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IMusic Event 1 rWillOpen IOn Tuesday

, '

I BREVARD _ The third annual j Federation Mld路Week, which will be. j held in Bl'evara and at Transylvania' I Musle Camp. will get underway


/. Tuesday

when delegates and of. j flelals from the four states comprising the South Atlantic OlstTict of the j'l'atlonaJ Foundatton or Music Clubs wllJ be entertained aL a tea

in the James Addison Jones Library


at Brevard College. Co-hosts for U'le tea, Which begins I at 4:l0 o'clock, will be the Brevard'

, Music Lovers Club and Brevard' College. Mrs. J. Royden Keith 01 Chicago NatiOllal Federation president and


other dignitaries arc expected to arrive In Brevard Tuesday morning. A full three-day program, which

will not only introduce the women tv

Transylvania Music Camp, but also to Brevard, has been planned. program will Include j II Tuesday's faculty concert at the music camp at 8:1';; o路clock. Wednesday will begin with a tour of the music camp-Including vlsit.s to rehearsals, classrooms and cabins-at 9 a. m., and w!li be !ollowetl by II Federation luncheon there wltb Mro. Keith liS honor guest. A short business session will follow the luncheon. Wednesday evening a Dutch supper, served by the Women of the Presbyterian Chureh in the church hut, will be followed by II square da.nce at the Music camp a~ 8:30. A mOUir trip through Pisgah Na- J tlonal Forest has been planned for Thursday morning, and the group will return 10 lunch at the cafeteria of Ecusta Paper Corporation. A tour Of tbe plant will be II feature of the afternoon. The Mid-Week will be climllxed ".,HIt a concert Thursday evening at tile . camp, featuring as soloists, Sophia Steffen, vacolist, and David smith, pianist. A reception will folloW at the home 01 Mr. and Mrs. Frank carr lor visiting Federation officers and members 01 the camp faculty and music club. Among the officials who are expected 10 attend, in addition to the national president, are Mrs. L. L.j Browning of W!nston-Salem, state president; Mrs. A. J. Fletcher of Raleigh, past state president; Mrs. John A. Jardine, Fargo, North Oakota, past state and nationlll president; MrS. Charles A. Pascoe of TuscOn, Ariz., chairman 01 the state cauncll lind district president; Mrs. Louise Y. Workmlln, member 01 the Mid-Week committee for the State Federation; Mrs. Maurice Honigman, Gastonlll, member of the national board; Mrs. John Bateman, GreenvJlle, S. C., member 01 the national board; Miss Martha Galt, canton,' Ga. southeastern district president; Mr~. R. A. Dougan, Boloit, WIsc路'i member or ~ti~na.l board. I







Three.Day Program End. Thuraday Nil'ht; Lunch At Ecual& Some 65 delegates and visitor.;, including Mrs. Royden J. Keith, national president of Federated Music clubs, and other state and

national officers. are converging here at the fifth annual Mid-Week

at the music camp.

Although this three路day program designett for music club officers and memben (rom throughout the country bas been held for five years, Ihis is the first time such a large number of national oCficers

have attended.

In addition to Mrs. Keith some

of the other prominent delegates are lin. Guy Patterson Gannett, of Portland, Maine, national put president; Mrs. A. C. Coull, Nub-

ville, Tenn., national vice presi- J dent; Miss Helen Havener, New York City, national publicity dltec. tor; Mn. Florence Hasunp, Wil. mington, Del., president of ber ltate federation.



, , -,

Observing 'Federation Mid-Week'




f. ",

MRS. CARRIER MRS. KEITH MRS. GAN:>IETT Pictured above In the "Green Rooln" of Tranlylvanla Music Camp at Brevard, N. C. are left to rig-hi: Mrs. Henry Carrier of Brevard, president of the Brevard Ml15ie Foundation which sponsol'!l the Transylvania Music Camp and the AnDuaJ Brevard MUSic Felll"al; MH. J. Royden Keith of Chicago. Ill., national president 01 the Federation of Mu.le Clubs; Mra. Guy P. Oanndi of Portland, Me .. p.~t president (If the fed. eration. Memben of the _ National Federation apent t.bree days (July 18-20) at Transylvania, observing their __ ' . . __ __ u _ '." _












Federation of Music Clubs 1950  

This is a collection of items from the Brevard Music Center scrapbooks about the 1950 meeting of the federation of Music Clubs held at the B...

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