and Connie Lyke, 951-6660 or 350-9371. #229544 HIDDEN BAY Stunning wide open bay views from this 5th floor luxury condo. Two BRs plus den, carpet in BRs, Jacuzzi, Bahama shutters, clubhouse, pool & tennis. $448,600. Pat Garrett, 349-3444 or 923-9575. #231350 BEST PRICED BAYFRONT with fabulous sunset & water views. Stunning 2BR updated unit in gated community with boat docks, pools, tennis & more. $438,900. Joan Boltax, 388-4447 or 350-6390. #229006 COUNTRY LIVING IN THE CITY Unique, totally remodeled custom pool/spa home, surrounded by ‘naturescaping’, on 1 1/2-acre of privacy, next to Meadows Country Club & 10th fairway. $399,900. Judy Schomaker, 9668000 or 928-9572. #231259 CONDO ON THE BAY Seventh floor, 2BR unit with spectacular full bay views, updated kitchen, tennis & boat docks, in the heart of the cultural district. $398,500. Bitsy Robertson and Steve Spraker, 951-6660 or 377-0098. #231891 WASHINGTON PARK Duplex in sought after Laurel Park. Excellent condition with income potential. $379,000. Damon & Gaia Goldman, 951-6660 or 587-4935. #231698 CEDAR COVE ESTATES Remodeled 4BR home with chef’s kitchen, French doors, new carpet & Diamond Crete pool. Private maintenance-free yard with boat dock & RV parking. $359,000. Robert M. Dardas, 383-7591 or 359-9502. #231827 PRESTANCIA TOWNHOME Spacious, light & bright 2BR luxury unit with lake & golf course views in a gated community. $350,000. Stan Haidl and Peter Salefsky, 383-7591 or 724-3000. #230702 BE THE FIRST TO SEE this terrific, expanded 3BR near Arlington Park with an awesome screened porch. $169,000. Judi Summers, 951-6660 or 302-3238. #231972

GULF TO BAY Charleston-style for gracious living. Gourmet kitchen, dock with lift and wide, sandy beach with large sunset deck. $2,950,000. Annette and Albert Ayers, 966-8000 or 966-6440. #221833

ATTENTION TO DETAIL IS APPARENT throughout this beachfront Water Club residence with Gulf & beach views. Spacious “Arlington” floor plan with wood floors, wonderful upgrades & 2 parking spaces. $2,495,000. Annette Rogers, 3837591 or 387-0800. #229167

– SIESTA KEY – SECLUDED & BEAUTIFUL Fabulous Guy Peterson creation on the Gulf exudes class, quality & character. Features fabulous master suite & breathtaking views from almost every room. $4,495,000. Annette Rogers, 383-7591 or 387-0800. #231386 INCREDIBLE BAYFRONT PARCEL Over 350’ of waterfront, this estate sized lot can offer water views from every window. Exclusive & extremely rare ‘point’ property on coveted north end. $4,400,000. Marcia Salkin & Paulene Soublis, 388-4447 or 356-0203. #230863 FABULOUS PANORAMIC VIEW with 100’ of Gulf front in a magnificent estate setting. $4,200,000. Mark P. Riley, 951-6660 or 350-2700. #228653 SIESTA ESTATES Model condition, 5 yr. old John Cannon home with 4BRs & heated pool. Walk to the beach from this gated community. $765,000. Kim & Michael Ogilvie, 951-6660 or 923-0373. #231702 SEVENTH FLOOR PENTHOUSE CONDO with full Gulf views. Relax on the beach or step out the door to your boat. Spectacular water views from every room. Small, gated complex. $598,000. Betty Mullinnix, 349-3444 or 928-3441. #229367 SIESTA HARBOR Full bay corner unit has unbelievable possibilities with irresistible bay & harbor views on sailboat water. Deeded beach access. $485,000. Mary Sauve, 966-8000 or 923-6609. #229210 SIESTA KEY Great canal front home, just one block from the Village, with new kitchen, secluded backyard & low maintenance landscaping. $439,000. Bev Murray, 966-8000 or 724-4995. #230773 SPECTACULAR GULF AND BAY VIEWS from this 9th floor, beautifully upgraded 2BR condominium on Siesta Key. Wonderfully remodeled kitchen & glass enclosed lanai. Boat dockage available. $399,900. Stan Haidl and Peter Salefsky, 383-7591 or 724-3000. #230689

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING Cannon-built, 4/5BR pool home on 10 select acres in gated upscale equestrian community is planned to perfection with the finest craftsmanship & selections. $1,040,000. Larry and Cheri McLaren, 951-6660 or 3608400. #229195

Do You Know? We offer over 1,700 financial products and can customize a loan for every situation through MSC Mortgage. For more information, contact MSC Mortgage at (941) 308-2222. TANGERINE BAY CLUB Bayfront 2/3BR unit of nearly 2,400 sq. ft. boasts incredible privacy, neutral decor, private beach club, 2-car garage & fabulous island amenities. $799,000. Terri Derr & Ken Torrington, 383-7591 or 356-6694. #229351 1093

Type the property number for an Instant Internet Property Search on our website at

OYSTER BAY ESTATES Charming, 3,400 sq. ft., ‘Old Florida’, updated 4BR pool home with private yard. $569,000. Sandy Thompson, 349-3444 or 365-1548, ext. 536. #230803

ST. ARMANDS 388-4447 • MID LONGBOAT KEY 383-5502 / 383-3759 • SOUTH LONGBOAT KEY 383-7591 • MAIN 951-6660 • PALMER RANCH 966-8000 • SIESTA KEY 349-3444 WEEKEND HOURS: 9 AM TO 4 PM



Spanish Main goes Greek for evening BY DORA WALTERS Senior Editor

Tahja, a belly dancer, with Fred Hunziker

Colleen Taggart, Barbara Bishop, Eleanor McConnell and Helene Reynolds

Photos by Dora Walters

Greek food and belly dancers were the highlights of a Greek evening social presented by Spanish Main residents Jan. 25 at their clubhouse. Residents and guests feasted on moussaka, stuffed dolma, leg of lamb and baklava. Leading the troupe of four belly dancers was Tahja, who received enthusiastic applause. The evening concluded with dancing to the music of the ’40s led by saxophonist Boris. ❑

Fans celebrate truly super Super Bowl BY DORA WALTERS Senior Editor

Super Bowl parties were the order of the afternoon Super Bowl Sunday as Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans gathered around their TV sets to cheer on their team. It was a glorious game — the Bucs beat the Oakland Raiders, 48 to 21. The win was 27 years in the making, but local fans reveled in the victory. Arbomar fans gathered at the apartment of Chuck and Rae Ann Burnett for the game and Buccaneer fans Carl and Jane Doty entertained neighbors and golfing pals. ❑

Photos by Dora Walters

John Yenker, Marge Moran, Rae Ann and Chuck Burnett

Doris Bushman

Golf, Biking, Sailing Prostate Cancer Treatment. Keep your lifestyle with Dattoli Cancer Center.

is pleased to welcome

MICHAEL GRANSTON to our distinguished family of real estate specialists. We take pride in Michael’s many achievements including being named a Mega Star by the Sarasota Association of Realtors three years in a row, and it is with confidence that we recommend Michael Granston for every real estate need. Michael will guide you through the process of buying or selling a home with ease. He has an absolute understanding of the emotions involved and his personable style makes you feel secure knowing that he is taking care of all the details so you don’t have to. It is true that even 15 years after moving from England Michael still has his English accent, but there is one thing for certain, no matter how you say it, he places an accent on providing the best possible service.

“And Phoebe loves Prudential Palms, too!” Thousands of men have trusted more than their lives to Team Dattoli. They have put the quality of their lives in the hands of these experts. After being diagnosed with prostate cancer they have come to Dattoli for care that preserves their potency, protects their continence, and produces an outstanding cure rate.

Call Michael at 941504-8018 595 Bay Isles Rd, Mediterranean Plaza 1303

2803 Fruitville Road • Sarasota, FL 34237 • (941)957-4926 • (877) DATTOLI

An independently owned and operated member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.



Exclusive Private Luncheon For Estates from $5 Million to $100 Million

YOU SHOULD ATTEND IF... • You want to plan now for the probable elimination of the estate tax • You are concerned about the fact that the income tax will double on your IRA upon the elimination of the estate tax • You want to guarantee the elimination of the current estate tax and income taxes on your IRA at death • You want to dramatically increase your IRA’s value to your family using our IRA Wealth Transfer PlanSM • You would like to consistently earn 8% from an established real estate investment • You would like to guarantee your principal while participating in substantial stock market increases • You would like to stop paying premiums on your life insurance or pay with pre-tax dollars PRESENTED BY

All attendees will receive a copy of Bruce’s latest book, “Advanced Estate Planning.”

Clients include many of America’s wealthiest families


Bruce S. Udell, CLU, ChFC, CEP, is a nationally recognized speaker and author with 29 years of estate planning experience.


Ruth’s Chris Steak House The Longboat Key Club SOUTH TAMIAMI TRAIL


Seminar 9:00 am Lunch Served 11:30 am

Call Now: 951-0443. By reservation only. Limited to the first 18 attendees

*Individual results may vary. There are special risks of investing in real estate. Earned income is based upon minimum holding periods. Penalties and fees may be applicable to early withdrawal. Guarantees based upon claims paying ability of insurer. 1303

©2003, Udell Associates Date of first use: 11/02. There will be a $500 fee for Insurance Professionals and Stock Brokers attending.

Securities offered through NFP Securities, Member NASD & SIPC. Bruce S. Udell, a registered representative.




Return to health

Yoga encourages correct breathing Breath is life. But most healthy people take breathing for granted and don’t pay much attention to it. It’s an involuntary action that happens all by itself for most of us. In yoga, however, students are taught a complete system of breath control called pranayama (a Sanskrit word), which is believed to improve physical and mental functioning. Prana is to yoga what chi is to tai chi. It is the life force or vital energy. Yogis and yoginis (female students of yoga) are taught to believe that through the practice of asanas (postures) and pranayama, more prana is taken in and stored in the body, bringing greater vitality, strength and clarity of mind. Pranayama teaches you to breathe efficiently, restoring full function to the lungs, diaphragm, abdominal muscles and ribs. There are three basic types of breathing: clavicular (shallow), intercostal (middle) and abdominal (deep). Many people breathe shallowly, especially when leading hectic lives. It’s almost as if they forget to take the time to breathe slowly and regularly. When people breathe shallowly they also tend to breathe through their mouths, making little use of their diaphragms, lifting their shoulders or contracting their abdomens when they inhale. This means only a small amount of oxygen is taken in and only the top part of the lungs is used. Yoga breathing reverses the habit of shallow, mouth breathing and teaches you how to breathe deeply, slowly, quietly and regularly,

increasing oxygen to the blood and thus the brain. Yogis believe proper breathing keeps the body in vibrant health and prepares the mind for the practice of concentration and meditation. Dr. Andrew Weil, Harvard Medical School graduate and internationally recognized author and expert on integrative medicine, teaches many of the yoga breathing exercises for optimum health. In one of his monthly newsletters he stated: “I have seen breath control alone achieve remarkable results: lowering blood pressure, ending heart arrhythmias, improving long-standing pattern of poor digestion, increasing blood circulation throughout the body, decreasing anxiety (and allowing people to get off addictive anti-anxiety drugs) and improving sleep and energy cycles. I honestly think there is no limit to what breathwork can accomplish — not only in areas of physical and emotional health, but also as a way of increasing mindfulness and spiritual awareness” (Self Healing, May 1998).

Three great yoga breathing exercises Abdominal breathing Benefits: relaxes mind and body, strengthens lungs and massages internal organs. 1. Lie on your back completely still, knees bent, hip width apart, feet flat on the floor about 12 inches from the buttocks. 2. Place hands on abdomen, just below navel, fingertips touching. 3. As you inhale, feel your abdomen rise. Imagine that you are holding a big beach ball. Let the fingertips come apart to accommodate for the distention of the abdomen. 4. Exhale, feeling your abdomen flatten and contract, fingertips touching again. 5. Practice this exercise for 10 breaths trying to inhale and exhale deeply and evenly, with exhalations twice as long as inhalations. (One inhalation and one exhalation equals one breath.)

SUSAN Goldfarb

Alternate nostril breathing Benefits: Calms the mind, steadies the emotions, clears the nasal passages and balances the flow of prana. 1. Sit as described above. 2. Take your right hand and place your thumb gently on your right nostril, your middle finger between your eyebrows (known as the third eye in yoga) and your pinkie on the left nostril. 3. Start by lifting your pinkie off your left nostril and breathing in to a count of four (your right nostril is still closed with your thumb).

Yoga breathing — three principles 1. Breathe through the nose. Although there are some yoga breathing exercises that use the mouth, inhalations and exhalations are usually done through the nose. Why? The explanation is that when you inhale through your nose the air is warmed and filtered. Also the belief is that more prana is taken in when inhaling nasally because at the back of the nose lie the olfactory organs through which prana passes to reach the central nervous system and brain. Lastly it is

Surgeons from all over the world travel great distances to see Dr. Harry B. Grabow.

thought that one can control the breathing better when inhaling and exhaling through the nose, making the breathing deeper, slower, quieter and more regular. 2. Exhale longer than you inhale. The ultimate goal in yoga breathing is to control the length of the exhalation. In some breathing exercises one strives to exhale twice as long as inhale. The theory is that the more stale air you exhale the more fresh air you can inhale. 3. Breathe abdominally. When you

Learn the

don’t know where in the

see him too. Bring your

Eye surgeons from all

world back into focus. To

over the world come to

schedule an appointment,

the Sarasota Cataract &

please call or visit our website,

Laser Institute to learn the

Susan Goldfarb is a freelance writer and certified yoga instructor who teaches at The Education Center on Longboat Key. ❑

(941) 922-6930

I can put muscles on ANY BODY! Personal Training for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Weight Trainers. I will show you how to get in shape and how to maintain your progress. I guarantee you will LOOK better, FEEL better and have MORE energy. I can change your entire outlook on life!!! Everyone has the potential to be more physically fit and I can show you how to reach your potential! 1303

ment, consider this —

inhale, the abdomen expands. When you exhale, the abdomen contracts. This allows the diaphragm to become part of the breathing process and utilizes the respiratory system more fully. Moving up during the exhalation, the diaphragm massages the heart and moving down on the inhalation, it massages the abdominal organs.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Learn the “Art of Weight Training” from a real champion.

Grabow. There’s no reason in the world why you shouldn’t

Benefits: restores and replenishes the body. 1. Sit tall (back straight) but comfortably on the floor (cross-legged or legs straight out) or in a chair. 2. Inhale and then exhale slowly. 3. Inhale, filling up the bottom of the lungs, the middle of the lungs, then slowly filling the chest. (Tip: As you inhale you will feel your abdomen rise, then your diaphragm rise, and finally, your chest expand.) 4. Slowly exhale, emptying the lungs from top to bottom. 5. The complete breath is full, deep and slow, fully using the lungs and expanding the ribs and chest. 6. Repeat five times.

Nationally and State Ranked Grand Master Natural Body Building Champion Since 1978

surgical techniques of Dr. Harry B.

world to go for treat-

Complete breath

“Art of Weight Training”

Al Vaughan

You can see him too. If you have a cataract, and

4. Hold both nostrils closed for a count of six. Hold the breath comfortably without straining. 5. Lift your thumb off the right nostril and exhale slowly to a count of eight. 6. While the right nostril is free, breathe in for a count of four. 7. Hold both nostrils closed for a count of six. 8. Lift the pinky off the left nostril for a count of eight. 9. Try to inhale and exhale smoothly, avoiding irregular and jerky movements. 10. Repeat all the steps above for three complete rounds. Work your way up to six or eight.



Time for a change in health care? Physician home/condo/ hotel room visits on Longboat Key.

Harry B. Grabow, M.D., P.A.

A doctor who listens...


spends time... smiles...

3920 Bee Ridge Road • Bldg. F, Ste. A • Sarasota (Corner of Bee Ridge & Sawyer)

and sits in your waiting room...

Andrea L. Brand, M.D.

HARRY B. GRABOW, M.D. Clinical Assistant Professor, USF Tampa Named on the list “Best Doctors In America” since 1994 Named in the book “How to Find the Best Doctors: Florida 2000” 1303

w w w. s a r a s o t a c a t a r a c t . c o m

Board Certified Family Physician

504-2725 “The Doctor at your Door”




Ask Beatty

January is perfect time to analyze yourself Dear readers: I want to wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. And with the advent of 2003, I feel that it is a good time for all of us to take a good hard look at our lives and ask ourselves some important questions. Be honest with yourself, even though this kind of introspection may initially yield some painful revelations. l. Am I happy with the quality of my relationships with my partner, my children, grandchildren, friends and business associates? 2. Am I satisfied with the state of my health? (emotionally, physically, spiritually, sexually) 3. Am I living a financially responsible life? 4. How do I feel about the overall quality of my life? After doing your initial analysis, the real question however, is whether you are prepared to actually do something, if any of these areas need some modification or change. In evaluating your personal relationships, you may be one of these fortunate people whose relationships are primarily satisfying and happy. Continue to enjoy them and nurture them every day. On the other hand,

you may be forced to admit to yourself that certain of these relationships are disappointing, frustrating and at worst destructive and self-destructive. You now need to ask yourself whether you are finally prepared to tackle the various relationship problems that you are experiencing (one at a time), so as to attempt to make some positive changes in the quality of your own life and your relationships.

Case history: Roger, a 57 year-old successful businessman, was referred to me because of his long-standing bouts of depression. He has been married to Susan for 30 years and they have one adult daughter. The marriage was a volatile one from the beginning. Susan, who was only recently diagnosed with a bipolar disorder and subsequently prescribed the appropriate medication, verbally and physically abused her husband for years. She had made two serious suicide attempts and had recently landed in Bayside. When I asked Roger why he had stayed in this destructive marriage for the majority of his life, he responded by telling me that his own mother had also been abusive and that

Beatty COHAN

Support groups


AUD., C.C.C.-A, Doctor of Audiology



2650 S.Tamiami Trail

8410 S.Tamiami Trail

1/2 mile south of Sarasota Memorial Hospital

just south of Sarasota Square Mall

Sedation Dentistry Seminar Friday, February 7th @ 2pm

Cosmetic Skin Rejuvenation N

Botox Injection • Chemical Peels Photof Mohs Micrographic Surgery Cosmett ic Skin Rejuvenation Micro Dermabrasion Botox In Mo

To give you the personalized care that you deserve, seating is limited. Call 792-2766 or visit for a reservation today. Refreshments served.


2401 University Pkwy, Bldg 2, Suite 205

941.360.2477 1303

Accepting New Patients • Medicare Assignments & Most Insurance Accepted

2103 59th Street West

Upcoming Seminars:

Bradenton, FL

March 14: Cosmetic Dentistry


April 11; Implant Dentistry

When YOU or your DENTIST decide it’s time for a SPECIALIST…


Howard M. Chasolen D.M.D. • Ginger R. Chasolen D.D.S.

• Dental • Co-Pays • Vision • Not an HMO • Prescriptions • Portable • No Pre-authorization needed • Your Choice of Drs. & Hospitals • 24 Hr. Worldwide Coverage • Cannot be Singled out for Rate Increases or Cancellations • Supplemental Cancer Policies

Prosthodontists Fellowship Trained Specialists… Aesthetic, Implant and Full Mouth Reconstructive Dentistry.

After all… there is more to it than just a pretty smile. 1303


AM Best Excellent Rating



Have you had bad dental experiences? Are your teeth sensitive? Are you embarassed about your smile? Plan on attending an informative seminar:

Photofacials & IPLCare Hair Removal A dull t & Pediatric

Underwritten by Mid-West National Life. Call Agent for details


smile of your dreams?

Now Offering


• Complete Evaluations for All Ages • Sales and Service of All Brands • Digital & Programmable Hearing Aids including Widex, Senso and Diva Clinical Audiologists Providing Services in Sarasota for Over 20 Years

Do you wish that you could fall asleep and wake up with the

Acne • Moles • Skin Cancer

240 N. Washington Blvd. 5th Floor Sarasota, Fl. 34236

providing personal care for all your hearing needs

Adult & Pediatric Care


Beatty Cohan is a nationally recognized psychotherapist, with post-graduate specialization training in family and marital therapy and sexual dysfunction. She is the co-author of “For Better For Worse Forever — 10 Steps For Building a Lasting Relationship with the Man You Love.” Her e-mail address is ❑


University Park Dermatology

2401 U

Although Roger is concerned that his wife might succeed in committing suicide if he leaves, he is realizing that continuing to live in the manner in which they have lived for more than 30 years is pathological and destructive to both him and his wife. Prior to the holidays Roger sought legal advice about a possible separation or divorce. At this point it still remains to be seen whether Roger will have the inner strength to leave. Our therapy continues.



Anxiety Disorder: 745-7581. Alzheimer’s Early Stage: 795-1900. Bereavement: 366-2224, 917-7777. Cancer (all types): 745-7539. Cardiac Care-Mended Hearts: 917-7777 Caregiver: 366-2224. Celiac Disease: 927-2707, 342-3413. Chronic Pain: 917-7777. Depression: 714-7277. Diabetes: 955-2122, Ext. 1165. Early Stage Memory Loss: 917-7777.

Family Network: 545-6886, 545-6887. Family Caregiver: 748-3001. Fibromyalgia: 753-8621, 752-4281 Hepatitis C: 917-7777 Lou Gehrig: 496-4057. Manasota Parkinson Disease: 346-0567. Prostate Cancer: 745-1214, 755-7256. Overcoming Codependency: 366-1700. Respite Care: 366-2224. Senior Living: 745-7581. Senior Outreach Services: 366-2224. Suicide Bereavement: 366-2224. Widowed Persons: 778-1908.

he probably was simply used to maltreatment. I was impressed with his insight. However, the real question now was whether he was finally prepared to do something about the state of his marital life. I might mention that his wife, after only a couple of joint sessions, refused to participate in marital therapy. Roger is learning through our therapy together that by “taking” the abuse, he was in fact enabling and even encouraging his wife to treat him badly. As his physical health was deteriorating (he suffered from gastrointestinal problems), he is realizing that he has only two options available to him: (a) continue to take the abuse and do nothing; or (b) once and for all make a decision to finally stop allowing his wife to continually abuse him.

2033 Wood Street, Suite 125, Sarasota •



Health Happenings On the Key CPR, AED, Fire Extinguisher Classes — are offered to residents, condos and businesses of Longboat Key by the Longboat Key Fire/Rescue. Free. Schedule, 316-1944. The Education Center — offers health and wellness programs at 5370 Gulf of Mexico Drive. The new schedule brochures are available for pick up. Details, 383-8811. ••••••• Smoking Cessation Program — will be held from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, Feb. 1, at Doctors Hospital of Sarasota. The first 45 minutes of the workshop is a free orientation and if the participant feels comfortable with the program,

W HY C R OS S T H E B RI D GE ? Natural & Botanical Medicine

Urgent Care & Alternative Care


HEALTH then there is a one-time fee of $55. Details, 1-800-8482822. Weight Reduction Program — will be held from 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 1, at Doctors Hospital of Sarasota. The first 45 minutes of the workshop is a free orientation and if the participant feels comfortable with the program, then there is a one-time fee of $55. Details, 1-800-848-2822. Diabetes Blood Glucose Screenings — sponsored by the Gulf Coast Diabetes Foundation, will be conducted from 8 to 10 a.m. Monday, Feb. 3, at the Center for Healthy Aging. Free. Details, 556-3215. Senior Living Educational Series — will be held from 11 a.m. to noon Tuesday, Feb. 4, at Manatee Memorial Hospital, Dining Room 2A, 206 Second St. E., Bradenton. Free. Details, 745-7581. Alzheimer’s Association — monthly chapter-educational meeting will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 4, at Sarasota Memorial Health Care Center, 5350 University Park, Sarasota. Details, 795-1900. Alzheimer’s Dementia Basics Course — is held by Florida Gulf Coast Chapter Alzheimer’s Association Manatee County Office at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 5, at The Community of Church Christ, 5817 33rd St. E., Bradenton. Free. Details, 795-1900.

Blood Pressure Monitoring — will be provided by XL Care Agency Inc. from 3 to 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 5, at Senior Friendship Centers Center for Healthy Aging, 1990 Brother Geenen Way, Sarasota. Free. Details, 556-3215. Prosthetic Clinics — in-house prosthetic evaluation and services are offered by Active Orthotics Prosthetics, Manatee Memorial Hospital Physical Medicine Department, Thursday, Feb. 6. Services include a prosthetic

There’s Another Way!


Call for Appointment


St. Armands 500 John Ringling Blvd.



You are Royalty


Deeply satisfying therapeutic massage in your own residence.

2099 16th St. Call for appointment.



Massage should be performed with the utmost in respect and professionalism.

For advice, service & repair you can trust.

FL Reg# mv-03675

Centerpoint Therapy, Inc.

analysis, gait analysis and educational literature and counseling. Free. Appointments, 745-7550. Bereavement Course — will be offered by Hospice at 10 a.m. Wednesdays, Feb. 5, 12, 19 and 26, at Neighborly Day Center East, 2703 19th St. Court E., Bradenton. Free. Details, 758-9969. “Facial Rejuvenation Without a Scalpel” — lunch and lecture will be held from noon to 2 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 5, at Senior Friends Activity Center, 4046 Sawyer Road, Sarasota. Cost is $3.50 and $5. RSVP by Jan. 28, 1-888685-1596. “Through My Eyes” Book Signing — Chicago author and cancer survivors, Marlene Hecktman will sign her memoir from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 6, at A Step Above Gallery, 1288 N. Palm Ave., Sarasota. All book sales and 10% of the gallery sales for the evening will benefit The Wellness Community. RSVP by Feb. 3 with Lois Ross, 955-4477. Memory Screenings — will be offered from 1 to 3 p.m. Monday, Feb. 10, at the Senior Friendship Center for Healthy Aging, 1888 Brother Geenen Way, Sarasota. Free and confidential. Appointments, 917-7197. “The Many Faces of Suicide” — panel discussion about the nature and causative factors related to suicide will be held from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 11, at Sarasota Memorial Funeral Home. Details, 917-1779.

Women’s Lunch & Learn Program — “Living in the Flow” workshop will be held from 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 12, at Colonial Oaks Park, 5300 Colonial Oaks Bvld., Sarasota. Free. RSVP, 316-1206, Ext. 220. Nutrition Workshops for the Cancer Patient — nutritional concerns for cancer patients will be discussed at 10 a.m. Friday, Feb. 14, at the Women’s Resource Center, 1926 Manatee Ave. W., Bradenton. Details, 921-5539. Women & Heart Disease — will be held from 8 to 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 15, at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, first floor auditorium. Free cholesterol and glucose screenings for first 50 female registrants. Registration, 917-1779. Senior Living Educational Series — will be held from 11 a.m. to noon Tuesday, Feb. 18, at Manatee Memorial Hospital, Dining Room 2A, 206 Second St. E., Bradenton. Free. Details, 745-7581. Blood Pressure Monitoring — will be provided by XL Care Agency Inc. from 3 to 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 19, at Senior Friendship Centers Center for Healthy Aging, 1990 Brother Geenen Way, Sarasota. Free. Details, 556-3215. Memory Screenings — will be held from 9 a.m. to noon Friday, Feb. 21, at Cabot Reserve On The Green, 4450 Eighth St., Sarasota. Free. By appointments only; schedule by 4 p.m. on the Wednesday prior. Details, 377-3131. ❑

Family Care for All


Tel: (941)364-5992 Lic.# MA36090 Gift Certificates Available 1303

Medical Center The area’s leading assisted living residence





Batteries Special $39.95

ALF #0007239

3409 26th St. W., Bradenton, Florida

Mediterranean Plaza 595 Bay Isles Road Longboat Key


3 Wheel Walker $124.00


• Independent Living • Personal Care • Alzheimer’s Care • Respite Care


COUPON exp. 2-9-03 Legend 2003


C-20 LIFT CHAIR by Pride

FREE trunk lift with purchase of Legend 3 wheel

COUPON exp. 2-9-03



7 colors to choose from!


exp. 2-9-03

1917 Northgate Blvd • Sarasota One Mile So. of University Parkway at corner of 301 & Northgate Blvd.

Mon. - Fri. 8:00 - 5:00

COLLEEN M. HEALY, M.D. Cardiac Consultation  30-Day Event Monitoring  EKG  Carotid Ultrasound  Echocardiography  Abdominal Ultrasound  Pacemaker/Defibrillator Clinic  Renal Ultrasound  24 Hour Holter Monitoring  Lower Extremity Ultrasound  Coumadin Clinic  Cardiolite & Treadmill Stress Testing  Vascular Ultrasound Clinic by Hector Arias, C.V.T., C.P.T., C.P.F.T 

Daily brushing and flossing is a must to help keep your gums and teeth healthy, and brushing technique is important. We invite you to call on us for all your dental needs, no matter how minor or major the problem. Call 383-1776 for an appointment. We’re easy to find at 7000 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key. Office hours: 5 days 8-5 or by appointment. New patients are always welcome.

Medicare Accepted


(Formerly with the Heart Center of Sarasota for 11 years) 1303



941-358-8482 or 800-228-8707 Open: Mon.-Fri. 9 to 5 • Sat. 10 to 2 • Sun. by Appointment

Now Accepting Medicare Assignment

Longboat Cardiology

by Robert W. Gordon, D.D.S.

At least one carefully designed study has shown that a manual toothbrush cleaned teeth better than an electric toothbrush when users applied the correct technique. For the best results, keep the bristles angled 45 degrees toward the gumline. If the brush’s head will not fit horizontally to clean the inside surfaces of the front teeth, turn the brush vertically. Either way, hold the bristle tips in one spot against the teeth and gums, and vibrate the brush head with a short back-and-forth motion. Then, move on to the adjacent teeth. To avoid damaging the gums or any exposed root surfaces, brush no more than twice a day for two to three minutes, holding the toothbrush gently.

X-Ray • Lab Shots • Urgent Care

5650 Gulf of Mexico Drive • Longboat Key

(941) 383-7300



Johnson celebrates his 90th Clockwise from left:


Richard Thomas, Sharon Oper and Zoe Oper

More than 100 friends and family members gathered at the Seaplace clubhouse on Jan. 25 to sing Happy Birthday to Carroll Johnson as he celebrated his 90th birthday. On the walls of the clubhouse were displays of photographs of Johnson from his childhood to the present day. Johnson is a professor emeritus at Columbia University Teachers’ College. Locally he is active in the Longboat Key Democratic Club and is a member of the Longboat Key Public Tennis Center. ❑

Birthday balloons greeted Carroll Johnson.

Photos by Dora Walters

Art of Dentistry


ages, infants to seniors (medicare accepted)  Visitors, tourists, snowbirds, full-time residents  Worker’s compensation - drug screens, injuries

Dr. Pamela J. Letts Board Certified Family Physician

Susan and Carroll Johnson

Dominique Kohlenberger and Dave Sparks, with Rose Marie and Peter Herke.

Serving Longboat Key Since 1996 • • • •

Sonja Ellis and Kay Kershman

Creating Beautiful Smiles


sore throats, colds, coughs, pinkeye, bruises cuts, bites, allergic reactions, broken bones lumps, bumps, rashes, burns blood pressure, acute chest pain, shortness of breath


LAB, XRAY, EKG, minor surgery, physicals, gyne, significant RX savings.

Centre Shops Family Practice & Urgent Care 1233

(941) 387-1211 Mon.Tues.Thurs. & Fri. 9-5 • Wed. 9-Noon


5370 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 205


LONGBOAT KEY 595 Bay Isles Rd.

SARASOTA 3313 S. Osprey


College Level Lecture Series by leaders in academia, the media, the arts, think tanks & the US Foreign Service SARASOTA LECTURE PROGRAM Mondays $8 each

Tuesdays $5 each

Music Appreciation (8 Lectures) Through February 24, 10:30 A.M., Symphony Hall This year’s series will focus on music from selected countries, including: Italy, France, England, Austria, Scandinavia, Germany, Russia and the United States. Contemporary Public Issues (12 Lectures) Through March 25, 10:30 A.M., Players Theatre Lecturers will cover politics after the elections, current economic issues, domestic security, human rights and terrorism, stem cell research, and new discoveries in human evolution.

Wednesdays Arts and Humanities (12 Lectures) $5 each Through March 26, 10:30 A.M., Players Theatre Four lectures on each of the following three subjects: Islamic Societies and Cultures; Adventures in Literature: Winning the Nobel Prize; and Makers of the Modern Middle East. Thursdays D SOLT! OU

International Challenges (12 Lectures) Through March 27, 10:30 A.M., Players Theatre Lecturers include: former Ambassadors Kenton Keith, Edward Peck, Michael Skol and Dennis Jett; plus, current Assistant Secretary of State Arthur Dewey, Dr. Robert Barylski, University of South Florida and Dr. Jerry Pubantz, Salem College. ADVANCED SEMINAR SERIES

Advanced Seminars on U.S. Foreign Policy Concerns (8 seminars). Limited to 25 participants and will be held 2:00 to 5:00 P.M., at the G.WIZ Center. February 7

Focus Don Europe: Emerging Superpower SOLT! Led OUby Martin Walker

Don the Middle East/Persian Gulf February 14 Focus SOLT! OU Led by Ambassador (ret.) Edward L. Peck Don Latin America February 21 Focus SOLT! U O by Ambassador (ret.) Michael Skol Led Don Iran February 28 Focus SOLT! OU Led by Dr. Moshen Milani

March 7

D The Making of U.S. Foreign Policy Today SOLT! OU Led by Ambassador (ret.) Dennis Jett

March 14

Don Greater China and Her Neighbors Focus SOLT! OU Led by Dr. Robert Barylski

March 21

D Key Bridge Between Asia and Europe Turkey: SOLT! OU Led by Dr. Henri Barkey and Ellen Laipson

March 28

D The Struggle for America’s Future in the World: SOLT! U Unilateralism vs. Multilateralism O Led by Dr. Jerry Pubantz

VENICE LECTURE PROGRAM Wednesdays Critical Issues in Today’s World (12 Lectures) $5 each Through March 26, 2:00 P.M., Venice Community Center Five lectures will be devoted to subjects in the political science category; two will deal with the medical sciences; two with bio-terrorism; and one each on water, energy and corporate governance. Fridays $5 each

International Issues (11 Lectures) Through March 28, 10:30 A.M., Venice Community Center Leading experts will share their views on key foreign policy issues facing the U.S. today and in the near future, to include: terrorism, peacekeeping and national security.

For more information call 941-365-6404 or visit The Sarasota Institute of Lifetime Learning is a non-profit organization



LBK mayor addresses Republicans

Gwyn McClellan, Judy Donaldson, Brud Wrightson and Barbara Conrad time for answering questions is long,” said Dick Van Horne, president of the club. But Mason couldn’t make it to the meeting due to health reasons and Longboat Key Mayor John Redgrave spoke on Longboat Key issues, instead. Attendees enjoyed lunch and Elsie Roller won the 50/50 raffle. ❑


The Republican Club of Longboat Key met for its monthly luncheon Jan. 23 at Bird Key Yacht Club. Forty Republicans attended the event at which Sarasota Mayor Carolyn Mason was to be the featured speaker. “I hope her speech is short and her

Photos by Lusya Sullivan

Arlene and Henry Jacobs, Pat and John Castell and Don Osmon

Resort-style living year-round...

...within walking distance of your new home IslandWalk of Naples Town Center, a DiVosta community.


Villagers spiff up neighborhood


DiVosta’s master-planned and gated VillageWalk will provide residents with the most unique way of living. Imagine your home surrounded by lakes, gardens, and easy access to the waterfront Town Center by pedestrian bridges. Visit, call, or click our website to see the amenities of resort-style living with no membership fees.

For your resort lifestyle, the community has everything your family needs: Arts & Entertainment Sports & Recreation Shopping Cultural Events Excellent Neighborhoods Great Schools A Community Designed for Friendly Neighbors



I-75 to Exit #205, Clark Rd. Go west to Honore Ave., then left (south) past corner of Honore and the Palmer 75 41 Ranch Pkwy. Sales Center is approx 1 mi. south of the Palmer Ranch Pkwy. If traveling from U.S. 41, follow to Central Sarasota Pkwy and turn left (north) on Honore Ave. ST.

4 or 5-Bedroom, 3-Bath







2-Car Garage Great Scenic Water Views









Rear Lanai


Front Porch



CARLYLE – 3,377 TOTAL S Q . F T .



DiVosta is offering 3 models from 2-bedroom to 5-bedroom. We make a home that is simple to purchase and simple to own. But simple doesn’t mean less. DiVosta’s design is elegant, feature rich, yet uncomplicated. DiVosta’s legendary BUILT-SOLID™ construction system is used to craft every residence.



(941) 926-3933

Living Room w/Optional Fireplace Great Room Open Kitchen with Breakfast Area


Despite the nip in the air a half-dozen hardy Villagers turned out for a Village Association clean-up day Jan. 18. By noon, a commercial dumpster was filled to the brim with palm fronds, branches, dry leaves and trash. Heading up the work crew were Michael Drake and Michael Riter. Cold drinks are provided for the workers, but there were no takers — hot coffee was the desired beverage. ❑

Luxury Appliances Formal Dining Room


Central Vacuum Cleaner System Security System

Townhomes, Patio homes and Single-Family homes from the $180’s to $300’s TM

We have customers that continue to repurchase: 5, 8, even 12 DiVosta homes. They tell us that our homes are more durable and easy to live in. They like all the premium upgraded features that are included at no extra cost.

Open Sundeck and Volume Ceilings


Modular Closets Phone and TV Cable Throughout

“All Secretarial Services”

Residence Area 2,502 sq. ft.

4134 Gulf of Mexico Dr., #207



A LUXURY DIVOSTA HOME Pa r t i c i p a t i n g b ro ke rs o r a g e n t s must accompany o n f i rs t v i s i t

* Typing * Word Processing * Repetitive Letters * Answering Service

at VillageWalk of Wellington

BUILT-SOLID Quality homes for over 43 years

Dora Walters

Benny Parrish cleans up a palm tree.

OR $100,000 towards any DiVosta home*

IN THE ARC’S 12TH ANNUAL (formerly the Association for Retarded Citizens)


* * * *

Copying Bulk Mailings Mailing Lists Graphics

Visit any DiVosta Sales Center for details.

* FAX 941-383-6806 1303

Represented by DiVosta Homes, Inc. licensed Real Estate Broker. The developer of the property has contracted with DiVosta Building Corporation (CB-CO17129) to build the homes. House elevations and sketches are preliminary only and may change. The developer may modify designs prior to sales or construction. Please refer to the completed model home in the subject community. Construction may be of concrete block instead of poured concrete. Neither this advertisement, nor any communication made or given in connection with this advertisement, may be deemed to constitute any representation or warranty, or may otherwise be relied upon by any person or entity. This advertisement does not constitute an offer to sell or solicitation of any kind, nor is it intended to be distributed in, or constitute an offer to sell in, any state in which the developer has not been registered to sell property, if registration is required. Pre-construction, pre-model and all prices and options subject to change. Participation in the Fantasy House Giveaway will involve a $100 voluntary donation to the Arc of Palm Beach County. Please refer to the Arc flyer for details, available at all DiVosta Sales Centers. © Copyright DiVosta Homes, Inc., 2003. All rights reserved.

Sending and 24 Hour Receiving



Scholar speaks of Jewish history

AAA awards club four-diamond rating


“350 Years of American Jewish History” was the topic of Kallah Scholar Rabbi Gary Phillip Zola’s presentation Jan. 24 at Temple Beth Israel. Zola is the executive director of the Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives. According to history, Zola said, the first Jews in America landed in Manhattan in 1754. They came from a Dutch island off the coast. At that time the Dutch owned Manhattan and its governor, Peter Stuyvesant, tried to drive off the Jews. But they resisted and went on to create new lives in America. The Kallah Scholar was sponsored by the Ruth and Gerard Daniel Endowment Fund Trust. ❑

Ruth and Gerard Daniel

Dora Walters

For the 20th year, the Longboat Key Club has been awarded the AAA Four Diamond award. This year, only four percent of the AAA-rated lodgings and restaurants received the coveted award. AAA representative Alan Carter presented it during a breakfast held Jan. 13 at the club. From the left are, Resort General Manager Trevor Hind, Carter and Vice President in Charge of Operations Amy Drake. Terry and Marvin Dolgov and Irene Frankel

Freddy Manekin, Jerome Rosenthal and Harold Manekin

The Ultimate Driving Machine


M O T O R C A R S 5151 Clark Road



Photos by Dora Walters

Donald and Elaine Weill with Rabbi Gary Phillip Zola CHARTERED LIFE UNDERWRITER




Grandchildren Coming? We Can Help We Rent All Baby and Toddler Items Free Delivery and Setup


Design Consultations Floor Coverings Kitchens & Baths Wall & Window Treatments


(with rental package)



10% OFF Any Rental

(941) 365-0118

Jakarta • Bali • Sarasota

6969 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota








Baby Furniture Rental


porsche • jaguar • bmw • corvette • mercedes benz • audi THIS WEEKS SPECIAL: 2000 BMW 740 IL.........$39,000 1997 Audi Conv.............$16,900 2001 MR-2 Conv...........$20,900 1998 BMW 318.............$14,900

Free Consultations by Appointment

2000 Corvette Conv......$35,900 1995 Corvette Conv......$16,900


John J. Waskom,

SUNCOAST Auto & Marine 362-4500

Attorney at Law 1303

1303 1303 1032 N.Tamiami Trail • Across from Van Wezel Theater

J.D., M.B.A.

Icard, Merrill 2033 Main St., Suite 600 Sarasota


The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience.




From the pulpit

TL or TM? Those are the choices. What letters best describe you? TL or TM? You may be wondering what in the world I am talking about. If so, I understand. The letters above are neither a clandestine code nor a complicated theological concept. Actually, they relate to the following words from the 17th Chapter of Jeremiah: “Cursed are those who trust in mere mortals, and make mere flesh their strength, whose hearts turn away from the Lord. Blessed are those who trust in the Lord, whose trust is in the Lord.” As I reflect upon these verses from Jeremiah 17, I am struck by what I perceive to be a rather interesting pattern that surfaces here. It seems to me that Jeremiah is making reference to two groups of people. He refers to those who fall into the TM group and those who fall into the TL group. Let me explain. TL stands for those who choose to trust in the Lord, while TM relates to folks who are inclined to trust in mortals; namely, themselves. TL or TM? Jeremiah is not timid about identifying the consequences to be experienced by those in each group. The TM group earns the label “cursed.” “Blessed” is the outcome for the TL adherents. Jeremiah was not one to beat around the bush. He pulls no punches. His message was never sugarcoated. He probes into some areas we may prefer to keep off limits. My guess is all of us know what it’s like to be numbered

among the TM club, the trusting in mortals’ brigade. We often come to the conclusion that we can handle things in life our way. We know best. The natural tendency to be a TM-er is often terribly strong, even though deep down we know that the TL route is the only way for God’s people to go. Jeremiah was right — those who trust in mere mortals, those who make flesh their strength, those who trust only in themselves, those whose hearts turn away from the Lord are in trouble. They are, indeed, cursed. In the Biblical sense, to be cursed is to be lifeless. It is to live like a scraggly shrub in a parched place, in a barren wilderness. To trust in the Lord, on the other hand, is to be blessed, to know life, abundant life. It is to live like a tree planted by water with roots that provide nourishment and support. Do we live trusting in the Lord? Or do we prefer to live trusting in mere mortals, in ourselves, in the things of the world? To be sure, those who trust in the Lord, while on the right path, are not on easy street. They, too, will know adversity and upset. They are not immune to the harsh side of life. Jeremiah notes also in this 17th chapter that times of heat and drought will come to the blessed, but promises they will survive. They will survive because they trust in the giver of all life. In Jesus Christ, we know God’s grace, God’s promises and God’s forgiveness in a refreshing and renewing way. He offers precisely what we need most. So, let me conclude where we began, with a simple but significant question. What letters best describe us and our approach to life, TL or TM? God’s word certainly offers us the best way. But, as we all know, the choice is ultimately ours to make.

by the Rev. Eric P. WOGEN

Eric P. Wogen is a pastor at St. Armands Key Lutheran Church. ❑

St. Mary Star of the Sea

St. Armands Key Lutheran Church 388-1234


Winter Mass Schedule

St. Armands Circle 40 North Adams Dr.

Fax 388-1360

Sunday Worship Celebration

Saturday: 4:30 & 6:00 p.m. Sunday: 8:00, 9:30 & 11:00 a.m.

Contemporary Service of Joy • 9:00 a.m. Nursery Available


Sunday School • 10:00 a.m. (Youth & Adult)

Daily Mass — Mon. through Fri. 9:00 a.m. Confession before all weekend Masses

Traditional Service • 11:00 a.m. 1303


4280 Gulf of Mexico Drive

The Rev. Eric P. Wogen


Obituaries Richard Cox Richard Cox, 72, of Longboat Key and Clearwater, died Dec. 29. He was born June 13, 1930, in Detroit. He had a career in personnel and labor relations for 44 years. He served in U.S. Army Air Corps during the Korean War. His survivors include his friend, Eve Kommel of Longboat Key; and nieces, Kathryn Gutierres fo San Antonio and Karen Byrne of Mason City, Iowa. Memorial donations may be made to Jewish Family & Children’s Service, 2688 Fruitville Road, Sarasota, FL 34237.

Jane Margaret Anderson Jane Margaret Anderson, 92, of Bradenton, died Jan. 24. She was born Dec. 20, 1910, in LaGrange, Ill. She was a supervisor of personnel placement at Western Electric in Chicago. She was a charter member of Key Royale Club on Holmes Beach. She was an Episcopalian. Her survivors include nieces, Claire Hunter, of Longboat Key, Gail James, of Orinda, Calif., and Jean Traylor, of Flagstaff, Ariz.; and nephew Kenneth Anderson, of Carmel, Ind. Memorial contributions may be made to the Manatee County Public Library, Island Branch, 5701 Marina Drive, Homes Beach, FL 34217.

Services All Angels by the Sea Episcopal Church, 563 Bay Isles Road, will offer Holy Eucharist at 8 and 10 a.m. Sunday. Holy Eucharist and Healing or Morning Prayer also will be offered at 10 a.m. Wednesday. The Rev. Downs Spitler, interim rector, will officiate. 383-8161. St. Armands Key Lutheran Church, 40 N. Adams Drive, will hold a contemporary worship service at 9 a.m. and a traditional service at 11 a.m. Sunday. Youth and adult Sunday school is at 10 a.m. Sunday. The Rev. Eric P. Wogen will officiate. 388-1234. St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church, 4280 Gulf of Mexico Drive, will hold Saturday Masses at 4:30 and 6 p.m. and Sunday Masses at 8, 9:30 and 11 a.m. Daily Masses are held at 9 a.m. Monday through Friday. The Rev. Edward Pick is the pastor of the church. 383-1255. Temple Beth Israel, 567 Bay Isles Road. Friday Evening Shabbat Service begins at 8 p.m., followed by an Oneg Shabbat. Saturday Shabbat Service begins at 10 a.m., followed by a Kiddush. Rabbi Michael Eisenstat will officiate at both services, assisted by Joseph Spinella, cantorial soloist/music director, and on Friday night by the Temple Beth Israel Choir. Eisenstat also will conduct a three-part series, “Jews on the Ground Floor, Jewish Roots in America: How Early Jewish Immigrants Helped Shape America,” from 3 to 4:30 p.m. Thursdays, Jan. 30, Feb. 6 and 13. Lectures are free for members and nonmembers pay at one-time fee of $25. 383-3428. The Longboat Island Chapel, 6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Worship services are at 9 and 11 a.m. Sundays (nursery available). The Rev. Kenneth Gill, senior minister, will officiate. Adult study classes with the Rev. Charles Shook are at 10 a.m. Sundays. 383-6491.



Episcopal Church on Longboat Key



Holy Eucharist Sunday....8:00 a.m. Sunday....10:00 a.m.


Holy Eucharist & Healing Wednesday...10:00 a.m. The Reverend Downs Spitler, Interim Rector 563 Bay Isles Road 383-8161


If you are a Sarasota County resident property owner who is 65 years of age or older you may be eligible for an additional $5,000 exemption from county taxes on your HOMESTEAD property. THE TAX SAVINGS THAT MAY RESULT FROM THIS EXEMPTION is estimated to be approximately $22. Qualifying Longboat Key residents may receive an additional $25,000 exemption on their city taxes estimated to result in an additional tax savings of $64 to $80. To qualify for this additional exemption applicants must meet the following requirements: 1) The adjusted gross income of ALL persons resident in the household as reported in the 2002 IRS Return must not exceed $21,599. 2) A “Sworn Statement of Adjusted Gross Income” must be filed with the Property Appraiser on or before March 1, 2003; 3) A copy of the 2002 IRS Return must be filed with the Property Appraiser on or before June 1, 2003. Should you qualify for this exemption you may call our office to request the “ Sworn Statement of Adjusted Gross Income” form be mailed to your home or you may stop by our office to receive one.

An Interfaith Community Church Rev. Kenneth Gill, Senior Minister Home of the Shepherding Program A program that provides one-on-one Christian caregiving

If you have any questions, please call us at (941) 861-8200, TDD (941) 861-8235 Office Hours, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. In Sarasota 2001 Adams Lane, Terrace Building (1 Block South of Ringling Blvd.& Highway 301) Sarasota, FL 34237

10:00 AM Adult Study Class with Rev. Charles Shook

In Venice 4000 South Tamiami Trail, Room 115 (In the South County Administration Center) Venice, FL 34293 1303


★ Providing exceptional customer service! ★

9:00 & 11:00 AM Worship Service Nursery Provided 6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key, Florida 34228 383-6491

Visit our website:



Discover the timeless simplicity of beach living in a special new seaside retreat

Introducing 12 exquisitely private beachfront homes on Siesta Key. Seagrove is beach living the way it used to be with the traditional coastal charm of yesteryear and today’s finest luxuries. Behind the gates of this seaside retreat, only 12 residents share the timeless delights of a tropical beach garden featuring a pool and spa, private cabanas, an al fresco dining alcove beside the dunes and the seven-day-a-week services of the concierge drifting in and out as effortlessly as a salt-laced breeze off the Gulf. Select from single-family courtyard homes and mid-rise beachfront condominiums from the $1 millions to more than $3 million. Come discover the enchantment in a private tour of the site now under construction.


Siesta D

A Private Seaside Retreat

dni ght

Clark Rd.


Pa .


Sales by Michael Saunders & Company, Licensed Real Estate Broker

5100 Ocean Blvd. Mi

(941) 312-0146 or Toll-Free (888) 673-9338 Sales Center: 5100 Ocean Blvd. Site location: 6400 Midnight Pass Rd.

Bee Ridge Rd.

6400 Midnight Pass Rd.


ey ckn . Sti t Rd in o P



Bird/Lido Key BIRD KEY $3,390,000 Elegant estate living. Enjoy life on an upscale note in this 3BR/4 plus BA Bay-view split-plan. 5,674 SF. LO#228776 DYRK DAHL 941-924-9000 BIRD KEY $2,495,000 Custom home on Bird Key. Deep water canal with dock. This spectacular home will be elegantly appointed. LO#228480 LOUIS WERY 941-924-9000 LIDO SHORES $750,000 Rare opportunity - original Lido Shores 50's modern by Tim Seibert, F.A.I.A. Sarasota School of Architecture jewel. LO#230701 MARTIE LIEBERMAN 941-924-9000




When selling or acquiring your own Florida exceptional property, it’s the only name you need to know.

1.800.624.5292 w w w. f l o r i d amoves. c o m

LONGBOAT $495,000 Fabulous direct bayfront two, bedroom end unit. Beautifully furnished with lots of space for a comfortable Fla lifestyle. LO#229868 JOYCE AND MARK HUBER 941-924-9000 HARBOUR LINKS $450,000 Private end residence with high ceilings, tile, den, private elevator, attached garage & large screened terrace. LO#228224 BRUCE MYER 941-924-9000


COUNTRY CLUB SHORES $2,700,000 Five bedroom, four bath custom home on deepwater canal. Balconies with views of Bay, dock, pool and spa. Separate guest quarters. LO#216378 MARK HILL 941-924-9000

FAIRWAY BAY $449,000 Two bedroom, two bath garden Apartment behind the gates of LBK Club,renovated with granite counters, ceramic flooring, new appliances, six-car garage. LO#222897 LINDA & EMMETT WEBER 941-924-9000

EN PROVENCE $2,695,000 Community of 21 beachfront residences, grand terraces with views of the gulf! 3,437 SF. exquisitely appointed. LO#230426 CHERYL LOEFFLER 941-924-9000 WATER CLUB $2,425,000 A fabled lifestyle. Enjoy high-style ambiance! Fabulous 3,400 SF, 3-bedroom condo. LO#218516 MICHAEL O. DUVALL 941-924-9000 THE SANCTUARY BUILDING III $1,995,000 Gulf front three bedroom, three & a half bath. TKF, Upgraded kitchen, marble baths, wrap terrace overlooking pool/beach. LO#225523 BARBARA ACKERMAN 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT KEY $2,875,000 A true estate feel comprised of two lots, lushly landscaped with seclusion and privacy on the open Bay. LO#225136 BRUCE MYER 941-924-9000

SARABANDE $2,650,000 Views to Gulf, Bay and city. Three bedroom plus media room/den, four baths, 3636 SF., center island kitchen. Open spaces LO#229657 BARBARA ACKERMAN 941-924-9000



LONGBOAT KEY $1,550,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Spectacular 7th floor views of Gulf and City skyline from this 2,510 SF., 2/3 BR home. Gourmet kitchen. LO#230460 GEOFFREY CROSS 941-924-9000 BAY ISLES $1,449,000 360º V irtual Tour Tour LBK club boaters delight! Walking distance to golf, tennis & clubhouse. Open floor plan heated pool & spa. LO#215240 LINDA & EMMETT WEBER 941-924-9000

QUEENS HARBOR $1,280,000 Understated elegance. Enjoy a creative life in this beautiful, 4,046 SF residence. Four bedrooms, four baths. LO#231864 SHELLEY KING 941-924-9000

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES $979,000 Mediterranean waterfront home. Three bedroom, totally redesigned, marble baths, Mexican tile floors, granite kitchen, large pool. LO#231685 JUDY KEPECZ 941-924-9000

PROMENADE $795,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Largest two bedroom, split plan promenade condominium on the sunset side of the building with gorgeous gulf views. LO#225869 MAGGIE HICKS 941-924-9000



ST. ARMANDS $3,850,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Exclusively Designed New Saint Armand's Bayfront Custom Home with highest quality construction and architectural detail. LO#228668 MARK HUBER/JOYCE HUBER 941-924-9000

MANASOTA KEY $1,500,000 Home that's large and lovely. Upscale yet down-home warmth! Fashionable three bedroom, three bathroom residence. 3,040 square feet. LO#226579 ELLEN ORLOP 941-924-9000

LIDO BEACH $750,000 Three bedroom, two bath, two-car garage, Penthouse with glassed in wrap around balcony. Views of beach, Bay & city. Clubhouse amenities. LO#230443 VIOLET L. MILETIC 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT KEY $695,000 A most extraordinary property. Enjoy the very best in this gracious two bedroom, two bathroom Gulf-view end-unit. Foyer, pantry. LO#227748 BARBARA K. ROTHSTEIN 941-924-9000



TOWER RESIDENCES AT THE RITZ CARLTON$1,465,000 Fascinating and tasteful. High-style amenities are yours with this irresistible 2,985 SF, 3-bedroom condo. LO#232065 CHERYL LOEFFLER 941-924-9000 QUEENS HARBOR $1,250,000 The sweet taste of success. Enjoy a matchless lifestyle in this fabulous 3,969 SF, 1997 beach-site split-plan. LO#228535 MICHAEL R. BUSH 941-924-9000 UNIVERSITY PARK $459,000 Welcome to a great future! Attractive lakefront splitplan everyone desires. Irresistible 2BR/2BA residence. LO#224846 TAMMY GARNER 941-924-9000

SANCTUARY $965,000 Beautifully maintained 2/3BR condo in small 20 unit building. TKF for immediate occupancy. Gulf/Bay view, private beach. LO#225775 JOYCE HUBER/MARK HUBER 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT KEY ESTATES $699,900 Gorgeous unobstructed Bay views and only 4 houses from the Bay. Completely remodeled in 1992. LO#226279 CHERYL TIMMINS 941-924-9000


WHITFIELD ESTATES $1,795,000 One acre, gorgeous Bay views. sep. guest house. Ranch redone. Private dock with lift, 110 foot seawall. LO#225831 S. D. VELLIQUETTE& G. APPEL 941-924-9000

WATERCLUB $999,000 2650 SF Cambridge model with views of Gulf & city. Built-ins, marble and wood floors, pool and fitness center. LO#231965 BARBARA ACKERMAN 941-924-9000

SANCTUARY $775,000 Behind the gates of LBK Club. Beautiful view from balcony. Third bedroom/den. New wood floors and plantation shutters. LO#230737 WENDY LEVENTHAL 941-924-9000

FAIRWAY BAY $429,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Offering a warm welcome. A premier design enhances this two bedroom, two plus bathroom townhome. It's captivating and cordial! LO#228387 DOROTHY KRAKOVITZ 941-924-9000

INN ON THE BEACH $299,000 Views! Lagoon-city-sunrise,desirable location with wonderful club amenities. Great investment, turnkey furnished. LO#227564 JUDY KEPECZ 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT KEY $1,425,000 Stunning city, bay, golf course and gulf views. Two3BR/3BA, two-car garage. First class amenities. Twenty-four hour security. LO#229960 DAVID PELLEGRIN 941-924-9000 WATER CLUB $1,299,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Beautiful Cambridge residence in the Water Club. Sunset gulf views as well as views over Sarasota Bay. LO#217463 ROGER PETTINGELL 941-924-9000

VILLAGE $429,900 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Totally redone beach cottage. Longboat's Village. Caged pool, screened lanai, Florida room. LO#221091 BRUCE MYER 941-924-9000

BEACH HARBOR CLUB $299,900 End unit, ground floor with partial view of Bay. Furnished, beach access, steps to beach & Bay. LO#225792 VICKI LONBORG 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT KEY $1,659,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Longboat Key Club, two-story Bayou home offers deep-water dockage. European architecture with fabulous views. LO#231914 STEVEN C. KEPECZ 941-924-9000 LONGBOAT KEY $1,599,000 Three bedroom Brittany with view of Gulf, city & Bay. TKF, wood floors, built-ins (see lister for art exclusions). LO#232214 ROGER PETTINGELL 941-924-9000

SLEEPY LAGOON $610,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Custom excellence. Catch the ambiance of this gracious three bedroom, two bathroom home with a striking water view. Deck. LO#226899 KATHY SCOTT 941-924-9000

ISLANDER CLUB $499,000 Totally updated 2BR/2BA gulf front condo. Granite counters, new appliances, wood cabinets, faux finishes. LO#226204 JUDY KEPECZ 941-924-9000

Longboat Key LONGBOAT KEY $3,500,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Regent Place, direct Gulf Front unit. Over 3500 SF. behind the gates of the Longboat Key Club Island-side TKF. LO#229629 STEVEN C. KEPECZ 941-924-9000

SEA GATE CLUB $699,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour So elegantly irresistible. Enjoy classic luxury in this beautifully-styled 2BR/2BA beach condo. LO#219889 JUDY KEPECZ 941-924-9000

LONGBOAT KEY $537,500 Picture-perfect place.Large living, dining room and sizes. You'll go for the ambiance of this irresistible three-bedroom residence. LO#228388 JOE BOGUSZEWSKI, PA 941-924-9000

BIRD KEY $569,000 Prestigious pleaser. Count the extras in this distinctive 3BR/3BA Ranch. Fun pool. Separate shower. LO#231788 THE KOY GROUP 941-924-9000 LIDO BEACH $429,000 Distinctive 2BR/2BA condo with incredible Gulf views. Remodeled kitchen. Lots of storage and California closets. LO#229574 DIANE THOMAS 941-924-9000

EMERALD POINTE $699,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Brand new and ready to move-in! Gorgeous Amethyst model behind the Longboat Key Clubs Harbour. LO#218051 ROGER PETTINGELL/BRUCE MYER 941-924-9000

UNIVERSITY PARK $449,000 Elegant courtyard home. Many improvements made thru-out kitchen cabinetry, corian counters, appliances. LO#224796 RENATA M. CHANOSKI 941-924-9000

BANYAN BAY $610,000 Incredible full Bay views from this three bedroom, three plus bathroom den Multi-level end unit. Totally remodeled and upgraded. LO#226269 WENDY LEVENTHAL 941-924-9000

SEAPLACE $459,000 360º Virtual Virtual Tour Tour Beautifully updated W/partial Gulf view. Nicely furnished "beach retreat" feeling. Tile floors and separate laundry. LO#225599 THE KOY GROUP 941-924-9000


201 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 1 ~ Longboat Key 941-383-6411 16 Avenue of the Flowers ~ Longboat Key 941-383-8657 423 St. Armands Circle ~ St. Armands 941-388-3966 330 John Ringling Boulevard ~ St. Armands Key 941-388-4433 100 North Tamiami Trail ~ Sarasota Downtown 941-366-8070 ©2003 Coldwell Banker Corporation. An EqualOpportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned and Operated by NRT Incorporated.

Siesta Key SIESTA BEACH $1,549,000 Superb quality and taste. Under construction. Partake of peerless living in this luxurious four bedroom, four plus bath home. LO#226841 LIZ NASON 941-924-9000

Inside Section B Cinesymphony Social Calendar Film Fest Opening Night

3B 4B 9B

JA N UA RY 3 0 , 2 0 0 3


BlackTie BY EMILY WALSH Black Tie Editor

Kiddie klothes ... The Met may have to tack on yet another line onto their Fashion House — kidswear. Why, you ask? Because Geoffrey and Brenda Michel are proud parents-to-be. The Michels are keeping the sex of the baby a surprise, so we’ll have to wait nine months to find out if two fashionistas will have a baby Armani boy or a little Lily Pulitzer girl. Would you kiss these brides? ... At the “Kiss the Bride” film premiere, three models traipsed around the Van Wezel in beautiful bridal gowns from Ana Molinari’s new shop, La Mariée. The three “brides” seemed to have skipped the wedding ceremony and gone right into reception mode. Perhaps they Photos by Emily Walsh

Marilyn Naiditch, Bishop John Nevins and Irving Naiditch

REVERENT Revelry BY EMILY WALSH Black Tie Editor

It seems like every year the Bishop’s Ball falls on an icy, cold night. But at the Bishop’s Garnet Ball on Thursday, Jan. 23 at St. Anne’s Hall at Bishop Nevins Academy, guests were warmed by the red glow of the garnet decorations that adorned the spacious and spectacular hall. Guests donned their glittering and garnet gowns and browsed the extensive silent auction to “put a sparkle into the lives” of those in need in Sarasota and Manatee counties. Chair Maria DeSanto and Co-chair Beverly Ryan created a dazzling evening enjoyed by 400 guests. However the night really started to rev up when His Excellency, the Most Rev. John J. Nevins, Bishop of Venice in Florida arrived at the ball that was held in his honor. Guests flocked to greet the bishop, who graciously and modestly showered attention on all.

were trying to find husbands-to-be. Honestly, all BT could think about was ... please don’t spill that red wine on those beautiful dresses! Love of Longboat ... With the Sarasota Film Festival in high gear, producers, directors and Hollywood stars are pouring in and out of town. Where do these famous folks stay? On Longboat of course! Opening Night film “Kiss the Bride” Producer Jordan Gertner, Director and star Vanessa Parise and co-star Johnathon Schaech all enjoyed their stay at the Longboat Key Club. All three told BT that they would definitely return to Longboat Key and come back every year for the Sarasota Film Festival. Unfortunately, they did report to BT that the horrible dredge “Millennium” was parked right outside their window. Uck! A Ritzy raucous ... Was caused around 1:30 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 25, at the Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota. Not because Film Fest fans were still partying in the Cà d’Zan bar, but because Jackie Mason was spotted coming into the lobby. After performing “An Evening with Jackie Mason” at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall last week, Mason decided to stay in town for a little R & R. One Film Fester tried coaxing Mason to attend some of the film fest events and Mason replied, “If you’re going to have beautiful women there, I’ll be there.” This just in! ... The Sarasota Film Festival just reported to BT that Steven Tyler and Longboater Joe Perry of the rock band Aerosmith will be attending the Late Night Wrap Party on Saturday, Feb. 1 at a location yet to be announced. So don’t “Dream On” and “Walk This Way”; you can be “Livin’ On the Edge” at the Late Night Wrap Party where it will be “Amazing.” But hurry up and buy your tickets, because “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.”

Co-chair Beverly Ryan with Chair Maria DeSanto

Carol and Les Brualdi with Anna Maria Troiano

More photos on page 3B

Tim and Susan Clarke

Carol and Maurice Krug




Black Tie

Black Tie


LOOK You can’t go to the Big Band Valentine Bash wearing a black-tie dress that is constricting and doesn’t allow movement, because the whole point of the bash is to dance the night away. Opt for a dress with a wide range of movement, giving you that swishing, circling, floating effect when you waltz on the dance floor. Eric Cease of Dream Weaver picked out this black-tie dress because of its full-circle skirt with a 17-foot hemline for dancing.

Big Band Valentine Bash When: 6:30 p.m. Friday, Feb. 14 Where: Michael’s On East The event Roses are red, violets are blue. On Valentine’s Day, what are you to do? Here’s the plan ... throw on your dancing shoes and something red or pink and head on over to Michael’s On East for the “Big Band Valentine Bash” for a night of dinner and dancing (well, mostly dancing and maybe a little smooching) with your sweetheart. Patrons of last year’s “Big Band Bash” will recall that this event is not for the faint of heart. Guests tore up the dance floor, swinging with the Lindy Hop and the Jitterbug to music of the ’40s and ’50s. The gourmet dinner served by Michael’s On East seemed to be of no interest to these dancing duos, who made life a little difficult for the serving staff of Michael’s. (There were a few close calls involving spinning dancers and flying salads!) This year the bash is back with the same all-night dancing and big band music. The swinging rhythms of Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey and Sammy Kay will be recreated by trumpeter Charly Raymond and his band. Vocalist Michele James will sing the favorite love songs of the swing era such as, “A Sentimental Journey,” “I’ll Get By” and “Talk of the Town,” impressing guests with her soaring, wide-ranging vocal flights and engag-

Emily Walsh

Elisabeth Waters, committee member of the Big Band Valentine Bash and former ballet dancer (watch her pirouette on the dance floor), has fun spinning around in a Carter Smith cut-satin “K” dress with a full circle skirt and 17-foot hemline for dancing, with matching full-length scarf, $1650; cinnabar necklace by local Sarasota artist Natalie Brush, $420; and Susan Green coral earrings, $110. All available at Dream Weaver, St. Armands, 388-1118.

ing rapport. Since this year’s bash falls on Valentine’s night, the Michael’s On East ballroom will not only emulate a 1940-period nightclub, it will also be full of hearts, roses, cupids and the vivid colors of red and pink. But don’t wait until Cupid strikes you with his arrow, because this romantic evening is limited to only 300 guests. The “Big Band Valentine Bash” is chaired by Mary Ann Robinson and benefits the New College Foundation. Tickets are $175 and are available by calling Mary Lou Wingerter, 355-2991.

The committee Mary Ann Robinson is the chairman of the 2003 Big Band Bash committee. Joining her on the committee are Mrs. Sydney Adler, Mrs. James Billings, Mrs. George Blechta, Ms. Charlene Lenger, Mrs. Marvin Danto, Mrs. Robert Drohlich, Mrs. Leslie Dubitsky, Mrs. George Durell, Jr., Mrs. Nick Ellis, Mrs. Jack Geldbart, Mrs. Laszlo Gonye, Mrs. Lawrence Gourlay, Mrs. Wm. James Harman, Mrs. Rolland Heiser, Mrs. Ed Keating, Ms. Diana Lager, Mrs. Ira Mendell, Ms. Carolyn Michel, Mrs. Martin Moss, Mrs. C. William Myers, Mrs. Robert Nelson, Mrs. Robert Peterson, Mrs. Robert Qualy, Mrs. Alice Rau, Mrs. Howard



The organization The New College Foundation, originating in 1960, provides extra funding for New College of Florida, the honors college of the state university of Florida. The foundation’s mission is to augment state funding for New College in order to perpetuate the college’s innovative academic program that has achieved national acclaim as the model for excellence in liberal arts education. ❑

Searching to Reveal for Valentines Day Insights Into the Inner Thoughts of Men and Women

♥ Answer one or more of the questions listed and return card or fax response to QWJ at 388-2269 by February 10, 2003




Reinheimer, Jr., Mrs. James Robertson, Mrs. Alfred Rose, Mrs. John Sandefur, Mrs. Jane Smiley, Mrs. Robert Thoms, Mrs. Thomas Towler, Mrs. Paul van Antwerpen, Mrs. Gilbert Waters, Mrs. Robert Windom, Ms. Mary Lou Wingerter and Mrs. William Wise.

Night on the Town in a Chauffeur Driven Rolls Royce or Bentley (Value $3500) Diamond Forever Chain Designed by Michael Beaudry (Value $4000)







CLEARWATER 800-407-6557

____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Why should a woman accept a large diamond from a man? _________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Why would a woman purchase her own diamond? __________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Why do men and women desire Bentley automobiles? _____________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Responses to be reviewed by a panel of judges.

Customer Name: __________________________________________________ Address:___________________________________________________________ Phone:_____________________________________________________________

Trunk Show Thursday, Feb. 13, 6-9 p.m. Friday, Feb. 14, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 15, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.


Bentley Azure Black-Sapphire, 5.48ct Diamond Ring Designed by Michael Beaudry


Why do men buy large diamonds for women?_______________________






READY “Bishop’s Ball” continued from page 1B




Sylvia Babineau, Edith Barr Dunn and Karen Harding


John and Julie Flaherty


Beth and Bob Cannata


Liz and Jim Moore


Larry and Joyce Falth with Rose Marie and Bill Stieber


Ed and Jane Bavaria






Place: Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall and the Beatrice Friedman Symphony Center Date: Saturday, Jan. 25 Benefiting: Sarasota Film Festival and Florida West Coast Symphony

1 5

Photos by Emily Walsh



1 “Far From Heaven” Director Todd Haynes and Elmer Bernstein 2 John and Tana Sandefur, Phyllis and Chuck Savidge and Debra Sandefur 3 Hope Leuchter and Bea Friedman 4 Cinesymphony artist Alex Steinweiss with his wife, Blanche 5 Gaye Haney and Even Collinsworth





4 DAYS…FEB. 6,7,8,9







Four Days of Greek Celebration! • Live Greek music & folk dancing • Authentic Greek food and pastries • Greek Market Place featuring crafts & jewelry • Cooking demonstrations • Church tours highlighting magnificent Byzantine mosaics • Children’s activities

WIN A 2003 NISSAN 350Z! In Our Popular Raffle

PLUS… $32,000 IN CASH PRIZES!!! 1st .... NISSAN 350Z 2nd ....$20,000 Cash 3rd ......$ 5,000 Cash 4th .......$2,500 Cash 5th .......$2,500 Cash 6th .......$1,000 Cash 7th .......$1,000 Cash

Drawing 7 PM • Sunday – Feb. 9, 2003 $50 Donation Per Ticket • Only 3500 Tickets Available!

Call Today: (941) 355-2616 Online: St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church • 7671 N. Lockwood Ridge Rd. • Sarasota, FL 34243 RAFFLE RULES: Raffle is open to citizens or permanent residents of the United States who are eighteen (18) years of age or older. Payment of all applicable Federal, State and Local taxes are the responsibility of, and must be paid by the winner(s). Winner(s) will be issued Internal Revenue tax form(s) 1099 stating the value of the prize(s). Winner(s) may add options or upgrade car(s) at winner’s expense. No purchase necessary. Winner(s) need not be present to win. No cash alternative for car. Additional rules located at Church Office, 7671 N. Lockwood Ridge Rd., Sarasota, FL 34243.


Mon.-Sat. 10 AM - 5:30 PM


Honoree Luncheon Hosted by: Brandeis University National Women’s Committee Benefiting: Work/Scholar Program at Brandeis University When: 11:30 a.m. Where: Oaks Country Club Chair: Hattie “Sis” Albert and Barbara Bernstein Contact: Barbara Bernstein, 966-3646 Price: $30

‘Anne Frank’ Pre-performance Dinner Benefiting: Sarasota Ballet of Florida When: 5:30 p.m. Where: Classic Car Museum Contact: David Johnson, 359-0099, Ext. 120 Price: $150

Feb. 3 to March 2

A Night of a 1,000 Stars Benefiting: Sarasota Film Festival When: 9 p.m. Where: Michael’s On East Chair: Phil Mancini Contact: SFF, 364-9514 Price: $100

Florida West Coast Symphony Designer Showcase Hosted by: Florida West Coast Symphony Association Benefiting: Florida West Coast Symphony and its Youth Orchestra Program Where: Various exciting new homes Chairs: Jean Abrams and Tracy Seider Contact: Jean Abrams, 955-9899 Price: $15



1 Filmmaker’s Tribute Dinner and Gala Benefiting: Sarasota Film Festival When: 7 p.m. Where: The RitzCarlton, Sarasota Chair: Mary Ann Robinson Contact: SFF, 364-9514 Price: $250

Stars of Tomorrow GALA! Hosted by: Venice Opera Guild Benefiting: Sarasota Opera When: 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. Where: Venice Community Center Contact: Antoinette Dowling, 480-9660 Price: $15 and up

5 Carlisle Fashion Show Hosted by: Bradenton Opera Guild Benefiting: Sarasota Opera When: 11 a.m. Where: Lakewood Ranch Country Club Chair: Jo Ann Frye Contact: Jo Ann Frye, 776-2850 Price: $25

Late Night After Party Benefiting: Sarasota Film Festival When: 11:53 p.m. Where: TBA Chair: Mark P. Famiglio Contact: SFF, 364-9514 Price: $50 and $100 The Great Key West Getaway Benefiting: Family Counseling Center When: 6:30 p.m. Where: Michael’s On East Chair: Chair Marcia McLaughlin, Co-chair Sharon Buczek Contact: Mary Beth Bos, 366-4936 Price: $100

2 Eighth annual Gala Dinner Hosted by: American Society for Technion Israel Benefiting: Institute of Technology, Sarasota Gulf Coast Chapter When: 5 p.m. Where: Michael’s On East Chairs: Rosalie Krone and Naomi Wertheimer Contact: Rosalie Krone, 383-4523 Price: $150 and up Designer Showcase 2003 Champagne Brunch Hosted by: Florida West Coast Symphony Association Benefiting: Florida West Coast Symphony and its Youth Orchestra Program When: 11:30 a.m. Where: Michael’s On East Chairs: Glenda Auxier and Ann Proctor Contact: Glenda Auxier, 351-5971

Corinthian Gala 2003 Patron Party Hosted by: Bill and Margaret Wise Benefiting: Sarasota Memorial Healthcare Foundation Inc. When: 5 p.m. Where: The home of Bill and Margaret Wise Contact: 9171286 Price: By invitation only Cooking Then and Now Hosted by: Gulf Coast Heritage Association Benefiting: Historic Spanish Point Where: Radisson Lido Beach Resort Chairs: BJ Creighton and Beth Waskom Contact: Dianne Prairie, 966-5214 Price: $75 and up

6 ‘They Make a Difference’ Benefiting: Longboat Key Center for the Arts When: 6:30 p.m. Where: Harbourside Dining Room, Longboat Key Club Contact: Edina Jennison, 3832345 Price: $125 and up Marlene Hecktman Book signing and reception Hosted by: A Step Above Gallery Benefiting: The Wellness Community When: 6 p.m. Where: A Step Above Gallery Contact: Lois Ross, 955-4477 Women’s American ORT Florida Gulf Coast de Gunzbourg High Tea Benefiting: Women’s American ORT When: 2:30 p.m. Where: Islandside Room, Longboat Key Club Chairs: Bernice Goodman and Dottie Stevens Contact: Dottie Stevens, 955-7642, or Bernice Goodman, 383-6007 Price: $30

For the complete 2002-2003 social calendar, visit our Web site at



Women Boutique Contact: Designing Women, 366-5293



Designing Women Trunk Show What: Featuring the designs and art work by Miriam Cassell, Marianne Eriksson, Nancy Sedlar, Marcia Freedman and Andrea Mihalyffy. Where: Designing

1 to 28 Designing Women Trunk Show What: Featuring the jewelry designs and artwork of Nikki

Feldbaum and Kathleen Carillo. Where: Designing Women Boutique Contact: Designing Women, 366-5293


Hickey-Freeman Trunk Show What: John Catalina of HickeyFreeman will be in Maus & Hoffman to present the new custom clothing collection of HickeyFreeman. When: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Where: Maus & Hoffman, St. Armands Contact: Maus & Hoffman, 388-2551




Longboat Key Center for the Arts and Exit Art Fashion Show


Place: Harbourside Dining Room, Longboat Key Club Date: Thursday, Jan. 23 Chairmen: Joan Partridge and Rose Scott Benefiting: Longboat Key Center for the Arts


John Cannon. The first and last name in luxury custom homes is rebuilding the face of Sarasota and Manatee counties by transforming the area’s most prized waterfront homesites into your vision of how life should be.




7077 S. Tamiami Trail • Sarasota, FL 34231 941-924-5935 • Fax 941-924-4129 E-mail

CGCA 18551

Great Rooms Begin With Fabulous Floors! 5 3


GRAND BAY LOBBY - crosscut travertine with Empridor marble border outlines a custom designed fountain.

Visit Sarasota’s most creative and extensive flooring collection. 1 2 3 4 5

Models walk the runway. Beverly Boguslaw, Patricia Redmond and Julie Albino Kelly Kary, Maureen Horn and Phyllis Klein Mimi Francis, Judy Krasnow and Charlotte Stein Edith Morse and Jean Wassmansdorf Photos by Dora Walters

Now with 2 locations.


“An Idea Center Showroom”…


Showcased@Desears 4650 S. Tamiami Trail




“Main Showroom”…

1906 Bay Road Sarasota, FL 941.954.8080 •










2003 Seville * *


24 Month SmartLease ® Plus (One Payment Plan)


** **

$13,499 $13,499


* Total due at signing: $3,529.30 (Includes $2,000 cap cost reduction, 1st month’s payment, tax, tag, license and dealer service fee.) Must be full or part-time resident of SW or SE Florida

Total due at signing: $15,334.01 (Includes tax, tag, license and dealer service fee.) Must be full or part-time resident of SW or SE Florida **

Starting Starting at at $27,645 $27,645

2002 V70

2002 2002

MSRP $34,650

Close-out Price

New Year Sale Price…

48 Month SmartLease ®®



$14,799 ++



2200 Bee Ridge Road • Sarasota • 941-922-1571

2124 Bee Ridge Road • Sarasota • 941-924-1211

Mon - Thur 8:30am - 6pm • Fri 8:30am - 6pm • Sat 9am - 5pm (sales only)

Mon - Thur 8:30am - 7pm • Fri 8:30am - 6pm • Sat 9am - 5pm (sales only)

Nobody r Beats Ou Deals!



















Coast Cadillac


* Based on 48 mo. lease/ 12,000 miles a year, cap cost reduction $1000, total due at signing $1740.16. Residual $14,388.75, MSRP $31,975

Must be current Cadillac owner. owner. (Payments for non-Cadillac owners slightly higher.) higher.) With With approved credit - GMAC Credit Corp. 12,000 mile per year See dealer for details.


Save Up To


Total due at signing: $16,552.40 (Includes tax, tag, license and dealer service fee.)




++ ++


2002 2002


(One Payment Plan)


Total due at signing: $3,367.43 (Includes $2,000 cap cost reduction, 1st month’s payment, tax, tag, license and dealer service fee.)

2003 S60

24 Month SmartLease ®® Plus





2003 Deville



48 Month SmartLease ®



2124 Bee Ridge Road • Sarasota • 941-924-1211 Mon - Thur 8:30am - 7pm • Fri 8:30am - 6pm • Sat 9am - 5pm (sales only)

Selling Season Is Here! Great New Deals Everyday!









You know how she likes to slip her arm into yours as you stroll along?

Photos by Emily Walsh

‘Up Close & Personal’ Cocktail Reception with Elmer Bernstein Place: The home of John and Tana Sandefur Date: Friday, Jan. 24 Benefiting: Sarasota Film Festival and Florida West Coast Symphony

This will keep things strolling right along. VALENTINE’S DAY ROCKS


1829 Osprey Ave., Sarasota • Southside Village • 941/366-6871

Diana Kan Extraordinary Watercolorist exhibited in 25 International Museums! 23 Original Pieces Available For Only a Short Time Before Going To MOMA New York City


10 South Palm Ave. Downtown Sarasota 1303


Home Decor & Accessories


Professional Theatre at its Finest



by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee




1 Helene Noble, Elaine Keating and Gene Noble

by George Bernard Shaw


2 Tana Sandefur and Joseph McKenna

THE CORN IS GREEN by Emlyn Williams

3 Beatrice Friedman with Elmer Bernstein

EYE OF THE STORM by Will Stutts

4 Robbie Robinson and John Welch



Box Office 941-351-8000 or 800-361-8388 5555 North Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34243 or order online at Michael DeSantis in Brighton Beach Memoirs, photo by Frank Atura

5 Lynn Cambest, John Sandefur and Maura Cambest


6 Dorothy Greenberg and Jean Hammer




Opening Night Film ‘Kiss the Bride’ and After Party



Place: Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall Date: Friday, Jan. 24 Chair: Michele Hall Benefiting: Sarasota Film Festival

• Artwork • Sofas • Lamps

• Accessories • Decorator Chairs • Decorative Chests • Chairs

Many Unusual Pieces!


up to



%OFF All Inventory on Sale!

HOURS MON - FRI • 9 - 5 SAT • 10 - 4






Hurry while it lasts!

Catch the Excitement this Season 2 Tango Buenos Aires+*

1 Michael Drake, Kim Ross, Michael Riter and Amy Drake


Russian State Opera; “Tosca”+*

Feb. 3 and 4, 8 P.M.

Jan. 30, 8 P.M.

Julio Iglesias Feb. 6, 8 P.M.

Feb. 5, 8 P.M.

2 “Kiss the Bride” Director and star Vanessa Parise with co-star Johnathon Schaech 3 Chair Michele Hall and Pam Morris 4 Phil and Kim Mancini with Eric Cross 5 Wendy Mann Resnick and Eddie Bongart

An Evening with Dave Brubeck+

6 Marty Petlock and Christine Jennings


Feb. 7, 8 P.M.

Photos by Emily Walsh

The Little Engine That Could

Bill Cosby Feb. 8, 6 and 9 P.M.

Pirates of Penzance+*

Feb. 8, 10:30 A.M.

Feb. 9, 8 P.M.

Italian/American Les Ballets Jazz Music Festival+ de Montreal+*

Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance+*

Frank Stanley Beveridge Foundation

Vienna Choir Boys Feb. 10, 2 P.M.

Feb. 10, 8 P.M.

Feb. 12, 8 P.M.

Feb. 14, 3 and 8 P.M. Feb. 15, 2 and 8 P.M. The Café in the Grand Foyer opens 1 1/2 hour prior to every performance.

CHARGE-IT LINE: 953-3368 TOLL-FREE 1-800-VAN-WEZEL (826-9303) Service fee for phone orders. PROGRAMS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

On-line ticketing at VANWEZEL.ORG



* If available, $10 Student Rush Tickets may be purchased the day of the performance. + Groups of 20 or more receive a 10% discount on some performances.

777 N. TAMIAMI TRAIL, SARASOTA Box Office hours:

Monday-Saturday 9-4:30, Sunday 1-5




Asolo Angels Halo Day Michael’s On East Luncheon Place: Date: Monday, Jan. 20 Chairs: Helene Myers and Virginia Sypula Hosted by: Asolo Angel Association




OPEN MON. - SAT. 10-5 Come and browse through our warehouse any Wednesday between 4PM and 6PM 1303

1137 Central Ave (just a few blocks from the store)


“Odyssey” Corner Desk $49800

Start the year right. Your new computer will have a home with our efficient home office. We have a selection of in stock designs perfect for your office. Come in or call to schedule delivery.










READY 1 2 3 4

You’ll see our new 2003 previews of swimwear. Free gift with every purchase of Gottex.

Photos by Emily Walsh


s ’ g n i l b i r t S n a s Su





Sorah Yagy sells raffle tickets to the Asolo Angels. Anne Roth, Alan Kurland and George Roth John Talbot, Judy Philip and Gibby and Ross de Matteo Jeanne Nunn, Nancy Schlossberg and Beth Bloeche Co-chair Helene Myers with husband, Bill

MON.-SAT. 9:30-6:00 SUN. 10:00-5:00




Enchantment at Play OrchidBeach Club LIDO KEY

Introducing Orchid Beach Club, an island oasis of tropical enchantment and laid-back charm on the white sands beach of Lido Key. Only 54 exquisite new beach residences ranging from 2,936 to over 6,000 square feet. Brought to you by the developers of en Provence and Beau Ciel. Tucked behind lushly landscaped gates, Orchid Beach Club features infinitely beautiful views of gulf and bay and a private beachfront club of social, fitness and spa privileges, served with a touch of perfection. Pre-construction pricing now available. Call 941-388-2050 for an appointment.

University Parkway



75 EXIT 210



Fruitville Road

am tre lfs . Gu Blvd




P.O. Box 3349 • Sarasota, FL 34230-3349 • 2050 Benjamin Franklin Dr. 941-388-2050 • 941-388-2080 Fax • 877-388-2050 Toll-Free • Prices & features subject to change without notice. Offer void where prohibited by law. Broker cooperation welcomed ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS, MAKE REFERENCE TO THIS ADVERTISEMENT AND TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE.


Simply the Best

Su s hi fl uf Sn

OOPSS! Sorry… I t O n l y To o k 7 D a y s


It’s On the Beach



To l l F r e e


941. 3 8 8 . 2 3 4 5

888. 6 0 0 . 2 3 4 5


Best beach on Longboat. 2 bedroom beauty in a wonderful comp l e x o n L B K ’s n o r t h e n d . C a l l S y l v i a n o w, 5 0 4 . 0 5 5 1 . $ 5 4 9 , 9 0 0

Ultimate beachfront! Gorgeous turnkey suite on the G u l f . Wo n d e r f u l i n - h o u s e r e n t a l . T h i s o n e w o n ’ t l a s t ! C a l l S y l v i a n o w, 5 0 4 . 0 5 5 1 .


to “Sell” this fantastic Grand Bay Cayman, listed at $1,115,000.


Te n n i s , p o o l , n a t u r e & w o n d e r f u l in-house rental program. Shows l i k e a m o d e l . C a l l S y l v i a n o w, 504.0551.

If you are interested in selling or buying, please, call me for a “no obligation” professional opinion of value.

• 409 St. Armands Circle

SYLVIA BABINEAU MY REALTY COMPANY w w w . m y r e a l t y c o m p a n y. c o m

ABRM, CRS, ABR, CRB Yo u r L i c e n s e d R e a l E s t a t e B r o k e r O w n e r

SYLVIA BABINEAU 941/504.0551





Page 1C



Hearts of glass

Gino Norman, Denise Leider, Joan Stanley,Tom Asposporos,Vince LaPorta,Terry Johnson and Wayne McCammon

Director Art Burkowsky never phones it in.

Courtesy photo

William Morris’ “Suspended Artifact” — part of the Yasuna collection of glass sculpture. “Steuben and Beyond: Contemporary Glass Sculpture from the Penny and Elton Yasuna Collection,” will be on exhibit through March 23, at the Museum of Fine Arts in St Petersburg. The exhibit represents 24 glass art pieces — including work by Harvey Littleton, Dale Chihuly, Seguso, Peiser, Lipofsky and William Morris. Dr. Elton and Penny Yasuna, Longboat Key residents for 23 years and now residents at Plymouth Harbour, collected these objects from the 1980s through the 1990s. Often oversized and bursting with color, these unconventional pieces challenge preconceptions of what glass art is. What led the Yasunas to create this collection? Dr. Yasuna says, “It started out as a matter of necessity. When we began collecting we couldn’t afford to spend a lot of money, so we started out in areas that weren’t so well known. Contemporary glass sculpture was still relatively new then, so we could afford it. The more we began collecting, the more we fell in love with it. The experience really opened up our eyes.” Call 727-896-2667 for details.

Plaza Suite Service si, smile no. Gino Norman as the waiter.

If these walls could talk ... The Plaza Hotel in New York City

Sonnet silenced


Zaland Sherzad, in addition to being an Afghani prince, is also a sculptor. “Silence” was one of his creations, until recently on exhibit at the Sonnet Gallery in Sarasota. Sherzad’s 20” high metal sculpture was made of found objects, including an antique French saxophone, and bits of silver. The $3,000 piece was recently stolen. The shadowy thief was caught on surveillance cameras but has so far not been identified. The gallery is offering $500 to anyone who can help do so — anonymously, of course. Call 955-6443.

How suite it is … The Plaza is one of the finest hotels in New York City. “Plaza Suite” is one Neil Simon’s finest comedies. It’s only fitting that the Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce “Chamber Players”

Arts and Entertainment Writer

Photos by Marty Fugate

will be performing it for their annual production, at 8 p.m. Friday, Feb. 7; and at 2 and 8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 8, at the Players Theatre. Here’s a glimpse at a recent rehearsal. As you can see, everybody’s already in a comic mood … Break a leg! ❑

Pet project Florence Putterman is a Lido Shores-based artist whose archetypal images transcend the span of human history and the border between waking life and dreams. She’s also an animal lover. Naturally enough for such an inventive artist, she recently honored her cat, “Critter,” and dog, “Demi,” by creating a limited edition, self-published, hand-bound “do-si-do” book. Resembling one of the old Ace “doubles,” it shows Putterman’s photographs of her cat when read from one cover — and pictures of the dog when read from the other. Is keeping them on separate pages the only way they could get along with each other? Putterman assures us that they don’t fight like cats and dogs. “I even have a few pictures where they’re together,” she says. Her book is available at Terry’s Framing & Art Supplies, at the Centre Shops on Longboat Key. Call 387-9933. —Marty Fugate

Joan Stanley gives Tom Aposporos an eyeful.

A watched bride never shows. Wayne McCammon and Terry Johnson await.




Art Center dedicates studio Longboat Key Center for the Arts rededicates studio in artist’s honor BY MARTY FUGATE Arts and Entertainment Writer

During his retirement Sid Nagley was an enormously talented sculptor who also dedicated himself to teaching others. It’s only fitting that the Longboat Key Center for the Arts would rename its sculpture studio in his name — and dedicate it in his honor last Tuesday, Jan. 21. Arts Center President Dan Idzik and Nagley’s widow, Gerry Nagley, attended — along with a capacity crowd that filled nearly every inch of space in the old “cracker box” building. Fellow artist Perry Monroe noted, “His output could be phenomenal — he made two or three a month and sold all of them except for a couple he kept.” He added that “Everybody knew and loved Sid — and almost everybody who was anybody bought one of his sculptures. That’s no exaggeration — check out the coffee tables in the Longboat Key Club sometime and you’ll see.” ❑

Gerry Nagley and Dan Idzik, president Longboat Key Center for the Arts, presenting the memorial plaque.

Dora Walters

Sculpture donated to garden Photos by Marty Fugate

Sid Nagley was always happy to create art and help others.


Perry Monroe creates a word portrait of his fellow artist and friend.

“Surface,” a sculpture of Italian blue-grey marble, is the latest addition to the Longboat Key Center for the Arts Sculpture Garden. The piece was created by Doug McIvain. It was presented to the Arts Center by McIvain and Ed and Alberta Sherman. From left are the Shermans and McIvain.

xtraordinary An


Boater’s Paradise

Artist’s conceptual rendering. Subject to change.

Grand Mariner, Longboat Key’s distinctive condominium residence, has set a new standard in waterfront living. Cradled in the tranquil enclave of Dream Island, this refined retreat is indeed a dream come true for just fourteen exclusive residents. Its graceful architecture is a prelude to the expansive floor plans and luxurious appointments that await within. A secluded harbor with twenty private deep-water yacht slips entices residents to cruise the sparkling waters of the Gulf and Sarasota Bay at whim. © CMSA, Inc.

Residences from the $1 millions.

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A&E Tr

A house divided The FSU Asolo Conservatory — not to be? Arts and Entertainment Writer

As you’ve doubtless heard, the FSU/Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training is making a break with the Asolo Theatre Company. There will be no new Conservatory classes from now until 2005. Barring a last minute miracle, when the current first year students graduate, that’ll be it. How’d this happen? How’d things go so bad, so fast, after such a great year, and such a great relationship? As with any divorce, both parties are completely sure they’re in the right — and the other completely in the wrong. As Asolo board President Ron Greenbaum points out, “There are three sides to every question — your side, my side, and the truth.” Like most broken marriages, things started out happy ...

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The truth?

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Who knows? Maybe everybody’s right — maybe nobody’s right. (As the man once said, nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong.) Many of the important players in this drama — including Howard

5620 Gulf of Mexico Dr.


03 13

From the perspective of Howard Millman and the Asolo board, having a creative partnership with FSU is one thing — surrendering to FSU’s remotecontrol decision making quite another. The Asolo board has a right to make decisions as it sees fit — including the decision to retain Howard Millman. He’s clearly proven he’s the man for the job. FSU’s decision to discard Millman’s expertise and community loyalty over an issue of control just doesn’t make sense — especially considering the impact this will have on the Conservatory students, both now and in the future. The Asolo repertory company is unique; the Sarasota audience is unique; FSU won’t find the equivalent in Tallahassee. It’s a shame the students are going to suffer, but if the Asolo board gives in on this issue, it will lose its independence. No deal. The Asolo has control issues of its own.

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The Asolo side

Millman, the Asolo’s producing artistic director, and Steve Wallace, dean of theater at FSU — remained unavailable for comment, as of press deadline for this article. As to those who did speak ... Gil Lazier, the director of the FSU/Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training noted, “Of course I’m devastated. But, whatever happens, I’m going to take care of these kids — that’s my job, and the job of everyone here on the faculty. We’re going to support our student body. We’re going to make sure that the Conservatory students will continue to get the same high level of instruction. As long as we’re here, we’re going to maintain our standards — until the current first-year class graduates. The students are our first priority. We won’t let them down.” Third-year conservatory student Kim Kennedy Blair spoke for many of her fellow students when she said she was sad for her “fellow classmates who will complete their training in a time of such unrest — and for all of the Asolo Conservatory family who are impacted by this.” She added, “It shows a lack of respect for Gil Lazier, who has been so integral to the FSU theater program, both in Tallahassee and Sarasota.” She also questioned the stated rationale for FSU’s impending divorce. “Much onus was put on Howard Millman and his refusal to retire at the designated time, along with the cost of maintaining the Conservatory. But it appears obvious that the move to Tallahassee has been in the works for some time and Howard Millman was used as a scapegoat.” Other students who didn’t wish to be quoted expressed the same feelings of loyalty and disappointment. That’s perhaps the only truth we’ll know for sure here — the one truth that’s always certain in any divorce. Everyone involved is going to get hurt ... As to last minute miracles, Florida state Sen. Lisa Carlton is still fighting to hold the family together. The last act has yet to be written. ❑


From Calusas to Condominiums

Frank Atura

Howard Millman — the Asolo’s once and future producing artistic director. Bottom line: FSU isn’t in the business of subsidizing Millman’s private fiefdom. The university wants a relationship that goes beyond writing out checks and letting someone else make the decisions. This is why even finding funding to pay for all six executive salaries wouldn’t even cut it. The university wants control. Millman comes up with a clever way to present it with a fait accompli? Fine — let him stay in charge. That doesn’t mean FSU has to keep cutting checks — or bulking up the Asolo productions with its copious student talent pool. Let Millman have his private kingdom. Without the FSU/Conservatory, it will turn into a glorified community theater in a few short years.

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From the university’s perspective, it’s a question of what its getting for their money. Since 1995, it has paid Millman’s salary — along with five other people. As producing artistic director, Millman was always the man in charge. Those five other people reported to him. Millman had originally agreed to participate in a retirement program. Part of the deal was he had to retire this year. FSU had planned to take control — and put its own person in Millman’s place — once he did. But Millman found a way to eat his cake and keep it. He figured he could stay on if the Asolo board found a way to raise his salary from outside sources. FSU didn’t feel like paying the salaries of those other five people if they were still reporting to Millman — and it still had no control. That’s when the university decided to split.


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The backstory

The FSU side



Now that you’ve left the snow and ice behind, it’s time to start thinking TROPICAL, and do we have the place for you! We’re the new kid on the block, right next door to Square on the Circle. Stop in and see our marvelous collection of Caribbean and Florida art and crafts, sample our rum balls, listen to our steel pan music, and forget the temperature ever dips into the teens. We can’t wait to meet you, so come on in.


The FSU Conservatory came into being in 1968 — and it’s been working with the Asolo since day one. The entire program moved here in 1973. Things started out well. FSU paid the salaries of the Asolo’s managing director and artistic director, and others. In return, the conservatory students got space and expertise. In 1989, both organizations moved into the new jointly-funded “Asolo Center.” In 1995, FSU wound up holding the note to the building — now renamed the FSU Center for the Performing Arts — after a busted deal with Burt Reynolds and a failed bout at experimental theater had nearly ruined the Asolo in the early ’90s. Enter Howard Millman, the Asolo’s popular managing director from 1968 to 1980. He was asked to return in spring of 1995 to do it again. “Producing artistic director” was his new job title. He turned things around — but the Conservatory students certainly helped. In the James Dewey tradition, they learn by doing. Students in their third year join the cast of the Asolo’s rotating repertory company in its extravagant productions on the main stage. These productions have been a hit with the community — 2003 was the Asolo’s best year ever. So why the divorce? The problem is money and control. What else? Here’s what the two sides might say in an imaginary marital counseling session ...

ic al Memor






Key notes

Arts Council throws a great party It was my first Arts Day, and except for some of the things I’d been told and the schedule I’d seen, I had no idea what to expect. Imagine my surprise when I found a multi-faceted celebration that put New York’s crafts fairs and summer festivals to shame. Even the weather was perfect — not too hot; not too cold. And the aroma of roasting meats, honeyed nuts and sizzling noodles wafting through the air, accompanied by the rich, round sounds of the Robbie Rose Trio on the outdoor jazz stage and the belly dancing of Tahja and Yasllaam on the international stage, were just enough to whet my appetites and make me wonder just how I’d made it into such a fun, delicious and exciting heaven. As if all the choices of music, art, dance, drama and poetry weren’t enough, I was attending Arts Day wearing more than one hat: I was there to review it and I was there to perform with Gloria Musicae. And, most certainly, I was there to enjoy it. How did we start? Well, like Miss Piggy in The Muppet’s extraordinarily amusing book tracing her visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, we ate, found the port-a-potties, ate some more, and, well, you see where this is going. Finally, we made our way to First United Methodist Church to hear the Florida Voices under the direction of Gregory Chestnut. As we’ve said before, this is an excellent group of singers. They presented a few of the Renaissance pieces they’d recently sung at the Ringling Museum. And then they offered a beautifully blended (like one voice) performance of “How Can I Keep From Singing.” Thank goodness, they can’t — it would be a terrible loss. We stayed for the first few minutes of the Chorus of the Keys, doing its barbershop versions of show tunes — en masse — and then took off for the Opera House. Of course, we got sidetracked on the way by those wonderfully jazzy sounds coming from the jazz stage. Between Robbie Rose’s scatting and That Jazz Band’s big band

sound, it was hard to keep from singing and dancing ourselves. But we had to wait our turn. We made it into the Opera House for a performance by two young singers. Unfortunately, there were no programs, and while the singers’ enunciation was clear as a bell in arias from “Carmen” and “Faust,” along with “Amor,” one of William Bolcom’s extremely funny cabaret songs, and a duet from Rossini’s “Barber of Seville,” they managed to mumble their own names. I caught “Megan” and “Kyle,” but their last names were indecipherable. Now it was time to change into our singing regalia so we made our way to a hidden phone booth, and, voilá! — Super Singers! (Just kidding.) After we got into our gowns, it was back to the Opera House. I caught a little of Key Chorale’s program, which was focused and finely presented. Then it was our turn to go on stage for Gloria Musicae’s 20 minutes of fame. We did excerpts from our program of music by Bernstein and Dick Hyman. We were followed by Doug Renfroe’s Suncoast Chorale, which sang a rarely performed “Magnificat” by Pergolesi. Nice piece, too! Arts Day was like being back in conservatory again with music everywhere, like a symphony by Ives — jazz there, opera here; ethnic instruments wandering in and out of ear shot; happy kiddies, faces painted, dancing in front of smiling parents; pretzels here, egg rolls there; clowns;, flamenco dancers; singing circles; and dancing demos. Best of all, we were all together, hawking our best, hearing our friends, competing, challenging and congratulating. The Sarasota Arts Council sure knows how to throw a party!

by June LEBELL

June LeBell is best known as the first female announcer for the classical radio station WQXR in New York. LeBell was also the host, writer and producer of numerous programs and series such as "Today in New York," "Salute to the Arts" and "The Sound of Broadway." ❑


Anne Frank



Marty Fugate

Yasllaam demonstrates the art of the belly dance on the international stage for Arts Day.










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‘Harry Rasky Film Festival’ Sarasota Film Society’s third annual tribute to documentary film giant Harry Rasky — a Toronto native who winters on Longboat Key — resumes at 2 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 11, at Burns Court Cinema. The series opens with two of Rasky’s short subjects. His Emmy Award-winning “Hall of Kings,” features a glimpse at the royal but sometimes notso-regal denizens of Westminster Abbey as narrated by James Mason. Shown on the same day, “The Lessons of History” represents the only known interview with husband and wife historians Will and Ariel Durant ever filmed. (This was believed to have been lost, but was recently rediscovered deep in the vaults of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.) The series will continue with five additional films by Rasky, at 2 p.m. every Tuesday through March 18. Call 955-FILM. ❑

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Why wait for St. Patrick’s Day? This celebration of Irish dancing offers a generous helping of Celtic exuberance a month ahead of time, at 3 and 8 p.m. Friday, Feb. 14, and 2 and 8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 15, at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall. Tickets are $60, $50 and $40. Call 953-3368 or 1-800-826-9303.

Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce’s third annual production, at the Players Theatre, will be none other than Neil Simon’s Broadway bombshell, “Plaza Suite” — a tale of what a swank hotel suite would say if its walls could talk. (Look for The Longboat Observer’s own Dora Walters in the role of Eloise.) This year’s performances are set for 8

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O Sister, Where Art Thou? The women behind the words behind the music ... BY MARTY FUGATE Arts and Entertainment Writer

A few years back, Florida Studio Theatre did a cabaret production called “Harry Chapin and Friends,” featuring work by singer-songwriters of the male persuasion. For the sake of equal time, “Guitar Girls,” FST’s most recent revue, puts the spotlight on female songwriters. The girls give the boys a run for Theater their money. Who’s holding “Guitar Girls” the guitars? It’s Florida Studio Theatre only fair that songs Cabaret written by women Reviewed Jan. 22 are performed by women. Mimi Bessette, Rhonda Coullet and Emily Mikesell are the guitar girls in question — and they’re mandolin, cello, fiddle, piano, and electric organ girls to boot. They’re also backed up by one male pianist (Michael Sebastian) and one guitar guy (Stewart Gregory). Both are fine musicians — but let’s get back to the girls. They’re very, very good. Each alone has enough raw talent to carry the evening. Combine the three, and their sheer musical power is astonishing. So what kinds of songs come out of these vocal powerhouses? I came in expecting a show based on the holy trinity of Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell and Carol King — a sisterhoodis-powerful, 1960s sort of thing. Not quite. What I got was more along the lines of “O Sister, Where Art Thou?” It’s not quite “Country Guitar Girls” — but there’s more Dolly and Dixie than Joni and Carly, here. The show opens with a spirited medley that bounces around from Mary Travers of Peter Paul and Mary (“If I Had a Hammer”) to Joni Mitchell (“I’m a Radio”) — with nods to Stevie Nicks and Carly Simon and a dash of “Amazing Grace” in-between. The performance is clean and crisp but not in assumed character. Bessette, Coullet and Mikesell may be doing songs by Parton, Carter and Mitchell — but they’re doing it as themselves. They’re

Alan Ferguson

Mimi Bessette, Rhonda Coullet and Emily Mikesell are the girls with the guitars at Florida Studio Theatre. not doing imitations. After the opening mix, the revue presents the rest of its songs whole. The revue also seems to get a distinctive twang in its voice — you can hear it in songs like Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” or A.P Carter’s “Can the Circle be Unbroken?” Some of the songs, like the Dixie Chicks’ “Sin Wagon,” are what I’d call country. Others, like Lee Hays’ “Kisses Sweeter Than Wine,” are definitely folk — but the genre labels are beside the point. It’s roots music, whatever you call it. By the time the first act ends with a reprise of Simon’s “I Feel the Earth Move,” the message is clear ... Don’t sneer at country, folks. This downhome music is the root from which the tree of Simon, Mitchell and Baez eventually sprang. It’s a question of respect. There’s also the matter of respect (or lack

of) for women within the world of country music itself. Kitty Wells’ “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels,” is a riposte to Hank Thompson’s original lament to girls gone wild in his “The Wild Side of Life.” (She suggests that the blame for fallen women should attach to devilish men.) Coullet has to admonish the muttering know-it-alls in the crowd that it was June Carter Cash, not Johnny, who wrote “Ring of Fire.” Bessette points out that Dolly Parton — famous for her party-girl persona and saying things like, “You’d be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap” — is a brilliant songwriter, as brilliant as Bob Dylan, Tom Waits or Marty Balin beneath those big eyes and those curls, as Coullet’s heart-rending rendition of “Jolene” makes clear. Having given credit where credit is due to


Swimwear Capital of the Keys...and so much more!

the gals of country music in the first act, the second act bounces back and forth between country and town — a loopy round trip ranging from Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi” to Janis Joplin’s “Mercedes Benz.” Bessette, Coullet and Mikesell have the perfect voices for this kind of music — voices like fine wine that honor the songs’ simplicity. FST’s up-close and personal cabaret is the perfect setting for these songs — which resemble intimate this-is-just-between-us conversations with your closest, trusted friends. The songs themselves are moving — even to critics with hearts of stone. “Moving” does not mean happy-happy. While a few of the songs are brash and funny, most are filled with pain. It’s down-to-earth, straight talk about women being abused, working women chained to their drudgery, women trapped in bad relationships, women afraid of being abandoned, women breaking free and, above all, always dreaming of freedom even if they haven’t got it. There are a few false notes. As they teach you in Sunday school, “Amazing Grace” was written by a man — a slaver named John Newton who had a change of heart and turned his boat around to set the captives free. (A clear mistake — unless they’re saying grace is amazing for men and women alike.) Joplin’s “Mercedes Benz” is funny and overthe-top, but something like “Piece of My Heart” would’ve been closer to the heart of her work. Gregory’s rendition of Parton’s “Love is Like a Butterfly” doesn’t work — it’s sentimental and doesn’t fit. It could’ve easily been lost — and Joan Baez’s “Diamonds and Rust” easily found in its place. Printing the songwriters’ names in the song list would have also made things easier. But I quibble. “Guitar Girls” is a celebration of honest, raw emotion — the lovely, rich sounds of acoustic guitar and ringing, clear voices hanging in the air. You know a show is good when you don’t want it to end. With “Guitar Girls,” you want the last note to hang forever. ❑


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Seeing with the eyes of faith ‘Faith Ringgold, In Retrospect’ • Selby Gallery at Ringling School of Art and Design Who am I? Most of us don’t think about it. Good thing. It’s a complicated question. There’s the real you, the you that you think you are, the you that you present to the world, the you that other people think you are, the you that you think other people think you are and, underlying all that, your combined inheritance of personal experience, biology and culture, not to mention your credit history. Think about it long enough and it can make you crazy ... Especially if you add the element of race. There are those of us who don’t want to think about it, and those of us who have no choice but to think about it — ask any black person who’s ever been stopped for “driving while black.” Things get even more complicated — complicated on the order of subparticle physics — when you consider how this affects the world of visual art. This is where the art of Faith Ringgold comes in. (Just to spell it out — she’s black, in case you haven’t guessed.) Ringgold not only thinks about these questions, she does so intelligently. Her art makes us do the same. It’s deceptively simple — intentionally naïve in execution. There are “story quilts” depicting her father’s tales, stuffed fabric dolls, a series of children’s books. Often painting with acrylic on canvas, her figures

by Marty FUGATE

Great artists steal — even greater artists return the compliment. Detail from Faith Ringgold’s “The Sunflower Quilting Bee at Arles.” are highly stylized with bold-black outlines and a kind of asymmetric, unanatomically correct rigidity. It’s cute and childlike — the kind of thing you’d expect to see in a children’s book — but these are not just children’s stories. The classically-trained Ringgold could paint in any academic style she wanted to but chooses not to as a deliberate strategy. (More on that later.) Her subjects are both personal and political — mostly dealing

with African American issues, but in a subtle, paradoxical way. It’s the sound of one hand clapping where other, more polemic art can be a slap in the face. Much of it is art about art — not in a deconstructed, destructed and instructed trendy post-modern kind of way, just good, old-fashioned modern satire. Which brings us back to all those questions about identity and a quick art history lesson. Visual art is a kind of mental software — a rule-based system for generating alternate realities. In our brave new post-modern world, we’ve gotten used to the idea of multiple universes — the representational lamb can lie next to the abstract lion and nobody thinks twice about it. But, back about 100 years ago, folks in the West were worried. They thought there could be only one kind of artistic software. They thought their software had developed as far as it could go, that photography had made representational art useless, that Impressionism was a dead end, that art had painted itself into a corner. Artists who thought seriously about these things had a kind of collective mental breakdown. Artists such as Gaugin and Picasso broke out of that self-created dead end with a series of tactics, one of which was called primitivism. If evolution was a dead-end — go backwards! Paint like those primitive folks in Africa! So you get something like Picasso’s “Les Demoiselles d`Avignon,” in which three of CONTINUED ON PAGE 8C

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the womens’ faces resemble African masks. Picasso was big on African masks; pretty soon lots of other artists were too. How raw! How primitive! How real! Forget that the actual cultures being ripped-off weren’t primitive at all. That’s what masks and other African forms symbolized. It’s the logic of a whiteface minstrel show in paint. This puts an artist like Ringgold in a dilemma. “Who am I?” is the first question any artist has to ask and answer; an artist’s choice of style is the identity he/she projects to the world. If she draws from the inheritance of Matisse, Picasso and Modigliani, she’s joined the minstrel show. What’s left? Well, there’s plenty of artistic software on the shelf — pure abstraction, photo-realism. Ringgold’s strategy is to make a joke out of it. She’s primitive on purpose. At the same time, she returns Western art the compliment it played on Africa, weaving references to Titian’s depictions of the reclining Venus into her sly “Family Portrait” depicting a black woman holding a white baby, a black girl in the foreground, the baby’s eyes exchanging glances with a standing white guy in a formal portrait, to his left a portrait of a lounging black woman in reclining Venus pose. What’s that all about? Good question. (Ringgold extends her joke in her children’s book, “Dancing at the Louvre,” depicting a fieldtrip of black kids dancing in, out, around and through the serious art of the West. (Poor Picasso himself winds up nude in her take on

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(Across the street from the Library)

Call 1(800) 288-9738, for more information.



Certified Public Accountants

WE OFFER: • $8.25 per hour weekdays before 10:00 p.m. • $10.25 per hour Saturday and Sunday and any hours after 10:00 p.m. Monday through Friday • Paid Training • Regular Merit Increases • Bonus Programs • Bilingual Premiums • Absolutely no sales or setting appointments for sales calls

from Tampa

Edward Jones


WESTAT, a social science survey research corporation headquartered in Rockville, MD has a telephone-interviewing center in Sarasota. We conduct nationwide surveys on subjects including education, health, Medicare, youth media and environmental issues. If you have a clear speaking voice, an interest in this reseach and can work a minimum of 16 hours per week, please call 1(800) 288-9738, for more information.

6 Luxury

St. Armands Circle 388-4421

Do you have the right investments in place to meet the financial challenges ahead?

Greg Cobb, Ceramic Manager


Longboat Key 383-5551

• Balconies • Update Your Wall Tile • Custom Layouts

• Tile Over Tile

• Massimilianio Facchini • Claudette Munne

* Plus: 2 nights in Lisbon, first class hotel, Half day sightseeing, Fado by night

Free Review

Commercial & Remodeling Specialists

Enrichment Lectures: • Former US Ambassador Robert Fitts • Astronaut/Aquanaut Scott Carpenter • Physicist Dr. James Trefil



If you make it to Selby Gallery, be sure to check out the collection of sculptor Giordano’s elegant circular forms in aluminum and steel scattered about the nearby campus. Wallace Stevens once talked about a blackbird (one of 13) marking the edge of one of many circles — that blackbird would feel at home here. Giordano, too, makes the potential actual and gives form to the unseen. ❑

Carpet, Ceramic Tile, Marble & Wood Floors

Performance by Pianists:

Only Princess Goes to Glacier Bay and Denali National Park on Every Alaskan Cruise tour *Based on availability & double occupancy. Certain restrictions apply.

Manet’s “Le Dejeuner sur L’herbe” — the women in the background are now all famous feminists. It’s a hoot.) What she’s doing is more than grinding the political axe of racial identity. She asked the political questions because they had to be asked. But it’s not the only thing on her mind. Her paintings are filled with Chagall-like images of miraculous human flight — the space of freedom she enters once she’s flown beyond the limitations of being merely a “black” or “woman” artist. What does she do with that freedom? She tells her own stories. Once the gravity of ethnic categories and political systems is left behind, her work becomes very personal — a kind of artistic scrapbook of her own family history. Seeing her art fills your head with questions, lots of them, going back to the central question, “Who am I?” Identity is the most invisible thing of all, as a philosopher once said, the eye can never see itself. But this exhibit makes the unseen visible ... As seen through the eyes of Faith.

‘Robert Giordano: Arcs, Circles, Spheres’ • Ringling School of Art and Design


Transatlantic Cruise Aboard the Olympia Explorer

Faith Ringgold’s stories take flight in her silkscreen-on-silk “Tar Beach 2.”

seating is limited.




Premier Properties DEEP WATER BAYOU



True old style Florida living at its best. Protected dock, very secluded on almost 1 acre. 4BR/4BA Home w/newer barrel tile roof, new A/C unit, updated kitchen w/skylight, Sub Zero & Corian. Caged, solar heated pool. Minutes to the bay & gulf! Don’t miss this one. Call Julia McRae: 586-6599.

Double Penthouse Direct Gulf Front Condo of 5000 SF +/- on LBK! 2 master ste., 3 guest rms., huge liv. rm., FP, dining & breakfast rms., gourmet kit., family rm., study, laundry, priv. foyer, 2 pkg. spaces, volume ceilings, granite, marble, wrap around 79’ balcony. Call Cindy Tibbetts, 730-0500

Enjoy Crescent Beach views from this 2BR/2BA condo. Totally remodeled from top to bottom. NEW cabinets, breakfast bar appliances, tray ceiling, carpet, 16” tile & granite counters. 2 large balconies w/hurricane shutters. Deeded beach access, covered parking, heated pool. HL226079. Call Betsy de Manio at 924-9000.




Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate

Signature Investment Properties, Inc.

Coldwell Banker Residential R.E.




Brand New! 5,314 sq. ft. luxury condo. Enjoy bay breezes from the 2,527 sq. ft. lanai. Entertainer’s dream 3BR/3BA in exclusive Casa de Mayo. Upscale amenities include roof-top pool, garden, spa and private cabanas. Call Sharon Morea or Valarie Wadsworth at 343-0300. Pre-construction priced at

Contemporary model home, Gulfside North LBK in award winning community. 3 bedroom 3 bath plus family room. Screened porch and 3 decks. Community pool. Walk to the beach & shops. Includes furnishings by Frank Folsom Smith, FAIA Call Conrad Beach Sales at 387-9595.

Enchanting, unspoiled beauty surround this immaculate 4BR/4BA custom home. Completely private water and pool views, soaring ceilings, spacious and bright interior. Steps to the beach, dock and tennis. Call Tina Rudek or Mike Migone at 383-5543

*Limited Time Only

$795,000 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.



Conrad Beach

Wedebrock Realty





Weston Pointe featuring 15 outstanding homes with private dock. 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, vaulted ceilings, all white kitchen & granite counters, pool and separate guest house in a gated community. #224671. Call Dee Dee Burke or Vera Freeman. 383-5577

Direct Gulf views from this 2BR/2BA, directly across from Avenue of Flowers. Walk to dining, shopping & more. 3rd floor unit w/1896 sq ft. has additional room for den/study. Water views from 3 rooms & balcony. Under bldg. parking, tennis & heated pool. Call Rose Schnoerr or Scott Dunlap: 730-3376.

Secluded tropical setting, 3BR/2BA elevated 2300 sq/ft home on large 150 x 120, bay view property in Longboat Village. Totally updated, property has many large trees, overlooks Sisters Keys in a secluded part of the village. Call Gene or Gwen at 383-2503.



Wagner Realty


Coldwell Banker Residential R.E.

For Sale by Owner • Brokers Protected





To include your arts and entertainment event in our A&E calendar, please send it to A&E Calendar via fax: 383-7193; by mail: 5570 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228; or by e-mail:

Selby Gallery at the Ringling School of Art and Design — “Faith Ringgold, In Retrospect” features work by the noted African-American artist. “Arcs, Circles, Spheres” presents sculpture by Rob Giordano on the surrounding campus. Both continue through Feb. 21. 359-7563. Art Center Sarasota — “Le Selva” features paintings of rainforest flora by Nancy Hall; “One Man” showcases J.D. Dragan’s silver Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art / Mira Mar gelatin male nude prints; “Open to All” Gallery — “Florence Putterman.” The highlights member artists. Both run Longboat Key artist’s through Feb. 9. 365-2032. striking new work is Blue House Gallery — featured in February. Showcasing oil paintings by An artist’s reception Peter Mitchev through takes place from 3 to 6 February. 366-0211. p.m. Saturday, Feb. 8. Elizabeth Rice Fine 366-2093. Art — “Valentin The John and Mable Popov: Recent Ringling Museum of Art Paintings, — “Of Hands and Fire.” Monotypes and This exhibit showcases the Collages.” Koger collection of Chinese Featuring monuceramic masterpieces through mental monotypes and April 27. 359-5700. enamel-and-oil-on-aluMarie Selby Botanical minum paintings through Gardens — “The Feb. 6. 954-8575. Photographic Art of Clyde L’Attitude Gallery — “Abstract Butcher.” Butcher’s powerSpirit.” Marilyn Gross’ abstracful large-scale photographs tions are on display illuminate Florida’s This Tang dynasty “Saddled Horse” is through Feb. 6. 373currently stabled at the John and Mable natural beauty through 0767. Ringling Museum. Feb. 13. 366-5731.


Florence Putterman’s “Numinous Legends VI” at the Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art / Mira Mar Gallery

Gaylord Gallery — “Old Florida Series.” This exhibit of Jack Nolan’s plein air watercolors continues through Feb. 12. 952-0678. Wallace Fine Art — “Group Show.” Work by B.H. Erschel, Itallo Botti, Robert Mendoze, the Russian plein air painters, and Michael Schuessler, is featured through Feb. 11. 387-0746. Gallerie des Artes — “The Eyes Have It.” Charla Gaglio’s eye-opening art stays on display through Feb. 6, at its Main Street location. 954-5475. Sonnet Gallery — “Abundance.” This exhibit of Margarita Deleuze’s paintings continues through Feb. 6. 955-6443. Corbino Galleries — “Dennis Wojtkiewicz.” Hyper-realistic fruit is a luminous slice of life through February. 387-0822.

Art League of Manatee County — “All Members Portfolio.” Featuring work by member artists through Feb. 24. 746-2862. Beverly Fleming Gallery — “Sunrises, Sunsets for Art Lovers.” Brenda Fleming’s solar depictions shine through Feb. 21. 365-8683. Katharine Butler Gallery — “New Works.” Featuring acrylic and metal leaf paintings by Marina Preston and photographs by Christop2her Bunn, through Feb. 11. 9554546. Galleria Silecchia — featuring glass art by Hiroshi Yamano and Duncan McClellan, reverse-glass painting by Ulla Darni, multimedia sculptural installations by Flo Perkins, oil paintings by Yuri Gorbachev, and a preview of Glenna Goodacre’s “Irish Memorial” sculpture through Feb. 6. 3657414.


BAM… We’ve kicked it up a notch on Longboat Key!!!

CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN and LATIN AMERICAN FINE ART The Centre Shops 5350 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key, FL 34228 941-387-0822

Oscar Lakeman Containers #314 Acrylic on Canvas 52 x 52 Inches 1303

Visit Us at Our All New Website:

Wallace Fine Art Coming Soon...

Italo Botti One Man Show Feb 13 - Mar 5

Authentic Italian/American Cuisine Pastas, Chicken Giamotta, Veal Marsala Parmigianas and Assorted Seafood

Reception for the Artist Thusday, February 13 6:00 to 8:00 pm

Open Daily 11:30 am-10:00 pm, Sunday 4:00 - 10:00 Happy Hour from 12 Noon - 6 pm Reservations Accepted

Italo Botti “Opening Night”

Owner/Chef Glenn Walsh (formerly of the Dry Dock) 1303

#15 Ave. of the Flowers (behind Eckerd Drugs) Longboat Key • 383-3170

At the Centre Shops #108 5360 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Longboat Key, FL 34228




Paradise Gallery — “Tapestries.” Featuring Bunny Hawley’s creations through February. 366-7155. Island Gallery West — “Color Splash.” Art with a splash of color is on exhibit through March. 778-6648. Missing Link Gallery — showcasing indigenous art from Africa, Oceania and the Americas and contemporary photographs by Mario Algaze, Javier Silva Meinel, Maggie Taylor, Jerry Uelsmann and Bill West. 366-6600. Palm Avenue Gallery — “Oils by Bette Caffrey.” The artist’s florals, still lifes and landscapes are featured through Jan. 31; “Visions in the Sky,” features work by Key West artist, Denny Arant, from Saturday, Feb. 1, through Feb. 28. 953-5757. The Art Studio of Colleen Cassidy-Berns — “Animal Kingdom.” Uncaging the artist’s highly-detailed watercolors of African fauna, through Feb. 28. 924-1200. Museum of Asian Art — “Fantastic Animals.” Dragons, demons and 4,000-year-old horses are featured in this fantastic bestiary of Asian art. 954-7117. Kaos Gallery South — abstract paintings by Vick Vercauteren are on exhibit through Feb. 1. 747-0823. Manatee Players — Miki Boni’s whimsical “Barnyard Animals” series are on exhibit through Feb. 9. 747-0823. Rosalie Silver Gallery — “Two Colors & Texture.” Featuring art in a limited palette of watercolor and pen and ink through Feb. 20. 330-9817. Seaweed Gallery — featuring innovative work by 55 area artists. 782-1128. South Florida Museum — “Treasures: Silver and the Age of Opulence.” The museum’s collection of gilded age pieces shine through April 27. 746-4131.

“Tango Buenos Aires” — hitting the floor at the Van Wezel.

festivals, etc.

“Fine Art and Backstage Tour” — the Fine Arts Society of Sarasota hosts this tour of the fine art backstage at the Van Wezel, at 10 am. Tuesday, Feb. 4. Admission is $5. 955-7676. Sarasota Film Festival — see page 14C.


Florida West Coast Symphony — “Masterworks 4.” Its next set of “Masterworks” concerts features Glinka’s “Russlan and Ludmilla” overture, Beethoven’s Triple Concerto, and Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 10. Concerts takes place at 8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 31, in Neel Auditorium at Manatee Community College.(Tickets are from $26 to $40); and at 2:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 1, at the Van Wezel. (Tickets are from $22 to $50). Leif Bjaland will conduct; violinist Daniel Jordan, cellist Christopher Pegis and pianist Jonathan Spivey will perform with the orchestra and as soloists. Call 953-3434. Van Wezel Performing Arts Pianist Jonathan Spivey joins Hall — Alisa Weilerstein, the upcoming FWCS the noted cellist, performs at “Masterworks 4” concerts. 8 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 2. Tickets are $38, $40 and $42; “Tosca.” The Russian State Opera performs this passionate masterpiece at 8 p.m. Wednesday, Feb 5. Tickets are $48, $46 and $44. 953-3368 or 1-800-826-9303. The Jazz Club of Sarasota — presenting Jerry Rabinowitz, at 2 p.m. Friday, Jan. 31, in the Bayfront Room in the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium. Tickets are $2 for members, $4 for guests; “Jazz Jam” with Johnny Varro at 2 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 2, at Holley Hall. Tickets are $3 for members, $5 for guests. 316-9207. Tuesday Tunes at Noon — featuring entertainment by area bands, Tuesday, Jan. 28, at Twin Lakes Park. Bring lawn chair or blanket. 316-1172.


Van Wezel — “Tango Buenos Aires.” Argentina’s ambassadors of the tango perform at 8 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 30. Tickets are $40, $36 and $32. Call 953-3368 or 1-800826-9303. Sarasota Ballet of Florida — “Anne Frank.” This worldpremiere ballet will be performed at 8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 31, and at 2 and 8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 1, through Feb. 3, at the FSU Center for the Performing Arts. Call 3518000 or 1-800-361-8388 for tickets and details. 1303







Asolo Theatre — “The Corn is Green” explores a teacher’s struggles with a promising protégé in a Welsh mining town through May 24; “Inherit the Wind.” This fictionalized “Monkey Trial” evolves through Feb. 22; “You Never Can Tell.” Shaw explores the early days of women’s liberation through Feb. 23; “Brighton Beach Memoirs.” Neil Simon’s semi-autobiographical tale of a crowded house and raging hormones runs through April 5. Actor/playwright Will Stutts performs his

Scott Reeves and Debra Funkhouser discuss madness, mathematics and morality in "Proof" at Florida Studio Theatre. Pelham Palmer LeBlanc Studios

one-man plays, “Eye of the Storm” concerning a courageous federal judge, and “Frank Lloyd Wright,” depicting the famous architect, from Wednesday, Jan. 29, through Feb. 22. 351-8000 or 800-3618388. Van Wezel — “RENT” explores the new bohemians and their struggles with life, love and landlords, at 8 p.m. Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 3 and 4. Tickets are $57, $52 and $42. 953-3368 or 1-800-826-9303. Theatre Works — “Dames at Sea.” This affectionate spoof of early Hollywood musicals continues through Feb. 9. 952-9170. Manatee Players — “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.” This musical of mirth and



An elite group of 44 residents will claim as their own Beau Ciel’s unparalleled array of amenities. They will also revel in its locale, on Sarasota’s famed Boulevard of the Arts. A glimpse of your new life starts the moment you enter Beau Ciel’s dramatic two-story lobby. This significant space houses a spiral staircase, rich furnishings, and a floor of limestone enhanced by mosaic inlays. At its heart will stand a magnifi-

Not yet fully constructed, Beau Ciel is already being called one of the most architecturally significant residential properties to arise on Sarasota’s waterfront. Enthusiastic buyers have snapped up more than 75 percent of the homes available. And no wonder. Soaring 17 stories over Sarasota Bay, this new condominium community offers the best of sophisticated metropolitan living.

A glimpse of life at Beau Ciel starts as you enter the dramatic two-story lobby. cent, 12-foot abstract sculpture by nationally renowned artist Howard Ben Tré, whose work appears in such eminent venues



Only 44 residences on the downtown waterfront with spectacular


Now rising between the marina skyline on one side and the open bay waters on the other, Beau Ciel is becoming more beautiful every day. Construction is underway on the exclusive address featuring only 44 dramatic residences of luxurious design and dramatic through views, steps from all the arts and culture of downtown.The lobby sculpture has been commissioned and the cascading waterfall is beginning to flow. A new way of life is about to ensue in the private Plaza Club, featuring a handsome dining and boardroom, fitness club and resort pool overlooking the yacht harbor just below, along with all the pleasantries of a dedicated concierge for residents only. A limited number remain from the mid $800s.

and services

Inquire soon, or perhaps the next time you turn around, you’ll find the opportunity has escaped.

through views and a private Plaza Club of exclusive

BEAU Presented by







as New York City’s Museum of Modern Art. From the lobby, private elevators will whisk you to your new home. Here, revel in breathtaking views of Sarasota Bay, the Yacht Harbor, and the city skyline. Live in the airy elegance volume ceilings provide. European kitchens, graced by granite countertops, make cooking a pleasure. (Gourmets especially appreciate state-of-the-art appliances, and the butler’s pantry.) His-and-her marble master baths house whirlpools in which to soak away the day’s stresses. On gentle Florida nights, sit on your private terrace and gaze at tranquil waters and sparkling city lights. The amenities offered in your home are matched only by those provided to all residents via Beau Ciel’s Plaza Club. Located on Beau Ciel’s third level, it is the social heart of your community. Congregate in the elegantly appointed

lounge each morning. Greet your friends as you sip orange juice, munch on bagels, and prepare for your day by scanning the Wall Street Journal. Complete appointments and chores with the help of an on-site concierge. In the evenings, enjoy a cardiovascular workout in Beau Ciel’s state-of-the-art fitness center. Swim a few laps in the community’s reflecting pool. If you prefer, an adjacent lagoon pool gives you the opportunity to frolic in the spray of a three-story waterfall. Hard as it may be, you simply must tear yourself away from Beau Ciel to explore the city itself. Sarasota’s world-class shopping and art galleries sit only steps away from your home. Spend your days exploring them, enjoying the world-class programming at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, or taking in stellar exhibits mounted by the Ringling Museum of Art.

Exquisite design. Unparalleled amenities. Prime location. Beau Ciel has one more amenity to offer: the sterling reputations of those who have envisioned this project. Behind every community developed by U.S. Assets Group stand principals Thomas Brown and Jay Tallman. Together, they offer nearly a half-century of expertise in high-end building. Nationally recognized for quality construction and amenity planning, their work has been lauded by such prestigious organizations as the National Association of Homebuilders and the Southeastern Builders Conference. Beau Ciel has already assumed the aura of a landmark property. No wonder it’s more than 75 percent sold. To take advantage of the few, unique opportunities remaining, please call our Preview Center, 941-955-3034. Home prices start in the mid $800s.




designs on the home at 139 S. Washington Blvd. Tours of the made-over domiscile run through Feb. 16 for $17.

James Joyce Birthday — area Joyceans again rejoyce at this celebration of the Irish author’s birthday from 2 to 4 p.m. Feb 2 at Selby Public Library. Faustivities include a dramatization of Bloom’s trial from the Circe chapter of “Ulysees,” and a reading from Finnegans Wake.


Marty Fugate

Anne Abgott’s “Life is just a bowl of ... ” at the Longboat Key Center for the Arts

Best bets

Watercolors of her mind

‘Anne Frank’ The secret thoughts that 13-yearold Anne Frank expressed in her diary are the subject of the Sarasota Ballet of Florida’s world-premiere ballet, performed at 8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 31, and at 2 and 8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 1, through Feb. 3, at the FSU Center for the Performing Arts. This features choreography by James Buckley and music by John Newman and John Williams. Call 351-8000 or 1-800361-8388 for tickets and details.

marital multiplication continues through Feb. 9. 748-5875. Florida Studio Theatre — “Proof.” A young woman ponders her inheritance of genius and madness through Feb. 15. 366-9000. FST Cabaret Club — “Guitar Girls.” Running through March 22, this features the work of Carol King, Janis Joplin, Joan Baez, and other all-time greats. 366-9000. Golden Apple Dinner Theatre — “Damn Yankees.” The devil creates the most evil intrusion on New York baseball since George Steinbrenner through March 9. 366-5454.

Players Theatre — “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.” The toga party continues through Feb. 2. 3652494.

“Anne Abgott” is a one-woman show of work by the nationally-known watercolor artist through Feb. 19, in the Glen Gallery at The Longboat Key Center for the Arts. Abgott’s luminous creations are currently on display if you want to see the art. If you want to see the artist herself, you can meet her at an artist’s reception from 5 to 7 p.m. Friday, Jan. 31. The eclectic, all-media “Town of Longboat Key Exhibit,” will also be running through Feb. 5, in the Joan M. Durante Pavilion. Call 383-2345.

Venice Little Theatre — “Over the River and Through the Woods.” Serving up love, guilt and lasagna through Feb. 2. 488-1115.

just for fun

McCurdy’s Comedy Theater — Pat Godwin combines original music with stand-up in a plethora of styles and voices, through Sunday, Feb. 2. 925-3869. Circus Sarasota — “The Art of the Circus.” Our area’s stellar circus struts its stuff starting 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 30, at the Circus Sarasota Big Top. Call 355-9805 for reservations or details. ASID Designer Showhouse — the American Society of Interior Designers has

Sarasota News & Books — Dan Bredemann, Mary Wolf and Elizabeth Lassa sign and discuss their books on business coaching from 7 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 5. 365-6215. Circle Books — “Celebration of Youth Literacy.” Author and artist Frank Remkiewicz joins a lineup of children’s authors from 1 to 6 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 1. (Froggy, his hero, will also attend.) A portion of book sales will benefit the “First Book” program donating free books to disadvanted kids. Fantasy author and artist Tom Cross signs “The Way of Wizards,” at 1 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 2. 388-2850.


Sarasota Film Society’s Burns Court Cinema — “Max.” This portrait of the artist as a young would-be dictator (none other than Hitler) shows the man’s first baby steps on the path of evil. 955-FILM. Sarasota Film Festival — see page 14C.


Longboat Key Center for the Arts — accepting ongoing enrollments for a variety of adult art classes. 383-2345. Education Center on Longboat Key — now accepting ongoing registrations for winter adult classes. (Classes are still available, but these are filling up quickly.) 383-8811. Art Center Sarasota — offering a plethora of classes in drawing, painting and art theory for adults and youth. (It’s not your imagination.) 365-2032. Ringling School of Art and Design — ongoing continuing education classes, including several new workshops created in partnership with the Longboat Key Center for the Arts. 955-8866. Mote Marine Laboratory — “Adult Marine Art Class.” Taught by two internationally-

New Arrivals ANITA G:

featuring mother/daughter dresses

WEEKEND TRAFFIC - Island Separates TORI RICHARDS and...... lots of “comfy” sweatshirts!

We are now carrying.... Greeting Cards and Novelty Gift Items. 1303


#5 AVENUE OF THE FLOWERS • LONGBOAT KEY • 383-0965 (between Publix and Eckerds)

Author and illustrator Tom Cross makes a magical appearance at Circle Books. known artists from 1 to 4 p.m. every Friday from Jan. 31 through March 7. The cost is $95 for members, $110 for non-members. Pre-registration required. 388-4441. Sarasota Ballet Academy — comprehensive training for professionals and non-professionals of various ages. 959-0099. Community Music School — music instruction for kids and adults. 953-4410. Florida Studio Theatre School — new winter and spring children’s classes. Classes in acting, music, dance and improv for kids. 366-1350.

Sarasota Fiction Writers — Dick White talks on mystery writing at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 5, at Selby Public Library. 484-5803. Manatee Community College — courses in drawing for all skill levels. $67.50 per class. Bradenton: 752-5203. Venice: 408-1412. Lakewood Ranch: 363-7000. Sarasota School of Glass — continuing classes in the arts of glass. 955-3839. The Art Studio of Colleen Cassidy-Berns — ongoing watercolor classes for all levels taught by Cassidy-Berns. 924-1200. Kathleen Carrillo Galleries and School of Art — drawing, painting and printmaking classes. 365-9146. Adult Ballet Classes — a user-friendly class for mature ex-dancers. 779-1108. Suncoast Watercolor Society — various watercolor workshops at the Art League of Manatee County. 722-0023. Women’s Resource Center — classes in art, yoga, computers and more. 366-1700. ❑





Sarasota Film Festival

The fifth annual Sarasota Film Festival will run its final reel this week, Sunday, Feb 2. What follows are some highlights of the remaining film and social events. Everything happens at Hollywood 20 unless otherwise noted — the “Filmmaker’s Pavilion” is part of that complex. For additional details, call 364-9514, or check out its Web site at

quences of a wealthy, attractive Indian man who becomes estranged from his family after he becomes become engaged to a white pop star. When an accident claims her life, he pays an Indian actress to play a fiancée his family will accept. 6 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 29, and 2:45 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 1. “Kiss the Bride.” Vanessa Parise’s new comedy/drama explores a big, fat, ItalianAmerican wedding in Rhode Island. The upwardly mobile sisters who left to find social, educational and career fulfillment in the big, fat, not-so-Italian world, return to find the sister who stayed behind holds the key to happiness. Who knew? 2 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 2.

Film highlights ...

Main events ...

“The Adulterer”— Director Douglas Morse’s new black comedy considers the complications of the thought before the deed as much as the deed itself. Encouraged by his depraved cousin and an equally-twisted “Iron John” variety men’s group, Dave seeks sexual adventure with either an inaccessible beauty, a free spirit, or his wife — if he can ever make up his mind. 2:15 p.m. Friday, Jan. 31. “Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns” — AJ Schnack’s documentary proves it’s still possible to be smart find a niche in today’s music business. It’s the tale of John Flansburgh and John Linnell, a Brooklynbased music duo who go by the name “They Might Be Giants.” Their music is cerebral, surreal, dark and humorous. Adults love it. Kids love it. If Shel Silverstein were alive today, he’d love it. Folks like Michael McKean, Harry Shirer and Frank Black, who are still alive today, love it. Assuming you’re still alive, you will too. 1:15 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 1. “Bollywood/Hollywood” — Deepa Mehta’s culture-clash comedy explores the conse-

Filmmaker Breakfast Roundtable — Various filmmakers start the day with eyeopening discussions of their films and the issues that move them, every day at 10:30 a.m. Crisper’s also provides free coffee and continental fare. In the Filmmaker’s Pavilion. InFocus Discussion Series — The film talk continues with: “Why Does Foreign Film Feel so Foreign?” at 2 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 29; “Playing the Hollywood Game,” at 2 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 30. Filmmakers Pavilion. World Cinema Celebration — a day of international film screenings culminates with an evening of international dining, at an outdoor street party between Morton’s Market and Fred’s Restaurant. Catering will be by various area gourmet restaurants. Singer and actress Rita Moreno and director Deepa Mehta will attend. The planetary party begins at 8 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 29. $75 per person. Luncheon Under the Banyans — This offers lunch under the luxurious, spreading Banyan trees of Selby Botanical Gardens.

Chris Diamantopoulos in Douglas Morse’s “The Adulterer” at the Sarasota Film Festival Appropriate to such a beautiful tropical setting, the honored guest will be stage, film and recording star Rita Moreno. Clips from her award-winning career will be shown during the meal. This event takes place at noon Thursday, Jan. 30. Tickets are $85.

Night of 1,000 Stars — The Sarasota Film Festival completes its night of celebritystudded independent film screenings with an exclusive gala event celebrating the best in independent filmmaking. Guests dance, dine and mingle with the stars at 9 p.m. Jan. 31, at Michael’s On East. Tickets: $100. Filmmakers Tribute Dinner — This black-tie

dinner celebration honors the recipient of Regal Entertainment’s Career Achievement Award. This year’s guest of honor will be Richard Dreyfuss. 7 p.m. Feb. 1, at The RitzCarlton, Sarasota. Tickets: $250.

Late Night Wrap Party — Immediately following the Tribute Dinner, guests switch gears at an energetic after-hours bash. It’s full of surprises and hosted by Mark P. Famiglio, at 11:45 p.m. Feb. 1. (Location to be announced.) Tickets: $50. Best of the Fest Awards — Audience favorite awards are given at 3 p.m. Feb. 2, at the Filmmaker Pavilion. ❑

From Our u n e M l a n io t p e c x E Starters


Crispy Prawns Plaza-Style 7.95 Oak-smoked Pork Chop 19.95 Lump Blue Crab Cake

8.95 Ridgefield Farms Ribeye 24.95

Bruschetta Roma

5.95 New Zealand Lamb Rack 28.95

Plaza Oysters Tuna Shimi Tenderloin Tips & Gorgonzola


8.95 Plaza Porterhouse

The Plaza


Atlantic Salmon Rolls


Grouper Chigi


Stuffed Jumbo Prawns Chesapeake Bay Cream of Crab Soup Bowl 6.95 Seafood Sauté Soup du Jour Bowl 4.95 Chicken Roulade


For Valentine’s Day Dinner?

8.95 Center Cut Filet Mignon 7 oz. 21.95 10 oz. 26.95 10.95 Marinated Sirloin Steak 18.95


24.95 25.95 17.95

Duck Breast Stir Fry


Veal Stack


House Spinach

6.95 Lamb Buco 18.95 6.95 All entrees are served w/a choice

Classic Caesar

5.95 of the plaza salad or caesar salad 1303


525 Bay Isle Road, Longboat Key • 387-2700 • Behind Ave. of the Flowers Shopping Center Serving Dinner Tues.-Sun. 5 to 10pm • Reservations Suggested

Reservations Call: 388-5608

at The Radisson Lido Beach Resort



Someone’s in the kitchen with Dora

Too much dough “My mother was a good basic cook, but I really wasn’t interested in cooking as I was growing up on Staten Island,” Maryellen Comeforo recalls. It wasn’t until after she married that Comeforo began to learn. The process resulted in some triumphs but also some disasters. “My husband’s family had a pepperoni bread which started with a frozen dough,” she explains. It was really quite simple: Roll out the dough, place pepperoni slices and grated cheese on the dough,then roll it up jellyroll style. Comeforo’s problem developed when, instead of splitting the dough into the three loaves as the package directed, she made one roll. “It was literally bursting out with of the oven,” she laughs. Another time she diligently labored COMEFORO over beef stroganoff, forgetting her husband’s aversion to anything but brown sauce. When she added the cream as the finishing touch, her husband said, “No thanks,” and went to MacDonald’s. “He went alone,” Comeforo says. “I ate the stroganoff, but I never made it again.” Thanksgiving dinners traditions are from Ken’s family. Always on the menu are antipasto, a rice and spinach torte and mushrooms stuffed with sausage, spinach and cheese. The Comeforos made pasta together just once. “We’ve been married 36 years, but it was a wonder we didn’t get divorced,” she said shaking her head over the experience. Recently entertaining for 20, she served shrimp quiche, a strawberry and spinach salad and a marble cheesecake. Her advice to nervous hostesses is: “You don’t have to make everything. You can buy some things. Everyone likes ice cream. How about that for dessert?” “Over the holidays, several of us here at Longboat Harbour got together for a progressive dinner,” Comeforo said. “We shared hostess duties and everyone had fun.” A recipe is a must when Comeforo cooks. “I’ll try anything but I need a recipe. Some of my favorite recipes are in a Fanny Farmer cookbook I received as a wedding shower gift. I’m still using it.” ❑


Dora Walters

Maryellen Comeforo enjoys cooking and always wants a recipe to follow.

SHRIMP CANTONESE Ingredients: 3 cups hot cooked rice 2 tablespoons butter 2 cups celery, sliced 2 cups onions, sliced

8 ounces fresh spinach 1 package fresh bean sprouts 1 can (16 ounces) fancy,

• While rice is cooking, sauté shrimp in butter for 1 minute or until pink. • Add celery and onions. Cook for 2 minutes, stirring constantly.

Bridge Tender Inn

mixed Chinese vegetables, rinsed and drained 1/4 teaspoon black pepper 1/4 cup of soy sauce

• Add spinach, bean sprouts and Chinese • Cover and cook for 1 minute. • Blend black pepper, soy sauce, broth and cornstarch.


And Dockside Bar

Fresh Seafood Excellent Steaks Fantastic View Entertainment Nightly Serving Lunch & Dinner Full Bar Reservations Suggested

• Stir into shrimp mixture. • Cook, stirring, until sauce is clear and thickened, about 2 minutes. • Serve over cooked rice. • Serves 4.

FLORIDA TREND: Florida’s Top 200 ZAGAT: “Excellent” • “Beautiful”


Where The View is Free

1 1/4 cups chicken broth 2 tablespoons cornstarch 1 pound shrimp, halved, lengthwise


Sean Murphy’s

Monday - Saturday 8:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m. Sunday 8:30 a.m. -2:00 p.m. 23 Ave. of the Flowers (behind Publix)

Longboat Key


Lunch • Dinner • Spirits

Barnacle Bill’s North Trail Fabulous “Resort Style”

Restaurant Fredy Mayer

chef/owner • • • • •

West Orange, NJ

The Sandy Lane Hotel, Barbados

Please Join Us Sunday Evenings


N. Trail location only

We specialize in large lobsters

ur y Ho p p a M H :30 P ‘Til 6 ily! Da


Early Bird Menu 11:30 to 5:30 Daily

Fri. - Sat. 7:00 P.M. Enjoy dancing to

2 lbs. & up

Barnacle Bill’s Seafood locations: 5050 North Trail • 355-7700 Main, Downtown • 365-6800 Webber & Beneva • 923-5800

Har Guin p & n On T ess ap


PATSY & MAJELLA VISIT OUR ICE CREAM CORNER SUGAR FREE ICE CREAM • FAT FREE YOGURT Mon.-Sat. • 11:30 A.M. - 11P.M. • CLOSED SUNDAYS 4000 Gulf of Mexico Dr. • Longboat Key • 383-0791



Open Tuesday - Sunday, 4:30-9:30



Carving Station • Exceptional Hot Entrees Omelette Station • Tantalizing Salads • Dessert Station Pasta Station • Breakfast Station Raw Bar Complimentary Champagne or Mimosa LOBSTER

Seating from 10:30-2:00 Reservations Suggested 355-7700

Anna Maria Island (at Gulf & Pine) 779-2444 •



Formerly of: Longboat Key Club The Manor,

3809 S. Tuttle Ave. Sarasota




135 Bridge Street • 778-4849 • Bradenton Beach One Block East of Trolley Stop #43




Dining out

New downtown Mattison venture is a winner The latest occupant of the corner of Lemon Avenue and Main Street in downtown Sarasota is Mattison’s City Grille. Paul Mattison, formerly with the Summerhouse and the Sarasota Bread Company, is the proprietor. Mattison is also the proprietor of the Mattison’s, an American Bistro and Catering Co. in St. Petersburg. Capturing your attention as you approach Mattison’s City Grille from Main Street is the “Singing Chef,” a life-size Jack Dowd sculpture. An ironwork fence surrounds the restaurant. The entrance gate is on North Lemon Avenue.

Seating is mainly outdoors, with tables and chairs under large umbrellas. The central portion of the spacious restaurant has a three-sided bar with a long table for stand-up imbibing or snacking. For the cool weather such as we’ve had recently, clear plastic curtains can be dropped for the center section of the Grille, with large, standing heaters set around the remaining areas. The atmosphere is reminiscent of a New York City restaurant with a steady stream of passersby and the cars inching along on the city streets, creating a continuous but non-invasive panorama. Mattison’s fine-dining touch is apparent. The wait staff is meticulously attired in black. Customer service is the top priority and your needs are anticipated. Tableware is neatly wrapped in a black linen napkin. A friendly waitress explains the items on the menu are served all day, but there are lunch and dinner specials. We were dining at an off time, about 3:30 p.m., and luncheon specials were still available. A blackboard on an easel detailed the specials: A Caesar salad wrap, 1/2 ham and cheese sandwich, a cup of soup (lamb and barley), and greens and beans. I inquired about the beans and greens. Our waitress explained the dish had sautéed greens with white beans served in a rich broth. Feeling the discomfort of the beginnings of a cold, greens and beans sounded like just the comfort food I needed. The menu has a wonderful selection of tapas, 15 in all, just perfect for casual dining. Take your choice: Gamberi Fritta, fried rock shrimp with roasted- pepper remoulade; baby lamp chops with eggplant caponata and rosemary atoli; Troutinni, bite-sized filets of rainbow trout, basil crusted and served with stewed tomatoes; or Fried Sushi, tuna and veggie rolls tempura-fried with pickled ginger and seaweed salad. My companion chose to be conservative and selected the chicken club sandwich with focaccia bread. Other choices on the sandwich menu are the Veggie Panini, with mixed roasted vegetables with Gouda cheese, or the Nonna Esther Special, named for Mattison’s grandmother. The sandwich has salami, prosciutto and capicola with tomatoes, roasted garlic, olive oil and provolone served on roasted rustic bread. Sandwiches at Mattison’s City Grille are served with a side dish




“Absolutely exquisite ...the very best” Bon Appetit Magazine

Take-out Menu Catering

Casual Waterfront Dining Lunch & Dinner Daily

Open Daily 5:30 - 10:00 PM

Happy Hour Every Day 4-7 pm Afternoon (Full Liquor Bar) Entertainment Every Sunday Great 383-7699 Specials

Reservations Suggested

5702 Marina Drive • Holmes Beach, FL



(941) 779-0220 or (941) 779-0221

6 814 G u l f o f M e x i c o D r i v e Whitney Beach Plaza

Berries glacé is a delicious finish to a great meal. of either field greens, French fries, fresh fruit or cole slaw. The sautéed greens and beans really hit the spot — total comfort food. The broth was rich, flavorful and thick with the greens and beans. I couldn’t really identify individual greens. The waitress said it was mixture of fresh greens. Accompanying it was warm garlic bread with whipped butter. The chicken club featured a very tender chicken breast filet topped with Swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato. Desserts are not listed but our waitress described the desserts of the day for us. A flourless chocolate cake, crème brulée, warm apple pie with ice cream and berries glacé were our choices. One can’t go wrong with apple pie a lá mode, and after our waitress informed us the berries of the day were fresh strawberries, berry glacé was our second choice. The apple pie was served in a bowl enabling the last spoonful of melting ice cream to be savored. The berries glacé, served in a long-stemmed glass, looked beautiful and were every bit as good to eat. One of the tapas, the Troutinni, continued to tempt me. I figured my taste buds would working again shortly, so I decided to order the tapas to go. I knew some of quality would be lost by overnighting it in the refrigerator, but it was still terrific the next day. The combination of the basil-crusted rainbow trout bites and the stewed tomato was very complementary. Another tapas I am definitely going try on my next visit to Mattison’s City Grille is Artichokes French. The menu describes the preparation as fried piccata style with tomato-lemon-caper butter. Sounds like a great combination of flavors. The bar has a wide selection of international beers and wines.


in a casual atmosphere


a cool cocktail

Steve’s Fabulous Fish Specialties


appealing appetizers, enticing entrees & delectable desserts

Photo courtesy of The Longboat Key Historical Society

“I’m so happy I found this restaurant. I can’t believe I haven’t been here before. Thank You, I love it and i’ve been here twice this week.” Mr. & Mrs. Palozzo’s LBK

Casual indoor and *outdoor dining with one of Longboat’s most scenic views. * We have heaters on our deck when it’s chilly.


Dinner Tuesday thru Sunday Lounge music Wednesdays 8pm

Tucked away in the village of Longboat Key 760 Broadway Street By the Bay . . . Channel Marker 39

Sunday Breakfast 8:30 - 12:30 383.7774


Lunch 11:30-5:00; Dinner 5:00-10:00. Seven Days a Week




388.3948 St. Armands Circle 325 John Ringling Boulevard





Mattison’s City Grille 1 North Lemon Ave. Sarasota • 330-0440 Cuisine: Uniquely Mattison’s. Recommended: Any of the unusual tapas, the greens and beans, if on the special menu, and the apple pie. Bar: International beers and wines. Price ranges: Salads, $6.95 to $9.95; sandwiches, $6.95 to $8.95; tapas, $5.95 to $10.95. Dinner entrées are slightly higher. Service: Excellent. Hours: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. Credit cards: All major cards. Parking: On the street.

Mattison’s City Grille has entertainment nightly, but it varies. We suggest you call and check who’s there the night you plan to dine. The day we dined at the City Grille, there was a great mix of people — a couple of tourists with a young child, two women obviously talking business, and an older couple who told the waitress they live in the downtown area and they we checking out the changes on Main Street. Once 5 p.m. arrived, so did some obvious young business people, meeting and greeting as they met at the bar. The food was great, the atmosphere interesting, the service superb, and the constantly changing scene as you look past the ironwork fence adds to the charm. After years of experimental ventures at the Main Street and North Lemon Avenue location, it appears we have a winner. ❑

The entrance to Mattison’s City Grille is marked with a large canopy and an iron grillwork gate.

en on Longboat Key... p O Now

Newest Location New York Style Pizza & Italian Cuisine Delivery 11am - 9pm Weekdays 4pm - 9pm Saturday & Sunday Extensive Dinner Menu Pick Up & Delivery Only


Let us do the work so you can relax and enjoy your guests!


10 Daily Lunch Specials under $ 00


Call for Details!

Sean Murphy’s


TeaParties & Luncheons A perfect setting for a gathering awaits you at the Harrington House Beachfront Bed and Breakfast...Tea Parties, Bridal Luncheons, Club Luncheons, a Gathering with the Girls, etc.

Photos by Dora Walters

383-9477 6830 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Whitney Beach Plaza

ZAGAT: Best Food on the Gulf Coast

761-2202 7220 Manatee Ave. W. Beachway Plaza

FLORIDA TREND: Florida’s Top 20 Restaurants WINE SPECTATOR: Award of Excellence

Café Don Giovanni

778-5444 888 828-5566

Beer Wine & d e Serv

OPEN 7 DAYS 8 A.M. TO 10:30 P.M.



Casual Italian Restaurant

Surfside Anna Maria Island 778-6444 •

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner NOW Early Bird Special

4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. $11.95 Take-out available

Fine Italian Dining on St. Armands Open Daily 11:30 to Midnight

Call for reservations

Lunch ~ Dinner ~ Bar Menu 941-388-1555

5610 Gulf of Mexico Drive



(One mile North of Holiday Inn)


Specializing in Wine by the Bottle or Glass. Purchase your selection from our package area to enjoy here or at home.

Now Serving Lunch Monday - Friday 11:30 - 2:30 Deliciously Priced from $4 - $14 Soups, Salads, Pastas, Sandwiches and ‘Nawlins Specialties


St. Armands Circle ~ 1550 Blvd. of Presidents

Serving Dinner Monday through Saturday from 6 - 10

Stone Crabs are Here! on St. Armands Circle

Looking for a great gift idea for the holidays?



•The Area’s Best Selection of Outstanding Wines •Intimate Bar with Full Liquor “Zagat Rated America’s Top Restaurants”


ORIENTAL FOOD Dine In or Dinners-To-Go Home Delivery (Limited Area)

Winter Hours 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM 7 days a week

388.3210 1303

19 N. Blvd. of Presidents • St. Armands Circle

Sundays 10:30 - 2 pm featuring the Mike Moran Jazz Band

Full retail seafood market Fresh seafood to prepare at home



New Orleans Jazz Brunch

Now Open for Lunch 7 days a week!





Please Call for Reservations 6777 Manatee Ave. W. • Bradenton Northwest Promenade Plaza 761-1177





The Bayou Steakhouse offers excellent dining and great service in a comfortable waterfront facility. Our menu combines steaks, seafood and pasta at moderate prices. We are located in the Whitney Beach Plaza and accept reservations of parties of six or more. Open: Monday – Saturday 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. Bar open until 12:30 p.m. 383-7699 CAFE DON GIOVANNI Come, sit and feel at home and enjoy the friendly casual “Italian” atmosphere with Domenico, the owner. The chef will cook for you his delicious fresh pasta, fish, chicken and famous seafood and veal dishes. And, don’t forget to try our antipasti! Wine and beer available. open 7 days a week. Sunday Breakfast 9-2, Breakfast (Jan. to May) 8-11, Lunch 11-3, Dinner 410:30 every night. Call for reservations: 383-0013. 5610 Gulf of Mexico Drive (next to food mart). CAFE ON THE BAY Nestled between the Gulf of Mexico and Sarasota Bay, Cafe on the Bay offers diners views of the marina and bay in an elegant yet casual setting. The extensive menu has something for everyone. We are sister restaurant of the world class Cafe L’Europe. 2630 Harborside Dr. Hours: Lunch 11:30-3; Dinner 5:30-9 Sun. — Thurs; 5:30-10 Fri. & Sat,; Sunday Brunch from 9-1 $16.95. 383-0440. CIAO! ITALIA A real trattoria on Longboat Key, the best homemade Italian food you ever tasted! From linguine with fresh clam sauce to veal scaloppine marsala. The most delicious antipasto you’ve ever had, plus succulent brick oven pizza. Try Ciao’s in the Centre Shops, we know you’ll not be disappointed. Hours: 11:30-3, 4:3010p.m. 383-0010. THE COLONY DINING ROOM This classic award-winning restaurant with floor to ceiling windows offers Florida’s finest view of the Gulf of Mexico. The Colony Dining Room cuisine could be described as Contemporary Continental. You’ll also enjoy one of this nation’s finest wine lists. Reservations strongly suggested. Dinner from 6 p.m. nightly. Sunday Brunch: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 1620 Gulf of Mexico Drive, 383-5558. CUZINS OF LONGBOAT The best pizza south of Manhattan has arrived on Longboat Key. Cuzins of Longboat has pick up and delivery only. This location is the off shoot of the highly successful Cuzins on Manatee Ave. and 75th St. in N.W. Bradenton. Cuzins features NY style pizza, NY style Italian cusine, salads, sandwiches and more. 383-9477. EUPHEMIA HAYE An eclectic atmosphere of art & antiques creates the setting for award-winning cuisine; classic preparations of roast duckling, steak au poivre, Caesar salad, gulf-fresh seafood and homemade pasta. Upstairs, the HayeLoft Lounge & Dessert Room touts top-shelf spirits & cordials, appetizers, an outrageous dessert display & live entertainment. Dinner nightly. Late night gourmet pizza & desserts. 383-3633. HARRY’S CONTINENTAL KITCHENS Harry’s has been tantalizing tastebuds for 23 years. The restaurant is tropical fine dining with a casual flair. This intimate restaurant serves continental classics and inventive seafood. Lunch is served 11:30am-2:30pm. and Sundays 10:00am-2:30pm. Dinner SundayThursday 5pm-9pm, Friday and Saturday 5pm-9:30pm The adjacent gourmet deli offers dinners, sandwiches, salads and party specialties to take-out. The deli has an extensive selection of wines and offers gourmet gift baskets. Open 11am.-7pm. Harry’s has done stylish catering for every occasion since 1979. Open 7 days a week. 525 St. Judes Drive, 5600 block Gulf of Mexico Dr. 383-0777. ISLAND JUICE & JAVA Winner “Rookie” Small Business of 2001. “Experience the taste of Longboat” at this charming gourmet deli/coffee shoppe/ice cream parlor. Healthconscious dieters as well as decadent dessert lovers will delight in a large selection of breakfast, lunch, snack and dessert items. Eat in, take out, and catering. OPEN DAILY 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 3174 Gulf of Mexico Drive (next to Sea Stable) 387-8783.

f o r

T h o u g h t . . .



Come by land or sea to Mar Vista’s Dockside Restaurant and discover Longboat Key’s favorite restaurant for fresh seafood and steaks. Enjoy lunch or dinner on our deck or in our old-Florida-style dining room. Kids’ menu available. 760 Broadway. 383-2391.

Great steaks. Fresh Seafood, prime rib, pasta & sandwiches. Happy hour daily. Entertainment & dancing. “Sharky’s presents surf & turf with style.” Bradenton Herald. “Enjoyed the specialties of the award winning chef.” Island Sun. “Well presented, tasty food - pleasing personel.” The Longboat Observer. “ We happily recommend it.” Taste Magazine. Open: 4pm - 2pm Daily. 2519 Gulf Drive, Bradenton Beach 779-9151

MAUREEN’S PALM GRILLE A restaurant for all reasons. Bistro style menu has been added offering the traditional and inventive to Steve Horn’s signature cuisine. Dine Al fresco under the stars! It’s what everyone’s raving about. Dinner Tuesday thru Sunday. Sunday breakfast 8:30 - 12:30. Lounge music 8pm Wed. 383-7774 SUNSET BAR & GRILL At the Hilton Longboat Key. Great “Island Style” dining overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. 4711 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Happy hour daily 5 - 7 p.m. Hours: 7 a.m. -10 p.m. 383-2451.

THE WATERFRONT RESTAURANT Enjoy the biggest & most interesting breakfasts, lunches covering everything from mouthwatering seafood, salads to burgers, sandwiches of all kinds & sophisticated great value dinners. Dine outside on our deck overlooking Tampa Bay or our 1920’s Florida cottage dining room w/fireplace. 7 days a week 7:00 a.m. 9:00 p.m. 111 South Bay Blvd. Anna Maria Island (opposite City Pier) 778-1515

THE MONKEY ROOM The Colony’s newest venue, The Monkey Room, with a choice of indoor and outdoor seating, features flavorful dishes from Indonesia, Florence, Havana and Paris. Just perfect for parties of all ages and sizes. Breakfast Mon. — Sat. 7 a.m. — 10:30 a.m. All Day Dining available 11:30 a.m. — 11:30 p.m. Adjacent to The Monkey Room is the all new Monkey Room Bar, one of the most comfortable lounges in town and definitely the place to be and be seen. Live entertainment nightly. Open daily at 11:30 a.m. 1620 Gulf of Mexico Drive 383-5558. LYNCHES LANDING BAR AND GRILL Sisters Ethna and Chris Lynch have captured the true spirit of Ireland. Famous for Cork Cottage Pie, Corned Beef & Cabbage, Irish smoked Salmon, fresh seafood and great burgers. Enjoy spectacular sunsets and our live music.4000 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Hours: 11:30 a.m.- 11p.m. 383-0791.

BRADENTON JONATHAN’S Welcome to ambience! Jazz music, creative continental cuisine, daily specials, fresh fish, crisp linens, fresh flowers, and candlelight all make for an unforgettable, intense dining experience. Menu offers a blend of French, Creole and Italian dishes. Full bar, excellent wine list and decadent desserts. 677 Manatee Ave., West (in the Northwest Promenade). Lunch Mon. - Fri. Dinner Mon- Sat. Sunday brunch 10 am - 2 pm 761-1177.

ST. ARMANDS/LIDO THE HUNGRY FOX The Hungry Fox is the neighborhood restaurant on St. Armands Circle. Casual dining featuring chef quality food reasonably priced. Serving you breakfast, lunch and dinner, pleasing local appetites for over 19 years with all of your favorites. Children and families welcome. Dine inside or on our garden patio overlooking the Circle. Open: Monday — Saturday 8 a.m. — 9 p.m. and Sunday 8 a.m. — 2:30 p.m. 388-2222 CHRISTOPHER’S Located 8 stories above beautiful Lido Key, this outstanding restaurant boasts Sarasota’s grandest views of both the Gulf of Mexico and Sarasota Bay. Opened in April, Christopher’s has already earned a reputation for for providing a dining experience unparalleled in this area. The menu ranges from sushi and lobster salad to Chateaubriand and Dover Sole prepared tableside. After you dine, plan for an after dinner drink or cigar in our “smoke-free” lounge. Entertainment nightly. Located at the Radisson Lido Beach Resort 8th floor. Open nightly 5:00 p.m. Reservations call 388-5608


ANNA MARIA ISLAND BEACH BISTRO Award winning surfside dining. Zagat Guide “the best food on the Gulf Coast”. Recipient of the “Golden Spoon Award” bestowed on the Top Twenty restaurants in the State of Florida. Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. Hours: 5:00p.m. — 10:00p.m. Beach Bistro, 6600 Gulf Drive. Anna Maria Island. 778-6444. BISTRO AT ISLAND’S END Beach Bistro’s more casual cousin. Selected one of Florida’s “Top 200” restaurants by Florida Trend, praised by Zagat Guide and voted Best Overall Restaurant by locals. “Gulf Coast Cookery” with an emphasis on fresh seafood. Jazz piano on weekends. Hours: 5:00p.m. — 10:00p.m. Bistro at Island’s End, 10101 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria Island 779-2444. BRIDGE TENDER INN & DOCKSIDE BAR Specializing in fresh seafood, outstanding steaks and barbecue ribs; open 7 days. Live entertainment every evening, also Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Lively happy hour 3 — 6 p.m. in the bar. Sailboat dockage west via Marker 49. Casual/fine dining. Enjoy the best of both worlds. Hours: 11:30 a.m. — 2:00 a.m. 778-4849. DA GIORGIO RISTORANTE Offers authentic Italian cuisine. A big selection of wines from around the world will most certainly enhance your meal. Live entertainment with Luigi Toth, Tuesday through Saturday, contributes to the already pleasant atmosphere. Gift certificates available. Open Daily from 5-10p.m. 779-0220.

No waterfront, no view, just great resort style food at neighborhood prices. Sarasota’s finest fresh seafood, specializing in the freshest local and northern seafood in the market. Old world and contemporary preparations with showcase quality seafood in the restaurant. (3 locations) Barnacle Bill’s Seafood on Main, 3656800, Barnacle Bill’s Seafood on Webber, 923-5800., Barnacle Bill’s 5050 N. Tamiami Trail 355-7700. DA RU MA Enter the exciting, fascinating and delicious world of Da Ru Ma, where expertly trained chefs perform feats of classic Teppan style cooking at your table. Along with traditional favorites, innovative combinations featuring sauteed shrimp, teriyaki steak, seafood, tempura, sushi and much more. Enjoy sunset specials with a breathtaking view of the bay. Open daily 5-10. At the Sarasota Quay, U.S. 41 and Fruitville Road. 951-2440. MOREL RESTAURANT Enjoy sophisticated cuisine in one of Sarasota’s finest restaurants. A pleasant dining experience awaits you at Morel, where the cuisine is tantalizing and the service and atmosphere are warm and inviting. Well worth the trip! Centrally located with ample parking. Reservations suggested. Hours: Tues.-Sun. 4:30-9:30 p.m. 3809 S. Tuttle Ave., 927-8716. MUNROE’S For those beyond trends and power dining, Munroe’s is Sarasota’s mainstay. Enjoy sophisticated regional American cuisine, a global wine list and friendly, attentive service in a historic urban atmosphere. The upstairs jazz tavern offers live entertainment, late night appetizers and desserts, happy hour and full dinner menu. Chef-owned and operated. Valet parking. Hours: Dinner Mon.-Thur. 5:30-9 p.m.; Fri.-Sat. 5:30-10 p.m. Closed Sundays. Catering available. 316-0609.








Artist’s conceptual rendering.

Introducing La Bellasara A Collection of Twenty-Nine Classically Inspired Bayfront Condominium Residences On The City Side of The Bay at Golden Gate Point




Two, Three and Four-Bedroom Condominium Residences from $1.1 Million to over $2 Million. Penthouse Residences: $3.9 Million and $4.2 Million.

FOR INQUIRIES, 941.330.2122 FAX 941.330.2024 Sales Gallery: 331 South Pineapple Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34236 Open Monday-Saturday from 10 am-5pm, Sunday from 12pm-5pm Michael Saunders & Co. , Licensed Real Estate Broker Oral representations cannot be relied upon as correctly stating the representations of the developer. For correct representation, reference should be made to the documents required by section 718.503, Florida Statutes to be furnished by a developer to a buyer or lessee. This offering is made only by the prospectus for the condominium and no statement should be relied upon if not made in the prospectus. This is not an offer to sell or solicitation of offers to buy, the condominium units in states where such offer or solicitation cannot be made. Prices subject to change without notice.



f ine home s internat ional

Prudential performance, Sarasota style. SANDY COVE - SIESTA KEY Beautifully remodeled two story condo within walking distance to The Village. Spiral staircase to the master suite with “roof top” garden sun deck. Private beach, fishing pier. Owner/Associate. $589,000. Jerry Thompson 552-3966 BIRD KEY - Great canal front home on Bird Key. Four bedrooms plus office/den. lush landscaping and spacious pool area affords privacy on lot with 11 foot dock and boat. $1,195,000. Marty Benson/Hoyt Beaty 552-3942

WATERCLUB WITH FULL GULF VIEWS This is a 3,000+ sq. ft. true 3BR, Longboat Key condominium with absolutely stunning Gulf, Bay and sunset views. The location in the building is one of the best and 2 deeded parking spaces are included. Fabulous world-class amenities & clubhouse, security & concierge. for a virtual tour. $1,775,000 Hannerle Moore 387-8136

COREY’S LANDING - Stunning maintenance free villa overlooks Longboat Key golf course. 3BR/2.5BA in gated community features new kitchen with granite counters and stainless steel appliances. Marble floors + gas fireplace. Loft in 3rd BR/den for artisitic endeavors. Two-tiered screened patio and gas grill. Virtual Tour. $699,000. Marlene Liberman 387-1759

BAY PLAZA - Enjoy all the cultural activities and culinary delights of downtown Sarasota while living in this full service building with 24 hour concierge and valet. Two balconies, partial bay view. Carpet, paint, A/C, kitchen tile all new in 2000. Fantastic value for downtown! $375,000. Michael Granston 552-3990

SANCTUARY - Sophisticated and beautiful apartment with panoramic views of the bay, golf course and city. Three bedrooms, 2.5 baths, turnkey with exceptionally fine furniture and accessories. Hurricane shutters. Absolutely meticulous. Virtual tour. $950,000. Hal Liberman 387-1759

LONGBEACH VILLAGE - Great corner unit only used by owners. Superb ocean views - perfect sun angle - sprinklers, remodeled kitchen and office/den area, newer appliances and A/C. A true value in today’s market.$469,000 Wade Hawley 552-3988

BIRD KEY - Spacious Bird Key garden home includes 3BR/3BA with family room, workshop and bonus room. Beautifully landscaped property includes large pool. Close to downtown and the circle. $695,000 Hoyt Beaty/Marty Benson 552-3989

LAWRENCE POINT - Stunning open bay views from this downtown 2,600 sq. ft. apartment. 3BR or 2BR + den, 2.5BA, formal dining room, wet bar and elegant built-ins. Two bay front terraces with electric storm shutters. Two parking spaces. Bay side pool. $699,000 Marlene and Hal Liberman 387-1759

BIRD KEY - Stunning canal front view on Bird Key with lots of open spaces and an especially roomy master suite. Large pool area lends itself to entertaining and relaxing. Dock and boat life complete this easy living property. $1,599,000 Marty Benson/Hoyt Beaty 552-3989

COMMERCIAL PROPERTY - Two story building on world famous St. Armands Circle. Downstairs will be available for owner/occupant or tenant. Top floor is leased to fine Italian restaurant. Survey and appraisal available. $2,299,000 Hoyt Beaty/Marty Benson 552-3942 WHITNEY BEACH - This condo has a pretty water view and is located on Longboat Key’s tranquil north end with deeded beach access to a gorgeous white sand beach and boat dockage available. $190,000 Hannerle Moore 387-8136

GRAND BAY - Extraordinary views of the bay, gulf and city lights surround you from this southern corner penthouse. Over 4,300 sq. ft. inside and over 5,000 sq ft. of terrace outside. $3,400,000 Marty Benson 552-3942

BAY ISLES - Totally updated home within the most prestigious sub-division on Longboat Key. Enjoying 150 ft. of seawall on a deep canal with new dock and hoists. 3BR/3BA, 4 car garage. Huge A/C/ storage area. Beautiful new landscaping ensures total privacy. $2,595,000. Michael Granston 552-3990

SARASOTA HARBOUR EAST - The perfect intown location with fabulous unobstructed bay views. Walk to fine restaurants and shopping. Clubhouse, heated pool, bay walking path and includes a boat dock. $239,900 Jerry Thompson 552-3966

GRAND BAY - LONGBOAT KEY - Gorgeous bayfront. Beautiful views of Sarasota Bay and skyline. Luxuriously appointed, shows like a model. Tennis, pool, private beach, clubhouse & state-of-the-art fitness center. $999,000. Jerry Thompson 552-3966

LONGBOAT KEY BEACH FRONT INN ON THE BEACH Unique “B” floor plan, top floor with sweeping views. Rents as two separate units. Good rental history. Over $108K gross income in 2001. $850,000 The perfect Florida get-away! Beachfront Club suite with gorgeous gulf views. Gross rental income for 2001 $63,250. $349,000 Beachfront club suite at Inn on the Beach. $335,000 Lagoon Club suite, ideal tranquil setting with all the resort amenities. Strong rental income. $239,000 JERRY THOMPSON 552-3966

FABULOUS EMERALD HARBOR HOME This home has a wonderful location near the Bay on the widest canal on Longboat. With its 2,500 sq. fr., 4BR, pool, spa & dock that can accommodate a very large boat, this home is one-of-a-kind. Wonderful flow plan & terrific views are an added bonus. for a virtual tour. $979,000 Hannerle Moore 387-8136


• 595 Bay Isles Rd, Mediterranean Plaza, Longboat Key • 8830 S. Tamiami Trail • 8447 S. Tamiami Trail • 6360 S. Tamiami Trail • 438 St. Armands Circle • 5899 Whitfield Avenue • 10 South Adams Drive 1303

• 8801 Stoneybrook Boulevard

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Inside Section D Key Real Estate At the net Classified

4D 11D 20D

JA N UA RY 3 0 , 2 0 0 3

Ralph Hunter holds up the Longboat Living section of The Longboat Observer that featured Dora Walters.

Photos by Emily Walsh and Lusya Sullivan

At last! Dora Walters is awarded Citizen of the Year.

CITIZEN DORA The Kiwanis Club honors four of Longboat Key’s finest: Dora Walters, Cee Edmundson, Matt Buehler and Karl Bennett. BY LUSYA SULLIVAN Staff Writer

“Dora, I am shocked, totally shocked,” said Matt Walsh of Dora Walters at the Kiwanis Citizen of the Year dinner held in her honor Jan. 21 at the Harbourside Dining Room of the Longboat Key Club. Walsh, Walters’ boss at The Longboat Observer, donned a sombrero and informed the Kiwanians and their guests that at the end of each season Dora leaves for the summer. He went on to say that many of those summers postcards came in from Mexico, informing staffers at The Longboat Observer of Dora’s escapades throughout Mexico, but what intrigued him was that she was always alone. “What in good Lord’s name is this little lady doing in the Mexico mountains all by herself?” he wondered. But thanks to a recent Longboat Observer exposé on Walters, the truth came out. When Walters was asked if it was love at first sight when she met her husband, Otto, she said, “No, I had a Mexican boyfriend in between.” “Well, now we know!” exclaimed Walsh. “Now we know why she goes to Mexico every time.”

Cee Edmundson gets flustered in between the Longboat Key Police Officer of the Year Matt Buehler and Longboat Key Police Chief Al Hogle. Edmundson also was recognized by the club, receiving an award for leadership. But when the season returns, The Longboat Observer staffers find Georgia pecans, jams “and roasted, unsalted, stale peanuts” on

their desks. That’s a sign that Walters is back, Walsh said. “And the clutter around her desk — the clutter gets deeper and deep-

er.” He also said that when he bought the paper from Ralph and Claire Hunter, he inherited all that and those who came with it. “They told me that Dora was a part-time employee,” Walsh said. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday came and went. Thursday came, followed by Friday; Walters was still there. “She’s there everyday. She loves to be there because it’s news. That’s what she loves, the news,” he said. When Walters’ turn came to defend herself, the news junkie said, “Yes, I’m gonna make a speech. Well, I’m almost speechless but not quite. Most of what Matt said is true. “I waited a long time for this moment. I want you to know, I am prepared — I have my notes,” she said and whipped out a roll of paper more than two yards long. “I am one of the lucky ones,” Walters said. “I always knew what I wanted to be,” she said and explained that she wanted to be a reporter, not a writer. She spoke of the friendships she has formed on the Key and shared that the CONTINUED ON PAGE 2D



H a n n e r l e i s r a n k e d a m o n g t h e t o p ½% o f R e a l t o r s Wo r l d w i d e

Thanksgiving Interfaith Service is one of her favorite Key events. She also said that she enjoys ringing the Salvation Army bell in front of Publix. But she also said that she wanted to own a newspaper. “So, Matt and Lisa, be prepared for an offer you can’t refuse,” she said. “Stop squirming in your seats,” added the Citizen of the Year. Walters is the fourth woman to be honored in the past 28 years. ❑

Hal and Hazel Lenobel with their granddaughter, Jessica

Wonderful Longboat Home This 2,300+ square foot, 3BR home is located on Longboat’s tranquil north end. Terrific split bedroom plan with very large master bath. Beautiful grounds and located on a shallow canal for easy canoeing or kayaking. $595,000 Virtual Tour

Jim Durante and Penny Hollingsed

Longboat Key Canal Home with Beautiful Views This home has beautiful canal & bay views, great boating water and is situated four in from the bay, which makes it a wonderful find for someone who wants a great location. An added plus is the terrific dock that has been built with seating area. $699,000 Virtual Tour

Firefighter of the Year Karl Bennett

COLORADO TOWN HOME This three bedroom, 2.5 bath home is located on a beautiful, small Rocky Mountain stream. You can observe trout playing in the creek from your back deck. Great location within walking distance to downtown Estes Park and five-minute drive to gates of fantastic Rocky Mountain National Park. Elevation of 7,500 feet provides crisp, clean air and sleeping under blankets as the bubbling stream sings softly all night. Elk and deer abound and eagles soar above rocky escarpment of the Lumpy Ridge. Unfurnished price, $239,500. Furnished, including dishes, glassware, etc., $249,500. Owned by LBK winter residents.


Ask Your Realt or about Attorney

Water Club Condominium with Full Gulf Views

This is a 3,000+ sq.ft., true 3BR condo with stunning Gulf, Bay and Sunset views. This location in the building is one of the best and two deeded parking spaces are included. Fabulous world-class amenities and clubhouse, security and concierge. $1,775,000. Virtual Tour

Phillip A. Wolff If you are buying or selling a home or condominium you should have legal advice.

Wonderful Promenade Condominium with Full Gulf Views Largest 2BR, split plan condo on the sunset side of the building. $795,000 Virtual Tour Grand Bay with Gorgeous Unobstructed Bay Views

Aruba floor plan with wrap balconies, floor to ceiling windows & two parking spaces $599,000 Virtual Tour

Three Wonderful Fairway Bay Condominiums

Gorgeous views, Turnkey furnished & located behind the gates with membership to the Bay Isles Beach Club included. $379,000 - $399,000 Virtual Tour

Whitney Beach Condominim This condo has deeded access to a gorgeous white sand beach right across the street. Boat dockage available $190,000 Photo Tour Fabulous Emerald Harbor Home Emerald Harbor

Sale Pending

Phillip A. Wolff


Gorgeous Bay front home.

Sale Pending


Emerald Harbor 186’ of water frontage.

Sale Pending


Promenade with Gorgeous Gulf Views

Sale Pending


3rd generation Sarasotan practicing Real Estate/ Business Law since 1967

• Ownership alternatives. • Tax issues involved in a purchase or sale. • What does the contract really mean? • How does title insurance protect the buyer? • What does a survey really show? • How do condominium or homeowner association documents affect use? These are just a few of the issues that your attorney should discuss with you.

Our goal is to provide professional and responsive real estate closing services.

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annette rogers

Clockwise from top: Dan Idzik; Ann Roth, Kathy Osborne and Nancy Jones; Dennis and Maggie Wallin; Vincent and Marie DeLisi, Dora Walters and Jeremy and Myrna Whatmough

s e c u d o Intr

Mrs. Rogers’ Neighborhoods

RESIDENTIAL HOMES AMAZING GULF FRONT ESTATE ON SIESTA KEY- $4,495,000 Fabulous Guy Peterson creation with 5000 sq. ft. of class and quality. Secluded Sanderling home, affording breathtaking views, “dream kitchen”, awesome master suite and expansive viewing decks with tower. HARBOR ACRES BAY VIEWS AND GREAT BOATING! - $2,895,000. Gorgeous, furnished, almostnew home with extraordinary detailing. 4,200 sq. ft. with 4BR/4BA, 4 car garage & elevator. PANORAMIC WATER VIEWS FROM ST. ARMANDS MEDITERRANEAN - $2,395,000. Spacious 4 or 5 bedroom home with over 4,900 sq. ft., volume ceilings, dramatic extras, 2 fireplaces, elevator and docking for a 40’ boat. STUNNING AND PRIVATE HOME IN BAY ISLES - $1,249,000. - PRICED BELOW RECENT APPRAISAL! Cul-de-sac location with gorgeous lake & golf course views. Immaculate 3 or 4 BR home w/tasteful upgrades and lovely pool area.

The Fifth Annual

BIRD KEY BONUS! - $550,000. - Charming 3BR/3BA pool home w/wonderful, private yard. 3,000 sq. ft. of delightful space, complete w/den, sep. family room, living room & oversized 2 car garage.

Y A D N PARK in the U S

MUSEUM AREA TOTAL RENOVATION $414,500. - Almost completely new 3BR/2BA home w/stainless kitchen, high ceilings, private yard w/room for a pool and zoned for guest house.

Concert Series


proudly presents…

LARRY ELGART and his orchestra for “Hooked on Swing” Join the Ambassador of Swing for a concert of songs in the swing tradition by musical greats such as Ellington, Kern, Berlin, Gershwin and others. Elgart's “Hooked on Swing” album, which has sold more than 5 millions copies worldwide, revitalized swing music in the ‘90s.


at Joan M. Durante Park Individual tickets to each concert are $5 and can be purchased at the Longboat Key Center for the Arts, 6860 Longboat Drive South, The Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce, 6854 Gulf of Mexico Drive, and The Longboat Observer, 5570 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Parking will be managed by the Longboat Key Police Department and will be available at Joan M. Durante Park and Euphemia Haye Restaurant. Bring your own chairs and /or blankets, picnic baskets and drinks (non-alcoholic). Water will be available for purchase. Proceeds from the concerts benefit the Longboat Key Center for the Arts and the Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce.

CONDOMINIUM HOMES WATER CLUB DIRECT GULF! - $2,495,000. “Arlington” plan w/3 bedrooms, 5 full baths, wood floors, fabulous upgrades and finishes... plus 2 parking spaces, (one is a sep. garage!) THE VIEWS WILL AMAZE YOU - $2,444,000. Ritz Tower Residence on 14th floor faces directly west for the finest vistas of Bay & Gulf. Almost 3,000 sq. ft. of fabulous finishes & upgrades. 3BR + family room. REGENT PLACE! - $2,395,000. - spacious “B” plan in south building w/the most fabulous views of gulf, bay and city. Over 3,200 sq. ft. of PIZAZZ! LUXURIATE ON LIDO! - $969,000. - 3BR/2.5BA condo home in L’Elegance. Views of both gulf & bay. Corner unit w/generous wrap-around balconies. Tile floors, storm shutters and designer turnkey furnished. SANCTUARY-BEACH “WALK-DOWN” $899,000. - 2 or 3 bedroom with gorgeous wood floors, great built-ins and perfect location. CASTILLIAN THREE BEDROOM - $689,000. Fabulous corner unit affords wide views of the gulf plus city and bay! Updated kitchen, 2.5 baths, partially furnished and quite special! WOW! THE VIEWS! THE VIEWS! - $589,000. Roomy Islander Club unit on the 7th floor with nice tile floors, built-in Murphy bed, large terrace and partially furnished. WONDERFUL HARBOUR OAKS VILLA $469,000. - Great high ceilings, tastefully updated, new granite kitchen, fireplace and large deck w/views through the trees to the golf course. ask for annette Bus. (941) 387-0800 Eve. (941) 387-0900 (800) 209-0330

For information, call 383-2466 or 383-5509


Michael Saunders & Company

Sunday in the Park Concert Series Committee: Andy Frank, chair, Albie Frank, James Durante, and Al Hixon, Longboat Key Center for the Arts; Gail Loefgren, president, Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce; Lisa Walsh and Dora Walters, The Longboat Observer.

Licensed Real Estate Broker 1163

440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228




Key real estate

$725,000 sale at Longboat Harbour Towers Judith G. and John F. Germ of Soddy Daisy, Tenn., sold their apartment unit 1002 at the 11-story Longboat Harbour Towers, 4401 Gulf of Mexico Drive, to Timothy S. Vincent for $725,000. This three-bedroom and two-bath condominium was created in 1972 when the 73-unit Longboat Harbour Towers was completed by the late I.Z. Mann. It followed the 1970 completion of his 300unit first and second Longboat Harbour on the bayside at 4454 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Vincent’s apartment last sold for $250,000 back in December 1984.

Daniel T. Kittinger of Winter Park sold his two-bedroom and two-bath apartment unit 212, 615 Dream Island Road, and boat slip No. 58, plus his assigned parking space, to Shirley and Jim L. Hebert of Greenwood Village, Ohio, for $625,000. Then completing the trade, the Heberts sold Kittinger their two-bedroom and two-bath apartment unit 310 with its parking space and boat slip No. 18 for the identical $625,000. Unit 212 last sold for $525,000 in May 2002. Harbour Villa Club was developed in 1985.

Dream Island

Sleepy Lagoon The 7-year-old home at the northwest corner of Gulf Side Road and 6401 Gulf of Mexico Drive has been purchased by John W. Persse, as trustee for the Sleepy Lagoon Land Trust, 1800 Second St., Sarasota, from Jerry E. Pies, 3805 53rd Ave. E., Bradenton, for $720,000. The vacant lot on which the three-bedroom and four-bath house was built in 1996 was sold for $87,500 in December 1993.


Sleepy Lagoon Park In nearby bayside Sleepy Lagoon Park, Guy C. Remington of Herefordshire, United Kingdom, sold his home at 674 Norton St., to Willard H. Boynton for $437,500. The property last sold for $380,000 in December 2001.

Pelican Harbour & Beach Club Ruth G. Simmons of Portland, Maine, purchased unit 4501 at 4241 Gulf of Mexico Drive on the Gulf side of Pelican Harbour & Beach Club from Kaye A. Turner of Dayton, Ohio, for $710,000. The three-bedroom and two-bath apartment was built in 1980. It is one of just 13 units of Pelican Harbour located on the Gulf side of Gulf of Mexico Drive. The other 52 apartments of the 65-unit Pelican Harbour & Beach Club are on the bayside of Gulf of Mexico Drive.

Kevin J. Register bought the three-bedroom and three-bath Dream Island home at 741 Emerald Harbor Drive, from Charles J. Koch of Georgetown, Ohio, for $600,000. The home was built in 1974 and last sold for $297,500 back in December 1990.

Sutton Place Deborah S. and David B. Paul of Baxter, Minn., and Penthouse 2, Sutton Place, sold their Sutton Place (originally Longboat Harbour South) unit, 589 Sutton Place, to Jane K. Cox for $228,000. The 31-year-old, one-bedroom and one-bath apartment was last sold in April 2000 for $125,000.

Two $625,000 sales at the 38-unit Harbour Villa Club at the “late” Buccaneer on Dream Island amounted to an even swap.

Julia McRae

Islands West Grace Audrey DeVoto purchased apartment unit 2-D in the 15-story, 89-unit Islands West condominium, 2525 Gulf of Mexico Drive, from Barbara Ann Doyle, of Schenectady, N.Y., the personal representative of the estate of the late Gladys T. Middlebrook, for $356,500. This two-bedroom and two-bath was last sold in June 1976 for $74,900.

Grand Bay II After having purchased unit 222 in building 2 of Grand Bay II for $840,000 on Nov. 15, David B. Wentworth sold his interest in the apartment to his wife, Helen P. Wentworth, for $315,000 via a quit claim deed on Jan. 8. The three-bedroom and three-bath apartment previously sold for $640,000 in December 2000. The condominium at 3040 Grand Bay Blvd., was built in 1996.

Seaplace V

Linda L. and Milan V. Adrian, 3080 Grand Bay Blvd., bought unit 103 at the 44-unit Banyan Bay Club, 5286 Gulf of Mexico Drive, from Lucy R. Cathcart of Pittsburgh for $495,000. The two-bedroom and two-bath condo was built in 1974.

Over at the Key’s largest condominium complex, the 461-unit Seaplace, Victoria and Karl Narveson bought apartment unit M2-114 in the fifth phase from Barbara A. Guarino of Toms River, N.J., for $341,000. The two-bedroom and one-bath condo at 1945 Gulf of Mexico Drive, was built in 1973 and sold previously for $162,500 in May 1998.

Bay Isles

Lido Beach

Cheryl Lowe purchased her three-bedroom and three-bath home in the second unit of Bay Isles at 3691 Bayou Circle from Leatrice S. Kramer of Greenfield, Mass., for $550,000. The house with a swimming pool was built in 1987 and previously sold for $375,000 in April 1992.

Sylvia E. Niarchos, 590 Jessmyth Drive, sold her property at 129 McKinley Drive containing three living units, three bedrooms and three baths, to MAC Properties of Sarasota for $257,000. The property was built in 1933 and last sold for $327,000 in May 2001. Alexandra J. Openshaw of Chatham, Surrey, United Kingdom, bought unit 305 at Lido Surf & Sand, from Christine Falco of Livingston, N.J., for $251,500. The one-bedroom and two-bath apartment at 1100 Ben Franklin Drive was built in 1976. ❑

Banyan Bay Club

Spanish Main Yacht Club

Harbour Villa Club

Rye, N.H., for $234,000. The two-bedroom and one-bath condo last sold for $160,000 in January 2000. The apartment was built in 1969, a year after construction began on Spanish Main, which was the second condominium development on the Key.

Over at the 212-unit Spanish Main Yacht Club, Francine and Lawrence Sullivan, now of Misty Oaks Blvd., Sarasota, sold their unit 17 at 637 N. Spanish Drive, to Eugene J. Shea from

Your Guide to Paradise

Stunning New (2000) 4/3 home with lake and preserve view from most windows. Shows like a model w/numerous upgrades like Cherrywood cabinets in the Kitchen & Master Bath, Speakers, Crown moldings, beautiful light fixtures,etc... Caged Pool. $389,000 Golf Course & Lake views from this beautiful, fully loaded 3/2.5 home in Peridia. Large Open & Bright rooms. Formal Living and Dining room, Family room w/fireplace, eat-in kitchen, guest suite, plus an office/den. Custom Designer Stained Glass window in Master Suite. $289,000 Maintenance Free Living in Peridia. 2/2 Plus Den.Too Gorgeous! Private setting for the Diamond Surface, Solar Heated Caged Pool. New Awning, Security System, Den/Guest BR w/Cable access and built-in desk area, plus lots more. $195,000 Lovely! This 2/2 Maintenance Free Home in Peridia has a private setting and a wonderful Florida Room Perfect for Friends and Family gatherings. Separate Dining Room, Mirrored Wall in Great Room, Vaulted Ceilings and so much more. You’ll love this gem! $167,000

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Sarasota School of Glass 53 Palm Ave., Sarasota • 955-3839 Web site: Owner: Sue Kutno is the owner. Type of establishment: There are three parts to Kutno’s business — school, gallery and studio. “The philosophy of the school is to have short, comprehensive, half-day, one-day and two-day classes,” says Kutno. The gallery, which was adjacent to the school, has just closed, but it reopened as International Glass Art Outlet Inc. at 999A Cattlemen Road in Sarasota last year. “We’re doing wholesale but we’re open to the public. So we’re extending our wholesale prices to the buyer.” The studio is a fusing glass studio. Year established: The gallery has been there for 10 years, School of Glass for three years and Glasstudio for 11 years. Employees: Ten teachers teach 30 different classes. Hours: Gallery hours are from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. The school is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and from 6 to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday. The studio is usually open from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and by appointments. Most expensive class: The glass-blowing class costs $600. Least expensive class: Fused-glass mirror class costs $60. Children’s classes cost $30, $60 and $90. Uniqueness: “The uniqueness is the school itself. This is the only school of its kind in the country,” Kutno says. What is the most challenging part of running this business? “Since I am really running three businesses, that in itself is the most challenging part,” she says. Best business advice ever received: “The best business advice I ever received or the best thing I ever heard was, ‘If you have dream, go for it.’ If you don’t succeed at what you’re trying to do, don’t think of it as failing but as an experience to get to the next level. Follow your dream — just do it,” she explains. Favorite book: “I like to read biographies and I like to read novels,” Kutno says. “Tell me a story, honey, and I’m happy.” Favorite movie: She loves foreign and short films. What you like best about Sarasota? “I love the diversity of people. I love the art, the theater and music,” she says. Is there something you dislike about it? “I don’t like the red lights,” Kutno says. If you could reincarnate, who would you be? “Since I can’t sing, can’t a hold a tune to save my life, in my next life I’d like to be Tina Turner or Joan Baez,” says the artist. ❑

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Sue Kutno runs three art-glass businesses.

(941) 383-5544 26 Avenue of the Flowers Longboat Key, Florida 34228

Lusya Sullivan


Interactive Website:


Fabulous penthouse with incredible views! 5,000 square feet beautifully designer furnished. $6,900,000.


Spectacular Gulf views, direct beachfront, 3,415 square feet, three bedroom, three bath superb living with wonderful amenities. This condominium is absolutely beautiful! $2,875,000.


Please let me help you! ISLANDSIDE INN ON THE BEACH

This magnificent property offers Mediterranean elegance with European ambiance and panoramic views of the Gulf. Master craftsmanship & quality abound. Three bedrooms, two and a half baths. $2,875,000.


World class beach resort at your doorstep, largest 2 bedroom in the rental program. 2001 rental revenue was $97,700+. Rarely available and reduced to $738,000


Remodeled three bedroom in neutral tones and in move-in condition. Caged, heated pool & spa, fireplace, membership in Longboat Key Club included. $659,000. Bamboo custom designed canal front four bedroom, three bath home has marble floors, granite countertops, custom built-ins, heated pool and spa and boat dock with 10,000 lb lift. $1,199,000.


Fourth house from open bay view on wide canal. Has great potential, or ready for D I NtoGbuild your E Nsite T C A R dream home.O Deep water dock. Two bedrooms, T N two baths, as is with right to inspect. $575,000.




Islandside Private living within LBK Club. Open views to beach & city skyline. Southern exposure views, tastefully appointed. Over 3,500 sq. ft.,3BR/3.5BA. 2-car garage. Turnkey furnished at $3,500,000


With direct Gulf views, beach and bay rights, and community dock. $499,000.


Gulf front first floor walkout to pool. Updated unit is turnkey furn. Two heated pools, clubhouse, tennis courts & more. $575,000.


Great location close to hospital and schools, fenced lot, three bedrooms, three baths, updated kitchen, separate guest quarters. $259,000.


Fabulous 3BR home with outstanding rooms for entertaining, soaring ceilings, lavish master suite and fabulous pool area in a very private setting. Dock and boat included. A very good value. @ $1,229,000

Success Leaves Clues! Featured Property of the Week! Beach Front Cottage Fantastic opportunity to own a piece of paradise! Completely remodeled beach house in Bradenton Beach with magnificent gulf views. Close to Bridge Street, prime location. Only $439,000

Other Choice Properties Available: Mainland/Downtown Ritz Carlton Tower Residence 3/3, 11th floor. $1,690,000

Longboat Key—Bay Front! 5372 Sandhamn Pl., gated 5 BR 4,900 sf showcase w/dock. $2,295,000

LIDO BEACH INVESTMENT Completely Renovated! Four 2BR/2BA units. Steps to the beach, walking distance to St. Armands. Could be rented weekly during season or yearly with tenants in place. Coin-op washer/dryer for tenants. Call for further details. $879,000


Lido Beach Club—1212 Ben Franklin Drive Unit 909—Largest unit available! 2/2, over 2,000 sf! ....$595,000 Unit 408—Great views & fantastic value for only .........$519,000 Unit 302—Direct Gulf Front Value. 2/2 turn-key ...........$585,000

Fabulous views of Sarasota Bay, Longboat Key, marina, & Gulf. Twenty-four hour Concierge, valet parking. Walk to the library, theaters, and restaurants. $539,000.


Tasteful two bedroom, one bath updated home with water views. Walk to St. Armands. Boat dock. $199,500.


Potential for 15/20 condos with retail shops & parking, Anna Maria Island. Directly across front gulf - a prime location. $6,000,000.


Mobile home with one bedroom, two baths great location, 55 plus community with beach and bay access, boat dock. Investment potential! $72,500

Key Tower South—1750 Ben Franklin Drive

To Buy, Sell or Rent Your Property... Nobody does it better than

Unit 5C—Fantastic Direct Gulf Front, turn-key furnished. $585,000

Anna Maria Island/Holmes Beach 3404 Gulf Dr.—2/2—Great Investment Oppty @ only $349,000


Bridget Spiess

8612 15 Ave NW/Laurel Oaks—gorgeous 3/3 pool home $349,000 If you are looking to buy or sell property on the barrier islands, please contact us for a free, no-obligation interview.

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Endearing different 3BR/2BA split plan. Enticing custom built home accented by catedral ceilings. Relaxing pool. Lake views, family room. Screened pool, Turnkey furnished. @ $415,000 330 John Ringling Blvd. Sarasota, FL 376-6411 ~Direct Line 388-4433 - office 924-9000 ~ showing inquiries






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ommunity C


“GRAND BAY” Beautiful, lowest priced “Cayman” model at Grand Bay. Largest balconies of any Cayman truly make this an “entertainer’s dream!” No need to remodel - just move in. All kinds of upgrades too numerous to mention. Show & sell...$929,000

Mobile: 941-780-1559 Office: 941-383-7591 1303

Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker 440 Gulf of Mexico Drive • Longboat Key

Laura D. Hansen, GRI 35 Year Resident of Longboat Key

941-383-8273 or

OYSTER BAY LAKEFRONT- 1/2 acre of privacy.

Old world style 4BR/4.5BA, large pool, family room and office. Formal living and dining rooms. Storage galore. The essence of quality throughout. $1,650,000 ST. ARMANDS, WASHINGTON DR. - 2 lots plus large architect designed home near beach, fine restaurants and shops. Call for survey. $1,100,000

VENICE ISLAND PARKFRONT DOWNTOWN - Custom 3BR townhouse condo with garage. Only 4 years old. Many special features.


Michael Saunders & Company


Licensed Real Estate Broker

440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, 941-383-7591

If your organization would like to have meetings or events publicized, mail or fax the information at least one week in advance to The Longboat Observer, Box 8100, Longboat Key 34228; fax: 3837193. All announcements must be typed, include hour and date of meeting, complete address of meeting place and a telephone reference number. To ensure accuracy, no telephone calls. Deadline is the previous Tuesday, 5 p.m.

on the Key “They Make A Difference” — the fourth annual Longboat Key Center for the Arts awards dinner, honoring Ralph and Claire Hunter, Jim Patterson and D.M. Williams, will be held at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 6, at Harbourside Dining Room, Longboat Key Club. Tickets are $125. Details, 383-2345. First Book Benefit — life-size storybook characters will stroll about St. Armands Circle and seven children’s authors will attend the storytelling event held from 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 1, at Circle Books, 478 John Ringling Blvd., St. Armands Circle. First Book is a national nonprofit group that gives children from low-income families the opportunity to read and own new books. Lisa, 365-2922.

“Paws for a Cause” dog walk-a-thon will be held Feb. 2 at Five Points Park. 955-4131.

Longboat Island Chapel Men’s Club — will meet at 8 a.m. Monday, Feb. 3, at the Chapel. All men welcome. Advance reservations required. Chapel, 383-6491. Kiwanis Club of Longboat Key — meets for breakfast meetings at 7:30 a.m. Thursdays at the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort. Details, 383-5050. “Life in the Treetops” — Mount


Holyoke and Wellesley College clubs will meet for a joint luncheon at noon Wednesday, Feb. 12, at Bird Key Yacht Club, 301 Bird Key Drive. Dr. Meg Lowman, executive director of Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, will speak. RSVP by Feb. 5, 383-4066. Rotary Club of Longboat Key — meets for lunch at 12:15 p.m. Fridays at Hilton Longboat Key Beachfront Resort. Cost is $12. Bezner, 387-0706. The Education Center — located at 5370 Gulf of Mexico Drive, offers a variety of classes. WomanTalk course for women will be offered from 3 to 4:30 p.m. Mondays, starting Feb. 3; $85 and $95. Schedule brochures are available for pick up. Cost varies. Details, 383-8811. Mote Marine Laboratory — located at 1600 Ken Thompson on City Island, is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Admission is $12 for adults, $8 for children ages 4 to 12 and free for members. Ellen Prager, Ph.D., will make a presentation titled “Cool Creatures of the Sea” at 7 p.m. Monday, Feb. 3. Lecture is free to members and one guest and $5 for nonmembers but children younger than 4 are admitted free. Details, 3884441. Wild Bird Rescue Training Class — will be held at 10:30 a.m. Saturday,

Marina View on Golden Gate Point

Since 1939

WELCOMES CATHY MELDAHL, REALTOR, GRI Wagner Realty at the Centre Shops welcomes Cathy as Branch Manager of the Longboat Key office. Cathy brings 25 years of real estate experience on Longboat Key to Wagner’s. Give Cathy a call for your real estate needs.

660 GOLDEN GATE POINT The entire fifth floor is yours, featuring 2,682 sq. ft. under A/C. A private entryway leads to this remarkable 4-bedroom condominium, totally remodeled to the highest standards, with magnificent bay views. Very chic, very New York, very “you”. Offered at $975,000


Winter Rentals Reduced!

at The Centre Shops

CANAL FRONT HOME Unique prop offers many opts. 2732sf. 2 levels. Lrg 100x100 lot on Sleepy Lagoon's orig canal. Dock. Remodel or build. "As Is" w/rt to inspect. John McCormick. Direct 761-9034 #231992................................................$595,000

Longboat Harbour Towers 2/2 Pelican Harbor 2/2 Windward Bay 2/2 6311 GMD 3/2 Covert II 1/1

$3800 per mo. $2200 per mo. $2800 per mo. $3200 per mo. $3100 per mo.

Contact Barbara Fulmer, Property Manager

HOLMES BEACH CONDO Fabulous Gulf views from this fully remodeled 2BR/2BA furnished condo in quiet area of Holmes Beach. Excellent 2nd home or investment. Dave Moynihan. 778-2246. #88718...................................$397,500

Wagner Realty 5360 Gulf of Mexico Drive - Longboat Key FL 34228

800-352-0367 or 941-383-6127

LONGBOAT HARBOUR Nice waterview, 2BR/2BA with glass enclosed balcony. Tastefully turnkey furnished, boat docks, beach access, exercise. Dorothy Cook. 383-5577. #231624.........................$339,900

Mariners Cove Perico Bay

2/2 3/2

$3200 per mo. $2800 per mo.

Contact Valorie or Talia

Wagner Realty


2217 Gulf Drive North - Bradenton Beach FL 34217 1303


Email: Website: 5360 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key (941) 383-5577 • Toll Free (800) 352-0367 M LS

1801 Main Street, Sarasota, FL 34236 • 941.951.6660 •




MICHAEL SAUNDERS & COMPANY, Licensed Real Estate Broker 1303

7112 1303


(941) 383-5577 • Toll Free (800) 352-0367 5360 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key Email:

800-211-2323 or 941-778-2246



Feb. 1, at Pelican Man’s Bird Sanctuary, City Island. Free. RSVP, 388-4444. The Selby Public Library Bookmobile — will be at the Longboat Library, located at 555 Bay Isles Road, from 1:15 to 2 p.m. every Monday.

public events Greek Glendi Festival — will be held at 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, Feb. 6 to 8, and from noon to 8 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 9, at St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church, 7671 N. Lockwood Ridge Road, Sarasota. Admission is $2. Details, 355-2616. “Winter Wonderland” Antique Show & Sale — will be held from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday, Jan. 31, and from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 1, at St. Bernard’s Church, 248 S. Harbor Drive, Holmes Beach. Tickets are $10 with readmission. Details, 778-4769. “Stories and Songs from Jewish Tradition” — featuring Mark Novak and Renee Brachfeld, will be held at Temple Beth Sholom, 1050 S. Tuttle Ave., Sarasota. Novak will lead services, stories and songs at 7:45 p.m. Friday evening service Jan. 31. Novak and Brachfeld also will be there for the Saturday Shabbat service from 9:45 to 10:15 a.m. Feb. 1. “This Ain’t Your Bubbe’s Yiddish Theater” concert will be held at 8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 1; $5, $7. Details, 9558121. “Paws For A Cause” — dog walk-a-thon and Valentine’s Day costume contest will be held Sunday, Feb. 2, at Five Points Park in downtown Sarasota. It will begin at 3 p.m. on Main Street. There is a fee of $15 donation will all proceeds benefiting Humane Society of Sarasota County Inc. Details, 955-4131, Ext. 314. Cardinal Mooney High School Open House — will be held from noon to 2 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 2, on its campus, 4171 Fruitville Road, Sarasota. Details, 371-4917. Gem, Jewelry & Bead Sale — will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday through Sunday, Jan. 31 to Feb. 2, at Bradenton Municipal Auditorium, 10th Street West, downtown Bradenton. Free admission. Details, 708-6220. Wines On The River — will be hosted by Women’s Resource Center of Manatee Inc. from 4 to 7 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 1, at a private home. Tickets are $75, of which $50 is tax deductible. Details, 747-6797. Stamp Show & Sale — will be held from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Jan. 31 and Feb. 1, and from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 2, at Sarasota Municipal Auditorium. Free admission. Details, 954-4165.

JOY JAMES Sharing the Finest Treasures of Longboat Key and Sarasota with You HARBOR ACRES LOT

clubs American Needlepoint Guild — Sunstitchers Chapter will meet at 9 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 6, at Trinity United Methodist Church, 4150 Shade Ave., Sarasota. Jean Saltzman, 497-7771. Republican Women’s Club of Sarasota — will meet at 11:45 a.m. Friday, Feb. 7, at Michael’s On East. RSVP by Feb. 4 with Joy, 378-8782, or with Mary, 371-8266. Christian Women’s Club No. I — will meet at 11:30 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 6, at Summerhouse, 6101 Midnight Pass, Siesta Key. Luncheon cost is $15. RSVP by Feb. 1 and cancel by Feb. 3 with Lois, 365-1294. Manatee River Christian Women’s Club — Brunch will be held at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 5, at El Conquistador Country Club, 4350 El Conquistador Parkway, Bradenton. RSVP by Jan. 31 with Vera, 746-5549, or with Marjorie, 798-9551. Details, 798-9551. Gulf Coast Writers — will meet at 10:15 a.m. Monday, Feb. 3, at the Island Branch Library, 5701 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Details, 761-9036. Sun Coast Yacht Club — will meet at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 6, at the Bayshore Gardens Clubhouse, south end of 26th Street West, Bradenton. Richard Burns, 924-3862. Under-50 Women’s Mah Jongg Group — meets from 1 to 4 p.m. Tuesdays at the Flanzer Jewish Community Center, 582 S. McIntosh Road, Sarasota. Bring your own Mah Jongg set and cards. Cost is $2. Audra, 378-5569, Ext. 219. Embroiderers’ Guild of America Inc. — Sarasota Chapter will meet at 7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 6, at Waldemere Fire Station, 2070 Waldemere St., Sarasota. Lynn, 492-5758. Alumnae of Walton High School, Bronx, New York — 16th annual reunion will beheld at 11:30 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 6, at Michael’s On East. Cost is $20, payable to Janet Steele by Feb. 3. Barbara Schur, 377-8031; Corinne Buchalter, 349-9676; Steele, 927-6331. Fur Fun Club — for ages 6 to 9, will meet from 4 to 5:30 p.m. Thursdays, Feb. 6 through March 6, in the Education Center

lectures Sill Lectures — are held at 10:30 a.m. “Music Appreciation,” Mondays through Feb. 24, Symphony Hall. “Contemporary Public Issues,” Tuesdays through March 25, Players Theatre of Sarasota. “Arts and Humanities,” Wednesdays through March 26, also at the theater. “Scandinavia — Berwald, Grieg, Nielson, Koetser, van Koch,” Monday, Feb. 3, Holley Hall. “Homeland Security: How Far Have We Come, How Far Do We Need to Go,” Tuesday, Feb. 4, also at the theater. “Eyes on the Prize: Politics and the Vagaries of Literary Taste,” Wednesday, Feb. 5, also at the theater. “The New Europe and the Old America,” Thursday, Feb. 6, also at the theater. Information, 365-6404. ❑

Experience…The Difference Certified Previews ® Property Specialist A REAL SPARKLER! This Bird Key home will delight you! Renovated, bright and open! 3BR plus den and 3BA – over 2700 sq. ft.! Two master suites – one with European tub and separate shower. Large pool overlooks spacious, private yard. Hurry! Won’t last! $569,000 MLS#231788 PENTHOUSE LOCATION! Terrific 2BR/2BA at Seaplace offers Gulf and Bay views! Completely furnished with covered parking. Shows beautifully. Wonderful Seaplace amenities include 2 pools and Har-Tru tennis. South Longboat location. $449,000 MLS#231792 THIS IS MAGIC! Owners have lovingly restored this 2BR/2BA Longboat Harbour condo - kitchen, baths, carpet, tile & furnishings are almost new! Covered parking, great beach cabana, 4 pools, tennis, boat docks, friendly association! Move-in condition! $339,000 MLS#231819 TENNIS ANYONE? Tennis and a beautiful beach are at your doorstep when you live at Seaplace. This 2BR/2BA condo is beautifully renovated. Almost-new tile and carpet. Terrific garden building location with 24 hour security. Two pools, spas, active association. $329,000 MLS#231782 SERENE VIEWS! Fabulous views of reflecting pond & a peek of the Gulf! Largest 2BR/2BA at Beachplace has a wonderful “beach cottage” feeling. Covered parking & completely furnished. Wonderful beachfront condo community offers exercise rooms, fabulous pools & great beach! $529,000 MLS#226215 FAIRWAY BAY TOWNHOUSE! Light, bright and renovated! This two-level home has many upgrades: tile, carpet, marble fireplace, plus large 2-car garage! Completely furnished! Kitchen has breakfast room. Great amenities including access to the beach thru private beach club. $379,900 MLS#228867 LIVE LIKE A KING! Gorgeous Bay views from this beautiful 1BR condo at the elegant Renaissance. Lots of upgrades! Fabulous amenities. Covered parking. Just waiting for a new owner! $244,900 MLS#228693 FABULOUS OPPORTUNITY! Newly refurnished 1BR/1BA Longboat Harbour unit w/canal views! Amenities include deeded beach access, pools, tennis & fitness center in clubhouse. This wonderful “retreat” is just waiting for a new owner! $199,000 MLS#227658


3BR/2.5BA Rembrandt, totally remodeled. All new kitchen with ceramic, granite and upgraded appliances. All baths remodeled, including totally new dream master bath. New quality carpeting, new air conditioning. Tiled balconies, hallway storage room. MANY other extras. Looks better than new with panoramic west and south views over the bay. 2 pools, 2 tennis courts, exercise room, sauna, boat docks. Walk to everything downtown location.

ABSOLUTELY MOVE-IN CONDITION $699,000 Call 365-2779 to see it!



New Utrecht High School Alumni Association — Florida Coast Branch will hold its annual luncheon at noon Sunday, Feb. 2, at Michael’s On East. Price is $18. Muriel Hendricks, 966-5475.


Fabulous lot in Harbor Acres close to Hospital, shopping. Prime location. Beautiful setting. $589,000. For all the treasures Florida has to offer, let Joy James lead the way.

of the Humane Society of Sarasota County, 2331 15th St., Sarasota. Fees are $25. Details, 955-4131, Ext. 306.

BROKER ASSOCIATE • 941.587.2788 1303 •

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HOMES Longboat Key. 3BR Bayfront. from $5600 Longboat Key. Beachfront w/pool. from $13,000 Country Club Shores. 3BR/2BA w/pool. from $5250 CONDOS - 2 BEDROOM Spanish Main. Water View. from $2800 Seaplace. Gulfside. from $2800 Whitney Beachfront. from $4500 Buttonwood Cove. Bayview. from $3900 Seaside Garden Retreat. from $4100 Sunset Beach. Gulfview. from $4200

Bob & Taube

L ev i t t

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PROMENADE...Sold To Date

CONDOS - 3 BEDROOM Islands West. Penthouse. Beachfront. $8000/mo. Seaplace. Gulfview. from $4350 Cedars Tennis Resort. from $4650 Seascape. Gulfview. from $4700

#207, 302, 402, 503, 707, & 811

3720 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Longboat Key, FL 34228 VACATION Local: 941-387-9709 • Fax: 941-383-3798 CONNECTION LONGBOAT KEY • LIDO KEY HOMES • CONDOMINIUMS • RESORTS

email: 1303


423 St. Armands Circle • 349-6778 w w w. S a r a s o t a Re a l E s t a t e F i n d . c o m




NEW TO MARKET...Fairway Bay - #341 - Panoramic bay views from this rarely avail. glass enclosed lanai. Corner unit, 2BR/2BA with breakfast nook.$549,000. LONGBOAT HARBOUR TOWERS...#303. Direct gulf ING front condominium, turnkey furnished. A fabulous END P E SAL getaway. $299,900. HRSRD...Located on 4 JUST LISTED… 636 DREAM I SLAND 2 N sailboat water . SOLD I $550,000. G This luxurious N I TANGERINE BAY CLUB...Building 370. D PEN condo feels like a Shome. $700,000. ALE

423 St. Armands Circle • Sarasota, FL 34236 Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, Inc. Each Office Independently Owned and Operated by NRT, Inc.



Good works

She dances from ballet to ... ballet “I danced ’til I was 13 and I knew I wasn’t gonna be great, so that was that,” says Alicia LeVine. So she went on to do other things with her life. In 1974 she opened her own business, a swim supplies mail order catalogue titled “World Wide Aquatics.” “My children were competitive swimmers,” LeVine explains. It was a successful venture and now she lives on Longboat Key. “I started from nothing and did it,” she says. After running her business for 19 years, she gave the business to her son, retired and became a birder among other things. Her love of birds took her to being a president of the Sarasota Audubon Society and now she occasionally gives slide lectures on birding. “Just to tell people what birds are in their neighborhoods,” she elaborates. She also got involved with Sarasota Ballet of


Florida. Later on she became a member of its Ballet Association, of which she currently is the president-elect and fund-raising chairman. She worked with Georgia Reitz in bringing groups to the ballet and only this past fall, she cochaired “Dinner with King Neptune.” “It was the first of its kind,” she said. Now she is in the process of organizing a trip to the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum to view the Tiffany Windows Exhibit on Feb. 18 in Winter Park. The cost, which includes the bus tour and lunch, is $49. All the revenue will go to support the ballet. “One of the things we’re very proud of is the new relationship with the dancers,” she says. The association refurnished the dancers’ lounge room, the Green Room. “And we do dinners for the dancers between matinee and evening performances. Actually, we’re really on call for whatever the dancers need. It flows better when there are people there to help,” she says. “Plus, we also support Dance — The Next Generation (DNG).” DNG is a program for atrisk children without fathers, mothers, food, home, etc. She explained that just because these children are involved with DNG doesn’t

Michael Moulton

• Sarasota Ballet of Florida: 359-0099 • Sarasota Bradenton International Airport: 359-5200, Ext. 4200. • Sarasota Convention & Visitors Bureau: 955-0991, Ext. 3. • Sarasota County Health Department: 861-2880. • Sarasota in Defense of Animals: 9242505. • Sarasota-Manatee Jewish Federation 2003 annual Campaign: 371-4546. • Sarasota Memorial Health Care System: 917-6277. • School Health Program: 748-0747, Ext. 1242. • Selby Public Library: 365-5228.

Boards Four new trustees joined Sarasota Memorial Healthcare Foundation Inc. They are Harvey J. Abel, Esq., Robert E. Kiebitz, Glenn F. Kiplinger, Ph.D., M.D., J.D., and John E. Sandefur.

Givers • On Dec. 9, Saks Fifth Avenue presented H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute Foundation with a $11,206 check from the fourth annual Fashion Targets Breast


VILLA DI LANCIA - Longboat direct gulf front three bedroom condominium beautifully decorated with many built-ins and beautiful finishes throughout. Large terrace with the desirable southwest exposure. Offered at $1,850,000.

with Annette Rogers

Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute In most real estate transactions there are a few responsibilities that Annette the sellers have to handle before the closing, such as repairs or possibly termite extermination. There are deadlines for completing these obligations. Many sellers barely make that deadline. Those who wait until the last minute to handle these matters may miss the deadline altogether or pay high rates in order to get a plumber, roofer or electrician on an emergency basis. Your buyer will probably have a structural

BAY PLAZA - Fully remodeled 10th story two bedroom condominium overlooking bay and gulf. Steps to downtown. Offered at $469,000. SALE PENDING ROYAL ST. ANDREW - Large three bedroom corner condominium located in a well-maintained downtown Sarasota Building. Offered at $395,000.

Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker

440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228 1303


Jerry Thompson

Sandi Stewart, executive director of Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida Inc., was awarded the “Certification of Girl Scout Executive Director” from Girl Scouts of the USA at the 49th Girl Scout National Session held in Long Beach, Calif., in October. Also, Emily Chalker Lane was hired as fund development manager for Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida Inc. She works directly with the director of fund development and marketing and oversees the annual Fund and Family Support Plan campaigns. She also will coordinate the annual Girl Scout golf tournament and assist with other fund-raising activities.

Volunteer opportunities:

Brings People and Properties Together

(941) 383-7591 • Cellular: (941) 928-3559 •

Nonprofit news

necessarily mean that they will go on to become dancers. “What we’re trying to do is make them better citizens. If they’re in trouble they know where to come for help. It’s a great program.” In addition to her involvement with the ballet, LeVine also is the memberships chair of Temple Beth Israel and vice president of Beth Israel Women. “I’ve always volunteered someplace even though I worked full time.”

inspection shortly thereafter. Even though sellers usually know well in advance what is needed, they sometimes put things off until the buyers have finalized the loan approval process. Since these repairs will have to be made anyway, it is a good idea to get them done promptly. For professional advice on all aspects of buying or selling real estate, please call:

Annette Rogers 941-387-0800 or 800-209-0330 •

Michael Saunders & Company, Licensed Real Estate Broker, 440 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Longboat Key, FL



Direct panoramic gulfviews from every room! Best 3BR 3BA buy behind the gates of LBK Club. Pristine and TKF. A must see for beach front living. Virtual Tour $1,269,000.

LONGBOAT BAY FRONT Spacious Grand Bay 2BR+den residence, beautifully appointed with terrace overlooking Bay. Tennis, fitness center, clubhouse, private beach, spa, 2 pools, pet friendly. Virtual Tour $999,000.

Stan Haidl





KEY WEST STYLE WITH BOAT DOCK - 3BR/3BA mainland home near downtown & Memorial Hospital. Includes a complete in-law apartment, wood floors, fireplace, gourmet kitchen, pool and privacy. Community has docks. #226288 $690,000

We Focus On You

PRESTANCIA TOWNHOME - Light, bright and cheerful 2BR/3BA with high ceilings, lake and golf course views. Priced to sell quickly. #230702 $350,000 MAINTENANCE FREE - Six-year-old 3BR/2BA home, tiled throughout, fenced yard, pond and preserve views. It won’t last long. #232192 $179,900 MAINTENANCE FREE HOME WITH 2 MASTER SUITES - 3 or 4 bedroom custom designed and built with cathedral ceilings, tile floors, gourmet kitchen, private pool area. Situated on a cul-de-sac lot with great privacy. #229470 $279,900

SARASOTA HARBOUR EAST Best 2BR/2BA in town bayfront community. Walk to St. Armands, beach, restaurants. Clubhouse, pool, fishing pier, 30 foot boat dock. Virtual Tour $239,900.

941.552.3966 • 866.799.9400 OFFICE




941.383.7591 Prudential Palms Realty • Fine Homes International 595 Bay Isles Rd. • Ste. 115 • Longboat Key, FL 34228



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Convenient 2BR/2BA 1st floor! Walk to heated olympic pool & spa, beach, tennis and fitness center. Meticulously maintained and in perfect move-in condition, very attractively turnkey furnished. Excellent Beachplace value. Virtural tour $539,900. Luxurious suites with full kitchen and private balcony. Pamper yourself and your guests! 5 restaurants, 45 holes of championship golf, 38 Har-Tru tennis courts, fitness center, Kids Klub, pool, Jacuzzi and miles of white “powder sugar” beach! Unique “B” floor plan, top floor with sweeping views. Rents as two separate units. Good rental history. Over $108K gross income in 2001. Virtual tour $850,000 The perfect Florida getaway! Beachfront Club suite with gorgeous gulf views. Gross rental income for 2001 $63,250. Virtual tour. $349,000 Beachfront club suite at Inn on the Beach. Virtual Tour $335,000 Lagoon Club suite, ideal tranquil setting with all the resort amenities. Strong rental income. Virtual Tour $239,000

Jerry Thompson, GRI, CRS

Peter Salefsky

Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker 440 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Longboat Key, FL 34228



Manasota Key! A barrier island located 25 miles south of Sarasota. Beautiful private beaches, tons of shells and sharks teeth. It Tampa is becoming the preferred area for those seeking a more secluded lifestyle. Manasota Key is a single family residential Englewood community protected by a conservation act. Manasota Key

Offering both Gulf and bay front properties, Nelda Thompson & Associates deals exclusively in Manasota Key properties and is the undisputed expert on island properties. Call today for your private tour of paradise.


Nelda Thompson & Associates 1303 • 180 N. Indiana Ave., Suite 5B Englewood, FL 34223 Office: (941) 475-6027 After Hours: (941) 474-4152 Fax:(941) 475-8203

Lusya Sullivan

Longboater Alicia LeVine is organizing a trip to the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum to view the Tiffany Windows Exhibit Feb. 18 in Winter Park. She can be contacted at 383-4269. Cancer/Saks Fifth Avenue Shopping Weekend held in September. The check was issued by the Council of Fashion Designers of American. • The Glenridge on Palmer Ranch donated approximately $4,000 worth of food to the All Faiths Food Bank last November when weather postponed the community’s appreciation luncheon.

Grants Safe Alternative to Out-of-School Program, Jewish Family & Children’s

Requests Donate your old cars, boats, RVs, etc., to the Goodwill-Manasota and you’ll get a receipt for tax purposes. The resale of these items helps fund many services which the organization offers to the community, which include housing, adult literacy, ESOL and GED classes, as well as computer training. Free pickup will be provided. Call 355-2721 for details. ❑

Let Saint & Gail Open the Door... to Your Place in Paradise ★ BEACHFRONT PARADISE 150’ of beach, gated estate with over 5500 sq ft private tennis courts, beachfront heated pool, exquisite, lush tropical landscaping. $5,990,000 A UNIQUE & GRACIOUS ESTATE 100ft of beach, over 3300 sq ft in main house and separate guest cottage, heated pool, sold furnished. • VIRTUAL TOUR • $4,499,000 L’AMBIANCE Direct beachfront, 3BR, elegant furnishings, wraparound balcony, 2 parking spaces, excellent amenities and all behind the gates of the Longboat Key Club. • VIRTUAL TOUR • $3,150,000 PRIVATE BEACH HOUSE 100ft of beach, 2 story residence, expansive views, privacy abound, heated beach front pool, excellent rental potential, furnished. • VIRTUAL TOUR • $2,400,000


Service, received a $10,000 grant from the Suncoast Workforce Development Board to pilot a summer mentoring program for youth.

“Saint” Cacchiotti & Gail Wittig Twice the effort... Twice the results

HIDEAWAY BAY Ideal parcel to build estate sized home located in private enclave on North Longboat Key, private boat dock on deep water, bay views, community tennis courts $1,200,000 BEACHES Direct beach front, over 2,100 sq ft panoramic beach views from every room, on-site amenities & concierge, all behind the gates of the LBK Club. • VIRTUAL TOUR • $925,000 PRESTANCIA Spacious 4BR, den/office and family room, lake and golf course views, caged pool & spa, 3 car garage and all within the TCP golf course. • VIRTUAL TOUR • $739,900 ★ HARBOUR CIRCLE Lovely end unit, 2BR plus den, private pool and oversized courtyard, wood burning fireplace, skylights, atriums, 2 car garage. $479,000

Gorgeous Gulf & Bay views from the area’s finest condominiums & homes. From Gulf front units with private beaches to downtown units & homes with city night lights! •Wide Open Bay Front Views! - A 1.5 acre estate with 8,767 SF, 7BR/7.5BA, double oak staircase, elevator, stone floors, stepped ceilings, built-ins, 2 fireplaces, wet bar with U-Line, gourmet kitchen with granite. Asko & Sub-Zero, 2 master suites, pool & 25 car garage.................................................................$4,900,000. •A Gated Estate With 165 Feet On The Bay! - Deep water dock, brand new landscaping, open-air pool, updated kitchen with granite, marble and wood floors, builtins, mahogany wet bar, fresh faux paint, 3 fireplaces, 2 family rooms plus a game room and an executive office......................................................................$3,950,000. •3.5 Acres With Bay Views! Own a piece of Sarasota’s history. Restored 4BR/3.5BA, 3,400 SF, wood floors, fireplace, new plumbing, windows and zoned A/C. Brand new kitchen with Corian and new floors, separate guest suite, pool and 3 car garage in town..............................................................$1,900,000. •Wide Open Deep Sailboat Water! Oversized lot, 4BR/3BA. 4,613 SF with fabulous upgrades. Miles of tile, crown moldings, vaulted ceilings, solid oak cabinets, new A/C, formal and informal dining, family room with home theater, granite and wood floors in the kitchen, sitting area with views of the poolside fountains. 60 foot deck, dock, paver drive and 2+ car garage......................$1,599,000. •Unparalleled Quality! 4BR/4BA, 3,510 SF with brand new tile and carpet, fresh paint, crown moldings, French doors, marble fireplace, granite, wood cabinetry, 2 car garage and pool in a sought after location. Furniture and financing available! Ask for Sasha!................................................................................$989,000. •Turnkey Furnished On Longboat Key! Maintenance free lake views with 2,867 SF, 3BR/2.5BA, new carpet and paint, dramatic ceilings, clerestory windows, kitchen with breakfast nook, Corian, wood cabinets, master bedroom with aquarium glass overlooking pool views and 2 car garage!..............................$899,000. •Downtown Bay Front Penthouse! Next to Ritz with a 32 foot living area, hidden wet bar, crown moldings, 2 tiled convertible balconies with sweeping bay views plus a third balcony with city views and 2 covered parking spaces.........$799,000. •Bay Front Community! Private 1BR/1BA on the creek with vaulted ceilings, fresh paint, track lighting, glassed lanai, kitchen with wood cabinets, raised ceiling and bonus deck in gated community with amenities including boat docks, pools, tennis courts, nature trails and more!...........................................$134,500. •Downtown Bay Front Rental! Tremendous bay views-fresh paint, new tile floors, new A/C, new windows treatments, new smooth-surface range and microwave in kitchen, master suite with Roman tub! Near by most of Sarasota’s diverse cultural activities!...............................................................$2,600/month.

LIDO AMBASSADOR Split plan, 2BR, screened lanai, breakfast area, partial Gulf views, secure building, nearby St. Armands shops and restaurants. $369,900 ★ NEW LISTING 1303

(941) 387-0533 • (800) 581-3444

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WATERFRONT CONDO Beautiful 3BR waterfront condominium in Sarasota. Spectacular views from this 5th floor 2,315 sq. ft. floor plan at 988 Blvd of the Arts. Beautiful open space with full bay view, pool, tennis, close to downtown and the new Ritz Carlton. $599,900 Virtual Tour at:



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ON LONGBOAT KEY Waterfront • Tropical Landscaping • Large Open Rooms W/Vaulted Ceilings • Wraparound Deck • Large Caged Pool & Spa • Great For Entertaining & Family Activities • Deep Water For Large Boat $1,280,000


hen you choose Chase you are guaranteed by a variety of products offered by one of the nation’s top mortgage lenders. Plus, the knowledge of loan officers like Ron Hayes who are familiar with, and dedicated to, your local community. So, whatever your mortgage needs –– fixedrate, adjustable-rate, jumbo, government, call Ron locally for a free consultation at

GULF FRONT COMPLEX ON LONGBOAT- 2BR/2BA, renovated, new furnishings. Income/investment or personal use. All the amenities! $425,000

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Best Value In Luxury Bay Isles Market - Over 5100 sq. ft. of dynamic interior space. 4BR’s, office, loft exercise room, wine cellar, soaring ceilings, 50 ft. dock, spa on marble deck overlooking open pool. Now $2,495,000 Penthouse At En Provence - Own the entire top floor of this spectacular gulf front building. 6000 sq. ft., 1890 sq. ft. of open terrace, 3-car air conditioned garage. Venetian plaster walls, floors of inlaid laser cut gold stone & walnut. Undoubtedly the best of Longboat Key. $6,900,000 Gracious Harbor Acres Waterfront Estate - One of the prettiest homes in all of Sarasota. On 3/4 acres of gated perfectly manicured grounds. Kitchen in Florida Design Magazine. On protected deep water. A Sotheby’s Selection. $4,200,000 New In Bay Isles Harbor - 4BR suites, a chef’s stainless kitchen, great room opens to an infinity edge pool, 4 garages with motor court, private dock. Bay views on deep sailboat water. A Sotheby’s Selection. $2,995,000 New Listing - Downtown Bayfront - Sweeping panoramas of the Bay, City, LBK skyline & unforgettable sunsets. Beautifully remodeled corner 2BR in Bays Bluff. Enjoy million $ views with the Ritz as your neighbor. Offered Furnished At $435,000 West Of Trail Restoration - Circa 1918 Old Florida on a large corner lot. 3000 sq. ft. a/c, new pool, 2-car garage. Most sought after neighborhood in Sarasota. Designer perfect down to the last detail. Nothing overlooked. $795,000 Live In Architecture As Art - In the world famous Umbrella House by architect Paul Rudolph. Featured in Sotheby’s Preview Magazine. $1,100,000 Beauty On The Bay - Gorgeous bay views. Designer furnished 3 BR in the Key Club. Wide wrap terrace with your stairway to the water’s edge. Beach club. $689,000 Bay Isles Harbor Homesite - 130 feet on deep sailboat water. One of the few vacant parcels on LBK. $1,395,000

On almost 15 beautiful wooded acres, this 4,500 square foot beauty features 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, granite counters, wood & tile floors a studio apartment over the 3-car garage, a 6-stall barn and a creek with footbridge, near Myakka State Park Offered at $586,000 Jean Brewer 954-5454

Waterfront Property

Gorgeous, like-new four bedroom canal front home. No bridges to bay. Large boat dock, great landscaping, deck area and caged pool. New roof and air conditioning, updated kitchen with Corian countertop and bath, window treatment and remarcited pool. Must see! Offered at $889,000 Nick Herron 350-5035 or 954-5454 Sarasota • Venice • Lakewood Ranch •

Michael Saunders & Company


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61 S. Blvd. of Presidents, Sarasota, FL 34236 (941) 388-4447 • Residence, 383-3209





At the net

Let’s play Australian Now that the Australian Open is behind us, my guess is that you know little or no more than before about playing “Australian.” The short answer to, “What is Australian?” is simply that it is a formation used in doubles by the serving team. A common scenario when playing doubles goes something like this: You’ve served three games and you keep losing all the points on the deuce side. It seems your serve is not strong enough to keep the receiver from stepping around his backhand to hit a forehand cross court. It’s either a clean winner or it pulls you so far out of the court, your next shot is easily put away by his partner. It happens every time and it shouldn’t take you long to figure out that you have to do something different, but what? Here’s another common scenario: You’re serving to the ad court and coming in behind your serve. Sounds good, but invariably the receiver lobs it over your partner at the net. That leaves you scurrying back to cover the lob and you’re on the defense right away. Not good. How do you turn these situations around? Or how do you deal with all of the many other similar variations? It makes no difference if the returns of serve are difficult or are just repetitive in nature. The same solution works for all of the above. You simply take that easy shot away from your opponent. And, in order to do that, you “play Australian.” Great! So how do you “play Australian?” As we said earlier,

it’s a formation, that’s all. When serving to the deuce court, the server generally stands about midway between the center mark and the singles sideline. The server’s partner (the net person) is usually positioned in the ad court, centered from side to side in the service box and within six feet or so from the net. That’s the normal formation. To “play Australian” while serving to the deuce court, the server moves right up next to the center mark. The server’s partner (the net person) moves from the ad court location to nearly the exact same location in the deuce court (perhaps slightly closer to the center line). Now, serve. So what happens to that great forehand return cross court? It goes right to the net person who’s ready to put it away for a winner. Pretty simple, eh? Of course, the receiver now has to come up with some other shot but you’ve taken away one of the best weapons with nothing more than a formation. No skill, no effort, no nothing. How about that lob over your partner when you’re serving to the ad court? Play Australian. When you are serving in a normal formation to the ad court, the server usually stands midway between the center mark and the singles side line. The server’s partner is positioned in the deuce court, centered in the service box and 6 feet from the net. In the Australian formation, the server moves over to the center mark. The net person moves from the deuce court location to a similar position in the ad court, somewhat closer to the center.

Now, when you serve, you follow your serve in, but this time you cross the center line on your way in to cover the deuce court. That’s right where that lob was landing before. But now, it’s right in your zone to hit a killer overhead, an offensive shot. Point over, for you. Another simple formation change. Of course, this new-found solution won’t last long. Your opponents will soon try some other approach. To keep them off balance, you can adopt other variations on this formation and introduce signaling, poaching and faking, all as a part of an overall strategy we’ll talk more about. For now, try out this formation change when ever you’re playing for fun. Pretty soon it will become part of your strategical repertoire and you’ll be just that much better. That’s “Australian.” John Mrachek is the manager of the Longboat Key Public Tennis Center. He is also the 2000 club champion in open singles, doubles and mixed doubles at the Longboat Key Club. ❑

LBK Public Tennis Center:

JOHN Mrachek

590 Bay Isles Road, 316-TEN-S (8367) Schedule — 7 Days/Week Open play: Mornings: 8, 9:30 and 11; Afternoons: 3:30, 5 and 6:30

Daily Round Robins at 3:30 p.m.: • Men: Tues., Thurs., Sat. • Women: Mon., Wed., Fri. • Mixed: 3:30 p.m. Sun.

Special events: • Who’s B.O.B.: Men’s Singles, 2 p.m. Tues. • Where’s the B.O.S.S.: (3.0 to 3.75 level of play), 11 a.m. Mon.

Reservations suggested.


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MAJESTIC BAY - Boater’s paradise on Golden Gate Point. 3BR/3.5BA, den. Pre-construction priced from $950,000. Maintenance Fee $487. Only 6 full floor and 3 half floor residences, only 7 boat docks. Choose early for best selections. GRAND BAY - Longboat’s active lifestyle condo on the Bay. 8th floor views from Gulf to Bay, pool, clubhouse, fitness center, tennis courts. Reduced $1,060,000. PRIVATEER - 2BR/2BA, fabulous renovation, big views in Gulf front building. Reduced $579,000. PELICAN COVE- A mainland icon. Secured over 55 community with many activities, pool, clubhouse, classes, boat docks. 2BR/2BA $175,000.

SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENCES “ON GOLDEN POND” - Newer home with unobstructed lake views, unbelievable details, lap pool, outdoor kitchen, 4BR plus home office, incredible storage. $1,225,000. BAYOU CIRCLE WATERFRONT - Over 100’ of dock space with direct access to Bay. Fabulous 4BR home with bonus area, elevator, glorious master suite and water views. Now $1,795,000.

MAINTENANCE-FREE COMMUNITY QUEENS HARBOUR “BRISTOL” COURTYARD - 3BR/3BA, peek of the lake, pool. $895,000. “BRISTOL” COURTYARD - 3BR/3BA, state-ofthe-art sound system, heated pool & spa. $899,500. “ESSEX” MODEL - 3BR/3BA, exceptional pool & spa, home office, lakefront. Reduced $939,000. “ESSEX” MODEL - 3BR/3.5BA, upgrades beyond imagination, including lagoon pool, marble, granite, wood shutters. $1,050,000. “ESSEX” MODEL - 3BR/3.5BA, furnished, golf course and lake views. $1,050,000.




PLAYER OF THE WEEK How many years have you played golf? “I never really played much golf until I moved here about nine years ago,” Mues explains. “I discovered the game here and found I really, truly like it.” Mues describes himself as a “mediocre athlete in my younger days. I was a halfback in football and on the dive team. Sports came easy to me and I think that’s why I now enjoy golf so much.” What is your best score? “I know exactly when it happened and what it was,” Mues chuckles. “On Dec. 12, 2002, I shot my age, 84, and it was on the Islandside course.” What kind of clubs do you use? Mues uses MacGregor VIPs. His favorite is a 60-degree wedge called the Judge, given him by his son, a judge.

Dora Walters

Ed Mues

What is the highlight of your golfing career? Mues replies, “I’ve already told you. It was shooting my age on Dec. 12, 2002.”

Longboat Key Club Men’s Golf Association


Is there anything you would like to improve about your game? “Do you mean other than everything?” he asks. “I’m putting pretty well and my approach is going very well. I think maybe I’d like to drive the ball a little farther.”

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When Every Move is Critical Leave Nothing to Chance NEW LISTING TANGERINE BAY CLUB Absolutely Bay Front Two/three bedroom unit of 2380 sq ft offers incredible privacy with wide vistas over dolphin playground and sparkling nighttime skyline. Known for its splendid pool and gardens, this premier condominium is located conveniently at the south end of Longboat Key. Enjoy gas grilling in your private courtyard. Twocar, private garage. Two small pets may be allowed. Membership at the beach club conveys with this unit. Act now. ML 229331 $799,000 NEW LISTING - WEBBS COVE AT THE OAKS BAYSIDE Like a page from “Veranda”, this gracefully columned brick colonial design is framed by oaks and magnolias as it overlooks the lake. An artful renovation added a magnificent granite and stainless steel kitchen, luxurious marble baths and furniture quality built-in cabinetry. The warmth and charisma of this residence are expressed in fine architectural details, wood and coral stone floors, moldings, pecky cypress paneled den and family room. Superb recreational amenities of the Oaks Club and golf courses. ML232048 $1,150,000

Recently completed extravagant master suite, spacious closet + 3 additional bedrooms. Fireplace, lanai adjacent to the formal dinning room. Granite counters, heated pool & spa, summer kitchen. $1,075,000




—Dora Walters

GREAT RATES • GREAT SERVICE 713 S. Orange Avenue, Sarasota • 941- 957-4486

388-2331 TOLL FREE • 877-589-7979

What do you like best about golfing on Longboat Key? “It is exhilarating to be out on this great course at 8 in the morning,” Mues says. “The staff is so friendly and so very helpful. It is almost like family.”


This outstanding home offers fabulous master suite and three guest suites plus den. Covered lanai with outside kitchen overlooking the pool, spa and dock. Minutes to the open bay. $1,999,000

What is your advice for other golfers? “Relax and enjoy it,” Mues says. “Don’t take it so seriously that it spoils your day. That’s not fun.”

5.750% - 30 Year 6.000% - Jumbo 30YR

Condominium Renovations Company Free Estimates A Division of Tesar Homes, Inc.

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What golfer do you most admire? “Tiger Woods,” Mues says. “He’s a wonderful golfer and a credit to the whole game.”

Liberty1 Mortgage

• Wall to Wall Remodels • Kitchens • Baths • Flooring • Built-Ins • Re-Designs • Closet Organizers • Specialty Lighting • Much More

Pat, Tom & Spencer Hanly

What is your funniest flub-up? “It’s not my flub-up, it’s the crows on the course,” Mues qualifies. “These birds will pick up the ball and fly off with it. I don’t know what they do with them.” He adds this advice, “Don’t ever leave a watch or anything shiny on the golf cart. They’ll spot it every time and get it.”


From Moving Your Furniture . . . to the Last Picture Back on the Wall . . .

Building and Improving Sarasota Since 1975

What is your favorite part of the game? “I enjoy the approach and the short game — within 100 yards,” Mues says. “I think that’s when the game gets interesting.”

Terri Derr & Ken Torrington


MERIDIAN AT THE OAKS Splendid 6th floor 2423 sq ft residence with superbly executed interior upgrades. Breathtaking panorama embraces Casey Key, Siesta Key, bay and gulf sunsets. Notable features include: fine quality tile and carpet, window coverings and plantation shutters, furniture quality built-in cabinetry, steam shower, faux finished walls, beautiful light fixtures, storm shutters and California closets. Secure garage parking. Superb recreational amenities of the Oaks and golf courses. ML231771 $585,000

Michael Licensed Saunders & Company Real Estate Broker (941) 387-9780 or 800-209-0330

440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228






$490,000,000 IN SALES


Louis Wery (941) 232-3001





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Water Club Condos $1,000,000 to $3,500,000.

Grand Bay Condos $600,000 to $4,000,000.

Casey Key Waterfront $1,300,000 to $18,000,000.

Speaks English, French, Spanish, Portuguese & Italian International President’s Elite Top 2% Worldwide Certified International Property Specialist Accredited Buyer’s Representative

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Team Buky Presidents Elite - top 2% worldwide SEAPLACE Direct gulf front 2BR/2BA turnkey furnished, terrace, steps to pool or beach $449,000

BOATER’S DELIGHT - BAY ISLES Over 4000 square foot on deep water canal overlooking Cranes Bayou. Three bedroom, 5 and a half baths, plus wine cellar and hobby room. Features include granite kitchen, marble baths, high ceilings, elevator, private patio, pool area and oversized garage. $1,329,000. NEW VILLA - LONGBOAT KEY CLUB Under construction, one of a kind villa, three bedroom, two and a half baths, with panoramic golf course lake views. Many upgrades including pool and spa, granite kitchen and ceramic floors. $799,000. BAY FRONT COREY’S LANDING Open bay view from this 3750 square foot villa behind the Longboat Key Club gates. Master bedroom with bay view plus two guest rooms are on the 1st level, 2nd level includes media room, office and two bedrooms. Private boat dock. $1,549,000. BAY ISLES - DEEP WATER DOCK Four bedroom, four bath plus den and family room, 3800 square foot Features include very open plan w/high ceilings, caged pool & spa. Quality, spacious kitchen, ceramic floors, marble master bath & outdoor cook center. $1,449,000. TANGERINE BAY Updated in “Tommy Bahama” style, this 3BR/2.5BA villa has beautiful Sarasota Bay views. Features include 2 car garage, bamboo wood floors, high ceilings, open plan, gourmet kitchen and spacious master suite. $759,000. FAIRWAY BAY GARDEN APT. Two bedroom, two bath, just completed beautiful modern renovation w/granite counters, new appliances, ceramic floors, plantation shutters plus internal stairs to 6-car garage that doubles the space. $449,000.

PRIVATEER Total renovation and incredible gulf views, steps to beach, behind the gates! $675,000 LIDO SURF & SAND Gulf and bay view, furnished & renovated, under building parking, steps to white sand beach! $575,000 LIDO BEACH 37 condos from $137,000 to $1,129,000 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES 25 homes from $575,000 to $3,600,000 THE BEACH RESIDENCES at THE RITZ CARLTON BEACH CLUB, pre construction

(941) 387-1864

Check our web site for all our listings and all properties for sale in the Sarasota MLS at

QUEENS HARBOR - BAY FRONT 5000 square foot custom designed maintenance free home with panoramic bay views. Upon entering the foyer and gallery with 19 foot ceilings you immediately feel the eloquence and sophistication of design and detail. Features incl. patio and pool with summer kitchen and a dock for two boats. Furnished. $2,599,000. PANORAMIC BAY VIEW On the water in Queens Harbor with boat dock, 3800 G square foot two-story maintenance-free home. Features DIN Travertine floors, 20 include 1st level master bedroom, N E Pkitchen, marble bath, built-in office, foot ceilings, granite large pool and spa. $1,895,000.

Off: - 383-6411 Res: - 383-2025 email: View virtual tours of these listings at: www.LONGBOATWATERFRONT.COM

Joyce Huber Mark Huber Unmatched Service. Unrivaled Experience. ST. ARMANDS BAYFRONT Estate Home offering quality construction, architectural detail, and sophisticated interior finishes. 180 degree views of Sarasota Bay and sky line. A true boater’s delight. $3,850,000 BEACHES OF LONGBOAT KEY Glowing gulf views from this beautiful 2BR 8th floor jewel. Robb & Stucky turnkey furnished - you can move in tomorrow and enjoy beach front living at its finest! Excellent price $695,000. NEW LISTING - HARBOUR OAKS Wonderful maintenance free home with 3BR/2.5BA + den. Large great room concept w/vaulted ceilings, tile floors, & designer touches. Huge screened back deck, 2 car garage, new roof, new paver brick driveway & entry walkway add to this exceptional value. $459,900. FAIRWAY BAY Fabulous direct bay front, 2BR/2BA, end unit. Beautifully decorated for a comfortable Florida lifestyle in one of Longboat Key’s nicest communities. Amenities galore. Great Bargain! $495,000. NEW LISTING - ISLANDS WEST Direct gulf front 2BR/2BA with panoramic views of Gulf, Bay and Downtown. Exceptional building, sensational amenities. Priced to sell quickly with furnishings. $649,000. ISLANDS WEST Breathtaking vistas of the gulf, bay and downtown. Beautifully turnkey furnished, with den/2nd BR. $465,000. Sensational location! You can see forever from this 2 bedroom penthouse level condo. Enjoy higher ceilings, open floor plan, and move-in condition. $719,000. MARINA BAY Exceptional bay front value in Bay Isles. Large 3BR/2.5BA with huge eat-in kitchen, family room, screened bay view terrace, separate dining room and closets galore. Feels like a private home. $825,000. SANCTUARY Corner unit w/wrap around views of golf and gulf. 2BD, den 2.5BA turnkey furn. Expansive beach & sensational amenities in secure, private environment. $965,000. COUNTRY CLUB SHORES Sold Full Price $785,000. VILLA DI LANCIA Absolute privacy and gulf front panorama in an end unit penthouse. Volume ceilings, huge terrace, wood floors, fireplace, gourmet kitchen, private elevator and all amenities. $1,950,000. LONGBOAT KEY TOWERS Fabulous direct gulf views from this spacious 2BR/2BA end unit. Bright & cheery, beautiful marble floors, and second parking space. $729,000. CASA DEL MAR Fabulous rental complex on the beach. Low maintenance fee and great on-site rental program for optimum owner income. Beautifully redecorated and updated. $409,900.


Sold See Virtual Tour at: JOYCE HOME

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387-1822 (Office Direct) • 800-365-8492

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Downtown view from these direct Bayfront sites.




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RITZ CARLTON TOWER RESIDENCES Sarasota will fulfill your every desire for opulent living while providing breathtaking views and a fabulous floorplan, along with full concierge services and a state-of-the-art amenities level. This residence features a private elevator lobby, grand foyer, luxurious master suite and spacious terrace. Includes a membership to the Members Club at The Ritz Carlton proposed Beach/Spa Club. $1,465,000. THE RITZ Beautiful Northern bay views from every room. 2 bedrooms and den. Enjoy world class amenities atop the Ritz. Monte Carlo $1,399,000. VILLA DI LANCIA Direct gulf views, graceful Mediterranean architecture, condo community with only 38 luxurious beachfront residences. Extensive builder upgrades & tastefully furnished $1,895,000. EN PROVENCE Most exclusive paradise community with the romance of French Mediterranean. $2,695,000.

GRAND RIVIERA Private enclave of 13 luxurious residences on the tip of Golden Gate Point! Unparalleled panoramic views and private boat docks available. 2,651 - 5,837 square feet. Priced from: $1,525,000 to $4,300,000. GRAND BAY Private corner in the newest Grand Bay building. Panoramic vistas of the bay, marina and preserve. Wrap around terraces. $1,049,000. Exquisite Biscayne with tiled floor, wooden shutters & decorator detailed for a move-in resort home. Condo complex has all the amenities. $999,000.

HARBOUR COURT In a private enclave of eighteen homes this 3BR/2.5BA home with deepwater dockage is behind the gates of the LBK Club with community pool, tennis & deeded beach access. $899,000.

INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY LBK Gulf front property. P&L statement available. $1,995,000. VIZCAYA Perfectly decorated and appointed penthouse. Maximized views in an elegant enclave of 31 residences. 2car garage. $2,695,900. VIZCAYA Luxurious direct gulf front with magnificent views! 4BR/4.5BA. Summer kitchen, guest suite, private elevator and 2-car gar. Enclave of only 31 residences! $3,795,000. COREY’S LANDING Bay front home with views, privacy. & meticulous elegance. 4 bedroom with guest suite, private balcony on 2nd fl. Furnished. $1,550,000.

L’AMBIANCE 360˚ Virtual View Casual elegance in beach front residence with private stairs to the beach and pool area open design and many unique architectural features. $3,450,000. INN ON THE BEACH Club Suite designed to provide the ideal vacation villa necessities. Income statements are available. $394,000. BEACHPLACE Exceptional opportunity! See the beauty of the island views of beach, city, bay & gardens. Loaded with upgrades & beautifully finished. $589,000.

BEACHPLACE Purchase resort or investment property instead of watching a portfolio diminish. Condo has all the amenities. 2BR/2BA $539,000. Direct gulf front condo walk to the beach. A private villa at the beach. 2 bedroom / 2 bathrooms $749,000. COUNTRY CLUB SHORES Great location, just 5 lots from the Bay! Light, bright and sunny. Southern exposure, perfect for the large open pool & spa. Private boat dock & large landscaped lot. $749,000.

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Bruce has been charting the course in residential real estate for over 22 years! The only time in life it doesn’t cost more to hire the best.

L’AMBIANCE PENTHOUSE...Magnificent 5200 sq. ft. Penthouse directly on the beach with 2400 sq. ft. of wrap-around terraces giving fabulous views of Gulf, Golf course and Bay and Sarasota. 4BR plus den, office and game room, with 7 bathrooms en suite. Private elevator opens to foyer with double door entrance, under cover parking spaces, extra storage and wine lockers. $6,995,000. GRAND RIVIERA... Private enclave of 13 luxurious residences on the tip of Golden Gate Point! Unparalleled panoramic views, private boat docks available 2,651 -5,837 square foot. Priced from $1,525,000 to $4,300,000. BAYFRONT ESTATE...Total privacy and seclusion on 1+ acres! Tropically landscaped, 155 feet on open bay, all cypress home w/great room, 3BR/2.5BA, study & a large deck facing the bay! Attached 3/4 acre lot may be purchased separately. $2,495,000. WATERFRONT LOT... Build your dream home on a wonderful lot with over 125 feet directly on New Pass! May be purchased with adjoining lots for family compound or estate. Stunning views of bay, gulf & south end of Longboat Key. $2,595,000. WATER CLUB... Exquisitely appointed, spacious beachfront residence w/3 large terraces! Popular “Arlington” plan w/beautiful upgrades throughout! 2 covered parking spaces. $2,550,000. WATER CLUB... Sophisticated “Cambridge” floor plan tastefully appointed throughout! 2 bedrooms, gourmet kitchen with granite, extra storage & 2 covered parking spaces. $1,249,000. VIZCAYA... Spacious, luxurious condominium with the feel of a single family home. Exquisitely furnished & appointed with a private pool & stunning views of the gulf, 2 car garage. $2,549,000. BAY ISLES HARBOR SECTION... One of the best lots with approximately 246 feet of water frontage with Southern exposure. Great floor plan with a dramatic flair! $2,225,000. GULF FRONT MOTEL... Own the beach! Create your dream home from the vintage Longboat Key gulf front property or start fresh. Wonderful mid-Key location. $1,995,000. GRAND BAY... Popular “Cayman” floor plan in desirable building 4 w/sweeping views of the bay, marina & city skyline! SALE PENDING $1,095,000. MARINA BAY... Bay & gulf view complement this graciously appointed residence w/over 3,000 square feet. Well designed with family room, 2 terraces. 2nd covered parking space available for additional $30,000. $998,000. EMERALD POINT SOUTH... Brand new and ready to move in! Gorgeous. Private community of only sixteen custom luxury homes $679,000. THE ATRIUM... Popular “Mangrove” floor plan, 2105 sq ft with 3 BRs, beautiful views of the bay & the pool! A great value on the south end of Longboat Key! $659,000. SEAGATE CLUB... Panoramic gulf & sunset views from this upper floor corner residence! 2BR/2BA, tile floors, large balcony, views from every room! Walk to shopping, restaurants & banks. $659,000. GRAND BAY... Direct bayfront luxury with unobstructed, gorgeous views. Designer touches, a wrap terrace and two parking spaces… Highlights include; gourmet kitchen with custom cabinetry & Corian counters, marble master bath and gorgeous Bay views. World-class amenities and membership to Beach Club. $599,000. GRAND BAY... Tastefully furnished “Bimini”, corner residence. Bright & sunny w/views of Sarasota Bay & golf course. SALE PENDING $575,000. HARBOUR LINKS... Spacious and light home in a small community with views of the golf course and lake. Private end residence with white tiles, den, private elevator and large screened terrace. One of the best three bedroom values on the south end of Longboat! $450,000. THE VILLAGE... Old Florida charm! Totally renovated beach cottage on Longboat’s north end. Mexican tile throughout, new appliances, caged pool, screened lanai, Florida room & just 1/2 block from the community boat dock & fishing pier! $429,900. SABAL COVE... 2 desirable lots in an area of $1,000,000 homes. Greenbelt views. $399,000 & $349,000.

FAIRWAY BAY... Gorgeous unobstructed bayfront views of downtown Sarasota can be seen from most rooms of this Fairway Bay condo which is situated behind the gates of the Longboat Key Club…This condo is sold turnkey furnished. $399,000.

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Now you can log onto to search the entire Sarasota MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

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“REALTOR” Magazine as one of the Top 100 Sales People in the country for 2002 NEW LISTING - PUTTER LANE Boater’s Paradise- 170’ of seawall on wide protected Bayou looking out to Sarasota Bay from this beautiful Key West style residence. Charm & style begin in the 2 story foyer w/wood floors that continue to a spacious living room with study/loft, separate dining room, 2 guest bedrooms & a master suite with sitting room. Ideal for entertaining w/large covered porch overlooking the bay. Plenty of garage & storage space. $1,575,000.

WATER CLUB I Great opportunity! Fabulous Cambridge model with beautiful views of the gulf and Sarasota skyline from two terraces. This 2650 sq. ft. residence features spectacular built-ins, lots of closet space, marble and wood floors. All this along with the gracious amenities of pool, fitness center, concierge and security $999,000. SARABANDE Postcard perfect panoramic views of sunsets on the gulf and city lights illuminating sculptures along the bayfront are spellbinding from one of Sarasota’s finest locations. This beautifully appointed 10th floor, 3BR, plus media & family room residence has 3748 sq. ft. of stunning custom interiors featuring designer floor, window treatments, built-in cherry desk & entertainment center, gallery lighting ideal for artwork & his/her master bath with 3 walk-in closets. Located in a secure building with gracious amenities including a heated exercise pool & spa & 24 hor concierge all within walking distance to fine restaurants, theater & galleries. Offered at $2,650,000. NEW LISTING - SIESTA COVE – 3656 sq. ft. 3/5BR/3.5BA residence recently renovated. New carpet, roof, a/c, driveway, center island kitchen with Corian, upgraded security system, gas fireplace, decks with a heated spa. Close to beach. $650,000. NEW LISTING- LANDINGS TREEHOUSE – 3BR/2.5BA split level w/several balconies, screened lanai, wood burning fireplace, new ceramic tile & large cedar walk-in closet and community heated pool. $279,000. NEW LISTING- LANDINGS SOUTH – 2BR/2BA Coach House features a glass enclosed lanai and is near Intercoastal Waterway and Roberts Bay. Owner will consider selling TKF. $245,000.

LONGBOAT KEY - BAYFRONT ESTATE Boater’s Paradise – Experience the private sanctuary of the Key’smost magnificent water front location with unbelievable views of Bay and Bayou from this one-acre peninsula lot. This 4BR/4BA features 10 foot ceilings, a resort style pool and spa, dockage for multiple boats with 653 feet of perfect seawall. Enjoy Florida’s charm and natural beauty. $2,995,000. SANCTUARY – Gulf front large corner 3BR/3.5BA in sought after Building III. Furnished w/quality & attention to detail in soft tones. Upgraded kitchen, 9’ ceilings & wrap around terrace overlook pool & pristine beach. $1,995,000.

LIGHTHOUSE POINT - AUTHENTIC TUSCANY Beachfront estate in the exclusive gated enclave of Lighthouse Point. Spellbounding views of the gulf, Sarasota Bay and city skyline are captured from this 7,200 square foot masterpiece of style and quality. State-of-the-art technology and design are highlighted along with shellstone covered terraces, imported gourmet kitchen, 3 fireplaces, home theater, elevator, exercise room, marble, granite, oak pegged floors and deeded private protected 50 ft. boat dock. Offered at $8,000,000.

OAKS COUNTRY CLUB Overlooks 7th fairway & lake. 3BR + den, 3.5BA, over 3,400 sq. ft., fireplace, wood floors, ceramic tile, Corian counters, Roman shower, French doors, designer windows, wood built-in desks in den/office, 3 car garage & pool. $879,000.

RITZ CARLTON PENTHOUSE – World class amenities. Sparkling bay views from every room, 4734 sq ft residence w/2 master suites, guest and leisure room with wet bar, all marble floors. Magnificently furnished. $3,450,000. WATER CLUB I – Southern views of Gulf & City from 3BR/3BA magnificently furnished in neutral tones. 2 private terraces, 10 ft. ceilings & soffit lighting. 17,000 sq. ft. clubhouse, concierge, 24-hr security. $1,450,000.

BRADENTON - Overlooking Skyway Bridge - Waterfront estate, newly created old Florida Victorian design on Tampa Bay. $4,950,000.

Located on the Southern end lot of Cutter Lane, this home is in move-in condition with custom office or possible 4BR. Unrivaled panoramic views of downtown skyline and Sarasota Bay. Large dock and lift with deepwater access. $2,599,000 This spectacular property is located on the “point” with over 163’ of Bay frontage and 120’ of protected deepwater canal. The views are endless; downtown Sarasota, John Ringling Mansion and panoramic views of Sarasota Bay. The perfect location for your dream home! $2,299,000 Look directly down the waterway and out to the bay (just past the dolphins!) from this beautifully updated Country Club Shores home. Three bedrooms/three baths and a waterfront office/workout room. Many upgrades including cook’s kitchen with granite countertops and built-in plasma television. $949,000

luxury homes virtual tours

L’AMBIANCE Over 4,890 square feet of living space in this magnificent, one-of-a-kind residence with spacious terraces on both sides overlooking the Gulf, the Bay, the golf course and the city skyline. Superb designer features in every room from custom wall coverings; to comfortable, yet elegant furniture; gourmet kitchen; and spectacular marble and mosaic tile flooring. $6,495,000 EMERALD POINTE SOUTH Brand new and ready to move in! Gorgeous Amethyst Model behind the Longboat Key Club Harborside gates. Private community of only 16 custom homes. $679,000 GRAND BAY Beautiful Cayman floorplan in Building Two offers dual terraces and endless Bay views. Lovingly decorated and finished with exquisite taste, this home offers many upgrades including upgraded tile, crown molding and custom built-ins. $1,099,000 PENDING GRAND BAY Brand new and done just right! That’s the way to describe this viewful Biscayne model overlooking downtown, the golf course and Longboat Key Moorings Marina from the wraparound terrace. Southwestern exposure offers gorgeous sunset views. $989,000 PENDING WATER CLUB Beautiful Cambridge residence in the southern building. Sunset Gulf views as well as views over Sarasota Bay. 6th floor height means 10’ ceilings. Tastefully furnished. Den can be used as a third bedroom. May be purchased furnished. $1,349,000 INN ON THE BEACH Great income potential! “A” plan club suite in world class resort. Longboat Key Club offers 38 holes of championship golf, fitness center, tennis and fine dining. Very consistent rental income. $219,900 FAIRWAY BAY Located in the desirable Longboat Key Club, this largest floorplan Fairway Bay home has two balconies with views of the bay and the beautiful grounds and walkways of the community. Turnkey furnished. $429,000

QUEENS HARBOR - OPPORTUNITY Fabulous 2-story, 3115 sq. ft. residence overlooking 2 lakes, golf course. 4BR, maintenance-free. Upgraded with etched glass doors, granite, tiled floor, home theatre, study with 2 computer centers. heated pool and spa and summer kitchen. $899,000.


PROMENADE – Penthouse w/views of gulf, bay and city. 3BR/3.5 BA, 10 ft. ceilings, raised panel walls and doors, crown molding, wood and marble floors, wraparound terrace, 2 parking spaces. Concierge, 24 hour. security. $1,495,000.

RENTALS SEAPLACE – Direct gulf front 3BR/2BA. Completely updated with granite and tile. Gorgeous views. Seasonal. $5,500/m. GOLDEN GATE – Bayfront open views 1 bedroom completely updated. Beautiful boat dock available. Annual unfurnished $1,250.

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Roger has listed and sold over $250,000,000 in luxury and waterfront homes.

All Four Agents Located at The Chart House Centre • 201 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 1 • Longboat Key, FL 34228



Paul Cohan and Ed Lederberg def. Jim Allen and Ian Willis. George Minnig and Bill Flinter def. Bob Goree and Dudley Barrow. Lower Bracket Harvey Pearlman and Michael Eisenstat def. Bernie Osbaldeston and Bruce Strongman. Frank Watts and Bill Beckmeyer def. Noel Siegel and Everett Behrendt. Norm Langlois and Bob Lachmann def. Alvin Saxonberg and Geoffrey Gummersall. Fred Smith and Karl Maggert def. Howard Lieb and Dick Stern. One Best Ball Of Foursome 1st Place 56 Enrico Patrone Mike Sarzinski Tom Finnegan Proxy 2nd Place 58 George Heller Al Ginewski Adolph Shapiro Ernest Zingapan

Longboat Key Club Longboat Key Niners Event: Low Net Full Handicap Tuesday, Jan. 14 Class A 1st 45 Jimmie Hess (tie) Pauline Burns Class B 1st 42 Jackie Allen 2nd 43 Rosalie Krone (tie) Joan Stewart Class C 1st 45 Marjorie Kraft (tie) Hope Weatherby

Men’s Golf Association Four Ball Championship Wednesday, Jan. 15 Upper Bracket Steve Stein and Al Polimac def. Jerry Chip and Elmo Muzzi. Joe Curl and Jim Zakovec def. Peter Tracy and Joe Iaria.

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Windshutters has been in business in Sarasota since 1972. We manufacture all our shutters using superior materials engineered according to your specific home or business. All of our shutters are installed by our factory technicians (no subcontractors), fully licensed and insured. SERVICE, REPAIR & MAINTENANCE


By Westcoast Shutters of Florida, Inc. PROTECTION • SECURITY • STYLE

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SPORTS 3rd Place 59 Bryan Langton Gene Toombs Norm Reiter Proxy

Bird Key vs. Laurel Oak Green Thursday, Jan. 16 Jerry Johnson and Bill Stanford def. W. Becker and R. Baesman, 6-0, 6-1. Bob McNulty and Wayne Wall lost to R. Stegner and M. Sversky, 5-7, 2-6. Stan Waldheim and Don Farrar def. T. Wolf and E. Goldthorpe, 5-7, 6-4, 6-1.

Event: Low Putts — Tuesday, Jan. 21 Class A 1st 15 Natalie Duprey Shirley Levine Elaine Lewin Class B 1st 17 Phyllis Bushnell Carolyn Albrecht Jackie Allen Class C 1st 16 Judy Litvin

Sarasota County Senior Men’s Tennis League

Men’s Golf Association Four Ball Competition Wednesday, Jan. 22 George Minnig and Bill Flinter def. Steve Stein and Al Polimac. Paul Cohan and Ed Lederberg def. Joe Curl and Jim Zakovec. Fred Smith and Karl Maggard def. Frank Watts and Bill Beckmeyer. Norm Langlois and Bob Lachmann def. Harvey Pearlman and Michael Eisenstat. Individual Quota Points +14 Noel Siegel +8 William Avalone +6 Gil Illch +5 Bert Papowitz +4 Warren Harding (tie) Bob Ploussard Albert Duval Ron Malone

Sarasota County Senior Men’s Tennis League Longboat Key Red vs. Plantation Red Thursday, Jan. 16 Frank Fineshriber and Mark Kauffman def. C. Krokenberger and G. Cursilia, 6-4, 6-4. Charles Diecidue and Matt Brown def. T. Klock and G. Laliberte, 6-1, 6-0. Paul Mortell and Bob Ruff def. J. Sherwood and J. MacKay, 6-4, 4-6, 6-4.

Bird Key vs. Longwood Run Monday, Jan. 20 Stan Waldheim and Wayne Wall def. T. Murray and G. Robinson, 1-6, 7-5, 10-5. Bob McNulty and Bob Howell lost to G. Trausch and C. Winding, 3-6, 2-6. Don Farrar and Erv Sande def. D. Fendelman and C. Shoen, 6-1, 6-2.

Cedars Tennis Resort Sarasota County Senior Men’s Tennis League Cedars vs. Courtside — Friday, Jan. 17 J. Eagleton and W. Montgomery def. Lang and Taylor, 6-3, 6-3. A. Newfield and L. Cohen def. Verly and LeBlanc, 6-3, 6-0. D. Mittenthal and M. Joseph lost to Tobin and Williams, 3-6, 4-6.

Longboat Key Public Tennis Center Prime Time Tennis League ’50s Sunday, Jan. 19 LBK Public vs. The Meadows Steve Miller and Steve Thompson def. J. McDermott and Jerry Wood, 6-1, 6-1. John Mrachek and Larry Greenspon def. C. Cartell and L. Sharp, 6-1, 6-2. Nelson Goldner and Al Tripodi def. Bob Schoal and Ted Kovacic, 6-2, 6-1.

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EMERALD POINTE Brand new & ready to move in! Gorgeous Amethyst Model behind the LBK Club Harbour Section gates. Only 16 custom luxury homes. $699,000 PALMER RANCH-MIRA LAGO 4136 ENTRADA - OPEN SUNDAY 1-4PM. Perfect for a young family, just listed 3BD/3BA, over 2100 sq. ft. of maintenance free living, model condition. $289,900 COUNTRY CLUB SHORES 572 YAWL LANE - OPEN SUNDAY 1-4PM. Highly sought-after 2nd lot in from the bay w/gorgeous bay views from 2 master suites. 5BR/4.5BA. Two story Mediterranean custom updated with volume ceilings and grand staircase.2-car attached garage w/paver brick circle drive. No bridges to intracoastal waterway & Sarasota Bay. Enjoy the private, lushly landscaped, caged, heated pool. $1,695,000

E-mail Tour Tom’s Listings @ www.REALESTATELONGBOATKEY.COM

New behind the gates at LBK Club. Villa offers views of lake and golf course, swimming pool/spa. 2 car garage. Also available for rental. $700,000.

SEAPLACE... 4th floor unit offers 2 bedroom 1 bath and wonderful gulf and sunset views. A wonderful weekend getaway or great rental opportunity. Offered for $345,000.

PROMENADE W/ GULF VIEWS Largest 2BR, split plan on the w/ gorgeous Gulf views. Best location in building! Exercise & club rooms, Har-Tru tennis, great security & concierge. $795,000. Virtual Tour

iKEY nd new resst T A lmo bra GBO this s from a e, 4 LON w from a e i p c

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2300+ sf. 3BR home located on LBK’s tranquil north end. Split bedroom plan, large master bath. On shallow canal for canoeing or kayaking. $595,000. Virtual Tour

FAIRWAY BAY WITH GORGEOUS VIEW Gorgeous Bay views from most rooms in this wonderful, TKF condo. Behind the Gates w/membership to Bay Isles Beach Club $379,000. Virtual Tour





This home has beautiful canal & Bay views, great boating water and is situated four in from the Bay, which makes it a wonderful find for someone who wants a great location. An added plus is the terrific dock that has been built with seating area. $699,000. Virtual Tour

201 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 1 • Longboat Key, FL 34228

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2BD/2BA 2000 sq. ft. completely remodeled, lushly landscaped, private dock, sailboat water, caged, heated pool. $739,000

Direct to Tom 941-387-1875 or 941-504-9282

Sarasota County Senior Men’s Tennis League

Longboat Key Niners


Bird Key Yacht Club






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Bayfront Park Recreation Center: 4052 Gulf of Mexico Drive, (941) 316-1980

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Jan. 29 to Feb. 4 Sports/Fitness Classes: • Aerobics, (low-impact): 8

• Pilates: 10:30 a.m. Thursday

a.m. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday • Young at Heart: 10 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday

• Tai Chi: For Fitness and Health: 11:15 a.m. Wednesday and Friday

• Muscles & More (weightbearing): 7:30 and 8:45 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Passive Programs: • Bridge Lessons: Beginners,

• Boot-Camp Workout (cardio): 5:30 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday

• Duplicate Bridge: 7 p.m. Wednesday and 1 p.m. Saturday

• Total Body Sculpting: 9:15 a.m. Tuesday

• Contract Bridge (social): 1 p.m. Friday

10 a.m., Intermediate, 1:30 p.m. Thursday

News and notes: • The new tennis court lights have been activated. Hours of operation for lighted play are 5 to 10 p.m. • Senior men’s softball is organizing. For information, contact John Cruikshank at 383-9354. • Lifestyle Class: “Living Thin/Living Healthy” will be held at 6:30 p.m. Mondays through Feb. 17. • Lecture Series: “The ABCs of Family Caregiving” will be held at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 4.

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A DREAM COME TRUE - Turnkey corner unit with unobstructed bay views. Meticulously maintained, tastefully decorated with many upgrades. Great amenities. 2 pools, boat docks, tennis, beach...................................................$383,500. Beautiful lot in LBK maintenance free community. Deep water boat dock, 2 minute walk to great beach.....$275,000. PALMER CLUB - at Prestancia , over 55 community with active recreational and social programs. 2 bedrooms, sunny balcony, high ceilings.....................................................$175,000. GULF VIEWS FROM EVERY ROOM - in this renovated 2BR/2BA condominium. Travertine floors, granite kitchen, top of the line appliances. Professionally decorated and furnished.........................................................................$689,000. SPANISH STYLE HOME - with spacious courtyard entrance on extra large lot in a very private location. 3BR/3BA, pool, solarium, canal...........................................................$690,000. SOPHISTICATED WATER CLUB - with sweeping bay views and excellent gulf views. 2BR + den, office, 2 parking spaces, full concierge services.................................$1,700,000. EMERALD POINTE SOUTH - 3BR/3.5BA home with caged, heated pool and double garage. Beautiful tile floors, spacious kitchen with stainless steel appliances.............$625,000. GULF FRONT - 4 Bedroom home with library on Longboat’s best beach. Designer-decorated and furnished with casual elegance. Furnished.....................................................$3,000,000. ISLAND RETREAT The ultimate in privacy and tranquility. The Polynesian style home is designed in pods. 4 BR, 4.5 baths. Bayfront location. Boat dock. Price includes a Carolina skiff and a landside docking space. Furnished...................$950,000. WEST OF THE TRAIL - Building lot across from a county park with a water access..............................................$65,500. St. Armands Circle, Sarasota, Florida (941) 388-4447 FAX (941) 388-3041


plan. Spacious & open w/all rooms opening to the tremendous terrace plus located on the West side of the building. 2BR/3BA plus den. $1,800,000 GULF FRONT - Gorgeous beach, pool & tennis. Wonderful 2BR split plan. New windows, sliding doors & appliances. Great views. $639,000 ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS - ground floor walkout plus private patio with great Gulf and sunset views. Totally redone - a masterpiece! Furnished $755,000 OUTSTANDING - Beautifully furnished 2BR/2BA in exceptional Gulf front complex w/tennis & lovely pool area. Gulf & sunset views. $689,000

GRAND BAY Extraordinary views of the Bay, Gulf and city lights surround you from this southern corner penthouse. Over 4,300 sf inside and over 5,000 sf of terrace outside.

LONGBOAT KEY CLUB INN ON THE BEACH Fantastic club amenities - golf, tennis, fitness center, fine dining, heated pool plus gorgeous Gulf beach. 2BR/2BA - Direct Beach and Sunsets - largest floorplan- end unit with extra large terraces $800,000 EXCEPTIONAL - Beachfront first floor walk-out. 2 private double terraces. Largest floorplan. $775,000 OUTSTANDING VIEWS - and value! Direct beachfront club suite. $340,000 LAGOON & CITY VISTAS - Sunrises. Club suite with 2 balconies. Turnkey furnished $275,000 CLUB SUITE - with enchanting lagoon and city views. Turnkey furnished. $245,000


BIRD KEY… This is a beautiful canal front home. Wonderful open floor plan with large pool area. Boat dock with lift. It is close to the beach, St. Armands Circle $1,599,000

and downtown Sarasota.

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Sea grapes thrive on Longboat Key The exotic look of the sea grape tree, Coccoloba uvifera genus, is desirable with its red leaf veins and round, broadleaf that grows to 8 inches in diameter. This tree is a great accent plant or a shade provider from our bright Florida sun. Sea grapes may be used to soften large walls and are planted to frame buildings; they may be espaliered and used as hedges. The small, broad, spreading tree has a very open branching habit. Gardeners along the coast appreciate the sea grape because of its salt tolerance which allows it to grow in the sand all the way down to the beach. A bonus feature is the clusters of purple fruits that are pro-

Gillian BUSARD

T HE A BBOTT G ROUP Michael Saunders & Company C.Steven Abbott Craig W. Abbott

Longboat Beach House

Absolute direct Gulf Front, 2nd floor south end corner unit. 1,300 sq. ft., 2BR/2BA, furnished condo home. Tile floors & newer appliances. Heated pool & just steps to the beach. $495,000

duced throughout the year which are edible and may be made into jelly. Trees transplant best during the dormant time of the year, normally between December and February. The sea grape will thrive in a full-sun location. Position it at least 5 to 10 feet from buildings, sidewalks and streets. It is a small tree, growing to up to 20 feet high and is useable in sites with overhead wires. They grow best in well-drained soil and are ideal for seaside locations. Initially sea grapes need moisture, and tapering off after the first few weeks. Established sea grape trees are drought tolerant and need watering only during periods of severe drought. They do not need additional feedings after the first few years, as they receive the nutrients they need for growth from fertilizer applications to nearby turf and shrub plantings. Sea grapes need pruning to keep a straight trunk; effective pruning is best done during the winter months. Sea grapes respond well to assertive pruning and hedging. A boring insect can cause damage to sea grape stems. Those stems affected by boring insects may be pruned from the trees. This rarely provides a situation that is uncontrollable. All sea grapes and their relatives are cold sensitive, limiting most culture to South Florida and the coastal areas of Central Florida. Inland plantings of Central Florida usually need winter protection and are often planted in containers to bring indoors during freezing weather. Sea grapes may take two to three years to produce a good root system before they really take off. Sea grapes look very similar to the mahoe tree, the greatest distinguishing feature being the bright yellow day blooms of the mahoe are consistently absent on the sea grape tree. There are several mahoe trees planted on the north end of Longboat Key on the west side of Gulf of Mexico Drive, just before Broadway, while sea grapes are prevalent along both sides and throughout the island.

Gillian Busard is a Longboat Key resident; president of the Longboat Key Garden Club; and permit holder of the Longboat Key Turtle Watch. ❑

Garden calendar

Barbara Kerwin for information, 383-0772. JCC’s Gardening Club — will meet from 2 to 3:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 10, at the Flanzer Jewish Community Center, 582 S. McIntosh Road, Sarasota. Cost is $2 a visit/class. Audra Martin, 378-5569, Ext. 219. Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Classes — will be held at 811 S. Palm Ave., Sarasota. “Basic Landscape Design II,” 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdays, Feb. 1, 8, 15, 22; $65, $75. “EZ Orchids,” Friday, Feb. 7; $40, $50. “Orchid Workshop,” 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday, Feb. 14; $40, $50. “EZ Bromeliads,” 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday, Feb. 21; $40, $50. “Phaleanopsis Phun!” 1 to 4 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 25; $30, $40. “Phaleanopsis and Vandas,” 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday, Feb. 28; $40, $50. Pre-register, 366-5731, Ext. 239 Backyard Composting Program — with Jean Nutter of Sarasota County Environmental Services will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 1, at Crowley Museum & Nature Center. RSVP by 5 p.m. Jan. 31, 322-1000. ❑

“Secret Gardens — Turkey, Morocco” — will be presented by photographer Mary Zabin of Longboat Key Garden Club at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 25, at Bayfront Park Recreation Center. It is hosted by Buttonwood Harbour members. Contact




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Harbour Court


(941) 387-0048 1303

maintenance-free home behind the gates of the LBK Club. Spectacular bay views to Sarasota skyline. 3,000 sq. ft. 4BR/4BA, kitchen/family room, living room w/fireplace open to lanai areas right over the water. Formal dining room. Community pool w/spa, 2 Har-Tru tennis courts, private boat dock, (20 ft. from lanai) 2 car garage. $1,100,000 Click on MLS#228918 @ for VIRTUAL TOUR.

Lusya Sullivan

Both tree and bush sea grapes are used in Longboat Key landscaping.



Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker

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Grand Bay

Direct Bay views with extra large balcony. The most quiet and private location 2B/2B unit that shows like a model. Beautiful tile floors & built-ins throughout. Parking garage. Longboat Key moorings boat slip available separately. $699,000. Click on MLS#230539 @ for VIRTUAL TOUR.

New Listing/Seaplace

Great 1 bedroom loft unit. Building G-1 is Gulf front. Screened lanai views greenbelt area. 1.5 baths, turnkey furnished. Enjoy all the Seaplace amenities at a great price $275,000 1303

Inn on the Beach

• AT THE LONGBOAT KEY CLUB. Club suite in World Class

resort. Finest restaurants, 38 holes of championship golf, tennis & fitness center. Grossed $41,538 in ‘01 $195,000.

Buttonwood Harbour Tangerine Bay #535 Buttonwood Harbour Beach Place Tangerine Bay #534 Sunset Beach Queens Harbour Promenade Inn on the Beach Sea Place Water Club II Buttonwood Cove Inn on the Beach Longboat Harbour


$400,000 $895,000 $450,000 $599,000 $895,000 $645,000





Michael Saunders & Company Licensed

R.E. Broker



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Walter May, Grand Life Master and Highest Ranking Bridge Teacher on Florida’s West Coast, will be here every Thursday beginning January 16 for 2 hour seminars that will teach you how to think and play better. BEGINNERS: 10 a.m. to Noon INTERMEDIATE: 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Bayfront Recreation Center 4052 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Pre-Registration preferred 349-0886 Walk-ins accepted Non-Members $12 each seminar Members $10 each seminar



Buttonwood Hbr Harbour Court Bayou Sound Rd. Sea Place Bay View Rd. Cedars East Sea Place Beach Place


Incredible views of lagoon, pool and Bay from this light and bright 2 bedroom plus den, 2 bath, oversized 2 car garage unit. Over 2200 square feet in this 2nd floor unit. Gas hook up in private court yard for grilling. $799,000 call Pete Snyder for your private tour. (941) 383-1051 or (941) 356-6824.

Dockside Realty

408 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key, FL 34228 Phone: 383-1051 • Fax: 383-9310




Deal us in

Dealer: East Vulnerable: None

No point bids How often I have heard bridge players say, “I couldn’t bid; I didn’t have enough points.” This was the answer given by the North player on this week’s hand. Needless to say that the result was a zero for the North-South players. A contributor writes, “You are South and make a normal take-out double, and West redoubles. (A redouble by the partner of the opening bid says I have 10 or more points and may or many not have a fit for the opening bid suit.) Both North and East pass, so what should South do? As you might guess, North defended his bid by saying that he had just three high-card points.” Leaving a doubled and redoubled contract of one spade cannot be easy for the South player. Could North possibly think he can set this contract? South must make a bid, either one notrump, thinking his partner may have spade stoppers, or bid one of his four-card suits. If he chooses to bid notrump, West will surely double and hopefully North may wake up and bid his diamond suit. A take-out double is normally just what it says and is meant to be taken out. The bidder is saying either he has an opening without a five-card suit or perhaps he is saying that he can support any bid that his partner might make. Granted, it is difficult for North to find a bid, but a bid of two diamonds after the redouble by West may keep East-West from finding their game contract.

West ♠K943 ♥AJ53 ♦Q52 ♣K2


South ♠2 ♥KQ73 ♦J873 ♣ A Q 10 7


Interactive Website:

East ♠ A J 10 6 5 ♥ 10 8 ♦AK ♣9853

Open House on Sunday 3511 BAYOU POINT

East 1♠

South Double

West Redouble

North All Pass You will find this beautiful home in the Bay Isles section behind the gates of the Longboat Key Club. European architecture describes the design of this home built for elegant living and entertaining; this 2-story estate features 4BR plus den, 5BA. Quality construction throughout including hardwood floors, large living room with fireplace, security system, gourmet kitchen and lavish master bath with 3 Roman showers. Grand living room and family room, music room/library, wet bar, spiral staircase, stone flooring and elevator access to all floors. Outstanding waterfront living. Deep water dockage. $1,659,000

Opening lead: K ♥ East-West 1. Mel Weisel and Tim Lesnik 2. Jo and Herb Bruch 3. Ida Rosenblum and Polly Kaatz Section B, North-South 1. Barbara and Ken Hayes 2. Lilo and Harry Hutzler 3. Ina Becker and Jackie Tucker East-West 1. Joan Sinder and Lorraine Ageloff 2. Mary Lou Thomas and Ian Sharpe 3. Natalie Kaufman and Bob Weiss


ppen I M a d e it H ay s ! in 1 1 D a

MERRILL DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB All Angels by the Sea Episcopal Church — Thursday, Jan. 16 Section A, North-South 1. Barbara Thoman and Susan Goodman 2. Doris Konecke and Cotton Stephenson 3. Gene Michaels and Fred Riedinger East-West 1. Ruth Colner and Cele Schwartz 2. Hazel and Barry Capal 3. Renee Pekeles and Joan Sinder ❑

Direct Bayfront Location. Magnificent, G w/granite & 5BR/4.5BA retreat. E N D INkitchen PGourmet wood. Deep water dock avail. Current dock in place. $2,699,000


LONGBOAT KEY DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB All Angels by the Sea Episcopal Church Tuesday, Jan. 14 Section A, North-South 1. Jill Green and Marge Sagman 2. Gene Michaels and Bill Zack 3. Renee Pekeles and Hope Zawatsky

North ♠Q87 ♥942 ♦ 10 9 6 4 ♣J64

The Bidding:

by Donna SWAN

Donna Swan is a resident of Longboat Key, an ardent bridge player and an American Contract Bridge League certified director who plays “for the fun of it.”


330 John Ringling Blvd. Sarasota, FL 376-6411 ~Direct Line 388-4433 - office 924-9000 ~ showing inquiries



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Phobe’s quote of the week! “The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man’s.” - Mark Twain

BAY PLAZA: Enjoy being around the cultural & culinary activities of downtown Sarasota from this 2BR/2BA in desirable Bay Plaza. Large rooms, 2 balconies. Carpet, kitchen tile, paint, a/c all new in 2000. Full service building with valet and concierge $375,000. TANGERINE BAY CLUB: Longboat Key’s finest Bayside comm. Featuring 2 car private garages, resort style pool, day dock/fishing pier, fabulous floor plans, private beach club. Please call for current availability.

Las Casitas: Charming Mediterranean w/ wide water views & private dock on Lido. Superb quality, style and design in this 2001 custom residence. $1,999,000

B AY I S L E S : Outstanding totally renovated home on 150 feet of seawall on deep, wide canal. New dock + 2 jet ski hoists. New landscaping ensures privacy to pool. 3BR/3.5BA, huge master, generous living areas, 4 car garage, 2 minutes from beach club. Simply superb $2,595,000. ISLANDER CLUB: Seasonal rental, just finished and luxuriously updated 2/2 condo. $6,500 per month

Call Michael at 941504-8018

Island House on Wide Sandy Beach: Casual elegance with a tropical flair personifies this relaxed 4 bdrm. home. Wide verandas offer 180 degree gulf & sunset views. $3,000,000

Mainland Boating Haven: Gated enclave surrounds this spacious home with 4 suites plus optional quarters for livein help. Private boat basin & 3 car garage. $1,895,000

Spectacular Views from the Ritz: 2 bedroom suite unit features a den and offers wonderful water views from all rooms. Handsomely appointed. 2 parking spaces. $1,495,000

Michael Saunders & Company

595 Bay Isles Rd, Mediterranean Plaza

Licensed Real Estate Broker

61 South Boulevard of Presidents, Sarasota, FL 34236 1303


An independently owned and operated member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

Spectacular Estate: with jewel-like interiors is set on 1.6 acres of artfully landscaped bay frontage. This important residence enjoys romantic areas for outdoor entertaining. $9,750,000

Call Linda at 941-388-4447



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Auto Sales & Service

PRIVATE MENNONITE caregiver/companion, 25/yrs. experience w/kindness and compassion. In my home or yours. 356-3360. EXPERIENCED CNA/HHA offering reliable care with respect and dignity for your loved ones in their home. Available all shifts. 21/yrs. experience. Great references, call 355-4509. A-1 CARE for your loved ones. Assistance, cleaning, cooking and errands. 20/years experience. Top references. 941-729-7711, Cell: 545-7114.

Alterations/Upholstery ISLAND UPHOLSTERY. Furniture, cushions, etc. Repair and restoring antiques. 121 Bridge St. Free estimates! 778-4335. ZYBS UPHOLSTERY. Sofas, boat cushions, corner borders. chairs and slip covers. Free estimates. Free pick-up and delivery. (941) 924-6949.


Boat Sales, Service & Storage

BRUMAR’S MARINE, INC. HOME OF THE TWIN VEE POWER CATS Ranging from 10’5” dinghy to 32’ of luxury fishing boat BOATS WITH ATTITUDE 4134 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Longboat Key, FL (941) 383-8190

Art LESSONS IN Oil Painting. Beginner thru Advanced. 364-5815.

Auto Sales & Service 1997 FORD Taurus, 99,000/miles. Looks and runs perfect! Great 2nd car. $3500 o/b/o. 224-2659.

Boat Sales, Service & Storage

20/hours. $36,900. 941-387-6435.

LONGBOAT KEY Moorings, 60/ft. boat slip. Seasonal, $19.00 per foot. Monthly $23.00 per foot. Yearly $16.50 per foot, plus electricity and sales tax. 383-2025/504-1232. PRIVATE SALE. Slip on “E” dock, Longboat Key Moorings. Call 941-922-3379. YOUR YACHT IS BEAUTIFUL! DOESN’T IT DESERVE A BEAUTIFUL HOME? SECURE, DEEPWATER BOAT SLIPS IN A PROTECTED GARDEN SETTING NEAR LONGBOAT’S NORTH END. AVAILABLE NOW FOR BOATS TO 60’. HARBOUR VILLA CLUB MOORINGS (941) 383-9544

Business Opportunities ST.ARMANDS Circle thriving business for sale. Great location. Under $200,000. Call Marni at My Realty (941)320-7686.

Caregiver/Companion SUSAN SHAUGHNESSY, R.N. Private duty nurse. Experienced in home and hospital care. References. 761-2656, 704-2190. CNA WILL provide daily care and light housekeeping, meals prepared and run errands. Good references. 753-1825. CARING PROFESSIONAL. Capable and personable. Mature lady now accepting new client for home care. Loves to cook. Good driving record. Bonded. Excellent local references. 371-6919. CARING, CAPABLE and personable lady now accepting new client for home care. Loves to cook, good driving record. References. 941-714-0934. CURRENT RN licensed. Worried about your loved ones, but they still want independence? I will give them a physical exam and manage their medications. Also available for caregiver/companion. 941-729-6891.

☛ MENNONITE, LADY 53, shop, clean companion for amlutory. Mon.-Fri. Open 8a.m.-2p.m., $90. 379-6969. EUROPEAN LADY available P/T-F/T for private care, cooking and cleaning. Home Health Aide Certified. Cheerful, loving, intelligent & reliable. References. 923-0115 or 545-4766. RN AVAIL. for home care/companionship. Experienced, reliable, local references. 586-7724.

Catering ➤ ➤ CATERING. BARTENDER AND/OR serving at your party, formal/casual. No party too small or large. (941) 918-8042. SINCE 1979 Harry’s Continental Kitchen has been making party memories from the casual to black tie affair. Specializing in small dinner parties. 383-0777.

➷➷➷➷➷➷➷➷➷➷ Business Opportunities Longboat Key Jewelry, Fine Gifts and outstanding collectibles at top location. Price, inventory negotiable. Mixed-Use Building: Luxury 3BR/2BA apt. & 5/offices on +/-1/3 acre. $1.4/million.

Don’t Forget!! DEADLINE for Classifieds is NOON ON MONDAY Answers for this week’s crossword


2001 VOLVO, Model S80 T6, turbo-charged, moondust with grey interior, 27K/miles, ☛ ☛ SMALL BOAT/TRAILER STORAGE. flawless, 100K/7 year warranty from Volvo Vacation or long term. On trailer or in-water. transferable, $32,000 o/b/o. 941-383-0485. Private launch ramp. Fresh water wash. Minutes to LBK, Gulf, gas, bait, restaurants. CADILLAC, 1996 DeVille Concours, pearl Also, bottom painting. Capt. John’s Marina. 941-792-2620. red, 10,000/miles, $8000. 248-478-8321. LEXUS 400, 1991. 93K/miles, loaded, dark green, one owner, $8700. 383-9074.

Call (941) 383-5509 To Place Your Ad

13’ CLASSIC wooden yawl. 2/Masts, Gaff RETIRED LONGBOAT KEY police officer. rig, beautiful eye catcher, excellent cond., Drive your car to the North and back. trailer. $2800 o/b/o. 383-6186. References. 941-778-5381 1999 BAYLINER, 18’ 1750 Capri, 135 Mercruiser IO w/Escort trailer, bimini top. Boat Charter Radio, compass, depth finder. Extended CHITWOOD CHARTERS, Grand Banks/ warranty. Garage kept, like new condition. Selene Yachts. Luxury Cruises, Sunsets, $10,500. 941-739-6326. Cocktails, Special Occasions. Half day to weekly. Bare boat available. Need a Boat Slips for Rent/Sale new hobby? Learn to pilot a yacht. SUPERB BOAT Slip for rent in high & dry Capt. Chitwood. 941-957-1530. indoor marina. In & out boat storage at its finest. Excellent south Longboat location, Boat Rentals easy access to Bay and Gulf. Up to 30’ Call 371-1866. CANNONS MARINA 6040 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Half-day and Full-day rentals 14’-24’ Skiffs /Runabouts /Deckboats Ride in Style in our Grady-White & Scout boats. All powered by YAMAHA outboards. 383-1311

The Longboat Observer to meet all applicable legal requirements in connection with the ad such as compliance with town codes in first obtaining an occupational license for a business, permitted home occupation, or residential rental property.

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2002 VOLVO S40, 9,000/miles. Custom paint - Desert Sand, leather seats. Perfect 2001 BOSTON Whaler, 22’ Dauntless condition. $19,400. 941-388-6456. Center Console with 200/HP Mercury, GFI. 100/Hrs. on engine, full canvas cover, VHF, CADILLAC: 1993 Allante. Only 32K/mi., GPS, fishfinder, portapotty, baitwell, livewell. pearl white, burgundy top and interior, digital Always in dry storage. $34,000 o/b/o. dashboard. Excellent condition. Northstar 941-387-0401, leave message. V8. $19,900. Phone 383-0795. 1998 MAKO 28 Center Console, $42,900. 2001 JAGUAR XK8 convertible. Black/black, Twin 225 Mercury EFI’s, t-top, depth loaded, low mileage. Excellent condition. recorder, outriggers, Furuno GPS, head, trim Must sell! $53,000. 941-650-4300. tabs, bait well, wash down, stereo system, additional 80/gal. fuel tank. Good condition. ‘86 MERCEDES 190 2.3 16V. 5/speed. Call Mike, 941-650-0292. Collectible. Winner St. Armands show! Perfect. Fun to drive. $15,000. ROBALO 2220, 2001 225/Mercury Optimax. 941-778-1132. Full electronics, full canvas, less than

Auto Transport

Adult Care

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SARASOTA Restaurant: Success forces relocation. Wine/beer, 44 seats, $110K for all but name. Bradenton Financial District Breakfast/Lunch, takeout/delivery, catering, 5-day week, 86 seats, easy to run. $170K. N.W. Bradenton Restaurant: Italian/pizza, beer/wine, 30 seats. Good lease, easy to expand. $55K. Coin Laundry: Fairway Center retail condo unit, all equipment included. $145K. LONGVIEW REALTY - 383-6112 Richard Estrin Licensed R.E. Broker





THURSDAY JANUARY 30, 2003 21D Crushed Shell GILLIS & GILLIS ENTERPRISES. Crushed, washed shell, top soil, landscaping service. We install shell driveways. Serving Sarasota & The Keys since 1978. Fully licensed & insured. 941-753-2954.





100% ITALIAN Leather NEW IN BOX. Sofa BRAND NEW in box “Mail Station”. Portable, $695, Love seat $650, Chair $500 or Group use anywhere, $75. 383-5372. $1700. 906-9668. Can Deliver. 4/BIKES, $120/ALL. 1/Electric chain saw, Brand Name, BRAND NEW Queen PILLOW $20. 1/Electric trim, $20. 387-8097. TOP mattress set. Still in plastic with warranty. Matching set. $100. 232-2544. DINING ROOM table and chairs. White wash, exquisite, $199. 713-4059. Can deliver.

MR. BANJO, Max Morrison. Excellent UNUSUAL TROMP L’OIEL table w/2 chairs. entertainment for parties. 941-383-9347. Looks like bookcase w/secret hiding place. Piece of art. Like new! $1200. Call 388-5169, on Lido. PIANOMAN (GERSHWIN SPOKEN HERE) Garage, Moving LIVE MUSIC MAKES YOUR PARTY MEMORABLE. ENJOY STANDARDS, SING-ALONGS, HEAR YOUR REQUESTS & DANCE! YOUR PIANO OR MY KEYBOARD.

& Estate Sales



Cleaning Services LONGBOAT CLEANING Co. Servicing LBK & surrounding area, 20/yrs. Longtime Island Resident. Special Fall prices available! Call us for estimate on windows. 388-0338.


CLEAN WINDOWS, wouldn’t that be nice! I’ll make your glass gleam! Local, license, insured. CHRIS’S WINDOW CLEANING. (941) 724-0221.


321-4261 ✦ 953-3144 J & S CLEANING SERVICES. Take a break, hire J & S to do your cleaning. Call Jamie or Brittany, 962-8613. HOUSE CLEANING by experienced Brazilian ladies. Good references. Free estimates. Please call Kiara 342-4243.


IN HOME computer services. Senior friendly, training, installation, trouble shooting. Jules Porchey, The Computer Man. 927-1428. ATTENTION SENIORS! Beginners and intermediate computer instruction. E-mail and Internet. In your home. Reasonable rates. 364-5815. ✦ ✦ ✦ COMPUTER COACH. I will teach you in your own home & at your own pace. Please call Elinor. 951-6145. COMPUTER OBEDIENCE Training. Is your computer misbehaving? Will train your computer to listen to you! Special $20/hour. FREE ADVICE. 545-7508. LEARN COMPUTERS faster and easier. Retired computer teacher, 40/years experience. Repairs. Unlimited lessons. 383-5372.

PATIO FURNITURE, 30” 2/chairs, $100. 387-0266.




WHITE WOOL coat. Beautiful and in perfect cond. Size med. (10-12), $50. 330-0628.

STILL NOT Breaking 100 Golf Clinic, Feb. 1st., 10-12, $50. Hitting The Driver BOAT CHARCOAL grille, Magna, $40. Golf Clinic, Feb. 1st., 12:30-2:30, $50. Marine towing bridle, 25’ 5/8” line, $15. Call Carol 941-779-2429. Marine safety harness, $10. Anchor line, 200’ 5/8”. Never used, $50. 383-7682. GOLF LESSONS, by USGTF professional. Call Carol, 941-779-2429. KENMORE CABINET elec. sewing machine

Health Services ☛☛

HELP FOR seniors @ home. Total wellness/resistance training video. $29.95+s/h.

Help Wanted

w/matching chair and all attachments, ex. cond., $75. 387-0008.


CARETAKERS: OWNERS of LBK residence looking for a couple with work ethics, integrity and responsibility to maintain property. Wife to clean, iron, maintain interior. Husband to oversee landscape maintenance, maintain pool, respond to Furniture security alerts, be responsible for exterior. (1) BRAND NEW Queen ORTHOPEDIC Require probably 2 days/week for each mattress set, still in plastic with Warranty. Oct.-May, less during summer when owners Landscaping not in residence. Reply with pertinent Matching set. $90. 906-9668. Can deliver. & Lawn Services info and references to: Caretakers, 921 Guisando de Avila, Tampa, FL 33613. FREE SNOW REMOVAL, and when its not 4/PORCH CHAIRS w/cushions, 1/porch table, white/gray, $125. 2/Porch chaise ISLAND JUICE AND JAVA DELI CAFE. snowing, I specialize in installing CRUSHED SHELL and ROCK yards, driveways and loungers w/cushions, white/gray, $95. Counter/prep person needed, 2/Wooden deck chairs +small table, very 10:00-2:00/daily. Nice environment, good walkways. Rip Rap, sand and mulch also delivered and spread. Hauling available. solid, $80. 387-8097. pay. Call Tony Jones, 387-8783. Please call DAVID BANNIGAN at 794-6971 or cell at 504-7045. BRAND NEW King mattress, Simmons HOUSECLEANING, LAUNDRY, some Beauty Rest, in plastic. Must sell! $285. cooking. Mid-February to end of April. Masonry 941-232-2880. 3/Days per week. 941-387-0507. SPECIALIZING IN quality custom stone FUTON. ALL oak, honey finish, no metal, work, brick, pavers, and general masonry Items For Sale mission frame. 9/Layer foam mattress. Still in repairs. References avail. 941-922-0402. box. Cost, $525. Sell, $325. Can deliver. THE LORD’S WAREHOUSE Resale Shop. 941-761-2344. Massage Voted #1 best department store on Key. Brand Name, BRAND NEW, Full We can furnish your home & enhance your EXPERIENCE THE HEALING BENEFITS ORTHOPEDIC Mattress Set. Still in plastic wardrobe. 6140 Gulf of Mexico Drive, OF MASSAGE. Swedish, deep tissue and with Warranty. Matching Set. $85. 906-9677. Longboat Key. Open Mon., Weds. & Sat., neuromuscular massages available. 9a.m.-3p.m. 383-4738. Can deliver. Location optional. Bradenton, Sarasota or in home. 753-7766 Lic. #MA34584. SHARPER IMAGE Vibrating Massage chair, PERSIAN EMPIRE rug, 8’x11’, multi-colored tan leather, like new! Was $2800. Now mauve, teal blue, light green, 100% wool. $450. 779-9208. $1200 o/b/o. 387-3244.

HOUSEKEEPING & CHILDCARE. Reliable, mature, meticulous and thorough Brazilian female. Excellent references. Call Aline DAYBED, WHITE/BRASS. Complete w/2 (941)544-3237. mattresses, trundle. New in boxes. Sell $285. 941-232-2880.  MRS. MAIDS. Want a clean house? Call Mari. Competitive prices. References. BRAND NAME, brand new. Full orthopedic mattress set. Still in plastic. Warranty. $100. Bonded and Insured. 371-3175. Can deliver. 941-232-2880. DAZZLE CLEANING, “personalized housekeeping, general cleaning and house checks (1) BRAND NAME QUEEN ORTHOPEDIC plush mattress set. Still in plastic, $120. to meet your needs. Lic./Ins. 379-6582. Can deliver. 232-2544.

Computer Services

SOFA, WASHED wicker by Henry Link. Off-white/aqua cushions. Good cond., $200. 941-383-3193.

LUG HAMMER to loosen over tightened MULTI-FAMILY, LONGBEACH VILLAGE. wheel lugs easily, $35. 778-5073. Saturday, February 1, 8a.m. Furniture, household and miscellaneous items. SOFA AND love seat, multi-color w/matching 6865 Hughes St. 387-7136. items available, $200. 778-9215.


Items Under $200

BLACK GAMA Fingertip dark ranch mink coat. Small-med. Flawless. $1200. 941-778-5381. WEIGHT MACHINE, Multiple Station Small Footprint Pacific Fitness Zuma. Like new! Cost, $1200. Sell, $600. 387-3471.

Items Under $200

YAMAHA ELECTRIC keyboard. Barely used, includes stand and stool, $100. DISPLAYED, BUT never used, Model home 383-9204. furniture: 4-piece bedroom suite, $259; sofa & love seat, $399; queen bed set, $199; full FREE FEMALE black Chow/Lab. dog. bed set, $159; twin bed set, $129; daybed Loving and playful. 1/yr. 3/mos. Shots. Not complete w/pop-up trundle & 2 mattresses, fixed. Dog house included. 779-2354. $285; Futon and frame, $199. Delivery available. Builders, 753-7118. WOOL RUG, Pakistani Bokhara, $165. 952-0339. BRAND NAME, brand new. Queen orthopedic mattress set still in plastic. LION KING tickets. Tampa, 3/excellent seats, Sunday matinee, 1:00p.m. Jan. 26, Warranty. $110. Can deliver. 941-232-2880. $200. 941-779-9206, leave message. BRAND NAME, brand new Queen Pillowtop orthopedic mattress w/springs. Still in NOLAN RYAN Limited Edition collector’s plastic, $125. King set available, $175. plates. 24K Gold bordered, 7” porcelain plates. Commemorative feats throughout 941-232-2880. Nolan’s career. A total of 6/plates, $150. (1) Brand NEW name brand KING PILLOW (Will separate @ $25/ea.) 779-9208. TOP mattress set. Still in plastic with Warranty. Matching set. $160. 232-2544. BAR CHAIR, wrought iron, padded seat & back on swivel, $50. Epson Stylus 777 color Can deliver. printer, $50. Black office chair, tilt back, DOUBLE BED, used twice, new when I hydraulic height adjustment, $35. Professiobought it, $300. If interested, call 383-2649, nal computer workstation by MicroCentre, portable, $65. Call 365-3777. evenings.

MASSAGE THERAPY Marty Roca (941) 587-9690 Lic. #MA32116

For your convenience, I come to you!

 KATHRYN’S MOBILE MASSAGE. Home/office/resort. “Relax”. 447-6485. License #MA0021414. Miscellaneous Wanted WANTED TO BUY: old fishing tackle boxes, lures, reels, bamboo rods, guns, etc. 941-966-1617.

Music MUSIC LESSONS. Retired public school music teacher accepting students for private lessons. Piano/keyboard, violin or wind instruments. $15.00/per 1/2/hour. 359-1612.

Painting & Wallpapering   CANFIELD PAINTING. Color your New year! Free estimates. Interior-Exterior. References available. 364-8874. PAINTING & GENERAL SERVICES CO. Father & Son Team. Handyman repairs, pressure washing, professional quality work. All phases interior/exterior. Call Dan, 954-2158.



Painting & Wallpapering

Personal Services

RAY CORDY CUSTOM PAINTING. Interior/exterior, Residential, Commercial. All painters are union trained journeymen. Condos, Repaints, Remodels. Homeowners & Contractors welcome. Lic./Ins. 30/yrs. experience. Chamber of Commerce member. 953-5215.

SARASOTA SOUND. Audio video hook-ups and installations. Home entertainment center assembly, home/office furniture assembly. Hernando Gomez, Jr. (Spanish spoken) 355-6340.

Pet Services

JAVIER OVALLE PAINTING. 25+/years PERSONALIZED, LOVING in-home pet and experience. Many local references. Fine property services. Insured & Bonded. Finish Work. Interior/Exterior. 753-6019 or Purrs n’ Paws Pet Care. 941-224-3664. 726-6896. PASTEL PAINTING. Interior/exterior, neat, Professional Services reasonable. Wallpaper/wallpaper removal. Supplying LBK clients w/over 12 years EXPERIENCED HANDYMAN: Repairs, landscaping, tile, carpentry, experience & customer service. Insured. painting, screening, fences, drywall, etc. Licensed. Paul Passanant. 366-9434. Insured. Free estimates. Edson Bessa. 941-730-6838.

Remodeling & Home Improvements 

Remodeling & Home Improvements 


CERAMIC TILE Supplied and Installed

All Variations of Ceramic Tile Supplied & Installed. Floors a Specialty. Large Longboat Key Portfolio. Free Estimates & Custom Designs.

Best pricing on all brand name CARPETING & LAMINATES. “Why pay retail” 10 Years Island Resident CHAMBER MEMBER “We take care of our neighbors”

Dirty grout? Give us a shout! Grout cleaning & restoration services available.


Call Neil Halfacre (941) 726-3077

LIC. INS. Lic./Ins. GERMAN HANDYMAN. Tiles, wood flooring,  JOHN OVERSTREET Remodeling painting and all other home repair you may PROFESSIONAL PAINTING need help for. High quality, reasonable & Home Improvements INTERIOR/EXTERIOR prices. No job too small!! Licensed and JOE UNGVARSKY Construction. RemodelALL AROUND MR. FIX ALL. 15/Yrs. Exp. insured. 539-7937. ing contractors. In-house plan design. COMPETITIVE PRICING Spackling, moldings, painting, hanging State licensed and insured. #CRC035261. FREE ESTIMATES pictures, home theater hookup, install Many island references. 778-2993. 1/YR. FREE TOUCH-UP YOUR REMODELING & HOME shades/blinds/faucets/fixtures/fans. No job 25TH YEAR ON LONGBOAT KEY IMPROVEMENT AD HERE! ♦ ♦ ♦ CUSTOM RENOVATIONS. 25/years too small! Indoor/Outdoor. Very dependable. CALL 383-5202 CALL 383-5509 experience as a highly skilled, dependable, Free estimates. Call Brian @ 737-0835. restoration/renovation expert, carpenter & fine finishing contractor. Kitchen and   IMAGES OF YOUR CHOICE on ☛ BILL GAREAU Building & Remodeling. ✦ GRIFFITHS' ISLAND PAINT & PAPER tiles for a beautiful lasting design. All phases of home improvement. License bathroom specialist. Repairs & Painting. Paul Beauregard, 779-2294. SERVICES. Int./ext. painting, pressure, 753-9514. #RBC0067087. Insured. 685-2244. washing, wallpaper & faux painting. We spray wicker. Prompt, reliable service at Roofing THE EUROPEAN reasonable rates! Lic./Ins. Call Kevin. Cell EXPERT TILE INSTALLATION 704-7115 or 792-1646. WOOD FLOORING COMPANY FLOORS, COUNTERS, BACKSPLASHES,   BAYSIDE ROOFING. Roof repair specialists! Re-roofs! New roofs! WALLS, MURALS. PAINTING/WALLPAPERING BY MICHAEL. Tile Replacement! All work guaranteed! FOR ALL YOUR WOOD AND LAMINATE LIFELONG LBK RESIDENT Free Estimates. LBK References. 378-4529. RC004206. 941/753-6879. FLOORING NEEDS. MEMBER LBK CHAMBER A LARGE SELECTION AVAILABLE. YOUR SPECIALIZING IN BAMBOO. ARTISAN TILE SAY YOU SAW IT IN CALL FOR FREE ESTIMATE. Painting & Wallpapering Ad (941) 383-2659 941-726-3916 THE LONGBOAT OBSERVER Here! Lic./Ins.

S E RV I C E D I R E C T O RY Need Assistance at your home?




Our prayers and

Commercial ¥Residential ¥ Vacation Rentals 25 Years Call Joy or Laura experience

Phone 383-5103 • Cell 284-1777 Over 30 Years engineering & construction experience. Longboat Key

(941) 812-2485

Thanks go out


Pre-screened Homemaking HHA/CNA’s LPN’s & RN’s

to all those

Residential & Commercial

who are helping

Residential & Commercial ¥ Restoration Projects ¥ Design Consulting


country safe

Paradise Care Consultants, Inc.

and free!

Nurse Registry 941-359-6719 Phone 941-359-9578 Fax


THIS SPACE COULD BE YOURS! Call Maureen for more information about The Longboat Observer Service Directory! Phone: 383-5509 or Fax: 383-7193

• Renovations

to keep this


J. PHILLIPS FINE PAINTING Interior/Exterior/Wallpapering Reliable ¥ 25 Years Experience Insured & Lic. ¥ FREE Estimates Tel: 927-6127 Cell: 504-8594

MAKE A LIST, INC. Your Handyman Services Company


ISLAND MAINTENANCE Property Maintenance ¥ Interior/Exterior Residential & Commercial ¥ FREE ESTIMATES ¥ Registered & Insured Mark S. George, Owner/Operator

Free Estimates

STRESS FREE Car Buying with a Personal Car Shopper W HY


I will do all the negotiations to get you wholesale pricing on any make, model or year.



AUTO ADVOCATE OF AMERICA, INC. 941 .349.9880 or 941 .350.8277



Window Decor by Nelly

Professional Teaching Professional

Affordable Draperies, cornice boards, bedspreads, valances, pillows, horizontal & vertical blinds, plantation shutters

Natural Golf Certified Instruction




?? OLD









We work for You, Not the insurance company… If you never filed the original claim, we will… No fee until we get the money for you…

Mold • Water Damage • Roof Leaks Broken Plumbing • Reopen Prior Claims

Call: 800.251.8975 ALLIED ADJUSTER SERVICES All Lines Public Adjuster • Lic. # A289282

2101 12th Street Sarasota, FL 34237

(941) 365-0120 (941) 704-6570



Carpet Cleaning • Furniture Cleaning Fire/Water Damage Cleanup

Call Maureen for more information about The Longboat Observer Service Directory!

ServiceMaster of NW Sarasota & The Meadows, Bill & Fonda Davies, Owners

Phone: 383-5509 or Fax: 383-7193

ServiceMASTER 927-2128



Screen Repair

Commercial Rentals & Sales

Condos & Homes For Sale

Condos & Homes For Sale

ED’S RESCREENING. Pool cage restoration, screened entryways. Serving Longboat Key. “Quality Work, Affordabley Priced”. Licensed & Insured. 504-2325 or 921-9289. Ed Ponte, Owner/Operator.

RESTAURANT FOR SALE: Death in family reason for selling this proven money maker for 14/years!! One of the most popular bar and grills in S.W. FLA. Asking $1.3M includes prime R.E., liquor license and business. 941-302-9000. Admiral Realty.

ISLANDER CLUB. Fabulous beach views from this updated 2BD/2BA Condo. Olympic sized pool, tennis courts, fitness. Steps to beach. For sale by Owner. 941-387-7539.


 $519,900 DOWNTOWN, Bay front, 2BR/2BA. Totally renovated, unsurpassed Bay and city views. Nothing compares. Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp., 941-809-0041.




RECEIVE PHONE calls while you are on the internet with one phone line. Save money! 383-5372.

(OLD FLORIDA), Siesta Key, Sarasota School of Architectural style with walls of glass, long view, dock, pool, private INCOME TAX prepared by experienced road. Investment priced at $1,220,000. professional. Reasonable rates! Will come   LONGBOAT KEY’S highest traffic Claire Marlow, Charles Rutenberg Realty, to your home by appointment, pick up generator. Avenue of The Flowers, space 349-4835. necessary paperwork and deliver finished ready. Be in for Season. Retail or office. return. 954-2112. T. Mannausa & Co., AMO, Realtor.  $2,279,000. Water Club, Dover Unit, 365-1511, ext. 115. N/W Gulf views, 3BR, 3200/sq.ft. Beautifully Tile Installation appointed. Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp. 941-809-0041. Condos & Homes For Sale MORENO MARBLE & TILE. Installation & Restoration. Quality work. Over 20/yrs. $799,000. BUTTONWOOD Harbor. Custom experience. Insured. Call Javier, Cell: built 1990 Mediterranean, 3BR/3BA, heated SPECTACULAR SUNSETS; City lights, bird watcher's/nature lover’s paradise 685-5163 or 795-6615. caged pool, 2570/sq.ft. under air. Mature overlooking Sarasota Bay. Attractive oaks, partially wooded. Community dock, 2-3BR/2BA, almost 2000/sq.ft. Mainland golf Tutoring extreme privacy (canal opposite). 387-0487. & tennis community, $350,000. BEAUTIFUL VIZCAYA; Gated, deluxe rec PRIVATE TUTOR avail. to help with home schooling or FCAT preparation. Certified  $659,900 LONGBOAT KEY, full direct facilities, 3BR/2BA, garden view. Mainland w/25yrs. experience in Massachusetts. Gulf view. Near Publix, 2BR/2BA, new near golf & tennis, 20/min. to beach. kitchen, granite counters, new ceramic and $152,000 furnished. 351-6099. carpets. Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty MANATEE RIVER VIEW; Tennis, heated Corp. (941) 809-0041. pool, 2BR/2BA; 20/min. to beach. $145,000. Commercial Rentals & Sales Bay Shore Realty, Inc. GOLDEN GATE Pointe, across from Ritz DOWNTOWN CONDO. Tired of slow beach 755-3701, Eves: 792-7465 Carlton. 10/Unit complex completely traffic? Walk to everything!! Luxury remodeled. Asking $1.3/Million. Owner 2BR/2.5BA w/garage. You select everything, highly motivated. Bring all serious offers for few left. Linda McKenzie @ Hembree & ☛ SANCTUARY, RARELY AVAILABLE. this superb property. Ideal 1031 exchange. Assoc. 388-4014. Spectacular direct Gulf front corner unit with Angela Wicks, Prudential Palms Realty, panoramic views of Gulf, golf course and 266-0488. LBK CANAL FRONT villa 2BR/2BA, deeded bay. Completely furnished 2BR/2.5BA +den. beach access, new tile, carpet and paint. A must see! $1,299,000. Call Marilyn ☛ PRIME RETAIL AND OFFICE space Screened lanai, 55+. Don’t miss this one! Duncan, Coldwell Banker, 1-800-404-0117, available at the Centre Shops, Longboat For sale by owner 383-0034. ext. 141. Key. Call 387-3135.

Tax Time



BOOK YOUR AD FOR 4 WEEKS 383-5509 OR FAX 24 HOURS TO: 383-7193

S E RV I C E D I R E C T O RY All Ages Welcome! Pilates & Aquatics Available Golf & Tennis Conditioning

Landscapes in Paradise

Improve Range of Motion Increase Bone Density Focus on Functional Fitness

Personalized Fitness 941-387-8361

Patti-Linn Stanley Certified Personal Trainer Land and Water Instruction

Our prayers and Thanks go out to all those

Complete Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

I Come To You! Individualized Programs Reasonable Rates

ACE, AFAA, AEA, AFAP Certified

who are helping


to keep this country safe and free!





Bradenton (941) 746-6306 Sarasota (941) 922-1615

Jim and Sandee Davis Owners

LBKC Member SCT Member

Same owners since 1979

Sun Set Screens & more 4 years local experience Island work

Owner - 720-2742 Manager - 720-1063 Lic.# 105367


Specializing in GROUT & TILE Cleaning & Sealing Carpet & Upholstrey

(941) 379-3135

Revolutionary “Viper Turbo” Steam Cleaning System

Massage Therapy Marty Roca, LMT For your convenience, I come to you! Chair massage also available License# MA32116

(941) 587-9690

Reasonable Rates

• AFFORDABLE SOLID SURFACES • Kitchen & Bathroom Countertops Variety of innovative colors, styles & accessories.

(941) 926-3880 * Free Consultation

Lic.# MA34776


Pamela Miller, LMT

Insured Free Estimates



Massage In Your Home ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥

Deep Relaxation Neuromuscular Reiki Energy Work Office Visits Available

New Client Special for 1st Massage: $55


Fitness Classes with Certified Instructor

Barbara Anderson

Low Impact Aerobics Tues/Thurs/Sat 8-9 AM Complete Body Sculpting Tue 9:15-10:15 AM Pay per class - Members $5 / Nonmembers $8 Bayfront Recreational Center 4052 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key

“We want to keep your windows clean”

Service includes: Inside and Outside of all Window, Screens, Tracks and Sliding Doors. Insured Quality Work

FREE Estimate FREE Weather Treatment

PHONE: 9 4 1 •7 8 0 •1 5 3 2



for 1st time customers Call for Senior Citizen Discount

mirrors and 2 fans





up to 24 standard windows

INTERIOR IMPROVEMENTS 751-2728 Specializing in

FLOORING Installed Direct

Kitchens & Baths

TILE Repair & Remodel


IN-STOCK Residential Commercial Berber


APPROX. WT. SQ. FT. 38 oz. $0.72 20 oz. $0.56 26 oz. $0.61

SQ . Y D . $6.48 $5.04 $5.49

Quality Work Guaranteed! 10% OFF ANY ROOM INSTALLED (WITH THIS AD)



Condos & Homes For Sale

Condos & Homes For Sale

Condos & Homes For Sale

BRADENTON BEACH. Direct Gulf Front Hotel being changed to CONDOS. Prices from $285,000-$335,000. Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp. 941-809-0041.

Bayfront for the tennis enthusiast. Refurbished Longboat condo townhouse: full Bay view, 2BR/2.5BA, garage. Much more! $399,000. Open Sunday, noon-4p.m. Call owner-agent, George Noble, Longview Realty: 383-6112.

CONDO ON THE BAY. Best priced 2BR/2BA, updated, fabulous full bay views, 10th floor. Docks, pools, tennis, gated. Great buy @ $438,900. Joan Boltax, Michael Saunders & Co. 941-350-6390.

941-383-8950 941-587-5260

TENNESSEE. MODERN mountain cabin w/14 acres, 2BR/loft, central heat/air, all appliances included. Great vacation/hunter’s getaway. Asking $99,900. 941-359-1612

DOWNTOWN CONDO, near the Ritz. Fabulous bay views, gorgeous 2BR/2BA, TKF. Popular “888” complex has 2/pools, tennis, guard gated and boat dock. $568,000. Wayne & Penny Sanders. Michael Saunders & Co. 941-923-5895. 1714 WALDEMERE. Split 4BR/3BA/2/car. Caged pool, fireplace, low maintenance yard. $765,000. 316-9371. THE MOST Spectacular Penthouse view in Sarasota! 32/ft. high floor-to-ceiling windows. Downtown. $4,200,000. Susan L. McLeod, GRI. Michael Saunders & Company. (941) 928-4445. LONGBOAT, GULF front. Excellent income condo w/Gulf view. 2BR/2BA unit in small 8/unit complex. Completely turnkey furnished w/heated pool. Short term rentals allowed. Offered for $500,000. Call Mike Migone or Tina Rudek at Wedebrock R.E. Co. 383-5543. NORTH LONGBOAT KEY. Beachside community, 322 Firehouse Lane, 3BR/3BA, family room, screened porch, 3/decks, community pool, walk to beach, fully furn. $995,000. Conrad Beach. Open Sunday, 11-4. 387-9595. VIEW! VIEW! VIEW! Gulf, Sunset, City from the 3/balconys of this top floor North end unit on Lido Key. $485,000. By owner. 941-388-2708. DOWNTOWN BAYFRONT, 2BR/2BA 7th floor corner unit with panoramic views of the City/Bay. Updated. Secured building. Indoor parking. All amenities. Best value on the Bay. $349,900. Call 373-0800. John Fay, Drazen In The Sun Realty. BAY FRONT condo. 2BR/2BA, 1200/sq.ft., secure, sunset/park views, next to Sarasota Bay Club. By owner, 366-7115. $282,000. WATERFRONT ESTATE on two lots at North end of Anna Maria with 250/ft. on canal. Ground floor two-story 3BR/3BA home in a garden setting complete with heated pool and spa. Offers privacy in quiet neighborhood, short walk to Gulf. New roof, new pool screen, new solar panels, new dock and new A/C unit (heat pump). 1 year home warranty included. 317 Iris Street. $799,000. Call (941)778-0171. LONGBOAT LUXURY PENTHOUSE DIRECT GULF VIEW, ALL AMENITIES, 3BR/3BA. $1,890,000 918-9011 STUNNING FULL BAY VIEWS. Custom 4944/sq.ft. maintenance-free residence, gated community. Fee includes flood insurance and more! $1,395,000. Sharon Freeman (941) 321-0249. Michael Saunders & Company. PLAYERS CLUB, 2BR/2.5BA, gorgeous Gulf views, completely remodeled, new kitchen and baths, granite/Corian, plantation shutters, new tile. $715,000. Julie Fried, 716-759-6799 or 716-984-3321.

KEY TOWERS SOUTH. Lido Beach, 2BR/2BA. $425,000. Al Galli, Realtor. Mary Bolan & Associates. (941) 356-1669.

BEACH HOUSE. Longboat home in Country Club Shores. Short walk to beach, golf course views, remodeled like new & furnished. $374,000. By Owner/Broker. Please call 914-6347 or Flory Real Estate. 955-4100. LBK CANAL HOME. Beautiful, well maintained 3BR/2BA home w/boat dock/lift. New roof, turnkey furnished, many mature fruit trees. Fabulous community with deeded beach access. $685,000. Monica Lord, Florida Sun Realty Corp. (941) 955-0088 or (941) 350-0566.

$549,900. Bird Key, Great water views, 3BR, pool, family room, marina. Greg Nowak, 941-809-6034. BEACH BEAUTIES! 2BR/1BA charming cottage, excellent condition, furnished & 3BR/2BA bungalow with updated kitchen and baths, wood floors, within steps to the Gulf. 24/Hr. info 1-800-291-2403 ext. 2047 & 2067. Lynda Fontaine, Re/Max Gulfstream, 720-0669.

Rentals: Annual

BEACH PLACE, annual rental. Unfurnished, newly painted and carpeted, 2BR/2BA, southern exposure, Gulf and Bay view, covered parking. Will consider seasonal. Available January, 2003. No pets or smokers. Call 941-383-4249. E-mail: FREE WEEKLY list of Homes for sale with BAY AND CANAL VIEWS. Corner photos, prices and addresses. 929-9292 Penthouse, exquisitely updated, beautifully Re/Max Properties CENTRE SHOP office available. Decorated. furnished/turnkey, deeded beach access. Priced below market. 387-7676. Also $369,000. Sharon Freeman (941) 321-0249. available seasonally. Lots & Acreage For Sale Michael Saunders & Company. LONGBOAT KEY 3/LOTS; C-1 zoning. EN PROVENCE, 3BR +family room. Fabueach. General Harris St. Longview lous views in premiere condo community.  $224,900. VILLA on Longboat with $400,000 Realty, Richard Estrin Lic. R.E. Broker. Call Cheryl Loeffler, Coldwell Banker Marina and deeded beach access, 383-6112. Previews. 383-5000. 2BR/2BA+den, low maintenance. Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp., SARASOTA RANCH CLUB. Beautiful LONGBOAT KEY. 1BR/1BA unfurnished, 10 acre lot in privately gated equestrian $560/mo., includes water. No pets. 941-809-0041. community. $225,000. 387-1442. 387-9252.  $479,900, LONGBOAT KEY, LBK, NORTH End canal front lot for sale by 3/Bedroom Townhouse w/elevator. Bright owner. 5/Min. to Gulf, new 50/ft. dock, sewer NORTON ST., 3BR/2BA, canal, garage. Available March 1st. $1800/mo. 349-1021. high ceilings w/huge entertaining rooms. and water. 383-8710. OVER 3000/sq.ft. furnished, 2/car garage. NEED A condo while house building Dennis Girard, Central Park Realty Corp., Open House /hunting? 2BR, TKF, Islander Club with 941-809-0041. SECLUDED 150/FT. WATERFRONT, LBK. fabulous views! Available April, 2003. DIRECT BAY FRONT VILLA/LONGBOAT 6551 Bayou Hammock Rd. $1,195,000. $2500/mo. 387-0114. KEY. 270/degree views! Maintenance 4BR/3BA wooded acre. Available for free, ground level, 3BR/2BA split plan, showing Sunday, 1-4p.m. Call Owner/agent, LBK, WATERFRONT, 1/BR apartment. Quiet setting, $795/mo. Also, studio approx. 1400/sq.ft., eat-in all-white kitchen, M. Namack, Ilene Mirman Realty $695/mo. Boating & beach. 941-383-0275. glassed/screened lanai. Neutral carpet/ 941-730-6812 or 941-378-3582. ceramic, 2/walk-in closets, mud/laundry room COUNTRY CLUB SHORES, LBK. 3BR/2BA, off kitchen w/W/D and storage. Oversize 2/car home. $1750/mo. 941-383-9799. carport +parking available for 2nd car, BBQ OPEN HOUSE ok. Clubhouse, marina, 2/heated pools, NEWLY RENOVATED 2BR/2BA Islander NEW CONSTRUCTION tennis, saunas, exercise & game rooms. Club condo. Fantastic Gulf view from all THE ENCORE Deeded beach access. Unfurnished. $455K. rooms. ALL new appliances and furnishings. Avail. April, 2003 (negotiable). (941) Annual renter preferred. Will consider 383-4964 or (941) 400-9152. Nov. 19-Jan. 1: Sarasota’s newest luxury gated seasonal. Available March 1st, $6500/mo. (314) 882-6983. Condominium Community 614-457-8514. located 2/blocks from The Ritz. Saturday and Sunday, 1:00-4:00 ANNUAL COTTAGE rental in LBK Village, 3347 SABAL COVE 1BR/1BA w/large kitchen, dining, living. IN THE Fenced in yard. Water/sewer/trash included. 1335 Second Street (near new Library) LONGBOAT KEY CLUB $800/monthly. Please contact Joe Rogers @ Sarasota, FL 941-383-2391. 941-951-1776 OPEN HOUSE EVERY SUNDAY COUNTRY CLUB SHORES, 3BR/2BA canal front home. Unfurnished, $1700/mo. 1-4p.m. BAYFRONT & TENNIS. Open Sunday, The Longboat Connection, Inc. Realtor. noon-4p.m.: refurbished 2BR/2.5BA 941-387-9709. 4000/Sq.Ft., Custom 5-Year New Home, townhouse at 832 Evergreen Way, Cedars Tennis Club, $399,000. Call owner-agent, Property #51996 George Noble, Longview Realty: 383-6112. ARTIST COTTAGE Brokers Protected IN HISTORIC LONGBEACH VILLAGE. Out-Of-State Property Call for Showing

ATTENTION SELLERS!!! We will Sell Your Rentals: Annual Home In 45 Days or We Will Pay you $500 Cash! 929-9292 Bryan Guentner Re/Max CASA DE SOL, 2BR/2BA, w/d, perfect, Properties $800. LIDO AMBASSADOR, 1BR/1.5BA, Gulf  $779,900. DIRECT GULF FRONT. view. $850/mo. Exquisitely renovated and furnished. Behind WOODMANS CHART, 2BR/2BA, $1100/mo. gates of Longboat Key Club. Dennis Girard, 7778 CASTLE ISLAND, 4BR/3BA, new, $2300/mo. Central Park Realty Corp. 941-809-0041. PALM COURT VILLA, 2BR/2.5BA+den, SUNSET BEACH, LBK. Penthouse $900/mo. unit, 2BR/2BA, w/full Gulf view, designer COLDWELL BANKER decorated. Turnkey furnished. $649,000. LISA SNOW (727)937-3488. 388-5532 WEST OF GMD, furnished condo in charming 10/unit complex. Low maintenance fee, pet permitted, 2BR/2BA. Reduced to $245,000. 383-0459. LIDO SHORES CONDO, 2BR/2BA, $1300/mo. CANAL FRONT, 3BR/2BA. Beautiful bay ST. ARMANDS TOWER NORTH, 2BR/2BA view, w/boat dock, pool. $389,000. Realtor. $1850/mo. Vincent, 383-8860. A. Paradise Realty. Cristin Curl 383-4747 Wedebrock Real Estate $434,900 FULL BAY VIEWS, 3000/SQ.FT. FURNISHED TOWNHOUSE. IMMACULATE MOVE-IN CONDITION, 3BR/2.5BA W/ELEVATOR AND 2/CAR GARAGE. KATHLEEN CALLENDER, BROKER ASSOCIATE MICHAEL SAUNDERS & COMPANY 941-321-3115

DOWNTOWN, 1BR/1BA, turnkey furnished. Available January 1st. Near theaters, restaurants, Bay. Must have references. $1000/mo. 941-320-1885.

2/BR, Laundry, Fireplace, New Kitchen, Back Porch, Spacious Front and Back Yards. A short walk to Longboat’s best beaches, art center, boat ramp, pier, shopping and restaurants. (Prefer annual) Call 383-3880

CONDO WITH million dollar view! Available for 6-10/mos. of 2003. Available March 1st. 2BR, nicely decorated, 55 community. $1000/mo. 941-953-6146.


☛ ☛LONGBOAT KEY, 801 Broadway, 2BR/1.5BA. $1250/mo. +utilities. Horizon LBK, 3 or 4BR/3.5BA. Canal front w/view of Realty. 778-0426. Sarasota Bay. Deep water dock. Beach access. Turnkey furnished, $2550/mo. IN THE VILLAGE w/panoramic Bay view. 730-2790. Email: Large studio type home, furnished.

WHY ENDURE the traffic? Enjoy your 3BR Parkside/Beach retreat. 30x12 screened deck, floor to ceiling panoramic view of LBK 2BR/2BA villa. Low fees! Pool and waterfront. Unfurnished. Call 748-5334 marina, deeded beach access. $255,000. ASAP to broaden your life. 383-8860. Owner/Realtor. BEACHPLACE, 2BR/2BA, unfurnished, LONGBOAT KEY. Tiffany Plaza, fully Southern exposure, covered parking. furnished condo for sale. $475,000. Wonderful amenities, $2100/mo. Call Maggie (941) 383-3910 or (815) 562-2156. Hicks, 383-6411.

383-6251. LIDO BEACH, 2 or 3BR/2BA, renovated, screened lanai, across from beach. Walk to Circle, furn. or unfurn. Annual-Seasonal. $1200/mo. 941-388-2763. DOWNTOWN, 1BR/1BA, turnkey furnished. Available January 1st. Near theaters, restaurants, Bay. Must have references. $1200/mo. 941-320-1885.


Rentals: Annual LBK ON BEACH. Best southern tip gated location. 25/Ft. of living room, windows looking onto water, marina, golf course and lush serenity. Pleasantly furnished, 2BR/2BA, 1500+sq.ft. Sands Point condo. Private-like beach and spectacular waterside pool. Annual @ $1950/mo. 800-339-2984.

THURSDAY JANUARY 30, 2003 25D Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation ST. ARMANDS Circle. Kingston Arms Condominiums. Newly renovated and furnished 2BR/2BA unit, heated pool, steps to beach and shopping. No pets, no smoking. Available Sept. through Dec., 2003 ($1700/mo.) and Jan. through April, 2004 ($2800/mo.) (770) 226-0955 or e-mail:

SEAPLACE, 1BR loft, 1.5/BA. Furnished, Gulf view, steps to beach. Available LONGBOAT KEY. Privateer South condo immediately. $1500/mo. 914-725-2747 or behind the gates. Beach building, 2BR/2BA, 914-725-7002. Gulf view, pool, tennis. 3/month minimum 201-666-1079/941-377-2463. GOLDEN GATE Point. Studio and 1BR’s from $650/mo. 266-0488. CEDARS WEST on LBK. Cancellation makes highly desirable condo available for March, 03. 2BR/2BA unit with lanai on Gulf LBK beach. $4400/mo. Call rental office @ AVAILABLE APRIL, 2003 941-383-4666. GET THE BEST OF 2 HIGH SEASONS. FABULOUS VIEWS! 11TH FLOOR ISLANDER CLUB 2BR/2BA, CUSTOM DECOR. SUPERB AMENITIES INCLUDE WELL-EQUIPPED EXERCISE ROOM, HAR-TRU TENNIS AND MORE. $2500/MO ANNUAL 387-0114 LONGBOAT KEY, bay views. Hemingway style canal front home. Hardwood floors, new carpet, sitting porches to enjoy the view. 3BR/1BA, garage, fresh paint inside and out. Walk to private Gulf beach. Annual, $1800/mo. 941-350-8048. Call for seasonal rates.

 SEAPLACE. GULF views, largest 2BR/2BA, large W/D, new appliances, newly furnished, 50 steps to beach. Annual. 941-955-9590. BAY PLAZA, Sarasota. Downtown, 2BR/2BA, unfurnished, annual. $2700/mo. Pat Passeri, Rental Agent, Re/Max Excellence. 800-708-5994 or 941-387-2927.

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation MID-KEY, 2BR/2BA condo. All new interior, ground floor, walk out on beach. $4800/mo. Annual available. 941-780-0732. BEAUTIFUL 1BR/1BA. Longboat Harbour, newly and completely renovated, shows like a model, 2nd floor w/lovely views; all amenities. $2000/mo. January, 2/mos. or more. 765-497-4306. SPANISH MAIN Y.C., 2BR/1BA villa. Lake view, pool, beach access. 2003 season. 941-378-1667, or 262-251-4739.

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

LBK CONDO. Cedars East, 2BR/2.5BA.  Weekly, monthly or longer term lease LBK, 3 or 4BR/3.5BA. Canal front w/view of available. Heated pool, 1/mile to Gulf beach Sarasota Bay. Deep water dock. Beach access. Call 941-918-1470. access. Turnkey furnished, $4000/mo., 730-2790. Email: LONGBOAT KEY canal front pool home, perfect to relax and play! Fresh paint inside and out, new carpet and tile floors. Fireplace LOOKING FOR THE ULTIMATE? and living room overlook canal. Billiards room, 2/large bedrooms and 3/BA. Walk to WATER CLUB, DIRECT BEACH FRONT private Gulf beach, shops and restaurants. WALK OUT, 2BR/3.5BA, $3000/mo. 941-350-8048. NEW DECORATOR FURNISHED. 3/MO. MINIMUM. ADORABLE CONDO on Lido Key, available March 1st. Walk to beach & St. Armands SEASON OR NEXT SEASON. Circle. $650/week, $1200/2 weeks. WILL CONSIDER LONG TERM LEASE. $1900/mo. 504-8814. CALL SHERIE: LONGBOAT KEY, Beach Harbor Club, 1-800-348-0868, EXT. 340 1BR/1BA condo. Available Feb. through April. $1600/mo. Very nice. 224-2659.

DUE TO illness, weeks one through five at Four Winds. Prime locations and weeks. Leave phone message if no personal LONGBOAT KEY at Sutton Place. Newly decorated 2BR townhouse w/garage, answer. 1-620-793-7675. 2/pools, beach access. Available March, LIDO HARBOUR SOUTH, 1BR/1.5BA, 908-245-9558.. $2200/mo. TANGERINE BAY. 3BR/2.5BA, bay view. FIRST FLOOR CONDO HOME $6000/mo. 6701 GULF OF MEXICO *Many other 2003 seasonal rentals available! WHITNEY BEACH Visit our web site... Large one bedroom for rent: Oct. $2500 COLDWELL BANKER Nov. $2500 LISA SNOW Dec. $2500 388-5532 Jan. $3000 Feb. $3000 CLASSIFIEDS WORK Mar. $3000 April $2500 LIDO BEACH, charming studio. Private w/friendly environment. Pool, patio, steps to On heated pool and large white St. Armands. All amenities. $2000/monthly. sand beach. Also, available weekly. 941-400-8706. Updated unit, open feeling, also, private BEACH PLACE, 2BR/2BA. Monthly rental. beach patio and enclosed garden. (941)918-8658 Tennis Courts & boat docks. To die for views, can sleep 4  LBK, BEACHPLACE condo, 1st. floor, occasionally 2BR/2BA. May, Aug., Sept., 2003 only. Covered parking, Olympic pool, fitness Call Broker/Owner center, spa. Non-smokers. By owner. The Toni Everett Company (941) 383-1884. Licensed Real Estate Broker VACATION RENTALS NOW AVAILABLE! 813-629-6260 Longboat Key, Lido Key, Siesta Key. Direct Gulf front condo Great beach view from this 4th floor @ Beach Place. Jennette & Rossi, Inc. Real Estate Management 941-953-6000 CHECK OUT THIS WEB SITE

LONGBOAT, MID-KEY condo, 2BR/2BA. ☛ ☛ BEACHPLACE, DIRECT beachfront, Screened porch and sun deck overlooking 2BR/2BA. Available starting April, 2003. tropical gardens, nicely furnished, steps to (216) 881-3232, (440) 247-3207 or beach, shopping, restaurants. $680/weekly (440) 623-9068. or $2600 monthly. 941-383-5914. LBK - GULF FRONT PROPERTY, FOR JUST $1300 per month (six months “Seaplace” 2BR/2BA. Available starting April min.) rent a beautiful Gulf front condo. 2003. Very good rates. 609-368-3824. Spacious 1 bedroom, pool, nicely furnished, covered parking. For more details, call FABULOUS 2BR/2BA condo on Lido with 202-746-7027 or e-mail: Gulf views. 3/mo. minimum. 346-0207. LIDO BEACH CLUB, furnished, 2BR/2BA, Gulf front. 3/mo. min. $3800/mo. Pat Passeri, Rental Agent, Re/Max Excellence. 800-708-5994 or 941-387-2927.

ON THE Gulf w/pool. 1BR condo, sleeps 4. Nicely furnished, cable, phone, full kitchen, living, dining area, W/D in building. Monthly or May through Jan. $1200/mo. 351-5101.

LONGBOAT ARMS, 2BR/2BA. Available January to April. 1/mo. min. Beach and bay views, brand new furniture and carpet, pool and tennis. $2500/mo. Call Angelo. 383-2953.

SUNSET BEACH, LBK. Newly redecorated 2BR/2BA condo located in a small complex. 5th floor unit, beautiful view of Gulf and pool. Minimum 2/mo. rental. Jan.-March, $5300/mo. April, $4300/mo. 860-633-3545.

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

LBK ON BEACH. Best southern tip gated location. 25/Ft. of living room, windows looking onto water, marina, golf course and lush serenity. Pleasantly furnished, 2BR/2BA, 1500+sq.ft. Sands Point condo. Private-like beach and spectacular waterside pool. 3/mo. minimum. $3500/mo. 800-339-2984.

 SEAPLACE, 2BR/2BA. Beautifully decorated, on beach, S.W. Gulf view. Avail. Dec. 2003 and Jan. 2004. 2/mo. min. 941-488-5095. ST. ARMANDS, 2BR/2BA condo. Steps to beach & Circle, heated pool. Available February and March. 359-6504 or 730-4465. MID-LBK CONDO, 3BR/2.5BA, Gulffront. Available Oct., Nov., Dec., 30/day minimum. Jan., Feb., March, April, 2004, 90/day minimum. Owner, 383-1189. BAYPORT, LONGBOAT KEY. Gorgeous Gulf views, beautifully furnished, 2BR/2BA, largest unit 2nd floor. Available May through December, 2003. (860)966-2668. PELICAN HARBOR, 3BR/2.5BA, direct beach front, mid-Key. Pool, tennis, beautifully furnished. 1/mo. minimum. $4500/mo. 727-343-9162.

TANGERINE BAY, 3BR/3.5BA, full kitchen, large living room, dining room. Direct bay front w/lanai; also garden lanai w/gas grill. Oversize 2/car garage w/private entrance, ANNA MARIA Gulf beach front, large 2BR fine pool, exercise room, clubhouse facilities. apartment. Lovely furnished interior, tropical Beach club membership. Seasonal or patio. 941-778-3143. long term. Please telephone owner at 407-876-3142 for details. LONGBOAT, 1/BR condo. Clean and comfortable, Gulf side. Available January. SUNSET BEACH, LBK direct Gulf, walkout to pool and beach. No Pets. No Smokers. Call Martin 941-914-4646. $4500/mo. two month min. Avail Jan 03. LBK CANAL house, 3BR/2BA, heated pool, Page “Glenna” (941)372-8317. garage. January, February, March, 2004. BEACHCOMBER CONDO on beach, $8000. 302-834-3026. 1BR/1BA, heated pool, W/D, furnished. Jan. ★ PELICAN HARBOUR, 3BR/2BA, LBK. through April, $980+tax/weekly. May through $500+tax/weekly. Owner Panoramic Bay View, Beautifully Furnished December, 2/Balconies, Private Beach, Pool, 941-383-9419. Tennis, Dock. 513-608-4320, 513-871-4333. E-mail: SEA CLUB I RESORT RENTALS LIDO BEACH. Near beach and St. Armands Circle. Studio apt. and 2BR/1BA apt. with GULF FRONT, HEATED POOL. private patios in house and garden setting. 4141 GULF OF MEXICO DR., Turnkey, tastefully furnished. 383-2566. LONGBOAT KEY 34228

VACATION RENTALS Call Wedebrock Rental Office Seasonal or Annual 941-383-5886 or 800-486-5886 For Complete List, Go To:

RESERVATIONS: 941-383-2431 WWW.SEACLUB1.COM BANYAN BAY Club. 3.5BR/3BA. Bayfront. (843) 883-3496/ RENTALS AVAILABLE - On the Keys & from Bradenton to Venice. Pat Passeri, Rental Agent, Re/Max Excellence, 800-708-5994 or 941-387-2927.

LONGBOAT VILLAGE, 3BR/1BA home with LONGBOAT KEY Gulf front, 2BR/2BA 2/car garage, walk to beach, restaurants and condo. Ground floor, steps to beach, pool. LIDO BEACH vacation paradise. 1 & 2 Immaculate. Weekly. 813-251-3822. shops. 813-641-9007. bedroom condos overlooking beautiful Lido LIDO BEACH efficiencies available. 3/Day, NEXT TO THE RITZ 2BR/2BA penthouse on Beach. Weekly rates. Lido Dorset. Rental Weekly and Monthly specials! 941-388-2590. BEACHPLACE. BEAUTIFUL direct Gulf condo. 388-1404. the bay. Elegantly furnished with leather front 2BR/2BA condo. Available Nov. thru couches, marble tables, contemporary April, 2 or 4-6/mo. min. stay required. LONGBOAT KEY condo. Newly remodeled, artwork. 914-1055. BEST KEPT SECRET ON THE 847-913-4562. Key West style, 2BR/1BA. Full Gulf view, KEY...CLASSIFIEDS FOR BOTH LONGBOAT HARBOUR. Newly renovated close to St. Armands. Available now, THE LONGBOAT OBSERVER, LONGBOAT HARBOR, 2BR/2BA, 2BR/2BA, canal/bay views, pools, gym, rec. $4000/mo. Call Tish, 813-784-5568. AND THE EAST COUNTY OBSERVER bay/canal views, 4/pools, tennis, beach room, tennis, beach house. March only. ARE JUST “SEABOLD COTTAGE” in historic Village. house, rec. room. Min. 3/mos. Also, available $2800/mo. Call evenings: 516-431-4612. A PHONE CALL AWAY... Charming inside and outside, 1+BR, annually. 383-8566. 761 Fox St. $2100/mo. SEAPLACE, LOVELY 2BR/1BA. Available fireplace. LBK CANAL home within easy walking May, 2003 through February, 2004. 941-387-6470. Available Feb. 1st. distance to private beach access, shops, 379-4832. park. 3BR/2BA Furnished home on PALM AIRE Country Club, 2BR/2BA, villa. (Pass the good news!) quiet street. Available Feb., March, April, DOCK ON THE BAY condos available. Double garage, fully furn., golf privileges. 2003. $2500/mo +tax. Contact Tennis, beach, pool, marina. Weekly or Also available annually. 388-5504 or 407-847-9974. monthly. 383-3716 or cell: 302-3440. 704-2681, ask for Bruce.




Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

ON THE Beach with views of the waves. Tennis Court, Jacuzzi, pool, underground parking all behind the gates of Longboat Key Club. This 2BD/2BA condo offers a contemporary, casual decor with modern luxury ambiance. Avail Jan-Mar $5000/mo, Apr-Nov $3500/mo. Ninety day minimum. Inquire for 2004 season. (941)320-6527.

SEAPLACE, 2BR/2BA, steps to beach and pool. Available January, 2003, $3000/mo. Available April & May, 2003, $3000/mo. Call Linda Paskovich, 941-504-0601.

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

 LIDO BEACHFRONT! Lucky you!! 2BR/2BA. 1 to 4 mos. (negotiable). Furnished. Also, 2BR next to Ritz Carlton. Owner 388-2555, 266-1078.


SEAPLACE, 1BR loft, 1.5/BA. Furnished, Gulf view, steps to beach. Available LONGBOAT KEY. Beautiful Gulf front immediately. $2500/mo. 914-725-2747 or condo, pool, on beach, 1BR/1BA, sleeps 4. 914-725-7002. 617-328-7145. STILL RENTING THIS WINTER? Stop renting, start owning and gaining appreciation. - We have an exciting inventory of island properties. - Take advantage of exceptionally low interest rates today.

WEEKLY RENTALS GULF FRONT/GULF VIEW Reservations: 941-383-5549 Visa/MC Fax: 941-383-7925

LBK. PRIVATE home, 3BR/2BA, deep water, beach access, pool, newly furnished. Weekly or seasonal rentals. Pets OK. or 770-840-0028.

Office Open 7 Days, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

2003 SEASONAL RENTALS. Longboat Towers, 3BR/3BA, Gulf front, $7500/mo. Privateer South, 2BR Gulf front condos, $3800/mo.-$5000/mo. Seaplace, 2BR Gulf side, $3000/mo.$4800/mo. Lido Harbour Tower, Gulf side, $4500/mo. Lido Harbour South, 1 and 2BR Gulf side, $2200/mo.-$3300/mo. Lido pool home, 2BR/2BA, $2500/mo. Wedebrock Real Estate 383-4747 or 800-950-3450 LONGBEACH VILLAGE cottage available February 1. Call for details and rates. 383-8323, ask for Alice.

4621 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key 34228

LBK, SUTTON Place. Beautiful 3rd floor condo on bay, 1BR/1.5BA, private beach club, 2/heated pools. Available March 1st. (941) 792-6029 or (941) 545-6118.


“85% Repeat Guests”


Call Linda Paskovich direct at (941) 504-0601 Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, Inc. 201 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Longboat Key, FL (941) 383-6411



SARASOTA BAY condo with million dollar view! Near Yacht Club, modernized 2BR. Available March, April+. 2/mo. minimum. 55 community. $2000/mo. 941-953-6146.

Now you can E-mail your classified advertisement. Send your ad to:

AVAILABLE MARCH & APRIL. 3BR/2BA canal front residence. Turnkey furnished, fenced yard, private beach access. Pets allowed. For rates and photos go to website: Include your name and

or call 941-360-0700.

Rentals: Seasonal & Vacation

telephone number with your ad.

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES, LBK. 3BR/2BA, 2/car, heated pool, deep canal, dock, boat lift, private beach access. 727-848-4100. LONGBOAT ARMS, 2BR/2BA bay front condo. Beach, tennis, pool, dock. 603-692-6445

We’ll take care of the rest.


Time Share LIDO BEACH. Luxury Condo on beach, FOUR WINDS RESORT, Longboat Key. 3BR/2.5BA, huge terrace, pool/spa, gym, Weeks 5 & 6, 2BR/2BA. Week 9 1BR/1BA. tennis courts, security gate, breathtaking 262-695-2967. bay & city view! Flexible availability. Also available annually. (941) 918-4596. Waterfront Property AQUARIUS CLUB, 2BR luxury apartments SECLUDED DEEP WATER canal front on the Gulf. Tennis, pool. 941-383-4223. home. 730 Penfield, LBK. Pool, 40/ft. dock. Below appraisal. Must sell!! Reduced to $699,000. 302-3840. SKI PARK City, Utah, March 16-23, 2003. Luxury ski-in/ski-out condo at base of Park City Mtn. Resort. 2BR/2BA, sleeps/8, full kitchen, W/D, pool, whirlpool spas, exercise Don’t Forget!! facilities. $3500/mo. 941-387-2237.

➷➷➷➷➷➷➷➷➷➷ DEADLINE for Classifieds is NOON ON FRIDAY

LIDO VACATION RENTALS. One and two bedroom units available. Furnished apartments across from beach and 1/block from St. Armands Circle. Available now. Call 266-4775.

The Longboat OBSERVER Crossword Edited by Wayne Robert Williams

AS THE WORD TURNS By Willy A. Wiseman, New York, New York ACROSS 1 "Blue" singer LeAnn 6 Lug laboriously 12 Liquid sample 15 Assns. 19 Fanon of the pope 20 Soviet newspaper 21 Lower digit 22 Criminal, to a cop 23 Hints on skewer use? 25 AAA suggestion 26 Even one time 27 Sundries 28 Make off with 30 Santa Maria's sister ship 31 __ Plaines, IL 32 Biddies 33 Real strong Java 36 Non-clerical 37 Goes to a diner just for cake? 39 Obstruct 41 "Studies in the Psychology of Sex" author Havelock 44 Bizarre 45 More sedate 46 Black of Burgundy 47 Member of a Catholic order 50 Broccoli piece 51 National syst. 52 Feudal serf 53 Bennett of Random House 54 Guitarist Atkins 57 Employ 58 Snap up 59 Star in Cygnus 62 Without coercion 64 Rock shelf

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Last Week’s Cryptograms 1. Five people and a big dog were on the elevator when it stopped between the seventh and eighth floors. 2. Mischievous graffiti writings scrawled crudely on mirrors in city hall restrooms read: Vote early. Vote often.






M P C I U N N Y U S N C M I B V.



Vivian O. Collins, Leesburg, GA














Harry B. Schultheis, Las Vegas, NV



Longboaters are champs of tennis tournament Judy Kepecz Hays 941•387•1825 Booked over $31 million in sales in December 2002! $1,000,000 per day! Sarasota’s International Realtors We Feature Several Referral Offices in Europe. Wir Sprechen Deutsch • Beszelunk Magyarul Nous parlons un peux Français

SPECTACULAR BRAND NEW WATERFRONT HOMEGrand 2 story living area w/fireplace, bamboo and marble floors, marble baths, granite island kitchen, superb architectural design, designer features in every room, stately wood library/office, music area, 3 car garage, private boat dock, nothing has been overlooked. $2,299,000.

Longboaters Vickie and Jerry Johnson, left, defeated Daphne and Gene Whitman in the finals of the A Division in a very close match.

GRAND BAY - Decorator furnished Biscayne with breathtaking views of the bay and city. 2 bedroom plus den with every amenity: fitness center, pool, clubhouse, gated and private beach club. $899,000.


Penthouse with unparalleled views of the bay and marina. One opportunity to own this elegant masterpiece with every amenity imaginable! 3BR plus den with fireplace, 3700 s.f., lofty ceilings, large terraces, granite kitchen with luxurious custom cabinetry, wet bar, butler’s area with wine cooler, 2 car garage, fabulous, unique recreation level, private beach club, and as a bonus, you will be entitled to the first class amenities of the Ritz Carlton Hotel. $4,300,000.


SEA GATE - Spectacular southwest corner - sunrise to sunset views- see city lights, dolphins in the Gulf, 180ª view of everything! 2 bedrooms, furnished, large balcony. Close to shopping, restaurants. $699,000.

PENDING $2,600,000

RITZ CARLTON - Fabulous custom features & breathtaking bay & marina views will dazzle you in this one-of-a-kind, custom 15th floor residence. Custom cherry kitchen, granite counters, marble baths, 3BR + den. Very open floor plan, 2 parking 2 storage. $2,590,000.


- Spectacular water views everywhere! “Tommy Bahama” style Florida elegant-casual designer atmosphere abounds in this bayfront residence! Fabulous views of the bay, Longboat Key and the boat basin. Custom cherry cabinets, granite counters, marble baths, top-of-the-line appliances, 2BR +den. Prvate beach club, under building parking, state of the art fitness center, full time concierge, plus availablity of the Ritz Carlton hotel services. $1,269,000.

Longboaters Marty and Uschi Cooper, left, pose for a picture before their match with Muff Johnson and John Tait. BY DORA WALTERS




OUNTRY LUB HORES Mediterranean sailboat waterfront home. 3BR, totally redesigned and upgraded with marble baths, Mexican tile floors, granite counters, Xeriscape landscaping, large pool with spa, 2 car garage. Beautiful! $979,000.

Senior Editor

The first Bird Key Yacht Club Mixed Doubles Tennis Championships were held Jan. 17 to 19. The tourney was a success despite freezing temperatures and gusty winds. Longboat Key resident Stan Waldheim was the tournament chairman. Fortyeight players took part in three divisions. Winners of the A Division were Vickie and Jerry Johnson, with Joan Kiernan and Vince Macaluso winners of the B Division. All are from Longboat Key. ❑

For virtual tours, or to view our area’s Multiple Listing Service, log on to COREY’S LANDING BEACH FRONT


New store on Circle $1,995,000



Fabulous southwest beach views from this updated 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo. Very private, open floor plan, great building, Olympic sized pool. $549,000.

Totally updated 2BR/2BA gulf front condo. Granite counters, new appliances, wood cabinets, faux finishes, fabulous light fixtures, plantation shutters. Olympic sized pool. $499,000.




NN N HE EACH Endless water views - club suite with all of the fabulous amenities of the Longboat Key Club. Excellent income! $299,000.


Courtesy photos

Spectators wear warm coats during the cold snap.


# w w w. t h e k e p e c z t e a m . c o m 1233

Add another store to your St. Armands shopping destination: 2 for me 1 for you! It is a ladies’ accessories, jewelry and gifts merchant. Janice McGuigan, owner of the store, has been working in retail for more than 25 years. “I’m breaking out on my own,” she said. McGuigan has planned a two-day grand opening to be held from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Feb. 7 and 8, at the store’s location, 319 John Ringling Blvd., St. Armands Circle. Customers are welcome to come in and acquaint themselves with the new store, enjoy refreshments and take advantage of special values. For additional information, call the store at 388-9865.

201 Gulf of Mexico Dr. • Longboat Key

Team in FL! in 2000!



53 YEARS OF DISTINCTIVE ISLAND SERVICE • Residential Sales and Vacation Rentals • Property Management • Commercial Division For a complete list of properties visit us at or email us at

LARGEST SELECTION OF SALES AND VACATION RENTALS N. Longboat Key 6350 Gulf of Mexico Dr. 383-5543 1-800-335-5543

S. Longboat Key 26 Avenue of Flowers 383-5544 1-800-950-3450

Holmes Beach 3224 East Bay Dr. 778-0700 1-800-615-9930

& One Terrific Team MIKE TINA

VIZCAYA AT LONGBOAT KEY The most prestigious community on the West Coast, this Addison Melsner design has it all! Directly on the Gulf with a sun-washed beach. Truly a paradise for the discriminating buyer. $2,895,000 MLS#220352 Bridget Spiess 383-5544

SPACIOUS GULFSIDE HOME Spectacular gulf and sunset views, sounds of the ocean and white sugar sand right at your doorstep. Inviting 5BR/3BA home on 100x180 lot with excellent income revenue. $2,795,000. Mike Migone or Tina Rudek 383-5543

LAGUNA YACHT VILLAGE Wonderful canal front home w/vaulted ceilings, skylights, open floor plan w/master bedroom on first floor. This home is in immaculate condition w/lots of room for expansion. Sun deck, boat dock, in walking distance to beach. Hurry, won’t last! $629,000 MLS#232080 Bridget Spiess 383-5544

CONDOS WESTCHESTER CONDO. Spacious & bright end unit with sensational gulf views. Two large master suites, two screened lanais on 7 acres of lush gulf-front property. $529,000. LONGBEACH CONDO. Exceptional direct gulf views over LBK’s finest beaches. 2BR/2BA with den and large lanai. Great income possibilities. $439,000. WINDWARD BAY. Watch the manatees & dolphins at play from this immaculate end unit w/incredible Sarasota Bay views. Tastefully updated directly across from sparkling pool, tennis & deeded beach access. Boat docks available. Offered at $385,000. NEW LISTING - SPANISH MAIN Gorgeous villa near clubhouse, sparkling pool & boat docks. Tastefully renovated kitchen, updated bathrooms, bonus room and private tropical lanai. OPEN SUNDAY 1-4 $239,900


WESTCHESTER Gulf front, 1st floor immaculate unit is updated in excellent taste. Enlarged kitchen, quality furniture, electric storm shutters, turnkey furnished & ready for occupancy. Walk out your door to pool and beach. $575,000 MLS#230006 Bridget Spiess 383-5544

SAILOR'S DELIGHT Spacious and bright ranch in popular boating community near deeded beach access. Expansive lanai with pool/spa surrounded by gardens and tranquil fountains. Moor your boat on one of Longboat's deepest canals. $729,000 Tina Rudek or Mike Migone 383-5543

NORTH BEACH VILLAGE This is it! Rarely available 3BR/2.5BA townhouse w/2 car garage. Low maintenance fee for cable, lawn, pool, etc. New hardwood floors & carpet. Large screened porch. Close to beach. You’ll love it here! $415,000 Gail Tutweiler 778-0700

BEACH HARBOR CLUB Renovated in quality finishes. All new windows and doors, lovely garden views. Quiet and peaceful. Clubhouse with heated pool, boat dock with private beach across the street. $279,000 Caroline Worley 383-5544

PENTHOUSE AT THE POPULAR GRANDE CONDOMINIUM Features include 3BR/4.5BA, 2 master suites. Sweeping gulf and bay views. Private 2 car garage, marble & granite throughout $1,899,000. Mike Nink 383-5543

EN PROVENCE ON LONGBOAT KEY Elegant 3BR/3.5BA with den, family room & breakfast bar. Enjoy evening sunsets on open terrace w/alfresco kitchen overlooking the Gulf. This unit has 4,024 sq. ft. & every amenity possible. $2,875,000 MLS#220353 Bridget Spiess 383-5544

HOMES SPACIOUS GULFSIDE HOME. Spectacular gulf and sunsets views, sounds of the ocean and white sugar sand right at your doorstep. Inviting 5BR/3BA home on 100 x 180 lot with excellent income revenue. $2,795,000. “THE AVALON” AT LAGUNA YACHT VILLAGE. MODEL OPEN DAILY 1-5, 6330 LAGUNA DRIVE. Brand new quality built 4BR/3BA home with soaring ceilings and open concept. Warm wood flooring, stainless steel, granite tops & much more. Only steps to your own deep water boat dock, sparkling community pool and beach access. $739,000. SAILOR’S DELIGHT Spacious & bright ranch in popular boating community near deeded beach access. Expansive lanai with pool/spa surrounded by gardens andtranquil fountains. Moor your boat on one of Longboat’s deepest canals. $729,000 SAILBOAT HOME Popular 3BR/2BA split plan with 2 car garage on deep water canal. Quiet location near beach access. Formal living & dining room, large kitchen, enclosed lanai w/room for a pool. $425,000.



LONGBEACH CONDO Exceptional direct gulf views over Longboat Key’s finest beaches. 2BR/2BA with den and large lanai. Great income possibilities. $439,000 Tina Rudek or Mike Migone 383-5543

BOATERS DREAM HOME Key West home on lg private lot. Water views, high ceilings, open floor plan, 40x20 covered slip and 3+ deep water slips able to handle large sailboats. $1,600,000 John Hines 383-5543

WHITNEY BEACH Gorgeous views of Bishops Bayou from this rarely available 2nd floor, 1BR condo. This unit has never been rented! Walk to the area’s most pristine beach. $214,000 Gary and Cindy LaFlamme 3835543

CHARMING VILLA ON LONGBOAT KEY Tastefully remodeled & decorated 2BR/2BA condo with over 1,000 sf. TKF, heated pool, deeded beach access and protected sail boat docks. Water views from lanai. $299,000 John Hines 724-7199

BRING YOUR BOAT Bring your boat to this perfect KeyWest style canalfront home. A perfect retreat. Plantation shutters, 3-car garage, 10' ceilings, 75' dock, and professional landscaping. $395,000 Marla Schmandt 383-5544

ESCAPE...TO HIDEAWAY BAY Enchanting unspoiled beauty surround this Immaculate 4BR/4BA custom home. Completely private water & pool views, soaring ceilings, spacious & bright interior. Steps to beach, dock & tennis. $1,195.000 Tina Rudek or Mike Migone 383-5543


LIDO BEACH POOL HOME Private & tropical 2BR/2BA home. Elegantly furnished, a short walk to the beach & St. Armands Circle. Offers full laundry, spacious sun deck & all the extras. Very reasonable rates. Available now!

PRIVATEER SOUTH Top of the line gulf front condo located on the south end of the key behind the gates! Offers secure entry, elevator, olympic size pool, tennis & all the amenities of home. 2 fully furnished 2BR/2BA units to choose from.

One Call, Double The Action Please visit our website to view these, and our other listings at Daytime (941) 383-5543 Evenings (941) 794-1388 or (941) 795-5950


LIDO HARBOUR TOWERS Spectacular decor throughout this nice Lido Beach condo. Gulf front complex has secure entry, elevator, private garage, screened lanai & best of all the white sugar sand beach. This 2BR/2BA is a must see!

LAGUNA YACHT VILLAGE. MODEL OPEN DAILY 1-5,6330 LAGUNA DRIVE. Don't miss your opportunity to own a new quality built home in this maintenance free waterfront community. Short walk to sugar sand beaches and your own deep water dock. Only 6 Homesites left. Starting at $240,000.

Tina Rudek & Mike Migone

6350 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key Wir Sprechen Deutsch

January 30 2003  
January 30 2003