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Scripture Readings: Rev. Milton Glass Pastor, New Green Grove Church of Faith Greenwood, Mississippi Prayer

Rev. Margarette Meeks Pastor, Payne Memorial A.M.E. Church Winstonville, Mississippi


“I’m Going Up Yonder”


Poem/Words of Encouragement Chadwick & Derez Mayes Ms. Betty Farmer Expressions (2 minutes )

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Song “If You Hear of My Home Going” Mrs. Mary Young Obituary and Acknowledgement “Medley of Songs” Eulogy


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Mr. Harry Sherrod, Vocalist Rev. Jessie Payne Jr. Pastor, Providence M. B. Church Funeral Home In Charge

REFLECTIONS "To say you will be missed is an understatement. Your strong values regarding family, education and looking good in Red Lipstick will forever be remembered and deep-rooted in our hearts.” Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge of family history with us. Teaching us where we came from and who we are and that our birthright is of true royalty. We will strive to tell the story of how the Congo, African princess named Amy {Umtay- Beautiful Flower} was enslaved in 1811 and married Indian Chief Billy Cloud in the Carolina’s. How Billy Cloud willingly became a slave to keep his family from being sold off and split from one another. Our eyes shall rest on the royal essence of the color purple and think of you. You enstilled in us the value of unity and the power of coming together as a family to laugh with, at and about each other that our skin may be tough enough to bear the battle of the outside world. We have learned how to “channel it in the right direction.” How to let others express themselves then help guide them into using it for the Good of themselves and the Betterment of others. Thank you for teaching us how to enjoy life and that life is just a circle of time. What we do today, others have done before, and we can learn something if we watch and listen. You “Pulled the Skip” and we “Four Cornered” but it was the same old dance. Family unity will now be translated to us as “Do-Funny” cause we all share that name. Oh, how we long to hear you say “come here dofunny.” And we would seem to sense who was being summoned and when it was un-clear to us you would say “you know your name – I’m talking to you.” As if that was clarity.

Get an Education – one and all. Each one - teach one. Yeap, you were a true advocate of learning. Your “you can do it spirit” and encouragement helped to make the challenge seem easy to accomplish. Boy, it is something to be said about that reading. If you can read you can go ANYWHERE is what we were taught. Your efforts were not in vain as the fruit of your womb produced more than 13 Master Degree scholars or “Master Fools” as you jokingly would say. Thank you for keeping us humble and reminding us that just cause you got a master’s degree – you still have not arrived – there is much more to learn. You were a promise keeper – You promised you would not die till a grand-daughter got to be a Lawyer and you didn’t. You stayed to see the vision come to life and if we were really smart we would have told you to wait till your grand-son finish his studies to become a medical doctor and bought ourselves another three years. However, God knew. Thank you for going the distance to help us celebrate each level of growth. Now, we realize and acknowledge that nose control is not a part of us. My grandmother, my moma, my friend. The woman who always knew what was going it through overhearing conversations while playing possum or through the repetitive broadcasts of CNN. She always had the scoop. Grandma, the all knowing. We all want to be in the know and we guess that goes back to Gibbs Street days also. Love of community and looking out for more than just your family is a trait you leave with us. Do right or get “beat down” – by folks, your Moma and Grandma too is wisdom we take with us and we will continue to try not to hurt your feelings and to honor your life. Thank you for all that you do, even now in the spirit, and all you have done throughout the years!

bu|àâtÜç A TIME TO BE BORN: Mrs. Jimmie Virginia Simmons Mayes was born to James and Mary (Miles) Simmons on August 3, 1926. The 3rd oldest of nine siblings, born in Duck Hill, Mississippi. A TIME TO LIVE, LOVE & BUILD: Mrs. Mayes was educated in the Montgomery County School System to the highest level afforded her at that time which was the eighth grade. She married Clinton Mayes and began to build a family. They relocated to German Town, TN and Marks, MS to take advantage of plantation employment before moving to Greenwood. She worked for Lusco’s Restaurant, where she was a Prep and General Assistant in the kitchen. She retired to become the caregiver for her father until his death, then she became a stay at home mom and enjoyed her life. Jimmie V. joined Friendship M. B. Church under Rev. Cherry and her church activities included things such as teaching Sunday School and singing in the Church choir. She enjoyed singing and would still walk around day and night just singing in her home. Our Mother expressed love for each of her eight children in a different way and yet with the same depth of knowledge that you are loved. The union of Jimmie V. and Clinton bore 3 boys and 5 girls. One granddaughter {Denise} was raised as a child from birth. God relieved her of pain, sorrow and trails on July 18, 2011 at 8:00p.m. A TIME TO BE REMEBERED: Honoring this Gift of Life is her husband Clinton Mayes, Sons: Richard M. Mayes, Charles (Carolyn) Mayes and Clinton (Barbara) Mayes Jr., Daughters: Jimmie Doris Bell, Willie Mae Dobbins, Virginia Mayes, Belinda Mayes and Alice Marie Mayes. Two Sisters: Courtney Banks and Frances Bankhead. 23 Grandchildren, 34 GreatGrandchildren, 6 Great- Great Grandchildren and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins and other extended family.

A Grandma’s Love .

I miss you, Grandma Grandma, I really miss you and it won’t be the same Can’t keep from dropping a tear when I hear your name Jimmie V Ma yes, your time has come and it’s like you’re so far away? You used to sa y "Don't worry, every things gone be ok" .

But it ain't. It's like, when you left, you took the Lord wit you why couldn’t I go when he came to get you? OMG, I really miss you - I had to say it again .

I remember the time when I was like 15, hanging with fr ie nds and crept up the street, yeah, being hardhe aded you told me that I would get it, you sa id it! and boy did I get it! but after you spanked me, you hugged me kissed me on my forehead and told me that you loved me .

And I saw my being bad hurt you more than it hurt me and now I understand how bad “hurt” could really be. I know now that's why I’m longing for that love Wow, What I wouldn't give for one more hug .

I miss you, Grandma I’m trying to find peace with the Lord, for taking you away I fight in my mind, my heart, my soul….. living day to day, I must pray But I know you are His not mine, T hank God for giving me that time We ll, it could have been less; you taught me “He knows be st”, I am blessed. .

I sit with my son a nd my girls one on each side, Thinking of what they will miss not having you as a guide. You ga ve me Gods Word and only ask tha t I interpret And taught me to see, so that I may recognize the serpent you equipped me to teach and taught me what life means Keep your head in His book, reme mber John 3:16 .

So, how can I be so greedy and try to keep one of His gifts as part of my life. I miss you Grandma .

Written By: C linton Lam on Ma yes

JVM Obit-Book  
JVM Obit-Book  

Jimmie Virginia Simmons Mayes