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And Luncheon Hia'hliR'ht Eve n t. Of "Statesman'. Holiday"

The "Statesman's Holiday" at the Transylvania Music camp on Sunday was declared highly successful by camp officials with a good number of the members of the 1951 general assembly attend-

ing the activities of- the day_ Highlighting the day was the luncheon when the distinguished

guests were introduced and a Rurn1

ber of the officials of the camp and festival spoke briefly.

A band concert was presented at 12:30 o'clock for the honored h'UC!:ts and it was cut short by a thund~r sbower. The 4:00 o'clock concert by the camp symphony

was also well attended. Ralph Fisher, who represented Transylvania in the 1951 general assembly, welcomed the group to the camp, and the response was made by Kerr Craig Ramsey, of Salisbury, who was speaker of the house. R. G. Deyton, treasurer of the Brevard Music foundation, served as master of ceremonies in the abS(>D('e of F. S. Best, the president. A history of the camp was given by James Christian pfohl, the director. A number of Brevard's civic, business and professional leaders also spoke briefly on the 1 -'l':Dm to Page Seven


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lMANY MEMBERS OF (Continued From Page ODe) program. Included in this group \\ere Rev. George B. Ehlhardt, pnsident of Brevard college; Mayor John A. Ford; Dr. E. O. Roland, president of the chamber of commerce; Bishop Kenneth Pfohl, Ed M. Anderson, publisher of The Times and President of WPNF, alId others. Among members of the North Carolina house of representatives who attended the day's activity at Transylvania were Representa five and Mrs. Fisher, Brevard; Rep. Ramsey, Rowan county and Mrs. Ramsey, Salisbury; Rep. E. T. Bost, Jr., Cabarrus county and Mr:;. Bost, Concord; Rep. Claude Love, Buncombe county and Mrs. I.ove, Asheville Rep. Clifton Blue, Moore county and Mrs. Blue, Aberdeen; D~ W. A. Sams, Rep. from Madison county and Mrs. Sams, ;',larshall; Rep. O. L. Horton, Burke county and Mrs. Horton, Morganton; Rep. Ora L. Yates, HaYwood c?unty and Mrs. Yates, WaynesVIlle; Rep. Frank Brown, Jackson connty and Mrs. Brown, cunG\i hee; Rep. Wade Brown, Watauqa county and Mrs. Brown, Boone; Rep. Charles Bryant, Sr., Gaston county and Mrs. Bryant, Gastonia; R<.lp. James H. Pittman, Richmond ~ounty and Mrs. Pittman, Rockmgham; Rep. R. E. Brantley, Polk county. Tryon; Rep. George A. Long, Alamance county and Mrs. Long, Burlington; Rep. J. T. Pritchett, Lenoir; Rep. R. Lee Whitmire, Henderson, Hendersonville. Among the senators attending were Senator Zeb Weaver, Jr., Buncombe county and Mrs. Weaver, Asheville; Senator Carl HiCks' l Gr('ene county and Mrs. Hicks, Walstenburg; Senator H. E. Little, Anson county and Mrs. Little, Wadesboro; Senator Clyde Nolan, Cleveland county, Shelby; and Senator E. A. Westbrook and daughter, Polk county, Tryon.






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iHoldAt Music It States-~ 's Holiia~';-­ IN. Camp This Sunday,

Transylvania Concert, Tour

Legislators Invited For Day


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Dinn er Is Slated At 12 :30.1 Sp ecial Concert Is A t .! The tenth regular concert Sun4 :00 O 'clock ::! day afternoon will feature as solo,.1 ists Lome Munroe, cellist, Norma A "Statesman's Holiday" has ; H~~de, so~rano, and. Andr~w been planned at Transylvania Mu- '" bite, barItone, appeanng with camp this Sunday, July 15 the cam~ ,symphony orchestra. i ~hen members of the North Car~: In addition to the Sunday conoIma general assembly, state oHi- I ?crt, three others are slated duro ciale and their wives will be guests mg the, next week: The concert at::l number of special events. • band wJ11 perform m a free CODThe program is being planned ' / _ - Turn to Page Twelve J to show appreciation to the law-


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makers. for the grant of $30,000 appropriated during the last ses. sion to liquidate. the camp indebt. edness. Plans for the day include a lake· ~Ide program at 12;30 p. m., a lour o~ the camp grounds, a ban. quet dmner at 1;30 and the regu. lar camp concert in the audito. Illum in the afternoon. I The Sunday dinner is expected to be attended by at least 150 . guests with Rep. Ralph R. Fisher , givmg the address of welcome. ! Rev. Kerr Craige Ramsay, oC Salis. _' bury, will reply. F. S. Best will serve as master of ceremonies and I James Pfohl, camp di; rector, Will give a history oC the .~ ('~mp. J:lev. George B. Ehlhardt Will dehver the invocation.


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C. Legislators Attend BREVARD - Legislators from throughout the state lttended Statesman 's HoJidlY SundlJ' Transylvania Music Camp n.~ here. The 125 v/.!;itors heard two after. noon concerts and \.oured the eamp. SOlo/.!;ts were Miss Norma Heyde, bOprano, and Andrew White, barl. tone. Allan H. Bone ot Duke Unl. versity's School of Music WlI:I guest conductor. Speakers included James Chris. Uan Pfohl, mUSic and ClUllp dlrec~ t<lr; Bishop and Mrs. J. Kenneth Pfohl of Winston-Salem; TraMyl ~ vania Representative Ralph Fisher; Rowan Representative Kerr Cralae Ramsey, Brevard College President Dr. George B Ehlhardt, and Brevard Mayor John Ford.


State Audlt<lr Henry Bridges was


Introduced. (Continned From PaJ1;e One) cert Friday, and next Tuesday night a special concert honoring the delegation at the Mid-Week will feature Carol Smith, soloist, with the orchestra. A chamber music series will be heard on Wednesday evening.


A Statesman's Holiday at


JUL Y 15th, 1951


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1951 North Carolina State Legislators Meeting  

The legiaslators attended the Brevard Music Center for an event. These are clips and document from the event.