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Stealth Endorsement Optimizer Review This new S.E.O. plugin is being released by Mr. Hamish and developed by the famous Traian. So, Hamish told me about his plugin the other day and I thought, “What in the heaven are you going on about? Why are you talking in gibberish (or Australian)?” I just did not really understand what he was talking about and I thought it was going to be something else that I would regret wasting time on. But then I took a squizz at the video on the sales thread and I liked some of the features very muchski. So, I gave him a call and told him to explain it to me a bit more. He agreed and we actually made a video about it. I think they have some amazing features and the price is pretty ridiculous. I know you have heard it all before, Tonto, but come on, a developer license for a nice plugin for around $12? Crazy! Here are some of the features of this beast of a plugin: It can intelligently mask affiliate links. It can scrape keywords and set up pages on your site. It can auto tag your posts. It can display social signals on every click. It is so hard to put it into a box and describe everything it does, so please check out the video for more info:

This plugin has been well thought out and constructed. I am pretty careful what I recommend to you. I mean some things I look at and think that this is not going to survive the next Google update, let alone be updated in general. But Hamish and Traian are both pretty solid at SEO and Traian is a good developer that keeps his products updated. There are a couple of things that I am not sure how to use exactly, but you could use those parts of the plugin you are comfortably with while you test the other parts. BONUSES Traian has very generously offered to let me give away 2 of his previous plugins he sold on the Warrior Forum. One is a security link plugin and the other is a video timer plugin. Very nice! They are not totally related to this plugin, but they are made and updated by Traian. Nuff said. I am not doing these plugins justice at all, but I don’t want to distract from the main offer here. Now, you can get the first one with the front end offer and if you purchase the OTO you get the second one as well. The bonuses will be delivered automatically to you after your purchase. Here is the link:

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Stealth Endorsement Optimizer Review  
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