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June 18 - August 8 Monday - Wednesday 10 AM - 6 PM (or through first intermission) Thursday - Sunday 10 AM through intermission Email: (828) 862-2105 or toll free (888) 384-8682 Order Online 24 hours/day: CURTAIN TIMES-CONCERT LOCATIONS

Curtain times and concert locations vary per event; please check your performance schedule or visit the website at LATE ARRIVALS

To prevent disruption, late arrivals may be asked to take seats at the rear of the auditorium until a suitable break. All late seating is at the House Manager's discretion. LISTENING ENHANCEMENT

A limited number of assisted listening devices is available at the Box Office. PHOTOGRAPHS/RECORDING DEVICES

The taking of photographs or use of any recording device in the auditorium is strictly prohibited. TELEPHONES

A public phone is available in the main lobby of Whittington-Pfohl Auditorium. As a courtesy, please turn all pagers and mobile phones off during performances. RESTROOMS

Resrrooms are located in the main lobby area and in the concession building to the left of the auditorium when facing the stage. PETS

Pets are not permitted at BMC concerts. CHILDREN

Children are welcome at BMC concerts. While there is no minimum age for admittance to BMC concerts, we ask that all audience members be able to sit quietly through a concert without disrupting other patrons. Each patron, including children and babies in arms, must have a proper ticket to attend a concert and must sit in the seat indicated on that ticket. CONCESSIONS

Refreshments are available before concerts and during intermission and full meals are available at Cafe con Brio. Falls Landing Restaurant of Brevard is the Official Concessionaire of the 2004 season. SMOKING

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all BMC buildings. SOUVENIRS

A variety of gifts is available at the Harmony House Gift Shop located in front of Whittington-Pfohl Auditorium.


At the end of every season, we survey our students so that their suggestions for improvement can be included in our planning process. One question that we ask is: How has Brevard changed you musically and as a person?" I recently re-read all of the responses for the past several years and it was a very uplifting experience. The replies to that question provide the answer to why the Music Center exists and affirms the fact that a summer at BMC is often seven weeks that last a lifetime for our talented students. How can a short time make such a difference in a promising young life? First, there is the unique sense of community. The Brevard Music Center is a place created just for musicians, where their talent John Candler is recognized and appreciated. Where they learn and share views with President others who feel their passion for music. Where they live on the same Brevard Music Center campus, eat in the same cafeteria, rehearse together, perform together and create beauty together. Our students' comments confirm tremendous musical growth enhanced by private lessons with their facuIty; the opportunity to learn and perform great repertory under the batons of talented conductors; and, time to practice, practice, practice. Their comments also confirm significant personal growth, fostered by a culture that places responsibility on them to set and achieve their own goals. A culture that gives students the freedom to make choices about the use of their time, and to learn that those choices have consequences. A culture that exposes them to people from different places, different backgrounds and different beliefs. And finally, our students confirm that their career choices are heavily influenced by what they experience here. There is no more powerfullesson than discovering how you measure up against a very strong peer group. It is this opportunity for self-evaluation and calibration that leads some to the realization that a career in music is what they must do, and leads others to decide to take their creative talents in other directions. And so the arrival of each season's student body creates excitement, energy and renewed commitment in all of us privileged to serve this special place. I am more convinced than ever that what transpires on this campus every summer matters and makes a difference to our students, our faculty, our staff and trustees, our appreciative audience and to our society. Thank you one and all for attending our concerts and for enthusiastically supporting our programs. Enjoy a wonderful season with us.


ARTISTIC DIReCTOR ana PRInCIpaL ConOUCTOR, Davlo EFFRon Distinguished symphony and opera conductor David Effron is the third artistic director in Brevard Music Center's 68-year history. In his forty-year career, Effron has conducted major symphony and opera companies throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Far East. Effron's lifelong affair with music began when he was a student at the Brevard Music Center in 1953 and 1954. Those summers at Brevard were instrumental in his decision to pursue a professional career in music, a celebrated career that has taken him literally around the world. Effron conducted for ew York City Opera between 1964-1982, taught at the Curtis Institute of Music from 1970-1977, served as principal conductor at the Central City Opera between 1973-1977, and was music director of the Youngstown Symphony Orchestra in Ohio. In 1980 he became general music director of the Heidelberg Castle Festival in Germany, installing the Eastman Philharmonia as the first foreign group to be the official orchestra of a European summer festival. Effron relinquished his post at Heidelberg in 1991 to become music director at the Chautauqua Institution. He was also professor of conducting at Eastman School of Music between 1977-1998 where he trained hundreds of instrumentalists now in professional orchestras worldwide. After teaching at Eastman, Effron moved to Bloomington, Indiana, to become professor of


conducting at Indiana University School of Music, where he remains today. Effron is a graduate of the University of Michigan and received the Master of Music degree from Indiana University. In his early career as a pianist he accompanied such artists as Placido Domingo and Sherrill Milnes, and had several successful recordings. His 1987 Pantheon recording with the Eastman Philharmonia featuring Benita Valente won the German Critics Prize. Flutist James Galway joined him in an RCA recording of John Corigliano's Pied Piper Fantasy that went on to win a top recording prize from Ovation magazine. Effron also received a Grammy Award in 1984 for a recording of A Lincoln Portrait. Since assuming the position of artistic director at the Brevard Music Center in 1997, David Effron has set goals for the Center to expand on its remarkable successes by bringing new programmatic ideas to the festival, as well as innovative educational and outreach programs, all of which are bringing BMC recognition as one of the foremost festivals of its kind in the world.





























Seven .Weeks ThaT .ChanGe :YounG Lzves


Each summer the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina echo the sounds of one of the nation's most outstanding celebrations of music, the Brevard Music Center's summer Festival. Eighty performances form the very heart of the Center's educational program. Every public concert is an exam for our highly skilled students. The applause of a discerning audience provides them their passing grade - and their satisfaction. The Brevard experience is designed ro give students a taste of the world of professional music. They must prepare concerts in the same number of rehearsals as professionals and then perform for an audience who expects high quality performances. When you come to the Brevard Music Center, not only will you hear a wonderful concert, but you may be watching the next Keith Lockhart, David Daniels, or Joseph Robinson, all alumni who claim that their experience at Brevard greatly influenced their lives. But the real story of the Brevard Music Center happens before the opening curtain and beyond the auditorium walls.


Why We Come - MORe Than MusIcaL TRaInInq COMMUNITY: "I have improved greatly as far as interpreting the music for myself, and being able to perform music 1 have not had a great amount of time to rehearse. My sight-reading has greatly improved, 1 have made friends that 1 will keep for life, and the 'community living' experience has also enriched me socially."

"I feel like I've opened up a lot as a person and as a musician, largely from being around other musicians in an environment like this where we all live toget her. " "Coming from an extremely small music program, Brevard put me in an environment where for the first time, every single person was an excellent musician. Watching my colleagues in action taught and inspired me tremendously."

MUSICAL CHALLENG E: "I've learned and performed some wonderful orchestra repertoire and have been exposed to lots of music. 1 loved studying with [my faculty teacher], and 1 appreciated the close interaction with the faculty." "I've learned a lot from my violin teacher, from my chamber music group and playing opera. Those are the three things that have made me a better musician and 1 enjoyed the summer at Brevard." "Musically, 1 learned how to prepare many challenging pieces in a short amount of time at a very high level."


CAREER DECISIONS: "Brevard has taught me how to perform under all types of conditions, conductors, and circumstances... You don't have the chance to be a pampered opera singer or the luxury to learn/perform at a slow pace. It's good for young performers to be exposed to a professional schedule and environment. You have to be tough, focused and serious on demand. Brevard has enabled me to take the next big leap in the path of my career." "It's given me an insight into the lives of people who study music at a more advanced level (college and professional). It's also made me realize how little I know." "Brevard has enabled me to look at a professional career a bit clearer now and I realize some of the realities of the profession I have chosen to pursue."

PERSONAL GROWTH: "I feel that I have personally taken responsibility for my actions. Musically, I have learned what to do and what not to do in orchestra, chamber music, and solos." "Brevard has changed me tremendously musically, even more so as a person. I have improved greatly in both categories, and I will remember Brevard forever." "The performance opportunities challenged me and improved my skills, poise and musicianship and the atmosphere allowed me to work on my personal growth and independence."


Why We Teach HeRe The Brevard Music Center faculty consists of professional musicians who perform and teach at top universities, conservatories and orchestras throughout the United States. They return annually because they love to perform at a high level and to teach talented students.

"The variety of opportunities for learning at Brevard is nearly limitless. Students take part in chamber music, courses in theory and history, recitals, masterclasses, symphonic orchestras and wind ensembles, opera, and musical theater. Beyond their own performances, they are mentored by faculty members, fellow students, and some of the world's most renowned guest artists. Students are able to gain a new perspective on their place in the musical world by weighing their progress against that of their peers from around the country." James Howsmon Associate Professor of Piano Oberlin College Conservatory "After a summer of performing at Brevard, the students come away ftom the experience with a much more complete idea of what is required of them in a ptofessional orchestra and how to achieve that result."


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William Campbell Associate Professor of Trumpet University of Michigan "The Brevard musical experience is unique. Imagine a summer festival where students sit side-by-side with faculty in rehearsals and concerts on a daily basis. Where they have the opportunity to play the great orchestral and chamber music literature with a highly skilled professional musician as a stand partner. This hands-on approach was a significant factor in my early success." Carl ton McCreery Professor of Cello University of Alabama


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Why We SUppORT BMC "We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give." - Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965) "The good works of BMC make a difference in young peoples' lives. My appreciation of music could largely be described as populist and totally lacking in sophistication. My reasons for our ongoing support of BMC extend far beyond the tool of music you employ as your educational centerpiece. Life's lessons embraced and harvested by your students include independence, self-esteem, personal assessment, integrity, and obtaining just rewards from earnest effort. We feel the BMC experience can profoundly affect each student who attends and hopefully, through them, future generations as well." Harold and Sandy Siebert Brentwood, Tennessee

Marilyn Horne at BMC in 2002

"Music has always been the number one thing in my life. I served on the music faculty of Sarah Lawrence College and was the accompanist for my wife, Adelaide Van Wey, who was a professional singer. Over the last 50 years I have been fortunate to be a part of the Brevard Music Center. I have enjoyed the high quality of student and faculty performances as well as outstanding concerts by guest artists. Some names that come to mind are Robert Merrill, Vladimir Feltsman, Leonard Pennario, Marilyn Horne, Deborah Voigt, Frederica von Stade, and Samuel Ramey. For these reasons, and many more, I am happy to support all of the activities of BMC." Robert Noble (Bill) Hill III Brevard, N.C.

"It means so much to me to be able to support these young people. I know many would not be able to attend without my scholarship donation. In addition, it gives me great joy to see and hear them perform at BMC. I have new and talented students every year, plus I have stayed in touch with several as they start their professional careers. " Miss Mary Adelaide Hester Tryon, N.C. Miss Mary Adelaide Hester with her scholarship students


A TRUSTee's PeRSpeCTlVe What is the "BMC EXPERlENCE" and how does it affect you and me and especially the talented young men and women engaged in summer study at Brevard Music Center? As a relatively new trustee who grew up studying music, and dreamed of being a professional musician before entering the business world, I wanted to understand what happened beneath the performance surface. President John Candler responded to my call for a closer look at BMC. John and some very enthusiastic members of his staff brought me behind the scenes at BMC where I observed a different "BMC Experience." What I saw was a very talented group of young men and women living their musical dream. Some of them had reached a point in life where they knew that a career in music was their goal while many others had not made the leap. I saw these talented students working hard and having fun. I learned that the relationship they had with their teachers was not just the classic student-teacher relationship but went far beyond that to one of living, counseling and performing with these fine teachers. It is better described as a mentoring relationship. Music is a major part of life and growth at BMC. However, lessons in life and personal growth are a keystone of the "BMC Experience" for students and teachers alike. There is an atmosphere of caring, coaching and service. For instance, I saw world-class professional teachers turning pages for students during concerts, because sometimes the students play first chair. Many times students were learning valuable lessons from teachers at lunch or dinner. I saw students directing traffic and doing other jobs around the campus in appreciation of the scholarships that make their attendance at BMC possible. I saw students making music together, playing together and serving together in an atmosphere that is energizing for all involved. Here is my main message for all of you: the "BMC Experience" is much bigger than musical training and performance. BMC helps build the talented young people who will be the conductors, music educators, concert artists, doctors, lawyers, community and religious leaders of the future. Yes, BMC is building the future of this planet with the work that goes on here each summer. AJI of you who contribute scholarships and other forms of support to BMC are helping to build the future in a much larger sense than just music. That is why my wife Barbara and I support BMC and want to make the "BMC Experience" possible for more young leaders of the future. Please join us in the continued support of the Brevard Music Center. AJso please take a few moments this summer to get behind the scenes and experience for yourself the real "BMC Experience." John Lawless, BMC Trustee Hendersonville, N.C. 14

2004 FunoInG Neeos









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The Brevard Music Center's budget has been balanced for twenty-five consecutive years because of our generous donors. YOut annual fund contributions to the scholarship and education funds is essential for continued financial stability. Out trustees and management accept responsibility for the Center's future success and hold themselves accountable to those who invest in that future.

Tuition: Major Expenses Faculty Salaries Guest Teachers Housing and Food Recruiting Health Services Deans and Head Residents Ticket Sales: Major Expenses Guest Artists Marketing Box Office Concessions Opera Production Overture Magazine Concen Programs Contributions/Endowment EArninK': Major Expenses Student Scholarship Fund Education Fund Piano Rental Music Purchase and Rental Facilities Maintenance - 140 acres, 145 buildings Artistic Leadership Educational Leadership General and Administrative Leadership

Music education is expensive. Ticket revenue from performances and the tuition our students are able to pay account for about half of the revenue needed. The balance, every year, must come from community support - people, businesses, and foundations all who believe in helping young people achieve their dreams. The largest part of this support is contributions from individuals.





We invite you to invest in promising young lives by giving to the annual fund that supports scholarships and general educational needs. To learn more about the annual fund, or about planned giving, endowment creation and capital improvement opportunities, contact Gary Himes, Director of Development. Phone: (828) 862-2120 Fax: (828) 884-2036 Email:


OUR GReaTeST Neeo - SchoLaRshIp SUppORT More rhan 75% of all srudenrs need some level of scholarship support, rhis year over $600,000 to provide rhe necessary assisrance. Donors who conrribure $300 or more ro rhe scholarship program are marched wirh specific srudenrs. You can experience your generosiry firsr-hand and hear direcrly from your srudenrs how your gifr has changed rheir lives. Pittsburgh Symphony Concertmaster Andres Cardenes coaches a BMC violinist


Fu N D

Gifrs to rhe Educarion Fund are needed to supplemenr ricker income, ruirion paymenrs and scholarship donarions in order ro achieve a balanced budger.

FACI L1TY NEEDS Each year rhe Brevard Music Cenrer undertakes a selecr group of necessary capiral improvemenrs or new consrrucrion projecrs. BMC musr raise rhese funds in addirion to Scholarship and Educarion funds. Arrracrive and comforrable housing, reaching and pracrice srudios and performance venues direcrly affecr rhe qualiry of our educarional programs. Much progress has been made, bur rhere are remaining needs. Whittington-Pfohl Auditorium

Pages 20-24 are dedicared to acknowledging and rhanking rhe generous people who have already invesred in rhe furure of our srudenrs during rhe pasr year. Wirhour generous donors who support rhe vision and mission of rhe Brevard Music Cenrer, we would nor be able to conrinue offering rhe same exceprionallevel of musical educarion and performance.

Practice Cabin Hill


OUR STuoenTS The following list presents Brevard Music Center students enrolled as of April 30, 2004. Those listed in blue could not have been ~ere without the hel.r of our scholarship donors. We are most grateful for the generosity of those who have prOVided 2004 scholarship support or who have established endowed scholarship funds. Please see a list of our generous donors on pages 20-24. YOUNG ARTIST DIVISION (HIGH SCHOOL) Krisra Rachel Abrahamson, Grand Forks, Norrh Dakora, cello, 16 Bradley Augusr Abromairis, Columbia, Sourh Carolina, viola, 16 Kyle Daniel Acuncius, Highland, Illinois, percussion, 18 Jonarhan Caleb Adams, Forr Pierce, Florida, ruba, 18 Dylan Roben Addis, Fuquay Ve1fina, Norrh Carolina, piano, 16 Can Sinan Alemdar, Ankara, Turkey, piano, 14 Alicia Banou Alikhani, Arlington, Virginia, oboe, 16 Kendal Nicole Alley, Lenoir, Norrh Carolina, horn, 17 Laura Michelle Anderson. M,ldiwn. Alabama, bassoon. 18 Yuuji Phillip Anderson, Demaresr, New Jersey, piano, 18 Nikolas William Bauch,H. Fayerreville, Georgia, piano. 18 Ryan Mason Beauchamp, Miami, Florida, rrumper, 16 Judirh E. Benoir Crew, Gainesville, Florida, cello, 17 Annalisa Marie Boerner, Columbus, Ohio, viola, 16 Karen Eve Bolrax, Montpelier, Vermont, violin, 17 Cynthia C. Bova, Gulf Breeze, Florida, piano, 16 Srephanie Janer Bova, Gulf Breeze, Florida, piano, 14 Elizaberh Ann Brashier, Valdosra, Georgia, oboe, 15 Jonarhan Michae Burns, Lexington, Sourh Carolina, double bass, 18 Christopher A. Burron, Winston-Salem, Nonh Carolina, horn, 16 Zachary Aaron Clark, Mesa, Arizona, cello, 17 Ariel L~uren Clayton, Garland, Texas, violin, 16 Jon.uhan Hudson Cohen, New Orleans, louisiana, c1ariner, 15 Sophie Anne Creurz, Earlvwille. Virgini,l, c1ariner, 16 Eric Damashek, Hampsread, Maryland, horn, 17 Colin Brent Doherry, Meridian. Mississippi, piano, 15 Srephanie M. Erhridge, Virginia Bch, Virginia. viola, 16 Andrew Paul Fierova, Moore, Sourh Carolina, horn, 14 Jay Michael Ganser, Marierra, Georgia, percussion, 14 Paul DeLamorre Gardner, Paradise Valley, Arizona, Aure, 16 Fmma Woodward Gersrein, Chicago, Illinois, flure. 17 Nicholas Ray Gold, Huntsville, Alabama, cello, 17 Alexander J. Goral" Kailua, Hawaii, rrumper, 18 Courrney E. Hanes, Laurelville, Ohio, piano, 15 Srephanie Hao, Dulurh, Georgia, violin, 16 Nicola Annerre Harris, Allen, Texas, violin, 16 Lewis A. Heald, Arhens, Georgia, double bass, 16 Mindy Leigh Heinsohn, Cordova, Maryland, Aure, 18 Philip William Holman, Jacksonville, Florida, cello, 17 Sarah Kelley Hulseman. Grecnville. Sourh Carolinel. piano. I ~ Evan Parrick Hurley, Meridian, Mississippi, violin, 17 Srephen Daniels Jackson, Fairfax, Virginia, double bass, 18 Madeleine A. Jansen, Mount Airy, Maryland, violin, 15 Monica L. Johnston, Wesr Columbia, Sourh Catolina, viola, 15 Davis Ryan Jones, Ausrin, Texas, saxophone, 17 Braeden Kepner-Kraus, Shaker Heighrs, Ohio, rrombone, 16 Eunje Kim, Mesa, Arizona, viola, 14 Jieun Kim, Interlochen, Michigan, c1ariner, 15 Daniel Parrick Kirk, Valdosra, Georgia, rrumper, 15 David Andrew I(j er, Mauldin. Sourh Carolina, piano. 14 Krisren Sharai Kline, Lexington, Kentucky, violin, 16 Chrisrina Rosa Krushen, Wesr Lafayerre, Indiana, c1ariner, 18 Sasha Sadoff Launer, Golden Valley, Minnesota, Aure, 17 Sreve Nelson Lewis, Mr Olive, Norrh Carolina, horn, 17 Han Lundergan Linker, Winston-Salem, Nonh Carolina, saxophone, 18 Cregory J. Lurz. Mason, Ohio. euphonium, 17

Hearher E. MacArrhur, Vernon, Connecricur, violin, 16 Helen L~ura Malpass, Roanoke, Virginia, piano, 17 Zack A. Manning, Las Cruces, ew Mexico, percussion, 17 Jesse Nelson McAdoo, Charranooga, Tennessee, cello, 17 Mark frederick McClay, Signal Mounrain, Tennesse". piano, 18 Claire Lucille McCreedy, Alexandria, Virginia, bassoon, 15 Jenlla Karhryn McCreery. 'IiJscaloosa, Alabama, cello, 16 Yukio McDonough, Burlington, Vermonr, violin, 17 Sarah Rachel Mecholskv. Cainesville. Florida, cello, 17 Dylan Marrhew Moffirr, Pirrsbui'gh, Pennsylvania, percussion, 17 Charles Richard Moon, Norfolk, Virginia, piano, 17 Karhryn Tierney Moreadirh, Raleigh. Nonh Carolin,\' piano, 17 John Devon Moses, Sumrer, Sourh Carolina, violin, 17 bura 1\ f. I\loses, Worrhingron, Ohio, viola, 15 Andrea Frances Mumm, Ridgewood, ew Jersey, harp, 16 Karherine Jane Murray, Brevard, Norrh Carolina, piano, I') Anne Ami akayama, Plano, Texas, violin, 16 Christopher Ray ickelson, Carrollton, Georgia, piano, 18 Carherine Irene Parsons, Dulurh, Georgia, viola, 15 Colin Alexander PilHo-Manin. Pimburgh, Pennsyh-ania, percussion, 18 Perer M. Pirorre, Raleigh, Nonh Carolina, rrumper, 18 Benjamin Barron Plymale, Arcadi,l. rJorida. piano, 14 Roben Radliff, aples, Florida, violin, 15 \:rin Colleen Rafferty, luscaloosa. Alabama, viola, I') Karhleen W. Ray, Lirhia Springs, Georgia, horn, 16 Samiron Ray, Columbia, Sourh Carolina, piano, 15 David Philip Reesman, Lawrenceville, Georgia, violin, 17 Abigale Rose Reisman, Adanta, Georgia, violin, 16 Leah Michelle Reirer, Spencer, Ohio, viola, 16 L1uren Faye Remmers, Clover, Sourh Carolina, Aure, 17 JoAna [ enn Rusche, Apex, Norrh Carolina, piano. 17 Christopher Mic Sanchez, Silver Spring, Maryland, violin, 18 Nicholas Sanders, Merairie. Louisiana, piano. 16 David Steincr Shimel, PensawL!, Florida, piano, 16 Mark Abraham Shuldiner, Park Ridge, Illinois, piano, 17 Mark Timothy Siak, Hendersonville, Nonh Carolina, piano, 17 Andrew Thomas Sickmeier, Greenwood, Indiana, percussion, 18 Chrisrine Susan Sliva, Cypress, Texas, bassoon, 16 Anna Kathryn Smith, Adama, Georgia, piano, 18 Elijah David Smirh, Eldersburg. Maryland, horn. 16 Chiasa Suzuki, Vesravia Hills, Alabama, violin, J 8 Allison C. Swaim, Salisbury, Norrh Carolina, piano, 15 David Talley, Pleasant Grove, Alabama, piano, 17 Jessi<i:a I ee Taylor. Conyers, Georgia, piano. 16 Panicia i\!arie Terrell. i\1cLean. Virginia. c1ariner. 16 John fuldrew Thayer, Powell, Ohio, violin, 16 Elizaberh C. Tholl, Tempe, Arizona, violin, 15 Karherine E. Thompson, Dunwoody, Ceorgia, piano. 16 Richard Edward Valinmo. Greensboro. Norrh Carolina. piano, 17 Tihda Sychaleur Vongkoth, Seminole, Florida, percussion, 18 Amy Tseng XaychaJeune, Celebrarion, Florida, violin, 16 Jennifer Yan, Mesa, Arizona, violin, 16 Erik Benjamin Zbik, Miami, Florida, trumper, 16 Kimberly Brooke Zeigler. Traveler's R~st. South Carolina, violin, 16

continued on following page . .. 17

OUR STUOenTS continuedfrom previous page, .. ADVANCED DIVISION


Jared Oliver Adams, Florida State University, euphonium, 20 Karherine M. A1rabello, Indiana Universiry, mezzo, 27 Euridice M. Alvarez, Baylor University, oboe, 29 Karherine F. Andrzejewski, University of Alabama, cello, 19 AJian Glenn Armstrong, Universiry of Sourh Florida, piano, 26 Francis T. Auer, Universiry of Evansville, violin, 20 Joel Thomas Ayau, New York Universiry, piano, 22 Joseph Samuel Backer, Universiry of South Carolina, piano, 22 Sharon Barnea, Royal College of Music, London, England, piano, 22 Peter Joseph Bellomo, Bosran, Massachusens, tenor, 29 Rajli Bicolli, Universiry of Alabama, cello, 20 Chrisrina Marie Bonsall, Indiana University, soprano, 25 Eileen Marie Bora, Indiana University, soprano, 24 Mariah Boucher, University of Michigan, piano, 20 Andrew Broadaway, Rice University, tenor, 25 ,\lilh.1d [. !\rofl1lan, Norrh"nrern L'ni,'er,in', piano, I') Stephen W. Brown, Univetsiry of Cincinnati, piano, 20 Taylor A. Brown, Peabody Conservarary, double bass, 19 Daniel Trenr Callaway, Universiry of Cincinnati, horn, 18 Gustavo Camacho, Arizona State Universiry, horn, 23 Counney Deonne Carey, Eastman School of Music, bass, 24 1.llnl.1 ('hoi ( I,rm. Ro,.1i College of .\ Itl,il. london. Ingland. piano. 23 ".I.,h.1 \ Iln.lI1l ( 'handler. :--an f r.lIKI'Ul ( Ol"en.uon of.\ lu,il. ,'iolin. 19 Lisa Marie Chavez, Manhanan School of Music, m~zzo, 25 11I1l0rl1\ "" ( Iwnl'Ire. KL:nH)Jl C.ollL:ge. pi.tno, 21 Daisy S. Chin, University of California-Irvine, cello, 20 Manhew David Cline, David Lipscomb Universiry, trumpet, 22 Ellen Claire Connors, Rice University, bassoon, 19 Cory Michael Cousins, Carnegie Mellon Universiry, percussion, 22 Tanya Marie Courure, Universiry of Oregon, violin, 29 Denise Renee Cummins, Eastern Michigan Universiry, piano, 19 Jenna M. Dalbey, Arizona State Universiry, cello, 19 ~Iilh.ld C, I)e:-'a~·e. IthaLl College. pi.lno. 20 Jane Lim Dechongkit, Tufts University, piano, 22 Anne C. Denis, State Universiry of New York-Fredonia, piano, 22 Michael Roben Djupstrom, Universiry of Michigan, piano, 23 Elizabeth Anne Dollard, University of Cincinnati, horn, 21 DeAnndra A. Drewry, Charlesran, Sourh Carolina, violin, 24 Ariel Katherine Eliot, Gainesville, Florida, violin, 28 Sasha Gee Enegren, Wake Forest University, bassoon, 22 Evelyn Havens Farny, Cleveland Institute of Music, cello, 21 Stephen Tyler Fine, Rice Universiry, viola, 20 '",eph Cbrk II.l'man. Srate L'ni\'t'"in of Ne" York-I rL:doni.l. b.b'. 20 Manha E. Fleming, Universiry of Cin~innati, horn, 20 Mark Ford, Florida State University, cello, 24 Sara Lynn Garing, Heidelberg College, bassoon, 19 Tao Ge, Peabody Conservarary, trumpet, 25 Daniel Thomas Gee, State Universiry of New York-Potsdam, violin, 19 Tyler Hale Goodwin, Wesleyan University, double bass, 24 Kenneth Ross Graves, University of Cincinnati, clarinet, 20 Erika Lauren Grimm, Florida State Universiry, oboe, 20 Tessa J. Gross, Manhanan School of Music, oboe, 21 Abe John Gunuoyan, Universiry of evada, Las Vegas, violin, 20 Natalie Jo Hall, Lawrence Universiry, cello, 22 Lee Edward Hancock, Cleveland Institute of Music, piano, 24 Sarah E. Harrell, Universiry of Alabama, cello, 19 Rebecca Allison Harrka, Bosran University, cello, 29 Nicholas F. Hanley, Southern Methodist Universiry, bass, 23 Erik Brodin Higgins, Indiana Universiry, double bass, 19 Andrea Leigh Hill, Universiry of Maryland, mezzo, 23 Melinda Hirsch, Florida State Universiry, viola, 26 Noah Lyle Hock, Universiry of Norrh Carolina-Greensboro, viola, 23


Christian Eric Jackson, Bosran University, violin, 19 Darius Oneil Johnson, Morehouse College, piano, 20 Rebecca Mae Jordan, niversiry of Michigan, clarinet, 20 Diane Brooke Joyce, Baldwin-Wallace College, viola, 19 Leah Catherine Kadlac, Florida State Universiry, oboe, 23 Ryan C. Keller, Universiry of Kansas, renor, 22 111/.thL:lh -\nne "-dlt. I.lle L ni,u,m. UlI1lI"Nlion. 21 Meredith C. Kincaid, University of Nonh Carolina, piano, 21 Steven Michael Kirby, Westminster Choir College, bass, 23 Christopher H. Kirkpatrick, Michigan State Universiry, clarinet, 26 Marthew Allen Knudson, Universiry of Cincinnati, euphonium. 18 Elizabeth Anne Kuefler, University of Kansas, violin, 22 Rachel Tzuweik Kuo, University of California-Irvine, piano, 21 [ l1lanLll'i.1 ~ 1.1rI,t I .ler,lru. "oulhl·.I.)(l·rn Illlli".IIl.l L'ni,'cr,in. ,iolin, 2·\ Melanie L. Lahri, Yale University, clarinet, 19 . \ndrca I \'nn I,cucnhnger. I,al,,)elle (·0Ikgl.pi.1I1o, 20 Shumin Lin, Arizona Stare Universiry, violin, 25 Sarah Marie Lincoln, Duquesne University, saxophone, 21 Jesse Randolph Long, Gainesville, Florida, violin, 30 Amy Rose Lovinger, Kenr State Universiry, violin, 24 Andrew Paul Lynn, Cleveland State Universiry. violin, 21 John Gilben Marquardt, Oberlin College, clarinet, 19 Joshua Roben Marr, Rome, New York, bass, 25 Alexander Q. Manin, Indiana Universiry, violin, 18 Megan Jeanne McCanhy, California State Universiry, percussion, 19 Amy McGinn, University of Michigan, cello, 19 Andrew Narhanie Mcintosh, Universiry of evada-Reno, violin, 19 Bryan Scon McKinney, Nonhwestern Universiry, trumpet, 20 Travis Jeremiah Miller, Indiana University, double bass, 20 ( .1I1lnOn I L:t \lilkr. Indi.l!l.l L nl'Tr,il\'. douhle h.",. 28 Jennifer Ann Moore, Rice Universiry, soprano, 20 William John Morris, East Carolina University, double bass, 23 Sheila C. Murphy, Indiana Universiry, soprano, 27 Jordan David Olive, Universiry of Michigan, trumpet, 22 Rachel Olson, Indiana Universiry, mezzo, 27 Alexandra Gail Ostroff, Baldwin-Wallace College, violin, 20 Berhany Jean Parkhurst, Indianapolis, IN, piano, 25 Stephanie W. Panerson, Oberlin College, bassoon, 19' James Michael Perdue, Carnegie Mellon University, percussion, 21 Aaron Lee Pergram, Ohio Universiry, bassoon, 20 "crh,ln ,".liIU',1 Petrt"cu, :-'oIIlhea,rern I oui,i.lIl,1 Uni"",,,in, ,iolin, 2(, Chesrer Alan Pidduck, Indiana Universiry, tenor, 28 ' Jason Richard Plourde, Indiana Universiry, bass, 24 Anne Palmer Rainwater, Oberlin College, piano, 19 Lauren E. Rausch, Arizona State University, violin, 19 Joshua Thad Reece, University of Sourh Carolina, piano, 21 Simina A. Renea, Southeastern Louisiana Universiry, viola, 28 \nund.1 I oui," Rlce-John,run. \Iidllgan "l,llt' 1 ni,er,in. douhle ha". 2 Anronio Rodriguez, Rice Universiry, tenor, 27 ' Michael Douglas Roest, Oberlin College, tuba, 19 Megan Jo Roth, Florida State University, mezzo, 25 Jennifer Lyn Rowley, Indiana Universiry, soprano, 24 Alan Michael Rudell, University of orrh Carolina, piano, 22 Jennifer Roxann Ruggieri, Easrman School of Music, harp, 19 Morgan Beth Scaglioni, Cleveland Institure of Music, violin, 20 Isaac Schankler, Universiry of Michigan, composition, 25 Sarah Elizabeth Schreffler, Arizona State Universiry, violin, 24 Sara Marie Schultz, Cleveland, Ohio, violin, 25 Elizabeth Barba Schurgin, Yale University, bassoon, 19 Margaret R. Schwein, Indiana University, mezzo, 26 Veronica Marie Seifen, Arizona State University, soprano, 25 Derek Mark Shore, Wake Forest Universiry, piano, 21 Nicole Marie Stacy, West Virginia University, violin, 18 Anastasia Storer, Duquesne University, violin, 21

OUR STuoenTS Marie Elizabeth Tachouer, Universiry of Michigan, Aure, 20 Lee Karhleen Taylor, Florida Srare Universiry, soprano, 25 \driJnd R.h:hdc TeoJoro-[),cr. ImrcnLC Lnllcr 1[\, pl,1Il0, 20 Blake Taylor Thomson, Arizona Srare Universiry, double bass, 2 J Shelley Holr Thurman, Indiana Universiry, c1ariner, 20 William B. Timmons, Universiry of Sourh Carolina, rrombone, 18 ick Tunney, Indiana Universiry, double bass, 23 Emily AJyse Tynon, Baldwin-Wallace College, cello, 19 Yoon Hye Um, Universiry of Colorado, Boulder, piano, 24 Jamie Diane Van Eyck. New England Conservarory, mezzo, 25 Loren Scorr Veazey, Burler Universiry, cello, 19 Florera loana Velicu, Sourheasrern Louisiana Universiry, cello, 24 Julia Karherine Walsh, Wesrminsrer Choir College, soprano, J 9 Di Wang, Universiry of Norrh Carolina, Greensboro, double bass, 21 I InL ( hri,riJ1l' \\ "alJc), Norrh CarolinJ \Lhool I," rill' f\m, piJno 2路\ Jason Keirh Webb, Henderson Srare Universiry, rrumper, 22 Abigail Loving Wilensky, Vanderbilr Universiry, violin, 18 Lyle Cachero Wong, Universiry of Michigan, c1ariner, 20 Kana Yabuki, Universiry of Sourh Carolina, piano, 22 Marrhew Thomas Yarborough, Winrhrop Universiry, rrombone, 23 Ming-Hsiu Yen, Universiry of Michigan, composirion, 23 Darryl Lance Yokley, Duquesne Universiry, saxophone, 22 Karherine Marie Zahradnik, Peabody Conservarory, viola, 22 Sarah Dorean Zipperer, Furman Universiry, viola, 20


Th" tollowmg li'l prc,c'nr, \luJcm" n1.ll1\ of \\ hom hdw prL'\ iOll\h anc,,',kJ B:--!( ,\\ho ,enc .1' Ik,ld R""d"n" m \1I"iL (,enrcr hou,ing. In

.IJdililln ro their re,pollXihilitiL,.1 \,hanct'd [)i\'"iun 'ludenr,. lk.ld Rt'\lJt'nr' pro\"lJe luder hip ,lnd mentoring to the Ccnrer\ 'lll,klH hoch 01 .lpplllXimard) '-100. The Cenrer (O\er, the Lml ut [[Iition tor the,e oUhr.lllding '1tUJCllt Inu . . ILi.lll ~llld "iLT\'h.. l.:\ rhL'~




in l"'\Lh;ln~L' t~)r

the \.dU.lhk


llJ\ ld R. Becker. [)e]'aul L ni\ el"\ln', tromhone. 22 Kri'!<lI1 I. ('.lX,.ld\ (~hJth.ull, c路\\ ler~e), \'iolin. 2'; BenjJmlll CIJrJ10t:l, Indi.1I1.1 LJni'L'r,in, ha~', 22 B"llj.II11111 :---1. [)(l\\Il\, Bllh .lone L n;\er\lt), pi.lIlo, 22 '1Igut'1 Durall, Unl\er,it,l' 01 ~outh (.Iwlin.l, t1.triner. 22 \n1l' C.lil I iern,.l, Con'er,e College. pi.ll1O. 20 KIIllhLrh A. (,oddard, , 'orrh\\""tt'rIl L'nl\'er,il), \.lxophonL. 21 R,llhei ,\nn H,II!. \X'inrhrol' l'lli\'er,il), horn. 22 ('lurie, l'churd Hutton, Uni,",'r\lt\ of IL路nnc\\ee-Kno\\"ilie. j".lno. 2 I (.n;1 1:II,e \jiller. [)uyue,ne L'ni\l'r\lt\, Lello, 21 I i.1 Rachel .\lill,'r. ArillllU )\latc l'I1I\W,il\'. ,iolm, 2'; \Illlre, Ib\"lllunJo l\[oran. ~outhern \kthodi\l LnJ\'cr,ill, hOrll, 2'; l'eheLClh Ann Parker. Boh Jone, l nl'cr,in, cello, 22 \ndre\, )CO[( People" Lni\u\it) ot CinLlnn.lli, tromhonc. 23 I'aul 1. (~ua't, LJniwr\lt) of, 'orrh ( a",IIII.I-Creembow, douhk b,l", 22 1 ''<'11,1 [Iah :-er,Ho, ~lalc l'ni\'er\it) ol 路C\\ York-Fr~doni.l. \ iol.t. 2'-1 .Ie'\I,.1 :-.l.tri~ '>orn. l nner,il)' of \li"ouri-l--.lmJ' Cin., oboe, 21 ( brence Geromc "tC\\'.m. (,olumbu, "t.tte Cni\~r\in'. ,iolin. 22 ~hell)' Renec Sumln\kl, l'ni\ n,il) of '>o"thLrn Calil'lI"I1ia, twmbone, 21 hlg.H Jonathon \ imo", 1oui,ian.1 "r,Hc L niwr,il!' tuh.\, 21 \,hle) .\ l,llmJa \\ alter" \ and,rhih l nl\ cr,it>" cello. 21 '/'lnn.1 1.llIf.1 \\'ieigorcLki. !'Imid.1 "t.llL l'ni\u,ir) clarinet. 21 Brian j.1me, \\'ineg.udncr. l"i'er,it\ of \liehig.ln trumpet. 25


The Students . The Audience The Faculty ...



2004 ConTRz13uTORS TO The BRevaRo Muszc CenTeR Contributions are our lifeblood. Without generous suppOrt, we simply couldn't exist. Every year, we depend on our donors for approximately half of the money needed to educate our students. Therefore, we wish to express our deep appreciation to the many individuals, foundations, corporations and other organizations that have supported our educational and performance programs. Contributors who believe in our mission and express their beliefs in tangible gifts make our students' dreams reality. Just as our students come from around the country and throughout the world, the following donors represent 38 states and 2 foreign countries. Contributors to the Scholarship Fund are shown in blue ink. Presidenr's Club Member $25,000 or More Brevard Music Cenrer Association Cannon Foundatinn Mrs. James C. Dalton Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Roben I. Dalton Jr.' Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hannah Vivian ~. Hocppner' Janirvc Fnundation John and Barbara Lawless' Douglas MacDonald and Rub~' I\lorgan Nonh Clrolina An, Council l)epanlllelH or Cultural Resources Dr. \X'illialll J. Pcndcrgrast' Bcm' A. Scan Trusr i\1r5. Willi,lm i\1. ~c.lrcy' Dorothy Richard Starling Foundation The Joe R. Urley and Joella F. Urley Foundation' Tltt' lilllmerii roundation Impressario - $10,000 to 24,999 Anonymous Gcorge S. Betsill' John Boeshaat Frederick B. Denr' Dr. and Mrs. J. Murray Fadial* First Citizens Bank The Glass-Bdmonr Foundation Mary Adelaide Hester* Intercollegiate Srudies Instirute Anne Irwin M.II'Y Kuprerle Mr. and Mrs. Duane McKibbin' Music For Youth Foundation National Endowmenr for the Ans Mr,. Carlo Renzulli' Sieben Family Foundation Thiele Kaolin Co. Wachovia Bank and Trust Mr. and Mrs. William A. \'V'hiteJr. Beanie and Jan Wood' Maestro - $5,000 to 9,999 lone Allen Music Scholarship Fund James and Carol Bradof Mr. and Mrs. John S. Candler' Citizen Telcphone Company The Falls Landing

Flctchcr BMW Ann and Gordon Ccny Foundation Harvest Charities Mr. and Mrs. Jackson E. Hicks' Roben N. HilllW \'<Ialter and Anne Hoeppner Carlene S. Jerome' Fine Arts Center of Kershaw County Keith Lockhan and Luci Lin Bernie and Billi Marcus Jerry and Nancy Mathis' John Charles 1aning Dr. John and Lynne Matheson 1::le.lI1(Ha \\1. i\ ]e1oun Irwin D. Meyers i\] r. and i\ l..s. Russell E. Newron Jr.' Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin A. Parsons Donna R. Qualmann' John and Linda Sarpy SCANA Corp Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Sloan Jr. South Carolina Federation of Music Clubs Steelcase Foundation Unitcd Community Bank Roger and Anne Matie Varin Mr. and Mrs. J. Mason Wallace Jr. Mitchell and Kate Watson Patricia R. Wcbb Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wendt Harry and Jane Willson Principal - $2,500 to 4,999 Anonymous Dick and ancy Albyn' BP Amoco Foundation The Beanie Foundation William G. Boggs Jr.' Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Lv.h路 Dan and Jane Caner' Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Cathey Manha Cloud Chapman Walter and Manha Coure路路, The Raymond E. and Ellen F. Foundation Harvey and Cindy Gann John Gardner and Betsy Barefoot' Billee W. Gontrum Joseph and Anita Hara

I\lan' C. Irwin Loyd and Eileen Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Ketchum Dr. Luke M. Kitahata' Mr. and Mrs. Charles T Lams The Memphis Symphony League Mississippi Federation or Music Clubs Frances Munk* G us and Margaret Napier National Federation of Music Clubs Paul and Kitty err Mr. and Mrs. Scon Perper Roben and Sh,lron Ann Philip Mrs. Louis J. Rauch Mr. and Mrs. ClirrRussell Sigma Alpha Iota Philanrhropies Anne J. Stoutamire Manha Washington Straus and Harry H. Straus Foundation Mrs. J. Douglas Sykes J r: The Transylvania Times' Virginia Federation or Music Clubs Orchestra Player - $1,500 to

2,499 Associated Foundation Wayne and Irina Babb* Ken and Maurine Bagwell Mrs. Gilbean Collings Jr. Roben and Eugenia Dowdeswell M t. and M tS. David Hfron' Steven and Paula Fee Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Frank Jr. George and Patricia Minkler Howell Edith Howson Henry J<miec' Jerome and Summey Insurance Agency Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm F. Johnson' Mrs. John G. Landrum Jr. Louisiana Federation of Music Clubs I\lcCarroll Construction Bob and Mary Ann McGarry' William and Anne McKee Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Z. Mills Jr. Millsaps College New Orleans Center for Creative Ans Maj. Gen. and Mrs. John L Osteen Jr.'

Phoenix Symphony Guild AI Plan Architect PA. Dr. and Mr,. Ed Rogers P.ll !'.rIve,' Rosenthal Drs. Scull\' and Matheson I~A. J. C. A. Stagg and Holly Shulman Mr. and I\lrs. H. Dickson Stowe Transylvania Counrv Tourism Development Aurhority Dr. and Mrs. .lames O. Wells .I r. Lynn P 'Xfilliams and Whitney A. Butterworth i\1r. and 1rs. Da,'id 1\1. \X'illi,' \X'omble Inn Joan Yarbrough .\l3ry Jane Zimmermann Chorus Member - $750 to 1,499 Ann Stuart Anderson and Sara Rebecca Davenport' D"lllpse~' J. Bailey D.D.S. Bilrmore Lake Association i\1r. and Mrs. \'('ilbur F. Boswell III Doris Anne Bradley Mr. and Mrs. George H. V. Cecil Charleston Music Study Club Clermont Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Raben F. Colwell The Commission Project The Community Foundation or Western North Carolina Floride Dean Charitable Trust Edmund and Carver Farrar Fisher Realty Judge and Mrs. Robert T Gash' Mr. and Mrs. William F. Graves Mr. and Mrs. Roben T. Grohman' Rozella Haizel' Gary and Anne Himes' Mr. and Mrs, Bert Holleran Huntsville Symphony Orchestra Guild Ed and Annette Imbrogno II, I.trtha Ingram Bill Ivcs' 1\1r. and Mrs. Harold A. Johnson Adam Kradyna Dr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Kulvin Mrs. Austin Lemon Mary LEngle Trust Mr. and Mrs. Newton F. Lockhart

This listing represents contributions received berween April 26, 2003 and April 16,2004. BMe apologizes for any errors or omissions in this listing.


2004 ConTRIBUTORS TO The BRevaRD MUSIC CenTeR Jane B. McDowell Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Mclaughlin Naples Florida Music Club Mr. and Mrs. John L. Nichols Jr.' Palm Beach Gardens Concen Band Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Peterman' Bill and Michel Roberrson' Sr. Albans School Katherine M. Simpson Richard F. Smith Louise B. Soehner' Mr. and Mrs. Walrer C. Spengler William and Susan Steif Mr. and Mrs. Karl H. Straus Symphony Guild of Charlorre Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. William Timmerman Joe D. Van Sickle Mr. and Mrs. Fred Volz Ken and Harriet Walls Collaborator - $500 to 749 The Afternoon Music Club Ruth Dabney Allen Terry and Joan Barham Bob and Joan Bednarek Mr. and Mrs. Buck Blessing Sally and Bill Boice Dr. and Mrs. J. Kirven Bramley Cancer Care ofWNC Mr. and Mrs. Roben A. Buchholz Tom C.lbe and Ann DerGara Marshall Chapman Dana and Cat Christianson Dr. and Mrs. Edward D. Conner' Dick and Janet Cushman' Manha B. D'Agata' Mr. and Mrs. Ben G. Ehrhardt Tory and Paula EJliorr' ExxonMobil Foundarion Barbara R. Ford Mrs. Roben E. L. Freeman Dr. and Mrs. Philip P. Gassman Russ and Myrna Gibbs Glen Cannon Condominiums Association ed and Rae Glover' Raben and Virginia Hecken RBC Cenrura Bank Mr. and Mrs. Pierre E. Holloway Mary Jane Holmes' Carl and Pat Hoveland Mr. and Mrs. William C. Hunley Page Ives Lemel James Judge and Rebecca Kissack Lauren Kelly Alice Keith Knowles Barbara B. Lee Denny and Tine Liegerot Mike McCarrhy and Janis Allen Joe Mills

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. ash' Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Palmer Ben Parrerson' The Performing Arts Sociery of Acadiana Philip H. Powers Jr. Raymond James Charitable Endowmenr Fund Lucy Reese Mr. and Mrs. William Rocamora Mr. and Mrs. Elwood P. Safron Sr. Philip's Episcopal Church Dr. and Mrs. James H. Sanders Jr.' Mr. and Mrs. Roben S. Sargenr Jr.' Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Sarlin' Roben G. Schuur Dick and Nancy Sen neff" Joel and Kit Smirh Smith Systems Mr. and Mrs. Enrique Soro Anne Stafford Mrs. John H. E. Stelling' Fine Arts Council of Sumter Roben and Blaire Tharpe" Richard Tigner and Kevin S.llInders Gus and Alice Tucker emon Ujiki John and Harrierr Vanderschaaf Edwin A. Wahlen Jr. Bill and Dorrie Willison Patron - $300 to 499 William and Harriet Ball Celso G. Barciela Bill and Helen Belanger* Jack and Esther Brown Alice Anderson Chambers CIGNA Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William E. Cromer James and Barbara Douglas' Raymond and Mitzi Doumar Jay and Lucile Earon' Mr. and Mrs. Roben G. Edge George and Jane Enochs Ruth Feaster Merle M. Foeckler Mr. and Mrs. George A. Gerlach Mr. and Mrs. L~urence Glazener Jack and Parry Gomez 1\1r. and Mrs. W. H. Hicks' Mr. and Mrs. George B. HillsJr.' Bob and Ann Hoeke* John F. Holbrook Bill and Jean Hough' Ann S. Housron Ruth Hunrer Reid and Martha Hunrer Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. King Jon and Elaine Krupnick Jon and Elaine Levine Warren and Pat Lieberman Douglas and Deborah Loeb

Walrer and Cathie Long William B. LongJr. Mr. and Mrs. William Lowndes III Gail H. McCany Fred and Pat McGarrahan" Mr. and Mrs. John S. McKean James Samuel and Carol Lynn McKnight Marcia E. Millar' Dr. and Mrs. Joel L. Moake Sarah F. Morgens Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation Bill and Ann Mullican Howard N. Parks Conrad and June Person' Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Pfeiffer Parricia Priester Mr. and Mrs. C. Miller Sigmon' Marjorie Smiley Peter and Ann McKinney at and Mickey Tanenbaum Mrs. Ben J. Tarburron Jr. Frank and Carol T.~ylor' James Walsh Ian and Rosemary Wedderspoon J. Roben and Cecily Wells Earl and Dorothy Whaley Bruce and 1\lonica Williams' Mrs. Slade Young Friends - $100 to 299 Ann F. Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Roben J. A1iveni' Beau and Sally Allen Dr. and Mrs. Grover L. Anderson Anonymous Joe and Consuelo Arbena' Steven Brad Aringron Dan and Eleanor Armsrrong Walter and Jo Ann Ashley Jack and Mary Atkinson Karla S. Atkinson' Mr. and Mrs. George L. Aulbach Patricia Austin Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Austin' B & B Plumbing Emil and Shirley Baer George and Susan Bagwell William and Caroline Bancroft 1r. and Mrs. Harry D. Barnes J r. Dr. and ,\1 rs. Joseph A. Barry Mr. and Mrs. Richard Beach Maryellen Bereson Edwin Houseal Betsill George and Sandra Beverly Boyd BlaCK' Millie Blaha B. Barbara Boerner Roben and Joy Bollman Mr. and Mrs. Merrirr S. Bond Edgar and Joan Booth Frank and Dodie Bowen

Chuck and Gena Bradley Larry and Donna Bradner Charner W. Bramlerr M.D. LeRoy W. Brasingron Jr. Gary and Judy Breissinger 1r. and Mrs. Charles A. Brendle' Bill and Sandy Briggs Bronco Construction Dr. Frank M. Brown' Rex A. Brown Jim and Becky Bruening John and Thelma Bruesch Laurerre and Don Bryan James Bryanr J r. Bob and Carol Bryanr' Shirley Bunch Marion Bunker Guy and Lois Burnerr Philip and Elizabeth Caccavale' Canrrell Construction Company Wilson M. Caner Dr. and Mrs. James J. Case rio Shirley C. Caskie Marshall and Gerri Casse Barbara and Larry Caruzzi Dana and Chan Chandler Mr. and Mrs. Larry Chapman Adele and Russell Chappell" Charlie's Tire Cenrer Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Chepenik' Gloria Chord Chloe Coger Betry Cooke Thomas G. Cooke and Candice P. Cooke Ralph and Ann Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Cox Donald and Harriet Cox Burron and Leslie Craige Wilson and Lee Cramer Mrs. William P. Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Frank K. Creech Jr. Edwin and Denise Crocker Carl and Ann Croft Ramona Cummings Jewell S. Daniel Tom Darnall Buz and Judy Davies Dr. John E. Davis Thomas G. Davis Mrs. Guy de Lagerberg Anhur S. and Manha D. DeBerry William and Joyce Deihl Morris and Carolyn Denron Leland and Marilyn Dill Mr. and Mrs. Gary Dillon Lyman and Sandy Dillon Dave and Mary Bolander Deanne Disbro James and Nancy Doane Steve and Linda Dolny Mr. and Mrs. John Dulken

, Conrriburors marked with an asterisk are members of the BREVARD MUSIC CENTER ASSOCIATION.


2004 ConTRlBuTORS TO The BRevaRD Muslc CenTeR Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Durand George Dysan David and Marcia Edwards \ !ark K. I:.lder Dr. and Mrs. Leigh Fadden Arrhur C. I"isher Swnky and E1izaberh Flatley Charles and Mary Flynn ,\Ir. ,lIld \lrs. Roherr Frank' Mr. and Mrs. Edward Frear' Chip and Rebecca Freeman Jo.1nne hlrch Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Furrelle Harvey and Didi Celler 1\lr. and Mrs. Jean H. Ceniesse' 1>1r. and I\lrs. William Gillogly' Mr. and Mrs. L)nn E. Cleason Wilfred Good lames 1\ f. Gosslcr III Dr. and 1\ Irs. Ken Graff I red and 'anL) Gramos Ann Gram and Carolyn Van, 'ess Don and ancy Granrham Jane Rolandi (,ray 1\1r. and Mrs. Jon Randolph Creen Dexrer and ~darcy Hagy Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Haines Ir\路in and Karinka Haines' Dr. I"homas and Linda Halloin Glenda S. Hamilton Hal and Lou Ann Hansen Gary and Catol Harden H.uris Ace Hardw.ue l.adson and Jean Hart Phyllis B. Han' Muriel Hanz Dr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Haynsworrh

Ill' Emerson Head Edward Hearh III Beulah Heinirsh Reg Heinirsh Mr. and Mrs. Lesrer M. Hess Tom Hill and Joan O'Sreen Hinsh,lw Music \X'. Harvey Hoeppner Sreve and Rena Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. John W. Holm' George and Nancy Hord Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hoverson John Hrkach Mr. and Mrs. amuel A. HuA'man Kevin and Robbie Hughes' Dick and Par Hull James and Parricia Hunr Pfilip and Ann Hunr Mr. and Mrs. Roberr P. Hunrer .I r. Huben R. Hunring Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hupe Frank and Jean Hurlbun 1.1 l./Wachovia Iowa Jazz Champs

RIChard and .\!arion [re\' Jim and Annerre Jenkins 1\1r. and Mrs. Joseph L Jennings lohnson Building Supply Don .1I1d Dorotlw JO'1<" \1 r. and 1\1 rs. Don Jordan Da\id Kahelin [onnie K.mtor Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kays KCMS Managemenr Company Dr..1I1d 1\ 1rs. James Keeley LIe.lnor Keilen' O. B. and Bev Kelley Paul and Karherine Kerins Marrin Killgallon II Mr. and Mrs. John W. King Mr. and Mrs. Richard King III Lincoln and Selena Kinnicurr Henry and Sandra Kocmond Warren and Jan Kosrer 1\ Luilyn Krone \X'illi.lm and Eilecn Lampc' John and Lillian Law Kennerh and Barbara Leddick Allen and Parricia Lewis \ 1r. and Mrs. , tanley V. lewis Vernon Lewis Caroline Lide Don and Jacqueline Linn Dr. Samuel and, 'atalie Lipsett' 'Tom Loone)' Or. 'lnd 1rs. Bill Lm'ejoy' HO\\ ard l.o\'err Marian Lowry Gabriel and Carol in Lowy LIs.I Ludt'wig-Verderber Luella Nash Edward and Ann Lyons Mr. and Mrs. Norman Maco)" Allt'n and Elilabeth Manin" Mr. and Mrs. Fred Marrin Jr. David Maxson and Nancy Cray Bill and Joan McAfee' Wilfi-ed and Julie McClay I\larcia and George I\1cDermotl Barbara 1vkDougall Jack and Peggy McGoldrick' John and Dorsa McGuire John 1cKenna Ian and Lesley Mclachlan' Mr. and Mrs. Steve McManus Harriet McMasrer Margarer V. and Hugh G. McPherson Mr. and Mrs. John C. 1\1eadows Paul and Joan Messer J'lmes and Louisa Meyer Gail Cowarr Middleton Tom and Dorotby Miglaursch Mrs. Charles E. Miller' Clarence and Jean Miller' Jeff and Tamara Miller

\l.trgarer and Joe I\liller John H. and Jeanne Ann \lome' Ken nerh and Sara Helen Moore Daniel F. Morgan .1.1' \Iorgan Chase Fllund.nion I\I-B IndustrJt路s Carol and Ted Mullen Forresr ash Suzanne S. Needle l\1arilm Neeley William and Lynne Nelson Phyllis S. Nesbirr' Murray and Lynne Norkin Dr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Ohlsson Mr. and Mrs. Ned Oldham C1rY C. Owen Paul and l.ou Owenb)" Joh n and Eleanor Packard Perer and Lynn Parrorr Clarence and Parricia Parrerson Jayne and Ted Parron Ward Patton J r. David Peeler and Karherine Kellogg P.1t .lIld Lois W. Perry ,\1r. and 1\1rs. \X'ilton B. PersonsJr.. [)avid . '. Pfohl ,\Ir. and \Irs. Jeffer)' B. Phillips Dr. and Mrs. J. Phillips Joseph and Karen Phillips Kay H. Pierson Terry and Linda Piersch Jim and Sail) Plair Mr. and l\1rs. John c:. Platter' EI and Billie Plowden .\!arion B. Powell J.llk .1nd Ruth Powers' Dr. and I\lrs. Anco L. Prak Ronald and Mary Prari Dr. and Mr;. Paul WolA'Pumilia 'Iom and Cinny Reeber' Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Reiner Ronda Respess Rice I'urnirure Company Stanley and Karlyn Robinson Bob and Lucy Rodes" Dick and Liz Rodney Raul and Joan Roque \X ayne and Julia Rumble Maurice and Carmen Ryan Dr. and Mrs. Russell J. ~acco Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sallman Richard and Deanne Salperer Robert and Dotorhy Sasser Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Satterfield lillly and Sue Sauder Mr. and Mrs. John R. Sauerteig* Elaine Schimmenri 1\,1 r. and Mrs. Cornell Secman' Russell H. Shaw & Shira S. Sturman Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Shefrer Mr. and Mrs. Ray W Siminski'

Fred and Doris Singer John and Gail Singleton Keith and Jacki Skivington Dr. and Mrs. Vergil Slee' Connie Cosrigan" Bob and Chris Smirh loran and ~laril\'n Smith Sneeden. \le1ron & Associares [m'le Sr.lpleton Dr. and Mrs. Harlan Srarr Mr. and Mrs. R. D. SrephensJr. Jim and Lois Srevenson Charles Stohr and Donna Johnston' William Finley Stokes Jr. Ron and 8.lrb,lr.1 Sronl" Mr. and Mrs. Anrhony Arranges Herman and Helen Suenholz Jack and Barbara Swidler Mrs. John E. Talmadge George and Carol Tare Karh.lrine H. T'I\'lor Dr. and Mrs. J. L. Tharcher Charlie and Linda Thompson Dave and Ginny Thompson \1r. and \lr,. Gary Thornton' \X'add) Thompson M. E. Truebenbach Mark and ancy Van Der Puy Dr. Paul and Iris Vanek Dennis and Diana Venters Ellie "ibm" Ken and Trudi \X'alend Patience D. \X'alker L1rry and Jodie Walz Carol \X'atkins Delma; l.. Webb J r. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Weber Dave and Brenda Wesr Karhryn F. Wheelehan Jane E. Wheeler Richard and Bernice Wheeler' Alexander and Raeanna Whirmore John and Josephine Whirworth John B. Wilkerson Davy J. and Jeannette Willkes Mike and Harrier Wilkes Mr. and Mrs. Larry C. Williams M.uguerite \X'ilson \1r. a,'d Mrs. Roy H. \Xlilson Mildred B. Wirr islr. and Mrs. C. r Wyche' Pat and Nancy Wylie' Roy and Mary York Dr. and :SIrs. D. Parker Young' \1r. .1Ild Ir;. Tom Young' Mr. and Mrs. Roberr A. Youngerman Stephen and Janer Zide

Conuibutor - $1-99 Pete and Midge Akers Anonymous

* Contributors marked wirh an asrerisk are members of rhe BREVARD MUSIC CENTER ASSOCIATION.



2004 ConTRIBUTORS TO The BRevaRo MUSIC CenTeR Sandy and Par Arkinson Pearl Ausubel Mr. and Mrs. Damon R. Averill' Joe <Ind Dor Baer Lillian Baida David and Diane Barber Mr. and Mrs. John F. Bare;' Ronnell r. Bernard' Pere and Mickey Bieken' Jack and Ruth BintLler" Dick and Sylvia Bke" D<ln and Phyllis Blunt' Bob and Cuherine Bolt i\1r. and Mrs. Gordon F Bovnton Jr. i\lr. and Mr~. Harold E. Bowles" Mrs. William G. Broadfoor Jr.' Dr. and Mrs. Arnold H. Broksrein Dot Brook> Mr. and Mrs. Pervis C. Burcham III Mr. and Mrs. David Burchfield' Imogene H. Burns Jacquelyn M. Burrows Rolland H. Bu;llller Charles and Linda Burz H. W. Callahan Marian E. Canfield David Carrer Home; Mr. and Mrs. Ceorge E. Case Jr. Robert and Anira Caswell Judith A. Chapman' Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Cohen Jr. Mr;. Roberr Coleman J r. JdtTcy S. Coltrane Mr. and Mrs. James Cook Karherine Cooke Lowell and Linda Cooper' Robert and Carol Cornelisen' Phillip Covin Kirk and Margie Craig Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Crandall Mr. and Mrs. Roben D. Davison' Dr. and Mrs. William R. Davison Junc L. Dechanr Cody Deem Lynn and Cheryl Dietrich Anne K. Donato Harvey and Anita Dorrillan* Barrie and Marion Driscoll Brian and Sona Dli lair' Dcnnis D. Ducker Sarah T. Dudney' Charles and Joanmary Duke Calvin and Berry Edwards' Sh iriel' P. Eld ridge Srephan ie Eller Yvonne S. Elliman Robert and Jeanene Ellion Mr. and Mts. Earl Elmquisr' Jon and Judy Engberg David and Ellen Epsrein Mrs. AJben J. Evans Jr."

Dr. and Mrs. Warren b'ans Mr. and Mrs. William C. Evcren Raquel Ferrero Lorrainc J. Fink Lorraine B. Finley Mr. and Mrs. Wilron B. Fowler Jr. Josephine tvl. Frcedman Mr. and Mrs. Ted B. Freeman' Harricrr M. Fricdly Marion S. Friedman Nancy Robin Smirh Frior Karheri ne C~lge

Marion H. Carber and J. Louise Markel Georgia-Pacific i\1anhew r. Cianforre Mr. and i\lrs. Nels Glesnc' Sue Glover Bailey Robinson Gould Dave and BetS\' Grant' Griffin Music Club Paul and Barbara Grossman Mr. and Mrs. Dean Haberkost Ren and Judy Hahn Donald and Roberra Hambly Paul and Margarer Handelsman Mae T. Hansen Lynn S. Harding Mr. and Mrs. James W. Hayes John and Islay Hedger' Mr. and fo.lrs. Theodore Heger Mr. and Mrs. Irvin E. Henry' Muriel Higgim George and Barbara Hochsehild' Mariena Holmes Jane Hoover Mr. and Mrs. Roberr F. Horsrman' i\[r. and Mrs. J. Richard Hudson Jr. A. J. Isacks Dr. Sidney Isenberg' Warren and Paula Jackson' Mani n J. Jacobs Roger A. Japinga Suzanne R. Johnsen Dick and Lois Johnson' Roger and Libby Jones Homer H. Jones Wendell and Carol Jones Anne Joslin Mary E. Judson G. Kay Kadden Mr. and Mrs. James S. Kerr' Mr. and Mrs. James M. Kimzey Mr. and Mrs. John E. King' Dr. and Mrs. E. J. Klopp Jr.* Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Kopp" Mr. and Mrs. Walrer M. Lacyk' Audrey G. Ladr Mr. and Mrs. Paul LaForce' Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Langa' Paul and Chrisrine Lashbrook Ruby G. Lauzon

Dr. Allan J. Lawson \X'illiam and Caroline Layron I:llen L. Leming' Beny J. Lewerke Thoma~ Liston Biaglo and Helen Litrico Thomas C. Linle James Lobsenz and Eileen N. Abr Mr. and Mrs. William E. Loveland' Jean E. Lowrie Joh n A. MacPhail 'Tom and Aline Mahan" Paul and Pamela Makara Davc and Jean Manning" Dr. Shirley Davis Manin Mr. and Mrs. Ted Maupin Mr. and Mrs. Anrhony W. M;lZzacca' Mr. and Mrs. Gene McBride Anthony and Kirsren McClain Dr. and Mr;. F. E. McClelland Jr." Hugh and Carol McCollum Mr. and Mrs. Curris McKenzie Berry M. McMurray' Alexander G. McWilliam Eleanor B. Meeker' Rurh H. Meinecke Alan C. and Eleanor C. Mercer Henning and Virginia Meyn Richard and Jeannine Millar Mr. and Mr;. Clyde W. Miller Jr.' Mr. and Mrs. Walter j. Miller Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles W Minch John H. Mirchell Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Mirrelberg' Bob and Nancy Morris' Peter Mllshei m Mrs. Broy S. Moyer Mich'le1 J. Mrlik Marilyn Musrapick Nat and Fran Myers Howard Nash and Family Marilyn K. Nash Phillip A. Nash Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Nicoll Jr.* Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan N. Nilsson Mr. and Mrs. Francis R. Nitchie' Dorothy W. O'Connell' Frances O'Donnell Marrha R. Ollan;' James and Anira Orr Ray E. Ostwald Marie G. Park Erib S. Parmi Marshall L. Seymour Clark and Grera Parsons Robert and Nancy Meanix' Jean Pircher' Bas and Nancy Plummer Marilyn F. Porter Nicole S. Pragai Jeanie S. Prerz

Jane B. Price Tracy Proctor Karl and Barbara Ramrus i\linnie Lou Raper R. S. and Joyce Reaume' Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Reeves Jr. Lille E. Reib Motlte Richardson Mr. and Mrs. George Rickman Jr. Anne M. Robens John i\,1. Roberts Ernesr J. Rosenau Eretlt Ross M r. and M r;. Edward Rutkowski M r. and Mrs. Roberr Rye Mr. and Mrs. Angelo J. Sanchez' Bill and Roberra Schlacks Dwighr and Carol Schneidet Scorrsboro Music Study Club Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Sheldon' Louise T. Shepherd Mr. and Mrs. Farrell ShorTeirr Parke and Bernice Sickler' Jeff and Jean Simpson' Edgar Singleton Mr. and Mrs. Herman J. 'iris' Alice K. Smith Mr. and Mrs. George W. Smyrh David and Sally Sower;by Sparranburg Couney Foundarion Stewarr and Elizabeth Spragins Roland and Sue Stickle Donald F. Stubbs Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Tam> Judirh Tax and Rabbi Nancy H Wiener Col. and Mrs. Charles H. Taylor Jane S. Taylor Carole and Frank 1aylor' Rurh A. Templeton Dolly Thomas Thomas and Carolyn Meier M r. and Mrs. Richard B. Tickler Mr. and Mrs. John H. TifTany' ,ludirh A. Turner James L. Underwood Victoria L. Vasques Donald and Marilyn Viglione Pamela Wagner Mr. and Mrs. William F. Wagner John and Cathetine Walsh Catol Watkin' Carol Frees Warkins Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Weaver Roberr Weaver' Ruth A. Weisenauer Mary Ellen W. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Perer Wolf' Wood Chevtolet-Potltiac-Buick David and Angela Young Herbert and Parricia Young Thomas M. Young

* Contributors marked wirh an asrerisk are members of the BREVARD MUSIC CENTER ASSOCIATION.


2004 ConTRIBUTORS TO The BRevaRD MUSIC CenTeR p.lUl anJ J~'1I1 YOUIlf Llp.lbc


The following are aJso members of the Brevard Music Center Association :-'1r. and Mrs. H~n'~y \X'. Ackcrm.ln Jr. I-.Ir. and Mrs. Carl Joseph Arki", 1\larg.ner Baker 1-.1 r. and :-'1 rs. D.1W Bap'? I-. Irs. Hilbert \X'. rtlllmann Mr. Jnd 1\lrs. Cnl A. Behr~ns Mr. and Mrs. Alrr~d BevJcqua 1\ Jr..\nd i\ Irs. Lauren J1 Boorh Mr. anJ 1\1I"s. Arnold B. Braun 1\1r. and I\[rs. Anhllr K. Brintnall Mr. Jnd 1\11",. CleI'eland L.. Brown 1\ Ir. and \ 1rs. I.trr~11 Brown ,\[r. and \Irs . .Iohn CJrrano .10 Anne G. ChJse lillian .\1. Clark \ Ir. and ,\1 rs. Russell B. Cbrk ( ollege \\"alk \11. and .\1I"s. l.dw,Jrd Com~r K.nhlyn Conn~lly 1\1 r. and 1\ 1rs. Rov 1\ 1. Conrad ,\11. .1Ild Mrs. I larry C. Corbin \11. .lnJ ,\Irs. David Co([ingh,lm 1-.1 r. and 1\ 1rs, AI Dacosra Charlorre I ).n'idson [k and \Irs. Charb R. D.nis .\Ir. and .'lrs. LaVern 1. Decklcwr \ Ir. Jnd \ Irs. hed Denninger ,\1. R. Do"des"dl :-'1 r. and ,\I rs. i'iorm.1n EckhJrdr

1\1r. Jnd \1r,. Lewis 1'. EllilH Mr. and Mrs. Keirh Engslrom Mrs. Willi.lm C. Fahlbll,ch f\.11. and 1\lrs. Knighr Fe~ 1\1r. and 1\ Ir'. Perer I'i nd by f\.1r. and 1\lrs. ormJn::" [:ink Barhar,l ~. I ir/parrick 1\1r. and 1\lr,. Daniel r. GaHi'l'\ Dr. Clau L (,and)' ,\Ir. and ,\Irs. Richard C. Carcs :-'Ir. .1I1d \Ir,. Jo,eph .1\. Ger.1rdi ,\lr. and ,\Irs. Juhn c:. Could .IJncr Cr~) Mr. ;1I1d 1\lr5. \Villiam C. I LlIl1bl~)' Cordon C. Hamrick 1\lr. ;lIld 1\11",. Kcnn~rh A. Han;lIl Doni~ H.lIls~n

Doris Headb Gar)' H~i,~y ,\ Ir..1Ild ,\I rs. \'('enddl C. Hodges .\ [r. and .\ Irs. \\ inti-ed C. Hogh~s Jr. .\lr. and 1\lrs. C1iH()J"d Keddie ,\1r. .1I1d 1\1 rs. John A. Kekh~r i\1r. and :-'Irs. l.arry Klein 1\ II. .1Ild J\ Irs. R,lI'lllond.l. Kohcr~ 1\ I I. .1I1d 1\1 r,. Richard I . Krankl'r Lk;1I1or K. I'll" ,\Ir. .1Ild 1\[rs. i\klvin c:. La Br~c :-'1r. and 1\lrs. Richard Lmon ,\Ir. and Mrs. \'('illi.lm A. [ ,nrimor~ ,\ I r. .1I1d 1\1n. ,\ I.nrhew l. Ll\\'son Jr. 1\1r. and \Ir,. I \'\\[On l.evy :-'1 r. and \ 1rs. J.1mes Lisk .\1r. and ,\lrs. G;m P [inbon

Dr.•lIld .\ Irs. Ken nerh (). I okcn 1\lr..1I1J i\lr,. Timorhy ( . lowl.lcc ,\Irs. W,t1IJel' C. 1\lagllir~ 1\lr..lIld 1\11",. II1Igo 1\l.min Helen R. ,\I,m in 1\11. and 1\lrs. \Villi.llll D. .\1.lshbllrn \ Ir..lIld .\ 1rs. Fr.lIlk!in bll'S \ le( 'onnell Pall I C. :-'kCulh .\lh..\lich.lel \kD3niei .\lrs. Don.1ld H. ,\kllS~r i\1r. .1I1J ,\Irs. Ridl.1rd ,\liILlr ,\Ir. ,1Ild ,'\lr,. Darrell L .'Iiller 1\lr..lIld 1\lrs. Paul I·. 1\lilncl ,\Ir. and 1\ Irs. Chesrcr J. 1\li,il'\\iu )\[1. and 1\11·\. R.1)·l11ond A. I\[orrisnn [~dirh \1. \Inn (,.lil I. ,\luldoon I k [)ougl.ts \ lurph) .\lr. ,lIld ,\ Irs. Robert K. :'-lelson JLlllll:'" \\.


.\11. ,lJ\d \Irs. Ld"in J. O'Brien .\Ir..lI1d 1\1rs. C. De\w) O\ncr Jr. ;"1 I. ;lJ\d 1\1 rs. Chesrer I'ler7ke ,\lrs. Wilfrid R. Pope 1\[1. and 1\1I"s. Philip H. Reynolds 1\ I,. and 1\ II~. D.ln Robbins .\lrs. 1...1I1k .\. Robin,on II. :-. tanh.1 Rorh ~Ir. ,Ind ,\Irs. Thonus L RlIegg \ Ir. .lIld ~ Irs. Roberr S, h ["\"LTen r.. "'ch nlllir .\Ir. and \Ir\. P.llIl A. "'chllertt' .\ Iar,h.11I "el'lnour

[k .md .\Irs. (harb C. "hepherd \Ir..lIld ,\lrs. Harr\" (0. "'herrick .\Ir. ,1I1d idrs. Franklin \Xi. ~hon \Ii. and 1\.1". R.n :'-l. Sil11l11ollS Kirk ]. "'milh ,\ \Irs. Inin ~nl'lll'l" \Ir. ,lIld ,\Irs. \)al'id A. 'Ir.lckpnk \ :-'1 r\. (,reg "'r,u1 .\Ir. and \Irs. al11l1e1 .I. "r~ger .'Ilr. and .\lrs. Richard 'Ircinhuglcr \Ir..Ind \1I"s. Rith;nd Il'l'ens klbcl l 'Iludb Dr. .lnd \ Irs. 'I. [).lniel 'I\\,lil11 \Ir. and ,\lrs.·\lan I. "'' '.1I"(i .\ Ir. ,tnd ,\lr,. 'IX illi.ln1 I. 1:li[ .\ 1r..1I1d :-'1 rs. RO\ ['. I.llhnl \Irs. D.lni~1 I.. I.nlor \Ir..lI1d \Irs. T:1lron Ihol11as .\Ir. ,1I1d ,\Irs. Rohen \ •. Johin \Ir..lJld .\Irs. Rich.ud ( . Ir~\ise DorOlh\" R. \'.lJlinun \ I,. anJ .\1 rs. Donald \ oglesong \lr. ,lIld \Ir\. Jerol11e II. \'os, -\dl11 ..1I1d \Irs. Kenn~rh ( . \\'all.tce .\Irs. Ih')l1uS H. \X'il"'o", Dr. ami \Irs. J.lI11CS I. Willi;ll11son Juliennl' ;"1. \X'inner i\ H. \'('ilhingron RUlh ('. \X'odork \Ir. and .\Irs. "',lIllLiei \'('oodrlltl" .\Ir,. f!o".nJ s,. Y'lger \Ir..lIld .\Ir,. P.lLill. link.1nn

* Conrriburors marked wirh an asterisk are members of rhe BREVARD MUSIC CENTER ASSOCIATION.


FuLL SchoLaRshIp SocIeTy



BMC's largest annual expense is scholarship support for our students. Every year over 75% of them need assistance. Members of the Full Scholarship Society recognize this need and donate, at a minimum, the amount of one student's full tuition which is $3,900 for 2004. Tuition covers room, board, private lessons, admission to all regular season concerts in which the student is not performing, medical fees at the health and wellness center, and other benefits. Some members sponsor several students such as an entire chamber group (quartets and trios).

The Lifetime Giving Society honors those individuals and organizations who have contributed more than $100,000 to further the educational programs of BMC. Many of those listed below have far exceeded that total. These individuals and organizations have influenced all areas of the Music Center through their generosity in providing student scholarships, supplementing faculty salaries, underwriting major guest artists' fees, and funding capital improvements to BMC's campus.

The Music Center is deeply grateful to the special patrons who have included BMC in their estate plans. The Encore Society is made up of individuals who have made planned gifts to the Brevard Music Center and have notified BMC of their intentions.

Lifetime Giving Society

There are many different types of planned gifts that can provide important estate and tax planning benefits while also assuring the future of BMC. Leaving a bequest, creating various types of charitable gift annuities and trusts, and naming BMC a beneficiary of a life estate, life insurance policy, IRA, or retirement plan are some examples of the possibilities.

Recognition of Full Scholarship Society members includes: • listing as a member, • input into the selection of their scholarship students, • an invitation to a luncheon with their students and their teachers where members learn about the innovative educational techniques used at the Center.

Full Scholarship Society lone Allen Music Scholarship Fund Mr. and Mrs. John S. Candler Fine Am Center of Kershaw Counry, S.c. Dr. and Mrs. J. Murray Fadial Harvesr Chariries Mary Adelaide Hesrer Inrercollegiare Srudies Insrirure Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Kerchum Jerry and Nancy Marhis The Memphis Symphony League Irwin D. Meyers Music For Yourh Foundarion Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin A. Parsons John and Linda Sarpy Sieben Family Foundarion Mr. and Mrs. E.D. Sloan Jr. Sourh Carolina Federarion of Music Clubs Dororhy Richard Srarling Foundarion Sreelcase Foundarion Manha Washingron Straus and Harry H. Straus Foundarion Thiele Kaolin Co. The Joe R. Utley and Joella F. Utley Foundarion

Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Bain Jr. Mrs. Charles N. Barnum George S. Bersill Joseph Blake Brevard Music Center Associarion Mrs. William I. Bun Mr. and Mrs. James G. Dalron Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Roben I. Dalron Jr. Frederick Denr Dr. and Mrs. J. Murray Fadial A. J. Flercher Foundarion Billee W. Gontrum Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hannah Mary Adelaide Hesrer Roben N. Hill III Vivian S. Hoeppner Inrercollegiare Srudies Insrirure Anne Irwin Janirve Foundarion Douglas MacDonald and Ruby Morgan Estare of Vera Milner Frances Munk Nonh Carolina Ans Council-Dept. of Cui rural Resources Dr. William J. Pendergrasr Mrs. Carlo Renzulli Berry A. Scan Trusr Mrs. William M. Searcy Spananburg County Foundarion Surdna Foundarion Mrs. J. Douglas Sykes Jr. Thiele Kaolin Co. The Joe R. Utley and Joella F. Utley Foundarion Beanie and Jan Wood Mr. and Mrs. Kun Zimmerli

Many Encore Society members also give annual gifts so that they can see and enjoy the beneficial results oftheir generosity every year.

Properly planned charitable gifts do more than help BMC; they can supplement a member's income, help avoid capital gains, and reduce estate and income taxes while providing the personal satisfaction that comes from making a gift. The Encore Society

ENCORE SOCIETY LIST Ann Sruan Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Arbena Mr. and Mrs. William J. Ball George S. Bersill Mildred Blaha Barbara Boerner William G. Boggs Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Boorh Mrs. William I. Bun Mr. and Mrs. John S. Candler Mrs. James Cannon Jr. Mrs. Gilbean H. Collings Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Edward D. Conner Mrs. T. Kennerh Cribb Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Cushman

Encore continued on following page . .. 25

Encore continued.from previous page. Mr. and Mrs. Roberr I. Dalton Jr. Marjorie Darken Sara Rebecca Daven porr Frederick B. Dem Dr. and Mrs. Roberr H. Dowdeswell Markus H. Francke Laurence Clazener Billee W. Gonrrum' Hildegard H. Greitzke Mr. and Mrs. George Handler Mary Adelaide Hesrer Robcrr Noble Hill III Mrs. Walrer F. Hoeppner Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hough Mrs. Frank Howson Mrs. Dennis C. King Mr. and Mrs. Walrer M. Lacyk Mrs. John G. Landrum Jr. Rira E. l.andrum Mr. and Mrs. John W. Lawless Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Lowy Rurh H. Meinecke Irwin D. Meyers Joe D. Mills Dr. Ruhy Morgan Mrs. Alfred O. Munk Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Newton Jr. Dr. William J. Pendergrasr Mrs. Lewis C. Powell Mr. 'lild Mrs. Ralph F. Sarlin M r. and Mrs. John R. Sauerreig Frederic A. Schaffmeyer Mrs. William M. SearcyJr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Senneff Mrs. Francis W. Smiley Ms. Kirk J. Smith Mrs. A. R. Soehner Isabel L. Srudley Mrs. J. Douglas Sykes .I r. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tharpe Mr. and Mrs. Tonny van der Leeden Mrs. Jack C. Ward Mr. and Mrs. H. MitchelJ Watson Parricia R. Webb Mr. and Mrs. William A. White Jr. Mr. and Mrs. M. Bearrie Wood Joan Yarbrough Mr. and Mrs. Kurr Zimmerli . Deceased Bold face rype indicares new Sociery members.

The EnoowmenT FOR The BRevaRo MUSIC CenTeR The Brevard Music Center is deeply appreciative of the donors who make contributions to our endowment. Endowment gifts connect the donor with the Music Center in special ways. Building the Center's endowment ensures that the high quality educational programs and artistic performances continue by providing a Donations to existing greater degree of long-term financial security.

endowment funds can be made at any time and in any amount.

For as lirrle as $10,000, donors can establish a named endowment fund. Contribu tions are tax deductible and can be for general support or for specific purposes. Needs include funds to support scholarships, faculty salaries, guest artist fees, maintenance of the buildings and grounds on BMC's For as little as $10,000, 140 acre campus, and help BMC in a donors can establish a myriad of other ways. Donations to existing endowment funds can be made at any named endowment fund. time and in any amount. New Endowment Funds Established Eleanora W. Meloun Operaring Fund Marrha Aiken Pendergrasr Memorial Scholarship Fund Contributions to existing endowment funds April 26, 2003 through April 16, 2004 $50,000+ Dr. William J. Pendergrasr Mrs. William M. Searcy The Zimmerli Foundarion $25,000-49,999 Mr. and Mrs. William Barner III Mr. and Mrs. James G. Dalton Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Roberr I. Dalron J r. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hannah $10,000-24,999 Frederick B. Dem Vivian S. Hoeppner Mary Kupferle Mr. and Mrs. Duane McKibbin $5,000-9,999 Esrare of Elizaberh R. Hill Keirh and Luci Lin I.ockharr Eleanora W. Meloun Parricia R. Webb $1,000-4,999 Harvey and Cindy Gamr Mary C. Irwin Henry Janice Paul and Kirry Neff Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Newron J r. Mary I.'Engle Trusr


Par Falvey Rost'mh'll Mr. and Mrs. David M. Willis Joan Yarbrough $250-1,000 Sreven Brad Aringron Celso G. Barcieb Ladson and Jean Harr Miss Mary Adelaide Hesrer W. Harvey Hoeppner James Arrhur Judge Barbara B. Lee Fred and Par McGarrahan Marilyn Neeley Donna R. Qualmann Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Sarlin Russell H. Shaw and Shira S. Srurman $100-249 Walrer and Jo Ann Ashley Maryellen Bereson Millie Blaha William C. Boggs Jr. Philip and Elizaberh Caccavale Muriel HalTL Huberr R. Huming Alice Keirh Knowles James and Louisa Meyer Dr. and Mrs. Joel I.. Moake Suzanne S. Needle Dr. and Mrs. David N. Pfohl Kay H. Pierson Marion B. Powell Sranley and Karlyn Robinson Norm and Margarer Saunders Mr. and Mrs. Ray W. Siminski Carol Warkins

The EnoowmenT FOR The BRevaRO umerous individuals have made memorial gifts below $ J 00 designated for endowmenrs. See the complete listing of conrriburors beginning on page 20.

Current Endowment Fund Drawdowns (based on June 30, 2003 principle balances) $10,000+ Gina Bachauer Artists Fund William I. Burt Memorial Scholarship Fund Scott Musical Theatre Endowmenr Mary K. SCOtt Memorial Endowment Fund Emily B. Searcy Operations SuPPOrt Fund Emily B. Searcy Scholarship Endowmenr Sykes Family Preservation Fund

$5,000 to $9,999 Martha West Andrews Memorial Scholarship Fund Brevard Music Cenrer Association Scholarship Endowmenr Dent Operating Fund Millie Denr Memorial Scholarship Fund Henry Janiec Chair Dr. and Mrs. William J. Pendergrast Sr. Concertmaster Chair Thomas Hall Mainrenance & Operations Fund Joe and Joella Urley Scholarship Endowment Fund Zimmerli Piano Competition Fund

$2,500 to 4,999 Mary Stewart Allan Memorial Scholarship Fund Valerie Barnet Scholarship Fund Martha Pendergrast Coursey Flute Chair Mary Helen and james Dalron Fund Robert and Gwin Dalron Fund Floride Smith Dean Scholarship Endowmenr Fund Tom and Tracey Hannah Scholarship Fund Margy Hicks Opera Scholarship Endowmenr W. jefferson Pendergrast jr. Percussion Chair Walter Linwood Pendergrast Double Bass Chair Richard and Betry Scott Scholarship Endowmenr Searcy Pavilion Mainrenance Fund J. D. and Naomi Sykes Memorial Scholarship Fund Paul C. Thomas Memorial Scholarship Fund

$1,000 to 2,499 Capr. Charles . and Mrs. Marguerite G. Barnum Fund Martha G. Wooron and Phoebe N. Barsrow Memorial Scholarship Fund Brevard Music Cenrer Memorial Scholarship Fund Burt Alumni Fund Michael DiGirolamo Scholarship Endowment Fund Robert W. and Esther H. Dobbins Scholarship Fund Frances Falvey Music Fund Henry F. and Bailey R. Gould Memorial Scholarship Fund


Tom and Tracey Hannah Operating Fund Adelaide Canfield Hester Memorial Scholarship Fund Adelaide Van Wey Hill Memorial Scholarship Fund Walter and Vivian Hoeppner Scholarship Fund Roger Hyde Memorial Scholarship Fund Frithjoff Jensen Memorial Scholarship Fund Willis and Jacquelyn Kuhn Memorial Fund john R. McCrae Opera Fund John Richards McCrae Memorial Scholarship Fund Meyers Family Memorial Scholarship Fund Vera A. Milner Memorial Scholarship Fund Dr. Charles and Nell Aiken Newland Endowment North Carolina Scholarship Endowment Ruggiero Ricci Artist Chair L. Neil and Sue S. Williams Scholarship Endowment Wood Family Concerto Competition Fund Zimmerli Scholarship Endowment

Up to $1,000 William H. Alexander Scholarship Endowmenr George W. Blaha Memorial Scholarship Fund Ted Blanchard Memorial Scholarship Fund Bill and Rebecca Boswell Scholarship Endowmenr Dr. and Mrs. J. Kirven Branrley Scholarship Fund Brevard Music Cenrer Alumni Association Scholarship Endowmenr Brown-Dilworth Scholarship Endowment Johnsie Burnham Memorial Scholarship Fund John S. and Linda S. Candler Scholarship Fund Carrier Memorial Scholarship Fund Marie B. Connell Memorial Scholarship Fund Jane Darnall Memorial Scholarship Fund Sarah Darnall Memorial Scholarship Fund Glenn Dicterow Visiting Concert Master Chair Endowment For General Operations Winifred Bush Gibson Memorial Scholarship Fund James M. Harris Memorial Scholarship Fund Judge Cecil J. and Eli7..abeth R. Hill Scholarship Fund Dorothy Everett Hill Scholarship Fund Hinda Honigman NFMC Young Artist Fund Hinda and Maurice Honigman Memorial Scholarship Fund Howse-Diemer Choreographer's Fund Mark R. Hunring Memorial Scholarship Fund Janiec Family Fund Jerry Hart Jerome Memorial Scholarship Fund Louise Hughes Alexander Kane Scholarship Fund Keil/Wiliis Scholarship Endowmenr John G. Landrum Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund Jennie Aiken Laurens Memorial Scholarship Fund Elizabeth Crudup Lee Memorial Scholarship Keith and Luci Lin Lockhart Scholarship Fund LoW)' High School Flute Scholarship Fund Sadie R. McCrae Memorial Scholarship Fund Duane and Peggy McKibbin Scholarship Endowmenr


Eleanora W. Meloun Operating Fund Anne Griffin Moore Memorial Scholarship Fund Mu Phi Epsilon Composer-in-Residence Fund Ladene Herring and Russell Emrich Newron Jr. Scholarship Fund Berry Ann Page Memorial Scholarship Fund Martha Aiken Pendergrast Scholarship Endowmenr jamcs Christian Pfohl Endowment Lewis C. Powell Memorial Scholarship Fund Rabinoff Mcmorial Scholarship Fund Sylvia Richter Scholarship Endowmenr Fund Dr. julius and Barbara M. Sader Scholarship Fund john and Mary Sauerteig Scholarship Endowment Mary Nell Saunders Memorial Scholarship Fund Frederic A. and Stine J. Schaffmeyer Scholarship Fund Francis and Marjorie Smiley Scholarship Fund Marta Spoel Memorial Scholarship Fund Elaine C. & Robert T. Thompson Scholarship Fund Elizabeth Clarke Tindal Scholarship Fund Endowmenr in Memory of Therese van der Heyden Lucille Parrish Ward Opera Chair Caroline M. Warnell Memorial Scholarship Fund Eileen Wylie Memorial Scholarship Fund Catherine Abbott Yon Memorial Scholarship Fund


OUR Way OF SayznG THANK YOUl In order to properly thank and recognize our donors who partner with us in fulfilling our mission, we are pleased to provide the following for all gifts received after October 1, 2003. The previous pages list our partners from the past year. Donor Privileges

Listing in Overture Program Book

$1 to $99

$100 to $299

$300 to $499

• •

"Insider" donors quarterly newsletter

Concessions coupon IHi9hli9hts CD of the previous BMC season; Reception invitation BMCA gift shop 10% discount coupon; 15% ticket discount coupon; guest artist reception invitation Special ticket privileges; Cafe con Brio 15%

~discount coupon

Special guided backstage tour of My Fair Lady; Coupon for 6 tickets to concerts of your choice ($150 non-tax deductible) Two 15% discount coupons at Cafe con Brio; recognition on BMC website; private reception invitation at artistic director's studio

$500 $750 $1500 $2500 $5000 to to to to to $749 $1499 $2499 $4999 $9999

• "

Patrons who contribute to our mission at the $10,000 level and above make a special commitment to our programs and will receive all of the above privileges plus other . . . UnIque opportunltles. Customized appreciation packages are available at higher levels. Please contacr Gary Himes, Director of Development, for more information. Phone: (828) 862-2120, Fax: (828) 884-2036, E-mail: brevard2@citcom.ner. In the above giving levels, donors to the scholarship fund are additionally entirled to... $300 and above will be matched with specific students; $750 and above will be invired to the 2005 student/donor picnic Full Scholarship Society - see page 25.


Welcome to Brevard Music Center's 68 th annual festival! As our mission statement proclaims, Frederick Dent "Mentoring is our mission, performing is our passion." Mentoring takes place in the intense musical training given by our superb faculty to our approximately 375 students. This top-of-the-line training is conducted by a faculty of 65 experienced teachers on both an individual and group basis. Mentoring also takes place in the master classes conducted by many of our renowned visiting artists-a unique opportunity for our young students. The intensity of our passion for


performance is evidenced by the fact that more than 80 performances are scheduled during our 48-day festival schedule. These performances are of varying size and location, bur give all our students a great opportuniry to play alongside very experienced, professional faculty members. No bener training could be found. Our passion for performance is also evidenced by our dedication to offering the highest quality and diversity of programming. Record ticket sales and patron survey responses give us confidence that you enjoy what you see and hear, and that is our continuing goal. We have a dedicated Board of Trustees responsible for the affairs of the Brevard Music Center. The operation of BMC is handled by a full time staff

of 15 very dedicated people whose responsibility runs the full gamut from finance and fundraising to maintaining our 145 buildings. They are a superb team. Critical to their efforts, however, is the splendid assistance given them in virtually every way by the 450 volunteer members of the Brevard Music Center Association. These friends and neighbors are an inval uable asset to the ongoing success and pleasure of BMC. We are grateful to them. A warm welcome to all who visit us in 2004. We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy all you see and hear. Frederick Dent, Chairman Brevard Music Center Board of Trustees





Phillip Bravo Librarian

Mary Ada Poole Dean of Students

Rhonda Broadnax, RN urse

Pat Posey Dean of Advanced Division

Jennifer Cook Student Affairs Intern

Sarah Risch Development Intern

Mary Anne Dilworth Work Scholarship Coordinator

Martha Shershin Box Office Assistant Manager

Matk Guion Dean of Men

Marry Sproul Dean of Women

Stephanie Eller Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Allison McCann Public Relations Intern

Harry Weinhoff Guest Artist Liaison

Jennie Glesener Administrative Assistant

Tim Murray Programs Coordinator

Grace Young Box Office Manager

Patrick Goodwin Development Officer

Sara Nodine House Manager

Bill Zehfuss Personnel Manager / BMCFO

Management Staff John S. Candler President David Effron Artistic Ditector William G. Boggs Jr. Director of Opetations and Finance Virginia Carter Marketing Associate

Gary Himes Director of Development Nathan Kawa Physical Plant Dorothy Knowles Admissions Coordinator and Registrar Frank McConnell Physical Plant Superintendent Pam Mullins Finance Assistant Bruce Murray Director of Education Ann Wilkinson Admissions Associate Barry Williams Physical Plant Josh Wilson Marketing Assistant

General Staff Graham Anderson Piano Technician



The Brevard Music Center's concert on July 16 enti tled "Cavalcade of Swing" is dedicated to former BMC Board Chairman, Dr. Joe Utley. A long-time member of the Brevard Music Center's Board, Dr. Utley was an enthusiastic supporter of musical organizations and an avid collector of rare brass instruments. His wife and children are proud to sponsor this special event in honor of his memory.


The GIna BachaueR ARTIST ChaIR The Gina Bachauer Endowment Fund has enabled rhe Brevard Music Center (Q invire internarionally renowned performers (Q exrend rheir rime ar BMC as guesr anisrs (Q conducr seminars and reach masrer classes. In honor of rhis grear Greek pianisr, many keyboard anisrs including Misha Dichrer, Alicia de Larrocha, Vladimir Felrsman, Perer Serkin, Jorge Boler and Andre Warrs have given generously of rheir rime and ralent in supporr of rhe Gina Bachauer Anisr Chair.

During her liferime, Gina Bachauer frequenrly appeared in concen ar rhe Brevard Music Center and always found exrra rime (Q spend wirh BMC srudents. She undersrood rhe lasring impression rhar her words of encouragement gave ro young anisrs. In 1980, a memorial fund was esrablished ar Brevard Music Center rhrough rhe generous effons of Ms. Bachauer's long rime friends, Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Renzulli. Conducror Alec Sherman, Gina's husband, was in rhe audience as pianisr Rudolf Firkusny performed rhe inaugural concen sponsored by rhe Gina Bachauer Anisr Chair. The second concen was performed by her grear friend and colleague, Alicia de Larrocha. Gina Bachauer's rradirion continues rhis season as Emanuel Ax performs Mozarr's Piano Concerto in Bflat, K 595, wirh rhe Brevard Music Center Fesrival Orchesrra on June 27, 2004.


this year the Association will have raised more than one million dollars for BMC through the lifetime of our Association. This cost avoidance and fund raising is dedicated to the students in such ways as scholarships, superior faculty, and improved facilities.

Brevard and Transylvania County are known as "The Land of Waterfalls." They are also known as "The Land of Volunteerism!" You can find any number of good causes here to spend your leisure time on, from serving meals in soup kitchens to maintaining hiking trails. We may be prejudiced, but our favorite volunteer activity is working for the Brevard Music Center. The men and women who do this are members of the Brevard Music Center Association, and our activities include landscaping and beautifying the 140 acre campus, repairing and repainting the 145 buildings, buying music-oriented goods and selling them at the Harmony House gift shop, writing and distributing the BMCA newsletter, selling raffle tickets to win BMWs, and ushering and providing refreshments at performances. In addition, BMCA members plan and execute parries which both provide lots of fun, and taise money for the Music Center; these events culminate in the annual "Prelude" gala dinner dance and silent auction, our largest fund-raiser. The man-hours contributed by our volunteers equal nearly 14 full-time employees for BMC, and last year, BMCA raised $125,000 for the Center. If events meet expectations,


What impels our members to do all this? We consider ourselves part of the Music Center, with its history and mission of mentoring the next generation of musicians here and abroad. We see the behind-thescenes, day-to-day efforts of getting a season organized. We have the opportunity to meet internationally recognized performers. We become acquainted with talented young musicians and help them make the career decisions which will guide their lives. We participate in music

and opera education classes. Additional benefits include a "Sneak Preview" of the coming season and an opportunity to order tickets before they go on sale to the general public, a subscription to the BMCA newsletter, and a seat at the annual BMCA member-appreciation picnic. We invite you to become a member of the Brevard Music Center Association today and join us in helping to educate the musicians of tomorrow! Bill Robertson BMCA President

2004 DIsTInGuIsheD ALumnus AwaRD Goes TO SamueL PILaFIan This year's Distinguished Alumnus Award recipient, Samuel Pilaflan, is one of the world's most preeminent tubists and educators. A BMC student from the mid-sixties, he is perhaps best known as a founding member of the internationally renowned Empire Brass Quintet. He currently serves as professor of music and director of the concert jazz band at Arizona State University? having previously served for twenty years on the faculties of Boston University and the Tanglewood Institute.

Peters, Lionel Hampton and Pink Floyd. Recent performance tours have taken him to Canada, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, Italy, Austria, Germany and England.

In 1991, Pilaflan teamed up with acoustic guitarist Frank Vignola, creating the duo Travelin'Light. Dedicated to swing, classical and jazz standards, they have releases on the Telarc and Summit labels. Pilafian released Meltdown in 1998 with Scott Zimmer on alto and soprano saxophones performing the music of Ravel, Bartok, Thelonious Monk, Ornette Coleman and Captain In 1967, Sam won the concerto comBeefheart. Sam has won the Walter petition at the National Music Camp Naumberg Chamber Music Award, the in Interlochen, Michigan, becoming Harvard Music Association Prize, the only the second tubist in over fifty University of Miami's Distinguished years to do so. In 1971, he received Alumni Award and the annual the attention of Leonard Bernstein Sam Pilafian works with BMC students Outstanding Teacher Award from the and played at the world premier of College of Fine Arts, Arizona State University. As a past Bernstein's "Mass" at the Kennedy Center in Washington. president and chairman of the board of the International His performance and recording credits have included the Tuba Euphonium Association, Sam now serves on its Boston Symphony Orchestra, the New York Philharmonic board of directors. He has been sponsored by the German Orchestra, the Orchestra of St. Luke's, the Metropolitan Tuba Manufacturer Meinl-Weston for over thirty years. Orchestra, the Duke Ellington Orchestra, Bernadette


Anna Christy

Anna Christy - Hailed by The Los Angeles Times as "the livliest figure on stage," and "a voice of genuine promise," BMC alumna Anna Christy conrinues ro take the opera world by srorm through her performances of lyric-coloratura roles. Ms. Christy attended the Music Cenrer from 1996 ro 1998 where she performed the roles of Juliette in Romeo and juliette, Anne Page in The Merry Wives ofWindsor, and Blonde in

Abduction from the Seraglio. During the 2004-2005 season Ms. Christy will make her Metropolitan Opera debut as Papagena in Die Zauberflote and at the Lyric Opera of Chicago as Muffin in the world premiere of A Wedding (Music by William Bolcom, directed by Robert Altman). Ms. Christy has also debuted the role of Jiang Ching II in the world premiere of Bright Sheng's Madam Mao ro rave reviews. Sheng served as a composer-in-residence at the Brevard Music Cenrer in 2003 and returns this season. In the 2003-2004 season, she made her debut with the San Francisco Opera as Angel More in The Mother of Us All; returns to New York City Opera as Yum-Yum in The Mikado;


sings her first performances of the title role in Lucia di Lammermoor with Opera Omaha; appears with Kenrucky Opera as Despina in Cosi fan Tutte; and sings Olympia in The Tttles ofHoffman. Her many concert engagemenrs this past season included appearances with the Philadelphia Orchestra, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, EOS Orchestra, Oregon Symphony, the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. She has also performed solo recitals in Japan and appeared with the New York Festival of Song. Anna Christy is the recipient of Wolf Trap's 2000 Shouse Award as well as a 2002 Sullivan Foundation Granr and a 2002 Richard F. Gold Granr. Raised in Pasadena, California, Ms. Christy is a graduate of Rice University and the University of Cincinnati College-Conservarory of Music. In addition ro her three years at the Brevard Music Cenrer, she participated in the young artist programs at Glimmerglass Opera and Wolf Trap Opera. With a tradition of musical excellence in performance and education spanning nearly seven decades, the Brevard Music Cenrer has played a pivotal role in the lives of countless young musicians. Anna Christy is among the thousands of alumni who have discovered that a summer at the Brevard Music Cenrer is truly Seven

Weeks That Change J0ung Lives. While not all choose ro pursue careers in music, BMC alumni leave transformed, serving as arts advocates and leaders in their communities, utilizing the self-discipline, perseverance and work ethic they gained as part of their Brevard education.

Robin Mayforth

Robin Mayforth - Robin Mayforth, violinist, has been concertmaster of the San Jose Symphony since 1999. She also serves as concertmaster with Ballet San Jose of Silicon Valley, Music in the Mounrains Festival in Nevada City, California, and the Utah Festival Opera Company in Logan, Utah. She served as Concertmaster of the San Diego Opera, the Performance Orchestra of Philadelphia, the Queens Philharmonia (N.짜.) and the Delaware Repertory Orchestra. In the San Francisco Bay Area, Ms. Mayforth is a founding member of the Candlelight Soiree Chamber Music Series. From 1985 ro 1993, she was an original member of the highly respected Lark Quartet, with whom she performed and roured throughout the United States, Europe, Russia, China and Australia. Ms. Mayforth is a native of Wilmington, Delaware, and received her BM and MM degrees from The Juilliard School, studying with Dorothy DeLay, Hyo Kang and Paul Kanror. Ms. Mayforth is on the faculty of the Sanra Clara University Departmenr of Music. She attended the Brevard Music Cenrer in 1975 and 1976.

Sykes FamzLy PReseRvaTzon Funo

The Sykes Family Preservation Fund was created in 2000 after a magnanimous gift from the late Doug Sykes, Trustee of BMC, and his wife Fran. This endowment provides monies to preserve BMC's 140 acre cam pus, 145 buildings, and to undertake needed infrastructure improvements. Earnings from the endowment this year helped renovate the WhittingtonPfohl Auditorium restrooms as well as making improvements to Sargent Dormitory and Melody Dormitory, twO of the Center's student residences. The Sykes Family Preservation Fund honors the long relationship between the Sykes family and the Music Center. Both of M r. Sykes' parents were BMC trustees. His father, J.D. Sykes, served from 1968 until his death in 1973 and his mother, Naomi Sykes, was a trustee from 1974 to 1978. Doug Sykes followed his parents as a BMC trustee and served as Chairman of the Building and Grounds Committee until his death in 2001. During Doug Sykes' tenure as trustee, BMC completely renovated the campus. The Center spent more than $6 million in capital improvements and new facilities including 14 student dorms, 12 new faculty houses, more than 60 teaching and practice studios, renovation of the Whittington Pfohl Auditorium, and completion of Thomas Hall, a multi-purpose

rehearsal hall and teaching facility. BMC has continued to follow Doug's vision of a constantly evolving, continually improving campus environment with the creation of a new classroom building and an Advanced Division recreation facility constructed for dedication and use starting with the 2004 season. The Sykes Family Preservation Fund acknowledges Doug Sykes' hi tory as an engineer and teacher of engineering at Furman University as well as the Sykes family's relationship to BMe. Members of the Sykes family have been ardent supporters of the Music Center for more than four decades. This Preservation Fund ensures that the Center's beautiful campus will remain one of BMC's greatest assets and will always honor the Sykes family's deep commitment toBMe. As a lasting statement to his devotion to the beautification and preservation of BMC's park-like campus, the sculpture, SOAR, was commissioned from Sabrina Fadial (BMC alumna '83), an accomplished sculptural artist, in memory of). Douglas Sykes J r. and Elaine Sykes McDowell. Located near Barnum Bridge and Lake Milner, it is a symbol of the Sykes family's generosity and desire to create a campus where music, education and the performing arts will always flourish.


The Jan ana BeaTTIe Wooo ConceRTO CompeTITIon The competition, named after board member M. Beattie Wood and his wife, Jan, honors the financial and leadership contributions made by Mr. Wood and the long relationship between BMC and the Wood family. M. Beattie Wood, elected to the Board in 1997, has been involved in the gifting of two student dormitories; one named for his father, Robert M. Wood, after his death in 1990. The second Wood dorm was dedicated in 1998. Beattie and Jan are from Atlanta, GA, and are the proud parents of three children: Bobby, Will and Genevieve. The Concerto Competition is a season long event with the winners playing as soloists with a full orchestra in a concert near the season's end. The competition is open to all instrumentalists and each year more than fifty of the best students compete.

director, James Christian Pfohl. A former Concerto Competition winner in 1964, New York Philharmonic associate concertmaster Charles Rex remembers his solo performance of the first movement of Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto. "I had never encountered an orchestra of that caliber before in my young life and to have that backing me up as

accompaniment was something I will never forget." In summation of the Concerto Competition, Mr. Wood states, "The pursuit of excellence that this concerto competition encompasses is one of the most important aspects of the educational experience at Brevard, and we are honored to support ir."

This competition enhances the skills required for a serious audition and provides significant performance opportunities. The winners are awarded a full scholarship to return to BMC the following year. The faculty for each instrument group chooses the performance pieces before the season begins. The music must be performed from memory and preparation begins as soon as the student decides to attend the Music Center. Preliminary judging is by BMC faculty members from each of the orchestra groups with the BMC conductors judging the final round. The winners of the 2004 competition will perform with the Repertory Symphony Orchestra in the Jan and Beattie Wood Concerto Concert on Friday, August 6. The Concerto Competition has been a focal point of the Brevard experience since the days of BMC's first artistic 51

BRevaRO MUSIC CenTeR ASSOCIaTIon ReceIves 2004 DISTInGUIsheo SeRVIce AwaRO Each year the trustees of the Brevard Music Center select an individual Ot entity to receive the Distinguished Service Award, an honor given in recognition of outstanding contributions supporting the development of the Brevard Music Center and the education of young musicians. This year the Brevard Music Center Association (BMCA) has been chosen to receive the Brevard Music Center's 2004 Distinguished Service Award. The BMCA was established in 1979 to provide support for the programs and students of the Music Center. During its third year the BMCA presented the Music Center with a $5,000 check; in 2003, the amount was a remarkable $125,000. BMCA members volunteer for

numerous jobs that both raise and save money such as ushering at concertS, managing the Center's gift shop, staffing the Refreshment Center and Cafe con Brio, coordinating fundraising events, assisting with administrative projects, and maintaining and beautifYing the campus. At the conclusion of this special 25 th anniversary year, the Association's cumulative donations to BMC will exceed $1,000,000. Thus, it is with tremendous gratitude and appreciation that the Brevard Music Center Association is awatded the Center's 2004 Distinguished Service Award. We look forward to celebrating "Brevard Music Center Association Day" with all of its volunteer members on July 30.


PReLuoe 2004: MaRol GRas- A MasQueo BaLL Prelude is a major fundraising event orchestrated by the Brevard Music Center Association as an overture to each season. The evening's festivities include dinner, dancing, and a live and silent auction. BMCA would like to thank the following businesses and individuals who made this June 5th event possible. DIAMOND SPONSORS Bill Boggs John and Linda Candler Cirizens Telephone Company David and Arlene Effron Firsr Citizens Bank Roben N. HillllI Phillip and Pani Jerome - Jerome & Summey Insurance Agency John and Barbara Lawless Dr. John and Lynne Matheson McCarroll Construction Inc. William and Anne McKee Al Plan Architect P.A. Joella Udey

PLATINUM SPONSORS Chesrnut Hill B & B Fisher Realry Arrhur G. Fisher Bill Ives Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Rogers United Communiry Bank

GOLD SPONSORS Bob and Ann Alexander Dempsey and Belinda Bailey Cancer Care ofWNC RBC Cenrura Bank Dana and Cat Christianson Coca-Cola Botding Co. Consolidated Robert and Virginia Hecken Gary and Anne Himes M-B Industries Bob and Mary Ann McGarry Russell and Ladene Newton Mr. and Mrs. John L. Nichols Ben Panerson and Rosemary Suave Pete and Ronnie Peterman Pisgah Technology Group Roben and Blaire Tharpe Donna R. Qualmann Roben and Janie Sargenr Smith Systems, Inc. Enrique and Deborah Soro Carl and Kathy Stamm Gus and Alice Tucker

SILVER SPONSORS Anonymous Bob and Joan Bednarek James and Carol Bradof David and Cathy Canrrell Ned and Rae Glover Dr. and Mrs. Angus Graham Brevard Onhopedics Irv and Katinka Haines Harris Ace Hardware and Farm Supply Vivian S. Hoeppner Johnson Building Supply Inc. Gail McCarry


Jack and Peggy McGoldrick Frances Munk Rice Furnirure Co. Bill and Michel Roberrson Dr. and Mrs. Walter G. Rolandi

BRONZE SPONSORS Karla Atkinson Band B Plumbing Bradley Real Estate Sales and Appraisal Bronco Construction Company Martha B. D'Agata Dixon Hughes Cenifled Public Accounranrs and Advisors Dr. and Mrs. ]. Murray Fadial Harris Architects Reg Heinitsh Fred and Pat McGarrahan Tom and Lynne Penn Gayle and Virginia Ramsey Mr. and Mrs. John R. Rowe Jr. The Sassy Goose Sneeden, Melron and Associares Jerry Srone Joann S. Tharpe Trudi and Ken Walend

Prelude 2004 Auction Donors Sandy Acker Ken Adams AirTran Airways Dick Albyn Isabel Alexander George Andrews Appalachian Brewing Co. Sonia Arnold Asheville Bravo Concerts Asheville Symphony Orchestra Asheville Wine Market Adanra Bread Co. Adanra Symphony Orchestra Back Country Ourdoors Elaine Bailey Bear Forge Blacksmithing Clover Bergmann Biltmore Estate Wine Company Paula Benron Brown Trour Mounrain Grille Bonne Jean Berdshofer Ruth Bethea George Betsill Big Mike's Hospitaliry Group of Bilrmore Farms The Bistro Boathouse on Lake Julian Bill Boggs Bosron Pops Orchestra Marry Bowsky Marcia Bremser Brevard Athletic Club Brevard Linle Theane

Brevard Music Center Sam Brewton Gretchen Briden Donnie Brown Brown Trout Mountain Grille Joe Bruneau Dr. and Mrs. Nat Burkhardt Leslie Cady Bob Caldwell John C. Campbell Folk School John and Linda Candler Casey Jones Champion Hills Club The Chesrnut Cafe & Market Chestnut Hill B & B Cieliro Lindo Colby House B & B Connestee Falls Counrry Club Roberta Corben The Corner Kitchen D2's Clothing Company Davidson River Outflrters Ann DerGara Eric DerGara Ina DeRuocco Diamond Rush Doc Chey's Noodle House Mollie Docuow Robert and Eugenia Dowdeswell Judy Duff Dugan's Pub Early Girl Eatery Earthshine Mounrain Lodge Kitry Edwards Arlene Effron Wendy Elwell Empire Brokerage Ernie's Rock Shop Erowah Valley Counrry Club Expressions Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel Falls Theatre Falls Landing Fanfare Restaurant The Firness Facrory Flat Rock Landscape Flat Rock Playhouse Folly Beach Holiday Inn Foxfire Gift Shop Frameworks Framing Supplies of Hendersonville Jean Frederick Fry Nursery John Gale Gallery on Main Tucker and Liz Garrison Georgian Terrace Hotel G lass Feather Glen Cannon Country Club Grapevine Distriburors Larry Gray

Greenville Symphony Greysrone Inn Larry Griffis Grove Park Spa Grovewood Cafe Cindy Guffey Irv Haines Werner Haker Hannah Flanagan's Jenanne Hassler Haywood Counry Ans Council Lucie Hinks HobNob Tim Holahan Holland America Line Homestead Hominy Grill Raymond Hughes Jeff and Margaret Hunt Inn at Brevard Inn on Church Srreet Stephen Jackson Dani Janov Hope Janowitz Jason's Main Street Grill Lois Joerling John C. Campbell Folk School John Johnson Ford Edward Jones Jordan Street Cafe Kabloom, Asheville Kelsey & Hutchinson Lodge Sharon King Lake Toxaway Country Club Lark's Bud Lanz Joseph Laughter Laurelwood Mounrain Inn Laurey's Catering John and Barbara Lawless The Library Club Restaurant Tine and Denny Liegerot Keith Lockhart Log Cabin Steak House Lomo Grill Love's lee Cream Sue Macoy Main Street, Ltd. The Marble Slab Market Basket Mast General Srore Eris Mazzarelli Alan McCarter Mike McCanhy Kelley McCleerey Joy McGill Peter and Ann McKinney Michaelian & Kohlberg, Inc Millsrone Inn Frank and Jana Moody Ed and Joan Morrow cont'd. on page 87


David Effron, Indiana Universiry-Bloomingron Gerard Floriano, SUNY at Geneseo John Greer, New England Conservarory Thomas Joiner, Furman Universiry Sarah McKoin, Universiry of Missouri at Kansas Ciry Kraig Alan Williams, Universiry of Memphis

Eric Ohlsson, Florida State Universiry CLARINET

Steven Cohen, Louisiana Philharmonic/Louisiana State Universiry Eric Ginsberg, Western Illinois Universiry SAXOPHONE

Joseph Lulloff, Michigan State University


Marjorie Bagley, Ohio Universiry Margaret Baldridge, Universiry of Montana Thomas Joiner, Furman Universiry; Dr. and Mrs. William J. Pendergrast Sr. Concerrmaster Chair Kristine Fink McCreery, Universiry of Alabama Communiry Music School Katie McLin, Arizona State Universiry J. Patrick Rafferry, Universiry of Alabama Julian Ross, Baldwin-Wallace CollegeConservarory of Music David Sal ness, Universiry of Maryland Amanda Schuberr, Honolulu Symphony Orchestra Byron Tauchi, Universiry of Nevada at Las Vegas William B. Terwilliger, Universiry of South Carolina


Susan Barber, James Madison Universiry William Ludwig, Louisiana State Universiry/Baron Rouge Symphony Orchestra HORN

John Ericson, Arizona State Universiry Jean Marrin-Williams, Universiry of Georgia TRUMPET

William Campbell, Universiry of Michigan Mark Schubert, Honolulu Symphony Orchestra TROMBONE

William Zehfuss, Charleston Symphony Orchestra/College of Charleston BASS TROMBONE

Dan Sareerwhite, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida VIOLA

Anna Joiner, Furman Universiry Eric Koontz, Asheville Symphony Orchestra Score Rawls, Universiry of Norrh CarolinaGreensboro Louise Zeidin, Baldwin-Wallace College Conservarory of Music CELLO

Elaine Anderson, Mounr Union College/College of Wooster Andre Gaskins, Columbus State Universiry Pablo Mahave-Veglia, Grand Valley State Universiry DOUBLE BASS

Craig Brown, North Carolina Symphony Orchestra/Universiry of Norrh CarolinaGreensboro; Walter Linwood Pendergrast Double Bass Chair Kevin Casseday, Universiry of Florida Paul Johnson, Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins Universiry FLUTE

Elizabeth Buck, Arizona State Universiry/Martha Pendergrast Coursey Flute Shared Chair Jennifer Nitchman, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra Thomas Roberrello, Indiana Universiry; Mardla Pendergrast Coursey Flute Shared Chair OBOE

Paige Morgan, Ithaca College

Janice Murray, Brevard, N.C. Maria Newman, Los Angeles, California (2004 Composer-in-Residence) Roberr Palmer, Brevard College Bright Sheng, Universiry of Michigan (2004 Composer-in-Residence) Janice Williams, Memphis, Tennessee


Michael Grose, Universiry of Oregon HARP

Karie Buckley, Rochester, N.Y. PERCUSSION

Timothy K. Adams Jr., Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra/Carnegie Mellon Universiry; William Jefferson Pendergrast Jr. Percussion Chair Chrisropher Allen, Pirrsburgh Symphony Orchesrra Conrad Alexander, Ithaca College PIANO

Andrew Campbell, Arizona Stare Universiry Andrew Coopersrock, Universiry of Colorado James Howsmon, Oberlin College Conservarory of Music Barbara Lister-Sink, Salem College/WINGSOUND Marina Lomazov, Universiry of South Carolina Bruce Murray, Brevard Music Cenrer Douglas Weeks, Converse College VOICE

Carmen Pelron, Universiry of Michigan Carlos Serrano, Academy of Vocal Arcs, Temple Universiry TH EORY /COM POSITION /LITERATU RE

David Curler, Duquesne Universiry Laura Franklin, Brevard College Don Freund, Indiana Universiry (2004 Composer-in-Residence)


Michael Abene, Manharean School of Music Justin DiCioccio, Manharran School of Music Dick Oates, Manharean School of Music JANIEC OPERA COMPANY

General Manager:

John Greer; Lucile Parrish Ward Opera Chair Stage Direcrors: Ronald Boudreaux David Gately Vincenr Liotta Choreographer: Jodie McDowell-Brill; Diemer Choreography Chair Chorus Master: Gerard Floriano Coaches: Jean Anderson Collier Andrew Campbell Donna Clavijo Charles Prestinari Production Manager: Jill A. Hermes Set Designer: Robin Vest Lighting Designer: Andrea Boccanfuso Asse. Lighting Designer: Alicia Cruso Costume Coordinaror: Gaea Bailey Technical Direcror: Benjamin Morris Asse. Technical Direcror: Andrew J. Maciula Master Carpenrer: Eric Brooks Carpenters: David Nelson William D. Dury Rita Rahl Denomme Patrick Daschiell Carpenrer Inrern: Scenic Charge: Lora Napier Scenic Artist/Painrer: Erin La Vallee Props Master: April Karlene Anderson Props Intern: Aurora Braddon Wardrobe Supervisor: Julia E. Strachan Master Electrician: Jason Lucas Electrician Inrern Nicholas Cross Katie Marolda Stage Manager: Leah McVeigh Stage Manager Inrern: Lauren Kruinskas Sound/Electronics (lnrern): Erik Hall Stage Crew: Jeffrey S. Douglas Stage Crew Chief: Marehew Ryan Campbell Asse. Srage Crew Chief: Lee Helms Stage Crew Intern: Ashley S. Gragg Janeree E. A. Krolczyk Production Aaron Miller Assistant Inrern: Rebekah J. Heldt


Younq PeRson's ConceRT: WaTeRwoRks

The rown of Brevard is fonunare ro possess a unique spirir of communiry. Wherher ir is rhe volunreering of rime or of ralenrs, rhis area has an abiliry ro join forces for imponanr projeers rhar fosrer rhe rrue meaning of srewardship. Firsr Cirizens Bank is one example of oursranding corporare cirizenship. For several years, Firsr Cirizens Bank of Brevard has parrnered wirh rhe Brevard Music Cenrer, sponsoring major concen evenrs such as rhe annual Parrioric Pops Concert, rhe

Louisiana Repertory Jazz Orchestra, Brigadoon, and orhers. This year Firsr Cirizens Bank is underwririno-tJ rhe Music Cenrer's founh annual Youno, tJ Person s Concen-an evenr designed specifically for families wirh children. Enrirled "Warerworks," rhe program will navigare a journey rhrough classical music inspired by warer. Through rhe generous suppon of Firsr Cirizens Bank, admission ro rhe Young Person's Concert is free ro rhe public. Brevard Music Cenrer wishes ro rhank Firsr Cirizens Bank for helping ro make rhis importanr July 31 evenr possible.


The PenoeRgRasT FaonLy PaTRlOTlC Pops ConceRT - Sunoay, JuLy 4, 2004 Join us in an Independence Day celebration with the BMC Bands, patriotic songs, and the J812 Overture complete with cannons. One of BMC's most family-oriented, fun-filled concerts was named after the Pendergrast family in honor of a magnanimous gift to the Center's endowment fund by Dr. William Pendergrast and his late wife Martha, and in recognition of their long-standing relationship to the Music Center. Bill and Martha Pendergrast sent three of their four children to BMC and two of their grandchildren have already been students. W. Jefferson Pendergrast was a percussion student for three years in the early 60s and is now a plastic surgeon in Atlanta. David, a pharmacist in Griffin, GA, studied percussion in 1967. The th ird son, Walter, came to Brevard in 1969 as a double bassist, and he also played

in the Spartanburg (S.c.) Symphony under Henry Janiec. Walter currently lives in Wilmington, NC. where he is

an anesthetist and still actively plays the double bass. Grandchildren Matt and Diana also attended BMC as a percussionist in 1993 and a flutist in 1996 respectively. Bill and Martha Pendergrast established four family-named chairs: the Dr. and Mrs. William J. Pendergrast

Sr. Concertmaster Chair, the William Jefferson Pendergrast, J r. Percussion Chair, The Walter Linwood Pendergrast Double Bass Chair, and The Martha Pendergrast Coursey Flute Chair. Additionally, the Pendergrasts created a chair in honor of Henry Janiec. The Pendergrasts' generous suppOrt of the Music Center highlights a crucial aspect of the educational mission. Gifts to the endowment fund like that of the Pendergrasts enable BMC to continue to obtain the highest quality faculty, to help bring in guest artists and master teachers to work with students, and to expand the recruitment program admitting the highest caliber of music student. Please join BMC in honoring a family who has made a tremendous difference to the Center's educational and public performance programs.


The NaTIonaL FeoeRaTlon of MUSIC cLu8s â&#x20AC;˘ JuLy 9-JuLy 11 Certificate - an honor the institution has not bestowed upon a pianist for nearly two decades. Dr. Lomazov won the prestigious NFMC Young Artist Award in 1997. The NFMC's mission is to support and develop American music and musicians. Irs American Music Program is dedicated to providing scholarship and award monies to talented American performers and composers, encouraging performance of American musical works and serving as a reference source about American music and composers. Marina Lomazov. pianist

The Brevard Music Center once again welcomes the National Federation of Music Clubs Southeast Region. The Virginia Federation is hosting the 56th Fedetation Weekend. This year's Hinda Honigman Memorial Concert on July 9 will feature Marina Lomazov, assistant professot of piano at the University of South Carolina School of Music. Dr. Lomazov's accolades include a Silver Medal at the Cleveland International Piano Competition and a prizewinner of both the Gina Bachauer and the William Kapell International Piano Competitions. Among her other numerous awards are first prize at the Hilton Head International Piano Competition and at the National Federation of Music Clubs Young Artist Auditions. Dr. Lomazov has appeared with the Boston Pops in Symphony Hall, the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, Missouri Chamber Orchestra, Spokane Symphony Orchestra, and many others. She holds degrees from The Juilliard School and the Eastman School of Music, the latter granting her the highly coveted Artist's

State Federations, local chapters and individual members contribute generously to BMC's scholarship fund. NFMC has also been very generous with special projects around the campus such as the Hinda Honigman Library and its Gladys Manuel Wing, the Whittington-Pfohl curtain fund, and many of the Center's practice studios. The South Carolina Federation of Music Clubs honored Lucile Parrish Ward by establishing the, Lucile Parrish Ward Opera Chair held by John Greer, General Manager of the Janiec Opera Company. This year's host, the Virginia FMC contributes to the Music Center's scholarship fund and contributed the funds to build the Old Dominion, one of the Center's residential buildings. The Brevard Music Center is most grateful to the National Federation of Music Clubs, and particularly those in the Southeast Region, for the invaluable encouragement and unwavering support they have shown. We look forward to celebrating this very special Federation Weekend.


The BMC Plano I

CompeTITIon The BMC Piano Competition provides a showcase for some of the seventy-five piano students who attend the Music Center each summer. The first Piano Competition was sponsored by the Zimmerli Foundation during the 1998 season. Within a few years the Piano Competition had become a fixture on the BMC calendar. The Zimmerli Foundation continues to provide generous support through an endowment that funds the Competition each year.

The format has changed little since 1998. BMC piano students prepare a program of solo repertoire and perform it for a judge in two rounds. The first round is performed privately for a judge. The judge selects five finalists to perform in a public concert in Whittington-Pfohl Auditorium. Each finalist performs a twenty-minute recital. At the end, the judge determines three winners to receive cash prizes and full scholarships to BMC for the next season. The BMC Piano Competition has helped attract outstanding pianists to the Music Center, and it has focused public attention on an important part of Brevard's educational program. The final round of the 2004 Competition will occur at 7:00 PM on August 1 in Whittington-Pfohl Auditorium. The concert is free and open to the public.


Prelude 2004: conr'd. from page 56 Mounrain Chamber Players Mud Dabbers Muir Fine Arts Bruce Murray Doug and Phyllis Nesbitt New York City Opera New York Stock Exchange O'Charley's OP Taylor's Opera Carolina The Orchard Pescado's Burritos Pisgah Pesr Conrrol Porrer Cenrer Proper Por Quality Inn & Suires Bobbie Rafferry Sanra Claus (aka Al Reilly) John Reynolds Anriques Jay Roberrs Joe Roberts Alan Roblee Linda Rorh IGm Russell Sourhside Cafe Sue Russell Susan and Cliff Russell Sagebrush Salon Fanrasia Roberra Schlacks Karrina Schmidr-Rinke Sin bad's Skyland Thearre Soby's Resrauranr Sourwood Inn Sourhside Cafe Margarer Sparling Spolero Fesrival USA Ann Stovall Inreriors Srraus Park Subway Pisgah Foresr Karen Swing Talbor's Molly Tarn Terpsicorps Thearre of Dance Bob and Blaire Tharpe Tazewell Thompson The Boarhouse on Lake Julian Tooley's Cafe A.W Tucker Two Friends Fairh Walrer Warerford Wedgwood USA, Inc. Wesr 64rh Salon Wesrin Poinsett Horel JoAnne Whacley Terry Whire The Whire Squirrel Shoppe Wickwire Bruce and Monica Williams Karhryn'Wilson Womble Inn Beattie and Jan Wood Woodfield Inn Yarn Paradise


SeaRcy HaLL ana CaFeTeRza Nameo zn HonOR OF MRS. WzLLzam M. SeaRcy the first youth orchestra performance to ever occur there. She was responsible for organizing weeldy trips during the season to Charlotte where the orchestra performed for a Thursday evening television series, and she assisted in the production of radio broadcasts from the Music Center. Emily also worked closely with BMC students, instructing them in the finer points of stage etiquette.

In the life of every successful organization there are individuals who leave an indelible impression through any combination of friendship, leadership, service and support. Mrs. William M. Searcy is one of those exceptional people. Her deep commitment to the Music Center and its mission of educating talented young musicians has brought together students and their professional faculty in an environment where music and learning flourish. In honor of Emily Searcy's support and devotion to the Brevard Music Center, the Carolina Pavilion and its Lower Level have been renamed Searcy Cafeteria and Searcy Hall. Mrs. Searcy, of Thomasville, Georgia, started working as a full-time volunteer at the Music Center in 1954. At the time, volunteers held a number of essential positions and Emily did everything from writing concert programs to serving as guest artist liaison. She coordinated a performance by one of the Center's orchestras on the lawn of the White House during the Kennedy administration -

Emily Searcy was elected to serve on the Board of Trustees of the Brevard Music Center in 1955 and was elected a Trustee Emeritus in 1998 following her retirement. She and her late husband, Dr. William M. Searcy, established a scholarship endowment to ensure that students will always be able to gain the advantages that a summer at Brevard provides them. Emily Searcy was among the first residents of Bishop's Knoll, a group of life estate cottages on campus that are enjoyed by special friends of the Center. As a member of the Encore Planned Giving Society, a magnanimous gift from the Emily and William M. Searcy Charitable Trust will ensure that her generosity to the Music Center will continue in the years to come. She was awarded the Center's Distinguished Service Award in 1997 for her years of devoted service and she remains an ardent supporter. Mrs. Searcy has truly helped lay the foundation that supports the Brevard Music Center and makes it one of the nation's top summer music educational institutions. It is with tremendous gratitude and appreciation that the Searcy Cafeteria and Searcy Hall are named in honor of Mrs. William M. Searcy.


Friday, June 18, 8:00 PM

SPECIAL EVENT Jazz at Club Straus - Latin From ManhaÂŤan Brevard Jazz Institute Justin DiCioccio, conductor Repertoire to be announced from the stage Straus Auditorium Saturday, June 19, 8:00 PM


Thursday, June 24, 7:30 PM

Ariadne aufNaxos (In German and English with English Titles)

Dress Rehearsal A working rehearsal with individual tickets available Season subscribers may exchange their tickets for dress rehearsal tickets All seats reserved Friday, June 25, 7:30 PM

mp"'aql Deborah Henson-Conant, jazz harp

Saturday, June 26, 3:00 PM

Jazz Mavericks Brevard Jazz Institute Repertoire announced from the stag" Porter Center at Brevard College Saturday, June 26, 7:30 PM

Ariadne auf Naxos David Effron, conductor (In German and English with English Titles) Richard Strauss Roles taken by members of the Janiec Opera Company Production stafT as listed in performance program Sunday, June 27,2:00 PM

Behind the Music Faculty/Guest Lecture Series Thomas Hall Sunday, June 27, 3:00 PM Gina Bachauer Memorial Concert

BMC Festival Orchestm David Effron, conductor Emanuel Ax, piano Thomas Robertello, nute Flute Moon .. Piano Concerto in B nat, K. 595 Symphony No. 4


Monday, June 28, 4:30 PM

Student Recital Straus Auditorium Monday, June 28, 7:30 PM

Chamber Music Recital Timotby Adams and Friends Porter Center at Brevard College Repertoire to be announced from stage Tuesday, June 29, 7:30 PM

An Evening of Art Song Presented by members of the Janiec Opera Company Straus Auditori um Wednesday, June 30, 4:30 PM

Faculty Piano Recital Straus Auditorium

Sheng Mozart . Tchaikovsky

Wednesday, June 30, 7:30 PM

The Diaz Trio Andres Cardenes, violin; Roberto Diaz, viola: Andres Diaz, cello Porter Center at Brevard College Cello Suite in C .. .... Bach Sonata for Solo Viola, Op. 25, No. I . ..... Hindemith Violin works by Kirchner, Gluck. deFalla, Piazolla Siri ng Trio. Op. 3 ....................... Becthoven Thursday. July I. 12: 15 PM

Bach's Lunch Thomas Hall Friday, July 2, 7:30 PM BMC Festh'al Orchestra Pops Spectacular! Henry Janiec, conductor Bugler's Holiday "West Side Story" Selections Hungarian Dance No. I Selections from "A Chorus Linc" Pops Hoc-Down . Colas Breugnon Overture Only Make Believe Bill . Old Man River "Orpheus in the Underworld" Overture "0 soavc fanciulla" from "La Boheme" Overture from "Der Fledennaus" .....

.............................. Anderson ..................... .. .. Bernstein ...... Brahms .. Hamlisch .. .. Hayman . Kabalevsky ................... ... Kern ...................... . Kern ......................... Kem ..Offenbach Puccini . Strauss

. .. .. . .

Saturday. July 3. 7:30 PM Repertory Symphony Orchestra Music From Around the World Bright Sheng, conductor A Lincoln Portrait . Tibetan Swing Symphony No.9

..................... .................. . .

. .


Copland Sheng Shostakovich

Sunday. July 4. 3:00 PM Pendergrast Family Patriotic Pops! Transylvania Symphonic Band Kraig Williams, conductor Napoli .... Symphonic Dances from "West Side Story" Nessun Donna Serenade frOln the Student Prince I.ight Cavalry Overture.


... BelistedI/Simon .. ... Bcrnstein/Polister . Puccini .. Romberg ...... von Suppe

Transylvania 'Viml Ensemble Sarab 1\1cKoin, conductor National Emblem. Fantasia di Concerto American Salute .. Armed Forces Salute..

...... Bagley .. Boccalari . Gould ....... Lowden. arr.


Transylvania Symllhonic Band and Transyh'ania Wind Ensemble Sarah McKnin, conductllr America the Beautiful Sound on .. Washington Post Stars and Stripes Forever Semper Fidelis 1812 Overture.

... Berl iniDragon ............. Sousa ....................... ..Sousa ..... Sousa ......... Sousa ............ Tchaikovsky/Lake


Monday, July 5. 12: 15 PM

Bach's Lunch Thomas Hall Monday. July 5, 4:30 PM

Student Recital Straus Auditorium Monday. July 5. 7:30 PM Chamber Music Recital The Cadek Trill 1. Patrick Rafferty. violin: Carlton McCreery. cello; Bruce Murray, piano: Scoll Rawls. viola; Craig Brown. cello Porter Center at Brevard College Piano Trio in c minor . .. Mendelssohn Trout Quimet. ... ........ Schubert

Tuesday, July 6, 12:30 PM Faculty Recital Porter Center at Brevard College Perfonners and repertoire to be announced . Tuesday, July 6, 7:30 PM Transylvania Symphony Orchestra The Noble Spirit Thomas Joiner, conductor Douglas Weeks, piano Piano Concerto No.3..................... Russian and Ludmilla Overture Symphony No.2 "Romantic" .

. .

Wednesday, July 7,7:30 PM The King of Instruments meets tlie Instrument of Kings Timothy Albrecht, organ Brevard Brass Porter Center at Brevard College Solemn Entry................. . .. Canzon primi toni . . . Organ Prelude in G Major............. My Spirit Be Joyful for Two Trumpets and Organ .. Organ Fugue in G Major. .. Adagio . . Organ Grace Note: I Danced in the Morning . .. A Mighty Fortress Grand Choeur Dialogue . Gentle Organ Grace Note for Organ . Let Nothing ever Grieve Thee ... Toccata from Symphony V

Beethoven Glinka Hanson


R. Strauss Gabrieli .. Bach . Bach . Bach Bruckner Albrecht .. Nelhybel . Gigout . Albrecht . Brahms ......... Widor


Thursday, July 8, 4:30 PM Student Piano Recital Straus Auditorium Thursday, July 8, 7:30 PM Orpheus in the Undenvorld (In English with English Titles) Dress Rehearsal A working rehearsal with individual tickets available Season subscribers may exchange their tickets for dress rehearsal tickets All seats reserved Friday, July 9, 7:30 PM Hinda Honigman Memorial Concert BMC Festival Orchestra Markand Thakar, conductor Marina Lomazov, piano .. Verdi .. Prokofiev ......... Tchaikovsky

Overture to "La Forza del Destino" Piano Concerto No. I Symphony NO.5 Saturday, July 10,7:30 PM Orpheus in the Undenvorld OfTenbach All roles taken by members of the Janiec Opera Company Production stafT as listed in performance program Sunday, July 11,2:00 PM Behind the Music Faculty/Guest Lecture Series Thomas Hall Sunday, July 11,3:00 PM BMC Festival Orchestra David Effron, conductor Mark Kosower, cello Symphonic Metamorphosis on Themes of Weber . Scheherazade... . . Cello Concerto........... . .. Sunday, July 11,7:30 PM Student Chamber Music Straus Auditorium Monday, July 12, 12: 15 PM Bach's Lunch Thomas Hall Monday, July 12,4:30 PM Student Recital StnUl" AllnitnrilllTI


.. Hindemith .. .. Rimsky-Korsakov . Schumann

Monday, July 12,7:30 PM Thomas Robertello in Recital Porter Center at Brevard College Repertoire to be announced Monday, July 12,7:30 PM The Bands of BMC Transylvania Symphonic Band Kraig Williams, conductor Southern Hannony Ride Ceremonial Fanfare Morning, Noon, and Night in Vienna.........................................................

. .


Grantham Hazo Tucker von Suppe



Transylvania Wind Ensemble Sarah McKoin, conductor Vienlos y Tango Chamber Symphony No.2....... Danses from "The Danserye" . Anunkasan...............................

. . . .

Gandolfi McCarthy Susato/Dunnigan Tucker

Tuesday, July 13, 12:30 PM Faculty Recital Thomas Joiner and Anna Joiner Porter Center at Brevard College Repertoire to be announced Tuesday, July 13,8:00 PM Jerry Hart Jerome Memorial Concert SPECIAL EVENT Marvin Ihmlisch Repertoire 10 be announced from the stage

Wednesday, July 14,7:30 PM Miami String Quartet Porter Center at Brevard College String Quintet TBA.. Quartet No. I.............. Quartet in c minor, Op. 51, No. I

. . ..


Mozart Ginastera Brahms

Thursday, July IS, 12: 15 PM Bach's Lunch Thomas Hall Thursday, July 15,4:30 PM Student Piano Recital Straus Auditorium Thursday, July 15,7:30 PM Transylvania Symphony Orchestnt A Little Roma nce Markand Thakar, conductor Cooperstock-Tenvilliger Duo Innelin Prelude . Symphony No.8 Concerto for Violin and Piano in d minor

... .

............. Delius .. Dvorak .. Mendelssohn

Friday. July 16,7:30 PM Joe Utley Memorial Concert Cavalcade of Swing North Carolina Jazz Repertory O.-chcstra Repertoire to be announced

Symphony No. I Clarinet Concerto

Saturday. July 17,7:30 PM Repertory Symphony Orchestra From Mozart to Mahler Sle,'en Smith, cond uctor Steve Cohen, clarinet .

Sunday, July 18,2:00 PM Behind the Music Faculty/G ucst Lecture Series Thomas Hall



.. Mahler ...Mozart

Sunday, July 18,3:00 PM BMC Festival Orchestra Gershwin Greats David Effron, conductor Bruce Murray, piano Rhapsody in Blue.......................... Variations on "I Got Rhythm"....... American in Paris................... Cuban Overture..... Porgy and Bess Symphonic Picture


Gershwin Gershwin Gershwin Gershwin GershwinlBennell .

. ..

Sunday, July 18,7:00 PM Jan and Beattie Wood Concerto Competition Finals Finalists and repertoire to be announced from stage Monday, July 19,12:15 PM Bach's Lunch Thomas Hall Monday, July 19,4:30 PM Student Recital Straus Auditorium Monday, July 19,7:30 PM Chamber Music Recital Julian Ross, violin; Don Freund, composer and pianist; Douglas Weeks, piano; Marjorie Bagley, violin; Byron Tauchi. violin; SCOll Rawls, viola; Andre Gaskins, cello; other personnel to be announced Porter Center al Brevard College Serenade in c minor, K. 388 . .. ....... Mozart Li fe Goes On .... ... Freund Piano Quintet, Op. 34... ...... Brahms Tuesday, July 20, 12:30 PM Faculty Recital Cannen Pelton, soprano; Douglas Weeks, piano; Eric Ginsberg, clarinet; Scott Rawls. viola; Andrew Campbell, piano; other personnel 10 be announced Porter Center at Brevard College Lieder TBA . . Brahms Mozart Trio, K. 498 Other work(s) to be announced Tuesday. July 20, 7:30 PM Transylvania Wind Ensemble Sarah I\-IcKoin, conductor Urban Requiem Rolling Thunder Dance of the Jesters . . Symphony No.2 Overture to "The Flying Dutchman" ..

...... Colgrass .......... Fillmore . Tchaikovsky/Cramer . Ticheli ... Wagner/Singleton

Wednesday, July 21,7:30 PM My fair Lady Dress Rchearsal A working rehearsal wilh individual tickets available. Season subscribers may exchange their tickets for dress rehearsal tickets. AII seats reserved.

Wednesday. July 21. 7:30 PM Chambcr Music Recital Julian Ross. violin; Margaret Baldridge, violin; Louise Zeitlin, viola: Joe Lulloff, saxophone; Don Freund, composer and pianist; Andrew Cooperstock, piano: William Terwilliger, violin; SCOll Rawls, viola; Carlton McCreery, cello Porter Center at Brevard College .. . String Trio in C, Op. 74 . . Dvorak Sky Scrapings . .. Freund .. Piano Quartet in E-flat, Op. 87 .. Dvorak Thursday, July 22, 4:30 PM Student Piano recital Straus Auditorium Thursday, July 22, 7:30 PM My Fair Lady Lerner and Loewe John Greer, conductor All roles taken by members of the Janiec Opera Company. Production statTas listed in performance program.

Friday, July 23, 7:30 PM .Transylvania Symphony Orchestra Russian Rhapsody Steven Smith, conductor Kikimora Lieutenant Kije Suite Symphony No.2, "Lillie Russian"


Liadov Prokofiev Tchaikovsky


Saturday, July 24, 7:30 PM My Fair Lady Lerner and Loewe John Greer, conductor All roles taken by members of the Janiec Opera Company. Production staff as listed in perfonnance program.

Sunday, July 25, 2:00 PM Behind the Music Faculty/Guest Lecture Series Thomas Hall Sunday, July 25,3:00 PM BMC Festival Orchestra David Effron, conductor Michael Thompson, French horn Symphony No.9, "From the New World" .. Estancia . .. Les Preludes Hom Concerto No.2 ..


. .. .. .

Dvorak Ginastera Liszt Strauss

Sunday, July 25, 7:30 PM Student Chamber Recital Straus Auditorium Monday, July 26, 12: 15 PM Bach's Lunch Thomas Hall Monday, July 26, 4:30 PM Student Recital Straus Auditorium Monday, July 26, 7:30 PM Michael Thompson and Friends Michael Thompson, hom; Andrew Campbell, piano; Katie McLin, violin; Sieve Cohen, clarinet; Maria Newman, composer and violist; Scoll Rawls, viola; Byron Tauchi, violin; Bruce Murray, piano Porter Center at Brevard College ..... Menotti Trio . ..... Newman Duo. Hom Trio, Op. 40 ...... .... Brahms Tuesday, July 27,12:30 PM Faculty Recital Barbara Lister-Sink, piano; Maria Newman, composer and violist; Andre Gaskins, cello; Andrew Cooperstock, piano; Elizabeth Buck. flute; Porter Center at Brevard College "Chill mark" Trio ...... Newman ....... Poulenc Sextuor Tuesday, July 27. 7:30 PM Transylvania Symllhonic Band Kraig Williams, conductor Komm Susser Tod, BWV 478 ..... The Passing Bell Courtly Dances from "Gloriana" Danza Final from "Estancia" Equus

. . .

.. .. . . Transylvania Wind Ensemble Sarah McKoin, conductor

Tu ..... Fanfare for the Common Man o Magnum Mysterium Songs of a Wayfarer.. .. Pines of Rome .


Bach/Reed Benson Britten/Jan Bach GinasteralJohn ...Whitacre

......... ChenYi ....... Copland ...... Lauridsen/Reynolds .................. Mahler/Bowlin . Respighi/Duker

Wednesday, July 28,7:30 PM An Aria Affair Presented by members of the Janiec Opera C"Qmpany Porter Center at Brevard College Repertoire to be announced Thursday, July 29, 12: 15 PM Bach's Lunch Thomas Hall

Thursday, July 29, 4:30 PM

Student Piano Recital Straus Auditorium Thursday, July 29, 8:00 PM

SPECIAL EVENT Peter, Paul & Mary Repertoire to be announced from the stage

Friday, July 30, 7:30 PM

BMC Festival Orchestra Broadway Blockbusters! Henry Janiec, conductor Anything You Can Do . No Business Like Show Business. . God Bless America Broadway Tonight................................. The Muppets Medley Hoe Down from "Rodeo" Night and Day Begin the Beguine................. Wunderbar....... Wonderful Guy. .. Waltzes It's a Grand Night for Singing June is Bustin Out All Over .. Selections from "Phantom of the Opera.....

Berlin Berlin Berlin/Dragon Chase .. Chase . Copland .. Poner Poner ... Poner ... Rodgers .. Rodgers .. Rodgers Rodgers Webber




Saturday, July 31, I:30 PM

Transylvania Symphony Orchestra Young Person's Concert Waterworks Thomas Joiner, conductor Music from "Pirates of the Caribbean La Mer (excerpt) And God Created Great Whales Under the Sea from "The Little Mermaid" The Moldau

Badelt/Ricketts Debussy Hovhaness Menken Smetana

Saturday, July 31,7:30 PM

BMC Festival Orchestra David Effron, conductor Ben Heppner, tenor Gott welch Dunkel hier from "Fidelio" Chorale for Brass and Timpani . . Concerto Grosso for String Orchestra.... . . . Prelude to "Tristan und Isolde....... .. Prelude to Act I of"Lohengrin...... . Prelude to "Die Meistersinger". . Walther's Preislied from "Die Meistersinger" (Prize Song) In fernem land from "Lohengrin" Dunkt dich das? from "Tristan" . Ride of the Valkyries......... . . Durch die Waelder from "Der Freischutz .



Beethoven Newman ... Newman Wagner Wagner . Wagner . Wagner .. Wagner

. . .

. . . .

... Wagner .. .. Wagner



Sunday, August I, 2:00 PM

Behind the Music Faculty/Guest Lecture Series Thomas Hall Sunday, August 1,3:00 PM

Repertory Symphony Orchestra Sublime Symphony Kenneth Schermerhorn, conductor Symphony No.2 Symphony No.2

. ..


Sunday, August 1,7:00 PM

BMC Piano Competition Finals Finalists and repenoire to be announced

Monday, August 2, 12: 15 PM

Bach's Lunch Thomas Hall Monday, August 2, 4:30 PM

Student Recital Straus Auditorium

. Brahms Ives

Monday, August 2, 7:30 PM Best of Baroque with I Solisti di Brevard Thomas Joiner, conductor Porter Center at Brevard College Concerto in D minor for Two Violins Organ Concerto Battaglia Concerto Grosso in D Major, Op. 6, No.4

. .

.. .. .. ..

. ..

Bach Handel Biber Corelli

Tuesday, August 3, 12:30 PM Faculty Recital David Salness, violin; Eric Koontz, viola; Pablo Mahave-Veglia, cello; Bruce Murray, piano Porter Center at Brevard College Piano Quartet, K. 478 . .. Mozart Piano Quartet, K. 492 . .. Mozart Tuesday, August 3, 7:30 PM Transylvania Symphonic Band Kraig Williams, conductor Credentium Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral..

. ..


.. ........ Vander Roost ..... Wagner/Bourgeois

Wednesday, August 4,7:30 PM Jazz Jam Performers and repertoire to be announced POl1er Center at Brevard College Wednesday, August 4, 7:30 PM Student Chamber Recital Straus Auditorium Thursday, August 5, 4:30 PM Student Piano Recital Straus Auditorium Thursday, August 5, 7:30 PM The Marriage of Figaro (In English with English Titles) Dress Rehearsal A working rehearsal with individual tickets available Season subscribers may exchange their tickets for dress rehearsal tickets All seats reserved

Friday, August 6, 7:30 PM Repertory Symphony Orchestra Jan & Beattie Wood Concerto Concert Soloists and repel10ire to be announced Saturday, August 7, I:30 PM Parent's Day Concel1 Transylvania Symphony Orchestra Thomas Joiner, conductor Appalachian Spring


....... Copland Transylvania Symllhonic Band K~aig Williams, conductor

Credentium . Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral

................ Vander Roost ........ Wagner/Bourgeois

Saturday, August 7, 7:30 PM The Marriage of Figaro David Effron, conductor In English with English Titles Mozart All roles taken by members of the Janiec Opera Company Production staff as listed in perfonnance program

Sunday, August 8, 2:00 PM Behind the Music Faculty/Guest Lecture Series Thomas Hall Sunday, August 8,3:00 PM BMC Festival Orchestra Season Finale David Effron, conductor Robert McDuffie, violin Symphony No.5 Violin Concerto


......... Mahler ............. Mendelssohn