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iHoldAt Music It States-~ 's Holiia~';-­ IN. Camp This Sunday,

Transylvania Concert, Tour

Legislators Invited For Day


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Dinn er Is Slated At 12 :30.1 Sp ecial Concert Is A t .! The tenth regular concert Sun4 :00 O 'clock ::! day afternoon will feature as solo,.1 ists Lome Munroe, cellist, Norma A "Statesman's Holiday" has ; H~~de, so~rano, and. Andr~w been planned at Transylvania Mu- '" bite, barItone, appeanng with camp this Sunday, July 15 the cam~ ,symphony orchestra. i ~hen members of the North Car~: In addition to the Sunday conoIma general assembly, state oHi- I ?crt, three others are slated duro ciale and their wives will be guests mg the, next week: The concert at::l number of special events. • band wJ11 perform m a free CODThe program is being planned ' / _ - Turn to Page Twelve J to show appreciation to the law-


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makers. for the grant of $30,000 appropriated during the last ses. sion to liquidate. the camp indebt. edness. Plans for the day include a lake· ~Ide program at 12;30 p. m., a lour o~ the camp grounds, a ban. quet dmner at 1;30 and the regu. lar camp concert in the audito. Illum in the afternoon. I The Sunday dinner is expected to be attended by at least 150 . guests with Rep. Ralph R. Fisher , givmg the address of welcome. ! Rev. Kerr Craige Ramsay, oC Salis. _' bury, will reply. F. S. Best will serve as master of ceremonies and I James Pfohl, camp di; rector, Will give a history oC the .~ ('~mp. J:lev. George B. Ehlhardt Will dehver the invocation.


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C. Legislators Attend BREVARD - Legislators from throughout the state lttended Statesman 's HoJidlY SundlJ' Transylvania Music Camp n.~ here. The 125 v/.!;itors heard two after. noon concerts and \.oured the eamp. SOlo/.!;ts were Miss Norma Heyde, bOprano, and Andrew White, barl. tone. Allan H. Bone ot Duke Unl. versity's School of Music WlI:I guest conductor. Speakers included James Chris. Uan Pfohl, mUSic and ClUllp dlrec~ t<lr; Bishop and Mrs. J. Kenneth Pfohl of Winston-Salem; TraMyl ~ vania Representative Ralph Fisher; Rowan Representative Kerr Cralae Ramsey, Brevard College President Dr. George B Ehlhardt, and Brevard Mayor John Ford.


State Audlt<lr Henry Bridges was


Introduced. (Continned From PaJ1;e One) cert Friday, and next Tuesday night a special concert honoring the delegation at the Mid-Week will feature Carol Smith, soloist, with the orchestra. A chamber music series will be heard on Wednesday evening.


A Statesman's Holiday at


JUL Y 15th, 1951


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1951 State Reps Meeting  

collection of documents about the 1951 meeting of the State Reps. meeting at the Brevard Music Center.