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'lite pnPftt of pi_as lor the Sblh . u.... Bren:nI Musk Festival I, beln, diKusaed above by BEST, Jl'Hident .'''e Brevard Mule FoaDdaUoD, aad WALTER K. STRAUS, rl&ht. PftIideat slid chalmu:a of the Brevard Festival assodaUOD, as they look over ODe of the attradlve adwrtiliD( the eV~D'. Mr. Snus repOrb this week tbat memberships are settin& a DeW bllh ~==.::7:.~~ should liubscrlbe - 10011 a. JIOSilble to the concert series. The increased iD.&ernt ~ to nle exptlDded protrams. laeladl. . '.Ik mWlic aDd • l«wN'. ali " 'ell .s the hllk calibre

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THURSRAY, MAY 17, 1951


State Auditor P ..esents Music Foundation $30,000 Check


HENRY L. BRlDGES, state a uditor, is pictured in the cen· ter presenting F. S. BEST, leU, with the $30,000 cheek which was appropriated by the 1951 legislature to liquidate the in- t dfobtedness of the Brevard Music Foundation. REP. RALPH E. FlSIIER, right, who introduced the bill in house, looks o n. The cheek itself is pictured ...." ,' a t the right, and is made out to

:".".~ t(> .r~"'=<'.:,,~ .

i ',.1"<->'"0'


the treasurer, Robert G. Deyton,


... . ..........-... . ... ...,,.. ,



~"~ r,,· m.~lon.

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- - - - - - I - - 4 --H-H


who was also one of the key persons in pushing the passage of the bill. (Times Staff Photo,)

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___ . . _n_ ,--- - '"


Dclu.-S )O;OOC.oo

" ..... . N "'de h>~~\.1..," . ...

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h, ....,~ ..' ... ~ •

,.~--- .--­

- ~ "'''~<-'--'- -




Reception Honoring Scotts Is Held At Brevard College Approximately 1,000 guests were entertained at the Brevard College James Addison Jones Library b~ the Rev. George Brinkmann Ehlhardt, president of Brevard College, Frt day evtning at a reception honorins Gtlvernof and Mrs. William KelT Scott. Amonlj: the guests were members (It the North Carolina House &.nd Senate. Council of State, chorus end symphony of the Brevard Mu~;r

Festiva:, and personnel of Tran6ylvanla Music Camp. Members of the Governor's party included Dr. Henry JOrdRn, ~tatf) highway commissionel', and Mrs. Jordan' John Marshall, secl'etal-Y to the governor: Everett JordBl"J, chair路 man of the State Democratic Com_ mlttee, and Mrs. Jordan, and C A Upchurch, assistant to the hlghwav c:ommlssloner. GoverMr Scott and his party, "'N ith President Ehlh>irdt. a;tendec1 the Brevard Music Festivals can cert featuring Elleen Farrell, drarnatlc SOprano, at Transylvania Mu 6ic Camp. F ollowing the concert President Ehlhardt entertaill(!Q at Brevard College. Miss FareIl was a mOni the special guests. In the receiving line with Pres!_ dent Ehlhardt were Oovernor and M rs. Scott, James Christian Pfohla dministrator and conductor of the Brevard Music FestIVal and Mrs. P lohi. ' .......... ___ ~ ___

ReceIving with Dean and Mr8 J. J. Stevenson Jr. on the portioo DC the Brevard College lJbrary were Mrs. J, H. Pickelsimer, Mayor and Mrs. Jolm Ford, Mr. and Mrs. S E. Varner. Greeting gue.sts in the reception room ot the James Addison Jones Library were Mrs. D P. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A _~ Livengood and Mrs. Samuel :r::un;;ck. Presiding Rt the reception tables were Mrs. Joseph S. Silversteen, M'"!. Robert G. Deyton, Mrs. Verne Hill, Mrs. Walter straus and Mrs. F. S. Best. Assisting were Mrs. Philip E. Kennedy, Mrs. A. L. Bramlett, DeEm Lee Pylant, Mrs. Myrtle Young, Mrs. G. H. WhIte, Mrs. Harold Norwood Miss Ella V. Bucknel, Mrs. J. H. Wood and Mrs. Henry Manel5& Jr. In addltio'l, Brevard College student.<assisted in serving. ASSisting In the entertainment of the gues~s were Mrs. Eric Rawls, Mrs. Charles Russell, Mrs. Lloyd S. BU'rhalls, Mrs. Curtis Keliey, Mrs Charles Himes, Mrs. Jerry Jerome Mrs. Arthur J. Loeb, Mrs. John D Smith and Miss Frances Walker , Decorating the were !dIver punch bow18 and seven branched candelabra, holding tall white tao pel's. Arrangements of white gladl011 were used on the tables. The reception rooms wer~ decor ated with floor baskets formal arraugementll of gladIOli. Outsi:le the college library on th~ quadrangle, punch bowls were place<.' on white wrought--iron tables in the garden. The college lily pool and gardens were Illuminated for the dfab".


1I1rs. Honigman Honored For Her Work In 1I1usic A signal honor to a native North Carolinian. Mrs. Maurice Honigman of Gastonia, has b!*!n announced by Mrs. Royden James Keith of Chicago. president of the National Federation of Music Clubs. The national scholarship to Transylvania Music Camp at Brevard has been named the "Hlnda Honigman Scholarship." Mrs. Keith, in a Icier to James Christian Pfohl, director of the: camp, said: "Th!ÂŁ action by the board of directers of the federation was taken in recognition of the magnificent work Mrs. Honigman has done during her term of office as national extension chairman and because of her deep interest in the Transyl_ vania Music Camp." The award. established In 1948 r..nd first presented in the summer of 1949, is a full scholarship of $275, enUtllng the winner to a ~ummer's study at the Western North Carolina camp which, with the Brevard Music Festival, is attracting national attenticn. l

iHold ItStates-~ 's Holid-a~'~­ IN.



nd E.

,d j,



At Music Camp This Sunday, Legislators Invited For Day







_ _ _ _ _ __

Dinner Is Slated At 12 :30.1 Sp ecial Conce rt Is At .! The tenth regular concert Sun4 :00 O 'clock ::! day afternoon will feature as solo-




,.1 ists


, A "Statesman's Holiday" has ; , I' been planned at Transylvania Mu13ic camp this Sunday, July 15 i when members of the North Care: 'lina general assembly, state oHiciale and their wives will be guests "1 at::l number of special events. / The program is being pJanned : to show appreciation to the law-

': I



makers _for the grant of $30,000 a~propn~te~ during the last session to liqUidate. the camp indebtedness. Plans for the day include a lake· ~Ide program at 12;30 p. m., a lour o~ the camp grounds, a ban. quet dmner at 1;30 and the regular camp concert in the audito. Inurn in the afternoon. The Sunday dinner is expected to be attended by at least 150 . guests with Rep. Ralph R. Fisher , giVlflg the address of welcome. l Rev. Kerr Craige Ramsay, of Salis-; bury, will reply. F. S. Best will serve as master of ceremonies and James Pfohl, camp di. rector, Will give a history of the ~ ('amp. Rev. George B. Ehlhardt will de.ljver the invocation.


I I.


Lome Munroe, cellist, Norma H~~de, sorrano, and. Andr~w '\ bite, barItone, appeanng with the cam~ .symphony orchestra. In additIon to the Sunday con· ?crt, three others are slated duro mg the, next week: The concert band Will perform In a (ree con- Turn, to Page Twelve J




(Continned From Pa~e One) cert Friday, and next Tuesday night a special concert honoring the delegation at the Mid-Week will feature Carol Smith, soloist, with the orchestra. A chamber music series will be heard on \Vednesday evening.

C. Legislators Attend

Transylvania Concert, Tour BREVARD - Legislators from throughout the state ittended Statesman's HoJidiY SundiY it Transylvania Music Camp nea.r here . The 125 v.i.:litors heard two afternoon ooneerts and \.(lured the camp.

SOloists were Miss Norma Heyde, ~o ­ prano, and Andrew White, barl. tone. Allan H. Bone ot Duke Unl. verslty's School of Music WII:I gue~t ! conductor. Speaker~ included James ChrLs. Wan Pfohl, music and camp dlrec~ tor; Bishop and Mrs. J. Kennetll Pfohl of Winston-Salem; Tran.syl~

vania Representative Ralph Fisher; Rowan Representative Kerr Craigl Ramsey, Brevard College President Dr. George B Ehlhardt, and Brevard Mayor John F'Qrd. State Auditor Heru'Y Bridges was Introduced.





program. Included in this group .... ere Rev. George B. Ehlhardt, prt sident of Brevard college; Mayor John A. Ford; Dr. E. O. Rolrmd, president of the chamber Concerts And Luncheon Of commerce; Bishop Kenneth Pfohl, Ed M. Anderson, publisher Hi2hli2ht Eve n t s Of of The Times and President of "Statesman's Holid ay" I WPNF. and others. The "Statesman's Holiday" at I Among members of the North the Transylvania Music camp on ICarolina house of representatives SlJnday was dedared highly sucwho attended the day's activity cessIul by camp officials with a at Transylvania were Representa good number of the members of tive and Mrs. Fisher, Brevard; the 1951 general assembly attend路 Rep. Ramsey, Rowan county and ing the activities of the day. Mrs. Ramsey, Salisbury; Rep. E. Highlighting the day was the T. Bost, Jr., Cabarrus county and luncheon when the distinguished Mr:;. Bost, Concord; Rep. Claude gucsts were Introduced and a DumLove, Buncombe county and Mrs . .) ber of the officials of the camp Love, Asheville Rep. Clifton Blue, s and festival spoke briefly. Moore county and Mrs. Blue, Aber路 deen; D~ W. A. Sams, Rep. from t A band concert was presented Madison county and Mrs. Sams, at 12:30 o'clock for the honored Marshall; Rep. O. L. Horton, Burke l,'llellts, and it was cut short by a county and Mrs. Horton, Morganthunder shower. The 4:00 o'clock ton; Rep. Ora L. Yates, Haywood concert by the camp symphony county and Mrs. Yates, Wayneswas also well attended. ville; Rep. Frank Brown, Jackson Ralph Fisher, who represented CO,tnty and Mrs. Brown, Cul1oTransylvania in the 1951 general I\hce; Rep. Wade Brown, Wataua&sembly, welcomed the group to \l:a county and Mrs. Brown, Boone; the camp, and the response was Rep. Charles Bryant, Sr., Gaston made by Kerr Craig Ramsey, of cOLlnty and Mrs. Bryant, Gastonia; Salisbury, who was speaker of the R..!p. James H. Pittman, Richmond house. county and Mrs. Pittman, Rock. R. G. Deyton, treasurer of the ingham; Rep. R. E. Brantley, Polk Brevard Music foundation, served tounty, Tryon; Rep. George A. as master or ceremonies in the abLong, Alamance county and Mrs. SPDl"e of F. S. Best, the president. Long, Burlington; Rep. J. T. A bistory of the camp was given Pritchett, Lenoir; Rep. R. Lee by James Christian Pfohl, the di- Whitmire, Henderson, Hendersonrector. A number of Brevard's ville. civic, business and professional Among the senators attending L._.J,l~'! .d~.~'~''..! .~b~O!'~k~.'..!b~,,~e'!';yuo!!l...lll! 'JI.., were Senator Zeb Weaver, Jr., lJuncombe county and Mrs. Wea路 ver, Asheville; Senator Carl Hicks, en'ene county and Mrs. Hicks, Walstenburg; Senator H. E. Little, :Anson county and Mrs. Little, Vadesboro; Senator Clyde Nolan, leveland county, Shelby; and enator E. A. Westbrook and aUj!htcr, Polk county, Tryon.




Nonna lIeyde, who is no stran er I:ere, having appeared last sum in Verdi'

past been

teach路 concert At Easter Miss Heyde was soloist in Dubois' "Seven Last Words" at W.inston路 Salem under the direclion of Mr. Pfohl. She also appeared tbiI spring with the chamber. group at Duke University. conducted by Al-


Festival Speaker

New York City's No.1 critic and music authority 0 LIN DOWNES, will lecture dlll'lq the 1951 Brevard Music FesttvaJ., as aD added feature of the Belies dea1gued to help laymen have a better understandiag aDd .ppredation of the music. Mr. Downes Is well known for his niJo programs on music whleh he has conducted in reeeDt years, at well as his crUIclsms for the New York Times. -~~-------~-

I c i


From Coast-To-Coast

WPN F Officials Secure Proposal Of Mutual To Carry Festival Programs Following requests from oUi- best in radio listening time. daIs of WPNF, the Mutual Broad· On Friday night, August 19, Mucasting system has offered to car· tuaI has also agreed, at the rery two coast-to-roast broadcasts of quest of officials of tbe local sta· the 1951 Brevard Music Festival, tion, to broadcast 30 minutes of President Ed M. Anderson an· Eileen Farrell's C08(~ert. beginDounces toda y. ning at 8:30 o'clock. Both of these broadcasts would It is understood that the radio be carried through the full facili- committee of the festival and the ties of Mutual, the world's largest music director, James Christian network. The first would be a 3Q..j Pfobl, are at the present time se

minute portion of the Susan Reed ('uring as many oUers from vari


program on August 7 from 8:30 to. ow networks and stations as pos n n'"l"",," ""hi..... ;" Nln~;.ij>l'ed the -Tum to Page Six



(Continued From Page Four) r sible. So far as it can be learned, Mutual is the first to offer to broad~ast any of the 1951 festival coucerts. It is understood that the board of directors of the festival unanimously approved the proposals of Mutual, as secured .b y WPNF, and expressed gratitude for the work that local radiomen are doing to publicize Brevard and Transylvania from coast·to-coast. Regarding the two programs, Mutual has agreed to pay all costs, which are estimated to be around ~OO. It is also stated that in line with the policy of radio broadcasting, no mention was made by ;"Iiu!ual conceming the exclusive rights for sustaining programs. The industry practice, it is understood, is that unless programs are bought and paid for, no exclusive agrecments should be made. WPNF officials have pledged their support and cooperation with Ithe camp and festival for "it is our policy to cooperate with and tv. boost everything that is for the betterment of Brevard and Transylvania county," President Anderson declared.




In addition to securing the Mulual proposal of two coast-to-coast broadcasts of the 1951 festival, l'resident Anderson has stressed the fact that the facilities of the local radio station are again at the service of the camp and festivaL "During the past years we have originated a large number of programs from the music camp which ~ave been carried across North C;lrolina and into parts of South ea.elina," Mr. Anderson com· mented. One of the greatest values or the music camp and festival to Brevard and Transylvania county is publicity in the press and over the air and this newspaper, as I well as WPNF, has cooperated to ['chieve those objectives. Last year Mutual's offer to broadcast at lellst one of the festival concerts was rejected on the grounds that Exclusive network broadcast rights or festival programs had been given to CBS, which actually carried two programs, <:Ine on a Saturday afternoon and one on Sunday. This season it is understood that the policy of the festival will be to get as many of the concerts broadcast as possible.



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