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Well. here wr are - Labor Dny agam. in looking through the rill'S of this column. I find that every year rf'):1uiariy for II dcrildc r hAve mourned the pa~~inJ( of .<ummer. sinre school {don't WI' ever ,l.:"fOW Up?1 IS ju~t around the co,'ncr. Added to all the othl'r worries ('II life just now is the [11('\ that all dresses have to he Jenj!thenecl. for one would nol dream of cntl:'rinl.! Ihis fal! ~eason with th.. ~hort dresses that have mane life ~o comfortable lor us dUring Ihe recent years.

Aren't we .'<.ill~·? Ahl"ll th" only thin2' "e womrn did hold out i a,-:ainst wa. wearing ho~e in lhe '!ummer. Nolwith~tandmg 11 bom_ L




~- .,.,...~


\.:Lven on t5aturQ"l IIl\rrnoon, AUI(,

clochen concerts and broad. He rna,. be heard trequentt the Second Ponce de Leon Ust Church In Atlanta, OPi~' to receive a IICholanhJp ulliard School of Mus.ic, New , RaYIllODd hII. alrelldy been red a ~bolarWllp to Loualll_ State Univenity wben he have Iraduated trom North Iton High School in Atlanta At ent he la 8 Jeholarship ituat the Tranaylvania MuslcI Camp at Brevard, direct_ y JllInes Chrisuan PfohL ymond h.. a niDe.year-old r, Martha Lois, who hq ed pano tor a1x year., and he a half·sisler and a halt·broth_ who are also muaic.lant. Hi. ta, teacher, and small .liter plannin, to attend the Bre· Festival at MlUlc In the rth Carolina mountain.. Aua. p and 22·24.

23. ')'wo

Wttk .FllcL~

The ~elUvlLl protrams oIIJ:1" IICbrdnird lo take place OIl two weekt'nda, lbt nrst 8I'rlea _Inninl f"rlda)' Illfht and. utendlna: throUIh 6Wlday, tlJe Sf'oCond Jel"ie"s to open FrIday. Alii. 22, to extend throQCh Mood...,.. Alii. 211. All oonce:ru will ~ presented at the out-daor luMiI· '.orlum 0( tht' Transyivania Musk: <,;Nnp In the shad01li flt Mt, Pil!gab. O~ntna the festival c:oncerta 'tVtl1 L:It Eurene L'<tOmIn. pIanig. lind tM Brevard 8ymphoo.~ orehestta In an .1J·~ho\·en ~rt at • o'clock. James ChrtBtIan Pfohl 'oW conduct Brenn;l's AdelAIde VIUl Wey. cont1'lllto. a'iIl pr$<nl a MU&LC or the Peopll!'" p~l'II.m SaturdAy night to be Iallowed on SWlday by an orc.tteatnl and operatic J)fOItram by Franee.... Yeend. aoprano. Monday night. lolli, 18. the Pestlval Strlna- orcbstra. will be COllducted , of state officers and distrIct pre.sJ_ dent., and Mrs, Allen said a rtport would be made at a latE'r nl('1'ting 01 the conferenc".


'I- 7


_ _ _ _ _ _-'TH""E AsHEVTLL!: 'N. C.)

TlM~W;~_ _ _ _ __

2ND ANNUAL BREVARD FE S T I V A L OF MUSIC OPENS THIS EVENING at 8 0 ....."" Ilte Brevard Muic 1Ll1-&-t-thoH'1I COlI 'SOOG UOIl will open 11.1 Bn-vard I Adel"icie Van w.'y,

BRE" ARO Feativ •. j

bI!COlld annual feith'a] o~ mustc at Brevard tonight. The f!'$th'al thl' aea:IOli wLIl pn'..nt eiaht 1pt('lal pl·OIlrllm~. wltll five uutsullldJna- artista \X'T(ormlng ill concert with till' tiO-pl('(;r F'esUval Symphony orchl'h(rll dlrectl;'d bv Jalne, Ch~lan Pfohl TIII'ee youuk aru.t..'i ,. HI be pn';,\cnt('(l IL8 IIOJo""l.$ all the j;pedRJ ch\lrlr~n·. eOll("ff'\ tn be ghen on Saturdny afternoon,

eontrllllo, .ill present a ~W.uslc of the P.-nplt....· program saturday night to be followed on Sunday b~' lin on:hestral and opt'rattc pl"1)j(ram b~ FtRnct'$ Yl!f'nd. ooprano. Monda)' n4lht. AUll. 18. the Ff'SUval Stnnl( oreht'l'ltrll '\IL"UI be conducted bJ N01'm:m Lamb. vtollst of the NBC ~ymphony ... 110 will be Iir.:: \'joUst wltll tilt' Natiollal Sym)l\ony O1'rheatrl' thlll wlllier. In a chamb. AUJr 23. mlllic program. 801011115 featun-d on T"o WeC'k-lnd~ the rhamber mu.~1e I':Of1C.\frt will ~ TIle festival prccr.,ma an' achtd- Loul~ Nelson Pfobl, piallilrt, and Uled to t.ake place 011 ~wo week- JOIln Mack. oboiSt. I'lids, Ule {mol .,.1fII begliul1nc ~ond serlet; Friday nillht Nud n;tendlng Ihroupt Sunday, the M'cond .eLieI; to.>peD Tile (1n:t ,Qll,.TI ot the IIoI"COnd r.on1ght Ilnd el:~dhll tllrQUib series of pl"OIIam AUSUS'- t'l-24. Monday. Alii. 21$. AU COlleell~ ,,111 "'W be on. of clasQc. mrnautic aDd be pruE'nu'd at the uut-dOOi audl- IIllpl"Nl&OIlJ U(' music ....·Ith Patricia tonWlI of lh" Trans)I"aJu. M~ITrawrs, viOUnist. aallOkJilt. with the camp in the lbadow of Ml Pl.. ab. Symphony on:he:ib"a. Folloa'uJ& OI)l!DU\I UW feathaJ concerti! wUl Saturday, AUI. 23 thl!T'e will be 8 IX Eugeae I!Itomln,, and the.peeial pl'Dfl:n.m for YOUllI people Brnani 6}mpboaJ orchestra In an ,Iven by t.he Bl'I!VlU"d PsliViLi


.'311;lfl~ . ~,. ~~[I~. li!·:~·~~~K· ~~I ~I ~.~I ~8~~~~


1:~il~[~&1 ~.;




I i:51~:1

~5glf,!ti[~K~~!~ :i[~~it 3~~oeiw-eB'jglau e ~r~'~ ~~~I~i3~C ~ I~i. !I!ai&g





we Sr!'vvd MIIIIIIC , 81 JXUKlVII Will IN' a Joint dmma Ie con· t1 b\ Edn~ PllliUps, lOom<no. IIllCi JuliUs Huehn, OOlltolle with tlH' F-. Ivai 1L:llrnph·JIlY, 8unda)' luom)OLI AIlI.




hlINDA .... AUGUST 17, 19·41'




Adelaide Van W ey Well ReceiYCd By Large

Audience •

BREVARO-Adelalde VLlD We}. a native or Brevard, retl1rned home to capture a larJe audJeDce Batm.1ay night In the aecond con~ of the 1941 Brel'ard Music FesU\aJ. lea at CIUIlP Tranaylvan1a. Mls:s Van Wf'Y, t. )mpanlf'd by the Ff'sUvai &)'mphoDj' ~ ,roup of folk anogl aDd a ,roup f IIPIrttUlI3. f;he dl,played arenuu-uble ltaf:e perSODaI ty an"i aRwr in Il rkh rontralto TO ML"II Ylln Wey, whO ill 11; ell Irnown lor hu radlo And atqo appt'3'· ,meM and r«ordmp. apecial1zcll In Creole aonaa and American f( k numbers. }'olk Son,. Spirituals On her PtOlrarn Saturday Dight she aani "La Belle Francal "Compere LaUn," "Jack O'OIa,monda," and 'Bambaiele," in her folt; 80ne collection, and "Deep 1River." "Many Thousand Gone," rand "Nobody KnOWI the Trouble I've Seen:' as .5plrltual& Mba NRn Merriman, :mezzo soprano. of concert and radIo faml', arrlVE'd In B«,vard Saturda" to Illv!' a formal concert Sunday a1u-r!loon at '" o'ri()('k S$ the conclud· Inll' concert on the flnt wl!f'k and serit'a of mUll~ evtnUL in thc twow«k-end achedule of PI"1)j(IIUIU Inak1na up the annual festival. Handa,. f'nIcram KltoI Prancea Yeend, who was to have Bunday w .. unable to attend becaUSl'l of melden llneu. J4.Ia llm1man. who amp


In .ven lanatta¥ea. 1Ii1ll apPtar

with the festival otehtstra. The younr aubtlrn-btLll?d sopI'lnfl of Ptttsburah. Pa who hal"

been the winner of three cUstlnc tive .wartb in th1s country linee 1940 and man" Umea 8Ololst with the New York Philharmonic orchest.ra and other large orcll L'I t'llgapd lIS 801014 on 10 110f'RllUl with mll.lor aymprumies a

Carneale h,lI ncxt sea.son. 8 e t. been ht'llrd It Ilumoor or times a.s a rndln ~lo!$t since wlnnlni the contMt for the 8010 part ill the Hollywood Bunrlae aervl.c8, the ClndnnaU 8umm('t Opt'ra con~It, and the grand prl,..e In the Natlonlll1"<-d mUon ot M\lSIc e 1;Ja, La~t 1f'Rr Ih RPpt' d In co.-





·1_F_r_om_A_By_~_e~_~~~:~~otebook Mella,


Since festival is the topic coDnrsatton this week, aDd

Us beeD for lOme time, I'll pass oa to you • IIUte !>eMud the iCf:ne info. . eems Isiomln had • bad time geUing to and (rom Brevard. lIis plane arrived in Greenville, S. C., at 1:45 ill the mornJng. and Boh Bolt was on hand to bring blm back up the ..ountaln. The artist was a little. leary of the fog, and kept. leU· mg Bob that if he was too tired to drive, that. he (lstomin) ....ouldn·t, mlod taking over tbe wheel. But it setms they finally

-J h. •


got. here. sometime before breakfast.. Wben tbe time came to }eave Brevard, around 6:00 •. m. Saturda, morning (or the trip Nek to the Grttnville airport, Ist.min couldn't be found. After iAquiring at the deP at the FranklIn, it "as repoi'Wd that "DO such persoll" was rt,g:bt.ered t.bere. '[beD begUl a !"«tm to room searc:h at that early Ilour. Fiaally tbe pianist was found lD ILis usig:J:led room, sound asleep'J Be almoSt didn't caleb hb plaDe, either. . . • lD. commeDtiDg .0 the grand publicity tbe broad· cuts are for _this sed!oD, BJII


cliredOI' of WWNC. suggested that next Wfflr. program

~ set up a microphone 011\

where the crickets were s.I.nginM; 111 onIe.r to &ive radio listeners • part of the atm06phere. Tho.e

erlekets really were pvin& the .usklans some competition last. Friday and Saturday ni,hts.•.. Brevard is rightfully proud of

its own Addaide Van Wey. Ber Saturday night pe.rfonnance merited all of the lovely now-en sht neeived. Miss Van Yey's rich, eontralto voice eeholns through lIer native mountains was a sym· ltol of the beauty and greatnetiS that is America . . . The Bre· vard Garden dub deserved a million thanks {or taking o\'cr the deoorating at the (esHvaI. The flo",ers and pine spra~ were in perfect keepinS wUh the rustle bu.ilding •.• MisI:; Memman's yellow dress, her auburn laaiT and her sparkllns voice all

sparkled together to win the hurts of ber audience .•. Conductor Pfohl, turned slightly piat, when abe dedicated her RC' ead eMore, "My nero," to him for his wonderful orchestral aeCHlpaniment, of course

.,. .... • 4

.1. . . . .., \it


Chamber Program Is Presented By Symphony


A special chamber music program was presented at "Rockbrook" on Yonday evening for the patrons and sponsors of the Brevard Music festival association by the festival string orchestra, Norman Lamb conductin&:_

APproxlmately 100 guests heard the delightful program, which consisted oC the {our movements of

Brahms' Sonata in F Minor, Op. 120, No.1. Soloists were Norman Lamb, viola and Louise pfohl, piano. Jack Mack, oboist, was featured soloist for Wayne BarloW'S "The Winter's Passed," and tht' concluding number was Tschalkowsky's "Serenade for Strings." Following the program refreshments were served by the host· ess, Mrs. Henry N. carrier. The spacious living room of the house was decorated with 'a rrangements of gladioli and chrysanthemums. Among the out of town guests were Bishop and Mrs. Kenneth prohl, of Winston·Salem; Mrs. Robert Campbell, of Washington, D. C.; Mr.;. Lucile Boyden, or Duke university; and Mrs. Bateman and MH. Robert I. WoodSide, or "reenville, S. C. ___ .z..






ATIENDED, THREE PROGRAMSGlVEN Famous Stars Are Heard. Or~ chestra I. Hia'hly Applauded


'I1le three opening concerts of the second annual Brevard Music festival last week end were deelared highly successful by association officials. Capacity aud!路 eDeeS of 800 packed the rustic summer theater of the TransJ'}.

nnia Music camp to bear the huge 85-piece symphony orchestra and the three outstanding solo artists. In concluding the series of seven e(lncerts, this week end will feature Patricia Travers, young concert violinist, who will be beard Friday night,. and an operatic program Sunday afternoon by Julius Huehn. baritone, and Edna Phillips, coloratura soprano. The orchestra will give a free children's concert Saturday afternoon. and will also be heard alone OD the Saturday night program of contemporary music. Superb Planlst The festival orchestra, under the baton of James Christian pfohl, opened the all Beethoven program Friday night with "Overture to Egmont." The program continued with Eugene Istomin, superb piano soloist, playing with the orchestra Beethoven's entire "Conserto No. 4 in G Major." Tbe second portion of the program by the I symphony orchestra consisted of 4< Sympb.fllY No. 2 in D Major, by Beethoven, and was broadcast over ti _Tarn To Page EI.... (From Frvnt Page, Seeond Section) station WWNC, Asheville. Record路 ings were made to be played over other stations in the South. Brevard's own Adelaide Van Wey captured the audience Saturday night with her excellent contralto voice in a program or folk songs. Well-known for her radio and stage appearances and recordings, Miss Van Wey has specialized in Creole and American folk songs.

Sang Folk Songs

Included on -her program for Saturday evening were "La Belle "Compere Latin," Francaise," "Jack O'Diamonds", and "Bambele," in her folk song collection, and the spirituals. "Deep River," "Many ~ Gone," and "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen." The festival association was indeed fortunate in aecuring internationally famed, Nan Merriman, mezzo-soprano. for the Sunday afternoon concert. Frances Yeend, origiDally scheduled, waa umble to come due to a sudden illness. Wearing a beautiful yellow gown which blended with her bright aub1ll'D. hair, Miss Merriman's beauty was surpassed only by her excellent voice and aparkliDg personality. Sbe aug "0 Mio Fernando from. La Favorita," the Habanera from "carmen," and Gavotte from "Mignon." After thunderous I\Pplause the cbltrming mezzo-soprano chose路 for her .encore "My Hero," and dedleated it to Conductor pfohl for his excellent orchestral accompaniment.


~ .zc,'7'2 Brevard Musical Festival l.~ 12 THE ASHEVILLE CITIZEN. ASHEVILLE. N. Co To End This Afternoon Concerts This Week End d Ed "ndreelngthe",po~ofthe",,-II' Cl ose Bre,rard Festl'val J u1· H-h'-A ue Phi I I ips Be my T h u r8d ay, August



n a flowing .udien", " " , , " no doubt,' ,In mind that it is the musical C i center of the South, he said. He b Featured 'urged the people of this area to sup- t. • 'port the festival throughout the I BREVARD-The Brcvllrd MusIc years to come for It required II lot,~ Festival symphony orChestra was ,of work by II lot of people to make I t, highl" acclaimed here Saturday'these events successful. ' ca night, with the prcsenWi II on 0 f 'a l Critics Cg mmen t program of all contemporary music, Probably the most outstanding r The 65 piece symphony under lhecriticism of the festival was made b,' ~ direction of James Chrlstinn Pfohl',Hclen Knox Spain music and art; North Carolina's only native con-'rdltor and eritic of The Atlanta ductor. received the thunderoUs RP-I Journal, who said that ".listcning, 1 plause of the capacity II.lIdlence of: 1o the festival ~yml)hony Fnday and 8(){1 pcr~ons. A largc nun.lbe!' of mus- 'Saturday 11I!l:'ht WII.H the most exic critics from AmCl'lcn'S larg('~ticiting musical experience of my newspnperH and mUHlctll nltlfl,"Rzlncs'lUc." attendcd thc concert and hcapcd l Following Friday night's concert' praise upon Mr, Pfohl lind hiS oul- Il'hl e h featured Patricia. Travers standing ensemble, , Ifamous Arne ric It n violinisL, the Opening the program of todays,young Rrllst sRld that the festival composers was thl' number "An 'I symphony was indeed one of the I outdoor Overture'; by tlarO:e ~o~- best with which she had ever played.'

21. 19 4 7

n 1'0

!'~~;e:~)\hy ~~lf ~r~sto~, featw'~ I~~emaiv~~~~~han~l M~~epf~~~hi~s~~

illg Ethan Stang, n~,ti~t, The or: excellent conductor," she stated, chestra ne)[t played NIght SOlilo , In fact. she continued, the orquy" oy Kent Kennan, Concluding ;chestra played the dIfficult Brahms the, f.irst half .of the p~ogr~m was Concerto in D Major the best I've the ~nghl};, mus](~al .~electlOn Soirees eyer heard It done, Eugene .Istomln, MW)lcales by Benjamin Brittcn. who was one of the solo artists here \ Talented Mary Ma~ters, student last weekend in the first part of at Curtis Institute of MUsic and a the fe~tival, said that the Brevard member ot the festival symphony MUSic Festival symphony was one oll for the past two season~, superbly the 12 best he had ever worked played the harp In thc NUlllb!'r with. "Never before have I heard a Suite from Children by Carl Mc- better rendition of Beethoven's ConDonald, 'certo No. 4; in G." 1 lI ono r Mrs. Carder I In the Saturday afternoon voung Concluding the progrllm was the'proples prol;!:'fllm Raymond Page, 14 Suite Pageant of P. T. Bal"lll1,!, by year old vlolini~t, delighted the Doug:las Moore whiCh W!l~ a tnbute large audience with his playing of to Mrs. Henry N. Carrlel' Pl'rsldent: lhe lirst movement of Mozart·s of the Breval'd MII~ic Fe~tJv!l1 a~-IVlolln Concerto No.3 in G Major. 'social!on, Mrs. Canler Is a grand· Othel' solOists on the program were dallghtel' of p, T, Barnum, Than Stang and Mary Masters, FoHowlng the pl'ogrlllll, Conductor During the pro g r a. m Conducior Pfohl said tlmt tile spirit of thelpfohl introduced members of the orchestra WIlS thc rin("st he hnd cvcr isymphony to the audience and In~een, It takes players wlt.h rnthuSl·;d'lcated the Instruments they played. asm to play contemporary mn~lc Julius Huehn, outstanding baritone welllllld the members of thc fesUval ,ot the Metropolitan Opera, and Edsymphony played thr selections to·' na Phillips, brilliant eoloratura sonight as if they are deeply tntere~t- prano, will be featured together in Cd in promoting th{' ca\l~e or Am{'r~ the eoncluding concert of the serlcs ican music, That \.~ whflt we need Sunday II r te r n 0 0 n at 4; o·cloc_k.: thrOIl!:nout the country Mr. Pfohl AmonJ:" the numbers Mr. Huehn Will d.ecJared. .<Ing are "Thanks Be To Thee," by High in pral~(' ror the- orche~trfl Handel, and "It I~ Enough," rroln and Mr, Pfohl following til(' con- "Elijah." by Mcnd~lssohn. Together cen: wa~ Thor Johnson, eondu!'tor Miss Phillips and Mr, Buehn will of the Cincinnati S~'mphony orch('~M~lng "The Walk to the Paradise; tra and the youngest Amerlean c.on- Gardcn." by Delius and selections i ductor of fI major symphony, Mr. from Verdi's o,p e r II "RigoJetto," Pfohl has done n ma~nlflcent :\Ob Miss Phillips sing the mad of welding the large Il'roUI) of first scene from "Lucia," "Di Lamlller. 'class musicians Into one of the fln- moor" by Donizetti and the Bell ,cst symphonies I've ever heard, the ,Song from "Delibes Lakme:' ; famed conductor eommented, I had i •- - ~ ,heard that this section could cnslly I :become the muslcRI center ot the; ISouthland and nner hcarlng the i [B_revard Music Fest,lval ~ymphOIlY ~


BREVARD-FoUT OOllcer~ thl.5 tured In a program of COlltemporary "I!'ell cne fCllturing three famed mUble Saturday rught Under the 50io 8rtisLs lind the SO-piece sym- direction of Jame!! ChllSuan Pfohl, phony orchestra, will climax the ,th;:! syn1phoruc group wllJ be heard 1;~(,ol1d 9J,lnual Brevard Music Ces- III sucn outstandmg selecdtlOlls as . ec.pland'~ WI's], . . ,. .. "An - MOutdoor . I ..Abvventure Bellj~PlayllllJ before Cllpil.Cltj audiences ana B~~rees T~lccao:iudU1g numn ., nig~t will be Douglas ;a,sL week elld, the fesUval sym-'~ S ~ lJhony compared fa.vol'nbly with ~r .8; Ufs al "Pageant of p, T, te outstandlllg national symphonic B oOle.s " Uplayed as a tribute to groups. ,The artists, Eugene lstomln, I' M~~~~l~;...ry N. Carrier, president of Brevard~ own Adelaide Van Wey the a.<;.;oclation, who Is a grandarid Nail Merrhna~ were hi,ghl y va~; ,c'lI.ughter o[ P. T. Barnum. plfluded at the llllee conceits 81 e ,. Con cert On SUlIday Mw>lc crilica [l'om leading neWllJulius Huefin, barilojlt~ of the paper:; lind mngRzlne~ att;endcd ti1e ,MetropoJitar Opera, lind Edna. Phil. eOJlCerl3 lal:lt week end, Rnd ~a~y ,lIP1', coloratura soprano, Wll! be lllot'e aie expected to IIrrlve fOi tn~ Jeatured together III the conc:udlng 1,llal programs, whl~h will ~e co concert of the ~erle<; Sunday aft('r-, clune<!. with Sund~YS ~:~~e;:' old n()(>n at 4 o'clock, Am~llg t~e llllmAl~!I~~;~~ I'~~~~~' will ~ppear In ~~an~ BeH:~h~h::~,I.I b~n1tan~~



?peni~~~ne:~ F~::er!li~~


nnci "It Enough," from "Elijah," 'returned {rom her:b.rTM:~~~~";~ Phillips and Mr, concert tour of Europe, where she H ~ 'ill sing "The Walk to the IIppeared In Parm, London and Hoi· P lie d~ Garden" bv Dellus and laud, Seven concerts In two years'se~~UQns from V~rdl'6 opera, "Rigo_ '"'!th the Philadelphia. orchestra, Jetto," Miss phillips will sing the Came~ic HQ.l1 performances, and Mad Scene from "LUCia di Lamber appearances with other out- mermoor.'· by Donlzettl and the standing groups such as the Chl-, "Bell Song," fr()!l1 Delibes' "Lakme." cago sYlllphony, Cincinnati, WashSeparate ticket.; are available to 1ngton and oUler orchest.ra& In her "ome of these concerts, Summer I transcontinental tours have estab- v\.sltors are request.ed to contact lished. her among the first in;stru- licket ehairman, F, S, Best~ Immelll"! mentall.sts or the day, The }OU~~ at('ly If tlley wish separate tiekeu: "Iollnlst will be IleaI'd as soloist for the v;eek end performance;;, c Brtlhms' Concerto in D Major, 0)), 77. Satu rd"y'~ I' rugralil . The program fo!' Saturday Wlll Include a frt;'e children's COIlCCI'~,!11 the aft.ernoon beginning at .30 o'clock. Parentl> of the elllldren willi 8 L~o oe permitted to attend, and jI the billl&'~ will run to the camp I ( U;e sallle as for regular COnCCI:ts. : Ra)'lllOlld Page, 14-yeal' old violin·, 1 ll>t wlll play tJ1e first movement of I J Mm~art':; Violin Concerto No. 3 In j G Major, Soloil;ts also to be featured on the children's progrnm are: Ethan st.ang. nutist, and Man' Masters, harpist. III " The orchestra alone will be lea-





1'47 Music Festival Was Highly Successful 1 'large number of tickets were sold I' Ethan Stang, flutist, and Mary of these selcctio~s was excellent. to out of town people. It proves Masters, harpist. Mr. Hue~J bantone from the :1 . . Metropolitan opera sang Handel's ~ that Brevard and the festival have I The symphony orc~e~tra, con- I "Thanks Be To Thee," and "It Is been dis~overed by the people of dueted by James Chrishan Pfohl, I Enough," from "Elijah" by Menthe musical world, and assures presented a program of contem- delssohn. The duet they sang tothe. p~rmanency of the music as- porary music at the Saturday night gether was highly applauded, a?d scclatioD," he stated. I concert. "An Outdoor Overture," each artist was called back tWice Violinist On Program by Aaron Copland and "Soirees by thunderous applause from the ~ Y 0 t Of To Vis'tor' The final series of concerts Musicales," by Benjamin Britten responsive audience, a nd MU -. I C ~t? p I a this week end was opened by Pat- were among the seleetions included Newsreel photographers from EAn .. Travers, 19-year 0 Id· lin· t - ·-1' ,the AUSlca A rliles E rest rlCla VIO IS on th e ,.lr,,~ 0 pro""_ am. Towne TopiC Film company took ent t nnua ven who only last month returned Soloi.sts were again Miss Mast~rs, moving pictures at the week end from a successful tour of Europe. harpist, and Mr. Stang, flutist. concerts for the Carolina News.. The second annual Brevard I Displaying Wlusual virtuosity and Concluding the program was the Reel company which supplies news Music Festival was brought to a poise for her youth, Miss Travers Suite Pageant of P. T. Barnum by for all newsreel film companies. successful climax Sunday afternoon played Brahms difficult concerto Douglas Moore, which was a trib· Among the outstanding music critwith the seventh and final con- in D major, Op. 77. The violinist ute to Mrs. Henry N. Carrier, lea here were Thor Johnson, concert which featured Julius Huehn, expressed great pleasure at the cal· president of the festival associa- ductor of the Cincinnati Symphony baritone, and Edna Phillips, col- ibre of the symphony orchestra tion, and granddaughter of P. T. orchestra, and Helen KnOll: Spain, music and art critic from the Atoratura soprano. Capacity aud- and commented on the great work Barnum. iences attended all of the concert Conductor Pfohl is doing. Edna Phillips, featured on the lanta Journal. series, and festival officials have On Saturday afternoon the young concluding program Sunday, deThe executive committee of the already predicted a bigger and bet- people's concert was attended by lighted the audience with her bri!o festival association wishes to thank ter musical program for next year. a large crowd of boys and girls liant rendition of the mad scene the city police and the state high"The festival was a great suc- from throughout Transylvania from "Lucia dj Lammermoor," by way department for the excellent cess in all phases" F. S. Best, county. Raymond Page, 14-year-1 Doruzetti and the "Bell Song" 'and courteous handling of traffle ticket chairman for the event said. old violinist was featur:ed on the from De1ibes "La.kme." The or· at the concerts both last week end "We were gratified that such a prOil"am. Other solOIsts were chestral accompaniment for both and this week end.






Brevard Music Festival Holds Final 路 Concert from

Famed Arti s ts Heard By Large Audience In Transylvania BREV ARD- A capacity


by DeUbel! and for

an encore sang "Last Rose or summer" from the opera. "MarthR." Both singers were enthusiastically


of m ore than 800 penons Sunday af!.ernoon attended the final concert of the 1941 Brevard Music

festival. held at lhe Transylvania Music camp.

The progmm 1eatured the 65-

rece ived. Newsreel photographers and a number of critics from daily newspaper s and maga:ililes were In attendance at the tins! concert. The festival began Aug. 1'1. with seven concerts being featured. lll-

piece -rmphony orchestra. wlder the direction 01 James Christian P fohl. and two int.enl3.tionally famollS solo artists. Edna Phillips, coloratura .soprano. and JUlius Huehn, baritone or the MetropoHtan Opera. company, MisS Phillips sang .the "Bell Song"


eluded was a Cree children'l; COIlcert preaented Satw-day afternlX.!l by Raymond Page of Atlanta. Ga .. violinist, who is considered a child prodigy in music circles. The symphony orchestra, made up . of outstanding mlLSicians from many ICiues, has received high praise for = the quality of Its performancetl during ~he lete. The festival was lleld, at the

summer theater of 'he Tran3ylvanla


Music camp. which closed the 1947 .season three weeks ago. The BrevArd Music Festival a.:;soclaUon, a non-profit organization. spon8Of6 the festivaLs. Mrs, Henry N. Carrier Ls president.

1947 Newspaper articles  

Aren't we .'&lt;.ill~·? Ahl"ll th" only thin2' "e womrn did hold out i a,-:ainst wa. wearing ho~e in lhe '!ummer. Nolwith~tandmg 11 bom_ • •...

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