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Theme Revenge Review Well, I got given a review copy of this WordPress theme the other day. When I first saw the video demo, I was amazed at what you could do with the theme. However, in actually using it it was not as spectacular as I thought. That is not to say that it is not a great theme. It really is. But it does not quite live up to the lofty heights assigned to it. It is being touted as “thousands of themes at the click of a button”. Well that is pure hypeski. It does however have a lot of options that you can change very quickly. First the not so good. It has this big hoofing red spin button, which to me is a bit of a gimmick, as I could not get a decent looking theme out of it. Okay, so that is the bad. It really isn’t that bad, but, as this is pricer than most themes, so you do expect something special from it. Okay, so now to the good. There really is quite a bit of good, so if you want a good overview you can watch my video below (it is pretty sloppy) or there is a much more professional one on the sales thread.

So what you can do is change all the elements of a theme including (header, footer, body, layout, logo, colors, backgrounds etc etc) all with a few clicks. Nice! Who is this theme for? If you are creating a few sites and want the look to be different, and want them done fast. Or if you are selling web design services. I am guessing that you could maybe sell the themes as well (not too sure). If you only plan on having a couple of sites, forget about it. Sure, you would have fun with it, but it is not going to be worth it. The theme is being launched in a couple of hours at 11AM EDT. I will email you at that time. BONUS


I am going to give you all the details of a real nice plugin we have been developing that I will be giving away at that time as well. It is my plugin and not some PLR rubbish. Niceski! I just need to go and make a video of how it works. Details for that with the next email.

Theme Revenge Review

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Theme Revenge Review